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Explicit short stories of intimacy and passion. The text of each story is included. Narrated by selected A.I. bots.

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    A King & his Five Queens: part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 8, 2023

    A necessary evil. By wolvie19.  Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories. Authors note: This is a story based in medieval times.The council was silent, waiting for King Alexandros to speak. There was a tense atmosphere around.“Where is Prince Icarus?” the king asked.“My king, he must be on his way.” replied one of the council members.“Send someone and bring the prince here at once,”“No need father, I am here,” Icarus said as he walked in the chambers, “The streets required some cleaning. The rogues are running rampant.”“Tell me Icarus, is your ambition to be a King or the commander of the street patrol?” The court went silent. Icarus swallowed his pride knowing he was in the presence of the only person who he admired and feared.“The streets will be handled by the patrol, your job is to sit in the council and govern, learn to be a king. You need to control your thirst for violence and be at this table learning diplomacy.”“I apologize father,” the prince said as he sat at his chair.“What word do we have from the North?” the king asked“Our diplomats are negotiating a deal with the King Boroth's diplomats. The water shortage in our kingdom could be solved if they release the flow of any of the 4 rivers flowing through their kingdom, ” Replied the minister of foreign affairs.“What is their demand?”“They have none, there is nothing from us that they want.”“I want a solution to this, while the diplomats are negotiating, I want the others to look into alternate sources. I cannot watch the citizens of Consentia die of hunger and thirst. All of you gone, Linus you and Icarus stay.”Everyone leaves the chamber with only Linus and Icarus staying. Linus was a young member of the council. His extraordinary wits and network of spies had brought him from the streets of Consentia to the chamber of the king.“Linus, you did not speak a single word in the council. Tell me what is it that you have in mind.”“Father, with all due respect if now is not the time to go to war, when is? When half the citizens are dead, and the rest are revolting?”“Have you every fought a war with an angry stomach Icarus? Our soldiers cannot go to war right now. War is not the solution”“My King, if I may, war maybe the solution.”“Linus, do you truly believe we can win a war against Andburn and win?”“We wouldn't, but Sparta would.”“And why would Sparta go to war with us. I am sure you are aware we have previously discussed this with Queen Dione, and she said she is not interested in a war right now.”“My King, they won't go to war with us, but we could with them.”“What do you mean?” asked Icarus.“My King, I have a way, it is risky but would work.”“Go on!” ordered the king.“My spies inform me that Princess Syclla, Queen Dione's youngest sister is involved with the Prince of the North Izsak, son of King Boroth. I have reports, Izsak is out on a hunt and has invited Scylla to his camp, in secrecy of course. Queen Dione does not approve of this union. If something were to happen to Princess Scylla in the shelter of Izsak. ”“Then Dione would declare a war against Andburn.”“And we as their ally would join the way from the south as Sparta attacks from the East. We know Spartans don't care much for diplomacy and would take no prisoners. If King Boroth dies on the battlefield and Prince Izsak in Dione's captive, it would be easier to broker a peace treaty with Princess Lyssa. Perhaps a union of Prince Icarus with the only living heir to the throne of Andburn.”“Linus, that is brilliant! How is the security level at Izsak's camp?”“It will be tight during the day, but Scylla is expected to arrive in the evening. To maintain secrecy, he will get rid of his security and keep only a few.”“Linus, no one outside the three of us should know about this. Icarus, you must carry out this task yourself. It is dangerous, but you must carry it. Linus, I trust Queen Dione would know that Princess Scylla is in danger and being kidnapped?”“Queen Dione would know Princess Scylla is in danger, but she may not have all the information to get there in time to save Scylla from a drunk Prince Izsak,” Linus said.“Linus, everyone ridiculed me to pick a young scrawny man from the street and take him into the royal council. But every day you prove me right. Fill in Icarus with rest of the details. Remember, this does not go beyond us.”“My king!” both said as they bowed and walked out.Tanisa was a young healer who had quickly gained a name among the King's council for her knowledge of plants to make the most unique potions and poisons. She was young and beautiful, whitish skin, dark hair and smile that melted most men's heart. Her petite figure engorged any man who she walked past.“My Prince, may I enter?” Tanisa said knocking on the doors of Icarus' chamber.“Come in.”“Here is the potion you requested for. Two drops of this in any liquid will make any drink feel like a glass of rum. The entire vial would cause extreme inebriation and hallucination.”“Perfect, I thank you Tanisa”“Anything else I can do my Prince?”“That will be all for now.” Icarus said as carefully put the vials in his sack.“Are you sure my prince?”Icarus turned, Tanisa had untied the knots of her robes and holding the dress just above her breasts stopping it from dropping down.Icarus moved closer to Tanisa and gently caressed his hand around her cheek“I have something important to focus on, I don't need any distractions right now.”“Of course, my Prince,” Icarus said releasing her arms and letting her dress drop. “But it is well known that a man's path to victory is most clear when all his other distractions, urges are taken care of.”Tanisa slowly moved towards Icarus and started moving her hand over the Prince's cock. She could feel Icarus' cock bulging as she rubbed his cock over his clothing.Icarus ran his fingers gently through the side of her face and move the lock of her ear. He put his hand in her air and pulled the pin from her hair opening her long hair and dropping it downTanisa leaned into the prince and kissed his neck, “Do you have a preference my Prince?” Tanisa kissed lock his earlobe, “My vagina,” she kissed him on his neck again, “or perhaps my ass?” she said as she planted a deep kiss on his lips. They started kissing passionately.Icarus pushed a finger up her vagina. Tanisa let out a sensual moan.“My Prince, I, ”Icarus held Tanisa's hair tugging it slightly as he started stroking her vagina more violently. Tanisa was ecstatic at her debauchery, literally at the hands of the prince. She was on her toes as she felt like Icarus was almost picking her by her vagina.“Oh gods my prince, I'm cumming, ” Tanisa's body curled into a perfect half circle as a wave of orgasm hit her and she came.Tanisa slowly returned back to her sense. She reached her hands to Icarus' waist and pulled down his pants down.Tanisa didn't wait any time as she started licking the tip of Icarus' cock. Icarus could felt short on patience. At the surprise of Tanisa, he held the back of her head and pushed his cock all the way down Tanisa's throat.Tanisa was surprised at the size of his cock as she could feel the tip of his cock touch the back of her throat. Even then all of Icarus' cock wasn't all the way in Tanisa's mouth as he tried to push it down furtherTanisa was at the brink of passing unable to breathe. She pulled the cock out of her mouth and continued trying to catch her breathe.As soon as she caught some air Icarus once again pushed his cock in her mouth. He put his hand on the back of her head and continued fucking her mouth.Tanisa began wanting to seduce the prince, but him fucking her tiny mouth with his cock was proving too much for her handle. She was doing the best trying to take it all in.“Aaah, your mouth is amazing. Don't stop Tanisa, don't stop.”Icarus started stroking harder fucking Tanisa's mouth. The gagging caused Tanisa's eyes getting teary.Icarus stopped and pulled his cock out, before he blew his load. He was enjoying Tanisa's lips around his cock more than he had anticipated.“Get up,” He said as he picked her up and bent her over the edge of his bed, “You're craving for my cock aren't you? You want to feel special getting fucked by the prince, don't you?” Icarus swiftly pushed his cock up Tanisa's vagina. Tanisa left out a loud moan as her pussy was stretched by Icarus' cock.“Tell me how badly you've wanted me to fuck you?” Icarus didn't take any mercy and started pounding her hard.“My prince, aaaah, ” Tanisa screamed, partially in ecstasy and partially in pain.“How long have you wanted my cock up your cunt, huh?”“ah, fuck,” Tanisa couldn't complete a word.“Tell me Tanisa, how long have you wanted my cock?”“Forever my prince, forever, ” Tanisa cried in pleasure.He pulled her by her hair and started biting her neck as he caressed her breasts. Tanisa had fantasized being fucked by the Prince for a long time, but never thought she would enjoy the royal cock so much“My King, fuck me harder, ah, fuck me harder. ”Icarus pushed her down again and continued ramming her hard. Tanisa screamed louder every time Icarus slapped her ass.“My king, ah, my, ”Icarus couldn't take it any longer as he reached climax and blew all his load inside Tanisa. The feeling of hot cum inside her, gave Tanisa the last push she needed as she reached her orgasm.They both collapsed on the bed.“You are a unique woman, Tanisa.”“I live to serve you, my King.”“Prince!”“I am not the King.”“Of course, not yet.”Authors note: This is second chapter of a long story based in medieval times. If you have not read the first chapter, I advise you to read the first chapter.Warning: The story contains some themes of war violence and mentions of rape (no description)Linus guided Icarus to the Izsak's camp.“My Prince, that is the camp right there.”“Linus, I've told you a number of times, we grew up together, and when it is just the two of us you can drop the formalities.”“Of course, Icarus, now listen to me carefully. Princess Scylla should be arriving soon, Izsak has already gotten rid of most of his security and only has his two trustworthy guards. Tanisa's potion will take about few minutes to take effect. You will have plenty of time before Queen Dione's men arrive.”“There she is, that is Scylla, isn't it?”“Yes, that is her.”“What's happening? Why are the guards leaving with her maid?”“I am guessing the princess wants some privacy. This makes things easier.”“I prefer a cleaner war, but if this is what is required for my people, so be it.”“Good luck Icarus!”Scylla & Izsak“Princess Scylla, you look beautiful. My eyes have been longing for your sight for so long.”“You are too kind Prince Izsak.”Spartan women were known warriors and could fight most men not Spartan, but Scylla was different. She was delicate as a flower, long wavy auburn hair reaching her butt. Her skin had a creamy complexion and deep dark eyes. Her smile was as pleasant as sunset. She was wearing long white robes suiting that of a princess, encompassing her slim body but showing the curves just at the right places.“Where is your security my love?” Izsak asked.“I couldn't risk, not yet. I could bring my only trusted maid.”“Don't worry my guards are”“My prince, I feel safe with you. We don't need these guards with us for now. You can relieve them of their duty for now.”“Are you sure my love?”“Yes, I am, and I believe these are your most trustworthy men. I have a reward for the trust you have in them. Matila will reward them tonight. They may have laid with many women, but no one fucks like a spartan woman.” She turned towards the soldiers, “But I must warn, Spartan women don't get under a man they don't love.”The maids leave each take hands of the guards and take them away.MatilaA little away from the Izsak's tent, the two guards were enjoying the body of the only spartan woman they had ever been withMatila was on her knees taking sucking cock of one of the guards while the other one was pounding her from the back. Both men grunting at the glory of ravishing a spartan woman.She was enjoying her pounding while it suddenly stopped. The guard behind her collapsed on the side. As she looked up, she saw the second guard holding his neck trying to pull out the dart in his neck unsuccessfully as he too collapsed on the ground.Matila got up in horror and was about to scream, as she felt a hand grip her body and her mouth covered with another hand.“Scream and I will snap your neck.” Icarus said.The maid, still shook in horror, but held her nerves.“I do not have much time and certainly not going to repeat myself, so listen carefully. I am here on a mission. Lucky for you, the mission does not require your death. In fact, you are more useful to me alive than dead. Now, If you promise not to scream, I am going to take my hand of my mouth. Nod your head if you agree.”Matila agreed in compliance. Icarus released his hand over his mouth and her body, not allowing her to turn. The maid was shaking in horror trying to control her tears.“Take this,” Icarus said as he placed a vial in her hand, “You will go in the tent and put this in Prince Izsak's drink. This isn't poison, you won't be killing him, that is all you need to know. Once that is done you will calmly walk out and stand next to this tree facing the tent. Understood?”“Yes!” Matila replied meekly.“I will be watching you at every minute. I told you I don't need to kill you, but it won't bother me much. The slightest hint I get of you defying my orders and you will an arrow pierce through your heart.”Matila's eyes popped in horror, but she nodded in compliance.“Go now!”Matila wiped the tears of her face and followed his instructions. She asked for permission to enter the tent. When she entered the tent, she found Izsak and Scylla cuddled up to each other on the bed. In the corner of the tent, she saw a small hole in the tent and eyes looking at her.She poured them a drink and silently poured the vial in Izsak's wine, “My Prince, the finest wine from Spart,” she said presenting him the wine. The prince not bothered to take his eyes from princes Scylla for even a moment grabbed the glass and began sipping the wine.“Is there anything else I can do?”“That is all Matila, thank you!” Scylla responded.Matila walked out of the tent and took a bid breathe of air contemplating the act of treason she had just performed. She stood near the tree as instructed waiting for what net would happen.“You've done well,” she heard a voice from behind. She got startled and almost screamed but Icarus gripped her again and covered her mouth.“Remember, no screaming. You've done what was asked of you, and as promised I won't kill you. But you realize you've done something terrible, if you wish to live you need to do exactly what I tell you. Nod if you agree.”Matila nodded.“You will be asked what happened here. You will tell everyone; you were accompanying Princess Scylla to the temple of Kahn when you were attacked by the two guards lying behind you. You saw Prince Izsak take Scylla in his tent and in a few moments heard her scream as these guards were raping you. Understood?”Icarus took the hand off her mouth still holding her by a tight grip. “When you wake up, you will tell the Spartans the last thing you remember was Scylla's screams going silent. Understood?”“When I wake up ?” Matila tried asking just as she felt a small prick in her neck. Before she could feel the pain of something poked in her neck, she felt unconscious and crumbled down in Icarus' arms.As Matila left the tent, Izsak and Scylla were kissing each other, feeling each other's bodies as they were letting out the frustration due to being away from each other.“My love, I have missed you so much,” Scylla said finding difficult to let go off Izsak's lips.“Me too my love, but we don't have to stay separated anymore,” Izsak said.Scylla stopped for a moment, “What do you mean?”“Let's elope, you and I, away from everyone, everything.”“But where would we go? If either of our families find us, it would be the end of us.”“I have thought about it. I have secretly setup a house far east in the city of Leopolis. I have accumulated small wealth and a trade under a different name. We will have to give up our royal lives and live a normal life, with each other.”There was sparkle in Scylla's eyes, “Is this really possible?”“Yes. Neither my father nor Queen Dione would reach that far east. They have no diplomatic relations with Queen Victoria. No one knows us there; we will be safe. But we will not by Prince and Princess anymore.”“I don't care for that, you will always be my King and I want to be your Queen,” Scylla said as she planted a deep passionate kiss.Their tongues were mingling each other as their lips met each other with passion. The thought of them being together had elevated the passion in the moment.Scylla got on top of Izsak as she was kissing him madly. She opened the knots on Izsak's shirt as she continued kissing his neck, his chest and all over his body. Izsak in the heat of passion ripped open her blouse exposing her breasts.“I can't believe after tonight we will be together forever,” Scylla said as she created some separation. She reached down, unbuckled Izsak's britches and pulled it down exposing his erect cock. “Let me show you my gratitude,” Scylla said as she started stroking Izsak's cock.As his cock got fully erect, Scylla proceeded to kiss the tip of his cock, slowly putting her lips on it and gradually moving down on his cock. Izsak leaned his head back soaking in the ecstasy.Izsak looked down to see the beautiful sight of his love, Scylla's head going up and down on his cock. His moans were getting louder as he was hearing the slurping sound of Scylla's lips brushing his cock.Scylla paused and rose up on the bed. She took off the half torn blouse and slipped her dress down to her waist. She moved close to Izsak and planted another deep kiss, positioning herself over Izsak's crotch.“My love, I thought you wanted to wait until our marriage,” Izsak said.“My king, in the eyes of gods, I am already yours. I do not wish to wait for laws of men.”Scylla positioned Izsak's cock at the entrance of her vagina. The nervousness of feeling a cock in her virgin vagina was battling her eagerness to finally make love with the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life.Just as she pushed the tip of the cock in she left out a soft moan, “ah, ”Slowly she continued pushing down halfway down Izsak's penis, slowly moving up and down on it. Izsak patiently enjoyed the moment, waiting for Scylla to take her time. Scylla opened her eyes and looked in the eyes of Izsak.As soon as she felt the love for her, she pushed herself down completely, “ah my gods.” Scylla screamed as she felt all of Izsak's cock pierce through her. She could feel the pain but determined to get past it she continued moving on his cock. Slowly at first, her pain was decreasing, and pleasure was taking its place now.Her cries of pain were now turning into moans of pleasure. She started riding now in pleasure, sensually her body moved now enjoying the carnal pleasure. Her hand, previously resting on Izsak's chest, now moved back as she leaned back pointing her perky nipples towards the sky as she began to ride Izsak's cock in a rhythmic motion.Izsak grabbed Scylla's breasts now, caressing her breasts with both hands as he felt his cock gripped by Scylla's warm and tight vagina. He knew he would not last long in this position.He swiftly got up and turned Scylla putting her on her back. He got on top of her, his cock still inside Scylla. He leaned into her and planted a deep kiss on her lips as he gently began thrusting his hip, moving his cock in and out of Scylla's vagina.Slowly he increased his speed as Scylla could feel the pain and passion mix together as she pierced her nails in Izsak's back leaving marks of passion.Scylla could feel an intense orgasm build up, “My god, ah fuck,” she screamed and moaned as she felt her body taken over by an intense orgasm and felt her soul crumble at the mercy of her love, Izsak.Scylla's moan had pushed Izsak close to orgasm, “My love, I am cumming,” Izsak said as he thrust his hip for one final time as he unloaded all of his cum inside Scylla's vagina. Izsak crashed next to Scylla as Scylla felt Izsak's cum drip out of her vagina.They both were breathing heavy.“I love you, Izsak” Scylla said as she settled into the arms of Izsak, “I will follow you anywhere you take me, until the end of time.”“Scylla,” Izsak mumbled.“Yes, my love.”“I, I am not feeling, well, ” Izsak said as he tried to get up and fumbled again.“What's wrong my love?” Scylla said as she felt confused on what was happening.Izsak was trying to say something but could not put any words together as he could feel the world around him revolving.“What's wrong Izsak? What's happening?” Scylla cried in panic.“Don't worry, he won't be dying. He is just under heavy hallucination.” She heard a voice from behind.As she turned, she saw a tall, strong man in a warrior's attire standing behind her.“Who are you? What have you done to him?” Scylla yelled as she tried grabbed a sword lying next to the bed. She stood in front of Izsak trying to shield the struggling prince pointing her sword at Icarus.“It doesn't matter who I am or what I want. But I do feel you deserve to know; this isn't your fault. I have nothing against you, perhaps if your King and Queen had worked with us, this day wouldn't have come.”Syclla swung Izsak's sword at Icarus. Icarus grabbed, dodged her first swing, and caught her wrist, “I have to do it for my people,” he said as he turned her wrist to stab the sword in her chest pointing towards and her and pulled her into the sword.Izsak saw in horror as he saw his own sword pierce through Scylla's heart as her naked body collapsed on the ground right in front of him. He mustered all his energy to get up an attack Icarus, but knocked down by a single punch by Icarus as he fell unconscious next to Scylla's naked body.To be continued.By wolvie19 for Literotica

    Winter Survival Skills: Part 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2023

    Mike & Amy decompress from the trauma, generously. (Erotic Coupling)By m_storyman_x. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.We lay there a long time silently thinking and looking at each other, thinking about being grateful to be alive, and becoming closer to each other through this ordeal.“Mike,” She whispered“Yes?”“Will you suck on my tits?”“You sure,” I asked.In answer she sat up pulled her pj top off before sliding her pants down and off. She moved over to me completely naked as I unzipped my bag. She pulled my thermals up and tossed it aside before working my longjohns down and off. She tossed them aside and then straddled me, with her hot wet pussy rubbing along my hard dick.“Please,” She whispered as she leaned her body down to bring her two hanging globes in front of my face. I reached up and took both tits in my hands, and drew them to my mouth, sucking one of her nipples deep into my mouth as I squeezed her tit into a pointy cone."Humm” she moaned quietly “that feels so good!”We sat there for some time, my mouth working first one tit and then the other. Her groin had been rubbing my dick with her wet lips for some time before I felt her lift up and take hold of my dick. I felt her wet lips envelope my dick as she pushed against me. She moaned again as she slid down my dick, pushing her upper body until she was almost upright, her head touching the top of the tent. She leaned forward a little, putting her hands on my chest for support and then began to slowly ride up and down my dick, rising until she was almost off and then sliding down slowly until she was at the bottom, and then continued to grind her pussy back and forth on me before starting the trip again. I still had hold of her tits and put my hands to good use squeezing and massaging her tits and playing with her nipples with my fingers. It's obvious that her tits get very aroused and any attention they get, really turns her on.She set the pace, working to her liking, taking her time. I allowed her to take all the time she wanted, but she began to pick up the pace after a while, working in shorter strokes and driving against me with more force. Her actions and very tight pussy were having an effect and I was getting much closer to coming.“oh god oh god oh god” she whispered to no one in particular as her body began to shake. I pulled her lower, using her tits as handles and sucked a nipple into my mouth, rolling it against my tongue and the roof of my mouth. She ground her hips hard against me while she made small mewing sounds.She slowly lowered her body down to mine and rolled to the side, taking me with her. I continued the roll until I was on top of her, both our bodies still exposed to the cold air in the tent. “Fuck me now,” She whispered in my ear as she spread her legs wide so I could better stroke into her. She groaned and moaned quietly as I pushed my dick its full length time after time. She put her arms around my neck and pulled my head down as she pushed her tits toward my mouth as I stroked. "suck my tit,” She whispered in my ear. "Fill me with your cum. Pretend you're squirting your juice all over my tits. Pretend my tits are wrapped around your big hard dick and its poking into my mouth with each stroke.” She panted in my ear. “Oh you feel so good,” She said in a squeaky voice. "You're going to make me cum again,” I drove my dick deep into her and groaned as her body shuddered in time with my first squirt of cum. I unloaded shot after shot of hot juice into her, finally lowering myself on top of her, spent.We rolled onto my sleeping bag, both of us tired and drained, and starting to get cold. She snuggled against me, laying half on top of me. I zipped us in, snuggled like a cocoon."That felt so nice. I haven't been screwed in almost five years,” She said as she nuzzled my neck."I'm glad you liked it,” I said, worried about where this is going."You know, Nancy can never know about this,” She said quietly."No. It's going to be hard enough to explain being naked with you earlier.”“I know,” she said. We can't keep it a secret, you know the guys will tell everyone when we get back. I think we better say you had on underwear. Nancy won't like it, but she can accept that,” She said obviously having thought this through already."Ok. What about this,” I asked"She can't know about it. Once we're back, this never happened and never will again.”“Agreed,” I said."Good. Now let's just enjoy the closeness we've discovered and get some sleep. We have a long hike tomorrow yet.”“Yes ma'am,” I joked, holding her close. We fell asleep like that, her head snuggled to my neck and one leg draped across my body.Morning broke clear and sunny. The morning sun had cleared the trees before either of us got up and moving. I could hear the guys hard at it, with a fire crackling and snapping."I think we need to get up,” I whispered."Feels like you're already up,” She whispered as she grabbed my morning hardon."Nothing unusual,” I confessed."You always have one of these in the morning,” She asked as she pulled herself on top of me, her legs spread on either side of mine. "I could get used to that,” She said as she pushed her body against my dick, sliding it inside her hot pussy. "Oh Yess,” She hissed quietly. "I definitely could,” she said as she began to rock her hips against me. "Oh damn,” she said a few minutes later, as my dick neared explosion inside her. “You get so big!”“Hope you're ready,” I whispered, trying to hold back."Don't hold back. I want to feel it,” She panted"Okay,” I said, quietly letting the feelings take over. It was only a minute more and my body stiffened and began pumping cum into her pussy, my hips pushing up into her with each pulse of my dick. To my surprise her body started shaking and trembling as she started to cum around me, her pussy squeezing my pulsing dick."God I missed that,” She whispered after we could both breathe normally again. She unzipped the bag and rolled off of me, our juices drooling out of her. She looked around for her underwear and found it, using it to wipe the cum off my sleeping bag and off her pussy. She rolled onto her own bag and the two of us set to work getting dressed. We crawled out of the tent together and walked over to the guys for some breakfast. After eating I headed to the woods for a bathroom break. I needed a good constitutional. I looked around for a good log to sit on, and was busy with my pants around my ankles when Amy walked up."Hope you don't mind company,” She said as she started pulling her snow pants down. She had her pants down to her ankles, and was butt naked. I watched as she crouched down and peed, using some TP she brought to wipe herself. She stood up and faced me. Giving me the first really good look at her pussy I had. "Do you like how it looks?”“Very much,” I said."Good,” She said as she turned around and bent over to pull her pants up, giving me a long slow look at her exposed pussy before pulling them up. "I'm glad you like how it looks. I'm not used to anyone looking at my body but me.”“It's a very nice looking body. I wouldn't mind giving that pussy a good licking!”“Oh? She said looking around. What about my breasts,” she asked as she pulled her coat apart and pulled up her shirt to show me her tits in the sunshine."Yep. I could suck on those beauties all day,” I said as I stood up. She turned around while I wiped and turned back when I was done, stepping over to me as I was pulling my pants up."I think you have a good-looking dick too,” She whispered as she moved close and squeezed my cock before kissing me on the cheek."I wonder what the guys are going to think,” I said as we walked back toward camp."That I accidently went the wrong way,” She said simply as we waded through the snow.It was a long day, but we made our ten miles before dark. The team was thinking about winter survival, but Amy was inwardly obsessed with her sexuality, waking from a 5-year hibernation. She was alive! The team could see her zest and joyfulness, but they probably attributed it to her gratitude; surviving a near-death crisis. We set camp and got dinner going. We all sat around and talked about aspects of winter camping, including hygiene. I told them that normally I would take a hot water shower about once every few days, and a sponge bath every other day. I explained that you could do sponge bath with only two liters of water and a camp towel. We heated water and let each of the guys get a chance to clean up one at a time in their tents. I went next and then let Amy go last, just before going to bed. After all the guys were bedded down, I looked at the sky and saw the heavy clouds rolling in before I crawled into my tent, finding Amy laying in her bag, all zipped up. A warm-up is on the way, along with some fresh snow I whispered as I started pulling off my clothes. When I was completely naked, and before I could pull my sleeping stuff on, Amy unzipped and tossed opened her bag, revealing that she was completely naked."I have a question,” She whispered."What's that?”“Did you really want to lick my pussy?”“Hell yes! Why?”“I don't know. I mean, I haven't tried oral sex since I was a teenager,” She said hesitantly. "But I think I want to with you.”“I see,” I said quietly. I moved over to her and pushed her back down to her back, and then crawled over the top of her, my knees straddling her head and my hard dick poking down at her face and my hands along side her hips. "Do whatever you think would feel good for me. Just don't bite,” I whispered before lowering my head to her pussie. I gently kissed around her pussy lips and then licked between them ever so slowly while she kissed the head of my dick and tentatively licked me. She spread her knees to invite me to explore deeper. I licked down her pussy and then pushed my tongue into her as far as I could go before pulling it out and working my tongue back up to her clit, while she wrapped her lips around my dick. I flicked my tongue across her clit, making her buck her hips up at me and moan around my dick. She was sopping wet, obviously thinking about this for a good part of the afternoon. I worked my tongue down again and pressed it into her as far as I could before moving back up to concentrate on her clit once again. She made no pretense of even trying to focus on my dick any longer, and just sucked it in her mouth, as she bucked her hips at my face, moaning around my dick. She was experiencing a sexual awakening from a 5-year slumber, and it overwhelmed her consciousness.As sensitive as her clit was, I had her squirming around in no time, finally making her climax while I licked and sucked her pussie. I held her climax as long as I could before she clamped her legs around my head to stop my actions. I lifted my head out of her crotch and rolled over onto my own sleeping bag. I worked around so I was laying on my back and Amy crawled over me, making another attempt at my dick."Just do what you think would make me feel good,” I whispered. She nodded as she enveloped my dick with her mouth slowly working up and down my shaft as far as she could. She was very tentative at first, not sure if she would like it. Her motions became more animated as she got into it, slurping the head and stroking my dick up and down with her hand. She sucked and licked and swirled her tongue around my head, slowly working her body around until her pussie was over my face. She was obviously turned on again from experiencing my dick as she lowered her pussy to my face, which I eagerly licked and sucked. My whole dick twitched repeatedly as she moaned around it."I'm going to cum,” I grunted in warning. Instead of pulling off like I expected her to, she sucked even harder, gagging slightly on the first blast of cum. As my second shot pulsed into her mouth she pushed her pussie down on my face and started humping against my chin. I felt her body tense up and a trickle of her own juices run down my chin as my fourth and fifth spurts of cum emptied into her mouth. I could feel some of my cum dripping out of her now open mouth as she gasped for breath, trying to deal with her own orgasm. We stayed coupled in that 69 position for several minutes before she rolled off, her body still heaving for breath. She spun around on her ass and laid next to me."That was more fun than I expected,” She said quietly"You learned quickly.”“Thank you,” She said as she cuddled with her head on my chest. I zippered us into my bag and we drifted off to sleep, both of us content for the moment.I woke up in the middle of the night needing to go pee. Sex has that effect. Amy woke as I was trying to extract myself from her and my sleeping bag."Where are you going,” she asked sleepily."Gotta go pee.”“Oh,” she said “That sounds like a good idea.”Normally I would just pull on my boots and sprint out to a tree, being already dressed in thermal long johns. But tonight I was naked.“What are you doing,” she asked as I looked around for clothes in the darkness of the tent."Trying to find something to put on.”“So why don't we just go naked” she asked.“First off, its cold, second the guys might see us.”“First off, so what? We've both been through cold and survived. Second off, they're asleep and it's dark out. Third I think you're chicken.”“Not at all,” I said as I pulled on wool socks. "If you want to do this then get your naked ass up too.”“Fine I will,” She said as she pulled her boots on her bare feet. I unzippered the tent and scooted out into a winter wonderland. The night was warmer than last night, and it must have been in the high twenties, with no wind. Large fluffy flakes of snow were falling gently in a blanket that was already several inches thicker than when we went to bed. Amy slid out of the tent after me, quickly catching up and taking my hand."This is fun,” She whispered"It's cold,” I whispered back as we walked off into the woods a ways from the camp. I found a good place to stop behind a pine, and let fly."I can warm you up,” She said stepping behind me and taking hold of my flowing dick in one hand while cupping my balls with the other. I'm used to peeing in the woods, but I had to admit that having her hold onto my fire hose and directing it's aim, was going to give me a hardon pretty quick. It was a good thing I was already going, or I my prostate never would have allowed my plumbing to get started. As soon as I was done, she started stroking me, and kept it up, her body pressed against mine from behind until I was very hard."My turn,” She said as she let go and stepped around me. She squatted leaning back against a tree and let go herself, watering the ground close to where I was. "That feels better,” She said as she stood up. "Come on,” She said walking toward a larger pine that had fallen over. She stepped up onto the trunk, which lifted her body nearly a foot, bringing her tits to my face level. "Now how about sucking these tits,” she asked as the snow fell around us. It was chilly, but hormones can have a serious warming effect. I stepped up to her and went to work sucking and licking her erect nipples. there we were, buck naked except for boots, and pleasuring each other as the snow fell on us in the woods."Oh god yes,” She said loudly. "This feels so damn good!”“Shush” I pleaded“They won't hear anything,” she said as she pulled my face back to her chest. "Besides, I want you to ravage me in the snow,” In response I moved my hand to her pussy as she spread her legs to give me better access. I stroked her clit and slid a finger deep into her wet pussy as my other hand cupped her ass. "oh yes,” she said throwing her head back. "god I am so turned on.”“In that case,” I said stepping back and pulling her down off the log. I turned her around and she bent over and leaned her hands on the log, spreading her ass & legs. I moved my dick to her pussy and pushed easily into her."Uh” she grunted loudly as I stroked into her, pinching her nipples for a moment. The woods listened to us both grunting and our skin slapping, the snow dampening the sounds around us. She cried out once as her body stiffened and trembled as her orgasm washed over her body. I could feel her pussy clenching tightly around my dick, wanting to squeeze the juices from it, which it gladly gave up as my own body drove deep into her and began unleashing its flow of creamy juice. I grabbed her hips with both hands and leaned back as I pressed my rod deep into her. Time after time my dick pulsed, putting another squirt of cum deep into her pussy before I finally slowed to a drool. She stood up as straight as she could without me falling out of her, reached her arm over her head, and pulled my head down over her shoulder to her own turned head, so she could kiss my cheek as I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her ‘goose-pimpled' breasts.“God I'm going to miss this,” She said quietly."How so?”“I eventually got used to not ever having sex. It wasn't abrupt. It just got less & less frequent, then it ended altogether. Now, after this amazing experience, it will be harder to shut it down”“Just out of curiosity, what did you do?”“Oh I have a nice box of toys & favorite videos.”“I'd like to see that some time,” I said as my softening dick slipped from her pussy. "But for now I think we better get back into the tent before we freeze."Ok,” She said, turning and walking up the hill holding my hand. We slipped into our tent and snuggled down into my bag and zipped us into our cocoon."Last day tomorrow,” She said quietly."I know.”“Are you going to miss it,” she asked."You mean having sex with you,”"uh huh.”“Yes, but it wouldn't be fair to Nancy to keep doing it,” I said."No,” she agreed, as she pushed her face tighter into my neck. I felt a tear drop to my shoulder and run down as she cried silently. I held her close until her breathing slowed and she was asleep.Morning broke gray and dreary. I could hear the sound of the guys moving around, and unzipped my bag and slid out, leaving Amy under the covers. It only took me a minute to pull my clothes on and slide out of the tent. We had gotten another foot of heavy snow overnight and it was still coming down. It was going to be a tough 8 miles back to the trail head today. I spent the next hour working with the guys on the fire and getting water and such ready for the day's trip. Amy crawled out of the tent just as breakfast was getting done. Last day and the supplies were getting down to the end. All we had was oatmeal and hot cocoa. Filling, but not eggs and such. It took another half hour to pack up the tents and get headed down the trail.The eight mile hike should have taken us about 3 hours in dry conditions, in the two foot deep snow it took us a full eight exhausting hours."We're back,” The guys shouted as they made the last sprint to the vehicles."Thank god,” Amy said, clearly exhausted from trudging through the snow."I vote for a hotel and a shower,” I said loudly as I unlocked the truck. Our plan was to camp out near the vehicles and leave in the morning."Sounds like a good idea to me,” One of the guys echoed. We loaded all our gear and headed into town for a hotel and got three rooms. The guys shared two rooms, each, and Amy and I shared the third. The guys figured that we shared a tent all week there was no point in spending extra money for another room, besides there were two beds in a room anyway. We agreed reluctantly, on the outside anyway. We all agreed to go eat in an hour, giving everyone a chance to shower and change. Amy was stripping off clothes almost before I had the door closed."Come on. I want to shower with you,” She said with a giggle as she tossed her clothes over her shoulder as she stripped. As soon as she was naked she came over and helped strip me and then practically drug me off to the shower."Hmm” she hummed as the hot water cascaded over us. “This is so much better than ice water.”“I agree with that,” I said as I began soaping her body, paying special attention to her tits and pussy."I'm really horny. Will you fuck me right here.”"In the shower?”“uh huh. After today I don't get to do this ever again, so I want to try everything that I can.”“It would be my pleasure,” I said as I put my hands under her butt and lifted her up. It took a few stabs, so to speak, before I got engaged and lowered her down onto my dick. Her pussie was hot and I could feel her cervix pushing against the head of my dick as she held on to my neck with her arms and my waist with her legs. I bounced her up and down my shaft and listened to her moan how good it felt and how full I made her. Her soapy body slid up and down mine as the two of us drew closer to climax. It came on her almost suddenly, her body shaking and her grip tightening around my neck, smashing her face against mine. I was close but not quite over the top. She then moved her legs and stood on the edge of the tub, bending her knees to get the height right, grabbing the shower curtain rod for stability. I held her firm ass for leverage and started stroking straight up into her pussy, slamming out bodies together under the warm spray. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” she mumbled as my dick grew thicker, drawing closer to my own release. She leaned her body back slightly and I watched her tits bounce and giggle. I was nearly there.“Wait, stop,” she said quickly. I pulled out of her and held her close, thinking I had hurt her."I want to feel you fuck my tits,” She said as she got down from the edge of the tub and knelt down, bringing her tits to my dick level. I moved the spray off her head while she used some shampoo on my dick and her tits. She pressed them together around my dick and I started stroking my fat dick up and down, my balls rubbing against her body as the head of my dick poked out between her tits. "That's it. Come for me. I want to see you cum,” she cooed. I continued to stroke up and down, grunting as I once again came closer to climax."Okay,” I panted as my balls drew up to fire. I pushed one more time, bringing the head of my dick up and out of her tits, the first shot of cum shooting into the air between us and landing on her tits. I continued to stroke, each time I came out another string of white goo flew into the air and landed on her tits or face. I stopped stroking as my dick stopped shooting and reduced to a drool of cum out the tip."God that was hot,” Amy said as she stood up, cum dripping down her face and tit. "I've seen it in porn movies, but never had anyone actually do it. God what a turn on,” she said as she rubbed my cum around on her soapy tits."It was pretty damn hot watching my cum splashing all over your tits.”She pulled me close and rose on her tippy toes to kiss me on the lips. To this point we had pretty much avoided serious kissing, but this one was a full face, sharing tongues, sloppy wet ‘fuck me' kiss. “Thank you,” She said when we could breathe again."My pleasure,” I joked. "But we better get dressed. The guys will be ready to eat any time now."How long have we been in here,” she asked."Almost an hour.”“Damn,” she said as she quickly turned around and rinsed off. She shut off the water and we quickly dried and headed out to the room to dress. She pulled some clothes out of her bag, like all of us, having brought some extra clothing to change into for the trip home, so we didn't all have to smell like trail. She had a long skirt and turtleneck, which she put on without her bra or panties."Aren't you afraid of showing off for the guys,” I asked as I pulled my briefs and a pair of jeans on."I've been going all week without a bra, if they haven't noticed yet, that's their fault."They might get ideas.”“I doubt it. But what my real intent is so that when we get back here you are so horny from thinking about me not wearing anything under this that you'll be ready to jump my bones and screw me silly all night.”“That sounds like a good plan, as long as I get enough sleep to drive tomorrow.”“OH, I'll keep you awake somehow,” She said with a grin as she walked up and gave me another ‘fuck me' kiss.Dinner ended up being at a little diner down the road. The whole bunch of us had a great time eating and talking and just enjoying not being around a campfire. The food was really good, but then anything would be really good after four days of dehydrated rations. We returned to the hotel rooms and I said I was going to bed to get some sleep. Amy hung out with the guys for a few more minutes before coming to the room. I was already laying in bed with the TV on, when she came in and closed the door."If you're not naked you better get that way,” She said as she walked over to the bed and started pulling the sheet back. She kicked off her boots and climbed up on the bed, walking across my naked form, my already hard dick pointing at the ceiling. "So were you thinking about me being naked under this skirt?”“Yep,” I said, stroking her bare leg as she slowly pulled the skirt higher."You like what you see,” she asked coyly as she exposed her pussie and spread her legs for me to see."Uh huh.”“How about these,” she asked, pulling her shirt up to expose her tits."Very much.”“Good,” She said as she left her stretchy shirt hooked above her tits and then lifted the skirt again. "I've been thinking about this all through dinner,” She said as she pulled her skirt up and started to crouch down over my dick. I held my dick up for her and she pushed her pussy down over me, as she squatted, her skirt held up and back by her bent knees. "OH FUCK,” she said loudly as she felt her cervix pressing against the head of my dick. She began to bounce on my dick, the springiness of the bed doing most of the work while we held hands to give her balance. It had to be hard on her legs, but she didn't seem to care as she threw her head back and concentrated on finding that perfect spot. We stayed in that position for nearly ten minutes before she shook and cried out quietly that she was coming. I watched her pussy leak its juices around my dick as she shook and shuddered."God that was good,” She said as she lifted herself off my dick."I'm glad you enjoyed it.”She pulled her skirt off and tossed it aside before pulling her top off and adding it to the pile. “Let's find a porn movie,” She said picking up the tv remote and laying down naked next to me. I had the heat up so there was no real need for covers. She found a video on the adult channel about a guy and some cheerleaders. She curled up against me and stroked my still hard dick as the movie started. I had my arm around her playing with one of her tits while I watched. We got to a point where there was a busty cheerleader riding his dick, facing away from him. She crawled into the same position and aimed my dick at her pussie and began to ride up and down like in the video, stroking herself on my dick. I had gotten off a whole lot of times in the last four days, and the last one in the shower was especially big, so I had plenty of staying power. She continued to ride me, bringing herself to another climax along with the girl in the video. At this point the guy turned her on her back and started fucking her while she was on her back with her ass in the air and her legs spread wide in the air."Do you want to do that,” she asked as she rolled off of me and tried to mimic the position."Why not,” I answered as I knelt on the bed and pushed my dick down into her. It was an interesting angle, with my dick pressing against someplace really good on her, from the sound of her moaning. I was getting very close to cumming when my dick slipped out of her wet pussy, partly because my balance was going as I started to climax, and partly because she had started to cum a third time herself. My dick started shooting cum all over her body, landing in long strings across her body and face. She lowered her legs and I stood there, dripping my cum on her as we laughed at each other. Finally I climbed off the bed and got a towel to wipe her off with. We curled up on the bed and watched the end of the movie, including some girl on girl action, before we drifted off to sleep.Morning came and we showered one final time together after having some gentle sex in bed. I woke the guys and headed down to the breakfast in the hotel while Amy dressed. We decided we better give the appearance of not dressing together. Breakfast was an easy continental breakfast and then we started getting ready to head out. We had one last kiss before we left the hotel room, knowing that it would be our last.The trip home was long and slow, both of us dreading having to explain to my wife how we ended up naked together, and to convince her that it was a onetime thing and there was nothing to it besides survival. We both hoped that the fact that I was rescuing Amy, her best friend, would make the difference. If I were my wife, I don't know if I would believe me.EpilogueThat was over four years ago. I am still happily married to my wife. Our two families are still as close as they were, and when we are together, Amy and I still act like we did before, except for maybe a bit tighter hug when we meet. I have to admit though, when I am fishing at her lake, she frequently comes out of the house to stand on the porch naked for me to see, and I have been known to sneak onto her porch to peek into the large patio door that looks into her bedroom. She politely leaves the curtains open when she knows I am coming out to go fishing. I have watched her shower through the open doors and even stood on one side of the glass and jacked off while she sat on the other using a dildo or vibrator. Both of us know that we can't ever have sex again, but the teasing has gone to a whole new level.By m_storyman_x for Literotica

    Winter Survival Skills: Part 1

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    Winter survival training becomes the real thing. (erotic couplings)By m_storyman_x. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.Some years ago I took over as scoutmaster for a local troop of about fifteen guys. Over a three year period my troop grew from fifteen to over forty-five boys. With this came the need for leaders, and I was fortunate to have twelve active assistants, including two moms, one of them was Amy, the mother of my son's best friend. Amy and my wife Nancy were best friends. Our sons were born within a few months of each other and both had a healthy desire to breastfeed. Nancy & Amy met at a mothers group and became friends. Our two sons were practically inseparable once they reached walking and talking age. As a result our two families spent much time and many activities together. Amy's husband was, unfortunately, a deadbeat drunk, which resulted in me frequently being a “dad” figure to Chris. We even joked on occasions that Amy was my second wife, although not in “that” way. Not that I hadn't had a few accidental peeks over the many years, but we respected the boundaries and that was that.Being a scout leader means that you frequently go on outings with boys, and this requires at least two leaders at all times. Amy was an active participant, believing that if her son wanted to go, she was willing to try it as well. This resulted in her attending many campouts and “high adventure” treks such as repelling, backpacking and canoeing. The boys had attended a number of winter campouts, and I had passed on a lot of my knowledge of winter camping and survival that I learned from my many winters as a kid in the northern part of the country, and my almost annual ice fishing trips into the northern wilderness of upper Minnesota and Wisconsin. Some of the boys wanted a more advanced taste, and we planned a winter trip to the Canadian high adventure camp. This trip would be complete with advanced classes on winter survival, such as how to trap food and deal with blizzard conditions. Getting leader training in the boy scouts is usually just a matter of finding or waiting for the right training class, and then going and getting certified. This kind of thing was regularly done for water training and such, but there were no training classes for winter survival or camping. After a number of calls to council headquarters, they agreed that my own personal certifications and experiences would allow me to create and teach a winter camping and survival class for leaders. The only problem now was how to conduct such a class in Missouri. The answer was to head up to Wisconsin during the early winter for training. A number of leaders enthusiastically agreed with the plan… that was until a few weeks before it was time to go and they realized they were going to have to slog through a foot or more of snow. In the end I had six male leaders and one female leader, Amy, besides myself that could go on the five day training trip.The trip started out normal enough. We left early in the morning for the nine hour drive, hitting the trail head just before dark. We had only planned on hiking in a mile or so the first day to make camp. It took a little while to get all our heavy clothing on and the trailer unpacked and everyone geared up, finally hiking out for our campsite just as the sun was hitting the tops of the trees. I wasn't worried about light, the bright December moon was nearly full and already high in the sky as the sun slipped away. The guys, most of them in their late twenties to early thirties, tossed snow like a bunch of kids and had a great time for that first mile, slogging through foot deep powder in the crisp twenty degree air. It was an easy trek to find the site we selected, following the GPS right to the clearing in the heavy woods. This particular state park had a twisting twenty-eight mile loop trail that was off limits to snow-mobiles. In the summer it was a spectacular hike, with stream crossings and beautiful trees. We didn't need to cook, having had dinner on the road, so we set about putting up camp and starting a fire. The first task was to find dry wood, and I showed the guys how to locate dry wood to start a fire with, by picking dead branches of the underside of pines and whittling the wet outer surface off.Before long we had plenty of dry kindling and I taught them how to build a fire pit that wouldn't melt and put their fire out. With a fire now blazing away in the middle of our campsite, we all set to work putting up our tents. Being a large troop we have been pretty successful with equipment. This trip we were using brand new backpack tents, the trainees paired up in two's, with one tent for myself and a separate tent for Amy. It would be a bit colder sleeping in the two man tent alone, but I was prepared for it and I hoped that Amy was as well. These new tents were nice units with two high tech carbon fiber poles that crossed in the middle, making a tube seven feet long and about four feet wide. It was about four feet high at the center as well. This was the first use and all of the teams were supposed to have put up their tent before we left, partly to make sure all the parts were there, but also to make sure you could set it up. I was hard at getting mine set up when I heard the most awful sound. Imagine the sound of branches snapping followed by paper ripping, followed by the frustrated howl of two grown men, immediately followed by a significant amount of foul language. That combination of sounds generally means trouble, and on a survival trip, it's a sound you do not want to hear, and it was unfortunately the sound I did hear. Even though each tent had been set up once, this particular tent had a set of poles which had a small flaw in the high tech carbon fiber, and when bent, the pole fractured and turned into a knife, lancing through the thin nylon fabric like a hot knife through butter. This was not a good situation.“Well, what do we do now?” I asked the guys, pushing them to work out the choices and make a decision.“Well, we could triple up,” one of the pair with the trashed tent suggested.“You're kidding right?” Came an almost immediate response from Tim, one of the older men. “You know how tight these are. Two man is being charitable, three is impossible.”“We could make them sleep in the snow,” Chris, a twenty something slender guy suggested.“Oh Thanks,” Mark, the other leader with the trashed tent replied."Well, Amy and Mike have two tents, can they share?” Tim suggested.Amy and I looked at each other. It was the logical choice, and we had shared a tent a few times on family outings. One of these provided an accidental glimpse of her naked body. On that particular trip she was sitting naked on the air mattress in the second room of our large two room tent, facing the hanging divider, when the wind blew through the tent, pushing the bottom up enough for me to see her bare body from the chest down for several seconds. I got a second quick peek under the partition while she spread her legs to pull her swimsuit on. I was never sure if she knew or not. Part of me suspected that she did it on purpose because of how long it took her sitting there naked before the wind blew. We had never overtly done anything, and we didn't want to ruin a friendship, so my ideas of her just stayed as fantasies, with the few accidental glimpses I had seen.“Yes, we can share,” Amy said, confirming what I was thinking. We're adults and I'm sure we can respect each other's privacy.” A couple of the younger guys elbowed each other clearly thinking that it would be an interesting arrangement.With that settled we went about finishing setting up camp. The guys and Amy wanted to stay up around the fire a while longer, but being tired from 9 hours of driving, I said my goodnights and headed into my tent. Now winter camping is different than regular camping. The coldest time of the day is when you're sleeping. I had long ago taught all the boys that you sweat during the day, and at night that sweat will cool and you will be uncomfortably cold. For that reason I always carried a spare set of polypropylene long underwear, wool socks and a wool stocking cap to sleep in. I stripped out of my cold weather gear and crawled into the tent, pulling my boots off last. I rolled my coat for a pillow and put my nylon snow pants next to my boots at the door end of the tent before zipping closed. It was a cool few minutes, but I stripped naked and pulled my thermal ‘longjohn' leggings on before sliding into the down mummy bag. Now I would be toasty warm all night.Amy woke me up when she crawled into the tent, landing on my feet. For a two man tent these were not a bad size, but then, backpack tents are always small. I didn't stir as she moved off my legs and rolled onto her own sleeping bag, with her head positioned at the other end of the tent from mine. The bright moonlight filtered into the tent making it more than bright enough for me to see her as she spread her bag open to sit on the plush insides instead of the cold nylon outer covering. Her eyes must not have been fully adjusted to the light yet, after sitting and looking at the fire, and in some ways it looked comical to watch her feel around for things. She must have thought I was still asleep, because she didn't make any attempt to cover herself as she peeled her layers off, ending up with her bare chest fully on display. Room was tight, and she lay down with her feet pointing toward my head as she pushed her pants down her legs, and tossed them to the end of the tent. Next came her long underwear. Using her feet and shoulders to lift her ass off the ground, she pushed them down her legs and then tucked her legs to her chest to be able to reach to pull the stretchy material the rest of the way off. This pulled her panties tight across her pussy, making my dick almost instantly hard. The last thing to go were her panties, which were interestingly brief. She lifted her ass again, and pushed them down her legs, pulling them up to her chest again to get them off her feet. From my position I had a wonderful, if brief view of her whole pussy exposed for me. If my dick wasn't hard before, it felt like a steel rod now.Amy sat up on her sleeping bag, cross legged, and in the moonlight I could clearly see her nipples, hardened from the cool air, standing out on her firm tits. Even for having breast fed two kids, she had really nice tits. They were easily C cups, and had a bit of sag, but not nearly as much as my wife's double D cups had. She felt around looking for her pj's, and finally ended up on her hands and knees, digging in her clothes bag at the foot of the tent looking for them. Her knees were at least a foot apart, and I had a much longer view her pussy as she bent over, her tits nearly touching the sleeping bag as she rested on her elbows to see in the bag. Too soon for my liking, she found what she wanted and rolled over on her back. Just when I thought the show was over, she lifted her knees up to her chest again, causing her pussy to be fully exposed as she pulled the flannel pj's onto her legs. I swore I could see a glisten of moisture on her lips before she straightened them to pull them up over her body. She sat up and her sexy tits disappeared as she pulled the almost skin tight top over her head and down her body. She moved around and slid into the sleeping bag, pulling the stocking cap down over her ears before curling up for the night. I tried hard to get my seriously hard dick to lay back down before falling asleep some time later.Morning came gray and overcast. I didn't need to look outside to see that the sun should already have been up, but then the forecast was for light snow later in the day. I stretched my arms and legs slowly, inside the sleeping bag, waking my body from its curled position, not loving the idea of getting out of my warm cocoon and into the cold. I looked over and saw Amy's eyes flutter and close again, so I was pretty sure she was starting to wake up. My morning woody became significantly harder as I remembered the show she had inadvertently given me the night before. The more I thought about it, the less sure I was that it was accidental.Either way, I decided I might as well return the favor. I unzipped my bag and pushed the material back so I was exposed to the cold air. I sat up, which had my head brushing the top of the tent and worked the top of my longjohns off. Without looking at her face, I lay back down and lifted my hips off the ground and slid my longjohns bottoms down to my ankles, letting my hard dick stick straight at the ceiling. I heard a short intake of breath, which told me she was indeed watching. I pulled one leg up to my chest, pointing the head of my dick straight at her face, while I pushed my longjohns down and my legs and pushed my wool sock off. Finally I pulled the other leg up, repeating the process and then set my clothes aside. I sat back up completely naked, with my dick pointing out at a forty five degree angle, and dug into the bottom of my sleeping bag for the clothes I stashed there the night before. I pretended to not find a sock, and turned around so my feet were pointed toward the head of my bed and dug around, laying on my side to give her a really good view. I finally pulled my missing sock out and then turned around again. I moved to my knees and bent in half to pull my thermal top on and then lay back down again. I found my underwear and pulled them up my legs to my butt before extending my legs again. The last thing I did before covering my dick with them was to wrap my hand around it and stroke it a few times. I really would have liked to jack off about then, but figured that would have been much too obvious. I lifted my butt off the ground and pulled my briefs up and then went to work on my thermal long johns. My final clothing was a pair of synthetic, insulated exercise pants and a wool sweatshirt.With all my thrashing around there was no way she wasn't awake, but when I looked over her eyes were closed as if she was asleep. I could see her sleeping bag moving ever so slightly down around her waist. I could imagine what might be happening there. I pulled my snow pants on my legs and pushed my feet into my boots before unzipping the tent flap and sliding out. I pulled my pants up and my jacket on before zipping the tent closed. According to the thermometer I hung on the tent, it was a balmy twelve degrees.Amy crawled out of the tent about half an hour later, joining myself and the rest of the guys around the fire. Breakfast was dehydrated eggs with bacon flavor, hot cocoa and instant oatmeal, all made with fresh water from melted snow. I taught the guys how to make fresh water to put in their canteens by laying a piece of plastic in a depression in the snow and filling it with fresh snow and pouring hot water from the fire over it. With snow you didn't have to purify it, unless of course it was yellow. I also made up my thermos of hot coco, which while being heavy, was well worth the weight. We broke down the camp and before heading down the trail we made last trips to the bathroom, one side of the trail for guys, the other for Amy.It was a nice day for a winter hike. We were scheduled for 10 miles, which the guys had thought was way to short when we started, but soon realized that walking through foot deep snow was a lot harder than hiking up a mountain trail. For my part I was defiantly going to be ready to quit when we hit our selected site, just past Johnson creek. We made the creek a bit past two, and stood looking at our camp site. The only thing keeping us from setting up camp was the fact that it was on the other side of the creek, and apparently the spring rains had washed out the footbridge. In the summer it was a simple task to hop from rock to rock or wade the foot deep water. This time of year it had been a very wet and warmer until last week's wintery blast, so the creek was rushing three feet deep and about ten feet wide with liquid ice. There was a thin coat of ice all the way across, maybe a quarter inch or a bit more in thickness, and you could see the water rippling along below the layer. This was not ice that you crossed, not ever!Survival rule number one: In winter survival, you must stay dry and prevent hypothermia at all costs,”I learned this rule very early in life and because of this I always carried my gear and clothes in waterproof or at least water resistant packs or bags. Even so, I wasn't about to try to wade across a three foot deep stream. I might try it in my winter weight gortex hikers if it was six inches deep, but not this. I sent the guys looking for a crossing point both up and down stream. They soon came back indicating they found a downed tree that had been used as a temporary bridge. I followed alone and looked it over. Aside from being slick with snow and ice, it looked sturdy enough. The guys crossed one by one until only Amy and I were left. As usual I was bringing up the rear. Amy stepped onto the log and was almost half way across when a chunk of the icy covering broke loose. Her foot shot out toward the water, and with the heavy backpack on there was no way she would ever recover her balance. I was already jumping feet first into the creek downstream of the point she was falling for before she hit the ice and broke through. The first danger in this is getting sucked under the ice and not being able to get up. I hoped that if I broke the ice enough with my own landing that we would avoid that fatal problem. I watched her go under as my boots hit the ice, fracturing it from shore to shore. I reached for her pack as the current started to carry her past, grabbing and pulling with every ounce of strength I had, pulling her back from under the still solid ice sheet that extended down stream. The cold water started working inside my snow pants and boots, burning like liquid fire where it touched my skin. I could only imagine how badly Amy was as I dragged her sputtering form toward the shore. The guys reached down and helped drag the two of us up the steep slope, water streaming off and out of our clothes. I had been fortunate, only getting wet up to my waist. Amy, on the other hand had been fully submersed, and her body was already reacting to the shock. She was semi-conscious at best, and curling into a fetal position her lips turning blue and her whole body was shaking uncontrollably.I immediately started shouting orders, designating three of the men to build a fire, two of them to get my tent set up and one, Mark; to pull Amy's sleeping bag out and spread it out. I knew what needed to be done, and we didn't have much time. I shucked my backpack and then went to work dragging Amy's pack off her shaking body, tossing it aside as water poured out of every gap. I unzipped my pack and dumped the contents out, along with plenty of water. Fortunately nearly everything in my pack was in Ziploc style waterproof bags. It only took me a second to find what I needed, my camp towel. My next step was to start peeling her water logged outer clothing off with some assistance from Mark, water pouring from the pockets and sleeves as I pulled it off of her.“Mike. Her bag is full of water,”, Mark shouted as he pulled her bag out of its covering."Ok Get mine then,” I responded as I continued to pull wet outer garments off of her, just tossing them into a heap in the snow. Mark went to work pulling out my bag and stretching it out in the snow. "Put her air mattress down on the snow and then put the sleeping bag on top of it,”, I said as I turned and pulled my own air mattress out and quickly unrolled it. Amy was in bad shape, and I could feel my own body ‘screaming' about the ice water by losing the feeling in my feet. The human body prioritizes blood flow, and the feet are low priority. This was no time for modesty though. I continued to pull Amy's clothing off until I was pulling the final layer from her body, leaving her naked on the air mattress. Mark tried not to stare, but he clearly couldn't help himself as I toweled the excess moisture from her body and stop the acceleration of her loss of body heat.I then picked her unresponsive body up and moved her to my sleeping bag, stuffing her unceremoniously into it, zipping it closed behind her. With that done it was time to take care of myself. I started peeling off wet clothes while I gave Mark directions on what needed to be done, making him repeat back my directions. In order,· get the tents up, · get the fire going, · dry what you can over the fire, · be careful not to burn things, · make hot broth, · there's emergency stuff in my red bag, and finally, · if I become unresponsive, call nine one one and · use my GPS to tell them where we are. The emergency teams would be several hours getting here and by then we would be either dead or recovering. With instructions given and being stripped down naked I wiped off the excess water off my own shivering body. I stepped back into my sopping wet boots and scooped Amy up in my arms, sleeping bag and all."Bring that air mattress,” I commanded to Mark as I carried her toward the tent that had just been set up. I crawled into the tent with Amy in my arms and set her down. Pulling the air mattress in behind me I stretched her out as best I could and then unzipped the bag. The best thing now was to try to conserve some body heat and get some back into her. With nothing dry for her to wear this was the only thing I could think of to keep her alive. "Ok. Zip us in,” I said as I slid into the bag, trying to straighten her legs and arms out, so I could hold her face to face. Normally a mummy bag is a one person bag, but I tend to like mine roomy and thankfully got myself an oversized bag. I slid down into the bag and pulled her up over me, her cold skin almost painful to touch. "Ok Now go take care of what I told you to do,” I told Mark as I laid back and pulled her to my body, her face resting on my chest and breathing in air from inside the bag. That air would be slightly warmer and should help her.I held her for a long time, her body shaking controllably before I felt like I was making some progress. Her breathing became a bit less ragged and she moved her arms from across her chest between us to having them on my sides and pulling my body against hers. She was still shaking like an imbalanced washing machine, but now her bare chest was against mine, her hard nipples practically poking holes in my chest as she shook. She was still in serious danger, but I felt better about her condition, and my mind started to wander to the situation. Here I was, holding her naked in the same sleeping bag. Somehow when I stripped her down outside it had never occurred to me that I was touching her naked body, something that I might have fantasized about, but never done and never expected to have happen. At the time, my adrenalin was high and my survival training proved itself, as I kept an intense but controlled mindset during a critical emergency. I was able to give leadership guidance to others even as I was in danger for my own life. It was now hours later, and I was mentally decompressing and beginning to be more conscious of the current state I was in.Unfortunately, that line of thought also eventually woke up my previously shriveled dick, which all of a sudden realized that it was nestled into that little gap where her legs met the rest of her body, that ever-present target that was the entrance to all her most private places. Since it had been shrunken to its limit from the cold, as it started to grow once my own body temp recovered, it did so like a missile launching to space, straight into the crevasse of Amy's groin. No matter how much I tried to "think” it to stop, the constant motion of her shivering kept massaging it and caressing the head. I finally gave up and let it have its way, allowing it to work its way up between her legs, the top of it pressing against her pussy. I had to admit that as I warmed up, my mind got more turned on. I had been rubbing her backside for the past hour, to help restore circulation to her body; But I found myself now gently stroking her ass as I lay there. As much as I really wanted to have sex with her, this was defiantly not the time or place. Her core temperature was still in a danger zone and her vital organs could shut down from the shock of hypothermia.I was broken from my thoughts by one of the guys bringing me a cup of hot beef broth and a spoon. I thanked him as he closed the door once again. I was sure I was going to pay hell with the guys forever for being naked with Amy. I rolled us on our sides, my dick still confined between her legs. I unzipped enough to get an arm out and gently spooned the hot liquid to her lips. It took a few small spoonfuls before her mostly frozen brain got the idea and let me put full spoonfuls of the warm liquid into her mouth. By the time I had fed her the whole cup of broth her constant shaking had reduced to sporadic shudders. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling back on top of me. After zipping us up, I pulled her slightly higher so I could get her face nearer the opening of the bag now. I relaxed as I realized I'd become flaccid by the distraction and colder air outside the bag. I was now exhausted and getting very drowsy. Then she moved her legs outward to spread on either side of mine, finally relaxing herself, somewhat. She nuzzled her face into my neck and I felt her breathing slowly change to the regular shallow breathing of sleep. Confident that she was going to be ok, allowed myself to drift off to sleep as well, with Amy still laying directly on top of me.I was dreaming that Amy was changing her clothes in the tent and she crawled over and pulled my sleeping bag open, and mounted me, slowly rocking her hips as she rode me. It was like a wonderful wet dream, until I realized that I wasn't dreaming. My mind slowly pulled me to reality to find that Amy was still zippered tight into my bag with me, and my dick was now somehow buried fully into her. She was no longer cold, but her body was still recovering from shock. She seemed asleep, yet gently rocking her hips, driving her clit into the base of my cock as she nuzzled my neck. I honestly had no recollection of getting this started, but my body was way beyond rational thought. My hands squeezed her firm ass in time with her small rocking motions, the bag limiting how far she could move. Now that I was awakened, it felt like my dick was growing even larger inside her, and her motions were coming more urgent, grinding her pelvis into mine to rub her clit against my dick. I never really had a chance to hold back, my body having been too far stimulated in my sleep to get ahead of it. I pushed her ass down against my dick and with a grunt, started unloading shot after shot of cum into her pussy. This all happened withing seconds of waking up. The feeling of my cum surging into her or the feel of my dick twitching and jumping inside her or the extra contact of pressing her against my dick, or some combination, triggered her own orgasm. With a low groan she shivered all over, a much different shiver than before. I could feel her pussy contracting around my dick, milking it and squeezing the drops of cum from me as her fingers now gently stroked my sides where her arms lay. After several long minutes of our bodies twitching against each other, she sighed contentedly and drifting back off to sleep. I held her tight, not really sure what to think, and at the same time savoring how her soft body pressed against mine and how soft and warm her pussy was around my still partially hard dick.It was after dark when Mark woke me. “Mike,” He said shaking me softly."Yeah,” I responded groggily."We have most of the clothes and stuff dry and some food made. Do you want to eat?'"Yeah, why don't you bring us the stuff we were wearing.”“Is she going to be ok?”“Yeah. She's just tired now. Her body heat is restored, but she's been completely exhausted.”“Ok,” He said as he slid out of the tent, returning a few minutes later with a pile of fire warmed clothes. "Here you go.”“Thanks Mark,” I said as he slid out and zipped the door closed behind him. I gently unzipped the sleeping bag and rolled the two of us over on our sides. I started to move away but she pulled me back tighter to her. "No” she cooed groggily.“Easy Amy,” I whispered as I began pulling her arms from around me. She opened her eyes and I saw coherence slowly flood back into them."Where am I”, she said. It was the first time I sensed that she was truly conscious, since falling into the water.“In the tent. You took a spill into the water,” I whispered."I did?” she said, in shocked disbelief.“Uh huh.”“I don't remember.”“I'm not surprised. You were suffering from severe hypothermia.”“How did I get out?”“I jumped in after you.”“Didn't you get wet too?”“Yeah, but not as bad as you did. You were all the way under.”She just stared blankly at the roof of the tent for a minute, then slowly she shook her head. “I kind of remember now. I fell off a log and when I looked up I was looking through a window.”“Not a window, ice.”“How did I get out?”“I pulled you out.”“How did I get in here?” she asked as her mind slowly started to put all the pieces together.“I got us here.”“Why am I naked?”“I undressed both of us. All our clothes were soaked.”She looked down at both of our naked fronts and realized that we were in the same sleeping bag naked. “So you undressed me in here?”“Actually, no. Out there. There wasn't any time for modesty, I'm sorry.”“So who saw me naked?”“Besides me? Just Mark. I stuffed you into my sleeping bag as soon as I got you dried off.”“Well, that must have been a thrill for both of you,” She said with a modest frown."Actually we were just worried about keeping you alive,” I said as I slid out of the sleeping bag and dug through the clothes to find my long underwear and hers. I handed hers to her and then went about putting mine on. She observed my nakedness while I began dressing."And getting into a sleeping bag naked with me was your idea?”“Yep. Only idea I could think of at the time. It's actually standard protocol for wilderness survival. I didn't figure you'd mind, given the other choice was you would have died within the hour.”“I suppose,” She said as she pulled her long underwear into the sleeping bag."If you want some privacy, just wait a minute and I'll go out,” I said quietly."You didn't,” she said."Didn't what?”“Have me close my eyes or anything before you got dressed.”“Nope, besides, nothing you haven't seen before,” I said as I pulled my winter pants on over my long johns. "They have some food ready if you want some.”“Yes! Actually, I'm starved,” She said as she threw the sleeping bag open and began to pull on her long john top. Once she had her top and bottom on she crawled over to me and kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you.”“For what?”“For everything,” She whispered in my ear before pulling back and staring into my eyes with admiration."You're welcome,” I answered simply as I helped her pull her now dry snow pants and coat on over her long johns. The last thing to put on was wool socks and then our boots, which were sitting just inside the tent. I crawled out of the tent and then helped her out, walking her over to the fire. The guys were more than happy to see both of us and they let out a big cheer, then made a great fuss over Amy, getting her food and hot cocoa. There was a lot of talk for the next couple hours about the whole incident, all of us working out the stress by talking about it. This was not a ruined leadership training course. The ‘hands-on' impact of this crisis had served to train the team in a way that lectures alone could never have accomplished. One by one, each of the guys talked about how the crisis impacted him, and helped him understand winter survival skills. The men were all really sober-minded, knowing we all still had to get back out of the woods, the next day.When we had warmed by the fire and had our fill of food and had a chance to go to the bathroom, we moved Amy's dried sleeping bag to my tent and I let her get in and settled before coming in to get ready for bed myself. I knew she was awake and watching me, which had a tendency to make me hard. I stripped down naked and then pulled on my sleep clothes before sliding into my sleeping bag and zipping closed. Amy flipped her bag so her she was laying with her head just inches from mine."Mike,” She whispered. "Can I ask you a question?”“Sure,” I answered with a yawn."Did we have sex earlier today?”I had dreaded this question. I really didn't know what she remembered or figured out. To be honest, the whole sexual experience with Amy was similar to the wet dreams of my own teen years, when I'd awaken to my ejaculations. Those nocturnal emissions were, more often than not, a disappointing end of marvelous and explicit sex dreams. “Why do you ask?”, I replied.“You didn't answer me,” She whispered. "But I'll answer you first. I half remembered having sex. I've been very ‘out of it', and my memory is still very cloudy, but I'm way to wet for it all to be just me having a sex dream.”“Well,” I whispered. "I was still very cold and shriveled when I fell asleep with you laying over me, and the next thing I knew I was buried very deep inside you and you were straddled & humping me. I have to admit that nature being what it is, I finished within seconds of awakening, even though I don't know how it started.”“I wondered,” She whispered before falling silent. Several long minutes passed before she whispered again. "You know. I haven't had sex for almost five years.”“I'm sorry.” There was silence for a while, then she asked me;“Well, if you were going to start something, how would you do it?”“Well, ” I whispered, stifling another yawn and a pause; “I always have really liked the way your tits look. I'd probably have started by kissing and sucking them.”“Always have?” she asked, raising her head. “Have you seen them before?”It seemed like I had stuck my foot into it this time. Time to fess up. “A few times.”“How many?” she asked, with intense interest.“Oh I don't know. A few.”“Well, why don't you tell me about them, if it's only a few.”“You sure you want to know this?” I was now attempting to get out of talking about it.“Yeah, I do. I mean since I just now found out we just had sex, I guess it's only fair to know what else you've seen.”“Well, first time I saw them was when you were breast feeding Em. I walked in on you accidently while you were changing your shirt after you leaked all over…”“I remember that. I'm not sure who was more startled.”“The next time was when we were at the lake. You remember, you were sharing the tent with us?”“Oh yeah. That summer, What? About six years ago? I forgot about that.”“Uh huh. You were sitting in the tent and the wind blew the divider up. I got to see your whole body while you were putting on your swimsuit.”“Yeah. Nancy had been telling me about how you were always trying to get into her pants when you're outdoors. I got kind of turned on and I couldn't resist flashing you.”“I wondered if it was on purpose,” I asked."It was. When else,” she redirected, seeking to keep control of the inquiries."A couple years ago, we were both changing into our swimsuits down at the swimming hole and I accidently watched you change.”“You ‘accidently' watched,” she asked, with a disbelieving tone in her horny voice."Well, I couldn't help but watch, you looked so sexy striping out there in the woods.”“And you just stood there naked and watched?”“How did you know I was standing there naked? I didn't say that.”Now I was using a disbelieving tone, with a healthy dose of horniness.“Well, I have to be honest… I saw you over there. I took as long as I could changing so you would have time to finish.”“Finish?”“Sure, you think I didn't know you were jacking off over there,” she giggled."You watched me?” Now we were both feeling guilty and ‘caught'.“Well, I couldn't see what you were doing exactly, but I could tell by the way you were moving what you were doing. It kind of turned me on knowing that I turned you on enough to do that.”“Well, I was turned on, watching you. I didn't know you liked watching me jack off.”“Oh, if you only knew,” she said whistling silently."What does that mean,” I asked; sensing that she had more knowledge to reveal."Well, you remember when Nancy was gone for a month last year?”“Yeah.”“Do you remember having to run out to the kitchen to pull your food out of the oven? I'd said that I's just come over to use the computer after you came out of the bedroom?”“Yeah.” I said with an uneasy feeling.“Well, I was actually in the house already. I guess you didn't hear me come in. I was sitting in your living room, in your chair on the computer when you came naked into the kitchen, your dick was hard and all shiny with lotion. You didn't even see me before you ran back into the bedroom. I snuck down the hall until I could see your reflection in the bedroom mirror.”I did remember when she was talking about. I had just gotten done jacking off to a good video of a guy fucking a huge set of tits when she came over. “You watched?”“I not only watched, I pulled my panties down and had my skirt pulled up. I came the same time you did. God! I came so hard watching your cum spurting up in the air like that!”“I guess we watched each other a few times then.”“But I never let on. I didn't want to ruin our friendship.” she said.“I guess so.” I said quietly.We lay there a long time silently thinking and looking at each other.To be continued.By m storyman x for Literotica

    A Belated Christmas GiftEven late, a mere thanks isn't...

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    A Belated Christmas GiftEven late, a mere thanks isn't enough for these gifts.By RejectReality. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.Randy smiled as he finished meticulously cleaning the second of the completely intact antique medicine bottles he'd found while walking along the edge of the old canal on Christmas day. Having a day warm enough to take the walk and excavate them from the bank; was a gift, as far as he was concerned.The shriveled bit of remaining cork in the bottom of the second bottle was the bow on top.Divorced, and with no living family still in the area, the unseasonably warm days providing a chance to escape the onslaught of syrupy holiday cheer had been more than worth it as well. At least with Christmas finally over and done, he wouldn't have to deal with it every time he turned on his television.All that remained was to carefully dry the bottles, set them up against a good backdrop, and take pictures for the collectors' group before determining their permanent home on his shelf.He barely got started on that before the phone rang. He almost ignored it, because it was most likely a political survey, a telemarketer, or someone looking for a donation. Work had no reason to call him while they were on holiday shut down, and anyone he cared to talk to would have called on his cell. When it rang a third time, he made the effort to cross the room and check the caller I.D.When he saw his landlord's name, he picked up the phone. “Hello?”“Have you seen the next door neighbors by any chance?”“Not today, but I haven't really been out.”“Do you think you could walk over there and have them call me? I'm not getting an answer from the number I have, and they still owe me fifty on the rent.”Randy's brow furrowed. Even with as tedious and borderline pointless as his life had been for the last few years, he could sympathize with someone who was far worse off. The two girls living in the trailer next door were sisters. They had lost their mother when they were little, and their father had kicked the oldest one out for getting pregnant. The youngest had left home and moved in with her sister the day she turned eighteen earlier that year.Two girls trying to raise a baby on cashier wages had to be a struggle. They frequently asked to use his phone when theirs had no minutes left, and he mowed their lawn for them, because they had no way to do it. He knew their one car had been broken down for a couple of days earlier that week, which surely hadn't helped matters at all.“Their phone is probably out of minutes,” he explained to the landlord. “Their car was broke down, so they're probably behind, too. You know what, it's only fifty. I'll take care of it for them this time.”“You sure?”“Yeah. They've had a hard enough time this month. I'll send it as soon as I get off here. Don't tell them I paid it.”“Well, okay. Thank you, and happy new year.”“You too.”Randy ended the call, opened the app, and transferred the fifty from his account. He wasn't hurting for money, thanks to staying in the run down trailer, even though he could afford better after a couple of years of solid raises. Anywhere was as good as anywhere else as far as he was concerned, and it was cheap.That done, he returned to his bottles.A knock on the door surprised him a few hours later. He hadn't been the only one to take advantage of the warm days leading up to Christmas, or the only one to get lucky with new finds. He'd completely lost track of time looking through the new pictures, and chatting about the two additions to his collection. It had managed to get dark while he was distracted, not that it took long for that to happen in December.When he answered the door, he saw that it was the younger of the two sisters, Emma. The pretty little blonde was so petite that he was always surprised that she didn't blow off the steps in the breeze.“Mind if I come in?” she asked.The warm streak had died out, so he moved aside to let her in out of the cold. “Come on in.” He closed the door and asked, “Need something?”“Actually, I was wondering. Did you pay the rest of our rent?”Randy clenched his teeth for a moment and grunted. “I asked him not to tell you.”“He didn't. We borrowed a phone and called to let him know we'd have it next week, but he said it was already paid. We couldn't think of anyone else it might be.”He nodded in acknowledgment and said, “Well, consider it a late Christmas present.”Her beaming smile made her look even more beautiful. “Thank you so much. You don't know how much that will help.”“You're welcome. You two just take care of yourselves, and the baby. I'd rather have you girls over there than whatever loud idiots would probably move in if you moved out.”She let out a brief, silvery laugh at that, and then said, “I want to do something for you.”“Don't worry about it. I.”He trailed off and his eyes widened when she reached out and cupped her tiny little hand between his legs.“But I want to,” she said, her voice taking on a sultry edge as she squeezed, causing blood to rush into his loins.It was the absolute last thing in the world he would have ever expected to happen. He was all but baldheaded, packing more than a few extra pounds around the middle, and he wasn't that good looking even before that. He'd obviously underestimated how grateful she was. A feeling of obligation was the only explanation for a gorgeous eighteen-year-old girl to be grabbing his dick.Despite the best of intentions to do so, he couldn't manage to summon up the words to tell her to stop as he hardened beneath her hand.“I need it too,” she said, and then moaned when she felt him stiffening. “Between work and the baby, we have no time to ourselves. I can't remember the last time I had sex.”Hearing that was enough to free up his tongue through pure incredulity. “But, why me?”She gave a little giggle why rubbing on his crotch. “We kind of saw this accidentally one day this fall, when you had the windows open and the curtains blew open at the right time.”That was the one point he had in his favor. He was bigger than average, and a shower. She'd gotten a good look even though he was most likely flaccid when she saw him.“I need it. So bad,” she said. “I've thought about it so many times when I looked over here at night and saw your lights on, but I was afraid you'd say no.”He knew that he should. He imagined that she would regret it afterward, even if she was as hot and bothered as she was putting on.“Please?” she asked while fixing him with the most intense gaze. She bit her lower lip, and he shivered from the sexy sight.“I don't have any condoms,” he said. It was as close as he could come to doing the right thing, a last vestige of propriety that wasn't drowning in the sea of temptation.She smiled and shrugged. “That's okay. The clinic got us both on free birth control. Not that we've needed it.”She let go of his throbbing erection after that, but it was only to shrug off her coat. It had barely hit the floor before she reached for the tail of her top.He was done the moment it slid up and over her breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra over the little mounds. They swelled from her chest just enough to announce beyond any doubt that she was a woman. Her nipples stood out, pointing toward him, long and large in contrast to the breasts they adorned. They and the small circles surrounding them had only the slightest blush of pink to contrast with her fair skin.Emma reached up, slid her hand behind his neck, stood on her toes, and kissed him hard. His inhibitions shattered, Randy's tongue slipped over hers, and his hands explored the soft skin of her bare back. She grabbed his shirt and yanked it out of his jeans. A moment later, she pulled away from their kiss with a gasp. Randy lifted his arms, allowing her to take off his shirt, and toss it away.She went straight for the fastenings of his pants.Randy slid his fingers into her dark blonde hair, and cradled her head in his hand. She looked up at him with a level of needy desire he hadn't seen in ages. Her eyes remained locked with his, her lips slightly parted, as her fingers continued their work. When she pulled his dick out and curled her fingers around it, he leaned in for another hungry kiss.Emma's hand pumped up and down his turgid shaft as they kissed, and he turned her. They both gasped when their lips parted. She sat down on the couch at his urging, holding onto his cock for as long as possible. As soon as she sat down, she lifted her right foot.Randy slipped off her shoe, and let it clatter to the ground. Her sock followed it a moment later. Emma unbuttoned her jeans and began to wrestle them down even as he was removing her other sock and shoe. His dick throbbed hard when she revealed a tuft of curly hair on her mound, and his zipper nipped at the root. While she wriggled and pushed at her jeans, he shoved his down and began to stomp his way out of them.His looser denim yielded faster, and took his slippers with them, so he grabbed the tight legs of hers. A few seconds later, they were both naked, and she turned to recline against the arm of the couch.Randy lifted a knee over her, planting it where the back and cushions met, and then bent over her to answer the siren song her tits had been singing to him from the moment she revealed them.A loud whimper escaped her when he sucked her pebble-hard nipple between his lips. One of her hands moved to caress the back of his head, while she wormed the other between their bodies. He groaned around her nipple when her fingers tickled the head of his cock.“Yes. Oh yes,” she cried while arching her back to press her breast tight against his lips. He suckled and tongued her nipple, making her squirm beneath him. After a few seconds, he switched to its twin, drawing out another whimper from her.As exhilarating as it was to have a woman reacting with such pleasure, he wanted more, and he knew how to get it.Emma reacted with obvious delight when he straightened over his knees, and began to scoot toward the opposite end of the couch. Her eyes lit up and a thrilled, open mouth smile decorated her face. She pulled her knees up and out in anticipation, letting him see her pussy in all its glory.Her folds were the perfect pink of youth, with a glimmer of wetness shining from the center. A prominent hood wasn't enough to conceal her large clit, which peeked out from beneath it. She teased her saliva-slick nipples while parting her nether lips with the other hand, revealing a shimmering pucker that he could almost feel wrapping around his cock from the mere sight of it.He could also almost taste it, and that's the urge he acted on first.She offered a moaned, “Mmm hmm,” of encouragement as he leaned forward into the V of her legs. He caught a whiff of the heady perfume of her arousal just before parting her folds with a stiffened tongue.Emma moaned loud and long when he probed deep to gather up her nectar. The bittersweet tang of her juices set his heart to racing. He lapped for every drop he could reach, aided by her hips lifting to grind her pussy against his lips.It had been ages since he'd gone down on a woman, but with a sweet young pussy beneath his tongue, skills long unused returned as if not a moment had passed. He lapped his way slowly up to the center of her pleasure, gave her clit a flick of his tongue, and then attacked it with the tip.Emma gasped once, twice, and then a third time before emitting a loud, surprised-sounding, “Oh!” A shudder rippled through her lithe body, and her next several cries sounded even more astonished. “Oh! Oh my god! Yes!”Randy growled and flicked his tongue even faster. Up and down. Side to side. Diagonally. It seemed to have developed a mind of its own, moving without conscious direction in response to her every twitch and heavy breath. A hand pushed on the back of his head, the fingers stiff and trembling. He paused long enough to give her button a hard lap, lifting the hood and exposing more of her clit to his tongue for a fraction of a second before renewing the assault.Emma erupted into warbling, joyous laughter. “Oh, that's so good. So good. Oh my god.”The sheer delight in her voice gave him goose bumps.A feminine grunt escaped her when he pulled her hood back with his thumb, exposing the once guarded recesses of the smooth little sphere to his tongue. She yelped when he attacked her naked clit with rapid laps, and then a brief suck. Another even louder yelp echoed back from the walls from the feather-light flicks that followed.Her breathing quickened. When he glanced up, he could see the flush in her cheeks. He wanted more. He wanted her to come. Randy sucked her hood and pulled it in, his upper lip pressing against her clitoral shaft. She cried out and arched her back from the sensation, and then again when he sucked hard and rolled her clit with his tongue as rapidly as he could manage.Emma let out a squeal and then cried out in a voice that grew louder and higher in pitch with every exclamation, “Yes. Yes. Right there. Like that. Don't stop. Don't stop.” She let out a long series of loud whimpers followed by a shrieked, “Ah!”God yes. Come for me, he thought, unwilling to part his lips for even a fraction of a second to say it aloud.“Oh god!” she shouted. “I'm gonna come. Gonna come.” What followed were three exclamations of almost words, a sudden tightening of her muscles, and then a scream of release. He only heard the very beginning of that scream at full volume, because her thighs clamped down around his ears with ferocious strength.Emma thrashed and bucked, wrenching his already sore neck every which direction. Randy's lips curled into a smile even as he continued to lick her throbbing button, at least whenever he could manage during the wild ride. Her muffled cries rang out between gasps for breath. Her nails dug into his scalp and back. For the first time in years, he felt truly alive with the beautiful young woman climaxing on his tongue.He resisted at first when her legs snapped open and she pushed on his head with a hand that was shaking forcefully. He instead sucked her hood in again. Her upper body lurched upward and she screamed. When her head slammed back down on the couch cushion, the fingers of both hands fisted in his hair and her hips shot up, burying his face in her pussy for a second. Her hips fell as rapidly as they had risen, and her grip on his hair tightened. At the same time, her feet lashed out, pushing him away, and he finally relented.Emma rolled onto her side and curled into a quivering ball. She jerked and yelped with each shockwave of her slowly waning orgasm, and drew in ragged breaths between them. Randy knelt above her, watching her come and smiling so wide that his cheeks ached almost as much as his neck.A weepy whimper preceded her muscles relaxing, but only for a moment. Her back arched and she threw her head back with a yelp when one last electric pulse of orgasmic energy wracked her body. When it faded, her right leg dropped off the couch, and she let out a long, groaning sigh.Randy caressed her leg, his eyes roaming from her flushed face to her pussy winking at him from the continuing contractions of her intimate muscles. Her breathing slowed slightly, and she let out a brief chuckle. A longer one followed, and then she moaned, “Oh my lord.”Her eyes rolled up in her head and she groaned. When they opened, she caught his gaze and offered him a dreamy smile of pure satisfaction. He smiled back and joined her when she laughed.“That was. Wow,” she said in a quavering voice. “Nobody has ever licked my pussy like that before.”“Did you come hard?” he asked.“I thought I was going to pass out. Where did you learn to do that?”“Just practice.”“God. The guys I've been with need a lot more practice then,” she said as she pulled her leg back up onto the couch and settled into a more comfortable position. She then beckoned him with a wave.Randy leaned over her and pressed his lips to hers. The first kiss was brief, but the second was far longer and deeper. A few quick pecks followed, and they both ended up chuckling.‘I taste pretty good, don't I?“ she asked, and then licked some of her juices off his chin."Like heaven.”She bit her bottom lip, then licked the upper and asked, “Want some more?”“Oh yeah.” He wasted no time planting his face between her creamy thighs once more.Emma propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch. “Your tongue moves so fast. It feels so good.”He knew that could become a problem as he felt his tongue stiffening from overuse. There was little he wanted more than to make her come again, so he fought through the discomfort. Pausing to suckle her clit every so often helped, but the relief faded a little faster every time he did it.Emma gave him encouraging signs by moaning and whimpering from his efforts. She squirmed and began to gasp. He latched onto her hood, sucking hard and shaking his head back and forth in little flurries. She rewarded him with a loud squeal for that each time.He could tell from the tensing of her muscles that she was edging toward orgasm, but it was going to be a near thing. He could barely keep his tongue moving, and it was becoming more difficult to maintain suction by the second.He got a welcome reprieve when Emma gasped and said, “I need you inside me.”Randy let her clit go with a final slurp, and sat up over his knees.“Hurry. I want it. I need it,” Emma pleaded as he grabbed her thighs and knee-walked into position.He took his dick in hand, right behind the head, and rubbed it between the parting of her lips. She was soaked to the point of dripping from his tongue, and the very first swipe left him quite slippery.“Please. Please. Please,” she begged, lifting her head to watch.Randy pushed his cock down into position, and then in. An explosive gasp escaped him as he slipped inside her. She was absolutely virgin tight, her walls molding around him like a second skin.Her squeaky, “Yeah,” as his cock stretched her out, made it all the better.He pumped his hips, slowly opening her up a little more with each thrust and luxuriating in the tightest, wettest, most incredible pussy he had felt in ages, maybe ever.Emma cried out, “Yes. Yes. Yes,” in time with his thrusts. He was almost penetrating her to his full length when she moaned, “So full.”She grasped the couch cushions in a white-knuckled grip and yelled when his balls slapped against her on the very next thrust. He moved his right hand from her thigh to her clit, and began to roll it beneath its protective sheath.“Oh! Oh! Oh god! Yes! Yes! Ah! Oh!” she screamed as the flush in her face deepened and spread down to her neck.“Come for me, baby,” he said through a tight throat as he pounded her harder. Loud claps sounded from their colliding flesh, mingling with his grunts of exertion and her yelps of pleasure.Her little breasts quivered. Her head lashed back and forth. Her eyes grew wide, and rolled up in her head.“Come for me,” he repeated while rubbing her clit faster and harder.“I, I'm, Oh god!” Her body undulated as if cracked like a whip and she screamed as her orgasm took hold of her.“Oh fuck yes,” Randy growled when her pussy clenched around him like a vise.When she grabbed the hand between her legs and pulled, he leaned over her. She quickly put her arms around his neck, pulling him even closer, and her feet thumped into the small of his back as well. He pushed his hands beneath her lithe body and gave her short, quick, deep thrusts into her climaxing pussy.Emma screamed and gasped right into his ear, and clawed savagely at his back, but he paid it absolutely no mind. Having the sexy little eighteen-year-old convulsing in ecstasy beneath him was worth every bit of it. He continued to slam into her, driving her to even greater heights.He froze balls-deep inside her when the heel of one foot dug into his ass and the other the small of his back. Her arms locked around him, holding him tight against her as she shook from an internal earthquake and let out weak, warbling cries. Her pussy clenched with every wave of orgasm, the time between steadily growing longer, until at last, her arms went slack and her legs fell limp.Randy remained buried to the hilt in her velvety embrace.“Oh god, thank you,” she gasped after a few seconds, and then went into another brief fit of shuddering.“I love making you come,” he said. “You're… You're amazing.”That caused her to let out the sweetest little moan and turn to plant soft kisses on his near arm. “No, you.”He chuckled from her childish tone, and she giggled in response. Then she blew out a long breath from between pursed lips and said, “Sorry. I'm too hot.”Randy pushed up onto his arms with a grunt, and the movement of his cock inside her must have set off an aftershock, because she yelped and lurched, causing him to slip out. He sat back on his heels, marveling at the sight of her in the afterglow of her orgasm, smiling like a fool.Her eyebrows twitched up when she saw his dick coated in her juices, and where it had dribbled down his hairy balls. She sat up and rubbed her fingers through the spatters of pussy nectar dotting her skin, and running into the crack of her tight little ass. “You didn't come,” she said.Randy shook his head. The truth was that he was surprised he hadn't blown his load the second he slid inside her. She felt that good. By some miracle, he'd barely begun to feel the tickle of his own orgasm while she was in the throes of hers.She said, “I've never let anybody come inside me. I want you to.”It was his turn to shiver at the thought of that, and he grunted from the way it set his prick to bouncing.Emma bent her knees, parting her legs in invitation. That was all he needed. She moaned as he scooted forward, “Mmm hmm.”Randy pushed his cockhead against the still slightly gaped entrance of her canal, encouraged by a nod and a smile from her. He pushed inside with a deep groan. Her face tightened and she whimpered when he first penetrated her, but her expression softened as he pulled back to thrust again.Emma took several quick, huffing breaths, and then said, “Give it to me. Come inside me.”That summoned up a growl from somewhere deep and primal within him. He tightened his grip on her thighs, and unleashed the beast.“Oh! Oh! Oh god! Yeah! Yeah!” she cried as he pounded her hard, making her breasts quiver and her head jerk. “I want it. Inside me. Come. Come.”Randy growled again, pulling back on every thrust to cause resounding smacks when their flesh collided. She yelped, squealed, and continued to beg for his cum.“I want it. I want it. Come in my pussy!”He roared as the tight squeeze and her words summoned up the wicked lust in the head of his cock. It swelled and spread rapidly as he slammed into her and grunted uncontrollably. After only a few more thrusts, he was teetering on the edge.Emma had the most amazing look of wide-eyed anticipation on her face when she said, “Yes! You gonna come? Do it. Come in me.”Randy let out a long, loud, rumbling growl as his hands moved beneath her, and lifted her from the couch. He slammed into her one last time with a closed-throated grunt, and erupted like a volcano into her barely legal little pussy.She was wearing a beautiful, crooked smile when his eyes snapped open after the first powerful ejaculation. His hips bucked spastically and a shamefully high-pitched sound emerged from his throat when a second was hot on its heels.She said, “Oh, I feel it throbbing. Fill me up.”That was a request he had no trouble fulfilling. It had been a few days since he'd jacked off, and she was getting every hot drop of cum he'd saved up. It surged up his shaft and spurted so hard into her depths that it felt more like peeing than coming. Over and over again his cock pulsed, pumping cum into her tight canal, leaving him feeling light-headed.His strength failed him when he began to dribble. She let out an, “oh,” of surprise when his trembling hands let her drop back to the couch. His cock slipped out of her, sending a spatter of their mingled juices to land in the little tuft of hair on her mound. She giggled when his chin dropped to his chest and he collapsed limply against the back of the couch.He looked up through heavy eyes when she moaned, and saw her dipping her fingers into her cum-filled pussy and examining them with an expression that mingled amusement with just a touch of disgust. She then went wide-eyed and clamped her thighs together.“Oh. Oh. I'm dripping everywhere,” she exclaimed while looking around. When she spotted a box of tissue on the end table behind her, she grasped at it until she managed to get a hold, and then quickly sat it on her flat tummy.Randy closed his eyes again and grunted when an aftershock rippled through him.He heard her pulling out tissues and felt her moving as she stuck them between her legs. Only a couple of seconds later, she was pulling out more.“That's so much,” she said with laughter in her voice. “It's still coming out. Wow.”All he could manage was to weakly groan, “God…”She laughed at his muttering, and he saw her pulling out more tissue. She switched it for the cum-soaked ones, and he quickly saw the ones between her legs darkening as they soaked up his semen.“I think I'd better go use your bathroom before I make even more of a mess,” she said. She held the tissue tight between her legs, scooted off the couch, and hurried toward the hall. There was indeed a dark spot on the couch cushion with little blobs of white in it.He leaned back and closed his eyes, letting his post-come coma have its way with him.“Here.”He snorted as her voice startled him out of a half doze, and saw her holding a damp washcloth in one hand and a towel in the other. When he accepted the warm washcloth, she draped the towel over the arm of the couch near him, and picked up the box of tissue. She chuckled when he drew in a gasp upon touching the washcloth to his sensitive member.Wincing the whole while, he wiped away the cum and pussy cream from his cock. Emma worked on the spot where she'd dripped on the couch cushion with the tissue, and managed to eliminate the globs, though the dark, damp spot remained. By the time he blotted dry with the towel, the sharp protests from his limp dick had ceased.Emma dropped the tissues into the wastebasket, and then slipped in beside him on the couch. She turned his head toward her, and they shared a long, soft kiss.She smiled at him and said, “I can't believe how hard you made me come. And then when you did?” She closed her eyes, moaned, and shivered.“You're amazing,” he whispered, trapped in her mesmerizing brown eyes.She snuggled up against him and said, “We should probably get in the bed and put a towel or something down next time.”He found himself shaking his head, wondering if he'd heard her right.She looked up and said, “I mean. If you want to.”“I'd be insane not to want to.”“Good,” she said with a smile and leaned against him again.A headlight beam flashed through the windows, and Randy heard the familiar sound of the girls' car shutting down.Emma sighed. “Jenna's home. I guess I'd better get dressed, huh?”Randy nodded. It was bittersweet to watch her cover her incredible body, but the knowledge that it wouldn't be the last time made it a little easier. He got dressed as well, feeling self-conscious about his gut. He walked over to her when she held out a hand and beckoned him with her eyes while pulling on her coat.Emma gave him a quick peck on the lips and said, “Gotta go.”He watched her head out the door, and when it closed, he pinched his arm to make sure he wasn't dreaming.It was all delightfully real. For the first time in a very long time, he was actually looking forward to the future. It was a gift that he promised himself he wouldn't squander, no matter what the future held.By RejectReality for Literotica

    How A Girl Falls In Love

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    The unexpected first experience of a blooming teenager. (first time)By Jane Doe Stuff 03. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.Venturing out the chaos of the big city and into the widely different landscape that is the region's countryside it is easy to acknowledge the existence of the distant big city. A small conglomerate of towns loosely connected by few roads, where a great number of land workers consumed vast amounts of life, seemed to willingly stand in direct opposition to the congested metropolitan life back at the coast.Janet Doe had grown up in this so called “village” and her opinion of the place had changed more the more she grew up. When she was a kid, it could be called a paradise: she could play in absolute freedom in the vastity of the fields, with her beloved dog and her much older brother watching over them, as happy as a lark. But not anymore. With her brother gone (lost to college) and her dog now too old to even walk, that precious corner of world had transformed from a refuge to an isolating prison, where all she felt was alone. She imagined many times how her life would be in the big city, how many friends she could make and, most importantly, she could spend time with, instead of only having school hours to interact with kids her age, before going home to loneliness.There she was, a once cheerful and creative little girl, now a bored and uninterested teenager at her last year of high school. It didn't take long for her family to notice the change, but the first to propose something was her brother John as he got back home for the winter holydays. He proposed to their parents something artistic that could, in his opinion, bring back a smile on the face of little Jenny. He had always had a soft spot for his little sister, and he genuinely cared about her well-being, even though he'd never tell her to her face. Never in his life he could have imagined how much this little proposal of his would have changed Jenny. Or the way it'd change her. The parents weren't hard to convince and with the start of the new year, after a few phone calls from the siblings' mom, Jenny would have her first piano lesson. She had always been captivated by the piano in the living room, but also had been too scared to try to play it. The piano was first bought by her father as a decorative piece of furniture and never seriously used, for none of the family members knew how to play it properly. This is where our story finally begins.In a cold and still mid-January afternoon, Janet and her mom were waiting to meet the new piano teacher. The only thing they knew was that he was a mature man and was one the few who was willing to venture to their isolated home thrice a week for a cheap pay. Mrs. Doe had taken a free afternoon from her job to meet the mysterious man in person and decide if he was trustworthy to be left (eventually alone), with her ‘little girl'. At 3.55 p.m., five minutes earlier than agreed, the teacher rang the intercom outside the front gate of the property.“He's here!”Jenny's mom jumped out of the sofa as she was saying this, with a mixture of excitement and nervousness in her voice. She pressed a button which opened the gate and stood at the house's door and started peeking at the man who was walking up to her porch. As he got closer to the door, she showed herself to him and greeted him with an educated smile. Jenny stood just inside the front entry.“Good afternoon, madame. I'm Thomas, we spoke on the phone.”The two women were a little stunned by the appearance of the man: his voice was deep and controlled, he spoke slowly and surely as only men of a certain age manage, but now that he was in front of them, they could see he was more of a boy than an adult man. Mrs. Doe, always speaking her mind, said to the stranger:“I didn't expect you to be so young, Thomas. I'm honestly a little surprised. How old are you if I may ask?”To which Thomas replied, without a hint of hesitation:“Twenty-three, madame. Don't worry, I'm used to people mistaking me for someone a little older.”After the brief exchange, Janet and her mom received the guest and had him sit at the dinner table across them, both curious to ask questions to him. The interview began.“Feel free to ask any question you'd like madame,” said the young man.Jenny's mom didn't need him to tell her that and started a thorough interrogatory.It turned out Thomas wasn't a musician by trade, but a mathematician with a passion for music that had played the piano since he was a kid. His parents were middle class workers who expected much from him, and he wanted them to be proud: he used his time to study, practice various sports and cultivating his love for music. No unnecessary distractions, pauses or vacations. This brought him to get a master's degree in mathematics at an Ivy League college on a scholarship (no student debt for him) and having all the necessary pieces of paper to go and make a difference in the world at only 23 years old. Unfortunately, at the end of his journey all the fatigue from his inhumane routine caught up with him and he came to an enlightening and probably even life-saving realization: he was spent, completely and utterly spent. So, he said goodbye to his parents once again as he chose the most God-forgotten rural destination where to decompress and rest for some time, maybe even a couple of years.As he kept telling them about his life, both women could feel the weight of Thomas' experience and how it molded him into the person they were speaking. The collectedness that had wondered them at first had now an explanation, since that was the only attitude that would get him through a life of rigid discipline without slowly going into a major depression. He was pragmatic and stoic, but also kind and gentle, the type of gentleness of someone who knows he is strong and therefore has little need for pretending to be tough. Mrs. Doe could read his character like a book from the words he spoke and was very impressed by what she read in him.The interview proceeded in a semi-formal tone, except a few jokes by Mrs. Doe, like when she asked if for “no unnecessary distractions” he meant he never had a girlfriend, to which Thomas elegantly answered: “I wouldn't call a woman an unnecessary distraction, madame”, making Mrs. Doe like him even more.At the end of the questioning, after settling the matters of pay and weekly schedule, Mrs. Doe turned to her daughter and asked:“What do you think Jenny, would you like to try giving him a chance?”“I; I guess we can give it a shot.”These words brought her back to reality, from the depths of her thoughts where she was about to drown. During the interview, the whole interview, Jenny's mind was in a realm of its own, where all she could think about was that she hoped nobody would notice how wet she was getting. Since greeting him at the door she was hypnotized by the looks and ways of the young man.Thomas was tall and well built, so much that his wide shoulders and proud chest stood out even if he was wearing a suit. His hair was a light shade of brown, freshly cut and quite short on the sides, almost looking like a military haircut. His beard was shaved, and his cheeks looked smooth, revealing a firm jawline. Brown eyes, darker than the shade of his hair, a regular, straight nose and a nice white smile. He would surely be considered handsome by the average girl, just for the fact that he was physically fit, but to Jenny he was exactly her type. She found him irresistible in every way: the voice, the face, the body were making her insides lubed as if she was melting.Jenny was a girl at that age. At eighteen years old, her body was now fully craving the sweet forbidden fruit that is the taste of a man. And now she was right in the middle of experiencing her first crush. She was average height, around 5'5'', with C-cup breasts and a slender, athletic body. The face of angel, with delicate round shapes, full lips, piercing brown eyes and dark ginger hair. A rare, tasteful beauty in the middle of blooming, that promised greatly of the woman she'd become.The first lesson, under the supervision of her mother, had her trying harder to contain her hormones than to learn the piano. Nonetheless, Mrs. Doe thought Thomas had done a good job at teaching and trusted him to come on Wednesday, where he and Jenny would be unsupervised.Janet had spent the time waiting for the next lesson in a horny fever. She masturbated more times that she could count and imagined tons of scenarios where Thomas tried to seduce her or to take her by force, never tired of imagining herself in his arms. Finally, the moment came, and she opened the door to him once more. As soon as they exchanged greetings, all she wanted to do was to jump him and French kiss him, but her shame stopped her. The lesson went on as she looked in an almost feverish state, to the point where Thomas asked her if she was feeling ill. She couldn't live like that, and she knew it. She couldn't live her life holding herself back.But as the weeks went by something unexpected happened. After spending many afternoons with him the lust became controllable and changed into something else: love. The two had spoken much with each other, often putting aside the piano for a chit chat. Thomas had opened completely with her, for he was a person who didn't hide anything from the people he really liked, and Janet felt the need to return his honesty and had taken the habit of telling him how she felt without hesitation. This brought them closer than they were to anyone at that moment of their lives and made it a most important relationship beyond physical attraction.As the winter melted away to leave room for spring, things with the not-yet-a-couple started to warm up too. The first notable change was in Thomas: since Jenny had told him the previous month that she never had a boyfriend he couldn't shake the thought of her being a beautiful young woman from his mind. He had long abandoned viewing her as a child and started noticing the hints he was too blind to see before: how she clung to him whenever she could, the look in her eyes when he made her laugh, the awkward blushing her cheeks did whenever he got closer or took her hand on the piano. At the beginning of spring, he was finally convinced Jenny liked him, which put him in a dilemma: to be or not to be, (with her). Thomas felt very attracted by her body and during the previous months had come to know how much of a smart and funny and gentle girl she was. If she was just a little older and he wasn't her teacher, he would have taken a shot at her without overthinking it. Instead of being consumed by the dilemma of making or not a move towards her, he decided that he'd only accept her feeling if she confessed to him, so that he wouldn't abuse of the power of being her teacher. A most practical conclusion, as expected of him.If only Jenny could take a decision just as easily.Ironically, to face the dilemma of confessing to Thomas, she asked herself what he would do in her place. Obviously, he would face it head on, with only the practical approach in mind, she thought. She wasn't quite ready for that level of straightforwardness, so she opted for a compromise: she'd tell him she was dying to kiss him from the first moment she saw him and see his reaction. If it were to go south, she could always play it a joke, as teenage girls tend to do.That is how, in a warm spring afternoon, exactly three months after their first meeting, Thomas and Janet came to stand in front of each other in the living room, their arms holding one another, their tongues intertwined in a warm, moist embrace.When they finally separated, after two full minutes of silence and kissing, Jenny could only say:“Oh my God, Tommy. It was beautiful…”“Yeah;” he breathlessly replied.Janet took him by the hand and guided him to her room, upstairs; Thomas following her from behind, not in need of an explanation. Once in her room, the door and the curtains closed, at the dim light of the afternoon sun barely filtering through the window, they started kissing again. Thomas was holding her head with his fingers in her hair, and slowly sliding his other hand from her hip to her ass, as they kept tasting each other, never having enough of it. His taste was slightly bitter, hers a little sweet. Jenny, although surprised to be wanted back at first, wanted to show him she was going all the way. She pulled her lips away and looked him in the eyes. Then, without breaking eye contact, she grabbed the hand holding her hair, put it on her breast and whispered:“I want you…”Thomas took the hand she had put on her breast and guided it to the bulge in his pants, letting Jenny feel the effect she had on him, then answered:“I want you too…”He then proceeded to undress her gently, and inviting her to undress him, until finally nothing stood between their naked bodies.“You're beautiful, Jenny. You're an angel.”She blushed, because she knew he really did think so.They explored each other's bodies with their hands, then with their lips, kissing every spot from head to toe, needing to know their partner. Then they put their hands in each other's parts. Jenny felt a rock hard, warm member ready to love her in every way and Thomas felt a drooling slit, soft and tender, begging of that love. They started masturbating each other while still standing and kissing. Thomas was gently massaging her clit, pressing and caressing in an expert way, making Jenny tremble a little, while she was stroking his dick gently, often pausing because of the pleasure he gave her. Being touched felt great, but what was making her lose her mind was being touched while holding his hard dick in her hands, feeling how long it took for her small hand to stroke it all the way and feeling him leaking precum. Thomas felt how moist her pussy was, but he knew she was a virgin. He stopped stroking her clit and was about to tell her to get on the bed so he could lick her, but she had other plans. As soon as he let go of her pussy, in a swift movement, she kneeled before him and put her face under his cock, looking up to him with puppy eyes. She opened her mouth, and she took him inside, trying to go all the way to the base, only to choke and take it out.“Easy, girl…” said Thomas softly, caressing her cheek. She paused for a moment to catch her breath and went back to his cock. This time she focused only on the tip, slowly trying to take a little more every time she could.Thomas was breathing heavily as the feeling of her blowjob was filling his balls with cum. It wasn't the best technique, but her sheer love for it was arousing him to levels he had never reached before. Arousal was becoming an issue for Jenny too. The feeling of having Thomas in her mouth, so hard and pulsing with pleasure, forcing her jaw open and sliding on her tongue was making her wet pussy ache in desperation. Thomas put his hands on Jenny's face and with the cock still in her mouth he said to her:“I want to take you. Now. I need to take you.”Jenny felt a throb both in her heart and in her pussy. She quickly got on the bed and spread her legs, revealing how her thighs were covered in wet pussy lube.“Come here…” she invited him.Thomas got on top of her and in between her legs.“Are you sure?” he said to her, genuinely concerned about how she felt.“I'm sure, Tommy. I want you to make love to me. Am I good enough for you?”Now it was his heart's turn to throb, as well as his cock's.“More than good. You're perfect.”, he resolutely assured her, with a quivering in his voice.With the hesitation gone he started poking at her pussy's entrance, before gently putting the tip in. Jenny could feel his girth and was already hurting but wanted him to fill her up; so she gladly endured it. Thomas was now pushing his dick deeper inside her, slowly and gently. Her pussy was bleeding, so he was a little worried, but she was so tight he couldn't stop thinking about the pleasure. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he managed to go all the way inside her. Jenny was a little tearful, both from the pain and the joy of being one with him.“I'm so glad it's you, Tommy. Thank God it's you…”He wiped her tears off her cheeks and decided it was time to confess his feelings to her:“I love you, Jenny. I wish I had realized it sooner, but I know it now. This may not be my first time, but you are my first love.”The tears started pouring back from Jenny's eyes and Tommy embraced her and kissed her, always staying inside her, but staying still, not moving. After kissing him for a while Jenny told him she felt better and was ready for him to move.What followed was a passionate love making where both were experiencing pleasure beyond anything they thought was possible. Tommy reveled in her tight virgin pussy, so eager and wet from both juices and blood. It was a feeling incomparable to the girls he had before, and he kept plowing her with only his animal instincts guiding him. Jenny was in a whirlwind of emotions and sensations: horny and in love, in pain and in pleasure, crying but with joy. She was thrusting her hips into him ignoring the pain and accepting the pleasure. And she was looking at him. His chiseled body sweating down on hers. She brought his head closer to her shoulder and whispered in his ear:“I'm in love with you Tommy. I'm in love with you and I'm about to cum…”Those words awakened something in Thomas. He pounded her with even more vigor, always careful not to make the pain surpass the pleasure.“I want us to cum together. I'll come with you,” he said while panting to her ear.“Yes Tommy, give it to me! Make me yours!”.Their breath kept getting shorter and their voices louder, until finally, moaning like animals in heat, they orgasmed in a hectic spasm. Jenny felt Tommy's blasts of semen filling her pussy and abandoned herself to the pleasure, almost passing out on the bed in a state of bliss. All the while Tommy was feeling his cock being milked dry by her pulsing pussy and held her by the hips so that the spasm wouldn't make him pull out.They were both satisfied.As they both recovered from the intensive climax, he lied down beside her and put her in his arms once again, holding her tight. She kissed him and put her head on his chest. She closed her eyes.They were both in love.By Jane Doe Stuff 03 for Literotica

    The Naughty List

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    She never really believed in Santa. She does ErinPage, Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.I never believed in Santa, well almost never. Not that I was ever a good little girl mind you. Still, Santa was pushed on me as a child. My parents force fed me old Claymation cartoons like Rudolph and Santa Clause is coming to town. Don't get me wrong, I love the Christmas season, there is definitely something magical about it. Why my parents got all nostalgic with different Christmas movies was beyond my comprehension.I remember one Saturday morning bright and early my parents dressed me in an itchy red dress with red tights. The little black patten leather shoes hurt my feet something awful. They were taking me to see Santa at the mall. They were so excited. Their eyes twinkled and they couldn't stop smiling and telling me how excited they were. They constantly tried bribing me to get me to act the way they wanted. This just felt like another one of those tools. Yeah, I'm damaged and bitter about it. They must have asked me a thousand times what I wanted for Christmas.I told them and sure enough that's the toy I got Christmas morning. The only problem was I had stumbled across all the gifts in moms closet a few weeks before Christmas.The next year I tested the myth by mailing a letter to Santa, telling him what I wanted for Christmas. I told no one and wasn't' surprised or even disappointed I didn't get what I had asked for. The creepy old man who watches you when you're sleeping, to scare young children into behaving in a particular way; well it's just grooming us to be sheep. He didn't get twelve months of probation when he broke into MY house. Yeah, I was over it.Fast forward a few years to when I was fifteen. My dad was in the Marine Corps. So, growing up we moved around a lot. My personality style was more the lone wolf type so I never really had friends. The Local VA had put up a sign looking for people who would babysit Christmas eve for mom's who worked third shift while their husbands were deployed. It was suggested by my juvenile probation officer that I maybe show some initiative and “Volunteer”, to show that I was turning over a new leaf. It was also going to take three months off my probation, but no need to think about that. I took a class on Babysitting and another on CPR and signed up.Somehow, I ended up watching my aunt Glinda's kids. I mean I was surprised to learn she was in the program. I had never thought that maybe someone I knew needed help. Anyway, she was working third shift and her husband was deployed to Iraq. It was actually really nice to have her kids. I already knew them, and they really were little angels. They were all full of the yes ma'ams and yes pleases. They said thank you and picked up their own messes without being told. Hell, they cooked me dinner. They even got ready and put themselves to bed. This was going to be a super easy fifty bucks.That night really did have a Christmassy feel to it. The house was modestly decorated. They had a real Christmas tree with colored blinking lights and homemade ornaments. The smell of pine wafted through the house every time a gust of wind blew. I looked out the window and the world had been transformed. The snow was still falling steadily. They lived in an old farmhouse that needed much repair. The smell and heat from the wood stove made me feel warm and comfortable. With the wind gusting the house made all kinds of strange noises and it made it difficult to fall asleep. It felt much more spooky than it did festive once the lights were out.That night while I was sleeping, I was awakened by a loud noise in the living room. As I lay there listening, I could hear the wind whistling and the squeaky old floors groaning with what sounded like heavy foot falls. Quick as a flash I got up out of bed and retrieved the Louisville slugger I had received for my eighth birthday. I never did like baseball, but I found the bat comforting when I was babysitting in bad areas. I crept into the room and to my dismay there was a man in a red suit messing around under the tree. Shit, I thought. We are getting robbed by Santa. There had been several reports that year of a homeless man breaking into houses and stealing gifts. This family was poor enough they didn't need this donut puncher taking what little they had. So I choked up on the bat, crept across the room as quickly and quietly as I could manage. To my delight he never heard me. My dad would have been proud. In true Bruce Willis fashioned I swung with all my might crying out, Merry Christmas mother fucker. Just before I connected he turned and I saw his face. His cheeks were rosy and there was a twinkle in his eye as he smiled. He then laid the finger of his right hand on his nose. My dad was a marine and had always told me to swing through what I was trying to hit. I did, but when the bat connected with nothing. I ended up spinning wildly out of control ending up ass over tea kettle, my mind not willing to believe what my eyes had just witnessed. The man had evaporated into thin air.In shock, I searched the house from top to bottom several times. Sleep was lost on me that night. I thought about calling the police but, who the hell was going to believe me. When my aunt got home and the kids got up they were so excited for their new toys.My aunt thanked me repeatedly for giving the gifts from Santa. She was so thankful and said it was a nice touch and she gave me an extra twenty bucks.I just stood there with my mouth gaping, still wondering if I had gone stark raving mad.I spent the next three years trying to prove my sanity. I began babysitting for as many kids who had deployed family as much as possible. Then I made my own good and bad list. The bad kids were quickly crossed off my list. Then with my list of good kids I let all the parents know I was available Christmas eve till Christmas morning.That next year when I was sixteen, I had my pick of the litter so to speak. I baby sat for a little girl who I was sure someday would be a saint. I waited up the whole night but despite all the energy drinks, I ended up falling asleep. I didn't see him but there were mysterious gifts the next morning that were attributed to me. I was repeatedly thanked by the family for my generosity.The following year I actually did see him. After the kids were in bed I had picked up the house quick. It was only a little after midnight so I had run to the bathroom to do my business. When I walked back in the living room he was just there. He nodded and smiled warmly, then put his finger next to his nose. He winked just before disappearing. It felt like he knew I was there. I was distracted when he had shown up and it seemed almost like he had waited just long enough for me to see him.The next year I was eighteen. I just had a feeling this was going to be the year. Then the mother I was sitting for came home early and so I was sent home before he came. That's when I decided I needed to be a bit stealthier and craftier about the whole matter.I have a sister who is two years younger than me, she is a saint compared to me. I am the tom boy; she is the princess. She also started doing the baby-sitting gig for Christmas only she doesn't charge. Yeah, she is one of those. I figured the old man was probably watching my every move in his magic snowball or whatever he used to spy on people. Then I had an idea, I think I may have just discovered a loophole.Now that I was nineteen, I told the VA I wasn't going to be able to babysit this year. Next, I booked a Christmas Eve flight to Miami at 11:30pm. I was very vocal about it and told everyone every chance I could get that I was headed someplace warmer for Christmas.I packed up on the 24th, then went and sat at the airport. Just about the time they started boarding my flight the weatherman came on the local news station and said that NORAD was tracking Santa's flight. I didn't know if it was real, the NORAD tracking him part, but I figured Santa had to be in the in air by then.I told the airline I had a family emergency and so wasn't going to be able to make my flight. I called my sister and told her I was going to buy them all dinner and have it delivered. She gave me the address where she was sitting. It was Gunny Miller's place and I knew it well. I stopped and got pizza then drove to the house.She was surprised and I told her I came to spend Christmas with her and help her with the kids. The kids were already in bed of course. I smiled at my plan; I had a feeling it was going to work. You see I figured if Santa was traveling, he wouldn't know what I had just done. So, I figured he had no idea what I had planned. This time I was ready. Just after midnight my sister headed off to the guest room. I told her I would just crash on the couch. I set up my go pro video camera and settled in under a blanket on the couch. I was going to prove to myself that I had really been seeing him. Then maybe I could use the video to blackmail him. There is stuff a girl my age needs, and that stuff isn't cheap. So then I waited.And wait I did. It was almost four in the morning and there had been no sign of him. I began to wonder if maybe these kids weren't as good as we thought. I heard a creak then a soft thumping sound. I felt butterflies and nervous energy race through me. My heart was pounding. This was it, I looked over and saw the little light on the go pro. Good it was still recording. I hit recording on my phone then carefully set it on the table next to me in the position I had practiced early knowing it would be recording the whole room.I threw the covers back and leapt up. It was the fuckin dog. I glared at the mangy looking mutt. Whispering I said, bad dog, bad. He just looked at me stupidly wagging his tail. Heart still racing I decided to go pee. I looked at the little clock and it was 4:56. It wasn't looking good. I washed my hands and splashed cold water on my face. I walked back into the living room and over to the tree looking to see if maybe I had just missed him. There were no packages from Santa. I turned around to walk back to the couch and almost shit my pants.There he was, sitting on the couch eating a cookie with one hand, glass of milk in the other. There was a huge red velvet bag sitting on the floor just to his left. He gave me a smile and a wink. He patted his knee.I straightened at this and cocked my head.“What, you want me to tell you what I want for Christmas?”He laughed and it sounded like a “ho ho ho” as he did.“I have been waiting on you Amanda, sorry I missed you last year.” His tone was jovial and casual.Paralyzed with emotion all I could do is glared at him.Again, he patted his knee. This time I felt almost compelled to move forward. As I did his smile grew. He snapped his fingers, and I began to tingle all over. It was strongest at my feet. Looking down I watched my old converse sneakers begin to shimmer and warp. It looked like a heat mirage on asphalt during a hot summer day. The feeling grew to almost a tickle as my old ratty shoes changed into sparkling red heals. The shimmering effect continued up my body, my worn old jeans began to turn to red fishnets at my ankles and I watched as my pants seemed to melt away. The stocking stopped just below my navel as the shirt I was wearing disappeared only leaving bare skin. The magic continued and when it had reached the top of my head, I found myself standing there in nothing but red heals and fishnets, a skimpy red bra with white piping. My hair had been braided and pulled back.“That's better he said, then patted his lap again.”Again I felt the oddest sensation of being compelled. I moved slowly toward him, trying to think of something to say. Then I snapped out of his spell.“Your list is shit,” I said. “What's up with only giving gifts to good kids and never leaving anything for the naughty ones. Did you ever think how that makes someone feel?”Santa just sat there patiently smiling. Once finished with my rant, he spoke,“You see Amanda, good boys and girls get their presents when they are young, but naughty boys and girls get theirs when they have grown, and oh my, how you have grown into a proper woman. You try and hide your beauty, mask who you really are. You can't hide it from me.” Then he stood and walked to me. He reached out gently taking my chin in one hand. He turned my head left and right seemingly looking for something. Then he kissed me. He tasted like candy canes and sugar cookies. His kiss was like eating warm chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. Our mouths melted together.His hands slid down my cheek, then neck, finally landing at my hip he pulled me into him. His hands were as warm and inviting as a wood stove. The other hand went to my breast, somehow my bra had disappeared. His fingers pinched and pulled at my nipple as his beard tickled my face and the tops of my breasts.As we continued to kiss, I could feel him drawing the passion from me. I felt my body tremble and then his hand was on the back of my head. He applied the smallest amount of pressure and I found myself on my knees. Somehow a red velvet pillow appearing just before my knees, touched the floor.My fingers worked at the fly of his suit, and I found myself shocked at how small his soft penis was. I looked up and he was still smiling, eyes bright, full of life and mischief.I found myself drawn to him, I longed to have his cock in my mouth. He tasted like mint chocolate chip at first. I felt him begin to thicken and rapidly grow in my mouth until he was the perfect size. I was able to easily take him to his base. I heard his breath hitch as I did. His fingers threading into my hair, now he tasted like butterscotch.“Oh Amanda, I have waited so long for you to be my bad little girl.”His words made my heart swell, and I began moving my lips up and down his shaft faster. I could hear him breathing heavy now, I could taste something sweet each time my tongue ran across the tip of his cock.I felt his rod pulse as he exploded, filling my mouth to overflowing with cum. It tasted like eggnog and there was so much, I swallowed and swallowed but was unable to catch it all. It spilled from my lips, running down my chin to my neck and then covering my breasts.I couldn't help but smile, It was an absurd amount of cum. I looked up innocently at him. Looks like Father Christmas came early.He laughed; “ho ho ho,” as he pulled me to my feet. Leading me to the couch he had me sit. Then I watched old saint nick kneel before me and then place his face between my legs. The beard sent shivers and goosebumps racing across my body. Then I felt the heat of his mouth on me. He trailed kisses up and down my inner thigh building the tensions I felt, just inches away of where he licked and sucked. Finally, his tongue split me and found my clit easily. My back arched and I sucked in a breath hard and deep. I grabbed his head and forced his mouth onto me harder pushing into the floor with my toes in an attempt to drive myself harder into his face. I felt the strength of his arms as he held me in place keeping me from being able to squirm away. Then I felt him bite me on my inner thigh, I jumped but went nowhere. He was very strong. I came, then came again. As my second orgasm waned, he stood before me. He had me lay down on the couch now. He moved between my legs, and I felt him. Hard and ready. Then he began to fill me and fill me. My mouth opened as I gasped at the sensation. I felt like a long john being filled with warm custard. I could feel it expanding even larger in my womb and spreading to the rest of my body. Somehow his size seemed to adjust to exactly what I needed. I felt his mouth on mine once again and it was like kissing warm cinnamon rolls. I found myself wanting to bite his lips in order to get a better taste.Then I was full, and he finally began to thrust. When he drew back I felt empty and longed for him, when he thrust firmly forward I felt completely fulfilled as his cock seemed to touch every pleasurable nerve in my being. I began to writhe and convulse with pleasure, though time, space, and reason left me. The colors of the universe unfolded before me as I shook and trembled.Then I felt a throb deep in me and warmness spread from inside to out. He was cumming as he yelled “ho ho ho,” over and over. I felt Santa's body stiffen and shake as his cock continued to pulse deep within me, filling me to overflowing once again. I could feel his cum rushing out of me and down my legs. I felt a sharp pain in my uterus, and he was done. I laid there wrapped in warmth and satisfaction.As I slowly came back to myself, he was busy under the tree, placing gifts and arranging them.I breathed deep and for the first time probably ever, I felt relaxed and at ease. I blinked heavy eyes once, twice, and the third time it was just darkness.“Amanda, Amanda, wake up.” I opened my eyes to see my sister smiling down at me. “Merry Christmas.”I breathed deep, I felt well rested and so good this morning.“Mrs. Miller is home, lets get home and surprise mom and dad for Christmas.”“Sure,” I said wiping the sleep from my eyes.I pulled the covers back and stood up. My clothes seemed to stick to me. My sister noticed; you spill something on you. The night came rushing back, I felt my knees buckle slightly as my body remembered the racking passion. My fingers ran down my chin and neck expecting to feel the remnants of Santa's load. There had been so much. There was nothing but a little stickiness.God, had it just been a dream I thought. Then I looked and saw the go pro.I smiled at my sister and asked her if she would start my car. I handed her my keys then grabbing the go pro and my phone I went to the bathroom. My phone was still recording so I stopped it. I began to scrub through the footage, I saw the stupid dog come into frame and then I saw me stand up. A few minutes later something did pass in front of the lens, but you couldn't tell what it was. I watched as I walked back into the room and stopped. I stood there for a long time then walked out of frame and to the couch.Hum, I thought, my clothes hadn't changed. Now I started looking at the files on the go pro, again I found the dog, I saw me enter the room then walk to the couch. There the footage stopped. The card was full so there was nothing else. Fuck, I was losing my mind.I finished up my business and began to clean up and cringed when my hand hit a tender spot on the inside of my thigh. I looked and there was a red mark. Looking closer it was in the shape of a snowflake. I opened the camera on my phone and took a picture of it. It was real, and it really looked like a snowflake. I smiled and knew; I hadn't seen the last of old Saint ErinPage for Literotica.

    Sindy's Rites of FertilityTwo college lovers continue...

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    Sindy's Rites of FertilityTwo college lovers continue exploring.By Baztrachian. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.Memorial Day was just around the corner and Sindy was excited! She and Ryan had consummated their relationship over New Year's Eve and the following few days and now the two of them were living together in her apartment.The relationship was still a bit of a secret from Sindy's parents. They knew she had a boyfriend but they had no idea how serious the relationship was. They also had no idea that he was living in the apartment they paid for every month.One of the things that Sindy insisted on after New Year's Eve was that Ryan had to use a condom whenever they had sex. Unlike Ryan who was about to graduate with a bachelor's degree Sindy was still a freshman and had three more years to go in school. Having a baby would have impossibly complicated her plan to get a degree and start a career.Sindy knew Ryan was a little disappointed when she insisted on the condoms but he went along with it and the two lovers ended up having quite a vigorous sex life. It was the rare day that went by without Ryan's latex-covered cock plunging into Sindy's pussy. It rather surprised her that she liked sex as much as she did. Ryan was an attentive lover and for his part he was pleased that by having been patient with Sindy she was now a very receptive lover.Ryan realized that Sindy was the one. For her part Sindy wanted a future with Ryan but she wanted to get her degree and her career first. Marriage would have to wait. Ryan understood this.It was Saturday, the first day of the Memorial Day weekend and both Sindy and Ryan skipped the various parties opting instead to stay home and study for their finals. As was typical of Chicago at this time of year it was hot, humid, and thunderstorms were expected in the afternoon.Things went fine with their studies until the afternoon when the sky turned dark. Distant thunder hinted at what was to come and in a short time there was lightning flashing in the neighborhood. Predictably the power went out due to the storm and the lack of light in the apartment ended their studies.“Looks like it's break time.” said Ryan.Sindy concurred and decided to cook an early dinner. It was fortunate that their old school gas oven didn't need electricity so soon enough Sindy had a decent pasta dinner going. When she served it up Ryan surprised her by opening a large bottle of Cointreau that he'd been saving for graduation.“Really?” she asked as he poured her a glass. Not that she was complaining because she loved the sweet orange liqueur. She was simply and pleasantly surprised.“Why not celebrate? We're here, we're having a nice time, and besides, what else are we supposed to do?” he replied.She smiled and agreed. “You're right.”The two of them sipped at their respective glasses and enjoyed a dinner that would have cost them fifty bucks at any nearby restaurant.The power came on not long after six. They'd briefly considered getting back to their studies but quickly abandoned the idea in favor of getting ready for bed and watching a movie on TV. Sindy had a romantic movie she'd wanted to see for a long time and Ryan agreed to it. There'd been a new action flick he wanted to see but it could wait.Sindy excused herself to change into her silk sleepshirt while Ryan converted the futon to its evening configuration. Ryan's night time outfit was simple and he just stripped down to his boxer shorts before sitting down on what was now a bed. Sindy joined him and sat next to him. As he started the movie they clinked their glasses to toast the day and settled in.The movie wasn't going to win any awards but it was well done and full of sexual tension. Sindy and Ryan exchanged some knowing glances at some of the more subtle moments of the story. They understood the things that were implied and the impact of the story was greater because the romantic parts were implied instead of spelled out.Sindy's hand drifted to Ryan's lap at one point. Ryan understood she was getting aroused and in turn he felt his own stirrings. His own hand slipped along her side and then down to her hip. Not feeling any panties he knew it was that sticky time of the month for Sindy. And after five months of getting to know Sindy and her body he knew she was ovulating and far more interested in sex than usual. He glanced over his shoulder at the little table where he kept his condoms and wondered when would be the right time to go get one.He didn't mind when Sindy poured herself her third glass of Cointreau for the evening. The movie started the third act and not even fifteen minutes into it Sindy poured herself yet another glass of the orange liqueur.The action on the screen heated up. The couple in the story had an illicit relationship and while it was romantic it was also filled with forbidden tension. The couple on the screen finally ended up in bed together and Sindy found herself wanting the same thing.The lithe blond moved herself into Ryan's lap to watch the rest of the movie.“Hold me.” she told him and he obliged.For Ryan this was a little bit of torture. His cock was rock hard and it was separated from Sindy's bare pussy by only the flimsy fabric of his boxer shorts. He did his best to hold still but it wasn't long before his hips moved. His hands went to Sindy's sleep shirt and started unbuttoning it.It was a lover's code between Sindy and Ryan that if she let him take off her sleep shirt and feel her tits that they'd have sex. If she swatted his hands away and buttoned herself up then they both went along with the unspoken refusal.But not tonight.With the last button undone Ryan pulled open Sindy's sleep shirt and his hands went to her cute little tits. She sighed as he gently touched her all while keeping her eyes focused on the movie. She was now satisfied that she was going to get fucked.Ryan was getting increasingly aroused as he explored her body. When he went to ease the sleep shirt off of her shoulders she leaned forward to let him take it off. In doing so she put pressure on his eager cock and he audibly moaned.Now she was naked in his arms and she leaned back against him.For her part Sindy was ready for sex. Watching all the action in the movie had gotten her hot and she needed Ryan's cock inside her. Spreading her legs she reached down and pulled his cock loose from his boxers and then started slowly humping herself on it.Ryan stole another quick glance at the table where he kept the condoms. He was just about ready to interrupt his moment with Sindy to do the sensible thing when he felt her wetness sliding on the underside of his cock. Her pussy lips parted and coated his prong with her luxurious lubrication.It was too much for him. Still, he held back.“Sindy, what do you want to do, baby?” he whispered in her ear. He knew whatever she decided it would have to be her decision.She said nothing and instead pushed herself against his body arching her back to catch the tip of his cock in her pussy.In that moment Sindy knew Ryan had wanted to stop and go get a condom. The sensible part of her told her this was the right thing to do. But for the past twenty minutes she'd been feeling Ryan's hands on her body and then she'd been watching the couple on the screen fuck without a stupid rubber. And that's what she wanted, too.His cock was in just the right spot. She knew once she started he wouldn't stop. She knew it was the wrong time of the month to be playing games like this. But all she really knew was that Ryan's bare cock was poised to be pleasingly deep inside her.With her hands holding herself above Ryan's hips she relaxed.The two of them sighed and moaned together as her horny and slickened pussy enveloped his cock, welcoming it into her body.“Fuck.” whispered Ryan as he felt bare pussy around his cock again.Sindy ground herself on Ryan's lap and moved to get him as deep as she could. It felt so fucking good! His hands cupped her tits as they started to fuck. He was being gentle and slow but that wasn't what she wanted tonight.“Ryan, fuck me like you want to own me!” she asked of him.He responded by taking two pillows and piling them next to where the two lovers were entwined. Then she was slightly mystified when he had her lift off of him. Guiding her to the pillows he had her lay face down with her pelvis astride the pillows. Her bare ass was now aimed up into the air. They'd never done this before.Ryan knelt behind her and briefly admired her upturned ass. A delicate fuzz of blond hair followed from her head down her spine and ended just above her ass. He thought it was sexy. Pulling her legs apart he scooted up close to her and then pressed his cock into her lewdly displayed pussy.Sindy caught her breath as Ryan pushed all the way inside of her in one stroke. She hadn't had him this deep in some time and it was slightly uncomfortable as his cock poked into her cervix. She tried to get up on her elbows to adjust herself but Ryan quickly put a hand on her back to hold her in place. His other hand tightly gripped her right hip.“…fuck me like you want to own me!” echoed in Ryan's head as his cock rammed deep into Sindy's pussy.He did want to own her. And she had just told him she wanted to be owned.He grimaced and bit his lower lip as he pulled out and then slammed deep again. He loved her with all his heart but she'd triggered something in him and right now he wanted to treat her like a whore. He wanted to own her and not just tonight but every night.He took another look at the table that held his condoms as he started fucking her. Then he looked down at Sindy who was whimpering as he battered her womb from inside. Suddenly it was more than just sex, it was a conquest.Sindy held on to the sheets as Ryan pounded her from behind. Tears came from her eyes in a mix of pleasure, pain, and satisfaction that she could evoke such animal lust from her tender and sensitive Ryan.“Gahhhh!” grunted Ryan as he fucked her. He was fucking harder than he'd ever imagined he could. He loved hearing her cry out as he'd slam into her most tender place.Usually he'd hold off cumming until Sindy was pleased but not tonight. When he felt his balls start to churn he just kept fucking. And when he felt his cum race down his cock he slammed himself into her and held her tight as he filled her pussy with his seed.Sindy was crying at this point. It was all so emotional and she was simply overwhelmed. She'd coaxed him into fucking her bare and then was shocked when he fucked her hard like she'd asked him to do. She'd had no idea what he was capable of and she wondered if it had been such a good idea.When Ryan's cock was done spurting the last of his seed into her belly he fell back. He was sweaty, panting, and somewhat surprised at his animal side. He ran a hand over Sindy's upturned ass and admired her sodden pussy as it started to close up again. A puddle of his cum soaked the top pillow.With Sindy's pelvis propped up on the pillows there was another puddle of cum deep inside her pussy. The sticky fluid of her ovulation welcomed the sperm as they raced to find her ovum.The two lovers were uncharacteristically quiet after their mutual exertions. Ryan wondered what was on Sindy's mind and she in turn wondered about Ryan. She allowed herself to snooze a bit after the physical and emotional workout. Not bothering to move she gave no thought to the fact that her pussy was still on display for Ryan.The movie was now over and given the late hour on a weekend Ryan wasn't surprised when a softcore porn movie started up. He fondled Sindy's feet as he watched the flick unfold. It had the barest hint of a plot but soon devolved into an excuse to show some unemotional but physically impressive fucking.It was just over an hour and at the end the movie he felt his balls churning. Moving his eyes from the end credits to Sindy's naked pussy he felt his cock get hard.Her ankles had crossed but it was a simple matter to undo them. Gently spreading her legs he scooted up behind her and started massaging her back. When she stirred and moaned with pleasure from the back rub he prodded her pussy with his cock and then easily mounted her again.The fervor he'd had earlier in the evening had been sated so now he fucked her at a more leisurely pace. She purred as he fucked her and kept rubbing her back.At this point Sindy didn't care that he was in her bare again. The deed was done and all that mattered now was feeling her man enjoying her body. When he eventually seeded her again she rolled over and slept a very satisfied sleep.Sunday morning greeted Sindy with cool fresh air coming in off the lake. Ryan had covered her up in the blankets and she could smell the fresh coffee in the kitchen. She also heard the shower going. Starting a cup of coffee she sipped on it allowing the aroma to mask the heady scent of sex that was all over her body.Sindy traded places with Ryan when he exited the shower. They exchanged bashful pleasantries as if nothing unusual had transpired.When she came out of the shower she toweled off her hair and was about to go get dressed for the day when Ryan grabbed her sleep shirt and held it out to her.“We're not going anywhere today so why not wear this?”She looked at Ryan and realized that his wardrobe for the day was just a fresh pair of boxers.“Okay.” she agreed.A light breakfast followed and then the two of them got back into their respective studies. Three hours flew by and then Sindy got up to make a light lunch. They chatted a bit more than earlier but still avoided the topic of the previous evening.With the lunch finished Sindy washed the few dishes involved and was on her tip toes putting them away when Ryan came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. His cock slipped under her sleep shirt and his hands were already on her boobs. He leaned in and kissed her neck and she leaned into him to encourage him.He adjusted his body and then moved against her again. This time his bare cock slid up against her pussy.Sindy spread her legs just enough to open her pussy for him. His cock poked into her and then in just a few strokes the two of them were making love. Her hands eased down to the counter while Ryan held her by her hips as he fucked her. Her toes only barely touching the kitchen tiles.There was no alcohol involved this time and Sindy had no illusions about what the two of them were doing. She was fucking a man she wasn't married to. Bare. She knew what it could mean but it didn't seem to matter. All that mattered was this warm wonderful man and his cock fucking her pussy.She was about to have some other thoughts when her pussy suddenly exploded in glorious spasms. Ryan felt this and fucked her hard before filling her up with another dose of his seed.When he let go of her body his cock slipped from her pussy and wetly slapped against his leg. He turned to go to the bathroom to clean up. Sindy felt his seed running down her leg and was mesmerized by it for a moment. Then she grabbed the kitchen towel and wiped it up. Thinking about it she got some warm water on that same towel and cleaned herself before straightening her sleep shirt.After that it was back to their studies.Later on when dinner was concluded Ryan led her to the futon bed. He looked at her and caressed her face and then she doffed the sleep shirt, pulling it over her head and tossing it to the floor. As she got onto the bed and lay on her back Ryan dropped his boxers.Climbing onto the bed she welcomed him into her embrace and they started yet another night of natural sex, but more gentle than the night before.It was just before the Fourth of July when Ryan was at work in Atlanta and his phone rang. Looking at the screen he saw it was Sindy. Swiping right he accepted the call.“Hi, sweetheart!” he said.“Hello, daddy!” replied a very happy Sindy.By Baztrachian for Literotica

    The Ball Drops For Cindy

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    She makes room for him over the holidays. (erotic Coupling)By Baztrachian.  (edited) Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.In her freshman year at Northwestern Sindy had started working at a local coffee shop where she met Ryan. Ryan was five years older than Sindy, on the verge of graduating and merely looking at him made Sindy's pulse race faster.Ryan for his part was initially unaware of Sindy's interest in him. But over the course of the year he'd come to the coffee shop to study and he gradually started to notice the cute girl with the blonde hair always staring at him. He found himself appreciating the graceful curve of her modest breasts and her almost ever-present smile.It was a few days before the end of September when Ryan asked Sindy if she'd like to go out for a date sometime. Naturally she said yes.Sindy's parents were not wealthy but they were well off and when Sindy went to college they made sure she had her own apartment. It was just a one bedroom affair with another room that was her kitchen, dining room, and living room all in one. Where Ryan shared his cramped dormer with two other young men that meant that his dates with Sindy frequently took place at her apartment.Despite the circumstance their relationship was rather chaste. Sindy was always careful to make sure that things never got out of hand and that often left Ryan feeling frustrated. Still, he loved the girl and felt she was worth waiting for. But at the same time he longed to feel her bare skin against his own. Sindy of course had similar feelings for Ryan but she was constrained by her conservative spiritual upbringing and her parent's expectation that she wait until marriage before getting physical with a young man.Fate stepped in and late in the week before Christmas break one of Ryan's roommates had left an electric hot plate unattended in close proximity to their pathetic little Christmas tree. Fortunately the ensuing fire took place during the day when almost all of the dorm residents were off at class. The remaining few who were in the dorm at the time safely made it out when the fire alarms went off.Unfortunately the dorm was an old wooden structure and by the time the fire department arrived the building was a total loss. The fire department had no pretensions about saving the building and instead focused their efforts on preventing damage to other nearby dorms.That afternoon Ryan got word that he was now out of a home and that what few clothes he owned had been consumed in the conflagration. The only spare clothes he still had were in his gym locker and these were suddenly much more important than they had been the day before.Ryan texted Sindy and let her know about the fire. It turned out that Sindy had heard about the fire and she was of course pleased that Ryan was safe. But he had nowhere to live for the moment. The two of them agreed to meet for coffee to discuss the matter.With the Christmas break only a day away Sindy asked Ryan if he could handle sleeping on her futon couch while she was away at home. The futon couch was one of those that went from being a couch into being a bed in moments. Naturally Ryan agreed to her terms that he keep his distance while living with Sindy and with only the things in his backpack he went home with Sindy.That evening the two young people went out to gather a few sundries for Ryan to replace the things he lost. Sindy found it to be an intimate experience to shop for toiletries for her boyfriend and she also found herself desiring a more domestic lifestyle. Fantasies of marriage danced around her mind on the walk back to her apartment and she allowed herself a satisfied smile as she realized that it was now ‘their' apartment.The two of them stayed up later than usual due to the circumstance. They shared a late take out dinner and then got the couch set up as a bed for Ryan. Sindy excused herself to get ready for bed and Ryan listened as she did her evening grooming in the bathroom. He didn't see her when she went into her bedroom and closed the door. His turn in the bathroom followed and then for lack of anything else to wear he just shucked his clothes and put on a clean pair of sweat pants for the night.Sitting on his improvised bed Ryan caught his breath when Sindy returned to the room. She was wearing a simple silk nightshirt that buttoned down the front, her legs were temptingly bare, and the silk fabric readily betrayed the fact that Sindy's breasts were tantalizingly unconstrained by a bra.For her part Sindy felt flushed when she saw Ryan. It was the first time she'd seen him bare above the waist and he was everything she'd hoped for. He was well toned but not overly detailed like the narcissists she'd see in the weight rooms for hours on end. His chest had a proper tuft of hair unlike the fey boys who'd shave themselves hairless. And her eyes could not help but drift down to where she saw his sweat pants notably tented.Being a relatively cloistered girl Sindy was naïve to Ryan's erection and she merely thought it impressive. Still, the sight of her boyfriend half naked flustered the girl and she said a quick good night before retreating to the safety of her bedroom.It ended up being more than an hour before either of the two of them slipped into a slumber.The following morning saw Ryan waking up early. He started a pot of coffee and then took a shower. As he was washing himself he felt his morning hard-on and decided to do something about it. His fist wrapped around the hard cock and started working it. Trying to choke back his moans Ryan quickly spewed four strong streams of cum into the steaming water.When he came out to the main room Sindy was already there, sipping her cup of coffee. The two young people were quite awkward as they tried to make conversation and it was the welcome fact of an early train for Sindy that put an end to the moment. A chaste kiss was exchanged and then Sindy ran off to catch her train.Ryan watched her from the window as she ran down the street and when she turned the corner he saw her look back and wave. He smiled and waved at her as she walked out of sight.Arriving at home Sindy somehow managed to get through the holiday without letting her parents know about Ryan or how he was currently living in her apartment. Images of Ryan's bare chest replayed in her mind all through Christmas. At the church Christmas Eve service she found herself thinking about the birth of Jesus and how maybe someday she'd have a baby of her own. Her mind drifted back to Ryan and she snorted back a small giggle as she realized she didn't want to have an immaculate conception.Christmas came the next day and Sindy managed to slip away from her family long enough to call Ryan and wish him a Merry Christmas. The sound of his soothing voice was music to her ears and she found herself eager to get back to Evanston.Her parents were actually impressed when Sindy told them she wanted to get back to school early. Her logical reason was that she wanted to be safe back at her apartment on New Year's Eve instead of trying to travel with so many other people on New Year's Day. That particular year New Year's Day fell on a Sunday and that made the following day a work day. Even the news media predicted chaos for travel that day what with a massive snowstorm on the way for New Year's Day.It was just before lunch time when Sindy got back to the apartment. Ryan was out somewhere but she knew he'd be back because he was expecting her home. Sure enough she had just doffed her jacket and hat when Ryan came in the door. He set down a bag of groceries and the two of them shared a passionate kiss. Sindy didn't care that Ryan's hand cupped one of her boobs as they kissed. No, she realized she liked it.They broke their kiss and laughed that they were so much more passionate with each other. Sindy for her part was glad that Ryan hadn't gone any further because she didn't trust herself after having such lustful thoughts recently, for him.The two of them chatted and caught up with each other as they put away the groceries. Ryan had splurged and bought the makings for Sindy's favorite cocktail which was a Mai Tai. Sindy didn't care for champagne because it gave her headaches, so Ryan had thoughtfully planned on the Mai Tai to toast in the new year.It was just after nine when the expected snow started to fall. It wasn't long after that when Ryan poured a fifth of white rum into a pitcher and then added pineapple juice, sweetened lime juice, grenadine, and a generous amount of dark rum to round off the drink.Now Ryan could drink pretty hard, like most senior college men; but to be fair to him he wasn't planning on drinking the whole pitcher of Mai Tai that one night. The thing was that he only knew the recipe one way and that was how he made it. He expected the pitcher of the cocktail would be sipped on for a few days.At eleven the two young people sat in front of their TV and watched as the new year was welcomed in New York City. They toasted each other and Sindy finished her second Mai Tai of the evening. When she set down her glass she excused herself to get ready for bed and suggested that Ryan do the same thing.In her bedroom she pulled off her winter travel outfit of blue jeans and a flannel shirt and put on her favorite silk nightshirt. As was her habit, she dispensed with her bra for the night and felt a bit of relief as her size C globes were freed from their modest restraints.It was then that Sindy noticed her panties were moist. She sighed with irritation because this was typical around the second week after her period, each month. She didn't like that her panties would get wet with the same clear stringy fluid every ovulation. Taking off her panties she tossed them in her dirty laundry basket and grabbed a tissue to clean herself.When she was finished, she tossed the tissue in her waste basket and then opened a drawer to find a fresh pair of panties. The first pair she found were her favorite linen panties she'd bought for herself at Nordstrom. She held them in her hand and shook her head at the thought of ruining them with all the ‘snot' coming out of her pussy.“Maybe he won't notice”, she said to herself. Looking in the mirror to make sure her nightshirt covered her down to just above her knees she decided it would be okay to go without panties for the next hour. She absently nodded her head as if to approve this decision.Returning to the living room she found Ryan bare chested as usual and wearing only his sweat pants. He'd converted the futon to a bed while she was busy and was under the blankets on his makeshift bed when she returned. He invited her to join him and share his warmth. She didn't hesitate and she also didn't hesitate to help herself to the Mai Tai glass that had been refilled while she'd been changing.Ryan somehow managed to behave himself as a nearly naked Sindy sat next to him. He'd seen her profile as she walked into the room and he instantly noticed the lack of panty lines under her silk nightshirt. He felt his balls roll with anticipation when the girl got under the blankets with him. He also did his best to convince his cock to settle down as he wrapped his arm around her; both of them watching the TV which was on her side of the futon.The hour went by and soon enough there was a countdown and then the TV showed the fireworks at the Navy Pier in Chicago as the new year arrived.Ryan pulled Sindy over close and kissed her to celebrate their first new year's celebration together. The two of them were warm and tense when Sindy broke their kiss to suggest they toast the new year.Sindy's glass was empty again so Ryan got up and refilled it from the pitcher on the kitchenette counter.Returning to her, he saw her sitting up, her bare feet on the carpet and then saw the silly smile on her face. She was sitting on the edge of the futon and he thought she might be thinking about going to her bedroom. He realized she wasn't drunk but she wasn't far from it. He put the two glasses down on a side table and then knelt down on the carpet in front of Sindy.Leaning into her as she sat on the bed he gently kissed her. Her arms came up around him as she kissed him back. A few minutes went by as the two of them kissed and explored each other's bodies. The music from the celebration on TV created a very romantic tone for the moment.Sindy didn't notice when Ryan deftly undid the buttons on her nightshirt. Her whole universe at that moment was consumed with the sensations of kissing, being kissed, and feeling the strong bare shoulders of her man. She also didn't notice as Ryan gently parted her knees with his hips.“Oh.” Ryan heard her say as she felt him suckle on one of her nipples. She kissed the top of his head and her hands went to his waist as she felt him grinding himself into her crotch. Remembering that she wasn't protected by the flimsy fabric of her panties her hands went further down his waist to find the reassuring presence of Ryan's sweat pants right where they should be.Ryan pulled away from her for a moment and shut off the TV. They were now in darkness save for the light that came in from the street outside. It was also unusually quiet what with the sounds of the city muffled by an ever intensifying snow storm.In the darkness she saw him stand up and when he took her hand she obliged and stood up as well. She complied when he eased her nightshirt off of her shoulders even though she wasn't truly cognizant of the situation. The presence of his sweat pants made her feel that it was okay if one of them was naked.He guided her back to the bedroom, helped her into bed, and pulled the warm blankets over her. Then he went to the other side of the bed and climbed in. Her brief exposure to the cold air of the apartment made her welcome the warmth when Ryan moved partly on to her and kissed her again.She felt his hand explore her body and she didn't complain. His big warm hand moved around feeling her neck, her breasts, her waist, her hips, and then he slowly moved it to her pussy. She tensed when he first touched her down there but then relaxed as he gently explored and then found her button. Sindy was overwhelmed with sensation and alcohol as Ryan ministered to her needs.Ryan was no virgin nor was he a philanderer. He'd had just one girlfriend in high school and after three years of experience he knew his way around the female body. Sindy responded to his touch just like his old girlfriend used to. Her legs relaxed as he rubbed and teased her button and after some time he chanced to let a finger explore her cleft.“Omigawd” he heard as his finger easily slipped into Sindy's body. She was so wet for him. She was ready.He moved himself over on top of her and gently parted her legs. The soft underside of his cock brushed against the fine blonde hair of her pubes as the two of them adjusted to their new position.Sindy didn't give it any thought when she had to spread her legs for Ryan's legs above her. It was just the natural thing to do and she loved how his body was now pressing her down into the soft mattress. the bed that was cold a few minutes ago, was now warm and soft.  She felt him moving and adjusting as they kissed. Then she felt something warm, firm, and yet soft brush against her lower belly. The alcohol made this sensation into something quizzical but not alarming. She was horny, but buzzed. She's never been in bed with a man until tonight. the entire experience was surreal and wonderful.Ryan moved himself down on the virgin and started sucking on her nipples and lightly biting them. She moaned in approval and then reflexively pulled her legs back and rested the soles of her feet against the backs of his thighs. Sindy herself was surprised when she did this. It seemed so lewd! Yet something had made her do this and it seemed like it was the right thing to do. She also felt more comfortable this way. Her primal nature directed her responses.Sindy loved feeling Ryan suckling and biting her nipples and when he started kissing his way up her chest she had a moment of longing, wishing he'd suckle her some more.His lips moved to her ear and lightly tugged at her earlobe. Then he moved his lips back to hers and she felt his tongue move into her mouth. It was her first French kiss and somehow it didn't feel new or strange to her. It felt good to have part of him inside her body. Letting him into her body was, well; was just what her body knew to do.In the midst of kissing him Sindy felt Ryan's pelvis moving on her and she became aware of something very warm pressing against her pussy. She felt her pussy lips part and then the something moved between them rubbing back and forth. It felt nice. Very nice. She knew she wanted more of this feeling.“What are you doing to me?” she whispered into the night air.“I'm making love to you.” was what she heard in reply.Her mind struggled to process the import of what they were doing and what she had just heard.‘We couldn't be having sex, right? We're just making out! And besides', she thought to herself, 'he still has his sweat pants on.'Her hands moved from his shoulders to his waist. And then she moved them to his bare ass that was moving in synch with the sensation she felt between her legs. Sindy was torn as she realized that he was naked. She realized that the thing so wonderfully sliding back and forth in her furrow was Ryan's thick and stiff bare cock. Part of her wanted him to stop. But it felt so good!'It's safe so long as he doesn't actually go inside me' she told herself.Ryan moved and put one arm around her with his hand holding her left shoulder. His other hand snaked around her waist and held her tight. She wasn't going anywhere now and they both knew this.Ryan withdrew his cock from running between Sindy's pussy lips and for a moment Sindy felt relief that he was done and at the same time she felt a pang of loss that it was over. She couldn't help herself but to feel giddy when she felt him press into her. It wasn't the same feeling as the rubbing but she wanted it all the same. Her cunt was hot, swollen, oozing, and hungry.She felt him press into her with a kind of urgency. The blunt tip of his cock was now searching for her opening in earnest. She felt it press and then slip away from her. Then she felt his body move back and try again.“Oh, I'm not so sure…” she said as Ryan's blunt tip finally found the right spot and she felt that tip press into the mouth of her pussy. Her hands went to Ryan's waist as if to push him away.Ryan felt Sindy tense as his cock pushed past the threshold of her pussy. He felt her try to lift his body off of hers. He paused for a moment as she said something.In that brief moment Sindy understood that Ryan's mind had checked out. The same primal instincts gave him a course of directives, which his body was destined to accomplish without needing his brain to direct. He was holding her so tight and if she didn't get him to stop it would be too late!She struggled just a bit and realized her mistake as her movement got his cock into the exact right position to penetrate her body.Ryan had felt his cock push past her pussy lips but then it wasn't going any further. Then Sindy's pelvis instinctively moved around and suddenly his cock moved deeper into her pussy.Sindy caught her breath as she felt Ryan's cock slip into her pussy. She was about to ask him to stop when his strong arms held her tight and he started thrusting into her. She wasn't yet aware that her own hips were already beginning to move in sync with his primal mission. In a few moments she felt him deep inside her body and she felt his warm balls coming down, resting on her ass.“Ohmigod.” she said.Ryan felt a sense of relief with his cock finally buried into the object of his desires. He hadn't had his cock in a pussy for almost six years and the feeling was exquisite. Part of him wanted to fuck her hard and get his rocks off. A more sensible part of him reminded him that he loved this girl.“Are you okay?” he said to Sindy.“Yeah.” she whispered, “We're having sex aren't we?”He gave her a gentle thrust and replied playfully, “Yeah, I think we are.”Ryan kissed her and slowly started thrusting himself into the girl. She took a little time to relax but eventually she did and so did Ryan. He raised up slowly, dragging his engorged cock along the rippled inner walls of her deep pussie canal; only to feel his shaft switch it's polarity and drive back, deep into her deep canal again, dropping his balls again, on her awaiting ass. He paused every now and again as he fought back the urge to fuck her hard and cum. His body wanted to fuck her body, but his heart & soul wanted to become one with her heart & soul.For her part Sindy was in awe of the amazing things happening to her. She had never imagined sex would feel so wonderful and intimate. It seemed surreal that for all of the years she had imagined what this moment would be like the moment was now upon her. She loved Ryan but at this moment he was simply the man who was finally fucking her. She surrendered her intellect, over to her body. ‘Don't think,' she instinctive told her mind. ‘Don't discuss. Don't blow this moment!' ‘Your body knows what to do. So does his. Now celebrate this marvel!'It was perhaps a therapeutic benefit that she'd been more than tipsy. She played with his hair and ran her fingernails on his scalp as he fucked her. She loved that he moaned in response. She loved the heavy male scent she smelled on him. She was a little bashful about the wet squishing sound coming from between her legs but she didn't think Ryan cared.As the lovers gently fucked Sindy's mind remembered sitting in church the week before. She remembered thinking about Jesus and his mother Mary. And the immaculate conception.Sindy kissed Ryan on the tip of his nose as he fucked her. She remembered being a smartass thinking she didn't want an immaculate conception.The three Mai Tai's and the cock sliding back and forth in her pussy made it easier for her to dismiss her own thoughts. And then it registered that what she and Ryan were doing could create a baby.She heard his breath coming faster. He was moaning every now and then and she realized that she was too.Maybe she should ask him to stop?“Uhm, fuck.” he grunted.She felt him start to move a little faster.His quickly rose from her while keeping his cock inside her body. His hands went to her knees and then, scooping her legs with his arms, he raised them up to her shoulders and pressed down on her again. Her feet were now on either side of his head.She hadn't thought it possible but now he was all the way inside her pussy. He kept his cock inside of her and thrusted over and over. She felt like she was getting beaten from the inside as his cock tried to punch its way up into her belly!He slammed into her repeatedly and yelled, “Ah, ah, ah!”Sindy grimaced as his cock pressed painfully into her cervix. Then she felt his cock swell up and start fluttering inside of her belly. The realization that she was being inseminated at that moment was mind blowing for her. Something inside of her responded and Sindy found herself feeling like something was building. She felt liquid blasts deep within her, and her vaginal reflexes triggered a euphoria which flooded every cell of her body, like a strong intoxicant invading all her 5 senses.Ryan fucked her hard and managed to get a few more squirts of cum into her. It was enough that Sindy felt her body tremble and tingle. Her toes curled and she held Ryan tight. He knew what was happening to her and started giving her a steady fucking.“Hunuhh!” she uttered and then collapsed spent from her first serious orgasm.Ryan let himself fall to the side while still laying over her hips; keeping his softening cock deeply embedded inside of Sindy.Caressing her exposed breasts he spoke, “That was amazing.”She brushed back some hair from her face. “Yeah, it was. We're gonna need to talk about this tomorrow.” There was a more serious tone to her voice.“True.” he said. They both knew not to kill this sacred moment with intellectual interactions.They didn't say anything else. Sindy got up and went off the bathroom to clean up and when she came back Ryan held the blankets up to welcome her back. She spooned up to him with her back to him and they held each other as they fell asleep.Around four in the morning Ryan woke up and quickly realized that very naked and very available Sindy was cuddled up with him. His cock was quickly hard again.He kissed Sindy's bare shoulder and got no response. She was sleeping off three cocktails and a vigorous fucking after all. He let his hands explore the girl and managed to provoke a murmur of approval from her when he fingered one of her nipples.He pulled her ass towards him a few inches and then swabbed his cock at her pussy. She was sticky from their earlier exertions but when he got her pussy lips to open a bit her moisture called to him. With his hand on her hip he gently pushed into her and in a few strokes was inside of her again.She stirred and looked over her shoulder at him. “Ryan?”“Yeah, it's me.”“Oh, okay” she said pushing back on his cock.This time wasn't about Sindy. Ryan needed to nut and he found himself fucking her. Not making love to her but just plain fucking her. When he got there he held her tight and pushed deep which elicited a whimper of complaint from Sindy. His cum spewed into her again and when he was done he held himself inside of her.When they awoke it was well past seven yet it was still kind of dark out. Sindy kissed Ryan and then went off to take a much needed shower. When she was done she put on a robe and she and Ryan exchanged pleasantries as he took his place in the shower. Neither of them had yet fully comprehended the fullness of what happened to them within the past few hours.Looking out the window Sindy saw the snow coming down and when she looked at the street it was covered in white. There were the telltale lumps of parked cars but it was obvious the snowplows had other priorities.She got the coffee going and started making breakfast. She was damned hungry and that called for eggs.Ryan was finished just in time for breakfast and the two of them sat on the futon watching local news cover 'The Storm of the Century'. He had on the sweat pants and a t-shirt.When breakfast was finished Sindy refilled their coffee cups and sat back on the futon with Ryan.“So.” she said.“Yeah.” he said with resignation, preparing himself for what was to come.“I wanted it, too.” she said as she sipped her coffee.“Really? You're okay with it all?”She demurely nodded. “Yeah, I wanted you and the alcohol was just an excuse. It's not the fairy tale way to lose my virginity but it really isn't far from it. We have a warm bed and a snowstorm outside on New Year's. It's kind of romantic really.”“Sindy, what are we going to tell your parents? It's not like you can keep me a secret after this.”She looked him in the eye. “What if we have a baby? That's more important to me right now.”Sindy expected a lot of things but she didn't expect Ryan to smile.“I'd love to have a baby with you, Sindy. I'd be crazy not to.” The two had become one. Not because of a license, not because of a priest, but because the forces of nature, and nature's God had consumated their hearts and bodies. Just as the biblical patriarch, Isaac; had simply taken Rebecca into the tent and began a marriage with a mutual commitment and intercourse, God still keeps things simple. Mankind finds ways to complicate things.The tears started to flow. Ryan pulled her close to comfort her and she told him she was happy and not sad. They sat there together for a couple hours discussing ideas for a house maybe up in Wisconsin somewhere. They talked about a modest wedding ceremony. They talked about babies.They had an early dinner that night and Sindy had just finished doing the dishes when Ryan came up to her and put his arms around her. One his hands came across bare flesh under her robe.“What are you wearing under there?” he asked.“Nothing.”“You've been naked under there all day?”She smiled. “Yup. Care to do something about it?”A few moments later Sindy had her hands on the kitchen counter while Ryan was busy fucking her from behind. Looking down at her feet she wondered if she was going to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.“I hope so.” she said out loud.Society didn't know they got married during the snow storm, but the two became one in the purest, most natural sense.By Baztrachian for Literotica

    A Late Great Christmas Gift

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2022

    Santa & His Team Makes Up For A North Pole Screw-Up.By Demi Urging. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.It's the wee hours of December 26th. Rick is finally shoving the last of his teetering friends through their front door, He volunteered to be designated driver again, for about half a dozen friends & co-workers.Another Christmas gathering passed as the clock ticked into the next day and it seemed he'd be single again into the new year. He thought he would have gotten over it by age thirty. He did have a pity date from last year  for New Year's Eve. It hadn't been a nice date, either; she stayed for a single kiss at midnight and left without another word. The same woman has a boyfriend this year, so Rick couldn't ask again even if his pride would allow it. Now he'll get plenty of sleep.The only sign of the holidays in his life was the box of fudge sitting on his counter, Which his elderly neighbor gave him the night before Christmas.He wouldn't even eat it tonight. Sleep had to come first, then he had a week off, since the boss knew most of the team would be useless if he had them come in that week.Climbing the stairs, he smelled something delectable, coming out of the 4th floor stairwell. He thought one of his neighbors must have made actual food instead of subsisting on beer and crackers like his friends had. Maybe he would eat some of that fudge after all, since a glass of water and a handful of crackers in the face of a home-cooked meal seemed inadequate.It had to be Miss Thompson. Rick thought that the old gal had gone off to the country for the day to visit with her kids, but the smell of his mom's ham with orange & clove seasoning didn't lie, and it was absolutely coming from somewhere on this floor, getting stronger as he approached his own apartment.Taking a final pleasant sniff before entering his lonely apartment, Rick turned, halfway opened his front door, and was smacked in the face with a bouquet of aromas that sent his mind back to Christmas dinner with mom and dad.Rick stepped back. Wrong apartment, he thought. But when he checked the address, expecting to be on the wrong floor somehow, he was met with the very same number he saw every day. He considered calling the cops, but wanted to know the actual situation before making that decision. So, flicked-open pocket knife in hand, he very slowly pushed the door open again.“Aren't you coming in?” A slender, bright-eyed young woman in an apron and a horribly ugly holiday sweater three sizes too large, only bare leg showing underneath its hem, was standing in the entryway. She giggled, fluffy blonde locks bouncing around peaked ears, and took Rick by the hand, gently tugging him inside. “Come on, silly, it's nice and warm. I have a fire going that's the perfect size for snuggling and supper just came out of the oven.”Ah, so a crazy person broke in. At least they…“A Fire!?” Rick asked as he pulled himself out of her grasp and ran further inside, desperately trying to remember where he kept the extinguisher. But he stopped when he saw what she really meant: his television was showing a video of a fireplace and putting out the smooth jazz version of Christmas favorites, & also a heater stationed below it provided heat along with what looked like a genuine polar bear skin rug.Jittering followed as the girl joined him. “I am sorry I couldn't have a real one tonight, but there was no fireplace so this is the best I could do. Now, let's get you fed while it's nice and piping hot, and then we can open presents.”A glance around the room revealed a small pine tree, dazzling with ornaments and laden with expertly-wrapped boxes underneath. Rick's dining room table held more food than it ever had before and glimmered with candlelight that danced gleefully as the girl dimmed the lights and retrieved the last item from the oven, coming around with a ceramic dish of bubbling, hot food to finish off the spread. She pulled a chair out for him to sit, pouting when he declined her service.“What is this and who are you?” Rick discreetly tucked his knife away.“This is Christmas dinner for my sweetie, of course. It'll start getting cold soon, so why don't I make you a plate?While she scooped Rick's plate with food, He considered his plan of action. The way she bounced to a beat, humming along with the television, the points of her ears were over-worldly?Rick reached out and tugged on one of the girl's ears. She yelped, tightening up so as not to drop the plate, and begged him with a tremble in her voice, “Sweetie, please don't.”When he released her, she set his place at the table and did the same for herself. He took his seat.“Merry Christmas, my sweet one. While you were away, Santa came along and dropped off a bunch of presents for you. I thought you would like the surprise and we could eat first before talking, but I guess I crossed a line, haven't I?”Rick put a bite of ham in his mouth, the girl brightening up as he started to eat.It had to be one of the most delicious things he'd had the pleasure to shove in his face. Mom's cooking, with its nostalgic advantage was still blown out of the water, and Rick felt sorry that he would never get to taste this for the first time again. Too soon it was all gone and the girl was carrying out a plate of apple and chocolate pie with ice cream on the side. This too didn't last and something about her constant giggling warmed him inside in a way he couldn't very well describe.As he finished the last bite of chocolate pie, she came over to his chair & wrapped herself around his neck from behind, softness and warmth pressing into his back and fluffy, blonde hair tickling his cheek. “Oh, Messy boy” she said, and leaned forward to smooch a crumb off his cheek.Before Rick could object, as little as he was inclined to, she had already slipped away to put dishes in the sink and his back felt uncomfortably cold with her absence.“That was pretty good; amazing actually.” Rick said, “But seriously, who are you? Did one of my friends hire you or something?” He dismissed the idea. “No, my mother? She's one of the only people with a key to my place. Unless; it was the landlady?”The girl stretched in the warm air with a luxurious moan escaping peachy lips, the neck of her XXL sweater spilling over a shoulder, exposing so much skin underneath that it was impossible for her to be wearing anything underneath. “I'm an elf!” she proclaimed. She curtsied, at least there were denim cutoff shorts underneath the sweater.  Rick just stared.“Didn't you hear me? Santa came by, because you were such a good boy, and we set all this up for you. Well, not to toot my own horn, but I did all the cooking and decorating, Santa brought presents. Oh, and I'm Sugarbell. I'm here to make your Christmas wish come true!”She'd taken a pose as if she was popping out of a giant layer cake; like there should be celebratory confetti shooting out. But she just stood there in awkward silence.Rick sighed, so she was a crazy chick after all. “Okay, miss elf, why don't you get out of here before I have to call the police. And how did you get in here anyway?”“Magic,” Sugarbell said, looking crestfallen, her ears drooping.“You're not giving me a good argument not to call the police. Can you at least take off the fake ears so we can really talk about this?”“Fake? Sweetie? She skipped over to a green sack by the door and plucked out a wrinkled, yellowed piece of paper. "Ahem,‘Dear Santa, I've been a good boy all year if you don't count that stuff that my sister says and all I really want is a girlfriend.' and then there's a colored pencil drawing of a girl with black pigtails who I think is your crush. ‘It's okay if I don't get one, I know that's asking for a lot, but it doesn't look like mom and Dave are going to be able to give out lots of toys this year, so don't worry about it if you can't. Merry Christmas. BTW I'm making snickerdoodles this year, so make sure you grab your share before Dave can steal them all again.'and there's your signature.”She handed the letter over for inspection. It was definitely his handwriting, his drawing skills from almost two decades ago…“So you were sent by my mother. You could have just said that and we'd have been fine. I'm sorry, she's pushy but I know she means well… should have told me I'd have company and I would have skipped that party. Anyway, what's your actual name?”“I'm Sugarbell. And I wasn't sent by her, Santa brought me. Here, look.” She tugged on her ear, leaning up so Rick could look closely. It was either real or the seam of the rubber was so well hidden that it might as well be. “I suppose this would be a little hard to believe for an adult. Sorry, I haven't actually spoken with a human for a few years.”Rick shook his head. “Your makeup's good, I'll give you that.”Rick angled his hips so the elf wouldn't notice a certain reflex to her melding to his shape. She was incredibly soft in his arms, just short of purring, the smell of peppermint coming off as she rubbed against him.Sugarbell stared up at him, her wide, green eyes shining with reflected candlelight. “But I'm not a crazy. I…” She went to the polar bearskin rug in front of the television, so big for the room that it bunched up against the walls in that corner, took a seat and patted the place beside her for him to take. Rick was not so troubled as he was amused, so he sat next to her on the rug in front of the sofa, facing the fake fire. She rested her head against his shoulder and twined her fingers in his with no resistance.“Um…” he said, “You got me, I guess, but what is all this?”“It's a little embarrassing for all of us who screwed up,” she said, “You see, back when we got that letter, we were using a new kind of mail bag and, as we would soon find out, letters would sometimes get caught in the seams. And the elf in charge of distributing letters wasn't especially conscientious. Rather than going through the trouble of digging out the trapped ones as he knew there would be, they instead ended up stuck inside, in a pile in the corner of the sorting room. It wouldn't have been that much of a problem, aside from that one elf's termination we would have just sorted through when we found the pile and spread out what good will we could. But then we arrived at your letter.”“I mean, I was a dumb 10 year old kid. It's not something I would ask for these days.”Sugarbell airily giggled, her cheek burned against his arm. “Sweetie, that wasn't the problem. We get so many requests for things like that; puppies, little brothers or sisters, a bunch-a edgy. Usually, we'd plan on whatever we could. Are the parents getting a pet? Is someone pregnant or likely to be? If not, a stuffed animal or baby doll would do the trick, and plastic weapons are wholesome enough as it is. The trouble came in an unfortunate fact: you were in the top hundred of the nice list that year.”“First of all, I don't believe you, but why would it be an issue?”“Top hundred and a random assortment on top of that get their wish, period. According to our records, you didn't submit one… had we known what you wanted, we couldn't very well kidnap someone and brainwash them, but we absolutely could have an elf facilitate a meeting, and stick around to help out a burgeoning romance. Of course, we didn't find your letter in the pile until this year. It wouldn't do for us to get off with as light as a card and a toy anymore, so here I am.” Sugarbell hugged his arm tightly to her chest and kissed his cheek. “I'm your present this year. Sorry it took so long for your wish to come true.” It doesn't make up for the twenty years you've lost, but We can only fix today.Rick reeled from the stream of revelations, not the least of which being that Santa was a real guy. And here was an eager, adorable, blonde lovely thing clinging to him, unwittingly giving him quite the show as her sweater's wide neck dipped down with her promised land hiding behind a tantalizing, flickering shadow. He averted his eyes, hoping she couldn't feel his heart going crazy through his palm, but her puckish smile said that she knew very well the effect her supple, inviting cuddliness was having.He paused. “So Santa just gave me one of his elves? What, did you draw the short stick?”“We're not slaves, you know. It's a career.”As he leaned back, supported by the sofa seat; Sugarbell straddled into his lap, wrapping her legs around his waist. There was no way she couldn't feel the ‘wooden soldier' poking her thighs from below. “Upon discovery of your letter, several of us thought that we could still make your wish come true, so Santa put out a call for volunteers. I won.” Before he could respond, she leaned into him, rocking him onto his back while she straddled; her warm, green eyes glittering in the false firelight on the tv as she came in for a transient peck on the lips. Then she teased him by hopping up and padding over to the kitchen.From where he lay, Rick watched her pull a tray from the oven and came back to the fire to kneel beside him.He asked, “People volunteered to be with me?” It was hard to imagine even two women fighting over him.Sugarbell frowned like she knew this conversation was going to happen sooner or later and could no longer be postponed. “Fifty of us young lady elves entered the pool. We played rock paper scissors for the position, and I won the tournament.Of course; if you don't want me, I'm sure we can drop someone else off for you. Any one of them would love to take my place.”“I just can't believe it.” Rick sat up and drew her into his arms, sitting her on one leg so the soldier couldn't get in the way. It seemed that she prepared to be rejected at this point, and he'd said so much to make her think he would, threatened to have her removed by the authorities after all.“It's a lot to take in, you know? How the heck was I in the top hundred? I don't remember doing anything especially great. Why not give my place to one of those prodigies out saving the rainforest or whatever?”She'd relaxed in his arms, nestled into the crook of his shoulder and curled in her slender legs. “We take lots of factors into consideration. The kindest people don't pay attention to how kind they are. They just do the right thing."And I thought you were a home invader.”“Nuh-uh.” She wiggled herself up until her lips touched his earlobe and whispered, “It's only home invasion when the owner doesn't want you there. Tell me who laid out milk and cookies all those years? Wasn't that you?”Her nuzzling and shimmying had tugged the overlarge neck of her sweater so far down across one shoulder that she was in danger of revealing herself from just the swell of her curvaceous breast with every breath, not that it seemed she would mind. Sugarbell wagged her pert butt in his lap, her fingers wandered underneath his sweatshirt and sweetly tugged at the t-shirt underneath when she found it was tucked in. The same breath which raised her chest came to him as a cool breeze on his neck.She said, “Tell me, what's the one thing you've always wanted to do, that you couldn't without a girlfriend?” One corner of his undershirt came free from his jeans.It was too fast, Rick hugged her tighter, trapping her hands to squirm uselessly against his belly. He grabbed her sweater and pulled the neck back off her shoulder, saving her from the risk of exposure. Giggling wildly, she plunged her hands under his plain gray sweatshirt and tickled his armpits without mercy until it was just too much to bear and Rick fell sideways, holding in suppressed laughter, landing onto his back.But it didn't end, Sugarbell seized the moment of his weakness and took hold of the sweatshirt's hem, pulling the whole thing up above his head in a smooth motion and trapping his arms in a cottony prison. She laid herself over his chest and at last succeeded in untucking his shirt. Meanwhile his bulge rested between the two cheeks of her very toned ass, and she rubbed against it with her subtle motions.Eagerness burned in her rosy cheeks. Her downy, golden hair fell around their faces, dividing them from the world, but a few deep breaths later, her giggling petered out and she rolled off, spending the last of her laughter beside him on the floor.“Sorry, sorry, we haven't even eaten dessert yet.” she said breathlessly, jumping up and scurrying back to the kitchen.Rick discarded his sweatshirt; it was already getting too warm for him. Watching on as Sugarbell's perky rear bounced away did nothing for dissipating his erection, begging him as it was, to just get on with it already. It didn't have long to calm down before she returned with a plate of tiny, pink cookies.“No, don't get up,” she said as she set the plate down on the rug, “Go ahead and try one, I'll pick a present for both of us, from the North Pole team.”The first bite of the little cookie exploded with crispy flakiness and a sophisticated undertone of strawberry. Rick snuck a second cookie before Sugarbell had time to return from the tree, with a couple gifts.“These are incredible!” he blurted through a cheekful of crumbs.She took one for herself and examined it between pinched fingers. “I wish I had more time to make them. It's the little touches that make the difference, but I wasn't able to let the egg whites get to room temperature before I beat them. And I know they say you can use a hand mixer to get the same results, but I think merenge needs the personal touch of a handheld whisk, even if it takes longer.”“What are you talking about? They're delicious.”Sugarbell sat next to him, leaning against the sofa, and kissed his cheek. Then sliding a present into his lap to open. “They're called sugarbells. My mom's version is so much better than mine.”Rick looked at the gift tag, but the sender's name was in Cyrillic so it was hopeless to try reading it. “Where did all these come from anyway?”“Let's see… that one's from the workshop, most of them are. The sender is an elf named Tart. Technically it's actually Tort, but that's what he prefers.”Rather than carefully preserve the beauty of the wrapping on her gift, Sugarbell plunged her fingertip under a flap and ripped the paper off in a single ragged chunk. She tipped the lid up to see inside, yelped, and put the package out of reach.“What was it?” Rick asked. The box was on her other side and she leaned in the way of his arm when he started reaching around to get at it.“Well, it was, uh,” she stammered, eyes darting back and forth until she realized there wasn't a way out of telling him the truth. “It's something of a gift to both of us, from the workshop's confectioner.” She waved him close and whispered with a warm breath against his ear, “Edible underwear.”Before he could respond with his own bewilderment, Sugarbell crawled away to fetch another pair of presents from the pile. She wouldn't look him in the eye when she thrust the next one into his hands. Did she think she hadn't already crossed the line from adorable into suggestive, or was it just too much to be hit smack in the face with the implications? This self-conscious side of her was adorable in its own way too.He decided to prod her. “Alright,” he said, “New rule: no hiding anything, and presents have to be tried out right away. Okay?”Sugarbell nodded solemnly and began drawing the hem of her sweater up, laying bare her tight, smooth belly, and was saved at the last moment when it crested her ribs and Rick caught her wrist.His bluff overwhelmingly called, Rick let her off easy and kissed her forehead. “Sorry, I just meant we should show off what we got. No need to strip right here and now.”“So,” Rick said, uneasy in his seat, “Are there going to be any of these that aren't… romantic?”At least Sugarbell looked ruffled too, swaying on her knees after pulling out another couple gifts. “Most of these are from elves who really wanted to be with you tonight instead of me.” She stuffed a cookie in her face rather than continue explaining.They opened the next wave of gifts in one fell swoop of torn paper and ribbon to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment. Out came a matching set of horrendously ugly sweaters in their respective sizes and a book titled 'guide to faeries' which Sugarbell suspiciously slid underneath the pile without mentioning in any way.Rick said, “Well, at least we haven't found any dildos…” There was a pregnant pause as Sugarbell's eyes flicked toward a long, slim present leaned up against the wall.Sugarbell reverently set each box before them and for the first time went to the trouble of finding an edge to peel back instead of ripping the thing to shreds in a festive feeding frenzy. “These two,” she said, “Are from Santa himself.”In the first box, addressed to Rick, there was a wooden doll in the shape of a tiny, flaxen-haired elf complete with a red dress and curly-toed shoes festooned with actual, minuscule bells.The other package, Sugarbell's, opened to reveal a group photo with dozens of short people trying to get their heads in frame all at once, almost crowding out the wizened man in the center. She held it close to her chest for a long moment and set it aside.“Good thing that's the last of them, garbage bag is near to bursting.” Rick said.“That wasn't the last one.” She tugged on his shirt to keep him in place before he could retreat to take out the trash.“What do you mean, did I miss one under the tree?”Sugarbell crawled behind him and when he tried to look, she gently turned his face away. Moments later, the muffled sound of wool dropping on the carpet came amid the soft jazz Christmas carols and the crackle of fire. Pale arms enveloped his neck and naked softness pressed against his nape. “You still have one more present to unwrap.” she whispered.He took her hands in his and pushed down his feelings; this was too good to be true. “It's okay, I understand everything now. I had a lot of fun tonight and I appreciate the gesture, but you don't have to go that far for someone like me.”She slid down his back like dripping cream and he felt her lips lay a line of pecks up from his neck to his ear. She whispered; “There's such a thing as being too nice, you know. A girl might get her feelings hurt like that.”Her tongue ran the length of his earlobe and she nibbled at it as a penalty. Her voice was sultry and inviting; “I'm not wearing a bra, can't you feel that?” She rubbed herself against him to ensure he would feel her firm nipples tickling across his back. “Does it feel like I'm coerced? Or do I seem like the kind of girl who would act this way for just anyone? We found that letter six months ago… I've been watching you, falling in love with you, for so long.” Each passing day my desire for you has grown.“There's no way…”“No way someone like me could fall for someone like you?” Sugarbell bit his neck. If only the really big things counted toward being good, there would be so few good people, wouldn't there?“"I mean, as long as you're okay with it.”There was some rustling behind his back as Sugarbell wriggled and reached back, producing her little, denim shorts so he could see and dropping them in his lap. The girl hugging herself so tightly to his back was wearing nothing but panties and moaned into his ear, “Carry me to the bed, please?”Libido won out; Rick turned and scooped her up to a giddy squeal, as her legs locked around his waist, Rick was blessed with handfuls of bouncy ass and hurriedly carried her to the his room to set her down in bed.She'd done her magic in there as well, ceiling hung with red and gold garlands, mistletoe above each doorway. The bedspread was made with a quilted comforter patterned with reindeer frolicking across the tundra. It was obvious that she wanted to end up in there from the start.Sugarbell pulled his head down for a kiss, prodding between his lips with the tip of her tongue, eagerly melding herself to his body, mingling her tongue with his. They came apart with a heavy breath, forgetting how long they had been under. She covertly undid the buckle of his belt and tugged his pants down into a heap at his feet, then delved underneath his t-shirt again, spread her delicate fingers across his chest, and pressed herself into him as he drew it over his head.Abruptly, she tweaked his nipples and retreated before he could retaliate, plopping herself on his bedspread and, calming herself a pinch, spread her knees apart. The one article of clothing between them was a pair of red, lacy panties with a cotton sprig of mistletoe hung by a little bow. As Rick gawked at the dainty outline. The panties were tied at both hips, with stretch lace straps. Sugarbell squirmed, her own gaze flitting to and from his growing erection, but she kept her legs open.“It's mistletoe…” she said quietly.“Um, yeah.”“You know what that means, don't you?”In answer, Rick crawled down and kissed her thigh. Her fingers twined in his hair and an unrestricted murmur of pleasure came from above, encouraging him to advance toward her heat, laying kisses all the way up her creamy thigh until he was inches away from her warm aroma. The fabric was in the way, but he could feel her silkiness on his lips, against his tongue.Her fingers left their comfortable place in his hair to pull on the knots at her hips, let her panties fall away and revealed bare, pink skin.Rick wasted no time, pushed forward to kiss her again, running his tongue along her lips, pausing to pin in his mind the spots where she moaned or her leg twitched against his head. Already he could feel wetness on his tongue, heat spreading throughout her body. A chorus of gasps and moans fell from above and quick peeks down below showed that Sugarbell's toes were curling. Pride swelled in his chest as he smooched and licked her most sensitive spots.“Okay, stop,” Sugarbell pushed his head away and sighed, falling back for a second before rolling backwards onto her knees on the bed. “Come here,” she said, patting the space beside her, “Lie down right here, on you back.”He obeyed and had a shock. He would have said something, but a lingering lick up his shaft to the tip stole his words with a moan. Delicate fingers wrapped around it and gently stroked as she nestled against his thigh and lapped at his balls, merrily humming as she took pleasure in the situation.Popping a testicle in her mouth and swirling it around with her tongue, Sugarbell's pert ass swayed in the air, her other hand wandering up her leg so she could rub herself against her palm. Rick could only reach down to pet her head as she suckled.Sugarbell slowly ran her tongue around the rim of his glans, so sensitive that Rick almost lost himself in the pleasure, but he relished every moment of those bright, green eyes bobbing down on him.She took him deeper into her mouth, rubbing the tip of his cock against the inside, bulging her rosy cheek like a chipmunk. Her hips bucked against her hand and mewls of pleasure escaped from her glistening lips, bringing Rick to the just before the point of no return where his whole body clenched to keep the amazing feeling from ending.And she flopped limp between his legs, tenderly lapping at his balls as his cock twitched for release in her hand. "Come on, sweetie pie,” she said, “Isn't there somewhere else you'd like to do that?”Rick sat up and pulled her into his lap facing him; where her soft slit straddled his throbbing erection. “Do you have any protection?” he asked.Sugarbell bent her head into his chest and sputtered laughter. “Like I said, there's such a thing as being too nice.” She guided the tip of his cock to her entrance and started putting weight on it, softly grunting with the effort of fitting him inside, squealed when it pushed in the first inch.“Does it hurt?”“Shut up.” she moaned, hugging herself close so he couldn't see the pain in her eyes and insist they stop. “I j-just need to get used to it, okay?”Over the next minute her warm tightness enveloped his cock inch by inch until Sugarbell's butt rested comfortably in his lap and she breathed a sigh of relief. Rick turned up her chin for a kiss, hoping their intertwined tongues would distract from the pain, stroking her creamy, pale skin with special attention paid to her ticklish spots, taking a breast in hand and fiddling with a nipple like a hard pebble. Her sighs of pleasure washed against his chest and she closed her eyes to enjoy each touch to its fullest, savoring the feeling of fullness in her loins.She snaked her arms around him, linking her fingers behind his back, and began swirling her hips, gently moving his cock inside her, sliding her bouncy ass across his thighs. He felt like he could burst at any minute, couldn't resist taking a handful of ass, causing a refreshing whimper against his chest as he squeezed.Rick buried his face in her fluffy, golden hair to keep his senses, taking in the invigorating scent of peppermint and sweat. Little tickles made moaned giggles fall on his ears and Sugarbell slowly became more comfortable with his size, increasing her motion's intensity until she was almost thrusting against his last inch.Her bright, green eyes appeared again as Rick surprised Sugarbell by slowly flipping her down onto her back. He kept the last pace she was comfortable with, guided by her tiny, urging moans to start going faster and deeper. She splayed her arms above her head and gripped the pillow she found there, handing over control to him with her legs wrapped around his waist.Free to go wild, Rick slowly pulled out and pushed himself back in to the hilt, leering at the way Sugarbell squirmed underneath, her breast rippling with sharp breaths. Then again, a bit faster, and again until he was properly thrusting, and he joined the chorus of moans.Sugarbell pulled his head down into a kiss and shakily whispered, “Harder~”He grabbed her waist, ramming himself inside her pussy as she wriggled in ecstasy, bright eyes rolled back and she bit his shoulder in anticipation of the finale. It came on like a wave, forcing him as deep as he could go, balls slapping against wet ass cheeks as he flooded her tight pussy and she tightened in gratification, overwhelmed by sensation as Rick pounded inside her.When the moment of passion had passed, Rick laid at her side as she relaxed into quiet contentment. But it didn't last long before she crawled atop him, laying her head on his chest humming a festive tune.“That was amazing.” he said, absentmindedly stroking her hair.Sugarbell kissed his chest. “Lots better than your hand, isn't it? Heh, you're pretty big. Human girls don't know what they're missing out on.” Her fingertips traced the way down between his legs, wrapped around his shrinking dick and said, “Good job, mister, wanna take me for another spin?”Rick laughed and she rubbed herself against his chest as she joined in, bright eyes merrily twinkling.“Can't fault a girl for trying, can you? It is two in the morning I suppose. Christmas night's almost over and done.” She tugged up the blanket they'd displaced and snuggled herself against him, pointy ear tickling his neck, and hummed a lullaby as the day's exhaustion made sleep less and less voluntary.The morning sun muddled through snow-filled clouds to gently wake Rick. He'd slept clean through the usual time, had a transient shock before remembering the office would be closed for the week.And he was alone.Last night had to have happened. Peppermint lingered in the air and a hickey stung on his neck, but she wasn't there. Of course, he thought, it was a monkey's paw. She'd said she was a Christmas present, and the day had passed…He forced himself out of bed and dressed, then headed for the kitchen.Where a woman in a red turtleneck and costume antlers was using the stove.“Morning, sleepy-head~” Sugarbell cooed, “I'm almost done with brunch so go ahead and take a seat.”“You're still here.”“Of course I am, why? Oh, there's nowhere I need to be.”“I thought I was only going to get the one night.”Sugarbell turned off the stove and set the table with leftover ham omelets and freshly-baked cinnamon rolls. “That's not a girlfriend, that's a one-night stand.” she said, standing on tiptoe to kiss his cheek, “And we still have to continue where we left off after all.”By Demi urging for Literotica

    Shauna, the Christmas Elf

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2022

    ‘Tis the season for giving.By TheSleepingKing. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.7:16 amThe door from the bathroom swung open, spiling steam into the dim blue rays of light sneaking in through the blinds. Wrapped in a towel, Shauna strode into her dorm room, feet sinking into the carpet as she padded across the floor. Pausing at the window she pulled the cord to raise the blinds, bathing the room in the soft glow of an overcast Michigan dawn.A dusting of snow covered the glazing. About an inch drifted on the ledge outside. Beyond and several stories down a lone figure rounded onto the back straight of the athletic track. Shauna leaned in, her breath fogging the glass. She poked two dots and underlined them with a curve. Smiled at the new face smiling back at her. It was a beautiful Christmas Eve morning.She unhooked the towel and tossed it over the back of the chair parked under the desk. The cool air plucked at her nipples and sapped the heat from her skin. She skimmed her hands around the bulge of her breasts, across her taut tummy and the arc of her ass. Appraising her profile in the mirror she nodded. Spin class and yoga really paid off this year.From the top drawer of the dresser, she picked out white lace panties and drew them up over toned, creamy thighs. She paired them with red and white argyle knee socks and a soft strapless bra. Sifting through the hangers in the closet she settled on a flirty red A-line dress with wide shoulder straps and a length about mid-thigh. Not practical for the weather. But perfect for the mission.7:32 amShe capped the outfit with a fuzzy Santa hat and white-soled black Keds before returning to the mirror. She turned side to side and took a twirl, the dress flaring out before settling over her legs. Certainly the sexiest elf she'd ever seen. She glanced over at the clock on the nightstand. She would need to get going soon to make her deliveries. The schedule was tight.On any other Christmas Eve she'd still be asleep; tucked in tight and dead to the world in a quiet corner of her parents' six-bedroom McMansion in Traverse City. She'd get up around 10:00, meet her brother for lunch, then spend the afternoon serving food at a shelter across town before heading home for the traditional Christmas Eve dinner with her family.This year, dinner had been moved up to lunch – something about grandma and grandpa's flights. So volunteering was out. She was fine with it at first. But as the season ramped up and the holiday spirit infected her, she felt the need to replace it with something. Some way to give back. To spread a little cheer to those less fortunate this time of year.As 3rd floor RA for the co-ed dorm, she was privy to certain information. The administration realized not every student could make it home for the holidays. So the school remained open in a limited capacity, depending on the holiday and how many students remained behind. This year on her floor there were three. And since they were stuck there maybe she could celebrate with them before she left.She snatched a small white drawstring bag off her bed and slung it over her shoulder, the contents momentarily rustling about inside. Taking her key card from the dresser she slipped it into her bra and reached for the door. She paused, re-thinking, the lever rocking under her palm. Quickly, she picked it out and tucked it neatly into the back of a sock instead, before ducking out into the hall.7:40 amShauna stopped at Room 303. She gave her usual rata-tat-tat RA knock and shrugged the bag off her shoulder, holding the strap in the crook of her elbow. The corridor was weirdly quiet. No music or raucous conversation bleeding through the walls. She couldn't imagine having to spend the next week here under these conditions. A latch clicked in front of her, and the door creaked open.“Hey Ty,” she chirped, “Merry Christmas!”Ty seemed surprised by the greeting, then confused by her presence. He smiled. “Um…thanks. Merry Christmas to you too.” His eyes dipped – first to her cleavage, then to her legs – before rebounding to hers. He now seemed nervous too.“Can I come in for a minute?”“Uh…yeah, sure.” Shoving his hands into the pockets of his sweats he stepped aside. She glided past, her blonde curls swishing about her shoulders. Ty gently shut the door behind her.Shauna glanced around the suite. Open textbooks were strewn across the couch. Graph paper filled with notes littered the desk. The three computer monitors that typically flickered video games, now hosted row upon row of complex equations she didn't understand. Ambient techno pulsed softly through a pair of small speakers, and the room smelled faintly of Axe body spray.“I'm sorry,” he offered, “I wasn't expecting anyone today.”He was a freshman, so she'd only known him one semester. But he seemed like a good kid. Sure, he was disheveled, nerdy, and a little immature. But he was charming and considerate, and very bright – dedicated to keeping his name on the Dean's List. Didn't hurt that he was cute either.“That's okay,” she replied. “Santa knows it sucks having to be here over the holidays, so he got you a present.” She lowered the bag and reached inside, pulling out a deep green envelope with a silver star sticker sealing it shut. “Nothing big, just something to give you a break from…” she waved her arm toward the paper and monitors, “…this.”Cautiously he took the envelope, turning it over to find his name written neatly on the front. “Oh,” he said, “…thanks. That's…really nice.”A moment of awkward silence followed. “Go ahead,” Shauna prompted, “open it.”Ty shrugged. He peeled up the star and lifted the flap, extricating a Christmas card with a red-nosed Rudolph gracing the cover. He smiled as he opened it, eyes tracking back and forth across the page. Wedged in the crease was a white 3 by 5 note card. Flipping it right-side-up he discovered a sketch in black marker in the center. He froze, the smile fading, jaw dropped. He looked up at Shauna. Then back at the card.“Wait…,” he stammered, “is this…. Are you…. Is this for real?”Shauna raised her eyebrows and shrugged. “Santa likes to make sure no one on the nice list gets left out.” Her gaze fell to his groin, dialing in on the growing bulge. There was the response she was hoping for. She hung the bag over the doorknob. Closing the distance between them she reached out and pinched the card in her fingers.“Why don't you get comfortable.”She set it on a textbook and slouched against the desk, waiting. Ty looked left, then right, unsure of what to do. Finally, he stepped back and eased himself down to the edge of his bed. Shauna placed her hands on his thighs, pushing them apart before kneeling between them. The tented fleece covering his crotch pointed directly at her. She smiled. Looked up.“You've done this before, right?”He paused a moment, then nodded vigorously. She wasn't convinced. But it didn't really matter. It might even help keep her on schedule. She gave him a shove, forcing him to recline and brace with his arms. Grabbing his sweats by the pockets she jerked at them until they pooled around his ankles. His cock sprang out, slapping his abdomen before swaying back to vertical.She wrapped it in her fingers, the whole head protruding from her fist. He puffed and shivered under her touch. Leaning forward she lowered her head. His body tensed. She raised her eyes to find his narrowed, his mouth rounded and dry. “Relax,” she cooed, “just enjoy it,” and slipped his dick between her lips.A breath rattled his chest. She felt the blanket cinch beneath them as his fingers gripped and pulled. First she teased the glans, undulating her tongue beneath, then around and over the top. His hips shot up to meet her mouth. She lightened her hold, welcoming him in deeper.She bobbed her head to the rhythm of the music – down on one and three, up on two and four. His cock was rock hard, curving into the roof of her mouth with each descent. He sighed, and groaned, and grunted; the tone and timbre of each growing more urgent with each passing minute.Shauna's free hand dove under her dress and between her legs, fingers plucking aside the damp lace and strumming the slick, smooth lips of her pussy. Her partners were usually more experienced. More restrained. It had been some time since one had responded with such virginal enthusiasm. And she found it to be quite the turn-on.She held her neck as steady as she could, relinquishing control of tempo and depth. Ty trembled, huffing air through gritted teeth. Shauna peeked to find his eyes closed, neck strained, deep blue veins pulsing through. Sensing the moment, her fingers left the base of his dick and curled around his balls. She tightened her lips to a gentle squeeze.Ty stalled. A guttural growl forced its way into the air. His eyes popped open wide and fixed on Shauna's. With a batting of lashes, she pushed down on his throbbing cock until the tip of her nose bumped his abdomen. A heartbeat later, torrents of warm, viscid cum spewed into her mouth.The jets struck the back of her palate, sloshing over her tonsils and sliding down her throat. She swallowed hard but couldn't keep up. Each burst seemed richer than the last, filling her cheeks and leaking from the corners of her mouth. Her own juices deluged her fingers in response; the squelching filling the gaps between Ty's staggered gasps.A dozen spurts later his orgasm subsided. Shauna held his cock a little longer, savoring its texture on her lips and the mild, distinct flavor of his seed. She moved with him as his hips sagged back to the mattress, sinking him deeper to the root of his erection. After one final gulp she sucked in her cheeks and lifted her head, teasing the remaining fluids from the head of his dick.He gawked at her, speechless. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and held them up in front of her. They gleamed in the light, strands of grool clinging to her knuckles as she separated them. Fixing on him she sucked each finger into her mouth, swabbing them clean before licking her lips. Ty's eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed flat on the bed.Shauna giggled. Pushing off she rocked to her feet. She looked at him spread over the rumpled blanket, his penis twitching on his tummy. She nodded, pleased with herself. Sweeping her hair out of her face she took the gift sack from the doorknob and the note card from the desk, slipping the latter into the former.“Did you enjoy your present?” she asked, slinging the bag over her shoulder.Ty groaned a sigh, his satisfaction evident. A smile lit Shauna's lips.“Good,” she said, “that's great.” She made her way back to the door. “You know, Santa can't offer gifts like this to everyone, so…let's keep this between us, okay?”An arm raised and a hand approximated a wave before tumbling limp to the mattress. She took it as a yes. Catching her reflection in the window she adjusted her hat. “Merry Christmas Ty,” she said softly, before disappearing into the corridor.8:05 amSnowflakes drifted past the tall narrow windows of the student lounge separating the north and south wings of the third floor. Curled up at the far end of the couch opposite the ping pong table, Shauna twisted the cap off a bottle of diet soda and took a sip. Pulling her phone from the bag she checked the time. Javon would arrive in fifteen minutes. Plenty of time to finish her drink.She stretched out across the cushions and downed another swig. This one excited her more than the others. She and Javon were casually acquainted. Though both juniors they rarely shared classes. But they saw each other often around campus; playing pool in the lounge, grabbing coffee at Starks, or stocking up on dollar tacos Tuesday nights at Frankie's. And always, always flirting.Nothing ever came of it, unfortunately. He was putting himself through school and the scholarships just weren't enough. So he needed to work a lot. Every chance he got he'd bank some overtime or pick up an extra shift. That didn't leave much time for anything else. But today was Christmas Eve. The print shop would be closed tomorrow, so he couldn't go in tonight. Which she hoped would free up just enough time for what she had in store.A door closed in the distance, followed by footsteps in the hallway behind her. She checked her phone. He was early. She chugged another mouthful of soda, then quietly stuffed everything into the bag. The footsteps halted. A latch turned and a door opened, then closed. She counted to thirty, then slid off the couch and left the lounge, rounding the corner toward 317.8:08 amShauna waited, impatiently, shifting her weight from foot to foot. Still no response. She knocked again, harder this time. Shuffling noises, then heavy footfalls. The door swung open on a scowling Javon, his uniform shirt crumpled in his fist, muscles chiseled and taut. She smiled up at him, head cocked to the side. He looked her over, his mood softening as he recognized who she was.“Hey,” he said, eyebrows furrowed. “What are you still doing here?”She shrugged, ignoring the twinge in her pussy. “Waiting to see you. Can I come in?”Javon retreated inside, tossing his shirt on the bed and perching on the edge of his dresser. Shauna followed, taking quick stock of the room. Clean and sparse. Suitable for someone who spent very little time there. She turned her attention to him. Tall and dark, with bold, crisp features. His hands splotched with cyan and yellow ink from the press.“Is um…is this a bad time?”“Nah,” he said, shaking his head. “I was just going to take a shower, then go down for a nap.” He waved a hand in her direction. “Soooo, who are you supposed to be?”“I'm a Christmas elf,” she replied. “Santa's Helper.”Javon's eyes widened. “Oh. You're a lot taller than I would have expected of an elf.”“Well, we're not all size challenged artisans baking cookies in the off-season you know. Some of us are taller, and educated, and…really cute.”He laughed, his pecs jumping. “That's fair. Please forgive my ignorance of the elf community. I don't know any – aside from you.”She shrugged the bag off her shoulder and reached inside, crossing the carpet between them. “Listen, she began, “Santa knows how hard you work to be here, and how much that keeps you from having a life. So, he got you a little gift. It won't make up for having to be here over the holidays, but it might help take the edge off?”She pulled out a red envelope and handed it to him. He stared at it, his face cycling through several emotions, settling on confused.“Thanks,” he said, “that's…really sweet. I'm sorry I didn't get you anything.”Shauna smiled to herself, setting the bag on the floor. “Open it.” She wandered past him to the window. Raising the blinds she took a quick peek outside before turning and sliding up onto his desk, swinging her feet freely beneath.Javon zipped a finger under the flap and extracted the card; a red-nosed Rudolph printed on the cover. As he shook it open a white note card fluttered out. He snatched it out of the air and held it up. A sketch in black marker graced the white space.Shauna watched over his shoulder as he stared at the figures suggested by the swooping lines. He fanned the card, then turned and eased off his seat. He walked over to her, holding it up, the image upside down. His mouth curled in one corner. “This is uhhh…you and me?”She squinted at the picture. “Well…right-side up and all, but…sure.” She took it from him and snapped it on the desk. Her arms extended, fingers wedging themselves between the waist of his jeans and the warm, smooth skin of his abdomen. She reeled him in between her legs, squeezing them in hers. “Come on,” she said, thumbs separating the button and peeling the zipper. “Take a break.”Javon reached out, tracing the curl of her ear with his finger. Tilting his head, he leaned in for a kiss. Shauna planted a hand in the center of his chest, stopping his lips a hair's breadth from hers. His heartbeat pulsed through her arm and gut, thumping through her clit like a kick drum. She tapped a finger on the card beside her. He glanced down. Then back at her. She smiled. Pushed him away.She hopped off the desk, lowering her eyes to the height of his fly. Waiting. Javon nodded. In a single swoop he shoved his jeans to the floor and stepped out. The outline of his cock bulged the breathable fabric of his boxer briefs, curving down his right leg. A squeak left Shauna's throat. She reached inside and fished it out, needing both hands to hoist the shaft.It hardened in her grip, rising, reaching for its target. She pulled a few long strokes, its heat warming her hands. She had imagined what he might be hiding. But none of those dreams fell short of reality. Reluctantly she let go. Eyes fixed on her prize she slowly turned round, bending over the desk. She shuffled her feet a shoulder's width apart and casually wiggled her ass.Javon stepped up, his demeanor all business. Stroking his meat with one hand he grabbed the hem of her dress in the other and flipped it up over her butt. Her firm white cheeks glowed in the morning light. He took the waistband of her panties and rolled them down her hips and thighs, abandoning them around her calves and exposing her labia to the chill of the room.She was sopping wet. He swiped his penis along her slit, greasing it with her cream. Current bolted up her spine, raising the hairs on the back of her neck. She threw her ass toward him, anxious to be filled. But he took his time, lubing every inch to a slippery shine. Finally satisfied, he set a palm in the small of her back and wedged the tip of his cock between her folds. Slow and steady, he sank into her vagina.Shauna gasped, eyes round. Her knees buckled, fingertips clawing at the laminate as her canal expanded to accommodate the intruder. It was thicker than any dick or dildo she remembered. And she was suddenly grateful he'd been so careful to slicken up.He took shallow, steady thrusts, loosening her vice a touch each time. Short, silent breaths gave way to grunts and groans. She tried to restrain herself in case anyone still left was walking the halls. But it was a losing battle. The pressure coiling inside would soon be too much to contain.Javon curled over her. Reaching into her dress he freed her breasts from their padded sling and cupped one in each hand. He pinched her nipples between strong fingers, yoking her tits to her clit with little bolts of lightning. The heat of the moment telegraphed through her skin, flushing her ears, cheeks, and chest a robust, rosy pink.He pushed on, diving deeper into her velvet pouch. Her arms burning, Shauna lowered her elbows and forehead to the desk. Her hair shrouded her periphery, leaving the only clear view that of her lover's balls swaying back and forth between her thighs. A delightful fog rolled over her brain, occluding everything outside the aura of their bodies.“Do you want it all,” Javon whispered, his voice piercing the veil.Shauna turned her head, mouth agape. “That's not all of it?”A baritone chuckle rumbled from his chest. He straightened up, releasing her boobs for a firm hold of her waist. He eased down the throttle, slowing his rhythm. Measuring the distance. She caught his eyes for a moment, glimpsing the same lechery she felt coursing through her veins. He smiled at her. Then hilted his cock in her pussy.“Uhhh gawd.” A wave of pleasure rippled out from her core, breaking over her entire body. She couldn't gauge how big he was, but he was now twice as deep as he had been seconds ago.He gave her a moment and a few shallow dips before ramping up the pace; drawing his dick out to the barb each time before plunging back in. Shauna's ass rippled, limbs shuddering under each impact. She stretched her arms to brace herself. But her hands squeaked against the desk each time he crashed into her, jolting her forward.She began to lose control. Her pelvic muscles clenched; labia stretching around his shaft. He growled his approval. A stern smack stung her left buttock, forcing a squeal from her larynx and a shock to her sex. Another followed, echoing off the walls into her ears. Her strength failed, drooping her back and turning her legs to jelly.Javon grabbed hold of one and lifted it, bending the knee and setting it securely on the desktop. He continued to hammer away. The cords binding her orgasm began to fray. She imagined his view from behind; her sodden pink snatch vulgarly splayed for the massive dark rod plowing her gut. Words escaped her, leaving only screams and moans to communicate her desire.8:42 amShauna's head was swimming, her brain just mush. But she held on, wanting this ecstasy to last forever. Her hat flew off her head, landing silently on the windowsill. Long fingers raked through her hair. They gathered her curls into his fist and pulled. Her head snapped back, jaw dropped, eyelids fluttering. The cords snapped and the coil exploded.She bore down on his dick, silent and stiff, her body racked with orgasm. Her toes dug into the carpet, her raised foot flopping about over the edge of the desk. She slapped the top with her hands, translating her contractions into a frantic rhythm beat out for Javon to hear. Her juices flowed freely, seeping out past his cock and dribbling down her thighs. And through all this, he continued to fuck her.Shauna's orgasm continued in suspended animation, tweaking her muscles and prickling her skin. As snug as he fit there was now no friction. He glided in and out like a piston in a well-oiled machine. He pumped harder, faster, working to create resistance. But her pussy was a flooded mess and that wasn't going to change.He whispered something toward her ear. A question? She couldn't decipher the words. But it didn't matter. As long as he kept filling her, perpetuating this feeling, he could do whatever he wanted. She nodded as best she could. The pounding slowed and the hand holding her waist released. The slapping of skin ceased, and his penis slipped out of her vagina.The emptiness was deflating, like the air had been sucked from her lungs. She turned to look but he stopped her, pushing her head back down to the desk. She opened her mouth to demand he continue and that's when she felt it. The pressure on the dip of her anus. Her insides knotted up. Everything clenched, then released. Her rosebud relaxed, and Javon's cock surged up her ass.She held her breath, expecting pain. But there was none. Only an indescribable fullness she had never experienced before. Each time he retracted her stomach dropped. Each plunge threatened to split her at the seams. Orgasm ripped through her again, rattling her bones and sweating from every pore. The room closed in, swaddling her in a thick black heat. She screamed but heard nothing. Felt only his cock.His fingers curled over her shoulders and around her neck. He pushed and pulled her with new urgency, opposing the swing of his hips. He'd found the resistance he was seeking, and it drove him on toward ferocious climax.In her stupor, Shauna somehow regained control of her limbs. She twisted an arm behind her back and flailed at his. When he looked down, wanton lust blazing in his eyes, she willed words from her lips.“Cum in me,” she cried, breathless, desperate for his load. “Cum in my ass.”He glared at her, neck craned, jaw set. He shifted his weight, pinning her tits to the desk and raising her butt. He tried to hold out a bit longer. But she was too tight and he was too far gone. Nodding his head Javon closed his eyes and buried his throbbing cock balls deep, erupting hot semen deep in her bowels.He roared in release, his balls smashed against her pussy, rocking into the curve of her ass. The pressure lifted her foot from the floor, grinding her hip into the edge of the desktop. But she didn't care. His cum splattered inside her, capping her climax with a warm, gooey buzz. Her buttocks quaked with each spasm. She had his cock. All of it. In the moment, that was everything.9:04 amGradually the pumping slowed. The pressure on her back eased and the room drifted back into focus. She glimpsed herself in a mirror near the window; hair disheveled, bare breasts smushed beneath the cockled red fabric; a trembling leg coiled on the desk, panties dangling casually from her ankle.“You are so fuckin' hot,” said the voice in her ear. She cooed, not yet able to formulate words. He rested in her a moment longer, sharing her warmth.When they'd finally caught their breath Javon stood tall. Kneading his hands into the meat of her cheeks he pushed himself back, emerging from her ass with an obscene wet slurp. Empty, Shauna sighed, the void disappointing. Her rosebud gaped, then winked several times before shrinking back into place.Javon slumped against the wall near the window. Fumbling with the latch he cracked it open. December rushed in, swirling round their bodies and raising goosebumps on their skin. Shauna shivered, invigorated, the cold soothing her scalded sex. Watching her lover she smeared her cream over her pussy and along the crack of her ass. His organ flexed toward her, but Javon shook his head. Smiling, she wriggled off the desk.On wobbly legs she gathered the note card and the bag and set them on the edge of the bed. Rummaging around in the neck of her dress she tucked her tits back into her bra and plumped them into position. Javon sauntered over, her hat in one hand, soggy panties in the other. She took the cap and fit it over her head.“Can't put those back on,” she said of her underwear. “You keep them.”He nodded, draping them over the corner of the television. She shouldered the bag and looked up at him.“Did Santa get you what you wanted?”He laughed. She followed his eyes down to his semi-hard, polished rod.“I think he fucking crushed it,” he replied. Closing the gap between them he lowered his voice. “Tell me something though. Is this strictly a Christmas situation, or…are…special occasions not required.”Shauna shrugged, the corners of her mouth curling up. “Why don't you come by sometime and find out,” she offered. “You know where I live.” She gave his penis a playful nip and tug and backed out into the hallway.9:13 amShauna stood quietly outside Room 334, gently swaying to a tune in her head. Her fingertips tingled and her pussy hummed along to the beat, still riding the high of the last half-hour. A trickle of semen stained her inner thigh, the remainder of Javon's deposit still trapped inside. She smoothed the front of her dress and flipped the pom of the hat to the side. She was a few minutes behind schedule. But that shouldn't be critical here. Ready for more, she knocked on the door.There was a rustling inside. A few moments later the door opened on a beautiful raven-haired Japanese girl in a tight anime tee shirt and bright blue boyshorts. Seemingly surprised, the girl dropped the pencil she held in her left hand.“Hey Sachiko,” Shauna chirped.Sachiko ripped off her headphones and flashed a nervous smile. Shauna nodded inside. “Can I come in for a minute?” Sachiko glanced over at something Shauna couldn't see, then backed her slender frame away from the door. Shauna strode inside, the latch clicking shut behind her.Unlike her first two stops, this was a bit of a gamble. Their contact had been minimal, generally restricted to her RA duties. And her scouting report was incomplete. She knew Sachiko was a sophomore, and a graphic design major. She spent summers at home in Osaka. But she couldn't afford to fly back and forth for breaks, so she usually spent them on campus.Rumor was she was into women. Of this Shauna had no confirmation. But from their interactions in the dorm and Sachiko's shyness and fluster around particular friends she did have a feeling. It was risky. But that heightened the thrill.The room was warm and cozy, lit by a floor lamp and a cube on the nightstand. Fuzzy orange pillows adorned the loveseat below the window. Incense burned in a jade tray on the corner of the dresser and a thick down comforter covered the bed. Several sketchpads scattered across the desk, a collection of porcelain cats lining the shelf above. It was clearly the space of someone needing a touch of home.“Am I like…in trouble…or something?” Sachiko wondered.“No,” Shauna laughed, amused as much by her apparent discomfort as the absurdity of the question. “I mean, have you ever been in trouble? I just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays.”Sachiko blushed. Her face made several contortions before settling on a half nod and awkward smile. “Th…thank you,” she stammered. Shauna pinched her lips between her teeth. So far so good.“I like your kitties,” Shauna continued, drifting toward the shelf. She scanned for messages, photos, anything that might give her a clue.“My sister sends me a new one for my birthday every year,” Sachiko offered.“They're beautiful.” She spotted a sheet of paper with dark smudges sticking out of the pad on top of the pile. “What's this?” she asked, reaching for it.“What? Oh!” Sachiko leapt toward her, mortified. “It's nothing, I just – ”Before she could swipe the pad Shauna had the page, staring at a gorgeous unfinished graphite sketch of a sleeping woman. She lay on her side, head on a pillow, hands underneath. Bikini panties cloaked her nethers, an arm crossed her bare breasts. And her face. Well…. Her face was very familiar. Shauna smiled to herself. This might work after all.Sachiko slunk back as Shauna turned around. She studied the drawing a moment longer, impressed by the resemblance. Finally, she looked up at Sachiko. The rosy hue of her cheeks crept into her face and neck. Shauna noticed for the first time she wasn't wearing a bra.“Did you draw this?”Sachiko sighed, looking everywhere forward. “I um…. It…it's for a class.”“You did it from memory.”She rubbed her arms with her hands. “Yeah. It just…works that way.”“It's amazing.”Shauna returned the drawing to the desk. Sluffing off the bag she retrieved the final card. “I know you don't really celebrate Christmas,” she said, “but it can't be easy being here by yourself while everyone else is. So, I got you a gift.”The silver envelope rested in her palm while Sachiko hesitated, her name glittering in gold marker. She looked up, embarrassment clouding her eyes. Shauna smiled, extending her hand. Finally, Sachiko accepted.She zipped open the flap and removed the card. A red-nosed Rudolph blinked at her from the cover. Shauna dropped the bag on the loveseat. She clasped her hands behind her back and crossed her legs at the ankles, a flirty little swivel seizing her hips. Sachiko picked the note card from the fold and looked closely. Her fingers began to tremble.Shauna sidled up closer, tucking a lock of Sachiko's hair behind her ear. Sachiko jumped at the light touch. But her gaze remained fixed on the card. Her lips parted. No sound escaped.“If you want me to stop,” Shauna murmured, “just let me know.”She kissed Sachiko's ear lobe, rolling it between her lips before drifting to her cheek and the nape of her neck. Sachiko's tremor spread to her chest. The cards fell from her grasp. Shauna continued down, over her shoulders to the swell of her breasts. She caressed one in each palm, grazing the nipples with the soft cotton of the shirt.Sachiko tangled her fingers in Shauna's hair. They curled and flexed as Shauna descended, raising her shirt and kissing her navel. She lingered there, circling, lips skimming Sachiko's butter-smooth, unblemished skin. She smelled of cherry blossom and jasmine. Shauna filled her head with the scent, priming her for the peach she was about to unwrap. Sachiko's hushed whisper floated down from above. “Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.”Sinking to her haunches Shauna eyed Sachiko's sex. A small wet spot darkened the fabric between her legs. Shauna peeled the underwear down over Sachiko's ass and thighs, pooling them around her feet. Exposed to the low light was a plump, tidy pussy, closely cropped dark pubic hair gracing her mound. Shauna's lips quivered. She bowed, pressing her face between Sachiko's thighs, sopping up the heat.Sachiko moaned, easing her legs apart, welcoming Shauna's tongue between her folds. Her entire body shook, chopping her breaths between chattering teeth. Shauna probed a little deeper. Sachiko doubled over, humping Shauna's mouth. Shauna yipped with delight. She shook her head side to side, slathering Sachiko's light sweet syrup over her cheeks and chin.She dug her nails into the brunette's ass, spreading her cheeks and kneading the meat. Sachiko mauled her own breasts, stretching and twisting the characters on her shirt into impossible shapes. Buffeted by Sachiko's gyrations Shauna wobbled on the balls of her feet. It was all she could do to hold on for the ride and she found herself failing at that. Toppling to her butt she roped an arm around Sachiko's neck and pulled her ear to her dripping lips.“Sit on my face,” she hissed.Sachiko fell to her knees, straddling Shauna's chest and pinning her to the floor. On all fours she scooched forward over the blonde's shoulders until her succulent snatch hovered over her RA's gaping mouth. Shauna's tongue darted out, flicking Sachiko's swollen clit. Stifling a scream Sachiko collapsed on Shauna's kisser, squeezing her ears between her thighs and swirling her pussy over her lips.Shauna lost herself in Sachiko. Inhaling her essence. Drinking her qi. She thrilled at her lover's responses – involuntary, honest and pure. There was no pretention. Only the passion of an inexperienced girl wholly submitting to her desires. She reveled in it, lapping at Sachiko's sex from the hood of her clit to the crease of her ass.Sachiko's back arched, thrusting out her chest. Her head lolled back, eyes strafing the ceiling. She squirmed on Shauna's face, blissfully ignorant of her weight, Shauna's nose, or her need to breathe. She reached back between the Shauna's splayed legs, probing under her dress until her fingers found the blonde's honeypot and slithered inside.Strangling Sachiko's wrist in her thighs Shauna groaned into her pussy. The vibrations spurred Sachiko's building orgasm, winding her body tighter and tighter, pushing her fingers faster, deeper. The circuit closed, the feedback loop complete. Every flip of the tongue, every curl of a digit, amplified the next.Sachiko bucked and thrashed. Shauna swirled and writhed. Again and again they traded blows until suddenly Sachiko fell silent, her body rigid, muscles strained. Clutching fistfuls of Shauna's hair Sachiko spread her knees and bore down, smashing her quaking pussy into Shauna's lips and gushing slippery, viscous cum all over her face.Racked with spasms she hunched over Shauna's head, wave after crashing wave of orgasm pummeling her sex.9:38 amWhen the contractions finally slowed, Shauna worked her hands up to Sachiko's buttocks and nudged her. Spent, Sachiko rolled away, settling on her back against the foot of the bed. Shauna's chest heaved, gulping the cool dry air. Her eyes re-adjusted to the light. Reaching up she brushed the hat off her head and raked her fingers through moist matted hair. Arms flopping to the floor she sighed. That went well.She rolled her head and looked at Sachiko. The junior lay knees up, feet flat on the floor, her arms draped between her legs – the odd twitch in her muscles interrupting her stillness. Shauna willed herself up and crawled over. Finding her eyes shut she pressed in close and planted a tender kiss on her forehead. Sachiko smiled.“Merry Christmas,” Shauna whispered. Sachiko nodded, radiant from her orgasm. Shauna stroked her ear. “If you want me to model for you sometime,” she added, “give me a call.”She gathered her things and prepared to leave. As she passed the mirror on the closet door she stopped to look. Her face and neck glistened, glazed with Sachiko's juices. She tossed the hat in her hand, raising it to wipe herself clean. But she didn't. She decided instead she liked the way it looked. And she'd wear it a little longer. Pursing her lips, she slipped out of Sachiko's room.Light as a feather she skipped down the hall toward her room. She slowed passing Javon's door, wondering if he was already asleep. Her phone chimed in the bag, interrupting her curiosity. Retrieving it she scanned the screen and frowned. Two texts and a missed call. All from her brother.“Hey Josh,” she answered.“Yo, where the hell have you been?” There was an urgency in his tone. “I've been calling you. I'm out front, let's go!”She frowned. “Wait, what time is it?”“Quarter to ten. I told you I'd be here at 9:30, remember?”She thought for a minute, then rolled her eyes, realizing what went wrong. “Fuck,” she spat. “I thought you meant 9:30 your time.”“So you're not ready?”“No, I packed last night. I'll be right down.”Hanging up she shook her head. How did she make that mistake? She thought she'd have an hour to shower and clean up, but now they were running late. No time for any of that. Swiping the key card from her sock she popped into her room and tossed the gift bag on the bed. Snagging her backpack and navy peacoat from the closet she dashed back out headed for the lobby.9:52 amShauna flung open the passenger door of the coupe and tumbled inside, stuffing the backpack between her feet as she settled in the seat. Her teeth chattered from their brief exposure to the cold. Rubbing her hands together near the warm air vent she looked over at her brother behind the wheel. He stared at her, forehead crinkled, a mix of confusion and amusement scrawled across his lips.“What,” she said, staring back.He glanced down at her bare thighs – the coat just covering her lap – then back at her scowl.“Nice touch,” he replied, pointing to the bright red pileus cap.“Thanks,” she quipped, flashing a smile.“But you know it's snowing, right?”She flipped him the bird. He shrugged.“You're going to get Uncle Leo in trouble today.”Shauna tried to stifle her laugh. “Just drive Josh.”He put the car in gear and pulled away from the curb. “Unlike you,” he said, “I got an early start. So I'm going to get some coffee. Did you eat already?”“Yup,” she nodded. “Several times.”Josh's eyes narrowed, but he said nothing.At the next light he made a left and turned into the coffee shop drive-thru. Waiting in line behind a pick-up he turned to his sister. “Are you okay?” he asked. “You look a little…weird.”Shauna checked herself in the side mirror. She could taste Ty's spunk on her tongue; feel Javon's cum in her ass and Sachiko's pussy all over her face. A shiver buzzed her clit. She reclined the seat several notches and sighed, beaming at the ceiling.“Yeah,” she said softly. “I'm just…filled with Christmas spirit.” Quietly she shoved her hands beneath her legs to keep from touching herself for the remainder of the trip.By TheSleepingKing for Literotica

    When Santa Cums

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    When Santa Cums.Santa makes sure I belong on the Naughty List.By svb missive kitty. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.My name is Cat, and as many of you know I live in a fancy condominium development, for a college student, overlooking one of Michigan's famous lakes.It was on this bustling cold December night I happened to realize it was Christmas Eve. Our tree was out, my roommate and her own dog away with family, but I and my border collie Avy sat alone watching the dark waves crash outside our building. “Well,” I sighed, “Even if no one else will see me I can have my own Christmas. And dress myself up for my own fun.” Truth is, I was horny and wishing I had someone to invite over for the night. Does that make me a slut? Maybe. Christmas night is a special night for screwing one's self silly. “Dear Santa, Is it too late to write a letter and get on your gift list? All I really want is a good fuck.” I muttered just barely audible to myself.Skipping to my bedroom the first thing my fingers found was my signature kitten choker collar, complete with a round golden bell. Giggling a bit I fasten it, thinking of all the famous stories of reindeer and jingling bells around their own necks. Next I strip down to bare nothing's, save for my thigh-high hosiery, and dig through my favorite gear. I feel like being dominated. I should have planned ahead for this night.There's something wonderful about walking around a spacious luxury condo  in the nude, with all the windows open. Dimming all the lights throughout the place and lighting some candles, I start getting the supplies for a hot bath, just as soon as my cookies are done.The buzzer startles me just as I finish lubing up a cherry red diamond plug. It's larger than normal but such a beautiful ruby red; and hell! It's Christmas!. I slip it inside me and bite my lip hard to keep in a moan, although I don't really have to, since I'm alone. On the way out of the closet, I impulsively grabbed my fur jacket. The feel of fur on my naked tits, is indescribable!I walk through my apartment naked except for the few accessories. The choker's bell jingles as I bend down wiggling my ass for the world to see, as I remove the cookie sheet from the oven. I see an older couple returning from Christmas mass and walking past my back patio, toward their front door. They didn't see me, but I still got a rush from that idea that they could haveThe minute I turn around, I swear my heart drops.And so do the hot pan of cookies, onto the counter at least.“Ho. Ho, hoe…” he says, staring at me through the bushiest set of white eyebrows and curly beard I've ever seen.I'm shaking, how did he get here? Who the hell is this, guy, anyway? And why is he dressed like Santa?“Who are you?” I say with a raspy voice, I'm embarrassed but at the same time my inner woman is more excited to see such a festive gentleman taking in my naked appearance.We're only separated by the counter, and I flinch when he reaches towards me, only to realize he's grabbing a moist cookie. I watch him carefully, like an outdoorsman, peel off his heavily used black gloves, resting them on the counter. I watch his manly hands reach for a cookie. His eyes are such a bright blue, reflecting that inside he is youthful and wild still.My nipples suddenly erect and perk at attention, I can't help but squeeze my legs together and feel the plug inside my tight ass.“Down to business then.” He says, as he wipes crumbs from his furry lips and finally looks at me again. “Cat. You've been naughty this year.” He smiles knowingly. I can't help but stare at my feet. “I Hadn't planned on any gift for you.”Crap, I felt like he was privy to every secret of my inner soul. I started to blush, but he added; “I sensed a whispered wish from this home, a couple minutes ago, as I was finishing up next door.” Then he looked at me with a horny grin; “You told Santa that you want a ‘good fuck'?  Maybe you should ask yourself what a naughty girl like you deserves!”“Very naughty. Get over here.” He instructs standing by the picture window, next to the Christmas Tree.Immediately I follow him back into the living room where he must have found his way in from my fireplace. The window drapes are open and the full moon streams into the candlelit room, my dog still asleep in her bed by the tree.“On your knees if you want to be on Santa's good side.” He's more dominant than I could have ever imagined, his heavy black boots thump behind me. He tossed my fur jacket to the couch as I sink to my knees facing away from him, in front of the big window. My breath is more than gone, I've never been so exposed to a stranger.The sound of a heavy belt being undone, zippers down, pants dropping.I swallow the thick saliva in my mouth, I know I'm drooling and not just because of the smell of cookies but the reality of Santa Clause behind me, going to punish me. Because I am a bad, bad girl.I flinch when I feel his big strong hands along the side of my neck, but he soothes me, my breasts are prickled with goosebumps in fear, yet he rubs my shoulders silently. Pushing my long black hair to one side he suddenly yanks it back so my head is thrust back, I look up at him, gasping in fear more than pain.“Turn around now girl.” He orders.I'm facing him, facing the part of him that juts out stiffly. He's buck naked and hairy. He's built like a lumberjack and has just enough of a belly to prove he is the real Santa. His cock is larger than I could have imagined, and it's only seconds before he pulls my head to it. Yanking me by my hair it's seconds before the whole fat engorged cock head is in my mouth and I'm slipping and sliding the head around my twirling tongue. His cock head is fatter than his tapering shaft. My mouth was straining to open wide enough for his head, but as he descended my throat, my jaw relaxed more. The feel of a large stiff cock in my throat is indescribable. I'm no longer actively making love to his cock. I'm simply a hospitable host to his magnificent phallic idol. He's making passionate love to my orifice.I know better than to gag but I let him use me, fucking my throat with such a grace and passion. My mouth is his now, his thick drool covered balls slap against my chin. Each thrust feels farther down my throats than the previous. I can taste his manhood's precum on my tongue & sliding down my throat.The bell on my choker keeps jingling, creating a warm moist, Christmassy feel.I'm wetter than I've ever been, I stare up at him over his thick belly, wondering if I could make an offering that would appeal to him.It's like he reads my mind, & his cock pops out of my mouth with a wet smack. He swings his cock back & forth across my lips, leaving a surprisingly sweet syrup of pre cum. But I'm not surprised, he is the real Santa after all.“Do you really wish to wipe yourself off my Naughty list?” He questions, holding my hair tight again. I know not to disobey him. I want to be both naughty and nice.“Yes sir!” I whimper, a small twinkle of tears gather at my eyes, I'm panting, breasts heaving.“Then beg.” He pulls me to my feet & over to the end of the couch. I keep my hands behind my back and bend over the armrest in front of him, I rest against the couch and moan a little, knowing my exposed cherry anal plug must be winking at him.“Please, put me on your nice list.” I pant.He makes me wait. I'm shaking in anticipation, but I wasn't expecting it when a harsh and angry belt smacks down on the pale flesh of my ass cheek.“Oh!” I cry, hands falling in front of me to get a better grip on the couch. His thick Christmas belt make a raspy noise as he draws it back and strikes again with a heavy wap!I moan so loudly I pray the neighbors don't hear, but the heat rises to my cheeks, I'm enjoying this punishment more than I would have expected.Two more waps! And it stings so bad all I can feel is my juices between my pussie lips. The stings go straight to my screaming clit nerves.He drops the belt with a thump and I suddenly feel the much softer fingers tracing the cherry ball of my ruby plug.“Very festive.” He grumbles happily. I hear the rumble of his hearty laugh. I want more than anything to shove something, anything thick, up my aching pussy.“Please.” I beg, closing my eyes and gripping the couch for dear life.He obliges, firmly placing his meaty hands on my pale hips I feel him position that giant head at my sopping cunt opening and thrust his way in. My bell jingles loudly when I throw my head back in ecstasy. Sweat beads at my forehead as his hot belly presses against the small of my back. His cock reaches so far into me that my clit is burning with need. Begging for anything to rub against it to give me release.I'm aching against him, pressing my pussy back to meet him at every smack, I'm completely his. I've never been so thoroughly used like this. His cock has no mercy, and he has no intention to get me off, I'm his toy, his Christmas toy. I am asking him for forgiveness and he's fucking it into me hard. His massive engorged balls slap heavily against my clit in a rhythmic beat. I'm panting, screaming in ecstasy as I feel a climax mounting. His balls are now tormenting my enflamed clit.I feel his hands move to my shoulders as he grunts, it doesn't take him long, his fingers rub the crease of my neck tightly and all at once he leans over me & groans so loudly into my ear, his beard lightly scratching my back. He presses a single kiss against the back of my neck, and I feel his already enormous pole grow and ground so hard into me that I can feel his thick swollen balls against my cunt lips. He presses my hips firm against the armrest, but used his manly hands wrapping under my arms to hold me up & grope my soft needy breasts, my pierced nipples cry out to his muscled and calloused hands.He cums, hard and thick. Blasting my cervix at point-blank range. He grunts into me as he repeatedly expels all his cum out into my hungry pussie. A couple more hard thrusts later, he releases me into a crumpled mess dropped down on the couch.I'm panting so hard, feeling what might be the aftermath of a reamed out cunt. This immortal man has the cock of a god.“Very nice.” He says, laughing humbly as he pulls his pants back halfway up, the belt left undone. “Clean it up girl.” He instructs.Quickly I'm back to my knees under him, under his spell. His cock is veiny and dripping in front of me, a single teardrop of white sits at the head begging for my lips. I oblige and wrap my lips around the head, sucking lustfully at his pole. It's so surprisingly sweet-tasting, magical almost. I'm pushed away after cleaning it off. I don't dare look up at him again as he redresses.I mean to catch a glimpse of his face once more, but by the time I gather enough of my wits to stand, face him, and thank him, all that is left in his place is an additional present. A single perfectly wrapped gift that I know was not there two minutes ago.As I stand, a thick stream of almost glittering white cum dribbles out of my used cunt, but I'm still hot & horny, ready to cum again. I wait, and pick up the package.I love Christmas, and all the traditions, so I check, it's 12:00am.I grin, merry Christmas Cat!Ripping open the wrapping paper I find the box contains a thick belt, just like his, I'm delighted beyond belief. Now I can beg anyone to spank me just like Santa did! This will be the best present yet this year, and the best addition to my toys.Underneath the new belt is a candy cane, thick and red striped.I grin.It's a more moderate girth, to fit inside me, and with the sweet cum of Santa still creamy inside me, I use it as lube to fuck this candy cane inside me, it takes only a moment, but I'm on the couch again, legs spread to the world, rubbing the button of my clit softly until I can imagine Santa's face between my legs. I'd planned to pleasure myself in a hot bath, but fucking in the moonlight with a demi god is a thrill of my lifetime!And I cum. Crying out to the world, my juices flow and my pussie groans for something to continue fucking it. I finish cumming and slide back to the floor covered in wrapping paper, leaving a last faint jingle from my choker.Boy, how I love Santa Claus.Maybe next year I'll be on the naughty list again! Santa knows.By svb missive kitty for Literotica

    Stripper's Christmas Party

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    Where can two strippers get a bite to eat on Christmas Eve?By  MelissaBaby. (abridged) Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.“Fuck Christmas,” Clover shouted, “and fuck you, Tony. Fuck Santa Claus, fuck his elves and fuck all ten goddamn reindeers.”“Eight,” Roxanne said, filing her nails and looking at her over the top of her glasses.“Shut up, Roxy, I'm talking about reindeers, not how many cocks you sucked over the weekend.”“Clover, calm down,” Tony said, “It was worth taking a shot.”“Bullshit, I told you nobody goes to a strip club on Christmas Eve.”“She did tell you,” Roxanne said, “Even louder that she's telling you now.”“Look,” he said, shrugging, “I'm sorry, but it wasn't nobody…”“We've had five customers,” Clover said.“And the last one was two hours ago,” Roxanne chimed in, “It's almost ten thirty.”Clover jerked her thumb at Roxanne. “She might look like a doofus wearing that stupid Santa hat, but she's right.”Tony held up his hands, “Okay, it turned out to not be a great idea. You guys are always saying that more customers come in because they are lonely than because they are horny. I figured it would be a lonely night for a lot of guys…”“It might be a great night to be a hooker,” Clover said, “but not a dancer.”He looked at his watch, then over his shoulder at LeAnn, the bartender. “Tell you what,” he told her, “If nobody else comes in before eleven, go ahead and close up.”He started to walk away, but Roxanne called him back. “We paid our club fees, Tony, that isn't right.”He looked up toward the ceiling, as if he were looking for a script to read from. “You want to close and go home early, but you want your club fees refunded because I said we would close and you could go home early?”“No,” Clover said, “We want our club fees refunded because we paid you fifty dollars to dance on a night when you dragged us in here to dance, even though we told you nobody was coming the fuck in.”“Fine,” he said, throwing his hands in the air, “LeAnn, give them back their club fees.”The door opened, and they both groaned, but it was not a customer. Sporty, the Gold Dollar's bouncer, came in.“Speaking of guys you'll fuck,” Clover muttered.When he approached the bar, she said, “Hey Sporty, how come you go out with Roxy? I always heard black guys like girls with nice big asses.”“I always heard strippers were friendly,” he shot back.He sat down next to Roxanne.“Where have you been?” she asked him.“Yeah,” Clover said, “There could have been a brawl in here, between the rats and the cockroaches.”“I was sitting out in my car, listening to some jams.”Clover tipped out and gave LeAnn a big hug, then she and Roxanne walked out to their cars in a light cold rain.“You ain't waiting for Sporty?” Clover asked.“Nope, don't want to talk to him right now. Meet you at the diner.”They each got in their cars. A light coating of slush covered Roxanne's windshield, but the wipers easily pushed it to the side. She pulled out of the parking lot on to the slippery street and drove the mile and a half to their usual after work spot, the Finest Kind Diner, while Clover followed close behind.When she turned into the diner's parking lot she noticed immediately that the lights were turned off, except for a string of colored Christmas bulbs blinking around the front door.Clover thought for a minute. “We could go to Denny's.”“Are they open?”“How the fuck would I know? Call ‘em up.”“Oh, so I have to look up the number?”“I figured it has a man's name, so you would know it.”Roxanne sat back in her seat. “I don't want to drive all the way across town, just to go to Denny's. What else would be open?”“Just White Castle.”Roxanne thought for a minute. “Yeah, what the fuck, let's go to White Castle.”“We ought to just go in one car,” Clover suggested.“Fine. Yours or mine?”“Yours,” Clover said, “Mine is more full of trash than a westside trailer park.” She pulled her car into a parking space, shut it off and got out.“I hate this drizzly shit,” she said as she got into Roxanne's passenger seat.“Hey, don't you live in a westside trailer park?” Roxanne asked.“Yeah, that's why I know what I am talking about.”“Speaking of knowing what you're talking about,” Roxanne said, “Santa Claus has eight reindeer.”“Are you counting Rudolph?”“Nope. Rudolph doesn't count.”“Who decided that?”“Clement Moore.”“Who the fuck is he? Sounds like a baseball player.”“He wrote The Night Before Christmas.”“Twas the night before Christmas,” Clover recited in a sing song voice, “And all through the place, Roxanne was sitting on every guy's face.”“And up from the lawn there arose such a clatter,” Roxanne returned, “As Clover devoured the whole turkey platter.”Clover nodded her head. “That was pretty good,” she admitted.Roxanne was quiet for a moment, then asked, “You wonder though, who the fuck would name a reindeer Blitzen? What is he, a Nazi reindeer?”“I bet Rudolph was originally Adolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and they changed it during the war or something. Hey, what's going on with you and Sporty?”“He wants me to go to his mom's house for Christmas dinner.”“And you don't want to go?”“Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend from the strip club?”“Oh yeah, I get it. But still, you guys been going out for a while now. You are going to meet them sooner or later.”“It doesn't have to be on Christmas with all the relatives there.”“So what are you going to do?”“I don't know.”There were three cars parked outside the White Castle when they arrived. The restaurant's windows were so wet with condensation that they could not see through them. But when they dashed inside, they were nearly blinded by the garish light.“This is like sensory overload,” Roxanne said, as Jingle Bell Rock squalled from a tinny sound system.They walked over to the counter. There was no one behind it. Roxanne leaned forward, craning her neck to look back into the kitchen. She saw a young man in a white uniform and a hairnet dumping french fries out of a fryer basket.“Excuse us,” she called.He looked over his shoulder. “Be with you in a minute, ma'am,” he said.Clover cackled and nudged Roxanne with her elbow. “Ma'am. He thinks you're an old fucking lady.”“Yeah, and he thinks I'm taking my mom out for Christmas Eve.”The man came to the counter. His name badge identified him as Julio, assistant manager. “What can I get you ladies?” he asked.“I'd like four hamburgers, an order of medium fries and a large coffee, regular,” Roxanne said.“Give me six whiteys and a large Mountain Dew,” Clover added.“Would you like fries with that?”“Fuck no, I'm gonna eat most of hers.”Julio rang up their orders and Roxanne paid for both. Clover looked around the room.There were three occupied booths. In one a pair of middle aged men, wearing the uniforms of parking attendants, sat sipping coffee. At another, an older woman in a ragged green coat had only a cup of water and a single empty burger box on the table in front of her. A couple of booths down, three young, black clad goths were sitting together. They looked to be in their early twenties; two boys, one very large, the other thin and jittery, and a purple haired girl sitting across from them, loudly chewing gum. They all looked like they were coming down off a much better time than they were having now.“It's kind of a sad looking bunch of people in here,” Clover said.“Yeah,” Roxanne said, “It's Christmas Eve and they've got no place to go.”“That sounds familiar. I mean, what the fuck is the difference between them and us?”“We've got money in our pockets.”“Yeah, money we took from other lonely people,” Clover said. She looked lost in thought for a moment, then asked Roxanne, “How much money you think you've got in your pocket?”“I don't know, a hundred, maybe a hundred and twenty dollars.”Clover looked around the room, her lips tight and her brow knotted.“I'll bet I know what you're thinking,” Roxanne said.“It's fucking Christmas,” Clover said, shrugging.Roxanne called Julio back to the counter.“How much are those sacks of thirty sliders?” she asked him.“Thirty two dollars and fifty two cents.”She looked over her shoulder at the woman with her single burger. “Give me two sacks,” she said, fishing her cash out of her pocket.“You still want the other order?”“Yeah,” Clover said, “And I want you to give anybody whatever they want to drink. Keep a tab and I'll pay for them later.”Julio hesitated a moment, then said, “Okay, it will take a little bit of time. Your other order will be up in a minute.”When their food was ready, they went to the empty table between the old lady and the goths.As they walked past the parking attendants, Clover asked them, “How you guys doing? You had to work tonight?”“Fuckin' Nutcracker,” one of them grumbled.“So are you going to see your son tomorrow?” Roxanne asked Clover when they had taken their seats.Clover nodded. “Not till the afternoon. But I get to have him the next day, too.”“Have you got plans?”“I was thinking we'd go to Hong Kong Garden for dinner.”“And the next day?”“Are you kidding? The day after Christmas? We're going fucking shopping.”Roxanne laughed. “Yeah I'm sure that'll thrill a ten year old boy, going shopping with his mom.”They had each finished two burgers when Julio called to them that their order was ready.Clover walked over to the counter, picked up a bag of hamburgers in each hand and turned to face the dining area.“Ladies and gentlemen,” she hollered, “My friend Poindexter and I would like to treat everyone to Whiteys for Christmas.” She went from table to table, holding out the bags, so that each person could take some burgers.“And if anyone wants something to drink,” she said, “It's on us. Just step up and tell Julio what you want.”After going to each table, she had half a bag left. She put it on the table in front of Roxanne and sat down.Roxanne twisted in her seat and watched as several of the patrons went to the counter and ordered drinks. She noticed that the old woman in the next booth had neither gotten up nor taken any burgers. She took one from the bag, leaned over the back of the booth and asked, “Would you like another burger, ma'am?”“Are you sure it's okay?”“Of course it is,” Roxanne said, “Merry Christmas.”“Merry Christmas, dear,” the woman replied, taking the burger.Roxanne's phone buzzed.“I bet I know who that is,” Clover muttered.Roxanne looked at the screen. “Yeah, it's Sporty.” She sat back in the booth and answered, simply saying, “Hey.”“Listen baby,” he said, “I wish you hadn't split like that. I don't want you mad at me, whether you go tomorrow or not.”“I never said I was mad at you, Sporty. I'm just tired of all the back-and-forth on this shit.”“I don't think having Christmas with my family is shit.”“Now you're just looking to be offended. They know where you work, right?”“Yeah.”“So, you're going to tell them your bringing a girl from work to Christmas dinner, so I can sit there, eating turkey with everybody looking at me like I'm a whore.”“Ain't nobody gonna call you a whore.”“My own mom calls me a whore.”“Well, my mom ain't your mom.”“I don't know, Sporty. I'm just not sure I'm ready for this.”“We've been going out almost a year.”“Off and on.”“Whatever. Where are you at anyway? I come over to Finest Kind because I thought you guys would be here.”“They're closed.”“Well, no shit, I just told you I was over here.”“We're at the White Castle on Union Street.”“So, would it be cool if I come by?”“Yeah, sure. I'll see you in a bit.”Roxanne disconnected, shaking her head. “This fucking guy,” she muttered, “I'm telling you, he won't give up…”“And that's a bad thing? Let me ask you something,” Clover said, “and don't get pissed.”“Okay.”“Are you nervous about meeting his family because you think they won't like you being a stripper or because you don't think they'll like you being white?”Roxanne was silent for a minute. “Maybe both,” she said.“Either way, I think that's his problem, not yours. I mean it's his family.”“Yeah, but I'm afraid that if they give him a lot of shit about it, he isn't going to pick me over them.”“Well then, fuck him. He ain't worth it if he does that.”Roxanne shrugged. “Yeah, I guess.”An old man with flyaway white hair came into the restaurant. He appeared to be wearing just a light sweatsuit under his ratty coat. He sat down next to the old woman. She spoke quietly to him for a minute, then he loudly cleared his throat.“Excuse me, ladies,” he said in a hoarse voice. “Flo says you are buying burgers for everyone. Is that so?”“Sure is,” Clover said. Roxanne took two more burgers from the bag and handed them to him.“Go get yourself a coffee or something,” Clover said, “Whatever you want, it's on us.”The man thanked them, stood and fetched coffee for himself and Flo.Sporty came in a few minutes later, took off his wet coat and hung it on the end of the booth. He slid in next to Roxanne. Looking at the bags on the table, he asked, “Why did y'all buy so many burgers?”“Because we're generous bitches and we share with everybody,” Clover said.“Well, shit then.” He reached into the bag and pulled out a couple of burgers. After a few bites he said, “I need to get a drink.”“Just go to the counter,” Roxanne told him, “We're running a tab.”Sporty stuffed the rest of the burger in his mouth, then went to the counter. He came back a minute later with a large orange soda.“You been thinking about tomorrow?” he asked Roxanne.“Yeah, I've been thinking about it…”“Hey Sporty,” Clover said, interrupting her, “Let me ask you something.”“Yeah, what?” He reached for another burger.“Why do so many black families have macaroni and cheese for Christmas dinner?”“Because it's good as hell. We still have all the regular shit, turkey and mashed potatoes and cranberries and all that.”“Pumpkin pie or sweet potato?”“What do you think? Sweet potato pie.”“What kind of stuffing?”“Cornbread.”“Just plain?”“Fuck no, my mom puts Jimmy Dean sausage in it.”“Damn!” Clover exclaimed. “Listen, if this silly bitch don't want to come to your mom's house for Christmas dinner can I come?”“You can both come as far as I'm concerned.”Roxanne laughed. “That's actually a pretty good plan. If your mom spends five minutes with Clover, she'll think I'm little miss sunshine.”“No, she'll think you're a dumb bitch who thinks Santa only has eight reindeer.”“Rudolph doesn't count.”“Damn, you back on that shit?” Sporty said, rolling his eyes.Clover slipped out of the booth. “Fuck you both,” she said, standing up.“Hey everybody,” she shouted, “I'm taking a Christmas survey. How many reindeers does Santa Claus have?”There was murmuring throughout the room. The big goth kid was counting on his fingers. One of the parking attendants was quietly singing Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer. His friend said, emphatically, “Eight.”The goth girl said “Nine, if you count Rudolph.”“Rudolph wasn't one of the originals,” he replied.“So where did he come from?”“Gene Autry.”“Dead white man,” she muttered.The man who had been singing said, “The Night Before Christmas guy gave them their names.”The skinny goth kid glared over the back of the booth at him. “But who said he was in charge of fucking reindeer?”“He wrote the goddamn poem!”“They didn't know about Rudolph then!”“Isn't it nice to see how the holidays bring people together,” Roxanne said to Sporty.“All right,” Clover said, clapping her hands together. “Let's put it to a vote. How many people say nine?”She raised her hand and the goth kids and the old lady joined her.“Who says eight?”Roxanne, Sporty, the parking guys and the old man raised their hands.Clover looked at Sporty. “Put your fucking hand down, man, your vote don't count.”“Why don't my vote count?”“Because you ain't hoping to get any pussy from me tonight.”“You got that right,” he smirked.Roxanne turned in her seat. “How many people say ten?”They all looked at her, perplexed. No one raised a hand.“That's your cue to sit down and shut the fuck up,” she said to Clover. Clover looked around with a frown, then sat without saying anything more.Sporty looked over his shoulder and said, “Who thinks Die Hard is a Christmas movie?”Everyone raised their hand.“Goddamn right,” he muttered.Roxanne nudged him with her elbow. “I need to go to the bathroom,” she said. He stood up and let her go by.The parking lot guys were getting up to leave. They thanked her for the burgers as she went past their table and wished her a happy holiday. One gave her a big hug. At least he didn't try to cop a feel, she thought as she went into the women's bathroom.When she opened the door to come out a few minutes later, Sporty was standing in front of it.“You know how cute you look in that hat?” he asked.“Do you know how desperate you sound when you try to sweet talk me?”“Nah, I ain't desperate. It'd be alright if you don't want to go tomorrow. I get it. But don't go saying you weren't welcome to go, because you were asked.”“Okay, that's fair. It's just that it's a big step.”“You got to take steps if you want to get anywhere,” he said.She put her hand on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. Looking past him, she did not see anyone watching them. She gripped the waist of his pants and walked backward, pulling him into the bathroom.Sporty pushed the door shut behind him, and let Roxanne tug him across the room until her hips bumped against the edge of the sink.Roxanne leaned back, looking up at him and biting her lip.He gazed down at her, his hands on her hips, and kissed her. She kissed him back, but then turned her head.“At some point,” she said, “we have to talk about where we are going.”“We do,” he replied, “but we ain't got to do it right now.”She draped her arms over his shoulders and they exchanged a long, hard, tongue swirling kiss. Sporty's hands moved to her breasts, squeezing and caressing them, while Roxanne dropped her hand down to rub his stiff cock through his jeans.“I think you've got something you want to give me for Christmas,” she whispered.“I don't know,” he said, “I don't think you've been a very good girl.”“Do you want me to be a good girl?”“Aw, hell no,” he said. He took a half step back, seized her waist and spun her around to face the sink. Her Santa hat fell off, landing in the basin.He ran one hand down between her legs and cradled her chin in the other.“Look at you,” he whispered in her ear. Her glasses had slipped down her nose. She pushed them back into their proper position and gazed at herself in the mirror.“Look and see what I see.”Roxanne looked at his eyes in the mirror as his hand rubbed and squeezed her pussy.“Don't look at me, look at you.”She stared at her own reflection, resisting the temptation to watch as he unfastened her jeans and pushed them down over her hips. But when his fingers slipped inside her, she leaned her head back and kissed the side of his neck.His fingers probed deep into her, his thumb played with her clitoris. She reached back and rubbed his crotch. She fumbled at his belt until he gently pushed her hand away and undid it himself.Roxanne felt his cock bump against her ass, then slip down between her thighs. He placed his hand between her shoulders and gently pushed her down until her elbows were on the sides of the sink. She picked up her Santa hat and put it back on her head.Sporty kneaded her ass, then spread her thighs, pressed the head of his cock into her pussy and began to fuck her with long, smooth strokes.Clover snickered when she saw Sporty disappear into the women's bathroom. Get your figgy pudding, girlfriend, she thought, don't go until you get some. She walked to the counter and got a refill on her Mountain Dew, then stopped and listened for a minute. The sound wasn't loud, but she could hear them in the bathroom. They were definitely fucking in there.As she walked back to the booth, she saw the goth girl looking toward the bathroom. She glanced up at Clover with a smirk. Clover winked at her and sat back down in the booth.A few minutes later, the skinny goth kid leaned close to the window and peered out. He wiped away the condensation with his sleeve and looked again.“Fucking cops,” he muttered.“What cops?” Clover asked.“Cop car just pulled up.”“Oh, shit,” Clover muttered. She looked toward the bathroom. She couldn't hear Roxanne and Sporty where she was sitting, but there was no doubt that when the cops walked in, they would. They had to walk right past the bathroom to get to the counter. One of them might even go into the mens' room. She thought about warning them somehow, but didn't think there was enough time. That was confirmed when she saw the cops approaching the door. She had to do something.Just as they reached the door, she began singing at the top of her lungs.You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why.The goth girl looked up at her and immediately realized what she was doing and joined in.Santa Claus is coming to town.The cops walked in. One was an older man. His eyes and shoulders both drooped. There's another guy doesn't want to be working on Christmas Eve, Clover thought. His partner was a young, thin black man. They walked right past the bathroom to the counter.He's making a list, He's checking it twice.The other goth kids joined in the singing.He's gonna a find out who's naughty and nice.The old couple began to sing along.Santa Claus is coming to town.The two cops stood by the counter, looking around the room. Julio approached the cash register. The older cop leaned in and spoke to him. Julio pointed to Clover and the cop looked over at her. He nodded, then spoke to Julio again.He sees you when you're sleeping, He knows when you're awake He knows if you've been bad or good, So be good for goodness sakeJulio handed each of the cops a bag of burgers and a cup of coffee.Now get the fuck out of here, Clover thought, but instead of leaving they walked toward her. The older cop held out his hand.“Awfully nice thing for you to do, ma'am,” he said. The other customers kept singing.Clover shook his hand.The younger cop shook with her as well. They turned toward the door, tipping their hats to the older couple as they went by.The older cop walked out just as the customers were finishing the last chorus, but the younger cop turned and went to the counter. He held out his open bag toward Julio.“Could you toss a couple of ketchups in there?” he asked.Julio nodded and dropped a handful of packets in his bag.“Thank you, Merry Christmas.” he said, then waved to the customers. “Merry Christmas, everyone.”He took two steps toward the door and stopped and looked toward the bathroom. Clover could hear Roxanne moaning from where she was sitting.He looked around the room. “Does anyone know who is in there?” he asked.“Yes, officer,” Clover said, “That's my friend. I'm afraid she ate a few too many of these gut grenades. You know what they can do to your digestion.”“Yeah, we all been there once or twice, I suppose,” he said. He went to the door and started to open it, then stopped, obviously listening to the sounds emanating from the bathroom. He turned and looked Clover in the eyes. An amused expression crossed his face. He winked at her and walked out.Roxanne had already come twice when she heard the singing. She thought it was just in her head until Sporty paused between thrusts and muttered, “What the fuck is that?”“Jesus, don't fucking stop,” she groaned.“Oh, you need some more of this dick?”“Goddamn it, yes, Sporty, fuck me.”He gripped her hips and began slapping his loins against her ass harder. She braced her hands against the mirror and shoved back against each plunge of his cock.“You getting kind of loud,” he told her. She dropped her head and her Santa hat fell off. She grabbed it and bit down on the white felt ball to keep from crying out. But after a minute or two, she let go of it, unable to keep from moaning loudly each time he jammed his cock deep inside her.She looked up at him in the mirror. Their eyes met, and the look of passion on his face pushed her over the edge into another orgasm. Before it subsided, she felt him stiffen, jerk his cock a few more times and withdraw, as his hot cum ran down the inside of her thigh.“At least they stopped that fucking singing,” Sporty said as Roxanne cleaned herself up.He picked up her Santa hat from the floor, brushed it off and stuck it back on her head, then unlatched the door.“Hold on a minute, babe,” Roxanne said. She raised her face and kissed him. “I'd be happy to go to your mom's tomorrow.”“Damn,” he said with a wide grin, “All I had to do was fuck you real good?”“You always fuck me real good.”“Then I will always get my way, right?”“Don't push your luck,” she said, opening the door.As they came out of the bathroom, the goth kids were walking toward the exit.“Merry Christmas. And thanks,” the girl said.“Yeah, thanks,” skinny kid said as well.The big kid stopped, looked at Roxanne and held his fist out toward Sporty. “Yo,” he said, “You da dawg, bro.”Sporty bumped fists with him. “Fucking white kids,” he muttered, chuckling.They slipped back into the booth, where Clover was waiting for them with her arms crossed and a smug expression on her face.“What was that singing?” Sporty asked.“That was me saving the you two fuckpuppies from spending Christmas in the slammer.”“What are you talking about?” Roxanne asked.“A couple cops came in here while you were getting your stocking stuffed. We were singing so they wouldn't hear the noise you were making.”“We weren't making that much noise.”Sporty laughed. “Girl, you loud as hell.”The old couple came to their booth and thanked them for their burgers.“Merry Christmas,” the man said, shaking all their hands.“There is a special place in heaven for you ladies,” the woman said.As they walked away, Clover said, “You think there is a special place in heaven for us?”“If we died tonight, we might at least be able to make a case for it,” Roxanne said with a shrug.“And by next week, we are fucked again.”Julio came out of the kitchen with a damp rag and wiped the table where the parking guys had been sitting.“Hey, Julio didn't vote,” Clover said. She called to him. “Julio, how many reindeers does Santa Claus have?”Julio looked at her with a perplexed expression. “I don't know,” he said.“You know, like in the song. Dancer and Prancer and Donger and Blitzkin…”“Donger?” Roxanne asked.Julio shrugged. “I don't know that song.”“You don't know it? What the fuck country are you from?”He stared as her and said, “Colombia.”“Oh. Shit. Sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude.”“She doesn't have to try,” Roxanne said, “It's her default mode.”Julio shook his head and returned to the kitchen.“Give the brother a break,” Sporty said, “He's from South America. What the fuck he gonna know about reindeers? Ask him about llamas, he'll probably tell you everything you ever wanted to know.”“I can't think of anything I want to know about llamas,” Clover shot back. “But I do feel kind of bad for the guy. I mean, he'd have had a lot easier night if we hadn't come in here and bought burgers and shit for everybody.”“It's his job,” Roxanne said with a shrug.“Yeah, and we fucking threw a fit because we had to work on Christmas Eve.”“You threw a fit. I didn't.”“You didn't like it.”“No, but I acted like a fucking grown-up about it.”“Yeah, but you have to act like one because you don't look like one.”Sporty looked in the bag. “Anybody want this last burger?” he asked.Roxanne and Clover shook their heads.Sporty bit into the burger, swallowed and said, “You feel so bad for the guy, why don't you do something nice for him for Christmas?”“Like what?” Clover asked.“Like what the fuck you think?” Sporty asked.Clover looked at him for a minute, then tipped her head to look past him. Julio was wiping off the service counter.“He's not a bad looking guy,” Roxanne said.“Well then, why don't you go do it then?” Clover asked.“I wasn't a twat to him.”“Besides,” Sporty said with a grin, “she already got hers.”“I ain't gonna fuck him in the bathroom,” Clover said.Roxanne laughed. “The bathroom is clean, at least.”“You don't think I will do it, do you?”“Bitch, I stopped trying to figure out what you would or wouldn't do about the time you set my boyfriend's car on fire,” Roxanne said.Julio disappeared into the kitchen.“Fuck both of you,” Clover said. She got up and followed him.“Hey, Julio,” she called.He was standing at the dish sink and turned around at the sound of her voice.“Listen, dude,” she said, “I hope I didn't say anything that offended you or got you upset or what not. That's just me clowning around.”“It is fine. I understand.”“Well, I think we put a lot of extra work on you tonight, coming in here and disrupting and shouting and singing and all.”“No, it is fine, Missus.”“Well, it's Christmas and all that. I'd like to maybe give you a little something for your trouble…”Julio waved his hands. “No Missus, we are not allowed to except tips.”“Yeah, I wasn't talking about giving you money.”She looked around and saw an open door at the back of the kitchen. She walked to it and peered into a dark room.“What's in here?” she asked.“That's the manager's office.”Clover walked in and flipped the light switch. A large flat top desk against the far wall nearly filled the room. There was a faux leather swivel chair in front of it. Clover plopped down into it, spun around, and put her feet up on the desk.Julio stood in the doorway, looking nervous.“The manager does not like anyone sitting in his chair,” he said, “No one is allowed.”“But you're the assistant manager right?”“Si.”“So when he ain't here, you're the fucking manager and it's your chair.”“I do not think so…”“And I am your guest, so I can sit in your chair.”“Missus,” he said, “I know it's a foolish rule but I need this job.”“Do you think I'm gonna tell anybody about this?”Julio looked at her with a puzzled expression. “About what, Missus?”“First of all, stop calling me Missus. Then come over here and find out.”She sat up, put her feet on the floor and patted the top of the desk.Julio leaned back and looked around the kitchen as if he suspected someone might be lurking there.Clover patted the desktop again. “The boss told you not to sit in his chair, but he didn't say shit about sitting on his desk, did he?”“No. I suppose he did not.”She pushed the chair back until it banged into the wall. “So have a seat.”Julio bit his lip, seeming lost in thought, then sat on the edge of the desk.“Dude, lose that dumbass apron.”Julio reached behind his back and untied the apron. Before he could pull it over his head, Clover had his belt unbuckled. He watched with an expression of amazement as she deftly unsnapped his waistband, yanked down his zipper, and pulled his cock free.“Do all the men in Columbia have big dicks?” she asked as she wrapped her hand around it.“Si,” Julio said, “It is well known in Latin America, Missus.”“You call me Missus again and I might bite it off,” she said. She flicked her tongue at the head, then wrapped her lips around it and began to suck.Julio briefly lifted his hips from the desk and tugged his pants and shorts down to his thighs.Clover cupped his balls in her left hand, massaging them, while her right hand stroked his shaft. She took it in her mouth again, but almost immediately, she heard a chime ringing.She raised her head and asked Julio, “What the fuck is that?”Julio had a look of panic on his face. “Someone is at the drive-through,” he said, “I must go serve them.”He started to rise, but she put her hands on his hips and pushed him back down. “No, fuck that,” she said, “Stay right there.”She got up and rushed to the dining room. Roxanne and Sporty were sitting in the booth, kissing.“Hey, you fucking lovebirds, I need help here,” she shouted.When they looked at her in surprise, she said, “There's somebody in the fucking drive-through. Either of you guys ever work at a fast food place?”“I worked at Burger King in high school.” Sporty said.“Well, pry Roxy's hand off your whopper and get the fuck in here and find out what they want.”She disappeared back into the kitchen. Roxanne and Sporty looked at each other and shrugged.“I'll give it a try,” Sporty said. He slipped out of the booth and headed toward the kitchen, Roxanne following close behind.“It's like somebody told Santa they wanted a shit show for Christmas,” she muttered.Sporty went to the drive-through window and looked around. “Fuck. I don't know how to use this touchscreen shit,” he said.“Can you at least talk to the guy?” Roxanne asked.“Yeah, that shit looks the same. Hold on.”He was distracted by the sounds coming from the manager's office. “What's she doing in there?” he asked.“Sounds like she's sucking his dick.”“Damn, she's loud, too. Sounds like somebody got a rag stuck in their wet-vac.”He pressed several buttons on the communications panel, but nothing happened. He fiddled with the volume knob, and clicked the headset on and off, all to no avail. Suddenly, he was startled by a blasting horn, and looked over to see a white pick up truck right outside the window The driver, a large, red faced, bearded man, was glaring at him.“Honey, I don't think that's Santa Claus,” Roxanne said.Sporty slid the window open.“I've been out here trying to order for ten fucking minutes,” the man shouted.“Yeah, sorry about that,” Sporty said. “We got some kind of computer problem.”The man looked past him at Roxanne.“Looks to me like the problem is you're having some kind of party in there.”“Naw, she's the manager. She come in to try to fix it.”“So why isn't she fixing it?”“Sir,” Roxanne said, “I'm sorry, but there is nothing we can do about it until the tech guys get here.”“I worked to midnight on Christmas Eve. All I wanted was some burgers for when I get home.”“I'll see what I can get for you, no charge.”She went to the grill. There were onions simmering in the corner and pre-cooked patties in a warming pan. She found a package of buns and put a half dozen on the grill to brown.The man tapped his fingers impatiently on the door of his car.“This is some bullshit,” he barked at Sporty, “You got something for me or not?”“Roxy is fixing it up right now.”“The manager's name is Roxy?”“Yeah, she was named for her grandmom.”Roxanne's glasses kept steaming up from the grill's heat. She did her best to assemble the burgers, but one got no onions, one had triple pickle and some were drenched with mustard and ketchup while others got no more than a drop or two.She boxed the burgers, stacked them in a bag, and handed it to Sporty.“About time,” the man grumbled. “What about a Coke? I need something to drink.”“Coming right up!” Roxanne said with a big smile. As she poured a Coke from the dispenser she thought, I hope those burgers give you the shits, asshole.Sporty handed him the drink and cheerily said, “Merry Christmas, sir.”The man growled. “Yeah, right. I guess the two of you can get back to whatever you were doing now.”“Thank you, sir,” Sporty said, “But we already finished that. Appreciate the thought though.”The man glared at them, muttered something underneath his breath, and drove off.“What did he say?” Roxanne asked.“I didn't catch in, but I think one of the words started with an F and one with an N.”“Feliz Navidad?”“Most likely not.”“Should we figure out how this works, in case someone else pulls up?”“How long Julio gonna take getting his nut?”Roxanne shrugged.“Hold up,” Sporty said, “I got a better idea.”He walked to the back door, opened it and, looking outside, flicked a couple of light switches on the walk.“There you go,” he said.“What did you do?”“Turned off the outside lights, so the place looks closed.”Clover took Julio's cock into her mouth until she felt his pubic hair tickling her nose, then swallowed. That will keep him from trying to go see what's happening in the kitchen, she thought.When she was out of breath, she rose up, releasing his cock with a loud popping sound. She circled the head with her tongue a few times, then dove down and swallowed again. It was late, she was tired, her jaw was starting to ache and her belly was rumbling in complaint over its load of greasy hamburger.She sucked in her cheeks as hard as she could, and Julio exhaled loudly and raised his hips from the desk. As she lifted her head, Julio spurted into her mouth. She swallowed most of it, then picked up his apron off the desk and wiped her face with it, surreptitiously spitting out the rest of his load.He leaned forward, his head hanging low, while he recovered his breath. Clover stood up, and loudly burped.“Sorry about that,” she said.Julio stood, pulling up his pants.“It is okay, Missus.”They walked into the kitchen. Julio immediately noticed that it was dark outside the drive through window.“You friends, I think they turned off the lights,” he said, “I will have to turn them on and to see what else they might have done.”“Okay, well, Merry Christmas, dude.”“And to you, Missus.” Clover turned away, but he added, “Missus?”She looked back.“Maybe you will come for hamburgers again.”Clover looked him over. “Yeah, I might.”Roxanne and Sporty were sitting in the booth when Clover returned to the dining room. Roxanne was leaning against him, her head on his shoulder and her eyes shut.Clover sat down across from them. “You guys about ready to go?” she asked.Roxanne sat up straight and stretched. “Yeah we might as well,” she said.Sporty looked out the window. “That sleet shit turned into real snow,” he said. He nudged Roxanne. “Let me up, baby.”She stood and he slid out of the booth. “Give me your keys,” he said, “I'll get your car warmed up.”She fished her keys out of her purse and handed them to him as he put on his coat.Watching him walk out, Clover said, “When a man cleans the snow off your car for you, he's getting serious. Especially if he does it after you fuck him.”“I think asking me to come with him to his mom's house for Christmas shows that pretty good, too.”“So, stop being a fucking pussy about it. You think you're going to find another nice guy who is obviously crazy about you and doesn't give a shit what you do for a living?”Roxanne was silent for a minute. “It doesn't seem likely, does it?” she said at last.They kissed again and Sporty said, “You know, I had a lot of girlfriends before, but I never brought one home with me on Christmas.”She patted his cheek, kissed him and said, “I've had a lot of boyfriends before, but I never fucked one in the bathroom at White Castle on Christmas Eve.”She kissed him on the nose and dashed to her car, calling, “See you tomorrow, babe.”“It's about time,” Clover said, as Roxanne got into the drivers seat, “I'm freezing my tits off over here.”“That's because they're fake.”“Probably. They should've come with like a heater option.”“I wish I'd known it was a problem, I would have got you one for Christmas.”Clover reached across the console and squeezed Roxanne's hand.“Merry Christmas, Rhonda,” she said.Roxanne felt her eyes moisten. “Merry Christmas, Charlene.”The last display before the park exit, the grand finale, was a great arc of lights over the road. On the left, Santa rode in his sleigh, overflowing bags of gift boxes and teddy bears behind him. His reindeer stretched along the arc, their legs blinking in a dance across the night sky. At the right end of the display, Rudolph's nose glowed like a beacon.“Nine!” Clover shouted, “Bitch, count ‘em! nine fucking reindeers!”“Rudolph doesn't count.”“He counts in this town.”“Why? Because Parks and Rec says he does?”Clover sat back, her arms crossed over her chest in triumph. “Nine fucking reindeer,” she smirked.“Eight,” Roxanne muttered.“Nine.”“Eight…”By  MelissaBaby for Literotica

    Redeeming the Scorned Damsel

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    Preciousness is only revealed to one worthy of such things.By Erozetta. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.What's a girl to do when everyone has been hinting that her boyfriend is going to propose in front of his family on Christmas Eve? Then, upon receiving my gift, instead of a ring I found a note. Not a promise of a ring to come, but a note folded to fit into the slot of a beautiful ring box that read:Rin,I've thought long and hard about this. I know you were expecting something else, but I think we should see other people. We've always been on different paths and I don't think long-term is going to converge those two wildly different walks of life. I would appreciate it if you kept up appearances until after we leave my family gathering. They're expecting me to propose, but I just don't feel it's the right move with you. We can pretend this is a placeholder then part after we get back home.So sorry,            TommyI didn't pretend. I lifted my gaze to him as he had the gall to kneel on one knee in front of me while his family looked at me expectantly. The tears in my eyes were quickly found to be the unhappy variety as I said, “Are you fucking kidding me, you asshole?”Pushing him away from me, I dropped the note and box on the floor in front of one of Tom's brothers as I fled the cabin where his family was celebrating Christmas Eve. I noticed, during my escape, the oddly placed mistletoe hanging in the door frame past the front entrance. I was the only unrelated person present at this gathering, the image of expectant kisses should I get caught by his family under the decoration made me irrationally angry. I slammed the door behind me before running out into the snow.Mortified and put on the spot, I didn't really care where I went or how heavy the snowfall was. I headed down the driveway without grabbing my coat, or even my shoes. My heavy wool socks became soaked as the snow melted around my feet and I jogged away with tears burning my eyes as the cold wind threatened to freeze the evidence of heartbreak to my face.James, Tom's youngest brother, ran after me, quickly catching up and grabbing my hand to stop me. I pulled out of his grip and fell into the soft snow, laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing. James leaned over and picked me up. My protests fell on deaf ears as he lifted me over his shoulder and carried me back toward the cabin.I hit his back, pushed off of him, squirmed and tried to get him to drop me, but he held onto me with ease. He might've been Tom's younger brother, but he certainly wasn't smaller or weaker than the man I thought I was getting engaged to.“Put me down!” I snapped amidst a choked sob.James sighed and dropped me back to the ground a few hundred feet from the cabin, “It's freezing and there's nowhere to go for five miles in any direction unless you want to hang out with some lonely old local men that probably wouldn't even see you as human or a grizzly or two, should you decide to venture into the woods. My brother's an asshole, but the rest of the family ain't. Mom sent me after you and everyone is tearing into Tommy for breaking up with you the way he did.”I looked up into the sky as large fluffy snowflakes landed on my face and eyelashes, “So, are you offering to let me sleep in your bed instead?” I asked without shifting my eyes to him, “Or I can share a bed with your parents, I suppose.”“Tommy's on the couch, you're getting his room,” he replied with zero emotion to his tone.“Why's mistletoe hanging in the doorway?” I asked as James grabbed my hand and pulled me back to my feet before putting his coat over my shoulders.“What?”“I'm the only one in the house that isn't related to anyone else, so why hang mistletoe?”James huffed, “We don't actually use it. Mom likes how it looks.”I laughed, “Well, maybe I'll put that to the test and hang out under the mistletoe. See if anyone's willing to bite and help me get back at your brother.”The scowl that had been lingering on his face faded to a smirk as he glanced up at the house, “Is that an invitation to taunt my big brother, Rin?”My gaze lowered over his frame, “Older brother, J. Not so sure he's the bigger brother.”We headed back to the cabin, but before we went inside, he turned me and planted a gentle kiss between my cheek and the corner of my lips. “My brother's an idiot,” he whispered as he turned the knob and pulled me back into the warmth of the cabin.Tommy's mom was pacing inside the front entry and grabbed me, pulling me into a big hug. James stood aside and tilted his head as he watched me accept his mother's apology for her oldest son, “Dorin, I'm so sorry Tommy did that to you…”“Rin,” I said. “Please, Irene, call me Rin? I kinda hate my given name.”The older woman smiled and took my hand, “My goodness, you're freezing. Let's get you into some dry clothes.”I glanced back at James and smiled as his mother walked me through the front entrance and under the mistletoe. Wasting no time, he grabbed my hand and pulled me away from his mother. His lips were soft and wet on mine. They were also much warmer than mine as he closed his eyes and his tongue passed between my parted lips.Irene stared, her jaw-dropping open as her youngest son planted a much more intimate kiss than I'd anticipated on me. My hand lay against his jaw and cheek and I drew in a deep breath as he released me. James's gaze broke from mine and he turned to his mom, planting a kiss on her forehead.“She was under the mistletoe,” he said as he walked back into the living room. He smiled as he endured the penetrating glares of his other brothers, his father and a few aunts and uncles while Tommy scowled at me.Oh, he didn't like that.I smiled and Irene led me through the front room and into Tommy's room, where she closed the door and tilted her head. “Do… Rin,” she corrected herself, “I'm not happy with what Tommy did, but I also don't like the idea of taunting him with his younger brother…”I looked at the older woman as I opened a drawer and pulled out dry socks and warm pajamas for myself, “Then you should talk to James about it because I didn't know he was going to do that.”She nodded and left the room as I gathered the things I needed to shower. My fingers went up to my lips once she left, that wasn't only a show for his brother. There was something behind that kiss for James and I really wanted to know what.I showered while the family bickered. After my shower, I changed into my pajamas and went out into the living room. Sitting by the fire warmed me up a little more. I was by myself on the floor, uncertain of how to handle the giant pink elephant in the room.The feeling of pity emanating from Tommy's family was suffocating, but I didn't want to hide in the bedroom for the rest of this trip either. Their cabin was basically a log-mansion with giant windows giving breathtaking views of the Rockies, conifers and snow along steep ridges as far as the eye could see. Which wasn't far on that night as the storm was kicking up and limiting the view to the few trees surrounding the cabin.Tommy and Rick, one of his brothers, sat on the couch behind me. Their youngest sister, Jaime, came over to sit next to me as James sat on a chair nearby and one of their uncles stared at me from the front entryway, where the mistletoe hung. Leering old pervert.“You can do better than any of my brothers,” Jaime said as James came over to the couch and leaned over, swatting his sister on the head. “Ow,” she snapped with a laugh, “it's true and you know it.”“Doesn't mean you have to lay it out for her,” he retorted as he glanced at me.A soft blush covered my cheeks but the orange glow of the fireplace covered it. Jaime was older than me by a few years and younger than Tommy by a dozen. She was also James's ten-minutes-younger twin sister.My attention turned back to Tommy, but he intentionally looked anywhere but at me. It was dumb of me to think a suave and successful thirty-five-year-old was about to propose to a naive and immature twenty-year-old. But my family and friends thought it was going to happen. I'd been dating Tommy for a couple years and it started off with people calling me Tommy's flavor of the month. Nothing but a barely eighteen-year-old piece of arm candy to his friends and co-workers.Six months in, I graduated to flavor of the year. After a year there were whispers that he was getting serious about me. None of his other relationships lasted more than a few months at a time. As the two-year mark approached, the whispers of proposal began swirling even among his friends.I should've known better. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, but I did. It was easy to get into the mindset of that being a possibility since he'd never wanted to bring me to his family gatherings before. What else would make him change his mind about bringing me? Proposing made more sense than bringing me there to publicly dump me.“It's a bunch of dull old people bragging to each other. You'd hate it,” he'd said the year prior.Thinking the next year would be no different, I'd already made plans with friends when he called me up and asked me to come to the cabin with him to meet his family. Maybe that was the problem, they all liked me right away and started teasing him that I could do better even while I clung to his arm our first day there. It didn't take me long to start relaxing around them while it took a few dozen dates for me to get comfortable around him.Did he feel threatened by me liking his family?He had a ring box, so the ring had to be around somewhere, he simply changed his mind before giving it to me. Maybe he didn't want me to get comfortable with his family. I'd ruined it by joking with them instead of finding them to be the insufferable bores he made them out to be.I lay my head on Jaime's shoulder, “Would one of his sisters be more worthy of me?” I asked.Never felt a person stiffen so fast before. She stammered as she pulled herself away from me. James moved down to sit beside us. Jaime's cheeks were almost crimson and her eyes were wide as a deer's in headlights.I smiled, “I'm teasing. I'm only kinda into girls.”Tommy had sweat building on his forehead as I glanced back at him, “Into them enough to put on a show for Tommy's birthday this past year, though.”James put his hand on mine, “Oh, really?” he asked as he smiled at his brother, “Did you know part of this gathering will be celebrating my birthday?”“And mine,” Jaime said as she hit her brother's knee, “so don't get any gross ideas about a show…”James smirked, “Maybe a private show? A boy only turns twenty-three once in his life…”“Twenty-three isn't a special birthday,” Tommy snapped as he came around and took my hand, pulling me from between the twins.I yanked my hand away and fell onto my hands and knees before I lifted my head to look at him then turned to his brother, “When's your birthday?”“Twelve forty-one AM,” he said with a smile.“Christmas Day?” I asked.James nodded and Tommy reached out to me again and I smacked his hand away from me, “I'll wear a fucking bow,” I said before I got up and went into Tommy's room alone.I didn't hear the whole argument, but I know Jaime got between them more than once as she whined for them to knock it off. I should've gotten upset at Tommy for trying to control my interactions with his family after he broke up with me. But, honestly? I was horny from sitting between the twins and kinda enjoyed the idea of James's interest in me making Tommy jealous as fuck.Though, while I lay in Tommy's bed my mind was less on my ex being an ass and more on offering his younger siblings myself as a piece of ass.I fantasized about putting on a show for the twins where both took an intense interest in me. Making myself a tantalizing present for each of them as their hands and lips explored my body and I took my time with theirs. The thought of lying between them, James behind me and Jaime in front, her brother pushing into me as I kissed and fondled his sister was tantalizing.The icing on the cake, of course, would be Tommy sitting on the sidelines. His cock in a cage and unable to turn away as his siblings got me off in a way he never had. At least, not in a way he ever had without help from one of his side dishes.I guess it should've been a clue that I didn't get off unless he brought a girl home for me to help him fuck. Or, maybe it should've been a clue that he was bringing home girls for me to help him fuck. I was naive enough that when he said he wanted me to try new things I believed him. The girls he brought home were always older than me and often treated me like a pathetic little cunt until he finished with them and instructed them to get me off while he watched.Thinking you're in love can blind you to the most obvious red flags, I suppose.I didn't want to lower myself to Tommy's level of meaningless use of people for his own pleasure. But, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued by the idea of using James to get even with Tommy. I fell asleep with my mind on my ex watching me suck off his youngest brother, which led to a plethora of inviting dreams.I only felt partially asleep when a hand curled over my hip from behind and lips came down on the side of my neck. My thoughts were on James, but as the fingers slid beneath my pajama bottoms, I noticed they were slender, dainty. Then the moans against my neck were soft and feminine, as well. With my hand on theirs, I pulled them into the bed with me.I turned over, still in a fog of sleepy haze, to see Jaime biting her lip, her fingers frozen on my mound as her big brown eyes conveyed her fear of rejection. I reached out and ran my hand over her cheek, pushing her hair over her shoulder as I did so, “I don't love you or anything,” I said.She nodded and lowered her lips to mine, “Not asking you to love me, Rin.” Her voice was much deeper than I knew it to be. Something felt off as she lifted her eyes to meet mine and her thigh pressed between my legs while her fingers lowered, parting pussy lips and rubbing along either side of my clit.I closed my eyes and fought off a shiver. Her fingers were delicate and teasing. Jaime's head tilted to the side as I opened my eyes and watched her smile grow as her fingers entered me.“What do you want, then?” I asked, staving off a loud moan by whispering in a breathy exhale.She brought her lips down by my ear and pressed her knee to me, pushing her fingers tighter against my aching pussy, “To warm you up,” she whispered before kissing my jaw.My hips lifted to her hand, grinding myself against her palm as her thigh pushed tighter to me and my knee rubbed against her. My eyes fluttered between open and closed as my gaze lifted to her, “Warm me up?” I asked.She nodded then looked over her shoulder, “We want to make you forget all about Tommy, Rin.”James stepped forward and climbed onto the bed behind me. His fingers turned my head to him and his lips were on mine in a flash as I moaned. The bed depressed again and I opened my eyes mid-kiss to see Rick and Nate, Tommy's other brothers, climbing onto the bed. They pulled the blankets off me and helped their sister get my pajamas off. But, it was James who grasped my jaw and made me look at him as he brought his lips back to mine and parted them with his tongue. I turned over to him and began to grind on his knee. He smiled and moaned as his hand grasped the back of my neck.I moaned and felt him smile as he pushed closer to me, my thigh rubbing against the hardness between his legs. His deep voice was gentle in my ear, “Are you awake, Rin?”I was awake, I was certain of it. The feel of Jaime and the other two brothers faded and James's moan against my ear made me force my eyes open. My pajama-clad thigh was rubbing against his, still clothed, cock and my hands grasped his hip and behind his neck. The rocking of my hips seemed involuntary as I pressed myself to James's thigh, grinding myself against him.He pushed my hair from my face and a blush crossed my cheek, “I didn't expect you to pull me into bed with you,” he whispered as his lips brushed against my cheek.“I what?”“You were tossing and turning in your sleep, tears on your cheeks, so I put my hand on your shoulder to wake you up. You pulled me into the bed and started grinding on my thigh,” he groaned and I realized I still was.“Sorry,” I whispered and started to pull away from him.He grabbed my hip and pulled me back to him, “I didn't ask you to stop. I wanted to make sure you were awake. It felt like I was taking advantage without being certain.”“I…” James brought his lips to mine again and pulled my body tighter against his thigh as I resumed grinding myself against him. My own thigh rubbed against his cock as his hips matched my movements. A moan escaped my lips and he groaned as my hips bucked against him. My body trembled as he held me against him.When his lips pulled away from mine he pushed my hair away from my face again, “Feel better?” he asked.My cheeks were burning hot as my gaze connected with his. A quick nod made him smile. He was still hard against my thigh and he started to get up but I grabbed his hip and held him there, “I lied,” I whispered, “I don't feel better yet.”My hand slid over the waist of his jeans and along his lower stomach, “Rin…” his voice was soft as I unfastened his jeans and slid my hand into his underwear.He groaned as my hand wrapped around him and stroked upward, “I don't think you feel better yet, either,” I whispered as I looked up at him.James reached down and helped me get his jeans down around his thighs as his lips came down on my neck, “I'm close though,” he whispered as his lips dragged along my ear.I slid my body down his leg until my lips were even with his cock. I didn't anticipate how close he was as my gaze locked on his and I took his cock into my mouth. His cheeks flushed red and his hands grasped my head and neck, guiding me to take his dick as he groaned.My eyes watered and he yanked me down, the head of his cock lodged against the back of my throat as his dick twitched. A salty-sweet rush flooded my mouth. My stomach tensed as I swallowed, taking both the thick fluid and his cock into my throat. His moans got louder and his hands trembled as he gripped my hair.After a moment his grip eased and I pulled my lips from him, gasping and wiping the rogue trail of cum from my face as he smiled at me. James grabbed me and pulled me up into his arms, “My brother's going to hate me,” he whispered.“Your brother's going to be jealous. I never let him cum in my mouth.”James ran his fingertips over my cheek, “Is that all you never let him do?”A smile crossed my lips as I looked into his eyes, “I never let him fuck me without a condom on. Your brother's a bit of a slut.”He turned with me and got me onto my back, his hands ran over my soft pajamas before he undid the buttons on my top, opening it to reveal my breasts to him. My fingers curled beneath his balls and his lips came down on my right nipple. Between his sucking and the way my breast fit in the curve between his thumb and forefinger as he lifted and groped the lower swell, he made me ache for him.James's hands moved down my body and grasped my pajama bottoms, pulling them down my hips. He didn't even get them past my knees before his lips were on me and his tongue curled over my clit. My hips lifted to him and I gasped as he smiled. His fingers pushed into me as his tongue flattened and wriggled against the swollen and sensitive flesh.My hips rolled against his lips and my moans became a little louder before he lifted himself up my body to kiss me again. His mouth was wet with my flavor and I groaned as he pulled away from me.“Can…”“Fuck me, please?” I begged as I grabbed his hips and pulled him to me.He got my pajamas around my ankles before he climbed between my thighs and pushed himself into me. His lips were on mine, muffling my cries of ecstasy as his thick, bare dick pushed into me. The weight of his hands on my hips made me whimper. He pulled my body to him as much as he pushed into me.“James…” I whispered as his thrusts became hurried and his grip on me tightened. His lips muffled me but I couldn't help but moan, “God, fuck me.”His hips bucked into me and my hand slid between us, rubbing my clit as he kissed me and groped my ass. James lifted me to him and his lips moved, biting down hard where my shoulder met my neck.I cried out, my body trembling as my thighs gripped his hips and my pajamas fell off of one foot. My pussy rocked against him, pulling him deeper as my cunt contracted on his dick, squeezing and milking his cock into me as it twitched and he grunted in my ear.We collapsed onto Tommy's bed, James's dick still deep inside me as I stroked the back of his head and he kissed my neck. “Am I still dreaming?” I asked in a breathy gasp. My heart raced and sweat dripped along my body. His sweat or mine, I wasn't sure.James lifted his head, a big smile on his face as he rubbed my ass, “I really hope not because if you're still asleep, I'm in trouble.”His fingers trailed over my cheek as he looked up. I followed his gaze to the mistletoe that was now pinned above my ex-boyfriend's bed. James's lips came down on mine, “I guess,” he said before kissing me again. “We have to,” another kiss further delayed his comment, “uphold tradition ourselves.”My chest rose and fell in rapid succession as I tried to catch my breath. I blocked him from kissing me again, which made his lips shift course until they latched onto my neck. His biting and sucking on my sensitive skin was distracting.“This isn't a relationship,” I said as his hips pressed against mine. His hand slid up my outer thigh as he pulled me a little closer to him.“It will be,” he whispered before his lips connected with the back of my jaw.“No,” I moaned, “it's only rev-revenge,” I groaned as I felt him begin to rub in gentle circles between us, caressing and teasing my clit with his thumb.“It feels so good, though,” he whispered as his hips pushed toward mine again. He wasn't hard, but his lips connected with my neck again and I moaned.“Just…” he bit hard and I winced, “just revenge,” I repeated.“Just revenge,” he said in a softly mocking tone as his lips trailed back to mine. A gentle kiss to my lower lip before he pulled away, looked into my eyes and said, “You feel so fucking good, though, Rin,” made my heart flutter as a few tears streaked from the corner of my eyes.I didn't want this to be anything more than revenge, but he was finding it extremely easy to work me into wanting more with him.He was starting to get hard again and his lips came down on my left nipple as his hips began slow thrusts, “Rin,” he said as he closed his eyes and bucked his hips toward mine, “What else wasn't my brother allowed to do with you?”“He…” I groaned as his hips hit against my thighs hard, “wasn't allowed to…” My hips lifted and met his thrust, making me whimper and tighten my fingers on his shoulders.“Yes? What wasn't he allowed to do that I am?”My head shifted and I looked him in the eye, “Harder,” I choked out.His hips thrust harder against me and I whimpered as my body arched beneath him, “Something tells me you let him fuck you hard, Rin. What wasn't he allowed?”I gasped and lifted my hips. His thrusts were powerful and deep, pushing his brother's bed against the wall with each connection of our hips, “I don't know,” I cried out.James pulled out of me and turned me onto my hands and knees before pushing himself back inside. His dick hit deep and hard and my hand grasped behind his neck as he fucked me, “Was he allowed to have pictures of you, Rin?”I shook my head and he bit down on my shoulder before lifting his lips to my ear, “Am I?”An especially hard thrust made my knees weak as I trembled and a sudden rush of fluid sprayed from me, “Yes,” I moaned, “Fuck yes…” My voice trembled as he held me to him, unloading more cum into me as he sucked on my neck and grasped my body.James pulled me firmly against him, my back tight to his chest. With his arm around my chest and my head leaning back on his shoulder, he took photos of us. Many of his photos had his lips on my cheek or neck and my lips partially open with my eyes closed. He lowered his arm from my breasts and opted to tease my throbbing clit as I shivered, causing his cock to fall from me and a flood of his cum to fall onto his brother's bed and my thighs.He let go of me and I looked over my shoulder at him. The corner of my lip caught in my teeth as I blushed at him, “Not just revenge, right?” he asked.I shook my head.James smiled and got off the bed, fixing his jeans before picking me up. I wrapped my arms behind his neck and lay my head against his shoulder as he cradled me. He leaned down and whispered to me, “You can sleep in my bed, Rin.”“Your mom…” I started, but he rubbed my hip as he pulled the pajamas off my other foot and left them on the soiled bed.“Will understand.”He carried me out of Tommy's bedroom. Tommy was sitting up on the couch down the hall and James grasped me a little tighter, changing direction from the bathroom and moving toward his brother instead. My grip on James tightened as I was completely exposed from the waist down and had no doubt his cum was still leaking from and drying on my body.Tommy lifted his eyes as James carried me over and sat on the couch beside his brother with me still in his arms, “You can't…” Tommy started before James cut him off.“Despite what you complained to me about the other night, she has no trouble orgasming and your sheets need changing if you want to sleep in your bed.”Tommy's cheeks flushed red as he looked away from me and I scowled at him, “You said what?” I asked.“I never said…” Tommy started.“You told me ‘For someone so hot, she's a cold dead fish in the sack.' Was that to kill any interest Rick, Nate or I might muster up after you planned to break up with her? You knew she was going to be stuck here for days after you broke it off. Lonely, with three other guys she could hook up with on a rebound…”“She's my fucking girlfriend and you're my brother. You're not supposed to go after her…”“You broke up with her, right?” he asked Tommy.Tommy scowled but nodded.James smiled, “She's not your girlfriend anymore, then. For years you've given me nothing but hand-me-downs on my birthday. In all that time I never thought I'd genuinely say thank you for one. But thank you, big brother. I don't think there's a brand new expensive present available that will top your hand-me-down this year!”By Erozetta for Literotica