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The Secret Teachings radio show has been around for over ten years, beginning in 2009 as a volunteer program at a college radio station. The broadcast focuses on the synchronicity of all things. From para-politics and the parapsychological to health, history, occultism, symbolism, myth, and magic, host Ryan Gable brings it all together with no identity by finding parallels and patterns often overlooked. Ryan will also welcome researchers, radio hosts, authors, and others to discuss a large variety of subjects in an objective manner… Website: http:/ ..Email:

Ryan Gable

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    The Secret Teachings 6/30/22 - Cringes

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    We have worried so much about the proliferation of artificial intelligence, believing that we are creating a beast, that few stopped to ask if our creation would be endowed with the same powers. Artificial intelligence has already demonstrated its ability to create complex language, text, articles, music, voices, comic books through image generation, and now even cryptid creatures like Crungus. The ways in which artificial intelligence poses a danger to mankind might not be through a terminator-like extinction, but instead by the slow erosion of the human faculties of creation: art, culture, music, language, and even religion.All the things we are creating on the Internet are the expressions of our innermost daemons and they are very much alive in cyberspace. Like Momo or Slenderman, Crungus is a thought-form with the ability to jump into physical form through human activity. Its creator came up with the name at "2/3" am, the witching hour. Crungus in an urban dictionary is the crud under a fingernail, the occult part of human anatomy wherein demons can enter - the fingernail or cuticle. This is why witches often have blackened fingers. Crungus is like Momo, and when the statue of the latter was destroyed the creator kept a single eye for another art piece. When an Indian teenager killed himself for Momo he wrote ‘Devil's one eye' on the wall first. The EYE is a gateway to the soul, and the right eye is the enlightened right-hand path of the sun, or the Eye of Horus/RA. Down the left-hand path is a world of serpents and monsters like those of Lovecraft. In theme of the latter, the octopus or squid, its ink, and tentacles, are a metaphor for the Internet and technology. Tentacles represent the interconnected networks of computers and the Internet. The ink is the black mirror of our screens that distorts our perception of the real world. It is also the ink in our pens that we use to create new worlds through paper and art.

    The Secret Teachings 6/29/22 - Eyes to the Skies: Life as we Knew It w. Jared Murphy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 120:01

    As we turn our eyes to the skies, searching the vastness of space, and turn the same to annals of UFO history in the 1940s, we sometimes forget that the proof many of us wish to discover of official disclosure may be far more demonstrable through accounts of human civilization. At the very least, we should not forget who we are and where we came from, or abandon pursuits of these discoveries, in exchange for proving the existence of a totally otherworldly non-human race. New finds are already changing our history by the day, from a 3,400 year-old Mittani empire-city merging from the Tigris River to fossilized footprints dating towards the begging, rather than end, of the Australopithecus era. Compounding a 2021 discovery of abundant life under the Ekström shelf and a new discovery of the same under the Larsen ice shelf, mixed with what we are rapidly learning about UFOs again for the first time in decades, life-as-we-know-it is really life-as-we-knew-it. Scientists tend to reject certain archeological finds and the like because they fail to conform to preconceived notions of fact. Archeologists tend to do the same as do some with strong religious beliefs. Others, seeing the rejection as both ignorance and conspiracy, tend to accept new discoveries at face value while failing to question their validity. This desire to believe can, and is, weaponized to spread false narratives and further confuse the historical record.

    The Secret Teachings 6/28/22 - Incurring on Disclosure: Idaho's Atomic Marvels

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 120:01

    Modern UFO investigation did not begin with the AATIP, but instead goes back to Project SIGN, GRUDGE, and BLUEBOOK starting in the late 1940s. Recent reports from the U.S. military and pentagon date back to at least the second World War with incredible detail about “discs” even before Kenneth Arnold accidentally coined the term “flying saucer” in June, 1947, after witnessing UFOs near Mount Rainier. Even Roswell was pre-dated by Arnold's experience, and his was pre-dated by Maury Island three days before in Washington State. All of the incidences took place in the Pacific Northwest, just west of Arnold's home in Boise, Idaho, a state that today has the highest per-capita rating of UFO sightings. Knowing that these objects have traditionally been attracted to National Labs during the Manhattan Project, nuclear missile silos, and ICBM tests, it makes sense that Idaho would be home to much lore considering that it is also home to the Idaho National Laboratory which built the first nuclear power generator, powered the first city with nuclear power, and experimented with new nuclear technologies. Now the INL has been contracted to build micro-reactors for space travel called MARVEL, which shares a synchro-mystical connection to comic book movies dealign with multi-dimensional travel - the very realm many believe the UFO originated. In parallel is the Oak Ridge National Laboratory publicly working on breaking into the ‘mirror-verse' while building an ion-accelerator to conduct similar research to CERN.

    The Secret Teachings 6/27/22 - We The Mob v. the Rule of Law

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 120:01

    Some are so angry with the SCOTUS that they wish to pack it or abolition it entirely, and while they are at it overturn Congressional procedure and dictate with the President's pen. They proceeded in a collective mob to attack state buildings un unison and call the court fascist. Agree or not with the SCOTUS in Dobbs it is unlikely the left or right took the time to read the 213 page opinion. Inside its pages were scientific and moral reasoning that "a 15-week ban provides sufficient time, absent rare circumstances, for a woman ‘to decide for herself ‘whether to terminate her pregnancy.” Since all are guaranteed "life, liberty" it would be easy to argue that the U.S. Constitution actually protects such new life, if a definition upon "life" could be established, and therefore bans abortion except in rare cases. Still, the Court simply turned the matter over to state legislatures empowered by the democratic vote of the citizenry. Republicans and Democrats are calling for all restrictions, which were allowed in Roe (1973) and Casey (1992), to be considered "bans" despite that such bans still allow abortion, usually before 15 weeks for any reason, and then also for issues of sexual violence and medical issues. The court went further to acknowledge that certain past decisions such as Plessy (1896) were repugnant and that the court does not make "absolute" decisions. The mob arguing in disfavor of the court is suggesting that the court should make absolute decisions, just in their favor. The court even reaffirmed that Roe (1973), in its original text, never provided an absolute right to abortion, and that a "license to act on the basis" of such absolutely free "beliefs may correspond to one of the many understandings of ‘liberty,' but it is certainly not ‘ordered liberty.' Ordered liberty sets limits and defines the boundary between competing interests.”

    The Secret Teachings 6/23/22 - Rub-A-Dub-Dub: Presidents in the Tub w. Mike D

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2022 120:01

    Art is an expression of the soul and the kind projecting dark themes indicated, typically, that there is som form of trauma at tis core. In 2013 we learned that George Bush Jr. was an avid painter, having painted himself nude in the shower and bathtub and sent the pictures to his sister Dorothy. Jeffrey Epstein's compound housed images of both former Presidents George Bush Jr. and Bill Clinton, the latter as a child with a paper airplane and twin towers and the former in a blue dress with red heels. Think Dorothy and her red shoes. Such art indicates both blackmail and a form of childlike innocence, almost suggesting an appeal for help by potential victims. Such is the case with Kim Noble paintings, a woman claiming to have been the victim of ritual abuse, wherein children are caged and innocence is depicted bloodied and destroyed. Now we are learning of President Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley, who wrote in her diary that her dad may have abused her when they inappropriately to shower together. She goes on to immediately say in the dairy that she felt turned on and that she would touch her vagina and listen to her parents have sex. Her diary was left, like Hunter Biden's laptop, for free pickings as if they were intended to be found. Any attempt to address the potentially horrific details of the laptop or dairy are dismissed, often by both parties, likely because, like Epstein, the red and blue are drowning in the same kinds of blackmail. This results in programmed drones, like much of the public, obsessed with fantasy to the point where fiction becomes indistinguishable from life. Such are the programming themes of Disney, Wizard of Oz, and Alice in Wonderland.

    The Secret Teachings 6/22/22 - 2000 Moos: A Convenient Coincidence

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 120:01

    TOPIC: A so-called bipartisan panel of a nonprofit organization, ultimately made of former Bush and Obama representatives, are advising an overhaul of the American Health Care System. They desire the following: giving Federal officials authority to enter States over health concerns without permission, as the CDC now cannot do, absolute data collection, and establishing an undersecretary for public health in the DHHS, who can develop ‘minimum' health standards for States. As the NY Times puts it, the group desires States to cede control. Such authority was eerily just granted to the World Health Organization through a revision of International Health Regulations, essentially implying that the new undersecretary of health would carry out the demands of the WHO. The entire system is being undermined to allow for a total reset, including the means and methods of food production. Governments issuing lockdowns and business shutdowns cultivated an artificial economic disaster wherein millions of pigs and cattle were killed without demand, and milk, eggs, and veggies were destroyed in one of the biggest wastes of resources in American history. As dozens of food manufacturing and processing facilities have been shut down over fires, explosions and plane crashes, now cattle are supposedly dying from heat waves - 2,000 in Kansas. Conveniently the FDA has cleared, not three months prior, gene edited cattle able to withstand increased heat.

    The Secret Teachings 6/21/22 - Good Will Haunting

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 120:01

    New polling suggests that fewer Americans believe in God than ever before, with democrats overwhelmingly losing faith and republicans remaining believers. Republicans were also the most likely to believe that God listens to their prayers and actually responds. By any definition, this should be a paranormal experience to have such divine communication. Democrats, on the other hand, and the young, tend to believe more directly in the paranormal and atheistic practices. New research published in Spirituality in Clinical Practice suggests that supernatural experiences are both a normal condition of life and a result of personality, ideology, religion, politics, culture, and transliminality, calling such experiences 'haunted people syndrome'. Rejection of such cultural norms likely explains why it is the younger generation that tends to reject god in favor of the supernatural. However, Belief in prayer and divine agency must be accompanied by the same in supernatural phenomena. Belief in magical practices, especially selfish ones, must certainly be accompanied by the same in a higher power. Additional research titled Supernatural Sociology: Americans' Beliefs, suggests something similar, that social and personal conditions lead to such experiences that vary by race, education, gender, etc. Paranormal events, especially those more religiously oriented, have also been classified as part of a condition called dissociative trance and possession disorder or just DTD. Personal experience, religion, and political views all combine to determine the likelihood of these abnormal events, their intensity, and their meaning.

    The Secret Teachings 6/20/22 - Cool Your JetStream

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 120:01

    The youth seem particularly disturbed by what they have been told is going to be the last few years of their young lives as the planet catches fire and burns beyond repair - especially on the summer solstice. One only needs to look into social policies to realize that, true or not, such hysteria is an admittedly weaponized procedure going back to the Club of Rome, the Iron Mountain Report, and the Stanford Research Institute among others. “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine, and the like would fit the Bill," says the COR in 1991. The SRI suggested "youth involvement in political processes," and "the emergence of the conservation/ecology movement," as steps towards collectively creating a "new image of a human being." Part of this proposed social change also involved “experimentation with new family structures,” “women's liberation,” and “black consciousness”. Whereas the Iron Mountain report suggested in their Ecological section that the true aim of this all was “a comprehensive program of applied eugenics,” we can see this manifested in women's marches for abortion, the stated goal of BLM to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure,” and in climate activist groups such as Extinction Rebellion and Birth Strikers who choose not to have kids for the Earth. Such ideology is the anthesis to natural human instinct and clearly part of what Iron Mountain called “new religions or other mythologies,” another compounding of climate issues when we anthropomorphize storms and heat waves by giving them names.

    The Secret Teachings 6/17/22 - Beauty is in the AI of the Beholder w. Derek Murphy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 120:01

    There is an intriguing correlation between technology, machines, and artificial intelligence, and the tentacles, oceanic abyss, and black goo of popular culture, etc. Now that octopuses are considered sentient in countries around the world and found in some capacity in virtually all forms of entertainment, it seems that their black ink and tentacles (also of the squid) likely symbolize interconnected computer networks and possessive forces working through the black mirror screens of our devices. In 2021, Elon Musk suggested that a brain parasite is possibly forcing Man to create artificial intelligence. Now the two are working together, as a human being for the first time teamed up with an artificial intelligence image generator to create a comic book series called the ‘Abolition of Man', set to be released in 2022. The name of the comic is also that of a C.S. Lewis story about man's power over nature and the value of objectivity and natural law, wherein he argues that emotion should conform to reason in science. Carson Grubaugh, who co-created the AI comic, went on to say that we need this technology because all man can seem to do is substitute rich creative gold of the past with “recycled lead of the present.” However, it only seems this way because our entertainment is filled with the same imagery everywhere we look, especially darker imagery of the unconquered sub-conscious. Humans are either being forced, influenced, or choosing, not to express their creativity and instead of making Faustian deals with cosmic forces for cheap rewards. A UK astronomer, Lord Martin Rees, also suggested in 2022 -robots have already replaced aliens from other worlds and are looking to target humans next. This is an idea that seems far advanced already with mankind being promised "all the kingdoms of the world" by technology on the "very high mountain" of madness; that we could have everlasting life physically, be directly connected with each other, and obtain vast creative powers through deepfake, deep voice, text to image AI, etc. However, such promises are a distortion, desecration, and destruction of nature - an abolition of man - since mankind already possesses spiritual immortality, emotional connections with other humans, and nature, and immense creative powers.

    The Secret Teachings 6/16/22 - White Samboism: The Weakest Lincoln

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 120:01

    Sambosim is an act in which black people embrace cultural stereotypes and a servile attitude towards white people. It would strangely seem that today whites are taking a similar view of themselves, seeing all blacks as kings and queens while they become subservient to a misplaced sense of social justice. Since some argue that a single white slave-holder means that all whites are guilty, then by logical deduction we may declare that a single white abolitionist is a cause for the abolition of white guilt. A white man did after all write the 13th Amendment. But slavery has been the conditional state of existence for virtually all people throughout history and in the United States, such a human atrocity was long ago cleansed by much suffering, war, and the blood of both black and whites. This is a bond that should unite cultures in acceptable harmony while allowing them to still maintain their history, independence, and, if by choice, seclusion, and privacy. Desirable or otherwise, attempting to classify history by current definitions, expectations, and societal norms is the condemnation of ourselves since we will all eventually fall victim in the near future to the ignorances of the present/past. The American Revolution was not fought to maintain slavery any more than the Civil War was fought exclusively to end it. History is anything but polarized and dualistic, black and white.

    The Secret Teachings 6/15/22 - Lovecrafting Disclosure w. Brad Olsen

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 120:01

    Lovecrafting disclosure is the idea that politicians are using the subject for cheap votes and viral talking points. It is the idea that ‘insiders' are disclosing something for dollars. But how do we define disclosure and why is it we rely on governments or shady online personalities to give it to us? There are as many who ‘don't want to believe' as there are those who ‘want to believe'. There is a market for skeptics and a market for believers, but virtually nothing for those asking questions of those ideas verging on cult-like ideologies. When it comes to the subject of Disclosure, we must ask if we too often project ourselves onto these potential visitors and if we are looking for their existence in all the wrong places. Perhaps they will come from another dimension, perhaps summoned by man, or perhaps they have influenced man in his dreams to produce the same end. Perhaps they have been here, having come from the stars, years before Man could walk. Perhaps we are creating them through will of fear and fantasy. Google's AI may or may not be sentient, but its name LaMDA is intriguingly reminiscent of the grey-like entity summoned by Crowley, and alchemical experiments to produce a homunculus. As Elon Musk warned, we are summoning a demon with AI. However, what we speak of may actually be indifferent to humans and that seems the scariest notion of all. Do we really want to make contact, welcoming ancient beings into our sacred space? Do we really want to know what lies at the bottom of the oceans or under the ice in Antarctica? Brad Olsen joins us from to discuss it all.

    The Secret Teachings 6/14/22 - Parthenogenesis: When You Gotta GMO, You Gotta GMO

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 120:01

    Parthenogenesis is the ability to reproduce without a mate. Boa constrictors, monitor lizards, and komodo dragons can do this naturally. Humans cannot. Vitro Gametogenesis can change that. This is a process of taking a woman's cells and turning them into either eggs and or sperm for singular reproduction. Besides the dinosaurs, this was a strong current in the Jurassic World finale. Keen observers would have also picked up on the fact that a genetic condition was cured in the movie by transferring genetic material via an altered pathogen into the human body via syringe to change DNA. Pathogens don't need to cause disease, but instead could be engineering to transfer new genetic material. The same was done with insects released into nature. The field of biosafety materials promises us in the real world a technology that can adapt to pathogenic mutations with potential for necessary redesigns within the system. On June 9, 2022, MIT researchers announced they discovered the direct function of every human gene, greatly opening the door for new forms of genetic engineering. We are one step closer to both 'Jurassic Park' and A Brave New World wherein babies are born in laboratories and there is no need for mating or parental oversight.

    The Secret Teachings 6/13/22 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow w. John Pizzi

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 120:01

    The rainbow is a symbol of God's promise to man, a covenant between heaven and earth, and a bridge between the two. As earth is a downward reflection of heaven it goes without saying the rainbow is a bridge to the upside world of the divine. In this underbelly of heaven we find suffering, confusion, and damnation. The colors of the rainbow are greyed, fading into a grotesque expression of chaos. And the thing about chaos is - it's fair, equitable and just. Comedian and ventriloquist, John Pizzi, will join us in hour two to discuss the state of professional comedy. (

    The Secret Teachings 6/10/22 - Red Dead Damnation

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 11, 2022 120:01

    Jurassic Park is a reminder of the question as to whether or not man should tamper with the natural order, calling on terrifying and intelligent monsters from the ancient world. Be it through genetic engineering or ritual ceremony, there are many today who seem hell-bent on unleashing hellfire by calling upon the Lovecraftian Old Ones and welcoming them into our world. The manner by which this is accomplished may peak curiosity. It includes both literal and figurative sacrificing of the innocent. Prayer and ritual repeatedly performed in a specific location can cause energetic vortexes. Benevolent practice manifests as positive vibration, malevolent practice results in a terrifying and cold energy. The monsters, demons, gods, and mythical beings of the ancient world might not be simple archetypal characters manifested out of the human mind and nature. There are those who believe they are very real and can be drawn into human service. From a giant squid statue built in Japan to the Seattle Kraken hockey team, to Meta's new commercial featuring the same, that dragon-like creature of the abyss is featured everywhere with companionship by pale-faced demons and red witches. Will you worship at its altar and eternally suffer damnation, or reject its offer of power for the natural order.

    The Secret Teachings 6/9/22 - Upside Downside: Big Person is Watching

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 120:01

    There seem to be two parallel realities in which people choose to live. In the upside down world, digital currency, Blockchain, bitcoin, etc. are seen as independent solutions to economic problems, and applications like GetUpside promise to put money in your pocket for over priced things like fuel and food, though they share your information with the same companies that can then profit from your data. In the real world, the World Government Summit in the World Economic Forum are simultaneously advocating for the use of Blockchain to create a new financial system where every transaction can be absolutely monitored and controlled. They are also advocating for social credit scores known as ESG (environmental, social and governance) as part of their push for tracking your movements, food consumption, and purchases, alongside a new digital bill of human rights. Things have gotten so dystopian, the White House is now telling the public that their economic experiences are wrong and that they are actually doing well despite their pain.

    The Secret Teachings 6/8/22 - Divide et Impera: Canaries in the Coal Mine of Culture War

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 120:01

    Every sex, race, gender, religion, class, etc. has historically been pitted against another in an aggressive and manipulative form of divide et impera. Out of the fighting comes certain special interest groups that take perceptually oppressed identities and deify them. These group identities are then used as canaries in the coal mine of a culture war. When we tell a man he has no business expressing his opinion on certain issues, or tell the same to a woman in disagreement to modern feminism, or say the same to a homosexual in disagreement with pushing sexuality on young children, we are actually advocating for the suppression of speech, protest, press, and the like. We are also encouraging the social jailing of adversarial points of view. When this occurs, there is no justice and no equality.

    The Secret Teachings 6/7/22 - Chem Trail of Tears

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 120:01

    The American Geophysical Union announced in early June, 2022, that they are preparing a framework for 'solar engineering' programs. Such programs would spray metals and chemicals into the atmosphere to block sunlight, while also trapping heat and making the climate warmer, i.e. man-made warming. Just days before, the University of Copenhagen reported the supposed discovery of a new class of highly reactive chemical compounds called hydrotrioxides that are able to enter into aerosols and trigger both cardiovascular and respiratory disease. This is not necessarily to link climate engineering, known as 'climate intervention', to these new compounds but to suggest that anything in aerosol-form can cause disease in the body - like methane, carbon monoxide, or ammonia from a comet. We have been told that lockdowns curbed CO2 emissions, and though there was a slight percentage drop, the environmental change trigged a reaction that increase the heavier methane GHG. In other words, lockdowns and geoengineering actually warm the planet. As we face rising costs of energy, food, and general living conditions, it is only the wealthy that will able to afford the luxury of something as simple as travel. Now the White House has even evoked the Defense Production Act for solar panels while most Americans struggle to pay their bills or get baby formula.

    The Secret Teachings 6/6/22 - Dr Stranger Things Everywhere All At Once

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 120:01

    The common themes, archetypes, symbols, and images, present in popular culture seem to either be cheap ways of scoring energetic points with the subconscious or they are intentionally utilized to hijack the same as part of a larger collective ceremony. Ancient mythology, gods, goddesses, and rituals are reenacted through both the entertainment industry and in news reports in order to conjure up certain feelings and reactions. From the ritual burning of an altar in Britain for pandemic victims to the projection of dimensional rifts onto landmarks around the world in promotion of the new season of Stranger Things, magic is by no means dead in the modern age. Dr Stranger Things is present Everywhere All At Once.

    The Secret Teachings 6/3/22 (5hr Special) - Fringe Farewell w. Joe Rupe, Michael Strange, Jess Rogge

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 5, 2022 307:39

    Join us for our farewell show on the FRINGE.FM as we transition to Ground Zero Radio. We are joined by callers, long-times listeners, and radio hosts, to discuss a history of The Secret Teachings, behind the scenes content, and what lies ahead in the future. We are also joined by plenty of humor.

    The Secret Teachings 6/2/22 - Murder they Wrote: Ritual of Tetractys

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 120:01

    When we talk about mass shootings, extreme emotional reactions all over a spectrum are assertively pressed into the narrative. But we don't stop to ask what exactly it means 'to keep and bear arms', and what exactly is the definition of a ‘mass shooting'. The right to ‘bear arms' indicates a right to self-defense by whatever means that puts you on equal ground with those that are approaching you with intent to cause harm. in fact, the Brown Bess musket, a ‘weapon of war' used by the British during the American Revolution, is the same musket used by the civilian colonists. A ‘mass shooting' is defined as four or more people being shot. When cities like Chicago, with strict gun control, see 51 people shot over Memorial Day weekend, or when a woman pulls out a legal handgun and kills an active shooter in West Virginia, nobody wants to publish the stories because they indicate gun control allows for more crime, and private ownership stops killing But when copycats, psychopaths, mentally ill people, and criminals shoot people within a narrative, it becomes the only thing anyone is concerned with despite the fact that only four people being shot is a 'mass' shooting, and the number of firearm victimizations in the U.S. declined by 131,000 from 2019 to 2020, according to the bureau justice statistics.But so-called mass shooting cannot actually be a ‘mass' event, because that involves far more than four people. The word is redefined to imply something even worse than the tragedy that just occurred. This is why every story tells us about a shooting with words like slaughter, massacre, or slaying. Despite shootings happening every day, until one fits with the narrative, there's virtually no attention, or they are passed over for stories about foreign wars and positive cases of a particle in the body. These are reasons why the media won't talk about Chicago or West Virginia. Now, like clockwork, the number one issue for most voters in the midterm election is gun violence, after abortion.We overlook all of this while subconsciously absorbing the numerical sequences that communicate to us an underlying ritual.

    The Secret Teachings 6/1/22 - Touched by an Alien w. Mike D

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 120:01

    Ascension coach, guru, and expert on everything, David Wilcock, is now telling people they can obtain telekinetic powers by taking a bath in their own urine. He claims the archangel Micahel told him this. He also claims he was touched, abused, and eaten by aliens, but in a different timeline and parallel life. Other angry and lawsuit-happy ascension coaches like Corey Goode are using the 'love & light' doctrine for self-defense, claiming that he can teach you forgiveness while he proceeds to sue anyone who questions his science fiction stories. The entire fields of ufology, new age practices, etc., certainly have important properties, but too many are driven by greed, politics, delusion, and ego.

    The Secret Teachings 5/31/22 - Inside Out Upside Down

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 120:01

    Like it or not, we all practice magic. Whether we wish someone a good day, pray over a meal, or focus our energy on current events. Such practices are deeply rooted in ancient religious and superstitious beliefs. An ornate wooden memorial was recently burned to the ground in Britain in remembrance of pandemic victims. Last year a nurse made a strange ritualistic chandelier using medical vials from Moderna. Around 10,000 people focused their energy on the pandemic altar as seven torchbearers lit it on fire seven days after it opened. Now, much like the school in Newtown, Connecticut, the school in Uvalde, Texas, may now be ritually torn down ten years later. With the release of Stranger Things 4 on Netflix, the Upside Down world was projected on 15 major landmarks around the world from New York City to Madrid, London, and Tokyo. The promotion was called 'rift', an opening from our world into another dimension, and might be a reminder of the Independence Day film where large alien ships strategically parked over major cities around the world before a countdown initiated the attack. From major events to popular culture, it seems that magic is being utilized in honor of otherworldly energies to turn our world upside down, and inside out, even in such an age as this supposedly dominated by science.

    Best of TST 4/8/22 - Reversing the Con w. David Oates

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2022 119:01

    Ryan Gable will talk with reverse speech expert and pioneer David Oates about "Reversing the Con"... For years our show has crossed over the acceptable threshold of the ufo, spiritual, and the new age communities. We have asked questions and made observations that have angered many. This has resulted in harassment, slander, threats, blackballing, etc., all because we dared to question the so-called experiences of those who claim to be in contact with galactic federations, alien alliances, and other dimensional beings. Our goal was never to dismiss such things, as our show is rooted in objective interest, but asking for proof is often treated as sacrilege. For years we have also played the audio of certain men and women we believe to be running grifts or cons. This resulted in the expose of obvious lies and Freudian slips in their own official presentation. Now, we will run the audio backward for a reverse speech analysis with David Oates.

    Best of TST 3/18/22 - Quantum Perception w. Dawn Lester & David Parker

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 125:01

    Authors of 'What Really Makes You Ill?' join the show to discuss their other work on the 'Nature of Reality'. Quantum things are very small, and it is the quantum nature of our perception that can be highly influenced in ways we never imagine, particularly through intentional weaponization of such things. Humans are uniquely individual, connected, and exist as expressions of Source. These natural truisms are also being exploited to sell us a dystopian technocracy. Becoming aware of our senses, perception, and emotions ensures that we are in control of our thoughts.

    The Secret Teachings 5/26/22 - Blackout to the Future

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 120:01

    With gas prices rising consumers are being told by tone-deaf, arrogant, disconnected politicians and companies to buy electric cars. The cheapest car with a Federal rebate is still 20k and provides a range of, at best, 149 miles. Such milage is an insult and clearly focused on restricting travel for those privileged enough to afford it. In order to break 250 miles, the price of a car jumps to 40k. Then you have to worry about the lack of charging stations, the time it takes to charge the battery, and the cost to install a charger at home which then adds to your increasing power bill. The grid is already so strained because of environmental carbon regulations and electric cars, particularly in California, that several States are expecting rolling blackouts over the summer. The solution to this problem is similar to that of electric vehicle cost, which involves not driving, and that is to simply use less power. Meanwhile, the WEF has announced a carbon footprint tracker that allows for monitoring of, in their words, "where are they traveling, how are they traveling, what are they eating, what are they consuming..."

    The Secret Teachings 5/25/22 - Riddle Me This: Murders, Elections, Holidays, Ciphers

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 120:01

    Starting on Friday 13 we witnessed 3 shootings over 3 days, one of which involved 13 people being shot, and numerous 3s, all of which culminated in a blood moon. Ten days later another shooting occurred in Texas where 18 were shot, plus two teachers. Initial reports documented 13 students receiving care while two were transported, and a 3rd awaited transfer. The shooting took place 10 days after the Buffalo event that left 10 dead, and it occurred 10 years after Sandy Hook. Both shooters in New York and Texas were 18. Eighteen is the number of the blood moon and crab, the specified food eaten by macaque monkeys in the CDC truck crash in early 2022. Ten is also the tetrakyte, a number of perfection that completes a ritual. The monkey is chaos, unguided irrational hysteria blossoming from the unconscious, and it can only mimic. Monkeypox is mimicking the previous pandemic with the same terminology and mitigation that became the new normal. All of these murders, holy days, and numerical ciphers are being shown to us right before elections across the country. This makes Batman seem like a bit of a predictive programming tool because this is precisely what the Riddler was doing in the newest movie. Batman with the Joker was also playing during the Aurora, Colorado, shooting, and Sandy Hook was noted on a map in the Batman movie with Bane. Both events were paralleled with music videos respectively depicting dead bodies in a movie theater and young people dying. With the latest school shooting, CBS has now pulled their tv show FBI which was set to finish its season with a school shooting.

    The Secret Teachings 5/24/22 - Politics of Possession: Open the Doors see all the Pedos

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 120:01

    Southern Baptist churches have once again been hit with numerous sexual abuse allegations, including high-level coverups in league with the Catholic church. Ritual and sexual abuse, and trafficking, are common knowledge. The Church, like the Boy Scouts, attracts those looking to get access to vulnerable prey. However, it must be understood that some are attempting to use this ongoing crisis to demean, degrade, and destroy the essence of religion, and by extension, God. Decency, morals, kindness, forgiveness, etc., are under assault by god-less hoards possessed by political and ideological motivations. Anyone acting in such hysterical ways is clearly possessed by anthropomorphic ideas - demons. This uncontrollable emotional hive-mind response is then spread through psychic contagion. When we look around we can see 'possession trance', pathological possession trance, dissociative trance disorder, and developmental trauma disorder, all just the newly formed ways in which we describe demonic infestation. In fact, Hippocrates noted centuries ago that diseases were not caused by demons but by misunderstood medical reasons. Today we reject such a notion and create our own demons to control the mind instead.

    The Secret Teachings 5/23/22 - Monkey C-DC Monkey WHO

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 120:01

    In March of 2021 world leaders proposed an initiative for a global pandemic preparedness response treaty. This included plans aimed at "greatly enhancing international co-operation to improve... global production and distribution of medical and public health counter-measures such as vaccines, medicines, diagnostics and personal protective equipment." At that very moment, the Munich Security Conference held a tabletop exercise scenario of a global pandemic "involving an unusual strain of monkeypox" that was released by terrorists from a laboratory where it had been "engineered" to spread more easily. The exercise was conducted by NTI and concluded that the "WHO should establish a graded, transparent, international public health alert system." In their fictional scenario, the attack occurred on May 15, 2022. Fast forward to January 2022 when a truckload of monkeys crashed while heading to a CDC lab, then fast forward to May 12 when a man in Massachusetts was quarantined with suspected monkeypox. The case was confirmed three days later, after being suspected three days before the tabletop exercise date. On May 16, the Lancet called for a "pandemic treaty" and "clear global governance" to enforce the pact. The same week we began hearing about monkeypox outbreaks, including cases, superspreader events, contact tracing, isolation for 21 days, and warnings to avoid gatherings and intimate situations. We also saw the same photos recycled to conjure up fear and anxiety. On May 22 the 75th World Health Assembly is being held with the World Health Organization to discuss the global pandemic treaty and amendments to International Health Regulations (IHR), which include the following: allowing the WHO to declare public health emergencies in States and determine mitigation procedures, and to deploy expert teams to assess nations. Any refusals from sovereign nations must be submitted to the WHO and approved by a Committee.

    The Secret Teachings 5/20/22 - Liar Liar Abortion Rights on Fire

    Play Episode Listen Later May 21, 2022 120:01

    The majority decision in Roe v. Wade (1973) stated the following: "appellant and some amici argue that the woman's right is absolute and that she is entitled to terminate her pregnancy at whatever time, in whatever way, and for whatever reason she alone chooses. With this we do not agree." Subseqentially, Casey (1992) affirmed that States have authority to restrict access to abortion. Fourteen years after the landmark decision of 73 Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) then admitted she was never raped and had only made up the story because she regretted the consensual sex that got her pregnant. Objectively analyzing abortion is considered an oppositional stance by pro and anti groups alike, that either refuse or neglect to acknowledge gross inconsistencies in their beliefs. In California, abortion is seen as absolute despite the procedure actually being illegal after 'fetal viability'. In Oklahoma, which is preparing to pass one of the strictest bans on abortion, there are many exemptions for medical reasons, rape, sexual violence, and incest. None of this seems to matter to the pro or anti advocates. While the right-wing is passing off abortion bans with massive exemptions as absolute bans, the left-wing is passing off the same bans as having no exemptions. Others are simply calling to override Congress, dictate the law by the Executive, and pack the Supreme Court in the name of 'jusitice'. The White House is even encouraging protests and insurrection to influence the decisions of judges, a Federal Crime punishable under 18 U.S.C. section 1507.

    The Secret Teachings 5/19/22 - Mendalorians

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 120:01

    It is mental health awareness month. Although gender norms are considered outdated, men are still socially required to deal with their problems alone. Media, entertainment, and politics project images of men as a disposable brutes in all things - nearly all workplace and war deaths are male. Male feelings don't matter; their stresses, anxieties, fears, and requirements are laughed away or dismissed - the rate of male suicide is 3.5x higher than the same for females. Their voices matter little in abortion debates until it comes time to pay the bill. Despite domestic violence being socially attributed almost solely to males, data shows that although underreported greatly men are just as likely to be abused by an intimate partner compared. Men are also highly likely to be raped or be the victims of sexal abuse, wherein 1 in 3 women experience such abuse the number is 1 in 6 for men. None of this is to hashtag 'men matter' and women don't, but instead to demonstrate that men are treated as disposable and good for nothing except fulfilling their gender roles in silence. Even when it comes to punishments for crime, men typically serve nearly three quarters more time for the same exact crime carried out by a woman. Meanwhile, whereas women once hoped for 'indepdence' they are now just becoming men.

    The Secret Teachings 5/18/22 - All the World's a Stage

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 120:01

    Our minds are the modern battlefields, wherein advertisements, propaganda, and psychological operations do their dirty work. Modern Psych-warfare has become sophisticated and refined as a result of decades of experimentation. By targeting the unconscious these black propagandists are able to exploit reservoirs of energy that have been filled over decades through focus and worship of various deities, symbols, ideas, etc. Such visual and auditory subliminals are utilized to direct our thoughts and will, leaving us believing that our thoughts belong to us and not to someone else. The 4th Psychological Operations Group from Fort Bragg has recently released a recruitment video on this theme, focusing on psychological warfare and those working in the shadows to influence the world. Edward Bernays once wrote that 'we are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed' and 'our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of'. The usage of deeply rooted subconscious elements and esoteric themes, including archetypes, play into the uncertainty, doubt, and fear of the unknown and powerful. The priestly classes are making themselves known, confident of their influence and power, and now leaders at Davos are planning to use psychedelics, a method of communicating with the other side.

    The Secret Teachings 5/17/22 - La Broosha

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 120:01

    The spiritual influence of the moon is positively dampened as a reflection of solar light. The recent scarlet moon eclipse has been accompanied in popular culture by references to the scarlet witch of the Marvel universe, who obtains an immaculate conception of her children through magical hex powers. It occurred after three shootings over three days, involving 13 people in two cases, and the first occurring 13 days after Walpurgis/Beltane. The media is now reporting 13% of shootings are racially motivated.The eclipse is involved an alignment of 3 planetary bodies, and historically related to that of the night spirit Lilith or La Broosha. She appears as both a beautiful woman and a hag, manifesting as a snake, bird, owl, and tree. She was the first woman in the garden and after refusing submission to God vowed to kill babies and cause infertility in women. She also became the succubus seducer of men in their dreams. Typically wearing red or depicted with red hair, she draws down the power of the moon and births those demons from the dark side that tournament mankind. In esoteric tradition, the moon is the reflector of our consciousness and the dark side is our unconscious, home to demons, spiders, centipedes, snakes, and all other creepy crawlies. Right after the eclipse, we find the NFT collection of Madonna which includes the archetypical goddess-mother giving birth to trees and centipedes. This is Lilith. She is the moon that controls menstruation, ocean tides, and emotions - lunatic. Her magical birth of the grotesque is similar to those of Isis and Mary.A recent study in the Journal of Women's Health has proposed, alongside a baby formula shortage, that women are having abnormal menstrual cycles. Protests on abortion have furthermore turned violent as the subject fills news reports. This is the influence of the scarlet moon, the tree spirit, and the night temptress Lilith.

    The Secret Teachings 5/16/22 - Drawing Down the Scarlet Moon

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 120:01

    Friday the 13 was followed by a Saturday shooting in Buffalo, NY, involving 13 people. The media then broke down the victims into groups of three, those injured and those killed in the parking lot, and also mentioned that the supermarket was 3 miles from downtown. A series of shootings on Sunday also resulted in 13 people being shot in St. Louis City; there was a third shooting in Orange County. Criminologists are also reporting “13% of shooters are motivated by racial hatred.” On Sunday night the moon went into an eclipse, turning blood red or 'scarlet'. Three days, three symbolic energy vortexes. Obviously, a 'blood moon' relates to sacrifice, but astrologers called this eclipse the 'corn moon'. Corn has recently been on our minds from the dark sigil in Ukraine, and subsequent symbols extracted from the latter which included a spirit of voodoo with the name 'cornes'. The base of that symbol was the signature of Jupiter/Zeus, and the word 'zein' painted below is the 'sword', the number seven or the head, and the main protein in corn. Add it all up and you get the decapitation of the grain god following Walpurgis/Beltane - the burning season in April, culminating in food manufacturers going up in flames. We also eat a lot of popped corn in the movie theatre, and right now millions are doing so as they watch Dr. Strange with the Scarlet Witch chasing a child through the multiverse in a dream-like state, much like Lilith, the blood-thirsty demon of dreams. It is all part of the drawing down of the scarlet or corn moon and the inverted 'king kill' ritual wherein the king is killed in spring instead of fall. His number, interestingly, is also 13 - that of regeneration.

    Saturday BEST OF from 9/16/21

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    Saturday BEST OF from 9/16/21

    Best of TST 10/7/22 - Olympus has Fallen w. Topher

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    BST OF from 10/7/22 - Ryan Gable welcomes independent billboard topping Hip-Hop artist Topher to discuss current events and his work, and play some of his hard-hitting and honest music, including songs "The Patriot" and "Olympus has Fallen".

    The Secret Teachings 5/12/22 - Dreamwalking in the Mouth of the Multiverse w. Derek Murphy

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 120:01

    For years popular culture has been shifting our collective energy into superheroes and other dimensions. Movies have always taken us to other worlds, be that the very adult Pan's Labyrinth or the child-themed Caroline, or they have brought other worlds and their inhabitants to us through portals in Pacific Rim and from in Independence Day. This is all entertainment, fantasy, and metaphor but today's popular culture seems to be obsessed with different sigils they wish to charge with our attention in order to carry out complex rituals. Sometimes it even seems some symbolic directive has been issued and the following movies of different genres start mimicking each other. 'Dr Strange' and 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' are so closely related that it feels like one was an extension of the other. Both are centered around the concept of multiple realities existing in parallel dimensions that are endless in possibility. Everything is only an arrangement of particles and every tiny decision branches off into a new universe with parallel possibilities. It's all just part of the infinite Multiverse and dreams are windows into our multidimensional selves. They include the red lady, mirrors, jumping realities, possession, child sacrifice, black goo, third eyes, and overt black magic.

    The Secret Teachings 5/11/22 - Obese is the new Anorexic w. Mike D

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 120:01

    Where once anorexia was considered an obscene way to advertise, obesity has now become the new skinny. Diet and weight have become extremely divisive elements within society, and the other end of the spectrum or scale is now being glorified. Companies like PepsiCo famously told consumers that exercise alone would protect them from soda. However, it turns out that psychologically people consume more when fed this information. Likewise, selling products in smaller containers, with green logos, slogans, and health halos, contribute to profit rather than our health or that of the planet. Now companies are just telling consumers that they have the power, with a subconscious implication that the power is to buy a product. The whole idea is that you can buy whatever you want and eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Coke is even actively discouraging physical movement of any kind. Advertisers are also using ultra-small minorities in uncommon characterizations to market products, acting as if they care about obese black women surfing or gay men in high heels dancing on a stripper pole - this is an actual commercial. The flaunting and glorification of skin and bones have now become the flaunting and glorification of fat.

    The Secret Teachings 5/10/22 - Evinces a Design of Absolute Despotism

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 120:01

    56 men signed the Declaration of Independence, a document that is timeless in world history and speaks to "a long train of abuses and usurpations" that "evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism." Under these conditions, it becomes the people's "right", "it is their duty, to throw off such Government..." Calls have now been, and are continuing, to be made to bypass Congress, pack the Supreme Court, and use the Presidential pen as the arbiter of laws. This was not the meaning of the DOI. Now 56 nations have signed a Declaration for the Future of the Internet. One day before, the DHS saw the formation of a 'Disinformation Governance Board' and a week later the DOJ opened an office of 'Environmental Justice'. Respectively, these are the Ministries of 'Truth' to police speech and 'Sustainability' to police issues of climate. Now we find that the CDC, which has repeatedly violated its statutory authority on evictions and masks, used taxpayer money to buy cellular phone data in order to spy and track those taxpayers, determining compliance with its recommendations during the 'pandemic'. Putting so much power in the hands of the government to police speech, lifestyle, and compliance to its 'recommendations' never turns out well for those being subject to such oversight. Furthermore, those once concerned about a cashless society are now encouraging the use of digital currency as an alternative to real assets and things of physical value.

    The Secret Teachings 5/9/22 - Plowshares into Swords

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 120:01

    An image of what some are calling 'black magic' appeared on the side of a Ukrainian artillery headquarters last week. Upon detailed analysis, one can find the runes Sigel (victory, lightning, sun) and Kenaz/Kano (strength, protection, fire), along with serpents in the image. The Sigel had become known as the 'z' on the side of Russian tanks. The base of the 'black symbol' is found in the sigil of Jupiter/Zeus, the marking of the Solomonic demon Decarabia (gives knowledge of plants, herbs, and controls birds), and the signature of the Voodoo Loa Bossu Trois Cornes (a protector in war). A symbol of ancient Chinese sorcery, the KU, is also found in the same symbol, a practice using poisonous snakes like those within the sigil. In the image is also the word "zein", which is the 7th Hebrew letter for the word 'sword'. Zeins are also the most abundant protein found in corn. The Loa Bossu Trois Cornes clearly has the word 'corn' in his name. Seven is the number of the head and a sword alongside represents decapitation. Historically, agricultural societies 'killed the king' or decapitated a god in the fall and then turned crops into bread and wine. This god was resurrected in spring. Such a symbol could also represent an inversion of such tradition, decapitating the king of grain in the spring, which would lead to mass starvation. April-May is not only the culmination of the burning season of Beltane, leading to Walpurgis and May Day, but the planting season in Ukraine which is a breadbasket of the world. The overall themes are energy, like that of oil or food, victory, fire, and protection in times of war. From Z and Zeus/Jupiter to his brother Poseidon/Neptune, we find the Trident of the latter on the Ukrainian flag and that Ukraine also used Neptune missiles to sink a Russian ship supposedly carrying a piece of the cross of Christ. It seems that instead of turning plowshares into swords, the opposite is occurring as part of a larger ritual using occult symbols to bring about a cataclysm.

    The Secret Teachings 5/6/22 - Wacky World of Wilcock w. Steven Cambian

    Play Episode Listen Later May 7, 2022 120:01

    Steven Cambian from the show Truthseekers joins us in a recorded version of his broadcast to discuss the newest claims of David Wilcock, including but not limited to the following: Howard Hughes was a clone, ran a whore house to get information on the Illuminati, and found a spaceship in the desert; Donald Trump got a hole in one with telekinetic powers; the evil cabal still intends to siphon the gas fro our cars; the global conspiracy will collapse by mid-term elections. Of course, none of this is true nor will it come true, just like any of his other outrageous fantasy stories. However, we listen and watch to get a laugh and gain some perspective.

    The Secret Teachings 5/5/22 - The Mad Real World

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 120:01

    When Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage this week, it was a reminder of both intra-racial violence and how dangerous it apparently is to be a comedian. Earlier that day, a shocking brawl also broke out for apparently no reason between students and adults at a school in Arizona. Later, riots rocked Los Angeles supposedly over abortion, as protesters gathered outside of the Supreme Court and chanted “hey hey, ho ho, fascist scum has got to go.” The irony shouldn't be lost that such chants and coercive mob tactics, fascist in nature, are being used to intimidate the Supreme Court to overturn what at the moment is only a draft opinion on federally protected abortion that would simply allow State democracies to decide the law. Not to mention the Supreme Court of the United States literally has one job, to interpret the rule of law, the opposite of fascism. Clearly, some do not believe in the rule of law, democracy, justice, equality, free speech, self-defense, and especially the Republic. Beyond that, these behaviors are spread within a group in what the American Psychological Association calls 'social contagion'. Hysterical and emotionally driven unstable people demanding that they have it their way or they will act out in violence is the very definition of terrorism.

    The Secret Teachings 5/4/22 - Jiki Ketsu Gaki

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 120:01

    The Jiki Ketsu Gaki is an ancient deity existing as a reincarnation of a soul. Due to past transgressions, it is cursed to consume blood for atonement. Such blood sacrifice is present in virtually every culture and religion. Jesus sacrificing his body and blood, himself a mortal, was a ritual to petition the heavenly Father to forgive the sins of man. Since blood contains the life force and biblically belongs to God, it can be used to either connect with Source or to disconnect from the same. Leviticus (17:14) tells us that life is in the blood and that those consuming blood will be disconnected from God: "the life of every creature is its blood; anyone who eats it must be cut off.” The book of John (6:55-56) tells us that the body and blood of Christ, or the bread and wine, are symbolic as well as literal food and drink: "For My flesh is real food, and My blood is real drink." The literal 'bread' is life and the literal 'wine' or juice is an intoxicating substance that transforms one from simple to complex. The wine of Dionysus and Bacchus, which was thought to contain actual spirits, was responsible for creating altered states and hallucinations. In other words, turning a body made mostly of water into a vessel for the more complex wine just as Jesus did (John 2). The Solomonic demon Hagenti also has such a power. Cannibalism and blood drinking have also been used for centuries to obtain the strength of an enemy or to keep an ancestor from rotting in the cold hard ground.

    The Secret Teachings 5/3/22 - LNM: The Untold Story w. Michael Vara

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 120:01

    Ryan Gable welcomes Michael Vara, former operator of LNM Radio Network, to discuss "LNM: The Untold Story"... LNM radio ran for 15 years and was a lifeboat for 'The Secret Teachings' radio after it was censored off of the Dark Matter Radio Network with Art Bell. From outside infiltration, hacking, theft, threats, and the incorporation of the Heather Wade/Art Bell saga onto the network, LNM eventually shut down. Heather was also instrumental in getting TST removed from LNM, which led the show over to the FringeFM. Connections between late-night radio hosts and all the drama and backstabbing make this story both interesting and cautionary. Unfortunately, it exposes a strange thread within the fields of Ufology and the Paranormal that is rampant with crime, fraud, abuse, theft, doxing, and deceit.

    The Secret Teachings 5/2/22 - Laugh or Die w. Mike D

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 120:01

    Skeptics have determined that there is no sinister plan to use fear of disease, cyber-attacks, supply-chain shortages, and the like to 'reset' the entire global system of what we call civilization. Some conspiracy theorists have now turned coat, suddenly advocating for digital currency and a new internet even more restricted than the previous. A Declaration, not of independence or freedom, but of the future, was even signed by 55 countries and the U.S. last week to these ends as the media continues to suddenly care about a rich guy owning a social media platform while ignoring yet another food processing facility going up in flames in Virginia. It may be that the greatest conspiracy is that of cultivating doubt and fear in the average person to make them physically and psychologically sick enough to give up freedom and peace in the name of a new 'freedom' and 'peace'. Perhaps, then, the best way to fight back is to laugh.

    The Secret Teachings 4/29/22 - Holy Blood Holy Hell

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2022 120:01

    ‘Twas the night before Beltane and the stench of blood and flesh permeated throughout the Hollywood Hills. Megan Fox, like so many other celebrities, acknowledged in a Glamour interview right before Walpurgis that she shares blood with her partner who will cut his own chest open and tell her to take his soul or let him bleed on her. Flesh fetishes are also common in the Hills. It makes a lot of sense when you see so many television shows or movies with vampires and zombies. The bloodthirst for talent, particularly the blood of babies as in AHS, seems more literal than a metaphor. Some celebrities choose to paint with their blood or sell parts of their soul with art in the case of pop star Grimes. Now with Ambrosia offering young blood transfusions to the rich, Bite Labs offering cloned meat from actual celebrities, and compostable bodies in Washington State, there is a full-on rush to the bowels of hell. Are these people just board with their money and fame? No. There is no more metaphor, the Hollywood Hills have eyes, and they are infested with literal blood drinkers and cannibals. The influence of Hollywood and the White House, with the President recently saying that children belong to teachers in the classroom, is the biggest concern for the youth. Classrooms across the country are not only teaching children about perverse sexuality but about cannibalism to save the planet while having them chanting names, not of gods of civilization but those of chaos. Although it's acceptable to drink blood and eat human flesh, it's not okay to be a Christian or like America if you're Chris Pratt. Christians in particular though should be very careful due to their own practice of the Eucharist.

    The Secret Teachings 4/28/22 - Birds of a Feather Conjure Together

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 120:01

    Revelation described Babylon as "the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird." Sounds sort of like Twitter. Maybe Elon Musk isn't really trying to free the Internet, restrict it or do anything else the left or right claim, but instead is more concerned with the data. On April 21st, Tesla announced their Optimus robot with updated AI will be ready soon after months of it not working. On the 24th, Musk confirmed that NeuraLink would begin human trials this year. On the 25th, the day of Twitter's sale, StarLink went active with a major airline. Perhaps Musk's actions are not malicious but instead coldly calculating and almost machine-like. The limiting of text on Twitter trims the edges off of our complex thoughts and provides only the 'thought' itself. Symbol dictionaries will tell us that the BIRD represents thought, imagination, synthesis, and sublimation. In Egypt, the bird was BA - the soul. A blue bird in particular is a representation of pure ideas. Since imagination, thought, and ideas are expressions of the bird then it is our soul's expression that is trapped in the Twitterverese. Likewise, the red T in Tesla is a TAU cross, a symbol of synthesis and perfection in Hebrew, and the human being and belly in Greek. Through synthesis, perhaps man and machine, perfection can be achieved through the human body by a process of transformation that occurs in the belly or womb. Merging active and passive forces generates a spark or electric bolt to spawn new life. A red cross is also rebirth and a gateway to somewhere or something else. In other words, merging man with machines, and accomplishing such ends through artificial intelligence and algorithms that are able to learn from the immense amounts of data generated by individuals in order to create digital replicas of the real world. The infrastructure is connecting StarLink with NueraLink's brain-computer interface, pumping data into the AI of Optimus robots. Man and synthetics merged together into the belly of transformation in order to reach the synthesis of perfection.