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Crawford Broadcasting President and Owner Donald Crawford addresses the greatest issues of today.

Donald Crawford Sr.

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    The Home

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    FOR IF A MAN OR WOMAN KNOWS NOT HOW TO RULE HIS OR HER OWN HOUSE,HOW SHALL HE OR SHE TAKE CARE OF THE CHURCH OF GOD?So, husband and wife, father and mother, or one without the other in God'sprovidence, if you decide with God's blessing to have children and to make a HOME,then that becomes your primary priority, and you must do it right. You must structurethe home by biblical standards, and enforce them, in loving and disciplinary ways asChristians with the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit.That Christian home must be ruled by the Holy Spirit. Our Lord Jesus Christ must bethe HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD-HOME! No exceptions, no compromises, and sinceyour hand found that to do:DO IT WITH ALL OF YOUR MIGHT!A real Christian home requires two real Christian parents, both mother and father asstrong believers in Jesus Christ. One without the other is simply not enough, for onebeliever parent and one non-believer parent produce:A HOUSE DIVIDED!No real Christian home, effective, meaningful, and lasting can ever be truly andthoroughly Christian, but compromised at the top, if one parent is a non-believer.The first priority for Christian parenting and the making-structuring of the Christianhome is the investment of:TIME.Adequate, qualitative and quantitative, LOVING time must be invested in the buildingof the Chrisitan home and is critical for maintaining those noble and ethicalstandards. The more time the better. Regular FAMILY TOGETHERNESS should bescheduled. David sought the face of the Lord three times daily, morning, noon, andevening. Perhaps the modern, busy, cellphone-age family should do the same.The best quality time should be spent at home, in the home. That time should includeone-on-one time, father and son and daughter, and mother and son and daughter. Itneed not be long, says Paul, but qualitative. It should be real time, where both parentand child desire to be with each other one-on-one.The second priority is to train up that child in the way in which he or she should goso that when they are mature, on their own, making a difference in society, the Christof Glory is #1 in their lives. That includes the full sharing of the beliefs of the parentsso that the child knows the strong faith, hope, and love of the parent for Jesus Christand for the family which he has blessed all members with. Each parent shares faithand belief and each child shares faith and belief. There is mutuality in dialogue,discourse, and discussion. Lecturing and sermonizing accomplish little in this day andage. Sharing MUTUALITY is critical. That builds respect and appreciation for EVERYMEMBER OF THE FAMILY.The third parental responsibility and duty is to:LISTEN.Really listen to everything said, shared, confessed, to every word of every member.There comes the inevitable family battle between:LISTENING v. LECTURING.Far too many parents are too good at lecturing (do what I say and not necessarily as Ido) and poor at listening or not at all. Nothing turns off a child or a spouse, nothingshows disrespect for that individual like not listening, NOTHING!The fourth priority in building a strong Christian home is that of:DIALOGUE.Parents should encourage children to speak, share, be open and unafraid to sharetheir deepest thoughts, feelings, and:DOUBTS.Especially spiritual-religious-Christian doubts, or any serious questions they may haveabout the faith. No comment, no word, no thought from any family member shouldever be disparaged, NEVER! Nothing and no individual should ever be ridiculed,criticized, or presented with real negative disrespectful reactions or responses.Everything said and shared should be respected and respectfully dialogued with.The fifth priority of building and maintaining a Christian HOME is that of:TRANSPARENCY.Every member of the family circle should be open and feel confident in sharing theirmost intimate and deeply felt thoughts and feelings. When the family meets to discussanything, spiritual or secular, Christian or cultural, anything from the head or heartgoes, ANYTHING! Anything deeply felt and not shared finds out elsewhere in thesecular, anti-Christian culture of today, or even acting out against the parents inharmful ways. Nothing prevents criminality or anti-social behavior, including theillegal and overuse of alcohol and drugs, than parental openness and lovingtransparency.The sixth priority of a home, a Christian and biblical home, is that it be:TRUTHFUL.Every member of the household must fully and confidently believe that their Christianhome stands for:THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.The cardinal rule for any parent or child is that both parent and child should:NEVER LIE.NEVER. Nothing destroys love and respect more than a lie.The seventh priority of any permanent Christian HOME is that its biblical standardsshould never be compromised. If they are, in any way, there should be confession,openly admitting wrongdoing, apologizing with the vow that those standards will neverbe broken again to the best of the offender's ability.The eighth most important priority in a Christian home is to:BUILD BOLDNESS.So that, every member of the Christian household, each parent and every child, shouldbe:UNASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.Standing for the faith, witnessing of that faith, never apologizing for strong Christianfaith, uncompromised in every way.The building, the establishment, and perhaps most importantly, the maintaining of aChristian home with its biblical and Christ-like standards, loving to the core is aconstant challenge, demanding the very best of each of the home members, requiringtime, effort, planning, and prioritizing in every way possible, so that as parents matureand LEARN (they must), and children are trained up in the way in which they shouldgo:NO MEMBER OF THE FAMILY WILL DEPARTFROM THE CHRISTIAN FAITH THEREIN!


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    There is no greater privilege for any man or woman than that of being a:PARENT.To be the father or mother of a son or daughter is indeed life's greatest privilege. But with that privilege comes great responsibility. Parenting, true parenting, and biblical-Christian parenting demands commitment, real commitment. When unto those parents a child is born, life's priorities change, irrevocably change. No matter career, education, hobby or any other thing of interest, parenting becomes:PRIORITY #1So says the scripture. So says the Apostle Paul. And so says God the Father who, as the supreme example of father, sent his son to this world, to us, that we might know what the ultimate and eternal father-son relationship really is. That eternal father and son provides the perfect example of what parenting should be, heavenly and earthly.TRAIN UP A CHILD. Train him or her in the ways of the Lord, believer father and believer mother. The God-given birth of that son or daughter becomes priority #1 for BOTH father and mother. So says our heavenly father. Building a Christian home with a Chrisitan father and mother, structuring and controlling that home, is then, at birth priority #1 and always will be.HOME, that sacred environment where there is Christian learning, loving, and listening is the very finest thing for any Christian parent.That home must be guided by REAL CHRISTIANITY. Christian principles must apply. The morality of old and new testaments must be the Lonestar, the code of ethics and honor of that home. That is why it is critical, indispensable, uncompromisingly so that both mother and father be:CHRISITAN - BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN – REAL CHRISTIANS.For only real Christian mothers and fathers, true believing parents can:TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE OR SHE SHOULD GO.For, done right, when children are raised in a real Christian home by real Christianparents (both father and mother) and where the love of the Lord prevails, only then canboth principles, that Christian code of ethics, last a lifetime. Only then can the childbecome the Christian the parent is, like the Christian parent, and believe like them fora lifetime. Children will never depart from the belief of real Christian parents no matterwhat.Children are remarkably sensitive. They sense hypocrisy perhaps even better thanadults. If any parent is ‘do what I say and not necessarily what I do,' the child rebels,acts out, disavows, and comes to believe that not only is the purported faith of theparents hypocritical, but that all of Christianity itself is hypocrisy. So, when they areold and ready to depart the home, leave their parents, and become adults on theirown, they want nothing to do with what they believe is hypocritical Christianity. Theparents, mother and father, have failed the child in the most negative way.Our Lord and the Apostle Paul have told us so very clearly that there are three greatthings in this world:FAITH – HOPE – LOVEAnd the greatest of these is LOVE. The greatest lesson any child can learn is Christianlove and that Christian love displayed between husband and wife, father and mother,that real love that exists between father and son, mother and daughter, and eachparent for each and every child, equally, sincerely, and without compromise. Theultimate expression of that love was the love between God the Father and our LordJesus Christ. Real love, parent for child is like that and when it is, or when parents dotheir very best guided by the Holy Spirit to saturate the home with Christian love, thechild learns the greatest lesson in all of life. Nothing can equal a home filled withChristian love, Christian parents loving young Christian children with that very sameChristian love. It is the greatest teacher, and the most important lesson to learn in allof life.But that takes TIME. There must be quality time between parent and child. Nothingexpresses love more, teaches better than the love between father and son, and fatherand daughter, and mother and son, and mother and daughter. NOTHING! That TIMEmust be qualitative, one on one, open and transparent, and consistent. To be a realChristian parent and train up that child in the way in which he or she should gorequires quality time as first priority and always. Nothing expresses better than timespent together one-on-one. NOTHING!The roles of father and mother are different, but they must be guided, as scriptureclearly states, by Christian principles, morals, ethics, and commandments. TheChristian home must be full of faith, hope, and above all LOVE. Real love. REALCHRISTIAN LOVE! That home environment is far more powerful than any church. Orany pastor. Or any Sunday School. Evil human beings know that as well or perhapseven better than the good, the Christian men and women. Evil men like Hitler andStalin knew the power of the home and the education provided by the parents orparent SURROGATES. The training of that young mind, heart, and soul from the firstability to comprehend, perhaps as early as age 3 or 4, is the most formative, lasting,training and experience any child could ever have.Home is where the heart is, so it is said. The real home is where the real Christianheart of love exists, where both mother and father LIVE THE LIFE OF REALCHRISTIAN LOVE. When a child is raised in that environment, that child will be raisedright, and have every opportunity to live the very best possible life, the very life whichGod the creator intended for that child, HIS CHILD.A real believer should marry another believer. A real mother will want a real Christianhusband-father, and a real husband-father will want a real Christian wife-mother. Andevery child will want a real Christian mother and a real Christian father and when heor she is old, mature, an adult, and living as the Lord intended, that child will notdepart from the ways of the Lord, lovingly lived out by loving Christian parents:PARENTS WHO REALLY AND TRULY LOVE THE LORD!

    The Patriot - The Patriot Day

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2023 11:12

    America is the leader of the west.Or at least, it once was.We were born as a marvelous experiment in Democracy, in FREEDOM. We, the 1776ers built our country as THE CITY ON THE HILL, the bright, shining beacon welcoming all to enjoy these precious freedoms with the Pledge of Allegiance to protect, preserve and defend our precious constitution and our way of life.We were built as a nation, one nation, indivisible, UNDER GOD with the promise of liberty and justice for all but America 2021 is nothing more then divided, deeply divided. We the people are polarized in virtually every aspect of our lives and our society. Instead of UNITED WE STAND, our motto should be divided to the core. We are anything but one nation.We are weakened in virtually every aspect of our society. Our economy. Where the dollar once used to be the measure of financial stability, it is no longer. We pile debt upon debt and print money for anything and everything. Our military is nowhere near as strong, threatened as we are by China and Russia. We are culturally far different, Judeo – Christian standards mocked and ignored. Religion wanes, faith in the God of the universe, and especially the God of our Lord Jesus Christ crumbles daily. We are a house divided, and a house divided:CANNOT STAND!No matter the wars of the world, Continental America was never attacked. That was so until September 11, 2001. Then came Bin Laden and his minions and the World Trade Center twin towers were destroyed, as was much of the Pentagon in Washington D.C. We found it unbelievable for these incredible acts of terrorism had never happened to us before, NEVER. But we rallied. We became almost overnight UNITED, ready to defend, to protect and preserve all that we held dear. Some 4,000 of our fellow citizens perished. We rallied to their cause, their families, their aid and support and our President George W. Bush vowed to bring the killers to justice. There was a feeling of PATRIOTISM which America had not experienced in decades. We were ready to do whatever was required. America was the America it should be, the America of old, the America of 1776. In the midst of this incredible disaster, the 9/11 massacres, America was:PATRIOTICALLY BORN AGAINBut that renewed Patriotism did not last long. It gave way to partisanship, ideological differences, deep societal divisions and rather than the patriotic love for country, an ever growing hatred for so much of what America stood for. There came about a more active socialism, something to replace democracy. Marxism reared its ugly head again. China and Russia emerged as ever growing threats to America, more each year in the past two decades. Iran and other terrorist African and Middle East nations flexed their aggressive muscles. Terrorism spread virtually everywhere. The world seemed never to have been more unsafe. There were wars and rumors of wars. America fought such wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and it seemed as though the world we knew in the year 2000 was now dramatically changed. At least America was.But, who are we my fellow Americans? What kind of people are we and what kind of society, civilization and political orientation do we have. What is America today? And how shall we live, HOW?I wonder if we are the descendants the people of 1776 who fought and gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today. I wonder whether we are freedom fighters, willing to fight with our lives for our freedoms.I wonder what we really believe, what are our real priorities. I wonder what kind of government we want to have and how active and aggressive we will be in participating in that government. I wonder whether or not our Judeo – Christian values, the moral principles upon which this country was built, will endure and how meaningful they are. Is it not time, with the lessons of 9/11, of Patriot day in mind to ask straight forwardly:WHO ARE WE?We were leaders of the world, world watch dog empower. We were proud to be Americans and citizens the world over respected our country and WE THE PEOPLE. We honored our commitments, our WORD but today, America lives in the error of POST TRUTH where the lie abounds. We can no longer be trusted. We have abandoned Afghanistan and for the most part Iraq, military endeavors we undertook after 9/11. We have left thousands to die as terrorism spreads and rules. It is in many ways embarrassing to be an American for so many.How good it would be for our country if that born again Patriotism were to be revived an become once again our way of life. If only Patriot day could awaken once again the spirit of Patriotism, love of Constitution, and an even deeper love of freedom, all of the freedoms we enjoy. A young American saved hundreds of lives when he and his cohort aboard a plane bent on sabotage and killing said to his fellow passengers:LET'S ROLLHe and they gave their lives as the plane went down, saving hundreds of other lives and perhaps even the very White House of America itself. This man was willing to die for freedom. Are we? Are we willing to give our lives for the incredible life and lifestylewe now enjoy, are we? Patriot day asks that of us. HOW WILL WE RESPOND. What will we tell the world America is and what do we believe.The real America would heed the call of President Thomas Jefferson who said so clearly that:“The tree of liberty needs to refreshed by the blood of Patriots from time to time.”And now is surely the time when that might happen if in fact we are determined to live free.The lesson of 9/11 should be that we the people have a renewed hunger for freedom, that we have a far deeper appreciation of what freedom is, how fragile it is and what we must do to live free. Perhaps 9/11 allows us to once again adopt the slogan, the theme of the great revolutionary state of Vermont:LIVE FREE OR DIEI wonder if we are willing to die for freedom like they were, are we? Are we willing to lay our all on the alter for freedom to protect, preserve and defend our way of life, are we?May it be so. Be willing, my fellow Americans, to do whatever it takes to preserve, protect and defend our beloved America.For these precious freedoms once lost, are lost forever.

    Labor Day - Work

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    Work is good. Work is necessary for the fulfillment of every human being. Work is required of every person according to his or her capabilities and talents, so sayeth the Scripture. All of us must work to survive, live, grow and profit and be all that we can be and as God intended us to be.Our very own America was built on hard work, and is in fact itself a work in progress. The progress depends upon us, we the people, how hard we work and how we make things happen. The majority of we the American people are hard workers. And, the harder and the better we work, the better America and all of us are. To be sure, nothing comes easy in this life, nothing. Everything we have or enjoy is the product of hard work by someone, whether you, or me, or someone else. You and I must do our share, accomplish our calling for the very short time we have on this precious earth. Life, said the wisest man of old King Solomon, is but a vapor here today and gone so soon tomorrow. We should make every working day count to the fullest.Pioneers built our country. They were men and women who did little but work hard morning till night. They farmed land never before productive. They raised animals and used them for work and feed. They built houses, and churches, and City Halls. They built roads and bridges. They built autos and trucks. They built hospitals and invented medicines. They designed and manufactured clothing. They created places for entertainment and worship. They built elaborate and majestic campuses for education and things theological. They built laboratories and science centers and they sent us deep into space. They were then and we are now the workers who made America great, America, the most exciting, creative human and social experiment in all of history. You and I should be proud of them and we should be proud to be workers like they were. The more we work, the better we are, caught up, energized and thrilled by the spirit of America, our exceptional opportunity to pursue our dreams and to build our future. America and those who believe in what it stands for are indeed EXCEPTIONAL and we have been blessed by EQUALLY EXCEPTIONAL opportunity. As we work, we should do everything possible to protect and defend the opportunities, lifestyles and freedoms which America offers.How wonderful it is that the talent and ability of every individual God-Made is different, unique. It is marvelous indeed that every single person has talent and gifts which are in fact different. That is true divine diversity. None of us are better at least not in the sight of God, but different only. Each of us has our own special CALLING. So, no matter who you are, YOU are special and it is your right but every bit as importantly your duty to utilize those God-given talents to the fullest. It is your dutyto fulfill your calling. So then, we should not be concerned with what others think norshould we judge what we do and how we work by the standards of others. Nor shouldwe be inhibited by their criticism. For we need to know ourselves, be true to thatspecial self and soul which God has created and through prayer and meditation, cometo a full recognition of those talents and be the very person God intended that you andI be. We can fail, but we can bounce back. The opportunity for growth and change isstill available in America, thank God. Ignore rejection and focus on your calling.So then, my fellow Americans, you may be called to be a mother. Be all that you canbe as a mother for the sake of your children and do your God-given calling with all ofyour might. Or perhaps you are secretary, or babysitter. Perhaps you clean for aliving. Recognize all such work as a calling and do your calling with all of your might.Or perhaps you are plumber, electrician, landscaper, restaurant worker. Do yourcalling with all of your might and as you can, as unto the Lord. Or perhaps you arelawyer, accountant, radio salesperson, financial planner. Do your calling with all ofyour might. And if you are the President of anything, including the President of ourgreat United States, you perhaps have a calling with higher standards, duties anddemands. No one should do a calling better than you WITH ALL OF YOUR MIGHT!So, we work, we produce and as we do, we should expect return which of courseincludes money and profit. We work for economic growth and benefit, for the fruit ofour labors. We follow the biblical prescription that we can expect even with minimumwork product the return of that work one for one. Or perhaps, five to one. Or even asScripture indicates, perhaps as much as ten to one or more as we diligently developand exploit those talents and capabilities through hard work. The money return fromour work, efforts, creativity and initiative is blessed by Scripture. That money returnis right, as we become work men and work women worthy of our hire. We plant, asScripture says, and Mother Nature waters and it is GOD who gives the increase so theScriptures say. It is a good thing to make money and to be rewarded for our work.Money supports. Money helps others. Money creates opportunity. The best of us atwork, hard work, is exactly what this world of so many ENTITLED needs now morethan ever. In fact, hard and productive work is so necessary for this world ofentitlements in which we live in order for it to survive and continue. It is well andgood indeed to help those all in real need. But all who can, any and all includingthose receiving entitlements, should work as they can.But today, unfortunately it seems, there are those supposedly progressive in thinkingwho wish to tell us that profit is wrong, especially in excess. That profit made is theresult of GREED at work. Profit they say is not as a result of hard work or specialskills, but rather the exploitation of others. Ignore them. You are worthy of the profitand gain of anything you produce at any level of life. The more you invest as a mother,the better your child, perhaps better than others. Enjoy the fruit, the profit of yourlabors. When you build something, revel in the fruit of your labors and do it with all ofyour might, and better than others. For no matter what progressives or others wouldsay, YOU DID IN FACT BUILD IT, and you did build it yourself. In fact, so much ofwhat is built would not have been built without you or me. Revel in, enjoy and profitfrom anything and everything YOU BUILT!But work produces much more than money. Those who understand the value of workrealize full well that the doing well of anything is the reward itself! The satisfaction,the fulfillment, the full expression of the self among mankind and before God are THEBEST REWARDS. They are indeed more valuable than money for money comes andgoes. But the rewards of work well done last a lifetime and are in fact eternal. Wecreate an earthly balance sheet, personal financial and loss statements here and now,but it is the ETERNAL balance sheet which really counts. Nothing goes with you, nomatter what you leave behind, but only the heavenly balance sheet you create. Forthere is always something more, often much more than the work itself or the profittherefrom. There is good, often enormous good in work well done and even veryspiritual good. See that clearly as part of the goal of your calling and WORK whichonly adds to the return and the enjoyment.So, the work we do can be not only for money, or profit, but for non-profit. For worthycauses. For the good of society in which we live. For all humanity, especially those inneed. For the Christian Church and for the Christ we love and serve. For blooddrives. For HIV awareness and treatment. For feeding and sheltering the homeless.For carrying the message of the Gospel to forsaken and needy parts of America and theworld. Shepherding and guiding children. Tending to the needs of the elderly.Visiting and comforting those in prison.THE WORK OF THE LORD AT WORK FOR ALL MANKIND, AS WE ARE CALLED.All of these things make us what we should be before the Lord and our fellow man.So many of us are people of faith. But our faith, sayeth Scripture, without works isdead. Whatever you believe, whatever your faith, there is no way for anyone to knowwhether or not it is real except by your works. Talk is cheap. But by the fruits of yourlabors your fellow human beings will know you. If there is in fact a work of God inyou, a CALLING, a life objective, the works that you do will prove to others who youare. What you and I do not do also proves who we are. The great thinking DietrichBonhoeffer said that not to act is to act. Negative actions, doing nothing, can be aspotent negatively as actual action itself.Unfortunately, there are those who do deceitful works and works of iniquity. They areknown for their fraudulent and deceitful acts. They work not for the good of mankind,but only for themselves, for ego, for elicit gain in a deceitful way. Their works andtheir lives are in vain. William Shakespeare said that the evil that men do lives afterthem, the legacy they make and that evil is the only thing remembered here and ineternity.So, it is our duty to study, to grow ourselves in our career and constantly makeourselves better, so that we can show ourselves approved as work men and women,understanding the objectives, values and priorities which are ours, always growing inour understanding, especially the Scriptures so that we can be approved by God beforehim as well as man. Learning, whether a trade or in law, or by gaining experience andgrowing or by learning from others, or the school of hard knocks, and by mistakes,learning standards of excellence to which we can aspire so that we can be all, ALL wecan be, working with all of our might knowing in this world that indeed the night iscoming where no man can work. Work while you can and the best you can.In this life, we slow down, age or perhaps lose interest or motivation, and of courseenergy and our ability to work dissipates or even ends. With that ends opportunityand potential and we may not have finished what we are called to do. Some retire, orquit, or are forced to retire prematurely. Some of us are fortunate enough to finishand accomplish our objectives and purposes, while others can not. For us, we arefortunate that even Jesus of Nazareth said in John's Gospel that he had in factfinished the work for which the Father had sent him. He had accomplished Hisobjectives, fulfilled His purposes and He did so to His last dying breath. Our goal, likeHIS should be to finish our work, the work for which we were sent by God and meantto do. That is the greatest fulfillment this life can offer.We are called upon by God Almighty to live every day to the fullest. CARPE DIEM myfellow Americans, seize the day. It is the day which the Lord hath made and for you towork and be productive. Worry not about tomorrow, or the criticism, expectations oreven the rejections of any man. It has its own problems-evil-which you can not controlor do anything about. But, rather think in terms of how precious every minute ofevery hour of every day is, and rejoice in that. Maximize the opportunity that minutebrings and, whatever your hand finds to do, YOUR CALLING, do it with all of yourmight. Every God-given minute is indeed an opportunity there once never to return.So that everything we do, everything no matter how menial works together for good.The joy of living is so special. We are told by our Lord that He is come that we mighthave life in its most ABUNDANT form and that our joy, OUR TOTAL JOY may be full.There is joy in every moment, as we work, as we rest, as we play, as we love others andas we understand who we are and:BE ALL THAT WE CAN BEThose who love to work and love as much to be productive and make things happenknow that the ultimate reward for such work is:THE VERY WORK ITSELFNo matter the accolades of man, or profit, or any other earthly benefit, the ultimatereward, the ultimate satisfaction is the work itself. Nothing feels better to any rightthinkingperson than a job well done, having done the best you can with all of yourmight.So then, for the Christian, there is something even greater than works. There isGRACE, saving grace. And no manner of works can ever equal that. The grace at Godat work trumps the works of any man, but when added to works, leads to the completefulfillment of that life. We can and should be proud of the works we do, but the workof God in Jesus Christ, saving grace through Him is the greatest work of all. Thecombination of grace producing work, the right work is the very best thing in life.So, my fellow Americans, work hard. Work well, with purpose. Know your calling. Dowhat you were CALLED to do, and do it in each and every minute, hour and day ofyour life. Do what your Creator would have you do and you will find fulfillment in thatwork and in your life. It matters not whether you are housewife or President,millionaire or middle class, never forget that:YOU AND YOUR WORK ARE CRITICALLY IMPORTANTYOU AND YOUR WORK ARE UNIQUE, DIFFERENT FROM ALL OTHERSWe need not the approval or recognition of mankind however enjoyable that may be.We need to work to be approved by God, who knows us, our every thought and deed.His approval is all that matters.I and the Crawford Broadcasting Company honor all of the men and women inAmerica who work, and work hard, and make America, family and friends, and all ofus so much better and especially those who work as unto the Lord. Find the work youlove to do, really love to do and you will never work a day in your life!God bless you work men and women worthy of your hire and it is because of you that:GOD WILL BLESS AMERICA

    Christian and Conservative Action Agenda

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    God ordained that you and I live in America. Why, only He knows. You and I are privileged to live in the greatest land, the greatest nation in the history of mankind. We are blessed beyond belief, far more than we can know. No matter what may be wrong, the problems and difficulties WE THE PEOPLE face, America is the greatest. There is no nation like her, none in human history. NONE.It is ironic, sad really, that we the citizens, the partakers of these American privileges and liberties cannot fully appreciate them, teach them, live by them, and, as our constitution says, protect, preserve, and defend these freedoms and liberties for our posterity and to teach them how unique, how special, America, its Constitution, rule of law, its way of life, all of this and so much more, so special.With these blessings and privileges are obligations, and duties. We owe, we are required to give back, to invest back in this great country, to do our part to preserve, protect, and defend this way of life. Today, how casually we seem to neglect those duties. More than ever, Americans take their freedoms, especially their political freedoms for granted. We assume they go on, that we will live out the life given us without doing our share of the work required to maintain them. As that practice continues, the freedoms we enjoy will be lost indeed in one generation. Sad and tragic, don't you think? Where are we? Where are you and where am I when the revolutionary call of THE BRITISH ARE COMING echoes through America. Where are we? Why do we not grab our muskets of faith and head to the battlefield, wherever that is, whatever that is to protect our beloved America, why?Our political system is the finest ever designed, ever. It provides for the full exercise of Federal power. But it also provides for incredible CHECKS AND BALANCES. Run right, implemented in Constitutional terms, the American form of government is the very finest ever designed by mankind. The vast majority of our children never know that. They are not trained up in the ways in which they should go, especially politically, and when they are old, and become decision-makers, they know not the way of their parents, the way of America, the way of the Constitution! How sad and the beginning of the end of freedom, of America itself!There are so many ways to learn who we are, what we are, how we should function, and why it is necessary for every citizen, EVERY CITIZEN, to do his or her part, CRITICAL! Millions are uninformed. Perhaps even worse, those same millions really don't care, really don't feel a sense of urgency, REALLY DON'T REALIZE what is happening in America today. They remain indifferent and like Nero of the Rome of old, fiddled while America burns. Someone else to the rescue, but I am too busy, say the millions. And freedom, our very constitutional liberties teeter on the brink.Every American citizen should know one issue and know it well. So often, when an American knows one, and can think it through and discuss reason, and come to constitutional conclusions, that American wants more, more issues, more involvement, and becomes possessed daily with a greater concern for all things American. ONE ISSUE, a catalyst for more, but just one.Then comes a desire to really know the candidates, and what those candidates for political office think and believe about the ONE ISSUE. The priority of this American voter. And, one leads to more. Candidates are understood in terms of their past, their true actions and deeds, their real beliefs without hypocrisy and voting alliances are formed. Support, real support can be given. Money or money consideration, time, effort, and endorsement can be rendered confidently.That informed, enlightened voter will attend rallies. That supporter will support special appearances and attend. That voter, one issue expert and exploring all others, can influence so many readily and confidently. ONE ISSUE, and that inevitably leads to the want more, more knowledge of all issues.Political discussions then become natural. They move from mere duty to opportunity. It becomes natural and normal to discuss with family, to educate and be educated. It stimulates thinking and when watered with prayer, political matters become all the more clear.Then, action becomes easy. Action becomes natural, even desirable. It is not forced but is there, right there, waiting, waiting for the right passionate and loving American to SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY and stand up for our beloved America.Then, the First Amendment, the absolute guarantee, the five guarantees of freedom, critically necessary for mankind become a way of life, for without them, any of them, there would be no America. That American, that real American citizen, studies to show himself approved unto God, and to America, and fellow citizens, true political workmen and workwomen, constantly in the task of learning and loving the constitution, and all things American political, so that he or she will become a far better American, a far better citizen, rightly dividing, understanding and communicating political truths in an America which now lives in so many ways in the era of:POST TRUTH.NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHRISTIAN AND CONSERVATIVE ACTION! NOW! Are you willing to do your part, do you love, care for, and are you willing to protect and defend this the greatest land in the history of mankind in which you are privileged to live, are you? Now or never. The loss of freedom is only one generation away. You and I have the duty as citizens to make certain that THIS IS NOT THAT GENERATION!

    Action Agenda

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    IT IS TIME! It is time for all of us who love our Lord Jesus Christ, who are real Christians, to stand up.It is time for all of us soldiers of the cross, to:FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH!Time to take action. Time to wrap ourselves in the armor of truth.It is time to embrace the shield of righteousness. It is time to be both energized and protected by the Holy Spirit.IT IS THE RIGHT TIME, to wield the sword of faith. IT IS TIME TO FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH IN AMERICA AND WORLDWIDE.NOT WITH WEAPONS. NOT WITH BULLETS. NOT WITH FORCE OR VIOLENCE. But with all of our might with the spiritual weapons of:FAITHHOPELOVE,Especially love.It is time to show the enemy the power of love, the real power of love which Christians have in Jesus Christ. We are told that God is love. And, God IS love. And that love is available as the greatest force in all of this world, ALL OF IT! And, with regard to our Lord, we are told that there is no greater love than that a man or woman lay down his or her life for a friend, for a belief, for Jesus Christ. NO GREATER LOVE! Are you willing to lay down your life as you fight the fight of faith, are you? Am I?Tenderness and compassion are also weapons of the fight of faith. It is an enormously difficult task to love a sinner but hate the sin. Our God does it well, naturally, but we, human and weak, tend to judge both sin and sinner. Judging is not our business but testing the spirits is. Confronting sin, evil, the WRONG, is our business and we may to some extent be conspirators if we do not stand up against that sin, like abortion, like the unnatural, like euthanasia for there is no such thing as mercy killing. Jesus gave his all. He laid down his life for his friends, all of us, all humanity. He showed us the way, the truth, and the life…in death. There is nothing in this world like knowing Him, REALLY KNOWING HIM! Nothing but nothing is more empowering, energizing, enabling, and edifying, NOTHING!With those, the weapons of faith, it is only natural, only right that we, the Army of the Cross, speak up and speak out. There is no way, with that power, that we can be anything but bold, aggressive in our faith, sharing that faith in word and deed, especially deed. There is no way we can be afraid or ashamed. Each of us who believe is possessed with unique talents, all different, but all effective. Your talents are unique in the kingdom of God, needed on the spiritual battlefield. If you truly love your Lord, and you truly believe, you must bring your talents, God-given, to the fore. And now. The night is coming when no man or woman can work, can bring their talents to the fray. Today is the day. You have the opportunity to serve today, this very day. Be on the watch, watchmen and women, and when the opportunity arises, seize it for your Lord. FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH!Those with the gift of speech must speak out. Those who cook the food which God has given must do it as unto the Lord, FEED THE SAINTS! And the needy, and the hungry.Those who tend to children must do it with fresh vision, energy, and conviction. Those artistic should paint as unto the Lord. Those with strong intellect should teach in love. Those who preach and teach the Word should do so with fresh vision and love. ALL IN THE FIGHT OF FAITH.That battle wages, where two or three are gathered together. Franklin Graham, good man, man of God as he is, draws hundreds of thousands. One, or two, or three may well be more than enough for you and me.YOU ARE CALLED, whoever you are. You are possessed with unique faith weapons. And talents. And the Army of the Lord needs you today. TODAY!So, action, Christian and conservative action, is called for. Absolutely necessary TODAY. This is the day which the Lord hath made. Be glad, rejoice therein, and thank God for your salvation and for the privilege you have of living in your, my, our beloved America, EXAMINE YOUR WEAPONS, YOUR TALENTS, and this very day:FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH.Not with the weapons of the world, not with violence, killing, not with hate, vengeance, or any of the ways of the world, but only with the potent, never-failing, eternal weapons of our Lord:FAITH – HOPE – LOVE.And, my fellow Christian:YOU WILL WIN THE BATTLE BEFORE YOU!For Him. God has promised you and me the spiritual victory!

    Christian Action List

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    STUDY TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED!If you are a true, bible-believing, saved-by-grace Christian, and so much has been given to you by our Lord, to you and me, when so much has been given, MUCH IS EXPECTED.Every Christian, no matter the intellect, education, or academic capability, is required to:STUDY.Woke, progressive, radical, anti-American individuals, growing by leaps and bounds, count on the fact that you and I will not study the issues, and understand their implications to our faith, our church, and our Lord. No matter the issue, they the enemy count upon Christians being indifferent, uninvolved, and even ignorant of what is really happening, truth and fact in this world of cancel-culture and post-truth. You and I, lovers of our Lord Jesus Christ, must show them that we are the exact opposite. That we still stand up, that we will fight the fight of faith with God-given weapons far superior to the military and violent weapons of the world, and that:TRUTH MATTERS.It matters now more than ever. And of course, to us, the ultimate truth is:THE BIBLE.THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, THE FATHER OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, AND THE AUTHOR AND MAKER OF ALL TRUTH.That takes study, and work. There is not any human being anywhere who does not have the capability to do that. No matter your level of intelligence, IQ, or academic rating, YOU CAN DO THIS! You must do this. You must be informed, educated, and enlightened, and you must be active, participating, strong in the Lord, wearing the armor of faith, wielding the sword of Righteousness, and fully protected by the Love, Power, and Strength of Jesus Christ. YOU MUST STAND UP AND BOLDLY SO!Study those scriptures, all of them, Old and New Testament. Learn from them, and ask for the wisdom, guidance, and understanding of the Holy Spirit. Think through those issues. Dwell upon them until you understand them, issues that matter to you, and issues which God has laid upon your heart. Find the answers. That starts with Holy Scripture. Therein lies absolute and unconditional and uncompromising truth.Study the Constitution. Understand what you can. Seek outside sources which will explain, educate, and edify you, and enlighten you as a proud American citizen. There is no guarantee, no expression of freedom any better or more comprehensive than the incredible First Amendment of that American Constitution. Perhaps the greatest document ever produced by mankind, the expression of freedom, the body of that document with its amendments, ours as Americans since 1787.We can worship as we please, openly, unashamed, publicly, and as the Lord leads. The right to believe and proclaim the Gospel is a right that can never be taken away, NEVER. We must fight the fight of faith to preserve that right, now and always.There is no freedom of religion, no right, opportunity, or privilege to be a Christian without the free speech and free press that the First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees. We must be able to speak loudly, boldly, intelligently, and joyfully about the faith which has transformed us, made us different, and which is the core, the substance of our lives. We must preserve those freedoms, speech and press, the heart and soul of liberty at all costs. We must say, and believe, and act upon the words of founding father Patrick Henry, ‘GIVE ME LIBERTY (freedom of religion, speech, and press) OR GIVE ME DEATH!We must be ready to lay our all on the altar, our lives, our possessions, our future, to protect this liberty, the first and most important of which is:FREEDOM OF RELIGION.Anyone, ANYONE, can do that, no matter the education or level of intellect, ANYONE! Ask for the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, ask for understanding and enlightenment. Ask and you will receive that if you are serious, willing to work and study, and determine to be a better Christian and American. All freedoms take work, and require protection, passionate belief, and determination to win the battle of faith, hope, and love. That battle of faith is not easy, constant, never-ending, and we must be soldiers of the cross until HE returns, the captain of our faith and the only one, THE ONLY ONE, who can redeem and bring peace, goodwill, and love to all humankind.STUDY! Scripture and Constitution.THINK.MEDITATE.PRAY. Ask for the wisdom and understanding of the Holy Spirit, our precious Holy Bible, and our beloved secular counterpart, our Constitution.  SPEAK BOLDLY! And, like Paul, say with all your heart:I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST FOR IT IS THE POWER OF GOD UNTO SALVATION!PROTECT AND DEFEND our holy Scriptures.PROTECT AND DEFEND our beloved Constitution.Read it, understand what you can, and seek guidance and understanding from sources that can help you become a better fighter of the faith and a champion of America.To be Christian, to be American, to have those incredible opportunities comes with duty, responsibility, and obligation. Chief of which is to study, learn, engage, be involved, and work for the night is coming, work for your Lord and your Country.DO WHAT YOU CAN! Only what you can, but do it well, do it with all your might, and protect your faith and your country. For those precious freedoms, privileges, once lost are lost forever. Heed the words of Ronald Reagan:THE LOSS OF OUR FREEDOM, ALL OF THEM (PERMANENTLY SO) IS ONLY ONE GENERATION AWAY!

    Pride Month - Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

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    The Los Angeles Dodgers are a popular, well-known, and for the most part, good baseball team and organization.They play baseball, or at least they should, that and that alone. Their objective, their mission, is sports, clean, honest, hardworking sports, with the objective of winning the World Series. They are not qualified and should not be involved in politics, cultural or social issues and ideas, and most importantly, religion. They have no business or expertise to take positions on any religious matters or social-cultural matters and issues as well. PLAY BASEBALL AND DO IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT!But then comes so-called PRIDE MONTH. Supposedly, Americans-We The People are supposed to honor and embrace the LGBTQIA movement. Whether or not we believe in gay homosexuality and the lifestyle which accompanies that movement, which in so many ways is anti-Christian, and even more broadly anti-religion. Somehow, and for whatever reason, and whoever made these decisions, the top brass of the LA Dodgers, that major league baseball organization, decided to honor the Pride movement by having a night and a baseball game in their honor and in celebration of PRIDE MONTH.Shockingly, the LA Dodgers decided to “celebrate” pride month by honoring the:SISTERS OF PERPETUAL INDULGENCE.These so-called SISTERS are nothing more than men who dress up in sexually explicit and rainbow-colored nun clothing to mock Catholics. These men, posing as women, perform shocking stunts designed to be as offensive as possible. They include a CONDOM SAVIOR MASS and believe this or not, pole dancing on a crucifix, perhaps the height of blasphemous mockery of Christianity and the Catholic church, and presenting DRAG QUEENS posing as nuns. Can you believe that? What an entity. Sounds to me like straight from the devil. What do you think?Again, shockingly, the LA Dodgers gave this anti-Catholic bigoted group center stage and honored them as representatives of the Pride movement with utter disregard for Catholicism, Catholics in general, and in fact all Christians who believe in the crucified Lord Jesus Christ.  The Dodgers organization invited SISTERS OF PERPETUAL INDULGENCE, then as a result of an outpouring of thousands of protests, disinvited the group, but then the radical, woke, progressive, cancel-culture thinking, which obviously dominates the Los Angeles Dodgers ownership and decision makers, re-invited this blasphemous group once again. This intolerant hate group showed up at the LA Dodgers PRIDE NIGHT, a baseball game at Dodgers stadium on June 16th. To me, it was totally improper for the Dodgers to honor pride month, really none of their baseball business, but to do so with this vial, blasphemous, hate group was the ultimate disrespectful and blasphemous attack upon all things CATHOLIC, and consequently all Christians.Up stepped the aggressive organization:CATHOLIC VOTE.This organization stands up for the rights of Catholics and indirectly all Christians and will not tolerate any hate, blasphemous attack, or disrespect of any kind to Catholicism. Ironic, is it not, that our illustrious president, Joe Biden, claims to be a devout Catholic but has no problem endorsing Pride Month and the LGBTQIA movement, which is anti-Christian and Catholic in so many ways. I wonder if any of this anti-Catholic activity reaches the ears of Pope Francis!The organization CATHOLIC VOTE went public, with advertising everywhere, demanding that the Dodgers:1. Publicly apologize for honoring this so-called SISTERS OF PERPETUAL INDULGENCE.2. Pledge, this Dodgers organization, to never host or honor an anti-Catholic hate group ever again.3. Fire every person within the Dodgers organization responsible for organizing and approving this reprehensible stunt.CATHOLIC VOTE is determined that the Dodgers organization will not get away with celebrating sexual perversion to mock Catholics. I can only imagine the outcry, the protest, politically and culturally, and the litigation which would follow such blasphemous mockery of Jews and Judaism, or Muslims and Islam. But to the Dodgers, it seems like the blasphemous mockery of Catholics and Christianity generally is fair game, attacks and disrespect the Dodgers organization can get away with.I, like millions of other Christians, and a baseball fan, love the game, and always respected the Dodgers organization, until now.Up stepped the great organization Judicial Watch. JW filed a lawsuit along with Catholic Vote, perhaps motivated by this latest Dodgers blasphemous action to sue the FBI, the once objective, fair, and well-trusted FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, and the Department of Justice of which it is a part, alleging the targeting of Catholics by the FBI who adhere to traditional beliefs on abortion and other cultural issues. Judicial Watch president, Tom Fitton, issued this statement:  “In a brazen attack on the First Amendment and Christians, the Biden FBI planned to treat Catholics as potential terrorists and spy on them in their churches.”Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch and Brian Burch of Catholic Vote are two formidable, no-quit, no-nonsense individuals, formidable foes to say the least. They are determined to find, identify, litigate, and rid our beloved country of those biased individuals who attack Catholics specifically and all Christians generally as well. It is time, overdue in many ways, for all Catholics and in fact, all Christians to live out and make happen the mission of Catholic Vote which is:“To inspire every Catholic in America to live out the truth of our faith in public life!”Amen. Get on with it. Stand up for the First Amendment, for freedom of religion, and assembly, and put a stop once and for all to all things anti-Christian. In many ways, that Stand is now or never.Clayton Kershaw, star pitcher for the LA Dodgers agrees. Strong Christian that he is, he protested Pride Night at Dodgers stadium and more importantly, the honoring of THE SISTERS OF PERPETUAL INDULGENCE. I only wish other members of the Dodgers organization, or perhaps, more importantly, the baseball team itself, had stood up, protested, and realized the unbelievable enormity of the action of the Dodgers organization and the anti-religious, Catholic and Christian disrespect of this action.My fellow Americans and fellow Christians, if every Christian, of every denomination, were to stand up, take charge of culture and government, and education and the media, rather than being intimidated or silent, or withdrawn, or perhaps worst of all indifferent, and FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH, America could be restored overnight and in one election to its traditional roots and the deep and abiding respect for real religion, for real Christianity. Unfortunately, protests occur, and millions of American citizens are offended, speak out, but for some reason, do not follow through, and as a result, do not win the spiritual battle. To fight the fight of faith is to win the spiritual battle, not just to fight. We the Christians fight not with traditional weapons, force, or might, but with the power of the gospel, conviction, stand, uncompromising, with love not hate. But I believe we must be determined to win this battle, to preserve our freedoms, to protect our Loving Lord, and the real Christian faith in which we believe. Do you agree?And if you do, are you willing to lay all on the altar and win this battle? Christians are not hateful. All those anti-Christian are the hateful ones. Somehow, WE THE CHRISTIANS must fight this fight of faith with love and do so with all our might!

    The Silent Christian Conservative Generation

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    We all know about Millennials. Now we know about the so-called Gen-Z. We heard for years about the Baby Boomers and the so-called Silent Generation, old folks like me.Well, my fellow Americans and fellow Christians, I think it's about time the great USA and the world at large heard about and from:THE SILENT-QUIET-INTIMIDATED GENERATIONand that would be strong, born-again Christians, and equally strong, passionate Americans who will change the hateful label of silent-quiet and replace it with:THE STAND-UP GENERATION.The fight-the-fight-of-faith generation. The fight for the real America, the constitutional and rule of law America and to fight back against Cancel Culture, all things woke, radical and anti-American. It is time that America everywhere heard, loud and clear from this no-more silent Christian generation who will now aggressively fight the fight of faith with strong Christian and conservative, PEACEFUL WEAPONS. Can we now date this new STAND-UP GENERATION from 2023 to a time to be determined far into the future? No matter your age or stereotype, no matter by what generation you are labeled, you and I, mentally and spiritually, emotionally, and culturally should form the new aggressive meaningful force in America, once again:THE STAND-UP GENERATION.Are you ready to join? Are you finally ready to be heard, silent generation members? I do hope and pray so.A recent poll conducted by the ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM (ADF) found that conservative college students and workers say they fear sharing their political and religious beliefs in this virulent cancel-culture environment. They fear losing their jobs if they champion or express conservative religious or political views at work. Cancel culture retribution, woke intimidation, and criticism would come if such views were posted and made available on social media. So much for free speech, silent generation. But that silent force of intimidation seems to exist virtually everywhere.There are at least 284 large companies and corporations, such as Apple and Disney, which champion the agenda of LGBTQIA and at the same time, do everything possible to limit or extinguish the views and free speech expressions of conservatives and Christians. These large companies openly make it clear, even if indirectly, that conservatives and Christians will be “shut out of advancement opportunities,” mistreated by co-workers and bosses, and even fired for voicing their beliefs. Courageous conservatives and Christians will however stand up, not be intimidated, exercise their constitutional First Amendment rights of free speech and if there is retribution, bring a healthy dose of litigation against the offending company. That should be the non-violent payback of conservatives and Christians who experience this illegal, hateful, non-constitutional threat, intimidation, and unfair treatment.The ADF survey indicates that this kind of censorship and intimidation is everywhere and affects everything and virtually everyone either directly or indirectly. The bottom line is that these woke-workplace policies unfairly silence these good employees, and it is necessary and critical that they fight back.One such form of intimidation, and unfair and unequal treatment is the policy expressed by so many of these 284 corporations which require conservatives and Christians to not offend another person when they express their views. These companies require that corporate policy and etiquette require others, in speech expression, to be respectful of others. How interesting that these one-sided, biased, even hateful corporate officers, with their directors of integration, diversity, and the like, do not have the very same policies and expectations for woke, radical, anti- American employees as they work and express their views. Unfair, biased, hateful, anti-Conservative, and anti-Christian every bit as much as anything direct, overt, and tangible.The ADF study also indicated that so many large companies and corporations in America now enforce official and unofficial speech and thought codes for their employees. That of course produces a toxic, strained, stressful, and tenuous work environment. These same rules are surely applied in force to conservates and Christians but not so very much with all others.The excellent FOUNDATION FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND EXPRESSION (FIRE) reported in December that 88% of four-year colleges and universities now restrict the free expression of their students, requiring such expressions to be done only in so-called FREE SPEECH ZONES and even there with restrictions. So much for the Constitution, First Amendment, freedom of speech and press, and assembly, the gathering and speaking of conservative speakers, and of course, unabridged freedom of religion. These anti-American, anti-constitutional forces are everywhere and growing in clout and political muscle.CANCEL CULTURE is winning the cultural battle, but that is primarily because conservatives and Christians do not protest, are not heard, do not stand up, and do not exercise their constitutional or legal rights because of this rampant intimidation, ridicule, rejection, and revenge. This has to stop, my fellow conservatives and Christians, IT HAS TO STOP AND STOP NOW. And, only the brand-new STAND-UP GENERATION of those once silent, now silent no more, can make that happen. Let us start to fashion a new generation of Americans, Americans who will not take it anymore, Americans who will stand up for the true and real America, their rights, and freedoms in every constitutional rule of law sense. I URGE YOU TO BE AN ACTIVE PART OF THIS NEW GENERATION. I urge you to influence politics and culture in every way possible, and to be a force to be reckoned with in:ELECTIONS 2024.Millions of silent-no-more Americans can make an unbelievable and wholesale difference in this country and the:TAKE-BACK OF THE REAL AMERICA.Stand up, fight back with peaceful, spiritual weapons, speak out, and be afraid no more of aggressively challenging this hateful, change-or-destroy America, woke and cancel culture generation in which we live. FIGHT BACK AND STAND UP. The loss of freedom is only one generation away and my right-thinking, fellow conservatives and Christians adopt the words of Winston Churchill as your motto for this new stand-up generation:NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!


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    Bill Clinton, former President of the United States declared the entire month of June as:PRIDE MONTH.That momentous, unusual presidential decision-order occurred in 1999. For the past 23 years, America has supposedly honored all things and all peoples LGBTQIA month whether or not we were supportive or believed that America should pay homage to this movement.Strange word to adopt as a slogan, the word PRIDE. The connotation is both negative and positive. Scripture, biblical truisms indicate that Pride is a very negative state of being and that:PRIDE GOETH BEFORE DESTRUCTIONandA HAUGHTY SPIRIT BEFORE A FALL!That may indicate that the so-called Pride Movement might not last, and it might also indicate that WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, who embrace completely different gender views, beliefs and opinions about sex, far and away in the majority, will resist. Will you?In the End Times, sayeth scripture, there will be an unleashing, new aggression by all things and people:UNNATURAL.Men, says the scripture, will lie with men, and women with women, although never intended by the creator (unnatural) who created us male and female and for different purposes sexually. None were intended to be bisexual, transgender, or queer, experimenting. None were surely not intended to be binary. Today, the PRIDE movement adopts and embraces all such lifestyles, brand new gender identities, and totally different and non-biblical sexual orientation, and perhaps even more variations are yet to come. Surely, as Jesus Christ predicted, and as the Apostle Paul affirmed, all such things are sure signs of:THE END TIMES. Do you agree? Do you have a firm position and conviction on LGBTQIA, do you?The PRIDE MOVEMENT is surely a war against Christianity, its values, morals, and certainly its sexual beliefs. And it is also an attack upon real Old Testament Judaism and Islam as well. In fact, PRIDE may be an attack, open warfare against all religions. So that, all who believe in a God who created humankind, male and female, seem to be under attack at every turn, cultural warfare at work, becoming more aggressive by the day.Some say we Conservatives and Christians have indeed lost the cultural war. They offer no proof. In reality, in so many ways, the FIGHT OF FAITH has only just begun. Many think that Conservatives and Christians are finally waking up, aroused by the aggression of LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, the 1619 project, and so much more. Cultural warfare which threatens everything that America has been to this point and the very heart and soul of Christianity itself.BUT, look around. There is now a new resistance at work, a new and aggressive STAND-UP where Christians and Conservatives will not be intimidated, will stand up for their rights, for freedoms, for biblical truths, for religious values, and begin aggressively to:FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH.Do you see that? And are you a part of that?PRIDE MONTH may have unleashed a new conservative BACKLASH. There is at work a more aggressive PUSH-BACK. There is new religious muscle at work slowly becoming more evident, powerful, and meaningful. Do you see that? And are you a part of that? The American way, constitutional rights, individual freedoms and the liberties we enjoy apparently permit LGBTQIA guaranteed by the constitution. BUT, it gives the movement no special rights no matter how progressive or radical and it certainly gives them no rights to constantly attack, criticize, and use legal, cultural, and economic means to stifle all things Christian.Finally, the so-called conservative but really truly constitutional majority in the Supreme Court of the United States recognizes the subversive attacks on religions- Christian rights and the Court is reinforcing the rights of the Constitution, allowing Conservatives and Christians to disagree with LGBTQIA, not participate economically or in any other way with the demands of the movement (the Baker and the Photographer) as a matter of basic constitutional right. The cultural war, waged more aggressively by LGBTQIA now begins to feel the real fight-back, the STAND-UP of Christians and Conservatives, and the cultural war has only just begun.From the biblical books of Moses (first five Old Testament) through David and the Psalms, Solomon and the Prophets, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul, there is a universal and unanimous condemnation of the:UNNATURAL. These are strong Christian-Jewish-Islamic beliefs. They are not fashioned by individuals like you or me but are given to us as Truth-Absolute. To be Christian is to embrace them, believe them, and live by them. That is an inalienable right under the Constitution, and now for the first time in years, WE THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE are demanding those rights and fortunately, our Supreme Court agrees.Christians by the millions are beginning to exercise the push-back of:BOYCOTTDIVESTMENTSANCTIONSChristians begin to BOYCOTT, come apart from, and have nothing to do with LGBTQIA.Christians are exercising the right of DIVESTMENT distancing and disagreeing with this unnatural biblical position. Christians are also exercising SANCTIONS, speaking out, separating from, and standing up to the aggressions of LGBTQIA.FORD MOTOR COMPANY forgets business and champions PRIDE. Ford now makes a gay pickup truck and expects its customers not only to embrace the move but buy the truck. Fortunately, that is not happening.TARGET displays swimwear, and other products, openly gay, and fully embraces the philosophy, and its stock value and income plummet.ANHEUSER-BUSCH, makers of Bud Light, tout the gay agenda and promote Dylan Mulvaney, the transgender as spokesperson. Bud Light loses 30% of its market share and once, far and away #1, is now a distant #2.The Los Angeles Dodgers dedicate an entire night of baseball to the SISTERS OF PERPETUAL INDULGENCE, a group that mocks and disparages the Catholic church and its dedicated nuns. The reaction, the push-back was enormous, led by star Dodger pitcher Clayton Kershaw. The believers in the natural stand up. Are you one of them?Christians have no choice but to fight the cultural war. None at all. You are in the fight, you must engage in that fight, you must contribute to the forces of the natural, and you must stand up and protect and defend your Christian beliefs, especially as you train up children and grandchildren or you will watch those precious biblical beliefs whittle away.PRIDE goeth before destruction. The only pride worthwhile is for us to be proud of the fact that we are Christians, proud of our Lord Jesus Christ, proud of what he has done for us and for the world, for all mankind, proud that we can live by his instructions and commandments, and humbled by the fact that one day we who see through a glass darkly will know in truth and in person when:WE SEE HIM.


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    FREEDOM!We are, America is, the home, the land of the:BRAVE AND THE FREE.We are lovers of freedom. It is, you could say, in our genes. We inherited that love of freedom from those who founded our great country, fought against the oppressors more than two centuries ago and built the foundation for the FREEDOMS we now enjoy today. Give us, we say with that great statesman and our forefather Patrick Henry, give us that LIBERTY or if that is taken away, give us death for there is no real life without freedom.For us, America is in fact exceptional no matter the indifferent attitude of Barack Hussein Obama who thinks that America is no more exceptional than any other country! But all of America and we the people are exceptional in so many ways, including our way of life and our lifestyle. Everything is okay down to the last sentence and raise and champion our great flag, and wear the American flag pin proudly, especially in the world of academia which thinks the American flag is a symbol for racism and xenophobia rather than exceptionalism.And now, we should take quality time to honor the founding documents which make us great, namely our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence. We should honor these incredible documents by reading them, studying their content, understanding the values therein and resolving as the authors of these documents did, and honor our forefathers who provided them for us recommitting to them and the world at large that we the people will protect and preserve the freedoms contained therein, even to the laying down of our lives.In this day, there are so many who would CHANGE what we have, or even more radically so, eliminate it. There seems to be an ever-growing number of those in our very own country with little or no respect for our great founding documents, our freedoms, the principles by which we have lived and built THE GREAT SOCIETY, and especially what America has been, our glorious history. They the un-Americans wish to eliminate or erode so many of our freedoms and move this great country toward socialism. THEY are the enemy inside and they must be stopped. We the people, true Constitutional Americans energized and emboldened by our founding documents and founding fathers must make certain we do what is right for our great country, and as true patriots, protect and defend our freedoms as never before. We should do everything humanly possible to prevent socialism of any kind in thought or deed.We should remember the words of that great statesman, a founding father himself, Benjamin Franklin, who said, when asked, that he and his fellow revolutionaries have given us, Americans then and now, a Republic. Not a Democracy, but a Republic. Franklin went on to warn us then and now that this Republic was FRAGILE, and needed at all times to be protected with vigilance, vigor and valor. That this Republic of the combined United States could never be taken for granted. Nor could any citizen assume it would go on, and on. For freedom, for Franklin and the fathers, was a precious right that could only be sustained by watchful, involved and proactive citizens. We who would live in this free country and enjoy its immense freedoms must at all times be:WATCHMEN AND WOMEN ON THE WALLSNot talk, debate or discussion, but action, actively working to protect our freedoms and our way of life, willing to die in the fray if necessary. Would you be willing to die, to lay all on the altar in the cause of freedom? What would you do if ISIS or jihadists attacked America and threatened harm to your family and you? What would you do? Our forefathers never gave the matter a second thought. They, in Second Amendment fashion, took up arms to defend their country, their freedoms and their family. Would you?In fact, we AMERICANS should be so proud of our country, and our freedoms, that we as a nation are ready at all times to help others in the cause of freedom. We gave the lives of millions of young American men and women to others in the cause of freedom. Witness World War II. One Robert Whiting, an elderly gentleman 83 years young arrived in Paris by airplane. At French customs, it took him several minutes to locate his passport. The Customs Officer with sarcasm and disdain asked Mr. Whiting:“You have been to France before, Monsieur?”Mr. Whiting answered, yes he had and the smart aleck French official replied pompously:“Then you should know enough to have your passport ready!”Mr. Whiting then stared this official in the eye and said the following:“The last time I was here I didn't have to show my passport.”To which the French Customs Official replied:“Impossible! Americans always have to show passports on arrival in France!”Mr. Whiting gave this arrogant Frenchman a long hard look and he proudly stated: “Well, when I came ashore at Omaha Beach on D-Day in 1944 to help liberate this country, I couldn't find a single Frenchman to show a passport to!”You could have heard a pin drop. God bless America and God bless Mr. Whiting.And yet another instance of a proud American at work. When in England at a fairly large conference, Secretary of State Colin Powell was asked by the Arch Bishop of Canterbury if America's plans for Iraq were simply a rationalization for empire building or land-grabbing by George Bush as American soldiers went to war. Powell simply answered by saying:“Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those who did not return.”All attending that conference were deadly silent. Well said, Mr. Powell, well said as a proud American.There was once a conference in France when a number of international engineers were taking part, including French and American. One of the French engineers said the following:“Have you heard the latest dumb stunt Bush has done? He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. What does he intend to do, bomb them?”Those in attendance snickered and jeered. That is, until an engineer from the Boeing company in America stood up and proudly stated:“Our aircraft carriers have three hospitals on board that can treat several hundred people. They are nuclear powered and can supply emergency electrical power to shore facilities. They have three cafeterias with the capacity to feed 3,000 people three meals a day. They can produce several thousand gallons of fresh water from sea water each day. They carry half a dozen helicopters for use in transporting victims and the injured to and from their flight deck. We have eleven such aircraft carriers. How many does France have?”You could have heard a pin drop.And again, a U.S. Naval Admiral was attending a naval conference that included admirals from the united states, England, Canada, Australia and France. Every one in attendance was conversing in English. Suddenly a French Admiral complained the Europeans learn many languages but Americans learn only English. This French Admiral arrogantly and pompously said:“Why is that we always have to speak English in these conferences rather than speaking French?” The American United States Naval Admiral stood up proudly and replied:“Maybe it is because the Brits, Canadians, Aussies and Americans arranged it so that you would not have to speak German!”The room was deadly silent.So, whether here at home or anywhere abroad, anywhere in the world, it is our privilege, our duty, our passion to protect FREEDOM at every turn. That freedom means for us and all in the world the fundamental rights, the God-given rights to:LIFELIBERTYTHE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESSIt is our right to live life free, with maximum freedom. It is our right to live and champion liberty everywhere. And, it is our right to pursue happiness as we define that, as free individuals, to pursue life legally and lovingly as we choose. May it always be so, but it only can be if we are willing to do anything possible to protect those freedoms. ANYTHING! Are you?So now, this Independence week, culminating in the great day July 4, Independence Day, we should honor America, this great country in which we are privileged to live. We should honor all things American and we should honor our flag as a symbol of who we are and what we believe. There are those who would desecrate or cause to be irrelevant the great stars and stripes. There was the action of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) which banned the wearing of the American flag as a lapel pin or otherwise in clothing because the flag in their view was controversial and represented the causes of certain conservatives. How tragic, how ridiculous, how un-American the actions of the American Broadcasting Company. There are times when our President, our Congress, our leading citizens simply do not wear or honor the flag or any other symbol of all great things American. We the people should find all such conduct unacceptable and we should protest. The greatest form of protest is to protect, preserve and defend our freedoms and the symbol of those freedoms, the great American flag, the perfect symbol of our independence and the finest possible expression of freedom on the great day July 4, Independence Day. Do just that loudly and proudly my fellow citizens.Think carefully, my fellow Americans, about the precious freedoms granted by your Constitution and your Bill of Rights. Remember that you are guaranteed the right to freedom of religion, to worship and practice religion as you please. You are guaranteed the right to free speech, to speak as you wish at anytime, anywhere, with any words. You are guaranteed the right to freely assemble, to petition, to print in press or on the Internet. YOU ARE GUARANTEED THOSE RIGHTS! You are guaranteed the right to bear arms, to purchase, own and use them for pleasure or in self-defense. You are guaranteed the right against governmental illegal search and seizure. You are guaranteed the right a trial by a jury of your peers rather than to be summarily convicted by any governmental agency. You are guaranteed the right to counsel if you can not afford one when charged with a crime. You are guaranteed the right to vote. You are guaranteed to pursue life, liberty and happiness as you wish! You are guaranteed by your Constitution and Bill of Rights the highest and best form of living and lifestyle the world has ever known! You should give thanks for America, for all that it was, is and can be in the future if YOU as Benjamin Franklin so well said standup and do everything possible to KEEP IT that is the great experiment in freedom which our founding fathers intended. Please join with me this Independence Week, this Freedom Week and especially on the set-aside day for freedom celebration, namely July 4 in pledging once again our allegiance to this great country. Please join me in these great words which honor America:I pledge allegianceto the Flagof the United States of Americaand to the Republic for which it standsone nationindivisiblewith liberty and justicefor all!I ask humbly and lovingly that GOD BLESS AMERICA.And I ask humbly as well that GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!There is only one America. Keep it that way!

    America - The Once Free and the Once Brave

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    In Revolutionary times, Thomas Paine said the following:“These are the times that try men's souls”.And indeed these are the times that try women's souls, some at least now that the United States Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade.Thomas Jefferson admonished Americans of his time that the blood of patriots must be shed from time to time in order to refresh the Tree of Liberty. In short, the Constitutional America of 1776 (Declaration of Independence) and the Constitutional America of 1787 needed new patriots, new passion, new commitments to liberty and freedom. Now more than ever that is true. The constitutional, rule of law, freedom–liberty America of old is not only under attack but becomes divided, angry and more violent by the day. Freedom and liberty we have always taken for granted are now all the more at risk and at stake.The patriot Patrick Henry provided a testimony applicable to all of us:“Give me liberty or give me death”.Henry was willing to die for freedom. He would live under no form of bondage. Oppression and bondage in his time was English. Today it comes internally from anarchists, that small virulent, violent minority which wishes the destruction of the greatest country on earth.Our forefathers fought for freedom. They gave their blood then which we can assume made Jefferson proud. They gave us the greatest ruling document in the history of mankind, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. That incredible document contained the First Amendment which gave every American citizen the following rights and freedoms:1. Freedom of religion2. Freedom of speech3. Freedom of press4. Freedom of assembly5. Freedom of petitionGuaranteed, unconditional, unchanging, FOREVER FREEDOMS. Every one of those sacred, inalienable (God–given) rights and freedoms are at risk today, EVERY ONE! We the People seemed to have lost our vision, our understanding, even in some cases our desire to protect and preserve this incredible country. We have become indifferent to the struggles and problems we face. So many of us are ignorant of our history, and our Constitution, and our rule of law, and how we are governed. So many of us have withdrawn from the political process. As few as 10% will vote in some elections and perhaps no more than 60% of eligible, voting Americans will go to the polls in the most serious of elections. It has become tragic how We the People take democracy for granted. It is as though freedom will always be there no matter what we do. We the People are an easy target for violence and anarchism.One of the most anti–American Americans was one Saul Alinsky. In essence, Alinsky championed the destruction of everything, every institution, every tradition, anything and everything in America so that the country could be rebuilt and reestablished. The philosophy and beliefs of Alinksy were adopted by George Soros among others and the state of objective of Soros and others was to:BRING DOWN AMERICA.Bring it down. Destroy it. Rewrite its history. Do away with its Constitution and its rule of law. Get rid of the moral standards of the country today and especially the Judeo–Christian heritage and morality of the past. Do away with it completely! Beneath the violence, disrupt, and the lack of accountability today is this Alinsky model, the destruction of America, the destruction of everything which America holds dear. WOKE better serve to wake up America, defend itself, its values, morality and principles or all will be lost. WAKE UP AMERICANS, WAKE UP. The time may be near when the blood of real patriots will be required once again in America.We the People assume that we live in a democracy. We live by democratic principles, the core of which is freedom. That is true but our government is not a democracy. Our forefathers who forged our Constitution were suspicious of democracy. They feared an intolerant majority. They created checks and balances which would prevent as much as possible the potentially crushing majority rule. They created for us a REPUBLIC. That of course consisted of a president, senate and house of representatives. It also consisted of an independent federal judiciary with the Supreme Court of essentially nine justices as final arbitrators of the rule of law. Such a republic respected democratic principles but it guarded so very well against abuse.Those founding fathers gave us the concept of federalism. That is, that each of the individual states of America, then 13 and now 50, would be protected, have rights not specifically granted to the federal government (Constitution Amendment X), and otherwise make certain that its people were protected, and larger states would have no real advantage over smaller ones. It was and continues to be a brilliant system and check and balance.The founding fathers gave us an electoral college where leaders were not elected by majority vote but by states according to their population. They gave us the rule of law, they gave us the Declaration of Independence, they gave us the Constitution, incredible documents with incredible freedoms, fully protected. They gave us all of this as a result of the blood of so many Revolutionary patriots shed in the cause of freedom. How tragic it is that we sit back and take those then given freedoms for granted, watch them whittle away daily, observe the indifference among younger generations and the beginning of the erosion and eventually the elimination of our great Country, its way of life and government. The great destroyers win, Alinsky, Soros, Sanders the socialist. They refuse, those anarchists and anti–Americans to work within the system for reform. They work for radical change and ultimate destruction. And, We the People sit back and watch it happen and in so many ways do nothing. Violence is everywhere. There are threats, intimidation, radicalism everywhere. A senator threatens a supreme court justice. Senator Schumer from New York threatened Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh as follows:You will pay the price.It is simply unbelievable how seemingly everything America stands for, believes in, the fundamental structure of our great Country is not only under attack but is being destroyed day by day. History shows us that democracies as the foundation of government cannot last. Democracies in history last at or about 200 years. America is now 246 years young and We the People, our democracy, our great constitutional republic may be near the end. How I for one hope and pray that simply does not happen.The Constitution and its Amendments of the United States is the finest document, political governing document which mankind can produce. But it cannot last forever. Only one document can. And that is THE WORD OF THE LORD, the Holy Bible which gives us the world's only reliable ABSOLUTE TRUTH. The Constitution gives us the freedoms of mankind. The Bible gives us heavenly freedoms, eternal freedoms, the ways of the Lord God Almighty, the most important freedom of all and the most important freedom of all, salvation in Jesus Christ. Man's democracy cannot last, but the democracy of peace and love of Jesus Christ will last forever.Human leaders, people, men and women, politicians and those in power can never last. The only person, leader, visionary, difference maker who can is Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of Glory. That eternal leader will never fail.So, now in America violence reigns. Everything is under attack. The spiritual warfare has begun. The:FIGHT OF FAITH IS HERE AND NOW!So, my fellow Americans, my fellow Christians, how will you fight this fight of faith? HOW? Put on for sure the armor of the Lord. And the helmet of salvation. And the breastplate of righteousness and be ready for the spiritual war. It is here, IT IS HERE. You will be called upon to defend your faith with everything you have. If you truly believe as a Christian and you will not compromise, you will take on a danger you never have before. How will you respond? Will you stand up to violence? Would you use any means at your disposal to protect your family, your friends and yourself from violence? You will engage in prayer, more prayer perhaps than ever before. But you will be called upon to ACT, and perhaps act returning violence for violence. Would you do that? We the People, we Christians have choices to make we never have before. In prayer, may our Lord lead us to the right decisions for God, and Country, and family, and all humankind.Freedom, inalienable rights, God–given rights, are of the most value, the most important to all. Don't lose them or lose life in the process. May God bless you, my fellow Americans as you energize the courage to stand for Christ, for Christianity and for the greatest Country in the history of mankind.Always remember. FREEDOM ONCE LOST IS LOST FOREVER!

    The Quiet Conservative

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    There are many conservatives, polls say, who have become QUIET.They fear, these conservatives do, sharing their political and religious beliefs. They fear speaking out and speaking up for fear of cancelled culture retribution. The conservative culture of old has been cancelled and the progressive woke culture rules the day. These new culture majoritarians do not welcome dialogue, much less opposing points of view, and conservatives who entertain such points of view are silenced, threatened, and intimidated to the point, say the polls, where they simply become:QUIET.On college campuses, three out of five employees fear losing their jobs if they mention conservative religious or political points of view at work. Fifty-four percent of those workers and conservative college students say that posting religious or political views on social media could lead to negative consequences in the workplace, including immediate termination.Corporations entertain charitable giving programs, and they seek the opinions and recommendations of employees. But not-so-conservative or Christian employees simply are not accommodated. One such reliable survey was conducted by ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM (ADF) and Jay Hobbs of ADF said:“It puts (woke and progressive priorities) religious and political conservatives in the cross-hairs of cancellation.”As a result of this militant cancel culture philosophy of the liberal, progressive left, conservatives have a legitimate reason to fear being shut out of advancement opportunities, mistreated by coworkers and bosses, and even fired for voicing their beliefs. Consequently, many conservatives go quiet, refusing to exercise their first amendment rights of free speech and the conservative point of view becomes increasingly culture-cancelled moreso each day.This censorship is everywhere and affects everything said one free market spokesperson. Workers and professionals are just simply not allowed to speak out. Have you ever experienced that in your life, where you live and work, and even you yourself, have you? That seems to be the ever-growing effect of WOKE WORKPLACE POLICIES.Robust opinion-sharing and aggressive dialog, protected and encouraged by the first amendment, is anathema in the woke workplace. Conservatives, but not progressives, are admonished to be careful how they express their religious or political points of view so as:NOT TO OFFEND ANOTHER PERSON.That in itself is intimidation, implied threat, a silent demand to KEEP QUIET. It matters not if woke, cancel-culture, progressive ideologies, and workplace, political dialogue offend the conservative, but only that the conservative does not offend the liberal.The survey goes on:“Right now, companies enforce official and unofficial speech and thought codes for their employees which is toxic.”It is critically important to note that not only is speech involved in censorship, but now comes THOUGHT processes as well. A radical woker is determined not only to control and even eliminate free speech but now THOUGHT as well. We sound the alarm, my fellow Americans and Christians though sadly, that warning is far too often ignored or unheeded. But those freedoms once lost are lost forever. The ADF poll went on to find that this new, aggressive, cancel-culture entered the workplace and so much of the rest of life from recent college graduates, motivated and guided by the speech codes which were officially and unofficially enforced on college campuses. They seem, said ADF, on a mission to cancel and silence anything and anyone who may in any way disagree with the new woke, progressive, cancel-culture.And yet another poll, conducted by the FOUNDATION FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND EXPRESSION (FIRE) found that 88% of four-year colleges and universities now restrict the free expression of their students on campus, to the detriment or even elimination of free speech and first amendment rights. It is just simply amazing how so many of our inalienable rights granted by our constitution, and especially the rights of the first amendment including free speech and press and religion, are simply ignored and in reality, done away with. Have you ever experienced this kind of threat, intimidation, and demand to be silent? If you entertain any kind of conservative or religious points of view, have you?And yet another free speech spokesperson stated the following:“Religion and politics are vital to the soul, our way of living, and our common well-being. People should feel free to discuss these existential matters, with due respect, with family and friends and at work.”And that is so even if the feelings of someone, the sensitivities are agitated and made uncomfortable. That process of robust dialogue and disagreement is absolutely necessary and critical to the growth of the mind, the understanding of the total nature of the issues, and of course the preservation of objectivity, fact, and truth.There is no freedom, no liberty my fellow Americans without free speech, free press, emboldened dialogue, peaceful, non-violent, nonthreatening, but thorough, honest, and open, and always accompanied by the willingness to LISTEN without ignoring, shutting down, or intimidating a confrontational or disagreeing response. America changes daily, right before our eyes, often aggressively, and WE THE PEOPLE slumber, seem unaware, or indifferent and non-caring (A-political), and the America we love and now take for granted slips into uncertainty and change, radical change not for the good. Such a warning seems to come from a voice crying in the wilderness, but the day will come, soon I fear when such a warning will be the new reality. CANCEL-CULTURE WILL HAVE WON THE DAY, and America will be changed forever.Don't let it happen, my fellow citizens, please don't let that happen. Step up, stand up, speak out, and do everything necessary as our founding fathers did to protect and defend the GOD-GIVEN INALIENABLE FREEDOMS OF OUR BELOVED CONSTITUTION AND ITS IRREPLACEABLE FIRST AMENDMENT.THOSE FREEDOMS ONCE LOST ARE LOST FOREVER.


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    Two kinds of fathers are there.The one Heavenly, the other earthly.The Lord of Glory, the Carpenter of Nazareth said:“I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE.”What a claim. Blasphemy by a human being if it were not true. But they were ONE, and the carpenter from Nazareth told us in unequivocal terms that the CREATOR OF THIS UNIVERSE AND OUR EARTH was indeed among so many other things a:FATHERTo Him and to us. For otherwise, this Creator would be completely unknown, incapable of being known by us, but HE is. And, the Supreme Creator loves us and cares for us. To me that is a thought incomprehensible were it not for:HIMOur Lord Jesus Christ took something remote, obscure and unfathomable and made it known, personal, deeply meaningful and loving so that we, the creatures of His creation, could understand who we are, why we are, and what we should believe.We are to understand and believe said Jesus, that there is for us an ETERNAL FATHER and not merely a cosmic Creator. We are known as individuals, as sons and daughters by this Father, and we are not mere specks in the universe or dust in the wind. We have meaning. We are in fact SONS AND DAUGHTERS of this Father having claimed our inheritance as such through the SON Jesus Christ. Hard to comprehend but true.We are also told that God the Father is love. GOD IS LOVE, and that love is the essence of God and so available to us. Love is the greatest says the Scriptures, more so than faith and hope, and to know that God is love incarnate is just incredible.And we who are fathers should love the very same way. Even as the eternal Father loves us, so should we love our children. If a Heavenly Father loves unconditionally, so an earthly father should do the same, love the child unconditionally. The highest attributes of any earthly father are the embracing, heartfelt and unconditional loving openness to the child even as the Father loves the child:LOVE NEVER FAILS But there is another side of love from our Heavenly Father, a TOUGH LOVE. That is, love at work which is ready to:DISCIPLINELove may indeed be meek, warm, gentle and forgiving, kind and open and it should be. But love must also be tough, demanding, disciplined and concerned for all things which are:RIGHTFor there are indeed prodigal sons and daughters who go astray. As such, they honor not the Heavenly Father nor the earthly. Discipline is required, firm and straight. The rod was used in the old days to accomplish discipline and to carryout punishment. But that has been taken away. Discipline today is more on the order of depriving the child of opportunities and pleasures or requiring the child to make up for the wrong and do what is right. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. But fathers can not SPARE THE ROD however the rod is determined for that is a fatherly duty. No child can grow without discipline for there is nothing worse for a father than a child spoiled and bent upon his own way. Demanding standards, the terms and conditions of sonship, are a father's duty which can not be delegated or ignored. And the Scriptures make it perfectly clear:WHOM THE FATHER LOVES HE CHASTENSChastening is real love at work. BY THEIR FRUITS, LOVING DISCIPLINE AT WORK, YE SHALL KNOW THE FATHER AND WHO THE FATHER TRULY IS.The integrity of the father is critical. Dads must do what they say and dads must say what they mean. The father must live by the same standards he requires of the child. The father must be consistent in character, live a life with values and without hypocrisy. Nothing is harder for a child to accept than lectures about right and wrong from a father who lives by neither. So that, a father does not have to explain or justify the demands. The father does not have to negotiate with the child and in the course of discipline ask the child if it is OK.For it matters not if the child agrees with the father. If a child respects a loving father, that is all that is required. So many families seem to have so little respect for each other and rapidly become dysfunctional. But a true father, a real father is head of household. He is the one in charge, so say the Scriptures, kind, loving, considerate and respectful of all including and especially the wife-mother, but head of the household nonetheless. Discharging all of those functions gives the father the right to discipline and demand. But again, the father has earned that right by the way he lives. When the son is old and ready for his own life, the ways of the father will be his and the son in turn will perpetuate, carryon those values for his family.It is so very important for the father to incorporate the son into his life. To train up the child is to involve the child in the life, the career, the work of the father. So many sons carry on, inherit and follow the father. Father and son, or daughter, work together, learn together and the father teaches in practical ways. What the father holds dear and in which he has invested his life becomes part of the child, a very practical and worthy training for the child. The child can learn the way of business, work, industry so that like father, the child can be:A WORK MAN OR WOMAN WORTHY OF HIS HIREThat kind of fatherly guidance is so very important and it is the duty of the father to invest the time and effort to train up the child in that way.And so with hobbies, and fun. There are games, trips, sports, theater, dining and all manners of wonderful vacation which must be shared by father and child. Life is difficult and even as there are the demands of work, there must be the pleasures of play. To laugh and cry together. To enjoy the joys of this world as God has indicated is our right. Lasting moments are created in fun and play.Father and child are intimate, or should be. Their dialogue, their caring for each other should be totally open, transparent. Nothing should be hidden. The child should have the confidence and the trust in father to openly reveal, discuss hurts, ask questions, confess doubt, challenge beliefs and otherwise make certain that the father fully understands precisely who the child is. For the child develops independently and individually, a special and unique creation by God, and not merely as the earthly father would have him be. The answers to questions should come first from the father, not from peers or school but from DAD. The son should want to talk to father first and be assured that he knows what the father thinks. They can not always agree but father and son can always be open and honest with each other. That seems so lacking today. There is little communication, virtually no dialogue. Father's preach and lecture but seldom practice one of the most important attributes of good fathering:LISTENINGReally listening. Patiently allowing the child to open the heart, to question, to express love and anger and to know as a child the father will listen and respect. That more than anything builds character and confidence in the child. Fathers are friends and confidants. The father in the mind of the child is the first GO-TO.If not, the child seeks FATHER SURROGATES and substitutes. Today's education can often occur without traditional moral values or the standards of old. No third party education is a substitute for a father's education. Children who are fatherless in actuality or spiritually seek comfort, guidance and acceptance from their peers which can often be secular and even with immoral influences. They are ready to learn and adapt, to be accepted in so many ways different from what the father might believe or want for the child. The conduct of the child can then become permissive, even unlawful as standards or morality are worn down and compromised. That fatherless child goes a different way and the father has forsaken the most important duty of fatherhood, training up that child. If you have a child, if you are a biological father, then you must, YOU MUST be a spiritual, loving father as God would have it. Don't send a child to church. Take him. Worship with him. Love together the Lord of Glory. Study Scripture and pray, together. Talk about spiritual things for the child is even more interested in what the father thinks and believes than perhaps a pastor. Take time for the child's life, school events, sports. Be there, lovingly and with respect for the child growing to adult. Nothing means more than a father BEING THERE. That child is YOU, dad. You can not ignore or deny YOU. The child wants YOU more than anything else. There came to you that little bundle of joy, your very own son, your very own daughter, YOU IN EVERY WAY! You are privileged to be a father of that child and he or she should be a clear priority, a first priority. There will never be better earthly love, nothing comes close, than the love of a father for his child. However strong the bond, and even if the father-child bond is broken, in some deep primal way, love is always there, or at least the hope of that love. There is no child, or father however old or hardened who does not feel that way. What a joy, what a privilege to be a father.Even as an adult, well-educated, perhaps successful, father himself, a son will always seek out a father, for fellowship, for advice, for comfort and caring, and for love. That never changes. Even in death, he the father being dead yet speaketh. All he was and all they were together lives on, it is eternal even as the love of God is eternal. The words, the deeds, the loving deeds will never be forgotten. The understanding, the trust and the respect between father and child will never die.Perhaps a father's proudest moment is when the child, adult and ready, leaves the father and becomes his own man. That is a biblical requirement, and at that time, the father should be proud, very proud of the INVESTMENT he has made in the child. For a father can think back, reminisce and remember all of those things which forged the bond, the training, the education and growth of the child, an investment far more valuable than anything financial. That, says dad, is my son. That, says dad, is my daughter of whom I am so very proud. He or she was worth everything I gave. The loving bond between father and child will sustain, motivate and guide the child for a lifetime. It is the earthly component of the Heavenly Father. What a privilege it is to be a father.So, I and my company the Crawford Broadcasting Company salute fathers, real fathers who love, educate, grow and train up their children in the way in which they should go. You are special, dads like that, very special. The world needs real fathers now more than ever. And, what is so wonderful is that it is never too late to be father no matter what has gone before. Fathering may ebb and flow but the opportunity is always there, always. Never quit, never give up on fathering.So, enjoy your day DAD. Father's Day can show love and respect for dad one day. But real fathers are honored by their children every day. For the most priceless thing any child can have is:A LOVING FATHER!


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    If you were born, human being created by God Almighty, between the years 1997-2012 you are a member, like it or not, of the newest generation in America:GEN Z.You would be of the age 11-26.Therefore, you are so informed, you and your Gen-Z compatriots have little if any interest in RELIGION, whatever that means. In the extreme, perhaps that means you have no interest in faith, or no faith in your life. Do you?I personally know a multitude of young, wonderful people that age, who are strong, passionate:PEOPLE OF FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST.Do you?And more, you Gen-Z'er. You have little interest in patriotism, so these progressive pundits say. You are not willing to protect and defend your country, your freedoms, your constitution, in fact, your way of life. If you are 30 and under, is that you? Do you have little concern, love, passion, or commitment to your country, to the America in which you are blessed to live? Is that you?Some of the most Passionate Patriots I know are THE YOUNG, 30 and under. They know what the real America is all about and are willing to do whatever it takes to protect this country, its freedoms, and their way of life, in any way possible. Is that you?Don't you just despise generalities like that?And, you Gen-Z'er, you have little or no interest in marriage and virtually no interest in having children. Is that you? I know any number of wonderful people 30 and under who are married with children, raising families with the blessing of God, and I am privileged to have any number of them in my very own company. Do you eschew marriage and do you, man or woman, not wish to have children of your own? Such generalizations for millions of young people are ludicrous, inaccurate, false, and even fraudulent and perhaps politically purposeful in a very negative way.And even more. You are supposedly a member of a generation that has a very poor work ethic, cares more about self rather than others, and is negative, critical, and indifferent to the norms of society, and the morality of the past. Is that you?Again, I know dozens and dozens of human beings, God-created, 30 and under, who are exactly the opposite.The real YOUNG PEOPLE of today are people of faith. They have strong faith in Jesus Christ, living out that faith in a passionate young way. They are patriots believing in the real America, working to change and solve its problems, all the while protecting its fundamental concepts of freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, equality, and justice for all. They are married or will be. They will then have children, God willing. The real young Americans, the real Gen-Z'ers are workers, people of strong work ethic and commitment, workmen and work women, worthy of their hire. Those are the Gen-Z'ers I know, and like, and respect, and have the highest hopes for turning over my America to them and not the stereotypes, negative and demeaning, individuals who woke, progressive, radical, anti-Americans described and categorized in such negative ways.You and I, human beings, all, were created by the God of the universe, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, as unique individuals. There is no human generalization or categorization which can apply to any of us. Every human being thinks differently, more or less. Believes differently, more or less. Lives life differently. Works and plays differently. Worships differently. EVERY HUMAN BEING IS DIFFERENT! He or she is not Gen-Z, not millennial, not baby-boomer, not a member of the so-called silent generation, but a unique, specially crafted, INDIVIDUAL, different from any other and striving to be better in every way. Those are the young, the 30 and under I know, respect, and believe in. If you are of that age, privileged to be young, with many more years of productive life to live, I pray that you are:YOU.That you will be all that you can be and that you will never fall victim to some generation, age, or category classification. Just like so many of those RIGHT young people 30 and under whom I know so very well, productive, faithful, patriotic, believers in marriage and children, and with a work ethic as good as anyone anywhere. I personally thank God for every individual male and female in my company, 30 and under, who brings fresh vision, commitment, passion, the dynamic of youth, and the love for:GOD AND COUNTRY,the twin pillars of the right, ethical, and moral life. If you are 30 or under, I pray that is you. We should be about the business of encouraging the young, educating and edifying, for they are the ones who will replace us, live in a world and an American society far different from ours, face challenges not before faced, and be responsible to our God with risks and rewards intensified as never before. They will battle an enemy internal, determined to destroy and seize power, control, and demand conformity. Their faith in God and Country will be challenged like never before. The courage the young will need will increase day by day and it is absolutely critical that their vision be clear, bold, and steadfast, just like that which so many young 30 and under in my company exhibit and live by.The young who inherit America must have a new grit, a rekindled passion, and a mental fortitude that allows them to endure intimidation, threat, even violence, and of course criticism, backlash, slander, and opposition. They will be tested like never before, tested like we of previous generations never experienced.Thankfully, I know many, many young people 30 and under who are that way, TOUGH. They are ready for the fight of faith. They are anxious to run the race and win the prize. In them, there is no quit, no give-up. They will not be bullied or intimidated. They know in whom they have believed, and they are persuaded that HE IS ABLE and together, they are invincible.They, the real young, are biblically guided. They are Holy Spirit-led. They know right from wrong. They learn, grow, and work for the night is coming. This generation of young Americans has the God-given potential to be the best of any, THE BEST! It has to be because the challenges have never been greater. I have seen enough of the right thinking, right living, and right believing young Americans, 30 and under, young human beings, GOD-CREATED to whom I'd gladly turn over my beloved country and to whom I pledge my allegiance as they FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH. I only wish I had the years they have to serve God and Country.Encourage them, WE THE OLDER. Support them, give to them. Guide them. Advise them. Share wisdom. For in them, ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD, in the purpose and rule of God, and for the incredible America in which we and they have been privileged to live.Categories and stereotypes are dead wrong, DEAD WRONG! There is purpose, meaning, and individuality for every human being, no matter the age. YOU ARE YOU! May every privileged young person 30 and under be all that he or she can be as God intended. The more of them I know, the better. The more of them who work for CBC, the better. For, my fellow Americans, there is only one category that matters. And that is whether one is fully committed to Jesus Christ, born again, saved by Grace. That category is real Christian:GEN-JESUS.No other category matters, none.

    Memorial Day

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    In 1971, Congress declared Memorial Day a national holiday to be celebrated on the last Monday in May, echoing the words and sentiments of the proclamation of General John A. Logan of the grand Army of the Republic in 1868 who stated:“Memorial Day is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion (the Civil War) and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet, church yard in the land.”So it is that the primary purpose of Memorial Day is to strew with flowers literally and figuratively the graves and memories of America's daring defenders. They the fallen died for freedom, liberty, for America, for us, for YOU AND ME. We were asked to remember those who died in the great American Civil War, but the day to remember now incorporates all who have given lives in defense of our country. Far too many wars, my fellow Americans, and far too many fallen defenders by the millions who believed in America, and in its fundamental principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all mankind. How grateful we should be.We are descendants or contemporaries of patriots, men and women who cherish freedom and were willing to fight and die to defend it if necessary. These warriors lived by the words of Patrick Henry who said:GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH.Our nation was formed in the fight for freedom for there was no life worthwhile without it. There came our great Constitution and our incredible BILL OF RIGHTS, the rights and freedom amendments which are the finest in the history of mankind. But no matter the origin, it seems as though in so many ways the passion for freedom may have been lost today as they once had it. We seem to take for granted what they died for. And the courage they the fallen had seems lost today in so many ways and the change in our country, produces in so many ways an America in decline, at least politically, philosophically and certainly passionately. Our ancestors fought for the Constitution, for the Bill of Rights and the freedoms those now 27 Amendments allow us. They were ready to die for them, but we the current people allow them to be watered down, interpreted away and often ignored without the fight or conviction to protect and defend them. Perhaps the freedoms of Patrick Henry are giving way to a slow but sure death. Perhaps we have failed to meet the challenge of Ben Franklin who told us that the Republic they created for us was a marvelous way of government IF we could keep it. I wonder if we can. So, in the midst of barbeques and baseball, it is so healthy to look back and remember. Remember a George Washington, a general, a leader, a President, a warrior, a patriot. Or a Paul Revere who rode the land warning that the enemy was coming, sounding the alarm. It seems as though we need more Paul Reveres, warning us that enemies to our Constitution and way of life are coming, and in fact are HERE. We the people should be ever mindful of the threats and sound the alarm as he did, like those who energized our country once before, THE BOSTON TEA PARTY PATRIOTS and the revolution their courageous acts energized and inspired. They took a stand against taxes and so must we. Ours continue to rise, and rise to the point of confiscation and nothing but nothing destroys freedom like taxes. President John Adams reminded us that the two killers of liberty are slavery and debt. The debt of confiscatory taxation strangles freedom and that is happening at an incredibly rapid pace today. Shame on us.It is hard for us to think back and remember the early days in America when slavery, slavery was a way of life in America to our great shame and embarrassment. We the moderns find that inconceivable, and the practice of slavery of any kind abhorrent, do we not? Right-thinking men and women fought and fell to rid America of the scourge of slavery, God bless them.And to rid the world of despots like Hitler, evil to the core, Mussolini and those who in war would destroy the freedom and liberty of all. God bless them.There can hardly be a family anywhere in America which has not laid a son or daughter on the altar of freedom. So many fought and fell, lives given willingly for us in war after war. And there were those who supported those who fought. We honor them. Many of our warriors and defenders came home hurt and damaged in body or mind perhaps for a lifetime. On Memorial Day, we honor these veterans of wars, these HEROES, these wounded warriors who gave us our freedom:WE OWE THEM!A debt we can never repay. To honor them is the least we can do, to thank them as we remember and as we encounter those in our military who follow after them. We should help and support them. They lived and died for what they believed. Whenever I encounter a member of our military, I thank them for what they did and what they do for our great country, for me, and for you, and for my friends and loved ones and all Americans whether I know them or not. But I really do know them for I know what is in their hearts and minds and I know they love America as much as I do. I will salute them as a sign of respect. I wish them to know that I will always be grateful for everything they do for me and the America I love. Perhaps YOU should do the same, not on one Memorial Day, but all days. They the heroes and defenders are the very best of us.God bless them.Memorial Day is always celebrated at Arlington National Cemetery, a very special place, a burial site for some of America's bravest. At 3 PM on that Monday, a very special ceremony occurs and each grave is decorated with a small American flag. The highlight of the celebration is a speech in honor of these brave men and women from the President or Vice President of the United States honoring their contributions to America and laying a wreath at the tomb of The Unknown Soldier. That tomb represents tens of thousands of other unknown soldiers who gave their lives in service to our country, but in death never got the recognition and respect they so justly deserved. Do remember them, my fellow Americans, do remember them as well on Memorial Day as there may be no one else, no loved one, no friend or family to do so. And as you do remember these American heroes, thank our God, the God who blesses America for all those who gave so much for us. They allowed us to be parents, to have and enjoy family, they allowed us to be workers and fully participate in the great opportunities America offers. THEY allowed us to be all that we can be because our soldiers, they were determined to be all they could be. Have a special place in your heart all week for any loved one, family or friend of yours who should be MEMORIALIZED AND REMEMBERED this day and always.And, as we pay tribute and remember, let us become better citizens of this great country, ready more than ever to preserve, protect and defend all it stands for, all of our blessed and precious freedoms which exist like there are nowhere else in the world. Let us stand for what is right with actions, protests, town meetings, marches, debate, fact and truth at work, counteracting government spin and disinformation. Let us stand tall for the right, for truth, for all things moral and valuable. Let us resolve, we the people, we who own and control this country to do our job as citizens far better. And remember to cherish and exercise the greatest privilege which every American has. That is:THE VOTEThere is no more powerful weapon than the vote of the American citizen. It is the most precious Constitutional right we have and for which our forefathers fought and died. Let us make certain that we vote for those to represent us who so passionately believe in these very special freedoms as we do, and they the fallen did. It is only then, when we do our part, day in and day out, that we would have the right to say with conviction and passion as our forefathers did:GOD BLESS AMERICAFor that can not happen unless we the people do what is right, remembering whom and what went before and committing with conviction to follow in their footsteps. These men and women died for GOD AND COUNTRY and for you and me in the never-ending fight to protect and preserve:FREEDOMMemorialize their memories Memorial Day and every day!God bless America and God bless you.

    You Matter

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    You matter to God Almighty. You matter perhaps far more than you know.You are:UNIQUE,one-of-a-kind, special, individual with different and better talents, capabilities, and above all:POTENTIAL.There is no one like you and you cannot be stereotyped, put in a category, or labeled, especially by age for there is only one:YOU.In the beginning, scripture and the precious book of Genesis tell us, God created them:MALE AND FEMALEMAN AND WOMAN.There are no other categories, no other creation, types whether biological, psychological, or spiritual. There are only two, male and female. You are one or the other and no other.In the eyes of God, the creator, categories, types, stereotypes like Italian, Irish, African American, Russian, English, Kenyan, Caucasian, Hispanic, old or young, all of that matters little or nothing to:GOD THE FATHER – CREATOR.You and only you, a unique creation, matter.It matters not to God whether mankind categorizes you as a BABY-BOOMER, whatever that means, or MILLENNIEL, whatever that means, or GEN-X or GEN-Z, whatever those categories mean, for they can do nothing but prevent you from understanding who you really are, God created, the potential you have to live and serve and be all that you can be for HIM. All such terminology does nothing but distracts and destroy WHO AND WHAT you really are:A ONE-OF-A-KIND, ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE, DIVINE CREATION!How the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ must rejoice when we are all that He intended us to be. And how our Great Creator must grieve when we ignore or fail to live to the fullest potential which our God has given us. What a world this would be, dramatically transformed for the good, if you and I lived as God intended us to live. We matter, we really do, to God the Father – Creator.It is undoubtedly a devil's tool to make you think less of who you are and what you are capable of. There is nothing wrong with living lives mediocre, safe, and average, says the world secular to the core, avoiding risk, growth, challenge, and even opportunity. Accepting and living something else as some other way is A-Okay no matter the potential lost or unused. Devil wins if you or I do not live up to our God-given potential, whatever that is.We know whether or not that is happening, for good (God-given eyes to see) or for worse, we know. For the CALL of God is always on our heart, challenging, and convicting. You, and I, hear that still small voice that no one else hears calling, constantly calling. You and I, individually, and only you and I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in us, showering us with discontent, calling, constantly calling, YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL GOD-CALL, for you alone asking that you do more for HIM, that you live to the fullest with the talents, abilities which HE has given to you, you and you alone, uniquely so. I do believe we can never be content unless we heed that call. The Holy Spirit will not be denied, will not leave, and will not give up. You can know that in your head, your heart, your conscience, and as one put it:YOUR SPIRITUAL GUT.There is no greater joy, no greater satisfaction than to fulfill that CALL. The called life lived is energizing, satisfying, joyful, and fully productive. Nothing satisfies like living life the way God intended, nothing. You are not a millennial. YOU ARE HIS! In the eyes of God, you are not Caucasian or African American or Hispanic, you are not old or young:YOU ARE HIS SON OR HIS DAUGHTER.You matter to the God who made everything, EVERYTHING, and everyone. Perhaps our supreme task is to understand who we are, what our potential is, what our God-given talents and abilities are, and work, WORK to be all that He intended us to be.You matter. All lives matter. Every individual male and female whom God created matters. If we who believe in the SON of the Living God understand that, and live that way, we change the world in dramatic fashion. Nothing else will!

    The Sinful Jesus

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    Do you believe that Jesus lived a SINLESS LIFE?Or do you, like 56% of so-called born-again Christians today, believe that Jesus did not live a sinless life, but rather committed sins during his life?Is that the kind of Jesus of Nazareth you believe in?A recent poll in which the well-respected George Barna, a Christian researcher, was involved, indicated that some 56% of all so-called born-again Christians believe that Jesus did not live a sinless life! That is so, no matter that Hebrews 4:15 states emphatically that Jesus lived a life without sin. Other scripture passages indicate the same thing. No matter, in this pick-and-choose spiritual Christian day and age, so many Christians are apt to interpret for themselves, ignore, or even deny any part of scripture, 66 books, which they do not like, or with which they do not agree. That, says George Barna, is even true of so-called born-again Christians. Scripture, the Holy Word of God is no longer believed by so many so-called Christians to be inspired, infallible, the perfect Word of God Almighty. So, when asked by these pollsters, the 2000 so-called born-again Christians interviewed had no problem indicating that they thought, in their infinite wisdom, that Jesus did not live a SINLESS LIFE.That, my fellow Christians, is the attitude and spiritual approach of this HE GETS US woke Christian approach. The false teachers abound, progressive, changing, spirituality is the rule of the day and Jesus needs to come to us, accept us, understand us, rather than the traditional biblical way of our coming to Him, understanding Him, and asking of Him, especially for forgiveness.So, they believe that our Savior, who went to the cross, did so as a sinful carpenter from Nazareth, subject to, and perhaps even yielding at times to such sins, the true Son of Man, and not the perfect Son of God, a flawed, sinful, human being perhaps in need of a blood-washing himself. That, to me, is shocking, heresy, blasphemy, and just plain dead wrong in every way.Again, do you believe that Jesus lived a sinless life? Or a life sinful like ours?There is no doubt that Jesus was tempted and tested like we are. But there is an enormous difference between being tempted, exposed to sin, and yielding to sin. There are three illustrations of that temptation. The spirit led our Lord into the wilderness, where he was subjected to fasting for 40 days and nights, and the tempter, the tester, Satan himself, came to Jesus in this weakened physical-human state, knowing HE was hungry and thirsty. So said the devil, turn these stones into bread. Jesus told him to back off, for all humans should live from the bread of life, every word out of the mouth of God.Satan, undeterred, led Jesus to the highest point of the holy temple in Jerusalem, and said JUMP! Cast yourself down and nothing will happen to you, because His Angels, your angels will watch over you and protect you. Jesus rebuffed him again. And yet, a third time Satan tried. Our Lord was led to a high mountain where there was a view of all the Kingdoms of the world, and Satan promised to give all of them to him if Jesus of Nazareth would worship him. Again, he refused and Satan, defeated, departed. There was no way that Jesus would worship and serve the tempter, the evil one.So, that eliminated the potential sins of power-hungry, ego, pride, and greed. Tempted, yes. Tested, yes. Sinful, NO!But the Christ haters never give up. They claim Jesus was guilty of violating the commandment that all should honor their father and mother. They say he rejected his own father and mother, encouraged children to leave their parents, dishonored his mother by refusing her requests, and claimed that his followers were his father and mother. Commandment broken, they say. But, not so, for his intention was for all children to live the life which God Almighty had ordained for each of them. Still sinless was the Son of Man, the Son of God.But, they say, HE was guilty of the sin of anger. He angrily treated the money changers with contempt and even violence as he threw them out of the temple. Wrong again. That was nothing more than the right attempt to protect the integrity, the purity of the Temple of the Living God. So, that spotless, sinless record was still intact.But, these anti-Christians say, Jesus used curse words, first-century curse words, calling religious rulers, the Pharisees, VIPERS, snakes, and poisoners. He swore at them, they say, by calling them white as sepulchers, hypocrites, dead and deadly. But in reality, there was nothing more than describing them as they were. Sinless record still intact.Then comes Gethsemane, where they say that Jesus, in temptation, was a quitter. He asked out of His mission, His purpose in coming. He knew the horrific ordeal which awaited him, a Roman crucifixion on a wooden cross, and with sweats of blood, He asked the Father to let him out, to let this CUP pass from me. Not once, not twice, but three times. But, at the end of the third request, He knew what He had to do, what He came for, and that it was the will of the Father to be done, and not his will. The human side of our Lord was tempted to quit, but for the good of the world and all of us, He knew He had to fulfill his divine mission. To the cross our Lord went, SINLESS, and that SINLESS BLOODSHED was the greatest act of redemption in human history.Do you believe that Jesus lived a sinless life? Do you accept the truth of Hebrews 4:15 which states emphatically that he did live a sinless life? Let it be known that I surely do, and I hope and pray that you do as well. If you don't you had better have some incredibly strong, powerful, convincing evidence to the contrary. I hope you are not like 56% of 2000 so-called born-again Christians interviewed who, in their infinite wisdom, believed that Jesus of Nazareth sinned and consequently lived at least to that extent a sinful life. Scriptures say that is wrong in every way.May the sinless but tempted LIFE OF OUR LORD be a source of joy, inspiration, and hope for all of us as being truly born again, we love and respect the life of our Lord, and seek to be like Him, LIVE LIKE HIM!


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    In our world, love rules.It is the highest attribute, with fundamental characteristic of all humankind.Perhaps the finest expression of love is:MOTHER LOVEThe definition of mother, a real mother is simply put:LOVEA mother's love is the ultimate human love.It is said that THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE RULES THE WORLD. Perhaps so because so much of a child is formed in the early years by mother. One is in life so much of what a mother was. A real mother is part of the life of a child forever. What we learn at mother's knee is so often what we are. Her values become ours. We are HER.The egg of a woman is the source of all life, the fundamental stuff of the universe and when fertilized by the sperm of the male:LIFEThe most precious thing of all happens. The egg and the sperm unite and become one but it is:GODWho gives life. At that very moment of conception, the life of a HUMAN BEING begins.That life is not a mere collection of cells as one biologist so flippantly said, but in reality the first moments of the life of a human being, a child on the grow in the womb. That fertilized egg is a BABY. So much for abortion which is nothing more than murder of that baby at any stage in the womb.And so the mother begins mothering, and the baby grows. The enriched womb of the mother nourishes and cherishes the baby, sensitive to every need. The morning sickness is a small price to pay for the life within. Moods and diets may change as the womb grows large and beautiful. It is really wondrous to behold the change of mother in the making with that womb at work.It is marvelous indeed to touch the nine month home of that child. The ear presses down, hoping to hear any sound from the baby. Touching, hearing, kissing, sensing life at work are really more important than any ultrasound. God at work through Mother Nature creating life is wondrous, even miraculous.Some today are actually privileged to see the baby born. Out of the womb comes a bundle of joy, of life and yet another miracle happens. The pain of childbirth is so well worth the end result. Perhaps it is the most loving moment, the ultimate loving moment when brand new baby lays firm on mother's breasts. Having seen that, how I wonder could any potential mother abort, kill her very own child? To do so is to abort a miracle.Early on, it is the still, small voice of the mother which is perhaps the greatest teacher in life. We the infants hear that voice and remember what the voice of our mother sounds like and says for a lifetime. We do so consciously and perhaps even more importantly subconsciously. That loving voice in many ways is angelic, the early words of love. They come with touch, and they are spiritual, psychological, character forming and building. The love of a mother is every bit as important as food itself. So, in a sense, these early words are eternal for they train up the child in the way the mother wishes the child to go and to grow is not to depart from the right ways of the mother.The words of a mother to her child are melodic, soothing, comforting. They support, encourage and they make a child feel safe. A mother touches, hugs, strokes, talks and sings to her baby, episodes never to be forgotten. When all else fails and all others as well, a truly loving mother never does. She is forever, eternal.A loving mother is kind. In a world rough and confrontational, the kindness of the mother is a most necessary characteristic.A loving mother is never jealous, never envious, always willing to put the child first, in love. A real loving mother is proud of her child no matter what the child becomes.Motherly love is always positive, not negative. It looks for the best, the good and the right. But the mother renders discipline when things are wrong. The love of a real mother is tough love. That love has standards, clear, straight and simply and lovingly communicated. Real love is without compromise. A loving mother never bargains with a child.A mother explains and answers perhaps better than any teacher, helping a child to understand. A mother stretches but never pushes knowing that her child must be challenged in order to grow. There is always demand and discipline from the right mother, both easy to implement when the child knows he or she is:LOVED A loving, Godly mother makes certain her child understands her standards and values and those of God as well.A loving Godly mother teaches the child the things of her Lord. Train up that child in the ways of faith, of Christian faith, the faith of the mother. There is no better witness for the child than a loving Christian mother, living life by those standards and the child along with her. That is faith with works, the best kind.A real loving mother gives time, quality time to the child. There is for mother and child that quality time to talk and much more importantly, and especially for mother, to:LISTENIn an age of cell phones, babysitters, fast foods, carpools and demanding social life, all of that and everything else should never, ever interfere with quality time spent by the mother with child. Truly listening, and touching, and hugging, and encouraging, respecting the child produces some of life's finest lessons. Those bonding moments are, as one psychologist has well said:PEAK MOMENTSNever to be forgotten by either. Patient, kind and understanding. Truly interested in the life of a child, not superficially so. Perhaps that is why so many mothers wished more than ever, so we are told, to stay home, build that home for husband and child and all children and to spend full time training up that child in the way in which he should go. That is what mothers are for and no other job can ever come close to that incredible responsibility and opportunity.No matter the love, child rearing is work, and hard work. It demands the time of the mother at all times. The real needs of a young child are great and they demand full time, mother always on the ready. How beautiful it is for father and husband to watch the baby breastfeed. How beautiful to see mother and child so intimately and sensitively connected. There is special nourishment from the milk of the breast but there is also the psychological nourishment, the nourishment of love and bonding, one with each other, the young and often subconscious memories lasting for a lifetime. A mother's touch, feel and taste are vitally important to the growth of the child.Some mothers homeschool. They want to train up that child in the right ways themselves. Others work to send the child to special schools, private schools or schools of faith. Loving mothers are more than willing to sacrifice to accomplish the right objectives for the child they love.And all the while, a mother encourages the love of a father for child and the child for the father. There is respect, as important as love, between mother and father, husband and wife. There is a sense of equality as both parents love their child in different ways. Perhaps the love of a father for a child is different but as the child grows and matures, the love, the real love of a real father becomes as important to the child as that of the mother. Without both loves, something fundamental is missing. So that, when a child is ready for the world, and independence, and a life for itself, both loving parents have formed the young adult and are ready proudly so to watch a brand new life unfold. They have earned, these loving parents have, the right to be proud parents.Small wonder that loving children love to give back. There comes a time when the priorities are reversed and the child becomes the support, the loving support of the parents. Loving children love to give back to loving parents. That love which began in the womb is eternal. It never fails. It outlasts faith, and hope and all the wisdom and riches of the world. It endures forever even as the love of Christ does.And so it is with the deepest admiration, respect and love that we, all of us at Crawford Broadcasting Company, salute all real loving mothers on Mother's Day and all year long. If you are a loving mother:YOU ARE SPECIALThere is one day set aside to honor loving mothers which in reality should be done every day of the year. We are admonished, commanded to:HONOR OUR FATHER AND MOTHERIt is a commandment that we honor real loving parents with our love and respect. Give back the love you owe to your mother. Give it back with tears, with laughter and with joy. With gratitude and thanksgiving for all that she has done for you. Let her know how much you love and appreciate her, knowing as you do that you can never repay the loving debt you owe. No child can ever give back all that he or she has gotten. Never.If she is here, make sure she gets what she deserves. There are so many mothers, like mine, not here. My mother is with her Lord as she has been for more than a quarter century. How much I would love the opportunity to give her one more hug. Do that for yours while you can.We salute you and thank you, mother. There is really nothing like you in this world:NOTHING!


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    God created man in his own image. God created male and female in his own image. And he blessed them, male and female.MALE AND FEMALE! Not lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, much less queer, whatever that is (LGBTQ). But male and female:MAN AND WOMAN.The woman, like the man, was created in the:IMAGE OF GOD.Why would anyone want to be less than what God created, especially if one, either male or female, man or woman, is created in the image of God, why? Can there be any higher status, identification, human understanding of WHO WE ARE then to know, BIBLICALLY SURE, that we are God's creation, and we are created in his image.God created man (Adam) and then God created a helper, woman who was:COMPARABLE TO HIM.Comparable! Equal to him, like him, and also, this woman was created in the:IMAGE OF GOD.To be sure, they were different, this man and woman. They, and consequently we, were created for different purposes, objectives, ROLES. But as each developed and sought the wisdom and understanding of the GOD CREATOR, those differences, divinely intended, became stronger and more evident. The man, the male, developed as God intended. The woman, the female, also and equally developed as God intended. So, there was at the beginning, at the time of creation a certain equality (comparable) between man and woman, a respect, and as husband and wife, a joining together, loving and caring. And that, the Lord God creator Almighty, fully intended. That was the divine purpose for:MALE AND FEMALEMAN AND WOMAN God intended that they should leave father and mother, grow and mature, populate the earth, join together as one flesh. Not that man should join with man as one flesh, or woman with woman as one flesh, but as man and woman as:ONE FLESH.That and that alone is the divine way.But again, the woman, created by God as Genesis tells us from the rib of a man, is both:COMPARABLE AND EQUALto that man. God created no second-class citizens. There were different roles, purposes and objectives, differences in the physical but the very same in spirit, mind, heart and understanding. Neither was inferior to the other!And so, says our GOD ALMIGHTY, creator of everything, of heaven and earth, there is the role, objective and purpose of the woman to join with the man in marriage become wife, with the responsibilities and privileges of a wife, and to become mother and bear children, perhaps the most important and vital function of the woman as wife. What an honor for that woman to be mother, and what an honor for that man to be father. There is probably nothing finer for either. NOTHING!Today, there are any number of women who are not married, not wife, not mother. They yet remain what God intended, COMPARABLE to and EQUAL to man. They live independently, strong, capable, productive. They pursue another way, perhaps a different calling. These women, not married, are often well educated, developing wisdom and understanding. They often themselves become teachers, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional examples to children and even adults.They are often strong professionals, these independent women are. They are competent in business, the world of finance, and they are often every bit as talented and capable as any man, and in any number of cases even more so. Many women have been highly successful in business, some having achieved the status of:BILLIONAIREA possibility never imagined years ago. Many believe that women control the majority of the wealth of the world and in most such cases, that wealth is in good hands, well managed and productively utilized. Success in business and finance is yet another way, a modern way, that a woman, created in the image of God, is both:COMPARABLE TO AND EQUAL TO ANY MAN!So many women, females God created, are strong Christians. They know scripture. They study the Bible. They are led by the Holy Spirit. They begin and develop strong faith in Jesus Christ, and they become some of the finest Christian examples in the entire world, often more so than any man. They bring a unique, loving, caring to the young. Whether mother or not, children gravitate to them. They can be a source of tender love, comfort, and support and at the same time, strong, independent, vital, and competitive in the business world with any man.That woman can be respected for often times a superb work ethic. A woman can be fully disciplined, straight, and honest, every bit as any man and often more so. That honest work ethic exists in so many places in our very own company, the Crawford Broadcasting Co. There are many proud examples of comparable, competent, and productive females at work in CBC.Some find ways to be mother and pursue careers at the same time. They have the ability to do what is right in their eyes, and before God, always on call, work and responsibility never ending. Most females, women God created, are blessed caregivers, especially concerned with the health of children, but with all human beings, and equally concerned with rendering care and affection to the elderly. They follow proudly the individual call of God for their lives, they know in whom they have believed, and they pursue His purpose for their lives, always pressing on for the goal, the prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ, the very same as any man.Jesus Christ loved and respected women. They ministered to Him and HE to them. There was the unforgettable encounter of our Lord with the woman at the well. There was that generous and loving woman who poured incredibly expensive perfume on the feet of Jesus, washed them, and dried them with her hair. That loving female act reverberates through the years, a vitally important Christian teaching. Women were the very first to know that Jesus, the Christ was risen, resurrected from the dead as He said. The very first to discover the empty tomb and to know that this Son of God:LIVES ETERNALLY.Women were the very first evangelists to spread the good news to Peter and the disciples that Jesus Christ was risen from the dead. What an honor.So, it is good to be a woman, that woman created in the image of God, that biological woman who can be joined with a man as one flesh, comparable before God in every way. We honor women as wives and mothers. We should as well honor them for what they are, who they are, as strong, independent, productive, servants of the living God, comparable to and equal to:ANY MAN.How good it is that both man and woman were God created!


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    The church of Jesus Christ needs YOU now more than ever.This precious church, this body of believers, the worldwide followers of Jesus Christ need:YOUto stand, be strong in the faith, bold and aggressively unashamed of your faith now more than ever.The forces of evil are at war. Our age grows dark and darker by the day. Satan's army works directly, overtly, aggressively, and every bit as effectively subtly, secretly, covertly to overthrow, even eliminate, the Christian faith and the Christians who believe. This radical army hopes you are unaware. YOU are unaware. A believer not watching, lulled to sleep by the comforts of this world and the deceit lurking everywhere, content with your cellphone and Starbucks culture. They are always at war; they live for their immoral victory, and they will employ any means to win this incredible spiritual battle in this dark day and age of post truth.This is not scare tactic or even for that matter pessimistic, fearful, or weak:IT IS REALITY.It is happening. It is everywhere. These anarchists are determined to win, and they will lay their all on the altar of Satan in order to do so. Please, arouse and observe, understand and be ready to deal with the:SIGNS OF THE TIMES.The army of our Lord needs YOU now more than ever. YOU! God the father, of our Lord Jesus Christ and YOU calls YOU and me now more than ever to enlist, prepare, be ready and wherever necessary:FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITHwith the spiritual weapons which God has given us. These satanic forces hope you are unaware of the battle at hand, or perhaps simply don't care, don't want to be involved. They employ against YOU the weapon of ridicule. If you dare loudly and lovingly to proclaim your faith, you are ridiculed as fanatic, intolerant, non-inclusive, bigot, and racist. This weapon, properly employed, shuts down the walk, testimony and stand of literally millions of believers, MILLIONS!The evil other side employs the weapon of REJECTION. If you are a sincere person of faith, they utterly reject you and they encourage others to reject you. They accuse you of non-Christian conduct, not loving, not turning the other cheek, not accepting people as they are. And so often YOU, and in fact so many of WE THE BELIEVERS, succumb to this satanic weapon of war.They, the enemies and haters of our Lord and YOU, intimidate even threaten violence and actually, the world over, employ this weapon. Churches are burned, congregations are shot, Christians are martyred. The courts are full of litigation against Christians (Jack Phillips, Baker in Colorado among others). Legislation is passed by Federal Government, states, and even local communities contrary to Christian morality and accepted standards of behavior. The non-violent weapon of CHANGE, radical change, is utilized everywhere and ALWAYS AT WORK.Against YOU comes the weapon of SHAME. They believe that Christians will not follow the biblical commandment to be unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, even if it is the power of God unto Salvation. That power, which can defeat any enemy seems so seldom to be called upon by any believer. THEY know that and THEY, unashamed of their purposes and proud of their evil desire to win at any cost, do whatever it takes to advance their cause knowing that millions will not resist. The power of real Christianity, the stand of real Christians are dull, even useless weapons in this dark, ever growing evil day and age. Far too many Christians are impotent, weak, even afraid. They seem not to claim or believe in the biblical promise that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. The sound mind promised by the great God Jehovah and his Holy Spirit seems overrun by the fear which God abhors.The forces of good, of God, of morality, of CHRISITANITY need YOU now more than ever in this fight of faith. You were created, a child of God, a son or daughter blessed with belief and with spiritual purpose and YOU, no matter who you are, are important, necessary, and vital in the overall plan and priorities of our Lord Jesus Christ. The captain of our spiritual army, THE HOLY SPIRIT, needs YOU now more than ever, fully enlisted and ready to lay your all on the altar.YOU ARE UNIQUE! No matter who you are, you are UNIQUE! There is only one YOU! The forces of evil make you think differently that you are average, nothing special, without purpose or meaning in any ultimate way in your life. They hope you live life-long content with mediocrity, a mere average existence spiritually, so you could never be a threat, a unique part of this spiritual army which God intended you to be. Without YOU, no matter who you are, the forces of good, the army of God is weakened. YOU must believe that you are special, you are unique, you have a purpose in life, a reason for being different from anyone else, and you must be the person which God intended you to be in every possible way. You must stand up, proud and loving, a joyful believer, who will never compromise, nor be intimidated, nor shy away from the full defense of the faith and the truth and the life, which Jesus Christ has given you. YOU MUST DO WHAT YOU CAN! No more, but no less. You must do what you should as a Christian, as your duty to your Lord. That action and reaction must occur in your life more than anything else.That kind of response of course can only come if you truly believe, REALLY BELIEVE in your faith. If your Christian commitment is minimal, your faith small, your knowledge of the plan of salvation incomplete, and you are driven by every wind and doctrine, every intellectual and spiritual threat which confronts you, this kind of message will seem extreme, irrelevant and most importantly:IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU!You may think of yourself as having few talents, abilities, not like so many others. And that is one of the most powerful tools of the devil, having you compare yourself with someone else, getting you to believe that you really don't have a calling or purpose, or real value in the plan of the great God Jehovah for you in this world. You fail in your ability to understand the talent, strengths, and assets which God has give you and the devil rejoices. More than ever, you must know:YOU.You are unique. You are different. No one can do what you are ordained to do, no one! YOU, all of us, need to constantly search our heads and hearts to determine who we are, why we are here and what is our ultimate divine purpose in life. YOU MATTER! If, for example, you are a mother, wife, responsible for household in so many ways, you have skills, talent, leadership qualities, caring, loving, and listening. You have the ability to discipline, organize, communicate, and be a force, spiritually and socially, TREMENDOUS TALENTS. You should recognize them and use them in all of life, even as you perfect them in the home. Undoubtedly, that is what God intended. That is WHO YOU ARE, and who you should be in order to be all that you can be. Be proud of those talents, strong in them, knowing that you, and how you do things are UNIQUE,Different from and in some ways better than anyone else. That, all of that, is what God intended for:YOUYOU TO BEWHAT YOU SHOULD BE!Replenish yourself every day, all day, with the resources God has given you. First, PRAY. Pray says the scripture without ceasing, all the time. Give thanks, thanks to God, and thank God for who you are, and pray for His wisdom to understand yourself all the better. And, FELLOWSHIP. The company of believers is nourishing, sharpening. You can help strengthen the brethren, whether one on one or in a large church community. Fellowship, contact, and loving listening with other believers grows every human being, every Christian and servant of the Lord. And STUDY. Study to show yourself approved unto God, workmen and workwomen who, because of what they know:NEED NOT BE ASHAMEDbecause you rightly understand, YOU KNOW the truth, the biblical truth. The truth of the God who created you. You know the saving power and love of Jesus Christ. You experience daily the wisdom, guidance, fellowship, and strengthening of the Holy Spirit. You are made better every day by that witness and that influence. YOU ARE READY TO GIVE A REASON FOR THE FAITH THAT IS WITHIN YOU! You are ready to stand for the gospel and for Jesus Christ, and lay all, even your life, on the altar if necessary. You are never weakened by comparing yourself to ANYONE ELSE! You are a unique child of God. You are proud of who you are, spiritually, and you will never be intimidated, ridiculed, or rejected by anyone, ANYONE!THAT, you are then the warrior, the soldier, the fighter which the Christian FIGHT OF FAITH, the army of God needs now more than ever. I pray that your faith is that strong, so strong that it makes you realize who YOU are and how important you are in the loving plan of Jesus Christ. Without You, the army of God is incomplete, no matter who you are. Please understand that, and your calling, your uniqueness now more than ever.The church of Jesus Christ, the army of our Lord, needs:YOUTHE REAL PASSIONATE CHRISTIAN YOUSTRONG IN THE LORDNow more than ever!

    American Values

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    Recently, a poll was conducted by the Wall Street Journal. To the extent it was accurate and representative, the poll contained some very interesting and alarming statistics.The poll revealed that only:38%Of Americans say that patriotism is:VERY IMPORTANT TO THEM.That alarming statistic, my fellow Americans, that incredibly low percentage is down from that of 1998 which at that time was:70%.38%, only somewhat more than 1 out of 3 Americans think that patriotism, loyalty to and belief in the one-of-a-kind America is very important. That to me is shocking. Are you one of those 3 or are you one of the 2 out of 3 who really don't think that patriotism matters that much? How sad, rather how tragic is this lack of loyalty and commitment to the greatest nation in the history of humankind.Small wonder we are adrift as a nation, deeply divided, woke to the point where this new way of thinking is destroying everything once assumed to be American, and in danger of losing our very country itself.President Thomas Jefferson once said that America from time to time needs to be REFRESHED, the tree of liberty did with the blood of real patriots. That is, we true Americans should be willing to fight for our country and our freedom if necessary. But if only 1 out of 3 of us really care about and believe in America, the other two and their different way of thinking will certainly prevail. The America we have known and loved and lived in for almost 250 years will be gone with the wind.This Wall Street Journal poll also found that only about 40% of all Americans believed that religion of any kind was:VERY IMPORTANT TO THEM. Two out of five Americans only, 2 OUT OF 5 believed that religion, that broad and all-inclusive word was very important to them. That lack of belief was literally unbelievable!Twenty-five years ago, 2 out of 3 Americans, some 65% believed that religion was VERY IMPORTANT to them. Now, says this poll, only 2 out of 5 Americans believe that instead of 2 out of 3. Small wonder, my fellow Americans and Christians, that theologians predict the END TIMES and surely the end of America as we know it.Further, found the poll, only 27% of Americans said that their community was VERY IMPORTANT to them, a percentage down from 62% in 2019. Don't you find that unbelievable, as I do? Similarly, tolerance for other people, the poll found, was very important to 80% of Americans just four years ago. Today it is, says the Wall Street Journal, just 58%!Twenty-five years ago it was normal, expected that Americans would feel pride in their country. Proud of America was the normal belief of the vast majority of WE THE PEOPLE. We were, America was, the country unrivaled, a dominant force in the world. We were proud of our ancestors, our history, our constitution, our rule of law. But now, woke and radically progressive teaching, teaches our children that America was founded in “sin” and essentially irredeemable. If children, become adults, are taught to believe that there is little or nothing good in our history and our past, that America is irredeemably evil, small wonder that so many Americans do not feel a proud and aggressive sense of:PATRIOTISM.For example, trans-gender extremists recently called for a:“DAY OF VENGENCE”in America. Politician Marjorie Taylor-Greene recently insisted that the Untied States must break up, blue states divorced from red. That is simply just another way of saying that America is hopeless, irredeemable and must be destroyed or at least divided. I hope that you are aware of these incredibly satanic forces at work in our country, that you resist and defend whenever you can, and that you are proud of and willing to fight the fight of faith as necessary as the radical changes in America predicted by Barack Hussein Obama, the incredibly evil George Soros and others occur and grow every day. Our, YOUR future is at stake.And yet another Wall Street Journal finding. Only 23% of American adults said that having children was very important to them. Less than 1 out of 4! Stunned at that finding, I discussed the finding with a very intelligent and bright woman who said to me point blank:“I REFUSE TO HAVE AND RAISE CHILDREN IN THE AMERICA AND THE WORLD IN WHICH WE LIVE!” Conservatives are silenced. They keep quiet out of fear of losing their jobs and other retribution from woke-progressives-radicals. Conservatives fear being shut out of advancement opportunities at work, mistreated by co-workers and bosses and even fired for voicing their beliefs. Censorship is everywhere. It affects everything and everyone.The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) reported that 88% of four-year colleges and universities now restrict the free expression of their students.The New York City Teachers Union sponsors a virtual workshop on fighting against the, are you ready for this:HARMFUL EFFECTS OF WHITENESS IN OUR LIVES.The bottom-line objective of course is the vague and misleading:DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION.I suppose it is not good today to be white, is it? It seems as though every other skin color matters except white. I, for one white, politely and passionately disagree!What a world! There seems to have been such radical change in values, morals, ethics and beliefs in our great country and the world at large. We are, my fellow Americans, like it or not, engaged in a spiritual, political, cultural and historical warfare like never before which threatens to tear our country apart and even destroy it. I am no prophet of doom, but a realist, I see what is happening as I am sure you do, knowing that there are so many who have no hope for this great country.I DO! I still believe the majority, perhaps the vast majority of Americans, are patriotic, are religious, and I hope that means Christian-Born-again, care about community and their fellow brothers and sisters and would count it an honor to bear and raise God-given children. I have that hope because I have:FAITH-HOPE-LOVEin the risen savior:JESUS CHRIST!HE is perhaps the only hope for peace, understanding, equity, and love. And of course, salvation and freedom, REAL FREEDOM.I love America and I am one of Thomas Jefferson's patriots who is willing to shed blood if necessary for the Tree of Liberty, for the America I love, and more importantly for:THE LORD I LOVE.I PRAY THAT YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE AS WELL!

    Easter Again

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     HE IS RISEN! Haven't forgotten that, have you? Just because we celebrated Easter and the Easter message of resurrection even though virtual Sunday, April 4, I just can't let you and me ever forget that. It's not just April 4, it's every day of 12 MONTHS.HE is the only man who ever triumphed over death and the grave, none before Him and none since. THE ONLY ONE! That resurrection, that bodily resurrection, that ascension, that VERIFIED – WITNESSED resurrection and ascension is crucial, pivotal, revolutionary, life changing, essential and indispensable to the belief of every Christian. Morning, noon and night, every day of all 365, the living, resurrected Christ LIVES within the hearts of every Christian believer. And every believer, the Christ has promised, will live with Him now, in this life, and in the life WITH HIM to come. Incredible, is it not?Wonderful, glorious, jubilant, to every believer. But to the natural man:FOOLISHNESS, Absolute and altogether foolishness. It is absolutely ridiculous, says a natural man, an atheist or agnostic, that a mere human being, a carpenter from Nazareth no less, who came from dust and shall return to dust as the scriptures say should rise from the dead. It is just simply not possible. And of course, the myth of the resurrection and the myth of the virgin birth and even for many the myth of the crucifixion all are nothing more than fairytales or as the scriptures say IDLE tales. One can readily see how a natural man, one not drawn by THE HOLY SPIRIT, with eyes closed and ears blocked would scoff, mock and ridicule the EASTER story. If you want, as physicist and astronomer Steven Hawkins would say to believe in a myth of fairytale, that is your right. But the world of science, says Hawkins, astronomy and the so called reason and rationality of the mind dismiss a resurrection possibility out of hand. It didn't happen, says Hawkins. IT CAN'T HAPPEN! And, to that, the Apostle Paul says if in fact the resurrection did not happen, then:YOUR FAITH IS IN VAIN. Worthless. No better than any other belief system, if even that. If Christ be not risen, any professing believer is not only deceived but becomes him or herself a DECEIVER. Such a believer testifies to a lie, perhaps the biggest lie in all of human history and consequently, becomes a conspirator in the spread of evil and duplicity. So that, not only is the believer's faith in vain, but the guilt of the false belief of others lies upon him or her as well. When you or I profess to be Christian, we must therefore champion the resurrection with all of our heart, soul and mind. There can be no doubt. NONE!Perhaps that is why the nonbeliever dislikes, even hates Christianity and as a consequence the Christians who follow it. Nonbelievers hate the concept of sin. They see no need for forgiveness. They deeply resent the demands of Christianity and the Christ who boldly proclaims:NO MAN OR WOMAN COMES TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME! Nonbelievers hate that demand, that exclusivity. For it rules out everything else, every other form of belief, in fact every other religion. The crucifixion at Golgotha was merely the death of one man, perhaps even justified. The man who died was a revolutionary, a seditionist, constantly conspiring to get THE PEOPLE to resist and rebel against Rome, the political system, Herod and Pilot on the one hand and the religious authorities, the Pharisees and Sadducees on the other. And he even admitted he came to stir up trouble, to turn one family member against another. He called Herod the Tetrarch of Rome a FOX, cunning, deceiving and lying. The religious establishment despised him because he referred to them over and again as nothing more than hypocrites, or whited sepulchers, empty inside. If any mere man deserved to die, and die in an excruciating way, it was this mirror man Jesus of Nazareth. It was with HIM then as it is now love or hate. You embraced him, believed in him, gave him your all. Or you despised, even hated him nothing more than a rebel or rabble rouser, deluded, even perhaps insane a man in no way to be taken seriously. WITH OR AGAINST. And, written off by Him who again boldly even arrogantly stated:HE THAT IS NOT WITH ME IS AGAINST ME.The world, the secularists, the natural men and women accommodate Christianity one weekend, three days each year. From Good Friday through resurrection Sunday, those who believe in fairytales are allowed their celebration. But then comes Monday and it is back to business as usual, criticizing Christianity, attempting at every hand to get Christians, Christian beliefs and Christianity out of the public square, out of the marketplace, confined if at all possible to the four walls of a church. They are determined, these rabid, progressive secularists to curtail or eliminate Christian witness, any form of evangelism for they the enemy have determined that all Christian speech is:HATE SPEECH.They are determined to destroy, eliminate any form of testimony, any message which states:CHRIST IS RISEN Even as they scoff at the message:  UP FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE WITH THE MIGHTY CHILD O'ER HIS FOES Wherever he was buried, there he remains they say. From the time he was laid in a tomb, everything else, EVERYTHING is nothing more than myth, fairytale, idle tale WHY!But, natural man, like it or not, he did in fact rise again. HE WAS SEEN first by the women Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother of James and Salome, and Joanna, and other women. They first saw the empty tomb as they brought spices, the announcement of the resurrection by the angel and these women were the very first EVANGELISTS. They were the first to go and tell. They told Peter, and the disciples, 11 of them and others that at the tomb:HE IS NOT THERE!HE IS RISEN! He was there, back for some 40 days before an ascension. He fellowshipped with his disciples and with others. He was there in the flesh for he was hungry and thirsty. He ate and drank and he showed them his nail pierced body and the wounded side where he was pierced. He returned as a man alive and ascended in glory as the eternal Christ. For Christian believers, it is true, all of it. It is fact. It is the foundation of belief. He was alive in the flesh before and after the crucifixion and now lives eternally and forever with his saints to reign. So, the Christian joyfully proclaims Easter Sunday and every other day:HALLELUJAHCHRIST AROSE We the believers celebrated the Easter weekend, mourning at the remembrance of the crucifixion on Good Friday April 2 but joyfully and jubilantly celebrated HIS Resurrection on Easter Sunday, April 4. That resurrection message was heard that day the world over. The world made time, even priority at least to recognize that incredible message. But now, only mere days later, it is business as usual. Perhaps even we who believe become gradually less open, less aggressive in our testimony, perhaps even unwilling to STAND for what we believe, in Him. Perhaps, gradually, we become more defensive, even withdrawn, unwilling to testify and confront. Perhaps the message of those three potent days becomes a matter of memory, fading, the power of it all dissipating, the courage to fight the fight of faith waning.So, just a few days after the Easter celebration, it is well for us to celebrate again, and again and again, and every day the fact, the most supreme fact in all of human history that:HE IS RISEN.That, as the old hymn says, Christ the Lord is risen today, and every day. Hallelujah! Let us with all our hearts proclaim that message and live that message. It is the greatest fact in human history! So, from the virgin birth, to a powerful human life symbolist, to the crucifixion offering forgiveness for all mankind through the shed blood, to the resurrection, believe it, proclaim it, and live it every day of the year.And one more thing. There is yet to come the rapture. This, the crucified and resurrected Christ will return again for his church, for us. Perhaps that day is near and we should be ready. The rapture is yet another fairytale, so says the natural man. But for Christians, it is the ultimate event, the culmination of everything. If you are Christian, if you believe, then the Holy Spirit bears witness, fortifies your belief, encourages you and strengthens you and makes certain that you live joyfully in the faith, hope and love of the Christian journey. Easter was celebrated days ago. But Easter is not a day, it is a way of life. Celebrate morning, noon and night:HE IS RISEN HALLELUJAH CHRIST THE LORD IS RISEN TODAY AND EVERY DAY!

    Easter - The Lord is Risen

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    Up the carpenter went to Jerusalem, knowing full well why. It was time, HIS time, the time, the eternal time as appointed when a world changing event would happen.It was to be the end of his earthly journey, a time for the transition between the Jesus of history and the Christ of Glory.There came that time in the Garden of Gethsemane where he went to pray. He asked his disciples to participate, to watch with him, to stay awake with him. Not knowing the incredible events about to happen, they slept. But the Master prayed, communed with the Father. How wonderful the humanity of Jesus the Christ in Gethsemane. As man, he knew the incredible suffering and agony to come, the crucifixion which would happen and he prayed to the Father:LET THIS CUP PASS FROM MELet there be another way to introduce your love and saving grace rather than crucifixion. But the answer was clear, the plan in place. There would be no change.Perhaps that was the greatest expression and revelation of the WILL of God at work. The plan of salvation would begin with Him, Jesus of Nazareth so that all men might know that He was indeed the SON OF GOD.And so, in blessed surrender, the soon to be Christ of Glory uttered this incredible prayer:NOT MY WILL BUT THY WILL BE DONEOn earth even as it is in heaven. He was ready, and willing.Jesus of Nazareth loved Jerusalem as all Jews do. There stood the temple, the holiest place on earth to the Jews, the earthly abiding place of the HOLY OF HOLIES. It was ordained so by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and it was the place, the center for the longing, the love and the passion of all Jews. Jerusalem, the one and only Jerusalem, the City of David.Jesus of Nazareth poured out His love on the city and its people so very special to him. He passionately lamented how he would love to take the city and its people under his wing and to show them what he firmly believed was the way, the truth, and the life, all new things. There would be from God through him a new creation possible, all things and people born again, a fresh and vital spirituality. But before these new gifts from God could become universal, a tragic and horrific event must occur followed by the most miraculous and wonderful event in the history of mankind.HE had dined in Jerusalem with his disciples, a loving Last Supper to commemorate the event to come, the celebration of his body and his blood. That communion of the disciples and the Lord, that spiritual fellowship celebrated vicariously with bread and wine, was the end event for them but only the beginning of a lifelong celebration for us.Roman soldiers found him in Gethsemane. There came the mockery of trial and interrogation before Pilate and Herod. The world knows of the hands–washing, the refusal to make the decision of death for a just and innocent man and the offering to the people of a choice between Jesus of Nazareth and a convicted criminal. The crowd of course chose the criminal.Then came the walk to the cross, the VIA DOLOROSA, the way of sorrow still today commemorated in Jerusalem by the 12 Stations of the Cross. When His cross became too heavy to bear, another carried it for him. Crowds lined the way, watching and listening, some mocking, some wailing, all perhaps sensing this was no ordinary man nor would there be any ordinary crucifixion. But none could know that the world could change.And so, the cruelest and most brutal death possible occurred for an innocent man, a public crucifixion. Roman soldiers nailed Jesus of Nazareth to that wooden cross.It seems ironic indeed, does it not, that a man who lived and worked with wood died a brutal death on wood itself.He hung on that cross for hours, a criminal on each side. The sky grew dark and it was as though the earth and all in it mourned. The Christ of Glory hung in utter agony, and the horrific pain he experienced caused Him to utter these unforgettable words:MY GOD, MY GOD WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN MEWHY?So alone, in utter agony, feeling even that the FATHER had forsaken Him. It is impossible to know how He felt, how awful that death must have been for Him. But He was man, human. We as humans like him can understand the cruelty of man and the suffering and agony he suffered in death as many of us have. HE took on the suffering of mankind on that Golgotha Hill. So many who loved him watched, mourned and prayed, never really knowing that this tragic crucifixion would turn into a glorious Resurrection.It seemed indeed that in that darkest moment, God Himself had departed, forsaken. Perhaps it was, as some scholars think that this Holy God could not look upon the ultimate and tragic event as they were laid on him the sins of the world. On that cross, in the blood and tortured flesh of the body of the Son of God, in that death unto sin were in fact the sins of the world, all of them and all of ours. That final bloody act of remission and propitiation had to be finished. There had to be that tumultuous and cataclysmic collision of worlds, when heaven and earth became one through Him. For hours, He suffered in agony and pain. His precious body was exposed, mutilated and mocked. He was crowned in the ultimate sarcasm with a crown of thorns to mock the claim of:KING OF THE JEWS.Roman soldiers taunted him, challenging him to use His miraculous powers to come down from the cross, laughing all the while. They cast lots for his garments and treated in cavalier style this world changing event as ordinary, the crucifixion and death of yet another fanatic, yet another would be Messiah as there were so many of them in that day. Never could these men know what would happen on the third day.And so He died and as He was removed from the cross, there came mercifully and lovingly Joseph of Arimathea to claim the body, something which rarely happened in early Roman times, so that Jesus of Nazareth could be buried in His very own tomb. And there He lay as all who knew him, loved, followed and believed in Him mourned. There was perhaps that day a sense of no hope, the law so tragic that HE would never be replaced. Like doubting Thomas, none really believed what would happen that third day.But on that third day, they hurried, they ran to the tomb, the women did. They were so anxious lovingly to attend His body. Instead, they found in the tomb the Angel of the Lord. The stone which had covered the tomb had been rolled back. The event was so terrifying it overwhelmed the Roman guards. The women announced that they had come looking for Jesus of Nazareth, He who had been crucified, buried and laid in this tomb. They demanded to know who took His body. But the Angel of the Lord said to them, words which would change the world:HE IS NOT HERE HE IS RISENHE IS ALIVE. Death as we know it had no power over Him. For millions, that is impossible for us to believe. But for us who do and especially those of us never having seen, heard or been in His physical presence, we who believe the truth and reality of the Resurrection are entitled to the power and the eternal victory over death even as it was with Him. Even as He returned to the Father, so shall we at our appointed time be with Him and the Father as well. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is not a myth, not symbolic, but the most real event in all of human history.The Apostle Paul states that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most fundamental event, the crux of Christianity. If, says Paul, there was no Resurrection, then Christianity is a farce and more importantly our FAITH is in vain. If the Resurrection was myth, or symbolic and not real, actual, factual, a bodily resurrection, then our faith is in vain. But thank the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, as Paul did, that the Resurrection was real, it endures with everlasting power even now and for all eternity. OUR FAITH IS NOT IN VAIN. The tomb was empty and the empty lives of all mankind could now be filled with the power of this incredible resurrection. The words again which changed the world:HE IS NOT HERE! HE IS RISEN!And so came the Resurrection witness. The resurrected and risen Christ was seen, heard, touched, and otherwise fully experienced as living once again. There were those who doubted, demanding proof. They touched the nail pierced hands and the side pierced with that Roman spear. And they said with the words of doubting Thomas:MY LORD AND MY GODTheir eyes were opened and they recognized Him. They fellowshipped with Him and ate with Him. And He said to them “why are you disturbed and troubled.” Why do such doubts and questionings arise in your hearts? He told them to see His hands and feet and know that it is I MYSELF. No mere spirit, He said, has flesh and bones as I have. His disciples were filled with sheer joy and marvel. Their minds were open to understand Him and the Scriptures. Now said the Resurrected Christ, you are witnesses of these things. Go and preach this wonderful event and our message to all nations. He blessed them and sent them.GO YE, He said, into all of the world and preach the Gospel to everyman, to the Jew first but then to the Gentiles. TO ALL MANKIND. The saving power of the Resurrection was for everyone. So many of us doubt in some ways even today. We see through a glass darkly, said Paul. Our understanding of these things is limited, human here and now. But hereafter, we will know, really know when we see HIM:FACE TO FACEBlessed are those who have never seen and believe!There is nothing in this world like this belief, the outpouring of the saving grace of the Resurrection. The power of life and life eternal through Him is the most powerful force on earth. It comes by acceptance and an open heart, the outpouring of this transforming love. It has been my blessing and I hope and pray that you have had such an encounter with THE LIVING CHRIST, that you have experienced the forgiveness of the cross and that you have accepted and believed in the power of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. That is Easter, that is what Easter means. It is life anew, one born again. A decision to encounter is the most important decision any person can make. It changes life here and it creates life hereafter. It allows the unfolding of the Kingdom of God now and fellowship in that Kingdom for eternity. We become ONE WITH HIM now, and then forevermore.And so, we who believe sing on Easter Sunday and all year long:CHRIST THE LORD IS RISEN TODAYHALLELUJAH!Let the heavens and the earth sing with joy and praise and fill the mind and heart with the power and love of the Resurrection. May the meaning of Easter be with you always, and firmly fasten in your mind the words of the angel, the Messenger of God who stated to those women so many years ago and consequently to all mankind:HE IS NOT HERE!HE IS RISEN!Christ the Lord is in fact risen and our faith is not only NOT in vain but the greatest thing in life. As He was with them in those days following His Resurrection, so He will be with us. His words to that effect are unforgettable.HEAR ME!I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS!EVEN UNTO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!Christ is Risen!HALLELUJAH!

    The Risen Christ

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    IF CHRIST BE NOT RISEN, THEN YOUR FAITH IS IN VAIN!Those are the words of the Apostle Paul. What Paul was saying was that the truth of Christianity rested entirely on the fact that Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead. The resurrection was real, a fact. It happened; it was a historical event. The resurrection was completely and unequivocally verified, and therefore, for all of us Christians, our faith was real, our belief in Jesus Christ verifiable. OUR FAITH WAS NOT IN VAIN!Who, in the history of humankind, knew better about the risen Christ than the apostle Paul. This pharisee, Christian hater, on the Damascus Road on the way to Syria to persecute and kill more Christians, was met face-to-face by the risen Christ, who confronted him in person and said words Paul would never forget:SAUL, WHY DO YOU PERSECUTE ME?Saul, later Paul, would never forget those words. How could he when they and the speaker, the resurrected Christ changed his life completely and Saul, later Paul, from that time forward, from that miraculous encounter-conversion set out to serve this risen Lord and present His gospel of truth to all mankind, to the whole world.Saul, a Jew, a pharisee, let the world know that the gospel of Jesus Christ was delivered and meant for the Jew first, and then, secondarily, to the gentiles. How wonderful, how miraculous that we were included in the gospel of saving grace, the salvation experience offered by the risen Christ.If Jesus of Nazareth was not risen, then at best he was one of the world's prophets, a good one, a very good man. He was moral and taught morality. He was a teacher, a rabbi, respected by his peers, but by no means divine, nor the SON OF GOD he claimed to be. In fact, were he not risen, those words, that claim was nothing short of blasphemy. If Jesus of Nazareth were not risen, then he was a fraud, deluded, a megalomaniac seeking power, fame and notoriety with one false claim after another. The Christianity of this Christ was also in vain, nothing more than a cult. Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of Glory, was either the divine way of the God Jehovah Almighty, the Truth and the Life, or one of the greatest frauds of humankind.But again, praise God, Jesus of Nazareth is Risen! He Lives, and he is in fact, the Way, the only Way, the only ultimate Truth, and the only giver of Life Eternal. Even as Christ was resurrected, so we who believe, with faith and love in this risen Christ, shall also be resurrected, risen from the dead as He was, and we shall spend eternity with Him. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the ultimate truth and life. It is exclusive, the only way, the only ultimate divine truth. There is absolutely no need for woke or progressive Christianity. The movement HE GETS US is dead wrong, for the resurrected Christ makes it clear that we need to GET HIM. There are no other ways, there are no other ways to God, to eternal life other than:BY FAITH IN THE RESURRECTED CHRIST!Now comes Easter when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Friday before, we identify with the brutal aspects of HIS crucifixion. From that time of agony, frustration, and pain, we move to the celebration of his resurrection on that blessed third day and we thank God Almighty for his UNSPEAKABLE GIFT. I pray you never let Easter eggs compete with Easter resurrection, that you never let Easter bunnies take the place of or compete with our beloved risen Lord. That is Easter! Celebrate that. Blessed are we, twenty-first century Christians, who have never seen or known him in the flesh but yet believe. BLESSED ARE WE! We never had the privilege, the spiritual thrill of touching the nail prints in His side. We never heard him speak after he rose from the grave. We did not bear witness to his testimony, his reality. We never had the opportunity to share a fish or a loaf of bread with him. We never witnessed the transfiguration, nor his commission to his disciples. But yet, we know, we believe, for his spirit, THE HOLY SPIRIT bears witness to the truth of Jesus Christ and:THE EASTER RESURRECTION.What a thrill it is to be a Christian. And so we say on Easter Sunday, and I do hope and pray we say these very words all year long and every day:PRAISE BE TO GOD FOR HIS UNSPEAKABLE GIFT!

    The Responsible Christian - The Responsible Citizen

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     It is such a joy to be a Christian. The promises, the benefits, the fulfillment, the change, the clarity of life's priorities among so many others, are the best things in life, the things which are ours as Christians when we follow the man from Galilee who is:THE WAYTHE TRUTHTHE LIFEIt is such a joy as well to be privileged, ordained to live in America, the finest nation in the history of the world, in my opinion, and that of tens of millions of others as well. It is, indeed, America is the land of the brave and the free, the land built and sustained upon:FREEDOM.The rule of law, the rights, we so fully enjoy and so often take for granted, and of course, next to the holy Bible, old and new testaments, the land of the greatest human documents ever written:THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE &THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.So then, we are citizens here and there. The home we make here in this land of freedom is temporary, but wonderful. But our real home is there, the place where our Lord went to prepare for us, and HIM. That is our ultimate dwelling place where we will be HOME WITH HIM forevermore. What a joyous journey we have, here and there, do we not my fellow Christians?But with these privileges, come responsibilities. We have a clear duty to our God who gave us his only begotten son and who put us here in America to live with such privilege. Not in some earthly place without American freedoms but here and now, so that we could utilize every talent we have for HIS glory and to protect and defend this great country as its indebted citizens with the privilege to pursue life, liberty and happiness and to make certain that such a pursuit was available to all citizens, equal as all of us are before our God. To follow Christ is to take up the cross, and to be an American citizen is to be willing to put all on the altar of freedom, even life itself as the founders and all true Americans were so willing. Thomas Jefferson said that the tree of liberty must be refreshed, nourished from time to time with the blood of real patriots.  We then, citizens here and there, should be willing to put our all on the altar for our Lord, and for America and freedom, even our very lives themselves.We should be willing to fight the fight of faith and freedom. And, to fight with all our might. But our weapons are not guns and bombs. The weapons we use are reason, the use of a thinking, challenging mind. We use the weapon of dialogue, discussion, debate:WORDS AT WORK.We go into all of America and preach the gospel, testify to HIM wherever we are.We use the weapon of LOVE. There is no greater force, no greater persuasion, powerful even to the point of loving our enemies.We use the weapon of the VOTE. We prayerfully ask for wisdom to select those individuals who would have the privilege of representing us, and as leaders, protecting and defending the freedoms of this, the greatest country in the history of mankind.We use the weapon of TRUTH. The words, the direction, the commandments, the insight, and wisdom of:THE HOLY BIBLE.And it is guaranteed that we the people, citizens here and there will win. The God of Abraham, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ has guaranteed that in His own time and in His own way.But we the people, citizens here and there, must take the duties of these privileges far more seriously. We really need more than ever to:STUDY TO SHOW OURSELVES APPROVED UNTO OUR GOD.Far more time should be spent in the WORD, the study of the Bible. Far more time must be spent in the study of American history and the:THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE &THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.That study must be a daily priority. We the people spend more than four hours on cell phones, laptops, internet, television, and entertainment. Much of that time must be devoted to study, learning, and in the process, it is our duty to:TRAIN UP OUR CHILDRENIN THE WAYS IN WHICH THEY SHOULD GOAS REAL CHRISTIANSAS REAL CONSTITUTIONAL, FREEDOM-ORIENTED AMERICAN CITIZENS.  Scripture, old and new testaments, like HIM are THE TRUTH, the way, the truth, and the life. There is no access to God Almighty, the Father, other than through HIM, and the Word. The testimony of Christians, the witness, the practice must be real, more real than ever, uncompromising, aggressive, exclusive in this day and age of inclusivity. There is only one way, not all ways. Life and language must testify to that.The life of prayer of the Christian must be powerful, persuasive, persistent, and patient. The Holy Spirit of God bears witness with us, as we ask and seek this divine help, a force, a weapon more powerful than any other,More than ever, citizens like us, HERE AND THERE, must be AWARE of the evil, the evil works of the natural man. Hatred for Christians grows every day. We must be aware of the attacks on our faith, the freedom to believe and practice our Christianity, the attacks on our brothers and sisters in Christ, and the virulent movement worldwide to shut down the freedom of speech, the freedom to present the truth of the Gospel. Lift up your eyes, my fellow Christians and Americans, to what is happening in this world, to the challenges, and consequently the opportunities we have to protect and defend Christ and Constitution. Freedom in HIM and our beloved America has never been attacked internally as it is today. More than ever, we should be watchmen and watchwomen ON THE WALL, recognizing the enemy and protecting and defending. That is our duty, our non-delegable duty we have for:GOD AND COUNTRY.We must do what we can NOW. There is no tomorrow for the fight of faith wages like never before. The fight for freedom, and for the real America wages now, as never before. We the warriors, citizens here and there, soldiers in the fight for God and Country must weaponize in every possible way for this fight, with love, truth, reason, dialogue, uncompromising for Him and for the land where He put us.I hope and pray you see the enemy; you know the evil at work as never before, and that you as Christian and citizen will:STAND UPand fight the fight of faith for our Lord and for this great country. Freedoms to practice and witness to our Christian beliefs and our rights under the Constitution in this great country once lost, are lost forever!

    The Age of Post-Truth

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    Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States for eight years, told us during and as he left office that WE THE PEOPLE, and in fact the whole world, lived in the age, the era of POST-TRUTH.That means, said one scholar, that we live in the age of the LIE. If our Federal Government is any indication, that is surely the truth.POST-TRUTH is an adjective defined as relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion that appeals to emotion and personal belief.POST-TRUTH was declared Oxford Dictionary's WORD OF THE YEAR in 2016, thanks in part at least to Barack Obama.The corruption of the truth is certainly happening in Europe. There is a certain teaching at work where students are taught to sneer at the truth because it is no more than an:EURO-NORMATIVE CONSTRUCT.In fact, some university professors have gotten to the point where they argue that any speech which opposes the left-wing narrative is VIOLENCE. In short, certain words anathema to the radical left are viewed as not only hate speech but actual VIOLENCE itself. Therefore, these radical professors state, that to respond with actual violence is merely self-defense! Our world, my fellow Americans, and Christians, has come to that.How then can we function as a people? What can we believe, how do we communicate, if there is no such thing as truth, absolute truth, or:HOW CAN WE LIVE?This new assault, professorial and academic (radical woke) assault on truth has led to violence, riots, destruction of property, assaults on persons, breaking of laws within punity, tearing down of historical statues, burning and pillaging as first fruits of this new age of unaccountability. The mob rules. This unchecked mob action is what Abraham Lincoln called years ago the:MOBOCRATIC SPIRIT.  Even then, in the 1860's, Lincoln believed that this radical, unchecked spirit would destroy the American republic if in fact it were left unchecked. There seems to be a sense today of a total lack of accountability, the law of the land is broken within punity, district attorneys fail to prosecute and hold accountable, judges are far too lenient and criminal behavior expands. It is the very beginning of a very tragic day and age, and it has the seedlings of destruction for the very American republic itself. WE THE PEOPLE are threatened internally now more than ever, and much more so than externally.The assault on our institutions, principles, values can well produce what some scholars call a:CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS.Our judicial system, our judges in so many ways ignore the constitution. These judges are labeled:LIVING CONSTITUTIONALISTS.In short, society does not conform to the constitution, but the constitution is interpreted and applied in accordance with the prevailing standards and lifestyles current and contemporary. The battle wages judicially with these judicial renegades and radicals against the strict interpreters, these so-called ORIGINALISTS who believe the constitution should be literally applied no matter the circumstances. These internal threats indeed challenge the very existence of our American republic and remind us of the warning of founder Benjamin Franklin that the founding fathers gave us a republic in the form of a constitution:IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.In many ways today, it looks as though we will not be able to keep it.John Adams, an illustrious founding father, wrote that the constitution so constructed:“WAS MADE ONLY FOR A MORAL AND RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. IT ISWHOLLY INADEQUATE (ADAMS SAID) TO THE GOVERNMENT OF ANYOTHER.”That sentiment was bolstered by first president, George Washington, who warned in his farewell address that:“RELIGION AND MORALITY WERE INDISPENSIBLE SUPPORTS OF A SELF-GOVERNING REGIME”.Free government, free people, freedom itself, depended upon close ties with and strong belief in religion and faith. Our political institutions were invented by men for whom religion was a lodestar, and reason was the holy grail, and civic virtue was an inexhaustible resource.As a result, Thomas Jefferson famously wrote for the original constitutional convention, these words:“WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF EVIDENT: THAT ALL MENARE CREATED EQUAL, THAT THEY ARE ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATORWITH CERTAIN INALIENABLE RIGHTS, THAT AMONG THESE ARE LIFE,LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.”These inalienable rights, essentially God-given, were in fact the lodestar of the constitution, the very pillars of the constitution itself.The founders intended the constitution to be literally interpreted, that The United States would be governed by just laws linked to religion and objective standards of right and wrong. It seems as though little of that applies today. So many of our laws are not enforced. Our constitution is virtually interpreted away, and it is almost impossible for WE THE PEOPLE to know how to live.Strict adherence to the text of the constitution, our history, traditions, and laws have been replaced by a living, organic, current interpretation of right and wrong.Everything WE THE PEOPLE hold dear, believe in, and was part of traditional and historical America is under attack, everything. That includes and, in many ways, especially so religion. Morality is relevant. There are no absolutes, and truth as we have always known it based on fact, right or wrong, has been replaced by emotion and worst of all, personal belief. For Christians, scripture, the Bible is absolute truth, the inspired Word of God. More than ever, WE THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE, must stand up, defend, and profess a new, energetic and commitment faith to truth, scripture, law abiding living, professing and believing aggressively, publicly, and uncompromisingly in our eternal faith in Jesus Christ. The right to do so is under attack as never before. It should be the duty of every Christian to know the Bible as well as possible, to read and study it daily, and to know the constitution of the United States, to read some part of it and study it daily as well. Otherwise, the freedoms we now enjoy in Christ and Constitution may well be lost and once lost:LOST IN AMERICA FOREVER!

    He Gets Us - Part 2

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     David Green is the founder of the Christian craft chain HOBBY LOBBY.David Green is a devout Christian, so he says. David Green is worth as much as:FOURTEEN BILLION DOLLARSso says the financial magazine Forbes. David Green and his family give millions of dollars to conservative Christian causes, a good thing. The Green Family is also a major funder of the brand-new campaign to REBRAND Jesus and Christianity under the slogan of:HE GETS US.Green and other conservative donors intend to invest as much as:1 BILLION DOLLARSin behalf of this rebranding campaign with the ultimate objective of:HUMANIZING JESUS AND CHRISTIANITY.Interestingly, this new and rebranding movement is comprised of so-called conservative Christians, EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS. This movement waters down, reinterprets and reprioritizes the fundamental principles of Christianity and seeks to rewrite and reinterpret the life, ministry and humanity of:JESUS CHRIST.Much of this new movement is little more than blasphemy, so said one Christian writer. Another called it flat out heresy, following the example and influence of the secular, Godless, woke-progressive movement of cancel-culture (and Christianity) of today. The apostle Paul called it false teaching from false teachers, a corruption of the real gospel, a strong sign of the END TIMES, the end of all things including real Christianity.David Green and his fellow woke conservatives spent the sum of:20 MILLION DOLLARS 2 on ads and promotions in Superbowl LVII, February 12, 2023. 20 MILLION DOLLARS!That incredible amount of money could have been so much better invested in Christian causes, Christian humanitarian efforts, or the spreading of the real gospel in all the world, also a sign of the end times. But that money was used to take the sting out of the gospel, the hurt, the pain, the exclusion which this investment group feels has come to characterize the beliefs and actions of current Christians. Christianity needs humanizing, they say. But in so many ways the real Christianity has never really been tried, never practiced on a large scale. There is nothing wrong with Christianity, my friends and especially my Christian friends, not one thing wrong. The problem is that we the disciples, the believers, the Christians of today really haven't lived out the Christianity we profess to believe. We try, but constantly stumble. The ideals are high, discipleship demanding. So often, we give up, neglect, or fail. That led the old Philosopher, Edmund Burke, to state in essence that Christianity had not been tried and found wanting (David Green), but real Christianity had never really been tried! Real Christianity had never been lived by individuals much less an entire society. If it had, the world would be a different place, extremely and entirely different. There is no need to rebrand, remarket, readvertise Christianity, none at all. But there is a desperate need to understand it and most importantly:TO LIVE IT!So now, this group of so-called conservate evangelicals (not) reverse Christian priorities and now we are told this new Jesus has a different message:HE GETS US – ALL OF US!All are welcome, come as you are and stay as you are, the way you are, for you, your lifestyle, your beliefs are understood by this new Jesus and the difficult discipleship of real Christianity is made easy, no real radical changes required. If you are marginalized (LGBTQ), excluded because of race or ethnicity, or you are liberal-radical-progressive politically and culturally, you are nonetheless welcome by this new Jesus no matter what you believe. That is, as Christian scholars well state, both blasphemy and heresy, big time.Jesus of Nazareth was the SON OF GOD, the CHRIST OF GLORY, not some newly minted human figure. The real nature and person of Jesus of Nazareth is what should be marketed, what needs to be believed, what the world needs now and not some rebranded, woke, progressive definition of this precious SON OF GOD. The gospel with all of its rewards and demands must be understood, believed and trusted, and followed faithfully in the real world, in real life, all of it.We come to him as sinners. We come to Him knowing that HE gets us as we are, in need of salvation, cleansing, changing, in need of being:BORN AGAIN.We cannot be accepted as we are for the BLOOD of the cross must be our portion. For without that, there is no remission of sin. We must recognize and confess and willingly 3 enter the straight and narrow path with all its demands. We must take up the cross and follow Him. The change required is radical, aggressive, and permanent. It is not negotiable, nor can it be compromised by continuing any form of any pre-salvation lifestyle. That is the message that needs this kind of commitment, investment, and passionate urging by these wealthy evangelicals, not the tokenism of a superficial rebranding. No matter the scripture speaks of sin, hell, the unnatural man, the ten commandments, and so much more, this new world of REBRANDING regards all of that as HATE SPEECH. You can be sure you will hear nothing about Hell in this new marketing campaign or anything like it.Two things are fundamental and cannot be changed in any way. Jesus said:I am the way, the truth, and the life. No person comes to the father (in any way) except by ME!HE says to us, you, sinner, must be born again, you must!In short, you and I need radical change, not rebranding.HE GETS US, that is for certain. He knows us, he knows our nature, our need and what is required for us to be reconciled to God the Father. And his message stands clearer than ever. We, HE says are sinners, flat out sinners before a Holy God and we need, we must have the radical change of Salvation. David Green and his cohorts intend to invest as much as:ONE BILLION DOLLARSIn the course of three years to rebrand Jesus, to humanize him and Christianity. May God convict them along the way so this incredible potential investment can be used to promote the real gospel, the real message of salvation and not this heretical rebranding of our Lord and His real gospel message.