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Everybody has questions ranging from Life Goals to What's Plague in teeth. So why not I answer them in my views and opinions. This show just dives beyond the realm of DJing. Cause, I'm a person at the end of the day. #BeyondTheBooth, I'm more than just a DJ. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dj-intence/support

DJ Intence

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    Episode 80 - Sept. 12th, 2022 - Movement

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2022 165:34

    Episode 80 - Sept. 12th, 2022 - Movement  - Salute to @KeanuGoinStoopid for The Backround Beats  - RIP David A. Arnold  - RIP Bernard Shaw (Former CNN Anchor)  - Rememberance to people impacted by Sept. 11th Attacks in New York City, NY  - Life w/o TSA  - 60 Minutes Special on 9/11  - Kids-For-Cash Scandal  - Kalief Browder  - Netflix New Tier Account  - RIP Queen Elizabeth II  - Countries still recognizing the Royal Family  - Prince Charles now becoming King Charles  - Snoop Dogg  - Ciara Prayer Judgement by @Im_Waltttt  - 5-Year Choked Out by Teacher's Aide in Houston, TX  - California Ex-Principal Attacks Special Needs Student  - Teacher's Point-Of-View (Educator POV)  - Bed Bath Beyond Ex-Executives Death & Lawsuit  - Songs Of The Episode #1 - @MixedByKamillion “Calling Your Name”  - Unpopular Opinion by @ceddy55  - The Maturation of Jay-Z by @Im_Waltttt  - Dave Chappelle Route into Comedy & Status  - Songs Of The Episode #2 - DJ Joy Ice ft; Erica Banks; Test “Wet”  - Southwest Airlines Nudes  - Kim Kardashian x Ray J. x Kris Jenner x Caitlyn Jenner  - Jennette McCurdy x i,Carly  - Cardiz Goalkeeper Jeremias Ledesma Saves a Fan's Life  - The (Basketball) Game That Could Have Been….  - Songs Of The Episode #3 - TrackStarr “Finesse ReFix”  - Wise Guy's Corner - @Im_Waltttt - Women's POV for Dating a Shorter Man. Dictation a Male's Presence by Height  - Wise Guy's Corner - Male's & Income  - Wise Guy's Corner - Bachelor Party Woes  - Wise Guy's Corner - @DJIntence x Twitter Confessions  - Wise Guy's Corner - Would you get involved with somebody that was getting Kinky on video? - Songs Of The Episode #4 - Kai Cash x Devvon Terrell “Can We Talk”? 

    Episode 79 - Aug. 29th, 2022 - By Any Means

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2022 164:22

    Episode 79 - Aug. 29th, 2022  - Alex Jones Trial Verdict  - Joe Biden College Forgiveness  - Fred Grey x Presidential Medal of Freedom  - Songs Of The Episode #1 - Mixed By Kamillion “Calling Your Name”  - Breaking News: Washington Commanders Brian Robinson Jr. Shot  - MySonne & Bronx Attacking Elders  - Man Offers to buy an 8-Year-Old Girl for $100k (Hellmuth Kolb) Port Orange, Florida  - R. Kelly x Sparkles  - TikTok Viral Song featuring R. Kelly  - Elvis Presley x Jerry Lee Lewis  - Songs Of The Episode #2 - Kai Cash ft; Devvon Terrell “Can We Talk”  - Buffalo Bills Punter Matt Araiza  - Vanessa Bryant Lawsuit  - Unpopular Opinion: @Ceddy55 x @DJIntence - FN Meka x Kyle The Hooligan  - Young Buck Finances  - Beanie Sigal x Jay-Z Court Case  - DJ Khaled x Rick Ross x Lil Wayne x Jay-Z “God Did”  - Songs Of The Episode #3 - Lolaa Smiles “Tek Time”  - Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Sued by Ohio Counties for Opioids  - Clout Chasing Rapper falsely claiming to have Monkeypox getting Fast Food  - Cobb County, Georgia. Antonio Sims, Going to jail because of Cold Fries  - Songs Of The Episode #4 - Indoe “Deep”  - Wise Guy's Corner - @Im_Waltttt Situationship with a 7 Year Waiting Game 

    Episode 78 - Aug. 22, 2022 - Don't Do Me Wrong

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2022 153:32

    Episode 78 - Aug. 22, 2022  - @Ceddy55 Twitter Ban because of Majorie Taylor Greene  - Texas Teen Murder the Mother at her Son's Gravesite  - Charleston White  - HBO Max x David Zaslav x Batgirl Movie  - Seaworld Parks x Sesame Street  - Egyptian Church Fire  - Spectrum & Charter Communications Murder  - @Ceddy55 Streaming Services List  - South Park Creators Licensing  - Dave Chappelle Ownership & Licensing  - Dave Chappelle History  - Nick Cannon “Wildin' Out”  - Songs Of The Episode #1 - King BlessBX ft; Dave East “Love & Fear”  - @DJIntence "Unpopular Opinion"  - NFL News (Deshaun Watson)   - NFL Owners & The Negative Optics  - Chicago Bears must stay in Chicago, IL  - Songs Of The Episode #2 - Kai Cash ft; Devvon Terrell “Can We Talk?”  - Buffalo Bills  - SirusXM Radio DJ x USPS Worker Drug Trafficking  - Wise Guy's Corner - Situation “If my woman has sex with another man, and is caught cheating. If she has sex with the condom on, she didn't cheat because she used a condom.”  - Songs Of The Episode #3 - Indoe “Deep”  - Songs Of The Episode #4 - Devvon Terrell “Switching Sides” 

    Episode 77 - Aug. 15th, 2022 - Refutation

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2022 164:11

    Episode 77 - Aug. 15th, 2022 - Refutation - Irv Gotti x Ja Rule Recap x Murder Inc.  - 50 Cent x G-Unit x 50 Cent Songwriting Credits  - The-Game Doctor's Advocate  - Ashanti x Irv Gotti Relationship  - Drink Champs  - Black Star (Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def x Talib Kweli) Album “No Fear of Time” on Luminary  - @Ceddy55 Subscription Based Services  - Anime  - Jay-Z x Magna Carta Holy Grail x Samsung x Sprint  - Songs Of The Episode #1 - DJ Big Skipp x Capella Grey x Mr. Chicken “Same Gang”  - Ahmaud Arbery Killers Sentenced to Federal Charges  - Emmett Till Killer No Charges (Carolyn Bryant)  - Donald Trump x Mar-A-Lago  - @Ceddy55 Unpopular Opinion Review  - @DJIntnence “Bill Burr” Comic Clip  - Songs Of The Episode #2 - A. Money "Fast Life" - Unpopular Opinon - @Im_Waltttt  - Hidden Gems - Lil Wayne “Grew Up a Screw Up” Remix  - Courtney Clenney OnlyFans Model Murder  - Nebraska Police x Facebook x Meta  - Long Beach, CA Woman Arrested for Terrorizing Her Neighbors (Lorrene Lake)  - Songs Of The Episode #3 - Indoe "Nerve"  - Wise Guy's Corner - Would you rather visit a brewery or a winery??  - Wise Guy's Corner - Do you fall in love with someone because they're the right person or because of the right time??  - Songs Of The Episode #4 - SwaveHMG "Ain't Enough" 

    Episode 76 - Aug. 9th, 2022 (Just The Two of Us..)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 99:36

    Episode 76 - Aug. 9th, 2022   - Irv Gotti x Ashanti  - Artist Re-Recording Songs for Revenue  - Taylor Swift x Scotter Braun  - Meek Mill  - Artist Development  - 50 Cent “Throwback Freestyle Mixtape”  - Songs Of The Episode #1 - Indoe “Deep”  - Luther Vandross Greatness  - @voceux.voceux Instagram Music Page  - David Ruffin  - The Story of Sisqo  - Beyonce Renaissance Backlash x Kelis x Lyric of “Spaz”  - The difference between Sampling & Interpolation  - Nas x Kelis x Life Is Good  - Wiz Khalifa x Poppy's Nightclub (Los Angles, CA) x DJ Issue  - Songs Of The Episode #2 - Kai Cash ft; Devvon Terrell “Can We Talk”?  - @MixedByKamillion x @KeanuGoinStoopid  - Wandor Franco $650K worth of Jewelry Stolen  - Albert Pujois Baseball Contract @ The Age of Mid30s  - Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees x Boston Red Sox x MLBPA Contract Issue  - Juan Soto Washington Nationals Record Contract  - Wise Guy Question - Have you ever gone to a restaurant by yourself because you couldn't find someone to accompany you?  - Wise Guy Question - Would you rather come home to a homemade dinner on the table or restaurant plan with another couple?  - Songs Of The Episode #3 - Swave HMG x HG Locks “Over Here” 

    Episode 75 - July 5th, 2022 (DJ Shy Interview) 

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 137:03

    Episode 75 - July 5th, 2022 (DJ Shy Interview)  - Giving People their Roses  - DJ Dre x DJ Nawtee x DJ Cram aka Velo Sicum x DJ A-One x DJ Shy  - The Origins of DJ Shy  - New Jersey DJs x DJing to Stay out of Trouble  - Newark, NJ x Irvington, NJ x New Jersey Drive (Essex County, NJ)  - Behind The Scene Records x Sic-With-It x Crookside Cartel x A-Team (New Jersey Radio) x Pirate Radio Stations  - Brick City Bandits (Brick Bandits Crew) x Brick City Club Music  - DJ Uncle Al  - Jersey Club x Baltimore Club x Philly Club x Chicago Club Music  - Black Culture Influence on House Music  - Jersey Club (Broken down by Regions & Era's)  - New York Parties vs New Jersey Parties  - Paterson Legendary DJs DJ Quest Flavor x DJ Goldfingers  - Jay-Z “Brooklyn Love”  - RIP Truck  - Paterson, NJ DJs  - The DJ Golden Ticket  - DJ Shy “The Producer” (The Triple Threat x The Sheesh Bros)  - Kitty Kat “Pop That” Sample  - Brick City Bandits w/ Corey Booker x Mad Decent x Diplo  - Nadus x Big O x DJ Sega x DJ Sliink x Dirty South Joe  - The Structure of Brick City Bandits  - The FADER Interview ( Fader TV Interview )  - Songs Of The Episode #1 - 4G4L Freedo “On Go”  - @Im_Waltttt Lesson on Practice  - DJ Shy The Mad Decent's Block Party (Circa 2014)  - Diplo Hanging Out & Chilling in Newark, NJ (Hanging out in The Number Blocks)  - The Internet was the Best Thing for DJs (DJ A-Trak x DJ Craze x DJ AM x DJ Shiftee)  - DJ Shy x Snootie Wild x Hot97  - Songs Of The Episode #2 - DJ Spaz x DJ Shy “Bring It To The Wall”  - Club Abyss (Sayreville, NJ)  - A-List Radio (Internet Radio) x DJ Enuff  - The Importance of DJ Mister Cee  - Angie Martinez leaves Hot97 (Aug. 5th, 2016) and goes to Power105  - Hot97 vs Power105 Radio Beef  - The Palace (Passaic, NJ) x Mr. B's Gentlemen's Club x Dekko NightClub x Liquid Access  - The HomeTeam DJs  - Angels Nardones x Jersey Girls (Elizabeth, NJ)  - DJ Doughboy  - Club Exotics (Club Escape) *Elizabeth, NJ*  - @Im_Waltttt Praises DJs that Play Album Cuts  - Dec. 2009 Young Money “BedRock” heard on OnSmash x RnBXclusive  - DJ Shy x Wiz Khalifa “Say Yea”  - Songs Of The Episode #3 - A. Money “Fast Life”  - Internet Sites Shaping Music Industry Today (OnSmash, RnBXclusive, DatPiff, LiveMixtapes, HotNewHipHop, GreenHitz, HotBlends, NahRight, ThisIsRnB, RunTheTrap, StereoGum, PitchFork, ThatsEnuff)  - Social Media x HillDilly x BeforeTheData Sharping Music Today  - DeeJay Remixing Songs Online (Soundcloud) - Dave Luxe x Ciara “Overdose”  - Social Media Ruining Party Scene  - River Outpost Brewery House (Peeskill, NY)  - Change of the DJ Scene from Old School DJs compared to the New School DJs  - Always Keep Moving, Every Good Thing Comes To An End  - DJ Shy DeeJay Stories (Traveling New Jersey - Connecticut - Baltimore - New Jersey)  - DeeJaying a Concert  - DJ Shy Newest Ventures (Apple Music x LoudPA Radio)  - Bob Proctor  - B1GGL x Supreme Security  - Songs Of The Episode #4 - Cruch Calhoun “Zaza”  - @MixedByKamillion Follow Him On All Social Media Platforms. @MixedByKamillion

    Episode 74 - Aug. 1st, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 145:29

    Episode 74 - Aug. 1st, 2022  - Songs Of The Episode - Indoe “Deep”  - Natural Disasters Across The Globe  - Renewable Energy  - 10 Year Old Abortion in Indiana & Ohio  - Songs Of The Episode - Keanu Goin' Stoopid “Truthfully”  - RIP Bill Russell  - Comparing Era's of Basketball  - JJ Reddick vs Jerry West  - Basketball News  - Apple Non-Settlement Agreement  - Unpopular Opinion by @Ceddy55  - Songs Of The Episode - Mally Stakz “Friend Zoned”  - Wise Guy Corner - Would you rather your partner be a great cook & messy around the house or a horrible cook but neat?   - Wise Guy Corner - Would you rather have your browsing history checked or your text messages?  - Cubana Lust  - The Real World of The Shake &/or GoGo Club  - Wise Guy Corner - If your significant other wanted to share your Kinky material, would you let em?  - Songs Of The Episode - A. Money “Fast Life” 

    Episode 73 - July 24th, 2022 - 3rd Seated Guest

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2022 138:27

    Episode 73 - July 24th, 2022 - 3rd Seated Guest  - Rollie Bands  - PSA to Upcoming Rappers & Avoiding the Conflict  - Pennsylvania Principal Rpger Weaver Freed (Super Creep Life)   - Meek Mill Leaves RocNation  - Vince McMahon Update  - Songs Of The Episode 1 - DVSN “If I Get Caught”  - Unpopular Opinion - by @DJIntence  - The Importance of Sleep  - Songs Of The Episode 2 - Keanu Goin' Stoopid “Truthfully”  - Nuke Bizzle  - Crossbow Attack in Atlanta, GA  - @Im_Waltttt Take on DVSN “If I Get Caught”  - Philadelphia Couple & Homeless Man GoFundMe Scam  - Song Of The Episode 3 - Mally Stackz “Friend Zone”  - Wise Guy Segment - Would you entertain a 3rd Party into the relationship that you are having?  - Wise Guy Segment - Is it a dealbreaker if your partner wants to add another person in the situation ship &/or relationship?  - Songs Of The Episode 4 - Indoe “Deep” 

    Episode 72 - July 11th, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2022 118:55

    Episode 72 - July 11th, 2022  - Recap: @Im_Waltttt x @DJIntence  - Highland Park Parade Shooter  - Bernie Sanders  - Derek Chavin Gets more Prison Time  - Spring Valley, NY Teen Shot. Treynahel Tyvon Cineus, 17  - Top Boy  - BBC TV Shows (Urban Shows)  - Steven Jackson Checking-In x Charleston White  - Songs Of The Episode: @DoveyMagnum “Pon Check”  - R. Kelly 30 Years for Sexual Assault Charges  - Isley Brothers vs Earth Wind & Fire Recaps  - Verzuz Battles  - Vince McMahon News x XFL x Oliver Luck x Netflix x Hush Money  - Johnny Cash “Ain't No Grave”  - England OfCom Prevent Child Pornography  - Coney Island (Brooklyn, NY) Shooting  - Unpopular Opinion - @Im_Waltttt  - Songs Of The Episode: Indoe “Deep” - Brandy Bottone Pregnant HOV Ticket  - 10 Yrs Old Ohio Turned Away from Abortion  - Wise Guy's Corner - Daily Rap Crew Podcast Question: “Men aren't worthy of a relationship with her, but they are worthy for sex.” What is worthy for a relationship?  - Songs Of The Episode: 4G4L Freedo “On Go” 

    Episode 71 - June 28th, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 214:54

    Episode 71 - June 28th, 2022 - Introduction to Walter aka @BroJoDeathPunch  - @BroJoDeathPunch Review of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Case  - @BroJoDeathPunch Comedy x Film x Law School  - Depp vs. Heard  - Nicholas Cage x Johnny Depp Connection  - Song Of The Episode - InDoe “Deep”  - Unpopular Opinion: by @DJIntence  - Supreme Court Of The United States of America Review by @BroJoDeathPunch  - Songs Of The Episode - SingerSlime ft; Yung Bleu “I Want You”  - Roe vs Wade SCOTUS  - Miranda Rights SCOTUS (Importance of It)  - 3 Important Things for Arrested: 1. Shut Up 2. Don't Consent to a Search 3. Demand A Lawyer  - Kyrie Irving x Brooklyn Nets  - New York Knicks Basketball Woes  - DeShaun Watson x DeAndre Hopkins  - Urban Meyer x NFL x Bobby Petrino - Songs Of The Episode - Mic L'Ville “Changes”  - Wise Guy's Corner: Is Flirting Cheating? - @BroJoDeathPunch Podcast @PunkLaw101 & @DraftV1ce (aka @DraftVice)  - Songs Of The Episode - Mel Vybz "Attraction"  - @BroJoDeathPunch - Quick Takes on DeShaun Watson Thoughts? 

    Episode 70 - June 20th, 2022 - Highs & Lows

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 148:57

    Episode 70 - June 20th, 2022 - Happy Father's Day  - Eddie Curry Story  - Hershal Walker Story  - Flavor Flav Story  - Strippers x Dancers Mannerisms & Personalities  - Vince McMahon  - @DrainBamager Vince McMahon Dirty Thread  - Chicago Bulls  - Oscar Robinson  - NBA Talk  - Songs Of The Episode: 4G4L Feedo “On Go”  - Unpopular Opinion by @Ceddy55  - NBA Finals Review  - Songs Of The Episode: Indoe "Deep"  - When keeping it racist goes wrong with “Cedrick of Rooney”  - 2 Floridian Males arrested for attacking a 16 Year Old Teenagers (Sanford, FL)  - Donald Corsi x Howard Hughes, Seminole County, Florida  - Popeyes $0.59 Chicken  - Wise Guy Corner Story Time: Dell & Sonya Curry  - Wise Guy's Corner: Wifeswapping?? Mate-Swapping?? What's your thoughts on that? 2nd - What happens if your friend passes away??  Songs Of The Episode: Treety “Casa Blanco” 

    Episode 69 - June 12, 2022 - Short & Sweet

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 66:15

    Episode 69 - June 12, 2022 - Short & Sweet  - Brooklyn Comic-Con w/ @Emperorkey0_0 - Clean Version visit Dirty Version of Music by @im_waltttt  - The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (Brooklyn, NY)  - HomeTown BBQ (Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY)  - The difference between Burnt Ends & Spare Ribs Tips (@emperorkey0_0) - The January 6th Congressional Hearings  - Border Patrol 100 Mile Radius  - Republican bills Killed Gas Gouging & Baby Formula  - @im_waltttt Taxi Stories  - Strawberry Frosty from Wendy's  - LIV vs PGA  - NIck Saban x NIL x Transfer Portal x NCAA  - Deion Sanders x Jackson State University x Travis Hunter  - Justin Bieber rare condition Ramsay Hunt Syndrome   - Denver Broncos Sold  - @On The RekordWords of Encouragement  - Madison Cawthrown Bitcoin IRS 

    Episode 68 - May 31, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 103:47

    Episode 68 - May 31, 2022 - Gun Laws  - Tennessee Bill House Bill 1834  - Former Virginia Tech Football Player Isimemen Etute Acquitted  - Antonio Brown x Keyshia Cole  - Samsung Reducing Smartphone Production by 30 Million  - Apple vs. Samsung Global Scale  - Apple Devices  - RIP Ray Liotta (Raymond Allen Liotta)  - Nintendo Digital vs Physical Games  - Nintendo Woes  - Warner Brothers Smash Brothers Style Gaming  - Songs Of The Episode: Patexx “WVIP Freestyle”  - Unpopular Opinion by @emperorkey0_0  - Mona Lisa Painting Caked  - Justin Timberlake Sells Catalog (other Music Acts Selling Catalog)  - Lisa M. Hoffman, Pharmacy Tech Sentenced to 5 Yrs in Prison  - The Cosmopolitan Hotel Surprise Bonuses  - Songs Of The Episode: 4G4L Freddo - On Go  - Wise Guys: Are long-distance relationships worth it?  - Wise Guys: How long would you date someone before you farted in front of them?  - Songs Of The Episode: Devvon Terrell “Popular” 

    Episode 67 - June 1, 2022 - NBA FInals Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 60:23

    Episode 67 - June 1, 2022 - NBA Finals Preview  - Road to the Finals for both Boston Celtics x Golden State Warriors  - NBA Finals Prediction  - Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Darvin Ham  - Dallas Cowboys Marion Barber III Death  - RIP Jeff Gladney former Vikings Cardinals DB 

    Episode 66 - May 30th, 2022 - Dark Times (Explicit Content)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 98:07

    Episode 66 - May 30th, 2022 - Dark Times (Explicit Episode) - Robb Elementary School Shooting (Ulvade, TX)  - Gun Reform  - 18 Year Old Salvador Rolando Ramos  - 21 Deaths. (19 Students (i.e. Children) x 2 Teachers)  - Ulvade Police Department  - Castle Rock vs Gonzales Supreme Court Case  - FBI Background Checks for Guns  - Universal Background Checks  - Red Flag Laws  - Gun Licensing Laws  - Senators whom stalling on Gun Enforcement Laws  - Foreign Country Gun Laws  - No Private Sale Laws for Guns  - Enforcing Gun Licensing Laws & Gun Laws  - NRA Donations to Politicians  - Supreme Court Justices Terms  - Terry vs Ohio  - Tucker Carlson x White Replacement Theory  - Herschel Walker  - Houston Police x Jalen Randle  - 2017 Las Vegas Shooting x Stephen Paddock 

    Episode 65 - May 23rd, 2022 - Just The Two of Us

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 93:27

    Episode 65 - May 22th, 2022 - Dallas Mavericks x Golden State Warriors Game 3 Recap  - NBA Talk  - Songs Of The Episode: Ladii Rose ft; Zoe Bronx “Dip”  - Teenager Sexed Trafficed & Kidnapped from Dallas Mavericks Basketball Game  - Update for Washington Commanders x Dan Snyder  - Dead Body Floats up in Las Vegas River  - Songs Of The Episode: Chevy Porter ft; Cruch Calhoun “Locked Up” (Produced by @MixedByKamillion)  - Drake New Music Deal  - Update for USWNT (Women's Soccer) new CBA  - YouTubers arrested for 24 Hour Challenge  - Songs Of The Episode: Lolaa Smiles ft; Vybz Kartel “Power of Love”  - Wise Guy Corner - Do you think social media is destroying our communication?  - Wise Guy Corner - Do you like calling or texting better?  - Earlier days of Cellular Phone Device

    Episode 64 - May 17th, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 122:27

    Episode 64 - May 17th, 2022  - Kevin Samuels Message  - Fabolous - Do It For The Love? Show Intro  - @Im_Waltttx x @Mikey_Soho thoughts of Fabolous  - Katy Perry “Roar”  - The state of Music in 2022. POV from the our perspective.  - Trey Songz  - Pat Bev x Phoenix Suns x CP3  - Oscar Robinson aka The Big O  - NBA Talk  - Unpopular Opinion by @Ceddy55  - Topps Buffalo, NY Shooting  - Mass Shootings so far this year 198 Shootings & Counting  - California Cop Fired & Arrested for Touching Himself During a Call  - Wise Guy Corner - Who would you rather date, someone younger or older than you?  - Wise Guy Corner - Where exactly is your dream vacation? 

    Episode 63 - May 9th, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 156:48

    Episode 63 - May 9th, 2022 - Words from Kevin Samuels  - Mixtape Exclusives from Rick Ross  - Happy Mother's Day  - RIP Kevin Samuels  - Dan Synder x Washington Commanders Update  - Songs Of The Episode 1 - VeLatto ft; YB Young Bob “FaceTime”  - Manhunt for Escaped Prisoner & Rogue Correction Officer  - Songs Of The Episode 2 - Cruch Calhoun “Active”  - Unpopular Opinion: @Im_Waltttt “Drake's Hotline Blings is superior and has no equal compared to DRAM's aka Shelley FKA DRAM Cha Cha Cha”  - Lil Wayne  - Analyze Tracks - Lil Wayne x J. Cole “Green Ranger”  - Mike Brown hired as new Head Coach of the Sacramento Kings  - Chris Paul x CP3 Family x Dallas Mavericks Fanbase  - Songs Of The Episode 3 - @OMGerry “Adapt”  - NBA Scores for Playoffs  - Sports Talk  - Trevor Bauer Update (from Episode 24)  - Songs Of The Episode 4 - @SwaveHMG “Mixed Emotions”  - Wise Guy Corner: When is the ideal time for your significant other to move into with each other?  - Wise Guy Corner: When is the ideal time for them to leave items behind in the crib? 

    Episode 62 - Dre's Intro - May 5th, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 88:20

    Episode 62 - May 5th, 2022 - DJ Dre Intro  - Roe vs Wade Might be Overturned by the Supreme Courts  - Segregation still in Schools  - SCOTUS  - Songs Of The Episode #1 - 6FO “Walk To The Park”  - @djintence Unpopular Opinion - Boneless Chicken Wings  - Songs Of The Episode #2 - Mally Stakz “Don't Know”  - Breaking News - Dave Chappelle “Netflix Is a Joke” attacked on Stage  - Beyonce at Functions and Crazy Situations Occur  - Songs Of The Episode #3 - D. Roy ft; LennAsia “Boo Baby”  - Wise Guys Corner: T.K. Kirkland Opinion. We break it down, “If I get married to a person, I can either be completely faithful or pay the bill but i cannot do both things. It has to be either our.  - Wise Guys Corner: If you have the capital to cover all bills does the same rules still apply?

    Episode 61 - April 25th, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 223:22

    Episode 61 - April 25th, 2022  - Song Intro: @KingblessBx “Intro”  - @keanugoinstoopid Show Credits  - Transgender Inmate Speaks Out for getting two Female Inmates Pregnant  - Florida Ron DeSantos vs. Walt Disney  - California man freed from Prison after spending 30+ Years behind Bars  - Melissa Lucio  - Buffalo Bills New Stadium  - Songs Of The Episode: Flameezy “Loyal”  - Unpopular Opinion by @Ceddy55 - That Ether by Nas is a better diss record that Takeover by Jay-Z  - Songs Of The Episode: Ayanis ft; Kali “U Betta”  - RIP DJ Kay Slay  - The Get Down by Netflix  - The 4 Elements of Hip-Hop EmCeeing, Graffiti, Break-Dancing, DeeJaying  - The 4 Elements of Good Vibes are Peace, Love, Unity, & Having Fun  - The History of Hip-Hop (The Hip-Hop Museum, Bronx, NY)  - NBA News: Brooklyn, NY x Brooklyn Nets x Ben Simmons  - Lucky Daye  - NBA Collective Bargain Agreement  - Songs Of The Episode: DJ Mr. Famous ft; B. Morgan “Wanted”  - Update for Melissa Lucio  - Elon Musk buys Twitter  - Johnny Depp Defamation Case  - Songs Of The Episode: Produced by MixedByKamillion x HarrdLuck ft; Franco; Tocky “Look Like”  - Update Brooklyn Nets x Kevin Durant x Kyrie Irving x Ben Simmons  - Wise Guys Corner: What are you most thankful for about this Podcast?  - Songs Of The Episode: Devvon Terrell “Sneaky Link” 

    Episode 60 - April 17th, 2022 - Unpopular Opinion

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 172:13

    Episode 60 - April 17th, 2022 - Unpopular Opinion  - Shooting in Brooklyn, NY Train Station  - GunViolenceArchieve.org  - Guns x Gun Laws  - Google Lawsuit  - NFL x Johnnie Cochran  - NBA x Chicago Bulls x The Last Dance x Scottie Pippen x Jerry Krause x Jerry Reinsdorf  - LA Lakers x LeBron James x Anthony Davis (@djIntence Hot Takes)  - Russell Westbrook Exit Interview  - New York Knicks  - RIP DJ Kay Slay  - Mt. Vernon, NY Teen Stabbed to Death (Kayla Green)  - Episode 50 - The Lost Episode - June 2021 (GO PLAYBACK)  - Two inmates at New Jersey Prison Pregnant  - Unpopular Opinion - @im_waltttt -Pharrell Williams had a harder verse on Snoop Dogg's Drop It Like It's Hot….. - Wise Guys - What is a relationship deal breaker for you? 

    Episode 59 - April 10th, 2022 - Early Week Blues

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 151:43

    Episode 59 - April 10th, 2022 - Hidden Gems: Notorious BIG x Shaq “You Can't Stop The Reign”  - Tiger Woods & The Masters Tournament  - Supreme Court Justice Kentaji Brown Jackson  - Rep. Tim Scott (Republican from South Carolina)  - Harm Reduction  - Minneapolis Teachers Strike & Update  - RIP Dwayne Haskins  - Fck Gil Brandt  - Pittsburg Steelers x Mike Tomlin  - Florida's Don't Say Gay Bill  - Jimmy Kimmel x Majorie Taylor Greene x Will Smith  - Matt Gaetz x Jarett from Subway  - NFL News x Pete Carroll x The Rooney Rule  - Bruce Arians x Tampa Bay Buccaneers x Todd Bowels    - Brian Flores x Houston Texans  - Sterling Sharpe should have been in the Hall Of Fame - Steve Wilks x Arizona Cardinals  - Ray Horton x Tennessee Titans  - Dan Synder x Washington Commanders  - Song Of The Episode - D. Roy “Boo Baby” - Hidden Gem from Fabulous  - IG Model kills Boyfriend in Florida (Courtney Taylor x Courtney Cleney)  - Will Smith News  - Sicko's in Hollywood  - Axie Infinity Hack  - Song Of The Episode - Mill-Vill x SwaveHMG “Over Here”  - Wise Guy Corner: When do you know it's the time for your significant other to meet your family? 

    Episode 58 - April 5th, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2022 155:34

    Episode 58 - April 5th, 2022  - Song Of The Episode - D-Roy “Boo Baby”  - UNC x Kansas Final Four Review  - Grammy's 2022 Winner(s)  - Episode 44 Recap  - Bruce Willis Aphasia  - H.E.R. “Damage” sample by Herb Alpert ft; Lisa Keith; Janet Jackson “Making Love In The Rain”  - SOJA winning Best Reggae Album from the Grammy's 2022  - Louis C.K. Best Comedy Album  - Kevin Hart  - QuestLove “Summer of Soul”  - Betty Davis  - Tales Of The Tour Bus  - Otis Redding  - Song Of The Episode - VeLatto ft; YB Youngbob “FaceTime”   - Supreme Court Justice Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson  - Amazon Labor Union (ALU) x Amazon x New York x JFK8  - ALU (Chris Smalls & Gerald Bryson The Founders of the ALU)  - Working Class Stories  - Richard Gere Tibet Quote banned him from China  - Song Of The Episode - Flameezy “Loyal”  - Return of The Wise Guys Sponsored by @foreverher28  - Wise Guys Question: When y'all first start talking to someone. Do y'all let them know you have a sexual relationship with someone else. Or is it simply implied that until you're exclusive, that it doesn't matter?  - Wise Guys Question: If your ready to take the next step consummate, and they still wanna deal with other sexual partner, do you stay?  - Wise Guys Question: Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Situation 

    Episode 57 - March 30th, 2022 - The Fall of Will

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 76:59

    Episode 57 - March 30th, 2022 - Will Smith x Chris Rock x The Oscars  - August Alsina  - Will by Will Smith  - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion  - Janet L. Hubert “Back Story” (The OG Aunt Viv)  - Tom Segura x Shannon Sharpe  - The history between Chris Rock x Will Smith  - Thoughts of ours on Will Smith  - Song of The Episode - D-Roy “Boo Baby” ft; LennAsia  - Oscar Highlights  - QuestLove “The Summer of Soul”  - President Biden “The Emmitt Till” Bill  - Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas  - Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Cali) United Citizen Bill  - Ronald Regan Cali. Homeless during his Presidency  - Using abandon empty Commercial Real Estate for Low income Housing  - Georgia Man Double Life (Bennie Frank)  - Brock Tuner  - Song Of The Episode: Flameezy “Loyal”  - Uber x NYC Taxi Partnership 

    Episode 56 - March 22nd, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2022 129:02

    Episode 56 - March 22, 2022  - RIP Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall with The Crew  - Old School Wrestlers  - AEW x WWE x NJPW x ROH x Impact x Other Wrestling Circuits  - All-In Hosted by Cody Rhodes x Young Bucks  - Songs Of The Episode - Flameezy “Loyal”  - Michigan David Ojabo  - Achilles Heel  - Klay Tompson x Kevin Durant   - Colin Kaepernick   - Calvin Ridley  - Deshaun Watson  - Dallas Cowboys  - Jerry Jones  - Dr. Jay Daughter  - Song Of The Episode - Prophet The Artist “Rock With Proph”  - NFL  - Dan Snyder x Washington Commanders  - Stephen Ross x Miami Dolphins x Brian Flores  - Brian Flores x Mike Tomlin x Pittsburg Steelers  - NBA & Minorities as Head Coach x Team Executives  - Jay-Z Money Lines x Tidal Freestyle  - P. Diddy  - Tekashi69 x 6ix9ine  - Songs Of The Episode - Huzsuh “She's Up Next”  - Colby Covington x Jorge Masvidal x UFC  - Comic Book Sells for Record Amount  - Songs Of The Episode - Swave HMG “Mixed Emotions”  

    Episode 55 - March 15th, 2022 - Double Trouble

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    Episode 55 - March 15th, 2022 - Double Trouble  - RIP Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall  - Stone Cold Steve Austin  - Kurt Angle  - Chris Benoit x Eddie Gurruego ViceTV (Dark Side of The Ring)  - Winter Olympian Failed Drug Test (Kamila Valieva)  - Sha'Carri Richardson speaks out for Failed Drug Test  - Russia Cheating x Olympics  - Terrell Owens  - Pete Rose x Barry Bonds  - Calvin Ridley  - Song Of The Episode: Huzsuh “She's Up Next”  - Kanye West x Syleena Johnson x Lauryn Hill - All Falls Down  - Interpolation x Sampling  - Drake x Rick Ross x Just Blaze - Lord Knows  - Gunna x Drake - P. Power  - The Evolution of Hip-Hop Music  - The Evolution of Technology x Media  - Benny The Butcher “Tanka Talk 4”  - Whats considered success for music (musicians) now a days?  - Song Of The Episode: Flameezy “Loyal”  - Syrain Opens Local Paterson, NJ Restaurant (Reem Alsham)  - Caribbean Dishes influences from other Cultures  - Quote of the Episode: Dreams 

    Episode 54 - March 13, 2022

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    Episode 54 - March 13, 2022  - Notorious BIG x Shaq “You Can't Stop The Reign”  - Shameless Plugs - State Line Diner (Mahwah, NJ) x Lace (West Nyack, NY) x Pink Iguana (Peekskill, NY)  - Taqueria (Spring Valley, NY) x Tico PiCanante (Spring Valley, NY)  - Gas Prices on The Rise x Comparing Gas Prices in America vs. The World  - Automative Industry x Electric Car Industry  - Ford discontinuing their Sedans  - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (www,NHTSA.gov) - Anti-Lynching Bill Passing in both House & Senate  - The death of Emmett Till  - Robert E. Murray vs John Oliver  - Lyndon B. Johnson Civil Rights act of 1964  - East Ramapo Central School District (Rockland County, NY)  - Black Culture and learning about Finance  - Earn Your Leisure x EYL University  - Song Of The Episode - Devvon Terrell “Temperature” - Tom Brady UnRetiring  - Kobe Bryant  - Memphis Grizzles vs. OKC Thunder Game delayed for wearing White Colored Jerseys  - Song Of The Episode - ThatGirlBai “Mxxvy” - Kanye West x Pete Davidson Text Message Exchange  - Future Hendrix “Thought It Was a Drought”  - Rhymefest x Kanye West Jesus Walks  - Song Of The Episode - @Huzsuh “She's Up Next”  - Kim Kardashian Quote about Hard Work  - History of the Kardashian Family  - Song Of The Episode - @SwaveHMG “Ain't Enough”  - Pokemon Covid Fraud Sentencing  - PPP Loan Fraud Cases (PPP x SBA Czar)  - 6ix9ine 

    Episode 53 - March 3rd, 2022

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    Episode 53 - March 3rd, 2022 - Ukraine vs Russia Conflict Update  - Sanctions placed on Russia from SWIFT, MasterCard, Visa, etc.  - Arsenal Football Club owner Selling Part ownership of his  - Belarus x Russia x Ukraine War  - Poisoning of Alexei Navalny  - ViceTV x CNN's Anderson Cooper x News Reporters  - Taliban x Cartel perspective  - Sean Penn x El Chapo  - Joe Biden State of The Union  - Majorie Taylor-Greene (R-Ga) x Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo)  - Freedom Convoy x Right-Wing Movement  - One America Network vs DirectTV  - Songs Of The Episode - Huzuh “She's Up Next”  - New Jersey Landlord Massive Lawsuit (Joseph Cenntani)  - Teacher & Sheriff Vile Acts towards Children (Cynthia x Dennis Perkins)  - The Couple that serves Frozen Treats inside a Toilet Bowl  - Bob Proctor x Think And Grow Rich x Ramadan  - Songs Of The Episode SwaveHMG “Blue Faces” - Jim Jones Gucci Store Incident  - Oprah Racial Profiling at Brand Stores  - Oprah x Beef Industry  - Nike x Foot Locker Conflict  - Estée Lauder John Dempsey (Racist Chingy Meme)  - Former Red Sox Brett Netzer   - Minor League Baseball Earnings - Kevin Hart Oscar Scandal  - Joe Rogen  - Dave Chapelle x Earthquake Netflix Special  - Dr. Sanjay Gupta  - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Scolding High School Kids  - Automated Lanes  - Tesla vs Human Error with Automatic Driving  - Throwback of Nike Executive (Ann Hebert) Son Reseller  - West Coast Joe  - Kanye West x Pete Davidson (Skete)  - The-Game  - Songs Of The Episode Keanu x Qwiss x InkLoud “I Don't Wanna” 

    Episode 52 - Feb. 27, 2022 - Hard Times

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    Episode 52 - Feb. 27, 2022 - Hard Times - Ukraine vs Russia War  - History of USSR  - China x Hong Kong x Taiwan  - NBA x China Conflict  - Russia Interference in the The United States Election 2016  - Edward Snowden  - Julian Assange  - African Students stuck in Ukraine  - Brooklyn Nets x Barclay Arena  - Names of Republicans that voted against the Ukraine Aid  - Mitch McConnell x Black Lung Visitors  - Everything is Quite White…. - Canada's Freedom Convoy  - Canadian Residential Schools  - 1985 MOVE Bombing  - Oil Pipeline through Native American Land  - Oil x Gas Prices x The Un-Relation to the Federal Government  - Electric Cars x It's History  - OPEC  - USWNT vs U.S. Soccer Federation  - U.S. Women's Soccer Team History & Greatness  - Soccer aka Futbol  - Avocado Freeze in the U.S. because of the Mexican Cartel 

    Episode 51 - Feb. 20, 2022 - The Return

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     Episode 51 - Feb. 20, 2022 - The Return - The Super Bowl Recap  - Sports Recap *NFL x NBA x MLB*  - Mike Brown Bengals Owner x Stan Kronke LA Rams Owner  - Skip Bayless and his Criticisms or Appraisal  - Andrew Luck Retirement at age of 29  - NY Giants O-Line Help  - Louis Riddick  - NY Giants *Coaching x QB History amoung Minorities*  - Jay Cutler  - Aaron Rodgers Future  - The Worse Sports Fanbase  - NY Knicks Lost 28 Points against Brooklyn Nets (w/o their Major Stars)  - NBA History with Steve Kerr x Thom Thibodeau x Mike D'Antoni  - Linsanity with the NY Knicks  - Carmelo Anthony x The Big 3 in Miami (Dwayne Wade x LeBron James x Chris Bosh)  - What could have been Melo & The Detroit Pistons?  - 76ers x Jayson Tantum Miss  - NFL Super Bowl HalfTime Show  - Alternative Social Media (i.e. Fanbase)  - EDP445  - Lil Boosie (aka Boosie BadAzz) on R. Kelly (for a Verzuz Battle or in General)  - Keith Sweat vs. Bobby Brown Verzuz  - Snoop Dogg buys Death Row Records  - NWA Fallout between Dr. Dre x Ice Cube x Eazy-E  - Black Artist & Non-Credit for Songs  - Issac Hayes III getting credit for “Hold On I'm Coming” by Sam & Dave  - Ice Cube by “No Vaseline” Track (The greatest Diss Record ever)  - T-Mobile Data Breach officially hits @DJIntence  - Unknown things you can Purchase through Costco 

    Episode 50 - Lost Episode - June 2021

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    Episode 50 - Lost Episode - June 2021 - Introduction with @OnTheRekord Crew with @iamdjvs x @konstructakonsbr  - The stories of Dominican Republic  - @iamdjvs Club Scene in Las Vegas, NV  - 2021 Memorial Day Weekend Vibe during Las Vegas, NV  - Story time with Frontliners Entertainment Crew with @iamdjvs x @DJIntence x @konstructakonsbr (Koi x New Years Eve x Planet Hollywood)  - @CookingWithGasLV (Food Truck) *Las Vegas, NV*  - Story Time with @DJIntence with Cloud Nine (Hookah Lounge) Las Vegas, NV  - DJ Jazzy Jeff x DJ BizRock x DJ Crie P x DJ Nawtee x DJ Pound x DJ Flamboyant x DJ Flawless x DJ Certified x DJ D. Money x KonstructaKon (Shameless Plugs)  - Call & Response from a Crowd (whether your a Artist or Disc Jockey)  - Don't be afraid….Deejay Notes  - Song Of The Episode - Rapshy Soul “Can't Go” - Words from @Ceddy55 about people pulling out of greatness from others (aka Friends & Family)  - BeAre x Cram backstory on starting DeeJaying  - College Stories x Teenage Stories x ChildHood Stories with Frontliners Entertainment own BeAre & DJ VS  - Radio Shack x New Haven Connecticut  - Family History (Frie-mily History)  - Fabolous x B.B. Kings Concert with @DJIntence  - SwaveHMG x DeeJays Breaking Records  - Breaking Records Jay-Z “Girls Best Friend” x Jidenna “Long Live The Chief”  - Source Award “The South Got Something To Say” *Outkast*  - The Difference between Regions for Hip-Hop Music  - Jim Jones x Harry Fraud Album x Benny The Butcher x Independent Artist  - Ladi Luck  - E. Bro x Beatz One Radio x Apple Music x Music on the Radio  - Real Late with Peter Rosenburg x Stretch & Bobbito  - Combat Jack  - French Montana “If French Montana doesn't have a feature or is not a feature on the track, I'm not playing it?” Debate  - Puff Daddy (P. Diddy) and his track record for artist  - NAV x Coi Leray x Bennie Bates  - Social Media & YouTube moving the AirPlay & Streams  - Branding yourself  - 300 Entertainment x 6ix9ine x Fetty Wap (the downfall of Fetty Wap June 2021)  - Navarro Walker Gray  - Fetty Wap 4 Billboard Tracks breaking History  - Navarro Gray  - Frontliners Entertainment own History in the Music Industry with Da Orphanage  - Artist Showcases with Method Man x Mariah Davis x Jay-Z x Memphis Bleek x Big L. x Wu-Tang Clan (Method Man x Raekwon x And Company) x Group Home x Mobb Deep x Channel Live x Wendy Williams x Angie Martinez x Spring Valley, NY x Caribbean Village (Club Silhouette)  - Jay-Z x Ski

    Episode 49 - Jan. 18th, 2021 - 3 Leaf Clover

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    Episode 49 - Jan. 18th, 2021 - 3 Leaf Clover - Intro: Reviewing R. Kelly & Aaliyah Union  - Novak Djokovic Recap with the Australian Open (vs. Australia) x French Open  - Lil Duval x Charlagme Tha God (Donkey of The Day)  - Lil Duval Tweeting that Kodak Black is on Par with Kendrick Lamar   - Kobe Bryant  - Antonio Brown News  - - Songs Of The Episode - Chevy Porter ft. Cruch Calhoun “Locked In” (Produced by @MixedByKamilion)  - Joe Biden Comparing Martin Luther King to George Floyd  - France x Racism  - NLE Choppa Airport Incident  - Fast Food Restaurant Incidents (Harlem, NY [Burger King] *Kristal Bayron-Nieves, 19* x South Los Angles, Cali [Wendy's] *Alejandro Garcia, 41* x Wiscnsin [Burger King] *Niesha Harris-Brazell, 16* x Phoenix, AZ [Wendy's] *Brian Durham Jr., 16*) - Guy's unfathered his 6 Children with his Child's Mom  - Woman Falsely Accused her Ex-Husband for child molestation against their children  - Young Dolph Killer's Caught  - Tay-K - Songs Of The Episode -  @Huzsuh - She's Up Next  - The Weeknd - Dawn FM Album breaking a Milestone on Spotify  - Fresh & Fit Podcast & Their Black Women Comments  - Wise Guy: Are some questions best left unanswered? When is love a weakness?

    Episode 48 - Jan. 11, 2022 - Week 2 Into The 22

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    Episode 48 - Jan. 11, 2022 - Week 2 Into The 22 - RIP Sir Sideny Poritier  - RIP Bob Saget  - @Im_Walttt x @DJIntence Car Travels  - Quik's Deli (Paterson, NJ)  - Rockland Teen Killed by Fireman for Driving Drunk  - Henry Ruggs III (former Las Vegas Raiders)  - Shyisty “Bounce” Songs of The Episode (IG @Shyisty)  - Coca-Cola Product Recall - Utah Teen Nov. 6th, 2021 - Isabella Faith Tichenor  - Davis School District (Utah)  - U.S. Department of Justice outlined that the Davis School administration has a serious corrupt and widespread racial harassment within its schools for years.  - Alabama vs Georgia NCAA Football Championship Recap  - Stat Correction Alabama is a Sophomore & 1st Year Starter  - Legendary Coaches in Sports  - Novak Djokovic (Serbian Tennis Star) x Australia x Australian Tournament  - Craigy F. “Pure Talk” Songs of The Episode (IG @CraigyF)  - Wise Guy's Corner: Males always be prepared, PROTECT yourself. Drake x Instagram Model  - @DJIntence Fantasy Football Recap  - @KeanuGoinStoopid  - Football Coaches Rants 

    Episode 47 - Yearly Recap of 2021 - Jan. 6th, 2021

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    Episode 47 - Yearly Recap of 2021 - Jan. 6th, 2021 - RIP Betty White  - Channel 9 aka UPN 9  - Rather a Sitcom or Movie?  - RIP Max Julien (Maxwell Banks)  - Hasbro owns Death Row Records  - @ChilleDeCastro_2022  - Terry vs Ohio 1968 (The creation of Stop & Frisk)  - RIP John Madden  - Covid-19 Woes  - Jan. 6th, 2021 (Capital Riots) [Jan. 6th Insurrection]  - Rogel Aguilera-Mederos x Colorado Trunk Driver  - Retail Investors vs Big Hedge Funds  - Reddit Investors  - Gamestop $GME x AMC $AMC x Blackberry $BB - Facebook (Metaverse x Meta)  - Apple vs Facebook (Meta)  - Marvel x Sony x Fox x Disney Beef  - Corporate Beef  - Just GO AND VOTE!!!!  - 262 Voter Suppression Laws  - Joe Manchin x Democratic Party Issues  - Daunte Wright x Kimberly Potter x Brooklyn Center Police Department  - Ahmaud Arbery Trial (Gregory McMichael x Travis McMichael x William “Roddie” Bryan)  - Black Friday Shopping in the Early Days  - George Floyd x Derrick Chavin Murder Trial  - Travi$ $cott Concert Recap  - Rappers of 2021 in Trouble with the Law  - PPP x EIDL x SBA Loans (& The Scammers) 

    Episode 46 - Dec. 21, 2021 - As The World Turns

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    Episode 46 - Dec. 21, 2021 - As The World Turns - Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul (Part II)  - Tommy Fury original fight with Jake Paul was a Replacement Fight with Tyron Woodley  - Deron Williams vs Frank Gore  - Deron Williams NBA Career (Utah Jazz Deron Williams vs Outside Deron Williams)  - What should Tyron Woodley should do now? Whats Next?  - Colby Covington vs. Tyron Woodley  - MMA vs Boxing Pay Discrepancy  - Connor McGregor x Jon Bones Jones  - Bellator vs UFC  - Kurt Angle decision going to WWE compared to UFC  - Truck Driver sentencing 110 Years (Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos)  - Laws against Drugs compared to Sexual Assault and others similar crimes  - Sackler Family Sacked (Purdue Pharma)  - Purdue Pharma the creators of OxyContin (also know as Oxycodone)  - Crack Epidemic vs Opioid Epidemic  - Drakeo The Ruler  - Rappers & not living a Long Life  - RIP @DJJuelz203  - State of the Affairs in the Urban Communities  - 1990 LA Riots (Latasha Harlins x Rodney King)  - 1800s Exclusion Act (The Chinese Exclusion Act)  - Japanese Internment Camps (during World War II 1942 - 1945)  - The War On Drugs false from The House I Live In Documentary  - The Story of the War on Drugs (is a War on Race)  - @Chilledecastro_2022 x @deleteLawZ (on YouTube)  - 1964 Civil Rights Act sparked the 1965 Immigration Act  - @Wallo267 Talking & Pleading To The Urban Community  - @MWorthOfGame - Watching my favorite Rappers getting Old and Flourishing & Thriving (90s & 2000s Rappers)  - The growth & evolution of Hip-Hop (aka Rap Music) and seeing it becoming more Mainstream  - Pink Iguana Peekskill, NY  - New Age Artist vs Old Age Artist in Hip-Hop Music  - Est Gee glow-up from the start until now…  - Hip-Hop Blogs (OnSmash x HotNewHipHop x etc.)  - #RIPNipseyHussle  - Watching those with Status & Power holding down their communities  - Jam Master Jay x Shaq x Queen Latifah x Joe Buddens x Plies  - Wise Guy's Corner: The Airing of Grievances between Males & Females during the Holidays  - Wise Guy's Corner: The Dating Pool  - Wise Guy's Corner: “You don't know TRUE LOVE until your heart is broken.” 

    Episode 45 - Dec. 10th, 2021 - Updates & Holiday Hooligan

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    Episode 45 - Dec. 8th, 2021 - Updates & Holiday Hooligan  - Updates - Ethan Crumbley  - Updates - Drake's Grammy  - The Weeknd “After Hours” Grammy's Snub  - Drake reasoning for acknowledgement bypassing the Grammy's & other music Award shows  - Taylor Swift beating Kendrick Lamar “To Pimp A Butterfly”???  - GrammyU  - Lack of Respect for Wale  - WhyThree - Why You Acting Weird To Me? *Song Of The Episode* - Sony Playstation executive George Cacioppo Fired because of Pedo Sting  - Activision Misconduct of Workplace & Sexual Harassment  - UbiSoft Misconduct & Toxic Culture (Yves Guillemot x => Serge Hascoet x Tommy Francois)  - Jim Sterling  - Harvey Weinstein x Asia Argento x Dario Argento  - Haitian x France Connection beyond the Freedom (The Freedom Tax)  - Steve Balmer the Los Angles Clippers Ownership  - 30 for 30: What could have been the OKC Thunder?  - Better.com Zoom Layoff Chat Video (Fired from Zoom Conference)  - Vishal Gargantuas Better.com CEO  - Double Lottery Ticket Winner  - Kevin Hart “True Story” Netflix Series Review  - Wise Guy Questions: What made you smile this week? & What is the most spontaneous thing you've ever done?