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"Keys of the Kingdom" is a 1 hour (now 2 hour) radio program produced by Brother Gregory of His Holy Church. This program is devoted to talking about the Kingdom of God - what it is, where it is, and how to get there. Christ said that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Which means you can reach ou…

Brother Gregory

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    Latest episodes from Keys of the Kingdom

    12/24/22: How to Become a Prophet

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    Reprinted books; Nostradamus; Revelation; Wanting an edge; Fake Christs; Censorship; Workers of iniquity; Pharaoh's hardened heart; Gender assignment; Grooming; Society born in Family; Guarding your generations; Public school; Paying forward violence; "Doctrines" taught by Jesus; Pure Religion; "Whole truth" or lie; Covetousness; Hitting girls; Mountains of Samaria; Altars of clay and stone; Judging others; Bringing questions to the Tree of Life; Spiritual depth; Emotion vs spirit; The Great Reset; GMOs; The will of God; Egyptian income tax; Brickmaking; Burdening Israel; "Community"; Depending on each other; Networking contacts; "Love"?; Confirming truth; Sabbath; Delusion; Doubling Hebrew letters; Creation of physical world; Two trees; Spiritual direction; Surrendering your will for His; Meditation; Dopamine; Signs of obedience; Charity vs force; Waiting upon the Lord; Recognizing God's will; Q: Is "Die Hard" a Christmas movie?; Humor of Christ; Discernment of charity; Strengthening the poor; What did Jesus do?; Servants and sons; Be willing to serve.

    9/9/23: Consenting to Corban

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2023 160:00

    Preterism; God is the same; Corban; Contextualizing the Gospel; Factions of ideology; Labels; Mints; gods; "Religion"; Gathering in Christ's Way; Exercising authority; Covetousness of public education; Q: Acquiring property without titling; Legal title; Embassy of Heaven; Cemeteries; Irrevocable trusts; "Ravens"; Kingdom of God; Christ's Church goals; Coming to the aid of your neighbor; Empowering neighbor destruction; Consenting to Corban; Christ's commands; Stones of the altar/temple; Following Holy Spirit; Sacrifice; "Israel"; God's system; Gospel of hope; Equity; Obedience; Religious orders; Tests of faith; Wrath of God; Getting out?; Where are you going to?; Renouncing dishonesty; Social Security Numbers; Ensnaring and corrupting YOU; Made men; Fear not!; Love; Manifesting truth; Banding together; Free assemblies; Slaves of Christ; Knowing Holy Spirit; Using your talent; Government of, for and by the people; Q: Cemetery property; Kurds?; Malaysia; World War 2 allegiance; Seeking the kingdom; Learning to love one another; Simplicity of Christ's kingdom; Signs and wonders; Depression; Christ's purposes; Why we gather; Sowing hope; Rebuilding the temple; Tacitus; Coming in Christ's name; 1000 years of Christian flourishing; Preparing for dearths; Tacitus' dream of restoring the republic; Romans at Christ's time; Making Rom great again; "Republic"; 2 Cor 4; Tacitus didn't like Christians; Deaths during the American revolution; Corrupt governments; Commending men to their consciences; Bearing witness; Bands of brothers; Quoting Tacitus; Cities of blood; Rationing; The moneychangers; FBI; Christ is the solution; War crimes of Julius Caesar; Right reason; Decreasing family sizes; Families helping families; God's plan for you; Tacitus' misunderstandings of Christians; Faith; The Teuton difference; Shield maidens; Herman the German; Repent and seek the kingdom and righteousness of God.

    9/9/23: Piecing the Puzzle Together

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2023 105:00

    Preterism; "Short work"; Kingdom of God is at hand; End of Christianity?; The puzzle; 2 Cor 4; Hidden things of dishonesty; Right reason; Superstitio; Repentance; God's writing upon your heart and mind; Guidance by Holy Spirit; Moses's intent; Abraham's altars of charity; Social safety nets; Congregating to love; Modern church apostasy; Born again; Believing in God; "Put to death"; Living altars; Jehovah-Nissi; 2 Cor 4; False teachers perpetuating false information; Sitting in tens, hundreds and thousands; Early Church examples; Son of God; Public feasts; Suetonius; Nero's rules punishing Christians; Pilate's aqueduct; Rulers burning their countries; Christ's solution; Apology of Justin; Becoming true Christians; What to do today; Bondage of Egypt; 2 Cor 4; Roman republic; American republic; Binding by commonwealth; Strange fire/woman; Prov 7:5; Cities of blood and cauldrons of flesh; Metaphoric zombies; Ps 69:22 = Rom 11:9; Offices of power vs offices of service; Corban of the Pharisees; Robbing Ephesus?; Evidence of your Christianity; Kingdom connections; Ten-family congregations; "commending" ourselves; Christ's appointment of the kingdom; Charity alone; Modern corban; Righteousness of God; Knowing the right way; Living stones; Weaponry; Setting your neighbor free; What The Church should be; Nicolaitans and Balaam; The way of truth; Public religion; vs Pure religion; Do you want to see?; Covetous practices; Col 3:5; Eph 5:5; Born into bondage; Being a doer of the word; 1 Cor 5:10; Hating capitalism; "Deceitfully" (Dolo); Why you're in bondage; Ekklesia; Burning sheep?; Freewill offerings; Your choice; Self-organization in love; Humility; Caesar's offices; Seek His Kingdom and Righteousness.

    8/26/23: Bringing Ideas Together

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2023 150:00

    Assembling information; Religion; Tough Teutons; Medical protection; Kingdom networking; Showing up for neighbors; Creating the alternative; Connection with remote groups; "Urim" and "Thummim"; Sharing; What is "love"?; Conducting God's love; Bringing your light; Sacrifice; Choosing to make God's word to effect; Red Sea crossing; Ex 28:30; vav-aleph-tav; Letting light into your heart; Corruption of power; Empowering tyrants; Spiritual narcissism; Congregating to help others; Families - foundation of the kingdom; Standing together; Licensing ministers; "Blue thread"; Plans of evil; Perverts and puppets; Becoming a doer; Making it on your own?; More summary to come…

    8/26/23: Explaining Christianity

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2023 105:00

    Ezra and Exodus; Tree of knowledge vs Tree of life; Your opinion does not change God; Hiding from God; Denying responsibility; Knowing thyself; Bondage of Egypt; Reducing the value of money; Trajan's persecution of Christians; Explaining Christianity; What the Torah says; Interpreting Abraham and Moses; Centralizing the Temple; Charity; Lovers of soft things; Cyrus's release; Religion; Duties to God; Moses' government; Ezra's mission; Man's errors; Your generations; World vs Christians; Private Religion; Free bread of Rome/Babylon/Egypt; Law of Nature; Hearing the cries of your brothers; Robbing widows and orphans; Repentance; Nazis?; "Cylinders"; How good was Cyrus?; Legalizing The Church; Ignatius of Antioch; Governing ourselves; Connecting dots; Republics; Democracies; What Christ said; Christian Roman Soldiers; Attacking delusion; Urim and Thummim = stones?; Ex 28:30; Ezra 2:63; Revealing the word of God; Eucharist; Impure Religion; Wave offering; World government religion; Coercive church; Word meanings; Living network of charity; Biting your neighbor; What you should do; Commandments; Honoring father and mother; Urim aleph-vav-resh-yod-mem = lights; Thummim tav-mem-yod-mem = perfection; Priest seeing truth?; John the Baptist; Investigating what you've been told; Kings and high priests; Sanhedrin; Corruption; Lawmakers; Executive orders; What made America great; Gabbi and Molchi; Ministers without authority; Peculiar people; Freewill vs force; Servant government; Returning to Jerusalem; Leaven; Altars; Conversation; Good news; Guarding against corruption; Constantine's church; Kings in the home; Good news of hard times; Set the captive free.

    8/19/23: Real Networking

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2023 150:00

    Real networking; Working for those willing to DO; Join to help others; Sheep; And goats; Separation; Distance from the kingdom; Hebrew letters are symbols of ideas; Avoiding sophistry; False followers of Christ and Moses; Living by force; Levites' purpose; Hazards of gift-giving; Knowing your job; "Scapegoat"; aleph-zayin-lamad + ayin-zayin; Chasing goats; Revealing Moses' teaching; Lev 7:23 eating fat?; Tearing from the beast; The Way of Christ; Inheritance; Irrevocable trusts; Robbing widows and orphans; Systems of love?; "Love" = sacrifice; Memetic desire; Honoring father and mother; Children imitating your actions; Leading by example; Mt 9:13 - calling sinners to repentance; De 29:4; Servant mentality; World systems of social welfare; Serving other gods; Living by faith; Writing upon your hearts and minds; Inspiration; Mass formation of psychosis; Eze 12:2; Wanting to neglect responsibilities; Wrath of God; Prov 20:12; Getting past your walls; Isa 6:9; Understanding the bible; Mt 13:11; Act upon what you see; Additional 1.5 hours to come…

    8/19/23: Misunderstandings Producing False Doctrine

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2023 105:00

    Ezra/Nehemiah linking to many other books; Common (misunderstood) theme in the bible; Pharisee syndrome; Misunderstandings producing false doctrine; Saving ourselves?; "Confess"; Things we DO; Meanings of words in context; "Done away with"?; "Corban"; First fruits; Levites; Social welfare snare; Goats?; Sacrificing on altars; "Nissi" goddess; Society's sickness; Debating existence of God; His Holy Church Internet presence; Living Network; The table of Caesar; Trust law; Robbing widows and orphans; Inflation; Income tax; Social Security; Gen 15:9; She-goat = "strong"; Turtledove = "piece of your estate"; Honor = "fatten"; "Nethinim"; Mere servants?; Forced offerings = bondage of Egypt; God not hearing you; "gods"; ayin-zayin; Hewing stones; "Leaven"; Milk and meat; Red heifer; Gregory's background; Weakening the people; Socialism; Learning the teachings of Moses and Christ; Lev 7:23; Christ's instructions; Seek His kingdom FIRST; Gather in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Share; Synagogues; Walking by faith and the perfect law of liberty; Holy Spirit; Divine inspiration; Christ's "seventy"; Setting men free; Loving the light; Spirit and truth; Being doers of the word; Nakedness and breeches?; Owning your responsibility; "Micro"; Burning Bush Festival - Camping event; Leve 7:23 - eating no fat?; Sophistry; Intentional ambiguity; Organizing yourselves; Power remaining with the people; Free assemblies; Symbolism; shin-vav-resh; Meaningful letters; Separating lies from truth; Joseph's inspiration; Reassigning meaning of words; Legal robbery; Sanhedrin; "scapegoat"; Being strong; "zayin" = service, nourish, setting men free; "ayin" = divine providence; Wrath of God; Loving neighbor; Helen Keller story; Kindness; How to be a part of God's kingdom; Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots; Making the word of God to effect; Chasing goats?; Limiting your biblical understanding; Practicality; Do the will of the Father.

    8/12/23: Previewing Ezra

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2023 105:00

    Prophecies; Listening to the Holy Spirit; Struggling to understand; Humility; Pride bias; Connecting disregarded dots; Strange fire; tav+biet-ayin-resh+vav; "Forced labor" = mem-sumak (4522) = 4522 tribute (corvee); sumak-biet-lamad synonym; Mari tablets; Social Security accounts?; Unpaid forced labor; Bondage of Egypt in Genesis; Taxed labor; Levites belonging to God; Why female goddesses?; Graven images; Rabbit trailing; Ezra-Nehemiah; Exemption to travelling ministers; Rome; Militia; Legionnaires; Practicality; Revealing the biblical message; Know Moses, know Christ; Ten new laws of Ezra?; Setting down your baggage; Kindling fire?; Milk and meat?; Ex 24:4; One-purse treasuries; "Corban" = sacrifice; Wages of unrighteousness; Flesh of the cauldron; Freewill offerings vs forced; Recognizing "dots"; Revelation via Holy Spirit; Stone temples?; Leaven; Reserve funds; Systems of society; Distraction by fear; New laws?; Looking to Pharisees for understanding?; (Graven) Images of Jesus; You are in the bondage of Egypt; Coveting neighbors' things; First fruits offerings; Strong delusion of Modern Christians; Col 3:5; Uniqueness of the Temple; Hiding from truth; Waiting upon the Lord; Gathering together; Hebrew "tax" words; Daniel "walking" = halak: portion of corvee; Dan 4:37; Living stone temple; Keeping His commandment; Iniquity?; Nebuchadnezzar's pride; Following Christ's commands; Correcting misconceptions; Enemies of the truth; Kingdom relationships; Falling to the flesh; Hiding from God; Sharing your light; Burning Bush Festival; Feasts of Israel; Priests to all nations; To whom do you pray for daily bread?; Destructiveness of pride; Realize where you have been wrong.

    8/5/23: Expounding on Ecclesiastes

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2023 125:00

    Paper letter; Understanding charity and compassion; Squashing Corinth; Linking to Ukraine; Cleverness of the wicked; Polybius and Plutarch; Toxic charity; Charity->Anticipation->Expectation->Entitlement->Dependency; Lifestyle; Ecc 12:5 Almond Tree; Thomas Sowell; Distributing responsibilities; Your duty; Worship?; Doing the will of the father; Network of righteousness; shin-kuf-hey - to give to drink; Flourish?; Or Despise?; Lam 2:6; Ps 74:10; "Blossom"?; hey+shin-kuf-dalet; Grasshoppers; The problem is us!; Casting your bread upon the waters; Being awake; Hating the truth; Knowing God eschews anger; Humility; Direction of your journey; "Rome" as a metaphor; Relationship of the states; Residents vs citizens; Original republic; Moses' government; Precedent; Christ's "weightier matters"; Juries; Waiving your rights; Changing your direction; "Born again"; Human resources; Carnal mind; Tree of knowledge of good and evil; Accessing past and future; Creation; 2nd hour summary still to come...

    8/5/23: Ecclesiastes 12

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2023 105:00

    Vanity; God writing on your heart and mind; "Born Again"; Tree of Life; Repeating lies; Jury Nullification; Acquittal; Fourth branch of government; Rejecting responsibility; Modern Christian Pharisees; Sacrifice of fools; Christ's weightier matters; Welfare snare; Understanding Moses; Ezra; Corvee; Coveting neighbor's wealth; Bondage of Egypt; Corban/Quorban/Korban; Altering societal thinking; Eating at a ruler's table; Jobs of the "state"; Biting one another - anti-Christ; Cancelling John the Baptist; Davey Crockett story; Benefits by love via The Church; Egyptian slaves; The believer's lie; Society's blind eyes; The way back to liberty under God; No substitute for the righteousness of God; Freewill offerings of charity; Ecc 12:1; Seeing your deeds; Thinking "kingdom"; Systemic slavery; Strong delusion; Conscripted fathers of the earth; Who keeps your house?; Ecc 12:4; Daughters of music?; Grinding stone story; FDR turning truth into a lie; "Grasshoppers"; Fear of God's/Christ's way; Almond trees shin-kuf-dalet, but also "to keep watch"; Fear not; Getting accurate news; Loving your neighbor vs coveting; Our responsibility; Tribute; Christ's commands; Time to repent; Dust returning to earth; Animal study story; Not wanting to see (despising watchfulness); Gripped with fear; Eating of the Tree of Knowledge or of Life; Christ, the teacher; Teaching knowledge?; God's law; Setting proverbs in order; Imparting the infinite; Romans 13; Freedom of choice; Free souls under God; The whole [duty] of man; Judgment in Natural Law; Allegiance; Government of, for and by the people; Anti-Christ churches; Saving others; Casting your bread upon the waters; Isa 40:23 creator giving choice; Thinking differently; Draw near to God.

    7/29/23: Surviving Liberty Under God

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2023 115:00

    Wisdom of God; Different spirits; Living souls; Literal interpretation; Gen 2:9; "Beasts" - Chet-yod; of the "Field" Shin-dalet-hey; Gen 2:20; Gen 3:14; Ex 9:19 difference; Ex 22:5; Biet-hey-mem-hey; Lev 27:28; Cain's wives?; Blame Game; Seeking kingdom and righteousness; Seeing evil; Your problem; Stabbing Nero; Nero's extended history; Constantine's vision; Roman symbols; Killing for Jesus?; Principles of righteousness; Constantine's church; The Way of Christ; Exodus route; Pillar of fire?; Realizing you're not free now; Social safety nets; Temple functions; Just weights and measures; Redistribution of wealth; Building principles; "SATOR" squares; Trusts; Widows; Government corruption; Ending world-government welfare; Finding men you trust; Condemning yourself; 2 Pe 1:10; Being doers of The Word; Ja 1:22; 2 Pe 1:15; Pure Religion; Christian integrity; Q: Stinky oil?; Sweet savor making God happy?; Foolish virgins; Investing in one another; Foolishness; Tainted charity; Setting up Christ's kingdom; Caring for one another; Weakening society; Squandered oil; 3-party State marriage; Networking Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Worship; Spreading the message; Perfect savages; Responsibility; Show up for your neighbor.

    7/29/23: Ecclesiastes 11

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2023 105:00

    Obscure book?; Casting bread upon the waters; Literal interpretations; Nakedness?; Losing dominion; Bondage in Genesis; Hearing the cries of your brother; "Madness"; The source of your choices; Intellect; Biblical alignment; Hearing the wisdom of God; Bondage of Egypt; Free bread from the government; Queris vs Rhomaios; Covetous; Modern Christianity; Pure Religion; Temples; Your duty to God and your fellow man; Ossuaries; Ensnaring tables; Making your brother/neighbor a resource; No forced offerings; Being in the garden; 2 trees; Saul's folly; Repentance; Corban of the pharisees; Turning to Christ's way; Being doers of the word; Fools won't hear; Non-inheritors of the kingdom; First fruits; Being prepared; Hoarders; Tithing; Ecc 11:1; "Casting" your bread; Caring for your neighbor; Acts 6:3; Christ "commanded"; Organizing yourselves; Serving tables; Funds movement; Institutions of 7 men; World-wide social welfare by charity; Lk 19:23 "bank"; Porters of the temple; Aid beyond the Roman Empire; Worship; Stinky oil?; Learning to be still; Ecc 11:6; Earning salvation; Depending on men for your salvation; Leaving judgment to God; To whom do you pray?; Being a part of the Living Network; Sharing this message; Preparing for the unknown; Rising anxiety in society; Learning by doing; Putting away evil; Mt 5:22; Repenting from foolishness; Ecc 9:10; Gal 2:10; Eph 4:3; Being diligent; 2 Cor 8:17; 2 Tim 2:15; Stop hiding from God.

    7/22/23: Discussing Foolishness

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2023 115:00

    Where to find the kingdom of God; Coveting your own riches; Sharing economy; Extent of the truth; Levites belong to God; Book of Ezra; Rebuilding the "Temple"; Sacred areas; Capitalism and socialism; Redistribution of wealth; Networking in the bible; Offerings and benefits; Righteousness; Following Holy Spirit; Wars and rumors of wars; Worshiping ideas; Natural law; Wanting to see the truth; Ideologies; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; God's opinion; Church incorporation; 1 Sam 13:13 - Saul's folly; Fatherless children; Vanities; Burnt offerings; Ecc 7 :25 - folly/madness; kuf-sumach-lamad; Discerning meaning from Hebrew; Moving from wisdom of God; Jer 10:1; Christmas trees?; Spirit of greed; Wrath; Worlds of other gods; "Brutish" = burn/consume; Assembling blocks of knowledge; "Visitation"; Mark of the beast; Ecc 10 - a little folly; Public schools; Starting local networks/congregations; Plagues in Egyptian history; Charity and love; Being part of healing; Getting into the kingdom; Elevating folly; Becoming merchandise; Forgiveness; Caring about neighbor's freedom; Not wasting time; kuf-sumach-pei = money; Sharing freedom; Capitalism required for charity; Getting the Holy Spirit; Keeping knowledge out of the way; Marriage licenses; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Pagan holidays; Congregation participation; Blood flow in the body of Christ; Feast of Tabernacles; Imagined salvation; Learn the kingdom.

    7/22/23: Ecclesiastes 10

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2023 105:00

    Quick review; Vanity; Deciding good/evil for yourself; Distractions; Divine revelation; Science; "Woke" vs "awakened"; Religion; Sacrifice; Altars of God; Nissi turtledove goddess?; Bondage in Egypt; Caring for needy; Just weights and measures; Faith, hope and charity; Sacrifice of fools; Coveting your riches; Strange fire; Church nurturing society; First fruits; Rejecting Christ's way; Selfishness degenerates society; Forced sacrifice; Income tax; Corban; Social security; Song of Moses vs Song of fools; Soapworks?; Consenting to biting your neighbor; Graft and corruption in government; Freeing your neighbor; Being wise; Bearing false witness; Socialism; Pretend Christians; Madness; Taxing tea; Society condemning itself; Truth's light; Ecc 10:1; Little folly; "Reputation" - yod-kuf-resh; Foolish virgins; Building social bonds; Patriotism?; Calling out evil practices; Stinking ointment; Wisdom - of men or God?; Tree of Life; Organized knowledge; From reality to superstition; Networking congregations; Rulers of fools; Cain's altar; Abel's altar; Social welfare through charity = freedom; Cause/effect universe; Consequences - wrath of God; Boundaries; Easy way or hard way; Christ's solution; Serpents and babblers; Ecc 10:12; Covetous fools; "Gracious" - chet-nun-nun; Offering grace to neighbors; Collateral (surety) for debt; Exercising choice; Perversion of the mind; Making the mistakes of history; Cities of blood; Keeping Sabbath; Being friends with the unrighteous mammon; Seeking His kingdom and His righteousness; Seeing your fault and repenting; Sharing; "Folly" shemec-kuf-lamad-vav-tav; Ecc 2:3; Organize yourselves.

    7/15/23: Call-in Questions and Answers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2023 140:00

    Madness; Foolish acts; Realizing insanity; Gregory history; Patterns in the madness?; Being still; Continuity in the bible; Categorizing people; Leaving Egypt?; Altars of sacrifice; Bondage of Egypt; Women as property?; Freely giving all Church material; Sharing truth; Conforming reason; Social safety net; Turning blind eyes; Altering history books; Income tax; Waiving your rights to your labor; "Legal title"; Combating madness; Making the state your benefactor; Call: Q: Setting self free; Dealing with temptation; Sacrificing for others; Righteousness; What's your motive?; Setting intellect aside; Q: Meditation; Milking goats?; Following the Holy Spirit; In the moment; Being still; Waiting upon the Lord; Finding Witnesses; Doing more; Counting your blessings; Remembering the wisdom; Avoid rationalizing; Breathing; Q: Ecc 9:9 and animal care?; vs people care; Forgiveness; Sacrifice test; Addressing trauma; The end of learning; Patience!; Learning the needs of others; "The gatherer"; Ministers; Beasts of the fields; Stinking; Folly; 1 Sam 13:13 - Saul's folly; Government of, by and for the people; Scrubbing out folly; Awareness of weaknesses; Biblical warnings; Idolatry; Welfare; Forgiving the debt of your neighbor; Knowing the rules; Being friends with the unrighteous mammon; "Checkmate"; Blooming in the moment; Democracy in Ukraine?; Keeping His commandments; Invitation to join us; Fear not!; Do the truth!

    7/15/23: Ecclesiastes 9

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2023 105:00

    Quoting Ecclesiastes; Linking to New Testament; Acts 6; Paul quoting David; Doers of the word; Madness; Deut 28:28; Contiguous message through the bible; "Blindness"; Studying?; Believing in the Real Jesus Christ; Keeping the commandments; Saul's folly; Sacrifice of fools; Destroyers of liberty; Humility - willingness to see truth about self; 2 Pe 2:16; Loving your neighbor; Sharing these messages; Offering choice; Proposing reason; Spirit of love; Speaking truth; Ecc 9:1; Awakening to your foolishness; Loving truth; Stop taking oaths; vav+hey-vav-lamad-lamad-hey+vav+tav "madness"; Double letters; Imaging you're already saved; Choosing to see; Denying truth; Ability to see truth; Public schools; Your way vs their way; Social security; Bondage of Egypt; biet-gimel-dalet (treachery/deceit); More abundant life; Eating flesh of your neighbor; Family; Tribute systems; "Chance" (occurrence); Strengthening; Snaring; Wisdom; Creating righteous systems; Destroying cities in history; Rome; From gold to notes; Poor men; Ex 23:3; Eating from tables of rulers; Forgetting wisdom; Ecc 8:7; Quietness; biet+nun-chet-tav; Freeing your neighbor; Slaves in Genesis; Seeing your curse/foolishness; Ps 69:22 Table; Property ownership; Rom 11:8-9 Table; 1 Cor 10:20; Setting the Table of the Lord; Ecc 5:1; Lk 22:30; Acts 6:2; Isa 28:8; Mal 2:2; Have you been snared by covetous practices?; 1 Pe 2:8; What pastors are missing; Socialism - ideology of hate; The gods of this world; Repent and love the light.

    7/8/23: Ecclesiastes 8

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2023 105:00

    Revealing what pastors should know; Attributed to Solomon; Confusing translation; Bible's common theme; "Gentiles"; "leaven"; Christ's weightier matters; Equity vs equality; Vanity; Intent and the law; Witchcraft; Choosing the tree of knowledge of good and evil; Fleeing the light; Government of, for and by the people; Cain and Abel; Playing "God"; Knowing truth; And providing for it; Sacrifice; Kidney?; Casting bread upon water?; Charity = love; Wages of unrighteousness; Keeping the king's commandments; Ecc 8:1; Wisdom; Offerings; Power corrupts; Taxing labor; Slaves?; Socialism; Seeking the tree of life; "Corban", drawing near; Ecc 8:1; Oaths; Social security; Rights and responsibilities; Being free; College; Not to exercise authority over men; Kingdom of God is in the moment; Fasting of the tree of knowledge; Aiding your neighbor; Abraham's altars; Listening to revealed warnings; Wicked - unrighteousness; Levites at Christ's time; Repentance; Davey Crockett article; Cursing the darkness?; Staying in the light; Punishing the wicked?; Time out; Helpful prisons; Choosing to live in darkness; Sabbath; Ecc 8:16; Not sleeping?; Parenthetical phrase; Law of Nature; Following the Holy Spirit; Falling for handouts; Preparing for need; Kings and horses?; Revelations of God; Time for judgement; Knowing what you need to do; Learning to be still; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Consequences of your choices; Legal charity = song of fools; Setting aside vanity; Humility; Be the wise man.

    7/1/23: Ecclesiastes 7 - continued

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2023 90:00

    Bible study; Translations; Different testaments; The song of Moses and of the Lamb; John the Baptist; Corban; Social Insurance; Christian systems of social welfare; Sanhedrin; Dearths; Roman shipping; Keeping the populace happy; Military history; Ecc 7:22; Tree of Knowledge; Revealed truth; The bible solution; God hearing your cries; Saving yourself?; Overcoming error; Seeing your own foolishness; Ecc 7:25; Reason; Wickedness; resh-shen-ayin; Hoping in the foolish; vav+hey+sumac-kof-lamad-vav-tav; Spiritual madness; Double-lamad; Living in darkness; Force in the world; Julius Caesar and the Gauls; Overlooking crime; Corruption; Media in time of Rome; Hating Christians?; World starvation; Illness; Immunity; Perfect savages; Foolish virgins; Doing Christ's way; Daily sacrifice; Willingness to receive help; Need to give; Snare/Net; mem-tzedek-vav-dalet-yod-mem; vav-chet-resh-mem-yod-mem; Binding your allegiance; Income tax; Depression; Fervent charity; Inventions; Superfluous families; Ecc 8:1; Seeking His kingdom first; Capitalism; Trading; Choosing to give; The invention of God = Liberty; Drawing near to God; Give and forgive.