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Entrepreneur, author, and real estate expert Jimmy Rex interviews exceptional people living extraordinary lives. From top athletes and influencers to billionaire business owners and politicians. Jimmy interviews a wide variety of experts and shows us the clues to taking control of your life and being the hero of your own story.

Jimmy Rex

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    #10 - Real Estate Investing - Brad Lancaster - Former Owner KW Westfield & One Of States Top Home Flippers Shares His + Jimmy's RE Journey

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 51:32

    #305 - Cole Hatter - Creator Of The Thrive Conference Shares How He's Created Massive Financial Success For Himself & Countless Others 

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 43:35

    Guest Bio:Cole Hatter is an entrepreneur, investor, author and award-winning speaker. He invests in real estate, start-ups, and several funds exceeding $100 million. He is the founder of Thrive: Make Money Matter, an annual conference designed to teach entrepreneurs how to dominate in business and in life, while making the world a better place. Cole is a husband, father and philanthropist who strives to give back. His greatest passion is providing a platform to educate and empower entrepreneurs to live their lives and run their companies in a way that makes a measurable difference in the world.

    #304 - Jarom Dastrup - Close Friend Of Jimmy's + CEO Of Touchpoints Gets Vulnerable About Creating A Beautiful Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 49:59

    Guest Bio:My experience includes extensive engagement with Executives and business professionals within client organizations and I have successfully leveraged key talent and innovative marketing and sales strategies to expand the global footprint of numerous companies.In my most recent role, I was the Senior VP of Global Sales with Zija International, where I held positions of increasing complexity. Earlier experience includes a Vice President of Sales role with Nuspera International and a Client Relations Manager role with the Veritas Investment Group.Some of my qualities and achievements include:- Drove new business development and revenue growth in established and start-up environments.- Created the Zija International vision for new product launches and expanded the Company presence in Europeand North America.- Engaged across functions to develop effective strategies and drove collaboration at team and organizational level.- Managed Sales and Marketing Representatives in the Jalandhar India Office of Nuspera International, organizedseminars to educate Physicians, and built strategic relationships to facilitate distribution throughout IndiaI hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, which is supported by an excellent working knowledge of Salesforce and Microsoft Office Suite.

    #303 - Elias Amash - CEO Grip Hand Tools & Expert Importer + Author Of 5 Books Including "Retail Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, & Why?" 

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 47:35

    Guest Bio:Elias Amash, President of GRIP, is an industry veteran with more than 25years of experience in global sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, retailmerchandising, fulfillment, marketing, technology, and operations. He is atrusted partner to hundreds of retailers and has “leveled up” the industry withGRIP's undying commitment to offering only the highest levels of service to itscustomers. Amash has recently published his fifth business book, The Retail Advantage: How to Win the War with Amazon. He is also the author of Retail Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies and Why, The Future of Retail, Importing from China: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and 101 Bright Ideas: Winning Tactics to Increase Retail Sales.

    Bonus - Jimmy Rex - Jimmy Turns 40 Today & He Celebrates By Teaching Us 40 Things He's Learned In His First 40 Years

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 55:03

    Jimmy Turns 40 Today & He Celebrates By Teaching Us 40 Things He's Learned In His First 40 Years

    #09 - Real Estate Investing - Kent Clothier - Founder + CEO Real Estate Worldwide Sells Hundreds Of Homes Per Month Across the Country 

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 47:12

    Guest Bio:WHO IS KENT CLOTHIER?I'm the founder and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide, where I lead an amazing team of individuals that are focused on building disruptive systems that push the entrepreneur dream and the real estate industry forward.I am the son of an entrepreneur and thus, I am serial entrepreneur by nature. Beyond that, I am a proud husband and father of three amazing kids. I've dedicated my business live and ventures towards awaking the human spirit in all of us and inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs to escape the “rat race” and create the dream lives that they've always wanted.I stand for integrity, ideas, companies and products that allow entrepreneurs to not only “learn” what it takes to live a successful live on every level, but the tools and strategies to create real change on a daily level. I feel as though we have a gift and it is our responsibility to share that gift with the world and insure that people respond. I stand against the nay-sayers and the dream killers. I stand against ideas, dogma, and businesses that prey on the weak minded and in cultivating a “herd mentality”.As a result, almost all of my businesses involve products and services that ultimately change human behavior to encourage budding entrepreneurs to expand their vision, enhance their lives, and shake off the emotional baggage from their past.Through Real Estate Worldwide, I invest and build entrepreneurial focused education products and services that empower individuals to create real businesses, active and passive income, time freedom, and lasting change. Our goal is to help to “wake people up” to the real possibilities in today's amazing real estate market and beyond. In our first 10 years, we have been able to have a positive impact on over 20,000 entrepreneurs around the world. Our mission for the next 10 years is to impact 2 million people and to change their lives and create our own “dent in the universe”.Collectively, we have been growing like crazy and have employees throughout the United States and around the world.

    #302 - Nick Greer - CEO Built Bar Is Changing The Protein + Candy Bar Industry One Bar At A Time

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 40:35

    Guest Bio:Nick Greer is a born entrepreneur—he started selling baseball cards to his classmates when he was ten years old, mowed lawns for his neighbors, and maybe sold fireworks to neighborhood kids when he was a teenager in Arizona. He has been interested in all kinds of business and helping others his entire life.After serving an LDS mission in Romania, Nick finished a degree in Finance at Brigham Young University and became a huge fan of BYU football and basketball. He taught over 2500 students Entrepreneurship and shared his passion for building a business while he was an adjunct professor at the Y.One of Nick's first businesses was a technology and marketing company he started in 2002 called One on One Marketing. With over 7,000 websites and domains, he built one of the fastest-growing companies in the state of Utah. He later sold the company to two private equity groups.GreerCo was formed soon after, and focuses on business and real estate investments. Currently GreerCo owns and funds over two dozen businesses, thousands of multi-family units, corporate buildings, storage facilities, barns, rental properties, a gorgeously-restored flour mill, and more. Some of these businesses include Skipio—a customer-messaging platform with a strong lead-nurturing capability; and Built Bar—a low calorie, high-protein bar that tastes like candy and is taking the country by storm.Giving back has always been important to the Greer family. Nick and his wife, Deborah, created the Five12 Foundation that provides a weekend meal backpack that feeds thousands of children in his community every week. Over 50,000 bags of food will be provided to kids this school year.One of Nick's favorite things in the world is his family. He and his wife have seven good-looking and hard-working kids, who Nick loves to travel and spend time with.

    #301 - Michelle Money - Founder Of Women's Golf Organization Fore All + Reality TV Star Talks About Life Since She Was First On The Bachelor

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 54:20

    Guest Bio: I'm a professional hair and makeup stylist, actress, reality TV star, and health, beauty, and wellness educator. I love kombucha, Kirkland-brand microwave popcorn, taking naps, and helping women feel beautiful from the inside out. I believe in the power of truth and honesty, and I have found that as I get real and honest with people, they are free to get real and honest right back.I'm a free spirit, but I'm grounded in who I am. I'm light-hearted and love to laugh, but I love diving into things that are deep and profound. I've found my own way of keeping this balance in love, life, and beauty, and it's my passion to encourage other women to do the same.I've always worked in the world of beauty. A professional hair and makeup stylist by trade, I started at the Estée Lauder counter at Macy's and went on to freelance for Bobbi Brown, Mac, Laura Mercier, Paula Dorff, TiGi, and Biotherm. After discovering my passion for making women feel beautiful, I decided to further my education and went on to graduate from Hairitage College of Beauty where I became licensed as a professional cosmetologist.I started acting and modeling when I was just 14 years old, and my very first gig was the lead in a Backstreet Boys music video. Click here to check it out! (You're welcome.) I have since worked in print, film, and television with brands like Reebok, MasterCard, and Sports Illustrated. I've been on screen in films like Midway to Heaven, InHumane, and By Any Means. I also spent three years as a regular host on Utah's #1 daily talk show, Good Things Utah, where you can still find me filling in from time to time. Perhaps most notably, you may know me as one of the most recognized cast members from ABC's The Bachelor franchise!

    #300 - Dr. Zev Zelenko - Doctor Who Discovered Hydroxychloroquine + Helped President Trump Recover From Covid Discusses The Vaccine

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 37:20

    Guest Bio: Dr. Zelenko graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. degree with high honors in Chemistry from Hofstra University. After receiving an academic scholarship to attend S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo School of Medicine, he earned his M.D. degree in May 2000. Dr. Zelenko completed his family medicine residency at South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, N.Y. in May 2004. Since then, Dr. Zelenko has practiced family medicine in New York's Hudson Valley. He has been described by his patients as a family member to thousands of families, and is a medical adviser to the volunteer ambulance corps in Kiryas Joel, New York. In March 2020, Dr. Zelenko's team was one of the first in the country to successfully treat thousands of Covid-19 patients in the prehospital setting. Dr. Zelenko developed his now famous “Zelenko Protocol,” which has saved countless lives worldwide, while he was fighting recurrent and metastatic sarcoma, had open heart surgery, and aggressive chemotherapy. He has also persevered against unrelenting defamation of character from the media, and threats against his person. Dr. Zelenko is an observant orthodox Jew, married with 8 children, and has authored two books called Metamorphosis and Essence to Essenc

    #299 - BJ Flores - Boxing Trainer For Jake Paul + Former Pro Boxer Talks About Disrupting An Entire Sport

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 32:42

    Guest Bio:While pursuing a professional boxing title in the ring, Flores ranked among the top 15 cruiserweight in the world. After posting a 112-10 amateur record, he fought his first two professional bouts on NBC broadcasts in May 2003. Flores was the 2001 and 2002 U.S. men's national champion, and was the only American to win gold in the Four Nations Championship in 2002. He has a career record of 31 wins (20 knockouts), and 1 loss, and is a five-time North American champion.Now, B.J. is training the next generation of boxing with guys like Jake Paul who are making names for themselves in the sport.

    #298 - John Taylor - Founder Grit Marketing Is A Multi-Millionaire Hustler By Age 27

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 48:38

    Guest Bio: 
John Taylor is currently a managing partner at a company that he started called Grit Marketing. Known for his success in the door-to-door industry, John has built teams at Grit and Greenix where he also sat as the Vice President of Sales before starting his own venture.Grit Marketing - -

    #297 - Satsang - Drew McManus - Lead Singer Of The Band Satsang Shares Life As A Rockstar, Dad, & Parent

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 47:29

    Guest Bio:“Montana isn't just where I live,” says Satsang's Drew McManus. “It's my heart, my soul. Along with my family, it's my everything.”It's little wonder, then, that the state played such a pivotal role in inspiring ‘All Right Now,' Satsang's extraordinary new album and debut release for venerated indie label Side One Dummy. Written and recorded during an extended hiatus from the road, the record finds McManus reconnecting with his western roots and exploring a whole new palette of sounds and textures, drawing on classic country and modern Americana to forge a joyful, rustic collection all about letting go and living in the moment. McManus produced the album himself, and while the songs here are certainly honest and deeply personal, they're written in a spiritual language that taps into something far more universal, something inherent in the human condition that binds us as brothers and sisters on a shared journey to find ourselves and our place in this world. The performances and arrangements are broad and spacious to match, reflecting the wide-open fields and soaring mountains that surrounded the band during the whirlwind recording process, and the result is a lush, organic collection fueled by acoustic guitars, fiddle, and pedal steel, a warm, inviting record that hints at everything from Uncle Tupelo and The Jayhawks to Gregory Alan Isakov and The Head and the Heart as it meditates on the power—and the pull—of home.“I've been on the road for the last five or six years straight,” says McManus, “so being back in Montana for a whole year was a big change. Having that kind of uninterrupted time at home helped me fall back in love with songwriting in a whole new way.”Though McManus was born in Montana, he actually spent much of his formative years in Des Moines, IA. His childhood was troubled, to say the least, marked by physical abuse at home and a nose for trouble that surrounded him. Music offered an escape, though, and McManus found solace in the punk rock and hip-hop he discovered through his love of skateboarding. Brash and aggressive, the songs were a far cry from the country tunes his mother played on endless loop around the house.“She loved the old stuff like Buck Rogers and Hank Williams,” McManus recalls, “but she was really into that mid-to-late-nineties sound, guys like Garth Brooks and Randy Travis and Travis Tritt. I didn't get it at the time, but she always used to tell me, ‘Someday, when you're older, you'll come back to this music.'”Desperate to escape his surroundings and convinced that he'd wind up in jail like his brother if he stayed, McManus left home as a teenager and moved in with his older sister in Chicago. His first few years there played out like one long party, but as time wore on, it became apparent that the party was spiraling out of control. “It was clear to everyone else around me that I was an alcoholic and a drug addict,” McManus explains. “Eventually, my friends just sat me down and said, ‘We think you're going to die if you keep this up.'”So McManus packed his bags and headed back to Montana, where his biological father worked at a rehab clinic. The road to recovery was a long and arduous one, but McManus eventually got clean and sober, fell in love, and married the woman of his dreams. For the first time in a long time, life was good, and yet it still felt like something was missing, like some fundamental building block of his personality was being neglected. It wasn't until McManus found himself on a backpacking trek in the Himalayas that the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. “I realized on that trip that you only get one shot at life,” says McManus, “and if you've got a chance to utilize your talents and follow your dreams, then you've got to go for it. It gave me this renewed sense of purpose, and within a week of getting back home, I started playing shows and launched the band.”McManus filled notebook after notebook on that Himalayan journey, and the material would eventually go on to form the basis of Satsang's breakout 2016 debut, ‘The Story of You.' Steeped in reggae, hip-hop, and world music, the album was an uplifting affirmation that connected with fans around the world, racking up roughly 15 millions streams on Spotify alone. McManus and his bandmates returned a year later with their similarly successful sophomore effort, ‘Pyramid(s),' which hit #1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart and #2 on iTunes, and pushed their sound even further with 2019's ‘Kulture,' which incorporated a wider swath of influences from Motown to Tom Petty. Relentless road warriors, the group built a devoted following one night at a time, sharing stages with the likes of Michael Franti & Spearhead and Nahko and Medicine for the People as they worked their way up from bars and clubs to massive festivals.

    #08 - Real Estate Investing - Andy Dane Carter - Author "100 Doors. Build Wealth Through Real Estate Cash Flow" Shares His Tips + Secrets

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 37:39

    Guest Bio:Regarded as a “real estate titan” by Forbes, with a successful history of helping others grow their businesses and achieve financial success, Andy Dane Carter has aimed his talents at assisting clients list and sell their homes. A highly respected expert in buying, selling, investing, flipping, probates and distressed properties, Andy's vast experience provides an unparalleled advantage to those who seek his guidance throughout Southern California's dynamic real estate market.As a best-selling business author, keynote speaker, YouTube series host and top-ranking business podcast host, Andy has built an enormous following over more than 11 years in real estate, which broadens exposure for his listings far beyond what most agents can imagine. Esteemed as a steadfast problem-solver and a local expert with global reach, he thrives on helping others achieve their real estate goals. With a passion and natural ability for digital marketing and content creation, Andy delivers personalized strategies backed by The Smith Group's in-house marketing and creative team, providing the gold standard in marketing to each and every client.A native of Long Beach, Andy finds inspiration in surfing, yoga, and motorcycles. Andy graduated with honors from UC Davis and, while he is proud of his career in real estate, Andy's greatest joy and accomplishment is his family.

    #296 - Zuby - Rapper, Thought Leader & Influencer Talks About The Madness Around The Covid-19 Pandemic 

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 61:26

    Guest Bio:Zuby is an independent rapper, podcast host, author, public speaker and creative entrepreneur, with over 800,000 followers online. He was born in England, raised in Saudi Arabia and is a graduate of Oxford University. He has sold over 30,000 albums independently, performed in 8 countries and achieved over 10 million online video views. Zuby has featured on The Joe Rogan Experience, BBC, Fox News, Sky News, The Adam Carolla Show, The Rubin Report, The Candace Owens Show and The Ben Shapiro Show, amongst others.

    #295 - Andy Frisella - Founder 1st Phorm, The Real AF Podcast, & 75 Hard Sits Down For Some Real Talk About The World We Live In Today 

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 54:54

    Guest Bio:Andy Frisella, who is the CEO and founder of world-class health and fitness brands, Supplement Superstores and 1st Phorm is a highly sought-after public speaker who in every interview inspires and emphasizes the need for mental toughness to succeed in every sphere of life.There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you but Andy gracefully shares his inspiring journey. Listen along to know how entrepreneur Andy Frisella rose to where he is now both as an entrepreneur with a personal brand and also as a leader.

    #294 - Tony Kassaei - Turn Your Mess Into Your Message; Former Wall Street Insider Uses Skills To Help Others Beat The Rigged Investing Game

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021 49:09

    Guest Bio:Tony Kassaei is a legendary wealth advisor, speaker, co-founder of multiple companies, investor, and Apex executive member who specializes in revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs and business owners approach their finances, especially where it concerns taxes. Tony is dedicated to helping clients bridge the gap between tax codes and the CPA firm to maximize their resources and grow like crazy.

    #293 - Michael McHenry - Restauranteur Has Employed 2,500+ People In His Places Including "Sundays Best", "Dirty Bird", + "Ginger Street"

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 75:11

    Guest Bio:With a heart power passion for people, Michael has dedicated his career to the cause of "championing others to their full potential." This is evident in his successful business ventures, as an impact leader, restaurateur and most apparent, founder of The McHenry Group.Creating real, sustainable change through his teach, coach, lead philosophy is a reality felt by many and Michael believes whole heartedly, the best investment is always the one made into others.Go, Grow, Succeed.

    #292 - Jesse Christiansen - Partner At Oncoor Teaches Us About The Evolving World Of College Athletes & How They Can Get Paid With NIL Rules

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2021 53:32

    Guest Bio:
Jesse Christiansen is the Chief Revenue Officer at the popular sports marketing agency, Oncoor. He is quickly becoming one of the leading experts in the field of working with College Athletes and their NIL. Jesse is the cause of plenty of major endorsements that are starting to be in the works and is going to continue to help fight for athletes to make deserved income.

    #291 - Doug Cartwright - Author "Holy Sh!t We're Alive" Talks About The Purpose Of Life & How We Can Maximize This Gift We Call Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 52:19

    Guest Bio:Doug Cartwright is a speaker, an author, and the CEO and Founder of The Daily Shifts, an online company dedicated to inspiring lasting transformation of the mind, body, and soul. The Daily Shifts was born from Doug's personal journey of introspection and healing. Now an app, a master class, and a blog, The Daily Shifts has appeared on ABC News, on Spectrum TV, and in Psychology Today, among others.

    #290 - Caleb Campbell - Former NFL LB & West Point Graduate Shares His Journey Through Life As A Pro Athlete, Soldier, & Mentor 

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 38:40

    Guest Bio:I know some of you might be new here and probably trying to put the pieces together with how and why a 6'2”, 240lb ex-NFL athlete with the neck the size of some people's thighs is always smiling and and talking about vulnerability and inner healing. So, let me formally introduce myself.My name is Caleb and I grew up on a farm in Texas where I walked a pig. Yes, a pig. I also played football and I was kind of good. Football landed me at West Point where I would start all four years and make national news when I became the 2nd player in the history of West Point to get drafted in the NFL. (I had to wait 2.5 years before I could play because of a policy reversal, but that's the longer version. See below)But, it was in the NFL, the middle of my child-hood dream and the very thing I've been chasing my entire life, that I began to self-destruct.Despite being the biggest , fastest and strongest I've ever been, all the pain I ignored and masked as ambition was coming to the surface and I could no longer hide behind the facade that I spent years perfecting. Like a bomb, the NFL applied just enough pressure on my heart and it left my life in fragments.Knowing that something needed to change, I somehow found the courage to make a soulful shift that would forever change my life. Through a series of unexpected events, I found myself packing my bags and moving to Canada where I would go on and become a glorified janitor of a church so that I could began to heal the emotional trauma that was keeping me stuck and miserable in life.No seriously. I slept on the basement floor of a boiler room, worked for a church and created the physical and emotional space that was needed for me to begin to expand my life—consciously.Note: (It's important to note that while the church played a major role in my life during this season, I'm not affiliated with any specific church or organized religion. This specific church just happened to be the safe space that I needed to begin to shed the layers of self-protection and step into the vulnerability that was needed to begin to heal.)

    #289 - Travis Bott - Serial Entrepreneur Has Founded Or Invested In Over 30 Private Companies

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2021 51:02

    Guest Bio:    Travis Bott is a titan in the world of cryptocurrency, he continues to be a driving force in this field with his continued ingenuity and dedication to reshaping the way people transact and access money through cryptocurrency.The Utah based entrepreneur has recently formed a partnership with his digital wallet company, Beyond Global, and MCW (multi currency wallet). This partnership has ramifications of epic proportions to users of cryptocurrency, as it offers tremendous opportunities to earn cash back, as well as reward programs and incentives. Beyond Global is also the first direct sales company to offer its own Visa debit card to their users.Bott's impactful partnership with MCW (multi currency wallet) gives users benefits and incentives that are unprecedented in the cryptocurrency space. Users are able to earn up to five percent cash back, on top of that, users can also have unlimited earning capacity when other users make a qualified transaction on the exchange. This uncapped earning potential is of tremendous benefit to users, as the exchange has an immense database, and gives users opportunities that simply don't exist on other exchanges.One of the many additional benefits from Bott's ingenuity is that users of the MCW (multi currency wallet) platform are able to make global transactions without incurring any fee's, all of which is done using the ZoomMe feature on the platform.Bott's unparalleled business acumen and entrepreneurial skills are what separates him from other cryptocurrency businesses, as he continues to push the industry to new heights. His cryptocurrency services are available in six different continents and ninety countries. Users of cryptocurrency are lucky to have Bott in this field, as he continues to work hard to make even more innovative methods for the betterment of his industry. Bott is a leading man in his field, and continues to create methods that make it easier for people to access and transact money around the world.

    #07 - Real Estate Investing - George Morris - Founder Everest Real Estate Is The Second Largest Century 21 Brokerage With 1,100+ Agents

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 54:18

    Guest Bio:George Q. Morris, Founder and CEO of CENTURY 21 Everest, is a dynamic, purpose-driven leader with over two decades of experience in the real estate sector. His leadership skills range from creating and managing small sales teams to owning and expanding large, multi-office residential real estate brokerages with added services in property management, commercial brokerage, relocation and corporate services.George and his talented leadership team successfully launched CENTURY 21 Everest at a time when many brokerages were closing their doors. Within six short years Everest has grown to nearly 500 agents, annually closing thousands of transactions as they serve communities across the state of Utah.The Cottonwood Heights Office of CENTURY 21 Everest Realty Group holds the distinction of #1 producing CENTURY 21 office in the world for units sold and commissions earned for 2014-2015 and #1 in the USA for the same criteria for 2013-2015. In Utah, along the Wasatch Front, the office ranks #1 for units sold and total sales volume across all brands and independent offices for 2013-2015. As a company, CENTURY 21 Everest Realty Group ranks in the top 5 of all CENTURY 21 affiliates nationally with 3 of its individual offices landing in the top 100. The Salt Lake Board of Realtors named George Morris the 2015 Managing Broker of the Year.George and his wife Jennifer have been married for 23 years and have five children. He enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, and golfing.

    #288 - Lindsay Hansen Park - Creator "Year Of Polygamy" Podcast & Executive Director Of The Sunstone Foundation

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 108:07

    Guest Bio:Equal Rights Advocate and creator of the popular podcast show, Year of Polygamy, Lindsay Hansen opens up to us in this show to tell us why she is so fascinated with the practice of polygamy. Lindsay is a women's rights activist, a feminist blogger, and an advocate against gender violence. She co-founded Utah For Congo to raise awareness for post-rape survivors and is currently heavily involved in the Mormon Feminist movement. Lindsay is the Assistant Director of​ the Sunstone Education Foundation and the founder of the Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast. She blogs for about women's issues. Her work has been referenced by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, Quartz Magazine, and many other Utah publications.

    #287 - Bridger Pennington - Founder Investment Fund Secrets Started His First Fund At 22 & Teaches Us All About Using Funds To Create Wealth

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2021 52:22

    Guest Bio:Bridger Pennington is the Founder of Black Bridge Capital: Privately run debt fund that has done over 290 deals in 38 states over the last 2 years.On the side, he runs Investment Fund Secrets to help others start their own funds in a world where people believe you need Ivy League credentials or Wall Street experience to break into.

    #286 - John Madsen - Former Utah Ute & NFL Tight End & High Performance Coach Shares His Story + How To Achieve Excellence In Our Lives 

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 47:49

    Guest Bio:John Madsen is a highly sought-after consultant who teaches high-performance individuals and executive teams how to AUTOMATE CHAMPIONSHIP BEHAVIOR to get CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS. His clientele ranges from Olympians, MLB Players, NFL players, and Corporate Execs to the ordinary dude who wants to WIN.Despite never playing a single down of high school football, John reached his childhood dream of playing in the NFL after playing for the University of Utah under legendary coach, Urban Meyer. On his popular podcast, THE SHOW with John Madsen, his mission is to teach High-Performance Behavior and Mindset for people who refuse to settle for an AVERAGE AF life.

    #285 - John Ruhlin - Author Best Selling Book "GIFT-OLOGY" Teaches Us All How To Use Gifts In Every Aspect Of Our Lives

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2021 39:00

    Guest Bio:John will tell you, “how you love and treat people will open more doors than you can imagine.” In fact, one gifting experience (Brooks Brother experiment) has opened more doors than $10 Million in advertising could ever do.After applying principles of generosity learned from “Attorney Paul,” John started selling the largest deals in Cutco history out of 1.5 million other reps and distributors. Yes. 1.5 million. Not only was he gifting knives but he was being asked to speak on stages around the country to teach sales and marketing teams how to build relationships in unconventional ways. Simple but powerful things like focusing your care on the executive's spouse, the assistant, and kids.Ruhlin Group started in 2000 and quickly broadened gifting options and strategies, but many of the original principles never changed. Knowing how and when to give gifts is just as important as what to gift. These “minor” details and expert knowledge have been tested and proven over a decade to bring a guaranteed “wow” to any industry from financial services to manufacturing widgets.Today John and his team have created gift packages for some of the largest companies and pro sports teams in the world, but their mission and heart is to serve and take relationships for mid-sized, privately owned businesses to a new level using their Proven Process.After spending a long time deliberating on things like is self publishing a book a good idea, John decided to write a book that would share his ideology and the way he works in his industry to reach new levels of success. But sure to check out John's new book, Giftology here:

    #285 - Bridger Pennington - Founder Investment Fund Secrets Discusses How He Started His First Fund At 22-Years-Old

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 41:52

    Guest Bio:Bridger Pennington is the Founder of Black Bridge Capital: Privately run debt fund that has done over 290 deals in 38 states over the last 2 years.On the side, he runs Investment Fund Secrets to help others start their own funds in a world where people believe you need Ivy League credentials or Wall Street experience to break into.

    #06 - Real Estate Investing - Steven Maddox Jr. - Real Estate Agent In His Late 20's Sells Over 200 Homes Per Year

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2021 59:06

    Guest Bio:In today's episode, we sit down with a good buddy of mine by the name of Steven Maddox Jr. This kid, (I say kid, but he is 28 years old) who has sold over 200 homes in one year with only one assistant and is on pace this year to sell over 100 million in volume in real estate deals this year alone.I love Steve and I love his energy and attitude for life and I know a lot of realtors listen to this so I wanted to get someone on the show that has proved that with hard work, it doesn't matter your age... Anything is possible.

    #284 - Zander Fryer - Mentor To Millionaires & Best Selling Author Discusses "Shit You Don't Learn In College” 

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2021 54:08

    Guest Bio:Zander Fryer, best-selling author, internationally renowned speaker, and host of the iTunes top podcast – Sh*t You Don't Learn In College – is more than just a corporate dropout. After quitting his successful corporate career at age 27, Zander launched his company, High Impact Coaching, to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to build successful businesses while adding value to the world.From ZERO to 6 figures in 3 months and 7 figures in 12, HIC is now a $4 Million company and his trainings impact over 50,000 people in 27 different countries and at more than 600 organizations.A mentor to millionaires, Grammy-winning artists, and bestselling authors alike, he is praised as “the next generation leader” by #1 best-selling author Jack Canfield and his passion to shake this world up is creating a movement.

    #283 - Kirk Ouimet - Co-Founder Scan App Discusses Exiting First Company For 8 Figures In His Mid 20's & 5 Years Working For Snapchat

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 18, 2021 110:18

    Guest Bio:I started a company, Scan, Inc. that was acquired by Snap. I worked at Snap for over 5 years leading the Creative Tools and Music teams with offices in Utah and Los Angeles. I retired from Snap in 2020 and now invest in and advise startups.

    #282 - Ian Wendt - Founder Official Patriot Gear Sits Down To Discuss America & Why He's So Passionate About This Country

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2021 54:27

    Guest Bio:We truly believe that the word “patriot” is not limited to a certain type of person or group but that it is a word that describes each and every individual in this world that love their country, love the people who live there, want to see it thrive in every way and will work and fight to make it so

    #281 - Andrew Cordle - CEO Of "Money Is" Is An Expert In Helping The Masses Understand The Truth About Money

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2021 44:37

    Guest Bio:Andrew Cordle is a noted American entrepreneur, in-demand speaker, and highly regarded wealth strategist. He serves as founder and CEO of Money Is, his company dedicated to sharing the secrets of the wealthy 1% with the masses as well as sparking authentic conversations about money. Andrew is the editor of Money Is Magazine, a 3-time bestselling author, and a passionate educator highly regarded in the industry. His platform speaking engagements generated over $100 million dollars in sales in only a 3 year period.

    #280 - Dr. Reid Robison - Founder Of Cedar Psychiatry & Medical Director Focusing On Ketamine Treatment & MDMA Therapy For Eating Disorders

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 76:15

    Guest Bio:Reid Robison is the co-founder and medical director of Cedar Psychiatry. He is also a founding board member at the Utah-based non-profit Psychedelic Institute. Dr. Robison serves as Coordinating Investigator of the MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy study of Eating Disorders, supervising the training and clinical research of all of the MDMA therapy sites. Additionally, he works in a medical and therapeutic capacity at psychedelic medicine retreats abroad, and often consults on medical safety issues and plant medicine use.Reid was born in Chicago, but grew up in Toronto, Canada. He completed undergraduate studies in Neuroscience at Brigham Young University, and went on to medical school at the University of Utah where he earned both his MD and MBA degrees. After residency training in Psychiatry at the University of Utah, Dr. Robison completed fellowship training in Neurodevelopmental Genetics, followed by a postdoc in Bioinformatics. He currently serves as adjunct faculty at both the University of Utah and Brigham Young University.Dr. Robison has extensive experience with ketamine in both research and clinic settings. In 2011 he conducted his first research study with ketamine, then went on to create a ketamine program for treatment-resistant depression at Intermountain's IV Therapy Center at IMC. Dr. Robison was selected as Principal Investigator for Utah by J&J/Janssen to run a site for a pivotal IV-ketamine treatment-depression study, leading to the company's FDA approval of Spravato (esketamine) via breakthrough therapy designation earlier this year. In 2013, the Intermountain Research & Medical Foundation awarded an investigator-initiated grant to Dr. Robison to continue studying ketamine for depressive disorders. Dr. Robison also conducted an IRB-approved study of ketamine for depression and severe eating disorders at Center for Change. He continues to supervise the ketamine therapy practice at Cedar Psychiatry, and believes in careful but prudent use of ketamine as a tool for transformation in severe depression, PTSD, OCD and other mental health conditions.Dr. Robison joined the tenure-track faculty at the University of Utah, conducting industry sponsored and investigator initiated trials of new neuropsychiatric medicines and co-directed a genetics lab. He went on to co-found three healthcare startups that were all acquired. First came Clinical Methods, a phase I-IV CNS clinical trials site, where Dr. Robison led over $15 million in industry-sponsored studies as Principal Investigator, which was acquired by CRI-Lifetree (and later PRA Healthsciences, NASDAQ: PRAH). Next Dr. Robison co-founded Anolix, a healthcare data analytics firm dedicated to answering questions for big pharma using machine learning and big data. He then co-founded Tute Genomics, a personalized medicine software company that raised over $10 million in venture capital from various investment partners including Tencent, Intermountain Healthcare, Peak Ventures and more. As CEO of Tute, Dr. Robison was selected to participate in numerous startup incubators and accelerators such as BoomStartup, Healthbox and StartupHealth.Reid shares his vision for personalized medicine whenever he gets the chance, like in his TEDx talk on the Genome Revolution.Dr. Robison is active in humanitarian pursuits, and was part of the University of Utah's Global Health Initiative, where he made medical trips to post-quake Haiti, refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border and rural Ghana. He also founded the Polizzi Clinic, a free mental health clinic based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and served as Psychiatrist for Utah Health & Human Rights, helping refugees and human trafficking subjects.Dr. Robison set up the Consult-Liaison Service at Intermountain Medical Center, Intermountain's flagship hospital, providing psych consults to the ER and medical floors. He currently serves as Medical Director at Center for Change, one of the top Eating Disorder treatment centers worldwide.Dr. Robison is a firm believer that inside every person, no matter where they are in their journey, is an inextinguishable light with the capability for a full human life. Dr. Robison says, “Not all wounds are visible, and everyone has their unique struggle. Pain is real…but so is hope.”

    #279 - Rob Dial - Influencer, Speaker, Trainer With Billions Of Views Shares About His Influence Of Bringing Positive Messages To The World

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2021 51:05

    Guest Bio:Rob Dial started in sales at 19. Promoted to run a franchise with the company at 21, he grew it to a multi-million-dollar business. He broke almost every record for a new office in the company's 60-year history. He started his second seven-figure business at 23. Rob now runs an e-commerce business, coaches and owns and hosts the MWF Motivation Podcast. The podcast hit number one in six categories on iTunes New & Noteworthy, including self-help and business. He is now focusing on growing the podcast to impact as many people as possible and help them find their purpose in life and live to their true potential.

    #278 - Walter O'Brien - Founder Scorpion Computer Services Is One Of The Smartest Humans & Executive Producer T.V. Series "Scorpion"

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2021 51:36

    Guest Bio:Contact Scorpion Through -- Walter O'Brien (hacker name: "Scorpion") was diagnosed as a child prodigy with an IQ of 197 and at 13 years old started his company Scorpion has mitigated risk for 7 years on $1.9 trillion of investments and has invented and applied Artificial Intelligence engines to protect United States war fighters in Afghanistan. Scorpion is now a think tank for hire that provides intelligence on demand as a concierge service for funded challenges through Since 1988, Scorpion's team of world class experts partner with clients on a global basis, across industries, to add real measurable value in mission-critical initiatives from planning, to execution, to running the business. Scorpion's senior management has a collective knowledge of more than 413 technologies, 210 years in IT, and 1,360 projects. Scorpion himself has created over 177 unique technology inventions including ScenGen and WinLocX and is one of the world's leading experts in the application of computer science and artificial intelligence to solve complex industry challenges.

    #277 - McKenna Brown - Founder "Wonder Woman Journal" Opens Up About Depression, Getting Help, & Being Okay Not To Be Okay

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2021 58:43

    Guest Bio:After the birth of my 4th child, I suffered from extreme postpartum depression and anxiety. The only way I can describe the way I felt every day was like a pot of boiling water on the stove. I kept trying to turn the temperature down so I wouldn't boil over. On April 6th, 2019 was the day I couldn't turn the temperature any lower. The water was too hot and it boiled over. I boiled over.I remember feeling extreme anger. Then extreme guilt. Then extreme sadness. I packed an overnight bag and I left. I felt like my children were better off without me, my husband and children deserved better. After writing somewhat of a goodbye text to my husband I was going to run into oncoming traffic. I ended up calling my dear friend and she guided me to a safe place and then I drove my self to the behavioral hospital.When I came home and was still recovering, my husband came to me, put his hands on my shoulders and said, “you are going through this so you can help other women.” I knew in my heart that he was right. 2 months later I was reading the book “You Are More Than Enough, You Are Magnificent“ by Ganel-Lyn Condie. In the book, she says that every woman needs a Wonder Woman Journal. That was the moment I knew I needed to create that for women. A place to help us recognize our strengths and successes, to share my story and help bring awareness to postpartum depression.

    #276 - Brent Metcalfe - Netflix Documentary Key Person In "Murder Among The Mormons" Recounts His Experience & Relationships

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2021 63:26

    Guest Bio:As a Mormon History and Rare Document Researcher, Brent Metcalfe has unparalleled knowledge of the religion and its connections in Utah. But it has not always been that way or worked in his favor. Growing up as a full believer, Brent followed the conventional routine and did the missions, after which he spent a lot of time in the historical archives of the Church, researching documents and working with the security department.

    #275 - Ryan Bowen - Founder Pure Water Solutions One Of The Countries Largest Water Distributors Talks About Building His Dream Life

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2021 47:58

    Guest Bio:Ryan Bowen is the CEO and founder of the popular water company, Pure Water Solutions where their mission is to assist the West Coast in providing the Best Water, Ice, and Air In the World.They Guarantee they'll go the extra mile to make sure you're satisfied with their products and services. Let them prove to you customer service isn't just a thing of the past. Hydrate Your Office and Pure Water Solutions are the largest independent water company in the world.

    #274 - Ken Paxton - Texas Attorney General Finds Himself On The Front Lines Every Day Fighting For Our Freedom & Fighting For The Country

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2021 28:24

    Guest Bio:Ken Paxton is the 51st Attorney General of Texas. He was elected on November 4, 2014, and sworn into office on January 5, 2015. He was re-elected to a second term in 2018.As the state's top law enforcement officer, Attorney General Paxton leads more than 4,000 employees in 38 divisions and 117 offices around Texas. That includes nearly 750 attorneys, who handle more than 30,000 cases annually – enforcing child support orders, protecting Texans against consumer fraud, enforcing open government laws, providing legal advice to state officials, and representing the state of Texas in court, among other things.His first major initiative as attorney general was the formation of a special unit dedicated to combating human trafficking in Texas. During its first year of existence, the Human Trafficking and Transnational Organized Crime section helped arrest the chief executive officer of and coordinated to facilitate the permanent shut down of, the largest online sex-trafficking marketplace in the United States.Under Attorney General Paxton's leadership, the agency's Child Support Division is recognized as the most successful and cost-effective program in the nation. In fiscal year 2018, the division collected more than $4.378 billion for Texas families – an unprecedented amount in one year by any state. This success helped Texas taxpayers avoid over $1 billion in additional public assistance costs.Attorney General Paxton is focused on protecting Texans and upholding Texas laws and the Constitution. Fighting federal overreach, he filed 22 lawsuits against the Obama administration during a two-year stretch, of which six were heard in the U.S. Supreme Court. He's obtained an injunction or other winning ruling in more than 75 percent of the cases he's brought against the federal government. During his tenure in office, Attorney General Paxton has won major cases for Texas on immigration, school rights, Environmental Protection Agency rules and religious freedom. Stopping the EPA's “Regional Haze” rule averted higher energy rates for Texans. Businesses were protected and jobs preserved in Texas when Attorney General Paxton prevailed against the Department of Labor's “Overtime” rule. Attorney General Paxton led a successful multistate coalition against the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, which would have increased consumer prices for electricity and weakened the power grid in Texas. Most recently, a U.S. District Court agreed with his 20-state coalition lawsuit holding Obamacare unconstitutional. His office has also obtained a record number of successful election fraud convictions.

    #05 - Real Estate Investing - Alvin Hope Johnson - Former Handyman Has Worked The Past 30 Years Into Owning Over 1K Real Estate Properties

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2021 39:19

    Guest Bio:Alvin Hope Johnson has been in the Real Estate industry for over 35 years. Starting out as a handyman selling painting and repair services door to door, Alvin grew his entrepreneurial skills into an empire. He currently serves as the President of Hope Housing Foundation, an affordable housing company that offers beautiful, well maintained, and safe properties. Alvin also serves as President of Assertive Management Group, LLC, a privately owned property management firm that helps to support the foundation.Alvin Hope Johnson started his real estate career almost by accident. While struggling at a young age to make ends meet and picking up odd jobs here and there, Alvin continued to take the skills he learned along the way and parlay them into new opportunities. Starting out as a local handyman, Alvin eventually became a general contractor, and from there, Alvin began learning about property development and mortgages. He spent 12 years in the mortgage business and ran several successful firms. He soon realized that all of these seemingly separate industries were all part of a larger opportunity in real estate. When you know every single aspect of what goes into building a safe and stunning home, it will help you to sell that safe and stunning home. Alvin focused on doing just that in order to bring a sense of community to those in need.As a way of providing affordable renovation to the developments that Hope Housing Foundation has purchased, a general contracting firm was birthed. That company, Empowered Services of Texas is also led by Alvin, who is a licensed General Contractor in the State of Louisiana.Alvin Hope Johnson is a beloved and prominent member of his Texas community. He is the President of the non-profit entity Hope Housing Foundation, aimed at providing affordable housing developments. In addition to his philanthropic work as head of the Hope Housing Foundation, Alvin Hope Johnson also manages Assertive Management Group, LLC., a privately owned property management firm aiding in his foundation's development, and Empowered Services of Texas, a general contracting firm that handles all of the foundation's renovation ventures. The three businesses are centrally located in the Dallas, Texas area.

    #273 - Dan Reed - "The 10 Lies That We Tell Ourselves" + How To Quit Sabotaging Life With 8 Figure Business Owner & Jimmy's Former "Boss"

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2021 97:53

    Guest Bio:Former VP at Vivint Solar and was one of the originals with Vivint and starting their success. Now, he has a popular supplement company that is doing well over 8 figures a year.Dan has started a training program for individuals and groups that is called "The 10 Lies That We Tell Ourselves" that helps people get out of their comfort zones and truly be able to create the life that they want to create.

    #04 - Real Estate Investing - Michael Perry - 24 - Year - Old Runs One Of The Top 50 Real Estate Teams In The Country With Over 50 Agents

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2021 45:27

    Guest Bio:Nationally recognized real estate professional. Verified for the top 1% of all Utah Real Estate professionals. Top 50 Utah Realtor. Co-Founder of The Perry Group. I specialize in the Salt Lake City area. Growing up in Sugar House and going to all of the local schools I know Salt Lake City very well. I am incredibly passionate about the culture of this city.As real estate has evolved, we have adapted. We use immense technology throughout the whole process. On the listing side, we guarantee a 3d Home Tour. A video presentation so future buyers can see the house from their home office and high-end professional pictures, a grand open house, and many flyers passed around the neighborhood. As a premier realtor with Zillow, we have been given exclusive access to pre-market your property online 60 days early before hitting the market.On the purchase end, we use our network to find properties that have not quite hit the market yet. We go through a step-by-step process to help you feel comfortable writing the strongest offer possible for your future house.Selling real estate has always been important to us, but at the core of who we are, our mission is to make a difference in this community by giving back.

    #272 - Stephen Jones - Stand Up Comedian & LDS Seminary Teacher Has Great Advice On How To Connect With Your Kids

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2021 54:09

    Guest Bio: Stephen Jones is a Utah heavyweight when it comes to standup comedy. After releasing his widely popular “New Spice” comedy video, which has received over a million YouTube views, Stephen has become a hot commodity as a standup comic for corporate, community, and private events.Whether he's dancing on stage to a Beyonce hit or doing off-the-wall impersonations, audiences of all ages find themselves laughing uncontrollably to his hilarious routines. His clean and clever humor, charisma, enthusiasm, timing, amazing stage presence, and larger-then-life personality, have quickly made him one of the most recognized and appreciated comedians in Utah.

    #03 - Real Estate Investing - Ben Kjar - All - American Wrestler Now Real Estate Mogul Owning Over 55 Properties

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2021 57:10

    Guest Bio:He's flipped more than 150 houses and he's shared his story with millions of people — sometimes with 10,000 at a time. Ben was born with Crouzon Syndrome and has had several reconstructive facial surgeries. His doctors said he wouldn't do contact sports, but Ben flipped the script and became UVU's first NCAA Div. I wrestling All-American and placed 4th in the Freestyle Olympic trials. Also, he and his wife, LaCol, have the sweetest adoption story.

    #271 - Connor Boyack - Founder Libertas Institute & Author of 25 Books Talks About Freedom In America in 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2021 61:23

    Guest Bio:Connor Boyack founded Libertas Institute in 2011 and serves as its president. Named one of Utah's most politically influential people by The Salt Lake Tribune, Connor's leadership has led to dozens of legislative victories spanning a wide range of areas such as privacy, government transparency, property rights, drug policy, education, personal freedom, and more. A public speaker and author of over two dozen books, he is best known for The Tuttle Twins books, a children's series introducing young readers to economic, political, and civic principles. A California native and Brigham Young University graduate, Connor lives in Lehi, Utah, with his wife and two children.

    #02 - Real Estate Investing - Dave Allred - Founder Axia Fund & Real Estate Investor Owns Over 1K Income Generating Properties

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2021 77:32

    Real Estate Investing with Dave AllredDave has over 1,000 investment properties that are generating profitable income and he sits down and discusses exactly the steps he took to get to where he is today and how you can take a similar path.

    #270 - Jerry Palm - CBS Sports Host + College Hoops #1 Expert & Founder Shares His Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2021 32:09

    Guest Bio:Jerry Palm has turned a degree in computer science and a passion for sports into a unique career. He started writing about sports on the Internet right after Al Gore invented it. He was the first to bring the NCAA's Ratings Percentage Index out in the open and is one of the pioneers of predicting the March Madness bracket. After tracking it for more than 20 years, he understands the NCAA Tournament selection process as well as those involved in setting the bracket.When the Bowl Championship Series was created in 1998, Jerry brought his same statistical and analytical know-how to college football. That has continued with the BCS's evolution into the College Football Playoff.Jerry started tracking the numbers and selection process as a hobby until the growth in popularity of his work gave him the opportunity to pursue it full time. He created the websites and and also did some freelance work for USA Today, The Sporting News and CBS Sports, among others. That ended in 2011 when he went to work exclusively for CBS Sports. He is a 1985 graduate of Purdue University and currently resides in Schererville, Indiana.

    #01 - Real Estate Investing - Tyler Bennett: Sold Over 5K Investment Properties To Clients Over The Past 20 Years

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2021 48:24

    Welcome to the first official Real Estate episode of The Jimmy Rex Show. We sit down with Jimmy and Tyler to discuss investing in real estate during 2021 and how there is a right way to invest that will bring long-term wealth.

    #269 - Garrett Jonsson - Spokesman For "Fight The New Drug" Does Radical Challenges To Raise Awareness For The Harmful Effects Of Porn

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2021 47:44

    Guest Bio:Garrett lives to inspire; from riding his bicycle 3,800 miles across the country to running 30 marathons in 30 days, he doesn't give up easily but insists raising children requires more stamina. He loves the outdoors, road trips, and fighting for love. As one of FTND's veteran presenters, he's spoken to more than 160 audiences from around the globe about the harmful effects of porn, and is now working on the launch of FTND's first-ever podcast.

    #268 - Amberly Lago - Author "True Grit & Grace" Talks Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2021 47:43

    Guest Bio: At age 38, my life was turned upside down. Hit by an SUV. Recovering from 34 surgeries to save my leg from amputation. Diagnosed with an incurable disease dubbed the suicide disease. As result, I lost my business and I had zero self-confidence.I had spiraled down into a depression because I had tried everything for my chronic pain and nothing worked.Have you ever felt so hopeless and stuck that you wanted to give up? Well, that was me. Then one night I was lying in my hospital bed and my life flashed before my eyes… I remembered something my grandfather had said, “You have a shovel in your hand. You can either lean on it and pray for a hole or start digging.”Right then and there, I realized I had a choice. I could either give up and give in to the pain or start digging and fight to create something positive out of my circumstances.

    #267 - Ian Foster - Former Star “Bering Sea Gold" Spent Last Several Years Diving For Gold In Alaska

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2021 77:11

    Guest Bio:Writer. Gold Diver. Cage Fighter. Missionary. Troubled Teen. Musician. Entrepreneur. Social Worker. MBA. reality tv celeb. Ball player. Traveler. Photographer. Alaskan. Minimalist. MAXIMALIST.

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