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Welcome to You Lost Me at Namaste! If you’ve ever wondered what having a blocked root chakra means or if the Law of Attraction really works or how to tap into happiness and joy any time you want, then this podcast is for you. It blends modern wellness, wellbeing and spirituality at a real world level...along with a little pop-culture and travel thrown in. As seen on CBS and ABC, host and well-being alchemist Michelle Schoenfeld, explains and demystifies today’s most popular and not so popular wellness trends from around the world. Leaving you feeling inspired, awake, healthy and in-the-know. Michelle is a master energy healer, storyteller, and reformed couture-aholic, broadcasting in the balance between Prada and Prana from Washington DC and Bodrum Turkey. Join her as she interviews wellness experts, healers, celebrities, and every day interesting souls to get you laughing, learning and inspired. Learn tips on how to feel happier, let go of past pain, heal, have more positive days, manifest abundance, and navigate through this paradigm shift in a time of mindful awakening. Enjoy casual chats with purpose designed to support and empower your knowledge in order to expand into your best life. We are all connected and the mission of this show is to help you find what resonates with your soul, laugh more, and feel increased authentic joy in your life. Join the collective community of like-minded listeners in over 70 countries and growing. The more love and light we share, the better the world will be. I'm so glad you found this show! The Universe led you here for a reason so stick around and enjoy! If you like what you hear, please subscribe, share with your friends and write me a review. Thank you and until next time, ~Namaste

Michelle Schoenfeld

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