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Mission Impact is the podcast for progressive nonprofit leaders who want to build a better world without becoming a martyr to the cause. Interviews of nonprofit experts explore how to make your organization more effective and innovative for greater mission impact. Hosted by Carol Hamilton

Carol Hamilton

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    Latest episodes from Mission Impact

    Equity in Healthcare with Stephen Graves

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 27:04

    In episode 33 of Mission: Impact, Carol, her cohost, Peter Cruz, and their guest, Stephen Graves discuss diversity equity and inclusion in the health care sector. This episode is a release of a podcast Carol planned to start with her son-in-law and has many transferrable ideas and concepts to the nonprofit sector. We talk about: Why leadership engagement and support for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts is key regardless of the sector How data and evidence can inform DEI efforts Why there is historical mistrust of the medical professional among communities of color   Guest bio: Stephen Graves Born in South Carolina and raised in the black Baptist church, Stephen had an insatiable curiosity to understand the South's nuanced history related to race, his place in that story as a black man, and how the Christian faith could be used as a tool to heal or a weapon to hurt.  This curiosity set him on a personal exploration, which turned into a professional journey as he pursued and earned a Master in Health Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina.  Throughout his career in healthcare and in diversity, equity and inclusion, he has led initiatives centered on addressing health disparities, improving language access, and increasing cultural humility among teams.  He has been fortunate to collaborate with healthcare providers, faith leaders, high school and college students, and business leaders in helping them to create welcoming and inclusive cultures where all can thrive.   Resources: Cultural humility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaSHLbS1V4w Tuskegee Study:  https://www.socialworker.com/feature-articles/ethics-articles/The_Tuskegee_Syphilis_Study_and_Its_Implications_for_the_21st_Century/ Racial biases about Black people and pain: https://www.aamc.org/news-insights/how-we-fail-black-patients-pain Guest contact: Stephen Graves: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sggraves/ All In Consulting: https://www.allinconsulting.co/ Peter Cruz: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterjcruz/

    Exiting Gracefully with Don Tebbe

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 36:04

    In episode 32 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Don Tebbe discussed include: How organizations can best manage transition Why it is important for the outgoing director to take care of themselves How boards might need to change to accommodate a transition   Guest Information: Don Tebbe is an organizational planning consultant and one of America's most experienced advisors on nonprofit CEO transition and leadership succession. He experienced, first-hand, the challenges of sustaining an organization and navigating leadership succession as a former nonprofit executive director and five-time interim CEO. Since 1993, he's helped hundreds of nonprofit leaders plan for and manage turnover in their chief executive positions. Don was one of the national thought leaders involved in an Annie E. Casey Foundation-sponsored project to develop better practices for nonprofit leadership succession. Many of the concepts and practices used by succession practitioners today originated with the Casey project. He is the author of Chief Executive Transitions: How to Hire & Support a Nonprofit CEO and The Nonprofit CEO Succession Roadmap: Your Guide for the Journey to Life's Next Chapter. Important Guest Links: https://dontebbe.com/  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dontebbe/  https://twitter.com/ceotransitions Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, The Hero's Farewell: What Happens When CEOs Retire Annie E Casey Foundation – Executive Transitions Center for Excellence in Nonprofits  When a New Manager Takes Charge, John Garbarro  Going Solo, Going Big 

    Advocacy with Sharon Anderson

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 26:35

    In episode 31 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Sharon Anderson discussed include: What lobbying consists of and how organizations can get involved The constraints placed on lobbying and other ways to help The legislative process and why nonprofits have a lot to offer in the arena of public policy Guest Information: Sharon Anderson has been engaged with nonprofit boards of directors in several capacities: president, member, interim executive director, and consultant. As CEO of Anderson & Associates, LLC, Sharon strengthens teams and organizations through personalized governance training, advocacy training, meeting facilitation, and project management. As a Licensed Consultant of the Standards for Excellence® program, Sharon has conducted Board excellence trainings. She has also designed and presented advocacy training for nonprofits through the Center for Nonprofit Advancement in Washington, DC. Anderson & Associates, LLC provided project management, meeting facilitation, and policy development services to the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture. Important Guest Links:  https://bolderadvocacy.org/ https://www.nonprofitadvancement.org/vendors/anderson-associates-llc/  https://www.councilofnonprofits.org/advocacy-vs-lobbying  https://standardsforexcellence.org/Home-2/code

    Content Strategy with Hilary Marsh

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 33:08

    In episode 30 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Hilary Marsh discussed include: What content creation and curation means and how they differ What content strategy entails and how to develop one Why trust across staff departments is so important to a cohesive content strategy Guest Information: Hilary Marsh is president and chief strategist of Content Company, a content and digital strategy consultancy and leading content strategy practitioner, mentor, speaker, and professor since 1999. She helps associations get better results from their content by improving their practices. Content Company's clients include the American Bar Association, American Medical Association, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Endocrine Society, Institute of Food Technologists, and ISPOR. Hilary oversaw the member website for the National Association of Realtors from 2005 to 2011. Hilary is a co-author of “Association Content Strategies for a Changing World” (ASAE Research Foundation, 2018), “Content Curation, Associations' Secret Weapon Against Information Overload” (self-published, 2020), and the “Leading Your Organization's Content Strategy” chapter in the 4th edition of Professional Practices in Association Management (ASAE, January 2021). Important Guest Links:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/hilarymarsh/  https://contentcompany.biz/  https://twitter.com/hilarymarsh

    Online Strategic Planning - 1 Year Podiversary Special

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 8:25

    In the special 1-year anniversary episode of Mission: Impact, Carol Hamilton discussed the following: The benefits of doing strategic planning online and some downsides of in-person strategic planning How to plan in a VUCA world – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity How organizational culture persists in remote work Contact Us: Send an email: https://www.missionimpactpodcast.com/contact.html  Get Nora to edit your show or write some music: nstraussriggs@gmail.com

    Working with Volunteers with Peggy Hoffman

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 43:53

    In episode 28 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Peggy Hoffman discussed include: How local nonprofit chapters contribute to the larger organizations What implications the rise of online professional development has for local chapters. Why volunteers and chapters are the heart and soul of associations and yet a somewhat neglected aspect of working in a membership organization Guest Information:Peggy Hoffman is president of Mariner Management, an association management company which is home to two associations and provides an array of support and training to associations and most importantly member volunteers. Peggy has provided training and counsel to dozens of global, national and local membership associations over the past 30 years. She often draws on her own team's research on volunteerism, member communities and association innovation. Peggy not only enjoys working with association volunteers but is an active volunteer for her professional association – including serving as a chapter past president – so she'll draw from experience on both levels. Read her full bio at MarinerManagement.com and connect with Peggy on Twitter @peggyhoffman or LinkedIn. And ask her about triathlons, dance or living with three sons.Important Guest Links:  https://marinermanagement.com/resource/white-paper/2021-06-30/creating-association-roi-through-volunteer-training-toolkit/  https://marinermanagement.com/resource/white-paper/2019-10-22/2019-chapter-benchmarking-report/   https://marinermanagement.com/  https://www.linkedin.com/in/pmhoffman/  https://twitter.com/peggyhoffman  Contact Us: Send an email: https://www.missionimpactpodcast.com/contact.html  Get Nora to edit your show or write some music: nstraussriggs@gmail.com

    volunteers associations peggy hoffman
    Nonprofit Executive Searches with Carlyn Madden

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 27:02

    In episode 27 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Carlyn Madden discussed include: Why small nonprofits can consider working with an executive search firm How to make your search for a new organizational leader as equitable as possible What aspiring future leaders need to do now to prepare for future executive leadership roles Guest Information:Carlyn Madden helps nonprofits find new leaders. She is the CEO of Good Insight, a national executive search firm and governance consultancy that focuses on small nonprofits. Good Insight is committed to becoming an anti-racist search firm and she is a sought-after speaker and adviser on the nonprofit workforce's generational and demographic shifts. She comes to this work through philanthropy, beginning her career at The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, where she managed a portfolio of grants that spanned education, the arts, human services, and the environment.Important Guest Links:  https://good-insight.org/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/carlynmadden/  https://twitter.com/carlynmadden  Will We Get There Hire by Hire? By Jeanne Bell, Paola Cubias, and Byron Johnson https://www.compasspoint.org/sites/default/files/documents/Hire_by_Hire_Report.pdf https://www.compasspoint.org/sites/default/files/documents/Executive_Transition.pdf Articles about the glass cliff https://hbr.org/2011/01/how-women-end-up-on-the-glass-cliff https://www.vox.com/2018/10/31/17960156/what-is-the-glass-cliff-women-ceos Contact Us: Send an email: https://www.missionimpactpodcast.com/contact.html  Get Nora to edit your show or write some music: nstraussriggs@gmail.com

    Fundraising Fundamentals with Sabrina Walker Hernandez

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 36:43

    In episode 26 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Sabrina Walker Hernandez discussed include: How to get comfortable with fundraising The breakdown of the fundraising process Why both introverts and extroverts make good fundraisers Guest Information:Sabrina Walker Hernandez is the President & CEO of Supporting World Hope. She has over 25 years of experience in nonprofit management, fundraising, and leadership. One of Sabrina's greatest successes is that she increased operation revenue from $750,000 to $2.5 million over an 8-year period as well as being responsible for the planning and operations of a $12 million comprehensive capital campaign in the 3rd poorest county in the United States. She has also facilitated numerous workshops with hundreds of nonprofit professionals and is a master trainer for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Sabrina is certified in Nonprofit Management by Harvard Business School. She is an active community leader and volunteer in Edinburg, Texas where she is based. Important Guest Links:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/NonprofitProfessionalsExchange/  https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabrinawalkerhernandez/  https://supportingworldhope.com/leadership/  Contact Us: Send an email: https://www.missionimpactpodcast.com/contact.html  Get Nora to edit your show or write some music: nstraussriggs@gmail.com

    Storytelling and Relationship Building with Kristin Bradley Bull

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2021 52:21

    In episode 25 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Kristin Bradley-Bull discussed include: How strategic planning helps organizations and the people in them connect back to their “why” How organizations need to listen to the people in the communities they work in more intentionally The role of the sector in our economy and culture Why organizations need to be intentional about their support to new leaders of color that many groups are now hiring and promoting to CEO roles. Guest Information:Kristin Bradley-Bull's tagline says it all: “Illuminating your vision. Extending your vast roots and branches to get there.” She runs Roots to Canopy in Durham, NC. At Roots to Canopy, Kristin consults with non-profits to develop powerful strategies and plans – and to develop staff capacity to be wildly successful in making change in the world. She does the same in her coaching practice: supporting people to crystalize their vision and orient toward their North Star – as non-profit leaders and as humans. Kristin loves people, justice, organizations and movements, and transformation on all levels. Her background includes co-founding a training and leadership non-profit, being a full-time public health faculty member, and consulting (20 years+) with organizations ranging from multilaterals to grassroots social justice groups. Important Guest Links:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/rootstocanopy/  https://www.rootstocanopy.com/   The book mentioned during the show is Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits by Leslie R. Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant Information on the size of the nonprofit sector in the US: https://nccs.urban.org/publication/nonprofit-sector-brief-2019#the-nonprofit-sector-in-brief-2019 Divorcing White Supremacy Culture website http://www.whitesupremacyculture.info/ Contact Us: Send an email: https://www.missionimpactpodcast.com/contact.html  Get Nora to edit your show or write some music: nstraussriggs@gmail.com

    Operations and Hiring with Bobbi Russell

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2021 30:45

    In episode 24 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Bobbi Russell discussed include: Transitioning back to in person How nonprofits can make accommodations while working from home How investing in systems and organization can help in the long term Guest Information: Bobbi is an operations executive with 20+ years of experience working with nonprofit organizations. She launched her own practice in 2017 after working in a COO role for 10+ years. While similar systems and processes can work for many organizations, she sees success when organizations apply solutions that are customized to their culture. She's really good at understanding the human aspect of how any new system, tool, or process will integrate with an organization's culture. Earlier in her career, she worked in marketing, membership, strategic communications, and journalism. She has an undergraduate degree in English from Clarion University of PA and an MBA from George Washington University. Her non-work passions include her dog, craft beer, and writing parody songs to entertain friends and family.  Important Guest Links:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobbi-russell-4a61793/  Contact Us: Send an email: https://www.missionimpactpodcast.com/contact.html  Get Nora to edit your show (she writes music too): nstraussriggs@gmail.com  

    Digital transformation and associations with Elizabeth Engel

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2021 48:08

    In episode 23 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Elizabeth Engel discussed include: The significance of digital transformation for organizations What’s different about digital transformation for associations Avoiding shiny object syndrome in your tech related projects Guest Information:Elizabeth Weaver Engel, M.A., CAE, is Chief Strategist at Spark Consulting. For more than twenty years, Elizabeth has helped associations grow in membership, marketing, communications, public presence, and especially revenue, which is what Spark is all about. She speaks and writes frequently on a variety of topics in association management. When she's not helping associations grow, Elizabeth loves to dance, listen to live music, cook, and garden. Important Guest Links:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ewengel/  https://www.getmespark.com/ The Digital Transformation whitepaper:  https://bit.ly/3y4O6dy https://www.amazon.com/Designed-Digital-Architect-Sustained-Management/dp/0262042886    Contact Us: Send an email: https://www.missionimpactpodcast.com/contact.html  Get Nora to edit your show (she writes music too): nstraussriggs@gmail.com  

    How to avoid key grant seeking mistakes with Michelle Nusum-Smith

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2021 35:39

    In episode 22 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Michelle Nusum-Smith discussed include: Pros and cons of starting a nonprofit vs. finding a fiscal sponsor vs. starting a for-profit business Things to consider to be more successful as you apply for grants as a nonprofit The pitfalls of applying for grants and ways to diversify your funding Guest Information:Michelle Nusum-Smith is owner and principal consultant at The Word Woman LLC. A licensed nonprofit consultant, coach and trainer, Michelle helps nonprofits, government agencies, and individuals achieve their goals. With over 20 years of nonprofit experience, she has expertise in all areas of nonprofit development and sustainability. Michelle has extensive speaker and facilitator experience. She is licensed to offer consulting services for the Maryland Nonprofit’s Standards for Excellence® program and has the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to work with nonprofits across the country. A graduate of the Honors Program at Coppin State University where she earned a BS in Management Science with a minor in Marketing, Michelle is a member of the Grants Professional Association and an Associate Consultant at Maryland Nonprofits. Important Links:  https://thewordwomanllc.com/  https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-nusum-smith/  Interview Transcript:

    Investing in the next generation of nonprofit leaders with Andy Robinson

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2021 32:20

    In episode 21 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Andy Robinson discussed include: The importance of leaders being called out The importance of cultivating and grooming your next generation of leaders What founders need to be aware of The importance of having a life beyond your work and maintaining a balance between those two Guest Information:Andy Robinson provides training and consulting for nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies. Over the past 25 years, Andy has worked with clients in 47 US states and Canada. Since the pandemic began in March 2020, he has designed and facilitated 70 online meetings, webinars, and remote workshops covering a variety of topics, including fundraising, board development, marketing, leadership development, facilitation, and train-the-trainer programs. Andy is the author of six books, including Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money, www.trainyourboard.com. His latest is What Every Board Member Needs to Know, Do, and Avoid. He lives in Plainfield, Vermont. Important Links:  www.andyrobinsononline.com http://trainyourboard.com/  https://dontebbe.com/ https://www.sustainabilitynetwork.ca/past-events/harvey-mckinnon-and-andy-robinson-on-raising-more-money 

    The Pandemic and the Nonprofit Sector with Liz Scott

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2021 33:56

    In episode 20 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Elizabeth Scott discussed include: How organizations have adapted to the pandemic The research Liz completed with the Center for Nonprofit Advancement What changes from the pandemic might organizations retain when things go back to “normal” Guest Information:Elizabeth Scott, PhD, founder of Brighter Strategies, provides thought leadership and high value organizational development consulting in support of a stronger social sector. Liz has provided consulting services in strategic planning, process-improvement, and human capital development for hundreds of nonprofits and associations. She has been a Baldrige examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia and is a certified Standard of Excellence consultant. In addition to managing the practice, Liz holds a faculty positions at both The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and George Mason University. Liz holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a master’s degree in Organizational Sciences from The George Washington University, as well as a second master’s and Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. Important Links: https://www.brighterstrategies.com/ https://www.nonprofitadvancement.org/ Research report: https://www.nonprofitadvancement.org/tools-resources/coronavirus-resource-tools/

    Why learning design is important to nonprofits with Nancy Bacon

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2021 43:39

    In episode 19 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Nancy Bacon discussed include: Learning in nonprofit organizations The best methods nonprofits or associations can use to train their staff How habits and accountability helps people follow through on the behavior change they are aiming for Guest Information:Nancy Bacon is a teacher, instructional designer, and learning strategist who has worked for over 25 years in the nonprofit sector. She works with nonprofits, associations, and networks to strengthen how nonprofits are able to serve their communities. She has trained thousands of people in-person and online, speaks on learning and leadership, and writes books and blogs on topics at the intersection of learning and nonprofits. Nancy also co-hosts the Nonprofit Radio Show.  Important Links: www.nancybacon.com https://jamesclear.com/  https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianwashburn/  https://www.influenceatwork.com/  https://scholar.princeton.edu/kahneman/home

    Associations and their Benefits with Shelley Sanner and Alanna McKee

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2021 41:26

    In episode 18 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guests, Shelley Sanner and Alanna McKee discussed include: Trends facing associations, including the need for greater personalization How associations have adjusted to the virtual environment What the future of work could look like and how associations could contribute to the workforce development of the fields they serve   Guest Information:Shelley Sanner, CAE, MA, Senior Vice President, Industry Relations: As senior vice president of industry relations, Shelley fosters knowledge-sharing and partnerships to promote innovation and excellence within the association industry. Her main areas of focus include identifying association challenges and trends and translating them into resources that benefit the community at-large. She also coordinates McKinley’s presence at events and within industry publications to ensure that we serve as a resource to the community on best practices and other insights. Before joining McKinley in 2007, Shelley served as Membership Director at a higher education association. On a national level, Shelley has served in various volunteer leadership positions, taught courses and presented at many industry events. She has a Master’s in liberal studies from Georgetown University and an undergraduate degree from Juniata College, where she majored in French and education.   Alanna Tievsky McKee, MSW, Director: As a director within the consulting department, Alanna leads client engagements designed to maximize organizational efficiency and mission impact. She brings a creative and thoughtful approach to each of her clients, combining skills acquired through her training and experience as a consultant, clinician, and coach. During her time at McKinley, she has nurtured an expertise in member engagement and retention, strategic planning, governance and staff and volunteer leadership facilitation.   Alanna has worked in and with the nonprofit sector for more than a decade and has supported nearly 100 unique associations as a member of the McKinley team. She is a social worker by trade and feels passionate about helping individuals and organizations solve challenges and reach their full potential. Alanna holds an MSW from the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in nonprofit management and a B.A. in developmental neuropsychology from the University of Rochester.   Contact our Guests https://www.mckinley-advisors.com/ https://www.mckinley-advisors.com/team/  https://www.linkedin.com/in/shelleysanner/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/alanna-tievsky-mckee-47b79448/ Connection platform for online gatherings https://www.wonder.me/

    Program Evaluation with Wendy Wolff

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2021 43:59

    In episode 17 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Wendy Wolff discussed include: How leading a non-profit differs from leading a for-profit business Awareness vs. action Why people are scared of evaluation Assumptions made when working with communities Changing social norms Where to start evaluation on an organizational level The barriers to evidence-based testing Guest Information:Activating and coordinating community responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic was how Wendy Wolff began her career in the nonprofit sector. Her early career helped her to build a strong understanding about the value and role of the community in program planning and policy development. She brings nearly 25 years of diverse consulting experiences to her role as Director of Strategic Engagement for Maryland Nonprofits. Wendy has collaborated with government agencies; universities; non-profit organizations; and faith-based organizations to enhance the quality of life within many communities throughout the United States. She uses her strategic thinking skills to help clients synthesize information from wide-ranging sources, reframe problems while uncovering root causes to find refreshing, creative and effective solutions. Over the past two decades, Wendy has helped thousands of organizations and their people to create brighter futures for the communities in which they serve. Her excitement in working with the members of Maryland Nonprofit’s is infectious. She values the genius that each and every person brings to their role in the sector and works diligently to elevate any person that she engages with.  Ms. Wolff holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from New York University. She has resided as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Denver and as an Associate Faculty Member at Indian River State College. Wendy is a licensed consultant with the Standards for Excellence® Institute. Ms. Wolff’s first book, The Letter Writing Project (Blooming Twig Books), was published in August 2014. Evaluation Resources https://sphweb.bumc.bu.edu/otlt/mph-modules/sb/behavioralchangetheories/behavioralchangetheories6.html https://www.cdc.gov/eval/framework/index.htm http://www.gracesocialsector.com/missionimpact/is-your-organization-having-the-impact-you-want https://www.amazon.com/Finally-Outcome-Measurement-Strategies-Understand/dp/0578024659 https://www.amazon.com/Great-Nonprofit-Evaluation-Reboot-Understand/dp/193807792X    Connect with Wendy Wolff https://www.linkedin.com/in/wolffwendy/

    Organizational Values with Rosalind Spigel

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2021 43:48

    In episode 16 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Rosalind Spigel discussed include: Organizational values and the best method to decide on them  How to welcome diversity on the board and mitigate microaggressions How to implement values in the day-to-day life of an organization Guest Information:Rosalind Spigel believes in the difference nonprofits can make.  Her vision is to increase the effectiveness of organizations and coach them – and the people in them – to grow and prosper.  In consultation with her clients, Rosalind designs and facilitates strategic planning and implementation, leadership development and coaching, professional development, and capacity building interventions. Links: http://stproject.org/  rosalind@spigelconsulting.com  spigelconsulting.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosalind-spigel-msod-1694751/  twitter.com/SpigelConsultin

    The Nonprofit Executive Director-Board Chair relationship with Mary Hiland

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2021 38:18

    In episode 15 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Mary Hiland discussed include: The pivotal executive director – board chair relationship. Why trust is so key and how to build it. How hard giving negative feedback can be, especially to new people in the workplace What the focus of the board chair/executive director conversation says about the relationship and how the two are leading the organization Why it is important to introduce new board members to not only the organization and the role of the board member but also to yourself as the executive director – and not assume they truly appreciate your background and expertise The role of the board in day-to-day operations Guest Information: Mary Hiland brings over 40 years of experience to nonprofit leaders to create a paradigm shift about how to develop an informed and inspired board that is truly an asset. Her mission is to help nonprofit leaders ignite and unleash the potential of the board, getting rid of the mindset that a board is a burden. Her deep expertise and hands-on experience (26 years as a nonprofit executive and 17 as a board member) bring credibility and confidence to nonprofit leaders who know she understands because she’s “been there.” Mary coaches, and mentors executive directors and board leaders. She is a speaker and published author. She has a weekly podcast, Inspired Nonprofit Leadership: conversations to inspire, inform, and support nonprofit leaders. Links: www.hilandconsulting.org hilandconsulting.org/trustbuilding  https://hilandconsulting.org/bded-article  http://www.gracesocialsector.com/missionimpact/consensus-doesnt-have-to-be-pure https://www.hilandconsulting.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/ODP-V47No1-Hiland.pdf

    Nonprofit Leadership with Keisha Sitney

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2021 32:52

    There is a brief discussion of police brutality in this episode around 16 minutes in. In episode 14 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Keisha Sitney, discussed include: Why leaders need to be role models for their staff and lead by example Why organizations need to start with individuals when working on equity How to build the leadership capacity of people who haven’t traditionally been promoted to leadership roles Why it is important to not just teach people of color to be like “traditional” white leaders but encourage them develop their own leadership style How professionals focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion experience profound fatigue in continually educating people about racism and other forms of oppression. Why it’s important for leaders to be willing to share when they make mistakes and what they learned from them. Guest Information:  Keisha Sitney is the Chief People Officer for The Y in Central Maryland and the founder of Golden Key Coaching. She works to ensure the people strategies and resources support and match the strategic priorities of the organization. Keisha is an executive leader who has been with the Y for 30 years, both at the national and regional levels. With in-depth experience in coaching, talent management, strategic visioning and planning, and facilitation, Keisha has served in operational roles at the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington, led the national multicultural leadership development movement as well as served as an internal consultant for C-Suite leaders from Ys across the United States. She holds a Master's Degree in Organization Development from American University and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Howard University. Links: https://brenebrown.com/podcast/brene-with-aiko-bethea-on-inclusivity-at-work-the-heart-of-hard-conversations/  https://www.rarecoaching.net/  https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Consulting-Agency/Golden-Key-Coaching-799926680207953/  https://www.linkedin.com/in/keisha-sitney/

    Wellness in the Workplace with Peter Lane

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2020 33:01

    In episode 13 of Mission Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Peter Lane, discussed include: How to bring health and wellness training to organizational consulting Why you should hire a health and wellness coach Understanding how others feelings impact your own and vice versa How organizations can utilize their resources to better care for their employees How organizational culture impacts employees’ ability to take advantage of those resources How leaders set the tone for an organization’s culture Adapting wellness policies for the COVID-19 Pandemic Guest Information:  Peter Lane is an organizational consultant with more than 20 years of experience. He is also a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) trained at the Mayo Clinic. Peter works with individuals and teams that are committed to ongoing learning, reflection, and making positive change for themselves and their organizations. Before becoming a wellness coach and consultant, Peter worked for 18 years as director of programs at the Institute for Conservation Leadership  After working with many nonprofit leaders over the years who were experiencing the negative physical and emotional effects of burnout, he decided that focusing on wellness in the workplace is an important strategy for how he can contribute to the success of nonprofit organizations. Peter serves on the board of directors of the Reve Kandale Foundation. He received a Bachelor’s degree from Clark University and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Links: https://www.peterlanecoaching.com/ peter.lane100@gmail.com

    Managing Leadership Transitions with Liz Woolfe

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2020 31:51

    In episode 11 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Elizabeth Woolfe, discussed include: The importance of an interim director for organizations The process of transitioning and the strain that puts on an organization The importance of having a plan in place for when your leader leaves Growth mindset with Boards What the role of the Board and the role of the staff are in an organization and how those differ The importance of taking breaks for yourself   Guest Information:  Elizabeth Woolfe is a lifelong nonprofit professional with expertise in affecting strategic change and facilitating growth for organizations, as well as in assisting boards and organizations through transitions. She also has strength in building philanthropic relationships between nonprofit and for-profit companies, facilitating collaborations, and program development. Her particular areas of interest are interim leadership, management of organizations and boards, strategic assessment, organizational development, board functionality, and relationship building.   Links: https://www.intuitionconsult.com/  https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethwoolfe/

    E11. Organizational healing with Nyacko Perry

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2020 34:13

    In episode 11 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Nyacko Perry, discussed include: Addressing accountability of past actions as a method of moving forward Creating a healthy environment with room for employees to care for their mental health The process of making change in an organizational structure The disconnect between many organizations’ missions and their internal culture The disconnect between front-line workers, the people running many nonprofit organizations, and the communities they serve Thoughts on how organizational change happens How systems exploit vulnerable populations   Additional Resources: William Bridges’ Transition Theory: https://wmbridges.com/about/what-is-transition/ The 1619 Project: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/08/14/magazine/1619-america-slavery.html 1619 podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/1619/id1476928106   Guest Information:  Nyacko Perry utilizes a systems-thinking approach to assist individuals, community groups, and organizations, in creating more inclusive cultures. Her decade long career as a transformational change agent includes national and international facilitation with non-profit, corporate, and government agencies. Nyacko is the founder of Yin Consulting, a collaborative focused on personal, organizational and systemic healing. She is the Organization Development Partner at the much-anticipated Comfort Kitchen, a restaurant, community meeting space, and a food incubator dedicated to fostering collaboration, cross-cultural understanding, and community engagement. Nyacko also serves as a member of the Advisory Board for the Action Boston Community Development, Inc. Roxbury/N. Dorchester Opportunity Center. Nyacko holds an M.S. in Organization Development, with distinction, from American University. She is also a 500-hour professional level yoga teacher, an Afro Flow Yoga® certified teacher, and weaves her mindfulness expertise into her consulting work. Links: www.yinconsulting.com/ comfortkitchenbos@gmail.com www.comfortkitchenbos.com/ www.instagram.com/comfortkitchenbos/ www.allinconsulting.co Sponsored by Grace Social Sector Consulting. http://www.gracesocialsector.com/  Learn about the Effective Online Facilitation, 4 week group coaching program.   http://www.gracesocialsector.com/effective-online-facilitation.html 

    How to Hire a Nonprofit Consultant with Heather Yandow

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2020 35:30

    Welcome to the Mission Impact Podcast. This week we’re talking to Heather Yandow.     We talked about:  What gets in the way of nonprofits hiring consultants successfully. Why an RFP process is often not the best approach to having a great experience with a consultant. The trends we are observing in this time of disruption.   Heather Yandow brings more than 20 years of experience as an outreach coordinator, coalition leader, project manager, and fundraiser to Third Space Studio. She helps organizations with strategic planning, board development, change management, leadership development, and going from good to great. She has also served on the Board of Directors of Democracy NC, ncyt: NC’s Network of Young Nonprofit Professionals, and the Beehive Collective (a giving circle). She is also the founder of Nonprofit.ist, an online platform for nonprofits to find the consulting expertise they need.   Links:  https://www.nonprofit.ist/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/heatheryandow/ https://www.thirdspacestudio.com/   Sponsored by Grace Social Sector Consulting. http://www.gracesocialsector.com/  Learn about the Effective Online Facilitation, 4 week group coaching program.   http://www.gracesocialsector.com/effective-online-facilitation.html 

    Communication matters with Carol Vernon

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2020 26:16

    Welcome to the Mission Impact Podcast. This week we’re talking to Carol Vernon   We talked about:  The four typical communication styles. What shows up in communications now that so many teams are working remotely. How people can keep networking even while face to face events are cancelled.   Carol Vernon is a certified executive coach and principal of Communication Matters, an executive coaching firm that helps leaders and teams elevate their executive presence and communication skills in order to grow their impact. Carol was inspired to start Communication Matters after years of observing that doing your job well isn’t enough. Without executive presence and the ability to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders, leaders can’t achieve their full potential or achieve the results they seek. Previously, Carol was the senior communications director at the National Cable and Television Association, as well as acting executive director of the cable industry’s education foundation, with both people management and budget responsibilities. Prior to that she worked on Capitol Hill and on more than a dozen political campaigns.    Links:  https://commmatters.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/carol-vernon-aa09833/ https://www.facebook.com/ComMatters/     Sponsored by Grace Social Sector Consulting. http://www.gracesocialsector.com/  Learn about the Effective Online Facilitation, 4 week group coaching program.   http://www.gracesocialsector.com/effective-online-facilitation.html 

    Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions and Identity with Becca Bartholomew

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2020 36:49

    Welcome to the Mission Impact Podcast. This week we’re talking to Becca Bartholomew.     We talked about:  Ensuring all voices are included in planning processes Why it is important for leaders to not only have intelligence but also have emotional intelligence and somatic intelligence What the buffering sign on your computer has to tell us about today’s work environment   Barry Oshrey’s Tops, Middles and Bottoms https://govleaders.org/total-system-power.htm   Ladder of Inference: https://thesystemsthinker.com/the-ladder-of-inference/   Your Body is Your Brain by Amanda Blake https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40515283-your-body-is-your-brain   A facilitator and coach with expertise in organization development (OD), Becca has extensive experience working with groups and individuals to foster communication and effective collaboration among diverse stakeholders. Becca helps her clients implement strategies that increase their emotional intelligence and efficacy. She is known for her clear communication, innate ability to foster trust, and firm, yet gentle approach to helping others recognize their blind spots and engage specific tools to articulate and reach their goals. She gracefully supports her clients toward self-reflection, new learning and increased awareness of their impact on others. She works with leaders of all types and has a special passion for those newer to leadership as well as those who hold societal privilege and want to address their roles in upholding and then dismantling systems of oppression.   Links:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/beccabartholomew https://twitter.com/thebeccab     Sponsored by Grace Social Sector Consulting. http://www.gracesocialsector.com/  Find resources: http://www.gracesocialsector.com/resources.html

    Community engagement for nonprofits with Cinthia Manuel

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2020 30:57

    Welcome to the Mission Impact Podcast. This week we’re talking to Cinthia Manuel.    We talked about:   the challenges nonprofits face in trying to make their services more accessible.  What to think about before getting started with community engagement.   Why Cinthia thinks traditional mentoring is backward.  Cinthia Manuel is the CEO and Founder of Autentica Consulting, LLC. She specializes in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Mentoring; and Multicultural Marketing. She is the proud daughter of immigrants and a first-generation Latina. She was named one of the 23 Business People to Watch in 2019 by the Portland Business Journal for her work contributing to communities of color through professional development, mentorship, and entrepreneurship. She is passionate about education and has worked with the Gates Millennium Scholarship Alumni Association, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and the United Negro College Fund. She is a TEDx speaker. She deeply believes that building strong communities is key to creating a powerful voice that drives change.     Links:   https://www.autenticaconsulting.com/  https://www.linkedin.com/company/autenticaconsulting/  https://twitter.com/AutenticaCo    Sponsored by Grace Social Sector Consulting. http://www.gracesocialsector.com/   Learn about the Effective Online Facilitation, 4-week group coaching program.    http://www.gracesocialsector.com/effective-online-facilitation.html  

    Uncertainty and Emergence with Arielle Goodman, Jenny Hegland and Jessica Srikantia

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2020 40:01

    Welcome to the Mission: Impact Podcast. This week we’re talking to Arielle Goodman, Jenny Hegland and Jessica Srikantia.    We talked about:   What this uncertain moment in history could mean for the systems that we live in and           take for granted  How we are born into a collectively traumatized culture that has a domination logic built into its systems.  A systemic analysis can divorce ourselves from our part in that system – as if it exists outside of us instead of us existing within these systems.     Resources mentioned:   Otto Schwarmer and the MIT Presencing Institute  https://www.ottoscharmer.com/ https://www.presencing.org/  Thomas Huebl  https://thomashuebl.com/  Arielle, Jenny and Jessica are a team of colleagues that has been working together for the past six months to discover how they might be of service as a collective. Their work exists in cultivating the spaces between, such as in-between people during times of transition and not knowing, spaces within our own selves, or the connective tissue of complex systems. Together, they explore what is possible in and from wholeness. They are committed to transforming themselves into alignment with life, so that they can support this work in the broader world inclusive of and beyond their individual selves. Their areas of expertise include navigating uncharted terrain in times of uncertainty, helping systems see and sense themselves, and practicing sacred relationships with team and stakeholder groups.     Links:   https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennyhegland  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-srikantia-206797173/  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ariellegoodman/      Sponsored by Grace Social Sector Consulting.  http://www.gracesocialsector.com/  

    Preventing Burnout in the Nonprofit Sector with Beth Sperber Richie

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2020 34:56

    Welcome to the Mission Impact Podcast. This week we’re talking to Beth Sperber Richie.       We talked about:   What Burn Out is and why Burn Out is so prevalent in the nonprofit sector  What the research shows about rest and productivity for organizations.  What vicarious trauma is and how it impacts staff and an organization’s culture.      Beth Sperber Richie, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and consultant in private practice in the Washington, D.C. area. Dr. Richie works with non-profit leaders on how to sustain their staff and their mission given the grind of social change work. She gives workshops and presentations on managing stress and burnout, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue, improving cross-cultural communication and counseling skills and setting boundaries for front-line employees. Her workshops focus on practical skills and engaged involvement of all participants.      Links:   https://www.linkedin.com/company/fermata-consult     Sponsored by Grace Social Sector Consulting. http://www.gracesocialsector.com/   Learn about the Effective Online Facilitation, 4 week group coaching program.    http://www.gracesocialsector.com/effective-online-facilitation.html  

    Strategic Partnering for Nonprofits with Rebecca Murphy

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2020 34:58

    Welcome to the Mission Impact Podcast. This week we’re talking to Rebecca Murphy.     We talked about:  What organizations need to think about to be ready to partner  Having clarity about what your why is key for partnering.  Why mission creep is so common among organizations and what drives it.  Rebecca has been a consultant for over 20 years. She considers herself an “interpreter,” as she has worked in multiple sectors including government, nonprofit, business, and philanthropy. She is adept at explaining/translating one to another. She is a generalist with a broad knowledge base – including workforce development, affordable housing, parks and placemaking. She has expertise in capacity building, organizational and program development, strategic planning, with particular expertise in public-private partnerships, community engagement, and strategic collaborations. Hers is a mission-focused practice. She is passionate about mission fidelity and avoiding mission creep.    Links:  https://rcmstrategicconsulting.com/  https://twitter.com/RCMStratConsult    Sponsored by Grace Social Sector Consulting. http://www.gracesocialsector.com/  Learn about the Effective Online Facilitation, 4-week group coaching program.   http://www.gracesocialsector.com/effective-online-facilitation.html 

    Identity and the Nonprofit Sector with Tip Fallon

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2020 40:50

    Welcome to the Mission Impact Podcast, the podcast for nonprofit leaders who do not want to be a martyr to the cause. This week we’re talking to Tip Fallon. Tip Fallon is a coach and consultant who is passionate about working with people to reach their potential.   We talked about:  the masks many people feel forced to wear or personas they assume in the workplace.  Why we need to do some preventative work to make things easier for people with targeted identities.  How we are the product of the history that has created systems of oppression, as well as creating history ourselves    Links:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/tipfallon  https://www.fallonconsulting.net/  https://twitter.com/tipfallon 

    Technology and nonprofits with Moira Edwards

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2020 47:39

    Welcome to the Mission Impact Podcast. This week we’re talking to Moira Edwards.   We talked about:  - how technology supports the work of nonprofits and associations.  - Moira explains the three levels of IT infrastructure that leaders need to consider and how an organization typically would apportion the budget to support those three levels  - the concept of the peacetime and the wartime CEOs come into play as organizations manage the quick shifts forced onto them by the COVID-19 pandemic.    Moira Edwards is the President of Ellipsis Partners and focuses on the impact of technology on organizational strategy. As head of Ellipsis Partners, she helps associations and non-profits make smart technology decisions to create member value and support critical business operations.    Links:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/moiraedwards  https://www.ellipsispartners.com/ 

    Influencing Decision Makers for Nonprofit Leaders with Kathy Patrick

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2020 43:44

    Welcome to the Mission Impact Podcast. This week we’re talking to Kathy Patrick.    We talked about:  what it takes to influence decision-makers.  the concrete steps leaders can take to create a plan, identify who is key to your organization and how to start building a relationship with them before you need their help.   Why it is so important to remember that key decision-makers are human first and not fixate on their title and role.  Kathy Patrick, of Strategic Sense, LLC, helps progressive non-profit leaders build influence and create powerful relationships with all types of decisionmakers, so they can increase the impact and reach of their organizations, attract more resources to their work, and free up time to do the creative, visionary work they were meant to do.    Links:  https://strategic-sense.com/  https://strategykeys.com/  https://strategykeys.com/engagenow 

    Welcome to the Mission Impact Podcast

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    Coming soon. Mission Impact is the podcast for progressive nonprofit leaders who want to build a better world without becoming a martyr to the cause. Interviews of nonprofit experts explore how to make your organization more effective and innovative for greater mission impact.

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