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Rock School
Rock School - 06/11/23 (Married Longest)

Rock School

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"Dolly Parton just had her 57th wedding anniversary to Carl Dean. That may make her the longest married musician alive today. For this hour, we have a list of other musicians married for a good long time."

Rock School
Rock School - 06/04/23 (Banned in School)

Rock School

Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2023 41:28

"Back in 1992 this week, the principal of a school in New Jersey banned We Are the Champions because Freddy Mercury had died of AIDS. Of course people protested and the ban was overturned. This week we have a bunch of stories of schools banning music and what happened."

Craft Cook Read Repeat
Light and fun

Craft Cook Read Repeat

Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2023 59:05

Episode 115 May 11, 2023 On the Needles 1:39 ALL KNITTING LINKS GO TO RAVELRY UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.  Please visit our Instagram page @craftcookreadrepeat for non-Rav photos and info     New gnome mkal coming! The More You Gnome on sale until June 1 Splash Pad Party sign ups open  One more knocker, 4 total and i won a prize from Alpenglow Industries! Vanilla is the New Black by Anneh Fletcher, Vintage stripe sock by Yarntini (May 2009)-- DONE!! Dogwood Blanket by tincanknits, KnitPicks swish worsted in rose heather– DONEish! Dark Academia by Sharon Hartley, Porter Wool Co fingering in Huntress, Serendipidye Coastside in Blossom  Gramps by tincanknits, knit picks swish worsted in mimic and marble heather Mahalle toe up sock by Urth Yarns, Uneek in color 66 Gridlines by Susanne Sommer   Lemonade Shop simple sock in Ugh People On the Easel 15:38 Visited LACMA, and finally found the multi-colored Koh-I-Noor magic pencils! Pulp Fiction show submission Charvin landscape and seascape sets from Jerry's Artarama in Houston. On the Table 23:21 Coffe_and_yarn: melissa clarks dinner in one review I'm cooking my way through it and it's as incredible as you said! I've tried 3 recipes so far and they've all been creative, easy, and fulfilling. Plus her adaptations make it easy to accommodate the multiple dietary preferences in my house. Thanks so much for introducing me to this book!   How to Cook Everything Vegetarian corn chowder with snowcap beans because they taste like potatoes   Strawberry rhubarb cobbler   Sesame chicken meatballs from I Dream of Dinner by Ali Slagle   Chicken & Potatoes with capers from Dinner in One by Melissa Clark  Kolache from Houston On the Nightstand 32:28 We are now a Bookshop.org affiliate!  You can visit our shop to find books we've talked about or click on the links below.  The books are supplied by local independent bookstores and a percentage goes to us at no cost to you!   D is for Deadbeat by Sue Grafton (audio) E is for Evidence by Sue Grafton (audio) F is for Fugitive by Sue Grafton (audio) Lady's Code of Misconduct by Meredith Duran  The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare  The Dead Queens Club by Hannah Capin   The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman Cursed Bread by Sophie MacIntosh Bingo 51:53 Starts friday may 26, ends Mon Sept 4 Need to post a photo of completed Bingo with #CCRRsummerbingo2023 to instagram or Ravelry.  Get a blackout for a second entry.   

Rock School
Rock School - 05/14/23 (Musicians Who Lost Weight)

Rock School

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"It is summer and swimsuit season. Here is a list of musicians who have lost a ton of weight and how they did it."

Rock School
Rock School - 05/28/23 (AI in Music)

Rock School

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"Depending on what you read, AI is either the destroyer, the helper or a big nothing burger to the future of music. We will discuss all three."

Cookbook Club
47: Korean American

Cookbook Club

Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2023 31:33

To Eric Kim, these recipes taste like home. We both had tender feelings toward his vulnerability throughout this cookbook, as he writes a very personal love letter to his family. But the real question is: did the recipes work for us? Recipes mentioned in this episode: Scorched skillet rice with raw spring veggies (page 145) Crispy lemon pepper bulgogi with quick-pickled shallots (page 241) Sheet pan bibimbap with roasted fall vegetables (page 151) Yangnyeom roast chicken (page 211) Crispy yangnyeom chickpeas with caramelized honey (page 198) Kimchi-braised short ribs with pasta (page 93) Jean's perfect jar of kimchi (page 67) Roasted bo ssam (page 227) Sheet-pan LA Kalbi with Sprite (page 233) Sesame-soy deviled eggs (page 215) Gem lettuce salad (page 190) Cheesy scallion stuffing (page 212) Chewy black sesame rice cake (page 268) Milk bread with maple syrup (page 251) No-churn ice cream with dalgona butterscotch sauce (page 261) Korean pear galette (page 259) Charred cauliflower with magic gochugaru dust (page 200) Resources mentioned in this episode: Kid-Friendly Bibimbap (Serious Eats) Mooncakes and Milk Bread, by Kristina Cho Evolutions in Bread, by Ken Forkish Join our Cookbook Club! Our Instagram, @cookbookclubshow E-mail us: cookbookclubshow@gmail.com Find Renee and Sara on Instagram: @hipchickdigs and @realtor_saragray Our sponsor: Dropcloth Samplers Cook along with us! Next cookbook episode (releasing 6/14/2023): Dinner in French, by Melissa Clark

Rock School
Rock School - 05/14/23 (Music Fake News)

Rock School

Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2023 44:10

"Heres some fun for the week. Often musicians will create a false story and the press will run with it. About a month ago, Diddy suggested he was paying Sting thousands of dollars per day for the use of a song. Everyone reported it. It was not true. Fake News. We have a whole list of other fake music news."