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Mark Groves, a Human Connection Specialist, explores the complex world of relationships and connection. What underlies our connection with ourselves and others? Why do we show up the way we do in our romantic relationships, professional life, friendships, our own health and wellness and more? How do…

Mark Groves

    • Nov 30, 2023 LATEST EPISODE
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    4.9 from 4,591 ratings Listeners of Mark Groves Podcast that love the show mention: mark s podcast, terri cole, thank you mark, mark and his guests, found mark, mark groves podcast, codependency, speak my truth, following mark, love how mark, love mark, marks podcast, amy young, listen to mark, relational, relationships are hard, way mark, mark has helped, mark s work, relationships with others.

    Ivy Insights

    The Mark Groves Podcast is a truly transformative and enlightening show that has had a profound impact on my life. Mark's insight and articulation in his dating course have been incredibly helpful, providing guidance and support during some of my darkest days. I never miss an episode, eagerly tuning in to his solo podcasts and interviews with intriguing guests. Mark has a distinct original way of delivering information, captivating listeners with deep intention and his humorous approach keeps things interesting. His guests are knowledgeable and bring valuable perspectives to the discussions. This podcast has been crucial to my self-development journey, expanding my mind, heart, and understanding of myself and the world around me.

    One of the best aspects of The Mark Groves Podcast is the wide range of topics covered. Whether it's about relationships, personal growth, overcoming adversity, or developing compassion, each episode offers meaningful insights that resonate deeply. Mark brings on guests who are experts in their fields and they deliver thought-provoking conversations that leave you pondering long after the episode ends. Furthermore, Mark's candidness and authenticity create a safe space for listeners to explore their own vulnerabilities and challenges.

    While there are overwhelmingly positive aspects to this podcast, one potential drawback is that some episodes may not resonate with everyone. Each guest brings their own unique perspective which may not always align with every listener's beliefs or experiences. However, it's important to approach these episodes with an open mind as they can still provide valuable insights.

    In conclusion, The Mark Groves Podcast is an exceptional show that offers guidance, inspiration, and encouragement for personal growth and transformation. Through his engaging conversations and relatable content, Mark Groves has created a platform that supports listeners in navigating various aspects of life with greater clarity and understanding. I am immensely grateful for the impact this podcast has had on my life and highly recommend it to anyone seeking self-improvement or looking to deepen their understanding of relationships and personal development.

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    #329: Why Humans Fear Making Decisions

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2023 15:24

    #329: Why Humans Fear Making Decisions In this episode, I dive into the art of decision-making. I explore the idea of peaceful fear and how it can guide our decision-making, challenge the notion that fear always means we're making the wrong choice, and speak to the resistance we feel when making decisions. Embracing fear and resistance leads to transformative experiences. Let's face our own versions of the jungle in life and live fully. —Follow me on Instagram - @createthelove: —Subscribe to my Newsletter: —Subscribe to my Substack: —Follow me on Facebook - @createthelove: —Get My New Book! Liberated Love - Release Codependent Patterns and Create the Love You Desire: Themes: decision-making, challenge, fear, wrong choice, right choice, personal growth, trust, intuition, embracing fear, resistance, transformative experiences, ayahuasca, plant medicine, authenticity, change, transformation 0:00:00 Intro 0:00:47 Making difficult decisions and facing fear 0:02:20 Embracing the unknown and the outcomes of decisions made 0:08:45 Fear as a guide to the “right” decision 0:09:40 Moving towards peace beyond fear 0:09:50 Embracing fear and trusting your soul's path 0:11:15 Embracing intuition and letting go of pretense 0:14:01 Breaking free from struggle mentality 0:14:48 Seeking “peaceful fear” and resistance Drop us a note at for sponsor product support, questions, comments, guest suggestions, or just to say hello! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #328: The Hidden Consciousness of Water with Tracy Duhs

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2023 49:43

    In this episode, I welcome Water Expert Tracy Duhs to the show. We explore the fascinating world of water and its impact on our health, in a way you've likely never heard it talked about before. Tracy teaches us about the complexity of water, including the concept of water structure and its role in hydrating cells. She also teaches us about the important but little-known facts about tap water, “filtered” water, and the presence of plastic and toxins in water. Listen in to learn more about how changing the kind of water you drink (including how you drink it) can positively change the state of your health and wellbeing. Tracy Duhs works as a modern wellness advocate specializing in the restorative powers of intelligent hydration. She is also the author of the book HYDRATE: preserving youth and activating vitality through intelligent hydration, nutrition, and self-care.  — Website: — Instagram @tracyduhs: — Podcast - HYDRATE with Tracy Duhs: 0:00:00 Intro 0:03:01 The Fascination with Water and Hydration 0:06:02 The Impact of Thoughts and Words on Water Structure 0:08:45 Different Types of Water Filters and their Effectiveness 0:10:20 Bottled Water vs. Tap Water 0:13:10 The Importance of Resonant Water and Adding Minerals 0:20:00 The Calling to Research Water and Hydration 0:21:54 The Dramatic Effects of Dehydration 0:29:37 Anxiety and the Impact of Thoughts on Well-being 0:34:04 Nature's Influence on Water and Bringing Awareness to Hydration 0:36:48 Intracellular Water and the Benefits of Deuterium Depleted Water 0:39:07 The Best Filtration Process for Traveling and at Home 0:42:05 The Power of Mindfulness in Shaping Thoughts and Words This episode is brought to you by: — Organifi: Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off sitewide at — SafeSleeve: Use code GROVES10 for 10% off sitewide at Contact us at for sponsor product support, questions, comments, or just to say hello! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #327: Why Humans Fear Commitment

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2023 34:57

    In this episode, I dive deep into the subject of commitment. Not just in the sense of committed romantic relationships—but the fear of commitment to ourselves and our truth, extrapolating it to every area of your life. Your fear to commit to a dream, to a possibility, to a relationship, to your purpose, to a goal—all of these are the same process. Understanding what lies at the base of our fears of commitment can allow us to become more committed people, more disciplined, and more discerning, and move forward and create things we never thought were possible but always desired.  Sentence starters I share in this episode: —When I love people, they… —When I love people, I… —When I let people love me, they… —When I let people love me, I… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #326: Break Through Your Walls with Branden Collinsworth

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2023 84:27

    In today's episode, I'm jamming with Branden Collinsworth again. This time, we explore the importance of reconnecting with nature and becoming sovereign humans again. Branden guides us through the importance of balancing the physical, emotional, spiritual, wisdom, and love aspects of ourselves through personal growth and self-discovery, and shares his insights into how we can make our old ceilings into our new floors. Branden is a testament to human resilience, emerging from a background fraught with adversity to become a global beacon of transformative power. His journey from the perilous grips of gang violence and personal despair to esteemed Nike ambassador and advisor to elite athletes and visionary leaders reflects his unparalleled determination. A mastermind in enhancing human performance, Branden's influence resonates in the successes of top-tier professionals and his transformative Warrior Retreats, recognized as the pinnacle of experiential journeys. Through all his endeavors, Branden proves that the spirit of human achievement knows no bounds. —Branden's Instagram @brandencollinsworth: —Nike Classes: —YouTube: —Warrior Retreats: —TedxTalk: Themes: Reconnecting with Nature, Paradox of Technology, Holistic Well-being, Balance, Personal Growth, Self-discovery, Courage, Change, Authenticity, Healing, Emotions, Personal Growth, Integration, Embracing the Unknown, Beliefs, Stepping Into Our Fullest Potential, Liberation, Transformation, Purpose Chapters: 0:00:00 Intro 0:04:19 The Power of Choice 0:12:43 The Journey to Alignment and Expression 0:16:33 Preserving the Past vs. Ushering into a Love-centered Future 0:17:49 Technology's Detachment from Self 0:21:41 The Insane Asylum that society is 0:25:00 Monetizing Lack of Optimization in a Manipulative World 0:28:31 Plato's Allegory of the Cave: The Illusion of Reality 0:31:41 Bringing Others Into the Light: Our Duty for Love 0:35:20 Challenging Accepted Narratives 0:36:00 Questioning righteousness and biases 0:42:49 Critical thinking and the fear of censorship 0:45:59 Challenging toxic narratives in media and culture 0:49:24 The challenges and rewards of personal growth and optimization 0:57:05 The Power of Unity and Division 1:01:09 Willingness to Die for Truth and Love 1:02:48 Courage and the Power of Using Your Voice 1:07:37 The Importance of Humility in Conversations 1:08:48 The Courageous Path: Embracing Challenges for Fulfillment 1:09:35 Courageous Step Towards Optimization and Warrior Retreat Introduction 1:18:52 Connecting with Nature and Ayahuasca in the Jungle This episode is sponsored by SafeSleeve: Use code GROVES10 for 10% off sitewide at Drop us a note at for sponsor product support, questions, comments, guest suggestions, or just to say hello! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #325: Discipline and Self-Direction

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2023 25:15

    In this episode, I reflect on my personal journey with body image and weight fluctuation, the wounding and repeating patterns I found that had me stuck there, and my recent transformation of “Reverse Dad Bod.” I share how I tapped into a new level of discipline and discernment in hopes that my story might inspire you to move towards what your soul might be asking of you, regardless if it's with body image and weight or something else. We have limited time here on Earth… let today be the day when everything changes. —Follow me on Instagram - @createthelove: —Subscribe to my Newsletter: —Subscribe to my Substack: —Follow me on Facebook - @createthelove: —Get My New Book! Liberated Love - Release Codependent Patterns and Create the Love You Desire: Themes: Authenticity, Healing, Emotions, Personal Growth, Integration, Beliefs, Stepping Into Our Fullest Potential, Liberation, Transformation, Purpose, Body Image, Shame, Societal Standards, Insecurities, Healthy Lifestyle, Integrity, Discipline, Discernment, Change Chapters: 0:00:00 Introduction and the concept of "Operation Reverse Dad Bod" 0:01:10 Battling weight fluctuations and the desire for a healthy weight 0:04:50 A Moment of Self-Recognition 0:07:02 The complexity of body image and societal expectations 0:09:00 Shifting perspectives and choosing a healthier relationship with food 0:12:36 Embodying change and personal growth 0:14:06 Finding motivation to transform through confronting our own limitations 0:16:25 Commitments, Integrity, and Teaching Through Example 0:17:05 Reflecting on past choices and newfound motivation 0:18:09 The transformative power of discipline and time appreciation 0:20:29 Living Life with Purpose and Legacy Drop us a note at for sponsor product support, questions, comments, guest suggestions, or just to say hello! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #324: How to Somatically Rewire Your Past to Create Secure Attachment with Sarah Baldwin

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2023 73:43

    Today I welcome back Sarah Baldwin for the third time - Sarah's last two podcasts have the most downloads out of any of my episodes! Sarah is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and expert in the field of trauma resolution. She's a member of the world-renowned Polyvagal Theory training team and has trained clinicians around the world in nervous system interventions.  In this episode, Sarah explains how we can use our nervous systems to rewire our past experiences to create secure attachment, deepen intimacy, and ultimately have better relationships. She brings light to the core needs resulting from our childhood experiences that drive our adult behaviors, and how understanding the connection can help us identify the root causes of ruptures in our relationships. She also guides us through somatic regulation techniques to foster more genuine connections, gently expand our comfort zones, and finally heal the traumas of our past so we can be the best version of ourselves today. Nervous system regulation is some of the most important work we can do, so dive right in to learn more! — Sarah's Instagram @sarahbcoaching: —Sarah's Website: —Sarah's Amazing Course - You Make Sense: Themes: Somatic Therapy, Nervous System, Regulation, Self-Healing, Trauma, Attachment Theory, Relational Dynamics, Relationships, Belonging, Societal Pressures, Childhood Trauma, Overcoming Fear, Healing Our Past, Parenting Chapters: 0:00:00 Intro 0:08:34 The Importance of Feeling Safe in Our Nervous System 0:13:02 Unconscious attraction resulting from childhood experiences 0:14:00 Disconfirming Experiences 0:18:42 Internal Co-regulation: Changing Autonomic Tones for Self-Healing 0:21:41 How to help others regulate without becoming dysregulated 0:27:33 Meeting our own needs and creating internal secure attachment 0:31:01 Nervous System Responses in Relational Dynamics 0:38:35 Avoidant attachment and the human need for connection 0:42:12 The struggle of avoidance and the desire for connection 0:45:18 Building capacity for good things in life and overcoming overwhelm 0:48:25 Shifting from posturing to desiring genuine connection 0:52:08 Taking tolerable steps towards connection and expanding comfort zone 0:56:08 The Power of Relationships in Motivating Change 1:00:47 The Nervous System and the Impact of Media and Propaganda 1:05:10 The Impact of Nervous System Healing on Relationships 1:08:37 Nervous System Regulation in Every System for a Better World This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp! Get 10% off your first month at Drop us a note at for sponsor product support, questions, comments, guest suggestions, or just to say hello! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Welcome to The Mark Groves Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2023 1:00

    My work is about personal liberation. Through the vehicle of relationship… yes. But, really, through whatever challenges you are facing. That's why I explore how we relate to food, our bodies, friends, family, animals, nature, earth, our addictions… and of course, ourselves. I'm here to explore consciousness, the universe, God, how to create epic health, and how to be the best partner, parent, child, and friend.  I did not come to this earth to f*ck around and I sure as hell ain't here to pretend I agree with sh*t I don't agree with. And I refuse to participate in relationships that require the censorship of ourselves. My soul is loud, and I have been silent. Enough of that sh*t. If you're ready to go deeper and learn how to master human connection, how to respectfully disagree, cultivate deeper intimacy through difference, nerd out on why we seem to sell our own sh*t out for belonging, why we throw our brains in the garbage when we're afraid, why we're so susceptible to propaganda, and why we're willing to dehumanize, hurt, and even kill those who we disagree with or disagree with us... well, this is your place! I'm here to help support and guide people in their ability to utilize the challenges in their lives to liberate themselves from patterns they're tired of, create a life and love they have always desired, and get paid to be themselves. The soul is calling. And I'm answering, are you?  P.S. I am not advocating for the use of irresponsible language, disrespect or hate. I'm advocating for conversation, curiosity, the pursuit of truth, and the creation of love. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #323: Sourcing Emotional and Physical Needs — Solo EP

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2023 15:55

    #323: Sourcing Emotional and Physical Needs — Solo EP In this solo episode, I break down the behavioural patterns of minimizing our needs in relationship, which often stem from childhood experiences (you saw that one coming, right?!). It's so important to honour our own needs and not settle for less. So let's cut the BS! Claim who you are, what you want, and what you're going to create with your life. Be available to availability, set boundaries, tell the truth and clean up agreements. Hear your own voice and claim what you desire - free from needing the other person to change - then YOU are free to change and choose the life, love, and experience you want! To have the great love and great relationship you want - you MUST move forward telling the truth, creating NEW patterns, and reclaiming what you desire. You in?! P.S. Kylie and I dive deeper into these themes in our new book "Liberated Love" now available for pre-order! -Follow me on Instagram - @createthelove: -Subscribe to my Newsletter: -Subscribe to my Substack: -Follow me on Facebook - @createthelove: -Get My New Book! Liberated Love - Release Codependent Patterns and Create the Love You Desire: Themes: Unavailability, Attracted to Unavailability, Repeating Patterns, Childhood Related Patterns, Making Different Choices, Integrity, Authenticity, Healing Chapters: 0:00:00 Intro 0:00:37 Dissecting the Pattern of Minimizing Needs 0:01:30 The Paradox of Unavailability in Friendships and Desires 0:09:39 Embracing Authenticity and Setting Boundaries 0:10:24 Reflecting on Standards and Accommodating Behavior 0:11:05 Taking Accountability and Making Conscious Choices 0:11:41 Healing Relationships and Claiming Desires 0:12:49 Liberating Yourself through Self-Authenticity and Integrity 0:13:30 Dive Deeper into Liberated Love with our New Book This episode was brought to you by Cozy Earth! Use code GROVES for 40% off sitewide at Drop us a note at for sponsor product support, questions, comments, guest suggestions, or just to say hello! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #322: Reversing Crohn's, Colitis, and IBD with Dane Johnson

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2023 77:48

    #322: Reversing Crohn's, Colitis, and IBD with Dane Johnson Dane Johnson is a Board Certified Nutritionist with expertise in IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), Crohn's Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis, and a pioneer of natural medicine and self-healing. To date, he has the most testimonies in the world for reversing IBD symptoms. His international team of coaches have all reversed their own symptoms of IBD, Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis using his fully customized S.H.I.E.L.D Program, and work with over 100+ cases a week helping others reverse their IBD. In this episode, Dane shares his incredible journey from being near death to reclaiming his health by reversing the symptoms of what doctors say is “a lifelong, incurable disease.” Dane educates us on all the ins and outs of IBD, Crohn's and Colitis, the importance of addressing root causes and improving overall well-being to heal, and the power of functional medicine/natural/holistic approaches when it comes to healing the gut. He also shares details about his SHIELD healing program. Whether you're in the mood for an inspirational story, or if you or someone you know suffers from IBD, this episode is a must-listen! — Dane's Crohn's Colitis Lifestyle Coaching Program: — Instagram: @crohnscolitis_lifestyle Themes: Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, functional medicine, gut health, holistic healing, detoxification, mental health, transformation Chapters: 0:00:00 Introducing Dane Johnson and His Life-Changing Journey 0:03:18 Inflammation and Gut Dysbiosis 0:06:18 Dane Almost Losing His Life 0:14:11 Financial struggles and the emotional tolls of the illness 0:22:49 Shifting from Sacrifice to Investment 0:28:23 From Victimhood to Healing 0:36:58 Finding Balance and Connection in a Consistent Practice 0:37:36 Finding Consistency and Happiness in New Endeavors 0:45:05 Low Stomach Acid and Digestive Issues 0:52:42 The Physical Toll of Illness 0:55:32 Remission vs Cure: Understanding Root Causes 1:00:12 Empowering the Body: Finding Root Causes and Customized Plans 1:04:17 Ways to support detox pathways and promote liver health 1:07:19 The importance of balance in the microbiome and avoiding harmful substances 1:10:32 Discovering diets for Crohn's and colitis 1:13:25 Embracing Pain for Personal Growth and Leadership Sponsors: — Organifi: Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off sitewide at — Cured Nutrition: Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off sitewide at Drop us a note at for sponsor product support, questions, comments, guest suggestions, or just to say hello! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #321: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself — Solo EP

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2023 21:05

    #321: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself— Solo EP In this episode, I share my journey to embracing the change that has been seeking me, and embracing the unknown that I've been afraid of. For so many of us, we fear letting go of our familiar patterns, but also fear stepping into our fullest potential because we're afraid of what might happen or what lies ahead. But stepping into the unknown IS the key to our personal libration. I'm ready to leap, and I'm not f'ing around anymore. So with that said, allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Mark Groves. It's nice to meet you, again. And again… and again. -Follow me on Instagram - @createthelove: -Subscribe to my Newsletter: -Subscribe to my Substack: -Follow me on Facebook - @createthelove: -Get My New Book! Liberated Love - Release Codependent Patterns and Create the Love You Desire: Themes: Authenticity, Healing, Emotions, Personal Growth, Integration, Embracing the Unknown, Beliefs, Stepping Into Our Fullest Potential, Liberation, Transformation, Purpose Chapters: 0:00:00 Introduction and Gratitude for Co-Working Space 0:01:10 Exploring the Journey of Reintegration and Wholeness 0:02:32 Understanding Trauma Response and Staying Frozen in Patterns 0:05:12 The Fear of Leaping and Embracing the Unknown 0:09:50 Embracing Change and Reintroducing Myself 0:12:18 Becoming the Best Version of Ourselves through Relationships 0:13:45 Embracing Compassion and Recognizing Everyone's Journey 0:15:30 Cultivating Curiosity, Compassion, and Flexibility in Interactions 0:17:25 Mastering Relationships: The Key to Transforming Life Drop us a note at for sponsor product support, questions, comments, guest suggestions, or just to say hello! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #320: How to Prepare for Fatherhood with Dr. Ryan Pope

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2023 68:08

    Themes: Fatherhood, Parenthood, Becoming, Relationships, Wholeness, Children, Parenting, Holistic Healing  Summary:  Today I welcome Dr. Ryan Pope, a neurostructural Chiropractor, men's home birthing coach, and rites of passage enthusiast with a giant beardy smile and infectious laugh that lights up any room. He's spent the last ten years exploring the edges of how to be a man in this world, with a focus on healing, personal growth, business, and the transition from boy to man and man to father. What sets Ryan apart from many modern health professionals is his unwavering trust in the innate capabilities of the human body to heal and bring forth new life naturally. This conviction stems from his incredible partner Amber's epic 35+ hour wild birth experience and over a decade of watching thousands of people heal naturally under his guidance and care. Alongside his hands-on healing and dedication to his local community through his chiropractic care, Ryan's global mission is to empower men to unearth an unshakable trust in themselves, in nature, in the human body, and in life itself, contributing to a resilient, confident, and thriving family ecosystem. In this episode, Ryan shares his preparation for fatherhood and wild home birth experience, what he's learned along the way, and how we can live more intentionally and deeply through our own personal experiences. Discover: How to prepare for fatherhood How our past traumas and wounds impact our mind and body  Experiencing grief as we enter fatherhood  The secret to health and long-lasting relationships  00:00 Intro 01:23 Becoming a Chiropractor 05:52 How does stress show physically? 08:33 Fatherhood and the Rite of Passage 22:01 The unexpected side of fatherhood 24:39 Power of surrender in childbirth and home birth experience 33:39 A father's journey in childbirth 42:12 Balancing fatherhood and work 49:52 Eldership and support in parenthood 59:15 Empowering change and mindful transformation Links:  Instagram: Website: Sponsors:  SafeSleeve: Use code GROVES10 to get 10% off at Cozy Earth: Use code GROVES for 40% off sitewide at Contact us at for sponsor product support, questions, comments, or just to say hello! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #319: Coincidence or Conversation with God? with Neale Donald Walsch

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2023 51:21

    Themes: God, Divine, Spirituality, Interconnectedness, Faith, Transformation, Purpose, Mentality, Awareness, Enlightenment, Belief, Trust, Serenity, Power, Inner peace Summary: Today I welcome, Neale Donald Walsch, a modern-day spiritual messenger whose words have profoundly touched the world. With a lifelong curiosity about religion and a deep connection to spirituality, Neale embarked on a personal journey that led to his now-famous conversations with God. From these transformative dialogues emerged the "Conversations with God" series of books, translated into 37 languages, sparking life-altering changes in the lives of millions. This episode is a journey into the heart of profound spirituality and the potential for positive change within each of us. He has written 40 books on contemporary spirituality and its practical application in everyday life, including his new book GodTalk: Experiences of Humanity's Connections with a Higher Power, a book in the Common Sentience book series. Neale is the bestselling author of the Conversations with God series, in which seven of the nine books made the New York Times bestseller list. Book One remained on that list for 134 weeks. Discover: Gain insights into Neale's profound spiritual evolution and how it continues to inspire and impact lives Learn how the "Conversations with God" series has redefined traditional beliefs about God and spirituality How to question conventional wisdom and embrace a broader, more inclusive perspective on the divine Tangible things we can do every day to connect with the divine and live fuller lives  00:00 Intro 00:30 Rediscovering spirituality  09:07 Questioning what we're told about God 14:10 Writing ‘God Talk' 16:41 Can God talk to us? 24:25 Finding the channel to God 27:42 Recognizing our connection to all life 41:53 Divine insights 44:24 Seeking Unity Through 'God Talk' Links:  Website: Book - GodTalk on Amazon:  Book - GodTalk on Barnes and Noble: Sponsors: The Wellness Company | Use code GROVES at checkout for 15% off sitewide at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #318: When The Need to Achieve Becomes Toxic with Jennifer B. Wallace

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2023 53:59

    Themes: Parenting, Achievement, Toxic Achievement Culture, Children, Parenting, Confidence, Mental Health, Teens Summary:  I'm jamming today with Jennifer B. Wallace, an acclaimed journalist and bestselling author of "Never Enough: When Achievement Pressure Becomes Toxic." Jennifer, a mother of three, was struck by the toxic pressure surrounding high-achievement schools. Concerned about the impact on her own children, she embarked on a journey to understand and mitigate this achievement culture's harmful effects, resulting in her book, "Never Enough: When Achievement Cultures Become Toxic and What We Can Do About It."  In this episode, we talk about toxic achievement culture and what parents can do to make their children feel seen, heard, and loved without that being contingent on their achievements.  Discover: How parenting has evolved over the past few decades What we can do to help our children become mentally strong  How a sense of “mattering” can protect against burnout for parents and children  How increased pressure and the need to succeed create a toxic environment for our children 00:00 Intro  00:27 The high expectations of modern parenting 04:51 Value of a college education in today's job market 06:32 Teaching kids that they matter 10:03 Empowering kids with intrinsic motivation 16:07 How toxic achievement culture is impacting children today 22:51 From people-pleasing to self-valuing 31:14 Parenting with value 35:46 Repairing and shifting in parenting 40:55 Teach your kids to ‘never worry alone' 45:18 Be interested in your child's online world 50:22 Encouraging kids to celebrate other's achievements Links: Instagram: Book: Website: Sponsors: Cured Nutrition | Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off all products at Create the Love Cards: Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #317: Overcome Trauma & Reclaim Your Power with Drew Canole

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2023 42:59

    Themes: Self-discovery, Triumph, Letting Go, Wholeness, Trauma, Health, Mindfulness, Eating, Transformation, Emotions, Pain, Abuse, Healing, Dream Summary: Today I welcome Drew Canole, the CEO of FitLife.Tv and Founder of Organifi. Drew is a renowned wellness expert, author, and motivational speaker.  In this episode, Drew shares his profound insights and wisdom on the journey to becoming your best self. Drew Canole has inspired countless individuals to lead healthier, more purposeful lives through his transformative work in the field of wellness and personal development.  Drew also provides practical tips and actionable advice on personal growth, from optimizing physical health through nutrition and fitness to fostering mental and emotional well-being. He shares his own personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs on the path to self-improvement, offering relatable anecdotes that resonate with listeners. Whether you want to improve your health, boost your confidence, or simply lead a more fulfilling life, this episode is a must-listen! Discover: How a positive mental attitude and gratitude shape our most fulfilling life.  Strategic ways to overcome challenges  How we can reshape our future by letting go of the past How healing starts with small, daily habits How can we change from being codependent on trauma to triumph How to step into your power and life life at your fullest potential 00:00 Intro 00:52 Drew's first lucid dream 04:23 From dreaming to awakening 08:29 Forgiveness and reuniting with his father 11:29 How nutrition transforms relationships 17:27 Confidence through fitness 20:12 Glimmers 22:11 Transforming trauma into motivation 31:39 Redefining masculinity and rediscovering community 36:07 Creating Organifi and what's next? Links:  Website: Instagram: Organifi Website: Drew and You Podcast: Sponsors: Cozy Earth | Use code GROVES for 40% off sitewide at Organifi | Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards: Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #316: Habit Mastery Through Perspective with Eric Zimmer

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2023 49:53

    Themes: Transformation, Spirituality, Building Habits, Authenticity, Belonging, Purpose Summary:  Today I welcome Eric Zimmer, a Certified Interfaith Spiritual Director, podcast host, and writer, Eric Zimmer is endlessly inspired by the quest for a greater understanding of how our minds work and how to intentionally create the lives we want to live. Eric works as a behavior coach and has done so for the past 20 years. He has coached hundreds of people from around the world on how to make significant life changes and create habits that serve them well in achieving the goals they've set for themselves - and he teaches us some of his tried and true methods in this episode.  Discover: How can we build lasting habits and how can we maintain them The important role community plays in our personal transformation Being comfortable with change and how we can overcome perfectionism 00:00 Intro 00:38 Story behind “The One You Feed” 02:19 Spiritual Habits Program 10:28 Building lasting habits 20:10 Can you build a habit in 21 days? 23:10 Overcoming perfectionism 25:26 How to maintain a habit 34:04 Navigating change and self-deception 39:42 The power of community in personal transformation 44:57 Question your own thoughts Links: Instagram: Website: Podcast: Sponsors: The Wellness Company | Use code GROVES at checkout for 15% off sitewide at Hatch Restore 2 | Go to to get $20 off and free shipping Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #315: How to Stop Overthinking & Live in the Moment with Yung Pueblo

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2023 61:28

    Themes: Letting Go, Spirituality, Meditation, Transformation, Mentality, Awareness, Growth, Compassion Summary:  Today I welcome Diego Perez, better known as Yung Pueblo. Diego inspires us to feel empowered in our ability to transform and uplevel ourselves, embrace change, and tap into our inner strength—not just to endure, but to thrive—unlocking a world of boundless possibilities. In this episode, he gives us tangible techniques that we can implement today to start thriving and creating an abundant life.  Diego Perez is a meditator and New York Times bestselling author who is widely known on Instagram and various social media networks through his pen name Yung Pueblo. Online he has an audience of nearly 3 million people. His writing focuses on the power of self-healing, creating healthy relationships, and the wisdom that comes when we truly work on knowing ourselves. Get his newest book, The Way Forward, today! Discover: Diego explains the power behind making small decisions every day  How we can reclaim power over our lives How to distinguish between intuition and trauma Ways to implement mindfulness for a successful life 00:00 Intro 01:03 The never-ending journey to self-growth 02:50 Embracing the unknown 06:02 Transforming disagreements into understanding 09:24 The Way Forward 13:15 Vipassana Meditation 21:20 For people bad at meditating 23:04 Intuition vs. reactivity 25:35 Intuition as your compass for life 27:20 The benefits of meditation 31:29 The challenges of being seen as a teacher 35:27 Complexities of hierarchy and fame 41:21 Dissolving hierarchy in relationships 44:41 Reclaiming your inner wisdom 49:18 The inspiration behind 'The Way Forward' 51:38 Integrity and embracing impermanence 54:56 Where can you start? Links: New Book: The Way Forward: Website: Instragram: @yung_pueblo - Substack Newsletter:  Vipassana Meditation: Sponsors: Organifi: Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards: Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #314: It's on You! Radical Healing with Dr. Sara Kuburic

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2023 47:22

    Themes: Self-discovery, Healing, Empowerment, Therapy, Authenticity, Belonging, Wholeness, Mindfulness, Inner peace, Reflection, Self-awareness, Self Loss, Trauma, Self Summary:  Today, I'm thrilled to introduce Dr. Sara Kuburic! Known as the millennial, therapist, she is an existential psychotherapist, consultant, writer, and columnist for USA Today. She is passionate about helping people seek change and live authentic, free, and meaningful lives.  In her work, Sara places a firm foundation in values like openness, honesty, trust, and humor. Her expertise lies in guiding individuals through the complex terrain of identity exploration, addressing moral trauma, navigating relationships, coping with life transitions, and managing anxiety. Her overarching goal is to empower individuals, enabling them to live authentically and freely, foster healthy relationships with themselves and others, facilitate healing and personal growth, and ultimately unearth their life's purpose. In this episode, we talk about the concept of self-loss that Sara addresses in her new book “It's On You,” the concepts of taking radical responsibility for our own healing, and how we can start to find ourselves, love ourselves, and work towards creating an authentic life we truly love. Discover: Dr. Sara Kuburic's personal journey and her professional expertise in psychology and existential therapy Identity exploration, addressing moral trauma, and navigating relationships How to cope with coping with life transitions, and managing anxiety  How to lead authentic and meaningful lives 00:00 Intro  00:30 Coping with hidden trauma 02:20 Coping with hidden trauma 06:34 Reclaiming your life after trauma 09:49 Taking responsibility for yourself 15:14 Revealing the self 18:27 Choosing authenticity  20:47 Religion and the Self 24:24 Self loss 29:28 How to love yourself 35:38 Self rejection and integration 39:07 It's on you for true liberation Links: Instagram link @millennial.therapist: Book: Website: Sponsors: Organifi | Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards: Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #313: Let That Sh*t Go with Natalie Miles

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2023 52:13

    Themes: Death, Afterlife, Ancestreal Lineage, Psychic Medium, Intuition, Childhood Trauma, Rediscovering Ourselves, Transformation, Spirituality, Grief, Authenticity, Belonging Summary:  Today I welcome Natalie Miles to the show! Natalie, originally from the UK, is an acclaimed channel, psychic medium, writer and author of her best selling book “You Are Intuitive. Trust Your Truth.Take Back Your Power.” Her brand new podcast “Things That Die” is here to break the taboo on the death and endings we face in our lives.  Natalie is here to inspire you to deepen the connection with yourself and the world around you to make more aligned conscious choices in your life. She's not here to give you the answers or tell you what to do. But instead, to inspire you to feel confident in making the present and future decisions in your own life. She shares insight and guidance so you can move forward with confidence, trusting your own intuition. Her first podcast, “So You Think You're Intuitive” was one of the top spiritual podcast across North America with over 1.3 million downloads. Her intuitive work was also named by “Goop” as one of the best workshops to develop your intuition. Discover: Natalie explains the cathartic power of letting go and how letting things die can be a gift What her forecast is for the rest of 2023 and how you can use that in your favor. How our ancestors and our childhood relationships can develop into trauma and recurring patterns How to live a life filled with confidence and how to trust your intuition  00:00 Intro 01:52 Forecast for the remainder of 2023  07:10 Growing up with medium abilities  12:36 Paying attention to your own medium abilities and how to hone in on that gift  16:09 What is the intuitive voice 22:50 Breaking the chains of ancestral patterns 32:19 Conversations with spirit guides 38:49 Intuition as a guide in finding your truth 45:33 The freedom of self-expression 49:24 Messages from the beyond Links: Website: Natalie's Instagram: Things That Die Instagram: Sponsors: The Wellness Company | Use code GROVES at checkout for 15% off sitewide at Nurisense | Go to and use code MarkGroves to save $50 off your first month + a free month of nutritionist support Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #312: Change Yourself, Change the World – Solo Episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2023 28:20

    Themes: Integrity, Authenticity, Legacy, Commitment, Consistency, Relationships, Answering Your Calling, Truth Summary:  I've learned so much on this journey, especially the importance of consistency and speaking my truth, even when it's challenging. So in this solo episode, I invite you to embrace discomfort, challenge your limits, and commit to your full potential. Change yourself, change the world. Discover: The value of authenticity, speaking the truth with grace and kindness, and the power of honesty The idea of leaving a meaningful legacy, making a positive impact on future generations, and standing for one's beliefs The importance of challenging the status quo and promoting dialogue to drive change The transformative potential of embracing discomfort, acknowledging growth through challenges, and rejecting victim mentality 00:00 Intro  01:06 Leaving a legacy of integrity 04:02 Staying true amidst polarized narratives 08:50 Embracing your calling 13:28 The power of choice 17:01 Rejecting rejection 21:06 Changing yourself to change the world Links: Create The Love Newsletter: Mark Groves Substack: Create The Love Instagram: @createthelove Mark's Instagram: @itsmarkgroves Facebook: @createthelove Sponsors: Cozy Earth | Use code GROVES for 40% off sitewide at Hinge | Sign up today at Create the Love Cards: Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #311: Not Man Enough: The Challenges of Modern Masculinity with Connor Beaton, Stefanos Sifandos, Dan Harrison

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2023 104:50

    Themes: Toxic Masculinity, Challenging Gender Norms, Vulnerability, Weakness, Strength, Fatherhood, Brotherhood, Purpose, Belonging, Authenticity Summary:  Our society has often perpetuated a narrow and rigid definition of masculinity, which can lead to harmful stereotypes and expectations for men. However, a growing movement of men is actively debunking these traditional notions, recognizing that true strength lies in authenticity and emotional openness. In this episode, I jam with my good buddies Stefanos, Connor, and Dan about masculinity. We share about our experiences as men growing up and in relationships, share revealing statistics about men today, explore male vulnerability and emotional authenticity, speak about our experiences in fatherhood, the impact of all of what men experience on their relationships and personal growth, and so much more. This is a jam-packed episode so sit back, grab a snack, and let's explore the multifaceted world of modern masculinity! Discover: The journey to redefining masculinity and embracing vulnerability How opening up and sharing your struggles can help you connect with others on a deeper level Using your vulnerability as strength and your voids as values  Debunking gender norms on masculinity and how that leads to toxic masculinity 00:00 Intro 02:16 Where are all the good men? 11:39 Toxic masculinity 14:48 Coping from the lack of a masculine role model 19:10 Isolation and men being providers and protectors 24:38 Vulnerability in men 29:06 Feedback in relationships 42:10 Connection with perfectionism 46:25 The pressure on men to provide 52:16 Journey to becoming a father 1:07:50 The influence of role models  1:23:54 Biological and cultural factors in defining masculinity 1:30:04 Identity and morality 1:34:35 The best thing a man can do Links: Stefanos Sifandos: Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram @stefanossifandos: TikTok @stefanossifandos: Connor Beaton: Men's Work book: Connor's Website: ManTalks Website: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook: Dan Harrison: Instagram: Website: Facebook: Sponsors: Hatch Restore 2 | Go to to get $20 off and free shipping Organifi | Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #310: The Secrets to Vitality with Brad McDonnell & David Reid

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2023 77:03

    Themes: Health, Physics, Transformation, Resonance, Sun, Biology, Light, Nature, Social Media, Technology, Minerals, Alignment, Genetics Summary:  Today I welcome founder David Reid and co-founder Brad McDonnell of Manna to the podcast. David and Brad have spent over a decade traveling to the ends of the Earth, to the highest and lowest places, finding the best, most active, and most available form of nutrients to create Manna. Their product contains a comprehensive blend of nutrients and essential minerals from Shilajit and Ocean Plasma/Ormus to enhance energy levels, radiance, cognitive function, sexual drive, vitality, and overall longevity. Manna is dedicated to helping humankind take control and restore its full health potential in the simplest way possible combining the wisdom and practice of ancient medicine with modern-day science and innovation. In this episode, we deep dive into Brad and David's background and how they came together to create the company. They also shed light (pun intended) on what sun gazing is, its transformative effects, and the sense of connection it can bring to our lives. Listen to this very enlightening (no pun intended this time) episode and discover how you can tap into the power of light for a transformative journey to genetic liberation and unity! Discover: Brad's early fascination with the human body, sports, and his traumatic neck injury that changed the course of his life David's journey from the military to working in the medical industry, and his quest for deeper understanding of life's purpose What sun gazing is, its benefits, and the realization of oneness with the universe through it The role of minerals and remineralization in health and wellness and the goal of bringing nature back into people's lives through wellness products The idea of genetic liberation, transitioning from a state of polarity to a state of unity, and the potential for humans to eventually live off light 00:00 Intro 00:41 The story behind the creators of Manna Vitality 14:31 Journey into physics and resonance 17:34 Sun gazing  28:03 Reconnecting with nature 34:04 “Social media is colonizing your mind…” 36:31 The power of natural elements: light, water, minerals 45:22 Healing the dissonance 50:03 Psychological shift in remineralizing the body 54:07 From self-reflection to genetic liberation 1:02:03 Living off light Links: Website: - Use code Mark20 for 20% off! Instagram - @mannavitality: Sponsors: The Wellness Company | Use code GROVES at checkout for 15% off sitewide at Manna Vitality | Use code Mark20 for 20% off at Hinge | Sign up today at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #309: How Decluttering Can Transform Your Life with Megan Golightly

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2023 53:20

    Themes: Decluttering, Organizing, Psychology, Hoarding, Letting Go, Memory, Nostalgia, Sentiment, Minimalism, Transformation, Mental Health Summary:  Why is it hard to let go? Sometimes the stuff we hold onto, even the little things, become like old friends, reminding us of moments and stories we've lived. So, how do we actually go about getting rid of these things? Today I spoke with Megan Golightly, the founder of Simplified, and she helped us answer these questions. As one of the most popular organizing and decluttering specialists in North America, Megan is best known for weaving her psychology background and interest in neuroscience into her passion for organization. She promotes the importance of mental health and positive change and partners with brands and publishers to create unique, authentic campaigns that reach thousands of people. Life is easier when you have less. In this episode, Megan breaks down how we can gracefully let go of even those items we're strangely attached to, and embrace the lighter, clutter-free lifestyle through smart decluttering and organization. She also dives into strategies for sharing your decluttering journey with others and highlights how creating space in your surroundings can invite new people into your life. Discover: The psychology of letting go, and why is it hard for us to let go of stuff that we're attached to The cost and weight of hoarding things - how it will negatively impact our life Why and how you can start decluttering - what are the questions you can ask yourself as you let go of your stuff 00:00 Intro 01:05 The psychology of letting go 05:24 Where to begin in decluttering 08:33 “You cannot organize until you've decluttered…” 11:11 Cleaning hoarder's homes 14:24 Managing clutter using systems 19:04 How a tidy space lightens your life 23:20 Letting go of your ex's stuff 25:25 Why do we hold on to things? 29:10 Duration, path, outcome 30:49 It feels good to let go 34:09 Having different organizing styles 35:54 Parents dumping things on their kids 37:03 Learn to say no 38:59 Memory over physical things 42:37 Sentiment and guilt  47:27 Decluttering space for love Links: Special offer for my listeners! Get 20% off all of Megan's guides and courses with code SIMPLIFIEDLOVE20 Instagram - @gosimplified: Website: Guides: Sponsors: Cozy Earth | Use code GROVES for 40% off sitewide at Hinge | Sign up today at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #308: Mastering the Art of Seduction with Robert Greene

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2023 74:17

    How can you attract the life that you want? Let's find out with today's guest, Robert Greene! Robert is the author of the New York Times bestsellers, The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law, Mastery, The Laws of Human Nature, and most recently "The Daily Laws: 366 Meditations on Power, Seduction, Mastery, Strategy, and Human Nature.  In this episode, Robert shares about how he came to write his most influential books including the The Art of Seduction and the 48 Laws of Power, and how the concepts behind power and seduction apply not only to relationships but to life in general. Robert shares some insights on how we use seduction more than we think, the importance of discipline and patience when it comes to mastery, and his top tips on how to live a good and fulfilling life.  Discover: The inspirations behind some of his bestselling books, The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, and Mastery Becoming aware of our dark side, and how acknowledging and understanding this dark side can actually help us make better choices and understand others better The art of seduction, not just in relationships, but how to get people to pay attention and be interested in you How to be a master in our field and be good at something we love doing - how to be patient and not give up when things get tough How to live a fulfilling life 00:00 Intro 00:53 Robert's passion for writing 06:44 Why do we fear power? 10:49 “Journalists are very manipulative…” 12:22 Be aware of your dark side 16:59 Writing the ‘Art of Seduction' 22:51 How to be a good seducer? 30:48 Difference in how to seduce men and women 32:24 The Anti-Seducer 35:25 How the internet is influencing the art of seduction 41:37 The power of mastery  47:53 Learn to take criticisms 52:08 Living without smartphones 56:13 The Sublime 1:01:08 How to live a fulfilling life Links: Robert's Website and Books: Youtube: Instagram:     TikTok: Twitter: Facebook: Sponsors: Cured Nutrition | Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off all products at Nurisense | Go to and use code MarkGroves to save $50 off your first month + a free month of nutritionist support Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #307: How to Stop Living a Lie with Leah Brathwaite

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2023 58:36

    Themes: Authenticity, Belonging, Spirituality, Awakening, Alignment, Religion, Identity, Intuition, Transformation, Truth, Ritual, Self Worth, Self-Love, Purpose Summary:  Today I welcome a good friend and returning guest, Leah Brathwaite! Leah is an author, Soul Advisor, Kundalini instructor and Human Design guide. She's the founder of Live Free Lifestyle Inc, a personal and spiritual development and lifestyle brand that helps high achievers connect with and live in their full potential and purpose. After emancipating from nearly three decades of repressive religious indoctrination, navigating disability, depression and divorce and starting her life over from scratch at 30, Leah has learned valuable tools, lessons and practices to heal, get unstuck and create a life of freedom, fulfillment and joy. She teaches her transformative methods and perspectives through her writing, courses and consulting. Combining spirituality, practical psychology and metaphysics in her work, she creates unique opportunities for others to tap into the deepest truth of their souls and find their own answers to life's big questions. In this episode, Leah shares her story of profound spiritual awakening, including the transformative impact of Kundalini yoga on her life. Leah also speaks to the interconnectedness of our experiences as a whole—good and bad—and how we all go through cycles of forgetting who we are so that we can remember again and start on the next level of expansion. If you're feeling stuck and not sure where to start, this episode is for you!    Discover: Leah's transformational journey from feeling lost and inauthentic to rediscovering her true self and purpose The importance of cleansing our minds with meditation, journaling, and breathwork What we can do to avoid daily anxiety and step into greater alignment with our true selves 00:00 Intro  01:00 Leah's awakening moment 06:33 From resistance to acceptance  11:19 Breaking free from religious restrictions 24:20 Coming back from forgetting 35:10 Kundalini awakening 37:30 The power of spiritual teachings and guidance 42:30 Take ownership of your suffering 52:13 Daily practices to help you step into greater alignment with your true self Links: Website:  Instagram: @leah.brathwaite - Book: A New Way of Life: A Guide for Transformation from Living a Lie to Freeing Your Soul - Sponsors: Cozy Earth | Use code GROVES for 40% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #306: Regenerative Agriculture, Death and Rebirth with Kate Kavanaugh

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2023 59:56

    Themes: Food, Farming, Community, Nature, Agriculture, Healing, Regenerative Farming, Death, Belonging, Health, Purpose, Grief, Sustainability Summary:  Today I welcome Kate Kavanaugh to the show! She started her journey in regenerative agriculture 15 years ago looking at how meat could be a byproduct of conservation. Now, Kate is the host of the Mind, Body, and Soil podcast where she is devoted to digging in deep with guests, finding the threads of what it means to be humans woven into this earth. In her spare time, Kate raises goats, pigs, cows, and poultry on a small farm in upstate New York.  In this episode, Kate teaches us about the importance of regenerative agriculture and how it helps us regain connectivity to nature, microbiome, animals, soil, and so much more. She shares about the importance of restoring our relationship with our food and animals, how death is all around us and we must embrace instead of avoid it, and how we can create more meaningful connections with the food we eat, the land we walk on, and the farmers and ranchers in our community. A fascinating episode you won't want to miss! Discover: Kate's journey from being a vegetarian to butchery and embracing regenerative agriculture The importance of death in the cycle of life and how it's ingrained in every aspect of our lives How to restore our connection to nature, animals, food, and community 00:00 Intro 00:42 Finding connectivity with our food 02:11 From farms to supermarkets 06:18 The problem with processed foods 14:59 Restoring our nutritional relationship with nature 17:40 Getting into regenerative agriculture 20:06 Touch some soil 26:02 “We are feeding more than ourselves…” 29:47 About having a farm 35:11 From stewarding to consuming an animal 39:08 Death is an integral part of the cycle of life 48:07 How to restore our relationship with nature, food, and community Links: Instagram: @kate_kavanaugh - Podcast on Apple:  Podcast on Spotify: Twitter: @katekavanavgh - YouTube: Website: Farm Finder - Near Home: Substack: Sponsors: Hatch Restore 2 | Go to to get $20 off and free shipping! Organifi | Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #305: The Transformative Power of Tea Ceremony with Mariana Rittenhouse

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2023 65:15

    Themes: Plant Medicine, Health, Nature, Awakening, Spirituality, Tea, Relationships, Transformation, Belonging Summary:  Today I'm jamming with Mariana Rittenhouse! Mariana believes a daily Tea practice will change your life. She has guided hundreds of people and high-profile influencers across 20 countries back to their hearts through courses on Tea, ceremony & ritual, and reconnecting to Nature. Rooted in Earth-based teachings and ritual practices, her work helps people slow down, find deeper meaning and reconnect to the Earth to ease the stress of our chaotic daily lives. She brings a healing experience to her signature course, Start Your Own Tea Practice, as well as her retreats and podcast, OF THE EARTH with Mariana Rittenhouse. In this episode, Mariana shares how she discovered tea ceremony and how her tea practice helped her recover from her career-related burnout and bring greater meaning into her life. She teaches us how Tea can help us deepen our relationship with ourselves and nature through the process of making tea and holding tea time sacred.  Discover: How tea ceremonies and meditation contribute to being present, patient, and connected to oneself The parallels between tea ceremony practice and other mindfulness practices How tea can help you deepend your relationship with yourself and nature 00:00 Intro  02:28 Cultural exchange 11:52 Stop waiting for the extreme 14:17 Letting tea speak to you 18:39 The problem with over relying on humans 20:57 Making the tea 25:37 Growing up with tea 31:33 Having a tea ceremony 36:35 What happens when you become too extreme on your body 45:23 “Give it away before it gets taken away…” 54:35 Tea's got your back Links: Mariana's Course: Start Your Own Tea Practice: - Enrollment open August 23 - Sept 3, 2023! Instagram:  Website:  Podcast: OF THE EARTH with Mariana Rittenhouse: Substack: Freebie for starting a Tea practice at home: Sponsors: Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #304: How to Create Financial Abundance with Ken Honda

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2023 41:03

    Themes: Money, Finance, Zen, Financial Education, Appreciation, Relationships, Spirituality,  Summary:  Today I welcome Ken Honda to the show, Japan's Zen Millionaire and best-selling self-development author, with book sales surpassing seven million copies since 2001. His latest book is called “Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money.” In this episode, Ken teaches us about happy money vs. unhappy money, the power of gratitude & appreciation when it comes to the flow of money in and out of our lives, and how to call in your abundance with simple yet powerful ways that create a better relationship to your money.  Discover: The definition of happy money vs. unhappy money and why it matters so much when it comes to our finances The different money personalities and how that shows up in our romantic relationships How to turn unhappy money into happy money and create more abundance in our lives 00:00 Intro 01:22 Relationship between zen and money 03:11 Happy money vs. Unhappy money 08:24 Money is energy 10:32 ‘Arigato' your money 11:49 Make more, spend less 16:43 Find and use your gifts 19:25 “Money is not the problem, people are” 21:57 Money and relationships 28:06 Shame around asking for financial help 30:22 Spirituality and money 32:44 How your life is affected by money 34:51 Holding on to money creates unhappy money 37:19 Transform your relationship with money Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Arigato Living Community:  Sponsors: Primally Pure | Use code MARKGROVES for 15% off sitewide at The Wellness Company | Use code GROVES at checkout for 15% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #303: Glucose & Metabolic Health with Kara Collier

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2023 63:36

    Themes: Health, Food, Metabolic Health, Diet, Stress, Glucose, Mood, Emotions, Exercise, Cortisol Summary:  Today I welcome Kara Collier, the co-founder and VP of Health at Nutrisense, one of America's fastest-growing wellness-tech startups. After becoming frustrated with the shortcomings of the traditional healthcare system, she made it her mission to help others reach their maximum health potential using modern technology & expert coaching. She is the leading authority on the use of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology for health optimization and disease prevention.  In this episode, we jam about a topic not often discussed by traditional healthcare systems until it's too late - the role of glucose and insulin response in your body and how it affects your metabolic health. Glucose monitoring is not just for people with diabetes! We talk about insulin sensitivity in our modern (often stress-filled!) lifestyles, the many factors that affect our insulin responses, and how we can monitor our insulin fluctuations to better understand how we metabolize different foods. Glucose monitoring can help us to make more informed lifestyle choices to optimize our overall well-being and long-term health. Discover: What glucose is and how it plays a vital role in our bodies What metabolic health really means and how glucose affects it How modern-day stressors create cortisol and insulin spikes What glucose tracking is and how you can do it Why exercise is essential for your metabolic health and longevity How glucose fluctuates for women during menstrual cycles + menopause What you can do if you getting a continuous glucose monitor is not an option for you 00:00 Intro  02:50 What is metabolic health? 09:03 Glucose and insulin 12:05 How does it begin? 19:03 Metabolic health in a modern world 23:03 Understanding our relationship with food 30:21 What is a glucose monitor? 39:24 Making mindful food choices 42:16 Impact of glucose levels on mood 44:43 Effect of alcohol and stress on glucose levels 51:37 The benefits of a strong muscular system 56:05 Glucose fluctuations during menstruation and menopause 58:20 Alternative ways to monitor glucose Links: Website: Special offer for my listeners! Use code CREATETHELOVE50 for $50 off the first month of any subscription at Kara's Instagram: @karacollier1 - Nutrisense IO Instagram: Sponsors: Cured Nutrition | Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off all products at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #302: Vaccine Safety with Dr. Peter McCullough of The Wellness Company

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2023 44:15

    Themes: Truth, Pandemic, Vaccine, Anti-Vaxxers, Covid, Media, Vaccine Risk Awareness, Covid Vaccine, Informed Consent  Summary:  Today I'm honoured to welcome the Chief Scientific Officer for The Wellness Company, Dr. Peter McCullough! He completed his medical degree as an Alpha Omega Alpha graduate from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. He also completed his internal medicine residency at the University of Washington, with a cardiology fellowship including service as Chief Fellow at William Beaumont Hospital, and a master's degree in public health at the University of Michigan. He is also an avid researcher and has broadly published on a range of topics in medicine with over 1000 publications and 660 citations in the National Library of Medicine and is currently an internist and cardiologist in academic practice in Dallas, Texas. In this episode, we jam about vaccine ideology, safety and efficacy, the effects of vaccines on the immune system, and strategies for addressing post-vaccination syndromes. Dr. McCullough also shares his perspectives on the Covid Vaccines and their implications on public health, the relationship between childhood vaccines and austism, and his journey of speaking out against conventional narratives.  Discover: The debate around vaccine necessity and overuse The relationship between childhood vaccines and susceptibility to conditions like adult shingles and autism Dr. McCullough's perspectives on the COVID-19 vaccines and their implications for public health The journey of speaking out against conventional narratives and the challenges faced by medical professionals 00:00 Intro  05:00 The Vaccine Dilemma  08:19 The one thing that would've made travelling safer than masks and vaccines 11:48 Vaccine ideology 16:44 The role of vaccines in disease reduction 22:54 Navigating vaccine risks 28:24 Does Dr. McCullough recommend the Covid vaccine? 30:12 Gap between media narratives and vaccine risks 35:26 Strategies for addressing post-vaccination syndromes Links: Dr. McCullough's Twitter: Dr. McCullough's Instagram: McCullough Foundation: Dr. McCullough's Book - The Courage to Face Covid-19: Dr. McCullough's Substack: Dr. McCullough's Podcast - The McCullough Report / The America Out Loud Network: Dr. Peter McCullough's Website: The Wellness Company's Website: The Wellness Company's Twitter:  The Wellness Company's Instagram - The Wellness Company's Facebook:  Sponsors: The Wellness Company | Use code GROVES at checkout for 15% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #301: Creating a Self-Loving and Liberated Life with Sarah Sapora

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 7, 2023 66:11

    Themes: Self Love, Relationships, Personal Development, Awakening, Body Liberation, Transformation, Boundaries, Grief, Truth, Social Media, Aging Summary:  Today I welcome Sarah Sapora to the show! Sarah is a writer, inspirational speaker, social media community leader, and the creator of size-inclusive live events and retreats. Sarah uses her voice to make personal growth accessible to plus-size women over 40. Leading with radical vulnerability, heart, and colorful humor, Sarah has helped hundreds of thousands of women learn to navigate the sticky place between self-acceptance and self-improvement.  Sarah shares about her messy journey to self-love, which she defines “any thought you think or action you take that gets you closer to your Ultimate You.” She talks about how she had to forgive herself for past behaviors and choices, let go of shame and self-judgment, and really look at her own sh*t in the eye to get brave enough to hold herself accountable to change. In her new book Soul Archeology, she shares a practical map of how to get un-stuck and stop self-abandoning so you can get closer to the real you—one small change at a time. Discover: Sarah's journey to self-love and her experiences with body image, relationships, and how she found a way to surrender to the messy, uncomfortable aspects of life The correlation between body liberation and greater liberation How familiarity with old habits and identities can create resistance to transformation The challenges women face in a society that devalues and vilifies aging 00:00 Intro  04:35 The misconception about self-love 08:04 Breaking free from toxic relationships 14:46 Forgiving yourself 21:01 Resistance to transformation 25:02 Unmasking your true self 29:24 Surrendering 39:18 Soul Archaeology 45:10 The easy path is actually the hard path 47:24 How social media stole our attention span 52:52 Aging and the social value of women Links: Instagram: @sarahsapora - Website: Book: Soul Archeology - A (Totally Doable) Approach to Living a Self-Loving and Liberated Life: Sponsors: Primally Pure | Use code MARKGROVES for 15% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #300: Falling in Love with the Method – Solo Episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2023 17:36

    Themes: Love, Relationships, Death, Truth, Alignment, Awakening, Connection, Healing, Authenticity, Boundaries, Self-Worth, Self-Love, Transformation Summary:  In this special 300th solo episode, I share a profound realization about love and self-discovery that I recently had when listening to a lecture from Ram Dass. It's all about how we “fall in love with the method” – external triggers that make us feel alive and vibrant. But here's the thing: those methods only awaken something already within us. Join me as we explore the transformative power of choosing ourselves and embracing all of the painful and messy parts of our journeys. Come stand in possibility with me, and make this the moment that everything changes for you. Discover: Why we fall in love with “the method” and why it often takes us away from experiencing depth The importance of facing your pain instead of running from it The power of choice: choosing to fall in love with yourself rather than the method 00:00 Intro  00:23 Falling in love with the method 03:06 Relationship to death 05:11 Removing what's not you 08:35 Unconditional love is not equal to unconditional tolerance 10:10 Find the methods that bring you alive 12:19 Your choices will impact how you feel about yourself Links: Create The Love Newsletter: Mark Groves Substack: Create The Love Instagram: @createthelove Mark's Instagram: @itsmarkgroves Facebook: @createthelove Sponsors: Cozy Earth | Use code GROVES for 40% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards: Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #299: How to Make & Keep Friends with Dr. Marisa G. Franco

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2023 47:36

    Today I welcome an enlightening psychologist, international speaker, and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Marisa G. Franco! She is known for digesting and communicating science in ways that resonate deeply enough with people to change their lives. She works as a professor at The University of Maryland and authored the New York Times bestseller Platonic: How The Science of Attachment Can Help You Make—and Keep—Friends. She writes about friendship for Psychology Today and has been a featured connection expert for major publications like The New York Times, The Telegraph, and Vice.  In this episode, we dive into friendship and attachment, the very real challenges we all experience around friendships and why we might be experiencing them, PLUS pro tips on how to initiate new friendships as an adult and keep them intimate, nourishing, and lasting. Listen now on your favourite podcast app, on Youtube or at Discover: Why we devalue friendships and only focus on connection through romantic relationships Friendships with attachment theory applied and how it can help us be better friends How men and women approach relationships differently and the stigmas that need to be broken around that How to make and keep friends 00:00 Intro  01:19 Why do we devalue friendships? 03:46 Friendships and attachment styles 10:17 Friendships and conflict 12:40 Friends helped us to grow 17:35 Friendships between men and women 22:40 Male and female group behavior  24:34 Are we in a masculine-friendly culture? 26:53 Friendships and attractions 29:58 The fear of vulnerability 33:24 Skills you need to make and keep friends 36:20 Building connections and initiating friendships 44:56 How to maintain relationships Links: Dr. Franco's Book: Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help You Make—and—Keep Friends: Instagram: @DrMarisaGFranco - Website: Sponsors: Manna Vitality | Use code Mark20 for 20% off at Primally Pure | Use code MARKGROVES for 15% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    #298: Life Update: Marriage & Fatherhood – Solo Episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2023 30:01

    Themes: Parenting, Fatherhood, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Relationships, Truth, Human Behavior, Cancel Culture, Acceptance Summary:  It's been a little while since I came on and did a life update, so in this solo episode I share some recent big life changes or initiations for me and Kylie. Marriage and parenthood have taken center stage, leading me on a profound journey of growth and self-discovery. So tune in and explore the magic of life and the transformative power of relationships with me.  Discover: Our spontaneous Sedona wedding and the profound birth of our baby boy, Jasper The joys and challenges of early parenthood and discovering the wonders of fatherhood The power of authentic connections and evolving dynamics of love and partnership The beauty of life's precious moments and the transformative journey of self-discovery 00:00 Intro  00:59 Getting married in Sedona 03:23 Restoring the sacred in birth 08:20 Becoming a father 12:52 Support during pregnancy and childbirth 16:22 Psychological safety in workplaces and relationships 22:21 The best part about being a father 24:17 Observing, healing, and speaking out Links: Create The Love Newsletter: Mark Groves Substack: Create The Love Instagram: @createthelove Mark's Instagram: @itsmarkgroves Facebook: @createthelove Sponsors: Organifi: Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards: Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at

    #297: Awakening to Right Relationship with Self with Jayson Gaddis

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 17, 2023 55:40

    Themes: Finding Yourself, Grief, Healing, Relationships, Mentors, Friendship, Connection, Transformation, Mental Health, Narcissism, Codependency Summary:  Today, I welcome back a returning guest and good friend, Jayson Gaddis! He is an artist, author, podcaster, speaker, executive coach, CEO, founder, human behavior specialist, and relationship expert. He is the creator of Interpersonal Intelligence® and Present Centered Relationship Coaching® and has trained over 200 coaches in 11 countries. His book Getting to Zero: How to Work Through Conflict In Your High Stakes Relationships was voted Editors Choice, Best Non-fiction, and Best Leadership and Business Book in 2021 on Amazon.  In this episode, we talk about the powerful journey of awakening to the soul's desire to be in right relationship with self. We both share personal experiences on how we found our guides or mentors, and what motivated us to continue seeking transformation. Jayson also dives into the challenges of being in a relationship with a person exhibiting covert narcissism, the importance of valuing oneself and setting boundaries, the role of community and supportive relationships in personal transformation, and the significance of confronting shame and engaging in grief work.  Discover: Going on a journey to finding yourself – finding a mentor and the motivation to go through a transformation Becoming comfortable with change and accepting the hard truths about ourselves The importance of being alignment with your core values and the transformative power of accountability and purposeful living Exploring the complexities of covert narcissism and other personality disorders in relationships 00:00 Intro  00:47 Journey to yourself 04:10 The pain of grace 06:01 The first step to finding yourself 10:42 How to find the right teacher or guide? 20:52 The feeling when you “feel seen” 24:45 Discovering what truly matters 27:10 Becoming the witness of transformation 31:49 Learning to embrace the hard truths 36:37 How to orient yourself to change 39:27 Relationship complexities with personality disorder 43:09 Recovery from covert narcissism 46:29 Grief as a gateway 51:49 Become a Helper   Links: Certified Relationship Coach Training (RCT):  IG:  @jaysongaddis Facebook: @therelationshipschool Twitter:  @JayGaddis LinkedIn:  Youtube:   Sponsors: Cured Nutrition | Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off all products at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    #296: Emotionally Intelligent Parenting with Lael Stone

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2023 62:30

    Themes: Parenting, Emotional Intelligence, Technology, Mental Health, Connection, Education, School, Authenticity, Belonging Summary:  Today I'm excited to welcome Lael Stone to the show for eye-opening episode about children and parenting! Lael Stone is an educator, TEDx speaker, author, mother, and parenting counsellor who has been working with families for over 20 years. She is the co-creator of Woodline Primary School, an innovative new school based on emotional well-being and connection. Lael is the co-host of The Aware Parenting Podcast and a sought-after public speaker who talks candidly about her experiences and her great passion; creating wellness in families through connection and communication.  Join me in this fascinating conversation where Lael teaches us about how to raise emotionally intelligent children, the importance of modelling properly dealing with our emotions as regulation tools, and how connection (or lack of) can impact a child's development. There are so many gems in this convo, so if you're a parent or thinking of becoming one, this episode is for you!   Discover: Emotional modeling and teaching kids how to understand and manage their emotions Impact of technology on child development and the importance of having more non-screen play and nature connection  How to identify when your child needs more time to connect with you 00:00 Intro  01:19 How do we raise emotionally intelligent children? 05:25 Meeting your personal needs AND your child's needs 15:55 Emotional modeling  28:59 Enmeshment in parenting 36:30 Importance of supportive systems and village 38:46 Impact of technology on child development 50:39 Effect of the lack of play or time in nature on children 51:59 Children's education and emotional safety   Links: Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Woodline Primary:  About Birth:  Tedx Talk: How to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids:  Book: Raising Resilient and Compassionate Children:  Sponsors: Cozy Earth | Use code GROVES for 40% off sitewide at Primally Pure | Use code MARKGROVES for 15% off sidewide at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    #292: The Alchemy of Initiation with Francis Weller

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 10, 2023 58:51

    Themes: Nature, Culture, Initiation, Life's Challenges, Loss, Grief, Death, Individualism,  Community, Technology, Transformation, Authenticity, Belonging, Spirituality Summary:  Today I welcome back returning guest Francis Weller, MFT, a psychotherapist, writer, and soul activist. He is a master of synthesizing diverse streams of thought from psychology, anthropology, mythology, alchemy, indigenous cultures, and poetic traditions. For 40 years, Francis has worked as a psychotherapist and developed a style he calls soul-centered psychotherapy. As a gifted therapist and teacher, he has been described as a jazz artist, improvising, and moving fluidly in and out of deep emotional territories with groups and individuals, bringing imagination and attention to places often held with judgment and shame. In this episode, Francis teaches us about initiations—what they are, why they are important for finding our place in this world, and the power they hold in ushering in personal growth and cultural belonging. We also jam about the importance of returning to nature, how disconnected and individualistic we are, and the soul's relationship with grief. Francis has had a profound impact on me over the last three years, and I'm so excited to share this episode with you so that you can experience a deeper relationship with yourself and the world around you. Dive in! Discover: What initiation is and its role in personal growth and cultural/planetary belonging Rebuilding our lost relationship with nature The power of grief and how to move through it The impact of technology on our soulful connection with the world 00:00 Intro  01:22 Initiation as a path to personal growth and cultural belonging 04:21 The impact of individualism 08:23 The grief for our loss of intimacy with nature 11:38 What is an Initiation? 14:27 Accepting and moving through initiation 20:07 Relationship between grief and initiation 24:09 The loss of your soul  28:05 Returning back to the community 30:30 Impact of technology in our world 37:09 Rough initiation 44:59 Finding a place of belonging 48:34 Being disassociated from our own attention 52:13 Befriend your own life 55:19 A journey of transformation Links: Website: The Alchemy of Initiation: Soul Work and the Art of Ripening Audio Recordings: Sponsors:  Manna Vitality | Use code Mark20 for 20% off at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    #291: You're Not Broken, You're Just Stuck with Britt Frank

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2023 61:32

    Themes: Repeating Patterns, Trauma, Mental Health, Somatic Therapy, Chaos, Addiction, Healing, Detox, Religion, Spirituality, Truth, Acceptance, Authenticity, Belonging, Transformation Summary:  Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Britt Frank! Britt is a licensed psychotherapist and trauma expert who is trained in IFS (Internal Family Systems) and SE (Somatic Experiencing). In addition to her private practice, Britt is also a speaker and an award-winning adjunct instructor at the University of Kansas, where she's taught classes on ethics, addiction, and clinical social work.  In this episode, Britt opens up about her own journey through addiction, how she was finally able to address and accept her challenging childhood, and how she got “unstuck” from it all—coining the term “the science of getting unstuck.” Join us as we explore the reasoning behind our repeating patterns and how we can boldly address the truths on the other side of them to help ourselves get unstuck, love ourselves fully, and live in the present moment. Discover: The science behind the concept of being stuck and how to get unstuck How we can accept the truth about our past and use it as a stepping stone to being more present today The power of a “micro-yes” How to become a responsible adult and commit to your truth 00:00 Intro  00:32 The Science of Stuck 02:42 Why do we think we don't have a choice? 04:50 Stop being the nice guy 07:07 Understanding the pathology of our behavior 09:31 Somatic therapy vs. psychotherapy 12:39 It's me, I'm the problem! 14:24 How do we get unstuck? 16:52 The power of a ‘micro-yes' 19:40 Learn to tolerate the chaos 25:25 Joining a cult 29:59 What influences people to get addicted? 32:13 Let go of your past  35:31 When truth comes forward 39:09 Acceptance without understanding won't work 42:59 Don't gaslight yourself out of trauma 45:28 Becoming a responsible adult 47:15 Come up with a survival plan 49:51 Detox and withdrawal 54:36 Live in the present moment 56:03 Spiritual aspect of psychology 59:32 Commit to your truth Links: Book: Instagram: Sponsors: Cured Nutrition | Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off all products at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    #290: Love, Loss, and Life After with Kelsey Chittick

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2023 47:30

    Themes: Midlife Crisis, Grief, Anxiety, Parenting, Mental Health, Marriage, Death, Loss, Pain, Coping, Healing, Authenticity, Spirituality, Transformation, Purpose Summary:  Today I welcome Kelsey Chittick to the show, writer, comedian, and inspirational speaker. Over the past 14 years, she has performed stand-up comedy all over Los Angeles and speaks at events around the country. She is the author of the best seller “Second Half - Surviving Loss and Finding Magic in the Missing,” about the sudden death of her husband, an NFL Superbowl Champion, and her journey back to herself and finding joy. She is the host of Mom's Don't Have Time to Grieve Podcast, which explores the beautiful and hard ways we walk through Grief.  Kelsey is also the co-host of “SexTox with Tracey and Kelsey” which explores sex and relationships with humor and honesty.   Join us today as we chat about navigating grief and healing after a devastating loss. Kelsey opens up about the loss of her husband, how she found the strength to move forward, and what keeps her motivated to live life to the fullest. This is an episode you don't want to miss, as we explore the raw emotions, inspiring insights, and the power of embracing life after loss.  Discover: How to effectively handle and navigate through life's unexpected curveballs The topic of grief and strategies to swim through its overwhelming waves, finding ways to be present and heal along the journey How we can overcome fear of death, embrace life and make the most of each day Why avoiding or numbing painful emotions can hinder the healing process and the importance of fully experiencing grief to facilitate healing and growth 00:00 Intro  00:54 Unexpected events in our lives 08:00 Meeting an angel when you're in great pain 10:12 Navigating the ocean of grief 12:04 Embracing the healing process of loss 14:30 Finding strength in memories and moving forward 18:21 Connection between laughter and pain 20:53 Is crying good for you? 25:11 Fear of death 28:05 Living in the moment 32:53 Experiences that unleash the power within you 35:26 Alcohol as a coping mechanism 39:10 Being a friend to someone who is grieving 41:37 Three M's to do when you're experiencing grief 45:09 What's now? Links: Website: Instagram: Book: Sponsors: Manna Vitality | Use code Mark20 for 20% off! Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    #289: Transgender Politics and Gender Dysphoria with Julia Malott

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2023 72:03

    Themes: Gender Identity, LGBTQ, School, Parenting, Gender Transitioning, Transphobia, Transgender, Gender Dysphoria, Mental Health, Tough Conversations, Authenticity, Belonging Summary:  Today I welcome Julia Malott to the show! Julia is a transgender woman from Toronto, Canada and creator of Alotta Thoughts: Quick Take Videos exploring nuanced conversations about our identity political divide. Julia is concerned that our recent politics surrounding gender identity and ideology have become increasingly divisive, and she's determined to bridge this gap. Through thoughtful conversation with individuals from all political perspectives, Julia seeks to cut through the noise and have productive conversations across the ideological spectrum to demonstrate that we are not nearly as divided as we might have thought. Join us today as we consciously dialogue about things that most people are afraid to talk about: gender identity especially in terms of being taught to young children, the parent-school divide, transphobia and hate, pronouns, and transitioning. Julia opens up about her personal story on how she navigated the shame around her identity, how she overcome her victim mentality, and the hate she experienced during her transition. She also shares how parents can better understand their kids who may be questioning their gender, build a supportive and safe relationship, and guide them through their experience in a safe and mindful way. This is a conversation you surely wouldn't want to miss!  Discover: The importance of having discussions about gender identity, gender dysphoria, and transitioning Navigating and overcoming transphobia and hatred while embarking on the journey of transition Understanding Puberty Blockers, what they are and how they affect young individuals How parents can better understand their children who may be questioning their gender 00:00 Intro  01:36 Why do we need to have these conversations? 06:35 The Parent-School Divide 11:09 Teaching young kids about gender identity 17:27 Providing gender-affirming care 21:59 Finding joy in the transition 25:57 Victim mentality in the journey of transition 29:38 Transphobia and hate 35:46 Transgender inclusion in sports 42:15 Learning and understanding pronouns 47:41 Letting go of external validation 49:03 Overcoming shame and narcissism 54:32 Why girls can be masculine but boys can't be feminine 1:00:10 What are Puberty Blockers? 1:05:10 Parenting with transitioning kids 1:08:19 Gender identity is not everything Links: Twitter: YouTube: Website: Sponsors: Cymbiotika | Use code GROVES at checkout for 15% off your first purchase at (Save up to 45% off when you buy a bundle!) Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    #288: Why Relationships are Vehicles to a Spiritual Awakening with Maryam Hasnaa

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2023 61:56

    Themes: Awakening, Purpose, Meditation, Relationship, Parenting, Grief, Alignment, Intuition, Self-Love Summary:  Today I'm welcoming Maryam Hasnaa to the show who is an intuitive, a channel, an energy healer and a lover of all things that create a feeling of being connected to something bigger than ourselves. Maryam uses her own highly sensitive gifts to remind other beings of the energetic nature of this universe and teach the importance of living in alignment with one's intuition and most authentic self.  Tune in to learn about spiritual awakenings and how we receive invitations to higher our vibration or make adjustments to our path, whether it's with our relationship with ourselves or in our relationships with others. If you've ever questioned whether it was a gut feeling or intuition, or if a breakup was meant to happen in order to change your life path, this episode is for you!   Discover: How you can awaken your purpose in life and unlock your inner wisdom Maryam's near-death experience and how it triggered her spiritual awakening Relationships being a way for you to find your own awakening  The transformational effects of grief and how you can find awakening through it 00:00 Intro  00:32 New Earth Mystery School 04:21 Awakening to your purpose 10:35 Maryam's near-death experience 17:33 Returning back to consciousness 21:50 Walk-ins and awakening 28:40 Relationships as vehicles of awakening 36:33 How your childhood affects your relationship 40:33 Awakening through grief 48:55 Stepping into the alignment of your soul Links: Bonus for listeners: Use code NEMSMG23 for $19.99 off one month of any of Maryam's membership offerings Maryam's NEW Course - The Subtle Art of Relationship Dynamics: Website:  New Earth Mystery School:  Resonance Apothecary: Instagram:   Sponsors: Manna Vitality | Use code Mark20 for 20% off at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    #287: Why We Need Discomfort To Thrive with Michael Easter

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 19, 2023 92:10

    Themes: Comfort, Discomfort, Mental Health, Technology, Parenting, Cancel Culture, Media, Journalism, Mortality, Belonging, Transformation, Purpose Summary:  Today I am jamming with the bestselling author of The Comfort Crisis, Michael Easter! As an author, professor, and adventurer, he writes and speaks about how humans can leverage modern science and evolutionary wisdom to perform better and live healthier and more meaningful lives.  Join us today as we jam about the surprising idea that our cozy, comfortable lives may be at the root of our major physical and mental health issues. Michael shares his powerful experiences from his adventure in Bhutan and the Alaskan Arctic, where he uncovers the power and benefit of sitting with discomfort and silence. Tune in to learn why you need discomfort and how to navigate it to help bring more happiness into your life! Discover: How and why should you disrupt your comfort and why staying too long in your comfort zone could affect your physical and mental health What the Japanese practice called Misogi is and why it's so powerful The power of silence and how it affects your creativity How we can challenge the discomfort of boredom The process of hunting and how it will teach you to value life and mortality more 00:00 Intro  01:11 Why should you disrupt your comfort? 05:37 New generations and lack of discomfort 10:25 Misogi  18:53 Being alone 24:02 The power and influence of silence 30:30 Writing a book in a world full of distractions 33:18 Choosing discomfort vs comfort 35:59 Remerging with the cycles of the planet 41:11 The discomfort of boredom 46:26 Addictive technology 49:32 The process of hunting 54:24 Life and death 1:01:15 Younger generation taking responsibility  1:03:56 Cancel culture and freedom of speech 1:15:09 Are journalists left-wingers? 1:22:37 Psychological media manipulation  1:27:02 Differences in political views impacting relationships Links: The 2% Newsletter: Website: Instagram: The Comfort Crisis: Sponsors: Cozy Earth | Use code GROVES for 40% off sitewide at Cymbiotika | Use code GROVES at checkout for 15% off your first purchase at (Save up to 45% off when you buy a bundle!) Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    #286: Unleash Your Brain's Full Potential with Dr. Patrick Porter

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 12, 2023 73:56

    Themes: Power of Mind, Brainpower, Meditation, Trauma, Mental Health, Technology, Beliefs, Health, Transformation, Biohacking, Neuropsychology Summary:  Today I am jamming with award-winning author, speaker, and the founder of BrainTap®, Dr. Patrick K. Porter! Dr. Porter pioneered the use of brainwave entrainment to improve clarity, sleep, and energy and remains at the forefront of scientific research. He founded BrainTap, offering over 1800 original audio sessions in 12 languages and serving a worldwide user base with its mobile app and headset.  Tune in to hear Dr. Porter unleash loads of fascinating information about the power our brains hold, and how we can use neuropsychology to change our emotions, reactions, nervous systems, bodies, brainwaves, and so much more - way beyond what we ever imagined our brains could do. If you want to feel more regulated, release your victim mentality, stop letting fear dictate your life, or just to better grip your emotions, this episode is for you! Discover: How our brains are wired for repetition and comfort and create our narratives and beliefs, plus how we can change that How you can rewrite your memory just by changing the way you perceive your past experiences  How the frequency of our environments dictate our energy and wellbeing What Brain Tap is and how it can help hack our mind's potential and improve our health 00:00 Intro  00:54 What is Neuropsychology? 05:31 Our brain is making it all up 09:06 How to change a belief  15:09 How to rewrite and change your memory 24:53 Three phases to brain fitness 29:21 The frequency of your environment changes you 34:50 What is Brain Tap? 43:17 See past experiences as learned experiences 47:33 Psychoimmunology 48:57 What happens when you think of fear? 49:44 Confusion 50:21 Hacking the brain 55:22 Retinal flashing 1:00:26 Effect of music on your brain 1:03:45 Types of sessions with Brain Tap   Links: Brain Tap: Dr. Patrick Porter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:   Sponsors: Cured Nutrition | Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off all products at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    #285: The Intersection of Life Force Energy, Medicine, and Physics with Dr. Beth McDougall

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2023 64:08

    Themes: Energetic Signatures, Health, Physics, Healing, Energy, Vitality, Radical Healing, Holistic Healing, Food, Spirituality, Transformation Summary:  Today I'm welcoming Dr. Beth McDougall to the show, who is an internationally recognized Integrative physician with a specialty in multifactorial degenerative disease. She is the founder of CLEAR Center and the co-founder and medical director of the cutting-edge, bio-optimization lab, JYZEN in Mill Valley, CA. Long known as a medical detective, Dr. McDougall excels at unraveling complex, multi-factorial conditions.  She is advancing a new medical paradigm, one at the intersection of medicine and contemporary physics, to transform the practice of medicine. Dr. Beth discusses the magical benefits of Manna Vitality - a combo of the highest quality minerals, amino acids, fulvic and humic acid, and nutrients gathered from both the Earth and the Sea. Listen in on this fascinating episode where we jam on health from an energetic point of view, and how physics and holistic medicine can unlock the secrets to radical healing. Discover: What are energetic signatures, and what could ours be? The effect of relationships, environment, and food on our body How we can hack aging and vitality The correlation between food and fertility 00:00 Intro  00:51 Intersection of Physics and Medicine 05:44 Discovering energetic healing 11:01 Discovering healing patterns beyond the physical approach 18:48 Energetic signatures in our lives 21:33 Impact of dysfunctional relationships on health 24:27 Why are people sicker than they've ever been? 26:26 Finding an antidote  28:32 Correlation of food stress on fertility & testosterone production 33:57 Remineralizing your body 37:29 Aging and vitality 44:28 Nature is the answer 48:36 Choose the life that you want 51:06 Effects of Manna Vitality 57:12 “We're intersecting waves of energy…” 59:18 Journey to liberation   Links: Manna Vitality: Manna Vitality Instagram: Manna Vitality Facebook: Dr. Beth's Youtube: Dr. Beth's Instagram: Dr. Beth's Facebook: Jyzen labs Website: Innovative Medicine: The Pristine Blueprint - The Secret to Full Spectrum Vitality and Health on All Levels: The Pristine Blueprint Book:   Sponsors: Cozy Earth | Use code GROVES for 40% off sitewide at Manna Vitality | Use code Mark20 for 20% off! Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    #284: Breaking Free from Codependency with Melody Beattie

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 5, 2023 54:23

    Themes: Codependency, Addiction, Relationships, Boundaries, Technology, Social Media, Spirituality, Self- Love, Healing, Authenticity, Belonging, Transformation, Mental Health, Grief Summary:  Today I am jamming with self-help pioneer, Melody Beattie! Melody is the author of many bestselling books—including The Language of Letting Go, Playing It by Heart, The Grief Club, Beyond Codependency, and The Codependent No More Workbook. In 2009, Codependent No More was named one of the four essential self-help books of all time by Newsweek.  Melody Beattie's compassionate and insightful look into codependency—the concept of losing oneself in the name of helping another—has guided millions toward the understanding that they are powerless to change anyone but themselves and that caring for the self is where healing begins. Join us today as we jam about the ins and outs of codependency in relationships, the challenges faced by those stuck in addictive or enabling cycles, the importance of setting boundaries, and how to break free.    Discover: Melody's incredible journey of overcoming codependency and how she turned her life around, finding freedom and happiness along the way What codependency actually means, and how people can unknowingly fall into its trap The importance of setting boundaries with technology and social media, and why connecting with real people is where it's at for our well-being Tips and tricks to break free from addictive and enabling cycles, empowering yourself to make positive changes and embark on a journey of personal growth and healing 00:00 Intro  00:33 The fine line between being human and a codependent 04:06 How writing ‘Codependent No More' saved her life 12:31 The role of men and women in relationships 17:58 Healing the division 24:00 Choose your own circumstance 28:21 Boundaries for tech and social media 32:42 Unveiling collective codependency 38:02 Trauma reflecting in present-day anxiety 40:22 How to break free 46:38 Learn to love yourself unconditionally 49:26 There's nothing human about technology   Links: Book: Codependent No More (2022 updated edition!) Website:   Sponsors: Cured Nutrition | Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off all products at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    Wake Up to Your Best Life with Hal Elrod

    Play Episode Listen Later May 29, 2023 64:55

    Themes: Morning Routine, Personal Development, Habits, Adversity, Mental Health, Meditation, Affirmations, Curing Cancer, Authenticity, Self-Worth, Self-Love, Health, Transformation Summary:  Today I'm welcoming Hal Eldrod to the podcast! Hal is on a mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity, one morning at a time. He teaches about The Miracle Morning – his powerful method to transform your life by simply changing how you start your day. Tune in to hear all about Hal's proven successful morning routine, how he used it to get out of depression and change his life, and how you can jump on the Miracle Morning train to change your life starting tomorrow morning! Discover: How to build the perfect morning routine that will elevate your life and health The two problems with affirmations and how can we manifest the life that we want the right way The connection between emotions and inflammation, and how if you do the work, you achieve total wellness 00:00 Intro  02:13 Mediocrity 04:26 The Miracle Morning origin 07:07 What's your level of personal development? 10:50 Learn to get excited about waking up 16:51 Starting a morning routine 20:05 The problem with affirmations 27:44 Commitment in the face of fear 37:52 The correlation between emotion and inflammation 42:22 How do you become a morning person? 57:11 Every adversity is an opportunity 1:01:08 Transforming relationships with the Miracle Morning    Links: Movie Books Speaking Podcast Community   Sponsors: Cozy Earth | Use code GROVES for 40% off sitewide at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    #282: Why Cold Plunging is the Hottest Thing with Ryan Duey

    Play Episode Listen Later May 22, 2023 85:09

    Themes: Business, Health, Social Media, Technology, Mortality, Death, Grief, Change, Self-Development, Mental Health, Purpose, Transformation Summary:  Today I'm jamming with Ryan Duey, CEO of Plunge, one of the most affordable cold plunge tub manufacturers on the market. Cold plunge benefits include nervous system regulation, boosting energy, greater recovery/performance, increased immune support, increased motivation, mood improvement, pain relief, stress relief, better sleep, and so much more! If you know me, you know I love the benefits of cold showers and cold plunges, and I was stoked to get my hands on one of their amazing plunge tubs. (P.S. I got you a discount—code below in the links!) Join the conversation as we deep dive (no pun intended!) into the fascinating story of how Plunge was created as a business thriving out of the pandemic and the challenges their company faced with growth. We also jam everything you need to know about cold plunging—how it affects your brown fat, how it can help you regulate your nervous system and tackle your biggest fears—and muse about death, mortality, fears, and emotions that cold plunging can help you regulate. Discover: Discover the surprising benefits of cold plunging for optimal physical and mental health How cold plunging is an amazing tool to regulate your nervous system in a word filled with stress, anxiety, and overstimulation The post-pandemic shift to digitalization and social media affecting everything from our nervous systems, to analog life, to business operations in today's world and how cold plunging can help us deal better 00:00 Intro  01:15 Why should you try cold-plunging? 06:53 Doing business during the pandemic 11:11 Digitalization in business 17:33 Cold-plunging is a +gym for your nervous system 20:09 Benefits of cold-plunging 22:27 The growth of Plunge 30:27 Using social media in business 41:25 Analog to digital shift 43:18 Recalibrate your nervous system 46:38 Mortality and death 59:40 Rejecting the concept of aging  1:02:10 It's important to question everything 1:05:03 Maturing and processing change better 1:12:02 Start with small changes, don't go big Links: Plunge: - Use code CREATETHELOVE for $150 off! Instagram: @plunge Linktree: Sponsors: Cured Nutrition | Use code CREATETHELOVE for 20% off all products at Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at See for privacy information.

    #281: Breaking Free from Toxic Friendships with Violet Benson

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