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We spend our hours ‘connected,’ but we’re drifting away from real human connection. Especially to ourselves. Join host Leticia Latino and her inspiring guests in exploring ways to reconnect to your essence, to your definite purpose, to what makes you TICK. Are you ready?”

Leticia Latino

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    Latest episodes from Back2Basics: Reconnecting to the essence of YOU

    E132: Deb Brown Maher- Sell Like Jesus

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 38:49

    Learn more about Deb at:(2) Deb Brown Maher | LinkedInAbout me | Deb Brown SalesAuthor: Deb Brown Maher | BIZCATALYST 360°See Deb's art at:Deb Brown Maher - Official Website ( Deb's Book at:Sell Like Jesus: 7 Characteristics of Christ For Ethical Sales: Brown Maher, Deb: 9781734055702: Books

    E130: Beena Sukumaran - Foster Diversity in Engineering

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 35:03

    Learn more about Beena at:(2) Beena Sukumaran | LinkedInLearn more about Miami University at:Programs Archive - Miami University Program Finder (

    E129: Dieter Randolph - Way Past Okay

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 37:50

    Dieter Randolph is a third-generation minister., a writer, a coach, a teacher, and a podcaster.   In this enlightening episode, he shares the struggle he faced having been raised with the expectation to practice his ministry in a traditional church setting.  After a lot of soul searching, he has created a practice that excites him because it inspires others to find a life that they love, without having to abide by the traditional spiritual practices.     His motto is:  "We're all in this together. When you win, so does the world."  Learn more about Dieter at:

    E128: Andrew Mondia - Own your Feelings

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 44:56

    In Andrews own words:Life is about the unknown and how we face challenges every day.  I'm here to be of service to inspire through my stories in my own life so that your light may shine whether in business and personal.   At 13, I hit rock bottom in my life due to the harshness of the world around me that led me to the point where life wasn't worth living and attempted suicide.  But some force within me pushed me back to life and I stand here to tell my tale. I furnished the harsh experiences of my life with pretty fancy words to fill up the lives of the people around me with light. I stood against the harrowing experiences, and guess what? At the exact moment, life became bountiful on me.  From an early age, I discovered my passion for acting and few months later at the then age of 14 when my grandfather died; I declared to the universe what I wanted to do.  Pursuing my dream has led me on a path of personal development discoveries enjoying life where I traveled across the world, experienced different cultures and worked different jobs. From the pyramids of Egypt to the Great Wall of China, I explored the planet and got to inspire so many lives around me along the way.Do you know what's keeping me going? Hearing the laughter and cheers of the people when they hear me sharing my life stories with them. Those smiles and happy faces are just the fuel that empowers me to always keep going. I even wrote, produced, and performed my one-man show to inspire more people. Through my show, I lend a helping hand to the people struggling with life and wanting to die, people giving up due to bullying and abuse, and people losing their sexual identity. The world will start following you if you start believing in yourself. From being traumatized by the harsh experiences of life you too can move into a place of empowerment to follow your dreams and start chasing them to the end!Some of my lifetime achievements include working with award-winning actors/directors and featuring in The Washington Post, Uk's The Guardian, National Post, and on BBC Radio 1. 

    E127: Manpreet Bawa- Choices and Change

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 38:48

    Mind Architect, Intentional Inc.We all have a superpower of making daily CHOICES in our lives but we also suffer the choices we make. Sometimes we dread making the choices and at times we dream of making these choices. By the end of this session, you'll be able to recognize how you can use choice more often to have a more happy life. Manpreet is a father to two beautiful children, married to an amazing wife, and a son to great parents. He is Mind Architect at Intentional Inc. and helps people recognize the power of intentional mindset and conscious choices. He was born and raised in India and has worked in the IT Services industry for over 20 years. As part of his job, he has built and lead teams to help retail teams across the world build better solutions. Although he has had a successful career on his own terms, at the other end of 20 years he didn't feel fulfilled.For the longest, he labeled and identified himself by his work and what he did for a living. As for any employees, his employer decided:How much to pay?What time and how long to work?What to work on?What time to eat and get breaks?When to take holidays?When to spend time?It all changed when he realized that he has a choice: a choice to change, a choice to create new experiences in life, a choice to pivot careers, a choice to have a conscious life. And that gave birth to “Intentional Mindset.”He started his journey of becoming unstuck of his own limits, beliefs, and identities and developed tools to break the chains. He then started to coach people with the same principles to help them do the same.He is fascinated by the role our mind plays in the quality of life we experience and how we can consciously choose to create the life we want. While all of the school education focuses on teaching people HOW and WHAT to do for a living, he wants people to get back to basics and learn how to LIVE first.Manpreet.Bawa@IntentionalInc.com

    E126: Dr. Seema Bonney - The Path of Optimal Wellness

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 32:35

    An advocate of the power of functional medical therapies, Dr. Bonney takes each patient's health as her priority.She is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She has completed certifications in Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment, Gut Health, Cardio-metabolic Medicine, Immunology, and many others.Dr. Bonney is also Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College.Learn more at:Anti-Aging & Longevity Center of Philadelphia ( Bonney, MD | LinkedIn

    E125: Blake Godlove - Re-energizing Sports Nutrition

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 25:14

    Links: to the guest's company and social media accountsBlake's LinkedIn: After Bar Instagram: Foods Facebook: Foods LinkedIn:

    E123: Dawson Church - The Science in Meditation

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 38:01

    Dawson Church is a health writer and researcher who has edited or authored a number of books in the fields of health, psychology, and spirituality. His principal works are The Genie in Your Genes (, which reviews the research linking consciousness, emotion, and gene expression (USA BookNews “Best Health Book”), Mind to Matter (, which examines the science of peak mental states (American Book Fest “Best Health Book”), and Bliss Brain (, which demonstrates that “flow” states rapidly remodel the brain for happiness.He has published many scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, collaborating with scholars at various universities on outcome studies of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. He is the editor of the peer-reviewed journal Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment ( and general manager of Energy Psychology Press, which maintains a research bibliography and case histories at EFT Universe (, one of the most-visited alternative medicine sites on the web. He is the science columnist for Unity magazine and his blog posts on the Huffington Post have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of readers.In his undergraduate and graduate work at Baylor University, he became the first student ever to graduate from the academically rigorous University Scholar's program in 1979. He earned his doctorate in Integrative Healthcare at Holos University under the mentorship of neurosurgeon Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association.After an early career in book publishing as editor then president of Aslan Publishing, Church went on to receive a postgraduate PhD in Natural Medicine, as well as clinical certification in Energy Psychology (CEHP certification #2016). Church and Shealy coauthored the book Soul Medicine (, which surveys the role of energy in healing from the earliest times to the modern day.In 2007, Church founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution dedicated to education and research on evidence-based healing modalities. The two primary methods he uses are EcoMeditation and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT acupressure tapping). He has worked with over a thousand pain clients, with average symptom reductions of 68% [18], and co-developed the Skinny Genes program which results in long-term weight loss.[13]In 2008 the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare initiated the Veterans Stress Project (, a clearinghouse to connect veterans suffering from PTSD with energy therapy practitioners. Over 21,000 veterans and family members have received counseling through the Project, and Church has twice been invited to testify before US Congressional committees on his work.Church is a former president of the Family Connection, one of 53 nonprofits named as Points of Light by President Bill Clinton, and is also a member of the Transformational Leadership Council. Books on which he has worked have won over two dozen awards, including Best Health Book (Independent Press Awards) and Best Science Book (USA Booknews Awards). He has been quoted in USA Today, CNN, BBC, the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Parenting, and many other national media.Learn More about Dawson at:

    E122- Casey Holstein: Keep Moving Forward

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 32:16

    Episode Links:About Us | SYNERGY HomeCare of Metro New Jersey(2) Casey Holstein | LinkedInGrief Support Center for Children & Families | Good Grief | NJ (

    E121: Robert Raymond Riopel - The Four Currencies of Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 43:16

    Wth HIGH ENERGY and Heartfelt Style, Robert Raymond Riopel has used his humour and stories to personally train over 500,000 students around the world. Bringing value to audiences by showing them how to tap into their inner greatness. All of his trainings and interviews can be and are highly interactive and will not only leave the listeners with practical skills they will experience  cellular shifts in their lives.Book Robert to find out why he is a highly sought after trainer, speaker and podcast guest.After going from $150,000 in debt and stressed to completely Financial Free by the age of 32, Robert discovered his passion of training others because he felt that if he could even assist 1 person in their financial freedom, it would be all worth while. Robert only teaches from his personal experiences, struggles and wins and that is why he connects so well with the audience.Author of the international best selling book "Success Left A Clue"Learn more about Robert at:  

    E119: Activate the Voice Within

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 40:37

    Sam Thiara is a professional who has created a personal journey as a storyteller, writer, workshop facilitator, problem solver, educator and entrepreneur.  His goal is to engage individuals in their personal and professional development and was recognized by the Governor General of Canada for his work in the hundreds of individuals he has mentored and the thousands he has engaged. Added to this are the 45+ non-profits that he has worked with over the years.Presently, Sam is the Founder and Chief Motivating Officer at Ignite the Dream Coaching and Consulting, a platform that engages his audience to define their path.  A key element is transformational practices where he is an expert in youth career coaching and supports teams and organizations in corporate alignment.  He co-founded a youth career platform that has gone nationwide.He is a lecturer at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University where he blends academic and professional experiences into a rich environment that captivates his audience.  Finally, he is an accomplished and sought after speaker and has two TEDx talks to his name and speaks at conferences, seminars and workshops about 30-35 times a year.  Added to his speaking is the book he recently wrote a book called, ‘Lost and Found: Seeking the Past and Finding Myself'.  It focuses on his journey to India to find his ancestral roots with little else than a faded photograph and determination.  The book is also about realizing one's cultural identity because many struggle with understanding who they are.Learn more about Sam at:  Everyone's Life is an Autobiography / Sam Thiara ( 

    E119: Byron Edgington - Advocating for Diversity in the Cockpit

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2021 40:11

    In Byron's own words:Experienced Owner/Editor/Author with a history of success writing & publishing in the aviation and aerospace industry. Skilled in Journalism, Newspapers, Short Stories, Book Reviews, and Manuscript Editing. I have a BA in English and Creative Writing from Ohio State. Words and their use are my passion, especially the correct words.Drafted into the U.S. Army in 1969, I trained as a helicopter pilot. After a 40 year 'gap year' I returned to college to finish my Bachelors Degree in English & Creative Writing, finishing at age 63.MY PUBLISHING & WRITING CAREER INCLUDES SEVERAL BOOKS*:The Sky Behind Me, a Memoir of Flying and LifeA Vietnam Anthem, What the War Gave MeSkyWriting: The Art & Craft of AviationWaiting for Willie Pete, a Helicopter Novel of Vietnam*Coming soon: PostFlight: An Old Pilot's NotesLearn more about Byron at:Home | Author B Edgington (

    E117 - Julie Hartz - Inspiring the next generation of Space Explorers

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2021 31:09

    Julie Hartz | LinkedInJulie has an initial background in physics and geoscience that she acquired in her home country, Switzerland. After a year spent on travels and internships in marine biology and numerical modeling at the French National Geological Survey, she finally chose to settle far from home, in Sydney, Australia, to specialize in geochemistry.Soon after she started her postgraduate degree at Macquarie University, Julie discovered the interdisciplinary field of Astrobiology and decided to dedicate her academic life to the search for life in the Universe. Her ongoing and already awarded research focuses on the traces of microbial life that are preserved in rock samples from Martian analogues.Adventurer at heart, Julie flew a plane solo for the first time at the age of 15. She is always seeking the next challenge on land, in the air, or under water. Certified deep scuba diver, Julie recently let go of air tanks and regulators to start diving deep under water on a single breath. Committed to empower women in sports and science, in 2012 she co-founded the first Women's Soccer Team of her home University in Switzerland that is still thriving in the regional championship today.Learn more about Womars at:  

    E115: Jonathan Adelstein - The Passion to Make Impact

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 41:03

    Jonathan S. Adelstein is the President & CEO of the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA). WIA represents nearly 200 companies devoted to building wireless broadband facilities that connect every corner of America. Since he became President in 2012, over 100 new members have joined the association, the annual wireless infrastructure show has broken participation records, a new association was formed in Europe, and a new nationwide training initiative and WIA PAC were launched. WIA is the principal organization representing the companies that build, design, own and manage telecommunications facilities throughout the world. Its members include carriers, infrastructure providers and professional services firms, with a combined market cap of over $400 billion. Mr. Adelstein served as Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from 2002 to 2009, for which he was twice nominated by President George W. Bush and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. At the FCC he achieved bipartisan progress on issues including broadband expansion, widening access to the Internet and media diversity.In 2009, following the FCC, Mr. Adelstein was nominated by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the Senate to serve as the Administrator of U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service. There, he oversaw a $60 billion portfolio of rural electric, water, and telecommunications infrastructure loans. He spearheaded the strategic investment of nearly $7 billion under the Recovery Act into rural broadband and water infrastructure, as part of annual budgets of up to $15 billion.As a member of the Obama Administration, Mr. Adelstein was appointed as a member of the White House National Science and Technology Council, which coordinates science and technology policy across the Federal government, and the White House Business Council, leading Council meetings with business leaders across America.Previously, Mr. Adelstein held a number of legislative staff positions over 15 years in the U.S. Senate, culminating as a senior policy advisor to the Senate Majority Leader.  Mr. Adelstein received an M.A. in History and a B.A., with Distinction, in Political Science from Stanford University. He attended the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and served as a Teaching Fellow in history at Harvard University and a Teaching Assistant at Stanford University. He is a graduate of Phillips Academy, Andover. He was born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota. An avid musician, he has performed with artists from local garage bands to members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He currently lives with his wife and two children in the Washington, D.C. area.Learn More about Jonathan at:(1) Jonathan Adelstein | LinkedIn

    E114: Carlee Hayes- Be your Healthiest Self

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2021 34:55

    Dr. Gail Gross - Authenticity is the Key to Health and Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2021 55:19

    Gail Gross, PhD, EdD, MEd, is a nationally recognized family, child development, and human behavior expert, author, and lecturer who is frequently called upon by national and regional media to offer her insight on topics involving family relationships, education, behavior, and development issues. Dr. Gross has contributed to broadcast, print, and online media including her TV talk show, Let's Talk with Dr. Gail Gross on PBS,her radio talk show, Let's Talk with Dr. Gail Gross, CNN, The Today Show, Fox's The O'Reilly Factor, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC, FOX radio, Hollywood Reporter, MORE  Magazine,,, Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine, Time Magazine, Times of India, Univision, The Doctors TV Show, Parents magazine, People magazine,, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and USA Today. She has earned accolades from distinguished leaders such as the Dalai Lama, who presented her with the first Spirit of Freedom award in 1998, and Houston Women's Magazine named her One of Houston's Most Influential Women of 2016. Most recently, Dr. Gross's book, The Only Way Out is Through, was named a Next Generation Indie Book Awards Silver Medal finalist in 2020 and Winner of the 2021 Independent Press Awards in the categories of Death & Dying as well as Grief. Her latest book, How to Build Your Baby's Brain, was the National Parenting Product Awards winner in 2019, the Nautilus Book Awards winner in 2019, ranked the #1 Best New Parenting Book in 2019 and listed among the Top 10 Parenting Books to Read in 2020 by BookAuthority, as well as the Next Generation Indie Book Awards Gold Medal winner in 2020 and Winner of the 2021 Independent Press Awards in the category of How-To.Learn more about Dr. Gross at:Home - Dr. Gail Gross Ph.D., Ed.D. (

    E112: Sydney Weiss - Seek the Joy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2021 34:34

    Sydney Weiss is a lawyer and the creator, host, and producer of Seek The Joy Podcast, a podcast with heartfelt storytelling and conversations on all things self-love, joy, connection, wellness and spirituality.Sydney's greatest mission is to uplift and empower others to find their authentic voice, encourage them to step into their vulnerability and courage, all to seek their joy and bring about a better world.Through her work, she's been able to do just that.Inspired by our ongoing journey toward growth, empowerment, and self-love, every episode of Seek The Joy Podcast offers a fresh perspective, “aha!” moments, laughs, and stories and wisdom that will stick with you throughout the week.In 2020, Sydney's passion for nurturing human connection led her to launch Stories of Inspiring Joy, a new space dedicated to sharing your stories, in your words. There is real power in storytelling, and when we come together around shared love, loss, laughter, joy and vulnerability, we build connection, create inspiration, and come together in community.We all have a story to share and a voice that is meant to be heard, and we want to share yours.The future of audio storytelling is in intentional media that entertains, informs, and inspires. Sydney is a firm believer that diversity of thought and experience is the key to inclusive storytelling, inspiring real change, and creating great podcasts!Through her producing work on Seek The Joy and Stories of Inspiring Joy, Sydney has shared powerful stories, narratives, and interviews with guests from various cultural backgrounds and experiences, spanning topics such as health, empowerment and joy, that inspire connection, community, and greater empathy and understanding.To connect with Sydney and learn more, please e-mail or for any podcast inquiries.You can also visit:

    E111: Jeanette Brown - Connecting in a Unique Way

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2021 41:30

     Since 1999, Jeanette has brought effective public relations, branding, marketing and positive crisis resolution solutions to clients across a variety of industries.When thousands of loyal Maker's Mark Bourbon drinkers revolted online after Maker's Mark announced they were lowering the alcohol content in the iconic product, Jeanette was a key member of the team Beam Suntory, the parent company, hired to restore customer confidence in their brand. Swift action with the brand owners, communication in social media and consumer influencers brought what would be called a faux pas comparable to Coca Cola's 1980s misstep to a footnote in bourbon history. Within a week, Maker's Mark fans' confidence was restored as they happily awaited the return of the original proof bourbon they had grown to love. In 2016, she managed the “dieselgate” emissions scandal involving Volkswagen and Audi. By quickly digging in and understanding the problem facing the automaker, confidence in the restoration process was restored as lawsuits became the headlines. The following year she managed communications for PepsiCo while they pulled an ad featuring Kendall Jenner that was considered racially insensitive and borrowed heavily from Black Lives Matter.In 2017, Jeanette founded Excellence & Presence Communications to pursue her passion for inspiring collaboration between clients and her networks to deliver best-in-class campaigns through culturally relevant stories that inspire interactions with lifestyle brands, nonprofits and corporations.Learn more about Jeanette and her company at:  

    E110: Paul McGee- The art of SUMO , Shut Up and Move On

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 43:23

    Author, motivational speaker and conference facilitator Paul McGee educates companies on how to survive and thrive in challenging times—dealing with change, developing relationships in the workplace, performing under pressure, and inspiring others as a leader. He is often known as the SUMO guy after his SUMO book which became a best seller.Learn more about Paul and The SUMO Approach at:SUMO (

    E109: Cheryl Vigder Brause and Stephanie Falk- Pausing to be Present

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2021 39:04

    Cheryl Vigder BrauseAs one of the leading experts on mindfulness in Westchester, Cheryl has created and ledhundreds of programs and taught mindfulness locally and nationally to thousands of adults, teens and children in schools, businesses and privately. Once a corporate litigator and investment banker, Cheryl now uses her decade of personal practice and training to write, speak and teach about the transformative practice of mindfulness meditation.  As a busy mother of three, she has expertise in mindful parenting, stress reduction, finding balance and making these ancient practices accessible in our busy, modern lives. Cheryl teaches people from her own personal and relatable experience how everyone can use a few simple tools each day to create a more peaceful, joy-filled, healthier life. She is thrilled to create this incredible space for people to pause and explore the transformative power of meditation.Cheryl has had extensive training in the fields of meditation and mindfulness. She is a graduate of Mindful Schools Year-Long training, as well as a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor.  Sheis certified in Learning to BREATHE, MBSR for Teens, and Stressed Teens (MBSR-T) and has completed her Level I and Level II Meditation Teacher Training with David Nichtern. Cheryl is a featured expert on the Simple Habit meditation app, which has2.7 million total signups and an average of 30,000 new users every week, and is a founding teacher for Journey LIVE, an exciting new live-streaming group meditation app.  She is also the creator of and the 2bpTV, online resources that have helped thousands of people discover the true gifts of learning how to slow down and connect inward to their inner strengths, stillness and unlimited potential.Stephanie FalkStephanie Falk is the Chief Engagement Officer at Pause Meditation and oversees all business aspects of the studio including marketing, development, special events and community outreach.  Mindfulness has had a significant impact on her life by providing necessary balance while juggling a busy career and raising three children in Edgemont, NY. In addition to co-founding Pause Meditation, Stephanie works at Gilda's Club Westchester, a non-profit organization that provides free emotional support to anyone impacted by any type of cancer.  Since 2008, Stephanie has worked in various development capacities and currently oversees corporate giving and strategic partnerships.Prior to working at Gilda's Club, Stephanie worked as a Vice President, Retail Brand Director for Lady Foot Locker and then as a marketing and communications consultant, providing strategic planning and brand development for corporate clients in the areas of special events, retail and marketing. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Syracuse University.Learn more about Pause to be Present at:   Pause – breathe. connect. be. ( to be Present is part of the  TAP Series, because they are one of the Small Business that The Acceleration Project has helped and support.   The Acceleration Project (TAP) ​is a female-founded, female-led business advisory firm dedicated to keeping local economies vital and channeling talent into the economy.  TAP supports ​underserved small businesses, with a focus on those owned by women and People of Color​. ​Learn more about TAP at ; The Acceleration Project - HOME 

    E108: Heather Waring- On a Mission to impact the lives of One Million Women

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 48:47

    In Heather's Own Words:Walking is my passion; coaching is my calling and by combining these great loves, I get to take women on transformational walking experiences giving them the space and time to rediscover and reconnect with themselves. As a Camino Leader and Expert, I feel that when walking and coaching are combined, that’s where the magic truly happens!“Heather prepares and encourages you every step of the way” Deborah KevinI’m passionate about inspiring women to make positive changes in their lives through conversation especially those who have challenges in their personal and working lives. For eg, redundancy, career change, business growth, medical challenges, divorce or may have just reached some crossroads in their lives. Together we can shape, co-create, redesign lifestyles they truly want – all done through walking and talking.I run several walking-related experiences for small groups as well as individuals. Even my online programs involve walking as a way of thinking through issues in a pragmatic way.I work with women who live busy and often stressed lives – always available to everyone else except themselves and rarely take time out just to be. As we get older and live longer, I’m sure like me, you’d like to do more and still play an active role in your life. That means investing in us, our health, wellbeing and longevity. Walking is a great way to do this.If this sounds like you, let’s chat & see how you might benefit from my unique walking and talking coaching service.Walking with you means that as much as I’m not walking in your shoes, I’m not too far from the journey you are making because I’m always by your side.MY OTHER PASSIONSWhen I’m not working, I love traveling & exploring. Sunshine is my weakness, and when mixed with great food, good wine and brilliant company, I couldn’t be happier. Find out more at: or contact me via WhatsApp +447941246619. 

    E107: Laura and Barry Ash - Harnessing the power of our energy to be happy

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2021 31:22

    In Barry's and Laura's own words:The story of Rock Solid’s method and principles come from a mixture of Loz’s own personal experience in her quest to manage her mental and physical health and well-being, Baz’s 25 plus years in the fitness industry and sitting back and looking at the fitness industry as a whole and asking questions like What’s missing, Why do people stop and start, What is the solution, and Why has the fitness industry let so many people down? Everything that you read on this website comes from us asking these questions. We developed a 5 step mythology to empower people to see where they are getting stuck and how to rationally navigate out of that rut. It starts with Acknowledging and Accepting where you are, creating massive Awareness around the situation, taking small Actions that empower you, then making slight Adjustments along the way. These steps have been proven to be a powerful way to ensure that you never stop on your journey to health and happiness. The final A in case you were wondering is Accelerate. If you do get stuck, this is where we step in and give you a boost and kick in the right direction to Accelerate you.Learn more about them at:

    E106: Kylie Slavik - The Power of Storytelling

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2021 28:30

    In Kylies on words:I never thought that overcoming years of addiction would lead me to become a highly sought copywriter and brand storyteller in the transformation space, but it did.I co-founded a spoken word poetry venue to work on transforming my life. I found the healing I was looking for in storytelling.Not too long after, I was invited to write ads for a coaching company, even though I had no experience with ads, or formal marketing training. I used the same attention grabbing, emotionally compelling "poetry formula" to write my first ad.In one weekend the $575 ad spend converted to $67,500 - the campaign ended up with a 2000% ROI.Since then I have written ads, copy and told stories for transformational companies such as...- Conscious Marketer (clients include Sounds True, Eckhart Tolle, The Collective Trauma Summit, etc..)- Conscious Copy & Co. (clients include Joe Polish, Brendan Burchard, J.J. Virgin, Mindshare and more...)- Astrology Hub, Tru Earth, HeartMath Institute, Brian Tracy, Travis Sago, Brendan Kane, Thrive Academy, The Draw Shop, Hungry for Happiness, and other companies using business to transform human consciousness for the greater goodI have been featured in Yanik Silver's Evolved Enterprise Course, Park Howell's The Business of Story Podcast, Conscious Marketing Academy, CopyHackers 10X Your Launches, A Conscious Copy & Mindshare Copywriting Workshop, and Signature Stories that Sell.Along the way I managed robust affiliate programs for Max Simon and Gina DeVee, with partners such as Arielle Ford, John Assaraf, Mindvalley Academy, Mark Victor Hansen, Bo Eason, Thrive Academy, Derek Rydall and more.I currently serve as the Director of Storytelling & Brand Development at Conscious Marketer, the #1 launch agency in the spiritual and transfomation market.To date I've generated $23,000,000+ for my clients. Part of this is surrounding myself with awesome teams and dedicated creative professionals.In January 2021 Sounds True published a course created by Richard Taubinger and I called The Power of Conscious Marketing, and we plan to relaunch in it the Fall.I am committed to the practice of micro-philanthropy and love supporting 4Ocean, anti human trafficking organizations, and indigenous wisdom keepers across the globe.My most recent fun accomplishment was taking a 1:1 mentorship program with Evy Poumpouras, former Secret Service Agent and author of Becoming Bulletproof.In my spare time you'll find me traveling, hiking the beautiful trails of San Diego, at the beach or reading 7 books at once.Learn more about Kylie Slavik and her amazing work at.  You can also download her free guide to "The Core Story Formula at:

    E105: Andy Lopata - Just Ask

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 37:00

    In Andy's Own Words:“The best talk I’ve ever been to” – BBC Worldwide“All conversations at dinner started..."as Andy Lopata said!!" But more important is after the conference, the number of emails and phone calls done!” - Nuno Durão Managing Partner Fine and Country PortugalScroll Down for over 150 more testimonials.Strong professional relationships can help to break down silos within organisations, lead to more and higher quality new leads, uncover hard to find solutions and increase efficiency in a range of areas.Unfortunately those relationships are often left to chance, leaving many failing to realise the potential their networks offer.Organisations struggle with more competition than collaboration between departments while sales teams rely on their leaders to bring in referrals as they plod on with tired attempts to find new prospects, ignoring the opportunity to build networks of their own.By knowing why you and your team are investing in relationships, it is possible to plan accordingly and get great, measurable results.For twenty years I have worked with companies on how to build, nurture and benefit from professional relationships. Working across sectors, I have helped businesses in professional and financial services, healthcare, software and more. I’ve even worked with chocolate manufacturers and fitness clubs, the perfect partnership!I have worked in twenty-six countries worldwide, been quoted in the international press, including Forbes,, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times and The Guardian in the UK and written four books on the topic.I’m a Fellow and Board Member of the Professional Speaking Association and a recipient of the PSAE (Award of Excellence). I’m also a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and a Master of the Institute of Sales Management.For my sins I am a Charlton Athletic supporter and former editor of the award-winning fanzine 'Goodbye Horse' (I must have done something very bad in a previous life!). I also enjoy cooking, hiking, the theatre and various failed attempts at sport!If you’d like to connect, please feel free to reach out and tell me more. Send me a personalised connection request on here or you can reach me by email at website is→ Professional relationships→ Business networking strategy→ Referral strategy→ Social networks→ Mentoring→ Masterminding→ Vulnerability and transparency→ Networking skills→ Word of mouth marketing→ Networking for your career→ Using your network to find a job→ LinkedIn  

    E104: Dr. Diana Anca - Making a Difference by Raising Patient Awareness

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2021 31:14

    E103: Dennis Pitocco- Rediscovering Humanity at its best

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2021 36:29

    Dennis Pitocco is the founder of Bizcatalyst360 an  Award-Winning publishing division of 360° Nation, presenting a life, culture, and biz multimedia digest, serving as a hub of creative expression and personal growth designed with and for our writers and our community. With an emphasis on action, our 800+ global contributors empower people to transition from knowing what to do to actually doing it —all complemented by syndication relationships with a choice group of equally innovative media outlets. Today and every day, we simply deliver the very best insights, intelligence, and inspiration available anywhere —doing it our way by placing our writers and our audience at the forefront. It's magical. It's evergreen. And quite frankly, it's just good stuff. Period.Dennis believes that it is time to rediscover humanity.    It’s time for a renaissance of pure, unbridled wonder. It’s time to renew in both our hearts and in our souls more joy, more kindness, more compassion, more understanding. And that magical sense of truly belonging to something greater than the status quo. The time is long overdue for a paradigm shift, pivoting from where we are to where many of us simply wish to be. The time is now to come together as a thriving “conscious community” where people are bound together by choice –not chance nor edict –remaining together because they want to. Because they embrace and enjoy listening, respecting, empathizing, and supporting without judgment. A community where they feel welcome and safe. Where authentic relationships that can be counted on without hesitation or reservation. It’s time to bring the spirit of “humanity at its best” back to the forefront. Come along as we reimagine the spirit of humanity at its very best under the universal umbrella of 360° Nation.Learn more about Bizcatalyst360 at:BIZCATALYST 360° | Business Media, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, HRand about Dennis at:Dennis Pitocco | LinkedIn 

    E102: Shamis Pitts- Connecting to Greatness

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2021 42:43

    Shamis Story in her own words:Shamis' StoryI launched Pitts Leadership in March 2019 after completing a “year on” of soul searching. For years, I struggled to connect with my purpose and made the decision to step back from the world of work until I could answer the questions - “Why am I here? What do I want to contribute to the world?”I have always enjoyed serving and supporting others; however, doing so often left me feeling depleted. I always had access to interesting job opportunities, and I would happily accept the challenges presented to me because I loved leveraging what I knew while learning something new. But something was missing. I realized that the “something” was me!  I was often supporting someone else’s vision for the future without having a commitment to my own. I had been working 70-100 hour weeks, prioritizing work over wellbeing, telling myself that I was doing so in order to support the organizations I was leading and the employees within them.After taking a step back, I realized - I believe in leading by example. How can I support the wellbeing of others if I am not operating from wellbeing? I then committed to a life of wellbeing - physically, emotionally, socially - and established the support system I needed to be in integrity with that choice.With Pitts Leadership, I, along with my team and my partners, seek to support individuals and organizations on that journey by providing leadership coaching, training and development, keynote speaking and human capital consulting services.Pitts Leadership leverages my 20 years of experience in strategy, people leadership and business process within human resources management consulting, financial services, education and start-up technology.I have served as the official mediator and the unofficial heart and soul for many companies. I endeavor to support individuals, teams and organizations to create similar powerful, purposeful experiences.Shamis serves in the President's Council of The Acceleration Project a female-founded, female-led business advisory firm dedicated to keeping local economies vital and channeling talent into the economy. Learn More about Shamis at:About – Pitts Leadership Consulting LLCLearn more about TAP at:  

    E101: Candace Johnson - The Greater Good as the Compass to achieve your full potential

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    Candace Johnson is a global infrastructure, network and innovation expert and entrepreneur.   Currently, she is Vice Chair of NorthStar Earth and Space, the world’s first private satellite constellation dedicated to solving two of the most important issues of our time — space debris and climate change.  She is also Chair of the Advisory Board of Seraphim Space Capital, the world’s largest venture capital fund dedicated to space and space-related ventures.  She is co-initiator of SES/ASTRA for which she was named an Officer of the Luxembourg Oak Leaf Crown and architect of SES Global, one of the world’s largest satellite systems for which she was named Commander of the Luxembourg Order of Merit.  She is also founding President of Europe Online Investments S.A., the world’s first internet-based online service and satellite broadband network, and founder of Loral Cyberstar-Teleport Europe, Europe’s first independent private trans-border satellite communications network for which she was named an Officer of the German Federal Order of Merit.Ms. Johnson has recently co-founded Oceania Women’s Network Satellite (OWNSAT).  OWNSAT has become a founding investor in the Kacific Satellite System based in Singapore, where Ms. Johnson has also been a Member of the Board.  Ms. Johnson is also founding President of the VATM, the Association of Private Telecom Operators in Germany and founding President of the Global Telecom Women’s Network (GTWN). In 2012 she and a group of engaged women created the Global Board Ready Women initiative, (GBRW).  She has continued to be a long-time Member of the Board of Directors of all of these companies and organizations at various times throughout the years.She also served as President of EBAN, the European Business Angel and Early-Stage Investment Network from 2014 – 2018, the maximum mandate allowed by the EBAN Statutes. Ms. Johnson is also the Co-Founder of ABAN, African Business Angels Network and MBAN, MENA Business Angels Network as well as the Global Business Angels Network (GBAN).Ms. Johnson is a Non –Executive Director of SES-ESL, the world leader in digital retail and a a publicly quoted corporation on the French Stock Exchange. Ms. Johnson is also President of Johnson Paradigm Ventures (JPV) which is a principal founding shareholder with AXA, Caisse des Depots, Bayerische Landesbank, and the SPEF of Sophia Euro Lab, Europe’s first trans-border early-stage investment company based in Sophia Antipolis.  JPV is also a principal founding shareholder in London-based Ariadne Capital, “Architecting”, one of the earliest supporters and promoters of Skype, the global VoIP phenomenon.  Ms. Johnson has served as Founding Member of the Boards of both companies.In her personal capacity, Ms. Johnson is a Member of the Strategic Committee of Iris Capital (Europe) and was a founding member of Inovent (Turkey). Ms. Johnson is founding Member and was President of the Board of the Sophia Business Angels in Sophia Antipolis, France from 2006 – 2008 as well as founding president of three multi-million Euro investment vehicles, Succès Europe, Croissance Europe and Innovation Europe, together with Meeschaert Gestion Prive. Succès Europe has an AMF (Autorite Marche Francaise) Visa and also co-invested with the European Union Feder program.  Ms. Johnson is also Founding Member of the Cologne Business Angels, Galata Business Angels and Advisory Board of the Luxembourg Business Angels Network. Ms. Johnson was a minority owner of FMN, a German telephone manufacturing company, and a member of their Supervisory Council from 1993 – 2008.  She was also a minority owner of Alpha Com, a wireless data manufacturing company.Through her global investing activity, Ms. Johnson has widened her scope of expertise to include CleanTech and MedTech and has been actively involved in financing such companies as Nheolis, a unique home-turbine energy concept company, and CertiNergy, France’s first B2B2C energy-credit trading company as well as Quotient Diagnostic and AboDiag, life-sciences technology and services companies. In 2006, she created the Festival of the Fourth Dimension, the world’s first festival of the Arts, Technology, and Sciences, which has since become a major French government global initiative for Industrial Innovation and Creativity (Pole ICI) of which she became the 1st Vice President.Ms. Johnson is also a member of the Advisory Board of numerous European and US ventures as well as being a Member of the Board of Governors of EDHEC, France’s largest business school, Sabanci University in Istanbul Turkey, and the International Board of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as well as being a Senior Enterprise Fellow for the University of Essex/LEEDS Program of the OECD. Recently, she has joined the International Innovation and Entrepreneurial Advisory Board of the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia (KACST).   Ms. Johnson is a well-known speaker on innovation and entrepreneurship for such companies as Alcatel-Lucent, Qatar Telecom, IBM, Hewlett Packard, etc. and has been a featured speaker at the Cambridge University Center for Entrepreneurial Learning and the OECD International Entrepreneurship Forums in Shanghai, Riga, and Cape Town.Ms. Johnson was also Vice President Worldwide of Iridium and brought it into the GSM MoU, the ITU and ETSI as well as obtaining its global frequencies and country codes.  She was Director of Marketing for the German manufacturing company FuBa and globalized its manufacturing and commercial activities.Ms. Johnson has been featured in articles in Time Magazine, the Financial Times, the Economist, Le Monde, WirtschaftsWoche, Manager Magazin, Les Echos, and the International Herald Tribune to name a few.  She has been decorated as Commander of the Luxembourg Order of Merit and Officer of the Couronne de la Chene as well as Officer of the Bundesverdienst Kreuz 1. Klasse (FRG) for her work in de-regulation, innovation, privatization, and globalization and the specific projects named above. Further, Ms. Johnson is the second recipient ever of the UN-sponsored World Teleport Associations’ “Founders Award”.  Ms. Johnson has also received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” along with Vinton Cerf and Tim Berners Lee from the World Communication Awards, the prestigious global telecoms organization in 2002.  Ms. Johnson has also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from The International Alliance of Women in 2012 and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Women in Aerospace Europe in 2016.  Ms. Johnson holds Masters Degrees with Honors from the Sorbonne and Stanford Universities, a Bachelors Degree from Vassar College and her high-school degree from Punahou, Honolulu, Hawaii.  On November 12th 2016 she was awarded a Doctor Honoris Causa from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

    E100: Seth Godin: Creativity IS a choice

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    Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker. In addition to launching one of the most popular blogs in the world, he has written 20 best-selling books, including The Dip, Linchpin, Purple Cow, Tribes, and What To Do When It's Your Turn (And It's Always Your Turn). His most recent book, The Practice, was an instant bestseller in countries around the world.Though renowned for his writing and speaking, Seth also founded two companies, Squidoo and Yoyodyne (acquired by Yahoo!).By focusing on everything from effective marketing and leadership, to the spread of ideas and changing everything, Seth has been able to motivate and inspire countless people around the world.In 2013, Seth was one of just three professionals inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame. In an astonishing turn of events, in May 2018, he was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame as well. He might be the only person in both.His daily blog is a must and you can subscribe : Subscribe | Seth's Blog

    E99: Dr. Alison Escalante- Should-Free Parenting

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    In Dr. Escalante own words: We live in culture of anxiety, and I'm passionate about finding ways to succeed joyfully despite all the stress. That's the theme of my work: effective action under pressure.As a pediatrician, I believe our culture of criticism is a #ShouldStorm that fuels anxiety and limits us as leaders and as parents. I developed the innovative Sigh, See & Start Method and shared it in my TEDx Talk. Leaders use the 3S's to engage their strength and make the shoulds irrelevant. Parents use my method to raise their kids skillfully AND enjoy doing it.It's so much fun for me to share engaging insights from science, psychology, and culture with people. Communicating clearly to generate Aha! moments for people is one of my greatest joys.-I write widely about how we can succeed without crushing ourselves, most often at Forbes, Psychology Today and Medium.-I speak at conferences to physicians and other professionals about thriving by harnessing our internal strengths (it's neuroscience and it works).-I speak to parents about raising happy kids in our anxiety epidemic.-I practice pediatrics in Naperville, IL.Learn more (1) Alison Escalante, MD FAAP | LinkedInIf you want to learn more you can also Join the Face Book Group: Should-Free Parenting

    E98: Dr. Patricia Fogarty Mack- A true passion for Quality

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    Dr. Patricia Fogarty Mack is the Vice Chair for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement at Department of Anesthesiology at  Weill Cornell Medicine.    She advocates for patient safety and quality above all.   In this engaging Back2Basics conversation, besides she shares with host Leticia Latino the importance of being open to new things in life and how you can discover what you are passionate about even despite your own self.Learn more about Dr. Fogarty Mack at:Patricia (Fogarty) Mack M.D. | LinkedIn

    E97: Ken Grouf - Building Community

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    Ken was the Chairman and co-CEO of Kriser’s Natural Pet. Raising capital from private equity firms, Ken led the operations to grow Kriser's Natural Pet into one of the largest natural pet retailers in the country with stores in 12 markets nationwide. Recently he sold the company to TPG and the chain currently has over 170 stores nationwide.After 5 years as Director of brand management at Yahoo!, he moved back to NYC shortly after 9-11 to co-found City Year New York. He quickly built a team of 250 staff and full-time Americorps members that served New York City in 4 boroughs. While guiding the policy, strategic, and product development for the organization, he led a team that raised over $25M from corporations, foundations, and individuals and over $10M in city and federal funding .Before founding CYNY, Ken spent over five years at Yahoo! as the Director of Brand Management. While building one of the world's most popular Internet brands, he oversaw a team that managed the marketing and communications strategy for the communities and media divisions.Prior to Yahoo!, Ken helped build Do Something as the Director of National Programs and Marketing. While managing media partnerships with MTV, AOL, Nickelodeon, he directed the communications messaging via print, television, and radio PSAs.No stranger to start-ups, Ken is an advisor and active investor with current investments in teaRIOT, Mack Weldon, Tender Greens, Blaze Pizza, Breez Mints, Namaste Nail Sanctuary, and Park Place Payments. He also served as the founding chair of Kaboom!, a national non-profit that builds playgrounds across the country; the Painted Turtle, a camp for kids with life threatening illnesses; Ramapo for Children, a camp for special needs children; and the Northwest Settlement House.Learn more about Ken at:Ken Grouf | LinkedIn Learn more about the Child Welfare League at:CWLA – Child Welfare League of America

    E96: Deborah Heiser - Changing lives through mentoring

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    Deborah Heiser, Ph.D., is an Applied Developmental Psychologist, a TEDx speaker, consultant, Founder of The Mentor Project, and an Adjunct Professor in the Psychology Department at SUNY Old Westbury.Deborah has additionally authored peer-reviewed articles, is co-editor of Spiritual Assessment and Intervention with Older Adults, and a frequent expert guest for syndicated and local talk radio shows, international and local podcasts, and print and online media outlets.She has been quoted in The New York Times, Seattle Times, Dallas Times and contributes to Thrive Global. Her research covers a wide range of topics related to aging, including depression identification, dementia, and frailty with grants awarded from NIA/NIH and Pfizer. She received an international award for her research on depression identification, as well as serving for 9 years on the Board of the State Society on Aging of New York and was President in 2008. Later In 2016, she served as President of Queens Psychological Association in New York.Learn more about Deborah and the Mentor Project at:Deborah Heiser | i-m-age

    E95: Simon Lever- A Beacon of Positivity

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    Simon Lever is the true Champion of Positivity, Harmony, Empathy and Kindness. Formerly Executive Search for American software companies including start-ups, to Simon Happiness is engaging with people of many nationalities and cultures.  He has built up a treasured and very special 'network' of Linkedin Friends. The Bizcatalyst360 and The Divine Breadcrumb have further opened a landscape of inspiration and creativity for him.EXTRACT FROM BIZCATALYST360 PLATFORM'Award-Winning life, culture, and biz new media digest, serving as not just another website, but rather as a hub of creative expression and personal growth designed with and for our writers and our community. With an emphasis on action, our 700+ global contributors empower people to transition from knowing what to do to actually doing it —all complemented by syndication relationships with a choice group of equally innovative media outlets. Today and every day, we simply deliver the very best insights, intelligence, and inspiration available anywhere —doing it our way by placing our writers and our audience at the forefront. It's magical. It's evergreen. And quite frankly, it's just good stuff. Period.'    BIZCATALYST 360° | Business Media, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, HRAlso, Carol Campos' The Divine Breadcrumb; a platform with brilliant podcasts. He has inspiring 'blogs' published on The Divine Breadcrumb. Carol is a Bizcatalyst360 Featured Contributor.Based in Greater Boston Massachusetts, Carol is a Life Strategist, Alchemist, Writer and Compassionate Business Leader, Co-host The Divine Breadcrumb Podcast, addressing Awareness, Empowerment and Transition, (Company Website) (Company Website)Simon is all about writing from the heart; accent on the natural environment, transforming feelings, emotions, sights, sounds and scents of Mother Nature's landscape; hills, rivers and woodland into words that 'transport' the reader's mind into the description itself. The reader's imagination freeing itself to join a Universe of light and wonder, generating good vibes. He's a voluntary steward at the award winning 'Kings and Scribes Exhibition', welcoming people from many countries. 

    E94: Janice Lintz - The Changemaker

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    Janice Schacter Lintz is a passionate, accomplished hearing loss consultant and advocate. She is well known and respected for her ability to assess situations, identify areas for improvement, recommend solutions, and implement programs that help organizations improve customer service and grow profits. Her ability to break down issues and do what is needed to affect change has earned her unprecedented access to business leaders, government officials, political leaders, and respected academians around the world.Since 2002, Janice has become the global “go-to” person on all matters related to access for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Equipped with an undergraduate degree in business, a law degree, and experience as a successful litigator, Janice leverages her broad background to articulate compelling business cases for organizations in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds to improve hearing access for customers with hearing loss. See http://www.hearingaccess.comA culture lover, Janice felt her heart sink whenever her daughter – diagnosed with hearing loss at 2 ½ – struggled to understand museum guides and actors on stage, even with hearing aids. Not one to wait, Janice plunged into the research and learned that cultural venues could provide better hearing access with relatively standard technology, such as the induction loop, a coil placed around a room that wirelessly transmits amplified sound to a hearing aid.Janice works with domestic and international organizations to benchmark best practices and helps clients leverage the most effective solutions for their situations. Working with multiple organizations, she helped the NYC Transit recommend that induction loops be included in all NYC subway information booths and call boxes as part of President Obama’s $13.5 million Stimulus Package. She also worked with the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission to implement this same technology in all taxis. New York City is the first United States city to offer this technology in its transit systems.The New York City resident and mother of two is 2020 WBENC WeTHRIVE Program in Partnership with IBM Attendee, 2018 The Points Guy + Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Goalkeepers Partnership Travel Grant Recipient, 2016 Aspen Institute Spotlight Health Scholar, and a 2016 United State of Women Summit ‘Nominated Changemaker.’ New York State Governor David Paterson appointed her to the Interagency Council for Services to the Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing twice. Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin J. Martin appointed her twice to represent the interests of people with hearing loss for two terms on the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee. The New York City Mayor’s Office appointed her to the Taxi of Tomorrow Stakeholder Committee. The US Access Board appointed Janice to both the Rail Committee and the Passenger Vessel Emergency Alarms Advisory Committee.Janice is an Advisory Board member of The Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University. She is a former member of The Lower East Side Tenement Museum’s Advisory Committee. She has participated in six Renaissance Weekend retreats for leaders in business and finance, government, the media, religion, medicine, science, technology, and the arts.Janice is also a Consumer Education/Travel/Food writer. Thrive Global, The Outdoor Journal, Forbes/Lifestyle, Forbes Woman Africa, Yahoo Travel, Huffington Post, Johnny Jet, and Consumer Mojo published her articles. Condé Nast Traveler, Departures, Travel + Leisure, Good Housekeeping, Skift, Southern Living, Fox Business, NPR,, and Reader’s Digest have quoted her and included her recommendations. She has traveled to 139+3 UN countries and 194 Travelers’ Century Club destinations and is on a quest to visit every country in the world.

    E93- Dr. Ruth Gotian - The Success Factor

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    Dr. Ruth Gotian:   Chief Learning Officer, Weill Cornell Medicine | Contributor, Forbes & Psychology Today | Thinkers50 Radar | Former Assistant Dean, Mentoring & Executive Director, Mentoring Academy | Global Speaker | Author | CoachShe has been  recognized by the journal Nature and Columbia University as a leadership expert with a focus on professional ascension. She was also recognized by Thinkers50 as one of the world's top management thinkers in 2021.  Her invited global lectures, published articles in such journals as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Nature, Academic Medicine, Psychology Today, and Scientific American, national awards, and educational activities all underscore her ability to aid professionals strengthen their career development acumen. She draws great strength from helping others succeed, find, and develop their passion.Her academic background includes a bachelor's and a master's degree in business management and a doctorate in organizational/adult learning and leadership. To access the resources shared in this episode, such as the passion audit tool and how to develop a Mentoring Team If you wish to Follow Dr. Ruth Gotian:Twitter @RuthGotianInstagram: @RuthGotian

    E92: Marcia Bateson- The Humanity in Success

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    As part of the TAP Series, we are presenting this week, the Chair of The President's Circle, Marcia Bateson.Marcia has close to three decades of experience in strategic, leadership and managerial, roles for corporations and not-for profit organizations. Since 2002, Marcia has worked with top organizations, not-for-profits and Fortune 50 financial firms. She advises on strategy, organizational redesign, business, operational and financial solutions to major issues and guides toward risk-mitigated implementation.​As CFO for JPMorgan Partners Marcia overhauled its outdated infrastructure and integrated 6 acquisitions while keeping the division fully operational. She served as COO of JPM’s Asset Management  where she re-engineered the business and financial infrastructure - which increased profit by 2.5X on flat revenue. When JPM sold Securities Services to BoNY, as COO, she managed the transfer of $1T  in securities, 800 clients, and 800 professionals.Marcia graduated from Vassar College phi beta kappa. She currently serves on multiple boards including NR-International, The Regional Plan Association, Holton-Arms School, Ceres Presidents Council, and she is active in the investment community in New York City.Learn more about Marcia and TAP at:MARCIA BATESON (

    E91- AJ Sarcione - The "Shine" Mindset

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    AJ Sarcione is an international motivational speaker, intentional communications coach and corporate culture consultant, author, and the creator of the personality quiz The Shine Scale™. His goal is to help people accelerate success and smile more as a result. As the founder of Get Your Shine, he believes ‘it takes simply one spark to ignite your path to success.’ He has lived out two major dreams and found accelerated success in his career and life from engaging the characteristics of shine. While being intentional about what he wanted, he welcomed it showing up in life in the way it was meant to — something he calls Unintentional Perfection. He works with people and companies to advance careers, advance teams, and advance lives. AJ built his career in branding and communications, working closely with C-suite execs from Fortune 50 companies to start-ups. Prior to his work with Get Your Shine, he is credited with establishing and leading internal marketing at Yahoo, and following the company’s acquisition from Verizon, he was the head of mojo. Make sure to do Your "Check Your Shine" By taking the ShineScale Test Instagram: @ajsarcione Linked In: /ajsarcione

    E90: Jane Veron - The Desire to Give Back

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    After a career in management consulting, marketing and strategy, Jane was determined to apply her professional skills to make an impact in the local economy.  Jane saw both the need and the opportunity:  The need arose from small businesses with great ideas and passion but a lack of resources and expertise.  The opportunity existed in the enormous pool of professionals who had a strong desire to redeploy their business acumen.   She built TAP to harness the untapped potential of both small businesses and local professionals.Jane is mission-driven, seeking to mobilize women for economic impact, and merges her business acumen with her management, coaching, public sector and nonprofit work. Prior to TAP, Jane spent her career in strategy and marketing, working at Bain & Company, American Express, and as an independent consultant.  She also has experience in private equity and venture capital as an investor and board member.  Jane currently serves as a Scarsdale Village Trustee.  She has also held civic leadership positions as Chair of the Scarsdale Planning Board, President of the League of Women Voters of Scarsdale, Chair of SNAP, and President of the Fox Meadow Neighborhood Association.  In recognition of her sustained and significant impact on the community, she received the Mayor’s Award for Exceptional Leadership the Daily Point of Light Award granted by Points of Light, the organization founded by President George H.W. Bush to recognize volunteer service.Jane has been a member of numerous boards and currently serves on Harvard’s Women Leadership Board, the Harvard Business School Alumni Board, the Regional Plan Association, the Scarsdale Foundation, and the Yale Westchester Alumni Association.  She is also a member of Golden Seeds and Harvard Angels.  Jane earned a BA magna cum laude from Yale University and an MBA with honors from Harvard Business School.  Learn more about Jane and The acceleration project at:HOME ( 

    E88: Shannon Martin - A Curiosity Driven Life

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    E87- Samantha Bessudo Drucker: A Lifetime of Transformation

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    Samantha Bessudo Drucker (formerly von Sperling), is a lifestyle guru, image consultant, journalist, host, and actress who has spent her entire career going above and beyond to help her clients achieve their goals.She has appeared as a guest expert on numerous television programs such as Inside Edition, Fox and Friends, Good Morning America and many others. She has appeared in print publications such as The New York Times, TIME Magazine, O The Oprah Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few. By utilizing all her skills and training, Samantha has fulfilled requests from royal families, diplomats, politicians, celebrities, CEOs, companies big and small, and soccer moms. Currently Drucker contributes as ImageGal for and writes her own column, “Ask Sam” for Time Square Chronicles. She also raises awareness for the AHA.A surviver, it’s one of her passion projects. Her education is a continuation of a lifelong passion for the arts and a foundation for her business. Armed with a degree from New York University in Educational Theatre with a concentration in SpeechCommunications – also a classically trained ballroom dancer and actress – Drucker set out to offer the world a new approach She uses her diverse talents to help her clients become the best version of themselves, achieving their goals whether it be success or romance. She will help you win.Based in New York City, Miami and BostonLearn more about Samantha at:Samantha Bessudo Drucker ( Samantha (Von Sperling) Bessudo Drucker | LinkedInSamantha also shared her work with Mended Hearts, learn more:Mended Hearts 

    E85: Leticia Latino- Reflecting on Christmas and Religion

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    Happy Holidays everyone and thank you for your support!   If you enjoy the podcast, please rate, review and share, it really means a lot to us if you do as it is the only way to grow a podcast!Also, check out, Leticia's son Christian social media, and show him your support by subscribing and liking:FB: @cvansplunteren IG: @christianvansplunterenYou Tube Channel: Christian van SplunterenStay safe and Happy Holidays!The Back2Basics Production Team

    E84: Barbara Jordan - Never Let your Guard Down

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    Barbara Jordan has traveled the world as an elite athlete, coach, instructor, and broadcaster.  As a former collegiate All American, National Champion and medalist as a USA Softball Team member and coach, Barb is experienced in skilled learning and teaching.  As a victim of predatory violence, Barb channeled her experience and knowledge gained through years of athletic participation and coaching into studying and teaching the skills of vigilance training. Always Bev provides the platform through which Barb is able to share her passion of educating others on the importance of personal safety and keen awareness in everyday life. Her commitment to preventing violence against females and her astute teaching in delivering the message of trusting your intuition and recognizing warning signs, has already positively affected many lives. Barb welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge with you. Barbara has taken the lessons and heartache from her sister’s tragedy on the road to foster a nationwide effort to promote life skills necessary in all we do, so females especially are never placing themselves in vulnerable positions. In addition to the personal safety courses she teaches throughout the country — both in person and now on webinars — she has founded ‘Always BEV’ a foundation who’s name honors her sister Beverly, and encourages all to ‘Always BE Vigilant’ . Since 2018 she has made a passionate commitment to educate women on predatory behavior and how to avoid being a victim of such a crime — educating participants on safety skills that can influence and empower individuals in a positive way.Most recently, she also started a podcast that tells the story, but more so expands on the ‘Ripple Effect’ of which crimes like these often extend within family, friends and other acquaintances — how life changes in an instant — and most important, providing lessons to live more safely.Barbara, who has taught thousands of women and young females to create a plan of action, especially through daily routines, recognizes that in today’s world, there are daily assaults that victimize and sometimes end the lives of women and teenagers throughout the country. She is a social impact hero, working to make an important change.Learn more about Barbara and her impactful mission - ALWAYS BEVAlways Bev- The Ripple Effect PodcastAlways Bev - The Ripple Effect podcast ( Recommended the book: The Gift of Fear by Gabin  de Becker.

    E83: Dr. Shawne Duperon- The Apology you'll never receive

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    In Dr. Shawne own words:I never thought in a million years I would be spending my time on the conversation of forgiveness.I mean, forgiveness, really?But what I’ve discovered as a WBE, with Fortune 500 companies as clients and tens of thousands of training participants in our High-Pressure Communication & Engagement Curriculum, is that forgiveness is one of the highest skillsets a leader can possess.Progressive and disruptive leaders take risks. All the time. It’s inevitable that you’re going to fail. And fail again. The stretch becomes how quickly can you bounce back to causing innovation, creativity and results with your employees, teams, diverse suppliers and clients.And what about working with someone who got the promotion you were in line for, you don't like them, and now you have to produce results with them? Sigh. It happens all the time.This is what we do best. We support your communication strategies in solving rather than fixing. We do it at both the individual and organizational levels. Our virtual trainings are just as impactful as our live workshops. We're masters.Our agency has all the accolades, 6 EMMY® awards, national media coverage, and even a 2016 Nobel Peace Prize nomination for our popular educational tool called “The Apology (You’ll Never Receive).”Through our unique communication consulting and training, we mitigate risk, illicit engagement, retain extraordinary talent and deliver experiential learning that bonds employees, teams, vendors and clients.Our engagement case study is our non-profit Project Forgive, a non-religious, non-partisan organization that empowers women in leadership. We reach up to 100 million a month in social. It helps that I have a PhD in communication with an expertise in good gossip (I know, right?).We use progressive strategies to engage and retain. After you hire us to work with your organization, your employees, suppliers and non-profits, they will thank you for your ability to be authentic, progressive and deeply make a difference for their bottom line.Reach out to me if you need an effective and cohesive strategy to solve engagement problems or to increase productivity, cohesion and innovation internally, with your supply chain, soliciting diverse talent, and the organizations you sponsor and support.Joy, Dr. Shawne Learn more at:Dr. Shawne Duperon - Forgiveness is a Leadership Tool | LinkedIn

    E82: Dr. Fred Starr - Riding the 'wave' of Life

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    Dr. Freddy Starr is a clinical neuroscientist and medical doctor with a specialty in brain imaging and psychiatry. Fred attended Syracuse University and Columbia University School of Graduate Studies for Molecular Neurobiology. After becoming inspired by work with troubled teens, Fred decided to attend medical school. He graduated from Rutgers, completed pediatric internship and adult psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine, and completed fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Vanderbilt University.While enjoying all the successes in life, tragedy struck in 2008, Fred lost his six-year-old daughter to epilepsy. With nothing left to lose, Fred moved to Hawaii with his windsurfing equipment and a desire to explore the aspects of consciousness that mainstream science tends to avoid. While in Hawaii, Fred worked as the Chief Psychiatrist for the County of Hawaii intensive outpatient program and worked closely with the State’s Medical Marijuana Movement where he assisted chronically ill patients in obtaining Cannabis for their specific illnesses. While in Hawaii, Fred studied Ho’o Pono Pono (Hawaiian Medicine), Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanism, and Psilocybin Monotherapy for Trauma among other esoteric alternative treatments.In 2012 Fred began his work using Remote Based Computer Assisted Cognitive Rehabilitation to treat clients all over the world without having to leave the tropics. In 2013, Recently Fred filed a patent for a Cloud Based, Machine Learning, EEG reading assistant under the Corporate Entity, Myneurva Datasystems. Dr. Starr also serves as science advisor to Neurella Laboratories and acts as Clinical Data Manager for the Painqx Project.Dr. Starr currently lives in Dominical Costa Rica with his wife and three daughters. He is an acting board member of Kabe International School, a Progressive Dual Language Problem Based Learning Institute.Learn more about Dr. Starr at:Fred Starr, M.D. | LinkedInDr. Frederick “Freddy” Starr: “Other people are not you” (

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