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A Star Trek podcast by fans, for fans.

The Collective

    • May 16, 2022 LATEST EPISODE
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    Biggest Easter Egg Ever!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 69:43

    A comet is about to destroy a world, and alien shepherds won't let Enterprise interfere! This has all been preordained. Captain Pike has a casual dinner party, but nobody tells Uhura it's casual, Kirk is in for a shock, music opens the Easter Egg. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 123 00:30 Sometimes you just gotta laugh/Heather's new Hair 01:28 That Sucks 02:06 Did I turn that on? 02:25 A blessing 02:55 Are we on? 03:30 No recall 03:50 Welcome to the show...But, No Kids! 04:20 Shoe Horn 05:00 Mo-Hawk 05:25 Can't be had 05:53 There are 4 proposals? 06:30 Hot Engineer 07:00 Thank you Patreons! Join up! 07:40 NASA sending pics of what!? 08:30 Remembering Fred. We started our podcast with him. We named our Defiant-Class starship the "Beutler" in memory of him. We miss him. 09:20 QMX Badges - 10:10 EV suits? 10:55 Super7 ReAction Figures 12:25 The Orville is coming! June 2nd! 13:13 Bungle? They have a bunghole? 14:46 Landing Strip? 15:00 Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - S1E2 "Children of the Comet" 15:07 Teaser - Dinner Disaster 15:45 Never catch a Nausican with his pants down 16:40 Verbal Vulcan Bitch Slap 17:40 Saving a planet before breakfast 17:50 EAS=Red Alert! 18:10 Super Vibrate Mode 19:00 You go ahead 19:30 Doing Dishes 20:20 Uhura's Log 21:15 Telepathic Carrot Toss 22:30 Pike's Future 23:50 Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 24:20 Persephone 24:45 Foreshadowing is not like... 26:11 All dressed up 27:15 Enterprise Bingo 28:20 Feeling the Captain 30:45 Spock Playing video games? 31:10 Uhura-Centric 31:45 Engineer's gotta do it. 32:05 Act I - "Away Team" 32:28 The Biggest Easter Egg Ever! 32:50 Same kind of Kirk 33:21 Kirk's Mustache 33:45 Space Suit Defibrillator 34:15 Autocorrect in the future 34:38 Playing with Pussy 35:11 First Beaming 36:36 Kirk gets a Yahtzee 37:30 Grab em' by the what? 39:00 Act II - "Is the Universal Translator Broken?" 40:30 Like being hit from behind 41:10 Under Pressure 41:30 Pep Talk 41:50 Who has the bigger stick? 43:00 Something fell. 43:30 Shepard's Voice 44:50 Morgan Freeman? 45:45 Not sticking Dick in a Dot 46:10 Uhura Sings (in TOS) 46:45 Act III - "David vs. Goliath" 49:15 Preordained 50:30 Spock Pep Talk 51:20 Out of Body Experience Advantage 51:40 Close Encounters of the Uhura Kind 54:22 Kill them all! 54:50 Act IV - "Foretold by the Stars" 54:55 Evasive Fuck 58:00 Spock's Hot Shuttle Ride 59:00 Comet #Selfie! 1:00:00 Ortegas Kicks Ass! 1:01:24 Get in front of the Comet! 1:03:40 Sometimes Spock has to laugh 1:04:50 Shutting Down the Haters Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds Explicit

    Spock. Are You Naked?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 62:27

    Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard wraps up with a launch and a few hugs and kisses. Files get deleted, a Traveler shows up, and some people go Back To the Future, where the ship doesn't explode at the last second. And there's the first episode of Strange New Worlds where they visit a planet where Warp Drive is the Bomb! -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 122 00:30 We're all Time Travelers! 01:50 NO KIDS! 02:20 Crew Compliments 02:45 Killer High Five 03:30 We're Foreign? 03:50 Meetings go good 04:15 High on Duty 04:40 Thanks Patreons! 05:15 NO WEDDING 05:30 We can still have cake 06:00 News: Free New Wallpapers! 06:40 Wil Wheaton LIES! 07:00 Actors not returning for Star Trek: Picard Season 3 08:09 10 Minute Captain 08:49 Patrick Kwok-Choon Pregnant? 09:30 A Virtual Enterprise? 11:18 Paramount+ Coming to the UK and Ireland June 22nd 14:15 Star Trek: Picard S3E10 - "Farewell" 19:15 Feelings and Excitement 19:20 Wil Wheaton LIED!! 21:15 "Acting" 21:30 Wil Wheaton NOT in the Goonies 22:30 Why Beam Out? He has a starship? Heather Has Questions! 23:23 Time is Funny 23:50 Putting the Key Back 24:00 Q & Picard 24:30 KISS HIM! 24:45 Raffi and Seven Kiss 25:15 Picard and Laris Don't Kiss 25:45 Roofy Palm Death Handshake 26:00 Picard kisses Tallinn on the Head 26:25 It can happen 26:45 Some do care 27:27 Surprise Beamer 28:41 Soong's Bad Day 29:00 Drones, not the Borg kind 29:00 With the VR Glasses, in the Library 30:40 Project: Khan 31:36 Rios Man-splains 33:30 Rios Stays Behind 33:45 Time is a Funny Thing 35:42 That Hug 36:00 Where was Jurati? 36:47 Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 40:11 Carry the Big Dick-Stick 40:30 The Day the Earth Stood Still on Jan 6th? 41:40 Wil Wheaton will save us all! 42:00 Mount Riding 42:20 Starfleet Air BnB? 42:58 Admiral "Bob" Robert April 44:00 First Contact: Just a Dream, Until It Isn't 45:00 Related to Khan 45:20 Gorn Breeding Sacks 45:50 Instinct vs Spock 46:15 Spock. Are you naked? 46:27 Spike vs Spirk 47:10 Name Drops/Easter Eggs 48:12 Ear Wiggle 49:00 Lu'An is Interesting 49:10 Eye Beam 49:20 That's Uhura 50:20 That Speech 50:44 Starship in the Sky 51:26 General Order One? Screw that. Take me to your leader 51:50 The Beginning Speech and Theme 53:06 There is Trauma and Effect 54:09 Surprise! 54:40 The Power of Possibility 55:00 Runaway! 55:44 Future - The Kids! 56:00 Star Trek is Woke 56:18 Kirk 57:12 Next week: The Andorian? 58:18 Not answering the Phone 59:45 Wrapping up Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard #StrangeNewWorlds Explicit

    Too Soong?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 86:19

    Borg Jurati takes over La Sirena with a newly-assimilated assault force, everyone else runs for cover, Picard flashes back, as they play Hide and Seek with Lasers! The Emergency Combat Hologram has a familiar face, and Soong chases Picard into the basement. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 121 01:15 Our DOTS get Paramount+ 01:45 It's been a long road 02:20 Time to reprogram 02:30 Oh No! 03:00 Baby Yoda Doo Do Doo 03:30 NO KIDS! 03:50 Delta Quadrant where? 04:10 Cooking with DOTs 04:30 No Auto-Tune 05:15 Back from Freecloud! 06:30 Thank you Patreons! 07:30 News - The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will honor LeVar Burton with a lifetime achievement award at this year's 1st Annual Children's & Family Emmy Awards in Dec 2022 for his work with Reading Rainbow. 07:55 Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Intro - 08:09 Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Soundtrack: 08:46 LeVar Burton Receives Inaugural Insight Award from the Library of American Broadcasting Foundation at 2022 NAB Show 09:40 Star Trek: The Art of Neville Page - 11:15 Rorschach test 12:00 Star Trek: Picard S2E9 "Hide and Seek" 12:57 Green Laser Beams 13:50 Rios - Runaway! 14:30 Slipping in to Something More Comfy 15:30 Talin's Beam in 16:20 I'm Trying to be Good! 16:30 SWAT team entrance 17:00 Use Harsh Language? 17:43 Act I 19:15 Put...The Candle...Back! 20:00 Picard's Age 21:00 Backstory Style 21:26 Almost a Headshot 22:15 Alison Pill 22:30 Borgatti 23:35 When Elnor Came Back ECH! 24:44 Keep Away 25:00 Agnes vs the Queen 25:25 Epic Case of Self-Sabotage 26:20 Rios Locked Out 27:00 Timeline's Fucked 27:40 What About Their Butterflies? 28:24 Picard vs Soong: Verbal Warfare 30:20 Data was B4, A Story's Lore, It's Too Soong 31:00 Hide and Seek with Laser Beams 32:15 Going up against Raffi and Seven 33:10 Old Man Pause 34:45 Mind-Fucked 35:10 Just missing Six 35:45 Chateau at Night 36:40 Act II 37:50 German Engineering 40:00 Child-Proof Locks? 40:20 Bitter Seven 41:10 Seven and Raffi - Thelma and Louise 41:50 I've got a Knife, a Corkscrew, and an Ice Pick. 42:50 You look like a Bush 45:20 An ER in your pocket 46:40 Clean Floors Save Lives 47:40 Ignore the Coldness of a Dying Star 48:30 Mental Health 200 years from now 49:50 Picard's Father a Monster? 51:27 Act III 52:20 Elnor vs the Queen 53:10 The Queen's Big Dick 54:00 Raffi was Right! 54:50 No Sheilds? 55:10 Rotating Shield Modulation? 55:43 Sit on my face and break-dance, bitch! 56:00 Those guys got stoned 56:57 Jurati's Stunt Double vs. Elnor 58:37 Act IV 1:01:28 Why Picard Can't Keep Relationships 1:02:45 Seven Re-Borgified 1:03:44 The Long Way Back to the Future 1:04:45 How many Queens? 1:05:15 Just coming from the Labyrinth Ball 1:06:00 It's been a long road 1:06:20 Talking to Soong, Feared...Loved? 1:07:00 Rios's Future 1:07:50 Backwards Memory 1:08:30 Now We're Friends - You and Me, and Me and You 1:09:10 Double Your Renee's 1:10:00 What's up with Q? 1:11:50 Heather's Phaser 1:13:15 Ship Leaves 1:14:50 People of Twitter 1:16:40 Finger Fucking the Timeline 1:17:50 Spoiler or Warning? 1:24:12 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard Explicit

    There Are Four Cakes!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 84:22

    Picard and Guinan get Interviewed, Kore finds freedom, Rios discovers there are four cakes, the FBI guy has been touched by a Vulcan, Seven and Raffi go analog, And when a babe in a tattered red dress shows up, you have to wonder, am I dreaming or is this a nightmare? -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 120 00:30 There Are Four Cakes!!!! 00:57 Heather Likes Cake 02:00 Infinite Diversity in Infinite Flavors 02:30 NO KIDS!!! 02:50 NO ADULTS!? 03:45 Patreon Guests on the show? 04:00 Favorite Cake 06:30 Holodeck Humor 06:50 How you doin'? 09:00 Comments HR would comment about 09:40 Thanks Patreons! 10:00 Doing Multiple Tribbles at Once 10:45 Birthdays 11:44 News: HoloPortation 12:15 Cleaning Filters 14:30 2 Pac in space? 14:59 Paley Center Strange New Worlds Takeover 15:43 The Con Crud Strikes Back! 16:16 Wil Wheaton is a TIMELORD! 18:30 Orbital's Doctor Who 14:40 Khan Mini Series Script? 20:00 Jason Momoa. 20:30 Strange New Things...? 21:00 Strange New Worlds first 5 episode synopsis 23:30 Star Trek: Picard S2E8 - "Mercy" 24:04 Teaser - "A 2-Minute Finish" 24:50 A Poor-Man's Mulder vs. Guinan 25:50 Is that camera unplugged? 27:00 Do it in the dark 28:00 Can you hear me? 29:00 Super-Off The Books 29:49 Act I - "Jurati - The Angel of Mercy" 32:10 She likes the heavy metal, man 32:50 "Somebody threw away a perfectly good white boy" - Men At Work 33:30 She literally ghosted him. Permanently 33:50 Now I'm gonna be late for work 34:40 She Darth Vader'd her 35:15 The Ripped-Up Dress 36:20 Imperfect Metals 37:56 The Video Game with Q in it is Star Trek: Borg 38:20 Freedom 39:00 Remembering Assimilation 40:30 Tasting Assimilation 41:45 Act II - "You want this cake? I want it!" 44:25 Q Is Dying? 45:00 I'm trying to Vaporize you right now! 45:40 Being on the Threshold of the Unknowable 46:20 Death: The Final Frontier 47:00 Sounds like getting anal...old 47:47 Humans are all trapped in the past 49:45 Rios's Statement 50:40 Rios's Kissing Moment 51:00 Poly Amorous 51:45 10 Years in the Future 53:00 Temporal Police? They quit 53:25 Act III - "Guardians of the Galaxy" 55:00 I Am From The Future 56:30 That's how they fingered me 58:58 Young Blood 59:59 Horror Movie Guinan 1:01:00 Exchange of Truth 1:01:30 Touched by Vulcans 1:02:00 Freedom!!! 1:03:00 Adam Soong: Incel 1:04:15 Kore Bounces 1:05:20 New York Subways 1:07:00 Jurati vs Soong 1:08:00 Allison Pill is amazing 1:08:25 It's the batteries 1:09:07 Act IV - "Fork In The Road" 1:10:50 Mercenary Assimilation 1:11:20 What's in the Box? 1:14:12 This is only gonna sting for a moment 1:14:30 My Nanoprobes Bring All the Boys to the Yard Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard Explicit

    50 Shades of Picard

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 65:00

    There's a dungeon inside Picard's head, maybe his father's a cylon, Rios is actually from Chile and only works in outer-space, Raffi and Seven's relationship will lead to tripping teenagers, Borgness Jurati shatters glass and gets high on endorphins, Guinan calls Q and he lets it go to voicemail. And this show just became an X-File. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 119 00:45 Con Crud 01:13 NO KIDS! 01:59 DOTS not helping. Send Tribbles? 02:30 Bring something back from the Con? 05:00 Our special guest! Anna, a Trill! 06:40 Thanks Patreons! Join up: 07:30 Spock's Name? 08:20 Del Roy Lindo 08:50 Vin Diesel 09:22 LeVar Burton is busy - 10:50 Black D 11:15 Restraining Order 12:15 TNG Animated An Interview with the creator More Behind the Scenes 14:20 Where did DS9 S1E19 go? 17:40 Adopt a pet 17:55 John De Lancie New face of Playmates Toy's Trek Merch 20:10 Purring provided by cats you could adopt! (Tribbles not included) 21:00 Star Trek: Picard S2E7 - "Monsters" 22:30 Downstairs vs Upstairs? 23:00 Picard's house has a dungeon? 23:44 Cardassians vs Kardashians 24:20 The Queen is Female 24:40 Baltar in your head 25:00 James Callis vs Alexander Siddig 26:50 HoloPussy 27:50 Act I 30:10 Hacking a Brain? Disable Parental Controls 30:50 The Drag-off 31:46 A Devil and a Vampire 32:52 Five-Drink Picard 33:10 Inside Picard's Mind 34:00 LoCute-icus of Borg 35:00 Tallinn and Picard attraction 35:19 50 Shades of Picard 35:50 Act II 37:00 I only work in outer space 37:05 Pulling a Kirk 37:23 Where's the Temporal Police? 39:00 Rios tells the truth 39:30 I'm touching EVERYTHING! 40:50 Act III 41:20 I am your father. 43:19 Let me show my spaceship 44:00 Beaming Controversy 44:45 Drinking Coffee 45:20 Killer Coffee? 45:50 G-Strings and Serving Trays 46:00 Seven and Raffi 46:20 Tripping Teenagers 46:40 Trusting Kids 47:20 There's a lot more to this 47:47 Act IV 48:00 Ear Flash 49:30 Getting Arrested 49:45 X-Filed 50:00 Caught on Camera 51:40 What year we in? 52:11 Messy Bar? 53:20 What's wrong with Q? 53:40 Bingeable 54:45 A part with legacy and prestige 55:00 FBI Guy looks familiar... 59:00 Blowing Minds 1:01:00 Calling Q 1:02:30 Calling Hall and Oats Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard Explicit

    Lady Boner

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 81:50

    It's party time - Picard gets hit at the Gala, Rios gets matches, Jurati and Borg Queen hit the stage. Soong drives away, and Kore discovers the joys of Google. Also - Our official 2022 convention coverage from Star Trek: Mission Chicago! -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 118 00:30 Photo Op 01:15 NO KIDS 01:20 Word of the day: Lady Boner 01:50 Chicago Sausage King 02:25 OMG PICS!!! 02:40 Why is she laughing? 02:50 The Roombas Rock 03:16 What is seen cannot be unseen 03:30 On the Up and Up 04:30 Tired Convention Goer 05:00 Undisclosed Room 05:20 Lady Boner 06:18 Corrections 06:30 Liquid Death 07:15 Convention Thoughts 25:10 Boimler Wide 27:32 Thank you Patreons! 27:47 Spock - What's your name? 29:40 Star Trek: Picard Season 3 cast 31:30 Kathryn Hays, 'Star Trek' guest actor and 'As the World Turns' matriarch, has passed away at 88 Nehemiah Persoff, prolific actor and Star Trek guest in "The Most Toys", has passed away at 102 33:30 Voyager Documentary - To The Journey 34:14 StarTrekOnline - New Mirror Universe Chapter "Stormfall" 36:35 Star Trek: Picard S2E6 "Two of One" 36:40 Teaser "Devil on the Shoulder" 37:50 Don't talk out loud with yourself on comms 38:20 Brute-force cuffs 38:40 Picard is a CYLON 39:10 What's my name!? 39:50 Act I - "Party Time! Excellent!" 41:25 Shit-Ton 43:10 Devil Whisper 43:30 The Intercourse 44:12 They gonna play Uptown Funk? 45:00 Soong Vs Picard 45:30 Seventh Soong 46:52 Board of Directors 47:30 Literally hooked up with the Borg 47:57 Losing Control 48:15 Rios got yanked 48:50 Astronauts get liquored up 49:19 You're looking at your phone, aren't you? 49:40 Watching the Watcher 50:45 When to lie to a woman? 51:45 Picard is a Dick 52:20 Act II - "And Going...And going...and going..." 53:30 Shadows of the Night 54:48 Borg Enhancement 55:30 Tit-motized 56:20 Picard reveals truth about fear 56:42 OV-165 57:45 Heather Deterrent. 59:30 Fear is OK 59:50 Trust that light 1:00:20 Deathrace 2000 - Soong Style 1:03:00 Picard: Terminator/Toaster 1:03:44 Act III - "Kore Clone" 1:04:30 The "Daddy, No" File 1:05:19 The "Who's your Daddy" File 1:05:27 Delete your browser History 1:06:30 We're the good guys 1:07:30 Raffi's Stressed 1:08:20 Convention Moments, David Ajala, Wil Wheaton, George Takei, some guy who when to space named ...Shatner 1:11:00 Act IV - "The Queen's Prerogative" 1:11:26 The girl in the red dress 1:12:50 Picard's Head 1:13:25 Star Trek: Inception 1:13:45 Too Short 1:15:00 Soong Creations 1:16:45 Flashing Back Gimmick Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard #MissionChicago #StarTrekChi #StarTrekMission Explicit

    People Are Idiots

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 76:06

    Raffi and Seven stop a bus. Rios gets revenge. The Borg Queen SWATs the Chateau. Picard can't get a gals name right. Q is the worst therapist, Soong's daughter gets spider veins, and the Queen gets all up inside Jurarti's head. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 117 00:35 Poking DOTs 01:20 The Fifth Element should be seen 01:40 Our April Fools Show - Sorry, Not Sorry 02:00 Really, the news was real 02:20 That wasn't me 02:55 Welcome to the show! - NO KIDS - 03:16 After Dark 03:30 Heather getting poked 03:50 Screaming DOTS 04:20 DOT Freakout 05:15 Number One and the Captain were at WonderCon! 05:30 R2 Stalker Crew! 06:30 That was "acting" 06:50 The guys are going to Star Trek: Mission Chicago! 07:15 Not THOSE pictures! 08:20 Thank you Patreons! 09:13 Mission Chicago's COVID Guidlines 12:15 RIP Marvin Chomsky, former TOS Director 13:00 Interview with Jonathon Frakes on 14:00 Lea Thompson Directing Star Trek: Picard 15:30 Freebird? Fly to Freecloud! 15:40 You can always fly to FreeFuck 17:15 Star Trek Picard: S2E5 "Fly Me to the Moon" 17:17 Teaser: "1202 Alarm. Shango? What's a Shango?" 17:48 Picard: Say My Name 18:19 1202 - NASA callback, baby! 19:40 Shango Unchained 20:00 Simulator...Stimulator? 20:15 Why's it gotta be Russian? 20:20 Who is the Watcher? 21:20 Gary Seven and Soong Eugenics 22:00 Doppelganger 22:30 Badass Astronaut, short temper 24:00 Act I 25:15 Q makes a horrible therapist 26:00 Q's Yelp Review: Worst Therapist Ever. 26:49 The Borg Queen does a good Picard 27:40 People Are Idiots 27:45 Rios's Computer 28:30 SWATing Picard 30:30 Getting Rios off the Bus: EMP 33:00 Running into Google Translate 33:30 DNA and Generations 34:45 Q's Power 35:00 Q vs The Watcher 26:00 Going back to Gary Seven 37:30 Borg Queen over the top 37:52 Act II 39:30 Jurarti Sleeps on it 40:00 Soong's Daughter's Looks and Swimming DNA 42:25 Kore must stink - or Sonic Showers? 43:00 The Board: NO GENETICS!!! 43:30 Lea Thompson: Canon 43:50 Dial-a-Q 46:25 For a good time, call Q 46:40 SWAT guy 47:15 Pickup Story 48:11 Borg with a tentacle 48:42 Act III - "Dr. Adam Soong Meets Q for Coffee" 49:30 Agnes 50:20 Star Trek: Mission Impossible, Leverage, Oceans 11 51:00 Evolution of Stardust 51:50 Creator of the Atomic Bong 54:00 You should be watching the Ready Room 54:14 Borg Queen not a Star Trek virgin 54:41 What if she was assimilated? 55:04 Act IV - "100% Effective" 55:18 She Shot the Borg Queen, but she didn't shoot the deputy 57:00 Soong Eu genetics 57:40 Renee Picard 58:41 Q's Cure 58:50 Illogical Testing 1:00:00 Getting Inside of Jurarti 1:01:40 Tie-lines thru time? 1:02:30 When your Ex shows up 1:02:48 When the Borg Queen came 1:04:20 Dragging Bodies 1:05:20 What's in the box? 1:05:50 Jurarti at the Party 1:06:20 Heather vs Security 1:06:50 The Red Dress 1:07:00 Fly Me to the Moon callback 1:08:00 New Watcher? 1:08:50 Kore's Swimsuit 1:09:10 Spider Veins Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard Explicit

    Trek Wars!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 17:01

    So much new Star Trek is out, or coming soon, Strange New Worlds, Lower Decks, Star Trek: Prodigy, and more Star Trek Discovery, and there's the classic soon-to-be re-released in 4K Ultra HD Star Trek: The Motion Picture...Paramount seems to be pulling all the stops out lately, and now more breaking news... -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 116AF 00:30 Welcome to the Breaking News show! 01:05 Give us the Shorts! 01:30 Crossing Over! 01:50 How it's going to work 02:20 When exactly is A Long Time Ago? 02:35 Baby Yoda VS the Tribbles! 03:00 Porg Fairy 03:12 Ewoks vs the DOTs 03:30 Laser Sword? 04:00 Introduction to the crew! 04:10 The Princess with Buns! 04:40 The Rogue 05:13 The Mandalorian 05:50 Reading Midichlorians 06:30 The New Alarm 07:15 The Mouse! 07:53 Trek Wars 08:00 Start with IV 09:00 Christopher Lloyd joins The Mandalorian 09:40 Prequel - Star Wars Andor 10:00 SEX DROIDS!!! 11:21 Three Star Wars Legos Dioramas under $100 12:38 New Lightsaber Hilt 13:00 Names are hard 13:25 Reach us by using The Force 13:40 ROBOKILLER 14:14 New Crewmember! 14:45 May The Force Be With You 15:07 APRIL FOOLS!!!! 15:40 Cease and Desist 15:50 This is the way Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard Explicit

    Seven & Raffi's Wild Ride

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 74:01

    It's Part Two of Star Trek: Back to the Future! The Flux Capacitor is Fluxing? Picard meets Guinan in 2024, Raffi and Seven go Grand Theft Auto, Rios gets tazed, Jurarti and the Borg Queen fix the Transporter, and Q tries to get snappy, but fails. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 116 00:35 I HATE YOU! 01:40 Welcome to the show! 01:50 Is that the Sex Pistols? 02:08 SNAP! 02:45 Going to 11 03:45 Really good hooch 04:24 EMG? 04:45 Thanks Patreons! 05:00 Correction...Watcher was this week, Assimilation was last week. 06:00 Correcting the Correction 06:50 Happy Birthday! Star Trek birthdays Conner Trinneer, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy 08:20 Tilly will return! And she's on stage in NY "At The Wedding" 09:05 New guests added to Star Trek Mission: Chicago 11:30 Star Trek: The Motion Picture coming to Paramount+ April 5th, Also to Fathom Events in May, 4K Blu-Ray in September 13:00 Mirror Universe Spock from EXO 6, in April 15:00 NO KIDS! 16:00 Star Trek: Picard S2E4 - "The Watcher" 16:11 Teaser 16:40 Should they be burning wood? 17:26 The Butterfly Effect? Wasn't that a movie? 18:40 Heavy Metal 20:30 Milk Chocolate, Hot! Agnes is great now! 22:27 Picard goes to England 22:50 Is that Ret-conning? 24:00 HEADPHONE WARNING 24:20 Searching for Rios 24:50 The Comm Badge thing 26:30 Cloaking Power 27:18 15 28:25 Act I - "Punk Rocker on a Bus!" 29:50 The Punk Rock Guy! 31:50 Nitpickers 33:15 But...That... Mark Twain Episode?! 35:12 Young Guinan 36:20 The Dog, Luna 36:55 Saurian Brandy 37:12 Shotgun! 37:35 Shipping the Borg Queen and Agnes? 38:40 Sounding Borgy 39:40 Hey Ricky! 40:11 Act II 41:30 Taking a Measure of a Man 41:30 Rios was Horny 42:20 Good acting when you hate them 42:42 Rios - Spoilers! 43:00 Were you called out? 46:10 Luna's exit 46:30 Did Guinan pay her taxes? 47:11 Act III 48:20 Rios! SPOILERS! 48:30 No Phasers? How'd this get here? 48:45 Seven and Raffi's Wild Ride 50:10 Seven Road Rage 50:40 Stealing a cop car at the Police Station 51:30 Seat-belts! 52:20 Rios's great great great great great great grandmother? 52:48 Everything's in Self-Repair Mode. Damn it Windows! 53:50 What another Woman Wants 54:00 Having a bad day 54:46 Act IV 56:12 Disappearing Act 57:14 Must-See Ready Room Interview 57:50 LA On-Screen 1:00:00 Jurarti and the Queen 1:01:21 Happy B-Day also to Tig Notaro 1:01:56 Tracking Anus? 1:04:11 Laris the Watcher? 1:05:10 Is the Watcher going to have a cat? 1:05:44 Broken Snap 1:07:20 Binge-worthy 1:07:40 S02E01 1:08:05 Unexpected And Easter Eggs Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard Explicit

    Shit I Stole from the Borg Queen

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2022 85:32

    Jurati has the hookup, but, as the Beastie Boys said, She's Crafty, she'll steal ya blind. 2024 and Seven of Nine are numbers that go well together, Rios is a genius, Raffi's not getting mugged, she's mugging you, and Picard plans to go Back to the Future. Plus, on Discovery Grudge saves the day...Well, her collar does. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 115 00:35 Beep! 01:30 Unplugged 02:10 ROTF 02:30 Attached 03:20 NO KIDS 03:40 Sophomoric Humor 03:50 Shoutout to our Patreons! 04:30 Giving Tribbles Bad Ideas 06:10 Picard Kills Yoshi? 07:40 Farscape Day 07:51 Strange New Worlds Season 2 Crew Member: Paul Wesley cast as some guy named Kirk 09:00 Pause-Acting NOT edited for time 09:26 Scheduling in Public 10:45 TMP Soundtrack Re-Remaster Sounds Good. 12:40 Daily Star Trek Watch Party Facebook Group - Star Trek: Watch Party 13:30 Audio Descriptive Star Trek 14:00 Star Trek: Picard S2E3 "Assimilation" 14:50 ...And then we had a happy ending 18:00 Eating Cookies Destroys the Universe 19:30 Seven is a Superhero 19:54 Seven is killing 2024 20:30 Fucking Kevin! I am totally more fun than Kevin 21:20 Doctor Smart Ass 22:00 Who's muggin who? 23:30 Disintegrated Husband 26:00 Why Elnor's Death? 27:00 Raffi goes into figure it out mode 28:30 Running up to the bridge 29:30 Seven doesn't miss 30:07 Borg Queen's 1's and 2's 32:10 Jurati's Cat 32:30 Jurati vs Borg Queen 33:00 Impressing a Queen 33:15 Shit I stole from the Borg Queen 33:40 Spine Stump 35:13 Time Travel Direction 36:00 Lea Thompson 37:30 Picard Annoying? 39:50 Raffi...Ralphy...Rafty?? 41:00 Who is The Watcher? 42:20 Fascist Fashion 43:00 Kids and Comm Badges 43:40 Finding Rios 44:50 Everything but the butterfly 46:11 The Tone of 2024 47:00 You can't park that starship there! 48:53 Star Trek Discovey S4E13 - "Coming Home" 55:50 Glowing Moment 56:50 Worrying about Aliens 57:40 Only 900,000 58:00 General Ndoye 1:00:00 Reasons Matter 1:00:14 Book's Ship and Tarka's End 1:00:45 Sonequa 1:03:30 Book comes back 1:04:20 Tarka's One Moment 1:05:55 Saved by the Collar Cat Door 1:06:20 Jett Reno's Licorice 1:06:40 Starship Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1:07:20 Tilly's Back! 1:08:20 Truly Alien Alien 1:09:00 Math Translations 1:10:20 Jett's moments 1:11:54 Saru gets some hand 1:12:30 Ten-C's not all bad 1:13:20 Slightly Used Tarka 1:14:40 Stacey Abrams 1:17:20 Starship Names 1:18:20 SqueePee Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekPicard Explicit


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2022 72:36

    Another Two for One Podcast: Happy Eradication Day, Seven's the President, Rios is avoiding scrambled balls, Raffi's caught Elnor, Elnor's a Rebel, Jurarti has a cat, Meow, and Q brings Picard the Bullshit. Also, Discovery meets Species Ten-C. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 114 00:30 Practical Joking DOT 01:00 Dick-Mox vs Beer Mox 01:50 Special Guest! 02:45 We're On! 03:00 NO KIDS! 03:20 Get Trunked! 04:00 Thanks Patreons! 04:15 Wiz on the Walls - Not OK 05:16 Like Beer 05:55 Happy Eradication Day! 06:10 Right Time, Wrong Universe 06:40 Welcome back guest: Patty Robinson 07:15 Self-Corrupting 08:30 Star Trek: Strange New Worlds teaser trailer dropped: 10:16 RIP Mitchell Ryan 10:51 Confirmed: Picard Season 3 wrapped. 12:45 Trekkies Movie coming to BluRay in 4K - 13:45 Cosplay Curious 15:10 Transferred to Space Force! 15:30 Going to Ten Forward 16:00 Star Trek: Chicago - Get Scanned with Shatner! 19:00 Star Trek: Picard S2E2 "Penance" 20:40 Humans Only! 21:49 President Seven 22:20 When Disney Takes Over 22:50 General Sisko 23:53 Easter Egg Skulls 24:00 Gul D'kut? They aren't fucking around! 24:40 Q-Slapped 25:30 Is Q alright? 27:00 Colombian. Black. 27:18 The Watcher - 28:20 The View 28:54 Picard: BTS in Accounting? 33:30 Adapting 35:00 Seven's Wake Up 35:30 Hey Shorty 35:50 Jon Jon Briones 37:00 Jurati is Axel Foley 37:30 Spot 73. Meow. 38:40 Thanks for Facial Rec 39:00 You want to do this now? 39:50 Meld your brain and scramble your balls 40:22 Cliffhanger! 41:41 Time Travel? Kirk did it! 42:36 Picard! Picard! 43:00 Badges! 43:30 Elnor: I'm a Rebel now! 44:20 Patty Melt 47:00 Are you done already? That's it? 48:00 Futurama is coming back 49:00 Star Trek: Discovery S4E12 "Species Ten-C" 52:15 Turd-ka 52:40 What happened to Jett 53:03 It's a bad idea to kidnap McGyver 53:20 Close Encounters 53:30 Bring the Bridge Crew 54:00 Hi-Five to Detmer 54:15 Ship takeover 55:45 Tarka's in it for himself 55:20 Heather's linking Den of Geeks: 56:30 Social Interaction Issues 57:15 General Ndoye 58:30 Is it connected? Crossovers? 59:00 Ten-C. Un-see-able 1:00:00 Communication thru Mathematics 1:01:30 So long! And Thanks for all the Fish! 1:02:30 And then Tarka ruins it all 1:03:00 That was really huge 1:03:30 Flow Chart 1:04:00 Eyes 1:04:30 FX are nice 1:07:00 Black Licorice 1:08:15 Like the Dread Pirate Roberts 1:09:00 Tarka - Redeeming? 1:10:00 Beard? Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekPicard Explicit

    Hot Banana!

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    It's a double whammy this week, and we're not talking about the Klingons. Star Trek: Discovery gets ever so closer to the Ten-C, and Booker and Tarka sneak aboard to release The Hot Banana. Plus, Star Trek: Picard Season 2 starts with a bang and a Q. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 113 00:35 Just a little shower 01:00 Are we on? 01:30 Dusted 01:56 #1 is at Freecloud this week 02:00 Can you Ear me? 02:30 Dick-Mox 02:45 NO KIDS 03:13 Thank you Patreons! 03:30 So good looking, he dings 03:40 No Corrections - email us! Email: 04:00 Mental Masturbation 04:30 Section 31 finds the back door 05:00 DOT laughs 05:30 Coffee Knock-Down 06:30 The Blue Dust 07:00 TNG off Netflix - 08:15 TMP core Release Update 09:45 Music Engineer from Ferenginar? 10:30 Re-mastered by Robbie the Robot? 11:00 Star Trek Online Starhips in Picard 11:55 The Star-Glazer 12:50 Starships and Wardrobe 13:30 Shoutouts: Star Trek Picard: No Man's Land - 16:54 Did someone say Slo-Mo? 17:08 The Shuttlepod Show - 18:05 The Delta Flyers - 18:45 The Star Trek Cruise - Kenneth Mitchell - 20:20 Double Recap! 20:40 Tag Team, not a Double Team 21:00 Star Trek: Discovery - S4E11 "Rosetta" 21:20 Countdown! 22:00 Space Ninjas! 25:15 Sneaking Aboard 25:20 Copy off of them 26:14 Surprise Entry 27:07 Hot Bananas! 28:30 Total Candor Science Guy 30:45 Facebook Jail 31:20 Walking over the Blue 32:00 Unfiltered...Non-Pet Owners 32:30 Space Suit Colors 33:00 Detmer is, in fact, The Shit. 34:00 No one's always ok. 35:20 Holodeck Date? 36:00 Ridged For Her Pleasure? 36:15 Get Down on the planet? 37:00 Anti-Theft Cloak 38:15 Sage Advice 39:10 Kidnapping Jett Reno 41:00 I wanna be you! 41:33 Shedding Hallucinogenic Dandruff 41:55 How do you communicate? 42:00 Spray and Pray? 42:55 What if they don't care? 43:50 Title of next week's episode? 44:00 Ratings 45:00 Up against Burnham 46:25 Star Trek: Picard S2E1 - "The Stargazer" 48:45 A Sphincter Puckering Moment 49:15 New Opening 49:38 Picard as a little boy 50:00 If they had a holodeck... 50:18 Where's Zhaban? 50:34 Everybody Loves Laris 50:50 LOVE? Picard Out 51:50 Earl Gray. Piping Hot 52:20 Mon Captain - Q Returns! 53:40 Zapped by Section 31 54:00 Seven: Kill It Now! 54:50 Jurati's just like my facetime calls 55:07 Drunk Hailing 55:15 Disable Safety Protocols 55:50 Merged into Emmett 57:00 Dude. It's a Giant Vagina 57:45 Borg Queen is Stunning 58:00 She needs Power! 59:00 Rip in Space-Time 59:40 The Stargazer History 1:02:40 Stargazer is a sexy ship 1:03:00 Thicc in the back 1:04:12 Ship Names 1:04:50 Stargazer Bridge 1:08:00 Look Up 1:08:30 Zero, Zero, Zero, Destruct, Zero 1:10:10 All the Feels! 1:10:25 Afraid to explore between the bed sheets Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekPicard Explicit

    The Golden Show-err - Ratio

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    It's time to penetrate the Great Barrier! But first you're going to need some programmable antimatter for your shields. Tarka and Book explore the back story where we learn about Oros, and a Golden Ratio. Discovery flies into a bubble, and things heat up for Saru the Vulcan President -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 112 00:35 Bubble up 01:20 Beach Bubble 01:50 Blowing Up 02:06 Bubble Trope? 02:45 Bursting Bubble 02:54 NO KIDS 03:20 Bump-A-Bubble 04:25 Engine Room always a Rave 05:20 Be the Bubble 06:05 Bubble Slang? Email: 06:40 Send Corrections and Comments to Email: 07:03 News - RIP Sally Kellermen 08:48 Picard Interviews 10:30 Oros is played by: Osric Chau 10:50 Just a cookie 11:12 Making a Cookie Joke 12:00 Anyone tell the cast about the Star Trek Movie? 13:59 It's like that SNL Skit: 15:10 10 Forward: The Experience 18:06 Star Trek Lower Decks: TBD 20:00 Star Trek: Discovery S4E10 "The Galactic Barrier" 20:06 Teaser: "Human Arrogance. I've got better things to do. Pack your bags, bitch!" 22:30 Who kicked our Roomba? It's just like Apple's iPhone 23:52 Whatever we know...We don't know! 25:00 Fresh New Expert---Mmmm. Snacks! 25:20 Helluva thing 25:50 Saru - Pity Sex? 26:30 Booker and Tarka: Odd Couple 26:45 Tarka: Human-ized? or Asshole? 27:30 Prisoner's Bond 28:00 Tarka and The Golden Showe-err - Ratio 28:45 Like Herding Cats 29:05 Bitch, pack your bags! 29:30 Tarka Driven By Love? 30:15 Act I - "You Said Four Light-years! Uhmphhh!" 31:10 Shoot Him! Shoot Him! 31:40 I Tend To Lie 32:20 Not Properly Tossed 32:50 Golden RATIO, not shower 33:18 33:30 The Golden Ratio: Sleeping aid 35:20 Negative Space-Uber Rating 35:40 Control Freaks 36:11 What's a few light-years? 38:20 Pretty Damn Cool 38:45 Antici.....Pation 39:00 It takes two 39:12 Visits to the Galactic Barrier 39:40 Different Entry Points 40:45 Act II 42:30 Mission Focused 43:26 Tell 'em or don't tell 'em 44:10 Linus! 45:00 Tony Danza? 46:40 Transporting Away To Another Universe? 47:45 Oros Freaks Out 48:25 Something about a Bearded Gentleman 49:10 Traffic Bubble Jam 49:30 Tarka can be kind? 49:56 Act III - "Buried in the Sand" 50:49 Made a Deal to Squeal 51:05 Oros is Smarter 51:35 Friends, Lovers, Bondage 54:00 Where they going? 54:55 Bubbles! 56:50 Act IV - "Adira is On it!" 59:00 HEADPHONE WARNING - SNEEZE! 59:40 Let the President Be In Charge 1:00:00 Autocorrect Problem 1:00:44 Hover Parent 1:02:00 Trying NOT to kill us 1:03:45 Great Balls of Fire 1:04:10 Reaction to Speech Shots 1:09:15 Did you see The Ready Room? Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery Explicit

    It Was Totally Breaking Bad

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    Book and Tarka break bad and start cooking up that Isolynium. Commander Nahn returns to Discovery because Book and Tarka must be stopped at all costs. Burnham plays starship Jumparound, and Saru is getting distracted by that hot Vulcan President VPILF Vulcan President I'd like to... -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 111 00:30 Tribble Tag 01:18 Hiding Dots 01:42 A Bigger Light 02:20 It could've been longer 02:30 NO KIDS 03:08 Tribble fur, or tea bag? 03:30 Prosthetic 04:10 No hiding in the lab coat 04:58 It's a fast ship 05:30 I've seen that too 06:02 Star what? It was Seth Rogan and it was called Zack and Miri Make a Porno 06:50 and Short Circuit was a great film 07:00 Thank You Patreons! 08:00 Spit Roasted 08:50 Picard done after Season 3, but... 10:32 Yesterday's Son 11:13 Star Trek Movie News! 12:30 Love - Twitter needs Love 13:30 What happened to @TrekCentral? Strange New Worlds Takedown! 16:19 Prodigy Playmates Coming! 18:50 LeVar Burton's B-Day 20:40 Cease and Desist with Love 21:00 Not done yet! 22:08 Star Trek: Discovery S4E9 - "Rubicon" 22:20 Teaser - "Guess Who's Back?!" 24:00 Nahn is back and has a pretty mouth 26:40 Real Eyes, Real You 27:30 Let's Fly 28:30 Getting Close 29:52 Book and Tarka work Acme? A game of Operation? 30:00 It was totally Breaking Bad 30:40 Book and Tarka - On Different Pages 31:12 Ripped Book 31:33 Rubicon 33:00 Saru Stress Relief 35:00 Bridge Gossip 36:30 Act I - "Tarka's Trap" 37:10 Is someone gonna die? 38:00 Tarka WTF, dude?! 39:34 But Dat Cloak! 40:50 Shuttle Ride Over 41:20 It's Hard 41:45 Last Second Beam Back 42:40 Holodeck Distraction 43:15 Remember our early episode - Sock on the Holodeck Door "Sneak Preview 04" 44:45 All about his business 45:20 Ready Room Scene 46:26 Act II - "Let's Play a Game" 46:56 Playing Keep-away 47:18 Stamet's Answer 48:30 Cat and Mouse Game 49:50 Clusterfuck 50:00 Not even in the same Book, and one if them is named Book! 50:20 Dating a Narcissist 51:00 Giant Space Condom 51:20 Detmer's Magic Fingers 52:29 Finding the little dot 53:19 Act III - "War and Peace" 54:14 Jumparound 56:40 Spreading the Torpedos 57:49 Get it done - Nahn 58:00 Nahn Failed! Everybody Fails! 59:00 Tarka's Easy Button 1:00:30 Lock your console! 1:01:08 What if Grudge was there? 1:02:13 Act IV - "Failure Is A Normal Part of Life" 1:04:29 Tarka FAILS 1:05:00 Game Theory 1:05:52 Thelma and Louise-d each other 1:08:00 First Contact - "Hey, Who Turned Off the Roomba?" 1:08:35 MegaMan? Omega Man? 1:09:00 Why isn't Will Smith on Trek? 1:10:30 Dinner with John Lithgow 1:11:22 What's Left? 1:12:00 What happens with Saru and T'Rina? 1:12:50 Ridged for her pleasure 1:13:50 Critical Message Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery Explicit

    All In

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    Burnham & Joanna "OH WOW" Owosekun hit the Karma Barge for an action-packed adventure that gets them all-in against Tarka & Booker with some Space-Poker. Hugh yells at a DOT, & I swear that guy with the blinky eyes just turned into a Tribble! -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 110 00:30 DOT see's a Tribble? 01:55 NO KIDS! 02:46 Wickedly Intelligent 02:50 DOTS not cleaning? 03:30 Full Attention 04:00 What they want 04:20 The Skant! 04:30 This isn't a Singing Podcast 05:00 Tight Little Package 06:10 Thank You Patreons! Join it: 06:40 Too Fancy 07:00 TV-Star DOT 07:47 Corrections - Email 08:30 I've Got a Golden Finger! 09:00 Amazon Prime Universe 11:00 Star Trek: Bridge Crew is no longer available to purchase on Steam or the Oculus stores? 11:30 Bought Pussy 13:15 I'll meet you on level 69 14:20 Rok-Tahk Looping for how long? 17:00 Star Trek Discovery Crew - OUT Magazine Feature 21:20 Like an animal 22:20 I thought they were just friends 23:30 Douglas Trumble passes away at 79 26:30 Hey Writers! is looking for article pitches. 27:23 Star Trek: Mission Chicago Seeking out Crew and Fans 28:20 Don't Eat That! 30:00 Party Favor 30:27 Star Trek Discovery S4E8 "All In" 30:35 Teaser: "S'more Drive" 32:27 Find a Loophole 33:45 Do the Thing! 34:30 High Fives to the Ship People 34:48 USS Nog - Eisenberg Class 35:10 Dual Authorization 36:10 Golden Fingers and Tickets 36:45 All In for the Chocolate Bar 37:20 Wait - You don't have it? 38:00 Do the mile high club? We're not linking the commercial, but check out this review: 40:00 I've had a pilot 40:19 Act I: "Galactic Barrier. Is that some sort of Space Condom?" 42:50 Spotting cheats 43:00 Doesn't Pull Out? 43:30 Owo 43:45 The Conflict 44:00 But, He Didn't Pull Out 44:20 The Uniforms 45:00 Uncut, Not that Street Isolynium 45:30 The Galactic Barrier - The Rim 47:00 Let me feel your pain 48:00 Familiar set 48:49 Haz's Lines 49:30 Act II - "We're gonna go smell some flowers" 50:40 Owo Kicking Ass 50:45 Going for the Balls 51:50 You cheated! Fair and Square 52:50 Aw Fuck! 53:15 Lookin' 53:25 Congratulations. You won. 54:15 Professional Consultant 54:55 Opposite Sides 55:20 Captain Right Hook 55:50 Idea from the Convention 56:28 Where was Security? 57:15 Realistic Relationship 57:30 Yelling at the DOT! DOT Abuse! 59:00 Let's Be Terrified Together 1:00:00 Do Not Clean! 1:01:15 What's that beeping? 1:02:15 Tribble Changeling or Changeling Tribble? 1:03:15 Bathroom Buddies 1:04:45 Act III - "Poker? I Barely Know Her!" 1:05:22 Spiffy Card Designs 1:06:40 Acting Like Klingons in a Disco 1:07:00 Pair of what? 1:08:00 All In 1:08:20 The Breakup? 1:09:34 Remember the one with the Whales?? 1:10:00 Huge Pringles Can 1:11:05 Oh Wow! 1:11:36 Act Like an Armus 1:12:19 Act IV - "Sacrifice. Exploiting a Hole-A Loophole" 1:14:20 Somebody sent a Roomba out? 1:14:35 Boronite 1:15:30 The Oh Shit Moment 1:17:03 Did you get the Steve McQueen Reference? 1:17:45 The Elephant and Mouse Story 1:18:50 Over-Inflated Ego 1:19:15 James Bond Cool 1:19:40 Did she know? 1:21:00 Favorite Parts? Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery Explicit

    Zero Gets Naked

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    Dal's plan pays off, Rok-Tahk engineers while Jankom holds the door, Murf is cute, Zero gets naked, Gwyn gets flashed, Drednok has cat scratch fever, The Diviner gets whats coming to him, Janeway was acting all along, and the Caitian saves the day! -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 109 00:30 BRIGHT LIGHT! 01:15 Spot...DOT-LIGHT 01:30 Tribbles gone crazy 02:00 Big DOTS 02:08 Flashy Thingy 02:30 Do you want to see it? 02:58 Tight Lipped about last week 03:45 You can't stop the signal 04:10 Excited about Star Trek Prodigy Episode 10 04:20 NO KIDS 04:48 DOTS can't strip 05:20 What's Uuuupppppp?!! 05:38 The Corridors are Looking Shiny 06:00 BOING 06:15 Blinded by the light 06:44 Thank you Patreons! Become a member, even for a little bit - 07:30 Shatner: We're shitting the bed - 08:40 Yes, Section 31 is still in development - 09:39 Mirror Comic Teaser - Star Trek: The Mirror War #4 11:11 Did you see that image? Oh My! 11:48 Things From Another World 12:44 Double Manhood 12:50 Where's Keiko? 13:30 We Love You! 14:00 Happy B-Day Brent Spiner 16:25 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E10 "A Moral Star Part 2" 16:30 Act I - "The Lament of Tars Lamora. Smart as a Rok" 18:08 Action Packed And Dal 18:25 I can understand you! Lets HUG! 19:10 Hole 20:45 Translators still don't work on Murf 21:07 Door Holder 21:30 Just Jump-Start It 22:28 Percussive Maintenance 23:40 Attack of the Watchers 24:40 The Caitian Slices and Dices 25:20 Losing your Head 26:35 Holograms get no respect 26:40 Racist old Cartoons 28:00 Distraction Technique 28:30 Zero was De-armed 28:53 Act II - "There's a weapon in that Nebula" 29:40 Janeway Has Mass and Kicks Ass 30:50 Was Gwyn going to Switch Sides? 31:10 Just Destroy Starfleet 34:30 Using a Trojan 33:14 Trade one Evil for Another? 33:24 Easter Eggs 34:20 Freezing Holograms 34:45 Dal's Plans Unbaked 35:30 Act III - "Dangerous Signals, Swapping Tragedies, Medusan Madness, and We're Stronger Together" 36:35 I'm Coming Chakotay! 37:00 Zero's Power Revealed 38:00 You've should've gotten the Matte Finish 38:48 Naked Medusan...Too Harsh? 39:30 Full Frontal 40:00 What's coming up? 40:30 Star Trek Canon says... 40:50 But will there be more John Noble? 41:23 Is There in Truth No Beauty? 42:10 Where all the miners go 43:00 Dal Redeemed 43:35 Use that power for good 44:00 That's not Hologram Janeway, That's Janeway Janeway! 44:30 Tying Up Loose Ends 45:15 Cracking Walnuts 48:45 Next week = Back to Discovery! 49:20 Tight Hole 50:44 Speed Dating, but with Star Trek Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #Dal #Janeway #Murf #Gwyn #Zero #Diviner #Drednok #Protostar #Jankom #RokTahk #Caitian Explicit

    Goth Janeway

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2022 58:20

    Everyone has coffee, Jankom gets on the table, Dal doesn't use the half-baked plan, The Protostar gets returned, The Diviner kills the power, Hologram Janeway goes goth, and where did Murf go? Our special guest this week is an Emergency Proctologist Medical Hologram? -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 108 00:30 An Emergency Proctologist Medical Hologram? 01:00 Introductions 01:30 Tribbles Gone Goth 02:30 #1's In Portlandia? 02:45 Daisy Dukes and a Tanktop 03:03 Shoutout to @Starbase_80 03:13 Orange River - How Do Star Trek's Transporters Work? 04:04 Is that #PotatoMurf? 04:42 Our first EMH apperance on the show 05:59 Emergency Medical Homogram 06:56 Thank you Patreons! 07:00 No KIDS! 08:00 Meet our Guest 09:00 Fan of Janeway! 10:05 Guess who's going to space... 12:00 DOT interrupt-us 12:30 Doug Jones - Inaugural The Chair Award 12:59 That's not Toast! 14:00 Did My Toe Just Come? 14:40 Star Trek Picard: No Man's Land Preview 16:20 Discovery and Lower Decks nominated for Golden Reel Sound Editing Awards 18:30 New Playmates Star Trek License! 19:40 Star Trek Online Update: 22:40 #StarTrekProdigy S1E9 - "A Moral Star. Part 1" 24:16 ANOTHER New Uniform?! 25:00 The Diviner Leaves a Voicemail 26:00 She did come. 26:25 Warp Core Breach! 27:11 A Moral Star Anagram 27:40 On The Table 28:20 Nothing More Starfleet 28:30 Dal acting Captain Like? 29:40 Probing 29:50 Fully Baked 30:15 We're In Cat Boots Now 30:30 We let our guard down! 31:00 The Coffee Moment 32:15 The First Impression 32:50 Just Coming In 33:30 Act II - "Gwyn, I AM YOUR FATHER" 34:00 Evil 34:50 What are you wearing?! 25:25 Drop Dead Sexy Comm Badge 35:52 The Dangers of 3D Printing 36:37 ...Wait. Where's Murf? 36:50 And the award for best acting goes to... 37:30 Standing too close? 37:50 #SaveTheCaitian! 39:44 What? Interference from Planet Portland 40:26 Dust and Cobwebs 41:12 Fall-In Boy 41:28 Act III - "A Fucking Cliffhanger" 42:50 Excited and Pissed off at the same time 43:30 How do they do a half hour show 44:24 Finished too early 44:44 Who's Crystal Gayle? 45:00 I'm There For Goth Janeway 46:17 AI Ethical Sub Routines 48:20 Sex is a Sport 48:30 Listen to Dal Command! 49:20 Elaborate Plan 49:35 Yes, that was the MIB Flashy-Thing 50:30 Crossing Streams 51:00 It's not done yet 51:30 One Thumb In 52:45 Give it a 7 of 9 53:20 The Big Guy 54:20 The Borg Twins 54:45 Next Week: "A Moral Star. Part 2" 55:56 Gentle Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #GothJaneway Explicit

    Nobody Told Me Where To Put It

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    Can Hologram Janeway get all of the kids to work together to solve a problem? Watch out for that Tachyon Storm! Proto-Drive ships don't do well with those, and there's only so much time to deal with a warp-core breech. Also, a LOT of new #StarTrek is on the way. Did you see that new #StarTrekPicard trailer?! -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 107 01:00 Welcome! 01:20 Fully clothed? 01:40 Britney is Freee! 02:05 No Kids! 02:45 Thanks Patreons! 02:55 Save the Tribbles! 03:20 Coffee! Now with Time Crystals! 04:55 Two Much Detail 05:15 Shout out to Mickey! 05:45 It's a jump to the left 06:15 RIP Meatloaf 07:10 One Big Tool 09:23 Star Trek Picard Trailer 10:35 GLAAD Media Awards 12:40 Hard-Hitting News... 13:00 New Star Trek Dates 14:45 Still Watching Enterprise? 15:55 Florida 17:30 Q - Figure 18:00 12 inches is good 19:45 #StarTrekProdigy - S1E8 "Time Amok" 20:08 Act I - "Which came first? The Grain, The Fox, or The Chicken?" 21:30 The solution 24:36 Drednok comes aboard? 24:45 Turn on 5G? You get Drednok in your living room 25:30 Walking, Talking, Vibrators? 26:14 Put your mouth around it and find out. 26:30 Tachyon Storm 27:45 That would just be Tacky 28:20 Was that Purple Haze? 28:50 Janeway needed Time Crystal Coffee 29:30 Rok-Tahk's Bad Trip 31:16 Act II - "Schematics and Airlocks: It's True, Size Matters" 32:40 Dal's gaming Tenacity 33:10 Janeway off-ed his game 33:20 It's all up to you...Murf!? 34:20 The Explanations 35:25 The Destruct Code 36:25 Delete Janeway? 36:40 All Hologram Lives Matter 36:50 Zero's Hands 38:20 A Gift from Gwyn's Father - Can we return it? 39:15 Evil Robot Shit 40:00 Act III - "After 276 Attempts" 41:00 So Much Math 41:40 I can't 43:30 This is a Kid Show? 44:20 They call that a Murf? 44:40 Smurf? 45:10 Nobody told me where to put it 45:45 The Red Eye 46:40 What lesson did we learn? 47:00 Positive Waves 48:30 Don't Eat That! 52:45 The Group Hug at the end 55:40 Getting your balls wrecked Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    My Lobes are Tingling with Opportunity

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2022 58:32

    A Ferengi blast from Dal's past helps make a First Contact visit, but watch out for Rule of Acquisition # 21: Never place friendship above profit. And the kids FINALLY discover the Transporter, and have a sweet way to test it. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 106 00:30 Nice software 01:00 Our DOTS are beaming! 01:50 The Contest 02:13 Where's Heather? 02:30 Introductions and NO KIDS 02:53 A DOT is going to killed? 03:35 #1 Powered by iPhone 03:50 Belterlowda!!! 05:30 It wasn't a bad smell... 05:52 Corrections 06:48 The Book of Grudge is out 07:00 Section 31 "Update" and Shazad Latif gets to be Captain 08:31 Star Trek Picard: No Man's Land 10:26 Eagle Moss Starships 13:30 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E7 "First Con-Tact" 14:00 Happy B-Day to our #1! 14:15 Teaser - "They Killed Murf?! You Bastards!" 15:00 The Transporter first time 16:00 The Floor Pie...5-Second Rule? 17:00 American Pie 17:54 Transporter looks like JJ's Universe 18:35 How do you pin a communicator on Murf? 19:09 Don't clean your keyboard with a Tribble 20:00 Act I - "Home, Sweet Hammock" 21:30 Conned by the con of the con 21:53 Raised by a Ferengi 22:40 Can Zero ready Ferengi? 23:08 Yummy Baby 23:30 Who's Beaming Who? 24:25 Companion Cube: PikPox 25:36 Act II - "Glee Crossover" 27:30 My ears are up here, sir. 27:40 She's a bad girl 28:00 My lobes are tingling with opportunity 28:10 Close Encounters of the Third Kind 29:15 Seeing Sound 29:50 They would really dig Hendrix. Are you experienced? 30:20 Foxy Lady 30:40 Wayne's World! 31:40 Enhance that image! 32:50 It looked like Drednok to me 33:12 Rule Of Acquisition #21: Never place friendship above profit 33:58 Act III - "We done fucked that one up!" 35:23 Down with music and the crystals 35:30 Sold Ya Out 36:51 Dal's still has useful attributes 37:10 Beamed up at the last second 37:40 Jankom's Hair 38:00 Star Trek: Prodigy's Inconsistencies 41:25 Leaving the Delta 42:00 They really broke The Prime Directive 43:00 Future Ferengi Paybacks? 43:45 Tingling with Opportunity 48:23 Contact vs Con-Tact 56:40 A really hairy away mission Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #Dal #Murf #Zero #JankomPog #Rok-Tahk #HologramJaneway #Janeway #Hologram #Protostar #Lobes #Ferengi #FirstContact #PrimeDirective #Transporter #profit Explicit

    Video Gamer's Wet Dream

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    Star Trek: Prodigy is back! Murf accidentally discovers the Holodeck, and Dal discovers the No-Win Scenario, with a familiar cast of characters. Gwen translates, and interprets, Rok-Tahk inquires about photonic grenades, for a friend, Murf has gas, and Holo-Janeway has coffee! -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Happy New Year! Episode 105 00:37 Tribble Farts and Burps 01:15 Pink Alert 01:38 Murf Fan Club 01:55 Imitation: Best form of flattery 02:33 Welcome Aboard! 02:57 NO KIDS! 03:20 Sucking Up 04:00 Burnt Hair Good? 05:25 Rolling Leap 05:55 Thank you Patreons! 06:20 Corrections 06:54 Remembering Aaron Eisenberg on his birthday 07:40 Aaron and Malissa: 8:44 Headphone's not loud. It's just us singing. 09:47 Coming this Spring: Star Trek: Resurgence 10:25 Star Trek Picard Production Paused and Resumed 11:46 COVID talk (To skip: go to 16:20) 14:30 Cool 5G Side Effects 15:46 Service 16:20 Trek Talks - 20:00 IDW Klingon Comic - 21:00 Short Film: 21:19 Longer than 73 seconds 22:03 Star Trek Prodigy - S1E6 "Kobayashi" 22:18 Act I - "Warp Lullaby" 24:15 Is Gwen a clone? 25:30 Star Trek is Progressive 26:00 Doing the Worm 26:30 How fast is fast? 27:30 Faster than Warp 10? 27:40 Janeway Surprised? 28:20 The Game 28:50 Where's Murf? 29:40 Scared of the Federation 30:40 Dal is still a dick 31:25 You ain't ready for the Kobayahsi 32:20 Bringing up the D and other Holodeck Programs 32:53 Murf's Diet 33:40 Holodeck Programs 34:40 Hints of Lower Decks 35:10 Act II - "Party in the Neutral Zone" 36:20 Callbacks 37:16 Any Video Gamer's Wet Dream 38:00 Christmas Carols ala Trek Dialog - 38:10 Some Kind of Supercut - 39:00 Does anyone know these people? 40:45 Supermeatboy? 41:00 Always Hard 42:29 It took me three days! 41:58 Hiding like Bugs Bunny 42:25 A better Engineer 42:30 #Murftoot 43:10 Football? 43:40 Janeway's Starbucks 44:30 There is no barrier we can not overcome... 45:00 Feeling Unneeded, but totally needed 45:30 Like pee on the what? 46:57 Act III - "I didn't know you could super pinch!" 47:45 No Win 49:20 Jammin' the frequencies 50:50 Put your crew first, dummy 51:40 You remind me of another Captain of the Enterprise - Gonna do the thing! 52:30 Don't look at Murf that way! 53:00 Captain Chakotay! 53:30 17 Years ago? 54:00 Interpreting 55:30 Tribble-fart Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Does Zora Dream of Electric Sheep?

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    Zora goes and programs herself. Kovich is Tech Support. Tarka's presentation brings the Boom! Stamets was almost replaced. The DMA meeting decision: Communicate or Attack? Why not both? And, did Booker and Burnham just break up? -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Happy New Year! Episode 104 00:30 Happy Hangover! 01:00 New Maneuvers? 02:00 Those pants 03:00 Burnt Hair 04:30 Water: Cold 05:11 Shout out to Patreons 06:30 The longer you listen, the better we sound! 07:27 News: We're starting Year Three!!! 08:20 The Patrick Maneuver 09:30 News: Coming up for 2022 11:15 Pretty Lights! 11:45 LeVar at the Rose Parade 12:45 Kalinda Vazquez Netflix Deal 13:45 Star Trek Discovery - S4E7 "...But to connect" 14:00 Teaser - "You Can't Make Me" 14:45 Zora Takes Over 15:30 No! 15:58 Control the cat toy, not the cat 17:20 Teaser to the Teaser 17:40 Aloof Disdain 17:50 Act I - "Debate Day" 19:00 Don't want another CONTROL 20:00 OMG Kovich is Tech Support 21:40 The phrase that wasn't a Harry Potter spell 22:30 Book and Burnham Tension 23:15 Know your Moment 23:50 60 member worlds 24:45 Earth Hole? 25:50 Fuck it or Kill it? 26:25 Book of Lists 27:00 Hung like a Seahorse 27:40 Judging motives by your own cultural context 28:20 Stamet's What-Ifs? 29:30 Just hook her up to a dimmer switch 30:30 Group Hug 32:15 Trust vs. Fear 34:08 The most Trek 35:15 Act II - "Hello, HAL!" 36:04 Red Flag! Computer Changes Core Programming 37:54 What if she's lying? 38:44 Why not bring over Voyager's Computer? 39:45 She needs a patch 40:20 I've been watching 40:50 BOOM! 42:20 Tickle, not Destroy 42:50 First Contact Approach 43:00 Why not both? 43:40 Fear makes people do stupid things 44:20 Burnham: DMA vs Klingons 45:20 Sonequa is GREAT 46:00 Where's Book coming from? 47:00 To forgive or not to forgive? 48:30 Tarka is an asshole 49:00 The trust of The Button 50:00 Act III - "Does Zora Dream of Electric Sheep?" 51:31 Zora is a lifeform 52:20 Downloads 52:41 Tarka's Motivation 55:35 Not to Destroy, but to connect. 56:00 Trek Orgasm 57:20 The actions that we take 58:00 Imagine If It Had Boobs? 59:00 Michael's Vote 1:00:00 No recounts? 1:01:00 How can he not know? 1:02:00 Zora and Gray 1:04:45 I really want to trust you 1:05:38 Act IV - "Fuck it! We'll do it Live!" 1:07:00 Zora - Join Starfleet. 1:07:40 Zora Stays, You can be replaced. 1:08:50 Leaving Grudge with Michael 1:09:30 Suicide Mission? 1:10:00 All is possible 1:11:00 A True Fail-safe 1:11:30 Kelpian Horga'hn? 1:12:15 Gray and Adira's Future 1:12:40 I love you, but take care of Grudge Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    His Life Was Voided

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    Into the rift we go - It's a void. It eats photonic flares and a DOT-23 dies screaming. The computer gets emotional, Gray asks Zora to play a game. Saru puts the smack down. Does Book have Daddy issues? And Burnham gets hot when Zora sings. Meanwhile, the whole crew is...Buffering, including Grudge. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 103 01:00 Welcome to the show 01:12 Are you tweaking? 01:30 Call back to last show - Christmas Special where Dots and Tribbles Sing 02:40 Tea with weird ingredients 03:25 Loud tribute to fallen DOT: Scream for Sto'Vo'Kor 04:12 Disconnecting? We like to Plug It In 04:44 He can make a hat! 05:05 Join our Patreon! Top Tier gets a HAT! 06:12 Nine Inches 06:40 Sex in Star Trek update 07:30 Don't call someone a -Censored by Section 31- 07:45 CU Next Tuesday 07:58 Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent 08:30 NO KIDS 09:45 News: Discovery's Schedule 10:05 News: Mr. Spock's Ears 10:15 News: Borg Queen to Come 11:10 Best place to take a Borg Queen 11:17 News: Star Treks leaving Hulu 11:50 The Matrix Erection 13:30 News: Mini Comic-Book Series, starting with Grudge Back Story 14:00 Space Pussy 14:45 News: Anson Mount has kid 15:20 Find your own news about Jonathon Frakes 16:30 Star Trek: Discovery S4E6 -"Stormy Weather" 16:55 Death of a DOT...SCREAMING 18:34 Zora's Feelings 18:50 Gray - left alone 19:30 Feeling like a Dunsel 21:30 The Scientifically Impossible, just like Heather's Cooking 22:25 Pinball! 23:11 Act I - "Let's Play Half an Hour in Heaven...Oh wait, I meant The Darkness" 23:20 It's so dark, let's send out a lens flare 24:00 Learning to Delegate 25:00 Is that power in your pocket? 26:00 Detmer's on it. 26:40 Shall we play a game? 28:00 Photonic Flare 28:29 Act II - "Da? Is that You? Let's Play Chess. Anyone want a space-cicle? 29:10 More Science! 29:57 RIP Ensign Cortez 30:24 His life Was Voided 30:45 Double Holy Fuck 31:44 Communing with Mushrooms 33:00 Chief Medical Officer 34:45 Same Sound 35:50 Zora Overwhelmed 36:44 Saru said no. Not a Debate 37:14 The Saru Slam. Now at Denny's? 37:50 The Galactic Barrier. Like a condom 38:40 Act III - "10 Minutes at 281 kHz Makes For A Crispy Crew" 40:10 Brainstorming 40:35 Walk-In Microwave? 41:20 Book's Subconscious 42:40 A Big-Ass Cat and Cool-Ass Spaceship 43:20 Book's Name 43:50 Treating Zora like a member of the crew 44:55 Book's Name means... 45:50 Toxic Male Masculinity 46:10 Betty White on Balls 47:00 Not a Mayberry Moment 47:30 Apologizing to Saru 48:00 Buffering the whole crew 50:20 Not Hypersleep 51:00 Backups on Beam Down? 51:43 How to best please yourself 53:00 They're not really gone? 53:10 Three Difficult Words for men... 53:45 Fire Everywhere - Sparking 55:00 Black Voids Matter 56:30 Act IV - "Overcoming Emotions, Family Trees, and Extra-Galactic Origins" 57:26 Amazing Singing Voice 58:00 She was "Burn"ham 58:55 The Tree 59:15 Origins 1:00:00 Fixing Programmable Matter 1:01:30 But to connect 1:02:16 Wrapping up Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Christmas Special

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    With all this holiday time to himself, our Chief Engineer decides to try an album with the Tribbles and DOTs.

    Exploding Tribbles

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    Burnham and Book make a Jail Break! The Beatles Get Back, Stamets comes close to killing us all, and that is really saying something. Culber needs some brutal honesty, but Kovich has a 2:00, And Saru Gets into a screaming match but maintains control with a Kill-Switch. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 102 00:30 Exploding Tribbles! 02:50 Miss Hap 03:20 Making an Example 04:00 "Discipline" 04:50 Power Wash 05:14 Tribble Glitter-Bomb? 05:50 Canibal Tribbles On the Run 06:30 Buffing it out 06:55 Thank you Patreons! 07:43 LeVar Burton to Host Spelling Bee - 08:30 Amazon Documentary - Shatner In Space - 09:00 #penisrocket 10:07 Jessie Gender - Twitter @jessiegender Sex in Star Trek: Exploring Gene Roddenberry's Sexual Frontier - 11:40 New Star Trek Game - Star Trek: Resurgence 13:15 Star Trek Discovery S4E5 - "The Examples" 13:25 Teaser - "DMA Breakthru" 14:22 Disappears And Comes Back 14:35 Shout out USS Janeway 15:00 Freaking out about Zora 15:20 Who? The Doctor? 16:00 Who were the...? 17:05 Nothing in space just disappears. 17:30 Booker and Stamets 18:00 Ruon Tarka vs Stamets 19:50 Bring in more cups 20:30 Blood and Semen Samples 21:08 It's a Spore Drive, not a Sperm Drive 22:28 Unknown Species 10-C 23:00 Jett's Back! 24:30 DOTS with Dildos 25:50 It would be "Iconic" 26:00 What if Q? 26:41 Act I - "The Examples" 27:50 The Magistrate from Radvek V 28:30 Foot Fetish 29:20 There's a lot I can improve on 30:20 Mashed Potatoes and a Pea 31:20 The Jail Break 32:00 Beatles with buzz-saws in their butts 33:00 I'm sure we're getting sued now 33:30 Relationship Stuff 36:00 Act II - "The Saru Scream WWE Edition" 37:56 Kovich Therapy 39:50 Imprisoned for what? 40:43 What kind of jail break is this? Let's debate this 41:15 Locked away for being a Karen 41:42 Does Deterrence Work? 42:56 Michael Greyeyes was great! 44:05 Galley Leo? 44:30 Common Ground - Neural Lock 45:35 Great Science Was Never Accomplished With Caution? 46:00 Saru's Scream 48:30 Not Escaping Prison 50:00 Act III - "Near Death" 50:45 The Grumpy Lady 50:50 The Kill Switch 51:58 Saved by The Beatles! The Beetle Blowjob 53:40 Personality Disorder? I need to talk to your manager. This is the worst jail break I've ever been on. 56:00 Trusting Felix? Prison Movie Triggers 56:35 Hiding the Orb 57:30 Tribble Butt-Beads? 58:19 Act IV - "Starfleet's In Charge, Beeyotch!" 59:27 The Trophey 1:00:00 A Happy Ending 1:00:57 Forced Choice 1:01:30 M.A.S.H. 1:02:20 Felix's Remorse 1:02:40 Burnham and Booker's Relationship 1:03:20 Smooth Relationship 1:03:40 The Magistrate - I hope you find a more just society 1:05:50 Zora's Empathy 1:09:15 Culbert and Stamets Relationship moment 1:10:30 Tarrak's Motives 1:13:20 Finding out what makes something go Tick Tick Boom 1:13:55 Don't Play With Fuses 1:14:30 Murphy's Law, or Darwinism? 1:15:50 Hypergiant and Future Questions 1:18:18 AR Wall Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Wanting To Be Seen

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    Saru gets some tea, and some hot hand-on-hand action with the Vulcan President, Adira gets a special snow globe, and Culber breaks a couple of fingers. Take a field trip with Tilly? Sure! What could possibly go wrong? And Burnham has the key to getting Ni'Var back in the federation. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 101 00:35 Someone when to Sto'Vo'Kor 03:45 Space Suit decontamination 04:06 The meaning of the word: Dork 04:35 No Kids! 05:00 Thank you Patreons! 05:20 Convention Coverage! Nichelle Nichols Last Convention Appearance! 06:11 Escorting Nichelle 07:30 Coffee Break 07:55 Nichelle's current situation 10:20 Shout out Lana! nerdygirlfitness1701 on Instagram 11:25 Star Trek Cookbook coming... 12:27 Paramount+ Star Trek Channel 13:44 Paramount+ Expanding to South Korea 14:53 The Wandering Earth 15:55 Star Trek Crossovers? 16:30 Section 31 is Still Alive 17:06 Doctor Who and Star Trek? It's a comic book 18:05 Star Trek Discovery S4E5 - "All Is Possible" 18:22 Teaser - "Lost with a Species Stew On the way to an Ice Moon" 19:30 BRACE! To brace or not to brace? 22:10 Go meet new friends 22:30 Where is the Symbiot at? 24:30 Admiral Vance's Worm? 25:16 Participate, remain silent, look official. Nothing More 26:05 Tilly and Culbert Chat 26:40 I'm Bringing Therapy Back 28:00 Mandated Down Time 29:00 It's good to have a Holodeck 29:54 Quick Drive to the New Moon 30:20 Nobody wants to go first 30:50 You should just be a cadet this time 31:30 Act I - "An Addendum to Peace: Standing Funerals and Pyrosomes On Ice" 32:57 River to Hades 33:16 Vulcan Crush 34:07 Tilly's Field Trip - This is real-life, bitch! 36:24 Raving Pod Crash 37:10 Ni'Var vs The Federation 38:00 Pulling Out? 39:35 ...And then Burnham Speaks 40:00 Understudy Star of Political Theater 40:20 Saru gets uh head? 41:30 Snapping Fingers 42:59 Dead People Poses 43:30 Party Your Body 44:00 The Underlying Reason? 45:40 Lifeforms 46:18 Oh, BTW, I'm freaking out over this 46:35 Act II - "Frequency, Shmequancy. All together or not at all, Meditative Techniques and Spider Lighting" 47:09 Holy Cow! We're the Lunch Bell! 48:36 Flash Freeze 49:40 Spider Lighting 51:30 Insane weather in Space 52:35 A Jellyfish from Hell 52:45 Tilly loses her shit 53:20 Culber and Book Meditate 56:30 Never gonna be the same 57:10 Saru and T'Rina 58:30 Trust 59:50 Let's Meditate - NO PEEKING! 1:00:30 Sneaky Cardassian 1:01:20 Act III - "Don't Judge An Orion By His Skin Color" 1:02:40 An Elegant Solution 1:05:30 Did you know this guy's Dad? 1:05:48 The Common Ground And Book Cover 1:11:00 You're In Starfleet Now, It's AYE! 1:12:30 Act IV - "Captain Imahara Saves The Day" 1:14:30 Wanting To Be Seen 1:18:26 Imahara 1:20:22 What Tilly Wants 1:22:40 Tilly will be back Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    I Wish I Had That Phaser

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    Our 100th Episode! Choose to live? Carry a phaser set to stun! Stamets watches a bunch of Vulcans meditate, Book gets a mind meld, Saru gets Tilly to push her boundaries, Tilly disses mac & cheese, Adira can't wait for Gray's hot new synth body, and Burnham fixes an alien alarm clock. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 100 00:35 Death Yell Winner! 01:30 Who am I? 02:20 Going Viral 02:54 I'm a Screamer 03:40 Thank you Patreons! 03:50 No Kids 04:50 New Font! 05:43 Corrections 06:50 We're #100! 08:15 Making my Tribble happy 08:40 #StarTrekProdigy to Nick on Dec 17 - 10:10 Starship Models! - 12:10 Sonequa on The View - 13:05 Who's first? 17:24 #StarTrekDiscovery S4E3 - "Choose to Live" 17:33 Teaser - "Dilithium Heist" 19:28 He was a red shirt 21:00 Choose to live 22:53 Vulcan Science! 23:10 Mom's back 24:45 Guard Duty Example 26:17 Too High-Strung 27:05 Act I - "Too comfortable in comfort zone" 28:40 Who doesn't like Mac & Cheese? 29:00 DMA 29:40 Saru makes it happen 30:00 What am I doing with myself? 31:09 Book needs to do something 31:30 Play with your pussy 32:35 Engineering - No Seats 33:40 Where are the tachyons? 34:40 Borrowing Book's Ship 35:41 Trailerpark Trash 36:20 Mind Blown 37:27 Spiders can solve puzzles!? 38:30 Who's related to Amy Adams? 39:00 Adira's Translations 41:05 More Uniforms 42:00 I want my phaser! 43:45 Discovery Came Fast 45:13 Act II - "Bringing a Phaser to a Swordfight" 47:00 Stories of The Moon 49:55 Tilly as Bait 50:52 Stamets with Vulcan Science Institute 52:22 Read like a Book 53:17 Riding 2 Valebeasts with 1 set of Buttocks 53:40 Nice Bar 54:45 Shaving Pits 56:15 Book's Journey 57:20 Adira and Gray 58:00 Avatar? I only watched the first movie 59:40 Where'd the consciousness go? 1:00:59 Sword-fight 1:01:17 I wish I had that phaser 1:01:30 Act III - "Mind-meld Addiction" 1:03:25 Burnham fixes alien alarm clock 1:03:57 Doing a number on this 1:04:00 Aliens inside the moon 1:05:15 These Aliens look like...Descendants? 1:07:00 Murphy? Darwin 1:15:00 Gray wakes up 1:22:00 Choose to Live? I Choose to STUN! Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 73:14

    Buckle your safety belts, we're catching a gravitational wave and floating on top of the bridge. Saru comes back, and you can call him Mister, the computer changes it's name, Gray eyes a new body, Adira makes waves, Tilly is totally Stamets-ing, Stamets Remotes-in, Burnham makes a private call, and, Book needs to fly. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 99 00:30 Turkey Time 01:10 Not Tribble for T-Day 01:30 Heather Banned from kitchen 02:40 Kids Table 03:10 Need another Timmy 04:00 Boosted! 04:15 All Ferengi Channels are Pay-Per-View 04:45 Thank you Patreons! 05:30 Foreskin-Head 05:55 Discovery returns to the World!...Mostly 08:52 Michelle Hurd geeks out over Whoopi and John DeLancie 09:57 25th Anniversary of Star Trek: First Contact 12:30 Clockstoppers - with an "L"! 14:30 The Okudas get Lifetime Achievement 15:30 David Chronenberg Interview 16:20 Los Angeles Comic Con 18:30 Star Trek: Discovery S4E2 - "Anomaly" 19:00 Teaser - "With Black Holes, Size Matters" 20:00 The Birds. 911. Armchair Quarterbacking 21:40 Five Light-Years 22:20 Ferengi Crisp 23:00 Life is just a blink 23:40 You Seem Taller 24:00 You've Got Swagger 25:14 In the Corner 25:30 Two Stories of Sojourner 27:20 We don't know 28:30 Openness and Unified Strategy 29:20 Binary Roaming Black Hole 30:20 Polarizing Spectrographic Filter and willing to help Presidents 31:30 Mister Saru 32:20 Nice new uniforms 33:10 Act I - "We're All Mad Here" 35:00 New Body 36:00 DOTs said no 36:30 It's Bizarre. That's a Scientific Observation 36:50 Editor Chad Rubel 37:45 Stamets Nervous? 38:59 Dealing with PTSD 40:20 Sending Book - Needs of the many 41:25 Self Naming Computer 42:51 The Gravity of the Situation - Seat-Belts Please! 43:49 Status Report: I can't reach my station 44:38 Holos Freak Grudge Out 45:35 Ready to Pull Out 48:00 In the Middle of Trimming 48:40 Act II - "Cut 'em Loose!" 49:00 Exploding Consoles and Flame 49:45 Stamets-ing 51:06 Sacrificing the one for the many 52:52 1000-mile stare 55:04 5 Minutes? No. 55:45 PTSD 56:25 Act III - "Prodigy Re-Run" 57:20 Cone of Silence 59:00 Talk to me, Goose 1:01:24 Act IV - "Trauma Bond" 1:02:30 It...Changed Direction! 1:03:00 Tried Turning the Black Hole on and off again? 1:05:30 Multi-Tasking Stress 1:06:20 Tilly asks for help 1:08:26 Making Waves Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Tribbles In Starfleet! It's Canon

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 102:52

    It's a double episode this week! In Star Trek: Prodigy - Can Janeway and the kids save the Protostar and get back to space, or will the Murder Planet eat them all? And Star Trek: Discovery is back, Grudge is still Queen, Burnham is Captain, and there's a President aboard who knows about The Kobayashi Maru. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 98 00:30 Welcome to the show! 01:00 Guess who wants to be a guest? 01:30 Imaginary Friends 01:45 NO KIDS 02:00 Superstar 02:30 Section 31 is listening! 03:57 Virtual Premiere 04:13 CENSORED BY SECTION 31 04:23 Also, CENSORED BY SECTION 31 04:33 That too - CENSORED BY SECTION 31 04:57 Paramount+ Takes over the world, by not showing Star Trek? Pulls Trek from Netflix world-wide. Even the cast didn't even know. 09:48 Side Effects 10:10 Yo Ho! Yo Ho! 10:30 You can't stop the signal 12:15 LeVar Burton Trial Pursuit - 13:25 Star Trek The Motion Picture Remastering Behind the Scenes - 16:15 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E5 - "Terror Firma" 16:28 Act I - "Murder Planet" 18:10 You can't smell what Rok-Tahk is cooking 19:00 Dal still not right yet 20:00 The Hills are Moving 20:30 10km 21:15 Larry 22:20 Murf Understands 22:45 Terror Firma 23:30 WWTRJD? 26:00 Shutdown the Food Replicators 26:30 It just wants to eat us 27:20 Dual Phaser Action 27:45 Smoking Plants 28:23 Act II - "Navigate by Constipation" 29:00 Solutions Together 30:00 In the Delta Quadrant 32:00 The Diviner has arrived 32:20 Meeting John Noble 33:45 Act III - "Proto-Tingles" 35:00 Baby Star, Do Doo Do Doo Do 36:00 Gwyn vs Protostar 36:45 Planted 37:40 Obsession 38:15 Engaging the Protostar 38:55 Free Britney! 39:00 Tap Dat Star 40:45 No Warp Trail! 42:18 Star Trek Discovery S4E1 - "The Kobayashi Maru" 42:30 Act I - "Don't piss off a Monarch, butterfly, that is" 44:00 They shoot like storm troopers 44:50 Bringing the Queen 45:25 Saying all the wrong things 45:50 Free the Queen! 46:30 Epic Miscommunication 47:19 So Many DOTs 48:25 Proud Cat People 48:55 The effects! 50:38 Grudge ate my Holographic Goldfish 53:40 Act II - "Kaminar, Kwejian, and Deep Space Repair Beta Six..." 55:10 Admiral Vance looks happy 56:20 The President 57:00 Was that a Tribble? 57:30 There are Tribbles in Starfleet! It's Canon! 58:10 Growly Face 59:10 Luck - They are a slut 59:45 Starfleet Academy 1:00:00 Act III - "Leto becomes a man" 1:01:00 Cow Farts 1:01:30 Feeling that old wood 1:05:09 Extreme Lensing 1:05:30 Don't Touch That! 1:06:00 Detmer & Owo 1:06:40 Adira and Gray 1:11:11 Cow Farts In Space 1:12:20 The DOTS wanted too much money 1:13:37 Act IV - "Don't Stay for me, Kaminar" 1:15:15 Sukal and Saru 1:16:50 Balance is Possible? 1:23:50 Seat Belts! 1:24:50 Act V - "She came in like a wrecking ball" 1:26:00 Doc works out 1:28:40 The Koybayashi Maru Talk Next Week: Star Trek: Discovery S4E2 - "Anomaly" Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    What Would You Manifest?

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    Our special guest Malissa Longo beams aboard the podcast, just in time, for Holo-Janeway to bring the Star Trek: Prodigy Protostar Crew to their very first Class-M planet. Everyone must look out for each other because this is no routine mission, and keep an eye on the bridge for Murf who I think just took a Sh... -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 97 00:30 Grabbing our guest 01:00 Become one of Patreon Members! 01:58 Tribble Stampede! 02:30 Laying it on 02:50 Upgrading to OS11 - They moved the Start button where? 03:45 No Kids! 04:20 Welcome Guest Malissa Longo! 04:44 Thankful Tribbles 05:30 Married to Nog 06:15 Mirror 06:50 Recently cast - Glass Stars 07:45 Walking Art - 08:00 Malissa Longo on Instagram! - 08:20 The 7th Rule Podcast - 09:00 Virtual Trek Con - 10:20 Bed Hair 10:40 Mochi is adorable 11:00 Beaming Darnell 11:45 Photo Release 12:20 Corrections 13:00 Slimy Thing - Check your bed 14:00 News Star Trek: Prodigy Renewed for 2nd Season 15:10 Not everyone is nude during our show. No, really! 15:45 Destination Star Trek: London 16:10 Paramount Theme Park coming with Star Trek "Final Frontier" area, in China 18:06 You may now own a very pricey phaser rifle? Auction Results 19:30 Experienced Tribble in multiple techniques 20:39 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E4 - "Dreamcatcher" 20:47 Act I - "Captain's Log, Type 1 Phasers, Hold on to your butts grip-handles, and alien spores" 22:15 Teenagers 22:30 The Runaway 22:50 You should be wearing your knee pads? 23:30 Somebody Could Jack Your Starship 25:00 Hooptie 25:30 Why not stay in orbit? 26:00 Pog: Fully Suited 26:30 Ingesting the Planet 26:45 Gas Sample 28:55 No, Murf! Don't do that on the bridge! 29:45 Cuteness Overload 30:22 What would you manifest? 32:16 Their kisses are so wet! 32:30 Great Voice Casting 32:55 D&D Distraction 33:15 Very Curious 34:23 My First Phaser 35:30 Hot Coffee Equivalent 35:42 Act II - "Bad Gwyn! Bad!" 36:15 No Holo Emitter 37:30 Dal has potential but similar to Nog 38:15 Point it at the blinking thing 38:46 Dal's flash of Captain-ness 39:00 Being picked last 39:15 Eating the Planet 39:49 Gwyn's Weapon and Starship Skills 40:20 Walking thru Janeway 40:45 Timeline questions 41:20 Gwyn's Lit 41:45 Is she a Jedi? 42:30 Zero's Mystery 43:54 Act III - "The Planet Tries to Eat The Protostar" 44:44 Saving Murf 45:100 Gwyn's Potential 45:45 Proud of you 46:25 Hungry Planet vs Teamwork 46:35 Dal is an Asshole. Dal is a Dick 47:14 That's why his name begins with a D 48:30 Dal and Gwyn? 49:11 Look out for your friends 50:00 Crabs don't discriminate 50:46 When they get back to the ship 52:55 Keep the ship in orbit! 54:30 Cliffhanger 55:20 More Tig! Thanks for listening! Now on Patreon! Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    DOTs with Dildos

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    The fresh new cadets take the Protostar for a spin, right into a binary system where the gravitational pull of an orbiting white dwarf is in its final moments of tearing apart a red giant...Surely Hologram Janeway won't let that happen? Well, she just might, and, don't call me Shirley. And, we might encounter a time warp...It's just a jump to a left. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 96 00:30 Your mother was a toaster! 01:00 The Cylon Fan Club? 01:40 Attachments 02:15 Pakleds Blocked! 02:50 Thank you Patreons! Become a member! 02:57 NO KIDS! 03:50 It's Alive! 04:07 It's Dead! 04:11 It's Alive Again! 04:23 Star Trek: Prodigy Episode 1&2 both on YouTube: 04:47 The Center Seat premiers on History Channel 05:20 Star Trek: Strange New Worlds planning Season 2 05:30 Dildo Drink 06:20 All the Star Trek Movies!!! 07:46 Animated Star Trek Movie to come? 08:30 You may get a virtual red carpet email? 09:10 Never fake addresses? 10:00 Mail, without Honor 10:15 DOT Dildo 11:55 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E3 - "Starstruck" 12:05 Teaser - "Black Hole" 12:10 Act I - "Stubborn Little Shit" 13:06 The opening sequence 13:20 Looks like Star Wars? Way Cooler, actually 14:00 Poppin' a N