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Each week Boston Comedian Ken Reid and his guests discuss a specific issue of TV Guide. They debate, consider and discuss the difficult viewing choices of our past.

Ken Reid

    • Nov 29, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    • 1h 23m AVG DURATION
    • 538 EPISODES

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    Latest episodes from TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 499: Erik Childress

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 103:47

    This week Ken welcomes writer and film critic Erik Childress to the show. Ken and Erik discuss Chicago, basically growing up in Shermer, Crime Story, John Hughes, Harry Caray, the curse of the Cubs, Dawson's Creek, the loudest voices today who are right wing careerless jerks, The Clinton Era and disgraced politicians, Kevin Williamson, Patrick Stewart in Old West King Lear "King of Texas", Scotland PA, the early 00s late 90s obsession with modern takes on Shakespeare, Wish Men, Ken being totally stumped by a show Erik remembers, Lethal Weapon 2, Popeye, anthologies, "from the producers of...", The Screen Actors' Guild Awards, UPN trying to be irreverent, Everybody Loves Raymond, laughing through The Great Depression, avoiding Mario Cuomo, My So-Called Life on MTV, the tragic Dawson's Creek finale, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Quick and the Dead, Vampires, Horror Directors' non-horror work, Spin City, Michael J Fox, Newsradio, Ryan Reynolds, Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, Friends, falling asleep to Bound, Sarah Brightman, The Real World Boston, bowling night, Seinfeld, ER, Sterling K Brown, Christopher Darden: Actor, Heavy Tobin Bell, March Madness, Patton, sleeping to Hardcore, Millennium, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, tiny actors, being a film critic, Siskel & Ebert, and the very odd star rating system of TV Guide.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 498: Luke Geddes

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 121:59

    This week Ken welcomes artist, novelist and listener Luke Geddes. Ken and Luke discuss central time, growing up in Wisconsin, Mountain Time, High Altitude baking instructions, Appleton, Caroline in the City, The Canada of America, the first Halloween after 911, the post VCR pre-web video era of lost media, how movies on the cover of TV Guide is cheating, Harry Potter, when Ken attended the premiere of Harry Potter in London, Nuns on the Run, nudity in PG-13 movies, Phil Donahue, how Bill O'Reiley has always been a dickhead, Static Shock, Justice League, Jeri Ryan in Boston Public, the legal class action suit against Blockbuster Video, being a video store outlaw, napping through the Jacobites, surely Susan Stewart, Nova, James Cromwell, Touched by an Angel, Saturday night Jesus, Halloween movies after Halloween, THE BRANIACS DOT COM, serialized movies, the downside of streaming, The Blair Witch Project, Freaks, dusting off old spec scripts as new content, how Ken ruined Crossing Jordan, Christopher Lloyd in TV movies, Freaks and Geeks on Fox Family, the fascinating mystery of Christopher Lowell, iOffer, bootlegs, unsold pilots on YouTube, Fraiser, Malcolm in the Middle, wacky sound FX instead of laugh tracks, holiday episodes being ABOUT the Holiday vs taking place during the Holiday, Scrubs, Ed, why Luke's wife's birthday is the worst day of the year for him, Nightmare on Elm St, According to Jim, Fright Night, The USA Network Daytime Line up GOLD, Boston Common, Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place, the long slow fall of NBC's Thursday Night, Inside Schwartz, Dark Angel, Dana Delaney, Wild Palms, Pasadena, Bob Saget, Mark Valley, pre-2000s "Prestige" TV, loving Sela Ward, Twin Peaks: The Return, being careful what you wish for, the horrors of Jay Leno, not having the Emmys after 911, Hollywood narcissism, and JJ Abrams hiring a REAL felon hacker for Alias.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 497: Shaina Feinberg

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2021 59:03

    October 3-9, 1992 This week Ken welcomes filmmaker, and all around talent, Shaina Feinberg to the show. Ken and Shaina discuss newly borns, how 1992 is a good year for Ken, Joan Rivers, The Real World, MTV, growing up in Manhattan, how big a difference a few years seems when you are younger, how people with a different style than you can seem way older, Bob Newhart, pitching a show for a 95 year old, home shopping network, the many phases of a creative career, directing a play, finding your direction in life later in life, having a ton of different jobs, favorite female directors, being a woman in a industry seen as a man's industry, Penelope Spheeris, shooting things in a pandemic, getting into directing via acting, Amy Heckerling, Martha Coolidge, My So-Called Life, Kate & Allie, Fringe, This Way Up, UK Shows, showing your kids positive role models, showcasing women, making Cheers now, doing staged readings of sitcom scripts, travel shows, food shows, Somebody Feed Phil, Anthony Bordain, Nailed It!, making documentaries about Shaina's mom, how people end up in Manhattan, how stand up comedy is like being a chef, wanting your kids to have a better life than you did, having a love of making stuff, having a lot of pans in the fire, wanting to write for Work in Progress, blue sky shows, not making shows with incredibly unlikable characters and introducing the youngest guest in the history of TV Guidance Counselor.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 496: Blaine Capatch

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 91:14

    August 24-30, 1974 Another long time coming guest, this week Ken welcomes comedian Blaine Capatch to the show. Ken and Blaine discuss throwing to a clip, classic cars, 1974, growing up in PA, weird square back cars, music instruction schools, Godsmack, Stryper, bad metal bands, working in music stores, guitars, speculation without Googleation, Susie Blakley, 70s pantsuits, neighbors having cable, Blaine's Dad's barber shop, calling Sandy Frank, Battle of the Planets, Starblazers, MST3k, werewolves, monkey phases, Christopher Lee, Jimmy Walker, Funky Phantom, Inch High Private Eye, Mission Magic, Archie Bunker, figuring out which shows get long descriptions, sending away for out of business comic book ads, The Bob Newhart Show, Lorenzo Music, Julie Newmar, It Takes a Theif, Tonight from Harvard Square, the music of Hee Haw, insane Marlon Brando, starting comedy in Baltimore, John Waters, the slog of The Clash's Sandinista, Dom Delouise, The End, above ground pools, Marcus Welby, Roller Derby, Rock N Rollergames, Rod Hull and Emu, Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionics Action Club, jackets, Patton Oswalt, LQ Jones, Harlan Ellison, A Boy and His Dog, fresh made stories, Hollywood Squares, meeting Paul Williams, @midnight, The Brady Bunch house, Beat the Geeks, Dana Gould, Bobcat Goldthwait, Steve Martin, how Billy Crystal is nobody's favorite stand up comedian, SCTV, Martin Short, all blues shows, rock n roll revivals, and lemon flavored cigarettes.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 495: Jaye McBride

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 74:25

    This week Ken welcomes comedian and 2021 Montreal Comedy Festival New Face Jaye McBride to the show. Ken and Jaye discuss Brooklyn, Ken's Halloween looks and lifestyle, food based nicknames as dual purpose insult/compliment, growing up in rural upstate NY, The "Good" Mall, Maine, Vermont, Friday the 13th Park VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, going to Canada pre-911, kids hating technology, The House of Frankenstein Wax Museum, The Boston Strangler, Alex Karras's Wimps and Real Men, how actors are their character, hating Cagney and Lacey, TV Trivia and Easter Eggs, The Great St. Elsewhere delusion, cigarettes, Airwolf, Mama's Family, Sharon Stone, back door pilots, looking up to Benson, Isaac's bum deal, The Love Boat, Superman, classic Ned Beatty, Herve Vilichaize on Hee Haw, Liberace, Kate and Allie, Newhart, A-Team, Riptide, evil developers, Brooke Shields, Jaime Farr, Circus of the Stars, Alex Trebeck Human Bomb, I Had Three Wives, Sledge Hammer, Cheers, Night Court, Cosby, how everyone needs to have their own John Oates, Stacey Keach, stealing Lincoln's woman, Blue and the Grey, loving Civil War stuff, killing drug dealers, National Geographic, Free solo climbers, and Mark Harmon's incredibly unconvincing love of Coors beer.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 494: Jeff Lieberman

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 90:53

    Happy Halloween! This week Ken welcomes writer, producer, director and author of the new autobiography "Day of the Living Me" Jeff Lieberman! Ken and Jeff discuss floods, the end of the world, car boats, tapping into the Zeitgeist, Squirm, Remote Control, labels, 70s horror, race in horror, talent, being an advocate for the dead, having a unique body of work (but hating that term), Keith Richards, having a voice, Phil Silvers, New York, overacting, being an editor, Janus Films, Westerns, Gayle Storm, being funny, Jeff's short film The Ringer, Who Killed Mary Westling, Red Buttons, advertising, loving 50s sci-fi, being a talented artist, drawing, cartoons, being efficient at dating girls, living in Mad Men, Streets of San Francisco, Have Gun Will Travel, Don Knotts, Steve Allen, noticing everything, being a TV kid, Popular Mechanics, meeting Pinky Lee, Jane Mansfield and her friends, Pall Mall, cigarettes, chocolate trainer cigarettes, The Danny Thomas Show, Wells Fargo, Route 66, Bus Stop, the cold reality of life, the amazing work and influence of Jean Shepard, Donald Fagan, John Lennon, Bob Newhart, loving stand up, But...Seriously, King Kong, George Burns, the incredible footage of Richard Pryor singing, Zorro, and wearing Antonio Banderas' clothes with Tippi Hedren's permission.

    TV Guidance Counselor Halloween 2021 Special

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 87:52

    After a one year Apocalypses induced hiatus, TV Guidance Counselor's annual Halloween special is back! This year we welcome back, because YOU demanded it, TVGC All-Star Lamont Price (of the Lamont Price XPerience) and Walter Sickert (of the daily Bunker Buds streaming show)! Ken, Lamont and Walter discuss their favorite Halloween episodes and some underseen or under loved specials and viewing choices for Halloween 2021. These include Martin, Father Ted, Starsky and Hutch, Hunter, Clueless, Dawson's Creek, Ewoks & Droids, Benson, Growing Pains, The Simpsons and an over all love of Freddy Krueger. To hear the conversation continue check out Part 2 on Bunker Buds: and Part 3 on The Lamont Price Xperience

    TV Guidance Counselor 493: TJ Connelly

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 95:22

    Today Ken welcomes shadow Ken, for Red Sox Fenway park DJ, and current all other sports DJ TJ Connelly to the show. Ken and TJ discuss neighbors trying to break in and steal your home, Miss America, Brooke Shields, Wolf Blitzer, TV news and Israel, the anti-Playboy, Virginia Slims, tar, how Nirvana killed Miami Vice, Brian Dennehy: Cult Leader, TJ's understanding of Ken's TV Guide obsession, the "& Son" craze of Cartoon reboots, CBS Saturday Morning, Muppet Babies, Pee Wee's Playhouse, Once a Hero, Pee Wee Herman on 227, The Last Starfighter, Jake and the Fatman, Mamma's Boy, the studio system, TV networks all star specials, shooting She's the Sherriff, The New Monkees, The New Gidget, Our House, George Michael's songs about Wilfred Brimley, earthquakes, Duck Tales, the almost death of Disney animation, The Emmys, removing the ridged time limit on acceptance speeches, playing the Hogan's Heroes theme, the difficultly of obtaining starting line up information, kids watching TV filmed live, Spenser for Hire, The Highwaymen, Jocko, TVT Records TV theme song compilations, ending the night with The Golden Girls theme, ALF wish fulfillment, how Sandy Duncan made ALF sexy, If It's Tuesday It STILL Must be Belgium (no relation to If It's Tuesday it Must Be Belgium), party lines, Knight Rider, water rights, the premiere of Full House, Out of Control, I Married Dora, Crime Story, Las Vegas, Cinemax, Back to School, ripping out your heart with Foster Dogs, Gary Shandling, Head of the Class, Tom Atkins in The Equalizer, the premier of A Different World, Tour of Duty, Night Court, Max Headroom, Ken being forbidden to watch 20/20, stealing talent from the playwrite world, and the mystery of how Ken and TJ never have physically crossed paths.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 492: Pete Holmes

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 94:56

    This week Ken welcomes, writer, director, producer, comedian and actor Pete Holmes to the show. Ken and Pete get RIGHT into it and discuss The Want Ads, the nature of AV Nerds, wanting to be the go to expert to fight monsters among your peer group, managing bands, wanting to be in the limelight but being shy, playing the bass, being a punk rock kid, how creepy dudes like comedy, Weird Al, letting Ken host his own show, loving activities that give you time away from your family, Townies, Boston trash, Cha Cha, the joke that got Pete on Conan, how pride shifts from your work to your children, the pay bump you get with a Golden Globe, being funny for free, making your talent a career, The Devil, the pain you have to go through to gain skills, how Prince was a nerd, practice, radioactive spiders, obsessiveness, hating Boston, the horror of a Red Sox hat, the Hard F Word, suffering, feeling out of place, The Unseen, needing to cleanse your brain with angry punk rock after seeing your parents, not liking The Showcase Showdown, Doc Hopper, writing letters, energy not derived from cocaine, Rancid at Avalon, remembering Waterdog, fights, being the tall guy, enjoying the scary parts of life, Harvard Square, Green Day Riot, Bad Brains, fights, front men, how jocks ruin everything, white hats, Ken stealing crowd surfers shoes, playing a song you wrote with Tim Armstrong, Pete's band Nude, the way we made friends, self help, knowing you are in control of your life, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Newbury Comics, Tower Records, making game show based prank phone calls, trick questions based on The Wizard of Oz, being ridiculed by hooligans and riff raff at the Burlington movie theater and having your brother betray you. THEN Ken gets Tripp Underwood of The Unseen on the phone to discuss Pete's love of the band, his letter writing, and to make an offer to answer all of Pete's unanswered Unseen questions.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 491: Cat Baab-Muguira

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 76:44

    This week Ken welcomes writer, and author of the new book Poe for your Problems: Uncommon Advice from History's Least Likely Self-Help Guru, Catherine Baab-Muguira. Ken and Cat discuss Richmond, VA, Avail, the psychic prison of High School, Edgar Allan Poe, laying claim to Poe, the Mid-Atlantic, HP Lovecraft, how Poe set the structure for horror, mystery and detective stories, why it's always an orangutan, Halloween 1996, not seeing Flashdance until you were 32, growing up in a conservative Catholic household, very strict parents, RL Stein, Christopher Pike, the loophole of novelizations, the best kids shows for 1996, Superman The Animated Series, your older sister having cool taste, going to rock shows with your Catholic priest brother, Firefighting vampires, Backdraft, MTV's Baywatch Beach House, My Bloody Valentine, The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, the weirdness of Rhode Island, pizza strips, how the songs of Sting can turn the tide on an uncomfortable made for TV movie, living in LA, Melrose Place, not visiting DC, Ken's "environmental camp" experience, skunk cabbage, the adult acting choices of The B.A.G., sleeping with teachers, ripped from the headlines, the bad season of Roseanne, AbFab, evil nannies, sexy women who are actually a tree, how children are terrifying, A Return to Salem's Lot, Sam Fuller, Townies, Molly Ringwald, explaining Gumby, taking railway journeys, full sized bars on Halloween, riding the rails with Buck Henry, Dracula Prince of Darkness, Hammer films, the Halloween ER, how "Maniac" inspired the song Maniac from Flashdance, offensive Halloween costumes due to lack of funds, GI Joes and Barbies in cars, disjointed high camp vanity productions, Johnny Carson's quiet acts of kindness, how Star Wars is over, re-watching the Office, and singing the praises of Zootopia.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 490: John Sayles

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2021 90:49

    This week Ken welcomes writer, director, actor, and one of Ken's most looked up to Renascence Men, John Sayles. Ken and John discuss outer space, TV as babysitter, how 1960 was far before Ken was born, late night TV, inappropriate commercials, human remote controls, the lack of choice, 30 Westerns on TV, Have Gun Will Travel, signature guns, TV theme songs, how you set the tone and mood for a story, Wanted Dead or Alive, Steve McQueen, how some actors are just cool, Ernie Kovacs, sight gags, surreal TV, The Rebel, Nick Adams wannabe status, Johnny Cash singing the theme to The Rebel, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, how The British actually really love Murder, Elmer Bernstein's theme to Johnny Staccato, John Cassavetes, west coast white jazz musicians, the Ed Sullivan Show, variety shows, Johnny Puleo and the Harmonica Gang, SCTV, The Beatles, Jackie Mason flipping off America on live TV, Peter Gunn, lack of ambiguity in television, first seeing color on TV in a baseball game, learning story structure via watching TV, Sergio Leone, being and undercover western detective for Wells Fargo, Adventures in Paradise, Ricardo Montauban, Dobie Gillis, Bob Denver as Maynard J. Krebbs, Tuesday Weld acting on TV with Warren Beatty, Archie, making your own On the Road as Route 66 with very minor changes, The Riflemen, Chuck Connors, doing your chores, TV and movies being banned from shooting in Chicago for years, The Untouchables, Crime Story, M Squad, Lee Marvin, Police Squad being influenced by M Squad's theme song, Joe Dante directing Police Squad, the best sight gags on the show, John Ford, Andy Devine's Hollywood status after Ward Bond's death, The Millionaire, dueling Bat Mastersons, being a super fan of mafia succession, how Ring Lardner in 8 Men Out was Robert Stack's voice, Robert Stack's jokes, Walter Winchell, Neville Brand, Al Capone, Friday Night Fights, The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports, how boxing was the perfect subject to air on television, Emile Griffith killing Benny Paret in the ring live on TV, The Twilight Zone, Lee Marvin in the Twilight Zone Episode Steel, Hemingway's story "50 Grand", and the oddness of TV sign offs.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 489: Charlie Higson

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 78:52

    This week Ken welcomes former Higsons' frontman, novelist, actor, comedian and all around UK comedy royalty Charlie Higson to the show. Ken and Charlie discuss being built for lockdown, writing books for adults again after a 25 year hiatus, the BREAKING NEWS of Charlie's new huge fantasy series for the Middle East on MBC, Randall and Hopkirk Decease, Saturday Night Live (UK), Stand up on TV, Harry Enfield, The Fast Show, catch phrases, Paul Whitehouse, the difficulty of exporting comedy, never seeing Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch, the biggest and best American sitcoms, the US tradition of late night talk shows, Craig Ferguson, Vic Reeve's Big Night Out, Vic and Bob, The Prisoner, The Avengers, the UK tradition of fantasy series, how fantasy series aren't all for kids, Doctor Who, needing to use humor for characters, translating humor to a foreign language, the beauty of working with restrictions, liking stupid comedy, classic American sitcoms, Swiss Tony, how the US likes to see people good at their job and the UK likes to see people bad at their job, Cheers, Early Doors, Peter Richardson, remaking UK shows in the US, how The Royle Family became The Kennedys, how cool characters aren't funny, all the US remakes of Fawlty Towers, how difficult it is for UK comedians to make it in the US, Ricky Gervais, English acts bombing at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Vic and Bob confusing a Canadian audience, The Larry Sanders' Show, how The Muppets is the anti-Larry Sanders, The Higsons, opening for The Ramones in Chicago, touring America, and how modern tv and movie scores have abandoned "themes" and why that is a shame, Batman Theme and Robison Crusoe from Germany.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 488: Jackie Michele Johnson

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 99:02

    This week Ken welcomes host of the Natch Beaut podcast, and fellow Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend pre-Apocalypse guest, Jackie Michele Johnson to the show. Ken and Jackie discuss good closets, personal space in a marriage, Sex and the City, converting to Judaism, Ken's blank spot that is 2004, the Reality TV Boom, how full hair and make up is a Texas thing, how who shot JR was technically a dream, Grey's Anatomy, multiple helicopter crashes, the tragic life and death of Anna Nicole Smith, Trim Spa Baby, being ok with spoilers if they are sad, do people in NYC dress cooler?, Dean Cain, Scott Peterson, Dean Cain's terrible facial hair disguise, central time, The Ring, horror flicks and pizza, Ernest Goes to School, MTV Cribs, finding Pimp My Ride Cars in 2021, everyone's Jaime Kennedy story, how Jennifer Love Hewett is too good for him, watching basketball, Average Joe Hawaii, LA's hot chick + mediocre guy phenomenon, Fear Factor, twins, Scare Tactics, Las Vegas, being a background actor, method background actors, Punk'd, The Terminator, Tracy Morgan: Crazy Person, 30 Rock, Ed, Gary Oldman, Sid & Nancy, How The Prisoner is the only show Alex Cox likes, The Hills, Laguna Beach, The O.C., how Blondie isn't The GoGos, debating if watching more or less of The Apprentice may have saved America, Friends, Extreme Makeover, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, visiting the set of Dawson's Creek, Joshua Jackson's hot wife and how he's a good dude, the secrets of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, The 100 Hottest Hotties of 2004, Jack Osbourne replacing Sharon, the big deal of reality show marriages, and Barry Bostwick on Scrubs.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 487: George Pasles

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2021 97:44

    This week Ken welcomes VCR Party Live's resident gal Friday, and the lord of Overlord, George Pasles to the show. Ken and George discuss armpit hair, Philly, on set romances, Phantasm, cigarettes, storm chasers, original art, dirt bikes, pearls and oysters, Simon & Simon, Tales from the Darkside, Monsters, commandeering televisions after being dumped by your parents in a store, knowing things from Simpsons parodies, Joanna Kerns' Olympiad sister, Janet Jackson's Lethal Enforcers arcade cab, It's Your Move, blackface on Gimme a Break, Hardcore, Murder She Wrote and sports, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, John Carpenter, getting cable post high school, Bloopers vs Boners, sexual movies, Chip on Kate & Allie, bad paste ups, Jane Badler, Covenant of Evil, Dueling Danzas, Telma Hopkins world, Hiroshima Remembered, The Wall on network TV, Riptide, writing letters to Tom Bray, having a Commodore 64, Steel Collar Man, Charles Rocket, Rock N Roll Summer Action, NBC's Thursday Night Powerhouse Lineup, Skippy and Malorie trapped in a basement, Coach's learning songs on Cheers, the connection between Webster and The Golden Child, the beauty of Buckaroo Banzai, Dukes of Hazard, Knight Rider, The A-Team, shows re-using clips, Arsenio Hall, racist former game show hosts blocking Ken on Twitter, and the WONDER of Still the Beaver.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 486: Clint Conley

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 63:44

    This week Ken welcomes bassist and singer from Mission of Burma, long time Chronicle producer and personal hero Clint Conley to the show. Ken and Clint discuss the nexus of punk rock and television, finding interesting things in New England, growing up just outside NYC, having a father "in the business", grad school at BU, the interaction of the high brow and lowbrow, the arty and the boneheaded, weirdo bands, Cousin Brucie, Ed Sullivan, rock bands on TV, the importance of 1966 for Youth Culture, Batman, Gallant Men, copycat shows, Combat!, Secret Agent, The Rifleman, Man from U.N.C.L.E., plat spinning, vaudeville acts, Hollywood Palace, Boris Karlof, seeking out all the horror movies, Channel 9 and 11, Alan King, Ed Sullivan giving extra time to Sly Stone, The Rascals, Raymond Burr, fearing iron lungs and quicksand, the worthless nature of Tucker Carlson, Candid Camera, Prank Shows, Hulabaloo, Richard Pryor and George Carlin on young rock n roller John Davidson's show, My Mother the Car, Vic Morrow, the Twilight Zone disaster and E! Network's re-enactments, Eric Burden and the Animals, Gidget, band names, Night of Whirling Death, Wild Wild West, Car 54, Where Are You?, having a VCR in the 1970s, hating Lost in Space, being scared of Billy Mumy, taping Iggy Pop on Dinah Shore, the greatness of Green Acres, meeting Mary Tyler Moore, W.C. Fields tribute by his own son, The Smothers Brothers, The Amazing Randi, Johnny Carson: GOTCHA!, The 100 Foot Wave, and the greatness of Barry Jenkin's The Underground Railroad.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 485: Stanley Livingston

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021 72:18

    This week Ken welcomes writer, producer, director and actor, Chip from My Three Sons himself, Mr. Stanley Livingston. Ken and Stanley discuss Ozzy and Harriet, hanging out with Mr. Ed, swimming, being a stunt kid, Paul Newman, his brother getting recast, Doris Day, Please Don't Eat the Daisies, the family burlesque business, Baltimore, vaudeville, mom and pop dirty businesses, the hunt for TV content, My Three Sons, Nick at Nite, Fred McMurray, the strange production of My Three Sons, movie stars on TV, the Skippy pilot, having not seen your big break for 50 years, reconnecting with your co-stars, not being Huck Finn, The Actor's Journey, learning all the ropes, starting your own production company as a teenager, writing The Aftermath, the technical advances of editing software, being made up by Jack Pierce, Famous Monsters, Forry Ackerman, being a Monster Kid, and Paul Bartel's strange Private Parts.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 484: Tanya Donelly

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 90:39

    This week Ken welcomes musician (Belly, Throwing Muses, The Breeders), singer, song writer, and all around gem Tanya Donelly to the show. Ken and Tayna discuss the rain, prissy poodles, 1977, Alan Alda, More Cigarettes, smoking to be thin, Mary Tyler Moore, actually enjoying lack of choice, Kate Bush on SNL, getting starstruck, having no chill, defending your viewing choices in TV Court, very heavy things in sitcoms, 1977 The Coolest Year in Hell, divorce, drug addiction, Love and Rockets, Tanya's rage at Ken, Wonder Woman, Justice League Unlimited, The Superfriends, everybody's grounded friend, Bob Newhart, National Geographic, Ted Knight, Gorillas in the Mist, Dian Fossey, not traveling out of New England, Rhode Island, Rhoda, Phillis, the greatness of Valerie Harper, the power of low concept, Broadway, Circus of the Stars, Bernadette Peters, free range kids, The Queen's Jubilee, The Sex Pistols, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, the greatness of Milwaukee, The Rockford Files them, Julee Cruise, Twin Peaks, being good at Pandemic, cooking shows, M*A*S*H, Paul Lynde, Billy Barty, Donnie and Marie, Charlie's Angels, What's Happening and the bootleg concert, Love Boat, Hawaii 5-0, between Karl Marx and Jack Lord, Socialist Dance, Red Foxx, Steptoe and Son, The Age of Uncertainty, Quahog Talk, Dateline Rhode Island and the long criminal history of Rhode Island politics.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 483: Brandie Posey

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2021 81:22

    This week Ken welcomes podcaster and fellow comedian Brandie Posey to the show. Ken and Brandie discuss L.A. traffic's return, Jim Carrey, Once Bitten, The Cable Guy, In Living Color, growing up with spies outside DC, Accountants, The Grinch, Nick Cage, Celebrity Thanksgiving recipes, Paul Sorvino's Shrimp, Phillips Seymour Hoffman, Twister, storm hunters, America's Most Wanted, Dennis Farina, Sheena, shows on at 1am, The X-Files, Touched by an Angel, MaXimum Exposure, Santa Who?, '90s Wrestling, the horror of Andy Dick, The Michael Richards Show, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Norm, Why Doctors Make Mistakes, Unsolved Mysteries, John Goodman, Me and the Boys, Bridgette Wilson, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Ask Jeeves balloon, non-holiday movies that are Holiday traditions, a post TGIF world, The Year of the Razor Scooter, the weakest Vacation film, writing letters about Eminem's Stan, and the bitchy freedom of Cheers and Jeers.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 482: Anna Rubanova & Adam Bozarth

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2021 95:29

    This week Ken welcomes writer, performer, improvers and the people behind Left Handed Radio Anna Rubanova and Adam Bozarth to the show. Ken, Ann and Adam discuss helicopters, L.A., palm trees, going full tar pits, NY Shaped cages, growing up in the mid-west, growing up outside of Manhattan, visiting backlots, being an extra, the horrors of being non-Union, Norma Rae, Highlander the Series, awful editing, having three headed dogs, televised blood drives, the novelty of being on camera, cigarette empowerment, Star Trek, stealing organ, Captain Mrs. Columbo, deep fakes, Fred Sassy, Total Recall, Running Man, Robocop, reusing sets, being eaten by Dracula, Hammer Horror, WKRP in Cincinnati, The NEW shows, being out for revenge, USA Network, Saturday Nightmares, Baywatch Nights, adding "nights", FBI Mash Ups, shared universes, Bloopers, America's Funniest People, the legacy of The Grimace, censorship, true crime, deprogramming, shock humor, dealing with sensationalist trauma, newsrooms, the angle, werewolf phases, Christopher Lee, living life before you're an actor, The Monster Club, A Return to Salem's Lot, Danse Macabre, being offended, irony, reflecting your comedic style, The George Carlin Show, Ken being a violent jerk, dirty ugly gross animation, Liquid Television, and working towards Part II.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 481: Anna LaMadrid

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 79:06

    This week Ken welcomes actor, writer Anna La Madrid. Ken and Anna discuss climate change, growing up in Venezuela, the East Coast and all over the place, picking up regional slang, being a latchkey kid, learning English from TV, luxury items, Short Circuit, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, rewatching your childhood favorites, the afterschool/before dinner watchin sweet spot, New Jersey, Murder One: The Best New Show of the Year, Tea Leoni, product placement, marketing to kids, the legend of Sabado Gigante, Tales from the Crypt, Howard the Duck, ESL, America's Most Wanted, Kids' shows in Venezuela, Married...with Children, Fox Weekend Television, Airheads, Brendan Fraser, Two Something, slackers, Gen X, how Henry Winkler is the best dude, Misery Loves Company, Fresh Prince, Will Smith, telenovelas, Melrose Place, The Golden Girls, Who's Line Is it Anyway?, Roseanne, over saturation of choice, Universal backlot, The 'burbs, sexy camera poses, TV reunions, One Day at a Time, how weird Party of Five was, Wolves and Foxes, Living Single, Heavy D, Seinfeld, how much Ken loves Bonnie Hunt, Joey Lawrence, Prince for a Day, Picket Fences, Jack Black on The X-Files, why Ken can't remember Gary Cole's name, American Gothic, and when cigarettes were freedom torches.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 480: Brian Volk-Weiss

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2021 33:10

    This week Ken welcomes the producer/director/host and all around jack of all trades behind The Toys That Made Us, The Movies That Made Us and A Toy Store Near You, Brian Volk-Weiss. Ken and Brian discuss Boston, Newbury Comics, Toy Stores, the intention behind A Toy Store Near You, COVID, being inspired, life being too short, nostalgia, growing up in Queens, making people happy, reaching 100% toys, people buying things in lock down, Magnolia Park in Burbank, Black Cat Collectibles, Toys That Never Should Have Been Made, KayBee Toys clearance bin, A-Team mini vans, TV Toys, the confidence behind releasing toys, having an unpopular lunchbox, always wanting the COBRA Hydrofoil, Mego's Star Trek Bridge, Automan, Quantum Leap toys, how all toys are for adults now, the pre-internet age, bootleg toys, Mr. Big's Toyland, how interviewing lawyers is the secret to getting the scoop, wanting people to feel happy, how stand up comedians are good people to hire behind the scenes for documentaries, Behind the Attraction on Disney +, the definitive documentary about Star Trek The Center Seat, and the future of toys.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 479: Peppermint

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2021 59:04

    This week Ken welcomes singer, performer, all around personality and force of nature Peppermint to the show.   Ken and Peppermint discuss remote controls, the single most 1992 image ever, how the 80s didn't end in 1990, pop culture delays, the rise of cable TV, MTV, breaking the Summer barrier, getting ready for OJ Simpson, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, Universal remotes, Real World Homecoming, how Kevin was right, Rodney King, same accent, different place, MTV's House of Style, Nickelodeon, the invention of 'tweens, SNICK, Roundhouse, New York TV, Star Trek TNG, Highway to Heaven, I Was a Middle Aged Werewolf, Quantum Leap, how slow older shows can be, The X-Files, horror movies, Marcia Cross, Traci Lords, Heather Locklear, Siver, rock and pop, hip hop, ska, compilation soundtracks, MTV Spring Break, Salt N Peppa, En Vogue, Eternal: The En Vogue of the UK's song Stay, strange mixes of genres, being inspired by the Spice Girls 2 Become 1 to move to Manhattan, allies, Pedro Zimora, how amazing Norm is, Chocolate Bunny Paintings, collecting art, KayBee Toys clearance bin, The Real World New York, the evolving discussions of race, NEEDING a Real World LA reunion, Tammy, WHERE IS DAVID??, going straight to YouTube, desperately needing Becky back in the house, how cool Mohammad is, and renting the Real World houses on Air BnB.    Be sure not to miss Peppermint's new single Here for It which has a PERFECT vibe for a 1992 discussion

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 478: Michelle Bossy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2021 66:45

    This week Ken welcome director Michelle Bossy to the show. Ken and Michelle discuss bossy by name bossy by nature, Summer 1998, Frank Sinatra's death, graduating from High School, growing up in Las Vegas, the nature of fame, talk shows, growing up Mexican American, telenovellas, Golden Girls, The X-Files, The Wonder Years, voice over, sincerity, The Muppets, Awakenings, So I Married an Ax Murderer?, missing out, Museum of the Moving Image, Dinosaurs, Magical Realism, Ally McBeal, cynical TV, pop music soundtracks, Empire Records, The Big Chill, scoring movies with songs, Gen X, The Gin Blossoms, hunting down Eraserhead, the heat of Vegas, living in other people's hedonism, Austin Powers, Mike Meyers, parody from love, how poor everyone is in movies but are actually rich, Jeopardy, Barefoot in the Park, Musical Theater, falling in love with NYC, Mad About You, Seinfeld, the Seinfeld finale, Noises Off!, farce, non-sanitized but not gritty New York, Curb Your Enthusiasm, showrunners, the idea of working in a newsroom, and having ALMOST the same birthday.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 477: Sarah Sweeney

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2021 99:56

    October 17-23, 1998 This week Ken welcomes writer, voice over royalty and fellow latch key New Englander Sarah Sweeney to the show. Ken and Sarah discuss NYC, soul sucking, Providence, 24 hours emotional support food, Halloween, the 1998 Clinton Scandal, pre-cogs, horoscopes, Warped Tour, Suffolk Downs, betting on horses, Ken's annoying red phone, trying to get deals on cable, chained to bundles, getting a ton of v/o work, notable stuff you can't talk about, having never seen a Farrley Brothers movie, Brotherhood, where does Ally McBeal take place, Boston Public, Boston Legal, The Amazing Randi, Co-Star, weird tangents, smoking while voting, Scream, My So-Called Life, how great Senta Moses is, Angela Chase, Breaking Away, spending the Summer watching the movies you should have seen, Sammo Hung, America's Night of Heroes, Walker Texas Ranger, Chuck is his character, being extremely hot, XTREME sports, SOF: Special Ops Force with Dennis Rodman, Sister Sister, A Will of their Own, Victorian Times, Dharma and Greg, Joanna Kerns, Hallmark movies, working at Sci-Fi, Mad About You, Ken's Fraiser issues, being a smart mean kid, being better than this, the dehumanization of the 21st Century, the dissolution of decorum, the invention of 'tweens, marketing, ratings, Anne with an E, The Nanny, Conventions, scarred by ER, The Pee Wee Herman Show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Great American Drama, and the future of Limited Run Series.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 476: Fred Mollin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2021 56:33

    June 27-July 3, 1959 This week Ken welcomes producer, composer and all around great guy Fred Mollin to the show. Ken and Fred discuss Memphis, The Peabody Hotel, ducks, Toronto, SCTV, making records, improv, Godspell, Paul Schaffer, David Cronenberg, Fast Company, growing up on Long Island, being the baby, Perry Mason, Ed Sullivan, Wanted Dead or Alive, Western Detectives, wish fulfillment, fantasy, the rifleman, being fascinated by guns on TV as a kid, Jean Carrol, plate spinning, Lloyd Price, Frankie Avalon, Dick Clark, Ray Boulger, 77 Sunset Strip, Johnny Mathis, Ricky Nelson, Zacherly, Disney's music side, children's music, lullabies, Friday the 13th the movies and the series, Forever Night, synths, Faith Healer, televised Blood Drives, Life of Riley, Love that Bob, Bob Cummings, Wyatt Earp, Hugh O'Brian, John Carradine, Highway Patrol, Dragnet, growing up Jewish, comparing your family to television families, Donna Reed, Zorro, Burns and Allen, having access to everything, Newark vs Las Vegas, old school Wrestling, Nat Hiken, Car 54, Where Are You?, Phil Silvers, trivia ringers, and how being a television kid teaches you a life time of useful skills.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 475: Rachel Rosenthal and Sam DeRoest

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 102:47

    This week Ken welcomes real life married couple, improv royalty, and hosts of the Generation Gap podcast Rachel Rosenthal and Sam DeRoest. Ken, Rachel and Sam discuss icky years, age differences, American Idol, how artificial "reality" talent shows are, Ken seeing Kelly Clarkson have Lady GaGa open for her at a Grammy Party, Bel Biv Devoe, live shows, from Justin to Kelly, William Hung, Clay Aiken, Reuben Studdard, Crystal Lite, Oregon, Dale Earnhardt, Kenan Thompson, The Secret of My Success, Wall Street, Broadway, Nathan Lane, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, musicals, Carrie: The Musical, Jeff Goldblum, Curb Your Enthusiasm, grid confusion, The Wedding Planner, CB4, Shakespeare in the South, Patrick Stewart: Cowboy, The Bachelorette Alaska, seeing plays in London, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Brendan Fraiser, The Town, putting a whole town in your rearviews, getting the VIP Disney hook up from Chelsea Nobel's cousin, Everybody Loves Raymond, the horror of 24, why torture is ineffective, No Way Steve, how great America's Funniest Home Videos is, the time a bird suicided on Fabio's Face, Paula Dean being knocked out by a frozen turkey, 1990's Dick Tracey, Madonna shooting blanks, The Portland Timbers, Airplane, classic comedy, championship hockey, Survivor, The MTV Movies Awards, Elvis, Spongebob Squarepants, The Wire, Jessica Alba as Dark Angel, and being absolutely confused by Pokemon and Power Rangers.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 474: David Rees

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2021 81:22

    This week Ken welcomes author, cartoonist, podcaster, artisanal pencil sharpener and co-creator of Dicktown, David Rees to the show. Ken and David discuss the Moon Landing, not growing up in Washington D.C., North Carolina, Journalistic Independence, Dead Dogs, sexy Mods, Bonanza, Wild Wild West, Mystery Shows, walking on the Moon, "that other thing", Miss Universe, Hogan's Heroes, VCR dupe machines, punk rock, The Minutemen, complaining about Spot's production, SST Records, Night Flight, The Residents, not knowing young people, Ted Turner's End of the World sign off video, Bounty Hunters, classic talk shows, Eva Gabor, the difficulties of hand laying out TV Guide issues, "Fem-Pain", Green Acres, Ian Oglevie, Vincent Price, The Saint, Pluto TV, Danny Peary's Cult Movies books, El Topo, Secret Agent Man, The Prisoner, The Coolidge Corner Theater, Charles Dickins, Mike Watt and the absolute world changing greatness of Preston Sturges.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 473: Pam Ribon

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2021 91:34

    This week Ken welcomes the amazing writer, performer, podcaster and Sister from Another Mr, Pam Ribon to the show. Ken and Pam discuss Blue Ribon Panels, regional name variations, mayonnaise, Doctor Misses Doctor Mister Doctor Misses, tangents, secretly dating John Travolta, why you never share secrets with your parents, younger sisters, Today's Special, Punky Brewster, St. Elsewere, visiting shooting locations, Valerie Bertinelli in HELL, Billy Graham IN HELL, discovering new artists, Jody Foster, Peter O'Toole, creepy dudes, Wizards and Warriors, Julia Duffy, Soaps, crashing a plane to impress a woman, John "Not C" Riley, Love Boat, avoiding grown ups, forbidden Diff'rent Strokes, humorless parents, hating truth, getting into Stephen King too young, being dared to read Salem's Lot, Ken's embarrassing love of Beautiful Girls, how Natalie Portman was done wrong, Drew Barrymore, SNL, Hank Williams Jr. : The Movie, The Legend of Fred Asparagus, Bikers, Invitation to Hell, the magic of club soda, The Demon Murder Case, Kevin Bacon, the wonder of Small and Fry, Ed Solomon, Laverne and Shirley, Three's Company, Not Necessarily The News, BRAIN GAMES! BRAIN! GAMES!, Family Ties, S.C.U.B.A., game shows, Beat the Geek, Swackhammer, Swayze Crazy, The Renegades, reviewing Family Ties, Miss Chievious, Cheeahs, FAME, Jeers dressed as Cheers, AND somehow not ever Sassy Magazine. Not once.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 472: Chuck Hogan

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2021 82:46

    This week Ken welcomes author of Prince of Thieves (which became the film The Town), co-author of The Strain series and a ton of other amazing stuff, and fellow Massachusetts citizen Chuck Hogan. Ken and Chuck discuss space travel while sitting in your house, time shifting, streaming, the church like experience of experiencing something day and date, Spenser for Hire, James at 15, shooting things in Boston, The Brinx Job, Vincent Price and Milk, Stephen King, Square Pegs, drug scares, the bitchy anonymity of TV Guide, exposes, the nature of fame, Saturday Night Live, doing your best to stay up late, Mr. Bill, TJ Hooker, Claude Akin, The Love Boat, Didi Conn, National Lampoon's Class Reunion, NY Hot Trax, Solid Gold, Night Flight, MTV, the world changing event of getting cable, Facts of Life, Gimme a Break, musicians gust starring on sitcoms, Bloopers, Angel Dusted, Jerry Lewis' replacement show for Thicke of the Night, Gloria Loring, The A-Team, Missy Gold: Licensed Therapist, how Hart to Hart is like Batman but without everything that makes Batman good, talking your way into rebooting the Six Million Dollar Man, The Duck Factory, early Jim Carey, SCTV's final season on Cinemax/Superchannel, going down rabbit holes, House by the Cemetery, Lucio Fulci, Fangoria, horror movies shot in Massachusetts, Gates of Hell, City of the Living Dead, Pieces, Boston Mobster making movies, the Benson cliffhanger, and the horrors of Assaulted Nuts.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 471: Vinnie Fiorello

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2021 75:04

    This week Ken welcomes Less than Jake drummer, lyricist and author of the new book "6/19" Vinnie Fiorello. Ken and Vinnie discuss full tilt Summer in Gainesville Florida, growing up in New Jersey, City Gardens, Jon Stewart, secret jocks in the punk rock scene, The Ramones on the Uncle Floyd Show, buying Asian weapons in Chinatown, The Master with Lee Van Cleef, The A-Team, moving from punk to Thrash Metal, no bed time, The Love Boat, It's Your Move, Mama's Family, Unlikable character on TV, Buffalo Bill, fist fighting for what you want to watch on TV, The World at War, Bloopers, POWs, M*A*S*H, KISS Alive II, Three's Company, ruining shows you paid to go see for some weird reason, Bad Brains, Rollins, how there were no deaths on 1980s action shows, Golden Girls, loving Mona on Who's the Boss?, crushing on Allyssa Milano, Commando, Blue vans and moving to CT, loving TV Jingles, Less Thank Jake's TVEP, Taxi, Runaway, Lee Ving, Webster, The Golden Child, Friday Night Videos and how Night Flight changed lives.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 470: Scott Ryan is Moonlighting

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2021 74:20

    This week author Scott Ryan returns for a THIRD time to discuss his new book A Moonlighting Oral History. Scott and Ken discuss The Wonder Years, ABC in the 80s, Reagan's deregulation, ABC Circle Films, shows produced by networks, endless budgets, hour long dramadies, Cybill Sheppard, Bruce Willis, ratings, movie stars, Die Hard, the insane production schedule of Moonlighting, breaking the fourth wall, murder mysteries, innovation through mistakes, Remington Steele, Detective shows, breaking ground, I Married Dora, series finales, being sad that your own show was picked up, Alan Arkish, Curtis Armstrong, Will They Won't They?, backstage stuff, Clean and Sober, song rights, subsidizing corporations, streaming mysteries, Spenser for Hire, IMDB TV, SCTV, asking for anything, messing up the DVDs, not promoting Orson Wells, and the ongoing trauma of the people who worked on Moonlighting.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 469: Anne Dudek

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2021 74:58

    This week Ken welcomes actor Anne Dudek (Mad Men, House, Friends) to the show. Ken and Anne discuss The Book Group, being a theater actor, multi cam sitcoms, Friends, bloopers, Head of the Class, Robin Givens, being miserable under contract, the changing nature of celebrity, how late night shows are irrelevant, Patch on Days of our Lives, casually wearing a boa constrictor, Soaps, And Now the Screaming Starts, Too Scared to Scream, Golden Girls, Murder She Wrote, Anne's Murder She Wrote Fan Fiction, 227, being isolated via media, Family Ties, Rags to Riches, Baby Jessica, the greatness of Angela Lansbury, "Mom" names, retro shows, The Wonder Years, Happy Days, what kids watch today, political divisions, could Family Ties be made today?, blaming Newt Gingrich, The Company of Wolves, guest starring, having two careers, being a movie actor or a TV actor, Magnum P.I., DRUGS, Just say No, being terrified of drugs, urban legends, school yard scare stories, The Long Hot Summer, Hardhat and Legs, Ruth Gordon, Bobby Short playing himself, the harshness of TV Guide, local MTV rip offs, This Old House, computer aided hose repair, being an architects, The Imposter, talking your way into a High School Principal position, Anthony Geary, and staging your childhood murder mysteries as an adult.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 468: Frank Santopadre

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2021 80:39

    January 2-8, 1971 This week Ken welcomes comedy writer and co-host of The Amazing Collosal Podcast with Gilbert Godfrey, Frank Santopadre to the show. Ken and Frank discuss Jello Biafra, Fred Schneider, Ken's impressive bookings, interviewing Ken, the idea for where TV Guidance Counselor came from, Ken's days in bands, reviewing the Partridge Family, USA Network's 90s originals, Duckman, working with Paul Fusco, Lost on Earth, Claude's Crib, Ralph Mazza, recognizing character actors, loving "that guys", the fun part of living in L.A., Bruce Kirby, all the New York character actors, deep dives, musicians, variety shows, vaudeville, impressionists, Petula Clark, owned and operated TV stations, Ed Sullivan, The Monster that Challenged the World, New York in the 1970s, All in the Family, MTM Productions, Adam West, Lost in Space, Old Man rivalries, Paul Lynde, Bob and Ray, Mad Magazine, Lucy and Bob Hope dressing like hippies, terrifying Lucy, hippies, Stone Pillow, Amos and Andy, Mods, Wilt Chamberlain, Alias Smith and Jones, Channel 5 NY, WPIX, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Milton Berle, The New Andy Griffith Show, Make Room for Granddaddy, Gaylord Carter's Pipe Organ, Jim Neighbors, game shows, The Avengers, The Dean Martin Show, desperately trying to get people to use Zip Codes, The Love God, That Girl, Adam Strange, Frosty the Snowman, Strange Report, Night Gallery, Tales of the Unexpected, horror anthology shows, Love American Style, and attending the Barbizon Modeling School.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 467: Jim Aquino Part II

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2021 124:09

    October 8-14, 1994 As promised Jim Aquino author of the new book If You Haven't Seen It, It's New to You: The Movies and TV Shows Some of Us Regretted Not Catching Until Later returns for The Young Guns II of this week's episodes. Ken and Jim discuss Goonies II NES, Star Trek vs Star Wars, Ken's love of Just the Ten of Us, The Juggernaut, Terror on the Britannic, Weird Science, The Smolletts, On Our Own, bad animation, The Simpsons, Dr. Demento, The Adventures of Lois and Clark, Bruce Campbell, Season 2 of Seaquest DSV, MTV Unplugged, spoken word, LL Cool J's deodorant caked armpits, In Living Color, Roger Corman's love of free popcorn, Steve Park, Breakfast Time, Tom Bergeron, the early days of FX, Animaniacs, Batman the Animated Series, Casey Kasam's Transformers boycot, Donnie Simpson, Lavert, the last days of Soul Train, The Jon Stewart Show, Northern Exposure, Tom Arnold, Tom Noonan, Robocop, Roc, murderers on TV, All American Girl, Models Inc., Walt Disney World Inside Out, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Kids in the Hall, Conan, Wes Craven's New Nightmare, My So-Called Life, New York Undercover, The Librarians, The Elongated Man, Comic View, Homicide Life on the Street, writing fan letters, and connecting with socially conscious teens.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 466: Jim Aquino Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2021 122:14

    This week Ken welcomes author of the indispensable book If You Haven't Seen It, It's New to You (as J. John Aquino) Jim Aquino. Ken and Jim discuss blogs, accidental Star Trek cosplay, The Bay Area, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Ken's brief meeting with Kate Mulgrew, having three Spocks, crying on panels, back stage drama, creepy lighter mascots, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Small Wonder, Batman the Animated Series, not having Cartoon Network or Sci-Fi Channel, the annoying phenomenon of streaming services splitting seasons of a series, Benson, Quinn Martin, The Fugitive formula, reboots starring dogs, Revenge of the Nerds, Big John Little John, failed TV pilots based on movies, Aaron Slick from Punkin Chick, ReBoot, The Tick, lame catch phrases, Public Enemy, Soul Train, Stevie B, Brownstone, BET, Video Soul, My Best Friend's a Vampire, Baywatch Nights, Vanishing Son, martial arts, depictions of Asian Americans on TV, choreography, Leonard Nimoy, Donnie Yen, The Comish, Devon Odessa, My So-Called Life, In Living Color, and only getting through Saturday.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 465: Chris Morgan

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2021 106:48

    This week Ken welcome author of the new book on Nickelodeon in the '90s (and the old book The Comic Galaxy of Mystery Science Theater 3000: Twelve Classic Episodes and the Movies They Lampoon) Chris Morgan. Ken and Chris discuss growing up in Detroit, being very unsuccessful, failing in L.A., Kid Rock, Comedy Channel, early cable networks, Canadian content, Fifteen, Welcome Freshman, Cousin Skeeter, My Brother and Me, Alex Mack, Shelby Woo, how bad My Brother and Me was, Third Rock from the Sun, 10 Things I Hate About You, Alanis Morrisette, Moesha books, Rugrats, Halloween, All That!, teenage HIV suicide pact Summer camps on Touched by an Angel, Thora Birch, Munsters, Chevy Chase, Pop up Video, VH1, WCW, WWF, Hulk Hogan in Assault on Devil's Island, Beavis and Butthead, Drew Carey, The Flintstones, Ken's love of Caddyshack II, Seinfeld, Rock n Jock, Bob Ballaban Baseball, Bike Blades and Boards, Saved by the Bell, Tori, the last year of Trick or Treating, Family Matters, Stevil, Rocky Horror Picture Show, the history of Frankenstein, screams from your closet, Karate Fighters toys and how Slappy from Goosebumps is a great interview.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 464: Phillip Iscove

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2021 101:29

    This week Ken welcomes co-creator of Sleepy Hollow and co-host of Podcast like it's 1999 Phil Iscove to the show. Ken and Phil discuss escaping the North East, growing up in Toronto, CTV, ER, The George Clooney narrative, people the Networks Love, Felicity, Owen Wilson, The Minus Man, Janeane Garofalo, Clay Pigeons, the 90s low point of SNL, bad 90s suits, Swingers, film festivals, indie movies, horror films, Eric Lasalle, Anthony Edwards, gore on TV, Michael Crichton, pulp, being the Stephen King of medical fiction, West World, Spielberg, Disclosure, evergreen genres, why latex gloves are the hardest park of medical acting, USA Network, 1999, grids, Awards Season, Blue Collar Shows, Werewolf, the early days of Fox, Married...with Children, why simple premises are best, The Simpsons, Fish Police, Melrose Place, why apartments are every writer's dream, The WB, high school years, UPN having no identity, Beavis and Butthead, wish fulfillment, Ren & Stimpy, Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer, Chicago Hope, Love and Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story starring Patsy Kensit, tactical werewolves in Full Eclipse, Tim Daly, Beverly Hills 90210 and the Flaming Lips, having your favorite band on your show, Ken's weird phone, Bjork, John Noble, hierarchy of fandom, one Great White Shark, Antonio Sabato Jr hosting The Hunt for Amazing Treasures, The X-Files, Sightings, the difficulty of juggling serialization and episodic stories, having no plan, and Chuck Connors as a werewolf sea captain with a pipe.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 463: Kliph Nesteroff and Jon Roberts

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2021 113:32

    This week Ken welcomes Kliph Nesteroff back to the show to discuss his new book "We Had a Little Real Estate Problem", in addition Ken welcomes one of the subjects of the book, Native American comedian Jon Roberts. Ken, Kliph and Jon discuss Dave Evans, Will Rogers, Native American representation in media, Musso Frank, Red Lake Nation, scaring your own kids, never meeting a man you didn't like, Wrestling, having very limited channels, Eddie Murphy, Dukes of Hazard, I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, stereotypes, Canada's Residential Schools, Rutherford Falls, journalism, Roseanne, Dennis Wolfberg, stand up on TV, age appropriate comedy, how hard life is on a reservation, being isolated, the wide variety of native comedy, Buddy Bigmountain, Westerns, casinos, new cliches, how eye opening seeing somebody get laughs can be, racist Boston, dehumanizing, colonialism, coping with tragedy through humor, Thanksgiving, Elizabeth Warren, Charlie Hill, Pow wows, weird old man shows, Mad About You, GI Joe, Refrigerator Perry, being inspired by Hulk Hogan, and the importance of representation.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 462: Caryn Richman

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2021 94:05

    This week Ken welcomes actor (The New Gidget, The Bradys) Caryn Richman to the show. Ken and Caryn discuss their failed attempts to do the show in person over the years, Gidget, The Bradys, 1966, growing up in Long Island, going to High School with Joey Buttafuoco, being in Grease in Broadway, the age you're stuck at, embracing your age, playing sweet and wholesome, how hard sitcom acting is, breaking the fourth wall on Gidget, the wave of "New" shows in the 80s, The Bradys, dramatic reboots of comedies, Gilligan's Island, I Dream of Jeanie, Donna Reed, Wandavision, Lawrence Welk, Ed Sullivan, The Wonderful World of Disney, the Saturday Night Movie, seeing Broadway shows, being in a singing group, Tuxedo Junction, Dance Fever, Hollywood Squares, what impressed your parents, Win, Lose or Draw, Soaps, the weirdness of having understudies on television, The Young and the Restless, Batman '66, wiping tapes, lost shows, Encyclopedias, the public library, Petticoat Junction, Green Acres, having Patty Duke's father, the greatness of The Hollywood Museum, Dawn Wells, music rights, Kathy Zuckerman, The Hollywood Christmas Parade, meeting Jimmy Stewart, why you really shouldn't meet your heroes sometimes, Bewitched, The Smothers Brothers and the "scary and spies" craze of the 1960s.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 461: Callyann Brennan

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2021 79:28

    Today Ken welcomes RTE broadcaster, Dublin resident and Try Channel Allstar Callyann Brennan to the show. Ken and Callyann discuss being exciting, being in the future, middle child syndrome, how twins count as one person, the beauty of VHS tapes, Saved by the Bell, visiting NYC, J-Lo's booty bench from Maid in Manhattan, taking a solo horse carriage ride in Central Park, cannolis, Los Angeles, Ice Cream Trucks, Seth McFarlane's albums, The Big Big Movie, Jaws, Orcas, Whale Watches, Free Willy, RTE, darts, Snooker, Sunday TV, growing up with a father who tests ice cream flavors, immunity from brain freeze, keeping the ocean for yourself, Father Ted, The Nanny, Made for-TV Movies, Fair City, being on the soaps, things looking bigger on TV, Home and Away, covering everything in gravy, Neighbors, Dads getting into soaps, understanding Friends, how Seinfeld didn't do anything in Ireland, Baywatch, OJ's "If I Did It", the greatness of Judge Judy and how Friday in Ireland is all about The Late Late Show.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 460: Mike Mignola

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2021 86:48

    In this BONUS! episode Ken welcomes artist, writer and creator of Hellboy, the one and only Mike Mignola to the show. Ken and Mike discuss doing homework for interviews, television moments that burn into your brain, the early 1970s, talking about TV in the schoolyard, TV movies, Sole Survivor, when VCRs were sci-fi, remembering everything, never seeing things again, setting your alarm to watch a movie in the middle of the night, Frankenstein vs the Wolfman, Bride of Frankenstein, being starved for monsters, The Munsters, The Adams Family, not getting UHF stations, 1970s Monster Movie Books, being a big reader, Dracula, Creature Features, The Evil of Frankenstein, adapting Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula for comics, hoarding images, having a New England/England aesthetic and being a California guy, Lovecraft, the sadness of horror, Ghosts in a Toys R Us, The Fog, Dead and Buried, Chariots of the Gods, emotional impact of Batman '66, Channel 2, Dark Shadows, heads in boxes, Werewolves, curses, The Vulture (1966), being a physical media die hard, asking Stephen King and Guillermo Del Toro to solve the mystery of The Attack of the Puppet People, being a KISS and The Partridge Family Fan, Jenny Agutter, Jack Kirby, being a Marvel fan, The Thing, the lack of imagination of Hollywood, why money shouldn't drive creative endeavors, character moments, how Terminator 2 meant movies could do anything, the lack of superhero stuff in the 1970s, the 1960s Marvel Superheroes cartoon, Captain Satellite, feeling soothed by Boris Karloff's voice, film noir, Vera, loving British Murder Mystery shows, Jim Thompson, hating cross-over large universe wide events, the constant reboot of comics, forcing people to buy comics they don't want, Dark Night of the Scarecrow, Gargoyles, Trilogy of Terror, running into Harlan Ellison, and the Dark Shadows/Partridge Family shared universe.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 459: Dom Joly

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2021 93:25

    This week Ken welcomes comedian, haver on impeccable musical taste, travel writer, and UK Television personality Dom Joly. Ken and Dom discuss The Cotswolds, 1990, 70s TV, growing up in Lebanon, French and Arabic subtitles, Benny Hill, Eight is Enough, visa schemes, Dom' Joly's Excellent Adventure, Happy Hour, The Hezbollah Hiking Club, scripted reality shows, 90 Day Fiance, Below Deck, ad libbing, showcasing beautiful places, being arrested in Syria, Mr. Bean, going to school with Osama Bin Laden, sweeps week, assassinations, JFK, Elvis, Racquet Ball, getting never told no, Alice Cooper fighting Elvis with a gun, the greatness of The Sound and Adrian Borland, how The Sound is Ken and Dom's band, Twitch channels, stumbling upon things, The Young Ones, Mad Men is a show about assholes, COPS, Imperialism, Empire building, WWII, The World at War, Hiroshima, chaos, the random nature of living, conspiracy theories, America's Most Wanted, bad recreations, The Death of the Incredible Hulk, Alien Nation, The Wonder Years, Vietnam, "Better Red than Dead Week", The Woman in Red, Moonlighting, Trigger Happy TV, living next door to Miss Moneypenny, Night Life, and why Heathers is the greatest film of the 1980s.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 458: Catherine Mary Stewart

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2021 127:45

    This week Ken welcomes actor and all around great human Catherine Mary Stewart (Night of the Comet, Weekend at Bernies, The Apple) to the show. Ken and Catherine discuss snow, generational genital snow art, TV in the UK, sheep hearing championships on television, ITV, studying dance, growing up in Canada, The Apple, traveling to East Berlin, having older brothers, growing up in academia, dangerous winter sports, traveling the world, TV Guide ads, mis-identifying Roger Ebert, Judy LaMarche, sneaking the soaps, being on soaps, Days of our Lives, Knight Rider, how hard it is to memorize things, The Last Starfighter, being the girl next door, Hollywood Wives, CGI, moving from TV acting to movie acting, watching your work alone, being self conscious, Robert Beltran, Eating Raoul, Mary Woronov, Night of the Comet, star quality, The Beachcombers, indie studios, Canadian Government Film subsidies, Telefilm, Mr. Dressup, The Friendly Giant, The Hardy Boys, going on a date with Parker Stevenson, All in the Family, naivete, singing, foreign films, The Man from Atlantis, wanting to go offline, Larry Holmes boxing, SCTV, Reach for the Top, living in Las Vegas, parental support and pride, dance troupes, the importance of chemistry, the changes in fame, having to have social media, the isolation of remote auditions, reality TV, horses, writing scripts, streaming, silent films, having access to the history of film, women directors, what we miss during COVID, and the benefits of being a loner.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 457: Tom DeTrinis

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2021 89:34

    February 22-28, 1997 Today Ken welcomes writer, actor, director and chef Tom DeTrinis to the show. Ken and Tom discuss Tom's delight, butts, Chuck Norris, prescription drugs, the Telecommunications Act of 1996, playing evil when you're a former child star, Candance Cameron, Poison Ivy, reruns, The Grammys, No Doubt, adults, LeeAnn Rhymes, Schindler's List, Ellen, very special episodes, Dirty Dancing, not being allowed to watch Married...with Children, You Can't Do That on Television and the Simpsons, Hollywood jerks, hazing, having no nostalgia, being forced out of the closet, Cybill, lunatics, SAG debates, ska, the death of syndication, Howard Stern on E!, Troop Beverly Hills, The Bodyguard, Savannah, Jamie Luner, bloopers, OOPS! World's funniest outtakes, tickle me Elmo, Night Sins, Ink, Steven Webber, Stephen King, the Shining, Elizabeth Taylor's brain tumor, She Said No, Hilary Swank, Suddenly Suan, regaining your sanity, murder made for tv, ER, Life Goes On, old footage, Disney, Millennium, and living in a four Cheer week world.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 456: Blaze Mancillas

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2021 99:31

    December 17-23, 1994 This week Ken welcomes comedian, fellow podcaster, actor and all around good dude Blaze Mancillas to the show. Ken and Blaze discuss NYC vs SF, ships, ghosts, pervy ghosts on ships, Don Johnson, Nash Bridges, video albums, Kathy Lee's crazy life, Dave Chapelle's backdoor Home Improvement pilot, Blown Away's huge explosion, Deep Space Nine, pandemic episodes, easy payment for collector' plate, coin collection, plate you can't eat off of, Bobby's World, Camp Candy, Life with Louie, how therapists are out to get you, Woody Allen's Made for TV movie, The George Carlin Show, Roseanne, 90210's Christmas reality show, MTV's Sex in the 90s, AIDS, urban legends, Rescue 911, UFOs, Bigfoot, The Making of Richie Rich, Basketball cards, E!, The Dream Team, not coming out of the closet, a craving to shoot hoops, ER, Grand Mama, Christmas, Tom Poston, Family Matters, Christmas Unsolved Mysteries, Lion taming, Circuses, fake Unicorn, Pen15, Jeer heavy, lying on Rikki Lake, Jimmy Smidt, NYPD Blue, bookies, Notre Dame and not messing with Boston's team mascots.  

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 455: Ed Solomon

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2021 65:17

      In this special BONUS! Episode Ken welcomes writer of such amazing fare as Bill & Ted, Men in Black, and Laverne and Shirly, the fantastic Ed Solomon. Ken and Ed discuss being plagued by Ed Sullivan, Paul Lynde, the lie of Hollywood Squares, 1972, Laverne and Shirley, the Big Ragu, scars, forgetting the 1950s, college finals, cryogenics, eating yourself, Alive!, cutting out syllables to save time, failure, how Ed is NOT the Night Stalker despite being the Prime Suspect for a moment, Punky Brewster, meditation, "nap time", cocaine, legal advice, entrapment, the long game, improv, It's Gary Shandlings Show, making story from a truth vs a gag, not breaking your own rules, time travel, tubes, stumbling into deconstructive inspiration due to ignorance, embracing ideas, genre, noir, Gary Shandling, Mike Nesmith, wearing a costume, mustaches, Yosemite Sam, Ken's cape wearing, desperately wanting David Cassidy hair, and realizing that you and your curly hair are the actual magic the whole time.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 454: Abbi Crutchfield

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2021 64:01

    April 19-25, 1986 This week Ken welcomes comedian, TV host, and nail polish enthusiast Abbi Crutchfield to the show. Ken and Abbi discuss snow, growing up in Indiana, Hooser vibes, Boston anger, accents, wanting to leave where you grew up, speaking other languages, New York vs. LA, stand up, local commercials, the best looking Men in Hollywood circa 1986, Murder She Wrote, being 50 forever, Pierce Brosnon, your James Bond, Don Johnson, Dallas, Robert Urich, Vegas, looking at things as an adult vs as when you were a kid, being a parent, Remington Steele, Magnum PI settling down, Heartbeat, Friday Night video store trips, creepy dudes hitting up the back room, nail polish, Small Wonder, child actors, Jim Davis, Garfield in Paradise, Tom Bosley, watching the stock market on TV, M&Ms, The Trix rabbit finally getting Trix, TV commercials, entering contests, being at a test screening of Milk Money, The Secret Garden, Columbo, murder, autopsies, Patrick McGoohan, Luke Thayer subjecting Abbi to Mr. Boogedy, John Astin, Home Alone, interviewing celebrities for People magazine, Ken's amazement at Todd Oldham, and being Up Early Tonight.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 453: Dan Hirshon and Micah Sherman

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2021 103:24

    January 1-7, 2000 January 1-7, 2000 This week Ken welcomes old friends and new creators of the sketch comedy album The Break Up, Micah Sherman and Dan Hirshon. Ken, Dan and Micah discuss how Micah has been on the show before but Dan hasn't, Micah moving to Florida, Dan being in Chicago, how the women are there, Florida Men, vestibules, COVID, time changes, blowing up the bathroom, Crazy people, Dangerous Dan the Bongo Man, being hit by lightning, Deep Dish P*ssy, Elvis, the formative years of college, living in Boston for three years, stand up, tax crimes, playing cruel pranks, cigarettes, all the people we lost in 1999, sleeping in each others beds, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, disposing of dog dirt, Joe Wong, QVC's new host, Bob Bowersocks, giving away the magic, cassingles, throwing bars, The X-Files, The Simpsons, watching things out of order, 20/20, John Stossel, Geraldo, Dennis Miller, Third Rock from the Sun, not having cable, Veronica's Closet/Just Shoot Me/Caroline in the City/Suddenly Susan, wolf men, Micah's quest for reality, Buff the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, scanning TV Guides, TV critics, feeling ok, not having a Winter depression beard, Ken's gray hair, aging, Who's Line Is It Anyone?, who is the best, improv, regional accents, TGIF, Dinosaurs, Fuck you Hippies, Chicago Hot Dogs and the new (not real) Bodyguard watch along podcast.  

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 452: Michael Shaw

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2021 95:47

    March 16-22, 1968 March 16-22, 1968 This week Ken welcomes Cartoonist and co-author of the new book (along with friend of the show and future guest Bob Eckstein) "The Elements of Stress and the Pursuit of Happy-ish in this Current Sh*tstorm", Michael Shaw to the show. Ken and Michael discuss MST3k, Wisconsin, The Mid-West, Ken's scholarly attempts, the sweet spot of 1968, growing up outside of St. Louis, Three Stooges, hurting your eyesight, The Flying Nun, TV Service Man talking back, bananas, writing letters, The Prisoner, Hollywood Palace, Nick at Nite, My Three Sons, Hogan's Heroes, Gitmo: The Sitcom, Don Knotts, Wild Kingdom, statutes of Monkey and Man, Eve Arden, vintage radio shows, the greatest of Merrill Markoe, poodles, Danny Thomas, Burlesque, Sam Jones, Andy Griffith, Maybury RFD, Baloney, Swedish Sex documentaries, preferring the replacement casts, I Dream of Jeanie, the weirdest Larry Hagman stories, Matlock vs. Ironsides, homages, English Gardens, not discussing the Beverly Hillbillies as much as you'd think, breaking the 4th wall, the genius of Green Acres, Jonathan Winters, vanilla ice cream, Dragnet, Harry Morgan, Leave it to Beaver, Tarzan, Gomer Pyle, Jerry Van Dyke's performance anxiety, murderers, variety shows, Mary Tyler Moore, Richard Deacon, avoiding dark TV and watching shows you've never watched but should watch.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 451: Kim Noble

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2021 107:55

    September 1-7, 1984 This week Ken welcomes comedian, man of Mystery and host of the Futile Attempts podcast Kim Noble. Ken and Kim discuss the greyness of London, having a Boston asshole landlord, hating TV, disappointing the listeners, having a bad memory, squeaky chairs, calling random law firms for advice, just how annoying Kim Noble is, getting a bad review in the New York Times, not being allowed into the country, wanky art, mental people, acid rain, being confused, Channel 4, alt comedy, pranks, social experiments, the legal issues around comedy, art school, panel shows, having James Corden, sexest letters to TV Guide, contacting local news celebrities, hook handed villains, Airwolf, Big Wednesday, Gandhi, comedy not traveling well, Jerry Lewis telethons, Cagney and Lacey, thinking of Meg Foster, contacting Clint Howard for his snowglobes, Double Trouble, Cheers, St. Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues, Magnum P.I., Airplane II, being a bit English, Monty Python, overwatching The Young Ones, separating art from the artist, marathoning the Bourne films, Bill Hicks, the monsters of comedy, seeing Woody Allen live and hating it, and being staunchly against pedophilia.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 450: Tyler Spencer aka Dick Valentine of the Electric 6

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2021 75:36

    October 5-11, 1991 This week to celebrate 450 Episodes of TV Guidance Counselor Ken welcomes the amazing Tyler Spencer aka Dick Valentine of the Electric Six. Ken and Tyler discuss adapting to the pandemic, investing in Zoom, humor tests for Ken, 1991, how the 80s went into the 1990s, Sharon Gless, being a late bloomer, starting University, being a drummer, realizing the front man gets to fire people, firing people, Jazz Dracula, The Best and Worst Dressed, how Ann Magnuson is the coolest person ever, Bongwater, Blair Underwood vs. Andy Griffith, Designing Women, artisanal craft tobacco, The Franklin Mint, writing letters to TV Guide, Northern Exposure, being burned by Twin Peaks, being hunted down by Barry Manilow, being very funny, going to college with the Sklar Brothers, OCD, being obsessive, having to talk between songs, Elvis adding tax, being into Hockey, growing up in Detroit, Edmonton, The Wailers, local fame, Gordy Howe, David Bowie and Wayne Gretzky, the miracle of Tony Danza, riding Barbra Mandrel to get to Mr. Ed, Pump Up The Volume, Football, why being half asleep and surprised is the best time to watch the Superbowl, being a UK Football celebrity, Gay Bar, Top of the Pops, Danger Danger High Voltage, Baby Spice, going Downtown, I Come in Peace, action flicks, loving Annie Potts, Corvette Summer, going initial, C. Everett Coop, seing Ghost over and over, Rescue 911, bad re-enactments, Unsolved Mysteries, The Day After, being desensitized, Mork and Mindy, Freaks and Geeks, going to see The Nude Bomb, Get Smart!, gambling problems, athletes guest starring on television shows, Magnum P.I., writing songs alone at Clippers games, Club MTV, She's Out of Control, Hunter, Fire Walk with Me, why Grand Canyon is the worst movie ever, thirtysomething, editing out the stutter from A Fish Called Wanda, cleaning up movies for TV, and Geraldo Rivera's filthy dirty sex life.

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