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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.


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    Neal Valera (StickMobility) Shares Ways to Improve Flexibility and Mobility for Better Golf

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2023 49:19

    Neal Valera is a Strength Coach and Fitness Trainer and the co-founder of StickMobility. StickMonility is a custom-designed training stick which acts as a tool to improve range of motion, muscle activation, coordination, and body awareness for a strong physical foundation and better movement. A former Division I golfer, Neal has an acute sense and knowledge of the physical requirements, and pitfalls, that golf presents.  He joins #OntheMark to highlight those elements and help you to develop a better, stronger, more flexible body - a body that can withstand the muscular challenges the golf-swing presents; a body that is better primed for more consistent and powerful golf-swings. He talks about various human muscle groups and how you can use StickMobility to target those to strengthen and improve them, loosen them up, and make them less injury-prone.  Amongst others he targets the Shoulders, Upper Back, Mid-back, Lats, Lower Back, Hips (Hip Flexors) and Hamstrings. Neal also shows how StickMobility can improve balance and swing speed in his explanation and demonstration, which can be viewed on Mark Immelman's YouTube channel. Improve yourself, 

    Carter Miles Explains the Value of Yoga for Well-Being and Better Performance

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2023 58:10

    Carter Miles is a modern day Yogi and a professional Yoga Therapist. Based in Austin, TX. he helps people and athletes to "Move Better, Breathe Better and Feel Better" and he joins #OntheMark to do the same with you. Carter explains the mechanics of yoga - moving bodyweight against elastic resistance - and why it is beneficial to golfers for better flexibility and mobility in strength. He also dives into Breathing (Good Breathing Patterns, Nose vs Mouth Breathing, and Diaphragmatic Breathing) and Restorative Yoga practices to reduce tension and calm the Central Nervous System. He explains how the body is designed to heal itself and how it either exists in a Stressed State or a Healing State and how, through good life habits and yoga, you can live in the latter more often. Carter also illustrates two basic yoga shapes that will target rotation and improve your golf swing. He explains how to do a Twisting Pose in two ways - the Supine Twist and the Closed Twist.  This podcast is available on YouTube.

    Dan Go - Transform Your Body to Transform Your Life (and Golf)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2023 45:29

    Dan Go is a High Performance Coach to Businesspeople, Entrepreneurs and Athletes. He also hosts the "High Performance Founder" podcast and has set a personal goal of helping 1 million people transform their lives before 2027. Dan joins #OntheMark to share his personal journey to health and fitness whilst motivating, and guiding, you to a better, fuller, healthier life. Dan talks about a number of topics that are responsible for stronger bodies, clearer minds,better performances and longer lives. Those include: Breathing for Physical Performance and Stress Reduction, Weight-Lifting for Strength and Longevity, Nutrition for Energy and Fat-Burning, and Hydration for Performance and Hunger Control. He also shares two easy protocols. One for Overall Well-being and Lifestyle Improvement (Rule of 3) and one for Better Sleep and Recovery (3,2,1 Rule). The Rule of 3 covers Nutrition, Hydration and Gym Workouts and is a simple way to change behavior. The 3,2,1 Rule addresses Appropriate Eating before Sleep, Hydration Times before Sleep, and Device Usage before Sleep. Improve your lifestyle, change your life; create better habits and set yourself on a path to better golf. Download this podcast and watch it on YouTube.

    Dr. Hunter Champion on the Mind-Body Connection and Healthy Lifestyle Habits

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2023 50:31

    Dr. Hunter Champion has a PhD in Cardiovascular Pharmacology. He completed his residency and training in Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology at Johns Hopkins and was invited to join the faculty of the Cardiology division as an Assistant Professor in Medicine. Dr. Champion has also directed the Bernard Laboratory for the Study of Cardiovascular Disease. Before moving to practice in Columbus, GA. He spent a tenure at the University of Pittsburgh as a faculty member of the Divisions of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine and the Cardiovascular Institute as an Associate Professor of Medicine  - directing Translational Research for the Pitt Vascular Medicine Institute. Hunter joins #OntheMark to share research he has done on the Mind-Body Connection and its influence on CardioVascular Health and overall well-being. He describes, and gives examples of the Mind and Body interactions while sharing real-life examples, vascular implications and relevant exercises for overall health and well-being. Topics covered include: Exercise and moderation/control of Vascular Disease, Exercise and Healthy Aging, Exercise and Mood Benefits, Healthy lifestyle habits incl. Food varieties and Intake, Hydration, Alcohol moderation, Training - Resistance vs. Cardio and Interval vs. Muscle Confusion. Start your year of improvement on the golf course by improving your overall health - download this podcast and share it with your friends. Podcast also available on YouTube.

    Dr. Izzy Justice on How to "Get Your Mind to Green" for Better Golf

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2023 62:57

    Dr. Izzy Justice is a Sports Neuroscientist and the author of 8 books  on Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Justice has been in the Neuroscience field for over 30 years and was the first person to integrate EQ into sports and athletic performance. He joins #OntheMark to help you understand your emotional and mental state - in life, and by extension, in golf.  His overall premise is that whilst playing golf your emotional and mental states are the two most constantly-changing variables. Hence if you are equipped to make the correct mental and emotional adjustments you will be able to perform at your best more consistently. Dr. Justice explains: How the brain functions and the variable activity and intensity of brain-waves. How you can reduce brain-wave activity for less "noise" and increased focus. How you can overcome distractions and become mentally stronger. How you can apply "NeuroHacks" to deal with nerves, pressure, stress, adversity and lack of focus. He also shares his Brain Activity Assessment Tool where activity is measured as Green, Yellow or Red, and how you can get to Green more easily for improved well-being and better golf. This podcast is also available on YouTube.  

    Travis Miller (@PGAMemes) joins to talk Golf and Lessons He's Learned

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 27, 2022 57:27

    Travis Miller started his career in the Smart Home industry and quickly became a leading executive at one of the nation's largest companies. In 2011, he was named a top 20 Executive to Watch  Under the Age of 40. ​ He left the industry to pursue a passion point in Social Media Marketing and founded and developed PGA Memes (@pgamemes on Instagram.) Parlaying his business acumen and marketing savvy he has taken PGA Memes from a side hobby to one of the fastest growing and most talked about social media platforms in golf. Travis joins #OntheMark to tell his story and share lessons he has learned in golf.  He also elaborates on a few points that have helped him improve his game. Lessons incl.: Goal-setting, Allowing Passion to win over Fear, Committing to Decisions and Golf shots, Forgetting Failures and Bad shots, Course Management, Strategy, "Protecting 5," and  Putting One's Ego Aside for success. Travis also talks about his love for Memes, meme-creation and developing popular content. He also shares anecdotes of some of the PGA TOUR player responses to his memes. Check out the podcast on YouTube to see some of the memes Travis has created.

    Chris Gotterup and Jason Birnbaum on Taking Your Game to the Next Level

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2022 50:48

    Chris Gotterup is a Haskins Award winner for the Most Outstanding College Golfer, a NCAA National Champion and one of the up-and-coming stars on The PGA TOUR and the Korn Ferry Tour. Jason Birnbaum is the Director of Instruction at Manhattan Woods Golf Academy in New York, A Golf Digest "Best in State Instructor" and a sought-after PGA Tour Teacher. They both join #OntheMark to discuss Chris's meteoric rise through NCAA College Golf to the Professional ranks. Game improvement topics include: Purpose-driven Practice and Target Practice, Surrounding yourself with Good Influences, Being Yourself and Playing Your Game, Playing Smart Golf and Making Appropriate Course Management Decisions' and Good Routines. Learn from the PGA TOUR. Download this podcast which is also available on YouTube.

    Charting Yardage and Distance Control (PGA TOUR Style) with Mark Immelman - 2022 Advent Golf Gifts

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2022 18:46

    Happy Advent Season. For the first 24 days of December 2022 our podcast host, Mark Immelman, will be doing 'Short-form' podcasts with Tips from The PGA TOUR, Video Golf Tips posted on his Social Media Channels, and the usual “Long-form' #OntheMark Podcast Interviews with Featured Guests. In this episode Mark highlights how to properly figure and chart yardages like the PGA TOUR professionals, which can lead to better Distance Control and more Greens hit in Regulation. Charting, and Measuring Distance and Yardage is an element sacrosanct to all PGA TOUR Players. Indeed they rarely ever miss on real-time yardage calculation.  Mark illustrates how they do this as he references "Real" Club Yardages, Yardage Calculation and Recording, and Wind Assessment. Every single professional All of these PGA TOUR insights and lessons are things that all of the game's leading players consistently do. They are elements that Mark has witnessed during his years as an on-course announcer and they are all but guaranteed to lower your scores. This podcast includes a Discount Code for FlightScope Launch Monitors. OntheMark (15% off the Mevo) OntheMark+ (10% off the Mevo+)

    Will Haskett on The Math, Technology and Data of Golf

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2022 55:56

    Will Haskett is an announcer for PGA TOUR Radio as well as a Play-by-Play Host for various broadcasts of Sports Leagues in multiple other sporting codes He is also a published author and recently penned "The Science of Golf." Haskett joins #OntheMark to discuss the book and share insights on Data and Technology to help your game. He also examines the science behind our beloved sport of golf, and talks about nearly every element of the game including, the Golf Swing, the Body, the Mind, Golf Equipment, Golf Course Agronomy, and Advanced Data Analytics. Haskett explains what makes the ball fly, how different swings can accomplish the same result, how and why differing situations - lies and wind -  impact each shot, and how a rapid improvement in technology has made the sport faster, more powerful, easier, and more accessible. If you are into data and technology this podcast will be well worth your download. (It is also available on YouTube.)

    Develop a Constructive and a Bullet-proof Routine with Mark Immelman - 2022 Advent Golf Gifts

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2022 15:46

    Happy Advent Season. For the first 24 days of December 2022 our podcast host, Mark Immelman, will be doing 'Short-form' podcasts with Tips from The PGA TOUR, Video Golf Tips posted on his Social Media Channels, and the usual “Long-form' #OntheMark Podcast Interviews with Featured Guests. In this episode Mark elaborates on how productive routines are the cornerstones of all PGA TOUR players' successes. Pre-and-Post Shot Routines, Pre-and-Post Round Routines, Pre-and-Post Tournament Routines, all are valuable and productive and promote consistent performance.  Mark shares a few PGA TOUR player anecdotes and advises on the pitfalls of "empty" routines.  As a remedy he shares tips on what good routines include: Intent, Focus and Commitment. All of these PGA TOUR insights and lessons are things that all of the game's leading players consistently do. They are elements that Mark has witnessed during his years as an on-course announcer and they are all but guaranteed to lower your scores.

    Shane Bacon with Easy Ways to Lower Your Scores and his Book "The Golfer's Zoo"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2022 43:30

    Shane Bacon is a former professional golfer, a TV personality and a writer. Shane is one of the rising stars in golf and he joins #OntheMark to discuss his new book, The Golfer's Zoo. He also shares anecdotes, experiences and lessons from his life in golf - stories from his stint as a caddy at The Old Course at St. Andrews to his days as a fledgling professional on the Mini Tours. Shane also shares advice on how to shoot lower scores with his takes and insights on: Equipment - Filling the "Gaps" in your Set of Clubs, Practice - Keeping Yourself Interested and Engaged, Creativity - Shot-making and Playing Golf, Distance Control on the Greens - Favoring Speed over Line, Trajectory Control - Having a Go-To Pattern, and Comfort on Course - Being comfortable in Uncomfortable Environments. This podcast is also available as a vodcast on YouTube.

    Reading Lies, Figuring Carry Yardages and Picking the Correct Club with Mark Immelman - 2022 Advent Golf Gifts

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2022 14:54

    Happy Advent Season. For the first 24 days of December 2022 our podcast host, Mark Immelman, will be doing 'Short-form' podcasts with 'Tips from The PGA TOUR,' Video Golf Tips posted on his Social Media Channels, and the usual “Long-form' #OntheMark Podcast Interviews with Featured Guests. In this episode Mark teaches you how to "read lies" in the fairway, but especially in the rough, so that you can select the correct club and get the ball to travel the appropriate distance. After all, hitting Greens in Regulation is a function of direction and distance and so knowing how far the ball is likely to fly, and perhaps roll, is paramount to hitting more targets. Mark describes the nature of the "Flier", how it happens, how it is likely to perform, the types of lies in the rough, and sometimes the fairway, that lend themselves to Fliers, and what you can do to extricate yourself from the situation with minimal damage. All of these PGA TOUR insights and lessons are things that all of the game's leading players consistently do. They are elements that Mark has witnessed during his years as an on-course announcer and they are all but guaranteed to lower your scores.

    Dr. Gregg Steinberg on How to Develop your Mental Golf Game over the Off-Season

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2022 47:06

    Dr. Gregg Steinberg is a Sports Performance Psychologist of high renown. A best-selling author and recognized as a leading Performance Psychologist, he specializes in Emotional and Mental Mastery, and he joins #OntheMarkto help you to sharpen your mental golf skills in your off-season. Gregg discusses the following mental skills for high performance: Cybervision for Golf Swing Development, Imagery and Visualisation - how to do it, and how to practice it, Meditation and Self-talk - their impact on physical development and healing, Awareness of Self - its importance and how a truthful assessment leads to quicker improvement, Journaling for Perspective, and Pre- and- Post round, and Golf Shot, Routines - their value and how they can act as a pressure-release mechanism and an emotional equalizer. Over and above a detailed explanation of each concept and its value, Dr. Steinberg illustrates how you can practice each during the winter and during in-season play. This podcast is also available as a vodcast at youtube.com/markimmelman

    The Value of a Go-To Shot and a Predictable Ball-flight by Mark Immelman - 2022 Advent Golf Gifts

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2022 16:51

    Happy Advent Season. For the first 24 days of December 2022 our podcast host, Mark Immelman, will be doing 'Short-form' podcasts with Tips from The PGA TOUR, Video Golf Tips posted on his Social Media Channels, and the usual “Long-form' #OntheMark Podcast Interviews with Featured Guests. In this episode Mark discusses how a reliable "Go-To Shot" is a must-have for every golfer, from the PGA TOUR to the Club level. He illustrates how PGA TOUR stars, like Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas, have a go-to shot for when things aren't going as well as planned. Mark also shares a lesson from Hall-of-Famer, Nick Price, on the value of navigating a bad day with a respectable score.  Our podcast host also illustrates how a one-dimensional ball-flight is easier to achieve and oftentimes better for increased consistency. All of these PGA TOUR insights and lessons are things that all of the game's leading players consistently do. They are elements that Mark has witnessed during his years as an on-course announcer and they are all but guaranteed to lower your scores.

    Chia Chou Explains "Audio Golf" and Shows how Sounds can Reduce Over-thinking and Improve Performance

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2022 53:56

    Dr. Chia Chou is a world-class, award winning, concert-pianist who figured ways to devise "short-cuts" to learning and improvement in music, and thereafter sports.   He has worked with summer and winter sport athletes, tennis players, and golfers and helped everyone to improvement using his "Audio Golf" method. In this podcast Dr. Chou explains how "Audio Golf" (and the Timed Audio Signatures he developed) works, and how it helps golfers to: Free up their Minds to React, Control Body Movement, and Relax and Perform. He illustrates how sound waves work and how the mind, and the body responds to them. He also shows how the mind/body responds to sound faster than it responds to visuals.  He then uses that factor to promote instant and consistent improvement in Distance Control, Rhythm, Tempo and even Technique. Finally he shares a generic Audio Golf sound - "Ya La Bam" - and shows how it can help smooth out your putting stroke, improve contact and lead to better, more consistent distance control. Dr. Chou guarantees to cut between 3-7 strokes off your score if you take a lesson with him. So, start by downloading this podcast and start your journey to more rhythmic, timed and consistent golf.

    How to Avoid Big Numbers for Lower Scores with Mark Immelman - 2022 Advent Golf Gifts

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2022 15:53

    Happy Advent Season. For the first 24 days of December 2022 our podcast host, Mark Immelman, will be doing 'Short-form' podcasts with Tips from The PGA TOUR, Video Golf Tips posted on his Social Media Channels, and the usual “Long-form' #OntheMark Podcast Interviews with Featured Guests. In this episode Mark highlights another simple observation from the PGA Tour. This lesson addresses 'Big Number Avoidance', the mindset that leads to costly mistakes, and how to proceed and make prudent decisions to shave strokes on and around the greens.  This is a lesson that any golfer, of any skill level, can apply to make the lowest possible scores. All of these PGA TOUR insights and lessons are things that all of the game's leading players consistently do. They are elements that Mark has witnessed during his years as an on-course announcer and they are all but guaranteed to lower your scores.

    Bob Grissett on the True Fundamentals of the Golf Swing and Swing Improvement Elements from The PGA TOUR

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 6, 2022 44:18

    Bob Grissett is one of the leading instructors in the game, a Golf Digest "Best in State (Florida)" Teacher, and a man who has assembled a wealth of golf swing videos. Grissett has learned from some of the PGA TOUR's best, like Johnny Revolta and Bob Toski, and he joins #OntheMark to share his insights on some of the game's most recognizable golf swings - Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Lee Trevino, Adam Scott and Tom Kim. He breaks those swings down and analyzes them to illustrate what each player does well, how they match elements up for success, and what you can learn from their golf swings. Bob also shares his "True Fundamentals" of the Golf Swing: The ability to hit the ground in the same place every time, The ability to create enough power and distance, The ability to match the clubface to the swing path to control curvature and keep the ball in play. He explains each of those factors and how you can better apply them for more success on the golf course. This podcast has a video element and you can view the Pro's golf-swings. Go to https://www.youtube.com/@MarkImmelman

    Mark Immelman with an Easy Way to Make More Saves after Missed Greens - 2022 Advent Golf Gifts

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 4, 2022 13:10

    Happy Advent Season. For the first 24 days of December 2022 our podcast host, Mark Immelman, will be doing 'Short-form' podcasts with Tips from The PGA TOUR, Video Golf Tips posted on his Social Media Channels, and the usual “Long-form' #OntheMark Podcast Interviews with Featured Guests. In this episode Mark highlights another simple Course Management lesson any golfer, of any skill level, can apply to hit more Greens in Regulation and make more saves for the lowest possible scores. All of these PGA TOUR lessons are things that all of the game's leading players consistently do. They are elements that Mark has witnessed during his years as an on-course announcer and they are all but guaranteed to lower your scores.

    Dr. David Wright on Golf Swing Balance and Understanding your Natural "Core Region" of Swinging

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2022 43:08

    Dr. David Wright has been described by Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine as the "Balance Expert." Golf Digest of Japan has labeled him the "Foremost Expert on Balance" and "... a leader in balance instruction across all sports and industries." Dr. Wright holds two doctorates and  a Golf Digest Top 100 Instructor with over 25 years of research on biomechanics and balance. He joins "#OntheMark to share his fool-proof system to improving balance and the golf swing. His comprehensive research led to his theory that centers on where a golfer's Center of Mass, Hip Turn and Lead Knee is located, and he separates golfers into into 3 categories — Lower Core, Mid Core, and/or Upper Core swingers. Dr. Wright describes each of these regions, and illustrates PGA TOUR examples such as Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and more.  He shows how you can test for, and identify your Core Region, and how to focus on a few (personal) crucial set-up and address elements to guarantee better balance that is sure to optimize your golf swing for peak performance. This podcast is available on YouTube. Search for Mark Immelman Golf.

    A Simple Course Management Lesson from Mark Immelman - 2023 Advent Golf Gifts

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2022 16:54

    Happy Advent Season. For the first 24 days of December 2023 our podcast host, Mark Immelman, will be doing 'Short-form' podcasts with Tips from The PGA TOUR, Video Golf Tips posted on his Social Media Channels, and the usual 'Long-form' Podcast Interviews with Featured Guests. In this episode Mark highlights the simplest Course Management lesson any golfer, of any skill level, can apply to hit more Greens in Regulation.  It is a lesson he always knew, but it was galvanized into his belief system after many years of covering PGA TOUR golf from inside the ropes. You want to lower your golf scores? Then improve your GIR. It's easier than you think with this Greens in Regulation Hack.

    Chris Finn on the Body's Rotary Centers and how to Develop them for Better Golf Swings

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2022 52:40

    Chris Finn is the Founder and CEO of Par4Success. He is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, TPI Certified Medical Professional, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach and a Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional. He and his team work with golfers of all abilities and ages to swing faster, play better and hurt less. Chris joins #OntheMark to tell his story and help you understand, from a physical point of view, why your golf-swing and your shots are doing what they are. He dives into 4 areas of the body, the Rotary Centers - the Neck, Shoulders, Thoracic Spine, and Knees - and illustrates how deficiencies in those areas can result in malfunctioning golf-swings. He shares research, he and his team have done, on GRF (Ground Reaction Forces) as they relate to Clubhead Speed and advises on which gym exercises promote speed and which exercises do not.  Regarding further speed improvement work, he talks about Overspeed Training, as well as contrasting Triphasic Training vs Traditional Training and he shows best practices for gaining speed and more power off the tee. This podcast is a must-download if you wish to improve physical well-being, golf fitness and strength.  Note, Par4Success have also provided a free physical assessment for you at par4success.com/mark.

    Mike Gish Illustrates how the Total Golf Trainer can Remedy most Golf Swing Flaws

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2022 62:31

    Mike Gish is the co-Inventor of the TGT Total Golf Trainer, a Jim Mclean certified Master Adaptive Golf Instructor, and one of the leading minds in Golf Instruction. He joins #OntheMark to talk golf instruction and to illustrate how the Total Golf Trainer (TGT) can be used to help rectify all manner of golf swing issues. He shows how the TGT uses Visual and Tactile cues to highlight areas in the swing, and explains drills and fixes to aid in the following faults:  Incorrect Wrist Alignments - either Flexion or Extension, Faulty Hip Tilts and Rotation Speeds, Incorrect Swing Planes, Trail Arm Location and Folding errors. Indeed he explains how a little creativity and modification of the TGT can pretty much address any swing flaw. You can also watch how Mike uses the TGT by watching this interview on YouTube - search Mark Immelman.  

    Dan Grieve Illustrates the Mechanics of all Greenside Shots

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2022 49:09

    Dan Grieve is a Fellow of the PGA and Head Professional at Woburn Golf Club.  He is of the leading coaches in the UK and is a Golf Monthly Top-50 Coach. Whether it is working with Club Golfers or Tour Professionals, Dan loves helping players improve and reach their potential. He joins #OntheMark to dive into the Short Game, harvest the "low-hanging fruit" and help you to better short game technique and recovery results. Dan elaborates on the technique required to hit all greenside shots more consistently.  He describes the mechanics of the: Chip (Bump) and Run Shot, the Pitch Shot, The Lob Shot and the Bunker Shot. He compares and contrasts each shot by talking about: Grip, Grip Pressure, Stance Width, Body Alignment and Ball Position, Posture and Weight Distribution and Shift, Body Rotation, Swing Length, Wrist Action and Alignments and Club Selection. He also talks about Golf Shot Assessment, Reading Lies, Shot Selection, "Golf IQ" and Decision-making. Rest assured, time spent listening to, and watching on YouTube, will most certainly help you to a better understanding of what is required to hit quality and consistent recovery shots.

    Riley Andrews on Crucial Matchups for Consistent Ball-Striking

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2022 51:58

    Riley Andrews is the Founder and Owner of "Elite Golf Schools" in Arizona and Colorado. A former Tour Professional, Riley earned one professional victory before turning to golf instruction and player development. He has an extensive background in sports psychology, muscle dynamics, and biomechanics, and he blends this knowledge with his playing experience to help golfers achieve their best and attain their goals. He joins #OntheMark to share his take on golf swing methods and how certain elements must match-up for effective and efficient golf swings. He discusses and contrasts Hip Extension Tilters (Early Extenders) and Hip Flexion Rotaters and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each golf swing approach. Riley illustrates PGA TOUR examples of each style of swing and explains the overall spectrum of how each operates in order to produce quality golf shots. He also talks about transferring the golf swing work to the golf course and shares on-course principles for better scoring. Riley also shares his opinion on how to develop longevity in the game, golf fitness training, the mental approach, goal-setting and playing intentionally vs "free-wheeling." Whether you hip-extend or rotate, Riley will help you find your best inside your range with his insights and drills.

    Cory Muscara on Meditation, Mindfulness and "Letting Go"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2022 57:39

    Cory Muscara is a former monk, host of the "Practicing Human" podcast, and a bestselling author. He has gained popularity for his down-to-earth, engaging and accessible teachings on mindfulness, wellbeing, and mental health. He has taught Mindful leadership at Columbia University, and is an instructor of Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.  Cory joins #OntheMark to share his life experiences and lessons learned as a monk, a human being and golfer. Specifically he delves into the concept of Mindfulness and understanding thought patterns. He also teaches on Meditation, its impact on well-being and how to do it. Further, Cory touches on the following topics and how they pertain to keeping golf in perspective as you get the most out of your skills: Character Development, Developing Resilience, Self Love and Self Talk, Confidence and Letting Go, and Life's Biggest Flex. Download this podcast and learn about self and improve yourself from the inside-out. 

    Lynn Blake Decodes "The Golfing Machine"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2022 63:06

    Lynn Blake began his golf teaching career in 2004 and quickly ascended to the heights of the industry thanks to his knowledge and communication skills. Regarding his knowledge, Lynn undertook a thirty-year study of "The Golfing Machine" by Homer Kelley. This included training personally under Kelley. Ostensibly, Lynn Blake is arguably the foremost living expert on "The Golfing Machine" and he joins #OntheMark to expound on its truths and insights. Among many concepts he delves into: The Essence of the Golf Swing. The Three Functions of the Swing. The Connection between the Arms and the Body. Maintaining Lag and Creating Power in the Swing. Wrist Conditions for Consistency. Clubshaft Stressing and Pressure Points to Promote that condition. Finally, Lynn shares his "Secret to Golf." You want to hear the secret right? Of course you do so go ahead and download and also watch it on YouTube by subscribing to Mark Immelman.  

    Bill Harmon on His Career in Golf and How You can Play Better Golf

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2022 61:17

    Bill Harmon is the youngest of 1946 Masters Champion Claude Harmon's four sons. He has played Professional golf, coached Professional golfers and caddied on the PGA TOUR. Vastly experienced from having spent time around the greats of the game, he joins #OntheMark to share stories from his life in golf, and lessons to do with playing the game better. In his inimitable fashion, Billy talks about the "Symmetry Police", Shooting Low, Dealing with Fear, Golf Swing Timing, Landing the Golf Club correctly, and Practice Range time vs Golf Course time. He also shares golf truths and anecdotes from players like Lee Trevino, Jay Haas and Ben Hogan. Lessons like: Managing Yourself and the Hole You are Playing, How to Play Point A to Point B Golf, Being One Swing Thought Away from Success, Saving Strokes, and Planning and Vision for Success. This was one of Mark Immelman's favorite interviews in the history of the #OntheMark podcast and you are sure to enjoy it too. Go ahead and download now! 

    Gary Cressend Shares Golf Swing Lessons from his Stable of PGA TOUR Clients

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2022 44:56

    Gary Cressend is a sought after instructor on The PGA TOUR. Based at The Augusta (GA) Country Club, Gary is a Skillest Instructor and works with golfers of all skill levels from Beginners through the Pro's. He joins #OntheMark to discuss his journey from being a College Baseball player to one of the leading teachers in the game. He also shares lessons you can learn from his current stable of PGA TOUR clients. He talks about Matt NeSmith, Henrik Norlander, Greyson Sigg and Richie Werenski and highlights the following golf swing lessons: Eliminating a "Two-Way Miss" for Control and the value of a Stable Leg Action. How the Legs work to support a sound Pivot and Power. Being Yourself and Understanding and Remaining True to Your Skill-set and Abilities. Lateral vs Rotational Movement in the Golf Swing and the Relationship between the Swinging of the Arms and the Movement of the Body. Gary also shares drills to help each of those elements, and as a scoring add-on, talks about Putting and Starting the Ball On-line more consistently. Improve your entire game with the insights Gary shares in this podcast.

    Paul Gorman Shares Mac O'Grady Insights and Golf Drills to Improve Your Golf Swing

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2022 64:59

    Paul Gorman is a PGA (Professional Golfers Association) professional and one of the leading golf instructors in California. In his search for golf swing understanding and knowledge he has consulted with a number of leading minds incl. Hank Haney, Jim Hardy and Mac O'Grady. He joins #OntheMark to share some of his insights and teaching drills for a better golf-swing and improved ball-striking. He also shares tips, takes, and beliefs learned from extensive time spent with Mac O'Grady. Paul talks delves into these as he talks about O'Grady's philosophies on Golf Swing Arc, Clubface Control, Body (legs and torso) Action, and Grip Pressure points for a more consistent and efficient golf swing. Paul also shares four simple drills guaranteed to improve your ball-striking: The Head-Hold Drill, the Trail Arm Extension Drill, Foot-Flare and Alignment checks, and a Swing Plane Drill (with the imagery of swinging up and down the shingles of an A-Frame House.) If you're into golf swing technique and the D-Plane this podcast is worth a download.

    Tjaart van der Walt on "Upgame" and Data Collection, Intelligence and Analysis

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2022 41:03

    Tjaart van der Walt is a former PGA TOUR player, and winner on The Sunshine Tour (South Africa).  Among various responsibilities in the world of golf, Tjaart represents Upgame, a Data Intelligence and Practice Tracking Platform for golfers. He joins #OntheMark to highlight all of the features that Upgame boasts, while explaining how they can be used to Streamline and Focus Practice, Facilitate Strategy Development and Improve Shot-selection and Course Management. He also uses data collected by Upgame to illustrate the Value of Putting to win tournaments, and the most Important Length of Putt to Practice. Tjaart further explains how Upgame can help golfers get the most out of the Driver and puts the Driving Distance vs Accuracy relationship into context. Tjaart also shares a few lessons from his career as a player and caddie on the PGA TOUR. He addresses Confidence, Approach play from 150 yard and closer, and Playing Your Own Game. If you're interested in Data driven Decision-making this podcast is for you.

    Noah Wolf on The "TOUR Aim" Golf Training Aid and How it Helps You Improve

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2022 33:54

    Noah Wolf is the Founder and CEO of TOUR Aim Golf. An engineer by trade, Noah's golf was inconsistent due to limited practice time and poor range habits. He tried swing aids and alignment sticks but found them cumbersome and difficult to use. After fruitlessly hitting hundreds of balls, not paying attention to alignment and aim, he developed some bad swing habits. These translated into high scores and lots of lost balls. So, with the sole focus of making practicing golf more effective and efficient, Noah invented and created Tour Aim. He joins #OntheMark to tell the story about the TOUR Aim Alignment and Golf Swing Aid and how it came to prominence on The PGA TOUR.  He, with the help on Mark Immelman, illustrates its many functions that help improve fundamentals like Alignment, Aim, Target Sighting and Acquisition, Swing and Stroke Path, and Swing Plane and Direction. He also talks about how the TOUR Aim took root in the Pro Game and how a number of Golf Teachers, including Sean Foley, and players, e.g., Justin Rose, tested TOUR Aim and began using it instantly. Improve your game by making your practice intentional and productive with The TOUR Aim. Further more, compliments of Noah, use Promo Code "OntheMark25" to get 25% off your purchase of a TOUR Aim. This podcast is also available as a vodcast on YouTube and at markimmelman.com/podcasts

    Gabe Hjertstedt Helps You Gain Strokes Around the Greens

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2022 52:06

    Gabriel Hjertstedt is a 2x Winner on The PGA TOUR and the first Swedish born Golf Professional to win on The PGA TOUR. He played at the highest level around the world for 19 years, but now spends his time teaching and coaching golf. An expert around the greens during his playing career, he has parlayed that talent an experience into success as a Short-Game Instructor to golfers of all skill levels. He joins #OntheMark to share his insights to help you gain Strokes Around the Greens. Gabe explains: Keys to Good Technique, specifically Swing Path, Angle of Attack and Clubface Alignment Misunderstandings and Mistakes Made, including Acceleration through the Shot, "Flipping", Using the "Bounce" of a Wedge. He then explains to you how to hit 3 shots required for scoring - the Chip shot, the Pitch shot and the Lob shot. He also describes what is required to hit consistent shots out of greenside bunkers. He explains everything required from Ball Position, to Body Location and Rotation, to Length of Swing and Speeds, to Face Rotation and Spin. Start saving shots now. Download this pod with Gabe.  

    David Orr Take You on a Deep Dive into Putting Improvement and Stroke-Saving

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2022 66:56

    David Orr is one of the most sought after golf and specifically putting instructors on The PGA TOUR and in the game of golf. He  #1 has been ranked as the #1 Teacher in North Carolina and #33 Teacher in America by Golf Digest. He is also one of GOLF's Top 100 Teachers in America and has helped countless pros rise up the ranks, including Justin Rose, who ascended all the way to World #1. David joins the tribe to take you on a deep dive into putting gains and improvement. He talks about "Just Doing Your Job" as it pertains to: Reading Greens Correctly, Setting Your Target, Performing a Sound Pre-Putt Routine, Visualizing the Putt, Having a Post-Putt Routine, and Understanding You are Not Going to Make Every Putt. WIthin those parameters he addresses: Basic Skills of Green Reading, Speed Control, Start Line and Aiming, Process-oriented vs Results-oriented Players. Throughout his lesson he references PGA TOUR winners like Tiger Woods, Brad Faxon and Justin Rose. He also shares drills, insights and tips to use in your quest to hit more quality putts. Download this one and empower yourself to do the correct thing on the putting green, every time.

    Ashleigh Buhai on Overcoming Challenges and Winning the 2022 AIG Women's British Open

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2022 40:53

    Ashleigh Buhai (Simon) is a South African LPGA professional. A childhood prodigy, she won numerous events at every level including being the first player in history to win the Ladies South African Open three times. Her crowning achievement is winning the 2022 AIG Women's British Open at Muirfield in Gullane. She joins "OntheMark" to reminisce about the week in Scotland and talk about her mindset, shots hit (incl. the bunker shot on the 18th), decisions made, the playoff and the ups and downs and emotions of the final round. Ashleigh also delves into dealing with expectations, both personal and perceived, challenges , lessons learned along the way and the best attitude and mindset to overcome setbacks and disappointments.  Get advice from inside the ropes on the LPGA from a Major Champion that will help your attitude, mindset and outlook. Download this now.

    Mike Fay with Keys to Make Your Practice More Productive

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2022 44:03

    Mike Fay With has over 25 years of golf teaching experience. Voted the Michigan PGA Teacher of the Year, Mike has quickly become one of the top golf coaches in the country. He also hosts his own podcast, The Mike Fay Golf Podcast, which connects students of the game to great coaches. Mike joins "On the Mark" to share his take on golf instruction and game improvement. He talks about Mike Fay Golf University where you can get online instruction and golf content to improve your game. Mike then dives into a few ways that will ensure that you make your practice more productive and you turn your time invested into lower scores. He talks about: Budgeting time to get the most out of your practice sessions. Putting Drills to improve long-range lag putting and short makeable putts. Short Game work focussing on Target Practice, varying shot trajectories and spin control.  Randomizing Driving Range time and Target Selection. Developing consistent Ball-striking skills Indoor Drills incl. Slow-motion work, Mirror work, Stretching and Mobility, and Mindfulness and Visualization and Course Strategy. Make the most of your practice time. Download and learn keys to turn your work into lower scores!

    Trevor Immelman Revisits The 2022 President's Cup and Shares Stories and Lessons from his Journey

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2022 67:06

    Trevor Immelman is an 11x winner around the world, a 2x PGA TOUR winner and the 2008 Masters Champion.  He also captained the 2022 International President's Cup Team and joins "On the Mark" to recount his tenure as captain, revisit the Cup matches, share anecdotes and stories from his team, and level lessons on leadership, management and performance under pressure. Trevor talks about: Overcoming Obstacles and Let-downs, Goal-setting and the Communication of Goals and Vision, Staying the Course and Remaining Focussed despite Challenges and Critique, The Value of the "Squad Mentality", and  He shares advice on Motivation, Belief, "Planting Seeds" and Decision-making under Pressure. As an entertaining aside, Trevor shares a few funny and poignant anecdotes from inside the Team Room and in competition. He relives his memories of the event and interactions with Si Woo Kim, Tom Kim, Adam Scott. He talks about The Wright Brothers, Ernie Els and Tiger Woods, and he talks about the International Team Mantra - "Play Free". If you want to learn and laugh, this podcast is for you.

    Doug Wood on Turning Swing Thoughts into Feels that Work Under Pressure

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2022 44:28

    Doug Wood is a golf instructor and the co-founder of "Wanna Be a Champion" based at the Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate in South Africa. He played on the Sunshine Tour in South Africa for 10 years before turning to golf instruction and coaching. Driven by a passion to teach when people could not provide the answers he sought, he has researched every golf instruction method and believes that every golfer has his/her own unique movement pattern. Doug joins "On the Mark" to share his insights and to help you turn your thoughts and ideas into "feels" that last and stand the test of pressure. Within those parameters, Doug addresses the following topics: Personal belief systems and their influence on technique, Emulating golf swings and models, Dealing with golf swing idiosyncrasies, Looking at golf swings from the "inside-out", Developing a business plan for game and golf swing improvements, Mental and physical consistency in the approach to the golf swing, and Imagery for success. In the end it boils down to two questions: "What am I supposed to do, and am I getting better?" Doug Wood helps you to answer those in the affirmative.  

    Ward Jarvis on Becoming Mentally Strong and Resilient and Beating Adversity

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2022 52:12

    Ward Jarvis is a Mental Performance Coach on the PGA TOUR. He burst onto the scene in 2018 when he began working with Brendan Todd - at the time Todd was ranked 2045 in the Official World Golf Rankings. Under Jarvis's tutelage and coaching Brendon Todd won twice and ascended as high as 39th in the world.  Ward Jarvis's battles with stuttering drove him from being a firefighter to studying Neuroscience.  His studies and research helped him develop the know-how and tools to overcome his stutter. He applied those principles to life and his lifelong passion, golf, and took to advising golfers at the highest level.  In this podcast Ward predominantly addresses dealing with the Yips, and the "Big Miss" off the Tee. He also looks into the Future of Practice and how it can become more holistic and effective.  In so doing he talks about the human responses of Fight, Flight or Freeze as a reaction to challenges. He also addresses the "Periodic Loss of Automatic Ability" and how it pertains to golf, and discusses dealing with the " Mental State of Discomfort due to Uncertainty". Jarvis then shares skills and drills to deal with adverse and testing situations. He shares "Memory Real-time Inputs". He identifies Challenges and How to Work Around Them. He explains "Discomfort Levels" and How to Identify and Process them. And he looks into how to "Lock into Automatics" for Success and Developing Confidence on and off the Course. Discover what your best performing self looks and sounds like, along with strategies that will improve your practice and performance from tee to green. Download and share this podcast now.

    Scott Stallings on Getting the Most out of Your Game and Holistic Changes to Live Your Best Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2022 59:55

    Scott Stallings is a 3x winner on The PGA TOUR. Born in Massachusetts but a lifelong resident of Tennessee he talks about his life in golf from his All-American career at Tennessee Tech, to time spent on the Mini Tours, to making it through PGA TOUR School, to winning on TOUR. He shares anecdotes and lessons learned from every level of the game.  Stallings then addresses his change in lifestyle and fitness which led to a loss of more than 60 lbs. He speaks about diet and hydration, fitness, strength, mobility and flexibility, and worthy routines and their influence on his well-being, his golf swing and power.  He shares his personal motivational mantra of "Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should" and levels advice to better life choices, routines and discipline with a view to a healthier lifestyle. Scott also shares lessons on how to get the most out of your game, including Course Management lessons on Assumed Risk, Shot Selection, Attitude and Effort, the Danger of Second Guessing Decisions, Playing the Ball Down, Embracing Adversity and Being Comfortable with Discomfort. Scott also talks about playing with World #1's and shares stories about Rory McIlroy and Adam Scott. Improve your life and your golf with Scott Stalliings.

    Cameron Strachan on How to Become Automatic on the Greens

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2022 43:52

    Cameron Strachan is one of the leading golf instructors in Australia and certainly one of the foremost putting instructors.  Sought out by golfers of all levels, especially Professionals, Cameron is the founder of the "Look and Shoot" Putting System and has published 12 golf instruction books. Cameron joins "On the Mark" to explain his approach to more instinctive putting. He breaks success on the greens down into Green Reading, "Einsteining" or Pre-Putt Routines, Aiming, and Striking the Putt. In his explanation and lessons he examines: Natural Learning vs Overthinking, Why Natural Skill is better that Contrived Technique, An Idiot-proof Strategy for Dealing with Nerves, Reading Greens and 3-Putt Avoidance, and His system for Making Tricky Putts. Download and listen to his simple and athletic approach to making more putts. Hear anecdotes from his work with the Pro's, notably Aaron Baddeley, and get his promo code - automatic.golf/OTM - for a discount on one of his books.

    Mark Immelman with Lessons from Inside the Ropes at The 2022 TOUR Championship

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2022 29:45

    Mark Immelman puts on his teaching hat and gives lessons and shares insights from Rory McIlroy's play, and win, at the 2022 TOUR Championship at Eastlake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia. Mark was the on-course announcer for the ESPN+ Marquee Group broadcasts on PGA TOUR LIVE and covered the following groups: Rory McIlroy and Cam Smith (Thursday and Friday), Justin Thomas and Matt Fitzpatrick (Saturday), and Jon Rahm and Collin Morikawa (Sunday) While on course and inside the ropes he has a front row seat to their collective performance and also gets to talk to the players every so often. This empowers him to bring over-the-top coverage and expertise guaranteed to help you to better your game. Among various topics, Mark discusses his 5 "P's" to Better Performance - Poise, Perspective, Patience, Playability and Putting - and he illustrates how McIlroy embodied all of those en route to his FedEx Cup win.

    John Swantek and Mark Immelman Recap The 2021/22 PGA TOUR Season

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2022 36:09

    John Swantek is the voice of PGA TOUR Entertainment. Host of the "Talk of the TOUR" podcast, John also anchors PGA TOUR Champions broadcasts on Golf Channel. As the lead play-by-play announcer for PGA TOUR LIVE, John knows the game and the PGA TOUR intimately and he joins Mark Immelman to revisit the 2021/2022 PGA TOUR Wraparound Season. They discuss the State of the TOUR; their Top 3 Highlights from the Season; they list their respective "All PGA TOUR Teams" and discuss Rookie of the Year and Player of the Year nominees. The two contrast their favorite PGA TOUR event and list their "Most Disappointing events of the season. Finally Immelman and Swantek share their thoughts on "Players to Watch in the New Season". Players discussed are: Scottie Scheffler, Rory McIlroy, Sam Burns, Xander Schauffele, Cameron Young, Cameron Smith, Jon Rahm, Matt, Fitzpatrick, Tony Finau, Justin Thomas and Will Zalatoris. Also mentioned are Joohyung (Tom) Kim, Max Homa, Dean Burmester and Kevin Yu. Events discussed include: Mexico Open at Vidanta, AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm, RBC Canadian Open, The President's Cup, and The TOUR Championship.

    Nick Biondi on Golf, Golf Instruction and Improving Your Golf

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2022 42:34

    Nick Biondi is a former Touring (PGA Tour) Professional who has stepped away from playing full-time and taken up teaching golf.  He parlays his competitive playing experience into his instruction and works with golfers from Beginning to Elite skill levels. Nick is fast becoming a leading mind in the industry and he joins "On the Mark" to help you improve your golf. The elements he addresses have a holistic nature about them and this conversation will help you improve mentally, emotionally and physically. Specifically he focuses on a few items from a golf instruction manuscript he is writing. The Topics are as follows: - Decide Who You Want to Be as a Golfer - Putting Consistently - Chipping and Pitching for Lower Scores - Don't Be Afraid to Be Great - Who is the Best Teacher for You and What Makes the Best Teachers Great. Within those headlines he talks about Managing the Struggle and the tough times when the game is in a slump, Managing Expectations, Self Talk and a Positive Attitude. PLEASE NOTE this podcast is not available as a Vodcast on YouTube.  

    Nate Hairgrove on the OnForm App and How it can Improve your Golf

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2022 38:15

    Nate Hairgrove is the Director of Golf with OnForm Golf and a High School Golf Coach.  Along with his colleagues at OnForm he is at the forefront of golf instruction with video analysis, focussing on AI "Skeleton Tracking" and how the body moves during the golf swing, and other sports. (OnForm is being used in many athletic disciplines including Baseball and Equestrianism.) Nate joins us to demonstrate how the App works, explain it's many instructional features (including a feature which allows use without somebody to film his/her swing without any outside assistance), how the App can be paired with BodiTrack to enable Pressure Mapping, and share some insights on Power off the Tee.  He references footage from Justin James (2017 World Long Drive Champion). Nate's demo can be viewed on Mark Immelman's YouTube channel or at markimmelman.com

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