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Bitch Slap: The universes’ wake up call; whose purpose is to open your mind, get you to see things differently, and inspire you to change. A reminder that our egos, hidden in our self righteous agendas, are our main source of pain. And although we don’t like to admit it, we just need to chill the f out, let it go, and realize that we just might not know what’s best for anybody, let alone ourselves. Look we’ve all been brought to our knees, that moment when the pain is so great, we’ve got only one choice… Welcome to our podcast where our host and guest interviews will share their tales of adventure, awareness, insight and love to help you get closer to the truth, transcend the bitch slap, and live in peace.

Mischa Zvegintzov, BeLove.Media, Mischa Z

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    Holy mackerel! It's how I choose to hear things!

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    I'm talking to my temporary neighbor Christie.  And she's either telling me that I look at things like a 5th grader.  And to stop asking for advice…  Or…  I remind her of Oprah with my openness and enthusiasm.  And congratulations on being convicted on your new vision.  It all depends on how I want to look at it.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Zvegintzov  00:02 Who knows where this episode is going to go, I do have a story to tell. And it is about the stories we tell ourselves when somebody is talking to us.  Or, more specifically, perhaps what we hear is not what they're saying. Or even better, we can frame it however we want. It's all in our perception. And I'm really grooving on that idea right now. So I'm going to talk a little bit about that I had a discussion with my neighbor who well somebody who's living in my neighbor's driveway. Christy she is so sweet and so wise and and she's a coach and she lives she lives in a converted van. And my neighbor's got a really cool house actually awesome views and just you know, super chill, she's always has these little parties over there, you know, gatherings the neighbors are you know, drinking their wine around sunset. I, I I hang out at my house anyway. Because the parks, it's the best parking what a place to park your van, and be able to, like, look at these amazing sunset views and, and it's pretty, you know, what a person could could do worse than, than that setup. Anyway, I am in a mood tonight. I just, I was thinking, I'm gonna get to the point here.Mischa Zvegintzov  01:59 But before I do. I've been watching some training videos for the two comma club x, this program that I'm in to grow my business and I'm committed to the business side of things as well. Just so you know. So good news. First off is that I will not be starting a new podcast and walking away from the Bitch Slap podcast. I will just be rebranding the podcast to call it Table Rush. My coach Vince said hey, just rename your current podcast and have fun with it. I was like you know what? You're right. Like there's no need to just you know, shit can it.  Excuse my language.Tthrow the baby out with the bathwater.  But I also had the strong realization that I'm taking a sigh can take things seriously as people should they should take their podcast seriously. But I just am in this mindset right now. Like it's none of this matters. Like none of it matters in the biggest picture of things. None of it freakin matters. And I've just let go of results and the expectations around it. I'm doing the best I can. I'm trying to be of service. And it just seems like a lud... a ludicrous mockery. Sometimes if I was to be perfectly honest with you. So Russell Brunson. I don't know if anybody follows him or follows his marketing secrets, podcast, or click funnels and all this stuff. I'm obviously embedded heavily in it. And I love it. I'm all in and I'm going deeper in every day. And I'm super stoked to have found the inspiration and to be charging ahead and I've got this great business idea that I'm going to run with and hack. Yeah, man, like, stuffs happening, and it's fun, and I'm charged up. So that's the good news. And I'm trying to be of service with my podcast. Oh my gosh, I hope I can get to the point of this episode. And the point of the episode is I kind of feel loops going here. But the point of the episode is, is to have the episodes moving forward. How do I take these stories that I'm telling and spin them the lessons towards business? Right and my mindset, I suppose, because mindset can be so important to entrepreneurship and business creation, and growth and scaling and all that so...Mischa Zvegintzov  04:53 This might need to be a two or three parter. Back to Russell Brunson. So, a bunch of these trainings, Russell Brunson was laughing at himself on how with his marketing secrets podcast, he didn't find his voice until episode 41. Episode 41 was when the Russell Brunson, funnel hacker. Father, leader extraordinare found his voice on his podcast. And sorry, that was a son yelling in the background chirping in the background. I don't know at what? Home my gosh, this is just, you know, this is fun. This is fun. If my service today is having fun and helping you have fun, regaling you with stories. Will God bless. So Steve Larson, who's another big funnel hacker crony of Russell Brunson, who's very good at what he does. Was, you know, telling Russell Brunson that, hey, your podcast effectively sucked until Episode 41. When you finally figured out what the heck you were doing and talking about, and you found your voice, right.  So as I just published as I'm recording this episode, I published I just scheduled for publishing episode number. Where is it? Give me a Give me a sec here. Of course, it's not right in front of me. It's like episode number 340. or some such thing. I'm going to tell you. It's very important to me that I tell you, episode number. Come on computer. 344. Yep. So 344, I still would tell you that I have no idea what I'm doing. I have. Have I found my voice is Misha found his voice? Yet? Yeah. Right. It just all seems so ludicrous. It's one of those days, but I am charging for it. I also had the moment of, of, you know, it might not be downloads or looks or likes, although I do have like 12 or 13,000 downloads, that's which is awesome. But I have definitely learned a lot if I was to catalogue that.Mischa Zvegintzov  07:38 Now, let's talk about Christie my neighbor. Let's just close all these loops. Let's get her done. Christie, and so Christie, my neighbor, I'm talking to her. And I hear I'm telling her about my new value ladder mission statement about, you know, who I'm going to help. And I'm all excited about it. And I'm all excited about the business pivot, helping people in this awesome idea. And and I hear her say, "Well, you know, at some point, you got to stop asking for advice". Like, she was telling me stop asking for advice. So when I heard right, so one way I heard it, and then I was running to the store to get my Apple keyboard fixed. Because I guess I got some food under the tab button. So it was no longer working. And I heard her say, oh, Apple is for fifth graders, basically fifth graders because of the closed system like she likes Dell and all this because she can do all this cool computer stuff. On Wintel that you can't do on Apple, because Apple's a closed system. So I could have and did for a moment perhaps take both of those things negatively. In the same conversation at the same time, she said, effectively, congratulations on having such a solid vision, this new vision that that I've have that's manifested. Right. And so it turns out, she wasn't actually saying, Stop asking for advice. She was saying how great you're at the spot where you're convicted and know your direction. And you know, no longer need to get people's opinion about it.Mischa Zvegintzov  09:48 Yeah, that's a much better way to hear that right. Yes, indeed. And then, I also, you know, as I was talking about how I was going to use my interview skills Here's my, my childish wonder and enthusiasm as I look at things and interview people and. And she says, Yeah, you know, she said, "You remind me of when I met Oprah". And she was talking about how Oprah made was so open and made. People feel like, she was just like, they were in her space, you know. And so, at the end of the conversation, I said, I said, you know, you basically told me to stop asking people for advice, that I've had the intelligence of a fifth grader. I was teasing her. But then I did say, but I'm just kidding a little bit. Um, you actually told me that, congratulations on my solid vision. And that I remind her of Oprah. And I thought, You know what, that was just, I, it's so fun to have the awareness in the moment to be like. Holy mackerel, it's how I choose to hear things. Oftentimes, it's how I choose to hear things and I've got a buddy who who says things excuse me, and I really realize you know what, it's not about me at all. Like put your ego aside. Like, like, it's literally whatever negative thing I think he's saying. I don't need to take it personal. It's not about me. I don't know how else to say it. It's like it could be just about him. How he sees himself. And I take it on. Anyway. That's it. So ludicrous, extra long episode I believe we'll see when it comes to editing. But life is fun. Keep at it, try new things. Keep learning on gaining ground every day love to all.

    Counterintuitive thoughts on gratitude.

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 15:44

    Gratitude is such a powerful tool.  I talk about two counterintuitive things in regard to gratitude.  1) Perhaps how we look at gratitude isn't right sometimes.  Being told to compare what we have in regard to what other people don't have.  If we continue to compare ourselves to others, and try to see how we're better off, that's actually perhaps not healthy.  And 2) Go ahead and write down the negative things on your life on your gratitude list.   Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Zvegintzov  00:02 All right. Today we're going to talk about gratitude, and perhaps some counterintuitive thoughts that I've had on gratitude. Maybe not only counterintuitive as to what to write down for me, and this is for me. Last episode, I was talking about Adam, who's so graciously customer, some customer tech support over at, GoDaddy, who reminded me that change your perspective, and the things you look at change. Thank you for that, Adam. But when I started going on my little riff on that, and thanking Adam and I started to talk about gratitude, and how powerful gratitude can be in our lives, and we hear all the time, gratitude lists. You know, make gratitude lists in the morning, 5 things you're grateful for. You know, just if you're, if you're upset in the moment find something to be grateful for. And it is such a powerful tool. And I came across ah...  I'll talk about two things in regard to gratitude. One is that perhaps, perhaps how we look at gratitude isn't right sometimes. And then to go ahead and write down the negative things in your life on the gratitude list. So those are my two counterintuitive thoughts. Right? So I think oftentimes, we're told to be grateful what you have as to what other people don't have. And I think that that implies that the shiny objects are to be grateful for. Right? Or like, you know, in extream circumstances, be grateful, you've got your feet, and you can walk because some people don't, right. Mischa Zvegintzov  02:06 And I'm not saying be don't be grateful for that. But when we start comparing, and it's kind of a nuanced way to look about it. And this idea was brought to me, I think I read it in A Course In Miracles, you know, I'm all into A Course In Miracles. And let's say, This is what the Course in Miracles said, it's the way I interpreted it. But it was like, hey, if we continue to compare ourselves to others, and try to see how we're better off, like, that's actually perhaps not healthy. Because the better off is an illusion. Right? Like, and I love actually love that idea. It's like trying to find the god gratitude versus the I've got gratitude versus the compare gratitude. Because the illusion is my life's better because "I have this". Well, the reality is, a lot of the "I have this" has been a source of major discontentment in my life. Right. And so let's, let me try and tie that... I appreciate you going down this path with me. And I was thinking as I was on a meeting the other day, on a zoom, meeting with a group of people and gratitude was the topic and of course, people were talking about gratitude lists. And in the back of my, in my mind, I started thinking about... you know...  According to this, like, Well, alright, maybe I don't, on my gratitude list, put the things that I've got that you don't. So therefore, I'm grateful running water, all the way up to shiney house to whatever, you know. And I was like, what if I started writing down the supposed negative things in my life to be grateful for them? Right. And I thought, that's an interesting thought. And then I immediately went to well, let's put down the top worst things in my life that perhaps I've seen.  Or would be perceived as bad.   Or you know, all these these ideas. So when I got sober back in the day, you know, when I was 17 years old, and because I was gonna die, I was dying from alcohol and drugs. You know, there was the final, you know, moments in jail. There was there was that the judge, you know, laying the hammer down. Like, there was the the... I was crushed. best thing that ever happened to me .   Mischa Zvegintzov  03:11 So it's best thing that ever happened to me, and it's given me, like, the, the addiction and chemical dependency and all that is actually the best thing that happened to me. It's given me an amazing perspective on life.  It's given me access to a higher power that provides me immense contentment and freedom and joy and peace in the moment. And it's actually introduced me to a framework of how to live life like steps, here's some steps you can take to have a good life. And I really learned, oh my god, like, if you follow steps, you can have success. If you see something out there that is calling to you, and someone's done it before you and they have a framework for you to follow, you can literally go follow that framework and have success. I mean, in get the end result, or some piece of it, or some part of it, right.  I guess some people might go, I want to go be a neurosurgeon, but perhaps their hands are too shaky, or perhaps their mental capacity is carried towards something else, and not neuroscience, or neurosurgery or whatever, you know. But I think you get what I'm saying.Mischa Zvegintzov  05:08 And then there was the darkest days of, of that final breakup that I went through that just emotionally devastated me, you know, this was, like, seven years ago or something by now. But again, in that moment, I would have told you, it's horrible. But I was devastated. But again, it brought it's brought me so much freedom and insight and, like, release from pent up emotions and, and fears.  And it's just broght me so close to My God, my higher power my source. Like new levels, again, of freedom and release of the illusions of those shiny objects that I think I've got to have to be happy. No. And I had come up with this whole list of the worst things and I'm like, Oh my gosh, if I started looking at what's the available lesson and every supposed negative thing. Wow. So start making that my gratitude list all the bad things, you know, I've tried to think about that thing right now. I could put up my list. Oh, the neighbor planted a tree. I'm like, god dammit, that's gonna grow and impede whatever view of some damn thing I've got, like, all right. You know what the trees do? They just bring amazing birds and they actually provide shade and any foliage... Like it it dampens sound. So any road noise and like it actually makes everything more peaceful. I swear I and I get that a lot as I setting in my house and I hear the birds chirping all over the place. Like oh my god if like if there wasn't all this foliage around impeding my view of whatever the bank across the street.Mischa Zvegintzov  08:27 Then there wouldn't be these birds that are just there's there's so many amazing birds flying around here the life that the birds bring is incredible.  But that's just one example. And so I also started thinking you know the gratitude for... like if you're God's big enough you're just you can be grateful for the fact that we have breath today.  But even then, it's like if you're if my gods big enough like there's more next there's something. Or there's more meaning than just my egoic attachment to this to how I feel right now. And so you can be grateful for death to.  You can be grateful for, grateful for the way, grateful for creation.  Grateful for the way everything works. Supposed it good or bad. Just like a core knowing gratitude.  Yeah. Mischa Zvegintzov  09:41 There's that guy Nick. I wish I could remember his last name (Nick Santonastasso).  But he effectively has you know, he's had some disease when he was kid. Kinda wish I could remember his last name. But he's so powerful because he's got basically one arm and on this arm he's got you know, like one a couple of fingers, that's like one big finger. I don't know that. So much of what he does, and when I see him, you know, on the Instagram or whatever. And I've had the opportunity to see him speak live twice, once in person and once on a on like a zoom thing during the COVID. But I got to see him Funnel Hacking Live, I got to see him live. But also he was he was hanging out a bunch at Funnel Hacking Live, that was the great thing about the funnel, hacking live 2021. If you ever have an opportunity to go to one of these things, you should.  Because all these amazing speakers, if you're into this kind of stuff, like Nick was there hanging out, he was just hanging out rolling around in his wheelchair with his posse, his crew, fully accessible.  You could talk to him as much as you want it. Then his parents were there. Actually, it was funny at a moment to talk to his parents. But I was like, who's the old people older than me, people are actually probably my age.Mischa Zvegintzov  11:11 But I went to talk to somebody I knew. I had one of those moments of talk to someone you don't know or talk to the person, you know. And for whatever reason, I was like, I just I wasn't feeling like introducing myself or striking up a new conversation. Because I had some fear and insecurity, right. And so I went talk to the people that I knew. And I looked back over and Nick rolls up and it turns out these people that I weren't going to talk to who looked like they were looking for someone to talk to as they were because they know anybody.  Then all of a sudden there was Nick talking to his parents. And I was like what the hell what a crazy I kind of had such so much fun talking to his parents just to get insights into what they feel experienced.  Like to get the parental perspective of a son who's just empowering people through his supposedly defects, you know, physical defects. It's like unbelievable.  But anyway it's a good reminder for me next time if I have the opportunity to put my fears aside and embrace the unknown of who I don't know. Anyway. Got so many thought loops going here.Mischa Zvegintzov  12:26 But Nick is so great at pointing out that the body stuff is the illusion man.  Like when I would have been in physically fit, like in my best physical fitness.  Or I think I might my most handsomeness shining honest, right? Like the most echoic stuff to offer have sometimes been my deepest points of insecurity. And he just shines a light on that on me and it's beautiful, and I love it. He's like your body is nothing. And like he talks about how his physical defects are the biggest gifts in his life. And I believe it man. I see it in action man. So anyway, Nick, God bless you. I'm going to end there. And just say quick that like, hey, maybe start writing down on your gratitude list. The top five things that you're unhappy about that cause you discontent and look for where you can find the goodness in that? Because that's it man shit keeps coming at us in life and we get the five gratitude in it or we don't anyway, I'm out.  Enough of my pontificating. I hope this made some sort of sense. Please reply back. Go into the show notes. I believe that's send me an email "Yeah, right on. I was relating." or "Man you're full of crap!" Anyway, love to all Peace out.

    Change your perspective and what you see changes.

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2021 13:11

    I call customer service with my guns drawn expecting the worst but praying for the best. And I get the shining light Adam on the phone who reminds me. If you can change your perspective, the most horrible thing in the world can become the best thing in the world.  Circumstances don't need to change to make our lives better. The way we see things, our perspective needs change. And it's as simple as that. Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Zvegintzov  00:02 This episode is about changing your perspective. And you will subsequently change what you see. So if you change your perspective, what you see literally changes. And how did this come about? Well, we all hear that all the time, or I hear that all that time, be grateful to change your perspective, which is all valuable. I am not Pooh poohing it or down, playing it, I firmly believe it. If you can change your perspective, the most horrible thing in the world can become the best thing in the world. We hear a lot about gratitude lists, right? And, you know, write down the five things you're grateful for, or, or, or, you know, do your gratitude list at the beginning of the day into the during the day, if you're upset. Think about what you're grateful for. And by the way, I've got to give a shout out to Adam at GoDaddy. Adam at GoDaddy. So this is how the topic of this of this podcast episode came about. Right. So as I'm pivoting to, from Bitch Slap to Table Rush, this will become the Table Rush podcast at some point, the Table Rush hour, I had this great. The great tagline hold please, I'm going to pause. Alright, I'm back, Table Rush, Business Edition!, your reminder to tackle the marketing and sales basics to grow your business. And because I like the sort of the bitch that slap theme, you know, little crack on the side of the head, hey, look at things from a spiritual angle. And this podcast is going to be the same Bitch Slap theme. Don't worry people because it's very important. But the Bitch Slap is crack, hey, it's about the basics. If you want to have success in business, you got to stick to the basics and geared towards marketing and sales, right? Like, there's systems people out there, you know, accounting people out there. You know, process people out there, all this different stuff. And all of that applies to marketing and sales. But I'm, I'm more talking about the activities, the basic blocking and tackling marketing and sales activities that lead to success. Most of the time, it's about consistency, and tenacity, and doing, you know, whatever the outreach is, or whatever, I that's not where I'm going with this with this podcast, but you get it. We're going to be talking about that a lot. Go into the basics. Mischa Zvegintzov  03:09 Back to Adam. So, you know, I'm registering, you know, you know, podcast names and stuff like that. That's what I do, I end up as I'm brainstorming, podcast names, or business ideas or summit names, I just start registering, like mad, and I end up spending like, hundreds of dollars for domains that I never use, and then I let them expire. But whatever, it's part of the process. That's half the fun. Not saying anybody should do that. Probably a much more efficient way is wait until you settle on the name you want and then register it nonetheless. Nonetheless, that's actually not how I ended up on GoDaddy this particular day. This particular day, I was having forwarding issues on a on a on bitch lab It was not doing what I wanted to do somewhere and I'm not deep tech savvy. I can do high level tech savvy, but when it comes down to it, I can follow instructions. You give me the list and I can do it. I can make stuff happen. I don't know how or why or what's happening but I can follow the instructions anyway. I have to call customer service because stuffs not working over there. And and I'm talking to Adam and he's like, Oh, what's your podcast about? And I'm like, Oh, it's you know, it's Bitch Slap in. It's about, you know those moments in the universe where where, you know, we get cracked in the head, we got to see things differently. He goes, Oh, yeah, man, I've been going through that for the past seven years, or nine years or something like that. It was awesome. He's like, I totally understand that. I love that, you know, I'll check out your podcast and and then all this stuff.Mischa Zvegintzov  05:20 And then he's like, yeah, he goes, he goes, he goes, you know, change your perspective. And you'll change what you see. He goes, change your perspective, and what you're looking at will literally change. And I might be butchering the, quote, the way you said it. What was another way said, "when you change your perspective, the things you look at change", I believe that that would be the quote unquote.  And I thought, just in that moment, it was amazing to hear it from him from the customer service, the tech support guy, Adam. Yo, Adam, thank you so much, it just, my day was so amazing. And you were such a big part of it. This was yesterday, I believe that he was just talking about that, and to hear it from a source that I wasn't expecting it. And this is what made it even more poignant. Customer service, tech support phone calls, call trees, you know, if you got to call the bank or health insurance, or GoDaddy tech support, or any of these support things... I am super chill in almost every area of my life, when it comes to help desk issues when I got to call the help desk. It's just the biggest trigger in the world for me. So I literally when I when I go to pick up the phone, and I'm like, Oh my gosh, I got it, I gotta get mentally prepared for the call tree, or the the, the, you know, customer support. And so I say this prayer, I'm like, "God, how can I be of service? What can I bring to the table help me just help me be God centered?" And you know, things just don't happen as fast as I want how they want, I oftentimes don't get the answer I want. And then I project it like this is going to be horrible, the answer is going to be bad. Right, just this whole mental hopscotchery that I have tied, it's like all my neuroses are amplified. When I got to pick up the tech support, the help desk, you know, the oh my god, especially with freakin health care.Mischa Zvegintzov  07:48 Anyway, and I'm really serious, I try to take accountability. So I'm trying to be extra mindful, so I don't have to clean and overreact and then have to apologize. And I really noticed too, like the tone of my voice, man, it shifts and I'm like, "Damn, I'm trying to be nice", but the tonality of my voice, there's still an edge to it. So I was really noticing it, you know, as I'm on I had to make a couple of calls.  Had to... first tech guy, complete rookie. So he gave me what I needed. I ended the call just to save him and me and I thanked him so much because he did a great job as a rookie. But then I, I tried to implement and I called back and got Adam on the phone. Hey, Adam. And this dude, I mean, this is a pro at the tech support. And God he was so patient with me, let's be real. And I just think about customer support and help those there truly in a space of trying to help and I can be in attack mode. But I was gracious I had I was gracious I'm making it sound worse than it is. I've had my moments but this there was nothing really bad going on but just just to set up the frame right to set up the frame of like, I can expect the worst going into those calls. And then all of a sudden I get this shining light Adam who was A a tech savvy tech support guy like to the core of this guy knows what he's doing. And then B just relating on the spiritual side of things. And C he just dropped the frick in the change your perspective bomb. And it's so true. Like circumstances don't need to change to make our lives better. The way we see things, our perspective needs to change. And it's as simple as that.Mischa Zvegintzov  10:01 It's as simple as that. And I love it and to hear it from that's from that source in that moment. When when I was perhaps anticipating the worst. It's just such a powerful God shot. You know, Little Bitch Slap from the universe. We were laughing. But anyway, I'll end there. Thank you, Adam. I told him I'd give him a shout out. So I wanted to I wanted to get get this episode up quick, just in case he listens to a few episodes wished I had your last name to Adam. But again, thank you for the help. Thank you for the reminder about perspective. Thank you for just being a source of of solution. And, you know, enlightenment on that day. And I'm going to end with this the that you know what, I'm going to the next episode, I'm going to talk about gratitude because I had a big some big thoughts on gratitude. Yeah, so gratitude and maybe some counterintuitive gratitude thoughts. So let's do that for the next episode. Anyway, I'm done. Peace out. Change your perspective and what you see changes. And it's as simple as that. You don't need to change circumstances. All you need to do is change your perspective. Peace out. Thank you, Adam.

    Stay tenacious in what we do. Stay consistent in what we do.

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    I've come up with the name for the rebrand of the podcast.  Table Rush!  For a moment I thought it might be Bitch Slap: Business addition.  But my coach said it might be a good time to drop the “bitch”.  Somehow I'm willing to let go attachment and go with the new name.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript:Mischa Zvegintzov  00:00Well, it is happening. There is a major change in store. There sure is major change for the Bitch Slap Podcast is in order. So let's talk about that for a little bit Challis. Okay, let's do it. Very exciting, right on these past few episodes I've been talking about shifts in, who I want to help and serve who I can help and serve. I believe who I'm best suited to, to help and it's definitely clear, that I'm gonna help people who want to help people. I'm I'm gonna pivot away from the, from the... Not going to. I am, I am pivoting away from the, shall we say, divorce dad, who was trying to, you know, find new passion or, or.  Pivoting away from, you know, the excuse me, the A type who's trying to realign and re-find their direction. They just had this epiphany. You know, that's definitely was super strong at Funnel Hacking Live, which is that entrepreneurial marketing conference. Online Marketing Conference. That what brings me joy is talking business, talking business strategy, talking marketing strategy.  It's been a big part of my life for a long time. I love it. It makes my heart shine. I'm totally going that direction. And I've got some great focus and ideas on who I'm going to help with that. Maybe I'll get to that here. But what I was gonna...Mischa Zvegintzov  02:15I think the value I bring, as well as you know, bring in the spiritual perspective, for sure that I have into the business arena as I reemerged into the business arena. Because they I great tools, techniques, strategies to stay heart centered to stay with, you know, your passion. How to not get distracted by the shiny objects and and I definitely have clarity that I can help people who are stuck as they're trying to grow their businesses. And at this point, that's going to be more of your, you know, solo entrepreneurial type. Versus like, like, what, like a CEO or something like that, or working with big businesses. That's at this point, it could grow to that. But very excited about that. So we are going to be renaming the podcast. It was really cool. I was talking to my business coach and and the new podcast title is going to be Table Rush. Yes, Table Rush. And what was there my tagline all the sudden I've forgotten it. I had it written down. But of course, I'm out walking. So it just came to me as I hit pause and was walking by kids and families in such. Table Rush, getting back to the basics to grow your business. I'll say it again, Table Rush, getting back to business. Getting back to basics, to grow your business. Which I think is awesome. I think I definitely am good at following steps to execute. I've talked about it on many episodes, follow the instructions, do the basics, and you can get the results that are so oftentimes promised or that we've seen other people get the same results, get the results of doing the same thing. So I think that's super cool. Definitely gonna be Table Rush. Most definitely, let's say 90 to 95%. Tagline is still in flux. Tagline still in flux still in play.Mischa Zvegintzov  04:57Originally I was gonna go Bitch Slap Business Edition, which I thought was pretty cool, too. And then it was like, hey, you know the the Bitch Slap is the smack on the side of the head telling you to get back to basics like. Quit Chasing the shiny shiny objects. Like, let's get you unstuck let's, let's do the next indicated step that's right in front of you. But with bitch slap moniker, my coach very graciously said to me that probably a great time to drop the name, drop the word bitch from out of your podcast.  So who knows what, what the woke terms will be if I ever have enough success where people look at my old content and are shocked by what's out there.  That'd be a fun problem to have, I think.  An amazing problem to have. And I think, you know, what value can can we learn? Like some you know, from this? Or what can I learn? Or what what's the lesson I think is there?  At least one of them for all of us has to stay tenacious in what we do stay consistent in what we do. Get connected enough with your your purpose, so that you can continue to take messy action and can then pivot accordingly. And I think it's a pretty big step for me to be willing to walk away from the Bitch Slap ...The Accelerated Path To Peace. And I was actually going to just shutter this whole podcast all together and start a new. But my coach Vince, hello, coach Vince, if you're listening, recommended, hey, you know what, just rebrand your current one. Just rebrand your current one and have fun with it. You know, come up with a fun name, have fun with it.Mischa Zvegintzov  07:26And and that's what I'm going to do. And I'm going to embrace the old content and let it go and let it be there. So we'll just rebrand this and let it rip. And in three to five years, as I have success, what a great thing to be able to look back on. So that's one lesson on I definitely think being willing to pivot quick is another one I'm somehow willing to walk away from so much of what I have vested in, you know, the original idea that got me started here. But a bunch of other lessons in there too. As I'm walking, they're escaping me. But I think that's enough for now. Very excited to talk more about the new vision that I have about who I can help you know, business wise and help people. You know, get back to the basics get to the blocking and tackling so they can grow their business to that to that million dollar mark to that million dollar annual revenue revenue. And perhaps it's your first million dollars, or perhaps it's consistently growing from a million dollars a year. But I think that that's a beautiful place to start. So love to all Peace out.

    Interview #47 Coach Carisa Caudill. The secrets of nutrition as a tool for a good life.

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 31:10

    Carisa's mission: to help you create a healthy lifestyle and build a new relationship with food. A relationship to fuel all the fun, desired and deserved in your life.  Some of my favorite things she shares with us: “The biggest secret, and it's like the hidden secret behind all the diets is…”  WHY you should drink lots of water.  “It's like a nutritional meditation.” “Love your body, period. You're right where you need to be.”Administrative: (See episode transcript below)All things Carisa CaudillKick-Start Mini Audio Course Min Coaching Call$697 DNA-Based Nutrition Plan (Kit) 15 minute Assessment Zoom Call out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: [music]0:00:06.7 Mischa Zvegintzov: Welcome back, everybody to the Tools For A Good Life Summit. Now, I would like to introduce to you Carisa Caudill, a dear friend of mine. Welcome, Carisa.0:00:18.0 Carisa Caudill: Thank you, hi, I'm so excited to be on your show. Thank you.0:00:23.1 MZ: Yes, indeed. So real quick, I'm gonna read your bio for the seven audience, so they can get an idea of who you are. And then we'll go from there, okay?0:00:32.7 CC: Okay.0:00:33.5 MZ: Alright, fantastic. So Carisa, you're a nationally certified nutritional recovery coach, certified testing and designing... I guess certified in testing and designing personalized DNA-based fitness. Which sounds awesome, we were talking about that before we started here, which... So anybody listening, if we happen to touch on that, it's amazing. Diet plans associated with that. You're a personal trainer, trainer, yoga meditation practitioner. You were awarded first and second place in a bikini competition and a bikini competition title in a drug-free natural body building show after losing 50 pounds in 2018 and 2019. I don't know if that flowed right, but suffice it today that you...0:01:27.4 CC: It's a lot in there.0:01:29.0 MZ: There's a lot in there. But that's amazing. Congratulations on that. You have an athletic background, a background since you were 5-years old. You've struggled since your teens with addictive behaviors, emotional eating, weight gain. Approaching, you're approaching seven years into your personal health, wellness and nutritional recovery journey. Your entire life is dedicated to teaching and sharing with others, your unique approaches to help build a new relationship with food, enhance energy, manage weight, curb cravings and bring more awareness around nutritional recovery, recovery habits. Your mission is to help others create a healthy lifestyle and build a new relationship with food to help fuel all the fun, desired and deserved in life. Freaking love that. How amazing is that. So I think what's really cool, maybe we could touch on for a second is like the ability to utilize nutrition. I know you said to manage cravings or things, but also to manage like energy and stress levels and things like that. Maybe talk to that for a minute.0:02:49.3 CC: Yeah, that's a big part of my journey. You know, since I... And I'm transparent about this, and it has, but I... Was in my addiction really deep six years ago. Six math years ago, and I knew nothing about nutrition, like I really was not taking good care of myself. So through my journey, learning how to slowly take care of myself through exercise. And all the other things we're supposed to do that are out there that help us. Nutrition... I realized I was eating food to fill a void for the longest time, for the longest time. I wasn't realizing that hormonal balances were off when I was craving a lot of carbs or a lot of sugar or just wanting to fill up on food.0:04:04.1 CC: And I know I was going lengths of time without eating at all, and I really thought that it was gonna help me lose weight. So bottomline is nutrition is... We have to eat. We have to eat. [chuckle] And so the biggest secret, and it's like the hidden secret behind all the diets is managing sugar levels, and they don't tell us that. And so I've done the cleansing, the starving myself, the, all the diets that are out there, I think I've tried them all. And a lot of them worked for short periods of time, but they were not sustainable. Sustainable with energy or sustainable overall to really help me understand how to connect with my body. So I know I'm kinda talking in code a little bit, but the biggest thing is to manage your sugar level, and that is what I focus on most. That we really...0:05:08.1 CC: It's so important, I can't emphasize enough, how important it is for me to share with people and for us in general to understand what foods are spiking your sugar level. And what foods are causing different cravings, what foods are causing different energy crashes, what foods are causing different... Have an effect on different moods.0:05:34.2 MZ: Yeah.0:05:34.7 CC: You know food moods. So food mood logs are a really big thing I do with my clients. And once I started to interconnect my relationship with food, like what food was doing for me, that's when I... So to speak, nutritional recovery plan really, my journey really started. And so we all know that eating vegetables and eating...0:06:03.7 CC: Lean meats or healthy foods are important, we all know that. It's kind of common sense, but our bodies so often want other things, and I'm just keeping it real. It's like I'm keeping it real. I've been to the point where I was 50 pounds overweight because my eating spiraled. And then I've gone on to the crash diets and the bikini competition was one of them. I went on a crash diet. I got super ripped and I learned... I thought at the time, I was actually eating healthy, and I really thought I was 'cause I lost all this weight and if you look at pictures of me on the stage of that bikini competition, I was ripped, but I can't...0:06:52.9 CC: And I didn't know at the time, so this has been an evolving nutritional journey for me. So I didn't know at the time I was actually doing more harm to my body than good by losing all that weight so fast and not allowing my body to have the healthy fats it needed. I was eating too lean and I pushed my body to adrenal fatigue because it wasn't getting the nutrient, and I was a nutrient deficient. So when we see pictures of people totally in shape, ripped, I'm just gonna be... I have to be honest, it's...0:07:36.4 MZ: Please do.0:07:37.4 CC: It wasn't the healthiest journey at that time. [chuckle]0:07:41.2 MZ: Yeah. No, I love that. I thank you for that. You've made me think of two things. One is, we tell our kids or at least try not to give the kids too much sugar 'cause we see the emotional roller coaster it can put kids on, and I think that still... You just reminded me that still holds true to adulthood. We're not immune to that just 'cause we're older, and that as a matter of fact, now sugars... And this is not to do a discourse on the food industry, but we'll save that for the next summit, but that perhaps unhealthy sugars are hidden all over the place. So there's that and don't answer that yet. And then the other thing is that, if we're going through a hard time, there's foods... How we eat can enhance the stress or temperate or provide calmness, and so sometimes... Well. I'll just say that. Is that a true statement?0:08:58.0 CC: That's a 100% true. And it took me the longest time to really embrace the process of my eating, and I know it kinda... And it was so embarrassing for the longest time because I really struggled. I really struggled with what was healthy, what isn't, eating a bunch of nuts, eating a bunch of fruit, eating... And then somebody's saying or you're hearing that nuts make you fat or... You're getting all these mixed messages out there of what's right, what's wrong, what to do, what not to do, and then your body's here craving something else. So there is a way to get to a point where you intuitively... There is intuitive eating, where you do intuitively know what works for you and what doesn't work for you, but it takes work. You've got to actually write it down, and that's what I do with my clients. We actually have a food mood log. What foods make you feel this way? What foods spike up?0:10:12.2 CC: And then your sleep. That's something that is really, really big, the sleep hygiene, when we eat late at night and we are spiking that sugar level at night, that cortisol level. It's actually linked to the melatonin, the melatonin hormone. So it really does affect our sleep, and there's a whole cortisol, a little cycle where your cortisol should be really low at night, and then you should wake up hungry. So if you're not hungry when you wake up, that's kind of like a little signal to where you need to look at it 'cause you're now starting the day for a potentially triggering day to emotionally eat or grab foods that are gonna be not in your best interest. So there's a lot to say on that. [laughter]0:11:15.0 MZ: I love that. I love that. Yeah, thank you for that. I think too, one of the reasons I brought you on to the show, or not the show, the summit, and to speak to me and our audience right now, is that I loved the balanced perspective that you bring. It's so easy to find people that are like, "Work hard, push through, get ripped. Bam, bam, bam." And for some people, that might be the solution, but the reality is, as you said earlier, that might just be heightening the... Might not be a proper way of applying the tool of nutrition to having a good life, to stick with the summit theme. It might be heightening your anxiety versus calming your anxiety. So that was what excited me about having you on here is that it's like, "Hey, let's bring someone on who can talk pragmatically," if that's the right word, or...0:12:18.3 MZ: About nutrition. So I think on that note, we get to the question.0:12:22.5 CC: Okay.0:12:23.5 MZ: Yes, you ready?0:12:24.7 CC: Hopefully, I have good answers for you. [laughter]0:12:26.0 MZ: I know... You better. Oh, I love the little tip about sleep already. I think the way you described it versus don't eat before you go to bed, the way you described it is, oh okay, that makes sense. I see, right? I don't know...0:12:41.0 CC: Well, if I'm gonna eat the popcorn at night or if I'm gonna... Of course, I always work on the next best option. If I'm gonna make a smoothie of some sort, I try to do it as low glycemic as possible because of my awareness around it, and what it's gonna do and set me up... For not failure, but it's gonna be more challenging when I wake up. So at least my awareness around it helps my decision making. And I'm not so hard on my body, and it makes me want to choose something that's actually gonna be more beneficial. But if you don't know what those options are and you don't know what's going on with your body and how food actually affects your body, then you don't know. You don't know if you don't know. [laughter] 'Cause the longest time, I didn't know.0:13:31.3 MZ: Alright, let's get to it. So, I'm gonna lay out a scenario and then I'm gonna ask you a question. So, the scenario is this, if we think of life as a three-legged stool of relationships, finance and health, and if we think of someone who is successful or was successful... Successful or was successful, and then they have two or three of those legs fall out from under them, that's when stuff can get gnarly. Sometimes it's easy if, "Ah, there's a little relationship chaos, but mentally, I'm okay." But if there's relationship chaos and then financial chaos or... And then you have a health ailment or... For me, it was my parents were dying and I was getting divorced, more failed relationships, and I was... My... That success, pull myself up from my bootstraps, apply more success to it, work harder through it, was no longer sufficing, right? I needed new tools. And for me, by the grace of God, I was open-minded. So, my question to you is, thinking of nutrition, what are the exact next steps you would offer a man or a woman who's coming out of that tumultuous time... What are the exact next steps you would offer this person, so they know they are headed in the new right direction, that they will have positive momentum towards getting their life back on track? How can they use nutrition as a tool to facilitate that?0:15:14.5 CC: Oh man, and I've been there. I have been there more than a few times in those circumstances, and I didn't have the tools that I do now. So I'm really excited to speak on that, so thank you. I love your question. Man or woman, doesn't matter. First and foremost is to know that you have to take care of yourself, like the airplane going down analogy, if you don't put the oxygen mask on you first, you're not gonna have strength, you're not gonna be able to save anybody else, and that's actually a mindset that I have every morning. I'm still cleaning up some wreckage of my past, so to speak...0:16:07.6 MZ: Sure.0:16:07.9 CC: And I'm still in those phases of certain things not transpiring yet. And I know they will, I'm optimistic, I'm open, in my life circumstance with the relationship, the family, like stuff like the finance, all that stuff. It's still not where I would like it to be, and I still have my personal challenges. So, how I use nutrition to help me and what I would best offer, my suggestion and mindset to help anybody else is to make sure, first of all, you're drinking lots of water, lots of water. We have to drink water, and sometimes we put that on the back burner. And as we say that, I'm gonna take a sip. [laughter]0:17:00.7 CC: And I learned to do that. I learned to pause and I learned to take a breath sometimes when needed, but water is so important. It... Water will help push through the circulation and the blood flow that you need, it'll help the whole circulation process so you can actually think clearer. If your brain is foggy and you're over-stressed and you've got all these things going on and you're dehydrated, you're lethargic, you're not gonna able to think clear and have any rations. So first and foremost, you need to drink water. Me, I drink a gallon a day, that's my goal. It's a good goal. It's always worked for me and because I like to drink, but that's in the hydration actually allows you deeper meaning, to absorb nutrients. You will actually be able to absorb more nutrients when you're eating healthy foods versus it getting stuck in the body or just being flushed out too fast so that there's an equation there, but... And I work a little bit closer, but water hydration, hydration, hydration, I can't tell you enough. Stay away from... And lower the caffeine. Lower the caffeine because a lot...0:18:22.1 MZ: Sorry, sorry everybody. [laughter]0:18:24.0 CC: Lower the caffeine and it... And I'll tell you, when I was doing those bikini competitions and the fitness getting all crazy, 'cause I had just gotten sober and I was trying so hard to get my new life back and all this stuff, my revenge body, so to speak...[laughter]0:18:41.2 CC: Yes I wanted it. I wanted the revenge body.0:18:45.8 MZ: That's all good.0:18:46.9 CC: Yeah, but I was drinking a pot of coffee at a time.0:18:51.3 MZ: Oh my God.0:18:52.0 CC: No joke.0:18:52.0 MZ: Which is brutal on the emotions, right, and your physiology, I guess.0:18:57.4 CC: All of it, all of it. And so I was in trouble. So anyways, water and... Go ahead.0:19:08.5 MZ: So any tips or tricks to help somebody drink more water, right. 'Cause I think a lot of people go, "Okay, I'll drink more water," but as you said, you have built the habit.0:19:20.3 CC: No, water workouts. I actually have a course and there's a little section on water workouts.0:19:24.4 MZ: Okay.0:19:26.1 CC: A little tip on that is... So I just drink. My goal is to drink four of these a day. So I drink two by two, from the minute I wake up, I drink two by two, and then two by the time I go to bed. I just break it down, and I keep it with me at all times. And I remind my... And I breathe, of course, and I like to take a deep breath and actually visualize the water flushing through my body and getting my circulation going and pushing out the toxins. I really love to visualize that because it just... It's an inter-connection. It's kind of like the ocean and the waves. I like to just feel... And it's a sense of calm, and it's an esteemable act that I'm doing for myself, so it really helps me with esteem. And knowing that if I get a phone call, that's either good or bad, if it's a good phone call, I'm able to show up, if I'm mentally clear. If it's a stressful phone call, which we get them, or emails you didn't the bill or whatever it is, I feel like, if I'm on top of my water, it allows me to just have this sense of calm inside where I can just show up for a situation better. My water and me, 'cause I'm thirsty, I'm a recovering alcoholic, I'm in sobriety, and I had no problem drinking then...[laughter]0:21:02.6 CC: It's like the drinking...0:21:03.4 MZ: I hear that.0:21:06.2 CC: So, the drinking the water, I can't emphasize enough. So...0:21:09.0 MZ: Fantastic.0:21:10.0 CC: That's the number one.0:21:10.8 MZ: Okay, fantastic. So good, thank you.0:21:13.2 CC: Number one, and number two is to be mindful of what you're eating. Be mindful, because we put ourselves... It's so crazy, and I have to go back to this, and I share this with a lot of moms I work with, that for the longest time, we used to... We... Ever since we were moms, we would pack our kids all the snacks and all the meals and all the things, and how many times as a mom was I out and about where I was like, "Oh shit", constantly feeling like, "Where's my food?" I forgot to pack me, I forgot me. So I'm either eating their snacks, which at the time they weren't that healthy, they're snacks, and I didn't know better then, or I'm just quickly eating out.0:22:03.7 CC: So, one thing I've done for myself and it's... And my purse is literally a backpack, it's half insulated, so it can hold in a little... A little ice pack thing, and then I keep food with me at all times. And then the other little section of the backpack is where I keep my wallet, my stuff. And so I literally, I have a backpack. And that's something I do for myself every day. I have food on hand, and I make sure I'm never in a situation where I don't have something prepared for myself. And if I'm out and about, and if I'm running short or if I didn't have time to... Which making that time is the best act of self-love I do for myself today, is making that time to make sure I have my smoothie in there, my snacks in there, whatever it is. I set myself up for success when in the food arena.0:23:01.3 CC: I never... That is my first and foremost. And if I'm out and about, I already know that I'm gonna go to a deli, either it's Sprouts, Whole Foods or... And I know what my go-tos are rather than... What I was programmed to do for the longest time is the drive-through or... So I know what my next best option is. 'Cause when I get in those moments of panic of... And I don't know I'm hangry until I'm totally my... That's the thing, when your sugar level drops so low, where you're in an oh shit mode and you know you're hungry... Know you're angry when you're in that drop level, that's when your cortisol levels spike, and that's when everything's out of whack. I have gone on that hamster wheel so many times, long enough to know that I won't do that to myself anymore.0:24:00.1 MZ: You know what I love about that and you just reminded me and how these days, I guess for the awareness that I have or that hangry, I know that hangry, that was a heavy thing for me back in the day, is now, if I'm going into a... If a circumstance with the boy's mom comes up or something, or perhaps with one of my kids or whoever, maybe... It's like, you know what... And I haven't eaten, it's like, "Hey, can I eat and then we can come back to this?" Prioritize that food that nourish, to bring down, right?0:24:38.1 CC: And I don't even ask anymore. I just eat when I need to. I'll be like, "Oh, I'm gonna have something to eat." And I offer and I like to have a little extra something 'cause I like to offer people. Because, I don't know, eating was always like this really awkward thing. You know, when you're eating in your car and someone's looking and you're... I don't know. For me, I was like, "Oh God". I have this weird thing around... But now I'm just... I'm okay with it, I need it. And you need it too.0:25:08.1 MZ: Yes. [laughter]0:25:09.7 CC: Here you go.0:25:11.8 MZ: Love that. Here, have a bite then let's talk.0:25:17.2 CC: Yeah.0:25:18.0 MZ: Dawn my ex wife, I think, you know Dawn, or the boys mom whatever. We're dear friends, but she was like, she started packing food for me 'cause I would get that hangry and she'd be like, "Eat." [laughter] So, I love that.0:25:34.0 CC: So those are my two, I wanted to have three in there, but two... Oh, and I guess number three would be to make sure you get no less than six hours of sleep. No less. And it's gonna be a little different for everybody, but that six to eight hours of sleep is... Even our cell phones, they die, we have to charge our cell phones. We are not... The expectation of myself to keep going and keep going and keep going, and it's not real, it's not fair, so my water, my food, and my sleep are crucial. And sometimes that looks like taking a 20-minute nap. Sometimes I'll pull over, 'cause if I'm feeling... I'm just so in tune now to where if I'm feeling like my energy level is... I like to keep it between my heart and my gut. My throat and my gut. If it's too high, careful, 'cause you're gonna come down and you're gonna feel a little you know... But if I'm too low, it's hard to get back up. It's hard. So I will literally pull over sometimes and just shut everything down, shut the phone down and I'll close my eyes for 10 minutes. Of course, you find a safe spot to do so.0:26:55.0 MZ: Yeah. Of course.0:26:55.8 CC: But I always pull in, I pull out my backpack and make sure I have water, I take... It's like a nutritional meditation. A lot of people meditate different ways. Moving meditation with extras, but that's my way of meditatively bringing it in. And what does your body need right now? If it's sleep, give it to her. [chuckle] And then I know... I used to think all this self-care stuff was selfish, but honestly, it's the best gift I can give to anybody I care about; my clients, my family, my kids. And yeah, me too, but all these things I wanna do, if I'm not doing these things, how the heck am I gonna show up for anybody else? So I just know that the people around me are gonna... I don't know, you kinda train people how to treat you. And it's just been a thing I've had to do for myself that it is who I am, I'm not afraid to eat, I have no shame in eating anymore, and that was a lot of work. 'Cause I was in the overweight. I've been in relationships where they monitored my weight or they made comments on my weight, and actually that made me revert into emotional eating even more. [chuckle] I do this for me, and I'm okay with it. That's the best advice I can say, is to take care of yourself enough so you can actually show up for all those situations the way you want to.0:28:37.6 MZ: Carisa, that was freaking amazing. Thank you so much. I think that that's a great place to end. Everybody listening and watching with us, if this interview with Carisa was fantastic, and you want to get even more content from Carisa, upgrade to the all-access pass for that bonus interview, 'cause we're gonna talk about more amazingness. Any final thoughts to share that we did not get a chance to cover?0:29:16.7 CC: I would just say, enjoy the journey. Love your body, period. You're right where you need to be. Sometimes those things you wanna do for yourself seem far-fetched, as far as in the health arena, but they're very possible, and I love just sharing all the ways that you can get there through nutrition and how that's really the base of it. So, that's it.0:29:46.5 MZ: Beautiful. Everybody, you can find Carisa at... She's got a Facebook group, an awesome Facebook group, she's gonna vet you just so you know, but it's called "Sober Sundays." So go to Facebook, search the Sober Sundays Facebook group, and she might graciously let you in. You can find Carisa at, and Am I saying those... Did I get those right?0:30:15.6 CC:, that's that. And then from there, I have an Instagram link where you can follow me on Instagram or you can send me an email and you can ask any questions and I will get back to you, I answer all my emails. My website has a platform where you can just find different avenues to reach out to me.0:30:37.6 MZ: Fantastic. And quick in the... If you upgrade to the VIP all access pass, which the buttons either there, there or there, I'm not sure which yet, but Carisa graciously... She has a DNA, what do you call it? It's this DNA package where you'll get the DNA sequence and then build a best health program for them. Right?0:31:09.2 CC: Right.0:31:09.4 MZ: It's got four sessions. Normal price. Well, she's gonna heavily discount it, it's gonna include the DNA piece, so she'll help cover that for you.0:31:24.1 CC: And I think I'm gonna have to limit it to the first 10 people. Because it's a lot of time invested, it's a lot of time vested. We do a DNA, I register a kit with you as your coach, and we get a DNA swab and...0:31:42.7 MZ: What I'm gonna do... Oh, go ahead. Go. Finish, finish.0:31:45.8 CC: It helps us together, me and the client, whoever it is I'm working with, he or she, customize a nutrition plan, fitness plan and lifestyle plan, based on what works best for your body, how you metabolize carbs, how you metabolize certain fats, your exercise response system, everything. [chuckle]0:32:15.7 MZ: I might be the first of 10. Sounds amazing. So generous that you're offering it. So upgrade VIP all access pass. You can get unlimited access to all of these interviews, plus all the bonus interviews. Carisa, I'm gonna hit stop. Thank you so much and we'll see you in a minute for round two.[music]

    Thursday Meditation #9 Thanksgiving day gratitude special

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    This Thursday's meditation falls on the United States Thanksgiving Day holiday!  How fun is that.  Let's make it about gratitude of course.  Peace and love to all :).  I know you've got something to be grateful for.   If not you can grab ahold of mine.Administrative:Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    The hotel gift shop provides unexpected inspiration!

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    My know it all attitude can very subtly prevent the result I'm hoping for.  On a recent trip I found exactly what I had been looking for in the most unexpected of places.  And as a matter of fact I had a whole bunch of contempt when I walked in.  You just never know where's the inspiration going to come from. Where's the nugget going to come from. It can come from where I think it won't.  Keep an open mind.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Zvegintzov  00:00I have a little story where I was where I was subtly reminded, well not so subtly...  My contempt prior to investigation, or my know it all attitude, in certain situations very subtly prevented the result I was hoping for. And I'm hoping the story will, you can use it and look at times in your life where you're like, oh, yeah, that's super subtle. Yeah, there is a moment where my unwillingness to try something or to be open to a result? Or thinking I know the answer already. So I'm not going to do it. Or I'm going to begrudgingly take action. Like how, how has that attitude slowing us down perhaps or, or holding us back or, I don't know, keeping cool stuff from happening. So here's my little story. Mischa Zvegintzov  01:15My mother was super, one of the really cool things with my mom is she liked really cool, quality things. So if she got a little piece of art, it would usually be super cool quality, a little bit funky. But really, like, really, lifetime, I don't know, a lifetime lasting. Right, like timeless.  Like I don't know, she just had this knack for that. And so this also could come to like, like her coffee maker right.  Like, she would get she pay a little bit more, but get the amazing coffee maker that just worked so beautifully.  Functional.  Just this this sense of style to. And not to access though, right? My mother came from she grew up in World War Two in Germany, her dad was killed in the war, when she was, you know, three, or four or five or some such thing. And, and so it wasn't like in frivolous extravagance, it was like this knowing of quality, and goodness. But like, along with temperance, and apreciation, I guess is how I'd say it, but she at one point, got it's got to be 25 or 30 years ago, got me these really amazing scissors for clipping your toenails and fingernails. This might sound crazy, but they were so good. And the quality was so good. And they just almost made it a treat, as a as all I can say. And I had these scissors for 30 years, or maybe even more just. And I finally effectively, you know, wore them out. Like they didn't have that close scissor effect where the blades, you know, still connect, so you'd have to like, manipulate your fingers to get the, the tension or whatever. But I liked the scissors so much. And if I would hold them just right. Oftentimes, they would still work, but it was not. They were they were failing more and more.Mischa Zvegintzov  03:58And so I don't know, five years ago, I started trying to find new scissors and you know, target.  And then you know, I don't know, other places like you know, the beauty store and then Amazon and I just kept on finding scissors that were not comparable at all. You just weren't comparable. And you know, you finally you get tired of trying right? I'm like really I'm gonna waste another 10$ 20$ $30 on another pair of crappy scissors that won't live up to this standard of form and function. These things were freaking form form was cool. They were beautiful. I mean if one was to have a pair of scissors or finger and toenail clippers, these things we're sexy.Mischa Zvegintzov  04:56So you know I even tried saving the you know the whenever I would end up in the emergency room at the hospital I would you know they'd be like hey you want the scissors for the stitches because I was always seems getting stitches you know crashing my mountain bike.  Or surfboard fans to the head.  Or insert insert my clumsiness here. It has been a while since I've gotten stitches though. Kinda it's kind of been a few years by now. Yeah, perhaps it is two years maybe I don't know. Doesn't matter you get what I'm saying? Like yeah, the surgical steel will work! No! Those don't work either. And so I recently was at Funnel Hacking live in Florida, which was epic. So good ignited so much inspiration.  But I had it in my head that like the much of the stuff you buy at the airport gift shop or at the the hotel gift shop... You know you at the hotels or what have you you can you know, if you forgot your razor blades, you can go get a razor blade or you can get some dental floss or a mini toothpaste or whatever.  And I just had it in my head that that that all those products like that at these stores were of inferier quality. And so I forgot my frickin fingernail clippers and like, for whatever reason some people doesn't matter. I like maybe obsessively to have a pair of fingernail clippers and and so funny. This is this is not woundy this is full scar.  This is just letting you know my humaneness. Mischa Zvegintzov  07:12But so I go to the, it was called, the Gaylord Palms, the Funnel Hacking live 2021 was at the Gaylord Palms.  Big convention center, like all self contained, I know there was 320 500 or 3000 of us there. And other normal people were staying there as other I think other conventions were going on. So this thing can handle, you know, got three 4000 people or something like that. And since it's in Florida, it's all enclosed. So it's environment, what's the environment, you know, it's air conditioned, the perfect environment. And actually much of it, they somehow let a lot of natural light in places honestly pretty cool. Little dated.  Little dated, I'll say we're pretty cool, but it's really jonesing for my for my pair of scissors and missing them.  And I was like alright, let's go to that convention center gift shop and see what they got. And I stumble in there. But grudgingly contemptuously already knowing that there'll be nothing good and you have the regular old like fingernail clippers, which I just don't like. Not after my mom trained me to like a little bit better. Oh my god, the amount of... I bought special custom, you know, it doesn't matter. And then there's a little pair of scissors. And I look at them. They're probably $5 or $10 I don't know. But I just like hemmed and hawed. I'm like not another pair of crappy scissors. I just I've invested what seems like a small fortune in this stuff. You know, and I went ahead and bought them.  Get back to the room. Thinking I guess I have to suffer through this.Mischa Zvegintzov  09:26And crack the package. Guess what? I stumbled across the best scissors ever. The perfect replacement pair. Unbelievable. And I guess my point is, like, you just never know. Like, keep an open mind. Where's the inspiration going to come from? Where's the nugget going to come from? It can come from place that I think it's not going to come from.  Like I was like, absolutely thinking no way is the store gonna have anything and whatever I buy to suffice, I won't even worry about trying to get back in my you know frickin toiletry kit on the airplane or whatever.  And there it was. I guess so the other main lesson trying to set aside contempt be open minded and then especially if you think or I thought like like keep trying. Keep trying right. Keep trying that's the other thing. I tried again. I was like you know what, I'll try again. I'll throw caution to the wind. And the results were amazing. Anyway, funny little episode. I did my meditation and writing in the morning. I was like this is a really funny idea. And it was such a powerful moment for me when it when it happened. I just had to talk about it anyway, love to all,  Bye.

    Today I will make no decisions by myself. Part #2

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    Part #2.  If i'm consciously trying to make decisions with God, My Higher Power, whatever you want to call it.  I'm apt to be inspired throughout the day.  So set aside contempt.  And visualize the kind of day you want, the feelings you will have, who you will encounter etc.  Perhaps all you have to do is try.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Zvegintzov  00:01  And part two. I will make no decisions. Today, I will make no decisions by myself. Part two. And the idea is that if I'm making no decisions by myself, or that our ego driven, small s self, ego driven, my selfish wants and desires. Versus I'm making joint decisions with that capital S self, making a joint decision, the small self, capital S, Self, God, whatever this is like, it's like teamwork. And so, part of this is, you got to be willing to believe that this is effective. And I am willing to believe.  I like I'm willing to believe so I'm willing to take the action.  Or perhaps you're not willing to believe try it anyway. Right, I would strongly encourage you, if you're like,...  Yo kids, kids on bikes, screaming by making funny faces, e bikes, so they're going really fast. Anyhow, you know, it's interesting, I believe, you don't believe that it's gonna work, you just have to be willing to try. You've just gotta be willing to try.Mischa Zvegintzov  01:33  And so this was the progression of this for me, I would read the notes that I just told you.  And in the morning visualize the day, and the thoughts, feelings, emotions, I wanted to have the experiences I wanted to have.  And then I would feel great, be super, you know, inspired, productive, boom, boom, boom. You know, a few hours later, cracks in that, in that inspiration start to form. And I was finding that it would take me way, many hours, as I, you know, it will take me many hours to fall back to the, to the idea. And to re visualize the kind of day that I want to have, right? So it's basically saying, Hey, if you fall off track, re-visualize that day you want to have. Start over. And then, you know, reconnect with, with making decisions with the capital S self. So I was finding it was being effective, when I would do that. And so I was like, dang, if I could just do it more, if I could just do this routine, more, if I could just, throughout the day, reflect and pause more. Like, and so I started to do that. Find, you know, a few more times to do it. And this is for when things are really hard in this entrepreneurial endeavor, and I'm really, at a rough, sticky, icky point.Mischa Zvegintzov  03:36  Most recent, it's been with the avatar work and, and shifting pivoting directions, and all the fears associated with that. So, you know, I'm going to get kicked out of my coaching group.  I'm going to offend people.  A lot of it's how am I going to look people will think that I'm doing the wrong thing or will judge me and so a lot of...  I'll admit it you know, insecurity and fear and, and self doubt, maybe, yeah, self doubt. And so, like, I'd like to shorten that pain loop, perhaps the pain have the pain loop, go away altogether. And and so, I want to read this next thing.  "If you are so unwilling to receive, you cannot even let your question go". So in this case, my question would be, which avatar Should I go with which, who's the perfect customer? "At least I can decide, I do not like what I feel now. And so I hope I have been wrong.  I want another way to look at this. Perhaps there is another way of looking at this. What can I lose by asking?"  Right, what can I lose by asking source your internal clock, God higher power, whatever. So creating space for that inspiration, being...go...You know what I'm not willing to, to, you know, do the process, but I'm willing to ask. I love that or you can read it read that however you want. But again, this has been this whole little process has been very powerful over the last couple of months. And so it culminated with, alright, visualize the day I want. And very effective. And then I would fall out of it. And it would take me a few hours, when I would come to, like a sticking point in my creative process around this entrepreneurial endeavor. So most recently that again, that's been the... which avatar am I going to use in this, this strong sense of time to pivot? And so the fear and insecurity that that brings up, and so whenever I would go back to visualizing the day I would feel new and newly inspired. Alright, God, let's make this decision together. Today, I will make no decision by myself.Mischa Zvegintzov  06:30  And I had this this sort of Epiphany, two epiphanies very recently. First one was okay. I, I, I can simply reflect and pause and tell myself the kind of day I want. And I don't have to go through like this for you know, meditative process visualization process, right? Like, it's already implanted deeply, in my mind, in my psyche. Now, like, I've visualized that day, very many times, over the past couple of weeks, or months, or whatever it is, months by now, you know.  Two months, perhaps whatever, exact timeline doesn't matter. And so, but, but to go back to that, it's time of agitation. And so then I fully had the inspiration, over the past couple of days. Continue to go to that thought, today, "I'll make no decision by myself", while I'm in inspiration while I'm in the flow. So don't even wait till you fall out of it, like accelerate the flow. Or, or you know, just stay in it. Yeah. So I've been doing that over the past couple of days, as I've been super creative. And feeling like I've been making decisions in partnership with God, my higher power, like going, alright, I'm in the zone. So pause, throughout the day, reflect and pause, and tell myself The kind of day I want. So keep in it.Mischa Zvegintzov  08:41  I guess that's how I could set I don't know, I'm so excited having so much fun playing with this and in my meditation this morning, and then my and then my note taking and you know, spiritual reading / work. I was just, I wrote down you kind of talk about this. So here I am talking about it. I encourage you to try it. Set aside contempt, the thought of Today I will make no decisions by myself. You'll make him with your higher power, whatever that means to you. And that visualize that kind of day you want the who you're going to encounter.  Which is for me, you know, creative supportive types that are in the same sort of flows process state, co creation.  You know, the thoughts feelings that I would have, how I'd feel I want to feel creative. I want to feel intuitive. I want to feel like the answers are coming easily. There there are no questions because I'm just doing it.  How about that just fully inspired. Anyway there you have it love to all let's keep at it.  Peace out.

    Today I will make no decisions by myself. Part #1.

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    "Today I will make no decisions by myself” and how powerful that can be.  Either I'm making choices from “myself”, “the ego”, ego driven.  Or I'm going to make decisions with God, the capital S inner-self, that internal clock, that internal guidance, the infinite mind the Infinite Intelligence, the universe, the gods, the universe.  Call it what you will.  Things seem to go much smoother when I'm making decisions with something outside of my ego.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Zvegintzov  00:00Alrighty, I am going to talk about this idea that "today I will make no decisions by myself", and how powerful that can be. And yeah, I'm out walking, by the way. So there's lots of kids out this afternoon, lots of soccer players, lots of moms, lots of coaches, lots of dogs. So we may have some distractions. Anyhow, today, I will make no decisions by myself. And this assumes the idea that you're going to... I'm going to make decisions with God, or the capital S inner-self, that internal clock, that internal guidance, some people like to say it that way. You know, the infinite mind the Infinite Intelligence, you know, the universe, the gods. I used to love to say the gods for a while. But that I'll make no decisions by myself, which assumes ego, ego driven by myself small s self. Implies, that ego driven. This is an idea, the way this is framed is my perception or my understanding of something that I had read a couple of months ago, in A Course In Miracles. Everybody, by this point knows how much I love A Course In Miracles, and how powerful a spiritual tool that is in my life.Mischa Zvegintzov  01:55So this also, in for anybody who's, you know, in recovery, so I've been in recovery for a long time, and, you know, the idea that's floated around in recovery a lot. And I'm sure it's the same idea that's floating around, floated around in church a lot, or, I'm sure a lot of, you know, positive mindset, speakers, thought leaders, etc. You know, point to the same thing. Sorry, you atheists out there, you might be left hanging out to dry, but you probably have somebody that, or something you can point to as well. But that was an awesome digression. So, in recovery, you know, there's this idea of, Hey, God, how can I be of service, how can I be of service, Thy will not mine be done. This isn't an original idea to life or a way to live life, it's just, that's where that idea was presented to me in recovery. And so, you know, some of the 12 step literature can point to, you know, when you wake up in the morning, take some time, try and get aligned with your higher power. And then, you know, take appropriate action, and then you'll be more inspired throughout the day. And who doesn't want to be inspired, I want to be inspired. I love being inspired. Inspired lends to happiness and fulfillment. And, you know, moving from the heart and all the stuff. You know, spiritual success, you're climbing the right ladder, lord knows I've climbed the wrong ladder. And then, you know, and some in some of the 12 step literature, it'll point to, as you go throughout the day, try and turn back to that, to that idea, like when you're agitated. God, you know, Thy will not mind be done. You know, God, I'm no longer running the I'm no longer running the show. Your will not mine be done. To try and come back and get grounded re get into inspiration. And so I've been playing with this idea for a very, for decades now.Mischa Zvegintzov  04:31That I came across it in the Course in Miracles which framed it in in this new way where Today I will make no decisions by myself. And so in the morning, in my morning routine, I've been leaning heavy into that. All right, I'm going to make no decisions by myself. And then it... A Course In Miracles says effectively, "if resistance strong and and dedication week, think about the kind of day you want. And tell yourself, there is a way in which this very day can happen. Just like that. There, there is a way, there is a way in which this very day can happen just like that. Then try again, to have the day you want." And I love that idea. So, I very much recently have been visualizing. And this has been a working process this. And it's been working very well as of late. But anyway, visualizing like this this day that I want. And, you know, I want to be inspired. I want to feel like I'm creative. I want to feel like I'm in the flow. I want to, I want to feel like the kind of day I want, I want things to come to me easily. I don't want to, you know, stress and wonder about which direction to take.Mischa Zvegintzov  06:10And as I'm on new entrepreneurial endeavors, I can have a lot of that sort of chaos, zipping through my mind, constantly questioning a course of action. Right? So I'm finding like, yeah, there'd be some great times to, to, to, you know, to turn back to this "today I'll make no decisions by myself" idea. So I think visualizing, sort of this day, I want how I want to fee.  And and then it goes on, throughout the day, reflect, pause, and tell myself, the kind of day I want.  The feelings I would have the things I want to happen to me. And the things you would experience and say, "if I make no decisions by myself, this is the day that will be given me. I have no question. I forgot what to decide." And, obviously, we forgot to decide, or what I forgot to decide is that I'll make no decisions by myself ego driven decisions. And so I've found that as I've taken the time to try to visualize the day that I want, the experiences that I want to have, like the inspirational piece supportive people that I'm going to meet.  That, that I'm writing down ideas that are flowing through I'm not fighting these moments, I'm in embracing these moments, with all and wonder.  And having fun, fun, like I'm having fun. It's not a chore, it's fun. And and as I run long on this episode, I will I'll tell you that I am having success, but that I've definitely got more to say in this regard. So let's talk more episode two.

    Oftentimes a big source of my problems is me trying to think my way through it.

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    Shifting from the healing modality avatar to the business minded avatar.  There's a way to bridge those two.  How can I be of service with this?  Oftentimes a big source of my problems is me trying to think my way through it.  Who do I need to talk to quickly?  I'm really aware in this moment of how much I am concerned what other people are gonna think. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Change that brings me uncertainty vs change that brings good.  Waiting for that moment of inspiration, trusting that it will come. Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Zvegintzov  00:03What can I bring to the table? How can I be of service? How can I be of service and what can I bring to the table? I am trying to keep that in the forefront of my mind. And as I fight this new idea of this new avatar. right. and shift more towards business, this side of things.  Strategy which I love. Business it's a part of me that's that's been rekindled as I come out of you know, being a stay at homeish dad wandering with intention. And very excited about it and but it is causing me turmoil as I've put a lot of time and effort into the Tools For A Good Life Summit and the end, sort of that more of a healing modality type of Avatar.   What's really cool I do believe, though, is there's there's a way to bridge those two. And I, I haven't really figured it out yet. And so I'm going to talk a little bit about that on this episode, but also a really cool breakthrough. I don't know if breakthrough is the right word, but just some freedom I got for, for asking for some help in this regard.Mischa Zvegintzov  01:36But the 2CCX coaching group that I'm in, which I'm obviously always talking about, because it's such a big part of my life, is rolling over to, you know, a new, a new course curriculum.  Nott full sail, changes, but definitely changes and so I feel a little hung out to dry. As, as I'm on my island, I can tend to be on an island when I'm trying to figure things out. So as I, as I sort through, needing to do an Ask campaign for what, what, what all you all on my current email list would want, as far as you know, a course or a challenge or, or something like that. I'm battling with the avatar thing, too. So this, this episode is a little wound'ee. Hopefully, by the time it goes up, I'll have all these answers. Clear as a bell, that's what I'm hoping. So that way, by the time I publish it, I'll be able to laugh, laugh at myself. And I think along this the ideas of service of how I can be of service with this. So you can see the struggle, if if you're coming behind me, you can see the struggle of trying to dial in who you're going to help how you're going to help them, you know, just new ventures. And then if you're ahead of me, you can encourage me to catch up with you and into perhaps show me show me show me the better lit path. And if you're side by side with me, well, we can laugh and cry together.Mischa Zvegintzov  03:36But, you know, I consistently get this when I focus on this new idea. And don't let the fear of a full pivot take over. I'm generally content. So where am I going with this? All right, where I'm going with this is I'm I've as I felt alone on the island and trying to get answers and think my way through it, which is oftentimes a big source of my problems is me trying to think my way through it. In my in my journaling at the end of the night, in some meditation, it came clear, the answer came clear. Hey, you know, there's a question in my journaling. That's who do I need to talk to? Effectively? Who do I need to talk to quickly? Is there something I need to tell somebody along those lines have a question? And it's like yeah, I need to communicate with the open classroom with the open hours of the classroom with the with the with the coaches in this to 2CCX. I need to bring up my fears and I need to be vulnerable and I'm scared to do it in the open classroom setting because other people are going to are going to be there. And perhaps judge, right. I'm really aware in this moment of how much I am concerned what other people are gonna think. Right? And maybe I get thrown out of this whole thing? And if so, what if and so what?Mischa Zvegintzov  05:32But, um, so I trusted my intuition open hours were open until the open classroom out of the open office hours for the coaches. We're open today until 2pm, Pacific Standard Time. And of course, I jumped in at at 135 or something like that. And, you know, had to wait 10 minutes till it was my turn. And so I got the last 15 minutes effectively, but it just, I guess the point of all the of this whole episode is really, when I jumped on the the Open Office Hour, the coaches, open office hours and was willing to be vulnerable, and share my insecurities and my fears. I immediately got great input and great answers, great ideas, great strategies and tactics. But I also had freedom, freedom of the mind. And it was extremely clear. As soon as I got off the call, I was like, Oh, yeah. Okay, like, although the curriculum has changed, the way that I get to interact with the coaches has changed. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Like, I just was very clear how averse to change I can be.  And when it's changed, that brings me uncertainty.  Versus change that's like, I know is bringing good. You know what I'm talking about, right? Um, anyhow. So it felt really good to go in the classroom and, and, you know, get clarity on I got clarity on where the whole curriculums going, more concise vision of what I'm trying to do like it because it's very clear to me right now that when I have ambiguity in the curriculum that I'm following, like, that's no good for me.  Or I need to express it and and healthily deal with it. Right? Some people like a looser guardrail, in that regard.Mischa Zvegintzov  07:55What else can I say? Just trying to communicate? You know, I, I was hoping, before I continued with episodes in this vein, I was hoping to have answers, right. I was hoping to be well, on the path well, on one avatar path or the other. But I'm not. And it reminded it definitely reminds me of, of that of when I was in such turmoil with the summit. And then all the sudden one day, you know, I had a conversation with Robert, I believe his name was there's the Robert interviews. I think it's 1, 2, 3. Robert, number one, number two, number three, perhaps, Robert P. But that's where the inspiration for the Tools For A Good LIfe Summit was solidified. And so I'm confident that some of that will continue, or that type of inspiration will continue on the avatar, just perhaps not in my timeframe. Anyway, thank you for letting me ramble. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your support. I truly, truly do appreciate it. And if you're with me on this entrepreneurial and spiritual journey with me, you know, God bless. We'll keep trying one day at a time.

    ...It's more painful to veer away from the path than the pain to press forward with it.

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    The new Avatar.  The new inspiration for who I can help.  Who perhaps god wants me to help.  I got an iPad Air 4 and am taking notes on it trying to break away from the yellow pads.  You can record 6 days episodes in a two hour setting.  I swear I'm not being a narcissist.  I'm just finding my voice :).  …it's more painful to veer away from the path than the pain to press forward with it. How's that?  The fledgling Funnel Hacker.  The fledgling online business creator.  Help them get to the Two Comma Club Award.  I.e. $1,000,000 in revenue :).  …craft a new vision.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Zvegintzov  00:02I'm going to get to it while the mind is fresh, and cranking away.  I was meditating this morning, I do want to say...  Well what main thing I want to talk about is the new avatar for me, or my new direction that that new inspiration and embracing it, that new inspiration towards who I think I can help. Even more specifically, who perhaps, God wants me to help, or the infinite intelligence or the universe with the creative mind, that capital S inner self. Oh my gosh, I've got all these Apple products. And I tried to silence them all for when I record, but I got a new iPad Air 4 I think it is. So I could start taking notes everywhere instead of on yellow pads on an iPad, which has been awesome and amazing. And I strongly encourage everybody to go after it. The pen works you know, the Apple Pencil is freaking awesome. The the tech is fine. You can... it's really cool what you can do and organize and, and all that stuff. There's some bumps as I break away from the yellow pads as much but that's okay. Oh my god, where was I going with all this so?Mischa Zvegintzov  01:43Break breathe. So the last episode I recorded, I'm going to give you a little insight to a little secret, which you may or may not know. But you can record six days episodes in a two hour setting. For example, if you were doing if you were doing 8 to 12 minute episodes. podcast episodes, an eight to 12 minute episode every day, and you were to record five of those. What's that? An hour and a half? Let's say. you know, let's assume each one is 10 minutes. On average, that's 15 minutes. Perhaps you have a minute or three or four break in between. So your... the illusion of the timeline is just that. Like perhaps the last episode that that I recorded in this line of thinking of who's my avatar and who am I going to serve? There's that damn iPad 4 beeping at me again, distracting me. Damn you, Apple. Where was I? Oh my gosh, this is just awesome. A quick side note. It's really funny. recording an episode every day to your podcast, blog or YouTube channel. It can feel in the moment like this moment right now incredibly self centered. Um, what's that narcissistic. Someone said to me and not have service in the moment as a microcosm, is that the right word? As a small brief window of the whole thing. Like if I just look at this episode right here, it could sound like "Oh, Mischa is just talking about his own stuff. Blah, blah, blah." But in reality, it is truly helping me be of service to you and the world and my developing niche in a better manner.Mischa Zvegintzov  04:16So how about that? So in the moment to anybody just jumping in on this episode. They could be like, Who is this narcissist talking about himself. But in reality, it's helping me find my voice, the elusive voice and I'm definitely gaining ground. Opened up all these these thought loops. I apologize. I seem to be very good at that being distracted. So be it. Welcome to the journey. If you are a fledgling funnel hacker, a fledgling online a fledgling if you're a fledgling Online Business creator, how's that you're trying to create, go go online with a business create an online business? If you're a fledgling person, entrepreneur, online entrepreneur, how about that a fledgling online entrepreneur, or a fledgling funnel hacker means you're kind of brand new to it all. Then perhaps if your vision is not super clear, like some people jump into this game, and they have this, I meet them all the time, their vision is so pure and so clear. Like, how awesome is that? It's so easy to just, well, looks easy'er to, to follow the instructions on how to build your online business, right? And so I am a fledgling funnel hacker that's really good at following the steps and implementing the steps. Like get each step each successive step done. And you will be that much closer to the Two Comma Club Award. That's the goal as a fledgling Funnel Hacker is to get clarity and get vision and get to that Two Comma Club Award. So I can help people do that. So actually, I'm committing to that. Trying one day at a time to commit to that. And whenever I veer away from that, these days, it gets really painful, psychically painful, more painful to veer away from it than the pain to press forward with it. How's that?Mischa Zvegintzov  06:45So I'm sorry, divorced dads, or you or you, high performers that have fallen off the horse, and are ready to get back on. Actually, you can still be my avatar, you are part of that avatar. Because creating an online business and crafting a new vision. That's what I'm doing. Crafting a new vision. I need to write that down. Thank you crafting a new vision. Word my pen go. I'm writing this down. Thank you patients. I suppose I could hit pause. I'll do that. See, thank you. That's, that was me. That was the process and actually crafting the vision forward. I love that. So one of the hats that my you know what? Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. That's such a juicy little thing. So you find all hackers out there that are ready to blaze the trail to the two comma Club Award, and would like help in that regard by following the path doing the blocking...block... blocking and tackling. Implementing the key steps. I'm still talking, figuring out how to talk about it. That's where we're going. That's where I'm going. And whenever I go back to the capital S inner self, the higher intelligence that's where I'm led. And one of the hats of the people within that could be a high performing dad, excuse me a high performing get divorced dad wanting to get back on the horse, or just a high performer who's ready to get back on the horse.Mischa Zvegintzov  08:47A little bit of babbling going on here. But that is that thank you for hanging in there with me. Thank you for being a part of the process. Thank you for helping me craft the broader vision. Refine my vision. I can actually tell you the exact episode by publishing every day where that happened. I can tell you where and when the new inspiration came to me. I can tell you where I flip flop back to the old and then where the new vision was presented again "This is it. This is it show no fear". That's what I've got little little little fuzzy but brain was cranking I wanted to I wanted to record. I have. And yeah so... I am going to show... what... I'm going to be... try to hold conviction on this new avatar. You fledgling funnel hackers that would like to solidify your path your vision to the Two Comma Club Stage to $1 million in gross revenue. That's what that is the Two Comma Club. I'm writing down again, your path, your vision to the Two Comma Club Stage. So basically you fledgling online entrepreneurs that would like to get to a million dollars in annual revenue, gross revenue. I'm your man. Your fledgling, you're just getting started. I can help you. I'm a few steps ahead. And I am doing it. I'm so good at sticking to the the steps. I've done it in so many different ways in my life, areas of my life and had success putting engines in cars. Getting clean and sober. Became a yoga teacher. It's hyper competitive to be a yoga teacher here in Encinitas, California. The hotspot of yoga teaching. I could go on and on That's it. I'm done. I will not hold you hostage any any longer. I believe I close the loop answered the question, addressed the point. Peace out.

    Interview #46 Amy Tran: It's the little "t" trauma.

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    Amy Tran is wise beyond her years and absolutely CRUSHES this interview!  She covers the "little t" trauma.  Believes in normalizing men asking for help and checking in, …  Helps us sort out our inner core beliefs.  Her steps become aware of what we are thinking, identify the patterns, see our core beliefs…  and change (err... heal!)  "Awareness is the first step towards healing,"Administrative: (See episode transcript below)You can find Amy on Instagram @doodledwellness.Email  Amy here: amy@doodledwellness.comCheck out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript:0:00:05.8 Mischa Z: Welcome back, everybody to the Tools For a Good Life Summit, and I would like to welcome Amy Tran, MA... Welcome, Amy.0:00:16.7 Amy Tran: Thank you, thank you for having me. Hello, everyone.0:00:21.2 Mischa Z: Awesome. And quick I'm gonna read your bio and then we'll get down to the fun. Okay?0:00:28.5 Amy Tran: Mm-hmm.0:00:29.9 Mischa Z: Fantastic. So Amy is a doctoral student studying clinical psychology in Ontario, Canada, she has received intensive training to provide therapy as well as diagnose mental health disorders and autism in children and adolescents, she has trained in community mental health centers, hospitals and private practices across Ontario. You are also involved in research that examines how the use of smartphones and tablets by young children and parents may disrupt the healthy development of children. Before committing to become a psychologist, you studied visual and creative arts and your Instagram account @doodledwellness, @doodlewellness is where your passion for mental health and art come together, and I do wanna say that your Instagram account is freaking awesome, I just... Brings a smile to my face. And I love everything about it, and it was one of the ways I tracked you down. But let me continue before we get to that.0:01:42.1 Amy Tran: Thank you.0:01:44.4 Mischa Z: Indeed. You draw doodles on social media and create workbooks to make mental health resources and information more accessible to everyone. You're very successful at that. Amy's goal is to raise awareness about mental illness, combat stigma, share helpful coping skills, invite you to practice mindfulness and brighten your social media feed with a daily pick me up, and you will be completing your residency in Toronto next year. Correct?0:02:17.7 Amy Tran: Yes. Well, next year academic year, but this year, September 2021, I'll be off the internship. Yay! [chuckle] Gotta check my pulse.[laughter]0:02:30.9 Mischa Z: And then once you graduate, you hope to continue working with youth integrating mindfulness into mental health treatment and advocating for more accessible mental health treatment.0:02:44.8 Amy Tran: Mm-hmm.0:02:45.9 Mischa Z: Alright, again, welcome to the Summit. And when I look over here, everybody, I'm just looking at your Instagram feed again, @doodledwellness, and you have managed to compile 154,000 followers. Does that surprise you?[chuckle]0:03:04.7 Amy Tran: It really does. I mean, even just hearing you say that number out loud, it's like, "What? Really? Like my account?" So it is surprising. Yeah.0:03:14.0 Mischa Z: Yeah, I think what's really cool about it too, is there's a humbleness within it, there's a humbleness within your, your main web page, so I love that. I think there's so much stuff to talk about there, I like your most recent post, childhood trauma. Again, I'm just looking over here, so I apologize. Yes, childhood trauma can also be dot dot dot... And being in my young 50s and perhaps earlier in my 40s, being an A-type male, like a hard charger and all this, if I heard the word trauma, my brain would think, I don't have trauma or that's only this over here, but that's not true, it turns out. Maybe you could speak to that for a second.0:04:10.8 Amy Tran: Yeah, No, I'd love to... I agree, I think most people, when they think about trauma, they think about what do we call, big T trauma, right? Catastrophic accident, natural disaster, abuse or neglect, and of course, those things are very, very traumatic, but I think also love is something that all humans want and crave and need, and especially as a child, right? When you're in that vulnerable stage, who do you depend on to receive love and to have your needs met? Well, the answer typically would be your parents, your mom and dad. But you can have an amazing relationship with mom and dad, they can provide you with food, shelter, warmth, but when there are certain dynamics that play out where you feel like you can't express how you're feeling, you can't share your thoughts, you have to be a certain way to gain approval, love or validation, then that's traumatizing because you are betraying who you really are. And when we're younger, we don't have the mature brain to be able to say, "Well, maybe mom and dad are just having a bad day, or maybe mom and dad were never modeled how to cope with my emotional needs."0:05:38.2 Amy Tran: Instead, the small infant brain is like, "There's something wrong with me." And that core belief gets internalized and carries on throughout adulthood and that's traumatizing, right? To feel like we don't deserve love or cannot receive love unless we're certain people.0:06:02.5 Mischa Z: Yeah, it is traumatizing. And yeah, so hiding your true self by fear of disapproval and to carry that habit into adulthood, right? Denying your needs to be strong for your family. When you say that, denying your needs to be strong for your family... Tell me that.0:06:23.7 Amy Tran: Yeah. Yeah, so let me give you an example. So let's say you are the only male in the home and something's going on with your siblings, so maybe they have special needs or maybe they developed a drug habit or a serious mental health condition, and everyone starts to work together to help this person through, or maybe someone gets cancer, let's say.0:06:50.8 Mischa Z: Okay.0:06:52.8 Amy Tran: And as the young man, you're like, "Well, my dad is so occupied, he's not able to provide for the family because he's dealing with this or this, so I'm gonna be strong for the family. I'm not gonna talk about how scared I am, how worried I am, what I need." And you suppress that, "Oh, what? I'm fine, I'm totally fine. Let's talk about you, don't worry about me."0:07:14.1 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah and then perhaps you develop the habit of... I know I did [chuckle] of not learning how to communicate perhaps, or feeling that it was okay to be stressed out, or I guess to communicate that in a healthy manner, right?0:07:33.8 Amy Tran: Right, totally.0:07:36.1 Mischa Z: Yeah, another post that you have that again, I'm looking at over here is it's normalized men, and I love that, and it again, resonated with me being in my 40s, fortunately, I was like, I need to start figuring out how to express my emotions, how to cry, how to check in with another, how to ask for help. That's so hard. So maybe talk to that for a minute, normalized men...0:08:07.6 Amy Tran: Yeah. The post, it says, Normalize men asking for help, checking in on each other, crying, sharing their feelings, practicing self-care and having fears and doubts. So I think that it again, it comes back to just, who are we? We're just human beings, right? So this concept of men having to hide their emotions, be strong, that vulnerability is a weakness, those are all just societal constructs that we've taken on, but they're really harmful because we're social beings and we need each other, and we ask each other for help. Checking in on each other that makes you feel like you're wanted, like you belong. Crying, this one is a really interesting one because crying is an emotional release, and in fact, when we cry, there is research to suggest that it can actually help your body bounce back into a place of equilibrium, but we suppress that, right? Sharing feelings, same thing.0:09:14.8 Amy Tran: So having fears and doubts, like if you don't talk about that, then nobody really can reach out to you to help, maybe it gets to the point where you're suppressing it so much that you don't even realize it yourself, so it's just... I think that as someone who identifies as female, I'm very grateful that I have the space with other females to talk about feelings and to share insecurities. And with men, a lot of times, I don't see that, and I think it can be be very detrimental for your mental health because you have no one to talk to and emotions needs somewhere to go, but they're all suppressed in, or it comes out in other ways, like working too much, drinking, gambling, shopping, performance, right? Or...0:10:12.0 Mischa Z: Yes, yes, yes, yes. Good. [chuckle] Yes, thank you for that.0:10:13.8 Amy Tran: So you're like, "Oh, I can resonate with that." Is that what you're... Yeah.0:10:18.9 Mischa Z: Yeah, I think and my sort of the arc for me was, I've been lucky to, a good portion of my life to be on a growth trajectory, let's say, but I definitely think at some point as a male, I was taking in more emotions than I was letting out, so I was building for that pop, and then at some point I was... It leveled out, so I was taking in as much as I was letting out, but I still had a whole bunch of pent-up emotions for a lifetime of these seemingly non-traumatic things. And so when I hit my 40s, it was like divorce, both my parents died in rapid succession, career upheaval, and then I had another failed relationship and just... It was like the...[vocalization]0:11:18.6 Mischa Z: Right?0:11:18.9 Amy Tran: Right, right. Yeah.0:11:22.3 Mischa Z: And yeah, and so I spent a lot of time, I would say, I just say by the grace of God, finding healthy ways to cry, finding that safe space to... I found a community where it was okay as a male to cry and cry a lot, and so that really saved me and then started asking for help, and I think that can be hard as an A-type male it can be hard to ask for help so...0:11:49.3 Amy Tran: Yeah, totally.0:11:51.1 Mischa Z: Yeah, I don't mean to take this over, but I think that that leads us to a great point, if you've got a guy like me who's in his 40s, let's say, and I go through a divorce and one of my kids is like not acting like I want, which can be stressor and that can feel traumatic. Both my parents died and the financial stress and more failed relationships and it became evident to me that my... Like work my way through it, find more success, earn more money, whatever it was, was no longer gonna work. I needed different tools. I needed new tools. So given that scenario, my question to you is thinking of technology as a tool, 'cause you're clearly in tune with that. There we go. I know there's an app you recommend called Mooditude, right?0:12:48.2 Amy Tran: Yes, yes.0:12:49.1 Mischa Z: And then, I think you're also proficient in some CBT, some cognitive behavioral therapy?0:12:55.5 Amy Tran: That's right, yeah.0:12:56.7 Mischa Z: So, thinking of those sorts of modalities, what are the exact next steps you would offer someone like me? So I knew... Well, I would be headed in the new right direction that I would have positive momentum towards getting my life back on track.0:13:15.8 Amy Tran: Wow, so, such a great question, but also such a loaded question, 'cause I just have so much to say.0:13:23.9 Mischa Z: [chuckle] Good.0:13:24.6 Amy Tran: So I don't even know where to start. [chuckle] Yeah. So how about we talk about, basically, how our inner core beliefs are created? So we kind of touched on this before, where we were talking about how our relationship with the people that we grow up with, like our parents, they form certain core beliefs that we have. So there are many more than this, but there's three main ones that I see and that are taught in the CBT framework. So the first one is that I'm unlovable. The second one is that I'm worthless. And the third one is that I'm helpless. So this is all operating on a subconscious level. So we all have some of these core beliefs. We have one or multiple, and then there's other one, right?0:14:19.9 Amy Tran: So as a human, you develop compensatory strategy, so for example, one of my core beliefs is that I'm worthless. So I grew up around parents who were quite invalidating, they were Asian immigrants, just cold, never really praised me or told me they loved me. So me as a young girl, I'm like, "I'm unlovable and I'm worthless." So what did I do? I achieved so much, I just tried so hard, because that's how I got approval from my parents, not just, "Good morning, Amy. Love you," just like, "Oh okay, you've got a A plus, good job." And I'm like, "Yeah, this is the love I need." So anyway.0:15:04.7 Mischa Z: Okay.0:15:05.1 Amy Tran: Okay. So that gets ingrained and then I developed a compensatory strategy. So for me, it was working really hard, for some people, it may be the opposite, being really hyper-vigilant of cues that you don't belong, for example, reassurance seeking, whatever it is, there are behaviors that you do to protect yourself from coming face-to-face with that core belief.0:15:31.8 Mischa Z: Okay.0:15:32.6 Amy Tran: So then, that can be destructive, right? So I would say one of the most important tools at first is to become aware of what you're thinking. Because when we become aware of what we're thinking, we can identify the patterns, and when we look at the patterns, we can start to piece together what our core beliefs might be, and then that's when the actual work happens, is we have to heal that core belief because we have thousands of thoughts a day, that's the premise of CBT, and...0:16:11.8 Mischa Z: And so quickly, a cognitive behavioral therapy, that CBT stands for?0:16:17.4 Amy Tran: Yeah.0:16:18.3 Mischa Z: Yes. Cool.0:16:19.4 Amy Tran: Yeah. So let me give you actually the audience a brief overview of what CBT is. Do you think that would be helpful?0:16:26.1 Mischa Z: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you.0:16:28.7 Amy Tran: Okay. So cognitive behavioral therapy, so there's thought and there's behaviors, and then there's feeling and they're all connected. So if I told you right now to picture a purple elephant, would you be able to do that?0:16:43.4 Mischa Z: Yes, ma'am. [laughter]0:16:44.8 Amy Tran: Perfect. And if I asked you to clap twice, would you be able to do that?0:16:49.9 Mischa Z: Yes. Oops, one extra.[laughter]0:16:52.7 Amy Tran: Nice. And if I asked you to stop feeling depressed, anxious and doubtful of yourself right now, would you be able to do that?0:17:01.4 Mischa Z: Probably not, no.0:17:02.6 Amy Tran: Right. Yeah. So our feelings are harder to change, but what we can change is how we act and what we think. So if we can change those two things, because everything else is connected, then it can change our feelings. So with cognitive behavioral therapy, the first step is to become aware of the thoughts we have. So when we are, let's say, walking past a group of people and they are laughing, one of the automatic thoughts you might have is "They're laughing at me." But CBT trains you to be like, "Woah, woah, woah. What? Wait, I remember now, thoughts are not always real. How do I actually know they're laughing at me? Am I reading their mind? Am I making an assumption?" And then you re-phrase that thought, "Well, maybe someone just told a funny joke," and that reframed thought leads to more positive feelings.0:17:57.3 Amy Tran: So do you see how they're all connected? So basically, you just do that over and over again. So I would say, one of the most important things is to begin to actually look within yourself and be aware of your thoughts, and if you have trouble doing that... One of the things that I've been taught is when you notice the sudden shift in mood, immediately ask yourself, "What was I just thinking?" Because our thoughts trigger our emotions most of the time. When you're sitting there and then all of a sudden you just feel like, "Oh, I feel a little anxious or sad," just ask yourself, "What was I just thinking?" And that automatic thought is a clue of what your core belief is, and you just do that over and over again, and look...0:18:41.0 Mischa Z: Can you give me a quick example of that, of inaction, or for you or for me, or...0:18:47.7 Amy Tran: What do you mean inaction?0:18:50.4 Mischa Z: Or like, give me a real life example of that. I know you did with... Of like... Perhaps recently, you've felt... You've noticed that shift in feeling and so...0:19:07.4 Amy Tran: Oh, yes.0:19:08.2 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah.0:19:09.7 Amy Tran: Yes, yes. Okay. So yeah, so me and my partner, we were just hanging out and he was doing his own thing, I was doing my own thing. And then I noticed that the sense of dread, almost, I was like, "What was I just thinking?" And I thought for a second, and my thought was that he is purposely avoiding me because he doesn't love me anymore.0:19:39.0 Mischa Z: Okay.0:19:39.2 Amy Tran: Right?0:19:39.5 Mischa Z: Yes.0:19:39.6 Amy Tran: So then, instead of picking a fight or trying to act out, I just took a step back and I was like, "Okay, let's challenge this thought. What evidence do I have? What evidence am I missing? What's an alternative explanation? Am I reading his mind?" So I didn't act on that thought, it turns out he was just tired from working, and had a bad day. [chuckle] But it's interesting because I had that automatic thought, and where did that thought come from? My core belief of being unlovable, of being worthless. So if your core belief is always firing off these automatic thoughts, they shape the way you view the world. Right? And if we leave the thoughts unchecked, they will take over your life.0:20:27.0 Mischa Z: Okay, cool. So you're strategically or... I don't know if strategically is the right word. You're training yourself to catch the thoughts and then evaluate the trail of that thought, or am I saying that right?0:20:45.7 Amy Tran: Exactly.0:20:46.1 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:20:46.3 Amy Tran: Exactly. So the Mooditude app, whenever you have a triggering thought, you can open the app and you can check... Rate how you're feeling, you can write what you were thinking about and the specific topic, so was it relationship, work, family that was triggering you, and then it tracks it all for you, so then you can look at it over time and look for those patterns. Yeah.0:21:11.5 Mischa Z: Awesome, awesome. So I'm just looking at notes I was taking. So become aware of what you're thinking was sort of step, step one, shall we say. And it sounds like for me, that's even inventory, that write it down, get used to literally like, "Alright. What was I thinking? What are my thoughts?" Yes. Yeah.0:21:35.1 Amy Tran: Yeah. As most of the time we go through life on autopilot, right. Have you ever... [chuckle] You've walked down a flight of stairs, and you're like, "How did I get here? Why am I here?" [chuckle] It's 'cause your brain is just chattering, it's just... You're in there. You were thinking about the past and future, we're very rarely in the present moment. And actually, looking at your feet going down the steps, right? And you end up on a different flight of your house, you're like, "What the heck, how did I get here?"0:22:02.2 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah, cool. Or not cool, but cool that we can change that. So you have your MA, which is your masters?0:22:13.8 Amy Tran: Yes.0:22:14.4 Mischa Z: Okay, awesome. And working on your doctorate and so, you've been pretty deep in this sort of field for, I don't know what, five, 10 years, something like that?0:22:26.6 Amy Tran: In the graduate program, about five years, yeah, maybe four years for undergrad.0:22:33.3 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah. And so, there are studies backing up CBT, I'm assuming, cognitive behavioral therapy, and then a little bit of work can lead to profound shifts? That's my question. Is that... Or that's a statement. Is that true?0:22:52.7 Amy Tran: "A little bit of work can lead to profound shift." I would say that... That's a tricky question. It really depends on the person, right? So for some people, they are more open to exploring the thoughts that they have. But there also are people who are really afraid of their own thoughts, right? Or they are not honest with themselves, which is okay. So for those folks that may be harder to monitor their own thinking and come face-to-face with what they're thinking, that can be hard.0:23:27.9 Mischa Z: Any, any strategies to help with that?0:23:34.6 Amy Tran: I would... To help with being more open to your own thinking, I would say that there would be two, right? So I would say that sometimes people are worried about exploring their own thinking because it's going to trigger an intense emotion. So I think that one helpful thing to think about or prepare is coping tools, right? So find what works for you to bring you from a hot moment to a cooler moment. So if you notice that what you're feeling or what you're thinking is getting you quite upset and you don't wanna do it anymore, I think it's important for people to have a strategy to calm down, that might be like deep breathing or meditation.0:24:24.5 Amy Tran: And then my second thing is to practice self-compassion, right. So yeah, some of the thoughts that we have about ourselves or the world can be upsetting, but our thoughts are not always real, and I think our mindfulness can be really helpful because we can monitor... You can monitor your thinking without really attaching to it, and you can also be compassionate and non-judgmental. So mindfulness is an entire thing that we can probably talk about for like three hours [chuckle] but there's a lot of resources online, and I think that mindfulness will not only help people be more compassionate and non-judgmental, but I think it will also help you notice your thoughts even more because it's the practice of awareness. Yeah.0:25:13.9 Mischa Z: Yeah. And I think the more we confront, and I don't know if confront is the right word, or just bring awareness to our thoughts, the more they hold less weight.0:25:27.4 Amy Tran: Right, totally. Yeah.0:25:29.1 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah, yeah.0:25:31.8 Amy Tran: Our entire identity... I agree totally with multiple identities. Our entire identity is basically just stories and stories are just a string of words and pictures. Right?0:25:42.2 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah.0:25:43.1 Amy Tran: So we can let go of that.0:25:45.4 Mischa Z: Yes.[laughter]0:25:47.4 Mischa Z: I wanted to ask, I've got two things, and I'm thinking, I had an idea for the advanced bonus session that everybody's doing, and I'm thinking... And maybe you can tell me now if you think this is worth talking about. But I think where as parents, one thing that I noticed... Like when both my parents died, I went through a divorce, financial upheaval, like I was having to move houses, lots of chaos. And I had two young boys and at one point it really hit me, I was like, "Oh my God, they went through that with me." And I think in hindsight, I could have... What I want you to maybe address, and I think we should save it for the bonus session, and you can tell me if you think it's worth talking about. And I wrote it down is, "What's an important for a parent to be cognizant of for their kids, or how do you nurture or hold space or help kids deal with?" I know this is a broad topic and loaded, but it's like, I think as parents when we're going through hard times... I'll speak for me. As a parent when I was going through hard times, how do I hold space for my kids? What do you think about that as kind of a...0:27:11.2 Amy Tran: Yeah, I love that topic so much. My training is in youth, like working with youth, so yeah, I would love to talk about that.0:27:19.5 Mischa Z: Yeah, I think that would be awesome, and I think it would be very useful because I think there's a lot of us men in our 40s or what have you who... We're a little self-centered. [laughter]0:27:32.5 Amy Tran: Right. Yeah. Well, not only self...0:27:35.2 Mischa Z: Said with love.0:27:35.5 Amy Tran: So not only self-centered, but also modeling what they think society wants men to be, so.0:27:44.6 Mischa Z: Yes, yes. Awesome, so before we hit stop and get to that though, I'm curious and go ahead, were you gonna write down a note? It looks like...0:27:52.9 Amy Tran: Well, I was just writing down what I'm gonna talk about in the bonus session. [laughter]0:27:57.5 Mischa Z: Yeah, perfect. So I'm curious what you... What do you think it is that draws your Instagram account or your Doodled Wellness clearly is a powerful, a powerful place for people to go, and it's drawing people in, and it's clearly a catalyst for change and goodness and stuff and... What do you think it is? What... Just like briefly, what do you think it is? What do you think is coming through there? Does that question make sense, or...0:28:31.3 Amy Tran: It definitely makes sense, but it's a hard question because sometimes, to be honest, I'm like, "I don't even know, I'm just putting it together because this is just me." But if I can step outside of myself as the creator and look at it, I would say that it's... The colors and the way that it's presented is bright and friendly and non-intimidating, that it almost lowers like a layer of defensiveness down. And I don't know if that's true. I haven't done a study on it or anything like that. But I try to make content that's affirming and positive and that sets the colors scheme. But then sometimes I talk about some stuff that really does invite people to do some self-reflection and what they may find or what that I'm inviting them... Where I'm inviting them to go may be a hard place to go. But then while they are on the feed and looking at it, I still think that it's bright and just warm and inviting, so I just think it's a happy place. And I think it's because I actually do believe in the potential for people to flourish and to unlearn what they have learned, uncondition the conditioning of their brain. I really do feel like that's possible and I want more and more people to realize that.0:30:11.5 Mischa Z: I love that. That's a beautiful answer. Thank you so much for that. And as I... It's fun to click on a post and sort of look at the... Who's interacting with you, and it seems like, which I think is super cool, as a pretty broad spectrum of people. Would you say that that's true?0:30:33.6 Amy Tran: Yeah, definitely.0:30:35.7 Mischa Z: Yeah, that's awesome.0:30:36.8 Amy Tran: Yeah, and I...0:30:36.9 Mischa Z: Oh, go ahead. Sorry.0:30:37.7 Amy Tran: And I... Oh no, that's okay. And I also think that one thing that I have noticed too is that more and more teens are noticing the feed because it is quite, I don't wanna say childish, but maybe playful. And I think that's like, I'm just so grateful and honored for them to be there because at that point in our lives we're just so malleable and there's just so much proactive work to be done.0:31:04.3 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, fantastic. Amy, we're gonna, we're gonna end. I think that's a beautiful place to end round one. So if this interview with Amy Tran was fantastic, and you want to get even more content from Amy, which is gonna be amazing, I already know the bonus session is gonna be beautiful, upgrade to the All Access Pass for that bonus interview. And Amy, any final thoughts to share that we did not get a chance to cover?0:31:39.2 Amy Tran: No, but I'll leave everyone with a quote, which is, "Awareness is the first step towards healing," well.0:31:47.6 Mischa Z: Yeah, beautiful. Thank you so much, Amy. This has been a ton of fun round one, I'm very excited for round two. And a reminder to everybody, you can find and @doodledwellness on Instagram. And we'll see everybody in the VIP section.0:32:10.2 Amy Tran: Ciao![music]

    Thursday meditation #8: The memory of God comes to a quiet mind

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    Going through a stack of sticky notes on my desk I find this thought…  “The memory of God comes to a quiet mind”.  And I thought, what a beautiful meditation.  So we give it a go.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    “What is a recent miracle in your life?”

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    I answer my friends question, “What is a recent miracle in your life?”.  With successful people who do things or perhaps are in a place that I want to be, I can be contemptuous or resentful.  What's up with that?  The idea of if you spot it you got it, but on the GOOD THINGS you see in people, is driven home to me.  And More!Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Zvegintzov  00:00I believe you asked me another question, what is the miracle in my life? What was the miracle in my life, almost cut my hair off the other day, I was having massive insecurity coming out of the out of the Funnel Hacking Live, and ways that I'd communicated my experience. I was like, oh my god, I was way to vulnerable, get your hair off. I don't know if you have those moments. But I survived. And obviously, my hair is still in full effect. So that's not the maybe that is a miracle. But that wasn't the miracle. When I was at Funnel Hacking Live, lots of the, you know, there was, it was four days, and I believe there was five or six speakers each day and all very powerful speakers. And there was 5000 people, 6000 people at the sold out conference, two to 3000 in person two to 3000 live. I don't know the exact numbers, but lots of solid energy, lots of amazing heart centered, entrepreneurial messages being shared lots of vulnerability. And then many of the speakers, you know, would do some, they wouldn't call them meditation techniques, but they would lead some, you know, some positive affirmations, or they would even call it that they'd, but like meditation.Mischa Zvegintzov  01:27  So Tony Robbins was the last speaker. And that was Saturday night. And I've never seen Tony Robbins live and by the grace of God, I, by this point in my life right now, set aside my contempt for the Tony Robbins that I'd never even really seen or known. But like, I was like, God, damn, this dude's helped millions of people like it started hitting me. A year or two ago, I was like, where's this weird, like, for successful people who do things that perhaps are in a place that I want to be? I can be, you know, contemptuous or resentful or whatever. But so anyway, I'm like, Oh, shit, I can see Tony Robbins, you know, live. And being part of the 2CCX, which is the coaching program within all this, we got priority seating. So I was right up in front, and he's leading this amazing meditation. And that this whole thing is just this whole event for days is very well crafted to break down barriers to build energy to, to help you go within to help you, you know. Yeah, just internal barriers, external barriers. Tons of inspiration. Everybody's an open book, or most people, you know, super successful people there are milling about with you. So like, one minute, you can literally be like, oh, there's Tony Robbins. Hey, Tony Robbins, how you doing? Go? Hey, great. I'm just on my way walking to lunch. And you're like, Oh, shit. Well, nice to meet you. Yeah, nice to meet you. Or it's one guy. Obvious couple guys. Like, whatever. There's pretty powerful experience.Mischa Zvegintzov  03:14  But Tony's meditation was...Tony's thing that he led after... towards the end, and we are all frothy. Pumped up, man. Tony is really good at what he does, right? He's one of the best in the world, let's be real. And so he does this thing. This like meditation and super out of body experience. Right? It could have been like, 45 minutes or five minutes, I don't know. But part of it was... pull out... pull out a recent, a recent moment that you're grateful for in your life, you know.  And then All right, put that in your heart and lalala and all this stuff to really internalize it. Great. And then, Alright, now let's go. Let's go find another leasing moment, or great moment that you're grateful for, you'll have Okay, now, you know, put that into your heart and, and feel it and and imagine that you're there. And it's happening again right now. Right and, and some other things around that. But those were the two most poignant things for me, because with my boys. One was when Waylon graduated high school a few months ago. I don't know if you saw that picture on the social media whereas his arms were were raised in victory because he had graduated from... Thank you again for listening Lisa Randall. From graduating and he had just spontaneously erupted. And the crowd reacted to you know, the audience of parents and kids and You know....Mischa Zvegintzov  05:01  It just was a very inspired moment. I just as like I saw at that time, I'd heard a message from a lady that I'd interviewed on my podcast or Lena Allen, you can check it out, go to the get Bitch Slap podcast.  And she's like, interview number 20 something. But Arlene Allen and our Lena, you know, you might not even need to do avocado toast after this because you're, you're getting all the information. Or Lena was like, Hey, we were talking about how I'm all in on the fact of if you spot it, you got it. Right. And I tend to look at that towards the negative. She's like, well, what if you spot it, you got it on the good stuff on the beauty or the or the good thing to see and people. And like, in that moment, the world like shifted and rotated before my eyes. Like no shit. I was like, Oh my God. Like, wait a minute. That's amazing. And so I was really internalizing that idea that thought.  And then Waylon Just frickin erupts spontaneously when the principal hands him the diploma in front of the crowd and just it... I was like, Oh, my God, like, how amazing is Waylon and his outgoing attitude and his shining light. And I was like, Wait a minute. Like, that's part of me. Right? And that just because he's my son because I spotted it. I got it right.Mischa Zvegintzov  06:43  And so So where was I? Sorry, shiny objects with dogs walking by. So that's a powerful moment for me. And that was a moment of gratitude that I was thinking of when Tony Robbins was asking us to think those moments. When I was just so happy and proud for Waylon and just saw him as a shining light out there and just was like, Oh my God, he's such a, you know, I was proud and just all that stuff, right. Like, massive gratitude moment for me. So I'm hugging that close to my heart and feeling it and just loving it.Mischa Zvegintzov  07:25  And then the other one was Cooper just the other day, maybe a week or so ago. Waylon was buying a new iPhone. And I was like, "Yeah, I'll help you". I'll throw you a couple hundred and fifty bucks, you know, to towards your iPhone purchase. And so I was like, You know what? I'm gonna offer coops 250 bucks so say Coops I texted him. Hey, man. I was gonna throw you a cut 250 bucks you got? Is there anything that you need? Like, I'll give you a couple couple hundred bucks. And he's like, Yeah, I have this outstanding. Dr. bills like $300 because I have this outstanding Dr. Bill. It's $300. And I was like, done. Oh, I'm transferring you $300 right now. Transferred it over. And he erupted in gratitude. This is all via text. Right? He's like, Oh my God, that's so amazing. And we got to have breakfast and bla bla bla bla bla and was just super fired up. And this was a couple of weeks ago.  And I've been trying to be more generous with Coops with no strings attached and trusting that like oftentimes with Cooper, for whatever reason, I can be more of like, I'm gonna give this to you. But I need to know. Here's the strings. Here's the attachment. Where this was just spontaneous. Here's some cash. Go by freakin Sour Patch Kids, I don't give a shit. Like but he, he reacted so powerfully. And then he had a great breakfast and it was just like this catalyst for for me for some really cool moments just me trying to make some changes in my life and how I react to Cooper and the payoff was awesome.Mischa Zvegintzov  09:14  So that was the thing that I was hugging into my heart. When Tony Robbins was having us do this exercise, and everybody's throbbing and we're all eyes are closed and he's like, okay.  And then, you know, visualizing amazing stuff moving forward and live and all this stuff, just all this visualizing.  And he's so good at it because he's been doing it for 40 years. That  I was freaking glowing. So then it gets done. And he goes, Okay, pick two people. So people, three people together. Thank you for listening to this, but you asked, and I can talk. So thank you. If you Make it if you're making it this far. Again, you're probably on by three speed and if purchased to the Marco Polo Pro, so you can speed this up. But so, two of the people that I had befriended and that were a part of my coaching group, and then James Mays, and Rick Hayhurst. Rick Hayhurst was on my Summit. And James Mays owns a music school, and I'm not sure if you saw the movie School of Rock, or if you've seen the School of Rock Schools, like, all that stuff was started based on him and what he's done and created. So James is super amazing. And, and, sorry, I'm trying to cross the street. And why start a new bit when we can just drag this one out a little bit longer. So circle up with your team, your three people and tell some tell them... you know... What I heard Tony say was "tell them the things you're grateful for".Mischa Zvegintzov  11:13  And, and so I got to go first. They go, "you go first Mischa".  And I go, "okay". And I started to talk. And I just started sobbing. I just started sobbing. Like crying and crying. And and was like, trying, I was like, "my boys and and Cooper" and I'm sobbing, and just... I didn't stop it. So A) How awesome is that? Two men. And I'm just, like, "fuck it, I'm going to be vulnerable".   And I just started bawling. So whatever I ball for, I don't know how long. And I finally compose myself enough to be like, this is the Cooper moment that I'm grateful for. And I say it in detail as I'm crying with joy. And then I say the wailing moment has cried with joy. And in that moment, if you've made it this far, here's the miracle. Just as a divorced parent, I don't know if you have any of this, Lisa. But there's some guilt towards the kids for me. And there was it was like, Man, am I doing it? Right? If I done good enough, will I ever not have regrets about how I was as a father when I was working? And the marriage, you know? And then like, post divorce and ah...  And it just was like, "your, your, your relationships with your boys are healed". Loud and clear. Loud and clear Lisa Randall. And and what a moment. What a moment. And that is a full miracle. Like to have that. Feel that to your core and internalized. And as I tell you this story, I know it to be true.Mischa Zvegintzov  13:41  Wow, that doesn't mean we won't scrap moving forward or that my boys won't have rough times or not do things that about do things I don't want them to do or I might yell or whatever. But it's like... we are all where we're supposed to be.  So.  There's the miracle. Love you if you made it this far. Thanks for listening. Suppose we were on the docket for Friday for avocado toast.Mischa Zvegintzov  14:10  Okay,

    I need to be reminded of the basics all the time.

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    Am I adding value with this podcast?  It is a great question…  Perhaps I'm helping people and I don't even know.  Sometimes it's up to you to listen and to pull out what is to be learned.  Worst case I'm giving reminders to myself for consistence, fortitude, resilience, all these things. Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript:Mischa Zvegintzov  00:00 It's funny, I was just thinking how? Maybe it's not funny. I was just thinking, how am I adding value? I've been thinking about this? am I adding value with this podcast? Because it's a great question, is it? Is it an exercise in ego gratification and narcissism? On the very left? Or on the very right, is it? You know, helping be of service to the world, that community? To people who need to hear it? or what have you, however, you want to say, you know, that's something very right. And or is it somewhere in between, and I'm sure on any given day, it's somewhere in between leaning a little off center to the left or a little off center to the right. But hopefully on balance, it's mostly to the right of the curve and, and being, being of value.Mischa Zvegintzov  01:08And, you know, one way to be a value is to specifically say the point. So, you know, the last episode that I recorded, I was talking about, you know, being very focused at work, so focused at work that I'd gone to work with different shoes on. But that also the Wells Fargo sales conference, and the Funnel Hacking Live convention. Or what do you call that? Gathering convention on an off convention? Yeah. But it cost I think, on average, $1,000, if you bought early, maybe it was $700. If you bought it right at the last minute, the ticket, if there were any available, it was it. You know, I think $1,500 or something like that, but the event did sell out. So the Funnel Hacking Live sold out. But I had an opportunity there, like I did it, the sales conferences that I went to at Wells Fargo for being a top producer for a while. You know, it's an opportunity to network to learn to get inspired, find new ideas, as well as bring ideas to the table. So I might have left that out on the previous episode.Mischa Zvegintzov  02:41But, you know, there's always somebody coming up behind you that you can share your experience strength and hope with and inspire, and, and encourage, etc. But I'm talking about this stuff on that last episode. And I realized that on many episodes, I don't suss out the point. I don't necessarily say, "Okay, here's what you can learn from this". So for example, Funnel Hacking live, pay to go to a convention or a gathering that's in your industry, or in what you're doing, and go learn and go be of service, bring what you can to the table.  Go network.  Honestly, authentically, have cool conversations with people that are ahead of you on the track. And, and, as I'm saying this, I realize a lot of you probably already do that. So God bless you and I love that. But some of you don't, some of you might be thinking thrifty wise, should I spend the money on something like that? Or? Or is it worthwhile or the contempt of "I won't learn anything" or "I don't have anything to bring" or perhaps one of the speakers is somebody that you don't like, and so you throw the baby out with the bathwater.   Like Tony Robbins is speaking there. I don't like Tony Robbins, therefore, I won't go at all. And I will just say that Tony crushed it. But I just had this thought as I hit record on this episode, that sometimes it's it's, perhaps it's up to you to listen to what you're listening to, to pull out what is to be learned.Mischa Zvegintzov  04:46I think it's an interesting thought, right? Like, is it my responsibility to tell you what you need to glean from the story that I told about having my shorts on backwards?  And being focused and being committed to my craft and learning from my craft and I had a lot of success as a 15 year loan officer.  And was in sales of, you know, high tech and, and financial services for the five years before that. So there's nuggets in there, or reminders in there for any of you that are listening.  Perhaps I don't say, "work on your focus "or "be committed", or "go with an open mind" or, or "put your contempt aside, throw caution to the wind and spend the money that you don't want to spend and go to a convention". And learn and add, see what you can bring, see what you can learn, see how you can add to the inspirations, how you can be inspired. Like, I think all that's so powerful, and I may not have specifically pointed it out. But all that information was embedded in that episode for you to hear.Mischa Zvegintzov  06:19And I will say this too. It's super fun for me to read, listen to my episodes, as I go to edit them and get them published. Because there is great reminders in there for me. Great  reminders in there for me to I need to be reminded all the time of the basics. Be consistent. Show up one day at a time.  Get there early, leave late. See what you can bring to the table, Mischa.  Like I needed to be reminded of that set of basics, but there's so many other basics to be reminded of. So this is just a gentle reminder to myself, maybe a gift from the universe to me that hey, Meesh, I know you have insecurities that can that can drive you or that can make it hard to be creative. Or in the moment, you know, not trust what's happening. And it was just a great reminder of like, hey, trust, keep at it. Like perhaps you're helping people how you don't even know.  And worst case, you're giving reminders to yourself for consistency, consistency, fortitude, resilience, all these things.Mischa Zvegintzov  07:57I will say as well. I think this was a great tangent. I would actually honestly like a little bit of a standing ovation, a little bit of applause perhaps. Now, that might be a little narcissistic. But anyway, I am super glad to be in the game of life. Tackling new entrepreneurial opportunities.  Trying new things going for it. And I'm done. Peace out love to all. So I think a good way to button up this episode is to say, hey, perhaps Perhaps a great reminder for Misha, myself, Hey, I am being of service. And perhaps the listener can take some accountability and not that you're not. But can suss out, hear the story and pull out the key nuggets of information as I am trying to learn better how to structure an episode and say, here's the point. Tell you the point and then tell you the point that I told you. All right, I'm done now. Goodbye.

    When you have an opportunity to talk with top producers, listen!

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    First, I just about walk out of the house with my shorts on backwards, which reminds me of my home mortgage days.  And I see the parallels between The Funnel Hacking Live 2021 and the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage top producer sales conferences. You can talk to the high performers and learn how it's done.  The energy is next level.  And everyone is very open.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Zvegintzov  00:01  I was trying to put my phone in my pocket. As I was getting ready to walk out the door to go for my inspirational walk.  My walks that are deriving so much inspiration for me right now. And the darn phone wouldn't go in my pocket. And I realized because I put my shorts on backwards.  Which is just the funniest damn thing.  If I hadn't been tried to put my phone in my pocket, I would have walked out the door with my shorts on backwards.  Which totally reminded me of a funny moment, back in my mortgage banking days when I was a home loan officer, and working so hard, and grinding, grinding away. And that's not the complete point of this podcast, it's just a really funny story of this episode. The what I'm going to talk about is how, as my friend Lisa Randall likes to say, the information that I was downloading. The inspiration that's been flowing through for me, or through me, or to me, coming out of the Funnel, Hacking Live 2021. How that's coalescing and, and answers are coming clear. And, and a lot of that is a function of patience. Like being being patient, let it come together. So the inspiration was absolutely pure. Just the final answer was not landing what I wanted when I wanted to. So I'll talk a little bit more about that. Anyway, back to the story of walking out the door with my shorts on backwards. So I tried to put the phone in the pocket doesn't happen. And I realized, you know, how, if you put something on your T shirt on the inside out or something, you put something on wrong, may not notice it in the first moment, but but then you're like, oh my god, that is on backwards. So my shorts I said gosh, they are uncomfortable. It's funny, I didn't notice that. So back in the home loan days, especially when I was relatively new, and I was just working hard. Because I had a new baby Cooper Lee, who was you know, a year old, basically, when I started in the business and had my wife, Dawn, the boy's mom. And so I actually started having success fairly quickly. You know, 2000, my first year, I think I made $60,000 or something like that. But then, after that, it was just it was you know, a couple 100,000 year two, I think. And you know, so year two year three on, I was just and I put in the hours, I was dedicated to the craft, learning, learning the craft, getting better at the craft. Whenever I had the opportunity, I would talk to high performing mortgage loan officers and pick their brain. How do you do it? You know, who's your market, what's your niche, all these things? And oftentimes, I wouldn't ask what the niche was, but they would tell me "here's my niche, find your niche focus on it". This is actually really funny because when I was at the Funnel Hacking Live, I saw the parallels between Funnel Hacking Live and the sales conference that I would go to at Wells Fargo home mortgage. So somewhere along the line fairly quickly, I you know, maybe my third or fourth year I probably fourth or fifth year. I made it to the sales conference, the annual Wells Fargo home mortgage sales conference where they you know, send you somewhere super fun for a week.Mischa Zvegintzov  04:52And so like if we end up in Mexico one year or some other country another year.  Elton John. They hired Elton John one year. So I was like, at the stage listening, you know, to Elton John, or who else did we have? Beach Boy. I think Brian Wilson, they brought him in as the Beach Boys, but he was the only one left. So it was constantly joking Beach Boy. The Eagles one year How fun is that? This was all in the 2000s. Beach Boy. The eagles who was the other one? Oh, I remember this the year that that the Patriots went 16 and 0, and made it to the Super Bowl. And I think we were on a cruise. So that was the cruise year. And they brought in who's the guy? Was it Margaritaville? It was like James Taylor. That's who it was James Taylor. I was so disappointed. James Taylor. Like the rumors were circulating that it was going to be the Stones or Aerosmith or you know, a rollicking good time band. And it was James Taylor wha wha wha. Anyhow. I worked my butt off to the mortgage industry. I really did. And this one day, I got to lunch with Gary, who was my assistant. He's a great man. salt of the earth. Dude, old school dude. Gary, I can't remember his last name. But Gary was my assistant for a number of years and smoked cigarettes. Like he take his cigarette breaks and all this and funny guy. So anyway, we're out to lunch. I looked down. And I've got a black work shoe on like a black dress shoe, and a brown dress on at lunch. So I probably started work at seven or eight that morning. Noon, we're out to lunch. And I looked down. And I'm like, wait a minute. I've got different colored shoes on and the different styles to it was like, oh my god, I literally had been working the whole day, walking around, ordered lunch and did not figure it out. Until I sat down. And I remember I was really tired that day. I was just working so hard and so focused on what I was doing that that I totally missed that I'd even that I'd had my shoes on wrong.  Anyway, I can't remember what I did from there. I may have run home to fix it because it was like I'm a freak show right now. Or what have you I might have just finished out today with different shoes on. But I'll button up this nice little episode.  The way this shaped up.  Riches are in the niches. I hear that a lot. So at the sales conferences, I would just pick the brains of a top producers. Be like What are you doing? How do you do it? So, you know, I just get a lot of fundamental, basic, good information. And feeding off that energy.  And getting to know people and getting encouraged. And, you know, yeah, the networking, on and on and on. And new ideas, right, you're getting new ideas. People are very forthcoming with the information too, which is awesome. Everybody's so confident in what they do. They're like, here's my niche, here's how I do it. Here's this, this is how I do it. Here's my secrets and and that isn't an awesome environment to be in. And so I found the same thing at Funnel Hacking Live I was having the same experience.Mischa Zvegintzov  09:17I was like, this is just like a Wells Fargo home mortgage sales conference for all the top producers or any company's sales conference for the top producers. Except in the funnel, hacking community world, we get to pay to go which is good I think pay to play is awesome because it shows a certain level of commitment and accountability and willingness. But the basic structure is the same. You've got the award night you've got all the amazing speakers. The it's a chance to interact with the top people in the Funnel Hacking Online entrepreneurial game and everyone is super open and forthcoming with what they're up to what they do.  So funny I noticed if they feel like you're, you're in effect wasting their time they will shut you down and move on. Which is really funny I think... car just went by not noticing a human so good I'm still alive. Anyway I could go on and on in this episode I will not I will stop and have a great day. Love to all gosh, I feel like it's a lie. I'm not stopping obviously. Yeah, I'm done. That's it. Peace out. Rough ending

    Sometimes I can be thrifty to my detriment.

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    Sometimes I can be thrifty to my detriment and it can come back to bite me in the butt.  In this case it manifested in me skipping a couple of x-rays at the dentist.  Which lead to some root canals!  WTF!  I'm trying to grow past that :).  And I challenge you: where are you being thrifty in your life, that it's perhaps going to cost you more financially down the road.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Zvegintzov 00:01Oh my gosh, I've been meaning to talk about this for quite a bit. Keep on meaning to do an episode about this and it's about how do we say it these days? It's a limited mindset or limiting...or what is it went the opposite of financial abundance or abundance? Lack, that lack of mindset or Thriftiness. Sometimes I can be thrifty to my detriment. Yes, I can be thrifty to my detriment. And I'm, and I'm going to tell you how that has come back to bite me in the butt. As I'm trying to grow past that, and, and act as if, what if? What if I wasn't driven by, by a lack mentality in regards to? What how was it? What if money? What if money wasn't the driving factor of this decision? That's what it is. So oftentimes, I'll be like, well, the financial peace when sometimes you gotta throw caution to the wind, I think. Gosh, this is a bit disjointed, hang in there with me people. But here we go. So the dentist can be a source of financial insecurity for me, and financial stress and financial tension. Seems like genetically, I've been very healthy in many ways. However, as the dentist reminds me, I'm very, I go to the dentist every every six months. And for a while, I was going every three months as we were trying to make sure that my teeth were hanging in there, which is good. But here we go. This is funny, I've got good teeth, they just if I am not... I get to be hyper diligent in dental care or next thing, you know, I've got a cavity. Or next thing you know, I need a friggin root canal. And, and so I was being thrifty in that regard. And that a couple years ago...and time goes fast man, the older you get the faster time goes. The dentist was like, hey, it's time for X rays. We want to X ray you every year. I believe it is the X ray you every year to make sure your teeth and the roots of your teeth and all that and your gums, not gums but your what your jaw, whatever to make sure all that's good and in line and and I can get in the mindset that the dentist is just taking advantage the dentist doesn't need to, to do X rays to racket, it's a scam. And I love my dentist. I do love my dentists. They're always been so gracious and taking such great care of me.  And so that is a belief that is not true. Right And where does that come from? I don't know. But like actually, I kind of know. I did get sold pretty hard one time from a dentist when I had first moved to San Diego in 2001/2002. And it definitely did not feel authentic and like my best interests were in the top of their mind. It was like extract as much finances out of Mischa as you can. And I think we know when when when there is that fine line. Where my current dentist is absolutely just trying to has my health top of mind. So anyway, I think extra is $150 or whatever it is which you, dentists.  They've got an office. They've got dental assistants. Often times dentists are upgrading their equipment you know, learning new stuff. It's one of the great things.  Kent Howard's my dentist and and here in Cardiff by the sea California. Anyone needs a dentist in Cardiff by the sea go to Kent Howard's office.Mischa Zvegintzov 04:56But he has some great he's even brought in some great new very He experienced dentists to support his office. And this one of his new dentists that's been helping me, I wish I could remember his name. But the guy, he's, I don't know, 60 or something like that. But he's constantly learning new techniques. And it's really fun to hear him talk about them as he's working on your teeth.  But he was talking about whatever. My point is that there is a significant financial investment and risk and stuff that dentists take on. And, you know, they're trying to support a practice and families.  And so when I can get out like $150, for digital frickin X ray, like that's, that's like 18 year old worries, that's the 18 year old me being worried about an x ray and paying for it. Because financially times were very tight in my youth. You know, as I was learning what I was going to do with my life...which I'm still wondering, by the way.  So, let me get to the point that, hey, if they say, hey, it's time for your X rays, and so in my Thriftiness, I'm like, Yeah, let's put it off for six months. No big deal. I, I'm sure you're gonna guess what's gonna happen. So, six months later, hey, it's time for your X rays. Like, what? Bottom line is that roll in one day? next appointment? I can't remember the exact timeline. But they're like, it's been a little two years over two years, since we did your X rays, which saved me probably 150 or 200, or $300. They do the X rays. I get a call the next couple of days. You have been not doing the best job of flossing in this one ear area, you're probably going to need a root canal. And they're like deer. Does that hurt? Over there? Cuz I was like, no, they're like, Well, we're very surprised. So they make a recommendation to the root canal guy. So what happens is a root canal also means you need a I think it's called a crown. I don't know the exact terminology. Not a bridge, but a crown. I don't know what the difference is doesn't matter. Point is... Yeah, I get there. At the root canal place, the root canal guy, he's like, your teeth Doesn't your tooth doesn't hurt. You're very lucky. We definitely need to make this happen. So me saving $150 ended up costing me $3000 For a root canal and a crown. And then there's actually even a little more to the story where you can email me and I'll tell you the rest of the story. My email is in the show notes. You can either just type in, and I'll tell you the rest of the story. Or you can click in the my email in the show notes. And I will reply with the rest of the story. But I challenge you because it's really got me thinking as I challenge you, where are you being thrifty in your life, that it's perhaps going to cost you more financially down the road. Like where is my financial insecurity, my focus on lack, instead of abundance... not having my focus in the right place in that regard. Ends up costing you/me? You get what I'm saying? Where in your life are you focusing on that where you should be focusing on the "what is the potential benefit that the spend will bring?" So yeah, that point was absolutely driven home to me through this recent dental experience, as I've been making leaps and bounds, growth in that regard. All right. My gosh, I'm done. Love to all

    Can I can I continue to plow forward in uncertainty?

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    I do love talking about business and sales.  And that is becoming abundantly clear to me.  Which leads me to a conundrum, which direction do I go?  Focused more on the spiritual conversations?  Or the business conversations?  Or does it meld somewhere in between.  And I'm concerned that I'm falling into a narcissistic abyss.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: 00:01Some of the inspiration that had come through for me out of Funnel Hacking Live was how much I do like talking about business and business strategy and, sales. Like, I'm a salesman, I was in sales for 20 years. And I love the sales profession. I do. I love the lead generation. I tend to like a shorter sales cycle sales versus long sales cycle. But just strategy and what are people doing? And what are people up to and how they had success? And what are their trials and tribulations.  I met so many people at Funnel Hacking Live where I got to have that conversation. I was like, I love that conversation. And I bring my curiosity and wonder that to that conversation. And how fun it is for me.01:28And then there's people out there that have a story, they want to tell that.  But perhaps under their normal environment, they don't get to share, share those types of stories. So it's like, gosh, it would be fun to do some of those interviews and, and, you know, create summits around it and stuff.  And I have a lot even more clear of a vision than that. However, I'm protective of it. Literally in this moment, this is great, you know, scared to share it because what if someone runs with it? Well, the reality is, is there's already a whole bunch of people that have run with it already. In one way or another.02:18But the point is, what is the point? The point is that again, I'm thinking…  If you of listened a couple of episodes ago, to Earston reminding me make sure you're of service with this stuff. In a subtle way.  In the most loving way. Make sure this isn't narcissistic in nature, your podcasting. So how can this help you? How can I be of service? Hopefully the story is of service. I'm going to let it go and continue on with the story. So you know the current…there's the one way where this is my internal battle right now of what I'm trying to sort out. And perhaps as entrepreneurs trying new endeavors. Or salesman trying new endeavors or saleswoman trying new endeavors. Or maybe your existing business you're needing to try new things. Sure is great when that one straight line, it's shining right in front of you. I guess I have the luxury right now of having two lines.  One is for the this is one bit of inspiration that came from me out of Funnel Hacking Live. I've got the I've got the the divorced, sober salesman father who I can help have fun again. thrive again. You know, they're ready. They're ready. Okay, I'm ready to really level up my life. And yeah, get back on the horse, shall we say. So I love that I've been working hard on that. Like coming to that clarity of vision of that specific person who I can help. And then there's also sort of this new iteration of me flying around of oh my gosh you know, following the steps of success.04:54Following the steps, so you can have success, somebody. And so, you know, there's all the stories to tell around business success. And I love business. And as I said, as a salesman, I've tried very has had various little small business ventures over the years. So I've definitely gone the entrepreneurial route. And so, you know, it's like, how are these two things is going to meld together? And, and, you know, one side of me is like, bye divorced dad friend, who was me, who is me, right. And I'm all excited about this new business stuff. And, and so my new person to help could be the fledgling you know, entrepreneurial (maybe it's entrepreneur, entre proneural divorced dad) I think you get what I'm saying that they seem to be two opposite paths. And this inspiration was so much fun for me.06:17One bit of it of the just chatting with people about their entrepreneurial endeavors. Like, I love that! So how am I gonna? Is there a way to meld together work? Do I pick one or the other? And what are the tools? The strategies I used for clarity? I think that's the lesson here. Can I can I can I continue to plow forward in the uncertainty? Can I do the prayer meditation? That writing the pro and con list. And again, because we had a very pointed conversation the other day, it was like, Hey, do the old pro and con list? Like yeah, that's a good idea. But ultimately, what path brings me I can the most passion and fun and youthful joy and enthusiasm and wonder. I'm a little, a little, a little, a little babbley here, but thank you for your patience. Oh, and this, this scenario definitely did remind me of, like the shiny object syndrome. Right? That's, I guess that's the way to button up this episode. It's the shiny object syndrome, this idea that the shiny object syndrome that's the idea that, you know, I'm getting there's new things to do in regard to the high performing salesman, divorced dad sober person that I can help get back on track, you know, thrive have fun again.08:21And then there's the shiny object over here of, of, of starting brand new, bringing what I've already learned to it, of course, you know, brand new podcast, brand new Summit, brand new avatar. And somehow that's going to be the magic solution that makes it all easy, and takes away the pain points. But the reality is, I still come to the same point of product creation. Asking the list for how, what they want help with things like that. So is it just a shiny object? And I'm not necessarily asking you for answers. Just telling you the process.  Please Jesus let this be adding value. That's it. I'm done. I am done. I don't even think I could recap this episode at this point. Anyway, love to all

    Interview #45: Rick Hayhurst and the healing power of “Noticing”.

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    Rick Hayhurst has been a manual therapist for 28 years and counting!  And a teacher of teachers in the manual therapy arena.  What that means is he knows how to help people “heal”.  Mentally, physically, and emotionally.   His surprisingly simple step 1 “the gift of noticing”.  Most people, it seems, do everything in their power other than notice.  Listen in.  You will be enlightened. Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript:  [music] 0:00:05.9 Mischa Zvegintzov: Welcome back, everybody, to the Tools for a Good Life Summit, and right now, I would like to introduce to you, Rick Hayhurst. Welcome, Rick.0:00:17.5 Rick Hayhurst: Hello, hello, hello.0:00:19.6 Mischa Z: Fantastic, welcome. I'm gonna read your bio real quick. So, Rick, you have been a manual therapist for about 38 years. I believe we hammered it out and decided it was 28 years. You've been a... Yup... You've been a coach for about 28 years as well. You've created and developed six different massage therapy schools. You have produced multiple continuing education programs, and this is for the manual therapy arena. Correct?0:00:52.8 Rick Hayhurst: Yes.0:00:53.1 Mischa Z: And you find yourself quite boring.0:00:57.7 Rick Hayhurst: Yes. Very uninteresting. [chuckle] A perfect coach. Yes.0:01:06.3 Mischa Z: I just wanna get right to it. So I think that... I want to know... You've been in manual therapies, and so when we talk about manual therapies, there's obviously massage, things like that. What else fits into manual therapies, when you say manual therapies?0:01:22.5 Rick Hayhurst: Anything that manipulates tissue. So if you think about... The chiropractor is a manual therapist, he's working manual... The physical therapist is a manual therapist. Anaprapath is a manual therapist. A massage therapist is a manual therapist. There are manual therapies that don't fit in those categories, so they're actually just manual therapists... They're called manual therapists.0:01:45.7 Mischa Z: Okay. And so, you tend to be more along the lines of the manual therapists that are manipulating tissues, then.0:01:51.8 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah, yeah, in fact, the DO is a manual therapist, the doctor who has a DO designation, Doctor of Osteopathy, they actually learn osteopathic manipulations. So...0:02:01.9 Mischa Z: Oh cool.0:02:03.3 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah. So some of the continuing education programs that I run, have included all of those modalities. So not just one or the other, but... And pain management has been my study and also what I've produced over time. So in any case, those are manual therapies.0:02:21.8 Mischa Z: Cool. Thank you. Thank you for answering that question. And I noted for you, that you... Transformational massage and body work. And so, I think someone such as myself who maybe has been a bit... In my younger years, was a bit... What's the word? I don't know if... Skeptical... So not contemptuous, but skeptical of the usefulness of massage... Like, transformational, I would think. I'm not sure if that's something I would say about massage or other sorts of body work. But as I've gotten to where I am today, mentally and then emotionally, I'm like, "Oh yeah, we as humans, we hold a lot of stuff energetically, inside, that would be awesome if we could release it, via some transformational massage and body work." And I know you're gonna say yes to that. So my question to you is, tell me some before and afters that you've seen, with some of your clients, of like... Yeah, this was the state they came in. This is... We did. And this is where they are.0:03:40.2 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah. Such a great conversation to have. Really, what is the story your body is telling? What is that story? And every body is telling a story. The story your body is telling may or may not be the same story your mouth is telling. And so to really get into the distinction between what is the story the body is telling as a result of what is the energy that I'm holding. What is the trauma that I'm holding? You know, a ballet dancer is telling one story and then the person on the couch who hasn't moved for 30 years is telling... That body is telling a different story.0:04:18.1 Rick Hayhurst: And it's no judgment about one or the other, it's just a story that the body tells. And so when you think about the before and after of a transformational session... So fundamentally, I'm a coach. Fundamentally, I'm an educator, I'm a coach. I've been educating my whole professional life and coaching people through experiences of trauma, often, all of that time. So when you think about putting a session together for someone who has a body that's telling a story... So one story would be headaches. A woman walks in my room... Excuse me, "I've had headaches for 40 years, and I don't know what you're gonna do for me."0:04:56.3 Rick Hayhurst: And she's a little bit angry.0:04:58.0 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:05:00.4 Rick Hayhurst: And I said, "Well, I'm not gonna do anything for you because that presentation doesn't allow me to." I just wanna honor where you are and where you are is like, "I've had headaches for 40 years, and what are you gonna do about it?" Well, I'm not gonna do anything about it. But I'm gonna invite you to do something about it. And is that... Are you ready for that? Because maybe she's not. You gotta understand that 40 years of headaches and identity, it's not just a headache, it's an identity. And it's a story that lives inside of that person, and that's expressed in the body of that person.0:05:32.2 Rick Hayhurst: Now, if you look at where the body is, the body is a vehicle in life, so that lives in her life. Headaches live in her life. So if you wanna unravel that, you have to get that you're unraveling a life. You're unraveling an identity. So let me just check in with you. How is that occurring for you as I'm saying that?0:05:51.7 Mischa Z: I like it... Well, I don't like it, but I like it. I'm not sure if I'm answering the question.0:06:02.2 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah, so, like it or not, what is it saying to you? What's occurring inside of your own body as you're hearing me say like 40 years... What are you gonna do about it? How is it occurring for you as I'm just being that person who's holding that space, that's saying, "I'm not gonna do anything about it."0:06:16.3 Mischa Z: Yeah, meaning... So you're asking me like if I were to hear, "Hey, Mischa, what are you gonna do about this?" Is that... Am I understanding that right?0:06:27.9 Rick Hayhurst: So we'll edit this out.0:06:28.9 Mischa Z: Yes...0:06:33.5 Rick Hayhurst: Yes. So... And then... And take two. So the gift of having that person who comes in who says, "I've got 40 years, what are you gonna do about it?" Healing happens on the inside. So healing is our responsibility. What are we gonna do to heal ourselves? Now, we look outside of ourselves for support for practitioners, therapists, etcetera. We look outside for the coach to say, "We need to do step one, step two, step three." Whether or not we do it is up to us. Whether or not our body changes as a result of a manual therapy is up to us.0:07:09.1 Mischa Z: Yes, okay.0:07:10.1 Rick Hayhurst: And sometimes, again, we have a holding pattern. It's an identity. Pain can become an identity. So a person comes in, 40 years of headaches, what do you gonna do about it? Nothing. What would you like to do about it? A lot of resistance. Like, "My doctor told me to come and that's why I came." Okay, great. Alright, great. Tell me about your headache. Wow. Now, you're getting to the story. I had a child and it's from the epidural, I'm sure of it. And that could be the case. It could be true. So I pull up some charts and I say, "Hey, let's just look at some pain patterns." And as you look at these charts, do you see yourself in any of these images of pain, the cause of pain and referral patterns, things like that?" And she says, "Yes. There's me, there's me, there's me, there's me."0:08:00.0 Rick Hayhurst: Now, when a person responds like that, the truth is, it probably is them. It probably is what they're dealing with. And so, I say, "Okay, great. Well, this is what I suggest. How about we treat these things." And before we do that, my question to you though is, you've had headaches for 40 years, you've seen doctors, you've seen specialists, you've changed your diet, you've done all kinds of things to approach healing these headaches or this headache. What is missing? And she says, "I don't know. I don't know." And I say, "Well, you have to get that something's missing in the formula because 40 years of treatment and still having the same pathology... Just... We're just looking at like... Is there something missing?0:08:46.1 Rick Hayhurst: She says, "Well, I really don't know. What do you think is missing?" And I said, "Proper treatment." I think proper treatment is missing. I think you're doing a great job with what you're doing, and you've landed in this chair. So let me just invite you to this experience. Maybe this experience can inform you or your body in a way that it hasn't been informed before. Great. She was a little like, "Okay." [chuckle] Like one of those.0:09:12.9 Rick Hayhurst: And I was so grateful for her, she's a beautiful human. We're talking about a beautiful woman, we're not talking about anything else. We're talking about a beautiful, educated... Highly educated human.0:09:25.5 Mischa Z: Yes.0:09:26.0 Rick Hayhurst: And so, I invited her to lay on the table, and I think I touched her for about 20 minutes. A little manual therapy in her head and her neck and treated what I saw in the charts that she defined as her. And finished... Again, just 20 minutes of manual therapy. And I said, "Let's just check in. How are you doing?" "Well, I don't have a headache anymore." And I said, "When's the last time you didn't have a headache?" "I told you it was 40 years ago." And I said, "Okay. So in 40 years, you have had zero interruption in the headache expressing itself painfully." "Yes, 40 years."0:10:07.2 Rick Hayhurst: And I said, "And today, right now, you don't have a headache." "I don't have a headache. What did you do?" And I said, "Let's just check in. Is it okay with you that you don't have a headache?" "Yes." "Okay. What I did was treat you according to what I explained in the beginning. And we looked at the charts and we just addressed what you pointed out, so we just followed your lead."0:10:33.3 Rick Hayhurst: "Wow, I don't have a headache." And I said, "What you have to define for yourself is, are you okay with that because I can't support you if you're not. So if you're okay with that, we can go forward. If you're not, then I can't treat you." "Well, I'm okay." I said, "Great. I'll see you in three days, and I want you in my schedule every three days for this much time. Let's just check in. We'll do six sessions." If we wanna cancel any of that we can. Let's just put it in a calendar. "Okay." So leaves, comes back in three days. "How are you doing?" "I don't have a headache." And I said, "Isn't that amazing?" "What did you do?" And I said, "Do you want the headache?" "No." And I said, "Then look at your face and tell your face that you don't want the headache." [chuckle]0:11:24.9 Rick Hayhurst: And she is confronted by that.0:11:29.0 Mischa Z: Yes. Yes.0:11:29.1 Rick Hayhurst: And I said, "Listen, you have an entire life set up to support being in pain, and I understand that." It's okay that you have that, but in order to change it, sometimes, we have to look at what are the systems that keep me in a holding pattern, and then how can I transform that holding pattern so that I can then transform the expression of the pain, which in this case is just a headache.0:11:54.1 Rick Hayhurst: And I said, "So I'm only inviting you. I'm just inviting you." It means nothing to me. And I hope you get out of pain, but it doesn't affect my life, but I'm just inviting you. Are you willing to be in this work? "Yes." [chuckle] "Great. Great." And the gift of this story is just that healing is possible. Healing is possible, and it starts really with the mindset. The expression of pain is not the beginning of the pain. You gotta get the iceberg... The tip of the iceberg is the expression of pain, but what's underneath of it. And so, as we address that mindset, are you okay with it? Do you want it? And what are the systems that you have in place to support what you used to have versus creating new systems to support what you want to have? Go ahead.0:12:47.0 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah. No, I wanna get to the question because I think this is naturally leading into the question, but I wanna make sure I ask it of you. So I'm gonna ask you a question. I'm also gonna put you on pause really quick 'cause as expected, my son has come to life, and he's... I don't know if you can hear him in the background, but he is just...0:13:06.0 Rick Hayhurst: No.0:13:06.2 Mischa Z: You can't? Okay, good.0:13:07.1 Rick Hayhurst: No, no. [chuckle]0:13:07.8 Mischa Z: Hold on.0:13:10.2 Mischa Z: So that leads me to the question. Naturally... I don't even think I need to ask this 'cause you were diving right in, but I do wanna frame it, and I think that that person right there that you're telling me the story is a great frame, but... I'm gonna give you a scenario and then I'm gonna ask you a question. Okay? Think of life as a three-legged stool of relationships, finances and health. Now, think of someone who is or was successful and has two of those legs fall out from under them. And this could be a combination of divorce, career upheaval, financial stress, kids acting out or not going in the direction they want. There could be physical health challenges like headaches for themselves or for loved ones. Maybe there's a death in the family and continued failed relationships.0:14:07.8 Mischa Z: And to top it off there, pull yourself up from your bootstraps, your fix it and your push your way through it methods that have served us for so... Well for so long are no longer working. They need new tools. So for me, I went through a divorce, financial upheaval. I was very successful at work, and then all of a sudden I wasn't and trying to... It was definitely existential crisis, midlife crisis, death in the family. Like working my way through it was no longer working. I needed new tools, and by the grace of God, I was willing to look and be open-minded.0:14:50.6 Mischa Z: So my question to you, thinking of your modality, transformational massage and body work, what are the exact next steps you would offer this person so they know they are headed in the new right direction, that they will have positive momentum towards getting their life back on track.0:15:17.2 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah. What a great question. It's such a beautiful question. You know, fundamentally, I'm a coach, I'm an educator. And when I hear that question, and I think about people who have physiological struggles and emotional struggles. And even just life struggles. I think that the biggest exact step to take is to pause. Is just to pause and just to notice. Sometimes we lose the leg of the chair and we don't even know we lost it. We could lose two legs of the chair and not know we lost it. Life is happening and life is happening fast, and life is happening chaotically sometimes.0:16:00.5 Rick Hayhurst: And so if I don't even notice where I am, like what my support system is. Did I lose a leg on that stool? There's really nothing else to say. I need to notice. I need to stop and pause and just notice. The gift of noticing is that it's noticing. It's not judging, it's not assessing, it's not evaluating, it's just noticing. And sometimes we notice more with a glance, than we notice as we focus in. Notice your vision as your focus sees one thing, the thing that you're looking at, but when you glance you see everything. And so noticing is akin to just a glance.0:16:43.7 Rick Hayhurst: Let's just get the whole picture. Let's not even articulate or define or call it... Like, the color blue. Let's just be with the experience of, well what is it to notice? What is it just to notice. So the exact next step in the chaos as you described it is... In my world is step one is just notice. Once you notice, you can begin then to take inventory of what you're noticing. You could then start defining and describing and articulating all of the elements that you're noticing. You wanna get... There's elements that you can notice and you can define and you can articulate, but there's elements that you can't even know. It's just beyond your view. Or sometimes it doesn't have a language yet. Sometimes we can't articulate what we're noticing.0:17:38.5 Mischa Z: This may sound like a silly question, but I'm curious. Someone's like... What would you tell someone when you're like... If you say, "I want you to notice. I want you to do that." Just glance. Glance around and notice. What are... What's like an actionable step to notice? And that might sound funny, but literally someone who's not used to it is... You gotta be like, "Well, here's how you notice things," for example.0:18:06.0 Rick Hayhurst: No. I have a whole practice of people who say, "What do you mean notice." And I say, "Just look." Just look. What is the circumstance? Just look. The gift of that is knowing that... Were we raised in a culture where someone said, "Look." Were we raised in a family where someone said, "Hey, just look." Were we raised in a situation where we... Did we foster that? Has our life fostered that? Where like just noticing is part of the process.0:18:41.6 Rick Hayhurst: The majority of people that I work with haven't been given permission to notice. They've been in the practice of not noticing because the job requires them to not notice. I can't work on this headache, I gotta be at this office. I have to teach this course. I can't notice this headache, I gotta go home and raise this child. I can't notice his headache, I got a husband to deal with. I can't notice this headache, I got parents that are aging.0:19:13.0 Rick Hayhurst: I can't notice this headache, I got something else. So being willing just to notice, gives you access to, "What are all of the things? What are all the things?" Sometimes, noticing the things are just like, "Wow, this is amazing. There's a rose there. It's in full bloom." "Well, what else do you notice about the rose?" "Oh, there's a couple of thorns." And if you don't notice, you might grab it, and it will let you know.0:19:38.8 Mischa Z: I like that. I liked about what you were saying too, in regards to those scenarios, it's like, notice peRick Hayhurstaps your physical state, notice peRick Hayhurstaps your work state, notice peRick Hayhurstaps the relationship state or your relationships state, I guess is, if I'm hearing what you're saying.0:20:00.3 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah. I view the world holistically, as holistically as I can, and I support whole people. I don't support one aspect of human. When you deal with healing, you're dealing with healing the whole of human. Now, I'm not healing anyone, I'm inviting people into a circumstance where they can experience something for themselves, and by virtue of that, transformation can occur. So it's really a matter of setting up circumstance and inviting people into the circumstance. Making sense?0:20:34.3 Mischa Z: I love that. Yeah, it does, totally. So cool. Pause, notice, step one, which... And I'm guessing, I think I heard you imply, step two is inventory, or were we ready to move on to the next step? I don't mean to push on but...0:20:48.6 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah, absolutely. So once you pause and notice, and again, just with a glance, we can notice more, than with a focus. Once we notice and we kinda take it all in, then we can start to articulate or maybe even lean in, lean in to what draws you. For example, I have headaches, but if I notice the experience I'm having from a more holistic point of view, I may not even be drawn to the headache. If I've been telling the story about the headache like it's from an epidural, I actually may be drawn to the divorce that happens soon after the child was born. I may be drawn to cancer that my great-aunt had, that I didn't even know was there to notice.0:21:34.3 Rick Hayhurst: Maybe just lean in and let yourself be drawn to that thing that needs attention, instead of... Mentally, we got it all figured out, don't we? We got it all figured out, and the world is so safe 'cause I got it all figured it out. I don't have to worry about too many adventures, because I got it all figured out. I can control everything 'cause I got it all figured out. Let's just pretend for a moment, that we don't have to have it all figured out and that we can just lean into something. It may take me somewhere that I just never thought about. I may be leaning into like, "Oh wow, I had twins, one died, one was born. I've only focused on the one that was born. I never even gave a chance for me to grieve the fact that I lost a child." Now, that's possible, leaning in gives us access to what is that thing that's speaking to us, that may need our attention that we just never even thought of. Again, without judging, without evaluating, because we lean in and we lean into the field, the pasture. Okay, why is that getting my attention? I don't know. But just lean into it for a moment, be with that pasture.0:22:38.7 Mischa Z: And so lean in, is one way I'm hearing this is, peRick Hayhurstaps let your thoughts go a direction where you were hesitant to let them go before?0:22:51.3 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah, if you're willing to lean in, it may not be a thought, it may not be a feeling. It may be beyond thought and feeling. There is a space before thought and feeling. And so, leaning in can just give you access to something you haven't thought or felt, so that becomes a moment of discovery. And without it being too esoteric and too like, "Okay, that's cuckoo." Without creating that for people, just giving us permission to lean into, "What is the experience of my life that needs attention?" And it could simply be the headache. Like, "I'm leaning in. Okay, the headaches. Got it. Okay, great. Let's do that," or, "You know when I had that argument with my mom 10 years ago? It's still alive for me. Okay, let's work on... Let's treat that. What is the thing?" The thing might be exactly what we think it is, and it might not be what we think it is. Pain is not necessarily physical, and also not necessarily emotional. What is it? Well, I don't know what it is for you, but if you lean in, you might get clear like, "Okay, there's this thing, there's this thing. I used the wrong hair dye, so there's that thing," like, "Oh man, that's taking my attention."0:24:13.5 Mischa Z: How do you... When you're telling someone to lean in, are you giving them any guidance in that regard? It might sound crazy or a weird question, but are you just... Is it more of lean in and let... Me just telling you lean in, let the experience take you where it's gonna be, or are you like, "Hey, lean in and I want you to stop and take five minutes, or I want you to pull out a pen and paper or... "0:24:45.6 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah. What a great question. It's not overly prescriptive. So that when you give people permission to be free, which is really the new... That's the new mindset, is to be free, it's not overly prescriptive. It's rather an exercising guiding people to an experience that they may never have had before. When you consider an experience that we never had before, we might use the word possibility. If you lean into what's possible, what's possible is an experience you may never had before. And so, if we're overly prescriptive, then we narrow the view. So I could be overly prescriptive, but is that gonna support what you need?0:25:34.9 Rick Hayhurst: And if I'm willing to listen to the story of your body and give you access to, "What is the story that it's telling?" I really wanna be out of the way of that. I want you to be free in that. But that's challenging for people. A lot of us live in this situation where we prefer for someone else to tell us. I'm not responsible, man. If you tell me, I'm not responsible. So I could tell you and then you wouldn't be responsible. Okay, great. Now we don't have healing. We have something else. [chuckle]0:26:11.0 Mischa Z: Yeah. Cool. I like it. Thank you for that. Alright. Lean in. What do we do after we lean in a little bit?0:26:20.1 Rick Hayhurst: It's really up to you, but I feel like, again, using the headache as the foundation of the example, foundation of the story, as we got to lean into that story, there were several things that came forward, and some were career, some were home, some were relationship. And so, we did get a chance to do some coaching around home, career and relationship, and we got to really explore that from a coaching point of view and how those things are contributing factors, we would call them, to the system of headaches. So there's some contributing factors. And as a coach, I don't get into the emotional process so much, although there's emotion there a lot of times, but rather, coaching is about finding the limitation, and it can be really about looking for the breakthrough. If you got this career thing going on, what is it that you want to create? We got what you got. But what do you want to create? And then really stepping into, "Okay, great, if that's what you wanna create for yourself, then what's standing in the way?" And now, that's again, up to that person, it's not up to me, it's up to that person. What are the things that when they lean in, what are the things that are showing up?0:27:42.0 Rick Hayhurst: And obviously, there's that practical aspect of, "Okay, what do you wanna deal with? What's most important to you?" What's most important for me, in any of the scenarios of my work, is pain, pain is priority, and that's how I coach, pain is priority. So if you've got pain, we gotta deal with that first, we can deal with every other thing, but we gotta deal with the headaches, because you don't really care about that relationship when you got a headache, that's disrupting your life. You don't care about career coaching when you got a headache that's disrupting your life, you know, like... And it becomes a ridiculous conversation to step over it, so for me, I coach that pain is a priority, let's not pretend, let's deal with that, and whether I can deal with that or send you to some place that can deal with that, that's okay. There's no attachment there. What is the therapy that you need, what is the treatment that you need, and let's deal with the pain. We can deal with all those other things, like there's a whole system to support those things, but that's what I would say in terms of, what do we deal with, well, first I would say pain, but the rest of that is just up to you, that's up to you too, by the way, if you prefer to be in pain. Remember my question to her was, is it okay with you? Because it wasn't okay with her at first.0:29:04.3 Mischa Z: Yeah, I'm struck that we're not talking about a lot of massage and body work and... Can you answer that? Or talk to that?0:29:32.1 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah, absolutely. So I'm a manual therapist and I'm a coach. And transformational work is really about the mindset that is in play, creating limitations in the expression of life, and so when you're looking at limitation, yes, there's headaches there in this example, but what are the contributing factors? If we don't deal with contributing factors, we're not treating a headache, we're treating a symptom, we're not treating a headache. If you look at the whole person, you get to be aware of there are these manual therapy techniques to treat headaches, and it's not very difficult, but hydration is super important with headaches. It might be minimal in cause of headaches, but that could be a contributing factor. So there's that. There's like, oh yeah, there's this contributing factors, but your question is around, we're not really talking about manual therapy so much, we're talking about these other things, when you're thinking about transformational work, mindset is key. So in my last school, the fundamental program was mindset training. We predicated an entire program in mindset training, and we taught technique on top of that.0:30:50.9 Mischa Z: So the manual massage technique on top of the mindset.0:30:54.5 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah, yes, exactly. That's right.0:31:00.7 Mischa Z: And so I think two things, one, just the fact... And you can tell me if I'm wrong, but I get the impression that even just having that physical work done, if your mindset isn't quite right yet, but it can provide relief and release of energy and open up, thinking that maybe just the idea that someone goes in and says, "Alright, I'm willing to be worked on. I'm willing to have this massage modality to start releasing energy and peRick Hayhurstaps giving these space to start to notice, using your words are giving me space to start articulating or leaning in," right? So, am I intuitively looking at that correctly or no?0:32:03.5 Rick Hayhurst: Caroline Myss gives us a great gift in her work Anatomy of the Spirit where she teaches that we can access healing through any aspect of self. I can access healing for my physical being as I manage my spiritual being. I can access healing from my physical being as I manage my emotional being or my mental being. So, exactly as you're saying, "Can I access healing as you work on my physical being?" Absolutely. There doesn't need to be a word spoken. And so... Fundamentally, I'm an educator and a coach, so that's not my purview. I don't necessarily do that kind of work, I don't got to touch [chuckle] There's an earthquake. [chuckle]0:32:54.6 Mischa Z: And coaster. [chuckle] Go on. Okay, no, yeah, yeah, yeah. So you don't just primarily address the physical or via touch, I guess would be the way to say...0:33:07.2 Rick Hayhurst: No, in fact... And it doesn't really matter, it doesn't matter. It's just a matter of what is... For the person who's the practitioner, what is their purview? It's called best use of the self. What is best use? It's called, sorry. So what is the best use of me as a contributor in life, what's the best use? My best use is as an educator and a coach. I have training and experience in pain management as a manual therapist, so I get to contribute in that way, but when I walk in a room, I walk in the room as a whole being with a whole lot of training and experience in the breadth of healing work. So my lens isn't just, "Can I touch you?" It's not the lens.0:33:56.7 Mischa Z: No for sure. Yeah.0:33:58.0 Rick Hayhurst: The lens is different, and for people who have only that lens, that is perfect. That's perfect. You can absolutely change of being with... Well, honestly, with just your presence. You don't have to touch.0:34:15.4 Mischa Z: Yeah. I was just... I think of two things, I think of somebody who, excuse my language, the shit's hit the fan in their life for all intents and purposes. And they're like, alright, like I said, peRick Hayhurstaps my neurosis or my lack of control as it was starting, [chuckle] the world was shining its light on my lack of control, the illusion of control was being stripped away faster than I appreciated. And for me, like I went and did some different style of work of modalities, tapped into different modalities that helped give me hope that it was gonna be okay. It's like there's that period where for me, I was not suicidal, but I was like, I see why people take their lives, 'cause I had hit that dark place in life where my thinking... It was just dark, I was like, "Holy crap, I see why people peRick Hayhurstaps end their lives," I don't mean to go there, to necessarily go dark here, but I was like, "Yeah, okay." I had more empathy, and so I was like, "Alright, I need more than just... " I was like, "Oh yeah, meditation or journaling," or I started doing some more energy-style work or for whatever reason, then it's like, "Oh yeah, that massage is such a good... "0:36:09.1 Mischa Z: To start letting out that energy of historically, we've been bottling it up, so I think that like what you offer, what massage offers, and you can validate this or not, is to give somebody that grain of hope that like, "Hey, we don't need to fix it all, you can come in, we can start talking. You can get some manual work done and we might not fix the problem in the moment, but you will feel like you are heading in that new right direction." Have you seen that? 'Cause I think... I'm just trying to bring it down to this more real, like... We've got somebody that's hurting emotionally, mentally, peRick Hayhurstaps it's coming out and then physically. It's like, "Oh hey. It's all gonna be okay. Come on in. Let's get you a massage. Let's start having a conversation," right?0:37:14.9 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah, it's a beautiful, beautiful reminder that we just don't need words, that sometimes I just need to be touched, and that's what I mean. And the validation that comes through touch is extraordinary, and that validation alone says, "Oh my goodness, I'm okay." Like I can be okay, and that touch reminds me, all of a sudden I might be living upstairs and all that swirl, and that touch just brings me back down into my body, reminds me like, "Oh wow, I have a torso." I have legs, I have feet, I have hands, like, "Wow, I have this." And so that swirl that was happening five seconds ago can just magically disappear as a result of not only the validation, but the physiological response to the touch, which is endorphins, and various levels of endorphins and endorphins are the body's central painkillers, they're our pleasure, feelings. So just by virtue of this positive touch, endorphins are released into the body, creating a sense of wellness, changing some of that other negative, whatever the chemicals are that's causing some events, that stress response. So it's absolutely true, valid, important and necessary to have positive touch in our lives. So, I'm not a non-touch therapist although I can be, and I think that it's absolutely prudent for every human to be touched in a positive way. So positive, healthy touch can change communities.0:39:00.9 Rick Hayhurst: Imagine instead of going... I used to say this actually a lot when we were dealing with the war in Iraq, even the first Gulf War, like, what if we just went over and sent a hug committee? Instead of what we're doing, what if we just laid a hand on top of a hand, and just sat in the quiet like that for a moment, what would happen then? What if we put world leaders together and we just... Instead of sitting uncomfortably, shoulder to shoulder, what if we actually just figured a way that, what would be safe for you to lay my hand on your shoulder? Can I just lay my hand on your shoulder? And just run experiments like that. What would happen? Touch is prudent in the world, we have the science for that, and even before the science, we have been knowing for that, and we have expressions of that. Thank you mom for holding me.0:40:02.2 Mischa Z: Yeah. Cool, so just back to the steps, I'm trying to give people actionable... Actionable content so they can... We don't need to solve the problem now, we just need to get people headed in the new right direction. And so someone walks in, you're like, "Hey, you know what? Let's pause. Let's notice, this is what I'm gonna encourage you to do. In the meantime, let's do some work." Whatever modality, touch modality or bodywork modality... I'm looking over at my notes and then lean in to what's coming up. 'Cause stuff's gonna come up. If I'm willing and I'm leaning in and I'm physically... If I'm manually being manipulated, I don't know if that's the right term to use, but stuff's gonna start coming up that we need to start paying attention to. So then we go, what was our third step? Then it was like, alright, sort of address, pluck out what we wanna work on. Is that what I heard you say?0:41:22.0 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah so if pain... If you've got pain, pain is first. Pain is first. There's so many ways to address manual therapy, you can think of the spa massage as, is this the common understanding of massage therapy? Like Swedish massage? That's wonderful. Deep tissue massage that's wonderful. We don't have to talk about that, we don't have to talk about anything. Just like enjoy. [chuckle] And I'm a spa lifer. I'm a spa lifer. I'm a weekly on a table somewhere, and have been and blessed in this life from being educated this way, but I don't go to talk, I go to receive. And then that's my process. Talking isn't necessary part of the process, but in terms of what do you do next in the practical steps when you're thinking about a manual therapy or a healing paradigm, you get to prioritize what that is, if there's no pain, what is it that you wanna work on? And maybe this is just stress management, maybe it's just that relaxation, that's okay. There's a lot of things to look at, so it's...0:42:33.3 Mischa Z: I love that.0:42:34.1 Rick Hayhurst: Not as simple as step one, step two, step three. When people say, "Well, what do you do? If you're gonna work with me in manual therapy, what do u do?" I listen and follow, that's all I do; I listen and follow. What do you do in a coaching session? I listen and follow. What do you do with clients when you're setting up a marketing plan? I listen and follow. What are you doing when you're creating communities for transformation? I listen and follow. What is the training? The training is to listen and follow.0:43:05.5 Mischa Z: I love that. What... Have we missed anything as far as our imaginary person or our headache person or... Are you like, let's just... I guess I'm looking for the end point or not, I'm going, alright, how are we gonna put a bow on this?0:43:30.9 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah, yeah, I love that. I love that. So we worked together probably for two years, in that time, one time she said that she had a headache come back, but it wasn't the same headache she had for 40 years, so just a different experience in her body, wherever that restriction was. And then years later, she invited me to get together for lunch, and so we got together for lunch, and she said to me, "I still don't have headaches, and I gotta tell you, you changed my life, and I tell everyone about you," and I said, "No, you changed your life." Healing happens on the inside, and so that, there was something that inspired you to make some changes, even if that was the touch or the conversation or whatever, the changes occur as a result of our willingness to make those changes, the restriction releases as a result of us being willing to release the restriction. Yes, somebody might touch you, someone might say something valuable, like I'm an amazing coach, I'm a great coach, but healing happens on the inside, you are responsible for that, and I wanna hold the space for you to be safe in that and then to guide you in the ways that I can, according to my education experience, and then if it is beyond me, I need to refer you out.0:44:48.1 Mischa Z: Yes, I love that. Yeah. Fantastic. Very good. I'm looking on my notes. So I think that that is a good place to stop. And so, if this interview with Rick was fantastic and you want to get even more content from Rick, upgrade to the all access pass for that bonus interview, which is what we are going to do next. Any final thoughts to share that we did not get a chance to cover, Rick?0:45:26.9 Rick Hayhurst: Drink more water, and go take a walk.0:45:31.0 Mischa Z: I love it. Sometimes it's as simple as that, right?0:45:34.7 Rick Hayhurst: Yeah, it is.0:45:36.8 Mischa Z: Oh my God, thank you for that. That's amazing. And you can find Rick at,, as well as And it's spelled as it sounds, Again, click the button on this page. It could be there, it could be over there to get unlimited access to all of these interviews in the All access pass. Thank you, Rick.0:46:13.2 Rick Hayhurst: Thank you, brother.

    Thursday Meditation #7: What if you could let go of outcomes?

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    What if you could let go of outcomes?  Breath in the purity of the moment.  Breath out and the outcomes and let it go…Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    "Urgent update! Found voice may still be lost!”

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    As I'm back from Funnel Hacking Live 2021 with my new voice in hand.  My confidence starts to waiver.  And that illusive new voice is just that.  ILLUSIVE.  But no matter.  I get to stay true to myself and keep trying.  That's lesson here, Keep Trying!Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Zvegintzov  00:01 As the dust is settling from Funnel Hacking Live and I'm settling into my new voice. Oh my gosh.  Oh my gosh, this episode, what are we going to talk about? On this episode I'm going to talk about how I thought I'd found my new voice but keep trying. And how powerful that idea is. And yeah, all the thoughts and emotions around that. So anybody just jumping in? I was at Funnel Hacking Live 2021. And just inspiration was crackling. It's still crackling. Like I'm writing down ideas super fast and, and just embracing new new thoughts, new openness, new willingness to think is so powerful. It's funny, as I record this and thinking about the conversation of "is this about me?" "Or is this about me adding value and carrying a positive message for you?" The listener and I'll do my best. But I am a Leo. If you believe in that stuff, that kinda sometimes means it's gonna be about me.Mischa Zvegintzov  01:23 Oh my gosh, it's degenerating, the episode is degenerating already. So yeah, Funnel Hacking live you know, and I sent out this email.   So I did the summit You can go check it out. But when you opt in, I get your email and then you're on my email list so be aware.  But the content on there is awesome. So do know that you will get awesome content but you will then be on my email list. But then if you don't enjoy the emails that you're getting from me, you can unsubscribe. so there's the quid pro quo you get access to the awesomeness of the Tools for Good Life Summit and the 20 speakers who just dropped bomb after bomb after bomb.Mischa Zvegintzov  02:16 So anyway I feel as I am I've got created this list now and not only so not only not only now am I podcasting but I have an email list hopefully you're on that list. And I'm sending emails and on these emails I am trying to be. I am trying to be helpful again or carry a useful message. At the same time anybody in the email marketing sales game you are also encouraged to make an offer make an offer. And so all the emails so far... oftentimes my offers since I actually have no like no like course or wristband or watch or whatever. I have no official product offering.  I'm my call to action to you on the email is (hello) is go listen to this podcast or episode.  Or you know opt into the tools for a good life summit or go here and check this out. I'm trying to get in the habit of of you know making an offer and you may agree or disagree with that. But hopefully the value add outweighs... creates the goodwill that you look at what I'm up to. So there you have it a little bit of a tangent per usual. Mischa Zvegintzov  04:10 But the last email I had sent out from that email list was "I'm back from the Funnel Hacking live... I think it was "I found my voice!" and that what the previous a bunch of the episodes over the last 10 a chunk of them have been about all this inspiration and new ideas and pivoting and course correction and and all that. As the excitement of the Funnel Hacking Live 2021 You should definitely go Google and check out the the the sizzle reels from the funnel hiking lives. They are awesome. They're a ton of fun. So good, great networking opportunity. Learning opportunity inspirational, like I came back, and people were like, Oh my gosh, she's seen, of course, reinvigorated, or, or, you know, just lots of fun commentaryMischa Zvegintzov  05:17 So over the past couple of days, I'm just going to be continue with my vulnerability. I was like, wait a minute, that new voice that I had found I'd found my voice. So  fleeting.   I settled back into unshuredness insecurity. What else can I say? I guess I'll frame it this way. I so badly wanted to have my voice and, and know, the direction forward. Like some people seem to be so convicted in the courses that are going to create. The product offerings they're going to have. Who they're going to serve, what their avatar is. You know, they're who the why all this stuff. And I was so pumped up and in the zone, still ton of inspiration flowing through. But some of the insecurity is coming back. Right, as I talk to people about my new thoughts. And you get, you know how it is when you talk to somebody, when you're in your creative mode, and you're talking to somebody. You're going to get half the people that are going to tell you great idea, go that direction. The other half are gonna say, Are you crazy, stick with your current direction.Mischa Zvegintzov  06:44 And it's my job to talk to the universe source, god says what I believe by the way, and ask for, you know, direction, and patience. That's the other thing that's coming through. Mischa, you got to be patient. Earston, who I was talking about on a previous episode, was like, Hey, man, you know, be patient with yourself. Easy. Let that let the message come when it's ready.  Of clarity for you. I love that. I do so.  So some insecurities dropped back in. And so the really interesting thing is that I put that email out there. "I found my voice" and whatever other things I said. And I had for a moment...but my voice has slipped away again. And I was like, "Oh, no". And so the point of this whole thing is that I was like, "oh, no".  I don't want to have to go back to the social media post or the email or whatever and claim ignorance now. And be like, "Yeah, you know, I thought I had my voice but it's gone". So what I wanted to do was the next email I'm going to send out is going to have "Urgent update!" "Found voice maybe lost still!" or something like that.Mischa Zvegintzov  08:33 But once I could laugh at myself about it. So important, I was doing some yoga at the house. And I just started laughing at myself. And laughing about the situation and thinking, "oh my gosh this is funny". I think it's funny. And what a funny email to send. But here's sort of the kicker. Keep trying. Keep trying. Keep working at it. Don't give up. Because my inclination can be throw in the towel. You know, leave the coaching group. Exit the bigger picture project vision all together. But as I hung in there with the insecurity and was able to laugh.  And just be like, "Hey, keep trying". You know. People need to hear that. That's my message to you today. With the new ventures that we're tackling, keep trying. Don't give up. And my old voice and my new voice. They're meeting somewhere in between. So There you go love to all have a good day

    Being of service vs being narcissistic.

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    I ask a friend to give me his honest opinion on my three best innate characteristics.  And my three biggest blind spots…  And I get great insights in to both fronts.  Perhaps I have a tendency towards narcissism on my podcast!  …But I'm trying to be of service!  You can always learn what not to do!  LOL.  Enjoy this episode. Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: 00:02 I was asking my good friend Earston we hadn't talked for a couple weeks, and I want to talk about being of service versus being narcissistic, being of service versus being narcissistic. What a fine line that can seem to be. And perhaps, in my narcissism, I still have an opportunity to be of service. I don't know. But let's get into it. I, again, was talking to my good friend first and, and we talk every week or every couple weeks, and he's a he's a musician. close to my age, you can plow back through some episodes to find out how old I am. But he's re inspired over the past couple of years to to really go after that. Musician dream. And you can check him out Earston Pearcy. He's got some music out there. Sorry, you're assumed to put you out there. Not necessarily the main purpose here. But anyway, there's Earston and I, you know, both creative and are always trying to be supportive of each other and and so I asked Earston today, what are my top three positives?  I can't remember how I framed it.  But something like that are the top three. What are my top threes good things about me. Attributes characteristics, and he said some very nice things.  And they were in regards to, you know, curiosity, wonder and how I bring that curiosity and wonder to the interviews that I do. To The Summit that I did. The Summit interviews for The Tools For A Good Life Summit interviews.02:11 You can check them out at And said, I bring that curiosity, true curiosity, childlike curiosity and wonder and, and being interested to the interviews that I do. And I'm conscientious and caring and thoughtful and some other nice things in there. And he said some cool things about my character, as well first. You know, good friend, loyal, supportive, spiritual, you know, trustworthy. Couple of other cool things that were super fun to hear.02:52 And thank you for listening to that. My narcissist, grandiose side coming out. And so I said, well, Earston of all right, give me the top three blind spots that I have, or, you know, try not to call it negative, but maybe growth opportunities or some such thing, I believe I called them blind spots. And he thought for a minute, you know, 15 or 30 seconds. And I recommend anybody do this with their a good friend who knows them, who is willing to put their put themselves on the line. And get ready for the feedback to that's the rest of the story, get ready of the feedback for the feedback.03:46 Anthony trucks actually talked about this in the Tools For A Good Life Summit interview that I did with him. So again, you can go to tools, you can go to And one of the things that Anthony said to do was, you know, purposefully, or intentionally reach out to your the closest people in your network and ask them for feedback. You know, what are my positives that you see in me? What are my supposedly negatives? What are my blind spots? And, and I thought, Yeah, that's great. I'd actually have done that before. And I think in this iteration of what I'm up to, it was valuable to do it again. So I asked him to Earston it. And he said, Well, you know, because you know how there's so many people out there on social media and podcasts or whatever, you know, they're, they're just super narcissistic, and they're just like, it's all about them.05:01 Like the people that are healers, like the people that are bringing something like they're trying to serve carry a positive message or not a positive message, but but he said it in a way of people that are, are being helpful. It's a helpful message, they're trying to help be helpful to the audience. And listening, okay, okay. And he drops the narcissist word sometimes a couple of times. And I'm not saying you do this, I'm not saying you do this. But, you know, he went on a little two or three minute rant, which was very gracious.05:37 And Earston. I hope you're listening to this episode, I know that I love you. And it's super fun to, to talk about this. And ersten by the way, you are very supportive of me, thank you so much. One of the previous episodes I did was who's supportive of you, who is consistently supportive of you and your efforts in what you do. And Earston, my friend, you are one of those people.  You are very supportive me supportive of me in my endeavors. And so anyhow, he goes, he's just talking about, you know, people talking to hear themselves talk and, and being narcissistic, and this and that, and I'm not saying you do it all the time... So I'm like, so let me ask you. Are you saying that? Sometimes it can seem like I'm just talking to hear myself talk? Or I can't remember exactly how I said it?06:39 He does get sometimes not all the time, because clearly you're trying to be useful or helpful, or, or what have you. And he goes, and you're pumping out an episode every day. So it's gonna be hard, sometimes, not to have it be about you. And oh, my gosh, it was so sweet the way he said it. But I heard it. Right. And I think it's a great question. And it's a it's a question that I try to ask myself, as I'm putting out the content that I'm putting out on social media or I'm barely I'm on social media, I need to do it more. Whatever need means is part of the master plan. Perhaps I'm not doing it yet, because I don't know how to do it from a service standpoint.07:33 But yeah, so you know, I'm, I think it's a valuable question that I need to ask myself, "How am I being of service with my message?" And "am I being of service?" and I try to I, my listener, friends here who faithfully Listen, or if you're a new listener, please know that I try. I'm trying trying to be of service I'm trying to carry a message of of, you know, hope change, trying new things. That's a big part of what I'm doing is you get to go on my journey with me as I try new things, try podcasting try summits try creating sale-able content here soon, hopefully. Whether that's courses or who knows what it is, you know, high end coaching or high ticket high ticket that's what it's cold in the online world high ticket offerings? Or, or who knows maybe hard good products? What have you babbling a little bit at this point, but just trust that I am. You know, I, I do circle back around to that. God, universe? Source, how can I be of service here help me be of service and so I'm trying the best I can.09:05 And if I come off a little self aggrandizing that's the right word, self aggrandizing or narcissistic or it's all about me talking to hear myself talk, there's no doubt that that's happening sometimes. So thank you for your patience with me and, and Dino, again, that I'm trying, I'm trying to bring the messages that I learned or that not the messages, the the, the incremental learnings that I've had, through my experience and through the things I'm doing now and trying to convey that. And my frustrations, my trials, tribulations and trying to be vulnerable. Maybe I'm going down the narcissistic path right now? Again, I'm sorry.10:01 I'm trying, but I'm going to end with this. So there's a great thought of, of perhaps in my narcissism or perhaps in it being about me, there's lessons to be learned from you, as well. When I'm in that space, you can be like, perhaps, hey... if I'm creating content, that's a good way not to do it. Or if I'm trying to carry a message, perhaps he's showing me how not to do it. And I like that thought. So anyway, enough out of me. Thank you for listening. Thank you Earston love you.  Thank you for the great feedback and everybody go check out the And check out Anthony trucks and his little tips and tricks.

    Fanny Packs Are Awesome!

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    I get a fanny pack from the Funnel Hacking Live swag pack.  Which susses out some contempt prior to investigation.  So of course I go on a riff about swag and fanny packs.  Ultimately the less you can worry about what people think about you the better. Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z  0:01 Good morning, everybody. I, the song I was originally going to walk out on to the Funnel Hacking Live stage with was going to be cashmere Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, which I still think is an awesome choice. But I thought if you're gonna pick a song that's maybe why not go really, really big Kiss God Of Thunder, like, that's it come out to Kiss's, God Of Thunder. If it's going to be a self aggrandizement, rock and roll moment, why not just? Yeah, that's a good one. Today, I'm going to talk about contempt, contempt prior to investigation, and how a fanny pack showed me that even at the advanced wisdom stage of 53 years old, as I record this, that I can still have contempt. Oh, a fanny pack completely showed me that. So as everybody knows, if you've listened to the past few episodes, I was just at Funnel Hacking Live 2021 as this is being recorded, hello, everybody who's maybe jumping into this, three or four years later? Glad to have you here too. But the Funnel Hacking Live is basically, you know, internet, internet entrepreneurs. Generally speaking, coming from a heart centered place, how can they serve? That's the message how can we serve? How are we being called to serve by whatever is greater than us by that internal clock? And, or however you want to call it? And that then then the two comma Club Award is just a measure of your capacity to serve at that moment, a financial measure. I love that idea. So whenever you go to a Russell Brunson event, it seems as though he's handing out boxes of swag. T shirts books, all the speakers books from the speakers, you know, courses, backpacks. What else did we get their sweatshirts and a fanny pack. So when you roll in, first thing you do? Well I first thing I did was registered the hotel then I went to the Funnel Hacking Live registration, by the way, being part of the Two Comma Club X, which is their coaching group the to cc x, you get your own special registration area that's expedited and super fun and makes you feel super good. But they hand you your box of swag. I get to the hotel room I crack it open. And I'm going through all the amazing things. And side note, throughout the event, they're giving out more and more swag more and more T shirts. My son Waylon loves this one long sleeve t shirt. Russell, thank you so much for using top quality fabrics and cotton's and the swag that you hand out T shirts are all amazing. It's soft and buttery. And so my son Waylon is always so grateful. And it's so hard for me to hand him the swan shirt. I was like, oh, Waylon's gonna love this one. Got to give it to him. Oh, I wanted to keep it for myself. But I handed it over graciously. And he loves it and is so happy. And of course anyway, one of the schwag pieces was a fanny pack, a Funnel Hacker fanny pack. Now I've got a little bit of an ego and over the years, anybody walking with a fanny pack, we know that joke like fanny pack brings to mind a certain type of person. Right?Mischa Z  4:50 I'm gonna fast forward to the end of the story right now. It's someone who doesn't care and someone who totally appreciates the functionality and the self weeding out process is that if somebody doesn't like me, because I'm wearing a fanny pack, or that helps filter out that person. God bless the fanny pack. Yes. Anyway, I just, you know, never caught me wearing a fanny pack and, and I get the fanny pack, I look at it, I actually almost left it at the hotel. I almost when I say I almost left it at the hotel, I had packed everything up when I was leaving. And I had put left the fanny pack out of the packing. So I was ready to walk out the door and wave the fanny pack goodbye. And I thought you know what, worst case, I'll donate that said fanny pack to Goodwill or whatever somebody will find use for it. Don't just leave it to end up in the trash. So I shove it in the in my bag, along with a few other things that I was gonna leave behind. Oh my gosh, this sweatshirt. I was like I really was gonna leave that behind. Why was he gonna do that I love that sweatshirt, I'm i I'm in this phase of trying to go logo I've been in been in it for quite a while trying to go as logoless and saying less as possible on any t shirts or sweatshirts or whatever that I wear. And I understand that going logoless. You know that can that can be just as much of a statement is going logo full. Anyhow, so I grabbed the fanny pack, and the sweatshirt. And of course immediately when I got home off the airplane, it was a bit chilly. The next morning, I grabbed the softest, buttery bestest, bestest, 2CCX club sweatshirt, Logos abound, statements of joy printed on it, and wore it with glee was so happy. I was like, Thank God I put that contempt aside. Now I've got this awesome sweatshirt. And actually, I was going to give it to Wales had already given given him one, this one happens to be a double XL. So it's plenty of roomy, plenty of room has room to shrink. But the fanny as I'm recording this episode, I'm walking. And I've got my sure MV 88 mic that I'm recording on. And I've had this mic that I've been using, had it for a good five, six years now. And it's in still in awesome condition. And the reason is, is because I leave it in this cool little case, the carry case that it comes with, and it's very compact. You could carry the mic itself in your pocket with no case. And it would be just, you wouldn't even notice. But I like to keep it in the case to keep it nice and nice and shiny and new. And and so it's perhaps a little bulky, a little bulky in the pocket. And it's funny because being a little bit bulky, it's you know, it's kind of bulges out. Oh my god. So funny. Anyhow, I also usually have, you know, some Apple AirPod Pros, you know, and I'm gonna have links for all of this stuff in the show notes. Please click on the links, buy your Air Pod Pro's, which are freaking amazing. The noise cancelling the functionality of those little headphones so cool. Had a little contempt towards those two. Oh my goodness. But I went ahead and got him Waylon It doesn't matter. I got him just I got the big things. And they're awesome. Put my contempt aside. I got it. I got a I got them on sale for like 150 off. That's how I'm justifying buying them to you right now. Anyway, anyhow. Sadly, that deal won't be available through the link. That deal is over anyway.Mischa Z  9:50 It was a college thing. If your son was if a family member or you were in college, you could save a little bit of money they were having to deal by an iPad Air get a discount on the headphones. Thank you for listening. So the fanny pack so I've got and then my hair is super long so I carry a tie. Perhaps I'm walk out the door with a credit card. And so the first morning walk back, though so I get back the first morning walk from being back from Funnel Hacking Live. I, I I spotted the fanny pack out of the corner of my eye. And I was like maybe I'll give that a try. Maybe people know something I don't. Throw my headphones in there. The the iPad, Air Pod Pros. Throw the mic in there. The Shure MV88 Mic throw my my where they called squeegee hair tie scrunchie is crunchy hair dye a credit card. You know what? And it's like it goes so easy around your waist. It's like you're floating. It's floating on your on your waist. best invention ever. Best invention ever. So glad I finally went set my my contempt aside and embrace the fanny pack. And I think functionally that's that's a that's a function of two things one my age to not caring so much anymore. The less I can care what people think about me externally the better or internally. However you want to say it and Nick. I can't say his last name. Nick spoke at Funnel Hacking Live and he said it so eloquently. And he's an awesome representation of that. Alright, I'm done. Love to all utilize your fanny pack. They are awesome.

    The power of inventorying your stories.

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    We cannot deny the power of storytelling in today's sales and marketing environment.  One of the instructions I had earlier in this process was "Inventory your stories."  Don't place judgment on them, just list each one with a one sentence reminder.  Good or bad.  I'm starting to see the payoff of that now. Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:01 On the last episode, I spoke about two things, specifically spoke about a lot of stuff, but two main points. One was the illusion of overnight success. And that the reality is for a huge amount of people. It's that luck that illusion of luck that we may see in somebody is actually, I love this definition love, or excuse me, luck is where preparation meets opportunity. One of my mentors in the loan business Darren Riley told me about that, told me that saying, I can't remember who said it. He referenced somebody it's probably a famous football coach. But,uand then the other was that, you know, embracing the vision that's popping into your head and then printing out a,uuua picture of that and slamming it on your wall and,um. Morning. A cute girl with cute dog, just rode by and,usorry about the diversion.Mischa Z: 01:16 Yeah, so I wanted to continue a little bit on that theme and, and say. That yes the vision, the thoughts of the creative thoughts in a new direction and, and my course correction and who I can help and how I can be of service is coming through loud and strong. And I will be jumping on stage too at this point, Kiss's God of Thunder. And yeah, and I had a new point. I was going to talk about it was that, oh yeah. So, and a lot, there's, there's a lot of storytelling going on in online marketing. Obviously you've got to be able to tell a story, craft a story, have it be poignant. Have it, you know, connect the dots, have it inspire in, you know movement orders, transformation in people, all these things. There's always all this important stuff, important reasons to tell stories and learn how to tell stories and tell the right story at the right time. And we're about to cross the street. So I'm going to pause. So you get lots of good reasons to tell stories, and there's ultimately the shortest form of little blips on the social media, where you might do posts that convey emotion.Mischa Z: 03:09 But I, so it's important to have a catalog of stories and one of the things and the Dot Com Secrets, you know, playbook, shall we say, or manual to online business success is having a catalog of stories. So he had us do an exercise. He has, you do an exercise. And I did this exercise, and it's really interesting because it's materializing in, in a presentation, my subconscious and now coming out in my conscious if you're tracking, me still. So, so just to, you know, I was listening to Kiss's God of thunder and just had it looping because it's such a fun song and reminding me of my youth and all this. And then over the past few days as this creativity, new direction, new vision has been flowing through and ideas for a presentation have been absolutely coming together and manifesting and all these stories slowly sliding in at the right places and such.Mischa Z: 04:36 And as I was recording the last episode I realized, oh my gosh, I had totally forgot that I had done that step of inventorying stories of my life. And it's a great, great idea. And you don't have to write out all the stories, all you have to do as a, like a bullet point sentence. And so I was writing them down, writing them down, writing them down and, you know, there's, you have to stop and do it. You have to stop and write those down. You have to stop and think, and I can tell you that maybe I did it for an hour plus or minus. I can't remember exactly right. It might, I'll have to go through my notes or done it over a couple of days at different times. But starting to think in that direction and not putting judgment on whether the story is good or bad, right or wrong, I need to use this story or not. Just inventorying all the stories of your life.Mischa Z: 05:51 And I don't mean like bad stories. You're telling yourself that are holding you down. You know what I'm saying? There's, there's stories of our life like really, good, bad that have this sort of meeting or that sort of meeting this lesson, that lesson, or have no lesson whatsoever that we can think of at the moment. Just write it down. Inventory, your stories. Don't place judgment on them. Don't think too much. Don't read too much into it, just inventory your stories. So that's what I did. And now, so I probably did that 6, 7, 8 months ago. And so now, as I'm, you know, I meditated this morning. I did my A Course In Miracles work, which is basically, you know, the way. So the literature I read now to tap into source higher power the infinite intelligence, God, I don't care, call it whatever you want, good order get ordered the orderly direction.Mischa Z: 07:04 But those that the stories are popping up and into this presentation. Who knows where the presentation goes, maybe it's for a webinar, maybe it's for, I don't know. It's maybe I create a course. And so I need stories to, to, you know, to emphasize points within the course. Or there's just all of these cool reasons for it. But it's all percolating and, and coming together and I just think it's so cool. Hey, follow the instructions. Don't think too much into it. You don't need to know why or believe it, just do it. And then when the right time, the results from those actions will, will manifest and that's what's happening. It's super fun. Anyway, I, you know, it's super fun. What do people say, visualize it as though it's happened, then you can, then you'll, your subconscious will grow to that direction. And you can actually feel the feelings now, which I was, as I was walking, it was beautiful. And so now when it happens, I'll already be moving on to bigger things or maybe bigger is not the right word. That implies ego in my mind to new fun things from there. Anyway, I could go on and on about this. I'm trying to be mindful of time, love to all. Follow the instructions of the plan that is being handed to you. Whether that's for me, Russell Brunson or somebody else. Trust the process, make it happen one day at a time. Love to all. I'm out.

    Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

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    I'm inspired for success by Braven Grant the 21 year old speaker at Funnel Hacking Live.  He had the illusion of overnight success.  But if you paid attention you saw how he had been working hard for the past few years...  and so was prepared for when his preparation meets opportunity.  In the form of Russell Brunson.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:01 The inspiration for the new, for the new direction for the what's the term I was looking for. I said it in an email to my list...course correction. Yes course, correction, the course correction of what I'm up to entrepreneurial wise. That inspiration for the course correction continues to be super juicy and just continue to flow through. I literally, as I was walking... Anybody ever listened to Kiss there's that song God Of Thunder? So it was playing God Of Thunder. For whatever reason Kiss has been on my newsfeed. You know, the Google news, I've been just checking out old rock and roll due to my, due to the state of my long flowing locks. And,uso the Google news feed has definitely picked up on that. So I just get, you know, all the,uold guy, retirement bands flowing through Kiss being one of them.Mischa Z: 01:16 One of them loved Kiss in my youth. So I was just listening to God Of Thunder. And I was thinking as I was, my mind, went to me having an opportunity to speak on the, at, at a Funnel Hacking Live. Any of you funnel hackers out there. I know at least a few of you would love to speak on that stage. Wouldn't you? Especially to perhaps have it happen seemingly overnight. I think that's, that's an interesting thing. Uh Brevon spoke at the 2021 funnel hiking live, which I was just at, unfortunately, as I record this, I cannot remember Braven's last name (Grant, Braven Grant), but Braven sells some sort supplements, creatine products and a bunch of other stuff. And track him down. Google him Braven Funnel Hacking Live. I'm sure his last name will pop up and then you can track down his, his website and all that stuff. But super cool young man, 21, 2, 3, something like that, you know, married a couple years has a brand new baby and clearly passionate about what he does.Mischa Z: 02:50 He's got a mission, you know, to serve. To grow a company. And he's all in. And he basically, I don't know, met Russell Brunson a year and a half ago. I can't remember the exact story. And then all of a sudden, yes. At the last Funnel Hacking Live, that's what it was 2020. I think it was you know, he went to, it had a vision of, you know, speaking on the stage. Printed out a picture of it, slapped it up on his wall. Carried it around in his pocket, you know, this vision of him, however, whatever the picture represented of him. You know, getting his award, speaking on stage, the funnel hiking live stage and you know, was... Next thing, you know, there he is a year and a half later doing said things getting is Two Comma Club Award. And not only that speaking in front of thousands of people and doing a great job, by the way. Braven, if you're happen to be to listening to this, you crushed it. Just so much grace and, and, and such a humble young man.Mischa Z: 04:19 When I was at age, I could talk a lot of smack, not execute very much, actually. That's not true. I had I was on the tail end of my pro snowboarding career. Which meant that I had sponsors and lots of free gear and free tickets everywhere, and everything was paid for, except I had no disposable income as a result. I did have to sleep in my car a few times. As I was touring the west, the Western states, Colorado, Utah, Utah, Idaho, California, snowboarding, and Wyoming snowboarding away. This was the 86 to 91 and it was snowboarding. Oh my gosh. So many great tales to tell them that regard. However, I, I was willing to do the work to be a pro. I was not as physically gifted as others, but I can tell you work is a big part of it.Mischa Z: 05:27 Anyway then I ended up in college, did fine in college. There was, I still had some heavy arrogance if you'd have thrown me on stage at that point in my life. Oh my gosh. I don't know if I had handled it as gracefully as young Braven. I guess that's my point. So Braven,uthe illusion of,uis the word fly by night or overnight success or those things, right? Like, like Braven, you know, just meets Russell Brunson the year before grows his business through COVID the next Funnel Hacking Live he's onstage speaking. And so the illusion of overnight success was there, but it turns out young Braven had been working hard, very hard on his business for a number of years already. By the time he stumbles across Funnel Hacking Live 2020, I think it was maybe it was 2019. I don't know that you, you get what I'm trying to say.Mischa Z: 06:45 So, so what happens is Braven's got the worth work ethic. He's got the inspiration, he's visualized where he wants to be. And then he's doing all the stuff bumps into Russell Brunson and the tools, the process, the systems he needs fall into place. Russell Brunson and funnel hacking is the perfect tool for him, the perfect process. And he has instant success supposedly. But clearly, phew, phew, pay attention. You can see that, that he what's luck. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Braven had created his own luck and was prepared for his opportunity when it fell in his lap. So he was by no means a overnight wonder. That wasn't really the main message I wanted to share here. What I wanted to share was I loved the visualization piece of his story. He just, it was so cool to see how he, you know, he had his in effect a dream board or whatever you want.Mischa Z: 08:10 However you want to say it. Then he printed out a picture of the visual aid of himself. I can't remember what the picture was. That's why I'm saying it this way. But he had a picture that represented himself getting that Two Comma Club Award. Which means you've generated a million dollars in revenue in a calendar year. You've and have him speaking on stage. And, and so I didn't even try to visualize, this is what I'm trying to say, man. I just was listening to Kiss God Of Thunder. And and I was like, that's my entry song for when I'm speaking on the Funnel Hacking Live Stage.New Speaker: 08:57 That's, that's what I'm going to walk on the stage too. And the vision just came so strong. And then,uyou know, a presentation started building in my mind, it's actually, this has been happening for a few days. All the, all the, the, the stories to tell the, the, you know, the, how I learned it and earned it. All this stuff has just been percolating in my brain. But originally I was thinking the first round, the first song was going to be Cashmere by Led Zeppelin, just cause I've got the Roger Plant locks going on. And so immediately at Funnel Hacking Live, when we're doing all these visualization exercises. Me coming on to stage two, a Led Zeppelin song just was clear as a bell. And,uand so I'm holding onto that and letting that flow and, and perhaps it's got a thunder now. And then right before I was recording this episode and listening to God Of Thunder. I even had the visual of, of the, of the rockstar hair flip and thinking, you know, thanking the audience for,uletting me indulge my rock star fantasies. Anyhow, ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of visualization I suppose. All right. I'm done. Love to all.

    Interview #44 Robert Drysdale Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion discusses the power of community, competition, and humility.

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    Robert Drysdale, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF and ADCC World Champion, MMA Fighter, TEDx Speaker, and owner of Zenith Jiu-Jitsu talks the power of community, competition, and humility.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: 0:00:05.9 Mischa Z: Welcome back, everybody, to the Tools For A Good Life Summit. And right now I would like to introduce to you Robert Drysdale, world champion, a BJJ Brazilian jiu-jitsu master. Is "master" an appropriate word or...0:00:25.6 Robert Drysdale: I go by coach or just Rob. I'm very simple.0:00:29.9 Mischa Z: Okay, fantastic.0:00:31.3 Robert Drysdale: No need for a lot of titles, it's all good.0:00:33.4 Mischa Z: I love it. Fantastic. That's one thing that drew me to you for this summit. Real quick, I'm gonna read your bio. Okay?0:00:41.7 Robert Drysdale: Sure.0:00:42.4 Mischa Z: Fantastic. Born in the USA, from a Brazilian mother and American father, and having spent his life between these two countries, Robert Drysdale remains the only American born to have ever won both the IBJJF and ADCC world championships, the two most prestigious tournaments in all of jiu-jitsu. Furthermore, he has also cultivated a career in MMA, both as a fighter and as a coach. The author also holds a bachelor's degree in History, as well as a long-held passion for this discipline. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA. And you are the co-founder of the international team, Zenith Jiu-Jitsu, and you are the father of two girls. So I've got two friends... I'm 53, I have two friends late 40s, and as I was putting together this summit, and really, I think there's so many great modalities out there to help us as we get a little bit older in age, perhaps an existential crisis, whatever it is. But there's all these great modalities, and I think Brazil...0:02:04.5 Mischa Z: Train going by, if you heard that. Brazilian jiu-jitsu and the martial arts, judo, are so powerful. So I've got these two buddies, both who are pushing 50, both who have started Brazilian jiu-jitsu or BJJ, for anyone who's listening and is unfamiliar with that term BJJ, and it's transformed their lives. One's been doing it for about a year and a half, and one's been doing it for about three years, so I was like, "I definitely need to get somebody on the summit who can speak to it, and why not somebody who's been in it his whole life?" And that's how I came to you. I have a couple of questions to start with. First off, can you speak to that just a little bit?0:03:06.5 Robert Drysdale: I think there's a variety of reasons why Brazilian jiu-jitsu is appealing to a whole plethora of people at different walks of life, everything from children, to mothers, to competitive athletes, to dads, to people who've never practiced any sports or they never really felt a calling to martial arts in general, maybe people that think that fighting was despicable, all of a sudden they're madly in love with Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I think there's a variety of things that come into play here, and it helps explain why Brazilian jiu-jitsu is such a worldwide phenom. I think, firstly, it has to do with we like challenges, we like things that are difficult enough for us to be able to overcome them, and I think Brazilian jiu-jitsu is like you're overcoming yourself one day at a time. Think of a video game that you play that you can beat the first time you play it, it's not very challenging, you're probably not gonna play it again. But if it's something that is constantly challenging you, if it's something that's constantly, there's new layer after layer after layer, and you can't defeat it, now you become more challenged by it, and that's what competition is. We are obsessed with competition, we enjoy competition. And competition is good, and there's a healthy way to be competitive, and I think jiu-jitsu is one of the many arenas where you can exercise that healthy competition.0:04:25.3 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:04:26.1 Robert Drysdale: I also think that people have become highly addicted to the endorphins from training, physical endorphins, and they get, some people call it a "runner's high" or whatever high you experience while you're working out, you experience that in jiu-jitsu as well. Granted, and I am biased here, I'm the first one who admit it, jiu-jitsu is chess with your body, it's highly, highly intellectual. It drives me crazy. It's a bit of a peeve of mine when people think of fighters as these brutes that don't know how to think, and that's why they fight. I cannot think of anything more intellectual than fighting, I really can't. It is one of the most extreme displays of human intelligence.0:05:04.7 Mischa Z: Yes, yes.0:05:05.9 Robert Drysdale: It's just that it's not seen that way for a variety of reasons. It's not sold that way, because if you pitch fighting that way, it might be less interesting to show business, but I've known these guys and some of these guys have never read a book in their lives, but they are some of the most intelligent people you've ever met in your life.0:05:21.3 Mischa Z: Yeah, can I say something to that real quick?0:05:23.9 Robert Drysdale: Sure.0:05:24.6 Mischa Z: Sure. So my one buddy, Kevin, he said that, he started a couple of years ago, but he said, initially, it's the physicality of it, but then you realize really quickly, it's the mental game, it's the mental process, it's the strategy, that chess, and the more... If you play chess, for example, the more you know, the more you realize you don't know and you need to know, kind of a thing. Is that a good analogy or...0:05:52.7 Robert Drysdale: It is infinite, it's infinite. We often compare it to chess. And I remember I had a friend of mine in college, back in Brazil, where he was a chess master, highly ranked, and we would argue, we'd always debate which one was more complex, chess or jiu-jitsu, and I'd win every time, 'cause you can't... Because chess is two-dimensional, and it's only got a few pieces, and the pieces only do so many moves. Human movement is three-dimensional, it has infinite movements, infinite movements. You add the emotional stress of fighting, that does... It's very few things in life can replicate that. I imagine war would be something even more stressful. I imagine a real life-threatening situation will be very stressful like that. But fighting is extremely stressful, and you gotta manage it, and it's not... It's the reason why most people are terrified of it, 'cause just the thought of it freaks them out. [chuckle]0:06:44.5 Robert Drysdale: Knowing that it's 7:00 PM on a Saturday, you're gonna have to step into a cage and fight against someone who's been trained their whole life to knock your head off. It's a terrifying thought, and it really is. And I have no issues admitting this, I was terrified every single time I stepped in there. You can't show it.0:07:01.3 Mischa Z: Really?0:07:02.1 Robert Drysdale: Oh, absolutely, absolutely, on the verge of crying, I was so scared. On the verge of crying. Actually, I would hope to get injured like the week of the fight, so I didn't have to fight, 'cause there's a part of me that was hoping I would get injured, so I didn't have to fight. That's how scary... And that's intelligence, that is intelligence. People don't see it, but it's to manage that, it's not for everyone. So, I think that... And then you add the physical element to it, it's extremely physical. They say that wrestling is one of the hardest things you'll do in life, and it's true, like trying to take someone down and then trying to stand back up, and you're holding them down. I think CrossFit is easy, and I'm not trying to discredit anyone, but, physical terms, and you can't compare... And then there's a technical layers to it. It's just layer after layer after layer.0:07:50.7 Mischa Z: Layer after layer.0:07:51.9 Robert Drysdale: 23 years of doing this, and I'm not even scraping the surface.0:07:55.4 Mischa Z: That's incredible.0:07:55.6 Robert Drysdale: And it really is infinite. I really feel like fighting, in general, is not appreciated as something that requires an enormous amount of intelligence and intellect in general. It's just that our definition of intelligence is so narrow, it's so limiting that we don't see it that way, we see two meatheads trying to knock each other out. But there's beauty in that, too, there's value. You're trying to defeat your opponent. It's like looking in through a mirror, you're trying to look through that mirror, trying to move faster than the mirror moves, and I think it's beautiful in many, many different levels. But it's something I think a lot of people miss, they only see a bar fight. I don't see a bar fight, I see a ceremony.0:08:37.2 Mischa Z: Yeah. I wanna speak to two things in that regard, and one is, my buddy, Kevin, I'm gonna drop their names 'cause they're gonna be so excited that they're collaterally involved in this. [laughter] But, Kevin said it's the most rigorous exercise for him, and that it beats the hell out of him, and he loves it. At 50 years old, he's like, "Yeah, it just kicks my ass, and it feels so good," and so there's that physical outlet, which is so powerful, especially as we get older, I think, to keep that movement, and just for longevity. It's so powerful. But my other buddy, Fernando, it transformed his relationships with people, and specifically with his girlfriend that he's been with for a while, and it was... He was talking about how in the judo, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, how it's very meditative on one hand 'cause your mind has to focus, which is awesome, and then also the patience that it teaches you and the new perspective that it teaches him, and how he was able to bring that out and find patience with a new perspective with his relationships. Can you speak to that a little bit or is that your experience as well or...0:10:03.4 Robert Drysdale: It does help on a personal level, too. There's so many lessons. I often say that every lesson you're gonna learn in life, you're gonna learn it on the mats first. It's just that you may or may not see them, but they're all there. But there's something about... I think especially when it comes to men and women relationships, 'cause we're living in an age where we're taught that everything is exactly the same, and I don't believe that. I think that women expect a certain behavior from a man and vice versa, and I think that's the way nature is. I'm not suggesting there are fixed gender roles, but I think women do like a strong masculine figure. You just talk to them, and they'll tell you, like, "Who are you attracted to?" And they're gonna define what they're attracted to, and it fits a certain profile. There are exceptions; there might be women out there who love men who cry all the time, for example, or who show weakness or can't fix a door or can't open the door for them or can't carry groceries. These things might exist, but I think for the most part, women like a man being a man. And one thing that jiu-jitsu will do for you, or fighting in general, well, I think I'm biased towards jiu-jitsu, and obviously that's my background, but I think any kind of combat will do, is it does give you a certain level of confidence about being... You learn... Because you're gonna lose, you're gonna lose, you're gonna win.0:11:23.8 Robert Drysdale: I think that martial arts combat, the strife, the struggle, is something that, it puts you exactly where you need to be confidence-wise. I'll give you an example. Children that walk into my gym, they have the insecure child, right, the child that can't make eye contact, he's bullied, he's made fun of, he never wins at any sport, so he doesn't try. Parents bring them into jiu-jitsu as a last hope, last resort, "This my child is doomed." And what happens is that child, initially they lose and they lose, but every now then they win, and then they go, "Oh, wow, I didn't know I could do that, I just went around." And then they lose and lose again, and then they win another one. So what it does is as they win, as they lose, it brings their confidence level up to where it should be because they walked in they were very insecure. They're not over-confident because they still lose, but the wins, they teach them that they are more capable than they thought they were.0:12:17.4 Robert Drysdale: And then you get the child who is the bully, you get the child who is the over-confident child, perhaps because he's bigger or he's more confident, and he just walks in and he acts like he's gonna own the room, and then he walks into jiu-jitsu and he gets tapped by the nerdy kid with glasses. He loses a round after round after round to the kid, and now he's shocked, he's shocked that he just lost, like, "I didn't think that was possible." So, two things happen to the bully, he either leaves or he changes. He adapts and he goes, "Wait a second, I'm not as good as I thought I was." So it brings him down from that state of over-confidence, exactly where he's supposed to be, and then the bullied and the bully end up more or less in the same place, exactly as it's supposed to be. And when you find that happy place, you'll see the flaws in yourself, you'll see the weaknesses, but you'll see the strength too, and then you walk away with that, with a certain degree of confidence that I think it is just... Confidence is one of those things, you can't talk it, you can't. You just have to feel it, you have to be it. And jiu-jitsu changes you, it changes you from the inside in a very meaningful way.0:13:20.4 Robert Drysdale: So I think for people that start relating, not just romantically, but business-wise, they see something different. I was a very insecure teenager, very, very terrified of fighting, terrified of talking with a girl, I get very socially awkward, didn't have a whole bunch of friends, but jiu-jitsu changed me to the point where after I stepped into a cage, I'm going, "What's gonna intimidate me now?" I'll be in college, and there'll be an exam and everyone's terrified of it, everyone's worried, I'm like, "This is a piece of paper, people." [laughter] "There's no way that this is gonna scare me." And if you get used to that, having that battle, the win, the lose, and the struggling, that creates, in you, a certain medal that you don't get by talking about it, by reading a self-help book. You don't get it any other way, you have to experience it and that raises your... I think it improves on all your relationships, it makes you better at everything.0:14:19.5 Mischa Z: Yeah, I like it. I was just thinking too, I'm imagining as, at any age, it can be a haven to work out emotions, to work out thoughts, to go to the map, or... Is that a realistic assessment as well? Yeah. Okay.0:14:43.5 Robert Drysdale: Absolutely.0:14:44.1 Mischa Z: What's that?0:14:45.3 Robert Drysdale: No, absolutely, I said.0:14:46.7 Mischa Z: Yeah. Great. I have a question, I'm gonna lay out a scenario for you, and then I'm gonna ask you a question, and I'm looking forward to your answer. Okay?0:14:58.5 Robert Drysdale: Absolutely.0:15:00.5 Mischa Z: Fantastic. Think of life as a three-legged stool of relationships, finances and health, now think of someone who is or was successful and has two of those legs fall out from under them, this could be a combination of divorce, career, upheaval, financial stress, kids acting out or not going the direction that they want, there could be physical health challenges for themselves or for a loved one, maybe a death in the family and continued failed relationships, and to top it off there, pull yourself up from your bootstraps, there're fix it, there're push your way through it methods that served them so well are no longer working, they need new tools. And so for me, and as I was hitting my 40s, there was divorce, career upheaval, and success, and I'm sure you've...0:16:00.4 Mischa Z: Actually I watched your TED Talk, which was amazing, so you can relate. But there's that, there's success as a solution, there's money as a solution, and then, excuse my language, the shit hits the fan, for me it was divorce, career upheaval, failed relationships, both parents died in rapid succession, so it shook my foundations, and I was like, "I need some new tools, I need something more than just... I'm gonna go work more or make more money or... " You know what I mean? So this is my question to you, thinking of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, what are the exact next steps you would offer this person, so they know they are headed in the new right direction, that they will have positive momentum towards getting their life back on track?0:16:56.9 Robert Drysdale: Yeah, you go through cycles in life, I'm not the same me I was 10 years ago, and it's a painful transformation because you change your mind, you change your world view, you change your relationships, your world collapses on you at some point and nothing's working anymore. I've been through that as well. The one thing, and I recommend this. When people ask me, "Is jiu-jitsu healthy?" And I go, "For the body or for the mind?" Very different. [chuckle] It's not healthy on the body I don't, I don't care what people say, yeah, you'll have a good heart rate, your heart will be fine, but there's more to health than just your heart and lungs. But, mentally, it's very healthy. Mentally, it's kept me in a very good place. I've seen it do it to people with PTSD, autism, social anxiety, panic syndrome, double personality disorder, schizophrenia, you name it, people that are suicidal, drug addicts and alcoholics, and it just puts them... Because there's something missing in modern life. If you listen to my TED Talk, I've loved Nietzsche since I was a teenager, and he says that technology, comfort and science were gonna make life easier, but it's also gonna make them unhappier 'cause they're gonna be so comfortable they have nothing to fight for. And once you have nothing to fight for, how can you find happiness? How can you find satisfaction when everything is given to you?0:18:23.5 Robert Drysdale: If I give you a black belt, if I send you a black belt in the mail, how does that make you feel? It doesn't make you feel any better, it doesn't make you feel better about yourself, right? If you earn it, if you put 10 years of your life into something, struggle to achieve it, now it means something that is meaningful in a deeper way. And I think these are the things that martial arts do for you, they make you word hard for everything, and there's value in that, there's a satisfaction to that that you don't find in many other things in life. When you're in there, the lights are off, the sound is off, the world is off, there's no thinking, there's no stress, there's no time for anxiety, to think about your sex life, your romantic life, your financial life, there's someone trying to beat you, there's someone trying to choke you. [laughter] And you have to deal with all that, and it's... It's those two hours you're on the mats, it's peaceful, it's like ultimate form of therapy, these things are missing in human life, this is how we've lived our entire existence, 99% of our existence, we struggled every second of every day. And then you have technology, it comes in and makes life so easy, we're no longer struggling, poor people are obese. It's the first time in history it's ever happened, struggles are no longer the same struggles we had 500 years ago, 1000 years ago, 20,000 years ago.0:19:49.9 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:19:51.6 Robert Drysdale: And I think we're missing that, and I think martial arts is a space where we get to exercise that aspect of human nature that's been set aside. We don't have to work haRobert Drysdale to hunt an animal anymore, we go to Walmart, we buy meat. If you wanna see a beautiful view, you pull up a picture, you don't have to climb a mountain anymore. [chuckle]0:20:11.1 Robert Drysdale: We don't have to climb a mountain. You can buy a photo and frame a beautiful picture in your living room, is that right? Right? [chuckle]0:20:17.6 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:20:18.5 Robert Drysdale: So because of all these things, I think that it's... The lack of struggling is making people less happy. And I think this is one explanation for depression and suicide going through the roof. I'm not saying I have all the answer, I'm not proposing that, but I think that martial arts is an expression of something that is very primal, very human and necessary, like this is how we have lived, this is who we are. And it's a place to exercise all that in a healthy way. So...0:20:46.5 Mischa Z: Okay... Yeah, go on, sorry.0:20:48.9 Robert Drysdale: No. I'm just gonna wrap it up. And to your point, I think that that's... That's why people feel so good in there, that's why your friend feels so good losing, getting... He just got his ass kicked and he loved it. Because he's been taught his whole life that losing is bad, and losing is part of the process. You're gonna lose. The only people who don't lose are the people who don't throw themselves out there. If you don't throw yourselves out there, you're never gonna have a sense of achievement, because you're never gonna achieve anything, right?0:21:17.5 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:21:17.7 Robert Drysdale: Right. So, you just gotta take the good and the bad and you learn how to love both, you learn how to love your losses, too. I'm happy for my losses. Now looking back, every time I lost... At the time I was depressed, I'm like, "Oh, my life is over, I just lost, I've have dedicated a whole year to this com... " But now I look back and I'm so thankful for them. I'm like those made who I am, and I'm happy with who I am. So, it's a very healthy environment.0:21:40.8 Mischa Z: I love it. Let me ask you as well. So, let's say you got a 40, 50-year-old guy or girl, maybe late 30s, somewhere in that range who might feel intimidated or feel like, "I don't know if I could stand and ass kicking day one," or... How would you encourage somebody to get through the door for day one?0:22:07.5 Robert Drysdale: Yeah. I learnt that lesson the hard way as a business owner. It's easy to forget what it was like your first day, because your first day only lasts one day. And then by week three, you're very... It's your second home. But for someone who's just getting started, that first day is the hard one of the hardest days of their life for a lot of people. To just walk in through the door, it terrifies them.0:22:26.8 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:22:27.9 Robert Drysdale: In my gym, we created what we call a 15-day lesson program. There's no actual contact, it's just theory. So, it can be boring for someone who knows how to fight, but for someone who doesn't, it's still a lot of interesting information, where we teach you the basics of the basics. Basically, teaching you how to crawl before you're gonna walk. And new beginners love it, because they're not allowed to train their first 15 days, all they gotta do is... It's just like music theory before I hand the guitar. So, you're not gonna hold on to a guitar before you're done with day 15.0:22:55.6 Mischa Z: Yeah. Yeah.0:22:55.6 Robert Drysdale: You're just gonna be learning the theory of it. But if you don't know anything about music, maybe it's a little boring, you just wanna pick up a guitar, which some people do by day five, they're ready to rock and roll, but we give them the option. And so basically, everyone's gonna evolve at their own pace. It's not a race. It's you are racing against yourself, if there's any race going on. So, you're evolving at your own pace. So we have moms in there who have never done any... That haven't practiced sports since they were children, and they're overweight, and they're un athletic, and they're very insecure, and they're in their 50s, perhaps. And they jump in my class, and I have professional fighters on the mat. So, you'll imagine how they feel about that and... But the way we do it... And I can't speak for every gym, this is how I run my gym.0:23:38.3 Mischa Z: I love it.0:23:39.5 Robert Drysdale: We give them time. This is your pace, you wanna rest, you're rest. You wanna go to the bathroom, go to the bathroom. You wanna sit out, sit out. You wanna watch, you watch. And because you're in an environment... We follow our peers, like what people around us are doing, that's what we wanna do. So, if you see everyone around you and you created a culture where everyone around is competing in a healthy way, and they're trying to win and defeat each other in a healthy way, then you're watching that... And I'm telling you, I don't care if you're a mom, I don't care if you're 60 or 70, I don't care if your knees hurt, you're gonna watch, then you're gonna go, "I wanna be part of that. It looks like those people are having a blast" and they are. And then once you immerse yourself in that culture, and it's okay to lose and no one's gonna make fun of you, because that person just lost the previous round, and it's just part of what we do, that competition, it becomes highly addictive. There's a reason why... I've never seen anyone quit jiu-jitsu, because they didn't like it. I've seen people quit for work reasons, family reasons, health reasons. I've never seen anyone say, "You know what, I rolled around and someone beat me and I hated it." Granted, your first week, you should not get your ass kicked, because it's not for everyone.0:24:46.2 Mischa Z: Right.0:24:47.0 Robert Drysdale: It might be too intimidating. I am advocate of easing people in and let them be comfortable enough with the mats before you start pushing them. And then they're gonna ask to be pushed, even moms do, they want to be pushed.0:25:00.6 Mischa Z: I love that. So we've got day one through 15, learn about it, get comfortable with the environment, super soft entry, and you just see the... How good it is and how vital... I don't know if vital is a good woRobert Drysdale, but I'm sensing that. And so what happens next? Do you have a day 16 to 30 or...0:25:23.0 Robert Drysdale: Well, and then we throw you in the beginners class. So now, you're in a class with the other... So, we have a class before you went to the beginner class, a preparation class, so to speak. Beginner class, you're gonna be there for anywhere between a year to two years, depending on your attendance level. And obviously, how quickly you progress, and people progress at different rates. Like a 22-year-old is gonna progress faster than an eight-year-old or a 65-year-old, for example. Athletic ability does count. So there is some differences. So anywhere between a year and two years, and then we move you to my advanced class. Sorry about that, it's the dog.0:25:58.8 Mischa Z: That's okay. Dog saying hi. [chuckle]0:26:01.8 Robert Drysdale: But then you move into the advanced class where the instruction is gonna be a little more sophisticated, and the class is a little bit long or becomes physically a little bit harder. It's just a more... It's just a little... You just raise the bar for them, and then they're in that class for the rest of their lives.0:26:20.7 Mischa Z: So, beginner, one to two years and then are... So I get the sense, and tell me if this is true, and I'm sure you've seen it, but again, let's say we've got somebody 30, 40, 50 or a mom who's like, "Yeah, I wanna do this." Or a dad or what have you, and... Or you mentioned somebody who's got PTSD. The transformation or the mental freedom starts right away, right? It's not like... Is that an accurate sense that I have like, "Hey, the baby steps just are beautiful." Is that a... Is that...0:27:03.2 Robert Drysdale: You'll get something out of it day one, but it's one of those things the more you do it... Like compare it to music. Your first day with a guitar may not be the most rewarding day, because you can't really play anything.0:27:13.4 Robert Drysdale: Yeah.0:27:13.9 Mischa Z: Alright, but the more... The first time you can hear that sound, or the first chord that you can hear nice and clear, you're gonna go, "Oh, wow, I can do this." Okay. Now, I know what people are doing, I just gotta get better at it." And this practice will... Next thing you know, you can play a whole song.0:27:28.8 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:27:29.4 Robert Drysdale: And it's very similar, but it doesn't end. At the same time, there's no I know or I don't know. It's not binary. It's a spectrum, and it's infinite. 23 years in, my body is destroyed, and I only wish my health were better, so I can keep training and keep improving.0:27:44.1 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:27:45.0 Robert Drysdale: But there's... And it's not an age thing, it's more of a miles thing. It's like a car. It could be 2020 and have 150,000 miles on it.0:27:53.8 Mischa Z: Yes.0:27:54.6 Robert Drysdale: So it's kinda how I'm... At 39, it's kind of how I feel. I got arthritis all over my body, but I mean, it was worth it. I wouldn't go back and change anything.0:28:02.3 Mischa Z: Of course.0:28:03.3 Robert Drysdale: But it's baby steps. You get more out of it the more you do it. It is really is a marathon and it's... Your life will end before the marathon ends.0:28:14.5 Mischa Z: Fantastic. Tell me, off the top of your head, of somebody who's, again, our age, and I'll... I'm a little older than you, so I apologize for saying our age, but sort of a transformation that you've seen from somebody perhaps on the door of suicide, not guaranteeing that someone's gonna have this transformation, but have you seen, literally, people on... Mentally at the bottom and then come through that? Can you walk me through that?0:28:48.1 Robert Drysdale: Yes. We had one veteran, she was an Iraq veteran and... I don't even know what she went through. I was too scared to ask, but she was very traumatized. Her social anxiety was through the roof, she had a dog with her 24/7. I think to make matters worse, she had no family or very little family. She was very distant from her family. She basically had like... She'd be at home all day living off whatever she was getting from her... As a veteran. She was wounded, too, so she had problems moving. She would use a wheelchair, and she didn't get off the wheelchair. But it was a bad scenario, man, it was just awful. And it kind of broke my heart, because you could see she was a very lonely person, and she was really struggling mentally, but she would come to the gym every day.0:29:39.3 Robert Drysdale: She would come to the gym every single day, and I... And she couldn't do much. She was so injured that there was not much she could do, but she was there every day, and you can see her improving, just being on the mats with us, everyone was really nice and patient and understanding. It sort of gave her like a... It gave her a second family, a place... Or a first family perhaps, a place to belong, a place to be, a place to be happy and people would joke around with her. And that's the other thing, marshal arts environment is an environment where people are treated equally, truly, not pretentiously, like truly. If we like you, we make fun of you just like everyone else. It's a brotherhood or a sisterhood, if you will. There's no such thing as, "I have to keep the appearances," and you gotta talk to people." You remove the social mask, like, "Hey, man, I've seen you almost cry from losing. It's okay." It's a very naked kind of relationship.0:30:35.8 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:30:36.2 Robert Drysdale: So it's very honest. It's very honest, and I think people appreciate that. We treated her like she was one of us. She got treated exactly like everyone else. It wasn't like, "Oh, my God, she's a veteran, and she's injured. Let's give her special treatment." It was none of that. There was no special treatment. It was like, "Now you're one of us." Okay, you're on a mat like everyone else. No one went easy on her in the sense where... We respected her disability, but no one is treating her like someone who's handicapped. She got treated like a normal human being, and that's how I think... If someone has a handicap, that's how you treat them, like it's... I've heaRobert Drysdale that the worst thing you can ask a cancer patient is, "How are you doing? How you feeling?" Like a dying cancer patient.0:31:16.6 Robert Drysdale: It's the worst thing you can do, is ask them how they're feeling. Like, why would you do that? Do you think that's gonna make them feel better if it is asked repeated for the 10th time and they feel like shit? They have cancer, they're gonna die, and they know that, how do you think you're helping? If you wanna make... Do something for that person, make them laugh, tease them about the old times or remember something that will happen in... 10 years. "Oh, remember that one time you did... That was retarded." Make fun of them and then make them laugh, and they can make fun of you, and you just treat them equal, treat them like you would treat your best friend. I think that's what people are looking for, and martial... At least, in my environment, I try to cultivate that. I try to be blunt with people and just treat them the way I would wanna be treated. And that involves just more than just being nice to them. It's being truly like a friend, you treat them like a friend. And that means, you normally make fun, you don't feel too sorry for them. Pick your self up. Come on, one more rep, one more rep. Let's go. Now don't be lazy. Get up. Do it again."0:32:20.4 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:32:20.9 Robert Drysdale: You know, and I think that people, they... It's uncomfortable, but people crave that. People need that. You need the push, you... You know what's funny about being a coach that acts that way, is that first they're shocked, like, "How could you talk to me like that?" Or, "How could you make me... " And then eventually, you gain their respect because deep down, that's what they wanted.0:32:42.7 Mischa Z: Yeah, they just wanna be treated... They want that humanness, right? That...0:32:49.1 Robert Drysdale: That involves everything. Humanness involves everything, and that's... It's not just being nice to people, not just being polite or political about it. Humanness involves everything, the pretty and the ugly. It involves, "Hey, argue with me, disagree with me."0:33:02.5 Mischa Z: Yeah. I like that.0:33:03.5 Robert Drysdale: Right, right. It's okay. You can disagree with me.0:33:05.2 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:33:05.5 Robert Drysdale: "Oh, my gosh, someone disagreed with me. I can no longer be your friend." "No, it's okay. We'll grab lunch afterwards, but you're still wrong." You'll call him an idiot, and we'll go grab lunch, grab a beer afterwards, and it's all good.0:33:14.7 Mischa Z: Right.0:33:14.9 Robert Drysdale: But we're so sensitive and...0:33:17.2 Mischa Z: God, we're sensitive. It's insane, man.0:33:19.4 Robert Drysdale: And it's gotten to the point of just ridiculous. This isn't... Where historians will make fun of us in the future, 'cause... Remember those people in the 21st century, right, where you couldn't make fun of each other, because people will get offended. I went to a comedy show the other day, and I can't remember the comedians name, I wish I could, because I would like to give him credit. And he goes, "Comedy is the last bastion of free speech."0:33:41.0 Mischa Z: Oh, really? Yeah.0:33:43.8 Robert Drysdale: I'm like, "Amen." That's the only place that you can actually speak your minds. It's like Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr, they have that privilege to just fire from...0:33:50.6 Mischa Z: Just let it rep. Right?0:33:53.1 Robert Drysdale: Rep and it's comedy, so they can get... If I said it, I'd go to prison. I think martial arts is appealing, because it's kind of like comedy in a way where it's very blunt, very naked, and very real, very human.0:34:06.1 Mischa Z: So did you see this vet, this woman who... And obviously, you got to see a progression and a profound effect, she came out of her shell and... Or tell me more. You got to see some cool results?0:34:20.6 Robert Drysdale: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Next thing you know she's smiling. Next thing you know, she's... It became a ever happy place. I shouldn't have moved, so we don't have her any more, but she... There was a progression there in terms of helping her, happiness, and she couldn't do much jiu-jitsu because of her disability. There really wasn't much she could do, but she just loved being with us and doing her best to do the moves, and we would push her and... We worked around her engines. We have another lady, she's close to 60 now, and she can barely... She's all beat up, but she's on the mat almost every day, and everyone's patient with her, but we push her still.0:34:54.5 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:34:54.7 Robert Drysdale: Whenever she goes on her knees, I'm like, "No no no, off your knees, off your knees, push ups. On your toes." And people are like, "Oh, you're making me uncomfortable." But then they're like, "You know, I'm glad coach did that, because that's what I really wanted." We've had alcoholism, and people that struggle with that. And they come to the gym every day. It's like their therapy. I don't think they go to AA anymore. As long as they're on the mats every day, it kind of gives them the strength to fight that addiction.0:35:21.0 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:35:22.2 Robert Drysdale: And we don't talk about it... Yeah.0:35:23.7 Mischa Z: Honestly, I think atheist or agnostic or not, or whatever, but I mean, it clearly it's, if you want to believe this or take it that far, it's gotta be providing a connection to a source or God or call it whatever you want. Like, it's gotta be tapping into something that... Into that, yeah?0:35:43.2 Robert Drysdale: There are corners of human nature that we don't always tap into. You don't tap into that unless you have a very strong sense of community, right? And for some people, that's God; for some people, that's just spiritual; for some people, that's just... I mean, call it what you will, but it's... There are feelings that we need to experience as humans that are very rich. We don't call them rich, because they're free. But just because they're free doesn't mean everyone has them.0:36:08.4 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:36:08.6 Robert Drysdale: But I think we need that. Some of my best moments in life, looking back, were not me on the podium with the gold medal around my neck. They were me on the mats making... With my friends after the practice, we're all covered in sweat, and we just tried to kill... We were trying to kill each other five minutes ago, but now we're laughing in front of each other and exchanging information and teaching each other the moves or... There's a sense of community that you get from that brotherhood that is very unique. I've heard this from soldiers, veterans, they come back from wars, and they go, "Rob, I don't believe in the war, but I feel like I have to go back because my brothers are there." So they go back more for that brotherhood than they do because of the cause. They don't believe in it anymore, but if my friends are there, I have to be there for them.0:36:54.6 Mischa Z: That's supporting them.0:36:55.0 Robert Drysdale: They probably miss that bond that they've created being in that... Struggling, the situation of struggle for as long as they have. You're risking your life every day, and there's someone there that is willing to take a bullet for you.0:37:07.3 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:37:07.8 Robert Drysdale: That's a very unique bond. And I've never been to war, but the mats are that on a smaller scale, but I know how that feels. I have friends that I know they would take a bullet for me, and I'll take a bullet for them.0:37:19.5 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:37:20.4 Robert Drysdale: And that's... These are the kind of people... It's a kind of friendship you don't dissolve very easily. And it's funny, because if you saw us training, you would think that we hated each other.0:37:27.2 Mischa Z: Yeah. Yeah, I love that aspect of it, that community, that friendship, that connection, that's so powerful. And I think as we get more into the tech as a world, as a society, those... That community is splintering, and it's become illusory or there's that... The connection through the phone or through that swipe or whatever is not perhaps enough, and I love... Go ahead.0:37:56.9 Robert Drysdale: No, I just want to capitalize on it, 'cause I think social media is a huge problem. I think it's... It is the reason why suicide and anxiety are going through the roof. There's no real connection anymore, and we think it is. And it is addictive. I spend six hours a day on my phone. I'm not saying I'm not part of... I'm telling you, I'm the part of the problem, but I see what it does to you. You become highly addicted. And the worst part is that, not only are you not creating those bonds, but you become dependent on it for an approval to feel good about yourself, right?0:38:26.3 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:38:27.1 Robert Drysdale: It's what the world... The world sets my value. No longer, I don't set my own value, the world sets my value. And that's a... And there's no way that wouldn't lead to a sad life.0:38:37.5 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah. I tell you what, I think this is a good place to end. I have a list of amazing questions that I would just want to say that we didn't touch on this much, because I really wanted to offer everybody some, some... The hope or, that tool of what you offer, that Brazilian jiu-jitsu, that strength of mind, resolve, the mental, the community is just so powerful, and it's out there. And obviously, it's growing like mad, so... But I think... You've traveled the world, anybody can watch your TED talk, and they'll get a... They'll get an inkling of sort of your emotional experience with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which I believe for you is, on one hand was this blessing, but on the other hand is the curse, right?0:39:31.2 Mischa Z: There's that duality, and it almost kills you, but at the same time, it's your your source. So in the bonus round, we're gonna get into that. I've got some awesome, amazing questions. Perhaps we can get into some of your exploits. I'm excited to talk family with you in round two and some other super fun stuff. So anybody listening, if you've enjoyed Robert and his insights, there's going to be a lot more in our bonus session, so click on the VIP access. And Robert also does, does... Obviously, you have studios, you do retreats, but Robert is gonna offer up some amazing bonuses where perhaps you can join Robert in the fray, literally. So we have that to look forward to. And then where... You can always find Robert at, and a Google search, you can see his TED Talk. And then I'm just going to your site, You can find Robert and all your fun stuff there. You've got a YouTube channel. Any final thoughts to share that we did not get a chance to cover in this first round, Robert?0:40:54.9 Robert Drysdale: No, man. That was just... That's about it. I think the mats are for everyone. There's no such thing as... And if it's not the mats, it's some other competitive endeavor. You have to find that. You need that place to manifest that other side of you. If you don't have that, you need to find it, your life will be more complete.0:41:13.6 Mischa Z: Yeah. Fantastic. Thank you so much. This has been amazing and... Yeah, I love your insights. So stay tuned for round two. Click on the VIP, all access pass.

    Thursday Meditation #6. Let me look at something from a new perspective.

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    Look at something from a new perspective mediation.  Take this moment to relax and open your mind that there may be a new perspective awaiting you.  An answer to a decision looked at from a different angle.  Or perhaps someone you disagree with is right.  Only source can tell.  Tune in and take a listen for some fresh answers.Administrative: Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    If you can embrace the process and execute the can't help but succeed. FHL pt#5

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    FHL part 5 of 5.  Three points of awareness.  1) There are so many ways to win a Two Comma Club Award and telling those stories would be awesome.  2) I can help people follow a process to creativity.  3) There's plenty of people out there to help men with their relationships.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:01 This would be part five of five. Perhaps there'll be a part six. But let's just say part five of five of the Funnel Hacking Live round one of awareness. So a couple of big things about who I can help. I talked on a couple episodes about, of this series of this five-part series, about, um, about, you know, changing or finding um, clarity on my audience and my avatar and, you know, a new mission and, and such, and not a new mission. Just you have... Finding the avatar. Like I think, I think that, uh, that's good to, I'm going to... My avatar are emerging Funnels Hackers, and I am going to help them get to the Two Comma Club Award stage, the Two Comma Club Award stage. Um, and I'd be willing to do that for free and for fun, according to Chuck C. If anybody know who Chuck C is, if you've listened to other episodes. It's funny, I'm not sure which is this going to go on the Bitch Slap Podcast, or is this going to end up on the new podcast that I'm going to create, or will I be able to merge this new idea within the Bitch Slap Podcast?Mischa Z: 01:53 More will be revealed on that, but I wanted to talk about two key times, points of awareness, that I had during the Funnel Hacking Live. And one was, um, I was interviewing, or I was just chatting with all these two comma club award winners. And basically there are people who, who, um, have have a one to two comma club award. And I realized that there are so many ways to win a two comma club award and that telling some of those stories would be awesome. So I think I'm gonna work on that and, um, the other, so I was like, how am I going to work that into my existing podcast? Maybe I need to create a new podcast. Um, and then, uh, I two other main, so I was going to talk two main awarenesses. I'll talk about three. That was one. I was like, oh, that's fun. I love those stories. And people like telling them to me and I'm truly interested and fascinated. And so I think I can suss out some great information and helpful helpfulness for all involved. Um, and then the, the, uh, the next point of awareness was...Mischa Z: 03:38 People I can help. I was talking to people love the fact that I've got the people within the TCC X loved the fact that I have this podcast and just the tenacity I've shown in publishing an episode a day for, you know, 320 days now or whatever it is. It's, it's been many days it's been over 300 days and I think I can help people tap into their creativity. I just had this awareness. People could use some help tapping into creativity, systemizing that process so that they can Get to the two comma club stage quicker.New Speaker: 04:31 Yes. So I can help people do that to get to the two comma club award stage quicker. And, uh, the next awareness. And I love talking about it. I just, I, I, I think I can help a lot to do with just, there's so much amazing awareness and content within that. Basically, if you've listened to any of my, Bitch Slap episodes, you know, every now and then I'm talking about following the steps. I put an engine in a car and not knowing anything about the internal combustion engine, but you just follow the steps and you can do it. Um, if you trust. And, and really that started with me with, you know, 12 steps program to get sober sober in my teen years. I, I truly embraced, you know, those th th the 12 steps and not knowing, or almost not even trusting, I don't know, but I just needed to do it so I wouldn't die. And it worked. And so that, that was the first foundational follow the instructions moment for me. I surely couldn't do it in high school effectively only graduated because they didn't want me back. You can't follow instructions, do not come back, do not pass go. Um, I did graduate though four years high school.Mischa Z: 06:14 Um, and then, you know, I've got other great stories around that. Um, but Russell Brunson is a process, which the idea of process can I help people follow that process. Some people are great at following the process, but Russell Brunson's very much got a process. If you can embrace trust in and believe that process, and then execute on his steps within the process process, you can't help but succeed. So there's that. Um, so I think I can help people do that. I have decades of experience applying steps to a process. One to save my life, um, and then many other examples. So there's that. And then thirdly, as I was talking to a guy about, you know, salvaging his relationship with his kids and such are not salvaging, it he's in a new relationship, the new relationship there's pre-existing children. And so he's all of a sudden he went from having no kids to now he's in a relationship where there's effectively four kids.Mischa Z: 07:29 He gets to be a, you know, a pseudo stepfather. Um, and then they're talking about having their own child together. And so he was thirsty for father parenting information. And, you know, I, I have come through the spot of, as I said, in part two or three of this little series that I had felt like, you know, my, my relationship with my kids had been healed and that had been shown to me by a Tony Robbins meditation. And so funny talking about this, but anyway, I just was like, Hey, in what, there are so many people that can already help with that. And I don't need to recreate that wheel. Right. I don't need to, that's a, that's a red ocean, right? I mean, I have a couple of tips and tricks to add to his knowledge base, but I could have pointed literally to two people that I know fairly well within the community who can help him with his, with those kids relationships.Mischa Z: 08:43 And they specialize in that. So I just had this deep, I was like, as I was talking to him and I'm thinking, this is what I want to do is help people do this. And the back of my mind, I'm going, I can point him to two or three people that I know within this group, that if he wants a plan of action, go talk to them. Right. And so I was like, I just Sunday then that, so that was, that was Saturday night. I just was like, wait a minute. That, that was an interesting bit of information to have downloaded into my system. And so Sunday, as I'm flying across the country and having a lot of time to a lot of alone time downtime, and I'm holding that space and being in that space and not distracting it with football or social media or all of this stuff, I'm really just consciously and subconsciously processing the Funnel Hacking Live, download information.Mischa Z: 09:51 And, you know, and then I start supplementing that with the avatar course, you know, who can I help course? And it's pointing me to this new direction. Or it's refining my avatar. And I, I'm not sure if this is going to be makes sense to some people, but hopefully you're tracking. Just know that I'm, I'm, I'm willing and exciting to pivot and refine. And it was really freaking me out though, which would, could be a part six, but I'll save it to, to, um, for other other episodes. But, uh, yeah, I, I, those three things together, it's like, yeah, let other people, the Tony Robbins of the world help with all that man mindset or all the men guys, Garrett white, like there's plenty of that out there. They've got their audiences. There's plenty of, I don't, I don't need to be in that space.Mischa Z: 11:05 And I just is so clear to me, it became so clear to me yesterday. And then this morning, Monday as I was meditating that, yeah, there's a, all that I, all my experience, all my can be channeled towards this new avatar. This emerging funnel hacker. How I can help them speed up their process or stay the course or what have you. And, uh, and the, it's coalesced to that point. Now we'll see if I stay in this direction and it will be fun to see what happens from here as I record this. But that, uh, I was very concerned. I'll end with this. I was very concerned that I was going to have to scrap everything I'd done up to this point and like start over in the coaching group. But I was like, no, wait a minute. It's just a change of course, it's just a change, of course, within the program. I don't need to go back to the beginning. I can apply the tools that I've learned in the beginning to start building interactions with this new avatar. So I've got some summit ideas. I've got some podcast ideas. Um, I have some ideas to...hopefully my current list will still be engaged in any way. There's lots of, lots of information plowing through, hang in there with me, love to all. Uh, that's good.

    I think I found my voice. This iteration anyway. FHL Pt #4.

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    Surprisingly I didn't record one episode while at Funnel Hacking Live.  There was literally too much inspiration and not enough sleep.  My new Avatar takes shape.  And after 320 episodes I think I may have found my voice. Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:01 Funnel Hacking Live. Funnel Hacking Live 2021, amazingness part four. Part four. I believe one of the open, one of the loops I opened in one of the previous episodes of this little series of this Funnel Hacking Live 2021 series was that, um. I hadn't, I didn't record a single podcast episode while I was there. I was so busy. I was so busy with being immersed in, in all of the funnel Funnel Hacking Live goodness. Just amazing speaker after amazing speaker and then networking like mad and not purposely networking. It wasn't like I have an agenda of networking. Or though, you know, my thought is I'm going to go network, but really it's just, you don't even have to try to network. It's you're just meeting and hanging out with like-minded entrepreneurs. It was crazy. So it's not even like I have an agenda of networking.Mischa Z: 01:18 You're literally just hanging out with family, meeting new people, having fun, amazing conversations all over the place. This was my experience anyway. And uh, some people I'll probably have an opportunity to work with, uh, others, maybe just established new friends, um, but more will be revealed in that regard. So, um, anyhow, I didn't record one episode while I was there. I was convinced like each night I would do a recap of the day, the recap episode, what the speaker said, what it meant, you know what I learned. All these things. But I did not, oh my gosh, I was so tired at night. The jet lag three hour difference. And I, even though after the day's festivities, which were ending fairly late at night, you know, 7, 8, 9, something like that. So there's a ton going on, you know. I would have a meal with like-minded Funnel Hackers. Meeting, new people. You know, I'd get back to the room at 11 or midnight, Florida time. And, and then, uh, you know, we'd have to decompress. And I decompressed by, I watched the movie, um, 1917. Awesome. If you like thoughtful contemplate of war movies with not a ton of action.Speaker 2: 02:59 But it was a good one. Um, anyway, I would just watch, I was watching, took me a few, couple of days to watch that total diversion. I apologize. But again, I was concerned. I had the concern that is new, are new episodes going to materialize. And I figured, oh, on Sunday, you know, the convention's done. I'll be, I'll have the day I'll be flying back. I'll be inspired to, you know, record some content. Um, again, it didn't materialize. And I wasn't tripping. I just thought it very interesting. And I was like, huh, I am very surprised. I've got nothing to say, you know, is that it? Am I done?Speaker 2: 03:59 And of course, getting back to my normal meditation routine or whatever, the landing home, you know, good night's sleep. And just the inspiration has been crackling. I just can't even tell you. And honestly, the inspiration really started on the plane ride home. I was meditating, you know, not distracting myself with a ton of unnecessary content and working on... I actually was working on, um, that avatar Jim Edwards, avatar presentation. It's, it's like a five-hour course. Five, one hour. Five videos each an hour in length course where you dive into your avatar and who you want to serve. And, and, um, that's where all this new inspiration was coming from too. It was like, what was easy to write down? I was like, in that moment, I was like, oh my gosh, I've done all this work on this old avatar. This, this, well, the previous avatar, you know, this, this male character. This high performing male character, Tony, I labeled him and, uh, how I was going to serve him.Speaker 2: 05:33 But all this new inspiration was coming for... Through Jim Edwards exercise through this course. It's awesome. It really helps you dial in your perfect avatar. Makes you know, that's your perfect customer who you want to serve. And and it's super creative and it, you know, it helps you, uh, you know, dive into And he just gives great ways. He explains it. Gives you and then gives you homework exercises to, uh, you know, to write down. To write some stuff. To get it on paper, who your avatar is to refine it. And all the exercises where for this new person, this, this emerging Funnel Hacker. I'm like, it's the emerging Funnel Hacker that I can help. I mean, that's who I can help. And, and, and the way it came to me is we need to publish as a Funnel Hacker. Following Russell Brunson's Brunson's methodology, you're encouraged, you're instructed, not encouraged, instructed to pick your publishing platform podcast, um, blog blogging, or YouTube channel. And he encourages you to do it every day at a minimum he encourages you to pick a schedule and stick to that schedule. And hopefully that schedule is at least two to three days a week.Speaker 2: 07:13 And that is one thing that I have excelled at for a year coming up on a year. I started my podcast September mid September two weeks and September 15th, ish of 2020. And then when December came on, I did a challenge and have been a publishing challenge and have been podcasting every day since. And it really I'm going, I'm going to do a publishing challenge for sure. I'm going to create one because it's been so powerful. But so I'm at 320 episodes or some such thing. I'm going to have new podcasts. I got all this creative so much fun. Good, cool, amazing stuff is coming. Oh my God, I'm so excited to be dialed in on a new, on found all of a sudden, I feel like I've found my voice. I'm sorry. I do. There's a lot of information flowing out. So I I'm going to close the loop of, um, of, of, you know, not having any inspiration during the, uh, the conference during the Funnel Hacking Live 2021 to, to, uh, to record new episodes in the moment.Speaker 2: 08:38 And I clearly see why, but it's just coming out of me now. So I just, it's another cool, it's another cool awareness to have for any of you fledgling content, producers via podcast, YouTube channel, or, or, um, blogging trust that the daily content, if you want to do it daily, the content is within you, right? And as I've said, you can listen to a bunch of my previous episodes. I have so much content coming out of me, or I have been since I started, since I committed the publishing every day, that some days I can record multiple episodes. And so I, I have, you can record a series in one setting, I guess, is what I'm trying to say. So I had scheduled the week's episodes to be published during Funnel Hacking Live. So I had episodes publishing while I was at the conference. So I didn't even need to do anything. I just scheduled a week's worth of episodes to be published one each day. Crank them out. Had Episodes will be, were being published to the Bitch Slap Podcast that you're listening to. I recently, um, while I was away. Okay. I believe that's the end of part four.Speaker 2: 10:12 Enjoy the day.

    "Who I can help" suddenly changes. And it catches me of guard. FHL Pt 3.

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    Do what's fun. Not what society is telling us is fun.  I got to Funnel Hacking Live with an open mind looking for answers.  And I get them.  Just not what I was expecting the answers to be.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:52 Part three, we're going to see if part three of my Funnel Hacking Live 2021 experience. The dates were September 21st to September 26th, 2021. If you're listening to this 5, 10, 20 years later, maybe I'm dead and gone. I hope this provides you inspiration to set aside contempt, try new things. Go, go deeper within and connect with your heart center. It's such a funny way to say that if. You'd told me, uh, 15 years ago, 10 years ago from this date, as I record this September 27th, 2021, I had a thrown your ass out the door, connect with your heart center. Shee-it! I'm from Wyoming. We don't connect with our heart center. We do try to. We do... That doesn''s just that verbiage. I gotta figure out a new, uh, a way to bridge the heart centered. What's it like? What's that? What's a fifth grade. What's the way a fifth grader or fourth grader or a third grader would say heart centered. They'd say we do. What's fun. How about that?Mischa Z: 02:13 Do what's fun. Not what society is telling us is fun. What, you know, as a kid, I want to go do this cause it's fun. And it's my purpose. And when someone's like, "why are you playing with GI Joes dork"? You're like, "cause I like GI Joes", or why you playing with, or why are you whatever crazy imagination I used to have when I was a kid. There you go. What a beautiful tangent again. I am running out of juice, so I hope, I hope I've got enough juice on my phone to make it, uh, at least eight minutes. Um, so yeah, Funnel Hacking Live 2021. Um, clearly the, enthusiasm was planted in me at that convention Funnel Hacking Live convention, is clearly still coursing through my veins. Um, but I was all in and I'm all, all in Kool-Aid, that jug of Kool-Aid that you see on the table. I'm drinking it. Yes, indeed I am. May have another glass please? Um, where was I going to go with this? Uh, so yeah, Funnel Hacking Live like...there's this whole idea. Part of the message of... "morning"... of, uh, Russell Brunson's message and many people's messages actually. But I, you know, I really started hearing it and internalizing it from Russell Brunson's teachings. Um, his methods, his processes are who do you want to help?Mischa Z: 04:06 Why? Your, how. Your why? Or your what and your why? Yeah, that's what it is, is your what and your why? Or your who and your why...Whatever it is. But then you...then you figure out what do they need and want, how can I serve them, ask them. And, um, then you create your product. You don't create your product and then try to find out where it's going to fit. Although a lot of people created beautiful companies, that way. The Russell Brunson, Dot Com Secrets is very much, find your who, your why, then communicate with them on how you can serve them. And so on the way to my ClickFunnels on to funnel hiking live, I had some preconceived ideas or I had done a lot of work to figure out who I thought, well, who am I, who was in for the last year?Mischa Z: 05:10 And my why? Like what brought me into the two comma club, X coaching program within the ClickFunnels community. Um, but it was for what last year definitely helped pull me forward. Um, but it was to help perhaps divorced single dads or, you know, high-performing males who, who, um, you know, lost their way, shall we say, lost their way, had some upheavals in their life and lost their way. And I think that's a great community to support, but so I thought that was my, that was my who until Funnel Hacking Live. And then the other thing is don't, you know, don't be open to how you can serve them, right? So that's my, who I've got this idea of. I'm going to create some sort of a program to help those sorts of people, quit their jobs and be, stay at home dads like I did, which was the best decision I ever made.Mischa Z: 06:12 Um, one of them spent a couple getting off the sauce was another. Age, 17 years and nine months old, quit the drinking and the drug. And one day at a time strongly encourage that for anybody who's listening. Sauce was no no bueno for my life. But anyway, I would say that, you know, I did this, uh, Kyle Cease thing. This Kyle Cease thing was called the Complete Journey. And it really helped me tap into my heart center. That thing that's fun for me. What is, what is it that I, that will bring my, bring me joy? Not what I think will bring me joy, which might be climbing the wrong ladder. But which ladder will truly bring me joy? Um, so yeah, I did the Complete Journey. Epic. It's epic. Go do it. Kyle cease, Google that the Complete Journey. It's 21 days perhaps can transform your life. If you're wondering what your, um, if you're struggling at work or, or struggling with your kids or your career sucks. And you're like, I know I need to be heading a different direction. I know I need to pivot. That can help. As well as so many other people can help with that. The, A Four mentioned Tony Robbins, for example, oh my gosh, the clock keeps ticking.Mischa Z: 07:51 Um, so many things to talk about. There's going to be like a part four or five and six lost track of what parts is it. This is, but, um, so yeah, it's going to be to help high-performing males who have fallen off the horse, get back on the horse and stay there with "a new opportunity". And so I was like, I'm going to find my new opportunity, which is going to be some sort of a coaching thing or course, or this or that. And so I had arrived at the, um, two CC... Or at the Funnel Hacking Live with the idea of helping, you know, the, the, that high performing male get back on the horse. And, uh, and through it...we've been told to be open to how we're going to serve our audience, be open to who our audience is. Refine your avatar. And so, you know, again, right before I got cut off, I got cut off just in case you didn't know. So this might sound a little disjointed all of the sudden, but my phone ran out of power ready, the key moment. Um, and so I had to get home and recharge the phone enough to finish this recording this episode.Mischa Z: 09:27 So I thought I was being open with how I was going to help. You know, be of service to the audience that I'm reaching out to. When a few interactions I'll tell you about on the next episode, part four, I think it's going to be. I had this moment of clarity of, oh my gosh, I'm meant to help 2CCX'ers, not 2CCX-ers, excuse me. I'm meant to serve with a tweaked, a different, a slightly different audience in the slightly different... Realistically, a slightly different product than I was anticipating. Um, so yeah, I, I, sorry, it's a bit fuzzy and I'm channeling massive inspiration coming out of the weekend. And then as I record this, but. I believe the new audience is, um, emerging funnel hackers. And I am here to help emerging funnel hackers get to the 2 Comma Club Award stage. Yep. That's it. And so the tools and fun things that I've been learning throughout my life and really the biggest thing is how to follow instructions and follow the steps to success. Right? Like, that's it. And so, um, I'm gonna, there's just so much more to say so much more to say. So, um, listen to the next episode. Love to all.

    It's clear to me that my relationship with my boys is healed. FHL Pt 2

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    I had massive shifts and awareness at the FHL convention. In this episode I go deep on the revelation that my relationship with my two sons is healed.  It was extremely powerful.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z 00:01 Hello, I'm back FHL 2021 part two. So we had just done. I'll remind everybody where we are just in case you're jumping in to this, this, this stream of episodes right here. I was just at 2021 Funnel Hacking Live in Orlando. No, yes. It was Orlando, Florida. Russell Brunson's, uh, Click Funnels, Funnel Hacking Live. I was seeing how fully indoctrinated into the ClickFunnels community. Um, yes. And, uh, I was having massive breakthroughs, massive awareness, massive shifts. Um, and one of them was this gratitude for how I got to heal my relationship with my boys. We'd just come out of, we were in the middle of a Tony Robbins presentation and just, he had us do this gratitude, exercise, meditation, thousands of people in the audience live thousands of people on Zoom. I mean, the energy is palpable. It's on, uh, it was just, this is the last presentation of the thing.Mischa Z 01:24 So everything's coming to a crescendo of course. And, uh, what were we asked to do? We were picked three, three of us get a group of three and then say what, the way I heard it was what were the two gratitude, two of the gratitude moments that came to you in this meditation. And, um, they were this moment of gratitude. There was two poignant moments of gratitude that came to me through the exercise. One was with my son Waylon when he graduated high school a few months ago. If you're listening to this now, when did like June, 2021, hopefully you're hearing this and it's like five years later and you're fully inspired to go out and do things and healed relationships and try new stuff and set aside your contempt. I just realized how I still can be contemptuous to ideas. Um, Tony Robbins for sure is one.Mischa Z 02:30 It's actually the first time I've heard him live in my whole life and I cannot believe it. I'm like, I just mentioned this before in other podcast episodes, but, uh, yeah. Where, where might I be if by the jumped on the Tony Robbins train? When I first heard of him 30 years ago, right? Like there's no doubt. Um, it's all good. I'm not, there's no remorse. It's just interesting how contempt can keep us from, from things. So, all right. Let me get to the point. Um, Cooper, Waylon, and they asked me, oh, what were your points of gratitude? One was when Waylon graduated and it was just so excited and I was there and he erupted in spontaneous enthusiasm and it made me realize just so much beautiful stuff. I just had so much add for admiration for him and myself and our infectious spirits in that moment.Mischa Z 03:31 Instead of me questioning whether I can feel like sometimes that my infectious spirit, my outgoing energy, my, my pull, my pull, right. I have a pull. Um, that's probably the, I'll just say it that way. It can feel like a curse sometimes, or like I should shy from it or downplayed or hide from it. As long as I can keep it coming from source from God, from the infinite intelligence aligned with that. It's all good. I had that moment of alignment. When Waylon graduated, I saw it in him. I saw it in myself and I was like, what? Young Cooper, this is going to sound like a funny little story. But out of nowhere, the other, maybe a week or two ago, I was like, Hey, Coop's he's 20. Every most 20 year olds can use a little, few extra, a hundred bucks. Perhaps I was like, coops, is there anything you could use a couple hundred dollars for it?Mischa Z 04:33 And he said, that's funny. You should ask. I have an outstanding bill, which he can afford to pay by the way, hey can afford to pay it. But how cool was that to have a 20 year old that can afford to pay his bills? What anyway, but he's like, Hey, I got this outstanding bill. I was just going to pay the 300 bucks. And I was like, I'm sending you 300. I got it. And, um, I don't know why, but I just have this insane moment of gratitude. I do know why I, whatever it was just his, his...I had no expectations of the response or I just did it without expectations. And he was so grateful in his simple response that it...the gratitude, again, I don't know. It was so simple, man. It was so simple. But anyway, 7, 8, 9 years ago, six years ago, I was absolutely like, I got divorced 11, 12 years ago. I was worried. I had destroyed the familiar rich heart-centered love centered relationship with my boys.Speaker 2: 05:58 And we did this Tony Robbins meditation, part of which was gratitude. Those two moments were glaring in a beautiful way within that meditation, that part of the meditation. So when we got together at the end to talk about it, there is going to be a part three, by the way. Right. Talk about one of the big shifts. This is a shift within the shift, but I'm sorry. This is so good. I'm so glad I'm in control of the podcast. And they currently don't have a producer barking at me. Stay on point, stay on point. Um, where the heck was I? Um, so yes. Talk about those gratitude moments. We were supposed to go around, talk about those gratitude moments within our little circle of three people. That's the way I heard it. Other people may have heard it differently. So I started to talk about those two moments.Speaker 2: 07:01 And as soon as I opened my mouth, I started balling. Like the balling where you can't talk, you know what I'm saying? Have you had that balling where you can't talk? Except it was out of like release and I just went into it. I was like these two men here who are amazing and supportive. I love you guys, James Rick, James Mays, Rick Hayhearst, um, listened with these massive open hearts and I just cried and was crying. And they managed to, instead of say, nevermind, next person, next person talk. I sobbed it out for a minute. And they both listened. And then, or they both held that space as I was crying, unable to talk.Speaker 2: 08:00 I know, you know, that spot where you you're crying and you can't talk. And so I finally came to a point where, you know, cause if you talk, you're going to cry more and harder and that it just shuts down your, your, your vocal capabilities. I know, you know what I'm talking about. Um, but, uh, I finally was able to, as best I could talk about that Waylon moment and that Cooper moment, which were both very recent, you know, in my life. And, uh, I was able to say, you know, I became very clear as I'm crying and sobbing and talking and describing those moments in a beautiful way. This, this was just, this is, it was beauty. It was God was there, the infinite intelligence, your higher power call it what you want, the universal, who knows.Speaker 2: 08:56 But I'm like, it's clear to me that my relationship with my boys is healed. That doesn't mean I still might have old stuff to clean up or won't be a prick now, and then moving forward or that there's not going to be hard times or dashed expectations or all the things that come with being a dad, being a son, all that stuff, right. It's going to be a lot less of them. I know. And there's barely any, any more anyway, but to have to be able to say that and know it to my core. Wow. It's really funny. We went to dinner later, a couple hours later and everyone was like, you look younger. No, no doubt. No, no. It's going to say no. S no joke across the board. There was like four people. You look, you know, you look younger, what a beautiful, powerful release. Anyway, that's just one of the little things that happened. I will have a part three to this thought stream, which is going to be about, um, how I went there with an agenda of how I could be of serve service, how I thought I was supposed to be of service. And, um, within that, I thought, yeah, I'm willing to pivot within that frame, but it turns out I needed to find a new frame. All right. Look for part three, love to all by.

    Funnel Hacking Live 2021 Changes My Life. Part #1

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    Live conferences have an opportunity to come back and they are powerful. To be in that energy and that love in that community.  It plants the seeds for a new vision of how I can be of service to my community.  And I realize that the relationship with my boys is healed. Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:53 Oh my gosh. I better start recording quick. I'm looking at the battery power on my phone and it says 26. And I'm actually trying recording with a Motiv video app. It turns out there's a Motiv video app. So I have this portable mic, the Shure MV88 for an apple, the MV88+ for um, Android. You can go to my show notes, click the link and support my efforts. If you're going to get one of those mic by purchasing through my, um, through my link, I am an Amazon affiliate. You'll get the same great price that Amazon has to offer. You just will be supporting me and my efforts. So if you're going to buy a mic, grab one of those two, they are the best. I have them both. Use them for my eye pads on my Mac's or your Wintel or whatever it is. Um, I think Wintel just gave away my age. Do they even say Wintel? Tell anymore? Um, anyhow, I needed to pull out the mic. I needed to start recording. I was just at Funnel Hacking Live Funnel Hacking Live. You can go to and get tickets for Funnel Hacking Live 2022 October in Orlando, Florida. I just got done. It was awesome. It was epic. Dare I say, life-changing dare I say life-changing there. Um, there as in not they are, but they're.Mischa Z: 02:52 Oh my gosh. I can't tell you how many thoughts I have going through my mind right now. Um, I did not record. I was there from Tuesday. I jumped on a plane Tuesday, September 21st, 2021. And got home Sunday, the 26th, September, 2021 and did not record one episode. And, um, it's full on at that Funnel Hacking Live so full on, I mean, all day, every day. What there's 2,500 people there live. 2000 people, 3000 people, um, that, uh, zoomed in. It was sold out, which is pretty crazy given the environment. I am Vaxxed. This is not to say whether that's good, bad, whatever, alls I know I was inspired to go. I did. And, uh, pretty cool because, oh gosh, let's see. Why was it cool? One thing is that, you know, conference live conferences, at least in the moment in America, um, have an opportunity to come back and gosh, how powerful are they so powerful to be in that energy and that love in that community. Funnel hackers, where we are...I'm going to say, I am part of the family.Mischa Z: 04:27 I am all in. The Kool-Aid you see that big jug of Kool-Aid squarely on the table in front of you. I am drinking that Kool-Aid oh, yes, I am. I am being indoctrinated into the system and thank God. Um, where, where do I want to go with this? Um, where was I going with all this I'm indoctrinated into the, um, the community, the Funnel Hacking Live community. As a matter of fact, I sort of went backwards into it though. I started with the high end coaching program, the Two Comma Club X, which is like expensive entry into it. So glad I did it still, it will be re-upping of course, as I record this. Um, but it is a financial commitment and my heart pulled me to it. I signed up, this is back in actually September of last year, um, probably a year ago to the date as I record this, which is pretty awesome. Morning. Um, holy mackerel, you know, I just have a new vision of how I can of service to the world within this community. Um, there was one of the big moments was as I was flying there.Mischa Z: 06:13 I super cool, actually on the airplane, I wrote the email that went out to my email list. Hello, any of my beautiful email list listeners. I just thought it was so cool. I bought my iPad so I could do all this. I bought an iPad that iPad Air 4. I'll be sure to get that link up on the, um, on, uh, on, uh, my Amazon, uh, page or on my, uh, that link in the show notes. And again, please support me, right? Like part of this whole thing is, uh, is, uh, you know, we, we, uh. It's a labor of love for me. And, um, anything you can do to support that, um, I'm asking you, I, I, whatever, just... I'm and part of that as I go sideways again, is that I've really realizing how can I support other people and, and how can I click on their affiliate links and buy through their, through their channels?Mischa Z: 07:26 Cause at, for a time I would have a propensity to want to go direct, but people are putting their spirit into efforts and why would I feel the need to bypass them? I don't anymore. And I see it now, I got a friend who makes sunglasses and, um, I can get a discount from him. I'm sure. Actually not. I'm sure I have in the past, he makes incredible 3 D printed sunglasses. They're amazing. And they're made with, um, out of castor bean oil. So castor beans. Like they grow, it's a weed, at least in Encinitas, it's a weed and they grow. So you can make 3 D printed goods out of weed beans that are amazing and beautiful and functional. And you're not perhaps adding to the, um, the fossil fuel dilemma. Wow! I've got so many paths going. So I'm flying on the plane.Mischa Z: 08:46 I believe I know how I'm supposed to serve my audience. You know, I, I went through this major, uh, people in my life where I quit my career and, uh, you know, did this amazing work, um, a big chunk of it was with Kyle cease. Kyle Cease has what's called the Entrepreneurial Journey. No, it's the Complete Journey. He also has the Entrepreneurial Shift. I did them both, but the first big, big, big shift for me and some of my darkest moments of desperation when I was willing finally, to be open to some outside help was I dove into Kyle Cease's program, did his Complete, what's called the Complete Journey. I encourage anyone to go do it. That is not an affiliate link for me, but Google Kyle Cease's Complete Journey. Don't think buy, buy it. Anyhow, I did that. And, uh, it, it was a major transformation for me. It was a catalyst to me, healing relationships with my children. And I had this major, massive moment at the FHL 2021, where I just was where Tony Robbins was speaking. And he had us do this exercise, gratitude exercise. And I just realized how healed those relationships are with my two boys Cooper and Waylon who are 18 and 20. Love you boys. Um, like this, this, I was sobbing with gratitude.Mischa Z: 10:33 Two guys were there with me. I mean, there were thousands of people there. It was mayhem. And, um, and, uh, who was it? It was Rick, Rich Hayhurst. He's amazing. Google him and James Mays. James Mays owns a music school that a School Of Rock was based on, uh, James, sorry to call you out. Right. Cause well, but both amazing gentlemen, you should Google them and take advantage of their services. So Rick helps with, uh, internet marketing and, uh, he's got a company called Blitz Blitz B. Anyway, I just say that because I I'm just checking time. All right. I'm going to have a part to, uh, I'm just saying that because listen for part two and I will continue the story love to all, that's what we call an open loop. Okay. Peace out. Thank you.

    Interview #43 Brahman Kyrie checks herself into prison…

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 44:17

    Brahman Kyrie weaves trauma-informed inner child healing, with ancient Sanskrit mantras to liberate her clients from past traumas and blockages. Her wisdom teachings, coupled with emotional mastery are potent platforms for self-realization, personal empowerment, and attaining deep peace. Om Namo Narayani.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE out Brahman Kyrie's stuff here: podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: [music]0:00:05.6 Mischa Zvegintzov: Welcome back, everybody to the Tools For A Good Life Summit. And right now, I would like to introduce to you, Brahman Kyrie. Brahman Kyrie, welcome to the Summit.0:00:16.7 Brahman Kyrie: Hi, thanks so much for having me.0:00:18.9 Mischa Z: Indeed. I'm gonna read your bio real quick, if you don't mind.0:00:22.4 Brahman Kyrie: Sure.0:00:23.2 Mischa Z: Fantastic. So Brahman Kyrie is a spiritual leader and energy healer who lives here in Encinitas, California. You founded the Brahman Project, a humanitarian foundation, focused on spiritual education for the soul, sacred ceremony, meditation healing, prison rehabilitation programs, which I can't wait to talk about for a moment, support for animals, both here in the US and globally. Brahman Kyrie has also created prison ministry programs, such as Freedom on the Inside Prison Project, and... Is it PFIFER Re Entry program?0:01:08.0 Brahman Kyrie: Uh-huh. Yeah, yeah.0:01:08.6 Mischa Z: Yeah, PFIFER Re Entry program. Yeah. And is completely devoted to serving your community, both in the temple and in the prison. Brahman Kyrie weaves trauma-informed inner child healing, with ancient Sanskrit mantras to liberate her clients from past traumas and blockages. Her wisdom teachings, coupled with emotional mastery are potent platforms for self-realization, personal empowerment, and attaining deep peace. Om Namo Narayani.0:01:45.0 Brahman Kyrie: Om Namo Narayani. Amen.0:01:48.4 Mischa Z: Amen. Yes. So, we were... You, before we were doing this, earlier this morning, texted me a bunch of pictures from about six years ago, when we were in India. Pictures from India.0:02:08.9 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah.0:02:09.6 Mischa Z: Yes, and we went and saw your guru.0:02:13.6 Brahman Kyrie: Went and saw Amma. There were some beautiful... I love the one in the selfie stick. I didn't really know how to use a selfie stick in, so I was taking photos and the whole selfie stick was in the photo. Did you see that? It's just really funny. Where Amma sort of... Yeah.0:02:27.5 Mischa Z: And so we saw Amma and not the hugging Amma, I know sometimes people can get confused. But we hung out with elephants, we fed orphans, we did many pujas, maybe you could tell somebody quickly what a puja is, 'cause we'll probably be talking about pujas, Satsangs, healings...0:02:54.5 Brahman Kyrie: All good stuff.0:02:56.0 Mischa Z: All good stuff. When I met you six, seven years ago, that none of it was in my radar, and all of a sudden out of a moment of spiritual desperation, the universe was like, you need to meet Brahman Kyrie and boink, there you were. So...0:03:12.2 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah. Well, I love our journey together, Mischa. I love that you came to India and all those sacred ceremonies and different things were new to me as well, and puja particularly is a sacred ceremony. It's a devotional ceremony, and the mind is a really fickle thing, and sometimes I'm a... I have a bit of an obsessive mind and I find it very hard to meditate quiet, I can't quiet my mind really... And then when we do puja, it's a ceremony where you focus your mind on something, so it can be a picture or it can be an idol, or it could be whatever, your dog or a plant or anything, you can do puja to anything, and you focus your mind on that thing and then you do like a devotional ceremony, whether that ceremony is flowers or the sacred bathing ceremony, you're pouring water on that statue or on the garden or whatever, and it actually brings in the divine energy and it expands your energy field and quietens your mind. And in that moment when you're doing the puja, it's like you're totally connected in with the divine energy. It's beautiful.0:04:27.8 Mischa Z: Yes, that's very beautiful. I've got to experience that meditation process and love it. And then Satsang, tell us what Satsang is, right? 'Cause that's a very power... Can be a very powerful experience as well, healing.0:04:44.8 Brahman Kyrie: It is very healing because it's the collective group. So Satsang means gathering of truth seekers, and so when we all get together like that and then we have this common will or the Sankalpa... The common will of the group is we want healing and freedom and liberation and activation, and so as we're chanting and we're singing and we're meditating, it's a guided meditation really, where we invoke the many name, different names and flavors of the Divine, we're multi-face, so it's like whatever you think we agree with you kind of thing, just do that follow your heart and so we invoke those names, and then we do a guided meditation, then throughout the guided meditation, there's songs that really bring in that divine energy really strongly, and then we have blessings at the end where it's like an activation of the divine energy that already lives within you, so it's kind of like that.0:05:41.7 Mischa Z: Yeah, I love that. I found it very transformational for me, just for everybody on the summit, when I met you, you encouraged me pretty quickly, "Hey, you should check out the Satsang and jump in the fray," and I was scared at first because I knew intuitively that when I breached the doorstep, that emotions were going to be let loose.0:06:12.6 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah.0:06:12.6 Mischa Z: Tears were gonna flow, and I wasn't sure if I was ready for it. And sure enough, first Satsang I walked into I just... I don't know if you remember...0:06:26.5 Brahman Kyrie: I remember you doing all of that, yes.0:06:29.3 Mischa Z: Yes, yes. Many tears for a couple of years, but incredibly healing. I like to say that up until that point, my journey with emotions was, take on more than I was letting out. Finally, somewhere along the way, I learned how to let out what I was taking in. So I was still... But I still had all of this pent up emotion, but at least, I wasn't bringing more in, and then that was my opportunity after life got lifey to really let out emotions, very powerful. So you've since brought that into the prisons.0:07:13.5 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah, totally. It's actually two of my favorite places on the planet is in here in the temple and in a prison. And it's like, I love it, and they are my people for sure. And we do Satsang there, we do trauma-informed healing, which is a lot of the private healings that I do as well is that trauma-informed healing with the inner child where we regress in a meditative kind of space. We regress back to reclaim the frozen parts of self, the little boy or the little girl that had those traumatic experiences of abandonment, rejection, or abuse, or trauma, and we reclaim those parts of us and we allow ourselves. I support the group or the person or whatever like was done for me to go back and actually feel those feelings that they weren't able to feel that time, 'cause there was a split from self. And in order to survive the trauma, there's a split that happens where we don't feel those feelings, but they get frozen inside of us. And so, part of what I'm doing in the prison and actually my whole practice is built on it is healing the inner child, the vulnerable self through reclaiming, reclaiming them, yeah.0:08:32.9 Mischa Z: Yeah. And I'll say quickly, for me, I think I'm balanced, I think... I got to do brief stints in jail in my teen years.[chuckle]0:08:45.1 Brahman Kyrie: Right. Then you know.0:08:47.4 Mischa Z: But never any serious prison time. But I think for me, I had divorce, I had career upheaval, I had another fractured relationship, so my heart was just broken when we had met. And this healing that you're talking about, it was so powerful to have a safe space to let out those emotions and to feel loved and to feel sisterhood and some motherhood and brotherhood, and really have a safe place to just sob it out.[chuckle]0:09:25.8 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah. And that's truly what we need. We need a safe place, safe people, we need the space that's being held, so that we can reclaim those parts and allow the heart to release that trauma.0:09:40.1 Mischa Z: Yeah. And then I know I've had an opportunity to lightly interact with some of the people that you've got to work within the prison system, and you're not just... I don't wanna... Everybody watching here, that's just a small piece of what you do, but it's so powerful that I think it's fun to talk about.0:09:57.8 Brahman Kyrie: Totally.0:10:00.0 Mischa Z: Yeah. And there's a great picture on your website, the Brahman Project, where you're leading a Satsang in Donovan State Prison and it's beautiful.0:10:13.8 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah, with that really large group, I think you're talking about, there was 180 guys, and they said it was the first time they'd ever felt safe enough to close their eyes in prison in a group that large. And you could just feel the presence of the divine, you could feel the love. And I went in there with all of the sisterhood that you're talking about, all the Devis, the women that make up this community as well to get the blessings and...0:10:39.9 Mischa Z: Yes.0:10:40.0 Brahman Kyrie: We all went in to together. And so, it was like the feminine healing the masculine and also the masculine healing the feminine... It was this beautiful exchange that happened and it was a profound experience actually.0:10:52.1 Mischa Z: Yeah. And so you're seeing, and I get to see through the work you're doing, prisoners, there's some healing going on, so it's beautiful to see. And obviously, they're responding... Some, not everybody, but some are responding.0:11:07.7 Brahman Kyrie: A lot, a lot actually. And then the beautiful thing is when they get out, then they have also a community that they can... A spiritual community that still fosters and supports what they've been learning in there. I think, historically, there's been a little bit of a... There's been a crack in the road where people get lost when they get out, and it's like, "No, we wanna support their spiritual growth, and when they get out too, of course. And they become part of our community." That's cool.0:11:34.7 Mischa Z: Yeah, cool. And then, obviously, if we wanted to say normies, not, those of us are lucky enough that our past crimes didn't bring us to prison.[chuckle]0:11:46.2 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah, yeah. Only jails. [chuckle]0:11:47.0 Mischa Z: Yeah. But you help, let's just say, plenty of normies. Let's just label ourselves as normies out there, with great access into a very healing, nurturing, spiritual community. And I like how you say it, it's open to all. Very...0:12:11.5 Brahman Kyrie: All, yeah.0:12:12.7 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah, yeah, fantastic. And then... I think we'll save your history, people can go to your website and learn about the before and after, right. So it's been a journey for you as well. I think it's 2006 to 2010?0:12:34.6 Brahman Kyrie: Very good. Yeah, 2006, I stopped drugging, and then away I went and in recovery and yeah.0:12:43.6 Mischa Z: Yeah. And then...0:12:44.1 Brahman Kyrie: My life wasn't always a spiritual one, let's put it that way.0:12:46.7 Mischa Z: Yeah, and... In Australia, if there was a moment where you were looking for stardom, shall we say and actually had a little bit of that, right? You got it in the movies, the commercials, the singing.0:13:02.2 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah. I was successful. I'd been doing that my whole life, so I was successful, I knew how to do it, financially, it helped me, supported me, my lifestyle, I think. And then the Divine had another plan for me, and I wasn't really ready for it. And I was kicking and screaming, "No, I wanna, get me in the door, I want the casting, I want the films and the TV stuff," and the Divine was like, "Mm, mm, mm."0:13:29.5 Mischa Z: So what year... When was that approximately that you had that?0:13:32.2 Brahman Kyrie: That was about 2010 actually. So 2006 got clean and sober, 2010, the life as I knew it as a model-actress-dancer was removed from my life and then my soul's mission dropped in.0:13:47.7 Mischa Z: It's beautiful.0:13:49.1 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah, yeah. Yeah.0:13:50.8 Mischa Z: Okay, fantastic. So I think let's get to the final question on how we can help people, and so I'm gonna give you a scenario and I think we can just use mine and then I'll ask you the question and... We'll go from there, okay?0:14:07.8 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah.0:14:08.1 Mischa Z: Yeah, fantastic. So we've got somebody, if we think of life as a three-legged stool, relationships, finance, health, and then if we think of someone who is successful, let's say an A-type successful or once successful where two or more of those legs fall out from under them, that can be the hard thing, right. For me, so... I was successful, had the wife, the kids, the finances were in order. And then when one of those cracked, divorce and then career upheaval, and I think it's when two of those legs of the stool go out that it can get really gnarly.0:14:52.0 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah.0:14:52.0 Mischa Z: Yeah, and so for me, up until that point, I was very much pull myself up by my bootstraps, fix it, work my way through it, success my way through it, and unfortunately the pain was too great and I needed new tools, I needed new solutions new help. And by the grace of God, I was open-minded. So given that scenario, my question to you is thinking of your tool, energy work, or however you'd like to frame it.0:15:25.8 Brahman Kyrie: Sure.0:15:27.2 Mischa Z: What are the exact next steps you would offer someone like me that was in that state, so that I knew I was headed in the new right direction that I would have positive momentum towards getting my life back on track?0:15:44.1 Brahman Kyrie: Right. Well, if you came to me as a client and that was what was going on for you, I would support you to plug in immediately to the spiritual community, whether it's this one or another spiritual community as far as people doing the same thing. As far as healing and all that kind of stuff, so you're kind of surrounded by like-minded people, because I think sometimes when we have those really big sort of catastrophes where we think our life is imploding, we can think we're the only ones, and that I think that idea can be really dangerous for us when we're trying to heal because we can go into the isolation, and we can go into all of that stuff, and it's like, well, actually it's very common, and particularly when our soul is trying to become embodied, it's like a lot of the things that were normal get removed, a lot of the things that we've relied on for our identity and stuff like that, are removed from us, and so when we are on the spiritual path, that stuff does tend to happen, so I would say, "Fear not," that's the first thing I'd say is, "Fear not, don't worry, this happens all the time," and I would get them to connect with a spiritual community, for sure, as I said, whether it was this one, or whether it was the Buddhist community, or wherever... Wherever they feel like they need to go.0:17:07.1 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:17:09.1 Brahman Kyrie: And then I would also support them, so a lot of the things that I do personally for myself when I'm...0:17:15.4 Mischa Z: Can I ask you a question before you go down that path?0:17:18.8 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah.0:17:18.8 Mischa Z: When you say plug in immediately to a spiritual community...0:17:25.8 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah.0:17:27.3 Mischa Z: So it's like, "Hey, start looking," right? At least start looking, explore, right, if not yours, then go walk through some door steps. Right?0:17:42.2 Brahman Kyrie: Get online. Like for people... Get online, have a look at spiritual community, different like yoga, meditation, whatever in your area, if you wanna go in person or get online and join a group. And if you were in this community, I'd say come to Satsang on a Sunday morning, or we're having this community dinner, come to that, so I just invite people to things and stuff like that, because we are meant to be in community. We're actually meant to be in community. And so that's what we got, if those legs are a bit wobbly, that's one of the first things that at a really baseline level will help us become stable again is being around other people that are doing the same thing, and get our nervous system in a place of security. So that's the first thing I'd sort say.0:18:32.0 Mischa Z: I love it.0:18:32.8 Brahman Kyrie: And because of what I do personally, like my personal practice, when I have meltdowns and bad hair days, and all of that stuff, right?0:18:41.6 Mischa Z: Yes.0:18:43.0 Brahman Kyrie: I do a lot of prayer, and I do a lot of Puja, and I also do a lot of mantra. So I know Puja might be a little outside of the box for some people, even though it's not when you keep doing it. I thought, when I first started doing it, I was like, "What the hell are these people doing? This is crazy." I don't understand... My Western brain couldn't understand it.0:19:06.0 Brahman Kyrie: So then I kept doing it though, and now it's like the energy that comes from it is palpable and it changes my vibration straightaway. But also another really easy thing to do is mantra. And there's a very simple mantra that you just said before, and that I say all the time, that covers everything is Om Namo Narayana, which in essence just means I surrender to the divine. I surrender to the power in everything. I surrender to the divine.0:19:32.5 Brahman Kyrie: And so, definitely one of my tools that I always use, if life is looking a little uncertain... I don't know where I'm going. I'm struggling with money. I'm struggling with my relationships. I feel not part of a community... Or whatever the story is, whatever is going on for me, I will spend time every day chanting mantra. And particularly that one, 'cause it's a surrender mantra. And so it's not that I'm trying to figure anything out, it's literally I'm saying, "I can't. You can." To the divine, and I'm gonna let you.0:20:09.4 Brahman Kyrie: So it's kind of that thing. And I just keep my energy there. So I make sure I pack my brain in a safe place, 'cause we're constantly creating... And when this is spinning out of control down that fear spiral of like, "I'm gonna have no money. I'm gonna be on the street... I'm gonna have no success... I'm gonna be a non-entity... I'm gonna... " When that's doing that, which is what it does, right? 'Cause it does...0:20:33.6 Mischa Z: Yes, yes.0:20:34.7 Brahman Kyrie: And I park my brain in a safe place, which is the mantra, and then I just do that consistently. And then before too long, my energy is a little bit better. And I personally do the inner child work, where is I have that... I put my hand on my heart straightaway... Like say for example, if I feel rejected or if I feel like I've been left out of something, which happened not that long ago. And so... It happens. So I had this big emotional reaction to something that wasn't even what... It was so disproportionate. So that's why I know it was my little girl... And probably some triggers from a long time ago. But I had this really big emotional reaction to not being invited to this birthday party... Just a really big reaction.0:21:25.6 Brahman Kyrie: But luckily, I knew, "Ah, this is my little girl." And so I put my hand on my heart, and I had to do this for a few days. And I just said to her, "I'm right here. I'm not leaving you. You are totally lovable. I love you. I see you. I hear you, and I'm not leaving you." So I had to... I really let her know that no matter what she feels like she's been not a part of, that she is the biggest part of my heart. She's the most important person to me. And when I do that, my whole energy changes and then I feel, "You know what... It's okay. Everything's okay." Everything's alright.0:22:06.7 Mischa Z: Yeah. I love that. And we can use vibration and energy interchangeably, right? 'Cause I think sometimes we'll say, "My vibration changes." And it's almost... You could say, "I got a better attitude."0:22:18.2 Brahman Kyrie: That's it. That's exactly what it is. Same, same. Yep.0:22:20.3 Mischa Z: Yeah. And I think as far as mantra is concerned, again, along the lines of like Google that, right? Like Google a mantra, or Google a prayer, or Google a...0:22:32.4 Brahman Kyrie: That's it.0:22:32.4 Mischa Z: Self-affirming...0:22:33.4 Brahman Kyrie: Belief.0:22:36.4 Mischa Z: Belief... I love it. And then you were saying obviously the she... You're referencing the little Brahman Kyrie, or the little Brahman Kyrie in there. And for me, it'd be the little Mischa, or the him, right?0:22:48.2 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah, yeah.0:22:49.0 Mischa Z: It's a him.0:22:49.9 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah.0:22:50.3 Mischa Z: Yeah. I love that.0:22:51.3 Brahman Kyrie: 'Cause all we really want is to... We have those inner child needs. So we have this need for security, we have this need for love, this need for approval, this need for acceptance, this need for attention, this need for hope, and this need for rest. So we have those needs. And when... Say, if we have a big catastrophe in our life, and some of those needs are really threatened, we need to be able to give that to ourselves... So all of the approval and the acceptance and all that. I need to be able to give that to myself, and then I need to find safe, dependable adults... So it's people that I... That are part of my crew that I feel safe with that I can share that stuff with. So that's really important as well.0:23:39.4 Mischa Z: I love it. Okay, and you were gonna... So we had to plug in immediately to a spiritual community, do a little footwork... Find something, get some mantra... Get that mantra tool that... And I would even say if I heard from you, it's like turn it over to something versus like, "Hey, you've got me, you're holding me, I'm safe." What have you.0:24:03.9 Brahman Kyrie: Yep.0:24:05.5 Mischa Z: Okay, cool. And then next, what are next steps? What do we... And I think you were gonna say something, if you were a client of mine and then I cut you off and I didn't...0:24:13.5 Brahman Kyrie: No... I'd for sure I would always... I always, always, always recommend the inner child stuff, like really connecting with the little boy or little girl within. That's definitely a tool that I use daily. I use that daily. We're emotional beings, we're never gonna not have emotions. We're always gonna feel. And particularly to be honest, as we're on the path... If we're on a spiritual path and we're becoming more energized and we are having more energy coming to our being, we're gonna need to parent that little girl or little boy more as we go.0:24:48.7 Brahman Kyrie: It's not that all of a sudden we're gonna be so spiritual that we're gonna not feel anything. That's just not... You go, "I wish it could be like that, then it wouldn't be so tricky." But it's never gonna be that. We're always gonna feel. And so we have to develop that relationship with our emotional nature, with our little girl, or little boy, our feeling, our inner child. And then it's like parenting that little child on the run. So when you're in traffic or whatever, someone's cut you off or... It's like immediately, if you... Before going into that rage or whatever, it's like, "It's okay, little one. It's okay. It doesn't even matter. It's totally fine. Who cares?" You know?0:25:28.5 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:25:28.6 Brahman Kyrie: Just that. So it's constant parenting of that emotional self. So parenting the inner child, the mantra for sure, and the... It can be any mantra because it's all... They're all sacred sounds. And so their energy is always gonna help attune your energy to something more high vibrational.0:25:46.9 Mischa Z: Okay.0:25:47.3 Brahman Kyrie: So anything like that is good. You could just sit there... And the beautiful thing about the mantra is that you don't need anything... It's great if you have a mala, but you don't need a mala, you can count on your knuckles. You can...0:26:00.5 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:26:00.7 Brahman Kyrie: You know... Or you can just sit there and just keep chanting Om, if you want, you know.0:26:05.6 Mischa Z: Om... Yeah.0:26:06.8 Brahman Kyrie: So that's cool.0:26:07.6 Mischa Z: Yeah... Love it.0:26:09.5 Brahman Kyrie: Definitely surrender. Always about the surrender. And I would also suggest that they do guided meditation. So find a really good guided meditation, and particularly a meditation that works with your energy field. So I've got a couple of really good ones that I always use myself and that I recommend for other people as well. There are some that are mine, but also some that are like... Shakti Durga has a great arch-angelic one that is just brilliant. And you can use it when you first start on the spiritual path, you could use it when you're 50 years down the track, it's still gonna have a really great effect on your energy body.0:26:51.1 Mischa Z: Yes, thank you for reminding me that. 'Cause I used many of those that you're talking... That you provided to me. And I believe we are going to... On the bonus area, we're gonna make some of your meditations available... Correct?0:27:06.2 Brahman Kyrie: Yes, yeah. We are.0:27:06.5 Mischa Z: I love that. Some of your guided meditations. Tell me surrender. So, I think surrender is a great strategy. So tell me a tactic to surrender... So it's like... It's easy to say, "Oh, just surrender." But then it's like, "Well, what does that mean?"0:27:22.3 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah.0:27:23.1 Mischa Z: How?0:27:23.8 Brahman Kyrie: How? So if I am in mental obsession, or if I am... If I have this great idea... It could be a really, really good thing that I'm sort of attached to. But if I'm in that attached place, I know that the attachment makes it not a good thing, even if it's a really...0:27:43.9 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:27:44.1 Brahman Kyrie: You know what I mean? So even if it's like, "Oh... " Like, I was once attached to getting a spiritual temple, and that... Because of that attachment, it blinded me to a lot of things that were right in front of me that I didn't see. And so even if it's a really good thing that we're trying to manifest, or that we're trying to create in our life, if we have attachment to it, the attachment makes it not that great. And so we can still have that preference.0:28:07.5 Brahman Kyrie: And so what I do, is I'll sit at my altar, or I'll sit in a sacred place, whether it's out in the garden or whatever. And I'll just literally say to the divine or whatever... To God, or Amma, or whoever. I give you this, please take this from me. I give you this, please take this and lead me to who you'd have me be. What do you want me to do? Where do you want me to be? I do all that stuff, but then I also... If I've said that prayer, and I've said it a few times during the day, I still take action, that supports maybe getting that thing that I'm thinking about. I still take the action, but I always make sure that I've prayed first, so it kind of cleans up the energy, before I do it.0:28:51.3 Mischa Z: I love that.0:28:51.9 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah.0:28:52.1 Mischa Z: I love that. I love that. Yeah. Fantastic. Good. Cool. What else? What else?0:29:00.0 Brahman Kyrie: What else? Let me think. What else? What else? What else is there?0:29:08.7 Mischa Z: Well, I... Oh yeah, go ahead.0:29:10.8 Brahman Kyrie: No you go ahead.0:29:10.9 Mischa Z: And I think... I think you could tell me because you're... I think for everybody watching and listening, when we get in that state, it's like I don't need the full transformation... Just get me pointed in the right direction... And I just need 1% movement, so that it's like, "Oh yeah. Okay. There's hope," right?0:29:37.8 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah. And... I love that. And it's like... I shared this the other week, I can't remember who I got it from. I got it from someone. It was like, to get from this side of the country to the other side of the country, it doesn't need to be light the whole way, you just need to be in a car with headlights that illuminate a few meters in front of your car... In the darkness. And it's exactly what you're saying. Is like, I don't need to see the whole picture. I don't need to know who's gonna be there, what it's gonna feel like, am I gonna be happy. I don't need to know all that stuff. I just need to see a little bit in front of where I'm going, and then when I pray and get my energy aligned, with the divine, through mantra, or surrender, or whatever... Inner child work... Then I'm more open to just taking that next right action, instead of having to know the whole thing. It's like, I don't need to know the whole thing, I just need the next bit.0:30:28.7 Mischa Z: Yeah. It's beautiful. Thank you for this.0:30:32.7 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah.0:30:32.7 Mischa Z: So, if I... And we'll just take one more angle at it. So I roll in... Say the me rolls in like I did six years ago, and I'm like, "I'm... Brahman Kyrie, I'm all in." Like get me pointed in the right direction. You're gonna say, "Okay, great, tap into some spiritual... Into the... To a spiritual community." Let's assume it's yours. And then you're gonna sit down with them and you're gonna say, "Okay, here's a... Do A, B, C, D."0:31:00.5 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah... If you walked in, I would say, "Okay, let's get you connected with some other people walking the same path as you." So you understand that you're not alone, 'cause we're not alone. So I'll get you connected with a community. And then, another thing that I would also get you to do, because it seems so counter-intuitive, and such a foreign thing. But really, when we're having those big catastrophes in our life, where it feels like our whole life is changing, or crumbling before us... What we could do, which is gonna help us tremendously, is acts of service. Is actually, acts of service, that help us to... If I was gonna speak in spiritual terms, when we're having those big catastrophes and pain and whatever, we're clearing something as well, we're clearing some karma, we're clearing some pain, we're clearing... We're opening up into new parts of who we are, while the old parts are maybe dying, which feels really awful because it's change and no one likes change.0:32:08.4 Brahman Kyrie: But it's also a really good thing. And what helps us to get our minds off of all that stuff is just being of service. So I would for sure support them to start being of service either in this community or go and sign up and do something in someone else's community. Whatever it is, is like while you're going through this rapid change and transformation... 'Cause that's what it is... Particularly if we're on the path and that's happening, it's like it's transformation, even though our head goes, "Oh my God, I'm dying." It's actually transformation. And so until the mind catches up, it's like go and be of service, hook into a spiritual community.0:32:54.3 Brahman Kyrie: I would probably do some energy work with them, where we use mantra and the inner child. Because when... The thing about those big catastrophes is it opens us up to be able to clear things that we've held on to our whole lives that maybe have been shoved down for a really long time. So when those really big moments happen and it feels like there's a big cracking of the egg moment like we're cracking open, we're actually more capable of and open to healing that pain.0:33:24.5 Mischa Z: Yeah.0:33:25.1 Brahman Kyrie: I would work with them clearing that pain for sure.0:33:28.5 Mischa Z: I love it. And then... And just to touch on act of service real quick... That could be go feed the homeless. It could be go feed... I'm just thinking of things that I know that I have friends... Have done. They go volunteer and feed animals or horses, carrots or whatever. I mean there's...0:33:47.1 Brahman Kyrie: That's it. That's it.0:33:48.5 Mischa Z: The litany of what you can do, right?0:33:49.5 Brahman Kyrie: Go to prison, go plant a community garden to feed the homeless. Go and give clothes to the women's shelters, go and... All of those things... Even go to a temple and see if you can help with the flowers. Or go to a school and read to the children, or... All that stuff is like... While we've got all that stuff that's coming up, we have to give the mind something else to focus on, otherwise...0:34:17.7 Brahman Kyrie: There was a little story that I told the other day that I'd read from Amma. And you know this because you've bathed Vaishnavi... So you know the beautiful big elephant that we bathed in India. So Amma says that, when Vaishnavi has got a sugarcane in her mouth... Like, good luck trying to get her to drop it. And... Because she's not gonna drop it unless you give her something sweeter than the sugarcane and then she'll drop it. And so the mind is like that... It's like it's gonna keep spinning that story of trauma and pain and doom... Impending doom, until you give it something else to hold on to and focus on, then it will drop that other thing. And before you know it, it's like you've climbed out of that hole and life isn't doomsday anymore.0:35:04.4 Mischa Z: I love it, that's beautiful. Thank you. It's so good. It's so poignant. I've experienced it myself. I've seen you experience it. And it's such a great reminder 'cause it's very easy to get stuck in the me, me, me loop where it's like, "Okay, start doing that again, act of service." And even looking for an act of service can start to free the mind.0:35:25.6 Brahman Kyrie: It will definitely, absolutely.0:35:27.6 Mischa Z: And then quick, so someone says, "I liked what you said you gave... " You literally gave an example of how to soothe the inner child. So maybe someone who's like, "Alright, I'm willing to dabble with this inner child stuff, but I don't know if I wanna get a session yet." But...0:35:45.8 Brahman Kyrie: Sure. Sure.0:35:48.1 Mischa Z: You... Maybe another trick, if you were to be like... If I was like "Hey, Brahman Kyrie. Man, my inner child... What can I do quick?" [laughter]0:35:58.4 Brahman Kyrie: I'll tell a funny story, actually. It's an old story, but it's funny. Because we've all got the inner child, it doesn't matter how spiritual we think we are... So many years ago, I was running a meditation in Australia actually, and there was one student of mine who every Wednesday night after the meditation, he'd come back to my house and we'd get pizza and we'd work on the business side of my life... And my inner child loved it. I just loved it. I loved getting the pizza, I loved doing the work on the business, and he was really helpful. And this one Wednesday night, I finished the meditation, I was packing up the altar. And he approached me after meditation and he goes, "Brahman Kyrie I'm really sorry, but I can't come back to your place tonight. I'm taking her home."0:36:50.0 Brahman Kyrie: And showed me this girl... And immediately I was like, the jealousy and possessiveness... It was like rah... I was so annoyed. But I was like, "Oh my God, inner child, inner child." And so in that moment, I very quickly just said to that energy, that was like volcanic, that was jealousy, possessiveness whatever. I said to her, "It's okay, little one, you don't own him. I'll eat pizza with you tonight, and we'll catch up with him next week."0:37:19.2 Brahman Kyrie: And then immediately the energy started to dissipate. It's like I expanded through the emotion and was able to calm the emotion. And if I hadn't have done that, what would have come... 'Cause I ended up saying, "Of course, yeah, no worries. It's totally fine." But if I hadn't have done that, probably what would have come out of my mouth was, "Don't worry about it, see ya... Catch you later.”[laughter]0:37:42.8 Brahman Kyrie: And so we don't wanna do that, but that's the little girl. It's like a little kid wants her pizza, wants her friend, wants her... So just those... Whenever I'm emotionally disturbed, it's my little girl. And it's like a little kid, it's literally like... And you wouldn't... If there was a little kid feeling jealous or angry or screaming, you wouldn't berate the kid and criticize the kid. You'd say, "It's okay, no worries. It's gonna be alright." And we're gonna do this instead... A little detour. We're gonna do this. And so literally that stuff works with our emotions, it literally does. And what I have found is that it actually transmits the energy that was the jealousy and the rage and the possessiveness into a whole new energy, and then it's okay.0:38:32.5 Brahman Kyrie: And so the hand on the heart is a really beautiful physical way that the body and the being, the little self with a small 's', the little kid, feels the love. And you're just, "It's okay, little one. I got you. Don't worry about what they're doing. And it doesn't matter what's happening around us, I'm not leaving you." And that constant affirmation of they're not abandoned... 'Cause I think sometimes when we've been abandoned as kids, we adopt that program, and we do it to ourself a lot. And then they just need to know... We need to repair that relationship. And they need to know that we're not leaving them. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.0:39:11.0 Mischa Z: Yeah. Beautiful. Thank you. I love that advice.0:39:14.5 Brahman Kyrie: Sure.0:39:14.5 Mischa Z: Yeah that's good. I think that's a good place to end this section. So if this interview for everybody watching with Brahman Kyrie, aka Brahman Kyrie, has been fantastic. And you want to get even more from Brahman Kyrie, upgrade to the all-access pass for that bonus interview. Which is gonna be awesome 'cause I know you have so many good tales to tell. Any final thoughts to share, that we did not get a chance to cover?0:39:47.4 Brahman Kyrie: I just think that we should always try to remember how precious we are, and how precious each one of us is. I think that really is something that... It's always good to remember that, I think, about ourselves and about each other.0:40:02.8 Mischa Z: Yeah, thank you for that.0:40:04.4 Brahman Kyrie: Yep. Yep.0:40:05.1 Mischa Z: I love that. Very good, and everybody can find you at, that's www.the... B-R-A-H-M-A-N Her Satsang's live... Tell them where they can literally jump in.0:40:30.3 Brahman Kyrie: Yeah, so you can join Satsang live through Facebook on Brahman Kyrie Shanti. Either my public figure page or my personal page. You can actually attend the Satsangs live if you're a local at EVE Encinitas, which is 575 South Coast Highway, the 101 in Encinitas. And that's 8:30 to 10:30 every Sunday morning. The prison, if you wanna look on the prison website, it's If people wanna check out there, because that's another place that you can be of service if you want.0:41:02.7 Mischa Z: Love it, Alright, fantastic. Everybody remember, click the button on this page to get unlimited access to all of these interviews in the all-access pass. Brahman Kyrie, thank you so much. Yes.0:41:20.2 Brahman Kyrie: Lots of love, Mischa. You're amazing.0:41:22.7 Mischa Z: Thank you. You too. Thank you.[music]

    Thursday Meditation #5: What if I wasn't worried about money?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 17:43

    What if I wasn't worried about money?  What would I do differently?  What decisions would I make differently?  In those tough moments what if we replace money with service to source as our motivator?Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    I need to learn how to appreciate every moment, perceived good OR bad.

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 14:35

    One time when I was being chewed out by a girlfriend and I had an out of body experience.  And I realized all moments are outside of my control.  So I need to learn how to find happiness here too.  And my most recent root canal reminds me of this. Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:03 I just worked up the episode called we can have happiness in any moment. So by the time you listened to this episode, that episode will be published. We can have happiness in any moment ( And I think that's true, generally speaking. I think that's true. And I think that, um. What I was going to talk about on this episode, what I'm going to talk about on this episode is where that idea really coalesced. Or, or I saw it as, you know, what I need to figure out how to be happy in any moment. Because all moments are outside of my control. And so I'm going to talk about that when, when that came into my line of sight, and then I'm also going to talk about extreme circumstances and that, because that's inevitably where I go or where other people can go as well. But what about the most extreme circumstances?Mischa Z: 01:23 So, um, about back in what, 2015, I suppose I was breaking up with this girl. And this was a girl that I really, really was in love with. And I didn't realize how much I was in love with her until the breakup was complete. Um, yeah, that's how I'd say that. And anyway, uh, about a month before, um, we officially broke up. And actually, I didn't know we were breaking up. But in hindsight it turns out we were breaking up. Um, this girl, she lived with me and, and like, God bless her soul man. And she lived with me and we decided that perhaps she should move out. And, and so, yes, she'll move out. She's got a month because she's got to find a place where she finds a place and then it's not ready. So effectively from the time we decided that she would move out to when she moved out was about a month.Mischa Z: 02:37 And this is, uh, this is a little off of the topic, but I thought after she moved out, we would work on it and try and sort out our difficulties. And, uh, her thought was, yeah, as soon as I'm out, we're done. And so anyhow, as soon as she moved out, we were done, it turns out. And, um, my heart was a bit shattered, tattered call it what you will. Anyhow, uh, in between that month, between the time we decided to break up and she was moving out, um, she was very upset one day and one evening. And she was really, um, you know, coming at me fairly strong. And I say this with love. Uh, how many times have I come at people, very strongly raised my boys or just launched into the criticisms of somebody, you know, I've definitely done this myself. So she was doing this to me.Mischa Z: 03:40 And that was my perception of, she might actually have a completely different story and that's okay. But in this moment, the way I'm feeling it is, you know, she's yelling at me, she's, she's going down my list of, of character defects. I can't even remember what they were, you know, but you do this, you do that. You're like this you're like that. I can't believe this. I can't believe that. And, and, uh, as I said, I really love this, this woman. And, and in that moment, this one time when she was un-corking on me, I remember it vividly, she was standing at the front of the bed and I was sitting in bed and, um, she was just common strong. And I remember in that moment as I, I, an out of body experience, I was like, you know what?New Speaker: 04:41 I need to learn how to be okay in these moments too. I need to learn how to...can somebody find happiness in this moment too? That was the actual thought. I was like, gosh, these, these moments can come and go. Supposed good moments, bad moments. I realized, or I had the question came, can I find happiness? And a moment like this? Can I appreciate a moment like this as well? And, um, it was a powerful, powerful thought. And I realized in that moment that, Hey, more than ever that, oh my gosh, like, I need to truly learn how to be happy under any circumstance. Because circumstances are outside of my control circumstances are going to come and go suppose a good circumstances, supposedly bad circumstances. And if my happiness is dependent outside of me... If I continue that... And I have, I had a good life at the time, I still have a good life now, generally speaking.Mischa Z: 06:00 So I guess it was a very deep moment. Um, I don't know why I hedged my circumstances by saying that life was good or fine or whatever. Obviously it was an upheaval because it was breaking up with this girl it turns out. And, you know, my parents had passed away. I come out of a divorce a couple of years ago. Um, you know, yeah. And my career was in complete upheaval. Um, yeah, my career, I was floundering in my career. And in that moment, it's where I had that awareness. And so he was like April, 2015, March, 2015. Yes. March, 2015. And that's when the new taking that paradigm very seriously. That paradigm, that way of living of finding happiness, no matter what in the moment, um, popped up. I'm going to fast forward to the day because my brain goes to, oh, well, what about if you're being tortured?Mischa Z: 07:20 Right. Like literally tortured in a pain moment. Or, gosh, there's so many things we could say where it's like, how is one going to be happy in that moment? And, and, and... So very recently I was at the dentist just depending on what anybody's listening to this. So in September, September of 2021 due to this is the whole dentist story. I have a whole dentist tangent I could go on, but I won't, but it turns out I needed. And I can't believe I'm going to tell the audiences, but I needed two root canals and I needed two, um, crowns. And I'm about to get the crowns I'm halfway done with the crowns. So I had to go to, um, the root canal person. And then I had to go to the crown, the crown dentists. So two different dentists, whatever you call them, teeth, surgeons or whatever.Mischa Z: 08:31 But those moments are very intense and there can be pain. And they do a great job of using local anesthetic to numb the pain. However, in those moments, I, I meditate so much and I have been for a bit, you know, and I'm, I I'm, I... As I'm in the dentist chair and, and this a root canal is pretty serious circumstance, right? Like breathing and meditating and dropping in and getting into such a deep meditative moment in the dentist chair. It's pretty crazy. Like the it's almost. What I'd liken it to is a circumstance where it's like, Hey, can this be a relaxing, enjoying experience or relaxing, enjoyable experience? Idon't know how to term that, but I will say that "yes, it was". And the most interesting fact of it is both times, both times. And this happened before. So this is just the most recent time. I've, I've, I've frequent the emergency room due to stitches. I seem to in my athletic endeavor, I seem to be gifted at cutting myself deep enough to need stitches.Mischa Z: 10:00 So anyway, the technique can work in those situations too. But the dentist, this dentist, I've had now three root canals there, perhaps for I've lost track. Um, and I, I floss. I want you to know I've lost one to two times a day. Brush my teeth, use the, the, between the teeth. You know, Tepei things. I should put a Tepei, a link in the show notes, get your temp, a teeth cleaners. Um, turns out if you drink CA I went, I'll tell you the story, my gosh, this episode's going long. I, I, uh, I started drinking in the middle of the COVID cream and sugar in my coffee cause it's so good. And I sip my coffee all morning. So I'll have one cup and I'll nurture at all morning. And it turns out, uh, sugary coffee. It's like drinking 20 cups, sugar wise. Cause you just keep on re dousing your teeth with sugar throughout the morning.Mischa Z: 11:03 And so that the dentists said, Hey, this is the deal. If you're going to drink sugary coffee, you gotta drink it. You know, within the 15 minutes or you gotta drink it down. If you nurse it all morning, you just keep shocking your teeth. Noted! So that's what I had done. Two root canals, but this dentist tells me, he's always like, man, you're the best, um, patient ever, just so calm, so relaxed. So I can't remember the other things he's said, but every time I'm there, he's him and his assistant. They're like, what, what is this what's going on here? So anyhow, and then, you know, when I had the, the crowns done, that's where they do the teeth grinding and stuff like that. But same experience. So almost being tortured, although I suppose when you are getting truly tortured or an extreme situation like that, where you get no, um, local anesthetic, you know, might be harder to find peace enjoying the moment. But there you go, that I just wanted to expand on finding peace in the moment and I've definitely gotten better. Thanks to that out of body experience I had with that girlfriend where I was like, I need to learn how to appreciate every moment, perceived good or perceived bad, learn how to appreciate every moment, because the moment is outside of our control other than how we perceive it, I believe. Okay. I'm done. Thank you. Have a good day. Love to all.

    How you can find inspiration from building Ikea like furniture.

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    Assembling a chair and a bookshelf for my home office totally inspires me.  It lets me know I'm on the right track with the the business I am trying to build :).  Follow the steps and you will have success!  It might take a bit but keep at it.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:02 This episode is all about how you can find inspiration from building Ikea like furniture. Or how I can find inspiration or even better. How I found inspiration by building Ikea like furniture. So as I've been getting more and more ingrained in, you know, um, doing this, this, uh, coaching process that I'm in the 2CCX. Russell Brunson's 2CCX, which is all about, secrets and funnels, and, you know, building community and crafting your message and generating free traffic and then paid traffic and creating courses and products and offers. And not only does it work for information products, but it can work or does work for physical products as well. As well as for, um, localized, uh, uh, businesses. So chiropractors, stuff like that. But anyway, there you go, Russell, I'm doing your pitch for you. But anyway, as I've been, um, so here's what happened.Mischa Z: 01:33 I, one of the things is, uh, I needed to go to office Depot to get a chair, a good chair. I've been trying to find a good chair to work in. I I've, haven't had the sit at a desk chair for a sustained amount of time for quite a while. And so this last year, as I've been committed to this course. I've, I've, you know, I've gone through a few iterations of chairs, man. And I, I was like, finally, I was like, I got to get a good chair or I've needing a good chair. That's in the back of my mind also. And I had been shopping around, looking around, trying some, bringing them back, bought a couple that have sufficed, but definitely not optimal. And then also another bookshelf. I've needed another bookshelf, um, because I'm collecting more books, more sales books, more inspirational metaphysical, spiritual books, adventure books, just getting new books along the way.Mischa Z: 02:38 So, and a place also to sort of perch my microphones that I'm not using at the moment in a cool way, or my Mike stands or my, you know, tripods and stuff like that. And I had created, um... And I'd sent an to the list. Hopefully you're on my list. You can always jump on my list by going to www.toolsforagoodlife.Com register for the free summit and you will be on my list. Um, there's also, what's the other, there's another link in my show notes, but that always works, uh, www.toolsforagoodlife.Com.Mischa Z: 03:27 So I was sending an email to my email list. This one was about, uh, Barbara Karnes booklet "Gone From My Sight", which transformed my life. It was just a very, it came to me in a very powerful moment when my mother was in hospice and it gave me a new way explained A) what my, the process my mother was going to and just made it beautiful and then gave me some spiritual insights as well. So I was offering this book to my list. I said, Hey, just reply to the email. And I'll send you a copy for free. I'll even cover shipping, just, um, give me your address. So I went to Office Depot to grab all of the, uh, booklet, envelopes labels and things like that. So I could send these out, take the time, hand, write some notes, stuff like that.Mischa Z: 04:21 I'm trying to add value. I'm trying to just be of service in a massive way. And or that they might not feel massive, but you know, create some Goodwill. Like, uh, just do some nice things with nothing expected in return. And so I met Office Depot, buying my envelopes and my colored labels and some things, and this Office Depot by my house turns out it's going out of business. So there was a chair in the box for sale. I got to sit in it amazing, oh my gosh, the chair of my dreams, I feel like at a discount as well as this amazing bookshelf. Bookshelf was in the box as well by him bringing him home. I get to build them. And today I've been building. I, I built the chair, uh, this morning and, uh, followed the instructions. Chair went together. It works as planned.Mischa Z: 05:38 It's awesome. I'm three quarters of the way through the bookshelf. And it's an Ikea like bookshelf. So it's got the same widgets and screws and Allen type turny things, and I'm pretty complex. So it's a pretty complex bookshelf, relatively speaking. But 3/4's, you know, as I get halfway through and I start completing the steps and I really start getting the sense of satisfaction, like, "oh my gosh, it's all coming together". And you know, you see the use the, the parts and pieces that need to be used dwindling down doing, laying down. So I get the three quarters that I'm like, oh my gosh, I can see the finish line it's coming together. This is awesome. Um, you know, it's been a few hour project. I've been listening to some Russell Brunson videos in the background. Uh, some of the content that's available on the 2CCX, which is amazing by the way.Mischa Z: 06:37 Um, perhaps by the time you hear this, I will have a link where you can, uh, you can jump into Russell Brunson's, um, One Funnel Away Challenge or get one of his books or some such thing. Um, anyway, so look in the show notes for that. Um, but anyways, so I just was so inspired. I, the bookshelf is not done. I was so inspired. I was sitting there going, oh my gosh, this is amazing. The sense of satisfaction, follow the steps, the simple steps. All of a sudden I built a chair, all of a sudden this really cool bookshelf is almost done. And it just really, really hits me as a solid, big, inspirational reminder. You're doing the same things in the 2CCX. What you're building could be a three-year process, but keep following the steps. It's simple. Just keep following the steps. You don't even need to know how it works.Mischa Z: 07:41 Just keep taking the next inch incremental step, turn to the next screw, insert the next piece into that piece. Right. And, um, I just was like, yes, I am on the right track. I'm following the steps of the program it's coming together. Sometimes it feels like a lot slower than I want to, but I can see the things working. I can see the pieces of the program coming together. And, um, super powerful, super exciting. And just a reminder that, Hey, you can do anything. I put an engine in a truck knowing nothing about combustible engines. I literally just followed the instructions that episode or episodes, or somewhere back in this podcast, go look for them. But, but I'll close with this or end with this. I was like, you know what, anytime I need some inspiration about where I am in the process, I might go buy a little piece of furniture to build it, to follow the steps, to see it work, to have the mini success, to know that I'm on the right path. Keep following the steps. People keep trying new things, keep learning, keep growing. All right. Peace out. Love to all.

    I couldn't imagine life without that edge to drive me.

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    How would I survive in the world without that edge that had served me so well? That had paid the bills?That had helped me support a family?  What Was going to fill that void?  Is there something in your character that you justify as being "that's just who I am"? When ultimately it could go away and something beautiful could replace it.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:01 Covert anger, final thoughts. Covert subversive, anger, final thoughts. Um, as a 53 year old man at the time of this recording, you know, I definitely over the, over my life arc had stripped away various levels of anger, aggressiveness, passive aggressiveness, and I should surely have more room to, to, to, to grow in that regard. And new light will be shed on, on those things for me I am sure. If I get to, as Barbara Karnes gets to say "die from a gradual death and continue my, this relationship to the world, as I relate to this way into this world, as it is". Wow! I just went really heady really quick. Um, anyhow, uh, you know, I, I just had come to that point, as I said, uh, what would that be? Uh, you know, nine years ago where I was fighting with my son yet again, to the point of tears, uh, around this math homework, I think it was, and, and, uh, something needed to change.Mischa Z: 01:24 And, uh, you know, I bought a couple books on anger and, and, uh, that, that show of willingness, um, sparked massive change in me, further massive change, right. And perhaps I wouldn't have needed to change. But, uh, it's much funner to go through the world these days with the attitude of bringing love in every situation. Letting go of the fear of what bringing love, what the result of that may be. And why did I have such a fear of that and why, why, why does it matter? I can maybe get insight to why at a later time, what is important is how I act now. And so one of the key things around that was I could not imagine my life without that bit of edge to drive me. And I briefly mentioned it and perhaps it was episode one or episode two of the covert anger series here that, um, you know, that sort of edge helped push me in sales.Mischa Z: 02:49 Like that edge helped me, helped me prospect. That edge helped me do the uncomfortable work in sales. And, and served its purpose for the universe, right? Not to go too heady on you there, but I try not to hold judgements in these situations anymore. It's like, Hey, you know, if I can step back a few levels, start stripping out judgment. Anyway, that's a whole nother conversation, but I just could not comprehend how, if this character defect is removed from me, who am I going to be? Who is Mischa? Those habits were so ingrained in me. You know, those, that justifiable anger that. That dubious anger of the normal man that, that I justified away as not being anger, as being passionate as being a quirk of my character as being who Mischa is. I could not get my arms around who I would be without that intensity. Like, like, like, like, like it's funny when we throw those words in, instead of the uncomfortable silence, what was going to fill that void?Mischa Z: 04:29 How would I, Mischa, survive in the world without that edge that had served me so well that had paid the bills that had helped me, you know, support a family and perhaps ultimately subversively undermine a family. If people get tired of passive, aggressive, aggressive, aggressive behavior. Um, and anyhow, I, it's an interesting thing. What is going to fill that void? And I can't imagine who am I going to be without it. And I, therefore I can't be without it. And I would challenge you, have you, do you have a thought about some quirks of your character? Like, that's just who I am and maybe the theorist, who would you be without it? And I see that in people, as I see it in myself, I'm like, oh yeah, like they S we, as humans can say, yeah, that's just who I am, but we can't imagine ourselves without it.Mischa Z: 05:33 And, um, you know what I think about that now about various quirks of my character. I'm like, is this something that has run its course? And just because I cannot imagine it not being part of who I am, who am I going to be without it? Like, what it's that's, uh, is there stuff like that sussing around in me, such a great question. I would challenge you listeners. Like, do you have a quirk in your character that you justify as being, that's just who I am. When ultimately it's like, perhaps that could go away and something beautiful could replace it. And so I have just had that, just experience, just that experience, right. I, I was like, can I survive in the world? Can I survive as a sales person? Can I survive in this iteration of myself without that intensity? And it turns out that yes I can and then deed, I can thrive.Mischa Z: 06:50 And indeed I can thrive in relationships. Indeed ceeding that control. Indeed, the willingness to get rid of that, that, that, that lower levels of anger has been replaced by love. In this case love. Like love and source and, you know, God infinite intelligence. Just like the ability to much more than ever in my life over this past nine years and standing learning more and more how to do this, how to bring love in every situation. Without the fear of loss. And, again, I would challenge you that...and this is, this is a bit of who I am, and I can tend to think, well, cause I'm like this everybody's like this. Well, that's absolutely not the case. Some of you listening may have never had these issues or, you know, be like 40 steps ahead. And God bless you. And a couple of you might be right behind me and God bless you too. So the arc of life is super fun. I, I, I love the idea of "can a piece of my character go away", "who I think I am", where I think I can't, who is, "who am I going to be without it?" And I'm here to tell you that something beautiful will be there to replace it. And, uh, that's it. Final thoughts on my covert anger series. Thank you for listening per usual. Love to all have a good day.

    I'm going to cut to the chase. I was fearful of how I was going to look as a parent.

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    I dive deep on the "self righteous agenda".  And what does that mean.  And examples of a self righteous agenda.  A little prayer to help you work through it.  And Perhaps I don't know what you need to go through to get to where you need to be.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript:  Mischa Z: 00:01 Covert anger part 6. If you made it this far and listen to all five...yea! If not, and you've just listened to a few, or this is your first one, hopefully you will grab the nugget that can propel you forward to a less covertly, anger, anger life. And B hopefully you've gone and purchased the sure. MV88 mic. So you can record your amazing thoughts on both audio and video on your iPhone with the lightning connector. Um, and there's the Shure MV88+ plus that you can also get, which I also have, which allows for non lightning connectors. So nobody has an excuse. I should add the link for the MBA plus in the show notes.Mischa Z: 00:56 So yes, I had covert and subversive anger issues that I was in denial about, and or that I justified. Turns out I was raising my voice. And yes, that can be construed as anger and not just Mischa being passionate about his idea. And perhaps the seething silent treatment is just as inappropriate. And that perhaps imposing my will in an intimidating way, uh, is perhaps an anger issue as well. And, uh, it can be very subtle. It can be very subtle. We can strip away more and more of those habits. I'll speak for me. I can, but then perhaps I still had some, it culminated in me with me, tired of making false promises to my son Waylon when he was nine years old. And, uh, and uh, I was tired of telling him that next time I won't yell at you to what would turn out to be to the point of tears the next time we do homework?Mischa Z: 02:22 And I was like, yeah, this does not feel good anymore. Dad, learned, dad needs to learn how to bring love in every situation. If your child is not going to get his homework done, as you like anyway, perhaps why do we need to have the peak, um, trauma experience. Or tumultuous experience and then go to love and we play can't we just start with love, and perhaps the will get you to the outcome you want. And I would say that works with arguments with your spouse. Arguments, with a relative arguments, with a friend. Arguments, with the political figures that you can't even talk to. Arguments with people, places and things.Mischa Z: 03:29 So anger is as a result of fear, anger manifests from fear. What was Mischa fearful of? I'm going to cut to the chase and just say Mischa was fearful of how he was going to look as a parent, A. That was one. If Waylon not doing good in school. I will be perceived as a poor parent. If Waylon doesn't have the proper hobbies, I will be perceived as a poor parent. I could go on and on down the list. We could move that on further to, you know. Selfishly Mischa being...selfish...Mischa has fear of feeling or seeing his son in an uncomfortable situation. What if Waylon, uh, hurts himself? Well, I don't want him to hurt himself. That can be a righteous agenda, a self-righteous agenda, but perhaps I just don't want to have to deal with the ramifications of my son hurting himself. So maybe I yell in a situation where I don't need to, or I'm over-protective. I hope that's a valid example. I think it can be, in some cases it can be. What are other examples you think I'd have them written down? Um, I don't want to be financially responsible for my kids longer than I need to.Mischa Z: 05:26 How about another one? I don't think I had a lot of this, but perhaps some people do or perhaps it's more sneaky than I think. But what if I fail in life and have no reserves when I'm old and then neither do my kids. So they cannot be supportive of me, ironically, if I'm yelling at them all the time, excuse my language, but let's drive that point home. Perhaps they're not going to be around when I'm older anyway,Speaker 2: 05:57 So it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but there's plenty of stuff. Plenty of stuff where it's like, it's, Mischa worried about the perception of the world towards me. It's me worried about what am I going to have to do longer than I want to? Is they're going to be fiscal responsibilities longer than I want to? Am I going to have to take care of them longer than I want to? Is it going to affect my day? I can't go watch TV because Waylon is not getting his homework done and the timely manner that I want to. So I'm going to miss my favorite recorded show.Speaker 2: 06:45 How ironic is that? Most stuff is streamable. Back then it wasn't quite as much, but it's just a funny thought. I'm sure DVR was available back then. And I probably had it, but you get the point, the demand for respect as well. That's just such a funny thing. So once I started digging deep into that, once I started meditating or contemplating those ideas, and once I started seeing the level of my selfishness under the guise of a righteous agenda. And what do I mean when I say righteous agenda? What I mean is supposedly I want the best for you. I want the best for you. And that's how I justify me being...Practicing my subversive and covert anger, or me being a prick or me being passionate about a subject or an idea. Oh my goodness. So all sorts of fun, fun tips and tricks I have learned to help me be a much more loving chill in the moment, like trusting in God, friend, parent, boyfriend, citizen of the world. Um, learned how to bring love in most situations.Speaker 2: 08:35 Um, and here's, here's, here's one of my best things that came to me. And you gotta be willing to try it. And I encourage you to try it. Say this prayer God, and I know you've heard me say it before, but I'm gonna say it again. How can I best support your path for X person setting aside my own selfish wants and desires? God, how can I support your path for X setting aside my own selfish wants and desires? Because often times so often it's my own skewed, selfish, wants, and desires that that fuel an, uh, a, a situation like that. And I'm gonna leave you with this thought and one proof of concept. So, um, the thought is perhaps I don't know what somebody needs to go to go through to get to where they need to be. Perhaps I don't know what you need to go through to get to where you need to be.Speaker 2: 09:56 Like the universe does, perhaps me in my infinite intelligence, God forbid, I don't know. That was the mailman accelerating by and this one day, my son Cooper, who fancied me when I was, when my A type self was more, was more, more, more prevalent. Um, he, he says to me, "dad, like, where does that side of you go?" And I was like, are you sure you want that side to come back? Like, isn't it aren't, isn't it a much more calm, soothing, nurturing, chill place to be, uh, with me these days. And he was like, yeah, yes it is. And then of course I've had so many people over the years recently. I cannot tell you how many, I would throw some names out there, but that are just like, wow, you are a different person in such a beautiful way. All right, peace out. Have yourselves a great day.

    "Oh my God, I've lost my mind again over freaking math."

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    I would really like to learn how to tackle homework with love. Why can't you just go straight to hugs and support that way? Why do we have to have the peak chaos moment?  I went deep on the thought of anger is a result of fear.  So what am I fearful about?  What are your fears when you are angry?  Where can you be less angry and more loving?Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:01 Covert, anger part five. How amazing is this that this is just turning into a, we could almost call it a series, perhaps this is going to turn into a, well. Maybe we'll get her done in episode five, but covert anger slash subversive anger. And again, um, my, my justifiable anger, or a quote that I love is "anger is the dubious luxury of normal men". Some people can afford to be angry and it does not affect them. Or perhaps their relationships. Me, it is a luxury I cannot afford. And the universe squeezes me. Like if, as I am on a growth trajectory, bad habits get squoze out of me. And sometimes that's uncomfortable and painful. And those are, again, this is not to place judgment on anybody else. It's just, and not even myself just to talk about my own experience. So, um, I can have anger issues that are justifiable because they don't seem extreme to me. And for me, it culminated in. Um, and so there's the subversive side of it where it's subversive. I'm subverting, or I'm doing damage to personal relationships. They're probably they're not as clean and yummy as they could be.Mischa Z: 02:07 The more I have love in my relationships the better. So, um, last episode I was getting to the point where the peak for me was fighting with young Waylon and I believe he was nine. Yes. Nine years old. No, perhaps 10. Yes, 10, 9, 10 ish. And it was definitely nine years old where we were fighting yet again about his homework. And he was literally sobbing. And this would happen a few times. 'Dad, I just want a hug". And God bless him for, if you're listening to this Waylon and I love you. Probably should have been said your name, but whatever. Um, God bless Waylon for, for hanging in and saying what he needed. Right. And not internalizing. That was not as far as I'm aware, but at least not. If he was not internalizing it more than he was and uh, you know, asking for love. And by the grace of God, I would hear it in those moments. It would be like, "Oh my God, I've lost my mind again over freaking math." Right!Mischa Z: 03:38 And, and And I have done that before. When I was in my youth, as a teenager, I addicted to alcohol and drugs. The promises of "I'll quit. I'll stop". "This won't happen again," Whatever, you know, behavior that was really wreaking havoc. And then, you know, it, it took a come to a come to Jesus moment, man. Like it took a bottom. To be willing to stare those addictive patterns in the face. And then by the grace of God, be willing to do the work, to make the changes. And so my bottom with my, with the next level of anger with me, so, you know. I stripped away most of the big stuff or so it seemed, and now I'm yet still fighting with Waylon to the point of tears again and again, where I can no longer make, what is it? Faulty promises. I can no longer do that. So how did things change further from there? Well, you know what I did. What I did was I was like, okay, I'm going to go buy a couple of books on anger because clearly I've been in denial about, about this anger not being an issue.Mischa Z: 05:33 I would really like to learn how to tackle homework with love. And like, if they're not going to get the homework done or comprehend it, why does there have to be tears about it? Why can't you just go straight to hugs and support that way? Why do we have to have the peak chaos moment?Speaker 2: 05:57 Anyhow, I had said that as a father, I've been very lucky to practice two styles. First was demand, respect, you know, uh, my way or the highway type of a thing under the guise of open-mindedness. Oh my God. I could go so deep. There's so many layers here. Um, are any of you relating, I don't know. Any of you had this experience, um, I think at least some of you will get to some extent what I'm talking about. So, uh, I bought a couple of books on anger. One was like the workout or anger workbook. I wish I could remember what the names of these books were. Um, and I'll go search my bookshelf that I think I donated at one point, cause I was like, yes, I've sorted through those major hiccups. And, um, I can tackle most things with a loving attitude more than ever, which is super cool.Speaker 2: 07:12 But anyhow, so I started the process on the books. It was the act of buying those books that started, that accelerated the change. And so it wasn't necessarily the books themselves. Like one of them, I gave a cursory glance, the workbook one I started. And I think it started with like write down these, you know, areas where you're angry and perhaps supposedly not. Doesn't matter. I started the word bug, but what it did was it opened my mind to, to, to this thought and going deeper with this thought. Anger is a result of fear. Anger is as a result of fear. So what am I fearful about? And at this point I'm meditating and, uh, you know, I'm willing to contemplate thoughts on a deep level and perhaps write, write about them, I guess, is what I'm trying to say instead of like just others that thought and then turning away from it. So I was like, all right, I need to think on and write on what are my fears that areSpeaker 3: 08:56 That are, that this anger is manifesting out of. What are my fears that this anger is manifesting out of? And that's a great question. So I'm gonna challenge you to do two things before I move on to part six. One is if you are, have situations where you think you're angry, but your intuition is well, uh, okay. Yelling is not cool. Or, or maybe you yell when you think it is cool. Like, what are my fears? What are my fears here? What's the fear, not what am I angry about? Like my kid's not getting his homework done or he's just not doing it. Or she's not seeing things my way. What is the fear? And then two, if you don't have kids or if your kids are out of the house, what are examples in your current life of how that, that are like what I'm describing that I was having with my kids? Like, like what are some behaviors where you and I can be less angry and be more loving? All right. Look for part six. I think it is. Um, thank you for your patience. I'm trying to be of service and trusting that this conversation is of service. All right. Peace out.

    Interview #42 Meg Gibbs "Makes Magic Happen"

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    Pulled from the Tools For A Good Life Summit interviews.  Meg Gibbs guides us through a heavy time.  Meg pulls strategies from Shamanism, ceremony, and sacred ceremony to give us her answers.  1) stop doing and slow down.   2) gratefully put your feet on the earth.  3) Ask for help.  And trust yourself.  Write down 20 things that you know.  End the day with gratitude.  And then there's nature :).Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: 0:00:00.1 Speaker 1: Welcome back, everybody, to the Tools For a Good Life Summit. And right now, I would like to introduce to you, Meg Gibbs. Welcome, Meg. Before I read your official bio, I just want to say that... You know what, I'm gonna start with your official bio and then I'm gonna shower platitudes on you. How about we do that?0:00:25.2 Meg Gibbs: Great, I love it. A compliment at the end, sounds good.0:00:28.8 Speaker 1: Okay, good, good, good, good. So Meg Gibbs is a shamanic spiritual guide and somatic coach who helps people heal their relationship with their body and spirit. She has over 20 years of experience, studying with indigenous teachers from the US and South America, specifically working with the Lakota medicine wheel, which I freaking love, and the Q'ero. Am I saying that right? Q'ero.0:00:58.6 Meg Gibbs: Q'ero.0:01:00.9 Mischa Z: Q'ero. And the Q'ero lineage from the Andes of Peru. Her work weaves together ancient wisdom, experiential coaching and leadership techniques, and is grounded in embodied practice... And is grounded in embodied practice and intuition. She holds space for her clients to uncover the truth of who they are and how they want to share that with the world. She offers sessions remotely, for scientific fingerprint analysis, customized coaching, sacred ceremony and soul-aligned branding, to meet her clients where they are, on their personal or entrepreneurial journey?0:01:39.7 Meg Gibbs: Absolutely.0:01:41.5 Mischa Z: Absolutely. Welcome, meg. So, serendipitously, I think our relationship speaks to a willingness to have an open mind and willingness to perhaps embrace and work with somebody that you might not normally go to. Yeah?0:02:01.8 Meg Gibbs: Yeah, absolutely, for sure.0:02:03.7 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah. So we met through serendipitous events, perhaps five, six... Four, five, six years ago, somewhere in there, and sort of forced cohabitation almost, for a weekend. Yes. And then normally, I think, in the outside world or however you wanna say that, we wouldn't have had an opportunity to work together. But we did, and you have been such a massive, massive part of my personal journey and my transformation. And I just was writing down some of the amazing things that we did together, that you brought me on the journey of. You're like, "Hey, Misha, here's... Let's do this, let's do this." And so, I... Movement exercises, writing exercises, meditation exercises, these ridiculous visualization exercises. And when I say ridiculous, just like ridiculous in a magical way.0:03:06.3 Meg Gibbs: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.0:03:09.7 Mischa Z: And then we did some really cool group stuff via Zoom, which I was pleasantly surprised with, where you had put together some... Almost an online class structure, and people from Canada jumped in, I was in there, we just did all this cool stuff and you've... Again, you bring the magic. Simple as that.0:03:35.9 Meg Gibbs: Thank you. Yeah, it's so fun to be able to support people in that way. And it's funny, because you can read my whole bio and we can talk about what I do, and here's the bullet points, but the truth is, if someone was like, 'Meg, what do you do?" and I was like, "Oh, I make magic happen." And I can't really say that when I shake somebody's hand, but I know that that's part of my truth and part of my gift, is to show up and hold space for magic to happen, for other people. That's the fun part for me. For sure.0:04:05.1 Mischa Z: Yeah, and as I was going down that list, I was literally getting chills, and my hair was standing up even more than... So powerful, so powerful. And again, it just speaks... I don't mean audience, thank you for indulging us, but to have that open mind and to try... If an opportunity falls in front of you like this now, take advantage because it can be transformational, and I think one of the great things you said about me, Meg, not to make this about me, I apologize. But I'm a gamer and willing to jump in the fray and try different things. So I would encourage anybody watching and listening, jump in the fray, take a risk, if somebody on this summit resonates with you, but they're outside of who you might normally think is in your wheelhouse, just go for it.0:05:02.7 Meg Gibbs: Yeah, absolutely. And I think that speaks to something that we'll talk about, which is for me, the connection to the body and really listening intuitively for what comes up for you. And so, when I think of when we met and how we've worked together, there's a sense of trust or expansion or listening, and that's the piece that when I tell people, "Oh, you're looking for a coach or a healer or whatever, a mechanic," it doesn't really matter. But if you can tune in and listen, "Oh, does that person feel good to me?" and it might not even, like you said, logically makes sense of like, "Oh, they're a different gender, or they have this woo specialty that I am not so sure about or whatever," but if it feels like, "Ooh, there's a little something there to play with," that's the piece that I encourage people to follow.0:05:50.6 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah, I love that. Thank you. So, quickly, somatic. What's somatic coach? When you say it... When that's...0:06:02.8 Meg Gibbs: Yeah. Real simple. Somatic is just meaning, being in your body. So what I do is, I coach people around being in their body, and for me, being in your body is a sacred practice. So it's like building a muscle. We talk a lot about going to the gym and building physical muscle. And so, when you haven't had practice to be in your body, because our society doesn't teach that, you're not asked on a daily basis, "Mischa, how is your heart feeling in your body right now? What does it feel like?" You even named the goose bumps, noticing your physical sensation, noticing when emotions come up, because there's so much wisdom there, and 90% of our world is run from here up. That's it. So imagine, you have access to all of this other information and transformation, and that's what I feel like the body provides. So somatic coaching or somatic wisdom is just being in your body, checking in with your body, learning from your body, all of that is in there. So it's just a fancy word for it. But, yeah.0:07:08.0 Mischa Z: Okay. I love that. Thank you for that. That's a beautiful explanation. And as you were talking about it, literally, I was sensationally in the body, like...0:07:19.0 Meg Gibbs: Right. I could see it in your eyes too. [chuckle]0:07:22.0 Mischa Z: So I wanna talk to... Just quickly too, and maybe three-minute version, but this... You... And I love this about you. It's one of my favorite things about you, is just the fact that you didn't five years ago, decide, "I'm gonna go explore shamanic ideas or this or that," and then bring that to the world. You grew up in it, due to the nature of your family. So when you say 20 years, that means... Yeah, when you were a teen, when you were young, you were... Due to the nature of growing up within it, you're doing this practice. Yeah?0:07:58.2 Meg Gibbs: Yeah, absolutely, yeah. I'll give you the short version. So my mom started working with a Lakota teacher when I was young, and I started working with that teacher when I was 11. So I've been studying shamanic wisdom and lineages for over 20 years, since I was a kid, and I am a white woman, and I like to say that because it's important to know that this is a spiritual lineage for me, it's not a genetic lineage. And honoring that and honoring my teachers, and part of what I believe in, is giving money back to the people who created the space for me to do the work that I do. And with that, what happens for me is this balance of holding what is true, even if it doesn't match up with the outside. And what I mean by that is like, "Yes, I'm a young white person, and I also have this really deep soulful appreciation and carrying of this work inside of myself," and it's integrated into how I see the world and how I relate to people, the work that I do, how I show up, even when I go to the grocery store.0:09:11.1 Meg Gibbs: It's in me, in a way that is not just, "Oh, I took a workshop and now I'm a shaman." And we talked about this, but I don't actually call myself a shaman. Some other people call me that, but I say I'm a shamanic practitioner, and that I do energetic and emotional healing and support with people. But holding the two lineages that I hold spiritually, are the Lakota and then this Andean tradition from the mountains of Peru, and my teacher is Don Mariano. So I've been initiated into these teachings, and it's an extremely... Or it has been, in the past, an extremely private world. And so, growing up with this really disciplined spiritual approach made me, obviously, pretty different from the other kids in middle school, who were talking about sports, and I'm talking about talking to trees on the weekends.[laughter]0:10:06.2 Meg Gibbs: The short version is just that this is very much a part of who I am and how I show up, and it's important to me, that people are honoring the root of where this comes from as well.0:10:20.6 Mischa Z: Perfect, thank you. Beautiful. Well done, in three minutes too, the three-minute version.0:10:25.0 Meg Gibbs: Perfect.0:10:26.9 Mischa Z: And you were saying studying and I'm gonna add to that, implementing. So studying and implementing. So, beautiful. I think we get to it. I say we get to the question. What do you think?0:10:37.7 Meg Gibbs: Yeah, take me. Let's go.0:10:38.9 Meg Gibbs: Alright, fantastic. So I'm gonna lay out a scenario, and then I'm gonna askyou a question, and... If we think of life as that three-legged stool, relationships, finance, health, it's when two of those legs go out, that it really can get... Life can get lifey, if you want to say. And so, for me, my parents passed away in rapid succession, divorce, further failed relationships. Physically, I was fine. I would tell you that. I looked physically fit. I had no stressors going on, physically, but that... For other people, that might...0:11:31.5 Mischa Z: Anyway, you get what I'm saying. But the fact of the matter was, things got so heavy that my normal tools for working through emotional upheaval or through stressful times weren't enough, so I couldn't success my way through it, or work at it, work harder, fix it. So that being the case, and... Oh, here, I'm gonna get back to script. That helps me. I'm gonna get back on script. So to top it off, the pull yourself up from your bootstraps, fix it and push your way through it methods that served me so well, were no longer working. I needed new tools.0:12:15.8 Mischa Z: By the grace of God, I had an open mind for new tools. Hence, Meg dropped into my life. This is my question to you. Thinking of shamanism, ceremony, sacred ceremony, what are the exact next steps you would offer this person, so they know they are headed in the new right direction, that they will have positive momentum towards getting their life back on track?0:12:43.1 Meg Gibbs: Yeah. So the first thing honestly, is take a breath, [chuckle] acknowledging where you are, checking in, noticing what it's like to be you in this moment, is a really powerful tool, and almost zooming out and looking at yourself with love. So I say that because so often, when we're in that space of life crumbling or struggling or whatever, especially if you're holding on from the inside, like if you are someone who is still high achieving and making money and doing the thing, so people don't think there's anything wrong, you're holding a lot, there's a lot of that hamster wheel going on. And so, that breath and that acknowledgement to even just go, "I'm having a hard time right now. Wow. What is it like to meet myself with some compassion?"0:13:42.9 Meg Gibbs: So I think, so often, we launch into action and action steps, and, "How do I do x, y, z?" And here's the thing, you can read books, you can listen to podcasts, you can go to therapy, there's like... Here's 29 things you can do it. But the other side of it is, how you be, how you be in yourself, how you be in the world, how you show up for people, how you need people to show up for you.0:14:11.1 Meg Gibbs: So this is just general sort of life advice, container energy stuff. So to answer your question more specifically around the shamanic piece or around ritual, I like to really use small intuitive rituals. And what I mean by that is, I'm gonna show you. So I brought some tea to our call, I don't know if you can read this.0:14:34.4 Mischa Z: Yeah. Sending you a socially distanced hug in a mug. Nice.0:14:38.5 Meg Gibbs: I love this. It's a happy mug. And so, what I really like to do that's simple is, in the morning or when you have your tea or your coffee or whatever, and you can do this with me if you have some water with you, whatever you're drinking, and so you're just gonna place your hand over it, and we're gonna check in and just for a moment, you can close your eyes, and put your intention from your heart, imagine it reaching out and meeting that cup and that heart space moving through your hand, down into the substance, down into the water, the tea, the coffee, whatever, and placing an intention in there for yourself. "I wanna be kinder to myself today. I wanna give myself space to breathe. I really need some support from the Earth. I wanna be more grounded. I tap into my strength," whatever that is for you. And then when you're ready, you open your eyes and you simply drink it in.0:15:44.8 Meg Gibbs: Small small things.0:15:46.9 Mischa Z: Small, small things. So juicy. That was good.0:15:52.6 Meg Gibbs: Yeah. And there's one that... I don't know about you, I kinda listen to things and then adapt them. And so, I heard years ago, Oprah said something about, "Before your feet hit the floor in the morning, say thank you." And she said, "Say thank you three or four times." And I remember being like, "Oh, I like that. That's catchy. Let me think about it." And so, as a self-identified not-morning person, when things are kind of blowing up in your life, when there's a lot going on, I think one of the most powerful things to do, is to put your feet on the Earth, literally. And if you can, go out your door in the morning, before you talk to anybody... This is like, yes, if you have kids or a spouse or somebody who is with you or your dog or whatever it is, sometimes we talk to people first, which is understandable, but when I can, I will intentionally take myself outside, take my shoes off and put them on the Earth, so that there is an ignited connection. So these small moments, that's what I wanna focus on today, is how you can breathe into the support within and around you. I just felt myself, show up, here we are.0:17:16.7 Mischa Z: Yeah, me too. Yeah, that's good. I love it. Continue.0:17:23.8 Meg Gibbs: Yeah. And so, with that gratitude... So when I say prayers, not everyone says prayers, and whatever you refer to, if you believe in a higher power or something bigger than us, that's how I like to talk about it, something bigger than you. And some of my friends believe that something bigger is our community, it doesn't have to be God or the universe or whatever. So I, because of my spiritual lineage, use the words great spirit, when I'm praying to something bigger than me. So when I'm out there and I put my hands and my feet on the Earth, part of what I'm doing is, I'm giving my energy down into the earth before I take. Because so much of what we do, when we're struggle bussing, is like, "I need support, I need help, I need," whatever, whether that's internal or you're voicing that externally. And so, being able to put your hands or your feet on the Earth for literally three seconds and just say, "I'm so grateful to be here today." And giving that energy down to the thing that gives us life. So, yeah.0:18:35.0 Mischa Z: Meg, that was beautiful.0:18:37.3 Meg Gibbs: Yeah. I've been thinking about it in the shower, what to say.[laughter]0:18:47.5 Mischa Z: So, when you... I love the gratitude, the give to the Earth before we take, or it gives back. Do you do the thank you, thank you, thank you, or that as well, sort of that... You were talking about the little Oprah trick or...0:19:03.4 Meg Gibbs: Yeah, so it sort of depends. This is part of my personal philosophy, is around designing things intuitively, that work for you, because I think some people really need specific practice, and I'm happy to say, "Do this thing, do that thing," but the truth is that, we can then get hung up on the indoctrination of how to do the right thing, instead of trusting yourself. And my goal in life is to help people trust themselves more, 'cause when you trust yourself, that's when you're able to make those split-second decisions, you grow a career you love, you relate to people differently, you connect with things in your world that feel like aligned and exciting.0:19:42.8 Meg Gibbs: So yes, you can get up and say thank you four times, if that's what feels good to you. But for me, for instance, when I pray and I say... The beginning of my prayers are always, "Aho, great spirit, I am grateful for my life and for this day," and that's how I start my prayers 'cause that's what was taught to me. But there are times where I can come in and just kind of feel into my body and feel into myself and say, "Great Spirit, I'm showing up the best I can today." We have to just listen to what's true.0:20:24.1 Mischa Z: You know what I love about just what you were saying too is... I like this, it's like... For me, I had this incredible confidence and was moving through the arc of life so powerfully, and then when the wheels came off, that confidence was shattered. So, to re... I like how you're talking about... It's like you use that as a tool to slowly start rebuilding some confidence. Yeah?0:20:56.0 Meg Gibbs: Yeah. Well, and I would say also, that true alignment of self, where we meet ourselves where we are, and that sounds like a little bit big, so let me see if I can put it a different way. Just to acknowledge what's happening, to be honest about what's happening, because when you say the wheels are coming off, we can intellectually understand that, but when it's like, "I'm having trouble eating because my appetite is gone because I'm so stressed. My relationships are falling apart because I feel lonely, and I'm not sure how to share that with someone. I am worried about interviewing for a new job, because now I feel like crap because this and this and this happened."0:21:41.6 Meg Gibbs: So it's like when you get into the truth of what's happening and honor that you continue to show up, that you're here, you're here at the summit, because you want to experience a new way to face these issues or solve things, and then understanding where you are right now. That's... For me, that's the path forward, 'cause if not, then you're going, "Oh, well, I should feel fine because I have money, and I have this, and I have this, and I have my health and I'm okay," instead of going, "Oh my God, my world. What am I doing?" 'Cause the moment you allow yourself to go, "Hey, I'm feeling lost and alone right now," and somebody else goes, "Oh my God, me too." That's that togetherness.0:22:28.0 Mischa Z: Yeah, yeah. Very cool. What other sort of tips and tricks and tools were you... So I love it. So we had... Step one was sort of acknowledge or however you said that, and then we had a next thing is like, go out, connect to the earth. I love that. Find that moment if you can, when appropriate. Preferably sooner, the better. And take your shoes off, connect to the ground, feet, hands, whatever, that little gratitude exercise and such, was what was next on your...0:23:13.2 Meg Gibbs: On my list. Yeah, so I also... I think, with intuition specifically, which is a big part of my work is helping people tap into what they know to be true, because often, when we go to someone, when we're asking advice or we hire a helping professional, I believe we actually do know the answer. It's in there and instead of piling on lots of people's information, being able to check in and see what is true for me in this moment, and what do I actually know. So one tool that I use when somebody is kind of confused or trying to understand a situation is, instead of saying, "Well, I'm facing this huge unknown and I'm really scared and I don't know where to go next," we tap into what do you know. In what do you know, you even feel that energy shift of, "Okay, I'm gonna name some things that I know out loud," which is hard for people, and you can do this writing, this is a great exercise writing, is to write down 20 things that you know.0:24:18.7 Meg Gibbs: And here's the thing, the reason that it's 20 is 'cause you'll get three to five that are pretty easy, where you're like, "I know I'm safe, I know I'm okay, I know I like sandwiches," whatever it is. But there's something that changes, when you get beyond your comfort zone of, "Oh, here's the initial thoughts," and then you start to go deeper. So this is like a self-coaching tool, where you can really listen, to see, "Oh my gosh, I know... Let me think of something in this moment. I know I do better when I connect with nature. And so, if that's one of my things and that's say, number 17 on the list, I might go, "Oh, after I finish this list, I'm gonna go outside." And the reason I keep bringing up nature, I should say, is because in the Native American spiritual practice and in the Peruvian practice, all of this is connected to earth, earth is mother, Mother Earth, it's called Pachamama is another word for it. And so, when I connect to the great mother, the sacred one who created us all, however you believe that, is that then I'm connecting to my essence self, I'm giving that space of my truth in relationship, in right relationship with where we came from. Does that make sense?0:25:43.9 Mischa Z: It does. Yeah. It does. Any way you would reframe that, just in case? I was viscerally internalizing that. So I... It was going in... That's why I say that. So I'm like, "Yeah, I get it," 'cause I viscerally felt it.0:26:09.6 Meg Gibbs: Yeah, yeah. So that question of, "Where do you feel most connected?" It might not be nature, it might be on the dance floor, it might be taking a walk, it might be staring deeply into somebody's eyes, there's all these different... Taking a bath, I love taking a bath, it's like a sacred ritual. And so, lighting candles, maybe putting something in the water, that feels good to me, and it's like we can do it with so many different things. Sensation is really helpful for being present. So smells, touch, taste, sound, any of that, to really get into the moment.0:26:46.2 Meg Gibbs: So when you're feeling anxious or you have this experience of, "Oh my God, my life is falling apart. What do I do?" If you can take that initial beat to connect to something, it helps you feel connected. And I know that sounds like, "Oh no, no... What does she mean?" But you feel it, you know when you feel connected. And I recorded a really short video that was seven seconds, the other day, that I put on Instagram, and I said... I was talking about connecting with the trees and nature, and I said in there, "If you don't have time or you don't have access to connect with the trees, watch my hand connect to the tree in the video, and tap into the energy that you feel, that's connecting between our human self and I would say our divine self." So I'm getting very "woo". Are you still with me?0:27:41.7 Mischa Z: I'm still with you. Thank you. Hang in there, everybody. Hang in there. No, I think it's an opportunity for us, to explore the "woo". Let's be real, sometimes a little "woo" in our lives can be good. For me, I think... I can get very contempt, prior to investigation, if you wanna say those types of terms, or very myopic in my... I'll speak for me. I'm sure everybody else watching, is always open-minded and...0:28:20.7 Meg Gibbs: Oh yeah, yeah, none of us... We don't have any hang-ups over here, clearly.0:28:23.6 Mischa Z: Yes. But it's alright. A little "woo" is good. Don't worry. There's plenty of non "woo" on this summit too. So we're bringing the balance right now.0:28:33.3 Meg Gibbs: Well, it's... For me at least, part of what I pride myself on is having grounded "woo", that's... Practical, grounded, engaged, spiritual spirituality. That's the part for me. And you know this about me, I'm not... No shade to anybody else, but I am not a crystal worshipping, connect with... That's not my vibe. I really do want people to be grounded in themselves, in their body, because that's the difference. When you meet people who are just in like, "I made a crystal grid so I could manifest millions of dollars." Great, sure. That might work. But the truth is that we have to meet both, our divine self and our human self.0:29:15.7 Meg Gibbs: And so, in here, for me, that's where the magic happens. That's like... When I say, when I work with people, "It's you, me and spirit. It's the three of us, connecting and co-creating." So I'm not here to have all the answers, and the truth is, I think the answers are within you from a divine perspective, that we can pull out that spark. So, that's the point that... If people tune out because they're not interested in this language, what I love is that every single teacher speaks to certain audiences and certain people, because there's a resonance. So, just notice if this resonates or not. It's not personal.0:30:00.1 Mischa Z: Yes, yes. Beautiful. Yeah, that's well said. Is there further? Did you have further... I wanna make sure we keep... Or...0:30:09.5 Meg Gibbs: Well, so your question around the, "Do I say Thank you four times." The one thing that I do that I enjoy, so I live by myself with my dog, currently. I have done this with partners in the past or with friends, is before bed, I do like to say three things that I'm grateful for, out loud, and I used to write them down, and I think writing is a beautiful way to express and hold that energy. But there's also something also delightful and silly to me, about telling my dog what I'm grateful for, from the day, and often, I say, "And I'm grateful for her health and her well-being." And so there's that sense of even if it's not another person, even if you're completely on your own, that you can witness yourself doing that, just by doing it out loud and honoring, "Here's three things I'm grateful for, before I rest tonight." So I like that, as a closing practice. So I've given you some beginning, end of the day and some stuff to do in the middle.0:31:07.8 Mischa Z: Yes, so good, I love it. I think that's a beautiful place to end this session. So, everybody, if this interview with Meg was fantastic, and you want to get even more content from Meg, upgrade to the all-access pass, because Meg and I are gonna be doing round two here, which is going to be fantastic. I can't wait to see what comes up. So yeah, be sure to upgrade to the all access pass for the bonus interview. There should be a button here somewhere, not sure where it is yet. Any final thoughts to share, that we did not get a chance to cover, Meg? .0:31:51.4 Meg Gibbs: Just the power of... What do I wanna say? That there's... For me... This is a little bit of an advanced concept I'm throwing in at the end, but I think it's important, is, for me, there are three layers of connection. There's the connection to our selves, the connection to others, the circle around us, the collective, and then the connection to what's bigger than us, the earth, spirit, etcetera.0:32:17.3 Meg Gibbs: So if you're here in the summit, I imagine that you're on a path, and that you're on a path seeking relationship and healing with yourself, with the people around you and/or with spirit. So that's my invitation, is just to start to notice and track what resonates with you, to find what expands and what contracts that connection. So what feels good, and just to notice, again, how it feels in your body. So that's my... Rooting for people. Yes. Yeah.0:32:47.8 Mischa Z: That was amazing. Everybody can find Meg, at Imgonna spell it too, just to make sure there's no confusion, M-E-G G-I-B-B-S dot com. So Click the button on the all access pass, to get unlimited access to all the interviews, to get access to Meg and I's round two, which is coming up, and then also, Meg so graciously, is going to be offering up, as a bonus for everybody who upgrades a session, that there'll be a link, so you can go deep with Meg, if you want to, for free. Meg, yeah. Thank you so much, Meg. We'll end there. Yeah?0:33:38.6 Meg Gibbs: Yeah, that sounds good. Thank you. Nice to meet you.

    Thursday meditation #4. Will you sit quietly with a loved one?

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    Today's meditation…if you slow down, will it create the space for more connection? With the loved ones in your life?Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    That's not just passive aggressive that's aggressive aggressive.

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    My old assistant Jen used to get to deal with my “stress” at work.  I challenge you with this question.  How are you consciously or subconsciously doing angry things?  And justifying it as this is going to hurt you more than it's going to hurt them?  And fIghting with my son about his homework.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:01 How I saw that I did indeed have covert and subversive anger issues that were covert, meaning covert, meaning I could justify them. Right. I could justify my attitude, my loud voice, my...good afternoon... Uh, my, um, you know, my anger, I had anger issues. And although they weren't, as they weren't blatant enough to, um, you know, get me in literal trouble, but they were definitely bad enough to, I don't know if bad enough is the right word. I mean, good, bad. You know, what's the universe got an order in the store anyway. Let's just say that it definitely made for uncomfortable situations with my wife, with my boys. I have two boy. Um, relationships at work. I raise my voice at work. It was okay for Misha to yell across the office at somebody that I needed something.Mischa Z: 01:30 Like, that's just, that's just not passive aggressive. That's aggressive, aggressive. Right. So if you're yelling across your office or across your house at people for things, um, uh, that's aggressive. And perhaps there's some, um, covert, anger, anger. But it's not for me to tell you that you figure it out on your own. We're talking about me here. So, you know, yes. I had an assistant at work named Jen. And Jen and I would passionately ask for things, um, meaning I would yell or raise my voice, or if things got tense in the mortgage business, which it can, I could be very stern and, uh, and then just, you know, that's not cool. Um, any more, I don't think that's cool. You know, like we, I try to come with love as much as possible, like tough love what the hell is tough love, you know, like that.Mischa Z: 02:58 I was thinking about it as I'd written down covert anger as a topic like it's like when your parents may have spanked you or you spank your kids or are, you know...this is going to hurt you more than it's going to hurt me. So I would challenge anybody listening to be like, okay, well I'm not spanking anybody. I'm my kids are out of the house or how are you consciously or subconsciously doing angry things and justifying it as if you think about it and look deeply at it, this is going to hurt you more than it's going to hurt me? Such a funny thought. So, anyhow, I'm a holy mackerel walking up a steep hill as I'm recording this, I will stop for a second.Mischa Z: 04:05 So when it really came to a head for me, and again, let's say as well, like, you know, not to beat this into the ground or beat a dead horse. It's funny the terms I'm using when I'm talking about covert, anger, um, you know. If you hear, um, you raise your voice and then your response is no, I'm just speaking passionately. Well, maybe you want to look at that. Those are issues that I would have. People would be like, yo Misha, you don't need the raise your voice. And I'd be like, I'm not raising my voice. I'm just speaking passionately. And so I try to be aware of that today. So that can be from wives, kids, friends, Heil, if you're screaming at the TV, cause you liked to watch watch news. And then your family gets to hear you angrily scream at the TV. Well, maybe you should contemplate whether you want that energy flying around your house or right enough out of me in that regard. So the, I would help my son Waylon with this homework and, uh, you know, went through a divorce. Um, and so being at least a 50% dad, I all the sudden was thrust into opportunities when Waylon was nine, no seven when Waylon was seven and Cooper was nine to start helping with homework.Mischa Z: 05:51 You know, in hindsight, I probably could have just hired a tutor and then kept my anger issues. So maybe my thrifty nature of, um, I actually just was looking forward to helping, but I don't know if looking forward is the right word, but yeah. I'll help my kids with their homework, you know? Um, yeah, so funny, Hey, if you've got kids out there and you're fighting with them, hire a tutor and then you can, you can, um, keep your anger issues. So anyway, that's such a funny thought. So I would... Cooper got the school system much sooner. So he was very low maintenance. Like he, he was just like, yeah, I get it. I know what the needs to be done. I can get it done. This, that, and the other. Waylon was a different story. Um, while he was two years behind. So maybe he, the light bulb went off at the same time.Mischa Z: 07:02 It did age wise as Cooper, but, uh, I would fight with Waylon. And I think anybody listening that has fought with their kids about homework. Uh, common responses, they get, well, all parents do that. Well, that's subversive and covert. That's how we justify it. Perhaps all parents do do that, but that doesn't make it right. Or that doesn't mean we shouldn't learn how to do it less. Or that doesn't mean we shouldn't figure out how to have the same conversations with love. And why does it have to be frustrating? I think those are great questions. And I would challenge you that not every parent fights with their kids about homework. We find the people who will say yes, I do that too.Mischa Z: 08:06 Anyway, I'm not here to browbeat myself or anybody else. I'm sure all of us to justify it have had moments where we have fought with our kids about homework. Or you could, if you don't have kids, you can think about where you've fought with people and you know, I'd be like, why did I fight about that? I swear I won't do it again Waylon. I won't yell to the point of where you're sobbing in tears, right? Like that's just not cool. I, I would, I'm going to end this episode with this and we're obviously going to have to go on to part five, but I'm very lucky as a father to have had two experiences,Speaker 2: 08:55 First experience was, um, demand, respect come with more angry, more angry, aggressive my way or the highway type of stance. And I had this moment of clarity of what if I tried it with love and what's the fear of letting all that anger go and truly coming at it, lovingly. And I've got to do both paths. And so I've got cool results. Anyway, look for part five. I think it is peace out.

    I don't have anger issues I'm not fighting!

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    I finally get to the goods.  A discussion on how  I thought I didn't have any anger issues.  But then I had that start realization that I did have some issues that were subversive to my relationships.  And how that manifested and what that looked like.  Don't mind the mic recommendation. Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:01 Covert anger part three. How I came to a point in my life and realized that I did indeed have covert anger issues. Meaning they were covert to my awareness. I justified them in all sorts of ways. They were subversive. If you listened to the previous parts one and two, you also heard me say subversive. I like that word as well. Like they were subversive to my, the health of my personal relationships and the short term. In hindsight working it out has made my long-term relationships better. Anyhow, so covert and subversive anger and how, and back in those days, I would have sworn that I did not have anger issues and that would have sworn that I was not yelling at you. I was just passionately stating my case. Or, or passionately encouraging you to change your behavior or to see things differently, or to see things my way or to, uh, whatever, to try and get people, places and things to act as I wanted. And then of course the pain got great enough. The pain in my relationships became great enough that I was like, yeah, I need to do things differently. And then I'm going to tell you about some steps that I took. Some of the results. And you know, some fun social proof. But before I get to that, I'm going to divert for one second, which, you know, if you've been listening, I can do, I will definitely divert.Mischa Z: 02:26 One of my favorite things to do is walk, live to get out and walk. Yes. Get out and walk so good for me. And then another thing I love doing is podcasting. I, most of the time, love letting it rip recording an episode, you know, growing in this process. And I just wanted to say that I'm getting to that right now. I'm getting to do two things that I love. One is to walk and one is to let it rip for a podcast episode. And what do I use to do that? My Shure MV 88, Mike, which has a lightening adapter. So I use it with my iPhone. I was not intending this to be a, um, a sales pitch to you, but nonetheless, here we go. If you would like to walk and record, take messy action for your podcast or also for your YouTube channel, because the motive and MV88 now has the integrated software for video for your iPhone camera. So for a while, it just worked for audio, but now there is the motive audio app, as well as the motive video app.Mischa Z: 04:04 So CLO go to my show notes, click on the link where you can buy the sure. And V 88, Mike, and perhaps have fun with podcasting, YouTube channeling recording and using the mic to ensure on an awesome price range, have the best available audio as well as super easy functionality. Okay. For those of you who don't care about all that, I'm very sorry. Thank you for listening. Hopefully you were using the fast forward button. So I really started noticing, well, I would hear people say, well, people specifically my wife at the time, you're angry and I'm like, I am not angry. You are angry. Oh no, I am not angry. And you know, I looked at it on a scale. I'm not angry as my mother, as I thought my mother was. I'm not angry as I thought my father was, or I could look out into the public and be like, I'm not angry as them.Mischa Z: 05:26 I am not, you know, physically abusive. That was the, that's the easy one. I don't have anger issues. I'm not fighting. You know, I'm not fisticuffs or I'm not pushing people physically. Like putting my, you know, shutting someone or, you know, you know, you know, beating my kids or, and I have, sorry, I'm even saving these sorts of things. It just sounds so aggressive or beating my wife. Right. And God bless you if that is manifesting in your life, I hope it sorts itself out. Um, but anyway, you know, for me it was clear that yes, I raised my voice a lot. Or, you know, I could be intimidating as a physical presence, six two, I can have a loud, booming voice. I can seethe with anger. I'm very effective at the silent treatment. Which the silent treatment, like going deep within, in a negative way like that, like collapsing within myself and shutting down and then projecting that out to the world to my ex-wife Dawn. Dawn, Sorry.Mischa Z: 06:54 When I did that, it turns out I had the habit of doing that. I was gifted in both. I could, I was very gifted in the art of the seething, silent treatment, as well as the art of justifying my booming loud voice and, and these sorts of things. And of course my kids, you know, this demand for respect this whole demand for respectful. That's how my father was, but that's how our generation is. Or maybe you still, as a person demand respect from your kids. If you do, God bless that did not work for me. It turns out, um. How else could I say it just, you know, the need to be, right? People, places, things, um, you know, and, and it worked for me, right? Like that, that aggressive attitude worked for me in sales. Meaning I could channel that energy into telemarketing, into prospecting and to door, to door sales. So not that I was being angry towards my prospects, but I could channel that energy towards sales. And, you know, people, I could be of service people. There was guys out there who loved, you know, my age type sales that sort of master of the universe, um, you know, kiss my ass if you don't like me kind of an attitude. Um, bringing that attitude with arrogance, shall we say thanks to my, um, dialogue on the MBA, 88, which again, I wouldSpeaker 2: 08:55 Encourage you to buy and start recording your thoughts. Cause it's super fun. Um, I'm running, starting to run long in this episode. So just to recap where we are, I'm talking about the anger in a broad sense. And, uh, I'm going to tell you where I absolutely had the awareness that it needed to change and the next steps from there. So look forward to, I suppose it would be part four peace out, have a good day.

    Lessons from my DJ days... Don't try to learn your mixes on the fly.

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    The last episode was a little longer and choppier than I wanted.  I was trying a new app to record  and I didn't know how it worked...   Which reminds me of a lesson I learned as a DJ in San Francisco.  Don't try to learn your mixes on the fly.  And I still don't get to the topic!Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:01 Covert anger, subversive anger. Part two. I was recording part one on a different app and I came across a few opportunities to need to pause. And when I would pause it would end to that recording and started over. So I completely lost track of time, which was interesting because I, I... Having a time restraint depth definitely helps me stay on point. And I, when I went back to look at the, the, um, recordings, uh, I saw I was at like 11 or 12 minutes that combined and when, really the point I wanted to make could have been made in eight. And, um, anyhow, I am just giving you insights into the messy, taking the messy action. And perhaps I am not going to go back and record that episode, but indeed blend all the disparate pauses and starts together and let it go anyway with multiple thought loops.Mischa Z: 01:20 So there you have it. Um, it reminds me of a story when I used to be a DJ. Thank you. I swear. I'm going to get to the subversive or the, uh, covert anger slash subversive anger and how I saw it was affecting me and the, what I did to remove even more levels of that and the positive effects it has had in my life. So that is coming. I swear, but back to the story I was remembering, I was reminded of in my DJ days. So in case you didn't know, I was a DJ in San Francisco, California from approximately 1995 to 98. So for a little three year run there, I was a mobile DJ slash ravey DJ, you get it right? Like I spun music on the techniques. What were those term tables? And actually I was a little ahead of my time because I also spun with CDs on the DENIN.Mischa Z: 02:31 It was like the Denon 1000 or something like that. And I used to get all sorts of crazy dirty looks and, and people oftentimes were contemptuous of this new paradigm, the digital music paradigm. And of course today, if you look out there at DJ's, most of them are, have gone digital. And it's the random person that breaks out the techniques decks, where they are playing the vinyl music. Anyhow, in my fledgling DJ days back in San Francisco, um, I would, uh, I got this great piece of advice. So I was, I would, I would try, I would practice, sorry. I've got moms coming up behind me who are perhaps louder than me. It turns out they were rollerskating. That's why they were. I thought I was walking at a good clip. They've roller skated by slowly but surely I'll fund is that, oh my gosh, this is an amazing going to be an amazing series of episodes where I am pinging all over the place.Mischa Z: 03:48 But, uh, a couple of, of, of women clearly new to roller skating going just fast enough to go by, but trying new things, getting outside, God bless them. I encourage you to do the same. And to me to do the same. Thank you. You two ladies who are chatting and roller skating and going by. And actually chatting happily having fun. So God bless them. God bless us. Life is good. Life is fun. Hey birds. Oh my gosh. I am just distracted, like mad today. Anyhow, I would try something new when I was deejaying and I would try it for the first time when I was live. And oftentimes it would go very poorly. Excuse me, like the mix wouldn't work. I didn't know where the brakes were and I was figuring it out on the fly. Clearly back at that time, I did not have enough experience to pull that off.Mischa Z: 04:57 So this woman who, who was at a party that I was spinning at, comes up to me and says, Hey, Mitch, you don't what you should do. Or, you know, a DJ do is they practice the mixes at home or wherever they practice, they practice it and learn it there. And then once they have the mics, figure it out, then they test it on the audience to see if it is a viable mix or carries the energy or, or brings the moment to where you want it to break. And it was a total aha moment for me. I was like, whoa, okay, I get it. So that's what I started doing. I would practice, I time blocked out the time I took more control of my calendar and blocked times to practice these inspirations that I had get the mix down, right? You're segwaying from one song to another, or perhaps you're popping back and forth or whatever you're doing as a DJ, as a mobile DJ club, DJ, what have you, now this did not guarantee success or that the mix would have the desired effect.Mischa Z: 06:25 Again, bringing up the energy, bringing down the energy, extending the energy, you know, uh, all these different things you can do as a DJ, but at least puts you in a position to allow it, to have the desired effect. And, uh, I'm going to relate that again to well. So I started doing that and it worked, it was awesome. Um, I wouldn't blow up a set anymore and have people look at me quizzically, and you completely shut down the, the, the whole, the whole operation, shall we say? Um, but it, uh, yeah, so it, it worked and then it would be super cool to see a mix work. So I would get the mixed dialed in and then try it on the audience. And when it worked man, a magical moment, and if it didn't work, no big deal. And actually you could practice. I think this is what comedians do.Mischa Z: 07:37 They practice there. They work out the, um, you know, the, their joke and they practice it in the small clubs. And when they figure, when they find the jokes that work, then they scale it up to the bigger audiences. So you can do the same thing as the DJ and they can, Hey Russell, if you're listening, what's up, coach Vince. That's what they very much talk about doing, to work on your, if you're working on a speech, of course, practice, write it out, practice it at home. If you're doing the, the webinar or, you know, write out everything, get it dialed in and then practice it on the public and refine it from there. So end of part two, and we've gotten no further on my, my vision about covert, anger, subversive anger that I had back in the day, stay tuned for part three and we will get to the point. I swear, peace out. Oh yes.Speaker 2: 08:55 And I am actually not quick done. I thought it was so point of the story is I tried the new recording app in a live moment and it totally failed where I should have busted out the app and practiced with it beforehand. And then I'd have known, Hey, this is not the tool for the moment. Um, and that works in so many ways. Be prepared, got your equipment beforehand. Anyway. Now I'm officially done peace out. Part three.

    What is the day going to look like as a result of my fitful night's sleep? (Covert anger part 1)Covert Anger Part #1

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    What is the day going to look like as a result of my fitful night's sleep?  Turns out I may have had some covert or subversive anger issues today.  But first how to do a 4 count meditation.  The power of the hemingwayapp.comAdministrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Intro: 00:01 Imagine a conscious contact with God. So strong that no matter what you are doing or not doing that, no matter what your kids are up to or not up to, and that whether you've got the person of your dreams or they're just not cooperating, that you are happy content and at peace, a space where everyone else's thoughts, attitudes, and actions are beautiful and exactly as they are supposed to be. Well, this is the space where I like to play. My name is Misha Z, and this is today's. Slap. Join me as I shed light on the thoughts, actions, and attitudes that are causing you pain. And we train our minds to go to the capital S inner self, the joy that is waiting for us, the God with him.Mischa Z: 00:53 I am going to talk about covert anger today. Covert, anger, and how I needed to, uh, have, uh, have awareness that I did indeed have some, perhaps what we would call subversive or covert anger issues. That's what, that's what we're going to talk about today. Um, when I, uh, was, so this morning, I, you know, did my meditation. Man, I slept not so well last night, it was interesting. Um, very tossing and turny. Very, very, um, very inter intermittent. Ooh, I think I'm coming across someone. I know Tony. What's the apps, man. Good, good to see how fun is that? Just got to say hi to Tony. Where was I? Oh yeah, fitful night's sleep.Mischa Z: 02:10 And I think what's interesting about a fitful night's sleep is as I'm having fitful sleep in that moment, I can be very concerned about what is the day going to be looked, going to look like as a result of my fitful nights, sleep? You know what I mean? Does anybody else had that before? So you're in the midst of your fitful night's sleep and the mind starts projecting. Maybe we could call it, the ego starts projecting. Oh no, what's my day going to be like, I'm going to be tired. How am I going to show up for people? Um, am I going to be, am I going to be exhausted in all my activities?Mischa Z: 03:07 What else could we say? Um, you get what I'm talking about? It could be anything, or, gosh, am I going to be fitful all night? Am I ever going to fall asleep? And the mind just starts rolling. And I guess the point of this little diversion is that, you know, I had my fitful night's sleep. I woke up, I was actually felt more refreshed than I thought it was going to. So that was a surprise. So all that projecting about I'm going to be exhausted and not be able to get anything done or whatever worries were happening in the fitful moment.Mischa Z: 03:48 And I headed off to do my meditation, my hour meditation. I do my hour meditation and it's a fun one. Actually, it was pretty good. You know, it's focusing on what, you know, the thoughts would run and then come back to breath and I do a meditation on a four count, oftentimes. So that's what I was doing this morning. And when I see a four count, each out-breath is a countdown from four. I need to figure out a better way to say this, how that works. But so, you know, in breath through the nose; out breath through the nose. Mentally say Four. Next breath in out breath say three. Next breath in and out breath two. And you're saying this to yourself, obviously in your mind. In breath out breath, one. In breath, repeat from four on down. And whenever the, so what happens is you doing the four count? Inevitably the mind will start thinking about things.Mischa Z: 05:07 And the awareness that I'm thinking about other things becomes evident is that a double, a double positive, the awareness becomes evident. That is funny. Anyway, the awareness that I'm thinking about other things becomes evident. So you come back to the four count and it's a very smooth, aware process. Lots of fun insights are flying around back to the breath. It's funny too, in some of those moments, I can have fear like, oh no, if I go back to the breath, the insights will go away. So I was definitely playing with that thought. And um, so I come out of the meditation. So the meditation is great, good hour meditation. And after the meditation, I was, I would say, surprisingly vibrant and vital. Full of vitality. I dunno if that's the right word, but it was refreshed. Shall we say? Yeah, it was refreshed. That's a great way to say it. So all my worries of I'm going to be tired all day... That may still be yet to come by the way, I might need an app or a new meditation session to find that refreshed attitude.Mischa Z: 06:50 Um, and so I went into A Course In Miracles and, you know, I had a powerful couple of days. So A Course In Miracles, I'm reading, this is funny. I'm trying recording on a new platform and I lose track of, it's hard for me to find the time. So come out of the meditation, do my A Course In Miracles. And I'm just super, I was so calm and centered and connected. I think that that's a great word to say. I was connected. Like I have was just at peace in the moment, savoring my cup of coffee. Um, very, I hadn't perhaps I'd say spaced out is the right word. I would start my reading the A Course In Miracles. And then the next thing you know, it took me to some starts is what I'm trying to say until I was able to focus on it. The A Course In Miracles, section of a manual for teachers, uh, section three, I think it was, I can't remember what the name was, but again, I was not hard on myself for not focusing, right.Mischa Z: 08:31 It can be frustrated and I'm not focusing. I have to start again or read that paragraph for the sixth time or that sentence for the seventh time. And that was very much, it's all good. It's all good. I was not tripping at all and having awareness that I was not tripping. So that, that there was very much the feeling this morning in the meditation and coming out in the meditation of the gift of the aware, observing the observer. Is that a way to say it? Uh, um, yes. So my mind was drifting it's it's one of those days. Thanks for hanging in there. If you've made it this far, really the whole point of telling you all about the meditation and such was to say, one of the thoughts that popped up is I was reading A Course In Miracles and I jotted it down was covert anger. I was very memories of my covert anger, um, issues. Had calm, subversive as well. They were so subversive to me and that I was able to definitely justify them. And so my rationalization was subverting my relationship, my happy relationships, how's that? Oh my gosh, Russell Brunson. If you're listening to this, you will not be happy. I'm not using fifth grader, lower words.Mischa Z: 10:23 Oh my gosh. So many thoughts, streams piling through the brain. But so, uh, I'll, I'll close that loop, uh, Russell Brunson and many others, uh, you know, they say, Hey, when you're talking to the public, oftentimes a very effective way to get your point across is take, keep it simple. Like keep, you know, you don't need to use big words like that can actually distract from your message. And I think about that a lot. Cause I, I love big words. I love looking them up in the dictionary when I come across them. It's fun to, to sometimes, you know, look up words and then see them see that word materialize in your, or in my, um, conversations are writing at a later date. And as a matter of fact, to continue on that loop, um, there's a thing called Hemingway Hemingway app or, Hemingway editor or Hemingway app.Mischa Z: 11:35 I think it's Hemingway (it's actually I'll put the link, check the link in the show notes. Um, and by the way, does anyone else do this? Does anyone else like throw in the big words, thinking that will make you more effective? I know I do. So if you do, Hey, welcome to the tape. So Hemingway editor, I think that's what it's called. Hemingway You can again, check the show, the links in the show enough, you can, you can put in your sentence and it will tell you what grade level you're speaking at and are the sentences too complex are like run-ons or things like that. Or, um, you know, are you using it'll, it'll tell you words that are like, uh, I'm trying to think of the word. Um, well it'll give you recommendations for like past tense, present tense or things like that, or it'll say, Hey, you can actually just omit this word. Fricking love that I've gotten in the habit of going to Hemingway and, and putting in, uh, sentences things that I'm writing and really using it as a tool to, to be more concise in my thoughts, in my writing and, um, fix run-on sentences and all sorts of stuff.Mischa Z: 13:18 And it's really fun to use it and then send it out, send out whatever I'm sending out email or, or show notes or something like that. And then read it at a later date and be like, oh yeah, that is much easier to read than my normal writing. Anyhow, the meditation subversive, anger, covert, anger, and the issues that it caused me. And when I had awareness of it and the steps that I took to break free of it, that's what I was was, and am going to discuss. Let's do that for covert anger part two. Okay.Speaker 1: 14:07 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for spending time with me today, as someone who is committed to growth and service to this world. I so appreciate your willingness to come with me, go within and serve our world through change. If you found value in this podcast and you know, someone who can use this message, share this episode with them, share it. So our mission can be achieved one episode at a time and of course, subscribe so you can hear more. And lastly, for more resources on what has helped me on my journey and can help you on yours, go to be forward slash resources. That's B E L O V forward slash resources. Thank you again for listening.

    Two years into studying this book and I'm astonished!

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    I finished the A Course In Miracles (ACIM) "Text" portion.  I've been hard at ACIM for two years.  I give you a high level breakdown of the layout.  I'm astonished that I've come this far with it.  And one of  major breakthroughs I've had.  I relate the impact of studying ACIM for that long to things you may have been studying.Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:01 I finished the A Course In Miracles "Text". I just finished the A Course In Miracles "Text". I've been reading that, reading the A Course In Miracles, diligently doing all the exercise every day for, it's gotta be right at two years. And that's what I'm going to talk about today. And it's interesting. It feels like such a major accomplishment. And I was, I've been, I finished it yesterday, actually the Text. So the, A Course In Miracles combined volume is four main sections. There's the "Text", the "Workbook For Students", the "Workbook For Teachers". And I think it's "glossary" of terms or it's something there's a four section. And I, when I started it two years ago, I tried to start with the "Text", the "Text" section. It's about 670 or 675 pages long, composed of chapters. And each chapter has a section and each section is about two to three pages and it's super dense, lots of weighty concepts. And it's written in this double negatives and things like that. I was constantly looking up words and having to reread sentences to try to understand it. What they meant and get through the double and triple negatives even I think.Mischa Z: 02:16 And so in order, the A Course In Miracles is "Text", which is the 675 pages composed of all the chapters and sections. Then there is the "Workbook For Students", which is 365 daily exercises. And they're thought, um, exercises, meditation practices, um, some of the daily practices, have you say a mantra or a thought or a way to look at things on the top of the hour, every hour. Different things like that. It's really, really cool. And then I've just started the "Workbook For Teachers". And of course there's the "introduction" before all of that. So in the introduction, it says, Hey, you can read these this in no particular order. So if you're not called to read the "Text" first, then do the "Workbook For Students" or do the "Workbook For Teachers" or what have you. So I was trying to read the Text, but it was so weighty and lots of concepts and lots of words that I wasn't necessarily comfortable with.Mischa Z: 03:57 And so I found it to be a massive struggle and it was not gaining ground in the Text. This was two years ago when I first started. I was just walking past the skate park and they were cranking loud punk ish music. Not the poppy punk that perhaps we're all familiar with, but that edge. More mean. Mean's the right word, more aggression. I know what the word is. I'm looking for it. It doesn't matter. I hit pause and then re-started right now. So, and then of course I was reflecting on. Man, I used to kind of like that music when I was a wee lad and I would skateboard myself.Mischa Z: 04:55 Yes. When it was a weed, lad and used to skateboard myself who were the bands. Um, there was the straight edge bands cause because I was sober at such a young age and still sober straight line sobriety. Minor Threat, that was one of the straight edge bands. But of course there was the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, the Sex Pistols, your classic. And then all the other ones, I can't remember. The more famous punk band has just popped into my head. But anyhow, back to the more spiritually weighted matters. Um, of A Course In Miracles in the Text was just not grooving for me. And so I was like, all right, I guess I'll just go to probably try it for a couple of weeks. So I moved on to, um, the Workbook For Students and the 365 exercises. And it was awesome. Highly recommend it to anybody, but I, but I did it one day at a time was very diligent, did not miss a day.Mischa Z: 06:10 If I went on camping trips, I would, I print out I'd snap, a picture printed out of that days, you know, exercise. And it really transformed my life in a lot of ways. If I was prepared, I would have told, be telling you how it transformed my life, but suffice it to say that judgements have been stripped away massively. Like I just don't judge people, places and things nearly as much. And it's interesting because as I was coming to starting the A Course In Miracles, I was like, I still have this low line judgment. And I don't like it. I don't like placing judgment on what people say, I'm just over it. And then A Course In Miracles manifested my willingness to do the a course of miracles. Finally manifested anyhow, I finished the 365 daily exercises of the Workbook For Students and started, went back to the Text and it was the most amazing thing.Mischa Z: 07:30 The Text, I could see it in a new light and the concepts were clean and crisp. I was able to get through the double negatives, you know, just awesome. So, so awesome. But I distinctly remember at the beginning of starting the Text, the second time I was like, there are 675 pages, two to three pages a day of way weighty concepts, what, that's a lifetime away. It felt like it was a lifetime away. And it was. So anyway, I just, all of a sudden yesterday I was done, literally. I was like, oh my God, I'm done! And wow. And my life for that next year, we'll tell you about reading that through the COVID through financial stuff, through like it's true, so much cool things have happened, new layers of letting go. I should save it for part two. Um, yes, yes. I will save it for part two, but I just would encourage anybody go buy A Course In Miracles and do itSpeaker 2: 08:56 And jump in the fray with me. You can click in the links in my show notes or on the resources page, So, so powerful. So look for a part two where I get more in depth into, um, actual changes that I'm aware of. And I'm going to end with this. I have gotten feedback from multiple people on how I've shifted so much, um, from, of course in miracles.New Speaker: 09:38 So as I was, you know, finished the course in miracles. And then, um, I finished the Text section of A Course In Miracles, the 675 pages, effectively two to three pages a day I got done and I was like, thinking, oh my gosh, I've got to record an episode about this because it's been so profound in my life. The ACIM for short, it's been so profound in my life. And then I was thinking, well, how many books have I read, which are powerful, or what have you, or, you know, I've been reading the big book. You can Google that. What's the big book, um, for my gosh, 35 years now, on and off, it's been so powerful in my life. I was thinking, well, what about, so I was like, well, gosh, I don't know if people will get the gravity of, of finishing the Text section, honestly. So I was thinking about it. I was like, man, I guess I would liken it to, I'm trying to think of any super it's like a college course or something is what I would say. So two years of this course in miracles, it's like college kind of, it's like taking math for two years, plowing through a couple of weighty, you know, math books and, and increasing your capacity for math equations, you know, getting into super fancy stuff. Or maybe, uh, I'm thinking like, um, Metta, no, not metaphysics, uh, like, uh, you know, physics like as people grow, grow and physics. And, and of course now I can't remember any of the terms, but then I was also thinking, well, maybe it's like someone reading the Bible. I've never tried to read the Bible myself, but I know some people have dedicated their lives to Matthew, this and Joseph that to Colin at this. And, you know, and just study a little bit or a lot of it every day. And as they can, maybe maybe people can relate to that or students or people who've taken doctorates, or masters or been to college, or maybe somebody who's, you know, mechanical thing. So learning, you know, going deep on engine stuff for electronics or it's, it's the it's that kind of wait. That was my final thought goodbye.

    Interview #41 Identity Shift with Anthony Trucks. He breaks down the three phases of his "Shift Method".

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 41:52

    In this interview former NFL player, American Ninja athlete, and transformational public speaker Anthony Trucks breaks down the three phases of his "Shift Method".  See, Shift, Sustain.  And the best part, he gives actionable steps within each phase.  You can literally listen to this interview and begin to transform your life.  And he tells amazing stories about crushing quarterbacks in front of 50,000 people!  Um…it's amazing. Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out Anthony Trucks here: his Identity Quiz that helped me so much here: his book and free gifts here: out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: [music]0:00:06.4 Mischa Z: Welcome back to The Tools For A Good Life Summit. Right now, I would like to introduce to you Anthony Trucks, Ex-NFL player. This is a foster kid turned NFL athlete and serial entrepreneur with one serious superpower; making shift happen no matter what, by assessing the power of identity. You have overcome 30-plus traumatic life events, navigating the identity shifts that followed. Anthony has come to be known as the leading expert in shifting, which is making a shift internally to elevate how you operate externally, which in turn changes your life. Your system is called the Shift Method, and you weave together neuroscience, psychology, technology, and hard fought life lessons to help anyone with a desire for more in their life, achieve any goal they want or have ever wanted. I especially like this next sentence, "Before making it apparent that their goals were actually set far below their true potential in the first place." I love that. Like tapping into the potential that people don't even know that's there, it's beautiful.0:01:29.0 Anthony Trucks: And it's beyond, yeah.0:01:30.2 Mischa: Yeah.0:01:30.5 Anthony Trucks: Usually, it's far beyond their thoughts. We set limitations on our dreams without even knowing it.0:01:35.2 Mischa: Yeah, it's amazing. Buckle up, it's time to make shift happen.0:01:39.5 Anthony Trucks: Shift, shift and move.0:01:43.6 Mischa: [laughter] So first off, thank you so much for jumping in the fray with me. Very excited. And let's just maybe spend a few minutes, we can talk a little bit about your history and your 30-plus traumatic life events. I just... Looking at your history, one thing that jumped out at me was, you were 14, perhaps struggling a little bit in the foster home system. Yes, and then...0:02:09.6 Anthony Trucks: Yeah.0:02:10.3 Mischa: I read a note, you said, "Hey, I was a self-aware kid," and I recognized your pattern and you perhaps needed to change at that point. Maybe speak to that just quickly.0:02:21.5 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, well it's interesting, when I got to the age of 14, I'd already gone through years of crazy, We'll call it. I was given away at three, so I had a lot of different dynamics woven all into the personality and identity of who I was. It took a lot of years, but after a while, you start to see yourself for who you are. The problem is, I think, we are all self-aware, but we're aware of a self that we've crafted that's not always the most positive, so that's where why we beat ourselves up, "And we're not that good, not that great." And I think there's a separation when you can... In a positive way, a separation when you understand who you are seeing yourself through of the filter of the world, and then who you actually are. There is a difference. And so I think at 14, 15, I was still developing that. It wasn't until I was really like 15, that I got a chance to really see who I was. And I was like, "Oh, that's who you are," 'cause prior to that moment, I saw myself in a light that wasn't the best.0:03:15.3 Mischa: And was this a conscious change? Or was it sort of it just happened and looking back on it, hindsight, you're like, "Oh." Or was it... Does that question make sense, or...0:03:31.7 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it does make sense. It was more of a hindsight, I think it took time and in the distance, and the background to get it.0:03:38.6 Mischa: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You're just on the phone there, now you wanna put the...0:03:42.3 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, there's someone at the front door, but I'm not gonna talk to him.0:03:44.9 Mischa: Okay.0:03:45.6 Anthony Trucks: Somebody delivered flowers to my house, and it was the wrong person. So I think she's taking them, which is good, I hope she takes them to the person that deserves them 'cause someone deserves them, and they were not my flowers, but I'm good now.[chuckle]0:03:58.9 Mischa: All good. I'll be able to... We'll strike that. Strike that.0:04:02.1 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, yeah. Well, we could leave it in, it would just be weird, but that's the scatter brain-brain that is my brain. I'm the only one home, so my dog started barking, I gotta like, "Is someone at the door?" So yeah.0:04:10.9 Mischa: Yeah, yeah, yeah.0:04:11.9 Anthony Trucks: Now, we're good though. That's part of my identity. I can keep rolling, man. I mean you can keep it in, you don't have to keep it in.0:04:17.9 Mischa: Yeah, no, I love it. And we'll keep rolling. I think it's good.0:04:21.0 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, it's life.0:04:21.7 Anthony Trucks: What's that?0:04:22.4 Mischa: It's life, man.0:04:23.2 Mischa: That's life, especially these days.0:04:25.7 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, seriously.0:04:27.5 Mischa: Yeah. And then of course there was the, your very brief stint in the NFL. And I think the...0:04:37.5 Anthony Trucks: Yes, three years.0:04:39.3 Mischa: Yeah, yeah, the striking part there was you only got to play in one pre-season game and then you had an injury, or?0:04:44.8 Anthony Trucks: Well, my third year, I got hurt in my first pre-season game. So my first year, second year, I was cut the first year, cut the second year, third year, I was finally looking like I was about to make the team. And then I tore my shoulder and the season was over. So that was the first pre-season game. So no, I played in games. It wasn't like I just was there for a year and out of there, but it was, it's unfortunate man, there's a lot of build up to that whole situation, but the NFL is an interesting beast. It's the highest level in the world. So any time you get to the highest level in the world for anything, I don't care if it's the highest level of the world for, I don't know, kitten sock knitting, there's gonna be crazy things that go on, 'cause you got so many people involved, it's cutthroat.0:05:25.3 Mischa: Cutthroat.0:05:26.1 Anthony Trucks: It's ruthless. It is demanding at levels that are beyond human typical logic. 'Cause the typical human, I don't think that they... And this is not like saying people are better, right? But you're not typically in a race or in a competition to be the best in the world out of seven billion people, you know what I'm saying? So you're not... You're not at that... So now that you do, it's like the average human doesn't get the logic behind, why would you subject yourself to so much difficulty and pain and anguish? Why would you do that? It doesn't make sense. And I'm like, "It's right, it doesn't make sense that I would live a mediocre life, that is one I don't want to see what I'm fully capable of." It's a back and forth, you know what I'm saying?0:06:05.6 Mischa: Yeah.0:06:06.5 Anthony Trucks: So it's not that anybody is right or wrong, it's just, what's logic. And I don't think people use that... "Well, it's not logical." No, it's not logical to your brain, and that's okay. It's not logical that you would marry that person because they're a horrible person. There's just different things that are logic, and so I just... I've got to the point of realizing in life, the beauty is the difference. What is good for me isn't good for everybody else. I'm not a good fit for everybody, and that's okay. That's completely okay, and if you can get to that point, it alleviates so much more stress and anxiety and just weirdness that happens in life.0:06:40.3 Mischa: It's so empowering, it's very empowering.0:06:42.4 Anthony Trucks: Freeing, yeah.0:06:43.1 Mischa: A Place to be. Yeah, frank, I love that. I was curious, did you have any glory moments, sort of those stadium, 50,000 people.0:06:53.2 Anthony Trucks: Did I? Oh man.0:06:55.9 Mischa: Yeah.0:06:56.1 Anthony Trucks: How many do you wanna know about, man?0:06:57.3 Mischa: Tell me a couple. Tell me, I wanna know.0:07:00.7 Anthony Trucks: Here's a good one. Here's a good one. Here's a good one. It's two. These two are gonna be Oregon ones 'cause I had fun in Oregon. I had fun everywhere else but Oregon was a good one. So there's one play where we're playing against Arizona State, they had come to our house, junior year, and I'm trying to find, we're trying ball, right? And what happens, it was junior year, it's what it was. And they're at our house and we gotta beat them, we're trying to obviously make our way to get to another level and trying to get some ball game stuff going on, and they come to our house. And there's just this one specific play to where if they line up a certain way I blitz, and if they shift out of that, I don't blitz anymore because they have an extra person. Because if I blitz, somebody's open, so we'd be screwed. It's like 3rd and 12 or something, and the ball is... They get up to the ball, they get lined up. I'm supposed... Slits, they move. I don't realize it. So I am supposed to cover and in my head, I'm like, "I'm going, I'm going, I'm going, I'm going, I'm going."0:07:52.5 Anthony Trucks: I can see in the video, my line back with a mic sitting next going, "Don't go." You could see his hand motion, but it's Austin Stadium and Austin Stadium is one of the loudest in the country. You can't hear anything. So you gotta know it, and I'm just dialed, "I'm gonna get this dang court," as my head's here. And all of a sudden like you can see me in the balls hike, and I take off. Now, I don't know how that's happened, but their right guard was the guy who's supposed to guard me, guard or tackle, completely misses me, doesn't whatever it is, and the quarterback rolls out to me, and as he's rolling out, I barely... And he gets like a step away, I have to leave my feet, and if both of my hands don't grab this man in mid-air and grab him like a carnival game. You Know. I jump out, I'm in full Superman, I get one hand on his shoulder, one hand on his hip, I take him down and I celebrate, and the whole stadium just erupts, turn over on run downs, and we get the ball back. It was crazy. That was one of them. Another one...0:08:52.6 Mischa: So first of, wait, wait a minute. So that's on accident that that happens?0:08:56.0 Anthony Trucks: Oh yeah. After the play, if you look at the video, we have it after the play, I'm cheering my linebacker guy comes up, grabs my helmet, and you can see him yelling at me, "You've messed up, but you didn't mess up. Great job. Don't do that ever again."[chuckle]0:09:07.5 Mischa: That's so good. Okay, next one. Okay.0:09:09.8 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, and then other one was, we're playing against... So at my senior year, I'm balling against... All the teams are playing. I end up leading my senior year, the Pack-10 at the time, in sacks, tackles for loss, forced fumbles and fumbles recovered, I was like 6th in total tackles, but I missed a game against USC to a high ankle sprain, but I was balling that year. And I was doing well, I had three sacks against ASU, as a matter of fact, the next year at their place, and so I'm feeling good about myself and my coach ran a meeting one time we were about to play Cow, Cow is coming up to Oregon. And I'm talking I'm proud of how good I am, he's like great job. He goes, "Hey I don't want you to think you're the greatest," he says, "You ain't the greatest until you go in there, you sack, you force a fumble, you recovered the fumble, you pick it up and score a touchdown. Then you can start talking, right? So he says this and he's serious, but joking at the same time.0:10:00.5 Mischa: Of course.0:10:00.6 Anthony Trucks: This was like early in the week. Now we come to the game, I was like the second or third quarter, I can't remember what it was. And they line me up and they give me a blitz, so I'm like, "I'm gonna go get this guy," right? And in my head, I'm not thinking about what he said earlier in the week, I'm just doing my thing. So I come around the bend and the running back goes to block me. Somehow, he misses me completely. I sidestep him, he goes flying by. So I go up, the quarterback doesn't see me, blind sight, sack him. Forced ball comes out, forced the fumble. Fumbles on the ground. We both go to the ground. I recovered the fumble. Now it's college football, so your knee is down, so I didn't score a touchdown. I mean, the whole crowd's erupted. Everybody is crazy. Everybody's... I'm excited, I come to the sideline. I'm high five'ing. Hey man. Hey man, I come to a coach. He looks me dead in eyes, and he goes, "But you didn't score a touchdown." That was Don Kellum.0:10:54.0 Mischa: Ruthless. Don.0:10:54.3 Anthony Trucks: Ruthless dude. That's how he was. He was the hard-nosed dude. But he...0:10:57.3 Mischa: That's cold-blooded.0:10:57.9 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, I got a whole bunch of weird ones like that. I got stuff from the NFL, High School. We got a whole bunch, but those are two of my fun ones.0:11:01.3 Mischa: That's beautiful. Yeah. And so when you hurt your shoulder, and career is over, that's pretty deflating to go from those highs to those lows, obviously.0:11:14.5 Anthony Trucks: Pretty much though. Yeah, you go from being somebody to being nobody, at least in your head, internally. Any time a human being has put their heart into something, whether it's being a parent and the kid goes to college, leave the military, you leave sports, you lose a job, you leave a job, you sell a business. When you no longer can show up in the capacity of that role anymore, you lose a sense of yourself. And so for me, it was football and I've lost a sense of myself in that realm, and so yeah, I definitely had a little downward spiral, we'll call it.0:11:43.0 Mischa: Yes, and then you were able to make it through a dark time, come out the other side. Have a pivot point where, "Hey, I think coming through that perhaps close to suicide moment," yeah?0:12:00.3 Anthony Trucks: Most definitely. Yeah, unfortunately.0:12:01.9 Mischa: Yeah, unfortunately, it's a dark place to be. So you create a tool, which I'm staring at, at least the result of the tool, so now you...0:12:12.2 Anthony Trucks: One of them.0:12:12.7 Mischa: What's that?0:12:12.8 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, it's one of them for sure. I make a whole bunch of weird stuff now.0:12:15.5 Mischa: Yeah, cool. Oh, go ahead.0:12:17.5 Anthony Trucks: That's a good tool you got right there. That's the slow or go identity. It's a good grid right there.0:12:22.3 Mischa: Yeah, it's great. I just wanna tell you that, as I said before we started recording that you are very influential in me helping get the summit.0:12:33.1 Anthony Trucks: Nice.0:12:34.2 Mischa: Continuing with the summit process, because I took your little... You go to... Anybody can do this. They can go to and click on the what's my identity type button.0:12:46.8 Anthony Trucks: Easy.0:12:47.8 Mischa: Yeah, super easy. And the quiz I was taking it like... Yeah, we'll see. Honestly, I was like, "Yeah, what's this?" And I took it and that it was right on the money, my friend, and I was [0:13:00.4] ____.0:13:00.4 Anthony Trucks: Is it kinda weird?0:13:00.4 Mischa: Yes, it's very weird. Turns out, I hate to admit it, but I will, I'm a dabbler. And so it helped me... One thing you have on the dabbler is to find little successes to help propel you forward and to have a contingency plan for when you go into that dark spot, that shiny object.0:13:27.2 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, 'cause dabblers are people who chase opportunity, but they shut down in oppositions sometimes.0:13:31.3 Mischa: Yes.0:13:31.7 Anthony Trucks: So in order to push forward to be a doer, all you have to do is spend time doing more, which means you have to tackle the oppositions.0:13:39.6 Mischa: Yeah, perfect. Love it. So that moment helped me progress forward with my summit, 'cause it's lots of inviting and potentials for rejection and stretching, right?0:13:53.2 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, I agree.0:13:54.3 Mischa: So thank you for that, Anthony.0:13:54.4 Anthony Trucks: You're very welcome, man. What it's for? What I made it for, man. Yeah.0:13:57.8 Mischa: Yeah. So that was... I just... Beautiful. So I'm gonna get to the point here. So you're gonna answer a question for me. I'm gonna set up a scenario and why we're all here. So here's the scenario. We've got somebody... And it sounds like you have been through it multiple times in your life, so you are gonna be familiar with it, so we've got... Let's look at life, the three-legged stool, relationships, finance and health, and then... Yep, now, so now someone who is successful or once successful, and they... You have two legs of those stool come out from under you, that can be a very dark place, and you were there.0:14:40.1 Mischa: And so for me, I had that. I had had success in my 20-year sales career, all of a sudden, career upheaval. I went through a divorce out of nowhere, financial distress, and both my parents died in rapid succession within two weeks of each other, and it was a very dark time. And the thing was, was that to pull myself up from my bootstraps attitude that, "Work your way through it," wasn't working. I needed extra, I needed a little nudge, I needed something like this. So my question to you is, thinking of your tool, your modality, all your bag of tricks, what are the exact next steps you would offer a person like me that was in that scenario, so that I know that I'm headed in the new, right direction, that I'll have positive momentum towards getting my life back on track?0:15:36.4 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, so the one thing that's good about this is it's not a guessing game. I think some people, they will navigate this by guessing little pieces that could be beneficial, and for me it's like, I look at the whole revamp. See you've mentioned and alluded to earlier, I've had 30-plus randomly weird situations that have... I could say each one of them would have... Has knocked other people off track for an entire lifetime.0:15:56.2 Mischa: Yes.0:15:58.7 Anthony Trucks: Very odd. It's very odd, and I didn't even think of it and notice it until I was in my early 30s, to be quite honest. I was like, somebody else brought it to the forefront and I was like, "Yeah, I did, oddly have a way of doing this, and so I'll tell you what I've done every time that that's happened to me."0:16:12.0 Mischa: Fantastic.0:16:12.7 Anthony Trucks: So I did it accidentally at first, and now I do it proactively. I think we do have that unfortunate life, we do proactively choose to eat healthy sometimes, but most of the time we react to life, we're not responding in a chosen manner. So what I've done is I've gone back and said in those moments, I needed to look at who I was, not so much what I knew or what I had access to. And in my life now, I'm always like, "I got a problem. Who is Anthony right now? My wife and I are arguing, who am I? I'm not the best father. Who am I? I'm not working out the way I'd like to, Who am I?" And there's a reason why I say, "Who am I?", not, "What do I gotta do?" Because if you are the person to do those things, you wouldn't even question what you have to do, you just do that stuff. That's just the simple nature of it. Like if I'm the person who just... If it's who I am to work out every day, I'm gonna work out every day, I'm not gonna worry about that. If it's who I am to be the most amazing, loving, caring, paying attention husband, that's who I'll be every day.0:17:09.5 Anthony Trucks: And so when someone's in that space, typically we say, "What's wrong? What do I gotta fix? What do I gotta do?" And I'm more like, "Who do you gotta be?" 'Cause if you don't realize that there's a certain core person of you running all this, then you're gonna keep repeating the same situation, you'll keep landing in the same place. And this is why a lot of my work is in identity, it's all in that realm of, "Who are you?" So what I first have people do is you have to have them see. And the see phase... It's a three-step phase called the shift method. The first stage is the see phase, and the see phase is where you get to go in and take a look at what is really going on, and it usually isn't fun to see. It's the stuff where you get exposed to the true aspect of your humanity and you go, "Yeah, I don't like that part of me," but for the first time in your life, maybe you actually accept it and go, "I gotta work on that." 'Cause not everybody does.0:17:58.4 Mischa: Oh, absolutely. It can be hard. Can I ask you a question in that regard?0:18:01.6 Anthony Trucks: Please.0:18:02.0 Mischa: So is there like... Give my audience an actionable step in that regard to...[overlapping conversation]0:18:06.7 Mischa: Yeah, absolutely.0:18:07.6 Anthony Trucks: Here we go. So this is dead serious, is we have something we call triad talks, and it's a certain series of questions in a certain order and a specific way we do it, but I'll give you the overarching. What you do is you go and select a group of questions that essentially would get to the root of you, that you don't even... That you'd be scared to hear the answer to. We'll call it that. Get to the root of the questions. And then what you do is you go find people who you know and that you like and that they're positive humans, and you ask them, "Hey, can you answer these questions for me, about me?" And this is something where there's a way you go through it to where you do certain things to where you're not actually, we'll call it, cannibalizing your ability to get great answers, but what you'll do is you'll get feedback if you do it the right way. You'll get feedback from people that is really hard to swallow.0:19:00.0 Mischa: And usable, so let's just... I wanna tackle that. So we've got step one of the see... Step one is the see phase and a tool within that is a triad talk, and so... Fantastic. So give me an example of one, two or three questions, so like...0:19:19.3 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, easy. So I guess, well, one question I ask them is, if you were to get rid of a part of me, like, okay, you'll remove a certain part of how I do things. What would it be and why? If you were to rate my... If you could do this actually. Rating is usually fun. If you were to rate and you'll give me a number based from zero to 10 on how good of a friend I am or how good of a blank I am, is a good question there. What is the most frustrating thing about me that you feel like you have to endure, and I'll never change? Like little stuff like this.0:19:56.2 Mischa: Oh, those are good.0:19:57.1 Anthony Trucks: And they let them... And you ask the questions, but you have to be prepared for the answers. You have to actually absorb those answers a certain way, and if you do it right, it will break your heart, you'll feel like you wanna retort and you can't, but you'll get gold, you'll start to see yourself, and that's I think one of the biggest gifts is to see through the veil of really what's going on that other people can see, but I'm just blind to it, there's a statement that I love is you can't see the label when you're inside the jar. And a lot of us are in that jar and we don't even know what's going on or operating.0:20:33.2 Anthony Trucks: It's like, "How come no one's coming around? 'Cause it says poison on the outside," dude.[chuckle]0:20:36.5 Anthony Trucks: Like, Have you seen yourself?[laughter]0:20:38.2 Mischa: Right. Oh my God.0:20:38.7 Anthony Trucks: You gotta figure that out.[laughter]0:20:40.4 Mischa: Oh my gosh, that is amazing.0:20:43.6 Anthony Trucks: That's one of the first pieces, man, is, is going to a level of actually, that's the tactical thing is, What in the world do I gotta work on? And then the second thing that we do is we go through the shift phase, which really is where the action is taken, we are shifting internally and making shifts actionably externally because of those internal ones. And what it allows us to do is take a look at our life and then you actually change your life, 'cause shifts make the change, right? If I wanna change the destination of a plane, I am shifting the trajectory, right? I'm not... I wouldn't call it like I'm gonna change the trajectory. You'd kinda shift it like, I'm gonna go a little bit one degree this way. And I'll change the destination, right? That's what we're doing, we're trying to change the destination in your life. It's just a shift, not crazy.0:21:25.2 Mischa: You know what's so good about that and so hopeful about that is we don't necessarily need to do a 100, we don't need to move the ship completely.0:21:33.7 Anthony Trucks: No.0:21:33.8 Mischa: Right, it's like, "Hey, let's take those next little incremental things to get us going in that right direction, Right?."0:21:40.0 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, if you go... I literally Googled this, if you were to choose to go from San Francisco to the, say, Orlando Airport, if you on the way there made a one degree shift in trajectory from the get-go you would land 40 miles south in Lakeland, Florida.0:21:57.5 Mischa: Wow.0:21:58.3 Anthony Trucks: One degree.[laughter]0:21:58.9 Anthony Trucks: Isn't that crazy?[chuckle]0:22:00.2 Mischa: It's crazy, one degree.0:22:01.0 Anthony Trucks: That's the difference. So people are like, you don't gotta go and overhaul your entire life, man, just... 'cause the plane's always in the air. It's always going somewhere. Just adjust the trajectory. It's a shift and you're good.0:22:15.1 Mischa: I love it. So let me ask, how about an actionable step in the action step phase, so you've gone out and you gave me a few questions, so give me like an action step to help make that degree change.0:22:27.7 Anthony Trucks: Oh, yeah. So it's just fun but everybody can do this. All you gotta do is ask yourself, what's that one thing that's been lingering, and I'm gonna say why this is important. Let's purpose it with this, if something didn't scare you, it wouldn't be important to you. There are things that scare you that wouldn't scare me because they're important to you, and vice versa, there's things that I would be deadly afraid, deathly afraid to do it. You wouldn't even care. Like surfing, I'm gonna get eaten by a shark. I'm not gonna do that. But you're like, "No, bro this is easy." You see what I'm saying.0:22:55.5 Mischa: Yes.0:22:56.0 Anthony Trucks: The difference is, it's because what's important to you. Now, here's the thing, if that thing is lingering didn't scare you, it would already be done by now. It just would. If I'm like, "Hey, I want a hamburger and a milkshake," and I'm not gonna feel guilty, I'm going to the store right now.[chuckle]0:23:12.1 Anthony Trucks: I'm going to get it now... Any of you've done, I'm not afraid of it, I'm looking forward to it.[laughter]0:23:16.2 Mischa: Yes. Yes.0:23:16.6 Anthony Trucks: So a lot of these ideas and things that linger for a lot of folks, they're like, "I'm good, I just gotta get... " No you're afraid of it, and that's okay.0:23:25.2 Anthony Trucks: Right? So the first action you take is in the direction of the fear, and if you don't know how to do that, you take the fear and you find ways to open it up until you find the smallest pieces of it and then start attacking the small pieces, right? It's... What is that earth invaders? When you hit the...0:23:42.7 Mischa: Oh, space invaders?0:23:42.8 Anthony Trucks: And it turns into little ones and little ones...0:23:44.0 Mischa: Yeah, yeah, yeah.0:23:44.8 Anthony Trucks: You gotta make it the small ones, that's obviously the wrong game to do that, but when you can make things small. 15 minutes, it's much easier to overcome the fear for that 15 minutes than it is to perceive, "I gotta do this for the next week. Oh my God, okay, I'm gonna do that next week," and then next week and the next month, and then... So chunk it down to the smallest minute steps and then attack it that way, but it's usually gotta be in the direction of something that scares you or could linger for too long.0:24:12.1 Mischa: So any real-life example you've seen recently or you see...0:24:14.9 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, you wanna launch a podcast, you wanna launch a summit, right? Summit or podcast, right? And I'm not saying you're afraid of it at all, but I'm just saying, this is what... Some people are probably afraid of doing it. Yeah, he's maybe a little bit afraid, right?[laughter]0:24:25.8 Mischa: Yeah, maybe.0:24:26.5 Anthony Trucks: So you didn't just one day go, "Alright, I'm gonna do everything today," you're like, "Alright, I'm gonna send an email first." Small step.0:24:32.6 Mischa: Yeah.0:24:33.0 Anthony Trucks: Write the email, send it out, you wanna do it. Okay, great, okay, okay, now I gotta buy some equipment, I gotta figure out what the email thing look like. I gotta say, Okay, how do I time this? How am I gonna deliver it? How people are gonna opt in? When they opt in what are they gonna get? How I set a checkout page? How am I gonna get 'em to pay for this? Do I do a PayPal? This is all the stuff that goes into it. It's minute little steps, but you didn't just wake up one day, say I'm gonna figure it out today, you looked at little by little by little, and chunked it apart to where now it's real, it's live and it's coming to fruition.0:25:01.7 Mischa: I love that. Yes, thank you. Perfect, so then, so we've got the see phase, the action phase or the stuff... What did you define?0:25:11.2 Anthony Trucks: Shift. The see and shift.0:25:12.3 Mischa: Yes, yes.0:25:12.8 Anthony Trucks: And the last stage is sustain.0:25:19.7 Mischa: Sustain.0:25:19.9 Anthony Trucks: The sustain phase. See, Shift, Sustain.0:25:20.7 Mischa: See, shift, I couldn't read my own writing. See, shift.0:25:25.3 Anthony Trucks: Me either.[laughter]0:25:25.4 Mischa: Sustain. Sustain. So tell me about sustain.0:25:27.2 Anthony Trucks: Sustain phase is the one where... We as people unfortunately get to the point of we have success and then we stop doing what it took to get there because it either wasn't who we were, we just were pushing, or we got lazy. We're like, "I'll have this and maintain it'll be there," but we don't realize that you've gotta sustain the amount of effort to sustain a level of success and if you wanna have more success, you have to sustain the drive to continue to keep achieving more. So what happens is some people will... Like I had my gym business. I would focus on, "Let me get past this hump, I gotta make some money." And I would do all these things to get to the point that I make that money to pay the bills and go, "Oh, I can relax now." And then three months later, I'm in the exact same place. I gotta fight real hard because every time I would get to the top, I would stop doing what it took to get to the top.0:26:13.7 Anthony Trucks: Imagine if I just kept doing that stuff, the amount of momentum. So people don't have sustainability in life and it's not because they don't know how or don't have the skillsets, they just stop when they feel like they don't need to have that kind of effort and push 'cause they're not looking at shifting into being that person. And there's reasons that this happens. I think sometimes we lose sight of why we're doing things. It's not anchored consciously as to why I'm moving every day, I'm just getting up and doing it 'cause it's what my job is now.0:26:41.0 Mischa: Yep.0:26:41.0 Anthony Trucks: And then also I think sometimes we float around the wrong people. I think the hive, the environment's difficult 'cause there's a statement of, "You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with." And I think it's halfway right. I think you're the average of the expectations of the five people you surround yourself with. If you think about it, if I wanna... Say I have a million dollars and I wanna make $2 million dollars. Well, there's people I could hang out with that maybe have a million dollars, but what if it's a person that makes a half a million dollars, but they wanna make 2 and the million dollar people are content?0:27:15.7 Mischa: Yeah.0:27:16.5 Anthony Trucks: Well, the expectation of the half a million dollar person, they're like, "Look, I'm not shooting for 1, I'm shooting for 2." "Well, I'm shooting for 2 also. Let's figure it out." Whereas the million dollar people are like, "We've got a million dollars, we're cool." There's nothing wrong with them, but for what I want, I need to be around the expectations of what it takes to get there 'cause that half a million dollar person is not gonna let me sit idle at 1.2 or 1.3. They're gonna be like, "No, you keep pushing. You gotta get to 2." Whereas the 1 million dollar people, they're like, "Well, you're good. Slow down. What are you doing? Are you crazy?" So I think when you get into the sustain phase, if I'm gonna sustain my trajectory, I must consistently have a hive of people who have expectations at a level that are at or above where I wanna have them myself.0:28:00.0 Mischa: That's a great... I like the expectation piece in there because the... I like that added bit because the perception is, "If I hang out with a millionaire, bam, that's gonna... That is gonna help me elevate." Not that that's the all end all, but as an example.0:28:16.3 Anthony Trucks: Yeah. You'll get there. You can, but then, you can, but it's hard to get past there. Not that you can't, but it's hard to get past there 'cause you'll get to the point of... Think about what I just... Logically. "I got a million. Alright, cool. I'm gonna hang out, put my feet up. I'm gonna golf with Bob." And I'm like, "No, bro, I wanna make a $2 million dollar business. I can't go golfing and do that. I gotta go keep working." You know what I mean? There's just things you gotta look at. And so it is. It's an expectation piece and then if you don't sustain it, man, you'll lose it.0:28:44.8 Anthony Trucks: You'll just lose to be in place. And then I think at a certain level, for me, the sustain phase is, "I gotta find out why I gotta keep growing." And what I've found is anybody that's had a nominal level of success, there's a certain heart, for the majority in my opinion, to give back. They thrive, they wanna do well, and I found that there's this thing called marginal utility. And if I have 10 hamburgers, well, if I eat one 'cause I'm starving, that first one is delicious. Now the second one, it's still pretty good. Third one, I don't know. Fourth one, I can't do it, I can't do it. I got seven more hamburgers, what am I doing right now? I wanna feel good though. What do I do? I can't keep eating hamburgers.0:29:23.7 Anthony Trucks: Well, if I wanna feel good, what if I give them to somebody else who's starving? Different kind of good, but I feel good, so I give him the hamburgers. He does the same thing. He eats three and he's like, "Alright, I got four more." He keeps on passing it along. Well, the idea is if you do that, you'll notice, "Wow, I really like how it feels to give back and to serve. Who do I have to be, to be able to do that at a higher level?" And guess what it does? Puts you right back to seeing who you are and who that next person is that can do that. It's a cycle.0:29:54.6 Mischa: I think that's such a great space to work from as well. It's initially where perhaps when we're younger or what have you, it's that financial, build the family, find that success that pulls us forward and then it can be such a great place to work from, to shift to that, "Alright, how can I be of service on a broader scale?" So that's a great... That's a great thought as far as sustaining. So what are two or three habits that you have to help propel you on a daily basis or perhaps to find that...0:30:38.8 Mischa: That service piece, yeah. Go.0:30:40.3 Anthony Trucks: Yeah, yeah. So here's one thing is I fall in love with the day, not the destination. I think sometimes we spend way too much time looking at, "Well, am I there yet? Am I there yet?" like a 5-year-old in the car. But I love the days and I have a certain amount of space and time in my day that I operate and I love it. I love to be in motion. I think all humans... We love the motion. There's magic in the motion. There's something too... Like I can sit here with all this stuff off in my office and hang out, but there's more joy talking to you. Just like you. I'm sure before you could be in your house and be content, but when we get on like this, it's a different kind of joy we get to hang out in. There's no anxiety, there's no stress, we're just chatting, two guys talking. This is the motion of the magic, right?0:31:25.2 Mischa: Yeah.0:31:25.6 Anthony Trucks: And so what I look at is I need to be always in a position where I'm doing things that are keeping me moving, but the right things. So when you say, "How do I keep that consistent?" I just... I have a certain block of my day. I love being in the groove of working, but I make sure the things inside that groove are the ones that still scare me, are the ones that move that move the needle, are the ones that are useful to what I'm doing and habitually I just commit to falling in love with the day. And if I do that enough and if I have things that I enjoy, eventually, 'cause they're the right things, I end up at a destination and then I'm like, "Cool. I wanna get back to climbing the mountain." You spend way less time at the peak than you do on the journey. I want to enjoy the journey. So that's a big piece of it. And then if I'm hiking a mountain, I don't wanna be with a person who won't shut up that's annoying.0:32:17.9 Anthony Trucks: I wanna be with people who are like... Cheer me on, who could have similar conversations. 'Cause the thing about whenever you're out for a hike, time flies by with great conversation.0:32:27.6 Mischa: It does.0:32:28.6 Anthony Trucks: It melts away. So if I'm gonna be on this hike and I'm gonna enjoy the journey, I wanna have people that I can enjoy it with. And then when I get to the peak, I get to celebrate. They're taking a picture of me, I'm taking a picture of them. We get some lady I don't know to take a picture of us. It's this cool experience because you have the people and you are loving every step of the journey, quite literally.0:32:49.3 Mischa: Yeah, that's great. Do you calendar your sustainability, those activities?0:32:57.3 Anthony Trucks: Oh, man. I have a very ridiculous dialed in calendar for how my life is. It's right here. It's like my life is rolling it's... But here's the beauty of it, I have the method I use that I teach people, it boils down to execution. I think that's the one thing. Some people give a lot of insight, information, theory, and then leave it on you to figure out how to make it real in your life. Whereas for me, we teach, we talk, we boil things down to very specific actions, and even then I don't leave you hanging. Then I'm like, "Alright, great. We're gonna go... We're gonna put them in your life now, we're gonna make sure... " I just had a client call today, we broke down her entire morning routine down to the exact hour and a half she'll do it. I think an hour and half's kinda long, but for her it fits. But the idea's like I'm not just saying, "Go make a morning routine," and she's like, "Alright," and then walks away. We work through all of it, every piece, so there's understanding for it and the timing behind it, and then it's like, "Alright, now we take the action on it."0:33:54.6 Anthony Trucks: And it's that action that creates the difference, it creates a change. And so when I'm doing these things, I'm not just theory, man. I'm like, "I want you to finally have these things real in your life, because when they are that's when the true confidence comes in, the transformation comes in. It's not in the planning." We as humans feel better there. I think people fall in love with a safe work. "I wanna start a business." "Okay, start a business. What are you gonna do?" "Okay, I'm gonna get my business cards done, I'm gonna make a landing page, I'm gonna think of a name, I'm gonna, follow the... " That's not the stuff that you need to do to make the business. It sounds like it is. It's the safe work, though. You could do it in your house at night, making a little website, it looks pretty.0:34:29.0 Anthony Trucks: But the scary thing that actually makes it a real business, not you in the background, or having a hobby, getting bored, is when you can go, "Okay, pay me for this. This is what it's gonna cost you to actually get this improvement in your life." It's a business and that's the scary work. Now, the safe work and the fun work that has a place, but that's not what does it, man. And that's the thing is people are afraid of doing the scary work. They don't understand the sacrifice that it takes sometimes.0:34:58.3 Mischa: Yeah. It sounds like you are not only gifted at doing that scary work yourself, but you've systemized a way to...0:35:08.0 Anthony Trucks: Oh, very much.0:35:09.7 Mischa: Yeah, to pass it on to other people.0:35:10.2 Anthony Trucks: I have to. If I don't, then I'm just talking. If I was to sit here and give people all this information and not give them some way to apply it, I have done a massive disservice. I think we have a lot of people in this space that are doing a disservice because all they do is talk. Which means all you do is point the problem out and you inspire and motivate, but then you don't tell them what to do. It's kind of like people leave events and they're, "I'm excited. I'm gonna do this." And they're all gripping the steering wheel, they can't... They go to bed and one day they wake up like, "Where did it go? What do I do now? I don't feel completely inspired. I forgot how I'm supposed to feel, what's the next step?" And then it turns into this, I think, an immediate switch, it turns into, I don't know, sadness, a lack of self-esteem because I'm like, "Man, I didn't even do anything. I suck." And now it's even worse.0:36:00.5 Mischa: Yeah, it's like that emotional roller coaster, right? The one that... Yeah, I get that.0:36:05.2 Anthony Trucks: Yeah. I'll inspire you, but I'm gonna be very clear. The real motivation comes from “can you get up in the morning and do something?” And it's like that will come from, did you do it? Did you take an action? Because the moment I can give someone a guiding point and then they go execute on it, they feel amazing. It's palpable. You can't take it from them. That person is the one that's gonna get up every day because they're looking forward to that feeling. It's not how I yelled at them or that video that I made that was super cool with great drone shots. That's alright, but the thing is “is did you do something with your life that I guided you to do yourself so you created the pride that you get to keep”?0:36:42.6 Mischa: Anthony, that's beautiful. I think that that is a great place to end this section. Don't forget, we're gonna do another interview, but I just wanna say quick to everybody watching and listening to Anthony and I, if this was fantastic and you want to get more of what Anthony has to offer and see more, upgrade to the All-access pass for the bonus interview because Anthony and I are going to go even deeper. And I have a few more amazing questions and I'm gonna go let you pick what we wanna talk about. Before we end this section, is there anything that you think we missed or you wanted to say before we stop this bit?0:37:27.9 Anthony Trucks: I don't. No. I believe those who wanna be better will go join. There's always this thing that years ago someone explained to me was like, "You wanna make an investment, but you can go and try to invest in a company, right? But the best investment is always in yourself." And those who pay, pay attention, because it's worth more. And if it's worth more, you'll do more with it. So those who are like, "I really wanna commit to doing something great," yeah, go ahead and take that next step because we're gonna get in here in a second and those are the people that can raise their hand and we'll look back years ago and go, "That person is successful." Why? It's not by accident. They took those next steps.0:38:04.1 Mischa: Yeah, thank you so much for that, Anthony. And then again, a quick reminder to everybody, you can go to, click on the, “What's my identity?” Take this test. It is awesome. It helped me. And then you can also book a call, there's a link to book a call with you. So I would encourage anybody, if they don't upgrade and see the next section, to at least click on and take the identity type quiz.[music]——————-

    Thursday Meditation #3 “What if we are sinless and eternal? What if that's what we learn when we die?

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    Thursday Meditation #3 “What if we are sinless and eternal?  What if that's what we learn when we die?  What if we could learn it before we die?  How free would you be?  What could you let go of?  How much more could you love and be loved?Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript:  n/a

    I seemingly couldn't work more even if I wanted to.

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    I've quit many addictive compulsive behaviors in my life.  Including drinking, drugging, and  gambling. And I definitely had a case of workaholism.  And these days as I build an online business...on my days of weakness where I think, "if I could just work more". I'm like, “Yeah.  No. You can't." Administrative: (See episode transcript below)Check out the Tools For A Good Life Summit here: Virtually and FOR FREE podcasting!  These are the best mobile mic's for IOS and Android phones.  You can literally take them anywhere on the fly.Get the Shure MV88 mobile mic for IOS, the Shure MV88+ for  mobile mic for Android A Course In Miracles Here! my “Insiders Guide to Finding Peace” here: more resources at me: contact@belove.mediaFor social Media: and share to help spread the love for a better world!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Transcript: Mischa Z: 00:01 There's a line in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous that says "seemingly he couldn't drink again, even if he wanted to". Now, in other words, a person that had been crippled with alcoholism and not being able to stop drinking, and it was physically killing him and destroying his relationships. And, uh, he embraces the program, the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and, you know, ends up where seemingly he couldn't drink again, even if he wanted to. And I'm going to relate that to working a lot. Seemingly I couldn't work again a lot, even if I wanted to. And we could say call that alcohol, uh, workaholism. So, uh, you know, I've had an opportunity in my life to clean up lots of, uh, addictive compulsive behaviors. So quit drinking. Um, a long time ago, decades ago, 35 years ago, as of this recording and I am not here representing Alcoholics Anonymous.Mischa Z: 01:34 So let's just get that clear. Um, I also got to quit drugs. I also got to quit gambling and I definitely had a case of yeah, workaholism. I think you could call it a workaholism when I was in sales, you know, my quest for success, financial success for, you know, notoriety you with, with it being number one, within whatever company I was in. Um, perhaps I worked an inordinate amount inordinate, too much. How's that to the detriment of family, to the detriment of relationships, to the detriment of, um, my physical health, maybe. Um, definitely. Uh, but, and I'm not saying anybody should or should not want to work that much or. Hey, somebody is so inspired to work, create whatever, you know, I'm not here to judge that or say what that amount is. I will say that, you know, the pattern I was in with work needing to achieve, needing to make X amount of money needing to, uh, do these kinds of things I would throw surfing in there as well.Mischa Z: 03:26 Um, but anyway, um, it was interesting because as I think about it, and as I record this, I was really good about taking weekends off work-wise I was really good about, um, not bringing the work home. It's just, I would leave really early in the morning and, uh, perhaps, you know, get home. I tried not to, to, to work 18 hour days, let's say it definitely. Some people will absolutely work from home work on the weekends or these sorts of things. I'm dating myself as well because not many of us were working from home as much as we are today. And the recent COVID pandemic has escalated that.Mischa Z: 04:23 But I mean to say, is that when I'm done working, I'm done working, but my routine had become this. I would, I would, you know, exit the house very early, so I could surf and maybe that's six in the morning surfing and then work for the two priorities and, and, you know, I would, so what would happen? And then on the weekends, it was all about surfing and Mischa time. And, and then, you know, I, I was working so much in producing so much in having success that I started putting on realistic expectations on Dawn, my wife, you know. I'm the producer and this sort of arrogant attitude look what I'm doing for the house, paying the bills. Therefore I don't need to provide perhaps other emotional support and stuff like that. I dunno. It's very interesting. Uh, just, just know that, you know. That drive for being number one that drive for ultimate success that drive for making a lot of money. You know, especially when I was in mortgages was there, I wanted to be number one at Wells Fargo. I wantedSpeaker 2: 05:57 that notoriety and the financial fulfillment of that. And so then, you know, it came to quitting the mortgage business and staying home with my two boys being a stay at home ish dad. So I did that back in 2016. I think it was when I finally quit mortgages. Um, maybe it was 2017. I've sort of lost track. I need to figure out that exact timeline. I think it was 2016. It's definitely, yeah, it must be five years by now, again, as I record this. But as I'm in the 2CCX, as I'm creating these online, working on creating an online business and doing all this stuff. I, I couldn't put in 12 hour days seemingly if I wanted to. Like that lack of balance and the capacity to, to go out of balance has been stripped from me. I couldn't go back to workaholism seemingly even if I wanted to.Speaker 2: 07:26 And sometimes, you know, the drive to have followers and do all this stuff and build this business and make it happen fast and all these things and the illusion of more time, more time spent will help accelerate that process. You know, I can, I can think that I want that, but I can't literally physically do it, which is pretty freaking cool. So on my days of weakness where I'm like, if I could just work more, I'm like, "yeah, no, you can't." I literally can't work more than the, you know what, as I've said before, I'm, I'm maybe putting in five or six hours, but it's good solid hours, but I seemingly couldn't do more even if I wanted to. So anyway, there you go. Um, love that, uh, I'm done have a good day peace out.