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Are you getting ready for a trip to Paris? Provence? Normandy? On this podcast we have conversations about France: we share trip reports, chat with tour guides, share tips on French culture, the basics of French history, explain how to be savvy traveler in France, and share our love of French food,…

Annie Sargent

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    How to Enjoy France on a Student Budget, Episode 395

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2022 56:05

    Today, Annie Sargent brings you a conversation with Josh Taylor about visiting France on a student budget. You don't need to be a student to learn from this episode because there are lots of us who enjoy a good deal if we know where to find it. And these days air travel is expensive, perhaps you can cut back on other expenses? Travel as much as you can when young and able. Don't let worries about money stop you, you can learn how to make it work with this episode and the resources Josh mentions. Keep in mind that you can always make more money, but you cannot get your youth back! Josh got pickpocketed and found a great workaround that didn't cost a fortune as well. We all know that money makes travel easier. Money makes everything easier. But knowledge can make up for not having as much cash, and that's what we talk about on episode 395 of Join Us in France. Palais Garnier Ticket Exchange and Cancellations Table of Contents for this Episode [00:00:00] Intro [00:01:07] Donor and listener support [00:02:21] Main show [00:03:02] Deals for Students [00:04:08] Bring your student card! [00:04:39] Plane tickets deals for students [00:05:57] Student Universe Deals Website [00:06:25] Events on specific dates you are there [00:07:05] Metro Ads for Events in Paris [00:07:58] Free events around holidays [00:08:45] Take advantage of the tourist office [00:09:49] Ask for free alternatives to activities you want [00:10:52] Food and groceries [00:12:21] Classic French dishes at the grocery stores [00:12:42] Book places that offer free breakfast [00:14:34] Give grocery stores a chance [00:15:47] Booking Train Tickets [00:16:11] Check multiple websites for deals [00:16:49] Look out for deal notifications [00:18:01] Buses are also inexpensive [00:18:30] Ouigo [00:18:55] BlaBlaCar [00:20:03] Save on luggage with carry-ons [00:20:33] Restaurants: go for lunch rather than dinner [00:20:54] Free Cancellation tickets [00:21:40] Take your time booking [00:22:40] Overnight train instead of a hotel [00:24:04] Navigo semaine pass [00:25:24] Wallet got stolen [00:26:56] Apple Pay works anywhere [00:28:03] Bring a debit card rather than credit [00:29:39] Wrong train/SNCF Connect app [00:31:10] Physical Exhaustion [00:32:03] Remember to take it easy [00:33:20] Don't have too many expectations [00:35:17] Favorite activities [00:35:24] Chaumont-sur-Loire jardins [00:37:03] Musée d'Orsay [00:38:00] Jazz Club 38 Riv [00:39:01] Drag Show Madame Arthur [00:39:45] Paris Ballet [00:41:25] Blois, Son et Lumière [00:41:47] Île de la Cité [00:42:30] Check out the guest notes for more from Joshua [00:43:11] Outro[00:43:11] Thank you, patrons [00:43:51] Visit the website [00:44:16] Hire me [00:45:15] Self-guided tours [00:46:14] Related episodes [00:46:31] This Week in French news [00:48:31] Personal update [00:52:47] Closing [00:53:17] Next week on the podcsat, Rosa Bonheur What are your tips for traveling to France within a strict budget? Share your own tips on the podcast's Facebook group! Do tell our excellent moderators that you listen to the podcast or then won't let you in! More episodes about visiting France on a budget Episode Page | Guest Notes | Transcript

    A Brief History of the Tour de France, Episode 394

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 19, 2022 67:05

    In this episode of the podcast, Elyse Rivin of Toulouse Guided Walks tells us about the birth of the bicycle and of the Tour de France. The first the Tour de France in 1903 started small but hasn't stopped growing ever since. Why do we love bicycles so much anyway? Most French people worked in agriculture then and it's a fact that bicycles gave young men much freedom. Some people feared what young women might do if they had the freedom a bicycle afforded them! In this episode we wonder who wore the first yellow jersey and why? Where's a great place to watch the Tour go by in Paris? What's the publicity caravan all about? Why is the tour so popular today? Click play and get ready for a fantastic Tour starting July 1, 2022. Table of Contents for this Episode [00:00:00] Intro [00:00:38] Today's Episode of the Join Us in France Podcast [00:01:03] Keep your stuff safe [00:01:42] French Immersion / Join Us in France Reunion / France Bootcamp [00:03:00] Main show [00:03:44] How many times have they witnessed Tour de France in person? [00:05:13] More fun watching the Tour de France on TV? [00:06:13] True fans follow their team around [00:06:57] Tour de France still happened despite COVID [00:07:23] When and where does it start? [00:07:37] Stages or étapes? [00:08:15] Why are they starting in Copenhagen? [00:09:16] An exceptional year [00:09:58] Distance covered by the Tour de France this year [00:10:53] What are the stages of the Tour this year? [00:11:22] Towns pay to be a stop [00:12:28] The end stage in Paris is different this year [00:13:35] They do disturb traffic everywhere [00:13:59] Website to follow the event [00:14:42] When was the first Tour de France? [00:15:15] When was the bicycle invented? [00:16:14] When was the modern bicycle invented? [00:17:21] The first Tour de France [00:17:36] Le Vélo Newspaper Political Story [00:19:14] Bike Race to Sell the Newspaper? [00:20:14] Farmer Champion [00:21:48] Scandals and cheating on the Tour [00:22:14] Three main things were there from the beginning [00:23:22] 1911 tried high mountains [00:24:13] No races during WWI [00:24:18] When and Why the Yellow Jersey? [00:25:54] Why watch it? [00:26:46] The best place to watch it from [00:28:14] Publicity Caravans [00:29:44] Menier Chocolate the First Advertiser [00:30:47] Taken over after the war [00:31:54] Television changed everything for the Tour [00:33:08] When were drones introduced? [00:34:04] They also have motorcycles [00:35:02] How many people watch the Tour? [00:36:53] What other sports are popular to watch? [00:37:58] Teams and bikers this year [00:38:38] Commercial company sponsors vs Country representation [00:39:27] Keeping Tour de France Clean [00:39:51] Health risks during the tour [00:40:34] A little dangerous for the public too [00:41:10] Trinkets from the publicity caravans [00:41:50] If you're waiting to see the tour [00:42:41] The First Women's Tour de France [00:46:29] Thank you, patrons! [00:46:53] Shout out to new patrons [00:48:17] Preparing a trip to France? [00:48:46] Hire Annie [00:49:44] Take the self-guided tours [00:50:36] Travel question of the week [00:54:07] Feedback from Toulouse visitor [00:56:14] Personal update [00:57:07] Chateau de Mereville [00:57:27] La Grotte de Pech-Merle [00:57:44] Restaurants [00:57:54] Farm [00:58:08] Winery [00:58:25] Stranded by mechanical failure [01:00:26] Road side assistance in France [01:04:07] Show notes [01:04:34] Next week on the podcast Episode Page | Show Notes | Transcript

    Life on the Canal du Midi, Episode 393

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 12, 2022 51:44

    Today, Annie Sargent brings you a conversation with Michel Ravitsky about Life on the Canal du Midi. Michel is French and a young retiree. He lives on his barge (péniche in French) part-time. Michel has taken some great trips on the Canal du Midi and other canals as he explains. If you ever think about renting a boat on a Canal in France, and especially on the Canal du Midi, you'll want to listen to this episode because Michel gives us the inside view of what it's like. He's seen boat renters struggle to make it work and fall into traps that leads them to waste their time. There are things you can do to make your vacation on the Canal du Midi smoother!   Episode Page | Transcript Table of Contents for this Episode [00:00:00] Intro [00:02:54] Annie and David: Oops, we lost a bit of the recording! [00:03:34] A barge is a great way to have a small apartment in the Toulouse city center [00:05:08] Bateau d'intérêt patrimonial [00:06:05] Annie and Michel: Canal Navigation 101 [00:06:34] Need software for navigation or you get lost [00:06:43] How to navigate canals between Amsterdam and Toulouse [00:07:09] Sometimes currents are very strong in Spring [00:07:39] Took 3 months at 8 km/h [00:08:13] Do you need a permit? [00:08:38] Visitors don't have to have a permit [00:09:21] Favourite Places on Canal du Midi? [00:09:45] La Baïse, a narrow river for small boats [00:10:17] Seuil de Naurouze, a beautiful spot not too far from Toulouse [00:10:49] Locks close at night [00:11:21] Where do you dock for the night? [00:12:16] Big floating RV [00:12:53] Getting around when you stop somewhere [00:13:31] Castelnaudary, a popular stop on the Canal du Midi [00:13:56] Going through the original locks from the 17th century [00:14:28] Tourists along the canal [00:14:52] When's the best time to go? [00:15:11] Yachts and sailboats on the Canal du Midi [00:15:39] Fees to pay? [00:16:03] Canal Authority fees [00:16:32] Diseased trees along Canal du Midi [00:17:52] What does he like to do on the canal? [00:18:02] Stopping along the way to do watercolour [00:18:33] Services along the canal [00:19:20] How long to pass a lock? [00:20:01] Gendarmerie de Castelnaudary [00:21:01] No longer used for freight [00:21:49] Cycling along the canal [00:22:46] Is the Canal du Midi safe? [00:23:03] A family lifestyle or not? [00:23:24] Speed limits [00:24:15] At the helm all the time? [00:25:19] How many days in a year do you sail? [00:26:02] Dropping friends off at railway stations [00:26:35] Mechanical issues [00:27:52] Canal cruises take a lot of time [00:28:39] Apps or Maps for Getting Around the Canals [00:30:37] Try to speak a little French [00:31:10] Most locks are automatic [00:31:37] Are people friendly? [00:33:28] Thank you, patrons [00:34:38] Prepare your trip to France [00:34:57] Hire me to be your itinerary consultant [00:36:00] Self-guided tours [00:36:58] How do taxis work in Paris? [00:43:41] Paris taxis and credit cards [00:46:21] Use Apple Pay or Google Pay [00:47:21] Do you need to tip your taxi driver? Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking  

    The Jardin des Plantes in Paris, Episode 392

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 5, 2022 47:07

    The Jardin des Plantes in Paris is one of the most wonderful places to visit with kids of all ages. Translated literally, it mean botanical garden. But there is a lot more to it than your average botanical garden. The Jardin des Plantes is a major institution in Paris and encompasses the Gallery of Evolution, the Mineralogy area, the Palaeontology area, the Greenhouses, and a Zoo! Episode Page | Show Notes | Transcript Table of Contents for this Episode [00:00:00] Intro [00:01:56] About the Jardin des Plantes in Paris [00:02:04] Where is Le Jardin des Plantes? [00:02:45] How big is it? [00:03:20] What can you do? [00:04:02] There's more to the name [00:04:31] What can you visit? [00:04:34] What you see first [00:04:45] Grande Galerie de l'Evolution [00:06:28] How does the ticketing work? [00:07:28] Galerie de Mineralogie et Geologie [00:08:51] Galerie de Paleontologie et d'Anatomie Comparee [00:11:06] Serres du Jardin des Plantes [00:12:24] Amphitheater [00:12:35] Menagerie [00:14:01] Botanical Garden [00:14:09] Special exhibits [00:14:52] Checkout the website for special exhibits [00:16:19] Ticketing at the Jardin des Plantes [00:18:26] The history of the Jardin des Plantes [00:19:22] How it all started [00:20:14] Royal Medicinal Garden [00:22:26] Decided to expand it [00:22:42] Count Buffon [00:23:55] Thank you for the coffee, Buffon! [00:25:06] Scientific Discovery Rush [00:26:22] L'Histoire de la Naturelle [00:27:05] The Gloriette [00:28:25] Bufon planted lots of trees [00:28:50] Restored after the revolution [00:31:16] The greenhouses and gardens [00:31:42] Ecological garden [00:32:32] Botanical Garden is free [00:33:46] School children visit the museums [00:34:08] How long do the tours take? [00:34:33] Don't rush through the VoiceMap tours [00:37:17] Thank you Patrons and Donors! [00:39:22] Hire Annie to be your itinerary consultant Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    Looking for a place to call your own in France, Episode 391

    Play Episode Listen Later May 29, 2022 66:59

    Patty and her husband are actively looking for a place to call their own in France and they are leaving no stone unturned, as you will hear when you play this episode. Because Patty and her husband have a goal to move to France within 5 years, when they come to France they don't look for the best tourist attractions. Instead, look for places where they might want to live. They travel to get the feel of a place and they also usually visit the nearby attractions. Header photo: this is the village of Montolieu, village du livre et d'art near Carcassonne, France. Looking for a place to call your own in France Their search lead them to the Rhone Valley, Burgundy, the Aude and the Ariège. These are the sort of beautiful places they'd like to retire to eventually. Places that are not touristy, with charm and character, affordable prices, and easy access to a city and services. After my chat with Patty Annie will share a scary personal update, travel tips and news and AT LONG LAST! Some details about the French Immersion / Join Us in France Reunion I am planning for all of you who would like to join me in France May 21 through May 27, 2023 in Toulouse. I'll be emailing everyone on my email list about it as well. If you're not on the email list, subscribe here. Table of Contents for this Episode [00:00:00] Intro [00:03:09] Looking for a place to call your own in France [00:03:18] Patty's trip [00:04:08] Why the trip? [00:04:48] The places she enjoyed [00:04:51] Loved Montolieu [00:05:41] Worst season for tourism [00:06:03] Carnival in Limoux [00:08:27] Wine from the Abbey [00:09:26] Montolieu [00:10:31] Bram [00:10:50] Quillan [00:12:18] Carcassonne [00:13:10] Two-Michelin-star restaurant [00:15:04] Narbonne [00:15:49] Mirepoix and Ariège [00:16:48] Ariège [00:16:54] Foix [00:17:43] It's wet [00:19:02] Skiing [00:20:48] Clientele [00:21:36] Castelnaudary [00:23:21] Traveling back across South [00:23:35] Uzès [00:24:30] Market in Uzès [00:24:43] Candy Museum [00:27:06] Rouille de Seiche [00:28:10] Birthday in Lyon [00:29:42] In Burgundy [00:30:00] Lons-le-Saunier [00:30:42] Chalon-sur-Saône [00:31:48] Baume-les-Messieurs [00:35:02] Looking at a place with the eyes of a potential resident [00:35:45] Places where they don't switch to English the second they hear your accent [00:36:56] Getting to a good level of fluency in French [00:37:47] Using iTalki to struggle through and converse in French [00:40:10] Thank you Patrons! [00:41:39] Itinerary Consult with Annie [00:43:56] Travel tips and news [00:43:58] What is the best way to enter the Louvre? [00:45:38] Getting your Covid test before you fly home [00:47:22] Ascension is a national holiday in France [00:48:21] Grotte Cosquer, a replica of a painted cave in Marseille [00:51:11] French Immersion with Join Us in France [00:53:47] Fire at Annie's house

    A Brief History of the Chemin de Compostelle, Episode 390

    Play Episode Listen Later May 22, 2022 56:58

    In today's episode of the podcast, Elyse Rivin of Toulouse Guided Walks shares a brief history of the Chemin de Compostelle, how it evolved over the several hundred years and what it looks like today. Walking the Chemin de Compostelle is more popular than ever, even for pilgrims who are not religious at all. Many people walk a section of the Camino every year because it's good for the body and the soul as well. Table of Contents for this Episode [00:00:00] Intro [00:02:04] The Pilgrimage [00:02:49] Pilgrimage routes in different religions [00:03:41] What matters most in this pilgrimage? [00:05:05] Kinds of pilgrimages [00:05:47] Why Compostelle? [00:07:04] James the Apostle [00:07:49] Spain didn't work [00:08:15] Herod killed him [00:09:01] Took him out of Jerusalem [00:09:31] Washed out in Spain [00:09:53] Renewed interest in this spot in northern Spain [00:11:14] Discovery of Saint James's remains [00:12:07] People started coming to the place [00:12:50] French monk [00:13:31] He wrote a detailed guidebook [00:14:23] Pushback [00:15:24] Promoted by Ferdinand and Isabella [00:15:56] Popularity wanes [00:17:17] Revival of pilgrimages [00:17:37] The pilgrimage routes [00:19:14] The seashell symbol [00:20:58] Souvenirs [00:22:23] Other symbols [00:22:44] The staff [00:25:30] The four routes [00:25:32] The first route from Paris: la Tour de Saint Jacques [00:28:17] The second route from Vézelay [00:29:28] The third route from Puy en Vélay [00:30:04] The fourth route [00:30:47] Doing the routes [00:31:06] Free lodging? [00:32:34] Apps and guides [00:32:55] Where to stay? [00:33:34] A fascrinating endeavor [00:34:43] Villages everywhere [00:35:51] Not a party route [00:37:27] Bicycle route? [00:38:45] Outro[00:38:45] Patrons [00:39:28] Video for patrons [00:39:55] Hire my services [00:40:55] Paris self-guided tours [00:41:43] French tip of the week [00:44:15] This week in French news [00:46:59] Travel news [00:47:50] Personal update [00:52:10] Reading Victor Hugo [00:53:34] Closing [00:54:49] Legal notice FOLLOW US ON: Email | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

    Classic French Recipes with a Vegan Twist, Episode 389

    Play Episode Listen Later May 15, 2022 55:27

    Do you need some inspiration for healthy meals at home? Listen to this episode! Annie Sargent and Sarala Terpstra geek out about French food and how to make it vegan. Tips for home cooks and vegan visitors who love French food. Keep in mind that a lot of classic French recipes that are vegan to begin with, do you know which ones? #joinusinfrance #vegan #recipes Sarala's and Annie's Cookbooks Sarala's cookbook: Vegan French Favorites: 30 Beloved French Recipes Reimagined Annie's cookbook: Join Us at the Table: Easy French Recipes Anyone Can Make at Home How about vegan visitors in France? Vegans visiting France can find many food options, especially in big cities. But inexpensive restaurants don't try to make classic French food vegan. Instead, they'll serve you curries or poke bowls, etc. The more expensive restaurants work harder at adapting French food to be, but it's a lot more work than making a basic vegan curry. Michelin Bib restaurants are especially good for vegans looking for an upscale meal in France. Table of Contents for this Episode [00:00:00] Classic French Recipes with a Vegan Twist [00:02:37] Interview [00:03:09] How long has Sarala been vegan? [00:04:02] Indian food is much more flavourful [00:04:37] Annie's book: Join Us a the Table [00:05:11] What is it like eating vegan in France? [00:05:36] Restaurants aren't prejudiced about vegan customers [00:05:54] Restaurants might try to accommodate vegans [00:07:30] Recipes in Sarala's cookbook: French Vegan Favorites [00:09:01] Ratatouille [00:09:15] Vegan French onion soup [00:09:58] La Pissaladière [00:10:35] Vegan sorbet [00:11:07] Végan béchamel [00:11:33] Blanquette de veau [00:11:55] Vegan galettes [00:13:20] Pan con tomate [00:13:24] Poulet Basquaise [00:13:32] Vegan salade juive [00:14:11] Soupe au pistou [00:14:29] Tian de légumes (always vegan!) [00:15:31] Mains in Sarala's cookbook [00:16:32] Beet tartare [00:16:48] Cassoulet [00:17:48] Cauliflower-au-vin [00:18:21] Vegan coq-au-vin [00:18:54] A lot of dishes were people just being resourceful [00:19:34] Snails [00:19:55] French cooking is not that complicated [00:22:00] Vegan fondue Savoyarde [00:22:34] Vegan gratin dauphinois [00:23:27] Vegan spinach souffle [00:24:10] Vegan tomates farcies [00:24:31] Vegan tomato tart [00:25:21] Vegan deserts [00:25:50] Vegan clafoutis [00:26:10] Reproducing cheese using vegetables [00:27:40] Favorite vegan meals you can make at home [00:27:58] Vegan braised endives [00:28:30] Vegan leeks and chicken [00:28:48] Vegan fondue de poireaux [00:29:30] Leeks are underrated and used a lot in France [00:29:54] Cauliflower florets [00:30:42] Using an air fryer [00:31:57] Buffalo sauce [00:33:01] Vegan sauces and dips [00:33:18] How do you find vegan restaurants in France? [00:35:19] Which apps can you find vegan restaurants on in France? [00:36:17] Do Indian restaurants in France have good vegan options? [00:36:27] Where to find Sarala's cookbook? [00:37:15] How is Béziers? [00:37:52] No bank account and visa [00:39:42] Any discrimination? [00:40:57] Thank you, patrons [00:42:21] Itinerary consult / Voicemap tours [00:44:21] Related episodes [00:44:34] French tip of the week [00:45:33] This week in French news [00:48:29] The Cluny Museum is open again [00:49:57] No more mask mandates on public transportation in France [00:51:23] Annie's personal update   Episode Page | Guest Notes | Transcript

    The Crusade Against the Cathars, Episode 388

    Play Episode Listen Later May 8, 2022 67:45

    Crusade Against the Cathars took place in the 1200s in Occitanie. Back then, France did not exist as the country we know today. There were regional dukes and counts who controlled different areas. The crusade against the Cathars was both a war of religion and a war of conquest. As you listen to this episode, you'll understand how this crusade against the Cathrars is how much of Occitanie became part of France. Book recommended in this episode: Massacre at Montségur by Zoé Oldenbourg. Today the landscape is breathtaking and Cathar Country is a wonderful place to visit any time of year because the weather is so pleasant there. It's also one of those places in the south of France where real estate prices are still reasonable for those of you who are thinking about finding your place in the sun in France. Episode Page | Show Notes | Transcript [00:00:00] Intro     [00:02:42] Main show     [00:03:02] Also listen to the episode about the beliefs and lifestyle of Cathars     [00:03:51] The 1200s in Occitanie     [00:04:37] In the 1200s France did not exist as we know it today     [00:05:11] How did the war begin?     [00:05:58] Attempts to stop it     [00:07:31] An army was created     [00:08:51] Arnaud Amaury, the Monk at the head of the crusade     [00:09:19] An army makes its way dowh the Rhone and towards Béziers     [00:10:58] The Siege of Béziers     [00:12:15] “Kill them all, God will know”     [00:12:55] Crusade or Genocide?     [00:13:30] Roger Trencavel of Carcassonne     [00:15:02] Allies refused     [00:17:02] Seeking refuge within the walls of Carcassonne     [00:19:01] Trencavel gives himself up to save his people     [00:20:12] Simon de Montfort     [00:21:19] Simon de Montfort takes Carcassonne     [00:22:47] Lavaur     [00:23:43] Dame Guiraude     [00:25:22] They took Lavaur     [00:26:17] Toulouse     [00:27:09] Simon de Montfort takes Toulouse     [00:27:34] The Revolt of the Barons     [00:28:36] Pierre of Aragon is killed     [00:29:17] Third revolt in Toulouse     [00:31:04] Simon de Montfort dies     [00:33:12] The Treaty of Meaux     [00:34:25] Raymond VII diese     [00:35:40] War ends. Cathars laying low     [00:36:03] Pope's still not happy     [00:36:59] The First Inquisition     [00:38:59] Roger de Pereille     [00:39:59] Montségur     [00:41:20] Marker     [00:42:15] The Siege of Montségur     [00:44:32] Montségur is breached     [00:45:46] The end of the Cathars     [00:47:03] Visiting Montségur today     [00:50:32] Book about Montségur     [00:51:39] Patrons and donors make this podcast possible!     [00:53:07] Get ready for your own great trip to France with Annie     [00:53:42] French expression of the week     [00:57:18] French news     [00:59:07] Travel news     [01:01:45] Personal update     [01:03:32] Annie's test drive     [01:04:59] Next week on the podcast Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    A Primer on Cathar Theology, Episode 387

    Play Episode Listen Later May 1, 2022 54:10

    Have you heard the Cathars? It is a religion that thrived in the Southwest of France for 100 years during the Middle Ages, then disappeared in a violent crusade. On today's episode of Join Us in France, we discuss the wild beliefs Cathars held so dear that they were willing to die for them. We'll talk about dualism, spiritual prison, reincarnation, "bons hommes", perfects, Jesus as a "hologram", and of the importance of consolation. As seen from today's standards, the Cathars had shocking beliefs that put them at odds with the Catholic church. And yet this religion spread all over the Languedoc area in France. This is the area between Toulouse, Foix, Perpignan, Béziers, and Albi. How did this happen? Why did people convert to this religion although they risked being killed for heresy? After listening to this episode, you'll understand how the people loved Cathar preachers (they called them "Perfects") and feared Catholic clergy. Table of Contents for our discussion on Cathar Theology [00:00:00] Intro [00:00:37] Anout the Cathars and their strange religion [00:01:47] Sponsorship [00:02:34] Annie and Elyse talk about Cathar Theology [00:03:16] Cathar = Purification and they did not call themselves by that name [00:04:02] The basics of Cathar theology [00:05:35] Materialistic [00:11:02] Who is Jesus in Cathar theology? [00:13:58] Jesus brings Consolation [00:14:39] Church of Rome was evil [00:15:27] Communion [00:16:06] The relics [00:17:27] Cathars were vegan [00:19:10] Consolamentum or spiritual death [00:20:49] Getting the Consolamentum at the end of one's life [00:21:37] Becoming a Perfect [00:22:36] Regular people got the Melioramentum [00:23:47] Why the Catholic Church wasn not okay with this [00:24:42] Perfects were like children [00:25:39] Perfects lived in poverty and relied on the community [00:26:02] Why did people become Cathars? [00:26:58] Catholics weren't taught theology at all [00:29:38] Cathars believed in equality [00:31:51] Troubadours sang songs about evil Catholic leaders [00:32:16] Don't worry about things, what matters is the spirit [00:32:51] The organization of the Cathar church [00:33:24] The good works of the Cathar religion [00:34:43] In the Southwest wealthy families became Cathars [00:36:20] Cathars were loved and Catholics were feared [00:36:36] Women in the Cathar church [00:39:36] The Cathar movement lasted about 100 years before they were all killed [00:40:01] The next episode is going to be about the crusade against the Cathars [00:40:53] Cathars didn't leave behind churches [00:42:27] Cathar country is where nature and history are mingled into one [00:42:55] Thank you Patrons and Donors! [00:44:54] Itinerary Consult [00:45:30] This week in French News [00:48:26] Annie's personal update [00:49:47] Book recommendation: My Remarkable Journey More episodes about the Southwest of France   Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    7 Day Trips from Paris, Episode 386

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 24, 2022 67:33

    On this episode of the podcast, Jennifer Gruenke tells us about her 7 day trips from Paris on public transportation. She went to Rambouillet, Auvers-sur-Oise, Fontainebleau, Saint-Cloud, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Provins, and Versailles all in the same week! Which one was her favorite? Click play to hear all about it! Episode Page | Guest Notes | Transcript Table of Contents for this Episode [00:00:40] A conversation with Jennifer Gruenke about her 7 day trips from Paris [00:02:45] Rambouillet, Auvers-sur-Oise, Fontainebleau, Saint-Cloud, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Provins, and Versailles [00:03:49] Getting a week-long Navigo Pass [00:04:35] Taking a different day trip from Paris every day [00:05:32] Day trip to Rambouillet [00:10:51] Chateau gardens are often free [00:11:20] Versailles gardens on fountain days [00:13:48] More people willing to speak French with visitors outside of Paris [00:14:24] Rambouillet gets a 7/10 from Jennifer [00:15:09] Auvers-sur-Oise, the town where Van Gogh lived at the end of his life [00:15:41] Finding Van Gogh Podcast [00:15:54] Go to the Orsay Museum then go to Auvers-sur-Oise [00:17:10] Lookout for things to be closed on Mondays or Tuesdays [00:18:06] Van Gogh plus in Auvers-sur-Oise [00:19:26] Fontainebleau [00:20:47] Are these all easy to get to once you get off the train? [00:22:41] Domaine National de Saint Cloud [00:24:29] Virtual Reality at Saint Cloud [00:29:49] Saint Germain en Laye [00:32:58] Provins [00:38:13] Bring ID in exchange for audio guide [00:39:15] Bring cash and toilet paper to Provins [00:42:45] Versailles gardens only: enter at Allée des Matelots [00:44:54] The RER to Versailles is often really crowded! [00:48:31] Ranking these 7 day trips from Paris [00:50:41] Seeing French Chateaux without going to the Loire Valley [00:51:29] Lyon and other cities are not far from Paris on the TGV [00:54:31] Thank you patrons and donors [00:58:53] Travel Tip: Can you ask for a doggy bag in France? [01:00:19] This week in French news [01:01:35] Annie's personal update [01:02:42] Use the search button on Join Us because there are a lot of episodes! [01:03:12] Share the podcast with a fellow Francophile [01:04:11] Next week on the podcast an episode about the Cathars and their strange theology More episodes about day-trips from Paris

    Les Vosges, Off the Beaten Track

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 17, 2022 54:27

    In this episode of the podcast, Annie and Elyse describe Les Vosges, a wonderful part of France for people who love active vacations and slow travel. Looking for gorgeous scenery, happy cows and amazing hikes in France? Listen to this episode! Table of Contents for this Episode [00:03:05] Ancient mountains, like the Adirondacks [00:04:31] Épinal is the only city [00:05:20] Elyse lived in Épinal for a year [00:06:11] Lots of grass and happy cows [00:06:25] Best for active vacations [00:07:01] Vittel and Contrex are west of Épinal [00:07:28] Thermal baths stations [00:07:52] Tourism around natural water [00:08:20] The Vosges department is filled with quaint villages [00:09:39] Clairefontaine paper products [00:10:08] A nice place for affordable summer homes [00:11:24] Second largest wooded area of France [00:11:58] Hills, low altitude ski resorts, hiking, biking, nature trails [00:13:17] Large natural parks with lots of trails [00:14:33] Cross country skiing and summer activities in Gerardmer [00:15:16] Daffodil festival (Fête des Jonquilles) [00:16:15] Blueberries [00:16:34] Festival international du film fantastique de Gérardmer [00:17:07] Ruins of Monasteries hidden in the forest [00:18:25] Why visit the Vosges? [00:19:49] Lots of pretty (and not famous) villages including Domremy where Joan of Arc was born [00:20:34] Hwo Visorando works to plan hikes [00:24:17] Les images d'Épinal [00:27:13] Plombières the flavor of ice cream [00:27:39] Lalique and cristallerie [00:28:10] Canal des Vosges [00:28:44] There are five remarkable gardens in the Vosges [00:29:20] The Vosges is best for slow tourism [00:29:45] Wildlife in the Vosges [00:31:11] Great nature trails for families [00:31:52] Food specialties of the Vosges [00:40:43] New Patreon Reward for Donors! [00:42:10] Annie's Itinerary Service [00:42:41] Can't do an itinerary review? Get my VoiceMap tours! [00:43:18] Taking the TGV at CDG [00:47:49] This week in French news [00:48:58] Annie's personal update More episodes about the Alsace and Lorraine area

    Favorite Walking Tours in Nice, Episode 384

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 10, 2022 60:28

    In this episode of the podcast, my guest Jeanne Oliver shares her favorite walking tours in Nice. Jeanne is not from Nice originally, she's been living there for a long time, she has written a book about Nice (Nice Uncovered: Walks Through the Secret Heart of a Historic City), a VoiceMap tour (you know how I love VoiceMap tours!): The Best of Nice's Old Town. She also has a website about Nice: French Riviera Traveler. Plus, as a keen historian she puts Nice on the map for us and you'll love her restaurants recommendations! This one is a must-listen! Episode Page | Guest Notes | Transcript Table of Contents for this Episode [00:00:37] Introducing Jeanne Oliver [00:01:29] May 1st and other travel tips after the interview [00:02:00] Support this podcast by making purchases on Annie's Boutique [00:02:19] Feedback about the itinerary planning service [00:03:57] Jeanne's VoiceMap tour of Nice [00:05:43] Seven walking tours in Nice [00:07:21] Nice started attracting visitors in the late 1700s [00:08:16] Nice offers a wonderful lifestyle [00:09:40] Nice as a city of Art and Architecture [00:11:06] Nice has a rocky beach and that's good and bad [00:11:46] A brief history of Nice [00:12:43] Roman site at Cimiez [00:14:30] Nice as part of the House of Savoy [00:15:21] Nice is very close to the Italian border and a major seaport [00:17:34] The Siege of Nice and Catherine of Ségurane [00:19:27] Favorite churches in Nice [00:22:29] Louis XIV tries to take Nice [00:23:33] Nice gets attached to France in 1860 [00:26:33] Art Deco in Nice in the 20s and 30s [00:27:48] WW2 in Nice [00:29:36] What to do in Nice in 4 or 4 days [00:32:35] How long do you need to spend in Nice? [00:34:15] Notable restaurants in Nice [00:36:35] Nice and the Meditarranean diet [00:39:04] You don't need a car on the Riviera or in Nice [00:43:27] Give slow travel a chance! [00:45:05] Thank you new Patrons! [00:45:46] Don't drive yourself crazy planning your trip to France [00:49:36] There are a lot of taxis in Paris [00:53:27] Open and closed in Paris on Sun, May 1st. 2022 [00:53:44] Demonstrations [00:54:46] Parks will be open [00:55:14] Major shopping centers will be closed [00:55:25] Most museums will be closed [00:55:42] No metro or bus on May 1st in Paris [00:55:49] The Eiffel Tower is open on May 1st [00:56:00] On May 1st walk to the nearest park and have a picnic [00:56:52] What about Easter Sunday? More episodes about Provence

    Nantes, Between Loire and Brittany, Episode 383

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 3, 2022 62:32

    Nantes is a beautiful city at the intersection of the Loire Valley and Brittany. Listen to this episode to hear about the best of Nantes for visitors. Get ready to enjoy the best of the city including Les Machines de L'Isle, the Chateau of the Dukes of Normandy, favorite restaurants in Nantes, and more #joinusinfrance Discussed in this Episode Pedestrian area in Nantes Taxi vs Uber in Nantes Merveilleux de Fred Not enough time for the Jardin des Plantes L'Entrecôte Le Lion et l'Agneau (Michelin Bib) La Cigale Berlingots Nantais Les Petits Lu cookies Anne de Bretagne Edit de Nantes Le Code Noir The Triangular Commerce Episode Page | Show Notes Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking  

    Smart Travel in 2022, Episode 382

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2022 58:21

    How do you travel smart in 2022? That is the question Annie Sargent and Brian Gmutza tackle in this episode of the podcast. A lot of us are itching to travel because we've been cooped up for 2 years. Lots of us have travel credits we need to use up or we might lose them. But the pandemic is not really done, is it? And there's a war in Europe now. How can we travel safely and smartly in 2022? Episode Page | Guest Notes Discussed in this Episode Things we can do to make good decisions How to use our travel credits How does the war in Ukraine change things? Book refundable air and hotels Bonjour App Covered Passages in Paris Visiting the PSG stadium [27:08] Les Invalides and Musée de l'Armée [27:55] Spend more time in fewer places [30:55] 05260 Saint-Léger-les-Mélèzes ski resort in the Alps [31:31] Activate Find My Phone on your Apple or Android phone [40:15] Dare to try "scary" French foods [43:55] Planning for a French Immersion Week [50:36] May 1st in France [51:09] Yves Saint Laurent Exhibits in Paris [52:58] Update on the French Presidential Election [53:43] Annie's personal update [54:20] Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    The Shocking History of Saint Denis Basilica, Episode 381

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2022 63:09

    In this episode of the podcast, Elyse Rivin takes us on a visit to the Saint Denis Basilica. We'll hear about Abbé Suger who wrote about how light and color brings you to a sense of eternity and of heaven. We'll also hear about the shocking things Revolutionaries did to Saint Denis and to most of the bodies who were buried there. How Napoleon Bonaparte rebuilt Saint Denis. The restoration work by Violet le Duc. Why Annie and Elyse don't understand the vindictiveness of the French Revolution Links mentioned in the Saint Denis episode Montjoire Saint Denis from Les Visiteurs Le Bon Roi Dagobert Table of Contents for this Episode [00:01:20] Review of Annie's VoiceMap tours [00:03:24] Annie and Elyse talk about Saint Denis Cathedral/Basilica [00:04:43] Saint Denis Basilica is not in a great neighborhood [00:05:55] Saint Denis Basilica or Cathedral? [00:07:11] Saint Denis Basilica, a church with ancient origins [00:07:39] Les Visiteurs: Montjoire Saint Denis ! [00:08:10] A brief history of Saint Denis, the man [00:09:19] The myth of Saint Denis [00:11:25] Early rulers of France [00:13:08] Le bon Roi Dagobert a mis sa culotte à l'envers [00:14:22] Dynasties of French Kings [00:16:25] The original church of Saint Denis is sacked by the Vikings [00:17:27] Year 1000, between Romanesque and Gothic styles [00:18:13] Abbé Suger [00:19:11] Abbé Suger and gothic architeture: more glass [00:20:00] A sense of eternity and of the Spirit of God [00:22:08] The construction of Notre Dame began right after Saint Denis was finished [00:22:47] Making room for more Kings and Queens [00:24:33] The glorious days of Saint Denis [00:25:49] Louis XIV removes some funding from Saint Denis [00:27:17] The quasi destruction of Saint Denis at the French Revolution [00:28:41] Grave dessecration [00:30:53] Napoleon Bonaparte rebuilds Saint Denis [00:32:15] Only five of the windows are original [00:33:08] Recovering the bones and putting them back into Saint Denis [00:35:08] Lack of funds at Saint Denis today [00:35:54] Scattered stained glass windows [00:37:28] Violet le Duc renovation [00:38:10] Discovering new graves from the 500s under Saint Denis [00:38:35] Queen Arégonde wife of Clotaire [00:41:18] Annie's impression of Saint Denis [00:42:59] French dynasties at Saint Denis [00:45:27] It's hard to understand why Revolutionaries behaved the way they did [00:48:36] We recommend Saint Denis for people who've visited Paris several times [00:50:01] Thank you Patrons and Donors! [00:51:10] Annie's Itinerary Planning Service [00:51:42] This week in French news [00:54:14] Archeological find under Notre Dame [00:54:59] The remains of the Jubé at Notre Dame [00:56:08] How French elections work in a nutshell More episodes about French history FOLLOW US ON: Email | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter   Subscribe to the Podcast Apple Google Spotify RSS Support the Show Tip Your Guide Extras Patreon Audio Tours Merchandise Read more about this episode Transcript  Category: French History

    Moving to France on a Long-Term Tourist Visa with a Child, Episode 380

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2022 67:41

    Sarala and Thad Terpstra moved to France on a long-term tourist visa with a child. They are too young to be retired and Sarala works as a freelancer. Few young families set out to do this, especially since they're not millionaires. But, as they explain, you can have a lovely life near the Mediterranean, you just have to choose the right part of France. How did they do it? What was the process like? Was it long and painful? What tips can they share? Is it really cheaper than life in Michigan? What do they love about it? Click listen and learn how they did it! #France #Relocation #Family Resources Mentioned in this Episode Foolproof French Visas, Complete 2022 Edition by Allisson Grant Lounes Long Term Rentals in France Crédit Agricole International Clients in Toulouse: 1-3, Allées Franklin Roosevelt, 31000 Toulouse. It's not clear if other cities in France have such offices. Procedure to apply for a visa from the US. Adele Peters wrote an article titled In Paris, a new ‘quiet zone' will ban through-traffic in the city center for FastCompany Audio book recommendations: The Premonition by Michael Lewis and Personal recollections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain. Discussed in this episode Introduction [00:00:00] A conversation about moving to France on a tourist long stay visa with a child [00:01:38] Annie's Boutique Sarala and Thad Talk about Moving to France on a Tourist Long Stay Visa with a Child [00:03:18] Why did you decide to move to France? [00:04:14] Not allowed to work in France but must prove income [00:04:57] You don't need to be a millionaire to move to France [00:05:22] Not wanting to wait to move to France after retirement [00:05:49] Living in the Pézenas and Béziers area [00:06:28] Pézenas: art galleries, artisans and the Molière festival [00:07:14] Dealing with French administration is time-consuming [00:08:53] Considering cities in France like Limoux and Montpellier [00:10:19] Renting furnished rentals in France [00:10:56] The lease and bank account catch-22 in France [00:11:43] Getting a certificate of residence from your expat landlord [00:13:01] Next they'll go to the bank with their landlord [00:13:44] Complications for people moving to France [00:14:44] The French banks they tried so far [00:16:27] Opening an account in a French bank in America will not help you [00:16:57] In France you have to bank locally [00:18:06] How their application for a Long-Stay Tourist Visa Type D is working [00:19:25] Applying for the visa you can qualify for even if that means changing it later [00:20:24] Different visas for different situations [00:20:43] Moving to France as a freelancer [00:21:48] Filling out the visa application on-line and working with VFS [00:22:25] Breaking down the steps they followed [00:24:21] Be prepared with all the paperwork! [00:24:48] The interview process [00:27:16] Bring more paperwork than they need [00:27:29] Paperwork needed for children [00:28:42] What language did you use for the paperwork? [00:29:38] Cost of the long term tourist visa [00:30:35] Covid vaccination [00:31:44] No visit to the Préfecture [00:32:22] Medical appointment [00:33:20] Annie's husband becoming a French citizen [00:34:47] Were there any surprises about living in France? [00:35:52] Fewer restaurant meals since going Vegan [00:36:20] Best vegan cheese at French grocery stores [00:37:13] Have you tried any medical care in France yet? [00:37:38] What do you love about living in France? [00:38:36] Celebrations in villages and small towns [00:41:24] They don't have a car so bigger towns are easier because of public transportation [00:42:17] Valras-Plage [00:44:47] Beautiful Mediterranean climate [00:45:57] You can go for it even if you're not a millionaire! [00:47:38] Some parts of France are really affordable France Travel News [00:52:42] Thank you patrons and donors [00:53:50] Annie's itinerary planning service [00:54:23] Uptick in Covid numbers [00:55:15] No more mask mandates or vaccine passes starting March 14, 2022 [00:56:20] Ukraine situation [01:00:50] Annie's personal update FOLLOW US ON: Email | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter Support the Show Tip Your Guide Extras Patreon Audio Tours Merchandise

    Celebrating 400 years of Molière, Episode 379

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 6, 2022 64:17

    In 2022 we are celebrating 400 years of Molière's birth. This playwright had such a strong impact on French literature that it is common to say "la langue de Molière" as a synonym for the French language. But Molière's influence is felt on more than just the language. He opened our eyes to all sorts of injustices that French people are still prickly about. Have you ever watched a Molière play? How do you think he compares with Shakespeare? Annie went to the Comédie Française recently to watch Le Malade Imaginaire, and what it treat that was! Annie's new VoiceMap tour of the Latin Quarter is now available, at long last. In this episode you'll also learn how to get the newest version of her Île de la Cité tour if you've bought it already (51 minutes into the episode). Click play and let's celebrate Molière together! #joinusinfrance #travel #podcast #moliere Table of Contents for this Episode [00:00:38] Attending a Molière play at La Comédie Française [00:03:31] Annie's new Latin Quarter VoiceMap tour [00:04:48] Annie and Elyse talk about Molière [00:05:15] French is often referred to as “la langue de Molière” [00:05:42] About the life of Molière [00:06:25] Molière was born Jean-Baptiste Poquelin [00:07:28] A supportive family [00:08:15] Molière makes his start as an actor [00:09:57] Working in Paris and Normandy [00:11:10] The troup leaves Paris [00:11:42] Looking for a Mécène or Patron [00:12:07] Working outside of Paris for 12 years [00:14:17] Molière starts to write farces [00:14:59] Molière heads back to Paris [00:15:43] Molière wins Louis XIV over [00:17:24] Molière performing his duties as the King's valet [00:19:07] Molière gets his own theater, now called La Comédie Française [00:20:02] Molière had a genius for putting on biting satire [00:21:03] Molière was a secular man [00:21:19] Molière wrote 35 plays [00:21:40] Falling ill while performing The Imaginary Invalid [00:22:36] Molière and the religious burial [00:23:52] Molière's legacy [00:24:46] Molière plays Annie read in French school [00:25:22] Sacrilege! Annie doesn't think Shakespeare is funny whereas Molière is! [00:26:48] Molière's French is still easily understandable today [00:27:49] Molière was a great performer and so was his wife [00:28:46] Did Molière wrote all his plays or did he get help from Corneille? [00:30:45] Molière's comedy-ballet [00:31:01] Molière working with Lully and Charpentier [00:32:26] Molière wrote several plays about hypocritical doctors and priests [00:33:39] Molière wrote wonderful roles for women [00:34:34] The Tartuffe complications [00:38:45] French people don't trust anyone who wears their religion on their sleeve [00:41:36] Cachez ce sein que je ne saurais voir ! [00:42:53] The delicate dance French people do with religion [00:44:19] Molière plays are much easier to understand than Shakespeare's plays [00:45:09] Molière: father of modern theater [00:48:58] Thank you patrons and donors! [00:50:38] How to get an itinerary consultation with Annie [00:51:22] How to get the new version of my Île de la Cité tour [00:52:56] Covid News [00:53:48] Check your airline checkin document carefully for rules [00:55:54] Covid numbers are falling rapidly in France [00:56:20] About Russia invading Ukraine [00:58:51] Emmanuel Macron is officially running for relection [00:59:44] Annie's personal update [01:00:01] The new VoiceMap tour of the Latin Quarter is live [01:00:31] Next week on the podcast: changes in visa procedures More episodes about French culture FOLLOW US ON: Email | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter Subscribe to the Podcast Apple Google Spotify RSS Support the Show Tip Your Guide Extras Patreon Audio Tours Merchandise Read more about this episode Transcript  Category: French Culture

    A Review of the The Eternal Notre Dame Virtual Reality Experience, Episode 378

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 27, 2022 33:18

    Annie Sargent and Patricia Perry review the virtual reality experience that they saw at La Défense in Paris. This experience is not recommended for kids under 11, probably because of the size of the backpack and 3D goggles. It will soon come to more central Paris at the Conciergerie and on the parvis de Notre Dame. The Eternal Notre Dame Virtual Reality Experience The Eternal Notre Dame is virtual reality experience developed by Orange and Emissive in association with the Mayor of Paris and the Church. They had also done the VR for the DaVinci Experience at the Louvre which was a sit-down VR experience. Eternal Notre Dame is a walk around VR experience where you are outfitted with a backpack which holds the computer and high-end VR goggles. This is a completely immersive experience where you are exploring Notre Dame throughout the ages and you are moving around. You can see other participants as ghosts so you don't bump into them. It's totally safe but your brain is tricked into thinking that you're going to the top of Notre Dame on an elevator, that you can lean over a non-existing banister, that you need to take steps over obstacles. That is disconcerting but it works. Episode Announcements The Join Us in France YouTube channel is BACK! I don't know why the account got banned or why they gave it back. YouTube is fickle. But I am glad to be back because it's also a big search engine and people find audio podcasts on YouTube all the time. But it remains true that the best way to get the word out about this podcast is if YOU recommend it to someone you know who'd going to France. The other great thing that happened is that I completed my Latin Quarter Tour. The but the best place for a podcast listener to get my VoiceMap tours is to go to where you get a discount just for being a podcast listener! The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, while outrageous and horrible, does not change anything in terms of travel to France. More episodes about Paris   FOLLOW US ON: Email | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter Discussed in this Episode Eternelle Notre Dame Virtual Reality Experience Annie's newly created Latin Quarter VoiceMap tour La Cité du Patrimoine et de l'Architecture on the Trocadero Café Lucy at the Musée de l'Homme also on the Trocadero Le Malade Imaginaire at the Comédie Française Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    Acquiring a Golden Visa, Episode 377

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 20, 2022 23:35

    Golden visa? What's a golden visa? In this short episode of the podcast, Annie talks with Jerry Morgan of the Merkan Group and he explains how his program works. If you'd like to know more, shoot him an email: Annie also shares both exciting news about her VoiceMap tours and bad news about YouTube. Table of Contents for this Episode [00:00:54] Shorter episode this week and next [00:01:27] Getting banned from YouTube [00:03:43] Updating my Ile de la Cite VoiceMap tour [00:04:04] New custom VoiceMap tour for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel [00:04:23] Not sure how to plan your trip to Paris? Follow my VoiceMap tours! [00:05:01] Ile de la Cité, Le Marais, Saint Germain des Prés, and Montmartre with Latin Quarter to come soon [00:05:19] The easiest way to see a lot of Paris quickly [00:06:10] The easiest way to visit Paris: follow someone who knows Paris! [00:07:00] Staying at the Mandarin Oriental Paris [00:08:51] No coffee creamer in France! [00:09:54] Thank you Facebook group moderators! [00:10:40] About church bells in Paris [00:12:56] Annie's an empty nester now [00:14:14] Merkan Group helping high net worth individuals gain residency in Portugal and Europe [00:16:09] Getting a Golden Visa [00:16:30] From Golden Visa to Citizenship: a Long Process [00:17:05] Does this process ever fail? [00:17:57] Acquiring a second passport [00:19:12] Developing projects in Portugal [00:19:42] How to get in touch with Jerry [00:19:58] Marker[00:19:58] Marker [00:21:26] Copyright More episodes about moving to France Episode Page | Transcript  

    12 Days Solo in Paris, Episode 376

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2022 64:55

    On this trip report Annie chats with Heather Nellis about her 12 days solo in Paris. A friend met her in Paris for a couple of days, but for the most part she was alone and got to decide exactly what she wanted to do and see! How would you like that?! For Heather this was the trip of a lifetime and she shares great tips on how to make your own solo trip to Paris a great success. Because she is a police officer, she also has great tips for staying safe while traveling. This is the day use hotel for the day she arrived was Hotel Britannique. It is inexpensive and has a great location downtown. Episode Page | Guest Notes | Transcript Discussed in the 12 days solo in Paris episode [00:00:17] Twelve Days Solo in Paris [00:03:34] Enjoying the Relaxed Pace of Life in France [00:05:23] Is Paris Safe for a Female Solo Traveler? [00:08:32] Don't Engage with Street Folks, Walk with Purpose [00:09:00] How to Connect with Locals in France [00:10:20] Use French Pleasantries [00:11:54] Favorite Things [00:12:10] Saint Eustache Church [00:12:42] E. Dehillerin Kitchen Supply Store [00:13:56] Palais Garnier Opera [00:15:35] Day Use Hotel for the Day You Arrive [00:17:27] Not Comfortable with Taking the Metro [00:18:00] Visiting the Saint Denis Basilica [00:21:30] Taking the Batobus: the Hop-On-Hop-Off Boat in Paris [00:22:16] Get a Discount on the Batobus with any Metro Card [00:23:15] The Batobus Are Great in Bad Weather [00:23:53] Changing Weather in Paris in October [00:24:21] Taking an Electric Bike Tour in Paris [00:25:47] Be Mindful of the Bikes When Walking in Paris! [00:26:50] Arc de Triomphe Wrapped by Cristo [00:28:25] Notre Dame Reconstruction [00:29:03] The Orsay Museum [00:29:56] The Orsay Audio Tour [00:30:17] Making Time for Down Time in Paris [00:32:37] Lots of Walking When Visiting Paris! [00:32:56] Get an External Battery to Charge Your Phone Mid-Day! [00:33:54] Enjoying the Food in Paris [00:34:22] Use Google Maps to Find Restaurants in the Areas You'll Visit [00:35:32] Don't Call an Uber at the Airport [00:36:54] Use a Taxi to Take You into Paris [00:37:44] Luggage Lockers in Paris [00:39:53] What Heather Wouldn't Do Again [00:41:09] What Tools Did You Use to Prepare for Your Trip? [00:44:07] Using this Podcast to Prepare for Her Trip [00:44:46] Itinerary Plannig Service [00:45:41] Did You Ever Get Bored as a Solo Traveler? [00:46:11] Rue Cler Was Meh [00:47:36] Other Food Markets [00:49:58] Patreon Rewards! [00:51:17] Newest Covid Rules in France [00:56:28] Going All Electric in France [00:57:36] Polution Stickers in France: Crit'Air [00:58:48] Developping New Nuclear and Hydrogen [00:59:38] Presidential Campaign [00:59:58] Macron an Putin More episodes about going to Paris for the first time FOLLOW US ON: Email | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

    Get Ready to Visit Dijon, France! Episode 375

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    Today Annie Sargent brings you a conversation with Elyse Rivin of Toulouse Guided Walks about the beautiful city of Dijon. OF course there's the mustard, the gorgeous roofs (made of varnished tiles which are called "tuiles vernissées" in French), Burgundy wine, crême de cassis, and the great Dukes of Burgundy. What's not to love? Let's talk about it and put Dijon, France on the map for you, just in case you're thinking of going there. After the interview we'll have the French tip of the Week and an update on what's happening in France as well as travel news. This podcast is supported by donors and listeners who buy my tours and services, including my very popular itinerary planning service. You can browse all of that at Annie's Boutique A lot the photos I'll use this week are courtesy of Ellen Shaunessy who was my guest on episode 337 of the podcast. Another great way to stay in touch with travel and podcast news and with the podcast is to sign up for the newsletter. I swear I'll start sending newsletter again soon. There aren't enough hours in the day for this podcaster!- Discussed in this episode [00:00:0] Get Ready for Your Visit to Dijon! [00:02:29] The Impact of the TGV between Dijon and Paris [00:04:46] The Medium Sized City of Dijon [00:05:37] Dijon Roofs: “tuiles vernissées” [00:07:37] Dijon: Perfect for Growing Wine and Mustard [00:08:57] Mustard Doesn't Just Come from a Jar [00:09:16] Dijon Gastronomy: Crême de Cassis, Escargots de Bourgogne, Époisses and Boeuf Bourguignon [00:11:42] Rue Verrerie and the Duke's Palace [00:13:04] The Dijon Fine Arts Museum [00:14:58] Abbaye Saint-Bénigne and the Archeology Museum [00:16:00] The Towers of Dijon [00:16:41] Museum of Burgundy Life [00:17:15] Place de la Libération [00:18:11] The Role of the Préfet in France [00:19:20] Lynching the Préfet for Collaboration with the Nazis [00:21:02] Félix Kir: Monk, Communist Resistant and Mayor [00:21:37] Have You Ever Had a Kir or a Kir Royal? [00:22:13] Annie and the Kir. Or a Guinness Perhaps? [00:25:25] The Story of Mustard in Dijon [00:27:16] The Confrérie of Mustard Producers [00:29:57] Marc de Raisin [00:31:10] The Four Dukes of Burgundy [00:36:06] Where to Buy Genuine Dijon Mustard in Paris [00:38:03] Mustard with Fries in France [00:38:55] The Dukes of Burgundy Going After the Kingdom of France [00:40:02] Philip the Good, John the Fearless, Philip the Generous, and Charles the Reckless [00:43:19] What Makes Dijon Such a Nice City [00:45:50] New Patreon Reward: Crêpes Day! [00:46:31] Itinerary Planning Service [00:47:06] French Expression of the Week: La Vache! [00:47:56] Related Episodes About Burgundy [00:48:24] This Week in French News[00:48:24] Best Cities and Villages to Live in France [00:49:41] About the French Elections Coming Up [00:52:31] Garbabe Strike in Marseille [00:53:01] The Third Dose of Vaccine [00:53:45] Covid Numbers Are Heading Down in France [00:55:02] Updating the Ile de la Cité VoiceMap Tour [00:56:14] Get a Mask Extender Before Flying to France! Links for this Episode Yearly ranking of best cities and villages to live in France from Villes et villages où il fait bon vivre. Dijon France is number 18/40 in that ranking! Official endorsements of candidates for President by the Conseil Constitutionnel More episodes with Elyse Episode Page | Show Notes | Transcript  

    A Leisurely Trip Through France, Episode 375

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2022 53:01

    Carl Carlson tells us about the leisurely trip through France he took with his wife in 2021. They have visited France every year for the last 30 years and have only skipped in 2020 (pandemic oblige), that's how much they enjoy France! Carl has a keen eye for great hotels and restaurant (listed below). We also talk about the joy of getting lost in Paris, the lovely river walk in Bordeaux, a great B&B in Bergerac, and his favorite place in France: Sancerre. Episode Page | Boutique | Newletter | Facebook Accommodations recommended in this episode Carl likes to stay at the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile because Porte Maillot is nearby and it's an easy place to pickup a rental car. It also makes it easy to rent a car in Paris and not drive through central Paris, which is difficult when you're not used to driving in France. The old manor house maison d'hôtes called Clos D'Argenson in Bergerac. Room with a large sitting area, large bathroom, laverie and Carrefour Market nearby, comfortable beds, and an incredible breakfast. L'Esplanade hotel in Domme. A nice hotel with a marvelous restaurant. A tad expensive, but the dining room is lovely, the view is great, the food is great, a favorite of French people as well as Anglos. Château de la Bourdaisière near Tours: gorgeous XV century chateau in an outstanding setting. This would be a lovely "pied à terre" to explore the Loire area. Discussed in this Episode [00:04:39] Travel to France during Covid [00:05:53] The Advantages of staying near Porte Maillot at the Hyatt Regency [00:07:28] Sébillon Restaurant [00:09:20] Getting the Health Pass for France [00:10:46] The Apple Store on the Champs Elysées [00:12:07] Getting lost in Paris [00:13:32] Train to Bordeaux and a walk along the Garonne [00:16:08] Driving to Bergerac and stay at a beautiful Maison d'Hôtes [00:21:51] Why choose a B&B over a hotel [00:22:54] Spending a few days in Bergerac [00:25:36] Bergerac to Domme [00:27:49] The market in Sarlat [00:29:21] Getting all "ducked-out" [00:32:24] Covid rules enforcement in France [00:33:14] Driving to Sancerre [00:35:00] Château de la Bourdaisière near Tours in the Loire Valley [00:40:00] Reading French restaurant menus [00:40:29] Why is wine so cheap at everyday French restaurants? [00:45:12] How to ask for restaurant recommendations from French people [00:48:53] Thank you patrons and donors! [00:49:57] This week in French news and pandemic news [00:54:54] French tip of the week Can you name the two new bits of music in this episode? The first 10 people to send an email to identifying them correctly will receive a podcast sticker in the mail!

    A Brief History of French Porcelain, Episode 373

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2022 55:24

    Porcelain is one of those things that we all take for granted. Some of us are collectors, but most of us (Annie included!) couldn't tell the difference porcelain and  ceramic before this episode. Then you also have "faïence" (earthenware) in its many forms. Some of us have a favorite cup, some of us keep precious pieces handed down from loved ones. On today's episode Elyse Rivin shares a primer on French porcelain. She tells us how a French man broke Chinese secrets and how French manufactures finally started making fine porcelain. And there is no doubt that French Kings favored cities like Sèvres and Limoges that made gorgeous pieces for the royal table. Episode Page | Show Notes | Transcript Do you like to adorn your table with gorgeous pieces? Of all the things you might want to buy while in France, porcelain is not the easiest to transport, but it is definitely made in France (unlike many of the tourist trinkets you'll find everywhere). In the show notes you'll see a list of all the places in France where you can buy these porcelain products at the source. Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking Grab a cup of tea in your favorite fancy china and let's learn about the history of French porcelain! More episodes about French history

    Cruise and Pilgrimage on the Seine River

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2022 59:34

    Have you ever thought of doing a river cruise? My guest on this episode of the podcast went on a pilgrimage cruise that took her to Paris, Rouen and Lisieux among other places and it was a great way to enjoy France. She did this with her childhood best friend, leaving husbands and children at home. They had a wonderful time and learned a lot about their French heritage. Let's talk about it! #joinusinfrance A full transcript of this episode is available here: Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    The Paris Bookseller, Episode 371

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2022 57:38

        Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking Today Annie Sargent brings you a conversation with Keri Maher about her new book The Paris Bookseller. I wanted to talk to Keri because I really enjoyed her book about Shakespeare and Company, the iconic bookstore in Paris. It's a fascinating story as you will see. After the interview you'll hear Annie's personal update and news about travel to France. This podcast is supported by donors and listeners who buy my tours and services, including my very popular itinerary planning service. You can browse all of that at Annie's Boutique. You can follow the show on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Another great way to stay in touch with travel and podcast news and with the podcast is to sign up for the newsletter. The Paris Bookseller The Paris Bookseller starts with the story of two women in the early 1900s. They are in love and start an exciting project: open a bookstore for English books in Paris. As their project gets off the ground they rub shoulders with the legends of the Lost Generation: Ernest Hemmingway, Gertrude Stein and the most central of all: James Joyce. Walk the Latin Quarter with the legendary founder of Shakeaspeare & Company, Silvia Beach. Annie was enchanted by the world of the formidable woman who was the force behind the publication of Ulysse's and the amazing cast of characters who surrounded her.   Category: French Culture

    Best Gallo-Roman Sites in France, Episode 370

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 2, 2022 61:40

    Annie's List of Best Gallo-Roman Sites in France Today Pont du Gard Nîmes Arles Périgueux La Turbie Saint Rémy de Provence Orange (especially to see a show in the Roman theater) Cluny Museum and Arènes de Lutèce in Paris This episode features my frequent guest Elyse Rivin. You can book a tour with her through her website and you can also support her on Patreon. Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking  

    The Best of Périgueux, France

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 26, 2021 51:01

    Is Périgueux on your list of places you might like to visit in France? It's indeed a great city with roots into the times of the Roman "occupation" of France and a beautiful Renaissance neighborhood. The area is famous for its gastronomy and pleasant way of life. Let's get the names straight first. Périgueux is in the Périgord, and isn't that a tongue twister for English speakers? But today it's in the department of the Dordogne and the New Aquitaine region, which means it falls under the jurisdiction of Bordeaux for administrative purposes. Long ago the name Périgord covered all the lands that belonged to the counts of Périgord and so you'll find both names to this day: Dordogne and Périgord. The city today is about 65,000 people within city limits and 150,000 if you count all the towns that surround it, so it's a medium size French city. This episode features my frequent guest Elyse Rivin. You can book a tour with her through her website and you can also support her on Patreon. Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    How to enjoy the best of Christmas in Paris, Episode 368

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    Where should you go to enjoy the best of Christmas in Paris? In this episode of the podcast Annie and Elyse roll out all the best ideas: Streets for Christmas shopping in Paris Christmas markets Christmas concerts Where to attend Christmas Mass How restaurants work on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve What's open on Christmas in Paris and more! More episodes about Christmas in France #joinusinfrance This episode features my frequent guest Elyse Rivin. You can book a tour with her through her website and you can also support her on Patreon. Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking  

    What happened during the Terror? Episode 367

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2021 60:20

    The Terror (1793-1794) is a confusing part of the French Revolution. What happened? What started it? Why? Historian Suzanne Levin explains and gives us the context we need to understand these events. There is a tendency to talk about the Terror as if it was happening in a vacuum, but it was far from that. It's a little bit complicated, but it makes sense once you learn about it. To see the transcript of this episode, go to the show notes. Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking Discussed in this Episode The Terror is a construct [03:27] Repression linked to crisis [03:59] High-profile people were the victims of the repression in this case [07:14] Recalling Deputies who went against their mandates [09:00] Trouble with provincial bourgeoisie [10:19] This was the age of Revolutions and not just in France [11:55] Reforms made in 1793 and 1794 that were ahead of their time [12:59] The Terror was both the height of repression and of the democratic movement [14:02] Who's a Revolutionary and who's a Counter-Revolutionary? [14:47] Mirabeau and the Pantheon [15:33] The inability to be openly against the Revolution [17:10] The legislative branch over the executive branch [22:23] Revolutionary Tribunal [23:47] Representatives on mission [24:34] Arrests begin [26:17] Law of Prairial [27:15] The law of suspects [29:03] Fourty thousand fell during the Terror [30:33] The role and donwfall of Robespierre [33:44] Why was Robbespierre arrested [37:17] Was Robespierre a dictator? [43:42] Why did the legend of the Terror persist? [44:51]

    Misconceptions about the French Revolution, Episode 366

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2021 62:25

    My guest on this episode of the podcast is historian Suzanne Levin and we discuss common misconceptions about the French Revolution. Questions we tackle about the French Revolution The French Revolution didn't happen in a vacuum. In this episode, let's set the stage for what happened and why. In the "pop history" version of the French Revolution there is a tendency to compress events into ridiculous simplifications such as "one day peasants got angry and started chopping the heads of Royalty, the end." Another version goes a little more in-depth. The way the French Revolution is often taught is that there are 3 moments: 1789 where all the big events happened (Estates General, Tennis Court Oath, Bastille, Women's March on Versailles) Jump four years to 1793 -1794 with Robespierre who made himself a dictator and chopped off the heads of anyone who disagreed with him. Overthrown and a weak government with a military dictatorship. What we're trying to do with this episode is fill in many important details while still keeping an eye on the big picture. A Brief Explainer of the French Revolution In this episode Suzanne Levin sets the stage for the French Revolution, and touches upon all of the following questions. What are the 3 estates and what's at stake for all 3 groups? What did French peasants want? What mattered most to them and how do we know that? Did they king pay any attention to the demands of his people? Is it true that there were vastly different rules depending on where you lived in France? Did each area have its own money and measurement system? What were the different "parlements"? Why were people supposed to represent themselves in criminal court? Did Marie-Antoinette ever say "let them eat cake"? When they wrote the first Constitution a major question was the role of the king. Was he supposed to get a large stipend? A cabinet? Veto power? Would Louis XVI accept a role as a constitutional monarch? Why did the king and most aristocrats not accept even moderate reforms? Was this a peasant Revolution or a Parisian Revolution? What was the worst decision Louis XVI made? What made people wonder if we needed a king at all? What was the role of the émigrés? Why did the revolutionaries declare war on Austria? What was Lafayette's role in all of this? What about the clergy? Why didn't the king just default on the debt? Why was the church so rich in France? We end this first part of our conversation on how France now has foreign wars, civil war and an Assembly who wants a way to retaliate. They want to punish  generals who help the enemy rather than obey orders, put an end to all the corruption scandals, etc. More episodes about French history   Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    Josephine Baker enters the Pantheon in Paris, Episode 365

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2021 60:54

    Josephine Baker, performer, entrepreneur, mother and war heroine was a force to reckon with. She rose from poverty in America into fame and success by the time she was in her mid-20s in France. On this episode of the podcast, Annie Sargent and Elyse Rivin talk about her amazing life and why you should visit the Château des Milandes in the Dordogne where she lived for 20 years. We also discuss the reason why it's so significant that she's entering the Pantheon today. This episode features my frequent guest Elyse Rivin. You can book a tour with her through her website and you can also support her on Patreon. Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    A Month in France on a Budget, Episode 364

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2021 70:48

    In this episode of the podcast, Annie Sargent talks to Heidi Hunter about her month in France on a budget. Most of us limit expenses by having shorter vacations. But Heidi and her husband stayed for a month and visited Paris, Nice, Marseille, Annecy, Lyon and Strasbourg! They also went to the Mont-Saint-Michel as a day trip from Paris, to Eze and Colmar on the train. How did they do all that on a budget? Click play and listen to Heidi explain. They started their trip in Paris and worked their way around the country: Nice, Marseille, Annecy, Strasbourg. Their main cost-cutting decision was to stay at hostels and pensions instead of hotels. In Paris they wanted to stay in a central location so they splurged for a hotel. However, there is a very good hostel in central Paris that Annie recommends from personal experience. This is where you need to go to get your Pass Sanitaire starting in November 2021 Hostels and Budget Hotels Recommended in this Episode In hostels sometimes you have to share a bathroom, sometimes there are no elevators. But, often they have other amenities that make up for those inconveniences: hostels often have a kitchen and laundry facilities. Bedrooms are smaller in hostels than in hotels (although in Paris that's not always true). With hostels it is best to book in advance because the best ones get booked up. Hostels are not just for young people. Heidi and her husband are in their mid-40s and they weren't the only ones in that age-range. What makes hostels great is that you talk to the other visitors which people typically don't do at hotels, especially the fancy ones. There are usually kitchens in hostels and when people use a kitchen together they usually talk and get to know each other. French people of all walks of life and all ages stay at hostels when they go on choir trips or family trips where they need to keep the cost down. Budget Hotels in Paris Annie recommends Hôtel Marignan in the Latin Quarter near Notre Dame de Paris.  Book 6 months + in advance, this is a popular hôtel/hostel! In Paris Heidi stayed at the Hôtel des Grands Hommes  near the Pantheon, a great location and a great value. Budget Hotel in Annecy Guest VIP Annecy Lake was really nice because their room had its own little kitchen. They were able to shop just like a local, make their own breakfast and meals which feels great after you've been on the road for a while. Hostel in Lyon Away Hostel and Coffee Shop. This was a nice place and Lyon was a fun city. They particularly liked the Traboules and the Museum of Cinema and Miniatures. Hostel in Strasbourg In Strasbourg they stayed at Ciarus for 5 nights. It was a great location and a good hostel. The Rooster and Hen are on Rue de la Nuée Bleu in Strasbourg and you can see them going off at noon every day.     Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    Lafayette, the Hermione and the Arsenal of Rochefort, Episode 363

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2021 58:14

    Today's episode with Elyse Rivin is all about Lafayette, the Hermione and the arsenal of Rochefort in the West of France. The newest way to get a Passe Sanitaire for visitors to France is outlined in this document. More about this on Annie's newsletter. The permanent home of the Hermione is in Rochefort, at the Arsenal de Rochefort 35 miles south of La Rochelle. There is also a lovely resort town on the Atlantic called Royan nearby. The town of Rochefort is similar in style to La Rochelle, but it was built from scratch to be an arsenal town by Louis XIV. It soon became very important strategically. #joinusinfrance #podcast #rochefort #hermione #history #france Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    Retracing the Steps of a WW1 soldier, Episode 362

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2021 53:24

    Today Annie Sargent brings you a conversation with Dan Funsch about his trip to France around the theme of WW1. On this occasion, Dan wanted to retrace the steps a WW1 soldier who is very special to him because he was his grandfather.  He had well annotated photos of his grandfather in various places and wanted to see them himself. We also discuss what Dan learned about doing family research in France, Joan of Arc,  and spending Bastille Day in Paris. About Retracing the Steps of a WW1 Soldier Dan went to several places to retrace his grandfather's journey during WW1. Our conversation will take us to Reims, several places in the Marne and Bas-Rhin departments, Strasbourg and Paris. Lots of people have relatives who served in France both during WWI and WW2 and retracing their footsteps is a wonderful way to learn about history and honor their memory. After the interview I'll update you on the newest way to get a Passe Sanitaire for visitors to France as outlined in this document. Discussed in this Episode Reims Valmy Sainte-Menehould Brizeau Passavant Beaulieu Varennes-en-Argonne Fleury-devant-Douamont Simone Veil American WWI Meuse Argonne Cemetery at Montfaucon La Petite Pierre in the Vosges Logis Hôtel Des Vosges (Famille Wehrung) Domremy-la-Pucelle Spending Bastille Day in Paris Full show notes for this episode Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking  

    Anniversary in Paris and Provence, Episode 361

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2021 63:56

    Are you thinking about celebrating your anniversary in Paris or maybe in Provence? You must listen to this episode with Brianne Cunningham who enjoyed a wonderful anniversary in both Paris and Provence! They packed a lot in in those few days! Do you think you could do that much in 10 days? Brianne is an elementary teacher who keeps a blog about her travels and passions. On this Anniversary trip they were in Paris for 4 days and went to Provence for 4 days and the Riviera for 2 days. This was their first trip to France (and to Europe as well) and it was wonderful as you can hear if you click play. In Provence rented a car and their home-base was in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence at a lovely hotel. She wishes they had spend more time in Saint-Rémy but they often got back after everything had closed. In Paris they stayed at this hotel in Saint Germain des Prés. They loved the location and though it was appropriate for an anniversary. For their anniversary dinner they ate at Les Ombres and it was a great choice because the food is nice and you can go on the patio for the view on the Eiffel tower. They got to see it sparkle, and they lingered for a long-time, it was a special occasion that we can call anniversary-perfect! Discussed in this Episode Avignon Pernes Les Fontaines Isle Sur La Sorgue Fontaine de Vaucluse Uzes & Pont du Gard Saint Remy de Provence Gordes Senanque Abbey Moustiers Sainte Marie Gorges du Verdon Rousillon Menerbes Bonnieux Lourmarin Cassis Grimaud Saint Tropez Antibes Cap d'Antibes Eze Saint Jean Cap Ferrat Saint Paul de Vence  Musee d'Orsay Arc de Triomphe Bateaux Parisien Seine Cruise Les Ombres Anniversary dinner Tuileries Garden Musee de l'Orangerie Ile de la Cite Sainte Chapelle Notre Dame Ile Saint-Louis (Berthillon) Rue Cremieux Breizh Cafe Picasso Museum Eiffel Tower Les Antiquaires Louvre Bouquinistes Shakespeare & Company Odette Catacombs O Chateau Champs Elysees Louvre & Seine at night Marche aux Puces Hardware Societe Place du Tertre Sacre Coeur Cocorico restaurant Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    FIXED 16 Differences Between a Traveler and a Tourist, Episode 360

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2021 62:29

    What's the difference between a traveler and a tourist? In this episode of the podcast we discuss 16 tips to make your vacation better and how you can become a better traveler. You don't need to be fluent in French and you don't need to spend months in France before you can feel like you belong there, but you do have to try a few things. Let's talk about it! #joinusinfrance #tourism #france #belonging Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    16 Differences Between a Traveler and a Tourist, Episode 360

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2021 62:29

    What's the difference between a traveler and a tourist? In this episode of the podcast we discuss 16 tips to make your vacation better and how you can become a better traveler. You don't need to be fluent in French and you don't need to spend months in France before you can feel like you belong there, but you do have to try a few things. Let's talk about it! #joinusinfrance #tourism #france #belonging Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    The Martyred Village of Oradour-sur-Glane, Episode 359

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2021 65:09

    This episode recounts the history of the martyred village of Oradour-sur-Glane near Limoges. What happened? Do we know why? We like to think things like that can never happen again because the Second World War is far behind us now. But it's never a given and there are senseless massacres going on today still. Let's talk about it and why parents and leaders should never teach hate #joinusinfrance #WW2 #podcast This episode features my frequent guest Elyse Rivin. You can book a tour with her through her website and you can also support her on Patreon. Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    First Time in Paris Trip Report, Episode 358

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2021 67:09

    For this first time in Paris trip report, Annie Sargent talks to Joni and Steve Goldin. They had booked an itinerary review with Annie, so they were better prepared than most. But they still made a few minor mistakes as we discuss. Annie was a guest on the podcast FranceFormation, a show for people who want to move to France. Take a listen! Hotel Recommendation They chose the Da Vinci Hotel. A little boutique hotel in Saint Germain on Rue des Saint Pères that they recommend. Generally they went back to their hotel in the middle of the day to rest up a little which allowed them to stay up later and eat later. This is a good strategy if your hotel (like theirs) is centrally located. Annie's VoiceMap Tours they Took Ile de la Cité on their first day, Saint Germain des Prés a few days later and Montmartre towards the end. Podcast listeners can buy these tours at an amazing low price here. Restaurant Recommendations Les Antiquaires, great Parisian café for sitting outside and people-watching. La Place Royale on Place des Vosges. Bouillon Racine on rue Racine. Robert & Louise in the Marais (Joni loved the honey roasted duck breast) Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    Famous Painters in Nice, Episode 357

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2021 68:21

    There were always at least a few dozen famous painters in Nice on the French Riviera in the 1900s. Today Annie Sargent and Elyse Rivin talk about three of them in some detail: Matisse, Chagall and Yves Klein. Why did they love Provence so much? Was it because painters and photographers are always in search of great light? Whatever the reason, painting on the French Riviera and Provence in general was really popular. Click on Show Notes below to read Elyse's complete historical outline. Visit our Instagram account to see Annie's photos of Chagall, Matisse, and the MAMAC. Useful link: the price of a taxi between the airport and Paris city center. Discussed in this Episode The School of Nice Matisse Chagall Musée Matisse in Nice Musée National Marc Chagall Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain de Nice (MAMAC) Musée Massena The French expression "yakafokon" Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    Moving to France with Children, Episode 356

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2021 70:38

    Moving internationally can really difficult for children but is it worth it? Will the kids adjust to their new life in France? How long does it take to learn French for kids? What are some things parents can do to make the process easier? Annie's daughter, Marianne moved to France at age 7 shares her experience adjusting to France in this episode of the podcast. Discussed in this Episode What was it like moving to France as a 7 year-old? Starting school in France with zero French Some differences between American and French school How long does it take to get comfortable with the new routine and new language? How did French children react to the new American kid? The nature of school in France: very serious and too competitive Doing activities in English like Girl Guides How to maintain reading and writing skills in English while learning French The mandate to take English at school even though the child is already fluent in English Doing sports and after school activities in France Grades in French schools Graduating from College in France The cost of studying in France International students in France Part time jobs for students in France Full show notes for this episode Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking  

    Not to Miss in Bergerac and Monbazillac, Episode 355

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    Do you love medieval streets, beautiful literature and sweet wine? Then it's possible you're destined to visit Bergerac and Monbazillac! This episode of the podcast is full of our recommendations for a fun week-end in French wine country. Press play and get ready for some fun in the southwest of France! Bergerac and Monbazillac are neighboring towns in the Dordogne department and an area called Perigord Pourpre (Purple Périgord). The Dordogne is part of the Aquitaine Region. The historical center of Bergerac is pretty small, but if you're going to visit Monbazillac as well, you'll need one or two nights. Hotel Recommendation Annie and her husband stayed at the Hotel de France, a short walk away from the medieval city center. It was easy to park, an easy walk to all the restaurants, the bed was comfortable, breakfast was great. A nice value for the price. What to Do in Bergerac Walk around the historical city center. If you just drive around Bergerac you won't find it all that special. You have to park and go into the medieval pedestrian streets. Go to the tourist office. It's right by the river in a lovely area. The tourist office often hosts local wine makers who will ask your questions and do a mini wine tasting. The one who was there that day was very friendly and knowledgeable. Rent a bike at the tourist office to ride along the Dordogne river, it's lovely. Take a boat ride in a Gabarre. There are lots of birds on the banks of the Dordogne because they keep the river as wild as possible. You should go to Monbazillar because it's not far at all. The wine tasting was nice but they only do it at set times. Otherwise you can proceed to the wine store where you can taste and buy. Monflanquin and Villeréal are about half an hour away, both worth a stop. You could also visit the nearby village of Yemet that French people in the area call "the English village" because there are so many British people who live there. A Brief History of Bergerac Elyse gives a great summary of the history of this area. Her explanation starts around 25 minutes into our conversation. You can also read her notes by clicking on Show Notes below. But for the purposes of this summary let's just say this. Bergerac was generally a wealthy area because of its wines and agricultural production. It was raided many times and recovered. Much later it became a stronghold of Protestantism who chased the Catholics away. The chateau of Monbazillac went back and forth between the two denominations causing much loss of life and emotional turmoil. Cyrano de Bergerac Once upon a time (in 1897) there was a young playwright who had one play performed in Paris. He was poor and desperately wanted to find more success. This was the time when dramatic realism was taking hold in the art world. Popular plays were dark and full of tortured souls. Edmond Rostand didn't want to make a burlesque play or a somber play. Rostand was a romantic and going through a terrible bout of depression himself. That's when he remembered reading about a poet called Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac in the 1600s. This man had been rejected by his lover and had spent his life trying to get her attention. Edmond Rostand made the story better and he wrote the play in alexendrin. Everyone said it would be a total failure, but Rostand had persuaded a great actor to premiere it and it's been a huge hit ever since. Intro for the episode This episode features my frequent guest Elyse Rivin. You can book a tour with her through her website and you can also support her on Patreon. Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking  

    What's Special About Moissac, France? Episode 354

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2021 64:47

    Moissac is "only" a minor city in the southwest of France, but if you're interested in the Saint Jacques de Compostelle pilgrimage or the churches connected to it, you must make it one of your stops! In this episode of the podcast, tour guide Elyse Rivin explains how Moissac became so prominent, how it is a Unesco World Heritage Site and a great place to visit today! #joinusinfrance #unesco #camino Discussed in this Episode Saint Jacques de Compostelle The largest library in France and a major scriptorium The golden age of Moissac Moissac during the war against the Cathar heresy Moissac during the French Revolution The Abbey of Moissac becoming a historic monument Moissac protecting Jewish children during WW2 Visiting the abbey today: the remarkable architecture of the doorway Church and cloister The cloister of Moissac: the first capitals that tell stories Walk around the capitals with the list in hand The romanesque doorway The tympanum of the Moissac cathedral A gothic church in the south of France Visiting Moissac and local gastronomy How life in France can resume thanks to the French Health Pass New travel rules are implemented in September 2021 but vaccinated visitors still welcome in France This episode features my frequent guest Elyse Rivin. You can book a tour with her through her website and you can also support her on Patreon. Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    Back to Paris at Last! Episode 353

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    In this episode of the podcast, Annie Sargent brings you a conversation with Scott Toporek who went back to Paris at last! This trip was supposed to happen in 2020, but didn't happen because of the pandemic. They came back in August 2021 instead. They had air vouchers they could use up and a week of vacation, so they thought why not? Scott has been to Paris 5 or 6 times before, although never before in August. He knew what he wanted to do and see and he was in a position to compare Paris pre-pandemic to what he experienced this time. We talk about his favorite spots in Paris, but we also go into details about what it's like visiting Paris while this pandemic still drags on. Some of you aren't ready to leave the safety of home yet, some have plans to come soon. As you'll hear in this episode, Paris isn't scary. If you are subscribed to the Join Us in France Newsletter, you've read Annie's advice about getting the French Health Pass and what the recent European Directive means for you.  As a recap, this is the link visitors need to apply for the French Health Pass. The process is different for students coming to a university in France. Discussed in this Episode What Is Paris Like in 2021? La Samaritaine Mask Compliance in Paris Will I Test Negative Before I Return Home? The Carnavalet Museum The Parvis de Notre Dame is still not fully open to the public Classic restaurants in Paris L'Escargot de Montorgeuil La Rotonde Le Train Bleu Chez Dumonet Chez Janou Poilâne bread How to get a nice shot of the Eiffel Tower A great walk in Paris A favorite spot on the Île Saint Louis: Place Louis Aragon Pay attention to the details on your Covid test Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    A Visit to the Chateau de Chantilly, Episode 351

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2021 79:27

    On this episode of the podcast, Annie Sargent and Elyse Rivin talk about their visit to the Chateau de Chantilly. You can visit the chateau of Chantilly on a day trip from Paris by train and have a great time in the countryside! The Chateau de Chantilly has a long history, an amazing art collection, beautiful stables and horses, and it's a favorite for weddings and events. Click play to see why you might want to go yourself! If you're ready to venture out of Paris and learn about French history, this episode is for you! A Few Gotchas About the Chateau de Chantilly When you are looking for a ticket to Chantilly, go the "Grandes Lignes" machines. Because the train that goes to Chantilly goes all the way to Amiens, it's not a regional train but a train that changes regions. Don't get on the city bus that says "Chateau de Chantilly" because it will take you a long way around. There is a tourist bus that picks up visitors, but we're not sure what the schedule is. It's only about a mile on flat terrain to walk to the chateau, it's probably best to hoof it. Renting a bicycle would be a great way to visit. You can arrange that here or here. There are probably more, these are a couple of the first results on Google. There are horse shows, but it looks like the shows are only in the evening. This is a great place to bring a picnic and there is a bathroom in the horse museum. Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking    

    Tips for Buying a New Condo in France

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2021 57:57

    Have you ever thought about buying a new condo or house in France? My guest on this episode bought a new town home in Provence and a new studio in Paris. She bought them from plan because it was a great deal and she wanted a place of her own in France. In this episode she breaks down the process and shares why she's happy she did it! Buying New Constructions in France I know that many of you hope to move to France someday, so today I bring you a conversation with Maria Trenzado about buying a brand new apartment or single-family home in France. She's bought two apartments from plans in the past. She's heard me talk to different people about buying existing homes, and she thought hey wait a minute! She explains what is it like buying a brand new condo in France. How she went about it, the advantages, what should you be on the look-out for, all that good stuff. Make sure to check out the guest notes for details we didn't necessarily cover during our conversation. In the first quarter of 2021 developers sold more than 30,000 new dwellings in France, this is a popular option for French people because we're not all cut-out for an old house and a renovation project. You'll find links to a few of the big players in the new construction space in France in the show notes After the interview I'll update you the pandemic and how things are progressing in France. Consider These Providers If you're hoping to find new constructions in France here are a few of the biggest players in the new construction space: Vinci Immobilier Nexity Bouygues Prix Maison French Estate Agents Leggett Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    Travel to France in Covid Times

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2021 73:06

    Are you eager to go back to Paris but the latest wave of the pandemic is holding you back? My guest on today's episode of the podcast, Whitney Szypula, certainly didn't let the pandemic stop her. She got vaccinated and made a plan to come immediately. But what is it like to travel to France in Covid times? Did it feel risky? Are there restrictions? What are they like? Is it even worth it? What happens if you don't wear a mask in the Paris metro? Americans were welcome back in France on June 9th, 2021 and she landed on June 10th! This is the first day Americans were allowed to enter France after several bouts of covid-related lock-downs. Whitney was in France for 3 weeks with her partner who is French. They explored Paris together and then went to visit Provence and Savoie where he lives. She shares some wonderful suggestion Let's talk about it! Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    The Liberation of the Mediterranean in 1944

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2021 64:59

    This is Join Us in France Episode 349.  Bonjour, I'm Annie Sargent and Join Us in France is the podcast where we look around France so you can best enjoy France as a destination. We talk about places you might want to visit in France, French news that relate to travel, French culture, history, gastronomy, and everything it takes to have a great time in France. Today I bring you a conversation with Elyse Rivin about the liberation of the Mediterranean in 1944. We've talked about the incredible feats of valor surrounding the liberation of France via Normandy, but that was only part of the job. Lots of Allied troops participated in the liberation of Algeria, Corsica and Provence all around the Mediterranean. And, unlike Normandy, 50% of the troops who participated were French. But the liberation of the Mediterranean wasn't only done by French soldiers! I bet some of you have relatives who fought in those battles and they rarely get acknowledged because all we ever talk about is Normandy. Aug 15th marks the 77th anniversary of the landing of Allied troops in Provence and it's an amazing story that Elyse and I will share with you now. This time the France travel update on how to get your health pass and QR code is at the beginning of my discussion with Elyse and not after the interview. Stay tuned for that. If you like what we do here at Join Us in France, consider supporting us by visiting Annie's boutique to check out my cookbook Join Us at the Table, my self-guided VoiceMap tours and my services such as my itinerary review where I help you craft the best vacation in France specifically for YOU. This episode features my frequent guest Elyse Rivin. You can book a tour with her through her website and you can also support her on Patreon. Remember that there were 3 major military operations to push back Germans in the  Mediterranean: Operation Torch (North Africa November 1942) Operation Vésuve (Corsica October 1943) Anvil Dragoon (Provence August 1944) German Bunkers you can see in Provence: Blockhaus des Goudes Bunker Faben (Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat) Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    Montauban in Occitanie, Episode 348

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2021 71:21

    Are you thinking about making a stop in the city of Montauban in Occitanie? Annie Sargent and Elyse Rivin visit Montauban today and share their insights about this town in the southwest of France. Montauban is a city with lots of history and some recent controversy. Should you put it on your list? It's definitely off the beaten track and that's a plus to many people. Take a listen to decide for yourself if you'd like to check it out! If you have time for nothing else, here's what you should put on top of your list in Montauban: The Ingres Bourdelle Art Museum inside of the former Bishop's Palace. It would make a good base to set off to see gorgeous villages in the Aveyron area (Penne, Castelnau de Montmiral, Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, Bruniquel to name just a few that we've done episodes on in the podcast) Here is a selection of accommodations we like in Montauban For Americans planning to visit France in Aug or Sept of 2021: Information on how Americans can get a QR code starts 59 minutes into the episode. This is the Sherpa site where you can see up-to-date information on what it takes to travel to France from your country. It also explains what you'll need to return home AND lets you print travel documents. Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    Annie and Elyse Visit Èze in Provence, Episode 347

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2021 50:20

    Are you thinking about visiting the city of Èze near Nice in Provence? Welcome to the Join Us in France Travel Podcast. We are making a stop in Èze today! Annie Sargent brings you a conversation with licensed tour guide Elyse Rivin about the hill-top village of Èze. We talk about the history of this beautiful place, discuss ways to get there, and a few gotchas you should be warned about. Annie has visited Éze several times. It's a touristy place, but there's a good reason for that! And once you know the tricks, you'll have a grand time! French news about the new health pass requirement starts 35 minutes into the episode or visit the show notes to read what's happening. Here are a few useful links for you on the new health pass: This official web page gives step-by-step instructions on what health professionals need to do to generate a QR code for foreign nationals. Paris By Mouth, a tour company, has published a very good blog post about how to do this for people who are in Paris right now. Things are changing fast. There are a lot of conversations about this on the Join Us in France Closed Group on Facebook, see the latest there. Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

    Tips for Paris Visitors with Mobility Issues, Episode 346

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2021 56:51

    In this episode of the podcast Annie Sargent and Elyse Rivin discuss tips for Paris visitors with mobility issues. The strategies we share would work for older visitors in Paris, but they will also help anyone who is coming to Paris with children. Kids don't enjoy walking 20,000+ steps per day the way we often do in Paris! So, you'll probably have a stroller and that makes mobility more difficult. Also consider that even if you're perfectly healthy, nobody likes to be totally exhausted at the end of a vacation day. So, let's share tips for Paris visitors with mobility issues! Latest news about mobility on the Paris metro and buses This episode features my frequent guest Elyse Rivin. You can book a tour with her through her website and you can also support her on Patreon. Full show notes for this episode are here: Patreon | Boutique | Newletter | Booking

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