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"This podcast saved my life"- Amy W Conversations about Creating a Life Worth Living. Open minded discussions of habits, meditation, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy, and motivation.

Eric Zimmer

    • Sep 26, 2023 LATEST EPISODE
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    Empowering Families in the Journey of Recovery with Dr. Jeff Foote

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2023 62:16 Transcription Available

    Dr. Jeff Foote is a clinical psychologist making impactful strides in the areas of addiction support and recovery. His work underscores the importance of understanding the nuances of addiction that empowers families in a loved one's journey of recovery. Jeff's approach lies in building bridges of communication and forging stronger connections within families confronted by substance use issues. The effective model, ‘invitation to change,' is designed to uproot stigmas, foster better comprehension of addiction, and ultimately contribute to a transformative and supportive recovery journey. In this episode, you will be able to: Explore groundbreaking approaches to treating addiction and post-traumatic stress Understand the impact of genuine compassion and acceptance in supporting a loved with grappling with addiction Shift your perception of addiction, seeing it no longer as a flaw but as an aspect of human behavior Master effective communication tools that give support and comfort to loved ones struggling with anxiety or addiction Witness how families can be a beacon of positive change, crucially supporting the road to recovery To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Find Your True Path with Paul Millerd

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2023 60:26 Transcription Available

    In this conversation, Paul Millerd explores the significance of aligning one's career with personal values to be able to follow your own unique and true path. Paul shares how often people get stuck in jobs that don't resonate with their true selves, leading to dissatisfaction and burnout. By understanding and prioritizing personal values over societal expectations or financial gains, individuals can guide their career paths towards fulfilling and meaningful work, thereby promoting greater satisfaction and well-being. In this episode, you'll be able to: Acknowledge the necessity of stepping beyond pre-set boundaries to unmask your true potential Get comfortable with the unknowns while progressing in life's journey Identify the impact of connecting your work with your deepest passions and beliefs Learn to interrogate societal expectations in order to prioritze to your own values and passions Get acquainted the process of self-realization for living a life that embodies who you truly are. To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    The Power of Listening and Interconnectedness with Jane Hirshfield

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2023 62:58 Transcription Available

    In this episode, Jane Hirshfield shares her extraordinary capacity for deep introspection and exploration of interconnectedness. You'll hearJane read some of her beautiful poetry and discover how through her words, she is able to make profound connections between human experiences and the larger universe.In this episode, you'll be able to: Experience the enlightening potential of appreciating small daily joys and how they can heighten your overall happiness Explore the art of embracing life's curveballs while learning to capitalize on these difficult situations for personal growth Discover the captivating power of poetry as a medium for personal transformation and sharpened perception Foster a heightened sense of interconnectedness, enabling you to dissolve boundaries and enrich your understanding of self Acquire the skills to navigate through tough periods with grace, hope, kindness, and resilience To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How Mindfulness Can Free the Inner Critic with Ginny Gay

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2023 57:14 Transcription Available

    In this episode, Eric and Ginny explore ways to work with and free the inner critic through mindfulness. Ginny shares her story of struggle and growth on her path to becoming a mindfulness teacher and explains the many benefits of practicing mindfulness as a way to quiet the inner critic, which leads to living with more joy and less suffering. In this episode, you'll be able to: Accept the crucial need to turn toward difficult feelings rather than turn away from them Understand that where the wound is, the healing can begin Differentiate the inner critic from our inner conscience Recognize the various ways the inner critic can show up Identify different ways to practice mindfulness in your life Understand the important connection between mindfulness and meditation Define spirituality in your own way that is meaningful to you To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    A Message of Hope through Addiction and Recovery with Macklemore

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2023 34:06 Transcription Available

    In this episode, Macklemore shares his journey with addiction and the added challenges of relapsing. Through his music and in this conversation, he expresses the value of any progress in recovery, starting over, and the importance of being honest with yourself and others by seeking support in recovery. In this episode, you'll be able to: Understand more deeply the struggles and challenges of addiction Grasp the power of being honest with yourself and others about your addiction Realize the importance of self-care practices in sobriety Understand the significance of having support in a recovery community Tap into the vast potential for transformation and growth in recovery To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Embrace Mindfulness on the Path to Personal Growth with Dan Harris

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2023 52:44 Transcription Available

    In this episode, Dan Harris underscores the importance of mindfulness in fostering personal growth. As a self-proclaimed “meditation evangelist,” Dan explores how by practicing mindfulness, we become more aware of our thoughts and emotions, which allows us to shape our attitudes and reactions consciously. In this episode, you'll be able to: Learn how mindfulness becomes a cornerstone in the journey of personal transformation Grasp how the power of selecting thoughts and emotions can shape your reality Cultivate the practice of self-compassion Survey a range of routes for self-improvement, underscoring practices like meditation, loving-kindness, and self-compassion. Understand the nature of panic and anxiety, and how to skillfully work with it To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How Relationships Shape Our Happiness and Well-Being with Robert Waldinger

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2023 59:49 Transcription Available

    In this episode, Robert Waldinger shares how relationships shape our happiness and well-being. He discusses what the research shows about what truly makes us happier and improves long-term health. and explains ho cultivating meaningful connections and relationships actually leads to greater happiness and overall fulfillment in life. In this episode, you'll be able to: Explore the crucial role of relationships and social bonds in building a rewarding life Learn how to harness your presence and attention to cultivate important social skills and connections Realize the importance of self-acceptance and honoring individual preferences in the landscape of relationships Appreciate the significance of continuous research like the Harvard Study of Adult Development in illuminating the key determinants of happiness and well-being Unearth the profound significance of relationships and interpersonal connections in nurturing a satisfying life To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Live the Questions of Life with Krista Tippett

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2023 51:15 Transcription Available

    In this episode, Krista Tippett invites us to unlock the power of questions and discover the profound beauty of embracing uncertainty. She explores the idea of investigating the stories we tell ourselves, the narratives that shape our understanding and interpretation of the world. In this episode you'll be able to: Discern the importance of nurturing the good nature inside you for personal growth Uncover how harnessing the power of questions can help you embrace the unknown Learn how to navigate through uncertainty and make decisions that lead to positive change Understand the critical role you play in facing the existential challenges brought about by the ecological crisis Delve into how spirituality intersects with our collective participation in life To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    Insights on Mental Health, Identity, and Resilience with Andrew Solomon

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2023 66:03 Transcription Available

    In this conversation, mental health advocate Andrew Solomon challenges societal norms and explores the complex relationship between depression and identity. Andrew also strives to uncover the delicate balance between suffering and growth in his thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of mental health. In this episode, you'll be able to: Uncover why resilience and personal control are integral to overcoming adversities Gain an understanding of the multifaceted nature of depression as both a medical condition and a way of self-perception Understand the profound implications of social media on the mental wellness of today's younger generation Learn the necessity of a broader vocabulary to accurately represent non-traditional family dynamics Discern the interconnected impacts of neglect, poverty, and foster care on mental health To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Strengthen Resilience with Linda Graham

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2023 41:39 Transcription Available

    In this episode, Linda Graham explains the neuroscience behind resilience and shares some of her teachings on how to strengthen resilience. As she immersed herself in her work on resilience, she realized that all emotions, deemed good or bad, were catalysts to action. She also came to realize the transformative power of mindful compassion towards these emotions. By shifting the brain's functioning to a more receptive, open, and allowing state, we can begin to foster a growth mindset that leads to increased resilience.   In this episode, you'll be able to: Discover tactics to build resilience and learn to navigate life's trials with less stress and more grace Uncover the power attached to perception and attitude to cultivate a growth mindset Embrace positive emotions and embrace how this practice rewires your mind for resilience through neuroplasticity Discover the complex relationship between early attachments and resilience strength Learn to implement resilience-building tools in your everyday life To learn more, click here! See for privacy information.

    The Path to Presence and Mindful Living with Prince EA

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2023 53:49 Transcription Available

    Prince EA is a modern-day sage who inspires millions with wisdom gleaned from various spiritual traditions and practices. He uses his experiences and challenges with depression to inform and empower his audience. His unique expressions of vulnerability and honesty continue to connect with people worldwide, inspiring them to live a more mindful life. His explorations in spirituality have not only provided him with much-needed solace and also ignited a journey to help others in their quest for peace of mind. In this episode, you'll be able to: Learn the intricate role of conscious living and making deliberate choices in shaping your life Attain practical tools for nurturing mindfulness, guiding you to stay present in each moment Learn strategies for managing depression and fostering better mental health Explore the intersection of spirituality, meditation, and mindful living, and why it's a valuable approach in today's fast-paced world Discover how welcoming uncertainty and developing a beginner's mind can lead to new forms of personal growth To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Get Unstuck with Adam Alter

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2023 63:57 Transcription Available

    In this episode, Adam Alter shares valuable strategies for learning how to become unstuck and break through common barriers in life. He emphasizes the importance of seeking new perspectives and thinking differently to break through mental and emotional blocks. He also highlights the connection between physical movement and creative inspiration, explaining how it stimulates the brain and unlocks fresh ideas. In this episode, you'll be able to: Discover powerful strategies to unblock personal growth hurdles and pave a clear path toward your goals Uncover the surprising relationship between physical movement and creativity Recognize the unspoken value of failure and how it can lead to unforeseen successes Immerse in the importance of broadening your horizon and embracing new perspectives to clear mental roadblocks Learn how and why exploration and exploitation for fostering both personal and professional growth To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Embrace Your Authentic Self with Carmen Rita Wong

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2023 61:31 Transcription Available

    Carmen Rita Wong shares her personal journey of unearthing her shifting identities and how she learned to cultivate compassion towards herself and others. She discovered how to embrace the opportunities for personal growth that arose from her childhood trauma and inner conflicts. Her story will inspire you to see how growth and transformation are possible, even in the face of adversity. In this episode, you'll be able to: Dive into the transformative power of understanding and compassion when facing internal battles Discover the fine line between understanding and forgiveness, and realize how acknowledging others' actions doesn't shift your personal accountability Unveil the complexities of human nature and explore how our upbringing shapes us Find the balance between dealing with past influences and fully owning up to one's decisions To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Unleash the Power of Happiness and Success with Emma Seppala

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2023 29:18 Transcription Available

    Emma Seppala reveals how to unleash the power of happiness and success that leads to overall well-being. She explains how to apply the proven science behind the transformation that leads to new levels of success, fulfillment, and contentment. In the episode, you'll be able to: Discover how managing energy, not time, can exponentially boost your productivity Realize the extraordinary effectiveness of breathwork in enhancing emotional resilience Challenge the traditional success notions to make happiness your ultimate job satisfaction indicator Appreciate the key role compassion plays in fostering healthy relationships Question societal norms to redefine success for a more fulfilling life To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Integrate Behavior Change with Your Values

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2023 62:49 Transcription Available

    Spencer Greenberg and Eric discuss how to integrate behavior change with your values. They explore the importance of focusing on the process rather than the end goal and share practice strategies for forming habits that will help you live according to your values. In this episode, you'll be able to: Identify the underlying values that lead to your decisions, and build a strategy around them Recognize the crucial role regular self-reflection plays in cultivating these improved practices Understand the significance of prioritizing the process, not just the end goal in forming habits Navigate the next steps when facing conflicting values Understand the various frameworks for behavior change and the ten conditions for change To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    Why Anxiety is Good For You with Tracy Dennis-Tiwary

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2023 65:35 Transcription Available

    Tracy Dennis Tiwary is a renowned emotion scientist and clinical psychologist. Her expertise in emotions, particularly anxiety, gives us a refreshing perspective on how we perceive our fears and hopes. By breaking down the elements of anxiety and explaining its adaptive purpose, she provides effective strategies for managing stress and anxiety. As she explores the link between anxiety and hope, Tracy highlights the importance of emotional agility in prioritizing mental health and fostering resilience. In this episode, you'll be able to: Uncover the unexpected advantages of embracing your stress Challenge the common misconceptions about success Discover tactics to navigate stressful situations and learn to cultivate resilience Identify and tackle the root causes of your stress and anxiety Understand the importance of fostering a culture that supports mental wellness Harness the hidden potential in stress and turn it into fuel for personal growth To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    What Puzzles Can Teach Us About Life with A.J. Jacobs

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2023 63:41 Transcription Available

    Embark on a mind-expanding journey with author AJ Jacobs as he unravels the paradox of personal growth through puzzles! While challenging assumptions and finding joy in the process, A.J. explores the fascinating conflict between perseverance and giving up too easily and how this applies to solving actual puzzles and the puzzles of life. In this episode, you'll be able to: Unearth the potential of puzzles to develop your cognitive skills and problem-handling capabilities Find the balance between curiosity and empathy in facilitating smoother disagreements resolution Discover how setting goals and undertaking profound quests can lend purpose to your life Sharpen your capacity to notice finer details for a fuller and more satisfying life experience Gain insights into the fine equilibrium between persistence and knowing when to step back To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Tame Your Inner Critic with Dr. Aziz Gazipura

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2023 50:34 Transcription Available

    Learn to tame your relentless inner critic and unleash your self-confidence as clinical psychologist Aziz Gazipura guides you through an empowering journey of defying doubt, stepping into discomfort, and taking bold action to silence the negative voice within. In this episode, you'll be able to: Adopt strategies for silencing self-doubt and boosting self-belief Delve into the significance of fostering emotional awareness and acceptance Learn how stepping out of your comfort zone can be a transformational growth strategy Discover how insights on how consistent action can cripple the hold of doubt and the inner critic Unravel the connection between your thoughts and emotions in shaping your experiences. To learn more:  click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Explore Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature, and Spirit with Lyanda Haupt

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2023 65:24 Transcription Available

    Lyanda Haupt shares what it means to explore life at the crossroads of science, nature, and spirit. With a rich academic background in biology, Haupt's work seeks to break the barrier between science and the average understanding of environmental realities. Through her compelling narratives and insightful perspectives, listeners are offered a gateway into a realm of spirituality deeply intertwined with the natural world. In this episode, you'll be able to: Discover the intricate connection between the realms of science, nature, and spirituality and why it matters in your daily life Uncover methods to nurture a deeper, more immersive bond with the natural world around you Understand the pivotal role of hope and resilience amid change and uncertainties Find out how to create equilibrium in your life by connecting your inner world with the natural world. Learn why feeding your inner “good wolf” is vital during periods of trials and tribulations, and how to do it effectively To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Own our Struggles and Find Healing with Minaa B.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2023 67:14 Transcription Available

    Join licensed therapist and author Minaa B as she navigates the complexities of owning our struggles to find healing. In this conversation, she explains the power of self-care practices and community support in overcoming trauma and achieving wholeness. In this episode, you'll be able to: Uncover the vital role emotional maturity plays in personal healing journeys Grasp how building a strong community can fast-track your healing process Dive into the profound impact of racism on personal growth and mental health Acknowledge internalized oppression and the role of self-reflection in dismantling it Recognize the significance of setting boundaries and advocating for yourself in all relationships To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Manage the ADHD Brain to Unleash Creativity with Andy J. Pizza

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2023 58:06 Transcription Available

    Andy J. Pizza is a creative genius who learned to not only accept the challenges of living with ADHD but to embrace the many wonderful qualities that come with it. With compassion and curiosity, Andy discovered how to navigate a path for his neurodivergent thinking to uncover and share his wonderful gifts with the world. In this conversation, Andy and Eric discuss how he learned to manage the ADHD brain to unleash his creativity as well as... Ways to use explore art and its inherent ability for self-expression and self-approval How our upbringing and surrounding environments affect our personal development journey Understanding the impact of ADHD on creativity and how it can open new realms of personal growth Learning to appreciate the critical role authenticity and taste play in nurturing creativity Recognizing that failure is a vital element in fostering a personal growth mindset To learn more, click here! See for privacy information.

    How to Discover What Matters Most in Life with Tami Simon

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2023 34:35 Transcription Available

    In this episode, Tami Simon shares what it means to be true to yourself and how to discover what matters most in work, life, and love. We also discuss… How we all have inherent goodness inside us Realizing there's no destination in life but an unending journey  Learning to find balance in our internal and outer experiences Understanding that our body's feedback will indicate when things are out of balance The five keys to living in integrity and being true to ourselves How being supported helps us to have the courage to bridge the gap between knowing and doing Learning to stay open and experience what expanded awareness feels like To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    Special Episode: Finding Hope on the Path to Sobriety

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2023 64:22

    Eric is joined by special guests Gillian Tietz, Laura Cathcart Robbins, and Paul Churchill where they share their experiences in early sobriety. While each of their journeys is unique, there is also a shared understanding of what it's like in those first days of recovery. This episode will provide helpful insights, inspiration, and hope from those who have lived through such painful experiences and have come out on the other side to share what they've learned, including... Their similar and unique experiences in the early days of sobriety How gratitude plays an important role in recovering from an addiction Recognizing the shared emotions and feelings when suffering from an addiction Learning to be honest and vulnerable with people you trust Uncovering the hope that life will get better The importance of finding a supportive community Self-examination and discovering why you are reaching Paying attention to what triggers you How you can't outthink an addiction, but use your past experiences to think forward To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    sobriety finding hope paul churchill
    How to Find More Free Time with Jenny Blake

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2023 57:35

    In this episode, Eric and Jenny explore the concept of heart-based decision-making in business and in life. They also delve into ideas about redefining success, learning to trust and follow your intuition, as well as getting comfortable with awkwardness and discomfort.We also discuss How to Find More Free Time and… Defining heart-based business and heart-based living Understanding that stress is a systems problem How we can create systems to combat decision fatigue The importance of learning to let go of control The often missing and important metric of time to-revenue ratio Examining the energetic time blueprint Learning to trust and follow intuition Why we need to embrace imperfection To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Build Better Relationships (Work and Personal) with Michael Bungay Stanier

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 4, 2023 63:36

    In this episode, Michael Bungay Stanier explains keystone conversations and why this is vitally important in building the best possible relationships, both at work and in your personal life. Discover how these seemingly small conversations can lead to stronger, more collaborative, and more fulfilling connections. You'll also learn: How any working or personal relationship can be made better Why it takes courage to initiate the invitation to work on a relationship that is important to you The 3 core elements of a relationship: safety, vitality, repairability Defining keystone conversations and why they're so important in improving relationships How there is an important tension between safety and vitality How to look at problems in growth made instead of problem mode Why it's important to make it safe to ask questions The importance of actively engaging in relationships so it doesn't stagnate To learn more, click here.See for privacy information.

    Why Spending Time in Nature Makes us Happier and Healthier with Florence Williams

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2023 35:24

    In this episode, Florence Williams shares the profound benefits of being outdoors and in nature, offering you a fresh perspective on self-care and a path toward increased well-being. Discover the scientific evidence that proves how spending time in nature makes us happier, healthier, and even more creative. In this episode, you'll be able to... Recognize the many benefits of spending time in nature and how they're backed by scientific evidence That 15 minutes in a forest environment can reduce our cortisol levels Understand the concept of Nature Deficit Disorder as we are consumed with modern-day conveniences Understand why being in nature can be better than meditation for some people Learn why it's important to pay closer attention and connect to our surroundings Discover why spending time in nature affects different parts of the brain Understand the potent effects that being in nature has on your emotional and mental well-being. Learn new ways to engage in nature, even in urban landscapes To learn more, click here.See for privacy information.

    How to Embrace Uncertainty with Suleika Jaoaud

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2023 63:47

    When Suleika Jaouad received a devastating leukemia diagnosis at the age of 22, her life took a very unexpected turn into adulthood. Viewing her long hospital stay from the lens of a journalist, Suleika began a daily diary, ultimately fashioning her own reflective world. Through her writing, she found not just a lifeline, but a sense of purpose and agency, living out the essence of post-traumatic growth. Suleika's commitment to actively seeking meaning amidst her significant health challenges is an inspiration for anyone dealing with uncertainty in life. In this episode, you'll be able to: Understand how transformation comes with hardship and unpredictability Appreciate the role of vulnerability and love in conquering life's hurdles Discover how doing something creative can be the key to unlocking suffering Know the significance of developing a network built on loving support and empathy Learn how to skillfully navigate the ‘in-between' spaces in life's journey To learn more, click hereSee for privacy information.

    How to Embrace Mindfulness in Everyday Life with Rohan Gunatillake

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2023 51:29

    Rohan Gunatillake shares how his love of stories allowed him to discover the power of inhabiting different characters and exploring themes of his own life through their tales. This discovery led him to create a wonderful podcast that blends storytelling and meditation for a more meaningful experience for his listeners. In this episode, you will be able to: Discover ways to incorporate mindfulness into daily life without disrupting your schedule Learn to notice and use your reactions to anything that moves you (good or bad) to go deeper within Recognize both the benefits and limitations of meditation apps Learn to let go of expectations that meditation should look a certain way Bring creativity into your mindfulness practice to fuel your creative passions To learn more, click here:See for privacy information.

    How to Simplify Your Life and Find More Fulfillment in Your Work with John Kaag

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2023 60:40

    John Kaag is a renowned philosopher and author who brings fresh insights into the timeless wisdom of Henry David Thoreau. With impressive academic achievements under his belt, including teaching writing at Harvard and serving as a professor at UMass Lowell, John possesses a unique perspective on Thoreau's philosophy regarding work and intentional living. Drawing inspiration from his own life's journey and the challenges of balancing personal fulfillment with professional obligations, John invites us to explore new ways of finding meaning and purpose in their work. In this episode, you will be able to: Explore how seeking purpose and meaning in your work enhances overall fulfillment Learn from Thoreau's ideals on the balance between work, personal development, and conscious living Shift your relationship with work by placing emphasis on your core values and beliefs Embrace a simpler lifestyle that fosters a sense of satisfaction unencumbered by material expectations Engage in continuous self-discovery to refine your values and manifest a rich, authentic life. To learn more, click here.See for privacy information.

    How to Respond to Abuse of Power: Practical Advice for Survivors Pt. 2 with Ginny Gay & Brandi Lust

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2023 52:28

    If you have ever been in a situation where another was willing to harm you for their own benefit, then abuse has happened and that person has become an abuser. In this episode, we talk about the process leading up to this abuse, helping listeners to identify warning signs. We also offer practical advice that empowers survivors to take back control and find healing after abuse has occurred. In this second of a two-part conversation on abuse of power, join us to learn how to establish healthy boundaries, find supportive communities that enable growth, and reclaim your power. Listen to part 1 here.  In this episode, Ginny and Brandi help listeners to:  Gain awareness of the impact that abuse of power can have on personal and societal well-being Examine the ways language is used to dismantle trust and identify techniques to counteract this  Grasp the importance of setting boundaries to counter abusive behavior and promote healthier relationships Identify how surrounding yourself with supportive communities enables healing and positive growth Learn to reclaim your authenticity by overcoming the effects of abuse and cultivating self-empowerment To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Find Joy, Wisdom, and Wonder in Nature with Mark Coleman

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2023 58:06

    In this episode, Mark Coleman shares the many benefits of spending time in nature and explores several mindfulness practices that cultivate joy, wisdom, and wonder in your life!   You'll discover: How we need to practice paying attention to what's right in our lives rather than what's wrong How mindfulness is always in service of wisdom, understanding, and freedom Why we need to widen our lens to be able to see what else is “here” How nature invites us to be in the present moment in a joyful and effortless way Defining mindfulness simply as clear awareness and the capacity to be present Understanding how multitasking diminishes our attention How nature teaches us about knowing and being known Grasping the reality of impermanence in nature and in our lives To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Respond to Abuse of Power: Our Stories of Survival, Pt. 1 with Ginny Gay & Brandi Lust

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2023 60:11

    Abusers seek to isolate their victims and implement tactics to keep them silent and thinking that it's “all in their head” or somehow their fault. However, when we talk about our experiences as victims of abuse, any false sense of shame is lifted and the experience is normalized; abuse becomes easily recognizable— and something we know how to stop. In this first of a two-part conversation, Ginny and Brandi share their personal stories of living through abuse, and how they survived. They share how community support and self-trust can help you overcome the effects of abuse of power and reclaim your voice. In This Episode, Ginny and Brandi Discuss: Why unacknowledged power is the root of abuse What solutions can help us challenge authority and encourage support within communities Why addressing power dynamics is key to sustaining positive relationships Ways to pinpoint warning signs of abusive behavior and take appropriate action How to embrace the process of healing after enduring abuse Why community is so important in navigating and resolving abuse or trauma-based scenarios To learn more, click here.See for privacy information.

    The Search for Meaningful Work with Bruce Feiler

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2023 59:24

    With a wealth of experience in collecting life stories, Bruce Feiler has become an expert in identifying personal values in the search for fulfilling and purpose-driven work. As a best-selling author and engaging speaker, he inspires his audiences to dig deep, unearth their own personal stories, and chase their dreams rather than follow someone else's path. In this episode, Eric and Bruce Discuss the Search for Meaningful Work and… Defining “workquakes” and developing strategies for navigating career transitions How to determine your personal values to pursue more meaningful work  Understanding the power of making unorthodox decisions, fostering individuality and creativity. How to embrace change and extract happiness and meaning from evolving situations Recognizing the impact individual decisions can have on personal growth and empowerment To learn more, click here.See for privacy information.

    How to Navigate Grief: Myths, Truths, and Practical Advice (Part 2)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2023 56:44

    After the loss of someone we love, we're inevitably faced with the question, “How do I live with this grief?” In this episode of “Something to Normalize,” Ginny and Brandi offer some answers to this question. Through research and personal experiences with grief, they share strategies, powerful bits of wisdom, and practical tools they've discovered. They also discuss how they've applied these tools in their own lives, and what was most helpful in their process. This is the second in a two-part series on grieving. Click here to listen to part 1.  In This Episode, Ginny & Brandi Discuss: How grief is more than just the loss of a person; it is also the loss of our identity as it relates to that person  What opportunities grief offers us— like forming a new relationship with the memories of a loved one How rituals can have an important role in helping us process our grief Ways to navigate the ever-changing nature of grief To learn more, click here.See for privacy information.

    Real Wisdom for Navigating Mental Health with Ken Duckworth

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2023 63:14

    Dr. Ken Duckworth is not only an expert in the mental health field but he has experienced firsthand the challenges of having a loved one suffering from mental illness. This experience inspired his work with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), advocating for awareness, research, and better access to mental health care. Ken continues to work to fight the shame and isolation surrounding mental health conditions and to promote openness and compassion in the journey toward wellness.  In this Episode, Eric and Ken Discuss Real Wisdom for Navigating Mental Health and... Understanding the significance of community support in overcoming mental health hurdles How to recognize the power of self-determination in mental health recovery journeys The importance of understanding the impact of family history on understanding mental illness Navigating the complexities of the mental healthcare system and tapping into available resources Foster open mental health conversations by hearing personal stories and experiences Grasping the value of a strong support network for mental well-being Learning to unleash your potential for self-directed growth in mental health recovery Demystify the mental healthcare landscape to find valuable resources Encouraging inclusive mental health discussions through shared personal narratives To learn more, click hereSee for privacy information.

    How to Navigate Grief: Our Stories of Love and Loss (Part 1) with Ginny Gay & Brandi Lust

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2023 52:18

    In this special two-part episode of Something to Normalize, Ginny and Brandi each share their stories of losing someone central to their lives and the grief that followed. Grief can be a complex, unpredictable, overwhelming, and isolating experience. And there are so many misconceptions about what it “should” be like. What's worse than grieving the loss of someone you love and then feeling isolated or wondering if the way you're grieving is somehow wrong? In this episode, Ginny and Brandi explain how there's no wrong way to grieve. We can accept our experience, and find a bridge of connection so that we're not alone in navigating this universal, human experience.  In This Episode, Ginny & Brandi Discuss: What it means to say that grieving is a non-linear process What grief can look like when the relationship was complicated  How to offer compassionate support to grieving loved ones through active listening and empathy The wide range of emotions that are possible during the grieving process Myths and misconceptions about grief, including the “stages of grief”  The intrinsic bond between grief, love, and impermanence To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    Why We Need a Different Approach to Mental Health & Wellness with Dr. Tom Insel

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2023 64:22

    Dr. Thomas Insel, a highly respected mental health expert, found inspiration in an honest comment from a frustrated family member. He was speaking to a group of mental health advocates about the advances in research and treatment when a man stood up to tell him that their family's house was on fire, and Insel was only discussing the chemistry of the paint. This striking remark compelled Insel to reevaluate his priorities and look for ways to make a real impact on mental health care. He went on to work at Google, where he believed technology could help scale the proven therapies and treatments he had been researching. In this episode, Eric and Dr. Insel discuss why we need a different approach to mental health and… How to recognize the essential role personalized mental health care plays in improving well-being. How to determine the powerful influence of peer support and professional interventions in mental health recovery. Understanding the benefits of adopting an outcomes-focused mental health policy. Unraveling the challenges of addiction and the need for effective understanding and treatment approaches. The urgent need to assess the opportunities of incorporating mental health treatment into other health care programs for holistic care. To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Turn Shame Into Connection: Why Normalizing Helps Us with Ginny Gay & Brandi Lust

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2023 66:13

    Have you ever felt like this? That showing vulnerability is weakness, that asking for help is a sign of incompetence, or that everyone else has the very thing you're struggling with all figured out? These misconceptions can lead us to isolate ourselves and feel shame about our own struggles. Ginny and Brandi are here to share the power of normalizing our human experiences and how it can dissolve shame and create meaningful connections between us. This is the first episode of a special 5-episode series we're releasing called “Something To Normalize”.   Embracing the universality of human experiences that lead to deeper connections  Defining what it means to “normalize” something and how powerful it can be Recognizing and learning to tackle the risks associated with normalizing detrimental behavior and attitudes Harnessing the strength in vulnerability and cultivating spaces for open honesty Talking about difficult experiences as an antidote to shame Opening up about personal journeys while safeguarding your growth with healthy boundaries To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    The Power of Intentionality in Life with Quan Barry

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2023 53:28

    Eric and Quan Barry discuss the power of intentionality in life and art and some of the important themes that show up in her writing. Quan shares her insights on the importance of consciously feeding our thoughts and actions in positive ways. The conversation delves into the importance of creativity, the role of gratitude in personal growth, and the challenges of staying open to new experiences, as well as... How attention is a form of deep listening  The importance of living a deliberate life  How we can be satisfied and content AND still desire more The distinction between intention and ambition The importance of setting and keeping intentions for the path you are on Differentiating between setting intentions and setting goals Learning to trust your own voice and remaining open to other's feedback Finding the nuance in labeling and defining oneself How a common fear is uncertainty and losing control The value in not being afraid to make mistakes To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Harness Brain Energy for Mental Health with Dr. Chris Palmer

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2023 76:17

    Dr. Chris Palmer is a psychiatrist with a wealth of personal experience and professional expertise in the field of mental health. Having faced mental health challenges himself, Dr. Palmer has a unique understanding and empathy for those who struggle with mental illness. His determination to make a difference in the lives of others is fueled by witnessing his own mother's battle with mental health and the impact it had on their family. Grounded in both personal and professional experience, Dr. Palmer's insights into mental health have the potential to provide valuable guidance for those seeking solutions to their own challenges. In this episode, you'll learn how to harness your brain energy for mental health and… The distinct categories of mental illness: normal depression and anxiety, extreme forms of threat, trauma or stress, and brain disorders How to uncover the connection between adverse childhood experiences and long-term brain disorders that may provide insights for prevention and treatment How understanding the link between metabolism and mental illness can redefine mental health treatment How external factors affecting mitochondrial play a role in overall brain function and wellness How to optimize your mental health with your approach to diet, exercise, and medication Follow us @one_you_feed to add some nourishing content to your daily scrolling! You'll find encouraging posts that support you in feeding your good wolf, as well as some fun behind-the-scenes videos of the show and Eric and Ginny's day-to-day life. We hope to see you there! To Learn More, Click HereSee for privacy information.

    How to Find Healing in Nature with Ralph De La Rosa

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2023 59:13

    Ralph De La Rosa explains how there is an important connection between nature and mindfulness. He encourages listeners to engage with nature in mindful presence and open their hearts to the natural healing force of the environment. In this episode, you'll learn how connecting with nature can be a simple yet impactful way to improve mental and emotional health, and also… How connecting to nature fosters healing and resilience Why spending time in nature more readily draws our attention to mindfulness Understanding the framework of Internal Family Systems (IFS) Why engaging with our internal parts can bring healing and transformation How the earth has a natural compassionate presence that is necessary for healing The benefits of slowing down and being open to mindful presence while in nature Learning to hold and bring compassionate presence to our difficult experiences Understanding the window of tolerance and how it can grow and expand To Learn More, Click Here!See for privacy information.

    How to Embrace Challenges for Positive Change with Nikki Eisenhauer

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2023 63:08

    Nikki Eisenhauer suggests that practicing mindfulness, being present in the moment, and consciously minimizing distractions such as excessive scrolling can help reduce inner chatter. She mentions the need for repetition and consistency in making these lifestyle changes, as well as replacing old, unhelpful habits with new ones that encourage a serene, focused state of mind. You'll Also Discover: How to take control of your personal journey by embracing responsibility and fostering growth Mastering the power of stillness and its impact on your well-being Learning to acknowledge and utilize the gift of high sensitivity to enrich your life experience. How to distinguish between your inner voices to make choices that resonate with your wisest self Learning to work with the obstacles on your way to wellness and finally overcome them To learn more, click here.See for privacy information.

    A Journey to Sobriety with Laura Cathcart Robbins

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2023 64:47

    Meet Laura Cathcart Robbins, an inspiring writer and speaker who advocates for representation and inclusivity in addiction recovery for people of color. Laura has transformed her personal journey into a message of hope and resilience that has touched the lives of countless individuals. Her powerful storytelling, vulnerability, and candid approach to her writing have made her a sought-after personal essayist and author of a captivating memoir. Laura's passion for promoting empathy and understanding within the recovery community is evident in her dedication to fostering inclusivity, making her a remarkable guest and champion for change. In this episode, we discuss: Learning to distinguish between intuition and instinct How she was able to claim her recover for herself as opposed to for others Finding the creative outlet of writing and reading to help her connect with her authentic self How she found herself at the intersection of race, privilege, and addiction Understanding the importance of inclusivity and representation in overcoming addiction For more info, click here.See for privacy information.

    Special Episode: Tribute to Mary Oliver

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2023 31:12

    April is National Poetry Month and we put together this special episode to pay tribute to the late poet, Mary Oliver.  Special guests James Crews, Danusha Lameris, Ross Gay, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, and Ginny Gay will read one of their favorite Mary Oliver poems and share why the poem is meaningful to them.  Whether you are a fan of Mary Oliver's work or are just learning about her for the first time, we hope you'll be inspired by some of the beautiful poetry in this episode!   For more on this episode, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Live Without a Script with Martha Beck and Rowan Mangan

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2023 59:06

    Get ready to dive into a conversation with Martha Beck and Rowan Mangan, two inspiring individuals known for their incredible ability to guide others towards living an unscripted life. Together, they make a dynamic duo that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to embrace your own unscripted life. In This Episode, You'll Learn: How to distinguish between intuitive and habitual responses that lead to making more informed decisions in your life. Understanding what it means to be living in a left-brain dominant culture and how you can adapt to thrive. How to develop a stronger sense of embodied presence that enhances your overall well-being and success. What the role of improvisation is in this age of constant change? The importance of embracing a “don't know” mind and rejecting shame To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Embrace Life's Paradoxes with Rosemerry Wahtola-Trommer

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2023 59:39

    In This Episode, You'll Learn: Learning to not resist the pain and grief of a terrible loss to find healing What it means to trust in life, even when the worst thing comes true How poetry embraces life's greatest paradoxes Asking the question “is this the path of love?” Using the word “Hello” as a way to greet what's going on within her How to embrace the unknown and cultivate trust during life's unpredictable moments Learning to boost personal growth and mindfulness with the help of powerful mantras How to can unlock potential for inner change by embracing curiosity and openness Ways to leverage life's triggers as opportunities for self-discovery and introspection To Learn More, click hereSee for privacy information.

    paradoxes embrace life heresee rosemerry wahtola trommer
    How to Connect More Deeply Through Our Senses with Gretchen Rubin

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2023 63:45

    In This Episode, You'll Learn: How to utilize our five senses to more deeply connect with the world Why exploring the world through your senses to experience life more vividly and playfully. How sensory experiences are a meaningful way to connect with others. Keeping a “5 Senses Journal” as a useful tool as a form of appreciation How to elevate everyday moments with heightened sensory awareness techniques. Why sharing impactful sensory memories with others can foster deeper connections Understanding how sensory environments shape behaviors and decision-making processes. See for privacy information.

    How to Find Solace in Discomfort with Danusha Laméris

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2023 59:01

    In This Episode, You'll Learn: How we can discover unique ways to approach discomfort and uncertainty that leads to personal growth and creativity. Recognizing the significance of small acts of kindness and acknowledging progress in life. Why finding simple beautiful things can be powerful and can help us through grief or difficult times  How humor can be the bridge that connects joy and grief Learning to be present with ordinary things broadens our appreciation for them How being willing to ask questions and going deeper can bring clarity and understanding The importance of remembering that the “not knowing” can be where good things happen Sacred envy and how it is tied to your deepest values that can push you toward what's uncomfortable Delving into our fears, desires, and values as we chase after personal aspirations. Exploring the intricate dance between hope and resilience during ever-changing situations. To Learn More, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Find Peace Amidst Emotional Storms with Maggie Smith

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2023 52:35

    In This Episode, You'll Learn: Why it's important to keep asking questions, even when the answers may keep changing The challenge of going through a big life change and not expecting clear answers How looking back through your past can bring clarity to where you are and who you are now Staying open and curious when life is challenging is what keeps you from being stuck. Learning to work with and quiet the loud inner critic Why investigating and taking responsibility for your own role in relationships is so important. How we hold every version of ourselves throughout life Understanding that having realstic expectations in relationships can bring forth peace How writing about your own life experiences can give you new insights and understanding The importance of allowing yourself to feel and process difficult emotions To learn more, click here! See for privacy information.

    How to Connect More Deeply With the World with James Crews

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2023 61:58

    In This Episode, you'll learn: How poetry and writing can be a spiritual practice Recognizing the feeling of joy and aliveness that comes from ordinary moments How inspiration can come from the practice of just showing up Why fear is a regular companion on any creative journey The importance of nurturing our inner life and spirit How self compassion is about embracing whatever comes up within you Why it's important to create a regular practice for whatever brings you joy  How poetry can hold both the sorrow and joy at the same time How poetry helps navigate a deeper understanding and knowledge of ourselves and the world.  Why embracing vulnerability and curiosity enhances creative growth To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.

    How to Incite Joy with Ross Gay

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2023 57:07

    In This Episode, You'll Learn How his “delight” project was about learning to pay attention Discovering that joy and delight are abundant if you are looking and paying attention Defining joy and all that accompanies this profound emotion How talking about joy and gratitude helps with the difficulties in life The importance of laughter and how it connects us to joy Why we need to slow down and listen to our bodies How busyness is a way of avoiding or escaping  How writing can be a tool for self discovery and gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves To learn more, click hereSee for privacy information.

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