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Theatre Audience Podcast bringing you news, reviews, interviews and recommendations of the latest must-see theatre. Discussing what's on, what's been and gone and audience-friendly advice on getting hot tickets.


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    Latest episodes from Theatre Audience Podcast

    Theatre Audience Podcast S3 Ep29: That Face, As You Like It, Anthropology and Legend, The music of Bob Marley. Plus an interview with Hal Fowler

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2023 47:20

    Get ready for a theatrical feast in our latest podcast! First up, at the Orange Tree Theatre, the talented Niamh Cusackleads a thrilling revival of Polly Stenham's remarkable 2007 debut, That Face. When Mia is expelled from boarding school, her mother Martha seems indifferent, more interested in her son Henry. And with Mia's estranged husband, Hugh, returning from Hong Kong with his new girlfriend, he's determined to fix things. But Martha insists everything is just fine. Polly Stenham's searing debut play peels back the curtain on the hidden lives of the wealthy, delivering anarchic humour that won accolades like the Evening Standard Charles Wintour Award, the TMA Best New Play Award, and the Critics' Circle Award. Don't miss its first major London revival! Next, we venture to the Globe Theatre for a spirited rendition of Shakespeare's As You Like It. In Duke Frederick's court, division and distrust reign supreme. When Rosalind is banished, she escapes with her cousin Celia to the Forest of Arden, free from the court's rigid rules. Here, they explore new identities and discover a place where love and connection know no bounds. In this ancient haven of nature, unexpected friendships bloom, enemies reconcile, and strangers fall head over heels. Join us in our wooden 'O' for an unforgettable journey where you never know what—or who—you might encounter. Director Ellen McDougall's delightful production infuses warmth into the summer's end. At the Hampstead Theatre, prepare for a mind-bending journey in Anthropology. Merril, a leading software engineer in Silicon Valley, faces a life-shattering ordeal when her sister Angie vanishes. A year later, Merril takes Angie's digital traces and constructs a digital simulation of her sister. This 'virtual Angie' initially provides solace, but it soon starts revealing unsettling details about the real Angie's disappearance. Playwright Lauren Gunderson, celebrated for works like "I and You," crafts a gripping narrative in this San Francisco-based tale. Directed by Anna Ledwich, who has an impressive Hampstead Theatre portfolio, Anthropology stars the talented MyAnna Buring alongside Dakota Blue Richards, Yolanda Kettle, and Abigail Thaw. Last but not least, immerse yourself in the mesmerising world of Bob Marley's music with Legend. This unforgettable stage show extravaganza brings to life the timeless hits of the reggae legend. From Could You Be Loved to No Woman No Cry and One Love, you'll experience Marley's iconic sound like never before. With impeccable vocals, flawless musicianship, and a supremely talented cast, this two-hour spectacle captures the essence of an icon gone too soon. Don't miss this celebration of the magic and culture of Bob Marley!

    Theatre Audience Podcast S3 Ep28: La Cage aux Folles, Macbeth and in conversation with Gareth Snook, Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2023 40:14

    Get ready for a delectable journey into the world of pure imagination as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The Musical embarks on its highly anticipated first-ever UK & Ireland Tour. This iconic tale of young golden ticket winner Charlie Bucket and the enigmatic confectionary wizard Willy Wonka is set to dazzle audiences across the country. In this episode, we're bringing you exclusive insights into the production, including an interview with the talented actor Gareth Snook, who takes on the iconic role of Willy Wonka. Discover the magic behind the scenes as we explore the creative process and the excitement of taking this beloved story on the road. But the theatrical excitement doesn't stop there! Regent's Park is hosting a glorious musical revival of Jerry Hermanand Harvey Fierstein's classic La Cage aux Folles. This wonderfully powerful production reminds us that "the best of times are now." Join Georges, Albin, and their son Jean-Michel as they rediscover the true meaning of family and the sacrifices made for the ones they love. With lead actor Carl Mullaney delivering a perfect rendition of "I Am What I Am," this revival promises to be a show-stopping experience you won't want to miss. One couple's ruthless quest for power turns nature upside down as Shakespeare's bloody tragedy Macbethconsumes the Globe Theatre in a ‘powerful… striking' ★★★★ (The Guardian) production. On his return from war, three strange men offer Macbeth the prospect of ultimate control. Desperate for a new future, he and his wife set out to make it a reality with devastating costs. Following 2022's ‘mesmerising' ★★★★★ (WhatsOnStage) The Merchant of Venice in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Director Abigail Graham debuts in the Globe Theatre with Shakespeare's epic tale, exploring the impact and exploitation of unexpressed grief. Join us as we dive into these captivating productions, providing you with in-depth insights, interviews, and a behind-the-scenes look at the world of theatre. Whether you're a fan of classic tales, heart-warming musicals, or Shakespearean tragedies, this episode promises to be a theatrical delight that will leave you eagerly anticipating your next trip to the theatre.

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep27: The Effect and in conversation with Rachelle Diedericks, Catherine from A View From The Bridge

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2023 47:08

    Step into the captivating world of The Effect at the National Theatre, where hearts race, and minds are entangled in a web of emotions. This critically acclaimed play, penned by Lucy Prebble of Succession fame, returns to the National Theatre in a bold new production directed by the renowned Jamie Lloyd, known for his work on Cyrano de Bergerac. At the heart of the story are Connie and Tristan, two young volunteers participating in a clinical drug trial. Their sudden and intoxicating chemistry seems to defy explanation. However, a pressing question looms: is their passionate connection real, or is it merely a side effect of a new antidepressant? As they navigate this rollercoaster of emotions, their illicit romance presents startling dilemmas for the supervising doctors, blurring the lines between science and love. Paapa Essiedu, known for his outstanding performance in I May Destroy You, takes the stage as one of the central characters, bringing his undeniable talent and charisma to the production. Essiedu's portrayal adds depth and authenticity to the character, making the audience question the nature of human connection. Joining Essiedu is Taylor Russell, acclaimed for her work in Bones and All who starred screen icon Timothee Chalamet. Russell's presence on stage is magnetic, and her chemistry with Essiedu is palpable. Together, they create a captivating and intimate examination of love, ethics, and the complexities of the human heart.  The Effect is not just a play; it's a thought-provoking journey into the depths of human emotions and the ethical dilemmas that arise when science and romance collide. This production promises to be an unforgettable theatrical experience, leaving audiences with lingering questions about the nature of love and the impact of pharmaceuticals on our lives. Under the direction of Jamie Lloyd, The Effect continues to push the boundaries of storytelling and is a must-see for theatre enthusiasts and anyone fascinated by the intricacies of human relationships. Next, we have an exclusive interview with cast member Rachelle Diedericks, who takes us behind the scenes of A View From The Bridge. She shares insights into her character, her preparation process, and the unique challenges faced by young actors in a post-COVID world. This Arthur Miller classic, set on the Brooklyn waterfront, delves into love, passion, and the complexities of family bonds. Notably, Nancy Crane makes history by becoming the first woman to portray Alfieri in this powerful drama. The production of A View From The Bridge unfolds in the intimate setting of the Octagon Theatre before embarking on a short tour, hitting Chichester from October 6th to 28th and concluding at the Rose Theatre in Kingston on November 11th, 2023. Don't miss the opportunity to witness Miller's timeless masterpiece in these unique and compelling interpretations. Tune in to this week's podcast for a captivating journey through the world of theatre, where powerful emotions, thought-provoking dilemmas, and historic performances come to life on stage.

    Theatre Audience Podcast S3 Ep26: The Odyssey and For Tonight. In conversation with Iestyn Griffiths the MD of For Tonight.

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2023 36:52

    Get ready for a thrilling journey through the world of theatre in this exciting podcast episode! We're diving into epic productions and heartfelt stories that are sure to leave you enchanted. First up, we have The Odyssey, a national, multi-venue production that unfolds over five parts. Each episode of Odysseus' incredible journey is created and performed by local artists and communities from four partner organisations across the UK. The grand finale takes place on the Olivier stage at the National Theatre, featuring community performers from all partner organisations and members recruited through Public Acts founding community partners in London. This epic retelling of Odysseus' adventures will have you on the edge of your seat! Odysseus, held captive by the nymph Calypso, has nearly lost hope of ever returning home. But back on Ithaca, his son Telemachus hatches a daring rescue plan. Meanwhile, the Gods on Mount Olympus are convening to decide Odysseus' fate. Will she be allowed to return home, or are more trials in store for her? Join us on this mythical journey filled with drama, suspense, and the enduring human spirit. To mark the fifth anniversary of Public Acts, The Odyssey is reimagined for today with hundreds of community members from across the country. The production boasts stage favorites Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Tarinn Callender, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, and Zubin Varla. It's a theatrical experience like no other! But that's not all – we also bring you For Tonight, a new musical that will tug at your heartstrings. Inspired by true events, this timeless love story unfolds in 1832 in a small town in North Wales. A Romani family finds shelter and friendship, but tragedy strikes when an unknown disease spreads. Blame falls on the Romani traveller's, and they are forced to flee, leaving three Parry siblings to navigate a world filled with love, joy, friendship, pain, prejudice, and struggle. For Tonight is a musical that uniquely blends the rich traditions, languages, and cultures of the Welsh and Romani peoples. It's a stirring journey that explores the power and meaning of home. Join us for an exclusive interview with the Musical Director, Iestyn Griffiths, and get a sneak peek of a song from the show sung by the talented Amy Di Bartolomeo and Simon Gordon. This is a musical experience that will resonate with your heart and soul. So, get ready for a podcast filled with epic tales, stunning performances, and captivating music. Tune in now for an unforgettable theatrical adventure!

    Theatre Audience Podcast S3 Ep25: In conversation with Queens Leah Vassell and Rachel Rawlinson from the musical SIX

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2023 50:39

    Natalie takes you on a captivating journey in an intimate interview with two of the dazzling Queens from the musical SIX. It's time to set aside what you thought you knew about the six Wives of Henry VIII and immerse yourself in this enchanting encounter. Natalie sits down with the remarkable Leah Vassell and Rachel Rawlinson, who shine as Queens in the hit musical.Prepare to be utterly amazed as Natalie delves deep into the captivating world where history assumes a whole new vivaciousness. The musical provides a fresh perspective on each of Henry's Queens, affording them the opportunity to reshape their narratives, turning back the clock and reclaiming their crowns. With a blend of sass, strength, and unforgettable tunes, the current West End company - including Rhianne-Louise McCaulsky (Aragon), Baylie Carson(Boleyn), Claudia Kariuki (Seymour), Dionne Ward-Anderson (Cleves), Koko Basigara (Howard), and Roxanne Couch(Parr) - steps into the limelight, amplified by the powerful on-stage band - the Ladies in Waiting. Together, they reinvigorate history with tales of love, loss, and the notorious ex they all share.Moreover, SIX, the brainchild of the ingenious Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, transcends being merely a musical – it's a sensational voyage through the lives of these historical luminaries. Boasting more than 35 international awards, including two 2022 Tony Awards, SIX has cast its enchantment globally, spanning the realms of the West End, Broadway, and beyond. The musical's reign in the West End continues until April 28, long may their reign continue.Trace the origins of SIX, from its initial appearance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2018 to its triumphant West End transition in 2019, culminating in its current residency at the Vaudeville Theatre since November 2021. Directed by Lucy Moss and Jamie Armitage, SIX stands as a theatrical masterpiece, with vibrant choreography by Carrie-Anne Ingrouilleand a spellbinding set design by Emma Bailey. Gabriella Slade's ingenious costume design, Tim Deiling's immersive lighting, Paul Gatehouse's evocative sound, and Tom Curran's musical orchestration contribute to the symphony of excellence. Joe Beighton's musical supervision rounds out the remarkable creative team. Furthermore, the current West End Queens are supported by their accomplished alternates: Monique Ashe-Palmer, Danielle Rose, Leah Vassell, Rachel Rawlinson, and Esme Rothero.From tales of love to stories of loss, and the infamous ex that ties them together, these Queens spill their tales in an engaging interview. As they belt out their stories, audiences are in for a Tudor treat unlike any other, complete with fierce performances and a fresh spin on British Her-story. SIX continues to reign supreme on the West End, Broadway, and beyond and has solidified its status as a theatrical phenomenon.Join Natalie as she unveils the magic and creativity that breathe life into these iconic Queens in this exclusive podcast episode. Step behind the scenes and into the hearts of the Queens who are rewriting history in the most entertaining and empowering manner.

    Theatre Audience Podcast S3 Ep24: Featuring reviews of National Theatre's Grenfell, Tudor Englands's Horrible Histories and the world premiere of Brokeback Mountain.

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2023 24:14

    Step into a world of impactful theatre as we unpack the latest podcast episode. We kick things off with Grenfell: in the words of survivors at the National Theatre. This powerful verbatim play draws directly from the testimonies of the residents at the heart of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. With six years passed since the devastating event, the interviews with survivors and bereaved individuals lay bare the shocking impact of the failures that led to this national disaster. Gillian Slovo masterfully weaves these voices into a narrative that raises urgent questions about prevention and justice. Co-directed by Phyllida Lloyd and Anthony Simpson-Pike, the play delves into the resilience of a community fighting for justice, forming part of the National Theatre's ongoing creative engagement with North Kensington.Switching gears, we dive into the sensational world of Horrible Histories: Terrible Tudors. Back by popular demand for a second year, this West End hit brings history to life in a hilariously gruesome manner. From the notorious Henries to the treacherous reign of Elizabeth, audiences are treated to legends, lies, and the nastiest bits of the torturous Tudors. Prepare for headless wives, punch-ups with the Pope, Bloody Mary, and even surviving the Spanish Armada. It's a history lesson with a twist that's sure to keep you entertained and educated.Lastly, we delve into the world premiere of Brokeback Mountain, a poignant new play with music based on Annie Proulx's acclaimed short story. Under the direction of Jonathan Butterell, the production stars Broadway and silver screen names Mike Faist and Lucas Hedges, both making their West End debuts. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of 1963 Wyoming, where Ennis and Jack's lives are forever altered by their time working on Brokeback Mountain. Dan Gillespie Sells' emotionally charged Country and Western songs beautifully underscore this tale of forbidden love and its heartrending consequences over two decades. The production also features the remarkable Eddi Reader and her onstage Country and Western band, adding an additional layer of musical depth.Get ready to immerse yourself in these thought-provoking and captivating theatrical experiences in the latest episode.

    Theatre Audience Podcast Season 3 Episode 23

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2023 44:18

    Get ready for a royal riot of laughter in this week's episode! The Crown Jewels boasts an all-star line-up that's nothing short of spectacular. With the "King of Comedy" himself, Al Murray, and the incomparable Mel Giedroyc, who's been hailed as being "at her comedy peak," this outrageous production will have you in stitches, as attested by The Stage. The audience's laughter rings loud, a fact not lost on the Daily Express.But that's just the beginning – this side-splitting show features an ensemble cast that reads like a who's who of comedic talent. Joe Thomas, Neil Morrissey, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Aidan McArdle, Adonis Siddique, and Tanvi Virmani share the stage, their performances brilliantly interwoven by the BAFTA award-winning mastermind behind The Durrells and Men Behaving Badly, Simon Nye. Under the deft direction of multi-Olivier Award winner Sean Foley(known for Upstart Crow and The Ladykillers), this uproarious royal spectacle promises an evening of entertainment you can't afford to miss.Steering the ship toward musical territory, we delve into the enthralling world of Graham Greene's iconic tale, The Third Man. Once a celebrated film and novella, it now takes centre stage as a captivating musical. The creative forces of Don Black and Christopher Hampton have masterfully crafted the book and lyrics, while George Fenton's music sets the scene. Guided by the renowned Trevor Nunn, this production breathes new life into a classic narrative.As our final treat, we've secured an exclusive Back to the Future the Musical interview with none other than Cory English who plays the masterful Doc in the show. This special glimpse into the musical sensation gives you an insider's view of the creative process and the magic behind the scenes.With laughter, drama, and exclusive insights, this episode is a rollercoaster of theatrical excitement that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. Tune in and let the show begin!

    Theatre Audience Podcast S3 Ep21 our Paddington Bear Interview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2023 36:12

    Then, Now & Next, Tarantino Live and Crazy for You...

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2023 34:16

    Welcome to the latest episode of our thrilling podcast! We kick things off with the brand new British musical Then, Now & Next at Southwark Playhouse, composed by Christopher J Orton and Jon Robyns and starring West End sensation Alice Fearn, all under the masterful direction of Julie Atherton.Get ready to be transported back in time with 80s Live, the ultimate retro concert featuring iconic hits by legends like Wham!, Madonna, Duran Duran, and Bon Jovi, and many others, live on stage.For all the Quentin Tarantino fans out there, don't miss Tarantino Live, a pulsating rock experience celebrating the films and soundtracks of this legendary director, playing for a limited time at Riverside Studios.Next up, the Chichester Festival Theatre's west end transfer of Crazy for You, featuring the incredible talents of Charlie Stemp and Carly Anderson, directed by Broadway legend Susan Stroman.Last but not least, we explore the thought-provoking play Secret Thoughts at the Omnibus Theatre as part of their AI festival, and delve into the creative process with an exclusive interview with director Paloma Jacob-Duvernet.Join us as we uncover the magic of these captivating productions, filled with stunning performances, nostalgic tunes, and thought-provoking themes. Don't miss a moment of our latest episode!

    In conversation with Lena Hall

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 16, 2023 40:33

    Welcome to an exciting new episode of Theatre Talk! In this podcast, we have a special guest, the multi-talented Lena Hall, known for her brilliant performances in both stage and screen. Lena is not only a Tony Award winner but also a star of the hit Netflix television sci-fi thriller, Snowpiercer.Darren sits down with Lena to delve into her iconic role as Hedwig in the critically acclaimed musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. They explore the challenges and triumphs of bringing this ground-breaking character to life on Broadway, earning Lena a well-deserved Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical.Lena Hall then takes us on a thrilling journey to her UK debut in the new musical In Dreams, a tribute to the legendary Roy Orbison. The podcast delves into the captivating world of the Roy Orbison musical, celebrating his timeless music and exploring Lena's electrifying portrayal of the iconic singer.But that's not all! Throughout the podcast, we'll be padding you with fascinating facts about Lena Hall's impressive career, from her early days as a child actor to her rise as a Broadway sensation. You'll discover the fascinating stories behind some of her most memorable performances and the insights into her creative process.So, sit back and join us as we uncover the magic of Lena Hall's career, her unforgettable portrayal of Hedwig, and her extraordinary UK debut in In Dreams, the Roy Orbison musical. With Darren's expert commentary and Lena's infectious enthusiasm, this episode promises to be a captivating ride through the world of theatre and music. Don't miss it!

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep18

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 10, 2023 37:58

    Get ready for an exciting episode of our podcast, where Natalie and Darren dive into the world of theatre. First up is the innovative play Spy for Spy at Riverside Studios, starring Olive Gray and Amy Lennox. This unique production allows the audience to choose the order of the scenes, creating a dynamic and interactive experience. Natalie and Darren explore the thrilling aspects of this show and delve into the impact of audience participation on the storytelling.In an exclusive interview, Darren sits down with Kirk Jameson, the director of Song From Far Away. They delve into the captivating world of this emotionally charged production, exploring the intricacies of the storytelling and the profound impact it has on the audience. With a keen focus on Will Young's exceptional performance, Darren and Kirk discuss the nuanced portrayal and the powerful connection he establishes with the audience. From the compelling musical moments to the raw and authentic exploration of grief and longing, they provide a deep dive into the artistic choices and the transformative nature of this extraordinary show. Join Natalie and Darren as they unravel the layers of Song From Far Away and uncover the beauty and resonance it brings to the stage.Lastly, Natalie and Darren immerse themselves in the compelling world of Isley Lynn's The Swell at the intimate Orange Tree Theatre. This thought-provoking play takes centre stage with its exploration of complex themes and captivating narratives. Featuring a stellar all-female cast, including the talented Sophie Ward, Jessica Clark, Ruby Crepin-Glyne, Shuna Snow, Viss Elliot Safavi, and Saroja-Lily Ratnavel, the production shines a light on the power of diverse storytelling. Natalie and Darren delve into the impact of the performances, praising the exceptional talent and chemistry displayed by the cast. They discuss how the portrayal of these diverse and dynamic characters adds depth and authenticity to the production, highlighting the importance of representation on stage. Together, they celebrate the significance of The Swell in challenging societal norms and fostering a more inclusive and vibrant theatre landscape.Join Natalie and Darren as they explore these intriguing productions, share insightful discussions, and provide a front-row seat to the vibrant world of theatre.

    theater audience spies west end swell will young jessica clark riverside studios london theatre sophie ward theatre talk
    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep17

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 2, 2023 27:57

    In conversation with Mrs DoubtfireGet ready for an exciting behind-the-scenes adventure as Natalie takes you backstage at the Shaftesbury Theatre, where the newly opened Mrs Doubtfire is captivating audiences. In this episode, Natalie has the privilege of sitting down with some of the talented cast members to dive into all things Doubtfire. Join her as she chats with Sam Wilson-Freeman, who not only shines in the ensemble but also portrays the iconic Oscar Wilde, Laura Tebbutt, who brings the character of Miranda to life, and Kelly Agbowu, who thrills as Wanda. Together, they discuss the magic of the show, the challenges of their roles, and the joy of being a part of this heart-warming production. Get ready for an insightful and entertaining conversation that gives you an exclusive glimpse into the world of Mrs Doubtfire.

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep16

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2023 44:08

    In conversation with Bleak ExpectationsIn this special episode, Darren takes the spotlight as he conducts a captivating interview with the brilliant minds behind Bleak Expectations at the West End Theatre. Join him as he sits down with Mark Evans, the talented writer, and cast members Dom Hodson, who portrays the lovable Pip Bin, and Rachel Summers, who brings the characters Poppy Bin and Ripely Fecund to life. Together, they delve into the creative process, the challenges of embodying their Dickensian roles, and the joy of performing in this hilarious comedy. Get ready for behind-the-scenes insights, delightful anecdotes, and a deeper appreciation for the impeccable performances that make Bleak Expectations a must-see theatrical delight. And in tradition to the time period Natalie and Darren share a nice pot of Earl Grey tea.

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep15

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 18, 2023 23:36

    Join Natalie and Darren in this thrilling episode of Theatre Audience Podcast as they explore a diverse range of theatrical experiences. They start with the Olivier Award-winning musical sensation, Groundhog Day, at The Old Vic. From the creative minds behind Matilda The Musical, this comic parable of love, hope, and transformation features Andy Karl reprising his Olivier Award-winning role as Phil Connors, alongside the wonderful Tanisha Spring as Rita Hanson, is a must-see.Frances Ruffelle and Norman Bowman take centre stage next in Frankie & Beausy at Cozy Coqs. Frances, known for originating the role of Eponine in Les Misérables and Norman, currently starring as Sam in the hit musical Mamma Mia!, share their incredible talents in this intimate performance. With Frances's Tony Award-winning background and Norman's recent feature film role alongside Jude Law, their chemistry and artistry shine.Prepare for an unforgettable one-man show experience with Wolf by Lewis Doherty. Natalie delves into the captivating storytelling and mesmerising performance that has audiences on the edge of their seats. With a unique blend of humour, suspense, and masterful character portrayals, Wolf delivers an exhilarating theatrical experience.Lastly, they delve into the timeless classic, Arthur Miller's The Crucible, currently playing at the Gielgud Theatre. Darren highlights the standout performances by House of the Dragon star Millie Alcock as Abigail, Caitlin FitzGerald as Elizabeth Proctor, Brian Gleeson as George Proctor, Karl Johnson's brilliant comedy timing as Giles Corey, and Nia Towle's portrayal of Mary Warren. With brilliant staging by Es Delvin and atmospheric lighting by Tim Lutkin and thrilling sound by Tingying Dong. The cast's exceptional talent brings to life the enduring relevance of this powerful play.There's also a mention to the much anticipated West End transfer of Mrs Doubtfire to introduce the interview Natalie hosted with some of the cast which will feature in a future podcast.Tune in to this episode of Theatre Audience Podcast and join Natalie and Darren as they share their insights, passion, and love for the vibrant world of theatre. From musical sensations to intimate performances and thought-provoking dramas, this episode has it all. Don't miss out on this theatrical journey filled with laughter, inspiration, and exceptional performances and all over a nice iced tea.

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep14

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2023 28:15

    In this thrilling episode, Natalie delves into the world of Agatha Christie's mesmerising production, Witness to the Prosecution. With her undying love for the show evident (yes, she's seen it not once, but three times!), Natalie takes you on an exclusive journey to the enigmatic Sleepy Hollow room at the grand County Hall. It is here that she encounters the talented cast members who bring this gripping tale to life: the charismatic Harry Giubileo as Leonard Vole, the captivating Madeleine Walker as Romaine Vole, and the brilliant Nick Sampson as Mr. Myers QC. Brace yourself for an interview that will leave you on the edge of your seat, as Natalie unveils the secrets and insights you simply can't afford to miss. Get ready to be captivated by the magic of Agatha Christie's Witness to the Prosecution like never before!

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep13

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 4, 2023 22:36

    Get ready for an episode filled with theatrical brilliance as Natalie and Darren delve into a wide range of incredible productions! They'll immerse themselves in the dazzling world of Guys and Dolls at the Bridge Theatre, featuring a cast of theatre royalty including Daniel Mays, Andrew Richardson, Celinde Schoenmaker, Marisha Wallace, and Cedric Neal. Prepare to be enchanted by the classic charm and toe-tapping tunes of this beloved musical, promenade style. Next, they'll explore the comic gem How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying at Southwark Playhouse, a delightful show that combines sharp wit, catchy songs, and uproarious humour and starring Olivier Award and Tony Award legend Tracie Bennett. Get ready to laugh out loud as they uncover the hilarious escapades of ambitious office worker J. Pierrepont Finch. Intrigue awaits as they discuss Philip Ridley's gripping narrative of memory, manipulation, and power in Leaves of Glass, which recently had a revival at Park Theatre. Brace yourself for a thought-provoking journey through the complexities of human relationships and the haunting echoes of the past starring Eastenders favourite actress Kacey Ainsworth. Prepare for laughter aplenty as they uncover London's bleaking hilarious new comedy, Bleak Expectations, based on the award-winning comedy by Mark Evans, with the talented Sally Phillips as our narrator. Join them at the Criterion Theatre for a rollicking adventure through the absurd and absurdly funny world of Dickensian parody. And don't miss the mesmerising performance by Dickie Beau in Re-Member Me at Hampstead Theatre, where he expertly channels the voices of past Hamlets in a captivating lip-sync show. Get ready to be swept away by the artistry and emotional depth of this truly unique theatrical experience. Tune in for an episode that celebrates the magic of the stage, showcasing a variety of genres and performances that will leave you entertained, inspired, and eager for your next theatre-going adventure.

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep12

    Play Episode Listen Later May 29, 2023 37:42

    Get ready for a captivating episode as Natalie and Darren dive into the mesmerising world of Re-Member Me. Join them as they discuss this unique show brought to life by the theatrical master of lip-sync, Dickie Beau, at Hampstead Theatre for a strictly limited run. Discover the process of building a human Hamlet mix-tape, where Dickie Beau takes recordings of great Hamlets from the past, including Sir Ian McKellen, Daniel Day Lewis, Richard Burton, and Ian Charleson, to channel them into an epic one-man lip-sync performance. But amidst the collection, there is one exceptional rendition that left an indelible mark on all who witnessed it—a ghost from Hamlet's past. However, this particular performance can never be "re-membered" because no recording of it exists. Prepare to be enthralled by the mysteries and artistry of this remarkable production. This episode also includes an exclusive interview with the show's creator, Dickie Beau, providing unique insights into the creation and inspiration behind Re-Member Me. Tune in for a thought-provoking and extraordinary episode that delves into the magic of theatre and the power of performance.

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep11

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2023 24:37

    Get ready for a riveting episode as Natalie and Darren explore a diverse range of captivating productions! They'll discuss the highly-anticipated return of F***ing Men starring Charlie Condou at Waterloo East Theatre, a provocative play that promises to captivate audiences once again. Prepare to be enthralled by the thrilling transfer of Supernovafrom the Vaults Festival, a production that garnered immense critical acclaim at South London's Omnibus Theatre. They'll also delve into the world premiere of Glory Ride at Charing Cross Theatre, a compelling new play based on the true life heroism of Gino Bartali that has taken the stage by storm.  Brace yourself for the enduring suspense of Witness for the Prosecution, still thrilling audiences five years on at the perfectly located London County Hall, hailed as "criminally good" (Daily Mail). Get ready for a breath-taking musical experience with ENO's beautifully staged Symphony of Sorrowful Songs at the magnificent Coliseum. And finally, they'll discuss the National Theatre's Dixon & Daughters, a powerful story of family and forgiveness that will leave a lasting impact. Tune in for an episode packed with theatrical gems that will ignite your imagination and leave you wanting more!

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 E10

    Play Episode Listen Later May 14, 2023 25:26

    Get ready for a wild and exhilarating episode as Natalie and Darren dive into the sensational world of Choir of Man. They'll discuss the Olivier-nominated, worldwide smash hit that continues to captivate audiences at the Arts Theatre in the heart of London's West End. Billed as the best night in your local you've ever had, it's a party, a concert, and a lock-in like no other. Get ready to be blown away by breath-taking reinventions of chart-topping hits from artists including Guns'N'Roses, Fun!, Adele, Avicii, Paul Simon, Sia, and many more. The Choir of Man truly has something for everyone! This episode also includes an exclusive interview with cast members Conor Hanley, who plays the Poet, and Mark Irwin, who plays the Barman. Tune in for a high-energy episode filled with incredible music, lively conversations, and a behind-the-scenes look at this phenomenal production. Get ready to join the ultimate party and experience the magic of Choir of Man like never before!

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep9

    Play Episode Listen Later May 8, 2023 28:58

    Get ready for an episode packed with theatrical excitement as Natalie and Darren discuss an array of captivating productions! They'll delve into the National Theatre's touring sensation, Hello, I'm Darling, which Darren experienced first-hand when it hit Richmond Theatre. Prepare for a bold and vibrant exploration of identity in DNA, an inspiring production by Tara Arts Theatre's Young Company. They'll also delve into the poetic drama of Family Affair, a thought-provoking play about race, health, and the environment, now transferred from Belgrade to Brixton House Theatre. Get ready to be mesmerised by the stunning production of Blackout Songs, which has made its triumphant transfer to the Hampstead Theatre Main Stage after a sold-out run Downstairs. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey with The Good Person of Szechwan at Lyric Hammersmith, a truly bonkers and captivating experience. And last but certainly not least, they'll discuss the smash-hit transfer of The Lehman Trilogy from the National Theatre via Broadway, directed by the acclaimed Sam Mendes, now playing at the Gillian Lynne Theatre. Tune in for an episode filled with theatrical gems that will leave you inspired and longing for more!

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep8

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2023 35:35

    Natalie and Darren chat about Vardy V Rooney: The Wagatha Christie Trial by Liv Hennessy at Ambassadors Theatre. Including an interview with the cast of Wags and the Wigs; Lucy May Barker, Laura Dos Santos, Jonnie Broadbent and Tom Turner.

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep7

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2023 36:33

    Natalie and Darren discuss theatre we've seen and recommendations of what is coming up. Productions reviewed in this episode include: Oklahoma (Wyndhams) Shirley Valentine (Duke of York's) Ain't Too Proud (Prince Edward) The Way Old Friends Do - Tour (York Theatre Royal) Marjorie Prime (Menier Chocolate Factory) Elton John - Farewell Tour (O2). Including an interview with Ian Hallard.

    Theatre Audience Podcast: S3 Ep6

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 3, 2023 30:33

    Natalie and Darren discuss the plethora of theatre we've seen. Productions reviewed in this episode include: Killing the Cat (Riverside Studios), The Great British Bake Off The Musical (Noel Coward Theatre), Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Lyric Hammersmith), Gone Too Far with a backstage interview with Jerome Scott (Stratford East), Bonnie & Clyde (Garrick Theatre) and Sylvia (Old Vic).

    Theatre Audience Podcast March Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 12, 2023 30:48

    Natalie and Darren discuss a plethora of theatre we've seen at the start of March and recommendations of what to go and see. Productions reviewed in this episode include: Pride and Prejudice (Sort of) at Chichester, Legally Blonde at Arts Educational, Age is a Feeling at Soho Theatre, Standing at the Sky's Edge at Olivier National Theatre. My Son is a Queer at Ambassadors Theatre and Phaedra at Lyttleton National Theatre.

    Theatre Audience Podcast February Part 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2023 29:19

    Natalie and Darren discuss a plethora of theatre we've seen in February and recommendations of what's on in March. Productions reviewed in this episode include: Frozen at Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Tina - The Tina Turner Musical at The Aldwych, Mother Goose at Chichester Festival Theatre, Windfall at Southwark Playhouse, Sylvia at The Old Vic,  I *** You In My Spaceship at Vaults, Buff at Vaults, David Copperfield & Cirque Beserk at Riverside Studios.

    Theatre Audience Podcast February Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2023 29:56

    Natalie and Darren discuss a plethora of theatre we've seen in February and recommendations of what's on in February/ March. Productions reviewed in this episode include: Best of Enemies at Noel Coward Theatre, Back to the Future at Adelphi Theatre, Noises Off at The Pheonix Theatre, To Kill A Mockingbird at Gielgud Theatre, Frantic Assembly's Othello at Lyric Hammersmith, Smoke at Southwark Playhouse.

    Theatre Audience Podcast January Part 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2023 30:53

    Natalie and Darren discuss a plethora of theatre we've seen in January and recommendations of what's on in February. Productions reviewed in this episode include: Bugsy Malone, On the Ropes, Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty, Irrelevant, Jack and the Beanstalk, As You Like It, Allegiance and Witness for the Prosecution. Interview with Oli Higginson about his role in  Smoke at Southwark Playhouse and chat about thr Netflix series Bridgerton. 

    Theatre Audience Podcast January Part1

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 2, 2023 26:33

    Natalie and Darren discuss a plethora of theatre we've seen in December and recommendations of what's on in January. Productions reviewed in this episode include: Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby, Bugsy Malone, The Further Adventures of Peter Pan - The Return of Captain Hook, A Streetcar Named Desire, Watch on The Rhine, Orlando, Dolly Parton's Smoky Mountain Christmas Carol.

    Theatre Audience Podcast November/ December Round Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 4, 2022 26:29

    Natalie and Darren discuss a plethora of theatre we've seen in November and recommendations of what's on in December. Productions reviewed in this episode include: Back To The Future, Good, 42 Balloons, A Sherlock Christmas, Life of Pi, Elf Musical, Here to Etetnity, He's Behind You and It's A Wonderful Life. 

    Theatre Audience Podcast October/ November Round Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2022 32:14

    Natalie and Darren discuss a plethora of theatre we've seen in October and recommendations of whst's on in November. Productions reviewed in this episode include: Pretty Woman, My Neighbour Totoro, Tammy Faye, Blues for an Alabama Sky, Moulin Rouge, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, The Choir of Man, Eureka Day, An Improbable Musical, Enid Blyton's The Famous Five

    Theatre Audience Podcast September/ October Round Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2022 28:32

    Natalie and Darren discuss a plethora of theatre we've seen in September and recommendations of whst's on in October. Productions reviewed include: Horse-Play, The Tempest, Pretty Woman, Book of Mormon, The Crucible, The Committments, A Different Stage - Gary Barlow, Diva Live From Hell, Jack Absolute Flies Again, Life of Pi, Walking with Ghosts - Gabriel Byrne, Cages, The Drought, Eureka Day, Upstart Crow and  Comedy Store Players at new Soho Place Theatre.

    Theatre Audience Podcast August / September Round- Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2022 23:27

    Season 2 Episode 9 Natalie & Darren discuss theatre we've seen in August and recommendations of what's on during September. Productions include A Doll's House Part 2, The Seagull, Sister Act, The Glass Menagerie, The Drifter's Girl, Much Ado About Nothing, Cruise, The Narcissist, Crazy For You and Abba Voyage.

    Theatre Audience Podcast July/ August Round Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 6, 2022 8:58

    Season 2 Episode 8 Natalie & Darren discuss theatre we've seen in July and recommendations of what's on during August. Productions include Cabaret and Punchdrunk's The Burnt City. 

    Theatre Audience Podcast June/ July Round Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2022 27:23

    Natalie and Darren discuss theatre we've seen in June and recommendations of what's on in July.  Productions reviewed include: Murder on the Orient Express, The UnfriendRainer,  Come From Away,  Foxes, The Haunting of Susan A, Pam Ann, Great Gatsby Immersive, This is not who I am, The Middle, The Southbury Child and we go off on a tangent about ABBA Voyage and the new Baz Luhrman film ELVIS.

    Theatre Audience Podcast, Broadway Bonus Episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 19:01

    Season 2, Bonus Episode: Natalie & Darren discuss recent Broadway and Off -Broadway theatre with recommendations of what's on. Productions reviewed include: Take Me Out, Islander, Paradise Square, The Minutes, The Skin of Our Teeth, Potus,  American Buffalo, Time and Place, A Strange Loop and Americano!

    Theatre Audience Podcast May/ June Round Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 27:21

    Season 2 Episode 5: Natalie & Darren discuss theatre we've seen in May and recommendations of what's on during June. Productions reviewed include: Cock, 2:22 Ghost Story, My Fair Lady, Cinderella, Jerusalem and La Boheme. 

    Theatre Audience Podcast April/ May Round Up

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 21:34

    Season 2 Episode 4: Natalie and Darren  discuss theatre we've seen in April and recommendations of what's on during May. Productions reviewed include; The 47th, Diary of A Somebody, Rabbit Hole, Julian Clary Born to Mince, Maria Friedman & Friends, The Olivier Awards and La Boheme. 

    Theatre Audience Podcast March/ April Round Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 17, 2022 22:36

    Season 2 Episode 3: Welcome back from Natalie and Darren. We discuss theatre we've seen in March and recommendations of what's on during April. Productions reviewed include; Wuthering Heights, The Human Voice, The Woods, Mohand and Peter, To Kill A Mockingbird,  Mary Poppins and Darren's show Diary Of A Somebody.

    Theatre Audience Podcast February/ March Round Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2022 23:51

    Season 2 Episode 2: Welcome back from Natalie and Darren. We discuss theatre we've seen in February and recommendations of what's on during March. Productions reviewed include; Small Island, A Number, The Glow, Cluedo, Two Billion Seats, Steve, Broken Wings, The Chairs, Dairy Of A Somebody and What's On Stage Awards.  

    Theatre Audience Podcast January Round Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2022 22:48

    Season 2 Episode 1: Happy New Year. Welcome back from Natalie with Darren. We discuss theatre we've seen this month and recommendations of what's coming up.

    Theatre Audience Podcast Episode 33

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2020 24:31

    Episode 33: Theatre returns slowly, despite Tier 2 Lockdown; The Last 5 Years at Southwark Playhouse where Molly Lynch who plays Cathy talks of the joys of performing. At The White Bear Theatre, Ivanhoe Narona and Ross Sutherland chat to Natalie after their show Assassine Too.

    Theatre Audience Podcast Episode 32

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2020 20:49

    Theatre is slowly returning, including Lockdown Town, One Night Records. Mamma Mia’s Kirsty Hoiles chats about the epic musical theatre extravaganza on BGT final. Theatre Producer Darren Lee Murphy discusses Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads live at The Bridge Theatre. Ivanhoe Norona talks about his new show Assassine Too at The White Bear Theatre.

    Theatre Audience Podcast Episode 31

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2020 28:52

    Sleepless A Musical Romance at the Troubadour Wembley Park marks a historic moment for the return of indoor London Theatre after the lockdown. Interviews with actor Cory English who plays Rob and Tom Fitch from the technical team on the show.

    Theatre Audience Podcast Episode 30

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2020 18:14

    First Birthday Episode celebrating the return of London Theatre after the lockdown. Jesus Christ Superstar at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre with a commentary from my good friend and actress Kirsty Hoiles who was playing Tanya in Mamma Mia when theatres closed in March at The Novello Theatre, West End.

    Theatre Audience Podcast Episode 29

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2020 44:34

    “Theatre in Quarantine”. This episode spotlight on Royal Shakespeare Company’s Much Ado About Nothing and interview with actor Edward Bennett who played Benedick.

    Theatre Audience Podcast Episode 28

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2020 28:39

    “Theatre in Quarantine Series”. In the absence of the Colfe’s Summer Production our cast perform an abridged version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This week spotlight on AMND at The Bridge Theatre and Shakespeare’s Globe.

    Theatre Audience Podcast Episode 27

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2020 34:39

    Interview with actor Gareth Snook from Wise Children, Romantics Anonymous, Phantom of The Opera, Aspects of Love, Cats, Sunset Boulevard.

    Theatre Audience Podcast Episode 26

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2020 56:32

    Interview with Karen Fishwick from the RSC production Romeo & Juliet, being live-streamed by BBC. We discuss playing Juliet, the lockdown and being nominated for Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.“Theatre in Quarantine” this week spotlight on Hairspray, This House and A Monster Calls.

    Theatre Audience Podcast Episode 25

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2020 57:35

    Interview with Mark Goldthorp about Mary Poppins, the lockdown and creative ‘Theatre in Quarantine’ opportunities that have arisen. (Avenue Q, Les Miserables, Woman in White, Matilda, Beauty and the Beast, Sunset Boulevard, Into the Woods Whistle Down the Wind).Discussion with producer Darren Murphy on National Theatre Live, A Streetcar Named Desire starring Gillian Anderson & Sea Wall starring Andrew Scott.

    Theatre Audience Podcast Episode 24

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2020 66:24

    EPISODE 24 Theatre in Quarantine Series “Trapped Teaching Tempest” actors from RSC, West End & NT perform monologues, providing commentaries on how an actor prepares using GCSE/ ALevel exam questions. Act 35 Euan Wilson (Stick Man) Frances Knox (Royal Central School of Speech & Drama), Lydia Barton Lovett (Rose Bruford College), Bella Humphries (Royal Central School of Speech & Drama), Julian Blundell- Thompson, Rufus Wright (Translations NT), Jonathan Broadbent (Henry VI Globe & RSC).

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