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Essentially You is all about reinventing your health with safer, more effective natural solutions and powerful lifestyle changes so you can become the CEO of your health. Host Dr. Mariza Snyder provides you with natural remedies, protocols, and effective solutions for women, both from her own kno…

Dr. Mariza Snyder

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    548: The Loaded Truth Behind Mom Wine Culture and the False Need to Wine Down with Celeste Yvonne

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2023 72:35

    How often have you thought about committing weeks at a time to abstain from alcohol… but something came up so you caved earlier than you'd hoped?  It's happened to all of us.  For me, even in my early to mid-thirties, I started to notice alcohol was NOT serving me. Drinking alcohol— even just a few glasses of wine at dinner— felt disruptive to my health. I put weight on fast, my brain felt scrambled, and I felt hazy and moody.  I knew based on my feelings that my health would benefit so much more without it.  Now, fast forward to today— I have abstained from drinking alcohol for more than a year at a time.  The latest data is clear– there's no safe amount of alcohol that your brain and liver can tolerate. Alcohol is a straight-up poison and a neurotoxin, and it significantly disrupts our hormones and metabolism.  I mean, are we even surprised that our hormones are messing with how our alcohol hits the system? And the whole concept of the wind-down is NOT doing us any favors— it's setting us up to lose. That's why I brought Celeste Yvonne onto the show today to share the dangers of mommy-wine culture, and why it's hiding an even bigger problem happening in our society.  Now 5+ years sober, Yvonne is a better parent than ever before. And she stands by other moms in support of eliminating the pressures of drinking in motherhood.  So join us today for this powerful conversation all about how Yvonne faced her challenges head-on and decided to quit drinking for good.  If you've been feeling rundown, numb, stressed, or you just know something is off, I encourage you to consider giving up drinking for at least 14 days just see how your body shifts without alcohol in the system.  And for more support, guidance, and tips on navigating a sober challenge, you won't want to miss this podcast.  So listen now and finally take charge of serving yourself more of what your body really needs… less alcohol! Celeste Yvonne Celeste Yvonne is a writer and a founding host of the Sober Mom Squad. She's a certified sober coach (IAPRC) with over 20 years of experience, offering guidance on parenting, motherhood, mommy wine culture, and sobriety.  She's been featured in the Washington Post, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Refinery 29. She also has written for the Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly bestseller So God Made a Mother. Celeste has been sober herself for over 5 years, and she advocates for mothers dealing with addiction and mental health struggles.  IN THIS EPISODE The influence alcohol had on Celeste as a mother  Society's pressure and expectations placed on moms  Why motherhood is one of the worst times for women to be drinking  Defining moments that led to limiting alcohol consumption  The repercussions that even one drink has on women  Navigating sobriety and tips for social drinking situations  Setting boundaries with others regarding drinking  Tasty alternatives to alcohol and making your own mocktails  Learning how we can better support moms and women  All about Celeste's Sober Mom Squad  RESOURCES MENTIONED Get Celeste's Book– It's Not About the Wine on Amazon | It's Not About the Wine on Broadleaf Books Celeste Yvonne's Website Sober Mom Squad Visit and use my code MARIZA for $30 off & 1 month of free dietitian support. RELATED EPISODES  #504: I Decided To Not Drink Alcohol This Year And Here's Why #345: To Drink Or Not To Drink? Why Drinking As We Get Older Is Hard On Our Hormones #297: Is It Possible To “Have It All” As A Mom Today? #388: The Top 5 Things I Have Learned From Being A Mom So Far

    547: What You Need to Know About the OPill and Hormone Changes in Perimenopause with Dr. Carrie Jones

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2023 70:46

    Hormone shifts and changes are inevitable for us as women. Aren't we lucky?! In all seriousness– I know you've felt these changes in your body.  Take your menstrual cycle, for example. One moment estrogen and testosterone rally together, and you feel on top of the world right before ovulation. Then, just a couple of weeks later, progesterone and estrogen plummet to the ground, and it can feel like everything in your body is working against you.  And then there's how your body feels when on hormonal birth control– which we'll discuss today. Or even during the long 10+ year perimenopause transition when everything is up in the air. Perimenopause is undoubtedly the most significant hormonal transition right after the ultramarathon that is pregnancy. And I would argue that perimenopause is the critical window that shapes our future health outcomes.  The truth is, how you take care of your body during the perimenopause transition can determine how you thrive for the rest of your life. So today, I invited Dr. Carrie Jones to share her insights on the new research concerning women after perimenopause, and what tools are at our disposal to set us up for success so we can extend our longevity.  We'll also discuss the new FDA-cleared, over-the-counter mini pill called the Opill– which is about to hit drugstores. We want you to understand all the options, concerns, and risks around an over-the-counter pill.  And lastly, we talk about how improving your metabolic health is the biggest lever you can pull if you want a healthy, thriving body and life– before, during, and after perimenopause. Although your body's changing a lot– even in menopause– there are adjustments you can easily make to reduce the symptoms you're dealing with. And that first step is assessing how well your metabolism is functioning– and then taking proactive steps to improve it.  Learn more about all of this today in my empowering discussion with Dr. Jones– so you can take charge of your hormones and metabolism to live the life you deserve.  Dr. Carrie Jones  Dr. Carrie Jones is a Naturopathic Physician, board-certified in Naturopathic Endocrinology with a Master's in Public Health. She's an internationally recognized speaker, consultant, and educator on the topic of women's health and hormones with over 20 years in the industry.  Dubbed the Queen of Hormones, Dr. Jones was one of the first to become board-certified through the American Board of Naturopathic Endocrinology. She was the first Medical Director of the DUTCH Test and the first Head of Medical Education at Rupa Health. She's the Chief Medical Officer at New Ethics Formulations and the Head of Medical Education at Metabolic Mentor University. IN THIS EPISODE What is the FDA-approved contraceptive mini pill– the Opill?  The side effects of the Opill and what to ask your pharmacist The Natural Cycles App and how to track your ovulation   Body awareness and normalizing the menstrual cycle  Birth control in perimenopause and into menopause Physical and hormonal changes during menopause Glucose monitoring and improving metabolic flexibility Lifestyle adaptations to reverse our inner age in perimenopause and menopause  RESOURCES MENTIONED Dr. Carrie Jones' Website | Dr. Carrie's Instagram! Join the Fix Your Hormones Masterclass Metabolism & Hormone Reset Course!  Visit and use my code MARIZA for $30 off & 1 month of free dietitian support. RELATED EPISODES  #539: Everything You Need To Know About Navigating Hormone Changes In Perimenopause #424: Move Over Birth Control Pills, There's A New Type Of Contraception In Town That's Completely Natural With Elina Berglund #389: Are Birth Control Pills The Best Remedy For Perimenopause Symptoms? #476: How To Pivot In Perimenopause To Increase Energy, Metabolism And Brain Power #363: The Three Phases Of Perimenopause And How To Navigate Each Phase With Grace

    546: How to Stay Lean, Energized and Strong By Working With Your Physiology, Not Against It with Dr. Stacy Sims

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2023 80:10

    In this podcast, I sit down with the remarkable Dr. Stacy Sims– who fully embodies feeling energized at any age.  For almost all women– even active women– perimenopause and menopause can hit hard. And goodness knows I've felt that overnight. But today, we discuss how menopause doesn't have to be the end of you building muscle, maintaining a healthy metabolism, or feeling energized. Dr. Sims teaches us that once you understand your physiology, you can work with it– not against it. And you can optimize your health to reverse your inner age.  We'll dive deep into her cutting-edge research on women's physiology and how we can adopt crucial lifestyle strategies so we don't have to become a statistic– because we're so much more than that. A strong metabolic foundation lets me show up as my best self for my family and myself. And to get metabolically healthy, you need to support your body with nourishment, movement, stress management, and quality sleep.  Lucky for you, Dr. Sims and I discuss all of this– and so much more in this podcast! So join Dr. Sims and me to learn how to thrive as women. She'll give you the tools you need to exercise for strength and enhance your metabolic health– at any age.  Plus, if you love all the knowledge she shares and are interested in learning even more, I highly recommend her book Next Level. I've read it twice so far, and it's a valuable guide that will span decades.  Because even throughout these 40+ years, we're going to constantly evolve and change. So having this kind of research can help us navigate our body's changes with ease and grace.  Press play on this podcast now to learn how to enhance your metabolic health– and feel like yourself in your body again!  Dr. Stacy Sims  Dr. Stacey Sims is an international exercise physiologist and nutritional scientist. She aims to revolutionize exercise, nutrition, and performance for women. While at Stanford, she had the chance to translate her early research into consumer products and a science-based book called Roar. Roar was written to explain sex differences in training and nutrition across the health span and lifespan of women. Both the consumer products and the book challenge the existing dogma for women in exercise, nutrition, and health.  Her newest book, Next Level, focuses on how women can navigate menopause with strength, endurance, and energy. IN THIS EPISODE How Dr. Stacy Sims began her research on women in fitness  The launch of Dr. Sims's sports and nutrition company  Recognizing the difference between men and women in health  Breaking the sociocultural norms around the menstrual cycle  About Dr. Sims's newest book– Next Level  Acknowledging how overtraining impacts the body  Fueling and nutrition for your body  Promoting gut health for optimal metabolism  Navigating hormones and stress responses  Recommendations for an optimal sleep schedule  Strength training, heavy lifting, and sprint training for women  How testosterone plays a role in women's health  RESOURCES MENTIONED Dr. Sims's book– Next Level: Your Guide to Kicking Ass, Feeling Great, and Crushing Goals Through Menopause and Beyond Dr. Stacy Sims's Website | Dr. Stacy Sims's Instagram  Dr. Sims's book– ROAR: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology  PODCAST REBRAND GIVEAWAY: Subscribe + Review on iTunes to Win Over $500 in Epic Prizes! RELATED EPISODES  #256: How To Build Lean Muscle And Boost Your Metabolism Based On Your Menstrual Cycle, Even In Perimenopause With Dr. Stephanie Estima #476: How To Pivot In Perimenopause To Increase Energy, Metabolism And Brain Power #386: The Three Best Strategies For Endless Energy All Day Long With Ritamarie Loscalzo #213: What Is The Right Exercise If You Are Dealing With Hormone Issues? #317: Create Radical Longevity And Sharpen Your Brain, Strengthen Your Body, And Reverse The Symptoms Of Aging With Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman

    545: How to Reverse Your Bioligical Age with Simple Lifestyle Habits And The Most Important Factors In Reversing Your Inner Age with Dr Kara Fitzgerald

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2023 57:48

    Ready to take action towards a healthier, happier life? We know age is just a number. But as each birthday passes, it's easy to start feeling the physical and mental changes in our bodies.  That's why I'm here today with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald. So you can have the tools to reverse your biological age and feel like your best.  Even reversing our inner age by one year massively extends our quality of life. And that's my ultimate goal for myself and you too– to increase our inner age and push back chronic disease for as long as possible.  Think about all the years you've worked hard to save money. Now– we all want that money to be put towards spending time with our favorite people, traveling, and doing what we love– not going to multiple doctor's visits every week.  Plus, time is our most precious commodity. So let's make sure to make the most of our lives while we can, and AVOID preventable diseases before they arise. Because taking up time for specialists and disease management is not how I want to spend my sixties, seventies, or even my eighties and beyond. So how do we do it? Dr. Kara Fitzgerald is here with me today to give you her top recommendations on how we can all reverse our aging process. Through her in-depth clinical research studies, she's found methods that are proven to work. And they've been especially successful for women! So don't waste any more time worrying about how quickly your body is aging– listen to this podcast now to get ahead of the aging process, to keep chronic disease and pain away. Plus, you'll get access to Dr. Kara's Free Biological Age questionnaire so you can see where you really fall when it comes to your internal age.  Don't miss out on this podcast– so you can learn how to feel like your younger self again!  Dr. Kara Fitzgerald Kara Fitzgerald, N.D., received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.  She's engaged in clinical research on epigenetics and longevity with diet and lifestyle interventions. She has published clinical studies in The Journal of Aging. She has also published a book– Younger You, as well as a companion cookbook– Better Broths and Healing Tonics.  Dr. Fitzgerald is the lead author and editor of Case Studies in Integrative and Functional Medicine. She maintains an award-nominated podcast series– New Frontiers in Functional Medicine. She currently practices in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. IN THIS EPISODE Dr. Kara's background and story  Epigenetics and the power of lifestyle change  About Dr. Kara's research studies and findings  Nutrition and diet for reversing your inner age  Foods to avoid to help you feel young  Discussing the needs and recognition of women  The importance of exercise and cardiovascular health  The impact stress has on our aging process  RESOURCES MENTIONED Free Biological Age Questionnaire  Dr. Kara Fitzgerald's Website | Dr. Kara's Instagram Sign Up for the Younger You Intensive Virtual Group Program!  Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course  Link to Dr. Mariza's Birthday Sale Page!!  RELATED EPISODES  #317: Create Radical Longevity And Sharpen Your Brain, Strengthen Your Body, And Reverse The Symptoms Of Aging With Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman #369: Five Daily Habits And Rituals I Never Skip In Order To Feel My Best #540: Why Social Connection Is Critical To Longevity And How To Infusion More Joy Into Your Daily Health Practices With Colleen And Jason Wachob #136: What It Truly Means To Age In Reverse With Natalie Jill #318: How To Create Ease In Your Day Life, No Matter What With Elena Brower

    544: Losing 16 lbs, Healing Stress, PMS and Feeling Amazing As A New Mom (Bruna Beckerman's Metabolism Success Story)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2023 61:04

    We're doing things differently with today's podcast… and I can't wait to share why.  I've been joined by the inspiring Bruna Beckerman– who's had so much success since joining my Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course. And she's here to walk you through her incredible journey to boosting her metabolism, losing over 16 pounds, and feeling great in her body again.  Once you hear her story, you'll be so excited to learn how to optimize your metabolism, too. Every single one of us can benefit from cellular metabolism so we make energy more efficiently and in turn, we can do the things we love– without compromise. We ALL want enough energy just to move our bodies, right? So we can create even more energy. And this is exactly the reason that Bruna came to me and my course.  I want you to hear it all from her, in her own words today. Because like many of us, she didn't know where to start. But she committed, and with her consistency in following the program– she got the really incredible results she was looking for. She tells us the key points she took from the course, and how she can use them for the rest of her life. She also explains how she feels like a new version of herself– with more energy and motivation. And, how she can feel like the very best mom she can be.  One thing we can all guarantee is change in our bodies. So knowing the blueprint for these changes and pivots is how you win the game. That's how you transform your body– which is exactly what Bruna has had success doing.  Listening to Bruna's wins set my soul on fire because I know so many women want their metabolism and hormones to work for them.  When it comes to the connection between our hormones and our metabolic health, we deserve a better method of healing, and we deserve to feel lean, energized, and amazing.  So listen to this podcast today to get inspired by Bruna's story, and learn how you too can have life-changing results– just like her– through my Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course.  It's time to take initiative of your health, and to get motivated to start your own wellness journey today!  ABOUT BRUNA BECKERMAN Bruna is a mother to her one-year-old, but she felt like a stranger in her body. She signed up for my most recent program, the Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course, during a beta trial for a few select VIP women. Over a few months, Bruna experienced a massive healing transformation with major improvements in her energy levels, mood, metabolism, brain function, and blood sugar.  Her biggest goal was to balance her blood sugar because a lot of her immediate family members have diabetes. And she wanted to reduce her amount of stress and overwhelm, while also losing the extra baby weight she was carrying from her pregnancy.  She lost 16 pounds and finally felt like she had enough energy to start exercising again, which I know is a big motivation for so many of us! IN THIS EPISODE What led Bruna to my Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course  Bruna's epic wins throughout the program  Learning how to take care of the body as a whole Managing stress without medication  Nonnegotiables and daily habits for success  The importance of understanding your blood sugar  Why food is what really transforms the body  Adapting to the right exercises and lifestyle for you right now Setting goals for yourself in a graceful way  What Bruna says really moves the needle for optimal results  RESOURCES MENTIONED Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course! #544: Podcast on post-concussion symptoms PLUS a big update about the Essentially You Podcast RELATED EPISODES  #535: HOW TO EFFECTIVELY RESET YOUR METABOLISM, LOSE WEIGHT AND UPGRADE YOUR HORMONES #531: HOW TO CREATE METABOLISM-LOVING MEALS THAT CAN FIX YOUR BLOOD SUGAR AND WARD OFF CHRONIC DISEASE #268: THE NUMBER ONE HORMONE IMBALANCE CONNECTED TO STUBBORN WEIGHT GAIN #293: HOW STRESS CONTRIBUTES TO INSULIN RESISTANCE, DIABETES AND STUBBORN WEIGHT GAIN

    543: What I Am Doing to Overcome Post Concussion Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue and Low Thyroid Function

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2023 35:11

    After I hit my head on the beach in early June, I went into a downward spiral of debilitating symptoms that I initially attributed to hormonal imbalances.  But it kept getting worse until eventually, my brain started shutting down and I had to check myself into the ER. Little did I know, I was suffering from a condition called post concussion syndrome and it was literally making everything impossible (I even had to postpone several podcast episodes and stop working).   Catch this week's podcast for a MAJOR health update–and learn:  What happened and why it's such a HUGE a wake-up call  Which brain protocol I'm using and how it could help you, too The best supplements, therapies, and diets for your brain  How my hormones factored in and what to know about yours Details about my NEW podcast format  And more! Mentioned in this Episode: F-R-E-E Masterclass – How to Overcome Estrogen Dominance at Any Age Neuro+ Support – My powerhouse formula for boosting brainpower and preventing age-related cognitive decline.  Progest-Restore – The easiest natural way to boost progesterone levels FAST. Magnesium Restore – My best-kept secret to staying young, smart, strong, healthy, and energized.   Additional Resources:  The Connection Between Hormones and Brain Fog  5 Ways to Protect Your Brain Health and Keep Your Thinking Sharp How to Pivot in Perimenopause to Boost Energy, Metabolism and Brainpower 6 Powerful Ways to Keep Your Brain Young and Clear

    Bonus Episode: How to Reverse Disruptive Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance at Any Age

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2023 32:15

    We have been led to believe that at the slightest symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, we should run out and get hormone replacement.  But the truth is, estrogen levels do not fall significantly until AFTER a woman's last period.  And far more women actually suffer from “estrogen dominance” during the transition to menopause, starting around 35 years old–and those symptoms are the ones we should be addressing. Catch today's all-important podcast to find out what causes estrogen dominance, why it's such a dangerous condition, and 13 ways to overcome it naturally–and learn:  Key signs you may have estrogen dominance  The most common causes of estrogen dominance How to test for estrogen dominance 13 ways to heal estrogen dominance on your own Mentioned in This Episode [FREE WEBINAR] – How to Overcome Estrogen Dominance at Any Age Magnesium Restore – The Anxiety-Buster Activated B Complete – The Nerve-Protector  Essentially Whole Store – Your Home for All-Things Healthy  Additional Resources How Estrogen Dominance Affects PMS During Perimenopause The Best Supplements for Estrogen Dominance  Podcast Episode #315: 10 Surprising Signs and Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance  Podcast Episode #262: Overcoming Estrogen Dominance at any Age with Magdalena Wszelaki 

    542: Why Everyone Should Care About Their Glucose Levels And Research Backed Strategies To Improve Your Glucose with Kara Collier

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2023 76:23

    Keeping your blood sugar balanced allows you to optimize your metabolism, lets you feel alert and energized, and also prevents chronic illness and disease.  But how do we make sure our blood sugar is in check?  Kara Collier joins me today in my podcast as the creator of Nutrisense, a continuous glucose monitor that tracks blood sugar levels. And anyone can use Nutrisense! Now, you may have heard me rave about my love for continuous glucose monitors– or CGMs– but why am I so passionate about such a little device? With the feedback you get from a CGM, you can learn so much about what's happening with your body in relation to your diet, lifestyle, and behaviors.  When you use a CGM, you're seeing the trends in your blood sugar levels in real-time, and you can get loads of useful insight into your metabolic health.  Kara and I are here today to inspire you to take the leap and try a CGM. Because the information you get from it will change the trajectory of your health and your life.  And Nutrisense isn't just a CGM. With Nutrisense you not only get insight into what happens to your blood sugar levels, but you also get personalized guidance from a registered nutritionist. Trust me, the CGM paired with the technology of Nutrisense is absolutely game-changing. And I can't wait for you to hear all about it. So join Kara and me as we dive deep into the importance of keeping track of your blood sugar, and discuss ways to get off the blood sugar roller coaster.   We offer you tools to help keep your blood sugar stable so you can boost your metabolism, and start to feel your best! Plus, I'll give you a discount code so you can try Nutrisense for yourself, and you'll get one month free of dietician support! Don't miss this conversation, because it can truly make a world of difference in your health.  Kara Collier  Kara Collier is the co-founder and VP of Health at Nurtisense. Nutrisense is one of the fastest-growing wellness-tech startups in the US. As a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, Kara has made it her mission to help others reach their full potential in health with technology and expert coaching. She's a leading authority on the use of continuous glucose monitoring technology by non-diabetics. Kara is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist (LDN), and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC). Her specialties include glucose control and metabolism.  IN THIS EPISODE About Kara and her company Nutrisense  The detrimental effects of imbalanced blood sugar  Blood sugar spikes and insulin resistance  Balancing blood sugar for diet and sleep  How continuous glucose monitoring sparks behavior change  Tools and habits for keeping our blood sugar in check Meal timing for optimal blood sugar stability  The benefits of wearing a continuous glucose monitor   RESOURCES MENTIONED Get Your Nutrisense CGM HERE!  *Use my code MARIZA for $30 off & 1 month of free dietitian support!  Get My Ebook: 5 Hack to Blunt a Blood Sugar Spike  Kara's Instagram  Discover the Nutrisense CGM Program RELATED EPISODES  #517: The Most Common Questions About Continuous Glucose Monitors Answered #410: My Biggest Takeaway From Wearing A Continuous Glucose Monitor For The Past Year #284: What A Continuous Glucose Monitor Taught Me About My Metabolic Health #377: Three Signs To Know If You Are On A Blood Sugar Rollercoaster Without A Continuous Glucose Monitor #376: How To Flatten Your Glucose Curve And Feel Amazing With Jessie Inchauspé

    Bonus Episode: The Best and Worst Foods for Blood Sugar

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2023 16:34

    When I first got super serious about my nutrition, I remember throwing a half banana or more into my morning smoothie and thinking, “This is the healthiest smoothie on Earth!” But WOW was I wrong. On today's shortie, I'm going to share what makes certain fruits either good OR bad for you and which ones are the best AND worst for your blood sugar.

    Bonus Episode: Five Critical Steps to Reduce Cognitive Decline

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2023 22:48

    When it comes to my brain health, I am 100% committed to keeping mine in tip-top shape for as long as possible. And the key to doing this is by eating the right food!  Remember: Food is information and the nutrients in your food are going to become your future brain.  Do you want a tortilla chips and french fries brain–or a salmon and diverse salad brain? Tune in to today's podcast for my FIVE STEPS to healing your brain and preventing cognitive decline or even Alzheimer's, and learn: Ways to reduce inflammation by eating gut and liver loving anti-inflammatory foods Why you should restrict your eating window with intermittent fasting How much sleep you really need What amount and what type of exercise to incorporate into your regimen  Which nutrients are the most important to ensuring long-term brain health MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Neuro+ Support –  The Brain-Booster.  Magnesium Restore – The Anxiety-Buster. Vitamin D Complete – The Cell-Strengthener.  Activated B Complete – The Nerve-Protector.  Essentially Whole Store – Your Home for All-Things Healthy  ADDITIONAL RESOURCES 5 Ways to Protect Your Brain Health and Keep Your Thinking Sharp 6 Supplements That Can Keep Your Brain Young and Healthy During Menopause  Podcast #374: How the Female Brain Gets Stronger and Better in Midlife and Beyond with Dr. Louann Brizendine  Most Common Causes of Brain Fog and How to Fix It

    Bonus Episode: Are Birth Control Pills the Best Remedy for Perimenopause Symptom

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2023 23:04

    SO MANY women have come to me asking if they should start taking birth control pills to alleviate their symptoms during perimenopause.  It's complicated! The pill CAN lessen some of your perimenopause symptoms by shutting off your hormones, BUT like other medications, they are only a band-aid and come packed with problematic side effects…  They ALSO fail miserably at getting to the root cause of our most disruptive symptoms.  Tune in to today's podcast for to find out what birth control pills do to your hormones, health, and ovulatory cycle, PLUS things you can do to naturally alleviate your perimenopause symptoms AND LEARN:  The difference between having a natural cycle vs. birth control pill cycle What is progesterone and what are its top benefits  Why detoxing your liver is essential to balancing your hormones  Which lifestyle habits are your BEST friend  How to address key nutrient deficiencies with specific supplements  Mentioned in This Episode Live Support Blend – The Detoxifier 14-Day Detox Kit – The Gut-Resetter Hormone Balance – The Hormone-Balancer Essentially Whole Store – Your Home for All-Things Healthy Additional Resources How Estrogen Dominance Affects PMS During Perimenopause Progesterone and Progestins: What Are They and Are They Different? Podcast Episode 315: 10 Surprising Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance  Podcast #338: Got Excess Estrogen? How to Test and Detoxify Too Much Estrogen How Estrogen Dominance Affects PMS During Perimenopause

    541: Why Functional Labs Are a Game Changer for Your Health with Dr Kela Smith

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2023 52:32

    Have you ever been to your doctor feeling awful, just for them to tell you “Your labs are normal, so you're good!”. But you know you're not good. You know your body, and you know when it's feeling out of whack. The problem is that so often we aren't getting a full understanding of our body based on just the general practitioner's blood work order.  That's why I've invited Dr. Kela Smith on the show today to help us uncover the importance of functional lab testing and all it can tell us. And she has firsthand experience of how knowing your hormone levels and other functional labs can impact your health.  Having overcome personal struggles with infertility, Dr. Kela successfully conceived by implementing her hormone puzzle method, which takes a holistic approach to preparing the body for pregnancy from the inside out.  There is so much more going on in the body than you may think– from your hormones to minerals to your gut. And these things aren't typically addressed in your generalized lab work.  In this podcast, Dr. Kela and I get real about what it looks like to get to the root cause of what's going on in our bodies, and what it can look like if we're not able to do full functional lab testing.  I hope that one of your biggest takeaways from this podcast is that you start with the labs that you can run, and then build off of those labs with functional labs as needed. Lab work offers us a window and a baseline to what is really going on with our bodies.  Dr. Kela discusses the most important functional labs to test,  and why each is important. She also explains how certain abnormal lab markers can help create targeted protocols for foods, supplements, and lifestyle modifications to help your body heal best.  So tune in today to learn more about why functional lab testing can be a game changer for your overall health. Plus you won't want to miss details on Dr. Kela's Free Cycle Optimization Quickstart Guide, and her Free Seven Day Access to Solving the Infertility Summit. Listen now and invest in your health by learning the importance of functional lab testing!  Dr. Kela Smith Dr. Kela Smith is a holistic integrative fertility and hormone doctor, specializing in fertility, hormones, and pregnancy. Ever since overcoming her own fertility struggles, she's been on a mission to support women and couples facing fertility challenges, helping them solve their fertility puzzles so they can get and stay pregnant. She helps them have a healthy pregnancy, give birth to a super healthy baby, and also helps ease them through the postpartum period. She recently got her PhD in natural and holistic medicine and her dissertation was on optimizing fertility through quantum medicine.  IN THIS EPISODE Dr. Kela's experience working with women with fertility issues  The importance of metabolic and hormonal health for pregnancy The reproductive system's connection to the whole body  What hormones impact our overall wellness  How often should you get your functional labs checked?  What to look for in your functional lab testing  What mineral and gut testing can tell us about our bodies  Investing in your health with functional lab testing  Lifestyle modifications and setting boundaries Addressing menstrual health at all ages   RESOURCES MENTIONED Dr. Kela's FREE Cycle Optimizing Quick-Start Guide Dr. Kela's Website | Dr. Kela's Instagram Dr. Mariza's FREE Hormone Lab Testing Guide  RELATED EPISODES  #428: The Most Important Solutions To Implement To Protect Our Fertility With Dr. Christiane Northrup #164: How To Boost Your Fertility In Your 30s And Beyond With Lauren Noel #219: How To Identify Low Thyroid Function And What Labs To Immediately Request #197: What Labs Do I Need For My Hormones? #84: Fertility Over 40 & How To Optimize Your Chances Of Taking Home A Healthy Baby With Dr. Gabriela Rosa

    Bonus Episode: 5 Things You Can Do After Overeating To Stabilize Blood Sugar

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2023 21:21

    In This Episode: You know you need to limit your sugar intake, so you start your day with the best of intentions. But before you know it, stress shows up, you're getting hungry, and it gets hard to make wise decisions. You cave, telling yourself it's only temporary. But soon, you're feeling hungry and tired and craving more sugar. The cycle seems to repeat perpetually. You want to do better, but… First, you need to deal with the blood sugar crash… I'm sharing five things you can do after overeating to stabilize your blood sugar! Tune in today to hear… What happens in your body after you eat sugary food When to expect a blood sugar crash How my blood sugar reacted after drinking some lemonade What to do instead of napping after eating too much What to eat to slow down a blood sugar spike And more! Mentioned in This Episode Essentially You episode #340: Why Going on a Walk After Dinner is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Health Magnesium Restore Additional Resources Essentially You episode #: 286 What You Need to Know About the Relationship Between Blood Sugar Levels and Your Menstrual Cycle Essentially You episode #: 320 Top 10 Worst Foods for Blood Sugar + How Blood Sugar Impacts Women's Hormone and Metabolism with Casey Means How Stress Contributes to Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and Stubborn Weight Gain 6 Easy Ways to Block Blood Sugar Spikes 5 Steps to Breaking Up with Sugar

    540: Why Social Connection Is Critical to Longevity and How to Infusion More Joy into Your Daily Health Practices with Colleen and Jason Wachob

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2023 44:51

    Ready to create habits that are enjoyable and joyful?  The lifestyle habits and rituals you do every day not only can help optimize your wellness and extend your lifespan but they can also make you feel really good.  This has been my quest, to love the healthy habits I do each day.  And it makes sense that I lean on the things I love the most, like walking in nature, exercising, meditation, connecting with friends, and eating metabolically nourishing foods.   But everyone has different habits, and that's why I'm excited to have Jason and Colleen Wachob on the show today.  Jason and Colleen recently wrote The Joy Of Well-being– a guide offering practical ways to live long, healthy, and happy lives.  They are the co-founders of mindbodygreen, a media brand dedicated to offering wellness content to its 15 million monthly visitors.  I loved their book because they approach well-being and longevity with the perspective of enjoyment and living your best life.  So tune into this podcast to learn more about the steps you can take to enjoyably improve your longevity. Colleen and Jason dive into big topics and life-changing moments they've each experienced– between their own health and their families.  But they've been able to come out stronger than ever with positive insight into how to live their best lives.  And they can't wait to share it all with you!  This podcast will provide you with exciting and surprising knowledge, and you won't want to wait to dive into Colleen and Jason's book The Joy of Wellbeing. This book cuts to the chase of what's most researched and what needs to be non-negotiable in your daily life. So tune in to the podcast and take one step closer to achieving a life of longevity and joy!  COLLEEN AND JASON WACHOB Jason Wachob is the founder and co-CEO of mindbodygreen– the leading independent media brand dedicated to well-being with 15 million monthly unique visitors. He also hosts the popular mindbodygreen podcast and is the bestselling author of Wellth: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume. He's been featured in the New York Times, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, BoF, and Vogue, and has a BA in history from Columbia University. Colleen Wachob– Jason's Wife– is the co-founder and co-CEO at mindbodygreen. She graduated from Stanford University with degrees in international relations and Spanish. She spent ten years working at Fortune 500 companies including Gap, Walmart, and Amazon before devoting her life's work to mindbodygreen. Colleen has been a speaker at Fortune 500 companies and numerous well-being conferences. IN THIS EPISODE All about Colleen and Jason and why they wrote their new book The Joy Of Well-being  Underrated and overrated practices for longevity  Colleen's life-changing experience and how she adapted  Jason's passion for longevity and its relation to his family history  The “Why” behind implementing habits for health and wellness  The interception of joy and healthy habits for longevity  How you can start to bring more happiness to your daily life RESOURCES MENTIONED Buy the Joy of Wellbeing Book! | The Joy of Well-being Website | Mind Body Green Jason's Instagram | Colleen's Instagram RELATED EPISODES  #473: 3 Easy Rituals To Instantly Feel Good #525: How To Cultivate More Joy And How Joy Can Liberate Us And Create A Deeper Sense Of Belonging And Connection With Dr. Tanmeet Sethi #265: How To Practice Joy In A Time Of Adversity And Release Your Happy Brain Chemicals With Radha Agrawal #317: Create Radical Longevity And Sharpen Your Brain, Strengthen Your Body, And Reverse The Symptoms Of Aging With Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman #119: Hacking Happiness And Longevity With A 2-Minute Meditation With Karen Salmansohn

    539: Everything You Need To Know About Navigating Hormone Changes In Perimenopause

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 4, 2023 62:17

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT NAVIGATING HORMONE CHANGES IN PERIMENOPAUSE (EP. 539) Hands down, one of the most challenging/overlooked areas of a women's health journey is the transition to menopause (aka perimenopause!).  Yet this critical 10+ year window is responsible for shaping our future self AND health. But the way things are going for more than 85% of women, the future is not looking so bright post-menopause.  Catch this week's podcast to find out what you can do to better prepare yourself–and learn: The latest (and most surprising) stats on women's hormone health  Which root cause to look out for and how to understand the warning signs Two mental techniques that can help you through the entire transition  7 easy lifestyle pivots that every women over 35 should make  And more!  Mentioned in this Episode: 4th of July Sale – Save up to 60% on ALL hormone-related products + get FREE shipping and a bonus recipe guide!  Metabolism + Hormone Reset Course – All the tools, resources, and support you need to transform your metabolism, heal your hormones, and feel absolutely incredible.  Zen Sleep – The safe, natural way to get the best zzz's of your life.  Additional Resources: 5 Practical Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Perimenopause Top 10 Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Morning Episode #367: 10 Quick and Easy Ways to Care for Yourself While Caring for Everyone Else  Episode #363: The Three Phases of Perimenopause and How to Navigate Each Phase with Grace Episode #389: Are Birth Control Pills the Best Remedy for Perimenopause Symptoms?

    538: How to Set Your Soul Free in Order to Usher in the Most Beautiful and Authentic Life with Shirin Etessam

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2023 53:04

    Want to know what it would feel like to experience authentic, joyful fulfillment?  I know it can seem like a tall order with all the mundane tasks and the monotony of our day-to-day. But it IS possible to set your soul free with a practical guide to discovering your soul's purpose.  And through following this guide with deep soul work, you can live a fulfilled life from that place of discovery. That's why I've invited Shirin Etessam on the podcast today to deliver you more information about her new book: Free to Be: A 6-Week Guide to Reclaiming Your Soul. As a mom and career woman, she had a defining moment in her life that changed everything.  From then on, she went on a deep soul journey to truly discover how to be free and operate from her soul's purpose. And now she's here to deliver all of her tips on her soul search to us– so we can do it too.  She knows how working mamas think– we need practical and effective tips we can implement immediately without really ruffling everything else we have going on in our world.  So this show is one you don't want to miss. Because not only does it remind us to elevate into our soul's purpose and really self-actualize into the work we're meant to do in this world, but it also helps us find deep fulfillment in our everyday lives.  We discuss the different forms of detoxing to help you begin your journey, and how incorporating play can totally change your day.  All this plus so much more knowledge is shared by Shirin about how to truly live our most beautiful and authentic lives.  Join Shirin and me for an eye-opening, soul-searching podcast, and give yourself the gift of setting your soul free.   Listen now!  SHIRIN ETESSAM Shirin Etessam is an entrepreneur, seasoned media executive, and transformational speaker. She's produced films, original television series, and specials. She also has created several companies and led campaigns on some of the world's most recognized companies– like ABC, CBS, Discovery, Facebook, Apple, and many more.  Shirin now guides seekers in her six-week program, Free to Be, to disconnect their human “being” from their human “doing”-- and to find true and lasting fulfillment. She lives in California with her wife and two children.  IN THIS EPISODE Shirin's defining moments that lead her to write Free to Be Key takeaways from Shirin's book  How to get more out of your life and stop settling  Identifying the categories for reclaiming your soul Practical steps to take action on setting your soul free  Recognizing how “play” can benefit our lives  The importance of soul work in this modern day  More about Free to Be: The Six-Week Guide to Authentic Fulfillment  This Episode is Sponsored by InsideTracker: For a limited time, get 20% off the entire InsideTracker store when you sign up at RESOURCES MENTIONED Free To Be: A Six Week Guide To Reclaiming Your Soul Shirin Etessam's Website | Shirin's Instagram | Follow Shirin on TikTok! Join the Free To Be Facebook Group: Inner More  RELATED EPISODES  #521: How To Prioritize Meaningful Self-Care That Actually Moves The Needle With Taylor Elyse Morrison #534: The Secret To Supercharging Your Energy, Connection, And Life With Dr. Molly Maloof #523: Change Your Life Today By Adopting A Simple Mindset And Love Hacks With Kerry Tepedino #14: How To Live Life By Your Own Rules: For Your Health, Body, Career, Relationships, And Soul With Alexandra Jamieson #117: What It Means To Practice Your Own Self-Care And Authenticity With Elena Brower

    537: The Top 10 Health Myths that Have Been Debunked Yet Most People Still Believe

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2023 29:58

    Has anyone ever told you that coffee stunts your growth?  Or that “fat-free” foods and margarine are better for you than REAL butter or olive oil?  How about the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? These are just a few of the crazy health myths that even I believed WAY into my 30s.  Catch today's podcast for 10 of the most common health myths that most people STILL believe–and learn:  Which myth caused me to develop insulin resistance  Why not ALL carbs or fats are bad for you Which fruits are safe for diabetics  The truth about lifting weights, healthy sugars, and sweet potatoes  How to navigate these myths with my brand new course  And more! Mentioned in this Episode: *LIVE* Q&A Call TODAY – Join me LIVE (Tuesday, 6/27) at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET as I answer YOUR burning questions about my new course with giveaways and more! NEW Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course – Get a TOTAL metabolic makeover + balance your hormones + reverse your symptoms in as little as 30 days.  FREE GIFT: Belly Slim-Down Guide – One of many BRAND NEW guides included in my new Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course.  Gluco Support – My powerhouse blend of herbs proven to balance your blood sugar and help you conquer cravings and lose weight better than conventional medicine. Additional Resources: What We've Been Told About Healthy Sugar Is a Lie #531: How to Create Metabolism-loving Meals That Can Fix Your Blood Sugar and Ward Off Chronic Disease #476: How to Pivot in Perimenopause to Increase Energy, Metabolism and Brain Power #501: Six Powerful Ways Metabolic Dysfunction Impacts Women's Health

    536: The Price Women Pay To Be Perfect and On Good Behavior with Elise Loehnen

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2023 58:26

    Why do women feel like we have to do it all?  I've always prided myself in keeping all the balls in the air at once. And I've tried to perfect doing it all– often without even flinching. But because of this, I'm burnt out. And the mental exhaustion is real.  So why is it that we feel like we have to wear so many hats to be recognized as successful women– whether it's in a career, family life, marriage, or all of the above?  I know I'm not the only one working overtime, all the time.  I carry the bulk of the household and caregiving responsibilities, on top of all my career work– every single day.  And the stats across the board back it up– women have higher rates of depression, anxiety, and autoimmunity. Our bodies as women take a beating, but we've been convinced to put others' needs before our own.  To change this mindset and help us recognize we don't need to be perfect at everything, I've invited expert Elise Loehnen on the show. She's here to explain how these impulses– often described as unselfish and distinctly feminine instincts– have actually been ingrained in us by society for a long time.  Elise helps us understand our innate need to be perfect as an aspect of being a woman and allows us to recognize how to adapt when we feel this need to do it all.  Elise recently wrote a book called On Our Best Behavior: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Price Women Pay to be Good. And if you've ever struggled with self-sacrifice, or feeling the need to be good, this book is for you.  Today's podcast is one you won't want to miss because Elise does a deep dive into the history of women's behavior– all the way up to the modern day, and discusses how society has created ideas in our brains of who and what we have to be. It's time to break this mold and live the way we as women deserve to. To feel empowered, patient with ourselves, and perfectly imperfect. So listen now to gain thoughtful insight and become the best version of yourself! Elise Loehnen  Elise Loehnen is a writer, editor, and host of the podcast Pulling the Thread, where she interviews cultural luminaries about the big questions of today. She's the author of the New York Times bestselling book– On Our Best Behavior: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Price Women Pay to be Good.  Elise has also co-written 12 books, including five New York Times Best Sellers. Previously, she was the chief content officer of Goop. While there, Elise co-hosted The Goop Podcast and The Goop Lab on Netflix, and she's interviewed hundreds of thought leaders, doctors, and experts.  IN THIS EPISODE Elise's story and her exploration of women's need to be good  The impact perfectionistic tendencies have on women  Discussing gender constructs throughout history  How the “Good Girl” mentality permeated into society  The connection between the seven deadly sins and our behavior  Discussing envy and what it can tell us  Getting clear on our own wants and needs  How self-denial can be detrimental RESOURCES MENTIONED Order On Our Best Behavior by Elise Loehnen Now! | Elise's Instagram  RELATED EPISODES  #532: How To Overcome Perfectionism And Self-Doubt By Unapologetically Embracing Your Fully Awesome Self With Kristina Mand-Lakhian #196: How To Let Go Of Your Inner Perfectionist With Dr. Jane Tornatore #232: How I Radically Transformed My Stressaholic Behaviors And Traded Them In For More Peace #342: 10 Tangible Ways To Practice Self-Love In The Morning Before Work #486: What Actually Gets In The Way Of Completing Goals And How Can We Make True Lasting Behavioral Change? With Dr. Sasha Heinz

    535: How To Effectively Reset Your Metabolism, Lose Weight And Upgrade Your Hormones

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2023 26:34

    Despite doing everything right in my early-to-mid 30s, I was STILL experiencing a flabby tummy, 30+ pounds overweight, and getting crazy mid-afternoon sugar cravings, migraines, lagging energy, painful periods, and worse.  The struggle was real and yet it made ZERO sense. I felt like crap ALL the time, but the silver lining was that it eventually led me to the most important discovery of my career. Catch my latest podcast to find out what I discovered and how I conquered my most disruptive symptoms forever–and learn: Why 88% or more of women are also in this same situation today The connection between hormones, blood sugar, and girl problems  What's REALLY causing chronic disease to skyrocket among women  Why there's hope for you, too – in simple terms All about my NEW total metabolic makeover solution (now available!)  Mentioned in this Episode: NEW Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course – Get a TOTAL metabolic makeover + balance your hormones + reverse your symptoms in as little as 30 days.  FREE GIFT: Belly Slim-Down Guide – One of many BRAND NEW guides included in my new Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course.  Gluco Support – My powerhouse blend of herbs proven to balance your blood sugar and help you conquer cravings and lose weight better than conventional medicine. Additional Resources: #531: How to Create Metabolism-loving Meals That Can Fix Your Blood Sugar and Ward off Chronic Disease #476: How to Pivot in Perimenopause to Increase Energy, Metabolism and Brain Power #501: Six Powerful Ways Metabolic Dysfunction Impacts Women's Health 5 Worst Foods for Metabolic Health + Belly Fat

    534: The Secret To Supercharging Your Energy, Connection And Life with Dr Molly Maloof

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2023 48:46

    Most chronic diseases– if not all– stem from mitochondrial dysfunction in our cells.  So how can we address this metabolic crisis to prevent disease?  Metabolic diseases emerge when mitochondrial energy capacity declines past 50%, which is the threshold for insufficient energy availability. Without enough energy, the body loses its ability to maintain its normal and healthy state.  But it's hard to understand exactly what goes on at this cellular level– and what we can do to change it.  That's why I invited Dr. Molly Maloof on the show today to discuss how women can optimize their mitochondrial health with the use of biohacking tools, nutrition, and a deep connection to change their health outcomes and health span. Because at the end of the day, the goal is to live as young as possible for as long as possible.  In this podcast, we dive deep into how blood sugar monitoring can be a powerful biohacking tool that provides real-time insight into your metabolic health. We also learn that prioritizing relationships is key to vitality and longevity. We'll talk about this… and SO much more as Dr. Molly helps us uncover the secrets to supercharging our connections and our energy. She'll educate us on the factors that contribute to the women's health crisis, and all we can do for our bodies to help overcome this.  Plus, Dr. Molly opens up immensely about her journey and struggles through her own health battles and finding her path as a doctor. She's incredibly knowledgeable in her field, and recently published a book called The Spark Factor, which dives more into optimizing mitochondrial health to become our best selves.  If you want to develop personal growth, overcome fears, and discover the power of love and connection, this podcast is for you.  This episode empowers women to take control of their health, and I can't wait for you to join in.  So listen now!  DR. MOLLY MALOOF Dr. Molly Maloof provides health optimization and personalized medicine to high-achieving entrepreneurs, investors, and technology executives. For three years, she taught a pioneering course on healthspan in the Wellness Department of Medical School at Stanford University. Before launching her own company, she was inspired by her own unique health philosophy. Dr. Maloof is on the frontier of personalized medicine, digital health technologies, biofeedback-assisted lifestyle interventions, psychedelic medicine, and science-backed wellness products and services. And her new book– The Spark Factor– is available for purchase now.  IN THIS EPISODE Dr. Molly Maloof's Journey to Becoming a Doctor, and what differentiates her as a Practitioner Mitochondrial Health and the Women's Health Crisis  Connection as a Measurement of Success  The Neurobiology of Love Energy being Currency Fertility and biohacking reproductive health  Importance of Gut Health and Metabolic Optimization Why Sex is overlooked and how we can Biohack our Sexuality  Deep connection and intimacy to harness your sexual energy  The benefits of sex therapy and opening up about sexual history  This Episode is Sponsored by InsideTracker: For a limited time, get 20% off the entire InsideTracker store when you sign up at RESOURCES MENTIONED Get Dr. Molly's Book: The Spark Factor! | Dr. Molly's Website:– Sign up for Dr. Molly's newsletter! Dr. Molly's Instagram | Dr. Molly's Twitter | Dr. Molly's LinkedIn RELATED EPISODES  #330: Why Mitochondria Are The Key To Unlocking Your Best Energy Yet With Shawn Wells #94: The Connection Between Our Relationships And Hormonal Health With Dr. John Gray #366: The Benefits Of Optimizing Your Hormones And Body For A High-Performance Life With Angela Foster #43 Why Relationships Impact Our Hormones With Razi Berry

    533: What I Wish I I'd Known About Stress, Weight Resistance And Feeling Like Crap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2023 50:56

    As invincible as I thought I was and despite all the things I do right, I recently found out–the hard way–that I'm still human. I reached a serious breaking point after introducing heavy weights/lifting into my workout routine at the same time I was preparing to launch my new Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course.  My chronic fatigue was creeping back in for the first time in YEARS and making it hard to be the best mom, wife, and doctor ON TOP of everything else I had going on.   Catch this week's podcast to find out how my latest close call with overdoing it led to burnout–and learn: Why it happened How it affected my body, health, and life What I'm doing to overcome it PLUS, tons of stress-busting tips you can use, too! Mentioned in this Episode: Adrenal Love – Optimize your stress response and power up your adrenals glands for an all-day energy boost with proven nutrients and adaptogenic herbs.  Gluco Support – Conquer cravings and stress-eating with my custom blend of science-backed herbs. Magnesium Restore – Give your cells the energy they need to build muscle, regulate your blood sugar, and boost your metabolism.  NEW Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course – Available later this week–stay tuned!  Additional Resources: Episode #511: Can Everyday Stressors Lead to Estrogen Dominance? Episode #522: Are you Stress Eating? 5 Effective Strategies to Stop Stress-Induced Cravings Top 5 Stress-Busting Adaptogens for Hormone Health  5-Minute Stress-Stopping Hacks

    532: How to Overcome Perfectionism and Self-doubt By Unapologetically Embracing Your Fully Awesome Self with Kristina Mand-Lakhiani

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2023 50:50

    We've all felt the need to be perfect. Sometimes when life feels out of our control, we overcompensate and try to influence things we think we can change.  But this usually just leads to more exhaustion.  As a society, we often try too hard to be perfect. Whether it's work, parenting, or self-care, the tendency of trying to be perfect often leads us to become more anxious and stressed out.  Especially in this busy modern world, we need to remind each other that just because we push harder and we try to accomplish more– it won't always lead to success. So, how do we let go of striving for unrealistic standards of perfection, so we can take better care of ourselves?  Kristina Mand-Lakhiani is here to share that with us today. Her new book Becoming Flawesome, guides us through how to learn to be comfortable with our true, authentic selves, rather than trying to live up to others' expectations or put too much pressure on ourselves.  Kristina teaches us strategies to incorporate more self-love into our every day- and to be okay with it. We discuss how to navigate the pressures society puts on us, and how to be perfect with being imperfect.  And goodness knows, like many of you, I've fallen into the perfectionist trap. So what Kristina shares today is so enlightening because it helps us learn to live authentically and connect with our own happiness.  In this podcast, and her book too, Kristina guides us to make choices for ourselves from a place of self-love, which is the best place to operate in.  So you won't want to miss all the incredible knowledge Kristina has to offer, so you too can live an imperfectly, authentic life full of self-love. Listen now!  Kristina Mand-Lakhiani Kristina Mand-Lakhiani is the co-founder of Mind Valley, the world's most powerful, life transformation platform with an ever-growing 20 million strong following.  She's an entrepreneur, writer, international speaker, artist, philanthropist, and mother from Estonia. And she's the creator of “Live by Your Own Rules”. She has online programs on happiness– like “Seven Days to Happiness”. And she has a book that's out this week called “Becoming Flawesome: The Key to Living an Imperfectly, Authentic Life”. IN THIS EPISODE What self-care and self-love mean, and how they differ How to shift your mindset and overcome limiting beliefs Unconditional love for others and yourself  Importance of loving your imperfections Replacing judgment with curiosity   A sneak peek at the 3 main elements on the path to self-love  Tips to help address and decrease negative self-talk  Societal pressure and how it impacts self-love  Making choices to follow our happiness  RESOURCES MENTIONED Becoming Flawesome: The Key to Living an Imperfectly Authentic Life Kristina's Website  | Kristina's Instagram Seven Days of Happiness Live By Your Own Rules- Mind Valley RELATED EPISODES  #342: 10 Tangible Ways To Practice Self-Love In The Morning Before Work #271: Change Your Life By Cultivating More Self-Love And Self-Compassion With Kerry Tepedino #525: How To Cultivate More Joy And How Joy Can Liberate Us And Create A Deeper Sense Of Belonging And Connection With Dr. Tanmeet Sethi #124: How To Create A Fit, Healthy Body And A Life Of Self-Love With Bree Argetsinger

    531: How to Create Metabolism-Loving Meals that Can Fix your Blood Sugar and Ward Off Chronic Disease

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2023 39:55

    Over the past decade, I've developed and tested the blueprint for my forthcoming Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course on myself and countless patients.  And the results have been life-changing.  One of the focal points of this program is to start building metabolically-healthy meals that combine an ideal balance of the most important nutrients, portions, and foods in order to supercharge the healing process. In this week's podcast, I tease out SEVEN of these life-changing tips from the upcoming course and you do NOT want to miss it. Mentioned in this Episode:  FREE Guide [Download] – 5 Hacks to Blunt a Blood Sugar Spike  LMNT Electrolyte Mix – Get my personal discount one of my favorite intermittent fasting tools EVER  Gluco Support – Conquer cravings and stress-eating with my custom blend of science-backed herbs. Magnesium Restore – Give your cells the energy they need to build muscle, regulate your blood sugar, and boost your metabolism.  Additional Resources: #476: How to Pivot in Perimenopause to Increase Energy, Metabolism, and Brain Power 7 Easy Ways to Block Blood Sugar Spikes #508: What Is a Blood Sugar Spike Exactly and How Do They Happen? #379: 7 Effective Herbs for Stopping a Blood Sugar Spike and Addressing Poor Metabolic Health

    530: The Critical Role That Nutrient Deficiencies Play In Fertility and Conception And How To Close The Gap with Lisa Dreher

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2023 50:47

    Most of us know someone who has struggled to get pregnant, or it may even be you. And this feeling can be devastating.  Growing up, the emphasis on pregnancy was that it could happen at any time, so don't let it happen until you're ready.  But this crucial moment in life needs planning to have the best possible outcome. One of the most important aspects of fertility and preparing to conceive is ensuring your body has the right nutrients for egg and sperm quality.  And this isn't just for the sake of fertility– but for our health regarding our hormone balance and menstrual cycle health.  Since so many women are navigating fertility journeys right now, I invited registered nutritionist Lisa Dreher here to share her research on what our bodies really need to support fertility and conception.  Lisa Dreher is the nutritional director at WeNatal– a next-generation prenatal supplement company designed for men AND women. These supplements support brain development in babies, and they optimize the health of parents before, during, and after pregnancies. WeNatal also offers a manifestation journal, free nutrition consults, and a Facebook group. They provide free educational content– like a preconception guide– to help people understand the importance of this time in their lives, and how much quality matters.  Getting pregnant and giving birth is a beautiful journey for couples.  Supporting yourself throughout pregnancy is about giving your body what it needs to thrive. So our goal in this episode is to equip you with everything you need regarding supplementation to create your perfect baby with ease and grace.  Listen now to gain all the insight from Lisa about the nutrients and supplements best for prenatal health. And if you know someone who's trying to get pregnant, send them this podcast so they can learn the tips for success as well!  LISA DREHER, MS, RDN, LDN  Lisa Dreher is a registered dietitian who earned a degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, followed by an internship at Cornell University. She started her career in acute care and pediatric gastroenterology in Rochester, NY while getting her Master's in Nutrition and Integrative Health.  In 2015, Lisa transitioned to the field of functional medicine and began working at Dr. Mark Hyman's UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA. Lisa is now also the Nutrition Director at WeNatal, a prenatal supplement company with science-backed formulas for both women and men.  IN THIS EPISODE Supporting women and men throughout conception, specifically with targeted prenatal supplementation Why is a nutrient-dense diet so important for fertility? Optimal nutrition during the menstrual cycle stages  The link between blood sugar regulation and fertility conception  Best nutrients and key supplements to incorporate for fertility  What men should consider important about their health during preconception  How do micronutrient deficiencies negatively impact fertility?  All that WeNatal has to offer for fertility health – for men and women!  RESOURCES MENTIONED Try WeNatal Today!  "**Get a Free travel container with any WeNatal subscription USE CODE: DRMARIZA on the WeNatal Website at checkout, or follow the above link! Homepage | The Couples Guide To Concieving- Free Guide! Lisa's Instagram | UltraWellness Center  This Episode is Sponsored by InsideTracker: For a limited time, get 20% off the entire InsideTracker store when you sign up at RELATED EPISODES  #428: The Most Important Solutions To Implement To Protect Our Fertility With Dr. Christiane Northrup #242: How To Eat And Supplement During Pregnancy To Optimize The Health Of Mama And Baby With Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen #164: How To Boost Your Fertility In Your 30s And Beyond With Lauren Noel #173: How To Relieve Endometriosis-Driven Pain, Digestive Symptoms, Anxiety, And Infertility With Dr. Jessica Drummond

    529: What Is the Link Between Sugar and Hot Flashes?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2023 16:38

    It's no surprise that over 85% of women in the US will experience disruptive hot flashes and night sweats…  Our culture and even previous generations of women tell us that hot flashes are a “normal” part of the transition to menopause, but they could actually be an indication that something else is wrong. And there absolutely IS a better way. Catch today's podcast to hear BREAKING RESEARCH that links blood sugar to hot flashes and what you can do to reduce (or eliminate) your symptoms–and learn:   What your hot flashes might really be telling you The link between flashes, blood sugar, and insulin resistance  Why we see a rise in hot flashes in women with metabolic dysfunction How the brain is involved in regulating hot flashes Tips to get relief from hot flashes FAST  Mentioned in this Episode:  FREE Guide [Download] – 6 Hacks to Blunt a Blood Sugar Spike  Gluco Support – Conquer cravings and stress-eating with my custom blend of science-backed herbs. Magnesium Restore – Give your cells the energy they need to build muscle, regulate your blood sugar, and boost your metabolism.  Additional Resources: 7 Easy Ways to Block Blood Sugar Spikes #508: What Is a Blood Sugar Spike Exactly and How Do They Happen? 5 Hot Flash Solutions that Work #409: Three Signs to Know If You Are Experiencing a Blood Sugar Spike and Crash #379: 7 Effective Herbs for Stopping a Blood Sugar Spike and Addressing Poor Metabolic Health

    528: The Importance of Teen Menstrual Health with Holly Grigg-Spall

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2023 46:39

    As women, most of us remember exactly the moment we got our first period. It may have been a moment of embarrassment, shame, or humiliation.  But it really shouldn't be this way. Our bodies are amazing, and we need to appreciate all that they do for us. So many young girls first learn about menstruation with such a negative connotation. Rather, they should be encouraged to understand the incredible health component of their menstrual cycles.  That's why I have Holly here today, to guide us as mothers and grandmothers of young girls starting their periods. So we can help them feel empowered and knowledgeable about their bodies.  Holly has developed a new app– TEENA, that's designed for young girls to help track their cycles in a very positive way. All while educating them about how their cycles function from a health standpoint as a vital sign.  The app TEENA can be paired with the TEENA device, which is a basal body temperature-based device. This is the first time there's ever been a device designed for tweens and teens to track their basal body temperature as a sign of which cycle phase they are in.  This not only encourages health education and body positivity, but it also helps young girls gain agency over their bodies. It gives them the tools to set them up for success as they navigate junior high and high school, and even into college. Empowerment comes from knowing and owning their bodies at every stage. If you have a daughter or granddaughter at home coming up on her tween years, you'll benefit so much from learning all of Holly's tips about helping these young girls navigate what can be such a stressful time.  In this podcast, Holly shares more about how we can have the hard conversations, and how we can put reproductive health in a positive light.  You won't want to miss all the details Holly shares about the importance of demystifying periods and how we can best help young girls. The resources she offers can lead to reduced anxiety and increased self-awareness, helping girls navigate their teen years with confidence.  So join us in this enlightening discussion and discover how menstrual cycle education can be one of the best things to happen to the young girls in your life.  Help support your daughters, children, or anyone in their journey to becoming their most confident and empowered selves! HOLLY GRIGG-SPALL Holly is the author of “Sweetening the Pill”, the inspiration for the documentary “The Business of Birth Control”-- on which she is a producer. Her book was released in 2013, celebrating its 10th anniversary later this year.  Holly recently launched TEENA, a free education-forward app supporting health and menstrual cycle awareness for tweens and teens. She's on a mission for teenage girls to feel empowered about their cycles so they feel more harmony with their bodies and reproductive systems.  IN THIS EPISODE Holly's story on menstrual health education for teens  The importance of educating teen girls on menstruation  Existing misconceptions and negative views on menstruation The impact of nutrition on the menstrual cycle  How our cycle affects our energy levels and mood  The connection between the brain and the ovaries  Empowerment through body positivity and self-esteem  Menstruation as a fifth vital sign of health  How tracking menstrual cycles can identify underlying issues early on TEENA– the basal body temperature tracking app  RESOURCES MENTIONED *Use Discount code: ESSENTIALLY for an additional discount Download the TEENA app  | WearTEENA Instagram | WearTEENA TikTok RELATED EPISODES  #203: Why Your Menstrual Cycle Is A Key Indicator Of Your Health #244: How To Eat And Train According To Your Menstrual Cycle With Dr. Stephanie Estima #146: How To Own Each Phase Of Your Menstrual Cycle #220: Master Your Menstrual Cycle And Optimize Your Fertility With Lisa Hedrickson-Jack #286: What You Need To Know About The Relationship Between Blood Sugar Levels And Your Menstrual Cycle

    Bonus Episode: How to Hack Crazy PMS-Driven Cravings Right Before Your Period

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    Imagine it's right before your period, and you get a killer craving. You're ready to eat the whole fridge and consume a ton of snacks with not-so-healthy ingredients. Does this sound familiar? We've all been there. We can feel powerless when those insane sugar and salt cravings arrive. But I have some hacks for you to use, so you have a plan to combat the cravings… Due to a hormone drop during the luteal cycle phase, your body is more sensitive to stress… But I have some effective hacks to help! Tune in today to hear… One of my favorite healthy desserts right now What is happening in your body during the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle Ways you can honor your body during this phase My favorite oil to inhale for an energy boost How to eat chocolate and avoid a blood sugar spike And more! MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Magnesium Restore The Essential Oils Menopause Solution Hormone Recipe Guide ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Essentially You episode #: 281 How to End Emotional Eating Now with Tricia Nelson Essentially You episode #: 350 Why Women Aren't Small Men and How to Navigate Poor Health Advice When You Have a Period Essentially You episode #: 356 You're Always One Thought Away From Living a Life You Love with Kerry Tepedino How to Say Goodbye to Unwanted Sugar Cravings How to Navigate Your Menstrual Cycle with Essential Oils

    527: The Science Of Energy Production and Recovery & How To Balance Out Cortisol and Meletonin with Kristen Holmes

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2023 59:53

    Something we all relate to is wanting to feel more energized. Between working, providing for our families, and all the other hats we wear, it's so common to feel burnt out and totally drained from day to day.  Besides being a mama, I help women feel their best by optimizing their hormones and metabolism. And because of this, I've been able to avoid burnout (for the most part!) since I've learned tools that allow me to become my most energized self.  That's due to incredible experts like the one here today– Kristen Holmes– who deliver so much knowledge and offer high-value tools you can start implementing immediately. Kristen is here to share with you habits that move the needle in harnessing more mitochondrial energy, giving you better recovery from long, busy days, and guiding you on a path towards many years of energy.  Not only is she an expert in our psychological and physiological health, but she also works as the vice president of performance science for WHOOP. WHOOP is a wearable health and fitness coach providing you with 24/7 personalized insights. It monitors your sleep cycles, quality, and performance, then gives you guidance so you can learn to unlock your potential and optimize your energy levels.  So, join Kristen and me today as we discuss how to enhance human performance as women. Plus, you'll discover easy adjustments you can make each day to give you the long-lasting energy you've been craving.  We'll discuss the importance of keeping a consistent sleep schedule, and when the optimal time is to fall asleep. Deep, restful sleep is so critical. And I know you know what it feels like to be sleep deprived. So you'll want to have all the tools to prevent this feeling in the future.  Working with WHOOP, Kristen sees firsthand how the data doesn't lie. And as a long-term WHOOP user myself, this data that's tracked my sleep-wake cycle, stress, and heart rate has helped me plan my day fiercely and protect my sleep.  Check out this podcast to get aligned with what you truly want to feel in your body. So you can focus on increasing your energy and honoring your circadian rhythm to promote overall wellness.  Kristen Holmes Kristen is the Vice President of Performance Science at WHOOP. She uses her background in athletics, coaching, performance technology, psychology, and exercise physiology to drive research and product development. She uses WHOOP with all kinds of people to optimize training, recovery, and sleep behavior.  The focus of Kristen's research is on circadian influences and their effect on resilience. She was a 3 time All-American and 2 time Big 10 Athlete of the Year at the University of Iowa, competing in field hockey and basketball. She has numerous credentials including a master's in psychology and sports performance, a degree in political science, and she's a Ph.D. candidate.  This Episode is Sponsored by InsideTracker: For a limited time, get 20% off the entire InsideTracker store when you sign up at IN THIS EPISODE How to maintain our energy and our resilience  Managing acute stress Circadian rhythm and your psychological and physiological health  Sleep as a foundation for optimal performance  Importance of hormonal balance  Poor sleeping habits and their negative impacts  Time-restricted eating and metabolic outcomes  Strategies for managing stress and improving our health  Why data tracking aligns the body with optimal health  What WHOOP can tell us about our body & how it helps us to understand our health    RESOURCES MENTIONED Check Out WHOOP!  | WHOOP Instagram  Kristen's Instagram  | Kristen's LinkedIn RELATED EPISODES  #411: 5 Big Benefits Of The Powerhouse Hormone: Cortisol #488: The Benefits Of Circadian-Based Intermittent Fasting + How To Implement With Ease #359: 5 Tools To Lower Cortisol Levels Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    526: 10 Ways To Lose Fat Without Exercising

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    Losing weight – especially stubborn belly fat – can often feel impossible.  I've had my own fair share of weight struggles in my late 30s, so I know exactly what it's like to feel frustrated when NOTHING is working. But what if your dream of a flatter stomach and a more toned body is much easier to achieve than you thought?  Catch today's podcast for 10 proven ways to shred fat AND flatten your tummy without having to hit the gym like a crazy person–and learn:   How blood sugar plays a role in belly fat The best foods you should eat more of and why The worst foods you need to avoid and why How to build your meals out and moderate your portions Specific cooking instructions and ingredient recommendations  And more! Mentioned in this Episode:  Hormone Relief Summit (May 20-21) – Register for FREE to discover how to skip hormone chaos, end hot flashes & energy crashes, & ditch weight that won't budge. Gluco Support – Conquer cravings and stress-eating with my custom blend of science-backed herbs. Magnesium Restore – Give your cells the energy they need to build muscle, regulate your blood sugar, and boost your metabolism.  Additional Resources: 5 Worst Foods for Metabolic Health + Belly Fat #383: How I Build Metabolically-Healthy Meals for my Family to Maintain Stable Blood Sugar and Energy Levels  #514: The Worst “Healthy” Foods that Drive Blood Sugar Spikes #433: The Top 5 Best and Worst Fruits for Stable Blood Sugar Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    525: How To Cultivate More Joy and How Joy Can Liberate Us And Create a Deeper Sense Of Belonging and Connection with Dr. Tanmeet Sethi

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2023 54:52

    Life moves fast. You and I both know it. So we have to take advantage of every single day we've got. Something that I've committed to this year is to cultivate joy every day– in even the littlest moments.  But sometimes our past or current situations make us feel very little joy. At certain times we may even feel like we don't deserve joy. You're not alone in feeling this way. But it's a mindset that we need to change. Joy is a fundamental human right that's available to all of us at any time to claim. And that's what doctor, mother, and activist Dr. Tanmeet Sethi is here to discuss today. If you've ever thought joy was elusive, Dr. Tanmeet will help you rewrite that story and offer ways to find more joy in your life. Because you simply DO deserve it! I've found that over the past few years, my desire to feel more joy has expanded. And I'm sure you may feel the same way. I've been seeking amazing experts to dive deeper into the power of joy and why joy is our birthright. Dr. Tanmeet shares in this podcast tools we can use to find our own joy. And how it can be life-changing.  This is a conversation we need to be having right now because so many people are not cultivating joy or are just lost without joy.  Dr. Tanmeet recently published a book called Joy Is My Justice, which is jam-packed with techniques we can implement into our daily lives to create more joy. She explains that no matter what we're dealing with in our lives, we deserve to experience joy as a revolutionary act. Joy is AVAILABLE to each of us here and now. And each of us can find ways to access it for ourselves.  For me, joy is being in moments of awe and wonder. And I want as many moments of awe and wonder as possible. Everyone has a different perception of what their own joy is. So check out this episode to unlock the tools to find your version of joy.  You won't want to miss the mood-boosting and transformative tools that you'll learn about in this podcast. Join Dr. Tanmeet with me today so you can create pure joy in your every day.  Plus, we'll give you the details on a bonus giveaway – so you can enter to win a FREE COPY of Dr. Tanmeet's book– Joy Is My Justice.    DR. TANMEET SETHI Dr. Tanmeet Sethi is an author, doctor, mother, and activist who has devoted her career to caring for the most vulnerable populations. She's a board-certified integrative and psychedelic medicine physician, and she teaches physicians how to care for communities in the most humane and skillful way possible. She's spent the last 25 years on the front lines of practicing primary care, global trauma, and community activism.  Her brilliant and powerful new book– Joy is My Justice– explores how joy is a revolutionary healing practice and that it's a human right accessible to all. She lectures globally and has spoken on 2 TEDx stages.  RESOURCES MENTIONED Get the Book: Joy Is My Justice | Get Your Book Bonuses Here!  Dr. Tanmeet's Website  | Dr. Tanmeet Sethi's Instagram Dr. Mariza's Instagram  **Tag both of us– @tanmeetsethimd & @drmariza in an Instagram post or story with your biggest takeaways from this podcast to enter to win a free copy of Dr. Tanmeet's book– Joy Is My Justice! RELATED EPISODES  #265: How To Practice Joy In A Time Of Adversity And Release Your Happy Brain Chemicals With Radha Agrawal #473: 3 Easy Rituals To Instantly Feel Good #482: How To Embrace Joy In The Chaos And Rise Up After Sucky Moments With Dr. Neeta Bhushan #271: Change Your Life By Cultivating More Self-Love And Self-Compassion With Kerry Tepedino #261: Unlocking Your Resilience During Times Of Adversity With Komal Minhas Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    524: 8 Women's Health Tips For Experiencing More Health And Vitality

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    As we approach Mother's Day this week, it's the perfect time to reflect on where we've come from and really evaluate where we are and want to be!  Not just as moms (because not all of us are moms!), but as women… Do we have the kind of energy, health, and vitality we NEED to show up for the most important people in our lives? If not, then we've got some work to do!  Catch today's podcast for EIGHT game-changing tips and self-care strategies that will help you step into your power and feel your absolute BEST heading into summer–and learn: How to rate (and improve) your current energy levels My top tips for eating, exercising, ans sleeping What you can do to improve your mental health  The BEST new tool to track and manage your blood sugar And more! Mentioned in this Episode:  Nutrisense Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) – Use my personal promo code MARIZA to get $30 off + 1 month of free dietitian support. Gluco Support – Conquer cravings and stress-eating with my custom blend of science-backed herbs. Self-Care Journal – Your guide to gratitude, joy, and self-love. Additional Resources: Top 10 Self-Care Rituals for Today's Woman Sleep Better with these Proven Herbs + Nutrients #476: How to Pivot in Perimenopause to Increase Energy, Metabolism, and Brain Power #517: The Most Common Questions about Continuous Glucose Monitors Answered Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    523: Change Your Life Today By Adopting A Simple Mindset and Love Hacks with Kerry Tepedino

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2023 62:24

    We are a culmination of our thoughts and choices. Every choice we make has an impact on who we become in the future. So Kerry's here today to share with us more about this one-thought-away tool. Plus, she teaches us many other techniques to overcome daily obstacles and emotional situations to fine-tune our mindset mastery.  The transformation we've been dreaming of may be right on the other side of just one thought. Kerry and I both are living this truth every single day, and I can't wait for you to experience the benefits this simple mindset shift can bring you.  You always have the choice and the power within to choose a different thought– one that will move you closer to the life, relationship, career, and health that you love.  Join Kerry and me today to start mastering your mindset and creating the life that you know you deserve. Plus, we'll give you all the details on how to get her brand new book One Thought Away. This book is jam-packed with tools you can implement to optimize your decisions and create the life of your dreams through your mindset.  Tune in to this episode to break free from old habits and negative thinking. So you can experience positive changes in energy. Changes that will not only enhance your well-being now– but will for the rest of your life.  Kerry Tepedino  Kerry Tepedino has made her mark as a top leader in personal development for women. Kerry came from a place of low self-esteem and not believing in herself– and she was desperate for change. She came to a defining moment in her life where decided to find the freedom that her soul was craving. Through deep study of personal development, leadership, holistic health, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and breath work, Kerry created her Sacred Self System, which helped her life go from rock bottom to where she is today– loving a life that she never thought could be possible.  She's influenced over 150,000 people worldwide in mindset mastery, emotional mastery, and self-love. Plus, she has a beautiful new book One Thought Away, that we discuss more in this podcast.  IN THIS EPISODE What is “One Thought Away” thinking?  Mindset shifts off of negative thoughts   The power of positive thinking and visualization  Mindset mastery and emotional mastery  The importance of accountability Why change is a good thing  How paying attention to your everyday choices makes a difference Leveraging the energy of emotions to work in your favor Strategies for becoming and staying present  Understanding the payoffs and costs of our habits  RESOURCES MENTIONED One Thought Away Book | One Thought Away Free First Chapter**  Kerry Tepedino's Website  | Kerry's Instagram | Kerry's Facebook Page RELATED EPISODES #456: The One Habit I Do Every Day That Transformed My Negative Mindset For Good #447: Master Your Mindset To Manifest Your Best Life With Dr. Cheryl Wood #190: What Is Mindfulness And Why Is It So Important Right Now? With Eric Edmeades #326: Powerful Techniques To Feel And Process Your “Mess,” Including Breathwork, Meditation, And Movement With Ashley Bernardi #356: You're Always One Thought Away From Living A Life You Love With Kerry Tepedino Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    mindset meditation simple hacks adopting cheryl wood change your life today kerry tepedino
    522: Are You Stress Eating? 5 Effective Strategies To Stop Stress Induced Cravings

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2023 30:54

    Do you ever find yourself in the kitchen WAY after dinner – ravenously craving chocolate or some other sugary morsel like there's no tomorrow?  Stress-eating is no joke.   And whether you're late-night snacker, overeater, or constant grazer, it could be taking a toll on your metabolic and overall health.   Catch today's podcast to find out why this keeps happening and how to strike a balance without sacrificing the pleasure of a good meal–and learn: What stress-eating is and how it shows up Warning signs that you're stress-eating The most common causes to beware of  5 tips to get your stress-eating under control  BONUS: My personal go-to recommendation  Mentioned in this Episode: Detox for Summer Sale – Save up to 20% on ALL detox products! Nutrisense Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) – Use my personal promo code MARIZA to get $30 off + 1 month of free dietitian support. Gluco Support – Conquer cravings and stress-eating with my custom blend of science-backed herbs. Related Resources:  Episode #511: Can Everyday Stressors Lead to Estrogen Dominance? Episode #493: The First 3 Steps to Cutting out Refined Sugar and Banishing Killer Cravings for Good Episode #421: How and Why a Glucose Spike Causes Intense Cravings The 10 Benefits of Cutting Out Added Sugar Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    521: How to Prioritizing Meaningful Self-Care That Actually Moves the Needle with Taylor Elyse Morrison

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    So today, I've invited the incredible wellness coach Taylor Elyse Morrison on the show to make self-care so accessible for each of us. She provides tons of guidance so we can show up for the world in an even bigger and better way.  We'll dismiss myths about self-care, talk about the importance of mind, body, and heart, and teach you super quick and easy ways to prioritize yourself. Taylor's figured out how to make self-care practical, and she can't wait to share these tips with you.  Join Taylor and me today in this podcast to start tackling your own beliefs around self-care, and level up your self-care to put your needs first. Taylor has created a life she loves by committing to self-care, and she inspires so many people– especially women– to be better themselves through simple, practical self-care rituals.  It's time to feel less stressed and less burnt out. It's time to listen to your body and prioritize yourself. It's time to take even 5 minutes out of your day to commit to yourself, so you can show up as your very best.  Taylor's tips will help you move the needle toward an incredible life of self-love and self-care. Plus, her new book Inner Workout dives even deeper into easy-to-implement self-care tricks you'll be eager to try out.  TAYLOR ELYSE MORRISON Taylor Elyse Morrison is an author and wellness coach who makes well-being and personal development more accessible to everyone. She recently was named one of Fortune's 10 innovators shaping the future of health. She is firmly convinced of every human's potential. That's why she made a career out of it– supporting people to know, care for, and become their best selves.  She owns the company Inner Workout and released a book titled Inner Workout just last month. Whether she's leading a company workshop or she's talking about TikTok and body image with high schoolers, she uses her coaching, mindfulness, and movement training to meet people where they are. And she helps them take steps forward to creating a world free of burnout.  IN THIS EPISODE Benefits of journaling for self-care  What lead Taylor to her journey of self-care How self-care isn't one size fits all  Why do people still struggle with self-care even with a booming wellness industry?  Debunking 2 of the biggest myths around self-care  How to easily make time for self-care  Quick techniques for reconnecting with our bodies  The importance of community care Practicing self-care when responsible for caring for others  How to fall back on a self-care toolkit  RESOURCES MENTIONED Dr. Mariza's Daily Self-Care Journal  Get the Inner Workout Book! FREE Self-Care Assessment From Inner Workout  Inner Workout Website Homepage  *Subscribe to the Self-Care Sunday Newsletter! Taylor's Instagram | Inner Workout Instagram RELATED EPISODES  #462: How To Know It's Time For A Self Care Break With Dr. Cheyenne Bryant #491: Five Self-Care Rituals I Never Skip In The Morning To Feel My Best #117: What It Means To Practice Your Own Self-Care And Authenticity With Elena Brower #87: How To Implement Self-Care Practices While Living A Hectic Life With Jennifer Iserloh #518: How To Let Go Of Stress Symptoms And Go From Surviving To Thriving With Dr. Izabella Wentz Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Bonus Episode: Is the 14-Day Detox Right For You? (With 3 Powerful Success Stories)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2023 54:10

    Do you ever feel–deep in your bones–that you need to do something BIG to change the course of your health?  Like you're already doing so many things right, but you just can't shake the stubborn belly fat, supersized thighs, mid-afternoon sugar cravings, zero energy days, pounding migraines, painful periods, or endless bloating?  I was right there with you! That's why I created a special protocol that TOTALLY changed my life (and thousands of other women's lives, too!).  Catch today's show to hear from THREE ROCKSTAR WOMEN who transformed their health with my 14-day detox protocol–and learn:  Why my detox protocol is different and how it works Whether it's right for YOU  Detox success stories straight from my clients Spring, Candace, and Jan!  Mentioned in This Episode This episode is sponsored by Nutrisense  Visit and use my code MARIZA for $30 off & 1 month of free dietitian support. 14-Day Detox Kit – Everything you need to clear out excess estrogen, reset your liver, and feel your absolute best in just 14 days.  Liver Support Blend – Proven herbs and nutrients to heal your liver and help it function at a high level every day. I'll also be hosting a Q/A call tomorrow to answer any of your questions and figure out if this easy and effective detox is right for you! >> Click here to add the Q&A call to your calendar. Additional Resources 5 Easy Tips for Daily Detox Podcast Episode #343: What you need to know Before you try a Detox + Your Questions Answered Does your Body need a Detox? Take this Assessment to Find out… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    520: We can Harness Our Hormones and Their Super Powers To Optimize Our Health with Dr. Nicky Keay

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2023 60:23

    For most of our lives as women, we hear the word hormones and think of the negative impacts they have on us. It's been drilled into our heads since a young age that women have hormones to deal with; they make us moody; we have to get a period every month; there are negative connotations around hormones and aging through menopause. But what if we flipped this mindset around to recognize the amazing impact hormones can have on our lives once we learn how to truly optimize them?  Dr. Nicky explains how our hormones can be our superpower and they can unlock our greatest potential. We just need to learn how to work with them. Although we've studied the body for years, we're still just scratching the surface of studying the details of the female body specifically.  It's so important that women understand their own bodies. And to achieve optimal health and performance as a woman throughout our reproductive years into menopause, we need to be in tune with our biological rhythm. We deserve female-centric routines that work for our unique bodies to boost our metabolism, maintain our blood sugar, keep our stress hormones in check, and allow our brains to function at their best.  Once we're aware of how to optimize the hormones that regulate our energy, metabolism, and ovulatory cycle, we can truly start to feel amazing in our bodies.  Dr. Nicky Keay is a cutting-edge doctor who's making strides in women's health research. And she's here to share the tips she's discovered through her extensive understanding of the endocrine system. Her newest book shares insight into how to unlock our human potential through our hormones, and the knowledge she offers is something you won't want to miss. So check out this podcast as soon as you can to learn about your body's potential. We as women face so many challenges when it comes to maintaining hormonal balance– from our reproductive years into menopause! So recognizing how to optimize our health and understand our inherent biological rhythm will allow us to achieve– and maintain– our wellness goals.   Dr. Nicky Keay is a doctor, a graduate of Cambridge University, UK., and the author of “Health, Hormones and Human Potential: A Guide to Understanding Your Hormones to Optimise Your Health and Performance”. She's an honorary clinical lecturer in the division of medicine at University College London.  Dr. Nicky provides a more personalized approach to female hormone health. Her main clinical endocrine work is with athletes, dancers, and exercisers, focusing on Relative Energy Deficient in Sport (RED-S) and athletes navigating perimenopause and menopause.  She authored the British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine (BASM) online resource– Health4Performance. She's a medical advisor to the Scottish Ballet, and is a dancer herself– taking 4 ballet classes a week!  IN THIS EPISODE Why are hormones so essential for our health? The importance of harnessing hormones as women  Challenges when it comes to female hormones  Key hormonal points during a woman's life Why we need Vitamin D  Customized exercise and nutrition for optimal hormone function How sleep impacts hormone regulation  Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)  Lifestyle choices to optimize hormonal health RESOURCES MENTIONED This Episode is Sponsored by Olive and June. Get 20% off your first Mani System at: Hormones, Health and Human Potential Publisher Website for Hormones, Health and Human Potential  Health 4 Performance  Dr. Nicky Keay's Website  | Nicky Keay's Instagram RELATED EPISODES  #398: 3 Things You Do Every Day That Affect Your Hormones #283: The Real Truth About Hormone Imbalances In Women With Shawn Tassone #285: The Lowdown On Declining Hormones And How They Impact Weight, Mood And Sleep With Maria Claps And Kristin Johnson #146: How To Own Each Phase Of Your Menstrual Cycle #35: Sync Your Menstrual Cycle With Your Life With Nicole Jardim Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    519: How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Reduce Blood Sugar Spikes

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2023 27:38

    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    518: How to Let Go of Stress Symptoms and Go from Surviving to Thriving with Dr. Izabella Wentz

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2023 46:04

    Stress. We all experience it. Taking on too much. Biting off more than you can chew. Putting other peoples' needs before your own too often.  It's an inevitable component of life. In fact, 98% of people report to their doctors that they have stress in their lives. But what we don't realize is sometimes this stress is due to underlying physiological conditions.  Thyroid dysfunction– especially hypothyroidism– is almost always connected to an adrenal issue. And since the adrenal gland produces the stress hormone cortisol, this means low thyroid function goes hand in hand with experiencing chronic stress.  But– there are ways we can support our bodies and adrenal function to optimize our health even with a chronic condition like hypothyroidism. So if you're ready to show up for loved ones and yourself, or work on projects you're passionate about while feeling energized and minimally stressed– this is an episode you won't want to miss! Integrative pharmacist and best-selling author Dr. Izabella Wentz joins me to educate us all about how to best support our adrenal health and energy levels while navigating a busy life.  Dr. Izabel's newest book The Adrenal Transformation Protocol is designed not only for women who are struggling with diagnosed chronic health conditions, but it benefits anyone dealing with symptoms of adrenal fatigue such as brain fog, fatigue, sleep issues, mood swings, or anxiety.  She's released her program to over 3,500 people now. And she's helped so many of them who have serious health issues get better with real diagnoses. She's also guided people who may not have a diagnosis yet but are searching for answers because they know something's off in their bodies.  If you're struggling with stress, anxiety, or uncertainty with symptoms, you have to hear what Dr. Izabella discusses and learn more about what you can expect in her new adrenal transformation protocol book.  Check out this podcast to discover tips for supporting your adrenal function through diet, supplements, and lifestyle modifications. Dr. Izabella provides you with the tools you need to live a more stress-free life and minimize symptoms that may be putting your body in stressful states. Don't forget to put yourself first!  Dr. Izabella Wentz  Dr. Izabella Wentz is an innovative and solution-focused integrative pharmacist. She's dedicated to finding the root cause of chronic health conditions. This passion stems from her own diagnosis with Hashimoto's thyroiditis in 2009, following 10 years of debilitating symptoms. Dr. Izabella has been treating patients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis and low thyroid function for several years. And she's developed protocols targeting adrenal issues.  She's an accomplished author and has written several best-selling books including Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause and Hashimoto's Protocol: A 90-Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting Your Life Back.   Her newest book– The Adrenal Transformation Protocol–  is fully devoted to her experience healing adrenal issues in thousands of people. It's designed to help you get over feelings of burnout and to heal your stress-response symptoms so you can live the life you love.  This Episode is sponsored by NextEvo Naturals: Get 20% off your first order of $40 or more at and use promo code "MARIZA" Resources Mentioned Download your FREE guide: The ABCs of Adrenals Guide  The Adrenal Transformation Protocol: A 4-Week Plan to Release Stress Symptoms and Go from Surviving to Thriving Hashimoto's Protocol: A 90-Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting Your Life Back  Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause Dr. Izabella Wentz's Instagram Join the FREE 14-Day Detox class on April 18, 2023 >>> Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    517: The Most Common Questions About Continuous Glucose Monitors Answered

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2023 28:07

    More than ONE THIRD of adults already have prediabetes–but 84% of them don't even know it. Plus, almost everyone has at least one marker of metabolic dysfunction… …which is super alarming, because we know that high blood sugar is the real root cause of many of the related symptoms, diseases, and leading causes of death.    This is why I believe that Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) are such vital, life-changing tools that can teach us how to eat, heal, and live!  Catch today's podcast for answers to 10 of the most common questions I get asked about CGMs–and learn:  Why even “healthy” foods can cause blood sugar spikes What CGMs are, how they work, and where you can get one Who should be wearing a CGM When to wear a CGM and for how long  Do you really need THIS much data and why? Key features of some of the most popular CGM apps  Mentioned in this Episode: Gluco Support – Powerhouse herbs and nutrients proven to balance blood sugar better than conventional medication.  Metabolic Restore – My best-kept secret for more energy, quicker results, and a rocking metabolism. Additional Resources: #410: My Biggest Takeaway from Wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor for the past Year 10 Massive Benefits of Cutting Out Added Sugar 5 Worst Foods for Metabolic Health + Belly Fat #414: The Best Time to Intermittent Fast During the Day to Boost Your Metabolism and Balance Your Blood Sugar Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    516: What Are The Everyday Habits That Are Killing Us Slowly?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 10, 2023 36:18

    Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook or Instagram and wondered why some of your friends or family members look WAY older than their actual age? … and why others only look half their age? We've been led to believe that aging is the result of genetics–but it's actually mostly due to your diet and lifestyle choices.  So today, I'm going to share 10 of the worst everyday habits that could be killing you slowly–as well as give you some tips to slow down (and even reverse) the aging process.  Mentioned in this Episode:  Gluco Support – Powerhouse herbs and nutrients proven to balance blood sugar better than conventional medication. Magnesium Restore – Keep calm and support your muscles, bones, energy, and brain with premium, highly-bioavailable magnesium.  Zen Sleep – My go-to solution for getting the best, most restful zzz's every night.  Vitamin D Complete – Boost your mood, hormones, and circadian rhythm with the perfect amount of this essential sunshine vitamin. #488: The Benefits of Circadian-based Intermittent Fasting + How to Implement with Ease #504: I Decided to Not Drink Alcohol This Year and Here's Why Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    515: The Connection Between Gut Health and Hormone Balance with Dr Vincent Pedre

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2023 43:41

    EPISODE SUMMARY How often have you heard that your gut health is directly linked to the health of your entire body? We often associate gut issues with symptoms like bloating, gas, acid reflux, or constipation. But we rarely connect gut issues with other symptoms like fatigue, PMS, cramps, hot flashes, and other hormonal imbalances.  I've seen recently in this post-pandemic world that many of our guts are in far a worse state than before.  We're more inflamed. Our immune system is more out of whack. And we're seeing more and more cases of autoimmunity in women.  The first place we have to look to make a change is our gut health. An inflamed gut not only causes digestive issues, but it can lead to headaches, pains, sluggishness, hormonal imbalance, and even changes in mental health like anxiety or depression.  Dr. Vincent Pedre– a functional gut health doctor– joins us today to discuss the connection between leaky gut and system-wide inflammatory disruption– especially related to our hormones, metabolism, blood sugar, and mood.  Dr. Pedre explains that ‘although they call our gut the second brain, I think our gut is our first intuitive brain.'  He shares how you can learn more about exactly what your gut needs through a personalized protocol for gut health.  If your current doctors can't find answers, aren't seeing any abnormalities, or are unable to pinpoint what treatments will help you, it's time for you to try something more comprehensive to manage your symptoms. And that's what you'll get from tuning in here to Dr. Pedre! In this podcast, you'll realize how connected our gut is to our overall health, and what's possible for you in healing your gut– therefore giving you a healthier life.  Make sure to listen here for tons of must-know gut tips that you can start implementing today! It's time to take action and listen to your gut to optimize your health and live your life to the fullest.  Dr. Vincent Pedre Dr. Vincent Pedre is the medical director of Pedre Integrative Health and the founder of Dr. Pedre Wellness. He's also the founder of Happy Gut Life and works as a nutraceutical consultant and spokesperson for Nature MD.  Vincent is the author of the book Gut Smart, which provides an incredible framework for figuring out what's going on with our gut health, and what to do about it. It features a 14-day personalized gut healing plan based on his gut smart quiz, which is a culmination of his decades of research and clinical experience as a functional gut health doctor.  IN THIS EPISODE Learn about the 14-day program for gut healing  Dr. Vincent's history with his own gut health How the gut supports women's health Your gut and hormone health  Detoxification and gut health  How your mood and mental health are related to your gut  Supporting the gut microbiome The top three things disrupting our gut health  RESOURCES MENTIONED Buy The GUT SMART Protocol Book   Free Chapter from The Gut SMART Protocol Book Happy Gut Life Pedre Integrative Health Dr. Pedre's Instagram RELATED EPISODES  #466: How Gut Health Affects Hormones With Steven Wright #432: What Role Does The Gut Play In Mood And Brain Health With Tina Anderson #408: The Tools You Need To Upgrade Your Gut Health For Your Mood, Metabolism, And Hormones With Dr. Megan Rossi #267: The Gut Hormone Connection And What You Can Do To Start Healing Your Gut Today With Tina Anderson #177: How To Boost Your Immune System By Healing Your Gut With Vincent Pedre Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    514: The Worst "Healthy" Foods That Drive Blood Sugar Spikes

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2023 38:56

    More often than not, we are getting blindsided by hidden carbs, nasty seed oils, and sneaky sugars embedded in some of the MAIN foods we have been told were “good for us” our entire lives.  Some of these foods could be regularly skyrocketing your blood sugar–leading to a vicious cycle of energy crashes, mid-afternoon slumps, intense cravings, or belly fat that will not go away… …and even chronic issues like metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, and heart disease. Catch today's to find out what some of these sneaky foods are, as well as a few amazing alternatives–and learn:  The two types of belly fat you need to be aware of How belly fat can lead to system-wide inflammation and more Why certain “healthy” foods are actually very dangerous Which hormones are affected the most by these foods The top 5 worst foods on the list 4 ways to overcome the food industry's shortcomings  Mentioned in this Episode: Gluco Support – Powerhouse herbs and nutrients proven to balance blood sugar better than conventional medication.  Metabolic Restore – My best-kept secret for a rocking metabolism. This Episode is Sponsored by Olive and June. Get 20% off your first Mani System at: Additional Resources: 10 Massive Benefits of Cutting Out Added Sugar #476: How to Pivot in Perimenopause to Increase Energy, Metabolism and Brain Power #414: The Best Time to Intermittent Fast During the Day to Boost Your Metabolism and Balance Your Blood Sugar Key Supplements for Insulin Resistance and Healthy Metabolism Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    513: The Connection Between Triglycerides And Metabolic Health

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 3, 2023 20:53

    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    512: How Does Our Daily Exposure to Toxins Impact Our Hormones and What We Can Do About It? with Dr. Wendie Trubow

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2023 57:48

    If you think about all the foods we eat, products we use, air we breathe and water we drink just in a day– there are so many opportunities for toxins to enter into our bodies.  In fact, by the time you're born you've already been exposed to 150 chemicals– you're born with it in your umbilical blood. When we look back at the progression of toxins and how many more there are nowadays that have been overlooked, we see a correlation with chronic disease and autoimmunity. From products we eat, use, clean with and put on our bodies, we're getting totally blasted with toxins. However, this IS fixable with some effort and knowledge.  Dr. Wendie Trubow– an expert on how to reduce the amount of toxins we're exposed to in our day-to-day– joins me in this podcast to provide everything we need to know to minimize our toxic load and reduce exposure.  We'll discuss the impact everyday toxins can have on our hormones and our bodies as a whole. And she gives us so many great ideas that we can implement right away to start minimizing the toxins in our homes and in our lives. It's essential we're aware of toxins that could be compounding our systems and leading to chronic disease. And more importantly, how we can gently start to remove them over time.  Plus, we go through some self-care detox strategies to help rid your body of toxins while improving your overall physical and mental health.  From foods to household products, to what water you drink or how much you sleep– you won't want to miss all the details Dr. Wendie Trubow goes through to help rid our bodies of toxins and promote our well being! So, listen here for the tips you need to make progress towards a healthier, more detoxed version of you.  Dr. Wendie Trubow  Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA, IFM certified practitioner, is passionate about helping women optimize their health as a functional medicine gynecolegist. She received her M.D. from Tufts University in 2000, and has been practicing functional medicine since 2009. She experienced first hand struggles with mold and metal toxicity, celiac disease and more. So ever since, she's developed a deep sense of compassion and expertise for what her patients are facing.  She's the co-author of Dirty Girl: Ditch the Toxins, Look Great, and Feel Freaking Amazing. She's also regularly featured in MindBodyGreen and Huffington Post.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    511: Can Everyday Stressors Lead to Estrogen Dominance?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2023 21:26

    Ever been super stressed out, overwhelmed, and rundown–needing more and more coffee just to make it through the day? This may seem like a pretty general scenario…  But if you regularly find yourself feeling this way, you could be struggling with adrenal fatigue, high stress, and even estrogen dominance.  Catch today's podcast to find out how stress can directly lead to estrogen dominance, as well as 10 simple hacks you can start using right away to get back on the path toward balance–and learn:  Signs you might be estrogen dominant How stress and adrenal fatigue affect your hormones Why estrogen skyrockets in times of stress Other top causes of estrogen dominance  My top 10 hacks for overcoming estrogen dominance  Mentioned in this Episode: FREE Masterclass – How to Overcome Estrogen Dominance at Any Age Hormone Balance – My #1 most-recommended supplement for women over 35 Progest-Restore – All-natural, topical, and bioidentical progesterone that's easy to apply and works incredibly fast to offset high estrogen levels Liver Support Blend – Herbs and nutrients your liver needs to detox excess estrogen and function at a high level every day Additional Resources:  #315: 10 Surprising Signs and Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance #434: How to Reverse Disruptive Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance at Any Age How Stress Contributes to Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and Stubborn Weight Gain Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    510: Need To Calm The Estrogen Drama Causing Period Problems? Here's 5 Effective Ways To Do It

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2023 16:32

    Let me paint a picture for you: You're bloated, stressed out, and your mood feels unpredictable. You can't sleep and you have all-day sugar cravings.  Your partner, kids, or family walk into the room, take one look at you, and turn right around because they don't want to confront the “dragon.” The estrogen drama is NO JOKE and on today's shortie… I'm going to show you how to calm things down and get your life back.  Mentioned in this Episode: FREE Masterclass on March 29th – Overcome Estrogen Dominance at Any Age  Hormone Balance – My #1 most-recommended supplement for women  #315: 10 Surprising Signs and Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance This Episode is sponsored by NextEvo Naturals: Get 20% off your first order of $40 or more at and use promo code "MARIZA" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    509: How to Get Focused and Not Feel Mentally Exhausted When Constantly Shifting Our Attention with Dr. Gloria Mark

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2023 51:23

    EPISODE SUMMARY In the ever-changing world of technology, we've grown so much as a society with unlimited access to information. But as you and I both know, often times this ability to search for anything, anytime– from the palm of our hands– can be taken advantage of.  How often have we been told generation after generation that our patience and attention span is declining? We know it's true. Even I'm guilty of hopping onto social media or my smartphone when I'm supposed to be doing a million other things.  But did you know– the average attention span back in 2004 was roughly 2 and a half minutes… and today, the modern attention span has declined to 47 seconds. That's how much our population has changed in less than 2 decades. And this rapidly changing mental capacity certainly has implications on our overall health.  In this podcast, attention expert Dr. Gloria Mark is here to shed light on the connection between constantly shifting our focus and attention all over the place– and the eventual burnout that comes from it.  Dr. Gloria Mark has been studying the effects of technology on our attention span for years, so she's here to educate us on how detrimental certain aspects of technology can be to our mental state– and to our overall health.  She talks about some of the most popular social media apps, and how these can quickly lead to burnout in your day-to-day– without you even realizing it.  But don't worry, she goes through some much-needed recommendations that we can all implement to help us reduce the burden society today has put on our minds and bodies because of our multitasking efforts.  You won't want to miss the strategies she discusses, and how important it is to keep our focus on the present and not jump around from one thing to the next. Recognizing this distraction is the first step to making the change to preserve our mental capacity, therefore improving our overall quality of life! So listen here, and start making simple changes to reduce burnout and feel your best.  IN THIS EPISODE How our attention span has changed in the modern digital age The consequences of multitasking  How social media is impacting our mental bandwidth How to minimize digital distractions   The different types of attention  Strategies and recommendations for conserving and replenishing attention resources The importance of improving your quality of sleep and rest Balancing work and personal life  Gaining control over your attention Shifting your focus to achieve optimal well being  RESOURCES MENTIONED Dr. Gloria Mark's Website Dr. Gloria Mark's Book– Attention Span: A Groundbreaking Way to Restore Balance, Happiness, and Productivity. Dr. Gloria Mark's Book– Attention Span: Finding Focus for a Fulfilling Life  Gloria Mark in the News  Connect with Dr. Gloria Mark!  This Episode is Sponsored by Olive and June. Get 20% off your first Mani System at: RELATED EPISODES  #287: Boost Your Brain and Focus with Fast Essential Oils Remedies with Jodi Cohen #371: Are Your Hormones Contributing to Feeling Foggy, Forgetful, and Unfocused? #419: The 5 Supplements I Take Every Single Day for a Better Brain and Energy #278: Intermittent Fasting for Better Focus, Energy, and Overall Brain Function #415: Here's a 5-Minute Wellness Routine to Feel Good Now

    508: What Is A Blood Sugar Spike Exactly And How Do They Happen?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2023 25:40

    Many of the women I talk to have been asking…  What exactly is a blood sugar spike, how do they happen, and why does it matter? Aside from causing all kinds of disruptive symptoms, blood sugar spikes are like tiny daggers that wear down your cells, your body, your organs, and your brain.  Catch this shortie for everything you need to know about these harmful events, including how to track your own glucose at home AND a few simple hacks stay balanced.  Mentioned in this Episode: Gluco Support – A powerhouse blend of natural herbs and nutrients that are proven to balance blood sugar FAST.  #492: 10 Massive Benefits to Cutting Out Added Sugar #383: How I Build Metabolically Healthy Meals for My Family to Maintain Steady Blood Sugar and Energy Levels #507: 11 Effortless Ways to Reduce Your Toxic Load and Heal a Sluggish Liver

    507: 11 Effortless Ways To Reduce Your Toxic Load And Heal A Sluggish Liver

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2023 25:22

    Have you ever been told that your worst symptoms just need birth control, antidepressants, anxiety meds, or hormone replacement therapy? OR maybe you've even been told that it's “all in your head.”  Let me tell you… it is NOT all in your head!  Catch today's podcast to find out how a sluggish liver could be the real root cause of your symptoms, plus 11 effortless ways to overcome it–and learn: Why your liver becomes sluggish in the first place Everything you need to know about the liver-hormone connection Key warning signs your liver may be sluggish  11 effortless ways to reduce your toxic load and heal How a sluggish liver leads to estrogen dominance  BONUS: My top hacks for estrogen dominance  Mentioned in this Episode: Estrogen Dominance Masterclass – Reserve your FREE spot for my upcoming masterclass and learn how to conquer estrogen dominance for good!  Liver Support Blend – The most powerful natural herbs and nutrients your liver needs to thrive ALL in one daily dose.  Activated B Complete – My #1 most-recommended vitamin supplement for women over 35.  Additional Resources: #489: 8 Simple Ways to Support Your Detox Pathways Everyday #450: The Best Superfoods and Nutrients to Heal Your Liver #463: Top 10 Reasons to Optimize Liver Function Liver Support Blend FAQ: What You Need to Know to Support Your Liver

    506: Optimizing Testosterone, Growth Hormone And Other Metabolic Hormones In Our 40s And Beyond With Dr. Stephanie Estima

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2023 67:25

    OPTIMIZING TESTOSTERONE, GROWTH HORMONE AND OTHER METABOLIC HORMONES IN OUR 40S AND BEYOND WITH DR. STEPHANIE ESTIMA  EPISODE SUMMARY As women, we have so much going on hormonally that it's essential we understand how to best take care of our bodies. Our metabolism and hormones are constantly changing every single day throughout our menstrual cycle, leading to disturbances throughout multiple systems.  But knowing how our bodies shift through these hormonal phases allows us to leverage our menstrual cycle to its full advantage. We can do this in regard to metabolism, body composition, and so much more– even in perimenopause.  That's what Dr. Stephanie Estima explains to us in this podcast. We talk about all things metabolic health for women– particularly in perimenopause and menopause when we see a decline in our hormones. This time feels like a roller coaster ride– we don't really know what's going to work for us and what's not. But that's why understanding your menstrual cycle can help ease these unknown symptoms. And it will help to optimize your health.  Perimenopause comprises close to 50% of a woman's life! So honoring this time, and understanding the best ways to navigate through this transition is discussed today, too.  Hormonal changes have an impact on sugar metabolism, body composition and so much more. And we need more female-centric protocols so we can best understand how these changing hormones can be handled. Dr. Stephanie Estima takes a deep dive into this lack of information and protocols for perimenopausal and menopausal women. And she offers the guidance we need to be our best selves throughout all of life's changes.  So tune in today for a podcast you won't want to miss. No matter where you are in your journey, there's plenty of knowledge to gain from Dr. Stephanie that will help shape your day-to-day– now and through the future!  Dr. Stephanie Estima  Dr. Stephanie Estima is an expert in metabolism and body composition. She's a chiropractor who focuses on functional neurology, brain metabolism, and the application of the ketogenic diet specifically for female physiology. Using her framework the ESTIMA METHODTM, she focuses on strategies in nutrition, movement, and mindset to maximize human potential, longevity, and achievement. She's the author of Betty Body– The Geeky Goddess's Way to Intuitive Eating, Balanced Hormones, and Transformative Sex.  IN THIS EPISODE Need for female-centric protocols  Hormonal changes on blood sugar metabolism and body composition  Birth control usage and the effect on hormones  Nourishing and moving the body through your menstrual cycle  Optimizing metabolic function and hormones  Approaching exercises and new practices with commitment and consistency Prioritizing sleep and exercise  RESOURCES MENTIONED Hello Betty Blog & Media  Betty Body Book Connect with Dr. Stephanie on Instagram Dr. Stephanie's YouTube Channel  RELATED EPISODES  #431: 5 Big Benefits Of The Powerhouse Hormone: Growth Hormone #256: How To Build Lean Muscle And Boost Your Metabolism Based On Your Menstrual Cycle, Even In Perimenopause With Dr. Stephanie Estima #244: How To Eat And Train According To Your Menstrual Cycle With Dr. Stephanie Estima #116: Is Long-Term Fasting For Women A Good Idea With Dr. Stephanie Estima

    505: 5 Ways Sleep Impacts Your Blood Sugar

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2023 24:59

    We are NOT supposed to be lying awake every night–anxious, sweating, and exhausted. Nor are we supposed to be dying young from issues like diabetes, heart disease, or stroke.  Yet SO many women are doing exactly that and it breaks my heart because these things are almost entirely preventable.  Catch today's shortie to find out how it all boils back down to your blood sugar, PLUS easy hacks to fix it and sleep like a queen.  Mentioned in this Episode: Gluco Support – Powerhouse herbs and nutrients proven to balance blood sugar better than most conventional medications.  Sleep Better with these Proven Herbs and Nutrients Episode 498: Unique Risk Factors that Make Women more Prone to Heart Disease than Men Episode 433: 5 Best and Worst Fruits for Stable Blood Sugar

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