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You’re gonna love this show. We cover a wide range of topics – From jumping into franchise mode to working with your spouse to topics that our guests are thought leaders in. You’re going to hear real stories from real people all in 15-30 minutes time - perfect for your commute. On this podcast, y…

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    1744 – How to Build Sustainable and Scalable Business with Lani Dickinson

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2023 18:15 Transcription Available

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Owner & Founder of Thrive On Purpose, Lani Dickinson.Lani Dickinson is a business mentor who works with early seven-figure entrepreneurs and multi-seven-figure earners. Her mission is to help these entrepreneurs professionalize their management, create systems that generate predictable revenue, and prepare for a potential exit. This allows them to enjoy time and location freedom without the risk of burning out.Lani shed light on the common pain points that early seven-figure entrepreneurs often face. One of the most prevalent issues is the tendency to take on too much of themselves, which often stems from an inability to afford a team. Lonnie emphasizes the importance of creating cash flow and building a monthly recurring revenue stream to multiply the business's revenue.Another common struggle is the difficulty in delegating critical tasks to others. Many entrepreneurs at this stage have an identity tied to their work, making it challenging to let go and trust others with crucial aspects of their business.Lani also addressed the cash concerns of early seven-figure companies. She explained that growth and scaling require cash, and the post-COVID labor shortages and increased wages have only added to these financial challenges.Moreover, she pointed out that entrepreneurs often lack efficient delivery systems and haven't identified the exact value points that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. This lack of clarity can lead to inefficiencies and missed growth opportunities.Key Points from the Episode:Lani Dickinson's work as a business mentor for early seven-figure entrepreneurs and multi-seven figure earnersCommon pain points for entrepreneurs, such as the need for a team and cash flow concernsThe process of professionalizing management and preparing for a potential exitThe importance of creating cash flow and building a monthly recurring revenue streamChallenges faced by early seven-figure entrepreneurs, including trying to do too much themselves and struggling with delegating tasksCash concerns for early seven-figure companies, including post-COVID labor shortages and increased wagesThe importance of having a clear vision for one's life, loves, legacy, and impactMaking difficult decisions and navigating necessary changes in businessesAttaching a cost to desires and understanding the sacrifices and investments needed to achieve themAbout Lani Dickinson:Lani Dickinson's journey is nothing short of inspirational. Starting with a challenging childhood, where her mother was involved in drugs, Lani became a mother at 18 and dropped out of school. However, she turned her life around by obtaining a GED and pursuing higher education. Her determination led her to become a nurse, and she didn't stop there; she earned an MBA and successfully built two side businesses into multi-six-figure ventures.Her corporate career is equally remarkable. Lani became the CEO of a Fortune 175 company, a position held by less than 5% of women. After 25 years in the corporate world, she left her CEO role as her business approached the seven-figure mark in under a year.Now, as a business mentor and strategist, Lani dedicates herself to helping entrepreneurs, particularly those transitioning from corporate careers. She emphasizes embedding essential systems into businesses to achieve sustainable success, minus the bureaucracy. Her approach aims at helping her clients gain true time freedom, increase profits, and create a business that operates independently. Lani's...

    1743 - The World of Online Content with George Huff of Opal

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2023 16:58 Transcription Available

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Chief Executive Officer & Chief Founder of Opal Labs Inc, George Huff.Opal is a company that has carved a niche for itself by aligning marketing organizations with varying levels of complexity. Their mission is to help brands reinforce their products and services in the market by solving the challenges of complexity and hierarchy within organizations.George explained that Opal was born out of the need to manage the explosion of content across channels. He observed the difficulties that large brands faced in coordinating and aligning their content creation efforts, especially within organizations with hierarchies and silos. This inspired him to start a software company that could solve this problem. Opal began its journey in 2012, working with brands like Nike, Beats by Dre, and the Seattle Seahawks.George explained that organizations often have different teams responsible for creating content for various channels. This can lead to duplication of efforts and inconsistency in messaging. Opal helps organizations overcome these challenges by providing a platform that connects strategy and execution. It allows content planning, project management, creation, and visualizing content across different channels. The platform also helps organizations analyze their content saturation and make adjustments before publishing.Key Points from the Episode:Opal: a company aligning marketing organizations with complexityOpal's goal: help brands reinforce products/services in the marketOpal trusted by leading brands like Starbucks, Wendy's, Whole Foods, GM, and TargetOpal started in response to content explosion across channelsChallenges of coordinating and aligning content creation effortsOpal's platform connects strategy and execution for content planning and managementOpal helps analyze content saturation and make adjustments before publishingOpal's position on AI and the need for a steering committeeOpal's suitability for teams with 20 or more marketersAbout George Huff:George Huff is a tech-savvy entrepreneur passionate about the intersection of business, technology, and design. His career began in web design, showcasing an early affinity for the digital world. This initial experience paved the way for further entrepreneurial endeavors. George's career trajectory has been marked by a series of co-founding roles in various companies, indicating his strong drive and ability to recognize and cultivate business opportunities. A key aspect of his success appears to be his talent for team-building, ensuring he is surrounded by individuals who excel in their respective areas. This strategic approach to collaboration has likely played a significant role in the success and rewards reaped by his ventures. George's story reflects an individual with a clear vision, the ability to adapt and grow, and a knack for fostering effective teams.About Opal Labs Inc:Opal Labs offers a comprehensive planning platform specifically designed for marketers, streamlining the process of planning, creating, and calendaring content. This platform is particularly valuable for marketing and communications teams, as it fosters high alignment within teams. By using Opal, these teams can operate with greater efficiency and coordination. A standout feature of Opal is its customer-centric approach, enabling users to view and understand their work from the perspective of their...

    1742 – Customer Experience with David Ewing of Motiv

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2023 19:41 Transcription Available

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO of Motiv, David Ewing.David introduced the philosophy of Motiv, a company that provides businesses with the tools, technology, and processes to create exceptional customer experiences. The goal is to acquire customers and retain them, maximizing their lifetime value and generating positive word-of-mouth.David cited examples of unintuitive and frustrating interactions, suggesting that some companies might intentionally create a bad experience to discourage customers. He defined customer experience as the journey a customer goes through, from first hearing about a company to eventually ending their relationship.David emphasized the significance of 'moments that matter' - positive or negative experiences that shape a customer's attitude and behavior towards a brand. He shared a personal example of a joyous moment that mattered to him when an airline delay allowed him to meet an author he admired. He also mentioned a heartwarming story of a company sending flowers to a customer whose dog had passed away, creating a lasting impression. These moments, he stressed, are crucial in building long-term customer loyalty.David also highlighted the significance of having difficult conversations with customers, as it allows them to feel heard and often leads to more business. David G encourages entrepreneurs to pick up the phone and address any issues directly with customers, as it is unlikely that customers will switch to the competition just because their concerns are brought to light.Key Points from the Episode:Importance of customer experience in businessMotiv's goal of providing tools and processes for exceptional customer experiencesAcquiring and retaining customers for maximum lifetime value and positive word-of-mouthSmall and medium-sized businesses struggling with user experienceIntentional creation of bad experiences by some companiesDefinition of customer experience as the entire customer journeySignificance of moments that matter in shaping customer attitudes and behaviorGathering feedback from customers and being open to criticismHaving difficult conversations with customers to address issuesAbout David Ewing:David Ewing's career is a rich tapestry of roles that showcase his adaptability and leadership in various sectors. His tenure as the CEO of Motiv, starting February 2001, stands out as a period where he steered the company with a visionary approach. Before this, David honed his business development and strategic planning skills as the Director of Business Development at Appareon from June 2000 to February 2001. Here, he was instrumental in shaping the company's growth strategies.One of David's earlier notable positions was as the Director of the Continuous Improvement Team at NSS Technologies, where he worked from June 1994 to August 1997. David led efforts to enhance machine efficiency, increase throughput, and implement cost-reduction strategies in this capacity. His leadership in this role was pivotal in improving the company's operational processes and overall performance.David has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to different roles and industries throughout his career. His journey reflects a depth of experience in leading companies and fostering growth, implementing strategic initiatives, and driving continuous improvement. David's professional story is consistent growth, learning, and adaptation, making him a valuable asset in any business context.About...

    1741 - the E-commerce Gold Rush in Latin America with Ramiro Velasco

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2023 16:58 Transcription Available

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the President & Co-Founder of GoAvance, Ramiro Velasco.Ramiro kicked off our conversation by highlighting the current buzz around Latin America. With nearly 700 million potential customers being digitized daily, the region presents many opportunities for businesses in terms of insourcing, outsourcing, and shipping. The growing e-commerce market in Latin America is a goldmine waiting to be tapped, and GoAvance is at the forefront of this revolution.Many brands have started looking to Mexico as a reliable partner for manufacturing, with shorter lead times and comparable freight costs. The rise of remote work has resulted in a Mexican workforce joining US-based companies, thereby increasing the purchasing power of the middle class.Ramiro predicts a gold rush in Latin America over the next five to ten years, as brands explore the market and take advantage of the flow of capital, information, and infrastructure. GoAvance is playing a crucial role in this by assisting brands in establishing a strong presence in Mexico.Ramiro emphasized the importance of win-win situations and believes that a good system should work even when people are not motivated to work. The readiness for GoAvance' services varies depending on the market, competition, and price points. Key Points from the Episode:Introduction of Ramiro Velasco Romero, co-founder of GoVansOpportunities for businesses in Latin America in terms of insourcing, outsourcing, and shippingGrowing e-commerce market in Latin America with potential customers being digitizedGoAvance aims to make it easier for brands to sell in Mexico and overcome roadblocksShift from doing business in China to near-shoring in Latin AmericaDisruption of supply chains during the pandemic led to reevaluation of practicesRise of remote work and Mexican workforce joining US-based companiesPredicted gold rush in Latin America in the next five to ten yearsGoVans offers services such as importing, logistics, and market managementAbout Ramiro Velasco:Ramiro Velasco, an engineer and entrepreneur, co-founded an e-commerce company focused on bridging the consumer goods gap in Mexico and Latin America. Recognizing these regions as secondary markets, Ramiro applied his e-commerce expertise to make global products accessible. Initially adopting traditional methods like drop-shipping, he soon pivoted towards a more innovative model. His company evolved into an e-commerce enablement platform, serving as a proxy seller for foreign brands. This role involves importing products, marketing, and ensuring a high-quality consumer experience. Ramiro's dedication is evident in his company's promise to sell products within 30 days of contract signing, showcasing efficiency and commitment to market equality. His journey reflects a blend of problem-solving, determination, and a passion for leveling the field in global market access. Ramiros's ongoing work challenges the norm, positioning Mexican and Latin American consumers prominently in the worldwide consumer goods arena.About GoAvance:GoAvance is a digital-first company specializing in aiding brands to penetrate the Latin American market successfully. The company's core focus lies in strategizing marketplace entry, localizing brands, and creating smooth workflows, offering comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to expand into new territories. GoAvance's team comprises seasoned professionals in branding, logistics, and digital marketing, all...

    1740 - AI in Healthcare and Retail with Lisa Thee

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2023 19:40 Transcription Available

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO of AMP Solutions LLC, Lisa Thee.Lisa's passion for applying artificial intelligence responsibly has been evident since 2015. She has been instrumental in using AI in areas like personalized medicine and combating human trafficking. Minor Guard's company integrates a solution to help parents control illegal content on their children's devices, showcasing her commitment to using AI for societal good.As the managing director of AI at Launch Consulting, Lisa focuses on the ethical landscape of AI. She believes that while we have made progress in AI, we are still in the early stages and have yet to see its full potential. Lisa is optimistic about the future, stating that AI is growing exponentially and will continue to evolve with more real-time use cases and democratized access to AI models.During the pandemic, Lisa wrote her book, "Go Reboot Your Career in 90 Days," to provide a roadmap for people who need to reinvent themselves. She wanted to be a beacon of hope for women in technology who are working parents, offering them guidance and inspiration.Lisa emphasized the importance of getting clear on what motivates and energizes oneself, as well as understanding strengths and preferences. This self-awareness can guide decisions about career direction, including whether to start a business or pursue opportunities within existing companies. Lisa encourages individuals to advocate for themselves and articulate their unique value proposition, contributing to the growth and success of their organizations.Key Points from the Episode:Lisa's work in AI and its impact on societyLisa's book "Go Reboot Your Career in 90 Days"Lisa's journey from a corporate career to launching her own companyLisa's role as the managing director of AI at Launch ConsultingThe ethical landscape of AIThe current state of AI and its potentialMaking a career change and navigating the processTransitioning careers and finding meaning and fulfillmentSelf-awareness and understanding strengths and preferencesAdvocating for oneself and articulating unique value propositionAbout Lisa Thee:Lisa Thee is a globally recognized thought leader in AI, privacy, cybersecurity, health, and safety. With a track record in resolving intricate business technology challenges, she serves as CEO and Co-Founder of Minor Guard, an AI-focused company enhancing online and real-life safety. Her influence extends to consulting for prominent healthcare and technology firms like Microsoft and UCSF's Center for Digital Healthcare Innovation, expediting AI's FDA approval for clinical settings.As a keynote speaker and TEDx presenter ("Bringing Light To Dark Places Online: Disrupting Human Trafficking Using AI"), she educates on AI's societal benefits. Lisa hosts the acclaimed Navigating Forward podcast and is a published author in Fast Company Press.She holds advisory roles in various tech enterprises, advocating for AI ethics, Diversity, & Inclusion and serving on boards like Humaxa and 3 Strands Global Foundation, focused on human trafficking prevention.Lisa's impactful career spans 19 years, notably leading initiatives with Intel to combat child exploitation, reducing response times from 30 days to 24 hours.Armed with a Bachelor's in Industrial and Operations Management Engineering and PMP certification, Lisa Thee remains an influential force shaping AI ethics...

    1739 - Discover the Power of EOS with Scott Goodrich

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2023 16:52 Transcription Available

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Professional EOS Implementer®, Business Owner & Business Coach of EOS Worldwide, Scott Goodrich.Scott Goodrich is no stranger to the world of business. His journey has seen him wear many hats - from being a W-2 employee leading teams across various industries, coaching leaders to enhance performance, and even owning a business himself. His diverse experience has equipped him with a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship.Scott's current role as an EOS implementer involves helping entrepreneurs execute their business ideas and align their teams towards a shared vision. He quickly clarified that EOS is not software but a framework focusing on vision, execution, and team health.Most of Scott's clients are businesses that have hit a growth ceiling and are seeking ways to expand. He emphasized the importance of being in the right frame of mind and being open to change to reap the benefits of implementing EOS.Scott shared a personal example of how EOS transformed his own business. Initially, his company struggled due to a lack of support from a franchise. However, implementing EOS helped them overcome these challenges and navigate through the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.He also highlighted the importance of aligning employees with core values. According to Scott, many business problems are people-related, and having the right people in the right seats is crucial for success.Key Points from the Episode:Scott Goodrich's background and experience as an EOS implementerThe impact of implementing EOS on businessesEOS as a framework focused on vision, execution, and team healthThe importance of being open to change and having the right mindset for implementing EOSScott's personal example of how EOS transformed his own businessChallenges faced by Scott's business during the pandemic and the need to adaptThe importance of core values and aligning employees with those valuesScott's podcast "Grow Your Damn Business" and its focus on entrepreneurs and business ownersAbout Scott Goodrich:Scott Goodrich is a seasoned entrepreneur and EOS Implementer®, renowned for his expertise in guiding businesses towards success. With a diverse background spanning various roles across different organizations, Goodrich's passion for fostering growth and aiding individuals in achieving their objectives has been a consistent driving force.His entrepreneurial journey began in his youth, establishing a lawn-mowing service and initiating door-to-door sales programs, showcasing an early knack for business ventures. Transitioning into sales and operational leadership post-graduation, he gained substantial insights into organizational dynamics.Acquiring a small business six years ago further fortified his understanding, despite encountering formidable challenges. This experience intensified his commitment to imparting wisdom and supporting others in their pursuit of success.His approach centers on equipping businesses with simple yet effective tools to preempt issues, optimize team structures, and align the workforce towards common objectives. Goodrich's expertise, backed by real-world experiences, proves instrumental in facilitating business improvement and enhancing personal fulfillment.About EOS Worldwide:EOS Worldwide is not a computer operating system but a revolutionary Entrepreneurial Operating System benefiting tens of thousands of business leaders managing companies with 10 to 250 employees. It...

    1738 - Unlock Financial Success with Advisory Services with Jessica Zoraida

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2023 18:25 Transcription Available

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Entrepreneur, Speaker, Angel Investor & Chief Executive Officer of Big Picture Results, Jessica Zoraida.Jessica explained that Big Picture Results is a services-based business that aims to meet the unmet needs of small business owners. They provide a holistic approach to strategic goal setting, financial infrastructure, and business protection. Their services include CFO and COO support, HR compliance, and operational consulting.Jessica emphasized that while many businesses have accountants and bookkeepers, these professionals often work independently and may need to speak a different language. Big Picture Results aims to bridge that gap by providing comprehensive advisory services that help businesses interpret financial data and make informed decisions.Jessica stressed that it's never too early for startups to work with advisory services. This proactive approach sets them up for financial success and helps them understand the drivers of their business.During the initial sales call, she emphasized the importance of finding a match between the company and the client. The goal is to work with people who are aligned with the nature of their work and are open to making improvements and striving for excellence.Jessica clarified that their role is not to take away jobs but to improve the client's function and productivity. Their motto is to enable business owners to do more in less time, allowing them to focus on the business.Key Points from the Episode:Introduction of Jessica Zoraida and her role as CEO of Big Picture ResultsExplanation of the services offered by Big Picture Results (accounting, tax, and advisory services)Importance of advisory services for businesses and when to consider themBenefits of fractional or outsourced advisory services"Land and expand" approach of Big Picture Results in providing servicesMatching clients with the company's values and goals during the initial sales callUnderstanding client goals and identifying areas for improvementConducting conversations in a language and pace comfortable for the clientDivision of tasks based on priority and timelineAbout Jessica Zoraida:Jessica Zoraida, CEO of Big Picture Results, is a seasoned Latina entrepreneur with 25+ years of navigating corporate, nonprofit, and small business sectors. Leading a skilled team, Jessica specializes in empowering marginalized populations, especially women, by simplifying financial, HR, leadership, and marketing issues. Her expertise extends to employment, mentorship, and community service, fostering clarity and success.Despite a challenging start in the Bronx, Jessica, a first-generation college graduate, carved a remarkable career in corporate banking. Over 15 years as an entrepreneur, she became a subject matter expert and investor in majority-owned companies. Beyond her professional achievements, Jessica, an energetic and spirited individual, enjoys sharing strategies for success and a fulfilling life. As an avid traveler, adventurer, and advocate for work-life balance, she emphasizes holistic well-being, including healthy cooking, Tabata workouts, and quality sleep.About Big Picture Results:Big Picture Results Inc. is an Accounting and Tax Company focused on enhancing their clients' business profitability. Their commitment to streamlined processes, systems, and strategic approaches enables them to create substantial value for their clients. With a team boasting decades of expertise, they offer professional,...

    1737 - Leadership with Strategic Thinking Institute's Rich Horwath

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2023 18:15 Transcription Available

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder & CEO of Strategic Thinking Institute, Rich Horwath.Rich Horwath's Strategic Thinking Institute is a beacon for senior leaders who aspire to think, plan, and act strategically daily. The institute's primary focus is to help these leaders establish a cohesive strategic direction. Rich emphasizes the importance of a strategy scaffold, which comprises three elements: purpose (mission, vision, values), business model, and plan (goals, objectives, strategies).Rich provided valuable insights on how leaders can determine whether they are on track with their strategy. He stressed the importance of understanding one's position in the market and tailoring strategies accordingly. He drew a clear distinction between market leaders, who aim to defend their position and attract new customers, and challengers, who focus on converting new users and capitalizing on the weaknesses of more prominent competitors.Rich also discussed his approach to strategic coaching and his newest book, "Strategic: The Skill to Set Direction, Create Advantage, and Achieve Executive Excellence." He emphasized the importance of customizing strategic tools for each team or business based on their specific needs and goals.Key Points from the Episode:Introduction of Rich Horwath and the Strategic Thinking InstituteImportance of cohesive strategic directionElements of a strategy scaffold: purpose, business model, and planIdentifying if leaders are off track or on track with their strategyDifferent strategies for market leaders and challengersOrganizational resistance and the need for employee buy-inConcept of organizational flow and breaking down silosKey message for leaders: setting strategic directionCustomizing strategic tools for specific needs and goalsImportance of ongoing strategic development and individual coachingRich's books: "Strategy Man" and "Strategic"About Rich Horwath:Rich Horwath, CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute, is a renowned strategy facilitator, advisor, and coach. As a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, his latest book, "STRATEGIC," delves into setting direction, creating advantage, and achieving executive excellence. Over two decades, he's aided over a quarter million leaders in honing their strategic thinking. A former Chief Strategy Officer and strategy professor, Rich has graced ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX TV. Having crafted 700+ proprietary resources on strategic thinking, he's consulted for significant entities like ESPN, Google, and FedEx. His expertise has earned him acclaim, with Chief Executive Magazine dubbing him the "world's foremost expert on strategic thinking." Featured in Fast Company, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review, Rich Horwath's vision is to teach the art of being strategic globally.About Strategic Thinking Institute:The Strategic Thinking Institute, led by President and CEO Rich Horwath, is committed to enhancing strategic thinking skills across managerial levels. Their focus is on fostering profit growth, productivity increases, and the establishment of competitive advantages. With a global reach, STI collaborates with...

    1736 – The Human-to-Human Business Approach with Allison Conway

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2023 16:32 Transcription Available

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder, Strategist & Creative Director  of Sealevel Agency, Allison Conway. Allison emphasized the importance of creating bold and human brands, even in the financial services and supply chain industries.  Allison explained that many businesses in these industries hesitate to step outside the "buttoned-up" image they believe they should portray.  However, she argues that by telling stories and humanizing their brand, they can connect with their customers on a deeper level. Allison points out that all business is human-to-human, and consumers now expect brands to reflect this in their branding. B2B marketing, in particular, is highly emotional, as clients often share their business challenges and anxieties.  When asked about resources or recommendations for those interested in making changes and diving into their communities, Alison suggested following her on LinkedIn, where she regularly posts valuable content.  Additionally, she offers a guide called "The Guinness Treatment" on her website, which provides insights on giving your business the same level of brand management as Guinness, a company known for its strong community involvement. Key Points from the Episode: Importance of creating bold and human brands in traditionally "boring" industries Telling stories and humanizing brands to connect with customers on a deeper level Example of Guinness Storehouse's storytelling and community connection Focus on providing emotional safety in financial services industry Understanding the emotional needs of customers and tailoring branding accordingly All business is human-to-human, even in B2B marketing Importance of understanding and being a part of the community you serve Immersing yourself in the community to better understand their needs About Allison Conway: A seasoned adventurer and accomplished author, Allison Conway boasts a rich tapestry of global experiences, having explored over 40 countries. Her travel highlights range from savoring Jordan's culinary delights to immersing herself in Egypt's historical treasures, Austria's picturesque landscapes, and Vietnam's vibrant urban jungle.  A self-published author, Conway achieved a remarkable feat with her book, soaring to #1 bestseller status on Amazon in the competitive Business & Money and Self-Help categories. Beyond her literary accomplishments, Conway walked the transformative Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile pilgrimage in Spain, and briefly contributed to a float plane operation in Alaska. 

    1735 - Scaling your Agency with Solomon Thimothy of Clickx

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2023 18:58 Transcription Available

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the President & Co-Founder of Clickx, Solomon Thimothy.Solomon, who recently launched his book "0 to 10k Scale Playbook," shared some invaluable insights on lead generation strategies and the importance of inbound marketing.Solomon emphasized the importance of a hybrid approach to lead generation. He pointed out that relying solely on outbound strategies like cold prospecting and email outreach can be challenging, as only a small percentage of businesses actively seek these services. Instead, he suggested focusing on inbound strategies that create a system running 24/7 without the need for constant prospecting. This can be achieved through master classes, webinars, free training, or even offering a free version of their platform. Solomon also touched on the concept of perfectionism that many entrepreneurs grapple with. He shared that his book aims to help individuals looking to start their agency business transition from their current jobs. He emphasized that agency businesses do not require an office location or certifications, making them accessible to anyone. The book focuses on affordability and provides a roadmap to creating a six-figure income right from the start.Key Points from the Episode:Overview of Clickx and its role in helping marketing agencies scale their businessesDiscussion on lead generation strategies and the importance of inbound marketingMention of Solomon Thimothy's book, "0 to 10k Scale Playbook," aimed at helping agencies scale to $10,000 a month and beyondImportance of a hybrid approach in lead generation, combining outbound and inbound strategiesFocus on inbound strategies that create a system or engine for consistent lead generationDebate on starting with a tripwire or making it easy for prospects to spend time with the agencyDiscussion on perfectionism and the need to launch products without delayAccessibility of agency businesses, not requiring an office location or certificationsTips on improving webinars, whether to focus on selling or booking callsImportance of compelling content and clear goals in webinars, whether to sell or book callsAbout Solomon Thimothy:Solomon Thimothy is a seasoned consultant with over a decade of experience dedicated to assisting businesses to thrive within hyper-competitive landscapes.Serving as the CEO and Co-Founder of Clickx, Thimothy collaborates with both emerging and established agency owners, fostering the development of scalable business models. Clickx's comprehensive platform equips agency owners with the essential tools and resources required to cultivate profitable digital marketing agencies, whether aiming for a $10k milestone or surpassing $50k MRR.As the CEO of OneIMS, Thimothy actively seeks avenues to expand and share his expertise with like-minded businesses. Committed to empowering small and medium-sized enterprises, he provides scalable marketing solutions to enhance online reach and significantly boost return on investment. Thimothy's overarching philosophy revolves around "ALL-IN" success in digital marketing, emphasizing the pivotal role of a firm's dedication to investing time and resources for optimal results. Clients leveraging his expertise and determination to grow can achieve limitless success in the digital landscape.About Clickx:Clickx is a versatile...

    1734 - Making Content more accessible with Disctopia's Patrick Hill

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2023 17:07 Transcription Available

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO & Founder of Disctopia, Patrick Hill.Patrick Hill, the visionary behind Disctopia, explained that the platform offers content owners full transparency of their data and the opportunity to monetize it. Disctopia primarily focuses on audio and video content, providing insights into audience engagement. They distinguish between regular plays and highly engaged plays, which they term "true plays." This data allows content owners to charge different rates for different levels of engagement, thereby increasing their revenue potential.When asked about the implementation of Disctopia in school systems, Patrick revealed that they have already signed up a couple of schools for their program. They provide mobile podcast kits for students and teachers to set up podcast studios on campus, typically placed in the library or media center for easy access. Every student gets a Dystopia account to upload their content. Patrick acknowledged that implementing in schools can be challenging due to long billing cycles, but they work with schools off-cycle to make it easier.Key Points from the Episode:Disctopia: a platform for content owners to monetize their dataFocus on audio and video contentInsights on audience engagement, distinguishing between regular plays and "true plays"Example of client, Jet Magazine, using Disctopia's engagementmodelPartnership with SEMrush for keyword optimizationImplementation of Disctopia in school systemsMobile podcast kits for students and teachersPricing for independent creators, SMBs, and larger applicationsIntegration with Microsoft Teams and SharePointAbout Patrick Hill:Patrick Hill is the visionary Founder and CEO of Disctopia, a pioneering music streaming and podcast hosting platform. Motivated by the unjust treatment of artists in the industry, Patrick established Disctopia to revolutionize the streaming market. His platform pays artists the highest per stream, addressing the financial struggles many creators face today.Under Patrick's leadership, Disctopia has swiftly grown to host over 4 million podcasts, music from 10,000 indie artists, and a library of 20,000 audiobooks.Patrick's expertise spans over 20 years, making him a stalwart in global data solutions and technology design. His extensive experience in API development, integration, and system design ensures Disctopia operates seamlessly, both in user experience and backend efficiency. Furthermore, his role as a Certified Microsoft Infrastructure Developer guarantees Disctopia's presence on the cloud is not just a hosting solution but a robust, scalable, and secure platform.A forward-thinking entrepreneur, Patrick's creative genius and technical acumen blend seamlessly, positioning Disctopia as a trendsetter in the digital content engagement realm. His dedication to empowering artists and reshaping the digital landscape makes him a leader of exceptional influence and impact.About Disctopia:Disctopia is a unique platform tailored exclusively for creative individuals, recognizing the artist within everyone. Regardless of background or expertise, Disctopia embraces the philosophy that everyone possesses artistic capabilities. This innovative platform empowers individuals to express their creativity by offering a space to create, upload, and share their artistic endeavors effortlessly.Unlike conventional streaming services, Disctopia's core mission is to amplify diverse voices and talents, fostering

    1733 – Getting The Point Across with Steve Woodruff

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2023 16:24 Transcription Available

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO of Impactiviti/ClarityFuel, Steve Woodruff.Steve Woodruff's work primarily focuses on communication skills in the corporate world, including sales, marketing, training, and leadership development. He emphasizes that effective communication is essential in business and that many people struggle with providing too much information or being vague and confusing.According to Steve, the two main problems in communication are information overload and vagueness. Overwhelming recipients with excessive information can shut down their attention, whether it's through lengthy emails or rambling presentations. On the other hand, being vague and using jargon or technical terms can also lead to confusion.Many people, especially those new to marketing, may struggle with communication because it's not their primary skill set. Steve agrees and emphasizes that less is more when it comes to communication. He reveals that our brains process 11 million bits of information per second, but we can only focus on 60 bits simultaneously. Therefore, the competition for attention is fierce, and getting to the point quickly is crucial.Steve emphasizes the significance of having a clear and concise message that will stick in the minds of others. He refers to this as a "memory dart," a precise and memorable description that can easily be referred to. He suggests moving away from the term "elevator pitch" as it implies a forced and salesy approach. Instead, he advocates for using a word picture that captures the essence of what you offer, such as comparing oneself to the "Mercedes of podcasters for entrepreneurs."Key Points from the Episode:Importance of clear communication in various formsProblems of information overload and vagueness in communicationLess is more in communication, getting to the point quicklyApplying principles of clear communication in workshops and keynotesCreating a memorable and concise message ("memory dart")Moving away from the term "elevator pitch"Using word pictures to capture the essence of what you offerWrapping up offerings into something tight and memorableImportance of clarity for others to remember and refer to youAbout Steve Woodruff:Steve Woodruff, often called the "King of Clarity," boasts an impressive 37-year sales, marketing, consulting, and entrepreneurship career. This extensive experience uniquely positions him to impart the principles of clear and effective communication to others. Steve has a rich corporate training and workshop facilitation background, catering to a broad spectrum of companies, from startups to major players in the pharmaceutical industry.As the Founder and President of Impactiviti, Steve is sometimes dubbed the "Mayor of pharmaceutical sales training." His consultancy work spans various life sciences companies, where he advises on training solutions, including technology platforms and global implementations. His expertise is designing and executing diverse learning initiatives, such as workshops, pre-launch training, online modules, assessments, and webcasts.Notably, Steve is the author of the influential business book, "Clarity Wins" (2018), and he has recently released "

    1732 – Special Episode: How to Scale Your Business and Sales with Josh Elledge

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    In this special episode, Josh Elledge, founder of Up My Influence, discusses his philosophy on sales and marketing.As the founder of Up My Influence, Josh been fortunate to generate over $10 million in revenue over the past 15 years, and he is eager to share some of the strategies that have helped me achieve this.In his experience, consistency and predictability are crucial to generating consistent and predictable sales activity. Building relationships and participating in whisper networks can be incredibly valuable. At Up My Influence, they've launched over 200 podcasts to make guests feel significant and serve audiences. Josh believes in connection's power and the importance of making every interaction meaningful.Sales numbers can sometimes be viewed negatively, but Josh believes it's crucial to approach sales with curiosity and a genuine desire to build relationships. When meeting with a potential client, the focus should be on being genuinely curious about the other person and exploring ways to help each other.In dealing with demanding clients, Josh advises being selective and not taking on clients who may be toxic or not a good fit culturally. A bad client can have a negative impact on the business and team morale. It's important to set boundaries and ensure that your team only works with good people.One of the most critical lessons Josh learned is the power of generosity. Showing up positively in people's lives and being thoughtful can lead to unexpected opportunities and connections.Key Points from the Episode:Importance of consistency and predictability in salesBuilding relationships and participating in whisper networksImportance of curiosity and genuine interest in potential clientsBuilding strong relationships with leaders and treating them as intelligent individualsPotential downsides of relationship-building selling and how to overcome themSelling a personalized service and providing value to potential clientsAvoiding the traditional "lead" and "salesperson" dynamicDealing with difficult clients and the negative impact they can haveJosh Elledge's journey as an entrepreneur and the success of Savings AngelAdapting to new innovations and disruptive technologiesUsing platforms to celebrate others and build meaningful relationshipsThe power of generosity and leaving a positive trailAbout Josh Elledge:Josh Elledge is a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader dedicated to helping thoughtful business leaders maximize their sales potential. With a focus on leveraging authority and building meaningful relationships, Josh guides businesses away from traditional spammy lead-generation tactics. As the founder of, he achieved seven-figure annual sales without relying on paid ads, emphasizing the importance of standing out in a crowded market.Inspired by the belief that advertising is the price of being unremarkable, Josh emphasizes leading with generosity. His extensive experience in PR led him to co-create UpMyInfluence in 2014, initially a media consulting and PR agency. Recognizing the impact of their approach on sales and revenue growth, the company evolved to help clients achieve consistent and predictable B2B sales by harnessing authority, generosity, and platform. Josh's innovative strategies have enabled numerous businesses to succeed in the competitive landscape.About Up My Influence:UpMyInfluence is a revolutionary platform empowering entrepreneurs to enhance their sales through cost-effective PR solutions. Offering step-by-step...

    1731 – Making a Millionaire's Mind with Daniel Gomez

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Success Coach, Executive Coach & Motivational Keynote Speaker of Daniel Gomez Enterprises, Daniel Gomez.Daniel Gomez shared his personal experience of becoming complacent in his success. He highlighted a common pitfall many business leaders and owners succumb to - the trap of satisfaction with their current level of success. This often leads to a halt in efforts to grow their businesses. Daniel emphasized the importance of maintaining a growth mindset and continuously creating new revenue streams.Daniel stressed the importance of focusing not just on revenue numbers, but also on the percentage of compensation to the sales team and the business's overall financial health. He shared an example of a business that lost a million dollars every year but turned it around to make a million dollars in profit within a year and three months.Daniel suggests that leaders start by self-assessing themselves monthly to interrupt stagnancy in a business's culture. They need to ask themselves if they are giving 110% and identify areas for improvement. He shared his personal experience of realizing that taking shortcuts in his workouts reflected in his business performance and how he made the necessary changes.Key Points from the Episode:Business stagnancy and the trap of complacencyImportance of maintaining a growth mindsetSuccess story of a business increasing revenue with guidanceFocusing on revenue numbers, compensation to sales team, and financial healthSelf-assessment and identifying areas for improvementImportance of self-reflection and self-awarenessAbout Daniel Gomez:Daniel Gomez, a distinguished Award-Winning Keynote Speaker and Business Coach, has built an impressive reputation worldwide. His passion lies in empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve their potential through his dynamic training programs. As an International Best-Selling Author, Gomez imparts invaluable wisdom through his book, "The Makings of a Millionaire Mind," guiding readers on the path to financial success with the right mindset and heart.Gomez's impactful presence is not limited to the pages of his book; he takes the stage as a captivating speaker and corporate trainer, inspiring audiences. His high-energy approach and innate ability to unlock untapped potential have made him a highly sought-after professional.Organizations, including the U.S. Air Force, have benefited from his expertise, earning him recognition with multiple awards, including the prestigious "Best of" accolades in 2019, 2020, and 2021.Beyond his professional accomplishments, Gomez, alongside his wife Mari Gomez, is deeply committed to giving back to the community. Together, they run the nonprofit organization "The Mari Strong Foundation," providing support to women whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. Daniel Gomez's collaborative and compassionate spirit continues to make a lasting impact, transforming businesses and individuals alike.About Daniel Gomez Interprises:Daniel Gomez Enterprises, led by the accomplished Daniel Gomez, is a beacon of expertise and empowerment in the business world. As the President and Founder, Gomez's enterprise is synonymous with transformative coaching, training, and strategic guidance for businesses and entrepreneurs globally.With a passion for elevating others, Gomez's enterprise specializes in unlocking the untapped potential within individuals and organizations. His innovative training and

    1730 - The Power of Words in Business with Kelsey Formost

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Copywriter, Content Expert & Founder of Magic Words Copywriting, Kelsey Formost.Kelsey, with her years of experience working with a diverse range of clients, from small business owners to multi-million dollar companies in the tech and entertainment industries, emphasized the pivotal role of copywriting in connecting with customers and building a brand.Copywriting, as Kelsey describes, is a blend of art and science. It's not just about crafting compelling sentences; it's about understanding the neuroscience behind what makes a message resonate with its intended audience.Interestingly, Kelsey's background as an actress and screenwriter has significantly influenced her approach to copywriting. Her experience in the entertainment industry, including appearances in popular shows like Modern Family and New Girl, has given her a unique perspective on what makes content captivating and engaging.Kelsey helps businesses build their brand voice, create conversion copy for their home and about pages, and develop effective call-to-actions and funnels of awareness. She also optimizes email marketing strategies to ensure readers feel excited and engaged when they see a brand's name in their inbox.Key Points from the Episode:Importance of copywriting in businessesKelsey Foremost's background as an actress and screenwriterConnection between vulnerability and effective copywritingUse of AI in copywritingKelsey's experience working with various clientsCopywriting as a combination of art and scienceImportance of storytelling in copywritingAddressing pain points of customers in copywritingKelsey's services: 1-to-1 copywriting, one-to-many programs, membershipAbout Kelsey Formost:Kelsey Formost is a renowned copywriting expert, marketing educator, and mental health advocate, celebrated for guiding entrepreneurs in crafting compelling, non-salesy content. Featured in prominent publications such as Business Insider, AdAge, and Glamour, she's a sought-after public speaker at major marketing events like Hubspot's "Inbound" and SXSW. Recognized as a 'Rising Star' on Talking Influence's "Influencer Top 50" list, Kelsey empowers businesses to surpass six figures through her accessible teaching style. Beyond financial success, her core mission is to demystify online communication, instilling empowerment and inspiration in individuals when expressing their business narratives—ultimately fostering financial growth and personal confidence and connection within the digital realm.About Magic Words Copywriting:Magic Words Copywriting, founded by Kelsey Formost, stands as a testament to her seasoned expertise in copywriting, brand strategy, and marketing. With over 6 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing, Kelsey's "emotion-first" approach has left an indelible mark on multi-million dollar companies spanning the tech and entertainment sectors. As the former Director of Content and Brand at a prominent Influencer Marketing platform, Kelsey's innovative writing and content strategies have catalyzed explosive revenue, substantial growth, and lucrative partnerships, elevating brand awareness in consumer and enterprise markets. Beyond her corporate roles, Kelsey extends her influence through Magic Words Copywriting, emphasizing content that inspires empathy and significantly impacts business outcomes. Her dedication to this mission is further reflected in her podcast, exploring the intersection of mental health and...

    1729 – The Power of Animation in Communication with Sherry Khan

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the  CEO,  Co-Founder, Business Leader, Entrepreneur & Business Strategist of Anideos, Sherry Khan. Sherry's story begins in Pakistan, where he grew up before moving to the UK to study business management. Despite his academic pursuits, Sherry's passion has always been art and animation. This passion led him to establish Anideos in 2020, a company that creates visually appealing websites and animations. Their client list is equally impressive, featuring prestigious names such as Toyota, Colgate, and the US Navy SEALs. Sherry's mission is to contribute to the digital realm of art and leave a timeless piece of art that can be remembered. Sherry also explained that the cost of animated explainer videos depends on the style and complexity of the animation. Anideos offers a range of styles, including 2D explainer animation, 3D explainer animation, and motion graphics. The style choice is tailored to the client's product and target audience. For instance, essential 2D explainer videos are suitable for clients like Craft Times, while realistic 3D animation is preferred for clients in the rocket industry. Sherry emphasized the importance of animation in capturing people's attention and conveying messages effectively. He believes that beautifully crafted artistic pieces, whether it's animation or a visually appealing website, have a greater impact on viewers. Sherry draws a parallel between children's natural inclination towards drawing nature elements like the sun, trees, and mountains, and how nature plays a significant role in our perception of art. According to Sherry, the goal of animation is to engage viewers and compel them to take action, whether it's making a purchase, visiting a website, or learning about a product. Animation plays a crucial role in selling products and building brand loyalty. Key Points from the Episode: Introduction of Sherry Khan, CEO and co-founder of Anideos Background of Sherri Kahn and her passion for art and animation Growth and success of Anideos as an animation and video company Impressive client list, including Toyota, Colgate, and the US Navy SEALs Budgeting and pricing for Anideos' services, including different animation styles Importance of animation in capturing attention and conveying messages effectively Natural inspiration from nature in creating animations Role of animation in selling products and building brand loyalty Recommendations for engaging with Anideos through their website and YouTube channel About Sherry Khan: Sherry Khan is a dynamic entrepreneur and the founder/CEO of Anideos, a creative agency specializing in illustrations and animations. With a strong background in the US market, Sherry embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, driven by his passion for creative arts. Starting as a business analyst, he ventured into entrepreneurship, demonstrating a willingness to take risks that proved crucial for his growth. Sherry's expertise extends beyond his company, as he consults various B2B and B2C enterprises, assisting them in refining their business strategies and fostering growth. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs and inspiring them to pursue their dreams. Sherry's enthusiasm and innovative spirit propel Anideos to unparalleled success as he aims to elevate the company to new heights in the creative industry. About Anideos: Anideos is a pioneering video production agency operating from crucial hubs in New York, Dubai, and Karachi. Renowned for its...

    1728 – Online Marketing Strategies with Elizabeth Harr of Hinge Marketing

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Partner of Hinge Marketing, Elizabeth Harr.When asked about the types of clients they work with, Liz mentioned a broad spectrum of professional service firms. These include engineering firms, architectural firms, law firms, accounting firms, and financial services companies. Any business that provides advisory services falls under their purview. However, their focus is primarily on B2B rather than B2C.Liz also emphasized the importance of understanding the sophisticated audience that professional services firms serve. These clients are not interested in being sold to; they want to be educated. Websites play a crucial role in connecting professional service companies with their audience. Liz explained that websites should provide easy access to relevant content that is unique and informative. This could be in the form of articles at the beginning of the customer journey.Liz recommended visiting their website and exploring the library section, which contains a wealth of free content. She specifically suggested checking out the guides, including one on business development for professional service leaders. This guide has proven helpful, providing readers with a checklist of actionable steps.Key Points from the Episode:Overview of Hinge Marketing and their work with professional services firmsExamples of professional service clients they work with (engineering, architecture, law, accounting, financial services)The importance of understanding the sophisticated audience of professional services firmsMarketing strategies for professional service companies, focusing on providing valuable and informative contentConnecting with the audience on a human level through websites and relevant contentEngagement process with clients, including research and growth strategiesResources available on Hinge Marketing's website, including guides and the library sectionIntroduction to Hinge University, an online learning platform with niche courses and exclusive contentAbout Elizabeth Harr:Elizabeth Harr is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, brand management, and communications. She co-founded a tech firm early in her career and has since become a recognized expert in the professional services industry.Elizabeth is known for her expertise in the field and is a frequent contributor to the industry's knowledge base. As a Visible Expert®, she actively shares her insights through articles, webinars, and speaking engagements at professional services events nationwide. With a strong background in technology and a passion for effective communication, Elizabeth Harr continues to make significant contributions to Hinge and the broader professional services community.Her wealth of experience and expertise make her a valuable resource for individuals and organizations seeking strategic guidance and insights in the rapidly evolving tech and professional services landscape.About Hinge Marketing:Hinge Marketing is a prominent branding and marketing firm specializing in professional services. Renowned for its expertise, Hinge Marketing conducts pioneering research on high-growth firms' marketing characteristics, enabling businesses to refine strategies, re-brand effectively, launch new services, and expand into new markets. Their comprehensive services encompass research, strategic planning, award-winning creative solutions, and online marketing, catering to various industries such as architecture, engineering,...

    1727 – How To Have A Better Relationship With Money with Ellen Rogin

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Abundance Activist, Financial Intuitive, Speaker, Prosperity Expert & NY Times Best Selling Author, Ellen Rogin.Ellen Rogin started her career as a traditional financial advisor. However, she soon realized that her true calling was to teach people about having a healthier relationship with money, especially in business.One of the key topics she discussed was the impact of mindset on financial outcomes. Ellen emphasized that thoughts and beliefs about money can significantly influence results. She distinguished between scarcity thinking, rooted in fear and limitation, and abundance thinking, which promotes collaboration, generosity, and optimism.Ellen pointed out that childhood experiences often shape money beliefs. She suggested reflecting on what money was like growing up and gave examples of different money beliefs. Key Points from the Episode:Abundance thinking and scarcity thinkingImpact of childhood experiences on money beliefsRole of debt in business growthImportance of mindset in relation to moneyCollaboration, generosity, and optimism in abundance thinkingFinding a financial advisor who understands the entrepreneurial mindsetRecommended resources for improving one's relationship with moneyInternal work needed to change money beliefsImportance of mindfulness and meditation in managing money-related stressAbout Ellen Rogin:Ellen Rogin is a renowned financial expert and intuitive specializing in transforming individuals' relationships with money to foster greater happiness and abundance. Her book, "Picture Your Prosperity," achieved New York Times bestseller status, and her financial insights have been prominently featured on significant platforms like CNBC, ABC, NPR, TIME, and Oprah Magazine.With a background as a CPA and CFP®, Ellen has a wealth of experience as a traditional financial advisor. She later sold her prosperous wealth management firm to pursue a unique path. Combining her financial acumen with intuitive abilities, she communicates "Messages from Money" to her clients, offering them valuable insights into business growth, wealth expansion, and achieving a more peaceful relationship with money.Beyond her consultations, Ellen is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant. She has trained countless conscious financial advisors and entrepreneurs worldwide in the "Art of Prosperity," empowering them to enhance their businesses and wealth.Ellen's commitment to financial well-being extends to her service on the Board of Directors for Metropolitan Capital Bank and Trust and The Ghana Scholarship Fund. She holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.Apply to be a Guest on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur: Mentioned in this Episode:Want to learn more? Check out Ellen Rogin's website at out Ellen Rogin on LinkedIn at out Ellen Rogin on Instagram at

    1726 – Strategies for Attracting and Acquiring Clients with Erin Marcus

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Business Strategy Consultant, Founder & CEO of Conquer Your Business, Erin Marcus.Erin emphasized the importance of creating a client acquisition system on the front end of a business. This is an aspect that many businesses overlook, leading to struggles with consistently attracting and acquiring new clients. This lack of a predictable system can impact cash flow and make business owners question their abilities and offerings.Erin pointed out that being good at the core business does not necessarily translate to knowing how to build a client acquisition system. She also highlighted the importance of adapting and evolving the client acquisition system as the market and business owner change.Erin shared her experience reframing her perspective on social media to make it work for her thought leadership and content creation business. She sees social media as a platform to educate and help people, ultimately leading to client relationships.Her approach is centered around reverse engineering, where she helps business owners define their goals and build a foundation with a unique value proposition.Erin explained that their goal is to help solopreneurs and entrepreneurs transition into business ownership, comparing it to crossing a bridge. She mentioned that many people have misconceptions about the journey, thinking it's easy when it can be challenging and chaotic.Key Points from Episode:Introduction of Erin Marcus, founder and CEO of Conquer Your BusinessImportance of creating a client acquisition system for businessesStruggles of consistently attracting and acquiring new clientsImpact of a lack of a predictable system on cash flow and business owner's confidenceAdapting and evolving the client acquisition system as the market and business owner changeErin's personal experience reframing social media for his businessReverse engineering approach to defining goals and building a unique value propositionImportance of balance between growth and nurturing in businessErin's podcast "Ready Yet" and its focus on personal growth and motivationAdvice on attracting more people to your business without using spammy tacticsAbout Erin Marcus:Erin Marcus, the Founder & CEO of Conquer Your Business, is a seasoned expert in crafting effective business and branding strategies that propel entrepreneurs toward building thriving six and seven-figure enterprises. With over two decades of experience in mentoring, training, teaching, and coaching, Erin specializes in guiding individuals stuck in the transition from solopreneurs to successful business owners. She emphasizes the importance of establishing a solid brand identity that transcends quick fixes, focusing on long-term growth rather than mere transactional approaches. Erin excels in helping clients unleash their full potential by asking pertinent questions, actively listening, and discerning unspoken cues. Her unique ability lies in tailoring foundational success principles to suit each individual's strengths and challenges. Through her guidance, entrepreneurs learn to envision and achieve the business they truly desire, overcoming limitations and realizing possibilities they might not have dared to dream of.About Conquer Your Business:Conquer Your Business specializes in crafting...

    1725 - Veteran's Day Special: Unleashing the Power of Independent Thinking in Your Business with Total Business Results' Robert Poole

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Co-Founder & Owner of Total Business Results, Robert Poole.Robert's journey began 22 years ago, focusing on B2B cold calling. However, a life-altering event, his business partner's heart attack, led him to reevaluate his role and the future of his company. This catalyzed Robert's mission to create a business that could thrive without his constant presence, a mission he now shares with other small business owners.Robert shared his insights on addressing common issues such as overworking and the exhaustion that comes from constantly generating ideas. He emphasized the importance of building a strong team and fostering independent thinking within a small business.Robert shared his experience implementing weekly meetings with his team, focusing on working on the business rather than just in it. He discussed the significance of trust in remote work environments, especially in today's context. He discussed the importance of utilizing resources and seeking advice from knowledgeable individuals. He also acknowledged that finding solutions can be a customized process, depending on the specific circumstances and opportunities available. Robert highlighted the satisfaction that comes from overcoming challenges and solving big problems.Key Points from the Episode:Robert Poole's background as the co-founder and CEO of Total Business ResultsThe challenges faced by entrepreneurs, such as long hours and feeling overwhelmedThe importance of finding a balance between work and personal lifeTotal Business Results' focus on helping clients generate revenue, build the right team, create a strong company culture, and implement effective systems and processesThe significance of personal growth and development for business success, as influenced by Tony Robbins' teachingsThe importance of learning from failures and seeing them as opportunities for growthBuilding a strong team and fostering independent thinking within a small businessThe significance of trust in remote work environments and creating a culture of ownership and maturityThe need for customized marketing strategies and testing different techniquesUtilizing resources and seeking advice from knowledgeable individuals to determine the best course of actionAbout Robert Poole:Robert Poole is a seasoned entrepreneur and the co-founder/CEO of Total Business Results, a leading marketing firm specializing in aiding small B2B businesses in boosting sales and revenue. With over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, business consulting, and marketing, Robert crafts tailored marketing strategies to help clients achieve consistent growth.A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in Economics, Poole served as a US Army officer before diversifying his career across sectors like commercial real estate, technology, and financial services. His passion lies in assisting small business owners in reaching their goals and reducing stress. Robert hosts a podcast that imparts valuable insights and advice on B2B marketing and entrepreneurship, showcasing his dedication to empowering fellow business professionals.About Total Business Results:Total Business Results, established in 2002 by a group of industry veterans, is a prominent national B2B marketing firm that offers tailored solutions to businesses aiming to boost sales.Functioning as a dedicated sales force, the firm handles essential tasks in the sales process, allowing...

    1724 - The Stripped Down Guide to Content Marketing Success with John Egan

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to Content Creator & Marketing Strategist, John Egan.John's journey began with freelancing for a credit card company in Austin, and his expertise has grown exponentially since then. This blog post aims to share the insights and lessons from our enlightening conversation.One of the hot topics we delved into was the role of AI in content marketing. While AI is making waves in the industry, John believes that relying solely on AI-generated content can lead to generic output, similar to what everyone else is producing. He also highlighted that AI-generated content is not immune to errors, much like human-written content.John emphasized the importance of having a unique brand voice and producing content that resonates with the target audience. This, he believes, is the key to successful content marketing.When asked about recent trends in SEO and Google, John highlighted the importance of scannable content. He explained that readers are more likely to engage with content that is broken up into headlines, subheads, and bullet points. This allows them to quickly scan the content and find what they seek.Key Points from the Episode:John Egan's work and impact in the world of content marketingJohn's expertise in working with personal finance brandsThe current trend of using AI in content marketingJohn's cautionary advice on relying solely on AI-generated contentJohn's expertise in writing co nsumer-focused content in the personal finance spaceThe importance of having a unique brand voice and resonating with the target audienceObservations and recommendations for content marketersThe importance of scannable content and capturing the reader's attentionThe short attention span of internet users and the need to provide sought-after informationClosing remarks, including the mention of John's book and website, and encouraging listener engagementAbout John Egan:John Egan, a distinguished content creator and marketing strategist, boasts a rich background in journalism and content marketing. He embarked on his writing journey in newspaper journalism and climbed the editorial ranks before transitioning to content marketing in 2010. His expertise led him to pivotal roles as editor-in-chief at Bankrate Insurance, SpareFoot, and LawnStarter. In 2017, he founded Jayhawk Media, becoming a prominent content marketing entrepreneur. John has collaborated with renowned clients like Forbes Advisor, Experian, Bankrate, and The Balance, advising on content marketing strategies and contributing to the launch of personal finance websites. His insights have earned him recognition from esteemed publications, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. John's exceptional writing skills have garnered awards from organizations like the Texas Press Association and the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing. With a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Kansas and a master's degree in communication from Southern New Hampshire University, Egan is not only an accomplished professional but also a world traveler holding dual citizenship in the United States and Ireland. Tweetable Moments:14:02 - "It's so easy to hop from one thing to another and go down a rabbit hole online that if you're not giving people what they're looking for, they're just going to move on."Apply to be a Guest on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur:

    1723 - How to Write a Great Short Business Book with Mike Ulmer

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Writer, Publisher & Journalist of Catapult Bookwriting, Mike Ulmer.Mike's journey from sports journalism to business storytelling is a fascinating one. After spending three decades in sports journalism, he transitioned into the business world. He noticed a common thread among many people he interacted with in the business network - they struggled to tell their stories or present themselves effectively. This observation led him to develop a formula for writing great business books and assisting others in their writing endeavors.Mike attributes much of his success to networking and word-of-mouth referrals. He believes that writing a book should be an enjoyable and adventurous process, and that every book is a journey of self-discovery. His book, "Show and Tell Writing," serves as a guide for those embarking on the book-writing process.According to Mike, a great business book should have three key elements: a compelling proposition, a meaningful backstory, and practical tips for readers to apply the information. He also advocates for brevity, suggesting that 20,000 words are sufficient to convey a great story and provide valuable advice. He encourages authors to challenge themselves to write just 200 words a day over 100 days, resulting in a 20,000-word book. This would typically translate to around 100-130 pages, depending on factors such as font size and visuals.Key Points from the Episode:Mike Ulmer's background in sports journalism and transition into the business worldThe development of a formula for writing great business books and helping others succeed in writingThe importance of networking and word-of-mouth referrals in Mike's successThe concept of writing a book as a fun and adventurous journey of self-discoveryCoaching and guidance offered by Mike to aspiring authorsThe book "Show and Tell Writing" as a guide for the book-writing processThe importance of a compelling proposition, meaningful backstory, and practical tips in a great business bookMike's advocacy for brevity in book length, suggesting 20,000 words as sufficientThe power of storytelling and finding exceptional stories within ourselvesThe significance of listening and asking the right questions to uncover profound truths in someone's lifeAbout Mike Ulmer:Mike Ulmer is a seasoned journalist with 30 years of experience, specializing in helping clients craft compelling business narratives through the medium of books. Mike Ulmer has conducted over 10,000 interviews and written books on diverse topics, from digital marketing and millennials to sports like basketball and hockey, specifically the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens. His expertise also extends to subjects such as writing, entrepreneurship, Canada, Inuksuks, horses, and medicine.Mike has profiled legendary athletes like Michael Jordan, Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretzky, Serena Williams, Sidney Crosby, and Mario Lemieux. His extensive sports coverage includes events like the Olympics, Super Bowl, World Series, and Stanley Cup finals. Notably, he served as the in-house writer for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, the organization behind major sports teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto FC, and Toronto Marlies.About Catapult Bookwriting:Catapult Bookwriting specializes in assisting individuals in crafting and sharing their essential business narratives. With a focus on long-lasting impact, they provide comprehensive services...

    1722 - Improving Performance with Paul Teasdale

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Podcast Host, Speaker & Business Coach Paul Teasdale.Paul's work is as unique as his background. He takes insights from his experience in high-performance teams, specifically in Formula 1, and makes them accessible to leaders and teams looking to improve their performance. His approach is multi-tiered, starting with speaking engagements to introduce insights from Formula 1, followed by facilitation and workshops to help organizations apply those insights to their situations.Paul's interest in Formula 1 goes beyond the typical fan's perspective. He appreciates the high-performance aspect of the sport and enjoys watching the nuances and behind-the-scenes details. These give him a different perspective on the commentary and strategies, and he believes that good commentating doesn't always align with the reality of the situation.Paul speaks for a variety of organizations, covering a range of topics. His unique blend of experience and insights from Formula 1 make him a sought-after speaker and facilitator. His work is all about helping organizations improve their performance through data-driven decision-making and the application of high-performance team methodologies.Key Points from the Episode:Introduction of Paul Teasdale and his work in high-performance teams, specifically in Formula 1Paul's multi-tiered approach to helping organizations improve their performancePaul's background in operations management, consulting, banking, and Formula 1The importance of data-driven decision making in Formula 1 and how Paul helps organizations apply that approachPaul's interest in Formula 1 and his perspective on the sport as a non-fanaticComparisons between sausage making and the fast-moving consumer goods industry in terms of measuring performanceThe importance of measuring the right things to drive desired behaviors and resultsExamples of how measuring the wrong things can lead to poor behaviors in industries like bankingAbout Paul Teasdale:Paul Teasdale is a seasoned professional with seven years of experience working with the Formula 1 team McLaren. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his diverse background, having collaborated with various high-performance organizations in fields such as sausage making and banking. Based in the UK and New Zealand, Teasdale offers valuable insights to help people enhance their performance. His expertise extends to practical tips for implementing an F1 mindset within organizations. With a rich tapestry of experiences, he shares compelling stories, ranging from the world of Formula 1 to the impact of sausage making on the business banking sector. Whether seeking advice on organizational strategies or engaging anecdotes that blend different industries, Paul Teasdale provides a unique perspective that resonates with audiences seeking inspiration and practical wisdom.Tweetable Moments:05:36 - "I think so many of us end up making a lot of our decisions purely, well, or predominantly based on emotion, whether we believe it or not."12:40 - "Think about the standards that you're using and how that can impact the performance that you're trying to drive and the results, but most of all, the behaviors."Apply to be a Guest on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur: Mentioned in this Episode:Want to learn more? Check out Paul Teasdale at

    1721 – School Goal with Troove's David Hurwitt

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder & CEO of Troove, David Hurwitt.Dave Hurwitt, the founder and CEO of Troove, shed light on the glaring problems with the current college admissions process and how his platform aims to revolutionize it.Dave highlighted the inefficiencies and shortcomings of the current system, where a staggering 51% of students still need to graduate from their initial college choice. He pointed out the outdated methods colleges use to reach prospective students, such as junk mail and college fairs. With decreased students and the shift to digital administration of standardized tests, colleges face significant challenges in the coming years.Dave emphasized the high costs associated with student acquisition and the ineffectiveness of traditional marketing tactics. He believes that colleges should focus on the goal of graduation rather than just enrollment.They aim to address these issues by analyzing the characteristics and conditions that lead to student success and matching incoming first-year students with colleges that align with their needs. They also provide a platform for colleges to connect with potential students who fit their culture well.Dave argues that a shift in mindset and approach is necessary in college admissions. Colleges can improve their outcomes by focusing on long-term success, utilizing a more targeted and efficient system, and providing better value for students and institutions.Key Points from the Episode:Problems with the current college admissions processInefficiencies and shortcomings of the current systemOutdated methods used by colleges to reach prospective studentsChallenges faced by colleges in the coming yearsHigh costs associated with student acquisitionShift in focus from enrollment to graduationHow Troove analyzes characteristics and conditions for student successMatching incoming freshmen with colleges that align with their needsHow Troove helps students find the right college fitAbout David Hurwitt:Dave Hurwitt is a distinguished innovator with a remarkable track record in product development and innovation, generating over $1 billion in sales across various industries.Notably, he played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the washing machine market in the United States as part of the Whirlpool team. Their reimagining of front-loading washers led to a significant market share increase, saving billions in energy and water consumption.Based in Burlington, Vermont, Dave embarked on his journey to create Troove with his wife and Golden Retriever. His experience in college admissions and the need for technological advancements in the college search process inspired him to establish Troove—a two-sided, AI-powered platform aimed at helping students discover their college passions and pathways to graduation.Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Dave is an accomplished photographer, history enthusiast, and avid traveler. Having explored nearly every U.S. state and numerous countries worldwide, his passion for human interaction and blending tradition with innovation shines through in his photography and innovative product creations.About Troove:Troove is a groundbreaking software company that aims to revolutionize higher education selection by leveraging collective experience's predictive power. In various aspects of life, we rely on the experiences of those who have gone before us to make informed decisions, be it choosing a restaurant, employer, or neighborhood. However, this valuable resource has often...

    1720 – How to Create Successful Businesses with Leo George William Smith

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to Entrepreneur & Construction Management Consultant of Profit Consulting Company, Leo George William Smith.Leo's journey into the world of business began at the tender age of 17 when he started his first construction renovation business. This venture later developed into 22 different franchises, demonstrating Leo's knack for growth and expansion. After selling his business, Leo transitioned into management consulting, where he now works with his clients, primarily in the construction space. His clientele includes renovators, custom home builders, and landscapers.Currently, Leo is working with a landscaping company and a roofing company to help these companies grow and expand their services. His focus is on redesigning and rebranding them to position them for success in the 10 to 20-million-dollar range.Leo believes that many small businesses in the construction industry start by working with their hands without considering the importance of strategic planning and systems. He emphasizes the need for a blueprint phase, similar to hiring an architect when building a custom home, to eliminate future mistakes and ensure success.Leo also highlights the importance of creating the need for a product or service. He shares an example from his experience working with a chain of funeral homes, where they shifted their focus to selling pre-need contracts. This shift in focus demonstrates the power of anticipating and creating a need for a product or service.Key Points from the Episode:Leo Smith's background and work as a management consultant in the construction industryLeo's clients and the types of businesses he works with (renovators, custom home builders, landscapers)Leo's approach to redesigning and rebranding businesses for growthThe importance of building influence and trust in today's marketLeo's focus on helping landscaping and roofing companies grow and expand their servicesThe need for strategic planning and systems in small businesses in the construction industryCreating the need for a product or service, using the example of funeral homes selling pre-need contractsThe concept of "stepping stone relationships" and how it can help businesses reach a larger customer baseDesigning a business to work for the owner, rather than the other way aroundAbout Leo George William Smith:Leo George William Smith is a self-made entrepreneur with an inspiring journey. At just 11 1/2 years old, he began working part-time in a tailor shop, aiming to connect with successful individuals for mentorship. Leo's ambition led him to delve into real estate, and by 17, he purchased his first house, initiating accidental entry into the construction business. Through strategic renovations, he generated positive cash flow, kickstarting his success. By 25, Leo achieved his first million and currently owns shares in 19 companies, collaborating on various ventures. Despite being single and childless after the love of his life moved to Mexico, Leo remains active, participating in competitive court and beach volleyball. Notably, he's designing an innovative solar-powered houseboat for Muskoka, reflecting his entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Leo's story exemplifies determination, business acumen, and a passion for continuous innovation.About Profit Consulting:Profit Consulting Company, with a remarkable 39-year legacy in business analysis, specializes in evaluating companies across diverse sectors like construction, restaurants, and automotive industries. With a keen understanding of the market, they address a concerning

    1719 - with Jeff Rudner

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to Co-Founder & COO of Proseer, Jeff Rudner.Jeff Rudner is the co-founder and CEO of Procedure, a modern accounting firm that is redefining how small and medium-sized businesses operate. Proseer's unique approach combines people, processes, and technology to help companies to scale and work more efficiently.One of the standout aspects of Proseer is its productized pricing. This upfront approach eliminates the element of surprise, allowing clients to access support and advice without the fear of hourly billing. Jeff emphasized that this approach alleviates friction between clients and the accounting firm, fostering a more open and interactive relationship.Traditionally, businesses often view accounting as a cost center, with the accounting team seen as a last resort for information and advice. Jeff discussed the importance of taking action and having open conversations about the reality of a business.Proseer's approach creates a safe space for clients to discuss their uncertainties and doubts, which can lead to significant improvements and success. Jeff shared that Proseer has helped many businesses turn around and scale by combining the right team, efficient processes, and best-in-class technology.Key Points from the Episode:Proseer's focus on helping businesses operate efficiently and scale through people, process, and technologyThe unique aspects of Proseer, such as productized pricing and upfront approachThe value of having a proactive and knowledgeable accounting teamThe importance of asking the right questions to gain insights into business performance and make informed decisionsTrends in raising capital and the need for businesses to have a strong understanding of their financials and opportunitiesProseer's aim to rewrite the script on how small and medium-sized businesses can operateThe benefits of Proseer's upfront pricing and how it eliminates surprises and allows for easy access to support and adviceThe importance of taking action and having conversations about the reality of a businessProseer's approach of creating a safe space for clients to talk about uncertainties and doubtsAbout Jeff Rudner:Jeff Rudner is a seasoned accounting and finance expert renowned for his strategic insights and financial acumen. After graduating from the University of Florida, Jeff embarked on a successful career in Audit at a Big 4 Accounting Firm, honing skills crucial for identifying operational enhancements, constructing forecast models, and facilitating M&A transactions. Transitioning into the role of CFO at a rapidly expanding startup, he applied his expertise to establish internal financial processes and support a nationwide expansion. Jeff's passion for empowering businesses led him to co-found Proseer, a consultancy specializing in tailored accounting, finance, and tax solutions for businesses of all scales. With Proseer, Jeff shares his extensive knowledge, aiding clients in making informed decisions that enhance their financial strategies and boost their bottom line. His engaging consulting style has made him a sought-after advisor, inspiring companies to optimize their financial structures and achieve sustainable growth.About Proseer:Proseer is a dynamic consultancy that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses with cutting-edge financial solutions.Specializing in more innovative accounting, tax, and finance services, Proseer provides real-time, actionable insights...

    1718 - Intellectual Property protection with Esqgo's Mario Simonyan

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to Leadership Consultant, HR Expert, Author & Speaker of ESQgo, Mario Simonyan.Mario Simonyan is not just an intellectual property law attorney, but also the founder of ESQgo. His firm represents third-party Amazon seller brands, assisting them when they encounter issues with the marketplace or competitors. Mario emphasizes the importance of proactive measures to protect a brand and avoid future problems. He recommends conducting a clearance search to ensure that the chosen brand name is not already in use.Mario discussed a unique case where one of their clients had purchased 80,000 UPC codes for their upcoming product launches. However, they discovered that someone else was using their codes, causing potential losses of millions of dollars. Mario and his team were able to reach out to Amazon's attorneys and resolve the issue, but it required a global effort to fix the problem.Key Points from the Episode:Mario's work with ESQgo and their representation of third-party Amazon seller brandsImportance of proactive measures to protect a brand on AmazonSpecialization of ESQgo in intellectual property (IP) law, including trademarks, copyrights, and patentsProactive steps sellers can take to protect their brand, including consulting with an attorney early on and conducting clearance searchesMario's personal story highlighting the importance of protecting intellectual propertyESQgo's flat fee basis and their aim to help third-party sellers lacking guidance from AmazonUnique case of UPC code infringement and the global effort to resolve the issueAssisting sellers with various unique and miscellaneous situations they may encounterImportance of having a plan in place to mitigate risks and threats to a businessAbout Mario Simonyan:Mario Simonyan is a prominent figure in the 21st-century digital landscape, seamlessly blending e-commerce expertise with legal acumen. With a background in creating and selling two seven-figure Amazon brands, he possesses a unique perspective on the complexities of online business. Mario's entrepreneurial journey equipped him to found ESQgo®, not just as a lawyer but as a seasoned online entrepreneur. He has received accolades such as the Super Lawyers Rising Stars recognition and is an esteemed graduate of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Mario has been featured in mainstream media outlets like Bloomberg and LexisNexis, showcasing his legal expertise. His articulate insights at events like the White Label Expo in Las Vegas highlight his prowess in navigating the challenges of e-commerce. Additionally, Mario authored the best-selling book, "On the Corner of IP and Amazon," delving deep into the intersection of intellectual property and online businesses. As a licensed attorney in California and Washington, his dedication to modern legal solutions drives ESQgo®'s vision, positioning the company at the forefront of the dynamic global marketplace.About ESQgo:ESQgo, PC, is a leading intellectual property law firm established by a seasoned Amazon lawyer and former successful Amazon seller with over $1,000,000 in sales. Specializing in guiding online business owners, ESQgo assists clients in various aspects, including Amazon account and ASIN reinstatements, removal of listing hijackers, intellectual property complaints, and appeals.Their expertise spans various e-commerce issues, providing comprehensive legal solutions tailored to the digital...

    1717 – A Candid Conversation: Lessons in Life, Love, and Leadership with Kate Walker

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Leadership Consultant, HR Expert, Author & Speaker, Kate Walker.Kate Walker is no stranger to the corporate world. With over two decades of experience in corporate HR, she has worked in diverse sectors such as global ad agencies, sports, and entertainment. Her passion for the leadership aspect of HR is evident, and she has always been fascinated by observing respected leaders and their unique strategies or, as she calls it, their "secret sauce."In April 2021, Kate decided to take a leap of faith and left her corporate HR role to start her own coaching and consulting business, Kate Walker Executive Coaching. Her mission is to work with leadership teams, helping them become better leaders and create a positive work environment.Kate's primary focus is on leadership coaching and HR consulting. She helps companies fine-tune their processes and systems, especially those experiencing rapid growth. She also offers one-on-one executive coaching sessions and runs a program called the New Manager Academy, designed to equip new managers with the necessary skills.Kate's areas of expertise are vast, encompassing team building, recruitment, training, and effective management. She shares insider information on these topics through her New Leader Academy, a mastermind circle for leaders.Key Points from the Episode:Kate Walker's background in HR and leadershipKate's work as an HR and leadership consultantTypes of organizations Kate works withKate's book, "A Candid Conversation: Lessons in Life, Love, and Leadership"Kate's experience in corporate HR and her passion for leadershipKate's coaching and consulting business, focusing on leadership coaching and HR consultingKate's areas of expertise: team building, recruitment, training, and effective managementKate's New Leader Academy and mastermind circleKate's upcoming book, a memoir meets self-help, sharing her personal journey and providing tips and adviceChallenges of leaving a stable job to pursue entrepreneurshipAbout Kate Walker:Kate Walker is a distinguished Executive Leadership and Human Resources expert, renowned for her extensive experience in corporate HR spanning over two decades. Holding certifications as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and Society for Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). She has served as the Human Resources Director at prominent global companies including Nintendo, United States Tennis Association, Publicis, and TBWA.In 2021, Kate made a significant career shift, founding Kate Walker Executive Coaching, a comprehensive consulting and coaching firm. Through this venture, she empowers leaders to cultivate potent skills that foster positive company culture and enhance financial outcomes. Kate is celebrated for her expertise in team dynamics, leadership strategies, and business mindset, making impactful contributions to business owners, team leaders, and people managers. Her supportive and encouraging mentorship style has earned her recognition in esteemed publications such as Authority Magazine, SHRM's HR Magazine, Hive, and Ivy Exec.Moreover, Kate is set to release her upcoming book, 'A Candid Conversation: Lessons in Life, Love, and Leadership,' scheduled for October 24, 2023. This compelling work not only serves as a memoir but also as a guide to self-reflection and empowerment. Drawing from her own experiences navigating a corporate exit, single parenthood, and entrepreneurship, Kate offers invaluable advice and tools to help readers find success on their...

    1716 – Getting Found on Amazon with AMZ Advisers' Mike Begg

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Co-Founder, CEO & Interim COO of AMZ Advisers, Mike Begg.AMZ Advisers is a company that offers a comprehensive range of services to brands looking to scale their sales on Amazon. They handle everything from advertising strategy, merchandising, positioning, to content creation.Their goal is to take brands from $1 million to $10 million per year in sales on Amazon.They've worked with notable brands such as Polaroid, Rainier, and Sun Warrior, setting up their clients' entire sales funnel for success. This includes attracting potential customers and converting them into buyers.What sets AMZ Advisers apart is their ability to provide a team of two to five members, saving their clients the hassle of managing multiple team members themselves.Mike emphasized the importance of maximizing conversions and social engagement for their clients on Amazon. He highlighted the significance of reviews in influencing purchase decisions.However, he warned against incentivizing reviews, as it goes against Amazon's terms of service.Instead, he suggests providing a positive customer experience and driving more traffic to listings to increase opportunities for conversions and reviews.Key Points from the Episode:AMZ Advisers specializes in helping brands increase sales on AmazonServices offered include advertising strategy, merchandising, positioning, and content creationAMZ Advisers sets up clients' entire sales funnel for successWorked with notable brands such as Polaroid, Rainier, and Sun WarriorClients are looking to scale sales from $1 million to $10 million per year on AmazonExperience and track record since 2015Importance of maximizing conversions and social engagement on AmazonEmphasize the significance of reviews in purchase decisionsAMZ Advisers is an advanced partner of Amazon with access to exclusive programsAbout Mike Begg:Mike Begg, a 33-year-old entrepreneur, boasts a wealth of experience cultivating eCommerce and online ventures.Initially making waves with two Amazon private label brands, he achieved remarkable success, amassing over $1 million in sales exclusively on the Amazon platform.Capitalizing on his expertise as a seller, Mike co-founded AMZ Advisers alongside his partners, a venture aimed at aiding other brands in prospering on Amazon.Under his guidance, AMZ Advisers has blossomed, overseeing an impressive annual ad spend of over $10 million and driving sales exceeding $100 million on Amazon.Fueled by a passion for expansion and optimization, Mike's ingenuity led to establishing an international office in Mexico, where he presently resides.Eager to impart wisdom, he readily imparts insights spanning Amazon strategies, business enhancement, and global enterprise establishment.About AMZ Advisers:AMZ Advisers is a comprehensive eCommerce and digital marketing consultancy renowned for crafting dynamic growth strategies catering to brands and manufacturers on the Amazon platform.In 2018, their partners achieved remarkable sales surpassing $100,000,000, with substantial year-over-year sales surges exceeding 100% for many.Recognizing the pivotal role of a robust eCommerce presence, AMZ Advisers tailors strategies to transform Amazon, the premier eCommerce marketplace, into a potent sales channel and a crucial element of the companies' digital presence.Their expertise extends beyond Amazon, fostering long-term growth through diverse sales channels, additional eCommerce platforms, adept...

    1715 – The Guided Strategy You Need to Unleash Your Legacy with Legacy Leadership Institute's Madeleine MacRae

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO & Founder of Legacy Leadership Institute, Madeleine MacRae.Madeleine's journey with Legacy Leadership Institute began when two successful consulting firms merged into one. This merger created a platform for people to learn and grow together, helping them achieve their goals more effectively. Many of their clients, despite their outward success, express feelings of underachievement or uncertainty. Legacy Leadership Institute aims to simplify these challenges and guide its clients towards more tremendous success.One of the most common concerns Madeleine hears from leaders is whether to scale or sell their business. She explains that even sustaining a business is a form of scaling, which involves improving processes, culture, and leadership. Madeleine emphasizes the importance of developing a scalability architecture to ensure long-term success and attract potential buyers if the decision to sell is made.Madeleine shares her guilty pleasure of watching reality TV in the evenings, and mainly Bravo shows like the Housewives series. She mentions a powerful statement by one of the housewives about the importance of sharing a secret. By taking control of the narrative and sharing the secret oneself, it cannot be weaponized against them. This resonates with many entrepreneurs and leaders who fear being discovered or found out. Madeleine emphasizes that everyone is making things up as they go along, even though there are tried and true best practices. Each person's unique path and execution make it feel like they are creating something new.Key Points from the Episode:Introduction of Madeleine MacRae, CEO of Legacy Leadership InstituteLegacy Leadership Institute's mission to help individuals and organizations achieve goals and overcome challengesImportance of developing a scalability architecture for long-term success and potential sale of a businessThe need for a supportive peer group for founders and leadersSpeaker 2's guilty pleasure of watching reality TV, particularly Bravo showsThe importance of sharing secrets and taking control of the narrativeThe fear of being discovered and the need to contextualize oneselfSpeaker 2's upcoming book, "Tenacious Pursuit of Peace: Where to Go When Success is Not Enough"Realizing that even successful individuals have real problems that need solutionsAbout Madeleine MacRae:Madeleine MacRae is a highly accomplished corporate executive and serial entrepreneur, boasting over 17 years of experience leading, consulting, and growing businesses of various scales. With a keen understanding of harnessing the potential of people and utilizing dynamic educational content, she has become a catalyst for growth in numerous ventures.Madeleine's impact extends globally, having empowered hundreds of thousands through her transformative coaching, educational videos, and live seminars. She delves into fundamental principles essential for mastering leadership, capacity, teamwork, relationships, attitude, success, personal growth, and communication. What sets her apart is her down-to-earth approach, making complex subjects accessible, and her unique ability to blend cutting-edge information with passionate inspiration.Whether engaging with audiences in live events or virtual platforms, Madeleine MacRae's compelling style motivates individuals to take action towards their personal and business objectives. Her emphasis on authenticity ensures that people remain true to...

    1714 – Crafting Compelling Brand Videos with Brandmagnetic's Mariana Henninger

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO & Founder of Brandmagnetic, Mariana Henninger.Mariana believes in the power of video as a medium because it allows for non-verbal communication through facial expressions and visuals. She has made it her mission to teach entrepreneurs how to create brand videos that resonate with their audience and evoke the desired emotions.According to Mariana, compelling visuals and understanding the core story are key components of a brand video. She shared an example of a student who used the metaphor of a jigsaw puzzle to convey her message. This highlights the importance of creativity and metaphorical thinking in video creation.Moreover, Mariana emphasized the importance of good editing, music, and shot selection in creating an impactful brand video. These elements, when combined effectively, can significantly enhance the overall impact of the video.Creating a brand video, as Mariana described, involves crafting the core story, creating a script, and filming both scripted and non-scripted elements. This combination makes the video feel conversational and intimate. She emphasized the importance of taking time to edit the video and ensure its quality.Key Points from the Episode:Impact of brand videosElements that make brand videos effectiveImportance of building trust, likability, and awareness in brand videosPower of video as a medium for non-verbal communicationCreating brand videos that resonate with the audience and evoke emotionsKey components of a brand video: compelling visuals, understanding the core story, good editing, music, and shot selectionProduction investment and time required for well-polished brand videosProcess of creating a brand video: crafting the core story, creating a script, filming scripted and non-scripted elements, and editingAbout Mariana Henninger:Mariana Henninger is a renowned Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker and the founder/director of True People Films, a highly acclaimed boutique creative video agency. Specializing in producing influential documentaries, her company, True People Films, focuses on assisting online entrepreneurs earning $1-3M+/year to significantly boost sales through their unique Influence Documentaries. Mariana's expertise in directing and producing extends to collaborations with prominent entities such as Microsoft, Hulu, Mount Sinai, HSBC, and HP, as well as media giants like Peacock, NBC News, The New York Times, The Atlantic, TIME, and The Wall Street Journal. With her impressive portfolio, Mariana Henninger stands as a pivotal figure in the world of documentary filmmaking, shaping narratives and empowering businesses through her compelling visual storytelling.About Brandmagnetic:Brandmagnetic is a dynamic platform dedicated to assisting online entrepreneurs in swiftly building trust and boosting sales through visually captivating and emotion-driven brand videos. Specializing in crafting beautiful and impactful visual content, Brandmagnetic focuses on creating videos that resonate deeply with the audience, eliciting genuine emotions and establishing strong connections.By leveraging the power of compelling storytelling and striking visuals, Brandmagnetic enables businesses to convey their messages effectively, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers. Through their expertise, entrepreneurs can enhance their online presence, engage their audience, and drive sales growth. Tweetable...

    1713 – Effective Strategies for Thriving in a Remote Work Environment with Dan Michelson

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO & Founder of InCommon, Dan Michelson.Dan's extensive experience in building and growing companies, particularly in the healthcare sector, has given him unique insights into the importance of culture in fostering growth and creating a positive work environment.The onset of COVID-19 has brought about significant challenges and changes in how people work. Intrigued by these changes, Dan embarked on an extensive research project, interviewing 1,700 CEOs across various industries and countries. His goal was to understand how companies were approaching the future of work in this new reality.What he discovered was a fundamental shift in the way work is approached. Things are moving from a traditional workflow to a more integrated life flow. Work is no longer defined by a specific time and place, but has become more of an individual experience rather than a collective one.Dan firmly believes there are better solutions than forcing employees back to the office to improve company culture and productivity. Instead, he advocates for a flexible approach that suits each company's unique needs. In his book, "Holy Shift," Dan explores the mindset and strategies needed to navigate these changes and create a successful work environment.Dan's company, InCommon, focuses on automating and simplifying the concepts of community, opportunity, relationships, and experiences that correlate with employee engagement, retention, and productivity. They work with companies to understand their unique needs and help them navigate the future of work in a way that benefits both the company and its employees.Key Points from the Episode:Importance of using culture to grow companies and create a positive work environmentShift in the way work is approached, from traditional workflow to integrated life flowFlexible approach to improve company culture and productivityDifferent needs and challenges of remote work and distributed teamsExamples of technology companies and manufacturing/service-based settingsHistorical precedents of how employers have adapted to similar situations in the pastImpact of pandemics on work and labor movementsInCommon's focus on automating and simplifying concepts related to employee engagement, retention, and productivityWorking with companies to improve community, opportunity, relationships, and experiencesAbout Dan Michelson:Dan Michelson is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of InCommon, a software and services company dedicated to fostering inclusive workplace cultures. He previously held key roles at Allscripts, where he served as Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, contributing significantly to the company's growth from 100 to over 6,000 employees and $1 billion in annual revenue. With extensive experience in healthcare technology, Dan provided consulting for leading hospitals and health systems. He has also worked with companies like Baxter International and AstraZeneca. Dan is actively involved in education, serving as an Adjunct Professor at Loyola University in Chicago, teaching Decision Strategy. He holds a BS in Finance from Indiana University and an MBA from DePaul University. In addition to his professional pursuits, Dan is a philanthropist, founding projectMUSIC™, a charity concert initiative, and HackHunger™, a collaboration aiming to combat hunger...

    1712 – The Most Effective Strategies for Startup Founders to Accelerate Sales Growth with Sales Acceleration Group's Kristie Jones

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founder & Principal of Sales Acceleration Group, Kristie Jones.Kristie shared some common misconceptions and challenges she has observed in organizations that may not have a background in sales. The first is mis-hiring, where organizations don't understand the difference between different types of sales professionals (hunters, farmers, gatherers) and end up hiring the wrong fit.The second challenge is what Kristie calls "pimp the demo," where sales reps focus on showing and telling about their product without going through the necessary discovery process. She emphasized the importance of understanding the customer's needs and focusing on them before talking about the product.Kristie believes the relationship between sales and marketing is not as tight as it should be. She sees marketing as the warm-up act for sales, creating brand awareness and setting the stage for the sales team to close the deal.Key Points from the Episode:Challenges faced by tech founders in sales and marketingImportance of having a defined sales strategyCurrent environment for attracting sales talentBest practices for hiring sales repsMisconceptions and challenges in hiring sales professionalsImportance of understanding customer needs before showcasing the productRelationship between sales and marketingTrends and mistakes in sales and marketing collaborationImportance of marketing as a warm-up act for salesAbout Kristie Jones:Kristie Jones is a renowned expert in sales and customer success, offering invaluable guidance to companies aiming to enhance their revenue streams and expand their operations. In 2016, she founded Sales Acceleration Group, becoming a pivotal figure for owners and founders seeking to boost their profits, reduce churn, and facilitate rapid scalability. With over 20 years of experience as a SaaS startup sales leader and consultant, Kristie brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients, assisting them in areas ranging from sales strategies and processes to the recruitment and training of sales and customer success representatives. Over the past seven years, she has exclusively collaborated with more than 50 VC-backed and bootstrapped founders, helping them refine their sales processes, recruit top sales talent, and serve as a fractional or interim sales leader. Kristie's expertise has led her to present at various prestigious events and appear on numerous podcasts, solidifying her reputation as a respected authority in the field of sales and customer success.About Sales Acceleration Group:Sales Acceleration Group stands as a beacon for companies looking for transformative sales solutions. They specialize in providing expert sales guidance, strategic insights, and streamlined processes, the group empowers businesses to boost their sales efforts effectively. One of their key focuses is instilling discipline within sales processes, addressing common hurdles like lack of documentation and adherence. By establishing formal prospecting, negotiation, pipeline management, and hiring practices, they cultivate a culture of accountability within organizations, facilitating remarkable turnarounds. With a direct and honest communication style, Sales Acceleration Group ensures compatibility with their clients. They emphasize the importance of internal readiness, offering a candid assessment of a company's preparedness for their services. This approach...

    1711 – The Best Strategies for Building Strong Connections in a Divided World with beCause Global Consulting's Nadine Hack

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO of beCause Global Consulting, Nadine Hack.Nadine's company, beCause Global Consulting, has earned recognition as the best stakeholder engagement consulting firm, a testament to her expertise in improving connections within the corporate world. Her upcoming book, "The Power of Connectedness," features a foreword by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, further emphasizing the importance of her work.Nadine also introduced her concept of strategic relational engagement. This approach involves showing up with oneself, including flaws and vulnerabilities, to invite deeper engagement and discover the humanity in others.While she acknowledges that not everyone may be open to this approach, Nadine firmly believes in its potential to foster authentic communication and connection in a highly divided world lacking trust.Nadine shared an exercise she uses to help people go beyond surface-level introductions and truly understand each other. By reflecting on what is happening in their lives, individuals can share from a deeper, more authentic place, leading to better understanding and connection.Nadine's work extends to various sectors, including business, government, and civil society. She helps individuals and organizations reconnect with their core purpose, break down silos within their organizations, and establish meaningful relationships with external stakeholders.She emphasizes the importance of clear communication and mutual expectations in these relationships, whether with friendly or adversarial stakeholders.Key Points from the Episode:Introduction of Nadine Hack as CEO of beCause Global ConsultingRecognition of her company as the best stakeholder engagement consulting firmMention of her book "The Power of Connectedness" with a foreword by Archbishop Desmond TutuOverview of her book "Adversaries to Allies" and its impactExperience working with notable individuals and heads of corporationsEmphasis on the importance of building connections and expanding networksIntroduction of Nadine's concept of strategic relational engagementDiscussion on the importance of authentic communication and connectionExamples of her work in bringing together different stakeholdersAbout Nadine Hack:Nadine Hack is a distinguished figure in responsible business leadership and corporate social responsibility. Recognized as a Top 100 Thought Leader in Trustworthy Business Behavior, she has garnered numerous accolades, including a Lifetime Achievement Trust Award. Nadine is a trusted consultant, advisor, and coach for senior executives in business, nonprofit, and government sectors. Her expertise lies in clarifying goals, overcoming obstacles, and excelling in leadership. A strong advocate for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), Nadine actively promotes global citizenship, entrepreneurship, and innovation. She was the first woman Executive-in-Residence at IMD Business School and has served on the boards of various companies and nonprofits, including the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation. Nadine founded beCause, recognized as the Best Specialist Stakeholder Engagement Consulting Firm. She is also an author, TEDx speaker, and a respected presence in media, contributing her insights to publications like Forbes, The Financial Times, and The New York Times.Nadine's extensive experience and passion for responsible leadership have made her a...

    1710 – Wearing The Super Suit with Cascade Insight's Sean Campbell

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO & Founder of Cascade Insights, Sean Campbell.Sean's journey to owning a research firm was an interesting one. Initially aspiring to be a college professor, he found his calling in solving complex business problems, a passion that led him to establish Cascade Insights.Sean emphasized the importance of wearing the "super suit," a metaphor for utilizing AI tools that make sense for a business. He firmly believes that ignoring AI tools is a mistake, as they can significantly enhance a company's marketing and sales efforts.Sean also introduced the concept of the "age of narrow," a trend where clients seek specific solutions to their problems, influenced by their experiences with personalized consumer trends. He advised businesses to focus on narrower segments and target specific customer needs, especially during challenging times. He warned against the temptation to go broad when faced with difficulties.Sean reiterated the importance of staying focused and narrow in business. He emphasized the need to find the next customer more efficiently and improve messaging. He shared an example of a project they did on ideal customer profiling, determining who businesses should spend their time on.Seann believes that staying focused on a niche market is a courageous decision that leads to success. He mentioned how many people have suggested exploring other opportunities, but he has always chosen to maximize the current niche before moving on.He explained that being narrow is defensible competitively because people want someone who understands them. Businesses can build trust with their customers by specializing in a specific area. He also mentioned that saying no to certain markets or clients creates a sense of confidence and credibility.Key Points from the Episode:Cascade Insights' work with big tech companies and their approach to helping clients improve their businessImportance of wearing the "super suit" (utilizing AI tools) in B2B sales and marketingTrend of clients seeking specific solutions and the importance of targeting specific customer needsChallenges and benefits of working remotely and managing remote teamsValue of market research and the roadblocks faced by internal teamsChallenges of demand generation and the benefits of focusing on a narrow target marketImportance of staying focused and narrow in business for improved messaging and customer successImpact of staying narrow on recurring sales, referrals, and customer trustDefensibility and credibility of specializing in a specific area and saying no to certain markets or clientsAbout Sean Campbell:Sean Campbell is a lifelong educator, mentor, and trainer with a notable reputation. Renowned for his speaking prowess, he has captivated audiences at top-tier conferences and Fortune 50 companies. His expertise extends to technical and business subjects, as evidenced by his authored books. As a pioneer in the virtual realm, Sean established and managed a virtual professional services firm for over two decades, well before the trend gained momentum. His extensive experience encompasses consulting for Fortune 50 giants and successful startups. Notably, he sold his first services company and orchestrated the growth of operational practices within professional services firms. About Cascade Insights:Cascade Insights is a leading provider of tailored market research and marketing solutions for B2B technology firms. With a track record spanning over a...

    1709 - The Most Effective Tools and Practices for Cultivating a Monk Mindset with Madhu.Life's Madhu Dasa

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    On this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Holistic Lifestyle Coach and CEO of Madhu.Life, Madhu Dasa. Madhu's journey is as unique as his approach to life; Madhu spent six months living in a monastery in India, where he learned various practices that he now shares with others. His mission is to help people experience success through the monk mindset without having to go to a monastery.Madhu believes in developing a monk mindset, particularly for high achievers in leadership roles. There are multiple methods of meditation and mindfulness, like breathwork and movement, and engaging the senses. He emphasized that suffering only happens in the mind, and learning to be the boss of your mind can lead to deeper happiness and contentment.Apply to be a Guest on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur: Mentioned in this Episode: Want to learn more? Check out Madhu's website at out Madhu.Life on Facebook at out Madhu.Life on Instagram at out Madhu on LinkedIn at't forget to subscribe to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur and thank you for listening. Tune in next time!More from UpMyInfluence: We are actively booking guests for our The Thoughtful Entrepreneur. Schedule HERE.Are you a 6-figure consultant? I've got high-level intros for you. Learn more here.What is your #1 Lead Generation BLOCKER? Take my free quiz here.Want to learn more about all the podcasts managed by UpMyInfluence? Opt in here.

    1708 – Equalizing the Playing Field for Women in Business with Laura Gisborne

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder of Limitless Women, Laura Gisborne.Laura Gisborne is not just an ordinary woman; she does extraordinary things. As the founder of Limitless Women, she explained that the organization is more than just a business. It's a vehicle for creating a positive impact in families and communities. Since its inception in 2015, Limitless Women has raised over $700,000 for charity through business training, fundraisers, and education-based platforms.Laura's journey to founding Limitless Women is an inspiring one. Over the last 35 years, she has founded nine different companies and has been a leading voice in philanthropy since 2009. She saw the invitations to speak and lead as an opportunity to make a difference, not only for the women they educate but also those lacking access to resources.When asked about gender observations and how to level the playing field, Laura discussed the power of positioning versus posturing. She noted that men and women often postulate to prove themselves, but it's more effective to be positioned with who you are and your valid voice. She also emphasized the importance of men giving women their voice and showing respect.Key Points from the Episode:Mission and purpose of Limitless WomenProviding business training, fundraisers, and education-based platformsRaising over $700,000 for charity since 2015Laura's journey and background in entrepreneurship and philanthropyThe power of service and giving backGender observations and equalizing the playing fieldBook recommendations for personal growth and entrepreneurshipEngaging with the audience through free gifts, live events, and business training fundraisersAbout Laura Gisborne:Laura Gisborne is a highly accomplished business expert with an impressive 25-year track record. She began her entrepreneurial journey at 23 and has since owned nine businesses, including a multi-million-dollar wine and real estate empire. Laura is renowned internationally for her expertise and serves as a business growth strategist for leaders in the private and non-profit sectors.One of her notable achievements is the innovative business model of her company, Limitless Women, which demonstrates that companies can be both profitable and purpose-driven. Through the Limitless Women community, Laura has overseen raising over $700,000 for charitable causes, impacting thousands of women and children across five continents.Laura's commitment to social causes extends beyond her business ventures. She has served as a Guardian Ad Litem for foster children through CASA, held the role of Parent Education Coordinator for Family Outreach, and served on the boards of organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and The New Peaks Foundation. Laura is also an author, with books like "Stop the Spinning – Move from Surviving to Thriving" and "Limitless Women" to her credit. Her expertise has been featured on CBS, ABC, and the national hit show, "The List." Laura Gisborne's career embodies a remarkable blend of entrepreneurship and philanthropy.About Limitless Women:Limitless Women is an empowering community that unites extraordinary women business leaders. Its core mission centers on fostering the growth of profitable businesses, enabling women to make meaningful contributions to themselves, their families, their communities, and the broader world.This dynamic community is a platform for women entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and share their expertise. It provides invaluable resources, support, and...

    1707 - The Most Valuable Investment: Professional Development for Mid-Career Professionals with ClearPeg's Todd White.

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Owner & Founder of ClearPeg LLC, Todd White.Todd's background is as diverse as it is impressive. He started as a mechanical engineer before transitioning into strategy consulting and global HR. His experience working across various industries and functions allows him to have a unique approach to coaching individuals at all levels.Todd's company is laser-focused on professional development, particularly working with the C-suite to help them build the tribe of their future. The question that naturally arises is, why should companies invest in professional development for their future leaders?Todd emphasizes the importance of investing in the development of mid-career professionals. These individuals, according to Todd, are often the most coachable and valuable assets to the company. If they are not given the opportunity to grow and develop, they may be easily swayed by other offers or become disengaged.Key Points from the Episode:Introduction of Todd White, founder and CEO of ClearPegImportance of investing in professional development for future leadersTodd's background and experience in coaching individuals at all levelsBridging the gap between the C-suite and technical-minded engineersThe middle third of careers as the most crucial for investmentAdvantages of bringing in an outside consultant for professional developmentProviding a safe space for confidential and non-judgmental discussionsClearPeg's website and resources for further assistanceAbout Todd White:Todd White is a seasoned professional with more than 30 years of expertise in engineering, software, and management, spanning 20 diverse industries and several countries. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME), Todd is deeply committed to nurturing emerging talents, shaping them into adept leaders known for their trustworthiness, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. His passion lies in effecting positive change through his distinctive storytelling approach. Todd excels in handling the intricate challenges arising from the dynamic resource demands of today's complex business landscape. With his wealth of experience and dedication, Todd White stands as a beacon of leadership, guiding organizations and individuals toward success and innovation.About ClearPeg LLC:ClearPeg is a distinguished boutique Coaching and Development firm renowned for its personalized one-to-one coaching experience. Specializing in aligning with individual business needs and desired outcomes, ClearPeg offers a judgment-free environment for professional growth. Their approach is tailored to cater to unique requirements, ensuring comprehensive support for personal and business development. With a focus on fostering meaningful connections and understanding client goals, ClearPeg stands out for its commitment to delivering tailored coaching solutions. Whether it's enhancing leadership skills, improving communication, or achieving specific business objectives, ClearPeg's expert coaches provide targeted guidance. Clients benefit from a supportive and empathetic coaching environment, enabling them to navigate challenges, sharpen their skills, and achieve their professional aspirations. ClearPeg's reputation as a trusted coaching partner is grounded in its ability to empower individuals and businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape.Tweetable Moments:06:34 - "If you're not building your tribe...

    1706 - The Most Effective Marketing Strategy for Businesses: A Relationship-First Approach with Hughes Integrated's Rob Hughes

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO of Hughes Integrated, Rob Hughes.Rob started the conversation by highlighting a common issue many businesses grapple with - ineffective marketing strategies and wasteful spending. He likened this to branding cattle with multiple branding irons, leading to confusion rather than clarity.Instead of this scattered approach, Rob advocates for a relationship-first strategy. This method focuses on connecting with the audience and nurturing that relationship rather than bombarding them with mixed messages.Rob also shared another case study involving a local luxury outdoor living space installer, ABC Landscaping. Their name was not aligned with their services, confusing potential clients. By pivoting their messaging to focus on their ideal audience, ABC Landscaping saw a significant increase in qualified leads.Rob currently leads and manages a growing team at Hughes Integrated, consisting of six internal staff members and a nationwide network of contractors. He emphasizes that they are looking for organizations that value win-win-win relationships, indicating a bright future for Hughes Integrated.Key Points from the Episode:Ineffective marketing strategies and wasteful spendingRelationship-first approach to marketingSuccess story with Sea Foam and ABC LandscapingImportance of storytelling in marketingRob's background in executive coaching and transition to marketing consultancyDiscovery of Donald Miller's story-based frameworkDisruption of in-person coaching due to COVID-19About Rob Hughes:Rob Hughes, a former vice president of sales and marketing in the manufacturing industry, transitioned his expertise into becoming a renowned executive coach for business owners and entrepreneurs throughout North America. Currently serving as the CEO of a successful marketing agency, Rob empathizes with the challenges many brands face in marketing. His mission revolves around aiding small businesses in accelerating their growth by refining their messaging. Through his venture, Hughes Integrated, a StoryBrand Certified Marketing Agency, he guides businesses in clarifying their messages for maximum impact. Rob's influence extends beyond consulting; he is also a respected marketing keynote speaker and podcast host. His sessions on marketing and branding captivate audiences, offering engaging, interactive, and inspiring insights that resonate with entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their marketing strategies.About Hughes Integrated:Hughes Integrated is a dynamic marketing agency that empowers businesses through clear messaging, effective strategies, and functional websites. With a dedicated focus on helping businesses craft compelling narratives, the agency excels in refining clients' messages for maximum impact. By understanding the essence of a brand, Hughes Integrated devises strategies that resonate with the target audience, ensuring a strong and memorable market presence. Moreover, the agency emphasizes the importance of a functional website, recognizing it as a cornerstone for successful online engagement. With their expertise, Hughes Integrated guides businesses towards an online presence that looks appealing and functions seamlessly, enhancing user experience and driving meaningful interactions. Hughes Integrated equips businesses with the tools necessary to thrive in today's competitive market landscape, making them a valuable partner for companies aiming to enhance their online visibility and customer...

    1705 – How to Attract Perfect Clients on LinkedIn with Nate Morse from Apex Conversion

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founder of APEX Conversion, Nate Morse.Nate Morse is the brains behind Apex Conversion System, a company dedicated to helping industry leaders generate high-quality leads on LinkedIn. Apex's mission is to assist those with valuable offerings who struggle to find and attract the right clients. They have a three-phase approach that begins with a discovery phase, where they identify the client's values and target audience.Nate's experience in the online world has taught him that understanding the buyer's journey can significantly impact lead generation. Apex Conversion System works with coaches, consultants, agencies, nonprofits, and financial advisors who offer high-ticket products or services.Nate has also authored a book, "The LinkedIn High Ticket Handbook," which guides optimizing LinkedIn profiles and building an audience for conversion. This book is a valuable resource for individuals who know they should be on LinkedIn but need help getting started and making their profiles stand out.Nate emphasizes being hyper-relevant during the first discovery call and tailoring the conversation to the specific market and opportunity. During the call, they audit the prospect's LinkedIn account and provide insights based on their successful methodologies.Key Points from the Episode:Introduction of Nate Morse, founder of Apex Conversion SystemExplanation of Apex Conversion System's three-phase approach for lead generation on LinkedInEmphasis on the importance of talking to the right people and delivering personalized messagingMention of Nate's book, "The LinkedIn High Ticket Handbook," for optimizing LinkedIn profilesDiscussion on the importance of networking and reaching out to the right people for content promotionExplanation of leveraging LinkedIn groups for engagement and connecting with a larger audienceInsight into the questions asked during the first discovery call with prospectsExplanation of the ideal stage of a company to work with Apex Conversion SystemAbout Nate Morse:Nate Morse is the innovative founder behind the APEX Conversion System, renowned for transforming how business leaders harness the power of LinkedIn. With over seven years of expertise, he guides revolutionary entrepreneurs towards unprecedented client success. Nate's approach, rooted in tried-and-tested principles and methodologies, empowers professionals to transition from uncertainty to predictable triumph. One of his key strengths lies in meticulous data research, enabling clients to identify lucrative opportunities with precision. Through Nate's guidance, businesses can navigate LinkedIn's complexities, ensuring visibility and genuine connections that translate into tangible success. His impactful strategies have reshaped the landscape of client engagement, making him a trusted advisor for those seeking to enhance their online presence and achieve consistent, measurable results.About APEX Conversion:The Apex Conversion System is a cutting-edge business enhancement solution designed to elevate enterprises by implementing the most influential global conversion strategies. Specializing in maximizing business potential, Apex Conversion System supercharges ventures with unparalleled techniques that ensure optimal conversion rates. This system empowers businesses to reach their peak...

    1704 - Unlocking Unshakable Confidence: Mastering the Art of Decision Making with Paul Epstein

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Chief Impact Officer of PurposePoint, Paul Epstein.Paul Epstein, the author of the book "Better Decisions Faster," emphasizes that life and business are essentially a series of decisions and actions. Drawing from his experience as a sports executive and working with elite performers, he underscores the importance of being decisive and confident in making decisions. According to Paul, indecision is the worst possible decision, leading to inaction and missed opportunities.One of the key insights Paul shared is that highly successful individuals are comfortable with imperfect action. They focus on the process rather than solely on the outcomes. This approach, Paul believes, is a formula for building and sustaining unshakable confidence. He introduces the "head heart hands equation," which emphasizes the significance of purpose and how it drives sustained high performance.Leadership comes with its own set of challenges, particularly in maintaining high standards and integrity. Paul explains that confidence is built by consistently acting on one's values. He encourages individuals to identify their core values and act upon them consistently. He believes this is the key to building and sustaining confidence over time.Paul introduces an interesting analogy, comparing confidence to a dimmer switch. He explains that confident individuals approach each day with the mindset of improving their confidence level, incrementally increasing it. This gradual adjustment of confidence levels resembles how a dimmer switch works.Key Points from the Episode:Importance of better decision-making in business and lifeThe role of decisiveness and taking action in achieving success and happinessThe concept of imperfect action and focusing on the processThe "head heart hands equation" for building unshakable confidenceThe significance of purpose in driving high performanceMaintaining high standards and integrity as a leaderSustaining confidence over timeBalancing consensus and decisive actionThe importance of confidence in organizations and its impact on various aspectsAbout Paul Epstein:Paul Epstein boasts an impressive 15-year career in professional sports management, having worked with several NFL and NBA teams, a global sports agency, and the NFL league office. He has achieved remarkable milestones, including breaking premium revenue records in Super Bowl history, inaugurating a billion-dollar stadium, and establishing the San Francisco 49ers Talent Academy, earning him the nickname “Why Coach.” Paul is a renowned sports executive and an award-winning keynote speaker, recognized by SUCCESS Magazine as a top thought leader. His influence extends to leadership development and culture transformation programs for prominent organizations like Amazon, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, NASA, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Dallas Cowboys. Paul's expertise has been featured in major media outlets such as ESPN, NBC, Fox Business, and USA Today. Additionally, he is an accomplished author, having penned the bestseller "The Power of Playing Offense" and is set to release his second book, "Better Decisions Faster," in 2023.About PurposePoint:PurposePoint is a collective of inspirational thought leaders, authors, speakers, coaches, and consultants who foster purpose-driven initiatives. This diverse team collaborates to ignite a sense of...

    1703 – Court Avenue As Your Go-To Experts for Digital Strategy with Kenny Tomlin

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Co-Founde & Partner of CourtAvenue, Kenny Tomlin.Court Avenue primarily works with Fortune 1000 companies and emerging challengers in the venture-backed and private equity-funded space. They offer various services, including managing and operating clients' digital presence, utilizing AI and emerging technologies for customer engagement, developing digital products and software, and optimizing platforms like Salesforce and Adobe.Kenny shared that the industry has evolved significantly due to the rapid emergence of new technologies. This evolution presents both challenges and opportunities for their clients. Court Avenue is known for its expertise in digital strategy, helping clients navigate the competitive landscape and improve their business by adopting emerging technologies. They also specialize in the shopper e-commerce category, assisting clients in succeeding in omnichannel retail, including online and in-store experiences.Kenny believes digital transformation has a return on investment and can help companies operate more effectively and efficiently. He mentioned that Court Avenue is expanding globally, with an office in Latin America, and they are actively looking for new clients.Key Points from the Episode:Introduction of Kenny Tomlin, co-founder and partner of Court AvenueCourt Avenue's specialization in digital transformation and working with Fortune 1000 companiesServices offered by Court Avenue, including managing digital presence and utilizing AI for customer engagementCourt Avenue's expertise in digital strategy and helping clients navigate the competitive landscapeFocus on shopper e-commerce and assisting clients in omnichannel retailBrands Court Avenue has worked with, such as General Mills and DellGrowth and future plans of Court Avenue, including expansion globally and seeking new clientsIdeal client for Court Avenue, someone in the C-suite who recognizes the importance of digital transformationAbout Kenny Tomlin:Kenny Tomlin, a prominent figure in the digital transformation realm, boasts a remarkable career spanning over 20 years. Notably, he founded Rockfish, a pioneering digital innovation agency celebrated globally for seamlessly merging strategy, creativity, and technology. Under his guidance, Rockfish experienced explosive growth and was eventually acquired by WPP in 2011. Tomlin's entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found ventures in diverse sectors, including real estate (AnthemIQ), hospitality (Superstition and Frame Hotels), and immersive technology (Subvrsive). His track record includes incubating award-winning software products like YouEarnedIt, acquired by Vista Equity in 2018. Currently, at CourtAvenue, he spearheads the product innovation lab and acquisitions, underscoring his enduring influence in shaping the digital landscape.About CourtAvenue:CourtAvenue, established in 2020, stands as a beacon of digital innovation crafted by a cadre of entrepreneurs, agency veterans, and business experts. This dynamic entity empowers some of the world's largest and most ambitious brands to expedite digital transformations. With a robust foundation rooted in expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, CourtAvenue catalyzes businesses aiming to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. By leveraging a wealth of industry knowledge and innovative strategies, the company facilitates seamless transitions into the digital realm for its clients. Embracing the challenges posed by the ever-evolving...

    1702 - The Shifting Industry: Software with Jafton's Sardor Akhmedov

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Co-Owner of Jafton, Sardor Akhmedov.Jafton has been in the business for ten years, working with various clients, from startups to enterprise clients like Alaska Airlines. Their main focus is on app development, and they have worked on projects for well-known companies such as Kroger and Allbirds.Sardor shared some examples of the clients they have worked with and the impact they have had. He highlighted their work on mobile apps for companies like Kroger, Allbirds, and Alaska Airlines. But their expertise doesn't stop there. They also excel in staff augmentation, providing designers and developers to existing tech teams.Sardor expressed his excitement about working with startup clients, creating something new and disruptive in the industry. They are building social media and dating apps that promise to bring innovation to the market. He even mentioned a unique app they developed for dogs, where users can match their dogs with other dogs.Sardor also shared his advice on choosing a development partner for app development. He warned about the saturated market and advised checking the number of employees listed on a company's LinkedIn profile to ensure they have their talent. He cautioned against over-negotiating, as it can affect the agency's motivation to complete the project. Key Points from the Episode:Overview of Jafton's app development services and clientsDiscussion of Jafton's work with startups and disruptive appsTrends and advancements in the app development industry, including no code and low code platformsPotential impact of AI on businesses in the next five yearsGrowth strategies and attracting clients for JaftonAdvice on choosing a development partner for app developmentFastest ways to get in touch with Jafton for project discussionsTransparency and documentation practices at Jafton, including call recordingsAbout Sardor Akhmedov:Sardor Akhmedov is a prominent serial tech entrepreneur and public speaker known for his multifaceted roles in the tech industry. As the COO and managing partner at and, Akhmedov plays a crucial role in these innovative tech companies. Additionally, he is a co-founder of, a global nonprofit organization that unites Uzbekistanians living abroad.Akhmedov's career showcases his commitment to leveraging technology for meaningful impact. His leadership at and demonstrates his expertise in managing and scaling tech ventures. Furthermore, his involvement in highlights his dedication to fostering connections within the Uzbekistani diaspora community worldwide.With a reputation for excellence in the tech sector and a commitment to community-building, Sardor Akhmedov continues to be a driving force in the intersection of technology and social impact.About Jafton:Jafton is a pioneering tech company known for its core values and innovative approach. Their commitment to transparency fosters trust among clients and team members, enabling clear communication of goals and visions. Speed and quality are paramount at Jafton, especially when collaborating with funded startups, allowing clients to outpace their competitors through rapid and high-quality project development.Embracing innovation, Jafton consistently incorporates cutting-edge technologies into its projects, ensuring a dynamic and forward-thinking approach. Their curiosity drives them to explore unique solutions for each project, constantly...

    1701 – Doing What You Do Best Even Better with's Emily Sander

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Executive Coach, Former Chief of Staff, Founder & ICF-Certified Coach of Next Level Coaching, LLC, Emily Sander.Emily likens herself to "Yoda" for leaders, guiding them to operate at the peak of their potential. She believes that while leaders can gain a lot from books and videos, there comes a point where they need someone else to provide training and offer an outside perspective.According to Emily, executive coaching is particularly beneficial for leaders in high authority roles. It provides a safe space for them to vent, brainstorm, and receive feedback on their blind spots. She also touched on the loneliness of being a CEO or founder and the importance of having someone to confide in.Coaching can help leaders manage their time, energy, and mindset, enabling them to perform at their best. The structure of coaching sessions can vary depending on the specific needs of the leader, whether it's preparing for an interview, navigating a new role, or addressing mindset and beliefs.Emily explained the importance of hiring a Chief of Staff for early-stage founders. While it may not be necessary when a company only has 2 or 3 employees, once the team grows and there is a need for coordination and strategic initiatives, a Chief of Staff becomes invaluable.A Chief of Staff is a gap filler, taking on various responsibilities and filling in the gaps in the founder's skillset. Emily gave an example of a CEO with a technical background but lacked expertise in people operations and HR. In this case, a Chief of Staff was brought in to handle those areas.Key Points from the Episode:The value of coaching for leaders in high authority rolesThe benefits of coaching in providing a safe space for venting, brainstorming, and receiving feedbackThe importance of having someone to confide in as a CEO or founderHow coaching can help leaders manage their time, energy, and mindsetThe varying structure of coaching sessions based on specific needsThe significance of coaching certifications, particularly the ICF certificationDiscussion on when founders should consider hiring a Chief of StaffThe role of a Chief of Staff in coordinating and filling gaps in a founder's skillsetAbout Emily Sander:Emily Sander is a seasoned business professional with over 15 years of experience in various leadership roles. Her career highlights include being part of the initial testing team for the groundbreaking Kindle device and co-founding a startup with just six team members. Emily's expertise extends to building global client management teams from the ground up and optimizing processes within established companies. She has also served as Chief of Staff for CEOs and leadership teams, demonstrating her ability to operate at the highest levels of corporate leadership.Driven by her passion for helping individuals reach their full potential, Emily transitioned into a full-time coaching role. She now works with business leaders worldwide, from early-career professionals to seasoned executives and entrepreneurs. Emily's unique blend of corporate and coaching experience culminated in the authorship of "Hacking Executive Leadership," a concise and accessible book that distills her insights into effective leadership. She also authored a book "An Insider's Perspective on the Chief of Staff," shedding light on the often-underappreciated role in corporate settings....

    1700 – Blended Line with Pace Public Relations' Annie Pace Scranton

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Chief Executive Officer, Founder & President of Pace Public Relations, Annie Pace Scranton.Annie started the conversation by acknowledging the rapid changes in the media landscape, with traditional media outlets facing layoffs and closures. Despite these challenges, she emphasized that earned media will always hold weight and credibility, making it more meaningful than any ad or marketing campaign.Annie highlighted the importance of earned media for different types of clients. For companies seeking funding, being featured in respected publications or news programs can enhance their credibility and increase their chances of securing investments. For smaller clients looking to expand their customer base, digital placements in high-traffic websites can drive traffic to their websites and result in conversions.Beyond immediate visibility, Annie explained the long-term benefits of earned media, such as its impact on search engine optimization (SEO). Being quoted or mentioned in high domain authority websites can improve a company's reputation and attract prospective customers.However, she quickly pointed out that securing earned media is not a guarantee of overnight success. It requires additional efforts to maximize the visibility and impact of the media placement. This can include investing in SEO, creating a content calendar for social media, featuring the clip prominently on the company's website, and promoting it to the customer base through newsletters.Annie also discussed her book, "The Guide to Earned Media: How to Use PR Strategies to Enhance Your Brand." She explained that the book primarily targets students and PR communications professionals. Still, there is also a growing need for mid-level executives who may not have a dedicated PR professional or external agency. These individuals can benefit from learning PR skills to advance their careers and benefit their companies.Key Points from the Episode:Importance and value of earned mediaBenefits of earned media for different types of clientsLong-term benefits of earned media, including impact on SEOAdditional efforts required to maximize the visibility and impact of media placementsCase study of working with Andrew Yang and the Forward PartyDiscussion of Annie Scranton's book, "The Guide to Earned Media"Ongoing process of securing media placementsInsights into pitching the media and working effectively with journalists and producersAbout Annie Pace Scranton:Annie Pace Scranton is a prominent figure in the world of public relations, renowned for her role as the founder and President of Pace Public Relations, a distinguished global PR firm headquartered in New York City, NY. Scranton has established herself as a leading force in the industry with a track record of serving notable clients such as Away, Inc., Fast Company, and NewsNation. Her unwavering commitment to helping PR professionals secure meaningful placements for their companies is evident through her extensive contributions.Scranton's influence extends beyond her firm, as she frequently imparts her expertise at industry events, including Digital Summit, Silicon Slopes, Elevate, INBOUND, and Adweek. Furthermore, she plays a crucial role in shaping the next generation of PR practitioners as an adjunct professor at New York University (NYU). Annie Pace Scranton's remarkable career is marked by her dedication to elevating the field of...

    1699 – Fractional Integrator Services with Virtual DOO's Lloyd Thompson

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder of VirtualDOO, Lloyd Thompson.Lloyd Thompson, who has carved a niche for himself in operational leadership, shed light on the common pitfall founders often encounter. They get entangled in the day-to-day operations of their business, which hampers their ability to focus on strategy and sales. This is where Virtual Dojo steps in. They provide busy online business owners with a fractional director of operations who can lead their team, oversee operations, and drive process improvement.According to Lloyd, the founder's ideal role should shift when a company reaches a certain size, around ten or more employees. They should focus on where to take the business, making deals, and forming relationships. They should be the visionary driving the strategy while an operator, like a director of operations, handles the day-to-day operations. If a founder tries to do both, they get stuck in the weeds and can't effectively focus on growth.Lloyd emphasized the importance of bringing in external help to run a team when founders struggle to delegate decision-making. He suggested implementing regular rhythms and systems within the group to create a smoother workflow, such as team meetings, daily huddles, and feedback loops.Key Points from the Episodes:Importance of operational leadership in a growing companyFounders getting stuck in day-to-day operationsVirtual Dojo providing fractional director of operations for online business ownersFounder's role in focusing on strategy and salesChallenges of finding the right talent for operational leadershipImplementing regular rhythms and systems within the teamOrganizational audit to understand challenges and goalsVirtual Dojo's findings and recommendations for improvementWorking with businesses with 10 to 30 staff membersAbout Lloyd Thompson:Lloyd Thompson is the visionary founder of VirtualDOO and the accomplished author of "9 Ways to Leave Your Day-to-Day Operations." With a career spanning more than two decades in the corporate sector, Lloyd recognized an untapped niche in the market. He set out to empower busy business owners by relieving them of the burdensome daily operational responsibilities, allowing them to refocus their energy on their passions, strategic endeavors, and business expansion.At VirtualDOO, Lloyd and his team offer fractional "Director of Operations" services tailored to smaller, agile, non-corporate entities' unique needs. This innovative approach helps these businesses streamline operations, optimize efficiency, and thrive in their respective industries. Lloyd Thompson's expertise and dedication have made him a valuable asset to entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to scale their ventures while maintaining their distinctive character and agility.About VirtualDOO:VirtualDOO is a dynamic online business solution designed to liberate online business owners from the constraints of daily management tasks. This innovative platform empowers entrepreneurs by relieving them of the day-to-day operational burdens, allowing them to redirect their valuable time and energy towards pursuing their passions, refining their strategic vision, and actively seeking new business opportunities.VirtualDOO's services cater specifically to the unique needs of online businesses, offering tailored support and expertise in areas like operations management, administrative tasks, and logistical challenges.By outsourcing these essential functions to VirtualDOO, business...

    1698 – An Era of Peace And Abundance with Robert Indries Holdings' Robert Indries

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    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Chairman of Wesrom, Robert Indries.Robert Indries is not just a business advisor; he's a visionary with a purpose. His vision for the next 25 years is to help humanity achieve complete peace and abundance. This is not just a lofty ideal; it's a goal that drives his businesses. Robert's companies are geared towards making this vision a reality, from healthcare to energy.One of his companies, a marketing agency, has generated over a quarter billion dollars in sales for other entities. This success has changed lives and earned him wedding invites from grateful clients. It's a testament to the impact that a business can have when a purpose beyond profit drives it.According to Robert, operations are the glue that holds all aspects of a business together. From marketing to sales to delivery, operational excellence ensures these components work together seamlessly. It brings clarity and order to a business, leading to unimaginable growth.Robert highlights a saying that an empire can only crumble from within, which also applies to businesses. He explains that failure in a business is often caused by internal factors, such as lack of innovation, poor treatment of employees, or failure to provide value to clients.Robert suggests focusing on these three areas to assess weaknesses within an organization. He emphasizes the importance of one-on-one conversations with clients to understand their needs and experiences truly. Key Points from the Episode:Robert Indres' main impact in the worldRobert's vision for the futureWhat Robert would speak about in a TED talkThe importance of operations in businessAssessing weaknesses within an organizationRobert's vision for achieving peace and abundanceThe role of operations in business growthInternal factors that can cause failure in a businessImportance of open communication with clientsAbout Robert Indries:Robert Indries is a self-made entrepreneur hailing from Transylvania, Romania. Born into modest beginnings, he cultivated a strong work ethic through tending to livestock and farmland. Guided by the belief that learning transcends boundaries, he embarked on a journey that led to remarkable achievements. His global travels gave him invaluable insights into international businesses, enabling him to establish a prosperous empire of eight ventures generating seven-figure revenues annually.Robert's achievements extend beyond entrepreneurship, encompassing public speaking engagements across 17 countries in three languages. He has facilitated profound transformations for over 1,000 professionals, elevating their effectiveness two to tenfold, and has generated business value exceeding $500 million for clients. He has orchestrated the convergence of exceptional physical health and a fulfilling marriage, emphasizing holistic success. Robert's journey epitomizes resilience, resourcefulness, and a steadfast commitment to continuous growth.About Wesrom:Wesrom is a prominent Software Development and Marketing Firm in the UK, with a core focus on assisting businesses across the software development spectrum. Beyond typical agencies and internal teams, Wesrom sets itself apart through its comprehensive approach.In addition to providing access to a skilled team of developers, Wesrom offers a dedicated group of business and marketing experts. This ensures not only the technical success of a project but also its effective market positioning.Wesrom's commitment to transparency and client...