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A Doctor and a Lawyer walk into a bar...
Ep. 57 - Explainer Things: Knitting

A Doctor and a Lawyer walk into a bar...

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2023 62:03

Pop on into the pub and join your favorite KNIT wits, as William spins us a YARN about one of his favorite hobbies. He has us sitting on pins and knitting NEEDLES!You're KNOT gonna want to be out of the LOOP for this one - his ability to WEAVE a narrative that HOOKS you in is incredible, and is quite full of PURLS of wisdom.Not all of us are cut from the same CLOTH as William, so this week we've got an Explainer Things on our hands....That's right! We're talking about bowling!Become a Patron at www.patreon.com/doctorandlawyerEmail: doctorandlawyer@outlook.comInstagram: instagram.com/doctorandlawyerpodcastTwitter: twitter.com/DoctorandLawyerFollow your hosts! William- instagram.com/kentuckywizardCody- instagram.com/murphyslaw_kyAlex- instagram.com/alex_t_christianDallas- instagram.com/dallas_mckinney

Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

On this episode, the Weave gets back to its Wednesday ways and chops it up about a variety of topics. Those include: Green Bay abruptly canning Will Ryan, Kentucky's resurgence, Emoni Bates' monster night, Georgetown beating a power conference team, the Pac-12's bubble trouble, the current state of the college big man, TJD's Wooden candidacy, and oodles more! The Rundown(00:10) - Intro (09:37) - Root's Roundup (News & Notes) (20:44) - Weave Saw That (30:30) - Three Man Thoughts (57:68) - Weekend Preview

ITRBoxing Radio Boxing Podcast
Episode 643: Liam Smith Stops Chris Eubank Jr., Artur Beterbiev Set To Fight Anthony Yarde + Alexis Rocha vs Anthony Young Preview w/ guests Cesar Francis, Dakota of Slip and Weave Podcast, Stephen Fulton Jr (archival interview) and Anthony Young

ITRBoxing Radio Boxing Podcast

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2023 153:38

Welcome to another episode. In this show we start with Cesar Francis, who fights this Wednesday on ProBoxTV.com, you can watch this without a paywall on ProBoxTV's Facebook and YouTube channels. Francis is an undefeated 140 lbs fighter who is looking to face the best fighters in his division, at (00:29:30) Dakota and I breakdown the Chris Eubank Jr loss to Liam Smith as well as preview Tim Tszyu vs Tony Harrison and talk about Artur Beterbiev vs Anthony Yarde which we see as a mismatch , followed by (01:32:00) an archival interview with Stephen Fulton Jr we conducted in 2021 as he was announced last week as having a fight with Naoya Inoue agreed to in principle, but not officially, and we conclude the show with (01:59:00) Anthony "Juice" Young, who is fighting Alexis Rocha on Saturday night in the L.A. area on DAZN. Support my newsletter http://lukieboxing.substack.comsupport the pod http//lukieboxing.podomatic.comsupport the YouTube http://www.youtube.com/c/itrboxingsupport our website http://www.itrboxing.com

Mojo In The Morning
Where Did You Lose Your Weave?

Mojo In The Morning

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2023 6:31

Mindfulness Manufacturing
82 How to Weave Appreciation into Everyday Interactions with Lisa Johnson

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2023 27:58

Showing appreciation is a great way to connect with your team! But if you're a leader in a busy organization, it can be difficult to find the time and discipline to show appreciation for your team. Or you might struggle to find the best ways to show appreciation, or even worry that you're not doing enough. If this is you, don't miss this episode on appreciation with guest Lisa Johnson. Lisa is a global human resources professional and the founder and owner of HR Know-How LLC, where she helps organizations bring consistency and humanity to their daily HR interactions. She is also the author of the upcoming Solutions for the Well-Intention Leader, which will release later this year. She offers her tips on how leaders can improve their ability to offer appropriate, genuine appreciation, plus shares some ways leaders can weave appreciation into their everyday interactions. 1:13 – The strongest managers and leaders have a consistent practice for showing appreciation 1:40 – Showing consistent appreciation has many benefits, including increased morale and employees who are willing to go the extra mile 4:10 – While general positive feedback is often well-received, it is even better to offer specific positive feedback to individual employees 7:00 – Appreciation shouldn't be scheduled! Rather, you should weave it into your day-to-day interactions 8:15 – How you manage and organize you appreciation depends on your leadership style. One tip is to leave voice notes for yourself in your phone, so you can go back later and remember exactly what you wanted to say to your team member 11:58 – Giving appreciation can mean the difference between an average employee and an inspired employee who comes in feeling excited to work and ready to give it their all 14:37 – As a leader, you need to practice discipline to figure out the best feedback and appreciation practices 18:39 – Documentation matters. If you observe someone's good behavior but later forget to say something, it won't make a difference. 20:30 – Good appreciation practices can trickle-up to positively impact your whole organization 23:23 – Is there such a thing as too much appreciation? 24:00 – When showing appreciation, don't forget to be transparent and specific Connect with Lisa Johnson HR Know-How website Email

The Encore Entrepreneur
The Strategies of Great Storytelling... Ways to Weave Stories into Your Business

The Encore Entrepreneur

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2023 26:00

Stories sell. The way you use stories can be the difference in how you profit from them. Join Lori as she shares strategies and techniques of using stories as well as shatter some story "myths." 

The Fletcher Files: A Murder, She Wrote Podcast

Vivian's two lives collide thanks to Jessica and her jet setting charitable lifestyle. She is surprisingly able to convince Jessica to keep her secret but it may still be exposed when her blackmailer gets himself murdered. Jessica will have to navigate her personal disappointment in Vivian and her strong belief that neither she nor her husband Ralph are murderers. https://www.patreon.com/Thefletcherfiles

Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

A new year is here, but the Weavers haven't gone anywhere! We're back with another weekly episode to discuss the NCAA Tournament potentially going to 90 teams, offense vs. defense in the Big Dance, mid-major darlings, and teams trending way up or way down since the start of December. Plus, other news tidbits in Root's Roundup, Weave Saw That featuring Michigan (bad) and Kansas State (good), and three weekend game previews. No resolutions here, just cold hard content.  The Rundown (0:10) - Intro (Reviews, Updates) (8:38) - Root's Roundup (News and Notes) (20:33) - Weave Saw That (Shocking Results) (30:44) - Three Man Thoughts (1:00:02) - Game Previews (UK at Bama, KU at WVU, Houston at Cincy)

Bald Movies
Insomnia (2002)

Bald Movies

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2023 79:56

Follow Al Pacino to an Alaskan town where the sun never sets, but darkness lurks beneath. There's been a murder! Can Pacino catch the killer before they strike again? This movie is based on the 1997 Norwegian film of the same name and Nolan adds some of his signature flavor to this remake. Weave through the insomnia-induced hallucinations with Jim and A.Ron and hunt down the truth.  Hey there! Check out https://support.baldmove.com/ to find out how you can gain access to ALL of our premium content, as well as ad-free versions of the podcasts, for just $5 a month! Join the Club! Join the discussion: Email | Discord | Reddit | Forums Follow us: Twitch | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Leave Us A Review on Apple Podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices