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Have you ever become obsessed with a topic and taken a deep dive into consuming all you could uncover about it? Media Path podcast is here to indulge your obsessions. hosted by Fritz Coleman and Louise Palanker, the show takes you along on a scenic tour through books, movies, TV, podcasts and music related to a given topic of captivation. We are exploring entertainment, politics, history, true crime, world events and all of their intriguing intersections. Fritz Coleman is a legendary Los Angeles weatherman/humorist. Louise Palanker is a filmmaker/columnist and co-founder of Premiere Radio. Hop aboard. Discover more layers, intrigue and substance. Go beyond binging with Media Path.

Fritz Coleman & Louise Palanker

    • Feb 2, 2023 LATEST EPISODE
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    A "Hollywood" Self Discovery Story & How The 60s Shaped Wall Street

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2023 76:12

    Warning: Listening may result in an overwhelming compulsion to read! First, Diane Bay finally received her birth mom's name from the state of Illinois. She nervously typed it into Google… Her birth mom is New Hollywood darling and cult movie queen, Karen Black, who starred in Easy Rider, The Graduate, Five Easy Pieces and so much more!Diane's journey to self discovery pulls her from elation to despair when she learns that her mom is dying. Their heart wrenching year together is chronicled beautifully in Diane's book, Finding Karen Black. Joining us for the episode is Karen's best friend, actor Lee Purcell who is uniquely positioned to provide us with Karen's emotionally wrenching perspective.Then we welcome finance insider Richard E. Farley who is winning our favorite book title of the year award with: Gonzo Wall Street: Riots, Radicals, Racism and Revolution - How the Go-Go Bankers of the 1960s Crashed the Financial System and Bamboozled Washington. Richard takes a long look at Wall Street in the 1960s, and finding that the precident for the 2008 bailouts was set when the corrupt Wall Street investment banks of the 1960s held Congress over a barrel and got an outrageous taxpayer-funded bailout of what THEY owed their customers.Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Jon Meacham's And Then There Was Light - Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle  and  Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus.Path Points of Interest:Finding Karen Black by Diane BayDiane BayFinding Karen Black WebsiteDiane Bay on Social Black WikipediaKaren Black on IMDBLee PurcellLee Purcell on IMDBLee Purcell on Social Media of the Bell's TrailerLee Purcell & Andrea F. Friedman in Office Scene From "Carol of the Bells”  Donna Mills & Lee Purcell in scene from Joey Travolta's "Carol of the Bells” The Making Of "Carol of the Bells" PromoHollywood Radio PlayersHollywood Radio Players on YoutubeMake a tax deductible donation to Hollywood Radio PlayersRichard E. FarleyRichard E. Farley on AmazonGonzo Wall Street: Riots, Radicals, Racism and Revolution How the Go-Go Bankers of the 1960s Crashed the Financial System and Bamboozled Washington by Richard E. FarleyGonzo Wall Street ArticleLessons in Chemistry by Bonnie GarumsBonnie Garmus's Amazon Author PageAnd Then There Was Light - Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle by Jon Meacham

    TV News Trailblazing & A Legendary L.A. Broadcast Team featuring Kelly Lange

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2023 71:35

    Kelly Lange began her trailblazing TV career when women in broadcasting were treated as a “novelty.” But armed with brains and ingenuity, Kelly carved out a career path which led to her becoming the first female news anchor in Los Angeles and a nightly fixture at KNBC.Kelly and our cohost, former KNBC weatherman Fritz Coleman are back together at long last, recounting story after memorable story which weave into a brilliant retrospective of broadcasting in the Los Angeles market and primetime news through the decades. Take, for example, Kelly's plucky resolve to become the KABC traffic copter girl, “Dawn O'Day” and the only-in-Hollywood tale of how she landed her anchor spot at KNBC.Kelly and Fritz were broadcasting nightly into the homes of L.A.'s most notable citizens, prompting calls from Bette Davis and Marlon Brando and fanboys like Jimmy Stewart and Orson Wells!Did you know that Jane Fonda shadowed Kelly for a week in training for her role as a newscaster in The China syndrome?We learn how Kelly began her latest chapter as a mystery writer and we even get to hear about her boyfriend Jim's TV writing career as Kelly switches smoothly from interviewee to interviewer! Plus, our recommendations this week are the autobiography Spare by Prince Harry and the movie All Quiet On The Western Front on Netflix.Path Points of Interest:Kelly Lange on WikipediaKelly Lange on IMDBKelly Lange BooksKelly Lange Books on AmazonKelly Lange on What's My LineSpare by Prince HarryAll Quiet On The Western Front

    Family Filmmaking & The Black Music Industry

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2023 68:27

    We welcome the new year with a rich buffet of guests, starting with husband and wife filmmaking team, Anayancy and Jess Thomas whose project, God & Salsa tells the story of a grieving therapist and a troubled teen who save each other. The film explores suicide, depression, divorce, parental alienation, narcissism, hope and healing.Next, we are joined by Dr. Logan Westbrooks a groundbreaking black music executive and industry veteran with over 50 years of experience launching careers, making history and positively changing our music and civil rights landscapes.Dr. Westbrooks joins us to talk about his newest book, 'Power 101: The Harvard Report, Soul Music, and The American Dream', which examines the controversial 1972 Harvard Report which studied and forcast how black folks would be consuming music. Dr. Westbrook's journey took him from a childhood in Memphis to the boardrooms of major record labels. He was assigned to oversee The Harvard Report by Clive Davis and CBS Records and he helps us understand how black music and our nation's trajectory were impacted by one another, pulling us towards a greater understanding of race and destiny in America.Plus, Fritz and Weezy recommend Babylon, now in theaters and If These Walls Could Sing on Disney+ and Hulu.Path Points of Interest:Logan WestbrooksPower 101: The Harvard Report, Soul Music, and The American Dreamby Dr. Logan H. Westbrooks and Schuyler C. TraughberGod And SalsaJess and Anayancy ThomasBabylon - In TheatersIf These Walls Could Sing Children's Burn Foundation

    Vocal Harmonies & Legends of Classic Pop with Bruce Belland and John H. Mills II

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2022 83:54

    In 1951, 15-year-old Bruce Belland sneaked into a backstage door at Ciro's Nightclub to get a glimpse of his idols, The Mills Brothers. That fateful night inspired Bruce to form The Four Preps and forge a vocal harmony career that brought us the hits, “26 Miles” and “Big Man.” Bruce has spent 70 years loaded with questions for his musical heroes and, at long last, he gets to pose them to John H. Mills II, the son of original Mills Brother Donald Mills. John toured with his father for 17 years and he's got answers!We hand our fanboy the reins and these two harmony kings go deep into shop talk, discussing style, phrasing, timing, technique and arrangements. They share road stories, talk about John's childhood with his trailblazing father and uncles and explore how each of them related to their larger-than-life fathers.Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman and Avatar: The Way of Water.Path Points of Interest:The Mills BrothersThe Mills Brothers on WikipediaMills Brothers Documentary Part 1Part 2Part 3John Mills in a Tribute to Glenn Miller and the Vocal Groups - Feb. 19thBruce BellandThe Four PrepsAvatar: The Way of the Water - In TheatersMy Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman

    Women at the Mic & Best Friends in Comedy featuring Shawn Pelofsky and Vicki Barbolak

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2022 60:58

    Shawn Pelofsky and Vicki Barbolak are fellow standup comedy besties who are taking their friendship to the next level. Yes, they would like to announce their podcast.Shawn and Vicki host Trailer Park Diaries. Partly truth, mostly make believe, as if Prairie Home Companion moved into a double wide.We go behind the trailer with Shawn and Vicki to learn just how much of their diary stories are true and how much is merely aspirational. We're also talking about the spine strength either required or acquired by women in comedy. We discuss crowd work, improv rules and knowing your audience.And Shawn confesses that she is as hooked on The Real Housewives as they appear to be on wine. Weezy's reality drug of choice is The Bachelor. We've all watched Harry and Meghan and we have opinions!Plus, Fritz and Weezy recommend The Order of Myths and Descendant on Netflix, HBO's Pelosi in the House and 'Mercury Pictures Presents' by Anthony Marra.Path Points of Interest:Trailer Park DiariesTrailer Park Diaries on YoutubeShawn PelofskySocial Media MeltdownsVicki BarbolakVicki Barbolak on YoutubeThe Order of Myths - Netflix Descendant - Netflix Mercury Pictures Presents by Anthony MarraPelosi in the House

    Folk Rock Heroes & Multi-Instrumental Mastery featuring John Sebastian

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2022 64:18

    John Sebastian's rich musical catalogue reflects a life deeply steeped in craft, cultural resonance and history. John's career has taken him from The Lovin' Spoonful to Bob Dylan to Mama Cass to Woodstock to movie soundtracks and beyond. John joins us to share stories of his creatively colorful Greenwich Village childhood, surrounded by folk and classical luminaries, his harmonica virtuoso father, his screenwriting mother and his Godmother, Vivian Vance!His talent and experiences inspired him to write and record an ecclectic array of hits including: Summer In The City, Darlin' Be Home Soon, Welcome Back, Nashville Cats, You Didn't Have To Be So Nice, Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind, Do You Believe In Magic and a bunch more.And John comes to us brining word of his newest album with Arlen Roth called John and Arlen Explore The Lovin' Spoonful Songbook.Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Harry and Meghan on Netflix and Harry Chapin: When In Doubt, Do Something, on Prime Video. Also, we introduce our first Helping Folks Help charity partner, Children's Burn Foundation.Path Points of Interest:John SebastianJohn and Arlen Revisit The Lovin' Spoonful SongbookJohn Sebastion in The Songwriters' Hall of FameJ.B.s Harmonica by John SebastianDarlin' Be Home Soon Live On The Ed Sullivan ShowHarry and Meghan - Netflix Harry Chapin: When In Doubt, Do SomethingChildren's Burn Foundation

    Making Air Waves & The Golden Age of Radio featuring Guy Zapoleon and Jhani Kaye

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2022 81:22

    We welcome radio royalty. Two kings, baring gifts of knowledge, experience, stories and maybe some myrrh. Guy Zapoleon, President of Zapoleon Consulting, is a veteran of almost 50 years in the business. He's programmed and consulted major radio stations including KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, Z100 in New York and KZZP in Phoenix.Jhani Kaye is the longest running Program Director of a music station in the country's largest market, Los Angeles, working with KOST-FM for 23 years.Guy and Jhani tell us what drew them to radio, how they started, what they've learned, the hit records they launched and, within an era of streaming media, what is to become of radio!?We get way into the fun and fantastic heyday of radio replete with big personalities, big hits and bigger hair. The promotions and publicity stunts, the 10-year music cycle, what the future looks like and so much more.... plus, our co-hosts weigh in with their own radio background stories, Fritz having started his media career on the air, on a ship in the Navy and Weezy as co-founder of Premiere Radio Networks, now part of iHeartMedia!All of that plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending 'Sr.' on Netflix + 'Spector' on Showtime.Path Points of Interest:Guy ZapoleonGuy Zapoleon's 2021 10-Year Music Cycle UpdateMusic Cycle Updated, Part 1Music Cycles, Part 2Sr.- NetflixSpector on Showtime 

    The Real Brian Wilson & Accessing an Artist's Path Far Beyond the Beach featuring David Leaf

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2022 76:34

    At the age of 19, David Leaf created a To-Do list: 1) Write about Brian Wilson 2) Become his friend 3) Help him finish SMILE. Mission accomplished.You may know Brian as an extraordinary artist who spread surf, song and Southern California style around the world, but there is SO much more to uncover.David has released an expanded version of his seminal tomb entitled ‘God Only Knows” The Story of Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys and the California Myth,'. First published in 1978, and updated in 1985, the story continues to unfold and this definitive opus has been extensively bookended with what amounts to an entirely bonus book of Brian Lore.David joins us for an in-depth conversation, digging into Brian Wilson's artistry and influences as we explore his relationships with family, fellow Beach Boys + the triumphant hero's journey of 'SMiLE'. Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending 1899 on Netflix and the movie 'She Said', now in theaters.Path Points of Interest:David LeafGod Only Knows by David LeafLong Promised Road TrailerBrian Wilson: Long Promised RoadBeautiful Dreamer: The Story of Smile DocumentaryI Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Don Was's Brian Wilson Documentary)BBC production of God Only Knows  God Only Knows Reader's Guide VIP Experience for purchasing the book David Leaf at UCLA 1899 - NetflixShe Said - In Theaters 

    Creating Comedy & Working Motherhood

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2022 61:31

    Liz Astrof is a writer, producer and show runner who has helped create some of your favorite sitcoms, including King of Queens, 2 Broke Girls, Whitney, Becker and Last Man Standing, while precariously balancing marriage, career and children beyond the storm of her own darkly dangerous childhood.Liz has written a wickedly funny, raw and revealing book, called 'STAY-AT-WORK MOM' which hilariously pours a conflicted cocktail of emotions, highly relatable to anyone who has ever attempted to build a career, raise a family, or, boldly do both!Liz provides us with an inside look at her difficult childhood, her parenting style, her creative process, working with tightly wound  comedian/actor types and sharing a career path with her writer/brother Jeff.Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending the The Automat documentary  and Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song.Path Points of Interest:Liz Astrof Amazon Author PageLiz Astrof on IMDBStay at Work Mom: Marriage, Kids and Other Disasters by Liz AstrofLiz Astrof on InstagramLiz Astrof on TwitterThe Automat - Amazon PrimeHallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A journey, A Song Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris Perform Hallelujah at Hope for Haiti TV eventMariane and Leonard: Words of Love Leonard Cohen Website

    A Cowsills Christmas, L.A.'s Favorite Public Radio & The Mind of the Modern Man

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2022 83:08

    We are three guests deep, welcoming Guy's Guy, Robert Manni whose brand and purpose are all about guiding men and boys through an ever-changing cultural landscape towards a better understanding of themselves, women and our collective human experience.From there, we're backstage with The Cowsills who are bedecked with jolly and about to take the stage for the Andy Williams Moon River Theater Christmas Extravaganza in Branson. The Cowsills just dropped brand new music with their album, Rhythm of the World, they share a special history with our co-host Louise Palanker who directed the doc, Family Band: The Cowsills Story, they are armed with teen idol memories and ready to play Teen Mag Trivia AND, they will close out their appearance here with a helping of Christmas Carol!We culminate with KCRW's Steve Chiotakis, host of Greater L.A. and a man who truly understands Los Angeles on a granular, neighborhood level. What do Angelenos need and expect from their local NPR station? How is public media structured? What is the news/music/information mix that suits listeners? And how can public radio best entertain and inform the people it serves? Plus Fritz and Weezy are celebrating British women of particular note and character, recommending The Crown and Enola Holmes on Netflix and PBS's Miss Scarlet and The Duke.Path Points of Interest:The CowsillsRhythm of the WorldRhythm of the World on YoutubeThe Cowsills PodcastThe Happy Together TourFamily Band: The Cowsills Story on PrimeThe Andy Williams Moon River TheaterThe Cowsills on FacebookSusie squeals on The Cowsills Bob Answers 80 Intimate QuestionsOur Hates and Loves by The Cowsills Fritz and Weezy on The Cowsills' PodcastRobert ManniThe Guy's Guy Guide To Love by Robert ManniGuy's Guy TV Guy's Guy PodcastFritz and Weezy on Guy's Guy TV  Fritz and Weezy on Guy's Guy Podcast Robert Manni on InstagramRobert Manni on TwitterRobert Manni on FacebookSteve ChiotakisKCRWSteve Chiotakis Socials @RadioChio. Steve Chiotakis on FacebookBorn and RazedGreater L.A.Fritz and Weezy on Greater L.A.Miss Scarlet and The Duke on PBSEnola Holmes on NetflixThe Crown

    Shifting from Morning Radio to Podcasting with Tom & Dan

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2022 75:18

    In 2009, Tom Vann and Daniel Dennis left their corporate radio gigs and ventured boldly into the great unknown of podcasting with their under promisingly titled show, A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan. Armed with only their well-honed rapport, technical know-how, business acumen and a hearty helping of tenacity, Tom and Dan have successfully transitioned, along with their Orlando, FL fan base, from terrestrial radio to streaming audio, bringing their charismatic, easy chemistry and fearless candor to a devoted following who have endearingly labeled themselves, “Scumbags.”It hasn't been easy. T & D have sacrificed and faced difficult decisions. They've contended with  legal entanglements and crash coursed the basics of running the sales & marketing end of their business. Tom and Dan join us to talk about everything from publicity stunts to, baring their souls to podcast monetization!Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Tár, now in theaters and God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty on Hulu.Path Points of Interest:A Mediocre Time with Tom and DanA Mediocre Documentary with Tom and DanAbout Tom and DanTom and Dan on TwitchTom and Dan on YoutubeTom and Dan on FacebookTom and Dan on TwitterA Corporate Time With Tom and DanTar - In TheatersGod Forbid: The Sex Scandal that Brought Down a DynastyOff The Deep End: Jerry and Becki Falwell and the Collapse of an Evangelical Dynasty Hillsong Exposed

    Smart Comedy & Finding Your Niche featuring Don McMillan

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2022 54:40

    Don McMillan took the path less traveled, in fact he may be that path's lone pedestrian. Don came to stand-up comedy from Silicon Valley. A former engineer with a Masters from Stanford, the comedy and problem solving portions of Don's brain have collaborated to craft a unique act that features a hilarious roast of power point presentations, illustrated, of course, by a power point presentation.Don's uniquely relatable brand of stand-up took him to the semi-finals on this year's America's Got Talent. With jokes that are perfectly pithy, while maintaining all the elegance of the Pythagorean Theorem, Don has established a Corporate comedy niche that finds him performing consistently for an audience of global brand giants.Don joins us with AGT behind-the-scenes secrets, success tips and power point dos and don'ts!Plus, Weezy recommends ORDINARY GRACE by William Kent Krueger and Fritz's pick is B.J. Novak's VENGEANCE.Path Points of Interest:Don McMillanDon McMillan on YoutubeDon McMillan AGT SemifinalsDon McMillan on TwitterDon McMillan on InstagramVengeance - PrimeOrdinary Grace by William Kent Krueger

    The First Real Working Mom On Film & L.A.'s Unhoused In Crisis

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2022 79:11

    Our guest is Joyce Chopra who broke bold ground as a female filmmaker in the 1970s with her award winning documentary short, Joyce at 34, profiling her own struggle as a working woman, to have and raise a child. The film's existence thus proving that she could do both.Her Sundance winning feature, (One of the first directed by a woman) Smooth Talk (1985) starring Treat Williams and Laura Dern opened doors to male dominated spaces that she treacherously navigated, paving paths for others to follow.Joyce's new book, Lady Director: Adventures in Hollywood, Television and Beyond, tells her captivating stories.Also joining us is Jan Perry a Los Angeles civic leader now serving as Executive Director of Shelter Partnership which helps provide essential needs to the unhoused. Jan shares that we can all work together to help address the homeless crisis in our cities.Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Amsterdam in theaters and a Jazzman's Blues on Netflix.Path Points of Interest:Lady Director: Adventures in Hollywood, Television and Beyond by Joyce ChopraLady Director at City Lights BooksJoyce Chopra on IMDBJoyce at 34Smooth TalkSmooth Talk on IMDBByKids - Real World Films For Kids, By KidsAn American Girl on the Home FrontJoyce Chopra Films on CriterionShelter PartnershipShelter Partnership on FacebookShelter Partnership on TwitterJan PerryAmsterdamA Jazzman's BluesGift of Democracy

    Christian Nationalism & Extreme Religion featuring Brad Onishi and Dan Miller

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2022 70:14

    Brad Onishi and Dan Miller are authors, scholars, educators and thought leaders who share similar histories as Christian ministers who have migrated beyond their flock. From this unique and compelling perspective, they are perfectly positioned to observe and discuss the rise and current political influence of Christian Nationalism. Their hit podcast, Straight White American Jesus explores the Christian Right's emerging influence in shaping our political landscape. We chat with Brad and Dan about their experiences within the church and its teachings and why their perspectives began to shift. We delve into the role played by Orange County, California in the birth of the religious right, (Brad preached at a Yorba Linda megachurch). We consider how Evangelicals square their values with their votes for Donald Trump and so much more.Plus, Fritz and Weezy recommend Rachel Maddox's new podcast ULTRA and Geoffrey Berman's book, Holding The Line.Path Points of Interest:Straight White American JesusBrad Onishi's WebsiteThe Orange Wave - A History of the Religious Right Since 1960SWAJ Live EventSWAJ on PatreonPreparing for War: The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism--and What Comes Next by Bradley Onishi Daniel Miller on AmazonRachel Maddox's new podcast ULTRA Holding The Line by Geoffrey Berman

    Climate Storytelling & The Day The Music Died featuring Spencer Proffer, Georgia Wright and Kenia Hale

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2022 72:45

    Media and Music Producer Spencer Proffer joins us to talk about his Paramount + doc, The Day The Music Died which beautifully tells the story of the song that lives on, Don McLean's American Pie. Plus, Audio Content Creators Georgia Wright and Kenia Hale are using storytelling to share the important narrative of how climate change is impacting the lives of young people throughout the world. Their New York Times recommended podcast, Inherited creatively embraces the youth climate movement.And Fritz and Weezy are recommending Chasing Trane on Hulu and Severance on Apple +.Path Points of Interest:Spencer Proffer and Meteor 17The Day The Music Died on Paramount + Spencer Proffer - BioSpencer Proffer on WikipediaMore on The Way The Music DiedAmerican Pie interpretationsInherited PodcastGeorgia WrightKenia HaleChasing Trane - Hulu Severance Gift of Democracy

    Bob Hope Memories & Letters From the WWII Troops featuring Martha Bolton

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2022 59:01

    Bob Hope brought so much more than entertainment when he travelled the globe entertaining our troops. In a time before technology he provided healing, home and yes, hope. In return, Bob Hope received hundreds of thousands of letters of gratitude from the soldiers, nurses, spouses and parents sacrificing so much and longing for comfort and peace. Moved and inspired by their letters, Bob wrote back often and a deeply moving collection of these exchanges is featured in a new book by Martha Bolton and Linda Hope called Dear Bob: Bob Hope's Wartime Correspondence with the G.I.'s of World War II.Martha wrote for Bob Hope for fifteen years and it is her great honor to share this compilation. She joins us for a heartwarming conversation.Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending The Last Movie Stars on HBO and Sidney on Apple +.Path Points of Interest:Martha BoltonDear Bob: Bob Hope's Wartime Correspondence with the G.I.s of World War IIby Martha BoltonMartha Bolton's Amazon Author PageThe Last Movie Stars on HBOSidney - Apple Plus One of Weezy's Bob Hope Interviews:

    A Storyteller, A Renaissance Man & A Show Biz Legacy featuring Bruce Belland and Susie Singer Carter

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2022 70:28

    ruce Belland pioneered boy band hysteria with The Four Preps. Hearts were won and minds were lost as The Preps created teen bedlam touring with Ricky Nelson. The Preps scored massive hits with 26 Miles, Down By The Station and Big Man before Bruce moved on to produce over 1000 hours of television including Wheel of Fortune, Name That Tune and Hollywood Squares. We are also welcoming filmmaker Susie Singer Carter whose award winning short, My Mom and The Girl takes an achingly beautiful look at Alzheimer's Disease while giving us Valerie Harper's final soul moving performance.Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending Ken Burns' The U.S. and The Holocaust on PBS and Keep This Between Us on Hulu.Path Points of Interest:Bruce BellandThe Four Preps - WikipediaThe Four PrepsMy Mom and the Girl on PrimeSusie Singer Carter - Go Girl MediaSusie Singer Carter - WikipediaSusie Singer Carter - IMDBThe U.S. and The Holocaust - Ken BurnsKeep This Between Us - Hulu and Freeform

    Drama & Mystery Writing featuring Scott Shepherd

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2022 71:02

    Scott Shepherd has overseen hundreds of hours of your favorite TV shows like The Equalizer, Miami Vice, Quantum Leap and many more including Monarch, his new show on Fox and Hulu. Scott is currently pouring his gift for storytelling into a series of mystery novels featuring Scotland Yard Detective Austin Grant. Scott is with us to share his writing tips, tricks and practices, his passion for Steven King, The Twilight Zone and Bruce Springsteen, and a bouquet of stories about his intriguing show biz lineage which includes his great grandfather, Louis B. Mayer. Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Where the Crawdads Sing and The Patient.Path Points of Interest:Scott ShepherdScott Shepherd's Amazon Author PageGift of DemocracyThe Patient - FX/HuluWhere The Crawdads Sing MovieWhere The Crawdads Sing by Delia OwensGift of Democracy

    Peace, Love & Rascals featuring Felix Cavaliere

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2022 67:50

    Blue-eyed soul pioneer, Felix Cavaliere soared to chart topping heights with The Rascals and their smash hits, Good Lovin', Groovin', It's a Beautiful Morning, and People Got to Be Free, all designed to elevate your spirits and positively change the world.Rock and Roll, Songwriter, Musician, Vocal Group, and Grammy Hall of Famer Felix is adding best selling author to his list of accomplishments with the new biorgraphy, Felix Cavaliere: Memoir of a Rascal.Felix writes his heart into his words and his music and he joins Fritz and Weezy, who, this week, are recommending Mike on Hulu and the podcasts Fever Dreams and The Orange Wave.Path Points of Interest:Felix CavaliereFelix Cavaliere: Memoir of a RascalThe Rascals and Tom Jones The Orange Wave: A History of the Religious Right Since 1960 PodcastStraight White American Jesus PodcastFever Dreams PodcastMike on HuluGift of Democracy

    105 Gen X TikTok Creators featuring L.A. in a Minute (Evan Lovett) & Creating Music and Sound (Jon Mattox)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2022 66:11

    Yes, there are grownups on TikTok and they are getting it done, Son. Joining us in the studio are Evan Lovett from L.A. In A Minute and Jon Mattox from Creating Music And Sound.Evan brings his hometown enthusiasm to TikTok and Instagram with L.A. in a Minute, which highlights and deliciously details Los Angeles landmarks, bringing you little known fun facts about the eateries, streets, highways, teams, neighborhoods and culture which uniquely define his city. Jon Mattox is a music producer whose TikTok, Creating Music And Sound engagingly shares tips and techniques, histories and insider insights about recording technology and music making.Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Surface on Apple + and My Life As A Rolling Stone on Epix.  Path Points of Interest:Evan LovettEvan Lovett's TikTok - L.A. in a MinuteEvan Lovett's Instagram - L.A. In A MinuteJon Mattox's TikTok - Creating Music And SoundSurface on Apple TVLast Letter From Your Lover on Netflix Last Letter From Your Lover by JoJo MoyesRolling Stones Documentary on EpixGift of Democracy

    Lifelong Learning & Cross Cultural Comedy featuring Maz Jobrani

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2022 55:17

    Comedian/Actor/Podcaster/Peacemaker Maz Jobrani has been entertaining global audiences for decades and sharing, through his comedy, just how much we all have in common.  Maz hosts his own podcast, Back To School and his newest standup special, Pandemic Warrior is available now on Peacock TV. Maz shares his insightful and hilarious insights and stories.Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending The Rescue on Disney +, Thirteen Lives on Prime and Virgin River on Netflix.Path Points of Interest:Maz JobraniBack To School PodcastMaz Jobrani on YoutubeMaz Jobrani on InstagramMaz Jobrani on FacebookMaz Jobrani on TwitterThe RescueThirteen LivesVirgin River 

    Media Path 103 The Beatles at Shea & The Birth of Stadium Rock featuring Laurie Jacobson

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2022 49:54

    The paths of 56,000 exuberant music fans intersected in Queens, NY on August 15th, 1965, the night the Beatles played Shea Stadium and forever altered the arc of rock history. Present and accounted for were celebrities, writers, agents, producers, photographers, opening act performers, security guards, radio personalities, cameramen, and hordes of teaming, screaming fans. Among them: Whoopi Goldberg, Meryl Streep, Steven Van Zandt, future Beatle wives Linda Eastman and Barbara Bach; Bobby Vinton,  Ed Sullivan, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Felix Cavaliere, Marvin Gaye, and so many more. Their intersecting stories are woven together in Laurie Jacobson's Top of the Mountain: The Beatles at Shea Stadium. Laurie joins us with dishy details. Plus Weezy's media path complimented her physical journey as she read A Frog in the Fjord by Lorelou Desjardins and Names for the Sea by Sarah Moss. And Fritz is recommending 1861 by Adam Goodheart and Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World on Netflix.Path Points of Interest:Laurie JacobsonTop of the Mountain: The Beatles at Shea Stadium by Laurie JacobsonLaurie Jacobson's Author Page on AmazonThe Beatles at Shea on VimeoA Frog in The Fjord by Lorelou Desjardins Names for the Sea by Sarah Moss 1861 by Adam GoodheartRumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World

    A Very Brady Backstory & Success Story featuring Christopher Knight

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2022 88:10

    Acting was never Christopher Knight's idea. It was the family business and he began auditioning at the age of seven and landing commercials and TV guest spots before a man named Schwartz booked him to play Peter Brady. It turns out that being a Brady is a lifetime assignment. Chris has learned to embrace it and use the force for good, becoming a successful tech pioneer, businessman and entrepreneur. Chris understands that the Brady name gets you in the door. But from there, he feels a responsibility to make the family proud. In other words, don't break a vase. Chris joins us with some Brady insights.Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending the Elvis movie, Mormon No More on Hulu and Tom Jones on The Voice UK!Path Points of Interest:Christopher KnightChristopher Knight HomesChristopher Knight Brands Home CollectionThe Real Brady Bros PodcastTruelove MovieJourney ForwardChristopher Knight on InstagramThe Real Brady Bros on FacebookElvis - In Theaters Mormon No MoreTom Jones on The Voice UK

    Family Affair & Family Television featuring Johnny Whitaker

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 60:46

    By the time he was 18, Johnny Whitaker had racked up hundreds of acting credits, including two iconic series, Family Affair and Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. He'd appeared on Gunsmoke, Bewitched, Bonanza, in four Disney movies and the musical version of Tom Sawyer. Johnny and his TV sister, Anissa Jones even had a featured line of Buffy and Jody clothing, along with dolls, games, lunchboxes, books, journals and snow globes.But, Johnny lost his TV sister Anissa Jones to a drug overdose at the age of 18. Then, Johnny's own life took some harrowing turns which led him down the dark path of addiction and with help from his family, out the other side where he now teaches drug and alcohol recovery counseling and intervention. Johnny joins us with insights from his fascinating life.Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey on Netflix and The Lost Apothecary by Sarah PennerPath Points of Interest:Johnny WhitakerJohnny Whitaker Photo GalleryJohnny Whitaker on IMDBJohnny Whitaker on WikipediaPaso Por PasoTom Sawyer Golden AnniversaryWestern Legends Heritage and Music FestivalInternational Overdose Awareness DayCelebrate Lives Lost and Lives RecoveredKeep Sweet: Pray and Obey - NetflixThe Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner

    Standup Road Stories & Lessons in Comedy Writing featuring Mark Schiff

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 72:56

    Comedy Great Mark Schiff has headlined in all the major casinos and clubs across this great land and he's appeared many times on The Tonight Show with Johnny and Jay and on Letterman. He's had  HBO and Showtime specials and has travelled the world opening for Jerry Seinfeld. We've got him situated in one spot long enough to spin some amazing comedy tales and road stories.Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending The Hollywood Masters on Netflix and The Other Two on HBO.Path Points of Interest:The Hollywood Masters - Netflix The Other TwoMark SchiffYou Don't Know Schiff - Mark Schiff's PodcastMark Schiff BooksI Killed by Mark Schiff and Rich ShydnerWhy Not?: Lessons on Comedy, Courage, and Chutzpah by Mark Schiff... coming in November

    Senate History & Mitch McConnell's Betrayal featuring Ira Shapiro

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 70:02

    Author Ira Shapiro has captured sixty years of Senate history in his trilogy of books documenting the dangerous decent of what should be our more deliberative, collegial government body. Mr. Shapiro's most recent installment is The Betrayal: How Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans Abandoned America. It serves as a call to action. Yes, The Senate's intransigent refusal to pass legislation that helps Americans is appalling. But what can we, the people, do about? Ira Shapiro has thoughts and ideas.Plus, Fritz and Weezy are comparing documentaries to their docudrama counterparts and recommending The Staircase on HBO and Watergate: Blueprint for a Scandal on CNN.Path Points of Interest:Ira ShapiroThe Betrayal: How Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans Abandoned America by Ira ShapiroThe Last Great Senate: Courage and Statesmanship in Times of CrisisBroken: Can the Senate Save Itself and the Country? Watergate: Blueprint For a Scandal-CNNGaslit - StarzThe Staircase - HBOThe Staircase - Netflix Grey Gardens Documentary Grey Gardens DocudramaAn American Family Cinema Verite  - HBOCinema Verite - AmazonGift of Democracy. com

    Saturday Morning TV & A Legacy of Creative Fun featuring Marty Krofft

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 63:06

    H.R. Pufinstuf. We grew up just accepting that it was a show. But honestly, why was it a show!? A British song and dance boy with a flute shipwrecks on an island full of puppets!? Why not? The minds of Sid and Marty Krofft were fertile with fantastical tales of flying pop stars and dancing hats and talking seaweed. Expect music, color, magic and plenty of puppets in the world of Sid and Marty Krofft!The iconic Marty Krofft joins us for an inside peek into that world. He's talking about Pufinstuf, Lidsville, Sigmund the Sea Monster, Land of the Lost, Donny and Marie and, of course, The Brady Bunch Variety Hour! Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending George Carlin's American Dream on HBO and The First Lady on Showtime.Path Points of Interest:Sid and Marty Krofft WebsiteSid and Marty Krofft on YoutubeMondays With Marty on YoutubeKrofft Link TreeKrofft Facebook Krofft InstagramKrofft TwitterKrofft TiktokThe First Lady on ShowtimeGeorge Carlin's American Dream - HBO MAXFritz's Upcoming GigsCamino Real Playhouse, Orange County, CAJuly 9thFeinstein's at Vitellos, Studio City, CAJuly 21stCatalina Bar and GrillAugust 7th

    The Carol Burnett Show and Mayberry Memories featuring Vicki Lawrence and Karen Knotts

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 59:27

    Vicki Lawrence lit up TV screens for eleven years on The Carol Burnett Show and for an additional six years in her own spin-off sit-com, Mama's Family. Mama has since become a cultural icon so take a seat and roll down your nylons. She's still got plenty to say in "Vicki and Mama: A Two Woman Show." Vicki's one hit wonder, “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia shot to number one and inspired a movie. But can Vicki explain the plot? The answer lies inside this episode which also features Karen Knotts whose one woman show pays tribute to her fabulous father, Don Knotts.Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending the Dead Eyes podcast and The Staircase on Netflix.Path Points of Interest:Vicki LawrenceVicki Lawrence on IMDBVicki Lawrence on WikipediaVicki Lawrence on InstagramVicki Lawrence and Mama Event - June 4thKaren KnottsTied Up In Knotts by Karen KnottsThe Staircase - Netflix The Staircase on HBODead Eyes Podcast with Connor RatliffMark Arthur Miller and Fritz Coleman at the Catalina Bar and Grill

    Legendary Hit Making & The Birth of Rock and Roll featuring Pat Boone

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 56:25

    In the mid 1950s, Pat Boone's early hits, Ain't That A Shame and Tutti Frutti broke ground for black songwriter/performers Fats Domino and Little Richard while ushering in the dawn of rock n' roll. From there, Pat segued smoothly into film and television while raising a famous family and recording over 2300 songs, including the iconic hits, Friendly Persuasion, Love Letters In The Sand and April Love. Pat's commitment to faith and family helped forge his guiding principles. Did you know that he walked away from his TV show when they wouldn't allow him to book Harry Belafonte? Pat has stories for you. Plus Fritz and Weezy have absolutely nothing to say about Ol' Abe while recommending both The Lincoln Highway and The Lincoln Lawyer.Path Points of Interest:Pat Boone's WebsitePat Boone's Video Podcast with Michael LloydPat Boone on SpotifyPat Boone on WikipediaThe Lincoln Highway by Amor TowlesThe Lincoln Lawyer - Netflix 

    Good Impressions & Healing Comedy featuring Jim Meskimen and Cathy Ladman

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 60:56

    You know his face and many of his voices. Jim Meskimen is an actor, impressionist, voice-artist and improv comedian best known for his work on Whose Line Is It Anyway and Impress Me. Jim currently plays Colonel Sanders in the KFC commercials and George Washington crossing the Delaware Turnpike for Geiko. Jim is Hollywood born and raised by his dear Mom, Marion Ross from Happy Days! He joins us along with comedian Cathy Ladman who is addressing her relationship with food in her one woman production, Does This Show Make Me Look Fat.Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending Gaslit on Starz, Sheryl on Showtime and Ridley Road on PBS.Path Points of Interest:Jim MeskimenJim on YoutubeJim on IMDBJim Meskimen ArtWashington Crossing The Delaware Turnpike for GeikoThe Boys by Ron and Clint HowardMarion Ross: Happy Days and Otherwise by Marion RossTied Up In Knotts by Karen KnottsCathy Ladman - Does This Show Make Me Look Fat - TicketsRidley Road - PBS MasterpieceRidley Road by Jo Bloom Sheryl - ShowtimeGaslitGaslit TrailerSlow Burn - Watergate History of Redlining Film from NPR

    Making TV Magic & The Roles of a Lifetime featuring Henry Winkler

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 56:06

    Fritz and Weezy enjoy an elevated coolness quotient whenever their friend Henry Winkler drops in. Henry's award and heart winning career has taken him from your living room TV, (your bedroom wall, your lunchbox and your sox) to Broadway, to the silver screen and to any streaming device within reach. What has Fonzie meant to the kids who grew up watching him? How intensely challenging is it to inhabit the comically dark world of HBO's Barry? And how personally gratifying is it to be directed by his son, Max Winkler? Henry has so much goodness to share.Plus Weezy honors the beautiful life of her Mom this week with Ruthie's Picks which include: An Affair To Remember, The Mills Brothers, Jack Jones and Hot Bench.Path Points of Interest:Henry WinklerHenry Winkler on TwitterHenry Winkler on IMDBHenry Winkler on WikipediaBarry - HBOHappy DaysNew York Times ArticleNightshiftThe Boys by Ron Howard and Clint HowardThe Couch PilotBosch Legacy-Amazon PrimeRuthie's Picks - in Honor of Weezy's Mom, Ruth PalankerAn Affair to RememberOriginal Sabrina from 1954Nathan Milstein Mills Brothers https://www.themillsbrothers.com Joneshttp://jackjones.lolipop.jp Bench

    Late Night Comedy & Musical Ephemera featuring Steve O'Donnell and Steve Young

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 79:15

    We are fully stocked on Steves! Legendary, luminary Late Show and Late Night Letterman writers Steve O'Donnell and Steve Young join us for an insider's look at behind-the-scenes life within the Late Night and Late Show Letterman eras. And in the waning weeks of Dave's CBS years, Steve Young was in full production on the documentary which celebrates his deep dive into corporate and industrial musicals, Bathtubs Over Broadway (Now on Netflix.) How did one Steve launch the other into this particularly specific passion orbit? All is revealed. Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story and Anatomy of a Scandal, both on Netflix.Path Points of Interest:Steve O'DonnellSteve O'Donnell on WikipediaSteve O'Donnell on IMDBTop Ten Books by David Letterman and Steve O'DonnellDavid Letterman Top Ten Moments by Steve O'DonnellSteve Young                                Steve Young WorldBathtubs Over BroadwayBathtubs Over Broadway on NetflixEverything's Coming Up Profits by Steve Young and Sport MurphySteve Young on Instagram and Twitter@PANTSSteveLetterman's Youtube ChannelLetterman Fan SiteLetterman Archivist Don GillerDon Gillar's Letterman Archive on YoutubeLetterman: The Last Giant of Late Night by Jason ZinomanJimmy Saville: A British Horror Story on NetflixAnatomy of a Scandal - Netflix 

    The Beatles & The Rock and Roll Narrative featuring Tim Riley

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 61:27

    Rock Journalist and Music Critic Tim Riley is steeped in Beatles lore and history. He's written the definitive John Lennon bio, Lennon: The Man, The Myth, The Music, plus Beatles books, What Goes On: The Beatles, Their Life and Their Time and Tell Me Why: The Beatles, Album by Album, Song by Song. Tim is an NPR and print journalism Critic, an Emerson College Professor and he is this week's guest, bringing us intriguing insights into the Beatles, their music and the intersections of their personalities.Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending Life After Death with Tyler Henry and Bad Vegan, both on Netflix.Path Points of Interest:Tim RileyWHAT GOES ON: THE BEATLES, THEIR MUSIC AND THEIR TIME What Goes On Multimedia Listening GuideLENNON: MAN, MYTH, MUSIC by Tim RileyTELL ME WHY: A BEATLES COMMENTARY by Tim RileyHARD RAIN: A DYLAN COMMENTARY by Tim RileyMADONNA: ILLUSTRATED by Tim RileyFEVER: HOW ROCK'N'ROLL TRANSFORMED GENDER IN AMERICA by Tim RileyTim Riley on NPR's Here and Now and On Point from WBUR BostonTim Riley's book reviews on Los Angeles Review of BooksSubscribe to the Riley Rock ReportTim Riley on TwitterImagine by Julian LennonLife After Death with Tyler Henry on NetflixTyler Henry's WebsiteBetween Two Worlds by Tyler HenryHere and Hereafter by Tyler HenryBad Vegan - Netflix Lucky Me by Sachi Parker 

    SXSW & Media Meets the Moment featuring Steve Mencher

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2022 65:01

    NPR/PBS's Steve Mencher took in so much of SXSW he simply must offload some of it to us. Steve's festival strategy did not include pacing himself. Steve saw films, heard talks and attended concerts by Dolly Parton, Ron Howard, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Gabby Giffords, Magic Johnson, Richard Linklater, and beyond. He returned with photos and interviews and the scoop on all of the wonderful media we are all about to enjoy this year including: Apollo 10 1/2, Run, Rose, Run, Mama Bears, Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story, They Call Me Magic, Sheryl, Gabby Giffords Won't Back Down, We Feed People, and Bad Axe. Cozy up to your blue tooth streaming device of choice for a vicarious journey to SXSW.Path Points of Interest:Steve Mencher on TwitterSXSWSXSW on TwitterSteve Mencher's Film - The Codex: Leonardo da Vinci Meets Bill Gates Steve Mencher's PBS Series, Beyond BeliefSteve Mencher's Podcast, Living DownstreamDolly Parton's Book, Run, Rose RunRun, Rose, Run AlbumDollyverse and NFTsDolly Parton's America PodcastMama BearsGabby Giffords: Won't Back DownFrances HaugenAlexis McGill Johnson - Planned ParenthoodMaria Ressa Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O'NeilJazz Fest: A New Orleans Story  Sheryl Crow DocumentaryThey Call Me Magic Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age ChildhoodWe Feed People – Jose Andres World Central KitchenBad AxeWillie NelsonIt's a Long Story by Willie Nelson

    Dirty Dancing & Songwriting Magic

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 68:48

    “First dance. First love. The time of your life,” read the posters in 1987, as the words “Dirty Dancing” came to mean, that sweet little movie that brings a smile to your heart and a tap to your toe. Back then, the only way to see the film was to keep returning to the theater. And that is exactly what fans did. Over and over and over again. The only piece of that goodness  that you could possess was the soundtrack, filled with dance inducing hits from the fifties and sixties and three new songs performed by Eric Carmen, Patrick Swayze, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes and written by our guests, Franke Previte, John DeNicola and Stacy Widelitz.The Dirty Dancing album held Billboard's number one spot for over four months, won piles of awards including an Oscar, has sold over 11 million copies and will still compel you to move. Hear all about the creation of this wonderful music, straight from the writers.Plus Fritz and Weezy are opining on the Oscar slap. If you don't like what we have to say, please don't hit us.Path Points of Interest:Franke PreviteFranke and The KnockoutsDirty Dancing DemosTaylor Simon King MusicalWe Will Yacht YouiHeart/Sweetheart in Concert One World - Collaboration featuring Franke Previte Sweetheart by Franke & The Knockouts Franke Previte on InstagramJohn DeNicolaJohn DeNicola's Label - Omad RecordsHUNGRY EYES by John DeNicola     Stacy Widelitz                                        Stacy Widelitz on InstagramShe's Like The Wind - Patrick Swayze and Wendy FraserHungry Eyes - Eric Carmen(I've Had) The Time of My Life - Bill Medley & Jennifer WarnesDirty DancingChris Rock's Good Hair Documentary

    Mood Based Viewing & Four Hollywood Husbands featuring Joyce Bulifant & Liane Bonin Starr

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2022 77:36

    Joyce Bulifant's path has led her from orphanages to Broadway stages. From dyslexia to alcoholic husbands, from co-dependency to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and from travels with her mother-in-law Helen Hays to ultimately marrying the love of her life! It's all revealed in her wonderful book, My Four Hollywood Husbands, and she's here to talk about it. Plus, journalist Liane Bonin Starr joins us to discuss her beefy, new reference bible called Stream This Next: 1,000 TV Shows to Suit Your Mood. Fritz, Weezy and your coffee table are recommending it!Path Points of Interest:My Four Hollywood Husbands by Joyce BulifantMy Four Hollywood Husbands on AudioJoyce Bulifant on IMDBJoyce Bulifant on FacebookJoyce Bulifant on InstagramThe Mary Tyler Moore ShowStream This Next: 1000 TV Shows To Suit Your Mood by Liane Bonin StarrBorgenBlueyThe BoysThe Eyes of Tammy FayeThe Eyes of Tammy Faye DocumentarySeveranceKevin Can F Himself

    The Art of the Interview & Knowing Your Subject featuring Larry Grobel

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 74:59

    Larry Grobel has been called by Playboy, “The interviewers' interviewer,” by Joyce Carol Oats, “The Mozart of interviewers” and by J.P. Donleavy, “The most intelligent interviewer in the United States.” Larry has written for The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Playboy and many more magazines and newspapers. He's published 29 books including biographies, fiction and non-fiction. He's been yelled at by Di Niro, scolded by Patty Hearst, almost thrown out of a car by Bobby Knight. He's spent two weeks in Tahiti with Brando, gone toe to toe with Barbra Streisand, flown Kurt Russell's plane and listened to Dolly Parton tap out her idea for “9-5” with her fingernails. Larry's stories are vast and epic.Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending this year's Best Picture Oscar Nominees and The Dropout on Hulu.Path Points of Interest:Larry GrobelLarry Grobel's Amazon Author PageLarry Grobel's Short StoriesThe NarcissistSchemers, Dreamers, Cheaters, BelieversStuckLarry's PicksBillionsSuccessionMy Brilliant FriendShamelessOzarkRighteous GemstonesMy Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David LettermanComedians in Cars Getting CoffeeDown To The Crossroads by Aram GoudsouzianWoodcutters by Thomas BernhardConcrete by Thomas BernhardOur PicksThe Dropout on Hulu The Dropout PodcastBest Picture NomineesBELFASTCODADON'T LOOK UPDUNEKING RICHARDLICORICE PIZZANIGHTMARE ALLEYTHE POWER OF THE DOGWEST SIDE STORYDRIVE MY CAR

    Comedy & Body Positivity featuring Cathy Ladman

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022 75:43

    Cathy Ladman possesses one of the keenest minds in standup comedy. She has appeared on The Tonight Show nine times, and on Craig Ferguson's Late, Late Show four times. She has won the American Comedy Award for Best Female Standup Comic and starred in her own HBO special, One Night Stand. An acclaimed actor, Cathy's credits include:  “Charlie Wilson's War,” “The Aristocrats,” "White Oleander,” “Mad Men,” “Modern Family,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and "Everybody Loves Raymond."Cathy is now focussing her energy and talent on a solo play called, “Does This Show Make Me Look Fat which shines a light on her struggle with body image and Anorexia.  Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Listening To Kenny G on HBO, Cyrano, in theaters and 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything on Apple Plus.Path Points of Interest:Cathy LadmanCathy Ladman on IMDBCathy Ladman on TwitterCathy Ladman on FacebookInstagram Cathy's Play - Does This Show Make Me Look Fat?HBO Music Box DocumentariesWoodstock 99: Peace, Love and RageJaggedDMX: Don't Try to UnderstandListening to Kenny GMr. Saturday NightJuice WRLD: Into the AbyssCyrano - In Theaters1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything on Apple Plus1971 - Never a Dull Moment: Rock's Golden Year

    The Munsters & Pop Culture Heroes featuring Butch Patrick

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2022 58:15

    Butch Patrick was Hollywood's dependable, go-to kid actor and as such he guest starred in Gunsmoke, The Monkees, Bonanza, My Three Sons, Adam-12, General Hospital, I Dream of Jeanie, Family Affair, The Real McCoys, My Favorite Martian, Mr. Ed, and Daniel Boone with stars such as Judy Garland, Sidney Poitier, Henry Fonda, Eddie Albert, Andy Griffith, Fred MacMurray, Bobby Darin, Goldie Hawn, Burt Lancaster and  so many more, while landing his most memorable roles in Lidsville and as Eddie Munster in The Munsters. Butch is coming at you with stories and wisdom from the trenches. Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending Winter on Fire on Netflix and Lincoln's Dilemma on Apple Plus.Path Points of Interest:Munsters.comButch Patrick's Youtube ChannelButch Patrick - WikipediaButch Patrick - IMDBMunster Memories: A Coffin Table BookButch Patrick on TwitterButch Patrick on InstagramButch Patrick on FacebookMunster Fans Facebook GroupWinter on Fire on NetflixDeadline Interview with Winter on Fire Director, Evgeny AfineevskyLincoln's Dilemma on Apple PlusAbe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times by   David S. Reynolds

    Comedic Genius & Manna for Love Slaves featuring Judy Tenuta

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2022 62:42

    Come closer and worship the goddess that is Judy Tenuta. Judy joins us with her divine comedic origin stories, revelatory wisdom and magnificent accordion odes of exaltation. Crawl for it. Plus, Fritz and Weezy and recommending and discussing LBJ: Triumph and Tragedy on CNN, Mrs. Maisel on Prime and Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom on Netflix.Path Points of Interest:Judy TenutaJudy Tenuta on YoutubeJudy Tenuta - We're Kicking Cancer's AssFull Frontal Tenudity by Judy TenutaDesperation Boulevard - AmazonLBJ: Triumph and TragedyLyndon Johnson Books by Robert CaroThe Path To Power Means of AscentMaster of the SenatePassage of PowerMaidan: Uprising in Ukraine Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom on NetflixMrs. Maisel on PrimeThe Gilmore Girls on NetflixEnter Talking by Joan Rivers Atlantic Crossing on PBS

    Seeking Truth & Penning Fiction featuring Danuta Pfeiffer

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2022 65:42

    Danuta Pfeiffer's stunningly beautiful memoir, Chiseled joins Educated, The Glass Castle and Angela's Ashes in that rare class of memorable books by authors who have triumphed over nearly impossible childhoods. Danuta's latest work is Libertas, the first in a trilogy, following the flight for freedom of two runaway slaves and their trek across 19th Century America, seeking liberty. Danuta joins us to talk about her own search for meaning which compelled her to study philosophy, religion and the source of her father's pain. Her journey finds her co-hosting the 700 Club with Pat Robertson, bicycling from Canada to Mexico, traveling to Poland to learn the truth about her abusive father and at long last, finding love, and faith in nature and in herself.   Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Inventing Anna on Netflix and The Rescue on Disney Plus.Path Points of Interest:Danuta PfeifferDanuta Pfeiffer's Amazon Author PageChiseledLibertasPfeiffer WineryInventing Anna - Netflix The Rescue on Disney

    Patriotism & Public Service featuring Adam Schiff

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2022 63:31

    Adam Schiff's work and words have served as balast for our balance of power against the chaotic headwinds of the trump administration. Congressman Schiff's best selling book, Midnight In Washington places you in his shoes and thoughts as he journeys from young, idealistic dreamer to prosecutor, to congressman to an individual uniquely prepared to meet our nation's moment of crisis as Lead (first) Impeachment Manager. His warning that Trump will betray us again went unheeded. The crimes that followed included Trump's failure to  respond to the  COVID crisis, resulting in the loss of over 900,000 U.S. lives, the Capital insurection and a deeper plot to overturn our election and overthrow our democracy. Adam Schiff joins us for an illuminating conversation.Plus, Weezy and Fritz headed down the Political/Policy path and are recommending the documentaries, Slay the Dragon and Can You Hear Us Now? The Fallout on HBO and the timely classics, A Face in the Crowd and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.Path Points of Interest:Adam Schiff's Congressional PageAdam Schiff's Campaign PageMidnight in Washington by Adam SchiffAdam Schiff SocialsTwitterFacebookInstagramCan You Hear Us NowSlay The DragonThe FalloutA Face In The Crowd - 1957Mr. Smith Goes To WashingtonGive The Gift Of Democracy

    Elvis & Why He Died Young featuring Sally Hoedel

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2022 61:33

    Why did the world lose the King of Rock & Roll at the age of 42? The institutionalized answer has been drugs and decadence. Author and Elvis scholar Sally Hoedel begs to differ. She posits that Elvis was born with disease and/or dysfunction in nine of the eleven bodily systems and that his legendary drug use was an effort to self medicate. She proves her thesis with painstakingly sourced research into Elvis's family tree, deep dives into medical records and interviews with those who knew him. Sally joins us to discuss her revelatory book,  Elvis: Destined To Die Young. Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending We Need To Talk About Cosby on Showtime and The Gilded Age on HBO.Path Points of Interest:Sally HoedelDestined To Die Young by Sally HoedelWe Need To Talk About Cosby - ShowtimeChasing Cosby PodcastThe Gilded Age - HBO 

    Merle Haggard & The Bakersfield Sound featuring Marc Eliot

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2022 70:51

    Hag, by Marc Eliot is the definitive biography of country legend Merle Haggard.Marc has penned best selling books on Cary Grant, The Eagles, Jimmy Stewart and so many more. His latest work explores the complex and conflicting personality forces that push and pull Merle Haggard both to the brink of destruction and to indelible greatness. Marc shines a light on the charismatic and mysterious man behind the achingly beautiful music that continues to move and inspire us. Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending Disney's Encanto and Munich: The Brink Of War on Netflix.Path Points of Interest:EncantoMunich: The Edge of WarMarc Eliot Amazon Author PageHag: The Life, Times and Music of Merle Haggard by Marc EliotCountry Music by Ken BurnsCountry Music by Ken Burns on Amazon PrimeMerle Haggard Playlist on Youtube