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"Kevin Kietzman Has Issues" is filled with sports and political commentary hosted by the award winning and nationally acclaimed talk show host for which the show is named. Kevin regularly has guests that include athletes, politicians, broadcasters and more. If you're exhausted by group think , corporate speech and political correctness ... bang the play button for a pick me up!

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    KS Upholds Law in Redistricting, Eudora School Trip Sex Controversy, Rookies Power Royals, Bills Favored in AFC

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 56:04

       We shouldn't have to celebrate or even be surprised when laws are upheld in America, but that's how it feels in Kansas.  A Dem leaning Kansas Supreme Court upheld the law and sided with a new Congressional map that Republicans drew up, by law, and District 3 in KC is now more than in play for the GOP.    Eudora schools have a real controversy on their hands as reports a girl was forced to sleep with a biological boy on a school sponsored trip to Costa Rica.    The Royals have won 3 of 5, hey, we'll take the little victories.  The latest was fueled by home runs from rookies.   Nick Saban says the truth out loud about paying college players and Vegas has released NFL win totals for 2022 and the Bills are tops in the AFC.  But the crazy story is what Vegas thinks of all the AFC West teams.

    Trump Effect More than Endorsements, 50 States over $4 per Gallon, Mom at Royals Game, Clinkscale on Tiger & Phil

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 60:41

       Yes, Donald Trump has an amazing record with primary winners he's endorsed an it looks like he could be the kingmaker for Dr. Oz.  But it's so much more than just endorsements as we have a sea change in politics in the former president's wake that we've never seen before.   We now have average gas prices over $4 per gallon in all 50 states... Let's go Brandon.    I took my mom to the Royals game on Tuesday afternoon and of course, she stayed for every miserable, disappointing pitch.  What a fan.    And Danny Clinkscale joined me Tuesday for a patron podcast at where you can sign up to hear it all.  You'll get a taste of what he thinks of Tiger and Phil as the second major of the year starts, the PGA Championship.

    Hawley Leads GOP, Consumers Turn on Companies, KC's Nicky Lopez Dilemma, $18 Beers at PGA

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 57:05

       Every week, Josh Hawley takes the lead for the GOP on what a true conservative should do, this time rejecting another $40 billion for Ukraine.  He's not flashy, but it's pretty easy to support what he stands for as he always defends his positions brilliantly.    Consumers are turning on companies that get political by avoiding their products and services.  You know, like libs avoid this podcast.  You won't believe the percentage of American voters that say they are likely to dump somebody over a stance.    The Royals change hitting coaches, but that isn't going to fix much.  Their real problem is what I call the "Nicky Lopez Dilemma."  We explain.    In Missouri, a new law will allow coaches at Mizzou to broker money deals for players and if you want to have a beer while you watch Tiger Woods, get ready to shell out $18 for just one can.  Let's Go Brandon.

    Downtown Ballpark Timing Troubles, Kurt Busch Flawless at KS, Shooters are Mental Crisis, Fauci Retirement Plan

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 57:10

       The Royals win two of three this weekend over Colorado including their "best win of the year" according to Mike Matheny.  But Royals fans are mostly talking about whether a new downtown ballpark is a good idea.  We break down the sight inside the east loop and if voters even remotely have the stomach to hand over their money to a sports team in America today.    Kurt Busch gets his first win at Kansas Speedway but his 34th overall in a great career that is mostly overshadowed by his brother Kyle.  This was a flawless race for Kurt and I'll tell you why another driver wanted Kurt to win more than himself.    We've had three really high profile mass shootings in the past three weeks by men that couldn't be more different.  White, black, Asian... doesn't matter.  They all have one thing in common that never makes the headline.    And Anthony Fauci says he  has a retirement plan and I  think  he should be fired for saying it.  Seriously. 

    Chiefs Schedule Insane, Angels Having Fun, Hollywood Scared of Roe, Musk Unmasking Twitter

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 54:12

       I've never seen anything like the Chiefs 2022 schedule.  It starts with an insanely tough AFC West but the rest is brutal as the Chiefs only have three games out of 17 against teams Vegas has projected  under .500.  This will be hard.    While the Royals are having no fun, the Angels are partying like its 1999.  After a rookie pitcher tossed a no-hitter earlier this week, you won't believe what a veteran hitter did in the 8th inning leading 8-0 Thursday night.  We've never, ever seen this.   A new report out quotes anonymous Hollywood execs and PR leader that say they are "nervous" and "scared" to make comments about Roe v Wade being overturned.  This is another win for America after Disney got pounded by the state of Florida.   And Elon Musk has Wall Street nervous as he says his purchase of Twitter is on hold.  I think I know exactly what he's doing and if he is, it's brilliant.  

    KKHI Convo: Ryan Lefebvre on Rain Days, Sick Days and Pay Days

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 48:34

       Another great chat with our good friend Ryan Lefebvre as we discuss three days off because of rain, three announcers out sick and the crazy pay days for network announcers like Tom Brady cashing in.    Also... the psychology of a slump and situational hitting versus analytics.  We're talking baseball on KKHI.

    Fox Gambles on Brady, Royals Reporters Still Masking, Soccer Player Stinks, Biden Condones Law Breaking, OP Church Targeted

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 51:23

       Fox Sports is making a huge, all in gamble on Tom Brady as the GOAT signs a 10 year for $375 million to broadcast games on the network.  What if he's no good?  It's a real possibility.    It's shocking to see reporters covering the Royals still wearing masks.... what planet is baseball living on?   A soccer player in Brazil just stinks at his job and is cut from the team.  You have to hear this story.    The Wall Street Journal has the best nickname ever for Joe Biden who gets everything wrong.  The latest?  He's encouraging demonstrators to break the law by targeting the homes of Supreme Court Justices.   A church in Overland Park had signs vandalized by crazy abortion freaks, we need to arrest these people.

    Abortion Demos Illegal, Bahamas Deaths Bizarre, Hawley Targets Disney, Royals Worst of Century, Andy Loves Karlaftis

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 51:41

       Well, what do you know.  The demonstrations outside the homes of Supreme Court justices are illegal under federal code 1507 and punishable with fines and a year in jail.  It's time for them to stop.    Three Americans died over the weekend at a Sandals Resort in the Bahamas and it's bizarre they aren't telling us what happened.  They clearly must know.    Senator Josh Hawley wants to get rid of something called the "Mickey Mouse Protection Act" which gives Disney copyrights for 120 years at a time.    A listener has pointed out to me that the flailing Royals are the worst team in MLB this century.  Who knew?    And Andy Reid says his new pass rusher George Karlaftis has a motor that won't quit... and what Andy wants to do about that is suprising.

    Justices Targeted, Musk's Dire Tweet, MO school Under Fire, Best Derby Ever, Salvy Snapping Slump

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 56:42

       What a shame Supreme Court Justices are targeted by throngs of abortion fans and threatened with violence.  Some reports suggest these great American had to flee to undisclosed locations.    Elon Musk continues to make news, this time with a Tweet that suggests the Russians are trying to kill him.     In Wentzville, Missouri, a teacher has an anti-Republican question on a test that's so outrageous I thought it was an internet joke.  It is not.   Rich Strike wins the Kentucky Derby and when you hear the back story and how this played out, you'll think it's a made up story that even Hollywood wouldn't accept.   Salvador Perez comes up with 4 hits in a double header split against Baltimore and maybe it's a sign of things to come and Formula One racing in Miami is a wild success.

    Fed Can't Save Dems, Hawley Exposes Mayorkas, Greitens Gets Court Win, UT RB Gets Lamborghini, Phil Lost $40m Gambling

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 54:40

       Our economy is a mess as the Feds try to bail out Joe Biden.  Here's the trouble, the Feds CAN'T save us and the Democrats  WON'T save us.    Missouri Senator Josh Hawley exposes Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his hiring of that wacky "Disinformation Czar."  You wouldn't want  Mayorkas hiring a Walmart greeter he's so bad.    Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens gets a court win that will allow him to get his ex wife's phone records to find out everything Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove had to say about keeping Greitens from winning the seat.    Texas Longhorns runningback Bijan Robinson has a sweet new ride, isn't college sports fun?  And Phil Mickelson lost $40 million in five years.... gambling.

    The Name Game

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 52:25

       Let's call this episode, "The Name Game."      This week, so many people have stepped up and said outrageous, crazy and foolish things that it's time to name them all.      From the Supreme Court leak to attacks on stage to car wrecks and grand entrances in helicopters, we've got a whole bunch of big names all in one episode!

    Trump Now 55-0 in Primaries, RBG Called Roe ”Unstable,” Chappelle Attacked on Stage, Omaha Beats St. Louis, NCAA Wants Crackdown on NIL

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 63:35

       Breitbart News reports that after a clean sweep in Ohio that saw JD Vance get the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, Donald Trump endorsed candidates went 22-0 in the Buckeye state.  And that's 55 in a row for Trump endorsed candidates in primaries.  And wait until you hear the details about voter turnout!  Winning.    RBG is widely regarded by today's liberals as the greatest Supreme Court Justice ever, so why are they acting the way they are?  RBG called Roe v Wade unstable and a ruling that created controversy.    Comedian Dave Chappelle is attacked on stage in LA and is just fine.  So is America.  Forget elections and abortion, we're back to normal when we can fixate on celebs.    The Royals beat the Cardinals 7-1 with an all Omaha flare.  Three rookies led the way and even the game was called by Omaha announcer Jake Eisenberg.  This is a crazy story.    And the NCAA is having it's spring meetings and they are saying they're about to crackdown on deals like former KSU basketball player Nijel Pack got by transferring to Miami.  What a laugh.  They could have stopped this before it started but let it run wild.  Welcome to America's new pro sports league.

    SCOTUS Leak Gives Power to States, Inflation Here to Stay, Chiefs Add Another CB, Griner to be Honored

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 56:02

       The outrageous and unprecedented leak from the Supreme Court is a signal that states will now be in charge of any and all abortion laws.  We explain how the Dems brought this on themselves as the ruling is the result is a challenge to a law in Mississippi.    A respected economic group has announced they project at least 5 years of inflation in America and they've give the reasons.  What happened to all the Dems saying this would be "transitory?"    The Chiefs make a trade with Houston and add yet another cornerback to the secondary.... this was a no brainer.   The Royals keep losing but at least one team is worse and WNBA star Britney Griner is about to be honored for trying to get into Russia with illegal drug items.

    Chiefs Get Defensive, Royals Crash and Burn, WH Dinner Rips Dems, Mom Sues School District

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 50:07

        I don't ever remember a Chiefs draft that was so resoundingly applauded as this year.  The Chiefs get defensive with a focus on the secondary adding 5 players to defend three great quarterbacks in the AFC West.    The Royals get swept by their nemesis, the Yankees, and it wasn't pretty.  KC can't score and they don't know how to win.  It's ugly early as they drop to 7-13.    2700 packed into a DC ballroom for the White House Correspondent's Dinner.  Joe Biden ripped Donald Trump but it was a liberal comedian from South Africa that ripped the Dems.    Democrat Joe Manchin is endorsing a Republican in a West Virginia race for Congress, Kris Kobach has a huge lead in Kansas polls for Attorney General and a Florida mom files a really important lawsuit against her 13 year old daughter's school district.

    Chiefs Crush It, Ministry of Truth Follows Musk, Royals/Yankees, KS Legalizes Sports Betting

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 50:04

       After the wide receiver crop didn't fall the way of the Chiefs, they absolutely crushed it with their two first round selections.  A trade up for a cornerback and having their edge rusher fall to the 30th pick was the perfect night.    We've mentioned, short of the U.S. going to war, Elon Musk buying Twitter is the biggest story in America this year.  Everything going forward will be a reaction to this, just watch.  48 hours in and Homeland Security has decided it now needs a "Disinformation Board" to combat the truth on the right.  We are having a peaceful civil war in this country.    The Royals host the Yankees on Apple+ Friday night as they go forward without shortstop Adalberto Mondesi.    Kansas legalizes sports wagering, a late night host is calling it quits and a family makes $5 million off 800 golf balls.

    Draft Day is Here, Mondesi Injury is Devastating

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 41:12

       It's the start of the NFL draft and unless there's a trade, the Chiefs won't be on the clock until late Thursday night.    The bigger news is structural damage to Royals shortstop Adelberto Mondesi's knee as he's set to hit the Injury List.  And it because it's a knee, the Royals fear it could be worse than that.    Ryan Lefebvre joins us to talk about Mondesi's history of injuries, Daniel Lynch coming into his own, a fellow announcers rough home run call and the "unwritten" rules of the game

    Emmert Reax Comical, Lynch on Fire, Poison in Water Cooler, Chris Wallace Plays Victim, Biden Slams Clintons

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 55:58

       NCAA President Mark Emmert says he's stepping down some time in the next year and the liberal sports media are all speaking in unison celebrating and laughing at his tenure.  But why?  These reporters got everything they wanted to take down college athletics.... and more... during Emmert's tenure.    Royals left Daniel Lynch now has 12 straight scoreless innings and is showing signs he may be the best of their draft crop of pitchers.  But it's early.    Paint thinner was found in the water cooler of the opposing baseball team at an NAIA game at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas this week and police are investigating.    Former Fox anchor Chris Wallace is in the running for dumbest comment on the year as the multi millionaire that bolted for CNN+ now says he's a victim.  I'll give you the truth.    And Hunter Biden's emails just keep getting better as now it's learned he calls Bill Clinton horrible names and makes fun of how bad he looks.  How long can the Bidens hold off the swamp?

    Musk Locks Down Twitter, Judge Slams KS Map, Royals Uni's Make Waves, Hosmer Hot at Giants, Niners Want Two

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 49:35

       Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter and the first thing he did was lock it down from his own employees, fearing they would tamper with the service before he'd get a chance to take a look.    A liberal judge in Wyandotte County has struck down the new Congressional District 3 Map in Kansas as it now heads to Kansas Supreme Court.    The Royals are making waves for some alternative uniforms they are going to wear and that's a terrible, terrible thing for your fans to be talking about when you're still in April.   Former Royals Eric Hosmer and Alcides Escobar are hot at the San Francisco Giants for not following the "unwritten" rules of baseball.  I love both these players but they are wrong on this one.    And the 49ers now say it will take two first round draft picks if somebody wants to acquire receiver Deebo Samuel.

    Senate Candidates Trade Barbs, Royals Reeling, $800,000 College Player, Musk Moves in on Twitter

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 51:25

       Candidates running for U.S. Senate in Missouri traded shots at each other Saturday night at the Jackson County Republicans Lincoln/Reagan Day dinner... it was not something I expected as the emcee.   The Royals look like they will never win a road game after getting some timely hits over the weekend in Seattle creating plenty of chances to win.  But they get swept.  Ouch.    Former K-State basketball player Nijel Pack has turned down Duke, Gonzaga, Ohio State and Purdue to attend.... Miami.  He's got 800,000 really good reasons why as college sports just changed forever.    Former Chief Byron Pringle is arrested, BP is fining people with Joe Biden stickers on gas pumps and Elon Musk meets with the board of Twitter about a takeover.  

    Schmitt Targets Biden, Obama Wants More Censorship, Tyson Pummels Passenger, NFL Schedule Release, Royals hit Road

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 45:07

       Missouri AG Eric Schmitt is the front man for a lawsuit by over 20 AG's that is seeking a temporary restraining order against the Biden administration's quest to let Title 42 expire at the border.   At a speech at Stanford University, Barack Obama is calling for more censorship and less free speech in America while comparing conservative Steve Bannon to Vladimir Putin.    Mike Tyson pummels a passenger on a Jet Blue flight after the other guy wouldn't leave Iron Mike alone.   The NFL has announced when they will announce the schedule.  And yes, somehow this is a big deal and involves the Chiefs in a big way.    The Royals get shut out but man, it's exciting they are pitching so well as they head out on the road.

    Royals Rallying, Go Get Deebo, Obama Fired by Spotify, Trump Furious with Piers Morgan

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 57:23

       The Royals have won three in a  row and they've done it with great pitching.  Not good pitching, great pitching.  This is exciting but I need more, more, more to get really fired up that they can compete.  The Royals scored a run on a double play and another on a bunt.... and WON!  Now we're talking.    The Chiefs have no excuse whatsoever to not offer the 49ers whatever draft picks they want if WR Deebo Samuel will sign a contract with KC equal to what the team offered Tyreek Hill.  Zero.  Is that enough?  We discuss.    The media landscape is changing swiftly right before our eyes and it's all moving away from liberalism.  Netflix, Twitter, CNN and many others are in trouble and making changes.  Now it's Spotify.  The audio streaming service is standing by Joe Rogan even as it fires former President Barack Obama.  Results matter.    And Donald Trump sits down with Piers Morgan and he's livid Morgan and his team altered clips for a promo that make it look like they had a big fight.

    No Confusion w/Masks, Depp Trial a Joke, CNN+ Crashing, Salvy Crush '22, Cheap Burrito Trick

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 60:38

       To be perfectly clear, there is no confusion on mask wearing.  Don't wear it if you don't want.  So why do so many on the right keep saying there is confusion everywhere?  We're sending the wrong message.    The Missouri House passes the Parent's Bill of Rights regarding education and it has libs fuming.    The Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial may be interesting at times but it's the most tone deaf waste of time I've ever seen.    CNN+ cost it's parent company $1Billion to launch last month and they've already announced they are going to stop promoting it while they figure out whether to bundle it elsewhere or kill it altogether.    My 2021 man crush for Salvy continues in 2022 as he's delivered two homers and a win the day after eye surgery.  The legend continues.    KU football loses a couple receivers to the portal, this stuff is getting old fast and Russian Maria Sharapova announces from her home in Florida she's having a baby here with her British fiancee.  Something seems wrong about this right now.    And a woman in California is teaching us all how to scam a $2 burrito out of Chipotle and a special $5 meal that's also not on the menu. 

    Missouri Republicans Coming to KC

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 35:20

       Saturday night in Kansas City, most of the Republicans running for Senate, Congress and Jackson County seats will gather at the Jackson County Republicans Lincoln/Reagan Dinner downtown.  Tickets are available at and as emcee, I'd love to see you there.  It's $50 and includes a great Italian Dinner and you can hear all the candidates talk about their visions.     Kress Cambers is the Treasurer for the group and is very active trying to get conservatives elected in Missouri and to defeat Frank White for Jackson County Executive.  We discuss all the candidates with Cambers and talk with him about his personal run for school board in Ft. Osage.

    Mask Celebrations go Viral, Hartzler Attacked as Christian, @Jack Belts CNN, Mahomes Buys In, Apple Gets NFL

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 53:59

       There are unmasking celebrations on airplanes all over the internet which is fun.  A 33 year old Trump judge just freed everyone but it is kind of sad we are this excited to be free.  It should be a given.    Missouri Senate candidate Vicky Hartzler is attacked by the Star for being Christian... on Easter!  You can hear her speak Saturday night in KC at the dinner I will be emceeing.     Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has now crawled up in CNN's kitchen for staging and creating news.  This is a big deal.    And Patrick Mahomes is buying what Andy Reid is selling and even if I'm not, who cares.  2PM is all in.

    Tax Day for College Athletes, Jack Dorsey Torches Twitter, Royals Pitching Improves, WR Visits Chiefs, Donnie Osmond Surprise

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 59:25

       It's tax day and for most people, that's not a big deal.  But what about college athletes now getting paid big money in some cases, how will they handle this system?  Here's a clue... most won't handle it well.    Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey torches the board he sits on and is basically saying they are ruining the company.  Sounds like @jack wants his 38% profit from Elon Musk and a wave goodbye to the company he co-founded.  I can relate.    The Royals are 3-5 and will have two days off in a row because of weather Sunday, but improved pitching is the nice headline for me.    A college wide receiver visited KC this weekend, is it a smoke screen for something better?  And Donnie Osmond is part of a really, really great birthday surprise for somebody you know.  

    MO House Bill, Musk Slaps Prince, Santana Killing Royals, Kelce Girlfriend Hits Cam Newton, USFL New Rules

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 47:44

       The Missouri House is passing a sweeping Elections Bill that will call for a full audit of registered voters and give school districts the option to hold elections on things like biological males playing in girls sports.  This is such good news, let's get it across the finish line!    Elon Musk is still trying to buy Twitter and a Saudi Prince is trying to stop it.  Musk then did what Phil Mickelson did and put a spotlight on the lack of freedom in that country, slapping the Prince right in the face.    The Royals have lost 4 straight and pitching is their biggest problem.  But my goodness, watching Carlos Santana hit is painful.      Travis Kelce's girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, has fired back at Cam Newton after his sexist comments on a podcast this week.  But you'll be surprised at which part she was offended by.    And the USFL starts this weekend and has about 10 different rules that are going to be very interesting to watch.  I'm willing to bet at least a couple of them are in the NFL within 3 years.

    Musk Offers $43 Billion, Mayor Q's Violent KC, Dems Offer Free $$$, Mahomes Building New Offense

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 52:55

       Elon Musk has offered $43 billion to buy Twitter and take it private.  The board is debating whether or not to take it and this is just spectacular.      There were 5 murders in 24 hours in KC this week after we just had our two deadliest years ever.  Mayor Q said over two years ago that curbing violence was his #1 priority.  He has failed miserably.    It's an election year so dems are offering free money everywhere.  Some big money could be coming your way from the liberal governor of Kansas and the White House is getting ready to buy millions of young votes with a really expensive gift.    Patrick Mahomes has been posting videos on social working out with Travis Kelce, Ju Ju Smith-Schuster, Mecole Hardman, Marques Valdes-Scantling, CEH and Ronald Jones.  This is all before they can work together at Arrowhead and is a great sign Mahomes is on board and taking charge.

    KKHI Convo: Ryan Lefebvre on the Royals

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 33:07

        A strange, one game road trip to St. Louis shortened by rain provided a perfect chance for Ryan Lefebvre to join us to talk about the state of the team one week into the season.  Also, we get his thoughts on all the network broadcasters jumping ship for big cash. 

    Two Years of Mistakes Taking Toll, Truth in Short Supply, Salvy Homers Twice, USFL Debuts

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 58:36

       The subway shooter suspect in New York is a crazy hater that authorities knew about prior to his botched attempt at "exterminating" oppressors and creating an "American Auschwitz."  How does a 62 year old man get this radicalized in America?  Well, we've made two full years of mistakes and have a constant drumbeat from media and pols that encourage this behavior.    Truth is what's in short supply and even Joe Rogan and Bill Maher agree.  They don't agree on much but they agree all this control of information in our country is dividing us.    Salvy Homers twice and that's always a good night but the Royals don't get any pitching for the third game in a row.    And the USFL debuts on tv Saturday night and they will feature some cool new innovations.  

    Kansas Majority Rules, Gov Control Goes Global, Royals Can't Pitch, Cam Newton Steps in It, New Movies Look Good

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 64:16

       A couple things going on in Kansas are very nice wins this spring.  Redistricting for Congress is working out and liberal Governor Laura Kelly is forced by her opponent to sign a new law against Sanctuary cities.    As we watch the horrors in China and Ukraine, it's all a good reminder that our government wants more control and big tech and media want to filter information you receive.    The Royals just gave up 27 runs in two games after starting the season 2-0.  This pitching staff just got rocked again on Monday.    Free Agent quarterback Cam Newton was a guest on a podcast and really stepped in it when he described what a woman's role is in a relationship.    And three new movies coming out look pretty good and pretty different for a Hollywood that seems stuck in liberal themes and cookie cutter super hero pics.  Maybe we are making gains.

    Jayhawks Celebrate in Style, Royals Pitchers Fail, Scheffler's Crazy Run, Elon Musk Passes up Board Seat

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 38:50

       The National Champion Kansas Jayhawks celebrated in style in front of tens of thousands of fans in Lawrence creating memories for a lifetime.    Three really high draft choice pitchers for the Royals get rocked Sunday at the K.  Bubic, Kowar and Singer combine to give up 16 runs.  Why are the Royals so bad at developing pitchers?    Scottie Scheffler wins the Masters and has now incredibly won 4 events in 57 days.  For a player that's kind of boring to watch, Scheffler is sure doing amazing things.    Elon Musk is passing on the opportunity join the board of Twitter.... I think we all know what this means.

    Opening Day Postgame: Bobby Witt Jr is the Hero in 3-1 Royals win, Tiger at Augusta

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2022 25:52

    The Royals win their opener against Cleveland and Bobby Witt Jr has the game winning hit! There hasn't been this much hype about a player for the Royals in a while, and he delivered the game winning RBI in the late innings for his club. Tiger Woods was good today, he was able to recover and make a lot of pars to shoot 71. Does he have a chance at Augusta?

    Royals Opening Day: Season Preview for 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2022 42:35

       The Royals open against Cleveland at the K on Thursday afternoon and we have your season preview!    We hear from about what to expect, and while he's not as bullish as I am on the Royals, he sees the upside like everyone else.   Also, Ryan Lefebvre on expectations for Bobby Witt Jr who, like Ryan, is the son of a big leaguer.    And we have the audio of manager Mike Matheny and some Royals players telling the young star he's made the big league squad.

    School Boards Move Right, Obama Flubs at WH, Sean Penn on Fox, Bob Bowlsby Retiring, Cracker ”Jill” and $25k Burger

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 53:38

       Emily Stone and Heather Eslick were kind enough to join us at KKHI and we congratulate them on their school board wins in Harrisonville and Lee's Summit Tuesday night as school boards are moving to the right!  We break down how it went all over the area.    Former President Obama was way off his game at the White House Tuesday and I can't believe nobody is talking about his absolute flub at the start of his speech.  The great orator absolutely botched the one thing he was actually there to accomplish.  I love it.    Actor Sean Penn says he doesn't trust Sean Hannity but went on his Fox tv show as they are both all about blowing Vladimir Putin to hell.  It was really a strange interview.    Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby is retiring as sources say he' frustrated with the state of college athletics.  We name names of possible replacements.   Frito Lay is celebrating "Cracker Jill" this baseball season and one MLB team is selling a cheeseburger for $25,000 at the ball park this year.

    KKHI Convo: Lifelong Friend Steve Specht on Golf and The Masters

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 47:51

       It's been about 25 years since my lifelong friend Steve Specht came up with the idea of me doing a weekly golf show on radio from his driving range and family fun center in Overland Park.      We've each had pretty good runs since then as Steve is now the General Manager of Canyon Farms, the jewel of the clubs and courses around the midwest.  Steve's a busy guy this time of year getting everything ramped up for golf season, the pool and even an upscale public restaurant named Silo Modern Farmhouse.  It's quite an operation in Lenexa, KS.  But my buddy always has time to shoot the you know what with me and we even talk Tiger Woods and Masters favorites.  Enjoy. 

    Hawks Rock to Historic Title, Barkley Blunders, Tiger Looks Ready, Elon Musk Twitter Takeover, Contest Winner Announced

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2022 50:44

       It's common to say a title is "one for the ages" but the Kansas Jayhawks comeback win over North Carolina truly was.  What an incredible effort, with flawless execution, in the second half.    The only down side was hearing Charles Barkley blunder calling Dave McCormack a "nice little player" that isn't playing against the "shrimps" of Villanova and NCAA president Mark Emmert call the team the Kansas City Jayhawks.  Wow.    Tiger played great in a practice round at Augusta National and all signs are that he will tee it up on Thursday, 14 months after a horrific car wreck.    Elon Musk is now the largest shareholder of Twitter and he's been offered a seat on the board.  Looks like he's about to take this thing over and get rid of the wacky, foreign CEO and make is a safe place for free speech.    And we've got a winner.... find out if you won our $6000 garage makeover from, and 

    Hawks and Heels to Rumble, KC Team Lists Pronouns, Kaepernick to Chiefs is Crazy, WaPo Admits Coverup

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 42:30

       KU and UNC are ready to play for it all Monday night, we've got the preview and the prediction for you.    A Kansas City pro team is now listing pronouns in the bios of its players.  What is this all about?    A national football writer lists Kansas City as the top landing spot for communist quarterback Colin Kaepernick and I think that's the craziest thing I've heard this year.    Kansas Passes sports wagering, the Washington Post admits a coverup in the Hunter Biden story and Obama is headed back to the White House.

    Ryan Lefebvre Joins KKHI

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 55:55

       We ar e so honored to have Royals broadcaster Ryan Lefebvre joining us regularly on the podcast this season and we know you'll love his baseball insight.    But our goal is to bring you much more than that.  Ryan will tell you his family and his faith are  more important than any game or broadcast and I think we can all learn from his journey.  On our first episode this year, Ryan shares some personal stories about his church, how his wife has led him on a mission to help others and of course, baseball.    You won't find a better man and a more interesting person than Ryan and you will know him much better after hearing him today.

    Heather and Jen for Lee's Summit, KC Star Relocating, Sour Tang Loses Best Player at KSU

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 46:34

       Heather Eslick and Jennifer Foley are conservative and running for school board in Lee's Summit in a crowded race.  They need our help.  Heather is here, you will be impressed and you can make a difference. reports the Downtown Council is conducting a gimmick poll about downtown baseball for the Royals.    The KC Star is relocating into a location half the size of a Walgreens after once running an empire.    And new K-State coach Jerome Tang has a sour taste in his mouth after a horrible start hiring coaches with poor resumes and losing his best player Nijel Pack.  This is a disaster unfolding.

    KU-Nova Ready to Rumble, Arians' Noble Move, Tiger Plays Augusta, Florida Parents Rule, Pelosi Cashes in

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 49:13

       We're closing in on the Final Four and we've got a complete breakdown for you of what it will take for Kansas to advance to the title game.  How will Nova fill the shoes of their top player and what kind of game will this be?  We get you ready.    Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians just got Tom Brady back.... and then retired.  This is one of the most noble moves ever, we have the details of what Arians may be remembered for more than coaching.    Tiger Woods was spotted in Augusta, Georgia playing golf and everyone is thinking he will play in the Masters next week.  That would certainly be a spectacle.    Missing in the discussion about the Florida Parents Rights Bill is the fact that democracy work.  Floridians like it, Democrats support it and the voter make up of this state has changed dramatically.  This is all good news.   And Nancy Pelosi buys $2 million dollars of stock in one company before it jumps 8% and then they announce it will split.  We'll tell you which stock and share thoughts about this dirty stuff.

    Matt Gaetz Wants Laptop, Chiefs Float Kansas as Option, Church Concert Outrage, St. Peters is Ratings Hit

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 53:56

       Almost every day now, we see examples that our government is just too big.  Congressman Matt Gaetz asked a simple question of the Assistant Director of the FBI.  "Where is Hunter Biden's laptop right now?" was the question and you won't believed what happened in this congressional hearing after that.    The Chiefs float the idea of building a stadium in Kansas and of course we will all go crazy and over react.  But this is nothing new, it's been said before and it's the only smart way to do business for the team.    Country superstar Eric Church cancels a major concert in San Antonio.... so he can go to the North Carolina basketball game Saturday night.  This is as pathetic as it gets, the details are not good.    And little old St. Peters is the biggest ratings hit of the Sweet 16 since 2011.  Yes, America loves an underdog and we were all watching.

    Will Smith Turns News Away from War, Trump Hits Ace, KU's Karma, School Board Cheat Sheet in MO

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2022 43:43

       At some point, something was going to knock the war in Ukraine off the front page.  Of course, it doesn't say much about our society that it's an actor slapping another actor that's more important.    Joe Biden said five different things this week that were either wrong, improper or just crazy.   He seems lost.  Quite a contrast to Donald Trump who's living the good life hitting a hole in one with pro golfer Ernie Els.    A national writer thinks this year's KU team could be Bill Self's 8th best team or so... but the most dangerous right now and the fave to win it all in New Orleans.    And it's our school board cheat sheet episode.  Emily Stone is running in Harrisonville and she tells us why she and so many others are stepping up to do something they never thought they would.  Grab a pencil, we have the candidates to vote for in Missouri where you or your friends or relatives live.

    KU Rides 2nd Half Wave, Will Smith Defends Wife at Oscars, Daily Wire Shaves Libs, WH Corrects Biden Again

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 49:07

       We may never know exactly what happened inside KU's locker room at halftime trailing Miami by 6 in the Elite Eight but we're pretty sure it involved Bill Self inserting his boot in a dark place.  KU's rally was one for the ages as they prep for the Final Four and a showdown against Villanova.    Nobody watches the Oscars anymore, but actor Will Smith got us all looking at highlights as he smacks host Chris Rock for making fun of his wife.     Conservative news site Daily Wire attacks a former advertiser with a new site called and we applaud them.   And the White House takes back Joe Biden's words that could have started World War 3.  Ho hum, another day in Sleepy Joe's world.

    KU Now Huge Fave, Chiefs Bolster WR, Ryan Lefebvre Joins KKHI, Ukraine Can Settle, NBC Harms Lia Thomas, Free Gas Coming?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 54:39

       Kansas is the only one seed left in the NCAA tournament and they're not only big favorites to beat Providence Friday night, they are now overwhelming favorites to win it all.  We break down the matchup and their overall chances.   The Chiefs add a wide receiver that was clocked faster than Tyreek Hill last year, averages more yards per catch and is $20 million cheaper.   We have news about one of the finest people in sports broadcasting, Royals announcer Ryan Lefebvre.  Ryan will join us regularly on KKHI beginning next week and I've got a story to share with you about him you should hear along with an invitation to hear him speak this Sunday.   Ukraine has agreed to 4 of 6 large items with Russia to end the war.  It's hard for Americans to understand why the other two are so important.    NBC News did something a lot worse than saying bad words about transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, Disney Corp is asked by a huge group of employees to get out of politics and yes, the Dems want to send you free money to cover rising gas prices.  What a stupid plan.

    Chiefs WR Options, Greinke Goes High Tech, Sweet 16 Begins, Biden Mask on AFO, MO to Save KC Schools

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2022 51:18

       The biggest story of the year so far is the Chiefs trading Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins and the mood swing of Chiefs fans in the hours after this saga was epic.  Still, the Chiefs have plenty of options at wide receiver going forward but they have a ton of work to do to get it right.    Zack Greinke had a really nice first outing for the Royals and he used some high tech help from Salvy to make it happen.  Greinke says he's sold on "Pitch Com" and will use it this year.    The Sweet 16 begins Thursday night and we discuss the matchups.  The big one for Kansas fans to watch is Gonzaga/Arkansas as this game is the most like KU/Providence.    Airline CEO's are imploring Joe Biden to dump the stupid mask garbage at airports and on airplanes.  It begs the question, do White House staffers and Biden wear masks on Air Force One?    And the state of Missouri is doing its best to step in with legislation that has a real plan to help students in the Kansas City and St. Louis school districts, as those students are being left behind.

    Breaking News: Chiefs Trade Tyreek Hill to Dolphins

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 20:52

    Mayor Q Target of Ethics Complaint, KC Star Props up Olathe East Shooter, Female Nominee Can't Define ”Woman”, Witt Jr's Big Blast

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 52:57

       This episode is why we do this podcast!  Mayor Q is reported to the Missouri Ethics Commission after blocking a citizen from Facebook who complained that the kids play area was too close to the homeless encampment at the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  We stand with the citizen here.    Meanwhile, the Kansas City star continues it's march to the edge of the cliff with a lead story about the Olathe East shooter calling him "super funny", "driven" and a "polite" student that's just had a series of bad breaks.  This is a must hear story.    Joe Biden said he'd find a black female to put on the Supreme Court and he delivered.  The crazy part?  This female can't tell the senate what a "woman" is.  What?    The NCAA ratings are up but the two lowest rated games involved Big 12 teams and we dive into the Royals as Bobby Witt Jr. hits a bomb on Tuesday and pitchers are talking truth about what Zack Greinke is telling them every day.

    More Trouble for Greitens, Kid Rock Rocks, Sports Betting in Kansas, Royals Owner Raises Eyebrows

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2022 50:31

       A reminder to sign up for a $6000 garage makeover at before it's too late.  Also, Joe Biden is talking New World Order and we should be paying attention.     In Missouri, whether true or false, Eric Greitens is on the hot seat again for personal matters gone public.  He is a troubled candidate at best as pretty much everyone wants him to withdraw running for Senate.    Kid Rock was a guest on Tucker Carlson's show and it was something else... but I'm more impressed with the first 15 minutes of the broadcast where we all got educated on the real Ukraine.    New York Sports Betting has done $4billion in the first ten weeks... and apparently it's got lawmakers in Kansas motivated.  Finally.  We could see a bill passed as early as next to legalize in the Sunflower state.    And Royals owner John Sherman has done his first media session since the lockout.  He's got a couple comments that got may attention, you will find them interesting, too.

    KU is New Fave, Tang to KSU, Gates to MU, Fauci Reappears, Celebs Love Putin

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2022 45:16

       The first weekend of the tourney is in the books and KU is a big winner and the new favorite to win it all.  We list our big winners and big losers as it moves to the Sweet 16.    K-State settled for second best hiring longtime assistant Jerome Tang instead of proven winner and KSU alum Brad Underwood.  Brace yourself for the honest truth about this situation.    Mizzou is set to hire Cleveland State coach Dennis Gates a young coaching star with ties to legendary coach Leonard Hamilton.  It was the first hire for new AD Desiree Reed-Francois and she passed on a former Tiger to land Gates.    After conservatives started pointing out Covid is over and Fauci has disappeared, the media have thrown him a life jacket and propped him back up.  What a joke.    And we've got a list of Hollywood celebrities that just loved Vladimir Putin but are running from it now.  Fools. 

    Kentucky Feels Madness, KU's Stellar Opener, Raiders Blockbuster Trade, Biden v Xi, Media Fail on Hunter Laptop

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 39:39

       The Kentucky Wildcats are embarrassed on day one of the NCAA Tournament and it brings a smile to so many faces.  KU, on the other hand, took it's game seriously and raced to a 28 point halftime lead.  The poetry of all this?  Well, it was a loss to Kentucky that had some people thinking KU had no chance to win the title. That all blew up Thursday night.    The AFC West continues to get better and better as the Raiders pull off the second biggest blockbuster trade of the offseason.  This is about to get really hard for KC.    Does anyone else imagine a phone call between Biden and China's Xi is a complete joke?  Can you imagine how little good that call will do or what a farce it must sound like?    And the media and big tech clearly committed a fraud during the election by denying or ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.  Admitting that it's real now is not some move of journalistic integrity.  They already blew it.

    Greinke Nostalgia, Madness Begins, Roger Marshall Crushing it, Bryant's BBQ Blames Biden

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 52:35

       The always nostalgic Kansas City Royals have signed pitcher Zack Greinke, a move we called here three weeks ago.  They overpaid, but who cares.  I see good in this but I also see something so typically Royal it gives me pause.    March Madness is underway for real on St. Paddy's Day!  We talk about faves, trends and KU's fortunes.    Kansas Senator Roger Marshall is clearly doing a great job as he's become a huge target of the left.  What's their latest beef?  They're bent out of shape that Marshall gave a Senate tour to truckers in DC that are protesting.  You won't believe what his fellow colleagues did to him.    The teachers union had three gaffes on Twitter this week and it's leading many to jump on board that leader Randi Weingarten needs to be fired.   And famed KC bbq joint Arthur Bryant's has put a sign up on their door that they are embarrassed by the price they are charging for brisket and they're blaming it on Biden.  Is a "Let's go Brandon" sign next?    

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