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"Kevin Kietzman Has Issues" is filled with sports and political commentary hosted by the award winning and nationally acclaimed talk show host for which the show is named. Kevin regularly has guests that include athletes, politicians, broadcasters and more. If you're exhausted by group think , corporate speech and political correctness ... bang the play button for a pick me up!

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    Spencer Speaks: Chiefs Still Looking For Their ”A” Game, NFL Week 7 Preview, Comedian In Hot Water With LGBT Community And Netflix

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 43:02

    The Chiefs still haven't shown us the "Chiefs" of the past three years, and the Titans have the best running back in the NFL, which will cause problems for the Chiefs D. Dave Chappelle is being criticized by the LGBT community after his final Netflix special, who paid him $60 million dollars over the last four years. All this and a week 7 NFL preview on a football friday!

    An Offer You Can‘t Refuse, Huggins Wants Tourney Change, Lee Sterling Football Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 39:34

       With so many people worried about getting fired over the federal vaccine mandate, we have some information that could make you feel better.  There's millions of Americans worried about their jobs and careers but I heard from a local businessman that has an idea and an offer you can't refuse if you're in that position.     Bob Huggins is never short on words and he generally has good ideas for college basketball.  At Big 12 media days, Huggins is now proposing to blow up the NCAA Tourney to make more money for the bigger schools.    And a big NFL week is ahead.  Lee Sterling of is here with his free picks and they best subscription offer yet.  Five sports, ten days, $100.  It's time to give him a try.    

    Trump Goes Social, Fauci Lied, NBA Star Banned in China, Chiefs v Titans

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 42:51

       It's official, Donald Trump has gone social with a brand new platform cleverly called "Trump Social."  Of course it can help him if he runs for president but nobody knows exactly how successful it may be.  We'll discuss the possibilities.    A scientist at the National Institute of Health has provided a letter to congress that the U.S. funded gain of function research in Wuhan and that Anthony Fauci and NIH Director Collins both knew about it an lied under oath.    Enes Kanter of the Boston Celtics knows more about international politics and persecution than you and I and it's getting him and his team in some trouble.  The Celtics are now banned in China along with the 76ers, because of a pair of shoes Kanter wore.  This is an incredible story.    Andy Reid said what we've all been thinking... it's time for the Chiefs to stop talking and start playing.  We preview the Chiefs and Titans game.

    Rae‘s Owner Storms Back, DC Out of Touch, MU Lands Top Recruit, Chiefs Eye Linebacker

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 49:36

       Amanda Wohletz owns Rae's Cafe and she isn't taking any crap from anybody.  After Jackson County shut her business down for refusing to follow the stupid mask mandate in restaurants, she has up and moved.  A few miles down the road in Independence, there are no silly mandates and she plans to open the new store in two weeks.    Normally, the folks in DC are accused of "spinning" the news but we've entered a whole new era.  There's no spinning the border or the prices of everything you buy and the result is the curtain has been pulled down to show us all that these people are just completely out of touch.    Eliah Drinkwitz is having a bad year at Mizzou but he just got a whole lot of fans off his back when he got a commitment from East St. Louis wide receiver Luther Burden.  This is a big deal.    And the Chiefs have an eye on acquiring LB/DE Whitney Mercilus after Houston waves goodbye.  This could be a good pickup.

    Mandates Being Challenged, Russia More Free than USA, Coach Fired over Vax, Vitale Ready to Fight

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 45:08

       Lawsuits are getting filed all over the place challenging the Federal mandate to get the vaccine.  Health care workers, railroad and union employees, even football coaches are losing their jobs for not getting a shot.  But we are starting to fight back and we should.    In Russia, they aren't fighting back because not even Vladimir Putin is mandating his citizens to get the shot.  Russia, in the age of Covid, protects more freedoms for its people than the USA.  How sad.    The coach at Washington State and four of his assistant football coaches are toast after they failed to get the shot prior to the October 18 deadline.  This is just wrong.   And legendary college basketball coach and announcer Dick Vitale has spent decades raising money to fight cancer.  Now he has his own fight ahead.

    Football Feast: Chiefs Stay Alive While Colleges Flounder

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 59:40

       The Chiefs stay alive with a 31-13 win over Washington that was not nearly as easy as the final score indicates.  Stan Weber separates the good from the bad.    And it was a beautiful day on campus in Lawrence, Columbia in Manhattan but the football teams were total disasters.    Also, SEC football is blood sport as LSU has fired its national title winning coach right after he beats a ranked rival.  This is nuts.

    Instant Reaction: Little Progress as Chiefs Whip Bad Team

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2021 21:59

       Don't be fooled by a fantastic display the Chiefs put on late against the Redskins.  Remember the first two hours and imagine what the score would have been if the Chiefs were playing a real team.  Oh, wait, we've seen that this year.   Winning is fun and winning 31-13 is something you never apologize for, but it doesn't seem like the Chiefs have fixed their root problems.

    Spencer Speaks: Chiefs on the Road Again in the NFC East, Gruden is Out, KSU, KU, and MU Look to Bounce Back

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2021 48:10

    The Chiefs are a 7-point favorite at Washington, as they look to get back to .500, which is unfamiliar territory for this bunch. The defense has to get better, and fast! Jon Gruden is out as the Raiders coach, so what will he really be remembered for? K-State, MU and KU are all at home this weekend and are in desperate need of a win. Riley Gates of 24/7 Sports joins to talk football as we near the halfway point of the College Football and NFL Season.

    It Hurts to Win, KC Star Blasts Andy Reid, David Beaty Exonerated

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 45:46

        There's a lot of pain going around in America this year, but sometimes it hurts to win.  There is no question now that conservatism is on the rise as people who don't normally pay attention see the ills of socialism.    The Kansas City Star just unloads on Andy Reid after the Chiefs coach wouldn't comment about his friend Jon Gruden.  Andy "slapped every one of his black players in the face" and "white, good ole boys" are just  a couple of the whoppers they bust out while claiming Andy is not a true leader.  Wow!    And former KU coach David Beaty is completely exonerated by the NCAA's Critical Case Unit.  No such luck for basketball or the athletic department as the CCU announces it is "proceeding" on the rest of the violations.

    Cats, Tigers, Jayhawks all Home Underdogs, Chiefs Road Favorite, OU Coach Boots Media

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 27:32

       Lots of football this weekend and the forecast is great for our college campuses.  That's the good news. The bad news is there's a chance everyone loses as they are all underdogs.  We cover colleges, including OU coach Lincoln Riley kicking out all media in Norman.  This is really childish.   But first, Lee Sterling shares his picks from 

    Uh Oh: Andy Silent on Gruden Emails

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 53:26

       Andy Reid is a Hall of Fame coach that's won a lot in Kansas City, including a Super Bowl.  He's gotten pass after pass with the local media for all kinds of things average coaches would get run out of town for.  But now, Reid has chosen to "no comment" on the Jon Gruden emails and the gloves are off.     The NFL, meanwhile, says it hasn't released any emails and won't.  Sure.    Kyrie Irving stands his ground for freedom, Joe Montana's big pay day, Joe Rogan undresses CNN and the CEO of Southwest Airlines says he isn't firing anyone over some mandate.

    Bieniemy Again, Chiefs Target RB, Social Security Inflation, Sir Paul Slams Rolling Stones

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 45:01

       With Jon Gruden out, the media go straight to the Eric Bieniemy playbook.... and we don't mean the kind with actual football plays in it.  Almost everyone thinks EB is the leading candidate, but should he be?  He's got some pretty bad actions in his past but we guess in 2021,  that's better than bad words.     The Chiefs are trying to work out a trade with the Colts for runningback Marlon Mack, now that CEH is out for a few weeks.    Social Security benefits are going up 6%, the biggest cost of living adjustment in 39 years and sure sign the Dems know they are wrecking our economy.   And,  Sir Paul McCartney slams the Rolling Stones.

    Gruden Can‘t be Whole Story, Chiefs All Talk, Kamala ”Sinking Ship” Production

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 52:11

       Jon Gruden was dumb to write what he wrote in emails to a Washington Redskins executive 10 years ago, no arguing that.  But if the NFL has 650,000 emails from the Washington Team as they investigate misconduct in the workplace, how is it they selectively leak Gruden emails to the Wall Street Journal?  There has to be more here, or this looks really petty from Roger Goodell.    The Chiefs have had a lot to say about their crappy play this year, but haven't really done anything about it.  I'm sick of style over substance.  Show me something, I don't want to hear about re-evaluating and gut checks.    And it just gets better and better with VP Harris.  She does a video with NASA where the kids in the production are hired actors to look interested.  And the production company that made it is from Canada and they are called Sinking Ship Entertainment.  How appropriate.

    Chiefs Hit Rock Bottom

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 60:58

       The Chiefs are an absolute mess.  The defense could be the worst in team history, the offense has turned into a turnover machine and they commit stupid penalties all the time.      Here's the truth.  The coach has health issues, the players look bored and nobody in this organization can identify and acquire good defensive players.  This team has to go 9-3 the rest of the way to make the playoffs... do you see a team that can do that?  I don't.  But Stan Weber is here and he thinks the Chiefs can... and will.. turn it around.

    Media Confidence Sinks, Schumer Disgusts Manchin, Meyer Video Hurts Others, Vegas Can Lose Big

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 47:58

       The ALS Walk KC is Saturday morning at Kauffman Stadium and we would love to have you come say hello.  Or, make a donation here to support James Bishop and his family as they raise money to fight this awful disease.     The confidence people have in news media is now lower than our confidence in Joe Biden.  That's hard to do.     After Republicans caved in to raise the debt ceiling, Dem Chuck Schumer took the podium to rip Republicans.  Dem Joe Manchin was so upset, he walked out.  It's getting wild to be a Democrat.    The Urban Meyer video has clearly hurt the Jags coach but now a pair of stories are out about the collateral damage.  The woman in the video and the man that released it aren't having a good week either.    And if you ever want Vegas to lose... and this is lose big... there's one baseball team that can win it all and cost Vegas millions in losses.  

    Chiefs vs Bills Preview and Paramount Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 28:37

       It's a huge weekend of early season matchups for superiority in the NFL.  The main event, the Chiefs and the Bills.  Buffalo, with a win, would go to 4-1 and be the odds on favorite to get the only bye in the AFC.  The Chiefs have other plans.  We break it down.   So does Lee Sterling of who gives you his pick against the spread along with other huge AFC games.  Also, will Mizzou bounce back after last week's mess, OU/Texas and Iowa/Penn State.  It's all here.

    ESPN Silences Sage Steele, Biden Builds TV Studio, ”2SLGBTQQIA+” is a Thing, Chiefs Whiff on Players

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 48:39

       ESPN has suspended anchor Sage Steele for making conservative comments about the vaccine and about Barack Obama.  But they may not have thought this through, Sage isn't just conservative, Sage is black and female.  Uh oh.     The Biden admin has taken a new step to be the most fake of all time.  They built the old guy a tv studio to give his addresses with fake backdrops like your local news channel.  It's just one more fake thing in a laundry list of fake things we identify on this episode.    Were you aware that "LGBT" or "LGBTQ" is becoming unacceptable.  Canada's prime minister has introduced, "2SLGBTQQIA+" and you'd better learn it!    It was a wild finish at the wild card game at Dodger Stadium and the Chiefs take a pass on a pair defensive players that quickly sign with other teams. 

    Chiefs Moves, Jags in Crisis, Judge Smacks Mayor Q, Biden Chant on School Bus

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 50:06

       There's an awful lot of news with the Chiefs this week.  Wide receiver Josh Gordon is promoted, defensive end Frank Clark pleads not guilty to multiple gun charges and the 11th best linebacker in the NFL last year is released.  Will the Chiefs grab him?    If you think it's busy in KC, imagine being a Jags fan.  Urban Meyer is being mocked by his players after an 0-4 start and this thing could blow up in season.    A Jackson County judge has ruled the obvious... Mayor Q and the council don't have the authority to steal $42 million from the Board of Police Commissioners to spend it however they want.  This is a big blow to "defund the police" liberals.    And the Joe Biden chant has gone from college football stadiums and ballparks to concert halls and rallies.   Now, get this.  Biden was in Michigan to speak and a bunch of kids on a school bus busted it out. Oh my.  

    DOJ Targets Parents, Lockdowns Collapsing, Chargers Too Cocky, Urban Meyer Viral Vid

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 52:32

       First, don't forget to donate to James Bishop's ALS  walk team if you can.    We begin this episode with the outrageous news that Joe Biden has asked the Department of Justice to find parents appearing in front of local school boards and trying to stop them.    The countries with the strongest lockdowns are giving up on them as Zero Covid is not possible and they know it.  New Zealand and Singapore are the latest to throw in the towel after big demonstrations by freedom lovers.    The Chargers are good and they beat the Raiders.  But man, they are really full of themselves.  You have to hear what Joey Bosa said after the game about Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and the officials.   And an Urban Meyer video has created a mess for the 0-4 Jaguars after the coach is seen playing grab ass with a young blonde woman in a bar in Ohio.

    Football Feast: Chiefs Seek Balance, Drinkwitz has Bad Look, Thompson Back at KSU

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 57:18

       The Chiefs get a much needed win by hanging 42 on the Eagles, but they're seeking some balance as they get ready to face the most balanced team in the NFL Sunday Night... the Buffalo Bills.  Stan Weber analyzes whether this Chiefs defense can become at least acceptable going forward.    Mizzou  is drilled by Tennessee, in Columbia, and Eliah Drinkwitz responds by firing his defensive line coach.  This is a terrible look.    And Skylar Thompson returned for K-State and played well but the Wildcats fall to OU for first time in three years.

    Instant Reaction: Improving Chiefs Win, Have Plenty of Work Left

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2021 20:43

       The Chiefs are back in the win column and the offense was incredible in a 42-30 win over the Eagles.  It was fun, entertaining and maddening at times as Philly racked up yards and points all day.  It's a good step, but the Chiefs are nowhere near where they need to be.

    Spencer Speaks: Chiefs Look to Clean Things Up in Philly, Salvy Has a Chance at Royals History

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2021 44:18

    Spencer is back for his weekly episode talking with Riley Gates of 24/7 Sports. The Chiefs hit the road in need of a win, as the division has gotten stronger this season. KC needs to clean up their sloppy play against a bad Eagles team, and it starts by taking control of the game from the start. The Royals are going into their final series of their season, and Salvador Perez has a chance to break the Royals single-season home run record.

    Fellow Listener and Family Have Three Generations of Unique Strength

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 36:13

       On this episode, we're sharing a personal story from a listener that you will never forget.    It's about a brave man from a family that could easily be bitter and feel cursed.  Instead, this family, for generations, has chosen to fight.  Their fight is for future generations and all they are asking if for us to help.     His story brought me and Jessica to tears and we are looking forward to joining this amazing family on October 9 at Kauffman Stadium.  Please join us or help any way you can by visiting     This is an incredible story of family, faith and an uncommon strength to help others. 

    Paramount Picks: Tigers/Vols, Sooners/Cats, Chiefs/Eagles

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 26:36

       Fresh off an 11-3 week for his clients, Lee Sterling of is here to give us his thoughts on our local games and his game of the week.   This time out... your host isn't very smart as I disagree with him on a couple of these picks.  Lee is sure to hit them!  If you would like our exclusive Thursday night pick you can sign up to become a patron and get it every week at .

    Media Punts Reid Story, Salvy Hurt After Tying Record, LeBron Makes Sense, KC Star Freefall

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 59:07

       It's not like Andy Reid has Covid or something. That's pretty much the analysis of what's going on with a 63 year old obese head coach that uses a cane, reportedly got dehydrated and has heart problems.  He's doing well and everyone is happy about that.  But is he going to be ok and should he go back to a high stress job so quickly?  He sure wouldn't if he tested positive for a virus and media analysis would be over the top nationwide.    Salvy banged out number 48 and then hurt his ankle on the dugout steps.  What's with Salvy and steps?  He should be ok, we'll tell you how the last four game look.     We finally agree with Lebron James!  Who knew he was so in to individual's rights?    The KC Star's subscription numbers are reportedly half what they were a year ago and the number is shockingly low.  How can this be when we've all been at home consuming Covid news?  Has this liberal paper Covid reported itself into its own grave?   Also... KC chaos over KCI, Joe Biden hears boos at Congressional game, the star of the game wears a kick ass ball cap and the editor of the student newspaper at Oklahoma State is fired after writing a conservative Covid column.

    Dems Firing Heroes, Generals Call Out Biden, Salvy#47, Chiefs Eye New RB

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 51:54

       In their never ending quest for control, the democrats have forgotten that just weeks ago, we were all praising front line health care workers as America's heroes.  Now they want to fire them for not getting the jab.  This is as bad as politics gets and it's shameful.    The leaders in charge of advising Joe Biden and the Afghanistan withdrawal have all but called the president a liar.  So why isn't Biden firing these guys?    Salvy bangs out number 47 and it seems fans at the K are just there to see him hit.  Across the state, the Cardinals have done something absolutely remarkable that we don't have to cheer but we sure can respect.   And while Chiefs fans are online whining the officials didn't call pass interference on the Hail Mary at the end of the game Sunday, the team has signed a wide receiver and is looking to trade for a runningback.

    Andy‘s Stay Unusual, $10k for Salvy Ball, ”Disinformation” New Dem Play, Black Students Segregated

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 51:34

       While it's not our right to know, do you get the feeling we are not hearing the whole story about Andy Reid's health scare?  With a full team of doctors at Arrowhead that treat dehydration every day, why did those docs send Reid to the hospital?  And why did the hospital keep him overnight?  We ask the questions the media probably won't.    The Cleveland fan that has the historic home run ball from Salvy's 46th wants $10,000 for it.  By baseball standards, this seems like a bargain to me.  What's the big deal?    It took me awhile, but I've looked up the term "disinformation."  And I should have known they are only using it to accuse conservatives because Dems are so good at using it as their favorite play in the book.    And the world is upside down.  Nearly 60 years after the Civil Right Act is passed, American colleges now think it's a good idea to segregate black students.  WTH?

    Sloppy Chiefs Need Help, Andy ”doing well,” Bad Saturday for Colleges, Ryder Cup History

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 57:28

       It's pretty obvious the Chiefs have a lot of work to do.  Not a little... a lot.  They're sloppy all over the field from stupid turnovers to the worst red zone defense in the NFL.  This team should have double digit leads and some games where you're bored with 8:00 minutes to go.  Stan Weber is here to tell us if they Chiefs can get it together.    Andy Reid is "doing well" according to the team after reportedly getting dehydrated and taken to the hospital after the loss to the Chargers.    It was a really tough Saturday for Mizzou, K-state and KU.  But there should still be plenty of reasons for optimism for the fans.  At least your season isn't a fall from a perch like Iowa State.   And the American Ryder Cup team makes history with a whopping 19-9 beatdown of Europe.  These young players are really good and they really know how to celebrate.

    Instant Reaction: Chiefs Alone in Last Place

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2021 21:26

       The Chiefs spent over three years in first place, every week from the start.  Now, it's still September and KC is alone in last place in the AFC West.  The Chargers stun Arrowhead with a 30-24 win.     This was an undisciplined, sloppy mess of a game that saw the Chiefs cough it up 4 times.  Still, they had a chance to win and failed.  The AFC has caught up to the Chiefs and if this group doesn't get some discipline and an identity, there are more losses coming.

    Spencer Speaks: Chiefs Face First Division Foe, Mizzou on the Road Again, K-State Faces First Big Test in 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 60:14

    Spencer Kietzman brings on 24/7 Sports' Riley Gates for their friday segment, talking lots of football. The Chiefs can re-establish their dominance in the AFC West. Will Howard has the biggest opportunity he's had as KSU's young QB leads the Wildcats into Stillwater. MU is at Boston College, who runs the ball well, which could be trouble for Missouri. Finally, KU is a 16 point underdog as they travel to Duke.

    Patriotism Rules at Ryder Cup, Chiefs Playing for Last Place, Jax Co. Judge Closes Cafe, Sharpton Heckled

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 41:55

       If you love America, you will love the Ryder Cup this weekend.  If you don't follow golf or even like it that much, we have a short course on why this matters so much as we celebrate an event that is about American pride and patriotism.    This week, the Chiefs are not in first place for the first time in years.  Years.  Sunday, believe it or not, their game against the Chargers is for sole possession of last place in the AFC West.  There is one key that will decide this game, we'll tell you what it is.   A Jackson County judge has ordered authorities to do whatever is necessary to close Rae's Cafe in Blue Springs.  We don't know where this goes next but if that place is shut down, it's going to be ugly.   And Al Sharpton went to the border to try to make money off the chaos and his speech was totally shouted down by conservatives that want a stable immigration system.  He's called out for inciting rioting and violence an his protesters are spot on.

    Cats Surprise, Chiefs D Needs CPR, AFC Wide Open, Lee Sterling Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 25:35

       Quite a football conversation with Lee Sterling before he gives us his picks this week.    We talk about the surprisingly good start for Kansas State, a messy Chiefs defense and an AFC that suddenly looks like it has all kinds of contenders.    Then we get the college and pro picks against the spread from including the Chiefs, Tigers and Cats.  

    Operatives in Charge, Afghan Rapists, KC Doesn‘t Want New Stadium, Lamar Insults Chiefs Defense

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 52:29

       The White House is making comments about the conduct of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson that are appalling and arrogant and prove one thing.  The operatives behind Joe Biden believe they are in charge of the whole world.     Two Afghan refugees we "saved" have committed horrific crimes at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin.  One is accused of raping girls under the age of 16, the other of choking and suffocating his wife.  This is just the beginning.    In Sports, the Royals want a new downtown ballpark.  But the people of Kansas City don't.  This is not a surprise but if history tells us anything, the Royals will need to get creative in financing and not plan on just taxing the people.    And Ravens quarterback has thrown shade all over the Chiefs defense this week... and may not even know it.  The defense is so bad, it feels like 2018.  The stats so far are ghastly. 

    Media Mad at Joe, Senator Wants Answer, Jackson Mahomes‘ Watergate, MU/KU Football

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 57:17

       Barack Obama famously said you can never underestimate Joe Biden's ability to "F" things up.  Well, he's right as Biden has completely ticked off the liberal media.  His own friendly reporters have filed a formal objection.    Senator Ron Johnson wants to know how many illegals we are sending back to where they came from  and he's really hot.  We have the audio clip for you.    Patrick Mahomes' brother Jackson is a national sports story after pouring water on a couple Ravens fans Sunday night after the game.  It's just the latest strange incident by somebody in the star quarterback's circle.    And we see signs everywhere that Lance Leipold is taking control at KU.  At Mizzou,  Eliah Drinkwitz has his hands full building his run defense this week to slow down Boston College.

    Salvy Makes History, Andy Nails it, Biden‘s 6 Step Program, Musk Takes Jab

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 56:26

       We have rooted all summer for Salvador Perez to stay healthy and keep hitting bombs and now he's the single season home run record holder for a catcher with 46.  Johnny Bench has congratulated and Salvy has thanked God.  Now he sets his sights on three or four attainable marks.    Andy Reid said something a day after the Chiefs defense was abused by the Ravens that only a Super Bowl winning coach would say.  He's exactly right and I'll tell you what he said.    Monday Night Football had become an afterthought, but not any more.  Peyton took a shot at the Patriots, Gronk's dog made an appearance, they all made fun of fullbacks, Pat McAfee almost acted drunk and a player lost his dad's ashes in the end zone.  All true.    Maybe we should get the Mannings to break down the Biden administration.  Joe's admitted his border is a disaster, which is step 6 in how they handle every crisis.  I tell you what their six steps are... we just wish there was a 7th step where they actually fix something.   Even Elon Musk is taking shots at Joe on Twitter.  

    Football Feast: Chiefs Defense Soft, AFC West Surprises, Cats Run Free

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 57:26

       The Chiefs blew an 11 point lead in the 4th quarter to fall to the Ravens 36-35 in a thriller Sunday night and there's plenty of blame to go around.  But there is no bigger problem for KC than a super soft defense that allowed 251 rushing yards.  Stan Weber tells us this has to change.    The AFC West is home to the only undefeated teams in the AFC... the Raiders and Broncos.  Really?  Sounds crazy but it's true.  And the biggest threat to the Chiefs may be the Chargers and they're headed here Sunday.    In Manhattan, K-State runs wild over a very good Nevada team and goes to 3-0.  We ask Stan if the Cats are capable of making a run in the Big 12.    KU has a rough second half against Baylor, Mizzou has a tune up for BC and there were wild scenes in games at Florida and Penn State.  

    Spencer Speaks: Chiefs First Road Test, K-State‘s Game Plan Without Skylar Thompson, Mizzou‘s Struggles on Defense

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 64:08

    24/7 Sports' Riley Gates is back on talking all things football. Spencer Kietzman thinks the NFL has brought back it's fans from the far-right, who tuned out last season. The Chiefs face their first road test in Baltimore on Sunday night. Mahomes has not lost to the Ravens, and that shouldn't change. K-State is facing an uphill battle without Skylar Thompson at QB as the schedule toughens up. If KU is going to win a conference game, it's Saturday against Baylor in Lawrence. Missouri got gashed on the ground at Kentucky, but can the Tigers save their season? All that and more in this episode.

    Chiefs vs Ravens Preview, Point Spread Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 33:46

       Everything you need to know about the Chiefs vs. Ravens is right here.  First, we take a look at how Patrick Mahomes gets motivated for each game.  Spoiler alert.... last year's Ravens game tells us what we need to know.    Then we hear from Frank Boal on how the Chiefs keep hitting big plays out of nowhere and Stan Weber on whether the Chiefs can improve their below average run game and dreadful O-Line play.    And Lee Sterling of has the point spread picks for Chiefs/Ravens, Nevada/KSU, OU/Nebraska and more.

    Tragedy in Independence, One State Covid Free, Kelce is Embarrassed, Salvy Closes In

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 50:25

       22 year old Independence police officer Blaize Madrid-Evans has lost his life after a shootout with a violent criminal that had just been released from jail.  Blaize had only been on the  job for 2 months and the criminal had only been out of jail two weeks.  How is this possible?    Joe Biden can't remember the name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a live news conference they had together.  Joe called him, "Umm... that fella down under."  But it least they weren't talking about anything important.  It was just about arming Australia with Nukes and Nuclear Submarines to help defend against China.     One state in India has 240 million people and no covid deaths this week, they've declared it covid free.  They are less than 6% vaccinated.  How are they doing this?  For months, they've been treating covid with a common, cheap drug and it's working for patients and working as a deterrent for the people around them.    Travis Kelce says the Super Bowl loss embarrassed him.  Just what this stud needs is extra motivation.    Sporting KC is on fire.... at the top of the West after another shutout at home.  A 4-0 drubbing of Minnesota is the latest for a team that just rolls along.    And Salvy is closing in on Johnny Bench with HR number 44.

    Milley Goes Rogue, Maher Blasts Left, President Dayton, Vaccinated Saints ”Cluster”

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 57:36

        As we've watched the FBI, CIA and most of DC go woke and move left, it was hard to imagine our military brass would ever lose sight of America first.  But it has happened, if a new report is true.  Can you even imagine the highest ranking military official calling China behind the President's back?  We have a huge problem with Mark Milley.    Liberal comedian and political host Bill Maher says liberals are embarrassing him as they are doing crazy things like segregating America in the name of control and power.  Maher says two national anthems before NFL games is nothing but a new iteration of segregation in 2021.    Dayton Moore has been promoted to President of the Royals, we knew this was coming.  Frank Boal was on a patron's only podcast with me but I'll play a clip of what he thinks of the moves.   The Saints have a bunch of covid cases but because they are all fully vaccinated they are calling this a cluster, not  a breakout.  The NBA won't require players to get the jab.  And NASCAR will open its season the week of the Super Bowl in a stunning new way.

    KKHI Called Shot of Dayton Moore to Team President

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 12:34

       Seven weeks ago, Dayton Moore appeared on Kevin Kietzman Has Issues and we talked about him stepping away from his duties as General Manager and becoming team president.  While nobody else in the media wanted to discuss this, Dayton didn't shy away and told us he'd do whatever Chairman John Sherman wants.      Today is the day Moore moves to President and J.J. Picollo takes over as General Manager.  We also expect Dayton could oversee the move from Kauffman Stadium to a new downtown ballpark.  A completely different challenge.

    Manning Up, Kelce Comes Clean, Skylar Will Play Again, Biden Booed,

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 59:14

       Peyton and Eli Manning, after a rough start, settled into something so raw and revealing, they may have just changed the way all analysts talk about pro football.      In the process, Travis Kelce was a guest and he was brutally honest.  Kelce says when the game is on the line, he just gives Mahomes a certain look in the eye that he's going to run around "to make some shit up."  This is the the most important thing about the Chiefs.    KSU Coach Chris Klieman says his quarterback Skylar Thompson should play again this year but it will probably be awhile.    A Navy assistant coach is fired for not taking a covid vaccine.  Joe Biden is booed at a rally as America is demonstrating by the thousands.    And we've to a special song to play called, simply, "Joe".

    Football Feast: Chiefs September Magic, Packers & Bills Shock, Skylar Thompson Update, MU Run Defense

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 63:51

       This episode is a football geek's dream.  Stan Weber joins me as we cover it all from the Chiefs thrilling win over the Browns, both good and bad.    Two teams went thud on Sunday, most spectacularly Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.  But the Bills were awful, too as Josh Allen threw 21 incomplete passes.  We go around the league.    Stan had the call for K-State's win over SIU Saturday night and we're learning more about the injury to quarterback Skylar Thompson.      Mizzou's defense couldn't stop the run against Kentucky as they played hard and just kept fighting back.  But this part of the Tigers game has to get better.    We even have time for Arkansas' epic beatdown of Texas, Ohio State taking a home loss to Oregon and the terrific Iowa defense frustrating Iowa State.  

    Instant Reaction: Crowd Carries Chiefs to Win

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2021 17:39

       One huge play from Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill lit Arrowhead on fire in the fourth quarter and in the process... ramped up a KC defense that had been bad all day.    It looked bleak most of the day, but with Arrowhead rocking, the Browns bumbled their way to three second half turnovers and the Chiefs win it 33-29.

    Harlan on Chiefs/Browns, Weekend Preview with Spencer K and Riley Gates

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 62:07

       Our full interview with Kevin Harlan on the NFL season, the future of tv sports and more is up for Patrons Only. On this episode, we play a clip of Kevin's thoughts on the Chiefs and Browns Sunday.    Also, Spencer Kietzman is back with his weekend previews and his friend Riley Gates from 24/7 Sports joins him to talk KU, K-State, Mizzou, the NFL and Big 12 Expansion.

    Opening Night Spectacle, Chiefs 68% Chance, CFB Mistake, Biden Hates Fun

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 54:34

      The opening night in the NFL almost makes you feel sorry for other sports as the Bucs/Cowboys game was just a thrill a minute.  Even though Tampa Bay seemingly will continue to get all the calls, this sport is so much fun and so American it's not surprising the left loves to attack it.    The Chiefs and Browns should be just as much fun and if that's true, how can the computer say the Chiefs have a nearly 70 percent chance of winning?  Well, there's a couple crazy September stats for both teams that probably has the computer on overdrive.  We'll tell you what they are.    The second weekend of college football starts with a big mistake for KU and the Big 12.  Unless something shocking happens Friday night, the Jayhawks at Coastal Carolina on national tv is just bad business.    And you think the Biden vax mandates are all about businesses?  Think again.  These crazy people want you to cough up your health records to get into football games, too.  The start of the season is just freaking out all the fear peddlers and they won't stand by idly like you're an illegal, a refugee or a postal worker.  No, football fans are largely conservative and YOU WILL COMPLY!

    Paramount Picks for KC/Cleve, Mizzou/UK, ISU/Iowa and Sunday Funday at Arrowhead

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 30:52

       Lee Sterling of has a first ever, 50 unit selection in week one of the NFL and handicaps a slew of games for us including the Chiefs-Browns, Tigers-Wildcats and Cyclones-Hawkeyes.    I also share my thoughts on what Sunday looks and feels like at Arrowhead and more on the matchup.

    Chiefs-Browns Preview, Royals Epic Fail, Big 12 to OP, CDC Changes Stance Again

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 53:21

       It has always looked easy to be a fan of the best team with the best player.  So why do I have such a hard time believing it's just going to be easy for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs?  He's undefeated in September, undefeated against Cleveland and I'm afraid of this game.  We'll break it down for you.    The Royals had an epic fail in the 8th inning against the Orioles blowing a 5-0 lead.  By my count, the Royals, defensively, had 6 players out of position when they gave the Orioles 5 outs in one inning.  What the hell is going on?    The Big 12 is about to add BYU, Houston, Cincinnati and UCF to the league.  Now it's time to relocate the headquarters from Dallas to Overland Park.     Reporter Alex Berenson is suing Twitter after they removed a post that turns out to be correct.  Berenson is America's actual authority on Covid-19 and when he tweeted the vax doesn't stop infection or transmission, he was correct.  Now the CDC has changed it's definition of a vaccine and agrees with Berenson.   Also, Larry Elder gets egged and it's apparently not racist, Kellyann Conway rips the president in a letter and Biden plummets to 39% approval. 

    Covid is Fading, NFL QB Drama, Paul Pierce Speaks Truth, Mizzou‘s Early Showdown

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 57:06

       Just like so many things in life, we are learning to accept Covid and are moving on.  Of course, some industries are relying on millions of people to stay hooked on fear and they are losing.  Americans, by their actions, are clearly saying they are done with Covid.    It's so great being a Chiefs fan these days as there is never, ever any quarterback drama.  But it's a normal part of the game for most teams that don't have a really good starter.  But one team has a top quarterback and they are fumbling their way through the drama of one of the strangest situations ever.    Former Jayhawk Paul Pierce is headed into the Hall of Fame this week and has done an interviewing in advance of the big night, blasting his former employer ESPN.  While Pierce is no role model, he gets really high marks here for speaking his mind and telling the truth.  You'll love this.   Some listeners think I'm slighting Mizzou by suggesting their schedule could lead to a 6-0 start.  So I'm going to try to re-state it more clearly and see if you don't agree.    Also, props to Erin Andrews...  a Yankees announcer gets rescued from flood waters... and is coming up September 25 and you may want to be a part of it.

    CFB Has Epic Start, Chiefs Earn Day Off, Anti Biden Chants Everywhere

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 32:15

       It was an epic four day weekend of college football fun as KU, KSU and MU all win.  The Cats were the big surprise with their new look defense totally shutting down Stanford but there are plenty of other story lines.  Clemson lost and one coach actually lost his job after one game.  We've got it all.    The Chiefs got Monday off because they have a great kicker.  This is the kind of story that makes you love your team even more.    The student body president at KU tweets out, "death to America" and is seemingly going to get away with it.      As crowds gather at games and concerts, organic anti Joe Biden chants are breaking out all over the country.  Americans are very, very upset right now.

    Kevin Harlan HATES Parking Garages, KC CFP Helps Military and NFL Players

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2021 58:50

          Kevin Harlan hates parking garages.  Confused?  Don't be.  We have a clip from our NFL Preview episode for patrons at that will have you rolling on the floor.  You're going to love this and agree with him.    And our conversation is with a Kansas City financial planner that switched from investing for others to teaching others how to find their path to financial well being.  We're talking soldiers and NFL players and introduce you to longtime listener and all around good guy, Doug Spencer. 

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