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On Learn True Health, Ashley James interviews today's most successful natural healers. Learn True Health was created for YOU, the health enthusiast! If you are passionate about organic living or struggling with health issues and looking to gain your health naturally, our holistic podcast is what you have been looking for! Ashley James interviews Naturopathic Doctors and expert holistic health care practitioners to bring you key holistic health information, results based advice and new natural steps you can take to achieve true health, starting NOW! If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you are fed up with prescription drug side effects, if you want to live in optimal health but you don't know where to start, this podcast is for you! If you are looking for ACTIONABLE advice from holistic doctors to get you on your path to healing, you will enjoy the wisdom each episode brings. Each practitioner will leave you with a challenge, something that you can do now, and each day, to measurably improve your health, energy, and vitality. Learn about new healing diet strategies, how to boost your immune system, balance your hormones, increase your energy, what supplements to take and why and how to experience your health and stamina in a new way.

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    445 Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity & Life, The Link Between Electromagnetic Pollution, Disease, & Infection, Improve Your Health By Decreasing Exposure To Electric Smog, Wireless Technology, 5G, & EM Radiation, Arthur Firstenberg

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    BOOK: Invisible Rainbow https://amzn.to/300Sn23 Cellular Phone Task Force, www.cellphonetaskforce.org International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, www.5gSpaceAppeal.org Check out IIN and get a free module: LearnTrueHealth.com/coach   The Invisible Rainbow https://www.learntruehealth.com/the-invisible-rainbow Highlights: What is electrical pollution Illnesses caused by exposure to electrical pollution Ways to lessen exposure to electrical pollution   5G is here, and while many people are excited about this technology, Arthur Firstenberg describes it as the most urgent threat on earth today. In this episode, he explains why 5G is bad for us. He also enumerates different sources of electrical pollution and how we can lessen exposure to electrical pollution. [00:00:00] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 445. I am so excited for today’s guest. We have the author of The Invisible Rainbow, Arthur Firstenberg. Arthur, one of my best friends was freaking out when she read your book. Her husband read your book, and he just was blown away. And then I started getting requests from a few listeners saying that your book has been mind-blowing, and it’s the most important book people have read in the last 10 years or more. It really caught my attention, and I thought I have to have this man on the show. We have to let more people know about your work. So I recently got your book, and I cannot put it down. I’m holding it right now. I could probably use it as an exercise device because of how thick it is. Based on the picture on Amazon, I was expecting a little paperback I could finish on the weekend, and it’s almost 400 pages. And then there’s what seems like about 75 to 100 pages of references. I mean, you really did your homework.   [00:01:23] Arthur Firstenberg: There’s actually 150 pages of footnotes and bibliography.   [00:01:30] Ashley James: Yes, I was guessing. I’m holding it. I showed my husband. I’m like, “Do you see the scientific references?” I’m quite impressed. But reading your book, it’s very, very interesting. The first thing that came to mind is that I would love to see your book become a documentary or some kind of movie because of how—   [00:01:50] Arthur Firstenberg: Somebody called me yesterday that wants to do exactly that.   [00:01:55] Ashley James: Yes, please do. I mean, as long as you have control of how it goes, but it is phenomenally well-written. Well-researched. If everyone knew what you lay out so well in this book it would change the world. I want to dive into understanding—for those who’ve never heard of you or your work—I want to dive into it a bit. But first, I’d like to know a bit about you. What happened in your life that made you want to write this book?   [00:02:31] Arthur Firstenberg: I went to medical school, and midway through school—at the end of my second year—I had some dental work and a whole lot of dental x-rays in the course of a summer. The last series of x-rays did something to my head, and I felt something give way in the back of my skull. I felt an electric current travel from head to toes and out into the floor. The next morning, when I went around in the hospital, I could feel electric currents emanating from every piece of electrical equipment in the hospital. My life has not been the same since then. I found out that I couldn’t finish school, essentially. I attempted to stick it out and get my MD. One day, on the inpatient pediatrics, I collapsed with all the symptoms of a heart attack. I had a year to go for my MD, and I left school. Before I had done that, I did a trade with my plastic surgery professor because being in the operating room was no longer possible. Every time I assisted a surgery I would have crippling pains in my hips so that I couldn’t walk for three days. He excused me from the OR in exchange for writing a research paper on a topic of my choice. I chose the effects of radiant energy on living organisms.   [00:04:33] Ashley James: Wow.   [00:04:33] Arthur Firstenberg: This was in December of 1981. In doing research for the chapter, I went to the medical school’s library—this was the  University of California Irvine—and lo and behold, there were many shelves full of books on the effects of electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic fields on biology and on health. We were not being taught this in medical school, and this seemed very strange to me. So I started doing research. That’s been my life, partially, since 1981, and full time since 1996 is researching being an advocate, being a support person, and being an activist. Trying to educate the world to this biological and environmental factor that nobody’s aware of.   [00:05:43] Ashley James: Did your professors believe you when you explained that being near electronics gave you excruciating pain?   [00:05:52] Arthur Firstenberg: I never asked him that question that way.   [00:06:00] Ashley James: Do you feel like they treated you as if they believed you? If they believed you, wouldn’t they have wanted to help?   [00:06:12] Arthur Firstenberg: I didn’t get any feedback because I submitted the paper in December, and I collapsed at the end of February. So it was only a couple of months before I quit school, and I never got any feedback from him.   [00:06:26] Ashley James: Do you still experience pain when you’re near electronics?   [00:06:32] Arthur Firstenberg: Not to the degree that I did then, but yes. A lot of people do. In fact, I would venture to say that most everybody does, but they’re not educated as to what the cause is. So a lot of people are on various pain medications. It causes sleep disorders, and the people are on sleeping medications. It causes anxiety, so people are on anxiety medications and antidepressants. They keep their cell phone in their hip pocket, and that causes excruciating pain, but they don’t connect the cause. So they end up going to the doctor, and the doctor tells them their hips are worn out. Let’s give you a hip replacement, and the nerves are cut, so it doesn’t hurt anymore. This is not confined to a few people. This is affecting the entire population of the globe.   [00:07:36] Ashley James: My husband and I both noticed—he has an iPhone, I have an android—our hands hurt when we hold our cell phones. That we can feel something. There’s something there. I mean, if you weren’t really paying attention, you could ignore it, but we’re very in tune with our bodies, and we can feel it. His hurts his hand more than mine does, I noticed.   [00:08:00] Arthur Firstenberg: Right. And that is the sign that you should stop using it because you can get cancer of your hand.   [00:08:10] Ashley James: Jeez. I was going to say, what damage is being done by being exposed to—and there are so many different forms of electricity like you say in your book. The cell phone is like the microwave, right? But we have electricity going throughout our house, our laptops, the Wi-Fi, the cell signals, and the radio waves.   The Dangers of 5G and How To Reduce Exposure to Electrical Pollution [00:08:32] Arthur Firstenberg: Okay, so now you’re talking about two different types of electrical pollution. The electricity going through your wires creates an electric field. That electric field is not intentional. That’s not part of the product, and it can be shielded with proper engineering. You can twist the wires. You can put it in a conduit. You can eliminate the electric fields to a great extent. They’re not necessary. The difference with wireless technology is that radiation is the product. That cell phone and Wi-Fi will not work unless you’re getting irradiated, so it’s a different idea. It’s actually the first form of pollutant in history that is intentionally being spread over every square inch of the planet. In other words, pesticides are designed to kill pests. They escape into the general environment, but that’s not deliberate. With wireless technology, the pollutant is the product, and that’s a big difference.   [00:09:57] Ashley James: You know what scares me is hearing that Elon Musk is launching satellites so that he can bathe every square mile in the entire earth with 5G waves, basically. There’ll be no escaping this electric pollution, as you put it.   [00:10:19] Arthur Firstenberg: That scares me more than anything else that’s going on right now on the planet. I am scared of climate change, pesticides, deforestation, and everything else that’s destroying our beautiful earth. But he’s putting thousands, in fact, he plans to put tens of thousands of satellites in low orbit around the earth. And I am less concerned about the direct radiation reaching the earth from a few hundred miles up than I am how they’re going to alter the electromagnetic environment of the earth itself in which we evolved and which we are dependent on for life and health. In other words, atmospheric physicists study what they call the global electrical circuit, and people are not aware of our electrical environment. We’re not taught this in school. Electricity is thought of as something useful that can accomplish things for us. That can turn on our lights, power motors, and so forth. But we actually live in an electric field—a natural electric field of 130 volts per meter on average in fair weather. And it’s a complex electric field.  In thunderstorms, the direction of the field reverses, and lightning actually completes the circuit. So you actually have a complete circuit traveling horizontally through the ionosphere, then vertically down to the earth in fair weather, beneath our feet horizontally through the earth, and then back up to the sky during thunderstorms. This circulates all the time, and it goes through the bodies of every living thing. It actually goes through our bodies, circulates through our acupuncture meridians. Doctors of oriental medicine study a little piece of this science, but basically, it’s little specializations and nobody’s looking at the whole picture. If you put 12,000 or more or 42,0000 or 100,000 satellites, there are a lot of players in this game. Space-X is the first entrant, but there are others waiting in the wings and starting to launch satellites. If you put tens of thousands of satellites up there, each one emitting thousands of different frequencies because you’re serving thousands of different users from each satellite, you’re going to pollute this circuit that travels through our bodies, keeps us healthy, and gives us life. This is what I’m frightened of, and this is imminent. This is much more imminent and life-threatening than any of these other environmental threats.   [00:13:50] Ashley James: I love studying astronomy. Why is it that earth has a perfect environment than any other planet in our solar system for life? And we have this beautiful electromagnetic field that you just described that allows us to have life. That allows the earth to prevent solar radiation from fully hitting us. It’s a shield. It protects us, but it also is what we’ve evolved from. Something you brought up in the book that we evolved from wherever we came from. Whether you believe we came from Adam and Eve, or whether you believe we came from single cells in a swamp, we have been here—for as long as we’ve been here—living with this natural electricity that is moving, that we are part of.   [00:14:51] Arthur Firstenberg: And in the 18th century, when people were beginning to study electricity in depth and when they were beginning to find ways of storing it and using it, it was initially used in medicine before it was used for any other technologies as kind of a panacea for a lot of illnesses. Isaac Newton also believed that electricity was the life force. That this is what gave us life. And my conclusion after studying this field for the last 40 years is that probably that’s right.  Electricity is either closely related to or identical with the life force, with this substance that travels, that acupuncturists work on, and travels through our acupuncture meridians. It’s modulated in complex ways. There’s what a lot of people have heard of, the Schumann resonances, which are the resonant frequencies of the biosphere—8, 14, 20, 26, and 32 hertz. That’s part of what circulates to our bodies. But it’s all controlled by the ionosphere. The ionosphere is a source of high voltage. It’s the earth’s source of high voltage. It’s charged to an average of 300,000 volts, and this is what powers and regulates the electricity that circulates in the biosphere and goes through every living thing.   [00:16:33] Ashley James: So what are the dangers of our modern electricity, of our modern devices? I love that in your book, you show very clearly that at each point in our history when we had a new introduction to the widespread use of electricity, that there was an uptick in disease. Could you go over some of that?   [00:17:05] Arthur Firstenberg: Yeah. The first major use of electricity was for telegraphy. Millions of miles of telegraph wires were strung all around the earth, and there was a new disease described during the 1860s called neurasthenia. And nobody knew where it came from. Its sufferers were tired all the time and couldn’t sleep. Had aches and pains all over their bodies. A lot of things that people who call themselves electrically sensitive complain about today. I don’t use that term by the way—electrical sensitivity—because it gives the wrong impression that people who realize what’s making them sick are not normal. We’re just like everybody else. We just have figured it out. This is what’s making us sick. Like every other toxin in the environment, there’s a range of vulnerability in the population. If you poison the population with anything—with arsenic, not everybody will get sick at the same time. But if you expose people to high enough levels of electromagnetic fields, as we are doing today, eventually, everybody gets sick. Everybody gets affected. But in the 1860s, there was this epidemic, actually pandemic, of what they called neurasthenia. And for 40 years, it was in the literature. Nobody could figure it out, and along came Sigmund Freud in about 1895. He said this is a psychological disorder, and he called it anxiety neurosis, and that has stuck. So today, we have this thing called anxiety disorder, and 1/6 or 1/5 of the population is being diagnosed with it. And everybody’s being put on anti-anxiety meds, but still, the cause is not being realized. Telegraph operators suffered from it to a large degree. In the coming decades, in the 19th century, telephone operators suffered from it to a large degree. And then in 1889, when AC current essentially spread all over the world, and it spread extraordinarily rapidly. Basically, 1889 was in the space of a year the earth became wrapped in electric wires with alternating currents in them. And that was the year when the first modern influenza epidemic broke out all over the world.  Following that, the Spanish influenza of 1918—according to my research—was triggered by the United States’ entry into World War I with the latest in radio technology. The most powerful radio stations in the world. The first radio stations in the world that broadcast voices that could be heard over most of the earth. These were extraordinarily low frequency, enormously powerful radio stations that were turned on in September of 1918. The one in New Brunswick, New Jersey. And that month was when Spanish influenza became deadly all over the world. I traced the epidemics of influenza throughout the 20th century. 1957, the advent of radar for civil defense especially by the United States 1968. The Hong Kong flu coincided with the launch of the first fleet of military satellites into space.  That’s a brief summary. The advent of the wireless revolution in 1996 in this country a couple of years earlier in Europe and some of the rest of the world, the illness that was caused by that was also caused influenza, but it was not simultaneous all over the world because antennas and cell towers were not coordinated quite as well throughout the world as some of these earlier technologies. For example, where I was living in New York City, the first digital cell towers were turned on citywide commercially on November 14, 1996. A so-called influenza epidemic locally to New York City began essentially on that date and lasted officially until the following May. As a previously injured person living in New York City, I escaped one week later. It felt like I barely survived, I barely escaped with my life. That’s when I started the Cellular Phone Task Force and put an ad in the New York City newspaper saying if you have been sick since November 15, 1996 with the following symptoms, please contact us. And we heard from people all over the city who thought they were having a heart attack, a stroke, or a nervous breakdown on approximately that date. And that was the foundation for my nonprofit, which I have been running ever since then, since 24 years ago. And I got mortality rates. I downloaded mortality rates from the CDC’s website.   [00:24:07] Ashley James: Really?   [00:24:09] Arthur Firstenberg: Yeah. I called up the doctor—what was his name in Israel? His name escapes me. Anyway, he directed me to the CDC’s website and said there’s where you can find mortality statistics. Indeed, there was a spike in mortality in New York City that lasted two to three months. I think it was three to four months in New York City. It was particularly devastating. I did this later. There was an increase in mortality between 10% and 25% lasting on average two to three months in every city that deployed what we now call 2G technology that began on the date in that city when the first 2G system went commercial. And I documented this for dozens of cities.   [00:25:11] Ashley James: Going back in the late 1800s when they had the major influenza outbreak after the modern world basically had electricity, had the wires everywhere, and the homes had access to electricity for the first time ever. Had there ever been a documented case of influenza to that extent, or was this the largest we’d ever seen?   [00:25:45] Arthur Firstenberg: Sure. Influenza is an ancient disease. It’s been known forever, but it was never an annual disease. When the worldwide influenza hit in 1889, a lot of doctors had never seen a case of it before. The previous influenza epidemic in the United Kingdom, I believe, had happened in 1854 or 1856.   [00:26:20] Ashley James: That skipped like 20 years?   [00:26:24] Arthur Firstenberg: Forty, forty-five years.   [00:26:25] Ashley James: Oh, huge difference.   [00:26:26] Arthur Firstenberg: Forty, forty-five years previously. And the last influenza epidemic in the United States had been in the 1870s, more than 20 years previously. Suddenly, in 1889, there was influenza throughout the world, and it returned every single year worldwide after that. In 1890, there was in the winter—every year.   [00:26:54] Ashley James: Every year until now.   [00:26:56] Arthur Firstenberg: Yeah. It was never an annual disease before. It was never a seasonal disease before. It had something to do with solar radiation. There has been any number of studies correlating historical influenza epidemics with sunspots. So it seemed to come with the maximum solar activity until modern times.   [00:27:22] Ashley James: It would disrupt our electromagnetic field or disrupt our cells in a negative way, and that would leave us susceptible or weakened?   [00:27:32] Arthur Firstenberg: Something like that. And I also explored the Maunder Minimum in the 16th and 17th centuries when there were no sunspots for a period of 75 years, something like that. And during that time, there were no influenza pandemics. That’s consistent with influenza being—as I propose—an electrical disease, and not a viral disease, although it is associated with a virus.   [00:28:10] Ashley James: Well, the viruses live dormant in our body and are opportunistic, many of them, right? Chickenpox becomes shingles when someone’s immune system is compromised, and warts—herpes outbreaks. I mean, that’s one thing that could be hypothesized is that we have the influenza virus dormant in our body, and then when we are in a weakened state, it comes out as opposed to being caught by people.   [00:28:37] Arthur Firstenberg: That is what a number of influenza specialists have proposed in the past.   [00:28:43] Ashley James: And that’s radical.   [00:28:45] Arthur Firstenberg: Exactly what they proposed.   [00:28:46] Ashley James: I mean, what a radical concept because the pharmaceutical companies would not want us to believe this because they want us to take a flu shot every year. And now they’re saying we should take two flu shots because of COVID. I just thought it was really funny. I saw this video yesterday that Dr. Oz was saying that those who get flu shots have, I think he said, 36% more chance of developing COVID and they cut him off. I don’t know if it was CNN, but it was some interview and they cut him off.   [00:29:16] Arthur Firstenberg: That is actually based on a peer-reviewed published study that says that. Back in 1918 actually, doctors attempted to prove the infectious nature of influenza. These were doctors in Boston, and they published their research in public health reports in The New England Journal of Medicine and prestigious publications. They failed. This was during the height of Spanish influenza. They tried to infect 100 healthy individuals with secretions from sick influenza patients by having sick influenza patients cough several times into their faces, by injecting blood from sick influenza patients into healthy people. Not one of the 100 healthy people got sick, and they ended up saying we don’t know how influenza is spread. There were veterinarians because horses got influenza. They caught the epidemic about a month before people did. They tried to transfer influenza via secretions from horses into healthy horses, and the healthy horses didn’t get sick. So there was a resounding failure to infect healthy people with sick people by influenza.   [00:30:46] Ashley James: I don’t want to call it a conspiracy theory, but there’s been a chatter that areas in the world where COVID has taken off are the same areas where they’ve been introducing 5G or testing 5G technology. Have you heard of this? Is there any basis for it? It sounds like it’d be up your alley.   [00:31:11] Arthur Firstenberg: I have investigated it personally. There is a basis for it. My hypothesis is that the COVID-19 virus causes hypoxia by preventing oxygen from binding to hemoglobin. That the radiation from 5G causes hypoxia by interfering with electron transport in your mitochondria. So the COVID-19 virus starves your blood vessels of oxygen. The 5G starves your cells of oxygen. And when you put the two together, they are deadly. At first, I didn’t believe this, but when I investigated it, 5G officially got turned on in Wuhan, China two weeks before the first known cases of COVID-19 broke out there. 5G officially was turned on in New York City about two weeks before a very bad COVID-19 epidemic broke out in New York City. 5G was on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship. There seems to be a pattern here. Here where I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico—at least when I checked a week or two ago—there had been zero COVID-19 deaths in Santa Fe county to date. We don’t have 5G. Albuquerque does. They’ve got a bunch of COVID-19 deaths. As to why COVID-19 is rampant on the Navajo reservation could be due to other forms of pollution. It could be due to the fact that Native Americans have high rates of diabetes. There’s a lot of factors here. It’s not black and white simple, but there is a correlation with 5G. I did a search last week because I was curious. The Gaza Strip has one of the highest densities of population in the world. I wanted to know if they have a problem with the coronavirus, and it turns out to date, out of 1.8 million people, they’ve had 10 deaths from COVID-19. Essentially, they don’t have the disease there even though they are more crowded than any place in the world.  So there seems to be a correlation, and as I said, I have a hypothesis as to why there is a virus. It is deadly. My opinion is that there was—for the first few months—a pretty bad pandemic, and that has more or less passed. People adjust to it, people have immune systems, and the world is pretending that nobody has an immune system. We have to continue locking down the world, wearing masks, and social distancing. From my research, it doesn’t make sense that the places that have the highest number of deaths and the highest rate of illnesses are the places that have the most radiation.   [00:35:14] Ashley James: Why is it that ever since we have electricity and radio waves—we have all this electric pollution. Why is it that influenza comes back every year in the winter? Is it because we’re indoors more? Because I think people are indoors and are exposed to this all the time, so why winter when a few hundred years ago, it was like once every 40 years?   [00:35:42] Arthur Firstenberg: We don’t know. It has something to do with either the amount of solar radiation, which goes down in the winter, or the amount of artificial electromagnetic fields, which goes way up in the winter because we’re indoors. But that’s just speculation. I certainly don’t know all the answers.   [00:36:04] Ashley James: Like you said, there are other factors. Perhaps vitamin D levels, which are already dangerously low. Many people don’t have their vitamin D tested. To a naturopathic physician, if you’re below 60, it’s unhealthy. You want your vitamin D levels to be between 60 and 100. I’ve had a doctor come on the show—very experienced doctors—say that he has never seen toxic vitamin D levels and he prescribes incredibly high amounts of vitamin D, and he’s never seen someone above 100. But he does see chronically low vitamin D, and chronically low vitamin D leads to and there’s a correlation to cancer and to lowered immune health—lowered immune function. And of course, the more we spend time indoors, the less vitamin D we have and the more exposure to electric pollution, right?   [00:36:57] Arthur Firstenberg: It could well be.   [00:37:00] Ashley James: Right. Very fascinating. What other illnesses are commonly seen with exposure to electric pollution? You yourself had it when you had that x-ray. Can you give us some more examples?   [00:37:20] Arthur Firstenberg: Well, the chronic diseases that we are all living within the 21st century, and I show this in my book. Not only I explained the mechanism, but I showed historically when it began the trend, I graphed it out, and I published all the data—cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. These three diseases were rare or virtually non-existent before electrification, which means before telegraphy began in the 1840s, was well underway by the 1860s. And there’s a good reason for it because electromagnetic fields interfere with the movement of electrons. So this means that it interferes with electron transport in your mitochondria. In the mitochondria of every cell of every living organism. Electron transport is the last stage of metabolizing your food and utilizing the oxygen that you breathe. So when you metabolize your food, you’re producing electrons, which get transferred to the oxygen you breathe. It generates ATP, and this is how we live. If you interfere with electron transport, you are not efficiently metabolizing sugars, fats, and proteins. You don’t efficiently metabolize sugars at the rate at which you should be able to. Sugars back up into your bloodstream and excreted by your kidneys and you have diabetes. You don’t efficiently metabolize, fats they back into your bloodstream, get deposited in your coronary arteries, and you get heart disease. Cancer thrives in anaerobic environments. That’s actually how it’s diagnosed. So you’re effectively starving your cells of oxygen forcing them into anaerobic metabolism and cancer cells love it. So these three diseases, in my opinion, are predominantly caused by the escalation of what in some parts of the world is called the electrosmog. It hasn’t caught on in this country, but electromagnetic pollution.   [00:40:01] Ashley James: The rates of those diseases back in 1870, for example, before the widespread use of electricity in our homes. What were the rates of those diseases then?   [00:40:18] Arthur Firstenberg: Cancer, before it started to rise, was the 25th most common cause of death. About as many people died of accidental drowning as died of cancer. Diabetes was almost non-existent. The first book in English that was ever written about diabetes in the 1780s, the doctor who wrote it had only ever seen two cases of diabetes in his life. Heart disease was a disease of old people and infants—people with heart defects. People in the prime of their life between infancy and old age never got heart disease. This started to change in the 1840s and 1850s with all those three diseases.   [00:41:21] Ashley James: But that was before electricity was in the homes though. Was there electric smog or electric pollution being developed back then?   [00:41:31] Arthur Firstenberg: It was not in the homes but there were telegraph wires in most populated places.   [00:41:40] Ashley James: That’s right.   [00:41:41] Arthur Firstenberg: And not only most populated places, but running around alongside railroad tracks and elsewhere in rural environments.   [00:41:48] Ashley James: Yeah. It’s absolutely fascinating that you go through in your book all of the electric pollution that we’ve experienced in the last few hundred years, and then the rates of these diseases going through the roof.   [00:42:01] Arthur Firstenberg: And back in those days, the return current for telegraphy did not go through a wire. The return was through the earth itself, and that meant that there were ground currents from—well, nowadays it’s the power grid. But then those days, it was the telegraph grid. All of the return currents went through the earth, and so people were exposed to it just by walking around.   [00:42:32] Ashley James: I have a friend who has fibromyalgia, and there was a thunderstorm. It was so violent that when I woke up in the middle of the night, I could see the lightning—the light of the lightning. There’s so much lightning that I could walk down the hallway in my house and I could see everything. After that, I think it was August 1996 in Muskoka, Canada. And after that day, she was in the hospital for six months unable to walk in excruciating pain.  That just stuck in the back of my mind that she had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Back then, it was really hard to get diagnosed with it, and doctors really don’t know what to do about it. But that anytime there were electrical storms, she was put out for days or weeks. And this one was so bad she was in excruciating pain for six months. That’s a natural phenomenon, right? So imagine what is happening to our bodies when we’re around this electric pollution.  I love to point out in the show that we really don’t focus enough on the fact that our body is energy. When you go to a hospital, if you’re having weird symptoms, they’ll put electrodes on you and they’ll read the energy coming from your heart, coming from your brain. They’re reading the energy our body is putting out there in order to diagnose. That every part of our body is using electricity in some way. So when we’re exposed to this electric smog, of course, it would have an effect on us. Why do we think that we’re immune? Why do we think we’re immune to microwaves, Wi-Fi, and 5G? Why do we think we’re immune? Is it all through marketing? I mean, why is it that we think we’re totally immune and then we get sick and we take meds. Why are so many people blind to the fact that our body is energy, and our body is disrupted by the artificial energy we have surrounded ourselves by?   [00:44:54] Arthur Firstenberg: I do discuss this in my book. We have been in denial since the year 1800 as a culture. That was the year that the electric battery was invented. There started to be uses invented for electricity stored in batteries, and then in the 1840s telegraphy was used with essentially electric generating technology which had been invented in the meantime. The fact that it can make our lives easier and take over the work, the animals—industrial society has grown up completely dependent on electricity since about the year 1800. It has to do not so much with marketing, It’s a societal addiction. It has to do with our self-concept of who we are as human beings. It’s like if you took away electricity from us, who would we be? How would we live? People don’t want to think about it. There was a medical controversy in the year 1800 as to even the existence of what in the 18th century, the 1700s had been called animal electricity. As I said, people believed that electricity was a life force. Along came Alessandro Volta with the electric battery, and he demonstrated that you could generate electricity without the use of animals. He said there’s no such thing as animal electricity. There were a big controversy and a debate between Volta and Galvani in the 1790s as to the source of electricity, and Volta’s pronouncement that electricity had nothing to do with biology was widely believed and became the standard teaching in medicine and in society and people forgot. But they didn’t totally forget because electricity was still used very widely for electrotherapy to cure a lot of different diseases basically until the end of the 19th century when it started to be used for lights and power. Once it started to be used for lights and power, electrotherapy died out. People couldn’t continue to think that it was the life force if it could do all these wonderful things and be so powerful.   [00:48:21] Ashley James: I love the chapter where you gave the history of how they used electricity and medicine. That’s what made me really want this to be a movie, like a documentary or something. It’s so fascinating. That electricity can be harmful, but you also documented the thousands and thousands of cases where they saw healings from it. Many people who were deaf gained their hearing after using a specific electrode in and around their ear that physicians used, or back then, they called them electricians I think you said in the book.   [00:48:58] Arthur Firstenberg: They were called electricians, yes, in the 18th century.   [00:49:02] Ashley James: Quite fascinating.   [00:49:04] Arthur Firstenberg: Yeah, it cured quite a number of documented cases of deafness. It cured some cases of blindness. It was reputed to make the lame walk but at really low power levels and brief exposures. They would expose somebody’s ear to a few pulses of electricity for a few minutes and that was it. When they tried to use higher powers of electricity, it didn’t work. It just injured them.   [00:49:41] Ashley James: There are medical devices that I’ve used and that show great results. Ionic foot detox spas that use a platinum energy system, it’s called, that uses almost a rife frequency. The BEMER, which is a mat out of Europe and used as a medical device in the hospitals there, is documented to increase blood flow right at the capillary and also make red blood cells function in a better way, not stick together, and it stimulates mitochondria to function even better. So there are lots of devices out there that use very, very, very low frequencies—gentle, and they see that it stimulates health and healing.   [00:50:32] Arthur Firstenberg: Gentle and brief, it has to be.   [00:50:35] Ashley James: Right. Gentle and brief.   [00:50:36] Arthur Firstenberg: Not chronic, not for long periods of time. And in today’s world, when we’re all immersed in a sea of electromagnetic radiation, I tell people to exercise extreme caution before using any of these devices because it has some therapeutic effects, but you don’t know what else it’s doing to you.   [00:50:58] Ashley James: Exactly. And wouldn’t it be even healthier to take a break? I mean, I daydream now about going to a cabin in the mountains or somewhere far away from all of this and living like a pioneer by candlelight and just having a break, having a detox from electric pollution.   [00:51:20] Arthur Firstenberg: But you can’t do that anymore because it’s everywhere. It’s coming down from satellites. It’s going through the earth. It’s being broadcast from very powerful radar stations. For example, the entire Amazon Rainforest is being blasted by 28 super powerful radar stations so they can track anybody that moves through the forest. It’s unbelievable what’s going on on the planet.   [00:51:56] Ashley James: This episode wasn’t designed to be doom and gloom. I do want to wake people up, but we also want to give people tools. You do talk in your book about what we can do to protect ourselves given that there’s nowhere to run. Electric pollution is everywhere. I mean, I have friends that live out in the Okanagan Valley in a very remote area of Washington, and there’s no cell service. There are almost no radio waves, and they live off the grid, so they have solar. They heat the house with firewood. You can lessen. You can decrease the amount of electric pollution. I mean, you have to really go out of your way. You can’t live in a city.   [00:52:42] Arthur Firstenberg: The most important thing that people have to do is get rid of their cell phones. That is the single most powerful source of radiation that everybody’s exposed to nowadays.   [00:52:52] Ashley James: Fascinating.   [00:52:54] Arthur Firstenberg: You’re getting more radiation from your phone than from all the cell towers and from the satellites, and people do not realize this because you’re holding it in your hand, holding it next to your head. The exposure level goes up exponentially with the proximity to the body.   [00:53:15] Ashley James: You had outlined that when 2G went live back in—I believe you said 1996.   [00:53:23] Arthur Firstenberg: Six and seven.   [00:53:24] Ashley James: 1996, 1997, which was right around that time my friend got sick for six months in the hospital after the electric storm. That’d be interesting to see when 2G went live in that part of Canada. So when it went live, you could document, you could pinpoint in the different cities the death rate going up and strange influenza outbreaks only in these specific cities during that time. Well, since then, we’ve had 3G and 4G. Have you been able to repeat this? Have you been able to see that once 3G and 4G went live that you could again see a spike in deaths and a spike in illnesses?   [00:54:04] Arthur Firstenberg: I have not tracked it in as much detail as I tracked it from zero radiation to 2G. That was very dramatic. Locally, I collected anecdotal reports here in Santa Fe when AT&T upgraded all its towers from 3G to 4G, there were lots of reports of illnesses around Santa Fe. I don’t have statistics to back that up. Those are only anecdotal reports, but it’s very consistent.   [00:54:42] Ashley James: It would be interesting to go back and look at because, of course, the biggest leap would be from zero to something. But then 2G to 3G to 4G, I mean, those just ramp up incredibly more powerful and more pervasive.   [00:54:59] Arthur Firstenberg: There are also so many more providers. There’s AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Each one does a different thing at a different time, and it’s just a kind of a gradual increase. Then you added Wi-Fi in about 2001. Yeah, it’s a gradual increase. 5G is no longer gradual. 5G is very dramatically different.   [00:55:29] Ashley James: Why is 5G so different than 4G?   [00:55:32] Arthur Firstenberg: Because it uses millimeter waves instead of centimeter waves—a very short wave, high frequency. It uses phased array technology, which is focused pencil-like beams where the cell tower tracks your user device and vice versa, or the satellite tracks you in a narrowly focused beam. And the power levels are very much greater. They’re 10 to 100 times greater than with 4G, 3G.   [00:56:08] Ashley James: If 5G comes in my area, I’m going to get rid of my cell phone. I mean, that is just it. What you just described was the final straw. I have a friend who doesn’t have a cell phone, and she’s a dear friend. I’m kind of just perplexed at how she survives in life, but she does. She gets around, and she has a home line, has a landline, and a computer and does just fine. I know it would definitely be an interesting experience.   [00:56:36] Arthur Firstenberg: There are a few of us that still live like that.   [00:56:41] Ashley James: It would definitely be an interesting experience, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my health to that extent. Either that or I’ll have to move to an area where 5G doesn’t exist anymore.   [00:56:52] Arthur Firstenberg: Well, I want people to wake up to the fact that they should not sacrifice their planet.   [00:56:57] Ashley James: I know.   [00:56:58] Arthur Firstenberg: For the convenience.   [00:57:01] Ashley James: I think there’s so much more to discuss about 5G, and I’ve had a few people come on the show and talk about it a little bit. It is so fascinating, and if there’s more for you to share, I’d love to do that. I also want to talk about Wi-Fi because we haven’t touched on it. Dr. Klinghardt, who I’ve had on the show, is an MD from Germany who is actually local to me, but people come from all around the world to see him at the Sophia Health Institute. He regularly helps children who are on the spectrum no longer be on the spectrum. Now, were they ever truly autistic in the first place? That’s debatable. He says the first thing he does when the parents come, from all around the world, with their autistic child or autistic-like symptoms I should say—non-verbal, beating their head against the wall, looking like they’re in incredible agony, these children. He says to remove them from Wi-Fi. Zero Wi-Fi in the house. Have them be nowhere near Wi-Fi. In his clinic, there are no cell phones allowed. There’s no Wi-Fi allowed. Every computer is hardwired. And he says that heavy metals, which have accumulated in the brain, the Wi-Fi vibrates those heavy metals at 60 hertz, and it’s heating up the brain and causing the autism-like symptoms. And then he does a natural detox, a natural chelation of heavy metals. And these children become verbal, stop hitting their head, are able to communicate, are able to look their parents in the eye and say they love them, and give them hugs. It is miraculous what we see come out of his clinic, but he says the first thing is to stop with the Wi-Fi. It is basically cooking their brain.   [00:58:53] Arthur Firstenberg: I agree with him. People have to stop with the Wi-Fi, and schools have to stop with the Wi-Fi. Children have to start living in a non-irradiated environment. They’re growing up much more unhealthy than previous generations of children. Why? Because they go to school with Wi-Fi and they grew up with cell phones. If we want to have a healthy future and a healthy planet to live on, that’s the direction in which we have to go.   [00:59:27] Ashley James: Do you see any correlation between the use of cell phones, Wi-Fi, or electric pollution, and mental health issues? You did mention that anxiety, which was never previously documented, was widespread after we used the telegraph. We’re now seeing that the second leading cause of death in the ages between 10 and 24 is suicide or the second leading cause of death of suicide, and that is new. As of the last few years, suicide has now jumped up to the second leading cause of death in our youth right now, and all these children have cell phones in their hands and are constantly exposed to Wi-Fi. Now, of course, social media bullying is all a factor. Do you see that there is a direct correlation between the amount of electric pollution that our youth is exposed to and mental health issues?   [01:00:23] Arthur Firstenberg: I would say it’s a big factor. It’s not the only factor, but it’s a big factor.   [01:00:29] Ashley James: So, what can we do to protect ourselves? Okay, so we get rid of our cell phone, that’s one thing. If someone can’t because of work, they completely limit their exposure at all costs to the cell phone. What else can we do in our home?   [01:00:48] Arthur Firstenberg: Well, I’m on a campaign to save this planet, not just to have people individually be healthier because it’s becoming impossible. If you own a cell phone, if you’re dependent on your cell phone, which means you expect it to work wherever you go, then you are dependent on the wireless infrastructure. Your cell phone cannot work wherever you go unless the entire infrastructure of the planet is there. All the cell towers have to be there. People more and more, even when they go on an ocean cruise, they want their cell phone to work so all the satellites have to be there.  The demand has to stop. It’s an insatiable demand for connectivity that is driving a lot of this. Yes, there’s a desire to make money, but at the base, it’s an insatiable demand for connectivity. We’ve gotten so used to—as alive human beings—having the right to connect to anyone, anywhere, anytime, wherever we happen to be. That’s killing our planet. It’s got to stop.   [01:01:59] Ashley James: So my friend Sean, who loved your book has some questions, and I think these are fantastic for everyone. He says that it’s a logistical question that in your book, you talk about aluminum or copper mesh to block EMF. How would you do that? Line your roof, cover your walls? How can we live in a city with, for example, 5G? Or how can we live in a city with electric pollution and best protect ourselves within the walls of our house?   [01:02:30] Arthur Firstenberg: I live in the Southwest where a lot of the houses are made of adobe, which is mud, it’s earth. Earth blocks the radiation, and that’s partly how I survive in Santa Fe. If you do not live in that kind of a house, there’s a big problem with smart meters.   [01:02:55] Ashley James: Yes.   [01:02:56] Arthur Firstenberg: That is increasingly everywhere, and they put a meter that emits radiation on the outside of your wall, and there’s basically nothing you can do about it. But a lot of places have an opt-out. If you opt-out and your neighbors got it, you can line your wall. You can actually paint that wall with paint that contains metallic fibers that are usually silver fibers that you can buy from places like Less EMF and paint the wall. It’ll block radiation from that side of the house. If your neighbor’s Wi-Fi is bothering you, again you can block that. You can even do it cheaply. You can put a sheet of aluminum foil over your wall and it’ll do the same thing. The thicker the sheet or the more layers, the better the blockage. The problem comes if the shielding material, if it’s metallic, becomes too large then it starts acting like an antenna. And it actually draws in and amplifies electromagnetic radiation from your environment. Then it depends on the size of it and what its resonant frequency is. But basically, I tell people that they do not want to live in a house with a metal roof because a metal roof is a huge antenna. Unless you want to live in a Faraday cage in complete metal structure. Not terribly healthy. A lot of people sleep on their sleeping canopies, which shield them from everything in their environment, and it’s not terribly healthy, but it does block the radiation. The reason it’s not terribly healthy is it distorts your own body’s electromagnetic field, it reflects it back at you, it blocks (to some degree) some of the earth’s natural frequencies, which you depend on for health but unblock all of them. It’s not a terribly healthy thing to do. But sometimes it’s a tradeoff. If you want to survive, sometimes you’ve got to do it.   [01:05:22] Ashley James: How effective is it to turn the circuits off in the house, or at least to your bedroom when you sleep?   [01:05:29] Arthur Firstenberg: Somewhat effective. The problem is when you turn off the circuit breaker, it only disconnects the hotwires and not the neutral wire. The neutral wire is at the same potential as the earth, supposedly, and it’s the return current to the power plant. So when you turn off the circuit breaker, it disconnects the hotwire, leaves the neutral wire connected, and when there’s dirty electricity in the power grid it still gets into your house. So it’s somewhat effective and not completely effective. What I’ve done in my house is I’ve installed a three-pole switch on the outside of my house, which allows me to disconnect all three wires at the same time.   [01:06:16] Ashley James: Oh, yes. I had a Ph.D. electrician—a really interesting guy. His whole life work is about helping people to get clean electricity and minimize electricity in the house. People will call him up with weird symptoms. He comes into their house, he tests, and he either sees that their entire neighborhood is dirty electricity from the transformer, or they’re sometimes an entire town has dirty electricity and the whole town is experiencing weird symptoms.   [01:06:53] Arthur Firstenberg: I’ll tell you a secret. Every wire in the world now has dirty electricity because there are computers connected to them. There are billions of computers connected to the power grid.   [01:07:08] Ashley James: Fascinating.   [01:07:09] Arthur Firstenberg: And that did to use to be the case 30 years ago   [01:07:13] Ashley James: Yes. This man, Sal La Duca, when I interviewed him, he talked about how after he helped people stop having dirty electricity, all of a sudden everyone in the house could sleep. The insomnia the whole house had, even the baby had it. The father who is an MD didn’t believe any of this. Everyone had insomnia. All of a sudden, the insomnia went away overnight. And I’ve said this many times. I live in a rural area 45 minutes outside of Seattle, and when we have storms in the winter, our power will go out—sometimes for two weeks because of the wind storms. And it’s the best sleep I ever have when the power is out because there’s no Wi-Fi, no electricity.   [01:08:04] Arthur Firstenberg: It used to be that when I would tell people when you go home tonight, turn off your cell phone, take the battery out of it—which mostly is not possible, but it used to be. Either that or put it in a metal pot is just as good. Unplug your computer, unplug your modem, unplug your television, and see how you feel in the morning.   [01:08:34] Ashley James: And leave the electricity on in the house?   [01:08:37] Arthur Firstenberg: Yes. Turn off your cell phone and all the wireless. Unplug your TV, computer, and modem, and they suddenly can sleep and feel better in the morning. It used to be. Nowadays, when everybody’s got a smart meter on their house, it might not make so much difference.   [01:09:00] Ashley James: When I was pregnant with my first pregnancy, I had a blanket that had lead in it. It was quite heavy. It was a lead blanket. And I would wear it over my belly when I was at the computer. I experimented with my cell phone to see that my cell phone lost all signals when it was in this blanket. There are videos of people using these meters to show that the blanket really does block. I’m just wondering, should we be wearing these blankets when we’re sitting at work or wearing clothing that has this lead or some kind of copper or aluminum mesh?   [01:09:38] Arthur Firstenberg: Copper is the best shield.   [01:09:39] Ashley James: Copper is the best shield, okay. We should be wearing synthetic clothing?   [01:09:43] Arthur Firstenberg: Copper and silver are the best. Well, there are companies that sell clothing like that. To some extent they work. To some extent it depends. They don’t surround you completely. They’re not complete barriers. If you’re wearing a shielding hat, for example, and radiation bounces off the floor ad up into your hear onto the hat, it can get amplified from the inside. It’s a two-edged sword shielding.   [01:10:18] Ashley James: Oh my God. I never thought of that. You’re right. Oh my gosh. For those who have to use computers to work—I mean, now, think about the education of these children.   [01:10:32] Arthur Firstenberg: If you have to use a computer, turn off the Wi-Fi. Use it wired only.   [01:10:38] Ashley James: Hardwire your computer. That’s what we do at our house. We hardwire everything.   [01:10:42] Arthur Firstenberg: Hardwire everything. Hardwire your computer. Hardwire your phones—simple answer.   [01:10:46] Ashley James: Yeah, that’s right. You can get an adapter to plug into your phone to hardwire it. And then keep it on airplane mode if you need to.   [01:10:55] Arthur Firstenberg: I do not recommend using the cell phone even that way because it still got the resonant circuit in it.   [01:11:00] Ashley James: Okay. So get a landline.   [01:11:04] Arthur Firstenberg: Get a landline. Use it only hardwired, not cordless, and use a wired computer.   [01:11:10] Ashley James: Got it.   [01:11:11] Arthur Firstenberg: And disable the Wi-Fi on your computer. Disable the Wi-Fi in your modem or your router.   [01:11:18] Ashley James: What about earthing or grounding as a way of helping the body with exposure to electric pollution? Have you looked into earthing and grounding as a form of mitigation?   [01:11:35] Arthur Firstenberg: It’s very popular. It used to be very effective. Nowadays, when the earth is polluted with dirty electricity, most places on the earth, when you plug yourself into the earth, you actually can draw up the dirty electricity into your body. So it no longer is as effective as it used to be.   [01:11:56] Ashley James: What do you do on a daily basis to clean yourself of electric pollution or mitigate electric pollution?   [01:12:08] Arthur Firstenberg: I feel well in my house in Santa Fe. Mostly, there’s nothing that I have to do. If I am overcharged, I fill up a bathtub full of water and put some sea salt in it, and that will draw out the electricity from your body, or a handful of clay.   [01:12:30] Ashley James: I love it. As we wrap up our interview, I’d love to talk about how we can help your movement. I think we’re all on board. We all want a healthier planet. You have laid out very well that there is a definite problem that we have, and we are rapidly getting worse and worse. I mean, I don’t want to be doomsday about it, but if we just run with this technology, we’re just going to get to the point where we kill ourselves and the planet. There needs to be checks and balances. We need to slow down and really take the precaution seriously. What can we do to prevent 5G, for example? What can we do to tell these companies that we don’t want this electric pollution anymore?   [01:13:26] Arthur Firstenberg: I think the single most powerful thing that anybody can do is get rid of their cell phone. Stop being part of the demand for it. That’s the single most important thing to do. They can also monitor my websites, which are cell phonetaskforce.org. I send out newsletters, and there are posted on the website—a number of languages. And my other website is 5gspaceappeal.org. That’s the international appeal to stop 5G on earth and in space. It’s got about 300,000 signatures to date. And they can make donations on either of those websites to support my work and to support legal action that we’re taking. We have a case before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals right now to declare laws that facilitate 5G unconstitutional.   [01:14:42] Ashley James: Yes. Arthur, that’s wonderful. I’m going to make sure the links to everything that Arthur Firstenberg does is in the show notes of today’s podcast at learntruehealth.com. And the link to your book, which I want everyone to read. It’s a fascinating book. I really can’t put it down. I’m very excited to finish it. I’m in the middle of it.  [01:15:08] Arthur Firstenberg: Our third website, which is not so popular yet, is echoearth.org, and it stands for End Cellphones Here on Earth.   [01:15:20] Ashley James: Okay, echoearth.org. I’m going to make sure that that and all the other links are on the show notes of today’s podcast at learntruehalth.com, and a link to your book, The Invisible Rainbow, which is fantastic. I think everyone should read it. Arthur, is there anything you’d like to say to wrap up today’s interview?   [01:15:39] Arthur Firstenberg: We live in dangerous times. Our earth is under threat from many directions. Electromagnetic radiation is just one of them. We have the burning of fossil fuels, which has got to stop. We have deforestation. We have pesticides. We have a lot of threats, and to me, the single most urgent one—and the one that I have become an expert in—is the electromagnetic radiation. It’s more urgent because it’s escalating faster than the other, and society is in total denial that it even exists. This is what I’m working on.   [01:16:34] Ashley James: Arthur, thank you so much for your work. I really appreciate you coming on the show today and sharing this information. I can’t wait to see The Invisible Rainbow as a documentary. It’s going to be such a great movie. Please, feel free to come back to the show anytime you have more to share. We’d love to have you back.   [01:16:51] Arthur Firstenberg: Thank you, Ashley.     Get Connected With Arthur Firstenberg! Website Echo Earth.Org International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space Website   Book by Arthur Firstenberg The Invisible Rainbow   Recommended Reading by Arthur Firstenberg The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker  

    437 How The Mayor of Brooklyn Cured His Diabetes, You Have The Power To Improve Your Health and Reverse Disease, Whole Food Plant-Based, Borough President Eric Adams, Ulcers, Vision Loss, Peripheral Neuropathy and Blood Sugar

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    Check out the supplements Ashley James recommends: takeyoursupplements.com Magnesium Soak: Use coupon code LTH at Livingthegoodlifenaturally.com IT'S HERE! Learntruehealth.com/homekitchen Use coupon code LTH for the listener discount! Check out IIN and get a free module: LearnTrueHealth.com/coaching   Beating Type 2 Diabetes with Whole Foods https://www.learntruehealth.com/beating-type-2-diabetes-with-whole-foods   Highlights: How to reverse type 2 diabetes Importance of knowing the body well Recommended resources when starting a whole food plant-based diet   Some people have illnesses that they don’t know about until it has progressed to the late stages. In this episode, Eric Adams shares his story of how he got diagnosed with advanced stage type 2 diabetes and how his diabetes went in remission by changing his diet and lifestyle. His inspiring story shows that we can still turn our life around by making healthy choices.   Intro: Hello, true health seeker and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health podcast. You’re going to love today’s interview. Please share it with all of your friends and family members who have diabetes—type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, or they’re worried about getting diabetes or their blood sugar. This is going to definitely help them. If you’re looking to learn how to cook and eat the way that this man did to reverse his diabetes and heal all of his health issues, please go to learntruehealth.com/homekitchen. That’s learntruehealth.com/homekitchen. My dear friend Naomi and I have created a wonderful course. We teach you how to cook whole food plant-based so the whole family will enjoy these dishes, and that you can use your kitchen, use your fridge, use your stove, and use the food that you eat every day to heal your body. Go to learntruehealth.com/homekitchen. Please also join our Facebook group. We have a wonderful Facebook community. You can go to learntruehealth.com/group or just search Learn True Health on Facebook. Come join our very supportive and wonderful Facebook community. If you’re looking for supplements, especially our wonderful mineral supplements, please go to takeyoursupplements.com. Fill out the form and a health coach, who has been trained by Naturopathic physicians, will reach out to you and help you get on the right supplements for you, especially the mineral supplements, which are so amazing for helping to restore the body especially when we’ve had problems with blood sugar issues. These supplements helped me along with a diet of very healthy foods, helped me to reverse my type-2 diabetes several years ago, and led me down the path of wanting to become a health coach and helping others do the same. For learning about the foods that you can use to heal your body and how to cook that way so that the food is delicious and healing, go to learntruehealth.com/homekitchen. For the Facebook group, search Learn True Health on Facebook. And for the supplements that I recommend that I’ve been working with since 2011 with all my clients the supplements, the supplements that are designed by Naturopathic physicians to support optimal health, go to takeyoursupplements.com. Excellent. Thank you so much for being a listener. Thank you so much for sharing this podcast with those you love. Enjoy today’s interview. It’s such an inspiring one. I’m so happy that you’re here to listen to it.   [00:02:36] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 437. I am so excited to have on the show today a man who has such a wonderful history in helping the American population and helping the people of Brooklyn and also healing his own diabetes. I love your story, really excited to have you on the show today, Eric Adams. It’s such a pleasure to have you here. Now you’re president of Brooklyn. I’m originally from Canada so I don’t exactly understand all of the politics of the states. Although I live here now and I love living in America. Maybe you can just tell me what does it mean to be the president of Brooklyn.   [00:03:28] Eric Adams: That’s a great question. I don’t know if our founding fathers of the borough understood the complexity that they were going to create in history over this, but it would be equivalent to what many municipalities will call the county executive.   [00:03:48] Ashley James: Okay, got it.   [00:03:49] Eric Adams: Brooklyn is one of the counties in New York City. We have five counties and Brooklyn is the largest of the five counties. I am the president or county executive of Brooklyn, New York.   [00:04:06] Ashley James: It’s kind of like being the mayor of Brooklyn?   [00:04:09] Eric Adams: Exactly, exactly. You have to make sure all of our agencies are providing the necessary services for the residents as well as we put a large amount of money into various capital projects. It’s a very easy way for the people of the borough to be able to reach out to their borough-wide elected [inaudible 00:04:34] because New York is a very complicated place to govern, and this is a good way to do it.   [00:04:41] Ashley James: Absolutely. I love your history. I’m going to have the link to your bio in the show notes of today’s podcast at learntruehealth.com because the work that you’ve done through the years has been wonderful. You were a policeman in New York City. You helped co-found 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care—work that you’ve done in the past is really helping to pave the way for so many people. You also worked in the New York State Senate. Tell us a bit about your struggle with diabetes, though. When you look at your bio, you’re so busy. I’m sure many people who develop diabetes they’re so busy. I also had type 2 diabetes, so I know. I just didn’t take care of myself. I was so busy doing other things and all of a sudden I broke—my body broke. Tell us about your struggle with type 2 diabetes.   [00:05:37] Eric Adams: That’s a great point that you raised. I remember when I was told that I was type 2 diabetic, I remember my son saying to me, “Dad, you used to drive from service station to service station to get the best gas and oil to put in your car. You didn’t put the best food in your body?” That is our narrative. We pay more attention to the things in life—our jobs, our careers, our house, what color of paint in our rooms, and the type of clothing we wear. That which we have the most control over we really ignore for some reason and we turn it over to someone else to make a determination. That’s what happened to me four years ago when after years of just abusing my body, I was receiving pain in my stomach, discomfort. I knew it wasn’t gas. It was just really sitting still. I was out of the country and when I came back to New York, I went to my internist and told him about it. He sent me to have my stomach and my colon checked. At the time, when I came out of sedation, I was also experiencing a severe vision loss in my left eye, my right was also going as well, and tingling in my hands and feet. I learned later that I was at the late stages of diabetes, advanced stages of diabetes. It caused the vision loss and it caused the nerve damage in my hands and feet. I couldn’t even feel my right thigh.   [00:07:27] Ashley James: Oh my gosh.   [00:07:28] Eric Adams: It was only after that diagnosis that it just started me on a journey to figure this whole thing out.   [00:07:38] Ashley James: Did they have you on Metformin, insulin, or both?   [00:07:42] Eric Adams: It’s amazing that we all know the names.   [00:07:46] Ashley James: It’s kind of scary, isn’t it?   [00:07:49] Eric Adams: The doctor immediately told me he had to put me on insulin right away. He told me that I had to take two other medicines as well. I was given three medicines for my diabetes when I left the doctor’s office. I was given medicine for my vision loss, medicine for my ulcer—that was the original discomfort that I felt, medicine for my high blood pressure and cholesterol. I was just given so much medicine. I went in there with no medicine, I left out with a stack of medicines that I was going to have to take the rest of my life. He gave me a booklet, which was so significant that said living with diabetes. It gave me instructions on what to do, how to live with diabetes. I did something, I joke about this scientific. I went to Google and google reversing diabetes. That started me on a journey that I never looked at.   [00:08:54] Ashley James: Why didn’t you believe the doctor when the doctor said you had to have diabetes for the rest of your life and you had to be on this medication for the rest of your life? What kind of hubris did you have to go against the doctor to think that you could reverse diabetes?   [00:09:10] Eric Adams: That’s a great question. I think that there is something inside us that speaks to us but we ignore it too often because of the distractions in our lives. If we take a moment to sit down and allow our soul and spirit to speak to us, I think we’ll find more answers than we think because I could have easily typed living with diabetes, but that one word of living I reversed to reversing and it took me down a different road.   [00:09:45] Ashley James: Yes. I love it. I love it. When you think back, how long do you think you actually had type 2 diabetes undiagnosed? Can you look back and see the signs that you had diabetes for a long time and there’s a lot of signs that you ignored?   [00:10:05] Eric Adams: That’s a great question because the numbers are clear that there’s a substantial number of New Yorkers and Americans who go undiagnosed. It is quite possible because I was really at the last, the extreme advanced stages. When you reach the point of vision loss, nerve damage in all those other areas, I was at the advanced stages. I was probably diabetic for a good while. I would say three years probably. My body was just addressing it and fighting it. When you start getting those symptoms that means your body can no longer manage the high level of insulin resistance and it starts breaking down on you.   [00:10:58] Ashley James: You’re a very intelligent man. Looking at your bio, you’ve always been someone who takes action. You went home that day with a bag full of pills. With the news that your doctor says you’ll always have this condition, you have to manage the condition, and you have to live with the condition. That voice inside you said reverse instead of live with. What happened next? You’re googling, you’re starting to read, what happened next?   [00:11:32] Eric Adams: I’m just blown away when I started reading Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Greger, Dr. Bonner, and other research. I’m like is this for real? Did I stumble on the National Enquirer or something and somebody’s going to tell me they found mineral on Mars. It’s just so bizarre. People don’t realize how bizarre it is to have your foundational understanding of a particular item shattered. That’s what I was going through. I was all of a sudden being faced with the foundation of understanding of life. The concept of disease reversal does not exist in our thought process in America. It is basically you get to a certain age, you’re going to get this. Because there was a moment in the doctor’s office that when he said it I said, “Well, you knew it was coming. Your mother’s diabetic, your uncles, and others.” We in the black community we use the term that she has a little sugar. We sweeten what diabetes is. In reality, there was a brief moment that I said, “Well, you knew it was coming.” It wasn’t until he said, “You know what, you’re going to lose your vision.” I was like wait a minute, I didn’t sign up for this. That became a motivator to find the truth. I just didn’t want to be in prison for the rest of my life with knowing I have to make sure I carried my insulin, make sure I carried my pills, and live through and benchmark my life through did you take your insulin shots before your meals. That’s not the life I wanted to live. I said, “I’m going to do whatever I could possibly do to turn that around.” I wasn’t a doctor, but I was a former cop so I knew how to do investigations, and darn it, I knew how to read. I was going to use those two assets to help me find some type of answers to the question. I was not going to be blamed for not trying.   [00:13:55] Ashley James: You start reading these doctors that layout how to reverse type 2 diabetes. Those have type 1, it’s a totally different disease. The body doesn’t produce enough insulin for type 1 so they are insulin-dependent, but according to these doctors, even type 1 diabetic can significantly improve their insulin sensitivity using this diet, this healing diet, so that their body requires less injected insulin. Type 1 diabetics who follow this protocol have seen great results and type 2 diabetics have reversed their diabetes under this way of eating that these doctors have laid out. You start to see that these doctors are saying that you can reverse type 2 diabetes. Do you start the next day? Walk us through how long does it take for you to start eating the way they tell you to eat?   [00:14:49] Eric Adams: I called Dr. Esselstyn and told him who I was and asked if could I see him. He said, “Yes, I’m in Ohio. If you can make it down to see me I would love to.” I flew to Ohio about a week later and met with him. I was extremely excited. I remember him telling me that if I eat certain foods and do certain things that I can actually reverse my diabetes. I remember laughing and saying this guy is some type of nut. I’m going blind he’s telling me to stop eating steak. What kind of madness is this? When I returned to the city, I started looking through my cupboard, my cabinets, and my pantry and I realized that all the food was processed. It was high in salt, high in sugar, and high in fat and oils. I was like wow. I said I have nothing to lose. After coming back to New York, I immediately turned to a whole food plant-based diet. Within three weeks my vision returned. Within three months my nerve damage went away, my diabetes went in remission, my cholesterol normalized, and my blood pressure normalized. The reason I went to the doctor in the first place, that ulcer, that ulcer went away.   [00:16:26] Ashley James: Was the last thing to go the ulcer? When did they also go away? How quickly did it go away?   [00:16:34] Eric Adams: That’s a great question because I don’t know when it went away because all of a sudden, one day, I said whatever happened to that ulcer? I don’t know if it was in three weeks, I don’t know if it was in a week, but I just remembered that just one day I just said hey, whatever happened to that ulcer?   [00:16:57] Ashley James: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and I’ve had him on the show before. I love my interview with him. He’s a cardiologist who published the world’s longest study on reversing heart disease using diet. His book is How to Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease. It’s a fantastic book. I definitely encourage listeners to listen to my interview with him. There’s a direct correlation between heart disease and diabetes. Those who have diabetes, and I don’t remember the exact statistic but it’s a statistic that will scare you, are most likely to die of heart disease. That diabetes causes heart disease. Maybe the diet that causes diabetes is also the same diet that causes heart disease, but they see that those who have diabetes are much more likely to die of heart disease. You said that you had cholesterol problems and blood pressure problems, that’s leading towards heart disease. Seeing Dr. Esselstyn, what were some things that you learned from him that you applied immediately? You mentioned that you ate a whole food plant-based diet, but what specifically did he have you do?   [00:18:08] Eric Adams: The oil content, particularly saturated fat. He really had me zero in on oil. Didn’t offer meat all together particularly red meat, understanding the power of that, understanding the power of green leafy vegetables—cruciferous vegetables, understanding the power of that. For the first time, it’s just what’s unimaginable as I think back on this. Here I am, 55 years old, and for the first time, I was learning how my body operates. I could tell you everything about my BMW. I could tell you the fuel injections, the exhaust system, the engine, and everything about it, but I knew nothing about my body, nothing about the importance of nutrients and how it plays a major role. It was through that visit that I started to listen to the foods he talked about. The power of beans and lentils. The power of different vegetables and what they do. He really started the process for me of learning of what we put in our mouths and how what we put in will impact how your body operates. Our bodies are machines and if you do not put in the right items it needs to fuel itself, then it’s not going to function. It’s almost like a car. You could put it in bad gas, watered-down gas. It will chunk along for years, but eventually, that engine, which is the heart, is going to break down. Eventually, the exhaust system, which is your colon, it’s going to break down. Eventually, your knees, which are the wheels, it’s going to break down. People who say well I’ve been eating this for years, yes, your car will run on bad gas for years, but when it breaks down it breaks down.   [00:20:22] Ashley James: Exactly. I love the car analogy because like you said, we will take better care of our car than our body. The fuel you put into your car, the work you put into your car to maintain, to prevent problems really does save your car and give your car life. We actually have in our garage a 1984 BMW 633CSi. We’ve had it for years. My husband takes care of it. He babies it. He replaced the engine in it. He’s about to replace the suspension. He babies it. What’s cool is that was the car I grew up in. My dad had that car back when I was a kid. I get to sit in the same car I grew up in, not the exact same but the same model. It’s so neat to have that. Because we maintain it so well, it’s in the same running state that it was over 30 years ago. How cool is that, right? That’s the same with our body. You really take care—we have 37.2 trillion cells in our body that require thousands of nutrients and phytochemicals every day to fully function. Sometimes people just eat crap food and their car is going to break down faster. But you’re saying we choose the right fuel for the body. How do we know that the whole food plant-based diet is the right fuel for everyone? You were able to go on a whole food plant-based diet and reverse all your health problems. I’ve seen so many people do the same. If I were to talk to the Eric Adams 10 years ago though and say you’ve got to give up steak, you got to give up oil, processed food, and sugar, that would seem impossible. I think to a lot of people who are listening, it seems impossible, but you had a paradigm shift. You had a breakthrough in your life. A breakthrough is when what you imagine is impossible all of a sudden becomes possible. You had that breakthrough and you said I have nothing to lose, I’m going to do it. You started eating fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds, whole grains, beans, legumes, and lots and lots of vegetables, and more vegetables, and more vegetables every day. Then you started to see the results come pouring in. What kind of advice can you give for people who think that would be too hard or impossible to give up some of the foods they’ve been eating their whole life and transition to a whole food plant-based diet in order to heal their body?   [00:22:52] Eric Adams: That’s such a great question because you’re right, if you would have come to me as a 30, 40, and probably even 50 years old, I would not have heard you. I would not have heard this message. Some people are much smarter than I. They can hear something important and automatically make a shift. Others, like myself, we don’t make those major shifts and what we’re doing and thinking until we reach a very dark period. Losing your sight and having the thoughts of losing your limbs is a wake-up call. Some people don’t wake at wakeup at all. They just keep hitting the snooze button. Different people are at different places. What we must do now is to demystify what a whole food plant-based diet is. Because if you were to rattle off to the list of things that I eat, one would automatically say wait a minute those are boring foods, those are not fun foods when it’s just the opposite. The variations of my meals, of my introductions of different spices in my life, and of the way I prepare my meals, I enjoy my food better than I ever did before. You can get the sweet taste that you’re looking for. You can get a salty taste mixing in lemon and vinegar together. You could use dates to give you a wonderful sweet taste. Fruits have natural sugars that won’t harm your body. It is about rethinking our relationship with food and then finding the entry points for people. What I found throughout this journey is showing parents how important it is to eat, to enjoy a healthy life with your children, and so your children could have a healthy life. It is alarming to know that 70% of 12-year-olds have early signs of heart disease. That’s the number one killer in America. We send up our children up for failure. I think those are the entry points that we need to find. Each of us, we all have different entry points. Some people eat healthily for their grandchildren, some people eat healthily because they’re going through a personal experience, and some people change what they doing because they just feel it’s the right thing to do for the environment. But we need to be there to show people how they can make the transition to one, food should look good, it should be good, but darn it, it should taste good. That’s how we stay connected to a good lifestyle change.   [00:25:45] Ashley James: It’s so true. I had that fear like oh vegetables don’t taste good, and then I decided to just try broccoli. I made broccoli. I love making steamed broccoli. I just steamed broccoli and I just ate a bowl full of broccoli. I sat there and I decided to just focus on how many flavors I could experience because I was so used to oily, salty, highly processed, and hyper-palatable foods. So just getting back to what is actually broccoli with nothing on it tastes like, and by the end of the meal, I could identify at least 10 different flavors. There’s a bit of salt in broccoli, there’s a bit of sweetness, and there are layers of flavor. If you just eat one food like just a potato with nothing on it—a yellow potato is my favorite thing in the world. You bake a yellow potato; it’s got the most delicious flavor profile. Just getting back to what does a red pepper tastes like with nothing on it, eating a mono food, just one food and trying to experience all the flavors in that food really makes you realize you don’t need to add oil, salt, and sugar to mask the flavor of these beautiful foods. I love that you added adding lemon, lime, or balsamic. Balsamic is something that Dr. Esselstyn says to add to your food often because it is really healing for the cardiovascular system because it increases the nitric oxide. I know that you have to go so I want to honor your time. What resources do you have? Do you want to plug any websites or books? Do you have any resources that you want to recommend?   [00:27:28] Eric Adams: The starting point is really Dr. Greger’s book How Not to Die. An amazing book that really is a starting point to allow people to become smarter around food. The second favorite of mine is Forks Over Knives Meal Plan because it’s a step-by-step, day-by-day, seven-week meal plan starting with one meal of a day of what you take out and make it into a whole food, healthy, and good tasting meal. The recipes are amazing inside the book. People who like pancakes, you can make healthy pancakes. People who like rice, you can use instead of white rice, brown rice. It’s just a great meal plan that could be extremely helpful. The combination of those two books really sets the tone of what I believe is a good first step and a first start. You can start with just meatless Mondays. If you didn’t die because you didn’t have meat, you’ll see that it is possible eating a healthy life.   [00:28:41] Ashley James: I totally agree with you. Meatless Mondays is a great idea or there’s another one where you don’t eat meat until dinnertime or something like that where you try a few meals without meat. That was the first step for me because I had never had a meal without meat. It wouldn’t even be a meal to me if it didn’t have meat in it. To have meatless meals and then go whoa, I feel full, I feel good, this is great. You said in your story you very quickly saw changes. I really want to challenge people to try it for seven days. To go eliminate oil, salt, and sugar and to eat nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, beans, and tons of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Just try that. Just eat those whole foods that are obviously plants that’s why it’s whole food plant-based. Eat those foods for seven days. In your first seven days, what did you notice? Now I noticed that I woke up hours earlier. I was not groggy in the morning, I had way more energy, especially when I incorporated more potatoes. Because I was afraid of carbs, afraid of potatoes, but when I took out the fat and the meat and I added more carbohydrates—more potatoes, my blood sugar went down and stabilized. That freaked me out because I was eating more carbs than ever, but my blood sugar became better and I had more energy. I noticed throughout the day I had sustainable energy whereas when I ate meat, I was falling asleep all the time. We are told to be afraid of potatoes and afraid of carbs but it was the opposite. In the first seven days of you eating whole food plant-based, what did you notice? When people set out to do a seven-day challenge, what are they excited to notice in their bodies?   [00:30:31] Eric Adams: Definitely the weight loss. I started to feel as though I was not as bloated, not as constipated, and not as gassy. The lethargic feeling that used to accompany me throughout the day—my day is extremely full and busy. I would have to continuously take the sugar boost, eating some type of pastry, cake, or something that would boost my energy. Waking up in the morning just really energetic, ready to take on a day. I have a full day and I start extremely early. Being able to wake up with the right level of energy is so important because you’re interacting with people in the public, and they feed off your energy. It was just a combination of just feeling different. I don’t even recall, when I was 21, feeling the way I feel now. My body and my mind, the clarity of mind. But within the first seven days, you’re going to notice a difference in how you wake up, how you feel, and how your body feels. That your body no longer feels sluggish and weighted down.   [00:31:47] Ashley James: Amazing. I love it. It’s so true. Thank you so much, Eric Adams, for coming on the show today.   [00:31:51] Eric Adams: Thank you.   [00:31:52] Ashley James: It’s been such a pleasure. I’ll make sure all your links are in the show notes of today’s podcast at learntruehealth.com. Your message is inspiring and I love the work that you do. It’s been such a pleasure talking to you today.   [00:32:03] Eric Adams: Thank you. Have a good day.   [00:32:04] Ashley James: I hope you enjoyed today’s episode of the Learn True Health podcast. Check out episode 232. It’s my interview with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. Although the title is about heart disease, it’s the same diet that is used to reverse diabetes. In fact, it is used to help the body heal itself from many issues. Episode 232, my interview with Caldwell Esselstyn. I highly recommend you listen to it if you haven’t already. You can go to learntruehealth.com and check out all of the wonderful resources there. We transcribe all of our interviews so you can scan through and read interviews. We have some really great free goodies on the site as well. If you have a friend, family member, or yourself suffer from anxiety, I have a wonderful course where you learn tools on how to eliminate anxiety. How to turn off the anxiety response in the body, how to decrease stress, and increase health mentally, emotionally, and physically. Go to learntruehealth.com, search through the menu. You’ll see there are many resources on the site available to you there. Thank you so much for being a listener and thank you so much for sharing this podcast with those you care about. Let’s help turn this little ripple into a tidal wave and help as many people as possible to learn true health.   Get Connected With Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams!  Website Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube   Recommended Reading by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger

    436 Fighting Corruption in Science, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Plague of Corruption, The Negative Effects of Wrongly Wearing A Mask, Vaccine Safty, Natural Ways to Stay Safe & Healthy, COVID-19

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    Contact Sunlighten Saunas for their Special Listener Sale during the month of June for Father's Day! Call 877-292-0020 Check out the supplements Ashley James recommends: takeyoursupplements.com Magnesium Soak: Use coupon code LTH at Livingthegoodlifenaturally.com IT'S HERE! Learntruehealth.com/homekitchen Use coupon code LTH for the listener discount! Check out IIN and get a free module: LearnTrueHealth.com/coaching   Dr. Judy Mikovits’ Plague of Corruption https://www.learntruehealth.com/dr-judy-mikovits-plague-of-corruption   Highlights: Genetically modified foods cause different diseases such as cancer Vaccines are manufactured as one size fits all and are injuring some people Vaccines contaminated with lots of viruses Wearing a mask causes oxidative stress after some time   Is wearing a mask necessary to prevent you from getting COVID-19? Or is it doing more harm to the body than good? In this episode, Dr. Judy Mikovits uncovers some things that the mainstream media is not reporting. She talks about vaccinations, coronavirus, and wearing a mask. She also enumerates the things we should be doing to have a healthy immune system.   [00:00:00] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 436. I am so excited for today’s guest. We have with us, for me, this is like having a celebrity on the show, Dr. Judy Mikovits. I heard your interview with Robyn Openshaw, whom I’ve had on the show before. Then I started hearing you pop up in other places and many other alternative health interviews. The information you have to share is amazing, but what I’ve been equally as surprised is the pushback from the mainstream media, how they are trying to discredit you. You have such a strong background in science, and they’re trying to discredit you. That makes me feel like you’re on to something. They don’t want people to know your information. You came out with a book called Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and that is fascinating. So many people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome that would love to know more about how they could support their body’s ability to heal itself and come back into balance. Recently, in April, you released with your co-author Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science. I’d love to talk about both your books today, and I’d also love to talk about wearing masks, about the coronavirus, and also about the background that you have that educates you in your interpretation of the current events that are going on. Welcome to the show.   [00:01:47] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Thanks so much, Ashley. It’s a delight to be here.   [00:01:51] Ashley James: Absolutely, yes.   [00:01:52] Dr. Judy Mikovits: In fact, our first book Plague, Kent Heckenlively co-authored that with me, it actually came out in November of 2014 and the paperback came out in 2017. What’s interesting about that is the paperback has new material in the front of the look all about what I didn’t know about the Plague of Corruption surrounding what happened to me about the events in Plague. We called it Plague because we associated a new family of AIDS-like viruses with contagious retroviruses from mice, not only with chronic fatigue syndrome. After our first paper was published about chronic fatigue syndrome, it became clear that these viruses, there was a large family of viruses, not only from mice, but from monkeys and other things that had heavily contaminated the blood supply then were associated with not only chronic fatigue syndrome but cancers, autism, autoimmune disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and multiple sclerosis—just a nightmare.   [00:03:12] Ashley James: Oh my goodness. That is revolutionary to be able to see that viruses could be the contributor of or the trigger for those illnesses. Why isn’t this more widespread? Why isn’t this information being more widely accepted?   [00:03:30] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Obviously, the problem is that the government caused it. The paper was celebrated when it came out because doctors everywhere saw it because it was published on October 8th in our science paper of the discovery of this new family of human retrovirus. What I should say is we didn’t necessarily discover it, the sequences, parts of those viruses had been described about two, three years earlier in men with an aggressive form of prostate cancer that was really not familial that appeared to be infectious. My background is cancer research, drug development, and immune therapy. That’s what I did at the National Cancer Institute for 22 years including my last job. From 1999 to 2001, before I left to go to industry, was the lab of antiviral drug mechanism. My job, in that job at the National Cancer Institute as a director of an internationally recognized program, was to understand how HIV/AIDS-associated cancers. How to cure them? What were biomarkers? What was driving cancer in some people with HIV like Kaposi sarcoma will remember, brain cancers, some kinds of lung cancers, or leukemia? There were other viruses associated. We learned that Kaposi sarcoma, which ended up being a herpes virus, collaborating with the HIV and so you could target both. We’ve made great strides since 1999 in curing HIV/AIDS-associated, not only malignancies but other diseases such that we now know quite well, we see it on TV every day, you can have HIV and never get AIDS. This was my background that you asked for. It’s experience started with a biochemistry degree from the University of Virginia, started to develop immune therapies. Remember, vaccines are immune therapies. What that means is my entire life’s work is based on the idea, the hypothesis, the fact now that we know is the fact that you can educate the immune system to prevent and treat infectious and chronic diseases including cancer. My first job was to purify type 1 interferon and that interferon was the first immune therapy used. It’s actually, still to this day, a fabulous prevention strategy for even coronaviruses and other retroviruses and would have been a treatment for AIDS. But the Plague of Corruption, the reason we wrote the second book, is what we realized in August of 2014 when our first book was impressed. What I realized when I first met one of my heroes Dr. Brian Hooker who uncovered, who dogged criminal scientist William Thompson of the CDC who admitted their studies were fraud, who admitted they covered up the fact that if you gave vaccines to black boys MMR in that particular study if you gave MMR to black boys before they were three years old, they had a four-fold higher risk of developing autism and even being killed by those vaccines by SIDS. Here in 2020, nobody seems to recognize that for 20 years from 2001 when they covered up the data in a paper that William Thompson was an author on and then they had a date a burning party, this is what Dr. Brian Hooker uncovered. He’s really the hero in all of this because had I never met him on August 31, 2014, we would have never realized that the Plague of Disease is this explosion in cancer and chronic diseases that we see today was in fact caused by heavily contaminated blood supply since the 80s, since the earliest days of HIV/AIDS through vaccines, which all liability had been removed from in 1986. They were heavily contaminated by lots of viruses, not just the family we discovered—mycoplasma, mold, think of chronic Lyme disease, and Borrelia. You don’t get a bull’s-eye, why? Because you injected it, you weren’t infected with it.   [00:08:58] Ashley James: I watched the Vaxxed documentary and that’s something I think everyone should watch no matter where they stand on vaccines. I think we need to step back and just be okay with taking in information that may go against our current belief system. If we’re holding so firmly onto our belief system that it becomes dogma, then we blind ourselves to a new truth that may arise. I’m not asking anyone to be in anti-vaxxer or a pro-vaxxer or whatever. I’m just asking people to open their minds enough to let new information in. I wasn’t expecting to actually receive much new information going into watching the documentary Vaxxed, but it absolutely floored me when I learned about what you just talked about where you can look at the numbers and clearly see that African-American children have a huge disadvantage when given the MMR vaccine over other people with different genetics. Genetics come into play. Can you explain that a bit further? How certain people with different genetics are affected by vaccines, and why are we giving the same vaccines to all children across the board if we’re seeing that there’s more damage being done to certain people of genetic makeup?   [00:10:31] Dr. Judy Mikovits: There are genetic and epigenetic. That means environmental susceptibilities and that’s one of the saddest parts about the story Vaxxed. I appreciate you saying to watch that because, in fact, there’s a second movie called Vaxxed 2: The People’s Truth. Polly Tommey, who was in the first movie and her son severely injured by a vaccine. He was an African-American. One of the things I should clarify is that white boys had two-fold, a higher fold risk if given the vaccine before a certain age. One of the reasons goes back to those cancer-causing viruses and the susceptibilities for the prostate cancer because what happens is, genetically, we have a lot of different enzymes in our immune systems that degrade RNA viruses. This is what MMR. Those are three different RNA viruses. We inject them in a single shot along with, for a while, mercury but certainly other contaminants, which we’ve uncovered over the last few years since there’s no liability now for 30 years and no safety testing has been done. This is another thing that people don’t realize. Anyway, your detox machinery—your liver, your kidneys, and your immune system—doesn’t fully develop until you’re at least three or four years old. As people think back, I’m 62 years old and I didn’t get a measles vaccine because I had a measles infection. I had the disease and therefore I had immunity from life. I would never, even if exposed, have an issue again. That remains true to this day. In fact, MMR, it’s not only blacks but it’s dark-skinned—Mexican, people around the equator—they have different responses to the pathogens in their environment. They have a single nucleotide difference in one of the key degradation, so it breaks down. It’s an enzyme that when it sees RNA or RNA viruses in the blood, it just acts like a Pac-Man because RNA in the blood is a very bad thing. You want RNA in your nucleus. You don’t [love 00:13:07] your cell and it’s protected by two membranes the nuclear membrane and the cellular membrane. When RNA and DNA, your blueprints for making proteins and regulating all of your gene expression, end up in the blood and in the cytoplasm of your body, it says uh-oh, that’s a danger-associated molecular pattern—remember, I’m a molecular biologist—or a pathogen-associated molecular pattern. It goes and uses different kinds of enzymes that recognize those different patterns and it just chews it all up like a Pac-Man. There’s a single change that makes the enzymes in blacks, Mexicans, and people near the equator have 50% less activity. That is they don’t chew up those RNA viruses as quickly. We don’t really know why. Nobody really knows why. In fact, if those data hadn’t been covered up for political reasons in 2001, we in the Cancer Institute who knew nothing about autism, which was 1 in 10,000 kids and when I graduated from the University of Virginia in 1980. My minor was in children retardation, that kind of thing, for children and looking at those kinds of things to try and understand exactly the questions you’re asking. It was educational. Why are some kids sick, developmental disorders, and things like that? Autism wasn’t even in those books in 1976 to 1980, in our textbooks. What we learn, if we don’t cover up data that reveal inconvenient truth, is we could actually prevent so much injury. That was what was so devastating to me. The realization in 2014 is oh my God, you covered up that those data for 20 years. We didn’t understand why there were differences because we didn’t even understand RNA cells and the immune system or these pathways. New technology, new data, and new opportunities for healing diseases, and understanding the causes. We thought there was no problem with GMOs and it sounds like a good idea. We can feed the world, but in fact, you can’t genetically modify organisms without having them harm other organisms because they are they harm the gene regulation of the entire, whether it be plant or an animal. These are things that are designed by God for a purpose to be used as food. Now we know GMOs can actually contribute and cause cancer and all of the diseases we’re talking about and this is the problem. If all you had to do was wait until black boys were three years old and wait to administer that shot, well nobody administered a single shot anywhere to me until I was five years old. I think I got the oral polio vaccine in kindergarten and of course, we got smallpox, which was then cowpox under the arm. That’s all we got in my life. We got nothing at puberty. We got nothing in 7th grade. We got nothing to go to college. We got nothing at all. I didn’t get another vaccine until I was working with AIDS patients. I was encouraged to get a hepatitis B vaccine, which I did because I was of childbearing age but my boss at the time who was 46 or 50, he said, “No, thanks. I don’t need it. I’m not going to have any more kids. I don’t need to worry about these things.” It’s very interesting how our world has changed. This is why I really appreciate you encouraging people to watch these movies and read these books. There is no such thing as an anti-vaxxer. Every one that is called an anti-vaxxer now is an ex-vaxxer because they were injured and the government didn’t take care of them as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program of 1986. What that did was remove all liability from pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, from doctors, and from anybody giving vaccine saying hey, we don’t understand those genetic and epigenetic susceptibilities. Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, so for the greater good, we’re going to remove all liability. But the government is going to compensate the injured. That program has been so corrupted over the last 30 years. As a part of that program, the government—the HHS, NIH, NIAID, we hear National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease—they were told it was their job to make them safe. To do the safety testing, to see if the combinations, to see if the age ranges, and to do the safety studies in the appropriate populations you were giving the vaccines. We learned only last year by dog at work by Bobby Kennedy in the Children’s Health Defense organization and Del Bigtree of the ICAN decide, that not a single safety test has been done. Not a single safety test or efficacy test has been done. The vaccines aren’t looked at in any way. Every year they roll out a flu vaccine. They don’t look at it at all. They don’t do any safety testing. They don’t do any testing to see if these mouse viruses, monkey viruses, or coronaviruses. The flu vaccine they rolled out on Italy in 2019 had four different live attenuated that means weakened strain. Live attenuated, that means they make a virus, that means you make a virus, that means you’re being injected with four different strains of influenza, and they grow they manufacture the little virus factory are dog kidney cells. Dog kidney cells have lots of coronaviruses. Dogs, all animals, even a flu vaccine grown in chicken eggs have coronaviruses. Here, we don’t look at them at all. We’re talking about a coronavirus that somehow escaped and one person traveled around the globe and hit 190 countries overnight in what really appears to be what drove this plandemic, and I’m just going to keep calling it that because it has little to do with an infectious virus that we’re exposed to by the natural route. It probably has everything to do with a coronavirus, a novel engineered virus from Wuhan, China as we all clearly know now that has in the cell line it was grown in. It was the Vero E6 kidney cells. They were manufacturing growing that virus up in large stocks and shipping it around the world to other investigators in Switzerland, in North Carolina, in Wuhan, and at Fort Detrick. All of this is funded by Tony Fauci and NIAID. Here, you’re manufacturing that in monkey kidney cells. Well, that’s where we get HIV. That’s simian immune deficiency virus is the ancestor of humans. How do animal viruses jump into humans? That’s the big question. Our studies in 2011 said the most likely way mouse cancer-causing and neuro-immune disease-causing retrovirus contagious jumped into humans was by vaccines. Because we’re injecting them. You don’t need to be exposed if you’ve injected them. This is the problem. Nobody’s shown one piece of evidence that said the flu vaccines, particularly, in Italy and here in the United States that the program, over the last four years with contaminated while they were doing that research. Remember, they were doing that research in the same facilities where they’re manufacturing vaccines— polio vaccines. Vero monkey kidney cells are what we grow polio vaccines in. MMR and live attenuated viral vaccines hepatitis, chickenpox, these vaccines are grown in animal tissue. What our book, Plague of Corruption, raised the horrible question. The whole thing about mixing animal tissues and injecting them into immune incompetent, meaning you’re compromised because you’re very young and you haven’t developed that machinery as I just said. You’re compromised because you’re very old and your immune system has been cleaning up these things forever and it gets overwhelmed. What are we doing is we’re taking the most vulnerable parts of our society and we’re injecting them with animal tissues and we’re driving these pandemics literally around the world. This knowledge, all while we were doing these flu vaccines in 2012 through 2018, we were doing these studies with China in the US, in China, at Harvard, and in Switzerland and sending these cell lines, these little virus factories, containing these coronaviruses, these bat viruses, and these monkey viruses and they were recombining. Things got unleashed in contaminated water supplies, feces of animals. We don’t realize we don’t only vaccinate humans, we vaccinate our food, we vaccinate our animals, we vaccinate our herds, and their viromes then wake up and can infect humans in the form of GMOs like bovine growth hormone. There’s a whole chapter in our book about my work in pharmaceuticals on the GMOs and how they were damaging human cells. It’s just the explosion of disease is because this has been covered up now for at least two decades.   [00:24:27] Ashley James: This cover-up must be global. I’m just thinking back to what you said about when looking at the results with those people of color that when they’re vaccinated with the MMR before the age of three, if you look at the raw data, people can see that statistically, they suffer a greater vaccine injury like autism than those who are not from the equator or they’re genetic, their ancestors aren’t from the equator or near the equator. That’s been covered up for 20 years. My question was going to be like who in the United States covered it up? But it’s not just the United States. It’s every country around the world has been using these vaccines and every country must also have been covering it up. That’s just as a global cover-up.   [00:25:29] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Think about what we’re doing right now. The WHO, sure it is a global cover-up. There have been groups in Sweden and in Somalia with the Gardasil injury and this fraud by Merck. These immune mechanisms don’t just go that way. We see a lot of people in the UK, Ireland, and Sweden because they don’t get a lot of sunlight. Vitamin D receptors are quite different, vitamin D signaling is quite different in people from the equator and people in Minnesota or Sweden because you don’t get a lot of sunlight. Vitamin D receptors have to act like amplifiers if you don’t get much sunlight because that’s how we convert vitamin D into the active form that controls more than 300 immune reactions and counting. Yet if you’re near the equator where you get a lot of sun, your vitamin D receptors have to act as resistors. One is amplifiers, one resistor. One molecule looks like 1000 if your genetics are from certain countries, and one molecule looks like 1/1000 if you’re from near the equator. These are things we just simply don’t know about. What we do with vaccines is say one size fits all. It doesn’t fit all and we give the same. Why would we give we didn’t develop? This is always the royal we. The guy who discovered and made the hepatitis B vaccine, a scientist doctor, was horrified when he learned we gave it to hours old babies. That’s not what he intended that work to be done for. This is the big problem is the scientists like me, the rank and file, we’re doing this to cure cancer. My whole life was to use natural products, use plants, educate the immune system, eat healthily, don’t get yourself any toxins, stay out of the way, and we’ll save everything. I helped work on those immune therapies. I developed those things. I encouraged my own family to get the Gardasil shot because we thought they’d done the right studies. We thought they’d done a saline control. They didn’t do anything at all. Worse than that, they covered up the damage done by these things. Yes, it’s a worldwide global—most of the vaccine manufacturers aren’t in the US. They’re in Europe, they’re in China. Think about the garbage that’s coming into this country and yet nobody ever looks at what’s being injected and forced into your arm or you don’t get an education. Now they hit the big detonates switch. I believe it’s because the royal we, these groups, we’ve been fighting for decades. Brian Hooker spent 15 years dogging William Thompson—tell the truth, tell the truth. How can anybody call me an anti-vaxxer? Really? We discovered half of the immune system in the therapies. We saved millions from HIV by our discoveries on how HIV can cause disease. We have TV commercials for HIV prophylaxis. That means pre-exposure prophylaxis. You can live your lifestyle any way you want and should you come in contact with somebody with HIV, we have therapies, we have prevention strategies. We have those same prevention strategies for coronavirus like 70-year old drug hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drugs that we know low dose is fabulous for anti-inflammatory diseases. Coronaviruses don’t hurt you by themselves. It’s the inflammation, it’s the fire. We know those mechanisms. That’s what we’ve been doing. That’s what I’ve been doing for 40 years and probably closer to 50 years because I started doing it when I was 12 years old. I never looked back from junior high school when my grandfather died of lung cancer. I’m thinking, why don’t we save somebody. Cancer was a closet disease. Okay, you don’t smoke; okay, you don’t expose yourself to asbestos. Now we learned that they injected in the polio vaccines knowingly from 55-65, gave millions of people simian virus 40, which is lung cancer, mesothelioma, a cancer-causing virus, and many different kinds of cancers. We isolated in 2009 mouse viruses, monkey viruses, and bird gamma retroviruses. In MMR 5, a study was done in 2019 by an independent group called Corvelva in Italy. They showed dozens of human viruses, dozens of horse viruses, and dozens of other viruses. You don’t need an infectious virus if you injected it. This is why I particularly wanted to come onto your show today because if we don’t want to see round two, three, four, or five of your COVIDS, the worst thing any person can do is get a flu shot, a pneumonia shot, or a Prevnar shot. If we get those shots this year if people don’t wake up and they say I’m going to get my shot to prevent—no. When that sign, as we drive by on the highway here in California, says save lives, act responsibly. Yes, act responsibly. Do not get a vaccine. Do not wear a mask. The mask is immune-suppressing you. The mask is causing you to activate your latent, you’re silenced, your immune system has degraded those viruses. You wake them up. You get oxygen-depleted. You make yourself sick. Every one of those viruses goes right through any one of those masks and you’re making people sick and thinking you’re helping them, but most importantly, you’re killing yourself. If you get a flu shot or Prevnar, they give them on the same day and they act like they only gave you the flu shot, Prevnar right now is 23 different microbial antigens with a screamingly heavy dose of microbial upper respiratory infection causing pneumonia, causing antigens with a heavy dose of aluminum. You inject that in one arm, in the other arm you give those live attenuated flu cause that kind of upper respiratory infection, that cough in an immune-compromised person, in somebody, an old person who’s already on all kinds of drugs. We have no idea how much garbage is in those needles. Nobody knows what’s in those needles because nobody’s been allowed to test them, but Corvelva in Italy in 19, in 18 got samples of these vaccines and did the kinds of studies with the technologies and showed how many heavy metals. That stuff is so caustic. They found the metal from the needle in the people’s blood. You could see red blood cells from other animals in the people in the Gardasil shot in the [inaudible 00:33:36] paper of 2017. I can provide these to you so you can post them for all the world to see, but it’s absolutely horrific what’s being done. This is why we need to talk right now and we need to tell everybody to wake up. If you’ve ever had the flu or you’ve ever had the flu vaccine, you’re as protected from getting a bad disease as you’re ever going to get. We know that the coronavirus, even this engineered SARS-CoV-2 with HIV sequences in it from that cell line they grew it in, even with that, most people are healthy. Healthy people don’t spread disease. There’s no such thing as an asymptomatic carrier. Just as you said, yeah, it’s a worldwide effort. If your listeners, watch thehighwire.com with Del Bigtree from last Thursday, you will see the World Health Organization official who said, “Oh, wait a minute, we made a mistake. Oh, yeah, it’s very rare that an asymptomatic person will spread disease so you don’t have to wear the mask. We know that every single thing Fauci says and the Deborah Birx and Robert Redfield, they’ve gone back on and shown to be wrong. Robert Redfield said, “Well, the mask and the distancing, that stopped influenza this year.” No, it didn’t. No, it didn’t. The people that got the flu vaccine and wore the mask died and they called it COVID-19. When you watch those two shows, you’ll watch how the brave nurses and doctors undercover are realizing they’re killing the people in the hospitals. They’re killing them with the protocols that have nothing to do with the coronavirus, with ventilators that have nothing to do with what the person is presenting with. You’re walking and then your relatives can’t see you. They cremate you. They don’t do an autopsy. It’s all a big cover-up. It’s a plandemic and a Plague of Corruption. The single most important thing we can all do to prevent round two is never get another vaccine until they do the studies and they prove everything we’re saying is wrong. That’ll take a few years and then we’ll realize we can regain our health. That’s the only thing. I can guarantee you, I do these cases in vaccine court. The flu vaccine killed far more people this year than the coronavirus, than COVID-19. It’s difficult to sit here as a scientist. Hey, they’ll take this down as soon as I put it up. We’ve offered. I’ve sat here for the last three months and said I’ll talk to anybody, Here, show me the data. What did that WHO official do? See the data keep revealing. It’s not just my data. I don’t do any data. Hey, I lost my job a long time ago. I haven’t worked in a lab in a decade. All you have to do is read the literature. All you have to do is look around. Wait a minute, the WHO stopped hydroxychloroquine based on two fraudulent papers in Lancet. We commissioned fraud and really quickly, a whole bunch of papers come out so you mass prevent this. What about the four decades of research, the OSHA, and the federal regulations that say don’t wear a mask if your oxygen drops from 23%, which is what’s in the air or something close to that to 17%—you do brain damage. That’s 15 minutes in a mask, or if you’re an old person, this is Peggy Hall, thehealthyamerican.org. I’m saying things that your listeners can look up. Lookup The Highwire show. This isn’t me talking. This is all of us doing every we can to save humanity and our way of life. Every measure they’ve made is based on a model that didn’t turn out to work out, and every word I’ve said for four decades is based only on data. I show you the data. I’ve shown you the data in our papers. I’ve heavily referenced, we have heavily referenced both books, not one word from Fauci. Answer it. Don’t take science the journal and say Judy Mikovits is now a bartender because she couldn’t get a job. Yeah, I’m a chemist and yeah, I make a great drink. I’m a Staff Commodore and a volunteer at a yacht club in Ventura, California where I joined in 2000. I was the Commodore in 2006. Yeah, it’s volunteer so I make an occasional drink, but the way it’s spun is Judy Mikovits is the person who never did anything. The data don’t show that. I don’t care what you say about me, just show the data. They won’t show the data and the news will censor everything. Show us. Your audience can think well, wait a minute, she’s right. We never wore a mask before. Why would you immune suppress? Dr. Russell Blaylock, a fabulous clinician, probably a little my age or a little older, wrote a very beautiful paper about all the immune suppression with masks. That very memory immune, CD4 memory response you need to remember you saw a pathogen before that pathogen-associated molecular pattern. That is quickly extinguished with a mask.   [00:39:29] Ashley James: Can you explain that? Can you just dive into that a little bit and explain it? Explain why wearing a mask is harmful? You’ve talked about the lower oxygen, but how does it actually negatively affect the immune system?   [00:39:43] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Because the immune system, we’re meant to live with it at a certain level of oxygen. Oxidative stress, we have lots of antioxidants in healing plants, right? When inflammation, white blood cells go off in inflammation because there’s a problem, it’s like sending fire trucks to the fire. When you’re inflamed, when you’ve seen a toxin or a pathogen, your white blood cells wake up and you go to the site of tissue injury. The major antioxidant intracellularly in between your nucleus and your cellular membrane is glutathione. Glutathione is quickly taken up when you aren’t breathing enough oxygen because you’ve created oxidative stress so now you need more of your most potent antioxidant glutathione. You make that out of three amino acids and glycine is the critical one because glyphosate, which is Roundup, now all our food is poisoned with glyphosate. We don’t get as much healthy building blocks of those three amino acids to make up glutathione for your cells. You’re crippling your antioxidant in your cells and all of a sudden, pathogens get in. If you don’t get vitamin D and vitamin C those are your extracellular and those stimulates. When you’re wearing a mask you’re depleting your oxygen, your alarm signal goes off and says oxidative stress. You’ll get dizzy, you’ll get migraines. What is pain? Pain is inflammation. Pain is dysregulation of your endocannabinoid in your immune system so it says hey we got a really big problem over here, send out more troops. You deplete your CD4 T-cells. I’m telling you the way I hope you can see it visually and not as a chemist. You deplete the CD4 T-cells because you exhaust them. You say I’m under siege. No, you’re not under siege, you’re just not breathing air. It goes into something called lactic acidosis so your mitochondria take oxygen in the respiratory chain through the eight different complexes in your mitochondria. The powerhouses in the cytoplasm cell that’s what makes ATP, that’s what makes energy. You’re getting less if you’re not breathing air. If you’re compromised anyway because you’re inflamed because you’ve gotten a vaccine, vaccines are made to inflame. Turn on the immune system to fight the invader they’re injecting, the antigen they’re injecting. That gives you a memory response. If you’re compromised you can’t clear it, you can’t make enough as we’ve been talking. We’re not plants. We don’t do photosynthesis for energy. There are many, many more than one mechanism, but the point with OSHA’s safeguarding and Peggy Hall and thehealthyamerican.org will show this in Orange County, she won. She won the OSHA federal safeguards—says if you wear a mask, regardless of who you are, your oxygen blood drops below 17. You can put a little measuring thing in there and everybody’s going to be different. My husband and I have lung diseases that he’s had for years and I was born with. That’s why my voice sounds like this. I have a deviated septum, which means I can’t breathe through my nose at all. If you drop below 17, the little alarm will go off and that’s doing brain damage. That’s going to make you dizzy. If you wear a mask sitting in a closed car, what exactly are you going to get sitting in a closed car with the person you shared spit with for 20 years? That doesn’t make any sense. That’s like driving drunk because you’ve inflamed yourself. It’s called acidosis at a point 15, 20 minutes, you’re dizzy, you’re confused, you go over the lane. You’re already 90-year-old going over the lane. I know my husband’s 82, he drives badly. It’s like really? If you have a car crash, whose fault is it? Is it the government or did you die of COVID-19? No, you don’t wear a mask in a car with all the windows rolled up getting pollution from the car. It’s sitting in traffic in LA in the heat or think of even a healthy young man. We know people and they talk to me because I’m me, but we know people who work in your local Lowe’s store. They climb up ladders all day long and they wear that mask. They get a headache and by the time they get home at night, they’re in pain, they feel horrible, they have migraines, they can’t breathe, and they’re exhausted. The next day they go back to work and they fall off the ladder. I can’t even imagine putting a construction worker at the top of a ladder on a building and leaving him in the hot sun here in California. No, this has nothing to do with human health. You don’t walk down a beach. You breathe air. You ground your feet in the soil, in the microbe, all those nice microbial sequences in the soil from things that naturally degrade—marine biomes, plants naturally degrade. That’s natural immune-boosting through your skin, your immune system. You don’t hide in your house with Clorox, those spray cleaners. I sat at a coffee shop where all the employees this morning had masks on because they’re required by law. In comes the Terminix guy to spray. I’m like oh no. I just pointed to a couple of doctors who were with me and I pointed at him. I could cry looking at this. I see people spraying baseball stadiums to let everybody in and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. What’s in those toxic cleaners? You’re going to concentrate that on your mask. That’s going to further inflame your throat. People ask me, do you wear a mask? Yeah, I wore masks in my life. I wore masks in 2017 when I lived in Ventura, California, as I do now, and the Thomas fires. The smoke was so heavy that you couldn’t breathe for days. Yeah, we had lung diseases and we got those exact N95 masks to stop the smoke. You stop other things from damaging your lungs. People say well they wear them in China. Yeah, it’s heavily polluted. Yeah, they wear them in China. Places where they’re heavily polluted. Places where they’re heavily concentrated. There are a lot of people with a lot of different things in pollution. It’s not drive yourself and drive the inflammation in your throat. I couldn’t wear a mask 10 seconds before that ringer would go off and I don’t wear one. I didn’t wear one. I worked for 25 years, in fact, it’s probably closer to 40 years, isolating those very retroviruses I mentioned. Those cancer-causing and AIDS-causing viruses from sick people. We wear masks in surgery situations to keep everything sterile, but you don’t wear them in the hallways of the hospital. You don’t compromise your own immune system. I never wore a mask working with a patient ever and I isolated HIV. I never got it either because the last thing I wanted to do was immune suppress myself.   [00:47:42] Ashley James: I felt like people were being a little sensitive when it came to masks. I kind of was like oh, masks aren’t a problem. They’re not going to lower my oxygen levels. I had this little medical mask. The kind that like dental hygienists would wear. I used it to go into Whole Foods. I’ve only been wearing it quickly, get some groceries, get out because they have signs everywhere. The times I went to the grocery store and refused to mask I would just get dirty looks the whole time. I don’t need that. I’m going to just blend into the crowd, wear a mask, and get out. The last time I did, this was a few weeks ago, I nearly collapsed. It was really scary because I didn’t really believe that a mask could make me faint. I’m not sick, I’m a healthy person. But standing in line, I’ve been wearing it for maybe 15 minutes, I started to blackout. I couldn’t see anymore. I was fainting, basically. I tore the mask off and it took me hours to recover. My heart was racing, I was so terrified. I was just absolutely terrified. I can’t imagine what the workers who are being forced to wear a mask eight, nine hours a day are going through. Now to hear what you say that it really does lower the oxygen levels in our blood and cause inflammation, cause the body to have to eat up our glutathione, which is a very costly thing for the body to make, especially if someone’s nutrient-deficient like selenium, for example, recycles the body’s glutathione. Most people are deficient in that mineral. Someone who may be nutrient to deplete in certain nutrients, it would cause them quickly to have ill health even further. Right now, we’re so focused on keeping the immune system healthy. If we watch the mainstream media it’s like Armageddon out there. If we follow the mainstream media we are terrified for our lives. Then we listen to doctors and PhDs like yourself who have been in this world from a scientist’s perspective for years and you’re saying masks are harmful in terms of how they’re being recommended to be used right now, that it is actually not helping us, and that we should be focusing on making sure we have our vitamin D and our vitamin C, making sure we’re eating organic non-GMO foods, making sure we’re getting out in the sunlight and fresh air.   [00:50:28] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Correct.   [00:50:30] Ashley James: What other things can we do to boost our immune system and stay healthy from the scientist’s perspective, from your perspective since you have studied the immune system for so many years?   [00:50:43] Dr. Judy Mikovits: A critical thing you just mentioned—minerals. We’re so mineral-depleted in zinc, magnesium, and manganese. Our soil has been heavily depleted. It’s contaminated with glyphosate. What you want to do more than anything is I would encourage a mineral supplement. I use products from different places but my mineral supplements are Quinton minerals and one other, I forget the name of them. You just get a really good, and I don’t just mean magnesium or manganese because you throw the balance of all of them. You want 97 different minerals mixed together just like nature in seawater. You want iodine with kelp because radiation is a huge issue in our inner health anyway, so all of these things are contributing to us being sicker, being susceptible, and being immune suppressed immune-compromised because our Earth’s been getting more polluted. With kelp that you can buy in your health food store. Things like liver bitters and detox for your liver. Keep your liver healthy, keep your kidneys healthy, so get a good mineral supplement. I’m looking through here to see what I usually take. The best precursor to glutathione supplement I know is called ProImmune. That’s Ted Fogarty MD product HBOT, a hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Saunas to detox. Detox all you can. You mentioned a lot of simple things. Just get out in the sunshine and take a walk. Don’t over-exercise because that becomes stress. When you’re sick, certainly, stay home. I use cannabinoids to calm the flames. I call that the dimmer switch on the immune system. I get a lot of things from quicksilverscientific.com. That’s Chris Shade’s company.   [00:53:14] Ashley James: I’ve had him on the show. He’s got a glutathione as well—oral glutathione.   [00:53:21] Dr. Judy Mikovits: That’s what I was going to say. He’s got a new product that he just gave A, D, K, and E because usually you can’t get vitamins A, D, K, and E except from fats, except from meats because you’ll be deficient in those if your food is contaminated. We eat healthy farm-grown. I mean all the way from eggs and meat we know our farmer. My friend, Dr. Zach Bush, said a few years ago on a Del Bigtree show, he said, “Forget your doctor, know your farmer.” Get good healthy eggs. It’s difficult in this world to be vegan because you need A, D, K, and E, but I do know that Chris Shade just came out with a new product that has those. He has a liposomal vitamin C. I’m not encouraging that we just supplement, supplement, supplement, just eat healthy food, but here in this day and age, we really do need to supplement glutathione. It’s from Quicksilver Scientific. They have something called ultra-binder. It’s charcoal, it’s a fulvic humic charcoal blend that I just shake. One little packet a day I think it cost, I don’t know. It can’t cost 50 cents. Maybe $1, who knows. I shake it up in the morning and I simply just take the ultra-binder in good clean water. We’ve got to have good clean filtered water. Fiji water, the brand name Fiji is great for removing aluminum. It’s a little bit of everything. That ultra-binder will even take out mercury and vaccine contaminants in things that we’ve been talking about and you can begin to detox. Just the most important thing is to keep away from inflammation. That by definition means I don’t care if the vaccine is the cleanest thing in the world, it’s intended to inflame. See, the way coronaviruses, let’s just say if that really had anything to do with COVID-19, which I don’t believe for a minute, the way coronaviruses cause damage is first they deplete your antioxidants. Antioxidant-rich foods like we’ve just mentioned—vitamin c. I have a cup of hot lemon water every day. Make sure your food is non-GMO and organic as possible because the soil becomes contaminated with glyphosate. I use ultra-binder. Just to eat as clean as you can so that ultra-binder will take out yesterday’s toxins. Even if you can’t eat clean—most processed foods and things you’re getting from the grocery store are loaded with glyphosate. The less processed food you can eat, the more fresh vegetables, fruits, blueberries, rich in antioxidants, the colors, the cyan, and the phytonutrients. This is the best we could do, but it’ll make you healthy. No such thing as social distancing. Please, hug people. Think of isolated babies. Think of the boy in the bubble, the those with primary immune deficiencies. Think of orphanages that we used to see visions of in Russia and things like that. They’re profoundly diseased and compromised because of a lack of touch. We’re human beings, and this is the worst thing about those face masks. No cloth face coverings. That just stops you from smiling, stops you from loving. Like you said, you get dirty looks. We’re made to smile. Anger is immunosuppressive. Fear is immunosuppressive. They’re not immune boosting. Those are horrible emotions. We’re generating this hate and it’s driving the compromising of our own immune system such that when they release the next thing on us, we will be susceptible. Hopefully, we won’t. I could say this from a lot of experience because it really doesn’t matter what they release. I’ve worked with everything. I’ve worked with Ebola. I’ve worked with the XMRVs. When your audience reads our two books, you’ll see from the first book Plague that the lab workers got infected. In 2011, we realized these cancer-causing viruses and neuro-immune disease-causing viruses, Lou Gehrig’s, Parkinson’s, chronic Lyme disease, and other things. These viruses and ME/CFS release devastating diseases were contagious that you could literally cough them on somebody, that you could get them from the air. I was the one in my laboratory, I made sure my students, the young people, didn’t get anywhere near the blood samples, didn’t do the work that generated aerosols that spread aerosols around. I did all the work and I got a boatload. I zero converted. I got a ton of XMRVs of these viruses in my body, in my blood. What measures do I take to keep myself well? I am not sick, I zero converted a decade ago, and I wouldn’t dare put on a mask. I hate to say it but I’m the people they want to kill. The people that they have liability for that they knowingly injected for decades with cancer-causing viruses, and I mean injected. If you think about it rationally, yeah, if I haven’t been on a plane, if I’ve been nowhere close to somebody in China, I didn’t go to a seafood market, I never went to one of the clusters of diseases—let’s just say New York City or Seattle where there were a few ground zero. I never went anywhere near any of those people. How exactly did I get exposed? When exactly? We didn’t do this with HIV. We did tell people don’t touch them, and that hurt them a great deal, injured their disease, and immune-compromised them. I didn’t obey that then either and I’m just fine, aren’t I? This is the point. We didn’t shut down the world. There are all the data that this coronavirus—yes, it caused a dangerous cost. Yes, there are compromised people who did die from exposure to it, but when you go watch those two shows I mentioned to you, The Highwire last week, in particular, they put the compromised in hospital wings who were clearly COVID negative in positive wings and then they stopped them from getting oxygen. You remember the cannula of oxygen you put in your nose when somebody needs oxygen or you put when you’re in an ambulance? What do they give you? They give you that little thing to breathe oxygen. They don’t intubate you. They don’t paralyze your breathing apparatus input. You can easily look at desaturation. All these things that oxygen desaturates. Just put the little thing on your finger and you can see how much oxygen you’re getting. You can see if you’re being compromised. Why aren’t we doing any of that? Why aren’t we taking care?  Type I interferon 50-200 units. Type I interferon in a spray form, 50 to a couple hundred. Literally, a couple of hundred units a day sprayed in your nasal passages just like you would do a saline nasal spray will prevent anything that gets into your nasopharyngeal cavity from replicating any coronavirus.   [01:01:52] Ashley James: Thank you so much for your time. I know you have to go. I am, of course, left with more questions.   [01:01:59] Dr. Judy Mikovits: I’d be happy to talk to you again. You can tap Kent and talk to him a little bit to round out this one and then we’ll talk again, no problem. We can even take questions from your audience and go again.   [01:02:09] Ashley James: That would be great. I’d love that. Yes, I definitely have more questions. I have them written down. And I know my listeners would have questions for you. I can’t wait to interview your co-author, Kent. It sounds wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time today to educate us. We have to open our minds. I love the saying open your mind so much that your brain could fall out. Just open your mind and take in new information because that’s how we’re going to figure out how to best support our body’s ability to heal itself. The problem is when we listen to the mainstream there’s always an agenda. We have to protect ourselves from fear-mongering, but also stay safe. We want to stay safe, but we have to support our body’s ability to be healthy. You have so much great information. You have two books I highly recommend. The links to both your books, Plague and Plague of Corruption, will be in the show notes of today’s podcast at learntruehealth.com. Do you have anything you’d like to say to the listeners? Maybe homework to give them to wrap up today’s interview.   [01:03:09] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Think about it really in a calm way and think about what I was saying as far as what do you do when you feel good? You go out to the ocean; you go out to the sand. You get tired, you get a little sunburned, you get a little exhausted, and you sleep really well. Those things that make you feel good. Just think, we never had to wear a mask in public. The silliness of you have to wear a mask when you enter here but as soon as you turn around and sit down, you don’t need one. That’s a control issue. That’s fear and anger. That’s intended to generate an emotional response. We don’t have to be emotional. We love each other. Nobody wants anybody to get sick. We want to spend our lives trying to heal people, that’s what we do. We just want to love each other. That’s how we stay well as a society and as families and individuals   [01:04:10] Ashley James: Beautiful. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to have you back on the show. It’s been such a pleasure to have you here today.   [01:04:16] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Thanks, Ashley.   Get Connected With Dr. Judy Mikovits! 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    433 How Not to Die, Dr. Michael Greger Discusses Healing & Preventing Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity & COVID-19 using Evidence-Based Nutrition, Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet, & His Book How To Survive A Pandemic, NutritionFacts.org

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    Dr. Greger's site NutritionFacts.org IT'S HERE! Learntruehealth.com/homekitchen Use coupon code LTH for the listener discount! Check out IIN and get a free module: LearnTrueHealth.com/coaching   How Not To Die https://www.learntruehealth.com/how-not-to-die-dr-michael-greger   Highlights: Foods that we should be adding to our daily diet Benefits of whole food plant-based diet Diseases reversed by whole food plant-based diet What people in Blue Zones share in common   What is the best diet that provides the best outcome for everybody? Dr. Michael Greger, author of books How Not to Die, How Not to Diet, and How to Survive a Pandemic, shares with us the best diet for everybody. He also talks about some of the foods we should eat on a daily basis and what lifestyle changes we need to do. Intro: Hello, true health seeker and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health podcast. I’m so excited for you to listen to today’s interview with Dr. Greger. He only does half-an-hour interviews so I had to be very on point with my questions, to get as much information out of him as possible. One big message that he brings is how you can heal your body and prevent disease with food. If you have a disease, you can actually reverse it with nutrition. If you’d like to learn how to cook in a way that heals the body that is in alignment with how Dr. Greger teaches, please join the Learn True Health Home Kitchen. I designed a membership where I teach with my friend Naomi how to cook food that is delicious, that’s healing for the body, and that your whole family will love. Come join the membership and check it out. You’ll also be supporting the Learn True Health podcast and helping me to continue to produce interviews like this when you join the Learn True Health Home Kitchen. Go to learn to your learntruehealth.com/homekitchen. That’s learntruehealth.com/homekitchen. Come check it out and just learn how to bring more nutrient-dense foods into your diet to heal your body and support your body’s ability to prevent and reverse disease. Excellent. Thank you so much for being a listener. Thank you so much for sharing this podcast with those you love. Enjoy today’s interview.   [00:01:32] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 433. I am very excited for today’s guest. Dr. Greger, you are quite an honored guest to have here today. My best friend and I are both whole food plant-based. She just wants you to know that if you ever become single she would leave her husband for you. You’ve got a lot of fans. You’ve got a lot of fans here. We’re big admirers of your work, your books—How Not to Die, How Not to Diet—and then you have the latest one, How to Survive a Pandemic. I can’t wait to talk about that. Your website nutritionfacts.org is fascinating. I highly recommend everyone go to it and use it. How do you do everything you do? You’re constantly pumping out books, articles, and videos. You must have a huge team to support you. You either that or you have a troubling meth problem. I don’t know. You’re just always producing amazing things. We’re really in awe of you.   [00:02:43] Dr. Michael Greger: That’s very sweet. I do indeed have this fantastic staff, not only 14 folks on staff in the non-profit Nutrition Facts, but we have about 200 active volunteers at any one time. We have this tremendous team of folks—all churning out wonderful life-changing, life-saving information. That’s what it’s all about.   [00:03:09] Ashley James: Absolutely. It’s quite controversial asking people to change their diet to reverse and prevent disease especially since the government puts out their recommendations. According to what they put out, that’s a disease-causing diet. There’s so much controversy. MDs are not trained in nutrition. You have to go above and beyond as an MD to learn how to heal with food. Can you tell us about what happened in your life that made you want to help people heal with food?   [00:03:41] Dr. Michael Greger: Sure. It was really all thanks to my grandmother. I was just a kid when the doctor sent my grandma home in the wheelchair to die. She was diagnosed with end-stage heart disease. She basically already had so many bypass operations. The surgeons basically run out of plumbing at some point, confined in the wheelchair, crushing chest pain, and her life was over at age 65. Pretty sure you’ve heard about this guy Nathan Pritikin, one of our early lifestyle medicine pioneers. What happened next is actually detailed in Pritikin’s biography. He talks about Frances Greger, my grandmother. They wheeled her in and she walked out. In fact, within a few weeks, she was walking 10 miles a day. Thanks to [inaudible 00:04:22] though she was given a medical death sentence at age 65, thanks to a healthy diet she went on to live another 31 years till age 96 to continue to enjoy her six grandkids including me. That’s why I went into medicine. That’s why I started nutritionfacts.org. That’s why I wrote the book How Not to Die and why 100% of the proceeds I get from all my books are donated to charity. I just want to do for everyone’s family what Pritikin did for my family.   [00:04:49] Ashley James: How do you make an income then if everything you do seems to fund amazing charities?   [00:04:54] Dr. Michael Greger: I’m on staff at nutritionfacts.org. I’m the Chief Science Officer. Those who make donations to the 501(c)(3) non-profit Nutrition Facts, they are helping me put kale on the table.   [00:05:14] Ashley James: I love it. Speaking of kale, you’ve mentioned kale as being one of your favorite superfoods, what other foods should we eat every day or at least every week and why?   [00:05:24] Dr. Michael Greger: That’s the second half of my book How Not to Die. The first half is just 15 chapters and each of the 15 leading causes of death talking about the role of diet. [Inaudible 00:05:32] preventing, resting, and reversing each of our top 15 killers, but I didn’t want it to just be a reference book. I wanted it to be a practical guide. I’m translating this mountain of data into day-to-day grocery store type decisions. To that end, the second half of the book centers around my recommendations wherein a daily dozen checklist of all the things that try to fit into my daily routine. For example, berries every day the healthiest types of fruits, greens every day the healthiest types of vegetables, 1 tablespoon of flaxseed, and ¼ teaspoon turmeric. The best beverages, best sweeteners, and how much exercise to get. Basically, just try to motivate people to include some of the healthiest of healthy foods into their daily diet.   [00:06:13] Ashley James: You discuss Blue Zones or at least we see that there’s so much information coming out of Blue Zones and there’s a controversy because some Blue Zones consume meat, there’s one that doesn’t. The one in Italy is all about olive oil. Apparently, olive oil is the cure and the best thing we could ever do. We don’t know what the driver is. We have to look at the similarities. Obviously, you pore through the science. You’re all about science-based nutrition. What is the commonality in all the Blue Zones that really make the difference that if we applied the same principles to our lifestyle and diet we would get the same result?   [00:06:51] Dr. Michael Greger: What they all share in common, again, Blue Zones are areas with the greatest long human longevity, the most centenarians per capita. For example, the people who live over 100 years old. What does every single one of them share in common? They eat a diet centered around whole plant foods and their primary source of protein is some form of legume: beans, split peas, chickpeas, or lentils. For example, the Okinawan Japanese, the second-longest living population in the world, it’s about a 97% plant-based diet. Actually, 70% of the calories of sweet potatoes, basically a vegetable centered diet. The only formally studied population that lives longer is the Seventh-day Adventist vegetarians in Loma Linda California. They live longer than anybody else, and they don’t eat any meat at all.   [00:07:45] Ashley James: I just heard a really troubling statistic. I was listening to a White House presentation this week about lowering the cost of insulin. I heard that one in three senior citizens are on insulin. That really disturbed me that the level of insulin use is that high. The level of type 2 diabetes continues to rise. Now there’s so much controversy because, in the mainstream sugar, carbs, and sweet potatoes would be the cause of insulin issues or needing insulin in diabetes, but you propose that a plant-centered diet would actually help to reverse diabetes. Can you explain why?   [00:08:26] Dr. Michael Greger: It’s not controversial in the medical literature. It’s just controversial in internet land where even the roundness of the earth is in question. But no, the science is very clear. Type-2 diabetes and pre-diabetes is caused by insulin resistance. Your body’s resistant to the effects of the insulin that your body produces. What’s that caused by? This is not controversial. If you look at the peer-reviewed medical literature, it’s caused by what is called an intramyocellular lipid. This is fat that’s stuck inside your muscle cells and inside the liver cells in the context of excess calories so it’s caused by fat. Now that can be fat in your mouth that’s going in your mouth, or it can be excess fat that’s on your body. Either way, we have high levels of free-floating fat in the bloodstream, which clogs up your muscle and liver cells, impairs their ability to respond to insulin, and you can end up with type 2 diabetes, which is the leading cause of adult-onset blindness, amputations, and kidney failure. It’s no good. Now, we have two pandemics colliding. A pandemic of obesity and diabetes colliding with an infectious disease pandemic. It’s important to realize that the underlying risk factors for COVID-19’s severity and death are obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes all of which can be controlled or even reversed with a healthy enough plant-based diet and lifestyle.   [00:09:59] Ashley James: What about this keto phenomenon? It used to be Atkins back in the day, right? Then it was paleo and now it’s keto. I think people like to think that they can reverse disease if they eat a bunch of meat and fat and avoid those really evil carbohydrates. People see really good results in the short-term with keto, but that’s increasing fat. According to what you just said, wouldn’t that increase insulin resistance and have poor outcomes in the long term?   [00:10:30] Dr. Michael Greger: Within the short-term, within days you increase insulin resistance with a ketogenic diet. In fact, the largest chapter in my book How Not to Diet I talk about the ketogenic diet. The data is very clear. People love hearing good news about their bad habits so any book that comes out and tells people to eat bacon and butter, obviously, are just going to sell better than those that come out and tell people to eat broccoli, but the science is very clear. In fact, switching to a ketogenic diet actually cuts the rate of fat loss in half after switching to a ketogenic diet because you’re actually cannibalizing your own protein, but you get the loss in water weight, which flushes out the ketones. Looking at the bathroom scale, the ketogenic diet seems like a smashing success, but what we care about is not a loss of water or protein. What we care about is the loss of body fat. Actually, body fat loss slows down. That’s why CrossFit trainees placed on a ketogenic diet, their leg muscles shrink as much as [80%] within 2 months. Exercise is supposed to make your muscles bigger, not smaller but that’s what happens when you’re on a ketogenic diet, not a good idea.   [00:11:56] Ashley James: Originally, the ketogenic diet was created to mimic fasting so that children with epilepsy could stay on it long term. What about fasting? There are so many health benefits to fasting being promoted out there. What are your thoughts on fasting and should we do it on a regular basis?   [00:12:12] Dr. Michael Greger: I talk about all types of fasting: alternate-day fasting, intermittent fasting, 55-2 fasting, 25-5 fasting, fasting-mimicking diet, and time-restricted feeding. Bottom line, there are benefits from early time-restricted feeding meaning narrowing your eating window 12 hours or less, but critically, that’s in the morning rather than the evening. If anything, you skip supper not breakfast. That has a variety of benefits both chrono biologically based on our circadian rhythms as well as metabolically. We talked about all the benefits. It’s really quite extraordinary. We should not be eating after sundown. I encourage people to fast after 7:00 PM and try to wait for their greatest caloric intake towards the beginning of the day.   [00:13:03] Ashley James: You have a book How to Survive a Pandemic, is it out already or are you still releasing it?   [00:13:09] Dr. Michael Greger: It is out as of Tuesday, May 26.   [00:13:13] Ashley James: Very cool. Tell us about How to Survive a Pandemic and why should we read it.   [00:13:18] Dr. Michael Greger: I try to cover everything there is to know to protect ourselves and our families from the coronavirus. Everything from optimal [inaudible 00:13:26] and hand hygiene, surface disinfection, masks, and how to make your own and hand sanitizer, but the best way to survive a pandemic is to prevent it in the first place. The bulk of the book actually centers around tracing the origins of the COVID coronavirus and what we can do to prevent even greater infectious disease threats in the future.   [00:13:45] Ashley James: Based on your research, because you love to look at the science and then decide what is the best route based on the results, you’re not choosing diet dogma. I think that doctors who like to share that a plant-based diet is healing for the body tend to get criticized because those who see that there’s look, there’s a study that says that this meat is healthier, this fish is healthier, this dairy is healthy, and then they like to discredit them. But you like to look at the science and the results and go and then share that and go listen, don’t listen to me listen to the results, listen to the science. But based on your research, is there a one diet fits all? If we put 100% of the population on one way of eating, would we be able to reverse all disease, or do there need to be certain tweaks? Let’s say, someone who’s a bodybuilder versus a 90-year-old grandmother versus someone with fatty liver disease, should they all be on slightly different diets based on their nutritional needs?   [00:14:46] Dr. Michael Greger: The good news is that we have a tremendous power of our health, destiny, and longevity. The vast majority of premature death and disability are preventable with a plant-based diet and other healthy lifestyle behaviors just like smoking is bad for everybody. It’s not some people that smoking is good for. Eating a healthy diet is good for everybody. There are things that are good for your body and bad for your body. Some people have allergies to a specific food. Are peanuts bad for you? If you have a peanut allergy, it could kill you, but otherwise no. The same kind of thing. The people that are lactose intolerant that would affect some people will have different caffeine metabolism rates, so coffee affects them a little differently. But it’s not like there are people out there where hotdogs are good for them or broccoli is bad for them.  If you go to truehealthinitiative.org, this is an initiative set forth by Yale’s Prevention Research Center which asks hundreds of the top nutrition scientists in the world to agree on a consensus statement as to what the healthiest diet is. Just like you want to know about climate change, you go to the IPCC. What do climate change scientists have to say, right? So the same thing. You can see that there’s a consensus as to the core tenants of healthy eating and living going back decades, and that is centering one’s diet around whole healthy plant foods.    [00:16:18] Ashley James: You have given many video talks and lessons on your website nutritionfacts.org, which one of all of them are you the most proud of?   [00:16:30] Dr. Michael Greger: Oh, wow. What a great question. Thousands of videos. If I can remember half of them that would be… Every time I put out a book I do a new talk, an hour-long presentation where I pick all the most akin of practical, groundbreaking, interesting bits together. Then it gives you this broad overview. Those are probably my favorite talks. I have one for How Not to Diet. I have one for How Not to Die. Those are probably the talks I’m most proud of. Though I yet have to have an hour-long presentation about How to Survive a Pandemic, but I do have about three hours’ worth of videos coming up—17 videos starting at the end of May running through July on nutritionfacts.org.   [00:17:36] Ashley James: We’ll look out for them for sure. As a doctor, as you’ve been taking your own initiative to study nutrition outside of school, because that’s what doctors have to do in order to really, really learn the truth, and as you’ve been helping people, what one story stands out for you? What healing story surprised you? Someone who actually healed their body that you were really surprised that they were able to heal using nutrition.   [00:18:05] Dr. Michael Greger: Those diseases for which we didn’t think that they were reversible. For example, we didn’t think heart disease was reversible until Pritikin came along and showed that was indeed the case. Diabetic retinopathy, diabetic blindness, we thought that was irreversible you go worse, worse, worse and you go blind. No, that can be reversed with a healthy diet. There are two case reports that just came out suggesting that, caught early enough, even type one diabetes may be able to help with a healthy diet. There was the first case report in enclosing spondylitis, this horrible autoimmune condition attacking the spine. Never had any data on that, but no, plant-based diet helps with that too. No surprise an anti-inflammatory diet helps an inflammatory condition. Those are the most exciting things, these kinds of reversal. We have new data on lupus, which is another autoimmune condition with beneficial effects not just for kidney function, which we had already known, but for other symptoms as well. Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, these are just really exciting to see diseases for which there were no good options. Where the traditional approaches have such downsides in terms of adverse effects. That’s really the most exciting work out there.   [00:19:30] Ashley James: What question am I not asking that you would love to answer?   [00:19:34] Dr. Michael Greger: I don’t know. What’s nutrition facts? Nutrition facts is a free, non-profit, science-based public service providing daily updates in the latest nutritional research via bite-sized videos—more than 1000 videos. Nearly every aspect of healthy eating with new videos and articles uploaded every day—are the latest in evidence-based nutrition. What a concept—nutritionfacts.org.   [00:20:00] Ashley James: For those who are not used to the whole food plant-based diet but are intrigued, can you share what do you eat? What do you eat? What have you eaten in the last 24 hours? What do you eat? Maybe you could share a recipe, one of your favorite recipes that would get people excited about trying to eat more plants.   [00:20:22] Dr. Michael Greger: The daily dozen is what I eat. That’s the reason the Daily Dozen came around because I wanted to eat an evidence-based diet and so I’m just sharing that with everybody. In terms of what I eat in 24 hours, I had a big bowl of miso soup for lunch and some cherries. It’s cherry season and oh my god they’re delicious. Then this morning I had my prebiotic mix, which is a combination of oat groats, purple barley, rye berries, and Beluga lentils mixed with cocoa powder, dark sweet frozen cherries. It was kind of like choco berry cherry action with some nuts and seeds. That was delicious. What did I have last night? Last night I had these blue corn tortillas, which I toasted mixed with a fajita mix, which was onions, peppers, black beans, salsa, and some hummus to make it kind of creamy with some adobo sauce, and some smoked jalapeno peppers. It was nice and spicy. Threw a whole bunch of greens in there. A tortilla kind of action. In terms of what might be particularly motivating, I think it’s important to realize there’s only one diet ever proven to reverse heart disease in the majority of patients—it’s a plant-based diet. Anytime anyone tries to sell you on some new diet, do me a favor, just ask them a simple question. Wait a second, is this new diet improving to reverse heart disease, the number one reason me and all my loved ones will die? If the answer is no, why would you even consider it? If that’s all a plant-based diet could do—reverse the number one killer of men and women. Isn’t that going to be the default diet to be proven otherwise? In fact, that can also be so effective in preventing resting reversing other leading killers like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. It would seem to make the case for plant-based eating simply overwhelming.   [00:22:46] Ashley James: I love that you mentioned your app, Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen. I have that on my phone. I think it’s a really cool app and I definitely recommend it. I’ve had Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn on the show. I just love, love that he so clearly says here’s the way to eat to reverse heart disease—being a cardiologist still practicing. I think he’s 86. I’m sure you guys are friends. But what’s really frustrating is I’ve had other cardiologists on the show who say we should drink a liter of olive oil a week, that it’s the most healthy thing we could possibly do for our heart. I’m really frustrated because when I learned the damages that oil can have on the body, can you just talk about is oil healthy, is it not healthy? How do we get healthy fats? Could we become fat-deprived by not eating fat? Can you just demystify fat and oil for us?   [00:23:37] Dr. Michael Greger: Oil is kind of the white sugar of the fat kingdom. You take something like a sugar beet, which is really healthy. You remove all the nutrition and you’re left with just sugar, so it’s empty calories. Same thing. You take a walnut, remove all the nutrition, you’re left with walnut oil, and it’s just empty calories. There are a few fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin E, but basically, just throw a lot of fiber, throw out the minerals, and throw out the rest of the nutrition. It’s like why would you do that? If you want to eat olive oil, fine, eat an olive. The problem is, there’s too much sodium in it, so eat an avocado, eat nuts and seeds, or eat whole food sources. How are we going to get carbohydrates? Whole plant food sources. How are we going to get proteins? Whole food plant source. How are we going to get fat? Whole food plant sources. Are these the healthiest? Not only because the stuff that doesn’t have cholesterol, saturated fat, and hormones—all that blah, blah, blah, blah. There are all the beneficial things that you want like antioxidants, fiber, and vital nutrients. There are some essential fats: omega 3s, omega 6s, but that’s one of the reasons I recommend people to eat a tablespoon of ground flax seeds today to get their alpha-lipoic acid and omega-3 fatty acid, which is important for protecting against cardiovascular disease.   [00:24:51] Ashley James: My dad died of obesity and heart disease, but he survived my mother who was seemingly healthier—died of cancer at age 55. That was the shocker in our family. She died very quickly of liver cancer because she was very healthy on the outside. We want to obviously probably prevent heart disease—being the number one killer. We obviously want to prevent infection. That’s the big focus right now. Many people are turning to comfort foods and alcohol to just get through this crazy time, which in turn is actually hurting them more. Cancer is one of those big things that looms over us, at least over me. Something even scarier than heart disease. What can we do to reverse cancer? If someone has cancer, what evidence-based nutrition should they do to reverse cancer?   [00:25:47] Dr. Michael Greger: After Dr. Dean Ornish conquered our number one killer, heart disease, he moved on to killer number two, cancer. Took a group of men with early-stage prostate cancer, put them on the same kind of diet that reversed heart disease. For the first time ever showed that diet and lifestyle intervention could reverse the progression of cancer as measured by PSA levels, which is a proxy for tumor volume. In the control group that was told to just eat whatever your doctor was telling you, the tumors continued to grow. Whereas in the group that was randomized to a plant-based diet and lifestyle program, the tumor shrank on average— first men ever shown. The nice thing about diet is regardless of what other choices you make in terms of whether you are doing radiotherapy or chemotherapy, you can always eat healthier.   [00:26:37] Ashley James: Very interesting. Should we limit the amount of nuts and seeds like the plant-based fats or could someone go eat as many peanuts, for example, as they want to? Even though it’s plant-based, is there a ratio of carbs to fat to protein that is optimal?   [00:26:56] Dr. Michael Greger: The most important thing is a source, not the quantity. As long as you’re getting your macronutrients from whole plant sources, that’s the most important thing. I mean the only way you could overeat nuts is if that’s all you ate. Obviously, that wouldn’t be a good thing. But I encourage people to eat an ounce of it a day. It’s like a palm-full of nuts. A critically important one of the few foods along with dark and leafy from vegetables associated with literally years of an extended lifespan.   [00:27:28] Ashley James: Peanuts are not nuts, they’re legumes, right?   [00:27:31] Dr. Michael Greger: That’s true but they’re nutritionally similar enough that they actually have the same type benefits. The downside is that when we expose nuts and seeds to high dry heat, it produces these advanced glycation end-products. When you expose high protein fat foods to high heats, you get these AGEs, which we want to minimize. That’s why I encourage people to eat their nuts and seeds raw, but you can’t really find raw peanut butter, for example. But you can find raw almond butter, so that would be a better choice.   [00:28:00] Ashley James: You can make your own if you have a Vitamix or something.   [00:28:03] Dr. Michael Greger: You can make your own, exactly.   [00:28:05] Ashley James: That was my question was the high heat or the roasted nuts. We just need to basically eat the raw ones to preserve healthy fats. My last question, because I know you have to go, autoimmune disease is on the rise. Some autoimmune conditions are exacerbated by nightshades and some grains. What do we do to help people with autoimmune disease to recover?   [00:28:28] Dr. Michael Greger: You put them on a whole food plant-based diet. The most powerful intervention that’s ever been published in the peer-reviewed medical literature for multiple sclerosis and autoimmune disease where you take your own nerves. The most powerful intervention for Crohn’s disease, an autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease. We now have data for benefits for ulcerative colitis, lupus ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis. You name the autoimmune condition and the odds are, we have data supporting an anti-inflammatory diet, which is essentially synonymous with a plant-based diet. It’s true, there’s an autoimmune disease known as the celiac disease for which gluten can be an inflammatory trigger. For those rare 1 in 140 or so people, need to stay away from gluten-containing grains like wheat, barley, and rye, but those are healthy foods for the vast majority of people. People with joint pain, about 1 in 20, feel better after cutting nightshades out. So hey, might as well worth a try, but if it doesn’t help your joint pain, I would put those super healthy foods back into one’s diet.   [00:29:51] Ashley James: Awesome. Thank you so much, Dr. Greger, for coming on the show today. It has been such a pleasure to have you here. Leave us with some homework. Leave us with some actionable steps we can take today to improve our health.   [00:30:01] Dr. Michael Greger: Oh my God. You should go to your local public library get How Not to Die, How Not to Diet, and How to Survive a Pandemic.   [00:30:10] Ashley James: And go to nutritionfacts.org and pour through your thousands of videos.   [00:30:14] Dr. Michael Greger: Do it.   [00:30:16] Ashley James: Thank you so much. It has been such a pleasure having on the show today. You’re welcome back anytime.   [00:30:21] Dr. Michael Greger: Keep up the good work.   [00:30:25] Ashley James: I hope you enjoyed today’s interview with Dr. Li. Please share it with those you care about. Let’s get this information out to help as many people as possible to learn true health. Come join the Facebook group. Search Learn True Health on Facebook or go to learntruehealth.com/group and join the Facebook group. It’s a wonderfully supportive community. We’re all in this together to learn what we can do to tweak our diet, our lifestyle, supplements whatever we can do to just switch it over to build the body into a place that develops health instead of disease. We can heal the body. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Even if you’ve been told you’re going to have this for the rest of your life, I have met so many people, myself included, who have reversed diseases and illnesses that they were told by doctors they’d always have for the rest of their life. So don’t give up hope. Instead, dive in, listen to more episodes of the Learn True Health podcast, and come join the Facebook group. There is hope. As long as you’re living and breathing, as long as you have a pulse, your body can heal itself. You can do many things to support your body’s ability to heal itself. I’m so happy that you’re here to learn how you can optimize your health through every meal, through every breath. There are so many things you can do mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and energetically. That’s exactly what this podcast is here to help you with. So please, dive in, keep listening, and make sure that you share this episode and share the podcast with those you love so we can help as many people as possible, and come join the Facebook group so that you can keep learning and keep asking questions and keep growing. Thank you so much for being a listener. Thank you so much for sharing. Have yourself a fantastic rest of your day.   Get Connected with Dr. Michael Greger! Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Books by Dr. Michael Greger How Not To Die The How Not To Die Cookbook How To Survive A Pandemic How Not To Diet

    431 Anti-Nutrients and The Plant Paradox, Why Gluten, Lectins, Phytates, and Oxalates Harm the Body and Should be Avoided, How To Heal The Gut from Leaky Gut Syndrom, Heal The Brain from Leaky Brain and Prevent Heart Disease Naturally, Dr. Steven Gundry

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    IT'S HERE! Learntruehealth.com/homekitchen Use coupon code LTH for the listener discount! Check out IIN and get a free module: LearnTrueHealth.com/coaching Dr. Gundry's site: www.drgundry.com   The Plant Paradox https://www.learntruehealth.com/the-plant-paradox-dr-steven-gundry   Highlights: Importance of removing lectins from beans Leaky gut causes leaky brain All diseases come from the gut Why nightshades are bad for us Why we should consume olive oil Go-to foods to eat that support our gut   Hippocrates mentioned thousands of years ago that all diseases start from the gut. Now we’re finding out that his statement is true based on different researches on health and nutrition. In this episode, Dr. Steven Gundry talks about which foods harm the gut and which foods heal the gut. He also shares why we need to remove lectins from our diet and how we can destroy lectins. Intro: Hello, true health seeker and welcome to another episode of the Learn True Health podcast. I’m so excited you’re here. Today is our interview with Dr. Gundry. He wrote the book The Plant Paradox, and I have to say, it was quite controversial. I know you’re going to love today’s interview. Dr. Gundry talks about removing anti-nutrients from your diet. If you, as you listen, want to learn how to do that, come join the Learn True Health Home Kitchen. Go to learntruehealth.com/homekitchen. I’ve been filming for several months. There are many videos in there, and I teach you how to remove these anti-nutrients from your diet—the oxalates, the lectin, the gluten, and how to eat a whole foods diet filled with nutrient-dense foods that heal the gut, prevent heart disease, reverse disease, and nutrify the body. Go to learntruehealth.com/homekitchen, sign up, and start cooking food that heals the body. Awesome. Thank you so much for being a listener. Thank you so much for sharing this podcast with those you love. Enjoy today’s interview.   [00:01:06] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 431. I am so excited for today’s guest. We have, this is going to be such an interesting interview, Dr. Steven Gundry. Your book is The Plant Paradox, and from everything I’ve seen, people either love it or hate it. There’s no in-between. I’ve not met someone who’s lukewarm about your book. People are either passionately for what you do or passionately against what you do. I think it’s going to be fun to have you on the show today and share what happened for you to discover and create The Plant Paradox, and how your system is helping people reverse disease and heal their body. Welcome to the show.   [00:02:03] Dr. Steven Gundry: Thanks for having me.   [00:02:05] Ashley James: Absolutely. I have interviewed several whole food plant-based doctors that reversed disease with plants. They are up in arms about what you do. They say it’s just ridiculous that someone would cut out legumes, beans, and plants that contain lectins. They think that these are very healthy foods. I’d love for you to start by sharing. Obviously, there’s so much controversy around that, especially with doctors who claim that the opposite of what your diet is healthy. How do you handle that kind of criticism?   [00:02:50] Dr. Steven Gundry: I just show them the data that I show in my book and it’s subsequently published. There’s actually no getting around the fact that the harm of lectins has been known about for actually well over 100 years. In fact, just to use an example, there are three papers in the literature in monkeys showing that the lectin in peanut oil is a major cause of the hardening of the arteries—of coronary artery disease in monkeys. When you remove that lectin from peanut oil and give it to monkeys they don’t get coronary artery disease. Recently, I published a paper in circulation showing that lectins are a major cause of an autoimmune attack on the inside of blood vessels. That when you remove lectins from human’s diets, that they’re markers for an autoimmune attack on their blood vessels minimizes. We can say I’m telling people falsehoods but in fact, this is all published data that I write about.   [00:04:20] Ashley James: How does one go about removing lectins from their diet?   [00:04:25] Dr. Steven Gundry: That’s actually pretty easy. Recently, I had, on my podcast, Dr. Joel Fuhrman who actually I am a big fan of. A few years ago, when The Plant Paradox, came out, I believe he was pretty vocal that how dare I take beans away from people. I don’t take beings away from people, I merely ask them to destroy the lectins with the pressure cooker. While I had him on the podcast and we were chatting, it turns out that he actually pressure-cooks his beans. He does not eat his beans unpressured-cooked. Sometimes, the noise gets in the way. I had beans three times last week. Believe me, they were pressure cooked. I have nothing against beans, but we have to know our enemy, and we have to know how the plant decided to protect itself. The good news is, for the most part, you can neutralize the enemy by some simple tricks.   [00:05:41] Ashley James: You brought up a really good point that plant protects itself. Explain what lectins are. How does the plant create it, and how does our body react to lectin?   [00:05:51] Dr. Steven Gundry: Lectins actually were discovered almost 150 years ago now. We use lectins to blood type. There was a very famous lectin diet, it was well-hidden, called the Blood Type Diet. Lectins are used by plants as a defense mechanism—one of the defense mechanisms—against being eaten and of having their babies—their seeds—from being eaten. Lectins are proteins. They’re what are called sticky proteins because they actually look for sugar molecules to stick to—specific sugar molecules. Those sugar molecules line the inside of our gut, they line the inside of our blood vessels, they line the inside of our joints, and they line the space between our nerves. The theory is if lectins can break through the wall of the gut and they’re very good at this, Dr. Fasano from Johns Hopkins a few years ago proved that gluten, which is a lectin, causes leaky gut by binding to the sugar molecules in the gut and breaking the tight junctions. There’s no question that this happens. Why do they do that? Because quite frankly if you can cause an animal to not feel well, to not thrive, then a smart animal says every time I eat these particular plants or these plant babies I don’t do very well. I think I’ll go eat something else. The animal wins, the plant wins, and everybody’s happy. Then humans arrived. As most of us know, we’re not very smart. When we eat something that bothers us, let me give you an example, heartburn is caused by lectins. Instead of avoiding lectin-containing foods, like for instance, a hot pepper, which is loaded with lectins, we instead take Prilosec or Nexium and we keep eating these things. That’s really dumb because, actually, there’s a beautiful paper in humans that shows that in normal human beings who were asked to take one of these proton pump inhibitors for one week—one week only—they had dramatic changes in their ability to remember things, process—one week. I can’t believe Larry the Cable Guy thinks that not being very smart is worth a corndog.   [00:09:03] Ashley James: How do lectins cause heartburn?   [00:09:05] Dr. Steven Gundry: Lectins actually break down the mucus lining, that mucus is a mucopolysaccharide—a sugar molecule, and exposes the covering of our esophagus. The mucus is used up by a lectin attack and then the acid irritates it. I used to have horrible heartburn. I used to eat Tum’s left, right, and every day. I haven’t had heartburn in 20 years now.   [00:09:36] Ashley James: Amazing. Tell us a little bit about your story. Your background is so extensive. Reading your biography, it’s amazing what you’ve accomplished through the years and what you have given to the medical space. You have helped so many children and so many cardiac patients around the world, but you yourself had health issues. You uncovered this particular way of eating to heal yourself. Tell us a bit about your personal journey with recovering your health.   [00:10:15] Dr. Steven Gundry: I was a very famous heart surgeon, children’s heart surgeon, and transplant surgeon. Very famous for inventing devices to protect the heart during heart surgery, but I was 70 pounds overweight despite running 30 miles a week, going to the gym one hour a day, and eating a healthy low-fat, primarily, vegetarian diet. I had high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and arthritis. I used to operate with migraine headaches doing baby heart transplants, I don’t recommend it, but somebody had to do it. I thought this was normal because I was assured it was normal because my father was very much the same way. It wasn’t until I met a fellow I described in my books by the name of Big Ed from Miami Florida who in six months’ time following a diet, very much like what I described and taking a bunch of supplements from a health food store, he cleaned out 50% of the blockages in his coronary arteries in six months’ time. He had inoperable coronary artery disease. I was totally shocked that that could happen. I was taught, as most doctors are taught, that coronary heart disease is progressive. Yes, we could maybe slow it down, but eventually, it’s going to get you. To watch an individual—now many individuals—reverse coronary artery disease with food and supplements changed my life. I was ready to discover this. Believe it or not, as an undergraduate at Yale, I had a special major in human evolutionary biology—basically epigenomics. I had a big thesis that my parents had. I’m actually staring at it in my bookcase right now. I actually put myself on my thesis and I lost 50 pounds in my first year, another 20, and kept it off for over 20 years. I started treating patients that I operated on with my program to try and keep them from visiting me again. Lo and behold, not only did they not visit me again, but their diabetes went away, their arthritis went away, their high blood pressure went away, and their autoimmune diseases went away. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years.   [00:13:10] Ashley James: I love it. Lectins, are they proteins?   [00:13:15] Dr. Steven Gundry: Yes, they’re proteins.   [00:13:16] Ashley James: They’re proteins. Everyone’s heard of gluten at this point. I’ve been gluten-free since 2011. So many people have heard that gluten can cause leaky gut. There’s also this new thing that we’re hearing about called leaky brain. Have you heard of this?   [00:13:37] Dr. Steven Gundry: Have I heard? What do you mean? I’ve been studying and writing about it.   [00:13:40] Ashley James: Tell us more about leaky brain.   [00:13:43] Dr. Steven Gundry: It turns out, there is an incredible gut-brain connection that is being elucidated, actually, with every passing day. I wrote quite a bit about it in The Longevity Paradox but my next book, which is entitled The Energy Paradox, gets even more into that. What we found, we now have some pretty nice sophisticated tests that look at the breakdown of the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier is basically a barrier that keeps everything out of the brain. For instance, if you had a malignant brain tumor, we can’t give you chemotherapy by swallowing it or through your veins because the chemotherapy won’t get past the blood-brain barrier. We actually have to inject chemotherapy into your spinal fluid. That’s how impenetrable the blood-brain barrier is. In people with leaky gut, a great number of people actually have a breakdown of that blood-brain barrier. There is more and more and more evidence that conditions like Parkinson’s, like Alzheimer’s, and like plain old everyday dementia is in large part coming from leaky gut and causing leaky brain. You don’t have to look very far to realize we have an epidemic of dementia, and we have an epidemic of leaky gut. In fact, this certainly was known for a very long time. Hippocrates 2,500 years ago, the father of medicine, said all disease begins in the gut. He didn’t have a human microbiome project, but he knew this. The fascinating thing he was absolutely right. All disease does begin in the gut, and the good news is, all disease can be reversed by reversing leaky gut.   [00:16:03] Ashley James: How do we heal the barrier for our brain? How do we heal leaky brain? By focusing on the gut?   [00:16:11] Dr. Steven Gundry: Correct. Leaky brain comes from leaky gut, not the other way around.   [00:16:15] Ashley James: Got it. How do we heal the gut? Is it as simple as removing lectins from our diet?   [00:16:20] Dr. Steven Gundry: It’s not as simple as that. For instance, I just gave a paper at the American Heart Association Lifestyle and Epidemiology meeting in March where we looked at people who were gluten intolerant, who did react to gluten. These people were gluten-free and yet they still had leaky gut. We found that 70% of people who are gluten-sensitive also react to corn vigorously. Sadly, most gluten-free products have corn in them. We also found that in this report, taking away other major lectin-containing foods like brown rice, like peas for instance, like legumes, like the nightshade family—tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and potatoes—then and only then did these people stop their leaky gut. It was not only just being gluten-free, but it was also actually being lectin-free. In fact, as I wrote about The Plant Paradox, you can take people with celiac disease, which is the extreme form of gluten intolerance, and you can put them on a gluten-free diet for a year and a half and 70% of those people on a gluten-free diet will still have celiac disease by biopsy, which is the gold standard, even though they’re on a gluten-free diet. My premise is it’s because most of the gluten-free foods that they’re eating have lectins other than gluten. This is what I just showed in that paper I gave in March.   [00:18:11] Ashley James: So many people who are gluten-free don’t avoid oats and oats getting gliadin, which is such a similar protein. I always tell people to try to avoid oats and then try to avoid them for a month. Avoid them for a month and then add them back and see what happens. Very quickly people notice a difference once they’ve been abstinent from it.   [00:18:31] Dr. Steven Gundry: Yeah, there’s no such thing as gluten-free oats because you’re right, they could cause reactivity of those proteins. As my daughter who’s a horsewoman always reminds me, the only purpose of oats is to fatten a horse for winter.   [00:18:50] Ashley James: Wow. That’s interesting. It reminds me of looking into the idea of eating chicken. People who want to bulk up at the gym are told to eat chicken. People who want to lose weight are told to eat chicken. That’s paradoxical in and of itself. It’s like wait a second, one person wants to bulk up and they’re told eat a bunch of chicken like the bodybuilders, and then people who are on Weight Watchers and stuff are told to just eat chicken, it’ll help you lose weight. But it doesn’t. That’s a paradox. There are foods that people think are really healthy, but they have to look deeper like you do. What about resistant starch? So many of these foods you’ve mentioned, which contain lectins, are also full of resistant starch, which helps to feed the good gut bacteria. This is the paradox. It’s something that could help us but also is harming us at the same time?   [00:19:45] Dr. Steven Gundry: The good news with most of these resistant starches is that you can destroy lectins with the pressure cooker. The only lectin that has not been capable of being destroyed is gluten. You can pressure cook gluten for an hour, two hours and it will not break. All the other lectins, in general, will break. Oats is also a problem. We’ve had a number of people try it and it won’t work, but there are two grains that don’t have lectins because they don’t have hulls and that’s sorghum and millet. I have a lot of sorghum of millet recipes. The other great news is that the best resistant starches are tubers like sweet potatoes, taro root, yucca, or green bananas. They’re fantastic sources of resistant starches, and they don’t have any lectins in them.   [00:20:47] Ashley James: I noticed that you didn’t mention any nightshades. What are nightshades, and why are they so bad for us?   [00:20:55] Dr. Steven Gundry: Two reasons, the nightshade family that we think of have pretty impressive lectins in their peel and their seeds, the flesh doesn’t. Traditional cultures have always peeled and deseeded tomatoes or peppers before they eat them. The nightshade family came from America and, believe it or not, even goji berries are nightshades. They actually came from America and were taken to China and trade. They were called wolfberries in America. Even goji berries are pretty nasty little lectin sources. If you go over to Italy and talk to chefs, which I do all the time, they will tell you that you cannot make tomato sauce without peeling and deseeding your tomatoes. If you go talk to the Southwest American Indians, you know that you have to peel and deseed peppers before you eat them or grind them in chili powder. In fact, what’s really hilarious, is those chili pepper flakes and seeds that we put on our pizzas we’re actually the byproduct of making peppers safe to eat.   [00:22:14] Ashley James: Oh my gosh.   [00:22:15] Dr. Steven Gundry: Oh, yeah. That’s why they exist because they were thrown away.   [00:22:19] Ashley James: That’s so funny. What about peeling a potato, just a regular Yukon potato, would that make it safe?   [00:22:27] Dr. Steven Gundry: Yeah but there has recently been discovered a new class of lectins, which are called aquaporins. There is an aquaporin in potatoes, there is an aquaporin in green bell peppers, there’s an aquaporin believe it or not in spinach. I have, sad to say, a number of, particularly, women who have autoimmune diseases and leaky gut who we’ve been befuddled as to why they get better but not all the way. These women, for the most part, react to the aquaporin lectin in spinach. When we take their spinach way, and they’re usually big spinach eaters, they finally get better. Why haven’t I had a podcast on that? Because I don’t want to have mass panic. Most people don’t react to the aquaporin in spinach, but those that do it’s pretty impressive.   [00:23:34] Ashley James: It’s like if you’ve tried everything and it’s not working, try this one thing, but not everyone. Does aquaporin become destroyed by pressure cooking it?   [00:23:47] Dr. Steven Gundry: Probably, nobody has actually done the experiment but I do have people that eat potatoes and I do ask them to pressure-cook it. So far so good.   [00:24:00] Ashley James: Because they’re discovering new lectins, what can we do to stay on top of this information? Is your book updated? Does your book have the aquaporin information in it, or should they follow your podcast? What’s the best way to make sure we stay on top of this information?   [00:24:21] Dr. Steven Gundry: My podcast covers these subjects. For instance, between my Plant Paradox book and The Plant Paradox Cookbook, it was discovered that pecans have a lectin that in some people it actually causes an autoimmune attack on the pancreas. We put that into The Plant Paradox Cookbook that probably pecans are not your best not to eat, particularly if you have an autoimmune disease or if there’s any question of diabetes.   [00:25:03] Ashley James: Are there any nuts or seeds that are safe?   [00:25:07] Dr. Steven Gundry: Oh, yeah. For instance, walnuts are quite safe, pistachios are safe, macadamia nuts are safe, for the most part, hazelnuts are safe, and Brazil nuts are safe. You notice I’m not mentioning almonds. There is a lectin in the peel of almonds that a number of my patients with rheumatoid arthritis react to. That’s why we recommend either blanched almond flour and/or Marcona almonds—the peeled almonds. Again, it’s very interesting that there are a number of cultures, particularly Spain and Portugal, where the mothers teach the daughters how to soak and peel almonds before they’re eaten. Again, you start looking at cultures and say why do they do this? Because it’s kind of a lot of work. Why not just eat the skin?   [00:26:13] Ashley James: When I was six years old my mom took me to a Naturopath. He put us on a specific diet, and it turned out that Naturopath was Dr. D’Adamo. I grew up on the O blood type diet. It changed my life. I was very sick. I was just sick all the time, and my mom was sick too. He had a practice in Toronto. Overnight, my life changed. It was phenomenal. One day I was sick, the next day I was healthy. That’s how quick it was shifting my diet to the O blood type diet. Then, of course, when I was 13 I got incredibly rebellious and started eating everything my mom didn’t want me to eat. I got to develop sickness again. Then through my 20s, I was very sick, and in my late 20s and through my 30s I spent trying to get my health back and reversing all the diseases I gave myself by eating the wrong foods. I’ve lived this several times. Eat the wrong foods, get sick. Eat the right foods, get healthy. The waters can be muddy for many of us especially those with autoimmune because, like you said, some people react to this but not to this, some people react to this, not to this. Where do we start? Should one do an elimination diet? What’s a good place to start? Because not everyone reacts to all the lectins like you mentioned.   [00:27:41] Dr. Steven Gundry: I’ve published a paper of 102 people with biomarker-proven autoimmune diseases whether they’re lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, or MS who were put on my program for six months. At the end of six months, 95 out of 102 or 94% were biomarker negative and off of all immunosuppressive drugs. That’s not a bad result. My first principle, The Plant Paradox, is it’s not what I tell you to eat that matters, it’s what I tell you not to eat. It really is. That’s an elimination diet. Interestingly enough, the carnivore folks, have taken my recommendations to the extreme. Since all plants are out to get us one way or another, that total elimination of plants is a rather impressive elimination diet. I happen to think that they’re going to be sadly mistaken because there are some really great things, particularly the soluble fibers in plants that our gut microbiome is dependent on. As people found in The Longevity Paradox, and they’re going to learn more in The Energy Paradox, we are absolutely positively dependent on messages and transmitters that our gut microbiome makes that keeps our mitochondria working properly, that keeps our brain working properly. Taking away the known causes of leaky gut, and that includes more than just changing the type of plants you eat. It’s primarily trying to eliminate, for the most part, antibiotic overuse, which is rampant, not only in us but in the animals that we eat. Eliminating the non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen for instance like Naprosyn. One ibuprofen is literally like swallowing a hand grenade. Eliminating the antacid drugs like the proton pump inhibitors like we mentioned earlier. They totally changed the bacterial flora. Eliminating artificial sweeteners like Splenda, just as an example, completely changes your gut bacteria. Something that many of us are passionate about trying to get glyphosate roundup out of our lives. It’s probably not doable, but glyphosate is a major disruptor by itself of our gut ball—really good at causing leaky gut.   [00:30:59] Ashley James: You said that ibuprofen is like swallowing a grenade. Can you elaborate on that?   [00:31:06] Dr. Steven Gundry: I could give you an hour lecture. Long ago, the original nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory was aspirin. Aspirin was used extensively in our arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Of course, people know that it cause stomach bleeding. A class of drugs in the same family were developed that wouldn’t cause stomach bleeding, but the drug companies knew that the bleeding wouldn’t actually be caused in the small intestine. You couldn’t see down into the small intestine with gastroscope so you would never know it was there. Believe it or not, when these drugs came out, they were prescription only. Things like Motrin was a prescription, things like Naprosyn was a prescription. There was an FDA black box warning that you could only use these for two weeks at a time because they were so dangerous. Now, of course, they are the largest over-the-counter drug there is. There is children’s Advil for instance. What these do, and this is documented and google it sometimes, great fun. These are drug company research that shows that these destroy the lining of the small intestine causing leaky gut. I can’t tell you the number of people that I see, young women and men who were athletes, who suffered an injury and were put on high-dose non-steroidal anti-inflammatories by very well-meaning orthopedic surgeons, and they, in turn, developed autoimmune diseases. I write about some of them in my books. When we stopped these medications and sealed their gut, lo and behold, their autoimmune disease went away.   [00:33:07] Ashley James: How quickly can one recover their gut? How quickly does it take to seal the gut once they have eliminated the foods that have been causing holes in it?   [00:33:22] Dr. Steven Gundry: Great question. We’ve seen it turn around as early as three months. One of my more troublesome patients with multiple autoimmune diseases all her life took about nine months, but there are other things that are part and partial with healing the gut. The vast majority of people have very low vitamin D levels. As I write about in The Longevity Paradox, vitamin D is essential to tell stem cells that help repopulate the gut to grow and divide. Without vitamin D, they just kind of sit there and twiddle their thumbs. The vast majority of people I see with autoimmune disease and/or leaky gut, they have very low vitamin Ds when I see them. I’ll give you an example of a woman I just saw today from Southern California. She’s in her 40s. She developed ulcerative colitis five years ago, out of the blue. We think we know why but she was put on an immunosuppressant and then came to see us a year ago. She was positive for antinuclear antibody, which is an autoimmune disease marker that most people associate with lupus—very positive form. She had a very low vitamin D. We’ve now been seeing her for a year. She stopped her immunosuppressant a year ago. She’s had no episodes of ulcerative colitis since. She is negative for antinuclear antibody and has been actually since we started the program. She’s a pretty happy camper.   [00:35:28] Ashley James: I love it. The idea, for those suffering from autoimmune, that they can completely go into remission—I mean, that’s a dream come true. There are so many people suffering. They’re told by the average doctor that they’re going to be on medication for the rest of their life and this is their new norm. It’s so frustrating that so many doctors are still in this old way of thinking that once you’re in a diseased state you’re going to always be in the diseased state. They don’t look to nurturing the body through food and shifting diet and lifestyle to heal the body. You must be really waking a lot of doctors up showing them that there’s a way to heal. You’ve obviously published so many articles on helping people to reverse autoimmune. Are you starting to see that doctors are listening and prescribing your diet?   [00:36:29] Dr. Steven Gundry: Particularly in functional medicine, I don’t do functional medicine, I do what I call a restorative medicine. I’m not quite sure what functional medicine means. I have good friends like Mark Hyman and Jeffrey Bland in functional medicine, and that’s fine. But I think there are more and more people interested in the fact that Hippocrates was right. That all disease comes from the gut, and that we really ought to be looking at the gut as to where we need to do our work. Somebody tell Kelly Clarkson that you can’t reverse Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Kelly found my book. She had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, she was on thyroid medication, now she doesn’t have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and she’s off of medication. Her doctors told her hey, you’re going to be on thyroid for the rest of your life.   [00:37:35] Ashley James: I love it. I love hearing stories of success of people being able to reverse diseases and get off of medications.   [00:37:44] Dr. Steven Gundry: I’ll tell you another funny Hashimoto’s story. Usually, we’re so busy that the first visit in our office they see my PA and then the next visit they see me. That’s usually three months or six months after the first visit, depending on the severity. I’m seeing a woman in her late 50s for the first time after she had seen my PA. I say, “Why’d you come here? She said, “Well, I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.” I said, “Oh is that a fact?” She said, “Yes, I’ve had it all my life.” I had seen her new results and when we first saw her she in fact did have both markers for anti-thyroid antibodies and Hashimoto’s. This time they were negative and I said, “Well, that’s interesting you should say that because you don’t have Hashimoto’s.” She said, “What kind of quack are you? Of course, I have Hashimoto’s that’s why I’m here.” I said, “Well, yeah. You used to Hashimoto’s but you don’t now.” I flipped her lab results open and she said, “Oh my God. It is true. You can get rid of this.” I said, “Yeah, look at that.”   [00:38:59] Ashley James: I love it. Once her antibodies go down do the hormones restore themselves? I know of some people who have completely eliminated—the antibodies are virtually non-existent in their labs but their thyroid is still not functioning optimally. Are the lectins causing harm still to their thyroid levels?   [00:39:24] Dr. Steven Gundry: A lot of times, people who have had it for a long time, they’re immune system has destroyed—their thyroid gland. For instance, type 1 diabetes, the immune system destroys the beta cells in the pancreas. But having said that, we always, once we get these antibodies turned off, start weaning off thyroid medication. We actually just started this weekend with a woman from San Francisco, a fairly young woman, who we now have negative for anti-thyroid antibodies and we’re starting to wean her thyroid know, and we’ll see. The good news about thyroid medication is that you can take both T4 and T3 and do a good job of replacing what the thyroid does, but that doesn’t mean we should actively allow Hashimoto’s thyroiditis to continue. Because one of the things that got me interested in this in the first place is this autoimmune attack takes many forms, and you could have multiple autoimmune diseases at the same time. Recently, there’s increasing evidence that Parkinson’s disease is actually an autoimmune disease, which to me makes a great deal of sense since I and others are convinced that Parkinson’s disease comes from the gut, not from the brain.   [00:41:05] Ashley James: Fascinating. I have heard there’s a relationship between MS and Parkinson’s and MS is autoimmune, so that doesn’t surprise me. Have you seen someone reverse Parkinson’s through healing their gut?   [00:41:19] Dr. Steven Gundry: We’ve seen it stop. My father had Parkinson’s for 20 years without changing his medication at all. If you know anything about Parkinson’s that’s impossible, but we got to him early. My mother was a very good person about denying him the foods that he loved. He made it to 91 and then actually died suddenly of a bladder infection. Getting to 91, 20 years with Parkinson’s pretty doggone good run.   [00:42:01] Ashley James: Very cool. We’ve talked about gluten and lectins, are phytates or phytic acid, I know they’re anti-nutrients, are they also lectins?   [00:42:11] Dr. Steven Gundry: No. Again, the plant has lots of tools to prevent itself from being eaten, or to warn the predator that you really don’t want to eat me, or try to make the predator not thrive. Phytates are one of these methods. I actually think and agree with some of my vegan colleagues that there’s a lot to like about phytates, but this is all part of the anti-nutrient system. One of the things that we have to realize, for instance, since lectins are proteins, rats and rodents are primarily grain predators. Rats and rodents have 10 times the amount of proteases that are enzymes that break down proteins than we have. They’re very well equipped to go after these lectin proteins in the food that they eat.  When people point out we look at these great rat and mice experiments where whole grains are really good for them. That’s great. They have a great protease system that breaks down these proteins, we don’t.   [00:43:50] Ashley James: Are you suggesting that we shouldn’t get our protein primarily from plants?   [00:43:58] Dr. Steven Gundry: Oh, no. Are you kidding? I am a plant predator. I tell my patients that we should actually be gorillas who live in Italy. By that I mean we should be eating huge amounts of leaves and pouring olive oil on them.   [00:44:21] Ashley James: Very interesting. Why consume olive oil?   [00:44:26] Dr. Steven Gundry: Great question. As I wrote in The Longevity Paradox, there are three groups of people who live in blue zones, and blue zones are those areas of the world that Dan Buettner, the journalist, described as having incredible longevity. I’m actually the only nutritionist who has ever spent most of his career living in a blue zone and that was Loma Linda, California where I was a professor. When people talk to me about blue zones and say I don’t know anything about blue zones, I said, “Well, I guess I didn’t live in one for most of my life.” Anyhow, three blue zones use a liter of olive oil per week. That’s about 10 to 12 tablespoons a day.  There are some fascinating head-to-head studies done in Spain called the PREDIMED study making 65-year-old people use a liter of olive oil per week versus a low-fat Mediterranean diet. Lo and behold, at the end of five years, people who used the olive oil had actually gained memory compared to when they aged 65, while the low-fat group lost memory, the people in the olive oil group had a reversal of our disease, whereas the low-fat diet group increased their heart disease, and we could go on and on.   [00:46:02] Ashley James: Could we gain the same benefit from eating olives instead of drinking or consuming olive oil?   [00:46:10] Dr. Steven Gundry: Yeah, and I actually ask people to do both. I actually have a product that I sell that is the combination of incredibly high polyphenol-rich olive oil, olive leaves, and olives that are pressed into little pearls that look like caviar. They’re called polyphenol olive oil pearls. It turns out, interesting fun fact, there are far more polyphenols in the leaves of fruiting plants than there are in the fruit. For instance, there are far more apple polyphenols in apple leaves than in apples, there are far more polyphenols in black raspberry leaves than there are in black raspberries, and so on.   [00:47:03] Ashley James: It’s nettle season right now so we can go out in nature and harvest nettles, which the leaves are rich in polyphenols. I learned recently that if you grow sweet potatoes or yams, you can harvest some of the leaves and eat them much like spinach. That is such a delicious thing to grow in your own backyard. I know a lot of people are looking into growing their own food given that they’re all at home and want a new hobby and that they’d like to have some sustainability and have some healthy food. I know you tell us what not to eat, what are some of your go-to foods to eat that are very supportive of our gut and just are very healthy overall?   [00:47:51] Dr. Steven Gundry: Great question. Avocados are a great choice to start with. The family of chicories: radicchio, chicory, Belgian endive, and curly endive are some of the best foods you can possibly eat to help your gut buds. Jerusalem artichokes and artichoke hearts are just loaded with a type of sugar molecule that we can’t digest called inulin but our gut buddies think it’s the best food that they could possibly eat. That along with the cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, bok choy, and Swiss chard. All of these actually have some pretty fascinating compounds that actually tell the immune system in your gut to calm down and relax a little bit. They’re called the AHR receptors if anybody wants to look them up, but pour olive oil on them, please.   [00:49:10] Ashley James: Interesting. I think the olive oil thing—it’s so controversial depending on who you talk to. There’s a handful of doctors that say that we shouldn’t consume any oil. That any oil, no matter what kind of oil, even if it’s cold-pressed virgin olive oil, raw cold-pressed coconut oil or all the kind you could buy in the supermarket, that they’re all bad for you and that they cause damage to the endothelial lining of the cardiovascular system. Once the oil is exposed to oxygen, it creates free radicals, so you’re actually absorbing free radicals into the body. What do you say to that? Are the benefits of olive oil outweigh those negatives?   [00:50:01] Dr. Steven Gundry: All I say is why don’t you look at the actual human controlled trials where that has been tested, and the results are exactly the opposite. One of the most famous trials was the Lyon Heart trial where they looked at a diet that was supplemented with alpha-linolenic acid oil from purslane and compared that to the low-fat American Heart diet. It was a 5-year study, it was randomized. They stopped the study at three years because the group given the Mediterranean diet with the alpha-linolenic acid oil, and large amounts of it, did so much better in new episodes of MIs and unstable angina that it was not fit to continue the trial.  Anybody can look it up—the lean Lyon Heart diet—and anybody can look up the PREDIMED trial and see a head-to-head of high-oil versus no-oil or low-oil and the results always come out that it wins. The olive oil wins, the alpha-linolenic acid wins. People say this becomes rancid. Yeah, olive oil could become rancid. That’s why you want to buy it from a high-volume source, and you want to use it quickly. Interestingly, olive oil is the least capable of oxidizing of any oil. It even beats coconut oil as not being oxidized with cooking. We’ve had two of the world’s oil experts on my podcast and they both confirm that olive oil is the safest cooking oil. People say no, no. It smokes and that means it’s oxidizing. That’s not true at all. It has a low smoke point but smoke has nothing to do with oxidation. People have been cooking with olive oil for over 5,000 years and the results speak for themselves.   [00:52:16] Ashley James: I don’t think when you burn olive oil it tastes that good anyway. If I were to eat olive oil, I’d eat it raw anyway. The idea of cooking with oil just concerns me, especially it doesn’t particularly taste good when you burn it. Very, very interesting. Where would one buy oil that is very high quality? Where’s the place to buy oil in the highest quality form?   [00:52:45] Dr. Steven Gundry: They can come to my website Gundry MD. We have an olive oil list that has 30 times more polyphenols than any oil that’s ever been tested. Having said that, you’re not all going to come to gundrymd.com. Believe it or not, Costco has an excellent olive oil. It comes in at a tall square bottle. It says Toscana on the label, and I use it as my everyday oil. That’s a good source. There’s another very good company out of California called Bariani. Again, I have no relationship with these companies. They just have a very high-quality oil. There’s a company out of Napa and Sonoma Valley called O, just a big O olive oil company. All small producers, all organic. Those are good choices.   [00:53:38] Ashley James: Very cool. You had touched on mitochondria. Obviously, you’re coming out with your book The Energy Paradox. Can you give us a little bit of preview into this book? How does your method help our mitochondrial health?   [00:53:55] Dr. Steven Gundry: Well, it turns out, we’ve done just the best job of destroying our mitochondrial function. You couldn’t design a better lifestyle, a better diet than the standard American diet for destroying mitochondria. In the book, I talk about how—and I talked about this actually in The Plant Paradox as well. Mitochondria are the energy-producing organelles in our cells. They’re actually ancient engulfed bacteria. They carry their own DNA, but they are bacteria that live inside our cells.  If you think of them as workers on an assembly line, they have periods of time where they’re going to do one shift, but currently, in the United States, we’re asking them to do three shifts with no time off. They actually produce a labor slowdown because they don’t want to work that hard. That labor slowdown is the cause of pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, and cancer. We got to have them have some time off. That’s why fasting, intermittent fasting time, restricted feeding actually gives our workers some much-needed rest and recreation. The more we do that the more work they’re able to do for us and do it better. That’s a little teaser.   [00:55:52] Ashley James: I am such a big fan of fasting, and I love that you brought that up. Since mitochondria are bacteria, when we take antibiotics, do antibiotics harm our mitochondria?   [00:56:11] Dr. Steven Gundry: Indirectly because it turns out, as I write about in The Longevity Paradox, that the bacteria in our gut actually talk to their sisters in the cells. They actually tell the mitochondria how things are going in the outside world. The more diverse those bacteria are and the happier those bacteria are, then the better the mitochondria function. We used to conjecture that there were text messages that we hadn’t been able to measure, but they had to be there. It turns out, we’ve discovered a large number of those text messages—they are real things that we can measure. The book is about we ought to have a diverse group of bacteria in our gut, we ought to give them what they want to eat, and they need to tell their mind everything’s great.   [00:57:21] Ashley James: Since researching and writing The Energy Paradox, what changes have you made to your lifestyle or diet?   [00:57:31] Dr. Steven Gundry: Actually not a whole lot because The Energy Paradox is where The Longevity Paradox would naturally take me. If you actually look at the people who enter my office, fascinatingly, fatigue is one of the biggest complaints. At least 50% of the people I see are fatigued for apparent no reason. The Energy Paradox grew out of that. Believe it or not, there are really good reasons why most normal people are fatigued.   [00:58:25] Ashley James: Since the last few months have been really crazy with the COVID-19, have you done anything to change your lifestyle or diet to give extra support to your immune function?   [00:58:41] Dr. Steven Gundry: As most people know, I’m a huge fan of vitamin D. I’ve never seen vitamin D toxicity, neither is my friend Dr. Mark Hyman. There are now four human papers showing that people with low vitamin D are much more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus and are likely to do poorly with it—that is die. Whereas if you have an adequate or high vitamin D level, you’re much likely not to contract it and/or much likely not to die. That’s number one. Number two, sugar dramatically suppresses our white cells’ ability to engulf bacteria and viruses. I’m releasing a podcast about that. The less sugar or things that we turn into sugar the better. What’s really fascinating is a paper from 1973 showed that white blood cell function dramatically increased daily during five-day water fast and that the longer you fast the better your white blood cells work and aggressively ate bacteria and viruses. Additionally, that same study showed that even orange juice, even fructose would dramatically suppress your white cells ability to engulf bacteria for up to six hours after you had that beverage—even orange juice. The idea that drinking orange juice right now is going to help you fight these viruses is actually exactly wrong.   [01:00:35] Ashley James: You said that foods that convert to sugar, which would be plants, would be carbohydrates. Are you saying that we should look at more of a low glycemic diet right now?   [01:00:48] Dr. Steven Gundry: Right. Here’s the problem with a lot of my well-meaning patients. You can take a resistant starch in its natural forms like say yucca, taro root, turnip, or even almonds for instance. You can grind it up into a fine powder and make a flour out of it. Unfortunately, and I’ve seen this much too much, those will rapidly turn into sugar even though what you originally started with isn’t sugar. For instance, I had Dr. David Kessler who was the head of the FDA when the food labeling law came into effect back in the Reagan era. The food labeling law was incorrectly made because of food lobbyists and not tell the truth about how much sugar.  One of the things I have people do is on the back of the label read total carbohydrates, subtract the fiber, and that will give you the amount of grams of sugar per serving in that product and it will shock you. It will have nothing to do with what they put has the sugar content on the label. For fun, since there are four grams of sugar per teaspoon of sugar, divide the number by four and you will see the teaspoons of sugar per serving. You will shudder when you see it.   [01:02:36] Ashley James: Right. You can take a healthy food, if you dehydrate it and turn it into flour, it reacts totally different with the body. You could eat chickpeas—pressure-cooked chickpeas—or you could eat something like a chickpea pasta. Chickpea pasta is going to convert much quicker to sugar, give you a larger sugar spike in the blood. Even for those who are not diabetic, they still will have that. Whereas if you ate pressure-cooked chickpeas, it’s a slow steady release of sugar.   [01:03:08] Dr. Steven Gundry: Covered in olive oil.   [01:03:10] Ashley James: Covered in olive oil.   [01:03:13] Dr. Steven Gundry: And throw some mushrooms in.   [01:03:15] Ashley James: Oh, man. Mushrooms are so great for the immune system. Get your vitamin D. Let’s just clarify that. What form of vitamin D is best, and how many international units should someone be taking a day?   [01:03:30] Dr. Steven Gundry: Vitamin D3. The bare minimum should be 5,000 IUs a day. For me, my 5.000 gets me vitamin D level above 120 nanograms per ml, but during this season, I’ve doubled my vitamin D to 10,000. If I think I’m coming down with something, and I’ve said this before, I actually take 150,000 international units of vitamin D3 three days in a row. Now I’m not telling people to do that. I’m telling people that’s what I do. For instance, when this all started and I decided to keep seeing patients, even though I wasn’t feeling anything, I took on a Sunday, 100,000 international units, on a Monday 5,000, on a Tuesday 25,000, and then I continued on 10,000. I just load up with it.  I just saw one of my patients in Santa Barbara last weekend. Her vitamin D level is 244. I assure you, she’s not vitamin D toxic, and she doesn’t have an elevated calcium level. I think we’ve underestimated what a normal vitamin D level is. The Cleveland Clinic Lab now says that a normal vitamin D level can be up to 150.   [01:05:08] Ashley James: Amazing, amazing. I know people whose vitamin D level is 10.   [01:05:15] Dr. Steven Gundry: I know, it’s really scary.   [01:05:17] Ashley James: I have known MDs to say they don’t want to see it above 30. They’re scared if you’re above 30. They want you to stop taking your supplements. Whereas NDs want you at least to be 60, but many NDs I’ve met don’t want you above 90. They’re afraid that if you get above 90 that that could cause toxicity. You’re saying that you’ve never seen toxic levels. Because of course, the worst-case scenario is vitamin D toxicity could cause kidney failure. At that point, it’s almost too late. We definitely don’t want to harm ourselves with supplements, but you’ve never seen that happen in prescribing large amounts of vitamin D.   [01:06:01] Dr. Steven Gundry: I measure vitamin Ds on people every three months. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. I’ve never seen vitamin D toxicity. I have some patients who taught me in their late 70s they run their vitamin Ds in the high 200s and have all of their lives. When I first met these people I couldn’t believe they weren’t dead, they didn’t have kidney failure, or they didn’t have calcifications and kidney stones. They didn’t. When I was researching The Longevity Paradox, it turns out that people with the highest vitamin D levels have the longest telomeres. If you like the telomere theory of aging, and it’s a good one, why wouldn’t you want long telomeres?   [01:06:54] Ashley James: That’s exciting. What form of vitamin D is best? Obviously, you said D3, but I’ve seen supplements where it’s like a dry capsule, and then I’ve seen the liquid form as drops.   [01:07:06] Dr. Steven Gundry: Great question. Turns out that Dr. Michael Holick from Boston University, probably the most famous researcher in vitamin D, showed that vitamin D is absorbed whether or not there is any fat around. So a dry vitamin D is perfectly fine. Most vitamin Ds in capsules or gel caps. Interestingly, I see a number of people who use vitamin D drops. As a general rule, those people have much lower vitamin Ds than people who swallow the little gel caps. Most of my liquid folks I change over and I’m delighted to see that their vitamin D goes up.   [01:07:53] Ashley James: I was using a liquid and my vitamin D went down and down and down and I kept using more and more and more. I got so frustrated I switched to a capsule even though I heard from a Naturopath how could that work? There’s no fat in it. I was like well I’m going to try this now. My vitamin D went up. I was told it’s not going to work but my labs say it worked.   [01:08:18] Dr. Steven Gundry: Dr. Holick showed that it has nothing to do with fat even though it’s a fat-soluble vitamin.   [01:08:25] Ashley James: Should we take it on an empty stomach, with food, or does it not matter?   [01:08:28] Dr. Steven Gundry: It doesn’t matter.   [01:08:30] Ashley James: Love it. What did you eat in the last 24 hours?   [01:08:35] Dr. Steven Gundry: Let’s see. When did I eat? Last 24 hours I had nothing for breakfast, I had nothing for lunch, and I had some sautéed calamari and a Chinese cabbage salad with olive oil and rice vinegar on it. That’s what we had.   [01:09:08] Ashley James: Very interesting. Now your diet has helped people to reverse autoimmune conditions. You’ve also helped people to reverse cardiovascular issues and weight loss. Weight loss is the biggest industry out there. You look at all the diets and people are just yo-yoing. Every diet seems to work for a short amount of time. They blame themselves. The diet stops working, they blame themselves, they fall off the bandwagon, and they go back to eating the state American diet, but people are left feeling broken, right? They failed. What we’re looking at is it’s not their fault, it’s the diets fault because there are so many wrong diets out there. You’ve had great success in helping people with weight loss. Why does removing lectins help with weight loss?   [01:10:09] Dr. Steven Gundry: As I write about in The Plant Paradox, there are actually some very interesting data looking at one of the lectins called wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), which is present in whole grains, whole wheat. It binds to the insulin receptor on muscle cells and also on fat cells. In muscle cells, it actually blocks insulin from letting sugars and protein into the muscle cell, but in fat cells, it actually continues to pump sugar into fat cells. I go into more of this in The Energy Paradox. We’re set up with our diet to literally starve our muscle cells and feed our fat cells with lectins are a big chunk of that. Also, it turns out, that it starves the brain and so your brain is constantly hungry despite how much you eat or not eat.   [01:11:19] Ashley James: Wow. So when someone removes that, they’re all of a sudden not feeling so starved? They’re not feeling hungry all the time?   [01:11:28] Dr. Steven Gundry: Yeah.   [01:11:29] Ashley James: Very cool.   [01:11:31] Dr. Steven Gundry: The other thing that we have to make sure we understand is that we took over the world because of our ability to go prolonged periods of time without eating. Where the fat ate for a good reason. It is absolutely normal to go periods of time without eating. In fact, do you really think our ancestors crawled out of their cave and said what’s for breakfast? There wasn’t any. There was no storage system. We had to go find breakfast. If breakfast occurred at lunch, or breakfast occurred at dinner that’s when we found food. I actually tell my patients, when we get into this, to embrace the hunger. There is nothing horribly wrong with going a period of time without eating. In fact, just the opposite. It’s really one of the smartest things that we can do for long-term health.   [01:12:32] Ashley James: Actually, I haven’t eaten today, and I’m not going to eat today. I love fasting. Hunger is probably the hardest part about fasting, but hunger goes away.   [01:12:44] Dr. Steven Gundry: It goes away quickly, very quickly.   [01:12:45] Ashley James: It’s kind of like going to the gym. Just get your shoes on and go to the gym. The hardest part is actually getting your shoes on. Once you’re there, it’s easy. Starting a fast is the hardest part, and then following through is the easiest part. I love all the science that’s coming out about fasting. What resources could you point us to for those who haven’t really dived into fasting yet?   [01:13:14] Dr. Steven Gundry: There’s a lot of good ways to learn about it. I certainly spend a lot of time talking about it in The Longevity Paradox, one of my New York Times best-selling books. My friend Jason Fung has some good books about it. I think Dr. McCullough and I would agree that for most people who have been following the standard American diet that a prolonged water fast of 3 to 5 days is probably the dumbest thing to do because heavy metals and organic pesticides are stored in fat. They’re released into our circulation and we do not have a good detoxification system. I’ve got a lot of podcasts out on that, so please be cautious.   [01:14:05] Ashley James: Right. Always proceed with caution when fasting, especially if someone’s on medication. I agree. I like some of Jason Fung’s work—easy to digest. I particularly like—he has a video on YouTube called the 2 compartment syndrome. I think that’s a great place to start. Intermittent fasting is something where it’s gentle enough that people can ease into it. I actually did a whole series with a man who has invested his own personal money into labs doing fasting to show the heavy metals and pesticides being released in the body and how to best remove them while fasting. He found that, dramatically, if you were to use a sauna while fasting and also consume activated charcoal while fasting throughout the day, they saw a dramatic decrease in heavy metals and pesticides being released from the fatty tissue into the bloodstream. There are ways to combat it but we have to be aware of it. Thank you so much for coming on the show. It’s been such a pleasure having you on. I definitely would love to have you back to talk more about your next book when it comes out. It’s been such a pleasure having you on the show today.   [01:15:28] Dr. Steven Gundry: Thank you for having me. Appreciate it.   [01:15:31] Ashley James: Awesome. Thank you so much. It’s been a real pleasure, and I can’t wait to read your new book when it comes out.   [01:15:37] Dr. Steven Gundry: All right. It’ll be out right after the first of the year, 2021.   [01:15:43] Ashley James: All right. Sounds great. Terrific. Thank you so much. Have a great day. Take care. Bye   [01:15:46] Dr. Steven Gundry: Take care.   [01:15:48] Ashley James: I hope you enjoyed today’s interview with Dr. Steven Gundry. Did you know that the Learn True Health podcast has a Facebook group? Come join us. It’s a very supportive community. Just search Learn True Health in Facebook. Come join the Facebook group, or you can go to learntruehealth.com/group. That’ll redirect you straight to our group. It’s a free group, a very supportive community to support you in your holistic health success, support you in your true health journey. Come join the Facebook group, and please, go to the website learntruehealth.com. You can find all my episodes there—all 431 of them now and counting. 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I’m really glad that you took the time today to honor your body and honor your mission for achieving optimal health through learning more about what you can do naturally to support your body’s ability to heal itself. Have yourself a wonderful rest of your day.   Get Connected With Dr. Steven Gundry! Website Supplements Line The Gundry Podcast Twitter Facebook Instagram        

    422 Natural Hand Sanitizer Kills Corona Virus and Other Germs 99.99%, Conditions, and Moistens Skin, Protecting Against COVID-19, Faith Flatt from RTPR

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2020 45:09

    Visit learntruehealth.com/hand and use coupon code LTH for your gift   All-Natural Hand Sanitizer Against Coronavirus https://www.learntruehealth.com/all-natural-hand-sanitizer-against-coronavirus   Highlights: How Hand Sanitizer + Skin Conditioner was created All-natural hand sanitizer as the first line of defense against coronavirus Safe ingredients without synthetic fillers   Proper Handwashing is one of the primary defenses against COVID-19, but what if you’re out and about and can’t wash your hands right away? In this episode, Faith Flatt shares with us the hand sanitizer that they formulated that doesn’t only kill coronavirus and germs, but it also conditions the skin.   [0:00:00] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 422. I am so excited for today’s guest. We have on the show Faith Flatt who is the Head of Merchandising of a US-based company that normally produces all-natural pain creams, but since COVID-19, they formulated a hand sanitizer. Because let’s be honest, I cannot find any hand sanitizer anywhere. I’ve been to every store, even online. It is all sold out, or they jacked up the prices on eBay and Amazon. People on OfferUp are making homemade sanitizer, I mean it is crazy right now. When I found out that one of my favorite all-natural pain cream companies had formulated an all-natural hand sanitizer that kills—what is it like 99.9% of germs?   [0:01:12] Faith Flatt: Yes, it does.   [0:01:15] Ashley James: Not only that because we could all just douse ourselves in alcohol, which would just dry out our skin, make it crack, and bleed, and then we’d be more susceptible to germs. You guys produced a hand sanitizer that actually conditions the skin and moisturizes the skin leaving it protected on many levels. You guys are producing 30,000 units a day so that people who are like me in hot spots—I’m just outside the Seattle area where there is zero hand sanitizer available in any store—that I can gain access to hand sanitizer. This is so important because yes, of course, we should all wash our hands, but when we go grocery shopping, we’re constantly touching things. We want to just have that extra level of protection for ourselves, and our family, and our loved ones—who are elderly and more susceptible—by immediately using hand sanitizer so we don’t bring a potential virus home with us and infect someone who could potentially die. So a little bottle of hand sanitizer can save a life at this point. Your company is providing these all-natural hand sanitizers. So that’s why I’m very excited. I’m excited to have you on the show to tell us about this hand sanitizer. Listeners can go to learntruehealth.com/hand to buy some right now. When you go to learntruehealth.com/hand, it gives you the ability to also get some discounts by buying in bulk or buying a whole pack of them. If you use coupon code LTH you also get a gift, so that’s great. I want to hear more about what’s in the hand sanitizer, why is it that it’s natural and that it actually conditions the skin? Because when I use it—I have it, I’m holding it right now. My son who has really sensitive skin—I’m going to put some of my hand right now so I can just describe the sensation because it feels like I just put cream. I can smell the alcohol because, of course, there’s 70% alcohol in this, but it doesn’t feel like I put alcohol on my skin. It doesn’t feel like all those other hand sanitizers. It actually just feels like I just rubbed cream on my hands. My hands feel moisturized, and smooth, and soft. I want to know why is it that your hand sanitizer is the bomb, first of all. So we’re going to talk about that, but first, is Tim your father-in-law?   [0:03:52] Faith Flatt: Yeah. This is a family business, and he’s my father-in-law.   [0:03:56] Ashley James: Right. I had Tim on the show—I don’t know, maybe about a year ago—to talk about Real Time Pain Relief—your company—and the natural pain creams, and their benefits, and the amazing stories of success of people actually reducing pain medications because of how effective your pain cream is. When listeners go to learntruehealth.com/hand, they’ll also be able to see your other products—if they’d like to try your pain creams. Right now, the focus is on the hand sanitizer, which is really exciting. Tell us a little bit about you and your story. We heard about Tim’s story, Tim being one of the founders of Real Time Pain Relief. Tell us a little bit about you and how you got into working with Real Time Pain Relief and the history of your family-based company.   [0:04:50] Faith Flatt: Well, with all family businesses if it’s something that people are passionate about, everyone in the family kind of gets sucked into it, into the vortex. The Flatt family and their business partner Ron Snodgrass—the Snodgrass family—are just very consumed and passionate about helping people with topical pain relief. I married into the family about a decade ago, but even before I married in, this was a passion project for them. They were really focused on making sure that people had better alternatives to pain relief. So about 20 years ago, Real Time Pain Relief introduced their first pain relief formula, and it was developed with the pain relief habits of their children and their sports teams in mind. Pretty soon, they found out that it wasn’t just children and their sports teams that were needing a better alternative to pain relief. Everyone really needed an alternative to popping OTC pain pills as if they were harmless. That was very concerning to the Real Time Pain Relief family. Soon we found that parents, grandparents, they were some of our more predominant users of the Real Time Pain Relief formulas, and that was how a company was born and a business was built. One of the founding pieces of Real Time Pain Relief and our commitment to our customer base from then and to this day is that all of our formulas would be rich in nature’s ingredients and that we would always steer clear of the synthetic fillers that are in most of the formulas that you’re going to find on OTC shelves inside of stores. So parabens, SLS, artificial dyes, NSAIDS, acetaminophen, all of the Real Time Pain Relief formulas steer clear of that. For me personally, getting to step into the family business, I have gone out to so many farmers markets, and state fairs, and eventually Boston Marathon, New York City Marathon, just places where we would go and personally sample the formulas that Real Time Pain Relief carries. It’s so fun to watch—through the years in the last decade that I’ve been involved—how the consumers out there are becoming more conscious, and how you’ll even have younger people much more interested in alternatives that are good for them. So for me personally, getting to work in the merchandising and helping to communicate all of the wonderful features of the Real Time Pain Relief formulas and now our new hand sanitizer is really meaningful and very enjoyable part of my family life.   [0:07:38] Ashley James: Absolutely. Yeah, I’m looking at the bottle, no parabens, no SLS, no artificial dyes, and no fragrances. You guys decided not to even put essential oils in here. Someone could just add essential oils—a few drops to their hand if they want to, but there is some chamomile in here. Like I said, when you put it on I briefly smell the alcohol. Now it’s been a few minutes, I’m smelling the hand, I don’t smell anything. It’s very, very, very faint if anything, but my hand feels very soft like I just got a hand treatment.  There’s something about this that is very—it says it’s a hand conditioner. There’s not even a better word than hand—it’s not a moisturizer. It really conditions the skin. It left my skin feeling very moist, it’s not cracked anymore because my hand was getting dried out from all the other alcohol-based hand sanitizers. I’m really enjoying it. I think I mentioned this but my five-year-old—who has sensitive skin—doesn’t react to your hand sanitizer, so that’s really exciting that some people with sensitive skin would also be confident using your hand sanitizer. Then, of course, you have a hand treatment in addition to this they could get if they have really, really dry skin. We need to protect our skin right now more than ever. It’s our first line of defense when it comes to our immune system because it keeps germs out, but if there’re any cracks in your skin—even if your cuticles are cracked—that’s a potential for where the viruses can get in. We just want to protect your skin as much as possible. Obviously, sanitize it and then moisturize it. That’s why I really like this stuff. When did you guys develop the hand sanitizer? Was this years in the making or did you guys just see the need and jump on it?   [0:09:42] Faith Flatt: We work with a wonderful chemist, and we have access to wonderful ingredients from nature. We have—in the past—dabbled with hand sanitizer, but it wasn’t really an essential like it is right now. It wasn’t the commodity that it’s become, so it was never a part of our permanent product line. We had the ability to very quickly adjust to what the market was needing, and we realized very quickly that our customer base was in need of this essential. If we could make it available to them that that was what we wanted to do.  While we normally spend many years developing a formula, we developed this one and brought it to market within about a week and a half. That was about three weeks ago, so it was a very quick turnaround time as the crisis began to really unfold and make hand sanitizer, like you said, really a first line of defense that everyone needs. If you’re at home it’s nice when you can just wash your hands with an antibacterial soap, but almost everyone still has to go out to get groceries and things like that right now. If you leave the house without a hand sanitizer you’re really walking out unarmed. So realizing that, our customers—who because of the way our product was founded and the ideas behind our product—that basically if you are a Real Time Pain Relief customer you’re a member of the family. Our formulas were formulated for family at the beginning. As our customer base has grown, we’ve always just felt anyone who was turning to our formulas was someone that we considered family. So if our family members all across the US we’re doing without hand sanitizer, we wanted to make this first line of defense available to them. All of those nourishing ingredients that you’re talking about in the formula and that feeling you get afterward is very intentional. Certainly, it makes it more fun to use the formula if it doesn’t leave you cracked and dried out at the end of the experience, but at least you know, okay, if it has 70% alcohol then its killing 99.99% of the germs. Also, on that note, according to the CDC,` I’m sure a lot of people are aware of this at this point, but even the CDC says that if your hand sanitizer contains 70% alcohol that it will kill 99.99% of germs including human coronavirus. That gives you a really strong sense of security when you have hand sanitizer, but the question right now is do you have it in stock? So us making it available to our customers was the first step, and the second step was to make sure that it still lived up to our customers’ values. That we kept it clear of the unwanted fillers that are in most hand sanitizers right now. That we infused it with ingredients that would prevent that cracking because as you’ve said, Ashley, that opens your skin up to the infection. That opens your body up to any type of disease and infection when you have a cut. So right now, this is definitely not the time to back down on your health principles or those things you look for inside of your formulas normally. So we wanted to make sure that those rich formulas were available to our customer base, so glycerin, chamomile, vitamin E, aloe vera, things that if you don’t have our formula you want to look for some lotions to put on after you apply a hand sanitizer, but when you can get it all in one application that’s really a lovely spot to be in. So our hand sanitizer, we went ahead and named it Hand Sanitizer + Skin Conditioner because we wanted you to recognize—our users, our customers—that they would be getting a full-range experience. This is really a hand sanitizer unlike anything else in the marketplace. It’s an antimicrobial gel that delivers the perfect solution. Since alcohol does dry out your skin, this moisturizing experience in conjunction with the alcohol is really the perfect duo, and it conditions even as you clean. So it’s the best of both worlds.   [0:14:13] Ashley James: I read somewhere that you only need it to be 65% alcohol to kill the coronavirus, is that correct?   [0:14:20] Faith Flatt: There are two different types of alcohol. One type of alcohol it takes 70%, and that is the type that we use inside of our formula.   [0:14:33] Ashley James: Got it, got it. Do you know the reason behind choosing the type of alcohol you guys chose over the other type?   [0:14:41] Faith Flatt: I’ll tell you that I’m not the person who directly oversees our alcohol purchases, but it is very difficult right now to obtain alcohol. I’m sure that perhaps that had something to do with our decision, but we are committed to getting alcohol in stock and keeping it in stock because we think this is so necessary and important for our customers. One interesting thing as well is that the price of alcohol has more than doubled since the crisis began. So we’re really in a battle for the commodities and essentials that everyone needs and that we even need to make this formula, but we are committed to making this available to our customers. We really want to bring all of the resources that we with our FDA-monitored facility, our ability to make FDA-approved labels to give people a formula they trust from a brand they trust in this—what is really a—warlike effort right now where all small businesses, all-hands-on-deck need to come together to help fight the crisis that we’re in the middle of. As a company, for us, this is our positive action. We’re willing to fight and find the alcohol that we need to source for this formula.   [0:16:06] Ashley James: Awesome. The very first ingredient is aloe juice, which I think is really cool. Everyone knows that aloe juice is very healthy for the skin, it’s anti-inflammatory, it’s very soothing. I had an expert on the show about aloe and the healing benefits. There are several scientific studies that show that aloe increases healing time so much so that it almost doubles healing time.  So when you put aloe on a burn or a cut, you will see it heal in half the amount of time it would take. If it would take, let’s say, three days to heal a burn, you put aloe on it it’s only going to take a day and a half. You have the first ingredient is medicinal, it’s something that helps to heal the skin, condition the skin, and keep it healthy. It’s like a layer of protection. Can you tell us about the other ingredients?   [0:17:06] Faith Flatt: Sure. Most of them are ingredients that the average person is going to be familiar with. Aloe vera—as you were mentioning—chamomile, vitamin E, and glycerin. While those ingredients have really positive connotations and I absolutely believe what you’re saying about aloe vera and love those types of ingredients for my own personal use with my family, we are very limited in what we’re actually able to say that each ingredient specifically does inside of the formula. We mix those in so that you do get nourishing effects, but as far as the individual benefit of each ingredient, we’re limited in what we can say that it actually does for you.   [0:17:52] Ashley James: Oh, right because you can’t make health claims as a company. You can’t say, “Buy our hand cream and your psoriasis will be gone.” You can’t make health claims, whereas if someone were to take these individual ingredients and they could go search the NIH or PubMed, they could find the scientific studies showing that these individual ingredients are safe. That they’ve been proven to be safe, and some of them are proven to actually be medicinal and healing, but combined together it’s made a hand sanitizer, that it protects your hands, and it also protects your skin.   [0:18:27] Faith Flatt: Right. We can promise you that this is going to condition your skin, and it’s going to leave you feeling nourished and moisturized. Certainly, I encourage you to do some research on these ingredients and see what some of the extra benefits to you could be.   [0:18:46] Ashley James: Right, right. Well, it’s funny because you’re at the grocery store and some of the grocery stores still have hand sanitizer to offer the customers, not to buy but just like a giant jug. We were at Whole Foods and they had this giant jug of this just regular run-of-the-mill hand sanitizer. I’m pumping it to my hand, giving some to my son, and my husband turns to me and he goes, “Isn’t that carcinogenic?” I look at him, I’m like, “Yeah.” We normally don’t use this stuff—the generic hand sanitizers—because you look and there are parabens and there are all kinds of carcinogenic, like you said, fillers, and preservatives, and whatever that is known to cause cancer, that is known to cause damage to the body. We normally—as a family—don’t touch those with a ten foot pole, but now it’s like, “Well, either that or we might accidentally get the coronavirus.” Of course, we’re self-isolating now, but back when we were seeing our son’s grandparents a few weeks ago I was worried. I was like, “Well, what’s going on? What’s going to happen?” I’d love to get them because they go grocery shopping, and I’m just worried about them. They’re almost in their 80s, I’m worried. I’m worried that they might catch the germ when they’re out grocery shopping because they don’t have access to hand sanitizer. So I’m definitely going to get them. I’m going to ship them a tube of this for sure. How much do you use, because it’s only like a pea-sized amount? This tube is going to last me forever because you just put a pea-sized amount. Because it’s a gel, it covers both sides of your hands really quickly. Is there a recommended how much you should use on your hands to make sure that it works?   [0:20:39] Faith Flatt: No. The only recommendation, really, is just to make a little drop. A lot of people don’t know this but you do want to rub your hands all around your hands until it’s dry, and then that will make sure that the alcohol gets a chance to activate and to actually kill the germs. Right now especially, we want to make sure we’re using the hand sanitizer properly. I’m glad you mentioned the tube as well. That’s one of my favorite features of this formula. The container makes it very easy to share with your kids, or if your friend or somebody around you wants to borrow some hand sanitizer—you don’t necessarily want them touching your pump bottle—so the tube just makes it really easy to drop a little bit on the top of their hand and not share germs in that way.   [0:21:30] Ashley James: Pump bottles waste so much because you end up getting way too much in your hands. That’s what everyone thinks they need that much, but I think it’s intentional that these companies do that so that you go through it faster and then you buy more. Whereas with yours, you get to squeeze out however much you want and it’s, like you said, a gel. I squeeze out about a pea-sized—maybe a large pee, maybe an edamame size—and then I rub both sides of my hands, and in between my fingers, and then it dries really fast—within seconds. That’s actually good information about rubbing your hands until it’s dry, but I use so much less with yours versus the pump ones, so I really like that. Now you said your company—for years—has been dabbling with so I’m sure you guys had like a formula in mind or did you kind of go back to the drawing board and start from scratch three weeks ago when you were inventing the hand sanitizer?   [0:22:33] Faith Flatt: I think we knew the base of what we wanted to do, and then just getting it into that finalized position, and getting all of the marketing material, and making sure that we were able to communicate clearly, that we had the correct label on the formula. That was really what the focus was over the last week and a half, but we certainly had a good idea of what ingredients would work well so that you do get that wonderful experience you’re sharing with us. We’ve got some wonderful testimonials from some early users of the formula, and I just wanted to share some of those with you. Let’s see, Elisa, she said, “That the smooth finish and silky filling are delightful,” which is not something you commonly hear after using a hand sanitizer. It’s usually a dry icky feeling. Joe said, “Clean hands with no dry feeling. Perfect.” Bethany loves that it’s not scented. Then Ryan said that it doesn’t dry his hands out. We’re definitely getting the results we wanted from this formula, and the feedback so far is that people are happy and happy to have it. Like you mentioned, you want to send this to members of your family. It’s a strange time to live in where hand sanitizer is probably one of the best gifts you could get right now, but it’s so hard to find and it’s so essential as a first line of defense against this disease. That we’re happy to be doing it. It really fits back into who we are as a company. Real Time Pain Relief’s primary goal is to make sure that individuals have a first line of defense when pain enters their home, and so that’s what we’ve been passionate about with our topical pain reliefs for a long time is to make sure that you have an option that doesn’t have those fillers inside of it, that doesn’t lead you to popping a pain pill anytime pain enters your home. Because one of the best ways to avoid a bad habit or to make good health choices is to make sure that you have an alternative. So we’re happy we’re able to provide that non-carcinogenic hand sanitizer to our customer base because everyone needs it right now, and now you have another alternative.   [0:25:02] Ashley James: Absolutely. Yes, I’m loving it. I started thinking about all the families I know that are multi-generational like my dear, dear Aunt Sally—who I love to bits—lives just outside of LA. She’s in her 80s—I think she’s 86—and she lives with her grandchildren, and her son, and her son’s wife. These kids—well, now they’re not going to school—they might be going to the park, they might be running around, maybe they’ll have a playdate, maybe they’re on lockdown I don’t know. They might go out and maybe they see a friend in the street. Maybe they accidentally catch the virus, or maybe they go to the grocery store. If they don’t have access to hand sanitizer, they might bring it back and in fact my aunt who is in the vulnerable population because statistics are showing that those who are seniors are much more likely to have severe effects of the virus versus youth. So think of all the people you know where a senior citizen lives in a family, where there are maybe younger people, they may be asymptomatic if they catch the virus, but if they bring it home it could be fatal for someone else in the home. That’s why this hand sanitizer is so important that the younger generations use it to protect the older generations right now. Of course, the older generations should use it too. Everyone should use it. I just think that people—like teenagers and people in their 20s because I remember I was there—we kind of feel invincible. Like, “Oh, whatever. If I get it, it won’t be a problem.” What if you get it and you’re asymptomatic, and for two weeks you’re shedding it and giving it to everyone you come in contact with. That is potentially murdering people. I know I’m being extreme and normally I’m not a fear monger—I feel like I’m being one right now—but just to paint the picture, something as simple as keeping a hand sanitizer with us at all times can save lives. Just like people are saying, “Well, masks in certain situations can save lives.” Hand sanitizer, I think, is more important because you are going to touch something and then you touch your eye. That through the eye—they’re saying is one of the biggest ways that we can catch the coronavirus.  Obviously, through eyes, nose, and mouth, but even if you’re wearing a mask—if you’re wearing a mask and you’re wearing gloves—and then you touch the virus, and you don’t realize it, and then you accidentally rub your eye—even with gloves on—you’re still potentially putting the virus in your eyes. That’s where hand sanitizers are the most important thing to do. I know we’re not going to make a huge long interview on hand sanitizer, but I wanted to just cover it as much as possible to let the listeners know that I was so excited that it’s available.  So listeners go to learntruehealth.com/hand. That’s learntruehealth.com/hand and grab some. Grab some for yourself, grab some for your neighbors, grab some for your loved ones. Your company will ship it to them. How fast is the shipping? You gave me the information that you are producing 30,000 units a day. Are you able to produce more than that or are you shutting down making your other products? Could you make more than 30,000? Are you selling out? How fast does it ship? Is it selling out or is there any fear that you’re going to sell out? We want to know.   [0:29:01] Faith Flatt: We started out really slowly even though—like I said three weeks and then a week and a half later it’s available—it doesn’t sound too slow, but we’ve taken it cautiously. First of all, no, we’re not stopping producing our topical pain relief formulas. So to anybody who uses Real Time Pain Relief, don’t panic. We’re still doing that because pain relief is an essential service, and we definitely know you need that. We’re just taking more precautions, and cleaning our facilities, and making sure that you’ve got a clean delivery every time. We have transitioned a portion of our production line into putting out 30 units a day. At first, we thought, “Okay, that’s really going to be enough to supply our customers. Get them all caught up and we’ll be in a good spot,” but what’s interesting, Ashley, is within about 48 hours of releasing this formula to a limited group of our customers at first—because we wanted to make sure we had our stockpile good before we released it to all of our customers—we were being hit up by major organizations and businesses across the country saying, “Hey, we need this too.” So we realized quickly that we could service and help in this fight, not just by making hand sanitizer available to our customer base but also to supplying America’s workforce. By this, I mean organizations and corporations who are really keeping America running right now. We hear so much right now about the heroes who are our nurses and doctors. They’re getting a ton of attention, and they deserve that so much, but there’s another segment that really has become a hero—all of the grocery store operators, all of the truckers, all of the takeout deliveries services. These people are literally risking their lives much more than those of us who are able to isolate at home, and they need hand sanitizer. They’re low on hand sanitizer. I live in a small town in New Hampshire so you get to know everyone at the cash register and they become your friends. You realize they’re still out there right now, I’m isolating at home with my children and their heroes. It just almost brings tears to your eyes to recognize that some of them don’t have access to hand sanitizers. So when we started getting those calls we realized we were going to make this a big priority. We were able to put together a large enough supply, and we believe we’ll be able to maintain it. We are able to offer wholesale packages to businesses and organizations starting at 42 units—depending on the size of the company. Maybe you have friends or family who own a business or organization, 42 units all the way up to 100,000 units. If you know somebody who’s in need of a large quantity of hand sanitizer, we want to help. We want to make that available to you because we believe that everybody deserves to have access to hand sanitizer as a first line of defense from this disease.   [0:32:27] Ashley James: I love it. You started out making 30,000 units a day, what’s your production now?   [0:32:33] Faith Flatt: Right now we’re still producing 30,000 units a day. We do have it in stock at the time of this recording, but just for peace of mind for customers, we do have an estimated ship date on the landing page. So whenever you go to order it’ll indicate when your hand sanitizer will ship.   [0:32:58] Ashley James: Yeah, and it was fast. That’s great news. Shipping right now is kind of—like Amazon, for example, I ordered something and it said it’s not going to arrive until April 21st but then it arrived the next day. So I’m like, “What’s going on?” I think shipping’s being a little weird for other companies like USPS, and FedEx, and UPS. I’m not sure if they’re limiting their staff, or if they’re maybe overloaded because everyone’s home so they’re ordering online, or if they’re limiting their staff because they have to do social distancing. What I do know is that I got my shipment from you guys superfast. I was really excited about that, and so far, all your customers that you released it to were able to get it, and start using it, and give feedback so that’s great.   [0:33:57] Faith Flatt: Yeah. We’ve actively been able to fill orders, and we have enough right now to be filling very quickly, and we’re still servicing large accounts that are calling us and needing the supply. Our first priority is to our customer base, but we do have everything in place to be able to service these organizations and unsung heroes with hand sanitizer as well. One thing I wanted to throw out as well is that we’re not the only company contributing in the hand sanitizer realm right now. There are a lot of small businesses lending a big hand. I’m sure you may have heard that a lot of distilleries right now are making hand sanitizer. One thing about those is the distilleries are not licensed to both produce and sell the formulas. So that influx of hand sanitizer doesn’t necessarily make it out to the general population. What most of that is going to—most of those hand sanitizer supplies—are being donated to first responders, and government officials, and nurses, so that’s wonderful. We’re really happy that the distilleries are helping to fill that gap there. Then we’re happy to be here helping just the everyday consumer. One thing for healthcare officials compared to just the everyday person, you have to wash their hands up to a hundred times a day—so much more than we do—they’re going to be going through that quickly. So it’s nice that we can all partner together in this really warlike effort to help make sure that everyone is taken care of.   [0:35:39] Ashley James: I just thought, wouldn’t it be cool if you have the means—the listener who’s listening right now—to buy ten bottles, for example. If you have the means to do so, give a bottle to your mailman, give a bottle to UPS driver. We have a Facebook group of 270 people that are just our neighbors in our little neighborhood of maybe three square miles, and our UPS driver joined our Facebook group, which just blows my mind. He posted updates. He’s like, “I want to let you guys know that I am sanitizing my hands in between every single delivery.” Back when we had the snowstorm where no one could get out of their driveway for over a week—unless you had a four-wheel drive—he posted that because he couldn’t even get into our neighborhood. He would stay for an hour by the gas station near our area, and for those who could get out, he’d be able to give their packages to them. He’s been in communication with us in times of crisis, but he said, “I promise you, I am doing everything I can to make sure that your deliveries are safe. That I keep myself sanitized.” I’m just thinking these postal workers who are actually taking the time to buy their own hand sanitizer—if they can, which no one can find any—so I would love to get him a bottle because everyone’s running out. So your mailman, the checker at your grocery store if they don’t have any, the people that you run into even though we’re supposed to be self-isolating, but the people that you do run into when you go like the checkers, and the mailman, and the delivery people, and your neighbors, and your loved ones, obviously. We could—if we have the means—buy some extra bottles so that we can give it to those who have to be out there. Like you said, delivery people who have to be out there and don’t have access to it. That’d be really cool to pass it along. One of my friends posted on Facebook that their church is encouraging them to leave toilet paper out on their front porch. Obviously, not in the weather, but underneath the roof or whatever. Leave some toilet paper out on the porch, and so if anyone needs some they’ll see some toilet paper and they’ll get it. Then other churches I heard were encouraging people to make a clear plastic bin with essentials like food and toilet paper with a sign that says, “If you need some please take it.” That way, we’re helping our community, we’re helping each other especially those in need because there are those in our community who lost their jobs, who were living paycheck to paycheck. Now they have to figure out how to make ends meet.  If even just buying one bottle of hand sanitizer for that person because now they’re going to do Uber Eats or something, and they’re going to be a delivery person just to make ends meet that’s supportive of them. If we can get together and figure out how we can support the people in our community who aren’t being supported by giving them some extra toilet paper, or giving them some food, or giving them a hand sanitizer then we will all help each other. Arising tide floats all boats. I love that saying because I imagine all the neighborhoods being lifted up because we are all the tide that’s rising. We are all doing that effort together.  So if we can think about how we can help others in our community, if we have the means, if you have the means help. Do what you can. Do it safely, but do what you can. Just because we’re such a social distancing doesn’t mean that we don’t still help each other and still care for each other. It has been so great having you on the show to talk about this. I’m really excited that you’re providing this really essential service. Is there anything else that you’d like to say about your company, about this hand sanitizer, just any of the science or the studies? Is there anything that you really want to make sure that you got to say today?   [0:40:21] Faith Flatt: I’d love to thank you, first of all, for having us just to talk about this new formula that really can make a difference. I want to say, “Make sure you are practicing good hygiene and utilizing any hand sanitizer, but of course, the Hand Sanitizer + Skin Conditioner from Real Time is wonderful, but first of all, we believe that everyone deserves the ability to fight off germs.” As you said, Ashley, we all have our part to play to protect those around us, so hand sanitizer is just very important right now. We’re excited to be doing our part. I want to say one last time that if you’re an organization, or a business, or you know of one that’s a need of hand sanitizer, or you yourself just want to share it with others, as Ashley recommended, we’ve got some wonderful bundle options available. We’re just looking forward to partnering with you to get Hand Sanitizer + Skin Conditioner into more people’s hands.   [0:41:25] Ashley James: Awesome. Listeners can go to learntruehealth.com/hand. That’s learntruehealth.com/hand to buy the hand sanitizer—either individual or like you said the bundles. You can also use the coupon code LTH to get a fun gift. It’s been such a pleasure having you on the show, Faith. Thank you so much for all you do. I know you’ve been working like a fiend the last three weeks to help get this hand sanitizer out there. I’m really impressed that you guys could turn around in that short period of time and produce such a high-quality product, but I shouldn’t be surprised because that’s what you guys do. So it’s been pretty awesome. I also recommend—if listeners do have any pain—check out their other pain creams. I am a big fan of the MAXX Pain Cream myself, but you guys also have other formulas. George Foreman has his own formula, which has everything in it. I haven’t tried that one yet, but I’ve heard that it’s now everyone’s favorite formula.   [0:42:32] Faith Flatt: It’s a knockout, I’ll tell you.   [0:42:36] Ashley James: Well, I loved everything George Foreman’s ever done, so I wouldn’t be surprised. So listeners, when you go to learntruehealth.com/hand and you buy your hand sanitizer, then if you do have any pain, or if you know a friend or family member that has pain then also check out the different pain creams, the George Foreman pain cream. I looked at all the ingredients, I was really, really impressed with everything that was in it. That it actually does work. I have even given some of your pain creams to some friends who are in chronic pain with fibromyalgia and with osteoporosis. They were so thankful. I’ve heard nothing but good feedback from experiencing your pain cream so I was really happy. The fact that people significantly reduce their pain meds when using your pain creams is so beautiful because those pain meds are so harmful to the body. If we can do it naturally then we’re really protecting that person in the long run. So, thank you for everything you do. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to hearing from the listeners. Listeners can go to the Facebook group—the Learn True Health Facebook group—and share with us your experience with this hand sanitizer. How you and your family are enjoying it. I would also love to hear from the listeners—in the Facebook group—how you gifted this hand sanitizer to someone in your community. I think that’s so inspirational. I love those stories of pay it forward. So if you do buy the hand sanitizer for someone else please post it in the Learn True Health Facebook group. I’d love to hear that story. It’s like one of those Christmas tales where the whole town doesn’t have any presents or something really bad happens. We all come together and we end up making a Christmas miracle. So we’re all going to come together, and give each other hand sanitizer, and support each other in this really crazy time. Faith, thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you for producing this hand sanitizer. I am going shopping today and I can’t wait to bring it with me. I feel very happy that I have this tube right now when I go grocery shopping today.   [0:45:05] Faith Flatt: Well, I’m glad you have it too. Thank you for having me, Ashley.     Get Connected With Faith Flatt: Official Website Facebook Twitter 

    417 Corona Virus, What Naturopathic Doctors Are Saying About The COVID-19 Outbreak, Vitamins, Herbs, Self-Quarantine, Social Distancing, Immune System Support

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2020 23:56

    IT'S HERE! Learntruehealth.com/homekitchen Use coupon code LTH for the listener discount! Check out IIN and get a free module: LearnTrueHealth.com/coaching Join the Facebook group: LearnTrueHealth.com/group Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray: https://amzn.to/39f8Oux Colloidal Silver BIG Bottle: https://amzn.to/2T3NzGj Zinc Picolinate: https://amzn.to/32vJmOx Elderberry Syrup No Sugar: https://amzn.to/32x2xaT Also a good Elderberry: https://amzn.to/383Y0xM   Coronavirus and Natural Medicine https://www.learntruehealth.com/coronavirus-natural-medicine   Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 417. Hello, true health seeker and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health podcast. In the light of the coronavirus, I’ve been in contact with several Naturopathic doctors and medical doctors who have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on right now around the world and have been watching the studies that have been coming out of China and other places. Interesting studies. Korea and China have found some things that are working better than just waiting it out. They’ve been publishing these. The doctors that I’ve been talking to have been putting their finger on the pulse and really making sure that they are prepared, and they’re letting all their patients know what they think they should do. I wanted to pass that information along to you. Some people feel we’re overreacting with the quarantine, the self-quarantine. I live in the state of Washington and we are self-quarantined. Some people feel were under-reacting. Whatever your position is, we are all affected. Borders are shutting down, restaurants and bars are shutting down. We’re being asked to stay in our homes for the next few weeks. All the schools in Washington and several other states have shut down. Whatever your belief system is around the virus, whether you think it’s a conspiracy, whether you believe the mainstream narrative. Let’s err on the side of caution. Let’s not give in to panic because that lowers the immune system. Don’t allow fear to run your life because that lowers the immune system. Any virus can be potentially fatal depending on your health status. We all have a family member or friend who is at risk, who’s vulnerable. Whether it’s a grandparent or a friend’s grandparent or a child with asthma, immunocompromised child. Maybe you’re in total health but others around you, others that you could have contact with may not be. The best thing to do is to err on the side of caution. If you can, if your family is capable of doing it, if this doesn’t affect the income of your family to self-quarantine, if you need to leave the house, obviously you’re taking measures like washing your hands and face. Also, take your shoes off and leave them outside of your home. Take your clothing off the moment you get home and throw it in the wash and take a shower right away. There’s certain things we can do to lower our exposure, but the fact is that this virus does live on surfaces up to I’ve heard nine days, I’ve heard 12 days. It can incubate in someone for up to 2 weeks. So you may have it right now and not know it for two weeks. Again, giving in to fear will decrease our immune health. So what can we do? We can all take precautions. There are antiviral herbs. I’m going to give you a list of some herbs that you can add in your cooking, you can add in tea, you can take encapsulated form, you can take in tincture form or an essential oil form. You’re going to want to do your own research as to how much of these herbs to take. It’s best not to overdo anything. I’m also going to give you a list of some vitamins, some supplements that the Naturopathic doctors are telling their patients to take. There have been some studies that show that they help to give a positive outcome with the coronavirus.   Vitamin A The first is vitamin A. If anyone is experiencing upper respiratory problems you can take high-dose vitamin A. This is according to a Naturopathic doctor that’s very experienced that I was talking to recently. He says for 3 days you can take 100,000 international units of vitamin A and that’s not beta-carotene. You want to get high-dose vitamin A that is not beta-carotene. Then after that, you can take 25,000 international units a day. This is just for preventive measures during the flu season or during an outbreak.   Vitamin C Vitamin C. In China, they’re doing high-dose vitamin C intravenously. They’re showing that that has been creating positive outcomes with the coronavirus. For just a regular dose every day, take between 2,000 and 6,000 milligrams a day. You want to spread it out throughout the day so that you don’t get diarrhea because high dose vitamin C does cause diarrhea. It’s best to get powder. That way you can dose it slowly throughout the day. If you can get between 2,000 and 6,000 milligrams of vitamin C in you every day during flu season that would be fantastic.   Vitamin D Vitamin D. If you have your levels tested every year and you know you’re low like let’s say your reading is below 40 for example, 40 or 30. Then you can easily take between 5,000 and 10,000 international units of vitamin D a day. These are all adult doses. You’d have to speak to your pediatrician about doses for children. My son, our pediatrician has him on 1,000 international units of vitamin D a day during the flu season.   Zinc Zinc. They have seen, there’s been a study on the Covid-19 coronavirus where they found that zinc and a malaria drug combined, they did this in China and they did it in Korea, but they used a different drug. That you’re using the drug in order to increase zinc’s intake. It increases the uptake of zinc into the cell. They’re finding that zinc stops the cell from producing RNA for the virus. That’s very promising. I’ve talked to several health professionals about this. We want to take zinc every day. This would be just a great general practice during the flu season anyway. The Mayo Clinic says that between 8 milligrams and 11 milligrams is a good recommended daily dose, but that seems kind of low. The National Institutes of Health consider that 40 milligrams a day for adults is the upper limit dose. They recommend not going above 40 milligrams a day and that they say four milligrams a day for infants under the age of six months. That’s the National Institute of Health. Again, any supplementation for your children, I’d talk to a Naturopathic pediatrician, but there you have it with zinc, basically 40 milligrams or less a day. Taking any supplements in high doses can cause diarrhea or other symptoms. You want to start gradually, slowly, and increase to your bowel tolerance basically it says. It’s how they put it for vitamin C but also for zinc. High levels of zinc too can cause diarrhea as well as headaches and nausea. Again, we don’t want to overdo anything. We don’t want to harm our body by freaking out and taking high doses of something that ends up causing other symptoms. The point is we just want to support the immune system. What’s been proven to be supportive is vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc. There are herbs that have several studies, many studies that support the body in fighting off viruses in general. There aren’t a lot of studies around Covid-19 specifically and herbs, but what we’re seeing is that there’s a lot of herbs out there that support the body. For example, basil.   Basil There was a four-week study in 24 healthy adults were supplementing with 300 milligrams of holy basil extract significantly increased levels of helper T-cells and natural killer cells. They’re both immune cells that help protect and defend your body from viral infections. Things like holy basil, that’s something that you could eat every day in your food. You could put it in salads and soups or you could get an extract or an encapsulated form.   Lemon Balm Lemon balm is a fantastic antiviral. It’s great to make a tea out of it. A lot of these herbs, not all of them but a lot of them, you can mix together, buy in bulk. For example, mix together and just drink all day long as an herbal tea. So lemon balm, oregano, sage, fennel, garlic. Garlic is something I wouldn’t necessarily make a tea out of, but you can eat it raw and you can eat it cooked. Peppermint, rosemary. Rosemary has an extract that has been proven to be quite antiviral. Oleanolic acid in rosemary has been displayed to be quite antiviral in several studies against several different kinds of viruses.   Echinacea Echinacea both is antiviral and boosts the immune system. That’s something again you can get in tea form. Herbal tea, if you take all these antiviral herbs and you mix it together and make a nice tea out of it, that’s very gentle for the body to take it all day long, drink it all day long. If you take capsules or if you take an extract that’s more concentrated and then you have to be careful with the dose. Whereas, it’s easier to dilute. Just take a tablespoon of each dry herb and make a big thing of tea like 60 ounces of tea and then you just sip it all day long. That’s more gentle and it’s less likely that you would accidentally overdose. Tea is the most gentle form of taking herbs. Then the next would be encapsulated. Then the more concentrated extracts or essential oils the more careful you have to be with overdosing.   Elderberry Elderberry, I’m sure you’ve heard of elderberry extract. There have been several studies on elderberry that’s very exciting. It’s known to suppress viral replication and it stimulates the immune system. Even in a recent study, it showed that elderberry helped to inhibit viruses from entering our cells. That’s something that you can actually get your own elderberries and make your own elderberry syrup. Or you could just buy a bunch of elderberry syrup or you can buy a bunch of elderberries. Kids often love it because it is delicious. That’s definitely something to have stocked up on.   Licorice Licorice has been known, it’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. You have to be careful with licorice if you have high blood pressure. Licorice also is fantastic for depression and anxiety and for people who have lethargy. It has shown to be antiviral against several viruses including severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronaviruses.   Astragalus Astragalus is another herb in traditional Chinese medicine that has shown to significantly enhance the immune system against viruses.   Ginger Ginger, and you know, I heard that there were stores that had completely sold out of ginger. I’m not surprised because you can make teas, you can cook with it, and you can make cough syrup with it. It has fantastic compounds that are antiviral, but that also help us throughout the flu season to mitigate several symptoms of the cold or flu.   Dandelion Dandelion is wonderful to add to your herbal tea blends. It has many medicinal properties including a potent antiviral effect. Several studies showed that dandelion extract reduced or inhibited the replication of some viruses, but it also is wonderful for the liver and for our blood. There are many different kinds of herbs that we can use. You can go on Google, find the herbs that you like and make a tea. You could buy them on Amazon or there are many co-ops online that will ship herbal blends to you. I say buy it in bulk. Pick a few that sound really delicious together like lemon balm, basil, sage, rosemary, echinacea. Get these loose-leaf basically and then mix them together and every day make a big tea. You don’t even have to heat it. You can put it in a big thing of water overnight and then just drink it the next day. It makes a beautiful tea. You can drink cold or you can drink hot. That way, you’re getting very gentle antiviral herbs into you and into your family and you’re hydrating.   Learn True Health Podcast Episodes  Some episodes for you to listen to. Episode 315 of the Learn True Health podcast I share everything I’ve learned from Naturopaths for what to do when you have a cold or flu to boost the immune system and also to mitigate symptoms. You really want to listen to that episode. I talk about colloidal silver. I talk about specific essential oil blends for respiratory support. Use of the neti pot, use of hydrotherapy to boost the immune system and boost lymphatic flow. You’ll want to listen to episode 315.   Episode 15 So to get to episode 15, you can’t listen to it on iTunes because only the most recent 300 episodes are available. Because this is episode 417, there are 117 episodes that have been pushed off of iTunes. You have to go to learntruehealth.com, my website, or other podcast directories like Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Google Podcasts. There are lots of other podcast directories that you can find episode 15 on or you just go to learntruehealth.com and find episode 15. Dr. Jenna Jorgensen. She’s a Naturopathic physician and she shares exactly what she has in her medicinal holistic first aid kit and what you should have in your medicine cabinet. All the natural remedies from homeopathy, essential oils, and some really interesting things that you should have in your home for helping you with cold and flu and other just general stuff that happens. If you want to have a Naturopathic kit, basically, a first aid kit, then listen to episode 15 with Dr. Jenna Jorgensen.   Colloidal Silver Colloidal silver is something that has been proven to be antiviral. You have to make sure that it’s a high-quality colloidal silver. I was just talking to my Naturopath about this last week. She and I both like the brand that Sovereign Silver. You can take it orally, you can gargle with it, and you can use it topically. Some Naturopaths talk about nebulizing it, so inhaling the fine particles. Consult your Naturopathic physician or consult your doctor about that, about nebulizing. The lungs really aren’t meant to have stuff in them. If you’re going to nebulize colloidal silver be very careful because there’s been evidence to suggest that it will accumulate, the colloidal silver would accumulate in the lungs. However, if you are fighting a viral infection, many Naturopaths talk about nebulizing colloidal silver and also nebulizing glutathione to support the lungs. There are things that you can do to support the lungs using natural medicine, but again, talk to a Naturopathic physician about these specifically. I really want to err on the side of caution here. Don’t just nebulize things randomly as a preventative because you could end up doing damage. We really want to be very careful. There was several people that died recently in the Middle East because they read something on social media that some kind of rubbing alcohol if they drank it would be a cure for coronavirus. Of course, that killed them. I know you guys, my listeners, are so smart. You guys are smart. You guys wouldn’t buy into a fake meme. I want us to also not overreact. I want us to not under-react, but I definitely don’t want to overreact and an overdose on a natural substance. It’s best to do this all in balance. Before you take anything, just do a little bit of digging and talk to a Naturopathic physician to create your perfect formula of natural immune supportive supplements that you could be taking. Supplements are generally very, very safe. It is when we go into high doses for long periods of time that we can do damage. So stay within those parameters and just err on the side of caution. Start slow and work your way up like vitamin C. Start with 1000 milligrams and then slowly ramp it up to bowel tolerance. Those are things that are totally proven to be safe. The best thing we can do is to decrease our stress levels is to err on the side of caution to stay at home as much as possible. You know what’s really interesting? I bet we see a huge decrease in all infections. If you think about it, if we all stay at home as much as possible, we’re probably going to see a huge decrease in all affections across the board. A huge decrease in the spread of all infections. If you can’t stay at home, practice more self-care to decrease stress levels. I’m seeing so many people are so afraid right now. The best thing you can do for your immune system is to stay informed, stay calm. Maybe when you’re drinking your antiviral tea every day, you can imagine that it is supportive of your body every time you sip it, you could imagine that you’re supporting yourself, and your body is strong and healthy and then everyone you love is going to be healthy and safe. We can just support each other by letting everyone know that we can take vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and elderberry and other herbs to support our body in the best way we can. Everything that I’ve shared today, I want to make it really clear, I’m not sharing a cure. I’m not saying that any of this will even prevent coronavirus, but what the studies are showing and what the doctors have told me is that these herbs and these supplements support the body. So they might help to mitigate symptoms. In China, several studies are showing that with the use of vitamin C and zinc and other nutrients that they’re finding that those people have better outcomes with their infection. That they have a higher success rate of thriving and living when they used vitamin C when they used other nutrients and herbs versus nothing at all. Of course, we want to do the best we can to support our body’s ability to heal itself and stay healthy. Please, support yourself by not giving in to the overwhelm. By doing what you can daily to lower your stress levels. Get out in nature. Get out in sunlight. There are studies that show that sunlight is antiviral and getting out in fresh air, grounding yourself. Go stand out in your backyard with your feet in the ground or go lie down in the grass if you can. Go for nature walks. Read some books. Unplug from social media and do things that will decrease your stress. Now is a great time to pull out those board games and play with your family. Please, make an antiviral tea. Take these supplements to support your body’s ability to stay as healthy as it can. Join our Facebook group, the Learn True Health Facebook group. We have many health professionals in that Facebook group, and we’re all sharing great information, staying up to date with what we can do to support our immune system and support each other. Please, come join the Learn True Health Facebook group. Although I just said stay off of social media, but it’s a really positive place to be, the Learn True Health Facebook group. We’re trying to keep it a very happy and positive place, but also supporting all of our health questions with great information. If you’re looking for a good resource, come join the Learn True Health Facebook group. I’m going to have some great doctors on the show coming up soon to support us around this as well. Please, just keep focusing on decreasing your stress and self-care. I love you all. We’re all going to get through this together. Have yourself a fantastic rest of your day.   Get Connected with the Learn True Health Podcast! 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    414 The Power of Eight, Rapid Healing and Achieving The Miraculous, Intention Guru, Award-Winning Author of The Field, The Intention Experiment, The Bond and Editorial Director of What Doctors Don’t Tell You, Lynne McTaggart

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Check out IIN and get a free module: LearnTrueHealth.com/coaching Join the Facebook group: LearnTrueHealth.com/group www.lynnemctaggart.com The Power of Eight: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World https://amzn.to/3aamHtN The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World: https://amzn.to/3abX7oc The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe https://amzn.to/3acvNX3 Living with Intention: The Science of Using Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World: https://amzn.to/32wHIwh   The Power of Eight https://www.learntruehealth.com/the-power-of-eight Highlights: What is the power of eight How did power of eight start Positive intention vs negative intention What power of eight session looks like What time travel intention is   In this episode, Lynne McTaggart shares with us how the power of eight started. She shares how powerful sending and receiving intention is. She also shares how people can get over big or small traumas through time travel intention. Intro: Hello, true health seeker and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health podcast. You’re going to love today’s interview. I would love for you to join my new membership that I’ve spent the last four months creating. I’ve filmed a bunch of wonderful videos and every week I upload new videos teaching you how to cook in a way that heals your body and also cook and prepare food in a way that your kids will love, your spouse will love. It’s delicious food but it is whole foods and that there’s no processed foods, minimally processed and it taste delicious. So if you want to learn some amazing recipes, even if you could just improve your health by adding more nutrition in the form of food to your life, please come join come check out the Learn True Health Home Kitchen. I would love to see you there. The community so far is loving it. One of our members said that within five days of applying some of the things that she learned in the membership, her chronic headaches went away and that she noticed she had more energy. She was actually feeling like she could sleep at night. Come join the Learn True Health Home Kitchen and learn how to use food as your medicine to eat delicious food that also heals your body. Go to learntruehealth.com/homekitchen. That’s learntruehealth.com/homekitchen. You can join as a monthly member. It’s $9.97 for a whole month. You can come check it out. You can join as an annual member and use the coupon code LTH for a big discount. Come learn how to make delicious food that is also healing for your body. Learntruehealth.com/homekitchen. I hope to see you there.   [0:01:56] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 414. I am so excited for today’s guest. This has been a long time in the making. Lynne McTaggart, I have wanted to interview you for a really long time and our schedules finally aligned. Today is the day. I’m so excited. A really good friend of mine, who’s a mental health counselor about a year ago, wrote me a text saying, “You have to interview this woman. I just finished her book. It’s life-changing. Oh my gosh. This is amazing.” I really take her opinion seriously because she’s a mental health counselor and she is really grounded in what works, what doesn’t work. She has to be. She actually, after reading your book The Power of Eight, she owns a clinic and she runs the clinic. About 80% of her clientele are there to end alcohol and substance abuse. So she does individual therapy and she has therapists underneath her as well and she also has group therapy. So most of her clientele is there to end addiction. She immediately started using the tools that she learned from your book, The Power of Eight, in her group sessions. So, when they all came together two or three times a week to do their group therapy for ending their substance abuse, addiction or healing it; all the things she learned from your book she started doing with them and started seeing some fantastic results. Then she started doing it to shift things in her personal life. I’d get a text, “Okay, at 9:00 in the morning we’re all going to put this intention out there together.” So we started this intention circle, which was so great. So finally you’re here on the show. I think that your tools are so relevant for everyone listening. So I’m very, very excited for us to learn from you today. Welcome to the show.   [0:04:06] Lynne McTaggart: Thank you so much. It’s great to be with you, Ashley.   [0:04:10] Ashley James: Awesome. Absolutely. Now, here’s another example of serendipity. I just texted my godmother and I just felt this urge. I don’t normally tell her who I’m interviewing. I just felt the urge to tell her and I said, “I can’t believe it. I’m so excited. I’m finally interviewing Lynne McTaggart today.” My auntie, I call her my auntie. She wrote back, “You’re not going to believe this. I’m holding her book in my hand.” I’ve never talked to my aunt about you at all. She said, “I can’t believe it. I’m holding her book The Power of Eight right now in my hand.” I said, “Yeah, exactly. I just knew it. Something in me knew to tell her.” So she’s really excited. So she’s going to text me a question for you while we’re doing our interview. But this is how exciting it is. Finally, I have you on the show. All my listeners want to achieve better health emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, energetically. All my listeners want a better life for themselves and their family. This is something that you teach people. You’re considered an intention guru. It’s almost like learning how to master the ability to manifest. I am so excited to dive into this, but before we do, I’d love to hear a bit about your backstory so that we really understand what happened in your life that led you to become this best-selling author of teaching people how to control their thoughts in a way that manifests what they want in life.   [0:05:51] Lynne McTaggart: Well, I mean, I never set out to do this. My background is investigative reporting. So, when I started out my career, Ashley, I broke baby-selling rings. I was trying to put bad guys in jail kind of thing. I came over to the UK to write a book. At that point, it was a biography of one of the Kennedy sisters. I fell in love with the place, never left. At that, which was my early 30s, I got ill and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I went from very conventional doctors to very outer rim of alternative doctors and nobody could tell me what was wrong with me. Now, it turned out I had a faulty microbiome. No big deal these days, but back in the early 80s, it was. So, I finally realized if I was going to get better I was going to have to research this myself. So I researched what I thought I had. Then I researched the right doctor to work with me, to heal me. He was a pioneering nutritional doctor, a medical doctor who was not using drugs anymore, he was using supplements. He was using food and supplements as medicine. We got me better and I was so impressed by this that I probably got pretty boring on the subject. My husband sort of turned to me one day and he said, “Don’t tell me, tell the world.” So, we started a little newsletter then called What Doctors Don’t Tell You. This was 30 years ago. We carried on and we still carried on. It’s now an international magazine. We run the one in America and the one in the UK. We also have its sister publication called Get Well and a Get Well show, an exhibition, a health expo that we just had in London. So, in the course of doing this work and when we started the newsletter, we decided we want to show people what’s really proven to work in alternative medicine. So, I kept coming across, when I was doing research, very good studies, studies of spiritual healing. I kept thinking to myself, “Wait a minute, if you can have a thought and send it to someone else and make them better, that completely undermines everything we know about how the world works.” So, I set off on a quest essentially to find out what this was. Do we have human energy fields? What was going on? So, I persuaded my publisher to let me go on a journey and to write a book without a compass. I had no idea what I was going to find, but they agreed to do a book that I wasn’t even sure the content of. I started talking to scientists in quantum physics, pioneers in consciousness research. What each of them were telling me was a tiny piece of what together compounded into a completely new science, a new view of the world. So I wrote that up in a book called The Field, which was a best-seller, an international bestseller. One night afterward, I realized there was some unfinished business because there was a lot of evidence in there that actually thoughts are an actual something with the capacity to change matter. So, the journalist in me was very curious. I kept thinking, “Well, what are we talking about? Are we talking about a tiny shift of a quantum particle? Are we talking about curing cancer with your thoughts? I wrote a book called The Intention Experiment, which was the science of intention, all the science about the power of your thoughts, but it was also an invitation to take part in experiment. I wanted to do this and test this in the biggest possible way. I started thinking about it. I knew a lot of scientists in consciousness research, scientists working at prestigious universities like Princeton, Penn State, University of Arizona, University of California. I also have lots of readers because the field was in 30 languages. So I kept thinking, “Well, if I put them together I’m going to have the biggest global laboratory in the world.” So we did. We would set up these well-controlled experiments with scientists. Every so often I would invite my readers to all send the same thought to that target. To be honest, Ashley, I did not think it was going to work. I thought maybe we’d have some very subtle effect but we did. It did work. It really worked. I mean, we’ve run 33 experiments. Everything from trying to make seeds grow faster to trying to purify water to lowering violence of war-torn areas and to even try to heal somebody of post-traumatic stress disorder. Of those 33, 29 have shown positive, measurable mostly significant effects. There’s no pharmaceutical drug out there that has that kind of track record, but it was really the small group thing came about because I was trying to figure out how to start running workshops in this. This is back in 2008. I wasn’t really sure how to scale down what I was learning in the intention experiments. So I was kicking it around with my husband one day and I said, “Well, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just put people in groups of eight or so and have them send healing intention to a member of the group with a health challenge.” He, being a good headline writer, said, “I love it. The Power of 8.” That is how it had started, just completely by accident. We did this in Chicago, our first workshop. Put people in groups of 8 or so. Had them send healing intention to a member of the group with a health challenge. Again, I didn’t think it was really going to work. I thought it was going to be a little feel-good effect like relaxing, having your back massage or something like that. That’s not what happened. Next day when people came in to talk about how it had been for them the day before in the workshop, they said things like this, “I have cataracts and they’re 80% better.” “I have a very bad knee from arthritis and I’m walking normally today.” “I have IBS and it feels like it’s cleared.” “I have depression and I feel lighter and better today. I feel like it’s gone.” On and on and on it went. I didn’t believe it. I really didn’t believe it. I thought, “Well, this is a placebo effect.” But I have now seen this happen in thousands of people’s where there have been healings in an instant or healings over time with a power of a group.   [0:13:19] Ashley James: That is amazing. I love that your husband came up with the name. That was some divine intervention to come up with that. So you didn’t do experiments where we did a group of six and a group of 10 and we found out that eight was the best?   [0:13:35] Lynne McTaggart: No. It doesn’t have to be eight. As I say, that was just me plucking a number out of the air. I mean, we have had groups of six, we’ve had groups of 12. It doesn’t need eight. Eight is kind of a Goldilocks figure, Ashley. It’s not too big and it’s not too small, but it works with six or five, it works with twelve. I think more than twelve it gets a little unwieldy. The point is a group, a small group of any size.   [0:14:06] Ashley James: You said that thoughts can change matter and you saw it in large groups of people. Did you do any experiments where you saw significant changes in something with one person’s thoughts?   [0:14:20] Lynne McTaggart: ­­I mean, there are plenty of studies of that and they’re all in my book, The Intention Experiment of individuals sending intention to everything from bacteria to plants to single-celled organisms to full-fledged human beings and they’ve been able to change things. There’s no question. There’s huge, huge evidence of that. It’s without a doubt now. I was interested in the power of groups. I figured, “Well if one person has that power, does it get magnified in a group?” That was the other thing that really intrigued me. So that’s really why I wanted to do the intention experiment. I wanted to see what if there are thousands? What happens? With the intention experiments, we’ve had everything from 3,000 people to 25,000 people participating.   [0:15:19] Ashley James: This reminds me of what happened in DC several years ago where they meditated for peace and that the crime rates dropped significantly during that summer. This is the kind of experiments you were doing where you were taking many people with a single focus. Then you would see that it actually got results. Why is that? Is it that we’re all part of a morphic field? Is it that our thoughts really do create reality and matter is an illusion? Why is it that a group can get together and change reality?   [0:15:57] Lynne McTaggart: First of all, the studies you’re talking about, which were done by the Transcendental Meditation people, were very good studies, well-controlled. What they were looking at was just the effect of passive meditation. So the people who are part of that, what they looked at was, and they did it with 48 cities around America and Washington DC was one of them. They wanted to see what would happen if there were a critical mass of meditators meditating. They found when they reached a certain critical mass, the crime rate would go down. Now, these were not people intending for lowering violence, these were people just meditating. Essentially their theory, and that’s really all we get to call it, is that it creates a change in the field. When there are lots of people meditating, it really changes and calms things in the field. I don’t know about that. There certainly are studies. Their studies are very good, but the why for them, I can’t really speak about. What I can talk about is what we did, which was a very highly focused thought. So our people weren’t meditating. They were in a state of hyper-awareness, hyperfocus, which is the state I try to get people in with intention. It’s not a quiescent state, it’s a state of a high degree of focus. I have them hold a particular thought. Our intention is that we will lower violence in St. Louis Missouri, in the Fairground section of St. Louis Missouri by at least 10%, something very, very specific. We’ve done this seven times now with violence lowering. We’ve done intention in war-torn areas like Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. We’ve also done it in very highly violent places like Washington DC, a section of Washington DC and also a section of St. Louis Missouri, which is officially the most violent place in America. With that study, we worked with the team of scientists. One of them was a noted statistician in consciousness research called Dr. Jessica Utss from the University of California. She examined three years’ worth of data around St. Louis as a whole and also the area we were focusing on, which was the most violent part of St. Louis, the Fairground area. So we looked at both property crime and actual crime, violent crime. She found that the crime rate had been going up and up and up in all areas of St. Louis, particularly Fairground. From six months onward, after our intention, property crime continued to go up in St. Louis as a whole. Violent crime St. Louis at the whole continue to go up. Property crime in Fairground continue to go up, but violent crime, the focus of our intention, went down by about 43%.   [0:19:18] Ashley James: Wow.   [0:19:19] Lynne McTaggart: We’ve done seven and all seven have shown measurable, documented lowering of violence.   [0:19:30] Ashley James: Was it advertised and people in that area know that this was happening or was it completely oblivious to the people in those areas that this was going on?   [0:19:44] Lynne McTaggart: Yeah. We didn’t advertise it to the St. Louis people. We let our community and other communities in the consciousness that we were doing it and invited them to be part of it. We didn’t let St. Louis know about it. So what is this? Well, I think that there’s a lot of things going on. I think, certainly, there is a power of thoughts. There’s almost like a psychic internet that gets created. I give you an example of that. With my intention experiment, one of the early ones we were doing trying, to make seeds grow faster. We were working with the University of Arizona. They would get four sets of thirty seeds: A, B, C and D as they were called. They would photograph each set, send me the photographs. When I was speaking in a particular area, we would do a new study. So my first place that I was speaking was in Sydney, Australia. They were in Tucson, Arizona with the seeds. So they sent me the photos with the audience we chose randomly, one of the four sets. Didn’t tell the scientists which ones, sent intention to that set of seeds. Didn’t tell the scientists which ones. Let them then told them we were done. They planted the seeds and five days later after they’ve measured all four sets of seeds to see how high they grew, did we unblind the study and tell them, “Well, actually, we send intention to seeds A,” or whichever one it was.­­­ We ran that study six times. Every single time, the seed sent intention grew significantly higher than the controls. One time twice as high. Now, unpack this for a second. That first study, we’re in Sydney, Australia. The seeds are in Tucson, Arizona, 8,000 miles away. The audience isn’t sending intention to the seeds itself, they’re sending intention to a photograph of the seeds. Nevertheless, we had an effect. So, that’s what I’m talking about with some sort of weird psychic internet. The even more interesting thing, that’s interesting, pretty amazing but not the really interesting part of the story. The more interesting part is what happened to the participants? Because once we started doing peace experiments in 2008, we started sending questionnaires, surveys to the people who would participate. We got thousands of responses back where people said things like these, “I’ve made up with my estranged relative.” “I’m getting up along so much better with my wife.” “That boss of mine, that horrible boss of mine, is suddenly being so nice to me.” “Now, I am in love with everyone I come in contact with.” That was about half of the people said that. That was the most. They were basically talking about hugging strangers in the street. There was this incredible change in them that was a kind of their lives became more peaceful. More peaceful, more loving, more connected. So that’s the thing, that rebound effect, that mirror effect was what started to really interest me.   [0:23:07] Ashley James: It’s as if they plugged into a different internet like you said. They’re plugging into this internet where the intention and the energy is about love and peace. The morphic field they were living in, the life, the goldfish bowl that they were living in has changed. They took themselves out of the petty, the angry whatever they were in and they put themselves in a different vibrational state. So then, they started seeing their entire world in a different way. It changed their perception.   [0:23:48] Lynne McTaggart: Absolutely. Absolutely.   [0:24:27] Ashley James: That is brilliant. Now in your book, The Power of Eight, you teach people and teach groups how to do this. What about individuals? So I want to talk about groups, I want to talk about individuals because individuals are listening to this. Maybe some people, like introverts, would be shy to go find a group of people to start doing this with at first and they want to build up their confidence by doing something alone. Can people practice what you teach alone and then go find a group? Should they just go find a group because that’s so much more powerful?   [0:24:28] Lynne McTaggart: Well, I would recommend that they find a group. It doesn’t have to be a group that’s physical. You can meet virtually. On my website, lynnemctaggart.com/forum, you can sign up to either join an existing group, and there are thousands of them going, or you can create one and advertise one in your time zone. Just say, “Hey, I’m looking for people to do a power of eight group with.” Yes, you can practice the rudimentary of intention, but it’s the power of the group. I’ll tell you what the real secret sauce is and why you do need a group. That is because for so many people if they’re stuck in their lives, the way that they get off of that is by getting off of themselves and sending intention to someone else. That’s why a group, small groups, are so powerful because I’ve seen this over and over and over again. When I first started noticing that this was going on, I started looking at it from different ways trying to understand this because I didn’t believe it. At one point I decided to put people in groups, have them follow a course of mine for a whole year. I would put them in groups after they’d gone through some teaching with me over six weeks. I’d study them. I would monitor their progress over an entire year. Now, we had some amazing things and we continue to do so. With that first group, there were 250 in the first group. About 150 continue to meet regularly week after week after week. Of those 150, pretty much 100% of them had major life transformations. We had an Allison who had vitiligo and started repigmenting. Trudy who regained most of her hearing, she had hearing loss. We had Mitchell Dean who was a psychologist who suffered from his own suicidal thoughts. He had suicidal depression and nothing had worked. He was an integrative psychologist, but when he put it out to his group to help him find the path to healing. After they did an intention for him, he was compelled to go to a Chinese herbalist who wanted to test his liver filtration systems. He found out that one of them was blocked. As soon as that was unblocked, his depression lifted. So we had amazing stories like this. People who were in financial straits suddenly get this incredible ongoing windfall of money. Extraordinary people stuck in their jobs, like Melissa, who in her 50s ends up getting this new dream job, but some people, in the beginning, were stuck like Andy. Now Andy was a very talented marketing person and coach. She had sold her gift store and she was going through a divorce. She had two small children so she really needed a job. She couldn’t find a job no matter what they were doing, her group’s intention, all of the stuff she was stuck, stuck, stuck. So I went through all kinds of things with her and I finally just said, “You know Andy, get off of yourself.” I had a particular person in mind for her to focus her intention on. There was a young boy called Luke who was 15. He had just broken up with his first serious girlfriend. When he was in a fit of adolescent angst, he threw himself off a 40-foot structure onto a hard ground. Luke broke every bone in his body, had nerve damage, brain damage. His stepfather and his mother didn’t think he was going to live according to what the doctors were telling them. So, they wrote to me and said can you put him on an intention circle. So I asked this masterclass that had been formed with these groups. All do a healing vigil for Luke on three successive Sundays while his parents kept a running commentary of what was going on with him. Luke ended up healing in record time. Within a few weeks, he was whizzing around on a wheelchair. With a few more weeks he went home against every prognosis of the doctors. Now, he’s a healthy 18-year-old boy. So amazing. Was that down to us or good doctoring or maybe a combo of both, who knows? But what was really fascinating is what happened to Andy. Because Andy, the moment she got off of herself and started focusing on Luke, she gets a call out of nowhere from someone she doesn’t even know offering her the perfect job. That happened over and over and over again to the point where I started realizing that the real secret of this, the real reason why people are getting better is this thing of altruism. Altruism is like a bulletproof vest. The science shows you that people who do things for other people, no matter how slight, live longer, happier, healthier lives. If you have an illness and you help somebody with the same illness, you’re more likely to get better. Even if you’re a volunteer you’re more likely to have a healthy life. You’re more likely to have longer life. It’s really extraordinary the science behind it.   [0:30:24] Ashley James: Now, what’s the difference between the power of eight or this group intention, the system, you’ve developed a system, that has proven time and time again to work for the intended target but also for everyone doing it, which is great. What the difference between that and prayer? You go to church on Sunday and the whole church prays for someone. What’s the difference?   [0:30:51] Lynne McTaggart: Well, I think it’s different. It’s a secular system, first of all. Secondly, you’re not praying to a supreme being where you basically say to God, “You decide. Thy will be done,” is what we say in church. You decide essentially. With intention, this is a very specific request to the universe. This is what I’d like, please. Also, there is the energy, the something, the alchemy that goes on in this group. Now, everybody, we just had a health show in London Olympia and I did a Get Well show. I put people into groups of eight and let them experience that. People talked about this extraordinary buzzing energy they were feeling. I’ll give you an example. A few months ago, I did this at a conference. A woman, I swear to you, Maya, young woman who had had some sort of idiopathic paralysis from the neck down that occurred that was tragic because she was a dancer. She was in and out of paralysis and when she came to the show, she was in a wheelchair paralyzed from the neck down. The group did for her. She described this extraordinary buzzing, this energy that filled he with such gratitude, with such force that she felt, “I can’t keep this for myself.” So she started intending to send some of that out to one of her relatives who was ill. Anyway, the upshot is, when we were calling on people afterward who were raising their hand to say what had happen to them, she put her hand up and she thought to herself, “I got to stand.” She stood up and turned around and talked to everybody. It was just astonishing. Absolutely astonishing. It’s that group thing, there is a group feeling of oneness that people talk about all the time that is something much, much bigger than them. Like they’re almost inviting in a power even outside the group. People talk about that all the time. Light behind chairs, the chair of the circle, light being’s there. Someone who had a bad knee and afterward was able to do a deep squat after this ten-minute intention. Talked about feeling warm mitts around her he even though nobody in the group was holding on to her knee. It’s that kind of thing. There’s something bigger that gets produced.   [0:33:36] Ashley James: You’re inviting in healing angels.   [0:33:40] Lynne McTaggart: I guess you are. Who knows? Look, I’ve started recognizing that intention plays a big part of it. Group intention plays a big part of it. The group effect itself. Groups are, as one psychologist called it, a collective effervescence. They have their own amazing effect and power. Altruism plays a huge part in it. Just getting off of yourself. What happens with altruism is when you do something for someone else, it activates a thing in your body called the vagus nerve. It’s the longest nerve in your body and it starts in the neck, winds its way through all of the major organs of your body. It’s kind of a love nerve because it gets activated when we do something good for someone else like a child in need. When it does, it also makes us feel connected to everyone, even people we are nothing like, we feel more connection with the other. So, there’s an extraordinary spiritual side to this that gets activated in a group and a group that is involved in an altruistic intention.   [0:34:57] Ashley James: There are studies that show that people who are depressed and suicidal when they join a group and volunteer, so dog-walking; feeding the homeless; community gardens that time and time again, they see that depression lifts and suicidal thoughts melt away. Joy starts to fill their life and that people who volunteer live longer. They are happier people and they live longer. So you’re explaining one of the physiological reasons why because it’s stimulating the vagus nerve. It connects our two brains because they’re saying now that there’s like a second brain which is our gut. That there’s so many nerves happening in the gut. The vagus nerve is sending more signals to the brain than the brain is sending back down. So the brain is receiving all this information. We have an intuition I believe. We call it like a gut feeling. I think the gut perceives also. So when we have a really clean and a healthy vagus nerve, we have better dig­­estion; 25% of our serotonin, I believe, is produced in the gut of a healthy microbiome. So, there’s joy and happiness, there’s better digestion, better absorption of nutrition. When the gut, when the vagus nerve’s inflamed, they see that people have chronic depression and also have developed digestive disorders like IBS. We can do something like be altruistic, volunteer, join a power of eight group and actually have a physiological effect on calming the vagus nerve, which supports our physical health. I love that. I love that we can start to see the actual physical benefits of something mental and emotional because the mental-emotional body is connected. We’re all connected. That’s really cool.   [0:37:14] Lynne McTaggart: Yes. The amazing thing of it is, as I say, in a group, it’s not just the receivers that get healed, it’s the senders too. Now, with one group, I just organized a group in Denver with the Mile Hi Church. So we had this group of eight and one of the members of the group was a guy called Wes. Now, Wes wanted to put himself forward because he suffered from depression and he had this miserable life. He was 65 when I met him and he was there with the group and he had big hopes and dreams to become a biochemist or a doctor even. He was at university when, I think his third year, he got called up to be drafted at the very end of the Vietnam War when there were no more draft deferments for college students. So he ended up going to Vietnam getting totally traumatized by the situation, coming home deeply depressed, didn’t finish university and his life went down in a downward spiral after that. Even when he met the love of his life, had married his second wife, she didn’t last long. She died of a fast-growing cancer. So, he got to the point by 65 where it was kind of what’s the use? He barely could get himself up in the morning. So he was there and he did this whole thing. He wanted to put himself forward but there was a woman in the group with stage four cancer and he thought she was more deserving. So he did that. That first night, he went to bed and woke up and it was almost like Scrooge on Christmas morning where suddenly he’s like this totally different person. He’s smiling. He used to avoid people. He’s suddenly smiling and saying hi to them. The grass was greener than he’d ever seen it. He had a cup of herbal tea and he said it knocked his socks off. All of his senses were really heightened. So then, the next night goes to bed. He has this amazing lucid dream he said almost like a vision where he’s meeting his 19-year-old self. They’re back in campus and the 19-year-old self is somehow communicating to him, “Don’t worry, there’s still time.” From then, Wes was a totally different person because he suddenly started doing power walks, he started writing, he started joining classes, he started coming to his church, Mile Hi Church, and is very active in a power of eight group. He’s a completely different person after that one 10-minute session.   [0:40:05] Ashley James: Oh my gosh, I’m crying right now. I think my favorite thing in the world is hearing about people who felt hopeless and then they had a breakthrough because it’s never too late. You’re not a lost cause, you’re not broken, it’s never too late. You can have a better life even if you’ve been suffering. I remember feeling so sick. In my 20s, I was so sick I just didn’t want to live anymore at times because I felt like a prisoner trapped in my own body. I was suffering so horribly. I was able to use natural medicine to overcome it and that’s ­one of the reasons why I do this show is to help people who are suffering like me. There is a way to heal yourself. The road sometimes is long, but sometimes it’s short. Sometimes you do something like join a power of eight group and you have these amazing results, but there’s always hope. There’s always something there for you to learn. I believe that there’s no lost causes. This is my favorite kind of story is hearing of people who triumph. Every single person deserves that. Every single person deserves to create the life that they love.   [0:41:29] Lynne McTaggart: Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, that’s the thing that’s really amazing about it. When you do see studies of what happens when people do for other people and how that changes them. One of my favorite studies is a study of prayer and it looked at took a group of 400 people with depression. They put them into two groups. One group where the people who are going to get prayer for them, and the other group of 200 we’re going to be people who are going to give the prayer. So they carried out the study and afterward measured the effects. Now, the people who got the prayer did really well. They improved, but nowhere near as much as the people who had given the prayer. They were off of the charts. So that was I think one of those interesting things. Also, another study of people looking at people who have what we’d consider the good life, all the money in the world, everything that they want, go on a lot of holidays, have a lot of material things. When they looked at their immune system markers, a group of researchers, they found they had terrible immune systems. These are people who are going to die of any one of the number of degenerative diseases: heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc. They were going to drop like flies, they look like, at another group who weren’t as affluent but who were living a life of service, of doing for other people. Those people had robust immune systems. They were going to live forever. So, there’s another example of the power of getting off of yourself and doing for other people. It’s really extraordinary.   [0:43:26] Ashley James: That’s so beautiful. I love it. My aunt texted her question. She says, “So, I’m in a group. Based on her book The Power of Eight, there are eight people meeting once a week on Zoom. We are into our third week and plan to do eight weeks for all eight people. Each week we let each person in the group say their intention for themselves for this week and then we pick one person after that who we’ll all focus on, figure out what intention will suit that person’s issue the best and we all repeat silently to ourselves for 10 minutes. The same intention for this one person. We meditate on it. My question is, at the beginning of the call, is it a good idea for each one of us to tell our own personal intention first or is it better to only focus on the one person’s intention throughout the whole our together?”   [0:44:20] Lynne McTaggart: Well, you can talk about your intentions, your personal intentions, but if you’re doing it for an hour, I wouldn’t try to do everybody in the group in that one hour. Sometimes it’s good to just send and sometimes it’s good to receive. So, if you’ve got an hour, you might want a little time to talk about things after each intention and to break and have time. So having about three people to four people being the targets of intention would be a good idea at most in an hour. You’d want them to talk about themselves, what’s going on with them, and then everybody shares some feedback afterward because some of the stuff that I talk about is also having visualizations of success, very strong visualizations not just holding the statement and bringing it down to your heart but also holding visualizations of success.   [0:45:18] Ashley James: Maybe you could walk us through what a session looks like so that the listener went and got seven other people together, walk us through what it looks like. Of course, they’ll get your book because they’ll want to dive in deeper but for those listening today that are really jazzed and just want to go try it, can you walk us through step by step what we should do with a group of seven other people.   [0:45:41] Lynne McTaggart: Sure. I mean, it doesn’t have to be aid, as I say, you can be on Skype or Zoom or a conference call or you can be meeting in person. You design a very specific intention statement together. It helps to have one person be the leader stroke timekeeper. So, one person gets nominated as the recipient, everybody else is the sender’s. You decide together on the intention statement, make it very specific. If you want to heal the big toe of somebody’s right foot say, “Our intention is that Jane Doe will be healed of all pain in her big toe of her right foot.” That kind of thing. You hold, you then start breathing together, you then formulate the intention bring it down to your heart, send it out to the person. I’m just giving you the big broad strokes. There’s a lot of details. In fact, there are 13 keys to intention mastery. I talk about a number of them in my book, The Power of Eight, and also in The Intention Experiment. I teach these very in-depth and lots of other things about in tension in masterclasses, but these are the broad strokes. So, we take you down to our hearts, we send it out. The person receiving just opens up their hearts to receive. I say hold it for just 10 minutes because sometimes people aren’t as proficient in focusing and it requires a high degree of focus, focusing on the outcome that person being healthy and well in every way. Imagining them running around or being blooming with good health. Hold and you don’t need to do more than 10 minutes. Lots of people do things for hours, you don’t need it. We’ve seen so many healings in an instant basically. Then you slowly come out. The timekeeper says, “Time is up.” You slowly come back in onto the call and then it’s good to have some feedback. What did the receiver feel? What did the senders feel? What did they visualize?   [0:47:56] Ashley James: So in one call, like you said, you could do three or four people if you wanted to.   [0:48:02] Lynne McTaggart: Yeah. I wouldn’t try to do all eight because you wouldn’t have enough time.   [0:48:05] Ashley James: Right. Right. Because it sounds like it would be about twenty minutes per person if you’re really intentional with the time.   [0:48:13] Lynne McTaggart: Sure. Do understand that people get healed toward the senders just as much as the receivers, in some cases more so. Remember Wes? He wasn’t a receiver, he was a sender and his life got changed in those 10 minutes.   [0:48:29] Ashley James: This makes me think about hurricanes where we’ve seen them veer off all of a sudden. There was no explanation as to why and everyone in Florida and everyone around Florida is just intending for it to move. Then there are other times where people are expecting worst-case scenarios and I wonder, have you seen negative things happen where if a group of people believe something really bad is going to happen, could we also create something negative?   [0:49:08] Lynne McTaggart: Oh, yeah. There’s a huge batch of research about negative intention and I’d like to tell you, Ashley, that positive intention is more powerful than negative intention, but I can’t. It works just as well. If you think about it, I mean Qi Gong masters use a thing called destroying mind to overcome the opponent if they’re doing a kind of a fight with them. That works very powerfully. There are other situations where they’ve done very well-controlled studies of people sending negative intention to anything from bacteria, to plants, to all kinds of things like that and they have a very powerful effect. They’ve even done studies where they do a trade. They start to do a positive thing for a while then a negative thing for a while, positive thing and it creates a kind of zigzag effect. So yeah, we can have negative intention too. So people expecting the worst, it’s like that old, I think it’s an old Buddhist story of somebody coming to a new town and eating a Buddha and saying, “So what’s it like in this new town that they were about to move in?” And the Buddha says to them, “Well, what was it like in the last town?” And they said, “Oh, it’s terrible. People were so unfriendly.” And he said, “Well, yeah. They’re going to be unfriendly in the next place.” Then somebody else comes along and they say, “So, we’re moving into this town. What are people like here?” And he says, “Well, what were like in the last town?” “They were so lovely. They were so friendly. They were wonderful.” And he said, “Well, the people here in this next town are going to be lovely too.” So, a lot of it is depending on your point of view and what you do. I’ve actually worked with a group of intenders in Florida trying to move one of the hurricanes and it certainly missed that area. It was aiming for it and it missed it. Did we do this? Short answer, who knows, but it’s interesting and it seems to happen quite a lot.   [0:51:14] Ashley James: Oh, that’s so brilliant. Now you have an intention masterclass. I believe it started in January. Can people still join?   [0:51:23] Lynne McTaggart: Well, I’m due to do the fifth one on Saturday. These are all recorded so if people were really desperate to join, we could probably fit a few people in. They would get the first four sessions if they join this week and they could join the fifth session, which is all about how to protect yourself from negative intention. They could join it and be part of it. Now, what happens is, they get six live webinars from me, and these are also recorded if you miss them if you’ve started late too. We are putting people in groups of eight or so. We put them into more so that there will always be eight that on their calls. Then we encourage them to meet weekly with their group. Once my six are finished, and then I send them weekly challenges, advice, guidance. I also have a system to monitor their progress, every person’s progress on the masterclass. They get four catch-up calls with me where I teach them some more through the year and they get to ask some questions. We have a private Facebook page where they can ask more questions and there’s a lot of feedback that goes on. So the real work happens with the groups, but they learn a lot from me about using intention for relationships, using intention to become a better receiver of other people’s intention, the thirteen P’s and so forth and how to be really successful in a power of eight group.   [0:53:05] Ashley James: I know that you also teach people if they feel like their choices are not in their own control, that you teach people how to use their thoughts to change that behavior. Because some people feel like, “Oh, I wish I could stick       to this way of eating, but I can’t control going through the drive-through,” as an example or, “I keep wanting to go to the gym but I just can’t make it there.” It’s like they want to do something but then feel like their behavior is not in their control. That’s something that you teach as well as how people can overcome that.   [0:53:51] Lynne McTaggart: Yeah. What we also teach is, and I’ve run a retreat with my husband on this and we’re going to be in amazing place in Italy in the Piedmont area where I’m staying in a castle and we’re also going to be visiting Damanhur, that amazing spiritual community that’s been considered one of the eight wonders of the world because it has these extraordinary subterranean cathedrals in there, very, very sacred place. I’ve been working a lot with intention and sacred spaces, and some of the science does show that intention seems to work faster and better when there’ve been a lot of sacred work in certain areas. So we do that, which is really interesting, but we also work on healing the past through the power of eight because my husband has a lot of work about how the past becomes you and lives through you and creates the you you present to the world. We combine that with a lot of time travel intention and we work with people and help them get over some of the big and small traumas that have limited them in their lives from manifesting to life of their dreams. So this year we’re going to be going for, we only do one retreat a year, we’re going in early October. So there’s going to be more up about that on my website too.   [0:55:21] Ashley James: That sounds beautiful. What do you mean by, I mean I think I know what you mean but I’d love for you to explain it, time travel intention?   [0:55:30] Lynne McTaggart: Well we actually use intention through various techniques to go back to moments of trauma and essentially erase that tape. We don’t erase what happened, but we erased the tape. So we erase the footprint that is limiting you. It’s quite a complex technique, but essentially it really means what we are doing is getting rid of that emotional trauma, the emotional footprint of it.   [0:56:02] Ashley James: Beautiful. Well, I love the work that you do. I would love to have you back on the show to dive deeper into these topics. This is sort of the manual we should have been born with to learn how to use this tool in between our ears and our heart. Science now is finally starting to prove that this exists, that we can affect with our thoughts, can affect reality. I just finished an interview with a woman that had just published a documentary called Superhuman. The entire documentary is following experiments proving that thought affects the world. It’s wonderful to now interview you and get that many people, including yourself, many scientists, are all working together around the world to prove that there’s something. Thought is like an invisible arm that we have. It’s not only a sense because we can perceive. People get intuition or psychic abilities, but that our consciousness also effects. So it receives but it also puts out. In this documentary, they were at I think Stanford, she was able to within 10 seconds, by just using her consciousness, just in tension, she changed the conductivity of DNA. Then they did another experiment within 30 seconds she changed the pH, which is in increasing the hydrogen in water while it was all hooked up to electrodes. All kinds of experiments like that just to show that anyone, she was coming in blind, never done it before, that everyone has this ability. Most people are walking around handicapped because they don’t know that they have this ability. So your books are showing them and teaching them how to use this God-given ability to create a world. We’re kind of walking around like children creating a world chaotically with our thoughts not really taking responsibility for them because we don’t realize how great of an impact they have on our reality. So we need to harness this power and focus it towards what we want.   [0:58:49] Lynne McTaggart: Absolutely.   [0:58:50] Ashley James: Yeah. So bring it together, focus it. It’s kind of like the difference between a sailboat where all the ropes are loose and everything’s flapping about and it’s just kind of going with the current versus focusing the sailboat to harness the wind to go where we want it to go. So we can use your tools to learn how to do that.   [0:59:13] Lynne McTaggart: I like that. I like the idea of harnessing ourselves. Sounds great.     [0:59:18] Ashley James: Yeah. Lynne, your website is lynnemctaggart.com. Of course, the links to everything that Lynne does, including her intention masterclass and all her books, are going to be in the show notes of today’s podcast at learntruehealth.com. Is there anything that you wanted to make sure you taught today or anything you’d like to say to wrap up today’s interview?   [0:59:42] Lynne McTaggart: Well, just that I think the power of thoughts really should give you hope and the power of the group should give you hope because we in the spiritual community, we think we have to spend years practicing or hours priming ourselves to get into a mystical state. We did brain wave studies with neuroscientist at Life University, one of the largest chiropractic universities in the world, and they found that during power of eight groups, the brainwaves of the participants, who are just novice students, would change and not look anything like meditation. They resembled Sufi masters during chanting and Buddhist monks during ecstatic prayer as measured by the University of Pennsylvania. So, my message is just this: you don’t need a sweat lodge, you don’t need years of walking around on your knees, all you need is a power of eight group and a common intention and it’s your passport to the miraculous.   [1:00:53] Ashley James: Beautiful. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I’d love to have you back.   [1:00:56] Lynne McTaggart: I would love to be back, Ashley. Thanks so much. [1:01:00] Outro: Are you in to optimize your health? Are you looking to get the best supplements at the lowest price? For high-quality supplements and to talk to someone about what supplements are best for you, go to takeyoursupplements.com and one of our fantastic true health coaches will help you pick out the right supplements for you that are the highest quality and the best price. That’s takeyoursupplements.com, takeyoursupplements.com. 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    406 Whistleblower Exposes Coverup in the CDC; Informed Consent, Gastroenterologist Uncovers Link Between MMR Vaccine and Increase in Crohn's Disease, Autoimmune, and Other Digestive Disorders, with Dr. Andy Wakefield

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    The mainstream media is owned by the pharmaceutical industry. So when you search for this information, you will never find the truth. You will only find what the pharmaceutical companies pay the media to portray. Andy shared that we can find his podcast on this platform where info cannot be censored: https://www.sphir.io Andy's Documentary: vaxxedthemovie.com IT'S HERE! Learntruehealth.com/homekitchen Use coupon code LTH for the listener discount!  

    403 Activist, Author, Documentary Producer of Vaxxed 2 and Founder of The Autism Trust Charity, Polly Tommey Shines A Light and Gives A Voice To Parents and Children Who Have Been Vaccine Injured

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    True informed consent means your doctor tells you about everything that could go wrong before giving you a drug or vaccine. Parents are not being made aware of all of the potential dangers. Polly Tommey is giving a voice to thousands of parents who were not given true informed consent and now have children who are permanently injured, disabled, or dead. Polly Tommey's sites: Follow Polly on Periscope and on Social Media: https://vaxxedthemovie.com/live-streams/ www.vaxxed.com www.vaxxedthemovie.com http://www.autismmediachannel.com http://www.autismfile.com/ http://www.autismcenteraustin.com/index.php/takeaction-home/ https://www.theautismtrust.org.uk/   Polly Tommey And Ashley James https://www.learntruehealth.com/autism-activist-polly-tommey-gives-voice-parents Highlights: What regressive autism is No eczema, allergy, asthma in the unvaccinated Effects of getting Gardasil HPV vaccine on teenagers Various effects of vaccine injury on the parents, siblings and those around them Dangers of vitamin K shot What Vaxxed movie is about What informed consent is   In this episode, Polly Tommey shares with us her family’s story about vaccination and autism. She shares the benefits of not vaccinating and also the effects of vaccinating from hearing different stories of families who have either vaccinated or not vaccinated their child. Lastly, she also talks about the movies Vaxxed and Vaxxed 2.   [0:00] Intro: Welcome to the Learn true health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 403.   [0:00:14] Ashley James: I am so excited for today’s guest. We have with us Polly Tommey, who’s a mother and an activist and a producer of documentaries that have blown my mind. I am kind of pinching myself talking to you today because watching you in the Vaxxed documentary, I was crying most of the time — a lot of tears of inspiration. A lot of tears of shock and sorrow, but at the end of that emotional rollercoaster, I walked away thinking that the entire world needs to see the movies that you’ve produced and that everyone needs to have this information. What I love about your message is you’re not fear-mongering, you’re shaming. You are empowering. So thank you so much, Polly, for the work that you do, and thank you for being here today to share your story with us.   [0:01:05] Polly Tommey: Thank you so much for having me.   [0:01:08] Ashley James: Absolutely. I’d love for you to start by sharing your story, your personal journey with autism and becoming an activist.                                                                                              [0:01:16] Polly Tommey: Yes. Well, to start with, my husband and I were extremely pro-vaccine when we had our first child, Bella. We vaccinated her. Of course, you must remember this is 25 years ago. So we did not have the schedule that you have today. This was in England. We have an even less schedule, vaccine schedule than you do here. So, it was really almost one at a time because that was the schedule. So we were very pro-vaccine. We had our second child very close behind our first. So we didn’t think twice, of course about vaccinating. Now, in the morning that I took my son Billy at 13 months into the doctor’s surgery to have his MMR, just that vaccine. I went and had a coffee just so that I could be the first one to tick the box on the book to be the perfect mother, which is what I wanted to be. I wanted to do everything perfectly. So vaccinating was part of that for me. My friend warned me. She said, “Did you know there’s been this odd thing on television about the MMR? There could be a problem with it.” I said to my friend, “There’s just no way this is true because the doctor would, of course, tell me if there was a problem. So I’m going to go with the doctor’s advice. He’s got a medical degree, and I’m going to go ahead and vaccinate my son.” So we vaccinated Billy at 9:00 that morning. By 5:00 that evening – and after the vaccine, he was fine but just very very very sleepy. So I just let him sleep and gave him Tylenol and all those things that you’re told to give him. At 5:00, my husband when in to get him from his crib, and he was having a seizure. It was really bad. His eyes were rolling back. He was convulsing. His back was arched. So we rushed him into the emergency room in the hospital. We told them, “What’s happening to our son?” They said, “What have you done today?” We said, “We gave him the MMR.” They said, “That’s it.” They told us. The medical professionals told us that it was the vaccine. So, they said he would be fine, give him some antibiotics. I mean, it all sounds crazy really back to you know, talking to you about it because I can’t believe how naïve I was. Yes, we gave him some antibiotics and lots of Tylenol, and he never got better. He never woke up. He got more and more sick and ended up with an autism diagnosis at 18 months. So, that made me so angry, so furious and we started looking into why on earth would the doctors say these vaccines are safe and effective? Why didn’t they tell us that our son could have a seizure? It’s on the insert. So we started our journey really telling other parents and going on the British television, media in England talking about the MMR vaccine, which was okay for a short amount of time and then suddenly the descend ship started. That’s when we knew we had a much much bigger problem.   [0:04:10] Ashley James: How were you censored?   [0:04:12] Polly Tommey: Well, they would come and interview us about our son’s story and autism because we were big autism advocates at that time and the MMR section would be cut out of the whole. So everything would be in the interview we got them on television but not the MMR bit. A South African film rages about the vaccine but when it aired, all of it were taken out. That’s when we thought, “Yes. Oh, gosh. There’s something much deeper.” Because the minute they start censoring you for something, there’s much bigger problem behind it.   [0:04:42] Ashley James: Why become an advocate around autism?   [0:04:46] Polly Tommey: Well it started because when we were told that Billy had autism, we didn’t know what that was. Billy is 24 now and he was diagnosed at 18 months 20 odd years ago. There was no internet like we have today. It was just big old computer things. We weren’t really good on that. So went to a library to look up the word autism and it says worse form of mental illness and your child will be institutionalized. We couldn’t find anybody who has autism. Now of course everybody knows some that’s got autism or you see it down the street. Anyway, after doing an interview we got inundated with parents wanting answers to autism. How do you look after your child? How do you stop the tantrums? How do you stop from smashing their heads against the wall? How do you deal with the medical issues? Because I tell you this, autism that I live in, the world I live in and most of the parents that I meet, it’s no gift. It is no all these people that wear t-shirts saying, “Autism is a gift, embrace it,” “I love autism.” I don’t love autism. I hate autism. My son is my gift and autism was some ghastly thing that happened to him following a vaccine, following a seizure. His brain swelled. His head swelled so much. He got encephalitis and he never recovered from that. So basically, he has brain damage. Autism is a word. Regressive autism is the word that medical professionals give our children after they are injured by vaccinates. That I know for sure. The confusing thing for all the people who believe, some parents both people I’ve met their child was born with autism. That’s fine but that’s not the same condition that my son has.   [0:06:25] Ashley James: That’s a really good point that you bring up. I’m about to be 40 and when I was a child it was 1 in 10,000 had autism. I had some cousins that were born with it and they were non-verbal. So I inquired to learn more about it just to understand what was going on whereas now it’s something like 1 in 40 or 1 in 30 children but it’s not the same. They’re saying it’s a spectrum. It’s kind of a blanket statement for some form of brain damage. I interviewed a doctor, Dr. Klinghardt, who helps to “reverse autism” and help heal their brains. He says, all their symptoms are the same as autism once we detox the heavy metals and we do all these natural wonderful medicine and their symptoms gets better and better and better. Let’s say their symptoms completely go away. They’re no longer diagnosed with autism. Was that ever really autism or are we getting most of the people nowadays misdiagnosed? What do you think? Do you think it’s now a misdiagnosis and that they’re using this terminology just because the symptoms are the same?   [0:07:37] Polly Tommey: I think that they didn’t know what to do. I mean my son was only ever diagnosed back then as autism-like symptoms because they really had never seen anything like it. The autism that’s described many many years ago started from birth. So when you get those parents – I’m a great believer in the parent knows best. The parent knows it child best so if the parent says, “This is not from vaccine,” or the parents say, “My son was born with it,” or “My daughter is born with it.” Then they know. We need to respect that. The regressive autism was never around before. This is a new autism that has come from vaccines. I’ve interviewed over 8,000 parents not all about autism but from vaccine injury. I can tell you that every single one of those parents that has an autistic child all the same things as me. That their children were perfectly fine before that vaccine or that group of vaccines went in and brain-damaged them. Because that’s what it is. It’ brain damages.   [0:08:38] Ashley James: I watched one of my friends bring their one-year-old that was walking. He was walking at like nine months and he was so brilliant. Brought him in for his jabs, his one-year vaccines. He got a fever and he started to become limp and lethargic. Then he stopped walking for six months. By the time he was something like two and a half they diagnosed him with autism. She went to naturopaths and changed the diet, got him on supplements, did all kinds of things and he started to – it was like the fog started to lift. He was able to communicate again and connect again. He still has struggles. She sopped vaccinating after that. She saw that he was clearly vaccine injured. I’ve interviewed a pediatrician in Portland, Paul Thomas, who talks about in his 30 years of practice, he has zero cases of SIDS and all these vaccine injuries because he attracts parents that don’t want to vaccinate. Half of his practice doesn’t vaccinate but the other half that does choose to follow his altered schedule. The second he sees that a child has any vaccine injury he sops immediately. He says, “This child is no longer a candidate for vaccines because they’re showing signs of vaccine injury by one vaccine.” He wrote a book I think it’s called Safe Vaccines, the idea that he proposes that everyone should follow an altered schedule if they’re going to choose to vaccinate. Now I love the latest movie you’ve come out with, Vaxxed 2. Like I said, I cried. I couldn’t believe I was crying so much but tears of inspiration. It was really a beautiful movie. All the people that you interview traveling across the United States. I know you’ve traveled to many countries interviewing parents, showing what happens and what can happen and what has been happening. That these parents have been silenced. What’s so beautiful is you’ve given them a voice. Can you take us back and share with us what happened to how did you create the first movie, the fist Vaxxed movie?   [0:11:01] Polly Tommey: Yes. So the first film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe was directed by Andrew Wakefield, produced by Del Bigtree and I’m also a producer on that. My passion has always been the parents because I am one and because I lived it. So, even in the first film I interviewed Sheila Ealey who’s the African American mom. We have a very powerful interview in there. I was always the person who really was the parents’ go-to. Now, following Vaxxed when Vaxxed was going out of Tribeca Film Festival if you remember that. That gave us a platform that we could never have dreamed of that money just can’t buy. Because what they did by censoring us, yeah, I mean they censored us so much that it actually started trending. So suddenly we were on tour going to Q&As around the country. What happened really quickly is that there were huge lines of people wanting to talk to Andy, Del and myself tell us there story of what happened to them. So Andy and Del had to talk about the science. That was their thing and I ended up listening to the parents’ stories. Then I thought, “Well, this is pointless.” They’re all talking to me and that’s not going to get anywhere. So I found Periscope, a live platform to go and very very quickly it grew and grew and grew. Then we started going live on Facebook too and these stories has got shared. Now we have a huge community around the world that the minute I press the live button, they’re right there wherever I am listening to these stories. The bus became the iconic thing. It wasn’t us the people who made the film, it wasn’t the people in the film. It was the bus. People would come up to the bus they would start crying. They’d want to tell the story whether they were a medical professional, whether they were a parent, a teacher, anybody. Everybody had a story. To this day, we’ve just come back from California. The bus is parked in California now ready to go on the 4th of January. We’re going back out on tour. We’ll be going out all of next year because the demand for people to tell their stories is huge.   [0:13:07] Ashley James: How do people follow you on Periscope?   [0:13:10] Polly Tommey: So, if you go to Periscope you go to @TeamVaxxed. It will say PeepsTV, P-E-E-P-S TV, PeepsTV. You’ll see us there. You’ll see all the stories. Now there are a few fake ones. I ask you to be careful that you don’t get through on the wrong one but we are PeepsTV. Once you sign up, when I go out live, you will go out live with me when we hear every single story. It gives the person telling the story great comfort because I show them all the hearts and the love that they get around the world. It’s been a really very successful thing. What we’ve uncovered on the bus has been more fascinating than anything else.   [0:13:52] Ashley James: When I saw – so watching Vaxxed 2 you show that. You show footage of you going live on Periscope and filming these parents sharing their stories. Time and time again you can see that they were so isolated. That they felt so alone. That they felt guilty, ashamed. They haven’t been listened to. They haven’t had a voice. They haven’t been heard. Then they got to go to the bus, the big Vaxxed bus that has what is it? Over 8,000 signatures.   [0:14:32] Polly Tommey: Nearly 9,000.   [0:14:34] Ashley James: Sorry.   [0:14:35] Polly Tommey: Well, we’re approaching 9,000.   [0:14:37] Ashley James: Each signature represents either a parent or a victim, someone who has been vaccine injured. Is that correct?   [0:14:45] Polly Tommey: Yeah, or has died. Yes. Vaccine injured or has died. There are many many people that contacted me saying, “Please put my name or my child’s name on the bus,” which we do not do. We listen to every single story between myself and the other hosts around the country that are trained up to do this. We all validate by listening to the stories. So they can’t accuse us of just randomly writing anything on there. We really do listen to all of them. We know there’s way more out there. Following Vaxxed 2, it’s just like gone crazy. Everybody wants to tell the story. It seems to me, I will tell you this, it seems to me that if you had a vaccine of any kind you now have an injury of some kind. Because I have never ever heard of eczema, allergy, asthma any of those in the unvaccinated, which is one of the biggest things that we have uncovered around the bus is the undeniable health of the unvaccinated. Including in that is the vitamin K. The vitamin K seems to be a bigger problem than any of us ever thought. I mean all my children had the vitamin K. I remember thanking their midwife thinking that she was just giving my new beautiful baby some vitamins but if you actually do your research on the vitamin K, and we’ve got people testing it right now, there is synthetic full of aluminum. It’s got a black-box warning on it. It’s a really dangerous thing to be giving our baby. I’m just a parent reporting to you from the people of the world who have severe injuries and death following just the vitamin K shot.   [0:16:16] Ashley James: So you said just the aluminum and for those in the United States it’s aluminum although I love the British saying of aluminum. Aluminum sounds so much more beautiful. So you’re saying that there are heavy metals in the vitamin K shot that they give to newborns that are between six and eight pounds. These tiny newborns that they’re injecting it right into their bloodstream aluminum?   [0:16:41] Polly Tommey: Aluminum and everybody can do this research themselves. You don’t need to be a scientist or a doctor to do this. You got to get hold of the insert. The real insert not the fake insert that they give you at the doctor’s surgery and at those pharmacies. Those really are not the real insert. You can actually get it on the CDC website. They have to put it up there. They’re very very big, very long. You will need to google a lot of those words. You will be horrified once you understand what is going into the body of yourself or your baby what it is it’s actually going. It makes sense. I can’t believe that none of us did that research. I can’t actually believe that the pediatricians, the people on the front line that we trust so much do not know either about the ingredients in the vaccines. They don’t know. They had no training as what you saw in Vaxxed 2. Every single one including professor Dr. Moss and various other high high ranking doctors, they also say the same thing. Absolutely no training in vaccines other than they’re safe and effective. Here’s the schedule and they’re the saviors of mankind. That’s it.   [0:17:45] Ashley James: It’s so frustrating because like you said you felt like you’re such a good mother being the first in line, being early for the vaccines for your children wanting to make sure that you’re doing everything to help them and then trusting 100% that our healthcare providers all they need to know for our health. But they have also had information withheld from them. Who’s responsible? We got to hold some people accountable. There’s so many vaccine-injured children. Like you said, there’s even deaths. I really appreciated that you covered Gardasil. You covered the HPV vaccine in Vaxxed 2 that hundreds, hundreds of teenagers have died. That is unacceptable. Then many of them have been left paralyzed and you’ve interviewed several of them, many of them. Can you share some of those stories?   [0:18:48] Polly Tommey: Yeah. I mean absolutely tragic. When we set out on the road in 2016 on this bus, I didn’t even know what Gardasil HPV vaccine. I even never heard of it. Maybe briefly but I didn’t really think about it. I didn’t even know how to spell it. We went on road and by day two we had our first Gardasil story. After we went live with that we were inundated with people at the bus. I remember at one stop, I open the door 15 teenagers standing in front of me. I said, “Are you all here to support someone?” They said, “No. All of us have Gardasil injuries.” So one of the things that you do not see in Vaxxed 2, I mean there’s a lot of that we saw on the road that weren’t in the film. That’s mainly because you can’t put everything in an hour and a half. But a lot of young young girls 15, 16 years old following the HPV vaccine gone through menopause, their ovaries have shut down, they will never have children as they could’ve done before. Lot of girls claiming that they got the HPV, a cervical cancer following they had pap smears before the vaccine absolutely clean. Following that nine months later, they’re showing up with cervical cancer and of course the paralysis. The absolute brain on fire, the burning to their bodies. Many of these girls have committed suicide. One boy following this vaccine through the utter pain and being told that they’re psychologically ill. I just never seen anything like it. I really describe going out on that black bus around America is going into a war zone. It’s just a blood bath of vaccine injury. How people are living, it will just break your heart. These are people that work in good jobs. They get married. They want to be great parents. They want to start a life. They’re excited about life and they follow the system. They do as they’re old and then their life is ripped from them just because of one needle. It doesn’t just affect those two parents. It affects the other siblings. It affects the grandparents deeply. You just see poverty from what was a family that was coping going into absolute poverty because the parents have to be carers. Then of course you get the parents and the family members who then hit the alcohol or hit the psychotropic drugs or whatever it is because they can’t cope with the pain. You’ve just lost a whole load of people that could’ve contributed to this amazing country all because of a vaccine one moment in time.   [0:21:16] Ashley James: My frustration lies in how polarizing this topic has become and I feel as though they’ve weaponized this topic so that we would just fight amongst ourselves and not rise up to demand change. If you look on Facebook, I have lost friends. I try to be neutral, no one is ever neutral but I try to just stand in the middle and say, “Listen. Can we at least have a discussion? Can we at least bring the information, look at both sides?” What I see is that there are people who, I’ve lost really good friends because of this because I’ll share something that just brings into question vaccine injury for example on Facebook. I’ve had friends and family members get very angry and feel like they need to defend the pharmaceutical industry. They need to defend vaccines. I am somehow a really bad person that wants children to die of polio.  They’ll say these kinds of things, “Do you really want people to be an iron lungs? It’s so ignorant of you to question vaccines.” Anytime I’m seeing this, anytime someone wants to just question it or go, “Hey. It’s not right that there are vaccine injuries. Why aren’t we addressing this? Why aren’t we talking about this more? That it becomes a very polarized topic and then they get attacked. One of my friends, Green Smoothie Girl Robyn Openshaw, who has a really large holistic following is now being attacked online by I guess it’s called pro-vaxers. That she is being harassed. I’m like, “Why can’t we just ask questions safely? Why can’t we have these open discussions?” I imagine you have been attacked since this is such a polarized topic now.   [0:23:24] Polly Tommey: You know, it’s really interesting. The people who attack me are the people online. I’m out on the bus right there in open view and then there’s no one around. Where are you? Where are all these people that threaten me and they’re all hiding behind computers. Now, of course we get the odd family members and we get the odd really good friend. It’s so sad when they throw the iron lung thing at you. First of all, let’s address the iron lung thing. If you see Vaxxed 2, you’ll see Colton’s story in there. This is 2019 and we don’t have big iron lungs like we don’t have big old computers anymore. Things have advanced. They’re called ventilators, respirators. If you look around you, what is polio? Polio is this so-called crippling disease where you’re in an iron lung or you’ll get somebody say, “My father had polio and his ankles were really skewed or his legs a bit not made or he had to wear braces for two years.” Look around at the children today. There’s never been so much disability, children in wheelchairs, children crippled over with legs that don’t work. All these things parents claiming from vaccine injury. I’ve actually interviewed two people with polio, both of them said they got it following the polio vaccine. Now, of course if you do your research on that you will see that that’s probably where the majority of this has come in the first place. You really have to look down. It’s not even conspiracy theory anymore. It’s right there in front of your face. I think this is why they’re panicking the other side. Also you’ve got to remember that those doctors, take the doctor that shout and scream at us and say everyone’s going to die because we’re not vaccinating.” They’re also living with immense guilt just like family members who have vaccinated are. If you’re telling me, Polly Tommey, if you’re telling me that vaccines are as dangerous then that means I, the doctor, have potentially harmed a great deal of people. That means I, the mother, as potentially harmed my children. I don’t want to hear that from you Polly Tommey so therefore I say, “Go away and I’m going to block you and I never want to speak to you again because you want polio to come back.” That’s basically how the argument goes because no one can get their head around the fact that this is probably the biggest lie that I ever told. The doctors are being lied to. The parents are being lied to. So that’s why we have to do our research. We have to be brave and we have to tell the truth. The truth is that these vaccines are killing and hurting people. We know that not just from the parents’ stories. We know that when we look at the unvaccinated families or the families with the same parents who stopped vaccinating after the injury. So you’ve got the same parents, same genetics. First child may be fully vaccinated and autistic or brain-damaged in some way, paralyzed. They partially vaccinate the second child who has asthma, allergies, eczema maybe a bit of ADD and then they stop. They report their following children, absolutely none of those whatsoever. But remember, minus the vitamin K. The ones that are vaccinated with the vitamin K at birth, they still have injury. You’ve got to have a clean child for no injury.   [0:26:27] Ashley James: You interviewed, was it thousands of unvaccinated families or unvaccinated children? It was a lot. That’s why I’d like to go with Vaxxed 2 is that you showed the first half of the movie is interviewing so many families with vaccine injury. Then you started meeting all the families that had no vaccine injury or like you painted the picture of like five or seven and some of them were vaccinated and then the rest weren‘t. The difference is outstanding. That the children never are sick, never have asthma, never have food allergies and have never needed to see a doctor other than a wellness visit but have never needed to go in for antibiotics or ear infections over and over and over again.   [0:27:15] Polly Tommey: Unbelievable. We have one unvaccinated child. On my travel I had antibiotic for an infected toe and that is it. It’s quite unbelievable and it’s things like I’m really shocked at the allergy things. Allergy is a huge problem in this country. We are not seeing any allergies in the unvaccinated families, again minus the vitamin K shot at birth which isn’t a vaccine so it’s not part of a vaccine. The ones without that, zero allergies, zero. Unbelievable what we have uncovered. The reason why we knew the vitamin K was a problem is because I was reading the facts on Vaxxed studies, the ones that are actually out there that they refuse to publish or they published and then retract. Something wasn’t right. They were still reporting that the unvaccinated had allergies and that was not what we were seeing on the road. We looked into it more and we found the vitamin K being a huge problem. As I said, we’re nearly days of looking into that with some scientists but we are thoroughly looking into that because again, those poor parents having their beautiful newborn overthinking the vitamin K is the most important thing that they can give their child from their first day of life. We’re seeing the opposite from the roads of America.   [0:28:27] Ashley James: So you have two movies Vaxxed and Vaxxed 2. For the listeners who haven’t seen either one of your movies, can you tell us a bit about the first one, Vaxxed? What would we take away from that? Maybe share some lessons from your first movie.   [0:28:43] Polly Tommey: It’s about William Thompson, the scientist at the CDC. It was really concentrated on the MMR and him being reported without his knowledge by Dr. William Hooker in California. Oh no, he went out of California, excuse me it’s very important so it’s all legal. It’s really the breaking news of William Thompson confessing to how there was a big cover-up at the CDC. So that was the first film and of course some parents’ stories woven into that. Then a lot of parents coming in for a collage montage saying, “Hear us well. Please hear us well. My child was fine before I had this vaccine. My child has autism following vaccine.” So that’s really the essence of the first film. I think the reason why the first film was so successful wasn’t the story itself, which is good but what happens since that is these parents coming forward. If it wasn’t Tribeca and the big drama they made over that it probably would’ve another little DVD that was made and people saw in a community but that’s what happened from that. Again, from that censorship the parents saying, “I’m here,” around the world. I have traveled England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. I’ve traveled around those countries recording those families’ stories and I tell you they’re exactly the same as they are here in America just with different accents but the same outcome everywhere. It’s undeniable.   [0:30:08] Ashley James: In Vaxxed 2 you show clips near the beginning of the film interviews with Robert de Niro. I was laughing so hard because you’re saying at the beginning of Vaxxed 2, you and Andy Wakefield were saying, “That was it. They were pulling us a few weeks before we were supposed to have our big debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.” That Robert de Niro got so much pressure to pull it. I’m like, “Where’s the pressure coming from? Is big pharma really that scared of this information coming out? This little film at this little film festival that they had to put so much pressure on him. Then every time he was interviewed for the Tribeca Film Festival on local news or on the morning news or whatever news show he was on he would bring it up and he’d say, “I hope people see it. I wanted people to just get the information, decide for yourself. Just listen, see it, decide for yourself.”  The people who were interviewing him were saying, “Yeah. Yeah. You should watch it.” So I was just laughing because obviously it wasn’t him. He wanted people to see it. Have you ever talked to him or met him or heard what he thought about your films?   [0:31:35] Polly Tommey: Well, I’ve only seen the correspondence. He’s a friend of Andy Wakefield’s, I’ve only seen the correspondence between them. Andy was a director of that first film. Obviously Robert de Niro thought it was a good film otherwise he wouldn’t have allowed it to be in his film festival, Tribeca Film Festival. He says, Robert de Niro, that he just everyone to see it. Of course, he knows there’s a problem with these vaccines just like many many other celebrities and people know that there’s a problem with these vaccines. Many that do speak out don’t work again or I mean, Rob Schneider. Take him the actor. He started speaking out about these vaccines and he lost loads of contracts and lost most of his work. So people are afraid but I say to you people, you cannot money before these people before mankind. You’ve got to stand up otherwise we’ve got no future if you don’t stand up and tell the truth. Because if you look around right now, there’s very few people that are really really really healthy. Most people are sick with something and there’s got to be a reason behind that. What we’re saying is we’re not saying any of this. I interviewed a woman the other day on the Vaxxed bus with four generations of unvaccinated people in their family. She’s a chiropractor. Of course the chiropractor is one of the healthiest groups of people in the world. He told me of 200 of those members, only people have died of cancer both of them were very heavy smokers. They had no eczema and no allergies in the family. Everybody lived until they’re old aged and nobody of the 200 have been on antibiotics. Don’t you think that needs to be looked into?   [0:33:15] Ashley James: It just boggles the mind because we’ve really been raised from birth to believe that vaccines are the reasons why we don’t have outbreaks of illnesses. That if it wasn’t for vaccines everyone would have had polio or measles or chickenpox which now we’re afraid of apparently because there’s a vaccine for it whereas when I was a kid we had chickenpox parties and it was no big deal. So it’s really frustrating because there’s so much disinformation. There’s so much emotions around it because people who are anti-vax and people who are pro-vax actually want the same thing. We all want healthy children and we all want our children to live a long life. We all don’t want our children to die of something horrible. We all actually want the same thing. So we should stop fighting each other and we should start just looking at the information and looking at the positives and the negatives and weighing them and looking at what’s the best outcome. Because maybe the doctor that I talked about, the one I interviewed in Portland who wrote that book Safe Vaccines, maybe altered schedule is the best thing and his altered schedule. Maybe that after we do research maybe that is the best thing or maybe it isn’t. Maybe like your chiropractor showing that three generations without vaccine over 200 people, that that’s the best way to go. Until we stop polarizing the subject and until we start asking to all work together to respect each other and to just let’s look at the science and let’s look at the results and let’s look at the safety for our children instead of bashing each other, instead of fighting each other, instead of calling each other names. Let’s come together, pro and anti-vaxers, let’s come together and go what can we do for the benefit of our children and the future generations? It’s undeniable that these parents have seen vaccine injury. After watching your two documentaries, it’s undeniable that there is a problem. So I’m always confused when people are saying there isn’t a problem because that is taking away the voice from the parents who have seen that there’s a problem. I love that you have given a voice to these parents who feel so isolated. Who day in and day out are taking a child who’s non-verbal, who’s beating their head against the wall, who has seizures, who is in a modern iron lung as you show in Vaxxed 2. You’ve given a voice to these parents who struggle every day and have been told time and time again that they’re wrong and that it wasn’t a vaccine injury when they saw hours after a vaccine that their child begin to have seizures, begin to turn blue. I mean just really scary things. I feel for these parents. I also can get in the shoes of people who are very angry, the pro-vaxers who are very angry at the anti-vaxers because they feel threatened. I imagine they feel threatened. So, I wish we could all come together and instead of fighting each other we could actually all ask the same question, what can we do to create health for our children? Let’s look at the science. Do you have any advice for us? What can we do as individuals to help?   [0:37:05] Polly Tommey: Well, I think first of all, I don’t see the parents all the people out there fighting. I don’t see that. I take most of them are pharmaceutical paid trolls. There’s adverts everywhere for them. I could go and be one for them tomorrow if I would pass the test of who I am. But most people can. You can just sign up. You would get paid really to fight online for the sake of herd immunity or whatever online. I mean, I just ignore these people, block them. Look, the bottom line is we’re not here to fight. These parents aren’t here to fight. They’re here to warn. They’re here to say, “Look. This happened to us. We vaccinated our kids. We are pro-vaccine. You can’t call us anti-vaccine. We vaccinated ourselves and our children. We’re simply here to warn as a person standing in front of another person saying look, be careful because there’s nothing more heartbreaking if you go down the road I just went down.” Do your research. The best research you can do is go on the ground yourself and speak to those families that did vaccinate and didn’t vaccinate. Make that mind up yourself. That’s the best science you’re going to get. Most of the science studies out there are funded by pharmaceuticals. Did you know that the medical schools that the medical doctors are funded by the pharmaceutical companies? You just have to work it out yourself. Okay, we know Google is taken by big pharma, we can see that. If you google any of our websites now you have to go through the World Health Organization all that kind of thing but you can still do it by talking. There’s no better expert on what’s happened to their child or to themselves than other human beings. So go figure it out. Look at the ones that or pro-vaccine and said, “My children are fine,” and you look at them and they’re not. They’ve got eczema. They’ve got allergies. They’re carrying around inhalers. They’re on medication. That’s not okay. Go and talk to the families that didn’t. Are those children on medication? What is their family like? Which way do you want to go? Get on the ground and do your own research. You don’t even need to look at the scientific studies anymore. Scientific studies are the people that have lived it.   [0:39:10] Ashley James: Beautiful. Now, starting in January, you’re going back out on the road. For those listening who want to follow you or participate and meet-up with you, how can they do that? How can they follow the Vaxxed bus and potentially come and meet you?   [0:39:25] Polly Tommey: Okay. We’re starting off in California in Modesto. California lost a lot of its rights and can’t go to school unless you’re completely vaccinated. So we are going down to California to talk to the parents that have been injured and the unvaccinated who have been thrown out of school and to discover that. So we’re starting off in Modesto in the fourth of January. If you go to Vaxxed 2 the number 2 so Vaxxed2.com, the bus tour will be put up on there. AMC theatres were showing our film Vaxxed 2 and have just pulled it under pressure, of course like everything else. So we will be putting the film online. So watch out for that. It will be going out on the Brighteon site Mike Adams health ranger. He will be screening Vaxxed 2. We don’t have a date for that right now but that will be early in the New Year. Of course DVDs for those that still have DVD players. You’ll be able to get those on February, I think. So the world will be able to see this. They can’t stop it. They’re trying very very hard to stop it. They can’t. If you are on Facebook, we do go out live on We Are Vaxxed it’s called. That is our only official site. We go out live on there. We go out live on Periscope, PeepsTV. Periscope is where we go out live on more than anything else because it’s the most uncensored. We’re still shadow banned but you’re still be able to find us if you’re clever.   [0:40:49] Ashley James: Have you interviewed any parents who have fought this system or sued the pharmaceutical companies and won?   [0:40:57] Polly Tommey: Yes. Actually in Vaxxed 2 you remember that very tragic story of Christina Tarsell who had the Gardasil vaccine. She didn’t feel very well after the vaccine. She went back to school. She just did in her room on her own and they found her dead on her bed. We actually have that image that the police took of that girl when she was found by the police dead in bed. You will see that on Vaxxed 2. So be careful taking your children. I advise all parents to see that film first before they decide whether they want their children to see it because there is this girl that’s dead in the bed. The reason why we use that photograph and we allowed that to go out is because she won in court. They said, “Yes. She is injured by the Gardasil. We’re very sorry. One in a billion chance.” Usual sort of stuff. She’s awarded $250,000 for her daughter. But if you look at that photograph of her, you can see that is a very toxic death. It looks like a noble death, foam coming out of her mouth. It’s really really – anyone who see that section, the Gardasil section of Vaxxed 2 movie will not want. As Bobby Kennedy says in the film, “You got to be insane to give that vaccine to yourself or anyone you love.” When you read the clinical lecture or spoken to the parents, it’s just a very dangerous vaccine. History will very soon I think be able to say, “Yes. I’m sorry. We made a mistake. That’s a bad vaccine.”   [0:42:23] Ashley James: Absolutely. When we look at the invention of x-ray machine, they used to have x-ray machine in shoe stores so we can get x-rays to see if our shoes fit correctly. Our feet fit in our shoes and then they soon found that was causing a lot of damage and they stopped doing that. They took lead out of the gasoline when they realized that was hurting us. They used to spray children with DDT, which actually caused polio-like symptoms. I had a chiropractor on the sow share this, Dr. Wolfson. She shares that she believes that most of the polio was all of a sudden was eradicated back in the 40s, 50s, 60s was actually they are removing DDT. They stopped spraying that on the children. First they sprayed the children then they had this uprise in polio symptoms. They didn’t realize that it was actually DDT poisoning because it caused the same paralysis, the same issues. Then when they stopped, when they finally realized that they were causing a huge damage that they stopped it. I’ve heard from a naturopathic physician who has been a midwife for 30 years that there’s a part of Washington state where I live where the miscarriages, late late pregnancy miscarriages and then also children having injuries at birth or being born with injuries rises like one hundredfold during the spraying season. That if a mother in a particular part of Washington State is near the farms. Doesn’t even have to live on a farm but near the farms. Whatever they are spraying now is causing huge injuries. It’s silent. They’re all able to cover it up but 50 years from now we’ll hear about it and it’ll be history. It’ll be history by then. The victims aren’t being heard now. So I love that you are giving a voice to people and you’re also spreading this information. We should question everything. We should question absolutely everything. We should question at what’s – look at Flint, Michigan and now they’re testing water across the United States and finding that many municipalities have a really really poor quality water. That there’s a heavy metals in the water. We have to understand that we need to advocate for our own selves. We have to test our own water. We need to understand that our food isn’t necessary, we can’t just trust our food is safe just because some company made it and packaged it. We have to do our own research, advocate for ourselves and we should absolutely advocate for ourselves. Whatever we put in our mouth whether it’s a supplement, a drug, food, water we have to be the quality control. We cannot go blindly through those world and trust that these companies have our best interest at heart. There’s over 80,000 chemicals now, man-made chemicals that have been introduced into our food supply that many of them are banned in other countries and banned in the UK and in European Union and yet they’re still safe, apparently they’re safe here and also in our cosmetics. So we have to just advocate for ourselves, question everything and also support those who have a voice so that they can be heard. So, Polly, you have such a beautiful mission because you just want to give parents a voice and let them be heard. I thank you so much for the work that you’re doing. Is there anything else you’d like to say? Anything you want to make sure listeners know? Any websites or any resources that are really important for parents especially parents that have vaccine-injured children?   [0:46:27] Polly Tommey: Yeah. Actually there are. I would like to say something actually. The saddest thing really, most of the stories when the parents talk to me about the injury is that they and their gut knew something wasn’t right before the vaccine was going into their baby or themselves but they were bullied. You mustn’t, you can get off and walk out of that doctor’s surgery and say, “You know what? I’m going to go think about it. I’m going to do my research but I will be back to discuss this with you.” So don’t let them bully you. Don’t let them tell you your baby will die if it doesn’t have the vaccine. Don’t let them say these things. You go and do that research yourself because that’s where all the trouble started from the bullying of the medical professionals to have you vaccinate your child or yourself. So please, you are in control yourself. You’re in control of your baby and your child. You’re the expert on yourself and the baby and the child. So take control. We’ve got to all stand up and be much stronger than we’ve been and not allow these people to bully us. That’s what I would say.   [0:47:27] Ashley James: I love it. Thank you so much Polly. I really encourage listeners to watch your movie. Watch Vaxxed and watch Vaxxed 2 when it does come out soon. Follow you on Periscope. You just download the app Periscope and go to the PeepsTV@TeamVaxxed.  Also, all the links to everything Polly does is going to be in the show notes of today’s podcast at LearnTrueHealth.com. Regardless of whether you consider yourself pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, or what I like to say is pro-kid, I think that your movies are empowering, Polly. I think that all my listeners want to become empowered. We want to absorb information and make the best decision for ourselves so I think that it’s in our best interest to educate ourselves. The fact that big pharma doesn’t want us watching your stuff that’s kind of scary. The level of censorship is showing us that we have to watch it. Whatever the big corporations don’t want us to see is what we need to see. We need to be allowed to see everything. We have a right. We have a right to all these information and they want to take our rights away. We have a right to our health and making the best choices for ourselves. I believe in informed consent. The doctors I’ve had on the show believe in informed consent. Informed consent meaning knowing all the facts and then making a choice. Choose to vaccinate, choose to do altered schedule, choose not to vaccinate. It’s a choice that you should be allowed to make after you have received all the facts. That’s what informed consent is. So I also encourage my other listeners to check out my other interviews that share more information about this. I’m going to be having Andy Wakefield and others on the show in the New Year to give more of the science. This interview, Polly, was so great because I know that parents out there needed to hear your story, needed to hear this information from another parent. So thank you so much for coming on the show today.   [0:49:40] Polly Tommey: Thank you so much.

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    Special Number To Call for IIN - (877) 780-5748 Say you heard about IIN through Ashley James and the Learn True Health Podcast for the listener special! Get a free module to see if IIN's Health Coach Training Program is right for you by going to LearnTrueHealth.com/coach Music "Uniq - Japan" is under a Royalty Free license. Photo of the license: http://bit.ly/2sTETUQ Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: https://youtu.be/MAiHpRUbc0k   The Future of Health Coaching https://www.learntruehealth.com/future-health-coaching Highlights: Recognizing and honoring our uniqueness is going to be the key to our health and happiness. Primary food is what feeds us but it’s not because what comes on a plate. It comes in a bunch of different categories. It could be your relationship with health, it could be your physical activity, it could be your career, it could be spiritual, it could be financial. It’s all those things around you that impact who you are and so you need to think about those.  Living a life of balance being our best self every single day, it’s just knowing what you want to do and how you want to get there you have to help get balance in your primary food. IIN’s philosophy and what it means to be health coach   Want to learn how to be the best version of yourself? Where you could have a life lived with balance in all sorts of ways. Find out on today’s podcast on how you can achieve with as Lynda Cloud shares her success story.   [Intro:] Hello, true health seeker and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health podcast. I am really excited for you to listen to today’s interview. It’s a little bit different than our other interviews because I’m interviewing the CEO of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The world largest health coaching training company. Lynda Cloud has some wonderful insights. It’s really interesting looking at the life of someone who was so accomplished and so busy working in New York City as a CEO of a major multimillion dollar company. Here she is focusing on how to create balance and health in her life. In a company who’s corporate culture puts the health of the employees first above all else. The emotional, mental and physical health of the employees above all else. Isn’t that interesting? Wouldn’t you like to work for in a company that treated your health as the most important thing? Of course, a very close second, the customer and customer support and customer satisfaction. What an interesting concept. Normally it’s about cutting corners and trying to figure out how to save money and pinch a penny here and there. With IIN, there are bowls of avocados for their staff. They have a chiropractor come in weekly and a massage therapist come in. they have yoga classes and meditation room. They set out to make sure that the staff really are making sure that their life is balanced. That they have joy in every areas of their life and fulfillment. What does IIN get in return for investing in their staff? They get amazing productivity, creativity and trickles down to us, the consumer, the customer. Me as a graduate, while I was going through the program, I felt so supported and the staff are so wonderful to work with. Many of my friends and many listeners actually have gone through IIN’s program and they had also found that they get incredible service and they feel connected. When they call IIN they feel like they’re being listened to like a human and they’re not just another number. And there’s no high pressure sales that they’re just talking to someone who’s so passionate about helping people become the healthiest versions of their selves. Imagine what the world would be like if every company adapted the same corporate culture as IIN. What’s really neat is that there are companies, and this is what Lynda talks about today is that there are companies who’s training to adapt this. It’s very neat and she shares what she’s done in her life to balance her life in a way that has stopped illness from becoming a problem. I think no matter where you are in life whether you’re interested in becoming a health coach or not. You’re really going to like today’s interview because there’s so much to learn here. I wanted to let you know if you are interested in contacting IIN, they actually created a special phone number, a priority line for Learn True Health listeners. You can give this a call and you’ll be placed with a wonderful staff member at IIN. Most of them are health coaches already where they can discuss with you all the details you want just so you could gather more information and see If that’s something that’s right for you. It’s a major decision to make to want to dive in which of course I did immediately the second I heard about IIN. I dove into that same day. It’s a major decision to make. If you think about it, you’re investing a year of your life into learning and growing. About half the people that jump into IIN do so because they want the personal growth. I got a lot of personal growth out of the program. I can see just doing it for that alone instead of making a career change. The other half are the people that join do make a career change that they want to add on to their tool belt that they’re already in the holistic health space or they want to join the holistic health space as a health coach. You could call this number, 877-780-5748. That’s 877-780-5748. That will also be on the show notes of today’s podcast on Learntruehealth.com so you can go there. If you’re driving or if you can’t give them a call maybe it’s the middle of the night, you could go to Learntruehealth.com/coach and that gives you access to one of their modules. You can just check it out and see if that’s right for you. I highly recommend giving them a call because having a great discussion with one of their staff members and getting more information from them, you’ll start to feel what it’s like to be part of that culture. Be part of the health coaching culture and you’ll learn more about the different areas that you can work and how it can impact your life and how you can impact others. That phone number again is 877-780-5748. Enjoy today’s interview. Please share it with those who you think would be a great health coach. This is the fastest growing sector of the health space and that’s really exciting. That very soon, I think health coaching would be as popular and as well-known as hiring a personal trainer. That it will be that popular that you’ll be able to go to any gym or any health clinic or hospital and you’ll be able to have access to a health coach. There’s so much potential here and also, with the new legislature. We’ve talked about this in the interview that in 2020 health coaches will be able to work with insurance companies. There are just so many doors that are opening, it’s very exciting. Excellent. Have yourself a fantastic rest of your day and a wonderful holiday season.     [06:09] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 399. I am so excited for today’s guest. We have with us, Lynda Cloud, who is the CEO of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, IIN. It’s the worlds largest health coach training program and the program that I graduated from and many of the listeners have been graduates or are currently going through the program. I’m so excited to learn from you today, Lynda. It’s such a pleasure to have you here on the show.   [06:49] Lynda Cloud: Pleasure is all mine, Ashley.   [06:52] Ashley James:  This is awesome. Now, you have over 30 years of experience in the education space and a lot of it even online of course because we’ve all transitioned to learning online. This idea that no matter how old we are, we can go back to school. No matter how busy we are, we can go back. We can get a degree. We can get certification. We can continue our learning no matter where we are in life. No matter what country we are in. I love that IIN is in all countries. There are students from all around the world who come to become health coaches. I’m really curious. What happened in your life that led you to become the CEO of IIN?   [07:40] Lynda Cloud:  Well, it’s an interesting question. As you said 30 years experience which makes me feel a little old. Not seasoned but old. Had the distinct pleasure of being in education online learning for really my entire career. I started out in education teaching for a bit and fell in love with the idea of learning and fell in love with the idea of trying to make learning as engaging as I could and accessible as I could. That took me through a journey working for the one of the largest at that time, education companies, Pearson and really grew up there. Learned a lot about instructional design, learned a lot about product management marketing, sales. Kinda sat in lots of different seats and that gave me the opportunity to really get a holistic view on customers and what’s important to them. Even what’s most important which is how we help students be successful. That foundation really led me into the next step on my career which is running a division in the K-12 space online learning. That was incredibly rewarding and we did a lot on innovation, a lot of innovative stuff there. Had a great run with that company and through my whole journey. I knew I loved helping make education and schools better. That’s what the first part of my story is, then as I went through this journey I realized as a working mom and trying to do a million things, the thing I let slipped and probably paid the least attention to was my own health of wellness journey. Because if you get only so many hours in the day, what you end up doing is sacrificing things. At the point in my life, I was really sacrificing the time I needed to help myself be the best person I could. Whether it was fitness and activity or meditation and good nutrition. These were all came together for me when I started to talk to the folks at IIN and learn about the school and learn about the mission. It felt like a natural intersection where I could take the general management experience and the work I’ve been doing in running large education companies and marry that really in a way I hadn’t been able to do personally. Where I could live my best self at work at all the time. That’s what led me her and I fell in love with the people and the school.   [10:26] Ashley James: I love it. Now you have mentioned that you were part of creating some innovative stuff in the K-12 space. Is there particular aspect of the K-12 program that you helped innovate the you’re really proud off?   [10:44] Lynda Cloud: Yes. There’s a couple of examples. I was really fortunate to be given a space in large corporations where I could do a lot of RND and a lot of disruptive stuff to help us re-imagine online learning and education. One area I’m most proud of was at K-12 was at one large online learning school. One of the things I did there as launch a new category for them around career destinations. A lot of the students going through that curriculum really, it was their last chance. They were struggling for what they were doing next and maybe to where four-year college wasn’t the right path for them. They were looking for an alternate path. We looked that where the jobs we’re going to be in the next 10 years and we put together a series of curriculum with partners to get people get their high school diploma online while they were getting certified and key areas and help them get a career advancement and opportunities. That was brand new school that was launched. That was fulfilling and mission-driven. Doing good and having fun.   [12:02] Ashley James: How many people would you say went through that program? Just thinking of thousands of people, the ripple effect that you’ve had that idea that you’ve ran with your team. Now because if that thousands of people have their career path and they’re supporting their families and feel proud of themselves like they belong to society.   [12:27] Lynda Cloud: It was a fun one. It was one of those that everybody was, “Who could say no helping kids be successful and getting a career path?” I don’t know the actual numbers. I do know when I left, it was fast growing part of the company. We had a lot of success there and longevity. Really for me, that would – your point the ripple impact is really what’s driven me. I have been lucky enough to be successful and I really attribute my success because I love what I do everyday and I feel like I’m making a difference in people’s lives. I think that when success comes when you’re passionate about something and as you know, the days are long and to be able to make a difference and to take that ripple and pay it forward is awesome which is what I think IIN does.   [13:21] Ashley James: I love it. What inspired you to be the CEO of IIN? Did someone reached out to you or did you reached out to them?   [13:30] Lynda Cloud: Yes, they reached out to me and I started some conversations. I could tell you the moment that I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted this role was, I spent a day with the IIN team and if any of you get a chance, which we would love to have you come visit us. Our offices in New York City are so cool. You’ll get a chance to meet the incredible team. You walk into the office and you can feel the mission. There’s bowls of avocados, there’s fruit, there’s a vitamin bar, there’s yoga instruction on Thursday night. There’s a chiropractor, there’s a massage therapist. We live our mission everyday and the people here are really passionate about what we do. We have over 78% of our staff are female and they’re mostly all trained health coaches. They are graduates of the program and so they know first hand what’s important to our students and help make our curriculum and our teaching better everyday as a result of it.   [14:39] Ashley James: I get to interview Joshua Rosenthal. The creator of IIN, the founder at episode 106. He talked about the corporate culture that he had created. That he wanted culture where people really did put their health first. Put the company second. Their health obviously everyone’s health is first and then the mission of helping the students is a close second obviously but we have to take care of ourselves. We have to walk the walk and talk the talk. I thought that was so brilliant. I interviewed one of your staff members and she sure enough said that it’s absolutely amazing. That it’s a culture that supported each other and each other’s health. I thought that is so brilliant. What if every business did this? I know that Microsoft did a test in their Japan office where they introduced a four-day workweek and they saw productivity go up. I think it was like over 60%. Every corporate needs to look at IIN and see what they’re doing and look at what Microsoft just did in Japan and see that by shifting the focus from let’s say Amazon. Amazon works their workers to the bone and it’s cutthroat and a really dangerous work environment to be in long term, shift from that to the more nurturing, making sure we have work life balance. We see that productivity goes up and that longevity goes up. The company flourishes long time and which is what is happening with IIN. So you walked for that space that day and you’re just re-pinching yourself thinking that this is different from every other corporation you have ever witnessed.   [16:35] Lynda Cloud: Yes, I did. For me, that was the personal shift I needed to make. I’ve been in corporate America for over 25 years, my typical lens as a general manger and former head of these divisions was figuring out, how do you take the cost out, does this makes sense, are we operating as efficiently. A hard look at business. When I walked in here, what went through my mind, “Gosh, these avocados must’ve cost a fortune” but as I got to spend time with everyone around the organization and realized that, they really are living their true best self here. As a result of it, yes, we have incredible creativity and innovation and productivity. Figuring out how you merge your personal best with your professional. I hadn’t seen in action life there before. So the avocados are staying for sure.   [17:43] Ashley James: Since becoming the CEO this year which is back in March. You’re coming up on a year in a few months and you’ve obviously just got a moment to step into the role and get the landscape. What have you changed or you personally brought in that has been innovative since you’ve stepped in as CEO?   [18:09] Lynda Cloud: The school is incredible. I can’t say enough great things about Joshua and his vision from how he developed and thought about the curriculum to the teams that he hired. Really, I was brought in to help build upon that solid foundation and how to take the organization from good to great. Trying to think through what that can look like ad how we can start to take the footprint that’s here. Really make a bigger impact around the world and so, we are known as the original, the OG’s are what the team calls it. Health and wellness, health coaching. He coined and created the category. Everything we do is about servicing the category and continuing to build the health coach industry so we can have the ripple effect around the world. The work I’ve been doing over the past few months was starting to transition the organization from the school that we are today and help with some professional development and training of the teams. We’ve brought in a new head of sales and marketing. We’ve bought in a new chief financial officer. We’ve kept a nice blend of the old and new guards to help us think through. How we can start to build and enter adjacent markets. We’ve kicked off a new business plan. We’ll be launching a new product line in April because we see how impactful our health coach training program has been and making difference in people’s lives we want to create versions of that. That then can enter for example corporate wellness and help make aspects of the content much more accessible for folks and giving them a taste of small or short-term course. The first courses will start in April. We’re on that which we’re super excited on that. That’s some of the new things we’ve done. We’ve infused new talent. We’ve invested in our existing teams and we’ve started to think about some of the new markets we’re going to be entering.   [20:24] Ashley James: Very cool. When I’ve had Joshua on the show, episode 106. He said that IIN was hiring lobbyists to advocate and educate politicians in DC on the benefits of health coaching and certified health coaches so that we can carve space out. First of all, protect our rights to be health coaches and also make sure that there is space moving forward for certified health coaches and then just this year, IIN announced that here was some movement in legislature. Can you share more details on that?   [21:04] Lynda Cloud: Yes, I’m happy to. We are the only health coach school really that has full time lobbyist in DC. I had the good fortune of going down and something on DC with him. About a month or two ago, meeting with different senators and legislators to talk about the category of health coaching. Part of what we are doing, is bringing awareness. Helping people understand exactly what a health coach is, how we can impact people’s lives and how we can work side by side with hospitals and insurance companies to help be the coach that based on help reverse chronic disease and looking for ways we can help implement new practices and support for people. The change that you’re mentioning is around it’s called CPT111 codes. That consortium in particular is instrumental in getting the work for the ground. Really what that does is positive for the market because it helps get recognized potentially for some insurance payees and different reimbursements in that area. We have right now was a category 3 and that enables us to collect data around the work that we’re all doing around the industry which hopefully results to category 1 which is what we’re striving for in that space.   [22:30] Ashley James: Does that mean that a health coach soon will be able to work with insurance companies?   [22:38] Lynda Cloud: For reimbursement. What we are hoping. Yes, exactly.   [22:41] Ashley James: Very cool. I see it everywhere which is so neat. I didn’t see it everywhere 10 years ago but now I see health coaches at the doctor’s office and even in the hospitals. My health insurance offers health coaches, health coach service. Because now health insurance companies see that they’re going to save money if they get their customers using a health coach because then it’s preventive medicine in a sense. People are cleaning up their diets and being motivate around their health and they’re less likely to get sick. So the insurance companies are investing in hiring health coaches. I’m seeing the space just open and open where there’s so many job opportunities. I know that IIN also teaches people to be independent health coaches. I think some people, they’re being interested in being health coach but they’re not interested at being an entrepreneur? Can you speak to that? For those who maybe a bit hesitant to jump into the health coaching space because they don’t feel like they could not be an entrepreneur?   [23:46] Lynda Cloud: Yes, happy to. Maybe just by way of context, your observations are spot on. I also couldn’t decide if it’s just because I’m living and breathing this every day and now enrolled as a student that I’m seeing health coaches everywhere but when you look at the data, the health coach market is estimated that it’s going to reach 7.9 billion by 2022. We’re seeing incredible acceptance and growth and I feel like we are just at this pivotal moment where we’re going to become ubiquitous in terms of health coaching and how we can help provide health coaches. Our students who go through the programs you know, we graduate close to 10,000 students each year. About 50% and the data’s been remarkably consistent. About 50% of our students are going through the curriculum for personal transformation. Maybe they have something they’re trying to solve in their lives. Maybe they just want to get themselves better. Maybe they’re stuck and they want to get unstuck but about 50% are going though for their own personal journey and personal transformation and betterment. The other 50% are going through it maybe they are a yoga instructor, a fitness instructor, chiropractor and they want to get additional certification or they want to pursue a career in health coaching and those 50% maybe in doctor’s office, they maybe insurance companies. Where MDs hiring health coaches, hospitals all over the world are hiring health coaches. Our students who come out the other side are what we’re trying to do is we look at the curriculum is look at ways we could support them in their journey with different options at the end of graduation. One of the things you’ll hear from us early in 2020, I can’t quite announce it yet but we’re keenly focused on how do we help our health coaches who maybe loves what they’re doing. Some of our students are incredibly entrepreneurial but some of them really don’t want to spend their time doing all the business administrative stuff so what we’re working on is the solution where we can help them just push play. And it would be a way for them to get their business going on much more quickly. In the curriculum, we have way that you could help with. We could help you get your social page going, we could help you get your webpage going, we could help you if want to write a book and launch your dream book but this would be much more supportive very specific to the health coach graduate who want to start their own business.   [26:32] Ashley James: That sounds really exciting. That sound like another Lynda Cloud innovative thing since you –   [26:39] Lynda Cloud: Well, it is certainly a team innovative thing.   [26:42] Ashley James: Well, you’re the head right? Just looking back the ways that you carved out a whole new space for the k-12 online platform and help those students who were, they didn’t have a place, they didn’t feel like they belong and they had a place. That’s sort of the same. Right now, you’re doing the same for these health coaches who or people who wanted to be health coaches but they don’t have the entrepreneurial skill. They don’t have the time energy or the skill to break out on their own but they are amazing at health coaching. We’re expected nowadays to be a jack-of-all-trades to the jane-of-all trades. We’re expected to be a great mom and a great career woman or a great stay at home mom or a great homeschooler. Whatever we’re doing basically 15-hour days and then on top of that have these know everything we should know about internet marketing so that we can have a successful health coaching practice. It’s like, I would really want to see someone who’s an amazing health coach and I don’t need them to be a great marketer but how am I going to reach them or how are they going to reach me? I love that IIN is creating a way for these amazing health coaches to be able to get connected with the people to the people that are looking for amazing health coaches.   [28:09] Lynda Cloud: Yes, it’s interesting. I think that our students and the people in the health and wellness field in particular, were passionate people. We’re really are doing this because we want the world to be better place. Often times it’s hard for people to put a price tag on that. One of the first notes I got when I started here via LinkedIn was from one of my students saying, “Welcome. What do you think I should charge for my health coaching session?” I was like, “Oh, geez.” Because we just don’t know how to put a price tag and contemplate the business aspect of running a business which is so important. This side, I think what we’re working on people will be super excited about. It’ll all just help make their lives easier. They still have the opportunity to personalize it as much as they want or invest the time if that’s where they want to choose it but if as you say, we want a really good health coach spending their time coaching and advising and partnering and they want their tools and the resources they can get them.   [29:00] Ashley James: That is such a common question back when I was 19. I went to college to become a massage therapist. In Canada, it’s a bigger course. It’s like a 3,000 hour course. We study alongside nurses when we take the anatomy classes in college. That was one of the biggest question was, “What do we charge? What do we charge for a service?” I’ve seen that again in the NLP space. I was master practitioner and trainer and worked with the international training company teaching people how to become NLP practitioners. All the NLP practitioners didn’t know what to charge. That was the big question. You charge too little people don’t value what you do. You charge too much you’re unobtainable. You want the sweet spot and basically you want a price that honors the client. What I love about health coaching is it’s affordable. It’s accessible and affordable for people to go through your program but for people for clients who also hire health coaches. I love that it creates because you could do group coaching. Some people charge like $20 or $40 a month and they get a whole group together and by the end of it, the group learns more from each other. Learns even more from each other than they did from the coach but the coach was the facilitator. There’s so many opportunities for people who are even they can’t afford to go see all these holistic experts but they can definitely afford health coaching because health coaching helps them to identify the actionable steps they can take to bring their life back into balance. Now you started being a student at IIN. How far along are you in the program?     [31:00] Lynda Cloud: I am in early days. I think I’m in fifth module. I started working with the education team on the curriculum. We’re starting to look and refresh of the current and I thought I had to start taking this because this is just so compelling. I’m loving it, I’m doing it at night. I’m having fun with it. My family I think is feeling the impacts of it already.   [31:30] Ashley James: Now even before module five when you first joined IIN, there’s a foundation. The second you join even let’s say your class hasn’t started yet because there’s an official launch. The whole cohort of students go through it together even though it’s online you feel like you have this community. I love that because I connect with people around the world. All the students that were in it that the same time as I was. I participated in discussion throughout the whole year together online. Before your official start date when you join, so you can join anytime. You’re given the fundamentals modules and you have to have Kleenex with you because I bawled. I was crying tears of inspiration the entire time. I was like, “I am meant to be here.” It felt like –   [32:25] Lynda Cloud: You found your people.   [32:26] Ashley James: Yes. And it felt like I wasn’t the black sheep anymore. I was just crying and crying. It was so good. It was so cathartic. I felt like my favorite part of the entire year was the foundation. So don’t change that. Just add to it but don’t change it. It was so good. When you watched the fundamentals, the foundation modules what were you’re thinking as you’re going through it?   [32:56] Lynda Cloud: So for me, there are couple of things that happen. I feel like I cheated a little bit because of my role I have the opportunity to go to one of our live events. We had a couple of months ago that was incredible which I’ll talk about which felt like for me that was cathartic but it all made sense to me. There was a ton of common sense but then there’s this shift that transpired where what you were all of a sudden is primary food is not a primary food anymore. Once you start to make that shift and you think about the idea of what’s feeding your soul versus feeding your body and understanding. All those aspects. That to me was really substantial and how I thought about all aspects of my life. Then it was great to get to know Josh which you’ll do – you just feel like, he’s brought you into his world. As well as the other visiting teachers that are incredible. It’s been great. It’s been really helpful for me. Not just in my own personal life but also professionally.   [34:15] Ashley James: Tell us about the live event because it sounds like you enjoyed that even more than taking the online training.   [34:23] Lynda Cloud: Each student as you know who goes through our program has the opportunity to participate in a live event. It’s an event we hold one big event and that’s another area we’re actually looking at for next year is diversifying that and holding many more live events so that we could give people the opportunity the students the opportunity to come together. The live event that I attended was at the Lincoln center. It was a combination of incredible speakers, incredible community. We we’re dancing, we were swaying, we were crying, it’s like a revival meeting where you’ve come to gather and you found your people and people were just excited to be with other students. We have about 25% of people there who came outside the US, which marries the numbers of students we have in our curriculum who participate from outside the US. But was wonderful. It was just a good combination of wonderful speakers and community and people coming together.   [35:34] Ashley James: That’s really cool. What speaker was your favorite?   [35:37] Lynda Cloud: Dr. Weil was there. I just adore him. Andrew Weil I think is brilliant. He’s fantastic. Cherry Walsh talked about her protocol. I had the chance to visit with her and her daughter. She’s just an inspiration. From the business side, there was a woman there Meghan McCarthy. She is a hospital administrator from a hospital in the Pacific Northwest that we do a lot of work with. She’s like our first corporate client if you will. Meghan is an inspiration because she is breaking down those walls and saying, “I believe that health coaches can save the world and I believe that everybody needs to be health coach. “ What Meghan is doing is putting folks in the hospital through the health coach program and then doing a train the trainer model within her hospital community. She’s breaking it. She’s killing it. She’s just doing great work.   [36:48] Ashley James: Wow. Can you share which hospital it is?   [36:50] Lynda Cloud: PeaceHealth.   [36:53] Ashley James: I live in the Pacific North West, I’ve never heard of it but I bet I will be hearing about it. Sounds amazing.   [36:57] Lynda Cloud: You will, yes. We’re actually doing some outreach. She’s a force and she’s just great to work with. So we’re doing some additional work with her. Going out into committees and helping train the trainer within the communities and some of the work she’s doing with meals on wheels program, YMCA, etc.   [37:18] Ashley James: I love it. Since you joined IIN as their CEO, obviously you’ve been learning, you immersed into the corporate culture of IIN. You have gone to the live event, you’ve rubbed elbows with Joshua Rosenthal which you spent any amount of time with him and he is teaching you how to balance your life in a way that brings you joy. You have started to really absorb all of the education that IIN teaches. What changes have you made to your personal life since joining IIN?   [38:00] Lynda Cloud: My whole world changed when I joined IIN. I’ll tell you about it personally and the how IIN helped me get thought the change. I was living up in a town called Newton, Massachusetts right outside of Boston before taking the role at IIN. I moved to New York City. For the first time in my life, I’m living in New York city. That was a huge change. On top of that, my youngest left for college and we were instant empty nesters. You couldn’t have changed one more thing on our world if you wanted to.  For IIN to New York City, that’s a big change. What I found though is I’m eating a lot healthier. We have organic breakfasts and lunches. I eat clean every day that has helped for sure with my energy and my stamina and my overall health. I’m meditating more because New York can eat you up. It can be a really frenetic hectic place. Overwhelming for a sensory perspective, IIN’s philosophy and methodology has helped me I think transition into the city in ways that I can focus on self-care in New York City which is not a an easy thing to do. But it has helped me think about ways to optimize my nutrition, my fitness and my health in a city environment.   [39:39] Ashley James: Very cool. As you’ve been going through the course, I know you’re only five modules in, there’s still a lot of content there. What homework have you implemented in your life from the course?   [39:56] Lynda Cloud: I have taken the spirit of bio-individuality and I’ve taken that from theory to practice. So for those of you who haven’t been through the course when you start to think about bio individuality and the term, it’s really that we’re all unique. Recognizing and honoring our uniqueness is going to be the key to our health and happiness. What you need each point in time in your life may change and it’s very personal to you and one of the things I’ve done in terms of theory to practice is taken that and apply that to a very diverse family that I’ve had. I’ve had vegetarian son and a husband who really loves meat and trying to figure out how do I introduce individualized meals and nutrition for them in ways that are going to make them the best they can be and enjoy what they’re doing and knowing that what’s good for one person isn’t necessarily always good for the other person. It’s really shifted my mindset I would say.   [41:08] Ashley James: Instead of trying to get your son to eat meat and your husband to eat vegetables.   [41:11] Lynda Cloud: Exactly. Which was not successful. We’re trying to find the one meal that would satisfy everybody. That’s been great. We’ve also been busy looking at what the next year’s going to bring for IIN and that’s been super fun. We’ve got a team of really talented people. There’s no shortage of ideas where we can take the company but we think there’s some really great stuff we’re doing in terms of working more closely with our affiliates and ambassadors and visiting teachers. That’s been cool.   [41:52] Ashley James: I love it. You’ve been around enough now to have heard some success stories. Both from the standpoint of the students and the staff and also clients. Can you share some really inspiring success stories that standout in your mind?   [42:12] Lynda Cloud: Yes. I think I’ll share a story of a woman I met at the conference. She was just absolutely fantastic. She just finished the program and she was sharing with me that she had her son who have diabetes and was just really struggling with of how to help him. She was telling me the story welling up at how this gave her clarity in ways that things hadn’t been able to give her family clarity before. She was able to take the philosophy of figuring out exactly what was right for him and helping him become healthier and the success he had. When you hear those kind of nuggets, when you hear those kind of stories, whether it’s health related or it’s just people feeling stronger or people feeling like they’re in a place that they didn’t realize they could get to and how the curriculum and the community which is I would say is the most unsung hero around IIN, is just how strong of a force the community is. Whether you’re posting something or sharing something or seeing someone in person just when the community comes together you feel as you were describing, you found your tribe, you found your people who all of a sudden understand what you needed. They are nothing but supportive and they’re just nothing but supportive and happy people that help you in your journey. That’s  kind of the theme of the most of the stories and most of the impact. That’s the vision is to create this cripple around the world and pay it forward. That’s our goal.   [44:11] Ashley James: Back in the day, Joshua used to call this something else. It wasn’t health coaching, it was health counselling? Was it counselling? But then the word counselling, it wasn’t clear enough and I don’t think it was legal to be called counselor because that’s is more for therapy. What I thought is interesting is I went into – I signed up to IIN to become a health coach not knowing how much emotional support you learn how to provide. I thought I was going in because you learn in IIN in the yearlong course, you learn a hundred dietary theories and I thought I was going in to learn nutrition and how much vitamin C is in something. Which is you don’t really need to know. You don’t need to memorize how much vitamin C is in stuff, you could just google it but you actually learn skills in IIN. How to be with someone and hold the space for them to feel heard. Sometimes for the first time in their life. In a way that is not biased or doesn’t have an agenda. Because when we go to our best friend or when we go to our mom, or we go to people that are in our life, they have agenda. I remember going telling my best friend I was moving. I was moving to a different country. I’m from Canada. And she was really upset because she didn’t want me to move right? That was my path and I needed to. I wasn’t going to get a positive space. She wasn’t going to make a positive space for me. She had to process her own emotions about me moving. When we got to friend or a family member, to talk about what’s happening in our life that stop us from achieving our health goals. Their emotions come up. They can’t be a blank supportive space. Sometimes there’s even self-sabotage and I’ve seen it in my family. I have a family member that says to another family member, “When are you going to lose weight?” and then offers them a cookie. Over and over again. This level of sabotage that’s going on and we love our friends and family, they have their own agenda and maybe it’s unconscious. Going to a health coach you have someone who listens to you who just sits with you listens to you and helps decipher what your goals are. What your true desires are. Then holds that space for you to achieve it and helps you to uncover what’s stopping you and then helps you create an action plan towards it. I’ve had some amazing times with my clients as a health coach that I pinch myself and Joshua says this happens when you as a health coach get as much growth out of health coaching as your client does. Every time my client had a success I felt like I had a success because I learn so much about myself and also my ability to hold the space for someone as they grew.  It’s this career that is constantly evolving you as a person and allowing you to feel human connection and love and care for someone in a way that is not co-dependent. In a way that is uplifting them. Letting them do the work but holding them accountable. It’s a beautiful dance because anyone could google the nutrition or the calories in something that doesn’t teach us how to help someone be the best version of themselves. IIN doesn’t teach us stuff that we can go an just google. It’s teaching us skills that we can really help someone achieve not only their physical health but the emotional health ad help them achieve their life goals. I’ve had clients who we ended up talking about their relationships and their career and things would come up and one of them was an entrepreneur something in her business but changing something in her business it actually affected her health because it lowered her stress. I like that IIN doesn’t just say, “Okay, we’re not talking about your physical health, we’re talking about your client’s entire life.   [48:38] Lynda Cloud: Every aspect of it you’re absolutely right. I love the way when you’re describing it. I pictured this swirl. I pictured this symbiotic imagery that what you’re doing on this side has a direct correlation in this side and this side and this side. So as you talk to a health coach it’s deconstructing and building up and understanding and as you say create the space but also these goals and creating this journey and creating this champion that doesn’t have an agenda. There’s somebody you know you’ve got in your camp that is helping you be the best person you can be based on what you want and what you want to do. That is such a gift. I agree with you, everyone whether it’s friends or families it’s really hard to be at complete objective and partial cheerleader for any of us. I know I try, not always successful with my kids but I’m getting better. It’s a really special space and we’re starting to look with some research behind the power of that in the wellness journey. The hospital I mentioned earlier for example is starting to do some work on we want this to be a third party study of folks who’ve inserted, health coaches into their wellness journey and how that has accelerated and impact what they’re trying to do both on the emotional and physical perspective.   [50:20] Ashley James: Wow. Are there any results back from that study yet?   [50:23] Lynda Cloud: No. Not yet. Just kicked off.   [50:24] Ashley James: I’m so excited. That is going to be so cool to hear about that. I love that you’re doing third party and you just because you want to get the truth.   [50:34] Lynda Cloud: We want to get objective, exactly.   [50:36] Ashley James: Yes. Now you mentioned primary food. For those who have not been immersed in the culture of IIN may not have heard the term primary food. Can you teach us what primary food is?   [50:48] Lynda Cloud: Yes. What I thought primary food was before I started IIN was probably what most of you think primary food is which is the food you eat. Actually when you go through the curriculum what you learn is, primary food is what feeds us but it’s not because what comes on a plate. It comes in a bunch of different categories. It could be your relationship with health, it could be your physical activity, it could be your career, it could be spiritual, it could be financial. It’s all those things around you that impact who you are and so you need to think about those how you balance and what imbalances you have to help get balance in your primary food. As opposed to secondary food which is the things we eat and we start to think about food and food is medicine and how that can help feed our soul but also give us balance in our primary food. It’s very spiral in terms of how you think about it. It’s all interrelated. That’s what generally what primary food means.     [52:02] Ashley James: Right and that’s one of the first things that when someone goes to an IIN health coach that they’re given this little on page quiz that helps them to determine the balance and actually see on this graph the balance of their life. How much joy and fulfillment they have, spiritual fulfillment. Emotional fulfilment, connection, fulfillment within their relationship, within their career. They get to see that. The areas that they’re missing. I’ll give a great example that I just witnessed in myself. I’m looking back at the person I was before IIN. I’ve been on a health journey for many years. In my 20’s, I was very sick. I had type II diabetes, chronic adrenal fatigue, chronic infections for which I was on monthly antibiotics for. I’d wake up every morning feeling like I was hungover with a splitting headache feeling like I drank alcohol but I hadn’t. I was just sick all the time. And in your 20’s you’re supposed to feel the healthiest. I was so sick of being sick. I was also told that I was infertile and I’d never have kids. I had polycystic ovarian syndrome. Basically every day I was a prisoner trapped in my own body who look outside the doctor’s office for what I could do for my health because being given drugs every month. It was just keeping the infections at bay, it wasn’t helping –   [53:25] Lynda Cloud: The root cause, yes.   [53:26] Ashley James: Right. I was a really busy sales manager for an international training company. I lived in Las Vegas which is sometimes may not be a very healthy environment. Most of the time we’re always indoor in air-conditioning and it’s a very interesting place to live, let’s just put it that way. My husband and I started watching documentaries. Netflix has just started streaming documentaries. That was a new thing for Netflix back in 2008. Some health documentary said, “Eat organic and shop the perimeter of the grocery store.” Within one month, my chronic infections went away just eating organic and not eating as much processed foods. I thought, “If I could change my health in one month, what else could I do.?” That’s what led me down my journey to reverse all of my health conditions. We conceived or child naturally and were just getting healthier and healthier. I’m still on my health journey and what I noticed was before I joined IIN to become a heath coach. I already started the podcast I actually interviewed on of your graduates and I asked him during my interview, “How did you become a health coach?” because that was my first time interviewing a health coach. I almost didn’t interview him because I thought it was so cliché. I thought, “This sounds like a BS certification.” I really almost didn’t give him the time of day. Something me and I love that listen to your gut. Something in me said listen to him and it was a beautiful interview. He had ADD and was put on meds his entire childhood. He had side effects from it. He decided to take control of his health and he completely reversed his ADD using diet and healed his body. Then he went on to become a health coach. Now that’s what he does for others. In the interview he told me all about IIN. I immediately got skype from the interview. I called up IIN and I signed up that day. I was so inspired. Of course I turned to my husband and I said, “Is this okay?” he said, “Go for it. This is great. You should totally do this.” I talked to Juliet. By the way, Juliet is amazing.   [55:37] Lynda Cloud: She’s downstairs right now. She’s a rock star.   [55:41] Ashley James: Yes, I think she’s been there forever. Juliet’s  fantastic. That I called up my best friend and then told her about it and then she signed up. So we did it together. Which I highly recommend. It was great. She’s in Canada and I’m here in the States. Being long distance and doing this course together was so wonderful. That was back in 2016. I graduated in 2017. The person I was before IIN, even though I was eating really healthy, I’ve reversed all those health conditions, I’m doing this podcast I’m totally onboard with holistic health, that person I was would not have said “No” to the free sample of chocolate at Costco. That person every time and we go to Costco like twice a week at least because I buy a lot of organic stuff, we have a great Costco it’s filled with organic produce. The cart gets filled up with organic freshfruits and vegetables every time we go and I will go back again and again for the free chocolate samples because they’ll give out as many. The Lindor chocolate they’re really decadent ones. I would just circle the Costco and go back and again and again and get as much free chocolate as they’ll give which they’ll give infinite amount of free chocolate samples but every year I would absolutely do that. And then would just not feel my best for a few days. I’m allergic to milk and so my immune system would be upset. My digestive system would be upset. I would be inflamed. I’d have brain fog. When you’re really healthy and clean, if you eat something your body doesn’t like it causes inflammation you really notice it. When you eat it all the time and you’re habituated, you don’t notice it as much. Even though I was on this great path I would still give into chocolate and then when I went through IIN. I started to look at my primary foods. Meaning, the food in life that brings me joy and happiness and fulfillment and balance. The food being connection with my husband, connection with my child. Feeling like I’m making a difference in this world. Now fast forward to now, I walked through Costco twice this week and didn’t even give them the time of day, didn’t touched any of the chocolate and didn’t feel deprived about it. I actually felt really happy. Because in the past I recognized that I was using chocolate even if it was free samplse, I was using chocolate to try to give myself joy and fulfillment because my primary food where out of balance. Just yesterday I had a package in the mail that had a bunch of Hershey’s kisses in it from a friend of mine who I guess – it’s just people send chocolate and it’s that the time of year that they send chocolate. I love that person. I’m grateful and I threw out the chocolate. I have no need for that in my body but I didn’t feel deprived and I’m not, I don’t have a ton of self-control. It’s not like I’m one of these people that has a ton of self-control. It just didn’t needed it. It doesn’t fulfill that I’m not using chocolate to self medicate because my primary foods are imbalanced. I’m deeply connected with my husband and my son, I feel fulfilled in my career. I’ve gone through and done the work in the primary foods. I recognized that my food addictive behaviors have subsided because I have done the work that I learned through IIN.   [59:36] Lynda Cloud: Your story is awesome and it is inspirational and it’s also very familiar. When you talk to a lot of before and after IIN, it’s very similar. That you don’t realize what was missing or what was out of alignment or what part of your world your primary foods weren’t in sync but once you actually make that shift tor work on making that shift because the way you describe it is exactly right. Just identifying that, “Do I have the strongest healthiest relationship I should? Do I have the most fulfilling career? Am I in the right place for my spiritually? Am I getting the right amount of physical activity?” Once you actually start paying attention to those aspects and then doing the work in those things that you know are going to help you create that balance, you have this Aha moment and you say – the way you describe it was your Lindor chocolate, you don’t actually think about that anymore. That used to be probably the first thing you thought about when you got into the car on your way to Costco. I know probably would’ve been mine too but now, your mission is different. Your priorities are different. Anyway, I love your story and I love your journey. It’s exactly what we want to hear from our grads.     [01:01:02] Ashley James: Thank you. Thank you for the work that you’re doing. I’m really excited for all the innovative stuff you’re going to be doing with you and your team at IIN. Is there anything that you wanted to teach today or homework you want to give? Is there anything that you really wanted to make sure that the listeners walk away with?   [01:01:25] Lynda Cloud: Well. I think what I would say is one of two things. One is I’ll just say some tips maybe as people are headed into the holiday season as you described, the baskets of chocolates, the baskets of cookies. Getting off your rhythm or your routine. It happens. And so I would just caution people to embrace what they’re about to embark on. Enjoy their family, enjoy their friends. Don’t beat yourself up over if you grab the Lindor chocolates a couple of times this months. It’s going to happen. Or where if you fell like you need to just remember that everything you’re doing is good for you and who you are. Stay true to your mission and vision of what you want to be and where your life to take you because we’re all – I think it’s not about being our best self every single day, it’s just knowing what you want to do and how you want to get there. For me, I go into this season I am still be an interesting one, I can tell you from the last 3 years, I have ended up with an incredible sickness that’s started the first week of December. Literally, I had been in an urgent care in the hospital every December for the past 3 years because of the stress of the holidays. It would often be end of year budget. I would have blisters on my throat. I would end up respiratory something. I’d have all sorts of illnesses and going into this December I feel so different. One is because I’ve got alignment around – not that I haven’t loved my career but I feel like my career and my personal goals are so aligned for the first time in my life. I am paying attention in what my body is feeling so I’m drinking more great tea so I can help with some of the inflammation. I’m eating more mushroom because I know it’s going to help me in terms of detoxing and looking at some things that are going to be stressful for my body. I’m going into the season not that I’m going to live a completely different life but I’m paying attention to my gut and my body and what my body has been telling me for years that I never ever listen to. That’s my advice. People should just go on to the holiday season listening to their body, listen to what they need to be successful and happy and have a fulfilling holiday season. That’s some advice and then I would just, I’d close with keep your eye out for what were going to be, you’ll be hearing from us over the next year. I think we’re doing some super exciting stuff to help based on what we’ve heard from our students and based on how I think we could make a difference in lives around the world. So we’re launching a detox your life healing with alternative medicine, stress management, different types of specialty course that we think will be really interesting for folks to get a taste of IIN curriculum in ways that’s new and different and also our business tool kit which you’ll hear more about as I promise early next year.   [01:04:49] Ashley James: Very cool. Awesome. Listeners can go to learntruehealth.com/coach to sign up to get a free module just to get a taste of it and see if it’s right for them and learn more about IIN. So it’s learntruehealth.com/coach. They could also just call up IIN. I know that listeners get a really special deal for saying that they heard the Learn True Health podcast with Ashley James when they call IIN. I know that there’s a new lower payment plan for those who would instead of paying the price in one payment would rather pay it off monthly. What Juliet told me when I first signed up she said – I joined and did the payment plan. She said to me if you do the 12-month course because now you can actually become a full time student and do it in six but my understanding is that most people because we have full time lives –   [0105:53] Lynda Cloud: It’s designed for most people who have a full day and then want to do it on top of that. Yes.   [01:06:00] Ashley James: Right. For me, I had my son who was a young toddler at that time or just entering toddlerhood. I also had the podcast. I was very busy and I still managed to do it. Log in into the evenings, do 20 minutes a day oftentimes listen to the videos while I was commuting, while I was at the gym, while I was doing the laundry. I could listen and commute a lot I just pretty much anytime we are commuting we are listening and that was cool because I was like getting my husband to listen too and he enjoyed it. He actually went vegan. Went completely whole food plant-based and he went from a carnivore. Maybe play the videos while your husband listening.   [01:06:48] Lynda Cloud: I have been.   [01:06:49] Ashley James: I’m not saying that everyone should go vegan or everyone should go one diet. I don’t believe in any one diet dogma. My husband listened to his body. After listening  to enough just sort of being the fly on the wall while I was taking IIN, he listened to enough lectures and he was also listening to my interviews and he was taking all these information listening to his body and he really wasn’t happy with the direction his heath was going. He just cold turkey said, “I’m never eating meat again.” So he just eats one to two pounds of vegetables a day. Potatoes and brown rice and he just says I’m ever going back. I can’t believe food tastes this good. If you told me that the whole food plant-based tasted this good, I would’ve stopped eating meat long ago and that’s just the 180 because my husband when I met him, was like would never ever touch vegetables. Pretty much just ate steak breakfast, lunch and dinner or eggs and steak breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just very interesting that he started listening to his body. Really this videos do have an impact on the people who absorb them. I found that I could either listen to it little bits of it throughout the week or sometimes if I got really busy I would then to choose to spend a Sunday afternoon catching up for all the work that week. Just so I found it to be easy to go through the entire year but what Juliet said when she first enrolled me into the program, she said after the first six month, you start to take on clients. Some students get to the point where they actually pay of the entire course before they’ve completed the course because they’ve taken on some clients while they’re still in the course. Because the first six months gives you the foundation. The next six months you continue your training but you also learn how to work with clients as you’re working with clients which is just find brilliant.   [01:08:40] Lynda Cloud: That’s right. You’re moving from theory to practice. Exactly. Yes.   [01:08:43] Ashley James: I love that you guys don’t just like, “Okay, here’s all the information. Now you’re on your own.” It’s really you feel supported for the six months while you’re working with clients. It’s really a wonderful system and that people can immediately start to within the first after six months can start to basically pay off the course. It’s accessible to everyone and I love that. Any advice around those who want or interested or have more questions or want to sign up or any sort of want to make sure that potential students know some information?   [01:09:21] Lynda Cloud: I’ll just give you a quick little. As you described, you can do it on accelerated program six months or you can do a full year program. There are lots of promotions so you should check in to instituteofintegrativenutrition.com. You obviously – I think if you go through Ashley, you’re also going to get additional promotions. Logistically that’s just good to know. I think you should also know, Juliet is a really good example. We actually just did a town hall. We celebrated her 14th year with IIN. Our coaches down stairs are health coaches who’ve gone through the program. Even if you’re just on the fence and you’re saying, “I’m not sure if this is right for me. Can I invest this kind of time? Can I invest this kind of money?” I would have the conversation because you’ll learn something about yourself in that conversation. These are not folks who are going to give you a hard sell. They’re going to walk you through the philosophy and what it means to be health coach because they’re all health coaches and they’ve done this. You’ll get something out of the engagement in the call and learn a little bit about yourself. We would love to have everybody to join one of the cohorts starting next year. We think it’s going to be a super year next year.     [01:10:48] Ashley James: Awesome. Yes, 2020 sounds fantastic. Lynda, thank you so much for coming on today and sharing with us and I would love to have you or one of your wonderful staff members come back on the show to share all of the things you’ve said are in the works. Like the legislation and the new business thing that’s coming out next year who’s going to support health coaches to be entrepreneurs and successfully be health coaches. Also, the third party study implementing health coaches.   [01:11:26] Lynda Cloud: Yes. Our new events too. Yes, we have a lot in the works, we’re super excited, and I would love that. I’d love to visit in person with you so –   [01:11:36] Ashley James: That would be wonderful. If ever you’re in Seattle, let me know. If I’m ever in New York, you know I’m going to be popping by IIN.   [01:11:43] Lynda Cloud: Please do. Please do.   [01:11:45] Ashley James: Fantastic   [01:11:46] Lynda Cloud: Happy Holidays, Ashley.   [01:11:47] Ashley James: Thank you, you too.   Get Connected With Lynda Cloud! Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Linkedin

    383 America's Healthy Heart Doc, Cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn Explains Why Sauna, Heat and Light Therapy Is So Helpful For The Cardiovascular System, Weight Loss, Detoxification, Energy Production, and Anti-Aging Through Collagen Production

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2019 61:55

    The Three Products/Companies Mentioned In Today's Interview and How To Get The Special Listener Discounts: 1) Sunlighten Sauna - Give them a call and mention Learn True Health with Ashley James. They offer financing and have several light therapy systems, including a small handheld device and a portable sauna! Here is the link to the Sunlighten Handheld Device: https://www.sunlighten.com/luminir/?leadsource=LTH&utm_source=LTH&utm_medium=Partner&utm_campaign=LTH 2) The Magnesium Soak! Visit LivingTheGoodLifeNaturally.com and use coupon code LTH for our listener discount. 3) Energy Bits and Recovery Bits Algae! Visit Energybits.com and use coupon code LTH to get 20% off! Buy the Recovery Bits for the detoxifying chlorella! Dr. Joel Kahn: www.drjoelkahn.com Author 5 books all in the shop at my website Clinic www.kahnlongevitycenter.com   Sauna Therapy and Heart Health with Dr. Joel Kahn https://www.learntruehealth.com/dr-joel-kahn Highlights: Benefits of sauna therapy Benefits of Magnesium soak Benefits of ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits Plant-based vegan diet is good for heart health Diet and fitness of mind and body are important The science of light therapy for healing Benefits of Infrared sauna Waon therapy of Japan Importance of light for our health Benefits of near infrared sauna Benefits of red light Photobiomodulation Sunlighten lumiNIR Saunas and weight loss Kahn’s three tips: meditation, organic chlorella, HIIT workout Congenital heart conditions in children and adults People should be concerned about their arteries ARVC heart condition Organ meats and processed fat to heal autoimmune diseases Books and doctors that Dr. Kahn follows Kahn’s homework for listeners   In this episode Dr. Joel Khan will share with us his three tips to a good cardiovascular health, the importance of light to our health. Ashley and Dr. Khan will also discuss the science of light therapy for healing and how important diet and fitness for our body is. [0:00] Intro: Hello, true health seeker. Welcome to another exciting episode of Learn True Health podcast. You’re going to love today’s interview with cardiologist, Dr. Joel Khan. He’s a very unique cardiologist. He’s been a plant-based vegan for over 42 years. And he has this unique perspective on the body. He believes the body has an amazing ability to heal itself. And we just need to support it with the right diet, nutrients, lifestyle. And that we can support the body’s ability to heal and prevent disease. And isn’t that wonderful? Don’t you want a doctor that believes that you can be healthy? He shares a lot of great information today. We talked a lot about using heat therapy and the different spectrums of light to help the body heal. And he says so much in such a short period of time. There’s so many details. He opened up so many rabbit holes that I know listeners are going to think to themselves, “Man, I need to get a pen. I got to write that down.” And I want to let you know that we actually transcribe our interviews. We’ve been doing that for the last few months. We hired two wonderful transcriptionists. And we have been transcribing all of the interviews. So a big shout out, thank you to the transcriptionists, who helped us to transcribe. Because our listeners really love going to learntruehealth.com. And then you can click on the episode. And I know that everyone’s been loving being able to have access to all the transcripts. So that when a guest shares so much wonderful information, like telling us about what books we should read, and what supplements we should try, or what lifestyle habits, tips and tricks we should try, we want all the details. And instead of having to listen to the episode two or three times, you can go the transcript and find exactly what the doctor said, which is really exciting. So that is my gift to you, the listener, so that you can make sure that you take all this information and help to transform your life and the health of your whole family and everyone you love. So make sure that you take advantage of our transcripts by going to www.learntruehealth. com. Now, in this episode we mention three things. So I want to make sure that I cover it in the intro. A lot of the discussion is about sauna therapy, specifically using sunlight. And Sunlighten is the only company I have found and I have looked that is ultra low EMF that is non-toxic. And it uses the full spectrum near, mid, and far infrared. So they’re absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend calling Sunlighten and in talking to them about their different systems. They have what’s called the Solo System, which is portable. So you don’t need – if you don’t have a lot of space and you can just tuck it away under the bed or tuck it away in the closet when you’re not using it. That’s a really great solution for those who don’t want the bigger sauna. Which I have the big one, the wooden one, and I love it. Basically, two people can fit in it. It’s kind of like having a TARDIS, for those who know Doctor Who. It does not look very big but two people can fit in it which is really cool. And it has the full spectrum of near, mid, and far infrared. And we’ll get a little bit into that in the show today. The benefits of those different spectrums.  If you want to learn more specifically about Sunlighten, I did two interviews. One with the cofounder and one with their manager, Alicia. So Connie Zack being the founder. You can go to learntruehealth.com and you can search in the search bar for Sunlighten or for sauna and find those episodes. And enjoy learning more about why I specifically love Sunlighten as a company when it comes to doing sauna therapy versus all the other companies out there. I’m really sold. I’ve really enjoyed my sauna. And I’ve gotten a lot of great health benefits. It’s helped me with my detox tremendously. It’s helped me with my liver. I had liver problems and it really helped me with that, It helped me with my weight loss. So I feel it is high quality and very effective. So that’s Sunlighten. Give them a call. They give our listeners a great deal. They give us free shipping. And they also throw in something else that’s really cool. And the special kind of keeps changing just depending on what’s going on in the office there. But they always give the listeners a really great discount or really great special. So make sure that you mention Learn True Health with Ashley James so that you get our listener special. Now, we mentioned two other things. One is the magnesium soak. You have heard me rave about it over and over again. And I love soaking in magnesium while in my sauna. You only need a few cups of water in, like, a foot basin. And it is so wonderful. It opens up all the circulation. It really aids in the detoxification and feeding your liver all those wonderful nutrients it needs to help you with detoxification. So it’s a great one-two punch. And then the third thing, are the ENERGYbits. Actually, specifically, the RECOVERYbits, which is chlorella. Chlorella is an algae that chelates heavy metals. And so it’s wonderful to eat before you get in the sauna because it aids in binding to the heavy metals and releasing them from our body. It also helps with melatonin production so that it actually aids in deeper sleep. And I’ve done about five interviews I think on the ENERGYbits. So you can type algae into the search function in learntruehealth.com to be able to listen to those episodes where we talk about spirulina and chlorella and all their health benefits. And it’s just wonderful. You can go to energybits.com and use coupon code LTH to get 20% off. And make sure that you grab a bag of the ENERGYbits for your daytime energy. They’re wonderful. They’re spirulina. They actually taste really good compared to all the other spirulinas out there. They don’t have any of the lead or heavy metals that other companies have been known to have. Because ENERGYbits does very rigorous testing. And they have a pure water source when they grow their algae. So lots of great information that you can learn by going to learntruehealth.com and typing in algae and listening to those episodes. But just try it and see how you feel. Buy a bag of Energybits, buy a bag of RECOVERYbits. And RECOVERYbits is for the detoxification. ENERGYbits is for energy. And they don’t have any caffeine. It’s just all algae. But it delivers to the body all the nutrients that it needs to make energy and support hormone health. And I could go on and on. So you can check out those interviews. But those are the three things that we had mentioned in the episode. And I want to let you know that all three of those things you can get a listener discount for. So to get the magnesium soak, you go to livingthegoodlifenaturally.com and type in the coupon code LTH at checkout. ENERGYbits is energybits.com and type in the coupon code LTH at checkout. And then for your listener discount for Sunlighten, call them up, talk to one of their wonderful salespeople, and mention Learn True Health with Ashley James for the listener discount. And if you have any questions about any of these because I use them all the time and my whole family actually. We soak in magnesium. We eat the ENERGYbits and the RECOVERYbits. And we sweat in our sauna – in our Sunlighten Sauna. And so if you guys have any questions for me and my experience, please email me, support@learntruehealth.com. I’d love to hear from you. Excellent. Enjoy today’s episode and have yourself a wonderful rest of your day.     [8:04] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn true health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is Episode 383. I am so excited for today’s interview. We have with us Dr. Joel Kahn. He’s an amazing cardiologist. But even more than cardiology. Because I’ve dived into your interviews and some videos, you’re kind of going up against Joe Rogan in a very polite interview. I was waiting for the gloves to come off. It’s very interesting to be a plant-based cardiologist and help people to reverse disease naturally with natural medicine, with food because we can heal the body with food. And that you are surprisingly an expert in so many of these fields. Some of my listeners – so I told them I was interviewing you – said, “I love him. I love his podcasts.” And so I started listening to your podcasts. And it’s amazing just how much you read and how much you share with the listener. So I definitely recommend listeners check out Dr. Joel Kahn’s podcasts. It’s such a pleasure to have you here today.     [9:02] Dr. Joel Kahn: Well, thank you. It’s really a nice and sincere. A little different than the standard credential introduction. And that’s pretty cool. Yeah, I call it a p-cast. A little bit different than yours. I would never have stayed doing podcasts for two-and-a-half years if I was taking long periods to interview people. So I just talk for 20 minutes. I teach on some subject. I call it a p-cast. It’s like a P in the pod, as you know from listening. But anyways, enough about that. But I do. At age 60, I have this insane hunger to learn and learn what isn’t whoo as opposed to science. And that can be really tough sometime. If we can acknowledge that there’s whoo whoo advice out there all over the place.     [9:45] Ashley James: I like that you brought up your age because if listeners go and check out and saw your videos, they’re going to look at a young man who looks about 40, who is incredibly handsome, has tons of energy, and looks like he could win a boxing match against anyone. Like, you just look so good. And then when you said you’re 60, I’m like, “I really don’t believe it.” So that’s the power of the whole food plant-based diet is we actually become more energetic and look younger and have less disease.     [10:16] Dr. Joel Kahn: Number one, you know, you’re just smothering me with kindness. I just told you before we went on, I’m going to be out in Seattle for a high level medical conference in a few weeks. Now we’re going to have to find a wonderful plant restaurant and go celebrate with your husband and all that. But I actually adopted a plant diet at age 18. It wasn’t a master plan. It was in the time that we had Veggie Grill and Beyond Meat and all the movement that’s going on now, good and bad. It was a college reaction to horrible food and a good salad bar. But that was the last burger chicken piece of turkey I ate was 1977. So you know, every inch of augury and other crucial parts of my body have been bathe in broccoli and cauliflower and rubella for a very long time. And I’m grateful that that was kind of a cork and kind of a twist of fate that in a cardiology career couldn’t have been a better plan if I have had the insight. But it was an insight. It was just a quick little college dorm survival play that I just never went back.     [11:20] Ashley James: And a friend in college who went raw vegan because he didn’t have a fridge. So he just bought a bunch of fruit, like apples and basically lived on it. And it turned out he became – it made him incredibly healthy. That was like, “Whoa. That’s a really interesting survival mechanism.” At what point in your career as a cardiologist did you realize that how you’re eating was the optimal diet for heart health?     [11:44] Dr. Joel Kahn: Yeah, it didn’t take long. I actually got into a quick little program at the University of Michigan [inaudible 00:11:49]. I actually was accepted to med school at 17 or 18. And began some medical courses that early. And I was eating plants. I didn’t talk much about it because there wasn’t really a platform. And I didn’t know it was a therapy. If I had dug a little deeper, but I had no Sherpa to guide me, I could have found Nathan Pritikin in the 60s and 70s. I could have found even a couple older pioneers that I now know and study and respect. But really, I started practicing cardiology. I was like this animal in the cath lab. You’re having a heart attack, you’re having chest pain, I have your balloon, I have your aggressive therapy seven days a week. And three weeks after that, Dr. Dean Ornish, one of the most eminent and deserving of appreciation lifestyle medicine doctors, published a paper. And I mean, I’m three weeks. And this guy that the answer to heart disease is, you know, procedures and balloons. And he puts out data that says you can actually halt and reverse heart disease with a lifestyle that was centered on whole food plant-based.  And added two things I love, fitness and mind body, and yoga, socialization. And I said, “Wow.” So I’ve literally taught thousands of patients every month of my career since I begun. And it’s all serendipity. I’m just very fortunate. And I am proud to say I kind of grew up in this movement. But it wasn’t exactly proofed inside. I didn’t have a psychic tell me to do this things. It just played out well. I could have, you know, read a paper about bacon and I would have been just messed up for the rest of my career. But I invested well in the plant-based movement in terms of energy and personal health.     [13:32] Ashley James: Well, and it shows. You’re now – is it 42 or 43 years that you’ve now been vegan? And I mean, I am blown away. But there’s the evidence for you. If we eat a whole food plant-based diet, the way down the road we’re going to look younger and feel younger. And there’s so much science now showing that it prevents and reverses disease. So you love diving into all these different topics. And we have some questions from the listeners that we’ll get to in a little bit. But I wanted to dive into this topic of saunas and infrared and red light. Because Sunlighten Sauna – actually Alicia at Sunlighten is the one that hooked us up for this interview. And she said that you are an amazing expert at understanding the science. And I’ve been raving about my experience with my Sunlighten. It has really helped me in my health journey. And also using light therapy like red light therapy. But I don’t understand the science. And so I’d love for you to teach us a bit about it. What made you want to dive into learning about sauna therapy and using these kind of light therapies for healing?       [14:36] Dr. Joel Kahn: I took my nutritional knowledge and had my standard cardiology career and did that for a long time. Always offering these patients more than just prescriptions. But about ten years ago, I found a program at a university that you could call Integrative Cardiology. Like some people go back and get an MBA in the weekends at Harvard or whatever. I found the equivalent but it was in my field. But the integrated science based use of food and supplements and stress. And one of the topics was a presentation – several hours – on the science. And I stress, everything I do as odd as it is sometimes, is stimulated when I find that there’s actually science. It’s credible in hopefully multiple studies. So about 30 plus years ago, and I can’t tell you who was the first that had the spark, but in Japan they started applying infrared saunas. So you’ve got your steam sauna at 180 degrees. A lot of health clubs. Some people have that adapter in their shower and they can make it all steamy. You’ve got kind of the dry Tucson, Arizona sauna with a little box in the corner. Some people have that at home. And then infrared, it’s a little different. It looks like the wood box of an Arizona sauna. But in the walls are very special panels, infrared emitting panels. We have our – it doesn’t need to be real science-y. I mean, everybody’s sitting in a room right now that probably has a light bulb that’s emitting a spectrum of light. Some are purple, some are greens, some are red, some are blue, yellow wavelengths that make it look white in that combination. But it turns out that there is a slice of light energy called infrared. And we can’t see it. It’s not a visible light. And these researchers in Japan built infrared saunas. Boxes that have these panels and emit infrared energy. And they would take various – first they did animal studies, which is ultra cool. And the animal study showed a beneficial response to blood vessel function, muscle function, the real basic chemistry. It turns out, we actually have receptors in ourselves. You know, you think we really are more like plants and we think we are like plants. There actually is a very cool science that actually says we’re not so different than the birch tree and the oak tree you might be seeing out a window, perhaps. But anyways, we have receptors in these basic models. And then they started studying sick heart patients in Japan. And these were in academic centers and they published data. You have high blood pressure, you use an infrared sauna. There’s a Japanese word called waon, W-A-O-N. It means healing warmth. And most of the literature anybody could put in their browser, waon, W-A-O-N, therapy and start reading about it. Fifteen minutes in an infrared sauna, usually about 130 hundred or 140 degrees if you give it time to heat up. Then these people would be wrapped up in towels, drink some water, and rest. Because they were not really healthy athletes. They were people with blood pressure and heart damage and heart attacks. And over the course of 10 or 15 years, they showed that blood pressure responded; congestive heart failure, a really serious diagnosis, responded; artery measures showed improvement. They actually have done some modest sized randomized studies. Sick people got infrared saunas, sick people just got standard therapy, there was an improvement in survival and hospitalization. And in Japan, infrared sauna is used as a first line therapy right there with medication or surgery or whatever else you need. But God knows, until those few hours of lectures, I had never heard in any university -and I’m a professor at a university in Detroit – about any of this. And it’s easy. Now, read the literature, read the literature. It was real. And it’s been reproduced. So most of us, thank goodness don’t have bad arteries, don’t have congestive heart failure. Most of us aren’t mice in laboratories. But you know, for many ways of supporting our health, I tell my patients, there’s two therapies you don’t know about probably. One a little pricier and one a little less pricey. They both involve using light to accentuate our health and accelerate our energy production and benefit our weight and benefit our skin and benefit our blood pressure. And the higher end one is to research and get a really good infrared sauna like Sunlighten makes. I have one in my bedroom. And their brand called full spectrum. And this is science again. But it’s far infrared, near infrared, and mid infrared in each of those wavelengths. When you turn it on, it’s hot, you can’t see the light waves but they’re there. Each of them has a different effect. But the near infrared, which is abbreviated in the literature NIR, is really cool because that stuff really works on our muscles. And athletes, if any athletes are listening, many, many professional athletic teams will have various kinds of light therapy and infrared sauna. Because before an athletic event like a football game or after, before basketball or after, recovery pain or they call it delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMs can all be treated. And everything I just said has science and publications. It’s not again to whoo but just not very well known. And I got excited. So many, many of my patients do enjoy it. There may be some other benefits. So you know, we all know it’s the Debbie Downer talk. City water, air, plastics that wrap our burger, whether it’s a Beyond Meat burger or a Black Bean Burger, wherever you’re buying, all these chemicals, these endocrine disrupting chemicals are affecting our fertility and our thyroid and our weight. And one way to get them out – because it’s really hard to keep from having any of them, of course, we want to try and create a lifestyle where we don’t have plastics everywhere and exposure. Air fresheners and perfumes that are all affecting our endocrine system. Infrared sauna does cause you to detoxify and eliminate these better than just gym sweating. You can imagine somebody did a study, “I’m going to run around a gym and collect sweat droplets from people at an elliptical. And I’m going to go to an infrared sauna room and collect sweat droplets from somebody just sitting still.” And there’s more toxins concentrated in the sweat from an infrared sauna than there are from exercising. And of course both are good. And there are even some gyms now that have put infrared panels in the walls of the gym so you get double whammy. But yeah, very cool stuff for the science of waon therapy and infrared sauna.     [21:24] Ashley James: You mentioned that we have receptors on our cells, is that to receive light? To receive infrared? Can you tell us a bit more about that.     [21:33] Dr. Joel Kah: Yeah. So just switching gears a little. Infrared is there but you can’t see it. Then there’s red light. Red lights, easy. I mean, it looks like the matrix. It’s bright. I mean, it’s the one with the one band of the full spectrum. And a prominent researcher at Harvard by the name of Michael Hamblin, H-A-M-B-L-I-N, PhD or MD – I think a PhD – has spent 30 years and many, many publications and textbooks that costs $700. The official name is Photobiomodulation, photolight bio or biology, and we can change our biology through light. But it’s often called the low level laser or red light therapy. But it turns out every one of us have, I think it’s fair to say, billions and billions of mitochondria in our muscles, heart muscles and skeletal muscles, particularly. They’re making all that energy. If anybody’s had the biology background, the ATP energy that keeps our heart strong and our muscles strong, and the rest. And there is a receptor in the system that makes energy. It’s an enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase. And that receptor will respond to red light. And when it is exposed to red light, it will accelerate this process of making energy. It also creates more nitric oxide. If you ask an athlete who knew biology or a trainer, if you created more nitric oxide that was free to circulate and help an athlete’s blood vessels and you created more efficiency in making ATP in their muscles, do you think it would benefit an athlete either performance or recovery? And they think, “I got it. I’d pay a fortune for such.” It turns out red light does that. Proven. The science is known. And it’s a little different. When you get an infrared sauna, you’re getting near infrared energy. And it’s a wonderful thing and it will activate this receptor. But you also might want to explore the field of Photobiomodulation using red light. So Sunlighten has this wonderful little handheld device called lumiNIR. There’s some things that red light does that go beyond near infrared and the combination is the powerhouse. I literally use a red light panel in my near infrared sauna and I get both. Because I wouldn’t be getting red light in my sauna alone. But for all the listeners who want to keep their skin youthful, there’s an FDA approved. This is science backed by years of analysis. That it may promote collagen production, relieve aging spots, wrinkles in the skin. It’s the vanity part. But who doesn’t. You know, eating healthy is clearly beauty inside out is clearly real and the key. But I’m not against using safe therapies that keep us looking a little more youthful. So in the past 12 months, I’ve added red light therapy for 12 or 15 minutes a day. And it’s not tanning and you’re not going to burn yourself. And just another add on to health. It’s fascinating, you know, fascinating.     [24:38] Ashley James: Yeah. I have one of Sunlighten’s lumiNIRs. It’s a handheld device and they have those different attachments. You can do the blue light or the red light and depending on whether you want to support like a joint pain or you want collagen production. It’s very interesting. And I know Sunlighten and gives our listeners a discount. I’m not sure what it is but I’ll find out for the listeners. So bios photo modulation, you mentioned that it helps the body – helps the mitochondria to produce more ATP and they’ve been able to prove this. Or is it that it helps the production of nitric oxide.     [25:12] Dr. Joel Kahn: It actually does both. So if you really want to go deep – here we go. It’s called uncaging nitric oxide on this enzyme. Here, you got a muscle cell in your pectoral muscles because you like to do bench presses. In that muscle, there are thousands of mitochondria. And in those mitochondria, there’s a pathway to make ATP energy so you can lift those weights. The cytochrome c oxidase, for reasons I don’t understand, it actually takes and traps nitric oxide. And the nitric oxide doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, which is keep your arteries youthful and prevent plaque. And it kind of clogs up the electron transport chain. So when you’re exposed to red light and infrared light, the nitric oxide gets bumped off and it goes and circulates and it does what it’s supposed to do. Suddenly this little fly in the ointment of making ATP is removed. So you actually get both benefits, which is crazy. I mean, it’s so crazy to think that red light and infrared light can do something that is – you know, I’m still blown away how advanced the science is. We’re talking thousands of research articles and basic science and human science. So there’s even reports – and this is science where I wouldn’t say it. You know, how many people deal with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease of the thyroid. There are small series that exposing your neck using a red light device like the lumiNIR converts your immune system. It’s called macrophage 1 or macrophage 2. But they stop attacking your own thyroid. And there are reports up substantial 30 or 40% of people no longer needing thyroid replacement after a while. Everybody needs to work with their healthcare team. Of course, their healthcare team won’t have ever heard of this. But if you do look online, Photobiomodulation Hashimoto’s, you can read about it. It’s real science.     [27:07] Ashley James: Oh, that is fascinating. Do you think it has something to do with the fact that it decreases inflammation?     [27:12] Dr. Joel Kah: It decreases inflammation by changing the activity of kind of white blood cell or kind of inflammatory. So I’ll call them back macrophage. Exactly.     [27:22] Ashley James: Because I know that in the 3-in-1 Sunlighten – not the handheld but the big Sunlighten Sauna that has the near, mid, and far infrared – that is incredibly anti-inflammatory to be in. That people notice decreases in pain and inflammation and joint pain. And then I’ve been told the lumiNIR – because I don’t have joint pain – but I’ve been told the lumiNIR has been really helpful for people with joint pain even when it’s like rheumatoid arthritis where there’s an autoimmune component. And you’ve seen the science to back this up.     [27:51] Dr. Joel Kahn: It probably is multiple pathways that lead people with fibromyalgia and more defined autoimmune conditions, like you mentioned, to respond to full spectrum infrared sauna. Because it probably is detoxification. Some will lose weight, which may help. And then finally, this nitric oxide, ATP energy, something like fibromyalgia, some people believe strongly is a mitochondrial energy deficit problem. So if you can safely non-invasively and frankly rather cost effectively deal with it, then you might as well just power up and get rid of the pain.     [28:34] Ashley James: Right. I love it. And you mentioned that saunas help with weight loss. I’ve used the sauna to help with detoxification because I was having problems with weight loss when it came to detoxification. My liver would get all really pissed off. I switched to a plant-based diet and everything’s working a lot better now that I’m doing that and doing the sauna. What can you share with us about, from the standpoint of heart health, cardiovascular health, and how saunas help with that, how does the sauna therapy, this heat therapy, help us with detoxification and weight loss?     [29:10] Dr. Joel Kahn: Yes. Well, it’s actually a very efficient way. It’s interesting. There’s some data that cold therapy is a very efficient way to accelerate your weight loss. So I have adopted this crazy habit I hate that after workout, I jump in the shower. And at least part of it, I douse myself and cold water. It does wake you up like no other. I hate everything about it. Because there’s nothing more comforting than a hot shower but a cold shower. And on the flip side, the efficiency of burning calories in an infrared sauna is as high as many ellipticals and treadmills. And it might be roughly 500, 600, 700 calories an hour. So you know, it doesn’t replace – number one, if you’re a good athlete and you can really get good workouts, please do it. There’s all kinds of cardiovascular benefits. Some people have reasons that they can’t really get that high level workout. And many people do both. They’ll get the – you know, they CrossFit or the HIIT or yoga or whatever it is and then they’ll add in some saunas on top of it. So it can be very helpful with the calories in, calories out. The calorie out part of weight loss, I had, unfortunately, in a medical conference, the misfortune of breaking a foot on an escalator two months ago. So I’ve had to give up – it’s recovering very well. But I’ve had to give up the treadmill, elliptical, Concept 2 rower, and all the things I like to do yoga. So I’m spending more time in an infrared sauna and been able to maintain my weight. I mean, a lot of upper body work and such. I shifted. But just a personal example, you know, add that in. And it may be too. There’s this theory – this gets a little whoo – we really are exposed to a lot of garbage, pesticides, herbicides, these endocrine disrupting chemicals. And a lot of them do get – they’re fat soluble chemicals, particularly PCBs and DDT. And these things are unfortunately highly concentrated in fish. So fish eaters are much more exposed to these things. But you may need to get rid and reduce your burden on some of these chemicals to really lose weight. Because there’s like this battle, if I keep my fat, I dilute these chemicals and they’re less toxic to my physiology. And if I lose weight, and they’re all released in the bloodstream, I may feel bad. Kind of like the Keto flu or the kind of ill feeling that people get the first couple days of some kind of detox. So sweating them out as a real efficient way in a sauna to reduce your burden and accelerate weight loss. Now, everything I just said is a little blurry in terms of, “Do we absolutely know?” But that is a strong theory that people feel reflects life in 2019 and 2020.     [31:57] Ashley James: And it’s been my experience too. I kept hitting a wall. Every time I lose a few pounds, I get really over toxic and my liver would inflame. I went for ultrasounds and blood work and it was sure enough, my liver was really pissed. And my Naturopath didn’t know what was going on. He was trying to throw some supplements at me to support the liver. But I had to basically stop weight loss and then wait for it to calm down then start again. I was just sick of it. And so finally my niche process was like, “You really should get a sauna.” And that’s why I dived into studying all the different types of saunas. And I came across Sunlighten Sauna and discovered that that was my favorite out of all the other companies. Really low EMF, nontoxic. And then when I started using it, it was like a light bulb went off inside me. It was the total difference. I feel happier when I use it. I get better sleep. I don’t have my inflamed liver anymore. The weight loss has been consistent. So I’ve become this raving fan about Sunlighten. But again, I didn’t understand the deep science behind it. And so I love that you’re saying that the receptors in our body, the cells have receptors for light. And I’ve heard from other people that light is like a nutrient. And we are starving our body because of modern day society. We’re actually starving from the full spectrum that we need. So it’s like we’re nutrient deficient and the nutrient is light.     [33:23] Dr. Joel Kahn: So that that circles back to something I said a while about how similar we are to plants, which is a novel idea. But of course plants can take light and use them to stimulate the production of energy. It powers them. They have chlorophyll. There is a report in 2014 and I wrote a little blog about it back then. It was so interesting, it made some headlines. It wasn’t a human study but it was a mammal study. And we do not think that we can be out in the sun and create energy out of that process. We’re not plants. But that did occur in mammalian cells. And there may be a whole spectrum of we know light helps you make vitamin D, which is an important health supporting. Some people say hormone and vitamin. There is some data you can make more nitric oxide by being in the sun. And people that live in lower portions in the United States have lower blood pressure than people who live in northern portions. And it all correlates how many hours a day there’s sunshine. But whether we actually can energize and feel better, of course, intuition says, take a vacation in the sun. And it feels great. And it may be partly that we have still pathways that aren’t completely understood in these cytochrome C oxidase pathways may indeed be part of it. So it’s very cool. And you know, as I say one of the easiest health blaze is to get more light or get more red light with dedicated products. These used to be extremely expensive. You’d have to spend $10,000 to 30,000 to go to a health spa or a dermatology office. But it’s much different now for way, way under $1,000. You got a great system.     [35:05] Ashley James: Yeah. I really like the lumiNIR and all that you can do with it with all the different attachments. Like you said, you can do the anti-aging. There’s an attachment specifically for helping skin with acne and healing the skin. And I really geek out on helping people with pain and decreasing pain and supporting healthy tissue. So there’s so many different benefits to making sure we’re exposed to light either getting out in the sun or getting in a Sunlighten Sauna. But being able to expose yourself to the different and full – as much as you can full spectrum of light. Now, I know we’re under a time constraint and I definitely want to make sure I get to the listeners questions because I posted on the Learn True Health Facebook Group some questions.     [35:50] Dr. Joel Kahn: Let me just – before we leave the sauna, let me just shout out three – again, I told everybody I already like science. So I’m going to give three very nonscientific tips here.     [36:01] Ashley James: Okay. Great.     [36:01] Dr. Joel Kahn: Well, the first one is okay. I do my meditation. Which isn’t absolutely regular but I do it in the infrared sauna. I call it saunatation. I’m already isolated. I’m already cleansing physiologically my body, why not cleanse some of the stress. So I encourage people that’s just a perfect place to do that. That’s number one. Number two, I actually do take a big handful of organic chlorella about half-an-hour before getting in the sauna. Because I want to be a plant. And I don’t know for sure if that works. But my blood level of chlorophyll is extremely high from taking 25 or 30 little tablets. Like anybody can buy of high quality chlorella. And it just feels good. And the third one, and please don’t do this if you’re not really healthy and know your status. There’s sort of this strategy, go do a HIIT workout for 10 or 15 minutes after you’ve taken a little handful of niacin, a B vitamin that makes you sweat and turn red. And you might feel very poorly on it so be careful. But it’s over the counter. You know, so take your knives and do your workout and pop in a sauna. You want to have a detoxifying sweat, you will have a detoxifying sweat.     [37:17] Ashley James: Very interesting. So you’re inducing the niacin flush. Is that like opening up capillaries around the surface of the skin?     [37:27] Dr. Joel Kahn: That’s exactly what you’re feeling on the surface of the skin. Clearly, if you’re not healthy, if you’ve had a bad reaction to niacin – I mean, it’s not a medical therapy and niacin is an over the counter vitamin. So I don’t think I’ve completely violated my Hippocratic oath. And I’ve done it a thousand times and so far still alive and kicking. But it’s an interesting little play.     [37:51] Ashley James: Now, I’m going to have to try that. I’ve definitely have some niacin here on the shelf. I’m going to have to try that for sure. I usually get the no-flush niacin. But to want to do it on purpose to open up all the blood flow to the surface to increase the sweating and detoxification, that sounds like a really fun experiment. I’m kind of like — you know, you hear about this term biohacker. I love experimenting on myself in a safe way. You know, try it out. And I feel like my listeners do the same. They love trying different things, especially when they learn from great guests like you and seeing how it works for them. I have two more things to add to your routine – or one more thing for you to add to the routine is trying a magnesium soak while you’re in the sauna. And I’ll make sure I send you some information on it. But it’s transdermal. It’s a liquid. And you just put a few cups of water with a foot basin while you’re in the sauna, and you absorb a ton of magnesium. And so a lot of my listeners, including myself, love doing that in the sauna as well. And that also opens up the blood flow. And then my favorite – and I definitely encourage you to try it out – my favorite chlorella brand – I’ve tried a bunch of them – and I found that ENERGYbits, they make one called –     [39:06] Dr. Joel Kahn: That’s what I just swallowed.     [39:07] Ashley James: Yes. RECOVERYbits are my favorite because it tastes amazing. All the other ones kind of tastes fishy to me or stale. And ENERGYbits has been consistent with their quality and their testing. I’ve had Catharine Arnston, the creator of ENERGYbits on the show many times. And so yeah, we’re on the same page. I’m so excited to introduce you the magnesium soak. I’ll make sure I send you some information because I know that you’ll really enjoy adding that to your sauna routine and seeing how you how you feel about it. So let me get to the listener questions because I know that we’re under time constraint and I want to respect your time. Daniela, first of all, says that your – she’s the one that said your podcast is absolutely amazing. So I want to shout out to Daniela. She was really looking forward to hearing our interview. Naomi has a really interesting one. Her dad had a valve replacement surgery recently because of a narrow valve. And the doctor said it was congenital. But none of his symptoms started until he was 70. And they’re like, “Well, you know you were born with it.” But none of his symptoms started until his 70 and now they’re seeing narrowing of the arteries. Of course, that can be – as you and I know – corrected with wonderful whole food plant-based diet with no oil. What do you say to that when people say – when doctor said, “Well, that’s just congenital. You were born with it.” But the disease never occurred until they were much later in life.     [40:28] Dr. Joel Kahn: Go back to Daniela. Thank you, Daniela, for listening to Heart Doc VIP. Okay. I just wanted to say thank you to her because that was kind of you. But to go to this question. There is a – the number one most common birth condition, congenital heart condition, is actually what her father had. The last valve of the heart when the heart pumps hard to get all the blood out to the body, it goes through a valve called the aortic valve. That looks like a Mercedes Benz or a peace sign, three little parts. They open, they shot. One person people are born where there’s two pieces, not three. It’s called a bicuspid aortic valve. It looks like your rear end. It has two pieces, not three. But we don’t call it a tush valve. It’s a bicuspid valve. Now, you can now call it a tush valve. And because it’s abnormal, 100,000 heartbeats a day. By the time you’re 40 or 45 or 50 or 55, there’s some scarring, some calcification. And the valve may no longer open enough so you start to get shorter breath, tighten the chest, dizzy. And at that point, you may need something done about it. There’s nothing you can do about being born with it. It’s common. You might ask a doctor. There is some family history. So your listener might ask her doctor, “Are you sure there’s no murmur there when you listen to my heart with the stethoscope?” But there’s really no absolute necessity to make the diagnosis early, early. But they’re just finish it up. Occasionally with that valve – right above the heart is called your aorta. The aorta may be a little enlarged. That’s a little more important of a finding earlier in life. You shouldn’t probably be snapping or catching 300 pound lifts in CrossFit if you knew your aorta was enlarged. So it might be worth pursuing it with what we call an ultrasound of the heart or echocardiogram, if there really was any question your doctor thought they heard something or there really is a strong family history. I’ll give you one last little tip because your listeners deserve the best of the best. There is a class of antibiotics – I’m totally shifting gears but I’m coming back to your listeners question. They are called fluoroquinolones. But you might know him by Cipro, ciprofloxacin, Levaquin, levofloxacin. These are actually the most commonly prescribed oral and IV antibiotics in the United States. It is now apparent after 30 years of using them, that they weaken our collagen. They cause rupture [inaudible 00:42:57]. Your Achilles can get inflamed or rupture after a seven to ten day course. But now in the last three or four years, your aorta, the most important blood vessel in the body, can get weakened and damaged after just a week or ten days on these antibiotics. And very recently, even heart valves, all of these structures are made of collagen. These antibiotics have – it took years to identify. It’s not common. But when you talk about tens of millions of prescriptions, if it’s only 1% or 1.5% of people, it’s still a lot of people. Which is why somebody like this father – I mean, anybody within a large aorta should now know that there’s FDA warnings about maybe not using this class of antibiotics that are used for prostate and urinary and bronchitis in the hospital and in the office. I’ll say as I was just on the doctor show being interviewed on this topic, because it is really important and hot. And Drew Ordon, the plastic surgeon with the white hair and wonderful guy said, “I’m Levaquin right now for my prostate and this is scaring me.” And it is being recommended that you ask your doctor maybe shift antibiotics to another one. So circling back to your question, it’s 1% of people born with an abnormal valve. It might also cause their aorta to be enlarged. If you knew your aorta was enlarged, you do not want to take these classes of antibiotics. And even if your aorta isn’t enlarged, for the sake of your Achilles tendon and other structures, you still might want to ask, ” Can I have a penicillin or sulfa?” Older antibiotic like Macrobid. These drugs have been out for decades. It’s interesting. It’s not the only drug. We’ve learned new things about old drugs that are frankly changing practice and fairly scary. Next question. Next question.     [44:50] Ashley James: Thank you so much for warning us. Kelly asks, “Are there any recommendations he has for children who are born with heart conditions such as ASD, PFO, etc.?     [44:59] Dr. Joel Kahn: These are interesting questions because, again, birth defects are rarely the common questions that are asked. I’m certainly welcome to have them. I mean, so you can -the second most common birth defect after the valve is a little hole in the heart called a PFO, Patent Foramen Ovale. Usually very innocent. And then there’s a larger hole called ASD, Atrial Septal Defect. And then there are more complex where it might be apparent before birth or at birth that this is a child that has serious problems, blue babies and developmental problems. But you know, just like that listener’s Father, it took decades. There are people that have had this hole in their heart for it 20, 30, 40 years. And then they begin to get shorter breath or then they begin to get fatigue. So there isn’t a diet, there isn’t a lifestyle, there isn’t a sauna treatment for everything in life. You just need, at that point, good medical care. And sometimes ultimately, a procedure that more and more is not surgery. More and more, it’s some kind of procedure where they don’t have to crack your chest open. But people should be much more concerned about their arteries getting clogged and the risk of heart attack and stroke. Because the frequency of that from age 35, 40, 45, and up is a thousand times more of a concern than finding out unexpectedly at age 70. You’ve got a valve or a hole in your heart issue. They’re all important.     [46:31] Ashley James: Right. That we can prevent heart disease with whole food plant-based diet with no processed foods would be much better for most of the population. And then there’s a small percentage that has a birth defect but could still – even with a birth defect, couldn’t we still optimize our heart health with a really good heart health diet?     [46:50] Dr. Joel Kahn: Yeah. Always. And there’s an insane number of reasons to as early as you can in life learn the clues. Don’t smoke, stay thin, get fitness, get sleep, manage stress, eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. And anybody around you does. Be the champion of whole real foods from plant sources. Don’t smoke. If I said it twice, it deserves to be said twice.     [47:17] Ashley James: Don’t vape.      [47:17] Dr. Joel Kahn: If nothing happens during your life, you’ve just probably added a dozen plus years of good health and reduce risk of diabetes, cancer, brain disease and heart disease. If something comes up in your life, you’re showing up in the best shape possible. So yes, we buy life insurance, we wear seatbelts, we wear bicycle helmets, we’re into the mode of taking certain precautions even though they’re relatively unlikely. Whereas, heart disease is incredibly likely and we neither look for it nor do we really work very hard to prevent it.     [47:50] Ashley James: My dad died of heart disease. My mom died of cancer. And that’s one of the biggest reasons why I do this show. I can’t save my parents. I don’t have a time machine. But I can help my listeners save theirs and save themselves. And we can. We can prevent and reverse disease and add years to your life with all the things you’ve talked about. You know, we’re on a roll. Heidi says, “I have a question as well. My husband has a rare genetic heart condition called ARVC. His arteries are perfectly healthy but it’s electrical part of the heart that’s not. Do you have any advice for anyone with this condition?”     [48:26] Dr. Joel Kahn: Yeah. Again, an important but very unusual birth abnormality, the right side of your heart, it just doesn’t form normally. And it makes people prone to serious fast heartbeats that could cause you to blackout or worse. And you work with certain cardiologists called electrical cardiologists and sometimes you need that fancy pacemaker called a defibrillator. And they can be life saving for certain people. And the same comment, show up to that challenge in life. You know, why is that gentleman’s arteries clean? And that’s a very complex question of genetics and lifestyle and fitness and all. But if you start eating plant-based at age 18, as I had the good fortune by luck, you probably are going to show up for that procedure with your arteries clean. And I know at age 60 mine are squeaky clean. There’s ways to get a quick CAT scan and confirm that and there. So it’s always best. The best protection is to stay out of the hospital on as few medicines as you can with as few doctor procedures as you can. The number three cause of death in the United States is medical procedures and medications that go wrong. Number three causes of death are heart disease and cancer. So the best plan is not need to be there. And I run from hospitals even though I am part of them and I will say I’m on staff with them. But in terms of my own health, I do not trust what goes on in hospitals.     [49:56] Ashley James: Thank you. I love this. We have to walk that fine line of understanding when we want to go to allopathic medicine and when we don’t. This show obviously celebrates all the times we don’t want to go to allopathic medicine but allopathic medicine has its place. And if my heart was beating to the point where it’s blocking out, I’d really want to see a good electrical cardiologist. Is that what it’s called? I definitely want to go see a really good one. But for prevention and for optimizing our health, then we can do it through diet. I interviewed Dr. Esselstyn and he has seen people with even four blockages in the heart, reverse it within months of going on a whole food plant-based diet, as you I’m sure have seen and know. So it’s just amazing what the body can do when we give it the nutrition it needs. Teresa asks – she says, “Many of the autoimmune neuro disease experts insist on good fats in the diet. Added fats like ghee, tallow, lard and coconut oils, mostly for cooking and to drizzle over vegetables for absorption. I personally have trouble breaking down fats and proteins and I’ve had to take digestive enzymes with every meal. Is it really necessary to add all that extra fat for MS, ALS, and even Hashimoto’s? I followed Dr. John McDougall for years and felt great. But that was before autoimmunity. So she then developed an autoimmune condition.” And she says, “Also, the experts talk about organ meats for autoimmunity. What could replace a nutrient density in a plant-based diet?” So she doesn’t want to have to eat organ meats and all this processed fat but she wants to heal her body. Do you have any advice for her?     [51:37] Dr. Joel Kahn: Yeah. And I think it gets to just a fundamental question. Where do you get your advice? Do they have any conflicts in the advice they’re giving? And are they really trained to give advice? Because every trainer or every dietitian – at least a dietitian has some formal training if they’re an RD, every health coach can get a blog and YouTube and give advice. Go find me data that you need to eat organ meats to heal neurologic or autoimmune disease. And let’s talk about randomized studies that are out there. And you know, not everything in the world that’s great has to be plant-based. So there’s so many reasons to talk about a whole food plant-base for the environment, for animal rights, and animal cruelty and suffering. And for the gigantic database that it is the best plan to preserve and protect your health in general and for both brain and autoimmune diseases. I spent the weekend with Dr. Terry Wahls of HLS. And many people will know she’s a medical doctor with a breakout book called The Wahls Protocol a couple years ago. She’s redoing it right now. And she had disabling multiple sclerosis. She was an internist in the University of Iowa at the VA. And kind of created her own plan of hyper nourishment with ten servings a day of organic leafy greens and smoothies and salads and mushrooms and onions and garlic. And a few servings of animal foods during the week. Far less than the typical Paleo diet. Lots of omega-3 rich foods. And I was asking her by and she recovered her own health. She’s helped so many people recover. I mean, I’m not going to argue with her. She’s walking and riding her bike and she was in a wheelchair. I’m going to tell her diet is other than optimal. It worked out optimally for her and a lot of other people. There is a similar plan that is all plant-based that’s taught by a physician in Houston, Brooke Goldner, G-O-L-D-N-E-R and her book called Goodbye Lupus or Goodbye Autoimmune Disease, her new book. So you can do it super clean whole food plant-based, super clean almost plant-based as Dr. Wahls teaches. But it’s not all that gook you talked about. And what I love about, particularly Dr. Wahls right now, she took her own personal health crisis and recovery. Her broad experience teaching other people within the VA and other medical systems in the University of Iowa. And now she’s actually doing prospective randomized published studies. You can’t jack with somebody who’s done that kind of science. And I’ll say no disrespect, but it kind of is disrespect. Show me Dr. David Perlmutter’s prospective peer reviewed studies or Dr. Mark Hyman or Dr. Bill Davis. I mean, these are the giants of some of this weird stuff. I mean, bone marrow and bone broth. I know it’s trendy. But let’s talk about where we follow the typical scientific path of you got a hypothesis, you arrange a study, you do it, you publish it. Dr. Wahls sure [inaudible 00:54:32] has. So my brain favorites are two neurologists by the name of Sherzai, S-H-E-R-Z-A-I. Which is Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, academic neurologists in Long Beach and Loma Linda with a book called The Alzheimer’s Solution. And I would follow their program for brain and neurological health in that book.     [54:56] Ashley James: Thank you so much. That was great. I love the books that you let us know about because those are going to be great guests for the show. I’m definitely going to ask them all to be on the show. And those will be great resources for the listeners as well. It has been such a pleasure having you on the show. I know time just flies. And I know you’ve got to go. Before you do, is there any advice that you’d like to leave listeners with or homework that you’d like to leave the listeners with?     [55:25] Dr. Joel Kahn: That’s an interesting question, homework, because that’s exactly the expression I use with my patients. So, “Here’s your homework. And I can’t do this all for you. And I can guide you to people.” I believe my opinion are credible and we should spend time. I mean, everybody should watch Forks Over Knives on Netflix. Or if there’s anybody left that has a DVD player. It’s still available. I give my patients the option of taking a DVD home or watch it on Netflix. If you want to upgrade that, you might watch What The Health from 2017. And very soon you’ll be able to watch Game Changers. A new movie that was in the theaters that will be released on iTunes very soon. I mean, I’ve seen all those movies. You know, there are a lot of health movies that I don’t think represent fairly. But surely Forks Over Knives, which is Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Caldwell, I would certainly say, are fair. Other homework, let’s see. You know, get familiar with pubmed.gov. It can be a slippery slope. But that’s the national library of medicine and 30 million scientific articles. You can’t get the full article on everyone but you can and a lot. And like, if you don’t believe me on red light therapy or photobiomodulation and Hashimoto’s, that’s where you go. You go there. And you know, it’s a little tough sometimes to read the scientific articles but that’s a good habit. I mean, you could, I will say, also, put it bone broth and health. That’s where you want to look. You’ll find nothing. Actually, you’ll find one article that says it’s dangerous and toxic in terms of lead levels in bone broth causing bones that your cooking to release some of the stored lead that is in them. But you know, these kind of habits is something if you really want to get as credible as you can. You might know learn simple skills to do.     [57:24] Ashley James: Oh, I love it. Yes, PubMed. Let’s advocate for ourselves by looking into the science. Absolutely. I went to the movie theaters and saw the Game Changers in the movies. And I went with actually one of our listeners who’s a friend of mine, Naomi. A big shout out to her. And the whole time we kept looking at each other going, “We have to get this person to watch this. Oh my gosh. We got to get our parents to watch this.” We can’t believe it. Like, I am so excited that October 1st when it comes out on iTunes, I’m going to buy the digital copy and get as many of my friends and family to watch it. And I really love that it just shows – it blows this idea that that [inaudible 00:58:01] totally out of the ballpark. And it shows that if you want to have really great sexual health and great muscle and great strength and endurance and all that, men and women get it from a whole food plant-based diet. That’s such a cool – and it is really a game changer. Dr. Joel Kahn, it has been such a pleasure having you on the show today. You are welcome back anytime you want to come share with our listeners. It was a true pleasure to have you today.     [58:30] Dr. Joel Kahn: Well, it is mutual fan club, mutual Seattle fan club. And yeah, I look forward doing that. I’d be happy to help you contact any of those other people if you want to get them on because I think your listenership would love them.     [58:43] Ashley James: Awesome. That sounds great. Thank you.   —   Outro: Hello true health seeker. Have you ever thought about becoming a health coach? Do you love learning about nutrition? And how we can shift our lifestyle and our diet so that we can gain optimal health and happiness and longevity? Do you love helping your friends and family to solve their health problems and to figure out what they can do to eat healthier? Are you interested in becoming someone who can grow their own business? Support people in their success? Do you love helping people? You might be the perfect candidate to become a health coach. I highly recommend checking out the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I just spent the last year in their health coaching certification program. And it really blew me away. It was so amazing. I learned over 100 dietary theories. I learned all about nutrition. But from a standpoint of how we can help people to shift their life and shift their lifestyle to gain true holistic health. I definitely recommend you check them out. You can Google Institute for Integrative Nutrition or IIN and give them a call. Or you can go to learntruehealth.com/coach and you can receive a free module of their training to check it out and see if it’s something that you’d be interested in. Be sure to mention my name, Ashley James and the Learn True Health podcast. Because I made a deal with them that they will give you the best price possible. I highly recommend checking it out. It really changed my life to be in their program. And I’m such a big advocate that I wanted to spread this information. We need more health coaches. In fact, health coaching is the largest growing career right now in the health field. So many health coaches are getting in and helping people because you can work in chiropractic offices, doctors offices, you can work in hospitals. ,You can work online through Skype and help people around the world. You can become an author. You can go into the school system and help your local schools shift their programs to help children be healthier. You can go into senior centers and help them to shift their diet and lifestyle to best support them in their success and their health goals. There’s so many different available options for you when you become a certified health coach. So check out IIN. Check out the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Mention my name. Get the best deal. Give them a call and they’ll give you lots of free information and help you to see if this is the right move for you. Classes are starting soon. The next round of classes are starting at the end of the month. So you’re going to want to call them now and check it out. And if you know anyone in your life who would be an amazing coach, please tell them about it. Being a health coach is so rewarding and you get to help so many people.   Get Connected With Dr. Joel Kahn! Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Books by Dr. Joel Kahn The Plant Based Solution The Whole Heart Solution The No B.S. Diet

    345 Million Pound Mission University, Creating the Right Individualized Plan for Your Permanent Weight Loss Success, Fitness, Nutrition and Motivation to Stay Focused on Achieving the Results You Want, Adam Schaeuble

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2019 56:24

    Million Pound Mission University: LearnTrueHealth.com/university https://www.learntruehealth.com/university   Million Pound Mission University https://www.learntruehealth.com/million-pound-mission-university Adam Schaeuble, PHD (Previously Heavy Dude) is back with a very exciting project. Once again, Adam unleashes his superpower to create a community. He brings together experts online to educate us on the “right tool for the right job at the right time” in our quest for weight loss and true health. Tune in and find out more about Million Pound Mission University.   [00:00:14] Ashley James: I am so excited for today’s interview. We have back on the show, Adam Schaeuble. He earned his Ph.D. as a previously heavy dude. He originally was here with us in Episode 212, and it was so amazing to hear his story of personal transformation and of helping his entire town lose thousands of pounds and then go on his mission to help people all around the world lose a million pounds. Man, Adam, you have such great traction going on. How’s it going?   [00:00:50] Adam Schaeuble: Ashley, first off, thank you so much for inviting me back. I have to tell you something really cool. A year and a half ago was when we did that first interview — I believe it’s September or October — that was the first big-audience interview. You’re the first person that said, “Yes, Adam, I want to share my platform with you and help you get your message out there.” It’s just been like rocket ship momentum ever since you said yes. So my friend, first off, thank you so much for helping propel this growth that I’m seeing.   [00:01:21] Ashley James: Absolutely. I love your mission. I believe in it. I’m definitely one of your fans. I love how you take a holistic approach to create a healthy body we want and help people to implement. Really, it’s all about whether rubber hits the road with you. I definitely recommend listeners go back and check out Episode 212 where we dove into Adam’s story. But to reiterate, how many pounds did you help people lose in your town?   [00:01:57] Adam Schaeuble: I went on a journey where I went from 327 pounds down to sub 220s, so I lost over 100 pounds. People are starting to ask me to help them, and I found the boot camp in my hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, and we did thirty-five thousand pounds in five years and just rocked it. It’s awesome.   [00:02:15] Ashley James: There are great before-and-after pictures. But it’s more than just weight loss. You helped people to transform their lives mentally, emotionally, spiritually. This so resonates with our listeners because this podcast is about helping us to transform our whole lives so that we have physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, or energetic. We have better relationships. If you’re trapped in a body that is unhealthy, and if you feel stuck in life with some excess weight, then the weight necessarily isn’t the root cause, but we have to get to the root cause by helping us to make these great lifestyle changes. I know that you love to focus on that. One thing I’ve been impressed by is that you are an expert obviously in helping people to gain healthy weight. You’re a great personal trainer, motivational coach, and health coach, and you also love to bring in experts that help people in different areas. You’re bringing in all these experts, much like this show. You’ve put together a program that I’m really impressed by, and I was so honored that you invited me to come to speak at your program. Can you tell us about the Million Pound Mission University?   [00:03:35] Adam Schaeuble: Yeah. Ashley, one of the concepts I’m working hard on is I talk to people every day, just like you do — people that are in the trenches trying to change their life. There is a lot of confusion going on around all the experts like us who go on podcasts and have podcasts. I actually did a whole podcast about this I called “Overcoming Fitness Podcast Overwhelm.” This is a real condition. It’s going to be like texting thumb and stuff like that. This is going to be a condition moving forward in our society, where people have a goal. Maybe they’re like, “I want to lose fifty pounds because that’s going to help me reclaim control of my health.” But they listen to one podcast on Monday. It’s more like a paleo-based podcast, and they start paleo on Monday. But then they hear the Weight Watchers podcast on Wednesday, and they switched to Weight Watchers, and then intermittent fasting on Friday, and they’re bouncing around full of confusion. What adds to it is that a lot of these experts are arguing with each other back and forth over whose program is the best, “My program is better, and that program, if you do that thing, then you’re going to die of a heart attack for sure.” And so we’re bickering amongst each other as a lot of these experts. Right now, keto versus vegan is a big deal. People are really getting nasty about it. It’s like we’re missing the point of the people that we’re trying to help. It’s not keto versus vegan. It’s keto, vegan, paleo, Weight Watchers, CrossFit, yoga, and whatever against being unhealthy. That’s the battle. I know you’re of the same mindset. I am more of a, “Let’s find the right program of the right fit for this season of your transformation,” because I’m not Team Keto guy. I use the ketogenic diet when it makes sense to me, but I can also go vegan. I can also do a clean eating plan. I can do intermittent fasting. It’s the right tool for the right job at the right time, and that’s what I’m trying to promote with this educational event I put together called Million Pound Mission University. We’re bringing in experts from all the different walks of the transformation game. We’ve got paleo experts. We’ve got Weight Watchers experts. We have anti-anxiety experts, neurolinguistic programming experts. We work on the mind. We work on the transformation protocol. We work on the different nutritional and physical options. I just feel like I want to create a space where we can bring all these different experts to be experts and not competing against each other. It’s all towards that common good of let’s give people the tools that they can select from when it makes sense and then implement to reclaim control over their health, and that’s what it’s all about.   [00:06:24] Ashley James: I love it. Listeners can check out Adam’s Million Pound Mission University by going to learntruehealth.com/university. I’m going to make it easy for everyone to remember the URL. So learntruehealth.com/university, and of course, the links to everything that Adam does is going to be in the show notes of today’s podcast at learntruehealth.com. Since you launched the university which was about a week ago, you have had some amazing feedback. I know you just started basically. You just launched it. You have a dozen or more experts in your university so far. As you’ve been doing these interviews with these experts, what lessons have you learned? Can you walk us through and teach us some things that you were just really taken aback by and excited by?   [00:07:16] Adam Schaeuble: I get freaked out with every interview. I’m so passionate about learning just like you. That’s why we’re such good friends, Ashley. We’re both very passionate about learning and then teaching people what we learn. Right now, I’ve got eighteen lessons loaded up, and we’re adding more every single month. But somebody Alexa Schirm from the Simple Roots Radio podcast, she did a presentation about the effect of environmental stress on our hormones, body fat gain, weight loss, how those things impact us, as simple as whether we eat standing up or sitting down, and how that can impact our fat gain or fat loss. I started telling everybody. I’m like “Do not stand up. You need to be sitting down. Do not drive while you eat.” All these things. Just picking the brains of experts like that is amazing And then you did some great work. I already have some great compliments on your topic when you talked about how to use NLP — neurolinguistic programming, which is a phrase that I love to say and not screw up — and how to combat anxiety with that. People are already taking this for a week, and I’ getting feedback on, “Dang, Adam, this really is working. This is making a difference.” We really focus on implementation. Ashley, when I brought you on, I said, “This isn’t a podcast interview. This isn’t us talking about your life story and background.” We’ve done that. This is you going for thirty to forty-five minutes on a topic and just teach, give homework, and challenge them to implement this. You totally delivered. You had some great downloads and all that stuff. But again, this isn’t like a video version of podcasts. This is a real teaching and learning experience of the people that signed up. That’s what the goal is, and that’s the goal that we’re achieving so far. Great feedback. Implementation has been great in its first week, and I can’t wait to see what happens a month or six months down the road.   [00:09:27] Ashley James: Absolutely. Now, to take you back to what you just mentioned that you were excited by — I have a naturopath who goes down a checklist. Every time you go to see her, she gives a checklist of things to make sure you’re doing the foundations of health. I’ve talked about some of her foundations of health before. One thing she always makes sure, especially women, young mothers, that you’re not doing the eating while standing. So many mothers will eat their dinner while standing over the sink because they fed one kid, they’re about to feed the other kids, the husband just got home, and they’re sitting there shoving food in their mouth. I’ve caught myself doing that as I’m putting the leftovers away, eating while doing that. You’re standing and eating because “I didn’t get to sit down and have dinner. I was busy cooking, cleaning, and feeding everyone else,” and thinking, “I’m probably eating less standing up.” That little voice in my mind goes, “This is probably healthier. I’m not sitting down to have a meal, so I’m probably eating less. This is probably better to stand and eat and graze as we run through the house.” No, it isn’t. Can you tell us a bit about why driving while eating, standing while eating, or eating at our desk, or eating in front of a TV going to negatively impact our hormones and our weight gain?   [00:10:56] Adam Schaeuble: The way Alexa described it to me is that basically, we’re igniting one of our two nervous system responses — our parasympathetic or the sympathetic. It’s that fight or flight, or the rest and digest. We want to be in rest and digest when we are eating, that way we can digest the food properly. It makes sense, right? These all start to click when she described it this way. I’m like, “This makes sense.” When we are driving a car, 90% of the time, we’re in fight or flight because that is how we travel. That’s our basic primal instinct. To get from Point A to Point B, we use that fight or flight response. If we’re sitting there shoving even healthy food, the calories will be shuttled off more towards fat storage because when we’re in fight or flight mode, our body is like, “We’re going to need those calories later for survival.” Instead of a relaxed state, sitting down, she even recommended not watching TV. Listening to something is better. Reading something is better, or just sitting and relaxing. What I’ve been doing, I try to get myself in as relaxed of a state as possible right before I eat. I’ve been doing these mini meditation sessions, even if it’s two or three minutes long, to bring my heart rate down, center myself, and really put myself in relaxation mode, and then I eat my meal. Sometimes I listen to a podcast like Learn True Health with Ashley James. It seems like it’s making a difference from a digestive perspective. I don’t feel bloated after I eat, which is crazy. Just sitting or standing, the difference that makes, it’s unbelievable. The science makes sense to me.   [00:12:45] Ashley James: That reminds me to come back to as we grew up. Maybe you grew up in your household praying at the dinner table. Maybe you went to a friend’s house, and their family prayed at the dinner table. I lived at Kripalu for a little bit, which, I believe, is one of the largest yoga residential centers in the United States, and it’s in Berkshire, Massachusetts. I highly recommend going. It’s a total trip. It houses about two hundred people at a time, and it was an old Jesuit seminary in the Berkshire, so it’s really beautiful. They have this huge dining hall. It’s all vegan, organic, wonderful and super delicious food. I’d look around, and people would be sitting there in silent meditation with their food, they’d be praying with their food, and sometimes they even give their food Reiki. Their hands are not touching their food, but more like a healing touch. The hands were hovering over their food as they were meditating for a few minutes, praying, and just centering themselves. I look around, and it’s like, “Oh, my gosh. This is so cool.” People were taking this time to be with their food and center themselves before they began to eat. I’ve seen these military movies where they’re like, “Eat your food now and taste it later. Come on, soldiers.” That’s me. I’m like, “Go, go, go,” and then it’s gone and your brain doesn’t even have a chance to catch up with you, so you still feel hungry. I heard once it takes 20 minutes for the brain to recognize that we’ve had enough food, and so if you shove food in your mouth really fast, then you could be overeating for 20 minutes basically before your brain goes, “Whoa! Give way. We’ve got enough calories now. We’re fine.”Coming back to what you said about the stress response, I believe that when we’re in the fight or flight mode, our body is creating more insulin to fuel the muscles so that we can run away from the bear. If we’re eating while in that mode, then insulin is the hormone that helps us to create fat. When insulin is present, we are more likely to store energy as fat. That’s very interesting. We need to get into that state where we’re in rest and digest mode, where we’re in the parasympathetic nervous system response of being calm and centered, taking some deep breaths, sometimes even chewing the food, putting the fork down, and pausing. That’s almost a ritual of self-love — to take that 30 minutes to eat our food for ourselves, listening to some music and being calm. It’s an activity that we can do to love ourselves. I’ve had some people in the Learn True Health Facebook group; we talked about the importance of chewing food and what it does physiologically because none of us chew our food enough. There was someone who said it changed her digestion. She started chewing her food again. Chew it for ten, twenty, thirty times a bite, and it completely changed her digestion. I thought that was really neat — something as simple. We all know to do it, but do we do it?   [00:16:20] Adam Schaeuble: It comes back to that word — implementation.   [00:16:23] Ashley James: What’s another difference? You mentioned implementation. We come into your Million Pound Mission University. We learn from all these experts, but what’s going to help us implement what we learn, and what’s going to help us to figure out what path is best for us?   [00:16:47] Adam Schaeuble: One of my superpowers that I’ve discovered recently is that I am good at creating community. It now makes sense when I think back. This is what I did with my hometown. When we said we’ll lose thirty-five pounds, I created community, accountability, support, and implementation. I cultivated that environment. I’ve done that with different online platforms. This is just that next one that I’m going to infuse and make it a bit different than the normal online summit that you would attend, where you get great information, you get entertained, but the implementation is very low, and I want to correct that. We’re doing monthly round-table discussions via Zoom chat so that we can get people on there. I’m going to connect with people and go, “Which lesson resonated with you?” We’ll go through maybe, “It’s Ashley James,” maybe “It’s Sean Mulroney” — who knows what really connects. Then I’m going to go, “What is your first action step? What are you doing in line with this inspiration? How are you making progress in this? How can we get you in action heading towards that goal that you want to achieve?.” There will be some strategy. There will be some implementation. The other cool thing is that all my professors — that’s what I’m calling my instructors, so Professor Ashley James — are invited to attend as well. These people that are getting hundreds of thousands of downloads, I’ve got eighteen of the top health podcasters in the world right now that are hard to reach. It’s not always super easy to reach somebody. Danny Vega has fifty thousand Instagram followers. If you send him an Instagram message, he may get it, he may not. But if we bring him in, and you can talk to him in a small group — I’m keeping this at 25 people or less with the chats, and we’ll do multiple options per month — but connecting with your professors, connecting with each other, and then me as a ringleader of implementation, making sure that we are truly coming up with action steps out of these lessons, implementing those, and just checking in on a monthly basis to create that community. I think that’s the special sauce that comes with this event.   [00:18:59] Ashley James: Wonderful. Can you share any more tidbits that you’re excited to learn as you did your interviews?   [00:19:07] Adam Schaeuble: One of my buddies that I’ve interviewed for the podcast is Dov Baron. I keep on teasing him. He’s a motivational speaker, so I’m like, “Dov, I’m going to come up with these shirts that say #InDovWeTrust.”   [00:19:26] Ashley James: That’s interesting. I have a friend; his name was Dov — we pronounced it ‘Dove.’ It means bear in Yiddish. In Dov we trust — what does he specialize in?   [00:19:40] Adam Schaeuble: He specializes in helping people find their purpose. He’s a big business public speaker guru. I brought him in, and I gave him a very specific mission with his lesson. I said, “Dov, there are millions of people out there that know that they need to get healthier, and they want to get healthier, but they just don’t have that fire to get started. I need you to help them find the fire.” He said, “I’m on it, mate.” He’s British. He always says when I try to do my impersonation, I sound Australian.   [00:20:16] Ashley James: Yeah, that was very Australian.   [00:20:20] Adam Schaeuble: [laughs] Dang it! Epic fail. So I turned him loose, and basically, he walked us through an experience of imagining that we are at our funeral. Two scenarios: everybody was there saying the things that we hope to hear about us, and then another scenario of people saying the things that we hope no one would ever say about us. He’s like, “If we have to take those two principles, that pain and pleasure principles, and use that to ignite the fire, the pleasure principle, that’s the thing that we are striving towards. That pain, that’s the thing that keeps us from quitting because we do not want people to say that about us.” With him, he gives the example of somebody saying he was full of BS, or that he was a quitter, or that he was a sham as that pain principle as to why he has to keep impacting people. He has a goal he set out there to make a massive impact in the public speaking space, business space, and he won’t be denied because he knows on his final day, he does not want anybody to be able to say any of those negative things about him not being legitimate or being an impactful person and somebody that people can rely on to deliver great information. He sure as hell did that. He had me fired up. He just gets going. I’ve already had several people comment on just what a difference that made, to just think about it in those terms. He got emotional. He brought himself to tears talking about the disappointment that he would feel if somebody said all these negative things at his funeral. That is the type of emotion that we have to elicit to get our butt up off the couch and into motion, to sign up for a 6 a.m. boot camp class, or to have the willpower to avoid eating the things that we know we shouldn’t be eating. That was a super impactful one. We had another great NLP presentation. It’s Matt Brauning. He’s got a great podcast as well. He did an exercise specific to cravings, which is another huge thing that we all deal with. He actually ran me through the NLP process with some visualization, and it’s great because it’s a video. One of the things I love to do, and you know this, is I love to make fun of myself. I looked like a weirdo up there. My eyes were closed. I’m doing all the things they tell me to do, like visualizing pizza, sardines, and water. He had me flip-flopping the pictures and doing all these NLP stuff, and it’s just amazing. We’re getting some great response to that as well, mainly from people making fun of me from the video though.   [00:23:19] Ashley James: No, that’s great that he did some modalities work with you. Have you tested it? Since he did this, have you tried to be around pizza?   [00:23:30] Adam Schaeuble: Not yet. But just the–   [00:23:32] Ashley James: Thought of it?   [00:23:33] Adam Schaeuble: I could think about pizza, and my mouth starts to water. Now, it doesn’t. That’s possibly progress already.   [00:23:42] Ashley James: Absolutely. So you chose sardines and water as your ‘away from.’ The more repulsion you have with the item that you chose, the better. If you’re like, “I can take it or leave it,” that’s not enough repulsion. You need something that’s going to make you want to run and hang your head over a toilet. But, yes, it’s very effective. I’m glad he teaches the like to dislike for those who are like, “I’m very motivated, but I can’t let go of chocolate,” or “I can’t give up…” whatever the food it is that they can’t give up because they feel it has too strong of a hold on them. My friend did potato chips. It was so funny that she chose food that would make her upchuck it. I think it was liver and onions. After the like to dislike, even hearing a crinkling of a bag that sounded like potato chips made her run to the waste bin.   [00:24:49] Adam Schaeuble: Oh, my gosh. It’s incredible.   [00:24:50] Ashley James: It calms down. That won’t be the reaction you have every time. It calms down, but it still becomes a complete “away from.” She was 100% addicted to potato chips — it’s been nine years, I don’t think she has been able to touch them. My husband, the same thing. He was addicted to ice cream, and he was so repulsed by ice cream after like to dislike. He could not walk down the aisle at Albertsons where ice cream was for an entire year. That was ten years ago that he did that like to dislike, and now he can take or leave ice cream, but it doesn’t have a hold on him. That’s why it’s such a powerful tool to do these modalities work. I’m really happy that that’s part of the Million Pound Mission University for those who want to be able to have control instead of feeling the food is controlling them.   [00:25:48] Adam Schaeuble: I got to mention one more presentation. It’s rocking people’s worlds. I have my friend Sean Mulroney come in from The Obesity Revolution. If you guys have never heard Sean tell a story, this guy is in the fight for his life literally, like every day fighting with obesity. He gave a lecture on mental obesity, which is overcoming the obese mind and him being able to flip the switch — as high as almost 800 pounds, and now he’s down in 600s. He’s inspiring other people. He’s got this little tribe of people that he works out with in St. Louis. I visited him a few months back. It’s incredible, the battle that he’s going through, but his process hat helped him flip that switch of feeling sorry for himself, feeling like the world was all against him, a lot of projection, a lot of blame to owning a situation at almost 800 pounds, taking control and ownership over his health, and taking active steps. He’s got so much going on with fluid retention and swelling. He had 100 pounds of water in one of his legs. That’s how bad his swelling is. Just an incredible story, extremely inspirational. That’s another one that brings a lot of people to tears. Not everybody needs to lose hundreds of pounds, but we all deal with that mindset switch that needs to be flipped to reclaim control of our health. Whatever level or whatever extreme you’re at, lectures like that are going to make a big difference.   [00:27:31] Ashley James: Absolutely. I’m excited to watch that. I can’t wait to jump into the Million Pound Mission University and check that out. That is awesome. That happened to my dad. He was morbidly obese for many years. After my mom died, he just became so depressed, losing the love of his life, and then something happened. I guess we were watching a TV show about weight loss surgery, and a little light switch clicked in his mind. He said to me, “I can just tell my brain that I’ve had the surgery. Let’s skip the surgery part, and I’m just going to tell myself that my stomach is the size of a golf ball.” He persistently did that for over a year. He chose healthy foods. I couldn’t believe it. He went from bingeing massive amounts of foods because he was trying to fill the void inside him. He would get upset at me if I served him too much food. I cooked him an egg and asparagus, and he’s like, “That’s not the size of a golf ball. Don’t you get it? My stomach is now the size of a golf ball,” and he did it. He went all the way back down to — I’ve never seen him at that healthy of a weight. I didn’t recognize him. That was interesting to see. When the mindset does shift, that’s where everything starts because from your mindset comes to your actions, and from your actions come your results. I know it’s just new. You launched it just over a week ago. Tell me some of the feedback that people have been giving you — that your students have been giving you so far.   [00:29:21] Adam Schaeuble: People are super excited about two main things. You go to the website, you go to the link that Ashley talked about, and you’re going to see all these cool names, these awesome topics, but the impact of the lessons, you really feel. And, Ashley, you can testify to this, I was very specific about this isn’t a broad brush session. It’s like you’re giving a TED talk. You got somebody you need to implement, or you need to impact, and you have to give implementable action steps. People are feeling like, “I can tell that you hold their feet to the fire to give actionable homework.” I’m like, “You’re a professor. You got to give some homework.” They’re really enjoying that. Mainly, people that are jumping in are podcast listeners. Podcasts, a lot of times they’re entertaining, and we get inspired, but those that follow through that action behind the message isn’t always there, and this is just totally different. So people are enjoying that, and everybody is super psyched. We’re doing our first round-table discussion in a couple of weeks, and they’re just pumped up. People are diving into those sign-up spots to get in there, interact with some of their heroes, but also a lot of the fellow members are starting to interact, and I think that we’re going to create some nice accountability and connection there, and people are just super excited. It’s almost like you’re doing a study group or office hour sessions. You get to talk about the lessons that you learned, and we’re going to share a lot of stories of how things are impacting us so far. That’s why I didn’t want to do one of the round-tables the first week. I want people to be able to implement a few weeks and start to feel the impact, and we’ll be able to share those stories in a couple of weeks.   [00:31:13] Ashley James: Excellent. You have helped people lose thirty-five thousand pounds — even more than that. In your town, you have helped people single-handedly. You were working with people with individual and also in groups, but you have face-to-face time with people in person have helped that people lose that much weight. So thirty-five thousand pounds, and you said it was in five years?   [00:31:44] Adam Schaeuble: Yes.   [00:31:45] Ashley James: That is incredible. Do you bring your experience and the actionable steps that you used to help those people lose weight? Do you bring that to the Million Pound Mission University as well?   [00:32:01] Adam Schaeuble: I’m dripping my content. I want the spotlight to be on you guys, but I’m also putting my stuff in there. I put in a whole lecture about how to escape the black hole of fitness doom. That was the topic that we talked about the very first time that you interviewed on your show. I did a big lecture on that with some actionable steps. We’re going to drip a lot of that content in each month to give people new things to take actions on. People are asking all the time, “How did you get all these people to lose all this weight? How do you help people with Million Pound Mission and all that?” One of the things that I feel works is I’ve walked that path that a lot of people are walking, whether they’re frustrated about their health and ready to make a change. I realized that they feel like they’re out of control, and they’re willing to put in work. They’re willing to put in the effort. They just don’t know which direction to walk. I try my best to provide clarity and saying, “Here’s the path. Here’s where you’re at now. Here’s where we want to get to, and here are the action steps that we can take.” And now, the good part is, I’ve got a whole lot of energy, and hopefully you guys can feel that coming through your earbuds right now. But I’ve got a ton of energy, and I’d tell people, “Borrow my energy until you build up your momentum.” Eventually, you’re going to have to be able to match energy with me, so that’s something to give you a goal to shoot for, but you can borrow my energy, enthusiasm, and motivation to kickstart this whole thing when you plug into things like the university here, and we get your momentum going. Eventually, you’re matching energy with me, and then you’re just way above and beyond excited about where you’re going, and that momentum is yours. That is the gift that I want to give everybody, that feeling that you’re in control of your health and you’ve got momentum on your side. That’s why I do everything that I do, Ashley.   [00:33:58] Ashley James: I love it. Those questions that pop in and out of my head is, all those people have lost weight following you. Were they on the same diet, the same program, they’re all doing CrossFit, they’re all eating paleo, or was everyone doing their program, and you were helping them to stay focused?   [00:34:21] Adam Schaeuble: A little bit of both. With my hometown, it’s a little bit different because I own a gym and I’d be able to control their fitness environment. But with their nutrition, we develop a lot of different modalities, from vegetarian/vegan to clean eating, to strict paleo, gluten-free, keto — all that. Again, as I talked about earlier, it’s the right tool for the right job. If we need a hammer to pound a nail, I’m not going to use a screwdriver. That’s where there’s a lot of confusion, where all these Team Keto, Team Vegan, and Team CrossFit, they battle back and forth who is the smartest and who is the best. I feel like that’s a waste of air. It doesn’t matter if that’s not the right tool for the job. With our home base, I had people come in morbidly obese, and I had people come in that were former pro athletes, and they were in the same class working out together. We just modify up or down, whether it’s a bodyweight class, a yoga class, an equipment station, kettlebell rotation type of thing, but we had modified a little bit there. Now that we’re transitioning more to online programming and things like Million Pound Mission University and my online communities, that has been more about me almost — I try to get you to visualize. Like when you need help with your investments, you go maybe to a financial adviser, and they manage your investment portfolio. I’m kind of a fitness portfolio manager, like a transformation strategist basically. I’m like, “What are you struggling with? Here are my tools to address that situation. Let’s hone in on the right diet program, the right fitness regimen, and let’s hold you accountable to that on March 4.” I like to operate in 28-day cycles. We take a stair step every 28 days, and we readjust as we need to, shift around the portfolio a little bit if we need to. But it’s very broad brush, and it’s more about adding in accountability, adding in community, and always just making sure that we operate from a rock-solid battle plan, and that’s how we help people reclaim control of their health.   [00:36:41] Ashley James: I like it. How do you help people to figure out what diet is best for them?   [00:36:48] Adam Schaeuble: I’ve got a little tool. I’ll send it to you. I call it the Nutrition Plan Filter, where it’s a process in the coaching, but you can use it as a standalone tool as well. But you go through a process of thinking, “What have I done in the past?” We can’t discount something that we did. Let’s say you did Weight Watchers; you lost 30 pounds, but you gained it all back. You can’t just shove that, “I gained it all back.” It may not have been the “diet” that was the issue; it may have been something else, like you’re on vacation and then never got back to it, which is not the diet’s fault. We look at which nutritional protocols they’ve had success with. We make a note of those. Then we list all the nutritional protocols that we have interest in. Maybe you hear a lot about keto, and you want to learn more about that, so we’ll add to the list. Then we work through a process of crossing things off, starting different things, and we work our way down to where we say, “This is probably the best fit right now.” That’s what we work with, but that’s a little pressure situation. I truly believe that we should not put pressure on ourselves like if you decide going vegan is the best nutrition plan for the next 28 days, it’s not like ‘vegan or bust’ or “If I don’t do this, then I’m a failure because I’ve tried everything else.” This is the mindset a lot of people have, and we need to extinguish that. I tell people, “We’re going to experiment with this for 28 days. We’re going to take great notes, and we’re going to do the best that we can to execute this nutritional protocol.” At the end of the 28 days, let’s see what happens. Maybe we lose 5 pounds; maybe we gain 5 pounds; maybe nothing happens; maybe we feel great; maybe we feel terrible. But we’ll never know until we implement strategically for 28 days and then assess the results. It’s an experiment; there’s no pass/fail. Let’s see what happens. “Let’s absorb what is useful,” as Bruce Lee says, and we move forward from there. That’s the overarching approach that I take.   [00:38:54] Ashley James: I like it. During those 28 days, at the beginning you do body measurements, go on a scale, and then you don’t touch the scale for 28 days? How do you have them know it’s working?   [00:39:10] Adam Schaeuble: It depends as far as the measurement stuff. I do have a lot of people that are kind of addicted to the scales. A lot of people weigh themselves every day, and we’ll actually make adjustments to their nutrition plan every day, depending what the scale tells them, which is like, “We don’t want to do that, people.” If I’m dealing with that sort of person, I’ll say, “Just weigh in once a week. Just weigh in on Sundays. Here’s the protocol. Let’s do our check-in. We’ll do some pictures. We’ll do some measurements. We’ll do the scale.” I like once every two weeks. So every 14 days, we do a little checkpoint, and the speech that I give people is, “Let’s say once every two weeks, I was going to have you do a push-up test to see how many push-ups you could do in a minute. Let’s see at Day 14, you do your push-up test, and you do 20 push-ups, would you change what you’re doing with your nutrition depending on how that test went?” No. That will be ridiculous. Then I say, “Then we’re not going to make any shifts when you step on the scale either.” We’re not going to make any dramatic, “I’m down five pounds, but I expected to be down eight pounds because my friend lost eight pounds.” We’re not going to change anything around based off of what that scale tells us either. It’s just a data point. That’s how we have to view it. At the end of the 28 days, we might shift something, but it’s not because the scale told me something. It’s all of the data collected together as a whole. We assess how we’re feeling, how we’re sleeping, how’s our digestion, how’s our stress levels, how’s our body fat, how’s our physical performance, what’s the weight doing, what are the measurements doing, how are the pictures doing. It’s all of that stuff instead of one, single, very hard to be consistent with data point. If we’re going to think about that clearly also, if we are retaining water, the scale is almost irrelevant. If we’re sore, if we have sodium, our hormonal cycles — that can shift that scale five, six, seven, eight pounds in a day. That’s the data point that most people are judging themselves on. That’s crazy. I’m big on that holistic approach of, “Let’s look at all of the data, have that experimental mindset, and we’ll just take this 28-day stair steps at a time, low pressure, but being consistent with moving forward and keeping positive momentum.”   [00:41:42] Ashley James: I love it. Is this something that you’re going to teach moving forward at Million Pound Mission University? Are you going to hands-on help these students to do these, to implement this ongoing-ly?   [00:41:54] Adam Schaeuble: Yeah. It’s a continuing month-to-month program, so my goal is to keep adding new lessons, but also, like you just said, implementing my processes in there so that people are being taught how to set up these 28-day cycles. It’s like my battle pan workbook, how to use tools like the nutrition filter, and going forward, how to implement those if it makes sense. But again, those monthly round-tables are going to be me being the ringleader of implementation and accountability. A lot of my clients, they kind of joke, and they tell me that they’re paying me to keep them out of their head. So if I hear them beating themselves up, if they’re not proud — especially me, I’m 6’3″; I’m 225 pounds. I’m not a small person, and they see me as one of those TV drill sergeant type people, where they think like, “He’s gonna yell at me. He’s gonna all be mean.” Honestly, the only time I ever really get fired up and yell at somebody” is if they’re not being proud enough of themselves. I’ve got people that are doing tremendous, but they’re in their head, “Ugh, I’ve only lost thirty pounds, Adam, but my goal is fifty.” I’m like, “You’ve lost freaking thirty pounds. This is incredible. You have to be proud of that and not be caught in that ‘I’m not there yet’ trap that we all do.” I’m constantly telling people to turn around, look at where you started from, measure that distance — not the distance between where you stand and where you want to be — that will keep you moving forward. We’ve talked about that before. A big part of my job description is pulling people out of their head, or maybe even retracting their head from their butt region every once in a while. It’s what I do. It’s what I’m good at. If people want to buy into those methods and if they’re willing to take a little bit of pressure off themselves, we can get some pretty amazing results, and I feel like my catalog results in my hometown, the online clients, really speaks for itself.   [00:44:10] Ashley James: Absolutely. I like that you do this 28-day increments where you increase it. You’re speaking my language. I’ll go to the gym with the end goal in mind, but that’s three years from now. I’ll go for three days in a row and then it’s like, “Ugh, nothing is working.” I’m totally in my head. Whereas if I went to the gym for the next 28 days, that’s the only thing I’m focusing on, and then I get to reassess and then go, “Great. Now, I’m going to add more reps and maybe another kettlebell,” or whatever but just sticking with something. It’s a long enough of a time that you start to get the habit of it and start to get momentum. But it’s short enough of a time that they don’t get lost. They don’t get bored. I’ve done this. Like you said, one day I’m on Weight Watchers; next day I’m vegan; the next day I’m paleo. I’ve totally done that. I’ve done over thirty-five diets, and that was a few years ago. I stopped counting. But obviously since doing the podcast, I get inspired by every guest, and I would like to try their diet. I went to become a health coach. I went to the Institue of Vinegar of Nutrition. We learned a hundred different dietary theories in 365 days, so you bet, I tried every single diet. Not for more personal experience to understand, but you get to the point where it’s a little dizzying, where we stop listening to the intuition of our body because we’re hearing all these other experts. “This person lost weight with keto.” “This person lost weight with vegan.” “This person lost weight with Atkins.” It seems like opposing diets. One scientist says, “We should eat no meat because the meat will kill us. We’ll die.” This other scientist says, “Look at all these proof that we have to eat meat or else we’re going to die.” What are we going to do? And so I love that you bring clarity to the situation, as I do as well love to bring clarity for people to help them own their success, get out of their head, be able to focus on food is nutrition, that it’s a form of self-love. The food is our medicine, and I like that you have this “stick with something for 28 days before you judge it.” Give it enough time to do its work, and then that reassessment once a month is great too. It helps us to stay accountable. That’s wonderful. Adam, I would join Million Pound Mission University just for your expertise. We need to do a little bit of “Come to Ashley” talk here because this is the same as the person who beats himself up for only losing thirty pounds. You need to do a little self-checking. Your info is so awesome that all these other speakers are like icing on the cake, but I would come to your Million Pound Mission University just for you. You help people lose thirty-five thousand pounds; that is absolutely outstanding. You know what you’re talking about, and I love that you were so heart-focused, that you are so in love with every single person that is there to help. As I said, I’m a big fan of the work you do, and I’m excited to see how many lives we can help transform through the Million Pound Mission University. I can’t wait to have you back on the show like a year from now where we can do a recap and see how many people have had transformations because of what you’ve put together. So listeners can go to learntruehealth.com/university to check out the Million Pound Mission University. Definitely enroll, jump in. Adam made it incredibly affordable, and it’s all about results-based stuff, so it’s mindset stuff. It’s emotional/mental health; definitely a lot of physical health. But you’re also going to get Adam, which I think, you are the most important resource that Million Pound Mission University offers because of your level of experience and the amount of care that you bring to every single person. Can you tell us what you would like us to walk away today? What lesson or idea would you like all of us to leave this episode with today?   [00:49:22] Adam Schaeuble: I’ve mentioned a few times, and first, thank you so much for what you just said. That makes my day. I borrowed some of your energy to launch my podcast career, so that means a lot coming from you, my friend. We’ve talked about implementation. You guys have heard us say something today that you would not be listening to this interview still if you didn’t have something that was getting you going. An hour in, people aren’t still tuned in. I’m not going to listen to an hour-long podcast to hear people’s voices. So if you’re still with us, something fired you up. Something has you plugged in. Hone in on that thing, and say, “In the next 24 hours, what is one simple action step that I can take to implement?” Visualize this stack of dominoes a mile long. The first domino is the smallest one. The next one is twice the size. The next is twice that size because that’s how dominoes work. I just learned that’s the physics of it. If you push over a domino, that domino can knock over a domino twice its size. That’s how we build momentum. What is the tiniest domino that you need to flick over to create momentum in the right direction to achieve that thing that you’ve gotten fired up about today? Within the next 24 hours, if you guys want to ramp up the personal accountability on this, most of you are on your phone listening to this right now. Set an alarm 24 hours from now on your phone — on iPhone, you can add some text in there. I want the text to say, “I am worth it.” That alarm goes off in 24 hours. I want you to do something because you are worth it.   [00:51:12] Ashley James: I love it. For Androids, we can go into the calendar and add a little appointment — “I’m worth it.” I’m going to tell everyone around me to do so. There’s this meme that keeps circulating Facebook. I laughed till I cry every time I see this meme. It’s just text. A woman is asking a salesperson, “How many loads of laundry can this dining room table hold?” The man says, “Ma’am, this is a dining room table.” She goes, “Yes, what’s the point?” It’s because many of us use our dining room table to hold things that aren’t food. We’ve been Marie Kondo-ing our house. If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, go to Netflix, watch the entire season of Tidying Up. Our house is crazy right now. We’ve done 12 or 15 loads of ‘to donate’ to the thrift store. We’re rocking it. However, the downside is I have let everything under the sun pile up on our dining room table, so we stopped eating at the table. Now, we’re eating at random places in the house, like me standing up by the sink. This has been a recent development. I’m worth it. Today, I’m going to clear up the dining room table. We’re going to get back to eating at the table again. It’s funny. I’ve told the listeners this made a huge difference to the health of our whole family when we started eating at the dining room table — it really did — and it got disrupted. I went unconscious there, and now I get to come back. I’m going to clear up that dining room table. We’re going to stop eating standing up or by the computer. We’re going to start eating again at the dining room table. So thank you, Adam, for helping us to choose something that we want to transform in the next 24 hours, like that little domino that is going to make a huge impact as it starts to topple over the bigger dominoes until our life is completely transformed. Adam, it’s been a pleasure having you on the show again. Can’t wait to have you back about a year from now for you to tell us the amazing impact that the Million Pound Mission University has had in the lives of all its students. In five years, you were able to help your town lose thirty-five thousand pounds. I can’t wait now that you’ve been unleashed on the internet. You don’t have the constraints of a geographical location now. You have the entire world. So watch out, world. Here come’s Adam and the Million Pound Mission University. Listeners, please go to learntruehealth.com/university and check it out, and follow Adam on Instagram. He does lots of these live — almost daily. I see you all the time with blue blocking glasses. Adam is a role model for me. He’s right in the blue-blocking glasses because he’s like, “I don’t care what I look like. My melatonin production is not getting inhibited by this being on a screen at night.” Very cool — he’s got blue-blocking shades, and he does these awesome live events on Facebook and Instagram. You can ask him all kinds of questions. How can listeners follow you, Adam? Is it Million Pound Mission? How do they follow you on Instagram and Facebook?   [00:54:45] Adam Schaeuble: The best place, especially my live stuff, number one is Instagram @millionpoundmission. That is my jam. I’m a little bit addicted to Instagram for sure, especially from a podcasting perspective. And then Facebook, I’ve got a redirect to my Facebook group. It’s a free Facebook community, but I go live in there a lot. If you go to DefeatTheCheat.com, that will opt you in to check out my Facebook community, and that’s where I hang out. The two places I love to be.   [00:55:20] Ashley James: Awesome. Adam, we’ll see you in the Million Pound Mission University, and we’ll see you live on Instagram. Thank you so much for coming here today. It was such a pleasure.   [00:55:29] Adam Schaeuble: Thanks, Ashley. I appreciate it so much, and again, everybody, if you have not done this yet, please go on iTunes, leave Ashley a glowing 5-star review and mention this episode, and I greatly appreciate that.   [00:55:43] Ashley James: Are you into optimizing your health? Are you looking to get the best supplements at the lowest price? For high-quality supplements and to talk to someone about what supplements are best for you, go to takeyoursupplements.com, and one of our fantastic true health coaches will help you pick out the right supplements for you that are the highest quality and the best price. That’s takeyoursupplements.com. Be sure to ask about free shipping and our awesome referral program. Get Connected With Adam Schaeuble! Official Website Transformation Coach Podcast Facebook Instagram Facebook Group Book by Adam Schaeuble The Third Component Recommended Readings By Adam Schaeuble The Power Of Habit  by Charles Duhigg The One Thing by Jay Papisan

    Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia, How Do They Heal Cancer In Asia? Ancient and Groundbreaking Holistic Wisdom from 7 Asian Countries, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and India, The Truth About Cancer, Ty Bollinger

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    Discover The Truth About Cancer - Eastern Medicine http://learntruehealth.com/cancer The Truth About Cancer was a groundbreaking docu-series that brought us uplifting and inspiring information from successful holistic doctors, cancer survivors and whistleblowers all sharing that we can cure and prevent cancer and that the power is in our hands. Since TTAC came out over a million people, have watched it around the world. I have spoken about how influential The Truth About Cancer has been in helping many of my listeners and friends. And I have interviewed the documentary creator, Ty Bollinger on the show! Well, I am THRILLED to announce the long-awaited launch of his next and newest docuseries...EASTERN MEDICINE: Journey Through Asia! Ty Bollinger on my show announced that he had just come back from filming across Asia where doctors are getting far better results at healing, curing and preventing CANCER! Each and every one of us needs to watch this docu-series and absorb the outstanding life-saving information! Please, use this link to sign up to watch it for free: https://learntruehealth.com/cancer And please, copy and paste this to your friends to let them know they need to watch it with you!

    341 Achieve Low Maintenance Health, Addressing Cortisol, Stress, Thyroid, Autoimmune, PCOS, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parasites, with Minerals, Boron, Magnesium, and Acerola Chery Powder with Living The Good Life Naturally's Kristen Bowen

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    www.livingthegoodlifenaturally.com use coupon code LTH to get 10% off! Living The Good Life Naturally https://www.learntruehealth.com/living-the-good-life-naturally I am very excited to welcome back to the show, Kristen Bowen, the founder of Living The Good Life Naturally and my favorite Magnesium Soak! I am a huge fan of this magnesium soak. I’ve been experimenting with different forms of magnesium supplementation for eight years, and this one has been the most effective by far for helping me achieve full cell saturation levels of magnesium. In this interview, I go into more detail and share my experience with using Kristen Bowen’s Living The Good Life Naturally Magnesium Soak. We first had Kristen on Learn True Health in Episode 294: Magnesium Foot Soak. Sleep Through The Night I’ve been using Living The Good Life Naturally Magnesium Soak since last summer with my husband and our 3-year-old son. Before this soak, it would take us up to 2 hours each night to get our son to sleep! Even with taking liquid magnesium as a supplement approved by his Naturopathic Pediatrician he was still always wound up! The very first night he did his regular bath with a 1/8 cup of Kristen’s Living The Good Life Naturally Magnesium Soak in his bath he ASKED us to put him to bed without reading his regular five books because he was ready to sleep!!! Ever since then we have regularly added this concentrated magnesium to his nighttime baths, and he has stopped fighting us at bedtime. He falls asleep quickly and stays asleep through the night. Plus he is calmer during the day! And that is just his results! My husband and I have also noticed fantastic results of our own. There is a Facebook post in our podcast’s Facebook group with 175 comments of people in the community sharing how great this has been for their health and the health of their family. One community member made a video sharing how this magnesium soak has stopped her life-long migraines! Several others have shared that it has helped them finally get better sleep, stop restless legs, aid them in more energy and fewer or no feelings of stress in their day. Our body needs magnesium for over 1,800 cellular processes, Dr. Carolyn Dean shared in Episode 227: Curing Diseases with Magnesium. Magnesium is the most important mineral for health and the one we are chronically low in all of the time! Lab Test For Magnesium Levels If you are not sure that you have a magnesium deficiency, you can get a $50 blood test called the RBC Mag test. You can get it from walkinlab.com if you are in the US. You want your number to be between 6 and 7.2. Most people are below 5, which means they are chronically deficient. When you are deficient in magnesium, it affects hormones, immune health, soft tissue health, stress, sleep, the brain! The list goes on and on. Every system of the body requires magnesium, and every system begins to breakdown without it. That is why this magnesium soak is so effective. As you can tell, I have become a big cheerleader of Kristen Bowen’s Living The Good Life Naturally Magnesium Soak. I was very skeptical at the beginning. I am open-minded enough to give something new a try, and I will let the results speak for themselves. And they did! Near the beginning of our interview Kristen shares that for the next two weeks Learn True Health listeners will get a free jar of her 100% natural Magnesium Muscle Cream plus the regular 10% off that LTH listeners normally get by using the coupon code LTH. What Saved Kristen’s Life This interview was quite a rollercoaster ride of life-changing health information! In our first interview, Kristen shared her story. At her lowest point, Kristen was 70lbs, in a wheelchair and having 30 seizures a day with her hair falling out in handfuls and brain fog so bad she could barely talk. She tried everything to regain her health. It wasn’t until she discovered this pure, concentrated magnesium from the Zechstein Sea that she began to gain her health back! Kristen came to discover that with this specific type of naturally occurring magnesium we absorb 20 GRAMS of bio-available magnesium in a one hour bath with this magnesium soak! This is the most effective way to get magnesium into your body for relaxation, pain relief, sleep, and anxiety! For her, within weeks of using the soak, it helped end her seizures, combat her autoimmune disease and restore her health to the point where she could walk, talk and think again! She said it was like a light bulb went on inside her. She had been so minerally deficient for so many years that the magnesium she was soaking in filled her like a car engine on empty gulping in gallons of fuel at the gas station. How To Achieve Low Maintenance Health In our interview, Kristen brings up an interesting point. Looking at her life, some might think she has to do a lot of things each day to keep on top of her health. These small, daily rituals have built a strong foundation of wellness that allows her to thrive. Her investment into supplements, clean foods, online workshops, holistic medical devices like saunas, herbs, lotions, treatments like massage and acupuncture all have been part of building this foundation. And now, over 12 years after Kristen was able to liberate herself from the frailty of illness the MDs said she would never recover from, she has built a foundation of health so strong that she refers to her health as “low maintenance.” She shares that the years of hard work do pay off. It takes the right mindset, lifestyle, and food choices to have low maintenance health. Importance Of Boron For Our Health Many of our listeners reached out to Kristen after our first interview with a barrage of wonderful questions. The most common one was, “After I reach cell saturation, how can I maintain and hold onto my magnesium better? “Kristen shares that many other deficiencies and conditions can “burn through” our magnesium stores quickly, like a boat with a leak, leading to perpetual mineral deficiency. “If you use the magnesium soak daily and are unable to reach full cell saturation after 30 days, we have a crack in the foundation. I did not rebuild my health by chasing symptoms. But rather I built a strong foundation. Adding boron helps you hold on to that magnesium. It’s like a booster pack for the magnesium,” said Kristen Bowen. Kristen Bowen says boron helps you hold magnesium in your cells. If you’re experiencing the benefits of magnesium, but you have to soak all the time, you may have a boron deficiency. “Boron gives the cell wall flexibility. And the cell wall is like your brain. It’s what communicates the information in your body. If you don’t have enough boron, you are stopping the communication at the cellular level,” Kristen Bowen explains. She adds, “Boron can also help bring the inflammation markers down and help regulate the inflammation in your body which is attached to your pain level. It also helps your pancreas balance blood sugars.” In different areas of the world where there is naturally occurring boron, Kristen Bowen reveals that cancer cases are lower proving the importance of this trace mineral in preventing disease. “Boron works through the parathyroid and helps re-mineralize the bones. But a lot of women will have hormone problems when they add boron,” said Kristen Bowen. “The missing component is cortisol. It is stress. I call it the magnesium mindset.” Recognizing Our Power Kristen Bowen believes we have to recognize how powerful we are. Many of us are “addicted” to our stress and use cortisol to get us through the day. When we produce excess cortisol, it is giving us a short-term fix. It gives us a little bit of energy and clears our head in the short term. “But one of the long-term consequences of living off of our stress hormones is that it robs us of the building blocks that our body uses to make progesterone and estrogen,” said Kristen Bowen. She adds, “If we have some cortisol issues, we need to be a little slower adding boron until we have soaked in magnesium long enough. Because that will help you get on top of the cortisol issues so when you do add that boron, you’re not having issues with your hormones as well.” Maximizing Boron Kristen gets her boron from the all-natural, 100% boron, cleaning agent “20 Mule Team Borax”, Kristen Bowen recommends taking about one liter of water and mixing it with a rounded teaspoon, shake and let it dissolve before taking it. “One teaspoon equals three milligrams of boron approximately. So, I take anywhere from 18 to 24 milligrams a day. But if you chose to take your boron this way, make sure you buy the one that is without the fragrance and 100% all natural. That is why I use 20 MuleTeam Borax, which is 100% boron, the same quality they put in supplements for a fraction of the cost,” said Kristen Bowen. She adds, “Because there are some places in the world where the 20 Mule Team Borax has fragrance added. That’s not appropriate to ingest. Best thing to do is take the 30-day challenge where you get to full cell-saturation of magnesium before you add the boron.” Kristen says you can also get boron from foods like raisins, almonds, dried apricots, and chia seeds, as long as those foods were grown in boron-rich soil. If you take time to gel chia seeds, it creates a polysaccharide and helps mops up excess cortisol in the body. It is also a food source of B vitamins which is crucial to holding magnesium in the cell. PCOS If you have PCOS, Kristen Bowen suggests not to take boron first because it’s just going to aggravate the problem. Instead, you have to do more to support decreasing cortisol and improving magnesium levels. And that’s where chia seeds come in to play. When chia seeds are properly soaked, it will help mop up some of that excess cortisol, and the polysaccharides help as well. So, when your body is ready to handle boron, it’s not going to throw you into converting testosterone at a faster pace. Candida According to Kristen Bowen, every time we have that cortisol spike, it strengthens the biofilm that coats the lining of the gut and harbors harmful candida. The stronger the biofilm is, the harder it is to break the candida down and rid ourselves of unwanted parasites. “Magnesium is good at helping the body to clean out the candida-rich toxic biofilm. If you have had extra cortisol and a candida issue, the magnesium breaks down the biofilm,” Kristen Bowen said. Vitamin C It’s also essential to understand vitamin C dosing. No one can tell you how much you need. It’s different for everybody because the strength of your adrenals determines it. Kristen shares that you can only hold as much vitamin C as your adrenals are strong. The stronger your adrenals, the better your body can utilize vitamin C. When we are under toxic-stress our body burns through our vitamins and minerals faster, leading to deficiency and furthermore, illness. Most people believe that the RDA on the vitamin bottle is the maximum dose we should ever take of vitamins C. However, it is the MINIMUM required amount of vitamin C to barely stave off disease. If you want to be barely diseased than only take the daily RDA amount, we want TRUE HEALTH; so we are going to take more vitamin C than the minimin RDA of 50mg! Dr. Mathius Rath studied under the famous Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, and after his death continued his research on the importance of vitamin C and amino acid proteins. Dr. Rath has several free ebooks available including one called Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks, and People Do where he outlines fascinating discoveries on how vitamin C works at preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease. An interesting fact that he points out about animals is most of them produce their own vitamin C, much like we produce our own vitamin D internally. A goat will have about 16 grams of vitamin C coursing through its bloodstream at any given time while a wolf will have 32 grams. If a human adult is twice or three times the size and weight of a wolf, how many grams of vitamin C do you think we require for optimal health and healing? The US Government says only 50 mg, while researches like Dr. Mathius Rath and Linus Pauling say we need many grams of vitamin C each day. If we are not getting it from eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, then we need to consider supplementing our vitamin C from a whole foods source. Acerola Cherry Powder for Vitamin C Kristen Bowen experienced a miraculous recovery in her gut health when she added Acerola Cherry Powder to her protocol. Acerola Cherries are naturally high in vitamin C, and when made into a powder it becomes a potent vitamin C supplement that is bioavailable and easily absorbed and utilized by the body. You can buy her Acerola Cherry Powder from her site  LivingTheGoodLifeNaturally.com and be sure to use the coupon code LTH for 10% off. Kristen Bowen’s favorite way to take Acerola Cherry Powder is mixing a drink that has some coconut water, grapefruit juice, and good green algae. My favorite algae is from EnergyBits.com. Be sure to use coupon code LTH for 20% off! Toxic Stress The abuse Kristen Bowen went through as a young girl set the stage for high cortisol levels later in life. A groundbreaking study conducted in 1995 by the Centers for Disease Control and the Kaiser Permanente health care organization in California looked at the relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and overall outcomes in life. They found that the more ACEs we experience will set the stage for what has been now coined as “toxic stress” later in life. Toxic stress is when the body is overreacting to everyday occurrences as if they are threats. A door slams, a car alarm goes off, someone yells, these sounds are enough to set off the fight or flight response in the body. For someone who went through Adverse Childhood Experiences, those sounds feel like dangerous threats and spiral their body into extreme stress. All day long they are overstimulated by little sounds or sights their body perceives as threats. If you know you had ACEs as a child, it is imperative that you take action now to lower and manage your stress; otherwise, this study concluded that you have a greater the chance of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, substance abuse, smoking, poor academic achievement, and early death. The good news is there are many things you can do to be proactive to mitigate the effects that ACEs have on your stress levels, including soaking in magnesium! It was fun to hear Kristen share that as women, as the matriarch, as the mom and wife, we set the tone for digestion at the table. It is set by the female who sits at the table. Our mood affects digestion for everyone dining with us! If we are in a state of relaxation and joy, everyone can relax and digest and absorb the nutrients in their food. If we bring our stress to the table, or worse, all eat in front of the TV, we are setting up our body and the health of our family to fail. We cannot properly digest and absorb the nutrients in our food when under a state of stress. “To create low maintenance health, we have to take into account and claim how powerful we are. For me it was a real mindset shift in helping to re-wire my brain,” said Kristen Bowen. Parasites Remember how I said this interview was a roller coaster of health information? Well, the biggest plot twist was when Kristen shared about her experience with expelling parasites from her body. At some point in her recovery, Kristen realized she had hit a wall. All of her symptoms pointed towards parasites. For over a year Kristen Bowen performed expensive parasites cleanses with little results. Eventually, she stopped taking the abrasive herbs designed to kill the worms, amoebas, and flukes she felt was causing her symptoms and instead turned to study further about the gut’s biofilm and what she could do to support her body in making her gut an inhospitable hotel for those unwanted pests. That is when she discovered the before mentioned Acerola Cherry Powder, and it’s benefits to help aid her in making the parasites leave her body. After adding the Acerola Cherry Powder to her daily protocol, along with soaking in her magnesium and taking boron, she began to expell parasites from her body! However, each month they would return only to be expelled again. She did her research and found out that when we have low stomach acid the parasites can reproduce each month and continue to thrive. Kristen tried taking HCl supplements, but they did not agree with her. Instead, she looked to natural ways to stimulate and support her stomach to make healthy acid. She found that drinking fresh celery juice did the trick! “I use 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach every morning,” said Kristen Bowen. Parasite Release Kristen Bowen believes that on the subject of a parasite release, it’s not just about checking off a list and making sure you got all the supplements. You must put that mindset and be willing to take your power back. “Because your energy goes up, your ability to communicate goes up; your ability to follow through with ideas fills up. We have to be willing to increase our accountability,” said Kristen Bowen. When Kristen Bowen experienced that parasite release and was able to figure out the need to build hydrochloric acid, walking away from the constant reproduction cycle happening, that’s when Kristen Bowen achieved low maintenance health. “We are the CEO of our health and body! We don’t just lift ourselves. It is our gift. Our feminine gift is to lift others around us. Tapping back into that power is crucial,” said Kristen Bowen. Living The Good Life Naturally As a treat to Learn True Health listeners, Kristen Bowen is giving 10% off whenever you buy her products on her website. Just type the coupon code LTH at checkout. And for every jug of magnesium soak, Kristen Bowen includes a free jar of magnesium muscle cream for a limited time. To those who have suggested that the magnesium soak be available in a powder or flake form, Kristen Bowen says the effectivity will be compromised. “The purity, quality of the product and ability to get cell saturation is crucial. And flakes do not meet my standard. I would never sell anything that I’m not willing to use myself,” said Kristen Bowen. However, Kristen Bowen says you can’t get the full cell saturation with the cream, but people do see more localized results. It cannot replace soaking, but it’s a beautiful spot treatment to relax muscles and decrease pain and inflammation. Get Connected with Kristen Bowen: Official Website Facebook Facebook – Living the Good Life Naturally Instagram – Kristen Bowen Instagram – Living the Good Life Naturally Recommended Reading by Kristen Bowen Healing Is Voltage by Jerry L. Tennant   

    340 Healing Hair Loss, Acne, Infertility, and Hormone Imbalance Through Natural Medicine, Alopecia and Alternative Health for Our Skin and Hair Care Using Shea Butter, Tamanu Oil, Chia Seed, Rhassoul Clay, and Essential Oils, Emily Becker

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    Get the supplements Emily and Ashley use: http://takeyoursupplements.com How to reach Emily Becker: remediesbyemily.etsy.com http://theherbalhomemaker.com https://www.facebook.com/emmieserves https://www.instagram.com/emilyb eckerservices emilybeckerservices@gmail.com   Natural Remedies For Hair https://www.learntruehealth.com/natural-remedies-for-hair Natural remedies have been proven by numerous studies and testimonials to be effective especially when it comes to hair and skincare. Apart from healthy hair, having glowing skin is a positive outcome of being able to take care of your health. My guest Emily Becker dealt with hair loss or alopecia for several years. But she was able to correct that along with other health issues by using natural remedies. Alopecia Emily Becker was 17 years old then when she tried to dye her hair. A week after she colored her hair, she saw a patch. Emily Becker initially thought it was from chemicals and hair dye. But eventually, she felt like maybe it was something more. A few years after, the hair was growing, but it would fall out again. It still hadn’t dawned on her to try using natural remedies. Fast forward a few years later, Emily Becker got married at 21 years old, and a few months after, all her hair fell out. That started her big search for natural remedies. “I didn’t want to take the steroid creams and injections because of the side effects. And I had itchy parts all over my body. What I realized after a while, my hair on my body was also falling out,” recalls Emily Becker. Turning A New Leaf Then one day, Emily Becker heard a radio commercial for a doctor who does lectures around the United States. She was able to go to one of his, and it was life-changing. The doctor asked Emily Becker some questions about her diet and bowel movement. Then he identified what she needed nutritionally. “He wanted me to stop eating grains, wheat, rye, barley, and oats. Plus, he wanted me to take supplements and become gluten-free,” said Emily Becker. “Within two weeks, I noticed my body becoming itchy and noticed my hair growing again. It was life-changing because I was bald for a year and a half.” She adds, “I had to go through all those emotions of watching my hair fall out. And I became depressed. Most of us who lost their hair go through the depression. Even the men that I’ve met and lost their hair, too.” Dealing With Health Issues Emily Becker became pregnant in January of 2013, but before that, she had an irregular menstrual period. And Emily Becker also had a miscarriage which was tough and heartbreaking. She had terrible mood swings, too. “I believe that it was about 70% physiological. Looking back, I can almost feel in memory the changes as I was getting healthier. When I first changed my diet, I almost went into a rebellion stage. I was having withdrawals from the foods that I miss,” Emily Becker said. Before her health improved, Emily Becker would get so upset with her fingers because her cuticles were so split. They would bleed. And Emily Becker would have tiny bumps all over her hands like warts. She also had night sweats, dry skin, and acne. Hence, she was so grateful to have worked with a doctor who wanted to make a more Holistic approach. “The hardest part of switching my diet and everything else was trying to find the right stuff. It included the make-up and shampoo which I had to make sure there was no barley or anything like that. That’s when I started to look into making my products for myself,” said Emily Becker. Starting The Business The first thing Emily Becker ever made was a belly wrap to address cellulite—4 ounces of carrier oil, add a little lemongrass, grapeseed, lavender and just a tad of frankincense essential oils to stimulate skin cells to regrow and restore themselves. You rub the mixture onto your belly, wrap your belly using a food wrap and leave it on for about an hour. Emily Becker says it’s effective because she used it herself. “Coconut oil is great, but I don’t like the greasy feeling of it. I only use it in my body lotions. I recommend shea butter which can moisturize and won’t have that greasy feeling,” Emily Becker said. She adds, “It’s more healing than any butter out there because it has the highest healing properties. If you can find it raw, it’s even better. And the oil I like for my face is tamanu oil. It makes your skin glow.” Expanding Her Product Range Emily Becker never thought she’d start a business. She said making products was initially to help her my father-in-law find something he can put on his hives that weren’t a steroid. “Even going through the Naturopathic route, he’s always struggled with hives. So, I made him a very basic shea butter and beeswax salve with those essential oils. The jar lasts two years,” Emily Becker shares. Then Emily Becker mother-in-law started getting allergic. She had some favorite face products from a company that has products with natural ingredients in it. But it also has fillers and chemicals to preserve. So, Emily Becker made her a face cream made of shea butter. “Eventually I made body lotion for some people for Christmas. Within a month or two, people started asking for it and offered to pay me. I started a small business making all-natural products that are truly natural,” said Emily Becker. Emily Becker also made a skin salve for psoriasis, eczema and general skin damage. She makes it with the tea tree that she grows in my own home. Emily Becker infuses the tea tree with jojoba oil and blends that together to create a skin salve. She also mixes it with carrot seed and lavender essential oils. Emily Becker’s daughter also helps her make a fire-shimmering lip gloss. It hydrates your lips, and it’s a beautiful shade of autumn red. Like her lip gloss, Emily Becker’s natural deodorant, face cream, lip balm, hair mask, rollers, face mask, face serums, beard balms, body lotions, face cream without the essential oils are made with all-natural ingredients. She also doesn’t use water in her products. Instead, Emily Becker uses aloe vera juice. Rhassoul Clay Emily Becker says she uses rhassoul clay for her face and hair mask. Because when you use clay on your skin, it draws out the toxins. Rhassoul clay is the densest type of clay.  Studies have shown that rhassoul clay will reduce dryness and flakiness. It will also improve the texture of your skin because of the minerals in it. “If you have rhassoul clay in your hair mask, it’s like empowerment for your hair. It gives a full body texture and softness to it. Furthermore, it also helps lock curls. So, I use rhassoul clay for both my skin and hair mask,” Emily Becker said. The hair mask comes in a little applicator. Emily Becker says to take the clay powder, put into applicator with a little bit of water. Shake it and squirt it into your scalp with the applicator. Make sure your hair is combed all the way through and tie it up. Let the mask harden and do its work for 20 minutes and rinse. It rinses out pretty quick. And because it grabs all the oil and grime from your hair, you don’t need a shampoo or conditioner. There are so many wonderful natural remedies on Emily Becker’s Etsy shop so make sure you check out the website. Rest assured, all her natural remedies contain no chemical ingredients and just as useful to address your various skin and hair problems. “There’s hope, and you’re not alone. Just stick to the help you have. You can reach out to many people. If you want to hear from me, I’d love to hear from you. Just be patient, and you’re still beautiful,” Emily Becker said. Bio Emily Becker is not a doctor nor a scientist. She’s a mother and a homemaker. She also played video games for a living before getting pregnant. Limited on money and not willing to always be in the hands of the M.D., Emily Becker followed doctors, and N.D.’s that she trusted (Glidden, Fuchs, Mercola, Wallach. She has the giant Alternative Health reference book and spends tons of time researching including using pub.med. Get Connected to Emily Becker! Remedies By Emily Facebook – Emily Becker Facebook – Remedies By Emily Instagram Twitter

    339 Easy Wins, Small Health Habits That Make a Big Difference in Increasing Energy, Improving Sleep, Balancing Hormones, Achieving Healthy Weight Loss, Eliminating Anxiety, and Decreasing Stress with Health Coaches Ashley James and Mitch Harb

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    The Easy Wins Podcast and all links to what Mitch Harb does: https://linktr.ee/easywinsmitch Get the supplements that Ashley takes and recommends: http://takeyoursupplements.com Book your free discovery session with Ashley James: https://learntruehealth.com/chat Attend the free anxiety webinar: http://freeyouranxiety.com/webinar   Easy Wins https://www.learntruehealth.com/easy-wins-mitch-harb I recently guested on the Easy Wins Podcast of Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Mitch Harb. The episode expounds on some easy wins towards weight loss and body transformation, as well as achievable daily habits to get giant results. So, read on to discover how easy wins can improve your overall health. Turning Point My Learn True Health podcast has been so fulfilling since it first launched in 2016. Today, the podcast surpassed four million downloads, and I feel blessed that my mission of helping people get their health back is taking off. But it didn’t feel like easy wins were achievable during the lowest points in my life. I had many health struggles for years and was even bed-ridden at one point. Eleven years ago, I met my husband. At the time, I was type 2 diabetic, I had chronic infections, chronic adrenal fatigue, and eventually had to quit my job. I also struggled with brain fog, infertility, PCOS, and depression because doctors told me I couldn’t have kids. Dealing With Depression What kept me together despite my health struggles was my mindset. Through my journey of learning true health, I learned NLP or neuro-linguistic programming and became a Master Practitioner and Trainer of it. I also learned timeline therapy, hypnosis, and coaching because I knew I needed to work on my emotions as well. My depression was at its worse when my mom passed away in my 20s and my father followed shortly after. I was so depressed and broken when my mom died of cancer. I wanted to find a solution, come out the other side to be stronger and better. That’s why I discovered NLP. While I felt like a prisoner of my own body, my spirit, mind, and mindset weren’t. That’s what kept me going. And that’s when I decided to pursue a career to help people. Neuro-linguistic Programming Neuro-linguistic Programming is a mixture of behavioral psychology and cognitive therapy. It’s an understanding of the conscious and unconscious mind. Back in the 60s, the creators looked around therapists who are getting outstanding results.  They created a system around what they do to replicate those excellent results. Tony Robbins is a great example. He took the practitioner level with Richard Bandler and John Grinder who were the creators of Neuro-linguistic Programming. They allow you to shift your beliefs, mindset and emotional state, as well as let you change even your unconscious habits. The technique works, and you need to know when to use each method to help you. Neuro-linguistic Programming is not deep hypnosis. There’s a light trance to guide the person to their aha moments and breakthroughs. But it’s not manipulative in a deep state of trance. Find Solutions Back in 2005, my health was getting worse and didn’t understand anything about nutrition or healing my body. Then I realized you have to set the intention of what you want. I wanted to find the answers to my help problems. So, in 2008 when Netflix just started streaming documentaries, my husband and I started watching health documentaries. The first one we watched advised people to shop within the perimeter of the grocery store. In one week, we cut out all the junk food we were eating. Food Choices With a month of just eating meat, eggs and dairy, vegetables and fruits, my husband and I also went sugar-free and avoided processed foods. My chronic infections went away with a whole foods diet. Years later, I came across a Naturopath who had an interesting way of explaining supplements, nutrition, and diet. Hence, I started following his recommendations. My diabetes went away in three months, as well as my chronic adrenal fatigue and brain fog. Plus, my PCOS corrected itself. My infertility went away, and we now have a 4-year old boy conceived naturally. To think we tried conceiving for six years. It turned out; easy wins entailed doing diet and lifestyle changes. Because of my success, I felt had to get this information out there. Hence, the Learn True Health Podcast was born. With over 300 episodes, we have interviewed experts. That’s why I love the mission of Mitch Harb. Because making easy wins is how I got my health back one little step at a time. Minerals And Supplements In 2011, when my husband and I intentionally went gluten-free, I lost 25 pounds of water weight in a month. I went down two ring sizes, and my husband went down two and a half ring sizes. At this point, I realized that minerals are essential. Before I took supplements, I was hungry all the time because my body was craving minerals. Our cells need sixteen minerals to make insulin work with the cell. One of the minerals is chromium, and the other is vanadium. They are trace minerals and the most important thing you can give to your body. We’re not getting it well in our diet anymore because of the farming process over the last hundreds of years. Furthermore, we don’t mineralize the soil, and we don’t rotate the crops. Plus, pesticides like Monsanto’s Roundup is a chelator. As a result, they bind to the trace minerals in our soil, and they wash them away. I don’t think I would have resolved all my health issues if I had only eaten healthy foods because I was so deficient in minerals. However, I’m not saying supplements are the answer. Supplements fill in the gaps, and sometimes that is the missing piece that puts the whole thing into place. Sugar-free and Dairy-free To be able to be sugar-free and dairy-free, you have to admit there’s an addictive component to dairy. Every dairy from every animal including humans has an addictive component to it because we have to make the calf or the baby want to suckle and drink the milk to survive. But the problem is when we take the milk and concentrate it, it stimulates dopamine and all the feel-good hormones. It feels good to consume dairy, but 51% of the population can’t tolerate it because it comes from the immune system of another animal. Sometimes our immune system reacts to it which can cause a lot of inflammation. So, for a month, try the elimination diet and observe the reaction of your body. Every month, eliminate one thing, do a test and reintroduce it. You can do a blood testing for this, but they’re not accurate. Boosting Energy Levels Balancing blood sugar gives you more energy. And drinking enough water is essential because if there’s a 5% reduction in our hydration, we have a 25 % reduction in our energy production. On the other hand, B-vitamins are great which you can get from vegetables. But the best thing to boost energy levels is having a good sleep. Sleep hygiene also is a fantastic thing to look into like wearing blue-blocking glasses. Blue-blocking glasses block the light from the blue light which mimics moon-based sun. It tricks your brain into thinking it’s not time to make melatonin or the sleep hormone. But when you wake up, get some sunlight directly on your eyeball because that burns away the melatonin and resets your sleeping rhythm. Try also to stay away from caffeine. Caffeine is a replacement for sleep, and that will lead to adrenal burnout and exhaustion. Healthy sleep habits set you for healing mode and more energy to do more things. There is an adjustment period, but the rewards are more significant in the long run. Infertility I eliminated twelve bad foods that this Naturopath recommended. Bad foods cause damage to the body and inflammation. So, I took away the foods that were harming me, filled my body with foods that are healing, took supplements for three years and then consulted my doctor to help me increase my healthy cholesterol. My doctor determined I should get on some Chinese herbs. Then I finally got pregnant the next month. It’s a case-to-case basis so consult a health practitioner you can trust. As for men, some studies show that the last 12 months of a man’s health goes into the health of their son. But the woman’s health is more important because the baby is living in her womb and living off the nutrients in the woman’s body. The reason why we have so many miscarriages is that the body is saying it cannot support the baby on a cellular level. Traditional medicine is just starting to acknowledge this. Pharmaceutical medicine wants to suppress knowledge around Holistic Medicine. The best thing you can do to get pregnant is to prepare the body for over a year before conception. Take your supplements to make sure you’re getting all the minerals — 16 minerals and 12 amino acids. Also, make sure to avoid eating crappy foods that cause inflammation and damage to your body. Avoid being exposed to chemicals and pesticides as well. Eat food that makes you feel good for days after. Then do a food and mood journal to get to know your body more. An excellent book is Dirty Genes by Ben Lynch. The book gives a good understanding of how to support your body based on your genetics in terms of nutrition. Folate, iron or folic acid is good, but there are many other nutrients you need to support the body. The Right Mindset I have a technique I love to teach through my Free Your Anxiety webinar. Not only does it get to the root cause and eliminate anxiety, but it sets you back towards success. The body and the mind create anxiety when we’re focusing on the things we don’t want to have and having it happen. Example, if you wake up in the morning with fear, procrastination, worry, and anxiety, these are all symptoms of the same problem. Then eventually your gut health suffers as well as your hormones.  Negative thoughts also trigger stress mode and its robbing the body of resources because you’re taking the body out of healing mode. Instant survival mode exhausts your long-term resources. It can cause disease and will not help you heal.  Try this simple technique: Close your eyes. Float 15 min past the successful completion of the event that you’re interested in completing. Imagine yourself a year from now looking down on your life and look at it from the standpoint of success. The whole point of this technique is that you have to make up a vision in your mind. Imagine yourself at a particular moment in time, and it is working out successfully. It’s what you want in your future.  A positive mindset is when a problem arises; you want to solve it from the logic brain and be calm and centered. Because ultimately, stress never helps you solve a problem. Critical Thinking We were raised to be victims of society. In any giant industry profiting from people being a certain way, there are very few institutions that want us to be free thinkers. An excellent resource is John Gatto’s book, Weapons of Mass Instruction. He was a teacher who won outstanding awards. It talks about the history of our school system is designed to make good little factory workers.  School systems systematically took critical thinking out of the educational system 150 years ago. It’s called the Trivium. It’s a 2500-year old system taught in Plato’s era. You can link to the Trivium Education website if you want to learn more about critical thinking. Again, I want to emphasize that stress is not an emotion but getting rid of it is life-changing. You don’t feel stress. But instead you accumulate it, and your body snaps when you ignore the signs. But you can cure yourself through easy wins. Bring stress down by laughing every day or do meditation. Doing five things every day that bring down stress are considered easy wins. Ultimately, find the things that bring you joy so you can achieve true health. Get Connected With Mitch Harb! Easy Wins Podcast Easy Wins Website Recommended Links: Episode 57: Sleep Quality – James Swanwick Learn True Health Free Discovery Session Free Your Anxiety Take Your Supplements Dirty Genes Book by Ben Lynch Weapons of Mass Instruction Book by John Gatto Trivium Education

    338 Feel Amazing In Your Body, Holistic Digestive Health Tips, Functional Nutrition, Intuitive Eating, Meal Prep, Author of Thin From Within, The Go with Your Gut Way to Lose Weight, Robyn Youkilis

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    Robyn's site: https://www.robynyoukilis.com The infrared oven I recommend: https://amzn.to/2XH6GGj Join the Learn True Self live workshop coming up! Release negative emotions and limiting decisions from your past. http://learntrueself.com for more info. Become a Health Coach like Ashley and Robyn! Get a free sample class here: https://learntruehealth.com/coach Listeners of the Learn True Health podcast get $1500 off their IIN tuition!   Intuitive Eating https://www.learntruehealth.com/intuitive-eating-robyn-youkilis Many of you have heard the power of intuition. That power of intuition we all have can also apply in eating intuitively to heal our gut and improve our digestive health. To explain how we can develop our intuition towards making the right food choices, my guest, Author of Thin From Within and The Go with Your Gut Way to Lose Weight, Robyn Youkilis will dive into that and more in this episode. Ideal Figure Robyn Youkilis’ journey began when she was just 13 years old. It was a time when her body started to have a defined shape. Hence, she started getting conscious especially because magazines featured women who supposedly had the ideal form. It ended up that Robyn Youkilis thought there was something wrong with her body and that she needed to fix her body. Because of this, she started looking into the diet culture. “At the same time, my mother was always an incredible cook, whipping up wonderful dishes. So, I always had a deep love and appreciation for food. However, it also led to the torment,” recalls Robyn Youkilis. It eventually confused Robyn Youkilis through her teenage years until her 20s. But when she started dating her then boyfriend who is now her husband, Robyn Youkilis learned how to buy her food at the Farmer’s Market. Turning Points Another turning point was when Robyn Youkilis went to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She enrolled in the school as she started getting into cooking more for herself and her boyfriend. It was here when Robyn Youkilis made the connection between how she ate and how it was making her feel. But the real turning point was when Robyn Youkilis and her husband talked about starting a family. Little by little, she shed more of that obsession and more of that unhealthy view of self. Robyn Youkilis eventually brought in more nourishing food, cooking for herself and connecting to who she already was. Create Your Space Robyn Youkilis’ job as a health practitioner and an individual is to create a little space. She advises people to create some support and some lightness around showing up for yourself in that change. “Create a space so you can have this consistent conversation with yourself. When you have these little turning points along the way, they can serve you instead of taking you down,” Robyn Youkilis said. She adds, “Everyone deserves to feel amazing in their body. And your body wants that for you. No matter what you feed it, your body will digest it for you. We can’t have our focus on so many different things. You have to think about it and feel it as well.” Listening To Your Intuition First, Robyn Youkilis says we must understand that it’s going to be a winding path and it may take some time. She usually likes to teach this practice to clients where you put one hand on your lower abdominal wall and let that go. “A lot of us spend a lot of our day sucking it in, especially women. And it’s really about giving yourself a moment to breathe into that space. At that point, ask yourself what would make you feel most supported,” said Robyn Youkilis.  She adds, “You have the answer already. Often, we’ll hear a little helpful voice from our intuition.”  Robyn Youkilis says journaling is also good because it means your thoughts have space and they feel valid. You may not do anything with those thoughts. But just having a place for that helps, rather than turning to food to experience comfort, space or a place. “In learning to listen to your intuition, you would learn to figure out what feels more supportive in a given situation,” Robyn Youkilis said. “For example, having a grounding practice like taking a bath when you go home for the day can help you feel supported instead of turning to food.” Understanding Your Cravings According to Robyn Youkilis, a healthy craving feels like it’s something nice to have. And a craving that you might want to gather a little more information on is one that feels like you have to have it. There might be a nutritional deficiency going on there, or it might be something around your day. Ultimately, Robyn Youkilis says it takes little moments from our day where we can start to have that conversation more deeply with ourselves. Eating Using Intuition Robyn Youkilis loves all kinds of food. But it doesn’t have a grip on her because she says her diet now is much more supportive of her gut and her body. “Focus on the gut because that is the center of your body. Our digestive system is responsible for so many things on even more than just digesting food,” explains Robyn Youkilis. Having A Healthy Gut A healthy gut better absorbs the nutrients from the food you’re eating. Robyn Youkilis believes you get more out of what you’re consuming. You’re going to feel better from that food. A healthy gut also means a happier you because 90% of our serotonin is produced in your gut. And 80% of our immune tissue is in our gut. “Aside from the mental conversation going on, there’s a lot at play. Something that may serve you this month may be different next month,” said Robyn Youkilis. “So, know that there’s never going to be the one thing that’s going to fix all the things. It’s always going to be a lot of parts of this conversation.” To have a healthy digestive system, Robyn Youkilis also reveals that it is ideal for releasing waste at least once a day.  She recommends a huge glass of water first thing in the morning and gives your system a chance to flush itself out. For others, it may be a dehydration issue for our colon. Importance Of Hydration Juicing organic celery first thing in the morning is quite trendy. Robyn Youkilis says there are some medicinal benefits, but she believes that part of the reason why it’s working so well for so many people is that it’s hydrating their body on a cellular level. Robyn Youkilis says adding chia seeds to water is also helpful. Chia seeds act as a lubricant and essentially allow your organs and the cells of your body to integrate the hydration into your body. A pinch of Himalayan sea salt or lemon water can also help with hydration. “The ultimate goal is to connect to our intuition more so that we can digest not just our food, but we can digest our lives,” said Robyn Youkilis. Importance Of Chewing Robyn Youkilis stresses that another important thing is how you chew your food. Take time to eat your food well. It’s a miracle worker. “The science behind that is because our stomach does not have teeth. It wasn’t designed to break down whole chunks of food the way we usually do it,” Robyn Youkilis explained.  Robyn Youkilis also says some foods are harder to digest like nuts, dried fruit or some leafy greens. That’s why raw, dense, leafy greens are going to cause a little bit of bloating or stomach upset. Red meat is also hard to break down. Meal Prep Meal prep for Robyn Youkilis means making some basics ahead of time. A lot of people take this further and meal prep specific meals. But in Robyn Youkilis’ book, she teaches readers first to boil an egg and roast two trays of vegetables. “Prep your greens and keep in the fridge, ready to go. Once you have done these basic items, I also talk about a power parfait in the book. It’s like an amped up yogurt bowl so that you feel full longer,” said Robyn Youkilis. Robyn Youkilis does meal preps for the week, and when it’s time to put it together, she will use a basic template. The Rule of Five Plates is part of what she teaches in her book. “I would have the power parfait in the morning, mix and match based on this little light template for lunch. Dinner will be some prepped things. Keep it simple and get real with your meal prep. It’s about having these staples ready in the fridge,” advises Robyn Youkilis. For me, the Panasonic infrared oven significantly made meal prep easier. The oven heats things fast like two to three minutes. I use glass containers without the lid. It heats up way more than a microwave would, so you have to use a mitt. Rule Of Five Plates Robyn Youkilis has a meal prep class showing how she meal preps and walks you through it. She does the templates from the Rule of Five Plates mostly for lunches. One template is greens. Raw or steamed is fine. Mix up the greens. The next template is healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, butter, coconut oil or some good healthy fat. Sliced almonds or goat cheese is also good. The third template is protein. Wild salmon, grass-fed beef, organic chicken, lentils, trout, sardines, smoked mussels are sustainable options. Know what you have and know what your resources are. Number four is fermented foods. That is where the gut health comes in, and it’s going to be the food that helps you digest the other foods better. Fermented foods can be raw fermented sauerkraut, fermented carrots, radishes or kimchi. “I have some recipes in the book that’s easy to do. Fermented food is rich in live probiotic bacteria which will feed on the good bacteria in your gut and create a happy, healthy microbiome,” Robyn Youkilis said. The last template is a cooked vegetable. This is where the meal prep comes back into play. It could be anything from cubed sweet potatoes, roasted zucchini or roasted carrots. Ultimately, you can do so many different things using the templates. “For dinner, you can have a bean pasta with some tuna and kale. And then I would eat some of my fermented radishes on the side,” said Robyn Youkilis. “I’m always thinking more greens, healthy fats and fermented food. Also, know when you need new inspiration to shift things up.” She adds, “I don’t want you to feel bad about what you’re doing or not doing. You got this. Life is always changing, but you can do it. You are designed to thrive, heal and to feel good.” Bio Robyn Youkilis is changing the way thousands of women and men around the world relate with food, and she’s redefining what it means to eat and be healthy.  Robyn Youkilis is a Certified Wellness Expert, TV personality, and author. She’s frequently featured as the go-to expert on The Today Show, in People Magazine, + Redbook. And she is the founder of her health coaching company Your Healthiest You.  Robyn Youkilis has been featured by The Cooking Channel, The Wall Street Journal, Men’s Fitness, The Huffington Post, CBS News, and more. Known for her straightforward yet supportive coaching style, Robyn Youkilis helps clients break free of the craziness of dieting and connect to their truest and best selves-through practical action steps.  Robyn Youkilis’ first book, Go with Your Gut: The Insider’s Guide to Banishing the Bloat with 75 Digestion-Friendly Recipes is now available in bookstores.  Robyn Youkilis is changing the way thousands of women and men around the world relate with food and she’s redefining what it means to eat and be healthy.  Robyn Youkilis is a Certified Wellness Expert, TV personality, and author. She’s frequently featured as the go-to expert on The Today Show, in People Magazine, + Redbook. And she is the founder of her health coaching company Your Healthiest You.  Robyn Youkilis has been featured by The Cooking Channel, The Wall Street Journal, Men’s Fitness, The Huffington Post, CBS News, and more. Known for her straightforward yet supportive coaching style, Robyn Youkilis helps clients break free of the craziness of dieting and connect to their truest and best selves-through no-nonsense action steps.  Robyn Youkilis’ first book, Go with Your Gut: The Insider’s Guide to Banishing the Bloat with 75 Digestion-Friendly Recipes is now available everywhere books are sold.  Get Connected With Robyn Youkilis! Official Website The Chewing Challenge Meal Prep Workshop Books by Robyn Youkilis Thin From Within Book Go With Your Gut Book Recommended Link: Panasonic Infrared Oven

    337 Using Whole Plant Hemp Phytocannabinoid Therapy to Heal Humans and Pets, Post-Concussion Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Canine Lymphoma, Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome, and Juicing Raw Cannabis, Nicole Davidsohn

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    www.EvaWorldwide.com   Whole Plant Hemp Phytocannabinoid Therapy https://www.learntruehealth.com/phytocannabinoid Phytocannabinoid therapy can be significantly helpful if you’re looking into alternative ways of healing. I’m sure most of you have heard the benefits of hemp to address health issues. But surprisingly, whole plant hemp phytocannabinoid therapy can also heal pets. My guest Nicole Davidsohn has an exciting story to tell regarding phytocannabinoid therapy as well as educate us on the other healing benefits of this wonderful hemp herb. Series Of Accidents The Eva company story began in spring 2014 with a series of accidents. Eva founder Dane Kemp was in a near-death experience because of a car accident but still came to work. He did, however, suffer from post-concussion syndrome. His partner and co-founder Nicole Davidsohn, on the other hand, was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Doctors initially thought it was a stomach flu. Even with a flu protocol it never stopped. Nicole Davidsohn was misdiagnosed. It was only after a colonoscopy that she discovered she had ulcerative colitis. “The biggest thing I noticed with ulcerative colitis was fatigue. The way that it hurt my life was that I just wanted to sleep all day and I had no appetite,” shares Nicole Davidsohn. Before Nicole Davidsohn was diagnosed, she was a raw vegan. After her diagnosis, Nicole Davidsohn was prohibited by her doctor to eat raw foods and vegetables. So, she ate boiled chicken and sweet potatoes to get back on track. A few months later, Nicole Davidsohn fell on a flight of stairs. She ended up with misplaced ribs and extreme pain throughout her nervous system. Nicole Davidsohn still did a high-intensity workout class but felt worse after. Hence, she was rushed to the E.R., stopped going to work and eventually went into depression spiraled by her injuries. Health Struggle Weeks went by, and Nicole Davidsohn tried the medication the doctors gave her. The medicines were really strong which made Nicole Davidsohn sick. She slept a lot, avoided the sun and noise. Dane Kemp convinced her to move into their home in Baltimore so his mom could help take care of her, but Nicole Davidsohn’s condition didn’t improve. One night, Dane Kemp suggested to Nicole Davidsohn that they go to Oaksterdam University in California. He initially wanted to take their cannabis seminar on the history of growing. It was timely because, in 2015, the industry was beginning to open up. Availability Nicole Davidsohn says cannabis helped Dane Kemp in the past with attention issues. But on the East Coast, it’s not easy to get. Even if Nicole Davidsohn had a medical card for her ulcerative colitis, it limited her to two grams per day of the only strain they had which was blue dream. Blue Dream is a strain to get you thinking, be creative and invigorate your mind. “You can’t just smoke any cannabis and get relief from it because you have to have the correct ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes to help you with your specific ailment. In D.C., the dispensary you go to is dependent on your address,” Nicole Davidsohn said. Seeing An Opportunity Because of this, Dane Kemp saw an opportunity and also saw a way to help people. Taking a seminar at Oaksterdam University, the couple learned so much about cannabis, cannabinoids, growing it, its history, starting a business, and learning about the industry. Nicole Davidsohn also called up an old friend in California who gave her a bag of medical cannabis goodies like edibles, vapes, and joints including a type of caramel popcorn which contained THC. It was the first time she used cannabis as real medicine. Nicole Davidsohn ate the popcorn at night and slept well. It did have Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in it, but she wasn’t high when she went to class. Instead, she just used it after class. The THC popcorn ultimately made Nicole Davidsohn feel better. Going back home to the East Coast, the couple did some preparations to move back to the West Coast to start a new life and begin healing holistically. Cannabis Juice When Nicole Davidsohn was in California, she had been studying the work of Dr. William Courtney who was famous for cannabis juice. She eventually wanted to grow her own vegan cannabis plant and juice it. “So, I bought an aero garden, planted some seeds and started growing cannabis like a normal herb on the counter. When it was big enough, I stuck it in my juicer with some turmeric and ginger. It tasted great,” said Nicole Davidsohn. Cannabis has acidic cannabinoids in its raw form. THC is THC-A, so it has a carbon molecule on it. Nicole Davidsohn says that for it to become psychoactive, or to make you feel high, you need to heat it to 220 degrees Fahrenheit for a certain amount of time. “When you juice it, just like you would go outside and take a fresh apple off a tree, chop it up and put in your juicer. I would take the bud off the plant and put in the juicer,” Nicole Davidsohn said. “It extracts all the cannabinoids, terpenes and chlorophyll which is super healthy for you. You won’t get stoned.” Effects of Juicing First thing Nicole Davidsohn felt was that her eyes widened, and her brain cleared up. It gave her four to six hours of energy. One reason is that raw cannabis is full of nutrients. It’s also a complete protein with all the essential amino acids. It has a ton of vitamins and minerals, too. “The reason why I started juicing was to help my brain recover, but it was also to help get my colitis back in remission,” revealed Nicole Davidsohn. “I think because I needed the nutrients, it started to slow my digestion and bring my body back to homeostasis instead of an inflamed state. It didn’t heal my post-concussion syndrome. I went to speech therapy for that.” She adds, “Juicing is not the easiest thing in the world. I juice three times a week. But once I made a container of it, it last three days unless you vacuum seal it then it will last seven days. I wasn’t consistent at first. For the first year, I was juicing every month and taking other cannabinoids as well.” Birth Of Eva Starting the company Eva, they began as the first 100% comprehensively lab-tested dispensary delivery in Sonoma County. Both Dane Kemp and Nicole Davidsohn got familiar with the certificate of analysis on everything. Eventually, Eva was the only dispensary in California in 2015 to have their menu comprehensively third-party lab-tested. “The juice inspired the capsules that we have. I made one called Better Brain which has Bacopa, Matcha and the whole hemp plant flower in it. The speech therapy plus the juice and Better Brain capsules helped my brain to heal,” revealed Nicole Davidsohn. Mary The Dog Mary was Nicole Davidsohn’s a Pit/Dalmatian mix who received a terminal lymphoma diagnosis in October 2016. She was given three months to live with or without chemotherapy. Nicole Davidsohn was making the juice at the time and helping people with assorted health ailments. So, she thought of giving Mary the juice by incorporating it in her food. It was not long before Mary went from being fatigued to energized. “We also bought some CBD oils and mixed it with the whole plant. They were raw oils. But Mary did not respond the same way compared to when she was given the juice,” recalled Nicole Davidsohn. “I think because the oil is fat-soluble, and it takes a lot longer to digest and be absorbed.” Nicole Davidsohn continued to give Mary the juice with turmeric and ginger. The dog continued to stay energized and didn’t get sick. After Eva company developed Better Pet Relief for Mary’s cancer and arthritis, Mary’s cancer has gone into remission. The capsules also help manage Mary’s arthritis. Aside from this, Nicole Davidsohn also adds a little bit of black pepper extract into Mary’s diet to help in the absorption. Compatibility With Hemp Nicole Davidsohn explains that we have an endocannabinoid system. Endo means inside. We already have receptors and cannabinoids in our body. And cannabinoids are also found in the plant cannabis. But when we’re stressed out, we make fewer cannabinoids naturally. “When we take in external cannabinoids from hemp or cannabis, it’s like getting a multivitamin. So, it’s fulfilling that deficiency. I like to think of it as vitamins,” said Nicole Davidsohn. “When I think of the endocannabinoid system, I think like it’s just another set of receptors for a vitamin that we aren’t taking any more.” She adds, “I believe we have an epidemic of what I call endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome. When people are deficient in making their natural cannabinoids, they feel so much better when they ingest CBD oil, Eva CBD capsules or edibles.” Dementia First of all, Nicole Davidsohn says their capsules can’t cure, treat or manage any disease. For dementia, in particular, she suggests their product, Better Brain. Nicole Davidsohn also revealed that the element Bacopa was used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years for dementia and there are studies behind it. But cannabis can also do that. All of Eva’s capsules contain whole flowers, so everything is raw. And it is made of organic hemp flowers. It aims to clear the brain and give you that phytocannabinoid nutrient in case you’re deficient in it which could also be causing memory loss. Nicole Davidsohn again assures everyone that the capsules will not get you stoned. Dosage According to Nicole Davidsohn, the capsules are formulated to last four hours. If you’re looking to last an entire day of super brain power, Nicole Davidsohn recommends taking one capsule when you wake up and another one in the afternoon. “The formulas are based on research I did to find the best dose of Bacopa, cannabinoids, and Matcha green tea,” Nicole Davidsohn said. “Bacopa is also an adaptogenic stress reliever. People use it for stress relief, and they also use it for pain relief.” Panic Attacks For panic attacks, Nicole Davidsohn highly suggests their Better Mood product. It contains Valerian Root, Lemon Balm, and Hemp. A little dose of Valerian Root helps you calm down. It’s used for insomnia, anxiety and increase GABA receptors. Nicole Davidsohn says Lemon Balm is safe even for kids. Many kids take Lemon Balm for anxiety and focus. Pain Medication Addiction Nicole Davidsohn says their formula may help someone with a pain medication addiction by employing phytocannabinoid therapy. As a person tapers off the hard pain drugs, Nicole Davidsohn suggests taking Better Relief Capsules. However, it is advisable to work with a doctor to help taper off the medications and increase the intake of raw cannabinoids with turmeric and ginger. “Many studies have shown how CBD and whole plant hemp can reduce the side effects of withdrawal by nourishing the endocannabinoid system,” said Nicole Davidsohn. “If we’re able to supplement the body with phytocannabinoids, it would help people get off pain medications more quickly.” Eva’s products are also safe for children because it is non-psychoactive. Nicole Davidsohn says all their capsules are whole herbs, whole plants, and raw vegan. Better Brain and Better Mood Capsules can help children focus better and address their emotional issues like anxiety. Nicole Davidsohn also says that one of the big things that children can benefit from phytocannabinoid therapy is to help them reduce toxin overload.  Full Spectrum Full Spectrum would be including all of the cannabinoids and the naturally present terpenes in the plant. Nicole Davidsohn says you can get a Full Spectrum extract which would be using the whole plant. “Take a whole hemp flower, put it in some olive oil, shut it and put it in a dark place. Shake it once every day. Leave it in the dark cupboard for two weeks,” advises Nicole Davidsohn. “Then strain the oil out from the flower, and now you have a Full Spectrum Tincture.” Full Spectrum means it contains all of the cannabinoids and all of the terpenes that are naturally present in the plant. Nicole Davidsohn reveals that their company uses therapeutic hemp, specifically grown to be phytocannabinoid-rich, organic and does not have any contaminants in it. Eva Products There have been many success stories of people who have benefitted from cannabis juice and Eva’s products. Other worthy products to check out from the Eva website is Better Sleep and Better Pet Relief. As mentioned previously, Better Pet Relief helped Nicole Davidsohn’s dog get on the road to recovery.  Contest I’m thrilled to announce that Nicole Davidsohn is generously giving away ten bottles of Eva’s herbal supplements. Go to the Learn True Health Facebook group to find out how you can win. Each of the ten winners will have the chance to choose the formula of their preference so make sure you check out our group.  Eva is also giving a 20% discount to Learn True Health listeners. Just type in the LTH discount code upon checkout at the Eva website. “I am grateful being on a podcast speaking about Eva, our goals and our passion and our love for the world. And I’m grateful for this show and listeners who listen with an open mind and are here to learn. The goal is to have a happier and healthier world than where we are now,” said Nicole Davidsohn. Bio Nicole Davidsohn was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Lancaster, CA.  She grew up the youngest of 4 becoming the first in her family to attend college at Antelope Valley Community College before transferring to UC Irvine on a full scholarship.   Nicole Davidsohn received her BA in Psychology in 2011 and later received national certifications in personal training and nutrition consoling. In 2015, she left the world of personal training and fitness to attend Oaksterdam University before moving west to start Eva with Dane Kemp. Get Connected With Nicole Davidsohn! 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    336 Energy Exchanges, Spiritual Healing, Natural Intrinsic Abilities from Past Lives, Reincarnation, Karma, Purgatory, Seeing Ghosts, Guides, and Angels, Poltergeist, and Walkins, with Metaphysical Counselor, Exorcist, Psychic, Healer, Eric Thorton

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    Visit Eric's Site: www.ericthorton.com EricThorton.com Want to work with Ashley James? Visit https://learntruehealth.com/chat for your free discovery session! LearnTrueHealth.com/chat   Energetic Boundaries - Part Two https://www.learntruehealth.com/energetic-boundaries-part-two This is part two of our interview with Metaphysical Counselor, Exorcist, Psychic, Healer, Eric Thorton who talks about how energetic boundaries play a significant role in healing. Energetic boundaries are in everything we do. Even what we experience in this life is brought about by energetic boundaries from our past lives. To know more about energetic boundaries, energy exchanges and how it affects our whole being, check out this episode. Reincarnation Whatever it is you do, it’s going to come to you naturally in a future life. Eric Thorton says that in all of our lives when we resolve issues, we bounce energy typically. “For example, if a person has committed suicide in a past life, it is a bad thing. The knowledge that would come into it subconsciously like fear of a high object will affect the present life,” said Eric Thorton. He adds, “So then you’re going to start re-living being thrown off a high object. You’re going to think about negative things and then feel negative. And then they are going to remember jumping off a high object, and then they’re more likely to do that again.” Eric Thorton also explains that if they are tapped that suicide is not a bad thing, it’s just a way of dying. And start having memories from jumping from something high, they can feel sad. It removes it from the table for the next life. Going Towards the Light Just because we die doesn’t mean our soul dies. Even ghosts have energetic boundaries. Eric Thorton says so many ghosts and souls have not moved on. Because they’re afraid of the things, they were tapped that were going to happen after they died. “In our life, just like if you’re taught suicide is bad, if you are taught that this is the way to heaven, then that’s what you’re going to be looking for when you die. And if it’s not there, you might think it’s going to lead to hell and don’t go to how people would call it — the light,” Eric Thorton said. He adds. “The light is knowledge. So, when you do die, you leave the body and see everything around you. You don’t feel your body anymore, and you have full knowledge and full personality.” Dealing With Death If you’re taught to fear death, Eric Thorton says you are going to fear death. And you most likely won’t move ahead as easily or at all. “People who become ghosts, some of them are become ghosts simply out of fear,” said Eric Thorton. “Others don’t move on because of their narcissism. They must control the family. They’re the patriarch or matriarch. They hang back to control people.” He adds, “If they are a ghost with some possessions from the life they just left, we call out a poltergeist. Because those kinds of ghosts will have a hard time separating themselves with their possessions, that’s why you’ll experience situations where things move even when no one is there.” Level Of Possession Eric Thorton reveals that depending on the level of possession, the poltergeist can walk into your energy field just like a ghost can. That’s another set of energetic boundaries. Once you enter the energy field, it can control every aspect of your body in every way. It changes your personality. You can’t protect yourself. If it happens, it happens. “If you can make it safe for people to explore who they are on a soul level, that’s when they can get through the drama and start coming out on the other side of the field. And you have to do it step by step as per each’s guides,” said Eric Thorton. Using Your Gift “Everybody wants my gift. And the fact is, if people have my gift, I earned them in a past life and this life,” said Eric Thorton. “On the gift of second sight, it can break your brain. So, you have to be psychologically ready for that. And anyone who says they want it is not psychologically ready for that. That is the first dead giveaway.” This is because Eric Thorton says Masters are born. It takes a unique gift to recognize energetic boundaries and how to use it properly. Masters have these series of past lives that had old souls and gained the wisdom that keeps their brain from doing drama. Because ultimately, if you are seeking to be a healer, you have to care. And you have to understand what energetic boundaries are. If you don’t care, you still have some learning to do. And Karma is the learning tool. “If you don’t care, you have to learn to care. So, you will live life then, or you aren’t cared about in whatever way it is. And that’s your karma. You learn by not being cared about, and you learn to care. That’s the learning tool,” Eric Thorton explains. Acceptance and Truth The soul doesn’t learn by reading a book. Eric Thorton says the soul learns by doing things. Humans have to legitimize where we are at to feel safe. So, people legitimize bad behaviors, so they feel safe. And the safe is righteousness and proof. “Possessions play on the filters that we develop so they can keep you in a certain pattern. This is where the bigger possessions start to come in. These are the ones that will make your belief system so strong,” said Eric Thorton. He adds, “Different influences are thought forms. Those are cultural thought forms. Denial is a big wide river. It gets worse when you deny it.” Bio A session with Eric Thorton internationally recognized metaphysical counselor, exorcist, psychic, healer, and author of Educating the Soul, Spiritual Healing, and Our Eternal Psychology® can awaken the spirit within you. Healing and liberation through clear channels by a gentle, loving and humorous man. The gift you receive is your Self.  As a Spiritual Healer, Psychic, Medium and Exorcist, and animal talk and healer, Eric Thorton has found a profound new avenue to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual healing for you and your pets. He has accomplished this by combining the gifts of healing with those of the psychic, medium and exorcist.   Eric Thorton’s unique abilities are now available to others for both therapeutic and healing processes, in person in the Seattle area and remote sessions anywhere on the planet.  Eric Thorton points out that we spend much of our time taking care of the conscious mind and body for ourselves and our pets that we often lose sight of the essential parts, how our subconscious mind and our spirit play in the delicate balance of our health and that of our furry loved ones! Get Connected With Eric Thorton! Official Website Facebook YouTube Recommended Reading by Eric Thorton Educating the Souls, Spiritual Healing and our Eternal Psychology     ************************************ Become A Health Coach-Learn More About The Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coaching Certification Program by checking out these four resources: LearnTrueHealth.com/coach 1) Integrative Nutrition's Curriculum Guide: http://geti.in/2cmUMxb 2) The IIN Curriculum Syllabus: http://geti.in/2miXTej 3) Module One of the IIN curriculum: http://geti.in/2cmWPl8 4) Get three free chapters of Joshua Rosenthal's book: https://bit.ly/2wgkLOU Watch my little video on how to become a Certified Health Coach! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDDnofnSldI ************************************ Learn How To Achieve Optimal Health From Naturopathic Doctors! Get Learn True Health's Seven-Day Course For FREE! 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    335 Energetic Boundaries, Protection, and Spiritual Healing, Karma, Suicide, Anger, Frustration, Exorcism, and Possessions, with Internationally Recognized Metaphysical Counselor, Exorcist, Psychic, Healer, and Author, Eric Thorton

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    Visit Eric's Site: www.ericthorton.com EricThorton.com Want to work with Ashley James? Visit https://learntruehealth.com/chat for your free discovery session! LearnTrueHealth.com/chat   Energetic Boundaries https://www.learntruehealth.com/energetic-boundaries Energetic boundaries play a significant part in healing. It’s so powerful that we do have to understand how it affects us to be able to make it work in our favor. Energetic boundaries cover protection and spiritual healing. My guest, Internationally-recognized Metaphysical Counselor, Exorcist, Psychic, Healer, and Author Eric Thorton will explain how energetic boundaries affect karma, suicide, anger, frustration, exorcism, and possessions. Energy Exchange To understand energetic boundaries, we must first learn about energy exchange. Energy exchange is about learning to exist in this world. According to Eric Thornton, we need to look at people in the range of sensitivity being old souls and younger souls. Younger souls would be less sensitive and aware of the things around them. “The way I describe it is they would have a small radar dish. The people that are sensitive have a large radar dish. Every person is in a different class,” said Eric Thorton. He adds, “If you have a large radar dish, you’re doing to have to take in way more information. Even the sound of the way people talk to you will draw a different way of you absorbing it. Like anger. You can feel it before it even happens. The computer can pick up that frequency so we can read the frequency.” Four Levels In the energy exchange, Eric Thorton says four significant areas spell our energy boundaries. It’s here where we can look at the different responses in those four areas which are daily, institutional, contractor and regret levels. “The daily level is our interaction with everybody every day. Apparently, positive and negative interactions have different yet significant effects on our hormones,” said Eric Thorton. Thought Forms Eric Thorton says talk therapy is one way to level out our hormones. If you do something that’s not particularly pleasant, pull your energy back. This daily or everyday level applies to everything we do. “If someone comes in here and I work with them, when they leave, I give them their energy back. Not the energy that we got rid of. We do this with all types of energy,” Eric Thorton said. He adds, “If you’re taking a lot of information, you’re trying to get serotonin and dopamine from your interactions. When you find yourself in a challenging situation, visualize the energy and send it back out. That is a thought form.” Eric Thorton says thought forms are the energy our brain created. It can be peculiar. We need to consider that these thought forms are bombarding us at all times. And they stress us. Whether we’re aware of them or not. And that stress level can be recreated all the time, all day long. Stress and Paranoia Stress and paranoia involve another set of energy boundaries. When we are stressed, Eric Thorton reveals it means our subconscious mind has gone through the entire scenario. It happens so fast, and it comes out of you whether you’re covering it up consciously or not. Eric Thorton also says paranoia is also a thought form. If you have enough thought form of paranoia and you haven’t done anything about it, the thought form is going to build up enough to attract its possession of paranoia. Then you become a paranoid person. “You open more doors of energy to come in. When a possession comes in, you think the energy of what you’re hearing is the inner voice that use your brain power to influence you,” said Eric Thorton. Anger, Suicide, and Frustration Other significant negative emotions that we have to keep in check are things like suicidal thoughts, anger, and frustration. The energy surrounding these emotions are strong and will most likely lead to something bad if not addressed. The human body is designed to create filters for different situations. Eric Thorton says we develop these filters for anger in particular due to our biological make-up. That energy of anger makes your anger so bad. “And when you learn about your anger, and you learn about what happened to you, you can heal the wound. It inspires you to heal,” Eric Thorton said. Creating Something Eric Thorton says the contractor level, in particular, is everything we create. It’s when we put our life into everything we do with our hands and our voice. You have to learn to write, learn to think in everything you create. For example, before you press send, or before you file the document, you look at it and pull the energy out of it. Then it comes back to you. You depend on your brain and your history to keep the show going. Overeating Even how much we eat says a lot about our energy boundaries. There’s a mental, psychological and emotional factor around food. “Are you allergic to food? We crave what we are allergic to.  You have to see what the components that are causing the behavior that they don’t want,” said Eric Thorton. “You also have to consider an individual’s ability to change their meal pathways slowly. The bigger brain has sound and sight. The digestive brain has feelings.” Spirits and Healing The pain and level of possession can affect your energy. For example, the energy of a poltergeist can control every aspect of your body. It changes your personality. A ghost can also influence your energy field. “If you can make it safe for people to explore who they are on a soul level, that’s when they can get through the human drama and come out on the other side of the sphere,” Eric Thorton said. Utilizing Your Gift There are a select few who have been blessed with an extraordinary gift. Their senses are way above the rest. However, some do not know how to use it properly. Hence, it is essential to be aware of how we use our gift to make sure it does not cause pain or harm to yourself and others. “Some people have gifts like the gift of sight. You can experience things that can break your brain. So, you have to be psychologically ready for that,” explains Eric Thorton. “And anyone who says he wants it is not psychologically ready. That is the first dead giveaway. You learn techniques and get certificates to say you mastered something.” Karma If something changes in a person’s life, the guides will create karma. Generally, karma also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect. This is where the intent and actions of an individual can influence their future. Good intent and good deeds lead to good karma and future happiness. On the other hand, bad intent and bad acts contribute to bad karma and suffering in the future. “I live it, too. I have made serious errors and judgment because I was taught incorrect information. And I have to admit those errors. It gets worse when you deny it,” said Eric Thorton. Bio A session with Eric Thorton internationally recognized metaphysical counselor, exorcist, psychic, healer, and author of Educating the Soul, Spiritual Healing, and Our Eternal Psychology® can awaken the spirit within you. Healing and liberation through clear channels by a gentle, loving and humorous man. The gift you receive is your Self.  As a Spiritual Healer, Psychic, Medium and Exorcist, and animal talk and healer, Eric Thorton has found a profound new avenue to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual healing for you and your pets. He has accomplished this by combining the gifts of healing with those of the psychic, medium and exorcist.  Eric Thorton’s unique abilities are now available to others for both therapeutic and healing processes, in person in the Seattle area and remote sessions anywhere on the planet.  Eric Thorton points out that we spend much of our time taking care of the conscious mind and body for ourselves and our pets that we often lose sight of the essential parts, how our subconscious mind and our spirit play in the delicate balance of our health and that of our furry loved ones! Get Connected With Eric Thorton! Official Website Facebook YouTube Recommended Reading by Eric Thorton Educating the Souls, Spiritual Healing and our Eternal Psychology ************************************ Become A Health Coach-Learn More About The Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coaching Certification Program by checking out these four resources: LearnTrueHealth.com/coach 1) Integrative Nutrition's Curriculum Guide: http://geti.in/2cmUMxb 2) The IIN Curriculum Syllabus: http://geti.in/2miXTej 3) Module One of the IIN curriculum: http://geti.in/2cmWPl8 4) Get three free chapters of Joshua Rosenthal's book: https://bit.ly/2wgkLOU Watch my little video on how to become a Certified Health Coach! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDDnofnSldI ************************************ Learn How To Achieve Optimal Health From Naturopathic Doctors! Get Learn True Health's Seven-Day Course For FREE! Visit go.learntruehealth.com http://go.learntruehealth.com/gw-oi ************************************ Do You Have Anxiety? 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    333 A 100 Year Old Technology That Rapidly Heals Tissue, Removes Pain and Stops Inflammation in Its Tracks, The Resonance Effect, How Frequency Specific Microcurrent is Changing Medicine with Dr. Carolyn McMakin

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    www.frequencyspecific.com The Resonance Effect Book: https://amzn.to/2EgvU6Z   The Resonance Effect - Part Two https://www.learntruehealth.com/the-resonance-effect-part-two We’re back with the author of the book, The Resonance Effect. Still talking about how frequency specific microcurrent is changing medicine, The Resonance Effect author Dr. Carolyn McMakin will expound on how it can make a significant change in our life. Seeing Patterns Dr. Carolyn McMakin says the Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) community has been doing this for 22 years. They started treating pain and then in 2000; they found out they could address the spinal cord. In 2002, Dr. Carolyn McMakin started teaching stroke patients. They eventually also found out they could treat the nervous system as well as the immune system and the gut. “With chronically ill patients, certain patterns become apparent. Autoimmune disease is where your immune system has decided that your connective tissue and the capillaries belong to somebody else,” said Dr. Carolyn McMakin. She adds, “They get incredibly inflamed, and because of the inflammation, they scar. We have frequencies to reduce inflammation and dissolve scar tissue.” Trauma Dr. Carolyn McMakin read something in the past that when you have a stressful event, you don’t want your heart rate to be slow and immune system suppressed. So, the nervous system fixes that. “It’s not a coincidence that 80% or fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and chronically ill patients have a history of early heart childhood trauma before the age of 7,” Dr. Carolyn McMakin said. “That mid-brain sets the fire and threshold much lower. It takes almost nothing to set off the stress signals in the middle of the brain.” Infectious agents Dental infections and mold infections jack up the immune system. But Dr. Carolyn McMakin says they have frequencies that are alleged for infectious agents. And there are frequencies for certain parasites and certain bacteria. “But I don’t want to withhold appropriate medical intervention on the off chance that a frequency is going to kill this bug. People die of infections. It’s not safe and responsible,” said Dr. Carolyn McMakin. Ultimately, Dr. Carolyn McMakin says it’s about how you survive long-term because her goal is to treat everyone who wants to be addressed and teach practitioners who can provide the treatment. “It takes research and case reports published before you can even do clinical trials. It takes research to get to move the needle. And to move the information forward into the standard practice,” Dr. Carolyn McMakin said. Heavy Metals In 1999, Dr. Carolyn McMakin treated someone for mercury. After 10 minutes, he felt better. But on the next treatment which lasted 40 minutes, he was sick as he’s ever been. This taught Dr. Carolyn McMakin that the frequencies for heavy metals, in particular, have to be used with a combined and collaborative approach. “Heavy metals are tricky. There are frequencies for organic toxins and regular toxins, inorganic toxins, and certain poisons. Toxicity and inflammation will change a huge number of symptoms,” said Dr. Carolyn McMakin. Furthermore, she explains that when you treat somebody for toxicity, they don’t have detox reactions. They don’t get sick. “Organic toxins will slide right into the membrane and lay in the membrane. When you get this heavy organic chemical that lays in this membrane, and it tips the access of this receptor, it changes it. So now the cell doesn’t work right. Because this toxin changes the receptor orientation configuration,” Dr. Carolyn McMakin said. The Resonance Effect Book The Resonance Effect is available on Amazon, or a signed copy can be purchased at www.frequencyspecific.com. The Resonance Effect tells the story of how FSM was developed and how is changing patient’s lives. Frequency Specific Seminars teaches the FSM technique in four-day courses around the US, the UK, and Germany. You can take the course in person or on DVD. Sign up for the course or find a practitioner on www.frequencyspecific.com. “I wrote the history chapter of The Resonance Effect between December 2015 to March 2016. And I started teaching seminars,” Dr. Carolyn McMakin recalled. She adds, “I was supposed to write again in June or July of 2016. It was due in September. I still had chapters 3 to 9 of The Resonance Effect to write. So, I went to Colorado and holed up there to write six chapters and eight days.” Life Changing The effect of frequencies and resonance is profound and life-changing. Dr. Carolyn McMakin says there is a new way of treating pain and other conditions that are comfortable and safe. It’s worth learning if you’re a practitioner and it’s worth trying if you’re a patient. Dr. Carolyn McMakin says you can get rid of the trigger points with the frequencies and the microcurrent. But they’re going to come back if you don’t think about why it happened. So that is usually beyond the capacity of the average layperson. “The frequencies are very specific. You want the frequency to pulse. Because otherwise, the body gets bored with it. And some people find that if you are in the same frequency over a long period, the body tends to ignore it,” said Dr. Carolyn McMakin. Frequency Mats The Bemer mat or Pulse EMF mats provide a magnetic field that pulses. Where anytime you have a magnetic pulse, you move an electron. Moving an electron creates a magnetic field. Moving magnetic fields move electrons. These devices reduce inflammation and increase ATP production. Dr. Carolyn McMakin says that’s why people feel better. But it doesn’t do what FSM does. Training People Dr. Carolyn McMakin started training Chiropractors and Naturopaths. Her team also train Acupuncturists. Medical physicians, on the other hand, have certain constraints based on what they call is the standard of care. But in 2000, Dr. Carolyn McMakin started getting medical physicians that were trained in functional medicine. And that is a perfect combination. “We train nurses, and in certain states, massage therapists can use it. But they have a little bit of trouble keeping up because they’re not allowed to diagnose,” explains Dr. Carolyn McMakin. “And their knowledge of anatomy is not as detailed as people that have been through the more rigorous and longer training.” Dr. Carolyn McMakin and her team also train athletic trainers. And they have devices with over 200 NFL and NHL athlete. There’s not much with NBA players, but some pro golfers and weight lifters also use FSM. “It’s just not right at FSM is the best-kept secret in the country. So, getting the word out is the next step. I spent 22 years building a foundation of credibility and well-trained practitioners, proper equipment and reproducible results so that now when we get the word out, patients can find a trained practitioner,” said Dr. Carolyn McMakin. She adds, “FSM means hope. It may not be a hundred percent, but it means that there’s an opportunity for a new way of looking at things and a new way of treating things to contribute to the patient’s comfort and well-being. FSM is changing medicine one patient at a time. My job is to change patient’s lives one practitioner at a time.”  Bio Dr. Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC is the clinical director of the Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Clinic of Portland, Oregon. She has a BA in Psychology from Santa Clara University and a Doctor Of Chiropractic from Western States Chiropractic College. She developed Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) in 1995 and began teaching FSM courses in 1997.  In addition to maintaining a part-time clinical practice, Dr. Carolyn McMakin teaches seminars on the use of FSM in the United States, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. She has lectured at the National Institutes of Health and medical conferences in the US, England, Ireland and Australia on the subjects of fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia associated with cervical spine trauma and on the differential diagnosis and treatment of pain and pain syndromes and sports injuries. She participates in clinical and basic science research on the effects of FSM at various institutions.  Dr. Carolyn McMakin’s peer-reviewed publications include papers on the FSM induced changes in inflammatory cytokines and substance P seen with FSM treatment of fibromyalgia associated with spine trauma, treatment of pain in the head, neck and face, and low back caused by myofascial trigger points, delayed onset muscle soreness, shingles, and neuropathic pain.  She consults with various NFL and MLB teams, therapists and players on the use of Frequency Specific Microcurrent in the treatment of sports injuries. Dr. Carolyn McMakin’s textbook Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management was published by Elsevier in 2010. The Resonance Effect, published by Penguin/Random House in March 2017, describes how FSM was developed and provides case reports and frequency protocols for the visceral uses of FSM. Get Connected With Dr. Carolyn McMakin! Official Website Facebook – Carol McMakin Facebook – Frequency Specific Microcurrent Books by Dr. Carolyn McMakin The Resonance Effect Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management  Recommended Readings by Dr. Carolyn McMakin Energy Medicine by James Oschman ************************************ For all the show notes visit: LearnTrueHealth.com Join Learn True Health's Facebook community group! Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnTrueHealth or search Learn True Health on Facebook! Follow the Learn True Health podcast on social media! Share with your friends and spread the word! Let's all get healthier & happier together! 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    332 The Resonance Effect: How Frequency Specific Microcurrent is Changing Medicine, Dr. Carolyn McMakin, Healing Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain, Sports Injuries, Inflammation, Trigger Points, Shingles, Autoimmune, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Scleroderma

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    www.frequencyspecific.com The Resonance Effect Book: https://amzn.to/2EgvU6Z   The Resonance Effect https://www.learntruehealth.com/the-resonance-effect Healing with chronic pain is possible with the Resonance Effect. To those who have not heard of this, the Resonance Effect utilizes frequencies to address a lot of health issues. Hence my guest, Dr. Carolyn McMakin, is the best resource to explain how the Resonance Effect work. The Resonance Effect can have positive results on health problems like fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, sports injuries, inflammation, trigger points, shingles, autoimmune, rheumatoid arthritis, and scleroderma. This was after Dr. Carolyn McMakin discovered a type of methodology that helps tissue to heal and relieve chronic persistent pain. Early Years Dr. Carolyn McMakin taught the Resonance Effect it for the first time in 1997. She started treating chronic pain patients and around 4,000 practitioners worldwide. But before diving into a career centering on healing people using the Resonance Effect, Dr. Carolyn McMakin recalled the time when she was 39 years old, married and with kids who were 3 and seven years old. Living in San Diego at that time, her husband was planning to go to Portland to pursue studies in a chiropractic college. But Dr. Carolyn McMakin also had an interest in medicine. Making Her Path Before she married, Dr. Carolyn McMakin became a pharmaceutical salesman at age 25 after graduating from college. She had a couple of sales jobs in 1971, and the time, there were only three pharmaceutical salesmen in the country in the country. Dr. Carolyn McMakin spent so many years selling drugs. One day, a friend encouraged her that she should pursue medicine as well.  Dr. Carolyn McMakin didn’t take it seriously until the next day at Sunday Church. The sermon was about vocations, so Dr. Carolyn McMakin took it as a sign to go to chiropractic school as well. Dr. Carolyn McMakin was lucky her father provided enough income so that she could start pre-med in two years in Portland. She was 40 years old. Although she was qualified to get into a medical school a couple of years later, Dr. Carolyn McMakin dropped out of school to take care of her mother who had pancreatic cancer. Dr. Carolyn McMakin, later on, got divorced and took five years to finish chiropractic college. Graduating at 47, Dr. Carolyn McMakin started a practice utilizing a machine using frequencies to address health issues. Discovering The Machine In 1934, there was a decree that drugs and surgery were the only legitimate tools of medicine. According to Dr. Carolyn McMakin, herbs, homeopathy and nutrition, and electromagnetic therapies were outlawed. And any medical physician that use them would lose their license to practice. In 1946, an osteopath and naturopath named Harry Van Gelder found a machine with a list of frequencies that was made in 1922. He taught himself how to use it. Eventually, tumors and cancers were easy for him to address. Drs. Carolyn McMakin and George Douglas started using specific frequencies of microcurrent in 1994. It had been previously researched by Harry Van Gelder, for use on different health issues.  Gaining Traction In 1995, the use of frequencies was used on Dr. Carolyn McMakin’s patients with fibromyalgia and myofascial pain. She did a continuing lecture at Portland state and became the local expert. By September 1996, outcomes of fibromyalgia and myofascial pain were too good to be true, so Dr. Carolyn McMakin had to find out if it was reproducible. She taught for the first time in January 1997 to 20 to 25 students. About 6 to 8 of them bought the precision microcurrent machine. “In June 1997, we knew it was reproducible. So, I kept teaching it. I published the first paper in 1998 because I came out of allopathic medicine and I published 50 cases of chronic head, neck and face pain,” shares Dr. Carolyn McMakin. She adds, “It took 11 sessions in 8 weeks to get their pain down below the 1.5. And that was because I didn’t know what I was doing. Now it’s much easier because we know that we have to treat the underlying pathology that drives the muscles to be tight.” More Discoveries In 1998, Dr. Carolyn McMakin stumbled on the way they treat neck pain. She says there was a list of conditions that you put on one channel and there was a list of tissues that you put on the other channel. “So myofascial pain is from the muscle belly, fascia and the connected tissue. Nerve pain is from the nerve. There is a frequency for the nerve,” Dr. Carolyn McMakin explains. Dr. Carolyn McMakin also revealed that in the early 90s, the physical therapy community had been told that because you couldn’t feel it, frequencies couldn’t be doing anything, and it was not effective. So, it fell out of favor. “Just the current flow increases ATP or energy production in cells by 500% in something like 30 minutes. Between 500 and 1,000 microcurrents, the ATP production leveled off,” said Dr. Carolyn McMakin. She adds, “And by the time you get to tens level current that you can feel, you’re reducing ATP or energy in the cells. So, you can’t feel it. When the frequency is correct, people feel an induced euphoria.” Treating Patients In 1999, Dr. Carolyn McMakin was asked to join a medical pain management group in northwest Portland. It was a whole new level of patient complexity. It was the first place where Dr. Carolyn McMakin, a patient with full body pain. “I looked on the list, and there was a frequency for the spinal cord. So, I put 40 hertz on channel A and 10 hertz on channel B. She got relaxed and got so floaty. The pain receded from her feet up,” said Dr. Carolyn McMakin. “The session lasted 60 minutes. She came back a week later, and I treated her five to six more times in my clinic. But she lived far so she stopped coming.” Dr. Carolyn McMakin got even more interested in learning more and dug into medical literature. Here she found out that the discs in our spine are chemically active. They are inflammatory. And when you reduce the inflammation, the pain goes down. “I’m pretty skeptical, but it took five years treating roughly 70 to 90 patient visits a week. I had around 30,000 to 40,000 individual treatments to believe that the frequencies always do what they are described as doing. So, if I make a choice that doesn’t work, it’s not that the frequencies aren’t working. It’s that I picked the wrong thing,” Dr. Carolyn McMakin said. She adds, “Over time, we found out what we can treat and can’t treat, frequencies to reduce inflammation and dissolve scar tissue are the ones most reliable. Then there are frequencies on a whole additional sheet from another one of Harry’s list that we teach.” Dr. Carolyn McMakin also shares that she started treating sports injuries as well, after teaching a sports seminar in 2003. She even ended up treating members of the San Francisco 49ers and produced significant results with zero swelling and zero bruising. Rife Machine Vs. Biological Resonance Royal Raymond Rife was an American scientist who invented the Rife machine. The Rife machine produces energy similar to radio waves. Some people say that Rife machines help cure cancer and treat other conditions like Lyme disease and AIDS. Royal Raymond Rife believed bacteria or viruses inside tumors emitted specific electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Hence, Royal Raymond Rife developed a microscope that could detect EMFs from bacteria and viruses by the color of their auras. “The lessons of Rife is the reason why I started teaching it. Because they can take out Rife by taking out one guy,” said Dr. Carolyn McMakin. “So by the time I got to 200 practitioners, I figured we were too good to stop. Rife didn’t publish anything, so I started publishing in 1998. Ultimately, I kept teaching it.” On the other hands, Dr. Carolyn McMakin says the basic principle of biological resonance is the same as the way the Rife frequencies work. But their frequencies are below 1,000 hertz, all just directly on the body. “And because I don’t want to end up living in Mexico or the Caribbean, we do not treat cancer. We can get rid of cancer pain, and I can get rid of nausea from chemotherapy, prevent scarring from radiation burns, and treat to keep the quality of life better with cancer,” Dr. Carolyn McMakin said. Cell Membranes According to Dr. Carolyn McMakin, drugs and nutrient intake affects the cells. It changes the membrane receptors, and that changes the way the cell works inside. Frequencies affect the same receptors with a signal. And the frequencies act as if they are changing the cell membrane receptor function and into our cellular function. “The only thing that changed in four to six hours are the genes inside the cell. Some genes are turned on immediately by bleeding, inflammation, tissue fragments, torn tissue. And some genes are turned on instantly in the first two hours and those things are off at hour six,” explains Dr. Carolyn McMakin. Fatigue There are so many causes for fatigue. So, Dr. Carolyn McMakin says the assumption that fatigue is mitochondrial dysfunction, is completely invalid. Cardiovascular disease causes fatigue. Sleep apnea causes fatigue. Even infection from root canals, viral infection, infected gall bladder or pathogen in the gut causes inflammation and then causes fatigue as well. “I want something I can see, something I can measure, something that will change patient’s symptoms and pain,” said Dr. Carolyn McMakin. Want to learn more about the resonance effect and how frequencies can heal? Head on to the next episode and check out Part Two of my interview with Dr. Carolyn McMakin. Bio Dr. Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC is the clinical director of the Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Clinic of Portland, Oregon. She has a BA in Psychology from Santa Clara University and a Doctor Of Chiropractic from Western States Chiropractic College. She developed Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) in 1995 and began teaching FSM courses in 1997.  In addition to maintaining a part-time clinical practice, Dr. Carolyn McMakin teaches seminars on the use of FSM in the United States, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. She has lectured at the National Institutes of Health and medical conferences in the US, England, Ireland and Australia on the subjects of fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia associated with cervical spine trauma and on the differential diagnosis and treatment of pain and pain syndromes and sports injuries. She participates in clinical and basic science research on the effects of FSM at various institutions.  Dr. Carolyn McMakin’s peer-reviewed publications include papers on the FSM induced changes in inflammatory cytokines and substance P seen with FSM treatment of fibromyalgia associated with spine trauma, treatment of pain in the head, neck and face, and low back caused by myofascial trigger points, delayed onset muscle soreness, shingles, and neuropathic pain.  She consults with various NFL and MLB teams, therapists and players on the use of Frequency Specific Microcurrent in the treatment of sports injuries. Dr. Carolyn McMakin’s textbook Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management was published by Elsevier in 2010. The Resonance Effect, published by Penguin/Random House in March 2017, describes how FSM was developed and provides case reports and frequency protocols for the visceral uses of FSM. Get Connected With Dr. Carolyn McMakin! Official Website Facebook – Carol McMakin Facebook – Frequency Specific Microcurrent Books by Dr. Carolyn McMakin The Resonance Effect Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management  Recommended Readings by Dr. Carolyn McMakin Energy Medicine by James Oschman ************************************ For all the show notes visit: LearnTrueHealth.com Join Learn True Health's Facebook community group! Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnTrueHealth or search Learn True Health on Facebook! Follow the Learn True Health podcast on social media! Share with your friends and spread the word! Let's all get healthier & happier together! 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    331 Holistic Dermatology: How to Heal Your Skin with Naturopathic Medicine, Reverse Adult Acne, Acne Scars, Liver Spots, Age Spots, Wrinkles, Eczema, Psoriasis, Ichthyosis, Dr. Stacey Shillington

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    Dr. Stacey Shillington's 7-Week Clear Skin Program https://www.learntruehealth.com/clearskin LearnTrueHealth.com/clearskin 8-Week Anti-Aging Skin Program https://www.learntruehealth.com/youngerskin LearnTrueHealth.com/youngerskin   One-on-One Coaching with Dr. Stacey https://naturopathicbeau.kartra.com/page/ZQE22   Holistic Dermatology https://www.learntruehealth.com/holistic-dermatology Many of you may have heard of Holistic Dermatology, and some of you may have not. Holistic Dermatology indeed exists. And it’s all about healing your skin with Naturopathic Medicine. To explain how Holistic Dermatology works, join me and my guest, Dr. Stacey Shillington in this episode. Acne Struggles Dr. Stacey Shillington grew up in Alberta in the 80s and dealt with acne. At the time, she had no idea what Naturopathic Medicine or Holistic Dermatology was. As a teenager, she tried topical creams, and her doctor even put her on the birth control pill to control her acne. For a few years, everything was fine. But in her late 20s, Dr. Stacey Shillington wanted to go off birth control. She got into yoga to get into her body and get interested in health. Eventually, Dr. Stacey Shillington decided to get off the birth control pill. As a result, her skin completely flared up. She recalls being in Asia at the time traveling the world. When this happened, it changed Dr. Stacey Shillington’s personality. She was outgoing before the flare up and turned to hide away from the world. Dr. Stacey Shillington was shocked at how much her acne changed her personality. Then when she went back to Toronto, Dr. Stacey Shillington couldn’t face going back to her old job nor meet her friends. “Doctors suggested many things. Looking back, I’m surprised I didn’t go for those options because I was so desperate. But something inside me said that wasn’t the solution,” recalls Dr. Stacey Shillington.  She adds, “I spent a ton of money trying everything out there. So, I spent all my time researching skin care. Not much made my skin better. I was married when I went off the birth control pill, and my skin flared up. Then I ended up getting divorced.”   Seeking Natural Remedies Somebody then suggested to Dr. Stacey Shillington to see a Naturopathic Doctor. The Naturopathic Doctor wasn’t able to completely clear her skin, but the doctor really changed Dr. Stacey Shillington’s philosophy on health care and eventually fast-tracked her journey to learn about Holistic Dermatology. “She said my skin is like this because there is an imbalance in my body. And the way to heal your skin is to balance your body and find the root cause of your acne,” shares Dr. Stacey Shillington. “So, I went back to school to become a Naturopathic Doctor, so I could learn how to do this.” Realizations Dr. Stacey Shillington realized acne and skin care problems are debilitating to people. They affect our quality of life. And the solutions out there are not solving the problem. There’s a huge void. So that is what inspired Dr. Stacey Shillington to go back to school and learn all about Holistic Dermatology. “My whole career as a Naturopath has been focused on treating the skin, learning how to heal the skin, really helping people get their lives back and living their lives fully,” Dr. Stacey Shillington said. More To Learn A year after graduation, Dr. Stacey Shillington started working in a dermatology clinic in Toronto. She worked there for about 11 years. Time and work allowed her to become proficient in her career. “When I was a Naturopathic Doctor studying, they always said the gut and the skin are intimately related. And it’s true. Your skin is often a reflection of what’s going on in your gut,” said Dr. Stacey Shillington. Dr. Stacey Shillington also said that there are tons of research in the last 6 to 10 years about the microbiome. There are a hundred trillion microbes that live in our gut and on our skin. And when there’s an imbalance in the microbiome in the gut, eventually that imbalance is going to present itself on the skin. Right Diet According to Dr. Stacey Shillington, changing your diet and eating foods that are less inflammatory is essential. This is to heal your skin and to reduce inflammation in the gut. Healing gut is critical to improving your skin. “You can be eating the very best diet, but if your gut is in trouble if you have an overgrowth of certain pathogens, that has to be addressed as well in addition to changing the diet. This is to heal the skin fully,” Dr. Stacey Shillington advises.  She adds, “I get my patients into an anti-inflammatory diet. There are certain foods out there that cause inflammation more than other foods. Dairy is a very inflammatory food especially for people who have acne.” Recommended Foods Sugar is a drug in itself. And Dr. Stacey Shillington says it impairs insulin sensitivity. It leads to high androgens and again points to acne. High sugar fruits, maple syrup, and honey also have the same effect. “It’s not that you can never eat these foods again. But you cannot eat these foods while you are healing the gut and reducing inflammation in the body,” said Dr. Stacey Shillington. Dr. Stacey Shillington on the contrary, reveals that berries are amazing for acne patients. It is because berries reduce inflammation and have a low glycemic index. They’re not likely going to spike insulin levels.  “I also love cruciferous vegetables. Broccoli, arugula, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts detoxify the liver. Food is a fantastic medicine, and it can help the body function so much more efficiently. It sets the stage for diving in to start healing the skin,” Dr. Stacey Shillington said.   Other Foods To Avoid Dr. Stacey Shillington shares that doctors at the turn of the century used to call acne diabetes of the skin. So, treating acne as a metabolic condition is often one of the keys to solving it. “I love berberine. It is amazing for acne. Not only does it help regulate the blood sugar, but it also helps support the liver, and it is also anti-microbial. So, it helps solve any dysbiosis in the gut,” Dr. Stacey Shillington said. According to Dr. Stacey Shillington, chocolate is so inflammatory for people with skin problems because it contains theobromine. She says there was a May 2014 study where it showed that theobromine could increase acne. Thus, dairy, sugar, and chocolate are the foods that should be looked at if you have inflammatory skin disorders. The other food as well that many people find surprising is oatmeal. Dr. Stacey Shillington says oatmeal contains an element that decreases sex hormones binding globulin in the blood. “And when you have decreased levels of it, you have more testosterone in the blood. Testosterone is an androgen and contributes to the production of acne,” explains Dr. Stacey Shillington. To get started, Dr. Stacey Shillington recommends that for three days, eat vegetables, low glycemic index fruits, lean proteins and see how you feel. If you feel better than you did when eating grains, that is a sign that you need to spend some time not eating grains while you are healing and balancing your body. “And I’m not saying forever because some starchy carbs are essential. Gluten is also so inflammatory. I can’t heal skin when people are eating gluten,” said Dr. Stacey Shillington. Recommended Oils Dr. Stacey Shillington said when there are too many omega-6 fatty acids in the body, it’s highly inflammatory. It is found in soybean oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, corn oil, a lot of other veggie oils. Instead, focus on oils like olive oil which has omega-9 fatty acids, avocado oil, and coconut oil which is saturated fat. Also eat foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, mackerel, sardines, organic eggs, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and flax seeds. Dr. Stacey Shillington also advises to be aware of the oils we are using so we can reduce inflammation. “Olive oil should be used raw. When it’s heated up at a certain temp, it starts to oxidize. That will create inflammation. So, cook with avocado or coconut oil. Fish oils can be beneficial, and it can make a difference on the skin,” Dr. Stacey Shillington said.  She adds, “But for acne, I would never recommend fish oils. It’s one of the supplements that will contribute to acne. It’s much better to address other skin conditions like psoriasis.” Dr. Stacey Shillington also mentions that every single cell of our body is composed of fatty acids. So, to have a healthy body, we have to make sure those cell membranes are indeed nourished. “There’s a moisture barrier on the skin, and it looks like a brick wall. If the fatty acids are deficient, that brick wall is going to start to break down,” said Dr. Stacey Shillington. “And things that are not supposed to get into the body are going to get into the body and vice versa. So, it’s important to keep that moisture barrier intact to half healthy skin.” Genes We all manifest imbalances differently. Dr. Stacey Shillington says it’s based on our genes. But 90% of our health is determined by our lifestyle. Diet, sleep, and stress can also improve or worsen our skin condition. “When you’re stressed and prone to acne, three different biochemical pathways that are activated in the body that contribute to acne,” said Dr. Stacey Shillington.  She adds, “Exercise is also an important thing. Mindset is also huge. Positive mindset creates resilience against stress.” Contributing Factors How much sunlight, regular eating, sleeping, and wake times are also factors that contribute to healthy skin. Dr. Stacey Shillington also says relationships and resentments play a significant role as well. Our emotions also play a significant role in good skin health. Meditation is essential, and Dr. Stacey Shillington says skin health is better when people practice self-love. You need to be relaxed for your body to heal.  “Make sure your liver is supported, do detoxes and work on your gut. Try to work on your gut before you get off birth control pills. You want to be balanced as possible,” advises Dr. Stacey Shillington.  She adds, “When you’re on birth control, you’re not making any natural estrogen or progesterone. It’s shutting down your natural hormone production. And it’s also suppressing androgens which are the hormones that are going to cause acne.”  Effective Cleanse Dr. Stacey Shillington recommends Manuka honey to cleanse. She also said that if you don’t have a microbiome that disrupted, you can use oil to cleanse, which is very beautiful and nourishing. “If you do have a microbiome imbalance, which will result in fungal acne, use something like micellar water. Cleansing should be incredibly gentle. For moisture, use aloe vera gel or jojoba,” Dr. Stacey Shillington advises.  She adds, “In the palm of your hand, put about a teaspoon of aloe vera gel and a teaspoon of the oil of your choice. Mix it vigorously with a finger for 30 seconds until it turns into a lotion. Apply to face and add essential oils if you like.” Skin Care Classes Dr. Stacey Shillington has some amazing classes that will teach you how to take care of your skin. Topping off the list is her 7-week Clear Skin Program which you can also sign up via my link www.learntruehealth.com/clearskin.  There’s a new module each week, and the lessons are simple yet effective. Another excellent program is Dr. Stacey Shillington’s 8-Week Anti-Aging Skin Care Program. Like the 7-week program, it’s very holistic and effective as well so make sure to check it out on her website. “I want to change the way the skin is approached. My experience and the treatments available right now are just not helping people and often making skin situations even worse. My mission is to help change that. Get some real healing going on with our skin,” said Dr. Stacey Shillington.  Bio Dr. Stacey Shillington has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto for over twelve years with some of the city’s top dermatologists. Inspired by her skin struggles, her specialty has always been healing the skin from the inside out. In addition to her private practice in Toronto, she owns Naturopathic Beauty and runs successful online acne and anti-programs.  Dr. Stacey Shillington is also a mother to 2 boys and a dedicated yogi and meditator. She graduated from McGill University with a BComm in 1995 and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2006.  Get Connected to Dr. Stacey Shillington! Official Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Recommended Reading:  Renegade Beauty – Nadine Artemis      Song: Nekzlo - Moments (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/TCFMO24whuM

    330 PART TWO: Holistic Habits, Removal of Heavy Metals, Lactic Acid, ADHD, Thyroid and Kidney Health, Ionic Foot Detox, Platinum Energy Systems, Kellyann Andrews

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    www.PlatinumEnergycentre.ca (for clients and practitioners) (our resource library) (Kellyann will give you access to this site and the ebooks) Use coupon code LTH for 15% off!   Free Naturopathic Doctor Course - 8 Video Series: FreeDoctorCourse.com   Free Health Coach Discovery Session with Ashley James: http://learntruehealth.com/chat LearnTrueHealth.com/chat   Holistic Habits and Success Stories (Part 2) https://www.learntruehealth.com/holistic-habits-and-success-stories-part-two We’re back again for part two of learning all about Holistic habits that can aid our road to wellness. And to prove it, my guest Kellyanne Andrews has so many stories to share about how she helped people heal through Holistic habits. Educating People Before getting into Holistic habits, you first have to be aware that the body is in chelation. That’s the thing Kellyann Andrews has always taught people about. The body is the one doing the filtering, it knows where the issue is, and it knows where the toxicity is. “So, what we are doing is just opening up drainage routes like clogged liver, clogged heart or clogged lungs. The core of the body is made up of cells,” said Kellyann Andrews. “And those cells get ingested with internal toxicity which happens to be man-made chemicals like agricultural chemicals, and industrial chemicals including heavy metal.” She says people generally feel overwhelmed because of the multiple exposures of these chemicals getting into their bodies simultaneously. Those chemicals start having interaction and create a worse compound. In return, the body tries to keep things under control. How Platinum Energy Systems Work With the Platinum Energy Systems technology, there are coils in the water. It creates pressure in the water. And when we put our feet in the warm salt water, it opens up the sweat glands. It allows the body to sweat out into the basin. Then in that content of the sweated particles, the coils attract the harmful particles. “The technology helps to break up the particles. But what happens around your cells is that you have a liquid layer of fat and it completely clogs up. The health of the body is depending on two things — getting the nutrition in and toxicity out,” said Kellyann Andrews.  She adds, “But when the cell wall is completely sealed off, the first thing you have to do is clean the aquarium. The internal environment inside the body is either assisting wellness or assisting illness.” Achieving Wellness Kellyann Andrews relates that when people come to see her, they are in the ownership of illness. That’s why they have to focus on regeneration. Kellyann Andrews says we need to change over to the visuals of wellness, vitality, and rejuvenation of endless energy and stamina. “Put that visual, whatever that is representing in your mind and move into ownership. Don’t put your attention on your symptoms, your illness or what’s missing in your life,” Kellyann Andrews said. “Focus on what do you want to experience. And own it in the now. It has to be in the present tense.”  Unconscious and Conscious Life Kellyann Andrews educates clients, telling them that they need to address the issue at the beginning of the upset. Whether it be a physical symptom, emotional feeling or mental thought. We have to learn to make distinctions between our conscious life and unconscious life. “The unconscious life is when we are on autopilot. You catch yourself in the midst of having a reaction or an upset or whatever. And you stay conscious in that moment, and we choose what you want the result to be,” said Kellyann Andrews.  She adds, “The more you stay conscious, the more you realize what is going on, on a mental level. You have to catch yourself in moments of life and re-train yourself to stay conscious. All of our challenging moments are impacting the emotional, mental and physical aspects.” Kellyann Andrews also shares that if you’re moving to reactive mode, you are not helping your body at that moment to heal and repair. Having Holistic habits is all about having the right lifestyle choices and healing habits.  Finding Hope The Platinum Energy Systems technology works not only at the moment during a session. It continues to assist your body after the session. Kellyann Andrews says a lot of people come to see her because it’s either their liver is not working at all, or it is faltering. After I did my past episodes with Kellyann Andrews, many of my listeners have sought her help. The health issues are endless, yet the success stories using Platinum Energy Systems are inspiring. Kellyann Andrews recalled having a dialysis patient. Her practitioner worked with the patient and did 2 to 3 sessions a week with her. Her whole body was clogged with internal pollution. So, the primary goal was to clean the cells, so the functionality will come back. After several sessions, that woman’s health dramatically improved. Kidney function can also improve significantly. One patient was no longer a kidney dialysis candidate after using Platinum Energy Systems. It baffled that patient’s doctor because there has never been a reversal of kidney failure before. “Heavy metals will affect the mitochondria. In the mucky aquarium, you have high acidity and low oxygen. It’s the number one cause of the proliferation of virus, bacteria, fungus, and mold. The good guys thrive in high oxygen,” Kellyann Andrews explains. Children also get how significant the Platinum Energy Systems is to their body, and Kellyann Andrews says they just completely chill out. The body is very understanding of the significance of the sessions. Most patients claim that after doing several sessions, their energy is up, breathing is more natural, they feel happier, lighter and brighter. Ultimately, they find joy in living again. Nickel Kellyann Andrews says the body knows what it needs. Our body is so brilliant at helping us and also communicating to us what it wants. What we need to learn is to hear what is a yes and what’s a no. “The wisdom of the body knows if it’s toxic and going into the danger response. Women have thyroid nodules but often will also have chronic skin issues as well as other autoimmune issues. One source of toxicity is nickel,” said Kellyann Andrews. Nickel is found not only in dental amalgam but also in braces in the mouth and jewelry. Other sources include electronic devices, household appliances, batteries, lotion, vitamins, tobacco, tap water, transit railing, and many others. It’s being absorbed through the skin, that’s why people have all these flare-ups on their skin.  More Holistic Habits When clients know something is driving them crazy on a food level, Kellyann Andrews gets them to chart all the foods they eat and how they feel after. By doing this, you will find patterns starting to occur. “The mood part is the mirror. One of the things that work well is how you start your day. How you start the day will set the tone and mood the entire day,” shares Kellyann Andrews.  She adds, “When I get up first thing in the morning, I will drink glasses of water to flush the digestive tract. Then I do oil pulling. Using raw cold-pressed sesame oil is the best. It pulls stuff out of the brain as well as clean out the sinuses. Even pulls stuff from the lungs.”  Music Music is a significant aspect of Holistic habits. It is the one part that gets into us through vibration.  So ideally, put on your favorite music and completely absorb the vibration. Allow that beautiful energy to help you start your day. “But behind the music, also do gratitude. Let go of the mindset of illness and move to the mindset of wellness. And let go of the dinosaur way of thinking and dinosaur way of being into the light and love that is so healing on this planet,” said Kellyann Andrews.  She also advises everyone to do something nice for yourself to raise your vibration. The only point of choice in life is right now. Not the past nor the future. We must not focus on anger because anger only hurts yourself. Your choice is this moment and what you choose to focus on and what you choose to own. “Think about this for one second. Where are you investing your time, energy and money? You only have one body in this lifetime. And that’s your investment should be focused,” Kellyann Andrews said.  Bio Kellyann Andrews’ background is biochemistry, nursing, and holistic, alternative and energy medicine for 40 years. She is always digging deeper into the core of “well-being” – on all levels.  Kellyann Andrews is a health coach by nature and trade. She does not have any specific certifications. She was at university and nursing school until a sudden family death which left her grief-stricken and devastated. Due to this experience, Kellyann Andrews stepped away from traditional medicine.  Kellyann Andrews continued to educate herself by researching all areas of health recovery. This is now her life’s work – sharing discoveries and her recovery with others on the same path.  When both parents died prematurely, and Kellyann Andrews suffered poor health, she was inspired to find ways of creating wellness at the cellular level. She is the President of Platinum Energy Systems, her husband and her own business – specializing in detoxification for health recovery and prevention. They have clients (home-users), medical clinics, and practitioners all over North America. Get Connected With Kellyann Andrews! Official Website Recommended Readings by Kellyann Andrews Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton Quantum-Touch by Richard Gordon The New Human by Richard Gordon Power of Now+Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson Recommended Links Episode 292 – Creating Wellness Episode 293 – Balancing pH ************************************ Join Learn True Health's Facebook community group! Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnTrueHealth or search Learn True Health on Facebook! Follow the Learn True Health podcast on social media! Share with your friends and spread the word! Let's all get healthier & happier together! 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    329 Stories of Success Through Detox, Holistic Habits, Removal of Heavy Metals, ADHD, Thyroid and Kidney Health, Platinum Energy Systems, Kellyann Andrews

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    www.PlatinumEnergycentre.ca (for clients and practitioners) (our resource library) (Kellyann will give you access to this site and the ebooks) Use coupon code LTH for 15% off!   Free Naturopathic Doctor Course - 8 Video Series: FreeDoctorCourse.com   Free Health Coach Discovery Session with Ashley James: http://learntruehealth.com/chat LearnTrueHealth.com/chat   Stories of Success Through Detox https://www.learntruehealth.com/stories-of-success-through-detox Holistic habits have changed the lives of many. One of the things we’re always focusing on in the program is giving people advice on Holistic habits. But what better way than to hear actual stories of success on how Holistic habits effectively released toxins from our body and improved our health. I’ve been a fan of the Platinum Energy Systems ever since I had Kellyann Andrews on the show. I had her as my guest on episodes 292 and 293. She’s, here again, to expound more on the benefits of Platinum Energy Systems and to embrace a lifestyle of Holistic habits. Overview Kellyann Andrews describes the whole journey like going into an important business meeting. You see yourself going ahead of the meeting and seeing everything goes harmoniously. Then towards the end of the business meeting when you’re alone, you may find yourself dancing to celebrate because everything went fabulously. This, she says, is using the power of visualization, magnetization, prayer, and meditation. Reflection As we go into this new year, Kellyann Andrews says what we reflect on is the progress that we have made. Being able to reflect is a significant Holistic habit because it’s so easy as human beings to focus on what needs correction. “In looking in the mirror, we’re always looking for what’s wrong in the mirror. Let’s start a new habit,” advises Kellyann Andrews. “When you look in the mirror, you look at what’s right in the mirror. There’s a beautiful being looking back at you, a being that wants to advance and evolve and become a better self.”  She adds, “And so at the beginning of this year, let’s reflect on all of what’s called the bright spots in your past. Reflect on it in terms of your health and all the things that helped you to move forward and moving to a new body.” Kellyann Andrews further explains that is because our body can affect the blood cells to the tube of the digestion, esophagus and down to the gut. Those cells rejuvenate in a week. Other cells in the body take a little bit longer. Ultimately, our cells are designed to renew themselves.  Acute Illness vs. Chronic Illness If the body is designing and creating new cells, then why is sickness continuing? Interesting point, right? Well, Kellyann Andrews says spring is the classic time of the year to do a cleanse or detox as part of your Holistic habits. It’s to get the old out and get the refuge out of the body. “Difference between acute illness and chronic illness is toxicity. When old cells duplicate, they pass on the toxicity to the new cells. And that’s why spring is an important time of the year to do detoxification,” said Kellyann Andrews. Success Stories Kellyann Andrews recently had a male client who had extreme edema on his legs. His legs are the same width as his thigh and were so heavy that his wife had to help him move step by step. The man’s wife eventually got a Platinum Energy Systems for her husband to use. And because they knew circulation was his number one issue, the challenge was to get the lymphatic system moving inside the body. After which everything can flow and get to where it needs to go. But with that male client, it was all jammed up. “We opened up his sweat glands and circulatory system to release into the basin. And sure enough, this molten lava came out immediately. Out came the heavy metals. By the end of the session, he felt a difference in his legs. He was then able to sleep well and get out of his bed by himself,” Kellyann Andrews relates. In another instance, Kellyann Andrews also had a client who was struggling with health issues. But after six months of using Platinum Energy Systems, she had no more fatty liver and even lost sixty pounds. Treatment Period People usually ask Kellyann Andrews how many sessions it would take before they get better. She says it depends on your age, lifestyle, diet, level of toxicity. “Each person will have a genetic weakness where the illness will show up first in the body. But that genetic weakness is indicating that if the bottom right corner of the aquarium is mucky, then the whole aquarium is mucky,” said Kellyann Andrews. Tipping Point Kellyann Andrews says people are reaching into their 40s and having all these symptoms getting out of bed only means that they’ve reached the tipping point. Their bodies can no longer handle the toxic load, and it’s manifesting wherever the weakest link in the body is. “Resilience is the key to health, and that will tell you at what state of well-being you are,” explains Kellyann Andrews. Addressing Mercury Kellyann Andrews recalls a female client whose score on mercury was 72. And 72 is an astronomical level. She was entirely not able to do anything. And when patients are in that state, they become very fearful and anxious. They’re afraid to do anything, take anything, and eat anything. “The key thing is to give them hope. We started with 10-minute sessions with the Platinum Energy System at the start and got her confidence level up. Then we gradually increased it to 15 minutes then to 20 minutes,” recalls Kellyann Andrews. She adds, “Eventually they progressed her to be able to do 30 minutes over time. Things started to liberate out of her body that was completely undermining every aspect of her health. Her mercury score is now at 10.”  Trust Your Body Kellyann Andrews says the number one thing you should trust always is your own body. She recalled a time when she went into someone’s house one day and stayed for not more than 20 minutes. Kellyann Andrews felt her throat started to tighten, and her lungs started to cough. Mucus started coming out of her lungs and nose. Even her eyes were affected. By the time she got out of the house, Kellyann Andrews was in respiratory distress. Furthermore, she developed a severe headache. Going home, she immediately went into the session using her Platinum Energy Systems, and her symptoms stopped. “Because what the body was needing was to get rid of that content. The body gives amazing clues. Our body has wisdom designed into its genetics on how and what it needs at any given moment and how to correct it,” said Kellyann Andrews. She also said that women couldn’t physically correct the situation, so our body gives fight and flight cues. Our body will do what it can, but Kellyann Andrews says the Platinum Energy System helps people shift because it opens up the drainage routes. “Heavy metals also create chaos frequencies. They also increase your EMF sensitivity. But also develop hyperreactivity to products. Your body is telling you it needs help to get rid of toxins,” said Kellyann Andrews. Understanding Our Body There’s a whole aspect to health being from the emotional component, mental component and physical. Kellyann Andrews says we all start in life with dramas and traumas. And it goes on repeatedly in the body. Hence, the body is continuously offended by bad or negative emotions. The result is our body starting to feel unsafe. That’s when it also starts having alert signals. So, it’s really about learning how to listen to our body. Choosing A Foot Spa There are so many cheap foot spas in the market. And although it seems tempting to buy because it’s cheap, it is best to choose a quality product.  According to Kellyann Andrews, many imitation knock-off foot spas are purporting to look like the Platinum Energy Systems design, but there’s no intelligence behind them. They will color up the water in the basin and make you believe the toxins are coming out but more often than not, there’s no truth to that. “With our system, we have a hospital medical power source. It’s the same power source as a life support equipment. That is why it is that stable. There is intelligent technology. To monitor the water and see the level of electricity is. There is an ideal treatment level,” said Kellyann Andrews. This ends part one of our interview. But there’s more so make sure to check out Part 2 of this amazing episode.  Bio Kellyann Andrews’ background is biochemistry, nursing, and holistic, alternative and energy medicine for 40 years. She is always digging deeper into the core of “well-being” – on all levels.  Kellyann Andrews is a health coach by nature and trade. She does not have any specific certifications. She was at university and nursing school until a sudden family death which left her grief-stricken and devastated. Due to this experience, Kellyann Andrews stepped away from traditional medicine.  Kellyann Andrews continued to educate herself by researching all areas of health recovery. This is now her life’s work – sharing discoveries and her recovery with others on the same path.  When both parents died prematurely, and Kellyann Andrews suffered poor health, she was inspired to find ways of creating wellness at the cellular level. She is the President of Platinum Energy Systems, her husband and her own business – specializing in detoxification for health recovery and prevention. They have clients (home-users), medical clinics, and practitioners all over North America. Get Connected With Kellyann Andrews! Official Website Recommended Readings by Kellyann Andrews Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton Quantum-Touch by Richard Gordon The New Human by Richard Gordon Power of Now+Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson Recommended Links Episode 292 – Creating Wellness Episode 293 – Balancing pH ************************************ Join Learn True Health's Facebook community group! Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnTrueHealth or search Learn True Health on Facebook! Follow the Learn True Health podcast on social media! Share with your friends and spread the word! Let's all get healthier & happier together! 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    328 From Chronically Sick to Holistically Thriving, Amenorrhea, Migraines, Acne, SIBO, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, Mineral Deficiency, Adrenal Fatigue, Low FODMAP Diet, Stress, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Cassie Johnson

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    Cassie Johnson's Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/holisticallythriving   Holistically Thriving http://learntruehealth.com/holistically-thriving I’m sure most of us aim to be holistically thriving. After all, who wouldn’t want to live a life independent from drugs? My guest today, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Cassie Johnson is a listener who told me the Learn True Health podcast significantly helped her fast track her road to a life that is holistically thriving. Health Struggles Cassie Johnson’s life today was a stark contrast from her past. It was far from being holistically thriving. She has dealt with amenorrhea, migraines, acne, SIBO, mineral deficiency, adrenal fatigue, an unhealthy diet, and stress. Recalling her younger years, Cassie Johnson got all of her hormones tested. It’s because she had a lot of health struggles since she was 13 years old. She was getting terrible migraines, yet no one thought it could be a hormone issue. Growing Up So, Cassie Johnson went through high school and first had her period at 16 years old. At 17 years old, she started breaking out all over her chin and cheeks. Her mom took Cassie Johnson to her ob-gyn, but the doctor did not test her for hormone levels. Instead, they just tested her growth hormone. They didn’t conduct an ultrasound to see if Cassie Johnson had any cyst on her ovaries. Cassie Johnson was eventually put on the pill and antibiotics for her acne. She was on that medication off and on for five years of her life. Learning True Health At age 22, Cassie Johnson was struggling with acne and still haven’t gotten another period. Her digestion was terrible, and so she decided to get hormones tested. The results came back, and it turned out that her estrogen and progesterone levels came back post-menopausal. It was a huge wake-up call. Ultimately, that set Cassie Johnson on a journey to find a way to be holistically thriving. “My doctor told me to go back on the pill. I refused because I knew that it was synthetic hormones and not helping me whatsoever and I wanted to figure out the root cause of this issue,” recalls Cassie Johnson. “So that is how I found your podcast. Realized I shouldn’t go back to medication because food is a powerful medicine.” The Road to Holistically Thriving Cassie Johnson ended up taking Nicole Jardim’s Fix Your Period course, which was about natural ways to balance hormones. Incidentally, Nicole Jardim was a past guest on my show. “She covered a lot of hormone imbalances that help me to eventually get to the root of my hormone imbalance which was the fact that my ovaries just weren’t working,” Cassie Johnson said.  She added, “My testosterone was pretty low as well. So, I figured out it was my ovaries. And since then I’ve taken action to help boost my hormones naturally through food, natural remedies, acupuncture, and variety of other techniques.”  Becoming a Health Coach Today, Cassie Johnson is finally holistically thriving. Her estrogen is healthy now. And her progesterone level is getting better as well as her acne. She was genuinely amazed to see significant results. Cassie Johnson also shared that she wanted to do more and this time, to help others. And as Cassie Johnson continued to change her diet and change her atmosphere, she also turned the way she handled stress. Cassie Johnson’s mom took a course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016, and that was part of why Cassie Johnson also wanted to enroll in a course there. Being able to become a coach was a bonus. She loved the program because it was very client-driven. Through coaching, Cassie Johnson helps people work on issues on their own. She would be there to guide them and ask them the right questions. Eating Healthy Before Cassie Johnson made these changes, she thought she was eating healthy. She thought she knew what eating healthy was. And it was terrible for her metabolism.  She didn’t even realize she was doing it until she started this health journey. “As I learned how to listen to my body, the biggest change I made was incorporating more vegetables. I started feeling better within days of doing that,” said Cassie Johnson. “And I also started a food and mood journal. I also paid attention to why I was eating and asked myself if it was because of hunger or stress.” Cassie Johnson then experimented with different kinds of carbs. She was pretty much no carb or low carb last year. Then she implemented more grains, cutting all gluten, implementing supplements as well. “That was a huge benefit. I had low energy and supplements gave me that boost I needed to make it through the day,” Cassie Johnson said.   Typical Diet Cassie Johnson usually has two to three cups of veggies in the morning, a huge salad at lunch and dinner would be a plant-based diet. She does not make much of mini snacks. Usually, ingredients of her diet include spinach, assorted veggies, olives and banana peppers, avocado, beans and quinoa on top for protein. She adds balsamic vinegar, wine, and pepper for flavor. Cassie Johnson also likes to incorporate sweet potatoes into her diet because it’s full of anti-oxidants. I do love sweet potatoes, and a favorite way to eat it is mixing raw cacao and coconut milk. It’s delicious and almost similar to chocolate mousse. Cassie Johnson also loves to experiment with smoothies. She makes sure there are protein and collagen. “I just found a great vegan protein that I have been putting in there. It has pea protein and digestive enzymes because pea protein is hard on our digestion,” said Cassie Johnson. “So, finding a vegan protein with the digestive enzymes was great. It tastes great and I even like putting in frozen blueberries and almond milk.” Taking Supplements Taking supplements is a big part of Cassie Johnson being holistically thriving. The longevity supplements she uses is the tangerine original which is like a berry flavor. It makes her smoothies taste like vanilla berry flavor. “I had SIBO for years and didn’t know it. And when I got on the longevity supplements, there is a prebiotic, probiotic and the 2.0. My SIBO got so bad,” shares Cassie Johnson. “Now I stay away. It’s a blessing. My SIBO is gone now, and I have never figured out why my digestion was all messed up.” SIBO Cassie Johnson says probiotics makes SIBO worse because it’s good bacteria in the wrong place. So, every time she takes the tangy tangerine, her stomach would start hurting. She knew it was the cause of it, but she just wasn’t sure why it didn’t click until her SIBO got terrible. “There are two types of SIBO. My test came back negative. But I know my body, and I know what symptoms come with SIBO,” said Cassie Johnson. “I researched and found there is another type of SIBO called hydrogen sulfide. They do not test for this at the moment, so my test came back negative.”  So, any foods high in sulfide like eggs, kale, and broccoli were the worst for Cassie Johnson. She had to cut out all those foods and started taking an herb mix called Calm Digestion from a company called Radiant Wonder. Taking GI Synergy also helped. Positive Changes Taking supplements had positive effects on Cassie Johnson. Within 48 hours, her energy level and sleep patterns improved. She managed stress better. Cassie Johnson also started using more natural products like natural soaps and detergents. “I was a lot more aware of my stressors in my job and relationships. How I perceive stress is something that I can control,” said Cassie Johnson.  She adds, “I do meditation, yoga, journaling, and reading, taking time for myself. Deep belly breathing triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, so it helps you to relax, and helps cortisol to decrease.” Regular Habits Cassie Johnson says journaling is best to do in the morning before your brain starts running and your thoughts go all over the place. As for meditation, she recommends setting a time for 5 to 10 minutes. Start with four deep breaths. “I do four seconds of inhaling with your belly, hold for seven seconds and then eight seconds out. Do it four times. Then go into a more natural breath,” Cassie Johnson said.  She adds, “I recently started setting intentions before meditation. So, I have been noticing that ability to problem solve. I haven’t meditated on supplements, but I have meditated on what kind of balance am I seeking here. Like what her body needs right now and try to understand its cues. Meditation has helped me with the ability to eat intuitively.”   Holistic Hustlers FB Group Cassie Johnson’s Facebook group is all about healing your relationship. She also offers training on a weekly basis. The practice explores your emotional side as well. It’s a community for women who have suffered eating disorder or sick of diets, confused on how and what to eat. Ultimately, Cassie Johnson advocates healing with food and finding nourishment beyond the plate as well. “Whatever health issue that you are struggling with, no matter how lost you feel, and you have no clue on what’s going on with your body, and you’re taking steps to heal it, just keep going,” said Cassie Johnson.  She adds, “Because your body can get itself well by itself. And it’s super powerful. It’s just about you taking the time to tune in to slow down and to listen to what it needs, follow through and get it what it needs.”  Bio  Cassie Johnson is 23 years old from San Antonio, TX. She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach helping women who are sick of diets to develop a better relationship with food and find nourishment beyond the plate. She is incredibly passionate about health and wellness and loves sharing holistic health with the world. Get Connected With Cassie Johnson: Facebook Holistically Thriving – Facebook Group Recommended Links: Episode 221 – Menstrual Cycle – Nicole Jardim Radiant Wonder GI Synergy   ************************************   Become A Health Coach-Learn More About The Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coaching Certification Program by checking out these four resources: 1) Integrative Nutrition's Curriculum Guide: http://geti.in/2cmUMxb 2) The IIN Curriculum Syllabus: http://geti.in/2miXTej 3) Module One of the IIN curriculum: http://geti.in/2cmWPl8 4) Get three free chapters of Joshua Rosenthal's book: https://bit.ly/2wgkLOU Watch my little video on how to become a Certified Health Coach! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDDnofnSldI ************************************ Do You Have Anxiety? End Anxiety Now! Learn Two Powerful Mind Tricks for Removing Anxiety, Ending Worry, & Controlling Fear So It Stops Controlling You! Attend my FREE Webinar that Will Teach You How! Click Here! http://FreeYourAnxiety.com/webinar ************************************ Need Help Ordering The Right Supplements For You? Visit TakeYourSupplements.com, and a FREE health coach will help you! http://takeyoursupplements.com Do you have a blood sugar issue? I can help you achieve healthy, normal and balanced blood sugar naturally! ************************************ Visit BloodSugarCoach.com for your free 30min coaching call with Ashley James! http://www.BloodSugarCoach.com ************************************ I made a low-carb, gluten-free cookbook just for you! Download your FREE copy today! Visit learntruehealth.com/free-health-cookbook http://learntruehealth.com/free-health-cookbook ************************************ Join Learn True Health's Facebook community group! 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    327 Educating the Souls Spiritual Healing and Our Eternal Psychology, Spiritual Healer, Medium, Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive, Eternal Psychologist, Author, and Natural Born Exorcist Eric Thorton

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     Join the FREE Essential Oils Webinar to learn what TOP TEN essential oils should be in your medicine cabinet and how to use them! Learntruehealth.com/ten http://learntruehealth.com/ten    Visit Eric's Site: www.ericthorton.com   Spiritual Healing http://learntruehealth.com/spiritual-healing Our soul’s spiritual healing is a significant component of health.  Time and time again, we have stressed that optimal health is never only physical but rather mental, emotional and spiritual. My guest who will explain all about our soul’s spiritual healing is none other than Spiritual Healer, Medium, Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive, Eternal Psychologist, Author, and Natural Born Exorcist Eric Thorton. Discovering His Gifts Eric Thorton grew up with people telling him his gifts are “on.” To them, he was a Master, referring to his innate ability like spiritual healing. He was born with the ability to see, hear, experience, communicate with things that are beyond human sight. “We all see things at the corner of our eyes. And we see a flash, but there’s nothing there,” said Eric Thorton. “I get to feel it right in front of me. But I learned at a young age not to talk about these things. Because people didn’t want to hear it.” When Eric Thorton would see a physical problem, he gets information primarily on anything he concentrates on. As he got older, Eric Thorton went into construction and used his gift on his work.  Physical Experience When his brother got the flu, Eric Thorton would feel his flu and get the flu. His brother, on the other hand, would feel better. Because of that, people thought that Eric Thorton was sickly when in fact, he absorbed his brother’s illness. “I’d resist the healing energy and cause heat in the palm of the hand and bottoms of feet. And then because you are resisting, your pancreas drains all your blood sugar, and you get this pain in your side,” explains Eric Thorton.  He adds, “I keep my hands and feet covered. And I get these dark red marks till they turn brown. I kept my hands to myself and didn’t share it with anybody.”  Brother’s Illness When Eric Thorton was ten, his 12-year-old brother had terminal cancer. A day before surgery, Sister Denise who was a friend of his mom, came to the hospital. She knew Eric Thorton was a healer and could do spiritual healing. Sister Denise told Eric Thorton to put his hand on his brother and join them in prayer. His brother went into surgery the next day, and the cancer was gone! “I started healing 30 years later when Sister Denise got me into this full-time. People feel odd around it, and they will feel special things. It’s an ongoing thing throughout my life. I can turn it off so to speak now. It can be overwhelming,” Eric Thorton said.  Healing A Friend Eric Thorton had a client from his construction business who was dying from cancer. He was a psychiatrist. His wife called Eric Thorton one day, to tell him her husband was in the hospital to die, and she was asking for a healer with spiritual healing capabilities. After a little prodding, Eric Thorton went with Sister Denise, and upon putting his hand over his client, Eric Thorton felt this tremendous energy come over himself. The whole process took an hour and drained Eric Thorton physically. His client had a demon inside of him which was making him sick. Eric Thorton believes the demon probably got into his son who was three to four years old. His son had instant pneumonia when Eric Thorton went home from the hospital. They prayed and went to the hospital where his son was diagnosed with double pneumonia. The next day, his son got better. Realizations Eric Thorton soon realized that if he was to help people, he can’t get sick. He had gifts. However, no books were written about people like him. “Gift of faith, not in a church, but in what you are experiencing. Gift of command, the gift of second sight, second knowledge, and hearing,” said Eric Thorton.  He added, “We are souls, and our body is temporary. But we have a soul experience. It is experiencing growth and other beings. I’ve learned that’s what we are. We identify with the body. And we identify with the body; we get things like allopathic medicine.”  But Eric Thorton also says allopathic medicine is not good at the difficult things or the things that get us ill. So, he is forced to listen to the guides, angels and other beings about what is going on with the individual and why they have the illness. An Exorcist Eric Thorton explains an exorcist removes energy. It can have a life of its own, or it can be in another being’s life. It can be dramatic, but most of it isn’t. He learned over the years that we label different types of energy and beings. And labeling makes it more difficult to come to a neutral state in the energetic field. “I’m constantly learning new types of energy like though forms. Thought forms can appear,” reveals Eric Thorton. “People can see them as a being or in the more intense as someone thinks of something, the thicker that energy gets. It can control the behavior of people that contribute or part of that culture. And it tells you when you are within the culture and when you are leaving that culture.” So, with people who have cancer, people like Eric Thorton disconnects them from their thought forms. They see some positivity.  Through the years Eric Thorton also learned what questions to ask and raise the questions. He looks at where the symptoms come from. Spiritual Healing and Energy To understand spiritual healing, we must first know that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. The energy is where everything we do affect us. Everything is in everything we do. Every intention, every thought and it affects our mental, spiritual and physical health.  “I work with a lot of doctors. We can clarify what’s blocking. What I learned through the years is that like energy comes together. The power of positive thinking is amazing,” said Eric Thorton. “And the power of negative thinking hits us first. It comes from a past life; it comes from this life, it comes from attitude we get from childhood. We all experience it.”  Understanding Anger Angry people don’t hang out with people who are not angry. Eric Thorton says, on the other hand, positive people don’t want to hang out with someone who is negative. “Angry people draw angry situations to them. They draw angry words, behavior, actions, and angry entities. And it is designed that way to make us grow,” Eric Thorton explains.  He adds, “Anger is a primary emotion. Our primary emotion is safety. Everything relates to safety. Even getting married or falling in love relates to safety. Because we do things better in numbers.” Understanding Emotions According to Eric Thorton, secondary emotion is things borne out of frustration. Frustration and love have to do with you being safe. While anger comes when you are frustrated, unheard and unrecognized, that’s why he says anger is a tertiary emotion. It’s a reaction to a reaction. “A soul doesn’t have emotions. The soul could learn emotions, and the soul looks at anger as amazing. It’s an opportunity for growth,” said Eric Thorton. “So, we look at anger, negative emotion, and positive emotion as an opportunity.” And Eric Thorton adds that if we all look into opportunity, we won’t try to get away from it. We wouldn’t deny it. But we would go through with the emotion. So, he advises looking at every emotion as an opportunity. Anger turns into positive searching. In the same way, that frustration is an opportunity for conversation. Room For Growth Eric Thorton looks at entities as something to learn from, grow from and then it can be removed from the energy field. He believes that if it is commanded out of someone’s energy, you do not hear anything. “You’re still leaving that negativity in that person. And that energy will come back and fill the space. That’s why a typical exorcism is so difficult,” Eric Thorton said.  When Eric Thorton was growing up, he got to see the psychology of what he was seeing energetically and watch it unfold physically. Then he started learning about this balance between spiritual energy and physical. Eric Thorton then began to understand what was going on. And that works with animals as well. “We grow from our past life. And we bring that into this life in the form of things that we’re good at and things that we have fears of. So, we bring those things forward. Our past life gives us most of our innate abilities. Most of it is positive,” said Eric Thorton.  Making a ChiBall Eric Thorton says making a ChiBall is mostly intention. Just do it. You experience it in your body; you have a reaction and channel that through the third chakra. “It comes out and creates this massive energy in front of you. Put your hands above your belly button,” Eric Thorton said. “Start thinking, and you can push at this space, so your hands are split apart. And you push together as you’re pushing this opportunity. You can feel resistance.” Feeling Your Way Through For the sake of the energy exchange, Eric Thorton says you don’t have to go through that extent. But it’s good practice to that extent, to start feeling it. And realize that something is happening here. Everybody can feel it. “Medicine men and women don’t participate in the drama of their clients. They have compassionate detachment, so they can have a way more compassion,” Eric Thorton said. “If you have compassion attachment, your body gets overwhelmed, and you get sick.”  He adds, “But if you have compassion detachment, compassion is wonderful. You get to help people without being harmed in the short run or the long run.”  Bio A session with Eric Thorton internationally recognized metaphysical counselor, exorcist, psychic, healer, and author of Educating the Soul, Spiritual Healing, and Our Eternal Psychology® can awaken the spirit within you. Healing and liberation through clear channels by a gentle, loving and humorous man. The gift you receive is your Self.  As a Spiritual Healer, Psychic, Medium and Exorcist, and animal talk and healer, Eric Thorton has found a profound new avenue to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual healing for you and your pets. He has accomplished this by combining the gifts of healing with those of the psychic, medium and exorcist.   Eric Thorton’s unique abilities are now available to others for both therapeutic and healing processes, in person in the Seattle area and remote sessions anywhere on the planet.  Eric Thorton points out that we spend much of our time taking care of the conscious mind and body for ourselves and our pets that we often lose sight of the essential parts, how our subconscious mind and our spirit play in the delicate balance of our health and that of our furry loved ones! Get Connected With Eric Thorton! Official Website Facebook YouTube Recommended Reading by Eric Thorton Educating the Souls, Spiritual Healing and our Eternal Psychology

    326 The Hormone Fix: Naturally Burn Fat, Boost Energy, Sleep Better, and Stop Hot Flashes, the Keto-Green Way and How to Breeze Through Menopause, Bioidentical Hormones, Foods To Balance Women's Hormones, PMS, Fertility, and Cravings, Dr. Anna Cabeca

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    FREE - The Hormone Fix BOOK: http://learntruehealth.com/fix The Hormone Fix BOOK FREE - The Breeze Through Menopause Masterclass: http://learntruehealth.com/breeze The Breeze Through Menopause Masterclass   The Hormone Fix http://learntruehealth.com/hormone-fix The Hormone Fix book is an excellent resource for those who want to learn to balance their hormones. Men need it as well, but for this episode, we’ll dive into the contents of The Hormone Fix by focusing on women. No less than the author of The Hormone Fix, Dr. Anna Cabeca, is going to cover all that in this episode. Tumultuous Journey At the young age of 16, Dr. Anna Cabeca saw her then 52-year old mother has diabetes. She had cardiac bypass surgery after being diabetic for 15 years. Her mom passed away when Dr. Anna Cabeca was 29. That time in her life motivated her to research, and eventually, Dr. Anna Cabeca became a women’s health advocate. Dr. Anna Cabeca soon fell in love with functional medicine. From college, she researched a lot and went to osteopathic medical school. At 38, Dr. Anna Cabeca struggled with her health. She was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure and early menopause. Another Child During her health crisis, Dr. Anna Cabeca was told she would never have another child, and that was devastating. She was on the road to diabetes. But when Dr. Anna Cabeca went on a healing journey around the world, she found natural solutions. Eventually, Dr. Anna Cabeca recovered became pregnant and delivered her youngest child at 41 years old. From her experience, Dr. Anna Cabeca realized that for one to gain health back, it’s 90% lifestyle and nutrition.  Maca When Dr. Anna Cabeca became well enough, she wanted to empower women naturally via a hormone fix through natural supplements and hormones to heal their body. Dr. Anna Cabeca recalled the time when she was diagnosed with her health issues and told that it’s unlikely to be irreversible as well as infertile. That time, someone advised her to take Maca. Maca grows above 11,000 feet in Peru. It contains a type of protein that is not found in any other plant. And Maca is an alkalinizing cruciferous vegetable and also good for breast health. “Maca is rich in arginine. Arginine increases nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is exactly how Viagra works. It increases blood flow. It’s a fascinating root,” said Dr. Anna Cabeca.  But because Dr. Anna Cabeca hated the taste of Maca, she made some taste combinations like adding fruit or greens. Maca is an adrenal adaptogen. And so Dr. Anna Cabeca added some adaptogenic components like turmeric to her formula.  Hence, her product Mightly Maca was born. Role Of Cortisol Dr. Anna Cabeca went from breastfeeding to completely never having a drop of breast milk after her health trauma. If she intellectualized the physiology of her experience, she says she can recognize complete neuroendocrine access system breakdown. And it’s what people experience with PTSD. “And to a certain level, adverse childhood experiences. These tend to rear their ugly little head in the perimenopause period when our neuroprotective hormones such as progesterone are dropping,” Dr. Anna Cabeca said. When we are under stress, we get an outpouring of cortisol. So, our adrenal glands predominantly produce our cortisol. When cortisol goes up, our hormone oxytocin goes down eventually. And when cortisol is going up, progesterone levels are going down. Furthermore, progesterone starts to decline in our mid-30s. It is also the precursor to the production of cortisol. “When cortisol is being poured out, that’s your fight or flight responder. It’s the natural rescue hormone. So, we need it in times of crisis. It keeps us on higher alert, but it burns out our system over the long haul,” explains Dr. Anna Cabeca. She adds, “Everything you do that brings you joy increases oxytocin. It puts cortisol back in balance. Like sex, intimacy, orgasm, laughing, dancing, and hugs. Oxytocin is also the anti-aging hormone.” Causes of Low Progesterone Dr. Anna Cabeca says that if you have low progesterone, we experience estrogen dominance. Symptoms include PMS, hot flashes, irregular period, and irritability. We can get this experience of estrogen dominance because we have so many estrogen disruptors. “We need to do two things when we have low progesterone. First, clear out the excess estrogen. Then empower our body to have a healthy balance of progesterone naturally,” Dr. Anna Cabeca said. “We experience low progesterone naturally just with aging. When our ovarian function declines in our 30s, it also happens because of stress and toxins.” She adds, “Difficulty sleeping, irritability, waking up in the middle of the night, and PMS are also associated with low progesterone.” Effects of Sugar Regarding detoxification, Dr. Anna Cabeca believes it’s about improving nutrition in our diet. We can do this by removing toxins from our body, from alcohol, sugars, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and even chemicals in our skin care products. “Sugar increases blood glucose, and that’s going to increase our insulin which can further disrupt progesterone and other hormones,” said Dr. Anna Cabeca.