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Explicit short stories of intimacy and passion. The text of each story is included. Narrated by selected A.I. bots.

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    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 11Amazons Defeated by...

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    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 11Amazons Defeated by Kung Fu Master, disguised as a sexy witch.By BradentonLarry - Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.Shelonda & Don defeated the Amazon tribal sisters, and gained the release of Toshia.“I don't like this plan, Don,” Nicole had said. “I don't want to see any more killing.”“Neither do I,” Don replied. “We're going to do everything we can to avoid seriously hurting anyone. How much first aid do they teach pre-med students?”The answer had been not much, but Nicole had been a girl scout and knew some rudiments. So, she was assigned the role of medic for the rescue mission.“There it is!” Don said, pointing ahead to where he could just see the old ruined castle poking up out of the forest. “Let's find someplace to land not too far from it.”In another minute, responding to Amy's mental commands, the carpet settled down in a small clearing just a short, wooded distance from the castle's gate. Don, Shelonda and Nicole disembarked – Nicole quite eagerly – and Amy had the carpet carry her back up into the sky. Amy had her instructions. She hadn't liked the thought of being left out of the main action, but had eventually accepted Don's reasoning. At the very least, if Don's plan didn't work, they wouldn't all be captured.With Don taking the lead, the three on the ground set off through the forest toward the castle of the Sisterhood. It was only a short walk before they came to another, much larger, clearing in front of the gate of the castle. The gate itself was very old, mostly of wood and actually in surprisingly good condition. It had two valves, and the one on the right was standing open. Two women were there, apparently on guard, though they had placed their spears against the wall and were practicing what looked like crude judo take-downs. Don and the others got half way across the clearing to them before either of them noticed.“Hey! Who the hell are you?” said one, a tall woman with short, jet-black hair. To her credit, her partner, a shorter blonde with longer hair, immediately went to grab both spears and took the opportunity to give a high-pitched whistle through the open gate.“I'm Don, and this is my student Shelonda and our medical assistant Nicole,” Don said amiably as he continued to approach the castle.“Medical assistant?” the guard asked as her companion brought her spear.“To help if anyone gets injured.”“OK, that's far enough,” the guard said as she leveled her spear at Don's chest, “or you're going to get injured permanently.”Don frowned a little at that. He actually suspected that the XYZ would help his, or anyone's, body repair any injury short of death, but he didn't bother to explain this to the dark-haired woman. Instead he said, “We're here to collect our friend, who we believe has been a guest of the Sisterhood for the last few days.”“Oh you are, are you?” said a voice from above the gate.Don looked up to see a beautiful woman with long black hair spilling over her shoulders and her armor standing on the battlements over the gate. She certainly seemed to have the regal bearing that would go along with leading the Sisterhood. He decided at that moment that this woman would respond better to a particular approach – one of individual dominance.“I am,” Don nodded. “She became separated from us, and has been here. I would be grateful if you returned her.”“And if I don't?” asked the woman, confirming Don's guess as to her role in the Sisterhood.“Then I'll have to make you,” Don smiled.The woman laughed derisively, and then said, “Kill him, and take the women.”Without hesitation, the two guards drew back to thrust at Don with their spears. Before they could attack though, his staff came up and spun around in a clean arc through the place where the black-haired one's head had been, carrying her down into a crumpled heap on the ground where she lay unconscious. Immediately, Don reversed the momentum of his staff, batting the blonde's spear aside, and then brought the other end of the staff around to strike the woman's knee hard enough to buckle her leg painfully in the wrong direction. She cried out in pain before Don stretched her on the ground with a blow to the head. The entire exchange had taken less than three seconds.Don held up his left hand to the half dozen warrior women who had by now come through the gate and who were ready to charge him.“We do not want to fight the Sisterhood,” he said in a loud, calm voice. “We only want our friend, Toshia, who is here in your castle. Give her to us and Nicole here will tend to these good women and we will be on our way. If you do not give her to us, though, I must challenge your leader to personal combat.”“We do not stoop to fight with men,” one of the women in front of Don sneered. She was a big redhead with a spray of freckles across her face.“That sounds like cowardice to me,” Don smiled back at her.“Take them down,” the woman on the wall ordered.At once, the six women, led by the freckled redhead, charged Don and the girls. Don's hypothesis was that the XYZ was supercharging more than just their sex drives, and that if he and Shelonda deliberately sought to direct their energies into good kung fu they would be nearly unstoppable fighting machines. Moreover, he had repeatedly noticed the flexible nature of Eros, in that what a focused mind wanted often made itself available. Don and Shelonda were now throwing themselves into the fray, letting the XYZ course through their veins and expecting the world to bend itself to their will. They leapt higher, dodged faster, and hit harder than seemed humanly possible. In addition, they had a particular advantage thanks to the Wizard; their staffs had been enchanted. Though they were still the light, flexible staffs Don and Shelonda had brought from the Manor, they were now, for all intents and purposes, unbreakable, and struck with a force much greater than normal. There were additional abilities as well, but they were trying to hold back on those, both to keep at least one of them in reserve as a surprise and because they really didn't want to severely injure anyone.It only took a minute or so before all six of the sisters were lying on the ground around Don and Shelonda, either unconscious or groaning in pain. Nicole quickly began moving about them, checking for broken bones and beginning to bandage ankles and knees.“So,” Don called to the rest of the Sisterhood, who by now were gathered outside the gate or along the walls, “you will not stoop to fight a man, but you will stoop to attacking us three to one. That's very brave. I'm quite impressed.”“I'll take you one-on-one, little man,” said a muscular woman with short brown hair. “When I'm done with you, I'll fuck your ass with that staff of yours.”“Always the ass, eh, Wanda?” said a woman from the crowd.Wanda laughed and stepped forward hefting a good sized battle axe in her strong hands.Don smiled at her, “If you're nice, maybe I'll fuck your ass with my ‘staff' before I'm done with you.”The women seemed to like this and laughed at and with Wanda. Though she didn't really seem to mind the teasing, Wanda chose this moment to charge Don. It was a clumsy attack, and Don had no trouble slipping out of the way. His staff flew around and smacked Wanda hard on the butt. He thought the force of her charge would require a few more steps before she could turn, but Wanda surprised him by spinning tightly and swinging her axe across at his mid-section. Don sprang back in time, but only just. With impressive speed, she changed the direction of the axe, swept it up and then arcing down at Don's head. Rather than dodging though, Don stepped in and threw his staff up in both hands, to catch the axe haft as it came down. Neither staff nor axe gave way, as Don expected, though Wanda was surprised that the axe hadn't continued right through the apparently more flimsy staff. Don took advantage of her surprise by kicking her very hard in the crotch. Though this didn't have exactly the same effect it might have on a male, it still hurt, and Wanda winced and pulled back. Don pressed the attack, spinning his staff in a withering barrage of strikes aimed at Wanda's head. While she was able to successfully block each strike, Don was able to throw her off balance enough that he was able to slip in close and punch her sharply in the gut. With a loud “Oof!” Wanda doubled over, leaving herself open to a decisive rap on the skull that laid her out on the ground.There was a small burst of applause, abruptly cut off, as Don turned to look over the gathered sisters with a cheerful yet derisive smile. He was less astounded by his speed and strength than he was by his endurance; he was barely breathing hard. “Anyone else want to do your leader's fighting for her?”“You're pretty good with that stick,” said a beautiful, tall blonde wearing her hair in braids, as she stepped forward. She was wearing a blue sleeveless tunic hanging down almost to her knees and cinched at the waist, leather wrist bands and sandals laced up the length of her calves. She had all the beauty of Nordic women and a muscular build that indicated both strength and speed. She also seemed to be smiling at Don with genuine good nature. She asked, “Can you measure up without a weapon?”Don nodded and said, “Let's find out.” He tossed his staff to Shelonda and bowed to the blonde, adding, “I'm Don.”“Brigit,” she nodded.Don was acutely aware of the fact that he had just given any attentive spectators a good demonstration of his basic fighting style. This gave Brigit a possible advantage. She certainly had the fire of intelligence burning in her eyes, so Don assumed she had an actual advantage. As a result of these thoughts he did not rush in to attack her, though a fast step in and side-kick was usually a good move in this kind of situation. He relaxed his shoulders, slowed his breathing, and waited for Brigit to make the first move.Brigit eyed Don calmly as she began to circle him. He noted that she had her hands raised and open, suggesting that she might be a grappler. Though she was ordinarily someone he might enjoy grappling, Don had little taste for wrestling as a form of combat. He was out-massed by the big woman; speed, agility and determination were his assets, two-thirds of which would be sacrificed in a clinch.He turned as she moved, eventually turning his back on the bulk of the Sisterhood. Don actually thought they were too caught up in the fun of watching the fight to actually interfere, and he was sure Shelonda would alert him if someone made an unsporting move. Rather than attack him, the sisters were taunting both Brigit and him, telling them to get on with it.Finally, Brigit did just that, taking a few quick steps in Don's direction, but he only danced back laughing. She came in again, this time faster and swinging her right fist in a roundhouse. Don had bounced back, though, and to his left. Before she could readjust, he landed two quick blows on her right side. It felt like he'd punched a wall.Brigit rounded on him, but he had already skipped back out of the way. Her smile suggested that his punches hadn't made much of an impression. Don didn't mind that; he was still sizing her up.She came in fast again, but Don could tell she was a bit hesitant; expecting him to evade her she was holding back. Don responded by closing the distance between them. He blocked the blow she aimed at the left side of his head with his forearm and simultaneously punched straight ahead at her nose. There was a satisfying crunching sound as his fist connected. Don didn't leave his fist out there long, but snapped it back in time to block the punch she threw at the right side of his head. If he'd been slower, Brigit's right-left combination would certainly have knocked him senseless; the woman was certainly powerful. He brought his knee up and quickly snapped his heel into Brigit's gut, pushing the two of them apart again.Brigit's nose was bleeding profusely, and she wasn't smiling any more. Don had to admit that this bout wasn't turning out as playfully as he'd hoped. He thought he'd give the sister a moment to wipe some of the blood off her face, but she came at him again. This time, she tried to close faster and punch straight at him. Don dropped low, under her reach and hit her in the side again, this time much harder. They passed each other and turned, but Brigit took the opportunity to swing her fist back-handed at Don's head. He only pulled back far enough to take the blow on his cheek. The force of the impact knocked him to the side a bit and he tasted his own blood.Brigit came at him quickly, and Don had to backpedal and block furiously to avoid getting seriously hurt. Finally he was able to strike upward with the heel of his hand at Brigit's chin. Her head snapped back and she stumbled backward. Don sprang forward, taking two steps and then was high in the air, his foot snapped around with blinding speed and Brigit's head twisted to the side. Don and Brigit landed on the ground at the same time, he lightly on his feet and she heavily on her back. As the crowd of women cheered in spite of themselves, Don knelt quickly to make sure that Brigit was still breathing. Nicole hurried up to check as well.Before they could say a word to each other, Brigit opened her eyes and said, “Damn! That was fast.”Don smiled down at her, touched his cheek which was already red and starting to swell, and said, “It was an honor, ma'am.”“Next time, I'm going to kick your ass, you know.”“I'll look forward to it,” he grinned.“Enough!” a familiar voice barked over the hubbub at the gate.Don looked up to see that the beautiful sister who had been talking to him from the wall had come down to the gate. Since she was smart enough to lead this group of strong-willed women, Don figured she must realize her predicament. If she had the other women attack Don she would appear weak, even if they succeeded in defeating Shelonda and him, which some of them must now be thinking was no sure thing. If she handed over Toshia she would appear weak. If she just shut the gates on them and let them go away she would appear weak. In fact, if she did anything other than fight him she would appear weak and her authority would be undermined. Bullies were so easy to manipulate, Don thought. Of course, she must now see that there was a very good chance that she would be beaten by Don, which would be no less a disaster, at least from her perspective.She came out in front of the small crowd of women, wearing a metallic breast plate that still managed to show off some cleavage, a skirt of chainmail, metal greaves and bracers. Her midriff was impractically bare, though Don certainly didn't mind that. Her jet black hair had now been pulled back into a long ponytail. Don thought she was staggeringly beautiful, and the haughty attitude only made her more appealing for some reason. In her hand was a gleaming long sword in particularly good condition.“You fight well for a man,” she sneered.Don, who had stood up, bowed a little in acknowledgement.“I give you the opportunity to go in peace.”“We will gladly do so if you return our friend to us,” Don answered.“We will not give you what is rightfully ours.”“Rightfully yours?” Nicole interjected indignantly.“Hush,” Don said quietly. Then, back to the leader of the Sisterhood, “We will not leave without her.”“Very well,” she nodded. “I will make you submit to me, or you will die.”“Or you will submit to me,” Don smiled easily.“I do not submit to men,” she spat.“Not to men, perhaps, but you will to me.”She scowled at him angrily, obviously unused to such impertinence. Finally she said, “I will not fight you here; the ground is littered with your sparring partners. Come inside and fight me in our courtyard. No one but me will harm you.”Don nodded his acceptance, and turned to take his staff back from Shelonda, who took the opportunity to say, “I don't know, Don, she looks mean.”“Yeah, she does, doesn't she?” he grinned.As the three of them approached the gate the sisters made way for them, and Nicole said, “Just remember, I don't have any bandages big enough for sword wounds.”They were led to an open area inside the castle where the sisters obviously worked out and practiced with their weapons. Some of the sisters and some smaller, obviously less assertive women quickly dragged various bags and targets out of the way, clearing the space for the impending duel. The other sisters climbed up on ledges and walls around the courtyard to make sure they had a good view. Don noticed that Brigit and Wanda were able to come in and take their places on a crumbled section of wall. There were a number of doorways leading into the courtyard, and, opposite the point where they'd entered, a set of broad stone stairs led to another open area, where a bunch of chairs were arranged.As soon as everything had been cleared from the area sufficiently, the leader of the sisters took her place near the center of the courtyard, and said, “If you need a sword, Brigit can lend you hers.”“No, that's alright; I wouldn't want to take a chance on cutting that beautiful body of yours,” Don smiled easily, as if he was flirting with someone at the local coffee shop.“I assure you I have no such reservations about cutting yours.”“I think that's a lie… What's your name, by the way?” Don began to slowly walk toward her across the open ground, his staff in his right hand.“Daphne,” she snapped. “What do you mean 'you think that's a lie'?”“Well, you might just be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure you don't really want to hurt me.”“Oh,” she laughed, “you're quite wrong.”Don shook his head a little, and said, “No, I don't think I am. I think you're starting to think it would be nice if I beat you and carried you off somewhere and ravished you.”“How dare you!”“I'll bet it's been a very long time since you were well and properly ravished.”“What in the world makes you think I'd have the slightest interest in being ravished by anyone like you?”“The fact that you've let me get this close to you,” Don smiled. He was only a foot away from her. Close enough to see her blue eyes quite clearly enough to read the surprise and then anger in them.“You bastard!” she hissed and leapt back, simultaneously bringing her sword up and around in a blinding arc.Don laughed as he skipped back, temporarily out of range. Daphne followed though, spinning her sword in a furiously fast series of arcs in front of her.“That's fancy,” Don nodded, “but I can do it too.” He began to spin his staff in a figure-eight motion covering his front and sides.Snarling, Daphne leapt in and swung, counting on her steel blade to cut or bash its way through Don's screen. Instead the sword glanced off, and Don effortlessly reversed the staff's direction to hit Daphne's exposed side. As before, the staff's enchantments imparted greater force than the momentum Don provided would indicate. Cursing under her breath, Daphne snapped her blade around in an arc aimed directly at Don's head. Twisting quickly, Don brought his much lighter weapon up in time to block the strike, catching the blade in the middle of the staff between Don's hands.There was the briefest pause when it was clear to Daphne that her sword should have broken the staff. Don smiled and said, “Yeah, that's not going to happen, my dear.”“Is your head unbreakable?” she asked, and then quickly snapped her blade around, over her head, to slash at Don from the opposite side. Don blocked this easily, though the edge of her sword was only inches from his scalp. Apparently unconcerned, Don let Daphne wear herself out with a series of strong, fast cuts that he blocked almost casually.When it seemed that she might be slowing down, but before she could change her tactics on her own, Don changed his. He dropped low, into a proper low stance, letting her sword whistle by high over his head, and drove the end of his staff hard into Daphne's belly. He followed this by sweeping the staff at her shapely legs. He managed to catch one and threw it out from under her. Off balance from this double assault, Daphne stumbled backward. Don pursued her, pressing his advantage. It was Daphne's turn to retreat and parry. Three times Don managed to hit her, once more in the gut, once hard across the arm, leaving a bright red mark, and once a glancing blow to the head, which left a slight gash and a smear of blood.This last hit seemed to irritate Daphne more than the others and she launched into another enthusiastic offensive, which was actually rather successful. She managed to leave a shallow cut along Don's left shoulder and actually achieved a solid hit on Don's right shin, which would have crippled him if he hadn't been wearing his shin guards, fresh from the Wizard's wardrobe. Pausing slightly in surprise or anger, Daphne let Don get close enough that he struck out with the heel of his hand, hitting her hard in the center of her chest just above her chest plate where it showed off her cleavage. Daphne gasped and stumbled back again, this time backing up until she tripped a bit on the steps at her back.To her credit, Daphne recovered quickly, stepped up on the stairs, and had her sword at the ready in the second it took Don to launch his next offensive. He drove her up the stairs until she was on the level with the chairs. He heard the sisters clamoring behind him to keep the fight in view. There was a brief exchange during which the tip of Daphne's sword scratched over the surface of Don's chest armor, Don's staff cracked Daphne's right thigh hard enough to make her cry out and then to favor that leg, and a sword blow which was deflected by Don's bracer scored a bloody wound on the back of his left forearm. Don seemed not to notice the two wounds he had sustained, and continued to drive Daphne back toward the chairs behind her. When she came up against one she had to devote a minute bit of attention to keeping her balance and maneuvering around these obstacles, and this minor distraction provided Don with the chance to strike her right wrist hard enough to make her drop her sword. As the blade clattered to the stone floor, Don dropped his staff, and closed in.Kicking the chair behind her away, Daphne was just barely able to twist aside to avoid the kick Don aimed at her midsection. She got her hands and guard up fast enough to deflect the series of blows he aimed at her head, and then gave him a fast jab which connected with his brow just above his left eye. Moving in, pushing her back further, Don ignored the blood that ran down past his eye, and threw a furious combination of punches and knee strikes at Daphne.Then, suddenly, Daphne was falling backward into a big hole in the floor that Don had only barely noticed. A bit surprised, he still managed to catch her right wrist, but, rather than allowing him to catch her fall, this only meant that he was pulled down with her.Together they landed on what seemed to be a very large, thick mattress. Don landed on top of Daphne, though he was able to brace himself on impact so that he didn't crush her too much. There was a moment when he was able to take in the surroundings – there were bars around the mattress, surprised, naked men looking in at them from the other side, a battered old mirror, and apparently freshly laundered red sheets – before Daphne began to struggle to push him off her. Don was done playing with her, though.He caught her beautiful throat in his left hand and squeezed just a little. Looking down into her livid face, he smiled and said, “Now, that's enough. I won and you know it.”Daphne spat at him, and he tightened his grip a bit. Don shoved his leg between hers and used his position and leverage to push her strong thighs apart. Reaching down with his right hand, he pushed his palm up along the inside of her leg, under her chainmail skirt. Sure enough, when he got there, he found her already very wet.Don chuckled a little and a drop of blood from his forehead dripped onto her cheek. As he stroked her moist lips, she continued to struggle but not very convincingly – at least not to Don or to her. He smiled and asked, “Still going to say you're not interested?”“I goddamn hate you!” she insisted. Then Don pushed his fingers up inside her and she groaned a little in the bottom of her throat.“I don't think that's the same thing,” Don smirked as he began to work his fingers in and out of her, cupping his hand over her sex, palm rubbing against her clit. He was aware that the men were watching them and that the sisters had gathered around the opening through which Don and Daphne had fallen. What they saw was a combination of Don pinning Daphne to the mattress while he roughly handled her and Daphne sort of struggling while clearly responding to his touch on her.“You've fucking ruined everything, you bastard,” she breathed through clenched teeth.“Do you want me to stop?”“Would you stop if I said yes?” she scowled.“No.”Daphne closed her eyes again and let a tremor of pleasure pass over her. So quietly that only Don could hear her, she said, “Good.”Don pushed his thigh up between her legs, taking the place of his hand against her crotch. As he fumbled at his pants to push them and his cup down to free his already half hard cock, Don leaned down and kissed Daphne. Shocked, she first let him kiss her, then she began to respond, and then she remembered herself and bit at his lip, drawing a bit more blood. Don just laughed and shoved her back into the mattress with the hand around her throat. He knew full well that he wasn't exerting anywhere near enough force to actually hold her down if she really wanted to get out from under him.Then, using his legs and his right hand, Don shoved Daphne's legs apart and settled between them. He shoved her metal skirt up, took his now very hard cock in hand and pushed it down between her legs. Don felt her warm, wet lips embracing his head and then he pushed himself slowly into her. As he filled her tight pussy, he leaned down and said, “You're mine now, Daphne.”“I still hate you,” she growled even as she was reaching down to grab his ass and pull him into her.“Say it,” he said.“I'm yours now,” she breathed, “you bastard.”Laughing, Don shoved in the rest of the way, feeling his head hitting her cervix. He rocked there for a moment inside her and pressed against her, before pulling almost all the way out and then driving in again. After several such long, deep thrusts, he felt her hand slipping around his neck and then holding the back of his head. Daphne pulled him down to her and kissed him, not grudgingly but passionately, hungrily. They were kissing and biting at each other as his cock slipped in and out of her fiery pussy. Don maintained this steady, slow, deep fucking until he felt Daphne clenching and squeezing on him, gasping around his tongue and lips as she came long and hard.Don pulled back a bit, looking down at her and asked, “Who else has ever beaten you?”“No one,” she answered proudly.Don began to fuck in and out of her again, and said, “So there's no reason you should ever bow down to anyone but me, is there?”She smiled up at him, and for the first time the smile seemed completely without malice, “No, there certainly isn't.”“I'm glad we had this little chat,” he chuckled and began to pump in and out of her with increased vigor. Daphne wrapped her long, strong legs around him and pulled him in closer. Don commenced fucking her hard and fast. He had promised her ravishment and that's what he was delivering. Claiming her body as the rightful prize in their fight, Don took her as his own, pushing himself into her with all the energy he had used to best her in combat. Daphne now gave no appearance of anything but enthusiastic participation. No one watching could have any doubt that she was enjoying every moment of the fucking Don was giving her. When she cried out with her second orgasm, Don felt his own spilling over. He thrust deep into her and filled her with his cum, shuddering and trembling as he spewed his seed deep inside her, claiming her in as intimate a way as he could think of.When Don finally stopped coming, and had caught his breath, he began to look around a bit for the first time since he had begun taking Daphne. Before he could get a good look, though, she pulled his head down and gave him a brief, passionate kiss. When he pulled back to smile down at her, she whispered, “Thank you.”“My pleasure,” Don smiled warmly at her. For a fleeting moment, he thought it would be fun to stay here with this Amazon queen and rule this little corner of the forest. Then he remembered what he could never fully forget – the need to find Toshia. Withdrawing from Daphne's warm, wet embrace, Don sat back on his haunches. A burst of applause from the men on the other side of the bars around them surprised him. His first instinct was to grin and bow, but he recalled the dynamic he had no interest in undermining and scowled at the men imperiously, and said in a commanding voice, “Don't think any of you have earned the right to disrespect this woman, your mistress.”The applause died off immediately.To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 10Rescue by air. the...

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    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 10Rescue by air. the Wizard's gift of a magic carpet.By BradentonLarry -Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.Daphne stood in front of Toshia in all her imperious beauty and said, “You're going to be a good pup now, eh? Well, here, you can start with kissing my foot.” She extended her foot and held it high enough that Toshia could bend her head to it.This is exactly what Toshia did, without hesitation. She leaned forward and kissed the top of Daphne's foot. When the woman did not pull it back, Toshia kissed it again. Daphne slowly lowered her foot, but Toshia followed it, bending lower to continue kissing.Daphne chuckled a little and said, “Put her on her back.”The serving girls hurried to comply, pulling Toshia back and lowering her so that she didn't crack her head on the stone floor. Toshia's knees were apart and up in the air, her pussy was on bold display. Daphne stood over her and smiled coldly.When Daphne put her foot over Toshia's mouth, Toshia raised her head a little and kissed Daphne's sole. She didn't stop at that, though, but proceeded to kiss and lick at Daphne's foot as if it was the sex of her dearest lover. Of course, Toshia did not particularly enjoy kissing and licking Daphne's foot – though she didn't particularly mind it either – nor did she think of the haughty Daphne as anything remotely like a lover. Instead, Toshia was enthusiastically acting on the principle that the more convincing she was in her submission the sooner she would be allowed some release.“Very good, pup,” Daphne smiled, taking her foot back. “Bring that cushion and put it under her head.”A big pillow was brought and slipped under Toshia's head. Daphne shrugged her sheer robe to the floor, stood naked over Toshia, with a foot on either side of her prone body, and then promptly knelt, landing with her knees on the pillow, one on either side of Toshia's head. She looked down at Toshia's face between her strong thighs and said, “Let's see what a good pup you can be. No biting!”Toshia had a moment to nod her understanding before Daphne scooted forward and shoved her naked, wet cunt down on Toshia's mouth. Toshia wasted no time and immediately began to lap at Daphne. Simply having a woman's juices on her tongue sent a palpable shiver down Toshia's spine. She would have preferred to switch places with Daphne, in every way, but this was a start. Toshia worked her tongue up between Daphne's lips and into her pussy, rubbing her nose against Daphne's clit. Daphne pushed down and rocked her hips, making Toshia's face wet with her slick, sweet nectar.When Daphne pulled up a little, Toshia got her tongue on the woman's clit. She lapped at it eagerly a few times and then sucked it into her mouth, pulling hard on it. Daphne yelped a little and pressed down. Toshia concentrated on licking the hard clit in her mouth. She was quite happy to have a woman to please for a change. In spite of her recent exploits with the male gender, Toshia's experience and preference still tended toward the feminine. It was nice to have a sweet pussy and clit to lick, and to look up and see Daphne's breasts over that taut, athletic belly. It didn't take long before she was able to bring Daphne to a shuddering, clenching orgasm. The warrior woman rode it out on Toshia's mouth, and when she didn't move away, Toshia continued to tongue her clit. In only moments Daphne was coming again, spilling even more of her fluids onto Toshia's chin and dribbling down her neck.Leaning back enough so that she could look down at Toshia, and thereby giving Toshia a chance to get some fresh air, Daphne smiled and said, “Good pup, but I don't think you're done just yet.”As soon as Daphne moved away from Toshia, another woman promptly took her place. Toshia didn't even get a chance to see which woman owned the pussy and clit that were now pushed into her face. A little surprised, Toshia still immediately began to lick and suck at this new clit.Toshia considered herself to be particularly good at giving a woman head. Not only had her lovers all been unanimous in their praise, but she'd never met a woman she couldn't bring off with her tongue. Sure, there had been a few times when it took a bit more time and effort, but she always made her partner come. It was all a matter of persistence (and sometimes endurance) and being sensitive to a woman's responses. If you were doing the right or wrong thing, a perceptive cunnilinguist could read it in her lover's body even before the receiver noticed it herself. This meant that Toshia would always get her partner to the intended destination, if given enough time. The issue of persistence was no less important. Countless women were frustrated in bed because their lovers didn't stick with it long enough. This repeated frustration led many to assume that they would be frustrated. Toshia had several times found that, once she'd demonstrated that she was going to go the distance, the woman she was going down on was able to relax and have a wonderful orgasm in fairly short order.It was a bit sad, she thought, that her skill in this regard was largely wasted here. Thanks to the XYZ no doubt, every woman she'd met in Eros had had no trouble at all reaching an orgasm with only a modicum of effort. Also the sisters were in a particularly frenzied state of arousal due to the orgy that had led up to Toshia's oral service. So, it required neither much persistence nor much talent to lick this second woman to an orgasm. Toshia was just getting into a good rhythm when the woman cried out, shaking, and spilled more wetness over Toshia's lips and chin.When this woman got off her face, Toshia raised her head to look around the room a little. However, before she could focus on anything, another woman had straddled her and pushed her head back. This time it was the big, freckled redhead who Toshia found particularly annoying. Toshia briefly considering withholding her oral favors, but then decided it wasn't worth the aggravation. As she began to lick and suck at the woman's engorged clitoris, she consoled herself that she would keep this up until they gave her a chance to escape. Well, first I'll make myself come, and then I'll escape! It was probably Toshia's imagination, but she actually thought the redhead's pussy didn't taste quite as good as the other's she'd sampled in Eros. Fortunately, it didn't take long at all for Toshia to bring the woman off.Next up was the loud and cheerful Wanda. For some reason she couldn't put her finger on, Toshia kind of liked the gregarious woman with the short brown hair. As Toshia began to lap at the pussy presented to her, she found herself wishing she had the use of her hands, not to play with herself, though there was that, but to hold Wanda in the right position, or to finger the woman's dripping wet twat, or, considering who it was, Wanda's butt. Making do with what she had, Toshia gave Wanda's clit a vigorous and enthusiastic licking, which soon made the sister cry out with an intense and prolonged orgasm.Wanda was replaced by another, and then another and another. Toshia's jaw began to get sore from all her work, and she lost count of how many women had sat on her face. She was grateful for the pillow Daphne had had put under her head, though Toshia was sure that was for the sake of Daphne's own knees rather than Toshia's head and neck. Toshia was beginning to worry what would happen to her when she was unable to continue licking, when a woman climbed off her and wasn't immediately replaced. Toshia looked around and saw that there were now far fewer sisters in the hall. The party was winding down.Toshia lay there on her back, wondering what in the world was going to happen next, until she saw Brigit standing over her with a smug smile. It looked to Toshia as if the blonde Viking woman was trying to think of the right quip. If so, Brigit decided to say nothing. Instead, she bent down, slipped one arm under Toshia's legs and the other under her back, and lifted Toshia as if she were a small child. Without saying a word, she carried Toshia out of the hall.Though she was a bit concerned that Daphne might be mad if she returned to find her gone, Toshia didn't really have any choice in the matter. In any case, she had to admit she liked being carried along with her head against Brigit's soft, naked breast, smelling the flowers that hung around Brigit's neck. The ride was short, though, as Brigit made quick progress to her destination. After climbing up several flights of dilapidated stone stairs, and moving down a darkened corridor, Brigit shoved aside a hanging cloth in a doorway and carried Toshia into a bedroom lit by torches mounted on the walls. Toshia was half-laid and half-dropped on a low bed in the middle of the room.Brigit smiled down at Toshia and said, “Now we can be alone for a while.” She leaned down and kissed Toshia's forehead, and then, quickly untied the bindings that held the spreader in place between her knees, tossing the spreader off to the side. Then, with confident grace, she lay down next to Toshia and ran her strong hand up inside Toshia's thigh. Brigit ran her other hand over Toshia's hair, as the one between Toshia's legs slipped up to touch Toshia's painfully neglected crotch. There was nothing tentative about the way Brigit cupped Toshia in her firm grasp. The heel of her palm was pressed against Toshia's clit and her strong, calloused fingers pushed against Toshia's very moist and eager pussy. Brigit rocked her hand against Toshia, and began to part her lips to push a finger or two into her, but Toshia was already coming.More than a day and a night without sex, hours of mounting frustration, watching and then participating in unbridled lesbian sex without any release, and, finally, being in the power of this strong, confident, beautiful woman had brought Toshia to a fevered pitch of sexual excitement. The attention now given to her was more than enough to push Toshia over the edge. She arched her back and groaned, clenching her teeth and straining against the leather that still tied her wrists to her ankles.When Toshia finally fell back against the bed and opened her eyes, she saw Brigit smiling down at her with an amused expression. “That was nice,” the blonde said. “Let's see you do that again.”Immediately, Toshia felt Brigit's strong, yet delicate touch between her slippery lips. Not trifling with just one finger, Brigit pushed her middle two digits slowly up into Toshia's sopping and grasping pussy. Toshia rolled her head back against Brigit's hand and moaned. Brigit began to rock her hand, simultaneously fucking her fingers in and out of Toshia's slippery vagina and rubbing the heel of her palm against Toshia's sensitive clit. Toshia heard herself, as if from a distance, saying, “Yes, yes, yes!” It started out as a moan, but built to a shout, and then an inarticulate cry as her orgasm crashed in on her. Her senses tumbled and jangled together in a chaotic explosion of ecstasy that seemed to go on for hours. Ultimately, though, she was carried under by the flood, down into a warm oblivion.Toshia was only barely aware of her wrists and ankles being untied, and then vaguely conscious of Brigit, now completely naked, lying down next to her and taking her in her strong arms, holding her as she slept.When she woke it was to sunshine, the sound of birds singing, and a delicate hand brushing over her hair. A soft voice was saying, “Wake up, Toshia.”Grudgingly opening one eye, Toshia saw a pretty little brunette leaning on the edge of the bed smiling at her. Clearing her throat a little, Toshia said, “Nina?”“Yes, it's me,” the girl nodded. “I'm glad they finally untied you.”“Me too!” Toshia smiled, and then suddenly realized she was finally free to move around. She pushed herself up off the bed. “Where are we?”“In Brigit's room. Don't you remember?”“Oh, yes,” nodded Toshia. “Where is she?”“It's late. She's at morning practice. You're lucky you got to sleep in. Brigit's nice. But we have to get to work.”“Work?”“Mostly cleaning up,” Nina smiled. “I was told to find you and show you how to sweep up the quarters, but first we ought to clean you up.”Toshia ran a hand through her wildly disheveled hair and touched her chin and lips with the other. She could still taste the women she'd eaten on her lips and tongue. She smiled at Nina and said, “Cleaning up would be good. And, do you have any food and water?”“Oh, right! I'll be right back!” Nina sprang up and ran off.Toshia climbed off the bed, stretched, and walked over to one of the two windows. It was a tall, narrow gap in the wall without any glass or bars in it. Toshia could almost certainly squeeze through it sideways. Unfortunately, there was definitely at least a ten meter drop to the ground below, which Toshia could not see, and the nearest tree was too far away to do her any good. Still, it looked like a beautiful day outside, and the fresh air was good.“Here you go!” Nina announced as she came back into the room with a small plate of fruit and a cup of water.Toshia thanked her and sat down on the edge of the bed to eat and drink. As she did so, she asked Nina, “So am I a serving girl now?”Nina shrugged, “I suppose so.”“How closely do they watch us?”“Watch us?”“You know, to make sure we don't revolt or escape.”“Oh, but if we misbehave we'll be punished,” Nina pointed out, as if Toshia were being rather silly.“Don't you think if the girls and the men were to get together…” Toshia saw the gleam in Nina's eye and quickly corrected, “If the girls and the men got organized you might be able to overpower the sisters.”“Why would we want to do that?”Thinking back to what she and Don had learned in the Manor from Robert the Scholar, Toshia now suspected that the men and the serving girls here were people from Earth who were naturally submissive, while the sisters were, effectively, extremely dominant women. In a way, life here in the castle was a kind of utopia for all three groups.“The sisters aren't so bad, Toshia, you'll see,” Nina smiled. “Now that you're going to behave they'll be nice to you.”“Even Daphne?” Toshia asked skeptically.“Oh, she probably won't bother with you now. She usually just pays attention to us if we misbehave.”“Hmm,” Toshia murmured as she finished her fruit and drank her water. Nina took the plate and cup from her and then took her hands to pull her off the bed and led her to a side chamber. There was a sunken drain in the middle of the floor and a number of buckets with water, as well as some soap, a scrub brush and some washcloths. All the water was cold, but Nina seemed to think was perfectly natural, so Toshia gritted her teeth and put up with having a bucket of it dumped over her head. Then, while Nina purposefully set in to scrubbing Toshia down and washing her hair, Toshia tried another tactic.“Well, I was hoping to get out of here and find my friends who are out there trying to find me.”“Out in the forest?” Nina paused in her washing.“Well, yes.”“Oh, they shouldn't be out in the forest! The Bull will get them,” Nina said seriously.“The bull?”“You don't know about the Bull?” Nina frowned doubtfully. “I thought you must know about it, since you were in the woods and with the goats.”“My friends and I aren't from around here.”“Where are you from?”“That's a long story, Nina, and you were going to tell me about the bull.” Toshia figured she might as well use the girl's submissive nature to her advantage.“Oh, well, the Bull is a giant monster that eats people.”“But bulls don't eat meat,” Toshia pointed out.“They don't?” Nina asked. “Hold still; I'm going to rinse your hair.”The cold water was sharp, yet invigorating. The good night's sleep, the food and water, and having Nina washing her, all resulted in Toshia feeling particularly frisky. After she stood up and shook much of the water out of her hair – there were apparently no towels – Toshia caught hold of the petite girl's wrist and pulled her close, slipping an arm around her slim waist. Their lips met in a friendly and then amorous kiss.Nina pushed Toshia back, though not too forcefully, and said, “We have to get to work.”“But I owe you something for the other night.”“No, you told me about the goats, and besides, I like making people come. We'll have time to play later, though,” she grinned.Toshia accepted this, and, dripping wet for the moment, followed Nina out into Brigit's bedroom. Nina produced a pair of crude brooms and said that their job for the day was to sweep. She acted as if she actually expected to have to show Toshia how to sweep. However, when Toshia demonstrated that she was already familiar with the principle behind the operation of a broom, Nina was happy to let Toshia sweep Brigit's room, while she went to sweep out the next one down the hall.As she swept, Toshia thought about what Nina had said about the bull. This was the first she'd heard of anything in Eros being actually, really deadly. Sure, she had nearly drowned when she'd fallen into the river, and that asshole before that had been waving a knife around, and, the sisters sure seemed like they were capable of killing someone, though she doubted they would have any reason to. But in general things in Eros seemed only interested in having sex. She had a vivid memory, though, of the glimpse she had caught of Don hitting the man who had been trying to rape Amy. It certainly looked to Toshia as if Don had killed that man. She thought that perhaps the most dangerous thing in Eros was her best friend and lover.Toshia concluded from all this that the bull was mostly likely a myth spread to keep the serving girls and men from trying to flee the discipline of the warrior women. At most it was probably an exaggeration – the truth was probably nothing more than a stray bull. Probably a very horny bull, Toshia thought with a smile and a shake of her head. I better watch out for that.Toshia swept the pile of dirt out into the hall as Nina had instructed. She looked around and saw no sisters standing guard. They apparently trusted that the serving girls wouldn't misbehave. Nina was finishing her room, so Toshia moved on down the line to the next chamber, which was down a small flight of stairs. This one had a wider window, and the trees outside were growing right up against the wall at this point.Toshia poked her head back out into corridor to make sure no one was coming, and then quickly crossed to the window. There was a sturdy-looking branch only a short distance away from her. Toshia briefly considered saying goodbye to Nina, and actually felt bad that she might cause the girl to be punished, but decided she had to take the chance. She jumped for the branch and caught it with both hands. The branch creaked and swung under the weight, but it and her grip held. Toshia moved like a monkey along the limb until she could wrap her legs around a thicker branch. A moment of clambering, and she was squatting on a broad enough limb. She caught her breath and listened for any alarm. When she was sure she wasn't spotted, Toshia began to work her way along the big tree's system of branches, moving steadily away from the castle.Soon, though, she was as far away from the window she'd leapt from as she could get without either changing trees or climbing down to the ground. Toshia thought she would do a better job of escaping the Sisterhood if she stayed off the ground as long as possible. She maneuvered up a bit until she saw a thick enough branch of the next tree within short jumping distance. She tensed and jumped, catching the branch easily. The leaves around her rustled in noisy complaint, but she was safe. Moving carefully among the branches, Toshia transferred herself to another tree. When she had moved to her fourth tree she realized she would have to climb down; the nearby trees simply weren't near enough.Carefully, she lowered herself down, branch to branch. Unfortunately, the branches stopped a good five meters from the forest floor. Looking around to make sure no one was about, Toshia lay down on the branch, its rough surface scraping her naked skin. She slowly suspended herself from the branch. Toshia let herself hang full length from the branch before she let go. She hit the leaf-covered ground and dropped into a low crouch. She paused there, ears pricked, trying to hear any sound that might indicate her escape had been noticed.Then, when there was no indication that she'd been missed by the Sisterhood, Toshia began to move quickly, and as quietly as she could, away from the castle, into the forest. After about half an hour, she came to a clearing, through which ran a little stream. Toshia smiled to herself, glad that no one seemed to be chasing her, proud that she'd managed to escape and happy to enjoy the sunshine on this fine day. She knelt down by the stream and began to wash off the dirt and leaves she'd accumulated during her arboreal journey. She winced a little as she cleaned the scrapes on her arms, legs and belly. She was almost done, when she heard the sound of a large cow snuffling… a large cow or… Toshia looked up with sudden alarm.There, only a short distance away, across the clearing and watching her intently, was the Bull.Chapter 12To the Rescue: Don fights for Toshia's release.“Your friend is with a group of warrior women who call themselves the Sisterhood,” the Wizard explained.Don frowned, “I thought she was with the satyrs.”“Well, she was, but apparently the satyrs abandoned her when a scouting party of sisters got too close to their camp. I assure you that your friend has not been harmed. Look,” the Wizard indicated one of the mirrors in the dining room where they were having their early morning conference. The mirror's reflective surface blurred and then showed them an image of Toshia sleeping peacefully on a bed in a rustic stone building of some sort. “I certainly would have alerted you if your friend was in any real danger.”“'Real danger'?” Nicole pressed. She was sitting next to Don on the opposite side of the table from the Wizard. Shelonda sat on the other side of Don, and Amy sat next to the Wizard. Madeleine listened from the end of the table.“The sisters can be rather intimidating, but they would not really hurt her,” the Wizard said firmly.“You described them as warrior women, though,” Don pointed out. “They must have earned that adjective somehow.”“Oh, they can be quite dangerous to anyone who tries to interfere with them or those who they claim as their property,” the Wizard nodded. “They train daily in both armed and unarmed combat. They look quite … formidable.”“I take it that you've been careful to watch this training, my dear?” Madeleine asked with a smile. The Wizard actually blushed a little and nodded.“What kind of weapons do they use?” Shelonda asked. It was hard to tell if she was asking more from enthusiastic curiosity or to size up her likely opponents.“Spears, mostly, but they have some swords and a few axes.”“We only have our two staffs,” Shelonda frowned, and again it wasn't particularly clear if her expression was of concern or envy.“I believe I can help with that,” the Wizard smiled.Amy spoke up then for the first time during the meeting, “I'm wondering about something else. You said ‘those who they claim as their property.'”“Yes, I did.”“Do you think they claim Toshia as their property?” Nicole asked with a scowl.The Wizard frowned, “Um, well, almost certainly.”“They wouldn't be thinking of her as a guest?” Don asked.“It does not seem likely,” the Wizard answered with a shake of his head. “It seems to me from what I have observed and have been able to learn, that the sisters see the world as being divided into three groups: themselves – the warrior women, their servants – men and women whom the sisters claim as property – and then everyone else – anyone outside the castle.”“How many groups is that?” Amy asked.“Sorry; three: themselves, their servants, and everyone else,” the Wizard summarized. “I doubt that your friend has been able to fight her way into the ranks of the Sisterhood, and they have allowed her to stay in their castle, so they must consider her one of their possessions.”“Their slaves, you mean,” Nicole said icily.“Hm, well, yes, I suppose that is an appropriate term,” the Wizard nodded.Before Nicole could voice her entirely justified indignation, Don leaned forward and said, “Tell us more about what these sisters are like.”“They are proud – arrogant, really. They tend to be bullies and the other inhabitants of the forest, like the satyrs, try to stay away from them. The sisters only go out from their castle to gather fruit and to 'patrol', which just seems to mean looking for trouble and booty, like your friend. The castle has a spring in it somewhere, so they don't need to worry about water.”“What about their organization?” Don continued.“Ah, well, typical warrior class mentality, I believe. It seems that the toughest, most charismatic sister acts as kind of a leader of the pack. They all seem to cooperate with this, though I suspect any dissension would be dealt with violently.”“Trial by combat?”“Most likely,” the Wizard nodded.“OK,” Don smiled a bit enigmatically. “You said you could help us.”It was the Wizard's turn to smile. “I can help you several ways. First, I have a way to get you to your friend that I think you'll like.”When they heard what the Wizard had in mind, both Don and Nicole laughed. Don said, “It's a bit traditional, but it will do, I think. What else can you do for us?”The Wizard explained his proposal. The girls were clearly not impressed, but Don smiled and said it would do nicely.Nicole was the one who objected most clearly, saying, “All this is great, Don, but how in the world do you expect to get this Sisterhood to give Toshia up?”“Well, I thought I would start with asking them,” he said with a cheerful smirk.Several hours later, after the Wizard had busied himself with a number of magical projects, during which Don and Shelonda stretched and talked in the garden, and Amy and Nicole busied themselves with the magical closet in their bedroom, the four companions were moving quickly over the forest on nothing less than a flying carpet.Amy crouched at the front of their ride grinning enthusiastically as the wind whipped her hair back. She was wearing a new khaki outfit, complete with cargo shorts and hiking boots. She was the designated driver of the carpet, although on this part of the trip the magical device was on auto-pilot.Close behind Amy, knelt Shelonda; who was watching the forest passing underneath them with happy fascination. She was wearing an outfit very similar to that worn by Amy at the masquerade in the Manor: a pleated red skirt, a tight-fitting and flexible chest plate of a crimson material that both protected most of her upper body but also managed to accentuate her full breasts, a pair of golden metallic bracers on her forearms, a set of matching shin guards, and a pair of custom made (through magic) martial arts shoes. Her long, straight hair was tied back in a ponytail. Shelonda had her staff held tightly across her thighs.Standing up in the middle of the carpet, as if he were Aladdin himself, or the captain of a pirate ship, stood Don. He held his staff lightly in his right hand, and rested his left fist on his hip. Don wore chest armor of the same material as Shelonda, though his was noticeably less curvy and black. He also had bracers and shin guards, also black, though the shin armor was concealed under the loose black pants he wore. His shoes were also like Shelonda's. Both he and Shelonda also wore protective cups on their crotches though this could not be seen. Don smiled calmly ahead.Sitting on the carpet behind Don, and doing her best not to look up or around, was Nicole. She was wearing what could best be described as a naughty nurse costume, complete with white stockings and garter belt. There were prominent red crosses on her chest and her white cap. She clutched a big bag of supplies closely.To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 9The Wizard's Wife...

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    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 9The Wizard's Wife Plans her own seduction.By BradentonLarry - Listen to the Podcast at Steamy stories.As their lips parted, and he looked into her emerald eyes, Madeleine said, “I really shouldn't…”“You really should,” Don smiled and then kissed her again. With his left hand, he untied the silk belt that held her robe tight around her waist. Letting the robe fall open as they kissed, his hand slipped in and ran along her warm skin, moving around her waist to her back again. As she parted her lips and his tongue slipped into her mouth, Don lowered his right hand from her cheek to gently caress her throat before moving to her shoulder, where it eased her robe off her shoulder.When his palm glided over and then cupped her bare breast, she shuddered. Her nipple was hard against his palm. Kissing her more deeply and intently, Don moved his hand slowly over the curve of her breast, enjoying its full weight. A low moan blossomed in her throat, and Don's hand slipped lower, gliding over her belly until he felt the short hairs of her lower abdomen against his fingertips. He moved a little lower and Madeleine parted her legs a bit for him.When he brushed his fingertips against her lower lips, already a bit dewy, Don felt her hands on his robe's belt, untying the knot that held it in place. By the time his fingers had gently parted her and were probing into her warm wetness, his robe was open and her hands were on his straining manhood. He slowly pushed two fingers up into her; she pulled and squeezed him.Don broke their kiss to look into her eyes. She looked back at him with flushed lust. Any play acting was gone. Still Don remembered that he was charged with making this look like a convincing seduction. He withdrew his slippery fingers, which elicited a low whimper and a frown from Madeleine, and then bent down to slip his arm under her legs. Pushing up with his strong legs, Don lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed. Laying her down gently, he took a moment to admire her long, pale, perfect body as she looked back up and him with her breasts rising and falling with anticipation. Don reached out to run his fingers over her face, lightly caressing her with tantalizingly tentative touch, and then down over her neck, along her collarbone, over the swelling curve of her breast, around and over her nipple, then slowly down her belly.Don rose and moved around to stand where her knees extended off the edge of the bed. He reached out to run his hands over her long muscular thighs. Remembering that she was playing the part of resistance, Madeleine resisted when he urged her thighs apart. Don smiled down at her, and bent over. He continued to caress her legs as he lightly kissed her thighs, moving up and down them. Finally, he made his way to her neatly trimmed bush, kissing it firmly, lingeringly. When he pressed his hands against her thighs, she very slowly parted them.Don did not dive right into the dish she “reluctantly” served him, though, but slowly settled in between her legs, lightly kissing his way along the sensitive inner surface of her upper thighs. He lightly kissed her pink pussy, and then retraced his path along her thighs, this time kissing more firmly and longer. He also began to lightly pinch her flesh between his teeth. By the time his mouth returned to her pussy, Madeleine was squirming on the bed, and her hands were moving over her upper body.He ran his tongue over her, savoring the sweat nectar already seeping from between her lips. He did it again, pressing a bit harder. The next time, his tongue pushed between those lips, delving along the inner folds just outside her vagina. On this pass, Don's tongue glided over her clit and Madeleine let out a low moan. He gently sucked her clit into his mouth, pulling on it, as two fingers held her open, spread for him. Don released her clit and lowered himself to probe again with his long, strong tongue. Madeleine writhed on the bed as he pushed his tongue into her delicious, wet pussy. Then, Don returned his attention to her clit, licking it slowly and firmly. As soon as Madeleine was relaxed and enjoying this, Don pushed two fingers slowly up inside her ready pussy.“Oh yes!” Madeleine sighed.Don gradually increased the tempo and pressure of his licking, while steadily pumping his fingers in and out of her now dripping pussy. After only a few minutes, Madeleine threw her arm down and held Don's head to her as she cried out. Her back arched and her pussy squeezed and pulled at his fingers. Don kept licking her as she came, slowly and steadily maintaining the intensity of the sensations that had driven her into this ecstasy. She started to come down, only to explode again and again. By the third orgasm she was thrashing on the bed, and it took some effort for Don to keep his mouth on her. When she was done, though, she pushed him away from her, and said, “Fuck me, Don!”His lower face slippery and shiny with Madeleine's passion, Don wiped his grinning mouth off on the back of his hand and stood up. He shrugged his robe off and let it fall to the floor. Taking hold of Madeleine's thighs, he pulled her toward him so that her butt was on the edge of the mattress. She was squeezing her breasts and watching him as Don smiled at her and took the hard shaft of his cock and pushed it down until the fat head was slipping between her dripping lips.He paused, and said with a mocking smile, “Are you sure this is what you want?”“Yes! Give it to me!” she exclaimed.With one firm motion he penetrated her, sinking fully into her livid embrace. She moaned and rolled her head back in its pillow of red-brown hair. Don held still for fear that he might abruptly come, so intense was his arousal; Madeleine was one of the most beautiful women he'd ever been with and the “courtship” and foreplay up till now had been the longest of any he'd known since coming to Eros. When he was sure he wouldn't come precipitously, he bent down and lifted her thighs up in his hands, then lifted her exquisite long legs until they were up on his shoulders. With his hands holding her firm thighs, Don began to pull his cock back out of Madeleine. As soon as he was almost all the way out of her, he drove in again – forcefully, making her gasp. Again and again he pulled out and then shoved in, and with each thrust he pushed up against her clit.“Yes, Don, fuck me!” Madeleine cried out. She was now squeezing her own breasts fervently, subjecting her nipples to enthusiastic punishment.Any thought of putting on a show of seduction was now completely gone from Don's mind. Now all he could think of was fucking Madeleine's wonderful pussy with utter abandon. His body made itself into a screwing machine, muscles, sinews, bones and cock all ravishing the glorious creature on the bed in front of him. She let out a long, low moan in staccato rhythm in time with the pounding Don was giving her pussy and clit. Don felt his balls tightening and his cock swelling inside her. Then, abruptly, she threw her arms out straight at her sides and caught the silken cover of her bed in tight clenching fists. Her whole body arched, so that from her butt to the top of her head her back was up off the bed. Madeleine screamed as her orgasm blew through her, a sexual inferno. Don shoved hard into her, filling her up with his cock just as his thick jet of cum shot into her. His world became nothing but the exquisite feeling of coming inside this woman. Again and again he pumped his seed into her, until he reeled, light-headed and slumped forward, doubling her over on herself on the bed.Only one step remained to the Wizard's plan, one final stage of transforming his marriage into the free-spirited, open one he craved. Or, at least so he thought. As he informed Don and the girls during the afternoon, the Wizard had coaxed a confession from his wife that she had enjoyed the sex with Don. After a bit more prodding, Madeleine had broken down and admitted that she had loved it and wanted more. Now, the plan was to get Madeleine to give in to her lust in the right context, so as to make the move to non-monogamy complete.So, the plan, such as it was, for tonight was to put everyone in the same room and see what happened. Of course, Don, Amy, Nicole and Shelonda were tasked with making sure that something interesting did happen. With Madeleine more or less in on things, and the Wizard anxiously hoping that mischief would occur, the success of the evening was as certain as such a thing could be. All that remained in doubt was how to get things going.After a somewhat subdued dinner, Don escorted his three companions through the empty, candle-lit corridors of the Wizard's home. Don was wearing what he thought of as casual evening wear – a light jacket, buttoned white shirt and slacks. The women were wearing sexy evening gowns – both Amy and Shelonda were sporting impressive cleavage, and Nicole compensated by wearing the shortest skirt. Arm in arm, they finally came to a large sitting room with a fire glowing in an ornate fireplace. There were half a dozen comfortable chairs, settees, chaise lounges and love seats arranged in an uneven circle around the room. The four of them made themselves comfortable as they waited.It wasn't long at all, though, before the Wizard joined them, with Madeleine on his arm. The Wizard had foregone his robes for a dark suit, and had his white hair swept back from his broad brow. Madeleine was wearing a slinky evening gown that pushed her breasts up and had long slits showing off her perfect legs. Her beautiful hair spilled over her bare shoulders.Introductions were made all around. The Wizard finished with, “And, of course, you know Don.”“It's good to see you again, Madeleine,” Don smiled, taking her hand. Then, feeling like there was no better way to get things started than by leaping right in, he pulled her in and kissed her. Madeleine returned the kiss ardently for a moment, but then pushed him back a bit.She smiled and said, “It's good to see you, too, Don.”Apparently still playing up her feigned reluctance, Madeleine turned to the girls and said, “I hope my husband has been making you comfortable.”“Well, comfortable, yes,” Amy said with a mischievous glimmer in her eye. She was reclining on a chaise.“Oh, yes, he's mentioned that you seek help to find your friend,” Madeleine said.“Yes, but don't you think it's a host's obligation to see to his guests' needs?” Amy pressed.“Yes, of course,” Madeleine nodded as she sat down on a chair across from Amy. The Wizard had seated himself in a high-backed chair directly opposite the fireplace, and Nicole and Shelonda were cuddled together on a nearby loveseat. Don took a seat between Madeleine and Nicole and Shelonda. Madeleine asked, “Is there some need that hasn't been attended to?”“Well,” Amy leaned forward a bit, which accentuated her full breasts, and smiled conspiratorially at Madeleine. “You know women have particular needs.”“Of course…”“Sexual needs,” Amy winked.“Hasn't Don…?”“Oh, yes, Don's been great,” Amy nodded. “He certainly gets the job done, as you know.”Madeleine did a good job of feigning a bit of surprise and embarrassment.Amy was on a roll, and continued, “But, after all, there are three of us and only one of him.”“You have each other,” Madeleine pointed out. She nodded over to Nicole and Shelonda; the former had quietly pushed the latter's gown out of the way to free one perfect tit and had proceeded to tease and caress it.“Well, yes, but we don't have cocks, do we?” Amy insisted.“Oh, are you saying that my husband's a poor host because he hasn't fucked you?” Madeleine said with just the right combination of innocence and candidness.The Wizard was gaping at his wife. Don had to bite his cheek to keep from laughing.“That's exactly what I'm saying,” Amy smiled.“Well, we don't have many visitors,” Madeleine considered. “We really aren't accustomed to the etiquette of having guests.”“Oh, that's quite alright.” Amy shrugged and said, “Just for future reference, though…”“I understand,” Madeleine nodded. Then, she turned to her husband and said, “Dear, I do believe you have been negligent as a host.”Clearly surprised by the quick turn events had taken, the Wizard blinked at his wife and said, “So I gather.”“Well, don't you think you should do something to correct the situation?” Madeleine cocked her head toward Amy, who was listening as if she were completely disinterested.“Um, uh,” was all the Wizard could manage.“Here, honey,” Madeleine sprang lightly to her feet and took her husband's big hand, pulling him to his feet. She then led him over to stand in front of Amy. Quickly squatting next to the tall man, she undid his slacks and reached in to draw out the Wizard's penis. “Here you go, Amy,” Madeleine smiled, giving the phallus a kiss and a few strokes to encourage it.Then, Madeleine stood and said quietly, but loud enough for at least Don and Amy to hear, “You got to watch Don and me, don't you think I should get to watch you?”Before the Wizard could reply to this, Amy had leaned forward off the chaise and taken his flaccid organ into her mouth. Madeleine took a seat where she could get a good view, as Amy proceeded to suck and stroke the older man's cock to very impressive hardness. The other girls also moved in closer, to get a better look. Don watched Madeleine's face as she watched Amy enthusiastically going down on her husband's thick shaft; Madeleine's expression was one of intense concentration and excitement – an unselfconscious smile was on her red lips.Nicole and Shelonda decided to get in on the action. They got up and, moving to either side of the Wizard, began to undress him. Don was a little surprised to see that the apparently ancient man had a lean, muscular body. When they had finished, the girls quickly undressed each other – they were by now quite expert at this. Then Nicole got down on her knees between the chaise and the Wizard and took over the oral duties from Amy so the latter could shed her own clothes. Shelonda, on the other hand, crossed over to where Madeleine was watching everything with intent fascination. Don got up, and crossed over to help Shelonda undress the Wizard's wife. Although she smiled at both Don and Shelonda, and let her hands caress and play with Shelonda's naked body, Madeleine's eyes kept returning to the Wizard and the other two girls.Amy had gotten up on her hands and knees upon the chaise lounge, and Nicole had coaxed the Wizard down to stand behind her. Madeleine smiled lovingly at her husband and nodded, and then he began to fuck Amy's very willing pussy from behind. Amy was quite vocal in her approval, saying, “Oh, yes! That feels so good! Put it in me – fuck me! Show your wife how well you fuck your guests!” Madeleine could see from Amy's passionately contorted facial expressions that she wasn't just putting on a show.Nicole made herself busy caressing and kissing both Amy's and the Wizard's bodies. By the time Nicole had worked her way underneath Amy, to catch hold of Amy's tits as they swung back and forth, Shelonda had nestled herself between Madeleine's long legs and was lapping away at her hostess's clit and pussy.Realizing that he was the last person still wearing clothes, Don stepped to the side and quickly stripped. When he returned to her side, Madeleine immediately caught hold of his hard cock and pulled him closer. Unable to take her eyes off her husband plowing into Amy, Madeleine stroked and squeezed Don with one hand and held Shelonda's head in place with the other. As Amy cried out that she was coming, Madeleine moaned in her chair as her own body tensed with a prolonged, convulsive orgasm. She held onto Don very tightly, and pushed herself down against Shelonda's mouth.When Madeleine finally collapsed back in her chair, she grinned up at Don and down at Shelonda and caught her breath. “That was great,” she said, to both of them and to herself.Across the room, Amy had climbed off the chaise and the Wizard's cock, only to allow Nicole to climb up on the chaise and to lie on her back, spreading her legs in invitation. The Wizard glanced over at his wife, got a reassuring grin, and promptly got on his knees at the end of the chaise and pushed himself into Nicole. Following Amy's vocal lead, Nicole yelled out, “Damn, that's big! You're killing me! Yes, yes, fuck me!”“Now,” Madeleine said, “how can I thank you both for this wonderful experience?”“I think I have an idea,” Don smiled. In another minute, Shelonda was lying back on a large ottoman, and Madeleine was on her hands and knees between Shelonda's legs. As Madeleine began to kiss and lick at Shelonda with enthusiastic abandon, Don knelt behind Madeleine, and pushed the fat head of his sex into her waiting pussy. Don took his time pushing into Madeleine, relishing every sensation, and then settled into a steady, slow, deep fucking. He had no intention of coming yet, and wanted to let Madeleine concentrate on her cunnilingus. After all, he thought, at the very least she hadn't had any recent practice.Meanwhile, over at the chaise, Amy had managed to straddle Nicole's face and was grinding herself down on Nicole's talented mouth and tongue. Amy's hands were on her own tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples, while Nicole's were on Amy's ass, holding the blonde in place. The Wizard had Nicole's legs up against his chest and shoulders as he fucked her, in imitation of the treatment he'd seen Don give his wife the night before.In front of him, Don saw Shelonda, her back arched, beautiful round breasts thrust ceiling-ward, as she let her head hang off the end of the ottoman. He admired the young woman's perfect abs as she shifted and writhed under Madeleine's oral ministrations. Then there was the pile of auburn hair and Madeleine's strong, thin back, her narrow waist and perfect ass, just in front of where he could see his cock sliding in and out of her.Then there was a rising chorus of feminine moans as an orgasmic storm swept through the room. Shelonda went first, crying out loudly, “Yes! Yes! God, yes!” Don found it extremely hot to watch the athletic young woman half-sitting up, her muscles straining and her face twisted in ecstasy. Amy was next, announcing her second orgasm of the evening with, “That's it, baby, lick me just like that. That's good. Yes, yes, yes! Fuck yes!!!” While she was covering Nicole's face with her slick juices, Nicole herself began to groan and shake. Her tiny body tensed and strained between the Wizard and Amy, as she came hard and long.There was a bit of a lull, then, followed by a general rearrangement. It was now Shelonda's turn to enjoy the Wizard's staff. He laid down on the chaise lounge, and she got up over him, straddling his body with her muscular thighs. Soon, she had him up inside her pussy and he had his big hands on her perfect breasts as she rode up and down on his thick cock. She had a happy smile on her adorable face as she worked her body on him.Amy, who seemed to have a theme in mind, waited until the Wizard and Shelonda had a good rhythm going, and then straddled his face, lowering her very wet pussy to his bearded face. She leaned forward and kissed Shelonda. Soon the two women were alternating between making out and sucking on the other's full tits.Nicole crawled over to Don and Madeleine, who had moved to a spooning position, lying on their side, with Don still fucking her from behind. Nicole lay down in front of Madeleine and kissed her hostess. Madeleine tasted Amy's sweet nectar on Nicole's mouth and face and was soon licking and lightly sucking it off. Nicole grinned and laughed at this while slipping her hand up between Madeleine's legs until she got her fingers on the woman's clit. Don kept sliding in and out of Madeleine's pussy while she and Nicole made out and Nicole played with her. When Nicole lowered her head to Madeleine's breast and began to suckle on one of her nipples Madeleine was pushed over the edge and she came in a long, ragged clenching and gasping orgasm.After lying together, lightly kissing and caressing each other, long enough to let Madeleine recover, she, Don and Nicole untangled themselves and turned their attention to Amy, Shelonda and the Wizard. They watched as Amy came yet again, shuddering atop the Wizard's face. Then, Amy concentrated on Shelonda's tits, sucking on one nipple and then the other. Soon, Shelonda was clutching Amy's head to her chest as she writhed happily on the Wizard's cock. As those three slowly got off the chaise, Madeleine said to Don, “I want to do something!”In another minute, Madeleine was on her hands and knees between Don and her husband. She was sucking on Don's cock, already wet with her sweet pussy juice, while the Wizard fucked her steadily from behind. She shoved back on her husband's cock while giving Don quite enthusiastic and sloppy head. Don found it incredibly erotic to watch this angelic creature with her movie star beauty lustily taking his cock into her mouth and throat while she was simultaneously being fucked hard from behind. She paused a moment, taking her mouth off Don to say over her shoulder, “Yes, baby, fuck me just like that, just like you fucked the others, and just like Don was fucking me! I'm going to make Don come with my mouth. Do you like that, honey?”“Yes!” the Wizard replied emphatically. “Swallow his cum.”Madeleine flashed Don a happy grin, and then said, “Only if you promise to fill my pussy with your cum.”The Wizard laughed, and said, “Happily!”Madeleine quickly went back to sucking on Don, letting him fuck in and out of her mouth. Glancing over to the girls watching the show, Don relaxed and let his body do what it wanted. Building quickly at the base of his balls, tightening and filling rapidly upward, Don's orgasm burst through his cock, flooding Madeleine's mouth and throat and then her belly with his cum. He pushed deep into Madeleine's welcoming oral embrace and pumped jet after jet of his seed into her. His head was thrown back and he only barely held on to consciousness.Laughing a little to himself, he caught his balance, leaned down to kiss Madeleine's forehead and then held her as the Wizard shoved even more forcefully into her and groaned. Madeleine grinned and pushed back onto him, saying, “Yes, baby, give it all to me.”As the Wizard slumped over and slowly pulled out of his wife, the three girls closed in. Shelonda, who had been the only one not to get her mouth on the Wizard's cock earlier, caught his slightly deflated cock and made sure to suck down any remaining cum. Nicole got between Madeleine's legs and was soon lapping up the cream the Wizard had left there. Amy attacked Don's cock with her usual enthusiasm, and quickly had him ready for more action.As he smiled down at Amy's pretty face, already planning to lay her back and fuck her, and as he saw the Wizard enjoying Shelonda's impressive skills, and watched Madeleine laying back to let Nicole have her way with her pussy and clit, Don thought the seduction of the Wizard's wife had gone very well indeed.Chapter 11Toshia's Submission: Toshia finds a way out of her situation.Toshia tried to block out the fact of the lesbian orgy going on all around her by closing her eyes and bowing her head. Unfortunately there was not only the sound of something like forty women having loud, happy sex filling her ears, but there was also the thick, heady fragrance of feminine sexuality filling the air. Toshia was certain she had never been so turned on in her life. If she didn't find some satisfaction soon, she felt sure she would go crazy from pure, blind horniness. She could no longer remember what point there was in resisting Daphne and the other sisters. Yes, they were obnoxious and Toshia was no one's pet, but what difference did it really make if she gave in and played along. They weren't really going to make her do anything that mattered. Toshia knew who she was and nothing they made her do would change that. Plus, if she promised to behave maybe she'd get to touch herself soon. She really needed to touch herself soon!These were the thoughts careening through her nearly lust-crazed mind, when she felt a hand on her bare shoulder. The touch alone was enough to send a shiver of excitement through her. Then she heard Daphne's voice, smooth as satin on ice, saying, “Have you had enough, pup?”There was a vestige of resistance in her still, so there was a moment before she answered, and then her voice came out as a low, throaty gasp. Toshia said, “Yes.”“I didn't hear that, pup.” There was no rancor in Daphne's voice, only a dry statement of fact.“I said, ‘Yes, I've had enough.' I'll do whatever you want me to do,” Toshia said. As she said the words she slumped in the chair for the first time, as if something that had been holding her erect had just collapsed.Daphne moved around in front of Toshia and took her chin in hand. The dark haired leader of the Sisterhood looked into Toshia's eyes and said, “Tell me again.”“I'll do anything you want me to do. I'll be a good pup.”Daphne raised her eyebrow skeptically. “Well, we'll see about that. Bring me the spreader,” she said to someone behind Toshia. A bar with a little leather belt at either end was handed to Daphne, who examined it idly and said, “Good, now untie her legs. Keep them spread, though!”Two serving girls, neither of whom were Nina, hurried forward and untied the bonds around Toshia's ankles and then her knees. Unfortunately, they understood Daphne's instruction too well and held on to Toshia's legs so she couldn't squeeze her thighs together for a moment's pleasure. “Here,” Daphne handed the “spreader” to the girl on Toshia's left and said, “tie it just under her knees.”The leather belts were fastened according to Daphne's orders, one just under each knee, and the sturdy metal bar ensured that Toshia would not be able to close her legs. For a moment, Toshia hoped that this meant that Daphne wanted to make sure Toshia wouldn't try to keep anyone from getting at her privates, which Toshia had no inclination to try anyway. All too quickly, though, she realized, the bar was simply intended to keep Toshia from trying to satisfy herself with the pressure and friction of her own legs.“Untie her wrists,” Daphne commanded. “Don't even think about touching yourself, pup.”Toshia did as she was told, even though there was nothing she wanted more than to shove her left hand down between her legs. She was sure she could bring herself off in seconds flat.“Get up,” Daphne said as soon as Toshia's wrists were free. Toshia stood a bit awkwardly. Then, Daphne ordered, “Get down on your knees.”Toshia was grateful to the two serving girls who helped her. After hours of sitting in that chair she was hardly flexible, and the spreader made things a bit difficult.Daphne told Toshia, “Hold your ankles.”As she complied, Toshia saw that most of the sisters were now watching her and Daphne. They seemed amused by this new entertainment. The two serving girls tied leather cords around Toshia's wrists, and then tied each wrist to its respective ankle. Meanwhile, someone carried Toshia's chair away.To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 8Nicole & Amy Seek...

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    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 8Nicole & Amy Seek To Seduce The WizardBy BradentonLarry - Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.Shelonda leaned in over Don's lap and immediately lowered her mouth all the way down his cock, letting his fat head slip into her throat. She accompanied this with a loud, very satisfied, “Um!”When she came up for air, Shelonda smiled at Amy and Nicole and said, “That's what you were saying you could do.”“Oh, yes, I remember now. Let me see if I've got this right,” Amy laughed. Straight away, she took hold of Don's cock and lowered her mouth and throat on him. Don took advantage of the situation by gently grabbing Amy's head and holding her there on him so that he could flex himself in and out of her throat a bit. Following Shelonda's lead, Amy gurgled and moaned her approval of this maneuver loudly enough for everyone to hear. Always happy to oblige, Don fucked her throat a bit longer before letting her go.As soon as Amy was up again, Nicole jumped in with, “Let me give that a try!”Crowding in front of Amy, Nicole inhaled Don's shaft in one eager motion. Once he was in all the way, she bobbed her head up and down on him, murmuring her pleasure while he moved in and out of her throat. When she backed up off him, she gave the slippery head of his cock a kiss and flashed a grin around the room.“Is that all you'd do to thank the Wizard?” Shelonda asked.“Don't you think that's enough?” Amy asked.“Not nearly,” Don said with a smile.“Oh, well, I might be able to come up with something else,” Amy said thoughtfully.“Like what?” Shelonda asked as she reached over to stroke Don's wet cock, which was twitching in anticipation.Amy shrugged out of her sheer robe, said, “Well, I could do this,” and, using her chair as a step up, climbed up on the table with Don and Shelonda. Amy planted her feet on either side of Don's thighs, and pulled up her silk negligee to expose her bare pussy and ass to view.“Now that looks delicious!” Don grinned. He leaned forward to kiss Amy's nether lips, reaching up between her legs to get his hands on her ass. Holding her in place, Don reached out with his tongue to lightly lick over the soft curve of her lips. Pushing up between them, he tasted her juices and slipped his long tongue up inside her. Amy moaned and pushed forward a bit, encouraging him to do more. He proceeded to fuck his tongue in and out of her, and then began to lick at her clit.Shelonda was still stroking Don's cock, or was until Nicole took Amy's chair and got into position in front of Don and began to suck on his cock with great enthusiasm. Shelonda leaned back for a moment, admiring the sight of Amy standing on the table while Don buried his face between her legs. Then she decided to get back into the fun. Pulling her sundress up over her head and casting it aside, but leaving her heels on, she got up to stand behind Don. She reached forward and took Amy's head in her hands and pulled her forward into a long, slow passionate kiss.Amy, who had been holding on to Don's head, both for a little support and to keep him there where he was giving her so much pleasure, reached up to get her hands on Shelonda's full tits. She moaned into Shelonda's mouth while squeezing and caressing those beautiful breasts. She moaned again when she felt Don pushing several fingers up inside her grasping pussy. When she felt Shelonda tugging at her negligee, Amy took a few seconds to quickly pull that garment up and over her head. She wasn't sure where it fell; it was out of her mind as Shelonda began to kiss and suckle on her tits. Then Don's tongue was making her come. Amy remembered Nicole's advice and cried out enthusiastically as the explosion of delight erupted in her clit and pussy and then spread through her body, making her shake and sob.“Oh fuck yes!” Amy gasped loudly. “That's so good! Don, you've got the best tongue. Damn!”Shelonda embraced Amy, whose legs were suddenly unsteady, and helped her to lie down with her on the table behind Don.Don took advantage of the momentary break to push Nicole back enough so that he could get off his knees. Instead, he sat on the edge of the table with his feet dangling. Nicole wasted no time, though, and climbed up on the table with the others. Pushing Don back so that he was leaning on his arms, she pulled up her short black dress and straddled Don's lap. She rose up as high as she could, to give anyone watching a clear view, and lifted Don's cock straight up. Pushing the head into her, Nicole slowly slid down its length, moaning happily as it filled her. Don grinned up at her and took her narrow waist in his hands. As soon as she was all the way down on him, Nicole pushed herself back up, almost all the way off, and paused there so anyone could see his thick pole disappearing into her tight pink sleeve as well as the shiny wetness she left on him. Then, finally she let herself down on him again, until his head was pressed against her cervix. Up again and pause, then down, harder this time. Don's strong hands and arms helped to raise and lower her, sparing her thighs some work. With each descent on his shaft, Nicole let out a happy, lustful moan. Soon she was grunting and crying out as she rode up and down on him with almost violent abandon. She began to throw herself into the performance aspect of the evening.“Fuck yes! God yes! That feels so good! Fuck me, Professor! Fuck me!” Nicole cried out.Don was pushing up into Nicole each time she came down on him. He was quietly amazed at how hard a fucking the tiny girl was taking and enjoying. As she bounced on his cock, he watched as she clawed at her dress to pull it aside and get her hands on her little breasts and hard nipples. Then she was coming on top of him, still bouncing as she screamed and shook.“Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!” she called. Then abruptly, she stopped and slumped forward on Don, gasping for air. “Damn!” she whispered, “I guess I like having an audience.”“Well, it suits you,” Don whispered back, kissing her ear.When Nicole pushed herself up a bit, they noticed that Shelonda and Amy had worked themselves into a 69. They lay on their sides, with Amy's feet and back toward Don and Nicole's side of the table. They could see the top of Shelonda's head as she worked her tongue over Amy's slick lips and sensitive clit. Both girls were moaning enthusiastically while they kept their mouths busy.Nicole pushed herself the rest of the way up, and struggled to get out of her dress. Don finally got around to unbuttoning his shirt, and when Nicole climbed off him to walk down the table, naked but for her heels, Don took the opportunity to get out of his clothes. By the time he got back on the table, Nicole was down by Amy's head, reaching around to get her fingers on and probably in Shelonda. Don decided he would make himself useful at this end of things.Lying down behind Amy, he scooted in and guided his cock between her legs. He felt Shelonda's breath and then tongue on the head of his cock just as he felt the wetness of Amy's waiting pussy. He didn't pause, but just went ahead and pushed himself in. Amy let out a particularly loud moan as he filled her in one sure motion. Steadily he began to fuck her, enjoying the sensation of her slippery cunt squeezing and pulling at him as well as Shelonda's tongue brushing against him.What Amy and Nicole were doing to Shelonda had the desired effect, because she was the next one to come, crying out loudly in ecstasy. This precipitated some rearrangement on the table, as Shelonda disentangled herself. Amy turned her head and said over her shoulder, “Get on your back, Don.”Don quickly rolled back, reluctantly pulling out of Amy in the process. She wasn't done with him yet, though. Without turning around to face him, she got up over him. She took his cock and lifted it up and pushed the broad head of it up into her ass. Don said, “Oh, god that feels so good – so hot and tight!”“That's right, baby,” Amy grinned back at him. Then she pushed herself down on him, taking his thick cock deep into her bowels. She leaned back then, and Nicole came around and knelt in front of her, pushing several fingers up into her pussy and attacking Amy's clit with her tongue. Meanwhile, Shelonda straddled Don's face, so that she could have her pussy licked while she reached around to play with Amy's tits.Don reached up to adjust Shelonda's position a little and began to lap at her very wet pussy and clit. His nose slipped into her vagina and then teased her ass as he moved back and forth over her. All the while, he could feel Amy moving up and down on him and Nicole's fingers inside her pussy. He couldn't see what was going on, but he could definitely tell when Amy began to come again. Not only did her ass clench and relax on him as she came, but she cried out in a dramatic and heartfelt wail.As the girls climbed off him, Don realized that he still had not come. He also knew that there was one woman he had not yet fucked that evening. He caught hold of Shelonda's narrow waist and quickly coaxed her into position on her hands and knees. As the other two girls focused their attention on Shelonda's pretty face and swinging breasts, Don drove his cock into her waiting vagina. Once he was good and slick again, though, he pulled back and then pushed himself firmly into Shelonda's tight ass. He remembered the night in the disco when he had first been welcomed into that sweet embrace. He smiled down at her dark, muscular back and fucked her with passionate abandon. She pushed back at him eagerly.“Come inside my ass, Don!” Shelonda called out. “Fill me with your cum!”He felt Amy's fingertips moving on Shelonda's pussy lips and clit, and tried to hold off until Shelonda was coming, but it was too late for that. Everything up until that moment had brought him to the brink and he was too far gone to hold back. He threw his head back and groaned, shoving himself deep into Shelonda as his cock spasmed and filled her ass with hot cum. This helped carried Shelonda over the edge too, and she cried out as her own orgasm swept through her leaving her and Don lying collapsed on the table in a quivering, laughing pile.The other two girls lay down with them, caressing and kissing their hair and sweaty skin.The next day Don was allowed to find his way out into the garden. Since the Wizard had let him know beforehand that this would happen, he was wearing clothing that would allow him to practice his kung fu in the open center of the garden – loose pants, shoes that were almost moccasins, and a light vest. After taking the time to stretch thoroughly, Don began to put himself through a full routine. He was very happy to notice that he was not only maintaining his conditioning but seemed to be in quite a bit better shape than he had been when had arrived in Eros. He was able to hold his stances longer and lower, had more stamina and endurance, and was able to kick and jump higher and more nimbly.He was enjoying the workout so much that he had almost forgotten that he was supposed to have an ulterior motive. Upon finishing a particularly long and demanding open-hand form, he was a little surprised to hear a woman's voice saying, “That was very graceful, sir.”Don smiled, turned and bowed, “Thank you…” He was about to add, “milady,” because it sounded like the appropriate way to address the Wizard's wife, but he was suddenly caught off guard. He had expected a woman who more or less resembled the Wizard. Not necessarily so tall, or quite so old, perhaps, but certainly older and not particularly attractive. Instead he beheld a beautiful young woman with long auburn hair falling over her bare shoulders in loose curls. She wore a white gown with flowing skirts and a cinched bodice that accentuated her very thin waist and full, medium-sized breasts. Her smiling lips were red, and her emerald green eyes were framed by long lashes. Don thought she bore a striking resemblance to Rita Hayworth, and found himself wondering if she had gorgeous dancer's legs.Still smiling, Don said, “My name is Don, are you the lady of the house?”She inclined her head and said, “I am. My name is Madeleine.”“It is an honor to meet you, milady. My friends and I are your very grateful guests.”“Ah, yes,” she murmured. “And where are your three enthusiastic friends?”“I believe they are swimming in the pool. Would you like me to go fetch them?”She laughed a little. “No, that's quite alright. I am only taking my daily walk through the garden. Would you care to accompany me?”“It would be my pleasure,” Don bowed again. He approached her and offered her his arm. Without hesitation, she slipped her arm through his and laid her warm hand on his sweaty wrist. “Do you have a customary path, milady?”“I do,” she nodded, “but perhaps it is a good day to try something new.”This certainly seems to be going well, Don thought.“My husband tells me that you seek a friend of yours who is lost in the forest.”“Yes, he has graciously offered to help us find her.”“How generous of him,” she smiled.“He strikes me as a particularly generous man,” Don nodded, thinking of things quite different than the offer of assistance.“Yes, I'm sure. And you are determined to find this friend of yours?”“Certainly.”“She is perhaps more than just a friend?”“Much more, milady.”“And yet you have three other friends, with whom you are apparently on rather intimate terms.”Don decided to play coy, “Milady?”She paused a moment, then said, “So my husband has informed me.”“Yes, well, my three companions are my friend's friends as well.”“Interesting,” Madeleine smiled, “and does this include intimacy as well.”“It certainly does, milady,” Don chuckled, “and quite a bit of it at that.”“And neither you nor your friends are jealous of each other?”“No. We want each other to be happy, and to experience as much joy as possible.”“How open minded and generous of you, Don. Let us sit there by that fountain.”He led her to the indicated fountain and sat next to her on a stone bench.“Now we can speak directly,” she said with a smile that was almost a grin. “My husband can't hear us here, though he is no doubt still watching.”“Milady?”“I know what my husband is up to,” she laughed. “I've known all along. The horny bugger wants you to seduce me so that I'll let him sleep around, or so we can both sleep around.”“Um, the latter,” Don nodded.“And I'll bet he's holding out the promise of helping you find your friend to get you to play along.”“Yes,” Don smiled, “but that was before I met you. If he had just let me meet you first I would have been quite happy to help him in this regard.”She smiled and patted his knee, “You're sweet. However, things aren't quite as he would have you believe.”“No?”“He wants to believe I'm terribly jealous, but the real problem is that he's quite insecure. I know my husband, and if I agree to an open marriage too easily he'll be plagued with doubts and utterly baseless worries. I know the difference between love and sex, Don. Moreover, I know the difference between sex and fucking amazing sex – and what you four showed off last night was fucking amazing sex!”Don was a bit taken aback to hear her saying “fucking” so freely.“I love my husband more than any other man or woman, and I knew plenty of both before I met him, let me tell you! And, I know my husband loves me. It doesn't bother me that he wants to screw the occasional hottie, or three. I certainly want to let you fuck me till I can't walk straight.”Don smiled broadly, and said, “I'm glad to hear that, because…”“Hold on there, stud,” she laughed. “We've got to play this just right. It's important that my husband thinks it was his plan that did the trick. That way he won't think I just let the first guy with a nice dick and a talented tongue, fuck me.”“I don't suppose the two of you would consider just talking to each other,” Don offered, hoping she would reject the idea. He was quite taken with the idea of seeming to seduce this gorgeous woman.“Oh, certainly,” Madeleine smiled. “We've talked. He knows that I found the show you put on last night very titillating. I practically attacked him as soon as you were done. He's mentioned the open attitude of most of the people in Eros frequently enough that I know what's on his mind. But, as I said, I know my husband, and I know what it will take to make this work.”“OK then,” Don nodded, “what's next then?”“I will play hard to get, but intrigued, until tomorrow,” she said. “I suspect he'll want you to put on another show this evening. Would you mind going down on the other two girls?”“No, not at all!”“Wonderful! That looked divine,” she sighed. “Then, after he drops a few more hints, I'll suggest something like… Oh, I know. I'll tell him that if someone like you were to slip into my bedroom without warning I wouldn't mind being ravished, or something to that effect.”“That does sound a little awkward,” Don admitted.She waved that off, “I'll work it out. Maybe I'll just wait until he's got his cock in me. He'll get the gist then without paying attention to the way I phrase it.”“Um, yes, I can see that.”“Then, all you have to do is follow through,” she smiled. “Think you can do that?”Don chuckled, “Yes, I'm quite sure.”“Wonderful.” Then she lowered her voice, though she had said they couldn't be overheard, “I really am looking forward to letting you have your way with me.”“The feeling is quite mutual, milady!”“It's a date, then,” she laughed. “Now, would you be so kind as to escort me back to the house?”Just as Madeleine had said, the Wizard came to them before dinner time and said that, although she found Don charming, she still wasn't quite sold on the idea of doing anything intimate with anyone. He suggested that they put on yet another show with dinner, and our four heroes were quite happy to oblige. This time, Don made a point of making each of the three women come with his lips, tongue and – here and there – his teeth.Don repeated his kung fu routine in the garden. Again, the Wizard's wife met him, and again they walked back to the fountain. She confirmed that she had dropped the appropriate hint to her husband, and then said, “Now, grab me and kiss me.”Don had been thinking how much he wanted to kiss those ruby red lips since the day before, so he didn't need to be told twice. He quickly slipped his arm around her slim waist, and pulled her to him. Holding the side of her face gently in his hand so she couldn't turn away, he pressed his ardent lips against hers. He thrilled to feel her arms slip around him and hold him for a moment. She began to return his kiss, but then pushed him away. She slapped him then, but not too hard, and he was able to catch her wrist. Holding her hand to his face, he turned and kissed her palm.Yanking her hand away and scowling angrily, Madeleine said, “That was perfect, I can't wait to do more of that!” Then she made a show of storming off to the house.Don shook his head, and then made his way back inside.He was relaxing with the girls in the shallow end of the pool when the Wizard came to see them. Though he was obviously a bit distracted by the naked women, he was intent on his plans in regard to his wife. The Wizard paced back and forth by the pool as he enthused, “Everything is going perfectly!”“Are you sure?” Don asked, though he was pretty confident on that particular score.“Yes, she insists that she is angry with you for kissing her, and perhaps she is, but she is much more excited than angry.”“How can you tell?” Shelonda wanted to know.“The ardor she displayed during our lovemaking just after her walk in the garden was exceptional!” the Wizard explained. “I know just how to proceed tonight. She said she was afraid you might steal into her bedroom and ravish her. I could tell this thought excited her very much, though.”“Well, alright,” Don said, “but how will this help convince her to try an open relationship?” This was a point of the plan that remained sincerely murky to him, and the wife's complicity hadn't helped clarify matters.“Ah,” the Wizard smiled, “that will depend upon me getting her to admit that she had a good time.”“Assuming she has a good time, eh, Professor?” Amy winked at Don.“Well, I'll do my best,” Don grinned.That evening, while the girls were as frisky in the dining room as before, Don remained aloof. He had no doubt that he could perform more than adequately later even if he did play with the girls, but he frankly wanted to concentrate his attention on the Wizard's lovely wife at least for tonight. For himself, the Wizard had said that, though he would be sure she was again watching the dining room, he would find some reason to be unable to satisfy any resulting “urges” his wife might develop that evening.Later, after the girls had given a good warm-up show and after the door out of the bedroom opened of its own accord, Don left his three companions and followed the opening doors into a part of the house he had not yet seen. He was wearing only a soft, dark dressing robe he had found in the closet. He eventually found himself climbing a staircase up to at least the fourth floor of the large building. As the stairs stopped at this level, Don supposed this was the top floor of the house. There were only two doors available to him in the short corridor, and he had been told to go to the left one, which he now did. The door did not swing open as he approached, so he put his hand on the lever and slowly pushed it down. Madeleine was expecting him, but he was sure the Wizard would be watching and he wanted to make things look convincing. In the back of his mind, Don was worried that if the Wizard caught on to his wife's subterfuge he might withhold his assistance in finding Toshia.Don opened the door just enough to slip through into the candlelit bedroom. This chamber was even larger than the rather large bedroom Don had been sharing with his companions. Across the room, near the large, canopied bed, Madeleine sat in front of a gilded table and mirror brushing her long auburn hair. She was wearing a sheer robe of pink.She was turned three-quarters away from him, and the mirror was facing the wrong way to reflect Don as he crept into the room. Apparently sensing his entrance anyway, she said, “Ah, couldn't carry on with me after all, eh?”Don waited until he was almost to her before he said, “What man could?”Madeleine twisted and rose in a single lightning motion, raising her hairbrush as a weapon against him. “You!” she gasped. “What are you doing here?”Don paused a moment to admire the feminine form only barely obscured by her see-through robe. He had been right to imagine that she had long, dancer's legs. Her waist was narrow, her belly flat, and her breasts full, but not too big. She was glaring at him with a good semblance of shock, fear and anger.“I have followed where my desire led,” Don said taking a step forward. “It brought me here.”“Well, it had better lead you back the way you came.”He slowly reached up and took hold of the hand holding the brush, saying, “I don't believe you want me to leave.”“But I tell you that I do,” Madeleine insisted.“Your eyes tell me that you lie,” Don smiled. He moved a bit closer, and took the brush from her hand.“My eyes?”“They dwell too long on my bare flesh, and on my lips, and when you look me in the eye I see that you want more of what I started in the garden.” He slipped up close enough to her that he could set the brush on the table behind her.Madeleine leaned back away from him, and said, “I look at your bare flesh because I'm shocked that you would come into the bedroom of another man's wife wearing only that robe. I look at your lips because I remember the liberty you so rudely took. As for what you think you see in my eyes, well, you see what you want to see.”Don moved his hand – the one that had put the brush down – to her lower back, lightly touching her. Very slowly he raised his right hand up to brush his fingers along her jaw. “I do see what I want,” he smiled.She kept her hands at her sides, hands now grasping the edge of her dressing table, “I will scream for my husband.”“Scream then,” Don leaned in closer, so that his nose was next to hers. They were both whispering now. “Do you think I could be here now if he didn't permit it?”“How dare you!” she hissed.He held her soft cheek in the palm of his hand and said, “If you tell me to leave, I will leave.”“I have said it,” she murmured.“But you don't say it,” Don smiled. His lips brushed against hers. “If I do anything that displeases you, say so and I'll go.”“And if what you don't do…”Don kissed her then, not quickly like in the garden but slowly and sensuously. She returned the kiss, tentatively at first but with increasing passion. He felt her hands on his sides, holding him in place.To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 7 Seducing the...

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    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 7 Seducing the Wizard's Wife – 4 days of wizardry. By BradentonLarry -   Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories. Chapter 10Day One Toshia's day with the satyrsWhen Don awoke, he found himself lying on his back upon a large four-poster bed. There was sunlight pouring in from somewhere, and he had a woman on his left with her head on his chest and another curled up on his right. Trying not to disturb the sleeping women, he opened his eyes a bit further and raised his head to have a look around. The woman with her head on his chest was Shelonda, and the one on his right was Amy, who was spooning Nicole. They were all still clothed, and in what seemed to be a large bedroom. Don couldn't help but remember waking up in the Manor next to Toshia what seemed like a very long time ago. That time the room had been dark and mysterious, and rather Spartan. This time, though, the room was brightly lit as two large windows let in a great deal of light. Although there was definitely the rather serious and looming question of how in the world they had been brought here, there was nothing even vaguely sinister about this room. Adding to the benign aspect of the room was, no doubt, the profusion of cut flowers that covered every available horizontal surface.As Don lowered his head again, Shelonda shifted and then raised her head to look around. When she saw that Don was also awake, she gave him a confused smile. He smiled back as reassuringly as he could and caressed her back. He wasn't terribly surprised to feel her hand moving up along the inside of his thigh. “If danger isn't threatening it must be time for sex” seemed to be the default rule among Eros dwellers.Don tried to think of a good reason to deny himself and Shelonda. He knew they were someplace strange, the guests of some new set of kidnappers, and that they had very likely completely lost track of Toshia, but all of those things had been true for hours, since they had apparently slept through the night, and if anyone meant them any harm, they surely would have carried through on that desire while they had been unconscious, rather than putting them on a comfortable bed. So, when the beautiful woman pushed his kilt up and began to stroke his cock, Don didn't resist and instead pulled her up so he could kiss her warmly. After all the stress of the last couple of days, with the plants, the watchers, the human attackers, and the chase after Toshia – not to mention seeing her cavorting with actual satyrs -satyrs! - it felt very good indeed to lay back and feel Shelonda's mouth on his, her tongue pushing past his lips, and her warm hand on his quickly thickening cock.Moving slowly, so as to not wake Amy and Nicole, Don moved his right arm up so he could get his hand on Shelonda's full breast, squeezing it gently through her tank top. This prompted her to squeeze and pull on his cock more strenuously. Don decided that two could play at that game, and, rolling onto his side a little, moved his right hand from her tit down to her strong left thigh. Slipping up under her skirt, Don's hand slid along her smooth brown skin and around to squeeze her firm ass tightly. Shelonda moaned her approval very quietly. Don kissed her more deeply in a vague attempt to get her to be quieter.Don worked his hand around in front of Shelonda. She parted her legs for him, raising her left one and wrapping it around Don's legs. This left Don free to run his fingers over her very moist lips. He teased her a bit before parting those lips with his fingertips and spreading her juices over her inner lips and clit. Soon his fingers were inside her, slipping in and out of Shelonda's pussy, as Don's thumb pressed against and rubbed her clit. Shelonda liked this quite a bit, and showed her approval by rolling back on the bed, pulling Don with her. They continued kissing as he moved naturally into position over her. Her legs spread and her hand pulling him forward, Don slipped into Shelonda's welcoming pussy. As he sank deep into her hot, wet sex, she reached down to clasp his butt in both of her hands, squeezing and pulling him into her.Their bodies were pressed tightly together as they fucked and kissed, moving slowly against each other on the bed. It was a passionate, loving and intense encounter there in the strange bedroom. Don had become extremely fond of the beautiful young woman, and he knew she felt the same way. The connection between the two of them was stronger and deeper than the casual sex relationship either or both of them shared with the other two women. Amy was a great sexual athlete, Nicole was a playful little minx, but Shelonda had a seriousness about her that made sex with her more than just sex. If it wasn't a romantic coupling, and it hardly seemed quite like that, it was a bit more than friends-with-benefits.Don resisted the urge to fuck Shelonda more vigorously, partly because he didn't want to disturb the others, and partly because the way they were screwing was building up its own intensity. Shelonda pulled him into her tightly with her legs and arms, kissing him intently. Then she threw her head back, gasping through clenched teeth. She let go of his ass to clench the sheets at her side, and then was burying her face into his shoulder. Don pushed himself deep into her clasping, clutching pussy riding out her quiet, intense orgasm by holding her in his arms.When Shelonda slowly relaxed, and lay back on the bed, he smiled down at her happily. She actually blushed and turned her face away.“Well, that looked like a good one,” Amy said. Don looked over to see that the curvy blonde had rolled over onto her back to watch him and Shelonda. Nicole was also watching, but was resting her head on Amy's soft breast. Nicole's hand had already found its way down between Amy's thighs and was busy making mischief there.“Got enough to share with the rest of the class, Professor?” Nicole asked with a smirk.“I just might,” Don grinned over at the two women. Then he leaned down to kiss Shelonda again.By the time he had withdrawn from Shelonda's exquisite embrace, Nicole had gotten down between Amy's legs and was giving some serious head, and Amy had pulled her tank top up over her head and thrown it aside. Don moved around behind Nicole and coaxed her up enough that he could get his cock down and into her waiting cunt. He admired Nicole's narrow waist and tight, brown ass as he began to fuck in and out of her. Shelonda moved over to be close to the action, and soon reached around so she could get her fingers on Nicole's clit. Nicole was only barely able to make Amy come, gasping and twisting on the bed, before she was coming herself.Don still hadn't come, and he was acutely aware of that fact. He pulled out of Nicole and urged her over toward Shelonda. Moving up between Amy's legs, he smiled down at her happy face, and said, “Where do you want it?”“Come on my tits, Professor,” she said immediately.Don nodded, but took a moment to push his cock deep into Amy's juicy twat. After fucking Shelonda and Nicole, he only needed a couple of thrusts into her tight pussy before he was ready to blow. He pulled out of her and quickly straddled her abdomen. He had planned to jerk himself off, but Amy's hands beat him to it. She took him in a tight, enthusiastic grip and pumped his thick organ several times until a huge spout of white cum burst out of him and splattered over her chest, neck and chin. Several days of abstinence, coupled with the XYZ in his system and the sex leading up to this moment made Don's orgasm both extremely intense and voluminous. A second stream of jizz splashed over Amy's tits and then a flood of it spilled over her hands onto her belly. Don felt like he was coming for minutes. As he finally took a deep breath and opened his eyes, Shelonda and Nicole clapped and laughed. He managed to get off Amy while the other two girls closed in on her and began to play with and lick up the cum he had left there.As soon as his head stopped reeling from the intense orgasm, Don decided it was time to have a better look around. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he noticed that there were not only two big windows, but also three sets of doors, all double and all closed. The room had a thick carpet. Don reached down and took off his sandals, and enjoyed the feeling of the carpet on his bare feet. There was a couch against the wall opposite the bed, as well as a large framed mirror. There was a low table in front of the couch and a pair of overstuffed chairs at either end of the table. One of the chairs had their satchels piled on it. Don and Shelonda's staffs were standing in a corner. All of the furniture was in an overly ornate style that Don thought of as rococo, though he wasn't confident that that was the right term. (Perhaps it was baroque, or regency; he could never tell.)Don got off the bed and moved over to one of the windows. They were apparently on the second or third floor and overlooked a vast well-tended and colorful flower garden. There was no one to be seen among the flowers or paths of the garden.He moved over to one of the sets of doors, and was surprised when they swung open of their own accord. Don stepped onto the tiled floor of a large and ornate bathroom, illuminated by an impressive skylight over a huge tub. Strewn about this room were more flowers and a liberal supply of towels and toiletries. As Don moved closer to the tub, water began to pour out of the four faucets set around it. The sound of the steaming, fragrant water quickly filling the bathtub drew the attention of the girls, who quickly crowded into the bathroom with Don.Clothes were quickly stripped off and thrown aside. Although they had only been out of the Manor for a few days, and had hardly been living a hard life outdoors, the opportunity to bathe properly was most welcome. They took quite a while, scrubbing each other clean, which naturally enough led to more splashing about than was strictly necessary as well as more fondling and play.Don was the first to get out of the tub, and so was the first to notice that their clothing had somehow been removed. He dried himself with a heavy, soft towel and then padded out into the bedroom naked. His sandals and Amy's top had also been removed. He moved toward one of the other sets of doors. When they failed to open for him, Don tried the handles, but they wouldn't budge. Frowning, he turned to the last set of doors, which did swing open as he approached. This time he found a large walk-in closet, full of clothing. On the right, taking up about a quarter of the available space was an assortment of strangely old-fashioned men's clothing. On the floor was a good selection of footwear. Don chose a pair of light cotton slacks and a buttoned shirt, and tried them on. He was not at all surprised that the clothes fit him perfectly. As he came out of the closet, the girls were just coming out of the bathroom. Seeing his attire and catching on that there were new, fresh clothes to be had, they swarmed around him and into the closet.They were each able to find at least a quarter of the closet that had clothing perfectly fitted to them, and spent some time selecting outfits. Don was amused to watch them trying various combinations. Ultimately they came out to model their selections, and he smiled to see their individual styles come through. Shelonda was wearing a light vest and a pair of loose silk pajama bottoms that were bloused at the ankles. Amy had on a low cut top and stockings and a garter belt, and a short pleated skirt that flared out from her waist. Nicole had on a form fitting sheath dress with slits running up the lengths of her legs. While Don was complimenting them on their outfits, the third set of doors swung open, revealing a long marble hallway.Cautiously, the four of them moved out into the corridor. There was nowhere else to go, so they proceeded along, until a large pair of doors opened before them. On the other side of this portal, they found a vast dining room, lit by a dazzling number of candles. There were a dozen chairs around the large, long table in the center of the room. There were also bowls full of fruit and gleaming glasses of water. On each of the three walls without doors there were large mirrors. Don eyed those reflective surfaces suspiciously, his mind on the likelihood that they were being observed through those mirrors.Like the trusting souls they were, Amy and Shelonda had made themselves comfortable at the table, drinking and eating freely. Don and Nicole shared a glance, but then joined the others in dining. Only when they had each eaten a small amount of fruit and drank a whole glass of water – in short, when they had their fill – did someone broach the subject that was on everyone's mind.Amy said, “Well, where are we anyway?”“I have no idea,” Don admitted.“You are in my home,” said a deep voice.They turned sharply to see a tall man standing in the doorway. He had white hair and a beard, a prominent brow adorned by bristling eyebrows, a pronounced hawkish nose, and bright eyes glittering at them in the candlelight. He wore a deep blue robe, like one would expect to see worn by a magician in a fantasy movie. He was over six feet tall, and stood erect and easily. Though his deeply lined face indicated great age, he carried himself as if he were quite healthy.“And you are?” Don asked.“I am called the Wizard of the Wood,” declared the man in that voice that reminded Don of a not quite ancient John Carradine.“Well, I am Don, and this is Amy, Nicole and Shelonda. We're grateful for your hospitality. May we ask why you brought us here?”“Of course you may,” the Wizard intoned. “I brought you here so that you might assist me with a particular task.”“Um, well, we were trying to find a friend of ours…”“The one who was, and has been copulating so vigorously with those three satyrs, I suspect.”“Yes,” Don nodded, “that would be her.”“She is in no danger. The satyrs mean her no harm. I believe they are enjoying her company far more than they expected to. She is quite spirited and has a great deal of stamina.”“Well, you seem to be quite well-informed and have resources at your disposal.”“You mean magic,” the Wizard said. “I have magical resources.”“Um, sure,” Don said. “If you could bring our friend here like you did us, we'd be happy to help you with your task.”“There are three problems with that proposal.” The Wizard gestured and a chair slid out from the table. As he took his seat, he said, “One, I have no reason to trust you. This is of small consequence, though, because you would still have your freedom to gain. Two, I believe the desire to be reunited with your friend will be a better motivator in any case. Three, as a matter of fact, I cannot at this time bring your friend here.”“Why not?" Nicole asked."My power is largely focused upon this location. Within the bounds of this house and the grounds I have great power, but to exercise that power to bring people here is … difficult. I do however have the means to convey you to your friend, which means I will make available to you following the completion of your task. I assure you, the task is within your power, and I will compensate you well for your efforts. You will not regret helping me.”Don frowned, “And what if something should happen to our friend while we're here?”“I am monitoring your friend's situation and will find a way to intervene if she should actually be endangered. I am afraid I can only offer you my assurances as to this and my other promises. I hasten to point out that you do not seem to have any other viable options.”“We could try to escape,” Don pointed out.“Feel free,” the Wizard shrugged. “You will only waste time and energy, uselessly.”“Can you give us some evidence that you can actually know how and where Toshia is?”“Your friend? Yes, I think so,” the Wizard nodded toward the large mirror to his right.Looking at that mirror, they could suddenly see Toshia. She was lying back against a satyr, while another satyr was in front of her. Her legs were around the front satyr's haunches and her hands were on his shoulders. It seemed clear that both of the satyr's were fucking her, and, moreover, that Toshia was enjoying herself quite a bit at the moment.“Alright,” Don said after taking a moment to take in the expression on Toshia's face as the satyr's had their way with her, or she had her way with them. “What do you want us to do?”“I want you to seduce my wife.”Don looked at the Wizard of the Wood to see if he was joking. He looked to the girls and saw that they were as confused as he was.“Well,” Don said, “first, you're the first person I've met in Eros who's even in a monogamous relationship, let alone married.”“Yes,” the Wizard nodded, “we have always had an unconventional relationship.”“OK,” Don shrugged. “Why do you want us to seduce your wife?”“Well, it is not so much all of you, as you yourself, Don, though the others may of course help.”“Alright, why do you want me to seduce your wife?”The Wizard stood up and began to pace alongside the table as he spoke. “We live alone here. The house and my power see to it that we want for nothing. I love my wife very much. She is a wonderful woman and a good companion. However, I am aware of what goes on out there in the world. I see the fun people have in the woods. I can watch the witches of the glen working their orgiastic magic. I know what goes on in that Manor. I want to enjoy some of that fun, Don. I want to convince my wife to have an open marriage.”“Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that,” Don admitted. He noticed that Nicole was having a very hard time keeping a straight face, while Amy and Shelonda simply seemed confused.“Have you talked to her about this?” asked Don.The Wizard shook his head, saying, “Oh, she would never agree to it. She is far too jealous and possessive. She would think I do not love her any more and that I just want to couple with other women.”“But, you do want to ‘couple' with other women,” Nicole pointed out.“By all the gods, yes!” the Wizard shouted. “I want to so very badly. But it is only sex. Do you know how long we have been married?”“No, of course…”“A very long time, believe me! I love her madly, of course, but I need some variety now and then. I honestly believe it would do each of us and both of us as a couple a great deal of good to enjoy other people. Having sex with just the same person for many years is simply not healthy.”“Well, I can't argue with that,” Don smiled. “So, what are you thinking?”“If you seduce her, make her want to sleep with you, it will give me the opportunity to broach the subject.”“That's extremely indirect,” Don mused.“What if she doesn't want to sleep with Don, or just wants to sneak around on you?” Nicole asked.“My wife would never do such a thing,” the Wizard insisted.“Perhaps,” Don said, “but, as much as I hate to ask this, what about that other option? What if I can't seduce her?”“If you give a good faith effort to seduce her but she does not succumb, I will grant you your freedom and help you find your friend.”“Are you sure you don't just want us to help you talk to her?” Don asked. It had just occurred to him that the Wizard's wife was going to be as ancient as he was.“No,” the Wizard said with finality. “I have given this a great deal of thought, and I am certain that would never work. It has to be done this way.”“Alright, then,” Don said. He looked around to gauge the reactions of the women; Nicole shrugged, while Amy and Shelonda both nodded. “We'll help. I take it you have a plan, then.”Day TwoToshia is caught by the warrior women and is taken to their castleThe next day, the Don and the three women had a brief conference, during which they considered the merits of attempting to escape from their luxurious prison. It was Nicole who pointed out that even if they were able to get out of the house and the grounds, however far those might extend, they would have no idea where they were or how to find Toshia. It did seem that their best bet was to cooperate with the Wizard of the Wood and trust that he would honor his end of the bargain.So, they passed the day exploring the immense house, going only where the doors would allow them to pass. There was no sign of anyone else in the building, though everything was dusted and the flowers and fruit were freshly laid out. They found a large library, an indoor pool, and a billiard room, among other less well-defined rooms. Following the spirit of the Wizard's plan, they deliberately resisted the urge to fill the day with sexual play. Instead, they built up their frustration by engaging in playful banter and flirting. Things became particularly heated during their skinny-dip in the pool. Don had to herd the women into the showers, which did frankly very little to help, except that it introduced an all-too-ephemeral break in the action. Amy was particularly wound up by the time they returned to their room to change for dinner.“I will tell my wife that we have guests,” the Wizard had explained. “I'll say that you were travelers who I rescued from hooligans using my magic, and that I offered you hospitality for a few days.”“Hooligans?" Amy had asked."That's what I call the bands of ill-mannered men who roam about the forest attacking anyone they come across.”“We met some of those,” Don had nodded.“It didn't end well for them,” Nicole said quietly, looking across the table at Don.“They are thoroughly unpleasant,” the Wizard had scowled. “Anyway, I will tell my wife that you seem to be very interesting people, and I will arrange to have her looking in on you during your dinner. You use that time to, shall we say, put on a show for her.”“A show?” asked Shelonda.“Yes, well, a demonstration of unfettered sexuality,” the Wizard explained.“You want us to have sex for your wife to watch,” Nicole said.“Yes,” the Wizard nodded. “I know my wife enjoys reading books with erotic scenes in them, and I suspect seeing one played out in front of her eyes will titillate her. Moreover, the fact that there are more than just two of you will work to our advantage if we are to be successful in tempting her toward a more open attitude toward sex.”“I think we can manage that,” Don smiled at the three women. He knew Amy in particular would rise to the occasion.“Remember, though,” the Wizard had admonished before bidding them goodnight, “it must seem spontaneous. If my wife suspects chicanery she'll never go along with the rest of the plan.”The three women all wore outfits that were at once frilly and feminine and were also simple enough that it would be quite easy to have sex in them. Nicole wore a form-fitting, backless dress with a very short skirt and puffy sleeves, all in black with large bright red flowers. Shelonda wore a frilly little sundress in light pastels. Amy wore a silk negligee and a long, sheer robe. All of the girls surprised Don by wearing high heels. For himself, Don wore dress slacks, a white shirt and a dark blue jacket. As an afterthought, he added socks and perfectly shined, black dress shoes.Arm in arm en masse the foursome left the bedroom and headed to the dining room. Along the way, Don reminded them to act as if no one was watching.“But, also make sure we put on a good show,” Amy pointed out.“How are we supposed to do that?” Shelonda wanted to know.“Well, make sure that anyone looking can tell what you're doing; don't cover up anything,” Amy suggested.“And make noise,” added Nicole. “Let everyone hear that you're having a good time.”“Wow,” Don said, “that's really good advice. You're making me horny already.”“You have to wait a bit, Professor,” Nicole winked.With that they came to the dining room and gathered around the middle of the table, Don and Shelonda on one side and Amy and Nicole on the other.“Who do you think puts out this fruit and water?” Amy asked, as she picked up and examined a red apple.“I have no idea,” Don shrugged. "Perhaps the same person who washed our clothes and put them back when we weren't looking yesterday.“"Our host, maybe?” wondered Nicole.“The Wizard?" Amy laughed. "I doubt that.”“He doesn't exactly seem the sort to do housework,” Don admitted.With a mischievous gleam in her eye, Amy sank her teeth into her apple and leaned over toward Nicole, who, catching on immediately, bent in to take a bite out of the opposite side of the fruit.While they were doing this, Shelonda said, “Well, whoever's doing the cleaning and other stuff, it sure is nice of the Wizard to let us stay here.”“We should try to find a way to thank him,” Amy said around a mouthful of apple.“Oh? What did you have in mind?” Don asked with a laugh.“There are lots of ways a girl can thank a man,” Amy smiled, taking another bite of the apple.“She can say, 'Thank you very much, Mr. Wizard, sir,'” Nicole smiled coyly while she toyed with a strawberry.“Exactly,” Amy laughed, “but that wasn't exactly what I had in mind.”“Whatever could you mean?” Nicole asked. She had now turned toward Amy and was running her hand up and down her arm. “Oh, you mean…”“Exactly!" Amy grinned and grabbed a nearby banana. She proceeded to peel it slowly."But isn't he rather old?” Nicole persisted mischievously.“He seemed healthy enough to me,” Amy said as she pulled the last peel down. “Anyway, I think I like older men. Plus, he's quite tall, and that usually means…”“You think so?” Shelonda joined in.“I do,” Amy said. “Anyway, I'd be happy to show my appreciation.” To demonstrate her capabilities, she slid the length of the banana into her mouth and down her throat.Don and the girls laughed, and Don said, “Well, fruit's one thing. Are you quite sure you're up to the real thing?”“Quite sure, sir,” Amy said after swallowing the last of the banana down.“I'm unconvinced,” Don said with a frown.“Well, how in the world can I convince you?”“You could show him on his cock,” Shelonda said with exasperation. Don thought she was the best actress of the bunch.“Alright, Professor, hop up here on the table and let's see what you've got,” Amy grinned.Don stood up and took off his jacket and kicked off his shoes, while the women pushed the bowls and glasses out of the way. Then, he climbed up on the table and knelt in front of Amy. Getting into her act, Amy ran her hands up along Don's thighs and made a show of unfastening his pants. She slipped her hand into his slacks and took hold of his quickening cock. Pulling it out, she held it up for Nicole to see.“Very nice,” Amy said, “but it needs more work, I think.” She lowered her head to Don's lap and took the entire length of his cock into her mouth. Pulling on it with both her lips and hand, she quickly had him fully hard.While Amy was doing this, Shelonda climbed up on the table next to Don so she could see too.Amy pulled back to show the girls that Don was now erect. “That's more like it, Professor!” Amy said. “Now, what was it I was going to do with this?”“Oh, I can show you,” Shelonda offered quickly.“By all means,” Amy laughed.To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 6The Stayrs have their...

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    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 6The Stayrs have their way with Toshia.By BradentonLarry - Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.Chapter 8 Tracking ToshiaDon scrambled down the last gravelly decline and looked frantically about for any sign of Toshia. Now that he had finally managed to come down from the area that had been separated from the river by a steep cliff-face, Don found himself in a lightly forested, grassy hill country, through which the river ran rapidly. On the other side of the river, beyond a small, and empty, grass clearing, were more hills and a thicker forest. He, Nicole, Amy and Shelonda had followed the edge of the cliff, careful to keep an eye on the river below in case Toshia had managed to catch on to some outcropping or root. They had seen several cataracts – not too big, but large enough that anyone going over them would be plunged violently underwater. The last of those little waterfalls was only a dozen meters upriver from where Don stood now, making quite a bit of noise.By the time the girls had caught up to him, Don was already moving downriver, hugging the waterside and looking frantically for evidence that Toshia had made it this far. It seemed that the river was gradually widening, and this meant that the current would ease up, so Don thought it was increasingly likely that Toshia would have been able to make it to shore. He thought he would probably find her waiting for them. He needed to remain convinced that he would find her impatient and wet. Still, not finding her at all was better than … some alternatives.After about ten minutes of his hurried chase down the river, he noticed that Nicole was trying to get his attention, calling, “Professor!”Hoping she had spotted Toshia, he spun around, almost colliding with Shelonda, who had been trailing him closely.“You better come look at this,” Nicole said. She was looking out into the river. With a sinking heart, Don ran back to where Nicole and Amy stood.“What is it?”“There was something, or someone…” Nicole trailed off, staring intently at the water.“I saw it too,” Amy added.“There!” Nicole pointed.Sure enough, there was someone in the water. Moreover, this person seemed to be beckoning to them. Don moved closer, actually taking a few steps into the river. The beckoner disappeared under the water, only to resurface a few meters away from Don. He could now clearly see that it was a beautiful young woman with big eyes and long straight hair of dark, emerald green.“Uh, hello,” Don tried.The green-haired young woman rose up out of the water, displaying pale, perfect breasts. She pointed upstream.“Have you seen our friend?”The woman repeated her gesture, more emphatically.“Timmy's in the well?” Nicole smirked. Nobody laughed.“I suppose she's saying we need to go back,” Don said, stepping back on dry land.“If she were here Toshia would say, ‘You suppose?'” Amy said. She had already started heading back upriver.Once they had backtracked to almost where they had finally reached the riverside, the woman in the water got their attention by splashing water at them. When they were looking, she pointed at a small clearing on the other side of the river, or at the trees beyond the clearing.“Toshia went that way?” Don asked.The woman nodded.Without any hesitation, Don started into the water.“Hold on a second, Professor!” Nicole said. When Don turned, impatience written clearly all over his face and posture, she said, “Maybe we should think about this for a minute.”“What? I can swim across that.”“Maybe,” Nicole shrugged. “You don't know how fast the current is. But, that's not what I meant. We don't know anything about that woman,” she nodded toward the green-haired stranger. “Maybe she's trying to lure you to a watery grave, or something. Maybe she did that to Toshia.”Getting into the spirit of things, Amy said, “And if Toshia got out of the river there, why didn't she stay there so we could find her?”Don frowned at the girls. He knew they had good points, but he couldn't resist the conviction that Toshia could be in trouble and he had to do whatever he could to find her. Apparently he wasn't alone, because while he paused to consider Nicole and Amy's caution, Shelonda dove into the river and began crossing it, swimming a bit clumsily while holding onto her staff.The green-haired woman watched Shelonda's progress with a smile, and made no move to interfere.“Well, that's that,” Don said, and promptly dove in after Shelonda. The current was strong, but not so strong that he couldn't compensate. After a couple of minutes, he was pulling himself out of the water. He smiled at Shelonda and said, “Thank you.”She just grinned back at him and shook the water out of her hair. Don found himself distracted by the way her tank top clung to her fit body and luscious tits. It had been an uncommonly long time since he'd had any release, after all. Shelonda broke his distracted train of thought by bending down to help Amy out of the river. Don turned to give Nicole a hand up onto the grassy bank. Once they were all on dry land, Don looked back ask the green-haired river maiden if she could give them any more information, but she was nowhere to be seen.Don decided to reassert some direction, before the others started to succumb to the enflamed sex drive that was already making him painfully aware of the wet feminine bodies so near at hand. He said, “OK, well, if Toshia came up here, something must have made her leave. Otherwise, as Amy pointed out, she would be here waiting for us. So, let's look around and see if there's some kind of sign or evidence of … something.”“There are animal tracks over here,” Nicole said after a moment. The others gathered around a patch of dirt where a number of prints were clearly visible.“Hoof prints,” Don nodded. “Deer maybe… No, pigs, or goats maybe.”“Kind of big for goats, don't you think?” Nicole asked.Don shrugged, “I know they're not horses or deer, but that's about it.”“It looks like someone went this way in a hurry,” Shelonda said from further along the edge of the clearing.“What do you mean?” Amy asked.“Well, these little branches are broken, and those flowers are trampled, and look here – that's a footprint. It's about the right size for Toshia.”“How did you notice all that?” Amy asked.Shelonda just shrugged, and kept moving into the woods, following the trail of minor destruction that she assumed had been left by Toshia.“I say we follow Shelonda's lead,” Don said, “but everyone try to remember how to get back here, in case we lose the trail or something.”Unfortunately, they had only gone deep enough into the woods to slightly diminish the sound of the river and that last little waterfall, before Shelonda drew up and shook her head, “I don't know where she went next.”“That's OK,” Don said. “Let's think, if she'd been running this way, where would she run next?”“Maybe that way,” Shelonda pointed up the side of the hill in front of them. So, they all climbed up that hillside, moving slowly so Shelonda and the others could look for any sign of Toshia.At the top of the hill, Amy held up her hand and hissed, “Shh!”Everyone held their breath and strained their ears. Finally, Don asked, “What was it?”“I don't know,” Amy shook her head. “I thought I heard something – maybe a sex sound, maybe a Toshia sound. I think it came from off that way somewhere, but I can't be sure.”Don peered in the direction Amy had indicated, which was to the left of the way they'd been heading. He couldn't hear anything, but the river behind them.Then Shelonda, who had moved around a large rock jutting out of the side of the top of this hill, said, “Oh, she went this way!”The others quickly came around to join Shelonda, and they could all see the signs of someone crashing and sliding down far side of the hill.“How do you know it was Toshia?” Nicole asked.“Look,” Shelonda pointed to a clear hand print in some wet dirt. If it hadn't been made by Toshia it had been made by a woman with a hand very close in size to her. Without waiting to see if the others agreed with her assessment, Shelonda followed the screed down to the base of the hill and then started up the next. Near the top, she paused, though.“It was so clear, but now…” Shelonda said as Don came up next to her. “Oh, she turned this way!” and headed to the left.“That's the direction I said, wasn't it?” Amy asked.Don only nodded and followed after Shelonda, who seemed to have had some kind of hunting or tracking experience before she was brought to Eros. Combining this with her martial arts skills, Don thought she might have been in the military, though he knew it might just be that she'd had a parent who took her camping a lot and then later she took kung fu classes.Following along after Shelonda, they made slow but steady progress along a line of hills that seemed to parallel the course of the river. Finally, after what must have been an hour, Shelonda led them up a particularly steep slope, where, Shelonda said, it was obvious that Toshia had climbed up using both her hands and feet. Just past the top of this steep slope, there was a small, leaf-carpeted clearing in front of a very large moss-covered fallen tree trunk.“Whoa! I smell sex!” Amy announced.Don could smell it too – not only the smell he loved so well of Toshia's aroused sex, but also of male cum, and quite a bit of both.“There's cum all over these leaves,” Nicole noticed.“Someone's been having fun,” Amy laughed.“It's hard to tell with the leaves,” Shelonda said, “but it looks like Toshia tripped on that root there and fell here. Then someone had sex against that tree, and then more sex over there, on those leaves with the cum on them.”“I'm starting to think Toshia doesn't need our help,” Amy smiled.“Why was she running through the woods, then?” Nicole asked. Clearly, after the incidents with the sex-plants and the attack over the river, Nicole had adopted a much more cautious attitude toward Eros. Don thought that attitude was entirely appropriate.“If it was Toshia having sex here, and I agree that it probably was,” Don said, “we should assume that it was against her will. But even if she was having fun, that doesn't mean she doesn't still need our help or that we ought to just abandon her.”Nicole and Amy nodded their agreement, the former a bit more emphatically than the latter. Shelonda was already checking out the brush around the clearing. “They went this way,” she announced at last.As they all fell in behind Shelonda, Don asked, “Are you sure?”“Yes,” she said quietly, “but I think Toshia was being carried, and there are more of those hoof prints.”The path they were following was more or less straight, angling upstream and away from the river. Though Shelonda said the trail was pretty easy to follow – “they were all together and not trying to be sneaky” – it was quickly getting dark, which slowed them down considerably.“What do you mean 'they were all together'?” Don asked. “How many were there?”“Three or four, plus Toshia, I think,” Shelonda said. “We're going to have to stop soon. I can't follow them in the dark.”“What's that?” Nicole asked, pointing ahead through the trees and deep shadows.“A light?” Amy suggested.“Probably a campfire,” Shelonda decided. “I can follow that in the dark.”“OK, but we need to be careful. It could be a trap,” Don said. “We move slow and quiet, and nobody does anything crazy, alright?”The women nodded back at him. He was glad they all seemed to be taking this seriously.Shelonda took the lead, and the others moved behind her. Step by cautious step the fire in the distance grew until they could make out figures near it. Shelonda led them down into and then along a low gulley that kept them from seeing the fire for about five minutes. When she climbed quietly up the far side of the gulley, she stopped when her head was just over the top edge. Don joined her, lying on the ground next to her, looking at the campfire which was now not so distant. While it was easy for Don, Shelonda and the others to see what was going on around the campfire, those in that bright circle of light couldn't possibly see into the darkness of the forest where Don and company now spied upon them.“What are those?” Shelonda whispered in honest, open curiosity.“They look like satyrs,” Don whispered back, while simultaneously gaping.There by the campfire was Toshia. She was on her hands and knees, while what looked to Don like a half-man-half-goat creature was clearly fucking her vigorously from behind. There was another satyr in front of Toshia, and she was stroking its very erect cock. Toshia looked over her shoulder at the satyr behind her and said, “That's it Scratch, keep fucking me!” Then she pulled the one in front of her closer and began to suck its cock.“Now that looks like fun!” Amy whispered in Don's ear with a grin.A third satyr came into view and promptly flopped on its back and scooted under Toshia, reaching up to play with her tits as the swayed over his face while she was being fucked.The three women were, like Don, transfixed and turned on watching their lost companion enjoying the rough pleasures of satyr-loving. They watched intently as Toshia pulled herself off the cock behind her only to lower herself down on the one beneath her. The satyr she'd called Scratch wasted almost no time, then in pushing himself into Toshia's ass from behind. During these maneuvers Toshia hadn't taken her mouth off the cock in front of her. Toshia's happy grunts and moans, along with those of the satyrs, carried easily in the night air.Amy declared quietly, “And that looks likea lot of fun!”While he was watching all of this, Don was acutely aware of his own, very stiff, cock, and the presence of the women on either side of him. Shelonda was breathing heavily, and Amy was moving her hand up the back of his leg.“What's it going to be, then, Professor?” Amy asked. “Do we bust in and 'rescue' her, or just join the party?”“She might not want to be interrupted at the moment,” Nicole observed quietly.“Well, someone better 'interrupt' me soon,” Amy breathed.“That does look like fun, Don,” Shelonda added.Don had to admit that he had little to no interest in making the women wait much longer for sex. He thought there was a chance that Toshia might get hurt if they startled the satyrs, but he couldn't think of any way of doing that and not also giving them a chance to carry her off in the night. They did seem pretty distracted by fucking Toshia.By now Shelonda was biting Don's shoulder as she played with herself, her arm between her body and the earth, and Amy's hand was on his ass. Yes, something had to give.“OK,” Don said, “this is what we're going to do.” He stopped talking then, because he hadn't heard the “we're going to do” part. He tried, “That's weird!” but didn't hear that either. Then he noticed that he couldn't actually move and that the fire-lit scene in front of him was rapidly fading to black.Alarmed, he tried shouting, “Hey!” but not only did he hear nothing but he was pretty sure his mouth hadn't even opened. Then, everything was black, and he thought he must be asleep.Chapter 9Toshia's FrustrationToshia was tied up again. This time, though, she was sitting down. She was tied to a wooden frame chair with a low back. Her arms were tied together behind her, bound at the wrists to each other and the chair. Her legs were tied at the ankles (to the legs of the chair) and at the knees (to the posts that supported the ends of the arms of the chair), so that she couldn't close her thighs. Other than that, she was comparatively comfortable, particularly in relation to being tied to that damned X-cross. Beyond that, though, she actually thought her situation was much worse.Shortly after passing out on the big, red-sheet and cum covered mattress, Toshia had been dragged out of the men's quarters and been washed down, first by several buckets of cold water, and then by a pair of serving girls who must have been chosen for their lack of gentleness. Then, she had been tied down spread-eagled on the stone floor in a room off the main hall where she'd been on display earlier. She was left there overnight and well into the morning. Toshia really hadn't minded that bit, though. Once she'd gotten used to the cold stone against her back, she'd been quite content to sleep. The lack of sleep from the previous two nights, each of which she'd spent tied up in one way or another, as well as the exertions of her hours of sex with the men, had left her in desperate need of unconsciousness. Still, she'd awakened hours before anyone had come to check on her, and the feeling of isolation that swept over her was brutal.Toshia had never doubted that Don must be trying to find her. She expected him to burst in and rescue her at any moment. Or, at least, she had. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her not to think that something terrible had happened to Don. In her more selfish moments she feared that he might have given up on her and decided to return to the Manor. More often, though, she didn't doubt his devotion to her, but worried that he might have gotten hurt or worse and couldn't get to her. Of course, the most likely scenario, she thought, was that he was looking but simply couldn't find her.In any case, the solitary confinement was ultimately lifted. She was untied, allowed to eat, and then tied to this chair, which was then hoisted up and carried into a big chamber off the main hall. This room was obviously the feast hall of the castle. Four large, heavy tables dominated the four quadrants of the chamber. There were also quite a few colorful pillows and mattresses here and there. There were, at first, no sisters present – only half a dozen serving girls who were cleaning up, refilling fruit bowls, and doing various other domestic tasks. Toshia and her chair were set on a raised platform at one end of the room, and then left alone for at least an hour.Then, Daphne came into the room and walked straight up to Toshia. The leader of the Sisterhood was wearing a crude metal breast plate and loin cloth, and was covered in perspiration, as if she had been engaged in vigorous exercise. She had her long, black hair pulled back in a ponytail. With an expression devoid of personal interest or compassion, Daphne checked the bonds around Toshia's wrists and knees. When she was satisfied, she placed her hands on Toshia's bare thighs and leaned forward so that her face was directly in front of and very close to Toshia's own.“You put on quite a show yesterday, pup,” Daphne said with contempt. “That got me wondering if you can take it as well as dish it out. Tonight we're going to put on the show and you have to sit there and watch – just watch.”Toshia realized the beautiful woman might just have discovered her Achilles' heel. Since waking up in Eros, Toshia had been acutely aware of the powerfully aphrodisiac effect seeing other people having sex had upon her. Watching Don with the Nymphets and then spying on people through the window/mirrors in the secret passage, had, in less than an hour, demolished her resistance to sleeping with her friend. Still, she certainly didn't want to let Daphne have the upper hand, so she smiled nonchalantly and said, “Bring it on, bitch.”Daphne chuckled and left her sitting there.Another hour or so passed, with Toshia sitting there alone with her chair and her thoughts, before the sisters began to come into the hall. They had left their armor and weapons behind, and were wearing much more feminine garb. Brigit was wearing a long blue skirt with slits running way up both sides, and a necklace of flowers that almost looked like a Hawaiian lei. The flowers rested on top of her impressive, full, and very naked breasts. Other women were wearing open robes, loosely belted togas, sarongs, and the like. Daphne came in later, with only the robe she'd worn the day before barely covering her tits; her hair was loose now and fell over her shoulders. No one paid any attention to Toshia, but proceeded to eat, drink and be merry.Judging from what she could overhear, most of the conversation going on centered on fighting and physical training. Apparently the women spent a large portion of each day working out and practicing with their weapons. Toshia thought that Don and Shelonda would have their hands full fighting these women. Of course, given the filling nature of the fruit they were eating and the stimulating qualities of the XYZ they were drinking as water and eating with the fruit, it didn't take long before sex was breaking out all around the room.Toshia watched as, off to her right, a blonde woman carried on joking with her friends across the table while a woman with short brown hair lowered her face to the blonde's breasts and ran her hand up between her thighs. Just a short distance down that table, the big, freckled redhead who had licked Toshia's cheek her first day here was sitting up on the edge of the table with her strong thighs spread as another woman bent down to go down on her pussy. The redhead held the woman's head in place with one hand while pinching and twisting her own nipples with the other.On Toshia's left, a particularly attractive pair of amazons were making out passionately, naked breasts pressed together, and muscular arms straining as they reached down to play with each other against the hard surface of the bench they straddled. Beyond them, Brigit sat with her back to the table, and a warrior woman on either side of her. Toshia watched intently as the two women kissed and sucked on Brigit's breasts and worked their hands up under her skirt. Then she noticed that Brigit was watching her in turn and smiling mischievously. Toshia felt her cheeks burning with embarrassment and excitement. Her pulse was already racing a bit, and she could feel the wetness and heat of her pussy.In another fifteen minutes it seemed that there was nowhere she could turn her gaze and avoid seeing these women in some sexual act. Now there were women writhing on the floor around her, locked in 69s or twisting in muscular, feminine daisy chains. The aroma of womanly arousal filled the air. Daphne had known what she was doing, alright, Toshia realized. This was the easily the worst torment she'd undergone – to see all this unbridled and glorious sex on display right in front of her, assaulting her senses, and yet be unable to participate or even to touch herself where she desperately needed to be touched! Toshia tried to tell herself that this was just another test for her, to see how much she could take. She had pushed her own limits as to what she could do with her body to give and receive pleasure, and now she had to see how much frustration she could stand.Toshia finally caught sight of Daphne, who was coming back into the room, followed by some serving girls, including the petite brunette who Toshia thought must be Nina – the girl who had bathed and fed Toshia and given her a sweet and all too singular orgasm in the middle of the night two nights ago. The servants brought with them a chair similar to the one Toshia was tied to, and set it down in a currently clear part of the floor directly in front of Toshia's but several meters away.With her cold blue eyes on Toshia's, Daphne sat down in the chair. With one hand, Daphne reached into her robe and cupped her own breast. Toshia watched as the woman licked her own lips and smiled cruelly across the space between them. Then Daphne moved her hand lower, parting her long, firm legs until Toshia could clearly see the pink lips of her pussy. Sure that she had Toshia's attention, Daphne pushed the robe back, exposing her breasts. As much as she hated the woman – particularly in that moment – Toshia could not deny that Daphne was a strikingly beautiful woman. She also knew that she would give anything right now to be untied so she could get her hands on that woman, to kick her, scratch at her, beat her – to get her fingers into that woman's pussy, to kiss and bite that cold smile off her face, to make her cry out as she came on Toshia's mouth.Toshia ground her teeth together and sat still.As if she could read Toshia's mind, Daphne made a gesture, and Nina, who had been waiting patiently naked behind the chair, came around and knelt between Daphne's legs. Daphne ran her fingers through Nina's hair almost affectionately, as the girl leaned forward. Toshia could only watch the muscles of Nina's thin back as she brought her mouth to Daphne's pussy. Toshia remembered the feeling of Nina's tongue and lips on her own pussy and clit, and watched as Daphne relaxed in her chair, eyes half closed, but still watching Toshia. One hand still caressed Nina's hair, and the other now cupped her own breast.As Daphne's head rolled back a little and the muscles of her arm showed that she was pinching her own nipple hard, Toshia felt a moan that was almost a whimper building up in her own breast. She had never in her life been so enflamed with sexual desire. She knew that a big factor in her frustration was that release was positively denied her. If she thought she would be allowed to come sometime soon, she would bear this restraint more or less cheerfully, almost enjoying the furiously burning excitement in her body. But the fact that there was no satisfaction coming for her was making Toshia wild with frustration.Still, she struggled to maintain an outward appearance of calm, even when it became apparent that the warrior women, who denied themselves all day and kept themselves in peak physical condition, were going to keep this orgy going for hours.To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 5By BradentonLarry -...

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    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 5By BradentonLarry - Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.None of the men rushed ahead to get at her, and these good manners put them ahead of the sisters in Toshia's esteem. Smiling at them, Toshia decided to throw herself into things and get as much fun out of the situation as she could. She started to crawl toward them across the mattress, which prompted hoots and cheering from the audience overhead, and encouraged the men to join her on the mattress, walking on the mattress toward her. When she was surrounded by them, she sat back on her haunches and smiled up at them. They cheerfully smiled back, and one of them, a cute guy with light blue eyes, dark hair and a thin physique, reached out to gently run his hand over her hair. Toshia reached up and brushed her hands over several of the cocks swaying around her.Before waking up in Eros, Toshia had never been with more than one man at a time. Since then, on her first night, she had had a man in both her pussy and mouth at the same time; the next day she had satisfied five men in a little gangbang orchestrated by Don, with the assistance of Shelonda; there had been her marathon in the disco, and the orgy in the steam room, when she had taken Don in her pussy and Peter in her ass, as well as comparatively light play during the masquerade, when she'd been fucking and sucking simultaneously; and, of course, there had been her time with the satyrs. She remembered how much she had come to love fucking here, and had discovered her love of XYZ saturated cum. She recalled the delirious and delicious frenzy that she had surrendered herself to in the disco, and felt her body responding in anticipation as she leaned forward to brush her cheek against one of the five cocks at her disposal.She began to stroke the two cocks which were currently in her hands and bent down a little to kiss one of the two cocks in front of her, which were now standing out a bit, offering themselves to her. She kissed the other one, then, and licked it. She moved to the other, licked it too, and then took its purple head into her mouth. Toshia slowly sucked on it, as if it were a hard candy, feeling it swell between her lips. The cocks in her hands were stiffening quickly, and the man behind her, who must be the one with the big dick, continued to stroke her hair and shoulders. The other men followed that one's lead and began to touch her. Strong, rough, but gentle hands caressed her face and neck, and moved over her arms and touched her breasts.Toshia released the one cock from her mouth and caught the other she'd kissed in her mouth. She bobbed her head on it a little, looking up at the two men directly in front of her to make sure they were watching her. Seeing that they were paying attention, Toshia pushed herself forward, and let this cock slide over her tongue and down into her throat. She held it there for a long moment, breathing through her nose. Then, she pulled back, only to turn and give the same treatment to the other cock.She was dimly aware that the women above were shouting encouragement, but Toshia's attention was on the cocks in front of her and in her hands, and the hands that were exploring her upper body, particularly the ones that were now pinching her nipples. This last made her moan around the cock in her mouth.Toshia pulled off this cock, then, and turned to her left, pulling the cock she'd been stroking with that hand to her mouth. While she was sucking that now very stiff prick, the man behind her knelt down and reached around to run his big hand over her belly, as his other hand continued to tease her tit. The man behind her kissed her shoulder and his fingers delved down between her thighs, brushing against her clit and touching her wet lips. The all too brief and tantalizing caress sparked another moan.One of the men in front of her knelt down then and leaned in to kiss and suck at her free breast. Toshia took this as a cue to turn her head to the right and give the cock in that hand the treatment three of the others had enjoyed. She found herself sucking with growing enthusiasm. The sensations of those thick, hard cocks sliding in and out of her mouth were enough to get her riled up all by themselves. The thought of having five of them to herself was an additional thrill. The man behind her then managed to part her pussy lips with his large fingers and to push a digit partway up her. Toshia responded by rocking against him, rubbing herself against his hand and trying to get that finger to penetrate deeper. She would have leaned forward, so that the man behind her could fuck her from behind, but there was a man in front of her, sucking on her nipple, blocking her way.Instead, she tried leaning back a little, to make it easier for the man's finger to get into her. Soon, she was lying back against this big man, feeling his cock pressed against her lower back. His was the only cock in the bunch that wasn't fully hard yet, but it was already long and thick. Now he was able to fuck his finger in and out Toshia's pussy freely, rubbing his hand against her clit all the while. Meanwhile, the other guys had gotten on their knees around her. Two men now had their mouths on her tits, while two of them made sure that she always had a cock in her face. Laughing, she took hold of both of these cocks, brought their heads together and sucked them both into her mouth. She'd seen this done in porn films, but had never done anything like it before. She stuffed both cocks into her mouth as far as she could, which wasn't far, and then released them, but held them so that she could play with both heads with her tongue.One of the guys in front of her, the one who had been first to drop to his hands and knees, was kissing down her belly, and coaxed the hand away from her pussy. Toshia whimpered as the finger left her, but then moaned in appreciation as she felt that large finger replaced by two slightly smaller ones and a warm tongue lapping at her clit. She went back to sucking one cock at a time, deepthroating one and then the other, until her first orgasm hit her hard. She moaned and trembled as she sucked hard on the guy lucky enough to be there at that moment. Toshia didn't wait to stop shaking before she went back to enthusiastically sucking. The guys were ready to change things around, though.The man who had licked her so well backed away, and the big guy behind her lifted her up off him and scooted out from behind her. Toshia fell backward, letting her legs splay out, one managing to slip between one guy's legs and the other caught by one of the gentlemen whose cock she'd just been sucking.For a moment, she saw the sisters around the big opening in the ceiling. They seemed to be watching the action closely. For some reason, the idea that she was putting on a show for those women added a lot to how turned on Toshia was. She tried to spot Daphne – she wanted to make sure the dark-haired bitch could see that she was having fun – but the men and their cocks crowded out her view.Four of the guys were kneeling around her upper body, including the still relatively limp dong of the guy who'd been so patiently behind her until now. She smiled up at all the guys, but focused on that one big cock, reaching up to run her hands over it and to pull it down to her lips. She could feel someone parting her legs and then lifting her hips up off the mattress, but Toshia concentrated on kissing and licking the head of the cock in her hands. She felt a hard head being pushed into her pussy and pulled the other into her mouth at the same time. She wrapped her legs around the waist of the man inside her, pulling him into her until she felt him filling her and then fucking her. As the cock in her mouth grew harder, she had to turn her head to the side so the big man could keep it between her lips. The other three guys continued to move their hands over her body, concentrating mostly on her tits, which were being caressed and pinched almost constantly. The cock in her pussy was fucking her steadily, and her pussy was milking it with each thrust. Letting the man with the big cock hold her head in place and gently fuck in and out of her mouth, Toshia moved her hands over the other available men, grasping for their hard organs and stroking and pulling at them whenever she found them.Toshia was loving all this attention, and was sure she would come again soon, but also thought there must be more efficient ways to do things. For one thing, she wasn't giving this deliciously thick cock the attention she wanted. She pulled her head back, and, once her mouth was clear, said, “Let me up for a second.”As soon as the guy fucking her pulled out, Toshia rolled over and got up on her hands and knees. Looking back over her shoulder at her erstwhile fucker, she said, “Carry on, but you boys need to take turns.”This made the guys all laugh. They cheerfully gathered around her again, hands all over her back, butt and tits, as that cock was pushed back into her waiting pussy. Toshia smiled at the guy with the big cock and said, “Now, bring that back over here.”The big man grinned down at her and pushed his hard cock down so she could get the head of it into her mouth. She took hold of the thick shaft with one hand began to work the fat, purple head in and out of her mouth. It was soon slick with her spit and sliding in and out of her throat with surprising ease. He held on to her head again, and she let go of him so that she could find another pair of cocks to stroke.Behind her, her narrow waist was held tightly as a thick cock slid in and out of her grasping, wet pussy. She could feel the man's balls slapping against her clit as she felt his body pressing against her butt. With each thrust into her, Toshia was pushed onto the thick cock in her mouth and throat. She found herself grunting and moaning with animal abandon.Abruptly, the cock was pulled out of her pussy and there was motion on the mattress. Then, without any preliminaries a second cock was pushed into her. Apparently the guy who did not have his cock in Toshia's mouth or one of her hands was now fucking her. She pushed back onto him to welcome him. It didn't take long for him to begin fucking her with enthusiasm, and she was again moaning around the thick organ in her mouth. Then, again abruptly, that cock was pulled out of her, and one of the cocks in her hands was withdrawn, only to be pushed a moment later deep into her pussy.Toshia wished Don was here to see her fucking one guy after another in quick succession. She managed to glance to the side and saw her reflection in the mirrored wall. She was on her hands and knees, surrounded by men who were fucking her, while she deepthroated a hung stud. Don would love this!Then there was another sudden change of cocks fucking her pussy. She felt a hand slipping up along her belly until the questing fingers found her clit, just beneath someone's thick cock fucking her pussy. Strung between two male shafts, with her tits being squeezed and someone playing with her clit, Toshia came again, groaning loudly. The big guy in front of her pulled his cock out of her mouth, so she could catch her breath.Toshia looked up at him and the others with a happy grin, “Thanks, boys. Let's try something else.”She had the big stud lay down on his back, and she quickly straddled him. She took hold of his hard cock, and pushed the fat head of it up into her pussy. “Mmm, nice!” she smiled down at him. Then she slowly lowered herself so that the thick shaft filled her completely. She paused a moment to adjust to the girth – it was the biggest cock she'd had inside her since the Manor – and then began to fuck up and down on it. Soon she was rocking on that big prick, enjoying the feeling of it moving inside her as well as the hard body she was grinding down against.The other guys clustered around her, their cocks in her face. She spent a few minutes moving from cock to cock, sucking on them each. Then, she concentrated on one, bobbing her head up and down on it vigorously and taking it down her throat. Pulling off it, then, she said to its owner, “Now get behind me and fuck my ass.”Toshia was already sucking another cock by the time she felt the head of a cock pushing against her butt. She relaxed and exhaled as her ass was penetrated. After her time with the satyr's she was pretty comfortable with this, even though the cock in her pussy was much larger than that of any of the satyrs. Toshia let herself revel in the feeling of having her mouth, pussy and ass well-filled by cock. In another moment, she was being fucked hard in the ass, as she tried to keep her mouth and hands busy on the three cocks in front of her. She had the middle cock deep in her throat, and the other two cocks in her tight grasp when she felt the unmistakable thrusting into her from behind that indicated her ass was about to be filled with cum. She moaned encouragement and kept sucking and stroking. The cock in her butt swelled and Toshia felt the warmth of hot jizz shooting up inside her.As the guy behind her pulled out of her, she pulled back off the cock in her throat, looked up and said, “Your turn. Get back there and fill me up.”As that man hurried to comply, the other two guys closed ranks and she pulled both of their cocks to her mouth. She had both of their heads in her mouth as her ass accepted its second guest of the day. The guy fucking her ass had been ready to blow when he was down Toshia's throat, and now that her tight, strong ass was squeezing him in its hot grasp, he was only able to thrust a dozen deep and hard times before he exploded up inside her.One of the guys in front of Toshia didn't wait to be told what to do, but hurried behind her to replace the man who now pulled out of her ass. This one hadn't been so close to coming, though, so he was able to give her a sound fucking. Shoving back onto him and the big cock underneath her, Toshia pulled the man in front of her closer and sucked his cock intently. She wanted to taste some delicious cum, and she meant to make this cock give it to her. One fist wrapped around the base of its shaft, she let him fuck in and out of her mouth and throat with abandon. All three cocks in her were plundering her body for every ounce of pleasure, and she was getting as good as she was giving. A series of rising orgasms blossomed at her clit and swept through her body, making her pussy and ass clasp hungrily at the cocks in them. Before she was finished coming, the cock in her ass erupted with what felt like a torrent of hot cum. That guy kept fucking her though, and was still hard inside her when the cock in her mouth swelled and a flood of cum filled her mouth. Toshia swallowed again and again, until there was no more to be had.Slowly, gently, the cocks were withdrawn from her ass and mouth. Of the five men, only the guy beneath her hadn't come. Toshia felt a playful sense of accomplishment at this, and was about to ask the patient man how he wanted her, when there was squeaking sound as the cell gate was opened again. The four men who had come slipped out and another four came in.“Oh my,” Toshia said, noting that at least one of these newcomers was as well hung as the man in her pussy.Seeing what was going on, the man underneath her suggested, “Turn around and sit on my cock, so you can fuck it while sucking them.”She laughed, and said, “Good idea.”She pulled herself up off him and turned around, squatting over his cock, which he held up for her. She sank down on it with a satisfied smile, and beckoned the new four guys over. As she began to take turns sucking and stroking these new cocks, the man underneath her lifted her by her waist and lifted and lowered her, while fucking up into her. The up and down motion helped her stroke and suck the cocks around her. Oblivious to everything but the good, steady fucking her pussy was getting, the strong hands on her waist, and the cocks in her mouth and hands, Toshia gave herself over to being the instrument of sexual pleasure for these strangers. Before she knew it, the cock in her left hand was spraying a thick stream of white cum over her forehead and down her cheek. Laughing, she tried to get her mouth on that cock before more escaped, but just as she did, the cock in her right hand erupted, shooting cum all over her neck and tits. Toshia sucked the remaining cum out of those two cocks before releasing them and turning her attention to the remaining two cocks, including the other really big one. For now, she concentrated on the smaller of the two, sucking on it enthusiastically while stroking the larger with her hands. When the cock in her mouth spewed its delicious load down her throat, Toshia knew that she was ready for something more, and thought that she should try to give the guy beneath her something of a treat.She looked over her shoulder to explain what she had in mind, but then noticed that the cell gate was being opened again. Three new men were being admitted as the three who had just come left.“How many men are there?” Toshia asked.“Twenty six,” the man smiled.This exchange, which had been heard above, set off a raucous round of laughter among the spectators.Toshia laughed and said, “OK, well, I'll worry about that later. For now, I want to try to take you up my butt. Be gentle!”He lifted her up, and she reached down to catch his cock and then pushed it back so she could feel the big head of it pressed against her asshole. Her butt was still slippery with cum, and his cock was very slick with her juice, but he would be the biggest thing she'd ever had up her ass. Toshia thought, If I pull this off and live, I'm going back to the Manor and having the Player and Igor double-team me! Slowly he lowered her and she opened herself up, until the fat head was up inside her. “Goddamn that's big! Fuck, it feels good!” she exclaimed, realizing that she was making a spectacle for the audience above her. Then, she added, “You ought to try this Wanda.”This made the spectators erupt in raucous laughter, which then became applause.Toshia took hold of the forearms of the man underneath her and pulled herself down further. She felt simultaneously that she was tearing herself apart and that she was having the most intense sexual moment of her life. She wasn't done, though. Once she was sure she had that big cock firmly up inside her, she leaned back and beckoned to the man with the other big prick who had been watching all of this with great interest. He knelt down in front of Toshia, and pushed his cock down until the head was brushing against her clit and pussy lips. “Put it in me,” Toshia said. “Fuck my pussy with that big cock.”With a big grin on his face, this guy slowly pushed his cock into Toshia's waiting and very wet pussy. He wasn't even all the way in before Toshia began to come. Trembling all over and gasping, she managed to shout, “More! Give me more! Fill me with your cock!”The man beneath her held her in place, while the man over her pushed all the way in and then began to fuck slowly and steadily in and out of her. Toshia found herself coming over and over again as these two big cocks moved inside her. She wrapped her legs around the waist of the man in front of her and urged him to fuck her harder. Soon he was fucking that big cock into her vigorously, and Toshia was gasping and grunting in time with the thrusts.Slowly she became aware that the three new men were standing around watching the action and stroking their very hard cocks. Letting the man beneath her hold her in place, she reached out and caught one of the cocks and pulled it and the attached man closer. He bent his knees and Toshia leaned a bit to the side, so she could get her mouth on this new cock. The other guys came closer and one of them took hold of Toshia's free hand and placed it on his cock. She immediately began to pull and twist on it. The third man, directly over her, reached down to caress her hair and throat. Toshia responded to this by taking her mouth off the one cock and dropping her head back. She caught the balls of the man in front of her in her mouth and sucked on them, while continuing to stroke the cocks of the men on either side. The man whose balls she was sucking pulled back then and pushed his cock down so it could slide into her mouth. Toshia relaxed her throat and let him push into her. Soon he was fucking in and out of her mouth and throat steadily. Toshia lay back and let the cocks fucking her have their way with her; the only really active thing she was doing was stroking the two cocks on either side.Surprisingly, it was the guy in her right hand who came first, shooting a stream of cum over her upturned and sweaty breast. Toshia could only feel the cum splatter over her tits and then running down her hand. Then, the man fucking her throat was pushing more insistently, and the shaft filling Toshia's mouth swelled as a thick flood of cum washed down her throat. She tried to swallow without choking, and was mostly successful. Before the guy on Toshia's left could take his place at Toshia's mouth, the guy fucking his big cock in and out of Toshia's pussy shoved extra hard into her and shot a big load of cum into her, which spilled out of her as he drew that thick shaft out of her. Without waiting to be told or invited, the guy who had been on Toshia's left hurried to get between her legs. She smiled down at him as he shoved himself into her, squishing more cum out of her. It took him only a few good thrusts before he added his own seed to Toshia's pussy.Another three guys were waiting their turn, but Toshia held up her cum-covered hand. She said to the guy beneath her, “Let's roll over, so you can really fuck me.”This maneuver was carried off with surprising ease; the big man's strength and Toshia's small size no doubt helped. Now Toshia was on her hands and knees again, as the original big cock of the day fucked in and out of her ass with enthusiastic abandon. Toshia just shoved back on that wonderfully large cock and ignored everything else for the moment. There were guys all around her, pawing her and stroking their cocks, and one guy managed to worm his way underneath her, kissing and sucking at her nipples as she fucked. All she was thinking about was fucking that cock and taking his cum in her ass. After all his patience, it didn't take long for this steady, hard fucking to bring him off. Toshia smiled happily to herself as he pumped what felt like a gallon of cum into her bowels.As he pulled out of her, she looked back at him and asked, “What's your name?”“Victor,” he smiled.“Nice to meet you, Victor,” she grinned. I'll have to find a way to bring him along when I get out of here. Then she was being pulled down on the hard cock of the man who had been underneath her. She rode this guy happily, taking the cock that was offered to her mouth as well. Then she felt someone behind her, and she turned to say, “Put it in my pussy, too.”The new guy laughed a little and nodded. He pushed the head of his cock down as the guy underneath Toshia pulled out. They put their heads together and slowly pushed into her.“Mm, yeah,” Toshia smiled and pushed back on them. “That's good. Fuck me together like that.” She found herself wishing there were some way to get a cock into her ass, too, but contented herself with going back to sucking on the cock in front of her. She was amazed and delighted by how much her body could take, and how much pleasure it could give her. Her experiences in Eros had awakened the daring sexual explorer inside her. It didn't take long for the intense double-fucking she was getting to make her come yet again. Later, after this set of guys had all come and gone, and Toshia had completely lost count of how many men had come in and on her, she had another interesting idea.She was now again, lying back on a man who had his cock up inside her ass, and had taken five guys in her pussy, and a sixth was now pushing himself into her. She put a hand on this sixth man's chest and said, “Try to get into my ass too.”“Ambitious,” the man smiled. He pushed himself the rest of the way into her pussy, getting himself well coated with pussy juice and cum, and then pulled out. Working with the guy beneath her, he slowly pushed into her tight butt with his companion.“Oh my god!” Toshia shouted. “Too much, too much! No, don't stop! Fuck me. Fuck my ass! I'm such a slut!”With two cocks sliding in and out of ass, Toshia came in a spectacular, screaming display. She gasped and shook, clawing at the back of the man on top of her. They fucked her to two more orgasms, and then the man on top of her pulled out of her ass and moved around to push his cock into her eager mouth. She gave him a sloppy, enthusiastic blowjob until he pulled out and came messily all over her face and throat. Toshia laughed and pushed the cum into her mouth. Then the guy behind her rolled her over so that she was lying on her belly and he was fucking her ass hard and fast. When he finally came inside her, Toshia stayed in that position, letting the remaining half dozen guys, who might have been repeats for all she could tell, fuck her pussy or ass as they wanted. She was done coming, and was happy to just give herself up to these men who had given her so much pleasure.When it was finally done, Toshia rolled over and looked up at the sisters. She finally saw Daphne watching her with a frown. Toshia smiled sleepily up at her and blew her a kiss.To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 4By BradentonLarry -...

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    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 4By BradentonLarry - Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.Chapter 6Atop the CliffsThe whole group was quiet and not at all cheerful when they resumed their hike toward what they hoped was the river at the bottom of the valley. The women were all pained from their experience with the sex-vines, and very far from thinking the forest through which they were moving was a nice place for a stroll and the occasional frolic. Don had not been violated in the same manner, but he was acutely aware of their physical and emotional discomfort. Moreover, though he had truly been unable to help in any way, his impotence during the attack (he could think of no better word for it) left him in a dark mood. When he had convinced Toshia that he was up to leaving the Manor in search of a way home, he had only considered the danger to himself, and then, when the subject came up, to Shelonda and Amy, who were only coming along out of friendly helpfulness and a lust for kicks, respectively. He had not taken seriously the extent to which this course of action might put Toshia herself in danger.Of course, Toshia was her own person, and she was determined to find a way home. Nothing Don could do or say would deter her from that course of action. Neither would he try to do so. He had no right to forbid her anything of the sort. That wasn't what was bothering him. What worried him was the very thought that something bad might happen to her here, and that he wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Sure, everyday life was full of random risks and dangers, but somehow you forgot about the possibility that someone you loved might get hit by a drunk driver while walking home from the store. Here, in this strange little adventure, it was now impossible for Don to put the dangers out of his mind. He didn't know if he could handle it if something actually terrible happened to Toshia. He had loved her for years, and even more so now.These thoughts and the mood of the women, kept Don in a subdued, remarkably un-horny mood. When they bedded down for the night – after making sure the area was free of dildo-shaped vegetation of any kind – they set a watch, and nobody started any mischief. It was the first night since arriving in the Manor that Don went to sleep without having sex just beforehand. It helped a bit that he took the first watch, and didn't have to try to fall asleep with still wakeful beautiful women lying next to him.Only after noon on the next day did a spirit of friskiness return. Naturally enough, it was Amy who got things going, spanking Shelonda hard on the ass and then fleeing just long enough to make the other girl exert herself. By the time the others caught up to them, they were making out on the grassy hillside. Nicole joined in the fun, while Don and Toshia looked on, both amused and aroused. That night, things were back to normal, if a bit less boisterous than usual. Don fell asleep with Toshia's head on his chest, while Shelonda took the first watch.The next day, they found themselves descending a steady, rocky slope to a sudden drop. They came to a halt at the top of a cliff face at least 20 meters high, at the bottom of which was a fast flowing, broad river.“Think that's the river we're looking for?” Nicole asked.“Hard to say,” Don shrugged.“Well, we can't climb down that,” Toshia said.Amy suggested, “We could jump.”“That's crazy,” Toshia responded a bit sharply.“We'd just hit the water,” Amy pointed out.“Yeah, but you could hurt yourself hitting the water, and we don't have any idea how deep the river is,” Toshia explained with a genuine smile, apparently regretting her crankiness of a moment ago. “You could break every bone in your pretty body.”“Why would we want to get down there anyway?” Shelonda asked.“Exactly,” Don nodded. “We need to either go that way, up-river, to find the source, or the other way, to see if this river joins up with another, bigger river. Either way, we don't need to risk breaking our necks climbing or jumping.”“Well, which way should we go, then?” Nicole asked.“I think we should go downriver a ways and see if we come to another river, or someone who can give us some more information,” Don said. Nobody had any objection to this plan. Neither did they object when he said, “But first let's take a break.”In another few minutes they were all naked and Amy was sitting on a big moss covered rock, while Toshia knelt between her legs, licking and sucking at Amy's clit and pussy. Shelonda and Nicole clambered up on the rock on either side of Amy and were taking turns kissing her, each other or Amy's tits. Don stood back for a moment, hard cock in hand, admiring the scene. In front of him, was Toshia's upturned butt and ready pussy, ready for him if he wanted either or both of them. Above that were Toshia's thin, muscular back, Amy's strong legs and abs, and then a confusion of wonderful breasts and sexy, beautiful faces. Don could join in anywhere and be happily welcome. All around them were rocky outcroppings, trees and green underbrush – a beautiful natural garden of sorts – almost Eden-like. Off to the side, only a dozen meters away was the cliff edge. In the other direction, back the way they had come, the hillside was broken at intervals into sloping shelves. On an outcropping upstream and away from the river, so doubly uphill, but with a clear view of the spot where the women were already having so much fun, were two figures wearing black robes with hoods covering their heads. Don saw them first out of the corner of his eye, and then confirmed their presence without looking at them directly.Thinking quickly, Don reached down to caress Toshia's ass. He ran his hand down between her cheeks and trailed his fingers over her dewy outer lips. He bent down over her back as he pushed two fingers gently up inside Toshia's very wet pussy. He whispered to her, “Don't stop what you're doing. There are a couple of Watchers watching us. I'm going to take Shelonda and try to sneak up on them. Keep up the show.”“Uh-hum!” Toshia managed and nodded a little.Don stood up and moved around to Shelonda, who was on the side of the rock furthest from the Watchers. Trying not to be conspicuous, he leaned over and kissed one of the girl's beautiful breasts, catching her nipple in his mouth. While he suckled at her luscious tit, Don parted her legs and pulled her a bit toward him. Happy to cooperate, Shelonda scooted forward a bit, allowing Don access to her pussy. Though he could easily fuck her this way, he wanted to move her further from the group, so that's what he did, coaxing her away from Amy and Nicole. Soon, Don and Shelonda were fucking against the side of the rock, away from the Watchers.Shelonda had her arms around Don's neck and her beautiful, full breasts against his chest as he screwed her vigorously. While he did this, he also whispered to her what he had in mind. When the two of them dropped to the ground next to the rock, they thought it must seem to the Watchers that they were merely continuing their fucking, but unfortunately out of sight.Don was pleasantly surprised that Shelonda immediately dropped out of horny sex kitten mode and stealthily followed his lead. Don had left his staff, along with his other things, on the wrong side of the rock, near where Toshia was still going down on Amy, but Shelonda was able to pick hers up off the ground near where they had dropped out of sight. Don lead the way, first toward the river, and then up hill, staying screened behind shrubbery as they moved quickly and quietly, hunched over.When Don was sure they were well out of the view of Watchers, Don risked a dash across an open area and a quick clamber up a steep rise to put them behind and above the position where he had seen the Watchers. He slowed down and crept forward, hoping to catch the black-robed voyeurs unawares. They could hear the sound of Amy coming loudly, as well as some sound from Nicole. Don suspected Toshia had found a way to encourage them to ham it up a bit.Unfortunately, though, when he peered around the trunk of tree to the place where the Watchers had been, they were nowhere to be seen.“Damn!” Don hissed. He looked around carefully through the trees and undergrowth, but couldn't see any sign of the black robes.“Do you think they heard or saw us?” Shelonda asked as they stood up and walked out to the little clearing where the Watchers had been standing.“They must have,” Don shrugged frowning. “I thought we did a good job, though.”“I smell shampoo,” Shelonda said.“Huh, yeah, so do I,” Don nodded, “and that looks like a shoe print there in the dirt.”Just then, though, a loud shout made Don and Shelonda look toward the rock where they'd left their friends. Apparently, while Don and Shelonda had been sneaking up on the Watchers, a bunch of men had been sneaking up on Toshia, Nicole and Amy. One of the men had come up behind Toshia, caught her from around the waist and pulled her up and away from between Amy's legs. Toshia, who was the one who had given the initial shout, was kicking and struggling in the grasp of the man who held her, while a second man tried to close in on her from the front. Yet another man had already managed to get between Amy's legs and was shoving them roughly apart. Another man was rudely pulling Nicole from off the rock, where she had been kneeling over Amy's face. Two other men were on the rock, either helping with Nicole, or trying to hold Amy down – it wasn't clear from where Don and Shelonda were. All of these observations were made in the second it took for Don to spring into action, jumping down from the rocky shelf, and running down toward the women and the men. Shelonda followed close on his heels.While he pelted down the slope, Don noticed that all of the men had long, unkempt hair and seemed to be quite dirty in general. They seem to have brought crude clubs with them, but most of them had dropped them to the ground when they had jumped on the women. The one trying to get close to Toshia seemed to be wielding some kind of a knife, which made him a priority. Unless there were more men in hiding, there were only six of them. This meant that, while they outnumbered the women they had seen by the rock two-to-one, they had brought too few guys to actually pull off this gang rape or abduction.Shelonda, who was on that side of Don anyway, made for the guys on and next to the rock, leaving Don with Amy's would be rapist and the two after Toshia. Intent on enjoying the fruit of their surprise attack, the men didn't notice as Shelonda and Don closed in on them. The guy between Amy's legs glanced to the side just in time to see the flat of Don's hand coming in fast and hard. Don had never hit someone with full, multiple-board-breaking force before, but he wasn't surprised to see the man's head snapping around with savage force. As the man slumped to the side, Don realized that he might have killed him, but was frankly past caring.In the moment that he took to scoop up the staff he had left on the grass earlier, Don saw that Shelonda was effectively delivering a beating to the men who had been closest to her on the rock. Nicole was now able to more effectively fight back against the one guy who continued to wrestle with her. Now that Amy was free, she would be able to join in the fight. With one-to-one odds and Shelonda and her staff involved in the fight by and on the rock, Don was confident he could focus his attention on Toshia and her two attackers.In her struggle to free herself and to keep the second man from getting close to her, Toshia had forced the group of three back until they were perilously close to the cliff top. She had her right hand up over her shoulder with a tight grip on a handful of hair of the man behind her. With her left arm she was alternately elbowing that man in the ribs, and fending off his right arm – the one that wasn't locked around her waist. Any time the guy in front of her with the knife got too close, she would kick out violently with her bare feet. Don knew she was in grave danger of getting badly cut, if she didn't back herself off the cliff first.Don was directly behind the guy with the knife and prepared to bring him down with a single, decisive staff blow. Unfortunately, the man behind Toshia saw Don and yelled, “Behind you, Burt!”Burt twisted around and managed to avoid the slicing blow that would have split his head open. The staff in Don's hands spun around and came down again at whip-crack speed, and again Burt was able to just barely get out of the way. This time, though, Don brought the end of the staff sharply to the side, hitting Burt hard in the cheek and mouth. Don was satisfied to note blood running down Burt's cheek and chin. Pressing the advantage, Don snapped the other end of the staff around to smack into Burt's gut, which caused Burt to exhale sharply and nearly double over.Don was close enough to get hold of Burt's knife arm, and was about to finish the guy off, when, at that very moment, he saw that Toshia had managed to twist herself free of her attacker's clasp. Unfortunately, doing so cost her balance at the lip of the cliff. Her arms flailed a bit, she managed to call, “Don!” and then she fell.Don would have followed her over without any hesitation, if Burt hadn't chosen that instant to bring his knee up into Don's groin. As Don gritted his teeth against the explosion of pain, he saw Burt's knife arcing down toward his chest. Everything seemed to be moving in a kind of slow motion; adrenaline and years of martial arts training served to ramp up Don's perception and reaction time. Ignoring the pain in his crotch, Don let go of his staff, caught hold of Burt's wrist and, calmly stepping out of the way, he let Burt's arm continue down and then pulled it around, slipping his own arm under Burt's bicep and behind his back. One good jerk upward, accompanied by a particularly nasty, wet pop, served to dislocate Burt's arm at the shoulder. Don was vaguely aware that Burt was crying out in pain, but he was already focused on the fact that Burt's friend, who had managed to avoid falling over the edge of the cliff, was charging at him.There was a flurry of motion as Don twisted to the side and Burt's friend crashed past him, only to fall to his knees. The hilt of Burt's knife was sticking out of the left side of the man's ribcage, blood welling up around it. Don ignored the critically wounded man, and took a second to check on the others. One of the men was lying sprawled against the big rock, probably unconscious, and the other two were running away as fast as they could. Nicole had turned to look in Don's direction and saw one collapsed man, another with a knife sticking out of his chest, and the third sobbing on the ground at Don's feet while clutching at his shoulder.“My god, Don!” she managed.As if he agreed with Nicole's surprise, Burt cried out, “We were only trying to have some fun!”“With a knife?” Don scowled, and then added, “I don't have time for this.” He kicked out hard and fast with his heel, snapping Burt's head to the side with stark finality. Without looking down, or back at the girls, Don hurried over to the cliff edge and looked down, searching for any sign of Toshia.He heard the others come up and join him. They all agreed they couldn't see Toshia, either clinging to the cliff face anywhere or in the river.Don scowled, his mind strangely calm and clear. “Get your things and Toshia's, quickly. We have to find a way down there fast.”In another minute, the four of them were hurrying along the cliff top, moving downriver, looking for a way down.Chapter 7The Easy Way; Toshia is thrown to the men.It was late in the morning when a pair of serving girls and four sisters came into the hall of castle where Toshia hung from the big X.“Get her down from there,” one of the sisters commanded. The two girls hurried to comply. Toshia was pretty sure the small brunette was Nina, but the little girl avoided making any eye contact with her. They undid her ankles first, and Toshia breathed a ragged sigh of relief as she supported her weight on the ground for the first time in almost 24 hours. Pushing up, she relieved some of the strain on her shoulders. While the two girls worked to untie Toshia's wrists, the warriors moved a bit closer and seemed tensed in case Toshia should make an escape attempt. She realized how ridiculous their concern was when her right wrist was released and her arm fell to her side, a numb, useless appendage. Toshia cried out as her shoulder complained against suddenly moving after so long in the same position. When the other wrist was freed, Toshia's whole body followed the downward motion of her arm, collapsing in a pile on the stone floor.“Get her some food and water,” the same woman ordered, and then walked away, leaving the other three guards to watch over Toshia and the serving girls.One of the girls ran off, while the one who was almost certainly Nina caressed Toshia's forehead with a moist cloth. Toshia groaned a bit as she worked to move her arms. Already, her hands were alive with a million pinpricks as the circulation returned to its normal levels. Probably-Nina began to gently massage Toshia's shoulders and upper arms. Then the other girl, a somewhat plain blonde girl with pendulous breasts and wide hips, returned with a flagon of water and three apples. The flagon was tipped up so Toshia could down several mouthfuls, and then the first apple was held for her, much as Nina done during the night.Toshia felt the rejuvenating effects of the water and fruit almost immediately. She fed herself the second apple, and drank down the rest of the flagon's contents. Her body seemed to have suffered no real damage from being tied to that damn cross. Though she could use a good night's sleep on a horizontal surface, Toshia felt reinvigorated. Naturally, given the XYZ, this meant that her sex drive was again kicking into gear. However, her feistiness was, if anything, only encouraged by the treatment she'd received by the warrior women.When the blonde offered her the third apple, Toshia smiled at her and said, “No thanks. You have it. I appreciate the help, both of you.”The blonde smiled and nodded her head, and Toshia was sure she felt the briefest kiss on her shoulder from almost certainly Nina.The girls gathered up the apple cores, the empty flagon and the wet cloth, and hurried away. As if on cue, a half dozen of the so-called sisters came into the hall. Leading the way was the haughty Daphne, today wearing a shear red robe that hung from her strong shoulders, and parted down the front to show her cleavage, bare abs and the flowing swatch of gold-yellow fabric that hung from a belt around her waist to cover her privates. Toshia thought she looked like an adolescent boy's fantasy, something ripped off the cover of a Conan paperback or something. Too bad she's such a bitch, Toshia thought.Behind and to Daphne's right was also the blonde Viking woman, Brigit. Like the other warriors, Brigit was wearing the patched-together armor Toshia had seen the day before.The party of women surrounded Toshia. One of them, a big brunette with brown hair cut short, said, “Well, she smells better today.” Toshia thought she recognized this woman's voice as that of Wanda, who liked a good butt fucking, but not from a “goat”.“Yes, but has her attitude improved?” Daphne wondered. She looked down at Toshia, who was still crouching on the stone floor, with a raised eyebrow and a cold-disinterested expression. “Well, pup, are you going to behave yourself and do as you're told?”Toshia looked around at the armed and armored women, momentarily wondering which one was most likely to hit her if she got out of line. Toshia had been expecting something like this sort of question, and had actually not decided on which response she'd actually give. Finally, she went with, “That depends; are you going to tell me to go on my merry way?”Toshia expected to be hit, but wasn't. Perhaps it was the fact that Daphne actually smiled that kept the others from punishing her. Still, that particular smile was not one Toshia liked seeing. Daphne's smile was the sort that went along with a villain saying, “I was hoping you'd say that.”Daphne shook her head and said, “Have no doubt about it, pup, you're not going anywhere. Your pale ass belongs to us now. You'll do whatever we tell you to and you'll do it with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. If I tell you to lick out Wanda's ass, you'll get in there and bury your face between her cheeks and say ‘Yum!'”“Why is everyone talking about my ass lately?” Wanda asked, confirming Toshia's guess about her identity.Daphne ignored Wanda, though, and continued addressing Toshia, saying, “The only question is whether you're going to play along like a good little pet, or make us go to all the trouble of breaking you. Playing along is the smart thing, and certainly easiest for all of us. Plus, I'm sure Wanda's ass could use the cleaning. Don't get me wrong, breaking you will be fun too – for us. And be quite confident that we will break you; we've got all the time in the world. Honestly, just between you and me, I hope you're going to keep resisting.”Toshia didn't even pause to consider her options, but said, “You know, Daphne, I'd really rather lick Wanda's ass than keep listening to you talk.”This time she was smacked, and hard, by someone on her right. Catching herself as she slumped to the left, Toshia heard Wanda saying, “Wait, does that mean she's going to behave?”By way of reply, Daphne ordered, “Give her to the men.”Abruptly Toshia was hauled up to her feet, by sisters on either side of her with firm grasps on her upper arms. They compelled her off to the side of the hall, where they led her down a short corridor that in turn led to a small, open courtyard. There was a big section of the courtyard's floor that was missing, and a number of chairs were arranged around this big hole. Daphne led the way, circling around the hole and taking a seat on what looked like the most comfortable chair. Toshia was led to the edge of the hole. Looking down, she saw a big chamber, the center of which, directly underneath her, was taken up by what looked like a very large mattress, covered with a dark red sheet.Brigit came up next to the sister who held Toshia's right arm, and said, “Our men have an easy life, really. They do our manual labor, of course, but there isn't much of that. Now and then we use them as playthings, but not very often. For one thing, they're men, and for another, dangling the possibility of sex in front of them, without giving it to them, serves to keep them well-behaved. So, they're pretty much always in a state of frustration, and they never ever get to just have their way with a woman.” Brigit paused and smiled at Toshia, with what seemed to be actual friendly amusement. “Have fun.”Then Toshia was shoved forward out into space.Fortunately, the mattress was soft enough to absorb her fall without hurting her. Still, she was left sprawling ungracefully on the red fabric, while above her the women laughed and clapped. Toshia noticed first that the sheet beneath her was not unpleasantly rough, and then that the mattress was thick enough keep her from feeling the hard ground underneath. These were good things, if she correctly understood what was in store for her.Looking around, she saw that three sides of the room, which only extended a small distance from the edges of the mattress, had only bars for walls. The room was, in effect, a large cage, or cell. There was one gate, manned by two particularly brawny sisters. On the other side of the bars was a crowd of naked men, all trying to get a good look at Toshia. The fourth wall was solid, and covered by an ancient mirror, pockmarked and cracked. Toshia could see herself in the surface, though not exactly clearly. Looking up, Toshia saw that Daphne and all her friends were gathered around watching.Daphne raised her hand, which seemed to command a measure of silence from the crowd. When everyone was quiet, she called down into the cell, saying, “Let's start her off with five.”This caused both a round of applause from above and some commotion below, on the other side of the bars, as the men jostled for position.Toshia thought that, as Daphne had indirectly suggested, there were two ways to go with this, the easy way and the hard way. The hard way included putting up a fight. Toshia couldn't see any up-side to that approach. In fact, she thought this was what Daphne expected from her, and it would amuse the bitch no end to see Toshia gang raped for the entertainment of the Sisterhood. On the other hand, the easy way would certainly thwart Daphne's intentions – though it might only piss her off all the more. In addition, it had now been days since Toshia had been with the satyrs, and she had had only one orgasm in that time.The five men were now coming into the room with her. They were all naked and in good shape. Two of them were particularly muscular, and two were particularly cute. Their cocks were all semi-hard already, energized by the XYZ in their systems and the prospect of sex with her. Toshia noticed that none of them were graced with the kind of monster pricks she'd had with the Player or Igor, though the biggest guy, a dark-skinned Adonis with a shaved head, had one that was about the size of the Lord's, if his current state was a good indicator.Yes, Toshia thought to herself, the easy way has much to be said for it.To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 3By BradentonLarry -...

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    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 3By BradentonLarry - Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.Chapter 4Strange Vegetation: Don & the girls are taken by surprise.Don slowly woke up from his very deep sleep. He felt a warm, soft feminine body pressed against his own. He didn't have to compare these sensations with those from the first time he'd awoken in the Manor to know that Toshia was in his arms. Somehow he just knew it was her. He smiled to himself, and only then started to remember the night before, with the rite, Toshia's sexual offering to the guardian of the portal, and his own deliriously erotic and ultimately painful encounter with the crone. While he reviewed these events, Don became aware, without looking around or even opening his eyes, that he was on the pillows in the witches' tent, and that quite a few other bodies were slumbering around him.Toshia shifted her weight a little in his arms, and he kissed the top of her head. She squeezed his arm, and pushed back against him a bit. Smiling, he hugged her, and kissed her tousled hair again. They lay spooned together like this for several moments, before she wriggled around in his arms to face him. They shared a sleepy smile, and then she buried her face in his chest. Don gently ran his hand over her hair, knowing that he was now wide awake, but not wanting to disturb her if she needed more sleep.After several minutes, though, Toshia looked up at him and asked, “What did you find out last night?”“Not an awful lot,” Don answered quietly. “She said we're looking for ‘the Sage of the Tower.' We're supposed to go down into the valley and follow the river there to its source, where we'll find the Tower.”“Hmm,” Toshia murmured thoughtfully with a frown and her eyes still closed.“Are you alright?” Don asked.“Hm?” She looked at him and saw the concern in his eyes, and said, “Yes, I'm alright. I feel like I got fucked enough for a year, but I'm definitely alright. I didn't know I could have that many orgasms.”“Did the guardian come?”Toshia paused for a moment, then said, “That was amazing! Very strange, but amazing. It felt like he was coming all through my body. It kind of hurt, but maybe that's just because it was so intense. I think that's when I finally passed out. Then I woke up here with you. Why did you ask about that?”“Something the crone said,” Don shrugged.“And how was that?”Don told her all about the encounter with the strange woman.“So, a weird night all around, eh?” she smiled.“Well, I don't know if you noticed, but everyone was else was busy having an orgy while we were distracted.”“I thought something like that was going on, but yeah, I was distracted.”“I have to admit, it was extremely erotic watching you on that altar.”“Oh really?” she smirked mischievously at him. “Maybe next time a dark demon needs sexing up I'll watch you.”Don chuckled and said, “Fair enough.”“You know, now that I'm thinking about it, it seems pretty rude that they had an orgy without us.”“I thought you said you got fucked enough to last a year,” Don said wryly.“Well, I was probably exaggerating a little, but it's the principle of the thing, you know? How about you? It sounds like the crone pretty much drained you.”“Yeah,” he admitted, “but here – well, obviously, I'm not exactly out of commission.”“Yes, I had noticed that,” Toshia smiled, giving his erection a squeeze and a pull. For the past several minutes she had been idly toying with him while they talked.Don leaned in and kissed her. Soon, they were slowly making love amongst the sleeping witches and the three girls from the Manor. Though they were quiet, and not at all energetic, several drowsy people noticed what they were up to, and before long wakeful friskiness was spreading through the big tent and a lazy orgy had broken out.Only hours later, after the sex had finally run its course, again, did the company get around to washing up and eating. Then, after Cassandra had given them each a large flask of water and a pouch of fruit, both of which could be slung over their shoulders, the five travelers from the Manor finally left the clearing at the top of the hill. Following the path into the valley that Cassandra pointed out, they began to work their way downhill.Eventually, they came to the foot of the hill, and Amy was the one who said, “Well, there's no river here.”“Well, maybe this is one big valley,” Don offered.“I don't understand,” Shelonda admitted.“Maybe all these hills all gradually descend to a river, and then on the other side they climb back up.”“So, this could take a while, eh?” Amy frowned.“All the more reason to keep going,” Toshia smiled and led the way up the next hill.As they went, they tried to keep moving in the same general direction. Don insisted that he usually had a very good sense of direction, but pointed out that when all else failed they just needed to keep going for the lowest point, and that ought to work.It had been about noon when they had left the witches, and, perhaps sated by all the fun of the morning and the night before, it was late in the afternoon before anyone mentioned sex. And then the subject came up in a fairly indirect manner, considering how comfortable they were all with each other.They had come into a stand of trees on a gentle slope. The trees were wide spaced, so that there was a nice clearing underneath the green canopy of leaves. The trees were hung with thick green vines of some sort that ran down and through the thick mat of soft leaves that covered the forest floor. The woods seemed particularly hushed and still here, Don thought.Then Nicole giggled, “That looks like a dildo.”“What?” Amy asked with interest, and then, after Nicole pointed, she said, “Hey, you're right. And there's another one.”Shelonda had stopped and was looking with the other girls at a kind of outgrowth on the sides of one of the vines. Taking a closer look, Don had to admit that they were right; the vines did seem to have what looked like natural dildos of different sizes and slightly different shapes growing out of them at intervals.“That's pretty weird,” Toshia admitted. She had been in the lead, but had come back to see what all the fuss was about.“Still, I'd prefer the real thing,” Amy grinned. Pulling her tank top up over her head, exposing her full breasts, she sauntered over to Don and said, “What do you say, Professor? Can you help a girl out?”Don chuckled but looked to Toshia. He knew they were trying to make time toward the river, and didn't want to slow things down if the others weren't ready for a break. However, Toshia was merely watching with a smile, as Amy dropped to her knees in front of Don and reached up under his kilt for his organ, which was already thick in anticipation.“Sex break!” Nicole shouted, laughing, as she tore off her own top and then grabbed for Shelonda. Don watched as the two dark-skinned girls fell into the leaves while they stripped each other's clothes off.In front of him, Amy had pushed his kilt up and was already working her warm, wet mouth up and down on his shaft, which was responding by quickly hardening for her. Don dropped his staff, water flask and pouch on the ground and pulled his t-shirt off, and then undid his kilt, letting both items fall on the leaves. Now naked, he concentrated on the wonderful sensations of Amy's tongue and lips on his cock. He held her head in his hands as he fucked slowly in and out of her mouth.Looking up momentarily, Don saw that Nicole and Shelonda had already gotten themselves into a 69, and that Toshia was standing over them watching, with her left hand up under her skirt and her right clutching at right breast. He looked back down, then, to watch Amy's pretty face as she sucked enthusiastically on him. She looked up at him with unmistakable pleasure glittering in her eyes.Out of the corner of his eye, Don noticed that Toshia was undressing and had knelt down next to the other two girls, though she was now watching Don and Amy.Remembering some of the other things Toshia had enjoyed watching, he bent down and said to Amy, “Get on your hands and knees for me.”“Fun!” Amy said with a grin as she let go of his cock and turned around in the leaves. She bent over and presented her behind. Kneeling, Don grinned over at Toshia, and pushed Amy's skirt out of the way. Without any preliminaries, he took the fat head of his cock, wet with Amy's saliva, and pushed it into her very hot and willing pussy. Taking Amy's waist in his hands, he immediately set to fucking in and out of her vigorously.Amy grunted happily and shoved back against his thrusts. Toshia watched for a few moments with a smile on her face and her hand busy between her legs, but then finally bent down to run her hand over Nicole's back. Soon, she was laying with the other two girls in a happy confusion of legs and arms, pussies and tits, laughing, wet mouths and playful fingers.With a happy grin on his face, Don concentrated on giving Amy a proper fucking. He admired the view of her upturned backside and his thick cock-shaft sliding in and out of her, as well as her strong back and her strawberry blonde hair all messed up. He felt her fingers reaching back to play with herself as he fucked her, and it wasn't long before she was gasping out in a long, loud orgasm.Don thought he must still be depleted after his night with the crone, and from the single orgasm he'd had earlier with Toshia, because he could tell he was nowhere near ready to come. He leaned over Amy's back, kissed her shoulder, and said, “Why don't we go over and join the others?”“Good idea, Professor,” she breathed.The other three welcomed them cheerfully, and it wasn't long before Don was looking down into Nicole's face as he slowly but firmly screwed her, while Toshia was in the middle of a little daisy chain – hungrily going down on Amy, while Shelonda pleasured Toshia with her own lips and tongue. Aside from the rustling of leaves that they were all causing, they were all making enthusiastic sounds of pleasure and carnal joy. As a result, nobody noticed the additional rustling as a number of things moved slowly through the leaves toward and around them.Don was holding Nicole's wrists up over her head (which he had learned really turned her on) and felt some of the vines under the leaves brushing against his knuckles. He was also dimly aware that something had gotten wrapped around his ankles, but he paid it no mind. Don was too intent on fucking Nicole's sweet, tight pussy to worry about getting tangled in the undergrowth. Only when he felt something gripping his ankles tightly and pulling did he look around and say, “What the fuck?”As if on signal, he was hauled back, out of Nicole's delicious embrace, and up into the air, where he dangled, swinging back and forth. At the same time, there were shrieks from the girls. Don twisted around and craned his neck. It seemed that they had all been ensnared by vines and hauled up into the air. Off to his right, Don could see Shelonda who was also hanging upside down. By struggling, he could see that Amy was hanging from her wrists, as was Nicole. Toshia had somehow been caught by both wrists and one ankle.“Is everyone OK?” Don asked. A chorus of alarmed voices assured him that they were. He couldn't see what the others were doing, but he and Shelonda both tried to bend themselves up to get at the vines wrapped around their ankles. This was easier for the younger, lighter and more flexible Shelonda; Don made an abortive effort at loosening the vines before falling back down. He watched as Shelonda struggled to no avail. As she worked, new vines came down from the branches overhead and wrapped around her wrists. In another moment, she was hoisted upward, so that her head was again above her feet, though she was now spread-eagled, face down, high over the ground.At a loss for any other options, Don bent his knees in turn, so that he began to swing a bit from side to side. Once he started moving, he bent to the side to add momentum. The branches overhead creaked as Don and the vines that bound him moved through the leaves. He was dimly aware that other vines were descending toward himself and his friends, but he concentrated on increasing his arc of motion. Unfortunately, a thick strong vine caught him around the waist and brought him to an abrupt halt. Then, he was pulled upward, so that he was in a more or less upright position. The blood ran out of his head and he felt suddenly dizzy, but as soon as he could Don began to struggle against the vines that held him. He couldn't budge the vine that was wrapped around his midsection, though.Looking around at his companions, Don saw that more vines were moving along their naked limbs. He noted that the vegetative dildos they had noticed earlier seemed to be leading the way. In alarmed fascination, he watched as a thick green phallus pushed itself between Toshia's legs and into her vagina. Though she struggled against the invasion, the bizarre penis was soon up inside her, and then it began to move in and out of her slowly. At the same time, it was apparently expanding and contracting, pulsing visibly as it fucked her.Don saw that similar dildo-tipped vines were now violating Amy and Nicole. Looking to his side, Don could see that Shelonda not only had a vine penetrating her pussy, but that a thinner stalk seemed to have worked its way into her butt. It wasn't long before all the women had stopped struggling against their bounds but were moaning and whimpering in pleasure at what the vines were doing to them. Only Don was so far unmolested by the strange plants, but he couldn't do anything against the strong fibrous tendril wrapped around him.He watched and listened in a weird mixture of horror and excitement as the women began to come under the ministrations of the vines. Helpless to do anything else, Don saw Toshia twisting and trembling as the vine inside her pulsed and moved inside her until she was crying out in orgasmic delirium. Nicole came hard too, followed by Amy. When Shelonda finally climaxed she let out a scream that echoed in the forest, and Don could see that tears ran down her cheeks.The vines did not stop, though, but continued to fuck the women steadily. Before long, Don was witness to another round of loud orgasms. After that, the next set came quicker, and Shelonda wasn't the only one crying. After what seemed to be six or more orgasms, without the vines giving any sign of stopping, all the women were raggedly gasping for mercy. Don pounded on the thick vine that held him in impotent fury. Then, Toshia cried out incoherently. Don could see that the dildo-protuberance inside her was now at its thickest - about four times as thick as it had been when it had entered her. There seemed to be some sort of spasm in the plant's fibers, and then Toshia shouted out. Don watched as a thick, syrupy substance leaked out of Toshia and down her legs. There seemed to be a great deal of the viscous substance, and it kept spilling out of Toshia until it was spilling down onto the leaves below.The other women were now experiencing the same thing, as one by one the viney pricks came up inside them copiously. Gallons of the sappy jizz were shot into his companions and spilled on the forest floor.Don watched as the odd green cocks slowly withdrew from his companions. Each of the women hung from their restraining vines limply, wrung out from their exertions. Slowly, almost gently, the entire party was lowered to the ground, which was now sticky with vine-cum. As soon as he was released, Don sprang over to Toshia.“Are you OK?” he asked.“No,” she breathed. “I'm definitely not OK. Let's get the hell out of here!”All of the women had trouble walking, but only Nicole needed to be carried. With the tiny young woman in his arms, Don led the others downhill away from the clearing under the trees. They didn't stop until they found a stream, where the women proceeded to wash each other diligently. Even the usually adventurous and cheerful Amy said that she had not had a good time.Sitting on a rock by the side of the stream, Toshia said, “Being forced to come like that, so many times…”“Not fun,” Amy scowled.“And that felt like a fire hose inside me,” Nicole said, “when it came.”Don was acutely aware of the fact that he had neither suffered nor helped, so he kept his mouth shut. He wanted to talk about how weird it was that such a plant would even exist, but could tell that no one else was in any mood to discuss botany at the moment.“We'll have to be careful where we take our breaks from now on,” Shelonda observed.“You can say that again,” Toshia agreed, glaring at the trees around them.*Chapter 5Midnight InterludeToshia sagged against the X-shaped cross, sleeping fitfully and uncomfortably. She was apparently forgotten by her captors, who had obviously feasted and fucked themselves to unconsciousness. Worn out by her struggles, and having given up on the possibility of freeing herself, Toshia had resigned herself to trying to get as much rest as she could in her current situation. Still, all she was able to get were little cat-naps, frustratingly brief. She would be in the middle of a pleasant dream – and any dream that didn't have her tied up in this old ruin of a castle was a pleasant dream – when she would wake up, painfully reminded of the discomfort in her limbs and particularly her shoulders.In one of these waking moments, she thought there was someone there with her in the dark. A motion or a soft footfall betrayed someone nearby.“Hello?” Toshia tried. Her voice came out as a dry croak. She tried to clear her throat, but that only made her cough.Quiet little slaps, the sound of bare feet on the stone floor, hurried away in the dark. Cursing silently to herself, Toshia scowled at the shadows around her. She was sure she could hear someone, somewhere in the castle, moaning in sexual pleasure. Toshia was acutely aware of how terribly horny she was, in spite of her predicament. Since coming to Eros, but before being captured by the warrior women, Toshia hadn't gone more than a few hours without sex. The XYZ made sure she and everyone else was perpetually in the mood. Now, though, denied release, Toshia's libido was on a slow boil. She wondered if…The bare feet, or another pair, were coming back! Toshia could make out a small figure moving from shadow to shadow approaching her. In the pale moonlight that came through the few windows in the hall, she could see that a naked petite, brunette girl was carrying a bucket over to the cross.“Shhh,” the girl hissed when she stopped in front of Toshia. She put the bucket down, and then raised a ladle up, tipping delicious cool water into Toshia's mouth.Toshia drank it down eagerly, and then all of the second ladle-full. She whispered, “Thank you!”“I brought some food, too,” the girl said. Bending over to undo a small bundle she had brought and laid on the ground, she then brought an apple up and held it so Toshia could take a bite of it. While Toshia chewed, she said, “They say you were with the goats.”“Goats? You mean the satyrs?”“I guess so,” the girl said, giving Toshia another bite of apple. “The ones with horns, goat legs and big dicks.”Toshia chuckled a little, swallowed and said, “Yeah, those are the ones.”“They say all they think about is fucking women,” the girl said as she continued to feed Toshia.“Yeah,” Toshia said around the mouthful of apple, “that's about it.”“Can you tell me about them?”“I don't suppose you could untie me first?” Toshia suggested.“Oh, no, I couldn't!” the girl gasped. “The sisters would beat me terribly!”“The 'sisters'?”“You know the women who tied you up,” the girl explained. “They call themselves the Sisterhood.”Calling the warrior women who ran this castle sisters made them sound like Catholic nuns, and that thought made Toshia chuckle.“I'm only supposed to clean you up, but I brought food and water,” she reminded Toshia.“Fine,” Toshia nodded. “Keep feeding me that apple and I'll tell you what you want to know.”Over the course of that hand-fed supper of what became two apples, Toshia told the girl about her first encounter with the satyrs, and how they chased her, caught her and had their way with her. As the girl pressed her for details, Toshia obliged, and admitted that she had made the most of what was at best a bad situation and at worst rape. Toshia had to admit to herself that, as rough as her treatment by the satyrs was, it was much better than the incident with the trees had been, and that she had found herself having fun, up to a point. The girl, though, wasn't interested in hearing about Toshia's emotional reactions or any ethical considerations. Instead she wanted details about how the satyrs had fucked her, particularly about the times when Toshia had serviced more than one of them at a time.“The first night, there was a lot of that,” Toshia admitted. On being pressed, she said, “Yes, in my pussy, my ass and my mouth.” Then, “Well, I didn't do much of it before, but I was getting used to it.” And, “Usually on my hands and knees, or sitting on one of them.”“It sounds like alot of fun!” the girl enthused. She had finished feeding Toshia, had given her another ladleful of water, and was now getting the cloth she had carried the apples in wet in the bucket.“Oh, it wasn't that bad, I guess,” Toshia said, as the girl stood on tip-toes to wipe down her bound right arm. The rough, wet cloth felt very good on Toshia's skin. After pausing a moment, Toshia went on, saying, “They never wanted to hurt me really, just fuck me, whether or not I wanted to. I made it better on myself by wanting to, at least once they caught me and for the first few hours.”The girl rinsed the cloth and began to wash Toshia's left arm. “I would love to be fucked for hours!”“Well, after that it started to get old,” Toshia admitted. She was enjoying the caress of the cloth, and was more than a little turned on by the horny little brunette. “They let me sleep finally. They were kind of sweet about it, for them anyway. The next morning, though, after breakfast, it was more fucking. They just kept at it all day long, with only short breaks.”“All at the same time?” the girl asked as she moved the cloth over Toshia's forehead and cheeks. She stood very close as she wiped down Toshia's neck.“Um, not so much,” Toshia said. “By then it was mostly one after the other. It was exhausting, and started to get monotonous.”“Monotonous?” The girl was lingering over Toshia's breasts.“Uh, boring,” Toshia shuddered as the rough cloth moved over her erect and straining nipples.“We don't get to fuck cocks,” the girl said as she moved her washcloth down over Toshia's abdomen. She was breathing on Toshia's skin. “The men are just for the sisters. We serving girls have each other and the sisters when they want us. I can't imagine being bored with fucking.”As the girl rinsed and rung out the cloth, Toshia said, “Well, let me put it this way, the satyrs weren't exactly good lovers. They were good fucks, sure – amazing stamina and energy! But they weren't ever trying to make sure I was having a good time. Sex is so much better when you're with someone who is interested in your pleasure as much as his or her own.”The girl was on her knees now, moving the washcloth over Toshia's legs. She said, “I guess I understand that.”“Besides, cocks can be a lot of fun, but after a while, I like to have a woman's touch, if you know what I mean.”“Like this?” the girl asked as she ran her fingertips up along the inside of Toshia's thigh and then very lightly over her pussy lips.Toshia shivered, and said, “God yes!”“Shhh!” the girl hissed. “I'm only supposed to clean you up. If we wake someone up, we'll both be in trouble.” Then she leaned in and kissed Toshia's exposed pussy. “Tell me what happened then.”“Oh, uh, well, they kept me busy, fucking me that day. I was in no shape to try to escape, and I never got a chance anyway. Yes, that feels so good! Don't stop!”The girl stopped licking Toshia's pussy and clit, looked up at her with a face shiny with Toshia's nectar, and said, with a playful grin, “Keep telling me the story then.”“Yes, OK.” Knowing what the girl wanted to hear, Toshia said, “We all fell asleep for a while, and then, I woke up when I felt one of them fingering me… Yes, like that, only not so nicely.” Toshia wished she could hold the girl's head in place, keep her mouth on her, but all she could do to that end was to keep telling her story. “Even though we'd been fucking all day, my pussy was wet, and I wanted to fuck some more. I got up on my knees and he pushed his cock in me and started to fuck me. We weren't trying to be quiet so we were grunting there, and that woke up the other two. They started to play with my tits, which felt very good. Then the one who was fucking me, pulled me up and back, so I was lying back against his chest. God, that feels so good, don't stop! Uh, then one of the others got in front of me… He took his cock and pushed it into my pussy… right in my pussy with the other cock… It felt amazing! They fucked me like that – me between the two hairy goat-men, two cocks inside my pussy… I came so hard… Oh, god! Oh god! Yes, yes!”Toshia clenched her teeth to keep from shouting out. She pulled against her restraints and the cross creaked as she tensed every muscle in her body. Then the orgasm exploded through her body. She twisted and writhed against the wooden frame, as the little girl's tongue and lips pulled her on and on into a flood of fiery release. The girl kept at it, and Toshia came again and again, until she collapsed against the cross, spent.After a few moments, Toshia felt the washcloth wiping up the insides of her thighs, cleaning up her own juices. When she was done, the girl stood up in front of Toshia and asked, “What happened then?”Toshia sighed, “The rest of the night was more of the same, fucking and more fucking. We finally all fell asleep. When I woke up, they were gone. I have no idea what happened, but they were gone. The next thing I knew, before I could even get up off the ground, I was surrounded by the sisters and men who brought me here.”“Why don't you do what they ask?” the girl asked.“Well, partly because they didn't ask,” Toshia smiled.“You said the satyrs didn't ask.”“Yes, but they weren't mean.”“I think I understand,” the girl nodded.“I'm Toshia, by the way.”“I'm Nina.”“Thank you, Nina. For everything.”“You're welcome,” Nina smiled. “I hope they untie you soon.”“Me too!”Nina then took her bucket, washcloth, ladle and two apple cores, and disappeared into the shadows. Toshia tried to get some more sleep.To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 2A Covin of Witches...

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    Lost in Eros, Book II: The Forest – Part 2A Covin of Witches Desire Toshia.By BradentonLarry - Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.Don stood and moved around his chair, following the white haired woman toward the large red tent. He stole one more glance over his shoulder and saw that Toshia had been pulled to the foot of the altar; her legs were wrapped around the column of deep shadow that stood over her there, her hands were on her breasts and her head lolled to the side with eyes tightly closed. Don imagined that the guardian of the portal was fucking her vigorously with his steely cock.He looked back to the woman leading him, who was looking back at him with an amused smile.Don said, “I didn't see a portal.”“The portal is somewhat metaphorical. Cassandra called to me and the guardian, the guardian came, then Toshia came in the other sense, which made it possible for me to come to you.”“So he's really not a guardian, but more of a conductor.”She laughed as she drew aside the flap of the tent and pulled him inside. “Yes, that is perhaps a more apt description.”The tent was lit by a number of candles, and was sumptuously appointed with large, soft carpets and many pillows.“And you are hardly what I would call a ‘crone',” Don smiled, admiring the cool beauty of her face and the lithe sexuality of her form.“It's a title, not a description,” she answered as she untied the silver cord cinching her gown about her narrow waist. “However, if you would prefer a different appearance…”She changed abruptly into an ancient, toothless hag, straight out of a stereotypical fairy-tale, or Macbeth. She laughed harshly and said, “Perhaps not, though. What about this? Something more befitting the images conjured up in your mind by the rite you witnessed so patiently.”She was now a pale woman in a white nightgown. Thick dark hair fell in a tumult down around her shoulders. Her eyes were dark and glowing with a feral lust. Her full lips parted to show long, sharp canines, and were red with blood – blood that covered her chin and had splattered all over her generous cleavage. Don immediately recalled his fevered teenage fantasies and felt his cock strain despite the obvious danger of the situation.“Or maybe you would prefer I took the appearance of someone more familiar,” she said with Toshia's mouth. Don watched as Toshia shrugged out of the black shift the Crone was wearing, to reveal the slim body he had lately come to know so well.Don was both taken aback by these sudden transformations and now completely convinced that there was more to all of the evening's events that clever tricks. He swallowed and managed to say, “No, your original appearance was more than satisfactory.”“Ah, thank you,” she smiled, and stood before him as she was before, though now naked. Her breasts were not large, but firm for a woman of her apparent age, and the rest of her body was obviously fit and trim. She reached out to take his hand again and drew him to her.As Don's arms slipped around her unusually cool body, her hand took his straining cock in a strong grip. When their lips met and his tongue slipped into her mouth, Don found himself suddenly remembering his first kiss with remarkable clarity. Then he was reliving the moment he lost his virginity (in the basement of his teenage home), the time he had had sex with his girlfriend while another couple were doing it only feet away (in a cheap motel), the time he had slept with a certifiably unhinged woman who was also a completely uninhibited wildcat in bed, the first and second of the threesomes he had enjoyed, and every other memorable sexual moment from his life before the Manor. The memories flooded through his mind in vivid detail, as the Crone kissed him passionately, sucking on his tongue and stroking his cock in her tight grasp. He felt himself being pulled down to the sea of soft pillows as scenes from his time in the Manor played out in his mind. He remembered waking up next to Toshia in that strange bedroom, the wild, unexpected encounter with the Nymphets (including the first time he'd seen Toshia come), the sexual escapades involved in that dodge ball game (including seeing Toshia fucking the Player), the orgiastic ball, the night with the Lady, the first time he and Toshia had sex, watching and participating in Toshia's little gangbang in the second floor corridor, the wild night in the Disco, and the orgy in the steam room, and many other intense erotic memories swept through his mind. Don felt himself entering the Crone's surprisingly hot and wet vagina. The strong grip was no surprise.Still reliving his wilder sexual memories in exceptionally vivid detail, Don held on to the strong but slender woman beneath him and fucked. He fucked her both as if it was the only thing he could imagine doing and as if his life depended upon it. He felt as if his cock was penetrating deeper into the Crone than was physically possible. Her muscles squeezed and pulled at him with incredible dexterity and strength. The vision of Toshia being taken on top of the stone altar was in his mind when Don began to come.To say this was the most intense orgasm of Don's life would be a severe understatement. The cum boiled out of his balls and shot out of him into the Crone in a gushing torrent. He shoved into her and continued to pump jet after jet of cum. He felt her arms and legs wrap around him, pulling him tighter to him, even as her pussy squeezed and pulled at his cock. He thought for a moment that it felt that there were more than just two arms and two legs holding him to her. He opened his eyes and saw the Crone looking at him with a cool, happy smile on her lips. Don felt the orgasm slowly subsiding but then that preternaturally skilled pussy pulled him on, and he was squirting still more cum into her. When he could no longer pump any cum, it seemed that her pussy went on sucking it from him. The ecstasy of coming became a frightening overdose of pleasure and then a painful ordeal as what seemed like minutes passed and he was drained of cum.He groaned wordlessly, and surrendered to the blackness of unconsciousness.Don had no idea how long he was out before he felt the Crone caressing his face with her cool fingers and kissing his lips lightly. When he opened his eyes, she was smiling down at him.“You seek the Sage of the Tower,” she said. “Go down into the valley and follow the river there to its source, and you will find the Tower.”“Oh, but wha-?” he tried.“Shush,” she smiled, “that is all you need to know. Thank you for your gift, Don.”Don thought he should say “my pleasure” but he wasn't sure if that was true, and in any case he was already falling asleep.Chapter 3Toshia Saved & Caught; rough sex in the forestLike Don had done a week earlier, while he was with the Crone, Toshia found herself reliving the erotic adventures she had had since waking up in the Manor. The sounds of the warrior women feasting and carousing nearby only taunted her with the thought that someone might remember her and bring her some food and water. Her deliberate mental game of remembering her time in Eros while she hung tied to the big, wooden X-cross served to distract her from not only her hunger and thirst but also from her frustration and dejection at being in this predicament. These depressing thoughts reminded her of the day …Was it three days ago already?She must have been very close to drowning, her vision darkening and her temples pounding, when the strong slender arms had slipped around her from behind and she was hoisted up to the surface of the river. She had gulped air into her lungs desperately, and allowed herself to be drawn to shore. Too weak from struggling against the current, Toshia was limp and useless as she was hauled up onto the sandy bank. She lay there gasping, until she felt soft feminine hands brushing the wet hair out of her face. When she opened her eyes, she saw a beautiful young woman with big eyes of blue-green and long straight hair of emerald green looking down at her with concern.“Thank you for saving me,” Toshia finally managed.The green-haired girl smiled at her with full inviting lips. She touched Toshia's lips with light fingertips. She licked her own as she traced the outline of Toshia's lips. She looked over Toshia's naked, wet body, and Toshia raised her head enough to see that the girl was also naked and, obviously, wet. She seemed to be very thin, but strong, and quite pale.The girl looked back at Toshia's face and smiled again, and Toshia thought this smile was a bit friendlier now. Well, this is Eros, after all, Toshia thought to herself. It's probably customary to sleep with anyone who saves your life.As if she could read Toshia's mind, the girl leaned in closer, brushing Toshia's skin with her wet hair, and kissed her mouth tentatively. The girl's lips and tongue were cool and moist, and Toshia found herself returning the gentle kiss happily. After only minutes earlier thinking that she was about to drown, this interlude was a most welcome turn of events. Toshia slipped her arms around her rescuer and held her body against her own. For some time, they lay there on the wet ground, kissing each other languorously. Then, with a smile, the green-haired girl pulled away a little and then moved a bit lower, so she could kiss her way down the curve of Toshia's breast. Toshia shuddered as the girl took her nipple and sucked on it. Toshia parted her legs in anticipation as she felt the girl's hand moving up along the inside of her thigh.Suddenly, though, the girl raised her head and looking into the nearby tree line with obvious alarm. In another second, Toshia heard the sound of someone coming toward them through the undergrowth.“It's OK, that's just my friends looking for me,” Toshia smiled at the girl, who immediately shook her head and pulled away from Toshia's embrace. Toshia took the moment to look around a bit more carefully and realized that she was quite a bit downriver from where she had fallen in and, moreover, on the wrong side. It couldn't possibly be Don and the others making all that noise in the woods.Toshia looked warily at the woods, and then back to the girl who had saved her life. She was alarmed to see the green-haired waif diving back into the water.“Wait!” Toshia called as she scrambled to her feet.“Oh, damn!” said a masculine voice behind her. “She got away!”“Of course she did,” said another. “The way you two go crashing about, it's impossible to sneak up on anything!”“At least we've got a consolation prize this time,” said a third.Being called a consolation prize almost wiped the shocked expression off Toshia's face. Out of the forest had emerged three figures, about five and a half feet tall, with long, dark, curly hair and beards, and bare, muscular torsos and arms. They also had short, curled horns growing out of their foreheads and the hindquarters of goats. Naturally, they also had very prominent and generous male genitalia. Of course, after meeting Ralph the centaur she should not have been so surprised to be confronted by bona fide satyrs. In fact, Ralph hadn't even been the strangest thing she'd encountered since leaving the Manor; there was the demonic guardian of the portal to name just one thing.One thing that had fucked my brains out! she thought to herself. Still, in spite of herself, Toshia was shocked by the sight of these half-man, half-goats.“She does look like she'll give us some sport,” said one of the satyrs with an obvious leer.“How about it, toots,” grinned the third one who'd spoken, “you up for some fun and games?”“Um, actually, I was just going to find my friends,” Toshia said taking a step toward the forest away from the three satyrs.“We can be your friends,” suggested the satyr who had spoken first. He took a step closer to her on his hoofed feet and gave his already hard and thick cock a squeeze. “We're very friendly.”“Oh, well, I'm sure, but I should really be going.”“What's the hurry?” said satyr number two, without taking his eyes off her naked body.“Come on, honey,” said number three, “we'll show you a real good time.”Toshia was simultaneously revolted by the smarmy attitudes, alarmed that it seemed clear they had no intention of taking “no” for an answer, and annoyed with herself for being a bit aroused by the thought of having a “real good time” with three goat-men. Goddamn that fucking XYZ!“Tell you what,” said number two, doing his apparent best to sound good-natured, “we'll give you a head start, and if we catch you we'll have some fun.”Thinking it was a good idea to take advantage of a chance to put some distance between herself and them, Toshia nodded and said, “Fine.” Without waiting for them to say anything else, she sprang for the trees and made for the nearest hillside up away from the river.Tree branches lashed at her bare skin, and she wished she had fallen into the river with her sandals on, but she didn't slow down. She clambered up a hill, vaulted over a large rock and then half-ran, half-fell down the other side, only to start up the next one. Ducking under a thick branch, she turned to the left and started running along the ridge of a line of hills that seemed to parallel the course of the river. She was trying to close some of the distance between the satyrs and where she had fallen into the river. She was vaguely aware that there were now sounds of pursuit echoing in the forest. Toshia slowed just a little to catch her breath, but that only allowed her to realize that the satyrs were getting alarmingly close. She even caught sight of one moving through the trees off to her left, cutting her off from the river.Plunging ahead again with renewed determination, Toshia clambered up the side of the next hill almost on all fours. At the top of the steep slope, she saw a sunlit clearing in the distance. With the vague hope that she might be able to get someone's attention on the other side of the river, Toshia set her sights on reaching that clearing. She might have made it too, if she hadn't tripped on an ill-placed root. Toshia went sprawling in the thick forest carpet of leaves right in front of an enormous tree trunk that had fallen years ago and was now covered with a deep layer of green moss. She heard someone coming up the hill close behind her, and frantically scrambled to her feet. Toshia hurried to get hold of the mossy tree trunk and raised her foot to get purchase on it so she could vault over, but then felt a strong, hairy arm slipping around her waist to pull her back down.“Gotcha!” the satyr laughed, as he pulled her behind against his front, at the same time pushing her chest and face forward against the soft moss in front of her. Toshia struggled, trying to twist out of his grasp, but he was too strong and she was too winded. She felt the head of his cock between her legs and rubbing up against her outer lips. He pushed her against the moss with one hand, holding her in place, while using the other to get his sex organ in the right position. Toshia gritted her teeth as he pushed himself into her. It wasn't an enormous cock, but it was hard and thick, and she had to admit at that moment, with the XYZ and the adrenaline of the chase coursing through her veins, it felt good to be filled.Toshia clutched the mossy trunk, and closed her eyes, as the satyr held on to her hips roughly and began to fuck in and out of her from behind, shoving violently. In addition to the sensation of the penis sliding in and out of her all too eager pussy, Toshia was keenly aware of the thick mat of fur brushing against her legs and butt as he took her and the fact that her tits were being pressed into the yielding moss with the solid resistance of the tree behind it.She knew that she was, basically, being raped by a half-man, half-goat creature, but she also knew she was enjoying it. The question of whether she should actually consider this rape would occupy her mind quite a bit in the days afterward, and particularly while she was strapped to the X-cross. On the one hand, she had actually said “Fine” to the satyr's proposal that “if we catch you we'll have some fun”, but, on the other, at the time of that agreement she had been convinced they were going to have their way with her in any case. However, she knew that rape in the normal world she called home was not really a crime of sex but of violence. Someone who raped another wasn't really trying to have sex with them, but to hurt them. Somehow, Toshia did not get the sense that these satyrs wanted to hurt her in the least; they seemed to just want to fuck, and given the nature of this world, it might be reasonable for them to presume that she would enjoy a good tumble in the woods. Still, the girl who had pulled her from the river had obviously wanted to avoid getting caught by the randy goat-men. Later she would ponder these issues, but for that moment against the moss-covered tree trunk she just let herself enjoy the rough fucking.It wasn't too long before the goat-man began to shove into her with even more force, and then his cock swelled and shot his hot satyr cum into her. It felt like there was quite a bit, and it took him some time before he pulled out of her and slapped her butt happily. Toshia slumped against the fallen tree trunk, both relieved and frustrated. She started to push away from the tree, to make an attempt at gaining that clearing ahead somewhere, but another pair of rough hands took hold of her and pushed her back against the moss.“Not so fast, toots,” said satyr number three. Without any other preamble, he shoved his cock into her pussy, squishing his partner's cum out to run down the insides of her thighs. Toshia surprised herself by letting out a happy moan as she was filled again. While the satyr proceeded to fuck her with great enthusiasm, Toshia let go of the moss with her left hand and managed to get it down between the trunk and her body, so she could get her fingers on her clit. She began to stroke herself frantically as the cock pistoned in and out of her almost savagely. In only moments, Toshia found herself gasping and moaning as her orgasm tore through her violated body. She shook and whimpered while the satyr had his way with her until he filled her up with his own flood of cum. He pulled out of her, and she felt more cum running down her legs. Laughing, he said, “Told you we'd have fun.”Toshia wasn't surprised to hear satyr number one say, “My turn!”This time, though, she managed to roll around and get her back against the mossy tree trunk. She actually found herself smiling at the hairy goat-man as he stepped up in front of her. Toshia put her hands on his broad shoulders and let him lift her up a bit. Soon, she had her thighs supported on his furry haunches as he pushed his eager cock up inside her. She looked at his grinning, bearded face with its little horns, and even laughed a little as he lowered his mouth to her tits to suck and bite on her nipples. She rocked against him as he fucked in and out of her, letting his hairy torso rub against her clit. Leaning back against the curve of the trunk behind her, Toshia let herself enjoy getting fucked there in the woods by an actual satyr. She smiled when she felt his cock swell inside her to spew a third torrent of cum into her pussy, only to spill in a slow river out of her as soon as he withdrew.She noticed that the other two satyrs were still standing there, watching, with still very hard cocks standing in front of them. Perhaps they would have let her go in that moment, but Toshia had her mind on other things. She laughed and said, “Well, hello boys; are you just going to stand there? I thought you promised me a good time.”This prompted laughter from all three of them, and they hastened forward. In the next moment, Toshia was surrounded by all three of the satyrs as they pawed her with their eager hands and kissed and nibbled at her wherever they could reach. Fingers pinched her nipples and pushed up inside her soggy cunt. One enterprising individual got his finger nice and slippery and pushed it up inside her ass. This reminded Toshia of that wonderful time she'd had in the steam room with Don and Peter, only a few days earlier, and gave her an idea.“OK, well, before we go any further, don't you think you should introduce yourselves?” Toshia laughed. Any further? They've each fucked me and they've got their fingers in my pussy and ass!“Oh, I'm Scratch,” said satyr number two.“I'm Roscoe,” said number one.“And, I'm Bob,” said three.“I'm Toshia,” she said. “Now that we've got that out of the way. Why don't you lie down on your back here, Bob?”Bob was only too happy to comply, and Toshia promptly straddled him, and took his stiff cock in her hand, pushing the head of it into her pussy, which was quite ready for more action. She sank down on Bob's shaft, leaning forward by placing both hands on his broad hairy chest. Toshia slid up and down on him a couple of times, just because it felt good. Then, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Scratch, can you get back there and fuck me in the ass?”“I sure can!” Scratch said with a grin. There was some scrambling around, and an interesting moment when Scratch pushed his finger up inside her wet pussy with Bob's cock (Oh my! That's interesting! I'll have to try to remember that.). After her own juices and a liberal amount of satyr cum was worked into her butt and smeared over his organ, Scratch slowly pushed himself into her butt.“Oh fuck that feels good!” she exclaimed. “Yes, push it in me!” An unexpected orgasm hit her then, and she held still there as her pussy and ass clenched on the two cocks inside her. Moaning and trembling, Toshia rode it out with a smile on her face.When she had started to come down, she looked down at Bob and over her shoulder at Scratch and said, “Well, what are you waiting for boys, fuck me!”The two satyrs began to do as they were told, working their thick, hard cocks in and out of her. Whether they had practiced this trick before or it was an innate satyr skill, they quickly got into a perfect rhythm, pumping and grinding against her body as if the three of them were one ideal sex machine. Toshia made sure she was giving as good as she was getting, working her pelvis in time with the way the satyrs were pushing and pulling inside her. When she felt comfortable and knew she could keep up, she looked around and beckoned Roscoe over.The third satyr moved over on his cloven hooves to stand in front of Toshia. She reached up with her left hand and took his cock in her hand and pulled it to her mouth, tasting his cum and her own juices on him. Once she had the fat head in her mouth, she stroked the shaft in her fist. Bob reached up to cup her breasts in his hands and to help hold her up. Letting Bob and Scratch do most of the fucking work, Toshia relaxed to enjoy those sensations and concentrated her active attention on Roscoe's cock. She pulled him closer so that she could get her mouth working up and down on him, pushing the head deeper in her mouth so she could feel his thick shaft moving over her lips and her tongue.I wish Don could see me! she thought as she relaxed her throat and sank deeper on to Roscoe's cock. She let go of the base of his shaft and held onto his hips with both hands, both for support and to shove him back if it became necessary, but she was now letting him fuck her mouth and throat. Roscoe was surprisingly careful, holding her head gently in his hands and moving slowly and steadily.Meanwhile, Bob lay under her flexing his hairy abdomen to push himself up inside her pussy, and Scratch held on to her hips and fucked in and out of her ass vigorously. Toshia was intent on making the satyrs come before she came again, but her body had other ideas, and soon she was moaning and trembling while an intense orgasm shook her from head to toe. The frantic clenching of her pussy and ass pulled Bob and Scratch past the point of no return, and they filled her up with more of their cum. Roscoe, who had come most recently anyway, held out a bit longer, but the other two were still inside her when Toshia felt him swelling in her mouth and throat and then pumping gout after gout of sweet, hot cum into her stomach, and then filling her mouth. Pulling away from her, he splashed on final stream of pearly jizz across the bridge of her nose and down her cheek.Still hard, Bob and Scratch continued to fuck her squishy pussy and ass until she came again and again. Only when she had collapsed between them, did they extract themselves and carry her off to their camp in the forest, where they bathed and fed her. That night, the next day, and the night after were spent in a marathon of satyr fucking that left Toshia exhausted.Toshia now, bound to the X-cross, strained again at her restraints, wishing she could get at her pussy and clit now. She needed to make herself come.She remembered how she had awoken the third day, well into afternoon. The satyrs were gone, and she was surrounded by the gathering party from the warrior woman camp. Angry at being abandoned, worn out from the incessant demands of three hard pricks, frustrated at being lost, Toshia had been a bit happy to learn that she was going to be taken to a bunch of women, but that hadn't lasted long. She remembered how they had tied her up underneath a pole carried on the shoulders of two brawny men. The next two days were spent hanging there as she was carried further down river, to the castle where she now stood on frustrating display.To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    Lost in Eros Book II: The Forest – Part 1By BradentonLarry –...

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    Lost in Eros Book II: The Forest – Part 1By BradentonLarry – Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories.NOTE: The events of this series (as a whole) follow immediately after Lost in Eros Book 1: The Manor. It is strongly suggested to complete that book first.Chapter 1Toshia finds herself in a predicament.Toshia strained against the cords that held her fast. Her arms and legs were stretched out against an X-shaped cross, tied securely at the wrists and ankles. The muscles in her thin, strong arms and her bare legs pulled and struggled as her lithe, naked torso twisted against the cross. She had been trying to pull herself loose for what must be an hour now, and was convinced there was no actual hope that she would free herself. Only fierce stubbornness drove her to struggle again and again.At first, her captors had been gathered around Toshia, laughing at her as she fought futilely against her restraints. They had pinched and fondled her naked body, not as if they were trying to arouse her, but out of amusement at her defiant helplessness. They had squeezed and twisted her nipples, not playfully but cruelly, until tears were rolling down her cheeks. Hands had crushed her breasts roughly and slapped her face and thighs until her skin was burning and bright pink. Rude, unloving fingers had been shoved into her pussy, without intending to excite her, only to violate her. It was infuriating to her that her body had responded to this intrusion with grasping, hungry wetness. Although her mind was rebelling against her situation, and the rest of her body was being so badly mistreated, her vagina – and the damned XYZ in her veins – was ready for sex. Toshia didn't give in, though, and wouldn't.That had been the problem. Toshia wouldn't play along, so they tied her up and put her on display in the middle of this broken down old castle. They had good fun with that, hauling the kicking and fighting naked young woman off and holding her down on the cross while they bound her and then raised the framework to fit into its base. Toshia particularly remembered one of her tormentors, a big redhead with freckles over her cheeks and nose, who laughed in Toshia's face and then licked her cheek with a broad, wet tongue. After a while though, they got tired of abusing her and wandered off to find other things to do. Now and then someone would pass her by. Sometimes they would prod, pinch or fondle her body, but more and more they would just walk by, laughing.At first she had been happy to realize she'd been taken by the warrior women. Given her previous experience in Eros, Toshia expected to find herself in a Sapphic harem, surrounded by playful, horny women. After what she'd gone through, particularly since being separated from Don and the girls, the thought of some girl-on-girl action was quite welcome indeed!As soon as she was dumped out into the courtyard of the castle and looked around, though, Toshia realized this wasn't going to be any nice little harem situation. The stones of the courtyard were rough and cold on her bare skin. The women who stood around her were anything but welcoming. They looked down at her with various expressions of contempt and amusement. Each of these warriors was clearly very strong, with well-defined muscles on her arms, legs and abdomen. Odd pieces of armor were combined with tattered garments to barely clothe their athletic bodies. Each one held a weapon of some kind, mostly spears.“She's a scrawny one,” said one of the women with a sneer.“No tits to speak of,” said another derisively.Toshia was crouching there in front of them, trying to cover her nudity for the first time since she and Don had awoken in the Manor.“I'll bet she didn't put up any fight,” one of the women scowled with distaste.“What about it, little pup? Did you put up any fight or did you just let them fuck you until they were done with you?”Toshia had twisted to get a look at the woman who had asked her those questions. She saw a tall woman with long jet-black hair and icy blue eyes looking down at her. The woman's expression gave the impression that she smelled something particularly rank.Toshia tried to think of what to say, but was distracted when she felt the butt of a spear shoved under her behind, and a voice saying, “I'll bet they screwed her ass too.”The blue-eyed woman kept watching Toshia, as the woman behind her shoved the spear harder, pushing Toshia up to a kneeling position. Another woman asked, “Well, what is it, girl, did the goats fuck your ass?”“She's blushing,” laughed one of them. “I'll bet she liked getting fucked in the ass by the goats.”The blue-eyed woman smiled wryly and said, “As if you don't like a good ass-fucking, Wanda.”“Well, yeah, but not from a goat!” Wanda protested.They all laughed at this, but Toshia didn't feel any more comfortable. The woman with the black hair and blue eyes was still looking down at her contemptuously.“What are we going to do with the scrawny little bitch, then,” one of the women asked.“Give her to the men?”“It doesn't look like she can fight, so what else is she good for? She's too skinny to be any fun.”“I don't know,” said the blue-eyed woman haughtily. She reached out and caught Toshia's chin in a strong grip. She turned Toshia's head to the right and left, looking at her face coldly. “She's kind of cute.”Cute!? Toshia suddenly realized how incredibly pissed she was. Things hadn't been going exactly well for days but she'd put up with it, thinking that Don and the others would turn up and get her out of this mess. Toshia was nothing if not a good sport; she hadn't actually been hurt and she'd managed to have fun in the process, but somehow a line had been crossed. This bunch of obnoxious women was too much to put up with nicely. A simmering rage welled up in Toshia's breast.The cold woman in front of her seemed to see the fury in Toshia's eyes. She smiled cruelly and said, “What do you say, little pup, will you be a good little pet for me?”“Fuck you!” Toshia spat.The smack came from somewhere off to the right and batted Toshia's head to the left. A spear shaft came down hard across her bare back, stinging like fire and knocking her forward onto her hands and knees.“Show respect, you skinny bitch!” said an angry voice.Toshia glowered at the gray stone in front of her, thinking furiously,I'll be damned if I'm going to be anyone's fucking cute little pet! Then she saw a sandaled foot extended under her face. It moved upward and Toshia lifted her head to avoid making contact.“There, there,” said the blue-eyed woman. “I'm sure she'll behave now that she understands that she'll be punished if she doesn't. Right, little pup?”Toshia glared up at the woman and said nothing.“She's a wild one,” a blonde woman with braids on both sides of her head, and who looked more than a little like a valkyrie to Toshia, said cheerfully. “Better watch yourself, Daphne.”The blue-eyed woman, Daphne, sneered coldly and said, “Don't be ridiculous, Brigit. She'll be a good little pet for me, won't you, pup? Show the girls you'll play nice and kiss my foot.”Toshia was keenly aware of the fact that she was surrounded by a gang of big bullies with sticks and worse, but she was past caring. She pushed herself up so that she was kneeling on her haunches and said, “I'll tell you what, I'll kiss your foot right after you kiss my ass.”The blonde, Brigit, thought this was very funny, and Toshia thought some of the others laughed a little too, but again she was smacked – this time so hard that she tasted blood.Daphne, who wasn't laughing at all, then said, “It looks like the pup needs to be house-broken, ladies. Let's see how she likes being tied to the cross.”So, Toshia was woman-handled until and after she was tied up and put on display in the middle of what seemed to be an ancient, decrepit hall. Fortunately, the women had tired of tormenting her, but they made no move to release her.Toshia pulled again, straining all the muscles in her lithe body against the bonds restraining her left wrist, trying to pull her hand through. She felt the wood of the cross against her back and butt. It seemed as if she would pull her hand off the end of her arm, or at the very least dislocate her shoulder, but nothing gave. She sagged, breathless, against the big X, hanging from her restraints. Toshia resigned herself to waiting until they untied her.In the meantime, she thought back to her adventures since she and Don had come to Eros, both in the Manor and since that day, about a week ago, when they had left the Manor and headed out into the forest. She knew reliving some of those events would make her horny, in spite of her situation, but thoughts of her life before coming to Eros would only depress her further. In any case, there was little doubt that the XYZ would have her horny soon anyway.Chapter 2The Rite: centaurs & witches & crones (oh my!)Right after leaving the Manor Don found himself in strange company. It wasn't the fact that he was accompanied by four sexy women (each of whom he had slept with, sometimes with the active assistance of the others), including the love of his life and best friend Toshia. Nor was it the fact that two of those women had no memory beyond when they had awakened here in this strange place. Rather it was the presence of the amiable centaur, Ralph, who made the situation so surreal. They had gathered around Ralph in the shade of the first trees on the edge of the lawn spread out in front of the Manor.“Well, we call this the forest,” Ralph answered Toshia's question.“No,” she insisted, “what do you call everything – the place where the forest is?”“The world? Oh, you mean Eros,” Ralph laughed. “People call the world Eros sometimes.”“Naturally,” Don shrugged, smiling across to Toshia.“OK,” Toshia tried to resume her explanation, “Don, Nicole and I aren't from Eros. We come from a place called Earth, and we would like to get home.”Ralph frowned and scratched under his long, dark beard. His equine tail swished a bit too. Then, he said, “I can't say that I've ever heard of this ‘Earth' place, and I've traveled extensively throughout the world – Eros. Oh, would you mind scratching right there, dear?”Amy, who had utterly failed to resist the urge to caress Ralph's strong flanks, obliged him by scratching at his brown hindquarter where her hand had been.“Well,” Don tried, “if you wanted to find a way to Earth, is there someone you would ask for help?”“Hmm,” Ralph said as his forehead creased with his thought. “I suppose the first place one could try is the Witches of the Glen. Perhaps they could summon the Crone. She is very wise. If anyone knows anything about this 'Earth' it's likely to be… That's very distracting, my dear.”“It certainly is!” Shelonda said. She had knelt down next to Ralph and was caressing his prodigious sex organ, which was, naturally enough, responding to the attention.Don wondered if the native fauna responded to the XYZ in the same way the human transplants did. He apologized to Ralph, saying, “I'm sorry. My friends have never encountered one of your kind.”“I appreciate that,” Ralph said. “It's just that it's been a while since I've been with a mare.”“There aren't many centaurs around?” Don asked.“No… not too many…”By now Amy and Nicole had joined Shelonda in caressing and stroking Ralph's large phallus. Toshia was watching them with an expression that seemed a violent mixture of curiosity, shock and titillation. Don almost laughed at her reddening face. He saw that Amy was now kneeling on the ground with both her hands on the column of horse flesh pointing at her face, pumping her hands back and forth on it. Meanwhile, Shelonda and Nicole were similarly stroking Ralph's cock. Don thought it was fortunate for everyone concerned that they hadn't come across an actual horse.“Oh my!” Ralph breathed. Then a deluge of white cum erupted from him, virtually covering Amy's face and front. Pearly droplets splattered everywhere.Shelonda was able to say “Wow!” in the moment before a second bucket full of cum shot out of Ralph and onto Amy's face, and then there was a third much smaller one, followed by a stream that drizzled out. Nicole reached out and caught some of this in her cupped palm, and brought it up to her mouth, only to pronounce it “Yummy!”The girls on the ground proceeded to giggle and laugh as they scooped centaur cum off Amy and slurped it down. Toshia watched this for a moment, until she saw Don watching her with amusement, and then said, “Oh, what the hell?” and got down to join in the fun.“I hope that wasn't too rude of them,” Don said to Ralph.“Oh, no – not at all!” Ralph laughed. “It was a bit kinky, you know. I've never been pleasured by such tiny females, but I'm certainly not complaining.”“Well, good,” Don smiled. “Now, I was wondering if you could help us find these Witches of the Glen that you mentioned.”Once the women managed to finish playing with Ralph's cum and to clean Amy up a bit, the centaur led them through the forest at a pretty brisk pace. Don was happy that he was a good hiker. The women took turns getting rides on Ralph's back, and took the opportunity to bring themselves to loud orgasms along the way. At first Toshia seemed shocked by the fact that Amy and then Shelonda were so openly grinding themselves against Ralph's spine and then so obviously coming, but, after Nicole took her turn, Toshia climbed up and enjoyed the ride for all it was worth. Don watched her bowing her head against Ralph's shoulder blades as she gasped and sighed with her orgasm, and smiled to himself. It was good to see her enjoying herself so thoroughly. For his part, Ralph said he was happy to return the favor done him as much as possible. Amy, however, insisted that she was unconvinced that there wasn't some further way in which Ralph could be of service to the ladies.Don found himself a bit happy when they came upon the glade they were seeking before Amy could put any of her ideas to the test. He sensed that Ralph was a bit relieved too.They were on a cleared hilltop high over the rest of the forest, sloping dark green all around them. The sun was sinking toward the horizon. In the center of the glade were a large stone altar and a large arrangement of wood, ready to become a bonfire. Off to the side, against the tree line, was a large tent of crimson cloth. Ralph led them toward this tent.Before they got there, though, or even called out, a flap was tossed aside and a beautiful woman in a dark red robe stepped out and said, “Hello, and welcome.”She had a thick mane of yellow and gold hair falling to her shoulders in an unruly tumult. She looked the party over with eyes of light blue-gray and a knowing smile. “My name is Cassandra, how may we help you?”“Hello Cassandra, I'm Don, and this is Toshia, Nicole, Shelonda, Amy and Ralph.”“It's good to see you again, Ralph,” Cassandra smiled. Her voice was musical, friendly and confident – in short, extremely sexy. “Thank you for guiding our new friends here.”“It was an honor, mistress,” Ralph bowed.“More than that,” she winked, “judging from the smell of things.”“An honor and a pleasure,” he smiled back at her.“I am glad,” she nodded. Then, turning to Don, she asked, “How may we help you, Don?”“Toshia, Nicole and I seek a way to leave Eros and return to our home, Earth,” Don explained. “Ralph suggested that you could help us find someone who could tell us how to do that.”“The Crone,” Ralph added.“Ah, yes,” Cassandra nodded, taking all of this in with apparent simple acceptance. “I see. We could perform the summoning rite, though you will have to help. We will need a fresh offering for the guardian of the portal, and then there will be a price to be paid to the Crone as well.”“What sort of offering and price?” Toshia asked. She had dismounted from Ralph's back and stood next to Don.“Oh nothing quite so dire as you might imagine,” Cassandra smiled enigmatically. “Any of you young ladies will do, though I suggest you or Nicole would be most fitting.”“Fine,” Toshia said firmly, “as long as it's nothing life-threatening, I'll do it.”“Wonderful,” Cassandra nodded. “And you, Don, will have to pay the Crone's price. Surely you will be as brave as your companion.”“Of course,” Don nodded, very much conscious of the fact that he was nowhere near as sure of himself as Toshia seemed to be.Cassandra smiled at them both and then turned to the tent behind her and called, “Come on everyone, we have to get ready to summon the Crone!”There were excited exclamations from the tent, followed by a dozen men and women all wearing robes just like Cassandra's. They busied themselves immediately around the firewood and the altar. Don would have paid more attention to what they were doing, but Ralph took this moment to say, “Well, I will leave you in Cassandra's capable hands, then.”“You won't stay to see what the Crone says?” Don asked.“No,” Ralph shook his head. “I want to find myself a mare as soon as possible, and, to be honest, these magical rites are a bit too intense for me.”“Are we safe here?” Don asked in a hushed voice.“Oh, yes!” Ralph laughed. “Cassandra's a sweet, kind person. She won't let any harm come to you, but … well, it's just going to be intense, that's all. It all gives me the willies. Anyway, good luck!”The girls all bid Ralph goodbye, and then he trotted off into the forest, which was already quite dark in the dusk.“Please, Toshia, come with me,” Cassandra said. While they went into the tent, a pair of red-robed women came up to Nicole and Shelonda and led them off toward the fire area. A tall young man approached Don and said, “Sir, if you will accompany me.”Don followed the man to a wooden chair that had been set off to the side, with a clear view of the altar without actually being close to it. The young man said, “During the rite, you will sit here until the Crone summons you. Do not participate in the ritual at all until that time. It is very important that you save yourself for the Crone. If you do not, she will know and be displeased.”“Okay,” Don nodded. “Sit in the chair and don't have any fun – got it.”“Oh, and remove your clothing.”“Um, all right,” Don said. After disrobing and putting his few items of clothing, and his staff, on the ground next to the chair, Don sat down and tried to make himself comfortable, watching the robed witches go about their preparations. He wasn't surprised to note that everyone in what he was thinking of as the coven was in good shape, even though they seemed to represent a spectrum of different ages, from quite young – like Nicole or Shelonda – to as old as in their sixties, if Don was any judge of such things. Knowing what he now knew about Eros, though, Don realized that each of these people could be much older than their appearance would indicate, thanks to the rejuvenating powers of the XYZ they drank as water.After the sun set Don was left alone in the clearing, as the others all disappeared into the big tent. Eventually, the group came out in a solemn procession – one by one – with Cassandra in the lead. Toshia came second and was wearing a white robe. The entire group made a circle around the pile of firewood, and most of them began to sing some sort of hymn the words of which Don couldn't make out. This went on for several minutes, until, abruptly, Cassandra raised her hands high over her head, and the wood in front of her burst into flame.Well, that was certainly a neat trick, Don thought to himself. He caught himself, though, and tried to make a point of not being quite so skeptical as usual. After all, we're trying to play along with this world's rules here. Maybe things won't work if I've got the wrong attitude.The witches had stopped singing now, and Cassandra took Toshia by the hand and walked her over to stand with her back to the stone altar; the other witches, along with Nicole, Shelonda and Amy, closed the gap in the circle. Facing Toshia, Cassandra raised her arms, with her palms up to the sky, and called out, “O wise mother who guides us and watches over us, we beseech thee to join us this night that the travelers among us may share in the gift of your knowledge and beauty.”The witches around the bonfire repeated Cassandra's words, and four of the men lit torches in the fire and placed them in holes Don hadn't noticed before. These torches were positioned about a meter from each corner of the altar. When the men returned to the circle, Cassandra reached out to caress Toshia's face lovingly. She called out, “O guardian of the portal, we offer you this supplicant who comes seeking knowledge and will give you that which you most desire.”Then, Cassandra untied the simple knot at the base of Toshia's throat that held the white robe closed. Toshia shrugged the robe off her shoulders and stood there naked in the firelight. If she was frightened or anxious Don could not see it in her expression or posture. Instead, she stood proudly, with her shoulders back and head high. To Don it seemed that it was Toshia, not Cassandra, who was the high priestess of this affair.As the witches around the fire began a low chant, Cassandra took Toshia by the hand and led her to the foot of the altar, and up a set of steps Don hadn't seen earlier. Toshia gently knelt down on the altar and then turned around and lied down upon her back on the cold stone. Don was fascinated to see her bare, pale flesh in the flickering orange and yellow light. He experienced a strong desire to go to the altar then and ravish Toshia even if it did mess up the rite. Instead, he forced himself to sit still in his wooden chair, and kept watching intently.Cassandra moved around to the opposite side of the altar, away from the bonfire, and produced a large pitcher that seemed to be made of clay. The witch proceeded to pour water over Toshia's naked body. From the sharp gasp and sudden tightening of her muscles, Don could tell Toshia had not expected this, but she lay still on the altar. When she'd emptied the pitcher over Toshia, Cassandra set the pitcher out of the way on the ground somewhere behind the altar, and then leaned over the naked, wet offering and kissed her on the lips.Cassandra came around the altar and joined the circle of chanting witches. Once she was there, the group slowly began to move around the fire. The chanting became a bit more rhythmic, and the witches started to move almost as if they were dancing. One by one, each of the participants broke away from the circle to approach the altar and kiss Toshia on the lips. When they had kissed her, each one dropped his or her robe to the ground in front of the altar before returning to the circle. Nicole, Shelonda and Amy each took their turn in this kissing and disrobing ritual, as if they had done this kind of thing many times. As this went on, with an increasing number of naked chanting, dancing celebrants, the rhythm and pace of the chant very slowly rose. The dancers were now holding hands or had their arms around each other's waists. Finally, only Cassandra still wore her robe, so she returned to the altar, kissed Toshia again and exposed her own naked body to the fire-lit night. This seemed to be a signal to the others, for the chanting shifted to a much more rhythmic cant, and Don swore there were now deep, distant drums keeping the beat.As soon as Cassandra returned to the circle, the dancing around the fire became more playful. Now sweaty bodies glistened in the orangey light. Don saw Amy moving along between two men, in each hand a stiff cock, while their hands groped her body. Shelonda passed by with a lovely young woman trying to get her mouth on Shelonda's beautiful heaving bosom. Nicole had allowed a man to catch her from behind and the two of them managed to move around the circle while he kissed the back of her neck and reached around to run his hands over her front. Cassandra danced past with the wanton sensuality of a belly dancer and a certain regal bearing, somehow both reveling in the energy of the rite and aloof from the playfulness rapidly spreading around the circle. The air seemed to be throbbing with the rhythm of the ritual chant, and the heat of the fire and rising eroticism flooded the night. Don looked over to the altar and saw that Toshia had begun to writhe on the stone. Her hands moved over her upper body and her legs rubbed against each other as she felt the aura of lust pulsing from the fire and the dancers. Don watched as she moved her left hand down between her legs, and he had little doubt what she was doing there. As for himself, Don's cock was lying thick on his thigh, growing harder as the rite progressed.Looking back to the fire, Don saw that the dancing had now stopped, though the chanting and the unseen drums continued on. The witches and company were giving in to their desires. Nearby, backlit by the fire, Nicole, had fallen to her hands and knees, and the man who had been following her so closely was now even closer – fucking her from behind. Don was unsurprised to see that Amy was kneeling between her two men sucking one cock while stroking the other, and then switching. He couldn't see Shelonda, but figured she must be on the other side of the fire. He could see Cassandra, though, straddling a muscular young man, her head thrown back and her breasts thrust up in the night air as she rode him.When he turned his attention back to the altar, Don was surprised to see that a strange dark figure was standing there at Toshia's feet. Don almost sprang from his chair, but somehow managed to remember what he had been told, and resolved to sit still and wait. The figure, which Don presumed must be the guardian of the portal, was hard to discern at first, only a darker shadow in the night, but as Don concentrated it resolved into a tall, distinctly masculine form. Don was sure the shadowy “man” had long horns springing out of its forehead and sweeping back over its head. Toshia didn't seem to notice the creature's presence until it reached out to touch her ankle; the jet black hand seemed more like a talon at first, but then just a hand with long fingers. Toshia looked down to see the figure at her feet, but didn't seem frightened or even surprised. Don could see that she said something, but if there was any reply he could not tell – he couldn't make out any features of the guardian's face, though he had the distinct impression that there were two fiery eyes of dark red in the shadows. Toshia parted her legs for the darkness and Don watched the claw-like hands moving over her relatively pale skin. As the shadow rose up and lowered itself over her, Toshia's hands left her own body and reached out for the dark shape. Her back arched as the shadows enveloped her. Don found it hard to focus on what was going on atop the altar. At one moment he saw Toshia with her head thrown back and a black creature with its mouth on her neck, and the next there was an almost billowing shadow enveloping her. Then there was a glimpse of her thighs and butt as they flexed while she was fucking the shadow enthusiastically. Her torso strained and tensed, and a mouth with sharp teeth was on her white breast. And then darkness swirled around her.Don was aware that all around the fire the orgy had become general, even though the chanting and the sound of drums went on. He knew that Nicole was now on her back while a new man was between her legs, thrusting with nearly crazed lust. He knew that Amy was being fucked from behind while she took a cock in her mouth. He knew that Cassandra was passionately kissing one of her female subordinates, while another suckled at her tits and reached down to play with her, all while still riding her initial partner. Don could feel his untouched cock, straining painfully in its excited, engorged state. However, he could not seem to look away from the altar. Though he couldn't hear anything but chanting, drums and the moaning of the witches, he was sure Toshia was crying out in a long, hard orgasm. He could tell the shadowy creature on top of her was not finished, though.“No,” said a voice next to him, “he will not be finished anytime soon. His need is … special.”Don looked up to see a woman with long white hair swept away from her face and down her back. She was watching the altar with a smile on her thin, red lips. Her dark eyes sparkled in the firelight as she went on, saying, “His phallus is so very hard, like a thing of steel wrapped in a tight sheath of leather. Not as big as one might imagine, but so, so hard, almost painful to touch, until it fills you and you feel his need becoming your own.”She was thin, but tautly muscular, and stood confidently and comfortably next to Don. She wore a black sleeveless shift, bound around her narrow waist with a silver cord.“What is his need?” Don finally managed to ask.Her features were sharp and aristocratic, but her smile was friendly as she looked down at him and said, “Sex, obviously, but not like you or them, or her. The guardian feeds off the carnal pleasure of others, particularly the woman with whom he is engaged – but especially if she's new to him. The energy he draws from her orgasm makes it possible for me to come to you. He will couple with her as long as she can take it, drawing sustenance from her orgasms, and the lust of the others. He does not couple for release, though, but for the reverse. If he comes, which is quite rare, it will be a fiery jet of liquid ecstasy filling up her body – every fiber.”“A fiery jet?”She looked down at him again and smiled warmly, “Don't fear; I was being poetic.”Don smiled back, “And your need?”She held out her hand, and Don took it and brought it to his lips, kissing her palm. She laughed and said, “Come with me, Don.”To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    The Manor: Front Door

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    The Manor: Front Door - Our heroes find their way out of the Manor. (ch. 20)By BradentonLarry. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories. “So, what's going on?” Amy asked. She was a bit disheveled from the night before, but still managed to look sexy eating a banana. Actually, Tascha thought the fact that Amy's hair was messed up and matted with cum made her look sexier eating that banana.“Tascha and Don are looking for a way out of the Manor,” Shelonda explained. She was sitting cross-legged on the mattress of the alcove eating an apple. Everyone had lost their costumes during the play of the night before, but Shelonda was still wearing her little black mask.“Why?” Amy wanted to know.“They're trying to find people they miss,” Shelonda answered.“Huh,” Amy shrugged. “Why aren't they here?”“Well, that's a good question,” Don said.“As good as why are any of us here,” Nicole nodded, “right, Professor?”Tascha was feeling a bit impatient. Although she had had an enormous amount of very satisfying sex the night before, she knew that sooner or later, and probably sooner, the XYZ they were drinking and eating with their fruit, would have them all writhing together again. Umm, writhing together, she mused. Catching herself, she said, “Maybe we should all go to the baths, and then see if Don can actually find the way out.”“No pressure, eh?” Don laughed as he got up off the mattress.“None at all, stud,” Tascha said as she followed him. Catching up to him, she gave his naked butt a playful swat. She then had to run across the ballroom and up the stairs to avoid his reprisal. By the time the other three women caught up to them, Tascha and Don were splashing and playing in the big bathing pool. “See, I was worried about this,” Tascha laughed as she caught hold of Don's hard-on underneath the water and gave it a tug.“You started it,” he smiled, and pulled her in for a long kiss. Tascha noticed she was pulling and stroking his cock as she returned his kiss.“Goddamn it,” she said under her breath, though she knew she was smiling. Don lifted her up in the water, and she wrapped her legs around him. Then he was inside her. Tascha put her arms around his neck and let him raise and lower her on him, letting him do all the work for now. It felt good to have him moving inside her. More than that, though, it felt good to have him inside her and with her.She kissed him again, and began to work with him, flexing her muscles to press herself against his body in just the right, so very exquisite, ways. She thought about how these days and nights in the Manor had been a blur of manic sexual over-indulgence, and the fact that through it all there had been Don, steady and constant in his love and support. Yes, they had both been having lots and lots of sex with lots and lots of people, but sexual monogamy had never been a priority for either of them even in the “real” world. What mattered to her, and she knew to him as well, was the emotional bond, and Tascha felt that he had shown unfaltering commitment and love for her over the years, and even more particularly in the last four days. The only thing that had kept them apart before the Manor had been the fact that she had not found him sexually attractive, and that was certainly no longer the case. There were also external considerations; the circumstances of their lives out in that other world; and those would have to be dealt with, but for now,  for now,  Tascha pulled in with her legs and arms, holding Don to her tightly as a long, low and rising orgasm washed over her. He held her in his arms as the trembling slowly dissipated, and then brushed the hair out of her face and kissed her tenderly.Tascha smiled at him, and disentangled herself. Pulling off his erection, she asked, “Oh, did you?”Don just smiled a bit and said, “There will plenty of time for that later.”Tascha noticed that Shelonda, Nicole and Amy were playfully washing each other. The scene would have made an excellent soft core porn movie. Well, soft core for the moment, she smiled to herself. She turned to Don, who had just picked up a bottle of SHAMPOO, and asked, “Are we taking them with us?”“Dunk yourself under,” he said. When she came back up, he began to wash her hair. “It's kind of up to them, isn't it?”“Well, certainly for Nicole, but what about the others. Shelonda's got a crush on at least one of us, and I'm not sure we're doing the right thing by taking her out of this safe environment.”“You've come a long way in a few days,” he chuckled, “if you think of this as a safe environment. Ow! Anyway, you didn't spar with her; she can handle herself pretty well.”“As long as it's play fighting, remember.”Don nodded, “Right. Rinse.”When she came back up again, Tascha took the shampoo and began to wash his hair.“For all we know,” Don went on, “Robert was exaggerating things about the outside. He didn't exactly strike me as the adventurous type. Maybe we should see what it's like just outside the Manor first. If it looks too bad we can try to persuade Shelonda to go back inside.”“I think that will only make her want to stay with us more.”Don frowned, “I think we've backed ourselves into a moral quagmire here. Either we treat her like she can make her own decisions, or we have to take a hard look at the sex we've been having with her.”Tascha frowned back at him, and said, “Rinse.”When he came back up, she said, “OK, fine, and Amy?”“Well, she's certainly not going to do anything she hasn't made up her mind to do,” Don laughed.“Yeah, you're probably right.”So Tascha and Don finished bathing, and got out to shower off. The others hurried to finish and catch up.“I think we ought to raid the wardrobe for appropriate clothing,” Don suggested.“That confident are we?” Tascha asked mischievously.“We can always take them off if I'm wrong,” he smiled.“Woo! Taking off the clothes!” Amy laughed.“Um, what exactly is ‘appropriate clothing', Professor?” Nicole asked. Clearly, she was happy with the nickname she'd given Don. Tascha thought if they didn't find a way out of here he was very likely to get stuck with that in a big way.“I don't know,” Don shrugged. “Explorer clothes? Action-wear?”“Now that sounds sexy,” grinned Amy.They hit the wardrobe, and it was Tascha's turn to help the others find remotely suitable clothing. They couldn't find anything like real pants or shorts, and had to make do with skirts and tank tops. More time was spent trying to find practical shoes. In the end they had to settle for what seemed to be sturdy enough sandals that laced up in a serviceable manner. On returning to the waiting room, they found that Don had had the same luck as they and was wearing a kilt, a t-shirt and a pair of sandals.Next, Don led them to the gym, so that he and Shelonda could go in and get a pair of wooden staffs. Shelonda was particularly happy about this, and Tascha noticed that she did in fact seem to carry her staff like she knew how to handle it.As they got into the elevator, Amy sidled up to Don and said, “So, Professor, what're you going to do with that big stick of yours.”“Paddle your rear end is the first thing that comes to mind,” he smirked.“Oh!” she said with wide eyes and a grin. “I might like that!”“Is there a line I can stand in for that?” Nicole added.Tascha sighed, “We're never going to get out of here.”They got out on the fourth floor, and Don asked them all to be quiet for a moment. He closed his eyes and seemed to be deep in thought, and then he looked up and said, “OK, let's go.”He led them down to the first side corridor, took it, and walked to the end of it, where he turned a corner, and walked straight to a large, open foyer. Several corridors met here where there was a large set of double doors with big, shiny brass doorknobs.“How the hell did you do that?” Tascha asked.“Well, this is going to sound crazy, but I noticed that whenever anyone knew exactly what they were looking for or had a clear purpose in mind they seemed to be able to find it fairly easy. I started to think that maybe the Manor was somehow responsive to focused thinking. Then there was your selection of the harlequin costume, and I just decided that was enough of a reason to give my theory a test. My thinking of you in a harlequin costume, I think, somehow made that costume available to you. What made you pick it, I have no idea.” Don smiled and shrugged. “Of course, we don't know what's on the other side of that door yet.”Tascha thought all of this did indeed sound crazy, but she couldn't deny the fact that they did seem to be standing in front of what looked like the front door of the Manor.She turned to the other women and said, “You really don't have to come with us. This is your home and you only just met us, after all.”“Well, it's not really my home,” Nicole said, “and I'd like to know whether or not I can go back to my home if I decide I want to, so I'm coming along.”“I'm just curious,” Amy said. “I never even thought about leaving the Manor before you two came along. As long as we can take breaks to have sex, I think this adventure sounds like fun.”“Shelonda?” Don asked.“Oh, yes, I'm going,” she nodded. “I thought you knew that. You two are my friends and I want to help you.”Don looked to Tascha. She smiled and nodded, and he tried the door. It swung open easily, and bright sunlight poured in. They stepped out onto a grassy lawn and blinked at the surroundings.Behind them and stretching off to the sides was the big white front of the Manor. They had come out upon what was basically the front yard, which was actually quite small compared to the grand scale of things they had become used to in the Manor. Close at hand, covering almost the full vista before them, was a pleasant green forest. Into this forest ran a road which wound its way into the trees.“Shouldn't that be paved with yellow bricks?” Nicole asked.They heard the sound of hoof falls coming through the trees to their left and turned to look.“Oh, good morning!” said a friendly male voice.The five of them just stared back at the speaker for a long moment.Finally, Don said, “Uh-yep, that's a centaur.”To be continued in Lost in Eros, Book II: The ForestBy BradentonLarry for Literotica

    The Manor: Masquerade, Part 2

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    The Manor: Masquerade, Part 2 - Some identities become very familiar. (ch. 19)By BradentonLarry. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories. As he moved into the ballroom, looking for “his own amusement”, Don was a bit preoccupied with his own thoughts. He suspected that he had gotten the hang of how the Manor worked, in a limited sense, but had resolved to wait until the morning to test his hypothesis. He was troubled by the fact that he and Tascha had failed to ask Robert, the Scholar, about the watchers, but actually thought those passive figures were probably not important in the sense that they might interfere with trying to leave the Manor. Still, he tried to force these thoughts aside as he moved into the crowd of costumed partiers. He certainly did think it was a good idea to enjoy this night as if it were sure to be the last they would spend in the Manor.“I love your costume,” a woman in a Santa's helper costume laughed. Don had always harbored a secret little fetish for girls in that particular kind of costume, and this one was particularly fetching. She had long black hair hanging down over her shoulders, a spray of freckles on her cheekbones, and a nice, compact body. She was about five foot two, and seemed about the age of the Nymphets, or maybe a year or two older. In short, she was both adorable and sexy as hell. She took Don by the hand and said, “Come dance with me.”Don followed her to the dance floor where about twenty couples and at least one threesome were enjoying some rhythmic, vertical foreplay. The girl in red, white and touches of green slipped her arms around Don's neck and began to dance up against him. Don followed suit, holding her by the small of her back, though he soon reached down to lift the hem of her short skirt up to squeeze her tight ass in his hands. She smiled up at him and said, “I'm Brandy, by the way.”“I'm Don,” he said, and then leaned down to kiss her sweet lips, which tonight matched the Christmas red of her costume. She responded enthusiastically, sucking on his tongue as it slipped into her mouth. She took a moment to reach down between them, to adjust Don's rapidly hardening cock, so that it was upright between them, but then went right back to swaying in his arms as they danced and kissed.For his part, Don could have spent the next hour like this, but Brandy was less patient, and, after about ten minutes, pulled her mouth from his and said, “Let's go fuck, Don.”“OK,” Don chuckled, still amused by the straight-forward spirit of the Manor. I'm going to miss this, he thought.Brandy led him to the nearest alcove, which fortunately wasn't too crowded yet. She sat down on the edge of the big mattress platform to the rear of the alcove, and promptly pulled Don in front of her, between her legs. Her hand was on his erection, and she pushed the bottom of his jester's top out of the way with her other hand. Without any preliminaries, she began to suck on his cock. Watching her tiny mouth with her red lipstick moving up and down on his thick shaft was incredibly erotic to Don. The fact that she was wearing a green mask and a Santa hat only seemed to add to the hotness of the situation. Her small hands were wrapped around his cock, pumping him, as she sucked on him, bobbing her head. Don had intended to hold off on his first orgasm until later, but Brandy was too good at what she was doing, and the situation was just too much of a turn on for him. He knew he couldn't hold out, and in another minute, he felt his balls tightening, and Brandy's hands were squeezing a bit harder as his cock expanded. Then he pushed forward, holding her head in place with his hands, as he came hard and long into the little woman's adorable mouth. Brandy happily swallowed every bit of his cum, and then smiled up at him.Don grinned back at her, and then said, “Now, it's my turn.” He got down on his knees between her legs and pulled her forward so that her butt was right on the edge of the platform. As he leaned in and ran his tongue over her, Brandy undid the front of her helper's top, displaying her taut belly and beautiful, round breasts. While Don was moving his tongue between her lips and into her pussy, she leaned back on her elbows with that sweet smile on her face.Don held her in place as he began to gently lick at her clit. As she began to move against him, he increased the pace and the pressure. He thought that it must be a funny picture: him in his jester's costume going down on a wanton Santa's helper elf. Then things got even odder, as a pretty, masked Asian schoolgirl, complete with pigtails, crawled over to the elf on the left side and began to make out with her. The scene just screamed Penthouse photo-shoot. Of course, in this costume, Keiko reminded Don of Go-go from the first Kill Bill, though, obviously, Go-go hadn't worn a mask. Don stifled a chuckle, and continued to lick Brandy's clit, while she and Keiko kissed.When Don pushed two fingers up inside Brandy's pussy, she sighed and lay back, and Keiko moved down to kiss and tease the girl's breasts. Don twisted his fingers and fucked them slowly in and out of Brandy, while lapping at her clit. Soon, she was arching her back and crying out loudly, letting everyone know that she was coming. Don sucked on her clit, until she had fallen back on the mattress and her pussy no longer clenched at his fingers. Then he slowly withdrew his hand and kissed her clit goodbye for now.Don got up onto the mattress next to Brandy on the right side, and said to Keiko, “Let's get her up a bit further.” Together, the three of them scooted Santa's helper up far enough that her legs were no longer hanging over the edge. Then, Don joined Keiko in kissing and sucking on Brandy's breasts, as their hands moved up and down her lithe body. Brandy caught hold of Don's manhood, which was again very hard, and began to squeeze and pull it.Don reached down and lifted Brandy's right leg, and scooted himself under it. He let her leg down so that it was over his hip, and rested his own right leg across her left thigh. This put his cock in good position to be slipped into her waiting pussy, which, naturally enough, is exactly what Don did. He was now able to move in and out of Brandy, while using his thigh to stimulate her clit, and was free to use his right hand on her upper body. She bent her left knee a bit, which pulled his thigh tighter to her, and let him move his left leg over a bit, giving him better purchase, which in turn let him fuck her more steadily.“That looks like fun,” Keiko smiled.“It is!” Brandy said, and when Don pinched her nipple, she added, “a lot of fun!”Keiko kissed Brandy and then leaned over her to kiss Don. While Keiko was doing this, Brandy fumbled with the buttons of Keiko's shirt. Keiko obliged her by continuing to kiss Don until she felt the other woman's hands on her tits and belly. Then, Keiko moved so her breasts were over Brandy's mouth, letting her kiss and suck on them. While Don was watching this, he felt a light touch on his bare butt, which moved up over his back and then around his neck, until a feminine hand was turning his head to the right. And, then he was kissing a new, unfamiliar mouth, and straight brown hair was hanging down around his face. He guessed from the way this woman was moving against him that she was probably being fucked from behind as she kissed him. When she broke the kiss to toss her head and her hair back, Don saw she was wearing a white mask and a silvery tiara, but couldn't make out much else from where he was. Turning his attention back to Brandy and Keiko, he saw that the latter was now squatting over the former's face. Brandy was holding Keiko's ass in her hands as she licked and sucked at Keiko's pussy and clit.The hair fell down into Don's face again, and he turned back to kiss the woman over him again, all the while continuing to fuck steadily in and out of Brandy, grinding his thigh against her. Then Brandy was arching her back and moaning up into Keiko. Don kept fucking her until she finished coming, and then decided it was time to change things around a bit, so he disentangled himself from Brandy's legs and pulled away. He wormed his way down along Brandy, and then sat up. He saw that he had been kissing a princess, with a diaphanous dress, who had indeed been being fucked from behind by a pirate. Don thought he had three good options here – start fucking Brandy in a missionary position, or move around in front of either Keiko or the princess. He was having a momentary problem making up his mind, when he felt a kiss on his neck and heard a woman's low voice saying, “Come play with me, Don.”Don turned and saw the tallest, most gorgeous can-can dancer he could imagine. He tried to ignore the costume and just concentrate on the beautiful long legs, exquisite face and long dark hair – it was auburn, though he hadn't been able to tell that when he saw her last, in the disco's black light room. “Martina?” he ventured.She smiled beneath her mask and said, “You gave me such a wonderful orgasm the other night; I was hoping to return the favor.”Don returned her smile and turned to her to take her into his arms, kissing her. She had his cock in her hand already, stroking and pulling it as they got reacquainted. Don was still enjoying simply kissing this stunningly beautiful creature, when Martina started to pull up the front of her skirts. Once she'd cleared them out of the way, she held the back of Don's neck and raised her leg, which he held up. Just like that, she bent his cock down and then slipped it into her already quite slippery, and very hot and tight pussy.Then, standing there with his other hand holding the small of her back, and her holding on to him for support, he began to fuck in and out of her. She smiled at him, and then they began to kiss again. Once they had their rhythm going well, she was able to reach down with one hand and stroke herself while they fucked. Don was vaguely aware that people were moving around them, and that most of them were busy having sex of their own, but he was very much focused on the woman in his arms. The standing position was so easy to maintain, he felt like they could do this for hours, though he realized she probably felt differently. Still, she seemed very comfortable.Martina soon was rubbing her clit intently as Don fucked steadily in and out of her. She broke their very long kiss, and dropped her head to his shoulder. Don kept plowing her until she was shaking and moaning in his arms. He smiled at her when she was done, and she said, “Oh, well, I seem to owe you two now.”He laughed, and lowered her leg, pulling his cock out of her. He nodded to an empty spot on the mattress, close to where Brandy and the princess were now making out and where Keiko was being taken from behind by a pirate, who may or may not have been the one who had been fucking the princess earlier; Don couldn't be sure. Martina lay back on the mattress, with her butt on the edge. Don got her legs up on his shoulders, bent his knees some, got himself back inside her, and then lifted her up until the angle was just right. Holding onto Martina's thighs, Don began to fuck deeply in and out of her. She reached down (up, actually) and began to play with herself again.Don watched her face, and the way her breasts threatened to spill out of her low cut top, as he drove into her. She was smiling up at him, but, as his cock and her own fingers gradually got the better of her, her eyelids fluttered closed and her expression got more distracted. Don could tell it wouldn't be long before she was coming again, and, although he liked her feeling that she was in his debt in this regard, he thought it was high time he did his part to even the score between them. He focused on the amazingly beautiful woman lying in front of him, being fucked by him and about to come, as well as the incredible sensations of his cock sliding in and out of her, being squeezed and pulled by the strong muscles of her vagina. If that weren't enough, there were the intensely erotic scenes being played out all around him, not least of which was Keiko's expression as she was being fucked hard from behind. Then, Martina was coming again, and Don's body enthusiastically joined the party, igniting his primed nervous system and firing a wrenching torrent of cum into Martina. He shoved into her hard as his cock pulsed and came. Despite his earlier orgasm, this one seemed his most intense in quite some time.When he let her legs down and reluctantly withdrew his penis, Martina sat up, kissed him, and said, “Well, I still owe you two. Come collect them anytime.”“I will make a point of it,” Don smiled. He then watched as she walked away in the direction of the dance floor, adjusting her can-can dancer costume as she went.Don thought he had found enough of his own “amusement” to qualify for commencing his “hunt” for Tascha. In the next alcove, he saw a woman in a nun's habit – well, a nun's habit with a slit running up the side of the dress, showing off a nice, long leg and a not-very-nun-like high-heeled shoe – who was leaning over one of the side benches with her hands braced against the wall. Behind her, with her black habit thrown to the side, was a man wearing a black vest and mask, and a pair of red horns and a red pointy tail just like Natalia was wearing. The demon was fucking the nun quite enthusiastically. Don grinned at the perfection of the scene. Then he realized the nun was the very attractive older woman who had sucked him and gone down on Sanja up on the balcony during the ball. Intrigued, Don moved in closer. Yes, he thought, it was definitely her. Now, though, her face was contorted with carnal pleasure.Don followed through on his impulse, and caught one of her breasts in his hand, squeezing it through the fabric of her costume. This got her attention. She smiled at him, and said, “Hello.”“Hello,” he answered, “you probably don't remember me, ”“Up on the balcony with that lovely girl the other night,” she said with a bit of difficulty. “Of course I remember. Would you be a dear and stand up on this bench so I can suck you?”“Um, certainly,” Don nodded. He slipped under her arm, and then said, “But first,” and then took her face in his hands and gave her a long kiss, which she returned enthusiastically.“Umm, very nice,” she smiled, “now cock, please.”Don got up on the bench, and faced the nun, holding his already recovering cock out for her. She promptly lowered her mouth to him and was soon sucking on it vigorously. The demon grinned up at Don and even winked. Don chuckled, and took the woman's head in his hands to keep her in place in spite of the rigorous fucking she was receiving and giving. She shoved forward enough to indicate that she wanted more from Don, so he began to fuck himself in and out of her mouth and throat. Of course, after the two intense orgasms he'd recently had, there was little chance that Don was going to come again like this, so he settled in to the role of giving this enigmatic woman what she asked for: his cock to suck. Eventually, the nun was gasping and moaning around Don's cock, which was a singularly wonderful sensation for him, and, he thought, probably for her. Her orgasm seemed to last quite a while, during which the demon thrust into her with even more force and then just held there inside her as he came too.The demon pulled out of her and gave her behind a loud smack, and then went off to find more mischief. The nun took her mouth off Don, gave his pecker a kiss and said, “Thank you.”“My pleasure,” he grinned as he stepped down off the bench. “Is it inappropriate to ask your name?”“I'll tell you if you promise to look me up later and give me a good fucking,” she smiled.“You're my kind of nun,” Don laughed. “I will definitely give you a good fucking next time we cross paths.”“Good! I'm Leslie.”“It's a great pleasure to meet you, Leslie. I'm Don.”“Very nice to meet you, too, Don,” Leslie said. “Have fun!”I'm definitely going to miss this place, he thought to himself as he moved to the next alcove.Here he found the pirate wench Jamie mounted on none other than the Lord of the Manor, who was wearing a Roman soldier costume. Jamie had undone her top enough so that the Lord could hold her heavy, full breasts in his big hands. In the same alcove was the head librarian, Leah, dressed as a serving wench of some sort, along with the vampire Marissa, who were sharing a cowgirl Don couldn't identify.In the next alcove, amongst a large number of people, he thought he could identify the Lady's acolyte, Deidre, who was bent over the lip of the mattress part of the alcove as a man in a fairly complicated werewolf costume fucked her, naturally, from behind. Don watched this for a moment, and considered getting involved. He definitely thought Deidre was worth spending a lot more time with. Still, he turned and moved toward the last alcove before the end of the line on this side.Before he could get to the alcove, though, a beautiful brunette wearing stiletto heels, fishnet stockings, a mini skirt and a wonderfully tight-fitting tank top – in other words, a street walker costume – slipped up next to him and took his arm. In her lilting accent, she said, “Are you enjoying the party, Don?”He smiled at her and said, “Of course, I am, Lady.”“I've been hearing very good things about you, Don, and about Tascha as well.”“Oh?”“Yes,” she nodded. “You two have been busy. I suspect court jester is too modest an ambition for you.”“I don't understand, Lady.”She turned to him and kissed him. Don returned the kiss with pleasure. The Lady was one of the most feminine and sensuous women he knew, and any chance to share a kiss, or pretty much anything at all, was a delight to be savored.When their lips parted, she laid her hand upon his chest and said, “If you don't find what you're looking for, I hope you will come back and share my bed.”Don didn't know how to respond to this, but the Lady didn't give him a chance. Instead she said, in a lighter tone, “We have a tradition at these masquerades. I will take as many men, one-after-the-other, as want me or as I can, whichever gives out first. If you're not otherwise engaged, and this appeals to you, I would be delighted for you to participate.”“And when does this commence?”“In a little while, but there's no need to worry – I assure you it will take some time,” she laughed. She kissed him lightly and then turned away.Don watched her go, a bit intoxicated by her confident sexuality and the decided weirdness of the conversation he'd had with her.He turned back to consider the alcove, where he saw Amy in her warrior woman costume, sitting on one of the side benches, but bent over to suck on the cock of someone who looked like Aladdin. Remembering how she liked to be watched, Don decided to have a seat and watch the show. As soon as he sat down next to her, Amy reached out and squeezed his thigh. In turn, he caressed her bare shoulder. When Aladdin was ready to come, Amy took his cock out of her mouth and let him spray all over her face and chest. Ignoring Aladdin, she turned to Don with her cum-covered face and her impish smile and said, “Don, where have you been? I've been doing all kinds of nasty things, and you haven't been here to watch.”He laughed and said, “Well, there was an elf, a can-can dancer, and a nun, not to mention a rather odd conversation with the Lady.”“Excuses, excuses, Don,” she shook her head. She was scooping cum up off her chin and tits and sucking it off her fingers.“What kinds of nasty things?”She laughed, “No, you missed it. I'll tell you what, though, if you'll stick around to watch for a while, I'll let you pick my next victim.”“‘Victim'? Where's your ambition?”“OK, victims,” she grinned.“Alright,” Don nodded and considered. “Him, him and him,” he indicated a Hugh Hefner-style playboy, a male vampire and a priest.“Fun!” Then Amy sprang forward to get the attention of her ‘victims'. In no time she was on her knees surrounded by the three men, moving her very talented mouth from one man to the next, while stroking the other two. The priest blew first, shooting a thick stream of white cum across the bridge of Amy's nose and her forehead. The other two guys came shortly after, showering her in cum. She crawled over to where Don was watching, and said, “How was that?”“Extremely hot!” he grinned. “You're amazing, Amy.”“I really am, aren't I?” she smirked as she started to stroke Don's cock.“But I'm taking a little break,” he laughed. “I'm supposed to be looking for Tascha.”“Ah,” Amy nodded. “Again? Or still?”“That's disturbingly perceptive of you.”“Hey, I'm as smart as I am hot.”“I have no doubt! You're welcome to come along,” Don offered.“Sure,” she said as she got to her feet. “Where that girl is there's got to be fun happening.”As they were walking away from the alcove, Don noticed that for at least most of this time Peter had been on the mattress part of the chamber cavorting with a woman in what seemed to be a genie costume.After looking out across the dance floor, most of which was being used as a sex floor by now, and not seeing Tascha's harlequin costume anywhere, they started up the broad stairs toward the gallery. They passed a number of interesting combinations of strange characters engaged in a variety of fun activities, until they finally found Tascha.Don took a moment to work through the erotic scene before him. Sitting on the bench against the wall, wearing a regal robe thrown open to reveal magnificent breasts and beautiful long legs, was a woman with short dark hair. On her hands and knees between this woman's legs, knelt Ilsa with her angel costume surprisingly intact. Underneath Ilsa and in line with her, sucking on the blonde's tits was a woman in a cheerleader costume. Kneeling behind Ilsa, with her nose between Ilsa's butt cheeks and her tongue playing with Ilsa's pussy, and with her hand busy up inside the cheerleader's skirt, was a woman with a slim body who was wearing a pair of kitten ears and a long, furry tail. Lying on her back, with her hand up between the kitten's legs, was Tascha. Tascha had her legs scissored with a woman wearing a white Hellenic style short dress, with a broad belt cinching the dress around her middle. This woman, who was grinding her pussy and clit against Tascha's, had long legs, full breasts, and long dark hair, but it was the dark pink lipstick that somehow tipped Don off to the fact that this was the Librarian, Audrey. Lying on her side so she could kiss and nibble on the Librarian's neck and the one breast that had been freed from Audrey's costume was Shelonda, who seemed to have lost her pointed witch's hat. The distinctive blue dress and blonde wig gave Nicole away where she lay with her face between Shelonda's legs. Finally, there was a thin young woman in a black flapper's costume who was busy giving Nicole the treatment she was giving to Shelonda.“Damn!” Amy breathed.“I count nine,” Don said, impressed.Around the periphery of this group, a number of men were watching, idly stroking cocks in various states of recovery from the evening's exertions. There were also several women trying to help the guys recover quickly, including two more flappers, in white and silver. Looking at the busty blonde in white, Don realized it was Chastity, and then sorted out Modesty and Virginia. At some point, Don knew, this little all-female orgy would break up and guys would become involved, probably with a great deal of pent up enthusiasm. As he and Amy stood there watching, several of the women had orgasms, which resulted in minor shifts of position, but nobody stopped playing.Amy decided to take advantage of the temporary surplus of rigid cocks, moving over to a couple of the men sitting on the sidelines.Don, on the other hand, got down on his hands and knees and crawled over to Tascha. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Aren't you the sexiest harlequin ever?”“Hello, Don,” she smiled. “I win.”“But I, ” He realized he was supposed to be the first to whisper her name and laughed, “Damn!”She pulled his head down to give him a heated kiss, and then said, “Help me get rid of this top. Then I want you to help me with the Librarian here.”“Well, if I have to,” he grinned.Before long, Tascha was on the bench sucking on the cock of a man in a seriously abbreviated Santa costume, who was kneeling on the bench next to her. Meanwhile, the Librarian was on her hands and knees between Tascha's legs, going down on her, while Don fucked Audrey from behind.Sometime after that, Don took his turn fucking the Lady as Tascha sat on her face.Still later, Don went down on and then fucked Tascha while she ate out Sanja, who they had found in one of the alcoves wearing the vestiges of a cute little go-go dancer costume.Eventually, very late, Don and Tascha fell asleep, spooned together in the back corner of one of the alcoves. Amy, Shelonda and Nicole were still playing nearby, but they too soon gave in to sleep there in the alcove.To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    The Manor: Masquerade, Part 1

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    The Manor: Masquerade, Part 1 - A costumed orgy in true Manor style! (ch. 18)By BradentonLarry. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories. The Masquerade, Part ITascha was feeling more relaxed about life in the Manor. Somehow, knowing that life here was relatively safe and stable translated into feeling more comfortable with going with the flow. There was also the fact that time was somehow not in sync with their normal world, which meant, Tascha thought, that it didn't really make a lot of sense to worry about how long they were gone. Perhaps she would return to Sarah only minutes after she left, or maybe a hundred years had already passed. This last thought was sad, but there wasn't anything to be done about it right now. She and Don would find a way back if there was one, but for tonight she could relax and enjoy the masquerade party.Amy, Jamie, Shelonda, and then Ilsa, Natalia and Keiko, helped Tascha and Nicole find costumes. However, Tascha needed less help than before, since, once she had an idea of what she wanted to wear, it became very easy to find appropriate elements for the costume in the immense wardrobe.As she was adjusting her hat, Ilsa came up to her and said, “Ah, but you must have a mask. Everyone has to wear a mask.”“Why?”“That's what makes this a ‘masquerade' and not just a costume party,” Ilsa said with a smile. “The rule tonight is that no one takes off their mask, at least while they're in the ballroom. It's fun to guess who people are. Oh, and, although you can play with anyone, if someone guesses your name, you're supposed to stop whatever you're doing and play with them.”“But, everyone I know is here,” Tascha said, disappointed that she wouldn't be able to play this last game very well.“Well, then you won't have to guess, and we'll have to go with you if you whisper our name in our ear,” Ilsa smiled.“Oh!” Tascha grinned. “I like that. Where are the masks?”When everyone was done Tascha took stock of the other women's costumes. Ilsa was wearing a sheer, powder blue robe (open, of course), with a small pair of wings cleverly attached to the back, and a little halo over her head, which was kept bobbing there by the stiff wire attached to the little ring she had around her head. Natalia had the “matching” costume: cute little red horns poking out of her auburn hair, which she wore down this evening, flowing over her naked shoulders, a long red tail attached to a black garter belt, red stockings, and very sexy stiletto heels. Keiko was wearing a naughty school-girl costume, complete with plaid skirt, buttoned white shirt, short white socks and patent-leather shoes, and had pulled her black hair into pig tails. Marissa, who Tascha hadn't seen since returning to the wardrobe, was wearing a long black dress with a plunging neckline, a black leather corset, dark eye shadow, and blood red lipstick, and was the sexiest vampire since Elvira.Jamie was dressed as a pirate wench. Amy had found a surprisingly flexible “armored” top, which pushed her breasts up in a distracting way, and a pleated skirt to go with her warrior sandals, shin guards and arm bands, to complete a very nice warrior woman look. Shelonda was a cute and not at all frightening witch, including a tall, pointed black hat. Finally, Nicole had put together a very good Alice in Wonderland costume, complete with blonde wig. “It seemed appropriate,” Nicole laughed. Tascha agreed, even though they were the only two who got the joke. Everyone was wearing appropriate masks; most quite small and color coordinated, but Marissa's dark red one had extra-large eye holes, Natalia's had flame-like points along the top, and Amy's was a shiny bronze and covered much more of her face, though, of course, it left her mouth free.When they were all happy with their costumes, they went out into the waiting room, where they met the men. The Player wore a sumptuous royal robe, a crown and nothing else. Peter had on a cowboy hat, a vest, and pair of chaps. Igor wore only a Viking helmet with horns. Don was wearing a colorful jester's hat, a matching top, with puffy sleeves and wild coloring, that hung down below his belt far enough to hide his privates (for the moment), and bright red shoes with toes that curled up into points.“Wow,” Tascha laughed, “this is quite a coincidence!”Don gaped at her and said, “I'd say it's too much of a coincidence.”“What? Don't you like my costume?” Tascha was wearing a harlequin costume much like Don's, except that hers was covered in black and white diamond shapes, had sleeves that fit her slender arms snugly, and had a plunging neckline and was backless.“Oh, no,” Don said, “I like it very much. It's just well,  I picked this costume because of a dream I had, about you, the night before we woke up here, and in the dream you were wearing a black and white harlequin costume.”Tascha frowned, “You're right, that is very weird. What do you think it means?”“I have no idea,” Don said. He seemed more disturbed by this than any of the other things that had happened in their time in the Manor.While they had been talking, the Player, or, as he was styling himself this evening, “His Royal Majesty,” had led the whole party out to the spiral staircase and down to the ballroom. The massive hall was much as it had been for the ball several nights ago, but now it was even more crowded, with a wide assortment of costumed characters. Music was playing, and people were dancing, but there didn't seem to be the organized ritual of a particular dance going on, or anything else on the order of a systematic matching game.Like before, Tascha and Don started with a bite to eat and some water. Shelonda and Nicole followed along. Tascha watched Don with interest. He seemed preoccupied. Finally, as he tossed a banana peel into the waste bin, he said, “I think I know how to find the way out of here.”“What?” Tascha asked surprised. “How?”Don smiled and said, “I'm not sure, and I'd rather just try it and see, if you don't mind. But there's no point in leaving at night, is there? I mean, we've got a safe, warm place to spend the night and are all dressed up, right?”Tascha nodded, “That makes sense.”“So, I say we enjoy this party,” Don said. “It might be the last one for a while.”Tascha smiled and nodded. Nicole nodded with a bit less of a smile, and Shelonda frowned but nodded.Don went on then, saying, “Just to make sure we don't get separated, I suggest we all stay in here unless we all leave together.”“You're sounding ominous now,” Nicole said.“Oh, well, sorry about that,” Don smiled. “I guess that was a bit dramatic. I just want to make sure everyone who wants to try to leave is here, that's all; so we don't have to hang around or go looking for anyone.”“So, for now,” Nicole said with a grin, “enjoy the party.”“Exactly,” Don nodded.“Let's see what kind of trouble we can get into,” Nicole said to Shelonda, and the two turned to wander off into the crowd.“OK,” Tascha said. “Seriously, you did sound ominous.”“It's probably nothing,” Don shrugged. “I just don't want anything to go wrong; meaning, I don't want us to get separated. On the other hand, like I said, this may be the last chance we have to enjoy, well, this kind of party, so we should live it up.”Tascha smiled at him, “Just stay in the ballroom.”“Exactly,” he said again.“Why don't we make this interesting?” she asked with a mischievous smile.“Oh? I'm all ears,” he laughed.“Well, I was going to suggest we keep score somehow, but that doesn't seem quite fair.”“No, it's certainly not,” Don grinned. “You've demonstrated that over and over again.”“What can I say?” she shrugged, “I'm both popular and talented. So why don't we try this, you go off in one direction and I go off in the other? We each find our own amusements, and then, only after those first amusements, we start looking for each other, but without being seen by the other. When one of us can whisper the other's name into their ear, the whisperer wins.”“I like it! What do I win?”“Well, me, of course,” she smiled, “though I'll be winning you.”“We'll see,” Don smiled. He then slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss. Tascha returned the kiss happily, and then let him slip away. She watched him heading toward the dance floor, and then started to work her way toward the stairs up to the gallery.She very deliberately made her way past an interesting and distracting assortment of costumes until she got to the middle of the gallery, midway between the two stairways. She kept away from the balcony railing, so Don was less likely to spot her. Only when she got to her desired location did she look around to assess what sort of mischief was afoot. It was still early in the party so things were a bit restrained; well, by Manor standards. On the bench to her right a musketeer was getting a lap-dance screw from a woman wearing the top half of a tuxedo costume as well as a top hat. To the left, a serving wench and a fairy princess were enthusiastically making out with hands between each other's legs.Thinking back to the earlier conversation with Robert in the library, Tascha thought it was fascinating that the people around her, without any memory of their former lives, had selected coordinated costumes that must have appealed to them for some murky half-glimpsed reasons. Tascha wished she had thought to ask Shelonda why she had chosen to be a witch, though she was sure it would have been a fruitless inquiry.She was musing on these issues, as well as watching the people around her, when a hand grasped her arm and a voice said in her ear, “Hello, Tascha.”Tascha turned to see a man wearing a fancy courtier's jacket, cape and hat. He wore a sequined white mask, behind which were brown eyes. His hair was dark and his skin a dusky, Mediterranean hue. She remembered her little escapade with Don and four other guys in the corridor upstairs. She smiled and quietly said, “David?”He smiled and nodded. Knowing the rules of the masquerade, Tascha allowed herself to be led over to an empty area of the bench. She felt a little ludicrous in her harlequin costume sitting next to a bottomless courtier with a raging hard on, but still, she was flattered that David had not only remembered her but had identified her in her costume.David set his hat to the side, and said, “There's something I've wanted to do since the other day.” With that, he promptly got on his knees and parted her thighs. He lifted the bottom of her short harlequin's dress and began to kiss the insides of her thighs. Tascha relaxed and leaned back, pushing herself forward on the bench. As David's lips and tongue began to caress and tease her, Tascha felt her arousal quicken. She looked down at his masked face between her legs, and ran her fingers through his dark hair. He sucked on her clit and a little shudder passed through her. Tascha closed her eyes a little and let the sensations of David's mouth on her be the center of her attention. She noticed that she was rocking her hips and then enjoying the feeling of several fingers moving inside her.After several minutes of this, Tascha knew she was ready for more. She bent down and said to David, “Come up here and have a seat.”He quickly did as she suggested, and Tascha got up over him, facing the wall and holding the top of the backrest of the bench, and lowered herself down on his ready and very willing cock. Peter held himself erect for her, until she was properly impaled upon it. Then, with a playful grin on her face, Tascha began to ride up and down on him. She concentrated on squeezing his cock with her pussy. She wanted him to come and didn't care whether or not she did. She knew there would be plenty for her, and she wanted to start the evening off making David come. After all, he had been so helpful to her the other day. David didn't seem to object to this plan at all and very soon he was arching his back to push himself up into her as his cum filled her pussy.Smiling down at him, she said, “Thank you, good sir.” She gave him a quick kiss, and then climbed off him. Tascha looked around a bit and then headed off toward the end of the gallery opposite the one she'd come up. By now, the general state of orgy was going strong. Not too far off, she spied a woman wearing a sexy gypsy costume kneeling over the face of a man who was lying on his back and wearing what looked to be a gangster's pinstripe jacket and vest. While being licked from below, the gypsy was giving a thorough blowjob to a cowboy who was not Peter. No one was attending to the gangster's erection, though, and this seemed like a shame to Tascha. In the spirit of wild abandon, which was something she was getting quite used to, Tascha knelt down on the floor next to the gangster and began to stroke and suck his rigid cock.Tascha had only intended to give the man a quick blowjob and move on, but when she felt hands caressing her behind and lifting it up a bit, she obliged by leaning forward a little and lifting her butt in the air. She felt the head of a cock moving between her lips and begin to enter her. Tascha took a break from her cock sucking and looked over her shoulder to see someone wearing a rather extravagant Frankenstein's monster costume. She laughed a little, but pushed back on the monster's cock, letting it fill her up, and then went back to work on the cock in front of her.The gangster succumbed to her oral skills fairly quickly, shooting sticky, sweet cum into her waiting mouth as she pumped and sucked at his organ. The monster behind her, though, had endurance, and Tascha found herself enjoying the steady, deep fucking he was giving her. As the gypsy and gangster disentangled themselves and moved away, Tascha reached back, fumbled her costume aside, and began to play with her clit, feeling the monster's balls hitting against her fingers. She was a bit distracted, then, when a slender woman with long dark hair wearing a short little black ‘20s flapper dress and matching mask crawled up to her and began to kiss her. Tascha responded almost automatically, letting the young woman's tongue slip into her mouth and enjoying the feeling of having a woman's mouth on her own. Then, Tascha realized she had kissed this mouth before. She murmured, “Virginia.”The flapper stopped kissing her, looked carefully at the face wearing the black and white mask, and said, “Tascha? Oh, it's good to see you! Have you been enjoying yourself?”“Yes, a lot,” Tascha smiled. She kept playing with herself while the monster behind her kept at his work. So he wouldn't stop, Tascha kept pushing back at him while he fucked her. Tascha said to Virginia, “I think I owe you a good licking.”“Oh!” Virginia said and promptly turned around and sat down in front of Tascha, pulling her dress up and pushing her exposed pussy forward so Tascha could lower her mouth to it. Because both her hands were busy, Tascha just used her mouth, first kissing, then licking and sucking, Virginia's pussy and clit. The young woman had clearly been busy already, for there was quite a bit of pearly cum leaking out of her, though there was considerably less after a couple of minutes of Tascha's ministrations.Tascha had to pause in her tongue-work when her first orgasm of the party hit her, blossoming like a slow motion explosion in her nervous system. She shoved back onto the phallus inside her moaning and trembling. Apparently this was what Frankenstein's monster had been waiting for, because he promptly began pumping what felt like a bucket of cum into Tascha. As he drew out of her, Tascha smiled back over her shoulder at him before devoting her full attention to Virginia. Now she was able to use her left hand, which was no longer playing between her own legs, to help stimulate Virginia. Tascha pushed two, then three, fingers up inside the young woman's pussy, and began to fuck them in and out of her as she licked at her clit with increased fervor and pressure. Virginia responded by pushing herself into Tascha's mouth and tongue.Tascha felt small, undoubtedly feminine, hands and lips on her backside then, and a moment after a mouth and tongue on her sex, licking and sucking up the cum there. Soon whoever this new person was began to focus on Tascha's clit, with her nose pushed into Tascha's wet pussy. Tascha tried her best to ignore these new distractions, though, and continued to make love to Virginia's sweet pussy and clit. She was rewarded finally with the girl's loud and extremely wet orgasm. Tascha kept lapping at her, though, and Virginia rode the wave to another gasping orgasm, before pushing away from Tascha's persistent mouth and hand. Tascha smiled up with a face wet from Virginia's own juices at the pretty girl in the flapper costume. Virginia smiled back and knelt down to kiss her. This led to a prolonged bit of making out, as Virginia playfully kissed and licked Tascha's face clean.While this was going on, another flapper, this one a blonde in a white dress and mask, and with much larger tits, came over and knelt down next to Virginia and said, “Hi, Tascha!”“Hi, Chastity,” Tascha smiled.“Tascha just licked me to a wonderful orgasm; two, actually!” Virginia grinned.“Oh, that sounds wonderful!”“I'd be happy to see what I can do for you,” Tascha smiled, “but I need to get off my knees.”“Modesty,” Virginia said, “let this poor girl lay down.”“Yes, ma'am,” laughed the woman who had been licking Tascha from behind. Tascha turned to see the pretty redhead, wearing a silver flapper's dress, kneeling behind her with a shiny wet chin. Tascha smiled at Modesty, who had annoyed her on her first day in the Manor. Maybe she's not so bad, after all, Tascha thought.Tascha got on her back and Chastity immediately straddled her face, while Modesty got between Tascha's legs to go back to licking, and, now, fingering. Chastity was facing 'North', toward the top of Tascha's head, and Tascha reached up to hold the girl's butt, getting her into just the right position, and began to lap at her sweet pussy and clit.Though it was hard to see with Chastity's bunched up dress over her face, Tascha could tell that a man had come up to stand in front of the girl. Tascha figured, from that and the way Chastity was moving on her, that Chastity was sucking on the guy. Similarly, from the rhythmic way Modesty was being pushed into her below, Tascha guessed Modesty was being fucked from behind. Tascha found it exciting to be in the middle of all this sex. She would miss this when she and Don got out of the Manor.Tascha was pleased that Chastity was the first of the three women to come. The busty blonde pressed down on Tascha's mouth and trembled and swayed for what seemed like a very long orgasm. Tascha was next, as another shuddering wave swept over and through her body. She could feel more than hear, Modesty moaning as her own orgasm hit the leggy little redhead.Tascha pushed Chastity up a little and squirmed out from under and between the two girls. She had been right; Chastity was sucking off a man in a doctor's coat, while a highwayman plundered Modesty from behind. Also, Virginia was nearby, on her back in a 69 with a gypsy, who Tascha suspected was the gypsy who had earlier been sitting on the gangster's face.With a smile, Tascha decided it was time to start looking for Don, though she was in no hurry; the night was young, and she had XYZ coursing through her system.As she moved in the general direction of the nearest stairs (which was now the one opposite to the stairs she'd used to come up to the gallery), she caught sight of the musketeer she'd noticed earlier. He was standing up against the balcony railing on one side of a woman wearing a cute cocktail waitress costume who had another man; a strapping, bare-chested gladiator; on the other side of her. The woman had a hard cock in each hand and was taking turns kissing each man. The men on the other hand had worked her top down to free her breasts, and were kissing and sucking on them when she wasn't making out with them. In addition, the gladiator had his hand between her stockinged thighs and up her short skirt. Now that Tascha had a better look at the musketeer she was sure he was familiar. Thinking the cocktail waitress wouldn't be too sorely disappointed, or unable to quickly find a replacement, Tascha decided to attempt to exercise her prerogative. She slipped up next to the musketeer, and whispered, “Jason?”The musketeer turned to her with a broad smile and whispered back, “Hello, Tascha.” He allowed himself to be led away from the cocktail waitress quite happily. Making it to the bench against the wall, Tascha pushed Jason down, and said, “I saw you getting a lap dance from the girl in the tuxedo earlier; would you like another one?”“Sure!” he said without a second's hesitation.Tascha smiled and bent down over him. She kissed his cock and then promptly began to suck on it. To make sure she had his undivided attention, she took his full length into her mouth and throat. Then she pulled his butt forward on the seat, and turned around facing away from him. With her feet on the floor in front of the bench, she straddled his lap, reached down to hold his cock up and in place, and then sank down on the hard, thick shaft. When she had him fully inside her, she began to wriggle on his lap, enjoying the sensation of his hardness being pressed against her in different ways as she shifted. Jason took hold of her by the waist, encouraging her to shift back and forth on him, as well as side to side. Tascha rode up and down on him a little, but always with some lateral motion when she was all the way down.Jason sat up and reached around to cup her breast with his left hand and to slip under her skirt to play with her clit with his right. He certainly knew what he was doing, and Tascha found herself enjoying this “dance” more than she'd expected. She noticed a man in front of her, watching. He was wearing an Arab sheik's headdress, a vest and pointy shoes out of a Sinbad movie, and was stroking a yummy cock. Tascha beckoned him over, and leaned forward a bit, to suck on the head of this new penis. With her hand wrapped tightly on the base of the sheik's cock, Tascha sucked up and down on it while she simultaneously rode up and down on Jason's shaft.The sheik was either extremely impressed with Tascha's skills or he had been putting off his orgasm, because it didn't take much time at all before he was coming in Tascha's mouth and down her throat. She gulped it all down with a smile, and gave the sheik's cock one last kiss before letting it go.Feeling satisfied with herself, Tascha leaned back against Jason and continued to enjoy his cock and fingers. Then, she felt a hand on her shoulder and a woman's voice in her ear said, “You're quite the sexy harlequin, Tascha.”Tascha turned to see a woman wearing a purple robe and a crown. She had short dark hair, full tits, which were only partially hidden by her robe, and beautiful, long legs. Before Tascha could say, “Hello, Lilith,” the other woman leaned in and kissed her warmly.Tascha knew she was obliged to now play with Lilith, and was actually quite eager to do so, but she wasn't quite done with Jason yet, so she suggested, “Join us.”Lilith kissed her again, this time longer and with more passion. Tascha's hands reached out to touch and caress Lilith's full breasts. They felt heavy, soft and wonderful. When there was a break in their kiss, Tascha said, “Say hello to Jason, Lilith.”“Ah yes,” Lilith smiled, “the Lord's acolyte; I should have known.” Then she moved in to kiss Jason as warmly as she had just done with Tascha. While she did this, though, she took off her crown and put it on the bench next to Jason. Then she got up in front of Tascha, and leaned over her, putting her luscious tits in Tascha's face.Tascha, who was still riding Jason, kissed and sucked on Lilith's breasts, moving from one nipple to the other and back. All the while, she was running her hands over Lilith's warm feminine body. Lilith then got on her knees in front of Tascha, and coaxed Jason's legs apart enough that she could lean in and begin to lick at his balls and Tascha's clit. An immediate shiver ran up Tascha's spine and she reached down to hold Lilith's head there.Tascha laid back on Jason as Lilith worked her tongue over Tascha's clit. Jason, meanwhile, cupped Tascha's breasts in his hands, squeezing them through the thin fabric of her costume. Soon Tascha was rocking on Jason's lap, working him in and out of her, while Lilith lapped at her. She was about to come when a gentle hand touched her cheek and turned her face to the side. Ilsa, still in her angelic costume, had snuck up on her and was now kissing her deeply. With Ilsa's tongue in her mouth, Lilith's tongue on her clit, and Peter's cock in her pussy, Tascha crested into an intense orgasm; moaning and shaking.When she could collect herself, Tascha pulled off Jason and got on the bench next to him, opposite Ilsa, and the three women proceeded to take turns sucking on him. He eventually shot a geyser of cum into the air and all over their faces. The women then leisurely licked Jason's cum off him and each other. This led, naturally enough, to the three women on the floor together while Jason watched them play from the bench.Before long, Lilith was on her back as Ilsa sat on her face, while Tascha lay on her belly between Lilith's legs, tonguing her clit and working her fingers, and then her whole hand, in and out of Lilith's pussy. Tascha noticed that two women, a cheerleader and a very sexy kitten, were kneeling in front of Ilsa, each one sucking on her beautiful tits. Then, Lilith was coming in a twisting, writhing orgasm.Tascha smiled to herself and thought the night was off to a very good start.To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica

    The Manor: Library

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    The Manor: Library - Some answers at last, and more questions. (ch. 17)By BradentonLarry. Listen to the Podcast at Steamy Stories. As a matter of fact, they did take things a bit easier that evening. After a long time spent cleaning up and dallying about in the baths, Tascha, Don, Shelonda and Nicole, who was now interested at least in finding out more about their situation, went back to looking for noteworthy rooms. They picked up where they had left off the day before, which happened to be where they were anyway, on the second floor. They located the wardrobe again, and found quite a few bedrooms with assorted mischief taking place. After a few hours, they took a break by making use of a bedroom to have an impromptu foursome, in which Don managed to make each of the women come. Then, several hours later, when they knew they were about done for the evening, they joined in on a nice little orgy that was going on in a large bedroom. Finally, they found a free bedroom and fell asleep, in what Don personally thought one of the best ways; that is with him in a pile of naked women.The next day, after a quick trip to the garden for bathing and breakfast, they started on the third floor. This proved not much more useful than the first and second floors, until, after two play breaks, they came upon a large pair of double doors at the end of a corridor. Pushing one of the doors open, they realized they had found the library.The shelves of books seemed to defy gravity both in the way the shelves soared up to the high ceiling, and in the fact that they were not on the ground floor, which seemed to Don to be the sensible place for what must be a very heavy collection of books. Off to the left as they came in, was a remarkably unremarkable circulation desk. Behind it, of course, was an incredibly hot woman with her thick, long dark hair tied up in a conservative bun, and a nice set of full tits peeking out of the collared, white dress shirt (which had two more buttons undone than Don had ever seen on areal librarian), and long, beautiful legs glimpsed beneath the hem of, and through the modest (by Manor standards) slit on the side of, the black skirt that clung to her curves and fell to just below her knee. Of course, she was also wearing black frame glasses, high heels and dark pink lipstick.Don and the others took a moment to wander around a bit. They noticed that there were several floors to the library, connected to this one by circular metal staircases. Here on the main floor there were a number of little reading lounge areas, complete with comfortable chairs and couches. These areas and the many secluded corners and aisles between the stacks were conducive to erotic encounters, and, this being the Manor, there were a number of parties enjoying themselves in just this way. Surprisingly enough, there were also a few people who were actually there to read.“Can we stay here for a while?” Nicole asked with her mischievous smile, as she eyed a man's cock as he sat on the floor with his head on the seat of a couch as a woman, facing toward the back of the couch, knelt over his face.“Um, sure,” Don said, suddenly feeling like he and Tascha were the chaperones on a field trip. “Have fun.”Both Nicole and Shelonda went to go enjoy themselves, while Tascha and Don considered the books available on the shelves. Tascha pointed out, “There seems to be a very good assortment.”“Yeah,” Don said, his eyes running over the titles, “and they're not junk. This would be a good college library, or even a small university's. Huh, I wonder, ”Don went over to the circulation desk and said, “Hello, I take it that you're the librarian.”The woman arched a dark eyebrow at him and pursed her lips before saying, “Yes, I'm the Librarian. May I help you?”“Just ‘the Librarian', not the ‘head librarian'?” Don asked playfully.“No,” the Librarian said a bit impatiently. “That's the head librarian over there.”Don followed the direction of her nod and saw a woman on her knees in front of a gentleman in a chair giving him an enthusiastic, but quiet, blowjob.“Of course she is,” Don couldn't help saying. Turning back to the Librarian, he asked, “Could you tell me if you have any floor plans of the Manor on file?”“Oh, good idea!” Tascha said.“Shush,” the Librarian insisted. “No, I'm afraid we do not, sir.”“How about any books at all about the Manor?” Don tried.“Not as such, sir,” the Librarian said seriously. “However, you may want to talk to the Scholar.”“I'm sure we do want to,” Don smiled. “Would you kindly direct us to him?”“Certainly,” she smiled. “Please follow me.”Don and Tascha shared a glance and a shrug and then followed the Librarian. They passed Nicole and Shelonda, who were now riding the man's cock and sitting on the back of the couch getting eaten by the woman, respectively, and then climbed a winding set of stairs up two levels. Then, through an area dominated by large work tables which were currently unused, except for the pair of men who were using one as a stable platform to lean against, they were brought to a door with a hand-lettered sign on it that read “SCHOLAR'S ROOM; Keep out!” The Librarian rapped twice on the door and proceeded to open it.A thin man who was apparently a bit older than Don, with reddish brown hair, looked up from the heavy book he was reading, and said, “Yes? What is it?”“This gentleman was looking for books about the Manor,” the Librarian said. “I suggested he might want to talk with you.”“Oh, really? Well, good. Thank you, Audrey,” the man said.“You're welcome, Robert,” the Librarian nodded with a smile and then turned to leave.“Oh, could you send Leah up when she has a few minutes?” Robert asked.“Of course,” the Librarian, or Audrey, said as she left.“You two are on a first name basis, eh?” Don observed.“Oh, yes, well, I knew her when she was still the head librarian,” Robert said, scratching his head absently. “She's a beautiful creature, isn't she? I was in love with her for a long time; maybe still am a little. It's no good falling in love here, though, not with them.”“Why not?” Tascha said.“You must be quite new,” Robert decided. “They're not complete. They have no memories before waking up here, unlike me and, I take it, the two of you. They also have all their material needs taken care of, and only one consistent desire, and there's plenty of that to be had. So, without anything to structure their lives, they don't really develop personalities. What makes you special here, young woman; particularly to this fellow who obviously adores you; is your memories and your complete personality. Audrey, the Librarian, as lovely, and amazing in bed, as she is; and she really is amazing in bed!; she's not quite a whole person. Sure, she's got a personality, a perfectly charming one, but it's rather,  Well, superficial, though I'm not sure that's the best word. One gets infatuated perhaps, but it fades when one realizes they've fallen for what is basically a child in a smoking hot body. Does that all make sense?”“Um, yes,” Tascha nodded, “I think so.”“So, I take it you're not new here?” Don asked.“No,” Robert laughed. “Oh, sorry! Please have a seat. I don't get many visitors.”Don and Tascha sat down in the offered chairs. This gave them a chance to appreciate the stacks of papers and books cluttering the little room.“Um, I have been here for a very long time indeed. Let's see,” Robert said, grabbing for a notebook off to his left. “I've been here for one hundred and forty seven,  no, forty eight,  hmm, ”“You've been here for one hundred and forty eight days?” Tascha asked.“Oh, no! That's nothing,” Robert laughed again. “I've been here for that many years, plus two months and eight days.”“What?!” Tascha gasped.Don took this information a bit more calmly, and said, “Robert, that's not possible. You must have made a mistake.”“No, no,” Robert shook his head. “I keep very careful track of these things. It's what I do to try to keep myself sane. Perhaps I don't do enough, but I'm sure the numbers are right. Years are still 365 days, right?”“Well, yeah, plus leap years,” Don said.“Yeah, ok, so I should probably factor those in, but what's the point?”“OK, well, how is it possible that you're over 150 years old?” Tascha asked.Robert shrugged, but said, “It's the water. I'm almost sure it's the water. It's not actually water, of course; not H-two-O. They call it XYZ; kind of a joke, that.”“Who's 'they'?” Don asked.“I should have said 'we' really, but the Scholars who came before me, and some other people I've managed to talk to over the years. There have been at least eight scholars, who have worked here over the years, and sometimes people pass through the Manor, and they tell me things, which I'm careful to record. It's kind of the gig, you see, and it's supposed to help keep me from going totally bonkers.”“Wait,” Tascha said. “You're going too fast. How could the water, or the XYZ, keep you alive, and young, for so long?”“Well, that's the million dollar question,” Robert chuckled. “XYZ seems to do a lot of things. First of all, it does everything our 'normal' water does, but it does it better. Somehow you don't need more than a glass of the stuff every day.”“We'd noticed that,” Don nodded.“Of course you did,” Robert smiled. “It's so delicious too, and like the water we were used to before we got here, it's in everything, including our bodily fluids, so those are also delicious; almost addictively so. And, since it's so effective, for hydration, a little bit of each other's fluids keeps us going quite well. It also revs up your libido; 'throws it into permanent over-drive' might be a better way to put it; but I don't think it does much to our level of inhibition. No one ever seems drunk on the stuff. I suspect only people who are already rather uninhibited get brought here. Super-charging the libido seems to do the trick. And, it seems to work particularly well in boosting natural lubricants. Also, it either works as some kind of super-disease killer; anti-bacterial and anti-viral; which is odd because it only kills harmful bacteria. Either that, or diseases just don't exist here, which actually seems plausible. It also seems to be what's responsible for the fact that you're both probably in better shape now than you were when you got here.”“Well, we haven't exactly been inactive,” Don smiled.“Yes, sex is good for you but seriously, everyone here is in amazing shape. You won't find a chunky person anywhere, and a lot of them never even make it to the gym. I think this is what keeps us all just about at the age we were when we got here.”“So, you're from the nineteenth century?” Tascha asked.“Oh, no, I'm from 1997.”“But that's not right at all!” Tascha exclaimed.“Well, it is right, but it doesn't make much sense,” Robert corrected.Don frowned and asked, “Time moves more slowly here?”“No, faster; much faster! Well, that would be the case if that were the only thing to explain, but that's not all,” Robert grinned. “I've talked to dozens of people like us, who have memories, and they come from a wide range of dates. I met someone once who came in from the 1920s and another who got here from 2011, believe it or not. The funny thing is, the woman from the '20s got here long after me. It's like time here, though linear, of course, is only connected with our 'normal' time in an incidental way. And the records of the other Scholars show that this has always been the case. Working from those records, I can say that there have been people in the Manor from as early as 1742 and as late as 2015, but there's little rhyme or reason to it. Most people speak English and come from the 20th and early 21st centuries.”“That's amazing,” Don said.“And crazy,” Tascha added. “Let's not forget the crazy.”“We remember our lives before the Manor, but what about the people here who don't?” Don asked. “Are they natives, or what?”“Well, there are two types of people here who don't remember anything else, or at least seem not to,” Robert smiled, enjoying the chance to talk about these things. “There are the staff, what 'we' call 'the blanks'; if they have any memories they're not telling. They might as well be automata, and some of us have thought they are. Some of them speak occasionally, but mostly they move around and do their work. I wouldn't be surprised if they completely lacked phenomenal experience. Then there are the rest, the playful set. Whether or not they're from our world is hard to say. It's probably impossible to tell for sure. I think they are, because they come here with established skill sets, most of which they don't need and soon forget about, but it doesn't make sense for them to be native here and to have acquired those skills; and background interests, by the way. You can see people come into the library, for instance, and they will go for a particular kind of book; say about antique cars; that it would make no sense for them to be drawn to if they were raised or created here. Plus, there's the fact that there are no children.”“OK,” Tascha said, “well, if they came from our world, why do they lose their memories and we didn't?”“Well, first of all, you mean you didn't lose all your memories,” Robert said with a smug smile.“What do you mean?”“There's the philosophical problem, of course; how can you know what you might have forgotten? More than that, though, everyone I've talked to with only two exceptions has forgotten at least some of the facts about the world that they knew before coming here.”Don and Tascha looked back at him expectantly.“I'll bet you both completely forgot about the dangers of STDs and pregnancy.”“What, damn!” Don said. Tascha just gaped.“Almost everyone forgets those things, and who knows what else,” Robert said. “I think it's a metaphysical issue, or something like one. There apparently aren't any such things in this world, so somehow when we're brought over here our connection with those facts is lost.”Don sat back in his chair, and Tascha now had her head in her hands.“It's all a lot to wrap your head around, I know,” Robert said.“But there aren't any cars in this world, either, are there?” Don asked.“Not that I'm aware of,” Robert admitted.“Then why are there books about them?”“I honestly have no idea,” the Scholar shrugged.“OK, what about who brought us here?” Tascha asked. “You keep saying 'brought here', and that implies a 'bringer', right?”“Or bringers, yes,” Robert nodded. “Unfortunately, that's really just a manner of speech. I really don't know anything about who or what is responsible for our being here.”There was a rap at the door, and then the head librarian, Leah, came in. She smiled at Don and Tascha, and moved over to Robert, who pushed his chair back so that she could kneel down and begin giving him a blowjob.“I hope you don't mind,” Robert said. “I'm just like you two and everyone else in this place, horny as hell all the time. Fortunately, sweet Leah here is happy to help out.”Leah paused in her duties long enough to say with a smile, “It's my job, and I love my job.”“Um, well, there are so many questions, ” Don started. He was a little distracted by Leah and what she was doing. He noticed that his cock was beginning to stiffen.“Is there a way to get back to our world?” Tascha asked.“Someone once mentioned that there was, to one of my predecessors,” Robert nodded. “There was a rumor about a ring of some kind, but it was all very much second, or even fifth, hand.”“Can we get back to our world from here in the Manor?” Don asked.“Not that I'm aware of,” Robert said, leaning back in his chair. “I strongly doubt it.”“You said people pass through the Manor,” Tascha said, “so there must be a way in and out of here.”“Yeah,” Don jumped in, “and the former Lord of the Manor went someplace. Where did he go? Where did the former Librarian go? And what happened to your predecessors?”“Um, I don't know about that last, uh, bit,” Robert managed, clearly distracted by Leah. “None of them left a note saying where they went. But yes, there is a door into and out of the Manor, though I've never seen it or been through it. Oh, that's very nice, Leah.”Don and Tascha looked at each other. She shrugged and Don said, “OK, well, if we may come back later, we'll leave you to your, uh, work.”“Of course,” Robert smiled, “come back anytime. Oh, but wait! Hold on a second, dear,” he said to Leah. “You might want to reconsider leaving the Manor. From what I can tell, the world outside is ,  odd and disturbing.”“This isn't odd?” Tascha asked.“Well, yes, but,  Just one more moment, dear,” he said to Leah. Then, back to Tascha, “Here, in the Manor everything's all happy, friendly romping about and group sex. Things outside aren't quite so ,  predictably friendly. No one's going to carry you off and butt-fuck you against your will here, but outside,  Well, it sounds like they're not so polite.”“But there's no way to get home in the Manor?” Don persisted.“I don't think so, no,” Robert said. Leah started to suck on him again, but he managed, “Just be sure you really want to leave, that's all.”Don and Tascha left, closing the door behind them, and walked over to the area where the big work tables were. The two men who'd been there earlier had left.Tascha hopped up on the end of one of the tables.“I get the feeling we don't really know much more than we did before,” Don said.“Yeah, I've got at least as many questions,” she nodded, while grabbing him by the arm and pulling her in front of her spread legs. She took hold of his cock, now hard from watching Leah down on her hands and knees, and pulled him in closer. She scooted forward a bit on the table, hooking her legs around the back of his, and pushed the head of his cock into her very hot and moist pussy.Don smiled at her and, reaching around to hold on to her butt, pulled her even more snugly against him, pushing his thick shaft up inside her. She reached up and grabbed his head and pulled it down so she could kiss him passionately, and Don began to work himself in and out of her, mostly by rocking his hips against hers. By doing this and flexing his legs, Don was able to get a good rhythm and penetration going. After several long minutes of this, Tascha broke their kiss to gasp and then bury her face in his shoulder. Don felt her legs pulling him in even tighter. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off the table. She held on to him tightly and worked with him as he raised and lowered her on his thick cock.“Oh god!” she gasped, and Don felt her shaking in his arms, and then his own orgasm boiled over, sending hot spurts of cum into her. He held on to her there as they both shook and trembled, only eventually, and very slowly, lowering her to the table behind her.He looked down at her and kissed her smiling mouth.“It's not just the water,” Tascha said.“No?”“Yeah, it's making me very horny, but there's more to it; at least with you. It's more, Well, it's definitely more emotional. Anyway, I don't think the water's making me do anything I don't want to.”“Well, it's just the water for me,” Don smirked.“Liar!” she laughed as she gave him a playful punch in the chest.“So, we're still looking for the way out, though, right?” Don asked. “In spite of the 'danger'?”“Yeah, unless you're scared,” she asked with a raised eyebrow.He pushed his cock into her a bit, and felt her squeeze him. “You know I'm not scared,” he smiled. “What's the worst that could happen, anyway?”“Weren't you listening? You could get butt-fucked against your will!”“Well, we'll see who does the butt-fucking then, won't we?” “Oh, really?” she laughed. “Are you just trying to turn me on?”Don moved in and out of her a bit, demonstrating that his cock was still quite hard, and said, “The thought had occurred to me.”“Umm,” she murmured, which was followed by a kiss. This might have led to a longer, more leisurely session of intercourse, if Nicole and Shelonda hadn't turned up right then.“There you two are!” Nicole exclaimed in a loud whisper.“Shush!” Shelonda giggled.Don looked up at them, without making any move to pull out of Tascha. He smiled and said, “We're going to find a way out of the Manor, and go butt-fucking. Want to come with us?”“Oh!” Shelonda grinned as she climbed up onto the table and started crawling toward Tascha and Don, “But can't you go 'butt-fucking' here?”“Sure,” Don said, “but apparently it's more of a challenge outside.”Shelonda seemed to consider this, but put off responding until after she had given Tascha a long, upside-down kiss.“I take it you found out something?” Nicole asked, as she leaned on the table.“Yes,” Don nodded, as he pulled back to let Shelonda work her way down to get her mouth on Tascha's tits, though he didn't pull out of Tascha just yet. He started to tell Nicole what they'd learned from Robert, the Scholar, but when he felt Tascha moving under him, pulling at him with her legs, he began to fuck her again. He tried to keep explaining things to Nicole, but when Leah came out, having apparently given more than just a blowjob to Robert, and she and Nicole started making out, Don gave up. Instead he pulled Tascha in on his cock and began to fuck her steadily. While he was doing this, Shelonda crawled up to kneel over Tascha's face, and leaned over to kiss Don.This all went on for some time, even after Shelonda and Tascha came, and after they all ganged up on Leah, who they managed to reduce to a giggling mass of post-orgasmic sex-pot. Finally, though, they were able to finish telling Nicole what they had learned, and even managed to get themselves back out of the library.There, in the corridor, they ran into none other than Igor, again, this time accompanied by Amy and Jamie.“Ah ha! Just who we were looking for!” Amy grinned. “There's a masquerade party tonight in the ballroom, and we didn't want you to miss it.”“That's very thoughtful of you,” Tascha said.Don asked Igor, “How do you keep finding us so easily?”Igor just shrugged, and almost smiled.“We are going to the masquerade party, aren't we?” Nicole asked.It was Don's turn to shrug, but Tascha said, “Sure. It sounds like fun. I take it we can get costumes in the wardrobe?”“Yes!” Amy said, “Let's go find ourselves some sexy costumes!”To be continued.By BradentonLarry for Literotica