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"Kevin Kietzman Has Issues" is filled with sports and political commentary hosted by the award winning and nationally acclaimed talk show host for which the show is named. Kevin regularly has guests that include athletes, politicians, broadcasters and more. If you're exhausted by group think , corporate speech and political correctness ... bang the play button for a pick me up!

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    Chiefs Worth $3.5 Billion, Clark Gives up Booze, Salvy Back With a Splash, Young Voters Turn, IRS Growing

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 51:56

       The annual list of team valuations has been released for all sports teams and the top franchise is worth a whopping $7.6 billion.  We'll tell you what team that is... and how are the Chiefs valued below the NFL average of $4 billion at $3.5?   Defensive end Frank Clark met with media this weekend and basically said he wasn't very serious last year but has changed his ways including giving up booze.  Also, tackle Orlando Brown is expected to report to camp Monday.   Salvador Perez is healthy and back on the field and hit a couple 3 run homers at Yankee Stadium this weekend.  The latest was a 9th inning game winner on Sunday.    Young voters are turning on Joe Biden in a huge way, the IRS is getting 87,000 new agents and Los Angeles is allowing illegal aliens to take government jobs.

    Trump Fires Back, Garland Looks Like Scapegoat, Mahomes Wants to Get Hit, Zambezi Zinger Emails

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2022 52:28

       It took a few days but Donald J. Trump has taken off the gloves and fired back in a big way.  At the same time, Attorney General Merrick Garland is starting to look like a fall guy for Joe Biden.    The Chiefs and Bears do battle Saturday to start the pre-season and quarterback Patrick Mahomes says he wants to get hit.    Your emails about the Zambezi Zinger coaster at Worlds of Fun just blew my mind.  Two updates will make your day.    Also, the Royals are rolling, Danny Clinkscale has a new tv show and Antonio Brown's tweet is the greatest thing ever.        

    100 Years of WHB, Gay Racer is not Jackie Robinson, Zambezi Zinger Comeback, Royals Rookies Shine

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 54:39

       Iconic KC radio station WHB celebrates 100 years on the air Thursday night at the Midland Theater with on air hosts, callers, athletes, coaches and dignitaries in attendance... it's a big deal.  This legendary station celebrates an incredible history from it's humble beginnings in 1922 to basically inventing the the Top 40 format and then becoming a Sports Radio phenomenon in the early 2000's.  While it's not what it used to be, WHB should be celebrated.  They asked me to do a video interview instead of having us  (Jessica was an original and 23 year employee)  appear in person and I'll play some of the audio for you.     Royals rookies are putting on a show as the team is fun to watch again.  Is it for real or just a flashy burst?    A gay race car driver is competing in the NHRA event in Topeka this week and the media are making him out to be Jackie Robinson.  He most certainly is not.   And the all new Zambezi Zinger returns to Worlds of Fun next year, 50 years after the original was built.

    FBI Stops Trump Ally, Musk Sells $6.9b for Twitter, KC Sportswriter Goes Trans, Mahomes: Chiefs ”a lot different”

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2022 54:13

       It's not enough for the FBI to raid Trump's house, now they are getting warrants to take phones from his allies.  Congressman Scott Perry was stopped by the FBI on vacation and took his phone from him right in front of his family.    Elon Musk is moving forward to buy Twitter and has sold almost $7 billion in Tesla stock to make it happen.    A longtime sports writer in KC announces on social media they are switching genders just in time to receive an award.    Patrick Mahomes says the Chiefs will be "a lot different" this year and that's a good thing.  MU at KSU is just three weeks away... one poll has the Cats as big faves and we can all learn a lesson from a little league player in Oklahoma who lost a game but won big.

    Trump Raid Changes Everything, DOJ Facing Lawsuit for Docs, Payback Could be Epic

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 54:26

       We lost a piece of a great America Monday when the Dems in charge of everything sent the FBI to raid Donald Trump's house in Florida.  You know what this is all about as they are terrified what he will do to dismantle the Deep State if elected again.     It's so scummy as the DOJ presumably got ahold of classified documents in the raid while they are defending a lawsuit demanding the DOJ to release documents Trump declassified concerning the Russia Hoax.  This is going to be a wild battle.    And is there a chance Trump baited them into this?  He's told them he has documents and they are welcome to come see them or get a court order and will turn them over.  If reports are true, the safe the FBI cracked was empty.  Empty as in not a single item in it and it's reportedly fairly new.  That sounds like a prank to me.

    Inflation Nation, Dem Mayors Rip Migrants, KC Safety's Big Kick, OU Coach Resigns, Royals Rookies Big Day

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 44:34

       The Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the single most misleading name for a bill I've ever seen. It's all environmental stuff and a doubling of the IRS and it will undoubtedly lead to more inflation.     Dem mayors like New York's Eric Adams are fed up with busloads of illegal migrants being unloaded in their cities.  So why not send even more?    The Chiefs have a new safety, Justin Reid, to replace the Honey Badger and Reid has a special skill he showed off Sunday wowing the crowd with a 60 yard kick.    OU assistant football coach Cale Gundy resigned for reading a word off a player's IPad.  This is a bizarre story, you'll want to hear the details.    And the Royals had 12 RBI's Sunday... all 12 by rookie hitters.

    Inflation Nation, Dem Mayors Rip Migrants, KC Safety's Big Kick, OU Coach Resigns, Royals Rookies Big Day

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 44:34

       The Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the single most misleading name for a bill I've ever seen.  It's all environmental stuff and a doubling of the IRS and it will undoubtedly lead to more inflation.    Dem mayors like New York's Eric Adams are fed up with busses of illegal migrants being unloaded in their cities.  So why not send even more?    The Chiefs have a new safety, Justin Reid, to replace the Honey Badger and Reid has a special skill he showed off Sunday wowing the crowd with a 60 yard kick.   OU assistant football coach Cale Gundy resigned Sunday for reading a word off a player's Ipad.  This is a bizarre story, you'll want to hear the details.    And the Royals had 12 RBI's Sunday.... all 12 by rookie hitters.  

    Football Friday in August: Spencer Kietzman talks with Stan Weber about the Chiefs, AFC West, and the future of the Big 12

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 34:43

    The Chiefs are in St. Joseph for training camp, and the AFC west is loaded with talent, especially at Quarterback. Stan Weber joins to discuss the difficult task the Chiefs have ahead of them and their path to getting back to the Super Bowl. The Pac 12 is fighting to hold the conference together, which could lead to some additions to the Big 12.

    Baseball”s Billions: Team Values, Downtown KC Ballpark, Automated Umpiring

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 55:32

       Baseball is in quite a transition, especially in KC.  With teams like the Yankees now worth over $7 billion, it's obvious the Royals have to play catch up now with most other teams.  A new downtown ballpark will be a big step as the game changes toward pitch clocks and automated strike zones.   Ryan Lefebvre joins us to talk about the future of the game, and our favorite team, in a rapidly changing landscape.    Ryan also shares some thoughts about Buck O'Neil being inducted into the hall of fame.

    KS Single Issue Vote Record, GOP Massive Turnout in MO, KS, AZ, Merrifield Trade Twist, Broncos Lose Two to ACL's

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 49:26

       Unofficially, it appears an incredible 180,000 people voted on the abortion amendment and NOTHING else on the ballot in Kansas.  Almost 90% of those were NO votes.  Don't be discouraged, GOP turnout was sensational although many voted NO.  This is democracy and it's clear Kansans thought this was about a total ban and very few want that.    GOP turnout was nuts in Missouri as well and Eric Schmitt just rolls the field of Senate candidates.  We'll go over winners on both sides of the state line and take a peek at Arizona which had insane GOP turnout as well.    You can't make up the Whit Merrifield story with the Royals the last three weeks... he gets traded to Toronto.  We have details and commentary about the Royals trade deadline moves.   Eric Hosmer goes to the Red Sox, the Denver Broncos lose two offensive playmakers to season ending injuries and the great Vin Scully dies at the age of 94. 

    Primary Day Drama, Zawahiri Killed on His Deck, Trump Burgers, Mahomes Overreaction, NCAA Circles Back on Adidas Scandal

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 53:37

       It's primary day in Missouri and Kansas with two votes stealing all the headlines.  There's drama in Kansas and a Trump effect in Missouri.  We analyze both.    The Al Qaeda leader the U.S. killed over the weekend apparently wasn't all that smart.  Living in his "lockdown" safe house that he could never leave, he developed  a stupid habit of hanging out on his deck.  That's how we killed him and hurt nobody else.  What a fool.    A new restaurant in a Texas town that voted 81% for Trump is open and simply called Trump Burger.  And business is good.    The media reaction to Patrick Mahomes walking to the sideline with a "possible" ankle injury Monday was hilarious.  Was he trolling the media?    And the NCAA has circled back and wants more flesh out of Louisville basketball and former coach Rick Pitino for his work with the same Adidas reps as KU.  It proves once again that KU has been an example for every school how to fight the NCAA and drag it out as long as you can.

    Trump Pushes Golf, Mahomes on Contract, Singer's Bronx Beauty, OP Man is Model for ”YES” Voters

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2022 50:25

       While Joe Biden is destroying our economy and crushing millions of Americans with inflation and more spending, Donald Trump is rubbing elbows in all his glory promoting the new LIV Golf League.  What a contrast in style... and substance.    Patrick Mahomes is opening up to talk about loser quarterbacks like Kyler Murray and DeShaun Watson making more money than him... and his answers may surprise you.    Royals pitcher Brady Singer was so good against the Yankees Thursday night, he joined a short list of historic figures.  Of course, the Royals still found a way to lose.    And as the Kansas "Value Them Both" vote nears, we've seen pro abortion freaks all over Kansas running wild stealing signs, spray painting walls and threatening violence.  One homeowner in Overland Park has been repeatedly targeted for his "YES" signs and he's a true inspiration and model for how to deal with these crazy people.  Joel Richardson is here to tell his story of securing, video taping and tracking the thieves on his lawn.

    Drinkwitz Scorches Vols, Royals Trade Benny, CFP Expanding, GDP Drops Again, ”Unlikely” DeSantis v Trump

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2022 48:03

       Mizzou coach Eliah Drinkwitz, on the Jim Rome Radio Show, just lights up the Tennessee football program after the NCAA hit the Vols with 18 level one violations.  I've got the audio.    The Royals have traded free agent to be outfielder Andrew Benintendi to the Yankees who don't seemed to be bothered the outfielder hasn't taken the shot.  Did that come to an agreement or do the Yankees not care?    College football power brokers are indicating an expanded playoff is in the works.  The Big Ten's stance: Anything but four teams is fine with them.    The GDP officially dropped this quarter, we are in a recession.  Josh Hawley slaps down a reporter and one congressman says he's spent more time than anyone on earth with Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump and DeSantis isn't going to challenge the former President.

    Greitens Free Fallin', Housing Halt, Coach Insults Mahomes, Banning ”Midget”, Mega Billion

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2022 46:21

       Two new polls are showing $10 million worth of attack ads are sinking Eric Greitens in his run for Missouri Senate.  We have the latest on who's pulling away with it.    Housing starts are their lowest in 2.5 years and mortgage applications are their lowest in 22 years.  They wanted to slow the economy?  They're doing it.     A defensive coach anonymously insults Patrick Mahomes by saying one key thing in his game leads to Chiefs losses.    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has apologized for using the word "midget."  Is this our next banned word?    And Mega Millions is now over $1 Billion with no winner in the last drawing.

    Bidenpression is Here, Navy Lt. Jailed in Japan, MO Senate Polls, Mahomes Works on Feet, Greinke Climbs List

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2022 52:19

       Joe Biden has told America, "we're not going to be in a recession," and nobody believes him.  Trending on social, then, is a new term called Bidenpression.  Would he like that better?    In Japan, a Navy officer that had a seizure behind the wheel leading to two deaths is sentenced to three years in jail.  This was an unavoidable accident by a man dedicating his life to protecting the people of Japan.  This is an outrageous story from an ally country that clearly doesn't respect us anymore.    We have two new Missouri Senate polls that indicated two different front runners.    Patrick Mahomes says his foot work has been sloppy and it's the main focus of what he's working on while Zack Greinke climbs a list to a huge milestone in the Royals win Monday night.  

    Bill Self Suspended, Buck Makes HOF, Chiefs Corner Inspires, Recession Name Change, Popovich Pops Off

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2022 51:12

       Bill Self has been suspended from recruiting duties by the University of Kansas according to a report by Matt Norlander at  What this all means as the NCAA completes it's investigation into five Level One violations is the unknown.     Buck O'Neil is finally in the baseball Hall of Fame and I'll share with you what impressed me most about one of the finest men I've ever met.    Chiefs camp is underway in St. Joseph and a young corner that was delivering pizzas two years ago should serve as an inspiration to all of us.    The Biden administration is not allowing anyone to use the term "recession" and of course their cohorts in the media line right up.  They literally are saying there is no "official definition" of a recession and because they are so smart we should believe them when they say it's not happening.    And Spurs coach Gregg Popovich delivers the ultimate America Sucks speech at a Jay-Z event in New York despite the fact that all of Pop's favorite people are in charge of everything right now.  Amazing.

    Zeldin Attacked-Perp Released, JOCO Too Defensive on Election Security, Chiefs Kicker Promotes YES Vote, SEC Media Days Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2022 53:43

      We've got topic after topic on this episode starting with a US Congressman running for Governor being attacked by a man with a knife who jumped on stage in front of a crowd being released hours later.  It's no wonder nobody is afraid of the law.    Why are officials in Johnson County, KS going over the top out of their way to convince everyone the elections there are secure?  Seems too defensive.    Chiefs camp opens just as the vote YES campaign for a Constitutional Amendment in Kansas releases an ad with star kicker Harrison Butker telling everyone, "Let Kansans Decide."  Amen.    Former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins has regret for taking the Covid jab and he's not holding back with his comments, SEC Media Days had some interesting questions from reporters and we share your ideas for great hot dogs in KC.

    You Can Be President, MO Senate Polling, AZ/CU Close to Big 12, ESPY's go Woke, Email of Year

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2022 52:22

       Joe Biden now says he has cancer... and nobody believes him.  In just a year and a half, this man has reduced the office of the presidency to a laughingstock and is showing us that anyone can be president.    Missouri Senate polling in the Republican Primary is all over the map but polling of how each candidate will do in November is enlightening.  We have the numbers.    The buzz around the Big 12 is Arizona and Colorado have indicated they are in.  Now the Big 12 will try to get Oregon and Washington committed before deciding anything on ASU and Utah.    The ESPY's did their best to portray women athletes as being oppressed and a listener has written the email of the year... it's about the Royals Ten and you're going to love it.  

    Hammer Royals or Shut Up, Harbaugh Coach for Life, AOC's Social Media Stunt, Tragic Police Murder in NKC

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2022 51:15

       There's been plenty of fake outrage from left wing sports types about the horror of 10 Royals not taking the jab.  The latest is a bold headline saying Whit Merrifield needs to go only to read butter soft copy where the writer says he likes him and believes what he says.  Huh?    Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh is pretty much nobody's favorite but he could be now. The coach is speaking to pro life groups and getting drilled for it.  At the same time, AOC is doing Instagram publicity stunts over abortion and being praised a hero.  Wow, we are lost.    32 year old Daniel Vasquez was killed on the job Tuesday after he stopped a car over and expired tag issue.  This story is just tragic and a strong reminder why we should never tolerate or promote anti police uprisings around the country.    And it's National Hot Dog Day and I'll have mine with chili and cheese.  You?  We ask you to tell us where the best dogs are.

    Hammer Royals or Shut Up, Harbaugh Coach for Life, AOC's Social Media Stunt, Tragic Police Murder in NKC

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2022 51:15

       There's been plenty of fake outrage and whining from leftists in sports media concerning the Royals ten players that haven't taken a jab and now the Star wants the Royals to trade Whit Merrifield.  But they won't critically attack him and call him stupid, uninformed, dangerous and awful.  No, the latest piece on him is the writer likes him, always has and believes everything he says.  Hammer him or shut up.  You've lost the argument.    Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh is pretty much nobody's favorite but it's largely because he always says and does what he wants.  Now his speaking to pro life groups and getting hammered for it.  At the same time, AOC is doing Instagram publicity stunts faking like she's wearing handcuffs and being praised.  Wow, are we lost.    32 year old Daniel Vasquez was killed on the job in NKC Tuesday after he stopped a car over an expired tags issue.  This story is just tragic and a reminder why we should never tolerate or promote anti police uprisings around the country.    And it's National Hot Dog day and I like mine with chili and cheese.  We ask you where the best dogs are in KC.

    Gas Prices Dropping, Colbert Staffers Off the Hook, Feherty Leaving for LIV, All Stars Set to Shine

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2022 42:18

       The Biden administration is taking a victory lap as gas prices have dropped 50 cents in a month even though nobody has a clear reason why.  So I'll take a stab at a hunch that I have.    Late night liberal Stephen Colbert presides over a staff of 9 employees that were arrested for trespassing in the Congressional office building.  And what do you know... he DOJ says they won't prosecute any of them.    Golf announcer David Feherty is reportedly leaving NBC to go work for the new LIV Golf League and he may be paired with Charles Barkley.  Of course, they need to secure a tv partner but it appears that's close.    The All Stars are ready to shine in LA Tuesday night and I'm rooting for a tie.  The tiebreaker could be epic, wait until you hear this.    And a father and son shared a very special first pitch together in New York on Sunday.  This is a story that will make you smile.

    Greatness is Boring at the Open, Royals Season Over at All Star Break, Barstool Coming to KC, Good Guys with Guns Save Lives

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2022 37:47

       Is it possible in sports to watch absolute greatness and find it boring?  I'll answer that question emphatically with a YES and explain why the 150th Open Championship fell flat.    The Royals season has been flat from the start and now they are 20 games under .500 at the All Star Break.  If the Royals were just a below average team they'd still be alive in their division... what a shame.    There's an announcement coming Wednesday about a  Sportsbook opening at Hollywood Casino and the smart money says it will be affiliated with Barstool Sports.  This is going to be really cool.     And thank goodness for good guys with guns.  This weekend a mall shooter in Indianapolis and a would be robber in St. Louis were shot dead by legally armed citizens.  Way to go good guys!

    KKHI Convo: Ryan Lefebvre on Royals Covid Jab Situation, New Players and Second Half Outlook

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 49:30

        With media bigotry running wild against anyone in America that hasn't taken the covid jab or anyone who is upset they had to for their employer, has anyone noticed these sports league publicly forcing information about people seems to be a violation of our rights under law?    We know this... everyone in Canada with the Royals has taken the shot.  Is that fair for us to know?  And how many players took it but didn't want to?  This is a great conversation with the lead broadcaster for the team, Ryan Lefebvre.    Ryan also chats with us about the new players this weekend and the second half outlook after the All Star break.

    Media Bigots Ashamed of Royals, Vaxxed Columnist w/Covid Can't Cover Story, Team Wins w/Replacements

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 47:10

       This is the greatest story ever watching 10 Royals and three staffers sit out a series in Toronto because they don't want to take a shot that doesn't work to enter a country that doesn't want them.  They've broken no laws yet the bigots in the media believe it's ok to have blatant bias against their fellow citizens that have differing views.  How un American as we've been told to be tolerant and inclusive of others.  But not in this case.     A local columnist, behind a paywall where nobody can read it, has written a softly critical column "not here to demonize," laments that he'd like to talk to Whit Merrifield and the others but can't because he has Covid.  The writer is fully vaxxed and boosted.  You CANNOT make this stuff up.    And the Royals unknowns go out and beat Toronto anyway... 3-1 behind a Bobby Witt Jr. home run and some guy named Nate Eaton going yard.  

    Ten Royals Stand Tall, Media Won't Bash Now, OP Cafe Doesn't Want You, Gundy Owns Media Days

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2022 51:35

       Ten Royals players that have never taken a Covid 2019 shot are now ineligible to play in 2022.  That's a lot of time that's passed and these players have been proven to be just fine with their choices just as people that have taken shots are just fine.  These men stand tall in their conviction and they are heroes in my eyes.  And so is an organization that promotes individual freedoms!  Well done Royals.    So the KC sports media, the same people that said players would die if they kept playing, surely will hammer away on these individuals and this team for being murderous thugs that don't care about others, right?  No.  You won't hear a peep from all the people that were wrong.   A Swiss Tea Room in Overland Park doesn't want your business if you don't want to kill babies.  Employees are wearing "NO" stickers and buttons and you get free stuff if you walk in and tell them you're pro abortion.  You won't believe the snooty family behind all this... more rich, white elitists.    Now that all the rich, white, college grads are voting for Dems, they are changing the rules of what we call white voters.  In the latest racist Dem move, they're calling their most important voting block "upscale voters" now.... could they be more shallow?    The NBA is looking to lower the playing age to 18 and Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy just flat out owned Big 12 media days saying all the good stuff out loud.  We have it for you.

    KKHI Convo: KC Biz Leader Turns Novelist

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2022 35:12

       If you listen to this podcast, you probably fear the worst for America if the leftists ever take over.  It could mean a change in the Supreme Court, obliteration of the Constitution and one party rule.    Gib Kerr has been in business and commercial real estate for decades and has been involved in many civic projects.  But when Gib felt what so many conservatives are feeling, he decided to do something about it.    Kerr wrote and just released  a novel about what flyover states could do if and when the AOC wing takes over America.  It's called "States of Rebellion" and it's available at Amazon and     We also chat with Kerr about the pathway to a new downtown ballpark for the Royals in a KKHI conversation with a first time novelist.  

    Inflation hits 9.1%, Biden Fist Bumps, Hawley Smacks Down Whacko, British Open Preview, LeBron Can Save Brittney

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2022 52:24

       Hard to believe... but it's getting worse.  Inflation has now hit a staggering 9.1% and most of us believe it's actually worse than that.  Biden's answer is to  fly off to the Middle East and stumble around with leaders fist bumping them, maskless, because of Covid.  Oh ya, he also hugs them and then shakes their hand while speaking with them face to face 8 inches apart.  We explain what his latest charade is all about.    The audio of Missouri Senator Josh Hawley questioning a young professor about men having babies is priceless... we have it for you.    The 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews begins Thursday.  Tiger Woods has harsh comments for some fellow competitors while Jack Nicklaus is awarded an honor only two other Americans have ever received.  You won't believe who the other two are.  And Danny Clinkscale shares with us his favorites for the tourney.    And LeBron James asks why Brittney Griner, who's being held in Russia, would even want to come home.  I've got a solution if LeBron is frustrated with Joe Biden... why doesn't he broker the deal through his connections in China?  

    Witt Jr. is a Star, DOJ Investigates PGA Tour, GOP Prepping Investigations, Jill Biden Goes all Joe in Texas

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2022 52:00

       The Royals have won 4 of 5 after taking a double header Monday and plenty of players have been chipping in.  But Bobby Witt's 6 hit day has us all dreaming of what may come one day.  This kid is a star.    A lot of people have been choosing sides between the new LIV Golf League and the PGA Tour.... including the Department of Justice.  The DOJ is now looking into the PGA Tour for perhaps breaking anti trust laws.    Kevin McCarthy and the house GOP are already prepping for Investigations into the Biden family's business dealings and several other issues.  We've got info from a report that got a copy of an email describing seminars called, "Investigations 101" for all GOP House members to prep for gaining the majority.    And Jill Biden, in Texas, goes all Joe Biden.  She compared Hispanic voters to Mexican food... oh boy, you gotta hear this.  

    Trump Denounces Hartzler, AOC Encourages Crime, Nike CEO Reduced to Begging, KU/KSU New Division, Ty Hill Keeps Yapping

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2022 47:52

       Donald Trump hasn't given a full endorsement to a Missouri Senate candidate yet which, according to polls, is a three way dead heat.  But Trump did tell Missouri voters this weekend to "forget" Vicky Hartzler.  This one is going to be wild.    AOC was thrilled some crazy people stormed into a restaurant where SCOTUS justice Brett Kavanaugh was dining, forcing him to evacuate.  How is this conduct even remotely legal?  We have real laws that are being broken and lawmakers are cheering it on?    Nike CEO Phil Knight was once considered the most powerful man in sports but now, in a new piece written by Dennis Dodd at CBS, Knight has been reduced to a cold calling telemarketer.  Knight is trying to negotiate the University of Oregon into the Big 10 or SEC and it isn't going well for him.    If Oregon and Washington want in the Big 12, that league is headed for 18 schools and a new, 6 team division for KU and K-State.    And Tyreek Hill, before playing a game, has become that spokesperson for the Miami Dolphins as he's made headline by talking about his quarterback.

    Self Defense Under Attack, Assassination in Japan, Realignment Rumblings, Sports for Home School Kids

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 49:24

       The story of the convenience store clerk in New York that has been arrested for murder is the very best and the very worst of America all in one as self defense is under attack from the left.    In Japan, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been assassinated in broad daylight at a campaign rally in a country that has almost no guns.  This is shocking to many.    We'll go over the latest in college athletics realignment and did you know there's a wonderful program in KC that features several sports for all ages of kids that are home schooled?  With so many more parents taking education in house, this organization is vital for the development for some young athletes. 

    Beagles Saved from Fauci's Torture, Yard Sign Fight in KS, Yormark Impacting B12, LeBatard Bashes Dead Reporter

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2022 54:21

       It's over!  Anthony Fauci has quietly informed Senator Ernst from Iowa and the White Coat Waste project that the NIH will stop using Beagle puppies for inhumane research not related to animal health.   They're going back to using lab mice.  What a win!    There's a problem in yards all over the state of Kansas as reports vandalism and sign stealing over the Value them Both Amendment has gotten out of control.    With so many positive stories leaking about the future of the Big 12 it most certainly feels like incoming commissioner Brett Yormark is making a difference already.    And how much lower can you go than talk show host Dan LeBatard?  This man is actually bashing a rival member of the media that died.  wow. 

    RPT: ACC is Screwed, More Journalists Joining Sports Teams, Biden's Guilty Voicemail, KS Voters Signing Up, Mayor Q's Good Plan

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2022 55:53

       While most people think the Big 12 is in a good position to expand, nobody really knows.  And in ACC country... well... one headline reads "The ACC is Screwed" while another story indicates the ACC and Pac 12 may be working on a total merger.  I like my plan, you like yours.  Who the heck knows?     Another prominent sports journalist in KC has quit media and gone to work for a team they covered.  It's easy to see why this is happening.     A damning voicemail is released that Joe Biden left for his son Hunter regarding their seedy China dealings.  You have to hear this story the White House will NOT comment on.    Kansans are signing up to vote in pretty big numbers since Roe was overturned.  It's thousands and thousands state wide... the question is... which way are they voting?    And Mayor Q comes up with a really good idea that could increase safety in KC and immediately gets blasted by the left.

    Different Kind of 4th, Four Schools Eye Big 12, Chestnut's Glory, MLB Pitcher Wears Flag

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2022 45:40

       It was a different kind of Independence Day in America where so many people demonstrated for anti America positions, violence broke out and the rest of us sort of muted our enthusiasm.  What's going on here?    A report out of Tucson says four current Pac 12 schools are negotiating with the Big 12 this week to join and make it the Big 16.  We'll tell you which schools want in.    Joey Chestnut not only won the hot dog eating contest this year, he paused to tackle a demonstrator as he was eating.  The emcee would call Chestnut, "a monument to our existence" at the event.  This is so fun and over the top.    And a Major League pitcher walks out of the dugout and onto the field wearing a giant American Flag.  When you find out who it was.... you may like him now.

    Big 12 Needs Expansion, Mizzou Peril Ahead, Anti Racist Roads, Recession is Here

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 47:46

       With USC and UCLA joining the Big Ten, the Big 12 suddenly finds itself in solid position as the third most stable conference in college athletics.  That means one thing and one thing only... it's time to get aggressive and expand.  I've got two plans for you.    Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, who lives in KC, brings up the possibility of the SEC going after two more giant football schools like Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida State or Miami and booting Mizzou and Vanderbilt to make room for them.  This is getting crazy.    We had a pair of Amtrak derailments and thousand of flights cancelled this week, so what is our transportation secretary talking about?  A billion dollar project for anti racist roads.  Unreal.    And the Atlanta Fed says the quarter GDP dropped, which could be considered the first actual indicator of recession.  Also, Tim Allen blasts the woke new "Lightyear" movie and Kenny Chesney is headed to Arrowhead.

    New Crime Stat Shocks, G7/Putin Mock Each Other, Greinke's Milestone, Big 12 Moving to Hoops League, Howard Stern Hot Air

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 50:11

       We know violent crime in America is through the roof but there is a shocking new murder statistic that could be the key to why so many people are not afraid to commit these crimes.    The G7 leaders and Vladimir Putin keep trading jabs at each other mocking their lifestyles.  Are these really the people with nuclear codes or 8 year olds on a playground?    Royals pitcher Zack Greinke hits quite a milestone as the Royals beat the Rangers.    The Big 12's hiring of Brett Yormark is a pretty clear move that this league is moving away from football and toward basketball as the emphasis and identity of the league.    And shock jock Howard Stern says he's probably running for president.  Wait until you hear his three issue platform.

    Rural Trains Part of Deadly Life, ”Value Them Both” Too Confusing, KCMO to Pay for KS Abortions, Standing O for Vinnie

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 44:06

       We've received a lot of feedback from residents near Mendon, Missouri where the Amtrak train crashed killing 4.  I'll share a couple very personal emails about living in rural places where deadly train accidents are part of life.    "Value Them Both" is on the Kansas ballot August 2 and unless there's a smarter way to campaign for the Yes vote, thousands of people are going to read it and have no idea which way to vote.    The Kansas City Missouri City Council is going to vote to approve $300 to any city employee that wants an abortion so they can go across the state line into Kansas to have it performed.    And something wild happened at the K on Tuesday night as Vinnie Pasquantino made his Major League debut.  He got a standing ovation and his appearance also sold a whole bunch of walkup tickets.  Also... the LIV Golf tourney this week in Portland has a way better field than the John Deere Classic on the PGA Tour.  This is getting interesting.

    NHL Reporter Crosses Line, Greinke Disses Fan, Vinnie's Road to Royals, Amtrak Crash Predicted, SCOTUS Case I Want to Win

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 50:03

       A reporter covering the Stanley Cup Finals crossed the line in the locker room celebrating with the Avalanche players and then posted it on social.  There has to be more to this story.    Royals pitcher Zack Greinke has allegedly dissed a Royals fan in a big way.  Some think its funny.    Meanwhile, Vinnie Pasquantino has arrived at the K in his 2015 Ford Escape.  His journey to KC is one to celebrate and he's easy to root for.    The Amtrak crash about an hour from KC has killed three and injured 50.  All the locals say they predicted this would happen and one man has been trying to get signals at three crossings there for over two years.    And there's one more SCOTUS case that we're waiting on and for me, this is a bigger deal than the cases grabbing the headlines.   I'll fill you in on one that could change America for the better going forward.

    Pelosi Push Says it All, Rocker Moving to England Over Roe, Millions Switching to GOP, LeBron Name Change Coming

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 55:11

       Nancy Pelosi pushed new Congresswoman Mayra Flores' daughter at a photo op, treating the little girl like a dog.  This move says it all.    The lead singer of rock band Green Day says he's moving to England over the SCOTUS decision on abortion.  Just one problem for this knucklehead, he hasn't compared England's abortion laws to California's where he lives.  What a fool.     Over a million Dems have re-registered as Republicans this year and it's all over the country.  The loudest alarm bell is in the suburbs.  Uh oh.    The Royals lose two of three and will be on a unique Peacock streaming event this Sunday, the Stanley Cup is held high by Colorado, Kaepernick had a workout described as a "disaster" and LeBron James is going to have to rename his new company because the name he picked is wildly offensive..... in Africa!  Wait until you hear this translation.

    KU's Big Year Continues at Draft, KC is New Lib Fave, Note Cards for Dummies, AZ Pol Disses CNN, DeSantis Leads Trump

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 51:12

       This historic year for KU hoops continues with a smashing success at the NBA Draft as Ochai Agbaji and Christian Braun get picked in the first round.  These KU teammates were AAU teammates for years and now they are famously national champs and draft buddies.  What a story.    The Washington Post has targeted KC as the biggest winner of the World Cup and says with migrants pouring into the middle of the country, we are the perfect place  to the "the new heartland's cultural hub."  And a local billionaire agrees.     Joe Biden's team clearly prints out note cards for dummies.... it's amazing how they speak to him on those cards.  It's all so avoidable as are most of his gaffes.    In Arizona, Kari Lake is running for governor and the strong conservative had a phenomenal response to a CNN reporter that asked for an interview.  We'll play it for you.    And Ron DeSantis leads Trump in a GOP poll in New Hampshire.  What is going to happen with these two candidates going forward?  

    Big Week for SCOTUS, Mayor Q Wants More Women, Ohtani Freak Show, Tyreek Still Flapping

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 40:38

       A major ruling from the Supreme Court protects the Second Amendment and it's just an appetizer before a couple more huge rulings are expected to be announced.    Mayor Q says he wants to double the amount of women employed at the police department.  He's trying to act like a progressive looking for gender equity but he's not.  We give the real reason he wants more women.   The Royals got the best of Shohei Ohtani this week.  This freak show drove in 8 runs and then the next night struck out 13 batters.  He's truly one of a kind.    And former Chief Tyreek Hill just keeps flapping his mouth... this time... he's lashing out at Chiefs fans.

    WC Bait and Switch Begins, OP Theft Lady, Griner/Terrorist Swap, Witt Jr Goes Off, PGA Tour Copies LIV, Lasso Skips Slick,

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 56:33

        While projecting last week that a bait and switch could be in play the next few years with KC's Billionaires bringing the World Cup to Arrowhead, I never would have predicted something as absurd as the $50 million we are already on the hook for to tear up the stadium for FIFA.  Local authorities suddenly have no answer on where the money is coming from.      A woman in Overland Park is a serial thief and the kind of story that would make a great movie.... she lives in a fabulous home near 137th and Horton.  Her latest heist was at Scheel's and after years of ripping off stores, she's finally going to jail for real.    There are stories circulating that Biden's plan to get WNBA star Britney Griner home from Russia is to swap her for a terrorist called the "Merchant of Death."    Bobby Witt Jr. goes off with a pair of home runs and an rbi double in a wild 12-11 win over the Angels in 11 innings.  He's a can't miss superstar.    KC's current superstar of stars, Patrick Mahomes, is getting a lot of ink about how moving his trainer to KC is getting him into the best shape of his life.  We'll see.   The PGA Tour has already decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  The Tour has plans to copy the new LIV league... exactly.   And Big Slick is this weekend and Ted Lasso won't be here.  But it's a great reason... he's filming the next season of Ted Lasso!  Now that's a good swap.

    Colbert Wrong on Arrests, Mo GOP Goes After Greitens, Griner's Wife Livid, Bally+ Debut, Dad's Year of Catch

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 55:16

       We start with late night political activist Stephen Colbert lying about his staff after 7 members were arrested at the US Capitol June 16.  They most certainly were not "being professional" or "doing their jobs."    GOP politicians in Missouri are running from Eric Greitens in droves after he releases a more than controversial ad depicting violence against his own party.    Britney Griner, the WNBA star detained in Russia, is getting very little help from the US Government according to her wife Cherelle.  An African American, lesbian married couple that's famous is getting "zero" help from a federal government totally controlled by Dems?  How is that possible?    Bally Sports plus debuts this week for $19.99 a month, Greg Olsen talks about being more than a seat filler for Tom Brady at Fox Sports and one Missouri dad is on quite a journey this year to play catch 365 days in a row to honor the son he lost in a car accident.

    Greitens Gets Attention w/AD, KK Finishes Former Podcast, Cali Baseball Stories with Ryan

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 46:55

       We briefly touch on Missouri Senate Candidate Eric Greiten's new internet ad that is getting national attention, I finish the last segment from Monday's earlier podcast because I messed up and forgot something I promised and Ryan Lefebvre is here.    Ryan grew up in LA where the Royals open a series Monday night. It was in LA Ryan began racking up some amazing stories of almost getting kicked out of a game as a 9 year old bat boy, celebrating with Griffey and Griffey after the son and the dad hit back to back homers and how he rooted against the pitcher that gave him his first big league glove.... while the man was tossing a no hitter.  Amazing. 

    Bike Fall Metaphor for WH, Deadly Juneteenth, Writer Skewers Royals, Bowyer's Deadly Accident,

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 52:01

        Being President is not like riding a bicycle.   What in the world are they thinking putting this prez on a bike when he can't even walk up the stairs to an airplane?  Let's hope Biden's Bike Fall is only a metaphor for the White House and not the country as a whole.    An unpermitted event on Juneteenth turns deadly in DC, this is a terrible tragedy.    Ryan Landreth of wrote a scathing game recap after the Royals lost to the A's on Fathers Day 4-0.  I'll share a couple bits of it that I think you'll like.    Emporia native and NASCAR on Fox analyst Clint Bowyer hit a woman and killed her with his car on June 5 at the Lake of the Ozarks.  He was not impaired and it appears the woman on the road was.  We've got the latest details.     And I wrote about Clay Travis getting kicked out of a little league game for F bombing the ump in this week's edition of the Patron Post.  I'll share a couple paragraphs with you as emails are pouring in on this topic.  

    Have What Bannon's Having, Biden Can't Read Inflation Stats, Overselling World Cup, Mahomes Should Model Steph

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 52:37

       Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon is predicting a 100 seat swing in Congress and the destruction of the Democrat Party as a national political institution.  We explain the demographics of why he thinks its about to happen.  I'll have what he's having.    Joe Biden clearly can't read inflation numbers as he's very confused about America's inflation problem compared to, say, Japan, which is at 2.6%.    As Kansas City was announced as a host site for the World Cup in 2026, did you feel like it was all being oversold to you?  Me, too.  It's easy to spot.    And Steph Curry and the Warriors have won their 4th NBA title in 8 years.  What's next?  Well, I'd sure like for Patrick Mahomes to spend some time with Steph and maybe try to model his career after the basketball star.   

    World Cup KC, Schmitt Busts Mo Schools, Biden Market Crash, Potential Terrorists Caught

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 48:53

       It should become official, according to reports, that KC is getting World Cup Soccer matches at Arrowhead in 2026.  Yes, Kansas City earned it.  But that's only half the story.  Other, bigger cities pulled out because the governing board, FIFA, is so demanding and corrupt.  Here's today's question.  Should we have played this game or would you rather rally up for the NBA, NHL or PGA Tour to be here?    Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt just continues to do great things for Missourians.  Schmitt started the "Students First Portal" allowing parents to submit to his office shameful things happening in schools.  The latest is called the Privilege Walk and when you hear what they are doing to kids, your jaw is about to drop.    The stock market tanks again and we are now in negative territory since Joe Biden became president.  Poof, gone... the entire Trump bump he inherited has vanished.  How low will it go?    And authorities in Blue Springs and Kansas City have arrested a suspected mass shooter and bomber.  Is this a new situation that keeps popping up or were these events that used to be quiet and fairly routine?  

    Hispanics Turn Red, Shooter Threat in KC, Fireworks Legal in JOCO, Anniston Puts Foot in Mouth, World Cup Decision Coming

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 53:08

       Polling has shown Hispanic American voters are turning to the GOP but now we have an actual result to prove it.  The 34th District of Texas had an open seat in Congress to fill and while that district was won by Biden by 13 points, a conservative woman just won easily stealing a seat from the Dems.  This is a huge shift.    There's a threat of a mass shooter in KC according to the FBI and many summer schools and kids camps have closed down.  Let's find this guy.    One Johnson County city has announced buying and shooting off fireworks will be legal this year.  Is this a trend or a one time thing that will blow up?  I'll tell you which city.    Actress Jennifer Anniston is making fun of younger female celebrities for how they got famous and she's really put her foot in her mouth on this one.  Very foolish.    And we're about to learn if KC will host World Cup Soccer matches or perhaps just be a host for some teams to train.  We explain what we are giving up to try to do biz with slimy FIFA.

    Jan 6 Committee Fighting, CNN Host Shock Question, Yellowstone Closed, Trout's Fantasy League, Flag Day History with Doug Horn

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 63:35

       It's America's 106th Flag Day and a hack filled Congressional committee can't get along.  This one sided sham group is now arguing with each other about where this is going.  What a joke.    CNN's Don Lemon is clearly done with Joe Biden as he shocks the White House press secretary with a question.  She oversells the answer, that's all you need to know.    Yellowstone Park is closed and tourism in Montana is basically shut down because the river has flooded.  Bridges are out, roads have been wiped away.  This is really bad at one of America's treasures.   Angels star Mike Trout was mic'd up for ESPN's Sunday night baseball and he came clean about being the fantasy football commissioner for a Major League Players league that led to a fight, this is good stuff.   And Doug Horn is here.  Doug is a lawyer but  is also a big American History buff with a special concentration on the history of Old Glory.  You're about to learn more on this flag day than you ever have before.

    Ty Hill Blasts Chiefs, Golf's Fightin' Words, Sham Hearing is Pointless, New Idea for DC

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022 54:28

        Tyreek Hill takes shots at the Chiefs, Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes on his first podcast and it is not a good look for the NFL's current biggest diva.  We have it all.    The PGA Tour had a great week with Rory McIlroy winning and taking a shot at LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman.  But is it enough?  These leagues are taking shots at each other as LIV actually had a Masters Champion win $4.75 million in their first tournament in London.  And they're coming to Trump courses in America very soon.    The January 6 sham hearing should be considered a new low for a political party as its simply a one sided tv show.  These things should be illegal and there should be more rules of how Congress sets up hearings.    And I've got an idea today that may help our country in this polarizing times.  It's only an idea at this point but I'd sure love to know if you think it's a good one or a bad one.

    New Maps Turn Red, MU Hazing Tragedy, Camo to College

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 56:06

       Welcome to your January 6 free zone as we laugh off the low rated tv drama in DC and focus in on good things for America.  A University study has been released about all the new congressional district lines and it's great news for conservatives.  We have the numbers.    ABC's Good Morning America has obtained video of that horrible hazing incident gone wrong in Columbia last October.  This is almost unbearable to watch as 18 year old Danny Santulli was forced to drink so much vodka and beer so fast it has left him in a wheelchair, blind and unable to speak.    May inflation numbers are in and they aren't good.  Shocker.    And we meet former Marine Josh Arnold who is a true professional at Lockton in Kansas City.  But he works just as hard on the side trying to prevent veteran suicides through educational programs designed to transition vets from service to civilian life. His startup is called and we think you can help us grow it by spreading the word or involving your business to hire veterans. 

    $5.2m for Having Sex, CNN”s On Air Brawl, Sage Steele's Classy Return, 7 Point Play in Finals

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 53:45

       Ok, I admit this headline is a little outrageous.  But it's true.  A court in Missouri is awarding a Kansas City woman $5.2 million for having sex in a car.   You have to hear this.    Things are changing at CNN and one became very clear this week.  CNN has added conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg to the roster and it only two about two seconds for him to make liberal Anna Navarro get triggered and go nuts.  I'll play it for you.    ESPN anchor Sage Steele was admitted to the hospital a couple weeks ago after getting hit by a Jon Rahm tee shot at the PGA Championship in Tulsa.  It was a scary scene but as she returned to her on air job Wednesday, she surprised a lot of people with her classy words.   The Secret Service takes down a pro-Biden lunatic on the street in LA, the PGA Tour is getting ready to punish some golfers and a wild 7 point play occurred in the NBA Finals in Game 3.

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