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Drew and Mike rocked the Detroit morning airwaves at the #1 spot for 22 years and are now bringing it to the internet! Enjoy and please help spread the word.

Drew And Mike

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    Drew And Mike – January 26, 2022

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    Antonio Brown's media tour, Drew Crime: Lauren Smith-Field, the loves of Linda Lovelace, Crypto.com robbed, Rob Schneider's new ad, and we talk to the artist behind the Kobe & Gigi Bryant statue.We're going to get another Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearing in the near future. Fun! Joe Biden said he'd nominate a Black female on the campaign trail, but some are doubting that promise.Elton John has COVID.The stock market is weird and volatile this week.Anarchy In The USA: Michael Rapaport filmed some dude stealing a bunch of stuff from a NYC Rite Aid in front of a security guard. San Francisco drivers leave their trunks open. Train robberies are back in style. Sorry, gangs. The supply chain is going great. No more monoclonal antibodies for Omicron. Two police gunned down in New York. Some idiot offered condolences to the murderer's family.Marc finally bought the right toilet paper.Things that always aggravate Mike Valenti: Advertising prices in the NFL. Mike Macdonald to the Ravens. Jim Harbaugh NFL rumors.Rob Schneider and other Bobs are the face of Bob's Discount. We're not the only radio morning show he's battled with in the past.ABNN: AB may sue the Tampa Bay for "disrespect". AB has a "high IQ".The State of the State is tonight. More people are dying in Michigan than being born.250 BCBS employees were fired for refusing the vaccine.Bob Dylan sells his entire catalog... uh... again.The Beatles Jacksons are sellouts.Matt Damon is complicit in Crypto.com's hack losses. Tom Brady's FTX commercial is HILARIOUS!Johnny Depp is selling NFTs. We take a look at Marc's shitty NFTs.Drew Crime: Lauren Smith-Fields died of an overdose and her family is suing the police department. Cardi B weighs in.The "cutest little" DoorDash driver got a really big tip.Disney caves to Peter Dinklage's criticisms of a live-action Snow White film. Drew has no idea what's going on.Trudi is stocking up on Easter candy.Happy birthday, EVH.Kobe & Gigi Bryant get a statue... at the crash site... just for today. Kobe's widow pain remains in court. We check in with the statue creator to get the story behind the statue, while BranDon is still obsessed with the non-placed Robocop statue. SLOW DOWN!Andy Windsor is taking the offensive.Kanye West claimed he saved the Kim K / Ray J sequel from public viewing.Hugh Hefner's doctor's daughter says Hugh was banging dudes. Marc brings up the dog again. Linda Lovelace nailed Johnny Carson, Elvis Presley, Desi Arnaz, John Lennon, the entire Rat Pack and many others.It's not Amway, it's Confederated Products.Spotify has picked Joe Rogan over Neil Young.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 25, 2022

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    Kid Rock's new tune & new tour, Spotify's Neil Young / Joe Rogan ultimatum, Michael Jackson: Bully, breaking ABNN News, Biden v. Doocy, the rise and fall of Falwell Jr, and Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion cult.Drew explains the plot of Deep Throat.Kid Rock dropped a new tune. He'll be on the Bad Reputation Tour this summer.Pine Knob is Pine Knob again. Chicago has played the most concerts at the music theatre.Caesars Palace calls out Adele for being a LIAR and a DIVA!Marc is sad that U of M is jacking up their season ticket prices.Neil Young gives Spotify an ultimatum: Me or Joe Rogen. They pick Joe Rogan.Eric Clapton has YouTube conspiracy theories.Damon Albarn vs Taylor Swift: Songwriting.Demi Lovato is a punk rocker now. Here's the proof.Michael Jackson bullied baby sister Janet Jackson.Rachel Evan Wood is piling on Marilyn Manson with a new 2-part documentary.We wish Elvis was alive to have his own Twitter account.Spotify was scammed by Not-A-Prince Harry and that beast Meghan Markle. Apply to be their content creator right here!Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton try to get you on the NFT bandwagon.Julian Lennon is trying to get you on the NFT bandwagon as well.The NFL has really good ratings.Brittany Matthews is really sad because she's being "attacked".Breaking ABNN News: Antonio Brown ordered $15,000 of champagne to celebrate the Bucs' playoff loss. AB wants to be a Raven. AB will be featured on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.GM is dropping $7 billion on Michigan plants.Oxford students return to school.New polls for Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer and James Craig.Joe Biden called Peter Doocy a mean name.New COVID polls.Brooke Lajiness like 'em young. A listener sent this 5-year-old story along and we treat it as it's new... because she might be out soon (or out now).Michael Avanatti is up to even more shenanigans. This time, in the courtroom.No shit-talking China at the 2022 Olympics. Elon Musk is complicit.Ukraine is a shit show. Are we prepared for a cyber-attack?The Secret of Playboy is bad news for Hugh Hefner. Good thing he's dead. Julia Fox interviews Ava Louise.Vanity Fair dropped the longest article possibly ever about the rise and fall of Jerry Falwell Jr.Kwame Kilpatrick wants to separate you from your money.The Righteous Gemstones has been renewed for a 3rd season.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 24, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2022 182:51

    Greatest NFL weekend ever, Aaron Rodgers v. Joe Biden, a TikTok love story, Gen Z loves the 90's, Harvard & UNC v. Asian students, a Meat Loaf encore, and Spotify takes control of Archewell Audio.Every NFL Playoff game this weekend ended with a walk off.VP Kamala Harris' language is translated by Secretary of State Antony Blinken.Aaron Rodgers is taking on Joe Biden.Eli Zaret zooms in to recap the insane NFL playoff weekend, Matthew Stafford's run, toss some trivia around, and give insight on how the Dr. Anderson scandal came to a settlement.Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews are ruining the Kansas City Chiefs for everybody.Drew continues his coverage of Gino and others on 90 Day Fiancé.Check your junk email folder for big lottery winnings.A peanut allergy led James Iannazzo to toss a smoothie and spill xenophobic slurs and, ultimately get fired.The stock market had a crazy day.Movies: The Power of the Dog starring Benedict Cumberbatch divides the studio. Marc recommends Bob Odenkirk's Nobody. Drew finally caught Class Action Park.Gen Z LOVES the 1990's because there's no internet and no one got canceled.Drew explains the Jack Wright/Sienna Mae TikTok love story.Drew can't be a 'Radio Personality', but Larry Fortensky is a definite American Construction Worker.Alec Baldwin wants more coverage of him giving his phone to authorities.A new Kanye documentary is on the way. Some people are saying Mike Broadwell wears Kanye's sneakers.A Julia Fox deep dive leads to her turd podcast.Paris Hilton will not take her husband's last name because it would hurt her brand.We check into Karl Hamburgers to get his take on his Buffalo Bills devastating loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. OJ Simpson was bummed about the Bills, but the San Francisco 49ers saved his partying.Somebody noticed we discussed Louie Anderson and Meat Loaf in the opening minutes of September 2nd, 2020.Tony Dow is still out there doing things even though he hates being Wally.Kim Kardashian apparently got rid of those huge fake butt implants. She's going to appear on Hillary and Chelsea Clinton's TV show that apparently is a thing.This is Drew's favorite childhood book.Harvard and UNC vs Asians.Trans News: Lia Thomas continues to make trans-swimming news. George Stephanopoulos phones in an interview with Jeopardy champ Amy Schneider. A California mom is angry that her kid's teachers helped her kid change genders.Royal Bullshit: Not-A-Prince Harry and that beast Meghan Markle are scamming Spotify, so they finally take over. Andy Windsor has deleted all his social media accounts.Marc and Drew's backs hurt.Enjoy an in-studio interview with the great Meat Loaf.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 23, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2022 182:11

    RIP Louie Anderson & Meat Loaf, Pam Anderson's latest divorce, John Stockton v. Gonzaga, Drew Crime: Lori Vallow & Barry Morphew, Adele's Vegas money grab, and Mark Cuban becomes a drug dealer.RIP Louie Anderson. We'll miss you.Jeremy's Costa Rican lover asked for a birthday shoutout. Drew is requesting they audition for 90 Day Fiancé. Speaking of which, local star Gino seems controlling and creepy.The IRS keeps scaring people by sending mail they want us to keep for them.Meat Loaf died and everybody piled on him for his COVID beliefs. He was one of the last people to chat with JFK. Weber Grills apologizes to people that thought they used his death to their advantage. Tom Mazawey shared this gem. Meat Loaf also kicked off Donald Trump's presidential run.The CDC admits that natural immunity > vaccine immunity.Bari Weiss is done with COVID... just like everyone else.Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers advance in the NFL Playoffs. We'll cover Sunday games with Eli tomorrow.John Stockton lost his Gonzaga season tickets because he wouldn't wear a mask & they wouldn't make a famous alumni exemption.Don't threaten to bring guns to school during a school meeting.Mark Cuban has entered the drug game.Netflix is tanking because they realized that there are too many streaming services.Drew Crime: 20/20 had an update on the Lori Vallow case. Her brother is also a murderer. 48 Hours covered the Morphew murder case in Colorado.Brendan Santo's body has been found.Major TikTok influencer scandal as Jack Wright hates when chicks (especially Sienna Mae) straddle him.A kid committed suicide because he felt guilty he exposed his father to COVID.Love never seems to work out for Pamela Anderson because it's always the other person's fault.Adele's Las Vegas residency is a disaster so she blames Covid and the supply chain.Will Forte hosted SNL. The new Donald Trump is so much better than Alec Baldwin.Speaking of Alec, he's being sued for $25 million for being petty.We replay our last interview with Louie Anderson from 2020.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 20, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2022 169:53

    Go Buffalo Billdos, UofM eliminates the Jon Vaughn clause, WeWork/WeCrashed, Kamala Harris' disastrous interviews, a new Bonerline, Maz checks in, Dave Portnoy v. Business Insider part 2, and Pauly Shore kills Louie Anderson.NFL Playoff football rules! We like the Buffalo Bills because of Karl and The Dildo Brothers.University of Michigan wanted Jon Vaughn to take his tent and leave, but he's not going anywhere now that the clause has been removed from the Dr. Anderson settlement.The Ferris State professor was reading a script from Deadwood. The new students must be soft or something.WeWork was featured on American Greed. Jared Leto will play Adam Neumann in an upcoming film.Marc thinks Peloton is a cult.The world reacts to Joe Biden's boring presser. They sent Kamala Harris out again to make a spectacle of herself.Jamie Lynn Spears attacks Britney's "high road". Britney and Sam spend quality time together.Howard Stern wants unvaccinated people to die.Pauly Shore is making it sound like Louie Anderson is about to die.We check out a live LAPD police chase and... he's dead... on live TV.A new Bonerline brought to you by The Forest and other stuff.Some people get student loan forgiveness, but not you or BranDon.Breaking ABNN News: Antonio Brown has popped up on another podcast to let people know he's not mentally ill.Happy National DJ Day.Dave Portnoy is preparing for another Business Insider "hit-piece". He also goes after Mina Kimes before she can like the new article.Pete Davidson is skipping SNL rehearsals and banging Kim K instead. Will Forte hosts this week.Spoiler Alert: We give Drew a lesson on Spider-man.We had a time set up to speak with Tom Mazawey, but he was nowhere to be found at 5:45pm. He showed up two hours late to trash the Disco Duck, announce a perfect 300 game, show his love for Billy Joel's "History Song", predict Jim Harbaugh to the Las Vegas Raiders and give us his NFL Playoff picks.Local Crime: A West Bloomfield cleaning lady ripped a lot of people off and is facing 65 years. Devonne Marsh has a pretty low bail despite lighting a pregnant woman on fire. Is Judge Kahlilia Davis still suing everybody?Drew is back on the Catfish bandwagon.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 19, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2022 200:32

    Uptown Girl & bad 80's songs, UofM settles with Dr. Anderson victims, Oxford High responds to Fieger's lawsuit, Darren Rovell's race card, callers v. Righteous Rick, and the Robinett's help The Hall of Shame induct a con.President Joe Biden finally held a press conference and he bored everyone and bumped real news from Inside Edition.U of M dropped $490 million to Dr. Robert Anderson victims and one stipulation is that Jon Vaughn has to "SHUT UP!"Lyla ruins the show again.The NFL has really good ratings despite Donald Trump and others "not watching" anymore. Why are the Dallas Cowboys America's Team? Check out Jim Irsay squatting 525 lbs.Malik McDowell is free on bond after doing a whole bunch of nude stuff. His lawyers come up with the unlikely scenario that he was drugged at the gym.The Robinett's Nest with Chuck and Kristy have been scammed and Rob Wolchek is on the case for another HAAAAAAALL of Shame!Other crime: Shawn Laval Smith murdered Brianna Kupfer. Subway murders are up. Alex Murdaugh's bail was NOT lowered.Britney Spears sent a cease-a-desist order to Jamie Lynn Spears.The airlines screwed up the 5G rollout so much, that people are actually on AT&T and Verizon's side of things. Good work, Buttigieg.BranDon and Trudi's February vacation schedules clash.Royal Bullshit: Prince Charles offered an olive branch to Harry and Meghan and they said HELL NO! Harry and Meghan are setting up fake companies to avoid taxes. Thomas Markle breaks his silence and takes a shot at Harry.Lori Loughlin lost some jewelry and some people are saying that upset her more than Bob Saget's death.Music: John Legend sold all his crappy music. Billy Joel's Uptown Girl video is the most ridiculous and fake premise of all time. Amazingly, Billy actually did nailed a lot of hot women. Pam & Tommy is out on Hulu in early February. David Bowie > The Beatles by some measurements. The top singles of the early 80's has some really bad songs. Drew binged California Jam II and tells the stories of The World Series of Rock.Marc recommends The Puppet Master on Netflix.The Oxford School District fights back at Geoffrey Fieger's lawsuit.Rob Lowe showed up on Jimmy Kimmel and revealed that his wife isn't too good at BJs.Darren Rovell can't be a racist because he has MLK memorabilia and a literal race card signed by Rosa Parks.Enjoy some classic Righteous Rick vs callers.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 18, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 186:55

    Match Game: Dead or Alive, Malik McDowell arrested again, OnlyFans economics, WATP's Karl joins us, Michael Jackson fights, Look-at-me-Valerie Bertinelli, The Rock: 2024 is over, and everyone is "oozing confidence".NFL DT and former MSU Spartan Malik McDowell is arrested again, but this time he's nude.College football's latest free agency acquisition is Ameer Speed to MSU.Get well soon Louis Anderson!The difficult struggles of OnlyFans content creators. They are being ripped of every step of the way.Support for The Rock 2024 is waning after he bored everybody on The Manningcast.Matthew Stafford finally won a playoff game.WATP's Karl joins the show to explain Buffalo Bills traditions, rip apart Ryan Seacrest's phone-it-in podcast, break down Olivia Jade's show and update us on Stuttering John Melendez. Karl wants you to check out his new band. .. and The Isotopes.Look at Me News: Lizzo's "oozing" confidence. Everybody look at Paulina Porizkova again. Tess Holliday is fighting her anorexia.The Wayne's World AMC Pacer is for sale. We'd let Monkeemobile know, but he hates us.'Bloids: Valerie Bertinelli wants you to know EVH liked her more than her widow. Which celebrities are in and out in 2022? Andy Windsor is caught in a web of lies. Bill Clinton pulled the old affidavit move on Orgy Island. Life was super tough for Hugh Hefner's former girlfriends. Move over Shanna Moakler, Matthew Rondeau is sexier than you. Betty White's documentary is moot because she's dead, but it's also a big scam.The reviews are in for Jamie Lynn Spears book and they are NOT good.Michael Jackson will kick your butt in Las Vegas. Michael Jackson will kick your butt in the ring in Mexico, If you're a little boy, Michael Jackson will look at your butthole.We fall into a Match Game rabbit hole. Get your free Government COVID tests now.The 5G rollout has pitted the communications companies vs. the airline cartel.The Supreme Court is fighting each other over masks.Britney Watch 2022: Britney Spears wishes she physically assaulted her sister when Jamie Lynn was 12.Drew recaps The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Jerry Falwell really piled on in an un-Christian way.Disco Duck was one of the worst things to ever happen to America.We take a look at LA radio ratings to see how Seacrest is doing.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 17, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2022 192:32

    New DepantsGate info, U of M Pres. Mark Schlissel fired, Britney v. Jaime Lynn gets dumber, Kanye's parenting, Eli joins us post-NFL Wildcard weekend, Mandy Matney on 20/20, and Chet Hanks: Life Coach.The Dallas Cowboys lost to San Francisco because they blew it and not the officials. Other NFL playoff stuff happened as well.The infamous victim of Righteous Rick's 1st public depantsing has identified himself and has undergone no vetting process to prove his claim.Britney vs "scum person" Jamie Lynn keeps getting dumber. Do NOT post anything that could come off as mocking Britney unless you want to face the wrath of Twitter.Eli Zaret zooms in to question Jeopardy gender standards, MSU's gambling partnership, the Tampa Tarpons new female manager, NFL playoffs, and the Aqib Talib debacle.Other NFL: The Detroit Lions now have the longest playoff win drought. The Buffalo Bills fans LOVE dildos. Matthew Stafford divides the studio.Kanye West had no idea where his daughter's birthday party. Travis Scott is a hero. Better watch out, Pete, Kanye might punch you like one of his fans.Bowen Yang's SNL promo didn't take into account who watches the NFL.COVID: The unvaccinated feel like they are under attack. Un-vaxxed COVID deaths are celebrated as The Herman Cain Award online. New poll numbers on the pandemic. Fauci predicts more variants.90 Day Fiancé is Michigan heavy this season.Don't mess with Not-A-Prince Andrew's teddy bears. Meanwhile, Not-A-Prince Harry wants England to pay for all his extra security when he visits. Life is so unfair for Harry and Meghan.When Farrah Abraham in not selling her feces, she gets arrested for slapping a security guard.Prime and Proper in Detroit brings guns to knife fights.We attempt to reach Righteous Rick nemesis 'Sports Jim', but he's apparently in hiding.Why come you don't have a tattoo? Pete Davidson is going to be tattoo free by 2024.Drew Crime: Mandy Matney made her 20/20 debut and the vocal fry was on full display. Paul Bashi (or is it Bashe?) is the worst nephew possibly ever. He's not a very good boyfriend/husband either. Judge Frank McCartney doesn't feel rape is a very big deal.Novak Djokovic was finally kicked out of Australia. Now France is being really mean to him.Everybody loved that David Bennett received a lifesaving pig heart... until the family of the person he killed came forward.The NBA decided COVID testing is too much of a buzzkill and nixed it on gameday.The Las Vegas Raiders have fired Mike Mayock and Jim Harbaugh is in play!Al Fellhauer vs Raymond James Stadium.COVID testing is going great and scams are abound. Don't worry, the Government has a website that totally won't crash.University of Michigan president Mark Schlissel has been fired for violating the sexual harassment rules that he made. His emails were released revealing the corniest flirting in courtship history.Ferris State Professor, Barry Mehler, has been suspended because of his opening video he made for his students.Jamie Lynn Spears is spilling on Call Her Daddy.Chet Hanks is a life coach now.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 13, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 14, 2022 157:59

    No-Longer-A-Prince Andrew, Fox 2 rebuilding Kwame, Ethan Crumbley arraigned, Britney responds to Jamie Lynn, Kamala Harris rambles on Today, a new Bonerline, and the Best Needle Drop Songs in Film.Sports: NFL Playoff football weekend. We're all rooting against the Kansas City Chiefs because of Jackson Mahomes' dancing. Kelly Stafford has upgraded her podcasting equipment. Calvin Johnson is apparently back in good graces with the Detroit Lions. Drew is dropping Don Maynard stats. Tom Brady is selling overpriced and uninteresting clothes.Mancow is running for governor of Illinois.Jamie Lynn Spears claims Britney held her at knifepoint. Britney is "rolling her eyes" and spinning around.Breaking News: Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions have NOT mended fences.Hard Knocks followed the Indianapolis Colts. Jim Irsay bloops in that Rush had an album called Grace Under Pressure.Kamala Harris clearly answered everybody's questions on The Today Show.The Supreme Court shut down President Biden's testing & vaccine mandate.The Rock and Jeff Bezos are best friends. Big blow for his 2024 run.Kanye West beat up a fan after attending the most boring party.The Pope still uses a CD player. Ok, Boomer.The Portland Pickle dropped a dick pic.Kwame Kilpatrick is having a baby Josh Landon and Fox 2 do the biggest fluff piece possibly ever on Kwame Kilpatrick to rehabilitate his image.Little Andy Windsor has been kicked out of the Royal Family. Actual future video of Andy.Ethan Crumbley pleads not guilty.Under Armour is closing their store in Detroit.The QLine is dumb and still free.Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox had a nauseating engagement that was filmed.Jason Mamoa finally dumped that old bag of bones.John Mayer and Jeff Ross filmed themselves taking Bob Saget's car home. Jeff Ross went from flowing locks to completely bald overnight.A new unsponsored Bonerline.Britney Spears disabled all the comments on her Instagram. Unfortunately, you cannot respond to incredible content like this.Aqib Talib continues to divide our listeners.Antonio Brown finally realizes he's an idiot. Buy his Cameos today!Joe Francis says Paris Hilton beat him up.Drake murders his sperm with hot sauce. Don't flush condoms.The Today Show is pretending that Matt Lauer never existed.The 28 Best Needle Drops in movies.Britney Spears rambles on and rails against her baby sister on Twitter.Sirhan Sirhan is denied parole.BTK is the lamest serial killer possibly ever. He needs to be banned from True Crime.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 12, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 163:02

    Hype House influencers, Howard Stern is mad at Novak Djokovic, Jamie Lynn Spears on GMA, RIP Ronnie Spector, weed cures COVID, Prince Andrew denied, MGK & Megan Fox engaged, and TikTok porn.Reminder that Georgia Bulldogs QB Stetson Bennett is a cranky drunk.Jamie Lynn Spears did an exclusive interview with GMA. Britney claims she's going to write her own book.Marc is on the Jason Alexander news beat and has the latest news about why he was arrested last month.Tom Mazawey has a brand new winner from Legacy. Congrats to Ryan Dunn... and not that one.There is a massive "anus" on Woodward.Drew caught more Hype House on Netflix and it's his new favorite hate watch.Tudor Dixon is taking on Gretchen Whitmer. If you pay for the Free Press, you may get to know the candidate for Governor.Hollywood hates the Whites.Howard Stern is really mad at Novak Djokovic because the King of All Media is scared to leave his house.RIP Ronnie Spector.HGTV sucks. AB probably didn't even pay for his Tree House.Antonio Brown's meltdown is an NFT now.Inflation is nuts.A helicopter pilot is a hero for crashing his helicopter.The Miami Dolphins fired Brian Flores.Deshaun Watson is looking to get into the marijuana business while he gets paid for doing nothing on the football field.Trey Songz accused of rape... again.Kodak Black had a great time at the Florida Panthers game.Marshawn Lynch may be headed to the NFL broadcast booth on Amazon.Nicklas Lidström has been hired by the Detroit Red Wings to do something.Dorothy Nedd lived to be 106-years-old by eating Big Macs... and apparently not answering her phone.COVID: The new cure for COVID is marijuana. The fake COVID card business is booming. Dr. Fauci vs Rand Paul.Joel Greenberg is featured on American Greed.Prince Andrew's civil trial rolls on.Politricks: Hunter Biden's ex-wife is writing a book spilling all over the president's son. Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump 2024. Donald talks to NPR. Kamala Harris' communications director says the election was stolen (not that one).A chick is the new manager of the Tampa Tampons Tarpons.TV tells me the population is 25% transgender.Zooves gets all his recipes on TikTok. We watch a lot of TikTok porn (NSFW).Drew wants to nail Martha Stewart.Some people are looking to Pete Davidson to host The Oscars.Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are engaged.Dana Carvey and David Spade are launching a new SNL podcast.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 11, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2022 178:27

    Georgia won & Stetson Bennett partied, Antonio Brown's fling Ava Louise joins us, Kwame's virtual church, Farrah Abraham sells her poop, Drew v. Jackson Mahomes, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame purge, and Full House > Beaver.Marc's still not scared of Georgia... even though they defeated Alabama to become National Champions.Stetson Bennett cried a lot last night. He then proceeded to do an interview with GMA where he appeared drunk, crabby and incredibly sleepy.Janet Jackson is still whining about the Super Bowl.Jamie Lynn Spears will be doing an exclusive interview with GMA that will certainly bother her sister Britney.Breaking ABNN News: Antonio Brown and Kanye West are collaborating. We talk to AB's one night, Ava Louise.Hugh Hefner's widow, Crystal, got rid of her boobs and doesn't understand why she lost social media followers.Signs of a Strong Economy: Farrah Abraham is selling her feces and Chet Hanks is selling NFTsJenna Jameson has Guillain-Barre syndrome. Apparently the side effects include massive weight gain and SnapChat filters.Ted Cruz's 13 year old daughter is bi-sexual.Drew hates Patrick Mahomes for no other reason than Jackson Mahomes. Denver fans were uncreatively mean to him.RIP Don Maynard who somehow still holds all the New York Jets receiving records.Geno Smith was busted for DUI and clashed with cops.Jimmy Kimmel cried over the death of Bob Saget.We remember one of cinema's classic works: Dirty Work.Bonnaroo announces their 2022 lineup.The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame needs some purging.Kwame Kilpatrick is back on Facebook to preach virtually.Some jerk crashed into a store in Warren and bolted. We check in with Dena Samo to make sure she's ok and explain GoFundMe.There are some real psychos in The Bachelor house and some are there for the wrong reasons. The really need to bring back Alex Michel.Britney Spears' first husband is a stalker. He's getting ripped and wants you to watch him.It's official: Full House was a better show than Leave it to Beaver.The internet has decided that the Covid booster and not Covid killed Bob Saget.Hype House is terrible and totally worth hate-binging.Everybody is angry at Matt Damon for doing Crypto commercials.There are too many podcasts.There is a fan meet up at the Lodge in Keego Harbor on January 28th.Justice Sonia Sotomayor needs to get her facts straight.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 10, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2022 225:06

    RIP Bob Saget, Andy Dick & TJ Miller both join us, TikTok is dumb, The Righteous Gemstones, rooting for an NFL tie, the Golden Globes happened, Robert Durst died, and Gene Simmons' sex tape.RIP Bob Saget. There's a bodacious claim that people are "flocking" to the Full House house. Pete Davidson leads the way in tributes.Remember when there was an Olsen Twins countdown?Marc kills Reginald VelJohnson again. TGIF was way better than Leave it to Beaver.We try and get a Bob Saget eulogy from Gilbert Gottfried, TJ Miller and Jamie Kennedy... but Andy Dick is the only one picking up the phone.Moby left out a fact from his book: that he had a three-way with Andy Dick, but he did write that Andy took a dump on his vegan birthday cake. Another Andy revelation was that he walked in on Bryan Callen and Joe Rogan banging chicks.RIP to rich murderer Robert Durst.Black Monday in the NFL. The Raiders/Chargers MNF game was insane. Most of America was rooting for a tie.60 Minutes gave NFL kickers their 15 minutes of fame. There needs to be more barefoot kickers.The Righteous Gemstones returns and it's great."Jackass: Forever" dropped it's trailer and Bam Margera is nowhere to be found.Drew spoils the new Ghostbusters film.Marc is reading some nerdy HBO book.Kendall Jenner dresses like a whore at weddings and claims that the bride is totally cool with it.Sometimes ghosting is better than being honest.American fears the state of the economy more than COVID.An American Airlines pilot is in trouble for having a Let's Go Brandon sticker on his suitcase.Patton Oswalt has a podcast with his wife and it's terrible. Don't believe us? See Karl's latest WATP episode.TJ Miller joins us to promote his upcoming appearance at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle and discuss the death of Bob Saget. He gives us a lesson on Cryptocurrency.Gene Simmons sex tape is terrible (NSFW).The AFL Hall of Fame is available for you to observe... on the internet.The Golden Globes allegedly happen, but here are the results.Enjoy a tribute to Bob Saget. Super guy.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 9, 2022

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    Alec Baldwin's Splenda found, breaking Antonio Brown news, Detroit Lions win upsets fans, creepy Rep. Lee Chatfield, RIP Sidney Poitier, Jared Fogel's ripped, new Cameos, and #BlockParty Maz checks in.The Detroit Lions wrap up the season by blowing the 1st overall pick and beating the Green Bay Packers with trickeration. Some fans were upset at their team winning.NFL announcers really want the viewers to picture Amon-Ra St. Brown's parents having sex.Jim Harbaugh "will entertain NFL possibilities". Some people (Michigan haters) want him to make up your damn mind.ABNN: Antonio Brown is bad at sex. AB popped up on the Full Send Podcast. AB's brother weighs in. AB is signing vaccine cards.Kyrie Irving returned to the NBA. He's available for games not in New York or Canada. Some people want the Nets rival cities to pass the same laws just so he can't play.Ava Louise is famous for licking toilets, banging Antonio Brown and releasing private messages from Kendall Jenner's boyfriend.Novak Djokovic is locked away in Australia because he's good at hitting tennis balls and doesn't like the laws of another country. Lia Thomas dominated the ladies, but lost to a man.RIP to "Tough, to say goodbye to" Greg Robinson.The Cameo Family welcomes sports stars that need YOUR money.Christina Gennari should sell your house, find you a new one or do both.Kazakhstan is screwing up everyone's Bitcoin portfolio.Oregon State blew up their stadium. A "cold shower" tried to virtue signal, but was appropriately responded to by others.OMG, Madonna's kids were all (contractually) together.Amy Schumer wants you to know her life is harder than yours.Drew wants to have no President for 4 years just like the announcer-less NFL game.Zendaya, Willow Smith, and Kiernan Shipka went full Gal Gadot and made an awkward tribute to David Bowie.RIP Sidney Poitier.Alec Baldwin's 2022 is off to a great start because his Splenda packet was "found". He also wants you to know he hasn't turned his phone because he doesn't legally have to even though he could just give it to law enforcement.Will Smith farted.RIP to the founder of Woodstock.We check in with Tom Mazawey after we learned he's blocking everybody on Twitter. Tom has blocked 330 accounts.The Ski lift "car wash" catastrophe is funny even though the girl involved wants you to stop laughing at the video.Former Michigan House Speaker, Lee Chatfield, is a total creep and even worse brother.The Crumbley's are still the worst parents in America.Jared Fogle is getting ripped in prison, but he doesn't seem to understand why he's locked up.Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has more money than you do.Alex Jones made $165,000,000 in just 3 years selling Doomsday Prep stuff while talking about make believe stories.Happy 80th birthday to the Hawk!Demi Lovato wants you to know that they are out of rehab for the third time. Check out they's stupid new tattoo. They've also podfaded.Aqib Talib has defenders. Remember when he shot himself?Rebecca Grossman is dangerous behind the wheel but she's rich, so all is well.Olivia Jade has a podcast so she can tell you how hard she works. The Bat-Signal is out, Karl.KNOCK IT OFF, PORIZKOVA! She seems to struggle with the concept of karma.A cliff collapse in Brazil leaves many dead.Slow down, CFP National Championship.Post show editor's note: Bob Saget has died. We'll discuss in tomorrow's recording.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 6, 2022

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    John Hinckley Jr.'s new record label, insurrection anniversary, the ABNN is working overtime, a new Bonerline, Jizzlaine juror madness, Tom Mazawey dials in and Britney Spears wants you to see her naked (again).Happy Insurrection Day! Biden speaks! Trump speaks!RIP director Peter Bogdanovich. He had a pretty impressive team photo.ABNN: AB makes a statement. The Bucs cut ties with him. AB puts Bruce Arians on blast. AB takes on Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady and TB12. "Influencer" Ava Louise totally nailed AB before his meltdown.COVID: Novak Djokovic is in limbo, stuck in Australia. Whoopi Goldberg and Hoda Kotb have COVID, just so you know. Beaumont employees are sick.Kamala Harris made great comparisons today.Happy anniversary, Nancy Kerrigan. Turns out Tonya Harding better remembered these days.Probably the last unsponsored Bonerline of 2022! Call 209-66-Boner!It's apparently racist now to hold Aqib Talib to broadcasting standards.Hub Arkush is sorry for his Aaron Rodgers comments.BranDon's bookcase is full of books that Drew tossed out.John Hinckley Jr. has started his own record company.Britney Spears is naked and wants you to look at her. Her first husband, Jason Alexander, is ranting and raving on Instagram again.Intern Kennedy started a new big girl job at KTVH!Some juror in Jizzlaine's trial might have gifted the sex trafficker a mistrial. Here he is hiding behind a box of Cheez-Its.Pam & Tommy is coming to Hulu on February 2nd.Web Cams killed Phone Sex Lines. The Buggles called it.Nic Cage is going to be a father again... at 57.Valerie Bertinelli is no longer stepping on scales.NBA announcer, Glenn Consor, is in trouble for making a broadcasting blunder.Joe Millionaire is back! We highly doubt it can top the original.Trudi is watching 2012 movies regularly.TJ Miller is coming to town.Tom Mazawey joins the line (very late) to discuss bowling, Jim Harbaugh speculation, the CFP National Championship, EMU offering big money to players, the Antonio Brown debacle and the unknown location of the 2022 Super Bowl.Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer features Plato's Retreat.A new Yoko Ono tribute album is coming. Nobody asked for it.Marc forgot to Jasina in today. Miss you, Marc.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 5, 2022

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    Jason Alexander's truth bombs, Gov. Whitmer's isolating, Charles Pugh's best life, Canadian influencer's party flight, new Beavis & Butthead, Jason Derulo = Usher, and we talk to Jen the I-95 snowstorm survivor.Gov. Gretchen Whitmer wants you to get vaccinated. It didn't help her husband Dr. Marc Mallory. Turns out most masks don't work vs. Omicron.Charles Pugh is living his best life. The Feds have asked for a long sentence for former Detroit Councilman after outlining how much he took in bribes... including the Detroit Political traction of birthday party fundraisers.Hour Detroit is doing their Best Of's again and The Robinett's Nest with Chuck and Kristy are playing the sympathy card.We chat with Jen Travis, who was locked in the I-95 traffic nightmare for 8 hours. Tim Kaine is a liar and totally took a dump on I-95.Deshaun Watson tossed his girl a massive birthday party. Nothing else is going on in Deshaun Watson's life.Jason Alexander (Britney's 1st hubby & owner of the greatest weekend ever) has broken his silence following his 3rd arrest in 1 calendar year and he's coming at Sam Asghari in 2022.Canadian influencers have caused an uproar due to their rowdy plane trip.The driver in the NYE Zorba's Coney crash has been arrested. The victim has earned enough GoFundMe money that the "fundraiser" is over.Joe Exotic has a GoFundMe and nobody wants to donate. BTW- who would want his old clothes?Drew is SO BACK in Bachelor Nation.Valerie Bertinelli had to one up Betty White by telling everyone that she was the recipient of Eddie Van Halen's final words.Billie Eilish will headline Coachella 2022.If anyone ever sees Jason Derulo in person, please call him Usher. FYI. he poops.Gal Gadot finally realizes that the Imagine bit was stupid, but she wants you to know that other celebs are in the video too.Kardashian Roundup: Kim K and Pete D are enjoying a nice vacation. Meanwhile, Kanye is on a 'bang tour'. Trudi learns of Pete's butthole eyes. Breaking News: Khloe got flowers from Kourtney and Travis. Corey Gamble believes in "bro's before hoes."Drew is furious that a Big Mac meal is almost $10.You can request songs to Trudi at WLLZ through your Alexa... allegedly.Aaron Rodgers is the Most Valuable Unvaccinated Player in the NFL. He also wants you to think that he reads French poetry and Ayn Rand.Brian Kelly admits he used a fake Cajun accent.Kamala Harris apparently got busted using a fake French accent once.Antonio Brown is exclusively working on his Cameos.Michael Jackson used to be a huge hockey fan.Beavis & Butthead are coming back.Happy anniversary to the Detroit Lions, who have not won a playoff game in 30 years.Chicago Public Schools are in disarray thanks to the Teachers Union.The 2022 Golden Globes won't be on TV and won't have anyone in attendance. Therefore, do they even really exist?Australia gives Novak Djokovic the middle finger and makes him go back home.The Detroit Lions are favored to beat the Green Bay Backup Packers. A bunch of Lions will miss the game with COVID.Marc is interested in the moist towelette museum for some reason.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 4, 2022

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    I-95 becomes a toilet in Virginia, scared Howard Stern v. Oprah, American Greed: Harry & Meghan, Tristan Thompson: you ARE the father, WATP's Karl joins us, and some crazy New Year's car crashes.Antonio Brown is doing just fine and living his best life. Michael Strahan flip flops on his opinion of AB quitting mid game. Michael Rosenberg puts it all in perspective.The Rock can't wait to own an F-150 Lightning. Toyota is the best-selling car company in America... thanks to hogging all the chips.Some people are mad that a 5-year-old woman is the best female Jeopardy contestant of all time.WATP's Karl joins us to check in on Jillian Barberie's podcast, destroy the NFL's Earnin' It show, and see how Artie Lange's doing hosting podcasts.Howard Stern is super angry the Oprah had people over for Christmas because he's scared to do anything.The COVID Christmas song didn't help Jimmy Fallon from getting COVID.The rumors are already swirling that Jim Harbaugh is heading to the NFL.Great Clips don't have the time for your screaming kids... autism or not.Local Car Wrecks: A wild hit-and-run driver destroys cars in Taylor on NYE. Zobra's Coney Island got hit by an SUV. Give Marnasia Bracey needs your money because she was inside the restaurant when it happened.Betty White News: Josh Klinghoffer sends Betty off with a look-at-me tribute. Betty's last words were revealed to be directed to her lover... or possibly the murderer.COVID cancels David Lee Roth.Jason Alexander (Britney's 1st husband) has been busted for stalking.Music: David Bowie's estate sells his publishing for $250 million. Paul McCartney discovered SnapChat filters. The Top Ten John Paul Jones Zep songs. The Nirvana Nevermind album cover model lost his child porn lawsuit.David Koechner got a DUI on NYE and then filled up his busted car.Not-A-Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are con-artists.The Virus: COVID testing is a disaster. Ontario, CA shuts down. Alice Cooper's show canceled. "Live to Rock" died. United Wholesale Employees don't want to go to the office.The traffic jam on I-95 in Virginia looked horrible. It turned the highway into a toilet. Tim Kaine claims he was stranded for 27 hours.McDonald's got $105 million back from horny Steve Easterbrook.Elizabeth Holmes is facing up to 20 years, but for some reason wasn't remanded after her guilty verdict.George Floyd's niece got shot.No criminal charges for Andrew Cuomo in either his sex assault case or nursing home deaths.Novak Djokovic is so good at tennis that Australia decided he doesn't have to follow the COVID rules.The chick selling her farts can't sell her farts anymore.J $tash is a terrible rapper and even worst boyfriend.Tristan Thompson is a terrible father and even worse husband. Lamar Odom piles on the story.Kim Kardashian has unfollowed Miley Cyrus for hitting on Pete Davidson. Kanye is banging some new strange.The Bachelor is back... and "broken". Spoiler, a lot of sex and a lot of crying.Joe Rogan got mad at us once. Good thing nobody listens to whatever show he does.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 3, 2022

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    Antonio Brown is done with football, Elizabeth Holmes' guilty, Patton Oswalt apologizes for a photo, IG is mad at Hillary Duff, Eli sees it his way, tabloid story time, and Alec Baldwin's made-up Splenda story.Antonio Brown is the gift that keeps on giving. Since he's "no longer a Buc" he dropped a new banger. Cameos is now his full-time job.See It My Way with Eli Zaret: AB = Rodman. More Aqib Talib complaints. The Lions are 2-13-1. Eli saves Madelyn's Christmas. Eli & Drew are terrified of Georgia. Kirk Herbstreit's "OK Boomer" take. Another Las Vegas Raider gets a DUI.We try to figure out who Liza Koshy is since she replaced Jenny McCarthy.Curb Your Enthusiasm is getting flak because everyone does these days.The Simpsons is still rolling. Stan's Blue Bombers make an appearance.Patton Oswalt took a photo with Dave Chappelle... and then apologized for taking a photo with Dave Chappelle because it "hurt" a handful of people.Lia Thomas is the LeBron James of women's swimming. USA Swimming officials are resigning in protest over their own rules.What is Ed Lightfoot up to these days?Hillary Duff and Molly Bernard are in SO MUCH trouble with the internet.Pedo News: Prince Andrew (Andy Windsor) can't sweat. Jeffrey Epstein's settlement documents are released. Scott Borgerson (Borgie) dumped Jizzlaine on the phone to nail a yoga teacher. That beast, Meghan, is trying to weasel her way into the story.The jury continues to deliberate in the Theranos / Elizabeth Holmes trial as they are deadlocked on 3 counts.Netflix bullied Trudi into watching a terrible movie.Dan Evans located The Magic of Magic... but the copy sucks and it wastes everyone's time.Tabloids: Brad Pitt's smells. Mariah Carey's boobs are ruining her life. Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton's relationship. From A List to D List List. Alec Baldwin speaks and makes up stories brought to you by Splenda.Kevin Spacey forgot to post his annual holiday video.Joe Rogan, Dr. Robert Malone and Mass Formation Psychosis are all the rage.A girl got catfished by her cousin... for TEN YEARS!Theranos Update: Elizabeth Holmes guilty on 4 counts.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – January 2, 2022

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    Happy New Year from us and Buff Bezos, Antonio Brown quits mid-game, RIP John Madden, Britney Spears new "song", Biden vs "Let's Go Brandon", James Franco speaks, and Marc's still not scared of Georgia.Happy New Year, we're back!Breaking 2022 ABNN News: Antonio Brown quits football mid-game. AB hates drama... unless he creates it.College Football: "Nobody is scared of Georgia". What happened to Daxton Hill? Ryan Ermanni was NOT devastated. Madelyn's Christmas was saved by Eli Zaret and the Michigan State Spartans. We may not have Dan Leach's back anymore after this Twitter mishap. The Rose Bowl was phenomenal.Matthew Stafford moves into 4th place all time for TD passes... to the other team.Britney Spears has released new music on her Instagram right before she unfollowed her sister.Buff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez had a sexy vacation.NYE Recap: Dick Clark is dead, change the name. Journey must have been the only band without covid since they rang in the New Year on ABC. Miley Cyrus had a wardrobe malfunction. Andy Cohen got wasted and ranted against Bill de Blasio. The only thing we know about Liza Koshy is that she says a lot without saying nothing. 50 Cent brought the house down.Noah Cyrus is NOT sizzling.Ted Williams was doubling his "paycheck" at Greektown.RIP Betty White. OJ Simpson with the eulogy that's all about him.RIP John Madden. We remember the old 'Gay-Per-View' bits that probably couldn't be made today. Wayne Gretzky once violated the "no dumps" in the Madden Cruiser.More ABNN Breaking News: AB is no longer a Buc, but Tom Brady wants your empathy.Matt Corral may have pulled a Jake Butt. The announcers at ESPN really hate opt-outs.Magic Johnson is not looking forward to HBO's new Lakers doc.Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan top the list of the Most Influential in News.Jizzlaine Maxwell is finally officially guilty. She might start naming names. Somebody put Prince Andrew in the sweatbox.Joe Biden is still hoping to 'shut down the virus'.No more planes for this former Raiderette.How dare AOC!?! How dare Ron DeSantis!?!Caroline Cruz is the new Claudia Conway.Jared Schmeck sure showed Joe Biden. He may be leading the country soon since he was on TV.Brandon Brown claims he's struggling with sponsors because of LGB.Super Dave Osborne is Albert Brook's brother. There's a great new doc on HBO Max on Bob Einstein aka Marty Funkhouser.Don't Look Up was awfully preachy.Drew Crime: The Murders at Starved Rock.Kim Kardashian Esquire helps save the day again.James Franco breaks his silence by using every excuse in the book.Chris Noth has yet another accuser.John Hinckley Jr. wishes you a Happy New Year.Poor Michael Avenatti has a tough life.A bumbling custodian got a tiger killed and his arm eaten in Florida.The Texas school shooter Timothy Simpkins has been arrested again.Ethan Crumbley's mom was allegedly banging other dudes. Check out the 911 call from the dude who busted the Crumbley parents.Santa saved Christmas for the Fellhauer girls.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 20, 2021

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    Merry Christmas, Louis CK's Sorry, creepy Bryan Singer, Eli Zaret Zooms in, Obama thong, Kanye West v. Big Sean, Maz joins us, a new Bonerline, the Jagger bros, and classic calls to Jesus & Santa.This is our last show of 2021. Thanks to everyone who listened and thank you to everybody who contributed to the show.See it My Way with Eli Zaret! The Detroit Lions still have the WCF patch on their jerseys. Aqib Talib doesn't speak very well and some people are saying he shouldn't be in the booth. We have Monday Afternoon Football today. Jared Goff is in COVID protocol. Tom Brady was really mean and angry last night. Urban Meyer is owed a TON of money.Boomers are ruining everything for Millennials. First they had all the jobs and now they are quitting all the jobs.Kanye West vs Big Sean.Pete Davidson and Miley Cyrus will host NBC's New Year's Eve Special, but there might not be anything to host.Drew dives into 90 Day Fiancé featuring a little person and a dude from Canton.More bad news for Mr. Big Chris Noth. He's been BLOWN OUT from The Equalizer and his tequila.Drew takes a shot at Sasha Obama's thong after paparazzi catches hairless Barack and his family on vacation.Being a rapper seems unhealthy.Louis CK's new special is worth the $10 purchase.Tom Mazawey joins the show live from Macy's to complain about Omicron (and Sarah Palin), promote Boxing Day, give out random Lions/Pistons stats, get Curb spoilers from Drew, gossip about Sex and the City, defend Lawrence Taylor, and praise Jared Goff & the Detroit Lions.Another unsponsored Bonerline. Call or text 209-66-Boner.Doug Podell totally LOVES the show. It's also a reminder that we are still on broadcast radio... kinda.Mick Jagger is doing a podcast... with his brother. This leads us down a path of learning about Michael Hutchence's brother and Paul McCartney's sibling capitalizing on their fame.X Men director Bryan Singer is an Academy Award winning groomer. One of his victims breaks his silence.Jim Bays needs a woman. He's using billboards to find himself a wife.Dan Evans pieced together a bit of a fart montage.Enjoy some bits from Christmas past, we'll see you in 2022... unless we quit.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 19, 2021

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    MacGruber is back, Detroit Lions dominate, Jim Irsay's great life, AIDS, VP Kamala Em-Harris-ment, Elon Musk v. Sen. Elizabeth Karen Pocahontas Warren, Louis CK's new stand up, and too much Omicron.Marc apologizes for his garbage voice today.The Detroit Lions defeated the Arizona Cardinals. Marcus is furious that the draft is falling apart for the Lions because they certainly won't make any bad picks.Urban Meyer is a liar and an a-hole. He was really mean to Jeremy Fowler in 2010. He was really mean to Aaron Alexander in 2001. Gigi Meyer unbiasedly has her dad's back.Our old penis pal, Jamie Gagne, has finally ended his wooden weiner war.MacGruber is on Peacock and you should watch it. We now have more drops of Jeff Bezos having sex.ABNN: Antonio Brown is back, baby! Drew compares AB to Britney Spears. His Cameos game is still Hall of Fame strong.Other Sports: Carlos Correa turned down an offer from the Tigers for 10-year, $275,000,000.00. Tiger Woods and his son dressed alike and played gold together and no one thought about his cheating on Elin. LT got BUSTED and is facing felony charges, but he's trying his best. Ferris State are champions. EMU blew it. Dylan Larkin got his first hat trick. ESPN promotes a show about a fake hate crime.Triple Threat Johnny made a cameo appearance in Hard Knocks. Jim Irsay brags about all his memorabilia and Drew may have noticed some whoppers.All Drew wants for Christmas is a few more followers on Twitter to overtake Dustin Diamond.An explosion in Madison Heights slowed down a very small about of our merch deliveries.41 idiotic kids have been arrested for threats since the Oxford shooting.RFK Jr. is the king of anti-vaxxers, but requires vaccines for his personal parties.Omicron is all the rage this holiday season.We discuss AIDS. Some people are saying the fear of AIDS and fear of COVID are a bit similar.NYC is the epicenter for Omicron. Taylor Swift and Buzzfeed Christmas parties are super spreader events.VP Kamala Harris does more damage for her administration.Omicron took out SNL, it can't stop Spiderman.The White House is on fire with cool booster videos.Elon Musk vs Sen Elizabeth Karen Pocahontas Warren. According to "Lack of Joy" Reid, Elon is culturally appropriating "Karen".Jackson Mahomes is "unbothered" by everybody hating him meaning that he is quite bothered. He's the worst.Some no talent jerk took a clip out of our show (totally out of context) and made fun of us. Give them 5 stars and a terrible review.Louis CK has a new special out... on the internet only. We play a snippet.As a great judge of male companions, Jennifer Lopez has SO MUCH respect for Ben Affleck as a father.Drakeo the Ruler was murdered at the Once Upon a Time in LA Fest.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 16, 2021

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    Twentysomethings: Austin, Urban Meyer fired, Mr. Big #MeToo'd, Jeff Garlin fired for being mean, a new Bonerline, the top 100 Neil Young songs, and no more influencing for Jackson Mahomes.Urban Meyer has finally been BLOWN OUT from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Cayman Nebraska is receiving backlash for some odd reason.Jackson Mahomes gets absolutely destroyed by a Kansas City bar. SoT has apologized and taken the high road since they won public opinion.Mr. Big has been #MeToo'd. Peloton inserts themselves into the story to virtue signal.All 4 of our megaphones are broken.No more planes for this jokester who wore a thong as a mask on a flight.Jeff Garlin leaves The Goldbergs following bad behavior on set.Drew's new reality show binge is Twentysomethings: Austin on Netflix.If you want to learn about sex with license free photos check out Wikipedia (NSFW link).Boosters for everyone in the NFL... except for the players, of course.Cade McNamara teams up with Tom Brady's boring apparel company.Justin Bieber has partnered up with Tim Horton's because he could use the money.TJ Hockenson is thankfully out for the rest of the season.COVID's ruining Xmas. Johnson & Johnson is the worst vaccine possibly ever. Fake vaccine cards are all the rage.Nobody sponsors the Bonerline... but there is a new one today.Comedy: Our audience has been watching Division III: Football's Finest. South Park dropped their 2nd Post COVID Special. MacGruber is BACK. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has a new season out too.UPenn swimming parents sent a letter to the NCAA because they don't like the rules that is helping their team is dominating meets.Some people are saying that no-one seems to care about Darrell Brooks and the Waukesha Parade attack.Ryan Seacrest wants to have children.Alec Baldwin's phone is wanted by the police. He was also really mean to Hilaria when she popped out one of their 17 kids.Bruce Springsteen sold his catalog for $500,000,000.00.Vince Neil still LOVES to drink.Larry Nassar victims get another settlement from USA gymnastics.Rolling Stone Magazine ranked the top 100 Neil Young songs.Better Team Photo: David Blaine or Criss Angel?Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 15, 2021

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    Pornhub's Year in Review, NFL's COVID outbreaks, Ben Affleck blames Jen Garner for his boozing, George Harrison's new video, BranDon is mad at Emagine Theaters, and the coolest 101-year-old possibly ever.Some people are saying that Fox 2's Amy Andrews and STP's Jeff Gutt are engaged to be married. They are Wikipedia official.Paul Glantz has ignored BranDon's compliments over the years and instead correctly chose Jay Towers, Brad Galli, Bushman and others get to be the faces of the Emagine franchise.The Cobras & Panthers is a better gang story than West Side Story.Michigan voters are scared of inflation, but are doing great with their own finances. Apparently, Detroit and Flint residents are too poor to afford water.Billie Eilish's porno comments have led to steamy emails to Drew.COVID is the new AIDS according to the Wall Street Journal.Pornhub Year in Review shows us how creepy we all are when searching for adult content.Lyla interrupts the show to feast on Marc's watch.Tom Mazawey announces a brand-new Legacy winner. Congrats, Hunter Pierce!Meaningless Bowl games are BACK this Friday.Paul Bashi is the worst. See for yourself and remember that the couple is now married.The Livingston County Sheriff don't seem to like Kasey Helton's Twitter posts.Local Schools: Garden City High School put on lockdown. Oxford schools remain closed. Detroit has 16 shooting threats.Elissa Slotkin proposes gun legislation that will go nowhere.Vaccine family fights are ruining ChristmasLenny Landau is the coolest 101-year-old. He has no grey hairs and hasn't been sick in 80 years.Matt Jennings is following Barbara Eden on Twitter for some reason.Rebecca Gayheart wants nothing to do with her 2nd cousin, Jennifer Leigha... allegedly.The new George Harrison music video makes absolutely no sense, but some people enjoyed it.Braylon Edwards blames Tom Mazawey for stiffing us on an interview.Over 100 NFL players have COVID. NBA games are being postponed due to outbreaks.Jennifer Garner forced Ben Affleck to be an alcoholic and he just had to get away according to Ben Affleck. By the way, JLo still wants you to bang her.Drew wants NOTHING to do with Ridley Scott's The Last Duel.Tristan Thompson was looking for a hump and dump, but got a baby. He cheats on Khloe a lot.The only Black juror in Jussie Smollett case never believed him because he left the noose around his neck.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 14, 2021

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    West Side Story sucks, OJ is a free man again, Caitlyn Jenner hates rules, Britney Spears v. Diane Sawyer, Obvious News: Playboy Mansion had drugs, top grossing tours, and tracking down celebrities that did TV rehab.Jimmy & Jenny sat in front a judge today. All Oxford schools are closed due to threats. Warren is expelling kids due to threats.CBS 62 is going to have a local newscast... on a budget.Kennedy got a new gig and is considering going full AJ Clemente.Good news: We installed a 5th microphone! Bad news: Lyla ate it.OJ Simpson is a free man.Billie Eilish joined Howard Stern and talked about porno and how certain she was the COVID was going to kill her.BranDon is not good at gambling.Drew has your daily Tory Lanez update. "Dance, bitch. Dance"Charlie Chaplin actually WAS canceled. Not for banging teen girls, but for "being a communist".Britney Spears is angry at Diane Sawyer... for something 2 decades ago. She is driving Drew 'Crazy'.Caitlyn Jenner was kicked out of the Beverly Hills Hotel for having ripped jeans. We call to inquire on the dress code.Steven Spielberg's West Side Story has BOMBED! Some people are blaming Ansel Elgort's previous behavior.Golden Globe nominations are out, but it's not being aired so nobody cares. Snoop Dogg has trouble reading the names of the nominees.Holly Madison is trashing her ex, Hugh Hefner, with ground breaking claims about the Playboy mansion. Apparently, people did drugs and had sex in that dump.Jonah Falcon is on Cal Ripken Jr's Who's Dated Who.Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel are soft these days.Listen to WATP for all your Stuttering John updates.The Rolling Stones top the list for the most money made on tour in 2021.Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has been restored to it's former pedophile glory.Phillip Adams had incredible CTE when he murdered six.Drew's been digging into "The Castle on Sunset: Life, Death, Love, Art, and Scandal" all about the Chateau Marmont.Speedballs are such an amazing drug that it gets it's own Wikipedia page.Rebecca Gayheart needs to up her Twitter game. Eric Dane, however, is killing it.Ingo Rademacher is suing ABC over soap opera vaccine mandates. He told everyone all about it and the importance of his privacy.Andrew Cuomo has to pay money back for that stupid book in one month.90 Day Fiance is back! This alum sells her farts for a living.Check out this highlight from My 600 Pound Life.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 13, 2021

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    Mike Clark's high school pic, Trudi returns, checking in with CFL Stan, The Ken & Barbie Killers, Time's Man of the Year: Elon Musk, Eli stops by, and Andy Dick interrupts our call to Elisa Jordana.Trudi has made her triumphant return to the studio after a brief hiatus due to surgery.Eli Zaret joins the show for "See It My Way", tell us how the Detroit Lions suck, announce another Tom Brady award, and try to save Madelyn's Christmas with a MSU bet.Drew loves backup football players so much that he misses Bo Scarbrough.Curb Your Enthusiasm is killing it this season.Drew Crime features The Ken and Barbie Killer: The Lost Tapes.Turns out Charlie Chaplin is a pedophile, as was Howard Hughes.Elisa Jordana and Andy Dick are engaged again. We check in with Elisa and Andy jumps on the call to reveal some breaking news.Think twice before you want to add more girth to your weiner. Link is NSFW.Kim Kardashian passed the baby bar, which is "harder than law school" according to her.Alex Murdaugh admits he orchestrated the "hit" on himself.LeBron James loves dudes who shoot their women in the feet.India now rules the Universe.Dr. Oz's show is being replaced with his daughter's new show.60 Minutes did a story on a big telescope that will break the second it's in space.The COVID-19 vaccine has ruined Delilah Belle Hamlin's life and it's ALL her parent's fault.The jury in the Jussie Smollett case is talking and Jussie is a moron.Elon Musk is Time's Person of the Year for 2021.The Supreme Court declined to block the NYC vaccine mandate.West Bloomfield closes due to threats... about West Bloomfield, New York. People in Oakland County want all schools shut down until threats are addressed.Check out this old school pic of Mike Clark.We check in with Stan as his Winnipeg Blue Bombers are back-to-back Grey Cup Champs.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 12, 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2021 165:56

    Jussie Smollett maintains his innocence, Astronaut Michael Strahan, Will Wheaton doesn't stand by Dave Chappelle, Oxford shooting updates, Heisman Trophy ceremony, Drew Crime, and everyone loves farts.Tornadoes ripped through Kentucky and Jeff Bezos took a lot of the blame because an Amazon facility got hit.Jussie Smollett is a convicted liar. He continues to "shop projects" that will go nowhere. BLM continues to support him. Kim Foxx dropped the ball and disappeared. Jen Psaki has to remind us that Donald Trump said something too.Joe Biden popped on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to help viewers fall asleep. Reminder that Fallon, Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion made the worst song ever recorded.The wind was a-whippin' this weekend. Marc lost power for 6 hours that felt like 6 days.Join the traffic jam near BranDon's house and check out the lights that Mike Clark loved so very much.Wil Wheaton is very upset at Netflix for including Dave Chappelle in their big comedy event. Then he over explained why he feels that way.Ashton Kutcher has terrible engagement on social media.Fordham University professors can't tell the black people apart from each other. Then they take a 9-page email to explain why a simple mistake was made.UPenn swimmers don't like winning everything... when their teammate is a trans-woman Kate McKinnon is back on SNL and male again.Eli Zaret has a plan to save Madelyn's Christmas.Bryce Young won the 2021 Heisman Trophy and then dreamweavered everyone with his acceptance speech.Drew Crime: 48 Hours covered the death of teacher Rachael DelTondo. Kanye and Drake squashed their beef for the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert. RFK Jr. hates vaccines and loves murderers.Amy Andrews and Jeff Gutt were getting cozy on Twitter... AND IT'S GONE!Jack White is kicking off a world tour in Detroit.Oxford: Geoffrey Fieger has been hired to sue Oxford High School for $100,000,000.00. The Crumbley parents hire lawyers and leave their brat hung out to dry.We play a lot of farts. Mostly Jim Bentley farts.The Unlearned AIDS Lessons for COVID. Fat people shouldn't get COVID. Tom Izzo pops off. Check out this new Christmas banger.Mitch Albom and Adam Carolla are best friends.Drew recommends Division III: Football's Finest.Michael Strahan is a confirmed astronaut. Jeff Bezos looks like a penis.RIP Demaryius Thomas... not Emmanuel Sanders.RIP Mike Nesmith. Poor Mel.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 9, 2021

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    We decide to take a walk down memory lane with some old holiday themed bits from the past. Oh, and a new (unsponsored) Bonerline too!Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 8, 2021

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    Andy Dick checks in, we talk to a Va Tech student punished for booing, Alec Baldwin's angry again, People's Choice Awards, Josh Jacobs & DMX love children, RSN's door policy, and Jim Fouts wins in court & looks amazing.The victims of the Oxford High attack are being laid to rest.Alec Baldwin got angry with a reporter... at Woody Allen's house. Nice being aware of the optics of where you're seen, Alec.The door policy at the Red Shovel Network is baffling.Life is NOT fair at this retailer.Sean Lohr is causing an absolute UPROAR at Drew's alma mater, Virginia Tech. He has been punished for booing at a women's soccer match. We get the story from the 'Shirtless Boy' himself. Go Hokies!Tom Mazawey points out one of the greatest TV moments of all time... in his opinion.The most Googled items of 2021 include a lot of crypto, meme stocks and "get rich quick" ideas.They are rebuilding the Hudson's Building.... still. It might actually be completed someday.The mere mention of Service Merchandise earlier in the week triggered tons of response from our listeners.Schools are cracking down on threats.The People's Choice Awards apparently happened last night. People love Kenan Thompson.Astronaut Michael Strahan is bonding with his space "crew".MacGruber is back!Scott Peterson has been re-sentenced to life in prison.Billy Zane IS NOT in The Mummy. BranDon's mind is blown.Dan Dickerson has joined the Cameo family.We reconnect with Andy Dick after a long hiatus. He's engaged to Elisa Jordana again and John Travolta might have hit on him. Buy a Cameo from him and you won't be disappointed.The Las Vegas Raiders running back, Josh Jacobs, is doing his best Antonio Cromartie impression. Turns out DMX is the ideal father.Social media followers don't really translate to sales.Chris Cuomo Updates: He has lost his book deal. He is going to war with CNN, but Matt Lauer has his back.In the Courtroom: The Kim Potter trial is underway. Everybody seems to be suing Daunte Wright. The Jizzlaine Maxwell trial features sexy pics. Jussie Smollett was a jerk on the stand. He is definitely guilty of being an a-hole.Jim Fouts with a major court victory and looks great doing so.We're KILLING it in the Cayman Islands.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 7, 2021

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    Jimmy Fallon's garbage Christmas song, Jussie Smollett: defiant liar, WATP's Karl joins us, celebs without social media, Oxford tragedy updates, China's NDAs, Drake v. the Grammys, and Drew & Lyla vs. the world.The results are in and Charlotte will definitely receive a cell phone before the age of 12.Lyla eats cigarettes, socks and a trophy today.David Hogg is still around but no one is paying attention to him these days He fancies himself a political revolutionary.Kyle Rittenhouse popped up on a podcast responding to LeBron James criticism of him... and TMZ is livid that he has a "platform".Jussie Smollett can say and write the n-word, but white prosecutors better not read his words out loud. Don Lemon used his Chicago Police sources to tip off Jussie.Lil Nas X misses vagina.WATP's Karl joins the show to explain the Buffalo Bills loss, destroy Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang (not THIS Matt Rogers) and give us a taste of Dave & Chuck's new uncensored podcast.Joe Rogan unloads on CNN. Media Matters listed every single thing they hate about Joe Rogan's show in 2021.Oxford Updates: The artist who helped out the Crumbley parents plays dumb. The Detroit Pistons honored the victims. Rep. John Reilly's listening party turns heated regarding gun laws. Oxford turned down Dana Nessel's political stunt of offering an independent investigation... because they are already cooperating with the one conducted by Oakland County.Nick Cannon's infant son has died from brain cancer.Josh Malina is super angry that Mel Gibson hasn't been 100% canceled yet.Aaron Carter is back with his baby mama after a two-week hiatus. Awwwwww. Today is his birthday, so buy his merch at half off!Auto crimes: A stolen school bus in NYC goes on a rampage. Check out this limo stunt driving on the Las Vegas Strip.More Oxford: More violent threats in western Michigan. Walled Lake was locked down due to a fake threat. Neighbors seemed to hate the Crumbley's. Ethan Crumbley fell at work last year and hit his head.Cade McNown's wife is a thief.Jimmy Fallon, Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion release the worst Christmas song of all-time. We think they are trying to be funny.Britney Spears, Sam Asghari and her dogs go on vacation again.It's Drew and Lyla against the WORLD.Ted Nugent and David Lee Roth don't have meaningful conversations with each other. DLR has added more farewell shows.Jonah Hill looks bizarre.There actually are celebs without social media... and we find them more interesting than the ones with it.New Cameos include Braylon Edwards, the Trailer Park Boys, Morena Baccarin and Mark Levy.Drake doesn't want any more Grammys.Joe Biden waved to Vladimir Putin on Zoom.Ex-NFL player Aldon Smith has been arrested again.NYC vaccine mandates are going to screw with their tourism intake.Apple is China's bitch.Check out Mike Rataj on the piece of garbage ML Elrick's podcast.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 6, 2021

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    Jussie Smollett takes the stand, Mr. Skin's Top Nude Scenes of 2021, RIP Bob Dole, Maz eulogizes Medina Spirit, Eli stops by, Joe Biden's voice, Gen Z hates sports, and Drew wants Charlotte to get a phone. Gmac Cash drops a new banger after the Detroit Lions won their first football game.SI Swimsuit model Christen Harper was super happy her boyfriend Jared Goff won his first game as a Lion. Good for you, Jared.Eli Zaret pops in-studio to discuss Michigan vs Georgia, recap a wild SNF, brag about Kenny Pickett's cheating fake-slide, and let us know who made the Baseball Hall of Fame.We dive a bit deeper on the death of Bob Dole. Drew STILL has the hots for Liddy Dole.Michael Strahan has too much swag for simply being a space passenger.Joe Biden loves his new sexy voice. He also still refuses to acknowledge his newest grandchild.Charlotte doesn't Nandi... and Mariah Carey.Matty B has a beard... as in facial hair.Mr. Skin joins the program to promote the Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2021!Make sure you go to a verified GoFundMe when donating to the Oxford victims.Everyone's elated that Darrell Brooks is not having a good time in jail.Jussie Smollett took the stand to let it be known that he JO'd with his 'attacker'.Jizzlaine Maxwell's trial had more stories about how the girls rounded up other girls for Jeffrey Epstein.Hypo-Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had a date night and still annoyed everyone.Dave Chappelle wins the Netflix battle. Hannah Gadsby is not happy.Spotify is getting sick and tired of not-a-Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's podcast deal. 'Taking time off' has been great for Harry.Mandy Matney is reveling in her success and is an inspiration in every journalist in the entire world.Drew rages at the Dr. Pepper Challenge again.Hilda and Jesse can't handle police eating in their restaurant due to their guns being in a 'safe space'.Jewell Jones doesn't have time for any plea deals.Rashida Tlaib looks like a fool trying to defend freeing all the Federal prisoners.When will Charlotte get her first phone?Gen Z hates sports... unless it's E-Sports.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is mad at LeBron James again.Women's College Basketball isn't fair even though everything is equal.Nick Cannon's weiner has been exposed (NSFW). He's been showing off his shaft on TV too.RIP Medina Spirit. We check in with his #1 fan, Tom Mazawey. Some people are saying it was an over dose.Heisman Trophy candidates announced. Kenneth Walker III will not be in New York... but 2 other Big Ten players will be.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 5, 2021

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    Michigan wins, Detroit Lions 1st win dedicated to Oxford, the shooter's parents caught & charged, CNN fires Chris Cuomo, Seth Rogan blames white supremacy, Alec Baldwin's excuses, and Tristan Thompson's baby mam drama.The Detroit Lions win their first game in spite of some questionable coaching.College Football Recap: The Michigan Wolverines beat Iowa for the Big Ten Championship and are heading to the College Football Playoffs. Check out the bowl games (that don't matter). Drew was highly invested in the Dr. Pepper Challenges over the weekend.Oxford Updates: The Victims were honored. Panic at the vigil. Ethan Crumbley's parents went "on the run" and were quickly caught. James Crumbley's ex Michelle Cobb has some perfectly strong feelings about him and Jennifer. RIP Bob Dole.Alec Baldwin had his sit down with George Stephanopoulos. It was nauseating. Hilarious Baldwin tell Alec how important he is and how much she loves him... on Instagram. She happy to have her voice back.Thanks to every person who came out to Killer Cares on Thursday. $122,000.000 raised for charity.Nolan Finley wonders what impact Ethan Crumbley age will have on the case.John Hinckley Jr. remains a top YouTube star.Chris Cuomo has been BLOWN OUT from CNN. Sexual assault allegations have come forward as well.Britney Spears is a complete psycho and needs to be put into a conservatorship. It appears Britney's first husband is 'sponsored' Tristan Thompson has had his 3rd baby with his 3rd different woman. Don't worry, he's already promised to have NOTHING to do with the new baby.50 Cent had to apologize to Madonna for making fun of her gross 63-year-old body just like everyone else.Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman made the worst show in the history of entertainment... and it's all the fault of white supremacy.The Bachelor is BOMBING without Chris Harrison. Bachelor Nation is angry that a straight cis-gendered white male is looking for love.Antonio Brown's future is in jeopardy.Mr. Skin will join us tomorrow.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 2, 2021

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    Keith Olbermann's idiotic tweet, schools close over threats, Antonio Brown suspended, Jussie Smollett's trail, Alec Baldwin v. gun experts, a new Bonerline, and Maz checks in on the state of sports.It's Britney Spears birthday and the world has to know all about it.Demi Lovato is no longer 'California Sober'. They no longer support themselves.Oxford Updates: Keith Olbermann's stupid tweet tries tying the Oxford school shooting to Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports and Donald Trump. 60+ local schools were closed follow new threats from idiot kids on social media. A few kids have been arrested today. A new pic of the murderer in Oxford.40 years ago, Drew never would have thought the guy who shot the President would have 1,000 fans of his music... not because of the technology advancements but because he SHOT THE PRESIDENT.High Five Guy wants to donate a washing machine to an animal shelter in our name to settle his failed OSU over Michigan bet before going double or nothing next year."Alec Baldwin Unscripted" drops tonight. A TV show because a woman was killed by a celebrity.Jussie Smollett trial updates. Things get hot and steamy in a bathhouse.There is no sponsor for the Bonerline today. Anyway, call 209-66-Boner.There is too much entertainment these days.ABNN: Antonio Brown has been suspended for violating COVID rules.In other COVID news, LeBron James is in protocol as is Detroit Red Wing, Tyler Bertuzzi.RIP Gunner Ross.Tom Mazawey joins the show to complain about the MLB lockout, complain about Brian Kelly, complain about Antonio Brown, complain about Jon Gruden's firing, complain about Lia Thomas complain about the Detroit Lions, complain about bowl games, complain about China and much more.The NBA is in love with China.Michael Sanchez sold his sister's text messages (including Jeff Bezos penis pics) for $200,000.00.Adam Levine figured 42 is the perfect age to get a stupid face tattoo. Post Show Edit: Apparently it's fake. Real cool, dude.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – December 1, 2021

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    Alec Baldwin reframes his defense on an ABC special, Oxford tragedy update, Omicron in USA, Gary Graff checks in, Brian's Song Anniversary, "Life of Crime" doc on HBO Max, and Killer's Christmas is here.How ya' doin? Happy Chanukah and Happy Hanukkah.Sheriff Michael Bouchard is not happy with social media following the school shooting in Oxford.Alec Baldwin and George Stephanopoulos star in the season's new primetime special where Alec tries a new defense for killing Halyna Hutchins - the magic self shooting gun."Omnicron" visits California.Gary Graff joins the show to promote Smokey Robinson's new hit movie, give us some Christmas gift ideas to the rock-dog in your life, Brian Wilson's new documentary and of course... GET BACK!Dave Grohl is doing more things because you haven't seen him enough lately.In honor of the anniversary of Brian's Song, we present the Cliff Notes Theater version.If you're listening to this before Thursday, 12/1 at 4pm... come see us at The Lodge in Keego Harbor to raise money for Killer's Christmas.More information to unpack with the Oxford High tragedy.Aidan Hutchinson is such a stud, not only is his mom beautiful, but his grandma is a smokeshow."Spotify Wrapped" dropped and we share Drew's Post-Show-Jam playlist. We also have the top songs played on the show this year.We try Andy Dick for the hell of it. Buy his Cameos for Christmas!Clarence Avant was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His wife was murdered in her home last night."Life of Crime 1984-2020" on HBO Max is a tough watch, but worth the viewing.Jim South took great Christmas photos of Marc Fellhauer and his lovely family.Ron Jeremy looks like a homeless Santa Claus as he awaits his new trial date.Sandra Bullock apparently lives in the most racist city in California.Brent Pry is the new head coach of Virginia Tech football.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 30, 2021

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    Tragedy at Oxford High, Tiger Woods "opens up", Elizabeth Holmes & Jizzlaine Maxwell's trials, Detroit Tigers sign Javier Báez, Aaron Carter's drama, and we check in with High Five Guy about his Mich/OSU bet.The newest school shooting is a local one at Oxford High. Two dead and eight injured.Debbie Dingell's office has been vandalized. The comment section doesn't seem to have much sympathy.We check in with the Tan Hill Inn in England where concertgoers were snowed in with an Oasis cover band.SPORTS: The Detroit Tigers added shortstop Javier Báez. MLB is probably heading towards a lockout. Mel Tucker is the Big Ten Coach of the Year. Aiden Hutchinson is the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year... and his mother is smoking hot. The Detroit Lions released ANOTHER 2nd round pick. Kenny Golladay has let Marc's (and every other owner's) fantasy team down in 2021.Drew is highly disappointed in our audience after a disappointing Twitter Poll. Marc is thrilled that people believe him and voted truthfully in spite of some heavy propaganda.Brian Kelly bails in style on Notre Dame for more money at LSU.Stephen Ross is single and ready to mingle, but should really focus on Michigan Athletic NIL deals.We discuss the relationships of Hugh Jackman, country superstar Randy Travis and Sam Taylor-Johnson.Aaron Carter had a baby... and then dumped his baby mama in one week... for talking to his sister.Chris Cuomo has been suspended indefinitely from CNN. Don Lemon gave him a vigorously touching sendoff.Jon Gruden knows what it's like to have messages released.Elizabeth Holmes is the true victim in the Theranos trial... according to her defense team.Jizzlaine Maxwell is also trying to play the victim, but the victims testimony contradicts her defense.Former police officer, Kim Potter, is on trial for the death of Daunte Wright.Tiger Woods "opens up" about crashing cars and golfing selected events with a hard-hitting interview in Golf Digest.We check in with High Five Guy to brag about Michigan over OSU and see if he'll pony up the money he owes Drew.Come see us at Killer Cares!Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 29, 2021

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    "Omnicron" fever, Chris Cuomo's days are numbered, ASU v. Kyle Rittenhouse, Rihanna's new PJs, new Cameos, stars are just like US, Eli stops by, and Marc v. the B1G Championship.Happy Cyber Monday! Hope you got some merch because we'll probably never do it again."Omnicron" has taken it over the world.An Oasis cover band is trapped in an England pub with nothing but booze, music and bar food.Eli Zaret and his busted hip show up to talk big MLB contracts, Michigan vs OSU, Bob Stoops to the Sooners, Aaron Rodgers > Matthew Stafford, Jon Vaughn vs Jim Harbaugh, and Killer Cares THIS Thursday.Kyle Rittenhouse's online classmates want him kicked off of campus at Arizona State. ASU needs to get back to what they are good at now that Tulane University took their crown.BranDon has never seen Curb Your Enthusiasm. He prefers South Park: Post COVID.Tony Bennett wraps up his career with Lady Gaga... who he apparently remembers.Chris Cuomo is the best brother ever and helped brother Andrew with accusers like "that wedding girl".Matthew McConaughey is not running for Governor in Texas. Some people are saying he's joining The Rock's 2024 Presidential ticket.George Clooney talked about crashing his motorcycle.Rihanna has the dumbest pajamas possibly ever, but some people can't figure out how they work.Kanye West will get back with Kim Kardashian... as soon as she's done banging Pete Davidson.Jizzlaine Maxwell trial is underway. Jussie Smollett trial is underway.Tom Mazawey interrupts the show to ask Marc to go to Indianapolis with him. Marc is "choosing" to skip Michigan's Big Ten Championship.Drew watched all 8 hours of The Beatles: Get Back... again.Tabloids: Jessica Simpson is living a lie. Tori Spelling is too broke to divorce. Stars are JUST like us. Russell Crowe needs emergency liposuction. Bill and Hillary are inching towards a massive divorce. Kathie Lee and Craig Ferguson are getting it on. Donatella Versace's face is bizarre.Crime Near Drew: George Harry II is a terrible son. Abductions are taking place right around the corner.These celebrities need YOUR money for personalized messages on Cameo!Tom Arnold's sister was the Queen of Meth.Our listeners love Hunter Biden and are really mad that we're not talking about Jared Kushner. Get ready for a Hunter Biden movie.No more merch for you.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 28, 2021

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    Michigan beats Ohio & wins the B1G East, The Beatles: Get Back, Dave Chappelle v. kids at his alma mater, Seth Rogen vs Twitter (again), Killer Cares Christmas is this Thursday and the very last call for merch.CFB Recap: Michigan finally defeated Ohio State. The Cult is back! It's too hard to pronounce Jaxon Smith-Njigba's name. Virginia Tech won the Commonwealth Cup. MSU beat Penn State. Nebraska are the Lions of College Football. Auburn blew it vs 'Bama and Gary Danielson is still mad at a player for running out of bounds.The Detroit Lions still suck. Plus, they don't know how time outs work.Poor little Madelyn's Christmas is ruined as Jeremy Dix (Dicks?) has purchased an F-150 from Szott Ford and Michigan won forcing Bran-Don to pay up his bet.Warning: Cyber Monday is the very last opportunity for you to get merch... possibly ever.Happy Chanukah!Cult on the Street post Michigan/OSU.Matt Riley showed up hung over with no voice at all to promote Killer's Christmas. Come see us Thursday, December 2nd at The Lodge Grill & Bar in Keego Harbor.Omicron is the latest and greatest variant of COVID.Joe Biden's poll numbers continue to suck balls and so some other presidential candidates are being floated around.Some dude from Guatemala actually survived the old 'wheel well stowaway'.Some brats at Dave Chappelle's alma mater don't like him so much. The comedian responds.Watch Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett get it on tonight on CBS.People on TikTok are defending the Menendez brothers and Drew is NOT having.Ghislaine Maxwell's trial is kicking off.Madonna wants to show her nips her all over Instagram, but just like as in 2014, they're not having it.Lindsay Lohan is getting married and Michael Lohan approves despite knowing her fiancé's name.Britney Spears went shopping! Yay!Seth Rogen is still getting into Twitter fights and making people mad.Jon Gosselin got bit by a spider.The Beatles: Get Back hit Disney+ and Drew was rock all weekend. Top Beatles albums... GO! Some people are saying Mal Evans is the Tom Mazawey of The Beatles.Miranda Devine has authored Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.Lincoln Riley is bailing Oklahoma for USC.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 23, 2021

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    Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Grammy nominations, Astronaut Strahan, Waukesha murderer rings the right doorbell, WATP Karl joins us, a Bonerline, and the last chance to get our merch... forever.Happy Thanksgiving! Big Sean will perform halftime at the Detroit Lions game. Michigan will face Ohio State on Saturday.It everyone's last chance to get our merchandise.... possibly forever. Canada is finally welcome to spend money.Will Stan Edwards show up at Killer Cares and confront Stoney? Come and see all while supporting a great cause. Plus, we will be there.More info is out on the death of John O'Leary, the epitome of Detroit rock DJs.WTCM alum, Erika Erickson, leaves Fox 2 to work for 'The Man' in the form of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.Jeremy Dicks is the winner of Drew's football tickets for the Michigan/Ohio State game.James Franklin locks in a long term contract with Penn State. His former player at Vandy, Zac Stacy, is roaming the streets after posting bail.The Waukesha murderer should have never been on the road. "Milwaukee's Malcolm X" believes the revolution has started so he can get clout. The Anti-Zooves (Daniel Rider) apparently sheltered Darrell Brooks for a brief period. JJ Watt is paying for all the funerals.Michigan students needed counseling over the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.Lyla is a terror today.No one in Onaway can act like an adult in the case between upset hot mom and the school Superintendent.WATP's Karl "chews up space" on the show with clips from Losers With A Dream with Lisa Lampanelli, Tim Dillon's take on John Hinckley Jr, Tim Dillon vs Michael Che, The Morning After with Kelly Stafford & Pretzelgate, and promote the local WATB (Who Are These Beers).Jerkmate brings you the Bonerline. Call or text 209-66-Boner to have your voice heard.BranDon really wants to see Oliver Stone's new JFK doc. QAnon nut jobs are STILL in Dealey Plaza waiting for JFK Jr and Tupac. Hinck-Dog continues to make bangers.2022 Grammy Nominations: Nominations are out. Sexual predators are nominees and Rolling Stone is upset. Machine Gun Kelly is super sad for being snubbed. Jay-Z has the most nomination in history. Tony Bennett has no idea he's nominated.Drew is rock over Prince's cover of Radiohead's Creep.Howard Stern is mad at Aaron Rodgers... again.Farrah Abraham has new gross sex tape out and BranDon is forcing us to watch it. It's so bad we're not linking it.Sherri Shepherd is probably going to replace Wendy Williams.Chrissy Teigen got eyebrow implants and acts like that is totally normal.Tom Cruise now looks bizarre in a different way.Geena Davis is unrecognizable and dressed "crummy".Michael Strahan is the latest "astronaut" to go to space in Jeff Bezos' penis rocket. He actually might be the most deserving one of the group.Joe Biden doesn't have time for your questions. End of quote. He says he's going to run again in 2024.Matthew McConaughey is smoking the competition in Texas polls because that American politics now.BranDon's hot take: Ohio State will beat Michigan this weekend. Marc is still holding out for a miracle.Enjoy some Mr. Stress & Wampler Foods.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 22, 2021

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    Gary Hoey joins us & Eli stops by, cheap shot LeBron, Waukesha parade attack, RIP John O'Leary, Janet Jackson's "Malfunction" doc, the death of Arturo Gatti, Smithers comes out on The Simpson's, and the AMAs prove we're old.Wisconsin can't catch a break as a Christmas parade (in November?) turned into a mass casualty event. The murderer, Darrell Brooks, has quite the rap sheet.RIP to longtime Detroit DJ John O'Leary.Eli Zaret joins the show to preview Michigan/OSU, rip apart the terrible Detroit Lions, talk hanging out with stud quarterbacks, NIL Subway challenges, discuss LeBron James and the Malice at the Palace Part II, bet BranDon that Carlos Correa won't come to the Tigers and complain about AB's fake vaccine card.Drew has a book on microdosing and he's about to be "enlightened".Gary Ho Ho Hoey joins the show to promote his upcoming show at the Magic Bag on December 10th, his Rock Legends Cruise in 2022, his hit Facebook show with his mom and much more.An off comment about Mickey Ward with Gary Hoey leads us to the wild story of Arturo Gatti.Mike Tyson's bodyguard is making up wild stories about sex and Iron Mike.Music: The AMA's happened last night and nobody knew about it. The ratings were awful. MGK is a "rock star". Drew does NOT want Jennifer Lopez in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Britney Spears loves Lady Gaga and HATES Christina Aguilera. Tiffany had the worst performance possibly ever. The New York Times did a reclamation "documentary" on Janet Jackson and Nipplegate.Johnny Cash was a speed freak.Help out Righteous Rick's son.Drew is excited to watch High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell.People could not wait to jump on the Waukesha tragedy for political purposes.The USFL is back... including the Michigan Panthers.The Baymont Inn & Suites in Helen, Georgia won't tolerate guests giving mediocre reviews online.Smithers came out of the closet on The Simpson's last night. How long can The Simpson's last? Al Jean wants it to go on forever.Come see us at Killer Cares.All you Americans out there should buy our merch. You Canadians can keep trying.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 21, 2021

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    The High Five Champion joins us, Michigan v. OSU week, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Britney v. Xtina, Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted, new Kid Rock, Drew Crime, and everyone is old.The Detroit Lions lost again. Marc somehow thinks they're "close" despite having no talent. An asphalt company is being attacked by the Lions for running truthful commercials during their games.The Michigan State Spartans were exposed by the Ohio State Buckeyes. Good luck, Michigan.Drew loved the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.Lyla's streak is back to 0 due to "human error".Britney Spears is really mad that Christina Aguilera didn't make the Latin awards about Britney Spears.HBO released the Alanis Morissette Music Box: Jagged documentary. No one can figure out why Alanis was so upset at the filmmakers. Mathew Moroun was the latest billionaire to hang out in the Red Shovel Studios.Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges. GoFundMe refused to raise funds for Rittenhouse. A police officer was fired for donating $25 to his defense. His attorney is getting death threats and he wants Don Jr. and Matt Gaetz to shut up. Nicholas Sandmann wants to be his bestie. Joe Biden called Rittenhouse a white supremacist, so everyone wants Kyle to sue him. Trevor Bauer makes it all about himself.Alec Baldwin is having a great time post murder.Meghan Markle did the most embarrassing comedy bit on Ellen.Jonah Falcon is so tired of being asked about his massive dong.Jim Acosta vs Tucker Carlson.Janet Jackson has a new "victim documentary" out. Morning radio paid the ultimate price for her wardrobe malfunction.48 Hours covered the 1987 murders of Tanya Van Cuylenborg and Jay Cook.High Five Man aka, Teddy McHuggin aka, Jeff Ondash joins the show to brag about his new world record giving high fives and predicts a huge OSU victory over Michigan. Jeff is also the hugging champion of the world.Some people are saying there was some "point manipulation" going on in the Michigan/UNLV basketball game.Turns out our store is being mean to Canadians. Please buy our merch.Roger Clemens' son is a Detroit Tiger. Carlos Correa is too expensive for Detroit.Vaccines: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are passing the buck on Antonio Brown's fake vaccination card. Kyrie Irving hates the COVID vaccine so much that he's just going to wait until this blows over. Stellantis is require the jab... for salaried employees only because they aren't in a union. TSA has a deadline coming up.Martin Luther King Jr. High School students walked out because their school is not ready to operate during the pandemic.Don't you dare order late at the Southgate Tim Horton's drive thru.Some people are saying Drew complaining about CVS has led to 900 closures.The booster shot gave Drew diarrhea.Nobody is going to watch Paris Hilton's stupid wedding video streaming on Peacock.Kid Rock dropped a new a tune and it rocks. TMZ cries about it.Fordham University is wrapped in a Zoom "masturbation" scandal.Killer Cares is December 2nd.Gary Hoey will join us tomorrow.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 18, 2021

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    Vinnie from The Lucid joins us, Led Zeppelin songs ranked, a Bonerline, Charlie LeDuff on Gov. Whitmer, ex-NFL RB Zac Stacy on the run, Tommy & Pam, Pete & Kim, Belarus & Poland, and Drew's firing listeners.Buy all your Christmas gifts right here.Drew continues to fire listeners. Don had better still be listening to Mojo.Music: The RIFF Rock Hall of Fame (& email farming) website is here. Ranking all 92 Led Zeppelin tunes. Eddie Vedder has a new song out. He once helped Joe Strummer rolled a joint. Jonah Hill will be playing Jerry Garcia in a new biopic.Sports: Robbie Ray won the Cy Young and the 2014 Tigers look amazing! Justin Verlander signed a deal with the Astros. Carlos Correa and AJ Hinch were spotted together today. Chinese tennis player, Peng Shuai, is still missing despite shady emails. LeBron James has no comment. 40% of the Ottawa Senators have COVID despite 100% of the team being vaccinated. Antonio Brown is being accused of buying a fake vaccination card.The TSA is gearing up for a busy Thanksgiving travel season. Utility workers don't need to be vaccinated.Vinnie Dombroski Zooms in to discuss The Lucid, working with ICP, Lennon covers and upcoming shows.Jerkmate brings you the Bonerline. Call or text 209-66-Boner to have your voice heard.The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is still in deliberation.Drew continues to defend Lyla despite multiple interruptions.Trudi continues to raid the fridge.Warren Evans really wants Kwame crony, William Phillips, on the mental health board.Audiotree CEO, Michael Johnston, has been BLOWN OUT after getting busted secretly filming his nannies.Richard Carpenter popped up on CBS to push his importance in the music industry.Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes' soft lovemaking is over.Pete and Kim are IG official.Charlie LeDuff joins the show to ask why Gretchen Whitmer and Joe Biden are avoiding each other. He'll have more on No BS News tomorrow.Joe Rogan vs the media's "left-wing cult".Rust crew members are suing Alec Baldwin.Bill Maher spoke with Chris Cuomo on CNN.There's a border standoff between migrants at the Belarus/Poland.Britney Spears is a nut. Her ex husband Jason Alexander is getting hot.The Pam & Tommy trailer dropped and it looks better than we thought it would.South Park teased their upcoming special.Former NFL RB Zac Stacy is a terrible baby-daddy and a bad man. He's currently on the run without a football.That BEAST Meghan Markle appeared on Ellen to make up stories and not talk about her dad.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 17, 2021

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    The Verve Pipe play live for us, Kelly Stafford v. 49er fans, Bezos booed, Britney Spears new found "voice", Maz checks in, President Biden visits Michigan, Young Dolph shot dead, and Lyla's streak ends.Sales are low at drewandmikestore.com. We're never doing merch again.Tom Labuda's art is kinda for sale on the web now that it's appreciated. He and Marcus tore up the strip clubs yesterday and were allowed to take pictures for some reason.Tennis star, Peng Shuai, stood up to a Chinese big shot and now she'll never be heard from again.Lyla's Joe DiMaggio's streak is back to zero.Brian Vander Ark and The Verve Pipe join the show via Zoom to promote their 9th record, Threads. Check out their new tunes.The "Brothers in Bands" list is quite impressive.Drew just found out we did a FB live today.Trudi is still recovering from the Rolling Stones concert/date.Our listeners gave us a bunch of "celebrity" phone numbers and they all suck. Send REAL celebrity numbers to 209-66-Boner.Kelly Stafford threw a pretzel at 49er fans for ragging Matthew's poor performance vs. San Francisco. She took full responsibility.MSU is looking to lock in Mel Tucker for 10 years with a contract he'll eventually break.Britney Spears finally "got her voice back" and she's over using it.Jeopardy hates Mayim Bialik.We miss Chris Harrison so much that no one even knows that The Bachelor is still on TV.The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict is still up in the air as of our recording. A cell phone video caused a ruckus.President Biden is in town visiting a GM plant. His health is being discussed just like every 80-year-old.OSHA pauses the mandates after they lost the ping pong match.Jeff Bezos donated $500,000.00 (or 4 minutes of work) and it wasn't enough.Killer Cares is back December 2nd. Meet Bran-Don, White Boy Rick and Tommy Hearns.Mike Tyson licks frogs. It sounds like Drew REALLY wants to do micro dose.Tom Mazawey joins the show to discuss Mike Utley, CFP rankings, Detroit's brand-new quarterback Tim Boyle, Mel Tucker's supposed contract and take a look at OSU vs MSU. Bill Dooley is a penis.Righteous Rick's son could use some help and prayers.Music: Vinnie Dombroski has yet ANTOHER band. Roger Daltrey beefs about the Rolling Stones. Paul McCartney called them a cover band. 60 Minutes previewed The Beatles doc out Thanksgiving on Disney+.Bloomfield Hills High School has a graffiti problem.Where has Gretchen Whitmer been? The state could use some EMT's.Tim Edmunds had a great time burning through all of the UAW's money.Young Dolph has been murdered. These dudes should be the 1st suspects.Leonardo DiCaprio is going to don the shoe polish and play Jim Jones.Kanye and Drake have squashed their beef. Drake recently dropped $1,000,000.00 at a strip club. He's also named in the $750,000,000.00 lawsuit filed by victims of the Astroworld crowd crush.Tiger King 2 is out. Trudi is watching Dexter.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 16, 2021

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    Drew's Rolling Stones review, Bloomfield Hills High School walkout, Mel Gibson's best acting job, Joe Biden v. Kamala Harris, Gary Graff checks in, Daniel Baldwin defends Alec, and Drew brags about his immunity.The Rolling Stones played a packed show at Ford Field. Parking for Ford Field is the worst... unless you're Ben Franklin.Drew had Rolling Stone adventures with Matt Shepard and his best friend in the whole wide world, Kirk Gibson.Who's this mystery dude getting close to our Trudi?Gary Graff joins us to break down the Stones, review the new Paul McCartney book, explain Metallica's 'Black Box', discuss Jack White's TWO upcoming albums and give his take on the Astroworld debacle.This Flo commercial always makes us laugh.Alec Baldwin: Baby brother, Daniel, comes to his defense. Daniel was also nude at the Plaza Hotel that one time... and was busted for grand theft auto... and finally on celebrity rehab. Another baby brother, Stephen, once tried to pick up Trudi with a business card. George Clooney gives his two cents about guns on a set.Charlie Sheen once pulled a 'Daniel Baldwin'... at the same hotel.Mel Gibson is making Lethal Weapon 5. We remember his greatest acting job of all time.Justin Fuente has been BLOWN OUT by Virginia Tech Tremendous School. Shane Beamer is pretending he doesn't want the job. Yeah, right.Justin Verlander is probably going to be a New York Yankee. Noah Syndergaard is heading to LA.Michigan Schools: Bloomfield Hills is apparently extremely racist. Every student in Detroit is suspended or not going to school. Port Huron teachers & students need a mental health day.There was a "it could have been me" local angle on the Travis Scott Astroworld disaster.All the really religious student athletes at Western Michigan win big in court.Drew has so much immunity that he's willing to sleep with a smallpox blanket and make out with Magic Johnson.It sure doesn't seem that the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is going to unite anyone. The prosecutor can't do anything right except for aiming a gun.Thomas Labuda brought his art to the studio and The Edmund to BranDon's house. He and Marcus are currently crushing the strip clubs along 8 Mile.Around the US: New NYC Mayor Eric Adams takes on Black Lives Matter. Seattle police are a slow to the call. A Maryland Mayor is busted for revenge porn.The Detroit Lions are onto their 3rd kicker of the year. #BringBackHanson.Andrew Sullivan is taking on media narratives.25% of Twitter users make 97% of tweets.Chrissy Teigen had a Squid Game party and people are angry.Kamala Harris doesn't seem to like the President very much.GMA and the Better Business Bureau let us know of the holiday scams. If you fall for these, you're an idiot.Go to the Drew and Mike Store... if you can.Rod Meloni joined ML Soul of Detroit to tell the story of Keith Ciszewski.Brian Vander Ark will join us tomorrow.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 15, 2021

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    Adele's Oprah interview, Vladimir Konstantinov's GoFundMe, Rolling Stone v. Marilyn Manson, Kyle Rittenhouse trial almost over, Eli stops by, Dave Portnoy arguing, and some listeners are breaking up with us.The Rolling Stones are in town. Fox 2's Kelly Rowe pulled an Avril Lavigne.Google is being stupid and won't index our store clearly because of the Covid supply chain. Just simply click HERE, go to drewandmikestore.com or click the link from our website.Eli Zaret joins us (after being blistered by the audience) to complain about commercials during football games, introduce us to Ryan Santoso, predict an OSU victory over Michigan, and dig into the changes in college sports. Eli may be getting on the microdosing bandwagon.Stupid Government: No one believes polls. 60 Minutes covered the supply chain debacle and no one has a solution. The Infrastructure Bill will save everything except for the electrical grid and ports.The Kyle Rittenhouse prosecutor Thomas Binger looks like Jason Colthorp. Kyle's mom breaks her silence with zero remorse. The National Guard is coming to town. Trudi predicts a protest/court house Inception loop for Kyle.Someone tell Ron that Gen Milley talked with China. Thanks a lot, Ron.Alex Jones has lost ANOTHER Sandy Hook suit bring his record to 0-4 in defamation lawsuits.We have a BRAND-NEW Legacy winner! Congrats to ____________!Adele and Oprah chummed it up on TV in a very unreliable interview.Marilyn Manson is not a very good guy and Rolling Stone is now "holding him accountable".Marc tries to insert Curb Your Enthusiasm references into every conversation.Drew v. BranDon: Dave Portnoy.Former Lions quarterback, Scott Mitchell, popped up on Dateline as he was buddies with Chad Daybell. Some people were shocked by seeing him.The Detroit Tigers have signed lefty Eduardo Rodríguez.Red Wings: Vladimir Konstantinov needs a GoFundMe to pay his medical bills. The Ilitch family must hate Sergei Fedorov to not retire his #91 jersey. The media does not care to find out why Dylan Larkin missed time with the Wings. IT'S PERSONAL!!!!!Mick Jagger is hanging around Detroit for the gram.We fight more about Dave Portnoy.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 14, 2021

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    Our merch store returns, Detroit Lions perfectly tie, Andy Dick arrested, Britney is freed, Dana Nessel drunk, Tom Labuda checks in, a Bonerline, Jizzlaine Maxwell speaks, and Taylor Swift's still mad at Jake Gyllenhaal.The Triple Threat Trio dropped by for the weekend and Lyla got stoned.Drew is a sheep and got another COVID shot. Its Marshall Crenshaw and The Smithereens fault.Federal vaccine mandates are on hold.The Drew and Mike Store is OPEN. Spend all your money there to avoid problems with the covid supply chains.Drew watched the new James Bond film, but doesn't seem to remember any of it for some reason. One thing is for sure, Drew is not a fan of Female 007.The Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers may have played the most entertaining and laughable worst football game ever. No one even knows who the Lions kicker is... even though he was on the team before.Michigan beat Penn State, but everyone agrees they'll lose to OSU. A Bonerliner sent us Evan Marriott's phone number. We drop everything to see if it works.Drew REALLY wants to microdose.Tom Labuda leaves us multiple Labooty calls. We check in to make sure the Edmund made it to it's memorial today.Brass Against's lead singer is sorry for consensually peeing on a fan's face during a show.Andy Dick is arrested AGAIN. We chat with Elisa Jordana to get the low down.Don't mess with Gary Plauché's children (NSFW).Britney Spears is finally FREE!!! Sam Asghari is already literally cashing in on her.Jerkmate brings you the Bonerline. Call or text 209-66-Boner to have your voice heard.The Royal Oak Post Office Shooting anniversary coincides with Drew's arrival in Detroit.We're getting 1-star reviews because Drew doesn't like Kyle Rittenhouse. This is the best thing that happened during the entire trial.Sex is so out of style these days as young people don't want to get it on.Life is really difficult for Jizzlaine Maxwell these days. Unlike those days she was hiding from the FBI the media.Dana Nessel can't hold her booze. RIP Kelly Rossman-McKinney.Joe Biden's latest polls don't look so good. He's also apparently a huge racist according to Twitter.Elon Musk vs Bernie Sanders.Taylor Swift sang a 10-minute song on SNL to complain about Jake Gyllenhaal again. Jake barely rebounded after dating her for 3 months.Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are being inappropriate again.OMG, Paris Hilton got married... for TV.Eli Zaret joins us tomorrow.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 10, 2021

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    Little Steven joins the show, The Hawk divides, Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Brian Williams quits, racist grammar, the Sexiest Man Alive, Impeachment finale, and the story of the stubborn pilot: Dennis Collier.The ageless Paul Rudd is the Sexiest Man Alive. Bowen Yang apparently is sexy as well.Brian Vander Ark wants to sing us a song next week.Meghan Markle is busted by her former communications director. Prince Harry predicted Jan. 6 riot & was promptly ghosted by @jack.Little Steven Van Zandt joins the show to promote his new book, Unrequited Infatuations.The Hawk has divided the listeners. Vote here.Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand at his trial today. He cried and the judge got really mad at the prosecutor.Lyla's interruptions are now sponsored.Minnesota Viking's RB Dalvin Cook has been accused of assault by his former girlfriend.Alec Baldwin has a dropped a new podcast episode proving that we "all grieve differently".DMP TMZ tracked down Zero Bond to ask if Pete Davidson "crushed that pound cake", Kim Kardashian.Alec Baldwin dines in NYC like nothing ever happened.Tom Labuda needs to get Edmund to Detroit.Dennis Collier may be the most stubborn pilot possibly ever. He crashed 7 times in one trip.Michigan is ahead of MSU in the CFB polls... despite losing to them.The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers were fined for not following the rules.Soccer now has its own Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan story.The final episode of Impeachment dropped featuring an angry Brett Kavanaugh and Paula Jones in Penthouse.The NYT is putting out a documentary about how Janet Jackson was wronged in the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show wardrobe malfunction.Brian Williams is leaving MSNBC, but he could be lying.Joe Biden asks the tattle tale's out there to step up.Facebook is the worst. Confirmed.Grammar is apparently racist. Bob Page's parents are rolling over in their graves.A high school athlete said a bad word and was disqualified from his race.Drew has the Triple Threat Trio coming into town and he's not sure if he wants to do a show tomorrow.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 9, 2021

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    Mitch Albom bores Dr. Phil, Travis Scott's Astroworld investigation, Joe Millionaire returns, WATP Karl joins us, revenge of the Portnoy, Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and the Hawk is back & out of control.Bill Burr is at the Fox Theater this week.Coming Up on the Show: Little Steven joins us tomorrow. Brian Vander Ark will Zoom in next week. Vinnie Dombroski may make an appearance as he and ICP recently got together to record Heart & Soul.Eli Zaret further decided our audience with his hot takes.Aaron Rodgers is back with Pat McAfee and this time he's sorry. State Farm is sticking with him. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is not happy with him.Ice Cube is turning down movie roles to avoid getting vaccinated.The Houston Texans should just play Deshaun Watson.Get some tickets to Michigan vs. Ohio State by dropping by Szott Ford in Holly.The dude on the Bonerline that hates The Hawk has been banned from listening to the show. The Hawk steps up today to throw in the face of the haters.Sports Notes: Jim Harbaugh's 15 word answer in his press conference was manna for sports reporters. Casey Mize gets SNUBBED. Tony Paul's top free agents has JV coming home.Airline chaos is on the way just in time for the holidays.Karl from WATP joined the show to tell us of his super-spreader Bills party, learn about The Rumor, rip apart the Bertcast and take a huge dump on What's One More with Alec & Hilarious Baldwin.Nobody understands crypto and people like Tom Brady pretend they do.The Kyle Rittenhouse trial seems to matter a whole lot to some people.Travis Scott's Astroworld fallout continues.Mitch Albom bored Dr. Phil's audience to death. The Washington Post review of his book is much better reading.Will Smith spills in his new book: Will.Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was a girl, then a boy, and now she is a girl again.M. Night Shyamalan movies went downhill after that first one.RIP Dean Stockwell. Remember when Scott Bakula was "retarded"?Joe Millionaire is BACK! We miss Evan Marriott.We roll through random pages at boobpedia.com (NSFW, duh).Kamala Harris is missing.Butt lifts have been around a lot longer than we thought.Dave Portnoy is suspended from Twitter. He jumped on Tucker Carlson to defend himself against the reporting without one mention of the women.Charlie LeDuff will be on Tucker Carlson soon. Bloop.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 8, 2021

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    We're Fast & Furious, Darren Pang dials in, DiCaprio v. Bezos, Aaron Rodgers ruined Howard Stern's weekend, Scottie Pippen popping off, Trudi & Marc: Toilet Twins, Eli stops by, and Drew wants to leave the Earth.Marc and Trudi both started the show on the toilet... together and separate.Darren Pang (of Stéphane Yelle/Chris Chelios fame) joins the show to promote The Jamie Daniels Foundation Celebrity Roast of Brett Hull.Music: Nobody hates Dolly Parton. The Bee Gees wrote Islands in The Stream. Martha Reeves has been invited to join the Rolling Stones on stage at Ford Field on November 15th. Drew likes Marvin Gaye's super slow version of Yesterday.Some people are saying Dave Portnoy released his own sex tape to preemptively combat the Business Insider article.Drew is upset that Aaron Rodgers is getting more hate than Deshaun Watson. Some people are saying that Kyrie Irving got the most crap.Lyla's streak is back at 0 days."Rude little pig" Ireland Baldwin comes to Travis Scott's defense.Kylie Jenner's cosmetics business appears to suffer due to her husband's concert etiquette.Bill Maher is a confirmed bachelor.Coleman Young II is better at winning elections than Joel Loving.Byron Allen thinks McDonald's is racist because he wants them to spend more money on advertising with his networks.'See It My Way' with Eli Zaret zones in on Aaron Rodgers, Kyrie Irving and Barstool's Dave Portnoy. Jim Harbaugh vs Mel Tucker. Jordan Love hates his family. State Farm must hate the vaccine.Drew tells the tale of murdered prosecutor, and possible groomer, Steve Tauzer.1/3 of all Millennials are apparently LGBT.Scottie Pippen pops off on GMA. This time he's whining to promote his poorly titled new book.This is probably the last tour for the geriatric Rolling Stones.Vin Diesel is trying to get The Rock back in the F&F family... but hopefully he's too busy running for president in 2024.We try to figure out the entire Fast & Furious franchise in one segment.Look at these famous bald people with hair.Lauren Sanchez wants to bang Leo DiCaprio. Jeff Bezos certainly wants to watch.Don Lemon "vigorously" wants to settle his lawsuit. Dustin Hice ain't having it.Flute Rock is BACK as Jethro Tull is dropping new tunes.Howard Stern wants Aaron Rodgers kicked out of the NFL because he ruined his weekend.Las Vegas had two top-20 picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. They are gone now.Drew hates 'Build Back Better'.Kyle Rittenhouse had a good day in court.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 7, 2021

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    Terry Bradshaw: shock analyst, Aaron Rodgers lies about lying, Joe Biden farted, Travis Scott's Astroworld concert deaths, Donald Trump on Alec Baldwin, Bill Maher v. Gen Z, and lots of Drew Crime.CFB Recap: Jim Harbaugh bores everyone to victory over Indiana. MSU falls to the Purdue 'Spoilermakers'. Virginia Tech sucks at football. OSU won and will beat Michigan. UNC beat Wake Forest.NFL: The Las Vegas Raiders have ANOTHER player in trouble. Aaron Rodgers explained his 'research' on Pat McAfee's show. Aaron is losing his health endorsements. Terry Bradshaw is now the shock commentator on Fox NFL Sunday. Every person in Patrick Mahomes' life needs to go away. OBJ just wants to win.SNL has a new Donald Trump and it's way better than Alec Baldwin's impression. Meanwhile, the real Donald Trump breaks his silence on Alec Baldwin by suggesting he loaded the gun that killed Halyna Hutchins on a random podcast. Hilarious Baldwin checks in to let everyone know that she and Alec have a great life.Marc has a boner for the Ford F-100 Eluminator.Chaos at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival. It's not his first rodeo encouraging the crowd into bad behavior. Kylie Jenner want people to know that Mr. Scott is a victim too. People have died at concerts in the past as well.Dave Portnoy is on the Twitter offensive. Drew has more words to say about the Business Insider story from last Thursday.Marilyn Manson is an all-star groomer.Joe Biden farted and Camilla Parker-Bowels cannot stop talking about it. He may have pooped his pants as well.Britney Watch 2021: Britney Spears took her sons to the boring Van Gogh exhibit. Some people are saying the kids want to go home and play Fortnite. Lynne Spears doesn't want to pay her attorneys... that's Britney's job.Drew Crime: 20/20 covered the Happy Face Killer. His name should be the Turd Murderer. Dateline featured Carlos Hallowell, the most ungrateful human in history.Impeachment: American Crime Story is good and you should watch it. Bill Clinton is NOT dead.Bill Maher tees off on Zoomers.Brendan Santo is still missing in East Lansing.Drew hates fraternities.Too many people are showing up to Drew's house. Lyla's incessive turds are ruining Drew's relationships with his neighbors. BranDon's yard is completely filled with deer shit. Marc = Ratman.Kenny Aronoff has drummed for EVERYBODY. We're trying to lock him in.Elon Musk is looking to Twitter polls for financial advice.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 4, 2021

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    Magic's HIVersary, Dave Portnoy sex allegations, Yahoo Sports' Dan Wetzel joins us, a new Bonerline, Phoenix Suns owner is a buffoon, dig up and cancel Michael Landon & Kirk Douglas, and Costco Connection's letters to the editor.Weekend Football is almost here: MSU head to Purdue. Michigan spends the night with Indiana. Detroit Lions won't lose this weekend... huh huh huh huh.Happy anniversary to Magic Johnson.Dave Portnoy has been accused of sexual misconduct. Hear his side of the story here.Tom Mazawey is getting bullied at Woodward Sports by Kennedy.Dan Wetzel dials in to chat MSU & Michigan, weigh in on the Henry Ruggs III accident, discuss the OBJ debacle, try and explain the Aaron Rodgers situation and more. Check out his great College Football podcast right here.Tom Hanks was supposed to go to space with Blue Origin... but he turned it down and William Shatner jumped on board. The Virgin Galactic celebrity waitlist isn't very diverse.Jerkmate brings you the Bonerline. Call or text 209-66-Boner to have your voice heard.Athlete parents are the worst and they are getting worse.Marc is reluctantly overpaying for this year's Tickle Me Elmo. We should put one through the woodchipper... if we get two.We're all getting aboard #Team Zayn.Meta (Facebook) is done analyzing your face now that they have images of everyone.The jury in the death of Ahmaud Arbery is drawing criticism for being too white.Drew still hates CVS.Big D Energy: Pete Davidson keeps taking Kim Kardashian on dates to places in New York, so we keep calling them. Kim K's team photo is embarrassing. TMZ decided to get John Legend and Hypo-Chrissy Teigen to comment simply because they were available.Paul McCartney is a cover boy for Costco Connection, but the highlight of the magazine is the letters to the editor.Kamala Harris is fighting with Dr. Jill Biden.Politics: James Carville blames "stupid wokeness" for the Democrats latest losses. AOC says hold my beer. President Biden's vaccine mandates are confusing everyone.Dig up Kirk Douglas' bones and cancel him. While the shovel is out, dig up and cancel Michael Landon again. Don't cancel Buck Rogers even though he seemingly spread gonorrhea everywhere.Running Brave is Drew's favorite movie about Native American Olympic runners.ESPN finally dropped their big piece on Robert Sarver, the owner of the Phoenix Suns. He's a privileged man-child that allegedly loves using the N word. The NBA is investigating.NFL is very popular.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 3, 2021

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    Sebastian Bach rocks with us, Atlanta Braves World Series Champs, Aaron Rodgers v. COVID, Deshaun Watson v. NDAs, 2021 Election results, Maz checks in, marathon pooper, and Lyla's streak ends after a day.Lyla's Joe DiMaggio Streak: Some people are saying it's at 1 day. Some people are saying it's 5 days.Britney Watch 2021: Turns out her mom Lynne is the mastermind, not Jamie. Sam Asghari is a badass action hero as he co-stars with Kevin Dillon and Mel Gibson.He's not rocking or f***king... so Sebastian Bach is talking with us. See him on his Bach on the Road tour at Harpos Friday, November 19th with Kaleido.Lyla's Joe DiMaggio Streak Update: Back to 0.Key fob hackers are thing.Sports: The Atlanta Braves have won the 2021 World Series. Henry Ruggs III has been released by the Las Vegas Raiders. Aaron Rodgers has COVID-19 after he lied to the entire world.Ford is implementing a COVID vaccine mandate for salaried workers.Election Results: Republicans flip Virginia. Minneapolis actually WANTS police. Mike Duggan wins again. ML Elrick loses. Deshaun Watson could not settle the lawsuits per the Miami Dolphins demands so he's staying in Houston.Alec Baldwin just can't stop talking or posting. STOP IT!Pete Davidson is totally nailing Kim Kardashian because he's not putting her on a pedestal. We dial up the pizzeria where he took her on a date.Will Smith wanted to nail Rizzo from Grease... recently.No plea deal for Tory Lanez. His NFT business is a big scam.The Theranos trial is still going on and we learn that they also liked to fake memos.Where is Brendan Santo? He's been missing in East Lansing since October 29th.Tom Mazawey joins the show to brag about his Nostradamus-like predictions, give his take on Henry Ruggs III, defend OJ Simpson (again), explain David Carr's idiotic tweets, the Deshaun Watson debacle, the Aaron Rodgers debacle and much more.This chick wants you to know she loves to run with a steamy load in her pants.The Suitcase Killer (and her murderous baby) were popped by the FBI when they landed in the US after a 27-hour travel day. Ha ha!Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 2, 2021

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    JFK Jr is back from the dead, NFL's Henry Ruggs III DUI, the Baldwin's won't shut up, Scotty Pippen is still mad at MJ, Drew Crime: Ed Kemper & the Suitcase Killer, and Pole Assassin's comfort-monkey attacks.JFK Jr. missed his scheduled appearance in Dealey Plaza today to reinstate Donald Trump as President. Robin Williams and Dale Earnhardt made an appearance instead.Chelsea High School seems to have some really dumb kids and/or racist ones.Drew Crime: The Suitcase Killer is free. Her complicit baby is on the loose with a strong murder gene. We remember when Michael Fay got caned in Singapore and then Weird Al made him famous. The worst mother possibly ever has been paroled. Ed Kemper is the tallest serial killer and little Pee Wee Gaskins is the shortest. Drew demands that Truth Serum be introduced to the investigation process.There is a shortages of snow plow drivers this upcoming winter and we're all going to be buried in snow. Nobody wants to work.NYC Vaccine Madness: No trash for you. No firefighters for you. Police, however, are getting the jab.Huma Abedin is making the rounds with a terribly titled new book; Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds.Las Vegas Raiders WR Henry Ruggs III was involved in a car accident and is being charged with DUI resulting in death.The Baldwins will NOT go away or hideout. Today they lost their kitty cat.We don't know who Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal are... but they are in trouble for dressing up like Alec Baldwin and a Native American for Halloween.Jeff Bezos drops $5,000,000,000 on climate change because he saw the atmosphere himself.Not-A-Prince Harry and his beast Meghan were snubbed by the Queen, so they made the COP26 summit all about THEM.MSU's victory over Michigan was the highest rated college football game of the year. Instead of himself, Jim Harbaugh blames the referees for the loss.Watch out for Pole Assassin and her comfort monkey. GO LONGHORN'S! Check out the monkey's Instagram.Scottie Pippen is still upset about what Michael Jordan said in The Last Dance.DaBaby has done the work. Dave Chappelle has not; according to a group that makes all decisions for the LGBTQA+ community.2021 Jessica Simpson body shames 2017 Jessica Simpson.Joe Simpson only takes pictures of hot guys these days.Democrats don't want Joe Biden to run for reelection.Today is M.L. Elrick big day, as it's Election Day. He somehow finally found some time to join his own show today.Bright Sheng's apology got him in trouble. The Michigan faculty wants him back... students don't. Stephen Shipps ruined it for everybody in his department.Brittney Cooper has tenure so she can say anything she wants. Like the concept of time being racist.The College Football Playoff rankings are out.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

    Drew And Mike – November 1, 2021

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    Drew gets support in his CVS battle, Halloween recap, ML Elrick checks in on election eve, Sleepy Joe justified for sleeping, Gen Z's making Millennial bosses nervous, Stan Edwards v. 97.1, and Eli stops by to see it his way.World Series: The Houston Astros take Game 5 of the World Series despite the Atlanta Braves hitting a grand slam. The last time that happened someone's best friend was playing in the game. The Astros seem to hate Justin Verlander. Miggy wants JV to come back to Detroit.Eli Zaret joins the show to discuss the Detroit Lions ineptitude, a deep dive on MSU's running game, and rip on Jim Harbaugh.Generational Warfare: Millennial bosses cannot handle the Gen Z workplace demands.COP26 Climate Summit News: Joe Biden justifiably fell asleep. His polls are going the way of his eyelids. Wolf Blitzer has no idea what city is hosting the summit. Greta Thunberg is still angry.Migrants might get paid more than you.Kumar is out of the closet with both his sexuality and sports fandom.Demi Lovato met aliens.Karl's latest WATP features Anthony Cumia and destroys Virgin Mornings.Zooves was in bed before Halloween.Men are still better than woman... in the ring.Do bears menstruate?Drew has received a lot of feedback regarding his issues with CVS Pharmacy.Stan Edwards is really mad at 97.1 The Ticket.ML Elrick joins the show to remind people that he's running for Detroit City Council. You can listen to ML's podcast right here.A KISS roadie died in Detroit and everyone is upset at KISS.Rolling Stone Magazine is becoming Woke Magazine.Zayn Malik is getting dropped over the Gigi Hadid feud.Halloween: JLo went to JGar's neighborhood. Alec Baldwin took some time off shooting people to dress up with his kids. Ireland Baldwin made a poor costume decision.The Loudoun County School Board is doing great.The Washington Football Team and the NFL are straining to do some explaining.Jon Gruden is thinking about suing the NFL.No one seemed to care that much, but Kyle Busch is sorry for using the evil r-word.Some people still like sucking on boobies as adults.Charlie LeDuff had Dr. Robert Anderson victim, Jon Vaughn, on his last show. Chuck Christian reveals details of his abuse.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

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