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Keith Grabowski interviews the most knowledgable head coaches, coordinators, and position coaches from professional, college, and high school football. Keith and his guests discuss the philosophy, concepts, schemes, and strategies that they have learned throughout their careers. Each show includes a specific idea that can be applied to help coaches at every level find the winning edge.

Keith Grabowski

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    Next Man Up - Terry Shea, NFL Draft Consultant, Retired NFL/College Coach

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 26:08

    Today's Coach and Coordinator podcast, The Game Plan, features former coach Terry Shea, who does consulting work for future NFL Draft prospects. He's served as the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator as well as quarterbacks coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams. The Game Plan is a weekly in-season feature that shares thematic ideas that can help coaches and teams once the season begins. Today's focus will be “next man up,” 1:15 How to get quarterbacks ready to step-in 4:46 Ideas for how many plays the backup quarterbacks need to know 7:07 Regularly inserting the backup QB into games 8:52 The evolution of the “wildcat” 12:02 Rotating players to let them rest 13:43 Increasing practice reps 16:12 Using virtual reality and simulations to get mental reps 18:14 Practice 2-minute drills with backups 20:19 Coaching staff needs to help raise team morale and confidence

    Game Day Communication, Half Time Adjustments, Delegating - Mark Speckman, Associate HC, UC - Davis

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 19:20

    Mark Speckman joins today's Coach and Coordinator podcast. Speckman has more than 39 years experience in coaching football, and currently serves as the assistant head coach at UC Davis. In the podcast, he discusses halftime adjustments, game day communication, and perimeter blocking. Show notes 1:10 Effective communication on game day 3:49 Process for making halftime adjustments 7:06 Delegating coaching staff duties and recruiting volunteers 10:56 How to share information with players 13:50 Practicing perimeter blocking 17:57 The winning edge Coach Speckman courses on CoachTube: Six Keys to Beat the Defense with Fly Sweep Fly Sweep: Under Center & Shotgun More Episodes with Coach Speckman

    In The Nzone - Week 3 - Same Side RPO, Big Plays, QB Play

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 27:52

    -t's another week of In the NZone with Coach Noel Mazzone, and we discuss some of the big games from the last week and what we can learn from them as coaches. This week we discuss: -Ohio State vs. Oregon -Stretch Play -Same Side RPO -When to use same side RPO -Joe Moorhead play calling -Iowa vs. Iowa State -12% rule -Explosive play impact on a series -Planning for P10 and explosives -Stanford USC -Intellectual brutality of Stanford offense -Browns vs. Chiefs -Creativity of Andy Reid and Kevin Stefanski -Distributing the ball to playmakers -Using the run to set up shots -QB situational end of half/game execution -What separates good QB from great QB -Understanding why - player ownership -My schemes won't win football games, my players will -Philip Rivers and the “Why” meeting -Having the what and why discussions everyday -A Quarterback vs. a play runner

    Adjustment Series Week 3 - The Red Zone

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 24:52

    Hopefully your team is finding success in the Red Zone. It can make a huge difference in any game. The red zone requires some thoughts and adjustments on both sides of the ball. For the offense, vertical space is decreasing and causes them to adjust their route concepts. They look for formations and routes that help them get free of tight coverage. In the run game they look to add hats especially as a defense commits more to the run. The defense must adjust and stay out of situations where the offense is picking off defenders and getting a receiver wide open. The defense needs to be able to react quickly and commit to stopping the run. Both sides of the call must have a plan and execute if they want to win on this part of the field. Today we share adjustments for each side of the ball in the Red Zone. Offense: -QB run with Swing Screen -Swing Screen action adjustment vs OLB causing issues -Empty with multiple quicks/hots -Using Zone run/pass pro vs. pressure -Play action Defense: -Alignment to not get picked -Adjusting coverage in the red zone -Using bracket vs. condensed splits Resources from this episode on CoachTube: Tim Zetts - Red Zone Perimeter Concepts: Joe Conlin - Attacking the Blitz with Inside Zone: Joe Moorehead - Red Zone RPOs: Marvin Clecidor - Red Zone Coverage Variations: Chris Partridge - 3rd Down and Red Zone Bracket:

    Know Thyself - Self-Scout for Opportunity

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2021 13:59

    To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom - Socrates On this weekend episode we focus on knowing your own tendencies and what to do with that information. Self-scouting can be beneficial for any team at almost any level. Knowing your tendencies and what your opponent anticipates from you and your team can be used to your advantage. Understanding what you want to do with this information in terms of creating a game plan can help you this week or down the road later in the season.

    Protect The Team

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 20:14

    On today's episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski shares one of the key concepts stressed by Mike Shanahan at the QB Collective camp this past week: how to protect the team. Grabowski shares different ways in which coaches can help to protect the team during training camp and which situations coaches and players need think about. Show Notes: -QB Collective -Mike Shanahan's talk about install -Meaning of “protect the team” -Ways to protect team in practice – not finishing easy hits in practice -Holding receivers in practice -Interior players and defining clear systems -Pass rush -Defensive linemen -Separating aggression into specific drills -Banned drills -Team run vs. inside Run Related Content: User-804678956 – Best-of-deliberate-practice-offensive-edition User-804678956 – Best-of-deliberate-practice-defensive-edition User-804678956 – From-coaching-in-the-nfl-to-training-quarterbacks-richmond-flowers-iii-ceofounder-qb-collective

    Mental Toughness And Investing Not Sacrificing - Steve Sarkisian, Head Coach, Texas

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 10:43

    Today's quickcast is a segment from the Texas High School Coaches Association Convention. In this segment head coach of the University of Texas Steve Sarkisian talks about mental toughness - bing "Texas Tough" and why he wants player in his program who are investing not sacrificing. These are some impactful reminders for ourselves and something we can share with our players as we progress through the season, The entire talk is available on CoachTube:

    Week 2 - In The NZone with Noel Mazzone

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 33:35

    We are fortunate to have long time offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone join us weekly this season to discuss games from the week and what we can learn from them. The week we get Coach Mazzone's insight on : Offenses blending tempo -How to do it -Leverage or numbers -Minnesota use of personnel and formation -Adjusting splits on RPO -Manipulating leverage of secondary with alignment -Using clock and going slow then hitting with one word call -Putting more thought into using tempo -Creating “counters” to your tempo -2 and 3 man route combinations instead of 4-5 out -Keeping protection simple and protection in compressed formatiopn -Mike Leach and repetitions to create understanding and “answers to the test” -Handling drop 8 -A change from NFL trickle down to influence of college ball up to NFL -“12 Mighty Orphans” - equaling the field with tempo -How offenses have benefited from access to information -Nothing comes back the same Join us every week throughout the season for more with Coach Mazzone.

    Week 3 Adjustments - Plan And Prepare For Contingencies

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2021 15:37

    Bill Walsh was one of the best ever in handling the “What Ifs” before they happened. Rather than reacting on the fly, Walsh and his staff had the answers planned and prepared for when something might cause them to have to adjust. With the last 18 months of a pandemic forcing us into plenty of what-if scenarios, coaches certainly have an understanding of how to approach contingency planning. That certainly does extend onto the field, and having those plans in place as well. On this episode we discuss contingency plans for: -Replacing an injured QB -Building packages for contingencies -Defensive personnel adjustment -Playing against the wildcat package -Getting the next punter, kicker, snapper, holder meaningful work -Special teams rare situations -Planning for contingencies as a staff

    Understanding What's Working And What Isn't

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2021 15:02

    Simple in-season analytics can identify your strengths and weaknesses. This is something that we started doing and proved to help us develop better game plans and practice plans and it can be done on offense, defense, and special teams. You can get as granular as you want, but even understanding some bigger picture numbers can shed light on areas of success and needs for improvement. We discuss a few examples and how to accomplish this on offense defense and special teams. -Inputting data -Use in game -Defining efficiency and explosiveness -Ideas for offense, defense, and special teams -How to get it done -Developing your "analytics" department in your school

    How We Win - Matt Campbell, Head Coach, Iowa State

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 11:51

    How Do We Win - Matt Campbell, Head Coach, Iowa State In this segment from the Iowa Football Coaches Association, Head Coach at Iowa State Matt Campbell shares the three things that allows the Cyclones to win. ISU does not beat ISU Complimentary football Find our courage He explains how these three things which they identified allow them to win football games. Secondly, he talks about how their values drive their culture. The entire talk is available on CoachTube here:

    Defining The Red Zone And RPO - Joe Moorhead, OC, Oregon

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 13:05

    Being able to put together an effective game plan starts with a sound understanding of how you think about field zones and down and distance as well as how you define and give purpose to the concepts you use. That is something that Oregon offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead does well. In this quickcast he breaks down the different areas of the red zone, gives a clear definition of what an RPO is to them, and talks about Occam's Razor theory and simplicity. What he shares today can help you game plan better throughout the season. His entire clinic talk which provides a library of RPO concepts in the red zone is available on CoachTube and is chaptered to get you right to the areas of the field and ideas you want to look at. It provides a great resource in and out of season. Get it here: Save 50% with the code: CCPMoorhead

    In the NZone with Noel Mazzone - Week 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 34:12

    In this weekly in-season series, host Keith Grabowski and co-host Noel Mazzone will discuss games from the previous week and coaching methods, drills and strategies to help every team improve. This week they discuss: -the stretch play -jet motion -the duo play -nakeds -using meaningful motions and shifts to create numbers or leverage -how to install motion in uptempo offense -inside zone -naming and using motion in uptempo -using walk-thru, team takeoff and practice -building your game plan into individual drills -practice method: part-whole-part -scripting practice like it's a game -practice calling plays -get rz and 3rd calls in in every practice -calling plays off the call sheet all week -player input -how much on the call sheet/building the call sheet NZone on CoachTube:

    Adjustments Week 2 - Define And Refine

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 22:05

    The focus is this week for our adjustments is define and refine. After another weekend of football, I have identified some adjustments every team can make to fine tune execution. Offense Let's start with the offensive side of the ball. After watching a Friday night high school game, one team in particular struggled to get their passing game going and two issues became very clear. First they did not have an outlet for the quarterback. We will get into tendencies in a couple weeks, but the main issue is this team only looked to pass on 2nd and long or third down. The defense did a nice job with their coverage and the quarterback was left without an option and ended up forcing the ball into coverage often. The first thing I suggest if this is an issue is to install an operating system for your quarterback. Ideally this would have been done already, but it gives your quarterback and the coach the ability to see things and communicate as to where the ball should be going. Secondly, the routes should have some kind of outlet or check down. Many times the offense was in a seven man protection and it wasn't necessary because the defense was bringing five. The QB had deep routes and nothing else as an option. Check down can be built into every route. A solution to these issues is implementing something like Dan Gonzalez's “A.C.T.S” operating system. The third issue was the quarterback in this situation had no escape plan. He started running toward the sideline and condensing the field. If you look at any protection, there is a natural gap for the quarterback to escape, and being able to move up in the pocket is critical. This should be worked weekly to engrain in the quarterback how he should leave the pocket. Of course there will be reactions as he does that, but it gives him a place to start as to where and when to get out of the pocket. In the run game, and area that stuck out was with the jet or fly sweep. A wealth of knowledge on what makes the play go from under center or gun, Speckman developed a “Stoplight” system for the run that allows it to be successful in various situations. Most offensive coordinators will go away from the sweep if it gets stopped, but Speckman's “stoplight system” allows him to keep calling the play. Speckman illustrates all of his key coaching points as well as analyzing the red, yellow, and green light sweeps in his clinic “Six Keys to Beating the Defense with Fly Sweep.” Defense On the defensive side of the ball, I saw another team who seemed to have a more defined escape plan for their quarterback, and throughout the game he was able to leave the pocket and gain big yards and move the chains. One answer is to have a good contain rush and utilize a “rat” or a “spy” on the quarterback. If you're breaking down and seeing a quarterback running for big yards on drop back plays, you may want to implement this strategy into your game plan. Special Teams On special teams, I saw a couple opportunities for one team who was able to get a rush on the punter and get close but just miss a block twice with the defender running through with both hands extended for the ball. Brian Mason, special teams coordinator at Cincinnati likes teaching players to get long with one hand. The principle that one hand is longer than two applies here. This technique is something that Coach Mason drills the Bearcats in their “block party” drill. Early season look for those opportunities within all of your schemes and techniques to better define things for your players in order to refine your execution. This is where you can begin to make some big gains by making small changes. These will pay off as the season progresses.

    Ideas For Actionable Film Grading

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2021 21:23

    One of the most important things you can do as a position coach after the game is to grade the film. It gives you tangible, quantifiable information on what your players did and what they need to work on. It also reflects on you as well. As the saying goes, “you are either coaching it or allowing it to happen.” This can be done in multiple ways from percentage grades to detailed explanations on each play of what is right or wrong. The single most important aspect of grading film is that when the process is finished each player has a clear idea of what they are doing well and what they need to work on, and you as a coach should be able to turn that into something actionable in the practice plan. Furthermore, that should extend into game planning. As a position coach being able to tell the coordinator, “We are doing this really well” or “We really need to focus on this in order to see it work on gameday” is important information when putting together the plays you will use against the next opponent. Ideally film grading is done every single day of practice, not just on game days. In this episode I will share how we accomplished this while working with limited time to get it done. Player understanding and improved performance is the goal of film grading. The improved performance is a product of them clearly seeing what they need to work on, and you as the coach implementing practice drills and teaching that gets them to the level of performance to succeed on game day. Episode - Ideas for Better Coaching Cues Episode - A Common Language for Coaching - Brent Dearmon, OC MTSU Game Planning Master Class: Save 50% with the code CCPGamePlan

    Forecasting - Sean Payton, Head Coach, New Orleans Saints

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2021 10:44

    On today's episode, Keith shares a segment from a clinic which he moderated for the Louisiana Football Coaches Association. In this segment, Sean Payton, head coach fo the New Orleans Saints shares something which he calls "forecasting." He tells a story which Bill Parcells shared with him and then an example of himself putting "forecasting" into practice when he was an assistant for Parcells. As we head into a game week, how we communicate with our players becomes critically important when the game is on the line and there are some good takeaways from this quick episode. The entire talk is available on CoachTube: Enter the code CCPSaints to save 50% All the talks from the LFCA Clinic including Nick Saban, Eric Bienemy, Jake Peetz, Daronte Jones and more are available here:

    Handling Pre Game, In - Game Adjustments, Half - Time - Jim Hilvert, HC, Baldwin Wallace University

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 8:55

    On today's Coach and Coordinator Podcast, we share a segment of the Virtual Football Summit with Jim Hilvert, Head Football Coach at Baldwin Wallace University. Coach Hilvert shares his philosophy on how to organize pre game from wake-up to kick off including on field pre game routine. Coach then discusses how he likes to handle in-game adjustments including giving each staff member a responsibility and avoiding the common mistake of coaches not having duties and becoming a fan instead of watching for specifics. He closes with his plan for half time and how they make that 15 minutes most productive in order to have a good second half plan. Duties, Responsibilities and Preparing Your Staff as a Head Coach Jim Hilvert - 1st Interview Jim Hilvert - Maintaining Focus in-season

    Next Play Speed - Shawn Jezek, Special Teams Coordinator, Catholic HS, 2x State Champion

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 28:23

    Today's episode is from a session which Keith did on the Virtual Coaches Summit with Shawn Jezek. Coach Jezek is in his fourth season at Catholic High School of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In that time the team has been to 4 State Championship games with wins in 2017 & 2020. Coach Jezek has served as Linebackers Coach (4years) and Special Teams Coordinator. Before coaching at Catholic High School, Coach Jezek received a MBA and MA in Sport & Performance Psychology and has brought many these tools to his team and campus. Coach Jezek shares a philosophy which he calls "Next Play Speed." It is a process of helping players manage their emotional state in order for them to perform their pest in high stress situations. Coach Jezek covers: -Next Play Speed -Misnomers -In-Game Mandatory Stimuli -In-Game High Priority Processing -In-Game Low Priority Processing -Fighting Negativity Link to the 2 Course Bundle on Performance Psychology

    Adjustment Series Week 1 - Add Stressors

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021 32:37

    Adjustment Series - Week 1 Add Stressors On Monday's each week throughout the season, after a weekend of watching football, I will discuss adjustments on offense, defense, and special teams as well as discussion of adding wrinkles. We will also discuss how these changes can be implemented in practice. A few seasons ago I was talking with a coach on my podcast about in-season adjustments and he made a great point that any changes during the season should be “micro” adjustments. Those would be things like an adjustment versus a certain front on offense, a variation in alignment on defense, a refinement of technique, etc. “Macro” or big changes should be saved for the off season.Those would be like changing an offensive system or installing a completely new coverage. Those take a lot of time to install and get ready for game day. So our focus is on the “micro” changes in this series. Those are the things that can give you the edge you need to stay ahead of your competition. The focus today is on adding stressors to your game plan. Offense: Procedures - One word calls for situations Movements - Shifts and Motions Easy Adjustments to Formations Coach Communication Trick Plays Defense: Best 11 on the field D-Line Movement and Maintaining Gap Integrity Engaged Tackle - The One Arm Tear Substitution communication Special Teams: Kickoff/Kick Return Quarterback as the Punter

    Stay In Control Of The Game - A Plan To Work With Officials

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2021 14:24

    As coaches we work so hard to be sure we have taken care of every detail. It is critical for the success of our team. However, too many times I've seen a sideline that is in chaos with players and coaches yelling at officials. This is something that we need to eliminate in order to ensure the health of our game. The NFHS website sites this statistic: “According to the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO), registration of officials across the country is down about 30 percent this year. In Oregon, the number of football referees has dropped 34 percent compared to last year, and volleyball is down 45 percent. In a football officials association in California, nearly two-thirds of its members opted out of officiating this year.” The good news is that we have control of this and can be a positive influence on making the game day experience better for everyone, including the officials. In today's podcast Keith Grabowski shares the plan that he used to deal with official and establish a positive working relationship. The episodes downloadable files can be accessed at

    Creating An Edge On Game Day - Mack Brown, HC, North Carolina

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2021 17:14

    On today's podcast from the Lauren's First and Goal Clinic, Mack Brown, Head Coach at North Carolina shares his philosophy on creating an edge on game day. He talks about knowing when a team is ready, making adjustments to get back on track, pre game talks, half time talks, and in-game responsibilities for coaches. The entire clinic can be found on CoachTube: Use the code CCPMack to save 50% Related episodes: Mack Brown on the Foundation of Culture Mack Brown on Helping Players Visualize Success: Tips for a Successful Pre Game Speech

    Control What We Can Control, Missed Assignments and Penalties - Jeff Monken, HC Army

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 9:21

    Head Coach at Army West Point Jeff Monken is known for having tough, disciplined football teams. At the Lauren's First & Goal Clinic he delivered a talk on the 7 Commandments of Winning Football, and one of those was to eliminate missed assignments and foolish penalties. Part of being mentally tough is controlling what we have control of as players and coaches. From the coaching side we have to teach our players to be disciplined and know their assignments. As we continue to prepare for the season and move through the schedule we can't be too quick to blame our players; we are completely responsible for preparing them and holding both ourselves and them accountable. The entire talk "Army Football the Plan" is available here: Enter the code: CCPTough to save 50% on this talk Related Podcasts: Jeff Monken - The Plan John Loose - Safeties Coach Army: Matt Drinkall - TE Coach Army: Deliberate Practice Train Away Penalties:

    Out Of The Box Thinking To Find A Winning Edge - Thad Wells, Analyst, U. Virginia

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 52:05

    On today's episode University of Virginia analyst Thad Wells talks to us about his coaching journey which has now led him to an opportunity at the FBS level. Fter serving as a high school coach and winning a state championship, Coach Well talks to us about the plan and the faith to make the jump to the next level. He also discusses how to find a winning edge by thinking outside of the box yet within the rules of the game. It's about better understanding the structures of the game in order to "break the rules" and put the opponent in a tough position. He specifically talks about his P.I.T.A package and how it is designed to steal time from the opponent's preparation to plan against something that breaks the rules of the defense. Yet the package takes only minutes to install and is fun fr players and coaches alike. Coach Wells course on the PITA Package is available here:

    Distorting The Defense With RPO`s - Andy Kotelnicki, Offensive Coordinator, Kansas

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 13:44

    Kansas Jayhawks Offensive Coordinator Andy Kotelnicki talks about distorting the defense with the Run Pass Option in this segment taken from the NYSHSFCA Virtual Clinic. He discusses: -Why RPO's? -Execution and Efficiency -What to do against a plus one box The entire talk with game film is available on CoachTube: Save 50% with the code CCPDistortion Entire NYSHSFCA library on CoachTube: Coach Kotelnicki previous episodes:

    Flash FAST Culture and Daily Habits - Sean Lewis , Head Coach, Kent State

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 12:06

    Head Coach at Kent State University, Sean Lewis talks about the Flash FAST Culture he instills in the football program. Hediscusses the F.A.S.T. acronym and what those stand for with their core values. Finally he talks about the most important thing, that those values build into the daily habits that drive the success of their program The entire talk including their grading system is available on CoachTube: Enter the Code: CCPFlash to save 50% Coach Lewis on the "Home Team" Series: Episode with OC, Coach Andy Sowder: Episode with Safeties Coach Will Windham: Episode with new CB Coach Jason Makrinos:

    Not Your Everday Drills - Woody Blevins, Defensive Coordinator, Assumption University

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2021 23:42

    Not Your Everyday Drills - Woody Blevins, Defensive Coordinator, Assumption University Assumption University (NCAA D2) Defensive Coordinator Woody Blevins shares his philosophy on everyday drills and his approach to coaching the individual period. Coach Blevins makes the point that bored people don't learn. His objective is to keep his players developing at an optimal level. He explains the details of his approach from the meeting room to the field. Whether it is their player metrics when they begin their meeting time or their attitude of gratitude or the specifics of how he puts together his individual period, there are plenty of take-aways in this episode. Coach's approach also builds a strong bond between the player and coach. He demonstrates his care for every individual by being able to help them have their own plan for development. Woody Blevins previous episodes on Coach and Coordinator: The entire talk is available on CoachTube: Save 50% with code CCPNotEDD Simon Sinek Ted Talk:

    Developing a Winning Team as an Assistant - Chad Glasgow, Defensive Coordinator, TCU

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 14:39

    Defensive Coordinator at TCU Coach Chad Glasgow explains in full detail the importance of assistant coaches in building culture, better players, and better team chemistry. He outlines all of the necessities you need to know as an assistant coach to make your team better and help out the head coach in the best ways possible. Entire talk on CoachTube:

    3 NFL Coaches On Coaching The Basics- Bobby Johnson, Keith Carter, and Adam Stenavich

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 12:15

    Focus on perfecting the basics. It probably can't be emphasized enough. Today three coaches who have reached the top share their thoughts on the basics and explain how even in the NFL it is still a major emphasis for how they coach the game. Bobby Johnson is the offensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills. He talks about how focusing on the basics allows him to have a plan, work the plan, and plan for the unexpected, and it all starts with the basics. Because of that he carries a small amount of drills which he reps again and again. Keith Carter is the offensive line coach for the Tennessee Titans who have a strong run game. He explains how everything starts with effort and then explains how their style of play drives everything that they do. Adam Stenavich is the offensive line coach for the Green Bay Packers. Nothing is taken for granted in his approach and that starts with coaching the basics beginning with stance. He explains why this is so important, maybe even more important in the NFL. All of these full clinics are available on CoachTube: Bobby Johnson - Setting the Pocket Keith Carter - Outside Zone the Titans Way Adam Stenavich -Packers OL Run and Pass Fundamentals Save 50% on these courses with the code: CCPBasics

    3rd Down - Get Off The Field! - Jay Bateman, Defensive Coordinator, North Carolina

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 29:03

    Coach Jay Bateman talks about his defensive focus, in particular 3rd Downs, and what he does throughout the week to best prepare his guys for game day. The time to be preparing for the season is now. Work the concepts you will use on third down in camp. As Coach Bateman points out, it may not come up until week 8, but your team will be ready for it and execute when is does because you are getting them ready now. Coach Bateman covers: -Players not plays -Plan early -Get off the field -Attacking protections -Great self-scout -Paint a picture -Multiple packages -3rd Down Practice Plan Entire clinic talk with game video on CoachTube: Save 50% with this code: CCP3rdDown

    A Sound Teaching Progression To Develop Your Players -Greg Studrawa, OL Coach, Ohio State

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2021 22:56

    Today's podcast is a segment from the COOL Clinic with Ohio State Offensive Line Coach Greg Studrawa. Coach Studrawa talks about how they create and teach the curriculum for installing technique and scheme. He gives an explanation of the objectives and execution of the entire teaching progression which includes: -Fundamental Development -Position Skill Sheet -Game Ready Checklist for each position -Meeting Room -PrePractice Activation -Walk Through -Individual Takes you through each step of the process and where they spend their time in developing their elite offense. The entire talk is available on CoachTube here: Enter the code CCPStud to save 50%. Camp Preparation Playlist:

    Setting Up Your Position Room And Developing Your Position - Joe Davis, QB Coach:OC, U. Albany

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 24:03

    Coach Joe Davis discusses how he manages his Quarterback room. He talks about the mission statement of his position room and the process he puts the Quarterbacks through to develop them both on a game by game basis and overall. As you get ready for the season this information shared b Coach Davis is valuable in helping you think about how you set your position group up for success by maximizing their focus and learning. Link to Coach Davis's Course - Easy QB Completions: Enter Code: CCPEasyQB to save 50% Link to Coach Davis's Course - All Position Screen Game: Enter Code: CCPScreen to save 50% Coach Davis Previous Episode on Coach and Coordinator:

    Chaos Kills - Impacting Your Program Through Special Teams - Brian Mason, STC, Cincinnati

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 12:01

    "Chaos Kills" is the theme behind Cincinnati's special teams unit and plays a big part in the Bearcats Culture. Special Teams Coordinator Brian Mason explains the philosophy behind their special teams as well as how they set goals and track stats that our important to special teams success. The entire talk is available on CoachTube here: Enter the code "PodcastChaos" to save 50% on the course. Luke Fickell - Clifton Style episode: Anthony Schlegel - The Difference Episode: Special Teams Coordinator Playlist on Coach and Coordinator:

    Bracket Coverage Basics For Any Defense - Chris Partridge, Co - DC, Ole Miss

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 10:01

    On today's Coach and Coordinator Quickcast from Lauren's First and Goal Clinic, Ole Miss Co-DC Chris Partridge explains the basics of bracket coverage, the benefits, and why he believes it can be incorporated into any defense. The entire talk is available on CoachTube: Use the Code CCPBracket to save 50% All courses in the Lauren's First and Goal Store benefit Pediatric Brain Tumor Research and Cancer Services. Link to store:

    Practice Drills And Work Ethic - Dante Scarnecchia, Retired OL Coach, New England Patriots

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 23, 2021 17:36

    Dante Scarnecchia spent 24 years as the head coach of the New England Patriots and in his career worked with some of the best coaches to ever coach the game. In addition to accumulating 5 Super Bowl rings, he has absorbed a ton of football and coaching knowledge which he recently shared at the COOL Clinic. In this segment he shares his thoughts on practice, practice drills and work ethic. From little things like how to hold the bag to his philosophy on how every player gets coached, there is much here to learn from for any coach at any level. The entire talk can be found here: Enter the code CCPodcastScar at checkout to save 50% on the entire talk which is 1h 42 min long and packed with coaching wisdom. The entire 2021 COOL Clinic library can be found here: Coach Wylie on Coach and Coordinator: Joe Thomas & Bob Wylie on Coach and Coordinator:

    Defending RPO From 1 High - Chuck Martin, Head Coach, Miami University (OH)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 16:40

    In this segment of his clinic talk at the Illinois HS Football Coaches Association Clinic, Chuck Martin, Head Coach, Miami (OH)explains how they utilize a 1-high structure to Defend the RPO. They take the approach that they will make an offense 1 dimensional while taking away conflict from their own defenders. For them it's about keeping their best linebackers in the box and not allowing the offense to dictate and make them apex players who have to get on the edge and tackle in space. Coach points out that they know what their kids are good at and they ask them to do those things. Their 1 high system is simple and gives them the advantage in getting aligned quickly. Coach shares more on the benefits of their system and examples of their success. The entire talk with game film is available on CoachTube: Find all of the courses from the IHSFCA here: Lou Tepper on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast:

    If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Aren't Big Enough - Gary Patterson, Head Coach, TCU

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2021 8:44

    In this segment from the Kansas Football Coaches Association Clinic, Gary Patterson, Head Coach TCU talks about having dreams that are big enough and inspire and even scare you. The entire talk is available on CoachTube here: In this program development and team culture course, Head Coach Gary Patterson of TCU talks about the 4 pillars of his success at TCU, over 24 years at the head coach position. He goes in-depth on both his success and failures as a coach and how to overcome obstacles both from a coach & player perspective.

    Communication and Takeaways - Archie Collins, DB Coach, Pitt

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 11:26

    Archie Collins has contributed in a major way to the success of Pitt's nationally ranked defense as an outstanding secondary coach. Pitt was ranked #9 in the country in interceptions and led the ACC in the 2020 season, Despite playing an abbreviated season, it was the Panthers' highest interception total in eight years. Prior to Pitt, Collins spent five seasons at Central Michigan (2013-17) as defensive pass game coordinator in 2017, the Chippewas lead the Mid-American Conference (MAC) in interceptions (19), fewest passing yards allowed (185.5 yards per game) and pass efficiency defense (108.8 rating). He was recognized as a finalist for the 2017 Football Scoop Defensive Back Coach of the Year award. He has all earned recognition as a recruiter Collins being named the MAC's Recruiter of the Year by In this Coach and Coordinator Quickcast, Coach Collins shares his 5 main philosophies of coaching, traits of the Panther DBs, and how they coach up their players to avoid common tackling errors. The entire clinic with practice and game film is available on CoachTube: Check out all the clinic presentations that have been published from the PSFCA clinic here: Save with the PSFCA Defensive Clinic Bundle with courses from Coach Collins, Brent Pry-DC Penn State, Jeff Knowles-DC Temple, Mike St. Germain-DC, Kutztown, and Michael Craig - DC, Cal (PA).

    Red Zone Philosophy - Tim Zetts, Offensive Assistant, Green Bay Packers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2021 9:05

    Being good in certain areas of the field comes with having a clear understanding of how much you need and exactly what you are trying to do. Green Bay Assistant Coach Tim Zetts, who previously was thee offensive coordinator at Austin Peay, shares his red zone philosophy. Scoring more points starts with having a sound philosophy as you progress toward the goal line and bot the opponent defense and the space change. Coach Zetts give you insight and a template for developing your own Red Zone philosophy and scoring more points this fall. Coach Zetts Course: Score More in the Red Zone Bundle: Coach Zetts episode on Coach and Coordinator:

    Winning In The Red Zone - Jimbo Fisher, Head Coach Texas A&M

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 16, 2021 11:25

    On today's quickcast from the Texas High School Coaches Association Convention, Head Coach at Texas A&M Jimbo Fisher gives insight into the importance of practicing red zone and tight zone and the effect it has on the success of the team. This entire talk can be found on CoachTube:

    7 Coaches Share Their Advice For Developing The Running Back

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2021 31:21

    On today's podcast we focus on running back development. As a young coach, I asked a question in a clinic,  “Coach how do you train your running back on this play?”    The answer was tongue-in-cheek,    “If he can't do it, we go to the next one.”   I laughed like everyone else, but that didn't help me get the answers I was looking for.   We all know that approach doesn't work in most places. That's why we put together the this podcast with advice from 7 different running back coaches to help you prepare your running backs for camp this fall and throughout the season. Eventhough these are running back coaches, the advice and approach they take can be applied to developing ay position. Asuza Pacific RB coach and current Head football coach at La Salle College Prep head coach Ben Buys. He likes to keep it simple by looking at what he calls the vital few. These are the skills a running back must excel at in order to be successful on game day. The 20% of the vital few Let's listen to Coach Buys approach. Retired NFL RB Coach David Walker describes what he calls the anatomy of a running back. These are the Football skills, mental intelligence and the essentials of the job description of the running back. He explains it here. I had the opportunity to recruit and coach Issac Reed who just completed his first full time year as the running backs coach at the University of Buffalo. In this segment he discusses his development philosophy and the aspects he focused on to help develop NCAA record holder … in the 2020 season. Coach Drew Svoboda was the running backs coach at Rice and is now the STC and TE coach at Alabama. He discusses what he calls the post play call progression which allows his running backs to have a thought process to how they will approach the upcoming play. All of the progression is trainable and he describes it here. Gabe Infante took over as the RB coach at Temple University after a successful career as a head high school coach. In this segment he explains the three phases of a running play which he utilizes to create the training plan for his running backs. John Garrett is the head coach at Lafayette and in this segment he describes the skill he calls dip and slip which is about Gaining those extra yards and it starts with understanding how to set-up blocks then execute the cuts.  We finish with an under coached aspect of running back play - the fake. UC Davis RB Coach Mark Speckman explains why deception is important to the running back and the offense in this clip. We put together on coachtube which includes clinics from each of these coaches giving their philosophy, strategy and methods supported by drill, practice and game film. Link to the 8 course bundle available for $47: Related Podcasts: David Walker Mark Speckman

    Tips For Training The Quarterback - Mike Yurcich, OC/QB Coach, Penn State

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2021 20:42

    In this podcast from the Pennsylvania Scholastic Football Coaches Association Clinic, Penn State Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach Mike Yurcich gives his tips for developing the quarterback. Coach Yurcich's approach has helped him develop successful quarterback play wherever he has been. He shares his insight on: -Training the eyes to stay downfield -Teaching the QB to be decisive -QB Must knows -Progressions over Coverage Reads -Asking "Why did you?" all of the time The ideas shared in this podcast apply to any quarterback regardless of the level or the style of offense. The entire clinic talk can be found on CoachTube: This course is part of a 10 course QB Training Bundle which includes courses from: -James Franklin, HC Penn State -Phil Longo, OC/QB North Carolina -Jake Peetz, OC/QB LSU -Robert Weiner, QB Toledo -Dave Patenaude, QB Georgia Tech -Mike Sullivan, Asst. Army West Point -Ian Shoemaker, OC/QB Eastern Washington -Kyle Ohradzansky, OC/QB Shippensburg -Zach Tinker, OC/QB Central Washington QB Training Bundle:

    Creating Turnovers With Circuit Training - Daronte Jones, Defensive Coordinator, LSU

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 18:02

    LSU defensive coordinator Daronte Jones shares his philosophy on defense especially in regard to creating turnovers. He talks about how he reverse engineered the 6-points of contact to determine exactly how to attack the ball and get it out. This is something that they share with their players and chart daily. What may seem insignificant in terms of the amount done on a single day can add up exponentially and the cumulative effect of those reps will have an impact. For the turnover skills and techniques, circuit training is an efficient way to get a lot done in a small amount of time. Coach finishes his talk with a Q&A. The entire talk is part of a two course combo for jjust $15 (67% savings)on CoachTube:

    Win More Games by Creating Strong Special Teams Culture with Awards and Recognition

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2021 20:33

    On today's coach and coordinator podcast We share ideas on how to build a strong special teams culture along starting with the bile and mindset that must be the foundation for special teams excellence then some tangible specific examples of how you can strengthen buy-in, create excitement, and recognize your elite performers. The coaches on today's podcast joined Keith for the Lauren's First & Goal Clinic or the Virtual Football Summit and shared their ideas on creating player ownership on special teams. Let's start with the head coach at Blue Valley State, Tony Coaxum. In his segment he emphasizes the importance of understanding and performing your role on special teams as a player. South Florida special teams coordinator Dan DaPrato feels that the “magic potion” is creating belief. He points to belief as one of the biggest factors that has allowed his units to be successful wherever he has been. Collegiate and high school coach Christian Vital cements his players belief and attention to detail by a recognition and awards system which he discusses in his segment. Princeton University is about excellence on and off the field and that certainly applies to special teams. STC Mike Mendehall shares their philosophy which build their culture, the award system that recognizes their excellence in performance from identifying what he calls a “crafty vet” to their “give em three” action any time they have a performance worth noting. Justin Lustig's special teams room is a prime example of player buy-in and fun. He gets creative in the different ways the recognize their special teams plays and create ownership. Setting weekly goals and awarding daily, weekly and yearly performance is a big part of the special teams culture that Justin Lustig creates.  Now the Associate HC and STC at Vanderbilt, Coach Lustig shares the goals they track as well as how they recognize their top performers through social media and other ways. Hopefully you picked up some ideas to help you start camp off right in creating a strong culture and buy-in from your players for special teams. As you head into camp, preparing how you will create buy-in and recognize performance can go a long way in helping you win more games this fall.  The ideas shared here provide a great foundation for you to build upon. All five of these courses are available in a bundle for just $24 - a big savings at 77% off here: The coaches give the visual along with video examples of what their culture looks like performing on the field. The link is in the show notes. Be sure to follow all we are doing at and follow me on twitter @coachkgrabowski

    Defensive Goals - Tem Lukabu, Defensive Coordinator, Boston College

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 9, 2021 9:48

    On this Quickcast from Lauren's First and Goal, Tem Lukabu, defensive coordinator at Boston College talks about how he builds a defensive culture and sets and tracks goals for his defense. The entire clinic is available on CoachTube:

    Defensive Passing Game Plan - Terry Joseph, Defensive Passing Game Coordinator, Texas

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 9:27

    In this Coach and Coordinator Quickcast from the Louisiana Football Coaches Association Clinic, University of Texas Defensive Passing Game Coordinator Terry Joseph shares how they approach the secondary game plan. Coach Joseph takes you through the entire process, starting the day after a game to get prepared for their next opponent. To be an expert in creating a defensive game plan, you have to first become an expert in your opponents game plan. The entire talk with examples illustrated on video can be found on CoachTube: Coach Joseph's Quickcast on Player-Coach Relationships:

    What Do You Tell Them When The Ball Is Dead? Bob Wylie, OL Coach, Ottawa Red Blacks

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2021 11:22

    In this segment from the COOL Clinic, Bob Wylie invites you to think about 3 important questions you need to ask while the ball is dead. The still time before the next play is a crucial part of the game, and with over 41 years of coaching expertise, Coach Wylie wants to help improve the communication & relationships within your program. Link to entire talk on CoachTube: Coach Wylie's Previous Episodes on Coach and Coordinator:

    Functional Agility - Shawn Myszka - The Movement Myagi With Dr. Joe Eisenmann

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2021 41:59

    Today's Coach and Coordinator podcast is from the archives but very timely given time of year. It was part of the High Performance Series, and features Shawn Myszka, the pro performance director of Explosive Edge Athletics in Minneapolis, where he consults several NFL athletes. Myszka and Dr. Joe Eisenmann discuss movement and agility in football with host Keith Grabowski. 1:49 How Myszka got his start in studying football player movement 7:26 How you teach agility and reaction on the field 12:38 How to teach agility concepts to high school players 20:33 How to teach fundamental agility drills to youth players 24:51 Myszka's views on “The Agility Ladder” 31:20 Tips that will improve player agility drills Series with Coach Myszka:

    The Hearbeat Of A Coaching Staff - Jeff Traylor, Head Coach, University Of Texas - San Antonio

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2021 13:35

    In this quickcast taken from the Texas High School Coaches Association Convention, Head Coach at Universtiy of Texas - San Antonio Jeff Traylor speaks about beginning with the end in mind. By that, he means to have a plan or goal of what you want and work backward from it, figuring out the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal. A big part of the equation for him is his coaching staff. In this segment from his presentation he talks about his expectations of staff and how they do their work and find chemsitry. The entire talk is available on CoachTube:

    Organizing Your Plan For Offensive Success - Eric Bienemy, Offensive Coordinator, Kansas City Chiefs

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2021 7:51

    On this quickcast from Louisiana Football Coaches Association Clinic, Kansas City Offensive Coordinator Eric Beinemy shares his keys to organizing your offense for success. He talks about improving areas of offense, building your pass game and developing timing. The entire talk is available here:

    Helping Players Visualize Success - Mack Brown, Head Coach, University of North Carolina

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2021 5:40

    On this Coach and Coordinator Quickcast from Lauren's First and Goal, University of North Carolina Head Coach Mack Brown shares a story of how he helped Vince Young overcome a poor performance by visualizing success. The entire clinic talk is available here:

    Accelerating the Cognitive Process with Language- Dub Maddox

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2021 48:25

    On today's podcast, host Keith Grabowski is joinced once again by repeat guest and coaching guru, Dub Maddox. Coach Maddox is currently the Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach at Union High School in Oklahoma and additionally works with the QB Collective and top QB prospects in the country. During the Covid shutdown, Maddox buckled down and wrote his most recent book Capology. The book provides the reader with information on how to build, apply and implement a coding language to read the reality in the game. Maddox joined Grabowski to talk about these concepts as well as connecting them to the game. 1:30 Where his ideas for his new book came from during the shutdown 3:50 Going deeper instead of wider 8:23 Advantages of learning linguistic coding for football 11:50 Spacial, Temporal and Locomotive fitting into football 24:55 Dividing time between analytics, film and teaching 28:58 Most intercepted throws and how to prevent them 32:00 How this has helped his team in practices and coaching vision 39:15 Adjusting to fit the R4 45:27 Where to start with this system if you're a new coach

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