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Two ex-special operations guys armed with MBAs seek out people leading lives less ordinary, in order to find out how they fill their ‘unforgiving minutes’, and what helps them go, always, a little further. Like intellectual bowerbirds, they collect shiny little objects of knowledge that will help build better humans. Co-hosted by Ben Pronk, DSC and Tim Curtis.

Ben Pronk, DSC & Tim Curtis

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    Latest episodes from The Unforgiving60

    @RV29 – Events and Reflections: The Year in Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2022 89:26

    In this RV Ben and Tim discuss the years events, trends and ‘best ofs' now that the world has opened back up and life has returned to having velocity. From books, global change, travel, music ….. and what challenges have the boys set themselves for 2023.   01:30       What is an RV? 03:15       Let's start with some stats 05:30       What is the 5th rated country by download? You'll be surprised! 07:00       Some of the guest episodes…. Reflecting 14:15       How guests fight back…. Maccas Christmas Card to the boys. 18:00       Musical interlude…. I on U by The Externals 18:45       What was the biggest world development in 2022? 25:45       Tim will be easy meat when AI take over the world 27:15       Best book read this year?                  Mastery by Robert Greene                 About Cicero                 Farnam Street Blog 37:45       Talking best travel in 2022 39:40       Project NEOM and the giga projects in Saudi Arabia 43:30       Music discoveries in 2023?                  And Enjoy Band play Mojos Bar in Perth on 28 January 2023        opening to Humble Armada 47:00       Ben's listens outside of Kpop….. back to the future- rediscovering albums 52:10       Coolest discovery in 2022? 53:00       About Gravel Bikepacking 56:30       About Snake Island 57:30       The privilege of Walking Country with the Nyamal Rangers 58:30       What about quitting? When is it right to quit? 1:07:15    Goals for 2023                  Bikepacking Mawson Trail and Munda Biddi Trail 1:09:00    Info on Tim's ‘Longest Marathon' is here 1:15:15    Sam Bloom dominating …. Her episode on the U60 is here. 1:17:00    Talking about the 2022 Resilience Retreat…..   Have a great holiday period…… don't forget to fill that unforgiving minute with 60 second worth of distance run!     Contact Us   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60       Music …. With thanks to: The Externals – available on Spotify And Enjoy – available on Spotify ….and playing Mojos Bar on 28th January 2023      

    S4E21- Ben and Tim on the Golds Gym Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2022 69:10

    Ben and Tim are interviewed by Emily and Callum from Golds Gym. *********** The SAS guys with MBA's and Authors of the best-selling book 'The Resilience Shield' join us on the Gold's Gym podcast! Tim Curtis and Ben Pronk are leaders in their field and chat to us about all things resilience. You can also take their test to find out how resilient you are. Assess, understand and improve your resilience here: Resilience is a lifelong individual endeavour and you can get active in your own rescue. Here's a brief overview of what you can expect to learn in this episode: What is resilience and why is it important? What is the Resilience Shield and what are the layers? How does stress affect your resilience? How do you foster an environment to develop resilient kids? Fitness vs Toughness Show me your friends, show me your future: Why this statement determines whether or not you are flourishing Can you train mindset? Gut microbiome Wim Hof breathing Transcendental meditation Being curious about who you are and surfing your thoughts How self-compassion and self-forgiveness is linked to meditation What is the secret to being successful? Transferability of techniques This is an episode you're going to want to listen to multiple times over to absorb all of the information. Download today! Find the guys on social media: @resilienceshield   Music by The Externals

    S4E20 – Senator David Van – Politics and Conflict, at home and abroad

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2022 51:12

    Senator David Van is a Liberal Senator for Victoria, who was elected to the Senate in 2019.   As part of this, and arguably as the main reason many Australians might recognise him, David has recently been very prominent in his support for the people of Ukraine.  In this discussion, we speak with David about what this cause means to him and what the situation there might mean for all of us in Australia.  We also explore David's fascinating background, which includes time as a horticulturalist, in public relations and as a ski instructor, as well as his extensive interest in, and study into the current geo-political environment – David holds a Master of International Relations degree from Monash University and is undertaking a Master of Strategy and Security degree at UNSW at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). With all of this going on, we also ask David what he does for himself – exactly how does he stay healthy, happy and sane in the course of his busy and diverse life? 1:20         David's upbringing – and experience in horticulture, public relations and ski instructing (all, as it turns out, very useful preparatory skills for a career in politics!) 7:22         Why the career change into politics? (and how do you get into politics?) 10:00       David's support for Ukraine – and his frontline experience there 15:30       Is the conflict winnable (or loseable?) 18:30       What more should the West – including Australia – be doing? 22:30       What does the Ukraine situation mean for our region – and in particular, Chinese attitudes towards Taiwan?  And what should Australia be doing about this? 29:10       David's views on the current state of democracy – and its ability to stand up against emerging totalitarian regimes 32:00       David's reflections on the current state of the Liberal party 35:00       How does David stay sane, fit and healthy? 36:50       On Josh Frydenberg 39:40       David's reading recommendations… 41:40       …and his power song! 44:40       What's next for David?   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60   External Links   David's website   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify  

    S4E19 – Brad McIlroy: Beyond the Bali Bombing

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2022 79:43

    TRIGGER WARNING. This episode discusses the 2002 Bali Bombing and involves content that some might find disturbing. ‘Macca' is a knock about Aussie guy who 20 years ago at 19 years old played some pretty sub amateur footy at Kingsley Football Club in Perth. In October 2002, they won the team's first premiership and 20 people flew to Bali for an end-of-season trip to celebrate their victory. But only 13 of the teammates made it home. The remaining seven were killed in the Bali bombings, a terrorist attack which claimed the lives of 202 people, including 88 Australians.  Macca remembers seeing and hearing the blast. He was sitting around a table in the Sari Club with some mates and some girls they had befriended that night. What happened in the aftermath, including his response, and the selfless response of his teammates is quite remarkable. This episode is powerful, but it also shows the caring side of Macca who has been profoundly affected by the incident. But it also shows his commitment to his own post traumatic growth.   07:30       Elite research on our guest 08:00       About Kingsley Football Club 08:30       Kingsley Football Club really sucked in 2001! 11:00       The win the Grand Final… and off to Bali they go! 14:00       Into the Sari Club…. Macca recounts the situation 19:00       Recall…. How our brains trick us…. Macca's brains response 22:00       The startling result at Macca's table. 8 metres from the bomb. Why/ How did Macca survive? 24:45       The Football Club refuse to leave…. Counting the cost. Trying to find their teammates. 26:30       How is Macca's emotional state? 28:20       How long before the realisation that mates had been killed? 33:25       Coming home 45:00       After year one… revenge or forgiveness? 51:00       Maccas advice to those going through trauma     Contact Us   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60       Music The Externals – available on Spotify Tongue Charge- not good enough to be available anywhere!! Mitchell Martin Nik Kali     Helplines.   For those who might be troubled here are some health support lines   Lifeline on 13 11 14 — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Beyond Blue aims to increase awareness of depression and anxiety and reduce stigma. Call 1300 22 4636, 24 hours/7 days a week, chat online or email. Blue Knot Foundation Helpline is the National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma. It provides support, education and resources for the families and communities of adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. Call 1300 657 380, Monday – Sunday between 9am – 5pm AEST or via email eheadspace provides free online and telephone support and counselling to young people 12 – 25 and their families and friends. Call 1800 650 890, 9am – 1am AEST / 7 days a week, chat online or email. FriendLine supports anyone who's feeling lonely, needs to reconnect or just wants a chat. You can call them 7 days a week on 1800 424 287, or chat online with one of their trained volunteers. All conversations with FriendLine are anonymous. Kids Helpline is Australia's only free 24/7 confidential and private counselling service specifically for children and young people aged 5 – 25. Call 1800 55 1800. Lifeline provides 24-hour crisis counselling, support groups and suicide prevention services. Call 13 11 14, text on 0477 13 11 14 (12pm to midnight AEST) or chat online. MensLine Australia is a professional telephone and online counselling service offering support to Australian men. Call 1300 78 99 78, 24 hours/7 days a week, chat online or organise a video chat. MindSpot is a free telephone and online service for people with anxiety, stress, low mood or depression. It provides online assessment and treatment for anxiety and depression. MindSpot is not an emergency or instant response service. Call 1800 61 44 34. SANE Australia provides support to anyone in Australia affected by complex mental health issues, as well as their friends, family members and health professionals. Call 1800 18 7263, 10am – 10pm AEST (Mon – Fri), or chat online. Suicide Call Back Service provides 24/7 support if you or someone you know is feeling suicidal. Call 1300 659 467. Open Arms — Veterans and Families Counselling provides 24/7 free and confidential counselling to anyone who has served at least one day in the ADF, their partners and families. Call 1800 011 046. Head to Health provides free advice, assessment and referral into local mental health services. Call 1800 595 212 between 8:30am to 5pm on weekdays (public holidays excluded).    

    S4E18 – Associate Professor Justine Gatt: Providing a COMPAS to navigate wellbeing and resilience

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2022 50:19

    Through their work with The Resilience Shield, Ben and Tim have become fascinated with the topic – and in particular, with evidence-based research related to it.  A few months back, they saw an article talking about an Australian academic conducting a range of ground-breaking research into this exact topic and reached out to see if she would be interested in sharing her perspectives with the Unforgiving60.  Associate Professor Justine Gatt is Lead Scientist of the Gatt Wellbeing & Resilience Group at Neuroscience Research Australia and the School of Psychology, UNSW. In this capacity, she leads a research program looking at the neuroscience of wellbeing and resilience to stress and trauma, and the ways that wellbeing and resilience can be promoted via various intervention platforms.  In this episode, she shares some of these findings with Ben and Tim, including a range of practical methods of building resilience that anyone can adopt. 0:25         A very special introduction – some original poetry from Jackson, a participant in Rick Pedley-Smith's Rite of Passage program.  For more on Rick and the work he is doing to re-engage and support boys who are considered ‘at risk', see our discussion with him exactly two seasons ago, way back in Season 2, Episode 18. 7:05         Justine's background – and how she got to her current role as lead scientist of the Gatt Wellbeing and Resilience Group 10:10       Justine's definition of wellbeing and resilience 12:00       How much – and what parts – of our resilience is hereditary? Plus an explanation of Justine's COMPAS-W scale 17:24       The impacts of early life stress on our resilience (and the physical structure of our brains!) 23:00       What can we do in our own lives to increase our wellbeing and resilience? 30:30       Social media and resilience – how are our screens impacting our wellbeing (particularly amongst teens)? 34:45       The ‘goldilocks' effect at play in terms of screen time 38:30       Where to next for Justine? (And, importantly, can twins actually read each others' minds?!)   43:15       What does Justine do for her own resilience? 45:45       ….and how does she try to build resilience in her daughter?   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60   External Links   NeuRA (Neuroscience Research Australia), where you can find more about Justine's work, and register your interest for their soon-to-be-released app Justine's publications   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify  

    S4E17 – Life in Bloom: Sam and Cam Bloom on Life, Adversity, Growth and Love

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2022 80:37

    Our chat today is with world champion para-surfer Sam Bloom, and her husband Cam. Born on the Northern  Beaches of Sydney, Sam had everything she had always dreamed of. She'd travelled extensively, fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a nurse and was a happily married mother of three young boys. But without warning, the dream turned into a nightmare when on a 2013 family holiday in Thailand, Sam fell through a rotten balcony railing and crashed six metres onto the concrete below. Lucky to be alive, she'd suffered devastating injuries, including severe damage to her spinal cord that left her paralysed from the chest down. Broken and hopeless, Sam reached her outer limits of physical and mental suffering. But with courage, determination and a little help from an unlikely feathered friend, she made her way back from the edge, scarred but undefeated. 'How' is the subject of this podcast episode.   6:00         Sam and Cam's background, and how they met… 11:30       Talking the importance of travel in the like of the Blooms 16:00       That fateful trip to Thailand 18:30       Moving hospital to hospital… to hospital 19:40       Sam's recollection of the incident 21:20       ‘Memories are so subjective' 25:00       When Sam realises the severity of the incident… 26:20       Cam is mopping up and trying to hold it together while Sam spends months in hospital 30:00       Sam arrives home… and its not how you think she would be 32:00       Enter penguin .. a fluffy magpie chick. Life changes 36:00       Cam and his accompanying photography. What he couldn't photograph 38:20       How about the impact on the boys? 43:00       How the book started 52:00       Recruiting the actors for the movie version of the book 54:10       Doing time with their Hollywood counterparts… and shooting in their own home 59:15       Sam reconnects with her passion of surfing 1:02:00    SurfLakes Yeppoon … artificial surf facility in Queensland 1:05:00    Australian Championships- Surfing …and what's next   External Links   Contact Us   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60     THE RESILIENCE RETREAT INFORMATION Be guests of the authors of The Resilience Shield between 27-30 October 2022 on Fitzroy Island off Cairns, North Queensland, Australia Info and bookings here:   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Mitchell Martin- – available on Spotify  

    S4E16 – David Knoff Redux: 537 Days of Winter in 65 minutes of podcast!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 64:15

    We first spoke to David way back in Season 3, when he was kind enough to dial in from Antarctica and talk about his experiences as an Australian Antarctic Division Station Leader.  At the time of that episode, David's team's trip had already been extended due to COVID, however at that point, he didn't realise just how long he would be on the ice for, nor what sorts of challenges his trip would present him with.  Turns out, the total deployment time was 537 Days, which ended up being the name of his outstanding new book.   In this episode, we catch up with David to talk about how the remainder of his time on the ice panned out and what leadership challenges he faced while deployed – including right up until the very last minute!  In the process, we'll ask him about the specific leadership challenges he faced, how to deal with an extreme medical emergency in such austere conditions and the significance of the midwinter celebration for expeditioners.  Along the way, we'll also explore how he found the writing process and find out what was the first thing he did when he got back to Australia.    5:00         Picking up where we left off (from our last chat with David, Season 3 Episode 3) 6:02         On the writing process – what was it like collating his experiences into his book 10:10       How did David break the news to his team that they wouldn't be going home when they expected to? 17:50       How do you galvanise the team after such disappointing news? 24:00       The importance of affiliative leadership in the AAD environment – plus the other leadership styles David found himself using 26:30       How can you achieve work-life boundaries when you are living at work? 28:30       The medical capability that David's team had – and how they used this during an emergency 31:00       The very real threat of a COVID outbreak on station 34:06       After 537 days on the ice, surely nothing else could go wrong?!  Incorrect – Dave talks about the fire on the vessel during his return journey 43:05       The significance of midwinter for expeditioners 46:30       What makes a good Antarctic expeditioner? 48:00       What are David's most memorable ‘#Antarctica' moments? 50:40       What was the first thing David did when he got back to Australia? 56:50       What's next for David?   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60   External Links   David's website Signed copies of David's book Media and reviews on David's book at these links:  here, here and here. Hear David's story at your next corporate function – click here for speaking engagements   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify  

    S4E15 – Beau Miles. Our Famous Backyard Adventurer

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2022 65:06

    Beau Miles is an award winning filmmaker,  PhD, a poly-jobist, speaker, writer and oddball. His YouTube Channel houses his movies which have been watched millions of times. One short film, ‘Running a marathon a mile at a time' has been viewed over 4 millions times.  It's a bit better that our YouTube channel! We talk life and living. The importance of art and where Beau gets his mad ideas!  Tune in. Beau is certainly filling his unforgiving minutes with 60 seconds worth of distance run.    6:00         Who is Beau Miles…. And introduction 8:40         Giving kids space to find themselves 14:10       What is a poly-jobist? 16:30       Has Beau found his Ikigai? 18:30       Talking YouTube…. Crazy tasks and whacky ideas. What was the most punishing? 24:00       Do we have free will? Where are we relative to computers and AI? 28:15       Where do the ideas come from? 38:00       Talking art and pop. 40:40       Can you make it on YouTube? What's the recipe? 46:00       Talking about the book-  ‘The Backyard Adventurer' 50:00       How does the family keep up? 54:00       Talking music with Beau…..     External Links   Contact Us   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60     THE RESILIENCE RETREAT INFORMATION   Be guests of the authors of The Resilience Shield between 27-30 October 2022 on Fitzroy Island off Cairns, North Queensland, Australia   Info and bookings here:     Music The Externals – available on Spotify  

    S4E14 – Dr Michael Mumford: Pioneering Medical Marijuana

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2022 49:27

    When many of us think about marijuana, our immediate thoughts are of illicit use. But across the world, this attitude is changing as researchers uncover the benefits of medicinal marijuana across a range of conditions.  Progression within Australia has been relatively slow, however our guest this week aims to speed things up in this groundbreaking area.    Dr Michael Mumford started his career as an Australian Army engineer and saw operational service in Afghanistan with the Special Operations Engineer Regiment.  He then studied postgraduate medicine through the army and is now working to increase awareness of the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids, including for the treatment of PTSD in the veteran community.    5:05         About Michael – early years… 5:20         ..and into the Army as an engineer within the Special Operations Engineer Regiment, and then into postgraduate study as a doctor with the Army 14:50       How Michael got interested in the potential of cannabinoids as a treatment protocol (including perspectives from Michael's German Shorthaired Pointer!) 17:35       Given the amount of research supporting its use, why has it taken so long for medicinal marijuana to be accepted within medical applications? 19:05       How does medicinal marijuana differ from what you might buy on the street? 25:55       Current resistance within the medical community 30:30       Michael's research project with the University of Wollongong 35:30       What is the Veteran Access Scheme – and how can people can access it through the Provocatus website 39:50       What's next for Michael – and what he hopes to see in the medicinal marijuana space   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60   External Links   Provocatus   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify  

    S4E13 – How to be Indistractable with Nir Eyal

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 4, 2022 55:36

    Let's talk how to focus! Nir Eyal's is an incredible thinker- describing himself as a ‘behavioural design expert'- which is the point of intersection between psychology, technology, and business. Then add some behavioural economics, and a twist of neuroscience. Our conversation in this episode ranges from how to be ‘indistractable'- the title of Nir's book (and a word he invented), but also what tools and techniques can bring us to a pont of focus. And what about neurochemistry- is it real, or do we use it as an excuse? How can we correctly allocate time to things ….. and can we be bored!? Nir has a Stanford MBA  and is a best-selling author, who later went back to teach a course on product design at the Stanford University School of Engineering. Nir's books are Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life.   Your toolkit to being Indistractable is after the timeline….   5:00         Nir's background and explanation of his expertise. 8:40         Old philosophy on distractions- everything old is new again! 10:00       The four pillars of becoming indistractable 17:25       Does neurochemistry  and the reward pathway drive our distract-ability? 19:50       The place of Locus of Control when considering distraction. Ben talks self awareness…. Curiosity instead of contempt 22:50       How do we get motivated? 29:50       Work, you and relationships- how they nest. 35:50       Psychological transitions and deliberate breaks. 39:45       How do we surf the urge? 48:10       How do customers get hooked on products? 51:20       What is Nir's power song!?   External Links   -Link to the book:: -Indistractable bonus content is here: -Indistractable summary article: -Distraction guide here: -Habits vs routines article here: -Why schedules are better than to-do lists: -Time boxing article: -Values article: -Habit tracker - -Also, the schedule maker tool Nir mentioned is here:     Contact Us   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60     THE RESILIENCE RETREAT INFORMATION   Be guests of the authors of The Resilience Shield between 27-30 October 2022 on Fitzroy Island off Cairns, North Queensland, Australia   Info and bookings here:         Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify  

    S4E12 - Mark Wales: Survivor Redux

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2022 68:29

    Mark Wales is one of our favourite guests – so much so that Ben can't remember how many times he's been on the show (turns out this is only the second).  But each time has been a great conversation, and this is certainly no exception.  Mark, fresh off his momentous half-million dollar Survivor: Blood and Water victory, joins Ben and Tim to talk all things reality TV, tough luxury, fathering, books, music, Anzac Day….and conspiracy theories.  A must-listen episode!     3:25         Welcoming Mark back for the second – or is it third?! – no, wait – second time! 5:30         On Survivor – second time around 7:00         The dangers of playing tactics on Survivor – with your wife! (or – can you leave all that stuff on set, or does some of it come home with you?!) 8:55         How does Survivor compare with the SAS selection course? 11:05       The trappings of reality TV fame – how often does Mark get recognised in the street?! 15:09       Mark's reflections on being an author 19:00       What does Anzac Day mean to Mark? 21:30       A quick detour into opinions on Australian defence capability 24:45       Mark on parenting – and on leaving his four year-old son Harry to play Survivor 29:51       Ben on helicopter parenting 32:00       Kill Kapture – has Survivor and Mark's book moved the needle on jacket sales?  Includes some great whiskey discussion – and some discussion about great whiskey, including WhipperSnapper (click here for our discussion with Jimmy McKeown, Master Distiller at WhipperSnapper) 38:30       A few questions and comments from the Instagram livestream 39:30       Mark's current fitness regime – and how did he prepare for Survivor – from a physical and mental perspective 44:30       What's Mark reading at the moment? 50:30       And then, somehow, the conversation shifts to UFO and conspiracy theories… 57:10       Ben explains more than anyone ever wanted to know about Little Bird – the song he recorded in Saddam's toilet in Iraq   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60   External Links   Kill Kapture – Mark's ‘tough luxury' company.  And home of the best leather jackets on the planet.   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify Ben Pronk - not available anywhere (with good reason)

    S4E11 – Cam & Sharn Watts: Foxhole Buddies In the Fight Against PTSD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 93:11

    This is a very special episode of the Unforgiving 60 podcast.  Over the years, we've spoken with a number of people who have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – and a number of people who are helping those who are suffering.  But while a lot of the focus is – rightly – placed on the individual with this diagnosis, it's rarely just that person who is impacted.  In this episode, we get to hear the perspectives of both an individual who has fought PTSD – as well as his amazing partner.   Cam Watts spent almost 14 years in the Australian Federal Police and as a result of his service, developed the symptoms of PTSD and was eventually diagnosed with the condition.  The one constant in this tumultuous journey was his wife Sharn.  In this episode, Cam and Sharn share their stories and talk about how they're now using their experience to help other families.      6:33         How Cam and Sharn met – and what Cam was doing at the time 11:55       A bit of a primer on the difference between the Australian Federal Police and the state police services 14:19       Sharn's backstory 18:19       Sharn's experiences setting up a small business 20:45       What makes yoga so important to Sharn? 23:45       What exactly is PTSD – and when did Cam realise that he had it? 28:00       Coming to terms with PTSD – from a personal and professional perspective 33:10       What brought on Cam's PTSD – was it a single incident, a constant series of traumas – or a bit of both? 38:30       Sharn's perspective – how she first became aware that something wasn't right.  Plus – the psychological dangers of over-flexing your ‘fine' muscle! 56:05       Getting a formal diagnosis – and what happened from there 1:06:05    The impacts on Sharn – ‘no-one was looking out for me!' 1:12:35    What advice would Cam and Sharn give to people going through similar experiences 1:23:18    Fortem – one of the ways that Cam and Sharn are using their experiences to help others.  And an organisation which works to support the families as well as the impacted individual   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60   External Links   Fortem Australia – supporting those who defend, protect and care for our community   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify

    S4E10– Meet Liv Robinson v2.0- Beating Anorexia and Dominating Life through Art Therapy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 63:14

    WARNING- This powerful and inspiring episode also discusses eating disorders and related mental health struggles.  Liv Robinson's first few decades of her life were a huge struggle. She found it hard to fit in to ‘normal life'. She battled with anorexia and related mental health illness which left Liv fighting for her life on a number of occasions.  Sport, creativity & Art were Liv's invaluable tools to recovery. She now uses art as a form of therapy for others but also for team building and self awareness.     03:30       About Liv….. and insights from our tiny shower cubicle podcast studio. 06:50       The 800-pound gorilla in the room- battling anorexia 09:20       The pressure from school and expectations 12:10       ‘How hard can this be? Just eat something!'. Why that doesn't work for anorexia. 18:00       Cycling in and out of good-bad-good health and the culminating point 22:00       Liv reinventing Liv … the power to choose your own identity 26:30       Liv's mindset… noting that mindset can be negative and positive 29:00       Liv 2.0 arrives 32:15       Let's talk Art! The formal study…. 35:00       What piece of art has moved Liv the most in her life? 39:00       Female form and oceans 39:45       Working for UHNWI… and how to inspire workforces 42:20       How to use art as therapy 44:00       Massive murals….. how to do it! 47:50       Liv's dream for art 53:05       What about art to buttress resilience? 57:00       What does Liv do for Liv 58:30       What is Liv's Power Song! (See the U60 playlist on Spotify) 59:00       Is there a future collaboration……… ???     External Links     More About Us   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Linked In: @Unforgiving60     Music The Externals – available on Spotify Mitchell Martin - available on Spotify    

    S4E9–Cleared Hot! Shannon Huffman Polson on flying Apache Gunships, bagging big peaks and being a badass

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2022 59:15

    Shannon Polson was one of Americas first female gunship pilots. We talk flying and that incredible aircraft but also climbing, losing loved ones and grit and resilience. After a childhood in Alaska, Shannon studied English literature and art history at Duke University then commissioned into the Army to fly Apache helicopters, serving on three continents and leading two flight platoons and a line company. In the midst of school and flying came skydiving, scuba diving, big-mountain climbing and long-course triathlons. She climbed Tim's dream mountain- Denali. Now she devotes her work to speaking, research and writing, as well as online and bespoke facilitated leadership journeys for leaders at The Grit Institute.   Shannon has an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth, and an MFA in creative writing.     05:00       Shannon's background…. And swimming in Alaska! 07:20       What is ROTC in the US… and how does that allow you to fly Army helicopters? 09:00       Learning to fly helicopters…. Rub your tummy and pat your head! 11:10       What are the roles and responsibilities in an Apache gunship…. Tandem seated! 12:10       How do two pilots in the same aircraft collaborate and cooperative? 14:50       Ben talks about receiving air support in Afghanistan 17:20       Shannon's advice for women wanting to fly in the military 20:00       Shannon climbs Denali….. the story J 25:00       Tragically Shannon loses both of her parents …. the story L 28:00       Interlude- Information on The Resilience Retreat off Cairns 29:15       What is resilience to Shannon? 33:15       Ego and self efficacy…. And grit and resilience 37:50       Talking transferrable knowledge from the military into corporates 40:30       Advice on determining purpose in work- Paths to Purpose at Tuck School 43:20       How can we separate role and identity? 50:45       Shannon's Power Song!       External Links   The Grit Factor book by Shannon is here Shannon's LinkedIn More about Shannon from her Instagram   More About Us   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Linked In: @Unforgiving60     Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify    

    S4E8– Olympian Melissa Wu is Diving Into Life!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 64:08

    Melissa Wu is an Australian treasure- and of course Olympic, World and Commonwealth Games Diving medallist! Starting diving at 10, Melissa immediately fell in love with the sport… and here we are 20 years later. In 2008 she was the youngest Australian ever to win an Olympic medal in diving, and she is still medalling including in Tokyo 2020 Olympics where she won Bronze in the 10metre platform. But she doesn't much like water! We talk motivation and how Melissa remains focussed and in the moment. More recently she has been on SAS Australia, and she explains why a professional athlete would want to go on a reality TV show, and what she learned from the experience.    04:20       Melissa's dislike of water! 06:20       Melissa gets captivated by diving  08:30       Shout out to Ruby! 10:20       What about motivation?- how Melissa gets and stays motivated 13:10       What about failure? 15:00       Subjectiveness in diving 17:45       Emotional regulation techniques 21:50       Why Tim couldn't dive from the 10 metre tower 25:30       Poolside Sudoku! 27:20       How does synchro diving work- how do you prepare as a pair? 32:20       Tower, pool and venue differences 38:30       Talking SAS Australia- why did Melissa commit to the show? 40:40       Bodyweight and moving mass- how did Melissa go? 42:20       What Melissa learned about herself from the show? 47:40       When Melissa got gassed (tear gassed!) 50:00       How supportive were the instructors? 52:00       What happens on selection courses when people don't receive feedback? 56:20       What does Melissa do for Melissa? 1:01:10    The Plans for Commonwealth Games 2022   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @Unforgiving60   External Links   Melissa's LinkedIn More about Melissa from her Instagram   Music Mitchell Martin - available on Spotify The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify    

    S4E7– Brian Firth – Breathing – you're doing it wrong!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 67:47

    Breathing is something most of us take for granted.  But the more we've looked into it, the more there seems to be to this ostensibly simple practice.  You don't have to search far to find a wide range of advice on breathing – ranging from the obvious, to the counterintuitive, to the downright strange!  In this week's episode, Ben and Tim take a deep dive into Buteyko breathing with one of Australia's leading practitioners, Brian Firth.    Brian's own struggles with asthma led him to discover Buteyko breathing.  As Brian explains, Buteyko is not a breathing technique, but rather a method of re-training yourself to breathe better – for life.  Brian takes us through the principles behind the Buteyko methodology and along the way busts some of what he considers the biggest myths about breathing.   5:43         Breath by James Nestor.  A good read 6:00         Brian's issues with asthma, his history as a mouth-breather and his discovery of Buteyko 8:00         The history of Buteyko 10:00       How did it get so bad?!  Why would we need to be taught to breathe more efficiently? 11:50       Why deep breathing is NOT a good thing! 15:30       …and why this gets worse when we sleep 17:30       How complex is the Buteyko method? 21:00       Wider benefits of Buteyko 31:00       Buteyko and asthma 41:14       Mouthbreathing – bad!  But should you tape your mouth shut when you sleep? 44:40       Sleep apnoea 47:30       Buteyko is not a breathing technique per se; what are Brian's views on the myriad of techniques out there? 53:15       What about exercise?  Are there benefits to nasal or mouth breathing techniques during exercise? 1:01:09    What breathing advice should you give to someone suffering a panic attack?   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60   External Links   Get in touch with Brian More about Brian Brian's B&B   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify

    S4E6– Mick Neven is Fair Dinkum

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 55:48

    The 3-way….. (or is it 3-peat?) with Mick Neven is here! Either way for the 3rd time Mick joins us on the podcast. The first we were combatting the Zombie Apocalypse; the second Mick was Melon Head, and this time Mick is Fair Dinkum. We talk about the show and presenting in comedy festivals. How comedy IS a team sport. And the differences between festivals… including the uniqueness of Edinburgh Comedy Festival.   03:30.     The Stats on Mick Neven and the Unforgiving60 podcast. The etymology of 'Fair Dinkum'.... and why this fits Mick. 16:30       Is improv a bit scary? When you are short of material. 19:44       How far is too far when it comes to comedy…. And Chris Rock's recent experience. 22:11       What about the slap? 23:00       How much can you pick the audience member to work with them (without upsetting or insulting)? 24:40       The new show has some reflection- what are Mick's lessons learned? 26:10       Mick's second career in boxing… and is it post Will Smith self-defence? 28:40       Mick's running- park run times. 31:45       Who does Mick like across the new comedy talent? 34:00       Cultural differences between festivals. 35:30       Talking Edinburgh Festival- the magnitude of Edinburgh 39:00       Interlude with our amazing Emily…. 39:30       Is it still fun? 41:40       Talking Mick's tattoos 45:50       Mick's power song 47:00       Tim's power song 48:01       Ben's power song (via Mon Georgieva) 48:30       Mick's left field option…. And Mick's celebrity hall pass 49:00       Where is Mick next? 50:00       Google …. It's broken! Websites will never take off!   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60   External Links   Facebook: Instagram:   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify   *Other music snippets with thanks to Guns N'Roses, Jimmy Barnes and Sound of Madness

    S4E5B– Kev Toonen – Training SpecOps, Sports Stars and Celebrities: Part B

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 59:13

    In Ben and Tim's book The Resilience Shield, they refer to Kev Toonen as a ‘superstar Army PTI (Physical Training Instructor)' - and certainly when they first met him, that's exactly what Kev was – a thought leader in the development of special operations physical capability, who helped evolved SAS training methodologies, as well as prepare the amazing Monika Georgieva (see Season 2 Episode 3 for more on Mon!) for her pioneering attempts at the SAS selection course.   Since that time, Kev has taken his passion and knowledge for human performance to clients ranging from some of Australia's most beautiful and recognisable celebrities to elite sporting teams.  In this episode, Kev talks to what he learnt from his military service, how he saw the military approach to physical training change over the years and what he currently considers the key requirements for optimising the human body.    In this second part of a special double episode, Ben and Tim chat to Kev about helping Mon prepare for SASR selection and then his transition out of uniform into the much more beautiful world of celebrities, models and professional sportspeople, including his work with Candice Warner prior to her appearance on SAS Australia.    1:30         On Monika Georgieva's workup to being the first female to attempt SASR selection 3:00         The significance of the infamous 3.2km webbing run – and why it's such an important component of SASR selection 5:30         …and why this was a particularly difficult test for Mon 11:00       Mind-body connection, how it impacts selection performance and what potential candidates don't do well in their preparation and on the course 12:15       Kev's input into modernising the pre-selection training program 21:05       How did the lessons that Kev learnt in uniform translate into his current roles? 22:30       From the predominantly very ugly demographic of SASR to a ‘gym full of celebrities and models' in Sydney's trendy suburb of Darlinghurst 26:10       Building a fitness app – how hard/expensive can it be?! 27:00       Meeting rugby legends Ben and Owen Franks – a pivotal moment for Kev's transition into supporting elite sports 33:20       What's the difference between developing physical programs for Special Operations and elite sports and preparing them for the wider population? 40:30       Preparing Candice Warner for SAS Australia 47:00       What are Kev's current personal fitness goals? 48:50       The future of 98 Gym - the business of fitness 52:30       On Crossfit and F45 – the pros and cons of fitness movements like these 55:00       What's Kev's powersong – to fire him up when he needs to deadlift 250kg   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60   External Links   98 Gym   If you want some great black and white photos of Kev squatting the equivalent weight of a small car (and who doesn't?!) check out his Insta.   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify    

    S4E5A– Kev Toonen – Training SpecOps, Sports Stars and Celebrities: Part A

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 46:26

    In Ben and Tim's book The Resilience Shield, they refer to Kev Toonen as a ‘superstar Army PTI (Physical Training Instructor)' - and certainly when they first met him, that's exactly what Kev was – a thought leader in the development of special operations physical capability, who helped evolved SAS training methodologies, as well as prepare the amazing Monika Georgieva (see Season 2 Episode 3 for more on Mon!) for her pioneering attempts at the SAS selection course.   Since that time, Kev has taken his passion and knowledge for human performance to clients ranging from some of Australia's most beautiful and recognisable celebrities to elite sporting teams.  In this episode, Kev talks to what he learnt from his military service, how he saw the military approach to physical training change over the years and what he currently considers the key requirements for optimising the human body.    In this first part of a special double episode, Ben and Tim chat to Kev about his background, his early years in the Army and then his time at SASR, during which he was instrumental in changing elements of the unit's physical preparation program to better meet the demands of campaigning in Afghanistan.   4:30         Kev opens with……a sweat lodge story! 6:11         Kev's early years – school and joining the Army (after being tricked by a recruiter!) 8:45         Into infantry corps and the parachute battalion 11:30       East Timor 16:30       The million-dollar East Timor question – did Kev make it to the Kylie Minogue concert? 17:50       Back to East Timor for a second trip (in violation of the age-old Army rule – never volunteer for anything!) 19:40       …and a third trip to Timor! 20:00       12 months out of uniform – was the grass any greener on the other side? 21:00       Back into uniform – and why?  21:30       The highs and lows of sniper course 25:00       Marriage!  And a career transition to become a PTI, including reflections on the training involved 26:00       The evolution of thinking in military physical training 33:40       Getting posted to SASR in Perth 35:00       Influences at SASR, including Danny Cooper and Harry Moffitt 37:00       (Why friends shouldn't let friends skip leg day) 37:30       Impressions of physical training at SASR, and how this changed over the period of campaigning in Afghanistan 40:10       The potential downsides of a ‘never quit' mindset   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60   External Links   98 Gym   If you want some great black and white photos of Kev squatting the equivalent weight of a small car (and who doesn't?!) check out his Insta.   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify

    S4E4 – Be All There to Enjoy the Moments of Magic with Psychologist Ali Hill

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 60:41

    For the second time Ben and Tim talk to psychologist Al Hill.  The first time Ali interviewed Ben, Tim and Dr Dan Pronk…. And Ben and Tim nicked the audio! This time around they interview Ali on ‘Stand Out Lives'. Talking ‘working from anywhere', psychological transition and what leaders need to be aware of in this brave new world! Also- what are your moments Ali is CEO of AFR Fast 100 company Pragmatic Thinking, Ali is a Psychologist, an award-winning business woman, an influential keynote speaker, producer and host of Stand Out Life podcast, regular on mainstream media, and a best-selling author.     4:30         What has Ali done since Christmas? More health and adventure! 08:00       How Ali manages business partner and life partner (the same person!)- and psychological transitions from work to home? 09:50       Multi-tasking is a myth… how to work from anywhere…. But not work from everywhere 15:00       How will the COVID working experiment play out? The importance of face to face working….. can we risk losing it? 17:25       What does a hybrid look like? 19:25       The new challenges for leaders…. Are there any? 24:40       Dealing with the tough stuff- having difficult conversations 28:30       How do we find the moments of magic? 31:10       Moments that matter …. Decipher these in your life. Our first sporting analogy (in this episode)! 34:45       Our second sporting conversation-  on cricket and training mindfulness in order to be very attentive 38:50       Tuning into the little things…. Becoming a virtuous circle. 39:45       The author's journey. Ali talks about writing. 44:30       Ali's 6 must reads for 2022…. The window into Ali's soul 48:10       How would I know I was wrong about this? 50:50       What is Ali's powersong?   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60   External Links     Music   Mitchell Martin available on Spotify The Externals – available on Spotify Nick Kali- Available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify    

    S4E3 – Dean Fechner: Sharing hard-won lessons on resilience

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 69:40

    Dean Fechner is a tough human.  From a first career as an Air Force Physical Training Instructor, through subsequent work in law enforcement in places ranging from the Australian Parliament House to the battlefields of Southern Iraq, he has demonstrated an incredible amount of character and resilience.  But his toughest challenge came not in uniform, but on the operating table.  In this episode, Dean chats with Ben and Tim about how he built his resilience and how it was tested through the medical challenges that he has faced – and how he is now using the lessons that he has learnt through his life to help other people.    04:22       Dean's background – joining the military, training as a sparky and then – becoming a Physical Training Instructor! 06:42       Secrets of the ADF Physical Training Instructor course – is it more than just learning how to shave your legs?! 10:00       Working as a PTI at the Australian Defence Force Academy 11:40       Leaving the Air Force and becoming one of the pioneers in the personal training industry 12:00       …and into the police force – a lifelong ambition 13:45       What are the differences between police and Defence Force training? 15:00       Balancing the competing requirements of policing – the ‘three block war' concept 17:53       Transitioning into security roles within Courts and Parliament 19:45       Into Southern Iraq and a training role in their National Police Academy 23:50       What did a normal day in Iraq look like? 25:45       Did Dean feel he was making a difference in Iraq? 28:40       Dealing with the stressors of life in a combat zone 31:00       Over and above the meaning of the work, how important was the money? 33:00       Work after Iraq 36:00       Unexplained health issues, culminating in the identification of a massive heart blockage 38:00       ‘The Widowmaker' – a medical diagnosis you don't want to receive 40:10       Bouncing back – physically and mentally 43:20       How did Dean keep going through it all? Mental and physical strategies 46:25       But then things started to plateau – and the headaches began… 47:40       …which were then diagnosed as a brain tumour 50:10       The importance of hope 51:00       Breathing, meditation – and studying psychology 58:00       Breathing techniques, including from Brian MacKenzie and Andrew Huberman 1:01:30    The value of Stoicism 1:03:25    Where to from here?   Email us at   Instagram, Twitter: @Unforgiving60   External Links Dean's current work includes his role with Front and Centre, who provide bespoke solutions and support in the areas Sales Training, Leadership Training, Client Experience, Presentation Skills and more.   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify

    S4E2 – Tom Moore- How ‘WithYouWithMe' is Disrupting Normal

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2022 62:07

    Tom Moore is the CEO of WithYouWithMe (WYWM) a social impact company, founded by Veterans – it was started with the sole mission of solving veteran underemployment. Indeed when transitioning from the military to civilian life, Tom struggled to gain meaningful employment. WYWM now includes neurodivergent, gender-diverse, military spouses, and Indigenous populations. They support veterans and others (for free!) by offering our testing, training, and job search function (once again, for free!) on their platform to help identify their best matched career path, learn their job-ready skills, and land their first job.   We talk with Tom about his life in uniform and how WYWM delivers value to employers.   In 2019, WYWM won Deloitte's Tech Fast 50 and Tech Fast 500 programs because of its explosive growth rate of 13,361 per cent…..  unbelievable success and you'll love the philosophies that they implement and embrace.     04:25       Tom gives his background in the Army and what led to him leaving. 06:00       Why the resume approach is broken. 10:20       Why veteran resumes are misunderstood…. And how to better represent military skills. 15:00       How to showcase how people can do things…. That people didn't think they could! 20:20       What were the nature of Tom's injuries? 22:55       If Tom wasn't happy in the military why did he want to stay? 30:00       What was transferrable from the military? 35:10       What keeps Tom going through the tough times? 43:00       Founders and vulnerability, fear and focus 45:20       Is there a shift in hiring stigmas? 49:10       How does WYWM make sure that there aren't too many generals?   Find out more here:   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter): @Unforgiving60   External Links   Music The Externals – available on Spotify New tunes from And Enjoy ….. check them out on Instagram @AndEnjoyBand

    S4E1 - Harry Garside: Fighting the good fight – inside and outside the ring

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2022 54:19

    Harry Garside is all about challenging stereotypes.  So let's start by challenging some of yours.  What do you think of when you think ‘champion boxer'?  Is it someone who dances ballet?  Who paints their nails?  Who augments their training with meditation, juggling and Schulte tables?  If you answered no to these questions (or if you simply want to know what a Schulte table is!), this episode is for you.  Fresh from his bronze medal performance in Tokyo, Harry joins Ben and Tim to open Season Four of the Unforgiving60 with an amazing reflection on his life to date – inside and outside of the boxing ring.    04:25       Reflections on an Olympic Bronze Medal at Tokyo 05:30       On mellowing (now wallowing!) in loss – a lesson from Tim Grover        10:45       On identity and role – how to ensure you are more than what it says on your business card 13:40       The beauty of being human – in all its weirdness and individuality! 14:40       Ballet as boxing preparation – lessons from the Gold Medal Ready Program, including ‘getting comfortable being uncomfortable' 17:30       The importance of mentors – and a close inner circle - in Harry's life 21:00       On negativity bias 22:30        Dealing with fear 24:00       What does a normal training day look like for Harry – and how is it meditative?! 25:35       Ben asks the dumb question – what are the Olympics like? 27:41       …and did COVID ruin the experience at all? 30:15       The (semi-)mandatory U60 question – what's Harry's power song? 32:00       Harry's Hall of Fame – and why Harry has these people tattooed on his leg (hint:  it's not just because they're great boxers) 34:40       Should you encourage your kid to get into boxing? 37:52       Tim takes the opportunity to bring up the time that Ben got absolutely smashed by the great Chris Collard…. 38:45       On vulnerability – there's nowhere to hide in a boxing ring! 40:30       What does Harry need to reach his next goal? 44:30       What's Harry reading at the moment? 45:31       How can Schulte Tables make you a better boxer? 49:05       What's changed for Harry since the Olympics – and what's next   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter): @Unforgiving60   External Links Tim Grover, Relentless   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify

    @RV28 – Season 3 Finale ….. Reflections & into the Future

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 14, 2022 47:32

    Ben and Tim look back at 2021…. What a wild year it was and they give the key takeaways …. to takeaway! Plus, listener and guest feedback. ** We also talk about Shannon Lemanski who on 12 Mar will be conducting the Better-at-Life Sprint Triathlon as part of the Mooloolaba Triathlon festival. This will see him attempt a 750m open water swim in combat cams, a 20km bike ride in body armour, and a 5km run with an 18kg pack – symbolising the 18+ Veterans lost to suicide in 2021.  Sponsor him at: Or learn more about Swiss8 at:   As always, please let us know what you think.  We'd love to hear from you – please email     Music … with thanks to: The Externals … Available on Spotify Ben Frichot from Frichot Design Factory        

    S3E20 –Standout Life with Ali Hill

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 64:02

    Ali Hill is a professional ‘head-mechanic' (aka psychologist) and has worked with big businesses and small to improve performance. In this episode Ben and Tim are joined by Dr Dan Pronk to chat to Ali on her Standout Life Podcast. We talk resilient minds and psychological drivers to being more (or less) resilient.   More on Ali Here:       Our Website:   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn): @Unforgiving60   Music… with thanks to The Externals and Mitchell Martin – available on Spotify

    S3E19 –Lessons in Leadership with Randy Powell

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2021 88:12

    This week Ben and Tim cross into America and join Randy Powell and guests on the Lessons in Leadership Show. We talk leadership, resilience and how Prince Harry got shot in the bum! Each week Randy has conversations with leaders who have started businesses, founded charities, gone away to war, endured unimaginable hardship, and taken on breathtaking challenges, and through it all developed grit, perseverance, determination, and resilience.  Ben and Tim haven't done much of any of that! Enjoy!   More on Randy here:       Our Website:   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn): @Unforgiving60   Music… with thanks to The Externals – available on Spotify  

    S3E18 - MCTI Teamcast – Creativity within Mission Critical Teams

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 112:35

    This week we plagiarise some content – and have an episode without Tim!  Ben was recently invited to participate in a podcast with the Mission Critical Teams Institute discussing the potential links between creativity and the kinds of people who end up in Mission Critical Teams.  This is an area of significant interest for Ben.  There is an old saying that there are no atheists in a foxhole - while we're not sure about that, Ben has noticed that there seem to be a bunch of artists in foxholes!  On every deployment he has been on, he has been surprised by the amount of people who start writing poetry, drawing or playing a musical instrument.  This podcast explores some potential links in this regard.   Former Unforgiving60 guest Harry Moffitt chairs the conversation, which includes Ben and Professor Kate Stevens, a cognitive scientist and Professor in Psychology whose work investigates how humans interact with each other, their environment, and with technology. Enjoy!   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter): @Unforgiving60   External Links The MCTI website, including their overview of this episode Music Jamaica Scream The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify

    S3E17b – Hamish Blake: The Importance of Wheelies & Other Tips for Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2021 69:20

    In Part B of the Hamish Blake interview we talk resilience. As well as how Hamish practices mindfulness, meaningful challenges, the mind-body connection and The Melbourne Football Club! We also talk about how to crack open a safe!    Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 01:50       Hamish completes our Resilience Survey 06:40       Presenting the data on resilience 08:00       Resilience is more than strengthening your one-legged table 08:45       Friends v family 12:00       Picking an activity to be bad at! Enter the wheelie! 14:30       Talking status and ego & mindset              18:30       The principle of locus of control 27:00       Hamish's advice to teenagers 31:10       Physical exertion as ‘mindfulness' 36:50       The mind-body connection…. weaving aspects together 38:50       Hamish and his relationship with The Melbourne Football Club 52:00       Hamish and safe cracking 57:30        SAS explosive calculations…. The ‘how to' guide 59:00.       On the TV show SAS Australia   External Links     Contact Us   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter): @Unforgiving60     Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot- – available via:  

    S3E17a – Hamish Blake: The Importance of Wheelies & Other Tips for Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 52:38

    Hamish Blake needs no introduction. So, we won't give him one.   Part A discusses getting into comedy, bombing and learning from failure and who/ what is the real Hamish. We talk about Hamish and Andy and sustaining a personal and professional relationship. And their trip into Afghanistan.   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 00:00       Hamish proves that he's as bad as Ben and Tim on recording. 01:00       Why we are on a last name basis 03:30       How did Hamish get to be the Hamish he is today? 06:55       Breaking into comedy….. what was Hamish's dream job? 08:30       How confronting is stand-up comedy? 10:55       The importance of bombing… and perspective. 13:40       The original Hamish and Andy Show- bombed. How do you come back from that? 17:50       Learning and adapting from sucking. 20:00       Hamish + Andy. How do you sustain social and professional over an extended period? 26:30       How many personalities can you juggle-including the public persona. 31:45       When role and identity collides = ‘issues' 34:40       Hamish and Andy head to Afghanistan- why? 40:05       The non-alcoholic beer challenge in Afghanistan (not endorsed by us!). 43:00       The Paddle Pop challenge (not endorsed by us!). 44:20       And other food challenges. 47:50       Taking us own with Hamish as a non-battle casualty (NBCAS) in Afghanistan.       External Links     Contact Us   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook): @Unforgiving60     Music The Externals – available on Spotify

    S3E16 – Christian ‘Boo' Boucousis – The Fighter Pilot Mindset

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 63:11

    Since as long as he could remember, Boo wanted to be a fighter pilot.  Even before he'd seen Top Gun!  In this episode, Ben and Tim pick Boo's brains about his connection to purpose, the difference between ‘High Performance' and ‘Deep Performance' and how he and the team at Afterburner have helped countless corporate clients embrace the fighter pilot mindset and improve their performance by adopting the mantra ‘Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief!' Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 02:45       What would Tim's callsign be if he was a fighter pilot? 06:00       Boo's story, including how he found his dream to be a pilot 08:30       The importance of purpose 11:30       What's it really like being a fighter pilot? (Hint:  It's not like Top Gun, but it is achievable!) 17:00       Life in the squadron 21:10       The ‘say/do' gap 25:15       The importance of debriefing 29:50       On ego 39:20       Boo's reason for leaving the Air Force - and his post-military career 48:25       The difference between ‘High Performance' and ‘Deep Performance' 53:20       Boo on his podcast, The Few 57:40       …and Boo's ‘Power Song'!   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter): @Unforgiving60   External Links Boo's website Afterburner The Few podcast   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify

    S3E15- Dr Dan Pronk and the Making of Resilience (Shield)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 81:49

    Following up from last week, this week we have Dr Dan Pronk back on the show to talk about the making of The Resilience Shield. And what the three authors do in their lives to contribute to their own Resilience Shields.   More on The Resilience Shield is here...   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) no show notes this week. Email us if you love show notes!   Contact Us:    Music: The Externals  

    S3E14- Life on the Line Reciprocal: SAS Resilience with Dr Dan Pronk, Ben Pronk and Tim Curtis

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 74:27

    Alex Lloyd from Life on the Line Podcast interviews Ben, Tim and Dr Dan Pronk discussing resilience. More about the incredible Life on the Line Podcast here:  More on the amazingly selfless Alex Lloyd here:   ****** Life on the Line Episode Notes: Alex Lloyd interviews three Australian Special Forces veterans about the secrets to unlock greater personal resilience. Life on the Line tracks down Australian military veterans and records their stories. Dr Dan Pronk, Ben Pronk DSC and Tim Curtis return to the show in this special podcast to talk about their new book, THE RESILIENCE SHIELD. From lessons learned in Afghanistan to Sierra Leone, the board room to the hospital, the SAS veterans have demystified and defined resilience and unlocked how anyone can better equip themselves to overcome adversity in life. Alex Lloyd, the publisher of their book at Pan Macmillan, spoke with the trio more about how the book came about and what readers can expect.  

    S3E13 – The Reverse Episode: Ben & Tim Talking Parenting with Jump Daddy and Dr Tom

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2021 58:22

    A very intimate, raw and special reverse episode- where Ben and Tim tell honest stories about their own families, as well as their philosophy on death and dying, and the values they have tried to instil in their own families.   - With Jump Daddy and Dr Tom from the Dad to Me Podcast.   External Links More information on Dad to Me is available here.    About Us   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter): @Unforgiving60     Music By The Externals – available on Spotify With thanks also to Ben Frichot from Frichot Design Factory for his music.    

    S3E12 – Talking Parenting with Jump Daddy and Dr Tom from the Dad To Me Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2021 59:37

    A hilarious episode with Dr Tom and Jump Daddy who have a podcast that acts as a translation service between kids and their fathers!  These two are as smart and funny as …. They interviewed Ben and Tim about parenting on the Dad to Me Podcast; and now Ben and Tim get their own back! The revenge episode! The Dad to Me podcast interviews the world's hottest fathers. The series poses questions grown children have always wanted to ask their own dads, but have somehow felt too awkward, out-of-place or simply scary to ask.   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 02:30       Introducing Dr Tom and Jump Daddy! Interviewing the world's hottest fathers! 03:45       How the two boys met 06:30       Alternate political views- anti War and student politics… and handball! 09:15       The boys' professional lives. Comedy and Latin. 17:15       What are the boys learning from their podcast. 22:00       Platforms for conversations- when/ how do you have the tough conversations with your kids. 29:00       What was the motivation to start the Dad to Me podcast? Talking their relationships with their Dads. 33:00       Older males and framing vulnerability. Our relationships with our own dads- the sharing moment! 41:50       The boys own parenting experiences. Jump Daddy's is quick. Dr Tom describes himself as  ‘more than an uncle/ less than a dad!'….  8-O 51:20       What's next on the Dad to Me podcast for Season 2?     External Links More information on Dad to Me is available here.     About Us   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter): @Unforgiving60     Music By The Externals – available on Spotify

    S3E11 – Dr Richard Magtengaard: Psychiatrist- Understanding Your Lizard Brain

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 83:55

    What do we do better? Decommissioning aircraft or decommissioning people? This episode will explore how well we do the latter. Dr Richard Magtengaard is a psychiatrist with near 20 years of clinical experience, working extensive with veterans and first responders. But he's pretty different to who and what you might expect... Firstly, Richard served for 10 years as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy, before retiring to complete his Postgraduate Degree within Medicine (MBBS) and then into psychiatry. Secondly, Richard prefers to use non-conventional therapies over medication. We ask Richard about the merit of art therapy, animal therapy, forgery, the use of psychedelics and much more. What can we do NOW so we don't need to end up seeing a psych!? Richard is currently the Director of the Military Trauma Recovery Programme. This programme remains dedicated to assisting Defence Personnel, our Veterans, First Responder Organisations and their families who have sustained physical and psychological traumas during the performance of their duties.  Richard is passionate about the future of disruptive health technologies to improve outcomes in care, including neurostimulation with rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation).   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 00:30       Please excuse the echo in the introduction as we tested our new non sound. proofed studio…. Don't ask why!?        Just ask Ben! 03:55       Richard's surname…. And how it translated into a nickname! 08:20       Joining the Navy from a Wheatbelt town. 12:00       Summarising Richard's Navy service, and transferrable lessons learned into psychiatry. 14:30       Why psychiatrists are bad are decompressed. 16:20       Rights of individuals….. versus collective responsibility. 18:50       Has Richard ever crashed a boat? 21:00       The most confronting professional sights for Richard. 22:20       Out of the Navy whites and into the Scrubs. 24:15       Combat operations- fascinating science or difficult treatment? 26:00       Therapies other than medication. 28:00       Tim's opinion on the role of ‘forgery'. 29:20       Mammalian brains…. why we have challenges. 31:00       Did we prepare people well for 20 years of combat operations? 35:30       Mark Wales and his brain being more lizard than human! 42:30       Art therapy- how (and does) it work? 47:20       Animal therapy… gimmick or effective? 52:00       Is there a place for psychedelics? 56:50       Set and settings…. dose and environment. Loving yourself and removing stress. 59:10       Richard talks disruptive health technologies and transcranial magnetic stimulation. 1:03:20    What can we do so we don't need to end up seeing a psych!? 1:05:50    On breathing. 1:07:50    On victimhood, diagnoses, power and control …. Richard's thoughts. 1:12:15.    Caring for the carers     Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter): @Unforgiving60     External Links More information on Richard is available here.   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Mitchell Martin- available on Spotify  

    S3E10 – Nicho Plowman – Meditation and the Cinema of Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2021 61:45

    Nicho Plowman reckons our lives are like an amazing movie – the trouble is that most of us are sitting way too close to the screen and being overwhelmed by it!  In this podcast, Nicho, an entrepreneur and vedic meditation teacher, talks to us about the incredible benefits of using a meditation practice to move a few rows back in the movie of your life.  Reflecting on his own journey into meditation, Nicho shares the history and principles of vedic meditation and some of the benefits that he has derived from his practice – not least of which is the ability to get to further back in the cinema of his life and enjoy the show! Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 02:45       Nicho's background and how he got into meditation 04:45       Burning the candle at both ends – which eventually caught up with him and prompted Nicho to try meditation 06:30       On having the book Autobiograpy of a Yogi around for 10 years – and finally reading it, which ‘lit a spark' 08:00       Trying a variety of meditation techniques – most of them ‘monastic', which work well on retreats, but were difficult to maintain in the ‘real world' 10:30       Discovering vedic meditation – and its benefits for us ‘householders' 11:30       Nicho then took 12 months to undertake vedic teacher training 12:30       The importance of experiential ‘research' – sometimes we need to be ready to receive new knowledge 15:30       The history of vedic meditation 17:45       The relationship between vedic meditation and transcendental meditation 20:30       Overcoming the barriers to entry to meditation – what is meditation and how can we make it more accessible, particularly to guys? 22:30       The importance of the mantra in vedic meditation – a simple, yet powerful, technique to rest your mind and release stress and fatigue 26:15       Nicho on his acquisition of Insight Timer as a means of bringing meditation to more people – and its evolution from there 29:50       The benefits (unexpected or otherwise) of a meditation practice 33:45       Will meditation slow me down and make me lose “the edge”? 34:30       Enjoying the movie more by moving back a few rows from the screen 36:50       The differences – and added benefits – of meditating as a group 39:00       The application of meditation to military and first response organisations – and competitive sports 46:50       Meditation – less about learning something knew, and more about remembering something we've always actually known! 48:40       Is there a place for psychedelics as a complement to meditation? 55:00       How are corporates approaching meditation?   Email us at Social Media (Instagram, Twitter): @Unforgiving60   External Links Nicho's website Insight Timer   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify  

    S3E9 – Dr Lies Notebaert: On Resilience & Adversity

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 58:07

    Dr Lies Notebaert is a psychologist who examines cognitive processes such as attention, interpretation, memory, and complex planning, in order to find out how these affect mental health and resilience in people who are dealing with adversity.  She also happens to be our long-suffering research partner in the Resilience Shield project, who has single-handedly had to endure an almost endless barrage of dumb questions as we work to refine our understanding of what resilience is – and how we can improve it.  In particular, Lies has been at the forefront of interpreting and analysing the first tranche of results from our Resilience Survey.    In this episode, we chat with Lies about her background, her areas of research interest and the findings from her analysis of our survey data.   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 04:15       Lies's background – including her desire from a very early age to write a book.  (Tragically, the initial concept – about killer Belgian traffic lights – never came to fruition…) 05:30       How Lies became fascinated with psychological research 06:15       Ben talks about his Kings College lecturer, Dr Kenneth Payne, who has just released his latest book, I, Warbot, on the applications of artificial intelligence in warfare. 07:00       Lies's PhD in cognitive psychology 09:30       Cognitive biases – quite universal across cultures, however changing with age 12:05       OK, so what is resilience?  Lies's definition and how she impacted our ideas on resilience and vulnerability 14:45       The relativity of resilience 16:30       The genesis of the Resilience Shield model, how we developed the Resilience Survey, and the amazing work Lies has done in analysing the data collected from this to date. 19:00       The Body Layer: sleep, diet and exercise - and why this is often the first thing we abandon when things get tough 20:30       The importance of sleep and how much is enough (depending on your age!) 22:20       The Mind Layer – and how it is strong that it broke our statistical model! 26:00       Being a specialist vs being a generalist – and why the latter is probably better for our resilience 28:20       The impact of routine and disruption on our resilience 30:30       The importance of an internal locus of control 35:15       Meditation and mindfulness – good stuff to do, according to science 37:00       Growth Mindset and resilience 39:50       The Social Layer… 41:00       …and its particular impact on decreasing our vulnerability 45:45       The Professional Layer 49:30       Next steps for the Resilience Shield   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter) @Unforgiving60   External Links Click here for more information on resilience, the Resilience Shield model and to complete the Resilience Survey Lies was recognised as the University of Western Australia Faculty of Science Rising Star winner in 2019 for her work on resilience – more here   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify  

    @RV27- The Resilience RV

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2021 39:30

    Ben and Tim talk about the book that they have written with Dr Dan Pronk titled The Resilience Shield. What is resilience and stress.... and how does the scientific proof explain how we can be more (or less) resilient. More information including the individual resilience survey is at:   

    S3E8 – Pete Naschak: US Navy SEALs, Red Bull Athletes and Resilience Shepherds

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2021 87:53

    Ben and Tim first met Pete Naschak when he was on exchange from the US Navy SEALS to the Australian SAS. Pete is an expert in resilience, elite performance and getting the most out of the people he works with, which has included Red Bull athletes and members of the US Olympic Team in their preparation for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic games.  Of course in addition, Pete is a former US Navy SEAL, with an incredibly distinguished military career, and a current board member of the Lone Survivor Foundation.   We caught up with Pete on the eve of his dissertation defence, where he talked us through his time with the SEAL teams, including the gruelling BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL) selection process, as well as what he's doing now to help other people build resilience and increase performance.  Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 03:40       Pete's inspiration to join the Navy (hint:  unlike Lee Goddard, it wasn't a recruiting commercial!) 05:00       The rigorous selection process for US military academies 07:05       Pete talks the US Navy SEAL selection process     09:45       What does it mean when a SEAL candidate ‘rings the bell'? 14:00       BUD/S ‘Hell Week' – about as much fun as it sounds… 16:45       The balance between mental and physical requirements on BUD/S 18:30       How does Australian SAS selection compare to BUD/S? 23:00       Graduating from BUD/S – and into the Teams, in 1989.  What was it like as a SEAL back before 9/11 (and even before the iconic (?!) Charlie Sheen movie) 30:00       Pete's final tour was as the Command Master Chief of a SEAL Team – what generational differences did Pete notice with the younger SEALs 35:00       Pete's transition out of uniform – and how he transferred and adapted his military skills into his new roles 41:20       Pete's work coaching the coaches 47:45       The tension between generalisation and specialisation – and its impact on resilience 49:30       The importance of exposure – forcing yourself to deal with different things 52:50       What is a ‘resilience shepherd'?  And how can you spot them within your organisation? 1:01:50    What should you, as a leader, do when you identify resilience shepherds in your team? 1:05:06    What are the most important factors in creating resilience at an individual level? 1:08:40    What lessons can we learn from Marcus Luttrell, the ‘lone survivor'? 1:10:05    Pete's daily practices 1:13:30    Pete's take on mindfulness and meditation 1:21:08    Pete's recommended readings   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter) @Unforgiving60                      External Links Senaptec Lone Survivor Foundation Performance Activation   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify  

    @RV26 – On Simon Eastaugh, Lee Goddard and ‘Billy' Billingham

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 58:42

    Ben and Tim look back on Simon Eastaugh, Lee Goddard and Mark ‘Billy' Billingham before turning their attention to the withdrawal from Afghanistan- & what has been achieved. Plus, listener feedback! Reflections on Anzac Day 2021 .... and much more. As always, please let us know what you think.  We'd love to hear from you – please email   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 01:20          On Simon Eastaugh – Assistant Coach Fremantle Football Club 06:00          Why Ben needs a co-host …. Because of podcast time travel 08:45          On Rear Admiral Lee Goddard – Former Naval Officer and now at Minderoo Foundation 10:30          The problem with the current Army advertisements – Ben and Tim's opinion (only) 15:35          On Mark 'Billy' Billingham- ex 22 SAS and now television show host 22:00          The withdrawal from Afghanistan….  Some reflections 27:45          David Knoff is back from Antarctica! A note from David 29:10          Ben's talks resilience at the TacMed Summit 31:00          Then more resilience for a pastoral company 33:00          Mark Wales's book is coming out…… soon to hit the shelves 34:15          Listener feedback… and General Jim Molan and his next battle 38:40          The Unforgiving60 is ranked in the top few percent of 2m+ podcasts…. our thoughts 42:05          ANZAC Day 2021… and beyond!   Music The Externals … Available on Spotify        

    S3E7 – A little further: Mark Billingham- From UK SAS Operator to in front of the camera

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2021 76:54

    Former UK SAS operator, Mark ‘Billy' Billingham grew up on tough council estate in Birmingham. Leaving school at eleven, the threat of juvenile detention hanging over his head, he was running with gangs, and almost being killed in a knife fight at 15 eventually led to Billy discovering the British Armed Forces at sixteen. Billy spent 8 years in the UK Parachute Regiment in 1983 and served until 1991 before doing the UK SAS selection course and successful joining the Regiment as a Mountain Troop specialist. He subsequently saw service in Iraq, Afghanistan, South America and Africa as well as hostage rescue operations. After his career in the SAS Billy worked as a bodyguard for the world's biggest A-listers including being a permanent bodyguard for years with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their six children. Billy then transitioned onto the other side of the camera including as a co-host of the television shows SAS UK and SAS Australia. We talk growing up and into the military and then in detail talking about Billy's experience on the UK SAS selection course. Then time in the unit….. and beyond. We talk about techniques for controlling fear. Billy also shares anecdotes as a bodyguard and of course his experience on the TV set of the reality shows of SAS UK and SAS Australia. In 2010, Billy deployed to Haiti to help after a devastating earthquake destroyed the country. He lived and worked in Haïti for 3 years in an effort to help rebuild the country and  continues to support Haïti as an ambassador to the charity REBUILD. REBUILD  provides education and job training to the most vulnerable.    * Note: DS = Directing Staff = the instructors on a selection course.   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 03:40       Billy's Peaky Blinders comparison….. growing up hard in Birmingham 10:50       Purpose and identity… Billy's parallel moment with Australia's VC winners… off the street and into the UK's Parachute Regiment 14:00       About the Parachute Regiment and the genesis of Billy wanting to do the UK 22 SAS Selection Course. 16:50       Into SAS Selection….. the endearing memories. 18:00       What happens to the fit good looking dudes on Selection (*considering the three of us it makes sense)…. Candidate wastage on selection. 21:00       Jungle phase of SAS Selection… and Billy's feeling at the end of selection 25:10       No feedback- the challenge of a lack of feedback on SAS selection 30:30       Billy on controlling fear 36:50       The fondest memories from the SAS. Lessons learned. 41:20       Billy moves into security and bodyguarding roles. Why Hulk Hogan needs a bodyguard. 44:00       Would Billy want to change places with an A-lister? 48:00       How did Billy keep the personal relationship from the professional relationship- balance. 51:30       How did SAS UK and SAS Australia come about…. and how closely does it resemble SAS selection? 58:00       About being persona non grata (PNG). 1:04:00    Billy's book ‘The Hard Way' 1:06:00    Billy's upcoming speaking tour 1:08:00    What does ‘Always a little further' mean to Billy   More …… Get in touch with us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Instagram) @Unforgiving60                      External Links   REBUILD globally (Haiti charity)     Music As always thanks to The Externals – music available on Spotify  

    S3E6- Rear Admiral Lee Goddard CSC: The Pride of the Fleet!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2021 68:43

    Ben first met Lee Goddard on the high seas, chasing North Korean drug smugglers.  Tim's history with Lee goes back a bit further – to his very first days in the military as a young cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy, where Lee was the Academy Cadet Captain.  Since graduating from ADFA, Lee has excelled in pretty much endeavour he has turned his hand to, from crewing the tall ship, The Young Endeavour, through to command of warships on operations in places like the South China Sea and the Persian Gulf, and then to running the entire Maritime Border Command.  After 34 years in the Royal Australian Navy, Lee concluded his fulltime military service as a rear admiral and has now transitioned out of the military and is working within Andrew Forrest's Minderoo Foundation. We talk life onboard a Navy warship and leadership challenges as well as 'pranging' a ship.   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 05:15       Lee's early life and inspiration to join the Navy – including this stirring recruiting commercial! 08:00       Ben asks the dumb question – does Lee get seasick?! (Spoiler alert – Ben does) 09:40       What has Lee been able to take from his military service and apply in his current role? 12:00       Lee's favourite ‘Navy moments'... 16:00       ...including going from looking in awe at the Captain of a ship – to being one! 17:30       Lee's time on the Young Endeavour, including reflections on the amazing young Australians he worked with, and a number of serious incidents 23:45       What's life like on board a warship? 26:30       The attachment that crews get to their ships 28:45       Lee's recollection of the Pong Su boarding – from the bridge as XO of the HMAS Stuart 34:00       One of Lee's more interesting jobs as ship's XO – hotel manager! 37:00       Lee's command of the HMAS Parramatta and winning the Duke of Gloucester Cup for the best performing ship – literally, the ‘Pride of the Fleet!' 40:45       Lee's reflections on ‘the other side of Lake Burley-Griffin' – his time within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet 43:10       Lee then served as Commander of Maritime Border Command and Operation Sovereign Borders 46:50       The most important question Ben can think of – has Lee ever crashed a ship?!  Including Lee's reflections of the pressure of trying to reverse parallel park a warship in Sydney Harbour! 49:00       Lee's post-military role with the Minderoo Foundation, including his role in addressing community resilience against natural disasters 54:00       What makes a resilient community? Minderoo's perspective 57:45       What is Lee most proud of?  In short, not what he achieved, but how he achieved it Email us at Social Media (Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn): @Unforgiving60                      External Links The Minderoo Foundation   Music The Externals – available on Spotify Ben Frichot - available on Spotify Mitchell Martin - available on Spotify

    S3E5 – Talking Elite Footy with Simon Eastaugh - Fremantle Football Club

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2021 62:38

    The very funny 6 foot 7 Simon Eastaugh knows Australian Football from both on field and off field vantage points. He was drafted from his Dad's farm in rural Victoria to Richmond at the age of 16. He played professional football for three different AFL clubs for over a decade and then transitioned from the field into the coaches box. Simon was ruck and development coach for the West Coast Eagles from 2010 to 2013 and coached Dean Cox and Nic Naitanui with both players taking out All-Australian honours during that time. Simon is now an Assistant Coach with the Dockers with a massive portfolio.   We talk about the challenges of AFL football (then and now), as well as leadership from the field to the coaches box- who leads?   Could military tactical operations centre thinking be applied into coaches boxes?   What are the habits of the most elite footballers and what is at the core of resilience?   Plus, Simon's predictions for the 2021 AFL season.   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 05:00       Tim's predictable dumb joke about elite footballers 05:40       Simon's backstory on a famer in Shepparton in country Victoria 09:30       A secret about Simon's ‘other sport' 10:30       Getting drafted…. what it looked like in 1989 12:30       Simon's in the club…. But getting injured- about setbacks and overcoming them 13:45       Simon enters coaching…. in a less conventional way 15:50       About goals and focus 18:00       Simon's goalkicking statistics….. and talking about Gary O'Donnell in Bali, but also his discipline and standards on the football field 21:00       Physicality in football- has it changed? 24:10       John Worsfold as a coach 25:00       What makes a high performance football team (Simon) and what makes a high performance military team (Ben) 31:45       What are the habits of the elite-elite? 35:00       Dealing with adversity- talent v hard work 40:00       If military thinking was applied in the coaches box…. would it be different? 42:40       Who leads on game day? 44:45       Is football embracing adaptive leadership? 46:30       Ben gives the ‘coaches box view' for military operations 49:00       Modern day football… and explaining it to non Australians! 50:00       Do footballers need more than football? 53:30       Simon's predictions for the 2021 AFL Season   Email us at   Social Media (Instagram, Twitter) @Unforgiving60                      External Links Fremantle Football Club     Music The Externals – available on Spotify  

    @RV25 – Season 3 Opener! On Mick Neven, Jacqui Lambie, David Knoff and Nick Hudson

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2021 47:19

    Season 3!?! > How did that happen?! These guys should have been sacked! *** The first RV of the third season!  And what a cracking season opener – the boys look back with fondness on the season's start, and in particular the interview with comedian Mick Neven, Senator Jacqui Lambie, Iceman David Knoff and Chief Push-up Officer Nick Hudson, before turning their attention to listener feedback – and some new music! As always, please let us know what you think.  We'd love to hear from you – please email   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 01:20          Mick Nevin – our traditional season opener (based on two occurrences!)(After all .... two data points make a trend!) 02:30          Extraversion – more to it than just being the life of the party 05:00          Ben and Tim reflect on experiences with bullying in their school years 09:20          Reflections on the Jacqui Lambie episode – passion and politics 13:20          From Tasmania with Jacqui – even further south!  To Davis Station, Antarctica – reflections on our discussion with David Knoff 14:45          Leadership on the ice…how to lead a team that you can never get away from! 16:20          Leadership lessons from picking up brass after a range practice 19:25          Nick Hudson – owner of the best business title ever, hands down 21:50          Overview of the Push-Up Challenge – and how to get involved (including by clicking here!) 24:50          U60 alum Mark Wales – and his new book Survivor, available now for pre-order – click here! 29:50          Listener feedback 32:40          …including some awesome new music from Ben Frichot 34:20          Some listener feedback (and coffee beans!) from the amazing team at Beraldo coffee   Music The Externals … Available on Spotify Atlas Chasers…..Available on Spotify Ben Frichot…..Available on Spotify  

    S3E4 – Nick Hudson: Chief of Push-ups - The Push-up Challenge

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2021 70:25

    Nick Hudson has the world's coolest job title – Chief of Push-ups.  As the originator and driving force behind the Push-up Challenge, Nick has raised millions of dollars in just a few short years to assist research and support into depression.  The genesis of this amazing endeavour comes from Nick's own experience, both through his family and his personal exposure to mental health challenges, brought on in part as a result of undergoing open heart surgery.  In this episode, Nick tells us his story and how he was able to harness his experiences to create the Push-up Challenge and develop it into what it has since become.  Along the way, we learn a little more about depression, a lot more about the Ross Procedure, and we even find out Tim's perfect job title!  **** [Trigger warning- we discuss depression and mental health in this episode]  ****   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 04:00       Nick's excellent job title… 04:25       …and what Tim's job title should be 05:00       Nick's background and what got him to the point where he decided to do push-ups and raise money for charity – including open heart surgery at the age of four 05:40       Nick's first encounters with depression 10:00       What is depression? (Hint: it's not just about ‘being sad') 15:10       Why is there such a stigma associated with depression and mental illness? 19:50       One technique to broach the subject with a friend who you think might be experiencing depression – the ‘accidental chat' 21:45       So – how can push-ups help?! 22:00       The benefits of ‘relentlessly competitive mates' 24:00       A $200 app – the start of the Push-up Challenge platform 26:45       2018 – 1 million push-ups completed, and $50,000 raised! 28:00       ..and then – a personal health scare 32:00       The terrifying diagnosis.  And the second opinion.  And the third opinion (Hint:  the diagnosis didn't get better!) 33:30       Slipping into depression 34:30       What does depression feel like? 36:45       You know you've hit rock bottom when even The Bachelor doesn't bring you joy! 38:15       How Nick realised that he was suffering from depression 39:20       What was worse – open heart surgery or depression?! 40:45       The Ross Procedure – amazing 41:45       Tim learns that the ‘Iron Man' nuclear heart replacement option isn't a real thing 51:30       Recovery – and taking the Push-up Challenge to the next level 52:35       2019 – almost 50,000 participants and $2.5m raised! 53:45       The Push-up Challenge target concepts explained 55:15       2020 - $5.1m raised!  And the impacts (positive and negative) of COVID on the challenge 57:30       The 2021 Challenge – 3,318 push-ups – one for every person who died by suicide in Australia in 2019 58:00       How to participate in the challenge – individually, as a team – and you don't even have to do push-ups! 1:00:00    Nick's plans and goals for the Challenge in 2021 1:01:30    How you can find out more and participate in the 2021 Push-up Challenge                    External Links The Push-Up Challenge If you need help in this area, some great resources (within Australia) include Beyond Blue, Lifeline, Kids Helpline and Crime Stoppers Music The Externals – available on Spotify Atlas Chasers – available on Spotify Mitchell Martin- available on Spotify    

    S3E3- Leadership in the Freezer- with Antarctic Station Leader David Knoff

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2021 69:03

    What's leadership like in sub-zero temperatures with busy programmes, limited infrastructure, 1 minute showers, 1 hour of sunlight a day and surrounded by the same small group of people for over 400 days? Well, David Knoff knows the answers! David is the Station Leader at Australia's Davis Station in Antarctica. Davis Station is the most southerly Australian Antarctic station. It is situated edge of the Vestfold Hills, on the Ingrid Christensen Coast of Princess Elizabeth Land. The station is about 20 km from the edge of the continental ice sheet. The team at the station ranges from 100 in the summer to a wintering team of

    S3E2- Senator Jacqui Lambie: No Fear, No Favour.

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2021 67:09

    We would proffer that Jacqui Lambie is the most passionate politician in the Australian political system. From veterans affairs to the war on drugs to foreign policy she speaks with both passion and conviction. She is arguably also currently the most controversial politician in Australian political system. With a difficult upbringing, we talk about Jacqui's early brush(es) with the law and her ten years in the military. Being pregnant through recruit training to promotion and demotion in uniform; and how that time and experiences shaped her strength and resolve into politics. Her motivation to get into politics…. and the subsequent struggle to get there. The involvement of Clive Palmer and her relationship with him and her perspectives on the Australian Political system. We also talk about the Brereton Report - on alleged war crimes in Afghanistan and Jacqui's views on that and the absence of senior leadership. Her article is well worth reading: ‘No Appetite for Digger Witch-hunt'. More on Jacqui here:   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 03:20   Jacqui gets on the front foot from the start of the episode! 04:05   Jacqui's upbringing in Devonport. 05:00   Unpopular with the police! 07:00   Into the Army…. and abandoned by her mates at the recruiting office. 10:50   What Jacqui took from the Army… that has stood her in good stead. 16:10   What attracted Jacqui into politics. 17:30   Fight Night: Department of Veterans Affairs versus Jacqui Lambie. 20:20   Transition into politics and Jacqui's time with Clive Palmer. 23:30   Dual citizenship incident. 26:20   More on the polarizing Clive Palmer. 30:00   What's different between the political parties? 35:20   Where do Jacqui's views come from. 37:30   If Jacqui was a bottle of Pinot! 39:00   The Brereton Report: ‘No Appetite for Digger Witch-hunt'- Jacqui. 42:00   ‘A gutful' of the generals and the constantly changing trajectory of purpose in Afghanistan since 2001/2. 43:00   What about political leadership and responsibility on the issue in Afghanistan. 46:00   Back to the Generals….. ‘What did you do?'. 48:55   On the issue of veterans suicide….. and some solution sets. 53:10   Talking the war on drugs…. And Jacqui's son's battle. 55:50   What does Jacqui do for herself.   Music Thank you to all of our friends providing music to us including from: The Externals - available here on Spotify. Nik Kali - available here on Spotify Mitchell Martin - available here on Spotify   More Contact Us 

    S3E1- Comedian Mick Neven is (a) Melon Head

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2021 64:07

    Launching Season 3, Comedian Mick Neven is back! After conquering zombie apocalypses using SAS tactics with Ben and Tim nearly exactly 12 months ago, Mick is back- as a Melon Head! We talk about what is off limits, being a Melon Head, living in self isolation, about Mick being bullied, how to write gags, stagecraft and the unwritten rules of comedians. Get your laughing gear around this.....  Enjoy!   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 03:30   Mick's statistics on the Unforgiving60 podcast. 06:10   2020- The Year in Review for Mick (and Comedians). 07:20   Is anything off limits to Mick in his comedy? 08:30   Why Melon Head? The name…. and the melon! 10:45  Diameters of heads …. and biceps! 12:15   Self isolation for a comedic runner. 16:30   Running pace for Mick (and Ben)… and 24 hours straight of comedy. 23:45   Themes for the new show. 25:30   There are positives from COVID-19…. Mick's view on what one of them is. 31:00   Are comedians naturally extroverts? Stage personas…. ‘finding your voice'. 33:33   Why don't great jokes resonate sometimes? 38:25   How Mick remembers names and continually brings things back to his audience. 40:25   How to craft a joke. 42:30   Can you just sit down and write a joke? 45:00   Is it possible to move jokes in and out of comedy shows? And what variation on shows? 49:25   Is Mick's house always funny? 51:40   Could Mick make Ben & Tim funny? 53:40   The unwritten rules of comedy. 57:00   Mick's words of advice to the world. Music. Music from The Externals is available on Spotify.   More Contact Us   

    @RV24- Season 2 Finale

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    Ben and Tim have now survived two seasons without getting cancelled!  (Full disclosure – no-one pays us, so we can't really get cancelled!). In this final episode for the second season, Tim and Ben reflect on our recent discussions with Simon ‘Hawks' Hawken and Anthony ‘Harry' Moffitt, as well as a whole bunch of excellent listener questions and feedback – including a veritable library worth of outstanding books that we haven't read!   As always, please let us know what you think.  We'd love to hear from you – please email   See you for Season 3!   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 02:19          Reflections on Hawks turning the microphone back on us!  If you haven't already, check out H Hour with Hawks. 03:00          How a good platoon sergeant can save a bright young officer from themselves 06:45          Reflections on our chat with Harry Moffitt – and his newly released book 11 Bats 08:00          Harry's background as a rock star 09:30          Moff's ‘Three Things' – family, professional life and creative outlet 11:30          In case you came in late, check out Harry's song-writing prowess by listening to The Externals – or, as they once said on the back of a band t-shirt ‘brush off the sand and get a can in your hand with The Externals' 12:00          Musical Interlude – ‘Edge of the World' 13:10          Listener feedback and questions 16:00          Ben ponders on the one difference between Richard Baker's award-winning podcasts and the Unforgiving60 17:40          A fantastic question from Adam on military planning – and the difference between logic and process 21:20          Listener additions to our recommended reading list 24:30          A great question from Steve on resilience 28:30          Ben and Tim talk about their resilience survey – a key component of their ongoing resilience research.  Head to this link to check it out for yourself! 32:00          The Aussie Rucking Club – pack marching for fun!  Check them out on Insta                    Music The Externals … Available on Spotify Atlas Chasers…..Available on Spotify    

    S2E28 – A Story of Combat, Cricket and the SAS with ‘Harry' Moffitt

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    Anthony 'Harry' Moffitt spent more than twenty years in the SAS. His multiple tours into East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan plus counter terrorist duties were coupled with his other love - cricket! He took a cricket bat on every one of his major overseas operational tours and had them signed by the most incredible groups of people. In this episode Harry talks passionately about his beloved SAS, tempo, tragic loss and trauma and the need for us to have wider life balance. Harry is also a registered psychologist and we talk about what he knows now …. that he wished he knew back then. We talk compassion and self care as well as high performance mindsets and leadership! His new book is 'Eleven Bats'! Get involved in it- it's a ripping yarn!   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 04:07       Harry's first bat into Afghanistan …. And the Taliban's opinion on his cricket ability! 06:30       Suicide bomber in Tarin Kowt. Harry responds to civilian deaths. 10:30       The psychology and philosophy of soldiering. 14:10       Rumination (not good) …. And debriefing (good). The circle of hate. 16:00       Harry's experience on the power of debriefs. 17:00       The importance of creative practices, meditation and mindfulness…. Moff's opinion 18:30       Harry's ‘three things'- why we should all have three things! 20:15       The importance of Harry's cricket club 22:20       Harry gets blown up by a roadside bomb which killed Signaller Sean McCarthy…. And Harry was driving. He tells the story. 25:45       Harry talks about blaming himself for Sean's death. Incessantly. And then realising the problem with the inner commentator. 30:30       Harry gets ‘a third quarter spray' about his own negativity. 31:20       The Commentator is a fraud…. 32:30       Harry gets in touch with Sean's parents…. How that went. 34:30       Harry's most memorable cricket bat… in Timor Leste. 40:00       Why black and white isn't right. 42:40       Harry's initiative on his passion for educating soldiers… enter the Wanderers Education Programme. 46:50       Ben's experience about the Programme when he was the Commanding Officer. 51:10       Harry's thinking about leadership ….. how to lead through complexity. 54:15       Out of all things …. what is Harry most proud of?   57:41       End with some new Music from The Externals (teaser) for Life on the Line Podcast!     Music Thanks to all our artists who allow us use of their music.  In this episode: The Externals – available on Spotify     Contact Us   PS: Go and give us a comment n Apple Podcasts ya mug! Do it... doooo it !!!(now)  

    S2E27b – H Hour with Hawks: An Interview with Ben and Tim

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    S2E27b – H Hour with Hawks – An Interview with Ben and Tim   Part B of the interview by Simon Hawken (‘Hawks') with Ben and Tim. Hawks had the misfortune of working for Tim and then Ben in a light infantry battalion in Townsville. Hawks knows them well and so it makes sense that this would turn the interview around and have him interview Ben and Tim.   We talk families and fathers.  Joining the military and their days as junior officers in a light infantry battalion. It's the personal stories of Ben and Tim as they reminisce.   Intelligence Summary (INTSUM) 01:13       Tim's first impressions of the SAS. 04:12       Tim's operational tour in Sierra Leone. 09:30       Raising the East Coast Counter Terrorist capability. 10:50       Ben's first impressions of the SAS. 14:00       Challenges of a high-performance environment and into seizing the MV TAMPA. 19:00       The SAS Squadron heads Into Papua New Guinea. 36:00       Caring for soldiers on the modern battlefield. 41:00       Allegations against the SAS…. more discussion. 49:50       Ben talks about being the Commanding Officer of the SAS…. what it was like. 52:00       Life after uniform- Tim into Afghanistan and Dubai. 1:00:00    Ben's time in a full time MBA 1:01:30    How Ben and Tim re-joined forces in Mettle Global. 1:05:50    Ben and Tim's differences. 1:07:00    Ben and Tim's philosophies in business and about business and life. 1:09:00    Page 1 of the Prospectus…. What's the yardstick and point of calibration? 1:11:00    Talking deeper on life's philosophies. 1:15:30    Talking COVID strategies and insights on crisis management. 1:19:50    Hawks ask: ‘What would you do over if there is anything that you could change?' 1:24:00    Hawks provide his debrief on Ben and Tim             Music Thanks to all our artists who allow us use of their music. In this episode:   The Externals – available on Spotify  

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