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"Kevin Kietzman Has Issues" is filled with sports and political commentary hosted by the award winning and nationally acclaimed talk show host for which the show is named. Kevin regularly has guests that include athletes, politicians, broadcasters and more. If you're exhausted by group think , corporate speech and political correctness ... bang the play button for a pick me up!

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    Chaotic Bears Coming to KC, Chiefs Injuries Pile Up, Royals Delay Stadium Again, Garland is Fraud, Cruz Prediction, Twindergarten Opens

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2023 41:50

       The Chicago Bears are a hot mess.  A really hot mess.  Their quarterback is 5-22 in 27 starts and is blaming the coaches.  The defensive coordinator just quit and they have a road game at KC.  This is going to be fun.    The Chiefs injury list includes a whole bunch of starters but it's a good week to have this issue.    The Royals quest for a new stadium hits another roadblock and they will no longer announce their site this month, pushing it off for somewhere down the road.    A school in KCK has to play high school football games in daylight after gunfire broke out last week.    Merrick Garland's appearance in front of the House Judiciary committee was a slap in the face to the citizens of this great land.  Senator Ted Cruz has a Dem prediction you may have heard someplace before.   Howard Stern is excited about the latest jab and a school district in Pennsylvania is opening Kindergarten this fall for a record number of twins.

    KCTV5 Lawsuits Pile Up, Local FBI Agent Infiltrates J6, Trump Speech Roils Biden, Chiefs Set Record, Mahomes Wants to Punt, KC Ballpark Money Problem

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2023 53:52

       Three lawsuits have been filed by journalists in four months against the parent company of KCTV 5 News In Kansas City and I can't ignore this anymore.  It's right in the wheelhouse here at KKHI as I'll let you know just how ridiculous local tv news has become.     As the House investigates the failures of security from January 6 it is learned that an FBI Field Officer from Kansas City was dressed as a Trump supporter and apparently leading demonstrators into the Capital.    When the GOP holds its debate next week, Donald Trump will be giving a speech to the United Auto Workers in Detroit.  You think the other candidates are getting played?  Well, wait until you hear what a couple of the Biden people are saying off the record about this move.    The Chiefs set an NFL record with their win on Sunday and it's a doozy.  Patrick Mahomes tells Carrington Harrison of 610 Sports Radio he wants to punt in a game and the Royals still have a giant financing hole in their plan for a new ballpark. 

    Oak Park HS Trans Queen, Dems Burning Cash, Lib Singer Unloads, Mahomes Gains Power w/Contract, Kelce/Swift Song, Coach Covers Spread

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2023 49:54

       I was going to downplay the fact that Oak Park High School crowned a boy the Homecoming Queen this weekend because it just seemed too easy.  But now as the story has reached national outlets, those folks have done some digging and learned something even more shocking.    Losing an $83 million fighter jet is a drop in the bucket for the cash the Dems are burning through.  Their biggest concern now?  Target conservatives with advertising to sway us to keep supporting money for Ukraine.  What a scam... Oh, and it's racist to boot.    A whacky lib singer says she's leaving country music to sing for the oppressed.  Have fun.    Patrick Mahomes got a lot more than money with his new contract... he got real power and leverage.  I'll explain.    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift may be a thing... so one great KKHI listener decided to ask AI to write a breakup song.... It's awesome!    The Royals have won 5 of 6, Phil Mickelson pens an amazing letter about his gambling addiction and one NFL coach clearly made a decision to cover a spread for his fans Sunday.

    Football Feast: Chiefs D Rocks, Mizzou Win for Ages, KU Escapes, Bill Self Blows It

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2023 64:09

       We are covering it all on the Football Feast as the Chiefs get their first win of the season behind a wicked great defensive performance.  Mizzou walks off a 61 yarder against K-State and it was pure pandemonium.  KU escapes at Nevada and I have some thoughts on Bill Self hanging on to a troubled player.    Of course Stan Weber will join us with his analysis... belly up to the Feast!

    Dem ”Wrap Up Smear” Targets Biden, Trump Landslide Poll, Alford Loves Cabo, CFB w/Pete Mundo, Lee's Football Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2023 50:34

       We have a clip of Nancy Pelosi describing how they smear Donald Trump and it's got a name.  Now the "Wrap Up Smear" appears to be setting in motion against Joe Biden.  This is going to be fun!    A new poll shows where Donald Trump is today versus a couple weeks before the 2020 election and it's incredible.  He's got huge gains with voters in all the right places.   Missouri Congressman Mark Alford has introduced the CABO act and it has nothing to do with sandy beaches or my favorite little dog.    KCMO's Pete Mundo has me as a guest this week at and we talked football with an emphasis on KSU-Mizzou.  I'll have a clip for you on what Pete thinks.    And Lee Sterling of is off to a great start and shares his picks for our area games and more. 

    GOP Cat Fight Annoying, Stigall Leaving KCMO Radio, Toney Owns Mistakes, Rodgers to Return, R's Worst Season

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2023 42:38

       We try hard to accentuate the positive here at KKHI but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade.  This stupid in-fighting between Republicans is flat out annoying and despite winning he majority in the House of Representatives, these clowns are doing nothing but fighting each other.    It came out of nowhere but has decided to leave his show on the popular KCMO Talk Radio station and work for the Herzog Foundation.  We have the details.   Chiefs receiver Kadarius Toney owns up to all those drops last Thursday in the season opening loss.  I can promise you, drops won't be the story of this player this year.  I'll tell you what will be his story.   Aaron Rodgers says he's returning to football after his season ending injury and the Royals are trying to get a new stadium during a record breaking year for losses.  

    Chris Jones Loses Big, Kelce & Taylor Swift, NFL Eyes Owning College Football, Impeachment Inquiry Falls Flat, Fugitive Caught, Packers Bar Tab Payoff

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2023 54:07

       If the reports from ESPN are accurate, Chris Jones lost big from his holdout with the Chiefs.  Really big.  He got no raise, some crazy hard to reach incentives and lost $3.6 million sitting out.  Oh, and the Chiefs can now franchise tag him next year.  This was insane.     According to Page Six in New York, Travis Kelce has been "hanging out" with Taylor Swift.  Oh, boy, Jessica is not happy with this at all.    Sports Biz Journal reports multiple sources saying the NFL wants to dissolve the NCAA and take over as owner and operator of college football.  This plan will cut out at least 20 schools currently considered in Power Conferences.    Kevin McCarthy has such a dull way about him that the Speaker's announcement of an impeachment inquiry in Joe Biden just fell flat.    The fugitive in Pennsylvania is caught after two weeks... did you know this killer was in America illegally?    And a Wisconsin bar that is home to Packers fans became a Jets hating bar after Aaron Rodgers switched green.  They offered a crazy promotion for free drinks when the Jets lose and Packers fans were drinking like crazy for three hours Monday night.  Until they had to pay up.

    Rodgers Exits w/Class and Dignity, Jones Holdout was Stupid, GOP Should Arrest House Intruders, Biden Lies About 9/11, Trump Lawyers Voting Stats

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2023 49:42

       It was sad to watch Aaron Rodgers' career likely come to an end Monday night after all the hype.  But watching that great player run into that stadium in New York on 9/11 carrying the American Flag and seeing how he left with total class will leave quite a mark.  He could have been the whole show standing on the sideline in a boot, but instead, encouraged his teammates at halftime and chose to not be a distraction.  Total pro move.    Chris Jones holdout is over and we're all asking the same question.  What the heck was that stupid holdout all about?    After insurrectionists burst into Speaker McCarthy's office Monday, the GOP should arrest them and charge them to the fullest extent just like the J6 protesters.    Joe Biden lies during a speech saying he was at ground zero the day after 9/11... even the White House can't verify that.  It was 9 days later.   And Trump's lawyers drop some stunning information that, if provable, could change the trials in Georgia and the federal case around J6.

    Biden Misses 9/11, Tucker Slams TX Gov, CFB Winners, Dolphins Feeding Frenzy, Reddick Wins at Kansas Speedway

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2023 46:55

       As we remember 9/11, we watch our president mumble around in Vietnam calling for a new railroad in Africa and telling reporters he needs to go to bed.  Oh, and they cut off his mic and ended his speech and he didn't even know it.  Oh, brother.    In Texas, Tucker Carlson takes the stage in a speech against Republican governor Greg Abbott for not sending the National Guard to the border.  You have to hear this.    Jalon Daniels was electric for the Kansas Jayhawks, K-State was impressive in all three phases again and Mizzou got away with one looking ahead to this week's game against the Wildcats.  Also, the Big 10 stinks and the SEC West has egg on it's face.    We go around the NFL from Sunday, including Tuo and Tyreek who had a feeding frenzy at the expense of the Chargers.    Novak Djokovic wins the US Open sponsored by Moderna... the exact shot he refused to take.  Tyler Reddick wins at Kansas Speedway in OT and a former Yankee sets old timers day on fire with his conservative comments.

    Chiefs DROP Opener, Toney is Awful, Run Game Exposed, Black Anthem Roils Many, KU v Illinois, Jimmy Fallon Under Fire, Senate Shakeup

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2023 42:38

       The Chiefs DROP their first game of the year... literally.  The Chiefs wide receiver play was downright comical with all the drops, the run game is non existent and Kadarius Toney had the worst game I can ever remember.  And Patrick Mahomes still almost won the game.  The defense performed all night, a great sign for sure.  But this receiving corps is a hot mess.    Before the game, the "black national anthem" was performed and it roiled many fans all over the country.  I don't think it's singing the song every now and then that bothers people, I think it's something else.    KU hosts Illinois Friday night in a battle of opposites.  Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is apologizing for being "toxic" in the work place and Republicans need to replace Mitch McConnell.  

    Kelce Works Out Knee, Chris Jones' Bad Day, NKC Racism Case Changing, 75% Want Military v Cartels, Howard Stern Freaks Out, Football Picks w/Lee Sterling

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2023 55:49

       It's gameday and Travis Kelce is working out his sore knee for trainers and coaches and that can only mean one thing... They think it's possible he can play but need to confirm it.  Also, Chiefs star d-lineman Chris Jones had a bad day visiting kids at the Ronald McDonald House while asking for millions of dollars for himself.     That "racist" shooting case with the elderly man in the northland and the black teenager is taking some turns that almost nobody is reporting on.  One online blogger has the details and we'll share them with you.    A whopping 75% of Americans agree... we should be using our military to stamp out the Mexican drug cartels like we did to ISIS.    Broadcaster Howard Stern is totally freaked out and admits he has been diagnosed with mental problems.  So why should we ever have to listen to opinions of neurotic people?    And Lee Sterling of is here with his thoughts on the Chiefs/Lions and has some picks for us for KU, KSU, MU and the AFC West.  

    Football Feast: Kelce Has Chance to Play, Stan Weber on Chiefs, KU, KSU and MU

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2023 65:19

       It's the return of the Football Feast and while it's not Thanksgiving, it is the Lions on a Thursday.  Travis Kelce's brother says Travis has a chance to play Thursday night and that's big news.  Stan Weber breaks down the injury as he's had it before.... then we lock in on the Lions and the challenge they pose.    KU hosts Illinois in a contrast of styles, KSU tries to avoid a mistake it made last year and Mizzou's quarterback situation should be clearer. It's all here.   Then, the most disgusting  Final/Final in KKHI history.  I'm sorry, but I have to do it.    

    Chiefs Game Week, KU/MU Rivalry Dead, CFB Stunners, Americans Losing Jobs, Trump Leads Biden

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2023 41:29

       It's Chiefs game week and of all the crazy stats over the past five years, week one may take the cake.  We get you ready to roll.     KU and KSU each got easy wins to start the season but it was something that happened during the game in Lawrence that takes the headline here.  The KU/MU rivalry is officially dead.    There were three big stunners in College Football this weekend.  Coach Prime was ready, LSU and Clemson were not.    A new report shows millions of Americans are losing their jobs to illegal aliens, it's called Bidenomics.  And a new poll has the left going crazy as it looks like Trump would beat Biden if the election were today.

    First Half Propels Mizzou, KU/KSU Ready, Kelce's Message for Jones, Alexa: No Election in '24, Paramount Picks w/Lee Sterling

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2023 63:13

       In a tale of two halves, Mizzou rode Brady Cook's hot hand to a big halftime lead and cruised to a 35-10 season opening win.  Nebraska blew a lead and Lee Sterling got our patrons to 1-0 with his Utah pick.  Night one is in the books and now KU and KSU take the stage.    Travis Kelce has a message for Chris Jones... he busted it out on his podcast with his brother.  It's the same thing I've been saying and we'll play it for you.    A man on X has posted a video of his Amazon Alexa device saying there will be no election in 2024 because the Dems will invoke the War Powers Act.  What?  So I asked mine and it seems to be indicating the same thing.   84 year old Andrew Lester will stand trial after the grazing of teenager Ralph Yarl outside his front door months ago in the Northland.  But even a trial isn't enough for the crazy race baiters, now they're bitching that the cops were too gentle with the feeble old man.    Then Lee Sterling of joins us for his week one picks in college football after starting 2-0 last weekend and hitting his pick last night.  Let's do this!

    Hurricane Saved Lives, Old Politicians Get Worse, Chris Jones Bores Me, MU Goes First, Gary Woodland Health Shocker, Airborne Subway

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2023 46:06

       After 48 hours of non stop hurricane coverage and no hurricane deaths, here's a take you simply won't hear anywhere else.  Hurricane Idalia, statistically, saved at least 19 people from dying in Florida.  I'll explain.    A new book on Joe Biden is coming out and clearly paints him as a senile, grumpy old man.  Diane Feinstein is a mess.  But nobody appears to be doing worse than the very, very old Mitch McConnell and it's really hard to watch.  Are we even a serious country anymore?    Chiefs GM Brett Veach is trying to be optimistic about Chris Jones coming to work but honestly, I'm bored with this story.  Let's move on to the Lions and just let me know if he ever shows up.    Mizzou is up first with it's opener Thursday night, the computer says they should win by 35.    2019 US Open Champion Gary Woodland faces a major surgery with the stunning news he has a lesion on his brain.    And wanna fly in a blimp and eat a sandwich?  Our final final explains how you can do this in KC next week.

    Our Frustration Pales to Gold Star Fams, Swing States Turn Red, Chiefs Keep 7 WR's, CFB Ready to Rock, Heroes Among Us Benefits Vets

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2023 51:04

       You and I have real frustrations with the direction of America and the political change that threatens the Constitution.  But after watching Gold Star families talk about the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, it's obvious our frustrations pale in comparison.  Wait until you hear one father from Missouri on Capitol Hill yesterday.     A group that studies elections says two former swing states are out of play in 2024 and are now both solidly red and it won't change.    The Chiefs keep seven wide receiver for two very good reasons.  I'll let you know why I think they did something they haven't done before.    Mizzou starts first Thursday night as college football is ready to rock.    And does wonderful work with veterans and their families in the midwest and they could use a little of your help either playing in their charity golf tourney on 9/11 or making a donation at their site.  Daryl Miser spends a few minutes discussing what they do and you'll find it heartwarming.  

    Chiefs Roster Takes Shape, Don't Mess with Mahomes' Parking Spot, Teachers Walking Away, Tucker Happy to be Fired, Biden Word Association Shocker

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2023 48:06

       The Chiefs are wheeling and dealing right to the deadline for roster cuts, including trading away a great looking young wide receiver.    Isiah Pacheco has named himself as a top 5 runningback of all time but gave a great reason why.  Then he told a podcaster that the one thing you don't want to do at Arrowhead is park in Patrick Mahomes favorite spot.    A shocking number of unfilled teacher and staff jobs are open all over the country.  We have some local numbers for you and discuss where this is all heading.    Tucker Carlson says he's loved getting fired by Fox News and his wife is really, really happy.      And a new poll ask voters to pick one word that comes to mind when you hear the name Joe Biden.  This is wild.

    Voters Moving Right, Vivek Schools CNN, Chiefs Face Tough Cuts, MU/KU/KSU Game Week, Hovland Slays Tour Field

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2023 45:09

       A slew of alarm bells are going off in the Democrat party as polling shows voters do not like Joe Biden or his policies.  We've got the laundry list of mayhem for you.    Vivek Ramaswamy just schools Dana Bash on CNN after charges that he's somehow racist and then totally delivers the goods on the liberal climate hoax.  We'll play it for you.    The Chiefs best three offensive players this pre season could all make the team or all get cut.  This is going to be hard, very hard, for Andy Reid.    It's game week in Columbia, Lawrence and Manhattan and the schedule makers did us  a favor.  We get one game each night beginning Thursday.  We'll preview all three games.    And Victor Hovland is the king of golf as the Fed X Cup champion by crushing the field in Atlanta this week.  Oh, and he made $18 million for his efforts.

    Tonys KC Busts City Hall, Trump's Epic Mugshot, T-Mobile Cuts 5000, Chiefs WR Decisions, Shannon Sharpe is Back

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2023 48:26

       I waited 6 years for to release a new album this morning and was so excited to hear it.  Then I read and it took the prize for best package under the tree.  Yes, real journalism is back!  Tony reports that the Clay County poll against the Royals relocating to NKC is completely and utterly fake and he found out who paid for it. This is great, great work and shines light on disgusting, behind the scenes dirty dealing.    Trump's mugshot may become the most famous photo of this century in American history but how he decided to deal with it was classic Trump.  In doing it his way, nobody is talking about the charges he faces, he's got everyone talking about silly stuff, which proves the whole thing is silly.    T-Mobile is cutting 5000 jobs and that's bad for KC.  Remember how great Sprint and Cerner were for KC before Bidenomics?    The Chiefs believe they have 8 NFL wide receivers in camp but will only keep 6 or 7.  I make a case for keeping 7.    Shannon Sharpe has a new tv gig starting next week, Joe Biden wants to take away you ceiling fan and keep you to two alcoholic drinks per week and what do you know... paper straws are worse for the environment than plastic.    

    Childish Pols Attack Vivek, Fox Fails Big Time, Stan Weber on Chiefs, Chris Jones, Jalon Daniels, RJ Garcia and MU QB's

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2023 57:10

       A bunch of grumpy old politicians shouted, "get off my lawn" to Vivek Ramaswamy at the first Republican debate as they are clearly jealous of all the attention the 38 year old is getting.  Then they turned into babies on the playground calling him names.  The only thing worse may have been Fox News doing the bidding of Democrats with stupid questions about climate change and abortion that made the whole night a loser for conservatism in America.    Stan Weber is here to talk Chris Jones situation and break down the backup QB race.   Then, why is there no real news on the health of pre season offensive player of the year in the Big 12, KU quarterback Jalon Daniels?  Is wide receiver RJ Garcia the next big thing at K-State as they look for a superstar at that position?  And is Mizzou featuring two quarterbacks in the opener a real thing or is it just taking a longer look at the real backup?   Finally, you're 23 and your name is Bobby Witt Jr.  You're already a top 5 player in baseball and you have the day off today in one of the most beautiful places in the world... Seattle.  How would you spend your day off?  

    Biden Trip Blasted by Residents, Royals Tale of Two Sites, Fans Turning on Chris Jones, Gary Lezak Sets Temperatures Straight

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2023 70:11

       Joe Biden has wrapped up a trip to Maui that was completely cringe worthy and is back on vacation in Lake Tahoe.  But the people of Hawaii are mad, really mad.  Dems have let them down at every turn on one of the most tragic fires anyone has ever seen as hundreds are still missing.  One citizen summed it up best and, warning, we'll play it for you despite the foul language.    The Royals released more details and renderings of two possible sites for a new ballpark and the NKC site is easily the best.  But we'll share polling data suggesting Clay County won't support it.    On social media, Chiefs fans are turning on Chris Jones telling the star defensive player to show up and start collecting his $20 million salary he's under contract for.    And after an onslaught of emails from you about all these ridiculous heat index numbers in the media, we call longtime KC meteorologist Gary Lezak to get to the bottom of the madness and talk about his new venture, 

    Using Chiefs to Scam You, Soccer Ratings Tank, KC Doctor Leads Way for Covid Shot Sufferers

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2023 72:42

       We start with a couple sports notes including scammers using Chiefs players Chris Jones and Patrick Mahomes to get into your wallet.  Be Careful.    The media want you to believe soccer is awesome and Women's World Cup ratings in Europe prove it.  What a fraud as this tourney tanked in America.    Then, an incredible conversation with a KC doctor that completely changed his practice over a decade ago when his dad became sick.  Dr. Kipp Van Camp helped his dad live four years longer using his dad's own tissue for treatment.  Dr. Van Camp is finding that this, and other regenerative treatments, is not only helping people with chronic pain or illness, it's just what the doctor ordered for people suffering from complications of the Covid shots.  What's happening at is a must listen. 

    QB2 Race is On, BW Jr is Top 5 Player, Billy Joel is Back, Overhyped Heat Wave, Joe Extends Vaca, Marion, KS Reporter Details

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2023 51:29

       You won't ever hear me hype up pre season play but we will always try to draw conclusions from what a coach is trying to tell us without saying it.  Shane Buechele was the Chiefs #2 quarterback Saturday night and was perfect.  Literally, 10 for 10 perfect.  We discuss what this means and tell you why he could earn the job.    One of those baseball metrics places value on a player and Shohei Ohtani is #1.  Get this, Bobby Witt Jr is now the #5 player in all of Major League Baseball.    What a shock at Arrowhead Saturday night as Billy Joel has lost what looks like 75 pounds, quit drinking three years ago and at age 74, sang and played and danced around on stage in the heat.  He hasn't been this good since the 1990's.     It was hot this weekend... but it's August.  We have a month of summer left.  They're all screaming that we are setting records but they won't even tell you on the news what the actual high temperature is.  I'll tell you... and show you how dishonest they are.    Sleepy Joe has decided to extend his Tahoe vacation because a few hours of work got in the way.  Trump is skipping the debate... and he should.    Details are released on what a reporter in Marion, KS did to gain information on a private citizen.  No we wait to find out if it's really a crime.

    Mistakes in Maui Deadly, Singer Turns Down $8m, Stan Weber CFB Preview and Chiefs/Cardinals

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2023 75:22

       We touch on a couple worthy news notes up front with deadly mistakes made by authorities in Maui.  It's turning ugly.      The viral singer of "Rich Men North of Richmond" turns down $8 million to sign a record contract, economic numbers look ugly and we share a couple listener emails.   Then, it's all Stan Weber as we talk Mizzou, KU and KSU football.  Stan also previews the Chiefs/Cardinals and we break down the team's stance on TWO renovations for Arrowhead Stadium.  

    ”Fauci's Fiction” is THE Book on How the USA Screwed Up Covid and the Current Health Crisis it Created

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2023 51:40

        After interviewing Dr. Michael Schwartz, author of "Fauci's Fiction," I'm hopeful we will never, ever allow the government and media to control us again like they did during Covid.    Dr. Schwartz is the most interesting author you'll hear this year.   A former police officer, this owner of three medical clinics in New Jersey and Florida is also a pilot, a standup comedian, a body language expert and the biggest baseball fan you ever met.    But it's his latest project we start with, breaking down everything Fauci and our government did wrong from day one, and the onslaught of patients he sees dealing with side effects from the jab they forced on so many.  This is a must listen interview. 

    KS Paper Has Big Time Lawyers, Trump to Prove Fraud, Vivek is Viral, Chiefs Injury Update, KU Football Projects Needed

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2023 50:39

       The Marion County Record was raided by cops after it was believed the paper was illegally obtaining information about private citizens.  You know how one sided this story has been, and of course, they could be right.  The police chief could be corrupt.  But it's about to be a small town tsunami as all the national media, and now, an outrageously high priced and powerful legal team in KC is on the case for this tiny little paper.  They will overwhelm even the KBI.    President Trump says he's got all the goods he needs on Fulton County, GA and the election in 2020 and will release it Monday.      Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy first went viral in Iowa for rapping a song by Eminem and now his exchange with an LGBTQ+ activist has vaulted him to an even higher level.  It's just fantastic and we'll share the deets with you.    The Chiefs lose a tight end for the year but have good news in the secondary as we get you up to date on the injury list.    And KU announces $300 million worth of projects will begin work at the end of this football season but may be creating higher expectations than they are about to deliver.  I'll explain. 

    KBI Takes over Marion Newspaper Case, DA Wants Trump Mug Shot, Chris Jones has Lost $2.9m, Singer is Singing, Female Athletes Speak Out

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2023 50:14

       You've heard about the raid on the Marion, KS newspaper by the local police and county sheriff.  Now, after a complete national freak out by liberal media accusing the police of wrongdoing, which is anything but proven at this point, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation has taken over.  Thanks NPR and others, for wasting our tax dollars on a seedy small town case involving a DUI and likely sex scandal.    Trump and 18 others have been indicted in Fulton County, GA for one simple reason... election interference.  Even if convicted in a totally stacked trial, racketeering charges would be appealed and would never, ever hold water.  So why is the DA, who sloppily (and maybe illegally) leaked the info, doing all this?  She wants a mugshot and a tv trial to ruin the election for Trump.     Chris Jones is likely just days away from reporting to the Chiefs practice facility at Arrowhead after holding out has already cost him $2.9 million to charity.  This is sooooo stupid.     Brady Singer took a no hitter and a 5-0 lead into the 7th inning last night at the K but after horrible managing and even worse bullpen pitching, the Royals needed heroics in the bottom of the 9th to win.    And shame on male athletes for letting female athletes take the lead on important issues and topics that need to be mentioned publicly.  The boys are getting schooled.

    Chiefs Want 2 for 1 Renovations, Team Sleepy v Saints, Stan Weber Returns, Enos Freedom Going Trans?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2023 60:19

       First up, my thoughts on the Chiefs first teamers and their sleepy play against the Saints.  Then, did you hear what I heard when Chiefs President Mark Donovan said on the broadcast that the team wants to renovate Arrowhead for soccer first and then for Chiefs fans second... by 2031?  Sounds like an all inclusive, two renovations for one vote is inevitable even though not a single Chiefs fans cares about global elite World Cup parties in KC for people that can't find us on a map.  Somebody has to pay for their little soccer party and it sounds like they're about to leverage Patrick Mahomes to fund it.     Then, Stan Weber returns to discuss what he saw in the game and talk a little college football realignment.    Basketball star Enos Freedom, blackballed by the NBA, is threatening to go transgender and try out for the WNBA to make a statement.  That would be epic.    Hawaii's governor blames global warming for the devastating fire while residents are filing lawsuits blaming the power company.  And even Dems are starting to say Hunter could be Joe's demise.  

    Meet the Sponsors: A Convo with John and Heather Hutchins

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2023 46:14

         One of the great benefits of starting this podcast has been the opportunity to meet and work with so many exceptional small business owners that make America go.  After John Hutchins left the Air Force, he met and married Heather and together, almost 18 years ago, started      They started as a mom and pop but have since trained others all across our region and in many states how to run their own garage flooring business and work for themselves.  It's as American as it gets.    John and Heather are hard workers, tremendous patriots and a really fun couple.  She loves the heaviest of metal while he's a little 80's music.  He loves Royals fantasy camp and her dad was a football coach.  They are perhaps proudest to sponsor events like to benefit military charities.  We'll talk about that, sports and politics.  It's all here.     Enjoy our "pre-happy hour" conversation and for the next couple weeks they are offering flooring discounts for KKHI listeners if you want to call them at 913.901.7139.

    Chiefs WR's in Focus, Parson Gets Chiefs Tattoo, Native Group: ”Bring Back Redskins”, Gambler Outs Phil, Joe Wants Name Back, Actor Supports RFK Jr

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2023 46:54

       Of course its only the start of preseason for the Chiefs but that doesn't mean we don't have a couple clues to look for as the KC plays the Saints on Sunday.    Missouri Governor Mike Parson has done a fine job in the Show Me state and now has something to show for it... his first tattoo.  Yes, it has a Chiefs Super Bowl 57 theme, but it's much more than that.    A national organization committed to promoting native American history is demanding the Washington Commanders, whose new owners are changing the name, BRING BACK the name Redskins.      The greatest sports gambler in history has a new book coming out and it's got a ton of juicy details about the partnership he and golfer Phil Mickelson had.  Your jaw will drop.    Joe Biden wishes he hadn't name the Inflation Reduction Act the way he did.  This is an all timer as he admits to lying to America while trying to take credit with climate freaks.    And an actor that made news hosting SNL is now wearing an RFK Jr ball cap and liberals everywhere are completely freaking out.

    Maui Devastated by Wildfire, Inflation Polls Crush Biden, NASCAR is New Target, Cold July in KC, ESPN Coming to KCK, BW Jr Makes HOF

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2023 55:31

       We rarely spend  time on wild fires or drought or tornados on this podcast but I'm not sure I've ever seen anything as bad as what has just happened in Maui.  The adorable little town near the tourist zone is just flat gone.  It doesn't sound right to say, but the images look like Pearl Harbor.  36 are already confirmed dead in one of the worst things ever.    New polls about inflation show that the overwhelming majority of Americans blame Joe Biden.    Conservatives are targeting NASCAR to "Bud Light Them" after a controversial firing of a driver.    A listener sent me the link to all our weather information for July in KC and what do you know... we were way colder and wetter than normal.    ESPN and Penn Gaming have struck a $2 Billion deal that will bring ESPN Bet to your app store in Kansas and an ESPN Sportsbook at Hollywood Casino in KCK.  And 23 year old Bobby Witt Jr already has his jersey hanging in Cooperstown.

    Joe Biden Was on Burisma's Website, Will Anyone Ask Him Q's?, KK Gets Creepy Govt Survey, Fake News on Clarence Thomas, Royals Improving, Kelce Mad at Taylor Swift,

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2023 53:24

       It's actually becoming hilarious as more and more information is learned about Joe Biden, who says he never spoke to his son about his business dealings.  The latest, Joe Biden and Devon Archer were actually featured, with photographs, on the Burisma Energy website when Hunter had to email these clowns to take it down.  Still, questions loom about whether any questions loom.  Will anyone in the media, ever, get a chance to ask Joe about all this?    Your humble host received a creepy survey from the US Census on behalf of Health and Human Services about children and their health status.  Oh, this has me asking a million questions about what is going on here.    The Fake News media are all over Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for accepting a Super Bowl ring from Jerry Jones... 30 years ago.  They get the entire story wrong on several counts including the fact the ring is a replica and you can buy them online for $12.      The Royals are getting better... not totally sure what that means but its fun to watch.  And Travis Kelce hits on Taylor Swift and she won't give him the time of day.  So he's "butthurt."  You gotta hear all this as it also involves Bills QB Josh Allen.

    O's Broadcaster Punished for Nothing, US Media Chaos, B12 Divisions, R's Get Robbed, Biden Finance Guy Lived at White House

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2023 49:27

       You won't believe what got a broadcaster for the Baltimore Orioles suspended... but it did.  It's just another in a long list of dishonest decisions and censorship that has overtaken US Media largely controlled by big corporations and the Democrat Party.  This control has basically taken Constitutional ideals and thrown them out the window.     The new Big 12 will likely have two divisions and what they name them will be far more important than which school is in which division.  I'll explain.    The Royals have been around since 1969 and they may have never been victims of a worse call than they got in the bottom of the 9th in Boston Monday night.  It was as awful as the 1985 Jorge Orta World Series call was great.     The man that Hunter Biden's ex wife said had control "of every aspect of our financial life," while running the shady businesses of this family visited the White House 36 times when Joe Biden was VP.  Does Joe still say he didn't know anything about Hunter's biz?  This is such a scam.  It's time to get Eric Schwerin under oath.   Bud Light's parent company is cutting it's work force and selling off other beer brands and Mega Millions is up to $1.6 billion.

    Trump Trolls Rapinoe, Big 16 is Set, Radio Call Goes Viral, MAGA DeChambeau Shoots 58

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 7, 2023 38:16

       If Team USA was going to get knocked out of the Women's World Cup, millions of Americans probably couldn't have scripted it any better than having hater Megan Rapinoe be the goat.   How is it possible that half our country was literally rooting against her?    The Big 12 not only survived, it grew.  Let's call it the Big 16 and let the games begin.    A fight broke out between the White Sox and the Guardians this weekend and Cleveland's radio announcer flat out crushed it with his play by play of the brawl.  We have it for you.    And Bryson DeChambeau is one of the top golfers in the world, has won the US Open and wears MAGA on his sleeves.  So we tip our cap to him after winning this week with a final round 58!

    4 Million Thanks, Mayor Q Pissed at Royals, Chris Jones Update, Joe Montana Pranks, Joke Arraignment for Trump, Obama's Gay Fantasies, AI Internet Beauties

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2023 52:20

       Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your support of this podcast as we have crossed 4 million downloads.  And this one is a doozy.  I agree with Mayor Q who is really upset with the Royals about a possible downtown ballpark.  Credit to on KCMO Talk Radio 710 for interviewing the mayor about this and you won't believe what he said.    And ESPN reporter provides an update on the Chris Jones contract situation while Joe Montana talks about silly sideline phone calls he used to make when he played.     Then, there are three huge "tells" from the Trump arraignment that let you know this is a total joke.    An Obama biographer says there are love letters from the former president from college to his girlfriend that he fantasizes about sex with men and I've got a new song suggestion for you this weekend.

    Scorching 84 Degrees, Royals 5 Straight, Chiefs WR Hype, CFB Realignment Moving Fast, Obama Warns Biden, Free Doughnuts

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2023 52:21

       It's getting harder and harder for me to get all my work done in this scorching summer of heat.  Rain and 84 degrees today is all I can handle.  Please, let's fix this global warming.     The Royals have won 5 straight just as we predicted in April.  Even bad teams get hot, the question is, can the Royals sustain something like a .500 record for 4 or 5 weeks?     The hype around Chiefs wide receivers is off the chart and has me worried that it's all hype.  But I'm skeptical and have been wrong before when Andy's Chiefs have hyped up offensive weapons.    College football realignment is a runaway freight train right now as the Board of Regents in Arizona is meeting today to discuss AZ and ASU to the Big 12.  But it won't stop there... this thing is on.  Everywhere.    President Obama went to the White House a few weeks ago, according to a new report, to "warn" Joe Biden that it will be insanely hard to beat Trump in 2024.  Now, why is that?    And one chain wanted to hand out some dough to those who didn't win in Tuesday's billion dollar lottery drawing.

    Dems Taught Trump to Question Elections, ISU Quarterback Gambling Controversy, PV Homeowners Revolt, Royals Keep Salvy

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2023 50:05

       It's pretty hilarious watching Dems indict Donald Trump for something they taught him to do... question election results.    Iowa State's starting quarterback is out indefinitely for betting on sports, which is against ISU and NCAA rules.  But the state of Iowa raided his house and may go after him criminally for betting an average of $8 per game.  Pardon me for not being outraged by his actions.    Wanna flip young, white, college educated liberals in Prairie Village and Leawood to vote for Republicans?  Tuesday's council primary seems to be the way to go as a conservative is the big winner because liberals want to re-zone the city to provide low income housing.  Even lib homeowners hate that idea.     The Royals traded five players away near the trade deadline but kept Salvador Perez.  We discuss why the team turned down some pretty tasty offers.

    Lyin' Joe Plays Victim, 3 More Athletes Collapse, Illegal Alien Cops in Illinois, B12 Eyes AZ, Burden Ready for Breakout, Surprise Superstar at Dive Bar

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2023 52:17

       Now that we know Joe Biden had meetings, golf outings and over 20 phone calls with his son Hunter to sell US Government policy for millions, Lyin' Joe Biden has his machine painting him to be a victim that was just talking about the weather with these folks.  Liberal media are actually saying Hunter "used" Joe to make money, wanting us to believe Joe had no idea what was going on.  Unreal.    Three more athletes collapse and the media largely are trying to blame this on global warming.  I'm shooting a giant hole in that argument today.    The governor in Illinois has, remarkably, signed a law that allows non US citizens and illegals to become police officers.  Are you kidding me?   The Big 12 may be close to adding Arizona to it's roster of schools, Mizzou wide receiver Luther Burden is ready to break out and a huge superstar walks into a dive bar and asks the patrons if he can sing a couple songs to "feed his creative soul."  Wait until you hear where this was and who performed.

    Archer in Crosshairs, Nixon Joins ”No Labels”, Barbie Fires Radio Guy, Chiefs Lose CB, Rodgers on Payton, Royals Sweep Twins

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2023 50:09

       Hunter Biden's former business partner is set to testify in front of a House committee and it won't be televised.  Devon Archer is Hunter's former best friend and knows everything they ever did together in business.  The question is, will he answer everything or hold back as he's right in the crosshairs of everyone in the swamp.    Former Missouri Governor Jay Nixon joins the third party called No Labels as their director of election integrity.  His job will be to get their candidate on the ballot in all 50 states.    A sports radio host in DC gets fired by Barbie.  The Chiefs lose a cornerback for the year and Aaron Rodgers lets it fly calling Broncos coach Sean Payton "insecure."   The Royals sweep the Twins as Bobby Witt Jr is on fire and Nicky Lopez gets traded to the Braves.

    Big 12 Buffalo Stampede, Sean Payton Unloads, Judge Embarrasses Bidens, Near Brawl in Congress, Music Video in KC

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2023 43:25

       The Big 12 finally has a commissioner that understands the league's potential and he's moving fast to execute his plan.  Colorado is back after a terrible mistake leaving the conference and Brett Yormark is clearly looking for one to three more schools.  We discuss the winners and losers in all this and which schools could be joining a new, massive, coast to coast conference.    Broncos coach Sean Payton continues to make headlines by calling out anyone and everyone.  This time, it's former Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett and the NY Jets.  You have to hear this.    The best part of the botched plea deal for Hunter Biden is what the judge said to him, basically calling him a loser. This is such an embarrassment for the first family.    There's a report that we had a near brawl in congress as two high profile members got face to face and threatened each other and a famous rapper and his more famous life partner filmed a new music video in KC.

    Ballpark Location, Future Talent & Haunted Hotel w/Ryan Lefebvre

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2023 59:01

       Royals Chairman John Sherman's two page open letter to Royals fans and civic leaders drew a lot of attention this week but still presents more questions than answers.  I'll share my thoughts.  Then, we talk with Ryan Lefebvre on what he believes is best for the team and the city.  Also, can the Royals replicate the amazing turnaround of teams like the Orioles and Reds and what exactly is it like to stay at MLB's famously Haunted Hotel in Milwaukee?

    Bronny James Signals Cultural Shift, Biden Cures Cancer, Lazy Girl Jobs Hot, Payton Blasts NFL, Chargers QB Cashes In, KU Lineman Charged with Bomb Threat

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2023 55:49

       It's terrible that Lebron James son, Bronny, collapsed with cardiac arrest while practicing basketball and everyone wishes them well.  But when everyone heard the news of this healthy 18 year old, we all asked the same question talking or texting friends.  How many Covid shots do you think he took? This one signals a huge cultural shift in America as scores of celebrities have become very ill over the past year and a half for seemingly no reason.     Joe Biden announces he's cured cancer as his son is facing his day in court.    Something called Lazy Girl Jobs are all the rage with young professionals    Broncos coach Sean Payton blasts the NFL for the way it enforces punishment of players and coaches for betting on games.  Chargers QB Justin Herbert now makes more than Patrick Mahomes and it appears it was a KU football player from Prairie Village that made the bomb threat at the team facilities Monday and he could be in big, big trouble.  

    Big Guy Caught/What's Next?, Chef Drowns at Obama's House, Movie Biz Big Summer, KU Football Bomb Threat, Chris Jones Tweets, Scam Liars Should be Fired

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2023 56:28

       Ok, so the big guy is clearly caught selling political favors for money to foreign companies and countries.  So what's next?  We take a look at several options for Republicans who really should only have one thing in mind.... how to win in 2024.    For the second time in 8 years, a former White House chef has drowned during recreation. This time it's Tafari Campbell who had continued to work for and be a guest of the Obamas.  It's senseless and sad he had no life vest on while paddleboarding and leaves me with two big questions nobody else seems to be asking.    The movie biz is on fire this summer.  We know the bust out hit Sound of Freedom and Tom Cruise crushing it with Mission Impossible.  Now it's Barbie and Oppenheimer.  So why did KC based AMC Theaters dump their very good idea of charging $1 more for the best seats in their theaters?    All is well after a bomb scare at the KU football complex Monday night, Chris Jones keeps Chiefs fans guessing with his tweets  and KU professors claim to be native American to get hired.  

    Chris Jones Drama Unfolding, NFL Camp News, Twitter Name Change, Wild Ozarks Boat Crash, Don Jr Blacklisted

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2023 41:30

       The tone around Chiefs d-lineman Chris Jones' camp holdout is changing.  The superstar sacker wants a new contract but still has a year left on his current deal.  Andy Reid made it sound like the discussions were productive but now it sounds like they've broken off.  We discuss the Chiefs options.    There was a bunch of camp news this weekend around the league with one team fighting, one team battling the hype train and one team getting unexpectedly good quarterback news.  Oh, and Washington is changing their name again and they are now considering the name I picked years ago.    Elon Musk has changed the name of Twitter, Inc. to X Corp.  There was a wild boat crash at the Lake of the Ozarks Saturday night, Don Jr says he's been blacklisted by Fox News and we have the exact day and time of Cocaine Sharks this Shark Week.

    Jailing Trump is Dangerous, $800k McNugget, Cocaine Sharks, Bunker Madness at Open, Mahomes Fears Bees, Daily Showers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2023 44:31

       During an interview with an Iowa radio host, President Trump said it would be "dangerous" if the DOJ jailed him for any period of time as they are going after him for anything and everything.  I'm guessing the left will believe he's calling for violence.    Chicken McNuggets, as mysterious as they are, don't cost much and are tasty.  But how about an $800,000 nugg?  It happened.    Shark Week starts Sunday night and I can't wait to see an episode called Cocaine Sharks.  Yup, they believe some drug drops of the coast of Florida are being gobbled up by Great Whites.  Oh my.    The Open Championship has been fun to watch except the ridiculous bunkers on day one.  So they already changed them for the rest of the tourney and apologized.    Who know Patrick Mahomes was afraid of bees?  And most of us shower daily but "experts" say we shouldn't.  

    Conservative Blowback is Everywhere, Mahomes Fiscally Responsible, Barbie Hates Men, Lawrence Trans Sanctuary, Actor Watches Movie w/Trump

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2023 53:27

       Country singer Jason Aldean's song and video "Try That in a Small Town" is a classic example of a growing movement in America that can be described as conservative blowback.  It's working, it's growing and it's here to stay.  We have a handful of great examples of how we are taking back the narrative in this country.     Who knew Patrick Mahomes had a thrifty side?  We see the trips, the house, the cars and the clothes... but now we know he loves to bargain shop.    Didn't believe me about Taylor Swift indoctrinating young girls to not only be Swifties but be lefties?  Well, the new Barbie movie has seen how Swift has cashed in on this and is an exact copy.  Wait until you hear about a female movie reviewer that calls this movie, "man hating."    The city of Lawrence council has unanimously voted to declare the town a "transgender sanctuary city," whatever that is.  You have to hear this.    And stay to the end for the best quote you've ever head about Donald Trump.  Actor Jim Caviezel watched his film "The Sound of Freedom" with Trump at his New Jersey club Wednesday night and says the former prez is the only person that can stop all this child sex trafficking.  You have to hear this quote.

    770 Years for Trump, Alford Ukraine Support Wanes, Andy Stars on Day 1, Australia Backs Out of Expensive Games, Open Championship Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2023 52:34

       With the latest possible charges against Donald Trump, it's now up to a comical 770 years in jail he could potentially face.  We have to be a laughing stock to the world at this point.    Missouri Congressman Mark Alford's support for the war in Ukraine is fading fast as he says the next $1.3 billion Biden is sending goes against the will of Congress.  Hey, let's vote to stop this.    Chiefs coach Andy Reid is the star of day 1 of Chiefs camp and we've got the details why.     The Commonwealth of Victoria has pulled out as host of the Commonwealth Games in 2026 for the same reason KC should consider dumping the World Cup.  They can't afford it and it doesn't really benefit the city of Melbourne.    The Open Championship is set to begin at Royal Liverpool with big tributes to the Beatles and a new, high loft sand wedge I've never seen before.  We'll preview the players to beat.

    Chiefs Camp Opens, LB's & WR's in Focus, KC's Jeff Passan Hurt by Tree, KU Center Disses Michigan, White House Stonewalls, Hawley on Anheuser-Busch

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2023 50:35

        Chiefs rookies are reporting to camp in St. Joseph, Mo today and as a podcaster in America's football mecca, it's a great time to share my thoughts of what I'm excited about and concerned about.   Thankfully, this long, silly, overplayed off season is over.  Let's talk about the teams on the field!   ESPN baseball reporter Jeff Passan has lived in KC forever and is widely regarded as a standout in the industry.  After the big storms last Friday, Passan was cleaning up in his yard when a big tree crushed him and broke his back.  It was unlucky for sure, but  it could have been worse as this was a really big tree.    KU's new stud center Hunter Dickinson isn't just a great player, he's a great interview and has already been bold in talking about how much better he likes Kansans than Michiganders.    The White House stonewalls on cocaine and the economy and Josh Hawley slams the European company that owns Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis. 

    Royals Stealing Millions From Singer, Celeb Golf Thrills, Chiefs Miss Out on WR, Wokesters Jax County Comedy, Tucker Ends Careers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 17, 2023 50:06

       It's hard to get worked up about a baseball team 40 games under .500 but Sunday was a tipping point for me when Manager Q left Brady Singer out to dry yet again.  Making him pitch until he gets rocked is driving Singer's arbitration and free agency value down and they are doing it in plain sight.     The celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe was all things to all people.  You had Mahomes/Kelce/Allen drinking their way to some of the worst scores on the board while Stephen Curry was hitting a hole in one and then making eagle on the last hole to win.  Great stuff.    According to reports, free agent wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is heading the the Tennessee Titans on a two year deal.  It's obviously an offer he doesn't think the Chiefs can match.    Wokesters are going after Andrew Jackson statues in Jackson County, Missouri.  But wait until you hear why they think the can keep the county named Jackson.    And Tucker Carlson was the host at  a Blaze TV summit of presidential candidates Friday and essentially ended the campaigns of Mike Pence, Nikki Haley and Asa Hutchinson as he debated them on their weakest positions.

    Secret Service Fails, Mad Dad Goes Viral, Mission Impossible KC Connection, Chiefsflation Soars, KSU Talks Big, Rory Drops Bomb

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2023 53:34

       The Secret Service says they can't find the owner of cocaine left at the White House and let us all know they also had a couple findings of marijuana last year, too.  After spending a couple hours around a large group of law enforcement pros on Thursday, I refuse to believe the Secret Service is inept.  This is far worse.       A mad dad goes viral after his 9 year old son is asked by a doctor what his gender is.  Millions have viewed this and its powerful... but it's missing something vitally important.    We saw Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning last night and you're going to love it for two reasons.  Tom Cruise is clearly pissed over government control as they filmed this during covid and his incredible co-star is from KC.     The only thing worse than Bidenflation is Chiefsflation.  Yup, going to a Chiefs game has increased by wicked percentages since they became the best team in the NFL.  Let's call this the cost of winning index.    K-State players and coaches weren't as flashy as KU was at media days... but their words were about as brash as you can get.  They are positive they are going to be good.  But they are making themselves the hunted and that's a tough role to play.    And Rory McIlroy makes the boldest comment yet about the golf merger between LIV and PGA Tour.  

    Daniels Shines at B12 Media Day, KC's First $15m to FIFA, Desoto Plant Gets $8 Billion, Manchin 3rd Party, Schiff Steps in It, Costco Cancels Bud Light

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2023 58:01

       A lot happened Wednesday at Big 12 Football Media Days but the clear star was pre season offensive player of the year Jalon Daniels.  The KU quarterback was all decked out including a necklace with a diamond studded monitor on it that plays a reel of his highlights.  Oh, boy is this a great topic.     KC approves it's first $15 million worth of bribe money to the most corrupt sports organization on the planet, FIFA, to get 6 soccer games to the cow town.     Still, KC has nothing on the scam going on with a new battery plant being built in Desoto.  Get this, it's a $4 billion plant and Panasonic is getting $8 billion of our tax dollars to build it.  What?    Dem Senator Joe Manchin is freaking out his party as he's heading to New Hampshire to do a town hall event for a group called "No Labels" which says they have the ability to get a third party candidate for president on the ballot in all 50 states.    Adam Schiff absolutely steps in a pile of poo while questioning the FBI directory and there are signs that Costco may be dropping Bud Light from its shelves.  Then, our Final Final is about the great Kenny Rogers.

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