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Recognizing an unshakable passion for helping others achieve their dreams, Allison is committed to using her vast array of experiences to help women become the go-getters and movers and shakers of tomorrow. By sharing personal experiences, resources and featuring special guests, Allison equips up-and-coming leading ladies with the skills needed to set their own bars high, while consistently reaping the rewards of hard work. Join her on this journey, as she truly believes you can achieve and accomplish your goals while navigating your climb to the top!

Allison Walsh

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    How To Live Life According To Your Desires with Emily Williams

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2023 19:36

    Emily Williams is a success coach, author, podcast host and CEO who, at one point, couldn't get a job at Starbucks. After experiencing a quarter-life crisis, she moved from Ohio to London (where she knew no one!) and in 2014 launched her company, I Heart My Life. She made $442 in her first month—and then went on to hit six figures in six months, before her 30th birthday. She grew her business into seven figures in under 18 months. Today, she works with ambitious, heart-centered women all over the world in helping them bust through the obstacles that hold their dreams and goals hostage so they can free themselves to create a life that's better than their dreams through the company's membership, courses and retreats. MEMORABLE MOMENTS“I think people are recognizing that life is too short, and we don't have to do the same thing someone else is doing -- whether that's our parents or even the influencer we follow online. And that's really what I'm passionate about. You know, my whole story is about tapping into your heart and your purpose and your desires.”“I'm just really adamant about women living their best lives and creating a life that's better than their dreams.”“Why did I feel called to live there? I had no idea. But I figured my heart had gotten me into this mess, so to speak. So I might as well listen to it and see why I was being called to move to another country.”“Even when you're lost, you know,  many of us have this feeling like we're meant for something big or something different. And we can't necessarily put our fingers on it. But that was what I always held on to. I was like, ‘I know, I'm meant for something.'” "The more I got clarity on what made me happy, and how to actually transform my mindset and move past fear, anxiety, all the things, I wanted to teach other women how to do the same.”“I don't think there's like a one size fits all approach. It's about tuning into yourself and what you want, and making that a reality.” “There are millions of opportunities out there. You don't have to stay in that box that you built for yourself or that your parents or society have built…you really can break free.”“If you make more money, you're not taking it from someone. Everyone has the opportunity. I know some of us might have more education, we might have more opportunities that seem more glaringly obvious, but everyone can transform their reality.”“If we operate from a place of desire versus fear, that's when all the doors open for us.”“Confidence means being tuned into yourself and having the level of drive- but also determination - to do things your way, and not be bulldozed by anyone else's idea of success.” Connect with Emily:⭐ Connect on Instagram @emilywilliams⭐ Connect on Instagram @iheartmylife⭐ Website:⭐ Website: Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐ Download your free 90 day planner here 

    The Importance Of Long-Term Thinking with Dorie Clark

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2023 21:52

    Dorie Clark helps individuals and companies get their best ideas heard in a crowded, noisy world. She has been named one of the Top 50 business thinkers in the world by Thinkers50. She was honored as the #1 Communication Coach by the Marshall Goldsmith Leading Global Coaches Awards and one of the Top 5 Communication Professionals in the World by Global Gurus. She is a keynote speaker and teaches for Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and Columbia Business School. She is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Long Game, Entrepreneurial You, Reinventing You, and Stand Out, which was named the #1 Leadership Book of the Year by Inc. magazine. A former presidential campaign spokeswoman, Clark has been described by the New York Times as an “expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives.” She is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and consults and speaks for clients such as Google, Yale University, and the World Bank. Forbes has declared that “her insights connect marketing, social media, communications, learning technologies, and personal discovery to give us a blueprint for success in the future economy.” She is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, a producer of a multiple Grammy-winning jazz album, and a Broadway investor. You can download her free Long Game Strategic Thinking Self-Assessment at  MEMORABLE MOMENTS “If you keep taking one step in front of another, it's like driving in the fog. Eventually you'll get there. You can't see very far ahead of you, but as long as you keep moving forward slowly, you're heading in the right direction. You will get there or somewhere close to there.”“Oftentimes there are more routes to a potential destination than you might imagine.”“Short term thinking is good when it's good. But it's not good all the time. Because when it's compounded, it means that you're never setting a proactive agenda. All you're doing is reacting to external stimuli.”“As long as you have the ambition, as long as you understand what the destination is, you just have to have one crucial thing, which is the next step.”“Confidence, to me, is about having an internal locus of control, rather than relying on other people to dictate your worth…And I believe in the power of a low bar. That gives us confidence.” Connect with Dorie:⭐ Connect on Instagram @dorieclark⭐ Connect on Facebook:⭐ Connect on LinkedIn⭐ Twitter:⭐ YouTube: Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐ Download your free 90 day planner here 

    3 Steps To Balance Your Priorities with Sarah Grafton

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2023 27:52

    Sarah Grafton is a financial advisor, motivational speaker, author, and community activist. Named to Orlando Business Journal's 40 under 40 at age 29 she has over 21 thousand social media followers.​In 2007, she launched her career at Grafton Wealth Management in Winter Park, Florida. She and her family team have a heart for community and serving those in need.Her dedication to the community includes giving her time, talent and treasure to many local and national non-profits including; Make-A-Wish, St. Jude, Rollins College Hamilton Holt School, Albin Polasek Art & Sculpture Garden, United Way, Mennello Museum of Arts, Base Camp Children's Cancer Foundation, Winter Park History Museum, Winter Park Day Nursery.In 2016 President Barack Obama recognized Sarah with a United States Presidential Service Award only to receive the same award the following year from President Donald Trump. The Central Florida community has also recognized Sarah in many ways for her hours to the community. Most recently I-4 Business Magazine named her their very first woman receipt of their ‘Leader of the Year' in the field of Business Services. MEMORABLE MOMENTS “I got to a place probably about six or seven years ago where I said, okay, I need to change this. And instead of doing everything okay or doing everything good, I wanted to do a lot of things great. I want to do really well and be successful. And I was just managing.”“I had someone who told me to do what I was passionate about. And that truly paid off. I think anywhere that I invested - because I was passionate about children, children's cancer, or small businesses - I did well, that's where I shined. And that's where I did better. And that's where I made the most impact.”“I really think when people work together for one cause, they can make a bigger impact than spreading $1,000 here and $1,000 there. Let's come together and make a really big impact.”“I think that's what we're all missing…we're writing down this big list of priorities. But then when we actually go to implement the time, it's not matching up with our priorities.” Connect with Sarah:⭐ Connect on Instagram @sarahgrafton⭐ Connect on Facebook:⭐ Connect on Instagram @winterparkfashionweek⭐ Winter Park Fashion Week: Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐ Download your free 90 day planner here 

    13 Tips To Help You Accomplish Your 2023 Goals

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 2023 20:27

    In today's episode, Allison shares advice on how to meet and exceed your own expectations in the new year. She's spotlighting the Top 13 tips you need to help you set and achieve your goals! There's no time like the present to get clear on what you want, make a plan, and get to work. MEMORABLE MOMENTS “Goal setting is one of the most impactful and imperative things that you can do. Regardless of if you're a small business owner, or if you are just really starting to go out on your own, if you are really wanting to be intentional about life, Business, Career, health, wealth, whatever it is, right? Goals apply to all areas of life,”"Do it for yourself, because it is going to be so important to write those things down and track your progress over 90 day sprints. Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant time on all of those things really need to be at the forefront of your mind as you're articulating your goals.""Become consistent and intentional about working on things for yourself. If you do one thing every day, over the course of three months, that's 90 things, right? Even if you took the weekends off, chances are you're going to accomplish that goal way faster than in 90 days."“I need you to really get clear about what are the potential obstacles, excuses, fears, barriers, anything that's going to get in your way. And then I want you to write down your action plan on how you will navigate them. Chances are, it's feeling a lot bigger in your head than what it's actually going to be.”“I want you to get an accountability partner, You are 60% more likely to see your goals through if you're working on them while you're paired with an accountability buddy.”“When you invest in yourself or your goals, your likelihood of actually accomplishing them skyrockets. Because when you've paid for something, or invested in something, it's gonna sting a lot more than when it's free.”“When you dilute your focus, you dilute your results. So if what's on your to-do list is not in alignment with your goals…I'm requesting right now that you redo the list.”“It's helpful to lean into manifestation practices, and utilize tried and true techniques that help you take ownership of the outcome, and get really excited about what it's going to do for you.”“Visualization is really there to support you, so that you know what it is that you're striving for, why you're striving for it, and you know how it feels to have accomplished it.”“Always reach out for help when it's something that you know somebody else has already experienced because chances are they want you to go farther, faster, too. So don't hesitate – make sure you're auditing your outcomes each and every time.”“Don't take your foot off the gas because action builds momentum and momentum opens doors and opportunities for you that you never thought possible.”“Your possibilities are endless. Your potential is limitless. You will be successful when you remove the excuses, the potential pitfalls and put accountability tools in place. So stay committed to your future self and adopt the philosophy that the whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.” Stay Connected⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐ Download your free 90-day planner here

    How To Manifest Your Best Life with Marian Valenza

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 27, 2022 22:12

    Marian Valenza is the Founder of Thriver Lifestyle, Manifestation Coach, TEDx Speaker, and Content Creator. She is a multi-dimensional, multi-passionate leader who is equal parts bougie and badass. She is ON FIRE helping women reclaim their power and manifest their dream lives with pleasure and feminine energy. Her clients learn to let go of their masculine survivor mentality and start Thriving in their creative, sensual, abundant, feminine energies. Marian has been featured on Vice, Business Insider, New York Post, Daily Mail, CBS, NBC, Thrive Global, over 60 podcasts and publications. For more info visit and follow her on TikTok, Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel. MEMORABLE MOMENTS “Energy flows where focus goes and if your energy is scattered to 10 different things, it's that 80/20 rule only really 20% is really what's going to push it forward really take time to just stop and be like, do you really need to do a, b, c, d, e, f g.”“I knew that if I wanted to thrive and be in my feminine, I had to do a lot of relearning and a lot of reprogramming.”“We're actually always manifesting, but most people aren't doing it consciously, you know, because it's with your thoughts, your actions, your feelings.”“Some people realize – Oh,  I actually get ideas like when I'm running, or, I get ideas when I'm doing something else. That's because energy is moving. We need to move that energy.““Feminine energy is about being more receptive. So that means receiving help, receiving compliments, receiving gifts, receiving people that want to help introduce you to something right.” “Once you actually start saying yes to receiving things, you'll be surprised by how much more money and opportunity will start coming in. All these things will come because you're more receptive.”“Confidence is the ability to trust yourself. I think when you trust yourself, when you have your own back,  when you're your own biggest cheerleader, then you have the confidence to do anything, despite what other people say.” Connect with Marian:⭐ Connect on Instagram @marian.valenza⭐ Connect on TikTok:⭐ Website:⭐ YouTube Channel:⭐ Pinterest:⭐ Thriver Lifestyle Etsy Shop: Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐ Download your free 90 day planner here

    The Power of Coaching with Julie Reisler

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2022 22:48

    Julie Reisler is an interior designer for your soul and global mentor to creative change-makers. She's the host of The You-est You® podcast and author of Get a PhD in YOU, an Amazon top-pick. Julie has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, and Thrive Global for her work as a coach and conscious business leader. Julie has spoken on two TEDx stages and to large crowds in North America. She is also a course creator on Insight Timer, the number-one ranked mindfulness app.Julie is the founder of the Life Designer® Coach Academy, a leading-edge program where she certifies transformation coaches from all over the world. Julie holds a master's degree in Health & Wellness Coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and is a professor at Georgetown University in their coaching program. Julie is a mentor to hundreds of heart-centered coaches and entrepreneurs. To learn more about Julie, go to MEMORABLE MOMENTS “For me, I didn't know I was gonna get into this work. I was on a totally different career path. And it's through my own struggles that allowed me in that personal deep work to realize, Oh my gosh, there is a way out and there's a way to help others. So if you've gone through a struggle, if you've gone through something that's really been challenging, and you are coming up the other side and you're realizing I want to help other women, that's a sign often that struggle is the point where you can help others.”“I started just falling in love with the potentiality of helping others who really want to go beyond ‘just fine'  to more extraordinary.” “I always say the more that you do that deep inner work, the deeper you're able to go with others.”“I personally believe we're not meant to do our life alone. And there's something extremely powerful about having somebody who can truly be focused 100% on you.”“Without that support, you're gonna continue doing what you're doing. And that means designing a life that is by default, versus coaches come in, you know, well trained coaches can help you to design your life by design by your, you know, intention by your, by new habits and goals. And that's how you make change.”“If you are not living a life that feels like it's maximizing and actualizing your gifts and your potential, then I would highly recommend getting somebody who can help support you.”“If you're somebody who you feel like people come to naturally, those are some really good indications that you would be a phenomenal life coach.” Connect with Julie:⭐ Connect on Instagram @juliereisler⭐ Connect on Facebook⭐ Website:⭐⭐ Check out resources provided by Julie:Free Life Coach's Toolset: Masterclasses & Open Houses: Designer® Coach Academy Page: Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐ Download your free 90 day planner here

    Claiming Your Power With Dr. Sharon Melnick

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2022 29:01

    Sharon Melnick, PhD is the premier expert on being in your power as a leader, and an authority on women's leadership, resilience, and power.Her methods are informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School, and field tested by 40,000 coaching/training participants at over 100 Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and women-led companies.  An international speaker and trainer, her presentations have created buzz at business and leadership conferences worldwide (and also at the White House, West Point, and the United Nations).   She is the best-selling author of Success under Stress: Powerful Tools to Stay Calm, Confident, and Productive when the Pressure's On and her new book is titled In Your Power: React Less, Regain Control, Raise Others.Selected as a Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Coach,  she's an Executive Coach for women executives/entrepreneurs who are vision holders and results drivers.  She helps them have influence,  prevent burnout, and end second-guessing.   She advises companies how to advance and retain their multicultural female talent. An avid runner, dance floor lover, and student of human evolution, she enjoys hosting the Power Shift podcast. MEMORABLE MOMENTS “I prioritized my own evaluation of myself over the contribution that I could have made for millions of people. In other words, I gave away my power.”“When you're selling for your own company, it feels like you're selling you. And you really have to be more objective than subjective.”“You could see that I made it about me, and not about the contribution that I could have made for those families or that any of us can make for our clients. So I think rather than asking the question, who am I…change your question and really make it more, who will benefit from me offering this service and being a champion?”“It wasn't just that you were told these things, but on some level you bought into it. And because you bought into it, then you can unlearn it.” “The idea for us is that this is a story – a calculated coping mechanism. This is a narrative that we wrote that we can write over. And we have more power than we think.”When you're in your power, you're a change agent. Simply just by the way that you show up. You require other people to see you the way that you see yourself. “When you think about reacting, really, the way to understand it is that it's a reactivation of a trigger within you. And that's really when we get kicked out of our power, it usually has to do with some kind of place of powerlessness, a personal hook that somebody else's behavior kind of transports us to.”“What's the outcome that we want to have in the situation, and who do you need to show up as in order to move the situation in that direction?”“Put on the hat of that person, and interpret the situation through their lens. There's this part of you, which is getting activated and hijacking the situation. This is a fast way for you to get back into your power.”“The first time that somebody crosses your boundaries, you want to say something…you want to educate them about the intent of what they were trying to do, versus the impact it had on you.”“The idea of being in your power, is that your emotional energy goes to making a difference, and you're not leaking your power. You're not giving it away.”“Officially, it  [confidence] means your belief in your competence. But for me, it's more of an energy flow.”  Connect with Sharon:⭐ Connect on Instagram @drsharonmelnick⭐ Connect on LinkedIn⭐ Book Website: Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐ Download your free 90 day planner here

    The New Rules Of Paid Advertising with Jennifer Spivak

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 6, 2022 22:22

    EPISODE NOTES Jennifer Spivak is the CEO & Founder of The Ad Girls, an all-female Facebook & Instagram Advertising agency. Named a Top Facebook Ads Manager to Watch and called the ”Conversion Queen” by Forbes, Jennifer is on a mission to help amplify women's voices in the world through the powerful medium of Facebook Ads. She and her team have generated over $40,000,000 for their hundreds of notable clients worldwide, such as Danielle LaPorte who called Jennifer “The CIA Of Facebook Ads”. MEMORABLE MOMENTS “The most important thing that you want to have in place before you even think about any sort of paid advertising, is a validated offer, validated messaging, and a validated funnel.”“We work primarily with female clients, and we also donate a percentage of our revenue to an amazing organization that helps survivors of domestic violence achieve financial autonomy and independence after they leave a terrible situation.”“You could have the greatest advertisement strategy, and campaign, and ad creatives, and copy in the world. If you don't have the right messaging, the right offer, the right funnel, the right understanding of the customer journey that you're going to take people through after they see the ad, you are actually giving way too much power away to the ad platform. You're expecting it to do some that it's not designed to do.”“Messaging is the new targeting. That is so incredibly important. And that change has occurred over the last 12 to 18 months.”“In losing some of the ability to track and losing data, Facebook's actual targeting parameters are not as effective as they used to be, because they're not getting constantly fed the data that they used to get that would help know exactly who to show your ad to.”“Your messaging has so much more of a significant role than it ever used to. Because your messaging is almost the thing that's doing the targeting, your messaging is the thing that has to appropriately call out the exact right people. Because just using targeting to make sure you get the right people is not as viable of a strategy as it used to be.”“The framework has four different messaging buckets in it. Number one is credibility. Number two is personality. Number three is vulnerability. And number four is feel good. And so when you're able to combine all of those things in your ad messaging, in your landing page, mass messaging, email messaging and your funnels, you are able to not only stand out from your competition in the feed and start actively calling the right people who are truly your people, not just anyone that needs what you offer.”“I'm on a different playing field. I'm having a different conversation. And the people who are really bought into our mission, and who I am, are actually the people that come in through my ads, versus just any and everybody. And that actually makes the sales process more seamless. The process of delivering services to clients is more enjoyable. So it has this reverberating impact throughout the entire business.”  Connect with Jennifer:⭐ Connect on Instagram @jennspivak⭐ Website: Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here 

    How To Bounce Back with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2022 23:10

    Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a cosmetic dentist turned best-selling author, transformational speaker, advocate of emotional health, and host of The Brave Table podcast. She is the founder of the Global GRIT Institute and cofounder of The Dharma Coaching Institute and a three-time international best-selling author of multiple books including Emotional GRIT: 8 steps to master your emotions, transform your thoughts, and change your world. Neeta left her large-scale dental practice to transform smiles from the inside out, a journey that led her across 45 countries as she researched blending the intersection of human behavior, ancient wisdom, Eastern philosophy, and therapeutic psychology.Sparked by her own life experience of overcoming multiple adversities, which includes being orphaned at a young age, surviving an abusive marriage of domestic violence, and extensive loss, the power of Neeta's coaching and her message continues to transform the lives of thousands across the globe, from organizations to everyday people looking to step into their greatness. She's a mother of two, and currently lives in Austin, TX, with her husband and children. Her upcoming book: That Sucked. Now What? How to embrace the joys in chaos and find magic in the mess will be released on Jan 31st 2023.  MEMORABLE MOMENTS “How can we increase our bounce factors so that when life happenings do happen, we're not so overwhelmed?”“In the falling apart, was when I was able to regain the strength and the love back to myself that I so desperately needed to release all of that, you know, pent up grief, sadness, anger, frustration, for two decades.”“You can't change your upbringing, but what you can do is make peace with it. And most of us, either we shy away from it, or we distract ourselves, because it's too, it's too hard to start reconciling or healing the past.”“What if we did allow ourselves to stretch where it was uncomfortable to really feel when it was really discomforting, because that's when we grow the most.”“if you are feeling stuck, if you are attracting the same kinds of patterns, or bad employees, or bad team members or bad situations or thing just doesn't seem like anything's working at this point. Where are you neglecting yourself?”“Confidence means you are brave enough to know that there may be fear around the things that you're doing, but you're going to be unapologetic. And do it anyway.” Connect with Neeta:⭐ PRE-ORDER NEETA'S NEW BOOK!⭐ Connect on Instagram @neetabhushan⭐ Connect on Instagram @thebravetable⭐ Website: Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here 

    How To Practice Positive Psychology with Niyc Pidgeon

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2022 25:22

    Niyc is Founder of multi million dollar coaching brand Unstoppable SuccessⓇ and Creator of the Positive Psychology Coach Academy CertificationⓇ. LEARN MORE ABOUT PPCA: She is an acclaimed international speaker, award winning Positive Psychologist MSc, triple certified high performance & success coach, and a best selling Hay House author.Niyc has more than a decade of experience in business, coaching, and psychology, and has mentored tens of thousands of 6, 7, & 8 figure coaches to create massive breakthroughs, lasting positive change, and Unstoppable Success in their lives & businesses. She has helped online entrepreneurs make more than $27Million dollars in the last few years alone and has a no nonsense, strategic and simple approach to doing business you love. MEMORABLE MOMENTS “It's something that we can all apply for ourselves. And one of the things that I love about positive psychology is the power that it has not just to impact us while we're working with the science and the tools, but the ripple effect that it has.”“Positive psychology is the science of happiness, the science of success, and it's the evidence based study of how people, businesses and communities can thrive.”“I think it really is a testament to both the science, and what's possible when we decide to commit rather than quit…because my life has gone on to be better than ever before, after all of the challenges and traumas.”“When you go out and you've got the cricket bat, and you're looking at the field, and you're looking at hitting the ball, don't look at the fielders that are in your way, look for the gaps in between them instead.”“It's not just research, it's not just evidence, it really is a way of being and a way of living, that integrates and filters through every single thing that you do.”“Now really is a time when there's been a lot of change, a lot of challenge, and a lot of struggle that we've seen in the world. Now's the time to get these tools out to more people.”.“Confidence, for me, means the ability to really show up with certainty through everything that you do. it's that unstoppable feeling inside that you know that you can be, do, create, and have anything that you desire in the world.” Connect with Niyc:⭐ LEARN MORE ABOUT PPCA: ⭐ Connect on Instagram @niycpidge⭐ Connect on Instagram @positivepsychologydaily⭐ Connect on LinkedIn⭐ Pinterest:⭐ Facebook:⭐ Website:⭐ Get your Positive Psychology Coach Certification here Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here   

    Top 3 Mistakes Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them with Autumn Witt Boyd

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2022 18:52

    Autumn Witt Boyd is a lawyer who helps million dollar coaches and online business owners build sustainable, profitable companies. She provides sophisticated legal guidance with copyright and trademark protection, contracts, team building, and problem solving. Along with her team at The AWB Firm, she loves helping online educators (courses, memberships, and digital products) grow their dream business with approachable advice and the right legal protections at the right time. The AWB Firm also offers customizable contract templates that are quick and easy to complete, and cost a fraction of working one-on-one with a lawyer.You can find Autumn in Chattanooga, Tennessee hanging out with her three kids and husband, reading a good book, or sipping a glass of champagne after bedtime. MEMORABLE MOMENTS“I typically will say once you hit that couple $100,000 annual revenue, is a great time to find a lawyer and start a relationship. It doesn't mean you need to be spending 10 or $20,000 a year, but it means you are getting to know each other.”“The good news is if your business is small, that means your risk is also probably small.” “My first question is always, well, what does your contract say? And if the answer is we didn't have one, that just makes things much harder to figure out how to bring the two sides together to an agreement.”“There are ways that you can put these in place that don't require, you know, spending 1000's of dollars on a lawyer, which probably doesn't make sense if you're a newer business owner.”“I think most people don't realize that you have to look at the law of the state where they're located and your own state where your business is located.”“If you hire a contractor…they own the rights and whatever they create, which is totally bananas, like you would think it would be the opposite. But because they're contractor, they own the rights. You can change that in a contract. Connect with Autumn:⭐ Connect on Instagram @awbfirm⭐ Connect on LinkedIn⭐  Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here

    How To Legally Protect Your Business with Andrea Sager

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2022 20:55

    Andrea Sager is a three-time small business owner with her most recent exit at 10x her initial investment in under a year. After massively growing her law firm in 3 years, Andrea founded Legalpreneur, a bridge for the gap between legal resources and entrepreneurs at every stage of business. The Legalpreneur Membership currently serves over 200 businesses and counting. Andrea is also the host of the hit Legalpreneur Podcast with 100,000 downloads! MEMORABLE MOMENTS “There's clearly a need here for these small business owners. Somebody has to serve them. Why not me?”“We're able to reach 100 times more clients and help those business owners get the resources and the education they need.”“My mission now is to educate as many entrepreneurs as possible, and then give them enough education where they can make the decision for themselves.” “What I'm really excited about is the fact that we can reach anybody and everybody, no matter where they are in business.”“As soon as possible, you need to have that LLC protection. Yes, it costs money, it's an investment. But the amount of protection it gives you down the road is well worth the few hundred dollars that it may cost you to get set up.”“I tell a lot of new businesses to start with a template contract, and then graduate to a custom contract. Because as you're going along in business, that's when you get the experience.”“The more personal work you do on yourself, the better your business.” “Confidence is just trusting in yourself. You trust yourself to know what you want and that it's gonna get done.” Connect with Andrea:⭐ Freebie -⭐ Connect on Instagram @thelegalpreneur⭐ Connect on TikTok Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here

    How To Become An SEO Expert with Anna Baun

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2022 28:24

    Anna Baun is a search engine optimization expert and content creator. She's also the founder of the successful blog, A Lily Love Affair. Since leaving her full time job to focus on building her six figure brand, Anna has built an SEO course that teaches others how to help creators secure their financial futures by investing in blog content, in addition to cool collaborations and strategy. MEMORABLE MOMENTS “When you invest in it, the long term impact is so wildly beneficial and it has been, honestly, the best business decision I've ever made. The return has been tenfold. I'm so much happier and at peace with the content we create and I'm so much less stressed.”“SEO is the art of making sure that the content you're creating on your site is optimized so that people will find it via Google.”“When you focus on SEO, that income is happening for you while you're sleeping. It's if you are doing it the right way and you're you're concentrating on creating evergreen content, then that is going to be relevant for years and years to come.”“Take a look at your competitors and see what they're doing. Because that's a great free way to understand what's already working.”“Essentially what we teach people is a formula for creating content that will get you a content calendar of content that you can rank  in your niche, that expands somewhere between six to 12 months.”“There's no harm in starting. It's not going to take you backwards, it's only going to take you forward”  Connect with Anna:⭐ Connect on Instagram @annabaun⭐ Connect on LinkedIn⭐  Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐  JOIN the 12 week #CrushyourGoals challenge group today by clicking this link.  Use code goals50

    Reverse Engineer Your Marketing Method with Christine Gallagher

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2022 21:03

    Christine Gallagher founded in 2009, a company dedicated to teaching women around the globe how to add $100k+ in new revenue (much of it recurring) using leveraged offers, simplified marketing that feels good, and intentional energy direction. And to keep most of that in PROFIT, while working less. She's also the creator of the 90/10 Method.Christine believes that when female entrepreneurs learn how to share their gifts and their message in a much bigger way by creating intentional, leveraged offers, they will not only dramatically elevate their expert status and enjoy more income, they also become a force for positive change in the world.After applying her proven “reverse engineered” offer creation and simplified marketing methods, plus energetic principles, which she teaches via her Mastermind and online courses, her students and clients typically enjoy consistent, predictable 5 figure+ months, working with Soulmate Clients only. MEMORABLE MOMENTS“So what we teach is instead focusing on one major outcome of your program, doing it in eight weeks or less, and then showing and illustrating throughout that eight weeks that there is a another part of the journey that comes afterward.”“In a social media world, there's so much information going by so fast…we're so used to a lot of instant gratification. So if that first experience can be a shorter one…that next offers typically a longer term offer, and typically a high ticket offer.”“The recurring revenue comes from the continuation of the journey. And it really helps create stability in your business.”“What do you want them to initially get up on? What can you promise as an outcome that's not going to oversaturate them? And then think about what is the rest of the journey a client goes on with you.”“Now it's more than 90% of the inner game that I work on with my clients so that the 10% works better.” “I help women use what their purpose is to create abundance and success in their life.”“There's a version of you, that's the true self view….that's the you that you're meant to be. So when you are solid in your own personal integrity, that's when you can trust yourself. And when you can trust yourself, your self-confidence grows.”  Connect with Christine:⭐ Connect on Instagram @christineg⭐ Connect on Facebook⭐  Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐  JOIN the 12 week #CrushyourGoals challenge group today by clicking this link.  Use code goals50

    Finding Your Influential Voice with Tricia Brouk

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2022 22:36

    Tricia founded The Big Talk Academy where she certifies speakers in the art of public speaking. She was the executive producer of Speakers Who Dare and TEDxLincolnSquare and is the producer and host of The Big Talk, an award-winning podcast and YouTube Channel. She curates and hosts the Speaker Salon in NYC and is being featured in a new documentary called Big Stages. Tricia's book, The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean for Lasting Legacy, was a #1 New Release on Amazon in December 2020. Tricia was awarded Top Director of 2019 by the International Association of Top Professionals and Top Ten Speaker Coaches in Yahoo Finance in 2021 and the Empowered Women Award in 2021 and Top Director of The Decade by the IOATP and was recently featured on the cover of Brainz Magazine. Her documentaries have received critical acclaim—winning numerous awards including Best Documentary Short at The Olympus Film Festival and Los Angeles Movie Awards. MEMORABLE MOMENTS “When I can support influencers and thought leaders and professionals in sharing their powerful message in an effective, potent way, the ripple effect of the good goes beyond that moment on stage. And that's why I get up every single day.”“Influential voice means you can be sitting across the table from your kids. Everything you say has an impact. And when you know how to say it, and you've got technique behind how to say it, and you've got performance technique on how to deliver it, you then become influential.”“Whatever it is you do lead with ‘Speaker.' Be extremely obvious, tell people you want to speak.”“It's super important that you take action in order to make the desire of speaking a reality.”“If you desire to speak and you've got communities, reach out to those organizers or those community leaders… and give yourself the opportunity to speak and always have something in return.”“You deserve to be compensated, you are the expert, you have put a lot of time and effort into your presentation and you deserve to be compensated.”“If we keep perpetuating not being paid as women, we will keep not being paid. So together, we have to collectively stop doing that. So that collectively we all start getting paid.”“We are at a precipice right now. And the only way we can save the planet and humanity is by becoming conscious as leaders. It's our responsibility to speak with dignity, curiosity, humility, respect and love, so that we can move the needle towards what's good.”“This is a technique, you can't get on stage and hope you're good. That's why understanding objective, action, and what you want from the audience and how you're going to get it is super, super important.”“I support speakers who desire communication skills, desire the visibility, desire the platform, in order to roll up their sleeves, talk about what they think that they need to talk about and why it's important, so that we can literally change policy on this planet.”“Confidence comes from the inner truth of knowing that you're enough, of knowing that your voice matters, and knowing that you have something to contribute.”  Connect with Tricia:⭐ Connect on Instagram @tricia_brouk⭐ Connect on LinkedIn ⭐ Connect on Facebook ⭐ The Influential Voice Book ⭐ TheBigTalkwithTriciaBrouk Podcast  Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐  JOIN the 12 week #CrushyourGoals challenge group today by clicking this link.  Use code goals50⭐ LEARN MORE about THINKIFIC COMMUNITIES here

    5 Steps To Building A Website Powered By Design With Joana Galvão

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2022 26:37

    Joana Galvão is the co-founder of Gif Design Studios, an award-winning design agency specialized in brand identities and conversion-obsessed design.  Based in Porto, Portugal, with a team of 7 designers and developers, Gif Design Studios offers the full range of print and digital design services to industry leaders in seventeen countries on five continents.Joana speaks internationally on the power of design and creativity and her work has been featured in the Guardian UK, Brand Brilliance, and Digital Arts magazine. MEMORABLE MOMENTS“So I like to think that there are three V's to branding there is vision, voice and visuals. And what we have to make sure is that all of them communicate the same thing.”“If you go to a conference, you put a lot of thought, or a lot of people will put a lot of thought into what they're going to wear because that communicates so much about themselves. And so what you put out in your brand and your website visually, they can do the same.”“if you have a confusing user experience on your website, you might be leaving a lot of money on the table.”“You're not trying to get the yes on the first email, you're just trying to get the next email or the next point of contact eventually.”“Everything needs to work in unison, to supplement the strategy.”“A website can feel like a really huge project, you know, and you might have a vision…but we can build it in layers. ““Design is not to make things pretty, we're here to solve business problems, or to help you get to business goals.”“Confidence means just being comfortable in my own skin.” Connect with Joana:⭐ Connect on Instagram @joanagalvaodesign⭐ Connect on Instagram @gifdesignstudios⭐⭐  Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐  JOIN the 12 week #CrushyourGoals challenge group today by clicking this link.  Use code goals50⭐ LEARN MORE about THINKIFIC COMMUNITIES here

    The Power of Belief and Facing Your Fears with Linda Mitchell

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2022 24:47

    Linda Mitchell is a leading women's health expert, best-selling author, Fitness Boutique Owner, and creator of The Sisterhood of Sweat brand. After surviving domestic violence, Linda has made it her mission to empower other women by helping them take responsibility for their health so that they can be in the best shape physically and emotionally.  A graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Linda has worked with dozens of thought leaders such as Heidi Powell, JJ Virgin, Natalie Jill, Anne Louise Gittleman, Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Lori Shemek, and Elaine LaLanne. In 2020 alone, Linda has been able to double/triple/etc her income while eliminating all debt.An award-wining fitness competitor and host of the podcast Sisterhood of Sweat, a Top 50 podcast with close to 1/2 million downloads, Linda has written her own column “Fit Over Forty” and has spoken on numerous stages including Comeback Champion, Podfest and Women's Future Conference. She has appeared on ABC, NBC, Bold TV and Fox. MEMORABLE MOMENTS“So I believe every woman is the Queen and that she just has to recognize that and realize what she is worthy of and own every piece of herself of who she really is. And that is true power.”“Our dreams are not canceled because of our circumstances. And you have to just stop getting caught up in all the fear mongering and focus on what you do have.”“Had to surrender to what was going on in my life. And I found all kinds of new pieces of myself.”“When you get knocked down, sometimes that's just really a time for you to find more pieces of yourself that you didn't know existed. And then your comeback is going to be so much greater than the setback you experience.”“When you start realizing what you're capable of, and you start believing. And you start stepping into that and letting go, the more you let go of that imposter syndrome.”“We're so worried about the judgment of other people, that we're not thinking about the beauty of our dreams and how stepping into that dream could really change people.”“Confidence means owning every piece of who you truly are, and showing up authentically as yourself in every way.”“Doing the hard things builds confidence. And it isn't about, like, being the most beautiful person, it isn't about being the most attractive. It's about being the most you.” Connect with Linda:⭐ Connect on Facebook -⭐ Connect on Instagram @SisterhoodofSweat⭐ Connect on Twitter Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐  JOIN the 12 week #CrushyourGoals challenge group today by clicking this link.  Use code goals50⭐ LEARN MORE about THINKIFIC COMMUNITIES here

    Living Through Your Purpose with Yetunde Shorters

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2022 20:59

    Yetunde is an International Publicist turned Executive, Life/Personal Branding Coach with a specialty in Living Through Your Purpose, using the power of your Personal Brand. Her clients have been seen by over 40-million people with over 40 cover stories secured, including features in Entrepreneur magazine, CBS TV, Good morning America, Schick, Tropics magazine, Essence, Ebony magazine and more. She has secured over 1,500 media features for Global Entrepreneurs, Grammy, Tony and MTV award winning artists. Yetunde has a certification from Cornell University in Women's Entrepreneurship. She is a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Certified Brain-centric Instructional Designer, 4x Amazon Bestselling Author: who has been happily featured in Forbes, Elle, CBS, Radiant Magazine and more. For more on her work and how she can support your own purpose journey, check out her website at MEMORABLE MOMENTS“If you shift the perspective of how you show up. And then you serve, and in serving you fulfill your own ambitions, and you help other people.”“If the thoughts of other people's concerns didn't matter to you? What would you do? Who would you be? If your fears and people's judgments was not in the way of you being yourself?”“Who would you be if you didn't have that distraction of your fears and failures, or what other people think about you, that's how you need to think and show up authentically.”“When you love people, you pay attention to them, you're compassionate, you engage them, you tap into their identity, if you can start serving from that perspective, it shifts the way you operate and attract, because now people feel like they know who you are. And they're connecting to you authentically.”“There's literally nothing you can do in this world that makes you unworthy of being here, you are worthy period.”“Stop being an imposter and start stepping into the confidence you've experienced before.”“Imposter syndrome is a temporary lapse in memory in who the eff you think you are."“I want to help you get radically clear on what your purpose is so that you can come out here and transform my world. Because I want a better world.” Connect with Yetunde:⭐ Connect on Facebook -⭐ Connect on Instagram @YetundeShorters⭐ Connect on LinkedIn⭐ Connect on Twitter Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐  JOIN the 12 week #CrushyourGoals challenge group today by clicking this link.  Use code goals50⭐ LEARN MORE about THINKIFIC COMMUNITIES here

    How To Build a 7-Figure Coaching Company with Lisa Johnson

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2022 24:10

    Lisa Johnson is a multi seven-figure business strategist who makes 90% of her money through passive or semi- passive income streams. In one launch alone during the global pandemic in 2020,  she made £1.7m in a week, and then £2.5m in a week only eight months later - earning £1m in the first hour of sales! She is an inspirational leader who has been published in various magazines and newspapers because of the amazing financial results she gets for her clients. She has presented on expert stages around the world about passive income, recently headlining at Expert Empires 2021.Lisa has over 50,000 followers on social media, and her article on passive income for Forbes received over 250,000 hits in a week.Her podcast ‘Making Money Online' went straight in at No.1 in the UK Business charts in July 2021, had over 36,000 downloads in the first eight weeks and has been listened to in over 111 countries.She lives in Bedfordshire, UK with her husband and twin sons. MEMORABLE MOMENTS:“I'm a big believer in failing fast. If you're going to try something that may or may not work, get it out there. Don't wait for it to be perfect, because if you waste two years then put it out and it fails, you're going to be hurt a lot more than if you waited a couple of weeks.”“If you haven't started growing an audience yet, no matter what, how you want to make money, online, passive income, one to one, whatever… Growing an audience is your biggest thing. And it's the bit that most people, quite frankly, can't be bothered to do because it's hard. It's the bit that takes the time. But actually, it's the bit that's going to change everything and make you have a real passive income in the future.“There's no one-way to make money…there are a million ways to make a million dollars. You just need to choose the one that you're going to do and be consistent with it.” “Confidence isn't about what other people tell you that you are; it comes from within. It  has to come from you loving yourself and not just loving the good parts of you. You have to write down all your flaws. We all know the bad parts of us, you know, we know what they are, we don't need other people to tell us. And if you decide that you're going to love yourself for all the bad, and all the good, then you will always have confidence.”“We tell ourselves things on a daily basis that we would never ever do to somebody else… we need to start treating ourselves how we would treat a friend.” Connect with Lisa:⭐ Connect on Facebook -⭐ Connect on Instagram @LisaJohnsonStrategist⭐ Lisa's Podcast - Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐  JOIN the 12 week #CrushyourGoals challenge group today by clicking this link.  Use code goals50⭐ LEARN MORE about THINKIFIC COMMUNITIES here

    5 Things You Need To Do To Prepare For Success

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2022 19:15

    It's not enough to manifest success - you've got to prepare for it as well!  In today's episode, Allison shares 5 tips to help you be prepared as all of your dedication and commitment to your goals start to pay off. Allison shares how the last couple of years have been super focused on creating opportunities that she's been dreaming about for decades. Now that things are in motion and those dreams are coming to fruition, she's had to focus on doing these 5 things to help keep momentum and take care of herself in the process.  Tune in to learn more! One-On-One Application: Survey: Your Opinion Matters: Connect on Instagram: @allisonwalshWatch this episode: 

    5 Tips to Build Your Confidence with Nicole Kalil

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2022 20:40

    Nicole's passion for eliminating gender expectations and redefining “Woman's Work” is both what keeps her up at night, and what gets her up in the morning. Well that, and an abundant amount of coffee. An in-demand speaker, leadership strategist, respected coach, and host of the “This Is Woman's Work” Podcast, her stalker- like obsession with confidence sets her apart from the constant stream of experts telling us to BE confident. She actually  tells how you build it, and gives actionable tools – not just stories – to BECOME confident. A fugitive of the C-suite at a Fortune 100 company, she has coached hundreds of women in business, which has given her insight as to what – structurally, systemically and socially – is and isn't serving women and leaders within an organization. Maintaining some semblance of sanity in her different roles of wife, mother, and business owner successfully is an ongoing  challenge… in whatever free time she has, she enjoys reading and wine guzzling, is an avid cheese enthusiast,  a hotel snob, and a reluctant peloton rider. MEMORABLE MOMENTS:“The number one confidence builder is action, action builds confidence.”“Mistakes, fear, doubt, loss, any of those sort of, we equate with negative emotions, all of those things actually build confidence if you choose it, if you let it.”“Give yourself grace on the journey…the way we communicate with ourselves, the things we say to ourselves, in our own mind, really matter as it relates to confidence. So what I would encourage you to do when I say giving yourself grace is talk to yourself, like someone you love.”“Confidence is a choice first, and then the feeling catches up. So we've heard the expression fake it to make it. I have replaced that with choose it until you become it.”“No one or nothing is holding on to your confidence waiting to give it to you. The way we build confidence is internally. So I would invite you to think about how you build trust with other people or how they build trust with you. If you can turn that back on yourself, that's probably a really good insight into how you would build trust with yourself.” Connect with Nicole:⭐ Connect on Instagram @nicolemkalil⭐⭐ LinkdIn - Nicole KalilNicole's Book:⭐ Validation Is For Parking: How Women Can Beat the Confidence Con – OUT NOW! Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐  JOIN the 12 week #CrushyourGoals challenge group today by clicking this link.  Use code goals50⭐ LEARN MORE about THINKIFIC COMMUNITIES here

    5 Tips To Help You Win Your Week with Carey Bentley

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2022 27:33

    Carey Bentley is the co-founder of the Lifehack Method and WSJ Bestselling author of Winning The Week: How To Plan A Successful Week, Every Week.Through her seven-figure productivity company, she serves as systems expert, teaching clients hard-hitting efficiency techniques and proven accountability strategies that have helped clients generate millions in revenue while saving thousands of hours.In the past eight years, she's helped more than 50,000 professionals, including executives from Facebook, Google, Uber and PepsiCo, who want to prevent burnout and create more freedom in their lives.Carey's expertise has been highlighted in Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur and more. Her areas of expertise include project management, systems creation, and team management.Prior to co-founding Lifehack Method, she worked in corporate brand management managing billion dollar brands. She now lives a nomadic lifestyle with her partner and co-founder, Demir, and their two-year-old daughter. They are currently living in Medellin, Colombia. MEMORABLE MOMENTS:“It can feel a lot more palatable to just sort of take it minute by minute, do what you feel like doing, and sort of hope that the right things are gonna get done. The problem is, especially if you juggle a lot of responsibilities, that rarely happens because life is sort of chaotic. It's just naturally chaotic, it doesn't really line itself up. in order for you to succeed. It does help if you give a little helping hand.” “No matter what else the week threw your way, if you can manage to get something  big done every single week this year, then you'll for sure come out feeling on top.”“Should the things that are already on my calendar actually be there? Should there be other things on my calendar that are not there? And how can I best optimize this calendar layout to suit me and my needs this week?”“Not all of your tasks are deserving of your time and energy this week, they might need to get pushed to a future week, they might need to get deleted entirely” Connect with Carey:⭐ Connect on Instagram @demirandcarey⭐ Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐  JOIN the 12 week #CrushyourGoals challenge group today by clicking this link. ⭐ LEARN MORE about THINKIFIC COMMUNITIES here

    How To Build Trust Using Content with Melanie Deziel

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2022 23:21

    Melanie Deziel is a keynote speaker, author, award-winning branded content creator, and the author of the best-selling marketing and business communications book, “The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas.” Melanie is also the Co-Founder and VP of Marketing at, a B2B marketplace that helps small and independent businesses save money on their everyday expenses so they can invest more in themselves and their communities. Her second book, “Prove It: Exactly How Modern Marketers Earn Trust” comes out October 11th, 2022. Prior to co-founding The Convoy, Melanie was the founder of StoryFuel and spent her days giving keynotes and leading workshops that teach marketers, creators, and companies of all sizes how to create better content. Melanie was the first editor of branded content at The New York Times, a founding member of HuffPost's brand storytelling team, and served as Director of Creative Strategy for Time Inc. MEMORABLE MOMENTS:“Sometimes the best thing you can do for your content is to find someone who has the time and passion to be able to dedicate to that to help you make it what you want it to be.”“My top recommendation is to figure out where your audience is; one, maybe two, places and really focus your effort on content creation and connecting there. Because if you spread yourself too thin, you're gonna have a whole lot of mediocre content that gets you no results. I'd much rather see you be awesome in one or two places than mediocre in 12” “If you can start with the focus: ‘What do I want to say? What can I talk about?'  Then you switch to ‘How do I bring that to life?' That makes the whole process so much easier.”“It helps to start from a place of abundance instead of from a place of scarcity. Like, I'm not sure what to post, I don't know what to say…you're starting with 100. That's your new baseline zero.”“For me, confidence comes from a place of knowledge and understanding. I feel most confident when I know that I can teach and add value; that I have something that I can give. I know at the end of that conversation, I can feel confident that I've done something of value.” Connect with Melanie:⭐ Connect on Twitter @mdeziel⭐⭐ Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐ LEARN MORE about THINKIFIC COMMUNITIES here

    Simplify Your Launch with Melody DiCroce

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2022 19:16

    Melody DiCroce is a launch strategist and founder of The Launch Library, where she helps ambitious females simplify their launches while getting more sales and better results for their students and clients. She's worked with entrepreneurs like Selena Soo and Ramit Sethi on dozens of launches and loves introducing strategies from those multi-million dollar launches to course creators, coaches, and service providers so they can have wildly successful launches while having the space and capacity to create and live the life of their dreams.  In 2012, Melody sold her Nashville home and all her belongings and ditched her traditional 9-5 to travel on a sailboat for 10 years. She now lives with her husband in Loreto, Mexico, a small coastal town on the Sea of Cortez. MEMORABLE MOMENTS:“I don't claim to know it all. It's an ever evolving thing. But the fear is real…there's so many points of failure in a launch, that people get stuck, and they end up not launching, or they delay their launches. And so that's what I'm trying to help people overcome that fear, because the only way you're going to learn is by doing it.”“I tell people to follow affiliate launches, because you'll learn so many lessons…if you're afraid to launch yourself, do an affiliate, watch or follow someone else's launch” “Where most people get stuck when it really boils down to it is the mindset behind it all. We're afraid to look unprofessional, or we're afraid to make a mistake….so I try to be a cheerleader for people and help them know it's okay to make a mistake.”“it's a really big mindset shift, to put yourself out there and put a product out there.”“…And sometimes that's all it takes, is just to say ‘Okay, now we have a starting point. Let's go from there.'” “Your life is an experiment. Business is an experiment. So don't be afraid to make mistakes.. That's the only way we learn.” Connect with Melody:⭐ Connect on Instagram @thelaunchlibrary⭐ Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐ LEARN MORE about THINKIFIC COMMUNITIES here

    How To Keep What You Earn with Shannon Weinstein

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2022 22:16

    Shannon is a CPA, CFO and strategist for small business owners who want more perspective and less paperwork when it comes to their finances. Her company, Fitnancial Solutions, offers accounting, tax strategy and coaching delivered from the heart of a teacher. Her real-life relatable examples make the financial side of business less daunting so you can focus on serving your customers. She is the host of the Top Entrepreneurship podcast Keep What You Earn and a frequent speaker in masterminds and business communities. MEMORABLE MOMENTS:“I think that we build this up in our heads because it's something unfamiliar. But when you really look at it, it's not that complicated. If you just have the right guidance and someone telling you what to do. Even if it's just listening and telling you to go open a bank account. It's a lot of simple things that you can do.”“Ideally, it's proactive versus reactive. So you want to be as proactive as possible, looking forward and planning for the business that you want to have.”“When a launch happens or income starts coming in unpredictably, you want to be ready to accept that you know what to do and know how much is going to taxes, know what you're saving, and have a plan.”“I believe information is free and should be abundant and should be shared with everyone. But the implementation and the action is where the real value comes in.”“And that was like one of my favorite catch phrases or taglines was –  Commit, you'll figure it out. I've lived by that for so long. I'm just going to say yes and then my brain and body will get me to a point where that yes was the right answer.”“Doing it scared, like being scared and doing it anyway, like action first.” Connect with Shannon:⭐ Connect on Instagram @shannonkweinstein⭐⭐ Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐ LEARN MORE about THINKIFIC COMMUNITIES here

    How To Grow On Instagram with Elise Darma

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2022 28:49

    Today's guest is Instagram marketing expert, Elise Darma. She specializes in helping not-so-Insta-famous business people make REAL revenue directly from the free app. She's helped over 30,000 people truly grow their businesses, sell more programs and build money-making brands. Her social media marketing expertise has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Social Media Examiner.MEMORABLE MOMENTS:“Instagram, TikTok, they all have a billion plus users so they are amazing tools for you to get in front of your target audience for free.”“More often than not, my students won't be Instagram famous, they'll have maybe 500, maybe 1000 followers. But still, even with those numbers, they can generate sales back to their business, five figures plus more often than not.“Google is a great platform, if you're a blogger.  YouTube is a great platform, if you prefer to be on video.  You can create video, or you can create content that's going to be found on the search based platforms but then you need one other platform to connect with people to go deeper on their relationships. And so in my opinion, Instagram is still the best tool out there for creating those relationships.”“I first like to have two platforms as the focus one search one relationship based.”“The easiest thing you can do and the one that majority of my students feel the most comfortable doing is simply showing up and talking like this, you can grow an audience organically on Tiktok and Instagram, by sharing tips in 10-15 second clips just like this.”“Okay, so you're capturing someone's attention. Then for the next five to 10 seconds of your video, you're sharing your tip, you're sharing your info, you're sharing your value. And then the last part of the formula, hook tip, the last part is a call to action.” Connect with Elise:⭐ Connect on Instagram @elisedarma⭐ Connect on YouTube with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here  

    How To Get Unstuck With Cynthia Garcia

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2022 32:12

    In addition to being the founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, she is also the CEO and founder of The Modern Life Coach School. She is a co-founder of The Unicorn Club, a private organization where the world's most successful women leaders come to collaborate, connect and cultivate the confidence to not apologize for their greatness. She is a leader and an inspiration born of her own personal history. She is happily married and has two kids and lives in Los Angeles and Portland. MEMORABLE MOMENTS: “Look at the things that have held you back. And then be willing to do the work to rewrite those old stories so that your past doesn't create your present, as well as your future.”“At any time, you can just say, I don't really like the direction my life is going, I think I'll change it, you can do that at any time.”“Who cares what other people say, just do you, show up and do you?”“So at any point again, you don't have to hit rock bottom. It's about taking control of the things that have happened to you. And the stories that you told about it.”“You cannot create a new identity until you rewrite the old stories that have kept you stuck, your brain literally won't let you.”Connect with Recommended by Cynthia:Lisa Bilyeu - Women of Impact Bilyeu - Impact Theory Mindset Coach with Sean Croxton Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here  

    Discover Your Quiz-To-Cash Strategy with Linda Sidhu

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2022 22:57

    Linda Sidhu is a list-building expert and strategic partner with Interact (the quiz platform), who helps entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that attract hundreds of new subscribers on autopilot.As a former top ten pharmaceutical sales representative, she had extensive training in personality types. She took the same methods that worked for selling products face-to-face and turned them into a personality quiz framework that converts views to leads at 70% and helps craft personalized marketing for her customers.Linda has been featured in Forbes and on multiple podcasts, including The Art of Online Business with Rick Mulready and the #prettyawkward entrepreneur podcast with Megan Yelaney. MEMORABLE MOMENTS: “People always want to learn about themselves, so when you have a lead magnet, that's really stroking the ego and celebrating your new leads. When they come into your offers and your world. People get really excited. They always like to learn something about themselves, whether it's their strength, maybe a blind spot.”“I am not really into data and analyzing, but I will tell you, creating quizzes makes business fun for me. So it allows me a way to analyze and research my audience in the most fun way possible, and the conversion rates are really high, too.”“I also find that when people take your quiz, it's building connections right out of the gate, and a lot of those people stay with you and stay on your email list longer.”“There's really three things why you would want a personality quiz. One is they attract your right clients...Number two is you can sell out your offers...Number three, you can better serve your clients.”“Believe it or not, once people take your quiz, there's some heavy lifting that has to be done in your welcome series to really nurture and build your know, like, and trust factor and your credibility and give reasons why somebody should stick with you and all that good stuff.”   3-Day Nail Your Quiz Idea FREE Challenge: your Quiz-To-Cash Strategy: Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out book recommendations from the show here⭐ Learn how to go from Overcommitted to Unstoppable here 

    4 Books You Should Read to Enhance Your Mindset, Build Your Confidence and Heal Your Trauma

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 19:20

    Now is the perfect time to do a check-up from the neck up, tune into how we're feeling and identify what we truly want next. Success is an inside job, and it's important to remember that we have all experienced a dramatic change in the way things once were. These 4 book recommendations will help you enhance your confidence and mindset while also giving you practical advice on how to start your healing journey to help you move through and beyond the experiences that are holding you back. Plus 4 lucky winners will be announced at the end from our Instagram book giveaway!⭐ Buy a copy of the books recommended on the show hereMemorable moments:“It's a good time of year to pulse check - to really check in with ourselves, and see what else we need to be doing to take care of ourselves or invest in ourselves.”“Sometimes you don't realize that what you've gone through is still impacting who you are today.”“At the end of the day, you deserve to unapologetically live your best life and go after anything that you want, without anything holding you back.”Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out recommendations from the show here⭐ Learn how to go from Overcommitted to Unstoppable here⭐ Read the Forbes Article here 

    How To Go from Hustle to Flow with Dijana Llugolli

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2022 26:13

    Dijana Llugolli is an international success and business coach who teaches female entrepreneurs how to rapidly launch and scale their online businesses through aligned and inspired action. Drawing from her studies in business and nearly two decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur, she helps her clients to reach $40K months in 90 days or less. Her goal is to inspire millions of women to BE more and HAVE more without having to DO more. Follow Dijana!Website: www.dijanallugolli.comPodcast: The Fearless and Successful@DIJANALLUGOLLI  Memorable Moments: “Freedom is the value to be doing whatever I desire.”“That was the framework actually, being intentional with everything that you're doing, will initially spark the doing.  First be that person, then you will find what is the inspiring action, then do that thing, and the result will be having anything that you want.”“If you're doing something that's not aligned with your mission, it's not going to be flow.”“So really asking yourself, what is that thing that I really love to do? And how can I contribute that to the mission.  Making sure that the goals when you connect with your mission, that goals are intentional with that mission”“Some will say, do a webinar, do a podcast, run Facebook ads, if that doesn't align with you, don't freaking do it because… the energy that you're going to put inside that is going to collapse. So do whatever feels good to you.”“P is profit. Sometimes we forget that we are in business. If you don't think about the profit, if you don't think, is this sustainable? You're gonna burn yourself out.”“O stands for seeing obstacles as opportunities…And it's really important that we see obstacles as opportunities”“When it comes to negotiables I realized that our day actually starts with the night before so making sure that (PM) the night before is actually creating the AM that you are entering the next day.”“Everything is available within you.”“Business is not just you sitting and praying and meditating. It is discipline.” ---Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out recommendations from the show here⭐ Learn how to go from Overcommitted to Unstoppable here

    Why Your Copy Matters with Ashlyn Carter

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2022 23:34

    Ashlyn Carter is a conversion copywriter and marketing strategist specializing in wedding & creative industries. She traded Fortune 500 clients in corporate marketing to bring in more than seven-figures in her business writing for creatives, now helping women write words that sell, so they can work from a place of rest—not hustle. (Banner clients: Jenna Kutcher, Beth Kirby of Local Milk, Julie Solomon, Lara Casey/Cultivate What Matters, Melyssa Griffin, Katelyn James, Heather Crabtree, Hilary Rushford & The Dean Street Society, Shay Cochrane, The Bachelorette's Desiree Hartsock Bridal, and Justin & Mary Marant)Follow Ashlyn!Website: Ashlynwrites.comYoutube: Ashlyn Writes@ASHLYNSCARTERMemorable Moments: 8:20  “There's a lot of power in getting in the room”8:25 “I think there's a lot of power in getting in the room. And a lot of times, especially in the digital world, we think so much like ads and traffic and yes, but some of our very best clients come in through referral, grassroots.”10:17 “I think there's something to finding the ‘you' size gap in the market and going to fill it and I think people told me, and called it out on me. It's like, I can't give myself all the credit at all for it”13:58 “I believe in onboarding really well and off-boarding really well, that's so important to me, a lot of times, you'll finish a project, if you've been a client before, and you're like, Wait, that's kind of awkward, but I don't know if we're done or not. And so just like those little touch points along the way”19:31 “There are so many books, there are so many podcasts, there are so many influencers I want to learn from…Somebody told me every year pick two people and then learn and implement what they do and see what changes for me.”---Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY:⭐ Check out recommendations from the show here⭐ Learn how to go from Overcommitted to Unstoppable here 

    How Are You Really with Jenna Kutcher

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 23:04

    Jenna Kutcher is a digital marketing expert, self-education mastermind, book-writing, data-obsessed algorithm avenger, detail-loving self-care activist, stubborn-as-heck achiever, and individualist. Her podcast, The Goal Digger Podcast, is a chart-topping business podcast that delivers top business experts' best-kept secrets. Jenna just launched her book, How Are You Really which is a space created for all goal diggers and is filled full of soul-unlocking guidance to lead you forward. Memorable Moments: 6:38  “And so for me, what's been so fascinating is kind of working through this process of figuring out who am I, but not just who am I today; but who do I want to become?”7:28 “One thing that I want to encourage your listeners is to recognize that like, our identities aren't fixed, we are constantly changing and growing and evolving. And I want us to continue becoming…(7:51)  And in doing that, you invite other people to maybe consider different things so that we can continue changing our identities as we should, as students in this thing called Life School.” 10:06 “I think that the way that we are perpetuating this hustle mentality, it is only going to lead us there (burnout). And we have become people who have tuned out those check engine lights so long that something has to suffer for us to wake up to the fact that we're not doing something that sustainable, whether it's relational or health-related”10:27  “I've had a lot of burnout moments when I've recognized that the dream that I'm working towards, or the goal that I'm working towards, doesn't feel good.”10:52 “One of the things that I think is really important is to talk about boundaries. I feel like balance was the word for a long time and I feel like boundaries is the new word.”11:42 “What I want to come coupling alongside that, is boundaries, and how can we invite them into our lives, to really preserve our lives so that the lives that we're living feel good, but that we're enjoying them. That we're not faking to enjoy them, or that we're not spending the whole journey in pursuit of the thing, missing the point.”15:50 “When you really start to invest in who you are, and who you're becoming, as a human being, that's when things really skyrocket.”16:11 “If you don't have community in that way, find ways to invite it because it can be a really lonely journey, no matter what you're doing when you don't have somebody who's in that similar life stage.”Buy the bookConnect with Jenna: @jennakutcherSubscribe to her podcast here: with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY: ⭐ Check out recommendations from the show here⭐ Learn how to go from Overcommitted to Unstoppable here

    From Cubicle To CEO with Ellen Yin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 24:55

    Ellen Yin is the founder of Cubicle to CEO, an online membership helping coaches & service providers make their first $10K month. The name reflects her own journey of profitably bootstrapping her business from a $300 project to 7 figures in revenue in just 3 years, as a first generation Asian American entrepreneur.Through her online marketing programs & services, Ellen has mentored over 10,000 entrepreneurs. She has been featured in Forbes and on the TODAY show with Hoda & Jenna, in addition to publications like Forbes, RealSimple, Yahoo! Finance, MSN, Thrive Global, HerMoney, and BlogHer. Ellen is also the host of the award-winning Cubicle to CEO Podcast, a weekly business show that has been downloaded in over 150 countries worldwide.Connect with Ellen!Instagram: Moments:5:53 “My first time making that leap of faith, it was out of a desire of, I feel like there's something more for me out there, I don't feel like this is the right fit, I don't find joy and purpose in what I'm doing.”7:03 “ Sometimes we feel guilty, quitting things that we are actually good at”10:47 “What's so cool is, so many people out there have the signature method of goldmines, just sitting in their head, they've just never actually been presented in that way. So they don't know how to communicate or translate what's in their brain out into the world.”14:01 “Your network and the people you surround yourself with truly are the most transformative piece of your life.”14:39 “Your reality shifts and expands when you're able to be around people who you strive to be more like and so I really truly believe that in business your relationships are your greatest asset. People are your greatest asset and I think people often get that wrong.”Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ Check out recommendations from the show here⭐ Learn how to go from Overcommitted to Unstoppable here

    How To Get What You Want With Julie Solomon

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 46:10

    Julie Solomon is a Speaker, Business Coach, Host of the top-rated The Influencer Podcast, and Author of the upcoming book, Get What You Want: How to Go From Unseen to Unstoppable (HarperCollins Leadership, June 7, 2022). From being a small-town girl from Nashville, Tennessee, to a flourishing entrepreneur, her work has been featured in top-tier outlets including FORBES, Entrepreneur, Business Weekly, SUCCESS, and People Magazine. And she was recently named one of the Top 100 leaders in Influencer Marketing by Influence.Co.Julie has launched several successful online programs including, Pitch It Perfect, The Influencer Academy, and SHINE Mastermind, which teach clients how to master the important skill sets needed to take a personal brand idea and turn it into a profitable, sustainable business.Today we're diving into her new book and the lessons readers will gain from it!Memorable Moments:6:54 I believe that every coach needs a coach, I am forever a student, I am always learning… Whenever you're diving into something new, you should always try to learn from someone who has done what it is that you are trying to do.23:59 Your purpose is your compass, it's that guiding force that's going to light your path, even when the darkest of days come24:38 For so long my validation of my own self worth as a human being was always contingent on somebody else giving something to me, somebody else liking me, somebody else accepting me, somebody else saying that I'm good enough. And it's because I didn't have a purpose within me at the time26:45 My driving force of my purpose is definitely freedom to live my life on my own terms27:52 It's not until you have a purpose that you can really map out the blueprint for that vision.29:12 Boundaries are crucial to being able to get what you want in life, and they are really hard. 30:00 There is no greater form of self love than a boundary. It is what speaks your heart to other people.31:37 When I'm no longer delaying my own happiness, I know that I'm advocating for myself, and I'm sharing my boundaries.34:46 Confidence is really about confiding in yourself confiding in that in that zest and that ability to believe in yourself and to advocate for yourself and to show the world who you areTo Get a Signed Copy of the book, click herePurchase your copy on Amazon✨✨✨Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ Check out recommendations from the show here⭐ Learn how to go from Overcommitted to Unstoppable here

    2 Steps You Can't Skip When Setting Your Goals

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 10:36

    It's almost that time of year again! We are quickly approaching the middle of the year so it's time to start thinking about what goals you want to achieve 90 days and 6 months from now. It's my mission to help you be abundantly successful and in today's show I am sharing 2 Steps You Can't Skip when setting your goals. I am a MASSIVE fan of goal setting and LOVE helping others set and achieve their goals, too, but it wasn't till a few months ago that I learned that I was skipping important steps that would drastically impact the ability to ACHIEVE the goals I was setting. All of these lessons came out of the fabulous positive psychology coach certification program that I experienced and I can't wait to share them with you!Tune in to learn more about goal setting, hope mapping, and what you need to do as you get clear on your goals and intentions so you can close out the year strong! Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ Check out recommendations from the show here⭐ Learn how to go from Overcommitted to Unstoppable here⭐ New Year Goals Episode

    Healing From Trauma with Amy Van Slambrook

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 25:55

    Over the last two years, we've all experienced collective trauma, and in today's episode psychotherapist and certified coach Amy Van Slambrook, shares more about how to acknowledge it and start doing the work to heal. She also raises awareness about the relationships in our lives and how we can strengthen and enhance them.About Amy: Amy Van Slambrook is a licensed psychotherapist and certified coach. She helps high-impact, mission-minded women and couple CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders to reclaim and elevate into the most aligned and powerful version of themselves in their business, relationship, and life by doing deep healing and transformation in the soul, mind, and body levels.  With 30 years of professional experience in psychotherapy, coaching, executive leadership, genetic and psychological research, functional medicine, and entrepreneurship, as well as her own 35-year personal journey of trauma healing and personal development, Amy brings vast experience to her work in post-traumatic growth and holistic wellness and empowerment.  She is a sought-after speaker, podcast guest, and published author.  Amy builds her life and works on a strong foundation of faith, and I can't wait for you to learn from her in today's episode.Memorable Moments:* "We speak from our scars, not from our wounds."*  " You don't need external validation for the validity of your internal emotional experience."* "The way that self-healing is effective is if we have a guide."Connect with Amy:⭐ Connect on Instagram @amyvanslambrookConnect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ Check out recommendations from the show here⭐ Learn how to go from Overcommitted to Unstoppable here

    5 Things I did to make $100,000 on Instagram (and how you can too)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 16:58

    Two years ago, Allison barely had an Instagram account and she wasn't even sure how to use it. When the pandemic began and her businesses quickly started to take a hit, she had to figure out new ways to build awareness and find new opportunities to make money to offset the losses. Fast forward to today and it's become a staple and game-changer in her business all thanks to her willingness to try something new. Memorable moments: "You don't have to have millions of followers to make millions of dollars. A smaller, engaged community is far better and way more valuable.""I love that businesses and brands are starting to realize that the personal brands of their people are so incredibly valuable, and one of the best ways to build their business is by teaching their people how to use social media.""I got super clear on who I wanted to show up for and how I wanted to engage with them. It's really easy to get sucked into the trap of trying to speak to everyone. When you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no one.""It's crazy to think that the investment of time helped me make $100,000 in my business, and now brands, businesses, and boss ladies hire me to help them do this too!"Recommended tools: with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month) 

    How I Completely Changed My Life In 3 Months

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 11:47

    The last couple of years have been incredibly intense, and after a wake-up call in the fall of 2021, it was time for Allison to do a hard reset on her life and priorities. On today's show, she shares more about the certification process she's been going through and how that completely changed her life. She'll give an overview of what's to come and how her well-being went from "getting by" to consistently thriving in only 3 months thanks to the science of positive psychology.Memorable Moments:➡️ "I took a real intentional pause. I also sought out a lot of support for myself, because I knew that I needed to heal on the inside. I needed to give myself grace and I needed to surround myself with amazing people to help me reset, refresh, and refocus."➡️  "I was noticing a lot of common themes where people were feeling kind of stuck, or women would come to me and say, 'I know I'm so much more capable than how I'm showing up. I want to be vibrant, I want to be radiant, I want to know that I'm in alignment with my mission and my purpose and my values and my vision. And most importantly, I want to be happier and more joy-filled and fulfilled and engaged with the work that I'm doing." ➡️  "I found the world of positive psychology, which is the science of happiness, wellbeing, and success, all things that I love and just want more of in my life because I feel like if we're not living intentionally, we're just kind of going through the motions."➡️ "Because when you're happier, and you're showing up as the best most vibrant version of you, you are able to pour into others. You are able to attract opportunities that you want for yourself. You are a magnet, essentially, for what you want in your life. And I can tell you that this experience has changed my life forever." Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ Purchase your 2022 Planner:

    How To Create A Thriving Six Figure Subscription Box with Julie Ball

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 23:59

    Julie Ball is the Founder + Chief Sparkler of Sparkle Hustle Grow, a monthly subscription and online community for female entrepreneurs. Julie leads thousands of women through personal development and business training in a way that's fun and supportive. Julie is an author, speaker, community builder, and subscription box coach– featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Thrive Global, POPSUGAR, Mashable, and Buzzfeed.In this episode of "The She Believed She Could Podcast," Julie shares the story behind Sparkle Hustle Grow and how you can create your own personal monthly box, too! I am so honored to be the featured coach in the May box! Order today before it's too late! Not only will you receive an AMAZING box filled with beautiful office supplies and a book, but you'll also get a pack of our new Confidence Cards and access to training on how to promote yourself and your business with confidence!Memorable moments:"Just like with any business, obviously you want to identify that pain point because that pain point is what's going to drive those customers to come back month over month over month.""I think that your business can only grow as much as you do. And so when you're pouring into personal development to grow in all these different areas of your life, you can see that impact on your business.""We're so often on our screens, we could literally be in the same room, all looking at screens. And while we're together, we're not really together."✨ Get your Sparkle Hustle Grow Box here!✨Connect with Julie:⭐ Connect on Instagram and Facebook: @sparklehustlegrow ⭐⭐ Book recommendation: Compassionate LeadershipConnect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ Purchase your 2022 Planner:

    Four Steps to Unlock Your Greatest Business and Increase Referrals with Annie Franceschi

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2022 21:23

    In today's episode, you'll learn from Annie Franceschi, a branding consultant, and business coach. Her business is Greatest Story Creative, and she works with consultants, coaches, and service business owners to help them brand and grow their greatest businesses.She shares marketing and branding wisdom throughout the ENTIRE episode and helpful resources to enhance your brand and make it easier to grow your business. Most importantly, we discuss how to not burn out as you grow your brand and business.About Annie:Annie Franceschi is a former Disney storyteller, bestselling author, six-figure founder, and branding expert. In 2013, she quit a dream job telling stories at The Walt Disney Studios to start her own agency, Greatest Story Creative®. Since then, Annie's branded 120+ businesses, spoken for thousands, and released the bestselling personal development book, Permission to Try. Today, through her Brand Story Solution and Establish Yourself™ framework, Annie helps coaches and consultants clearly and confidently take their practices to the next level. Her second book, "Establish Yourself: Brand, Streamline, and Grow Your Greatest Business" debuted on March 3, 2022. Annie is also proud to be a Duke University graduate, a lifelong Muppets fan, and a serial rewatcher of The Golden Girls. She currently lives in Durham, NC, with her husband / favorite person, Gus, and their favorite person, Leo.Resources from  Connect with Allison:⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ Purchase your 2022 Planner:

    3 Reasons Why You Should Be Pitching The Media (And How To Do It)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2022 12:02

    You have a lot to offer the media. Your story is unique and can inspire other women to pursue their dreams. By pitching the media, you can share your story with a wider audience and build your brand. By following the simple steps in today's episode, you can increase your visibility, gain credibility, and generate leads by pitching the media. So what are you waiting for? Start pitching today! If you're looking for more support and an AMAZING coaching experience to go from best-kept secret to impacting millions, I highly recommend taking advantage of the incredible offer that PR expert Selena Soo and I have put together for you. Fast-action bonuses expire on March 21 and the cart closes on the 25th. Plus, I've contributed an additional $1,800 to this incredible program when you sign up using my link:'t miss out!  Follow Allison: 

    How to Design Your Life, Build a Business to Fund it, and a Network to Support it with Darrah Brustein

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2022 35:34

    Darrah Brustein is a 4x founder, author, and coach. She helps overwhelmed service-based business owners to access the freedom, flexibility, and impact they desire by running businesses that don't run them. After spending 10 years over-working and burning out while building a credit card processing company into 38 states and a networking events company for over 30,000 people (which she later sold), she learned the wrong way to do it and then discovered that there was a better way. A prolific writer and interviewer, she's worked with Shaq, Deepak Chopra, Seth Godin, Bobbi Brown, Jillian Michaels, Adam Grant, Robert Herjavec, Nastia Liukin, Cam Newton, and the list goes on as well as brands like Chase, Visa, Toyota and FedEx. Her motto: “Design your life, build a career to fund it, and a network to support it" has inspired millions to reach higher and dream bigger. In today's episode, we talk about the importance of creating a business you love that supports the life you want for yourself as well as how to create an amazing network that supports your vision and increases your ability to serve. Connect with Darrah:⭐⭐ Connect on Instagram @darrahb Connect with Allison: ⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ JOIN THE COMMUNITY: 

    How To Increase Your Impact and Visibility by Landing Dream Publicity with Selena Soo

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2022 28:26

    It's hard to know where to start when it comes to getting publicity. You hear about all these amazing people who have become successful, but you don't know how they did it or what the steps are. In today's episode, Selena Soo tells us her story of how she was introduced to publicity and the events that led up to her creating her company, Impacting Millions. Despite Selena being a natural introvert, she discusses overcoming the fear of putting yourself out there and the amazing benefits that come with it. Throughout the episode, she lays out the framework for her high touch, one year program that provides a shortcut to landing amazing visibility opportunities. She walks you through each step of the process, from creating your message to finding the right media outlets, to pitching yourself successfully. What are you waiting for? Download Selena's Free Publicity Calendar:12 Months of Story Ideas to Win Over the Media: Moments:I find with the people that I work with, the reason why they're pursuing media is that they know they have something really important to share with the world, whether it's a really powerful story, a message, a product or a service that could really transform someone's life. So it's so important to remember that you're doing this, not for you, but to really make an impact in the lives of others.I am a perfectionist so I can understand overthinking things. But when I do a podcast interview, at the end of it or any kind of media interview I ask myself, did I show up generously? Was I present? Did I share information, stories, advice that could really help someone improve their life? And if the answer is yes, then I know that I've done a great jobI think there's nothing more inspiring than what I call a role model. But someone who really embodies a message of possibility and hope, who has maybe gone through the challenges that you are going through and has come out the other side of it and can show you how you can do the same.I think that sometimes we can feel so alone in our pain and our challenges, but the reality is that some of the things that we experience are experienced by thousands or even millions of people, there is a universal thread there. And it can be very healing for other people, it can help them kind of let go of some of the shame.So whenever we work with people in Impacting Millions and publicity in general, we just have them get really clear on what their goals and intentions are and make sure they get the right kind of publicity that matches their offers and business model.if you are never putting yourself out there, then I can kind of guarantee that you're not going to get those opportunities.Download the calendar: with Allison: ⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ JOIN THE COMMUNITY:  Follow Selena on Social Media: Website:  selenasoo.comFacebook: @SelenaSooInstagram: @selena_sooTwitter: @selenasoo

    How to Boost Your Confidence and Handle Your Critics with Heather Monahan

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    Heather Monahan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, host of the Creating Confidence podcast, and founder of Boss In Heels. In today's episode, Heather Monahan talks about how she navigated her way through corporate America for over 20 years and the challenges she faced along the way. Heather breaks down the fear that comes with becoming an author and dives into her two amazing books “Creating Confidence” and “Overcome Your Villans”. Her transformation from being fired to one of the Top 50 Keynote Speakers in the world is truly inspiring. Whether you're navigating corporate America or just starting out in your career, these tips will help you stay strong and confident. So don't let criticism hold you back - learn how to deal with it like a boss!Memorable Moments: 0.00 Once you overcome your villains, it really opens up that door for positive people, positive opportunities, and blessings, like you said, to start showing up.4:35 Me dimming my light didn't ignite hers. Me playing small didn't make her feel better. In fact, she gained in strength and treated me worse.6:40 I'm a smart woman, Bank of America's executives have personal-facing brands. Huge companies in the U.S are doing this. Sheryl Sandberg, the President of Facebook has a personal brand. Why can't Heather Monahan, the chief revenue officer of a media company?10:58 I will always be proud that I'm the woman who will be at her death bed saying, "Yeah, my first book has three mistakes in it, and I am so flipping proud it's out there." Done will always be better than perfect in my life.12:41 It's my job and duty in the world to make the world a brighter place, a better place, and if I'm going to withhold information and not do it, that's selfish and crappy.16:58 it's like practicing anything. The amount of frequency of doing something to truly become an expert, you've got to put that practice in and just get up and do it.18:39 A lot of people in your life love you and they want to protect you, but they're going to project their self-limiting beliefs on you. It's up to you to accept that, or thank them for it and hand it back to them.Check out my Amazon book review here: Buy Overcome Your Villains: Confidence Creator: out Allison's book review hereCheck out the Forbes Article: Heather:Follow her on Instagram: @HeatherMonahanFollow her Podcast: Creating Confidence with Heather MonahanWebsite:

    12 Tips To Increase Your Confidence

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    I've never met someone who's been confident 100% of their life. Yes, for some it's a natural trait, but for most, It's a learned skill. Confidence hasn't come easy for me and today I'm sharing helpful tips that you can apply to your life right now that will help you boost your confidence, improve your self-esteem and enhance your mindset so you can confidently show up and go after the goals you want to achieve.  Check out the article on Entrepreneur: High 5 Habit Recap: Connect with Allison: ⭐ Connect on Instagram @allisonwalsh⭐ 2022 Goal Setting Masterclass: ⭐ Check out my article in Entrepreneur: ⭐ JOIN THE SOCIETY: (use code 2022 to access the Society for $22/month)⭐ Purchase your 2022 Planner: Digital Download: Copy: