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A political junkie’s best friend. Hosted by Jay and Andy. Look Forward will be a show that focuses on domestic, as well as, foreign politics. Smart political talk from a set of unique perspectives. Two total goofballs who break down the political news of the week with detail and humor to keep you la…

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    Latest episodes from Look Forward

    Episode 281: Debates are for Nerds

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2022 61:31

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the arrested and indictments of 11 Oath Keepers for sedition conspiracy charges stemming from actions on Jan 6th, SCOTUS decides to COVID sticking around makes sense, RNC working overtime to pull out of presidential debates, Trump gives up the ghost on future elections strategy, fake electors need to be prosecuted, Jon Osoff's new bill is exactly the type of legislation we want, and much more.   SHOW NOTES Oath Keepers get indicted for sedition conspiracy chargers for Jan 6th SCOTUS in 6-3 ruling knocks down OSHA vaccine mandate RNC seems to be gearing up to run from presidential debates Apparently screaming your plans out to steal and election is less bad than doing it covertly It's long past time to prosecute phony GOP electors Jon Osoff unveils bill to ban stock trading by legislators and their immediate families

    Episode 280: Capsize That Boat

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 63:19

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Joe Biden finally coming out for changing the filibuster for voting rights, the Joe Manchin situation needs an honest report (we give it to you), Ted Cruz asks Tucker Carlson for forgiveness, Cruz pretends to not know how the FBI works, Kevin McCarthy vows to be petty for no reason, 2020 election lies now have forged documents, Matt Gaetz investigation gets worse for him, and much more! SHOW NOTES Joe Biden comes out for reforming the filibuster for voting rightsNY Post weighs in Joe Manchin comes out against historical reality and voting rights Ted Cruz gets pants by Tucker Carlson (CLIP) Ted Cruz uses dirty lawyer trick to push FBI/Jan6th conspiracy (CLIP) Kevin McCarthy vows to be a petty jerk Now we have forged documents proving election fraud Not looking good for Matt Gaetz THIS WEEK IN STUPID Maybe football doesn't cause CTE, it cause Republicanism

    Episode 279: Where in the World WAS Ron DeSantis?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2022 62:19

    This week on Look Forward, as Jay and Brad return for 2022 they discuss resident congressional nutcase getting permanently banned from Twitter, Trump brood get their long overdue Tish James subpoenas, Schumer makes another go at getting Voting Rights done, Sean Hannity is up next for the Jan 6th committee, Peter Navarro gets led right off a cliff on MSNBC, Liz Cheney has news on Ivanka but its deeper than she's presenting, and much more! SHOW NOTES Marjorie Taylor Greene gets the Twitter permaban Ivanka and Don Jr subpoenaed by New York Attorney General Schumer makes a real push for voting rights Sean Hannity, you are up next for the Jan 6th committee My Pillow Guy gets his phone records snatched up too Peter Navaro admits to planning a coup on live TV Liz Cheney's new Jan 6th information on Ivanka Trump is bad news Ask the proper question here: “Why didn't he leave DC? Will Biden get a progressive primary challengers in 2024, some think so THIS WEEK IN STUPID A Board Game?

    Episode 278: The Sausage of Conservatism

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 74:28

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Gavin Newsom's move with gun rights in California, Mark Meadows text messages on Jan 6th, Trump and Netanyahu have a fall out, Nancy Pelosi terrible stance on stock trading, and how Abby Shapiro really help to tarnish Nancy Reagan while trying to attack Madonna, and more!   SHOW NOTES Gavin Newsom takes our advice on gun rights Mark Meadows text messages reveal some serious issues for him on Jan 6th Thanks Mark, this is very telling The end of a fascist bromance Nancy Pelosi on stock trading Policy grandma comes for SCOTUS in the wake of them leaving abortion law standing THIS WEEK IN STUPID Nancy Reagan, knobgobbler?!

    Episode 277: Merrick Garland, Say Anything!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2021 61:05

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss CNN canning Chris Cuomo, age limits for staying in office, Mark Meadows headed towards criminal contempt, The Squad takes it to Boebert directly, Denis Nunes is out, DeSantis wants a personal military force of sorts, Trump once again dares Garland to prosecute him, and much more! SHOW NOTES CNN throws Chris Cuomo down a flight of effing stairs…figuratively No one has ever seen Brad and Elon Musk in the same room…hmmmmmm Mark Meadows headed down the road to criminal contempt of Congress The Squad takes the fight directly to Lauren Boebert over anti-Muslim rhetoric Devin Nunes to leave Congress to spend more time with his cow Do you want a civil war, because this is how you get a civil war History of the FSG Biden mulls blacklisting Russian banks if Putin invades Ukraine Trump once again gives up the ghost on the Comey firing THIS WEEK IN STUPID This week in nerd culture? I can't imagine what inspired this video game (Jay don't open this in advance)

    Episode 276: You Can Keep Your Crocodile Tears!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 63:26

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the verdicts in the Ahmaud Arbery murder, abortion case is at the SCOTUS, Boebert is a massive lying nutcase, Dr. Oz is insane, Mace vs. Marjorie Taylor Greene, trouble in the Qanon universe, and much more! SHOW NOTES Ahmaud Arbrey's killers found guilty. Now we wait for sentencing Lauren Boebert forced to apologize to Muslims Mississippi abortion law makes it to the SCOTUS Dr. Oz is INSANE (play video) Mark Meadows now cooperating with Jan 6th committee GOP Congresswoman caught talking out of both sides of her neck on COVID vaccines Dear Dems, exploit this! (McCarthy vs. MTG VIDEO) Red States Are Now Paying Unemployment Benefits to Anti-Vaxxers Trump never received PDBs after Jan 6th Trump org stole $1.7 billion from taxpayers THIS WEEK IN STUPID Trouble a-brewing in the Qanon universe` Michael Flynn caught admitting that Qanon is complete nonsense

    Episode 275: Tread Lightly on Me

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 61:48

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the Rittenhouse case ending, the U.S. being labeled as a backsliding democracy, Unite the Right organizers get hit hard in court, more Jan 6th subpoenas going out, lawyers who pushed the big lie forced to pay up, will Trump really run in 2024, and much more! SHOW NOTES Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted on all charges U.S. labeled a backsliding democracy for the first time Trump-backed Sean Parnell suspends his campaign Unite the Right organizers will pay $26M in damages Lawyers who challenged the 2020 election are forced to pay up Proud Boys and Oath Keepers receive Jan 6th committee subpoenas Alex Jones and Roger Stone also subpoenaed Trump allies try pressuring him to no run in 2024 THIS WEEK IN STUPID Gohmert running for Texas AG I thought participation trophies were bad?

    Episode 274: The Dodecahedron of Hate and Bigotry

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 65:33

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the infrastructure bill actually passing, Beto is running for governor officially, Gosar gets hit on being a nutcase, Bannon gets his indictment, Kyle Rittenhouse's case is a farce, and much more!   SHOW NOTES Joe Biden has a real infrastructure week Beto is running for Texas Governor Gosar censured in Congress Gin soaked bigot gets indictedMark Meadows, come on down Dems drop a bunch of new subpoenas for Jan 6th on Trump world Kyle Rittenhouse case is another case of gasping white conservativismGun charges dropped More information about Trump administration interfering with CDC on COVID Alex Jones guilty in all four Sandy Hook defamation cases THIS WEEK IN STUPID The Scottish are Metal AF!

    Episode 273: Don‘t Ask Jay, Ask Jeeves

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 65:07

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the up to the minute election news in New Jersey, Virginia, New York, and elsewhere, NYPD vs vaccine mandates, FEC rules in a possible nightmare scenario, Brett Kavanaugh asks a valuable question about the Texas abortion ban, Josh Hawley goes after porn and video games, Qanon folks really going for it in Texas, and much more! SHOW NOTES Tonight is Election Night! New York City Police Union vs The Reality of Vaccine Mandates FEC allows for a simply disastrous precedent to be created Examples worth discussing from 2020 Brett Kavanaugh asks a very good question during Texas abortion ban case Josh Hawley attacks the hosts of Dense Pixels and their audience directly! THIS WEEK IN STUPID Newsmax Star Claims Vaccines Contain ‘Bioluminescent' Tracker Linked to Devil Crowd of nutters show up in Dallas to await the return of JFK Jr., seriously!

    Episode 272: Dial V for Voter Fraud

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 64:18

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the insurrectionists are turning on their congressional counterparts, fake solutions vs actionable work, Mitt Romney says something outlandish and telling about billionaires, GOP supporters working to take over local school boards, Ron DeSantis' surgeon general is a nightmare, Don Jr continues to be awful, and much more! SHOW NOTES Jan. 6 Insurrectionists Say They Participated in Planning Meetings With Congress Members and White House Staff Congress members calling for other members to be expelled for their Jan 6th involvement Mitt Romney's totally real take on taxing billionaires  Rightwing going into overdrive to overtake school boards all over the country Well that's interesting Florida's surgeon general is a disaster of DeSantis' own making THIS WEEK IN STUPID A blind man could see this coming a mile away Don Jr. selling shirts making fun of the accidental death on the set of “Rust”

    Episode 271: Critical RACIST Theory

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 61:22

    This week Jay and Brad return to discuss Trump's "genius" plan for the 2022 and 2024 elections, Colin Powell dies at 84 and we used nuance to discuss the man, "both sides" arguments come to the classroom, Joe Manchin fails again, Brad was right and we hate him for it, Q is heading to Congress, and much more. SHOW NOTES Trump calls for the GOP to fully kowtow to him Colin Powell dies at 84 from cancer and COVID complications Idiotic law leads to an inevitable conclusion Joe Manchin shockingly can't find 10 Senators across the aisle to break the filibuster on voting rights The worst “Dude, I Told Ya” of all time Qanon creator Ron Watkins running for House in AZ

    Episode 270: Democracy‘s Last Chance in 2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 118:25

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Biden denying Trump executive privilege on Jan 6th documents, Steve Bannon vs subpoenas, Bill Maher makes a dark but possibly very accurate prediction, Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyers are ridiculous, Trump sends a sympathy video to a terrorist's family, Chuck Grassley is very old and much more!   SHOW NOTES Biden White House waives executive privilege for an initial set of Trump-era documentsHillary! Steve Bannon defying Jan 6th subpoena Is Bill Maher correct? Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyers say he was just hunting Trump makes a sympathy video message to the family of a dead terrorist THIS WEEK IN STUPID Chuck Grassley accidentally tells the truth

    Episode 269: Mr. Vibez Only

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 67:35

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Facebook being down and its insane global impact, are NYC teachers vaccine mandates working, Greg Abbott vulnerable in Texas, Dems considering a filibuster cut out for debt ceiling, Steve Bannon can't stop loving German history, Sinema's popularity is in the toilet (rightfully so), Ted Cruz tries to bandwagon on Black NBA players who are unvaccinated, and much more.     SHOW NOTES Facebook goes down, and the progressives are once again proven correct New York City proves that COVID mandates absolutely work Greg Abbott is now within striking distance in Texas of a motivated Dem Senate Democrats considering nuking filibuster for debt limit bills Steve Bannon just can't help but bring up the Germany of old Democratic Voters Drive Decline in Sinema's Popularity in Arizona THIS WEEK IN STUPID Vaccinated Fat Wolverine stands with stupid basketball players

    Episode 268: Corey Lewandowski is a 9!!!?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 71:46

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss how screwed Guiliani is, the media's failure when it comes to digging into the Trump coup attempt, so-called 'vigilante treatments' for COVID, the CIA's plot to kill Julian Assange, the Cyber Ninjas prove their worth, Trump upset about a Mario Kart character, and much more! SHOW NOTES Rudy Guiliani gives a helluva testimony in the Dominion lawsuit case Memo shows Trump lawyer's six-step plan for Pence to overturn the election Why the media has failed tremendously on this 'Vigilante treatments': Anti-vaccine groups push people to leave ICUs Mike Pompeo's CIA drew up plans to kidnap and kill Julian Assange Lauren Boebert paid rent and utilities with campaign funds, FEC filings show Cyber Ninjas are back, baby!!!! Cartoonist Ben Garrison has COVID, won't go to the hospital. Eating horse paste! THIS WEEK IN STUPID ITS YUUUUUUGE, I SWEAR IT!! - and more!

    Episode 267: Get Your Nose Out of the Rose!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 66:48

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the Democrats failure of handling border control from the jump, Israel builds a robot gun to do assassinations and somehow folks are cool with it, Tate Reeves is a lunatic, the debt limit is back, the greatest leftist conspiracy ever according to right-wing lunatics, and much more! SHOW NOTES Dems are mad that they didn't do something they should have done! Israel builds an A.I. robot gun to murder an Iranian scientist Progressives get Iron Dome out of the bill to avoid shutdown House Passes Spending Bill and Debt Limit Increase Over G.O.P. Opposition Live-action Peter Griffin is a buffoon Trump sues NYTimes and niece for tax document disclosure THIS WEEK IN STUPID Hidden Valley Stupidity WE GOT A DOOZY!

    Episode 266: Dan Quayle, Savior of Democracy?!!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 128:52

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and T'ara return to talk all about the failed recall effort in California, DOJ takes on the Texas abortion law, Biden drops some COVID vaccine mandate rules, new revelations about Pence on Jan. 6th, AOC wore a dress that pissed off all the neoprogs and right-wing nutbars, and much more! SHOW NOTES GOP suffers historic embarrassment in California recallVaccine mandates won the day Larry Elders tried to pull a Trump before the recall vote even happened DOJ gets in the fight against Texas' abortion law President Biden drop new rules for vaccinationsDetails 1 Details 2 New revelations about Trump/Pence on Jan. 6th AOC wore a dress to a fancy event, THE HORROR!!!! THIS WEEK IN STUPID REALLY!!!!???

    Episode 265: That SCOTUS Wall Has Arrived

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 62:08

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad are back to discuss the terrorist attack at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan, Jan 6th committee demands phone records of GOPers, the Texas abortion ban is absolutely insane, the moratorium for renters dies at the SCOTUS, and much more! SHOW NOTES Attack in Kabul during the U.S. evacuation from Afghanistan Jan. 6 committee to ask phone companies for Republican lawmakers' recordsKevin McCarthy and other GOP folks are legit afraid There is precedent for this Marjorie Taylor-Greene's “thoughts” Texas abortion is now law and it's absolutely insane Goldman Sachs estimates 750K households face eviction after moratorium ends DeSantis echoes Trump on how bad it is to know more stuff THIS WEEK IN STUPID Joe RoeGUN has the COVID!

    Episode 264: The Other FDAs

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2021 61:43

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the full approval of the Pfizer vaccine, Mississippi has an idiot problem, Biden is sticking to his Afghanistan withdrawal timeline, the idiotic dynamic duo is back, right-wing sellout crown up for grabs, and much more. SHOW NOTES FDA gives full approval to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine Mississippi is having another outbreak...of stupidityFrom joke to very serious in a heartbeat Biden holding to 8/31 deadline despite criticism Two Congressmen perform an unnecessary publicity stunt...and for once it's not Republicans!Airlifts for you! Airlifts for you! Everybody is getting an airlift! The dipshit dynamic duo is back! THIS WEEK IN STUPID A good ole hometown story

    Episode 263: Afghanistan is our Vietnam

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 70:16

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the fall of Afghanistan, the domestic perspectives/reactions on withdrawing from Afghanistan, Biden giving a needed middle finger to DeSantis on mask mandates, Congressional cavewoman can't stop saying insane nonsense, Rand Paul is exactly who we knew he was, Mike Lindell's crack sponsored cyber symposium, and much more. SHOW NOTES Afghanistan falls as we always knew it would Biden stands by the withdrawal GOP quickly pretends to have never supported Afghanistan withdrawal under Trump Federal government working to help Floridian school districts without DeSantis Marjorie Taylor-Greene opens her Neanderthal maw once again Meanwhile in Georgia on planet Earth Rand Paul reveals just how large of a bag of excrement he and his wife are THIS WEEK IN STUPID Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium, sponsored by Crack Industry Ghosts of Antifa attack our great sleepytime patriot

    Episode 262: Tenacious Mutant Ninja Progressives

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 64:52

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Andrew Cuomo's abrupt resignation, former acting AG spilling the beans on attempts to subvert the election from inside the DOJ, Delta variant is raging in Texas and Florida and why, Infrastructure week was real this time, the Ohio 11th district race (Oh we didn't forget about you, Nina!), and more! SHOW NOTES Andrew Cuomo resigns as NY governor Former Acting Attorney General Testifies About Trump's Efforts to Subvert Election Trump and friends had a real plan to overturn the election and its terrifying Military will make it mandatory to be vaccinated for COVID-19 Delta variant infections on the rise, Florida and Texas governors double down Dallas takes on Abbott's anti-mask mandate order DeSantis threatens to withhold funding from school districts Abbot is now asking for healthcare workers and ventilators from out of state $1 trillion Infrastructure bill passes Senate vote LMAO Nina Turner...NINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Episode 261: Lord of the Pants

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 65:05

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and the king of landlocked rural America return to discuss Trump literally ignoring Stringer Bell's advice, the U.S. South is getting slammed by the Delta variant, Sinema absolutely sucks, Trump's tax returns are coming to Congress, eviction moratorium ended, Blago is back, and much more! SHOW NOTES Trump quite literally takes notes on a criminal conspiracy U.S. South is for a world of hurtWhat a shame, I guess Sinema works overtime to tank the Infrastructure bill DOJ makes it clear that IRS has to give up Trump's tax returns Eviction moratorium threatens the lives of millions Kinzinger supports Jan. 6 panel subpoenas for Republicans Rudy, you poor schmuck! THIS WEEK IN STUPID Blago stands up for voters' rights, kinda Tad don't write so gud!

    Episode 260: HIPAA SCHMIPAA

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 123:16

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the GOP new takes on getting vaccines from not understanding HIPAA to straight-up lying, COVID Delta variant is all the rage, Sinema is getting hammered in AZ, rich pricks fly dick to space, Pelosi and her Jan 6th commission, and much more! SHOW NOTES Nearly half of House Republicans won't say publicly if they are vaccinated COVID Delta Variant is raging in these states! GOP in the states are suddenly pro-vax Cutesy AZ moron's play is blowing up in her face Rich men in expensive dicks go to space Pelosi flat out rejects some GOPers from Jan 6th commissionGOP will start their own investigation into Jan 6th (laugh along with us) THIS WEEK IN STUPID You are protesting mad loud, son!

    Episode 259: Seven Point Plan of Stupidity

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 62:14

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Pew Research's breakdown of elections from 2016-2020, Trump suing social media companies, Caitlyn Jenner is a goddamn fool, Kraken lawyers knifing each other, Texas Dems try to stop the inevitable, and how to get Trump back into office...if you are you completely stupid. SHOW NOTES Proof that we aren't getting anywhere without moderates along for the ride Trump is suing Facebook and Twitter because he needs his cult to care Poor Caitlyn Jenner, she's just a goddamn dummy Lin Wood trying to back out of his BS Texas Dems high tail it out of the state to stop voter restrictions THIS WEEK IN STUPID The Seven Point Plan to End All Seven Point Plans

    Episode 258: Allen West is RUNNING!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 64:41

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Allen Weisselberg's series of indictments as the CFO of the Trump Org, DOJ stops federal executions, SCOTUS continues to gut the voting rights act, Nina Turner making her play for the House, Trump asks a question with terrible implications, Allen West is running for governor of Texas, and much more!   SHOW NOTES Trump Org CFO has been indicted DOJ postpones federal executions as they reevaluate death penalty SCOTUS continues to gut the voting rights act Local AZ nutbar responds Nina Turner running for Marcia Fudge's old seat Matt Gaetz goes there Clyburn Says Trump Could Testify Before Select Committee about Jan. 6th Trump asks a very important question, we will answer it simply Allen West is coming back, baby! THIS WEEK IN STUPID GETTR Done!!!!

    Episode 257: One Down, One to Go!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2021 61:51

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the timely death of Donald Rumsfeld, Rudy Guiliani gets hit with more bad "luck," William Barr working overtime to prove legacies matter, Ron DeSantis wins straw poll for 2024, Trump almost lost his life to COVID-19, coming indictments, and much more. SHOW NOTES Donald Rumsfeld is DEAD!!!! Poor Rudy Guiliani The hits keep coming, and they won't stop coming William Barr calls voter fraud claims “bullshit” Ron DeSantis leads “which bigger GOP idiot do you love” straw poll for 2024 Wow dude, WOW! Trump so close to dying from COVID aka Dreams don't always come true Trump organization very close to being indicted Governor Kristi Noem made her national guard a private army for the rich THIS WEEK IN STUPID The world's greatest cuck! Don't come up here, please!

    Episode 256: Workshopping B.S. in Real Time

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2021 65:03

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the GOP killing the voting rights reform, Tucker Carlson working on a ludicrous Jan 6th theory, conservatives hate critical race theory but don't know what it is, Gen. Mark Milley knocks down Gaetz's BS, Ron DeSantis tries to push more unconstitutional stuff on college campuses, and much more!   SHOW NOTES Republicans do exactly what we knew they would on voting rights It turns out Tucker Carlson is a flipping idiot or thinks you are First sentencing from Jan 6th insurrection is official Republicans go ballistic about critical race theory, which they don't understand Gen. Mark Milley fires back at Gaetz on Critical Race Theory in the military Ron DeSantis working overtime for the title of Trump 2.0 Is big-city crime leading to something? THIS WEEK IN STUPID Call the feds on...Saturday Night Live?

    Episode 255: Someone Rid Me of this Meddlesome Prick!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2021 62:10

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Joe Manchin's declaration on the death of democracy, Merrick Garland... it's complicated, Trump has another path to annoy us, CA gun rights loses temporarily, crypto is having a bad week for crooks, the E triple B, three incredibly stupid stories in politics, and much more! SHOW NOTES Joe Manchin makes it clear that he has no interest in democracy Schumer tries making Manchin feel bad aka “Stuff your sorries in a sack!” Merrick Garland - baby, what is you doing!? Maybe he will run for the House California gun rights...pfffft, I guess! Warren on crypto WHAT!!!!!!? Turns out rich people don't pay taxes? THIS WEEK IN STUPID America, WELCOME TO DIE! The greatest hot take on hacking prevention EVER! Person, woman, forest, climate, TV?

    Episode 254: Please Lead From the Front, Mr. Flynn!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 65:45

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the GOP filibustering the Jan 6th commission, Mike Flynn dreams of a coup inside the U.S., Texas attempts ridiculous voting rights law, GOP threatens no more presidential debates, Dem wins NM special election, sad blog goes boop. SHOW NOTES Republicans filibusters the Jan. 6th commission Pelosi details next possible steps (4 options) Mike Flynn openly pushing for the idea of a Myanmar-like coup in the U.S. Trump is telling people he will be reinstated as POTUS in August Texas attempts to pass the most restrictive voting rights in the country, TX Dems fight What is exactly in the bill GOP threatens to boycott future presidential debates Conservative writer: “The Republican plot to steal the 2024 election” Dem wins New Mexico special election in a landslide, but there is more here Peace out, Bibi! THIS WEEK IN STUPID Ya’ll hurt his little fee fees

    Episode 253: White House Dick Down

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2021 62:56

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Andy end their feud and decide to podcast together once again. Val Demings plans to challenge Rubio for his Senate seat, CDC guidelines get updated, AOC and others call out Israel, SCOTUS to take on another abortion case, Capitol rioters using Trump defense, Matt Gaetz sinking deeper in trouble, odd happenings with the Trump family and the Secret Service, and much more! SHOW NOTES Val Demings to challenge Rubio for Florida Senate CDC does their best Future impression with “Mask Off” Preakness Video AOC calls Israel an apartheid state Trump wanted massive troop withdrawals after losing the election Supreme Court to take up major abortion rights challenge Joe Manchin...voting rights hero? Feds investigating alleged illegal donations to Collins’ re-election bid Capitol rioters trying to use the Trump defense Matt Gaetz is in a world of trouble thanks to Greenberg’s plea On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Trump had his own Secret Service DEMAND!

    Episode 252: Cult Full Steam Ahead

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 62:35

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the ousting of Liz Cheney from Republican leadership, bipartisanship is a lie, Colonial Pipeline hack causes Americans to do more stupid things, ACA sign-ups are back up, the Arizona GOP makes fools of themselves, Israel/Palestinian conflict continues unabated, and much more. SHOW NOTES GOP working overtime to screw Liz Cheney Judge orders release of secret DOJ memo used to clear Trump of obstruction Joni Ernst standing up for Liz Cheney Clearly, the path to bipartisanship is wide open, Joe Manchin! Colonial Pipeline ransomware hack is not the beginning or the end More information 1 Million people sign up for ACA after Biden reopens exchanges Arizona GOP’s crusade to overturn the election is something special Israel and the Palestinians clash in a foreign policy nightmare for Biden More information THIS WEEK IN STUPID She sucks!

    Episode 251: The Independent Nation of Idaho

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2021 61:40

    The Derek Chauvin verdict was a landmark occurrence last week in the fight for equal treatment by police...so what better week for Jay to take off so you can hear the opinions of two white dudes? Brad and Andy discuss what this could mean for the potential shift of policing in the US, fixing the House of Representatives singlehandedly, the absurdity of attempting to recall Gavin Newsome, have an in-depth discussion on everyone's favorite condiment, throw in copious amounts of wrestling references, and have a rip-roaring discussion on all the 31 flavors of Christianity!

    Episode 250: The Tyranny of BIG BOOKS!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2021 68:29

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Andy return with Andy unfairly attacking his co-hosts after they gently laid out facts about his hometown and the superior American baseball league! Also, the guys discuss Biden's announcement on Afghanistan, Biden screws up on refugee cap, DC statehood votes, Majorie Greene wants to debate the Green New deal and outs herself as a goddamn nazi, and much more! SHOW NOTES Biden announces he will remove all troops from Afghanistan Biden keeps Trump’s refugee levels, and then changes course after criticism House Committee on Oversight and Reform approves DC statehood Garbage bag offers to debate real human woman “America First” or Sieg Heil amiright? PizzaGaetz spreads into the GOP as a whole Alright alright...ALRIGHT!!!!!

    Episode 249: Shut Up and DONATE!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2021 64:28

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to give their thoughts on "Q: Into the Storm," Corporations vs. the GOP, economic recovery under the Biden administration, another capitol police officer killed, Trump grifting more old people, John Boehner gets lit and tells more truths, ever-growing Matt Gaetz insanity, and much more. SHOW NOTES “Q: Into the Storm” thoughts Corporations realize where the $$ is at Republicans looking for the guy who did this The economy on the comeback trail Capitol police officer killed in a deliberate vehicle ramming Grifters gonna grift John Boehner was drinking too much wine during his audiobook recording, apparently THIS WEEK IN STUPID Ok, we can talk more about Matt Gaetz

    Episode 248: Is it Crabravable?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2021 62:35

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Arkansas newly passed anti-trans laws, Biden introduces his $2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan, Georgia goes all in for anti-democratic voting laws, European Union sees terrible vaccine rollout, Dominion is suing everyone, the pizza call is coming from inside the house, and the world's worst wedding toast! SHOW NOTES Arkansas makes an extremely compelling case to have no one live there $2 trillion Infrastructure plan unveiled and broadband is a major component GA voting laws pass and they are ridiculous Europe struggling to contain COVID amidst vaccines Dominion tries to become the richest company in the world through litigation PizzaGaetz in full effect! Arguably the worst wedding toast in history

    Episode 247: We Choose War Over People

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2021 62:22

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss where Biden is on his vaccination promise for his first 100 days, huge Infrastructure bill is next, SNAP food aid increasing, loan forgiveness (is this a primer?), MAGA lawyer admits to being the liar we all knew she was, mass shootings are back, how to make the Capitol rioters truly pay, and much more! SHOW NOTES Biden way ahead of schedule on vaccinations in the first 100 days Biden infrastructure plan and jobs plan is aiming for $3 trillion They will use reconciliation again USDA to increase SNAP food aid by 15% Defrauded students to receive loan forgiveness Sidney Powell is exactly the type of person you thought she was Second mass shooting signals America’s return to “normal” Music to our ears!!!!!

    Episode 246: A Damn Good Start

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2021 65:35

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Andy return to discuss the COVID-19 relief bill becoming law, Biden's fantastic handling of the vaccine distribution, Merrick Garland becomes Attorney General, Cuomo continues to be in huge trouble, Tate Reeves continues to suck, no he shouldn't run for Texas governor, another social media platform is coming, and much more. SHOW NOTES Dems/Biden get COVID-19 relief bill done without any GOP support Biden is absolutely crushing it with the vaccine distribution Merrick Garland finally confirmed for Attorney General DOJ promising more than 100 additional arrests are coming for Capitol riot The knives are officially out for Andrew Cuomo Trump’s new grift is directly attacking the GOP’s pocket Tate Reeves is a human dingleberry Oh No, Oh No, Oh No!

    Episode 245: Next Week on the FawkesCast

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2021 64:16

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and a smug Brad return to discuss reuniting kids, the COVID-19 relief bill status, getting the minimum wage increase done, Biden's screw up with MBS when it came to Khashoggi's murder, Cuomo definitely did that, Trump got secretly vaccinated and why that matters, Texas reopening, March 4th, and much more! SHOW NOTES Biden administration reunite kids with families INSIDE the U.S. if they so choose COVID-19 Relief Plan status Parliamentarian rules that minimum wage hike isn’t possible through reconciliation  Khashoggi murder at the hands of MBS and Biden’s mulligan Andrew Cuomo is now in the hot seat of multiple sexual harassment allegations  Trump and Melania were both vaccinated in secret back in January FBI deems Capitol Riot as “domestic terrorism” Texas governor to remove all mask mandates state-wide March 4th...Inauguration boogaloo

    Episode 244: Catch Flights, Not Feelings!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2021 70:16

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the horrendous half a million death milestone, Biden reopening a migrant child facility, Merrick Garland showing why he is the ideal pick for Attorney General, Ted Cruz vacation shenanigans, Romney tells the sad truth about 2024, and much more. SHOW NOTES 500,000... Biden reopens controversial migrant children facility Merrick Garland lays out thoughts on the Capitol riot The uncrossable line to Senate confirmation - don’t be mean on Twitter Biden nominating 3 people to help get DeJoy out Ted Cruz attempts to take his kids across the border for a better life SCOTUS paves the way for NY prosecutors! Romney gives out the raw truth on 2024

    Episode 243: He Deserves Your Hatred

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2021 62:32

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Andy return to discuss the unsurprising acquittal of Donald Trump by the Republicans in the Senate, the internal war between Trump and the McConnell factions of the GOP, Texas suffering massive power outages, Biden making huge deals to get more vaccination doses, Cancer does something right, and much more!   SHOW NOTES Trump acquitted by the Senate after being impeached again Trump attacks McConnell in a scathing letter Biden administration secures 200 million more vaccines Biden starts staffing a commission on Supreme Court reform Texas is a mess after a massive winter storm Cancer, welcome to the resistance!!!! Schumer, Warren, (and AOC) all pushing for $50k student loan relief after Biden says no

    Episode 242: Joe Manchin’s DC Commute

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 6, 2021 77:33

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Andy return to discuss Reddit vs hedge funders, Biden's COVID-19 plan moving forward without the GOP, primarying Sinema and Manchin by Justice Democrats, Navalny returns to Russia, Majorie Taylor-Greene is under fire in the House, and much more. SHOW NOTES Hedge funders getting wrecked by douche bags on Reddit and Joe Six-packs Warren calling out Robinhood for their actions Biden meets with GOP on the COVID bill, doesn’t budge on it at all. Justice Democrats announce plans to primary Sinema and Manchin Navalny sentenced to 2.5 years in a Russian prison Myanmar is in a full-on crisis Trump’s lawyers quit the week before the Impeachment trial starts up Marjorie Taylor-Greene needs to go and the calls are getting louder THIS WEEK IN STUPID May I have vacation, please

    Episode 241: The New Whigs

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2021 62:48

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Biden's new executive orders on racial equity, the filibuster's future in the Senate, vaccine rollout plans from the Trump administration vs Biden's, Marjorie Taylor Greene needs to be removed from Congress, Trump wanted the DOJ to help him, KellyAnne Conway needs to be investigated seriously, and much more. SHOW NOTES Biden signs more EOs focused on racial justice Immigration agenda hits a snag on its 100-day deportation pause Manchin and Sexy Manchin on the filibuster Trump administration had no vaccine rollout plan Marjorie Taylor Greene was a horrendous nutbag BEFORE she was elected Republicans aim to make voting harder once again after losing in 2020 Rudy Guiliani is in big trouble Trump tried to use DOJ to overturn the election Sarah Huckabee Sanders running for Governor of Arkansas Liz Cheney - welcome to the resistance! KellyAnne Conway is a child porn distributor

    Episode 240: The PP will REIGN!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 22, 2021 67:47

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Andy return with guest, T'ara, to discuss the first day of the Biden/Harris administration, Trump pardoning 143 people on his last full day in office, EOs getting signed, Biden's immigration plan, China sanctioning Trump folks, finally a federal response to COVID-19, and much more. IT'S A BRAND NEW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOW NOTES Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in as President and Vice officially How we got here Where we are going Trump pardons 143 people one day before leaving office Why are you thinking about it, just do it! Getting to work right away Biden re-enters the Paris Climate Agreement Biden kills construction on the dumb border wall Biden’s Immigration in 8 plan DNI has been confirmed by the Senate China sanctions Trump officials on Day 1 of the Biden administration National Response to COVID is now in the works Amazon has volunteered to help

    Episode 239: The Season of Babbitt

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2021 61:49

    This week on Look Forward, Jay, Andy, and Brad return to discuss the greatest infrastructure week ever! Social Media bans on Donald Trump and others in his orbit, Parler feels the pressure of Big Tech, domestic terrorism being changed to several Capitol rioters, what comes next for the insurrectionists, impeachment 2.0, and much more! SHOW NOTES Historical: Dems ready the Impeachment Canon once again for Trump Social Media does perma-bans across the board for Donald Trump Parler was taken down by Big Tech Removed from smartphone online stores and web host (Google, Apple, and Amazon) Other vendors take action They also got hacked!!! LOOOOOOOOL! Stripe stops processing payments for Trump campaign Congresswoman gets COVID-19 during Capitol riot 25 domestic terrorism cases from the Capitol riot 120+ people have now been arrested in connection to the Capitol riot Qanon Congresswoman faces calls for her arrest What comes next from the Republican insurrectionists Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz face calls for them to resign

    Episode 238: I Guess Olympus Has Fallen

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2021 152:22

    Our second episode of the week, and this time Jay and Brad return to discuss the craziness and easily predictable nightmare that took place at the Capitol building today in Washington D.C. While trying to certify the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, right-wing seditionists stormed the building and proceeded to roam the halls, take selfies in offices of Congressional members, and open fire inside the halls of Congress. The hosts give their thoughts on why this happened, the terrible response to it, Trump and the GOP's responsibility, and much more.

    Episode 237: Thank You, Georgia...Thank You, Stacey Abrams!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2021 88:22

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Andy return during the GA runoff elections to discuss the race in real-time, Trump begging like a dog for finding new votes, pardoning of Trump villains, COVID deaths hit 350,000+, National Guard ready to tussle with Proud Boys, and much more! SHOW NOTES Pardon baby, PARDONS!!!! Georgia, Georgia on our minds! Bloated Begging Bitch Babbles for an Hour America hits 350,000 COVID deaths… Remember to mention Kerry personally Vaccine rollout is slow and a mess in some states Enrique Tarrio (head of Proud Boys) arrested in DC ahead of Jan 6th hijinx DC National Guard is ready to roll, son!

    Episode 236: The Thin Gordita Line

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2020 70:16

    This week Look Forward, Jay and Andy return to discuss purposeful lies about herd immunity, Balsanaro's bizarre vaccine behavior in Brazil, new COVID-19 relief bill deal, Trump refuses to say Russia did the hack, Biden plans for Russian hack retaliation, Jared authorizes shell corporation to steal money from own followers, and Bernie manages to break Jay once and for all! SHOW NOTES Fire up the solar-powered electric chairs, baby!!!! Brazil’s Bolsanaro is helping to kill his citizens with bizarro COVID vaccine comments We got ourselves a deal From Russia with Cucks Biden response potential for Russian hack Dear Bernie, SHUT UP! Jared Kushner set up a shell corporation to steal money for the Trump family

    Episode 235: The B.A. Baracus of Bull$..

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2020 69:28

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the death of "The BIG ONE" lawsuit from the Texas AG against the 4 swing states that Biden won, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris officially win at the Electoral College, more cabinet announcements from Biden, Pfizer vaccine approved and rolling out, another COVID-19 death milestone, Bill Barr stepping down, and much more!   SHOW NOTES Texas AG’s SUPA DUPA great lawsuit was smacked down by the SCOTUS Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are officially the President and Vice President-elect Republicans in Michigan tried fake electors Arizona Republicans did document forgeries Biden names Pete Buttigieg as nominee for Transportation Secretary Biden names former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm to serve as secretary of energy COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer is officially approved and rolled out in the UK, and the US. The U.S. exceeds 300,000 deaths from COVID-19 Bill Barr is stepping down as Attorney General The Trump grift comes to the Georgia run-offs

    Episode 234: Boomerang Schmoomerang!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2020 65:11

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad are back to discuss buying pardons, the intelligence agencies refuse to work with the Biden transition team, Rudy unsurprising diagnosis, Sec of Defense nominee gets named, Blow-up Doll Barbie gets deposed, GA runoffs aren't helped by Trump, and much more! SHOW NOTES Justice Department exposes scheme to buy a pardon Intelligence agency refuse to deal with Biden during the transition Human Bat get Normal Bat virus General Lloyd Austin selected for Biden’s Sec of Defense Blowup Doll questioned in DC about shady inauguration deal Trump has his nutball rally in Georgia, helps NO ONE! Status Georgia Run-offs THIS WEEK IN STUPID Carole Baskin sends her regards!

    Episode 233: The Answer is "Cult"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2020 62:32

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Trump's last-ditch efforts to remain president, GOP run-offs being threatened by Republicans, the presidential transition has officially begun, Michael Flynn gets a pardon, Mnuchin is playing games with the CARES Act money, Biden begins naming his cabinet nominees, can Trump be trusted with state secrets(?), and much more!   SHOW NOTES Trump makes bad internet argument style move to remain the president. Roger Stone backed group looking to sabotage the GOP in Georgia run-offs Trump pardons Michael Flynn GSA officially begins the presidential transition Steve Mnuchin working to remove $455 Billion dollars from Biden’s reach for COVID relief Biden chooses cabinet membersSec of Treasury Sec of State Comms team Former CIA officials say Trump can’t be trusted with state secrets Trump team considering an executive order to overturn birthright citizenship

    Episode 232: Moot Scootin' Boogie

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2020 75:01

    This week on Look Forward, Jay and Andy return to discuss the firing of Chris Krebs, all the post-election shenanigans that the Trump team is going with to stop the inevitable presidency of Joe Biden, student debt relief in the first 100 days, the long and short term damage that Trump is doing to the GOP, and much more!   SHOW NOTES Cybersecurity head, Chris Krebs, fired as he predicted Republican Election Shenanigans Lindsey Graham along with other Republicans and trying to influence GA vote count Big Win for the GOP in Michigan until it wasn’t Pennsylvania is now able to certify, Biden wins PA one more time! Trump kids ensnared in a Tax scheme Joe Biden leaning towards student debt relief of $50,000 in the first 100 days As we predicted, Amazon is now in the pharmacy game

    Episode 231: WE WON!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2020 65:15

    This week Jay and Andy return to discuss that LOSER Donald Trump and where we go now with the upcoming 46th president Joe Biden. We get into some details of the upcoming immigration moves from an incoming Biden administration, the Earth 2 reality that Trump and the GOP live in now where that Orange jackass won the election, and much more!  SHOW NOTES Joe Biden wins the Presidency Chief of staff COVID-19 task force Immigration plans Trump launches legal fight against voting results Republicans indulge Trump’s refusal to concede 0-13 in cases so far Law firm abandons his case

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