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A dynamic talk show that discusses topics from an educated, conservative Black perspective-debunking ghettoized stereotypes. A show for contrarian people of ALL ethnicities. Afronerd Radio airs regularly on Wednesday at 7:00pm eastern. And for even more discourse Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse, highlighting sci fi, fantasy and pop culture airs every Sunday at 6pm eastern.

dburt aka Afronerd

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    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2020 154:00

    We're STILL trying to work out our tech problems on the other side (getting close!) so we're still here @Blogtalk! Tune in to hear the latest musings from Team Afronerd via our Mid Week in Review (MWIR) airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern. The topics to be dissected are:  unfortunately, more COVID-19 discourse, except we wax about what will change socially and infrastructurally post coronavirus; frequent Afronerd Radio guest, noted comic creator/editor, Joseph Illidge has his unfortunate COVID woes; the vaunted 90s R&B matchup of '20 between legendary artists, Kenny "Babyface" Edmunds and Teddy Riley proved to be a tech disaster with enough black twitter memes and hashtags for the next century; but was this particular Verzuz event more about reevaluating black business?; noted podcaster and card carrying member of the "Negromanosphere," Mumia Obsidian Ali penned a recent article highlight black male political self determination; what's the deal with MI (& other states) protests against current quarantine and business shutdown parameters?; two GA high school students are expelled for posting a racist TikTok video; black Classical musicians and their need for hip hop cred? lastly, our impressions of last week's WB animated release-Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge. Call in LIVE at 646-915-9620.     

    Covid Chronicles Con't: Africans in China, US; Iger's Disney; IG Versus-8pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2020 153:00

    We're still testing equipment at the revised platform, so again, bear with us. But as you, the (Afronerd Radio) show must go on! Listen to Monday's Grindhouse podcast at 8pm where we dissect the following issues:  Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crises cointinues and there are tangential concerns afoot:  Africans are being ousted from stores and apartments in China for reasons unknown (pick one-race, unfounded coronavirus claims, etc); US Surgeon General, Jerome Adams is under fire for using stereotypical tropes when advising POC in handling their COVID issues;  President Trump retweets call for the nation's head immunologist, Dr. Fauci to be fired (because...well he's intelligent and competent); in a case of never say never, Disney CEO, Bob Iger may not be retiring at this time because of the pandemic crisis on Disney's business; more TV streaming talk-what are you watching while on quarantine;  And lastly, thoughts about the Versus IG events that have been popping up online (Rza vs DJ Premier, Babyface vs Teddy Riley, etc).  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.,  

    COVID Chronicles; Icons Pass: Earl Graves, Sr. & Bill Withers; MWIR-7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2020 123:00

    *Please bear with us as we move plaforms.  In the interim, listen to the latest installment of Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review (MWIR) airing tonight at 7pm easter,  The issues being covered are: more trials and tribulations concerning NYC's handling of the COVID-19 crisis, including a new report that now Blacks, POC and folks in the lower economic strata appear to be disproportionately affected by the virus (nope..melanin is not a buffer); BET gives their response to the COVID pandemic  via a televised effort; more stories of citizens that are refusing to practice social distancing and the confrontations that are ensuing because of it;  noted publishing icon, Earl Graves, Sr., founder of Black Enterprise passes at 85; legendary Soul singer/musician, Bill Withers also expires; a FL comic shop is fighting the lack of deliveries from Diamond Distributors by taking on new comics from outside publishers and creators;  what streaming shows are you viewing during your quarantine? (Dburt is obssesed with The Good Fight); perhaps we will finally get to that season one finale of Star Trek: Picard; Sen. Bernie Sanders suspends his Democratic presidential campaign making room for Joe Biden to close the deal; AMC theater woes-Call LIVE-646-915-9620   

    NYC Pandemic, Marvel Digital Halted; Grindhouse Con't; Celeb Burnout-WED 7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2020 122:00

    The journey continues and so does the Afronerd Radio Machine's Mid Week in Review (MWIR)!  Tune in to a new broadcast airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern.  The topics being placed on the "grill" are:  addressing some issues we failed to get to during Monday's Grindhouse; including more COVID-19 NYC (and beyond) developments; now Marvel has suspended digital comic production.  Is that a maneuver to halt the demise of the brick and mortar comic shoppes? Or is the plan that Comics Hub is planning a light at the end of the tunnel?; We discuss; is celebrity culture getting its comeuppance during the pandemic?;  further evidence that we shouldn't always scrap something believed to be obsolete...can we see the return of the drive-in theater in a post COVID world?; more sci-fi/comic book movie rescheduling updates; Lastly, if the comic industry is in trouble, what will happen to sports (and its punditry?). Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Monday Grindhouse: COVID "Stuff"; Black Pride Hack: Streaming TV Pics-8pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2020 124:00

    While we're still in between formats, tune in to the latest Grindhouse (on a MONDAY!)-airing at 8pm eastern-powered by Afronerd Radio MachineWorks.  The topics?-more COVID-19 NYC updates (Dburt fantasizes about purchasing a HAZMAT decontimination chamber for ALL visitors from now on) and miscellaneous stories; due to self quarantine conditions-just what TV streaming shows are you watching?  And speaking of streaming Dburt waxes about Black self pride and potential circular business (sorta) courtesy of Youtube; Dburt and "the Uncanny" Daryll B exchanged retweets about faux Lando Calrissian Chronicles posters and not only did it chalk up a conversation about retro fancasting but are we allowed to have such talk during the COVID crisis?  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620. 

    COVID & Grindhouse Continued:

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2020 90:00

    We have been off the air for a few weeks due to the NYC COVID pandemic, but we're back at BlogTalk (temporarily) until we formally transition to a new format.  So check out the latest Mid Week in Review episode from Afronerd Radio Machineworks-airing this Wednesday at 7pm.  Th etopics up for grabs are:  picking up where we left off from this past Monday's Grindhouse;  unfortunately, there's still more COVID-19 talk as we address how Black barbershops are being affected by this pandemic;  The Root highlighted how the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS) held a recent convention and now their attendees are testing positive for the coronavirus;  since Diamond Comic Distributors has suspended print comics and therefore negate retail shipping there seems to be a push for digital content (and is this analogous to gamers downloading vs going to Gamestop?); thoughts about Westworld S3 thus far;  And lastly, in the wake of Wonder Woman 1984's release being pushed to August, the team waxes about the possible loss of the theater as the traditional film viewing/distribution platform.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.      

    More Viral: COVID-19 or Trump?; MCU No More; Madam CJ, Banker-MON 8pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2020 185:00

    *A Few More Shows Before the Move-A Special Afronerd Radio "Grindhouse" Broadcast Airing This Monday 8pm eastern:  Your Friendly Neighborhood AFROnerdists Return! Topics on the grill tonight are:  COVID-19 discussion and our thoughts about NYC being the national epicenter of the virus; COVID's effect on the economy, especially entertainment (MCU/Worlds of DC films canceled?)...Wonder Woman 1984 slated to be streamed?; Are White Supremacists Using the virus as a bioweapon?;  Our impressions of the streaming releases of Netflix' Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker and Apple TV's The Banker both released this past weekend;  after Dan DiDio's ouster from DC-whatever happened to that Disney (Marvel) buying DC rumor?;  During our preemption we never did speak about the excellent DC animated  Superman: Red Son film; our thoughts about the once budding career of FL politician, Andrew Gillum; And lastly, has Marvel gone full woke? Introducing your new capes, "Snowflake" and "Safespace" (social engineering?). Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Katherine Johnson Passes; Candy Man & Self Made Trailers; Hunters-MWIR 7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 27, 2020 123:00

    Hey Folks, we're black for more!  Check out the latest episode of Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern.  The topics to be exhaled ARE: legendary mathematician and physicist, Katherine Johnson depicted in the hit film, Hidden Figures, passes at 101; addressing topics that were missed during our last Grindhouse podcast-including our thoughts about Amazon's Hunters streaming series; the Candy Man reboot teaser and the Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker trailer hit the internets this week;  Disney CEO, Bob Iger steps down after the company has unprecedented profits under his tutelage; thoughts about a controversial android centered film entitled, The Trouble With Being Born recently premiering at the Berlinale film festival-does the film open th edoor to real life depravity? (yes!); Call in LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    David Walker's The Hated; Hunters S1; Didio Exits DC; Dr Jason vs "Misfits?"6pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2020 164:00

    Check out a new installment of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse podcast airing this Sunday at 6pm eastern.  Your "friendly neighborhood" AFROnerdists will shed light on the following issues:  favored guest and noted graphic novelist, David Walker (Naomi, Bitter Root) stops by to discuss his latest project, The Hated and the accompanying Kickstarter campaign;  Amazon's Hunters (S1)-executive produced by Jordan Peele (Us, Get Out) premiered this week and we give you our thoughts; DC co-publisher, Dan Didio leaves the company but not without controversy-did he leave of his own volition or was he fired? Westworld S3 trailer hit the internets and we speculate; political scientist, The Root editor and MSNBC contributor, Dr. Jason Johnson got into "Snoop Dog-esque" trouble over his critique of certain Black female supporters (misfits?) of Democratic presidential frontrunner, Sen. Bernie Sanders; Watchmen TV may continue after all;  NYC Black Comic Book Festival cofounder and educator, John I. Jennings' first publishing list from the Megascope imprint launches;  thoughts about last night's Wilder v Fury fight (maybe Wilder's song choice was a problem). Lastly, for BHM-discussing how Captain Ed Dwight was robbed from being the first African American in the NASA space program. Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    New Batsuit!; Tubman's Visa Card; UVA Student's POC Space! Locke & Key-MWIR 7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 20, 2020 150:00

    It's another stellar episode of Afronerd Radio's Mid-Week in Review (MWIR) airing this We​dnesday at 7pm eastern.  Listen to your favorite AFROnerdists unpack this (mid) week's latest topics: a sneak peak of Robert Pattinson's somewhat comic book accurate batsuit (according to Kevin Smith) hit the cyberwebs recently; African American owned bank, OneUnited released a new Harriet Tubman debit card that some are deeming to be in poor taste;  a black University of Virginia student is raising questions of race and "wokeness" when a video of her spouting the need for a designated POC space appears to be racist toward her fellow white students;  another graphic novel translation makes it to our impressions of' Locke & Key S1; beloved actors, Esther Scott and Ja'Net Dubois pass at 66 and 74, respectively;  after public outcry, Marvel will make history with LGBTQ representation in the forthcoming Eternals film featuring actors Brian Tyree Henry and Haaz Sleiman in the aformentioned roles; shock TV jock, Wendy Williams apologizes and lastly, for BHM, Ashley Boone, Jr. the first black head of a major Hollywood studio was intstrumental in getting Star Wars greenlighted....always a brother, huh? Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    BHM; Gayle King Pt 2; Bloomberg Audio; Erivo as Aretha?; Birds By Another Name?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2020 155:00

    Let's get to it!  Welcome to Afronerd Radio's latest Mid-Week in Review podcast airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern.  Listen to your friendly neighborhood AFROnerdists wax about the following issues: thoughts about the importance of Black History Month (BHM) it still necessary?; maybe....a SUMMATION on the Gayle/Oprah/Susan Rice vs Black Male contigent regarding Kobe Bryant's legacy (no back and forth!);  former NY mayor and  Democratic presidential hopeful, Mike Bloomberg has a past audio released where he speaks "candidly" about crime and the "minority" problem.....will it tank his chances?;  more ADOS problems? Black Brit actor, Cynthia Erivo has been tapped to portray soul legend, Aretha Franklin;  perhaps due to Birds of Prey's poor box office, the studio has decided to rename the pic, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey (duh); we will try to address some past pocast topics we missed; Agents of Atlas maybe coming up after Marvel's Shang Chi project;  Lastly, NBA great, Dwyane Wade speaks more publicly about his son, Zaire becoming his daughter "Zaya" and we give our thoughts. Call in LIVE at 646-915-9620.   

    Black History Month! Gayle vs Snoop; SB '20 Talk; Disney+ Trailers; MWIR 7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2020 153:00

    Yep, it's Black History Month (BHM) and unfortunately we had tech isues during Wednesday's MWIR, so let's start our engines for tonight's Grindhouse show airing 6pm ET. Listen to your favorite AFROnerdists analyze the following issues:  our ruminations on BHM (what does it mean to the Afronerd team, is the acknowledgement still relevant/necessary?; audience opinions); the tragic Kobe Bryant saga continues with Gayle King's controversial interview with WNBA great, Lisa Leslie and public backlash including rapper, Snoop Dogg; Marvel premiered a Disney+ trailer showing flashes of The Falcon & Winter Soldier, Wandavision and Loki during the Super Bowl;  And what about those KC Chiefs, huh? Our post SB thoughts-including Patrick Mahomes' triumph for black quarterback history; Birds of Prey premiered this weekend at the number one spot but still with disappointing box office receipts;  thoughts about the trailer release of the Chris Rock/Samuel L. Jackson reboot of the Saw franchise, entitled Spiral  And lastly, thoughts about the possible expansion of Doctor Strange's universe in print and in film. Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Coronavirus Scare; Black Doctor Who?; Lethal Weapon 5? MWIR @7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2020 150:00

    It's a new Mid Week in Review (MWIR) and it airs this Wednesday at 7pm eastern.  Join your AFROnerdic hosts for fun fact finding mission whereby we potificate on the following topics:  more news and our impressions regarding the latest communicable disease scare-the coronavirus;  and now the British nerds have yet another change in the Doctor Who mythology when purportedly a black woman revealed herself to be an alternate time traveler; just when you think an older Picard irks some Trek fans,,,,well actors Danny Glover and Mel Gibson (and other original cast members) might be seriously coming back for Lethal Weapon 5!?; the controversial Russell Simmons sexual misconduct documentary,On The Record has its Sundance premiere;  legendary writer, Stephen King had one of those "what I really meant to say" moments regarding his recent tweets many perceived to be cold towards diversity in film; almost forgot that Mortal Kombat is now part of the WB Animated machine; Lastly, thoughts about The Grammys and Usher's homage to Prince (he tried...). Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.  *Oh and the CW's Arrow takes a final bow.

    Picard!; Is Canon Important?; October Faction; Grammys Lie!, TheGrind 6pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2020 151:00

    Listen to new episode of Afronerd Radio'sGrindhouse podcast-airing every Sunday at 6pm eastern.  Join your friendly neighborhood podcasting team as they unpack about the following issues: the highly anticipated first episode of CBS All Access' Picard premiered this past week and we give our impressions; stemming from a recent Twitter discussion:  Is it important for comic book/sci-fi transalations to stick to canon in order for those films to be successful?; speaking of graphic novel translations (IDW), Netflix' October Faction also hit the streaming service a few days ago; it appears that the Recording Academy's recent firing of their CEO is unraveling alleged shenanigans regarding the Grammys' voting process for artists in the music industry; still more fall out from actress, Gabrielle Union's firing from America's Go Talent-allegedly fellow AGT cast member, Terry Crews is not supporting her racial/sexist claims (perhaps turnabout is fair play a la her non support of Nate Parker); Lastly, the Associated Press (AP) apologizes for editing a picture of  African climate control activist, Vanessa Nakate when standing next to a cadre of white colleagues including Greta Thunberg.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.        

    MPLS Graphic Novel; Blerds Are NOT White; Kipo@Netflix; More SchomCom-MWIR 7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2020 156:00

    Time to get black on the saddle, AFROnerdists! Join your favorite podcasters for a new installment of Afronerd Radio'sMid- Week in Review (MWIR) show, airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern. The topics up for grabs are: friend of the show, graphic novelist/editor, Joseph Illidige has upcoming graphic novel series entitled, MPLS Sound about a fictional Minneapolis band in the vein of Prince and The Revolution; a recent Blerds Online piece waxes about the travails of blerds being misperceived as "acting white," ; Dburt is enjoying the new Netflix animated series, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts despite its obvious social engineering; more Schomcom 2020 talk; British actor, Laurence Fox doesn't appreciate diversity being injected into 1917 (ahem...even if it's historically accurate); amazing....Afronerd Radio should be seriously advising DC/WB-Justice League Dark is coming (didn't we talk about this years ago?); if you didn't get the DM, modern slavery still exists in Africa;  lastly thoughts about a Kung Fu movie reboot and Green Lantern: Legacy. Call LIVE at 646-915-9620. 

    MLK Day Edition: SchomCom '20; The Banker; Queen Sono+ The Grind 6pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2020 156:00

    Welcome to our MLK Holiday episode of The Grindhouse podcast-powered by the Afronerd Radio engine airing this Sunday at 6pm eastern. The topics tackled this go around are: our impressions of the eigth annualBlack Comic Book Festival held at the famed Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, NY; Apple TV's The Banker is back on (streaming) schedule with a premiere date slated for March 2020;  Netflix drops an African spy thriller entitled Queen Sono due out in February;  once again, we'll address some matters that were neglected per last week's MWIR broadcast; basketball legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is set to produce a documentary entitled, Black Patriots for the History Channel placing focus on African American participation during the Revolutionary War;  FBI arrests 3 white neo-Nazis prepping for a gun rally in VA;  Lastly, Trump vs former First Lady,Michelle Obama over US schools' diet and we ALL LOSE. Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Grindhouse Con't; Morbius Trailer; Steven King's "Diversity"; Widow-MWIR 7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2020 156:00

    We’re black for more!  Check out the latest episode of Afronerd Radio’s Mid-Week in Review podcast airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern.  Your favorite AFROnerdists will be waxing about the following topics:   per usual, we will pick up where we left off from our last Grindhouse podcast;   Sony’s Morbius trailer finally makes it to the cyberwebs; another a slightly more fleshed out Black Widow trailer also premiered; maybe DC/CW finally figured out this geek world, huh?  Impressions of the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover finale;  legendary author, Steven King has some rather controversial thoughts about diversity in art;  hmmm….a streaming service targeting African-Americans from FOX? Introducing FOX Soul; more Green Lantern news via Green Lantern: Legacy; And lastly, thoughts about the Meghan and Harry move (from the Royals).  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Dr. Strange Nu Direction; Loni No Love for Bros.; Bone Collector TV-Grind@6pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2020 157:00

    We're black at it again, AFROnerdists!  Listen to a new Sunday Grindhouse podcast this afternoon at 6pm (eastern) sharp.  Your con(per)sistent podcasters will be discussing the following topics:  noted director, Scott Derrickson is exiting from the highly anticipated Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness due to oft hackneyed "creative differences" tagline (but it might be real this time); comedienne/talk show host (The Real), Loni Love caused a stir last week due to controversial comments about black men; NBC premiered a new series based on the Denzel Washington/Angelina Jolie '99 crime thriller, The Bone Collector, entitled Lincoln Rhyme:  Hunt for The Bone Collector;  Spiderman appears in a DC comic...sorta; Warner Bros is outsourcing decisions to greenlight new movies to A.I. (uh oh); we spoke about #BAFTASSoWhite but prepare yourselves for the #OscarsSOWhite reprise;  If Harry and Meghan were channeling the classic Amazing Spiderman #50 comic book, it should be called The Royals: No More; Hawkeye is NOT going to Marvel Disney?  Lastly, so FOX's New Mutants film is a part of the mcu?  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620. Oh and we NEED to speak on Chris Rock in Fargo S4-the period edition.

    Awkwafina's Blaccent; Bale in MCU (w/Hulk & Subby); BAFTAsSo White?-MWIR 7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2020 156:00

    Greetings to our loyal and growing listenership!  Pull up a seat and pour yourself a fresh Dorothy Dandridge while you listen to the latest edition of the Mid-Week in Review (MWIR) airing tonight at 7pm eastern.  Join your favorite AFROnerdists as they wax about the following subject matter:  burgeoning actress, Awkwafina not only wins a Golden Globe but also raises concerns that her ascendency might be in part due to Black cultural appropriation; respected actor, Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, Ford v Ferrari) might be appearing in the next Thor installment, Love and Thunder…but as what character?;  it looks like we might be seeing the return of Milestone Media after all, and BlerdsOnline submit there wants and needs for a new and improved imprint;  And speaking of the MCU, some outlets are reporting that the Hulk and Namor characters can now be used (with the previous legal impediments) as full solo Marvel characters in future films; just when we thought the OscarsSoWhite campaign might have resulted in greater minority representation in film, the BAFTAs did not showcase any POC excellence;  And lastly, we will try to address some of the topics we failed to get to per the last Grindhouse broadcast.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    1st Grindhouse for '20! Jewish Community Under Siege? Dracula; Defenders-6pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2020 155:00

    Welcome to our first Grindhouse show for 2020 and in playing into the double entendre aspect of this particular year-blerd culture must continue to be promoted with even more vigor, hence a clarity of vision. Join your favorite AFROnerdists this Sunday at 6pm eastern to discuss the following topics: our thoughts about a recent spate of violent attacks against some in the Jewish community from sectors within black society. What are the origins of this perceived animus and what can be done to abate further transgressions?;  new Dracula, courtesy of the BBC and Netflix (along with Dr. Who and Sherlock references); more talk about bringing the Netflix Defenders into the MCU; Keven Feige promises to include transgender representation into the MCU although some believe that to be in the distant future; more thoughts about what to expect on the sci-fi, comic book and fantasy movie slate for '20;  noted director, Terry Gilliam (Brazil, 12 Monkeys) after having weighed in on the MCU and Black Panther has even more to say about the #metoo movement;  rapper, YG formally apologizes to LGBTQ folk (but not to his own community?); Lastly, Is DC's Black Label/5G imprint an answer to Marvel's diversity push via All New, All-Different Marvel a few years back? Call LIVE at 646-915-9620. 

    The Year in Review+The Year Going Forward-Black Pop, Surreal & Sci-fi-SUN 6pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2019 197:00

    Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year to all of our "stalwart" listeners and AFROnerdists!  Check out our last Grindhouse podcast for 2019 airing tonight at 6pm eastern.  Tonight's show is a pretty simple one......your loyal podcasters will be discussing the "Year in Review" especially as it concerns black pop, science fiction, politics and blerd culture (i.e. Jordan Peele's US/Twilight Zone remix; Watchmen, the growing popularity of Black/POC comic conventions, TRUMP, comic books, Black Superman possibilities, Queen & Slim and Afropunk festival controversies,streaming vs conventional cinema, The Mandalorian etc) as well as forthcoming 2020 projects/issues- Terry Crews' John Henry, Andre 3000's AMC spy thriller series, Dispatches From Elsewhere and the upcoming Lovecraft Country and Picard TV projects.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.           

    Topics? Everything! Eddie@SNL; Star Wars & Mandalorian; Tenet; Witcher-SUN 6pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2019 195:00

    As we head full swing into Holiday Week, let's not forget that we still have a Grindhouse podcast to air....specifically, this Sunday at 5pm eastern.  The issues to be unpacked?  EVERYTHING: our impressions of the (final?) film in the Star Wars saga, The Rise of the Skywalker; comedic legend, Eddie Murphy returns to SNL after a 35 year "hiatus" (because of, you know...superstardom and all that); more on the penultimate episode of S1 of Disney+'s Mandalorian series; Christopher Nolan returns in the John David Washington scifi-spy trailer for Tenet;  Henry Cavill's The Witcher series premiered on Netflix this weekend to so-so reviews;  iconic sci-fi director, Terry Gilliam (Brazil, 12 Monkeys) had some rather choice things to say about Marvel and Black Panther, specifically (can't have those Black kids dreaming!)  more Watchmen talk: is S1 final? And should it be? Watchmen's Doomsday Clock ended but even that might continue; JK Rowling might have to get off of twitter (even if she's right.....just like Trump says he really wasn't impeached either.....sigh); And if you need proof that Armageddon is near-50 Cent is producing an Black superhero animated series. Call LIVE at 646-915-9620. 

    Orlando vs (Corp) Gods; Apple TV; Trek Animated; Family Matters/Good Times 6pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2019 124:00

    Happy Festivus, AFROnerdists!  Welcome to another fiery and informative edition of Afronerd Radio'sThe Grindhouse podcast-airing every Sunday at 6pm.  Listen to your faithful blerdcentric broadcasters wax prolific about the following issues:  noted actor, Orlando Jones (Madtv, Sleepy Hollow) has some pointed things to say about his firing from American Gods (S3) new showrunner on his thoughts about black anger as a source of motivation for change; The Banker's release on Apple TV is tentative but Dburt checked out the first four episodes of Octavia Spencer's Truth Be Told and there may be yet another streaming service to watch out for; two Star Trek: Short Treks were released-The Girl Who Made the Stars and Ephraim and DOT; thoughts about Family Matters and Good Times (with Tiffany Haddish) reboots; still some issues left on the kitchen table from last Wednesday's MWIR;  Clint Eastwood's new Richard Jewell film appears to be faltering at the box office due to alleged sexist portrayal of actor, Olivia Wilde's female reporter character; iconic character actor, Danny Aiello (Do The Right Thing) passes at 86; And lastly, Dburt never did talk about the Prince estate's release of the super delux remastered edition of 1999.  Call in live at 646-915-9620.     

    GhostBusters (Again!); Crisis & Watchmen So Far; Domain Thief-MWIR 7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2019 156:00

    Another straight with no chaser moment!  Listen to a new installment of Afronerd Radio’sMid Week in Review (MWIR) podcast airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern.  The topics to be dissected by your favorite AFROnerdists are:  thoughts about the latest Ghostbusters reboot trailer; impressions of the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event-episodes 1 thru 3; more on HBO’s Watchmen, including the penultimate show from this past Sunday;  a domain thief/influencer is facing 14 years for gunplay gone wrong; President Trump’s latest campaign ad literally channels Thanos snap, to Marvel’s chagrin;  Microsoft’s Project Scarlett purports that the next X-Box console will be 4 to 5 more powerful than the current generation; former First Lady, Michelle Obama asserts that men don’t have real friends; some Black women saw a different movie than Dburt as it relates to Queen & Slim;  And lastly, the tragic Jersey City Kosher supermarket shooting incident is now being linked to Black Hebrew Israelites (uh oh).  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.  Oh yeah and then there's Lizzo....

    Crisis Thoughts; Mid Week Cleanup; Star Wars Fatigued or Not? + Grind 6pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2019 124:00

    Listen to a new installment of The Grindhouse podcast (engineered by the Afronerd Radio machine) every Sunday at 6pm.  Your ever consistent AFROnerdist podcasters will be unpacking the following phenomena:  cleaning up some issues we failed per the lastMid Week in Review (MWIR) broadcast; our expectations for tonight's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event linking all of the CW superhero shows;  we have to Star Wars a fatigued franchise or are the hefty cash receipts, the rise of Baby Yoda and Disney +'s Mandalorian asserting something else?; post Black Widow trailer fallout!  the fat shaming of David Harbour's Red Guardian appears to be a thing....; the live action version of Mulan makes it to the internets along with Wonder Woman: 1984;  Call in LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Black Widow; Kamala Drops Out; More Q & S; DC Fontana Passes-MWIR 7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2019 158:00

    TIME CONSTRAINTS, PEOPLE!  Check out the latest episode of Afronerd Radio’s Mid-Week in Review podcast airing tonight at 7pm eastern.  Listen to your resident AFROnerdists unravel the following (mid) weekly mysteries:    back to back spy thriller trailers for Black Widow and James Bond’s No Time to Die hit the cybernets within the last 24-48hrs and we give you are thoughts; there’s even more post Queen & Slim fallout to discuss; Senator Kamala Harris drops out of the Democratic presidential race (but what about a VP nod?); famed Star Trek scribe, DC Fontana passes at 80; what’s the real deal with Peloton’s latest indoor cycling ad?;  so we’re going to get another Planet of the Apes movie…..courtesy of Disney;  a white Slave Play attendee had a reaction to the play and she let the playwright know that she was triggered;  and lastly, BLACK COMIC(S) ALERT:  there’s two to look out for-Sydney Duncan’s Kill Whitey Donovan (Darkhorse) and The Banks from  TKO Comics.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Queen & (is) Slim; Harley Quinn; Titans; MWIR pt2 & Doom in Panther?-Grind@6pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2019 154:00

    And so X-mas will be upon us before you know it.....but in the interim, check out the latest episode of Afronerd Radio'sThe Grindhouse-airing every Sunday at 6pm eastern. Check out the latest observations by your resident AFROnerdists as it relates to this week new topics:  giving our impressions of Lena Waithe's highly touted Queen & Slim film, released this Thankgiving holiday;  As the Harley Quinn animated series makes its debut on the DC Universe streaming format, Titans finishes up S2; hopefully we address some Thanksgiving "leftovers" from our Mid Week podcast; rumor has it Dr. Doom will be the Marvel big bad slated to show up in Black Panther 2;  oh and just what is up with acting legend, Billy Dee Williams' Esquire piece?;  is CBS All Access' Picard just a prelude to a new Enterprise series? Lastly, does DC need to have a "Black Panther" to thoroughly compete with Marvel?  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    That Watchmen Episode?; Black Supes? Post Malone is Elvis! MWIR 7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2019 155:00

    Bullet points:  It’s the pre Turkey day edition of The Mid-Week in Reviewairing tonight at 7pm eastern.  Check out the latest musings of your AFROnerdists as they discuss the following topics: our impressions of the hotly contested , debated and controversial  6th episode of the Watchmen TV series entitled  “This Extraordinary Being”; more Michael B Jordan as Supes talk;  does rapper, Post Malone’s recent AMA win in the Rap category spell the beginning of the end of black participation in hip hop music (don’t laugh…it happened in Rock & Roll); did NBA athlete, Patrick Patterson put his foot in his mouth about his feeling toward black women or is there more to the story?;  Democratic presidential candidate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg appears to have a minority problem but the good folks (hack!) at The Root aim to help: And thankfully, educator/linguist, Dr. John McWhorter puts the smackdown on the selfsame Root piece; according to, there's an Invisible Woman (featuring Elizabeth Banks) movie in the works as well a Renfield and Invisble Man going to the Universal's Dark Universe being revitalized?  Call LIVE at 646-915-9520.                     

    The Banker's Woes; 21 Bridges; 1866 & Byron Allen; Antebellum-The Grind 6pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2019 154:00

    Getting to the point faster than (black) Wally West!  It's the Grindhouse podcast (underwritten by the Afronerd Radio machine) and it airs tonight at 6pm eastern.  Listen to your favorite AFROnerdists discuss these ensuing topics:  the premiere for Apple TV's highly anticipated film, The Banker, starring Marvel alumni Samuel L Jackson and Anthony Mackie (oops even Nicholas Hoult is an X-Man) was abruptly canceled due to sex abuse allegations;  Dburt checked out Chadwick Boseman post Black Panther flick, 21 Bridges; we must tackle Byron Allen's racial discrimination court case against cable giant Comcast and how he's using the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to do it;  doubling down on slavery being a literal horror show (which it was and is), we give our impressions of the new trailer for Antebellum; Dburt's theory of putting "black" in front (or back...think Punk Black or Orphan Black) of something making it "flyer" remains unchallenged-introducing Robert Rising, The Black Lumberjack and his repurposing of NYC wood;  Lastly, with even more new programming in '20, can we admit there too uch TV to watch? Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Grindhouse Reprise; Cavill Returns?; Far Sector Comic; Byron Allen-MWIR 7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2019 150:00

    Welcome to a new episode of The Mid Week in Review podcast!  Powered by the Afronerd Radio STEAM engine and airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern.  Your esteemed AFROnerdists will unpack the following topics:  revisiting last Sunday's Grindhouse episode (more fallout from the Kaepernick workout; Far Sector Green Lantern comic; Russo's DC vs Marvel doc, Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop Netflix sequel, Lou Ferigno vs Professor Hulk); Rick & Morty S4 just gets better and weirder; actor, Henry Cavill (The Witcher) still asserts that he hasn't left the Superman role; You think some fans take issue with a whitewashed version of Alfred Pennyworth's daughter on Batwoman? You're lucky Hollywood didn't give you Julia Roberts as Harriert Tubman (seriously); Judge Joe Brown's Harriet Tubman comments; Lastly, more on media mogul, Byron Allen's heroic court fight against Comcast.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.  *Oh and more on the gospel according to Kanye West.  

    Kaepernick Workout; Ford v Ferrari; Eddie @Netflix; Lakeith v Black Media 6pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2019 152:00

    It's another stellar Grindhouse episode powered by the Afronerd Radio machine and airing every Sunday at 6pm eastern.  Listen to your favorite AFROnerdists wax fantastic about the following: activist/athlete, Colin Kaepernick changed locations for his formal NFL tryout in an effort to play for the NFL once more and as expected not without controversy;  Dburt checked out director, James Mangold's testosterone/gas fueled historical sports drama, Ford v. Ferrari this weekend; more Eddie Murphy at Netflix-the streaming service is set to make a Beverly Hills Cop sequel; actor, Lakeith Stanfield blasts Black media outlets and radio personality, Charlamagne Da God countered with a rebuttal (ahem...Lakeith is correct);  we never did discuss DC Comics' 5G/Black label projects; And one of them happens to be last week's Far Sectorcomic book release featuring a new black female Janelle Monae-esque Afro-futuristic Green Lantern and written by sci-fi writer, N.K. Jemisin;  The Russo Bros are developing a Marvel vs DC doc; bodybuilding legend and actor, Lou Ferigno doesn't care for Marvel's Professor Hulk. Lastly, Howard U gets a NYT piece on its event filled Homecoming celebration.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Disney +/Mandalorian; Black Bat-Girl Casting?; Rick & Morty 4 & More-MWIR 7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2019 159:00

    Let's jump off the diving board, AFROnerdists!  Tune into our latest installment of the Mid Week in Review (MWIR) powered by the Afronerd Radio STEAM engine and airing every Wednesday at 7pm sharp.  The topics to be decoded are:  impressions of the highly touted Disney + streaming service, especially its Star Wars spinoff series, Mandalorian (and Marvel's Expanding Universe);  our impressions of all the alleged Mat Reeves' Batman casting news including a possible racebend for Batgirl;  touching on topics we left on the cyber table per the last Grindhouse podcast; Rick & Morty returns for season 4 after almost 2 YEARS.....and we're clearly back in the saddle again;  a revised Sonic the Hedgehog trailer hit the internets with Flash references; as did SCOOB;  did Doctor Sleep put sleep (after a 40 year wait?);  in crazy social engineering news.....what's up with singer Alicia Keys parenting theories?  And then there's T.I.'s thoughts (is he wrong?);  Black owned Industrial Bank expands and contracts;  Lastly, BART'S sandwich arrest goes viral. Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Mo' Race Stories; Primal & Wet City; James Dean Returns; Endgame Oscar-Grind@6pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2019 159:00

    Check out our latest edition of Afronerd Radio'sThe Grindhouse podcast airing every Sunday at 6pm sharp.  Your resident AFROnerdists will tackle the following blerd (and not so blerdy) issues: unfortunately in the advent of the Trump era, there are just too many race related stories to list- a billionaire's wife is named in a lawsuit for her usage of the "n-word';  #ADOS gets ready for its closeup via a recent NY Times piece; "It's OK to be White" signs drape a memorial for Tennessee U's first black students; Dburt has an epiphany about John Legend's "Baby, It's Cold Outside" remix after revisiting the 50 year old TV series, Room 222 (wokeness for that era?); finally discussing Genndy Tartakovsky's (Samurai Jack) excellent Primal animated series at Adult Swim (AS); and then there's also AS' Wet City; thoughts about bringing back the late actor, James Dean's image via CGI isn't sitting well some of the Hollywood elite;  looks like Disney is campaigning for Avengers: Endgame Oscar consideration after all ; Lastly, actress, Lashana Lynch discloses that she has indeed received online hatred in reaction to her 007 role in the upcoming James Bond film.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.  

    Blackface is COMMON; DC's 5G; Popeye's Madness; Hunters & More-MWIR 7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2019 155:00

    Straight topics, Straight fire and Straight to the point!  Listen to a new installment of Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review (MWIR) airing every Wednesday at 7pm sharp.  Your favorite AFROnerdists will be discussing the following phenomena:  a California teacher dons blackface (and rapped...yuck) in a failed attempt at imitating the hip hop artist/actor, Common;  is DC channeling Marvel 2.0 with their upcoming 5G project?;  even more minstrel stories are coming in concerning Popeye's popular chicken sandwhich. Really?;  Jordan Peele like Sean Puffy Combs won't stop...can't stop with yet another exciting series (a la Amazon) entitled Hunters, starring Al Pacino and cadre of  POC nazi hunters; more support and more vitriol appears to be the case for Kasi Lemmons and Cynthia Erivo's Harriet film; thoughts about HBO's Dark Materials; Vh1 stays classy with Cartel Crew reality show entering its 2nd season featuring Emma Coronel Aispuro; And lastly, if time permits, more Scorcese/Marvel & Batman news.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.  

    Harriet; Terminator 6 (ahem..#3); Witherspoon Passes; Will Smith in MCU?-SUN 6pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2019 154:00

    Greetings, AFROnerdists!  Due to time constraints, we're just going to straight to the chase.  It's Afronerd Radio'sThe Grindhouse podcast airing tonight at 6pm sharp. Listen to your favorite podcasters discuss the following pop/pulp issues:  our impressions of the long awaited and somewhat controversial film, Harriet which premiered this weekend to mixed reviews;  has the Terminator franchise been revitalized successfully for the sixth time?  We shall see. Legendary and extremely funny comedian, John Witherspoon (Friday, Black Jesus, The Boondocks) passes at 77; somehow we missed this but rumors are circulating that Will Smith might cast as Mr. Fantastic in an MCU Fantastic Four reboot (please, no!) notwithstanding other Marvel rumors;  HBO Max has purportedly greenlighted (get it?) a Green Lantern series that will not conflict with big screen reboot; more on Watchmen and Godfather of Harlem series;  and perhaps we will address topics we failed to address due to tech from last week's show.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.   

    Eddie is Dolemite! Hawkeye/Renner Out?; Tank's Answer; Primal Toon-Grind 6pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2019 105:00

    Getting it in once AGAIN!  Join your favorite AFROnerdists for another fact finding mission at the Grindhouse, as powered by the Afronerd Radio STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art & math) engine!  The topics to be unpacked this week are: legendary comedian, Eddie Murphy returns to true form in Netflix' Dolemite is My Name; is Hawkeye actor, Jeremy Renner on the outs from the MCU because of violent abuse allegations being asserted in his current divorce proceedings?; black Twitter caused a ruckus over a controversial answer R & B singer, Tank gave during an interview on Angela Yee's Lip Service podcast; animator/graphic novelist, Genndy Tartakovsky returns to Adult Swim post Samurai Jack with a harrowing prehistoric new project, entitled Primal; Dburt adds more pepper to the previous Pharrell Williams GQ cover debacle with an observation on how black men in general are perceived on the magazine's past covers;  Tesla's Elon Musk is foecasting 1000 new solar roof installations a month with his new Solar Glass Roof; Hebru Brantley's Nevermore Park/art piece continues the Afro-futurism movement for Chicagoans;  Lastly, legendary congressman, John Conyers passes at 90. Call LIVE at 646-915-9620. 

    Watchmen @Tulsa; Black Lightning; Star Wars Trailer & More-MWIR 7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2019 154:00

    Straight with no chaser!  It’s Afronerd Radio’s Mid Wid Week in Review (MWIR)  airing tonight at 7pm eastern.  Join your favorite  (ahem only) AFROnerdists as they discuss the following pop/pulp/political issues:  our impressions of last week’s premiere episode of the greatly anticipated HBO Watchmen series.  Was it really the Wokeman as some critics are claiming?  And what about the Tulsa 1921 opening?;  thoughts about Black Lightning’s third season; cleaning up dropped topics from our last Grindhouse podcast; oh and what about that infamous lynching tweet from POTUS?;  first Gina Rodriguez gets called out for singing an n-word song and now Cher offers to pay legal bills for school security guard who was fired for wanting not to be called the same slur…the schizophrenia continues: the Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker trailer hit the cybernets this week; Lastly,  graphic novelist and TV/film writer, Jeph Loeb exits Marvel Television as Exec of VP, post Kevin Feige’s promotion.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Sister Night & Supes vs KKK: AMC streaming? Elijah Cummings-Sun 6pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2019 155:00

    Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse podcast airs weekly-every Sunday at 6pm eastern. Listen to your friendly neighborhood AFROnerdists as they wax about this week's popular issues: Oscar winning actor, Regina King as Sister Night in upcoming Watchmen series battles racism; And Supes fights the Klan in comics; finally getting around to commenting more on Batwoman and S2 of DC Universe's Titans; now AMC theaters have a streaming service? when will it end? (unless we can see films still in theaters...hmm); famed Baltimore lawmaker, Elijah Cummings passes at 68;  they really won't stop shipping Finn and Poe, huh? (ignoring his attraction to Rey); after a recent Breakfast Club interview with legendary Wu Tang muse/ A & R, Sophia Chang, Charlamagne and Chang agreed that hip hop is a youth driven culture and can't be critiqued by elders.....SHOCKER...Dburt disagrees; And lastly, another filmmaking legend, Francis Ford Coppola weighs in on the Scorsese vs MCU debate siding with Mr. Scorsese (I'm sure his nephew, Nicholas (Coppola) Cage disagrees. Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Pharrell on GQ Cover; Black Teen Suicide; BBC Hip Hop List Controversy-MWIR 7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2019 161:00

    What's up, fellow AFROnerdists!  Check out our latest installment of The Mid Week in Review, engineered by Afronerd Radio STEAM engine. Listen to your favorite podcasters deliberate on the following data:  legendary music producer, Pharrell Williams is causing quite a stir with his new GQ magazine cover that posits that there is a "new" masculinity afoot;  a new study asserts that there has been a steady rise in black teen suicide attempts, especially among girls; like clockwork, another hip hop list (courtesy of the BBC) gets it terribly wrong;  actress/musician, Zoe Kravitz, purportedly has been cast as the new Catwoman in Matt Reeves forthcoming Batman movie;  the transgender woman that was referenced in Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix special has committed suicide; was Atatiana Jefferson armed at the moment she was killed by Fort Worth police?  New evidence may be pointing in that direction;  actress Gina Rodriguez gets caught in an n-word nontroversy for (shocker!) rapping along to a song that has the explosive word in the lyrics (yawn);  filmmaker, Ava Duvernay gets sued for alleged inaccuracies depicted in her docu-drama, When They See Us; and Dburt ponders about garnering as much enthusiasm for a Marvel Crew (a la Black Avengers) movie versus a "lady" Avengers film? Call in LIVE at 646-915-9620.      

    Lucifer CW X-Over?; Another TX Home Police Death; Superboy! & More @7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2019 155:00

    We're black at again, people. It's another Grindhouse podcast airing this Sunday at 6pm eastern, Join your favorite AFROnerdists as they dissect the following hot topics this past week:  rumor has it that Netflix' Lucifer (formerly with FOX) is slated to be part of CW highly anticipated Crisis crossover event arc (yes....he's a DC imprint); on the heels of the Texas Amber Guyger trial, the lone star state has another case that rings eerily similar this time resulting in the death of a young woman of color; Dburt was thoroughly impressed with DC Universe's Titans Conner episode;  what happened with Will Smith's Gemini Man as well as thoughts about a Fresh Princespinoff ;  The Root has a varied amount of race regression stories to discuss: more on iconic filmmaker, Martin Scorcese doubles down on his recent remarks about Marvel films.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.  *incl, miscellaneous thoughts about Batwoman, Raising Dion, Kanye @Howard U etc.

    GMoody's NY Style Podcasting ; Guyger Fallout; Hair@ Penn State-MWIR 7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2019 156:00

    Howdy, folks!  Check out the latest Mid Week in Review podcast as powered by the Afronerd Radio STEAM engine-airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern.  Join your favorite AFROnerdists as they tackle the following issues:  stopping by for a second appearance, social critic, Brooklynite and "NY Style" podcaster Gerald "G-Moody" sits in to weigh in on the social media fauna and give our audience an update on his popular show, This That & The Third;  we finally provide more insight on the Amber Guyger trial aftermath including the kiling of a prosecution witness; Forbes reports that new data asserts that comic readers are losing interest in "capes" but are opting for more diverse genres; a white couple writes a letter to a black Penn State athlete exclaiming disdain for his "disgusting"natural hair; more on the ADOS conference; And lastly, the HuffPost asks why are there so many black women in the Joker film?  Call LIVE ar 646-915-9620.  

    NYCC '19 Commentary; Joker; ADOS Conference; More on Guyger Verdict-Grind 7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2019 172:00

    It's New York Comic Con weekend, so it's a safe bet that Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse will have plenty to discuss!  The broadcast airs TODAY at 6pm eastern. Listen to the musings of your favorite AFROnerdists as they cover the following issues:  the aforementioned NYCC '19 event (trailers, panels, merch, previews etc); somehow Dburt was able to check out Joker and he has spoiler free thoughts; the power of social media: the first annual ADOS conference makes history but what does it all mean? Will this new tribal nomenclature stick?; more fallout post the Amber Guyger trial including the suspicious killing of prosecution witness, Joshua Brown; another icon leaves too soon, legendary actor, Diahann Carroll passes (Cream's Ginger Baker also succumbs) Samuel L Jackson and Anthony Mackie star in Apple TV's upcoming movie, Banker-the true story of black entrepreneurship in the 50s; Lastly, does legendary director, Martin Scorsese have a problem with Marvel or just superhero films? (didn't he produce Joker?). Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    NY Statue; Guyger Verdict; Birds of Prey Trailer; Purple Rain Remake?-MWIR 7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2019 155:00

    Check out the latest "pre-NYCC" (New York Comic Con) '19 Mid Week in Review podcast airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern.  The topics to be covered by your favorite AFROnerdists are: expectations for this upcoming NYCC as well as proposed panels, previews and appearances; the unveiling of a NYC statue depicting a (modern era) young black male on a horse perplexes Dburt and other cyber critics; legendary opera singer, Jessye Norman passes at 74; should/can Purple Rain be remade?;  thoughts about the Amber Guyger trial and the  verdict (and what will be the sentencing?); the NYT graphic novel best selling list returns after a 3 year "hiatus"; the comic book TV translations appear to be neverending with Stumptown's recent high ratings and Ava Duvernay (New Gods) being tapped to direct another DC comic property, DMZ as an HBO streaming project; and how ironic that DMZ' premise is centered around a new Civil War (where have we heard that supposition?) And lastly, Marvel Netflix alumni (Mike Colter, Simone Missick and Wilson Bethel) find a new home ar CBS. Call LIVE ar 646-915-9620. *Kanye in Queens?

    Black Jim Gordon? Impeach POTUS? New Jack City Reboot? Sun Con't-MWIR 7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2019 156:00

    The Mid Week in Review (MWIR) airs this Wednesday at 7pm eastern and like clockwork, is powered by the Afronerd Radio STEAM engine! Join our regular AFROnerdist podcasters as they discuss the following topics: the team addresses some of the issues we missed from Sunday's show; rumor has it that esteemed actor, Jeffrey Wright has been tapped to play Commissioner Gordon in Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman film; oh and Jonah Hill might be part of the cast as well; after President Trump's (or is it Rudy Guiliani?) admission about asking the Ukranian president for "dirt" on former VP Joe Biden (and son) for a fee....are we to believe Speaker Nancy Pelosi that impeachment proceedings are underway?; since Hollywood is rarely shy about rebooting classics, we give our thoughts about talks of a New Jack City reboot;  and in more cinematic gangster news, legendary actor/rapper, Will Smith is set play Harlem crime boss, Frank Lucas in a Netflix project entitled, The Council;  And lastly, are fears about incel violence warranted after all as the US premiere of Joker approaches?  Call LIVE ar 626-915-9620.  

    Joker Leaves; JJ Abrams' Spiderman; Antonio Brown is Dumb; SNL Firing; Grind 7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2019 170:00

    Afronerd Radio'sGrindhouse podcast airs every Sunday at 6pm. Join the AFROnerdist team as they tackle the following conundrums: Joker actor, Joaquin Phoenix walks out of an interview when asked if his film could inspire similar violent acts; filmmaker, JJ Abrams' (with son, Henry) Spider-Man #1 debuted this week and it's not quite what readers expected;  How do you lose your job on your day off?  Ask Antonio Brown; oh and that same question can be asked of Shane Gillis; the LA Times has an informative op-ed about the travails of IBM's first black software engineer, John Stanley Ford; clothing chain, H & M appears to have stepped in "it" again with another unflattering depiction of a black child; Batman day is global! And just as black writers should be able to voice black characters, shouldn't that literally be the cases of voices in animation? LIVE#-646-915-9620.   

    Gamestop & Netflix; Booker T's Dinner=Black Men Today; NBC Streaming? MWIR 7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2019 154:00

    Welcome to the latest installment of our Mid-Week in Review podcast airing tonight at 7pm eastern.  Join your favorite AFROnerdists as they unpack the following topics:  with new Boondocks designs hitting the internets, will the sensibilities also be revised to adjust to current PC culture;  the cast for the forthcoming Mortal Kombat reboot has been revealed; Jimmy Olsen #3 appears to be channeling one of Dburt’s favorite Golden Age EC comic books;  Bendis’ Superman will reveal his secret identity to the world in an upcoming issue; the corporates are having issues-Gamestop and Netflix are losing customers; Dburt is obssessed with interesting anecdote about famed educator, Booker T. Washington's visit to Theodore Roosevelt's White House; former VP and democratic presidential hopeful, Joe Biden had some thoughts on Black parenting; Lizzo's advice to a fan; and lastly, NBC's Peacock is yet another example of a streaming service entering into the foray.  Call in LIVE at 646-915-9620.

    Black Mage Series; Bill Burr@Netflix; Black Magneto? The Grind@7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2019 157:00

    Well, we're black to the grind(house) AGAIN!  Check out our latest podcast episode as powered by the Afronerd Radio STEAM engine-airing today at 6pm eastern.  Join your regular calvacade of AFROnerdist podcasters as they wax about the following issues:  highlighting the upcoming Oni Press graphic novel series, The Black Mage,  Is it fair to liken it to a "black" Harry Potter?;  it seems that comedian, Bill Burr is following fellow humorist, Dave Chappelle with a Netflix special that takes on our current PC culture;  rumor has it that Marvel might be going in a POC/race bending direction when their version of the X-Men hits theaters (Denzel Washington as Magneto?); Superman will reveal his secret identity to the world under the auspices of Brian Michael Bendis; as expected, responses are coming in to Bill Maher's call to consider fat shaming an option when dealing with our nations battle of the bulge; Revolt TV had a black summit with a newer cast of characters-i.e. T.I, Candace Owens, Killer Mike, Tamika Mallory and others discussing a black agenda; more on Prince's 1999 re-release and of course, more pop/pulp/blerd info for your edification.   Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.      

    Isaiah Washington; Lawn Mower But No College?; Plantation Obfuscation-MWIR 7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2019 153:00

    Making matters simple at Afronerd Radio STEAMworks.....let's continue where we left off from Sunday's Grindhouse podcast and including a few additional topics: Has actor, Isaiah Washington lost his mind with likening blacks not supporting Trump to crack addiction;  the Carolina Panthers and Lowes join forces to lend support to a pre-teen's lawn mowing business (for his college future) but they fail to actually address his college future;  more tales of plantation tourists who don't want to discuss the slave component of the tour; East African scholastic slave labor?; sports journalist, Jemele Hill's recent Atlantic piece posits that black athletes should reconsider HBCUs for re-circulating wealth intraracially; Lastly, we'll try to tackle new TV/movie/streaming (Apple?) shows coming up this fall.  Our latest Mid Week in Review installment airs this Wednesday at 7pm eastern.  LIVE call in broadcast number-646-915-9620.  Oh and is Daredevil returning but to FX?

    Walter Mosley's PC Moment; RDJ's AI 4 Riri TV?; Avengers v Brazil?-The Grind 6pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2019 153:00

    Getting it in....welcome to the Blerd colloquiuim.   Join your favorite AFROnerdists for the latest installment of The Grindhouse airing this Sunday at 6pm eastern.  The issues to be discussed are:  famed author, Walter Mosley appears to have caught his Dave Chappelle PC moment;  legendary actor, Robert  Downey, Jr. may be reprising the Iron Man character, after all....maybe;  NFL wide receiver, Antonio Brown is causing a stir with reported erratic behavior uncluding a confrontation with Raiders GM, Mike Mayock;  Brazilian mayor blocked from banning a Marvel's Avengers comic that has LGBT characters depicted in an intimate pose;  the Sony/Marvel "divorce" talk is still ongoing and speculated;  thoughts about the start of season 2 for DC Universe's Titans;  Bill Maher tells the truth about obesity.....cue for the outrage;  Doomsday Clock #11 finally arrived but does it mean for the Watchmen and DC character crossover going forward;  the Bad Boys for Life trailer hit the internets this week;  And lastly, Dburt for the umpteenth time has to be cautious of social media interactions.  Call LIVE ar 646-915-9620.

    CHAOS: The Amazon; Odessa; Dorian; Yoba's TRANSaction & Blerd News-MWIR 7pm ET

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2019 160:00

    Instead of a long drawn out diatribe, let's just get to the pulp, shall we?  Check out our latest episode of The Mid Week in Review (MWIR) podcast, fueled by the mighty Afroned Radio STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts & Math) engine-airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern. The topics to be discussed are: the dissolution of the Amazon rainforest; this IS America....the Odessa shooting; more environmental destruction and it's called Dorian;  more on the WB's Joker and its possible DC Black Label branding and there's Robert Pattinson's (Batman) comments; comedic legend, Dave Chappelle ruffles some PC feathers with his new Sticks and Stones Netflix special (0% RT score./.really?);  a Black Batman?; actor, Malik Yoba (New York Undercover, Alphas) discloses not only his sexual preferences but also his participation in a upcoming National Trans Visibility March (what happened to the Undercover reboot?); And lastly, could we see the return of Iron Man at Disney Plus a la an Ironheart streaming series?  And still MORE! Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.  

    Afropunk; D-23; Hasbro's Gangsta; Popeye's; TV Anchor's Gorilla Talk-MWIR 7pm

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2019 153:00

    You know the spiel….it’s a new episode of the Mid Week in Review (MWIR) as powered by the Afronerd Radio STEAM engine and it airs per usual every Wednesday at 7pm eastern.  Listen to your favorite AFROnerdists discuss the following topics; Dburt relays his experiences at this past weekend’s 15th annual Afropunk festival…warts and all; and you thought that last month’s SDCC provided stellar revelations….well Disney’s D-23 expo provided the proverbial “second shoe” drop with announcements of more Disney plus streaming shows-She Hulk, Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel….oh and then there was that Mandalorian trailer; Black Panther 2 for 2022;  and what seems to be the bizarre corporate move of the year, toy manufacturer, Hasbro purchases Death Row records and we have our thoughts;   and then there was the controversial Popeye’s chicken sandwich challenge.  Was it a setback for black culture? Was it a coup for social media and free advertising?  Why was singer/actress (and Afropunk alumni), Janelle Monae “dragged” on twiiter?  A black news anchor gets called a gorilla on live TV by his colleague; OR police are photoshopping mugshots to substantiate arrests and lastly, a 15 year old author is on his 3rd book to motivate kids.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

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