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Be Well By Kelly is on a mission to simplify the science of nutrition. I want to make choices, not cheats. I want to live in balance, quiet my inner perfectionist, and never feel like my goals are out of reach. I want to love the way I look AND feel. I want to be proactive about my long-term health…

Kelly Leveque

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    230. The Power of Regenerative Farming and Pasture-Raised Protein with Paul Grieve #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2023 70:14

    You all know I'm a big supporter of healthy, ethically raised animal proteins – and today we get another serving of the good stuff.Today's guest is Farmer Paul Grieve. Paul is the founder of Pasturebird, the largest pasture-raised chicken operation in the world, focused on making true pasture-raised, nutrient-dense chicken, more accessible and affordable to you and me.Paul never set out to be a farmer. His journey began after contracting Lyme disease from a tick bite during his marine corps training, a seemingly innocuous event that would shape the rest of his life. Going Paleo as a means to treat his symptoms, he identified a glaring gap in the market for natural, pasture-raised chicken – especially in Southern California.Soon, his backyard-based business maintained wholesale accounts with both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dodgers. He was onto something big, and hasn't slowed down since.I'm so inspired by Paul, his wife Lynsey, the community they've created, and all the good they're putting into this world. It's such a pleasure to introduce you to Pasturebird in the hopes that this knowledge empowers you with a better way of taking care of your family, and the planet as well.We also cover…00:02:55 — Catching Up With Farmer Paul GrieveReliving happy memories at Pasturebird's farmRemaking the land from 50 years of soil depletion A surprising shift from the marines to farmingContracting Lyme disease from a tick bite and his resulting symptoms How Paleo changed his outlook on health and nutrition Identifying a gap in the market for pasture-raised chickenThe 50 tiny baby chicks that started it allCreating Pasturebird and Primal Pastures thanks to the help of Joel Salatin 00:13:45 – Paul's Shift in Diet & Mindset around Nutrient-Dense Food Paul's delicious local diet as a Marine in IraqAmerica's lack of nutrient-dense foods and recommendations Indigenous wisdom around regenerative farmingInspired by the work of Joel SalatinSoil quality over the generationsRoaming vs. stationary livestockKiss The Ground (film)Harms of monocropping and factory farming00:24:34 — Scaling A Regenerative FarmMission to be widely available and affordable Pasturebird is at Sprouts!The key to scaling an eco-friendly chicken business Welcoming technological solutions to inefficiency problems Inventing the Automated Range Coop to support 6,000 chickens00:35:10 – How Healthy Soil Grows Healthy FoodAllowing chickens to forage on pesticide-free landBugs, not drugs – raising clean poultryThe ‘flaws' in a conventional chicken operationFind Real Chicken Near YouCarbon sequestration in plants, water infiltration, & biodiversity from regenerative farmingSupporting an evolving ecosystem with the reintegration of crops and animalsReimagining and reinventing the future of our food system00:57:54 — Paul's Health & Home HacksPaleo-forward family diet Education pods and garage learning for their kidsLiving amongst a large family support...

    229. Next-Level Wellness: Biohacking for Women with Dr. Molly Maloof #WellnessWednesdays

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2023 73:41

    My guest today, Dr. Molly Maloof, provides health optimization and personalized medicine to high achieving entrepreneurs, investors, and technology executives. Since 2012, she has worked as an advisor or consultant to more than fifty companies in the digital health, consumer health, and biotechnology industries. She's on the frontier of personalized medicine, digital health technologies, biofeedback-assisted lifestyle interventions, psychedelic medicine, and science-backed wellness products and services.And now – she's the author of the new book, The Spark Factor: The Secret to Supercharging Energy, Becoming Resilient, and Feeling Better Than Ever, where she shares a biohacking program uniquely tailored to the biology of… women! Her comprehensive plan, some of which we cover today, targets mitochondria function, the power source for all cellular life.In addition to being a business advisor and newly published author, she's a private doctor, she instructs at Stanford, and has turned her course into a digital offering – she's super busy and even more so informed, both by her lived experience and a wide-ranging professional expertise.We also cover…00:01:49 — Getting to Know Dr. Molly MaloofLeaving traditional medicine to focus on health vs. sicknessLeaning into technology and data Human connection, the mitochondria, and optimal healthDr. Molly's favorite lab tests after 10 years of practice Upgraded Formulas hair and mineral testingEvexia Diagnostics lab work analysisThe Concussion Repair Manual by Dr. Dan Engle Genova DiagnosticsBiotimizers best-in-class enzymes 00:16:45 — Nutrition's Role in Full-Body Health Using a CGM to understand your blood sugar responseDr. Molly's low-carb, paleodietBlood sugar dysregulation and stressFuture of wearable data analysis Aura Ring + Natural Cycles00:24:40 — Understanding Heart Rate VariabilityHanu app to elevate your mental game Othership for breathworkTips for addressing HRV using a CGMBenefits of fasting,...

    228. Living in Gratitude & Creating Sustainable Fashion with Cleobella Founder, Angela O'Brien #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2023 74:54

    Angela O'Brien is the founder and designer behind Cleobella, a California-based, sustainable, and ethically made fashion and accessory brand that works with artisans and small factories around the world to produce some truly amazing, authentic goods. As her brand grew, the bags became beloved staples for celebrities like Halle Berry, Vanessa Hutchins, and Kate Hudson. With a global team of talented collaborators, Cleobella now produces amazing textiles and dresses, and the brand is even expanding into swimwear this year!She is someone I look up to personally, as a female entrepreneur, and as someone who, in a very saturated market, decided she could break in to create something new and beautiful to share with the world.From California to Bali, India to Hawaii – Angela has a fascinating life story going from a model to world traveling entrepreneur, and now as a mother of two young kids. It's a pleasure to welcome my friend, Angela O'Brien, to the show.We also cover…00:02:15 — Catching Up With Angela O'BrienTaking a trip around the world as a young newlywed Falling in love with Bali and IndiaFrom traveling to launching a growing businessBuilding resilience to rejection as a young modelBootstrapping from LA Farmer's MarketsEvolving from hand bags into clothing and retail 00:26:26 — What Goes Into a Sustainable Fashion Line?Working with local artisans to create GOTS certified clothingStrategy behind having limited availability of organic materialsUsing cut-to-order fabrics to limit waste and create demandAncient process of block printing (NY Times)How the brand embodies “perfectly imperfect”Celebrating 1,000 employees in India Angela's gratitude for her global team00:39:10 — The Entrepreneur's Journey Diagnosed with Epstein–Barr at 16Challenge, loss – and keeping up hopeDiagnosed with fibromyalgia at 30Leaning on her support system 00:45:50 — How to Prioritize a Work-Life Balance Cold plunges, sauna, and making movement fun Kundalini and breathworkSleep is medicine Saying ‘no' and keeping boundaries Juggling it all as a momSlowing down and checking in with yourself 01:01:18 — The Future of CleobellaNurturing the femininity and global inspiration of CleobellaSwimwear launching in 2023Growing in the resort spaceSpending more time doing less The power of connecting with female entrepreneurs Resources:Shop: cleobella.comCleobella: @cleobellaInstagram: @angieobConnect with Kelly:kellyleveque.comInstagram: @bewellbykellyFacebook: Well By Kelly is produced by Crate Media.Mentioned in this episode:Vuori | Get 20%...

    227. Identify & Treat Hormone Imbalances with The Health Babes #WellnessWednesdays

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2023 61:48

    The Health Babes brand was created by Drs. Becky Campbell and Krystal Hohn, functional medicine practitioners with a passion for helping people get to the root cause of their health issues after overcoming complex symptoms of their own during grad school.As board-certified physicians of natural medicine, these ladies are a dynamic duo of research knowledge and lived experience. If they can't tell us all the ways we can get our hormone levels under control, no one can.Besides working together in their functional medicine practice, they have recently published a super actionable book called The Health Babes Guide to Balancing Hormones – which is just one resource among many from these two designed to help people on a larger scale.Dr. Becky Campbell and Dr. Krystal Hohn created this fundamental resource manual to explain the various ways your hormones can affect your body and what you can do to balance them for a happier, healthier life. And that's right where we pick it up, today!DISCLAIMER: As a reminder, the information provided in this podcast is for educational purposes only, and does not substitute for professional medical advice.We also cover…00:01:46 — Pain-to-Purpose StoriesHistamine intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)Discovering functional medicine Combining their practices and creating Health BabesCreating Health BabesThe Health Babes Guide To Balancing Hormones00:07:38 — Basics of Hormone HealthBenefits of the dutchtest.comPrioritizing Hormonal Health with Dr. Carrie Jones #118How our bodies metabolize hormonesSupporting detoxification (3 phases)Identifying symptoms of estrogen dominanceSymptoms to look for between perimenopause and menopause 00:24:30 — Take Care Of Your Gut & Baby Your LiverGood bacteria vs. bad bacteria Heath Babes on using probiotics Recommending a gentle detox planEasy-to-digest foods 101Organ meats as nature's best multivitaminRegenerative Farming: Agriculture as Nature Intended with Robby Sansom #171Balancing blood sugar with the Fab 4Supporting healthy bowels00:39:01 — Drivers of Hormone ImbalanceDrivers of hormonal imbalance (hello, stress!)Supporting the mighty mitochondria Prioritizing sleep and boundariesTrauma stores in the body 00:48:55 —The Pillars of Hormonal HealthGupta Program, by Ashtok GuptaBreathwork by Christine HasslerBrainTap appVita-Side, by...

    226. Cycle Syncing: Balancing Hormones through Diet & Nutrition with Dr. Stephanie Estima

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2023 64:38

    Today's guest is Dr. Stephanie Estima, the founder of Hello Betty, a community centered around female empowerment through health and business coaching. She's a doctor of chiropractic with a special interest in metabolism, body composition, functional neurology, and female physiology.She's also the author of the Betty Body where she shares her proven strategies to help women jumpstart and calibrate their metabolism, revive their libidos, rest guilt free, and elevate their emotional wellbeing.Dr. Stephanie's mission is to empower women on a global scale to be the best versions of themselves, both physically and emotionally through the power of easily accessible female health education. She's a bright and clear voice for positivity online, a much needed ingredient to our digital experiences, and I'm so excited to have her on the podcast today.We also cover…00:01:37 — Dr. Stephanie's Inspiration StoryGetting her undergraduate degree in neuroscience and psychologyStep queen and Tae Bo(!)Learning to make informed decisions around nutritionSyncing keto with women's hormone cycles Value of long term metabolic flexibility Important psychological elements of dieting Having grace for your motherhood journey 00:15:05 — Deep Dive on Ketogenic DietingReasons why a woman might explore ketoMyth busting kale and spinach oxidatesStructuring your plate Sustainable DishFist pump for animal protein 100,000,000 women with PCOSReassessing nutrition needs for your cycle Oura Ring and Natural Cycles mobile app00:33:30 — Syncing with Your CycleUnderstanding your cervical fluidDebunking pregnancy mythsChemistry class on hormone activity Harnessing the sacred energy present during ovulationShifting your diet throughout your cyclePreservation of muscle mass How hunger and metabolism change throughout your cycle00:47:10 — Prioritizing Protein & Weightlifting Dismantling diet culture mythsLifting heavy = The best thing you can doGrowing mental fortitude at the gymImproving glucose regulation through weight liftingAging with power and grace Your body wants to healResources: Website: hellobetty.clubPodcast: Better with Dr. StephanieInstagram: @dr.stephanie.estimaYouTube:

    225. Molecules That Matter: The Future of Healing with Dr. John Lieurance #WellnessWednesdays

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2023 62:41

    Dr. John Lieurance is a chiropractic neurologist and dedicated naturopath who's been in private practice for more than twenty five years. He's based out of Advanced Rejuvenation, a forward-thinking multidisciplinary clinic with a focus on alternative and regenerative medicine, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic work, functional neurology, functional cranial release, and many more leading-edge treatment methodologies.In this one, we're going a little underground on some research that Dr. John is one of the world's leading expeorts on, but has yet to hit the mainstream for one reason or another. Specifically, we spotlight three underappreciated magic molecules and the roles they play in our bodies: melatonin, glutathione, and methylene blue. You can visit use code KELLY for 5% off.We also cover…00:01:53 — Becoming An Expert of the FringeDr. John's pain-to-purpose storyLaunching a supplement company Wide use of suppositories in EuropeFormulating an antimicrobial nasal sprayThe healing magic of mitochondria 00:09:49 — Important Molecules To KnowDr. Russel Reiter's extensive research on melatoninThe final word: Is melatonin toxic?Melatonin: Miracle Molecule by Dr. John Lieurance Science of waking up and winding downMelatonin's important role in mitochondriaThe (Otto) Warburg EffectThe ultimate resilience moleculeOral vs. suppository delivery SandMan Sol™ Bullet+Learning about glutathioneSupplementing with NAD00:40:44 — Methylene Blue & Nasal Protocols Endonasal balloon adjustingImportance of taking care of our doorwaysSinus Hygiene Protocol GlutaStat™ Combo+Steroids vs. antibiotics in the body What is methylene blue?Incredible healing photonsMethylene blue in mitochondria Safe use protocol Where to learn more about Dr. John's workResources:MitoZen: (Use KELLY for 5% off)Amazon: Dr. John LieuranceEducation: outofboxdoc.comHealing: advancedrejuvenation.usInstagram: @youroutofboxdocConnect with Kelly:

    224. From Big Pharma to Natural Wellness and Healing with Dr. Lindsey Elmore #WellnessWednesdays

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2022 61:08

    Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a former pharmacist, author, speaker, podcaster, and network marketing leader with a knack for cutting through the confusion and sharing the truth about the myriad of health and wellness choices available. She shares her passion for natural wellness on stages around the world and reaches countless others through her lively social media platforms.We talk about her journey into, and away from, traditional medicine – inspired by her own patient's journey after tearing her ACL. Leaning into non-traditional practices, she became an expert on the history of both branches of wellness, those defined as “medicine” in 1906, and the expansive natural world of “everything else”.We dabble all over the spectrum in this one, going from the recorded history of pharmacy and healthcare into more modern issues seen in marketing, dosages, drug pricing, evidence-based research, and so much more.Dr. Lindsey is a vibrant truth teller, a guest who's energy and inspiration for the subject matter can be seen, felt, and heard in every word she speaks. We're so thankful she took the time to educate our community today on so many important, and overlooked, issues.We also cover…00:01:47 — Getting to Know Dr. Lindsey Elmore Her background in biology and chemistryGetting into (and out of) pharmacy workFirst experience being a patient Exploring acupuncture and integrative medicineGrappling with the fear of harming her patients Personal experiences that changed her approach to healing 00:11:35 — History of Pharmacy & Healthcare The introduction of plant medicine (cocaine and morphine)The 1906 Food and Drugs ActCould you patent the sun? - Jonas SalkThe deep impact of Arthur SacklerMommy's little helper (Valium)The Flexner Report of 1910Transforming the meaning of evidence based medicine 00:21:02 — Messy Marketing & MessagingOxycontin crisis and layers of failure Illegal marketing practices Huge gap in evidence-based research What are “me-too” drugs?Lack of oversight on drug pricingStatistical manipulations in drug research00:29:42 — Myth Busting Drugs & Dosage RangesChemical dependency with antidepressants Tips for starting medications and getting educated on your prescriptionsMetformin and weight gainWhat drives our cortisol response and insulin levels? The hierarchy of hormones00:45:44 — Dr. Lindsey on Thyroid Disease and Achieving WellnessTips for getting full-spectrum lab testing and how to read your lab valuesPatient education on taking thyroid medication Daily practices and advice for wellnessYou deserve to be healthyResources:Website: lindseyelmore.comRead: Dr. Lindsey Elmore on AmazonInstagram: @lindseyelmoreYouTube:

    223. Eat More Plants: Building a Biodiverse Diet with Dr. Megan Rossi #WellnessWednesdays

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2022 53:30

    We find ourselves back in the all-important microbiome in today's extra-informative episode of the Be Well By Kelly podcast. We're joined by Dr. Megan Rossi, a fellow boy mom, gut-obsessed nutritionist who founded the Gut Health Doctor and is considered one of the most influential gut health specialists in the world. She's also a registered dietician with an award-winning PhD in gut health – my kind of expert!Frustrated that her research findings weren't reaching the public and seeing fads and potentially dangerous misinformation on gut health being spread online, Megan took to social media to share credible evidence-based advice and has built an engaged community of hundreds of thousands of followers in the process.Her breadth of knowledge bridges the gaps between science, the food industry, and our day-to-day lives – making this conversation a biodiverse bonanza of actionable steps and research-backed information for a healthier microbiome.We also cover…00:01:41 — Getting Into Gut Health EarlyHow the loss of her grandma inspired her careerWorking with the Australian Olympic synchronized swimming teamStudying links between IBS and FODMAPs Love Your Gut by Dr. Megan RossiTips for reintroducing FODMAPs00:13:16 — Gut Health & Microbiome Research2018 study on gut health and plant-centric diet Benefits of biodiversity in our dietsWhat's happening with polyphenols?Gaps in early development of postbiotic products Fasting vs. biodiversity The importance of healthy fiber by the numbers The Super 6 plant-based food groupsRenewed testing of food additives in Europe 00:30:50 — Practical Tips & TakeawaysReading labels for harmful ingredientsFocus on inclusion, not exclusionDr. Megan's online recipesCost effective hacks to fiber-filled homemade mealsFull-body health (and mental health) roles of gut bacteriaTips for baby's microbiome development Debunking gut health myths Resources:Read: Eat More, Live Well & How to Eat More Plants by Dr. Megan RossiRead: Eat Yourself Healthy & Love Your Gut by Dr. Megan RossiRecipes: theguthealthdoctor.comInstagram: @theguthealthdoctorConnect with Kelly:kellyleveque.comInstagram: @bewellbykellyFacebook: Well By Kelly is produced by Crate Media.Mentioned in this...

    222. Mold & Mycotoxins: Improving Indoor Air Quality with The Mold Medic #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2022 71:37

    Michael Rubino is an air quality expert and wellness advocate helping to bridge the gap between our homes and their direct impact on our health. He's also the founder of Home Cleanse, a company dedicated to addressing the worldwide health epidemic caused by poor indoor air quality and he's today's guest on the podcast.Through his nonprofit, Change the Air Foundation, and collaboration with over a hundred doctors globally, Michael strives to not only raise awareness but also provide solutions to correctly identify and remove the pollutants causing the worldwide health crisis.I have to say, I have not been this excited about a podcast episode in a really long time. Selfishly, it's because we're moving into our new home and I find that clean-home advice is really hard to come by.Micheal is a leading expert in this field and leaves us with a notebook chock full with actionable advice on identifying mold issues in the home, dealing with micro-toxic loads, clean-home renovation, air filtration, and so, so much more. Enjoy!We also cover…00:02:20 — Meeting Michael Rubino: The Mold MedicThe Mold Medic: An Expert's Guide on Mold RemovalFollowing the family business Connecting Hurricane Sandy to mold sicknessWhat are mycotoxins?100,000 (known) species of moldHow mold can impact the body and mind When to test your home for mycotoxinsFunctional medicine with Will Cole00:14:38 — Fortifying Your Home EnvironmentPrioritizing air quality at homeMold testing and how it's doneTheDustTest.comDetermining what's normalThe thin line of liability and medical advice00:24:18 — Understanding Your Myotoxic BurdenMycotoxin Testing: RealTime Lab + Great Plains LaboratoryUnderstanding direct correlations in the data The Mold Medic: An Expert's Guide on Mold RemovalUrine testing vs. blood testing Detox and recovery Shannon's story – reduced symptoms in 7 days00:34:44 — Managing Mold in Your HomeTesting a house you're thinking of buying and managing dust test timing expectationsMold can grow in as quickly as 24 to 48 hoursAddressing mold in the home and dehumidifying air to a healthy range Places and situations mold thrives Using whole-house fans (maybe don't)Air filtration 101 – what to filter and how to select a good air filtration unit Free viral dust test hack Resources:Instagram: @themichaelrubinoYoutube: @themichaelrubinoWebsite: themichaelrubino.comRead:

    221. It Takes Two: Reinventing Prenatal Supplements with WeNatal #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2022 54:44

    Ronit Menashe and Vida Delrahim are founders of WeNatal, a new functional prenatal supplement intentionally designed for women and men. With a team of industry-leading doctors and nutrition experts, they're committed to bringing an innovative prenatal option to the market so couples and babies can thrive in the growth stage of life.Female founded and female led, they are passionate about educating consumers about the importance of preconception care – a mission seeded in their own journeys around pregnancy loss. We talk about how these two friends came together to start such an amazing company, improving egg/sperm quality, serious issues with more common prenatal supplements, and so much more.As you may know by now, I'm pregnant again – and I'm a proud advisor for WeNatal! After first meeting Ronit and Vida, I knew immediately that their passion was going to be behind the formulation, keeping up with research, and always putting science first.We also cover…00:02:04 — The Shared Inspiration Behind WeNatalRonit and Vida share consecutive losses of pregnancyIt Starts with the Egg by Rebecca FettLearning how to improve egg quality50% of miscarriages happen because of sperm(!)Reinventing the prenatal We're facing a fertility crisis Kelly's miscarriage experience 00:10:28 — Doing the ResearchIdentifying huge issues in existing women's prenatal options Kelly's experience with Doctors prescribing improper supplementsLack of third-party testing Avoiding excess waste with subscription model The WeNatal Journal00:16:04 — What Makes WeNatal Special?Creating a bioavailable and binder-free supplement Taking a firm stance on ingredient integrity Increasing the odds of fertility with a prenatal for men Formulating a new and enhanced prenatal for women Prioritizing choline and iron Kelly's experience with pre and postpartum iron deficiency 00:26:54 — Supporting Your Fertility JourneyThe Couples Guide to ConceptionHealthy behavioral changes: Lifestyle and home environment tips EWG Approved: Think Dirty App, Credo Beauty, The Detox MarketDon't overwhelm yourself with biohackingWhat else should we be taking during Pregnancy?Innovating WeNatal products based on relevant research and consumer needs00:41:27 — Reflecting onPregnancy LossThe importance of being vulnerable with their audienceBenefit of community building and expressing gratitude to overcome lossOpening the WeNatal Facebook support group Resources:Website: wenatal.comShop:

    220. Building an Intentional Brand, Team, and Business with Jeremy Horowitz #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2022 65:13

    I am so excited to have Jeremy Horowitz on today's show. He is the CEO and co-founder of Hume Supernatural, a natural deodorant brand I am also so proud to be an investor and advisor for. Jeremy brings a diverse legal and business expertise to Hume and to this conversation.I'm also excited because – we're in Whole Foods! It's a big moment for the business, and for all of the team members involved in it. The milestone also provides a great jumping off point for Jeremy to talk us through how Hume came to be and where it's headed in the future.Today's episode is all about taking your small business, building an amazing team of awesome humans around it, and allowing it to take off like a rocket ship. To celebrate, you can head to and use the code KELLYPODCAST for 15% off your first order.We also cover…00:02:38 — Jeremy's Entrepreneurial Journey Early experience in the legal fieldAll-encompassing financial work with the San Diego PadresInvesting in St. Archers lighting-fast evolutionWhat is the cool factor?Evolution of influencer-backed businesses Kelly's journey with brand deals Duplicating his beverage business model launch success in Australia 00:22:46 — The Story of Hume Supernatural Getting into the natural deodorant spaceBuilding Hume's initial team of investors, advisors, and ambassadors Creating our own advanced formula for natural deodorant with Melissa Christenson #45Kelly on her own experience with natural deodorant Digital launch just before the pandemic Making it inclusive, diverse, irreverent, and fun!How, when, and why Kelly joined the Hume teamMaking it easier to prioritize your health and wellness00:43:59 — Big Breaks & Brand DealsWall Street Journal's “Fragrance-Free Deodorant of the Year”Moving from DTC-to-Amazon-to-retail dealsLanding the big fish: Sprouts and Whole FoodsJeremy' tips for launching in retail Growing an ecommerce sales channelFinal advice on team/brand buildingResources:Use the code KELLYPODCAST for 15% off your first order at Hume Supernatural!Instagram: @humesupernaturalTikTok: @humesupernaturalFacebook: Hume SupernaturalConnect with Kelly:kellyleveque.comInstagram: @bewellbykellyFacebook:

    219. The Holistic Approach to Finding Your Authentic Self with Dr. Nicole LePera #WellnessWednesdays

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2022 64:43

    Today's guest is so impactful to the millions of people that she supports online, it only made sense to bring her back for a second session. Dr. Nicole LePera, also known as The Holistic Psychologist, started as a clinical psychologist in private practice, but often found herself frustrated by the limitations of traditional psychotherapy, wanting more for her patients and for herself.Nothing short of a paradigm shift, Dr. LePera's teachings empower the individual to break free from trauma cycles and create who they want to become. Her latest workbook, How To Meet Yourself, hits bookstores on December 6th. It's now up for pre-order, and I highly recommend it.In this one – we outline the three levels of her workbook and the impact each has on our understanding of self, jump on the story loop for a ride through human neurology, learn ways to connect a disconnected nervous system, and so much more.If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or even underwhelmed by your life and the world around you, this is the perfect episode for you. Dr. LePera's voice breaks through the noise with clarity and purpose that will leave you inspired and ready for more.We also cover…00:02:52 — Please, Feel Your Feelings!Developing the language to describe her situationHumans are creatures of habitHow seeking validation dictated her athletic backgroundExternal validation vs. love vs. safety Modifying the self to fit social norms caused by both internal and external pressures Dr. LePera's authentic needs pyramid The importance of showing up as your best self as a parent to create a ‘safe' environment for your kids00:16:59 — Finding (and Following) A New PathThe moment she first considered her own needs Expanding past a survival-based experience Tuning in to your own narrative Reconnecting with a disconnected nervous system with breathwork and other toolsOutlining her new workbook, How To Meet YourselfGetting out of your head and dropping into your heart space How ‘emotional baggage' can become trapped in our bodies Learning to be consciously present in your body and deal with the emotions00:37:46 — Tools for Managing Your Own ExpectationsEmbracing evolution and flow through awarenessLetting go of perfectionism and unrealistic expectations Dropping into (all of) our authentic feelingsLearning to consciously release and process the 6 core emotions Breaking the story loop to write your own From student to teacher and changing the world by showing up as her authentic self Resources:Workbook: howtomeetyourself.comWebsite: theholisticpsychologist.comInstagram: @the.holistic.psychologistYouTube: The Holistic PsychologistTwitter: @TheholisticpsycSelfHealers.Circle: @selfhealers.circleConnect with Kelly:

    218. Leaning into Discomfort and Doing the Hard Things with Michael Easter

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2022 60:45

    My guest today is Michael Easter, a leading voice on how humans can integrate modern science and evolutionary wisdom for improved health, meaning, and performance. He travels the globe to embed himself with brilliant thinkers and people living at the extremes. He's the author of the bestselling book, The Comfort Crisis, and a professor of journalism at UNLV.We spend this one unpacking the comfort crisis and the complex experiences that seeded this concept in Michael's mind as something more than an observation of his own life. He covers his nutrition journey, why learning how much he was eating was the key to understanding his own metabolic equilibrium, highlights a few fascinating teachers and researchers that have inspired him along the way, and applies his crisis lens to another, more surprising, neurological gem under siege – creativity in kids.His application of learned lessons is a breath of fresh air. Backed in research, but avoidant of the weeds – his POV is heart-filled and psychological, but not out of reach. Big thanks to Michael for sharing his deep wisdom with us today.We also cover… 00:01:24 — Unraveling The Comfort CrisisInspiration for The Comfort CrisisStruggling with drinking and getting soberLearning the reward of walking through discomfortWorking with Donnie VincentHow an extreme excursion outlined his bookNutrition work with Trevor KasheyWhy you eat vs. what you eat with Trevor KasheyPitfalls of enforcing rigid eating rules 00:21:55 — Doing the Work: Lifestyle ChangesChoosing foods that are ingredients > foods that have ingredients Positive effects of spending time in nature The Nature Pyramid by Rachel Hopman Working with our hands vs. our heads00:36:54 — Growth Through ChallengeWhat exactly is a misogi challenge?Commenting on the sports science work of Marcus Elliot Inventing a challenge to push past limiting beliefsThe developmental significance of rites of passage Hard things are the ultimate teacher00:48:27 — Creativity & Happiness Across CulturesRemembering the research of Ellis Paul TorranceIQ vs. creativity testing with regard to life outcomes The commercialization of ideas and the creativity crisis among kidsHappiness research in Buton (not a single stoplight)Life is impermanent: Find joy in experiences over material thingsAmerica's false happiness checklist Get out there and do hard things!Resources:Read: The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter Shop: The Comfort Crisis by Micheal EasterWebsite: eastermichael.comInstagram:

    217. Using a CGM to Master your Metabolic Health with Dr. Lauren Kelley-Chew, MD #WellnessWednesdays

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2022 65:32

    Dr. Lauren Kelley-Chew is the Head of Clinical Product at Levels, a groundbreaking health and wellness brand using technology to try and reverse the metabolic health crisis. Wearing the device, users unlock a wealth of knowledge about how their body works, helping people understand how their food directly impacts their health and quality of life.We talk about how she went from being on the waitlist for Levels, to being recruited to work there. At the time, reckoning with a surprising (but not surprising) prediabetes diagnosis – she was looking for answers. She found them in the data.We spend most of this one deep in the science, getting granular on how Levels works, ways people can use its scores to improve their blood sugar, and their lives as a result, and how her research could change the way people view nutrition forever.It is that simple, and it is that complex. Blood glucose is one our favorite topics to dissect – and we manage to break new ground each time another expert shares their perspective. This conversation is no different, packed with knowledge and an advanced understanding of what makes us tick.For a limited time, Levels is offering listeners 2 additional free months on your annual Levels Membership when you sign up through also cover…00:01:30 — Lauren & Levels: Using Tech to Promote HealthLevels brief explanation and mission statementThe impact of Lauren's pre-diabetic outlookGetting recruited to Levels Reacting to her prediabetes diagnosisGoing on her own research journey onlineCommenting on the work of Robert LustigBenefits to studying a healthy populationResearch highlights at Levels 00:13:20 — Personalizing Nutrition With DataPersonalizing recommendations using data Understanding your body's inputs Surprising effect that oatmeal has on blood sugarCommon symptoms of metabolic issues Kelly connects her childhood ADD diagnosis to blood sugar dysregulation Finding balance and creating boundaries around sugar as a parentScoring meals and metabolism in Levels Healthy ranges of blood sugarThe freeing effect of CGM tracking (knowledge is power!)Reconnecting with your body and finding food freedomSnacking when it comes to metabolic health00:33:40 — Managing Your Blood SugarPossible disease and dysfunctionInsulin irregularities and PCOSLink between insulin resistance and hormonal imbalancePregnancy and metabolic healthModern medicine's disconnection from the root causeCGM: one of the best things you can do for yourselfMenstrual cycles and metabolic healthCalling out blood sugar offenders and ways to minimize the spikeMake a choice, not a cheatTips to support your metabolic healthUS listeners - For a limited time, Levels is offering my listeners 2 additional free months on your annual Levels Membership when you sign up through listeners - Head to

    216. Behind the Highlight Reel: Living In The Greys with Mary Lawless Lee #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2022 48:10

    My guest today is Mary Lawless Lee. She is a mother, writer, entrepreneur, and digital media personality dedicated to living creatively, chasing curiosity, and exploring the world through the lens of fashion, family, travel, and design. Happily Grey, her now-iconic fashion and lifestyle blog, serves as a loving space for readers to connect with Mary's life experiences, and their own, journeying together through life's highs, lows, and in betweens.But she's not just an influencer OG. Adding a retail space and – now, a book – to her resume, she's a perfect example of someone who seems to juggle everything at once with ease. Her new book, and this conversation, tell a different story. Her radical honesty and grounded mindset root her in reality, and helped her escape struggles with an eating disorder, perfectionism, people pleasing, and a toxic marriage. Thank you, Mary, for spending some time with our community today. We also cover…00:01:40 — Turning a Passion Into a LifestyleGrowing up in east Texas and going to nursing schoolWorking for 7 transformative years in the cardiovascular ICUJournaling as a meditation practicePaying $50 for her first blogging websiteEarly days of HappilyGrey.comBuilding a community and lifestyle brandExpanding into skincare – nemah.comSide hustle status for 3.5 yearsDay-to-day of life as a bloggerBuilding a team from scratch and forging her own pathThe importance of brand culture and collaborationMaking a good (and bad) brand deal00:18:14 — Nēmah Skincare & Happily GreyMarrying her clinical background with digital marketing and motherhood Developing products that are authentic to youInvesting in safe, clean formulas Happily Grey by Mary Lawless LeeLife is not all black and whiteFinding freedom in the in-between00:24:49 — Mary's Personal Growth & EvolutionStruggling with perfectionism and people pleasingUnpacking Mary's experience with an eating disorder Recovery is a never-ending journeyAccountability, honesty, and giving up control Having gratitude for your physical selfWorking amid the perceptions and expectations of social media Gathering tools and building a support systemVulnerability seeds connection Happily Grey by Mary Lawless Lee Career and life advice for following your passionsResources:Read: shophappilygrey.comBook Tour:ēmah Skincare: nemah.comInstagram: @marylawlessleeWebsite: happilygrey.comConnect with Kelly:kellyleveque.comInstagram:

    215. Adaptogenic Mushrooms: Returning to our Roots with Four Sigmatic #WellnessWednesdays

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2022 68:24

    I'm so excited about today's guests, Tero Isokauppila and Danielle Ryan Broida of Four Sigmatic, a functional foods company that wants to make the world's most studied, nutrient-dense foods – mushrooms – more delicious and easier to consume by bringing healthy upgrades to market.Tero is the company's founder and CEO, touting a long history of herbal understanding from his childhood in Finland and early exposure to the field of natural wellness. Danielle is a key player in the worldwide mushroom movement, having joined forces with Tero about five years ago. As a registered herbalist, nutritionist, instructor of psychology and the head of education at Four Sigmatic, she's teaching the world about the importance of a life on functional mushrooms. In this episode, they debunk misinformation behind the trendy food product and its widening commercialization, and go deep on the rich history of adaptogens around the world.Their new book, the ultimate textbook for all things adaptogens, titled: Healing Adaptogens, is out now. Join us for an ultra-informative conversation as these two experts shed new light on these mysterious little organisms and the huge positive impact they can, and do, have on the world. We also cover…00:02:09 — Honoring Nature As MedicineTero's wellness journey starting in Finland Tero's Nordic wellness wisdomAdaptogens for sports performanceDiscovering the Japanese matsutake, ‘pine mushroom' also grows in FinlandDanielle's journey around the world to herbal medicineFunctional mushroom-based treatmentReferring her patients (then, herself) to Four SigmaticAccessing our Ancient Allies 00:25:51 — Adaptogens 101The History of Adaptogens- Latin meaning: to fit or adjust20 to 30 species fall under this categorySynergistic Beings- Non-toxic, normalizing, and non-specificGenerations of documented useHealing Adaptogens by Tero and DanielleBenefits of biodiversity in our dietMeeting the 5 functional mushrooms adaptogensDeep dive on how Lion's Mane helps focus and cognition Brain, nervous system, and gut health as the next frontierTraveling the blood-brain barrier Enhancing performance with cordyceps mushroomSupporting the symphony of the bodyFungi is everywhere (good and bad)00:50:12 — Research, Safety & SourcingAdaptogens come from all over the worldResearch from some regions is more developed Revealing studies from the supplement industry Are mushroom supplements right for you?Good fungi fighting bad fungi Sourcing quality wild mushroomsWhat fungi have in common with sea crustaceans The critical importance of extraction to create clean supplementsSpotlighting other adaptogensBeginner's adaptogens: holy basil and cacao Healing Adaptogens by Tero and DanielleYou can use code ‘BEWELLBYKELLY' for 10% off at healingadaptogens.comWebsite: us.foursigmatic.comTero Isokauppila:

    214. Turning Passion Into Profit with Candace Nelson #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 49:42

    Candace Nelson is a wildly successful entrepreneur known for co-founding Sprinkles, purveyor of the world's first cupcake ATM, and most recently, Pizanna, a fast-growing chain of award-winning high-end pizzerias. She continues to expand her portfolio of investments with CN2 Ventures, a family office and venture studio which invests in early stage consumer companies.But you may know her as a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Sprinkles Baking Book, co-creator and executive producer of Hulu's Best in Dough, executive producer and judge on Netflix's Sugar Rush, and/or as a featured judge over a hundred episodes of Food Network's hit show, Cupcake Wars.More than all of that, she's my friend! A mentor and inspiration to my own career, Candace is the total package – mommy, business builder, investor – not to mention, an exquisite baker.That's where we kick this one off, as she elects to attend pastry school instead of business school (a decision we can all be thankful for). Her entrepreneurial journey from there takes twists and turns, but always comes back to passion.We chat about her latest book, Sweet Success, the behind-the-scenes story of building Sprinkles, from the very first cupcake through the eight years she spent scaling it across the country – and everywhere in between.She encourages us all, and encourages me all the time, to go for our dreams, to put them out into the world and build on the positive momentum from there. If you have an idea, or even if you're just curious about starting a business in the future, this is the podcast episode for you. You will learn about...Kelly and Candace's early relationshipDeciding on pastry school instead of business schoolReinventing the cupcake a la SprinklesMaking the call to sell stake in SprinklesAdvice: Prove your thesis on a smaller scale, firstGetting the product and branding rightPutting your biggest dreams out into the worldWhat's next? Pizzana and pivoting to other projectsTaking joy in elevating simple pleasures The humbling nature of entrepreneurshipWhy mindset is so importantShe's still got it! Going viral on TikTokThe importance of pulling the curtain back on failure Visualizing your goals Achieving balance (or not)The toolbox needed to support the natural flux of lifeAdvice for early entrepreneurs – do itBuilding intentional community and support systemsCandace on parenting and family lifeWhat's next for CandaceResources:Read: @candacenelsonTikTok: @candacenelsonWebsite: candace-nelson.comYouTube: Candace NelsonPizzana: pizzana.comSprinkles: sprinkles.comConnect with Kelly:kellyleveque.comInstagram: @bewellbykellyFacebook:

    213. Biohacking the Human Experience with Dave Asprey #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2022 69:20

    You know Dave Asprey. He's the father of biohacking, a bestselling author and serial entrepreneur – and he is proud to be leading the charge against Kale. Dave unmasks the popular health food as expensive, bitter, and toxic – but it's far from the only thing to catch heat from this world class truth teller today. We hear all about his new clean coffee brand, Danger Coffee, which is produced with strict anti-mold protocols and enriched with important minerals that are both not seen in most processed, popular American foods and which are actively removed from our systems by harmful ingredients and chemicals.  Dave rails against the systematic decline in testosterone across young men, a concerning trend that has ripples throughout every level of society. We hash out the science of soil, why mineral depletion plays such a big part in widespread sickness and disease. And we also learn of his latest high-tech biohacking projects, where he's deploying AI to train our brains, and bodies, with less time and effort required by traditional methods.  Mitochondria and mold are two more hot topics as Dave weaves science and levity into his vast life experience for a direct and to-the-point delivery of the facts. He's right, we don't need to be scared. We need to be informed.  You will learn about...Getting started in biohacking  The 300lb man in the photo The only good ways to eat kale and spinach Deep dive on the science of soil and the need for trace minerals Danger Coffee's role in solving mineral depletion The testosterone decline among men Dave's low testosterone journey  Oxalic acid and phthalic acid Rice cakes suck Prioritizing our mitochondria  Making clean power in your body  Dave on restriction diets Bulletproof diet in a nutshell ( Prevalence of mold toxins in coffee Aflatoxin and other food mold risks European wine and activated charcoal  Testosterone is the hormone of desire The science of good sleep ( ( The future of stem cell banking (40 Years of Zen) A day in the life of Dave Asprey Resources:Website: ( Instagram: (@dave.asprey) Podcast: (The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey) Read: (Smarter Not Harder) Read: (Dave's books) Danger Coffee: ( Facebook: (Danger Coffee Official) Instagram: (@dangercoffeeofficial) Instagram: (@upgradelabs)   Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Athletic Greens Take ownership over your health with Athletic Greens! Get 1 FREE year of Vitamin D immune support along with 5 FREE travel packs at (

    212. Parenting & the Power of Showing Up with Dr. Tina Bryson #WellnessWednesdays

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2022 62:48

    Dr. Tina Bryson is the author of The Bottom Line For Baby and the co-author, with Dan Siegel, of The Yes Brain, The Power of Showing Up, as well as two New York Times bestsellers, the Whole Brain Child and No Drama Discipline. Her body of work has had an immense impact on my parenting journey, which is only part of the reason I'm so excited she's sharing her time with us today. We touch on many of Dr. Bryson's core concepts of well-adjusted parenting, most tied to the fact that our little ones are actually brilliant – that their brains create automatic associations, just like ours. Still, we need to be mindful of our explicit and implicit messaging; just because they can make associations doesn't mean they're right (or logical), after all. She also gives some amazing and actionable advice on a couple specific behavioral challenges we're seeing with Bash at home, and blesses us with some other quick tools on empowering kids to be brave, name their feelings, and build resilience. .   If you are a new parent or even thinking about having children, I would start reading her books and practicing on your partner. Dr. Bryson's techniques are revolutionary and she is spearheading an important change in parenting that we are now seeing all over the internet – and she has been for a decade. Thank you, Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, for being on the show. You will learn about...Living out her principles in her own life  The brain is an association machine Dr. Bryson on brain development The four-to-five year cognitive jump Repetition and practice to build skills Calming their nervous system with connection Sebastian's screen time tantrums – help! Comforting is still skill building Top-down vs. bottom-up processing strategies Saying ‘yes' to your child while saying ‘no' to their behavior Four year olds are brilliant! (and hard) How posture, movement and breathing impact mood Empowering your child to come up with the solution Implicit messages vs. explicit messages Identifying fear-based parenting Minimizing and criticizing vs empathizing  Giving our kid boundaries  Adversity + support leads to resilience  Embracing and understanding negative feelings  Sebastian's tough time with drop-offs – help!  Am I being a snowplow parent? Center yourself, kids are savvy detectives  Ask them what's wrong (sometimes it is that simple) Dr. Bryson shares a great idea to empower kids Hard boundaries: sleep/bedtime and respect Praise: how much is too much? What your kids need most is you Read: (The Bottom Line for Baby) Resources:Website: ( Read: ( Instagram: (@tinapaynebryson) Twitter: (@tinabryson) Linkedin: (Tina Payne Bryson PhD) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Drink LMNT (Thank you LMNT for sponsoring this episode! Go to to order a free sample pack of LMNT electrolytes. Just pay shipping (only $5 if you're in the US)!)

    211. Real (Simple) Foods & Recipes with Nom Nom Paleo's Michelle Tam #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2022 61:37

    Our guest today is Michelle Tam, founder and co-creator of the renowned Nom Nom Paleo universe. Dubbed the Queen of Paleo Cooking, she's co-authored several cookbooks, The New York Times bestselling Nom Nom Paleo, Food for Humans, Ready or Not, and her most recent Nom Nom Paleo: Let's Go!.  She is devoted to sharing paleo, gluten-free and Whole30 recipes, kitchen tips and tricks with a focus on ancestral health, quick and easy eats, and staying paleo while on the go. We chat about her initial discovery of paleo and how it successfully addressed digestion issues earlier in her life before delving into the ways the wide-reaching career that's come from it has impacted how she and her family eats on a daily basis. Along the way, we also get some great kitchen gadget recommendations, talk about boundaries and social media expectations, and hash out a Cracklin' Chicken recipe that will work for any busy family. More than a pure paleo evangelist, she thinks people should figure out what works for them in terms of diet, and actually pay attention to how food makes them feel. It's a fresh take, and one that we're hearing more and more of in the space as we move away from strict regimens and all-for-one wellness advice. You will learn about...Connecting on episode #201 with (Dr. Stacy Sims) How Michelle discovered paleo in 2010 The at-home fitness revolution that was P90X Remembering the olestra nightmare  Good results with the “primal” diet  Becoming a paleo evangelist  Shortcuts to deliciousness  Singing the praises of (Magic Mushroom Powder) Quick cooking gadgets and recommendations Cooking with kids in the kitchen The digestion issues Michelle overcame  Knowing yourself and being a mindful eater Appreciating the (Glucose Goddess) and her blood sugar hacks Lifestyle for diet – and diet for lifestyle Influencing kids to eat healthy, real foods Being frugal with grocery shopping  Recommending Costco, Thrive Market, and Trader Joe's Michelle's go-to recipes (Cracklin Chicken') Glass, stainless steel, plastic, and silicone  How her books are written and illustrated  Being content to wind down the hustle  Loving on the (Smitten Kitchen) Putting boundaries on social media expectations Social media and connection, or lack or it   Resources:Website: ( Books: (Nom Nom Paleo) Instagram: (@nomnompaleo) Twitter: (@nomnompaleo) App: (Nom Nom Paleo) Shop: (Nom Nom Paleo Spice Blends) Cook: (Nom Nom Paleo Recipes ) Cook: (Anyday glass microwave steamers) Cook: (Instant Vortex Plus air fryer) Cook: (Fuzzy Logic rice cooker) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Timeline Nutrition Timeline products are powered by Mitopure, and are clinically-proven to revitalize mitochondria, the energy factories within our cells. (Visit or use the code “KELLY” for 10% off your first order of...

    210. Seed Oils 101: Nutrition Fact or Fiction with Dr. Cate Shanahan #WellnessWednesdays

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2022 59:57

    Dr. Cate Shanahan is the world's leading authority on seed oils and she's on a mission to spread the word on the damage they're doing to us, both individually and as a species. We start by identifying the hateful eight – eight toxic factory-made seed oils – but this conversation takes us all over the nutritional spectrum.  She helps us parse fact or fiction on numerous murky subjects, from the blatant corruption at the root of all nutritional research data past 1948, to the benefits and pitfalls of restrictive dieting, how and why the modern food landscape has evolved to be so harmful for our health, and the risks (or not) involved with consuming raw milk. Come for Dr. Cate's deep wisdom on seed oils and her truly clean snacking and diet tips, stay for a shout out to the brilliant Anthony Bourdaine and Cate's fascinating perspective on global cuisine – a showcase of nutrient-rich delicacies that do not exist in our modern American food lexicon. You will learn about...Transitioning from family physician to nutrition  Corruption at the American Heart Association Serious complications from oxidative stress Seed oils 101: Why are we worried about them? The hateful 8 oils to avoid (all factory made) The toxicology behind why they're bad for us Downstream impact of seed oil misinformation Rise of polyunsaturated fatty acid in modern diets How and why that road leads to death Detoxing from seed oils Healing your relationship with food Limiting empty calories and sugar  Favorite clean meals and snacking tricks  Milk! A food that's designed to nourish Fermentation as a hack to making foods more nutritious What is a species-appropriate diet? Nutritional research shift in 1948 – and harmful results  The groundbreaking work of Weston Price The sad lack of connection in today's food The encompassing work of Anthony Bourdain 4 Pillars of World Cuisine Force of Nature meats Protocol for safe raw milk consumption  Resources:Website: ( Explore: (The “Hateful 8”) Read: (The Fatburn Fix), (Food Rules), and (Deep Nutrition) Force of Nature meats: ( Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Vuori Performance Apparel (Get 20% off your first order of Vuori AND free shipping on orders over $75 at Hiya (Get 50% off your first order at and give your kids the full-body nourishment they need to grow into healthy, happy adults.)

    209. Bringing Grain-Free Mexican-American Foods to the Table with The Garza Family #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2022 44:49

    If you're anything like me and my family, you may already be familiar (and appreciative!) of the innovative and delicious food brand we're spotlighting today, Siete Family Foods, a company dedicated to sharing Mexican-American cuisine with those who want or need grain-free options. Today's guests are sister and brother – Veronica Garza, Siete's Co-Founder, President, and Chief Innovation Officer, and Miguel Garza, Co-Founder and CEO. They're here to talk about their first cookbook, The Siete Table, which features over a hundred gluten free Mexican-American dishes that span every course and occasion. Of course, we cover the brand's backstory – after Veronica Garza had many autoimmune issues  show up, including lupus, she started to do CrossFit with her family in her parents' backyard. After switching to a grain-free diet, she noticed her joints weren't bothering her anymore, which was the catalyst to starting this company. Miguel and Veronica discuss the recipes they can't wait to share, why sharing these recipes is so special to them, and the inspiring story of how Veronica (as well as other family members) took a huge risk in order to get Siete off the ground. You will learn about...The start of it all: the almond flour tortilla Veronica's struggles with autoimmune issues How her diet restrictions clashed with her culture Coming together as a family: support is everything Pushing through the pain of lupus Six to nine months of diet and lifestyle changes to resolve her  symptoms Risking Veronica's insurance coverage to get started The Garza family captures  an entrepreneurial spark  Expanding the product (chips, seasonings, crunchy shells, etc.) Ethos and mission of Siete Family Foods Family first, family second, business third An admittedly bad first company name revealed  Seven members of the family: “Siete” Building a soul-aligned company The Siete Table: writing a cookbook Favorite recipes from the book Inspirations for The Siete Table Resources:Order Siete Table: ( Find Siete products near you: ( Instagram: (@sietefoods) Facebook: (Siete Foods) Twitter: (@SieteFoods) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Athletic Greens (Take ownership over your health with Athletic Greens! Get 1 FREE year of Vitamin D immune support along with 5 FREE travel packs at

    208. Whole Family Wellness: Helping Our Kids Thrive with Dr. Elisa Song #WellnessWednesdays

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2022 66:17

    Dr. Elisa Song is an integrative pediatrician, pediatric functional medicine expert, and a mama. In her integrative pediatric practice, Whole Family Wellness, she's helped thousands of kids get to the root cause of their health concerns, and she's helped their parents understand how to help their children thrive – mind, body, and spirit – by integrating conventional pediatrics with functional medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and essential oils. Grab your notepad for this one, as we cover all the science, and the just-as-important implementation, of personalized medicine and how important it is to take a custom integrated approach to wellness. Talking through a few examples, including the always-pesky ear infection, Dr. Song describes how a reliance on antibiotics is selling us short. We also do a nearly three-year update on COVID (and long-COVID), the vaccines, what was promised, and what now seems like the more likely reality of it all – that making an informed decision as a family is everyone's best option. There is so much more information out there than even a couple of years ago. It's so important that we find as many sources of evidence-backed data as we can – and we're glad to bring you one of those sources today. Huge thanks to Dr. Elisa Song for taking the time with our community. You will learn about...Traditional pediatric vs. functional pediatric practices The future is personalized medicine A potential decline in life expectancy ( (research)) Modern definition of integrative medicine Knowing when antibiotics are necessary What is evidence-based medicine? How to support the gut microbiome if antibiotics are needed Sourcing supplements and ingredients  Dr. Song's perspective on the gut microbiome Poop! Understanding stool  Specific probiotic product recommendation list Avoiding pathologic yeast infections The impact of gut health on your immune system Dr. Song's perspective on COVID and vaccines Downstream issues with lack of immune system training  It's ok for our kids to get a sniffle Good and bad foods for gut microbiome Avoiding microbiome mischief makers  Being a savvy label reader – and teaching our kids Preparing them to make good choices   Testing for autoimmune disease in kids Potential negative reactions to COVID infection vs. vaccine Genomics and nutrigenomics  Other lifestyle methods to reduce the risk of COVID Moving from fear to confidence and a thriving mindset  Resources:Instagram: (@healthykids_happykids) Healthy Kids Happy Kids: ( Whole Family Wellness: ( Facebook: (Elisa Song, MD - Healthy Kids Happy Kids) Herb Pharm (Garlic Ear Drops): ( Klaire Labs Probiotics: ( Jarrow Probiotics: ( Nature's Way Probiotics: ( Designs For Health Probiotics: ( Ortho Biotic Probiotics: (Ortho Biotic® Capsules) Testing for PANS/PANDAS: (  Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Timeline Nutrition Timeline products are powered by Mitopure, and are clinically-proven to revitalize mitochondria, the energy...

    207. Sit With Whit: Living Through Honesty with Dr. Whitney Goodman #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2022 40:57

    You open Instagram and it hits you right away, a sense of perfection or idealism that seems just a little too shiny, a little too great to be real. And guess what? Most of the time, it isn't. Today's guest, Dr. Whitney Goodman, assures us of that much and more. She's the radically honest psychotherapist behind the popular Instagram account, @sitwithwhit, the book Toxic Positivity: Keeping It Real in a World Obsessed with Being Happy, and the owner of the Collaborative Counseling Center, a private therapy practice in Miami. She helps individuals and couples heal past wounds and create the life they've always wanted. We spend this episode unpacking the false perception of perfection all around us, the world's constant striving for “happiness,” and why finding center in your life is so much more complicated than that – and should be! Whether it's content-friendly or not – feeling all the feelings, really embracing them and chershing them, can be as healthy for us as a diverse and nutrient-rich diet. Dr. Goodman offers up a more diverse experience, more layers to really dive into and learn about ourselves and the people we love. We get tips on listening (it's more than just hearing!), recognizing toxic positivity and understanding why it sells, the importance of values over happiness, and prioritizing focus time – even thirty minutes a day – to help keep your mind sharp. It's time to get honest about – well, everything! There's no time to waste striving and stressing over goals that only move further into the distance the harder we work at them. Life is perfect as it is, we're so glad Dr. Goodman took the time to share this message with us today. You will learn about... Pitfalls of toxic positivity How to respond instead → Really, truly listening to someone Finding room for validation beyond happiness  Seeing the world in black and white Setting realistic goals to actually feel fulfillment Values > happiness Whitney's personal experience and growth Feeling all the feelings and that's ok The power of 30-minute focus blocks  Recognizing toxic positivity How to give feedback to someone who's “toxically positive” Setting boundaries with friends/family in a compassionate way How to find a therapist The flaw with “time heals all wounds” The “Good Enough” community Unpacking the perfection trend Social's media place in all of this The truth about most influencers  Resources: Website: ( Instagram: (@sitwithwhit) Twitter: (@sitwithwhit) Collab Counseling: ( Read: (Toxic Positivity by Whitney Goodman) “Good Enough” Community: ( Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Vuori Performance Apparel (Get 20% off your first order of Vuori AND free shipping on orders over $75 at

    206. Fixing Our Relationships with Cooking & Eating with Vanessa Rissetto

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2022 55:06

    Today's super informed guest on the podcast is Vanessa Rissetto MS, RD, CDN, the co-founder of Culina Health. Her magic lies in her realistic and personalized approach to nutrition with science as her first love. She's most interested in helping clients take an active role in their health journey through personalized lifestyle plans backed by evidence-based, science-driven nutrition counseling, adult weight management, and building a better relationship with food. We start our conversation touching on the role of Culina Health in today's medical world and how the rapid need for telehealth services created huge opportunities, and challenges, for the new company. The world is still changing on a daily basis it seems, but we have innovators like Vanessa to thank for keeping us in mind as it does. Vanessa's perspective on the space ranges from the past, where vast differences in family culture made for a different at-home eating experience in most cases, to the present, where shame and fear too often poison the well of wellness – even toward the future, where she encourages us to take small steps toward a cleaner life with actionable tips for doing so. Her main advice is sound, and it always will be – sometimes simple is better! Especially when time is limited, opting for something that is easy, quick, and nourishing for your family is totally possible; you just have to know where to look (Hint: not Instagram). You will learn about... Launching Culina Health during the pandemic Meeting the moment with telehealth The Bon Appetit article that started it all Villainous roles that shame and failure play in diet culture Breaking down emotional eating Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable Fighting human nature Pros and cons of most Instagram recipes  Sustainable eating habits Quick tips for getting nutrients – it doesn't have to be fancy Cultural shifts that have changed how we eat Big picture on healthy eating Culina's mission and what's next Resources: Article: (“There's a Nutrition Divide in This Country. So I Became a Dietitian.”) Instagram: (@vanessarissettord) Culina Health: ( Instagram: (@culinahealth) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Indeed (Start hiring today with a $75 sponsored job credit at

    205. Finding Hope in Immune Rejuvenation with Dr. Jeffrey Bland

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2022 59:52

    The esteemed Dr. Jeffrey Bland, an internationally recognized leader in the nutritional medicine field, joins the show today. He's a biochemist by training, co-founding the Institute for Functional Medicine in 1991 while coming to be known to many as The Father of Functional Medicine.  Dr. Bland invites us into his deep wisdom and vast experience as we explore his path to, and away from, traditional medicine, before delving into the issues we see in modern healthcare and what the rapidly changing space might look like in the near future.  Today's healthcare ills, as he points out, can be tied to money's omnipresence in the market, which has urged the prioritization of disease treatment – for profit's sake, mostly – rather than focusing on promoting societal wellness as its table-stakes mission. We also talk about his latest project, (Big Bold Health), which launched in 2018, through which he's on a mission to transform the way people think about one of nature's greatest innovations, the mighty immune system. That's right, the gut remains front and center as Dr. Bland breaks down the differences between boosting and balancing, benefits to eating the rainbow, and much more. By advocating for the power of immuno-rejuvenation to enhance immunity at a global level, he's really doing some important work for the world – work that generations in the future (and today!) can look back upon and be so thankful for. You will learn about... When Dr. Bland started to think for himself Circumventing traditional medicine Diseasecare vs. healthcare Money as the pitfall of modern medicine Focusing on what it means to be well Big Bold Health The super system: nervous system and immune system  Balancing vs. boosting your immune system What are zombie cells? Exploring the link between damaged cells and inflammation The benefits of autophagy and how to activate it in your body Writing your own “book of life” - your genes are not your destiny Gene plasticity and epigenetics Diet as the unlock Learning about phytonutrients Benefits of (Himalayan tartary buckwheat) Why we should be eating the rainbow Looking ahead to the future of healthcare Resources: Website: ( The Institute for Functional Medicine: ( Big Bold Health: b (  Instagram: (@drjeffreybland) Linkedin: (Jeffrey Bland PHD) Enjoy 20% off (Big Bold Health) with code BEWELL20 [Expires 11/30/2022]. Discount cannot be combined with other offers. Big Bold Health only ships to US and Canadian addresses. Other restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited. Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Drink LMNT (Thank you LMNT for sponsoring this episode! Go to to order a free sample pack of LMNT electrolytes. Just pay shipping (only $5 if you're in the US)!) Athletic Greens (Take ownership over your health with Athletic Greens! Get 1 FREE year of Vitamin D immune support along with 5 FREE travel packs at

    204. Toxins in Disguise: Dr. Anthony Jay on Estrogenics #WellnessWednesday

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2022 53:54

    Dr. Anthony Jay is the President of the International Medical Research Collaborative, a nonprofit organization based in Boston that trains medical students from around the globe. He is also an author and renowned expert on estrogenics, substances that merely act like estrogen in our body, oftentimes tricking it into negative chain reactions in our health – even cancer. So, where are these tricky imposters in the products around us? And, how can we avoid them in the future? Dr. Anthony details the long list in his book, and is kind to share many examples in our conversation today. Specifically, he touches on fragrances, petroleum products, soy products, and mold, which is so much more common in shelf products like coffee, grains, and peanuts than you might imagine. We also talk about the role that the gut microbiome, an old familiar friend, plays in our processing of these chemicals, and draw a very real connection between the harms of estrogenics and everyday plastics like water bottles and shower liners. If you're listening to this and looking around your life with a newfound stress, know that you're not alone in this collective journey to a more natural, non-toxic, and simple life. Knowledge is key. Understanding complexities like those presented today is the first step toward making positive changes. And we're here to help you get there, every step of the way. You will learn about... What are estrogenics?  Estrogenics vs. testosterone Link between estrogenics and an increased risk of cancer  Common products and ingredients to avoid broken into three categories: food, plastics and personal care Major players to know: mold, red dye, flax and soy Chemical risks of plastic water bottles Sources of other plastics to avoid Why “BPA-free” isn't good enough The science of estrogen in plastic High estrogen leading to early puberty in girls Common home products to be aware of What these chemicals do to your hormones Benefits of sweating and sauna use to expel chemicals  Resources: Linkedin: (Anthony G. Jay) Instagram: (@anthonygjay) YouTube: (Dr. Anthony Jay) AJ Consulting Company: ( Recommended Personal Care Products: ( (Updated List of Estrogenic Substances) (Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile) Check out the Purify Guru: ( Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Athletic Greens (Take ownership over your health with Athletic Greens! Get 1 FREE year of Vitamin D immune support along with 5 FREE travel packs at

    203. A Balanced Approach to Gut Health and Detoxification with Dr. Vivian Chen

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2022 61:14

    Dr. Vivian Chen was practicing conventional medicine in the UK when her own debilitating symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, and acne were dismissed as “normal” by the medical community. Then, she took matters into her own hands, becoming her own health detective and uncovering a holistic approach to understanding health at a whole body level.  With this new informed practice, Vivian, like so many in our space, healed herself. These days, she's a certified integrative health practitioner and the founder of  Plateful Health, through which she helps her clients find true long lasting vitality of body and mind. This one is packed with relatable experiences and stories, like her daughter's scary allergy event; deep dive clinical data and scientific reasoning, particularly as they connect to the gut's microbiome and detoxing; and actionable real-life advice, from prepping your body for a detox to supplement use and daily routine tips. Dr. Chen is a deep well of knowledge; we're so glad she took the time to fill our cups today. You will learn about... Dr. Chen's journey from conventional medicine to functional medicine Serious allergy scare w/ her young daughter  Getting to the root cause for resolution Impact of a sneaky leaky gut Do's and don'ts while breastfeeding Getting scientific on the gut microbiome Prepping your body for detoxification The need for fiber  Hormone issues associated with modern diets Myth busting on detoxing and supplements Balance as the key  The phases of detoxification Dr. Chen's  food-first approach, health hacks, and tips Resources: Instagram: ( Plateful Health: ( Course - “Detox Right”: ( PlatefulHealth E-cookbook: ( Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Vuori Performance Apparel (Get 20% off your first order of Vuori AND free shipping on orders over $75 at Timeline Nutrition Timeline products are powered by Mitopure, and are clinically-proven to revitalize mitochondria, the energy factories within our cells. (Visit or use the code “KELLY” for 10% off your first order of Mitopure)

    202. Disrupting the Baby Formula Industry with ByHeart

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2022 58:14

    In today's episode, Ron Belldegrun and Devon Kuehn, CEO and CMO of ByHeart no-compromise nutrition infant formula, spotlight their amazing formula brand and discuss the critical importance of high quality baby nutrition in a world increasingly filled with, well – filler products and other junk ingredients. In fact, ByHeart is the first new formula brand in fifteen years, breaking down sturdy barriers in an industry that hasn't kept up with the latest in science. Their willingness to invest time and money for the sake of a better product for better health is something I can stand behind with my full support. We also chat about the recent formula shortage, the clinical process of replicating breast milk as closely as they can, laying the foundation for baby growth and development, and the importance of owning your supply chain and inspecting your own ingredients – two pillars of good business that I am also very familiar with. You will learn about... Launching ByHeart Breaking into the formula industry  The infamous formula shortage  Breast milk vs. formula Clinical studies, outcomes, and FDA approval Optimal protein intake and infant growth The ByHeart formula  Prioritizing supply chain and ingredients  Working with parents (and Joe Biden!) The ByHeart family promise Resources: (Whole Nutrition Infant Formula) — Join the waitlist! (ByHeart clinical trial) – Learn about the latest research (ByHeart nutrition spotlight) — Breast milk is the blueprint (The ByHeart story) — An evolution that's years in the making Twitter: (@byheartbaby) Instagram: (@byheart) Facebook: (@byheartbaby) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Hiya (Get 50% off your first order at and give your kids the full-body nourishment they need to grow into healthy, happy adults.) Cozy Earth (Get 35% off sitewide when you use the code 'BEWELL' at Indeed (Start hiring today with a $75 sponsored job credit at

    201. Level Up Your Training with Dr. Stacy Sims

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 57:40

    Today's guest is the esteemed Dr. Stacy Sims. She's a forward-thinking international exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist who aims to revolutionize exercise, nutrition, and performance for women. Her contributions to the international research environment and the sports nutrition industry have established a new niche in sports nutrition and her shining reputation as the expert in sex differences in training nutrition and health. We chat about her research background (70 papers and counting!), how she's addressing the gender gap in male-to-female studies related to the fitness and athletics space, the critical role that iron plays in fatigue and performance, and the salty truth about healthy hydration. This episode is also chock full of tips on how to up your iron levels if you're at that low anemic level, how to hydrate properly based on your cycle, and learn how to build up that lean muscle mass prior to menopause so that you don't have negative or limiting symptoms. You will learn about... Dr. Stacy's place in the research world  Leveling the playing field Focusing on the female athlete Iron levels during specific hormones phases The true key to hydration  What causes cramping? Myths about menopause Writing her book “Next Level” Resources: For 20% off of Dr. Sims' Microlearning ( courses), use code: KELLY (Next Level: Your Guide to Kicking Ass, Feeling Great, and Crushing Goals Through Menopause and Beyond) ( (@DrStacySims on Instagram) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Athletic Greens (Take ownership over your health with Athletic Greens! Get 1 FREE year of Vitamin D immune support along with 5 FREE travel packs at Vuori Performance Apparel (Get 20% off your first order of Vuori AND free shipping on orders over $75 at Cozy Earth (Get 35% off sitewide when you use the code 'BEWELL' at

    200. Identify Purpose to Pursue Passion with Julie Solomon

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2022 60:50

    For more than fifteen years, Julie Solomon has been empowering lives, including her own, by designing and launching several successful online coaching programs and services that help women turn powerful messages into scalable movements. Through her work and her top charting podcast, The Influencer Podcast, she offers up real time coaching and tactile straight talk on business growth and development to her millions of listeners worldwide. Today, Julie chats about her background in brand work, PR, and marketing; writing a book; and the big financial misstep that threw her marriage into upheaval.  You will learn about... Coaching coaches Julie's background in marketing and PR Exploring the world or brand deals Finding your “why” The shame of letting down a loved one Learning from our mistakes Writing a book Resources:,Set%20(and%20stick%20to!) (Get What You Want: How to Go From Unseen to Unstoppable) Website: ( Instagram: (@julssolomon) Podcast: (The Influencer Podcast) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Cozy Earth (Get 35% off sitewide when you use the code 'BEWELL' at Drink LMNT (Thank you LMNT for sponsoring this episode! Go to to order a free sample pack of LMNT electrolytes. Just pay shipping (only $5 if you're in the US)!) Indeed (Start hiring today with a $75 sponsored job credit at

    199. Using the Parent Compass: Promoting Self-Advocacy in Kids with Jenn Curtis

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2022 57:58

    Jenn Curtis is an educational consultant, a bestselling author, and a professional speaker. As the owner of FutureWise Consulting, she has worked with hundreds of students throughout the United States on every aspect of the complicated college admission process. She's particularly passionate about empowering teens to approach life with intention and educating parents about using the parent compass. Jenn's book of the same name, The Parent Compass: Navigating Your Teen's Wellness and Academic Journey in Today's Competitive World, offers parents advice on fostering grit and resilience to help kids and teens approach their life with purpose. Kids today are dealing with more anxiety and uncertainty regarding their future than ever. If your kids are in junior high, or in high school, turn the volume up and tune in right now, because this is really important stuff. You will learn about... Jenn's background in social work and mental health Promoting self-advocacy in kids Parenting appropriately to give the autonomy The positive correlation between self-advocacy and confidence  What is a snowflake child? Using the parent compass Embracing “yet” College admissions  Resources: Read: (The Parent Compass) FutureWise Consulting: ( Instagram: (FutureWise) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Athletic Greens (Take ownership over your health with Athletic Greens! Get 1 FREE year of Vitamin D immune support along with 5 FREE travel packs at Cozy Earth (Get 35% off sitewide when you use the code 'BEWELL' at

    198. Big News! BWBK Rebrand & Vegan Protein Updates with Krissy Zilli

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2022 55:21

    Today's special episode is a family affair. I'm joined by my sister, Krissy Zilli, the Director of Finance and Operations of our little slice of the wellness world. We chat about rebranding Be Well By Kelly and spotlight the development of our new vegan protein powder. How did it come together? What's the true test of quality? And what's next? You'll learn about the mighty chocho bean protein, where we managed to source them from, and why I was so picky about the final product. At the end of the day, it all comes down to quality; we won't budge on that. We also go back to the beginning of BWBK to give a little behind-the-scenes of early launches and tough decisions. It takes a village and I'm forever thankful for all of the contributions that have brought us to this point. You will learn about... Krissy's background and recruitment  Behind-the-scenes of BWBK Working with my sister! Sourcing ingredients for our vegan protein  Product development and quality testing Resources: New website! ( Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Drink LMNT (Thank you LMNT for sponsoring this episode! Go to to order a free sample pack of LMNT electrolytes. Just pay shipping (only $5 if you're in the US)!) Hiya (Get 50% off your first order at and give your kids the full-body nourishment they need to grow into healthy, happy adults.)

    197. Unpacking Oral Health, Disease & Longevity with Dr. Steven Lin

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2022 55:26

    My guest today is the brilliant Dr. Steven Lin, a board-certified and accredited dentist, speaker, and author who is frustrated by the dental profession's limited approach to applying practices without addressing the root cause. Inspired by the groundbreaking work of Weston A. Price, Dr. Lin has focused on oral health as the key to overall well being, now seeing the mouth as a diagnostic tool for the rest of the body. We talk about how important diet is to oral health and highlight the mini immune system in our mouths, kids' health tips as they relate to bone density and learning healthy oral care habits, tooth decay during pregnancy, and a surprising study – with cats as the subject – that illustrates generational harm caused by the degradation of food fresh quality, affordability, and availability.  You will learn about... Exploring the work of  Weston A. Price Vitamin deficiency  The mouth as a diagnostic tool for the rest of the body Childrens' oral health tips and mythbusting Tooth decay and pregnancy  A powerful study on cats! Resources: (The Dental Diet by Dr. Steven Lin) ( (@DrStevenLin) on Instagram Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Vuori Performance Apparel (Get 20% off your first order of Vuori AND free shipping on orders over $75 at Athletic Greens (Take ownership over your health with Athletic Greens! Get 1 FREE year of Vitamin D immune support along with 5 FREE travel packs at

    196. How to Take Charge of Your Financial Wellness with Rachel Cruze

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2022 57:57

    Rachel Cruze is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, a financial expert, and the host of the Rachel Cruze Show. Growing up as Dave Ramsey's daughter, Rachel hated budgeting for years until she experienced the freedom of budgeting for herself.  Now a leader in the space in her own right, she shares fun, practical ways to take control of your money and create a life you love – as a speaker, writer, and popular social media resource. Here are a few of the tips Rachel discusses in today's episode, drawn from her 7 Baby Steps plan: Build up $1,000 in savings Get completely out of debt Build up an emergency fund (3-6 months of your income) Start saving for retirement (15% of your income) Start a college fund (529 plan) Finish paying off your home Be generous, and continue building wealth It's easy to get overwhelmed with personal finance, the percentages, and different accounts and everything else – but the most important thing is getting that first step of momentum. From there, your money, and confidence with it, only grows.  You will learn about... Home life and growing up in finance Getting into the industry  Importance of momentum Baby steps we can call take Giving and generosity as part of your financial plan Resources: Twitter: (@RachelCruze) Instagram: (@rachelcruze) YouTube Channel: (Rachel Cruze) Podcast: (The Rachel Cruze Show) Website: ( Financial Peace: ( Mobile App: (Every Dollar) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Levels Continuous Glucose Monitors Join Levels and get personalized insights to learn about your metabolic health. (Skip the waitlist by going to Indeed (Start hiring today with a $75 sponsored job credit at Just Thrive Visit and use promo code “BEWELLBYKELLY” for 15% off your order

    195. Eating to Support Your Hormones and Blood Sugar with Dr. Mariza Snyder

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 66:36

    That's the sound of the first-period bell – time to get to class with today's indepth science-packed episode with Dr. Mariza Snyder. Dr. Snyder is a functional practitioner, a woman's health expert, and the author of eight books. Her latest; The Essential Oils Menopause Solution: Alleviate Your Symptoms and Reclaim Your Energy, Sleep, Sex Drive, and Metabolism; focuses on tangible advice for women in perimenopause and in menopause. Today's episode goes through ways to ease your way into these transitions later in life, defines the three stages of menopause (pre-menopause, peri menopause, and menopause), and reveals how we can build a custom diet – as determined by our hormones – to support our overall wellness. She also leaves listeners with three very basic changes that can work wonders for your health and put some structure into your daily routine: Walk (especially after meals) Carve out a bit of circadian fasting (dinner by 6pm, and no breakfast till 10am) Ditch the carb-heavy breakfast foods (go for protein-rich, low-sugar) This one is as specific as it is expansive, as we also touch on her early life mitochondrial dysfunction and how she overcame the issues it caused in her body, managing a healthy blood-sugar balance, how to live with vitality and abundance in your day-to-day, and so much more. You will learn about... How she managed mitochondrial dysfunction Important roles of the gut and liver  The 3 phases of menopause Healthy blood-sugar balance Designing your diet based on your hormones Dr. Mariza shares 3 basic wellness tips Protecting your time Resources: Website: ( Twitter: (@DrMariza) Instagram: (@drmariza ) Podcast: (Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness) Read: (The Essential Oils Menopause Solution: Alleviate Your Symptoms and Reclaim Your Energy, Sleep, Sex Drive, and Metabolism) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Timeline Nutrition Timeline products are powered by Mitopure, and are clinically-proven to revitalize mitochondria, the energy factories within our cells. (Visit or use the code “KELLY” for 10% off your first order of Mitopure) Hiya (Get 50% off your first order at and give your kids the full-body nourishment they need to grow into healthy, happy adults.)

    194. Exploring Natural Medicine & Functional Nutrition with Dr. David Jockers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2022 67:20

    My guest today is Dr. David Jockers, a doctor of natural medicine, a functional nutritionist, and a corrective care chiropractor. He's the founder of Exodus Health in Georgia and runs (, a valuable information hub designed to empower people with science based-solutions to improve their health. He's even authored two books, The Keto Metabolic Breakthrough, and The Fasting Transformation. We talk about how he got into the wellness space, starting with a focus on the physiological side of things, opening a clinic of his own, pivoting his energy to content creation, and his journey of self-treatment – a common theme among naturopath practitioners (and guests of this podcast!). We also run through his daily routine to learn how he incorporates his own studies, diets, and recommendations at home with the family. And, we touch on parenting tips for well-adjusted and responsible kids. It's a pleasure to bring Dr. Jockers and his wide scope of wellness know-how to the show, today. Enjoy! You will learn about... How Dr. Jockers got into the wellness space Personal experience managing IBS Opening and scaling a clinic Pivoting to content creation Quality over quantity Daily routines Parenting tips for responsible kids Resources:,2%20teaspoons%20nutritional%20yeast%20flakes,teaspoon%20extra%20virgin%20olive%20oil (Homemade Baby Formula (From Scratch!) - Read: (The Fasting Transformation) Instagram: (@drjockers) YouTube: (Dr. David Jockers) Podcast: (Dr. Jockers Functional Nutrition) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Timeline Nutrition Timeline products are powered by Mitopure, and are clinically-proven to revitalize mitochondria, the energy factories within our cells. (Visit or use the code “KELLY” for 10% off your first order of Mitopure) Levels Continuous Glucose Monitors Join Levels and get personalized insights to learn about your metabolic health. (Skip the waitlist by going to

    193. How Are You Talking To Yourself? with Dr. Dharius Daniels #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 55:13

    My guest today is the incredible Dr. Dharius Daniels. One of the most prolific communicators of our day, Dr. Daniels is on a mission to help as many people as possible become their best selves while doing their best work. Speaker, coach, and certified emotional intelligence specialist, he specializes in helping others self-optimize without self-destructing.  It's a tricky balance to strike, and one that his latest project, The Daniels Den Mentoring and Coaching Program (which I've gotten deep into), illustrates with grace and understanding.  We talk about his upbringing in a very small town and the impact it had on his life, the four elements of emotional intelligence, dealing with anxiety, the damaging nature of negative self-talk, and so much more in this inspirational and insightful conversation. Enjoy! You will learn about... Early life and its impact on his purpose What is emotional intelligence? Emotions as indicators  Leveraging your energy zones  Your mind as a field that needs tending Not committing to a bad decision  Relationship management  Resources: ( (The Dharius Daniels Podcast) (Dharius Daniels TV) Twitter: (@dhariusdaniels) Instagram: (@dhariusdaniels) (Relational Intelligence: The People Skills You Need for the Life of Purpose You Want) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Vuori Performance Apparel (Get 20% off your first order of Vuori AND free shipping on orders over $75 at

    192. Learning When Less is More with Jacey Duprie #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 65:23

    My guest today is Jacey Duprie, the editor and digital entrepreneur behind Damsel In Dior, a highly influential fashion and lifestyle blog with a monthly viewership exceeding 5 million. She's been featured in Architectural Digest, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and E news – and is a newly published author! We talk about her introspective and insightful new book, Liking Myself Back: An Influencer's Journey from Self-Doubt to Self-Acceptance, and the (very public) journey of self-discovery she's experienced while building a business and growing a family.  Of course, parenting is a big piece of our focus, but we also touch on the importance of nurturing intimate relationships, work/life balance, and the pressure on moms to juggle it all. Jacey gets real on the impact that her pregnancy had on her business prospects but provides a shining example of someone, with support from her partner, who's found that perfect balance. You will learn about... Jacey's childhood and fashion inspiration Nurturing relationships  Work/life and self-care Managing work expectations during her pregnancy Healthy boundaries Tips on how to balance it all Resources: Read: (Liking Myself Back: An Influencer's Journey from Self-Doubt to Self-Acceptance) Blog: (Damsel In Dior) Instagram: (@jaceyduprie) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Drink LMNT (Thank you LMNT for sponsoring this episode! Go to to order a free sample pack of LMNT electrolytes. Just pay shipping (only $5 if you're in the US)!)

    191. Give Yourself Permission to Change with Jenna Kutcher #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 74:11

    Jenna Kutcher is a superstar digital marketing professional and entrepreneur, mommy of two, course designer, podcast host, Airbnb host – and now, an author. She's one of those multi-hyphenated do-it-all role models that absolutely lights up every room they're in. I'm so excited to share her shining energy with you all today. Jenna drops so much wisdom in this one, that you'll want to take notes. She's authentic, accomplished, and honest about it all. But the main event is her new book! It's called, How Are You, Really?, and it started as a business book. What it came to be is a deeply personal roadmap detailing where she's been, how she got there, and where she's going. Enjoy! You will learn about... Writing a book Working and living in true alignment  Power in experimentation  Reframing hustle culture  Permission to evolve as a person Double standards women face in business  Resources: Order the book! (How Are You, Really?) ( (The Goal Digger Podcast) Instagram: (@jennakutcher) Twitter: (@jennakutcher) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Timeline Nutrition Timeline products are powered by Mitopure, and are clinically-proven to revitalize mitochondria, the energy factories within our cells. (Visit or use the code “KELLY” for 10% off your first order of Mitopure) Just Thrive Visit and use promo code “BEWELLBYKELLY” for 15% off your order Levels Continuous Glucose Monitors Join Levels and get personalized insights to learn about your metabolic health. (Skip the waitlist by going to Vuori Performance Apparel (Get 20% off your first order of Vuori AND free shipping on orders over $75 at

    190. Revolutionizing the School Lunch System with Barbara Mechura

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 59:34

    It's no secret that school lunches have been in decline for decades. Chances are, the food you remember from school would give you nightmares if your child's cafeteria served it in 2022. Yes, Michelle Obama did some good work in the space – and progress has been made. But as we learn today, there's a lot of work left to do when we're talking about truly healthy school lunches. My guest today, Barbara Mechura, school nutrition director and holistic health coach, has dedicated her career to shifting this narrative toward scratch-made meals. We learn that, while it's certainly more work, these mindfully prepared meals lead to a better outcome for everyone involved (students and staff).  It's time we stopped taking the easy way out with pre-packaged convenience foods that create serious long-term problems for students' health. Barbara shares how we can get involved in our school district's food decisions, and that they probably need our help. You will learn about... Barbara's background Negative impact of processed school lunches  The work that goes into from-scratch school meals What parents can do to help their school system Tips for distracted eating Focusing during mealtime Resources: LinkedIn: (Barbara Mechura) Twitter: (@bmechura) (The Lunchbox from Chef Ann) Thank you (LMNT) for sponsoring this episode! Go to ( to order a free sample pack of LMNT electrolytes. Just pay shipping (only $5 if you're in the US)! Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Drink LMNT (Thank you LMNT for sponsoring this episode! Go to to order a free sample pack of LMNT electrolytes. Just pay shipping (only $5 if you're in the US)!)

    189. Bringing Joy to the Table with Jennifer Anderson of Kids Eat in Color #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 68:47

    Feeding kids is hard, even when you're an expert in the field. Jennifer Anderson is a registered dietician and has a Master's of Science in Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her journey with childhood feeding started when her 3-year old, as she says, fell off the growth chart. What she discovered included more questions than answers – at first. In 2017, she founded Kids Eat In Color, a popular online resource that helps children and families from all backgrounds have better nutrition and mental health via access to expert, actionable information. Prior to starting Kids Eat In Color, she coordinated youth nutrition programs at a food bank, performed research in inner city food deserts, and consulted for the USDA. Our conversation is another mom-centric goldmine of real world advice and reliability. Jennifer and her brand take all parents as they are; no food is good or bad – and if you did your best, what you did was good. Even if our hurdles, and those of our kids, seem unique at the moment – we're all in this together. You will learn about... How Jennifer got into children's nutrition  Strategy vs. control with eating habits  Raising competent eaters  Using positive framing and avoiding confrontation Parenting with a thick skin  Emergency meals (eggs are a safe bet) Discussing nutrition with your kids Knowing that your best is good   Resources: (Kids Eat in Color) Learn: (BetterBites® Courses) Instagram: ( LinkedIn: (Jennifer Anderson MSPH, RDN) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Mentioned in this episode: Drink LMNT (Thank you LMNT for sponsoring this episode! Go to to order a free sample pack of LMNT electrolytes. Just pay shipping (only $5 if you're in the US)!) Vuori Performance Apparel (Get 20% off your first order of Vuori AND free shipping on orders over $75 at

    188. The Key to Longevity: Exploring Mitochondrial Uncoupling with Dr. Steven Gundry

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 57:32

    Dr. Steven Gundry is one of the world's top cardiothoracic surgeons and a pioneer in nutrition. He has spent the last two decades studying the microbiome and now helps patients use diet and nutrition as a key form of treatment. He is also the author of many New York Times bestselling books, including The Plant Paradox, The Plant Paradox Cookbook, The Longevity Paradox, The Energy Paradox – and now, this March, he released Unlocking the Keto Code, which offers a new take on the keto diet that debunks common myths and shows readers how to reap the rewards of keto with less restriction. We get deep into the science of keto and its long history as Dr. Gundry weaves an energetic and super-informed web of knowledge detailing the most fascinating elements of gut health and longevity as they relate to human, plant, and animal biology. You will learn about... The long history of keto science  MCT oils as the driver for ketones  WWI-era weight loss drug: DNP Mitochondrial uncoupling Mirrored processes in plants Highlighting short-chain fatty acids The science of intermittent fasting Benefits of hot-and-cold therapy  Resources: Read: (Unlocking the Keto Code) Podcast: (The Dr. Gundry Podcast) Instagram: (@drstevengundry) Facebook: (Dr. Steven Gundry) TikTok: (@drgundry) Twitter: (@drgundry) YouTube: (The Dr. Gundry Podcast) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Mentioned in this episode: Levels Continuous Glucose Monitors Join Levels and get personalized insights to learn about your metabolic health. (Skip the waitlist by going to Timeline Nutrition Timeline products are powered by Mitopure, and are clinically-proven to revitalize mitochondria, the energy factories within our cells. (Visit or use the code “KELLY” for 10% off your first order of Mitopure)

    187. The Keys to Launching a Female-Driven Business with Lori Harder #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 62:38

    Lori Harder is a longtime podcaster, coach, author, serial entrepreneur, and now – a beverage industry founder. She joins the show to talk about her entrepreneurial journey on the way to launching Lite Pink this summer, what she's got planned for the future, and how you can take the same steps when building a brand, launching a project, or tackling a tall task of your own. Touching on her biggest failures and battle with anxiety, Lori gets super personal in this conversation, one that she shares reignited her own passions and intentions related to Lite Pink. It's a common thread we touch on – how working alongside, communicating with, and spending time with fellow female business leaders provides fuel for our own fires. I hope you walk away from this episode feeling the same energy, ready to jump back into The Work on your way to accomplishing your own dreams. You will learn about... Jumping into the fitness industry Lori's entrepreneurial journey Being a female entrepreneur in 2022 Founding Lite Pink Raising money for your business  Working with a network of powerful women Overcoming anxiety and negative self-talk Resources: (Learn more about Lite Pink) Podcast: (Earn Your Happy) Read: (A Tribe Called Bliss) Instagram: (@loriharder) Facebook: (@loriharder) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media). Mentioned in this episode: Vuori Performance Apparel (Get 20% off your first order of Vuori AND free shipping on orders over $75 at Just Thrive Visit and use promo code “BEWELLBYKELLY” for 15% off your order

    186. How to Care For & Protect Our Oceans with Lea D'Auriol #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 53:32

    We all share this planet, and we want it to be healthy and blue for as long as possible, but making eco-friendly choices has only become more difficult. Lea D'Auriol founded Oceanic Global in 2016 with the mission of engaging new audiences in the ocean conversation. Her nonprofit taps into universal passions such as art and music to raise awareness for issues impacting our oceans and to provide individual and industry solutions that drive positive change. Oceanic global takes a uniquely creative approach to conservation creating immersive experiences that engage local communities amplifying the efforts of synergistic groups to generate measurable impact and ignite global action. We go over ways that you can decrease plastic use and ultimately decrease microplastics in the ocean, along with recycling dos and don'ts, and some of her favorite ways to keep our planet blue and healthy. You will learn about... What Oceanic Global does to raise awareness of our relationship with the ocean How Lea parlayed her prior career into creating an impact The ways microplastics are affecting our planet and health Where do identify our plastic usage and make a change How to avoid greenwashing Recycling dos and don'ts Making responsible purchasing decisions Resources: Learn more at ( Instagram: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (The Blue Standard) (United Nations World Oceans Assessments) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media).

    185. Eating Good & Feeling Great with Daphne Oz #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 68:54

    Daphne Oz is an Emmy-award-winning television host and the New York Times bestselling author of The Happy Cook, Relish, and The Dorm Room Diet. Her newest book, Eat Your Heart Out: All Fun, No Fuss Food to Celebrate Eating Clean, is out now. She talks all about her healthy habits, how she stays balanced, how she treats herself, and how she continues to celebrate food – no matter what – and still feels great. This is a fun, easy-going conversation, but there are so many nuggets of wisdom on how to find balance with food and still stay true to yourself. You will learn about... Where Daphne's passion for cooking came from How to make taking care of yourself taste delicious The Two-Bite Rule Building up your confidence in the kitchen Making cooking fun and easy Resources: ( Instagram: (@daphneoz) Read: (Eat Your Heart Out) Get 20% off your first order of Vuori and free shipping on orders over $75 at ( Visit ( or use the code “KELLY” for 10% off your first order of Mitopure Visit ( to skip the waitlist and order a Levels CGM right away Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media).

    184. A Holistic Approach to Building Strength & Improving Health with Sal Di Stefano #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 81:08

    Sal Di Stefano is a personal trainer, co-founder of Mind Pump Media, and the co-host of Mind Pump, an online radio show and podcast that is dedicated to providing truthful fitness and health information. He's also the designer of the Muscular Adaptation Programming System (MAPS), and the author of The Resistance Training Revolution. Sal is dedicated to prioritizing health over appearance. He aims to shift the direction of the fitness industry from being rooted in aesthetics and insecurity to one based in self-love and self-care. He's going to bust some myths around building muscle and share with us some tips on building a holistic lifestyle that supports your health through exercise and diet that everyday people can follow. You will learn about... Learning what's effective to help everyday people get fit How adaptation increases strength in the body Why exercise needs to be valued by more than its caloric burn Raising your metabolic rate through strength training Busting strength training myths Treating working out like a skill, not like a workout Going into a workout with the right mindset Resources: ( Read: (The Resistance Training Revolution) Listen: (Mind Pump Podcast) Visit ( to get a free sample pack! Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media).

    183. Evidence-Based Tools to Help You Raise Good Humans with Dr. Aliza Pressman #WellnessWednesdays

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 69:37

    Dr. Aliza Pressman is the Co-Founding Director and Director of Clinical Programming for the Mount Sinai Parenting Center, as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor for the Department of Pediatrics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She's also the host of the Raising Good Humans podcast, where she brings the latest and greatest research on child development directly to parents – without them having to sift through endless journals and parenting books. She's passionate about bringing her expertise to parents and empowering them with the knowledge they need to make the best choices possible for their children. We talk about the pillars every parent should consider when raising their children, and how to combat perfectionism in order to do the best you can. You will learn about... What Dr. Aliza studied and why she started her podcast Pulling together science to make it accessible How coming to terms with how you were raised is important for your child Editing behaviors and setting boundaries for your kid Building independence and resilience in your children Resources: ( (@raisinggoodhumanspodcast) Listen: (Raising Good Humans Podcast) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media).

    182. Bringing Clean & Inclusive Beauty into the Mainstream with Nyakio Greico #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 51:59

    Nyakio Greico is an entrepreneur with two successful businesses to her name. The first is Nyakio, a green and clean beauty brand, launched in 2002, and now carried nationwide at And the other is Thirteen Lune, an ecommerce platform she co-founded in 2020, centered around inclusion, discovering, and elevating Black and Brown-founded brands. We talk about creating a beauty platform for all, starting a paradigm shift towards inclusion, and when it may be better for your business not to grow. You will learn about... How Nyakio came up with the idea for Nyakio Beauty and Thirteen Lune How creating a level playing field can help combat systemic racism How to be featured by Thirteen Lune Raising capital as a Black woman The importance of allyship How small brands break through the noise Sharing our failures and how we grow from them Resources: ( Instagram: (@nyakio) and (@thirteenlune) Listen: (The Beauty Vanguard) ( ( (Buttah Vitamin C Serum) (BeautyStat Vitamin C Serum) (Ceylon) (Vernon François) (Bomba Curls) (Shaz & Kiks) (Mississippi Mud Mask by Mary Louise) Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media).

    181. Learning to Live Life Fully with Mallory Ervin #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 64:20

    Mallory has created a powerful lifestyle brand all about living fully. From fashion to parenting, she shares it all in hopes of pushing people closer to the lives they dream of. Her own dream life began to materialize after a series of personal successes led to a moment of deep despair, and she realized that a lifestyle founded on endless achievement was not the road to happiness. In her new book, Living Fully, she shares her personal stories and how to gain the same insights she did without the existential breakdown. You will learn about... How Mallory's pageant background influenced her life The ways Mallory began to self-medicate to cover her unhappiness Uncovering the roots of your unhappiness Finding out who you are behind the labels How to begin living fully Rituals and habits for connection Resources: ( Read: (Living Fully) Listen: (Living Fully) Instagram: (@malloryervin) Timeline Nutrition is offering 10% off your first order at ( or use code “KELLY” at checkout Visit ( and use promo code “BEWELLBYKELLY” for 15% off your order Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media).

    180. Make Healthy, Wholesome Meals Any Day of the Week with Alex Snodgrass of The Defined Dish #FabulousFriends

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 54:50

    Alex Snodgrass is passionate about two things: big, bold flavor and healthy living. She's set out to prove that the two are not as misaligned as you might think. At her blog, The Defined Dish, Alex shares meals with clean ingredients that pack a punch. Her new book, (The Comfortable Kitchen), offers 105 recipes that are as comfortable to cook as they are to eat. We talk about making healthy eating more accessible and managing your energy so that you can eat and live well. You will learn about... How Alex got into cooking Making old comfort classics cleaner Meal prep hacks Grab-and-go breakfast ideas Making condiment-based meals Starting recipes from The Comfortable Kitchen Managing your business to protect your passion Resources: ( Instagram: (@thedefineddish) Read: (The Comfortable Kitchen) Read: (The Defined Dish) Thank you to Vuori for sponsoring this episode! Go to ( for 20% off your first order over $75 and free shipping Visit ( or use code “BEWELL” at checkout to get 15% off this incredible coffee alternative Timeline Nutrition is offering 10% off your first order of Mitopure. Go to ( and use code KELLY to get 10% off your order. Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is produced and published by (Crate Media).

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