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Hosted by Adam Posner, where he interviews top experts, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from the world of Business, Talent Acquisition, Marketing and other world-class amazing humans on their insights into their own career journeys and personal growth. The goal of #thePOZcast is to showcase amazing humans who share their stories to inspire you to harness your inner tenacity to drive your life and career forward. Adam Posner is the Founder and Managing Director @ NHP Talent Group- a boutique NYC-based staffing agency with expertise in marketing, media and advertising.

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    Talking Talent with Mark Herschberg & Gus Hattrich

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2021 62:26

    Aired 6/14/21 Excited to welcome two experts in their respective fields to talk about talent - from a culture, retention, and hiring perspective. Mark Herschberg is a Fractional CTO, author, speaker, and MIT Instructor. He recently released The Career Toolkit a book that he authored about his leadership strategies and core tenants. He has taught these learnings to MIT students to prepare them for a well-adjusted career in technology. Gus Hattrich is the CEO at Paradowski Creative, a “Design for all Brandkind” agency of about 100 people. He's been leading the charge on return to office as well as balancing the new world of hybrid work, of which his predominately creative employees are especially affected. This Episode's Heavy-hitter's: - Mark worked on startups early in his career as a technical lead, but soon learned he would need to pick up leadership skills to be successful in his career. He developed a framework that was so successful that he was recruited by MIT to start teaching them to students and recently released a book of his teachings on the subject. - We talk about how despite common belief, negotiation is actually a very natural skill. As Mark puts it, we start negotiating with our parents around age 3 over which vegetables we eat, we just need to relearn what we've forgotten because negotiations can sometimes be uncomfortable. - One of Mark's Leadership hacks for improving relationships with his own employees is to pick a proxy to collect feedback anonymously on his leadership style. That proxy then explains the feedback his team has for him, positive and negative, but completely unfiltered. - After reading an article on the benefits of the outdoors on mental health, Gus created an outdoor day camp for his company, Paradowszki Creative. We talk about the reactions and the overall experience of that creative solution as a return to office event. - Gus explains the challenges of remote creative work. People are feeling uninspired and experiencing a lack of connection, so Paradowski has been innovating to alleviate that issue. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review: #thePOZcast is brought to you by our friends at Interseller – the prospecting + outreach platform of recruiters and sellers. Whether you're doubling down on business development or recruiting talent, Interseller does all the heavy lifting of finding contact data, automating the email and follow-up process, and syncs all that rich data into 20+ CRMs and ATSs. Reach out and get going in a 2-week *free* trial today and let them know you heard about them from Adam on #thePOZcast. Check out a free demo today! For more, please visit & thanks for listening!

    Bracken Darrell: A lifetime of Wisdom from the CEO @ Logitech

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 46:20

    1:14 - Undergrad days / Advantage of Liberal Arts degree2:36 - Open to taking risks2:59 - Basketball Pro Team3:30 - Basketball Role Models4:47 - Specialization in Consultant World5:50 - Detail Oriented6:14 - Embrace the strengths7:16 - Key Takeaway from early days10:41 - Advice to current Senior Brand Managers12:45 - Ownership and Accountability13:37 - The core difference between American & European Corporate14:43 - Leading overseas companies / Different Cultures16:27 - Crisis Standpoint (Leadership and Management)17:50 - Keeping up with the demand19:07 - Decision making as a Leader20:04 - Silver Linings21:45 - Next Grade Innovation23:12 - Putting into Practice25:22 - Corporate Mirror27:22 - Go-to Interview Questions29:40 - Definition of Culture31:33 - Life Biosciences33:48 - Pandemic Effect / Future of Work36:19 - Failure Leadership38:29 - Consistent Learner39:55 - The Greatest piece of Advice41:15 - Professional Accomplishment41:40 - Bracken's North Star

    Truth, from the Heart with Matt Gagnon & Tara Furiani

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 70:46

    1:20 - Mental Health Awareness4:47 - How to keep kids focused6:15 - Kids learning how to drive a car8:01 - Tara's day job11:36 - Current position feels15:40 - Cultural Fit/Cultural Harmony17:00 - Return to work20:20 - Listening ability and Flexibility21:11 - Talent Migration and Remote Work23:30 - New Employees Onboarding24:30 - Tara's Podcast show28:59 - State of Linkedin31:20 - Silver Linings34:36 - Mental Energy40:16 - Matt's Entry45:33 - Pandemic times48:30 - Away from family51:03 - After effects of Covid52:32 - Matt's Introduction53:49 - Staying active and healthy55:49 - Morning Routine1:00:13- Tips and tools for Mental Health1:03:25 - Lack of Decompression time1:06:11 - Productive time

    Amy Malin: Trueheart: The Intersection of Hollywood and Philanthropy

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 39:53

    1:39 - The Universe Plan / People are Meant to Connect2:40 - Amy Malin Story5:50 - The Transition period7:53 - Faith in Humanity8:49 - Two Poles of NYC9:18 - The Right Direction / The Spark11:44 - First Break14:27 - First Media Company15:08 - Meetup with Husband16:44 - Managing PTSD20:36 - True Hearts Niche22:10 - Meaningful and Real Investment24:02 - Impactful Celebrity Relationship26:04 - The Origin of True Hearts28:01 - The Book29:21 - Husband and Wife Working together31:26 - Single Greatest piece of advice33:03 - Personal and Professional Silver Linings35:30 - Amy's North Star

    Christian “Boo” Boucousis: Journey From the Aussie Air Force to Entrepreneurship

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 46:53

    Christian “Boo” Boucousis is an established entrepreneur, business owner, and today, an executive leadership and performance coach. At the age of 19 Boo was recruited into the Royal Australian Air Force as a pilot, one of only 400 trained over a 38 year period. After serving 11 years as an elite fighter pilot, Boo was medically discharged with a diagnosis of "bone-fusing" Ankylosing Spondylitis. This was the catalyst that brought Boo some of the most challenging and emotionally stressful times of his life, through which he entered the next phase of his life; building disruptive businesses and helping others to do the same. Today, Boo has founded a humanitarian business that develops projects on behalf of the United Nations, built the world's tallest prefabricated modular hotel, and bought and revamped his favorite childhood magazine, Australian Aviation. Now as a life coach, author, and podcast host, he serves people in an entirely new way. This Episode's Heavy-hitter's: Since he was six years old, Boo knew he wanted to be a fighter pilot. This made focusing on achieving that goal much simpler, and Boo was networking as a kid trying to meet fighter pilots and get exposure to that world every chance he could. Boo almost didn't make it into the Air Force because of his slightly below average eyesight– since he was close enough the examiner passed him anyway and told him to get glasses after the fact. One way Boo has managed to get more done is the “want, plan, do” method. Essentially, by setting our goals too high, we usually fall short and get nothing done. He starts focusing on the smaller goals that are feasible so that he's more motivated to do more in the long run. Boo's number one qualifier for selecting a new business or vertical to get involved with is that it has to be disruptive. He says it's because he has always challenged conventional wisdom and how things have been done. The life-or-death nature of his old job as a fighter pilot still drives Boo to make the most of his time. His mantra “never give up” reinforces this for him and other veterans. Please check out Boo's podcast, The Few: If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review: #thePOZcast is brought to you by our friends at Interseller – the prospecting + outreach platform of recruiters and sellers. Whether you're doubling down on business development or recruiting talent, Interseller does all the heavy lifting of finding contact data, automating the email and follow-up process, and syncs all that rich data into 20+ CRMs and ATSs. Reach out and get going in a 2-week *free* trial today and let them know you heard about them from Adam on #thePOZcast. Check out a free demo today! For more, please visit Thanks!

    BEST OF: Jeff Mans: A Career Journey in Fantasy Sports

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2021 44:44

    2:33 – Coronavirus Episode5:41 – Jeff's Career Journey8:20 – Sports Edition13:30 – Broadcasting & Sports Station15:54 – Love for Fantasy Sports 20:00 – Baseball League vs. Roto League22:30 – No Physical Sports, anymore28:31 – The Down Point in Jeff's Life34:03 – What is a Dream Job?35:33 – Biggest Accomplishment38:20 – Super Power

    The True Gift of Recognizing Talent: The Vinnie Potestivo Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 40:27

    2:43 - Background of Vinnie4:40 - Career History7:33 - Studio Recordings and related events8:49 - Entry in MTV9:01 - Manifesting destiny10:04 - First Assignment/First Casting show11:52 - Moment of calling13:45 - Being unapologetic / Manage Emotions15:54 - Creative Mindset - 'The Housewives' thought process19:10 - Responsible for having a conversation (before casting)20:45 - Reality vs Narrative24:03 - Instant celebs in the limelight26:13 - Home Model culture27:44 - Fire for casting28:22 - Vinnie's Podcast30:32 - Lessons learned32:40 - The greatest piece of advice34:20 - Vinnie's Super Power35:36 - Vinnie's North Star  

    Bobby Soper: Traditions & Values: Unpacking a Career in the Gaming Industry

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 34:11

    1:59 - Why Law?3:02 - Idea of Working in the Gaming Industry4:01 - Influence of Traditions and Culture5:06 - Tradition that truly resonates6:36 - Early Key Lessons7:45 - Coming full circle9:02- Bringing the pieces back together10:00 - Favorite Vegas Casino Movie10:42 - Party Favorite12:29 - Flipside of Gambling14:21 - Power of Relationships15:39 - International Expansion17:14 - Lack of Humility19:08 - How to create a strong sense of Vision20:38 - Effect of Covid23:19 - Silver Linings / Key Learnings & Innovations24:39 - Future of Gaming25:46 - Favorite Book & key takeaways27:08 - Important Mentor28:40 - How to mentor others30:00 - The greatest piece of advice31:06 - Bobby's North Star

    Dr. Simon Mills: The Most Interesting Man in the World

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 51:42

    2:02 - Introduction3:30 - Musical Roots/Days with Simon's Father4:50 - Musical Influence6:02 - Survival Tactics8:15 - Coming into the Big Apple11:50 - The Jingle12:40 - Where to draw inspiration from13:56 - Billie Joe's inspiration14:26 - The entrepreneurial bug16:23 - Hooked up with the First Client20:45 - The world of Remote work21:35 - Origin of the Core Concept29:05 - Favorite Era of Billie30:25 - Plasma Technology32:17 - Love for Learning34:03 - Next on Horizon/Niching Down36:06 - Biggest Failure to be thankful for40:09 - Single Greatest Piece of Advice41:50 - Personal/Professional Silver Linings47:16 - Dr. Simon's North Star  

    Tyrel Kirkham: Following Your Career Passion: A Journey in Pro Sports Marketing

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 50:07

    1:12 - Getting into Professional sports2:11 - Rewind to day one/internship days2:31 - Fondest memory / Early Lessons4:30 - Payroll and affordability5:48 - Thoughts on free Internships7:02 - Change over time8:19 - Ticketing is the first step9:02 - Social Listening9:44 - Knock on the door10:38 - Transitioning into Merchandising12:30 - Prized memory13:40 - Basketball coming to Brooklyn15:40 - Brand Building18:20 - Different types of merch20:08 - Decision making22:15 - Opportunities and Options24:22 - Arts & Science of Sports Merchandising26:27 - Vibe in LA27:18 - Mindful of Existing Fanbase (Challenges)28:40 - Overcalculation at some point33:41 - Shop 31340:03 - Servant Leadership41:12 - Latest trends/technology and innovation/demands42:23 - Advice to Younger Self43:40 - The greatest piece of advice44:50 - Tyrel's North Star

    BEST OF: Jordan Harbinger: Master Storyteller and Top Podcast Host Distilling Untapped Wisdom from the World's Top Humans (E128)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2021 44:17

    1:47 – Coaching and Dating advice4:47 – Getting into Podcast5:29 – Shows on dating7:30 – Moving to Corporate World9:36 – Early Influence as a Podcast Host13:12 – Preparation for a show15:00 – Pandemic Episode18:33 – Conspiracy Theory19:29 – Prediction and Future Trends23:11 – Russell Brand Show24:10 – #1 Guest26:53 – Star Struck27:50 – Pope Killing Episode29:56 – North Korea Episode33:14 – Favorite Episode34:12 – Great Piece of advice to new podcasters37:32 – Quick tp for Adam38:51 – Greatest Piece of Advice40:47 – Jordan's North Star 

    James Orsini: The Legend of "Jimmy the Pencil"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 40:12

    1:03 - Journey towards Accountant side2:15 - Evolution of technology3:19 - Core Fundamental Key Lessons5:00 - Disadvantage for younger folks6:03 - New Employees Onboarding Process9:00 - Passion for Business10:46 - Learning experience12:11 - Idea for Execution13:08 - First Interaction with Gary16:56 - The Secret Sauce19:20 - Early Conversation with Gary22:40 - Scalability23:00 - Ideal clients for Sasha Group23:30 - Recruitment for Sasha Group25:42 - Hardest challenges for small businesses during Pandemic26:40 - Be Invaluable27:12 - Initial Process with a new client29:22 - Happiest in career30:10 - Long term relationships35:10 - Legacy to leave behind35:50 - James's North Star  

    The Miami Tech Scene: Chris Adamo, Brian Brackeen, and Max Tuchman

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 56:26

    3:00 - Career Journey and Early Lessons (Chris Adamo)5:09 - Working at 1-800-Flowers6:55 - Opportunities8:00 - Mindset Practice/Second Nature8:36 - Career Change9:54 - First Job Shift / Startup Scene in Miami11:40 - Hardest part in getting into Startup13:04 - Why is Miami so Special15:32 - Story of Colorful Shirts17:27 - Key Lesson taught by Chris Dad18:30 - Chris Legacy19:18 - Chris's North Star21:19 - Max's Introduction23:33 - Brian's Introduction25:00 - Why Miami is so great overall26:36 - Saturation Point28:46 - What is Miami missing out on?31:33 - Secret Sauce / Team Work and Culture34:48 - Opportunities in Miami38:54 - Keeping the Passion strong in remote work39:49 - Go-to Interview Questions (Soft skills)44:29 - How to pay forward47:06 - Brian's Best Mentor48:50 - Miami in 10 years51:55 - Greatest Piece of advice  

    BEST OF #thePOZcast: Dave Meltzer Life Journey & Entrepreneurship (E56)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2021 27:47

    2:23 Concept of Failure/ Hitting the Rock Bottom / The Jacket with No Pockets8:30  Best Step Approach Forward10:25 – 12:15 Spiritual Awakening13:01 – Strength of Signal16:14 – Unconditional Giving 18:17 – How to Ask Others?20:33 – Fear of Ego 

    Oprah's Personal Pedicurist: Gloria Williams- The Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 36:25

    2:34 - History with Grandmother4:08 - Influence from Mother/Grandmother5:19 - Becoming a professional7:19 - Massages9:37 - The Gold is in the Struggle10:00 - Getting into Oprah show11:56 - First time with Oprah14:47 - Oprah's Feedback18:07 - Oprah's tweet about Gloria19:13 - First time on Camera21:17 - Handmade products24:30 - Hardest part  / Early Lessons24:58 No Compromise on Quality and Experience28:27 - Product Marketing/Branding29:44 - Brand in 10 years30:37 - Advice to Struggling Entrepreneurs31:35 - The word ' Authentic'32:51 - The greatest piece of Advice33:36 - Gloria's North Star 

    The Greatest Piece of Advice I Ever Received: Best of #thePOZcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 20:06

    1:01 – E130 (Gwen Whiting) / – E128 (Jordan Harbinger) / – E108 (Lea Turner) / – E121 (Tamara Keller) / – E126 (Arah Sims) / – E69 ( Cathy Heller) / – E96 (Steve Nudelberg) / – E87 (Sarah Sheehan) / – E110 (Erik Huberman) / – E63 (Reena Friedman) / – E49 (Heather Monahan) / – E106 (Chiara Adin Moore) /

    Best Of #thePOZcast: What Is Your North Star?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2021 18:36

    2:01 – E131 (Grant Cardone) / – E133 (Laurie Ruettimann)/ – E124 (Michael Loeb) / – E107 (Zachary Babcock) / – E91 (Matt Gagnon) / – E42 (Hala Taha) / – E87 (Sarah Sheehan) / – E59 (Belinde Aramide) / – E99 (Governor David Paterson) / – E113 (Matt Higgins) / – E50 (Claude Silver) /

    LIVE: Connecting with Intention ft. Jackie Hermes, Matthew Motolla, Justin Welsh

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2021 91:50

    1:20 - Background (Justin Welsh)3:00 - Getting done with Corporate World5:25 - Side Hustles7:02 - Build Something10:50 - What you see is what you get (Credibility/Personal Branding)12:22 - Marketing Effort / What Audience Cares About13:45 - Concept of Sharing16:30 - Close Minded Circle / Open up your feed19:47 - Value-Driven Courses23:22 - Course Marketing25:49 - Thought Starters28:18 - Consistency is the key to engagement28:49 - Matthew's Standing Desk30:30 - Love for Miami32:24 - Background33:30 - Idea of Freelancing38:24 - Cons of Freelancing41:47 - Payment for Freelancers43:41 - Healthcare Solutions46:44 - Personal Branding / Be Yourself53:03 - Game Changer54:27 - All about Leadership57:00 - Future Plans59:59 - Pros of Freelancing1:04:41 - Caffeine is a drug1:06:19 - Introduction 1:07:31 - Start of the career1:09:59 - Change in Society1:11:29 - Examples for kids1:13:10 - How to say ‘No'1:15:02 - How the company came into existence1:21:21 - Manage the Payroll1:22:33 - How to manage people1:23:54 - Managing Expectations1:25:50 - Work-Life Balance1:27:00 - Legacy to leave behind1:28:30 - Personal/Professional Silver Linings

    Hala Taha: From Tragedy to Triumph- The Story Behind her Journey

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 40:08

    2:11 - Early Pandemic (Loss of a Father)6:18 - Effected with Covid7:40 - Fear of the Unknown8:23 - Last Few Meaningful Conversations with Dad11:17 - Last Good Memory with Dad12:03 - Breakup Episode12:52 - Start of the Business during Covid14:23 - Physical/Emotional Dependency16:10 - The Sacrifice16:56 - Balance in intention17:33 - Dating Hala Taha (during Covid)18:54 - Ideal Partner (Personality Traits)19:55 - Growing a Business20:56 - Understanding the Infrastructure21:53 -  Manageable Control23:34 - Smart Outsourcing24:20 - Balance between Hala Hala and Hala Corporate25:40 - Hiring a Senior Employee26:20 - Developing Relationships28:02 - Value of Giving/Long Term Relationships28:23 - Future of Hala Media29:53 - Finding a Niche31:10 - Success or Fame32:11 - Indulgent Practices33:26 - Treat Yourself33:48 - Personal Silver Lining35:30 - Hala's North Star36:58 - Advice to Females

    BEST OF: Gary Vaynerchuk: The Story Behind Our Story – Self Awareness & Growth After Failure

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 27:57

    1:25 – A Top 15 Firing 3:22 – Help Others / Keep it Real4:24 – How to find your Passion5:40 – Money is not my LOVE7:00 – Hardest part as a Leader – Letting go9:08 – How has Gary changed as a Leader9:26 – Feedback in the early process9:48 – Mental Health and Well-Being of employees being fired10:42 – How to deal with Anxiety12:08 – Take Ownership12:54 – Advice for Success14:27 – Pride in the Confidence16:21 – Start with Accountability18:08 – Glassdoor Negativity20:07 – Vayner steps to improve diversity 21:32 – Gary Vee shifting to Daddy Vee23:07 – Greatest Piece of Advice24:42 – Gary Vee's North Star

    Randall Thompson & Kris Dehnert: Co-Founders @ Dugout Mugs

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 39:45

    1:37 - Randall Background / Love for Football2:08 - Recognition of skills3:16 - Miami Baseball5:15 - Aha Moment5:54 - Inception and Prototype6:26 - Kris Media Company/Kris Journey8:03 - Entrepreneurial Spirit11:07 - Life-Changing Moment12:47 - Thought Process / Realization of Partnership14:01 - Pros and Cons of Partnerships (Randall's View)14:43 - Early Days / Conflict Resolution/Key Lessons15:40 - Product Story20:06 - Building a Community23:03 - Go-to Interview Questions24:54 - Right people in place27:01 - Key things infused in a culture28:47 - The Future30:45 - Inc 500031:18 - The Mantra33:06 - Any Regrets along the line33:48 - Number 1 piece of Advice34:50 - North Star

    Patrick Montgomery: From The Army to Wagyu: Founder @ KC Cattle Company

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 42:37

    1:31 - Current events in Afghanistan3:33 - Passion for serving the country5:55 - Impact of Brother in law's death8:33 - Tattooed on Patrick's heart9:47 - Passion for Animals/Wildlife13:17 - What else Patrick can do14:30 - The Aha Moment17:38 - Business Plan19:15 - Instinct Decision Making19:45 - Types of Beef22:20 - How to make meat better25:13 - Managing Expectations26:16 - Long term ROI27:01 - The veteran's advantage28:26 - Effect of Covid in Business30:03 - Making it out of Covid32:50 - The Learning Curve37:03 - Favorite Method of Consumption38:38 - Greatest Piece of Advice39:55 - Patrick's North Star

    Andrew Parker: Family On-Demand, Founder @ Papa

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 33:03

    2:05 - Career Journey/Early Lessons Learned4:20 - Cultural dislikes 6:25 - Seeds Plantation/ The Aha Moment8:33 - All about Papa / Quality time10:47 - White Space Opportunity12:14 - Assess the EQ Level14:03 - Training requirement14:55 - Feedback from senior clients17:14 - Demographic attributes18:16 - Success Story/ Motivational story19:50 - Grievance Training21:00 - Technology Advancement in Papa Health22:50 - Effect of Covid25:14 - First Entrepreneurial Itch27:27 - Advice on Financial Stability28:51 - Core Reason29:51 - Andrew's Super Power30:55 - Andrew's North Star

    LIVE Episode: Heart, Mind & Soul: Dr. Jonathan Fisher, Courtney Seard & Justin Roethlingshoefer

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 88:34

    1:43 - Introduction (Dr. Jonathan Fisher)2:53 - Decision to get into Medicine8:06 - Early Days / Stages of Burnout9:55 - Seeking Help / Imposter Syndrome12:21 - How to Compartmentalize at the end of the day15:20 - Taking the work home / dealing with stress and frustration17:12 -  Decompress yourself/ Healing the Heart Mission22:30 - Covid and Healthcare Workers24:40 - Light at the end of the tunnel26:00 - Mental Health of Doctors26:35 - Support the Cause (Happy Heart MD)29:27 - Introduction (Courtney Sears)37:12 - How to assess if anybody is Coachable / Word of Mouth39:12 - Comfort Zones40:48 - Set yourself up 41:42 - Self Sabotaging47:12 - The concept of Empathy49:50 - Chemical Component of Fear52:47 - Effect of Covid on Performance55:41 - Justin's Approach on Coaching1:01:38 - Time Management1:04:52 - The Concept of Mindset Shift1:13:01 - Mainstream in Sports1:25:33 - Ideal Clients

    BEST OF #thePOZcast: E124: Michael Loeb: (Part 2) A Masterclass: Redefining Venture Capital- Helping Startups Become Billion Dollar Businesses

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2021 29:45

    1:28 - Katie's Presence3:23 - Michael Loeb's Legacy7:10 - Loeb's Future Model17:34 - Real Life Examples19:58 - The Right Administration23:31 - Strange World24:22 - One Go-To Interview Question25:28 - Michael Loeb's Accomplice/North Star

    BEST OF #thePOZcast: E124 Michael Loeb: (PART 1) A Masterclass: Redefining Venture Capital- Helping Startups Become Billion Dollar Businesses

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2021 39:51

    2:50 – Venture Capitalist/Bring in your Ideas4:20 – Michaels' Early Journey to Success8:19 – Combination of Old School with new Entrepreneur Spirit10:47 – Michael Loeb at age 3616:03 – Fear of Letting go!22:53 –  Helping People for Good25:05 – Finding Efficiency26:15 – Invest in Jockey over the horse36:56 – Entrepreneurship Qualities39:00 – What keeps Michael up all night

    Matt Randall & Maria Goy: Disrupting the Insurance Industry - Founders of Life by Spot

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2021 41:38

    2:19 - Connection history3:22 - Parents in the Special Forces3:43 - Lessons learned from Dad5:40 - Core Competencies / Common Thread6:22 - Open to New Possibilities7:39 - Key learning from large companies9:08 - Where did the idea came from11:18 - Investment in a startup14:08 - What makes Spot different17:15 - Customer/Audience base18:26 - Segmentation criteria19:20 - How to make your brand stand out20:52 - Biggest Hurdle in building Spot22:42 - Secret sauce to be successful24:10 - Advantage of having a friendly connection26:05 - Hiring and Building culture29:20 - Go-to Interview Questions31:25 - Questions for Potential Team Members33:40 - Leadership Role35:18 - Next Milestone36:25 - Single Greatest Piece of Advice37:47 - Matt and Maria's North Star

    Chrisa Zindros: The Power of Executive Coaching

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2021 57:00

    2:20 - How did Chrisa got into Visual Merchandising6:26 - The World of Executive Coaching9:10 - Happening of Mindset Shift14:23 - How to Assess if someone is Coachable 18:48 - How to prove to Potential Clients20:23 - Myths in the field of Executive Coaching22:24 - The Whole Process of doing work (The Business of Consulting)31:38 - How to held someone Accountable (Techniques to ensure Accountability)34:10 - Point/Stage of Failure38:24 - Idea behind 'Inner You' 41:13 - Constant Self Improvement 46:42 - What is 'Authenticity' 48:31 - Single Greatest Piece of Advice50:22 - Personal/Professional Silver Linings53:30 - Chrisa's North Star 

    BEST OF #thePOZcast E41: Jason Wang- Helping Ex Cons Earn A Second Chance

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2021 33:44

    Please check out a past favorite of mine from 2019, with Jason Wang. I met Jason via Defy Ventures, an in-prison entrepreneurship program that I support. They help current and formerly incarcerated men and women earn a second chance. Jason is incredible and I am confident that you will love his story- check it out ! Thanks Super pumped to introduce my guest today Jason Wang. I first met Jason about a year ago through my work with Defy Ventures. And for those who do not know, Defy is an in-prison program where incarcerated men and women take part in a University-accredited program on well-being, entrepreneurship training, personal development, mentoring, business incubation, financing opportunities, and network development. We will get more to that story in a bit. Jason is a born entrepreneur. At the age of 8, he would buy a box of 300 fortune cookies from his dad's restaurant for $7 and sell them at school for .25 cents each. He quickly became the “Fortune Cookie King” to his fellow classmates. At the age of 13, he started another business that generated over $100k in revenue with 95% profit margins. Unfortunately, this business was illegal. Oh, and his teammates were his fellow gang members. Jason was finally caught at the age of 15 for a first degree felony and was sent to prison on a 12 year sentence. Since his release, he has earned a double masters (MBA, MS International Business), worked as a management consultant, and started several other ventures. Today, Jason is the Founder and CEO of FreeWorld. And he is here today to share his incredible story of perseverance and personal growth. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review/rating: #thePOZcast is brought to you by our friends at Interseller – the prospecting + outreach platform of recruiters and sellers. Whether you're doubling down on business development or recruiting talent, Interseller does all the heavy lifting of finding contact data, automating the email and follow-up process, and syncs all that rich data into 20+ CRMs and ATSs. Reach out and get going in a 2-week *free* trial today and let them know you heard about them from Adam on #thePOZcast. Check out a free demo today! For more, please visit

    Laura Gassner Otting: Mission-Driven - Moving from Profit to Purpose

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2021 49:54

    2:23 - First impression of President Clinton8:47 - Coolest thing about being in the White House9:45 - One key takeaway from Politics World11:20 - from White House to Recruiting13:14 - Dedicate work to your Mentors14:11 - Connecting People16:34 - The Long Game17:47 - Candidates come back to good recruiters18:16 - Similar about Politics and Recruiting19:11 - Bringing back the values27:20 - Biggest mistake in the Campaign29:31 - Hillary's Interview30:39 - Female Vice President31:15 - Favorite part of Speaking to People32:42 - How to react to Negative Comments36:28 - Toughest Part of Writing42:27 - What is Authenticity43:38 -Personal/Professional Silver Lining45:46 - Greatest Piece of Advice47:07 - Laura's North Star

    BEST OF #thePOZcast E48: Max Stossel: Forbes Top Storyteller

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2021 44:23

    (2:00) Road to Success/ Social Media/ Content Creation (5:24) Emerging of Two Worlds / Turning Poetry into Short Films to Spread Awareness and Important Message (6:58) Approach to Content Creation (8:50) Golden Mission/ How to live a life without Social Media (12:29) Educating the kids about the use/over use of Gadgets  (17:08) Pros and Cons of Social Media for Children(19:15) What is Attention Economy? (21:54) The Great Hack (24:21) How to Protect our Personal Data/Identity? (25:20) The Creative Process - How the concept in mind translates into physical product (30:08) How to grow an Audience 

    George Hammer: Content Leading Business & Creativity- Chief Content Officer @ IBM

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2021 50:39

    2:12 - Funny bone4:30 - Training and workshop6:50 - Free Cookies7:47 - Takeaway from the consultation framework11:26 - Key Lessons learned12:26 - Apple Batch Media Company14:30 - Progress in Technology15:50 - Adapt to different channels17:27 - Core early mistakes as a Leader19:44 - Time at Digitas / BlackOut Campaign22:25 - Opportunity in IBM28:47 - Alignment with Brand's vision29:28 - Content Strategy36:45 - in-house agency experience38:49 - Team Management during Pandemic42:49 - Hybrid Workforce43:25 - Art of Creative Thinking43:45 - Love for LEGOS45:56 -Greatest piece of advice47:51 - George's North Star  

    Mark McNally: Radical Thinker, Venture Innovator & Founder @ Nobody Studios

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 6, 2021 43:26

    1:56 - Start of Mark's Career4:51 - From Military to Moving On6:50 - Experience Learned during Service9:57 - No change over time10:30 - Biggest change in B2b space11:40 - Behavioral Change13:30 - Amazon Prime Members13:59 - Getting into Non-Profit Sector16:12 - Big Picture Value/AI is the future19:14 - Story behind the Name of the company20:30 - Company's Bio / Paradigm Shift26:28 - Merit based Equity28:19 - Attracting the best talent28:48 - Go-to Interview Questions31:02- Assess the Candidate's character32:25 - Biggest Career Mistake/Regret34:16 - Embrace the true Vision36:19 - Greatest Piece of Advice37:46 - Personal/Professional Silver Linings39:47 - Mark's North Star  

    Travis Mills: Never Give Up, Never Quit- Recalibrated Warrior, Veterans Advocate, Speaker & NYT Best-Selling Author

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2021 43:25

    2:50 - Travis Introduction3:50 - Memorial Day5:24 - Decision to serve the country6:20 - Stand-up Comedy alongside Army7:36 - Day-in and Day-out in Army Life11:52 - Everyday is a risk12:42 - How close Travis came to death14:20 - Country Music Lover16:40 - Show Gratitude17:28 - Recovery Period/ How to Pull Yourself21:50 - Party Tricks22:33 - Movie and the book25:02 - Key takeaway from the book26:40 - How to Motivate the people around in distress28:50 - Hardest part of the rehab learning31:23 - Accepting the Help35:18 - What is Authenticity35:49 - Singles Greatest Piece of Advice39:47 - Travis' North Star

    Bert Miller: Chairman and CEO Protis Global & MRINetwork: Leading Transformation Across Talent Access

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 23, 2021 48:09

    2:39 - Key Early Lessons4:00 - The Value of Good People4:30 - Transition to the world of Recruiting6:00 - Origin of the Company's Name8:09 - Emily Fair's Hiring9:02 - Value of Long-Term Relationship / Change in Talent  Over time11:13 - Instant Gratification14:30 - Biggest Hesitation16:24 - The Wrong Fit/ Candidate Value19:30 - Candidate's Motivation20:02 - Key pieces of advice to young Recruiters22:29 - Return to Work Roadmap26:00 - Circumstances for Remote Work27:47 - Migration and Decisions29:20 - Leadership and Selection31:30 - Future Skills33:58 -  Effect of Pandemic on Job Performance36:30 - Benefit of having Athlete's Mindset41:08 - Single Greatest Piece of Advice45:03 - Bert Miller's North Star

    Tara Wells: The Ganja Goddess: The Cannabis Entrepreneurship Journey

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2021 30:56

    2:08 - Tara Wells entry into Entertainment3:10 - Impetus behind getting into Cannabis industry6:18 - Regulations in California7:54 - Cannabis is not for Everybody9:20 - Form of Cannabis (Edibles)11:20 - All about Ganja Goddess12:26 - Tara's Creative Process and Inspiration14:49 - Key Lessons Learned16:12 - Progress from the old culture18:07 - Black Market from the Employee's vision19:36 - Challenges in delivery of Cannabis20:44 - Professional Silver Lining22:37 - Federal Legislation is inevitable24:08 - Live free from Alcohol/Man made drugs / Normalization of Cannabis25:36 - Biggest Challenge as a People Leader26:52 - Single Greatest Piece of Advice28:00 - Tara Wells' Super Power28:46 - Tara Wells' North Star  

    E151: Chukky Okobi: Super Bowl Champ's Basic Instructions of Mind Mastery

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 16, 2021 47:09

    2:20 - Start of Football3:50 - Moment of Realization6:33 - Support in the initial days8:33 - Self Awareness14:12 - More Action, Less talking14:20 - Most Authentic Person16:54 - Discipline and Work Ethic17:17 - Rookie Year19:14 - First Home Game23:42 - Winning the Game27:17 - Coaching & Consultation28:20 - Past and Future Decision30:19 - The story of black bag31:33 - How to align folks for coaching34:47 - mind, body, energy connection37:01 - Super Bowl of a Success38:52 - Story of a Mule41:57 - Greatest piece of advice43:38 - Chukky's North Star

    Robert Glazer: Founder of Acceleration Partners- Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 9, 2021 33:31

    1:39 - Early days of Robert Glazer3:09 - Key Lessons learned4:12 - How to be prepared for a Business world5:53 - Culture resonates with Company's values7:57 - How to make somebody feel valued9:14 - Alignment of Recruitment process with values11:00 - Consistency is important12:26 - Learn from your mistakes / Disaster Hiring13:28 - Consensus in Hiring14:33 - Quality Hire15:10 - Robert Glazer's Core Values17:12 - Alignment in the long run18:40 - Self Awareness19:30 - Robert Glazer's Book21:14 - The TedX Experience21:42 - Dynamic of a Relationship / Job Satisfaction24:32 - Burning Bridges26:22 - Client Service Relationship / Manage Expectations27:01- Hardest part of writing process28:14 - Greatest Impact29:05 - Greatest Piece of Advice30:02 - Personal/Professional Silver Lining31:13 - Robert Glazer's North Star

    E148 Karson Humiston: Founder & CEO at Vangst: Finding people jobs in Cannabis

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 2, 2021 32:54

    2:25 - First Entrepreneurship Experience3:33 - Golf Ball Business4:34 - Starting off to sell products5:30 - Views on College6:08 - First time for Cannabis6:54 - On-track Adventures8:24 - The name history10:16 - Get some Momentum10:55 - Early Lessons learned from Entrepreneurship13:20 - No past experience/ recruiting the recruiter14:55 - Advantage of not having recruiting experience16:40 - Art of recruiting17:11 - Legitimate side of Cannabis20:49 - Skills of a Good recruiter22:26 - Positioning of a Standard Recruiting Agency25:31 - Post Covid World26:06 - Work-Life Balance27:26 - Becoming a Vangster28:06 - What is Authenticity28:47 - Greatest Piece of Advice30:21 - Karson's North Star

    Zach Nadler- CEO @ VaynerSpeakers: Curating Knowledge, Expertise & Entertainment

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2021 50:02

    2:30 - Passion for sports4:30 - Who is the better agent?5:01 - Getting into Golf6:27 - First time starstruck7:09 - Opportunity to work in the Entertainment Industry8:05 - Lesson Learned the hard way9:13 - The secret sauce to make everyone happy10:20 - Dealing with Regrets11:43 - Booking Talent vs Talent Recruitment14:42 - Renowned speakers16:20 - Favorite Category to work with18:53 - First Interaction with Gary V21:30 - Key Takeaways from Gary22 40 - What Gary has learned from Zach23:30 - When the Speaker Bombs!25:50 - How to prepare a Talent27:58 - THe Pandemic Effect34:51 - Things learned from Covid36:34 - Mind-Boggling Innovation38:36 - The New Parenting Experience42:46 - Prize Possession43:20 - Greatest Piece of Advice44:30 - Greatest Professional Success45:30 - Zach's Super Power46:04 - Zach's North Star 

    BEST OF #thePOZcast E102: Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters: The Art & Science of Recruitment

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2021 51:51

    2:55- Introduction3:36 – Recruitment 30 years ago5:33 – Evolution of Resume / Journey of Technology7:14 – The Book ‘Hiring Success'8:35 – HR and Talent are Back office operations? Mindset change?10:10 – Balance between quality hire and time to fill10:30 – Key thought from the Book12:16 – Debunk the Myth – Applicant Tracking System14:22 – Bling Hiring / Unconscious Bias16:35 – Origin of Smart Recruiters19:10 – How are Smart Recruiters better?21:58 – Managing Expectations / Communication is most Important24:28 – Pandemic Effect29:54 – Share your Knowledge – Mentor Someone30:37 – Reverse Recruiting33:10 – Takeaway from Defy Volunteership37:16 – Transformation in Recruiting40:22 – The word ‘ Authentic'42:02 – Greatest piece of Advice43:12 – Most difficult part in leading an organization44:45 – Silver Linings

    Amit Pandhi: Satisfying Cravings: CEO of Velocity Snack Brands & Popchips

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 11, 2021 43:49

    2:03 - Drowning in CPG industry / Sampling overloaded3:30 - The Early Days4:43 - First Product Sold6:18 - Team bootstrap7:43 - Profit Margins at the start8:53 - The Punchout phase11:00 - Acquisition of Popchips11:48 - Key learning from acquisition12:49 - Sales growth since acquisition13:45 - Favorite snack14:56 - Industry other than CPG15:51 - Advice to founders/startups on Fundraising19:24 - Brand Awareness20:58 - New Junk Food in the market22:28 - Guilty Pleasure snack25:33 - Key attributes to look for in a brand26:31 - Advice for getting into CPG27:06 - The Hiring Process28:19 - Go-to interview Questions30:37 - Deal Breaker in an interview32:11 - Biggest mistake/toughest lesson learned33:42 - How to keep energy/culture alive36:57 - Greatest piece of advice38:01 - Greatest professional accomplishment39:35 - Amit's North Star

    John & Jessica Waller: Corporate Life to a Nut Butter Entrepreneurial Journey

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 4, 2021 38:43

    2:09 - John and Jessica Love Story4:16 - Early Career Lessons from Groupon8:19 - Move in to Educational Department9:03 - Origin of Humble nut Butter13:46 - The Aha Moment14:26 - Honest Feedback from friends15:57 - Thought Process and Decision Making19:37 - Biggest Challenge of working together22:09 - Balance between work and personal life23::22 - Takeaway for kids25:09 - Company in next few years27:01 - Humanity and Injustice28:22 - Feeling of Guilt/Responsibility30:32 - Change in Perspective in terms of Diversity32:48 - Brand's Insight/Takeaway34:05 - Greatest Piece of Advice34:54 - John's Super Power35:55 - John and Jess North Star

    Gary Vaynerchuk: The Story Behind Our Story - Self Awareness & Growth After Failure

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2021 27:57

    1:25 - A Top 15 Firing 3:22 - Help Others / Keep it Real4:24 - How to find your Passion5:40 - Money is not my LOVE7:00 - Hardest part as a Leader - Letting go9:08 - How has Gary changed as a Leader9:26 - Feedback in early process9:48 - Mental Health and Well-Being of employees being fired10:42 - How to deal with Anxiety12:08 - Take Ownership12:54 - Advice for Success14:27 - Pride in the Confidence16:21 - Start with Accountability18:08 - Glassdoor Negativity20:07 - Vayner steps to improve diversity 21:32 - Gary Vee shifting to Daddy Vee23:07 - Greatest Piece of Advice24:42 - Gary Vee's North Star 

    Chris Carr: From Near Death to Digital Marketing Success - Unpacking The Journey

    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2021 43:00

    2:34 - Chris' Mountain Story5:44 - Sudden Realization of Fear/Uncertainty6:43 - Rely on Friend and Vice Versa8:34 - Ability to make Decisions8:53 - Gratitude and Silver Lining11:18 - Strong Faith12:28 - Biggest Impact13:57 - Mountain Adventure to Corporate World15:18 - Taking water for granted16:40 - Biggest innovation in Digital Marketing17:47 - Chris Car Journey though internet19:52 - Concept of Overnight Success21:14 - Regrets from the past22:28 - Natural Storyteller24:47 - How to build a team26:40 - Mutual Interest27:36 - Go-to Interview Questions28:30 - Biased judgement29:54 - Proud Moment31:19 - Keeping the culture and vibe alive34:16 - Thought Leader Magazine - Podcast35:44 - Greatest piece of advice37:07 - Chris SuperPower39:14 - Chris's North Star

    Glenn Zweig: Applying the Art of Excellence to All Aspects in Life: Top Podcast Host & Leadership Advisor

    Play Episode Listen Later May 21, 2021 47:40

    1:37 - The other side of the Mic2:22 - Glen's Early days/starting from Disney3:40 - Side Hustles5:09 - Lessons learned from workplace (Disney)7:14 - Starting own company10:03 - Challenges in Fundraising11:48 - Why startups fail?13:46 - The thought process17:38 - Glen's entry into recruiting21:07 - Biggest takeaway from Mentorship22:34 - Art of Excellence Podcast26:08 - Definition of Success29:47 - Take accountability for failures31:03 - Best Guest on show35:05 - Glen's favorite episode37:18 - Secret to book a great guest40:01 - Dream Guest40:59 - Go-to Joke44:00 - Greatest Piece of Advice44:27 - Define Excellence45:20 - Glen's North Star

    Lindsey Pollak: Early Career Success & The Future Workplace- NYT Bestselling Author

    Play Episode Listen Later May 14, 2021 37:26

    1:54 - Lindsey's background4:11 - Decision making5:00 - Big Lesson Learned as an RA5:58 - Paralysis of Choice7:52 - Job Hopping8:40 - Difference between Boomers & Millennials (Leadership wise)10:48 - Young Leaders - Where is the gap?12:19 - Concept of Feedback14:11 - Impetus behind writing the first book15:37 - Multi-generational Workforce18:59 - Need of physical workplace vs remote work (uncertainty)21:53 - Magic Formula23:20 - Lindsey's book title struggle25:18 - Early Career Guidance26:45 - Insightful Interview Questions29:06 - Who should read the book29:47 - Golden key takeaway30:41 - Biggest challenge in writing this book31:52 - Vulnerability32:26 - Greatest piece of advice34:20 - Lindsey's Super Power34:35 - Personal/Professional Silver Linings35:54 - Lindsey's North Star 

    Best Of #thePOZcast: What Is Your North Star?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 8, 2021 18:36

    2:01 - E131 (Grant Cardone) / - E133 (Laurie Ruettimann)/ - E124 (Michael Loeb) / - E107 (Zachary Babcock) / - E91 (Matt Gagnon) / - E42 (Hala Taha) / - E87 (Sarah Sheehan) / - E59 (Belinde Aramide) / - E99 (Governor David Paterson) / - E113 (Matt Higgins) / - E50 (Claude Silver) /

    BEST OF #thePOZcast E86: Michael Kascsak: Talent Acquisition Industry Leader Shares His Journey at Google & PayPal

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2021 45:02

    2:44 – Start of Michael's Career5:52 – Opportunity with Google6:39 –  in-house recruiters9:12 – Coaching & Development11:36 – Big teams vs Small teams13:45 – Vulnerability in the workforce15:27 – Golden Advice to Newbies16:34 – Make Workplace comfortable19:27 – Michael's Philosophy22:15 – Getting into a  big company24:10 – Recruiters are Brand Ambassadors25:50 – Advantages of working for Big companies like Google26:23 – Candidate Experience28:32 – Company / Employee Branding30:47-  Effect of Covid on Talent Acquisition33:19 – Remote Interviews and Work from home

    Joe Mullings & Adam Posner: The Future of Talent Access & The New Workplace

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2021 37:05

    3:07 - Survival Mode5:28 - Remote Work / Cost of Talent Pool7:11 - Choice of Remote vs. working in office9:40 - Lack of Mentorship13:57 - Zoom Interview Process18:10 - Resumes are a relic 20:59 - Migration of Talent23:24 - Job Performance of working parents25:08 - Talent Retention as a parameter of success (Empathy and Burnout)27:52 - What keeps Joe up at night28:47 - Joe as a Leader29:09 - The journey of flying30:22 - Mental Health perspective32:40 - Next big thing !!34:03 - Personal/Professional Silver Linings  

    BEST OF #thePOZcast: The Greatest Piece of Advice I Ever Received

    Play Episode Listen Later May 1, 2021 20:06

    1:01 - E130 (Gwen Whiting) / 2:57 - E128 (Jordan Harbinger) / 5:09 - E108 (Lea Turner) / 5:56 - E121 (Tamara Keller) / 7:16 - E126 (Arah Sims) / - E69 ( Cathy Heller) / 10:24 - E96 (Steve Nudelberg) / - E87 (Sarah Sheehan) / 12:56 - E110 (Erik Huberman) / - E63 (Reena Friedman) / 15:39 - E49 (Heather Monahan) / - E106 (Chiara Adin Moore) / 

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