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For nearly 23 years, Mitch Levy hosted one of the most successful and longest running morning-drive sports radio talk shows in America. Outspoken and unafraid analysis loaded with humor and unparalleled interviews. Please join us as we embark on an exciting and somewhat mysterious new journey. Becom…

Mitch Levy

    • Oct 18, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    Episode 163 - Close But No Cigar & Fighting Sports Fans

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 143:21

    RUNDOWN  Today's show which was recorded in the wake of Sunday Night Football begins with a weekend recap including Hotshot's youth softball and Mitch's "HOCO" prep story. Then, Mitch and Scott delve into their takeaways from the loss against Pittsburgh. A four-pack of featured guests are Brady Henderson and Joe Fann for the Seahawks No-Table, Rick Neuheisel, and longtime Chiefs superfan Ty "X-Factor" Rowton. Later, in the “Other Stuff” segment, the guys talk about topics ranging from the struggling Dawgs to the NHL's confusing standings to a perfect Purdue tweet! GUESTS  Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider  Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host  Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst  Ty "X-Factor" Rowton | Kansas City Chiefs superfan  TABLE OF CONTENTS  21:19 | Mitch reveals the secret code word for this week's slate of Beat the Boys selections.   45:48 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson & Joe Fann gather round for another edition of the Seahawks No-Table with the hometown team reeling. 1:09:36 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel is back after another week of exciting college football and yet ANOTHER missed Rick's Pick! 1:32:26 | GUEST: Longtime KC Chiefs superfan X-Factor hops aboard to talk about his recent scuffle in the stands that led to his ban by the team.  1:52:59 | Are changes coming to Montlake with the current state of the football program? 1:56:15 | Mitch tries to explain NHL standings and the points system to Hotshot. 2:06:04 | Perhaps the best tweet of all time was delivered by the Purdue football team account.

    162 - Finger-Gate, Are the M's Close & Neuheisel Can't Get Out Of His Own Way

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 108:19

    RUNDOWN A fun show begins with Hot Shot Scott finding a wallet after the Seahawks loss to the Rams and searching for its owner. The guys offer a different perspective on Russell Wilson's broken finger. Will Geno Smith continue moving the offense in Pittsburgh on Sunday? New Orleans hand surgeon Gleb Medvedev sits down with Mitch to share info on Wilson's injury and subsequent surgery/rehab. He offers his opinion on whether Russell will make it back for the Green Bay game.  Former Mets GM Steve Phillips returns to Unfiltered to offer his thoughts on the surprising 2021 Seattle Mariners. Real or Fools Gold? Or both?  What free agents might be coming and what to do about Kyle Seager. Rick Neuheisel is back to laugh and cry about not being able to pick a winner in college football. Mitch and Rick talk Alabama upset, Georgia's rise to prominence, going for 2 to win a game, and who would be in the playoff if the season ended today. The other stuff segment is a bunch of laughs. Malik McDowell's rise in Cleveland, Urban Meyer & his wife, TikTok awful challenges, Tyson Fury & Mattress Mack.   GUESTS Gleb Medvedev - New Orleans Orthopedic Surgeon Steve Phillips - Sirius/XM - former Mets GM Rick Neuheisel - CBS Sports   TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00   Hot Shot Scott finds a wallet & searches for owner 6:40   The Double Punt 10:23   Beat The Boys games and code word 16:45   Mitch and Scott injury stories (like Russell) 22:30   Could Seahawks be ok with Geno Smith 27:20   Pete Carroll says Jamal Adams is "playing well" 33::11  GUEST:  Dr. Gleb Medvedev - New Orleans Orthopedic Surgeon discusses Russell Wilson's injury, surgery & rehab. What's a best guess for a safe return? 45:39  GUEST: 2021 Mariners. How close are they to being a bona fide contender?  Is Jarred Kelenic & Logan Gilbert on the verge of stardom?  And much more 1:06:32   GUEST:   Rick Neuheisel - CBS Sports - can't pick his nose let alone a college football game. Alabama shocked by Texas A&M. Georgia looks like the best team in the nation. Playoff committee is in for a tough year with Cincinnati and the like. And yes... another pick! 1:23:50   Zodiac Killer update 1:26:30   Quitting Twitter - Urban Meyer's wife 1:31:30   Jon Gruden's controversy 1:32:20   Tyson Fury 1:34:15   Woman takes off prosthetic leg and catches baseball 1:35:15   Mattress Mack is at it again                    

    Episode 161 - Crucial Road Win Against Niners & Clock Strike Twelve For Cinderella M's

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 137:57

    RUNDOWN  Today's episode begins with a Jeremy Piven story followed by the realization that being a sports fan sometimes doesn't make much sense. Then, Mitch and Scott dive into their takeaways from the highs and lows among the M's, Dawgs, and Hawks throughout the weekend. Four featured guests are Brady Henderson and Joe Fann for the Seahawks No-Table, Rick Neuheisel for his weekly visit, and 12 year old golfer Jake Martinez. Later, the guys bounce miscellaneous topics in the “Other Stuff” segments such as people having no clue what Mitch Unfiltered is, to Stephen A. Smith his ilk, to an unusual finding in a Bolivian burger! GUESTS  Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider  Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host  Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst  Jake Martinez | Arizona youth golfer  TABLE OF CONTENTS  16:20 | Mitch reveals the secret code word for this week's slate of Beat the Boys selections.   22:21 | What the heck is the UW football coaching staff doing on the sidelines besides making poor play call decisions?  28:39 | Despite the unfortunate result, the final weekend at T-Mobile Park was one M's fans won't soon forget. 42:03 | The guys run through their laundry list of observations from the Seahawks. 58:52 | GUESTS: Henderson & Fann join Mitch to recap the gutsy NFC West victory for the Hawks against San Fran heading into the short week. 1:23:00 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel takes his lumps from Mitch for another week of ill-advised picks...along with his top notch college football weekend recap. 1:45:35 | GUEST: Youth golfer Jake Martinez from Arizona shares his once-in-a-lifetime story of recording two holes-in-one in the same round.  2:00:25 | The guys close out the show with “Other Stuff” topics ranging from unusual encounters with people who have never heard of Mitch Unfiltered to the annoying Stephen A. Smith to a human finger found in a burger...gross! 

    Episode 160 - Cousins Picks Apart Hapless Defense & USA Reclaims Ryder Cup

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 143:11

    RUNDOWN  At the top of the show, Mitch and Scott. Then, Hotshot shares his annual Puyallup Fair story which reminds Mitch why he never goes before the guys delve into their reaction to the Seahawks loss to Minnesota on Sunday. A four-pack of guests include Brady Henderson and Joe Fann for the No-Table, Rick Neuheisel, and a return of Ken Green for a Ryder Cup reaction. The “Other Stuff” segment includes a laundry list of items such as Ciara and Russ's pregame antics in Minnesota, a mind-blowing stat involving the Blue Jays & Mariners, and the NFL's announcement about wildcard weekend scheduling adjustments beginning this year! GUESTS  Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Ken Green | Former PGA golfer TABLE OF CONTENTS  21:55 | The code word for week four of Beat the Boys is revealed. 26:05 | The Sodens did the Puyallup which featured Scott waiting way too long to eat greasy food and win a stuffed animal. 32:58 | Mitch and Hotshot volley their takeaways back and forth from the Hawks 30-17 loss. 48:25 | GUESTS: Henderson and Fann return to wrap their arms around another Seahawks loss...can they rebound from this early season deficit? 1:14:29 | GUEST: Neuheisel is back to recap another exciting weekend of college football including Clemson's second loss and takes a look ahead to this week. 1:32:35 | GUEST: Ken Green makes his return to weigh in on Team USA's dominant Ryder Cup win at Whistling Straits.  1:53:44 | The “Other Stuff” segment includes a variety of topics such as Ciara's twerking video with Russ, the M's homestretch, and the new NFL Wildcard schedule changes.

    Episode 159 - King Henry Spoils Homecoming & Most Memorable First Pitch

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 128:39

    RUNDOWN  Today's episode begins with a deep dive into the ubiquitous phrase "no worries" before a Beat the Boys update. Then, Mitch and Scott reluctantly break down the gut-punch delivered by the Tennessee Titans on Sunday in Seattle. Four featured guests are Brady Henderson and Joe Fann for the Seahawks No-Table, Rick Neuheisel for his weekly visit, and former MLB catcher Todd Greene. Later, the guys bounce miscellaneous topics in the “Other Stuff” segments such as the lightly attended Dawgs game, Mitch's rough start to legal sports wagering in Washington, & Ted Lasso growing on the Levy family.  GUESTS  Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider  Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host  Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst  Todd Greene | MLB catcher '96-‘06  TABLE OF CONTENTS  11:39 | Mitch unveils the code word for the upcoming week's slate of Beat the Boys matchups.   18:00 | Hotshot reveals his new YouTube rabbit hole addiction...buffet brawls. 21:57 | The guys pin the blame for specific elements of the Seahawks loss on Sunday. 39:33 | GUESTS: Brady & Joe return to discuss the disappointing home opener for the Hawks as the Titans prevail in OT 33-30. 1:03:17 | GUEST: Rick is badgered by Mitch for his bad betting advice before weighing in on last weekend's college football matchups.  1:29:04 | GUEST: Todd Greene swings by to share his recollection of catching President Bush's first pitch at Yankee Stadium in 2001 following 9/11.  1:46:33 | The guys wrap up the show with the “Other Stuff” segment with topics ranging from the UW/Arkansas State game, Mitch's Snoqualmie Casino woes, and their recent non-sports TV viewing. 

    Episode 158 – Waldron Passes First Test & Danny O'Neil's Fresh Start

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 152:34

    RUNDOWN  At the top of the show, the guys list the winners and losers from the weekend before Mitch shares his Snoqualmie Casino trip. Then, they dig into the . A four-pack of guests include Brady Henderson and Joe Fann for the No-Table, Rick Neuheisel, and longtime Seattle media figure Danny O'Neil. The "Other Stuff" segment features a variety of odds and ends including the falling cat, ejected USC kicker, Subway robbery, and College Gameday chants aimed at Ashton Kutcher! GUESTS  Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Danny O'Neil | Writer & former Seattle sports radio host TABLE OF CONTENTS  13:27 | Mitch shares the code word for the week two slate of Beat the Boys matchups. 20:34 | The guys go over their notes from the Hawks win against the Colts to kick of the season. 36:28 | Can Jimmy Lake turn it around after after a dreadful beginning to the 2021 Husky campaign? 47:45 | GUESTS: Brady & Joe hop aboard following the week one win for Seattle at Indianapolis. 1:10:51 | GUEST: Rick is back for a recap of the college football weekend featuring a shocker in Columbus and a dud in Ann Arbor. 1:35:21 | GUEST: Danny O'Neil checks in to talk about his recent departure from 710 ESPN Seattle and what's next.  2:09:52 | Mitch and Scott volley "Other Stuff" topics including a falling cat, emotional rendition of The National Anthem, US Open, & Ashton Kutcher shower heckling.

    Episode 157 - NFL Kickoff Extravaganza & Dawgs Stunned By Griz

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2021 152:33

    RUNDOWN  Football season is finally here and today's show begins with a Stump the Band question followed by some podcast housekeeping with football season kicking off. Then, the guys react to the embarrassing season opening loss for the Dawgs and share their initial thoughts heading into week one for the Hawks. A dynamite lineup of guests beginning with Rick Neuheisel followed by Peter King, Randy Mueller, and Slickhawk. Finally, Mitch and Scott put a bow on the episode chatting about a variety of odds and ends including the red hot Mariners, Trent Dilfer in hot water, and Naomi Osaka's recent disheartening press conference.  GUESTS  Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst  Peter King | NBC Sports & MMQB columnist  Randy Mueller | NFL Executive of the Year (2000) Matt “Slickhawk” Mikolas | Shootin' the Shit with Slick & Mitch co-host TABLE OF CONTENTS  1:47 | The guys begin with a good ol' round of Stump the Band...topic is Utah State draft picks.  11:04 | Mitch shares the code word for week one of Beat the Boys, get your picks in!  18:49 | Did the Huskies actually lose to Montana, and if so, where do they go from here? 45:40 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel returns with the first week of college football in the books including the dud on Montlake. 1:08:03 | GUEST: Peter King swings by to share his top storylines heading into week one and his favorites from each division. 1:28:27 | GUEST: Randy Mueller is back to preview the NFL season as the Hawks head to Indy for their opener. 1:41:57 |  GUEST: Slickhawk hops aboard to chat about the M's, the Beat the Boys contest, and the passing of Ben Wright. 2:06:45 | After a forty year hiatus, Abba is back...sort of... 2:10:03 | Just when you think the M's are dead in the water, they keep the playoff dream alive. 2:13:20 | Was Trent Dilfer out of line for his physical encounter with a youth football player? 2:17:12 | Naomi Osaka's latest press conference serves as another reminder of the heartbreaking mental health issues she's facing. 2:21:05 | Who made the cut for WNBA's release of its top 25 players in league history? 2:23:10 | Rest in peace to TV personality Willard Scott, wide receiver David Patten, longtime golf broadcaster Ben Wright, & guitarist Rickie Lee Reynolds. 

    Episode 156 - Seahawks No-Table Roster Rundown & Eastlake Little League Williamsport Journey

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 141:29

    RUNDOWN Today's show begins with reaction to ESPN getting duped followed a recap of Hotshot's annual camping trip. Then, the guys give thanks that postseason has finally concluded and what they're looking forward to when the Hawks take the field in two weeks. Featured guests are Seahawks Insiders Brady Henderson and Joe Fann, Eastlake Little League head coach Rich Todd, and M's writer with The Athletic Corey Brock. Finally, in the “Other Stuff” segment, a variety of topics are brought to the table including Deshaun Watson trade rumors, the upcoming Monica Lewinsky television series, and Tiger's auctioned putter! GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Joe Fann | Seahawks No-Table contributor Rich Todd | Eastlake Little League baseball coach Corey Brock | The Athletic Mariners writer TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | Kudos to Bishop Sycamore HS for pulling the wool over ESPN's eyes and getting drubbed on national television. 24:19 | Hallelujah the NFL preseason is finally over...Mitch decided a five hour wait for sushi was better than watching the game versus the Chargers. 44:33 | GUEST: Brady and Joe return to the No-Table with the preseason in the books and the final roster cuts on tap. 1:11:10 | GUEST: Eastlake baseball coach Rich Todd joins the show to relive his team's run in the Little League World Series. 1:26:06 | GUEST: Corey Brock returns to discuss the M's slim chances of making a postseason run and potential roster moves in the offseason. 1:48:08 | As crazy as it seems, Deshaun Watson may be headed to Miami before opening day amidst his legal controversy. 1:51:15 | College football season is underway and Nebraska's fall from prominence rolls along. 1:54:48 | The guys play a round of Stump the Band...topic is highest paid female athletes. 1:58:23 | Will you watch Impeachment: American Crime Story when it drops on FX this fall? 2:03:12 | How much would you spend for a Tiger Woods used backup putter? 2:09:14 | RIP actor Ed Asner & Iron Butterfly drummer Ron Bushy.

    Episode 155 - Slickhawk Reunion, Kirkland Little League Legend Cody Webster, & Rondeau Relishing Retirement

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021 160:25

    RUNDOWN To kick things off, the guys play a round of Stump the Band and share an update on Patron programming during football season. Then, Mitch and Scott briefly chat about the second preseason Seahawks game before discussing the Jamal Adams extension and a link to Duane Brown's status. A trio of guests are Mitch's former producer Matt Mikolas, Kirkland little league champion Cody Webster, and legendary UW broadcaster Bob Rondeau. The "Other Stuff" segment covers a lot of ground including Bill Russell's hot-tub, Washington Football Team's potential name options, and a big announcement by OnlyFans to its users! GUESTS Matt "Slickhawk" Mikolas | Former Mitch in the Morning producer Cody Webster | 1982 Kirkland Little League MVP Bob Rondeau | Former UW broadcaster TABLE OF CONTENTS 2:11 | Scott is tested on MLB home run trivia in a round of Stump the Band. 11:17 | Mitch announces the football season weekly podcast lineup for Patrons. 36:51 | The NFL regular season can't get here soon enough after that ugly preseason game against the Broncos.  57:32 | GUEST: Matt Mikolas joins the show for his first (of many) Mitch Unfiltered shows to catch up after a long hiatus of working together. 1:28:28 | GUEST: 1982 Little League World Series champion Cody Webster from Kirkland, WA checks in to recollect memories from that magical run and the personal challenges that followed. 1:45:50 | GUEST: Bob Rondeau hops aboard to chat about his recent retirement behind the mic at UW and current success at the race track.  2:10:29 | The guys re-enact a Jurassic Park scene in light of a recent scientific discovery of sharks. 2:13:09 | Sha'Carri Richardson's return to the track didn't go as planned after her Olympics suspension. 2:15:23 | Bill Russell is selling his Mercer Island home and is sad to leave his hot-tub behind. 2:18:16 | A foot race between Tyreek Hill and Usain Bolt might finally come to fruition. 2:21:34 | What should the new team name for the Washington Football Team be...or should they just keep it as is? 2:24:55 | OnlyFans is banning sexually explicit content on their website much to everyone's dismay. 

    Episode 154 - Unfiltered Rewind: I Am Sorry

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 53:31

    RUNDOWN Nearly three years ago, Mitch Unfiltered was born and Episode 1 of the podcast was an emotional account of the struggles Mitch encountered and his outlook moving forward. Mitch and Scott begin the show by discussing the reaction that first episode garnered and the advice for those facing mental health issues. Then, Mitch and Jason D. Hamilton take you back to November 2018 for the inaugural show. Enjoy! 

    Episode 153 - Seahawks Training Camp No-Table & Sharp Football Analysis

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2021 141:13

    RUNDOWN To kick things off, the guys weigh in on the new Jeopardy! host and also outline the next few weeks of shows before opening the listener mailbag. Then, Mitch and Scott chat about the gold medal sweep for USA Basketball, Steve Hutchinson's hall of fame induction, and troubling Richard Sherman news. Lots of guests today beginning with Hawks insiders Brady Henderson & Joe Fann followed by football expert analyst Warren Sharp and sports science doctor at St. Catherine University Rebecca Busanich. The "Other Stuff" segment covers a lot of ground including Josh Allen & Steph Curry contracts, the late Paul Allen's recently sold yacht, and a growing trend of showering less!  GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Joe Fann | Seattle sports writer  Warren Sharp | Sharp Football Analysis Dr. Rebecca Busanich | Associate Professor of Exercise and Sport Studies at St. Catherine University TABLE OF CONTENTS 2:02 | Mitch sets the table for the next few weeks of scheduling for the podcast with football season coming up. 17:03 | Congratulations to Team USA basketball for sweeping gold on the mens and womens side. 19:24 | Did you catch the Steve Hutchinson Hall of Fame speech and his comments about Seattle? 30:24 | Details have surfaced about Richard Sherman's mental struggles that preceded his recent arrest that are troubling. 36:41 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann hop aboard for a Training Camp No-Table to talk about standouts and possible holdouts.  1:10:13 | GUEST: Warren Sharp returns to provide a sneak preview to his renowned Sharp Football Analysis 2021 Football Preview 1:35:19 | GUEST: Dr. Rebecca Busanich joins the show to break down the mental health issues illuminated by prominent athletes. 1:53:29 | Josh Allen just inked a deal with the Bills that matches what Tom Brady has made throughout his entire career. 1:58:59 | OJ Simpson is avoiding Los Angeles out of fear for running into Nicole Brown's killer.  2:02:19 | Vanessa Bryant and her mother settled on a frivolous lawsuit about "unpaid work" aka spending time with grandchildren. 2:05:22 | Paul Allen's yacht sold for a shabby $300 million complete with a pizza oven.  2:07:54 | Bryson DeChambeau is being scolded by the PGA for not yelling "fore" during errant drives. 2:12:01 | Jake Gyllenhaal is joining the growing movement of bathing less which grosses Mitch out.

    Episode 152 - Mitch's Vacation Wish List & Dipoto Deadline Report Card

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2021 179:58

    RUNDOWN The show kicks off with a Stump the Band question for Scott about NFL quarterbacks followed by some listener emails. Then the guys delve into a discussion about media subscription overload, Mitch's ground rules during his vacation, and reaction to the M's trades prior to the trade deadline. Three "Best Of" guests are retired Navy captain Charlie Plumb, longtime Seattle sports media figure Jim Moore, & television actress & teacher Nicci Carr. Later, the guys weigh in on miscellaneous topics ranging from Hawks training camp to Evander Kane's betting investigation, to ScarJo's lawsuit with Disney. Enjoy! GUESTS Charlie Plumb | Retired United States Navy Captain Jim Moore | Former Seattle sports radio personality Nicci Carr | TV actress TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | With coronavirus running through the Vikings quarterback room, which familiar face will be taking snaps in training camp? 3:30 | The guys open up the listener mailbag for some Unfiltered feedback. 17:03 | If someone is listening to Mitch Unfiltered for the first time, they'll be interested to know how Scott earned the nickname "Hotshot" 20:33 | How much money would we save if we all just cancelled our monthly media subscriptions?  27:10 | Mitch makes his long-awaited return to air travel for a vacation and he has a few simple requests while he's gone. 41:08 | With the MLB trade deadline in the rearview mirror, did Dipoto do the right thing to balance the present with the future? 51:53 | GUEST: Charlie Plumb tells his story of surviving six years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam after his fighter jet was shot down over Hanoi. 1:29:41 | GUEST: Jim Moore jumps aboard to share some memories during his career as a sports writer and radio personality in Seattle. 2:09:00 | GUEST: Nicci Carr joins the show to talk about the emotional roller coaster ride in her role on the “Scoop There It Is” GEICO commercial with Tag Team. 2:31:16 | There is a new leader in the clubhouse for highest valued football card which will blow your mind. 2:33:13 | Seahawks training camp is underway and early storylines include an Eskridge injury and Taylor expectations. 2:40:48 | Evander Kane is facing serious allegations about sports gambling against his own his wife!  2:44:46 | Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney for fifty million smackers for their streaming release of Black Widow after being promised a theatrical debut. 

    Episode 151 - Olympic Gold Medalist Dan O'Brien & Jamal Adams Contract Crystal Ball

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 140:55

    RUNDOWN To kick off today's show, Mitch scours through a pile of minidisks of interviews from years gone by before Scott chats about his afternoon at the T-Mobile Park followed by a opening of the Mitch Unfiltered mailbox. Then, the guys discuss the embarrassing start for Team USA basketball with a loss to France and the scrutiny aimed at the Kraken front office for their expansion draft selections. Three guests are 1996 Olympic decathlon gold medalist Dan O'Brien, former Seahawks executive Randy Mueller, and MLB draft expert Jim Callis. The “Other Stuff” segment features a variety of topics including an NFL training camp attendee watch, the ageless Nelson Cruz, and Bill Walton placing personal treasures up for sale! GUESTS Dan O'Brien | 1996 Olympic gold medal decathlete Randy Mueller | NFL Executive of the Year (2000) Jim Callis | MLB Pipeline senior writer TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | Does anyone have a minidisk player so Mitch can listen to his pile of interview files from the past 25 years? 4:40 | Why the heck did it take Scott eight hours to go to a baseball game on Sunday? 9:49 | Listeners don't hold back with today's reading of the mailbag! 23:34 | Mitch hasn't caught a minute of Olympics coverage yet, but maybe that's a good thing considering the hoops team lost to France. 27:19 | Kraken insiders are skeptical about the crop of players the franchise selected for their inaugural season. 36:50 | GUEST: Dan O'Brien shares his story as a kid from Portland that became an Olympic gold medalist in the 1996 games in Atlanta. 1:15:09 | GUEST: Randy Mueller jumps aboard to chat about top Hawks training camp stories including Jamal Adams' contract situation. 1:37:56 | GUEST: Jim Callis weighs in on the 2021 MLB Draft class including M's top pick out of high school Harry Ford. 1:54:00 | Which notable NFL contract-seekers will or will not show up to training camp? 1:57:51 | It sure would be nice if the Mariners still had Boomstick in their lineup, even at age 41. 2:03:11 | The NFL is cracking down on coaches and players that refuse to get vaccinated. 2:08:02 | Bill Russell is auctioning off his NBA memorabilia which makes Mitch sad, but also interested.

    Episode 150 - Richard Sherman Issues Apology & What's The Hubbub With Bubble Tea

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2021 155:15

    RUNDOWN  Today's episode begins with Hotshot explaining the bubble tea phenomenon which seems to have sprung up out of nowhere. Then, the guys provide their takeaways from the Richard Sherman incident and the lasting impact it will have for him and his family. Three best-of guests are local golfing legend Fred Couples, singer-songwriter Gary Portnoy, and author Larry "Ratso" Sloman. Later, Mitch and Scott chat about a variety of topics ranging from cardboard beds to the shooting at the Nationals game to stolen teeth! GUESTS  Fred Couples | PGA golfer Gary Portnoy | Singer-songwriter Larry “Ratso” Sloman | co-author of Mike Tyson autobiography Undisputed Truth TABLE OF CONTENTS  0:00 | What the heck is bubble tea and since when were they built at every street corner in sight? 21:36 | Richard Sherman broke his silence about his incident and has revealed some mental issues he is dealing with.   41:21 | GUEST: 1992 Masters Champion Fred Couples joins the show to shares some memories from his countless rounds at Augusta.  1:13:25 | GUEST: Gary Portnoy tells the story of creating the iconic theme song to Cheers “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”.  1:42:42 | GUEST: Larry Sloman steps in the ring to weigh in on Mike Tyson's return to the ring after a 15-year hiatus.   2:13:08 | Which did you enjoy more...Shark Week or The Open Championship. 2:18:24 | There is a rumor swirling around that the beds in Tokyo are made of cardboard to keep the Olympics athletes socially distanced. 2:25:03 | A shooting at Nationals Park revealed the heroism of Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado. 2:29:56 | A woman in Nevada planned her grand a dentist office. 

    Episode 149 - College Athletes Takin' Care of Business & Steve Phillips All-Star Break Chat

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2021 130:45

    RUNDOWN At the top of the show, the guys announce details for Mitch's Open Championship presented by Fireside Home Solutions. Then, they jump into discussion about Mitch's round of golf with a Seattle Sounder (unknowingly), DK's next sprint challenge, and Charles Barkley's losing bet. Today's guests are college football lineman Dillan Gibbons, co-founder of Luis Pardillo, and former MLB executive Steve Phillips. The "Other Stuff" segment features a variety of topics such as energy drinks, space travel, and carnival ride malfunctions! GUESTS Dillan Gibbons | Florida State offensive lineman Luis Pardillo | Co-founder & CEO of Steve Phillips | Former Mets GM and current MLB analyst TABLE OF CONTENTS 3:44 | Get your picks in for Mitch's Open Championship powered by Fireside Home Solutions for great prizes! 16:01 | Mitch played in a golf scramble at Maplewood Golf Course with a pro athlete...which he was completely unaware of. 25:14 | Would you take DK Metcalf or Tyreek Hill in a 100 meter dash? 28:24 | The American Century Classic celebrity golf tournament resulted in a wager by Charles Barkley which didn't quite cash in. 39:36 | GUEST: Florida State lineman Dillan Gibbons swings by to discuss how he is applying the new name, image, and likeness ruling for charitable endeavors. 58:47 | GUEST: Luis Pardillo joins the show to chat about his business which helps college athletes engage in sensible business deals with companies. 1:17:44 | GUEST: Steve Phillips returns for an MLB All Star Break check-up to chat about the suddenly hot M's and the Trevor Bauer story. 1:35:32 | Mitch pays off the trivia question he teased in Episode 148P. 1:43:00 | Team Nigeria edged Team USA basketball in an exhibition...put the college kids in!  1:46:22 | What's up with billionaires going into space all of a sudden? 1:51:33 | Not only is she the National Spelling Bee champion, but Zaila Avant-Garde has a future in basketball too!  1:54:49 | A Michigan carnival ride nearly tipped over, but some brave bystanders jumped into action to help.

    Episode 148 - Hotshot Returns from Hawaii & Mickelson Pissed At Motor City Media

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 180:38

    RUNDOWN The boys are back together again and catch up after Hotshot's Hawaiian adventure. Then, the guys dive into some baseball chatter heading toward the All Star Break including the M's and Trevor Bauer story and the latest media drama involving Phil Mickelson. Three hand-picked "Best Of Mitch Unfiltered" guest segments today are the interviews with legendary QB Jim McMahon, inspiring head basketball coach at NC Central LeVelle Moton, and composer of Roundball Rock John Tesh. Today's "Other Stuff" segment includes topics such as Trevor Lawrence's money-making potential, fireworks, and Sha'Carri Richardson's weed ban by the Olympics.  GUESTS Jim McMahon | Super Bowl winning NFL quarterback (released on June 29, 2020 - Episode 98) LeVelle Moton | NC Central men's basketball coach (released on June 1, 2020 - Episode 96) John Tesh | Music composer & author of autobiography Relentless (released on April 20, 2020 - Episode 88) TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | Hotshot is golden brown after a week of basking in the Hawaiian sun. 15:15 | How many more years of Mitch Unfiltered until Scott quits hearing "Hey, what every happened to Mitch Levy?" from random people?  38:21 | Does the winning by the Mariners take away the sting of seeing Mike Zunino receive the All-Star nod? 46:14 | Outspoken Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer is facing serious allegations of domestic violence. 50:31 | Fresh off his PGA Championship victory, Phil is upset with Detroit media after a recent hit piece outlining a 2007 gambling incident.  59:30 | GUEST: Jim McMahon drops by to share some classic stories from his memorable football career. 1:34:09 | GUEST: College hoops coach LeVelle Moton shares his experience involving excessive force during a traffic stop.     2:06:54 | GUEST: John Tesh jumps aboard to chat about autobiography Relentless which details his entertainment career and battles with cancer & addiction. 2:35:15 | Trevor Lawrence inked his first pro deal with over $24 million guaranteed. 2:38:10 | The tragic death of Matiss Kivlenieks reminds Mitch why he wrap his arms around the love of lighting off fireworks. 2:43:43 | The NCAA is taking a step into unchartered waters by allowing athletes to make money using their name, image, and likeness.  2:45:06 | Pretty much everyone has jumped to Sha'Carri Richardson's defense about her marijuana suspension for the Olympics. 

    Episode 147 - Graduating From Addiction & Openly Gay Football Pioneer Scott Frantz

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2021 142:21

    RUNDOWN At the beginning of the show, Mitch welcomes his special co-host while Hotshot is sunbathing in Hawaii...Joe Fann! Then, the guys riff about Seahawks tidbits, a facepalm-worthy fan moment at the Tour de France, and Kelenic's road back to the show. Three guests are recent UW grad and former drug addict Ginny Burton, openly gay college football player from Kansas State Scott Frantz, and TV actor Ted Lange most prominently known as Isaac the Bartender from The Love Boat. As always, the show wraps with the "Other Stuff" segment with featured topics such as Superman's nephew, Taijuan Walker, and Kevin Durant's petty personality on display. GUESTS Ginny Burton | Tacoma-native & UW class of 2021 Scott Frantz | Former Kansas State offensive lineman Ted Lange | TV actor/director on The Love Boat TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | Esteemed member of the Seahawks No-Table Joe Fann joins Mitch Unfiltered in the virtual co-host chair in Cabo.  16:27 | Who the heck is Dave Hakstol? Apparently the first head coach of The Kraken. 23:57 | Should the Hawks offer a return-to-home deal for Bellevue HS alum and free agent David DeCastro? 26:06 | A sign-holding spectator at the Tour de France got too close to the action and caused a massive crash. 30:59 | An ejection of Mariners pitcher Hector Santiago earned him a spot in the record book of MLB notoriety.  43:27 | GUEST: Recent UW grad Ginny Burton shares her incredible story of overcoming homelessness and drug addiction to turning her life around with a college degree. 1:17:49 | GUEST: Scott Frantz weighs in on Carl Nassib's announcement as a gay man in the NFL and recalls when he told his teammates at Penn State. 1:36:59 | GUEST: Ted Lange hops aboard to share some memories as a cast-member in The Love Boat. 2:04:51 | Seven year old Tom claimed his uncle is Superman...turns out he wasn't wrong since he is the nephew of Henry Cavill. 2:06:29 | While Jacob deGrom is dominating every batter that steps up to the plate, fellow Met and for Mariner Taijuan Walker is having a heck of a season as well. 2:12:47 | North Carolina State baseball is stunned after finding out their College World Series bid is dashed thanks to COVID.   2:16:48 | Scottie Pippen is throwing shade at sensy-poo Kevin Durant for his inability to play team basketball. 

    Episode 146 - Restoring Heroes Lives Through Movement & Irreverent Executive David Samson

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 135:17

    RUNDOWN Today's show begins with hostile mailbag reading about Mitch's Costco story and a recap of Father's Day weekend. Then, the guys react to John Rahm's emotional U.S. Open win before discussing Seahawks summer headlines and the red-hot Mariners. Three featured guests are NFL vet and Adaptive Training Foundation founder David Vobora, former MLB exec & current host of Nothing Personal with David Samson podcast David Samson, & Juanita pitcher Nick Taylor. Finally, in the "Other Stuff" segment, a variety of topics are brought to the table including McDonalds fights, an imposter Andy Reid, and butt-enhancing leggings!  GUESTS David Vobora | NFL veteran & Adaptive Training Foundation founder David Samson | Former MLB executive Nick Taylor | Juanita HS pitcher TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | Mitch braces himself for shots from the peanut gallery criticizing his Costco antics. 5:32 | Hotshot spent the weekend watching some action-packed youth softball. 24:46 | The guys share their takeaways from John Rahm's thrilling U.S. Open victory at Torrey Pines. 33:21 | The Seahawks summer is officially underway with some contract question marks lingering. 40:09 | Don't look now, but this young Mariners squad is quietly piling up wins! 50:56 | GUEST: Retired NFL player David Vobora shares his inspirational story from facing death after his career to channeling his passion toward a rehabilitation gym for military vets. 1:11:07 | GUEST: Former MLB front office executive and current podcast host David Samson checks in to discuss injuries, call-ups, and cheating currently facing the game.  1:35:25 | GUEST: Juanita High School grad Nick Taylor swings by to talk about overcoming adversity and emerging as a top pitcher in the state.    1:51:05 | The Bronx Bombers ended Sunday's game with a triple play, how rare! 1:54:45 | A McDonalds customer attacked two employees after being served a subpar beverage. 1:59:45 | Andy Reid was caught at a Royals game by himself taking selfies...or so the announcers thought. 2:05:23 | Happy Amazon Prime Day! Are you going to pick up any of the hot deals? 2:08:35 | A fantasy football punishment resulted in a man spending a full day at a Waffle House gobbling waffles. 

    Episode 145 - Joe Fann Turning The Page & Stephon Gilmore Hawks Prospects

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2021 148:34

    RUNDOWN To kick things off, the guys announce the details for Mitch's US Open Pool presented by Fireside Home Solutions, sign up today! . Then, Mitch shares his Costco fiasco over the weekend before the guys share their takeaways from Russell's candid presser last week. Three featured guests are NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider Joe Fann followed by Nashua Telegraph Pats writer Tom King and Stewart Newman, son of card collector Thomas Newman. The “Other Stuff” segment includes topics ranging from the College Football Playoff to a man nearly eaten by a whale to Logan Gilbert's progression as a major leaguer. GUESTS Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider Tom King | Nashua Telegraph Patriots writer Stewart Newman | Babe Ruth card seller TABLE OF CONTENTS 3:37 | Get your picks in for Mitch's US Open Pool now at! 30:03 | Mitch had to make a Costco run on Saturday that was full of surprises.  42:24 | What do you make of Russell Wilson's press conference during OTA's on Thursday? 57:23 | GUEST: One half of the Seahawks No-Table Joe Fann checks in to chat about his next chapter stepping away from NBC Sports Northwest. 1:20:21 | GUEST: Longtime Pats writer with the Nashua Telegraph Tom King jumps aboard to discuss potential trade partners for Stephon Gilmore and his current contract situation. 1:34:00 | GUEST: Stewart Newman swings by to tell the story of the Babe Ruth baseball card he inherited from his Father which was just sold at auction for over a million bucks. 1:55:20 | The College Football Playoff is expected to expand from four to twelve teams...finally! 2:02:27 | A real live Moby Dick story occurred to a Massachusetts man. 2:09:50 | Christian Eriksen is lucky to be alive after collapsing on the field and being brought back to life. 2:14:08 | Logan Gilbert is quietly earning his spot in the M's rotation even since his shaky debut. 

    Episode 144 - Seahawks No-Table & Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen's Kobe Memories

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2021 138:45

    RUNDOWN To kick off today's show, Scott confesses he paid $50 for the Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight which he has to quickly run home to watch. Then, Mitch and Scott chat about the breaking news of Julio Jones to Tennessee, Jarred Kelenic's ongoing slump, and Jacob deGrom's unprecedent statistical start to the season. A four pack of guests beginning with Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson of ESPN and Joe Fann of NBC Sports Northwest followed by former LA Laker Mark Madsen and grand slam tennis doubles champ Rennae Stubbs. The "Other Stuff" segment features a wide variety of topics including trouble for the Tokyo Olympics, misfortune for John Rahm, and a Tom Brady game ball that auctioned for a pretty penny!   GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider Mark Madsen | UVU basketball coach - Rennae Stubbs | Six-time grand slam doubles tennis winner TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:33 | Hotshot dropped fifty bucks to watch Logan Paul tussle with Floyd Mayweather.  28:24 | The Julio Jones lottery is over and the Tennessee Titans are the big winners. 35:48 | The hitting woes for Jarred Kelenic continue as the young Mariner is nearing historically notorious territory. 42:33 | Jacob deGrom is quietly putting together the most dominant pitching season in MLB history.    53:12 | GUEST: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann are back for another Seahawks No-Table to chat about the Julio Jones tease and Russell's contract. 1:17:07 | GUEST: Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen checks in to share some memories playing alongside Kobe and the rest of the dominant Lakers in the early 2000s. 1:39:00 | GUEST: Former tennis doubles champion Rennae Stubbs weighs in on Naomi Osaka's admission of mental health issues and the static among media. 1:56:20 | The Tokyo Olympics are facing a massive staffing shortage at the eleventh hour with thousands of volunteer stepping away. 1:59:46 | The disqualification of John Rahm in The Memorial with a six stroke lead was heartbreaking. 2:04:47 | A Michigan man was so excited about winning a cool million from a scratch ticket that he drove away with the gas pump still connected to his car. 2:06:15 | Tom Brady's first touchdown football was recently sold for $425 thousand which was initially thrown into the crowd to a lucky fan. 2:12:24 | Greg Olson's son TJ has received a donor for his needed heart transplant.

    Episode 143 - Neuheisel Evaluates Kliavkoff Hire & Steve Phillips MLB State of the Union

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2021 147:19

    RUNDOWN  Laughter begins at the top of the show as Mitch introduces his special co-host from the old KJR days. Then, the guys catch up after some time apart before reluctantly diving in to Phil's historic victory on the PGA Championship. Five guests beginning with longtime friends Rick Neuheisel then Steve Phillips followed by author Brad Stone and closing out with teen golf sensation Chloe Kovelesky and her mother Tina. The "Other Stuff" segment covers a handful of topics including Shohei Ohtani, a possible NBA scheduling change, and footballs with implanted chips. Happy Memorial Day!   GUESTS Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Steve Phillips | Former Mets GM Brad Stone | Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire author Chloe & Tina Kovelesky | 14 year old Women's U.S. Open qualifier and Mom of Chloe TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | Well, well, well...look who is in the co-host chair for today's show! 20:40 | The guys share their radio roots and catch up on their happenings these days. 30:16 | Mitch's biggest nightmare came true, Phil Mickelson won another major.  49:05 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel returns to weigh in on the new PAC-12 commish and reveals he will be officiating a wedding! 1:13:15 | GUEST: Steve Phillips swings by to break down current baseball trends that are changing the game. 1:36:00 | GUEST: Author Brad Stone jumps aboard to discuss his new book Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire which outlines the evolution of the company. 1:50:19 | GUEST: Golf phenom Chloe Kovelesky and her Mom Tina join the show to chat about her qualification to the Women's U.S. Open at age 14. 2:05:53 | Shohei Ohtani is an unprecedented talent that is not receiving nearly enough publicity nationally. 2:09:32 | The NBA will reconsider the concept of a midseason tournament to maintain interest leading up to the playoffs. 2:11:08 | Patrick Mahomes is ready for the NFL to insert microchips into the football to take the guesswork out of goal line plays.

    Episode 142 - NFL Track Star Legend Renaldo Nehemiah & La Canfora Offseason Report

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2021 135:26

    RUNDOWN The guys tease today's episode by sharing details on the new podcast contest Mitch's PGA Pool powered by Fireside Home Solutions. Then, Mitch and Scott open up the listener mailbox, talk about their past and present video game addictions, and recap the 2021 Naismith hall of fame class. Three featured guests are NFL & track veteran Renaldo Nehemiah, NFL national columnist & sports radio host Jason La Canfora, & former assistant pro at Legends Golf & Country Club Brad Stecklein. In the "Other Stuff" segment, the guys volley random topics back and forth including brawls, expert Twitter trolling by Chris Long, & a brilliant Saturday Night Live skit! GUESTS Renaldo Nehemiah | Former 110m hurler & NFL wide receiver Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports NFL writer & 105.7 The Fan – Baltimore radio host Brad Stecklein | Ex-assistant golf pro - Legends Golf & Country Club  TABLE OF CONTENTS 5:41 | Sign up for Mitch's PGA Pool presented by Fireside Home Solutions for cash prizes and more! 19:11 | Apple CarPlay is starting to freak Mitch out. 28:11 | The guys open up the Unfiltered listener mailbag to get a pulse of the people. 38:11 | Mitch is stunned that Hotshot still plays video games and fondly remembers his Pong days. 42:15 | Rookie minicamp has concluded and Juantarius Bryant was duped.  45:12 | A new class of Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame nominees have been inducted. GUEST: 54:01 | Renaldo Nehemiah shares his opinion of DK Metcalf's performance on the track as a renowned former NFL receiver and sprinter himself. GUEST: 1:17:56 | Jason La Canfora returns to chat about offseason headlines such as quarterback controversy in Green Bay and Seattle in addition to schedule release instant reaction. GUEST: 1:36:14 | Former assistant golf pro at Legends Golf & Country Club Brad Stecklein swings by to discuss his recent firing and hunger strike against management as a form of protest. 1:53:29 | The headline in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about Colt Brennan's death missed the mark. 1:55:57 | Target has suspended card sales due to brawls among fanatics. 2:00:05 | Are you ready to pony up a grand to see Brady return to Foxboro? 2:00:51 | Mark Ingram called out United Airlines on social media for losing his bag and Chris Long intervened hilariously. 2:04:01 | A man was robbed at gunpoint while eating Beverly Hills! 2:06:26 | The SNL sketch of the Michael Jordan doc is a must-watch. 

    Episode 141 - Preeminent Mr. Irrelevant & Major League Mom

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2021 120:04

    RUNDOWN The guys begin the show by remembering the late Tawny Kitaen who was a staple of rock music videos. Then, they chat about a Russ for Rodgers hypothetical trade proposal, DK Metcalf's track debut, and the hapless M's lineup in the wake of a no-hitter. A trio of guests beginning with the final pick of the 1994 NFL Draft Marty Moore, Sue Boone to talk about raising Bret and Aaron, & Teenager Madison Kohout whom accidentally moved into a retirement community. Later in the "Other Stuff" segment, the topics range from the earthward rocket result, to Bill Gates imposters on Tinder, to Brady's new boat! GUESTS Marty Moore | Superbowl champ & last pick in '94 NFL Draft Sue Boone | Mother of Bret & Aaron Boone Madison Kohout | Teenage resident in retirement community TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | RIP to music video legend from the 80s & 90s Tawny Kitaen.  22:29 | Hotshot plays a round of Stump the Band...topic is quarterback passing record. 26:21 | The "Stick to Sports" crowed is being challenged by listeners that want to mix it up every once in awhile. 28:21 | Would you trade Russell Wilson for Aaron Rodgers straight up?   40:14 | DK Metcalf clocked a 10.36 second 100 meter dash in a USATF event. 53:21 | Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit is in big trouble after failing a drug test in addition to the horse's trainer Bob Baffert. 44:51 | How impressive is a no-hitter against the Mariners given the hodge-podge lineup that is being trotted out each day?    53:21 | GUEST: Marty Moore jumps aboard to talk about being the final draft selection in 1994 and his career with the Patriots that followed.  1:14:35 | GUEST: Sue Boone swings by to reflect on her story being the Mom and Wife of a major league baseball players and a manager. 1:32:41 | GUEST: Madison Kohout joins the show to discuss what led to her living among seniors as a teenager and her outlook moving forward. 1:47:10 | Debris from the errant Chinese rocket fortunately did not crash into populated area when it reentered out atmosphere this weekend. 1:49:27 | Tinder users better keep an eye out for Bill Gates impersonators.  1:54:00 | Tom Brady is upgrading his boat game by trading his 55 footer to a 77' yacht.

    Episode 140 - D'Wayne Eskridge Coach's Report & Seahawks Draft Review

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2021 136:51

    RUNDOWN  Today’s show kicks off with a complaint of how drawn-out the NFL Draft is followed by some listener feedback. Then, Mitch and Scott dive into a draft review as Schneider adds three new Hawks to the roster over the weekend along with other league storylines. Featured guests are Western Michigan football coach Tim Lester, former front office NFL executive Randy Mueller, and Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson of ESPN and Joe Fann of NBC Sports Northwest. Later, the guys run through odds and ends including The Kentucky Derby, Disneyland's reopening, and Jennifer Lopez moving from A-Rod back to Ben Affleck! GUESTS  Tim Lester | Western Michigan football coach Randy Mueller | NFL Executive of the Year (2000) Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider  Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider TABLE OF CONTENTS  0:00 | What does the NFL Draft and horse racing have in common? 20:12 | An inappropriate poem is swirling around Issaquah schools which is concerning to parents like Scott. 23:17 | The guys provide their initial impressions of the 2021 Seahawks draft class. 32:50 | What were the other top storylines throughout draft weekend? 41:09 | GUEST: Coach Tim Lester jumps aboard to provide a scouting report of Seattle's newest wide receiver D'Wayne Eskridge from Western Michigan. 59:01 | GUEST: Randy Mueller returns to share some front office memories, the 2021 NFL draft, and offseason storylines across the league. 1:25:58 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann are back to discuss their takeaways from Seahawks draft class. 1:53:16 | Back-to-back golf stories begin the "Other Stuff" segment. 1:57:41 | Bob Baffert notches his seventh Kentucky Derby victory with Medina Spirit. 2:02:31 | Elon Musk will be hosting Saturday Night Live next week much to the chagrin of several cast members. 2:05:30 | People are losing their minds since the reopening of Disneyland! 2:09:34 | Would you rather have dinner with Alex Rodriguez or Ben Affleck? 2:10:48 | RIP to Oscar winning actress Olympia Dukakis and wife of Kirk Douglas Anne Buydens.

    Episode 139 - Finding Family Through Football & Seahawks No-Table Draft Edition

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2021 143:06

    RUNDOWN   The guys begin the tease by continuing their pre-show conversation about radio icon Delilah before reading listener reviews. Then, the guys shift to chatting about the NFL Draft later this week, a recent photo of Tiger Woods in improved spirits,  and Charles Barkley's teflon-like barrier to media backlash. Four featured guests beginning with Indiana football coach Deland McCullough, Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson of ESPN & Joe Fann of NBC Sports Northwest, and Mariners writer with The Athletic Corey Brock. The "Other Stuff" segment includes topics such as Rob Gronkowski's latest stunt, a lawsuit against Seattle's new hockey team, and the moral approach to mistakes on restaurant tabs! GUESTS  Deland McCullough | Indiana football coach  Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider Corey Brock | The Athletic Mariners writer TABLE OF CONTENTS  0:00 | Do you remember listening to Delilah on the radio many moons ago? 19:40 | Kids these days pay with their cell phones while Mitch recalls the time police officers showed up to his dorm to call his parents. 24:48 | Mitch and Scott prognosticate about the Seahawks strategy for the draft. 28:49 | There are some new rule changes to the draft and upcoming NFL season to keep an eye on. 32:27 | A heartwarming photo of Tiger Woods with crutches and a grin on his face surfaced online. 34:53 | Charles Barkley has earned the distinction as one of a select few that can spout controversial commentary without repercussions. 45:37 | GUEST: Leland McCullough shares his incredible story of discovering his family throughout his life while pursuing his dreams in football. 1:13:40 | GUEST: ESPN's Brady Henderson and NBC Sports Northwest's Joe Fann gather 'round the Seahawks No-Table to preview the draft. 1:42:46 | GUEST: Corey Brock is back to reflect on the M's hot start and if they can remain an AL West contender down the stretch. 2:01:39 | Gronk set a Guinness World Record for catching a football from a helicopter at Arizona's spring game. 2:05:46 | Kraken Bar & Grill in Seattle is suing the NHL franchise $3.5 million for naming rights violations. 2:06:58 | The state of Washington ranks seventh for "most catfished" in the union. 2:10:04 | BetMGM made a $10,500 error which a handful of gamblers noticed and seized upon.

    Episode 138 - Wall Street Villain Madoff Dies Behind Bars & Twins Head Of Security A Voice For Change

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2021 135:57

    RUNDOWN  Even before the tease, Mitch has a complaint, concern, and clarification. Then, they open the listener mailbag before starting the show chatting about Aldon Smith signing with the Hawks, an Aaron Donald fight update, and Steph Curry's addiction to social media. A four-pack of featured guests beginning with writer of The Wizard of Lies Diana Henriques and co-founder of Madoff Survivors Group Ilene Kent followed by Minnesota Twins Head of Security Charles Adams lll and North Texas softball pitcher Hope Trautwein. The "Other Stuff" segment includes Joe Buck's potential new gig, Lord of the Rings coming to a television near you, and a youth basketball brawl! GUESTS Diana Henriques | The Wizard of Lies author Ilene Kent | Madoff Survivors Group co-founder Charles Adams lll | Minnesota Twins Head of Security Hope Trautwein | North Texas softball pitcher TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | Prior to the tease, Mitch hashes out his soreness, concern, and need of a clarification. 17:02 | The guys open the mailbox to read unfiltered listener feedback.  36:18 | Are you excited that the Seahawks signed Aldon Smith despite his speckled past?  43:26 | It appears people jumped to conclusions too quickly about Aaron Donald's alleged participation in a bar fight. 46:43 | Have you ever wondered if athletes check their phones during games? 52:59 | GUEST: Diana Henriques talks about her book & film A Wizard of Lies which depicts the life of Bernie Madoff. 1:12:52 | GUEST: Ilene Kent shares her firsthand experience of how the Madoff fraud scheme depleted her family's life savings. 1:25:56 | GUEST: Charles Adams lll shares his perspective as a former Minneapolis Police office and currently the Twins head of security while coaching high school football at his alma mater. 1:40:24 | GUEST: Softball pitch from North Texas University Hope Trautwein swings by to reflect on her 21 strikeout perfect game and the national attention that followed.  1:57:53 | William Amos joins the list of Zoom call participants whose camera was pointed where the sun doesn't shine for all to see.  1:58:51 | Joe Buck haters are crossing their fingers he doesn't become the next full-time Jeopardy! host.    2:02:27 | A Lord of the Rings TV series is coming and the price tag to produce the first season is stunning. 2:06:05 | An AAU girls basketball game went awry and resulted in fisticuffs with the officials. 2:10:16 | RIP to character actor Felix Cilla, world's oldest person Hester Ford, and Alma Walhberg - Mother of Mark and Donnie.

    Episode 137 - "One Shining Moment" Origin Story & World's Third Smartest Person

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2021 132:57

    RUNDOWN  The guys are together again and wish they could just pick up and move to Arizona. Then, they chat about Mitch's favorite sports day of the year, Joe Musgrove's no-hitter, and open the listener mailbag. Three fantastic guests beginning with musician David Barrett, television writer & genius Rick Rosner, and a return of PGA golfer Ken Green. Later, Mitch and Scott check off their laundry list of other topics including the Friends reunion show, the LA Dodgers ring ceremony, and pricy sports memorabilia. GUESTS  David Barrett | One Shining Moment songwriter Rick Rosner | TV writer & world’s third highest IQ ranking  Ken Green | Former PGA golfer  TABLE OF CONTENTS  0:00 | The Soden family is back from spring break in Arizona and both he and Mitch imagine moving down there for year-round sunshine. 17:59 | Masters Sunday just wrapped up with Hideki Matsuyama hanging on to his lead in the final holes. 25:35 | Joe Musgrove tossed the first no-hitter in Padres history on Friday and could barely hold in his enormous quantity of water during the game. 26:46 | Episode 136 generated tons of emails from the Mitch Unfiltered listeners on a variety of topics. 43:05 | GUEST: David Barrett checks in to recall his inspiration to write the classic song One Shining Moment which has become a staple in college basketball for over three decades.  1:08:13 | GUEST: Rick Rosner shares his unique story that led to his role as a writer for The Jimmy Kimmel Show, a controversial appearance on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and the distinction as third smartest person.  1:33:53 | GUEST: Ken Green swings by for reaction to Hideki Matsuyama's victory in the 2021 Masters.  1:57:00 | The announcement for a Friends reunion was leaked by Matthew Perry aka Chandler. 1:59:23 | Dodgers players received their World Series rings and an introduction by their childhood baseball hero. 2:04:18 | A Babe Ruth handwritten letter to his mistress is up for auction for a cool quarter million. 2:07:05 | RIP Prince Philip and everyone knows were longtime buds.

    Episode 136 - Seattle Sports Media Cornerstone Jim Moore & GEICO Ad Star Nicci Carr

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2021 154:17

    RUNDOWN  The guys kick off today's show in separate locations as Hotshot is in Arizona again for youth basketball in the wake of a mushroom incident. Mitch chats about his recent MRI experience, the thrilling Gonzaga semifinal victory, and the frustrating exit by Jarran Reed from the Seahawks. Three guests are longtime Seattle sports media figure Jim Moore, television actress & teacher Nicci Carr, and seven-time golf world record holder Bob Kurtz. "Other Stuff" topics run the gamut from Super Mario Brothers, to the retirement of Roy Williams, to Aaron Rodgers' upcoming appearance on non-football primetime television! GUESTS Jim Moore | Former Seattle sports radio personality  Nicci Carr | TV actress Bob Kurtz | Golf world record holder TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:54 | Scott's Daughter should take a page out of Mitch's anti-mushroom playbook after tonight's quesadilla fiasco. 5:58 | Michael Strahan duped everyone...especially Hotshot...with his April Fool's Day joke about his tooth gap fix. 10:09 | Become a Patron to have a listen to all the fun bonus Mitch Unfiltered content including the latest Stevie Nicks episode. 15:10 | Make sure to sign up for Mitch's Masters Pool at! 28:10 | Mitch underwent his first MRI on Friday for his nagging back which reminded him of his claustrophobia. 33:46 | A listener sent a request laden with four-letter words that encourages the guys to use more foul language. 38:44 | Are you happy to see Gonzaga (and the weasel) advance to the national championship game? 45:25 | Jarran Reed's departure from Seattle leaves a sour taste in Mitch;s mouth.   56:08 | GUEST: Jim Moore jumps aboard to share some memories during his career as a sports writer and radio personality in Seattle. 1:35:04 | GUEST: Nicci Carr joins the show to talk about the emotional roller coaster ride in her role on the "Scoop There It Is" GEICO commercial with Tag Team. 1:57:14 | GUEST: Bob Kurtz also known as "Golf's Ironman" swings by to chat about his world records including his most recent feat. 2:18:20 | Shohei Ohtani and Cody Bellinger hit two of the most notable homers in the first weekend of the MLB season. 2:20:53 | A sealed copy of the original Mario game recently sold for $660K. 2:22:07 | Even though the MLB All Star Game won't be played in Atlanta this season, don't expect the Masters to follow suit. 2:24:19 | Legendary North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams is hanging it up after over three decades in Chapel Hill. 2:26:19 | Aaron Rodgers will be the celebrity host of Jeopardy! this week.

    Episode 135 - Scoop There It Is & Big Unit's Bird Story From Batter's Box

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2021 135:47

    RUNDOWN To kick off today's show, Mitch remarks at Hotshot's booming car speakers which he heard blaring outside upon his arrival. Then, the guys provide a brief Unfiltered Madness contest update before reacting to Seahawks free agency news followed by a humorous storyline involving Laremy Tunsil. A trio of featured guests are Cecil "DC" Glenn from Tag Team & groundbreaking GEICO commercial, former big-leaguer Calvin Murray, and NBC Sports national NFL writer Peter King. In the "Other Stuff" segment, the variety of topics range from a theme park malfunction to a stunning Bucs roster fact to the passing of a Miami football pioneer.  GUESTS Cecil "DC" Glenn | Tag Team  Calvin Murray | MLB veteran 1999-2004  Peter King | NBC Sports national NFL columnist TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | Hotshot returns with his sound system blaring after being substituted by a fifteen year old last week.  19:38 | Scott went to dinner with former Mitch in the Morning producers to relive some radio memories. 22:55 | Unfiltered Madness is nearing its conclusion and Scott's bracket is the lead horse to limit the prize distribution.  27:39 | John Schneider played musical chairs with his defensive line last week with Carlos Dunlap and Kerry Hyder the last men standing. 32:48 | Could the Seahawks tread water if Lockett or Metcalf got banged up and does this open a window to Antonio Brown?  40:11 | Laremy Tunsil's NFL career may have started out rocky, but he is having the last laugh right now.  48:26 | GUEST: Cecil "DC" Green from hip hop group Tag Team and the hit GEICO ad jumps aboard to tell the story of the filming and reception. 1:13:16 | GUEST: Former MLB outfielder Calvin Murray swings by to recount the infamous Randy Johnson bird incident from his perspective in the batter's box.  1:34:41 | GUEST: Peter King checks in to discuss the top NFL offseason storylines such as the Dolphins blockbuster trade and Russell Wilson rumors. 1:55:04 | You never know what you'll find at a yard sale, including a bowl worth a half million bucks! 1:58:54 | The Brooklyn Nets are piling up all stars like it's going out of style. 2:04:45 | Tampa becomes the first team to return its entire starting unit for the first time in the salary cap era with the re-signing of Leonard Fournette. 2:06:44 | RIP to Grand Canyon basketball player Oscar Frayer, TV star Jessica Walter, and football coaching legend Howard Schnellenberger. 

    Episode 134 - Seahawks No-Table & Northern Iowa NCAA Tournament Legends

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2021 126:18

    RUNDOWN  At the top of the show, Mitch welcomes aboard his special co-host for today’s episode in Hotshot’s absence. Then, the guys chat about the first two rounds of March Madness and the first week of free agency for the Seahawks. Five guests on today's show are Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson and Joe Fann with ESPN and NBC Sports Northwest respectively followed by boxing analyst Al Bernstein and Northern Iowa hoops legends Ali Farokhmanesh and Paul Jesperson. Later, our special guest steals the show and asks Mitch about career tips, his favorite stadium fare, and his vote in the Jordan vs. LeBron debate. GUESTS  Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider  Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider  Ali Farokhmanesh | Northern Iowa 2008-2010  Paul Jesperson | Northern Iowa 2014-2016  Al Bernstein | Showtime Television boxing analyst   TABLE OF CONTENTS  0:00 | Mitch introduces his guest co-host for the show!  13:29 | The guys chat about their first meeting last week when Mitch was interviewed first. 18:19 | Is your bracket busted too? 23:05 | John Schneider has been busy in the first week of free agency. Who's coming and who's going?  36:26 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann virtually gather around the Seahawks No-Table to chat about the roster moves and non-moves thus far in free agency.  1:06:21 | GUESTS: Ali Farokhmanesh and Paul Jesperson check in to relive their memorable NCAA tournament moments with Northern Iowa in 2010 and 2016.  1:26:21 | GUEST: Hall of Fame Boxing analyst Al Bernstein joins the show to weigh in on the passing of boxing legend Marvelous Marvin Hagler.   1:47:53 | A blunder in last week's intro interview reminds Mitch of his infamous Sean McDonough story. 1:53:19 | Mitch shares a tip he learned early in his career which he applies to his interviews. 1:56:34 | Which ballpark foods do you miss most since the stadium shutdowns?

    Episode 133 - Unfiltered Madness Bracket Release & Korby Lenker Sings Some Tunes

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2021 156:48

    RUNDOWN We're back! Mitch and Scott catch up after a week off and welcome Bill Sanders from to share details for the Unfiltered Madness contest . Then, they dive headlong into a Seahawks catch-up including the Dunlap departure, failure to utilize franchise tags, and Russell contract implications. Three guests today are musician Korby Lenker, NFL analyst Ross Tucker, and college basketball columnist with Sporting News Mike DeCourcy. The "Other Stuff" segment is chock full of randomness with topics such as the Meyers Leonard fallout, the late Marvelous Marvin Hagler, and college basketball tidbits.  GUESTS Korby Lenker | Singer/songwriter Ross Tucker | Ross Tucker Football Podcast Mike DeCourcy | Sporting News college hoops columnist TABLE OF CONTENTS 13:03 | Bill Sanders from provides instructions for Unfiltered Madness for a chance to win great prizes!  27:43 | One third of the Soden family has been vaccinated while Mitch and Scott are still taking swings in the on-deck circle. 30:36 | How did you enjoy the Carlos Dunlap era and are you sad to see him go? 35:02 | John Schneider has some major gaps to fill if Shaq, Chris Carson, KJ, and others don't return. 39:19 | There is an interesting clause in Russell Wilson's contract that adds an extra element of intrigue to the uncertain future of Seattle's franchise QB. 50:05 | GUEST: Northwest native musician Korby Lenker joins the show to chat about his path to Music City and even plays a few songs as he prepares to release his eighth album.   1:16:46 | GUEST: Ross Tucker swings by to weigh in on Drew Brees' retirement, Russell Wilson's trade potential, and the free agency market. 1:34:58 | GUEST: Longtime college hoops expert Mike DeCourcy provides his candid reaction to the bracket as we prepare for the madness this week! The guys share their opinion on what the proper response should be for figures like Meyers Leonard and Justin Thomas who made mistakes. RIP Marvelous Marvin Hagler, a cornerstone of the golden era of boxing. Mitch shares a few college hoops tidbits including the dreadful season on Montlake, the dancing Beavers, and sports juju for Georgetown.

    Episode 132 - Seahawks Salary Cap Summary & Revealing CTE's Grim Effects

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2021 141:40

    RUNDOWN At the top of the show, the guys giggle about the popcorn-worthy Twitter spat between Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon & ESPN reporter Jamison Hensley and tease Hotshot's latest music release for Patrons. Then, Mitch and Scott assess the state of the M's as they pick up the pieces from last week's PR nightmare, discuss whether or not Tiger Woods is beloved, and remark on the courting of Russell Wilson across the league. Today's featured guest are salary cap expert Joel Corry, former MLB executive Steve Phillips, and co-founder of Concussion Legacy Foundation Dr. Chris Nowinski. The "Other Stuff" segment covers a variety of topics including sponsorship interest by Manscaped, Mitch's strange Randy Johnson encounters, and a concerning voicemail on Scott's phone!  GUESTS Joel Corry | Inside the Cap podcast host Steve Phillips | Former Mets GM Dr. Chris Nowinski | Concussion Legacy Foundation CEO TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:46 | Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon is threatening to release photos of ESPN reporter Jamison Hensley at a strip club if he doesn't apologize for his latest column. 5:21 | If you haven't gotten a chance to listen to Hotshot's latest music episode for Patrons, make sure to check it out! 24:07 | The clock is ticking for Mitch to receive the vaccine before his big European family vacation later this year. 26:45 | Will the Mariners organization bounce back from the latest incident resulting in the Kevin Mather's departure stemming from pointed comments at players and staff? 33:00 | The guys describe their initial reaction when they heard Tiger Woods was involved in a rollover car wreck. 42:57 | New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell among others is making a pitch to Russ and Ciara to head on down to the bayou and become the Saints next quarterback. 53:12 | GUEST: Joel Corry is back to discuss the Russell Wilson trade rumors from a business angle based on the Seahawks salary cap situation. 1:18:11 | GUEST: Steve Phillips swings by to provide his general manager perspective on the controversial comments that led to Kevin Mather stepping down as M's president. 1:36:05 | GUEST: Dr. Chris Nowinski checks in to share his personal experience with concussions and the prevalence of CTE among former football players. 1:54:08 | There was too much good storytelling with Matt "Stretch" that we had to break it up into three segments in Episode 131. 1:56:07 | Mike Trout's first game-worn jersey is on sale and expected to go for over a million bucks!   1:56:44 | The Las Vegas Knights backed out of their deal with after immediate backlash by fans. 1:59:10 | Lady Gaga's dog-walker deserves a raise after getting shot while taking a stroll in the neighborhood. 2:01:08 | A listener defends the business practice by Michael Schwimer investing in baseball prospects for a cut of future contracts. 2:04:21 | Manscaped is eager to become a sponsor for the podcast, but the guys are reluctant. 2:07:25 | Mitch recalls his two encounters with Randy Johnson, both of which were quite unusual.  2:16:59 | Hotshot plays a voicemail he received which explains what he's been doing in his spare time these days.

    Episode 131 - Radio Reunion With Stretch & Mather Puts Foot in Mouth

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2021 148:55

    RUNDOWN  The guys are back together in person after the Soden's trip to Arizona of which he is confirmed virus negative since his return. Then, they chat about Kim & Kanye's multi-billion dollar divorce, abrasive commentary from Mariners ownership, and more details about Russell Wilson's frustration with the Hawks. Today’s featured guest is Mitch's long-lost friend Matt “Stretch” Johnson who shares some classic tales from their days on the radio show. Stretch also talks about his transition after five years behind the mic with Seattle Sounders FC and a bout with coronavirus. Later, Scott returns for the "Other Stuff" segment including headlines ranging from a drunken Johnny Damon to the Mars Rover landing to Richard Sherman's uncertain future in the NFL. Finally, Mitch wraps up the podcast with a touching account of a listener's email exchanges with him that have included details about his wife's cancer diagnosis who passed away with grace and strength. GUEST  Matt “Stretch” Johnson | Former Sounders play-by-play broadcaster & morning show producer with Mitch.  TABLE OF CONTENTS  0:00 | Hotshot is back in studio and COVID-free (we think...) after a weeklong hiatus in Arizona. 7:07 | Former guest of the podcast Michael Schwimer is making headlines after his recent windfall associated with Fernando Tatis Jr.'s mega-deal. 24:46 | Piper Soden is the owner of a brand new iPhone 11 which Scott will be paying off for the next thirty years. 27:16 | Kim & Kanye hit the seven-year itch and are calling it quits with $3.5 billion to split. 37:07 | Kevin Mather is in the hot seat after some comments that displeased many of the few remaining Mariners fans in town. 44:11 | It is becoming clear that Pete Carroll and his antiquated offensive philosophy is the source of Russell Wilson's ire. 54:05 | The quarterback carousel continues to spin as Carson Wentz has fallen off to Indy while Watson is still aboard in Houston.  59:54 | GUEST: Matt "Stretch" Johnson makes his debut to the podcast after wrapping up his play-by-play duties with the Sounders to share some laughs with Mitch about memories from a thirty-year-long friendship. 2:11:00 | Former big leaguer Johnny Damon (a Florida man) and his wife got busted for DUI. 2:12:48 | More details have surfaced about Vincent Jackson's death from the hotel and his family has decided to donate his brain to CTE research.  2:14:24 | An Orlando police officer issued a ticket for a faulty brake light...turned out to be a gift card to an auto parts store. 2:18:28 | The Mars Rover has completed its 293 million mile journey and provided its first photos of the red planet.  2:19:19 | Would you take Richard Sherman back on the Hawks if the opportunity presented itself? 2:22:02 | Mitch ends the show with a tribute to Lindsay Larsen whose husband and podcast listener Chris mourns the loss of his wife to colon cancer with tremendous grace.    

    Episode 130 - Russell's Uncertain Hawks Future & Dr. Osborne's Heart Healthy Tips

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2021 152:37

    RUNDOWN  Today's show begins with Mitch recalling how much he hated driving to work in the snow while Scott shares an update about his long basketball weekend in Arizona. Then, the guys chat about Russell Wilson trade rumors, his salary implications, and pose a hypothetical deal with the Dolphins. Three guests are Dallas-based cardiologist Dr. John Osborne, recently retired former Hawks center Max Unger, and CBS Sports NFL writer Jason La Canfora. The "Other Stuff" segment includes topics ranging from James Paxton's return, to a drunken sled accident in West Virginia, to a new industry of "lightly used" masks. Listen to find out!   GUESTS Dr. John Osborne | Cardiologist Max Unger | Seahawks center 2009-2014 Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports NFL columnist & 105.7 The Fan - Baltimore TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | How is Scott faring after a weekend of wall-to-wall basketball in the desert while Mitch is buried under snow in Seattle? 7:17 | Mitch opens the mailbag from some faithful listeners of the show including reaction to the Chris Hansen interview in Episode 129. 25:04 | Hotshot encountered a few household names while in Arizona this weekend, but didn't have the guts to talk to them.  29:08 | Mitch explains Russell Wilson's current salary cap situation and reveals interesting results about a hypothetical trade he posted on Twitter.  59:33 | GUEST: Dr. John Osborne checks in to talk about the eye-opening facts about the prevalence of heart disease and the simple steps people can take for better health. 1:25:42 | GUEST: Max Unger jumps aboard to chat about his new retired lifestyle and shares some memories about his decade-long NFL career. 1:45:35 | GUEST: Jason La Canfora swings by to share some strong opinions about the rumblings about Russell's discontent with the Seahawks. 2:12:18 | Taylor Swift is re-recording her hit songs because her former record label is protecting their rights to her tunes. 2:13:44 | The Big Maple is back after a stint with the Yanks and is likely to be slotted near the top of the M's rotation. 2:19:24 | A freshman at WVU slammed into a police car while sledding down a hill in a laundry cart.  2:23:09 | "The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison and Justin Timberlake took to Twitter this week to issue apologies for recent scrutiny. 2:26:05 | Buyer beware if you buy a mask on Sniff'r or All Things Worn!

    Episode 129 - Chris Hansen Breaks His Silence & Brady Hoists Seventh Lombardi

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2021 180:18

    RUNDOWN  Today’s show kicks off with Mitch lamenting some bad beats from his Sunday wagering. Then, the guys recap the highs and lows from Super Bowl LV both on and off the field. Three featured guests are Chris Hansen of Sonics Arena Investment Group, film director of Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream Michael Tollin, and Seattle Kraken reporter with The Athletic Ryan Clark. Later, Mitch and Scott riff about odds and ends including this year's batch of Super Bowl ads, an Orlando TV reporter's inadvertent mistake, and a thought on Russell Wilson trade rumors. GUESTS  Chris Hansen | Sonics Arena Investment Group  Michael Tollin | Director of Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream Ryan Clark | The Athletic Seattle Kraken reporter  TABLE OF CONTENTS  0:28 | Mitch shares his gambling results from Sunday...did he end up on the winning end? 23:08 | The guys share their takeaways from the 31-9 Bucs win over the Chiefs in the Super Bowl . 56:13 | GUEST: Chris Hansen joins the show to provide an update on his pursuit for a return of the NBA in Seattle and the associated arena considerations. 1:39:04 | GUEST: Michael Tollin shares some stories about the life of the late Henry Aaron as shown in his doc Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream.  2:07:01 | GUEST: Ryan Clark checks in as he returns to Seattle as the Kraken reporter with The Athletic for an overview of what to expect in year one for the franchise. 2:26:38 | What was your favorite Super Bowl ad this year? 2:36:43 | A Florida man...TV reporter Zach Maskavich caused quite a stir with the national anthem prop bet.  2:44:10 | Aaron Donald was named defensive player of the year and it really wasn't close, although J.J. Watt disagrees. 2:46:02 | Are we to believe that John Schneider really is hanging up the phone on all offers for Russell Wilson?  

    Episode 128 - Catching Hank's 715th & Neuheisel's PAC-12 Commish Prospects

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2021 150:23

    RUNDOWN The show begins by Mitch explaining his concern with the raccoon roaming around in his backyard followed by a deep dive into a recent listener review about Hotshot. Then, they dig into their betting approach next Sunday, the Rams trade for Matt Stafford, and Griffey's new front office MLB position. Today's guests are former pitcher and Hammerin' Hank's teammate on the Braves Tom House, CBS Sports college football analyst Rick Neuheisel, and Jeff Dicks from our loyal sponsor Evergreen Gavekal. The "Other Stuff" segment covers a variety of topics including Nick Saban's rock solid recruiting pitch, Patrick Reed's latest rule fiasco, and a fishy lawsuit against Subway! GUESTS Tom House | Former MLB pitcher & teammate of Hank Aaron Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Jeff Dicks | Evergreen Gavekal investments managing director TABLE OF CONTENTS 6:54 | Hotshot's sports fandom is questioned by a listener which the guys analyze the validity of the claim. 28:32 | The conversation with Charlie Plumb in Episode 127 is a must listen if you haven't had a chance to catch the interview.    36:47 | What is your betting strategy for the Super Bowl? 39:42 | The Rams have added Matt Stafford to an already well-balanced team which makes the NFC West arms race more competitive. 47:41 | Ken Griffey Jr. landed a new gig with Major League Baseball to raise youth interest in the sport.  56:17 | GUEST: Tom House relives the iconic moment of the late Hank Aaron's 715th home run which he caught and the magnitude of the moment. 1:20:42 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel shares final takeaways from the college football season and weighs in on the upcoming vacancy in the PAC12 commissioner's chair. 1:43:15 | GUEST: Evergreen Gavekal's managing director of investing Jeff Dicks explains the dynamics of the tumultuous week on Wall Street and the possible aftermath.  2:04:05 | Nick Saban has a future in sales if this whole college football coaching thing doesn't work out. 2:09:14 | Patrick Reed won the Farmers Insurance Open, but not without controversy as we've come to expect. 2:12:33 | Pope Francis is going to have a tough time with his newly prescribed diet of avoiding pizza and pasta. 2:14:10 | The world of college basketball said goodbye to the legendary John Chaney.    2:18:16 | Subway is facing a lawsuit that claims their tuna sandwiches aren't actually made with tuna.  

    Episode 127 - Captain Plumb Shares Heroic War Story & Jason Hamilton Checks In

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2021 163:49

    RUNDOWN The show kicks off with listener emails including one that captures Scott's frustration about people not knowing this podcast exists. Then the guys share their candid reaction to the AFC and NFC championship games and the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Bucs and Chiefs and chat about the legacy of the late Hank Aaron and Larry King. Three great guests beginning with retired Navy captain Charlie Plumb followed by Husky hoops broadcaster Jason D. Hamilton and veteran NBA center Spencer Hawes. Later, the guys weigh in on miscellaneous topics ranging from Coach K lashing out at a reporter to a rare Unfiltered hockey story to Steph Curry's latest 3-point milestone. Enjoy! GUESTS Charlie Plumb | Retired United States Navy Captain Jason D. Hamilton | UW broadcaster & former Mitch Unfiltered co-host Spencer Hawes | Seattle-born NBA center TABLE OF CONTENTS 1:25 | How does Mitch Unfiltered get to the masses after being around for over two years? 9:33 | Has Pete Carroll earned the cred to stay at the helm as long as he wants? 21:31 | What did you make of championship Sunday and are you excited for Bucs/Chiefs? 38:26 | RIP to one of baseball's most iconic players Hammerin' Hank Aaron and broadcasting legend Larry King. 1:00:27 | GUEST: Charlie Plumb tells his story of surviving six years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam after his fighter jet was shot down over Hanoi. 1:38:38 | GUEST: Jason Hamilton is back to catch up on his whereabouts and how his family has adjusted to the new norms. 2:01:33 | GUEST: Spencer Hawes returns to the show to share some of his most memorable moments from his long NBA career. 2:23:56 | Coach K lashes out at a young reporter after a loss which rubs Mitch the wrong way. 2:33:48 | A new Guinness World Record in soccer reminds Mitch of something in hockey that amuses him. 2:36:04 | Steph Curry jumps into second place all time in three point buckets behind Ray Allen.

    Episode 126 - LaSorda's Legacy & Chambers Bay PGA Prospects

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2021 126:50

    RUNDOWN Today's show begins with recent reviews from listeners followed by details of Hotshot's third music special for Patrons released on Saturday night. Then, Mitch and Scott chat about the unusual Schotty silence after leaving the Hawks, the exciting victory for the Chiefs sans Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson's imminent departure from Houston. Three guests are former LA Dodgers GM Fred Claire, former NFL executive Randy Mueller, and general manger of Chambers Bay Matt Allen. To close, the guys volley random remaining topics including a major Hot Pockets recall, good-natured Bills fans, and cautionary Bitcoin tales! GUESTS Fred Claire | Former Dodgers GM Randy Mueller | Former NFL GM Matt Allen | Chambers Bay GM TABLE OF CONTENTS 2:53 | The guys open the mailbag for some Unfiltered listener feedback. 9:32 | Scott released his latest musician history podcast, which rock legend did he choose this time? 23:38 | Hotshot describes another "feeling old" moment when he was at the grocery store. 26:44 | It's odd that Schotty hasn't uttered a peep since his separation from the Seahawks. 32:11 | The Chiefs found a way to hang on to a gutsy win after a scary head injury to Patrick Mahomes. 34:24 | Deshaun Watson has gone public with his frustration with the Texans by wearing jackets for other teams as potential suitors. 43:18 | GUEST: Fred Claire takes a trip down memory to share some stories of his late friend and baseball legend Tommy LaSorda. 1:07:14 | GUEST: Randy Mueller jumps aboard for instant reaction to the Tampa/New Orleans game from his former Saints GM perspective.   1:31:34 | GUEST: Chambers Bay general manager Matt Allen swings by to weigh in on the 2022 PGA event opening and hosting future tournaments. 1:50:11 | If you have Hot Pockets in your freezer, you may want to toss them given the recall announcement. 1:51:36 | The "Bills Mafia" showed demonstrated good sportsmanship by raising money for Lamar Jackson's charity following their divisional round matchup. 1:53:02 | Two early Bitcoin adopters have major regrets about how flippant they were with their stash. 1:59:09 | RIP Joanne Rogers, Phil Spector, and Sheldon Adelson.

    Episode 125 - Hawks Flop & Tiger Doc Director's Cut

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2021 131:41

    RUNDOWN Today's show kicks off with an explanation why Mitch and Scott are in separate houses for the recording and a Levy lottery story that is a must-listen. Then, the guys run down their laundry list of thoughts from Saturday's game after taking a day to simmer on the painful outcome. Three guest segments beginning with a Seahawks No-Table featuring insiders Brady Henderson and Joe Fann from ESPN and NBC Sports Northwest, respectively. Then, Mitch is joined by film director Matthew Hamachek followed by MarketWatch columnist Mark DeCambre. Later, the guys wrap up with random topics including Dr. Dre's ex-wife (again), the late Tommy LaSorda, and Marshawn Lynch's latest business venture. GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider Mark DeCambre | MarketWatch writer Matthew Hamachek | "Tiger" documentary director TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | The guys are socially distancing from each other due to a potential coronavirus transmission risk. 5:45 | Mitch picked up a few lotto tickets and was not the big winner, much like his Mom in a classic Levy prank story. 25:22 | The guys share their takeaways from Seattle's wildcard loss to the Rams a day after the dust settled. 48:09 | GUEST: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann put a bow on the Hawks season with takeaways from the playoff loss to Los Angeles in the Seahawks No-Table. 1:15:39 | GUEST: Matthew Hamachek discusses his inspiration to create the new "Tiger" documentary and what to expect when the film is released.  1:38:22 | GUEST: Mark DeCambre provides a brief Bitcoin historical overview and discusses the contributing factors to the recent surge in popularity. 1:52:15 | The guys play a round of Will They Be Back? to predict the future of key Seahawks free agents. 1:56:30 | After months of research, Hotshot finally reached a conclusion about Dr. Dre's ex-wife and rumors of her being a Newport HS alum. 1:58:44 | LaMelo Ball became the youngest player to record a triple double edging out a former Washington Husky. 2:03:35 | RIP Tommy LaSorda, the first person Mitch interviewed as a young intern. 2:07:22 | Beast Mode is now a part-owner of a team in the new Fan Controlled Football League.

    Episode 124 - Hawks Earn Wildcard Date With Rams & Wheels Returns

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2021 160:13

    RUNDOWN Mitch rings in the new year with frustration as his Dolphins narrowly escaped the playoffs while the Hawks won a meaningless game before reading some snarky show reviews. Then, they dig into their laundry list of observations from Sunday's regular season finale for the Seahawks. What do the guys make of the first-round meeting with the Rams? Three featured guests are former voice of the Blazers & radio friend Brian "Wheels" Wheeler, ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, and Rick Neuheisel. Today's "Other Stuff" topics range from Sark's newest gig to the Tulsa/Mississippi State brawl to the storied career of the late Paul Westphal. GUESTS Brian Wheeler | Former Blazers radio broadcaster Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst TABLE OF CONTENTS 1:26 | Mitch couldn't catch a break on the seven games he was watching on Sunday! 8:16 | Leave a review or drop Mitch an email like the cheery Phil in Stockton to 20:00 | The Levy family spent New Year's Eve bundled up outside next to heaters while Scott was lighting off fireworks to his neighbor's chagrin. 25:05 | How are you feeling about the Seahawks chances heading into the postseason?  42:42 | The guys break down the rest of the playoff matchups next weekend and the potential route for Seattle. 45:20 | Remaining tidbits and notes from Sunday's game versus San Francisco.  56:58 | GUEST: Brian Wheeler is back to provide an update on his whereabouts these days and share a few stories from yesteryear. 1:32:06 | GUEST: Brady Henderson breaks down the regular season finale with the 49ers and peeks ahead to the first round playoff game with Los Angeles. 1:50:06 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel hops aboard to chat about the New Year's bowl games as the Crimson Tide and Buckeyes punch their ticket to the championship game. 2:17:19 | Congratulations to Derrick Henry for eclipsing 2,000 rushing yards this season. 2:18:48 | Steve Sarkisian is on the move again as he moves from Tuscaloosa under Saban to Austin as the new head coach of the Longhorns. 2:22:45 | Becky Hammon become the first woman to coach an NBA team after Pop was tossed from the game. 2:23:34 | The brawl at the conclusion of the Armed Forces Bowl was quite a spectacle made more memorable with Mike Leach taking selfies with fans. 2:24:48 | Mitch got a kick out of the precession of the coin toss prior to the Alabama/Notre Dame game. 2:28:46 | RIP to hoops greats Paul Westphal and Floyd Little.

    Episode 123 - NFC West Champs & Rick Makes His Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2020 128:58

    RUNDOWN To begin the show, Mitch calls out Hotshot for acting like Joey Cappelletti for his lack of enthusiasm about the NFC West title win for Seattle. Then, the guys delve into their observations from the division-clinching victory for the Hawks over the Rams on Sunday. Three featured guests are ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, college football analyst Rick Neuheisel, and Harborview medical director Dr. John Lynch. Today's "Other Stuff" topics include the sale of Neverland Ranch, Adam Silver's intriguing comments about a potential return of the NBA in Seattle, and four RIP tributes including a tragic gun incident involving a promising young football player. GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Dr. John Lynch | Director of Harborview Infection Control TABLE OF CONTENTS 1:45 | Your Seattle Seahawks are NFC West champs and Scott isn't impressed like Joey Cappelletti. 6:03 | Given what we saw on Sunday, do you still fear facing the Rams in the playoffs? 11:33 | Scott made a rookie mistake ordering Chinese food on Christmas Day.  20:30 | Mitch presents the code word for another round of Beat the Boys presented by Fireside Home Solutions. 30:03 | The guys bask in the afterglow of the NFC West crowning for Seattle on Sunday afternoon. 54:42 | GUEST: Brady Henderson hops aboard to share is takeaways from the 20-9 win for the Hawks to claim the division title. 1:12:06 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel joins the show to take a look ahead to the college football playoff semifinals later this week. 1:34:54 | GUEST: Dr. John Lynch checks in to provide an overview of the initial stages of distribution for the coronavirus vaccine. 1:47:51 | Neverland Ranch was purchased by billionaire Ron Burkle for a cool $22 million. 1:50:40 | Is the NBA nearing a path to expansion that could bring the Sonics back to town? 1:54:48 | Rest in peace former basketball great K.C. Jones, Utah running back Ty Jordan, knuckleballer Phil Niekro, and musician Leslie West.

    Episode 122 - Seattle Punches Playoff Ticket & Freddie Mercury's Living Legacy

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2020 140:00

    RUNDOWN The 2020 Mitch Unfiltered Christmas edition kicks off with a question about Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence and a taste of what to expect from the first guest! Then, Mr. Postseason drops by for a quick playoff update before Mitch and Scott dive into takeaways from the narrow Hawks victory in DC. Three guest interviews are YouTube musical sensation Marc Martel, Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, & Rick Neuheisel. To close out the show, the guys bounce back a mixed bag of topics including phenom Charlie Woods, a pricy baseball card, and the college football playoff final four!  GUESTS Marc Martel | Musician Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst TABLE OF CONTENTS 2:38 | How could the Jets win on Sunday impact Trevor Lawrence's decision to declare for the 2021 NFL Draft?  18:54 | The week 16 lineup of Beat the Boys is unveiled and the code word is revealed. 32:42 | Mr. P couldn't resist a brief update after the Hawks win and the Rams loss to break down the NFC West scenarios heading into the final two weeks. 43:25 | Mitch & Scott volley their thoughts back and forth on the narrow victory for the Hawks in Washington. 1:02:08 | GUEST: Freddie Mercury sound-alike Marc Martel shares his rise to fame thanks to his stark resemblance to Queen's front-man and even plays a few songs!  1:27:02 | GUEST: Brady Henderson breaks down the Seahawks 20-15 victory in Washington to clinch a postseason berth. 1:45:21 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel hops aboard to recap conference championship weekend and weighs in on the college football playoff committee's final four selections. 2:07:28 | Look out golf world - Charlie Woods is going to be a force on the course!  2:11:13 | RIP to Jeremy Bulloch. If you don't recognize the name, he played Boba Fett in Star Wars. 2:12:56 | Real estate mogul Kurt Rappaport shelled out $3.7 million on a Honus Wagner card! 2:13:41 | Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Notre Dame college football's final four - who ya got?   2:15:24 | A 42-year old "man" sued his parents after destroying his pornography collection while he was living in their home.

    Episode 121 - Seahawks Thrash Winless Jets & Mitch Surprises Neuheisel

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2020 141:22

    RUNDOWN Today's show kicks off with Merry Mitch and Scrooge Scott sharing their overall takeaway from Sunday's unusually non-dramatic Hawks win and the holiday spirit. Then, the guys open up the mailbag to reach some listener-submitted comments before delving into the Sounders loss, the Dawgs cancellation, and the Seahawks blowout. Three guests include ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, CBS Sports college football analyst Rick Neuheisel, and molecular biologist Dr. Ali Nouri. The "Other Stuff" segment features topics such as bickering college hoops coaches, Dwight Howard's giant snakes, and Pepa's derriere!  GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Dr. Ali Nouri | President of the Federation of American Scientists & Molecular Biologist TABLE OF CONTENTS 4:09 | Mitch is getting in the Christmas spirit, the most wonderful time of the year. 11:09 | If you haven't had a chance to listen to Episode 120P, it was quite a doozie as the champagne was flowing!    19:47 | Mitch unveils the code word for next week's batch of Beat the Boys picks. 24:52 | Maybe the guys should go back to not watching soccer after the Sounders loss in the MLS Cup. 30:28 | It is becoming clear the NFC West will come down to the final matchup between the Hawks and Rams. 38:38 | Mitch & Scott share the takeaways from the snoozer on Sunday in Seattle.  59:08 | GUEST: Brady Henderson jumps aboard to comment on the lopsided Hawks win over the downtrodden Jets. 1:16:51 | GUEST: Neuheisel returns and Mitch serenades Rick with a Meatloaf parody and the guys chat about the upcoming conference championships. 1:46:49 | GUEST: Dr. Ali Nouri checks in to share the details about the strategic approach and challenges for the upcoming deployment of the coronavirus vaccine. 2:06:00 | Some people just can't be merry this time of year, especially in the world of college basketball. 2:11:04 | Dwight Howard is facing a lawsuit from his maids for their unpaid services of caring for his massive snakes. 2:12:01 | Johnny Football and Marshawn Lynch are coming back to the league...the Fan Controlled Football League that is.  2:13:37 | Sandra Denton a.k.a. Pepa is suing her doctor for botching the work on her butt. 2:15:18 | RIP to actor Tommy "Tiny" Lister and country music pioneer Charlie Pride.

    Episode 120 - Giants Catch Hawks Sleepwalking & Holiday Season Top Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2020 153:56

    RUNDOWN At the top of the show, Scott gets in the holiday spirit by explaining how he got caught up in the overpriced Christmas decorations racket. Then, the guys discuss the dreadful Sunday afternoon at Lumen Field. Three guests beginning with ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson followed by CBS Sports college football analyst Rick Neuheisel and Forbes technology writer Scott Kramer. In the "Other Stuff" segment, Mitch and Scott volley a variety of topics including the Huskies stinker on Saturday, the lack of soccer talk on the radio and podcast, and the referee that was body-slammed in a high school football game!  GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Scott Kramer | Forbes technology columnist TABLE OF CONTENTS 2:33 | Hotshot picked up a Christmas tree over the weekend and hung up $580 in lights...worth every penny!  17:03 | Mitch delivers the key word for next week's lineup of Beat the Boys matchups. 23:05 | The guys roll through the good and (mostly) bad takeaways from Seattle's feeble loss on Sunday. 1:04:02 | GUEST: Brady Henderson breaks down the 17-12 Hawks loss against the Giants. 1:26:10 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel swing by to recap the weekend slate of college football as the regular season approaches the final stretch.  1:49:49 | GUEST: Scott Kramer jumps aboard to share some of the notable selections in his "Holiday Gift Guide 2020" Forbes article. 2:07:34 | The Nate Robinson knockout has boxers lining up to fight Jake Paul and his brother Logan who is set to take on Floyd Mayweather! 2:10:36 | Jimmy Lake got his first taste of defeat as Stanford edged the Dawgs as double-digit underdogs. 2:14:35 | Mitch explains why he doesn't talk about the Sounders much, or soccer in general. 2:17:08 | George Clooney confesses his usage of the Flowbee to cut his own hair for decades as one of the top male actors in Hollywood. 2:18:35 | DeMar DeRozan and Hannah Viverette encountered intruders in their homes last week.  2:21:05 | What is the proper punishment for the high school football player that tackled the referee?  2:24:09 | A game-worn high school basketball jersey just sold for $192,000...can you guess whose it is? 2:26:07 | RIP David Lander...aka Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley.

    Episode 119 - Hawks Defense Stifles Philly & Iron Mike's Return

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2020 150:16

    RUNDOWN At the top of the show, the guys make initial remarks about the clunky finish to Monday night's game and the regression of Carson Wentz and do a little podcast housekeeping. Then, Mitch and Scott recap their Thanksgiving weekend of food and sports viewing before delving into their takeaways from the victorious Monday Night Football contest for the Seahawks in Philadelphia. Three featured guests beginning with ESPN Hawks insider Brady Henderson for instant reaction, Larry "Ratso" Sloman to talk about Mike Tyson's journey back into the ring, & Rick Neuheisel for a college football update. Later, the guys run down the laundry list of miscellaneous topics including Marshawn Lynch's pre-game ritual, a funeral employee's exhibition of poor judgement, and a Scooby Snack by Mr. Postseason! GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Larry "Ratso" Sloman | co-author of Mike Tyson autobiography Undisputed Truth Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | How in the world did the Hawks allow Philly to score that desperation touchdown in the final minute of Monday's game?! 8:50 | Mitch delivers the magic code word for next weekend's trio of Beat the Boys matchups. 9:59 | Did you have a chance to listen to Hotshot's tribute to Phil Collins for the Patrons? 20:42 | How was your Thanksgiving? Mitch and Scott engage in a bit of turkey talk. 23:29 | Mitch recalls the story of the time he attended a Dolphins game that was serendipitously moved to Arizona. 29:33 | The guys share their thoughts on Nate Robinson's gruesome KO by YouTube star Jake Paul & the Tyson/Jones Jr. bout. 34:07 | Mitch and Scott run down their list of takeaways from the Seahawks 23-17 win over Philadelphia. 1:02:51 | GUEST: Brady Henderson jumps aboard following Monday night's matchup against the Eagles. 1:22:32 | GUEST: Larry Sloman steps in the ring to weigh in on Mike Tyson's return to the ring after a 15-year hiatus.  1:51:24 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel returns to recap Thanksgiving week's slate of college football matchups and provides a Heisman watch update. 2:16:25 | Funeral worker Claudio Fernandez took a selfie with deceased Diego Maradona which has gone viral and has led to his firing and massive criticism. 2:19:30 | Syracuse football was cruising to a potential heroic victory, but committed a major brain fart down the stretch.  2:22:25 | Mr. Postseason drops by for a quick tidbit after Seattle's win over the Eagles...don't miss his full segment later this week!

    Episode 118 - Rick Neuheisel & Seahawks No-Table Double Dip

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2020 147:09

    RUNDOWN At the top of the show, the guys chat about their evolving Thanksgiving plans as Mitch's Suncadia trip has been cancelled. Then, the guys contemplate the legitimacy of the Hawks contender status, weigh in on the 2-0 Dawgs, and Hotshot shares his notorious Apple Cup story. Today's guests are ESPN Hawks insider Brady Henderson with NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks reporter Joe Fann and college football guru Rick Neuheisel. Featured topics in the "Other Stuff" segment include Fred VanVleet's landmark contract, Kenny Rogers' troubling legacy, and Scott's closing comments about a tree-loving Connecticut man!  GUESTS Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks reporter TABLE OF CONTENTS 4:43 | Mitch is bummed out he can't go to Suncadia for Thansgiving and fears he may never visit. 11:30 | Scott was in Sequim over the weekend petting bison and making his family listen to his Phil Collins audio tribute. 20:25 | Mitch provides the code word for next weeks slate of Beat the Boys matchups. 24:27 | Are the Hawks better or worse than their record suggests after ten games? 31:16 | The Dawgs are rolling after two games and now there's no Apple Cup due to a Cougs COVID outbreak. 37:03 | Sean Payton trolled Roddy White on Twitter and it was glorious. 39:24 | Hotshot shares his infamous Apple Cup story. 53:16 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel jumps aboard to weigh in on the weekend of college football and share a story about 1:24:07 | GUESTS: In Part One of the Seahawks No-Table, Brady Henderson and Joe Fann reflect on Thursday night's win for the Hawks over Arizona. 1:45:39 | GUESTS: The No-Table continues as the guys as Henderson and Fann provide a personnel update heading into the final half-dozen regular season matchups. 2:06:10 | Mitch has the perfect gift idea this holiday season...for Mitch. 2:08:19 | Fred VanVleet landed a 4 year, $85MM deal with the Raptors which marks a historic record for underdogs. 2:10:46 | Kenny Rogers estate is suing a longtime friend of Kenny's after releasing forbidden content. 2:17:11 | Zac Bagans paid a hefty sum for a movie prop that scared the crap out of Scott as a kid. 2:18:50 | A Florida man jumped into a swamp and snagged a gator that grabbed his dog. 2:22:35 | A half-naked Connecticut man was arrested after being caught getting touchy-feeling with trees. 

    Episode 117 - Rams Stifle Hawks Offense & DJ Claims First Green Jacket

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2020 155:52

    RUNDOWN At the top of the show, the guys giggle about the current wave of toilet paper hoarding thanks to the upcoming virus-related restrictions. Then, they jump into their takeaways from Seattle's loss to the Rams and also share their first impression of the 2020 Huskies. Three guests beginning with Hawks insider Brady Henderson followed by the ever delightful Rick Neuheisel a Master's recap with Ken Green. The "Other Stuff" segment includes Mitch's enjoyment level of The Masters, a throwback Tommy Lasorda story, and a new interesting Costco offering. GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Ken Green | Former PGA Tour golfer TABLE OF CONTENTS 14:13 | Mitch reveals the week 11 code word for Beat the Boys. 18:51 | Hotshot provides a Phil Collins update who we recently learned doesn't like to shower or brush his teeth.  22:09 | The guys run down their list of takeaways from the Hawks loss against the Rams on Sunday. 46:46 | What did you make of Jimmy Lake's Husky football head coaching debut on Saturday night against the Beavs?  1:00:03 | GUEST: Brady Henderson jumps aboard for instant reaction to the 23-16 loss for the Seahawks to divisional foe LA Rams. 1:19:12 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel is back to chat about the weekend of college football and weaves in a few stories from his career. 1:48:14 | GUEST: Ken Green swings by to recap the unique winter playing of the 2020 Masters resulting in a runaway win for Dustin. 2:06:43 | Mitch and Scott recap Dustin Johnson's dominant Masters victory. 2:13:15 | Tommy Lasorda is currently in intensive care which reminds Mitch of a personal story of the hall of fame Dodgers manager from nearly 35 years ago. 2:20:17 | Justice has been served to the chump that sucker-punched Rick Moranis in the street. 2:21:44 | Kim Ng has been named the newest general manager of the Miami Marlins. 2:22:38 | Costco is offering a new popular item...and it's not chicken bakes! 2:26:56 | Earl Thomas' sad story continues to unravel as his wife has filed for divorce.   

    Episode 116 - Bills Demolish Hawks Defense & Million Dollar Dog Walk

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2020 149:28

    RUNDOWN At the top of the show, Mitch explains the origin of "the sniff" before sharing memories of the late Alex Trebek. Then, the guys take a brief leaguewide NFL week nine recap, unveil a remarkable stat about college football's newest top-ranked team, and reluctantly dive into the Seahawks loss in Buffalo. The three featured guests are ESPN Hawks insider Brady Henderson, Rick Neuheisel, & Rob Huntze whose sports gambling misfortune is a must-listen! Later, the guys dig into their "other stuff" topics ranging from hall of fame toys, the Masters, and ESPN layoffs. GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Rob Huntze | Amateur sports gambler TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:49 | One of the faithful listeners of the podcast inquired about the origins of the "sniff" so the guys set the record straight. 17:03 | The code word to unlock this week's Beat the Boys matchups is announced. 26:10 | RIP to one of the most beloved television icons of all time Alex Trebek. 30:35 | Week 9 of the NFL season was chock full of interesting results especially for the Ravens and Dolphins. 33:01 | The Crimson Tide have rolled back to number one and illustrate a remarkable state about Alabama under Saban. 37:28 | Mitch and Scott volley their thoughts from the frustrating loss to the Bills.  1:06:45 | GUEST: Brady Henderson swings by to share his takeaways from the 41-31 loss to Buffalo on Sunday.  1:22:49 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel jumps aboard to recap the exciting weekend of college football which included a Clemson loss and PAC-12 openers. 1:47:33 | GUEST: Rob Huntze joins the show to chat about having the rug pulled from beneath him when a million dollar prize was taken from him. 2:05:16 | Mr. Postseason briefly drops in to provide a silver lining about the Seahawks loss in their quest for NFC supremacy. 2:08:26 | The votes have been counted and we have the results...for the National Toy Hall of Fame inductees. 2:11:21 | It's officially Masters week! Will the azaleas in Augusta be in full bloom? 2:19:30 | Bob Ley formerly of ESPN is lashing out about the widespread layoffs due to the pandemic.

    Episode 115 - Hawks Bounce Back & World Series Wrap-Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2020 141:52

    RUNDOWN The show kicks off with a Stump the Band question that has interesting ties to Russell Wilson. Then, the guys weigh in on the early slate of NFL games before digging into their instant reactions to the Hawks win over the Niners coming off the bye. Three great guests are ESPN's Brady Henderson, college football analyst Rick Neuheisel, and former MLB general manager Steve Phillips. The "Other Stuff" segment covers a wide spectrum of topics ranging from a botched burglary to the Reign Man opening a pot shop to the passing of the Agent 007.  GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Steve Phillips | Former Mets GM TABLE OF CONTENTS 2:58 | The latest code word for Beat the Boys is unveiled. 3:52 | Mitch presents a Stump the Band question for Scott which may be of particular interest to Seahawks fans. 15:06 | The guys pull out the crystal ball and prognosticate on NFL playoff and Super Bowl contenders. 25:59 | Mitch and Scott react to the Hawks victory over San Fran.  53:39 | GUEST: Brady Henderson jumps aboard for postgame analysis of the Seahawks win over the 49ers at Centurylink Field. 1:15:50 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel swings by to recap the weekend of college football and look ahead to potential playoff contenders and Heisman hopefuls. 1:43:12 | GUEST: Steve Phillips checks in to recap the unusual 2020 MLB season and fires up the hot stove as the offseason begins. 2:02:20 | Seattle sports couple Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe got engaged over the weekend. 2:03:09 | A burglar targeted the wrong house as he was chased down by UFC fighter Jon Jones with a shotgun. 2:07:42 | Shawn Kemp opened up a marijuana shop in Seattle which comes as no surprise to any Sonics fans. 2:10:53 | Former Husky speedster John Ross seeks a trade from the Bengals which has Seahawks fans ears perked up. 2:13:16 | RIP to the original James Bond - Sean Connery and NFL great Herb Adderley.

    Episode 114 - Hawks Grab Defeat From Jaws of Victory & Rick Neuheisel

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2020 162:15

    RUNDOWN Today's show kicks off with Hotshot recapping his Northwest road trip and Mitch attempts to reach a conclusion about the fantasy football debate with his older son Max. Then, the guys run down their laundry list of takeaways from the Sunday night showdown with the Hawks and Cards. Three guests are ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, a must-listen interview with Rick Neuheisel, and Circa Casino-Hotel owner Derek Stevens. "Other Stuff" topics range from Antonio Brown reuniting with Brady in Tampa, two unusual football coincidences this weekend, and a hefty bet placed on the Clemson/Syracuse game whose payout was quite meager.  GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Derek Stevens | Circa Hotel-Casino owner TABLE OF CONTENTS 3:48 | Scott chats about his weekend on the road for his Daughter's basketball tournament. 8:15 | Mitch sent out a Twitter poll to settle a dispute with Movie Mogul Max and Scott casts his official vote.  18:15 | Mitch reveals the key word for week eight of Beat the Boys. 31:34 | Mitch and Scott react to the 37-34 overtime win for the Cardinals over Seattle on Sunday night. 58:47 | GUEST: Brady Henderson weighs in on yet another overtime thriller between the Seahawks and Cardinals in the desert. 1:18:58 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel swings by to recap the weekend slate of college football including the BIG10 openers. 1:57:21 | GUEST: Las Vegas casino owner Derek Stevens jumps aboard to chat about the grand opening of the Circa on October 28th. 2:15:02 | If you haven't gotten a chance to listen to Dr. Mario Livio on Episode 113P, you're missing out! 2:17:14 | Antonio Brown is now a member of the Bucs and they're the team in the NFC worrying Mitch. 2:19:42 | Gene Simmons listed his Beverly Hills mansion for a mere $22 million. 2:22:36 | There were two times this weekend where the running back should have resisted the urge to reach paydirt. 2:26:23 | Sean Miller may finally get the axe in Tucson after the NCAA's latest batch of violations lobbed at the Wildcats. 2:29:34 | Syracuse held their own against Clemson in what was expected to be a blowout.

    Episode 113 - No Bye for the Boys & Rick Neuheisel

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2020 143:22

    RUNDOWN Even though the Hawks are taking the week off, Mitch and Scott aren't skipping a beat! The show begins with Scott busting Mitch's balls in the form of a faux movie trailer. Then, the guys jump into a time machine and wax poetic about sports broadcasts of yester-year. They also weigh in on Romeo Crennel's coaching blunder and the elimination of the Astros thanks to Tampa Bay. Three interview segments beginning with the Seahawks No-Table Bye Week edition featuring Brady Henderson and Joe Fann followed by our buddy Rick Neuheisel and recurring guest Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding. Today's Other Stuff topics include the upcoming Levy family vacation, the unfortunate firing of a Boston news anchor, and a morbid first since 1953 coming up in December! GUESTS Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks reporter Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding | Harvard Epidemiologist & Senior Fellow at Federation of American Scientists TABLE OF CONTENTS 1:00 | Hotshot plays his brand new movie trailer for Wild Card II much to Mitch's chagrin. 17:00 | A cherished friend of Mitch is the code word for this week's Beat the Boys picks. 24:47 | The guys reminisce about the good ol' days of national sports broadcasts and Scott puts Mitch to the test. 38:29 | If you were in Romeo Crennel's shoes on Sunday, would you have played it safe or rolled the dice like he did? 40:52 | Karma finally reared its ugly head for the Houston Astros as the Rays advance to the World Series. 51:16 | GUEST: Brady Henderson & Joe Fann jump aboard for a bye week Seahawks No-Table to chat about the top seed in the NFC and Sunday night's divisional matchup. 1:21:11 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel is back for his weekly college football segment as the top teams begin to separate themselves while others patiently await their first game. 1:41:53 | GUEST: Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding returns to provide an update about the coronavirus heading into the winter months and the emergence of the vaccine. 2:01:38 | The Levy family is planning its first international vacation in 2021 with fingers crossed. 2:04:11 | Famed astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson predicts a refrigerator-sized asteroid could hit the United States prior to the election. 2:05:40 | Is Saturday Night Live losing cred based on its host choice or is Mitch just out of touch? 2:09:14 | Boston-based news anchor Alaina Pinto was fired after appearing on an Adam Sandler film without permission by her employer. 2:15:05 | The first federally-mandated execution of a female will be performed in the U.S. for the first time since 1953 this December.

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