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    Spiritual Warfare | Dark Night of The Soul

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2022 17:18

    Hi Spiritual Superstar! We are going through a prophetic time of spiritual warfare… This is a supernatural war within This is a war of light and dark This is a war of good and evil This is a war of being divided or divine It is the breakdown for the breakthrough, for consciousness to evolve to its next evolution, a higher version of YOU! We are being tested in all areas of our lives; individually, culturally, and globally.  We are being tested in our relationships; dividing ourselves by focusing on differences. We are being tested in our finances and careers; looking to the world for our stability. We are being tested in our healthcare choices; primarily suffering from stress within. Our community teaches the Power of Mind, and how the only war to win is the war within!✨ “Over the years, I have come to realize that the greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity, or power, but self-rejection. Success, popularity, and power can indeed present a great temptation, but their seductive quality often comes from the way they are part of the much larger temptation to self-rejection. When we have come to believe in the voices that call us worthless and unlovable, then success, popularity, and power are easily perceived as attractive solutions. The real trap, however, is self-rejection. As soon as someone accuses me or criticizes me, as soon as I am rejected, left alone, or abandoned, I find myself thinking, "Well, that proves once again that I am a nobody." ... [My dark side says,] I am no good... I deserve to be pushed aside, forgotten, rejected, and abandoned. Self-rejection is the greatest enemy of the spiritual life because it contradicts the sacred voice that calls us the "Beloved." Being the Beloved constitutes the core truth of our existence.” ― Henri J.M. Nouwen TRANSCRIPTIONS: (00:00): Do you ever feel like you are in a spiritual warfare? Do you feel almost like you are battling forces? Maybe you are going to the hardest time of your life, maybe you're struggling in your relationships, or maybe a loved one is transitioned, or maybe you've lost your job. Whatever it is that you're going through, whatever it is, the hardest thing that you're going through right now, I know that this is a spiritual warfare. This really is a war within, It's a supernatural war within a war between the light and the dark. A war between the good and the bad. A war to fight for what is right. So if you're ready to lay down the sword of the earthly realm and you're ready to really step into your true power, you definitely wanna listen to this podcast. Welcome to the Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul's purpose, and manifest your dreams. Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, Dr. Divinity, I'm committed to bringing you the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I'm here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life. I want you to know that I've been exactly where you are, and I believe in you Together, we're awakening the world. (01:26): Hi, my soul family. I am super excited to dive deep into what is spiritual warfare? How do you actually win the war within, and what does this mean for yourself and your life, for you to really have victory in all areas of your life? So let's break this one down. So first we need to find what is spiritual warfare? So one definition that I found, which I really love, which is absolutely in alignment with what we teach, which is spiritual warfare, is the conflict in the invisible realm that affects whatever you're going through in the physical realm. So we teach that there is a mental equivalent and a vibrational match. So no matter what's happening out there in the world, let's just think about what it is that you're going through. Maybe you're going through major depression, maybe you are in a lot of fear, maybe you have anxiety. (02:20): Maybe you're up in the middle of the night tossed in and turning. Maybe you just found out that your partner cheated on you. Maybe you are in total conflict with family members, or maybe you're just being really crunched to be able to handle developing your company or, you know, looking of where you're gonna live next. And you're going through a lot of stressful times. No matter what it is, like, no matter if it is looking at the world out there of, of the possibility of having nuclear war or all the financial ups and downs or whatever's happening, this is the spiritual warfare. But guess what? It's not that it's not any of the circumstances of your life because all of life is really the reflection of what's happening in mind, the division in mind. So let's break this down. So spiritual warfare is something that many traditional Christians use. (03:13): We are not religious, but we definitely are spiritual. We recognize that everything, the reality is everything's created from spirit, from your true self, from the consciousness that backs all energy. So we have to take a look at what is really, what is spiritual warfare? What is really going on? And so over the course of my life, you know, I've witnessed myself, there's been times when I've been very sad. There's been times when I've gone through very, very hard times from, you know, being a relationship where I found out he cheated me multiple times from going through, you know, different financial ups and downs through 2008 and, and going through the pandemic and being isolated. All different situations of happening from how it's still born, to having dysfunction, from going through bulimia when I was young, from date rape, from all those times. And I watched myself and my life, and this is what I watch. (04:05): There's times that I've been at complete, in total spiritual warfare. And then there's been times that I literally have felt like I'm living on heaven, on earth, out of body floating through life. And so what is the common denominator in all this? So this last week I was in a deep, deep meditation and I'd been having some conversations with dear, dear friends, going through really intense times. One of my friends, her son is really challenging her, and they're going through that teenage time in our lives when it's can be challenging with our children. Another one of my friends is going through some medical issues. And it seems like there was a commonality in in, in our community and, and everywhere that people are going through really hard times, they're being challenged through everything going on in the polarity in the world. And so I went into this deep prayer, you know, asking for guidance, asking for whatever needs to be revealed because we're being tested, we're being tested in, in all of ar areas of our lives are individually, collectively, culturally, globally. (05:10): We're being tested in our relationships, dividing ourselves by focusing on our differences, right? We're being tested in our finances and careers, looking to the world for our stability. When we'll never find stability out there, we're being tested in our health choices, primarily suffering from the stress within. That all begins in the power of mind, right? It all begins in mind. So this is a supernatural war within, this is a war of light and dark. This is a war of good and evil. We don't believe in a separate entity of evil. We know that it's just an inverted use of the one law. This is a war of being divided or divine. So here I am, I go into this prayer, into this meditation, and the voice comes through and it says, you are either living in the inner world or you're living in the outer world. (06:02): And it was like, whoa. So there's a concept of balance, right? When I was trained in shamanism years back along with becoming a doctor, divinity in metaphysics and everything else, as a shaman, we have what we consider one foot in the spiritual realm and one foot in the earthly realm. So my whole life I've been trying to find balance, right? And find finding balance of, if I just go inside and I just, you know, pray enough and everything, then I can come out in this earthly realm and I can, you know, do all this material status, you know, public figure, getting verified, whatever it may be, right? World that we live in, in the western world. And what I've noticed in this profound download, it was very distinct, very clear, is that there is no such thing as managing our human hood. That that's where the struggle lies. (06:58): That anytime we place our power, our identity, anything in external world, power, relationships, the amount of money in my bank account, you know, how many likes I have, all of that, we will never have stability. We will never win the war of our spiritual warfare. So just this is the most insidious thing, okay? That, that the, the power within the mind that can create heaven on earth is the exact same power that can create hell on earth, right? So I want to read a quote that is, that really distills down how, how tricky, how tricky this spiritual warfare is with him from a gentleman named Henry, No one. He says, Over the years I have come to realize that the greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity, or power, but self-rejection. Listen to this, success, popularity and power can indeed present a great temptation, but they're seductive quality often comes from the way they're part of a much more seductive thing. (08:08): A much more larger temptation to self-rejection. When we have come to believe in the voice that call us worthless, unlovable, and then success, popular and power are easily perceived as attractive solutions, right? So imagine this, that if you feel insecure, if you reject yourself, the only way to really, really reject yourself is to try and be good enough, okay? That this is what this gentleman's saying. The real trap, however, is self-rejection. As soon as someone accuses me or criticizes me, as soon as I am rejected, left alone or abandoned, I find myself thinking, Well that proves once again that I'm nobody. My di side says I'm no good. I deserve to be pushed away, forgotten, rejected or abandoned. Self-rejection is the greatest enemy of the spiritual life because it contradicts the sacred voice that calls us the beloved. Being the beloved constitutes the core truth of our existence. (09:14): So let's break this on down spiritual warfare, we may think, well, it's gonna be a separate entity out there and some dark entity that's taking me over. Okay? No, there is no separate entity what it looks like, spiritual warfare is it actually so tricky that it can come in as self-rejection, Meaning something happens in life, okay? Your partner cheats on you, right? Someone gets stage four cancer, you lose your job. Something, something intense happens out there, okay? And then what happens is you place your power, your self worth, your happiness, your anything out in that circumstance of life. And by doing that, the instant that we hand our power to external things is the moment that we become disempowered, right? And in fact, we reject ourselves by basically thinking we're not enough. I'm not enough. Something's wrong with me. If my partner cheats on me, something's wrong with me. (10:21): I must not be worthy of an incredible life if I have stage four cancer, right? Something's wrong with me. I reject myself if I lose my position or whatever it is in life. So it's a self-rejection. That's this real spiritual warfare. And in the self-rejection, we do one of two things, okay? We either are become very, very, like, um, our confidence goes down, we have shame, we question ourselves, or the equal and opposite happens as well. And it's usually one or the other. We become self, self righteous in, in a bad way. We make our partner that cheated us wrong, we make life wrong, we make the medical system wrong, we make whatever wrong and we begin to become vindictive, making life wrong and becoming angry and bitter and vindictive. Okay? So we we're doing it one way that if we're standing in our human ed, our human hood, in our warfare, we're out there in the the flesh, right? (11:25): We're out there trying to win those battles and we're making all those things our source. The financial problem is what's wrong? The government's, what's wrong? The war over in Iran, that's wrong. You know, all that stuff. We start blaming and shaming and doing all that stuff. But the spirit, the the real spiritual warfare, if we wanna win it, as it said, put on the whole armor of God, okay? We don't have God as a man in the sky. We have God as source within. If we put on the whole armor of God, it means that we no longer place our power into the world. We trust that whatever's happening in the world is for our growth and for our good right? We stand firm against what a Christian might say is the devil. We do not believe in the devil. We believe there's one source and it's a misuse of energy. (12:19): So we stand firm in our righteous mind, our right mind that is one in the divine mind, right? All stresses, all struggles, all of the real true war in the human hood is against the flesh and blood. So when we place down our sword, and I'm gonna ask you right, this is what life demands us to surrender. If you place down your sword, you're no longer in the, in the war of the human hood and the flesh and the blood, you come to the only war there is, which is the inner war. And we come to peace, we come down and we lay down all of our earthly weapons. We know that this is a supernatural war in the, in the field, in the field of consciousness, in the division of the mind. And as divided, we fall, united, we rise. And when the mind unites through deep meditation, through doing the trauma work, through uniting literally the left and right hemisphere of the brain into the oneness, connecting the heart with the head, we know that we can come, we can heal exponentially, we can absolutely turn on our miraculous aspect of ourselves. (13:32): We're able to create miracles in our life, in all areas of our life. And so this is what the profound spiritual warfare is. This is a question that I have for you. Who is going to control your mind? Is it source within or is it the world out there? Because as a man or woman, think it So she's flesh and blood is first created in the unseen world. Whatever you want to change out there has to change within the mind. This is the truth of who we are. And so in this, I know that you are a powerful, almighty spiritual being and that whatever you are ready to win, you have to come within. If you're making someone wrong out there, they'll make you wrong back. The only way to solve anything is to surrender and come to that divine inspired action within before you make any decisions and go to war out there. (14:35): Okay? And so, and this just take a deep breath in together, exhaling out. Just knowing the truth of right here, right now, this week's universal law in our community, cuz we have a universal law each week we embody is a universal law of immortality, which is perfect for this. You are an eternal spiritual being because there is only life. This axiom is demonstrated within physics. Energy can never be destroyed. This spiritual principle has to manifest in the physical world. Therefore, our destiny is to create eternal life in the physical form, eternal life, eternal love and eternal being. And in this universal law of immortality, I recognize awakening the oracle within you because you are source, You are ready to know the truth of who you are. Your higher self desires for you to reveal the truth of your eternal essence. You are in immortal spiritual, being capable of eternal life in the physical body in total wellness. (15:34): You are the continuity of the individual soul forever and ever expanding any symptoms, any anxiety, any depression, any of that is mother nature and law and source saying wake up, wake up, spread your wings and fly. Come back to the one mind, the one heart, and the one life and one soul. We are one eternal family. No matter what's going on, you can find peace and win the war within. You can win the war within. This is a masterclass, having the pressure of developing you as the diamond that you are. And in this I say yes to you, setting yourself free, setting down your sword, and coming to the piece within as together we say. And so it is. Thank you for tuning into the Dr. Erin podcast. If you're ready to reprogram your subconscious mind, transform your trauma and birth your soul's calling, or if you're ready to become an accredited, certified spiritual psychology coach and E4 trauma method facilitator, and get trained in spiritual psychology, universal law, intergenerational trauma, work path, life regression work, metaphysics of mind, and so much more, go to soul society.com or DrErin.tv if you're receiving value from the show. (16:52): I would love it if you share it with a friend and give it a five star review. Also, you can join me in one of my live free trainings. You can find it right on the website as well. Or in my bio link across all social media. I'm DrErin.tv across all platforms, DrErin.tv. Have a beautiful day and may you live your truth.  

    Danielle LaPorte | How to Be Loving | Cancel Culture & Beyond Trauma

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2022 28:13

    Danielle LaPorte is a member of Oprah's SuperSoul 100 a group who, in Oprah Winfrey's words, “is uniquely connecting the world together with a spiritual energy that matters.”  The former director of a future studies think tank in Washington, DC, where she managed a team creating global scenarios. She now speaks about the intelligence of the heart.  Her most recent book, How To Be Loving…when your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up, is also an Audiobook + ebook, with a companion deck and journal. Danielle is also the author of The Fire Starter Sessions, The Desire Map, White Hot Truth, and producer of dozens of meditation kits and online programs for spiritual support. Danielle is the creator of the Heart Centered Membership and the Heart Centered Leadership Program with 400+ leaders in 30 countries hosting conversation circles, retreats, and workshops in all kinds of communities and businesses. Her podcast, With Love, Danielle, often ranks in iTunes' top 10 for wellness. Most of her offerings—from the Heart Centered Membership to her online classes—are on a pay what you choose basis. Named one of the Top 100 Websites for Women by Forbes, millions of people a month visit DanielleLaPorte.com. Marianne Williamson refers to Danielle “as a bright light.” V (formerly known as Eve Ensler) calls her “a force field of energy, wonder, humour, and love.”  Her charities of choice are Ally Global Foundation, helping survivors of human trafficking to rebuild their lives (@allyglobal), Trees Sisters' reforestation projects (@treesisters_official), and VDay, a movement to end violence against women and girls (vdayorg).  HOW TO BE LOVING When you turn to the heart, you uncondition your mind of all kinds of social programming. The intelligence of Love dissolves eons of dogma that tells us to prove our “worth” and sort who's superior or inferior. Spirituality is really the practice of thinking with Love. And we can effectively train ourselves to keep returning to Love via our thoughts over and over again.  Being Loving doesn't necessarily mean feeling more. It means feeling everything with more Love.  It's the ultimate inclusiveness. Because in your heart, it's ALL IN—your light and your shadows—and everyone else's. This is the non-dual place where complete Self acceptance has room to grow.   This call for gentleness is counterculture. And it's what we're yearning for. We do not need to focus on “fixing” ourselves. As we focus on living from our heart center, anything that's not in alignment with that Light falls away.  How To Be Loving is a nuanced perspective on the life changing power of Self Compassion, shadow work, and being more receptive to Higher Guidance. This is a guide on how to use the genius of your heart to create conditions for healing. www.soulciete.com www.instagram.com/drerin.tv  @drerin.tv  www.drerin.tv    TRANSCRIPTIONS: (00:00): In today's world, there can be completely stressful times. Isolation, dysfunction, cancel culture, divided viewpoints, polarized news being driven into our consciousness everywhere. Well, today I want to share a very special guest with you on learning how to become loving. Let's dive deep into what does it mean you guys? How are we gonna do this? How do we actually be loving in the midst of all of this divided, polarized, fear, hate, and all the above? Welcome to the Dr. Erin podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul's purpose, and manifest your dreams. Hi, I'm Dr. Erin. Dr. Divinity. I'm committed to bringing you the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I'm here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life. I want you to know that I've been exactly where you are, and I believe in you. Together, we're awakening the world.  (01:11): Hi, my soul family. I'm super excited to share a very special guest with you today, Danielle Laport. She is a member of Oprah's Super Soul 100 Group. Danielle is a creator of the heart centered membership in the Heart centered Leadership program with over 400 leaders and 30 countries hosting conversations, circles, retreats, and workshops of all kinds of communities and businesses around the world. But who she really is, for me is somebody who is steeped in love, really truly committed to divine work to the world. I'm super excited to dive deep with this soul sister today to really discover and inquiry into how do we love even deeper. So how are you? I'm so excited to just dive deep and feel into your heart. You know, I watch you online, I know you through many of my peers and girlfriends and stuff, And the thing about you, Danielle, is that when I watch anything, your story, anything, I feel like I'm home. I really authentically feel like that. I'm like, ugh, I feel like I can exhale when I come into your presence, which is really says a lot about who you are as a leader, and I'm sure it's taken you some time to fully ground into all of it. How are you? Mm-hmm.  (02:26): , I feel really calm right now. Like it's this, um, it's more glide than grind.  (02:34): Yeah.  (02:36): And you know, this is, we're in a book campaign. This is like birth mode, birth and promote mode. And it feels, I'm aware more this time of just, uh, thought forms. Like really, this will be as easy as I think it will be. Yeah, yeah, yeah.  (02:56): Totally. Totally. So let's dive into this because you know how to be loving, like, let's, this is challenging right now in this world. I, I don't, I mean, I don't know. I think that as we know, the universe is expanding all points in time and I do believe the frequencies are getting more intense. And then we have social media, which is amplifying everything. I, I mean we have this polarity that is just off the charts from the cancel culture to, you know, every viewpoint to everything going on. How in the world do we be loving in the midst of all this? Mm.  (03:34): You have to want to be. So I think it starts with that. Like, um, I think now is the time to choose a side, but you choose the side that includes everybody. It's like, you know, uh, so this is your free will. You're gonna use your self agency to play for love, to be more compassionate. All those things that we know love our, but it's a choice. Like, we have to start there. This is Choicefulness.  (04:04): Yeah. Yeah. I remember back, I used to be very codependent back in the day. Mm-hmm. . And I remember someone asked me, What is your definition of love? And I had all these different, you know, conversations of what it should be. And then someone said, Love just is, this was like a long time ago. And I was like, Whoa, that's like so deep. You know, . And it's like,  (04:25): Whoa, what does that mean?  (04:27): Yeah. What does that mean? Right. But then of course, as you know, getting developed and all the work and diving so deep into divine and having our own revelations and enlightenment, there's such moments of oneness. Mm-hmm. , but then human beingness comes in as well. So what is it about this book? What is it for you? What does it mean to you writing this book?  (04:51): Well, it feels like a love letter to the part in all of us who know that love is actually the game changer. And it's time to start acting like that. That love isn't just something we do when we're at home or with our friends or our family. It's something we need to do in how we design politics and educational systems and medical systems. Like it needs to be included in the highest levels mm-hmm. of society. And it's time to stop leaving it at the door. When we walk into different environments, like, and this means our language shifts. We use the words , we show up with our compassionate vocabulary. It means our tone is different. It means we prioritize differently. It means we get in touch with a holy anger instead of the ego anger that just wants to be right. Like that our, you know, all the justice that everybody's so many of us are seeking for and choosing sides about that really, it's about like, what's gonna benefit everybody that takes daring and courage and it's like complex conversation, but it only works if it benefits everybody. Or at the very least, if you're aware of how your decisions in your community and your workplace and your vote with your dollar, All of the things, even with in your own family, how you're gonna cause harm or how you're gonna benefit all the players at the table or find, you know, get everybody to the table to start with. But, which  (06:29): Brings up a really important point. So you talk a lot about, you know, the desire and I think that we've been so driven off of desire and goals and really playing into a vision of embodiment maybe the whole time. But then we go to this place of virtue I've heard you speak about, which I think is really the paradigm, the biggest paradigm we're going through as a, as a globe, as one family, as a unity that we are of like, how do we go from really producing cuz we have to survive going to virtue. And and what does that mean? Because we're, I mean I know I've gone through the hustle phase of my career and getting burned out and, and going through all that and then going, what am I actually doing if I'm not enjoying this process mm-hmm. , then I'm completely outta my own principles. Mm-hmm . So what does it look like for you? Let's just take a particular case. Let's pretend somebody's out there, they've gone through some dysfunctional relationships cuz nine outta 10 people go through dysfunctional relationships, right? Maybe they're dealing with money issues and maybe they need to go out and go into sales to try and make it happen. How do I live virtuously and actually get something done?  (07:43): You have to look at the origin of desire. So Buddhism teaches that desire is a cause of suffering. So it's the clinging, it's the wanting things to be the way they aren't desire is an emotion. Emotions come from the unconscious self. So it's not the conscious part of ourselves that's wanting, cuz when you, when you're more conscious, we're awake, enlightened, not that any of us have gotten there, but when you move towards that, you know, higher vibration, you're gonna want for less, you'll be more present with what you have. Nervous system will be much more regulated. So you're not hooked. You know, it's not the hungry ghost that's driving you. So the evolution of desire is I think aspiration. So I'm not, I'm not wanting, needing, striving. I like go crush my goals so that I feel more worthy and get the love I never got from whoever I needed it from.  (08:44): I'm aspiring, I'm using, you know, we talked about free will earlier. I'm using my free will to align with a higher way of being. So you can still want all the things, you can still wanna crush your sales goals and you can still wanna of course make a difference in the world, but it's on behalf of loving kindness. It's for benefiting everybody. So you go from like kind lower vibe, wanting and doing whatever you gotta take to get it. And those do or die goals, which you're gonna burn your adrenal system. You're gonna wake up one day and go, Why have I been running to, you know what? I'm setting an intention from my heart, from the my most conscious place, from my center to embody love in all I do. Okay. That's clear. You send a clear signal to all systems, you will think differently. Yeah. You will go after different things. You'll go after them in a different way. Mm-hmm.  (09:50): . So I wanna get vulnerable here. I consider you a peer and you know, we're both in the world doing work and stuff And one of the things that I think has been shocking in, in doing this work for me was I didn't realize some of the challenges that were gonna come along with it. And, and not to bring up anything that other than total respect for you, but I remember one of the first times I heard about you and, and you were getting kind of like a cancel culture type of a thing happening around one of your other books. And I remember thinking I had so much respect for you cuz I thought that would be really hard. But you handled it so beautifully and so powerfully. And I, and I have always remembered that in the moment when I was going through something and with, with clients and cuz we know we can't please all clients and we can be as loving as possible and think we're doing everything in harmony and think we're just, you know, fulfilling upon contracts and someone can think we're the worst person in the world or view and take it differently than we intended mm-hmm.  (10:47): . And so I just wanna speak to that because I think there's people out there because you can be as loving as possible, but someone may not think you're being loving mm-hmm. and they're gonna be totally offended by no matter what you do, you can have the greatest intentions and be loving and want the highest for everyone, but there's always gonna be people that see you as as not that  (11:09): Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm . You cannot control what anybody else thinks or feels or does. Uh, we're all unhealed, everybody is carrying some degree of trauma around with them. We are living at a time where it's just getting, it's just, just projection festival . Um, and that's helped me. I mean that my awareness of my own wounds and that kind of self intimacy has helped me meet things more gently without being pulled off my center. Like I know my intentions, I know the conversations I have with my heart. Mm-hmm. , I, I know where my fears are as much as I can be conscious right now and I'm gonna abide in that I'm gonna have some patience for other people's wounds and opinions. Mm-hmm. and not always easy, but that's it. And also I think, you know, just seeing, I think especially with women on the personal development path, it a here's the irony.  (12:21): It gets harder to see everybody as our reflection. Like I just think, oh yeah, the universal principle at everybody's, my reflection that applies except for there's no way that guy and that behavior, that narcissism or that manipulation, whatever, that is not a reflection of me because I've done so much work. I'm so much more loving and compassionate. All part of that may be true. I may be more loving and compassionate. I may have done a lot of work, but it's a universal law I believe. So I have to look at where's my call out culture within me, Where's my tyranny? Where's my greed? Mm-hmm. . And it may be just a tiny little seed frequency, like a little spec. Or it may be that what they're bringing up for me, the reflection is not so much their behavior, but the pain that they have put on the table that has been triggered in me. It's like, oh, this really feels like a massive betrayal. Mm oh well then I have some betrayal wound that isn't healed yet because I'm, because I've created this. Yeah. And because I'm so triggered by it, I have to respond to it.  (13:32): I always think it like, yeah. Like it's like the facts actually happening where, you know, there is a cause and effect and sometimes there's law that comes into it. Sometimes there's putting boundaries, sometimes there's just forgiveness, whatever that is. But I think the difference for me, where I used to be reactive or take things so personal, you can go through a storm, but you're like, I'm in a storm. Okay, cool. How do we handle this? How do we take cover? How do we deal with this? Versus oh my gosh, I'm in a storm and let me just get completely reactive with everything and take offense to it. Mm-hmm.  (14:05): , I had a friend who was in a storm, she's in a legal situation with somebody who was a business was dissolving. And you know, I'd read some of the emails going back and forth and you could hear all the hooks and that were coming at her and she was, she was taking the bait every time she'd be like, Well, let me explain this and I'm not gonna explain, explain that. And I said, You know what, if you just gave it zero more energy. Yes. Like it's happening. You're gonna, if you have to go to court, you go to court, you're not in denial, but it just like, stop taking the bait so that not just so you can, you know, piss the other person off because it will not, not feeding, you know, their own ego stuff to fight, but so that you can concentrate on the lesson and actually get through it. Yeah. Like they wanna fight. It's bringing up all these issues around you, about your overgiving and feeling on the outside. Just deal with those issues of overgiving and feeling on the outside mm-hmm. while you give the rest of the drama that's just serving to kick it up. Zero more energy. Yeah. You go heal. Let them just off gas.  (15:18): Mm-hmm. . So good. So good. And you are teaming up with one of my all time mentors, um, Michael Beckwith I love. Oh yeah. Yes. You're church. So tell us a little bit about church.  (15:31): Ah, well church is gonna be, um, an online event to our online event on Sunday, October 16th. Mm-hmm. . And if you go grab a couple copies of how to Be Loving you, come to our site, danielle port.com/how to Be Loving, Let us know you got some copies and then we give you a ticket to church. Leanne Rhymes is gonna open up with, um, singing from her new album God's Work, which is amazing and beautiful course is gonna be there to sing. Amazing. And then Reverend Beckwith is gonna give us a  (16:03): Blessing. Yes, Yes. How to be loving. I think it's one of the greatest masteries we can do no matter what's happening, no matter how our families acting or the politicians are acting or whatever mm-hmm. , how do we stay in that neutral space and holding that. And I think it's important for people to know what you're still able to do in that. Like, can you still Right, You can still have your truth, you can still put boundaries, you can still even go do, you know, saying goodbye to somebody, you can still love them. Mm-hmm. . So years ago when I went through the final chapter of my codependency, the thing that held it after was thinking that I didn't love him. That he was a narcissist, he was this, he was that. All that, what finally healed it from me is when I actually realized that I'll always love him and then I love him now and I'll always love him. And it actually was the one thing that released the resistance to it because it was the truth.  (17:04): Mm-hmm. , that's beautiful. I think we, there's so much shame, especially in that dynamic, you know, and empathic sensitive woman with a narcissistic male, which seems to be like a dance that a lot of people do these days. Um, I think there's all this shame that comes in with, we let ourselves be treated like that. We perpetuated that dynamic and then we get more conscious and we go a little bit deeper and say, we actually brought this in. We facilitated that  (17:36): A thousand percent.  (17:37): We are 50% of that dynamic. We are no more high vibration necessarily than they are. So there's this like, there's this embarrassment and that shame prevents us from going to that place of like, even though they did all these things, I will always love them even though I wasn't totally conscious and mature, I will always love them. Mm-hmm. . And I think that's actually the heart's default. Yeah. And it doesn't mean you are gonna continue with codependency. It doesn't mean that you're not awake. It means that you got it, you actually got the lesson. Yeah.  (18:13): Yeah. You take a hundred percent responsibility and realize he was just, you know, part of my belief systems tracking in that I'm not lovable, you know? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , just playing into the whole, the whole grand thing is play of life. Yeah. Mm-hmm. . So, so what, what is your mission with this book? Like truly what, obviously you wanna help people love, but like what is it for you mm-hmm. , what is the virtue for you?  (18:38): Uh, the book is about reverence and it's about going beyond tolerating your own stuff to actually being revent with it. Like, there's some awe for your doubt and your anxiety and your fear, and you can see how it's expanding you and how, you know, every time my doubt shows up, I say, Well, you are persistent. That's amazing and thank you. You help me double down on my faith so I can only have respect for such a great outcome. Right?  (19:13): Mm-hmm. .  (19:15): So it's a reverence for the shadow and it's that reverence that creates more light. That's how you find the diamond in the darkness.  (19:23): I love that. I love the concept that life is like a masterclass. And I love this concept of thinking like everything is challenged me to love.  (19:30): Yes.  (19:31): Everything is the opportunity to unconditionally love mm-hmm. and like, wow. Then you look at there's no problems, there's no, there's nothing. There's just, it's all growing me. It's all expanding me,  (19:42): It's all fertilizer. Yeah.  (19:44): , it's all fertilizer. I love them. Yeah. So, awesome. So I wanna ask you a couple other things. So, so I just wanna know just a little bit deeper, what were the hardest things that you went through earlier when you weren't able to just love? Who were you? Who was that? You know?  (20:02): Um, well I've always been a lover and a relat. Like I've always, relationships have been my way of growing. That was clear. I think how my lack of consciousness showed up was just a little mouthier, a little boulder, a little more assertive, brazen, which was just a lot of ego wanting to help me be seen. And then you wise up a bit and you get softer and you do the job. Like I see myself, I see myself, it's my job to see me, my shadow and my light, my um, my dark side and my loveliness mm-hmm. and then the ego starts to chill out a little more. I don't, you know, it's not saying, ah, go say that thing at that party. You know, , I'm not so concerned about how many likes I get on a post, you know? Uh,  (21:01): Maybe not as much, but I  (21:02): Not as much  (21:04): For sure. It's interesting how what people perceive love to be, you know, because someone can love you more than someone else and they may not stay in the tone that you consider loving, but they may love you more than anybody else. And and I think that that's been a, a growth for me because I literally love, like, I love people so much. I love my clients, I love my community and sometimes I can be brass, but, and so it could be interpreted as not, but I really, really  (21:32): Do. It's such a great saying, brass. It really does. It's like it conveys Yeah. . I get it.  (21:38): Yeah. Yeah. So tell people about your other events. You have live events right now, right?  (21:43): There's lots happening. I mean, really Instagram is like the center of my world. Everything is pointing towards the Sunday church on October 16th. Yeah.  (21:54): Okay, cool. Well, I cannot wait to be there and celebrate you. And it's gonna be honor, honor a divine woman and just, you know, really getting how spiritual and how deep and how evolved. And I consider you completely lightened. You may not, but I do. So I just want you to know that I see  (22:09): You. I'll tell, I'll tell my publisher. Maybe I'll get a bigger book event.  (22:13): , I see you. I see you. Okay. Cause we can't say that, but you, come on. I see you. Okay. So tell people also, of course they know your social media stuff, but just tell them where they can find you on your website.  (22:25): Yeah. I'm at Danielle Laport on social and website is danielle laport.com. I have a membership called Heart Centered Membership. It's a spiritual support community and I have a coaching facilitating program called Heart Centered Leadership Program. So we've got like 400 coaches and leaders like in the workplace and in yoga studios teaching about virtue and resilience. Yeah, it's really cool.  (22:52): So let's dive deep just for one more second around trauma. So in our community we teach a lot of trauma work and how the subconscious mind is connected with divine mind and universal law and how trauma's not necessarily what happens to you, but trauma is what happens within you. And the moment that we have a frequency of, of putting a meaning on something, we create a fr a frequency and we decide a divided perspective. I'm not lovable, something's wrong with me, I'm not enough, I don't wanna live. And it literally tags the DNA that genetics and makes an Ingram. Okay. So what would you say to somebody that is trying to love, but they have a lot of trauma, you know, what advice would you give them if they haven't began to do their trauma work? What would you tell 'em?  (23:36): Mm-hmm. , I think ultimately it's about what I would call truthful identification. That you're seeing that you are an energetic being, a spiritual being, um, that you have a consciousness that goes beyond what's happened to you and you're not the trauma, you're not the trauma. We are not what happened to us. And that, I mean, you could look at that and go, that's a spiritual bypass. It's actually, it's total empowerment. So when you see that you are not what happened to you, then you can really go deep and look at the impacts of what happened to you, what it did to your nervous system, how it affected your life and your choices, and all those patterns that got put into place. And then I think eventually, ideally we gotta move on from the trauma. So I mean, this is one of the things I talk about and how to be loving is that so many of us can like do the work.  (24:32): We do the breathing and we do the tapping, and we do the workshops and we do all the right things and we are actually like legit healing. But then there's that part of us, there's that little unhealed bit, the ego mind that wants to dig it up and we keep telling the same story. Like the trauma just gets so baked into our identity. Like, I'm an addict, I'm a survivor, I am a, you know, you kind of fill in the blank. You're not just that. It's a, that was an incident that created a, you know, major effect. So this is why I, you know, I've had thousands of hours of therapy, lots of different kinds of therapy, lots of different types of spiritual work, energy work, and it, and I can see now the shadow side of therapy as well. And I credit my psychotherapist with just like changing my life, saving my life. If I had five children, they'd have, I would name them all after my various strengths, you know? Um, but there's a time where you need to say, okay, like, enough of going down this path because you're just retraumatizing yourself. Mm. Uh, just yeah. The, the rewinding  (25:51): Mm-hmm. . I love that. So I'm hearing you say, you know, basically, which is the truth is we're not these bodies, we're not our beliefs, we're not our trauma. We're something way beyond that. We're the crater, you know, creating with one with the universe and that we can really just witness our story, witness the experience, witness all that, and at least get some type of a insight around that.  (26:12): Yeah. And move into seeing your capacity to heal it like you are capable of restoration. Mm-hmm. happens all the time. People get to the other side of trauma all the time and they're wiser and, um, more resilient because of it.  (26:34): I love that. Do it. I love that. Okay. I have to ask you one last question for the most important question. Where did you get those glasses? Like we all, Cause we love the glasses so much, so I'm like, we, I'll buy em some right now. Thank They're so good. Uh, these are Chanel. Yeah, they're beautiful. You're stunning woman inside and out. So thank you so much for sharing your heart with me. Really beautiful and very excited for the world to get more of you. Beautiful. You sure you guys, And go follow her. Go to this event, go to church. We wanna go to church, right? It's a whole new realm of church in the world these days, and this is absolutely where we need to be in the heart. So thank you so much. Have a beautiful and blessed day. Again, You guys live your truth.  (27:15): Thank you for tuning into the Dr. Erin podcast. If you're ready to reprogram your subconscious mind, transform your trauma and birth your soul's calling, or if you're ready to become an accredited, certified spiritual psychology coach, an E4 trauma method facilitator and get trained in spiritual psychology, universal law, intergenerational trauma, work path, life regression work, metaphysics of mind, and so much more. Go to soulciete.com or drerin.tv if you're receiving value from the show. I would love it if you share it with a friend and give it a five star review. Also, you can join me in one of my live free trainings. You can find it right on the website as well. Or in my bio link across all social media. I'm DrErin.tv across all platforms, drerin.tv. Have a beautiful day and may you live your truth.  

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    Hi Spiritual Superstar!  Did you know that science says that only 8% of people reach their goals?  Did you know that people with coaches or accountability have a 65% greater chance of reaching their goals? In this week's podcast, I am sharing the 3 Things You MUST Master For Success. In this episode, I'm talking about my core framework for you to, not just survive but THRIVE during a recession or any economically challenging time. ✨  What You Will Learn:  ⚡ How your Mindset directs energy upon Universal Law to create success! ⚡ How a lack of strategic Skillset will hurt people's relationships, businesses, and life! ⚡ How to trump any recession by being developed in an Expertise.  Wednesday Webinar: www.soulciete.com   Binge all podcast series: www.drerin.tv    Transcripts:  (00:00): Are you ready to become unstoppable? If you do, you definitely wanna listen to this podcast. I'm gonna break down the three things you must master to massively monetize your spiritual gifts and make an impact in the world. You may be somebody who doesn't want to turn your spiritual work into a business or make money with it. And that's okay as well, because I'm gonna break down these three things that you need to master. Whether your business is your family, whether your business is whatever, whether you have a job or you are a sole based entrepreneur or coach or leader or practitioner, no matter what I am here to give you a gift today. So today I'm gonna share three gifts with you of how to not only survive, but thrive. Let's do this. Here we go. Welcome to the Dr. Aaron podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma birth, your soul's purpose, and manifest your dreams. Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, Dr. Divinity. I'm committed to bringing you the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma, healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I'm here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life. I want you to know that I've been exactly where you are, and I believe in you together. We're awakening the world.  (01:20): Hi, my soul family. I am really honored to be here with you today. Whether you are out on a walk or taking some time to settle in and come into the divine space within, or whether you're cleaning your house. I don't know what you do when you're listening to this podcast, but I want you to know that I've been where you are. No matter if you're in incredible space, whether you are in a lot of fear right now in your life and struggling. I want you to know that I'm with you right now in my heart and in my mind, and in the spiritual nature, knowing that we are definitely one and my biggest heart's desire is one thing it really truly is to help people end their suffering and awaken to the divinity, their divine nature, the power within. And so today I would like to share with you really three things you must master in order to not only survive, but thrive no matter what's happening in the world.  (02:24): And I know right now, we're going through some crazy times, right? There's man, there's been so much over the last few years. It's really almost hard to even believe everything that's gone on and there's inflation and there's unknown of political things. And there's so much fear out there in your face every day on social media, on your phone, in your emails everywhere. But what I know for sure is that the truth prevails. I'm so certain of this, and I'm so certain that as we master our mind, that we absolutely can really not only again, just survive, but we absolutely can thrive. So I wanna share with you today, three things you must master to massively monetize your spiritual gifts and make an impact on the world. So you may be somebody who doesn't want to turn your spirituality into a business, and that's okay, because you're still going to wanna have efficiency in your life.  (03:28): You're still gonna wanna be able to create an amazing family or friendships or experiences for your life. And so business is not just about business. I think it's one of the things we have to overcome that business is really just as much our spiritual work, that it's really becoming efficient in our life to be able to, to powerfully create what we want to experience in this lifetime. So I invite you to open up your mind right now because I'm gonna share three things that I realized after going through so many things in going through the recession in 2008 and going through my own ups and downs and being somebody that came from no money, going to the thrift store, growing up, having to wait tables, to put food on the table, as my son was young and coming to a place where I had to dig so deep into my soul to really find the truth and take bold action and really take a leap of faith. And I've come to some profound truths. And I'd love to share them with you here right here right now.  (04:34): So who am I speaking to exactly right. I'm speaking to yes, of course. As you guys know, I certify, we accredit date everything from soul-based entrepreneurs and we train spiritual psychology coaches and people in E four trauma method, along with our spiritual psychology master practitioner program. And we train and develop teachers, new thought wisdom teachers. And of course we train and develop. We're launching out the doctor divinity training, but what we also do is we work with people who just want to do their deep healing work. We really actually, it'll probably end up being the biggest part of, of my message and our biggest clients that we work with are people that just strictly wanna do transformational work, right? So who am I speaking to? I'm speaking to anybody that truly wants to do their healing work. Anyone that really wants to master their own mind and wants to not live in fear anymore.  (05:29): That wants to get over and say, dysfunction in your relationships. Trust me. I know it very well is codependent for many years or somebody. Who's trying to figure out how to manage their money, whether they wanna be an entrepreneur, whether they have a business, whether they're in a job, whether they're in a corporation, regardless, you are your business, doesn't matter if you work for a company or not. You still have to understand how to become the highest version of yourself and be able to manage all that. So I'm talking to anybody that really truly cares about knowing myself and becoming the most powerful you can be. So let's break this down. This is really for anyone who's committed to becoming the highest version of themselves and desires to create extraordinary transformation for themselves or the people in their life. Okay? Everything that we work on in soul society, in the spiritual psychology school and all the work that we do, I've worked with top CEOs.  (06:23): I've worked with top celebrities. I've worked with many different levels of women and men across the globe. People who had zero people that were very, very traumatized having major issues in their mental abilities, all the way to people who are absolutely very advanced spiritual beings. This works on anything. This work works on anything. That's a cool thing. The cool thing about spiritual psychology is it doesn't matter. What's happened to you in your life. We don't measure what's happened to you in your life, and we acknowledge everything that's happened to your life, but it doesn't matter who I'm working with. Doesn't matter if they come in with relationships and, and love issues or career issues or health issues, or they're trying to birth their soul. The framework that we use in E four trauma, the framework that we use in spiritual psychology coaching, the framework that we use through triangle and all the processes, the metaphysical processes, the profound deep soul clearing is the same exact processes for each and every client.  (07:22): The conversation and the distinctions might be different, but the processes are identical. That's, what's so cool about the work that we do, that when we train somebody's work, it doesn't matter what their niche is, who their avatar and client is or what they're really solving. The processes are identical, because guess what? Energy is energy and energy cannot be destroyed. And the only way to transmute energy, there's basics of metaphysics, there's basics of metaphysics. And you have to know these basics. We're never taught. We have these, these vehicles called this body, right? And we're never taught how to use the vehicle. We don't have an owner's manual. We just get plopped into this thing with parents that generally don't know how to use their vehicles, right? Like we have not learned how to master the mine. We have not learned to, to master this incredible temple that we live in.  (08:17): So I invite to get focused. I invite you to really get that a miracle can happen for you right now. And we don't believe in miracles in that we believe that miracles are only glitches in your current belief system. What we believe in is you, I believe in you. I know no matter how far down in the dumps you are, no matter how crappy of a situation you have right now. I know for a fact, the truth of who you are. I know that you are here to do great things. I know that you are here to heal your lineage trauma. I know you're here to clear out all limitations and stand on the shoulders of all of the great wisdom that has come before.  (09:01): And I just take a deep breath, deep breath in together and exhaling out. And I wanna break down these things for you. Okay? The number one thing that you need to learn to master that I realized when I was going through really hard times, right? I realized that I had to master my mindset, my spiritual mastery, right? I had to master my mindset. There was no way I was gonna be able to deal with the dysfunction in my relationships, the fear of the world out there news and all the insanity out there without mastering my mindset.  (09:44): And of course, how do we do that? Exactly. Because we have clients that come in and they've, they've done a lot of work. They've taken a ton of courses. They think they've actually done their trauma work. They've gone to, you know, all different transformational seminars and they've read a lot of books and they may have meditated quite a bit, but I'm gonna tell you that I hear this nine outta 10 times, I'd say from clients and they go, holy, how I thought I had done my spiritual work. I thought I had done my trauma work. I thought I had done my inner work. And they're like, I had no idea how much was still in there and how deep we go in E four and how deep we go in these processes. I've had therapists that have come to train with me. I've had traditional Western doctors come to work with me.  (10:32): And they're like, holy cow, this is has similarities to cognitive therapy. But it's way deeper. We go way down into its like a weed. You can't just cut off the weed. Right? If you go out with a weed whack or what happens, the weeds just get stronger and they come up even more fiercely, right? It's like, let me pretend that I'm gonna be positive. It doesn't work. Okay. You can't just reframe stuff. I always say it's like, you know, making a, a chocolate pie out of cow shit, right? It doesn't work. So we have to go into the soul at the epigenetic level, right? We've gotta actually go onto the part of the DNA. The part of the epi, which is be above, that actually turns on and off your genetics that is actually playing out as a subconscious processing that has you not be able to actually complete cycles.  (11:27): It has you sabotaging your relationships and your success. It has you in stuck patterns. It has you sad, even though there's nothing even really to be sad in that moment, it's like it's playing out the, the past pictures for the cautious records. It just keeps pulling up pictures. You can't get over things. You keep trying, but something is missing. And we call this the key. We all watch the secret documentary, but there was something missing in that whole concept of law attraction because law attraction works. Universal law works. We teach universal law. But if you don't deal with the trauma and the subconscious mind and actually transmuting, transforming transmuting, the actual energetics and releasing it, then it doesn't matter what you think logically because your subconscious is just gonna play out on rote. So how do we do this? You've gotta get in and you've gotta do the E four.  (12:27): You've gotta do deep, deep trauma is the number one thing. Okay. You've gotta first match that. You've gotta master your mindset and there's more to that, right? You wanted to go beyond just trauma. You wanna go into actually getting clear of what are your core values. You don't think, especially as young girls, we're not taught what our values are. We more for ourselves, a lot in the old school, ways of morphing to be some way that the culture told us so that we're gonna be a good enough for, you know, somebody to love us. Right. For me, I can't speak for anybody else. For me. I didn't believe in, I didn't have enough, any self worth. I didn't have any self worth. How could I have self-worth when my parents didn't even know how to love themselves and they didn't definitely didn't know how to love me at that point in time, since then we've healed and we absolutely love profoundly with each other.  (13:09): Okay. But you've gotta get in and do that deep inner work. Number one, especially if you wanna monetize, right? There's so many people that are saying their coaches and they're hot mess. Let's face the fact, I remember very well saying I was a coach and I actually didn't even have a client. I'd had a client, but I had no clients. I didn't actually know how to get great transformation for my clients. So I didn't even, I sabotage even getting clients, right. I would go around, try and, and do all this work. But I actually didn't know how to actually do the deep work. It was great in consciousness. I could talk about all the spiritual stuff I had, all the jargon. I could talk about all of it, but I actually wasn't living at a soul level. I hadn't experienced in a deep, profound way, or I had gone in and done a bunch of, a bunch of spiritual meditation.  (13:56): I'd gone outta body and I had these mystical experiences, but then I'd slam back into my body and into my triggers. As soon as I was around, you know, any family member or, or dating at all, right? It's like, so if you are triggered, you have not done all your spiritual work, right? If you cannot, if you're still judging your parents or your children, you haven't done your spiritual work. It's just that, it's just, it's just black and white. You guys like you gotta get real with yourself. You can't keep pretending that you got it all figured out because you don't neither do I I'm never gonna stop. That's why I have coaches. That's why I have to do my daily spiritual practice every day. I've gotta do this, right? So we have to master our mindset and our framework. Our technology is not just my, uh, yes.  (14:42): I came up and created E for trauma. Yes. I created the, the coaching processes, but the metaphysics universal law, this is lineage. This is, this is you can even call it Christ consciousness, right? It's that, it's that deep it's it's energy. It is absolute wisdom that lives as you, you don't manifest. You're manifesting. You are the manifestation. You are manifesting 24 7 and your subconscious mind is setting polarity of the universal law into motion right now, as we speak with zero effort whatsoever, because all the limited beliefs, identities, and all the energetics, number one, you've got to master your mind. I would in, I would invite you to turn off any social media. That's getting you in fear. I would suggest that you turn off the television. If you watch television, I haven't had a television since 2008. I suggest that you don't surround yourself with anybody that is into conspiracy theories.  (15:39): Right now, we already know that there's a bunch of lies out there. How much more do we wanna know about all the lives? It's time to focus on doing your inner work. Okay. Number one thing, the second thing that has to happen, okay, you have to, you have to master your skillset. Okay? If you are doing business, of course, you've gotta master. We teach a six step process of, of mastering business and being able to really get in there and be able to know exactly how to convert people on our social media. When we come in contact with, we need to understand how the psychology of sales works, right? We need to understand how we need to position ourself as an expert in the industry and get into freebees and get into having value sequences, all this stuff, building our funnels, doing marketing, doing sales.  (16:27): Most people fail at business because they haven't mastered their mindset. And they don't have a strategic plan of their business that works. Okay. But let's just pretend that you don't even wanna do business. Let's pretend that you just wanna not have stress and you have a traditional job, or even, even let's just pretend you're married and you don't even have a traditional job, whatever that is. It's the same stuff. You guys, you've got to learn how to be efficient. You've got to learn how to, how to deal with things and be able to deal with your bills and have systems and policies and things. What I love about entrepreneurship, spiritual entrepreneurship is that there's an efficiency that happens. And you're able to become more powerful because you're able to direct energy. That's all we're doing as spiritual being. So in our skillset, right? We've mastered our mindset.  (17:14): We've done our inner work. We've birthed our purpose and calling, and we've come to a place where we need to now have skill set. If you're at a, let's just pretend you're unemployed. Let's pretend that you got, you got, you know, you lost your job during the pandemic. What are you gonna do? You're gonna sit there and fear all day and do nothing. You've gotta have an organization. Even when it comes to getting a job, whether you're creating your own company or doing your own business, you've got to come into a place where you're surrounded by people that know how to get stuff done. Okay? And in our skill set, we learn how to set our goals. But if our goals are based off of what the culture told us, then we're gonna not really have motivation to do our goals. We get motivation. Motivation is we don't need to get motivation when it's a soul driven purpose and you can have a soul driven purpose.  (18:03): That's having a job or creating your own business. But if you're, it's not based in your soul, like their worthless goals, because you're actually not committed to them. And therefore you're never actually gonna make them happen. Right. I had coaches, um, I had a coach come in. She had been, um, working with a big coach. She had had some success in her business. She had began to make money, but she was getting so burned out because she was trying to keep up with the influencer. Right. She was trying to keep up with these influencers. So she, she found herself that she was having some success in business, but she was just burned out. And it wasn't until she did her deep, inner spiritual work. And did her, you know, core tr work that she actually birth her purpose. And then what happened is she 10 Xed her company, right?  (18:50): She 10 Xed her coaching business. And she wasn't getting burned out because she was actually living in alignment with her mission and her purpose, right. Her purpose in calling. So it doesn't matter if you are in a traditional job or if you're an entrepreneur, you still need to get clear of what you're here to do on the planet. Right? Some people shouldn't be entrepreneurs by the way. Some people are not built to be entrepreneurs. They're built to have a mission though, and work for companies that's in alignment. What, what they care about their core values, right? So part of doing inner work, all that work has to be done in order to get that all the skill set of our business. Because we, what we do in society is we actually, we do, we do very strategic goal setting. We have a bigger one pick one year, five year, 10 year goal.  (19:34): And we strategize in what we're up to do in our, in our goals. And we put our goals for the year, for the quarter, cuz I've trained everybody as a CEO over their personal life. We put our goals to every month, every week, every day and every hour, okay. We have accountability and we strategically plan out and, and get in systems and policy. Because if we imagine you go what's policy, right? It's like what they say in boundaries, you how you're supposed to have boundaries in your relationships. You should understand what works for you and doesn't work for you in all areas of your life. And that's part of business as well. There's no, there's no difference. You guys, we're not taught this in school. We're taught about geography when we haven't even figured out our own vehicle that we live in our mindset and how we actually are gonna be efficient.  (20:22): Right. We need to learn these things for sure. In high school and definitely in college. And we're not even taught in college. We're taught all these different concepts that aren't actually applyable to our real life, like paying our bills, like having relationships that aren't dysfunctional, like actually living in alignment with what we really truly want to create. Right. So this is imperative. So first is of course your mindset. You've got to get your mindset, right? Okay. Secondly, is your skillset. You've got to learn how to become efficient in your life. If you, of course, if you wanna monetize as a, you know, soul-based um, Youpreneur coach or practitioner leader, you've definitely gotta learn the six step process that we teach and be able to know this. Okay. I don't care if there's a recession. If there's not a recession, you you've got to turn off the fear and you've got to focus on what you're creating every single day.  (21:15): What are you creating? Right. So the third thing that you have to master in order to, you know, massively monetize and make an impact in the world, regardless if there's a recession or not is you've got to master your expertise, you've got to master expertise. Okay. Even if you have a traditional job, you're gonna wanna rise up in your position. Right? And so you've gotta get really good at skills at whatever it is. That is your expertise. And a good example is this there's lots of coaches that'll come to me. I have some coaches that are just beginning. They've never made, they've never had one client. Right? And they're like, how in the world am I ever going to compete with the big coaches out there? They have imposter syndrome. They're like getting down on themselves. They maybe have tried something. They maybe have even created a program.  (22:05): And it, no one purchases. It they're just like about ready to give up. Right. But what they don't understand is that say, for example, one of my clients, he was abused by his father, like physically, emotionally abused by his father. Okay. And what came out of doing the deep inner work is he realized that he actually wanted to work with teen boys, helping them do their inner work and build their esteem and, and help them get, you know, create the, their dreams into reality. This is the deal. If you're out there and you're a, a teen boy or rather you're a parent that has a teen boy, that's going through some issues. Do you think that you're gonna want to have him come work with me, Dr. Aaron? Or do you think you're gonna wanna have him work with a, a man that's dealt with exactly what that teen child is working is dealing with?  (22:55): Right. So obviously they would probably wanna go work with somebody who's dealt with the same issues that their teen that was abused by their father is dealing with, right? This is called a niche. Okay. And a niche is very important because you are not in big competition. When you niche down, you become an expert. So if you want to, not only survive, but thrive in any industry, in any economical status, you want to develop your expertise. So in our training, obviously I train and develop people as experts getting accredited and certified in specific processes E for trauma method and in all the spiritual psychology coaching processes, all the stuff, universal law, all of it. And so they become an expertise, right? But you're like, well, but maybe there's a bunch of other people learning E four. So how does that make me an expertise? Because for example, um, one of our great leaders, Hillary, she works with, um, in the recovery industry, we have lots of different, you know, industry.  (24:00): We have coaches that deal with relationships and love. We have coaches that deal with recovery of coaches that deal with helping people make money. We have coaches that do all, we have, we have real estate brokers that come and work with us because they want to implement the work into their, their, their group because they realize if they don't have healthy employees, it's not gonna work. We have corporations. I have longevity doctors that reach out to me for the work, because they know that you actually look younger and live longer if you've done your trauma work. Okay. So back to the point becoming an expertise. So Hillary, for example, Hillary's an amazing leader and she deals with people in recovery. So she has built, you know, her own framework. And she also uses E four and all the processes that she's learned within our, her training with me.  (24:43): Right. And then she actually is going into the doctor divinity program. So she will be doing research projects around E four and a bunch of stuff, but she will tee herself up to be a world renowned spiritual leader. That is the only recovery leader that deals with new thought wisdom, metaphysics, spiritual psychology, and E four trauma method. Okay. And has her own processes as well. But the point is that she's tee herself up years and years and years, right? Like she's a badass. Okay. So you can't afford to not go work with Hillary, right? So it's the same thing. You guys, you have to take a look at where am I not only gonna be this year, but where am I gonna be two years from now, five years now, 10 years from now. Okay. And if you want to be somebody that's not only surviving, but thriving, someone who absolutely wants to massively monetize or wants to just have an impact with yourself or the people around you, you need to develop these skills.  (25:42): Okay? You need to develop these skills because there's an exchange in the universe. There's nothing worse than having somebody that's just entitled and thinks they should have everything given to them without an exchange. Even the people I know that absolutely do not have to make money, but they are an expertise. They're an expertise at giving back in foundations. They're an expertise in really in, in helping every single person in their life, they still have a major skill set. They become valuable wherever they go. So your, your expertise is really about bringing the highest, highest value. For example, a dentist, okay, this is an offshoot of a metaphor. If you go to a traditional general dentist, you're gonna pay the general prices for pretty much whatever needs. You need a two teeth cleaning. You need a filling. You do it generally. There's some kind of standard prices, okay?  (26:32): But if you go to an expertise and expertise, say you need something specifically done that no other dentist can do. Cuz you specialize in something you're gonna get paid way, way higher, right? Per hour, probably of what you're doing, right? The same thing happens with somebody. It's an expertise as a coach, as a leader, if I'm coming to a yoga class or a meditation class, I may always pay $30 for that meditation class. But if I come in and say, Dr Aaron's gonna help me actually transform my trauma. That's actually gonna maybe, maybe I'm somebody who is almost on the verge of divorce and it I'm so stressed out. I'm I'm literally, my health is diminishing my, I can't even show up for work. Right? And you come in and work with me. And my promise is to, you know, to transform your trauma and birth your truth, whether you stay in that marriage, whether you get divorced, whatever it's, and you're in you, your stress levels go down.  (27:27): You're able to make decisions. You may stay in that marriage, hopefully, whatever that is, right? You can't afford to not work with me. Right? You can't afford to not do that work. If you're someone who's like, I wanna monetize my spiritual gifts. You can't afford to not work with me. I am. I am one of the highest in the industry. We have profound processes, right? So that's where we make the distinction of an expertise versus a generalist. If you go in for a meditation class, it's a general meditation class. Fine. If you go in for a meditation class because they're teaching you and train you how to be become a meditation teacher, it's a completely different thing. Right? So I would tell this to my best friend. I would tell this to my best friend, you've got to master three things to massively monetize your spiritual gifts and make an impact in the world.  (28:17): Regardless if you wanna make it into a career or not, okay, you've got to master your mindset. You've gotta do all your inner trauma work and all your core work, birthing your core values and getting clear and being able to deal with anything. No matter if you get upset, you're confused. All those things. We have processes for each and every one of those things. The second thing, and in the first thing, the minds that you've gotta birth your soul's purpose and what's your soul's purpose. Your soul is your soul's purpose. Your first need to handle your own soul before you are birth. What you're here to do on the planet. Second thing you need to do is you need to master your skillset. You need to understand how to become efficient in your personal life. In your pro professional life. You need to have a strategic business plan that works.  (28:59): Whether you are having a business or your family is your business. It's the same thing. You need systems. You need to figure out how to do that. Okay? Third thing that you need to master. If you want to massively monetize or massively thrive through anything, you've got to become an expert in your field. Okay? Become the best mother you've ever been in in the world, right? Become the best coach become the best spiritual leader, whatever it is. That is your expertise. Okay? These are the three things that you must master. And I'm telling you this because I care about you. And I don't wanna see you stressed out in the middle of all this. Okay? So this is my invitation Wednesday. I, I am having, I have a breakthrough call on Wednesday. And sometimes when you come to that breakthrough call, I'm gonna actually pull you up on stage and we're gonna do some work or we're just gonna break through whatever you're at in your mindset, skillset, and expertise.  (29:53): Some of the Wednesdays, I'm gonna actually give a webinar on these things. Okay? And I might actually teach other things. I invite you. I invite you to come to my, my Wednesday webinar. I don't know how long this is gonna go on or whatever, but I'm gonna put underneath this, the link for you to come to this call, come engage with me. It's not a sales pitch. We, we really, truly care about you and we wanna help and serve you. We understand how universal law we understand, whatever as much we give away is as much as the universe is gonna give to us. Not necessarily through the same person. Okay. We understand how energy works and how universal law works. And I wanna know you. I wanna get to know you. I'd love to see your face on zoom. I'd love to dive deep with you.  (30:31): I'd love to laugh with you and cry with you and whatever. Sometimes I record my podcast on there. Sometimes we will do, you know, breakthrough work sometimes on a rare, occasional do an E four trauma method there, whatever that is, but I invite you to come. And, um, and it's, it's obviously for, um, non-members because we do present something there. Okay. We present something about the, about our programs and um, and you're welcome to come to one of those and just come check it out and, and see what we have to offer. Um, yes, we will make you an offer, um, for that one time that you come, but regardless I would love to meet you and, um, and give you my heart for one of those sessions. Okay. That's my gift to you. Thank you so much for listening to this. I just wanna say I am.  (31:14): I just actually just do a spiritual mind treatment or what we're calling spiritual scientific prayer because there is a science to this. This impacts our mindset. It impacts our energetics of every single aspect of our cell. It impacts the coordination and the coherence between our heart and our brain impacts all of it. Taking a deep breath into the nose and excellent. Ow. I just wanna know right here, right now, this divine, divine nature, this all prevailing untouchable nature. The truth of who I am, the divine that I am, that I am that pure potential. That always is life. Life cannot ever go away. Energy cannot be destroyed. It is eternal immortal. And that part of you, that is the power that is always creating. It is that part that decides it is consciousness. And in this, I recognize that I am the, I am. And I recognize this for you as well.  (32:07): I recognize and know right here that you are here for greatness. You are here to remember the truth of who you are. You're here to create the entire universe and to form. This is the same source that is in you. And you are the unique divine expression. There's only one of you on this entire planet. We want you, we want the healed. You, we want the fully expressed to you. We want the innovation and inventions and your voice. The only voice of you, you are the fractal of divine. And we say, yes, we say yes. And I declare right now that you are here  (32:38): Living your greatest life without any objectives. And in this, I know if money was of no object, if it's a hell, yes you say yes. May you never put your power out there into the world if time was of no factor, because it is not reality in the spiritual world, you would never consider the time. You would just take a look at what do I want to create, right? No matter what it is, if it's confusion, the truth is you have all the wisdom and knowing, and I know as you put your hands over your heart and you really get authentic with yourself, I know that you deserve to have incredible community support, coaches, prosperity, vitality, great relationships, all that. And I just say, yes, I say, yes. I say, yes. I simply know this with total gratitude, seeing you thrive, seeing you love your life, seeing you absolutely heal your ancestor lineage and all the above. Yes, yes, yes. Is all the universe says, it just says, yes. I simply know this. I release this. My word is law as together we say. And so it is. And so it is okay, you guys have a beautiful, blessed day. You can go below and see the link, or you can simply go to society.com. And there's always a link on there to come to these, uh, Wednesday call. If we're doing that, it is soulciete.com. Have a beautiful blessed day. And may you live your truth? Spiritual Psychology Coach, spiritual meaning, spiritual definition, spiritual warfare, spiritual gift, spirituality, and so much more.  

    The Spiritual Meaning Definition & Signs From The Universe

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    The Spiritual Meaning Definition & Signs From The Universe Welcome to The Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul's purpose, and manifest your dreams. Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, a doctor of divinity, I'm committed to bringing you the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I'm here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life.  I want you to know that I've been exactly where you are, and I believe in you. Together, we are awakening the world. Do you believe in signs from the Universe? What You Will Learn In This Episode:  ⚡ How to read signs from the Universe ⚡ How to discover the spiritual meaning of signs ⚡ How to communicate and get confirmation from Source Got community? www.soulciete.com  Social Media @drerin.tv Transcriptions:  (00:00): Have you ever wondered, what is the spiritual meaning of something that occurred in your life? Right. We all wonder what is the spiritual significance of things going on in our life? Or maybe you're looking for signs from universe. Maybe you laugh about concepts around us, regardless if you're somebody who wants to dive deep into the spiritual meaning and what we truly believe from a metaphysical standpoint and from a perspective of what happens in consciousness and how it projects out into life and communicates back to you via the universe, then you definitely wanna listen to this podcast. Welcome to the Dr. Erin podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma birth, your soul's purpose, and manifest your dreams. Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, Dr. Divinity. I'm committed to bringing you the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I'm here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life. I want you to know that I've been exactly where you are, and I believe in you together. We're awakening the world.  (01:11): Hi, my soul family. I'm really excited to break this on down for you because tonight I had a very mystical and magical night and I was inspired to record it for you. So earlier this evening, uh, early evening, I had a meeting with my team and we were discussing events in person events. We haven't done in-person events since before the pandemic, and it's been something that we keep coming back to, but we've been so busy with all the online stuff and building an extraordinary community and doing so much. And there's so much that happens in it. So we keep coming back to events in our meetings because we're going over the topics that we need to discuss. And each time we come to this topic, we kind of get stuck a little bit. And we realize tonight that we're definitely committed to doing events, but we didn't really feel a flow around how or what that looks like or when exactly.  (02:02): And so we decided to put it into consciousness, cuz that's what we do whenever we're feeling stuck. We don't keep trying to analyze it and figure it out. We go to the great divine mind and we allow truth to come through. So we decided to do that. We ended the meeting and I decided I was gonna go out on my evening bike ride and do some spiritual scientific prayer and begin to, you know, really contemplate it and allow whatever miracles were to come through. So I got on my bike and I, as soon as I went out my building, I realized it was sprinkling and, and it looked really dark over in the clouds. And I thought, man, I should probably go inside because where I'm at in Palm beach, it, when it rains, it dumps like it's no joke. And so I kind of contemplated for a moment, but I just had this really strong feeling that I needed to go on this bike ride and I needed to do some deep, deep work around the consciousness around events and what that looked like.  (03:00): And I really wanted to commune with my heart self and really allow the miracles to come through. So I decided to keep going. So I decided I was just gonna keep going. And I decided to go the direction kind of away from the clouds. And I thought, well, I can maybe outrun a little bit or you know, maybe I can get to a place that I wanna be. And then the storm will come through. So I went across the bridge and yes, it was sprinkling kind of light. And I was coming down and I started doing a little bit of intentional work and I thought, you know what, I'm gonna put it into consciousness. So what I do when I'm doing a spiritual mind treatment, you call it or a spiritual scientific prayer or affirmative prayer. It doesn't matter what you call it, going into consciousness.  (03:40): And I set the intention of show me, let me know and bring clarity around these events and what is to happen as far as do I have confirmation, should we wait longer? What is there? And I began to bike ride along. And the first kind of consciousness that came in was about divine signs. And for some reason I kind of thought, why is this conversation coming in about divine signs and signs from the universe? And I began to think as like, do we really believe in signs? You know, from the universe, the universe is just responding to us, the sign, the universe doesn't do anything it's responding to consciousness. Right. And as right as I said that, I went around this little kind of corner on my bike and all of a sudden hundreds and hundreds of dragon flies flew all around me. They flew all around me, all above me.  (04:33): And it was this mystical and magical moment. And I stopped my bike because I was in such awe. And I realized right in that moment that I had just asked my higher self about having signs. And so I'm sitting there and for a moment I'm like, oh my gosh, is this source kind of telling me no, there are signs. Right? And then I flash to what's in my book, which is really what we teach, which is serendipity, right? There's a serendipity place that we are in when we're in a confirmation of what we love of that blissful state. And we've all experienced that moments where, where the most magical mystical moments happen. And so I was there for a few moments and I was watching all the dragon flies and I just was, I was giggling, I was literally giggling and I was just looking up at them and just soaking in this moment.  (05:29): And the clouds began to come in further and further. And I thought, well, I'm a couple blocks from where I could get coverage, so I better get on my bike and go. So I began to get on my bike and, and the dragonflies kind of swirled around a little bit. And then I kept going a little bit further and sure enough, it began to rain. And I was right next to this open kind of mall area, this beautiful mall. So I decided to take my bike inside. And as I rode my bike right inside, cause there was no one around this dragon fly followed in right next to me. And he flew right next to me and he flew on and I just was just, it was just this beautiful thing. And then right away, the storm came and it thundered and it lightening and it crashed and all this rain came tumbling down like pouring, like pouring.  (06:20): Like you, you can't imagine it was pouring like everything like the skies opened and the seas parted. Right. And it came down so strong. And I just sat there just so happy, just be in this mystical experience and just so grateful with not one concern about the rain. I thought, well, you know, it's gonna pass or I can call an Uber. Right. Who cares? I just sat in the beauty of it. I just sat in the beauty of it again, sitting in the beauty. And this is what I do when I go into prayer. It's not about praying to the man in the sky. It's really not even praying to even become something it's really in the miracle of what is, and in sitting in that miracle space, that space of gratitude, that space of the awe, that space of ecstasy, it shifts everything. The rain began to kind of die down.  (07:06): Wasn't that long, maybe 20 minutes at the most, this incredible sunset began of these incredible FIA, pinks, orange and blue skies behind. It was the most beautiful, amazing thing. And I got on my bike and I ran, I rode out, I felt like a little kid. There was like these puddles and I was going through the puddles and I couldn't help, but swirl around in circles and look up at the trees. And it was just so beautiful and it began to laugh and giggle again and I'm riding my bike along. It wasn't even half a block and this huge, huge rainbow all the way full rainbow right in front of me. And I was just, I began to have tears of joy because it was this feeling of knowing. I know that I am here on this planet to bring truth. And I know I'm here to do events, to have us come together as a community for us to know the truth for us to really bring this movement forward on such a level so that all the teachers and practitioners and all the coaches can be showcased and they can also come together and, and bring in their voice.  (08:13): And so I rode along my bike more and I couldn't help. I had to take some pictures and, and I actually put it on my Instagram tonight. You can go to my story there. And it was so beautiful. I, I don't know if I've ever seen a more beautiful sunset, the pinks and the oranges and the blues behind it and the Palm trees and the puddles on the ground. And I was feel, I felt like I was just flying. I literally felt like a dragon flying through the air with zero weight. And that's the way I feel I get so out of body sometimes. And I realize that there's some distinctions to make here. Okay. There's some really great distinctions to make here. So what I wanna discuss are these three things, how to read the signs from the universe, how to discover the spiritual meaning of signs and how to communicate and get confirmation from source.  (09:04): So you can believe anything you want, and we never want to make anyone wrong for their belief systems. Okay. But from a metaphysical perspective, from a science of mind, from a place of understanding consciousness and how it works, we know that the universe only sends us signs that are reflection of where we're at. So for example, in my book, we have a distinction about serendipity versus Zem bla Zem bla, is that the out picturing of what we don't wanna see, it could be, see something horrific or something not good or resistance, or, you know, your relationships going down, feeling stuck, feeling resistance, feeling angst, feeling suffering, right? That's the Zem of the out picture of consciousness. The serendipity is when we're in flow, when we're in a state of non-resistance, when we're in love, we're in that flow state, the currency and all that stuff and things show up butterflies, show up, people show up, you know, these signs and the serendipity of all of it, right.  (10:06): That person you thought of two minutes ago happens to call you right in that moment. Right. That's a serendipity moment. Okay. But when people look to the world for signs, they're placing power outside of themselves, meaning that yes, we look to the, to the universal signs. We should at all points in time, not just looking for, you know, the butterfly in the sky, but everything we call it, the mentally equivalent, we call it the vibrational match, wherever we're at. You can look at someone's life. You can look at your life and know exactly where you are. If you're in flow or not in flow, or if you should be somewhere or in a relationship or in that event, because it's either a hell yes or it's a no you're either in flow or you're stuck in resistance. There's just a simple, simple thing called universal law.  (10:50): And it works for precision. So what's the spiritual meaning. There is no meaning. It's whatever, meaning you put on it. Yes. There are meanings around things like what is the embodiment of a dragonfly, right? When you look up the meaning of a dragonfly, right? Dragonflies are incredible. They're, they're almost like the butterfly. They come and they're, they live in water for a long time. And then they actually, they, they transform just like a butterfly and they become the dragonfly and they mostly like live most of their life underwater. And then they actually, when they finally bloom, they finally transform. It's a very short-lived life. It's this miraculous time with these beautiful wings, very, very, like, very beautiful, very translucent, very incredible. And when they fly, they fly very fast and straight. Like almost they can go anywhere. It's almost like a helicopter, right? They can, they're so light.  (11:44): And so agile, a lot of people will have like tattoos and swords representing through Asian art and different things of, of, of these beautiful dragonflies, because they can do anything they're free. And so what does this mean for you? You know, what does this mean and how to communicate and get confirmation from source? So I can't speak for you. I can't tell you what your answers are to these things. It's against my ethical, spiritual practice to tell you the way it is. But what I can say is how I communicate and how I commune and can get confirmation from source is when my heart and when my intuition and when it just says, hell yes, everything is a confirmation of yes, everything flows. Everything is miraculous. That is a hell. Yes. Okay. And whenever I'm not in flow, when I'm in resistance, my confirmation is when I'm in stuck traffic, when I'm in angst, when I'm frustrated, that means I'm not in alignment with my truth.  (12:42): So I'm not gonna look to see some sign to get that confirmation. I can just feel into my body. I don't need any confirmation anywhere. I can just feel into my, my consciousness. I don't need a sign out there, but it's really fun when there's a sign out there, it's really a game to see the dragonflies and know, oh my gosh, I'm in the intention of what one of my greatest dreams is, is to, to have events where we do and live these principles that we teach and transform people's lives and let them shed their old ways, just like the dragonfly and have them bur their true self. Right? Isn't that the point of it, it's said that dragonflies also predict whether they predict also knowing that there is this, this time to seize the moment, because just like the, the dragon flight doesn't have very much time.  (13:36): Once they bloom life is precious. It goes by in an instant, especially when we're living our blessed, it just, it's just a beautiful breath. This thing called life. So for you, you might wanna think about where you are. Are you living your truth or are you not, are you loving your life or not? Are you in flow or are you not, are you still stuck in that old skin? Or are you ready to peel it off and let it go and release it and live free? And so I invite you to seize this moment to live your truth. And so my confirmation is to absolutely have events, absolutely speak from stage, absolutely bring truth around the globe. Absolutely. This is what I'm born to do. There's nothing better than being a conduit for divine, being a channel for divine and holding consciousness for my clients and watching their lives transform right before my eyes, when I get a note or message or an email, and someone is confirming how this work has transformed their life and their life will never be the same, their relationships, their family, their health, their lineage, they've healed their ancestral, everything.  (14:49): This is why we  (14:50): Do what we do. And so I ask you a favor. You're in my community, you're here, you're listening right now. I ask for you to hold in consciousness, the most profound events for our community, the most profound life changing heartfelt events across the globe. And I say, yes, and it is confirmed because my word is law as together we say. And so it is if you're not already a member of our extraordinary community, I want to tell you that your life is about to take a quantum leap. Society is the number one spiritual community for coaches, practitioners, leaders, and soul-based entrepreneurs who are ready to monetize their spiritual gifts. It is the place for launching and scaling your soul-based biz. When you join society's spiritual entrepreneurs, you'll get access to an actual real community, not just a vault of videos, not just one call per month, not a bunch of digital master classes.  (15:51): You will actually get a real community that comes together every day of the week. Live online. You'll get me as your mentor every week, or for intensives. You'll get daily live coaching calls with master coaches where you'll be able to do deep transformational work. Yes, you'll also get my entire vault of life changing processes and teachings. You will learn how to repro your subconscious mind, transform your trauma and birth your soul's purpose. And you'll be able to master your mindset and skillset so you can become a powerful spiritual leader. Yes, you'll also learn the most trusted and proven six step sales and marketing system that six, seven, and eight figure coaches used to launch and scale their soul-based businesses online. You can work from home or you can journey the world in a laptop lifestyle. If you're not already a member you're really missing out soul society.  (16:43): Spiritual entrepreneurs is life-changing. You're going to feel like you finally found your soul family. You are not alone. Click the link below or go to soul society.com. As soon as you register, you'll have instant access and be able to come on calls straight away. I'm super excited and honored to take this divine journey together. You have nothing to lose in everything to gain cure. A few of our client wins. Sandy said, Dr. Erin in this community is the best gift I've ever received from the universe. I had never felt that I belonged or could trust. I hadn't ever known self love until I discovered this incredible community. Lindsay said E four trauma method directly resulted in my first ever 15 K month E said a 20 K month with this much ease was just a dream and hope six months ago, it was wishful thinking because I doubted myself so much. This work is so real. It truly is miraculous. What can happen and how fast when we surrender do the spiritual work. So remember you don't have to do this alone, go to soul society.com and say, yes, your dreams today. That's S O U L C I E t.com.  

    How to Spiritually heal Trauma & Addiction | The Spiritual Psychology of Recovery, & Sobriety

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    Story of a Recovered Addict | Addiction, Recovery & Sobriety - How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind, Heal Your Trauma, and Become a Spiritual Leader.  Hi Spiritual Superstar!  Did you know that one in three people is touched by addiction? Did you know that some stats are showing that 9 out of 10 people are dealing with codependency relationship addiction? In this week's podcast, one of my clients shares her story - Confessions of a Recovered Addict. My clients went from being an addict to a spiritual leader.  She is sharing her trauma and healing journey. What You Will Learn In This Episode:  - How her addiction began in Mind - How to spiritual psychology measures trauma slightly different than traditional psychology - The two keys she attributes to her recovery Weekly Community Update:   This week in the Soulciété, we are embodying The Universal Law of Action This week in the Business Mastery, we are doing Coaching Hot Seats

    Self-development and Spirituality $67 Billion Dollar Industry by 2030

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    In today's episode, I'm talking about how the self-development and spiritual industry is estimated to rise to $67 billion dollars!!!    What You Will Learn In This Episode:  ⚡ How you can leverage The Great Awakening and soar during a recession ⚡ How to use spiritual psychology to make money during a down cycle ⚡ How to create a thriving soul-based business and start a career you love   Dr. Erin - Doctor of Divinity, NTGSP, Creator E4 Trauma Method® “11 Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs To Watch On Instagram”  Walden Wisdom Award Next To Oprah, Gregg Braden, and Michael Bernard Beckwith Master Spiritual Psychology Coach, CEO Spiritual Psychology School

    What is the Spiritual Meaning of Depression? | Spiritual Psychology Coach Series

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    Spiritual Healing Depression | Spiritual Psychology Coach Series Welcome to The Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul's purpose, and manifest your dreams. Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, Doctor of Divinity D.D., I'm committed to bringing you the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I'm here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life.  I want you to know that I've been exactly where you are and I believe in you. Together, we are awakening the world.  Join our community for a 14-day trial for only $1! [Limited-Time Offer] www.soulciete.com  (Call or Text Questions) +1-323-538-ERIN (5646) Did you know that depression among adults in the United States tripled since the pandemic? Top trending news states ‘Depression is probably not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain' Today I am going to breakdown the root cause of depression from a spiritual psychology coach perspective. If you are someone who cares about people or you are a coach and are ready to have a paradigm shift about depression, you definitely want to listen to this podcast Spirituality careers will boom in depression & recession    Resources:  1. Boston University: Depression among adults in the United States tripled in the early 2020 months of the global coronavirus pandemic—jumping from 8.5 percent before the pandemic to a staggering 27.8 percent. New research from Boston University School of Public Health reveals that the elevated rate of depression has persisted into 2021, and even worsened, climbing to 32.8 percent and affecting 1 in every 3 American adults. [health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/what-causes-depression] 2. The Conversation: ‘Depression is probably not caused by chemical imbalance' [theconversation.com/depression-is-probably-not-caused-by-a-chemical-imbalance-in-the-brain-new-study] 3. Harvard University - What causes depression? The onset of depression more complex than a brain chemical imbalance [health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/what-causes-depression] 3 Signs That Depression Was Trending in The Collective Consciousness:  1. My friend and master coach's son attempted suicide 2. One of my client's son is having suicidal ideation 3. Three practitioners were feeling the collective consciousness of ‘I don't want to live' DSM - Diagnostics and Statistics Manual - Sponsored by Big pharma   Spirituality vs. Science: Science - Looks from the outside in - Bandaid Spirituality - Looks from the inside out - Root of the problem From a spiritual psychology coach perspective, trauma causes personality disorders & mental health disorders Mental illness is NOT a just brain chemical imbalance Upsets >>> Sadness & Mental Health Issues (Engrams & Neurological Deformities & Brain Disorders >>> Depression   Transcriptions: Speaker 1 (00:00): Hi, my soul family. I am so incredibly excited to share this podcast with you. Did you know that depression has tripled since the pandemic? And did you know that top training news is stating that depression is probably not caused by chemical imbalances in the brain? We have been saying this for all of eternity, from the spiritual realm. So today I'm going to break down the root cause of depression from a spiritual psychology soul based perspective. I'm so excited if you are somebody who really cares about people, if you're somebody who coaches or somebody that really wants to make an impact in the world, you definitely want to listen to this podcast. My promise is for you to have a complete paradigm shift of understanding how depression has created, how we can recreate it to heal and reveal the truth of who we are. Let's go welcome to the Dr. Aaron podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma birth, your soul's purpose, and manifest your dreams. Hi, I'm Dr. Aaron, Dr. Divinity. I'm committed to bringing you the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I'm here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life. I want you to know that I've been exactly where you are, and I believe in you together. We're awakening the world.  Speaker 1 (01:33): So there I was, it was four o'clock in the afternoon, and I decided to take a little CSTA nap and I laid down in my bed and I was just about to take my phone and place it over on my side table and turn it into airplane mode. When my phone began to show that one of my dear friends and master coaches was calling me, I debated in my mind, should I answer? Should I not? Okay. I'll answer. So answer and right away, her voice screeched on the other side of the phone, I need prayer. I need prayer. I need prayer. My son attempted suicide last night, my son attempted suicide. Last night, we went straight into prayer. We knew prayer for, I don't even know how long we were in there. We were in there, just my, the tears of compassion, the tears of the oneness all came through knowing the perfection of what her son had gone through, knowing that there was such a blessing of birthing truth, knowing right here, right now, that whatever he was experiencing, that this was the birthing pains of the new him, the new life aligning to his truth and his heart.  Speaker 1 (02:35): And of course through the prayer, we both became more and more empowered and we restored truth in mind. So the point is this is that that phone call made me realize that in the collective consciousness, that depression and suicidal ideation and even suicide attempts and suicide in itself is in the collective. I had had two other signs and for me, right, I don't necessarily go on Google trends to see what's happening in the world because we tap into truth and we know truth at all points in time. Boston university states that depression among adults in the United States tripled in the early 20, 20 months of the global coronavirus pandemic jumping to 8.5% before the pandemic to a staggering 27.8%. You guys get that almost one in a third of Americans is dealing with depression. You guys, this is no joke. Boston university states new research from the school of public health reveals that the elevated rate of depression has persisted into 2021 and even worse at climbing to 32.8% and affecting one in every American adults.  Speaker 1 (03:52): Obviously they don't have the stats on 20, 22 yet, but this is real. This is super real. So what happens for me is I don't need an article to come out, right? I don't need to see the Google trending or watch Twitter. I know what's happening from a spiritual perspective. And what happens is it comes through in three signs always, and this is part of it. So what happened, of course, that was the third incident that happened when my dear friend and master coach called about her son prior to that, within that same week, within the same last week, one of my clients in class was basically stating that her son was having suicidal ideation. And then in one of my practitioner classes three out of the, of course we have lots of practitioners in the class, but three of them were truly feeling the collective consciousness of the concept of I don't want to live.  Speaker 1 (04:47): And they were dealing with that. And these were three practitioners that are very stable and really know their mind it's that they were tapping into something beyond their individual consciousness. They were feeling the empathy, the empathy that we are, that we're impasse, right? That we feel the collective as well. So today I wanna break on down what is happening from a spiritual psychology perspective and break on down the trending top news about big pharma. Okay. We are spiritualists that believe that you have freedom of choice, whether you choose traditional doctors or pharmaceuticals or whatever, we believe that there's a time and place for whatever works for you. And we honor that. Okay. However, in the top training news right now, even in quote, the conversation is depression is probably not caused by chemical imbalance. Harvard university also had an article that says, basically talking about what causes depression, the onset of depression is more complex than brain chemical imbalance O M G.  Speaker 1 (05:49): This is huge news for the spiritual world, as far as a confirmation of what we have been saying the entire time. So we have to break this on down. And my commitment today is for you to have a paradigm shift for yourself. And if you are a coach to understand what is happening for your clients, disclosure, I am not a traditional doctor. I am a doctor of divinity. I am not a traditional psychologist. I am a spiritual psychologist coach. Okay. I am trained and developed in understanding our spiritual nature, how it impacts our entire life and how to restore the truth of who we are through E four trauma method, through spiritual psychology coaching and through all of the metaphysics that we teach. Universal law, everything, let's break this on down. I'm so honored to do this with you guys. First of all, I just wanna say, if you or someone, you know, is dealing with depression, please seek medical or professional help.  Speaker 1 (06:48): Okay? All the processes we work through absolutely can deal with depression. However, we cannot state that we cure, and we are mandated reporters, meaning that if we have a client that we are coaching and they have, they're having suicidal thoughts and they have a means to do it. We are mandated reporters and we need to report it. Okay. So having said that also, if you are a coach or somebody dealing with somebody, depression, and you really truly do not feel that you are equipped in your training, you absolutely have no business with dealing with someone, with depression. You need to refer them to a master coach or to a professional or a doctor who is dealing with depression. Okay? So let's go. So here's the paradigm shift. Science looks at depression from the outside end, right? They looking from a perspective of what we call the DSM.  Speaker 1 (07:43): Okay. There's a book. If you are, have any kind of mental illness, there is a book it's called DSM pharmaceutical perspective. It's called diagnostics and statistics manual. The DSM is it's based in diagnostics and statistics manual. And it's sponsored by big pharma. The truth is that someone does not have depression. They are experiencing depression. It is a creation. And I'm gonna break on down how it is created in mind. Okay? Doesn't mean it's real. It doesn't mean the effects aren't real, but how it gets created is imperative for us to understand how to heal it and how to restore the truth of who you or your clients are. Right? We're not the titles. We're not depressed. We're not bipolar. We're not an addict. We're not, you know, all these titles. I'm not even of course, on the title. I'm a doctor divinity, but I'm not a title.  Speaker 1 (08:42): I'm a spiritual being. I'm a creator. You are a creator. Your clients are creators. So we have to understand what this means. Exactly. Science looks from the outside world and puts a bandaid on it. Right? What causes this? Even, even psychology, traditional psychology does not even study the soul. Psychology is the study of the soul and psychology. Doesn't study the soul. That's why we're restoring it with spiritual psychology. And I bless all the psychologists out there. Okay. Because I know you guys are wanting to get more and more spiritual, and I'm not saying you bad, or the industry bad it's that we, as a collective need to restore the truth of psychology. It's the study of the soul. So traditional psychology looks at what the cause is, which is an outside source. And then it looks at the effect. So, so depression from a psychology perspective might look at, well, you grew up in this family and this happened.  Speaker 1 (09:39): And therefore here's the result over here from a spiritual psychology perspective, we take a look at what's actually happening at a soul level, right? So science looks from the outside in and spirituality looks from the inside, out the root of the problem. Science generally like big farm puts a bandaid on it. And spirituality, we get to the root of the core trauma that happened, right? So all personality disorders, all mental health disorders are all be, they all begin within the soul and we're going to teach you how I'm gonna teach you how it begins at a soul level. So mental illness is not just a brain chemical imbalance from a spiritual perspective. It is something that happens as a cause and effect of what's being created at a subconscious soul level. And this is how it goes. This is how it breaks down. Okay. So here are the personal story of mine.  Speaker 1 (10:37): I dealt with depression in my early twenties, my late teens and my early twenties. I had come from a, you know, a divorce family. I had really no structure growing up. My father had kind of gone off and had his, a different family. My mother was borderline alcoholic. She didn't really have much structure or principles in her life. And bless both of my parents. I'm very good with both of them now. Okay. We've done a lot of healing. I, uh, in junior high began to drink and try drugs. Luckily, I didn't like drugs, but when I was in high school, I was date raped. And then I began to spiral into an eating disorder, bulimia. And then I thought getting married would solve it all. And I had a full term stillborn and so on and so forth, meaning that I had a lot of traumatic incidences over the course of my life, some big, some mini, but the point is there was a lot of discord.  Speaker 1 (11:34): And when you take a look back into my past generations, my great grandfather committed suicide, died by suicide. As we're supposed to say, right? He jumped off what was called an is called suicide bridge in Pasadena, California. So needless to say that in my lineage and, and in my epigenetics and my DNA, there's already a lot of energetics of probably leaning towards having more sadness and more depression, potential. Okay. We have to know that we are our lineage. We are our parents, our grandparents, and all of our lineage. All the energetics comes down and science is even proving this. Now that through epigenetics, we are dealing with whatever we're dealing with. So collectively out there in the world, we are collectively traumatized. We know this through trauma informed work, and everyone is dealing with energetics, not to mention what's happening out in the world, right.  Speaker 1 (12:34): That, that amplifies the entire thing that we're going through. Okay. So what happens from a, from a mind, from a spiritual psychology, from a soul perspective, when we say mind, we're not talking about the mini mind, we're talking about the divine mind. We're talking about that part of us that is connected with everything. Okay? So let's break this down. Let's pretend that there was a, a new baby and the baby did not have a great grandfather that committed suicide. The baby actually came from a very healthy family. And basically they stumble into creating depression. How would this happen in this lifetime per se, from a spiritual perspective? So what happens is depression? It does not come on like over, over one incident per se. Depression is a culmination that happens over many creations generally. Okay. What happens at first, someone begins to get upset in their life.  Speaker 1 (13:30): Maybe something didn't happen that they want to happen. They want people places in life to be different. And they start getting upset about whatever happened, whether it be, you know, a breakup, whether it be whatever happens, someone doesn't show up to Christmas. So they always use that, that analogy, right? Whatever happens or doesn't happen, this person begins to get upset. And basically an upset is where you feel like you can't create what you wanna create in life. You're looking to the world to change instead of looking for yourself to change. So this begins an upset in mind, and this begins of course, energetic patterns. And it also creates, um, all different things at a soul level, upsets compound into sadness. Okay. When you're upset and you get upset long enough and you keep getting upset, then it compounds into sadness, really feeling like, wow, I'm sad.  Speaker 1 (14:20): I can't create what I really wanna create. Right? I'm the effect of life. And I am and feeling the effect. And I'm getting more and more sad that I can't create what I wanna create. Okay. This begins to have health issues, mental issues, so on and so forth. And it, and it impacts the neurological system. Next is sadness. When you feel like you're so sad and you still really can't create what you wanna create, you're feeling the effect of yourself. Maybe all the chemicals in your body now are, are aligning to what you've created in mind, right? And then it compounds into depression. So whether you wanna say you are prone to it in your biological system, the truth is that it was created in mind. Depression is created in mind and it begins with upset sadness and depression. It could, of course it can be from a zillion different things.  Speaker 1 (15:09): It doesn't matter if it's from war or from someone else, you know, passing away or big breakups. It doesn't matter. The cause of external. What matters is the cause of what happens in mind, what happens and what causes everything is first cause, which is spirit, which is the backing of all energy, which is you deciding and creating. Thomas shard is one of the masters in our industry. That was a lawyer over in the east, in India. And he began to break down universal law and understand the, the kind of cosmic Christ principles from a lawyer's perspective. How do we break this down of, of tangible things, right? So this is the deal. When somebody considers themself to not be the, I am pure potential and a creator, right? They instantaneously create the polarity of the entire universe into existence. So each, if you're dealing with a client, say you are a coach and, and you need to come and get accredited and certified in the work to actually do this.  Speaker 1 (16:16): Do not just work with somebody that's working with depression. You need to become a master coach and master this work front and back, make sure that you're doing this correctly. Okay. But if you're dealing with a client, say I'm dealing with a client with depression. Obviously, first of all, it would have to be one on one, because it would never put somebody dealing with depression in a group. And I would make sure they get signed off by a medical doctor so that I am actually making sure that there's not a chemical imbalance and they don't need kind of further help in a medical field. Okay. But let's reach Penn. They've been checked off by the traditional doctor. They're able to do trauma work and they're able to come in and do deep, deep, spiritual work. Okay. So what we're gonna deal with is we're going to begin to deal with all the upsets, all the sadness, all those things in our life.  Speaker 1 (17:02): We're gonna begin to slowly. It's like peeling away. The onion is what we call, right? So if you're getting to the core of the onion, right, you've gotta peel off all these layers. Sometimes it's red onion. Sometimes it's white onion and you peel off these layers, you peel off the layers and soon enough, you're all the way to the middle. And it's intense getting there, right? Your eyes, you're crying. You've got all this stuff going on. It's kind of like this with dealing with somebody, with depression, you've got to be able to peel away all the upsets, all the sadness, all the failed expectations, all their expectations of life and begin to restore the truth that they created. This that's a hard pill to swallow, right? But it's the truth. Depression is created in mind. It can happen in over a short period. It can happen over a lifetime.  Speaker 1 (17:55): It can happen over many, many lifetimes. But the truth is that you are not quote, quote, depression. Your client is not quote, quote, you or your client might be experiencing depression. But the truth is you are not depression. You have the ability to recreate your life. And this is what we know from so many masters. So many masters of being able to go to that point, Eckhart totally was one of them of the power of now, right? The new earth. He was in a moment where he is didn't wanna live anymore. And in that moment he heard the voice within that was deciding and saying, I don't wanna live. And he realized there was something, a, a mechanism, a witness within. And I know this for anybody that is thinking that they don't wanna live considering what is the point of all this? What's the meaning?  Speaker 1 (18:55): What are we doing here? Because I think we're all asking that at some level, maybe we may not be totally depressed, but maybe we kind of go, wow, what have we been doing? You guys, we're in the great awakening going through this shift right now. And these are the birthing pains. You guys, this is what it looks like to bur something new. We have to throw out what no longer Matt works for us. We have to take a quantum shift, a quantum leap. And we know energetically that nothing stays in the same field when it takes a quantum leap that this is what it looks like. So I'm saying, thank you, depression. Thank you, suicide. At whatever level, knowing that we never ever want anyone to die by suicide, but I know that collectively we are going through some serious pain. And I say, thank you.  Speaker 1 (19:40): I am so grateful for these dark times and moments that burs something new for each and every one of us. I'm. So I'm so happy for my son's friend who attempted suicide, who didn't, and then actually gets to have a second chance. It gets to re be reborn like the Phoenix rising. I am so grateful. And in this I say, these are the steps that need to happen. If you've got checked off by medical, by if you're ready to do spiritual work, that the answer is this. The answer always is to do your deep trauma work because in trauma work, the revelation is the, the, the revelation of understanding how you created your own limited beliefs that you created your own change, your own jail that you put yourself in that it doesn't matter what happened to you. That you always always have a new choice to create something new out of that.  Speaker 1 (20:34): So doing your deep trauma work is imperative for dealing with depression. Number one thing also to make sure you are in a healthy and stable environment. So if you are not, or if you are healing, please find a spiritual family. And number three is to know the truth. Every single day to get steeped in truth is imperative to no longer look to the world. The moment we hand ourselves over to the world, our source, over to the world, we will live in hell, okay. That's taking us out of the garden of Eden, right? We wanna always come back to the truth and never hand our power over to the world out there. Depression is probably not caused by chemical imbalance by the conversation. This is a big, big thing in the news and Harvard university. Really again, stating what causes depression onset of depression is more complex than brain chemical imbalance.  Speaker 1 (21:29): This is the truth we know and are so grateful for the truth to prevail right here. Right now, we are holding each and everyone. There are answers. This is the birthing of the new world right here, right now, maybe we know the truth of who we are. We are creators. We only create, and it is the only creative process. And we create through the mind through what is considered the subconscious mind, the one divine mind, that's connected with all of life, the collective and the cosmic. You are not an individual. You are the individual divine. You are the collective and you are the cosmic. We are together. And together we rise together. We stand divided. We fall, may we know the truth, you guys, and may you live your truth. So if you're somebody who is ready to get trained in spiritual psychology coaching, if you're ready to get trained in E four trauma method, if you're ready to really be in a community of likeminded, spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders, practitioners, and so on, so forth, I invite you. I invite you to come into our incredible community. There's links below, have a beautiful day. And may you live your truth?    

    Coaching Series | Money Mindset Breakthrough

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    Join the LIVE podcast recording: https://www.soulciete.com/livepodcast This is a coaching podcast series to help you get your mindset right and unlock your unlimited potential.  Your birthright is prosperity, abundance, monetization, and miracles! This coaching session was on a live Q & A and is a very basic 101 of the work we do within Soulciete. We have the deepest spiritual transformational work in the world.  "Dr. Erin's work is like an ayahuasca journey without any altering medicine. This work is beyond powerful!" - Aurora In order for Naomi to have a lasting breakthrough, she will need to transform her trauma and release the energetic limiting beliefs and identity of her ancestors via E4 Trauma Method® and she will need to have a disciplined daily spiritual practice.  May the truth set you free!  Join Soulciete.com and make your dreams a reality today!

    The Mindset of Billionaire Women Oprah

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    If you are ready to understand the mindset of soul-based billionaire women, like Oprah, you want to listen to this podcast. If you are ready to master your mind and turn on your billion-dollar mindset, then you want to listen to this podcast. If you are ready to create your soul's calling into reality, then you want to listen to this podcast.  This week's Universal Law: Universal Law of Mentalism  STORY: Oprah's Story of her favorite guest, Terra from Zambia  What are you committed to? How to have a billionaire mindset: 1. Master Your Craft 2. Have a vision 3. Be okay with people not liking you 4. Do what you love   THIS WEEK:   Wednesday Podcast Breakthrough Call www.soulciete.com www.newthoughtglobal.com www.drerinshow.com  

    New Trailer - Dr. Erin Podcast

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    There are three things I want you to know… KNOW THYSELF: You are here to know who you are, you are a divinely powerful spiritual being here to give your heart to the world in the highest unique divine expression. This includes doing your inner work to reveal your true self. You are pure potential! HAVE A VISION: You are here to dream the greatest dream for your life. You need a vision to live into. Universal Law only responds with a YES, but if you don't give it an intention, you will find yourself lost. There is one contingency to your dream, it must serve the highest good. You must create harmony and serve the world! ALIGN WITH UNIVERSAL LAW: You are going to have to release all attachment of the earthly world. You will need to no longer hand your power over to anything or anyone in the world. Yes, this will be your greatest test. You will have shiny objects that you want to define you, status, and class, but you are not any of these things. You will have to only revere the Source within. The only way to have love is to give love, the only way to have prosperity is to give value, the only way to have eternal vitality is to know the truth of who you are. This is way beyond setting boundaries and ending the cycle of dysfunctional relationships. I'm talking about true revelation. And I am here to hold your hand through the walls of fire for you to alchemize into the Divine that you are.  Welcome to the Dr. Erin Podcast, This is a life-changing show where you will learn the secrets of the Universe and learn how to coach yourself or your clients through anything! My commitment is to inspire, educate, and transform life as you know it!  I'm Dr. Erin, Doctor of Divinity, Master Coach, international best-selling author, winner of the Walden Wisdom award next to Oprah, and Forbes nominated me as “11 of the most inspirational female entrepreneurs…” I coach people around the globe and train and develop Master Coaches, practitioners, and leaders around the world in E4 Trauma Method, Subconscious Reprogramming, Universal Law, Spiritual Psychology, Metaphysics of Mind, Past-Life Regressions, and Spiritual Awakening processes.  Disclosure: I am not a therapist or a psychologist, if you are dealing with depression, PTSD, or any mental illness, please seek medical or professional help. I am a doctor of divinity. My goal on this podcast is for you to remember who you are. You are an all-powerful divine spirit. I am going to inspire you and help to understand what it's going to take to become the most powerful coach. It doesn't matter if you are coaching as a career or simply desiring to be your own best coach. My goal is for you to be able to coach yourself or your clients through anything.  You will be able to understand how to coach yourself through the 4 primary areas of life: Relationships & Love Money & Career Health & Vitality Creative Expression If you are ready to breakthrough your problems and claim a life of prosperity, vitality, and love, this podcast is for you Our Mission is, awakening a billion people, together! And how I know we will fulfill our mission by developing world-class spiritual leaders just like you.  If you have questions, I would love it if you would give a review of the podcast and you can ask your question at the end of the review. This would really help us in bringing these profound truths to the world and Each week I will read your questions and incorporate them into the podcast.  Oh, yeah… don't forget to share this podcast with your bestie so you can rise together!  We come together to know the truth, live on spiritual principles, and align with Universal Law, and each week we have a New Universal Law we embody as a community.  I'd love to invite you to join our community, links are in the notes.  You can binge my podcast series. There is a … Money Breakthrough Series Transform Your Trauma Series Relationship Breakthrough Series Spiritual Psychology Master Coach Series  The podcast comes out every Sunday, so make sure to subscribe.  So, grab a cup of tea and enjoy the podcast.  May you live your truth, Love,e   www.soulciete.com www.drerinshow.com Social Media @drerin.tv     

    How to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

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    Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, and stressed out? Most people try and solve confusion logically, analytically, and with justification.  There isn't a shortcut to solving confusion.       Overwhelm and confusion comes from not having a clear commitment to what you desire from life. You have not made bold choices about who you desire to be and what kind of life you desire to experience. It can be difficult to commit to what you desire from life when you still have limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are keep you in this state of confusion. The key to overcoming overwhelm - Master your mind, mastery your life! When you go on a journey of self-exploration and do the deep deep inner healing, releasing all of the suppressed emotional charge from unresolved trauma in your subconscious – you RISE as the leader and CEO of your life. You have absolute clarity. You make choices with conviction. You are awake to all possibilities in life. I'd like to invite you into a breakthrough call to discover how to begin the process of rising as the CEO of your life and seeing clarity in what you desire from life. https://calendly.com/discover_soulciete/breakthroughcall?month=2022-06 

    Become the CEO of your life!

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    What if… You were able to be the Master of Energy of Your Life? What if you were able to walk through life with total clarity? What if you were able to achieve powerful results in the four areas of your life? What if you were able to love unconditionally, never making anyone wrong, seeing everyone in their perfection and simply following your bliss? What if you had unlimited energy because you absolutely love what your doing in your care? What if you were able to massively monetize? What it looks like when you are NOT being the CEO of your life: -Going around and around in circles and not getting results -Ups and downs in your relationships -Job just over broke -In your comfort zone aka settling in life -Low energy from not being excited about anything -Lying to yourself that everything is good What does it take to become the CEO of your life: Powerfully decide Connect to the Vision/Promise Mindset: Visioning & inner work Skillset: Strategically plan out your goals and business strategy Expertise: Growth in your ability to transform your clients and become a world- renowned expert  Create your Life Purpose Statement Break your year into quarters (12 weeks) and create goals in the 4 areas of your life. Monday Goals - Wake up ‘on purpose' each week. Wednesday LCP / Blog post - Communicate your message with the world. Friday Wins - celebrate your success. Weekly or intensive coaching sessions - get guie by a coach who has already reached the stage you are focusing on reaching. Daily Coaching Calls - Keep yourself in check an your mind right with daily coaching an support. Birth your Truth - trauma healing and spiritual recovery will create clarity on who you desire to be in this lifetime and how you are here to make HUGE impact. 

    7 Things That Kept Me BROKE as a Coach

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    7 things that kept me BROKE as a coach: 1. The Hobby Coach: I would say I'm a coach when I didn't even have a client 2. The 80% Coach: I would scroll through social media for hours every day, only to find myself getting more and more depressed. I would stay busy all week long with zero results.  3. The Preaching Coach: I was giving everyone advice and analyzing all my friends and family, not realizing that the only way I was going to be considered a leader or a coach was to be the embodiment of it. 4. The Coupon Coaching: I would attend free trainings all the time, but not actually invest in my consciousness.If we want high-paying clients we need to be willing to pay for a high-level coach.  5. The Information Coach: So, I was essentially collecting all this information trying to piece a bunch of information together. Nobody wants information, they need transformation. 6. The Fearful Coach: I would sabotage myself from getting clients because I thought, “What would I do if I actually got a client?” I didn't even have a powerful framework to get radical results for my clients! 7. The Justifying Coach: I have a couple of clients, and I'm good. I don't like sales, it's creepy.  I was shortcutting versus embodying abundance. Therefore, I was creating scarcity. The missing link was the deep transformational subconscious trauma work and having a proven business framework. To fully be embodied as a coach you need to master both your mindset and skillset.  3 ways we help soul-based entrepreneurs and coaches monetize: 1. Mindset: We help them transform their trauma, reprogram their subconscious mind, and birth their purpose.  2. Skillset: We teach the most trusted and proven 6-step system of sales and marketing. 3. Expertise: We train accredited certified coaches in E4 Trauma Method, Truth Triangle Framework, Universal Law, Metaphysics, etc. 

    Birthing a $100 Million Dollar Vision

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    Today I'm going to get radically real with you... Learn about the beauty of the breakdown and how universal law naturally creates a quantum leap in consciousness.  Dr. Erin shares her story of burnout and birthing a $100 million dollar vision. Learn how to reinvent your life and your vision. Learn how to turn your problems into opportunities. Join the FREE 5-day challenge that starts Monday.  www.newthoughtglobal.com

    Emotional Mastery | Spring Equinox

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    Hello, Welcome to Spiritual Awakening with Dr. Erin   Have you had a spiritual calling? Are you ready to breakthrough your limiting beliefs, transform your trauma, and birth your purpose? Are you ready to have a spiritual community? Get trained and certified as a spiritual leader?   www.NewThoughtGlobal.com   Social Media @drerin.tv    Become a Soulciété Member - Your Spiritual Community Get certified as a:  1. Spiritual Warrior 2. Spiritual Entrepreneur 3. Spiritual Coach 4. Spiritual Practitioner 5. New Thought Teacher, Speaker, and Minister 6. Doctor of Divinity   Binge My Podcast Series:   12 Money Breakthrough Series  52 Universal Law Series 12 E4 Trauma Method Series 12 Truth Triangle Coaching Series 6 Relationship Breakthrough Series 40 Spiritual Awakening 12 Metaphysical Bible Series     Emotional Mastery: 

    100% Response-ability for Your Life

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    Join me in the LIVE 5-Day Challenge to Monetize Your Spiritual Gifts www.newthoughtglobal.com  Got Spiritual Community? Get certified as a Spiritual Coach in E4 Trauma Method® and as a Master Spiritual Psychology Coach™ @drerin.tv @newthoughtglobal

    2/22/222 End of a Cycle & Increase in Relationships

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    2/22/222 End of a Cycle & Increase in Relationships What is the spiritual meaning of 2.22.222  www.newthoughtglobal.com Instagram.com/drerin.tv  Join our Spiritual Community Today!

    3-Steps To Becoming a Spiritual Leader | The Mission of Moses | Exodus [Metaphysical Bible Series]

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    Metaphysical Bible series based in New Thought Ancient Wisdom, Science of Mind, Unity, and Manifesting Principles. NewThoughtGlobal.com @drerin.tv

    3-Steps To Becoming a Spiritual Leader | The Mission of Moses [Metaphysical Bible Series]

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