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Ali Damron, an acupuncturist, certified personal trainer and mom of two little boys, shares her knowledge and experience on life, health, fitness, business and life and how to tie it all together.

Ali Damron, L.Ac.

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    Nervous System Balancing + Why Women Are Soulfully Exhausted

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2022 36:01

    In this episode, I dive into why women are absolutely exhausted on a soul level. We talk about how to know if you need a change of pace, why to do it and how to recalibrate your life. We know the nervous system is the mind-body connection and plays a huge role in your hormones, sleep, mood, inflammatory levels and so much more. We can wake up, be honest with ourselves and feel whole again in just a few intentional steps.

    The Three Biggest Reasons Women Struggle With Stubborn Weight Loss

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2022 18:35

    Ep. 292.  I have similar conversations with so many of my patients regarding weight loss. Sure, some of weight gain and stubborn weight loss have to do with hormonal imbalances, but there are three primary roadblocks I see in my patient's journey's toward successful, long term weight loss.  In this episode, I share these three things, how to identify them and how to lose weight and burn fat effectively if that's your goal.  20% off Supplements: {FREE DOWNLOAD} 6 Evidence Based Habits for Healthy Habits: The Period Solution Digital Course: Heal Your Hormones Masterclass: Say hi on social: Instagram: Facebook: Holistic Health with Ali Damron Free Facebook Group:  

    What To Eat In A Day To Balance Your Hormones!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2022 21:52

    Lots of women struggle with hormone imbalance symptoms such as PMS, PCOS, hair loss, fatigue, perimenopausal symptoms, hot flashes and more!  However, they are unsure why they are experiencing these things and what to do to get back into a place of hormone balance.   Food can play a huge role.  In this video, I'm going to share tips to help balance your insulin, blood sugar, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone so you can improve your hormonal imbalance symptoms such as the ones that occur during perimenopause.  I'm also going to share with you what I eat in a day healthy, healthy food tips, how to balance hormones naturally and some mood boosting foods. YouTube version:  

    Life Update + Immunity Help!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2022 18:28

    Ep. 290. If I'm being honest, August wasn't my finest month.  There were several tough things in my family and it ended with a bang of being super sick.  In this episode, I want to let you in on a life update and also, some things I do to boost my immune system through the school year.  Some products mentioned: Health Concerns Power Mushrooms, Jade Windscreen formula, Source Naturals Wellness Formula, Mountain Peak Nutritionals Immunit-T, Gaia Herbs Immune ASAP.

    Self Care Habits | 6 Daily Self Care Tips To Feel Your Best

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2022 22:18

    Self care and daily habits are a buzzword that lots of self help gurus and holistic health practitioners are talking about. Many of us need some self care tips to add this as part of our lifestyle and create healthy habits. In this episode, I'm going to give you some self care ideas to improve your mental health, self love, discipline, faith and enjoy life. Self care habits can include relaxation, books, minimalism and journaling, but in this video, I'm going to go far beyond that in teaching you a wellness routine. Self-care is just the act of taking care of ourselves. Daily self care can be fun and enjoyable as well as healthy. By the end of this episode, you'll have a self care routine waiting for you!  

    How To Ease The Back to School Transition

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2022 26:58

    Ep. 288. Transitions with kids can always be a tough time for parents. In this episode, I'm talking all about how to ease the transition of going back to school so the change is less stressful.  I'm chatting about how to meal prep, how to get better sleep as a family, what to do about overwhelm and busyness and how to take better care of yourself while keeping the family afloat.  

    The Benefits of Doing Yoga with Valeria Weber Williamson

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2022 37:15

    Episode 287.  Valeria Weber Williamson is the owner and shot caller of Shot of Yoga.  In this episode, we chatted about the types of yoga, how much yoga you should be doing in your life, and the immense benefits of what you can expect from doing a yoga practice including weight loss, osteoporosis, sleep, stress, anxiety, mindfulness, depression, asthma, respiratory health, heart health and more. Consults: Heal Your Hormones Masterclass The Period Solution YouTube  

    The Five Pillars of Hormone Health with Dawn Hart and Tracy Fisher

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 42:48

    Ep. 286. Tracy Fisher and Dawn Hart operate Helia Health together and help women with hormonal imbalances. In this episode, we discuss their five pillars to hormone health and break down some simple and strategic tips and tricks for you to help balance your hormones as well. Consults: Facebook Group: Instagram: YouTube:    

    Mindful Drinking with Coach Carol Ray

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 43:12

    Ep. 285. Carol Ray is a Naked Mind Alcohol coach, inutuitive eating coaching and health coach.  In this episode, we explored the topic of sobriety and mindful drinking.  This isn't an episode to promote sobriety necessarily, but one to help you explore your relationship with alcohol.  We discuss the levels of belief about alcohol so you can make a more mindful choice about when to partake. Consults: Heal Your Hormones Masterclass The Period Solution YouTube  

    Ayurvedic Medicine in Women's Health with Kimberly Kubicke

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2022 49:14

    Ep. 264. Kimberly Kubicke is an Ayurvedic educator, consultant and health coach.  In this episode, we talk about what ayurvedic medicine is and how to incorporate these simple principles into your life to improve your PMS, digestion issues, fatigue, period issues and more.  FREE GUIDE: Secrets to Healthy Eating Facebook: Website: Instagram: @indraholistic Website: Consults: Free Facebook Group: IG: Period Solution Digital Course:  

    Emily Foster, Registered Dietician on Digestive Issues During Perimenopause

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2022 49:14

    Emily Foster, nutritionist and registered dietitian in the UK and Canada with a special interest in gut health for perimenopause, menopause and women's health. In this episode, we talk all things GI system including SIBO, gas, bloating, perimenopausal changes, heartburn, IBS, and constipation.   I also rapid fire asked her your burning questions about gluten, dairy, seed oils and more!  

    Balancing Motherhood With Being An Entrepreneur with Cassia Watts and Jennifer Williams

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2022 31:47

    Ep. 282. Jennifer Watts and Cassia Williams are entrepreneurs in the tech and digital course creation industry as well as mothers and guardians to lots of kids.  In this episode, we talk about work life balance tips, being an entrepreneur with a family and mom life.  We also talk about some tips to for women who are interested in starting an online business but are unsure of how to do it with kids at home.

    10 Foods I Always Buy | Healthy Grocery Store Essentials

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2022 18:54

    In this episode, I'm going to share with you 10 foods I buy each week in our grocery haul for healthy meals.  A healthy diet can be budget conscious and cheap at the grocery store.  What I eat in a day are simple food swaps from conventional foods most of the time to include more healthy foods.  In this video, you'll learn what a healthy grocery haul looks like, what I eat in a week, and how to eat healthy.  I keep my meals really simple, but I'll include some easy recipes that have my healthy grocery essentials included in them.  

    What I Wish Women Were Taught About Their Body - The Body Pt. 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 45:39

    There are so many things I wish were mainstream when we talk about women's health.  It would keep us more informed, educated, healthier, happier and empowered.  In this two part episode, I am talking about the body, hormones, metabolism, and the different seasons of life we need to understand better to feel better and have less fear and overwhelm about them. If you're feeling confused about periods, PMS, perimenopause, postpartum, the metabolism, how to lose weight and pregnancy, this episode is for you!

    What I Wish Women Were Taught About Their Body - The Mind Pt. 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 38:02

    There are so many things I wish were mainstream when we talk about women's health.  It would keep us more informed, educated, healthier, happier and empowered.  In this two part episode, I am talking about the mind and emotions first.   If you're feeling bombarded with diet culture, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout, this episode is for you!  

    My Top 8 Tips To Reduce Stomach Bloating

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 17:12

    Ep. 277. Belly bloat is a frustrating digestion health condition for so many women.  I get asked daily how to reduce bloat after eating, how to get rid of bloating and how to prevent bloating from happening altogether. In this episode, I'm going to share my top 8 tips to avoid bloating and gas, bloating remedies, and how to get a flat stomach.  Stomach bloating doesn't have to rule your life.  There are home remedies to reduce bloating.   By the end of this episode, you'll know exactly how to get rid of bloating after eating fast.  

    How To Reduce Emotional Eating

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 23:25

    Ep. 277. So many women struggle with emotional eating and wonder how to prevent emotional eating. In this episode, I share my own experience with stress eating, binging, overeating and overcoming binge eating.  There are many diets such as low sugar, keto, low carb diet, and no sugar combined with stress and a lack of mindfulness that contribute to emotional eating disorders. When trying to lose weight, a lot of women want to know how to stop emotional eating on your own because it impacts our health and wellness so profoundly.  In this episode, I share with you tips on how to stop emotional eating.  

    How Trauma Impacts Us + What To Do To Help Yourself

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 27:08

    Ep. 276. With the current events, all of us have experienced some since of trauma.  In this episode, I want to explain how trauma impacts our brains, bodies and symptoms.  I also want to talk about some ideas on how to reduce the effects of trauma on our body.  

    General Maintenance for Perimenopause

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 28:12

    Ep. 275.  I get so many questions about perimenopause and I want to address the foundational things that need to be paid attention to before specific supplements and hormones.  In this episode, I talk about lifestyle, nutrition, stress, and circadian rhythm for you to have a healthier, more symptom-free perimenopausal time.  

    Why The Wellness Industry Is Making Wellness So Complex

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 28:06

    In this episode, I'm discussing how to keep your health a priority despite a busy season where it's easy to let it fall off.   I also want to discuss the wellness industry as a whole and how it makes your health so complex and expensive.  Spoiler alert: it doesn't need to be at all! In fact, it might be keeping you from achieving wellness.  

    Stop Overcomplicating It! With Kylie Larson

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 41:09

    Ep. 273. So many people over complicate nutrition, fitness and health.  It's no wonder where there are companies marketing to us nonstop and no shortage of people shouting non-informed messages at us all day.  In this episode, Kylie and I talk about the biggest things we see as being over complicated and give you permission on lots of things!

    The 3 Biggest Reasons Women Struggle To Lose Weight

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 21:13

    Ep. 272.  We're in the swimsuit season now and the diet culture's advertising is at it again.  So many women will fall prey to the quick fixes to have a "bikini body" but these diets leave with without results, yo-yoing or with a damaged metabolism.  In this episode, I talk about why the extremes aren't good for us and also what to do.  I also share the top three reasons women struggle to lose weight. @kerimantie @moderation365  

    Boost Your Energy | 8 Nutrition and Lifestyle Hacks

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 23:59

    Ep. 271. Are you sick of feeling low energy & exhausted and having fatigue impacting your motivation and self improvement? In this episode, I'm going to let you in on some secret strategies on how to have more energy throughout the day.  In order to increase your energy and have energy all day, you need to learn the answer to the question “why am I always tired?!”  Nutrition, hormones and hormonal imbalances play a huge role in how to have more energy.  I will teach you how to increase energy, how to stop feeling tired and how to balance your hormones especially high and low cortisol levels.  By the end of the episode, you will have a clear direction on how not to feel tired anymore and how to get energy.  

    What Happens To Our Hormones In Our 40's

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 23:47

    Ep. 270. The 40 year old female body can deal with hormonal imbalances and perimenopause that cause perimenopause weight gain, perimenopause anxiety, heavy periods and so much more.   In this episode, I will teach you hormonal changes that happen at 40 symptoms, hormones to watch out for, perimenopause symptoms, perimenopause supplements, perimenopause diet, and perimenopause treatment.  There are many things that happen when you get older, but we can absolutely still have a good body image, do anti-aging things and be healthy. You may have been told hormone replacement therapy is the only treatment option for women getting older and going into menopause, but that is NOT true!  

    How Do Emotions Influence Our Body

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 24:23

    We think of emotions as part of mental health and psychology, but they're also a huge aspect of our health and hormones too.  The mind-body connection is a real thing that can cause lots of symptoms in our body including allergies, immune system dysfunction, pain, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and so much more.  In this episode, I explain the mind body connection and how emotions can impact you.  

    Life Hacks For A Better Period

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2022 27:18

    Ep. 267. Today I will be sharing my best period life hacks for girls to deal with PMS, how to manage period cramps, how to manage your period and how to feel better during your period. There are lots of natural remedies for how to reduce bloating during your period, acne, heavy periods, how to have an easy period and how to manage period pain. Women ask me all the time how to have an easier period and if you're asking this question, these period tips are for you.  Watch until the end to know the best period hacks. (Free LIVE Training) (The Period Solution Course)

    The Best Nutrient Dense Foods

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2022 21:26

    Ep. 266. There is a lot of confusion over what eating a nutrient dense diet looks like and what "clean eating" is. In this episode, I share with you how to get as many vitamins and minerals from your diet in a simple way. Minerals are important for our overall health, but hormone health included. Tune in to learn exactly what you should be incorporating into your nutrition daily.  

    Wellness Trends That Could Be Contributing to Burnout

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2022 30:15

    Ep. 265. In this episode, I wanted to share some cringe-worthy wellness trends that I see that could be causing burnout, fatigue, anxiety, and taking you further from actual wellness. I am a fan of patient empowerment and fear mongering is the opposite of that.  Tune into this episode to learn the trends I feel are harming us more than helping.  

    Opportunists in the Wellness Industry

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2022 17:16

    Ep. 263.  I have had this on my mind for a long time and finally wanted to share my thoughts with you about some of the things I see in the wellness industry with other practitioners.  I want women to be educated and empowered with their health and not get sucked into greed. This is totally unscripted and my thoughts.  

    7 Ways to Experience More Joy

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2022 20:33

    Ep. 262. Feeling blah in your life right now? I'm going to share 7 simple ways to experience more joy in your life starting today!! There are so many simple ways to experience more joy through personal growth, personal development and self improvement.  Mental health awareness is something that I'm super passionate about and want to give you some happiness hacks to guarantee more joy in your life. I will teach you how to feel joy.  Hormones and hormonal imbalance can also be the cause of feeling more apathetic and joyless in your life. By engaging in these wellness tips, you will learn how to experience more joy in your life.  There is no secret formula for joy, but by the end of this video, you'll learn how to experience more happiness and learn how to be happier.  

    The Curious Connection Between Allergies and Estrogen Dominance

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2022 14:46

    Ep. 261. In holistic health, histamine intolerance and estrogen dominance an intricately connected.  In this episode, I explain histamine intolerance cures, a low histamin diet and how it causes period problems like heavy, crampy, clotting periods with PMS. It's totally possible to treat this holistically and I'm going to show you how.

    Why I Go To Therapy + Why Should Too!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2022 20:53

    Ep. 260. Therapy and mental health is often stigmatized.  The truth is though that therapy can be extremely helpful in processing through difficult emotions, anxiety and depression. Psychologists and counselors are trained to help you do this and give you support, tools and coping skills.  In this episode, I talk about my experience in finding a therapy, what therapy is like and what I've gained from it.  

    Listener Q&A Migraines, Hormones, Protein Shakes, Greens Powder

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2022 28:47

    Ep. 259. Today I wanted to answer your questions! So many women experience migraines/ hormonal headaches around their menstrual cycle. I answer how to treat a menstrual migraine through hormonal balance. I also get asked about protein shakes for weight loss all the time. I share some rotein shake recipes.  I also talk about greens powder benefits and greens powder reviews.  

    Sara Wiles on Paving Her Own Path and Burnout

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2022 34:01

    Ep. 258. Today I'm talking with Sara Wiles, an entrepreneur and business mentor, about how she arrived with a successful business helping other women explore the world of being a virtual assistant.  We also discuss burnout, mental health, how she manages emotions in her own life as a mother, wife and business owner and how the pandemic has impacted her and her clients over the past 2 years.

    How to Stop Repressing Your Emotions Using this Simple Tip

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2022 23:07

    Ep. 257. Repressed emotions are a huge part of mental health, psychology and overall health. Working on personal development and personal growth can be super helpful in working on our hormones. In this episode, I will teach you how to control your emotions. The fight or flight response can dictate our hormones and stress levels.  

    Why Do I Need To Eat Protein? + How To Get It with Kylie Larson

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2022 38:12

    Ep. 256. Kylie Larson talks to us about why protein is so important for our weight loss journey, fat loss and muscle building.  We also talk about other holistic health reasons it's important.  She talks to us about how much protein to eat, how much protein to eat to gain muscle, the benefits of a high protein diet and weight loss.

    6 Bad Habits to Stop Doing in 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2022 26:31

    Ep. 255. It's new years 2022 and you might be thinking about new years resolutions, ways to change your life, good habits to create, bad habits to get rid of or personal growth and personal development as a whole. I'm going through some new year goals and habits that changed my life that helped me not procrastinate so much and increase my productivity and motivation. We're going to talk about bad habits to avoid and how to create life changing habits instead. There are many small habits to change your life, but in this episode, I give you some bad habits to give up for a better you.

    Christmas, New Years, Goals, Weight Loss, Business Directions, and Life Update

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2022 25:13

    Ep. 253.  I wanted to pull back the curtain on my personal life a little and tell you what's been going on behind the scenes.  I spill about the conversations I've been having with patients regarding new weight loss goals, how our Christmas was as a family, new directions on my business and goal setting realistically.  

    10 Healthy Habits to Start in 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2022 24:54

    Since we're in the new year and the first month of 2022, I know a lot of people are wondering what healthy habits to incorporate for a healthy lifestyle and productivity. In this episode, I want to share with you 10 healthy habits to change your life.  This will help set the stage for self care, wellness, self love, fitness and an overall healthy routine. These 10 habits of successful people are great healthy habits to start. A self care routine starts with a foundation of good habits, so let's dive into how to get your life together and achieve holistic health and wellness.

    6 Surprising Life Lessons I've Learned in 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2021 28:15

    Ep. 251. In the new year, I want to reflect back to 2021 and look at the personal growth, knowledge, love, motivation, and life advice and lessons I've gathered over the past 12 months.  2021 was a tough year for a lot of us, but I was able to really focus on my self care and self love, productivity and personal development through all the life lessons I've learned in 2021. Self awareness is a healthy habit that can change your life by helping us with letting go of attachments, focusing on our mental health, anxiety, anger, sadness, gratitude and happiness.  In this episode, I want to share with you the lessons I've learned that I will take into 2022.  

    Yoni Steaming with Kit From Kitara

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2021 37:33

    Episode 250. Yoni steaming AKA vaginal steaming or v steam is a women's health practice in Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine that is known to help a variety of conditions such as fibroids, PMS, heavy periods, spotting, vaginal dryness, postpartum healing, fertility and more.   Yoni steaming benefits are numerous. In this episode Kit Maloney explains yoni steaming, yoni steaming herbs and how to do yoni steaming to us. $10 off with code AliLove

    Should I Use Hormone Replacement Therapy to Heal My Hormones?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2021 22:12

    Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is very popular among women's health advocates and women going through perimenopause and menopause to help with all the hormonal imbalances such as hot flashes.  There are many pros and cons of bioidentical hormones. The safety of bioidentical hormones and bioidentical side effects are always being studied.  In this video, I'm going explain my perspective on bioidentical hormones for women and bioidentical hormones reviews for women who have low progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen.  Hormone replacement therapy is a very individualized decision based on the safety of hormone therapy for each woman.  By the end of this video, you will know who should and shouldn't consider bioidentical hormone therapy and what some alternatives could be. YouTube Version:  

    Are Hormones the Reason for Stubborn Weight Loss?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2021 13:38

    Ep. 248. In this episode, I talk about the connection between your hormones and weight loss and also how to lose weight once and for all. Hormone imbalances can affect weight loss and fat loss, but we also have pay attention to our nutrition and fitness to get the overall effect of losing weight. @alidamron  

    Tips For Coping With Grief Through The Holiday Season

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 22:49

    Ep. 247. Coping with grief through the holidays can be hard.  The loss of a loved one is definitely felt through the holiday season.  In this episode, I share my story of holiday stress and dealing with grief during holidays. I also share how to support your mental health and holiday grief. @alidamron

    Ways Relieve Holiday Stress & Overwhelm and Actually Enjoy Them

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 27:03

    Ep. 246 Holiday stress can cause lots of physical health and mental health issues.  In this episode, I talk about ways to reduce holiday stress, stress management ideas, wellness throughout the holidays, intuitive eating during the holiday season and how to manage holiday stress. @alidamron

    How to Know When to Reverse Diet in Nutrition and Fitness

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 23:59

    Ep. 245. Reverse dieting can be confusing and scary, but metabolic adaptation is common in dieting and iifym.  Whether your flexible dieting or carb cycling and in a caloric deficit, you're hormones and metabolism are going to adapt some time and a reverse diet can fix your metabolism. Metabolic damage can stop weight loss transformations and physique goals, so it's important to change your nutrition, macros and fitness to build muscle.  In this episode, I talk about when and how to reverse diet.  BMR Calculator: @alidamron

    A Self Care Action Plan with Jaclyn Ricchio Stover

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 45:10

    Episode 244. Jaclyn is a certified life and health coach that talks about self care, food, exercise, education, life, sleep, stress management, journaling and habit change.  In this episode, we talk about what self care truly is and what it's not, how to create change in your life and how to know what kind of self care you need to be doing. Please rate and subscribe to this podcast so you never have to miss an episode. 

    How to Increase Your Productivity and Time Management Strategies with Kristen Van Horn

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 27:42

    Episode 243. Kristen Van Horn is a productivity and biz coach. In this episode, we talk about productivity, time management strategies and how to get more done.  We discuss the things that derail us in our own lives and give the time management tips to get your life together. There is always a push to get more done and increase productivity, but in this episode, we talk about mindfulness, how to stop procrastinating, and motivation. Please rate and subscribe so you never have to miss an episode. 

    The Steps to Balance Your Hormones Naturally - 242

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2021 26:28

    In this episode, I tell you exactly how to balance hormones if you have hormonal imbalance.  We talk about foods for hormones, hormone balance diet, how the stress response plays a huge role in hormone balance, how to exercise for hormones and how all your hormonal imbalance symptoms are interconnected.  We can treat hormones holistically and this episode will tell you how.  

    How To Get The Best Night's Sleep With Kids

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 30:15

    Episode 241.  This episode is a recording of my interview with Abby Waychoff from the Return To You Summit. Sleep deprivation is common in motherhood.  In this episode, I'm give you sleep tips, sleep hygiene and mom hacks to help mom sleep better through the newborn sleep phase all the way through teenagers. Insomnia causes a lot of mental and physical health effects, so we want to learn how to sleep better. 

    How to Treat PCOS Naturally | Diagnosis, Symptoms and Treatment

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 30:21

    Episode 240. In this episode, you will learn what polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is, how to diagnose PCOS, conventional treatments for PCOS and natural methods for PCOS.   I discuss the diet for polycystic ovarian syndrome, other women's health concerns that look like PCOS, symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome and how to treat PCOS at home. Free 15 Minute Consult: Free Holistic Health Group: YouTube: Instagram:

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