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A Star Trek podcast by fans, for fans.

The Collective

    • Mar 13, 2023 LATEST EPISODE
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    Dipshit from Chicago

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2023 49:02

    It's a very special Starfleet Underground! Todd Stashwick back to talk about Picard Season 3, as well as - That's right Captain Shaw is here to help us find...a Changeling Tribble? #StarTrek #Picard #PicardSeason3 #Shaw #Titan #Starfleet #Sex #Stashwick #Tribble #Interview -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 166 00:35 Changeling Tribble? 01:01 What? No Seven, only Shaw?! 01:24 02:00 NO KIDS! 02:10 Shut The Door! 03:00 I wanted a Borg 03:30 Thanks Patreons! 03:45 Get some MERCH - 04:11 Above...Below... 04:45 57th Year Mission Update - 05:15 The Nerd Circus 06:00 What's the one question you want to be asked? 06:30 Patrick and crew? 07:45 (They're Amazing!) 09:05 Scene to Scene - Shooting out of order 09:50 How much Captain Shaw is Todd Stashwick? 10:00 Dipshits from Chicago 11:20 Being a writer, what story has inspired you? 13:13 A Star Trek Kid 13:40 Captain At Home? 14:00 Captain Daddy 14:28 Finding the Pain (Wolf359) 17:30 Portraying PTSD 20:11 Grease Monkey on the Bridge 20:30 The Bridge 23:30 Engineering Lean 24:30 Trivia Time! 27:28 D Names 28:15 Chicago-Style Hot Dogs in LA 29:09 Aaron Stanford as Sneed 30:40 Dialog on-stage 32:04 Bridge Crew Hangouts 34:17 Evil Genius 34:54 Heater/Heether 35:42 The Story of You 37:29 Fame Changed? 41:50 That Dinner Scene 42:38 Space Meat 43:05 Really Great Writing 43:20 Series? Please? Paramount? Hmmm? 45:18 What a ride! 45:30 Look for Todd in VEGAS and other conventions! 45:50 Cruise Crud 47:09 Other Projects - The Last Thing He Told Me, Forespoken, Skydance/Marvel, Thanks Todd Stashwick! -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Changelings Spoil Everything

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2023 86:11

    There's some uncomfortable conversation between Jean-Luc and Beverly, Jack gets dirty looks everywhere and he has to own this, Captain Shaw bangs the bridge and shows Riker the Bone, and oh my God, you're scheming on a thing, it's a sabotage. #StarTrek #Picard #PicardSeason3 #Seven #Riker #Shaw #Titan #Son #Crusher #Starfleet #Sex #Vadic #sabotage #Jack #Changelings -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 165 00:30 A Son!? 01:48 Yer Booty! 01:56 NO KIDS! 02:46 Butt Stuff 03:30 Tainted 04:50 Macaroni Cheese with CRUNCH 05:20 Daddy! 06:15 Grounded 06:50 Warp Plasma Donuts! 07:53 Thanks Patrons! 09:15 Correction: Say My Name! 09:39 Jörg Hillebrand - @gaghyogi49 WE LOVE YOU MAN! 10:50 Alien Con 11:40 Need Another Evans 12:20 Caption Spoilers? 16:19 Jonathon Frakes said WHAT?! 17:20 Klingon Lives Matter 18:00 Star Trek Discovery to conclude with Season 5 20:08 IDW 21:04 Lower Decks Blu-Ray/DVD April 25th 23:10 Star Trek: Picard S3E3 - "17 Seconds" 23:21 Teaser - "Shake Shake Shake" 24:14 Big Torpedo 24:40 I Heart Psychopaths 25:18 This is YOUR Fault! 25:30 Is He a doctor? 26:08 Alarm!!! 26:50 Look Out The Window 27:02 Act I - "It's A Lot" 30:30 Gave Riker A Boner 31:40 Torpedo Away! 32:12 Why Are Mommy and Daddy Fighting? 32:45 Women Never Forget 37:20 You Gotta Own This 38:17 Commander Seven 39:50 Star Trek: More Weird Shit 40:45 He's Fuckin' Positronic, Dude 41:17 Jack and Picard 42:00 Crew POV 42:33 Casperia Prime 43:12 Changelings Spoil Everything 43:20 Deanna's Facetime 43:46 Bring The Whiskey! 45:11 Act II - "GLaDOS is Vadic's Number One" 46:30 When Riker Goes Deep 47:20 Shaw Gets A 2nd Opinion 49:30 But, We Love You So Much 50:46 Gaping Holes 51:30 No Bridge For You 51:51 Run To Seven 53:08 Knocked Da Fuck Out! 53:35 Raffi and Worf 53:43 NOT Klingon Opera 55:00 Not Prune Juice? 56:00 Raffi Freakout 56:15 I Am Your Handler 57:50 She's A Grasshopper 58:20 Riker vs Picard 1:00:00 Act III 1:08:20 Beheadings Are Wednesdays 1:10:33 Act IV - "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" 1:13:13 Shot Themselves In The Ass -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Check out the Hollywood Food Coalition Check out the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Explicit

    Picard's Pull Out Maneuver

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2023 70:06

    Raffi gets something in her eye, Worf plays Heads-Up with Sneed, Captain Shaw was having a good morning, Captain Vadic tosses starships like frisbees, and there's something about Beverly's son that Picard can't quite put his finger on. #StarTrek #Picard #PicardSeason3 #Seven #Riker #Shaw #Titan #Son #Crusher #Starfleet #Sex #Vadic -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 164 00:30 Raving Marco Polo 01:40 Feeling Your Way 02:11 Ooga!!! 02:40 Nicknamed 03:44 Resting Evil Face 04:07 Sanctioned 05:25 SyFy Sistas Shoutout! 05:30 Science Division 07:00 Thanks Patreons! JOIN THEM! 08:00 NO KIDS 09:34 Trivia! - Name all the actors who have played Christopher Pike? 12:30 Star Trek: First Contact Borg Queen Skull Signature Edition Prop Replica 12:58 Borg Bottom Not Included 14:00 TNG Movies coming to 4K Ultra Blu-Ray 15:20 Strapped In 16:00 Month Free of Paramount Plus? Use Code: Picard 18:00 Star Trek: Picard S3E2 - "Disengage" 19:20 So Exciting! 19:45 The Mariposa Medical Movement 21:41 Jörg Hillebrand is the coolest! @gaghyogi49 22:08 Romulan Ale - Medicinal 23:01 Galarian Death Rates 23:30 That Jack Crusher Looks Familiar... 24:20 Amanda Plummer! 24:30 Any of You Fucking Pigs Move... 25:30 Todd Stashwick is Amazing! 26:20 And, They're Packing! 26:50 The Fine Storyline 27:20 Do The Math! 29:06 Act I 30:13 Tractor Beam Cockblock Maneuver 31:00 Basically a Hotel Now 32:25 Seven Drops The Mic 34:00 Welcoming Transporter Room 35:13 Raffi's Handler 36:36 Lit 37:20 Act II 38:45 Vadic 39:26 I'll Let You Peek 40:00 The Frisbee Maneuver 41:50 Crusher's Stuff!!! 43:15 Synthetic Flesh 44:15 Had a Good Morning 44:50 Recycled La Sirena 45:58 Sir, She Threw A Ship At Us 47:55 Jack Crusher's Alias's 48:00 A Huge No-No 49:05 Act III 50:58 Not Raising Jack Like Wesley 52:40 James Cole 53:58 The EYEBALL Thing 55:30 Head's Up! Worf To The Rescue! 56:13 Ed Speleers 57:17 Picard's Pull Out Maneuver 57:28 Act IV 58:18 Unspoken Dialog 1:00:00 Older Picard 1:01:22 Vadic is Laughing! 1:02:30 The Music Feels 1:03:37 10 1:04:40 Go Ahead Stick Your Tongue Out! -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Check out the Hollywood Food Coalition Check out the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Explicit


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 21, 2023 68:37

    Beverly Crusher is a Badass, but she needs backup! Picard and Riker try to borrow the re-fit Titan, but Captain Shaw says no. His Number One is a Seven of Nine, and she helps them anyway. And did we mention that Beverly has had another son and we don't know who the father is? #StarTrek #Picard #PicardSeason3 #Seven #Riker #Shaw #Titan #Crusher #Starfleet #Sex -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 163 00:30 Mix Tape 01:30 Tapeworm 02:20 Slow Jam 03:30 Picard Season 3 03:50 Dealing with Spoilers 04:30 Empress Dreams 05:20 Albert the Prince 05:45 NO KIDS 06:20 1701 07:15 Don't Put DOT in a Closet 09:00 Thanks Patreons! 09:33 Message from Tom: There be Whales where? 10:15 Kirk Mask Horror Movie Mix-up 11:00 Toweling Lana 11:15 Picard Cast visits The View - “Sexually Frustrating” Part 1 - Part 2 - 12:18 Dangers of Spoilers 14:06 Lower Decks Vinyl Soundtrack Release 15:30 Learning to Curse 16:45 PanCan Update - Jonathan Frakes, Armin Shimerman, And John Billingsley Team Up For Trek Against Pancreatic Cancer 17:50 Captain's Logs 20:01 Star Trek: Picard S3E1 - "The Next Generation" 20:09 Badass Beverly 20:35 Falling Out 21:17 Locked In The Closet 21:28 Healing and Killing People 21:49 Beverly Crusher is Kick-Ass 22:40 Phaser Set to Vape - Don't Vape The Phaser 23:35 Is It Dark In Here? 24:45 25th Century 25:00 47 25:18 Picard's Mix Tape! 25:54 Picard's Old Logs 26:30 Meridian Codec 27:03 Act I - "Directions Are Hard" 28:40 M'Talas Prime 29:19 I Know What A CODEC Is! 29:30 Raffi's Off The Wagon? 30:40 The Painting 31:06 It Was On The D, It Was of The D 31:14 The Fat One 31:31 You Should Follow @gaghyogi49 on Twitter. Also lots of Easter Eggs at 32:40 CHEATER!!!! 34:10 Eaglemoss Canon? 34:55 Hellbird 35:45 Riker's Home Life? 38:10 Act II - "Dinner with Dickie!" 39:33 Also, Really Dickish 40:47 Nope. 42:18 Lower Decks 43:47 Deadnaming Seven 45:43 Act III - "Troublemaker" 47:15 Raffi Figures It Out 48:00 Seven Changes Course 49:46 Out of Warp Wake up 51:51 Seven vs Command Structure 53:13 Picard and Riker on the Shuttlecraft 53:57 Act IV - "Not The Momma" 54:42 Picard's Loose Lips 55:15 Getting the Drop on Riker 56:00 One Hit. Done 56:30 Scary Ship 57:30 Cliffhanger 57:57 Who's Your Daddy? 58:45 Beaming Your Ass Off and Dropping It On Your Face 1:01:31 Captain and Number One 1:02:05 Watch The Ready Room 1:04:22 For Annie -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Check out the Hollywood Food Coalition Check out the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Explicit

    Choking His Snake

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2023 66:59

    Our Captain and Number One get a special Hollywood sneak preview of Picard: Season 3, and we're spoiler free thanks to Section 31. Also we watched Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Enterprise gets stolen, Klingons get killing, and Saavik's fingers get...fingered. #StarTrek #Spock #Kirk #TOS #TSFS #Saavik #Starfleet #Sex #Genetics #Genesis #Klingons #FeedMyTarg -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 162 00:30 The Date 00:57 The Search For Sprocket 01:10 Lubed 01:30 Rains 01:58 NO KIDS 02:40 Not a Love Potion 03:20 Not a Science Guy 04:05 Said Video: 04:48 Elon's Anal-lytics 05:30 Send Balloons 06:00 Powered By GLaDOS 06:30 THANKS PATREONS! Join them! Patreon - 07:13 Thanks Section 31! 07:15 Miss You Fred! 07:50 Corrections 09:15 A Pacific pocket mouse named Pat - after "Star Trek" actor Patrick Stewart 10:10 Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Sneak Preview Night 22:40 Strange New Worlds on Blu-Ray 4K Ultra HD - May 16th 2023 25:34 Star Trek III: The Search For Spock 28:10 Christopher Lloyd as a Klingon! 29:00 Feed My Targ 29:50 Killer Lover 30:54 John Larroquette as a Klingon! 32:08 Miguel Ferrer as Excelsior's Helmsman 32:40 Death - Twilight Zone 34:45 Saavik 35:12 Vulcan Finger Banging Foreplay 35:46 Just Use The Fingers 37:23 Genesis was like Kentucky?! 37:50 Streaking Spock 38:26 Choking His Snake 39:30 This Movie's Fire 40:41 McCoy at the Bar 42:10 Mr. Adventure 43:07 Don't Call Me Tiny 43:50 Tribbles On A Date! 44:20 Destruct Codes 45:40 Enterprise Blow'd Up 45:47 Bird of Prey 46:30 Starships Looked Great 47:40 Captain Smug 48:37 SpaceDoors Password 49:50 David is a Hero 50:53 Kirk's Friday the 13th 51:58 I Choose The Danger 52:09 Okie Dokey! 52:54 Protomatter? 53:33 Where is Carol Marcus? 54:17 Who's Down With Chat GPT? 56:20 Lenord Nimoy's Direction 58:25 Ship Out Of Danger 58:40 Previously on Star Trek 1:00:00 The Even Ones 1:00:20 Shatner Directs V 1:01:00 Playing With Tribbles 1:01:54 Picard Season 3 Next Week! 1:02:45 Watch The Ready Room 1:03:16 Stashwick LIVES! -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Check out the Hollywood Food Coalition! Explicit

    Moral of the Story: Raise Your Fucking Shields!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2023 80:26

    Khan is back, and this time revenge is a dish, best served cold. Enterprise is on a training mission, but Kirk takes charge, forgets to raise the shields, even though Saavik reminded him. Put on your monster maroons and get ready to Kobayashi Maru the Wrath of Khan! #StarTrek #Khan #TOS #TWOK #Saavik #Shields #Starfleet #Sex #Genetics #Genesis -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 161 00:30 Admiral Visit 01:20 Kobayashi Maru 01:30 Burnt it down 01:50 Dragged it 02:11 Ran Out of Quarters 02:30 Win by Nudity 03:00 Welcome Aboard Andy Holt! 03:20 Bi-Trek-tual 03:45 Hawkman! 04:00 Record Holder 04:50 Starbase 80! 05:50 Classified Mustard Stains 07:30 Thanks Patreons! 08:25 Old Fat Phlox Season 2? 09:15 Shatner Documentary 09:30 When Enterprise was Cancelled 11:20 Season 3 Picard Trailer Breakdown 12:13 Too Many Numbers? 13:00 InvestiGates: Who Do You Think You Are Podcast - Season 2 coming soon! 15:15 Paramont+ Showtime Upcoming Rebrand 16:04 Dexter is a Killer Show 17:25 Pricey Replica Jacket? 18:50 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 21:08 SPOILER ALERT!!! Spock ummmm....dies 21:27 Ricardo Montalbán 21:40 Enjoying Misogyny 23:33 I Am Not Spock 24:04 Directing Montalbán 24:20 Showing Your Top (Yeah it's real!) 25:00 Recycling Sets, Shots, and Fly-Arounds 26:50 The MUSIC!!! 27:50 Checklist Checked! 28:45 Energizers? 29:25 Three Bridges in One! 30:30 Khan Vs Shatner - Didn't act together 31:20 Khaaaaaaaaan!!!!! 32:10 Buried Alive... 32:45 Chip and Dale 33:10 Son of Khan? 33:40 Worms 34:26 Higher Definition 35:10 Ear Fetish 35:35 Khan Meeting Chekov 36:00 Bathroom Meeting 37:00 Paul Winfield 37:44 When Good Ear Worms Go Bad 38:45 He's Got Worms 40:30 In Russia, Worm Goes Mad 40:40 Lift Me Up 41:30 Second Contact 41:50 How You Miss Ceti Alpha VI? 44:20 Dealing with Death 44:40 Directors Cut Vs Orig 44:48 Turbolift Up the Wrong Shaft 45:45 Scotty Butt-Dials The Bridge 46:18 Preston 47:46 Those Cut Scenes - Scotty's Story 50:00 Saavik's Regulations 50:30 Shields Up! Movie Ends 51:00 Only Ship in the Quadrant 51:40 The Monster Maroons 53:20 Does Not Come With Happy Ending 55:00 Women Pilots 55:30 Supposedly Half Romulan? 58:46 Romulan Ale 59:30 Burial via Torpedo - Fake News? 1:00:00 David Cramped Kirk's Style 1:01:00 Carol Marcus's Leading Style 1:02:04 Flashing Light Thingie 1:02:39 Moral Of The Story: Raise Your Fucking Shields! 1:03:00 Mutara Nebula 1:04:30 Traumatic Ending 1:05:50 Khan, You Bloodsucker! 1:08:15 Buried Alive! 1:09:30 Don't Stun Your Dick 1:11:25 Glass Wall Scene 1:17:10 Next Week: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock -Thanks so much for listening! Check out the Hollywood Food Coalition! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Spread Your Seed

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2023 81:12

    The Enterprise happens upon the Botany Bay. Oops, turning on the lights thaws out Khan, a ruthless man of the 90's, genetically engineered supreme, and hell bent on domination. He has a way with historians, hair styles, and speed-reading tech manuals. Kirk might be in over his head. #StarTrek #SpaceSeed #Khan #TOS #Starfleet #Sex #Genetics -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 160 00:30 Enhancements 01:30 Khan-Ditioned 02:00 Bag of water 02:28 Kill WiFi 03:00 Lights Under Where? 03:05 Toe-Nailed 03:45 Doing Space Seeds 04:00 NO KIDS 04:30 Handling Shit 04:50 Talking Shit 05:25 Getting Shit Done 05:35 Shout-out to Ed! 06:00 TMP like NOMAD? 06:30 Thanks Patreons! 06:54 Correcting Shit 07:10 No Shit 07:20 Annie Wersching RIP 13:15 Screenrant counts number to all of the women Kirk had a relationship with. 14 16:04 Happy Birthday Zephrane Cochrane - AKA James Cromwell (Jan 27) 16:30 Terry Matalas SFX Magazine - 18:11 Shout Out Shuttlepod Show! 19:48 Gates McFadden joins Star Trek Online as Mirror Dr. Beverly Crusher 21:00 EXO-6 The Motion Picture Admiral Kirk 24:20 Swallow My Seed 25:00 Spread Your Seed 25:06 Star Trek TOS: S1E24 Space Seed 26:00 Left your Signal on 26:20 ACTION 27:00 DY-100 27:45 RED ALERT!!! 28:06 Don't Talk To Strangers 28:15 90's Wars 30:22 Transporting Changes 30:52 90's Fashions 32:13 Act I - Atomics, Transistors, and Augments 32:20 McGivers 33:50 Overboard Filters 34:20 Space Seed In Her Eye 35:08 200 Year Old Morning Wood 34:29 How Long? 37:00 Crossroads 37:36 McGiving It To Him 38:50 Act II - Penal Colonies, Infatuation, and Scalpels 41:00 Insufficient Facts Invite Danger 41:30 I'm A Doctor, Not A Snitch 42:30 Wake Up, Do Yoga, Steal Shit 43:00 McCoy: Baddass 44:20 She's A Giver 44:30 Misogyny 46:00 Trauma Bonding 46:45 Khan: Hairdresser 48:30 Dinner 50:00 I Grow Fatigued Again 51:14 Act III - Rulers and Red Shirts 53:11 Life Support Control? 54:19 One Dude Security Team 56:00 What If Klingons? 58:27 Act IV - Decompression Chambers, Knockout Gas, And Ceti Alpha Eels 59:30 Kirk Spreads The Seed! 1:03:20 Shhh! Don't tell them about Chekov! 1:04:00 Cat Version of Space Seed Pg 52-53 1:04:20 Check The Corners 1:06:46 Let Off Light 1:07:47 Second Contact? 1:09:05 Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent -Thanks so much for listening! Check out the Hollywood Food Coalition! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    I Need You, Man!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2023 54:47

    A cloud headed for Earth, and it kicked the Klingon's Ass! Only Enterprise is in range, but the refit is untested. Just beam on over! What could go wrong? McCoy was drafted. Spock is drawn to perfect logic. Kirk takes control from Decker who's ex just shows up. And V'Ger's getting ghosted by the Creator. #StarTrek #StarTrekTMP #TheMotionPicture #V'Ger #TOS #Starfleet #Probe #Sex -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 159 01:05 Ol' Fat Phlox 01:30 Imitation - Best Form of Flattery 02:20 New Office 03:20 Welcome! NO KIDS 03:48 Denobulan Flu 04:04 Greeting with Tongue 04:44 Best in the Fleet! 05:00 You've Seen It Too?! 06:45 Need To Touch The Creator 07:00 Thanks Patreons! 07:30 Ulterior Motives 08:00 Checking Corrections 08:08 Jeri Ryan filming during 2nd season Dark Winds (AMC) 09:16 Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Computer Voices 10:30 Picard Season 3 Trailer - 11:23 What Starship? 12:50 The Motion Picture 13:11 First Star Trek Movie EVER 13:30 At The Theater 14:05 Spock's Hair 14:15 Bones Got The Laughs 14:30 How Long? 14:50 Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director's Cut 16:09 Let's Talk About Sex 16:30 Probing 17:30 Meaning of Life 18:08 Imma Digitize Yo Ass 18:28 Kirk: Supreme Asshole 20:00 Fire Phasers? No! Belay That Order! 21:27 You Saved The Ship 21:39 Goo Goo Eyes 21:50 Deltans Are Freaks! 22:20 They Had To, Because: Horny Nerds 23:03 Persis Khambatta 1948-1988 23:30 You left without saying goodbye 24:30 Get Extra's Cheap 25:10 My Torpedo is Ready 25:58 Kirk was a Dick 26:50 I Need You, Man! 27:30 Kirk, Spock...Bones? 27:47 Romance with Disco Bones 28:30 Another Porn-Stache 29:20 Spock Goes Alone 30:30 I'll Just Go Probe The Probe 31:55 Let's All Go Meet V'Ger! 32:33 Vaseline on the Lens 33:30 The Klingons! 33:40 Balls! 35:10 Star Trek Newspaper Comic Strip? 35:45 Whatever Happened to V'Ger? Q? Sparkle Pony? 36:15 Punch My Buttons! 36:55 Carrier Wave? 37:47 What's The Go Code? 38:00 Before The Internet Times 40:45 They Were So Young! 42:30 Flaccid Three 43:00 You Gotta Go BIG 43:18 Big Starship Porn Sequence 46:30 V'Ger: Badass Screensaver 48:00 Probe no get answer? Blow Up Planet! 48:10 Got My Probes Confused 48:20 Like Nomad? 48:44 Don't Ghost The Probes 51:20 Demon Seed vs Space Seed 51:50 But The Sound Effects! 53:40 Ol' Fat Phlox in 4K?! -Thanks so much for listening! Check out the Hollywood Food Coalition! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    The One With The Whales

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2023 85:24

    We're taking a trip back thru time to The One with The Whales! Grab your used Klingon Bird of Prey, go back to the 80's, find some transparent aluminum, search for the nuclear wessels, that might be in Alameda, flip-off Shatner, pick up some whales, and watch where you're going you dumb-ass! #StarTrek #StarTrekIV #TheVoyageHome #TheOneWithTheWhales #TOS #Starfleet -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 158 00:30 Copies of Ourselves 01:12 It's Medicinal 01:24 From Behind 01:55 I'd Do Me 02:18 Going Robo 02:40 Cylon Mode 03:18 Old Fat Phlox 03:50 Light's On 04:30 Accidental 60's 04:56 NO KIDS 05:00 Too Much LDS 05:30 Mormon? 05:55 Shout Out Utah Views and Opinions Expressed on this show.... 06:20 Swearing DOTs 07:00 We Are Groot 07:50 Special Thanks Section 31! 08:29 Swimming Pole 08:40 Patreons Thank You! 08:52 Going Cylon 10:05 Checking Corrections 10:11 Previously on Starfleet Underground - John Billingsley! 10:30 Swearing DOT 11:00 Old Fat Phlox! 11:40 5 Trek Series At Once - Section 31? 12:30 Star Trek: Day of Blood - 13:38 Come 14:00 Trek Talks 2 - Hollywood Food Coalition Fundraiser HIT OVER $100k! 15:45 Lower Decks Wedding? 16:30 That Bitch Can Sing! 16:50 Syfy Sistas Tribute to Nichelle Nichols and Martin Luther King Jr. 18:00 Scott Bakula 20:17 EXO Spock 23:35 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 23:40 The One With The Whales 24:10 When? Remembering Challenger 25:50 Recap 27:25 HEATHER'S FIRST TIME!!! 28:49 Directed by Leonard Nimoy 29:26 Who's that Commander? 29:48 Go Go! 30:50 First Female Black Captain 31:30 That Vibrating Probe 31:45 WombWombWombWombWombWomb 32:05 Probe Sounds 33:13 Nobody thought...Whale Call? 33:30 Dodo 34:00 ALL of the Weather Channels 34:20 Save the Whales 35:00 Less Violence 35:23 Klingon Bird of Prey - but no fight? 36:45 Double Impact 37:00 Endangered Species Update 37:15 But Those Whales Aren't Real! 38:30 Special Effects 39:00 CetaceanInstitute. 39:30 Nuclear Wessels? 40:00 That SF Cop-Stache 41:00 Let's Time Travel! 41:30 McCoy Trollin' 41:55 Flaccid 42:20 Garbage Men 42:55 Saavik Preggers? 43:50 Son of Spock 44:36 Didn't Pull Out Spot of Spock 44:55 Double Dumb-ass On You 46:10 Kirk Thatcher 48:30 Hello Computer! 49:30 Flipping off Shatner 49:50 How do we know he didn't invent the thing? 50:10 Transparent Aluminum, Now Available 51:10 Hit The Deck! 52:10 I'm Going To Have To Stun You 53:05 Now Would Be A Good Time 54:37 Slappin' 56:05 The Hospital 58:18 Cramps 59:10 How Do You Feel 59:54: F.I.N.E. 1:00:25 Not The Hell Your Whales 1:01:07 I Only Work In Outer-Space 1:01:20 Sucker For Hard-Luck Cases 1:02:00 Pet Peeves 1:03:20 Hop Aboard 1:04:11 So Much Comedy 1:09:00 Casual Wardrobe 1:10:40 Thanks Lana!!! 1:13:40 The Ending 1:14:53 Fucked Up Ending 1:16:02 Punishing Demotion 1:16:45 1701-A 1:17:30 Whale Tik Tok 1:18:27 Wik Wok 1:19:30 Say Hi to Bob Check out the Hollywood Food Coalition! -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Fuck Bunnies of the Galaxy!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2023 86:49

    Trek Talks 2 is less than a week away, and we have special guest John Billingsley to talk about it and the Hollywood Food Coalition. Also, learn about the super awesome Dr. Phlox stories that the makers of #StarTrek Enterprise didn't want you to see! #TREKtalks2 #HollywoodFoodCoalition @HollywoodFoodCo #StarTrek #Starfleet #JohnBillinglsey @JBillingsley60 -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 157 00:30 Are the Tribbles Eating The food coalition food? 00:50 John Billingsley is Here! 01:25 Is This Live? 01:42 Preamble: Fucked Up 02:30 Dr. Phil Phlox 02:50 Cold Case 03:10 Guess the show! 03:30 A Good Actor 03:50 Spicy Marriage 04:10 Rubber Head 04:32 Underpants 04:50 NO KIDS 05:45 Now for the Amble 06:00 Tribbles Eating the Donations? 06:13 The Hollywood Food Coalition 07:10 2 MILLION POUNDS A YEAR! 08:30 How Do You Solve the Problem? 11:28 Brighten The Corner 11:46 TREKTalks2 - Jan 14, 2023 12:31 The SyFy Sistas! 12:53 13:16 Cool Shit 13:30 Spreading The Seed 14:13 Going Back to Francis Perkins 15:14 Solutions For The Future 16:10 Trek Helping Give Back 17:06 Working Together Common Ground 17:55 Bi-Lady 18:20 Evolve and Grow 20:00 Hubs? Hubba Hubba 20:30 Need More 22:10 How To Connect 22:28 Help People Come 23:11 Earnest Check 23:30 Stigma of Help 24:24 Systemic Problems 25:30 School Problems 26:50 Going into Government to Govern? 28:36 Government Bad? 29:45 Jeffries' Speech 31:10 Pyramid of Need 32:30 Dignity of Choice 33:40 Breaking Down Us-Them Barriers 34:07 Through Trek 37:37 Trektavisim 38:50 Grocery Getting 39:20 Expanding Social Networks and Generosity 41:30 Being With People vs Virtual 43:10 The Story of You 47:00 The Study of Acting: Empathy 47:17 Pop Quiz 47:59 Phil Phlox 49:00 Fuck Bunnies of the Galaxy 49:30 Denobulan Freedom 50:00 High Point of the Show 52:00 On a Dying Network 53:18 Break Star Trek and Remake it? 53:30 Early Transporter 54:00 Ass Where His Head Should Be 54:20 Network Show Limits 55:05 The Look of Star Trek 56:05 A Little Too Safe? 57:04 Switching to HD: An Actor's POV 59:10 Risk of Getting in an Actor's Head 1:00:00 Too Many Takes? Kubrick? 1:01:15 Women Talking 1:02:13 Production Industry Dangers...Change? 1:03:00 Actors The #1 Sets the Tone 1:04:39 Great Artists 1:06:14 The Tapeworm Story 1:08:20 Dirty Denobulans 1:09:20 Old Fat Phlox 1:10:50 English Major Check out the Hollywood Food Coalition! -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Jankom's Tool

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2023 74:07

    It's the Season Finale of Star Trek: Prodigy! Is Hologram Janeway is too big for her own isolinear chip? The Protostar goes off with a bang, the kids save the day and make it to Starfleet, but will they become cadets? And whatever happened with that kiss? #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #Protostar #Murf #Janeway #Dal #RokTahk #JankomPog #Zero #Science #Holodeck #Drednok #Diviner #Starfleet -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 156 00:30 Just Download it! 01:18 Just Jack In 01:30 A New Directive 02:11 Data Port 02:40 Need Input 03:50 Happy New Year! 04:50 They Hear Everything 05:30 Just Busy 05:50 Science Dress 06:20 Klingon Glue 06:46 Spliffy 07:20 Multitasking 07:45 Double Donut 08:10 Shout Outs! The Nerd Trek Podcast, and SyFy Sistas 08:50 Gauntlet 09:00 Metallica, Kate Bush...Iron Maiden. Eluveitie 10:30 Thanks Patrons! 11:11 The End of the Internet 11:43 Last Digit of Pi 12:00 NO KIDS 13:20 Picard Season 3 Scene during Ready Room 13:50 Picard Season 3 Villain 15:56 When A Man Loves A Starship 16:30 When A Woman Loves A Starship 16:40 Firefly 18:00 Nichelle Nichols Foundation Launches 19:02 Pop Quiz! What did you study? 22:00 Picarded it 23:20 Leonard Nimoy Memorial Update - 24:53 Vulcan Shocker 25:05 Titan Books Releases New Star Trek Anthology 26:20 Just go to 26:49 Tribbles, Sex Jokes, and Vulcan Shockers 28:30 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E20 - "Supernova Part 2" 28:46 Act I - "Saving Starfleet" 29:30 Someone Has To Thelma And Louise This Bitch 31:25 Light Years vs Miles 32:10 Definitely A Tearjerker 32:28 Hologram Janeway Got Fat? 33:20 Rok-Tahk Saves The Day 33:30 Dal Matures 36:26 Lethargic Phaser Fire 38:30 Shouldn't They Be In An Escape Pod Now? 40:10 Klingon Shields 41:20 Seat Belts? 42:29 Act II - "Great Speeches Is A Job Requirement" 43:40 That Speech! 44:37 Enhanced In Every Way? Look At Him! 45:00 He Got The Klingon Genes! 46:00 Reminded me of that scene...From That Movie...? 48:10 Starfleet's Being A Little Bitch 49:30 Heather's Timeline Notes 50:40 Holo-Janeway Goes Out 51:29 Act III - "Temporal Shenanigans" 53:06 Where are all these Protostars from? 53:30 Command Structure 57:04 The Unifier 57:50 Growth Spurt 59:00 A Look to Season 2 1:01:00 Ray Radbury? 1:05:29 Jankom's Tool -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit


    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2022 69:48

    The Protostar is primary target for all of Starfleet, but they finally send out the hail of doom and all of the starships start firing on each other. Meanwhile, we find out who's Kung Fu is superior, Drednok, or Murf? And Dal sneaks in surprise attack kiss. #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #Protostar #Murf #Janeway #Dal #RokTahk #JankomPog #Zero #Science #Holodeck #Drednok #Diviner -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 155 00:30 Translator Upgrade 01:50 NO KIDS 02:08 First Time Listen 02:50 Thanks Patreons! 03:20 NCC-1701 Rating 03:50 Thanks Section 31 04:18 Sparkles and Rainbows 04:50 Too Many Tribbles 05:11 They don't like it 05:30 Mute Button 06:06 Furball 06:23 Worm Hands 07:20 Winter Wonderland on Deck 3 08:30 Rude Tribbles 08:45 Horny Hungry 09:05 Helpful Correction 11:30 Star Trek's Tribble Language Star Trek Alien Spotlight - Tribbles 13:00 Bonnie Gordon voices Brenari Ensign 13:15 Judy Levitt, wife of Walter Koenig passes away 16:00 Picard Season 3 Producer answers questions - 17:11 Shipload of Ships 19:40 Save the Two Tribbles! 20:15 John Noble on being the Diviner: 22:30 Thaddeus Tuffentsamer 23:44 Hungry Tribbles 24:50 Captain's Computer 25:30 Star Trek Prodigy S1E19 - "Supernova Part 1" 26:48 Surprise Kiss 28:00 Dal's Evolution 29:54 The Kiss - Sexy As Fuck? 30:40 Just Do It 30:56 Janeway in the Brig 31:56 Check Star Trek: Voyager S5:10 -"Counterpoint" 33:00 Jankom's Growth? 33:46 Admiral Jellico 35:15 Section 31 Does a Solid 36:00 Hot-Wire It! 38:00 Playing Dodge-Phaser 38:50 Act II 39:45 Vaporized 40:10 Forgot about the body 40:30 She lit up 40:49 Diviner not all that bad 41:50 Befriend the Big Dudes 42:30 Murf-Fu 42:40 Ninja-Murf 44:12 Dreknok - Can You Hack Him?? 44:41 Robo-Shaming 45:30 Maid Costume Defense 46:20 That Editing! 47:27 Feeling Lana Vibes 47:47 Act III 48:36 And they'll tell two friends... 49:12 Jankom Was The Bottom 49:25 Never Give Up 49:30 Don't Be Defeated By Defeat 50:12 Drednok: Also An Escape Pod 51:14 Redeemable Evil People 51:52 CLIFFHANGERS! 56:53 A Lot of Starship Porn -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Drive-By Raspberry

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    There's an extreme telepathic mind swap. Dal and Janeway switcheroo, and Dal wonders how the heck does she drink this coffee stuff? The Dauntless and The Protostar get so close, their warp bubbles merge, and Murf goes out for a stretch. #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #Protostar #Murf #Janeway #Dal #RokTahk #JankomPog #Zero #Science #Holodeck -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 154 00:30 Switcheroo! 00:40 Why am I black? 01:04 It worked? 01:41 Great Legs! 02:10 Is That Spock? 02:30 Back again! 02:45 Better Ass 03:00 Swap Party 03:19 Swingers Party? 04:04 Too Busy 04:20 NO KIDS! 04:30 Tribble Drop In 04:55 TGIF 05:49 Thanks Section 31 and our Patreons! 07:00 So Many Settings! 09:00 Celebrate 30th Anniversary Star Trek: Deep Space Nine! New Comic Book is coming out called “The Dog of War” 10:30 March 21, 2023 Strange New Blu Ray? 10:38 Anson Mount Interview 11:25 Done with the Gorn? 12:23 Open Pike Night Podcast - there's a Night in there. 13:18 Patrick Stewart on TikTok! 15:45 Cross Reference Mistletoe 17:20 It Was Aliens 18:00 19:40 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E18 - "Mindwalk" 19:50 Act I - "The Star Trek Swap" 21:40 Where's Jodi? 23:00 What section? 23:20 Latching Warp Bubbles 23:33 Phased Tachyon Pulse 24:30 Meditative State 25:30 Drive-By Raspberry 26:00 Freaky Star Trek Fridays 28:12 Pinch Myself 28:45 Good Voice Acting! 28:57 Sus Janeway 31:00 Act II - "Let's Play A Game" 32:20 It Was The Coffee Test!!! 34:14 Janeway and Janeway 34:57 Make Something Great Out of That Mess 36:00 Murf on the Console again 36:30 Star Trek: Walking On The Hull 39:07 Act III - "The Switch" 40:30 Way to Make Friends 40:45 Elasto-Murf! 42:00 Janeway Returns...To The Brig 43:00 Ascencia and Drednok 43:10 When in Doubt...Airlock 44:24 Don't Be A Nice Guy 45:00 Someone Try To Kill You? Kill'em Right Back 46:44 Um, Admiral's On The Hull 47:30 Sister? 48:00 Play With All The Toys 52:30 Starfleet Street Party 56:15 STLV - -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Hug'em to DEATH!

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    A Stuck In The Holodeck Episode! Everyone's program mashes up! Zero is in Clue. Jankom Pog, Street Fighter. Rok-Tahk is a vet to the cutest pokemon, Dal's a Pirate, and Murf is a singing dancing machine! Hologram Janeway is Hal9000. And where's the safety protocols's? #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #Protostar #Murf #Janeway #Dal #RokTahk #JankomPog #Zero #Science #Holodeck -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 153 00:30 Heather's Holodeck Program 01:00 Pronoun Preference 01:30 More Dessert 02:00 Apple Pie 02:15 Beefcakes 02:25 Patrick's Holodeck Program 02:40 Vulcan Shocker 03:00 Men Vs. Women 03:20 Equal Opportunities 03:30 Rocky's Holodeck Program 03:50 Explaining Heather's Tits. BTW THIS SHOW NOT FOR KIDS 04:50 Who Are You? 06:10 Shout Out Jeff from Nerd Trek Podcast 06:50 Can we do Spaceballs? 07:51 Alternating Current 08:15 -Censored by Section 31- 08:50 Furry Ensigns 10:03 Mr. Whitaker 10:50 Communicating 11:30 Answering Email 11:55 Season 3 Spoiler. 12:39 Picard Season 3 Images and Feb. 16th Debut 13:30 New Products from Star Trek Unlimited 15:28 Special Blend 16:15 Paramount+ Now Available in some European Countries: 17:24 A Train Wreck of Mispronunciations 17:48 Thank You Lana! 18:30 Final Boarding Call video 18:50 Celine Dion Update (WTF?) 21:30 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E17 - "Ghost In The Machine" 21:40 Act I 23:40 PILE IT ON!!! 25:21 Sucking Whipped Cream 26:02 Sprinkles Are For Winners 26:15 Where Are the Easter Eggs? 27:10 Pog Street Fighter 27:25 Totally A Clue Escape Room 27:47 Pokemon Glittersmooch 28:00 Veterinarian with cute animals 28:20 Un-Cute Animals 30:00 Don't Shout Out Your Password 31:31 Act II 31:51 The Missing Key 32:39 Murf - Singing and Dancing 32:50 Mr. Murf No Shoes 33:06 How Did Murf Program the Holodeck? 33:43 Dick Fontaine? 34:00 Don't Piss Off Vic, You'll Get The Dick 35:30 Meowolf 36:49 Act III 37:37 The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play 38:00 Who's In Control of The Dauntless? 38:46 Hologram Janeway Torments 39:15 Just a Babysitter? 40:50 Beginning vs Ending 41:10 Morse Code 43:00 Off Topic with current events that already happened 43:50 Dal is Jack Sparrow? 44:20 Hug'em to DEATH! 44:50 I Wanna See That Plush Octopus 46:30 Thank You Section 31! 49:28 A Mystery Is A Feet 50:20 First Season Trek 53:30 Master And Dom -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Jankom Pog Can Fix It!

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    We're finally back after that wrong turn at the wormhole. Rok-Tahk Dominates the WWE, Zero finds out what's in the box, Oops, Jankom Pog can fix it, and the Diviner reunites with the Vindicator, right in front of Janeway. #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #Protostar #Murf #Janeway #Dal #RokTahk #JankomPog #Zero #Science #Vindicator -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 152 00:30 It's Not My Fault! 00:56 Engaged-Into a Wormhole 01:45 No U Turn 02:44 Slow Way 02:53 Blueberry Sphincter Hole 03:20 LA Comic Con 04:45 Archer's Dog? 05:31 Warrior Dogs 05:39 Mirror Universe Porthos 06:10 You may have met me... 06:30 Removing Scratches on a Starship 07:52 Shout-out to the Syfy Sistas podcast! 08:50 What Kind of Sandwich? 09:28 NO KIDS! 09:50 Thanks Patreons! 10:04 Hit Our Merch Store! 10:50 Thanks ALL of you fans! 11:40 Lower Decks Nominated for Critic's Choice Award 13:10 Kirstie Alley Passes Away RIP. She was 71. 17:42 Shuttlepod Show is back on YouTube - 18:10 YouTube Clip - Remember Geoff Peterson from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson? - Josh Robert Thompson voiced Geoff and has merch that benefits the Grant Imahara Foundation 21:30 EXO-6 Sisko No Regrets Figure 24:17 Star Trek Prodigy - S1E16: "Prelude" 24:27 Act I - "Prelude to Quaaludes" 26:47 Rok-Monster! 28:45 Show Business? 30:00 It Helps To Talk About It 31:17 Zero Needed a Hand Job 31:40 Glow Party 31:53 Then The Fucking Kazon 32:50 Cool Looking Box 34:00 Medusan in a box? Not a great gift 34:30 Don't Put Phlox in a Box! 35:55 Act II - "Actions Have Consequences" 38:08 Progeny vs Prodigy vs The Prodigy 39:15 When is Chakotay? 40:00 Hoo-Ha 40:38 The Vindicator's Hoo-Ha 41:36 Phasers Ineffective 42:30 Hurt his Hee-Haw? 43:47 She Met A Boy 44:50 Act III - "Don't Forget About Placing A Sock On The Door" 47:39 Jankom Pog Can Fix It! 49:10 Oops! 49:45 Janeway Makes Security Google 51:35 Who's Mollie? -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit


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    Watch out for that coffee table, it might be a robot in disguise! Okona and the kids go where science is science-y, Dal gets an upgrade, but shoots blue goo. The Tal Shiar get a dose of Murfball, and Rok Tahk learns that science rules, but it should have rules. #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #Protostar #Murf #Janeway #Dal #RokTahk #JankomPog #Zero #Science #Goo #Romulans -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 151 00:30 Don't Sit On Me! 01:00 The Swiss Army Upgrade 01:20 RoDOT In Disguise 01:35 Not The Off-Brand! 02:00 Attachments 02:28 Aqua Teen Hunger Force 02:55 DOTS are Real! 03:28 Corkscrew! 03:40 Don't Cork That! 04:00 NO KIDS 04:40 You Mean Me? 05:00 Artemis Rocket Launch Revenge Porn Ban? 05:30 Elon's Smooth Takeover 07:00 No Corrections 08:00 Cheeks Hurt 08:30 PaDD 09:00 Simple Tools 10:30 The Bad Enterprise 10:45 Thanks Patreons! 10:50 Visit our ship's Gift Shop and Get some MERCH - 11:20 Order of Operations much? 12:24 Disco Season 5 Production Wrapped 13:53 Black Friday Sales with Paramount+ 14:20 Amazon Trek Movie Deals too 14:30 Also deals at Entertainment Earth 15:55 Brown Starfish Savings 16:35 Star Trek Romulan Ales 17:50 Happy Birthday Dwight Schultz aka Reg Barclay! 18:06 RIP John Aniston 20:22 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E15 - "Masquerade" 20:28 Act I 22:00 MURF BALL 23:30 Dal's Symbols 23:46 He Had a Lot In Him 24:30 He Was a Mashup 24:40 A Soong'er 25:30 Happiness Comes from Within 25:35 Paying for Genetic Manipulation 27:00 Too Good To Be True 29:00 Airlock Day Dream 30:15 I Can Make You Better 30:40 Created by a Soong 31:20 Science vs Starfleet Science 32:28 Act II 33:15 Console Lockout 33:40 Dal Goes Dahj 34:15 Space Elevator? We've Got Anti-Grav Suits 34:38 All Admirals Are Assholes 35:46 Tuvix? 36:20 RokTahk Rocks! 36:55 Okona's Story 37:50 Dal Still A Dick 38:20 How To Steal an Engineer 39:00 Space Puppies! 39:40 Act III 40:20 She Was A Plant! 41:22 Transformer Drednok 41:40 Coffee Tables in Disguise 42:22 Murf Attack! 42:49 The Blue Goo 43:00 Tingles 43:20 Murf Back in the Ball 43:55 Lighting Hits 44:15 Rok Tahk a McGuffin? 48:28 Science Rules and Science Needs Rules 45:30 Imperfections: What Makes Us Who We Are 46:50 Rok Tahk's First Science Log 47:30 Space Elevator Flaws 48:18 Going Down, While Going Down 49:40 Memory Alpha what? -Thanks so much for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Hold On To Your Butts!

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    Hold on to your butts, it's a Fast and Furious Pod Race on a world with Mind Readers, Starfleet, and some Savage Kids! Jankom's a Speed Freak, Dal goes face to face with Janeway, and Rok-Tahk's the only sensible one around. Plus, there is a Meta-Murf-osiss! #StarTrek #Prodigy #Protostar #Murf #Janeway #Dal #Rok-Tahk #JankomPog -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 150 00:30 Budding DOT Pop 01:30 Not Real 01:50 Chia Tribble 01:55 See The Candy First! 02:30 NO KIDS 03:30 Bio Lab Thefts 03:45 Smoke The Plants 04:00 What's his Name? 04:30 Damn Starbase 80! 05:45 Covid Cocoon 06:40 HPPA and Captains 07:30 Heat Exchanger 08:10 Yeah Team Artemis! 08:50 Moon Base Me! 09:20 For All Mankind and Space 99 09:35 Pluto Update 09:50 Happy B-Day Heather! 11:00 Popping Out 11:20 No Corrections 11:50 Thank You Patreons! (and 31) 12:10 MERCH - 13:19 150! 13:30 To Absent Friends 15:24 NEWS: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds crossover with the animated series, Star Trek: Lower Decks, will be a comedy. Thanks for listening! 16:00 #Spoimler! 16:16 Mission: Seattle CANCELLED :-( 19:12 Here goes our Chipotle sponsorship! 20:12 Pancreatic Cancer Awareness 21:04 For more info: 23:57 Star Trek Comic Book Sold for $$$ 26:00 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E14 - "Crossroads" 26:12 Act I - "It's a Small Universe" 27:27 Nice Guy, but John Noble's Voice... 28:00 Who's Your Daughter? 28:43 Murf Cute as luggage 29:30 Serial Killer? 29:50 Okana 30:44 Eye-patch - Just for looks? 31:00 Star Trek's Han Solo 31:45 Do not adjust your time crystals...That just happened! 32:30 Fuck Warp Four! 33:07 On Ice 33:30 The Xindi 34:20 Rok-Tahk: Meterologist/Weathergirl 35:17 Act II -"Anti-Heros" 36:22 Backseat of Their Pod 43:50 Fast and Furious 37:05 Hold On To Your Butts! 37:30 "They Could Be Nice Guys!" 37:54 Janeway Obsessed 38:40 Meddling Children 38:50 They're Savages! 38 45 Rok-Tahk Always On Point! 41:55 Meeting Actual Janeway 43:30 In Starfleet: You Make It So 45:21 Act III - "Catch Me If You Can" 45:30 Welcome to Warp 9.97 47:28 Oh MY! 48:10 Murf Meta-murfs! 48:35 Launch Torpedoes with Your Butt 50:16 Janeway vs Romulans 51:10 Don't Threaten Janeway 51:30 Fuck Around and Find Out Zone 57:49 Nicolas Cage Wants Cake 57:55 Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Live Logs and Proper

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    A Galileo shuttle has crashed on a planet full of people who love to cosplay. The Protostar detects a distress signal that brings the kids to the planet where Starflight inhabitants Live Log and Proper. Is that a typo? Nope! #StarTrek #Prodigy #Protostar -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 149 00:30 Not a Kink Date 00:50 Cocooned 01:10 Daniel Craig! 01:20 Wings 01:40 Sending Seniors 02:00 Big HERO 02:40 Welcome to the Show! 02:55 NO KIDS 03:20 #1's Away 04:20 Captain's doing the recap AGAIN 04:45 Thanks Patreons! Get some MERCH - 05:00 Analytics: WE SEE YOU SEEING US! 05:30 Analytics: WE KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE TO CLICK! ;-) 06:09 Spock's Shocker 06:30 (you mean hairy?) 07:00 Film VS Video 07:30 The Science Guy? 07:40 It was Almost Live 08:15 Checking Corrections 08:46 Trek Twitter Evacuation? And Mastodon? 18:10 Stop Talking About This! 19:05 Tucker Bashing 20:00 News! Shuttlepod Show Returns November 27! 20:40 Star Trek Shopping at Macy's! 21:21 Trek Movie interview with Prodigy Writer Aaron Waltke 22:00 Nichelle Nichols' Dress - 23:58 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E13 "All The World's A Stage" 24:30 Act I - Manhunt? Shouldn't it be called a Personhunt? 25:18 Dal's come a long way! 25:25 Murf Ate Something Bad 26:40 Pog Gets Stunned 26:50 Cosplayers! 27:21 WTF is Starflight? 27:43 Live Logs and Proper 28:30 Re-Enactment Time! 30:30 Shakespeare! 31:00 Garrovick's story 32:10 Galileo On My Christmas Tree 32:30 Cue the Sick Girl 34:40 Act II 35:30 Curses Aren't Real 35:50 Boundaries! 36:44 Starflight Is About Exploring 37:25 Do You Believe? 38:20 Never Fear The Truth 39:30 It's The Galileo! 40:40 Let The Cosplayers Fly The Ship! 41:20 Custom Bridge Interface 43:00 I Know Unix! 43:50 Hope, When I Lost All Hope 44:44 New Play! 45:15 Cosplaying Heart's In The Right Place 45:45 Star Trek Conventions and Cosplay 52:41 What's going on with Murf? 1:04:15 Cosplayers Make A Difference Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Zombie Zero

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    There's an evil red construct on a sub-deck of the Protostar! Maybe the Borg know what to do with it? But can the kids negotiate that kind of help without getting assimilated on some sleepy Borg ship? Or will the lack of proper hand-rails kill them first? #StarTrek #Prodigy #Protostar #Borg #Assimilation -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 148 00:30 Borg Finds 00:48 Borg Dildo? 01:07 Good Vibes 01:30 Tucker Molester 01:55 Get Permission 02:20 Drones Don't Speak? 02:50 Trying to Assimilate 03:35 Do Stupid Shit, Win Stupid Prizes 03:50 Do It Live 04:10 NO KIDS 04:30 Left behind in Borg Cosplay 06:00 Genders? 06:50 Different Kinks 07:15 Don't Mess with Texas Class 07:30 Snowballs 08:30 Tribble Telephone 09:00 Emissaries? 09:30 Snowballing 10:25 Thanks Patreons! And get some MERCH! - 11:25 SPOILER! Prodigy Crew responsible for Picard Season 1? Maybe... 12:51 PlutoTV adds 2nd Star Trek Channel! 14:41 Admiral Janeway on Instagram! @startreklogs 15:22 Movie Update: 16:34 Happy Birthday Uncle Diego! 16:50 The Princess Bride's Diaries 18:00 Brian Fuller PRIDE in Star Trek - 18:55 Resisting An Orgasm Is Futile 20:30 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E12 - "Let Sleeping Borg Lie" 22:13 Is It Evil? 22:30 Matrix's Outta The Way 24:00 Holographic Replay 24:08 Murf has a Murf-ball? 24:23 Third-Person Mode 26:22 Jankom Pog Scared or...? 26:56 No Turbolifts?! 27:11 No Fucking Hand-Rails! 29:18 Janeway having TEA?!?! 30:20 Act Harmless 30:30 Jankom Foot Fetish 31:20 I Can Jack In 31:57 Rok-Tahk's Quick for a Rock 32:58 Zero Borg? No Borg? Null Borg? 33:20 Horta Defense: No Kill I 33:44 Assimilating a Non-Corporal? 35:15 Using Logical Assimilation 35:35 Using a Medusan 36:09 Zombie Zero 36:20 Going Against The Borg 37:15 Borg Success 37:35 Too Stupid To Assimilate 38:05 Blue Wave 38:40 Dal Wow 39:10 A More Powerful Collective 39:40 Staying Ahead of The Borg 40:20 Gwyn's Father Waking up to Janeway 40:54 Where is Chakotay? 42:31 Coming For You 43:30 Saving Daylight Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Shaxs Ejaculates... the Core

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    Watch out for the AI! The Cerritos battles an AI powered ship in a race to stay employed. Plus, Star Trek: Prodigy is back! Dal and crew are doing good deeds, but we find out the Protostar is a weapon when it hooks up with a comm relay station. -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 147 00:30 Cute Cousin 00:56 Don't Remove the Hot Dog Filter 01:15 Catching Hot Dogs 01:59 Oscar 02:28 Thanks Patreons! Patreon - 02:40 NO KIDS! 03:18 Delta Don't 03:30 Get some MERCH - 04:33 Tribbles and Hot Dogs 06:10 Shout Out: @Science_Division on Instagram 07:48 Bob Picard: Wedding Official 10:10 Double coming up 10:29 Star Trek Birthdays! 12:45 Love a good manual 13:50 Strange New Worlds wins the Saturn Awards! 16:31 Star Trek Movies Location Update: 20:30 Star Trek: Lower Decks S3E10 - "The Stars At Night" 21:10 It's Admiral Buena-FUCKYOU 21:30 Swing-By a Waste of time? 22:00 Buenamigo's Idea the Whole Time! 22:45 Decision based on Media Coverage? 23:20 All of the Cali-Class? 23:25 Sheer Fucking Hubris 23:45 Act I 25:30 Loose Lips Sink Ships 26:30 I wanna see the starship! 27:00 Admiral Douche Bag 27:45 Indiana Mariner 28:30 Last Second Beam-out 29:00 Sensitive Shaxs 30:30 Story: Moving Sand 31:40 Riker Maneuver 32:50 Galaxy Class Engineering 33:32 Not LV-426 34:20 Taking some Qualar 35:13 Referencing Brigadoon from Ockmenic 9 36:35 Act II 39:00 You Should Listen to Shaxs! 41:30 Going Autonomous 42:54 If your Roomba Turns Red, Shoot It! 43:20 Burn Your Heart In A Fire Code 43:45 Safeguarded Against Paradoxes 44:28 Starbase Defenseless 44:58 Shaxs Ejeculates The Core 45:25 USS Van Citters 46:30 Act III 47:30 BADGEY! 48:40 ALL the Cali-Class 50:00 The Return of T'Lyn 50:20 Jennifer Thrown Shade 52:00 Star Trek: Prodigy S1E11 - "Asylum" 52:18 Act I - "Fuck Paperwork. You're None of the Above" 53:50 What's Dal? 54:20 He Was Jerking off? 55:10 Dal's come a long way 55:44 Murf! Mellanoid Slime Worm 57:00 There Be Whales! 57:40 We're kind of like heroes 58:07 The Final Frontier! 59:07 Act II - "It's Sabotage!" 1:00:47 Attacked by Hot Dogs 1:01:04 Trojans 1:10:44 Dick Move 1:02:08 Turning Red 1:03:00 Heavily Armed Comm Station? 1:04:22 Chakotay using Cheap Picard Wine? 1:06:00 Chakotay's Illustration Sucked? 1:07:09 Leap of Faith 1:08:30 Act III - "The Jason Vibes" 1:09:20 Rok-Tahk's Actual Math @Tanja_Eder on Twitter 1:10:25 Orbital Periods Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    STUN ME!

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    It's Time for Operation Swing By! The Cerritos Second Contact with a Planet last visited by Picard 17 years ago. Left addicted to drugs, what could possibly go wrong? Also an appearance by the Breen, An FNN reporter on the scene, and the pie eating contest is cancelled. Don't even mention Starbase 80! #StarTrek #LowerDecks #Cerritos #Pie -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 146 00:30 Mouth-less Pie Eating 03:30 NO KIDS 05:54 The Duras Sisters Podcast - 06:20 Trekperts Quiz Podcast - 06:40 Pumpkin Spice Raktajino 07:00 Now with less insect parts! 07:30 Breakfast 07:47 BooBerry 08:30 Pop Quiz! 10:27 Thanks Patreons! 11:53 News: 9 Underrated Spooky Star Trek Episodes - 13:43 New Character for Star Trek: Prodigy 14:26 Update on Rapp vs Spacey 16:53 Anson Mount's MK Ultra movie A new psychological thriller and SNW Season 2 - 19:30 Star Trek Receives Outfest Legacy Vision Award - 21:09 Star Trek: Lower Decks S3E9 - "Trusted Sources" 21:21 Teaser - "I Spy With My Little Eye..." 21:49 CLEAN EVERYTHING! 23:15 Field Day 25:22 Ditch The Pomp 26:30 Remember The Onarans? 26:25 Which Shuttle was that? 27:38 Act I - "Well, This Didn't Go As Expected" 29:10 Addicted to Fitness 31:30 Foursquare 32:50 Falling for Landru again? 34:47 Aren't you sleeping now? 35:01 Plastic on the sofa? 35:45 Rutherford Tears Off His Shirt - STUN ME! 36:20 Pie Withdrawals 37:00 Do a 10K 38:40 14 years? 38:46 Act II - "Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow" 40:33 Friends 41:15 That's where my Sammich was! 42:45 Act III - "Freeman's Friday The 13th" 44:22 Command Chair Call Home 45:22 The Fuckin' Breen 46:20 A Frame of Mind Situation? 46:46 Neural Drain? 47:22 FNN News: Starfleet Shame 48:10 Fucking Not Nice 49:10 She Has Mummy Issues? 50:35 That Texas Class 51:46 Hit It With The Broom - I Did That - It Didn't Care! 51:40 A Rolodex? 53:56 It's NEVER DUCK! Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Horsey's Going to Bite You Now

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2022 71:38

    It's the sequel to Crisis Point! Boot up your holodeck, grab your gravcycle and get ready for the switcheroo, a nibbling horsey, and Knicknac. Mariner wants action and adventure, but Boimler is searching for something more. Tendi takes captain-hood seriously, while Rutherford has the Munchies. #StarTrek #LowerDecks #Cerritos #CrisisPoint #horsey -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 145 00:30 Best Holodeck Program Contest 01:01 Gay, Me, Hellraiser 01:20 Correct Cooking 02:00 Tribbles Know Food 03:29 Racing to Passed Concert Greats 07:30 NO KIDS 08:00 Tempting Program 09:00 Holodeck Program -LINK HERE- version 7.0 and up 09:50 Introductions! 10:50 Shout out to the Duras Sisters Podcast - 11:50 Jellico to be in Star Trek Prodigy 12:00 Shout out to the Open Pike Podcast 12:54 The Andorian Memeing Consortium 13:29 Thank You Section 31, And Our Patreons 13:13 Get some MERCH - 14:50 Bless You 15:58 Season 5 of Discovery 17:50 Trek Dating? -Read the disclaimer at the bottom! 19:30 That's not a Klingon - It's a Cosplayer! 20:30 Star Trek: Prodigy returns: October 27th! 21:20 NYCC Star Trek Panels - Discovery - Picard - Prodigy - Kate Mulgrew Interview 23:50 Shatner's New Book - 29:00 Time Crystal Coffee attack 29:40 Star Trek: Lower Decks S3E8 - "Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus" 29:44 Teaser 30:18 That sounded like a Porn Name: Bucephalus Dagger 30:30 Barclay would do that 30:57 Romulan Triplets 31:40 Lean against the Warp Core? 2nd time 32:40 Bigger than some of the movies? 33:15 Act I 34:30 Tendi's Action 34:50 Tatasciore IX 35:00 Chronos Trigger? 35:00 Love Interest 35:45 It was Regula 1 from Wrath of Khan! 36:00 These Graphics Are Amazing! 36:50 Fart Sound 37:05 Alternate Cinematic Timeline congruent to our own but with younger actors 38:00 Needed more lens flares 38:30 Assassinate Kennedy? That's crazy 39:20 We Love Tendi 39:50 Let Minooki Guide You 40:20 The Koala Smiles Upon Us All 40:50 Act II 42:30 OK, Knap Sack 43:16 How'd you come up with Knicknac? 43:50 The Koala's a Big Deal 44:20 20th Century Earth Smells 45:00 Freak Accident 45:45 Don't ya Know a Jail Break when ya see one? 46:10 The Kirk Thing 46:20 What? I Got Chips. 47:30 The history of 2341 48:00 2340 Horndogs 48:20 Street Punks 48:30 We don't want any...WITNESSES! 49:00 The Pants Don't Fit! 50:30 Act III 52:29 Cliffhanger 53:17 Secret Badge 54:00 Horsey's Going to Bite You Now 54:54 Just another Defiant-Class Ship 55:55 The history of 2161 57:15 Regular Name Plate 57:30 Cheap Quote Generator 58:30 The Time-Loop Switcheroo 59:30 Dehydration is Real 1:00:40 Brad 1:01:10 Sulu! 1:01:50 Sulu bought his house out of spite? 1:02:15 Don't Tell Shatner! 1:03:00 Super Hot Doc...Ignored 1:03:30 Dye Job 1:04:00 Double Dye Job 1:06:10 The Sulu Factor Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit


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    Peanut Hamper Returns! Castaway, running from the Drookmani, the Exocomp finds her way to a new primitive planet, new people, new love, and new betrayal! It's a new way of life but is it the same old Peanut Hamper? #StarTrek #LowerDecks #PeanutHamper #Cerritos -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 144 00:30 Mathematical Perfection 03:20 Layin' Cable 04:20 Welcome to the show 05:10 Wearing Hats 05:30 I want a Murf Plushy! 06:32 Thanks Patreons! Join'em 06:45 Get some MERCH - 07:10 NO KIDS! 07:40 Corrections 08:13 Did Terry Matalas give us a huge spoiler for season 3 of Picard? 11:20 Note - Kris Kross did Jump. House of Pain did Jump Around. Van Halen's Jump thrown in for good measure. 11:34 Shatner's new book, and devastation over Nimoy 18:00 Strange New Worlds Audio Description nominated for People's Choice Award 20:00 Gates McFadden's Investigates Podcast will have 2nd season 22:50 NYCC Exclusive Picard Figure 25:30 Star Trek: Lower Decks S3E7 - "A Mathematically Perfect Redemption" 25:50 Teaser: Previously 27:50 A Perfect Karen Peanut Hamper 29:00 They wanted me to do that?! 29:50 Other Exocomps 30:48 The Trump of Exocomps 31:14 Act I - "Castaway" 32:00 Let me scrape that off your chest 32:10 Rawdog 32:30 Skysnake 32:50 Double Entendres 33:50 Rubjob 34:35 Floating Swiss-Army Knife 35:20 Begin Driving 36:07 Fuck, Indeed 37:00 They're not backwards? 38:20 Act II - Master Manipulator 38:50 The Drew, Cum On Me? 40:10 Oh yeah, they're going there! 40:40 Seducing Rawdog 41:41 Damning Voicemail 41:50 Karen Calls The Cops 42:20 If You Come First, You win 43:40 He's a Crier 44:15 Lower Shelf 45:00 Peanut Hamper's Long Game 46:18 Exocunt 46:30 Dabo Girl 46:58 Act III - HAL 9000 Con 47:30 Sing For Me! 48:45 Computer Breakout? 49:10 AGIMUS's New Friend 50:30 Returning Voices 52:10 Sexual Health 54:30 Exocomp: Adapter for Everything Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon - Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Explicit

    Kiss & Stun

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    Boimler gets lucky, Tendi and Rutherford swash-buckle, and Mariner is stunning as she meets Jennifer's friends. The Cerritos visits Deep Space Nine! Shaxs and Kira catch up, and Quark is up to his usual tricks with the brand new Quark2000 Replicator -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 143 00:30 Cool Candle 01:00 Trap Door 02:10 Smooth 02:20 We're On! 02:50 Bouncy 03:45 Finish the Sleepover 04:00 No Hands 04:18 How Donuts Get Made 06:00 Intro to the Crew 08:30 Thanks Patreons! 09:47 Anthony Rapp's longtime guitarist passed away ttps:// 10:20 We Are Family 10:50 Rape? 11:53 Corrections 12:30 News - Mortal Combat version? 13:16 Replicate Yourself! 13:56 Picard Season 2 out on Blu-Ray, DVD, Steelbook. And Giveaway! 14:43 Landing? Paramount Plus removes Star Trek Movies in the US!? 18:20 Star Trek 4? Off the Calendar? 20:00 IDW gets a Grudge? 21:23 Star Trek: Lower Decks S3E6 - "Hear All, Trust Nothing" 22:00 Good Friend 22:40 Admire the Pylons 24:25 Goodwill Gifts 24:54 Rule of Acquisition #190 25:40 The Karemma 26:13 Tacky Cardassian Fascist Eyesore 26:55 Jennifer and Mariner 27:19 Act I 27:26 Say Her Name! 30:30 It's DS9! I would be Rutherford 31:13 Quark Selfies and Morn! 32:10 DS9 Tributes 33:20 Orion Dude 33:40 Bold Boimler Dabo 34:00 Mariner and Jennifer's Friends 34:20 Boimler's Sexy Purple Hair 35:00 Shaxs and Kira - One Uppers 35:50 The Quark 2000 36:36 The Warp Core Breach at Quarks 38:24 Orion Multi-Key 38:40 Boimler Cheating at Dabo? 38:50 Heather Rants! Patrick Snores 40:00 Dabo! 41:11 Mesk Annoying Tendi 41:46 Hi Jennifer! 42:42 Act II 44:10 Quark being Obvious 44:40 Lights go out, Boimler still winning! 45:00 Shaxs one-ups Kira 45:20 Good thing they had those candles 45:45 How many candle songs can you sing at once? 46:00 Just be a bitch! Thank You Babe 46:30 Everybody Run 47:40 Orion Incel 48:45 Pizza Delivery 49:18 Flap is Back 49:30 It was a dark and stormy 57163.3 49:50 The Kobayashi Purple 50:50 OMG Becky 51:00 Act III 53:00 It was a Latinum Tooth 53:20 Tendi is Hot! 54:20 People who know, don't brag 54:55 We don't use money anyway 55:30 Now you owe me one 55:45 Chewing on the data 56:00 Mariner served on DS9 57:00 She's looking at us! 57:30 Lower Decks is Great! 57:55 "Phaser All Your Friends" on Bingo Card 58:20 Mesk like Worf? 59:00 Kiss and Stun 59:10 Selfie Stun! 59:40 Smokey Vagina 1:00:50 This is a 10 1:02:20 The Full Tendi 1:04:40 Our Merch store - Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon: Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #Cerritos #LowerDecks #DS9 Explicit

    The Boimler Meltdown

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    Rutherford's cyborg implant flips out and restores an old backup that turns his eye red, his attitude bad, and his mind to teenager. He faces an internal struggle and races for self-control. Mariner and Boimler are stuck on a planet doing recruitment duty, manning the Starfleet booth and trying to not kill the potential recruits. -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 142 00:30 Teenage selves 02:00 Flashy Reset 02:45 Back! 03:30 Teenage Dreams 04:43 NO KIDS! 05:30 Experimental 05:50 Unicorn with Balls 06:15 Thank You Patreons! Join them! 07:05 Check Out Our Merch! 08:20 You have something on your... 09:20 What happens on the Holodeck... 10:00 Stop with the Machines 11:30 Maybe talk Star Trek? 13:29 Calling Out 14:00 A Door 15:22 Crossover Confirmed - Tawny Newsome on The Ready Room 17:30 No One should be in a Closet 18:12 Booba Fett? 19:30 Louise Fletcher, Kai Winn from Deep Space 9, passed away at the age of 88. 23:46 Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 coming to DVD/BluRay - 25:35 IDW Announces a New Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Comic Tie-In 26:30 Jail-Break Her 28:20 Star Trek: Lower Decks S3E5 "Reflections" 28:46 Teaser - "Nightmare On Cerritos Street" 29:20 DROP THE TOWEL! 30:30 Work Dream 30:50 Engineer Dream 31:10 Nothing Goes Right, Everything Explodes 31:31 Act I - "Thru The Looking Glass" 33:30 Moments of Okely Dokely 33:40 Trill Spots 34:00 Rutherford - The Bad Boy 35:00 Baby Bear 35:50 Threatened with Starbase 80 37:44 Petra the Archeologist 38:40 So Many References 40:00 Tendi was Recruited 40:40 Pirate Booty 41:30 Anaphasic? 42:09 Red Cyborg Eye 42:50 Fire Trap 43:14 Tendi's Flower 43:50 Big Glass Condom 44:18 Act II - "Pears Are Evil" 46:18 Boimler Lost It 47:10 Right About Butt Bugs 48:30 Boimler Triggered 50:22 Sneaky Archeologist 51:26 The Race 52:20 The Sampaguita 53:26 The Delta Flyer 54:47 Act III - "Boimler Fails Upward" 56:30 Why We Talking About Butt Bugs? 57:50 Rutherford has Matured 58:30 Remember! 59:00 Section 31? 59:50 Authentic Rutherford 1:01:00 Compartmentalized vs ourselves 1:01:46 Pears Are Evil 1:01:49 Not As Evil As NyQuil Chicken 1:02:59 17 Times, Motherfucker! 1:03:44 Shax and T'Ana 1:05:30 You Should Follow Jörg Hillebrand on Twitter: @gaghyogi49 1:08:00 Really 1:13:00 Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon: Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #Cerritos #LowerDecks Explicit

    Make the Hostages Watch

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    Minooki, the mask god, makes an appearance, the Engineering Crew is forced to relax. But they engineer their way around that and drive Captain Freeman crazy. Mariner, Boimler, and Tendi, race Delta Shift for new quarters on Deck 1. T'Ana and Shax are in the Holodeck, doing what you do in the Holodeck. Ransom collects Churros. -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 141 00:30 Masked 00:59 Pricked 01:10 Roses 01:16 Dicked 01:30 Pussy Willows 01:50 DOT saves the day! 02:10 Third Time This Week 02:20 Halloween! 02:45 Quarters Done 02:50 Jungle Feel 03:12 NO KIDS 03:26 Masks On, Pants Off! 04:00 Tarzan Vibe 04:20 Gone Swinging 05:00 Have You Seen ? 08:00 Dark side of the moon? $50K! 08:27 We do have Patreon: 09:11 Tribble Truth 10:28 Whipped 10:47 Thank You Section 31! 11:50 Wil Wheaton joins the Star Trek Mirror Universe as Terran Emperor Wesley Crusher in Star Trek Online: Ascension. 13:40 Michelle Hurd oh her stunt work. 15:11 Paramount+ Launches in Italy ttps:// 15:30 Free Replicator and Wine, NOT included 16:15 Playmobil Star Trek III set Early 2023 19:30 Star Trek: Lower Decks S3E4 - "Room For Growth" 19:41 Teaser - "Goopy" 20:11 Not That Kind of Mask 20:15 GOOPY! 20:30 Hang On Goopy! 21:00 Beaker? 21:53 Minooki! 22:30 Reference: ST:TNG S7E17 23:00 Stop Touching Masks! 23:30 Act I - "Forced Relaxation" 24:20 Holodeck Use 25:30 Danger Kink 25:35 Make the Hostages Watch 26:00 How I Lost My Tail 27:00 TNG - Masaka is the name 27:30 Big Thick Snakes 28:20 Walking In 28:40 Like in Firefly 29:00 But the Engineers! 29:19 Engineers Keep Working 29:30 Not Quiet Quitting 30:00 Time Lost All Meaning 30:30 Engineer Breakdown 31:30 Googling Masaka 32:00 Target Practice - TNG S2E2, S2E20 32:40 Deviants get Kittens 33:00 We don't talk about Bruno 33:18 Fixing Hatch 33:55 Explore Ethical Gray Area 34:34 I Want A Room 35:12 Act II - "Swamp Things, Engineers Being Engineers" 36:44 Real Life 37:00 High in Hydroponics 37:17 An Ex-Doopler 37:50 Tripping So Hard 38:20 Saving Anti-Grav Boy 39:30 Beware The Old People 40:00 Freeman Gets Stressed 41:10 Cheating with Cucumber Slices 42:10 Time Investment In WOW 42:43 Man, she could put out the DPS 43:40 Delta Shift Gossips about Ransom 44:00 TNG S7E19 44:17 VOY S5E03 44:30 TNG First Contact 45:00 Delta Shift Sucks 45:45 Act III - "Destressor Machine. Wait. Isn't that a Vibrator?" 46:50 Destressor Machine? Get Rid of it! 47:00 What Toz Should've Done 48:15 You Animal! 48:30 Sharing the Room Annoying? 49:15 Ransom and The Churros 49:50 INCREASE PUPPY LEVELS! 50:30 Three Hands are Natural 50:40 Movie That Stresses Our Captain (ID4) 53:04 But Mars Attacks! 53:20 Galaxy Quest in Thermian 54:00 You Can't Go Wrong with a Vibrator 55:40 Engineers Never Rest 57:20 Long Songs in Radio 58:30 Next Week: Not Yet Announced 59:10 We've Got Merch! 1:02:15 How About Just Weed? Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon: Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #Cerritos #LowerDecks Explicit

    Dude Got Stoned

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    Green Orbs make your fantasies come true and turn you into stone. The Cerritos and Carlsbad have to go clean up the scientist's mess, and not get tempted by their most intimate fantasies! Friendly competition ensues and that's where the nightmares begin. Back on the Cerritos, Tendi gets a Mentor. -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 140 00:30 Not MY Fantasy 01:10 P Diddy 01:26 Google This 02:00 Zachary Hologram 02:48 More Patreon People! Patreon: 03:05 Queen of Easter Eggs 03:15 Nightmare Fantasy 04:13 Don't Push That Button! 04:44 The Clunk Button 04:50 Shout Out Saltlakedude on IG 05:10 Deep Voice 07:51 Corrections: THEY'RE NOT DOLPHINS! 08:20 Probing Fears 09:20 The Master of the DOTS 09:45 Get your own 10:00 NO KIDS 10:18 Picard Season 3 - February 16, 2023 11:50 Riker and Picard? 12:25 The F 13:00 Strange New Worlds New Actress! - Carol Kane 14:30 Chris Pine on playing Kirk long game 15:15 A moment of the Queen 16:14 Star Trek Day! 16:25 Nerf Phaser 17:23 Star Trek: Khan Ceti Alpha V Confirmed! 18:00 Boobs are optional? 18:30 Pod Directive and Open Pike Podcasts 19:13 Star Trek: Prodigy returns October 27! 20:26 Special Guest Oct 29? 20:42 Asses in Seats 22:50 I like firm guys 23:00 Spoon Guy 24:30 3 guys, 1 sock? 25:30 Frozen Cheeto 27:42 Nice Ready Room Promo 31:10 Give Us A Live-Action Movie, You Cowards! 32:00 Star Trek: Lower Decks S3E3 "Mining the Mind's Mines" 32:17 "Teacher Tease" 32:45 It's the Jenga Planet 33:00 In A Toga! 33:50 Dude, You're a Pervert. 34:00 Teaser that was a Teaser 34:54 Dude Got Stoned 35:12 Act I - "Choose Your Own Adventure" 37:00 Nightmares Spilled 37:40 Vulcan Stuff 38:00 Step 1: Annoy The Captain 38:10 The Voice of Science 39:40 Just give Tendi the book! 40:17 Competitive Crews 41:08 iRub! 43:09 Rutherford's Fantasy: Leah Brahms 44:00 Short Riker 44:44 Shenanigans 45:15 Boimler's Fantasy: Being Needed 45:30 A Natural Passenger 45:40 Mariner's Fantasy: Jennifer the Andorian 45:55 Stop Looking at My Heart Rate! 46:55 Borg Snake 47:00 Klingon Clowns 47:11 A Raisin Monster? 47:50 Kukulkan 48:55 USS Hood 49:20 Dunking Rocks 49:58 Nightmares 51:00 Act II - "Google and Facebook's Data Mining Machine" 52:30 Starfleet - When Comms Get Blocked 53:00 The Common Ground 54:00 You Take It! 54:55 Phaser Your Fantasies 55:17 Ignoring You with my Phaser 55:45 Let's Grow Orchids, Babe! 56:45 Real Mentoring 57:19 Toe Sucker 58:20 The Cerritos Experience! 58:50 Double Comms 59:30 Over and Out 1:01:30 Tuck Your Tags 1:02:30 Shining Star 1:03:16 Act III - "Boimler and Green are PEOPLE!" 1:04:03 Boimler Wants To Be People 1:04:20 Data Mining 1:05:10 Tendi Raged 1:05:55 Cerritos: Enterprise of the Cali-Class 1:06:40 The Data is PEOPLE!!! 1:06:56 Boimler is a Hovering Cube 1:07:00 Koala 1:08:22 Green Stuff In Your Mind Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon: Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #Cerritos #LowerDecks Explicit

    Trophy Selfie

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    Rutherford and Billups score a trip to a hot sexual planet where instead of shaking hands, they kiss! With tongue! Mariner has to help Ransom fix a Space Elevat-Orbital Lift, and Boimler just made himself prey. Run, Boim Boim, Run! -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 139 00:30 DOTS on the Hunt 01:20 Barking Tribbles? 02:00 My Toe is NOT PREY! 02:45 Hi, Welcome to the show! 03:10 NO KIDS! 03:20 Welcome to the USS Beutler! 03:45 Our Ship has PRIDE! 04:40 Tribble Pack 06:00 Entering from the Back - The @NerdTrekPodcast Panel from the #56YearMission - Voicing Your Fandom 07:00 Thank You Patreons! - Become One: 07:45 Hi Lana! 07:58 Hi Ed! 08:30 Hi Eric! 09:00 Heather drives better than she cooks! 09:06 Burning Muff 09:20 Hi @SyFySistas 10:30 @rockyrobins gets nervous! 11:18 Listen to the Panel here: Or subscribe to our YouTube for the video version! YouTube: 12:00 Checking Corrections...Real Good 12:46 News: A Star-Trek obsessed Chinese billionaire spent $97 million to build his office in the shape of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E 15:30 News: No Big F-ing Deal, Terry wants Jadzia back: 17:20 Romantic? 17:48 News: Watch Star Trek: Lower Decks S3E1 for free! 18:40 News: Anthony Montgomery gets Harry Kim'ed! 19:50 News: Disco does D&D! #DiscoDoesDnD 21:10 ...Wait. You did the re-cap? I did the re-cap! 23:30 The Recap! #StarTrek #LowerDecks S3E2 "Least Dangerous Game" 24:00 Teaser - Martok! 24:53 Lower Decks Gets Into It! 25:06 FOUR! 26:28 Come over, let's play! 27:20 Beginning gets bigger 27:45 Act I - "Natural 20, A Change of Routine, and Bajoran Dirges" 30:00 RUN! 30:30 Yes to Prey 31:12 Where Fun Goes To Die 33:00 Instead of shaking hands, they kiss! WITH TONGUE! 34:35 Put that pipe in 34:56 Number One's Number One 35:40 Captain Vendome of The Inglewood 36:00 Tendi In A Towel 37:37 Sonic Shower and Towels? 37:50 Balls Drilling At His Face 38:00 The Boimler Scream 38:50 Remember Gowron? 39:55 Who the fuck is Lundy? 40:16 Marked, With a Tooth. 42:30 Act II - "Shit Hits The Fan" 43:45 That's Not A Nipple 44:16 How To Fix An Orbital Lift...On YouTube 45:00 It's an Orbital Lift 45:45 Oh, that's all Next Section 45:54 Cetacean Ops - Don't Jump In Here With Them Dirty Shoes! 46:30 Boimler Screams In Surround 47:30 K-Ranch 48:00 Mimosas with K'Ranch! 51:10 K'Ranch? Or Is It Ranch Dressing? 51:30 Three Types of Prey 52:10 Act III - "The Hunted Becomes The Hunter" 52:30 Orbital Lift/Space Elevator! 54:14 Fuuuuuuck! 54:45 Perfect Torso 57:21 But First, Let Me Take A Trophy Selfie! 58:20 Constructive Criticism 58:45 Die By Your Own Hand. 59:30 Klingon Drinking Goblet 1:02:20 Almost Killed By Peaceful Partying People 1:04:00 Black Market Tax Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon: Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #Enterprise #LowerDecks #STLV #56YearMission Explicit


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    We're at the #56YearMission #StarTrek Convention in Las Vegas. And it's time for new Lower Decks! The thrilling conclusion to last season's cliffhanger - Beckett, Boimler, Rutherford, and Tendi Steal the Cerritos out of Dry Dock to go help out at an alien orgy, but only before going to Bozeman Montana first! -Brought to you by Section 31- Episode 138 00:30 Our DOT Makes Bank 01:30 Cash me Out 01:50 Coming to you from the 56 Year Mission Star Trek Convention 02:10 You should get the shirt 02:20 Buggin' 02:55 Doing Donuts 03:30 Cloak Peek a Boo 03:50 NO KIDS 04:27 Thank You Patreons! 05:30 Fingering 06:50 Seat Assignments 07:44 Go 08:20 News - Nichelle's Ashes going to space - 09:00 At the 56-Year Mission 09:15 Sucked but not in a good way 09:30 Janky, or Not Janky? 16:39 Special Guest?!! (Nope) 17:07 Paramount still looking for a director for Star Trek 4. - 20:00 Picard Season 3 Terry Matalas Interview - 20:24 Star Trek Day! September 8th 21:30 Isa can sing! 22:29 Jonathon Frakes Birthday 24:19 Trivia 28:00 Star Trek: Lower Decks S3E1 - "Grounded" 28:10 Teaser: "Future Tech: The At-Home Rage Room" 29:00 Break All The Plants 29:30 Inspired by Link 30:00 That Big Dumb Red Thing 30:45 FNN News 31:40 Jellico = Ronny Cox 32:00 London Kings 33:30 Who Is Sonny Clemonds? 34:20 FNN goes back to DS9 34:30 Get the Fuck Outta My Way! 35:00 Shax and T'Ana 35:20 Crystalline Entity 35:50 Don't Bend Over In Front of the Probe 36:30 The Rok Tahk Connection 37:10 Act I - Avengers Assemble 38:20 Cochrane Land 40:00 I'm Soaked In Juice. Help Me Get Naked! 41:45 Boimler Raisins 43:02 The Rando 44:30 James Cromwell! 44:45 Ketracel White Hot Sauce 46:20 The Vulcan Slide 47:30 Act II - "Grand Theft Shuttle" 50:40 Boimler's Logs 50:50 Caught Sniffing The Captain's Chair. AGAIN! 52:00 Mariner's Huge Set of Balls 53:15 Cali-Class 54:00 Act III - "OH?! We Didn't Save The Day?" 55:52 I'm Your Mama Now! 56:00 Trust the System 57:20 Spoimler 58:00 I'm Gonna Be King of the Galaxy! 58:20 Always adding a Crazy Person 59:10 Alien Juice All Over Them 1:01:45 In The Closet? Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon: Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #Enterprise Explicit

    Get Wood!

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    Star Trek Las Vegas, the 56-Year Mission is less than a week away. We'll be there along with the Nerd Trek Podcast. And our DOTS want to cosplay as slot machines, plus - we watched that episode of Enterprise where Trip gets stuffed into an tiny escape pod with a gorgeous lady and crash lands on a planet. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 137 00:30 Stick It! 01:34 Shadows of the Night 03:20 THANK YOU PATREONS! 03:55 Check Your Drawers! 05:27 Hmmm...Young Frankenstein? I think that one's actually from Blazing Saddles? 05:38 Either way, they're both must-see movies. Not much to do with Star Trek...But still must see. 06:25 Explaining the joke? 07:00 Shatner's Hairpiece on YouTube 8:50 The 56-Year Mission aka Star Trek Las Vegas - Convention! 09:20 The "Voice Your Fandom" Panel will be Sunday at 10:45am, in the Deforest Kelly Theater! 10:10 Heather's 86ed? 11:00 How do you get to the convention at Bally's? Don't ask us!!! But Heather recommends a Shuttle if you're at the Rio. Rocky recommends the Monorail, if you're at a hotel with a Monorail station. But Really, Don't ask us! 13:00 Bally's Convention Wonders? 1st Floor and 26th Floor? 14:00 Thursday September 8th! STAR TREK DAY! 16:00 While we get confused about Nichelle Nichols video tributes (There are several), Learn about the #StarTrekUnitedGives fundraising campaign! 17:30 Star Trek books based on Star Trek video games! 20:10 Nichelle Nichols Video Tribute for the 56-Year Mission in Las Vegas 20:20 Other events at the convention - 21:30 Recap Time! Star Trek: Enterprise S2E11 - "Precious Cargo" 21:50 Trip plays Harmonica? 22:41 Act I - "Three's Company. Or a crowd" 23:55 Torn Away 24:00 Slightly-Advanced Pakled 24:13 Unexpected Visitors 24:20 Not Polite to Stare 26:00 Couples Speak 27:00 Pulling Out 27:26 Inspired by The Next Generation "The Perfect Mate" 28:30 Did NOT imprint 30:20 Act II - "Who cares? I'm being held prisoner!" 31:40 Translator Charades 32:41 RIP THE DRESS! 33:10 You don't have to rip the dress! 34:00 Commando? 35:00 Can the Universal Translator Read? 35:40 You're sitting on my hand 35:55 Control Under Butt 36:20 Store him in the airlock! 36:45 Act III - "Hot and Swampy" 37:30 Where the animals at? 37:40 Putting Royalty In Their Place 39:00 Backwash 39:20 Trip? Not Contagious? 40:00 Super Man story 41:27 Act IV - "Let's Do It Like They Do It On..." 41:45 Get Wood! 42:46 Up in a tree. "Disguised" 43:11 Decoy 43:30 "That Look" 44:15 SHE kissed HIM!!! 46:30 Trying to be dirty 46:46 Even the writer admits it's crap! 47:30 You learn as you go 49:55 Mixing Trip with Royalty 50:30 T'Pol Role Playing 50:40 Did you just fuck another alien? 50:50 OH THAT scene! 51:10 Archer set that up 51:15 Any Rituals to prepare before you DIE?! 53:00 Bad Breath? 53:30 Logic Holes 54:50 Have you seen For All Mankind? 56:40 How about Sandman? 57:40 How about our Patreon! ;) 59:30 Loop the Loop! 59:55 Next Week: LOWER DECKS!!!!!! Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon: Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #Enterprise Explicit

    She Ghosted Herself

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    A life-killing storm approaches, too fast to shuttlepod back to the ship, Hoshi has to lose her transporter virginity. Then people act like she's not even there. Phlox says she's fine, but you can see right thru her! Maybe she just needs a good night's sleep? Or maybe she's going to be the next Cyrus Ramsey? -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 136 00:30 Pacman with the DOTS 01:13 Stealing Cherries 02:15 Glory Holes 02:45 Starting on time! 03:00 NO KIDS 04:00 Thank You Patreons! Become one! 04:40 Long Shift 05:15 I am Spartacus! 06:23 Heather was on the NerdTrek Podcast! TWICE! Part 1 - Part 2 - 07:00 Cochrane 08:11 Heather in her Pajamas 08:27 NerdTrek Panel at the 56-Year Mission in Las Vegas. 09:17 LeVar Burton's Daughter to Play LaForge's Daughter - 09:50 Michelle Yeoh receives honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts 10:45 Saturn Awards for Star Trek 12:00 Strange New Worlds Paramount + Star Trek Original Most Watched Debut 13:30 Open Pike Night with Melissa Navia as Guest 14:30 Eaglemoss Update - 15:12 Star Trek Screen Used Props and Costumes at the American Helicopter Museum - Sept 8th-Nov 27th 16:45 Unhealthy Love 18:00 Star Trek: Enterprise S2E10 - "Vanishing Point" 18:20 Was that on a Stargate set? 19:14 Hieroglyphics: Like Twitter, for Stones 20:00 Everybody Must Get Stoned 20:20 Weather Forecasting 21:15 BIG BIG Lighting Storm 21:33 Act I 22:50 Archer - Turned up to 11 24:30 Riders. On the Storm 25:20 Dismissive Phlox 27:12 Ghost Story 27:29 Cyrus Ramsey 27:50 Act II 28:50 Hoshi needs a Vacation! 29:50 She Ghosted Herself 31:00 It's a Wall 31:30 Transporter Fuck Up Episodes 33:30 TMP's Transporter Fuck Up 34:30 Transporter Side Effects 34:49 Humans scared of first use of Cars...Airplanes...Vibrators. 35:40 Cure for Women's Headaches 36:26 Try a Sedative? 37:05 Act III 37:50 Mostly Dead 38:40 DAMN YOU!!! 39:37 Hoshi's Aliens - Evil? 40:40 Hoshi's Residue 41:00 Why didn't she fall through the floors? 41:41 Act IV 43:33 An Entire Life. In A Flute! 43:50 Morse Codes 45:18 Just SOS 45:35 Most Awkward Call 46:30 Demonic Codes 47:00 No Aliens? BOOM! 47:30 Outer Limits - The Light Brigade 47:47 Imposter 48:28 Getting The Missile Off 49:00 Could you call back later? 49:30 Unreal 50:40 Weird Dream Shit 51:00 Hear the music? 52:00 Dr. Ruth on Trek? 52:45 A Woman Not Seen 52:50 8.3 Seconds 57:06 A Bottle of Hoshi's Tears Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon: Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #Enterprise Explicit

    Good Thing No One Was Masturbating

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    Enterprise encounters a strange radiation from a trinary system, affecting everyone on the ship, except T'Pol. Archer gets writers block, Trip goes chair crazy, Hoshi cooks for perfection, Phlox gets a radical solution to Travis's Headache, and Reed gets tactical. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 135 00:30 Locking in our Guest 01:00 Welcome Jeff! from @NerdTrekPodcast 01:30 Ferengi's Second Cousin's Niece's Waitress Friend 02:10 NO KIDS *Miners are OK 03:08 It's the Hard Hat 03:50 Don't get mixed up with the Ferengi 04:03 In Position 04:45 Feeling Like Pakleds 05:00 Shout Out to Shawn! 08:15 Jeff finally gets introduced! 08:50 Heather was recently on a few @NerdTrekPodcast episodes, go listen, after this show, of course. 09:00 Tendi's Hat 09:41 A Delicate Flower 10:30 Thank You Patreons! 12:20 Doing the Boimler 12:44 Roddenberry Response 13:20 Staying out of Facebook Jail 15:26 Star Trek Las Vegas #STLV aka The 56-Year Mission - Ticket Sales Update 16:40 From @AirandSpace OG Enterprise 11 foot Studio Model ship to be back October 14 18:15 Nerd Trek Podcast AT the 56 Year Mission with the Fan Podcast Panel 19:00 Star Trek Prodigy - Kids will age! 20:30 Sock It To Me 21:20 Star Trek: Enterprise S2E9 - "Singularity" 21:50 Teaser - "That Black Hole Bitch" 22:13 Nap Time! 23:20 You can only be in so many places at the same time 24:00 Cross Training Much? 25:30 Skip Intro? 26:30 Act I - "More Pepper!" 26:40 Black Hole Selfie 27:10 It's A Good Thing No One Was Masturbating 28:18 Reed Alert 29:00 The Chair 29:20 Too Salty 29:55 Where was Chef? 30:20 Chopping That Eggplant 30:44 Travis has a Headache 31:40 I steal from Memory Alpha 32:00 Nobody Pays Attention to Porthos 32:50 Most Annoying Drill 33:22 Spit Sucker 33:49 Not Sign Language, but Universal 34:13 Archer Still a Dick - But everyone is 34:43 Finally Synced Up - Red Alert! 35:25 Lumbar Support is Very Important 35:33 Gotta have a Cupholder 37:00 Perfect Soup 37:51 Act II - "Are You the Pod People?" 38:53 NINETEEN Pages 40:10 Scary Phlox 41:00 Open Carry 41:10 Carrots!!!!! 42:00 Secret Protocol 42:30 T'Pol Works from Home 43:30 Hot Rod Chair 44:15 Roller Derby DOTS 44:44 Make Your Own Damn Sandwich 45:44 Act III - "A Sneak Peek In The Shower" 46:30 Vulcan Neck Pinch vs Phlox 48:26 PsychoPhlox 48:40 You wanna be a Red Shirt? 49:00 Exploded 50:10 Checking Out The Shower 50:40 Wakeup Slap? Nope Shower 52:20 Help Me, Archer. You're My Only Hope. 54:00 Act IV - "Finally! Arcade Experience Matters!" 54:44 One Centimeter 55:50 Archer Played Space Invaders 56:30 Back In Flight School 56:40 Reed Alert Wins 57:10 We Just Invented the Red Alert 58:20 Warm Up the Phasers! 58:50 Porthos Ever Get His Cheese? 59:00 Still No Cup Holder 1:00:00 Porthos is Section 31 1:01:00 Sandwiches were better 1:13:30 These Are The Voyages Books - Thanks for listening! Get some MERCH - Patreon: Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #Enterprise Explicit

    Find and Beam

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    Coming back from a mission, Lt. Reed realizes he left his communicator on a pre-warp planet. Going back to retrieve it, Archer and Reed get arrested, first suspected of being enemy super soldier spies, then being suspected of being aliens. Which is worse, because cause that's when the anal probing starts. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Nichelle Nichols, RIP! 13:34 Episode 134 14:10 Missing something? 14:30 Ding Dongs 15:00 Badges 15:30 What are socks for? 16:25 Welcome Aboard! 16:45 I Can't Understand 17:10 Multiple Arms 17:20 Huge Problem 17:40 Hello! 18:19 WINNER! But not the lotto 18:40 Section 31 said no. 19:30 He's a 10, but... 20:10 Not funny 20:30 Star Trek: Voyager S2E15 - "Threshold" 20:50 NO KIDS 21:20 Bynars old enough? Star Trek: TNG S1E15 -"11001001" 22:10 Thank You Patreons! Patreon: 22:40 Sock 23:20 Corrections, Not News yet... 23:45 That wasn't a random Ensign Roe? 25:15 Badass! 26:10 Science Advisor Behind the Star Trek Scenes 28:35 Alex Kurtzman mentions DS9 Discussions 30:44 The NerdTrek Fan Podcast Panel Sunday at STLV aka the 56-Year Mission, August 25-28, 2022 31:30 Heather was a guest recently on The Nerd Trek Podcast, debuting soon 32:13 Shatner's Wallet Escapes! At a fruit stand. 34:05 Shatner's Panel from Comicon 34:40 Melissa Navia locks it down on Twitter again! 35:30 Penis Rocket! 36:40 LOWER DECKS!!!! August 25th!!! 37:15 Star Trek Picard Rouge Elements wins Scribe Award 38:20 Star Trek: Enterprise S2E8 - "The Communicator" 38:36 Teaser 38:55 Find My Friend 39:38 Act I - "This is why we can't have nice things, you always lose them!" 40:40 Just ask for Lost and Found 42:10 Just beam it back! 42:41 It's the Find and Beam! 43:00 Beads in the Doorway 43:30 Ass-Crack Aliens 43:45 Just Stun Everybody 44:40 Act II - "Butt Dialed, No Answer" 45:30 The Stranger 46:43 Starships > Penis Rockets 47:45 Their Blood is RED! 47:50 The "Full" Exam - Anal Probe 50:11 Flawless Translation Plot Hole? 50:28 Act III 51:29 Funny Intro - Once Explained. 52:10 Glove - Hello? 53:00 We're Aliens 54:39 Act IV - "What that a UFO?" 55:50 You can always say UFO! 59:05 Torture him before killing 59:40 Hiding Behind See-Through Stairs 01:04:32 Next Week Enterprise S2E9 - "The Singularity" 1:06:00 WE GOT MERCH! Thanks for listening! Get some SWAG - Patreon: Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #Enterprise #NicheleNichols #Uhura Explicit

    Don't Feet Where I Eat!!!

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    Our Captain and Number One report live from an away mission at San Diego Comicon. And we watch an Enterprise episode where Archer and T'Pol play cops and have to go apprehend a suspect for the Vulcans. Back on the ship, Trip gets to play captain and make all the hard decisions. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 133 00:30 Impersonating the Captain 01:30 I am the Captain now. 01:55 Pipin' it 02:20 NO KIDS 02:50 Section 31 always knows 03:15 Thank You Patreons! 03:40 Schrodinger's Listeners 04:24 Secret Away Mission...At #SDCC 04:40 Twitter Account close to 4K 05:30 Shatner said what?! 06:55 Hardest Fans to Please 07:30 New Comic Book Series with Sisko 08:15 Rolling in the Grave 11:15 Ortegas is realistic! 13:40 Strange New Worlds Season 2 wrapped 15:00 Star Trek: Enterprise S2E7 - "The Seventh" 15:09 Teaser - "Waste of a Good Romance Novel" 15:15 Menos - The Freshmaker? 15:50 Trashy Vulcan Romance Novel 17:41 "Edging" 17:58 If it went above your head... 18:00 Act I - "Jelly Much?" 18:40 Archer-T'Pol Relationship Improves, Eventually 19:40 Secret Vulcan Stuff 20:10 Banging His Ball 21:11 Referencing TNG S6E19 - "Lessons" 21:50 T'Pol Blocks the Screen 22:44 It's a Secret 24:00 I need someone I can Trust 25:02 Act II - "Hurry Up and Wait" 26:10 Trip's in Charge! Awesome! 26:30 Trip's Diarrhea Dilemma 27:00 I'll Get Back To You 27:45 Dessert? Chocolate Pudding! 28:14 Get Your Lies Right 29:30 Acid Feet 30:50 Acidic Landing Platform 31:34 No band at the bar? 32:15 Have we mentioned the Patreon? 32:20 Bar Hi-Jinks 33:00 Don't feet where I eat! 33:30 Presumed Guilty 34:53 Act III - "Cosplaying As Your Boss" 36:00 Vulcan Scoreboard 36:30 Nab The Suspect Noobs 38:00 T'Pol: Cold-Hearted Killer 39:00 Is this Star Trek? 39:20 Why not Reed? 41:20 Emotional Vulcan 43:00 Act IV - "The Three Stooges, and Travis" 43:18 Behind the Hologram Door 45:00 Cut Her Some Slack, Archer 45:30 Thank God for The Orville! 46:00 Copy Pasted Cop Drama 46:45 Sometimes you get some Stinkers 47:00 Dude was actually guilty 48:15 Why Didn't He Just Shoot? 48:50 This Episode Was Badly Written! Thanks for listening! Get some SWAG - Patreon: Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #Enterprise Explicit

    The Star Trek Porn Parody

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    This week, somebody studies a Star Trek porno, but without the porn - We have links! We also venture back to Star Trek: Enterprise where some Klingons are oppressing a Deuterium mining facility, and Archer just won't stand for that. Even T'Pol agrees! Something should be done. -Brought to you by Section 31- 00:00 Episode 133 00:30 Sandy 01:30 Our DOTs suck 01:57 NO KIDS 02:46 Thank You Patreons! 03:10 Live from a shuttle-craft... 04:00 Computers make us go 05:00 Space Telescopes 06:00 That's what she said 06:30 Star Trek Porn Parody 09:15 Changing the Filter 09:40 Raining Hot Dogs 09:55 Kate Mulgrew to return to Live Action Trek? 13:24 Emmy Nominations for Star Trek! 14:30 Outstanding. 15:00 Creation's 56-Year Mission Ticket Updates 16:30 Starfleet Underground to participate in a panel on "Voicing Your Fandom" - Podcasting as a Trek Fan Sunday, August 28th. 17:55 In Search or Tomorrow documentary on 80's Sci-Fi films 21:00 Happy Birthday Patrick Stewart He's 82 24:25 Heather self-torturing 25:21 Star Trek: Enterprise S2E6 - "Marauders" 25:26 Teaser - "A Shuttle Prod" 27:36 Borrowed story 28:11 Act I 29:20 Oh No! Klingons! 29:30 Hey Kid! Want a ride? 30:00 T'Pol's Wardrobe 30:40 We're here to trade, not judge 31:29 Fix My Pump 32:30 Medical Supplies 33:30 The Osmotic Eel's Gender-Fluid 34:20 Act II 35:25 These Klingons are Messed Up 36:30 Business first 37:00 Klingons go Bully Mode 38:20 We need to do something 38:44 3-Day Self-Defense Class vs Klingons 39:00 The Fish Quote 39:55 Give Me Bush 40:22 Act III 40:55 Hoshi now a Jedi 41:20 Duck and Evade 41:50 In a Real Street Fight 42:13 Better to Learn Wax On, Wax Off 43:00 Fighting Techniques 44:15 Kirk-Fu 45:24 Shooting Like A Stormtrooper 45:50 Who's Moving The City? 46:12 Eye Candy 46:45 Dominic Keating is his name! 47:41 Lizards Don't Shoot Back 50:40 I've seen this before 51:24 Act IV 52:10 Nobody Dies 53:25 Klingon Bully Punks 53:45 High Beams in the Ground 55:17 Head Bands are Cool/ Even T'Pol goes Rambo 55:50 Klingon got Rocked 56:45 Using Rubber Bat'leths 58:00 Bring Back Pike! 58:45 Have a Good Season! 59:30 Archer's a Good Guy 1:01:26 Have Some Enterprise Schematics! 1:04:15 The Strong Women 1:05:30 If you're at Comic-Con hit fan table: MZ04 Thanks for listening! Get some SWAG - Patreon: Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: #StarTrek #Enterprise Explicit