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"Keys of the Kingdom" is a 1 hour (now 2 hour) radio program produced by Brother Gregory of His Holy Church. This program is devoted to talking about the Kingdom of God - what it is, where it is, and how to get there. Christ said that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Which means you can reach ou…

Brother Gregory

    • Nov 13, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from Keys of the Kingdom

    11/13/21: Summing Up Habakkuk

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    Habakkuk - Poetic prophet; Poetry and your brain; Gods/judges; Retaining your right to choose; China's one-child contract example; Cause/effect universe; The fat of the net; Sun's effect on the world; Spiritual vs emotional; Defending foolish ideas; Rom 1:17; Gal 3:11; Heb 10:38 - The just live by faith; Making America great; Diversity; Your primary choice; Biblical translation; Chariots of salvation; The Way of Christ; Seeing the whole truth; Hab 1: Burden of violence; Returning to paradise; Perseverance; Roman price controls; Be careful what you pray for; Kyle Rittenhouse example; People snared in captivity; Leaders of light; Fake good news; Are you living by faith?; Cities of blood; The Lord's temple = YOU; Pestilence - wantonness; Burning coals; Abhor lies; The song of Moses and the Lamb - and of Habakkuk; Believing in life; Receiving life by laying down yours; Survivalists; Sing His song.

    11/13/21: Habakkuk 3

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    Time to talk Kingdom!; DNA; Quantum Biology; Procreation; Life; How do you know murder is wrong?; Idolatry; Seeing truth; Altering your perception; Habakkuk 3 as poetry (pattern); Meaning added to message; Your choice; Cause and effect; Your source of life; Hab 3:1; Poem/song; Hebrew word "afraid" yod-resh-aleph+tav+yod; Habakkuk's prayer; Modern-day interpretation; Prophecy edge; "Charagma"; Judging others; Wickedness; Kyle Rittenhouse; Rain in the desert; Cultivating Holy Spirit; Revival; shem-nun-yod-mem; Mercy by faith; Looking to Tree of Life; Looking for power in knowledge; "Timon"; Are you hearing God?; Timeless spiritual message; Fear not!; Focus on spiritual; Seek peaceful confirmation; "Pestilence"; Hab 3:5 - see in the spirit; "Measuring"; Hab 3:6; Mountains and hills; Horses/Chariots - symbolic; God is not mad; Serving God and life; The will of the Father; Spiritual message - not of fear; Overwhelming anger and hate; Come together in righteousness; Devouring the poor?; Wicked want you eating of Tree of Knowledge; City of blood/oppression; Rely on the Holy Spirit; The LORD's way; Vibrations; What does it mean?; Christ's international body of charity; Psalm 7:1 - "Shigionoth"; Laying down your life for others; Giving life/choice; The devolution of charity; Kingdom not for cowards; Land of the brave?; Song of Moses and the Lamb; Understanding the Old Testament; Witnessing events around us; Social safety nets; Christ's commands; Holding YOU in trust; De 33:2; Who are the saints?; Our job; Baalam and Nicolaitans; Giving power to men; Returning choice to the people; God's judgement - your eyes have been darkened; Opportunity for awakening; Spirit first!

    11/6/21: Mammon

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    English translations of the bible; Why Hebrew is confusing; Letters have meaning and form ideas/words; Adding letters to change meaning; "Mammon" - Aramaic origins; Wealth put into trust; Mt 6:24; Lk 16:11; Tribute into treasury; Rulers exercising authority (removing your choice); Cognitive dissonance; Living a lie; Seeing the whole Jesus; True riches; Consistent bible theme; Origins of the word "mammon"; Human resources; Kingdom Social Security; Christ the king; Jesus' string whip; Mt 27:6; Mk 7:11; Corban; Federal Reserve Act trust; Hab 2:4; Cause/effect universe; Join us!

    11/6/21: Habakkuk 2

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    Seeking richer understanding; Serving the "net"; Many don't like what they hear; "Cult?"; Thinking for yourself; Faith in false information sources; Humility lacking; Bondservant's of Christ; Lk 16:13; Mt 6:24; Mammon? Entrusted wealth; "Corban"; Two mammons?; Is taxation theft?; Recognizing your bondage; 1 Sam 8; Instructions in Matthew; Pure and impure religion; Getting answers from God; Hab 1 review; Corruption by power; Ignoring the "weightier matters"; Kenosha trial example; Slothful under tribute; Keeping His commandments; Protecting the sheep; Practicing forgiveness; Seeing what we need to see - us; Roman Imperial Cult; Baptism of Jesus; Leaving Egypt as a society; Hab 2:1; What WE need to do; Network of the body of Christ; Waiting on the LORD; Tower/rampart - 3320 vav+aleph+tav+(yod-tzdek-beit)+heh; Knowing when and where to run; Built into creation; Bondage of Egypt vs today; "violence"; Participating in confiscation; Living by love; Admitting delusion; The wine you are drunk on; Unrighteous mammon; How long will you live by the blood of your neighbor?; Biting you back; Where is your faith?; Pretending Christians and Jews; "nakedness"; Having no king (anarchy); Modern politics; Teaching covetousness; Repent -think differently (righteously); Strengthening our neighbors; Graven images; Knowing your salvation; David's example; Hoping people awaken; Serving one another; Christ's wine; The Lord wants YOU to be His temple; "Holy"; 1 Cor 3:16; 1 Cor 6:19; Living Christ's way; Allowing Holy Spirit to guide you; No trick to salvation; Becoming an inheritor of the kingdom; God wants to bless YOU; Joining us; Gathering in love; Tough love; Know your comforter; Recognizing righteousness.

    10/30/21: Deuteronomy 5

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    Deuteronomy: Exodus continued, Understanding the Old Testament; Living by faith; What is the Church/Kingdom of God?; The Ten Commandments; Redefined words causing confusion; Words = symbols of ideas; Learn, keep and do; The name of Moses; The role of Moses; Giving away our power to other gods; "Israel"; Synagogue of Satan; Kingdom deep within you; heh+(chet-kaf)+yod+mem (statute); "aleph" picture; God's love for us; No kings in Israel; "Judgement"; Receiving the Holy Spirit; Earning salvation; Covenants; Keeping the commandments; Moses' fires; Letting light in; Emphasizing bondage; "gods"; Your daily bread; Making graven images; Altars; Golden calf; Serving institutions; Taking the LORD's name in vain; Keeping Sabbath; Your right to choose; Honoring your parents; Good/bad is a matter of righteousness; "Corban"; Killing - via government; Adultery - beyond what you think; Taxation?; Bearing false witness; Covetousness = your system of government; Be still and know; Be aware of your appetite for benefits; What ARE you doing?; Your next step - take it.

    10/30/21: Habakkuk 1

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    Reaching for the Kingdom; Deut 5; Ten commandments; Sabbath; Making God happy?; Recognizing metaphors; Freedom of choice; Tree of Life; Keeping the commandments; Not-love; Bondage of Egypt; Lk 22:25-27; Cutting yourself off from the Holy Spirit; Covenants; Gods many; Oaths; beit-resh-yod-tav; Faith in a house of authority; Debt; Cognitive dissonance; Covetous practices; Militia; Habakkuk - 8th of 12 minor prophets; The Just shall live by Faith; Unchanging God; Jewish Christians; Jesus: King and High Priest; Burden of Habakkuk; Finding the faithful; FDA resignations; Following media; VAERS; 1 Sam 8:18; Why God doesn't hear you; Befriending unrighteous mammon; "Incense"; Insurrection - against God; Sabbath pretenders; Usury; Habakkuk - crying out, but not being heard; Kenosha riot story; Who are the righteous?; Habakkuk 1:4; Law = Torah; Wicked authority; College funding story; Chaldeans; Golden calf; Owning your children; Freedom will take a miracle; "Violence", Binding your salvation; Evening wolves; Tav-vav; Connecting/separating faith; Giving up your right to decide/choose; The help that will save you; Who's your "god"?; Hab 1:12 - prayer; Facing hard times - for correction; Join the e-mail network; And the Living network; Become God's peculiar people; Wicked devouring righteous; Inflation; Temple of Ephesus - a bank; Apostolic treasury; The benefit snare; Are YOU seeking His kingdom and righteousness?; Praying to the world; Repent - think a different way; Organize yourselves into Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Rejecting the lie is not enough - receive the truth.

    10/23/21: Pastors

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    Old vs New testaments; Both important - Christ quotes Old testament; Living by faith; Church roll call; Members?; Who's "we"?; "World" at the time of Christ; Sitting in darkness; Your tree of knowledge; Being willing to see truth about yourself; "Brutish pastors";;; Are you listening to the Holy Spirit?; Pastors today; NT: Shepherd - poimen; Shepherds of righteousness; Herdsman; No office of "elder" in the Church; OT: resh-ayin-heh; Authority of pastors; Pastors tend pastures; Fertile soil and good health; Shepherding for better life; "resh" for rulers; The just/righteous shall live by faith; Giving to ministers; Seek the love of Christ; YOUR Temple; Forcing your neighbor; Mark 6:39; Paul's not the problem; Charity and freewill offerings; Beware mistranslations; Peter's wealth; "Idiotes" = unregistered; Nazarene Essenes; Justin's apology explaining the Church; Birth registration; Marcus Aurelias; Find and love the truth.

    10/23/21: Introducing Habakkuk

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    Habakkuk; Tying things in to Jesus Christ; Patterns that bring life; Predestination by choice?; No love without choice; Breathing into existence; Are you listening?; Deciding good/evil; Christ's kingdom not of this world; Ensnaring yourself and your neighbor; Studying "Prophets"; Prophesying disaster; Why prepare?; False images of Christ; Micah's vision; Song of Moses and of the Lamb; "Form" religion; Watering the desert; Disciples = students; Being of one accord; Protection of the Holy Spirit; "The Way"; Witnessing the gospel; Living at the expense of others; Volunteerism; Stealing choice; Cancel culture; Cause and effect; Knowing the real Christ; Rightly dividing bread and water; Living by faith; Mountains of Samaria; YOUR Choice; Habakkuk - another poet; Listening to God; Judge not!; Skipping bases; Involving the state in marriage; Birth registration; Marcus Aurelius; Freewill offerings = Charity; vs Legal Charity; 8th of 12 minor prophets; Late 7th century BC; Rom 1:17; The "just" living by faith; Rom 11:18; Knowing by fruit; Synagogue of Satan; Christ church does Christ's will; Who are "the just"?; False confessions; Paul's lists; Evil Christianity; Propagating covetousness; Finding better solutions; Rom 2:1; Examples of covetousness; Becoming righteous police; Rom 7:7; Sin reality; Col 2:14; Two "laws"; Rom 13:9; National adultery; Harlots; Keeping commandments; Love fulfils the law; Gal 3:11; Are you living by faith or force?; Sitting in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Eating with foreigners; Eph 5:3; Paul's "we" and "us"; Needing repentance; Parental neglect; Jericho's walls; Submitting to God's character; Heb 10:38; Faith vs Force; The Church established by Christ; 2 Tim 3:2; Forgiving your neighbor's debt; Flattening righteousness; Stealing hope from your children; Mammon; Befriending unrighteous mammon; Seek righteousness; Becoming a doer; Starting your journey; Bloodlines?; Descaling your eyes; Perseverance; Saving others; God's love; "His Holy Church"; 2 Tim 3:12; Networking congregations; Demonstrating the body of Christ; Kings and priests; Recognizing false beliefs; Sowing Christ's character; Be still; Faithful bishops; Who's called out?; Are you?

    10/16/21: Pastors

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    Old vs New testaments; Both important - Christ quotes Old testament; Living by faith; Church roll call; Members?; Who's "we"?; "World" at the time of Christ; Sitting in darkness; Your tree of knowledge; Being willing to see truth about yourself; "Brutish pastors";;; Are you listening to the Holy Spirit?; Pastors today; NT: Shepherd - poimen; Shepherds of righteousness; Herdsman; No office of "elder" in the Church; OT: resh-ayin-heh; Authority of pastors; Pastors tend pastures; Fertile soil and good health; Shepherding for better life; "resh" for rulers; The just/righteous shall live by faith; Giving to ministers; Seek the love of Christ; YOUR Temple; Forcing your neighbor; Mark 6:39; Paul's not the problem; Charity and freewill offerings; Beware mistranslations; Peter's wealth; "Idiotes" = unregistered; Nazarene Essenes; Justin's apology explaining the Church; Birth registration; Marcus Aurelias; Find and love the truth.

    10/16/21: Nahum 3

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    Absolutely essential for YOU to sit down in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands to care for neighbors; Roman Senate; What binds you together?; "Libera Res Publica"; Biting one another; Clarifying times of the minor prophets; Pharaoh Moses; Conflict with Pharaoh; Captivity and bondage - then and now; Right to revolt?; Practicing fervent charity; Pure Religion; Review Nahum 1; World-wide Social Security; Making yourselves merchandise; No exercising authority; Forced Social Security; Violating Sabbath; "Nineveh" and Assyria; Owning you; Losing freedom; Abandoning Christ; Called-out Levites; Caring for neighbor as self; Churches made America great; Perfect law of liberty; Your complicity in forcing your neighbor; Deleted history; Nahum 3:1; Who is your source of truth?; Daily ministration; Modern Christian (bloody city) liars; Blood - mem-yod-mem; Becoming prey; Jer 26:15; Ez 7:23; Neighborly love or tyranny; Ez 22:2; Your idols; Ez 24:6; Hos 6:8; You live in the bloody city, and you are the prey; Nahum 3:2; Chariots; "Emperor"; Biblical constitutions; Returning to republic; Our whoredoms, harlot and witchcraft; tet-vav-biet-tav; Woman = caregiver = social welfare system; The Church established by Christ; "Witchcraft" - 3785 kaf-shin-pei + yod + mem; Loving your enemy; Gimel = cause/effect = reward/punishment; "gazingstock"; Untranslated meaning; Nineveh; Bondage of Egypt; Do you see your mistakes?; Seeking God's kingdom; Come together; Nahum 3:8; "populous" - aleph-mem-vav-nun = architect/workman; Better to know the Holy Spirit/comforter; Seek righteousness; Nahum fond of "kaf" (crown); Finding the bride of Christ; Coming in the name of Christ; Comprehending Nahum's metaphors; Share this message; Gather together to operate in a free society by faith, hope and charity; Repent ; America's greatness; Witness your iniquity; Choose Christ; creating bands of free society; Christ came to save others; Will you?; Hear His voice; Do what He says; Understand His kingdom and righteousness.

    10/9/21: Warnings From Highly-cited Scientists

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    Going to heaven or hell?; Resistance to force; COVID studies; Demand autopsies; Micro blood clots; Propagating untruths; False senses of security; Breakthrough variants; Animal analogues; Listening to super achievers; Let the participant beware; VAERS; Warnings from highly cited scientists; Refusal rights; Vaccines are not your salvation; Polio example; Temporary exceptions; Laborers are few; Relying on faulty studies; Solution? Seek His kingdom and His righteousness, strengthen the poor, come together that you might live.

    10/9/21: Nahum 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2021 115:00

    Self-organizing free society; vs Modern Christian; Tyranny on the rise; Perfect savages; Jab or no job; Evidence censored; War with evil since the garden - deception; "Trees"; Christ's commands to disciples; Binding by love; The way of the world; Early American colleges; Wages of unrighteousness; "Gentiles"; Christ's nation; Trickle-up government; Recognizing addition to benefits; Meat with blood in it; Why evil is winning; Christ's sheep story; The solution; Revelations on Nahum; Time of the essence; Loving Jesus; Statutes of Moses; Natural Law; Covenanting with the world; Originating "gods"; Peter's difference; Leaving judgement to God; Acting in the name of Christ; Dominion; Rights to refuse; Vatican II; Reliance on the Holy Spirit; Slothful, disorganized society; Repentance; Next steps; Surviving freedom; Ananias vs Hoses; Your choice; Sacrifice; Solemn feasts; Daily ministration; Nahum 2:1; Who dashes in pieces?; Viewing desolation; What scattered the flock?; What bonds fortify society?; Thomas Sowell's voice of reason; Willingness to see truth; Social Security; Cancel culture; Why not get the jab?; Nahum footnotes; mem-pei-yod-tzadek; Stronghold of God; Charitable altars of men; Sophistry - look it up; Becoming walls; Praying to courts; Is your church teaching Jesus?; Will God hear your cries?; Days of preparation; Upon whose table do you depend?; Chariot charging; Not those who "say"; Paul's lists; Taking care of your own - and others; Nahum 2:7; Who is Huzzab?; nun-tzdek-beit; "Marred"; Those that should be standing - Huzzab and the maids; Plagues and famines; Need of repentance; Nineveh; Back in Babylon/Egypt/Cain; Righteousness has no covetous practices; Divine intervention required - your choice; Or sit in darkness; Knowledge is not enough!; Seek first!; Strive and persevere; Finding young lions; Peculiar tactics; "streets" (outside); "rage" - there should be none; Name of Christ is sacrifice; Are you willing to connect?; What is God and His prophets claiming?; Are you living by faith, hope and charity?; Leading to righteousness; Return to the father.

    10/2/21: Nahum 1 - Nahum's Vision

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    Can't fix everybody else; Evil's goal; "Resist"; Outlandish crimes; Democracy; The fear motivator; "For your safety"; Nazis?; Nahum's vision; Living network; Burden of Nineveh - "massa" = tribute; nun-shen-alef; nun = fish in water; Socialism destroying society; Sweeping you away; Chet-zayin-nun = vision; Seeing yourself to see the truth; You need the Holy Spirit as a guide; Isaiah's similar vision; Spiritual vision; Isa 1:1; Prov 29:18; Keeping the law; Remaining free; Proverb's instructions; "Women" as caregivers; What is the character of the caregivers of your society?; Appetites for benefits; Forced offerings are anti-Christ; Sitting and eating with rulers; Jer 14:14; Nahum's "Jealous" - kuf-nun-vav-alef; How you became sitting in darkness?; Imaginary salvation; God's consequences are built into nature; Enemy - lamad+alef-yod-biet+yod+vav; Pharisee's "law"; Living at the expense of others; Lam 2:9; Gentiles; Pastors without vision; American slavery - bondage of Egypt; "Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions" book; Gospel "truth"; Acquitting the wicked; Dalet = selflessness = charity; Unrighteous mammon; Commit to the kingdom and righteousness; Tough love; Ez 7:26; Exercising authority = taking neighbor's choice away; Soften your heart; Blame, but forgive; Repent!; Ez 12:27; Individual journey taken together; tav-beit-lamad "world", like "kosmos"; Judge not!; Finding love for neighbor; Prepared by faith, hope and charity; Think differently; Nahum 1:13; Practicing pure religion; Bans - of Liberty or Tyranny?; Moses and Jesus in harmony; Leave judgement to God; Repent and follow righteousness; Molten systems of evil; Reassemble the real Church; Golden calf; Making word of God of none effect; Graven images; Follow the way of the Lord; Not brutish pastors; "vow"; Casting bread upon the waters; Welfare Anonymous?; God sends vision - not intellect; Family = God's institution; Church = called out; No saving yourself; Networking; Helping others prepare.

    9/25/21: Our Journey

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    The keys; The ways; Fasting; The secrets to the ways of liberty; Deceitful meat; Was Paul anti-gospel?; Hard to understand?; What law?; Demonic and heavenly dimensions; How to differentiate; What's missing?; Characteristics of heaven; Autophagy; Marley's chains - and yours; Forgiveness actualized; Doers of the word; Paul's network of charity; Acts - of the apostles; Sanhedrin(s) = spiritual legislature; Do you have covenants with other gods?; Judging good and evil?; Natural Law and legal systems; Living stone altars; Abraham and the five kings; The chemical factory within you; Mt 6:23; Emergency property seizure; The new "temporary"; Seeing tracks; Treasures in heaven; Nero's performances; National insolvency; Rom 13:9; Christian persecution; Public religion; Stoning; Overcoming addictions; Sabbath keeping; Thievery in the bible; Seek the kingdom.

    9/25/21: Nahum

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    Understanding Nahum via things happening now; Nahum added letters to most words; "World"; Are you following the Holy Spirit/Comforter?; Selling all you hath; Dark winter; The light hurts their eyes; Learning the whole truth to provide for it; Seeing how God works; Pursuing "Happiness"; Mandates of Christ; Natural Law; "Nahum" = comforter/consoler; Uncomfortable truth; Elkoshite?; Being trapped; Cause/effect universe; Pandemic precursor; Willingness to see truth; King Manesseh; Adultery and Idolatry; War on Poverty; Losing our religion; Salvation; Written near end of Assyrian empire; Mandating your neighbors; Causes of your present predicament; Calvin's confusion; Rejecting God's righteousness; Cemetery story; Surviving hospitals; Surviving tyranny; Identifying tyrants; Mt 7:1 - Judgement; Volunteerism; Micah 3; Mt 7:15; Biting one another; Nahum 1; Book of the vision; "Name" of Christ; Saving the whole world?; "Burden"; Tribute; Weakening the people; Saul's folly; Private vs public funding; Nineveh?; Today's burden; Mt 11:30; Jesus: king and high priest; Cursing your children; Jealous God?; kuf-nun-vav-alef - separating yourself from God; kuf = resh + zayin; Christ's command to gather; God's "effect", or "wrath"; To which father are you connected?; "furious" - can you upset God?; Built-in automatic result; "adversaries"? Of righteousness; Doing what Christ said; Socialism is not religion; Reinstituting bonds; Way of righteousness; Nahum investigation involved; Unique words; "enemy"?; Democracy -> Socialism -> Communism; Selfishness; Gal 5:15; Treating only symptoms; Witnessing love and sacrifice; Denominational division; Peculiar people; Preparing for famine; Expecting vengeance; 1 Sam 8 warning; Acquitting the wicked?; Giving responsibly to strengthen the poor; Words missing from translation?; Repentance to get to Christ; God's consequence is slow, but inevitable; Seek real righteousness; Don't complain, repent!

    9/18/21: Canon Law

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    Can't trust the news anymore; What about churches?; False Christs deceiving many; Covetous practices; "Works" are evidence of salvation (or not); Upsetting the lie; "Christ" commanded US; Our mission; Death rate manipulation; "Age" is a morbidity; Arsenic and green wallpaper; Protecting young and old; Seeking solutions; 2 Cor 3:6; Body subject to spirit; Spirit of love giveth life; Hate?; vs Loving your enemy; Canon law; Justice or legal systems; Greek "Kanon" = straight measuring rod; Are you on the straight path?; Responsibility; Executive orders; Supreme moral authority?; Church established by Jesus Christ; Turn to His spirit; Applying the law; Statutes of Moses; John 8:44; Devil: father of lies; 1 John 2:4; Keeping commandments; Church = called out - government; Rhomaios vs Roman citizen; Idiotes; Forced contributions are not OK; Attacking delusion; Living at the expense of your neighbors; Jerusalem's righteous king; Love = charity; Therapy for strong delusion; Oregon October showdown; What needs to happen; 1 John 2:22; Cognitive dissonance; Absolute truth; Vaccinations; UN Universal declaration of human rights; Bioethics; #6 - informed consent; No forcing your neighbor; Stop dividing; Social Security is same as Corban of the Pharisees, making word of God of none effect; Repent and come together in name of Christ; Full armor of God; God's love - hot coals for you?; Coming in Christ's name; Seek kingdom of God and His righteousness; Being the government of God - of, for and by the people; Take care of one another; You choose: kingdom of God or kingdom of the world.

    9/11/21: Numerous Doctors

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    World-wide displacement; Government force; Fake gospel; Liberation theology; Finding the contract; Gregory history; People are dying; The threat of coercion; VAERS; Avoiding forced medical treatment; 10 USC 1107 (a); Can you refuse?; Dangers of this injection; Why animal trials are needed; Do your own research; What is love?; Divisive people; Cause/effect universe; "Wrath" of God; Holding therapy; Building health centers; Join the network!; Numerous scientists; Population reduction; Natural immunity efficacy; Booster addiction; Avoidance is not enough; Follow Christ.

    9/11/21: Conversation

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    Deciphering current events; Evolving science; Why do we believe what we believe?; Flat earth?; Mental bigots; Blind faith?; We think we know; "Conversation"; Rituals and ceremonies; Administrating public affairs; Corinthian Christians; Clarifying the kingdom of God and His righteousness; "Threskia"; What Paul was doing; Pharisaical apostasy; "Corban"; Nahum - prophet of vision; Linking to today's problems; Nature; Body "cell" analogy; CO2; Breathing; Healing; Paralleling the body of Christ; Movie "God"; God's image in creation; Reproduction miracle; Intercellular communication; Population reduction?; Angel = messenger; Interpreting messages; Toxicity; Aroura borealis; Power of compassion; Is spirit electrical?; God's "speaking"; The beginning; Genesis 1; Spiritual forming physical; Witchcraft; Gathering as Christ commanded; Seeing things fit together; Defining "Gimel"; Gen 1:1; "Darkness"; "Deep"; "Elohim" - aleph-lamad-heh-mem; Spiritual element; Christ came to save the whole world; Germ/terrain theories; Armor of God; Spiritual coincidences?; Cutting yourself off from God; God/Jesus "breathing"; Nahum - the book of vision; Reason for illness; God/light/day - begin with aleph; Rights; Darkness - heh-shem-kuf; Blaming and judging; Setting others free; Church - for His purposes; Corporation of Christ; Marriage for having children; Loving our enemy; Adam and Eve cut themselves off; Recent audio recordings; Solution to the madness; Nahum - burden of Nineveh - "massa"; Doctrine of His Church; Sharing of messaging; Decide for yourself.

    8/28/21: Soft Despotism

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    Festivals driven by the people; Force and fear; Stopping the nonsense; Do your own research; Meat?; Benefactors; Lk 22:25; Christ's rules; Sacrifice; Judean welfare; "Soft" Despotism; Egoism; Connecting in a network; Developing the skills of freedom; Prov 23; "Dainties"; Meats given; Right to steal?; Who is tithing?; Traveling ministry; Paul, tentmaker; Scientific warnings; Perversion; Becoming savages; Sureties for debt; Hearing one another; Tutelary Church?; Who are your guardians?; Dishonest elections; Sovereign people; Gathering to help each other - rich and poor; Gratitude?; Moral ties; Willful sacrifice; Guaranteeing life without happiness; Wages of unrighteousness.

    8/28/21: Preparing You for the Truth

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    What does "not a part of the world" mean?; Learning word meanings; "Exousia" = power of choice; John the Baptist - "repent"; concordance; context of the time; Tapping in to Holy Spirit; Doves and flickering; Baptism; Opinions and truth; Believer? How do you know?; Need truth to be saved; Set down what you thought was true; Vulnerable to deceit; Freedom of speech in the kingdom; Why we gather; Invisible bonds; "scripture"; Indwelling of Holy Spirit; "Study" = be diligent; No magic words; Actions are evidence; "Charity"; Burning Bush Festival next weekend; Sept 7th "call in sick" day for protest; Government workers being fired; Medical coercion; Media censorship; Preparing you for the truth; Cancelling - don't want conversation; Following science; Vaccine agenda; John the Baptist gave the solution; Corruption in government; Are we doers of the word?; Seek the kingdom and righteousness and the rest will work out; Laborers are few; Doing the work; Prov 23; Understanding biblical "meat"; mem-beit-ayin-mem; Greek "broma"; Victuals?; Dainties?; Benefits!; What "normal" are you looking for?; Plutarch quote about benefits; And Polybius; Appetites for benefits; Force is not OK; Legal charity; Evidencing the problem; Christ has the solution; Shutdown removes purpose -> suicide; You will need a network; Business license? Lk 3:11; "meat" instructions; Stop being the "many"; Societal pressure; Tiberius = 2nd Caesar after Augustus; Two high priests?; "Seeing" God's salvation; Are you fruit-bearing?; Getting back to the ways of Christ; Synagogues; Universe and kingdom are reasonable; Lavish temples; How are you seeking?; Baptizing publicans; "violence"; Moving towards the light per John the Baptist; Building Christ's network; "Cast out" vs "called out"; John and Jesus relationship; THE solution: Love one another = charity!

    8/21/21: Satisfying Equality

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    Returning to Draconian measures; God's Kingdom = right to be ruled by God; Christ's solution; Enemies of the people; How YOU became a criminal; Equality and equity; Moving targets; Why people come and why they leave; The name of Christ; Practical reality; Racism in rulers; Equality of outcome; The art of staying free; Daily sacrifice; "Associations"; Pact of the catacomb; Crucifixion plaque; Recognizing Jesus as King of Judea; Offices of service; Juries; Understanding Paul; Capitalism and Socialism; Individual rights to choose; Thinking Christ's way; Charitable associations; Charity spotted by government; Despotic equality; Religious order; Your duty to the body of Christ; Standing up for neighbors; Maintain conversation; Is the Supreme Court your god?; Victory by separation/isolation; "Egoism"; Accepting you might be wrong; Your right to decide; Good citizens; The goal is righteousness; Range sheep stick together; Legal Charity; Liberty is the blood of life; Your first choice.

    8/21/21: Equality of Poverty

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    Keys: "The Way" of Christ; Identifying metaphors, US Constitution not biblical; What makes us susceptible to delusion; "contract" clause; Minor prophets overlapping; Nahum words; burden -> "tribute"; Relevance to today and tomorrow; Willingness to see our own error; Living altars; Levite temple; Despotic bindings; The Church's role in social welfare; Lady Godiva story; Doomsday book; Appetites for benefits; Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Well-organized poor?; Encouraging idleness; Weakening the poor; Lev 25:35; Bondage of Egypt; 20% income tax; What covenants have you made?; Usury; Israel - not civil society but free society; Israel's Pure Republic times; What's your source for truth?; Lev 25:38; Turning brethren into servants; Abdicating your right to choose; Legal charity; Criminals and government; Australian attacks; Actors = paid liars; You fix it!!; Freedom requires responsibility; Becoming a doer of the word; Testing effectiveness; Criminalizing crossing state lines; Christians abandoning Christ; Problems stemming from slavery? Progressive socialism; Cancelling access; VAERS; Know the facts; Avoid hysteria; Supporting caregivers; Licensing ministers; What made America great; Equality of Poverty; "Free" benefits; Frightened by love; Solution to mandates; Mark 6; Luke 9:13; Organizing Israel; Militia; Loaves and fishes - what was the miracle?; Corroding society; Forced vs freewill contributions; Rethinking education; Home school associations; Which "Equality"?; Identity politics; Alexis de Toqueville story; Sharing with ministers through the body of Christ; Fake news; And fake "Good News"; Democracy within a republic; It's not allowable to take away neighbor's right to choose (a.k.a exercise authority); Offices of service vs offices of power.

    8/14/21: "Commanded"

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    Home churches; Like early Church or Pharisees?; When God won't hear you; Christ's commanded organization; Mark 6; Protestant; Popes; Calling no man father; Ten family groups; Synagogue; Early Christians were Jews; Ex 18:25; Lk 12:15; Understanding covetousness; Gambling; Wanting gain at others' expense; Rebuttal of HHC article "Commanded"; No coveting!; Make-believe freedom; Mark 6:40; Simplicity of charity; Luke 9:14; Tithings/symposia; Groupings of Ten in history/languages; Doing what Christ said; Interconnecting groups; Importance of the meaning of words; Pure Religion unspotted by government; Exercising authority; Do you?; Mt 20:25; Mark 10:42; Lk ?; Daily Ministration is caring for needy; Public religion; "Benefactor"; Bread sacrificed to idols vs Christian charity; Home "church" social clubs; Good tax men?; Helping you with your unbelief; Romans 13; Exousia; The Higher Liberty.

    8/14/21: Explaining Tens, Hundreds and Thousands Networking

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    Covetous practices; Do you understand?; Most *want* to covet, Polybius; Home church group discussion; Modern church differences with early Church; Christ "commanded"; Governmental officers exercising authority; Wages/rewards of unrighteousness; Synagogues; Small groups of ten; Family - instituted by God; Modern Christian apostasy; Kate Brown's new graduation rules; Jesus commanding His disciples; Early Church "families"; Ex 18:25; "rulers"; Individuality; Joseph and his brothers; Escaping bondage; "Religion"; "World"; "spotting" religion; Doing no more ought for your parents; Social Security has never been solvent; Are you really following Christ?; Cognitive dissonance; No SS trust fund; How much do you help your parents?; Public aid; Networking in the bible; Providing daily bread; Electing new Sauls; Potestas and imperium; US Constitution not a biblical document; "Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions" book; Repentance; Loving Christ = keeping commandments; Public health - a church concern; Force vs freewill; "Tens"; Church organization; Dumbing down children; Justin's apology explaining Christianity; Church: resources are the people; Herod's temple; Treasury and sacrifice; Paul's congregations; New Testament "Charity"/"Love"; "Rabbi" rulers; "President" in congregation; Explaining "tens" and "hundreds" networking; Equality among families; Megachurches; Calling out ministers; Jesus the king; Dr. Shiva presentation on "public health"; Many workers of iniquity; Fat, dumb and happy; Solution starts with repentance; Learning forgiveness; Village idiots; Loving one another; Dysphoria; Christ's bottom-up organization; Appointing a kingdom/government; Falsely thinking you are free; Pentecost; Blind man story; Working daily in the temple; Understanding the extend of welfare; Cutting Church muster; Kingdom public health system is intrinsic; Kingdom not of this world.

    8/7/21: Annotated Amos

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    Amos on societal corruption; God is built in to system He created; Nature reveals; Learning how to be a free people; Returning to bondage; Golden calf = reserve bank; "god" = ruling judge; Supreme Court - deciding good and evil for you; 1 Sam 8 wanting a king; Moving the Temple; Korah the sheep; Black/white faced sheep; Basics of the kingdom; Swindoll's commentaries on Amos; Amos 2:6-8; (Julius) Caesar comparison; Federal Reserve; Selling your neighbor into bondage; vs showing up for your neighbor; "Corban" of the Pharisees; Amos 3:10; Electing Sauls; Early American public schools; Mountains of Samaria; Cities of blood; Amos 5:11; Robbing widows and orphans; Hewn vs unhewn stone; Tax complacency; Righteousness is key; Church symbolized as women - caregiver; Helping dysphoria; Amos 8:4; Inflation; Unjust weights and measures; Biting one another - meat with blood in it; Forced offerings; "Intentional Community"; Gathering in free assemblies; Living kingdom where you are; Values driving action; Sacrificing self; "Religion" and the "priestly"; "legalism"; Your right to choose = freedom.

    8/7/21: Amos 9

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    Notes on; Overlapping prophetic messages; Who is God?; "Yahweh"; God's opinion IS reality; Patterns of creation; Cause/effect universe; Inspiration; Presenting non-reality; Wrong answers?; Have you been listening to Christ?; Strong delusion; Allowing nonsense; False beliefs; Faith compels action; Do you act from revelation or vanity?; Spiritual drought; Portents; Reasons to help others; Amos' prophetic poem; Rejecting God; Levite ministers of government; Force or Freedom?; "Horns of the altar"; Jesus' humor; "Eye of the needle"; Charity study; Explaining Christian community; Legal charity; Daughters of the harlot; Understanding altars; kuf-resh-nun (horns); Ex 27:2 +tav-yod-vav; Can you hear the Holy Spirit?; Faith/sacrifice binds people together; Awakening your divine spark (yod); Systems of faith; Have you seen the truth?; Swarms of grasshoppers; Amos 9:1 altar - of force; Social Security has NEVER been solvent; Cutting yourself off from the Holy Spirit; Repent!; Act!; Consequential smiting of lintels of covetous altars; Mem-Lamed-Tet + yod; Inability to see truth; Digging into hell - are you?; First followers of Jesus were Jews; Council of Milan; Doing what Christ said; Carmel = fruitfulness; Being bitten by the serpent; Binding by faith, hope and charity; Where did YOU go wrong?; Why are you back in Egypt?; Paths of repentance; Sophistry locked in by pride; Sifting - trial by God; Days/ways of old; Free society; Melting mountains and hills; Having God prevail in your heart; Why Amos adds (Hebrew) letters; resh-aleph-hey + tav = seeing by faith/revelation; Are you living by faith?; Faith is a gift - which we often block; Family is instituted by God; Christ appointed kingdom to disciples (same as Levites); Saving others; Not dividing by the sword; Repenting together; Keeping His commandments; "city" = terror; Robbing widows and orphans; How Early America was great; Bible message consistent throughout; Cities of blood; Prov 1:10; One purse = socialism; Joint heirs; Don't forsake the gathering.

    7/31/21: Amos 8

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    Prophets saying the same thing; Dog returning to vomit, pig to mire = legal charity = state providing for needy of society; Religion defined; Saul's folly; WWI ambulance story; Transitioning your mind; What makes you safe?; The greater threat; Volunteerism; Problem at Amos' time; Exercising authority destroys free society; Lady Godiva; The sin of Sodom; You have been warned again and again; Corban of the Pharisees; Changing society back; Entitlements and guarantees; Justin's apology; Social security; Sabbath; Israel's worship of Moloch; Amos is poetry - full of symbols; Amos 8: "Basket of summer fruit"; kof-lamed-vav-beit; Hebrew "word" construction; Cancelling Amos; Fake good news (gospel); Flu report; Removing morality from society; What are you doing for the poor?; Nature of evil; Slothful in charity will be under tribute; Repent - change your thinking; Public School example; Trapping ourselves in these systems; Using money without value; Inflation (of imaginary value); Dividing society; Inflation story; Deceitful balances vs just weights and measures; Ways to think differently than the world; Corban = Social Security = Legal Charity; Making the word of God of none effect; "New moons"?; Who are your priests?; Salvation from your covetous practices; What made America great; Your feasts = welfare; Amos 9; Are you hearing and receiving the words of the Lord?; Amos 8 side notes; "grasshoppers" and "locusts" - From "husbandmen"; Swarms of offices of power; Those lacking faith digress to force; Today's failing media; Paying what you owe; Living by faith, hope and charity; Referencing Nahum; Referencing Alexis de Toqueville; Righteousness is genius; When "America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great"; Covetousness is not good; Despotism seeks division; Prov 1:12; Knowing by fruits; Seeing beyond strong delusion; Seeking the kingdom because of love; Right to choose is a gift from God; Idiotes (unregistered) Apostles; Coming together under the perfect law of liberty destroys division; Incentivized sloth; Your image of Christ; Sharing this message; Gather together; Work together; Re-assemble the body of Christ.

    7/24/21: Avoiding Confusion

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    Local wildfires - fight or flight; Experience and motivation; Amos' forewarned destruction; Community requires forgiveness; Christian = follower of Christ; Overpopulation?; Creating quality people; The deal of freedom; Vaccine warnings; What will you do?; "Decimation"; You're back in the bondage of Egypt; FDR's Social Security; Waiving your rights; Learning how to live in a free society; Reciprocal covetousness; Is 28:10; Straying from God's precepts; Misconceptions about Abraham; Warlord? Or militia?; Lessons from Abraham; Avoiding confusion; Cultish practices; Externalizing identity; Controlling the narrative; "Basra" = fortress, protection; The workers are few; "kafar" chet-pe-resh = confounded, confused, ashamed; Ps 71:24; beit-vav-shem also confounded, ashamed, confusion - divided from revelation; kof-lamad-mem = ashamed, confounded, confusion - what you do; Unrighteous pastors; Explaining "elders".

    7/24/21: Amos 7

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    Minor prophets - how it relates to us today; We make mistakes!; Learn or suffer; Two kingdoms divided; Kingdoms today; Early American freedoms; "grasshoppers"; Fire(wood) stories; Ebb and flow of disaster; Nature's compensation for dearth; God's interaction via creation; Swarms of offices; Pelosi on abortion; (No) Poverty in the kingdom; Necessities of a free people; Our reaction to plagues; Depending on Pharaoh?; Who to believe?; Volunteerism in action; "Decimation"; Free societies work together; Why people came to America; White Pine confederation; Amos' symbolic poetic idioms; gimel-vav-beit; grasshopper symbolism; Teachers' unions - not kingdom solution; Governments won't change until men change; Rationalizing rioting and looting; Minding nature's rules; Plumb line of righteousness; "The Way"; Where's your share?; "Permitting"; "cash"; Amos 7:2; Kings and officers not leaving much for the people; 1 Sam 8; God's repentance; Aiding one another; "The Way" of Christ; Prophecy for our time; Blaming Amos; Who is Amaziah?; Farm-flocked sheep; Weakened (conquered) people; Lady Godiva's "way"; Standing with your neighbor; Who is "Israel"?; Have you gone into captivity?; Senseless abortion; Being prepared; Examine your sources of information; Amos waking up people; Israel's cancel culture; The Saul Syndrome; How you are rejecting God; Social atheists; Guaranteed spoils; Problems with your thinking; Creeping evolution of permits (tyranny); The solution: Loving your neighbor; Recognizing the harlot; Preaching repentance; Imaginary righteousness; Amos 7:17 - detailed scrutiny; "polluted"; "forth of his land"; "sanctuaries of Israel"; "high places"; "desolate"; Deadly vaccinations; Going under the sword; Cancelling seers; Repeating historical mistakes; Care for your neighbors; Pelosi, your high priestess; Are you following Christ?; Sacrificing to save others; Legalizing sin; Repent!

    7/17/21: Help With Unbelief

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    The keys are...; Most have no idea; Facebook conversation; Given to the apostles to know; Celsus the critic; Modern Christian Nicolaitans; Ignoring Christ; Seek to conform to Christ; Home "church"; Christ's organization plan; Understanding "pure religion"; 1 Cor 8; Knowledge vs Charity; "agape"; Why Christians wrote to emperors; The Way to freedom; "Exousia" concept; Biblical use of "elder"; "Appointment"; Serving servants; Do you want to see?; Offices of "Authority"; Force is not allowed; Acting upon the Holy Spirit's guidance; Could nearly everybody be wrong?; "Faith"; Why tyranny grows; Error of Balaam and Nicolaitans; Consent not; Benefits from exercisers of authority; Mission of The Church; "Patri"/"Patronous"; Activity in the Temples; Joining the network.

    7/17/21: Amos 6

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    Amos 5: Quick review; Symbolic poetry; Pictorial Hebrew; Letters with meaning; Facilitates reasoning process; Stories more powerful than mere facts; Personifying animals; Capacity of reason; Justin the martyr vs Celsus; Temple functions; Sacrifices to idols; Keys to understanding; Trials of the saints; Amos: where Israelites went wrong; Pharisees had a jumbled truth; Awakening from darkness; Returning men to families and possessions; Power of choice; Fundamental precept of the bible; Amos 5: Bethel and Gilgal; Christ's parables; Straying from righteousness; "Beersheba" well of 7-fold oath; Turning temple into den of thieves; Offerings of force or freewill; Elder discussion; Pledging; Clergy; Cursing your children - bondage of Egypt; Conforming to Christ; Building a bridge from death to life; Strengthening the poor; "Memoir on Pauperism"; "Legal charity"; "Religion"; Putting everyone on welfare!; What made America great; Entering into Egypt; Moving from force to freedom; Amos 6; Beginning your spiritual journey; Good Samaritans; Calneh and Hamath = Faith; Abraham's gospel; Cutting ourselves off from the Holy Spirit; Sacrificing selfishness; Modern doublespeak; Not OK to covet neighbor's goods; Gospel truth; Cultish behavior; Supporting the truth; Loving your neighbor; Outlawing personal responsibility; Why you are captives; What God hates; Loving unrighteousness?; Rejoicing in debt?; Standing with God; Your mountains of Samaria are liars; There is no new deal; God's deal or Satan's deal?; Where is your humility?; Improving your understanding; Pilate's "world"; Pilate's choice; Pharisees' self-condemnation; Charity without morality?; Inevitable senseless rioting; Gathering in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Nicolaitans; The REAL solution; Aflame with righteousness; Extreme isolation of pandemic reaction; Seeking HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness; Revealing symbolism; Our books are free online; Home church movement?; Burning Bush Festival; The need for locality; Is Christ in your heart?; Repent!

    7/10/21: It's NOT the Government's Job

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    Guest: James Williams - Lake County commissioner; "Bootleg" fire; "RFPA"; Fire-fighting stories; Funding; Links to the Gospel; Taking back responsibility; Censorship; mRNA vaccine response; Vaccinosis; Conspiracies; What can we do?; Public school control; Who should "do something"?; Guardianship by government?; TLC for neighbors; Commandments of men and God; Honoring father and mother; "Corban"; Defiling men; Becoming the light; Doing what's right can be contagious; Community involvement; Where are the churches?; There's always someone that needs help; Not just token help; The transition back; Bondage of Egypt; Share these messages!

    7/10/21: Amos 5

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    How things work in the kingdom; Gospel = good news - kingdom at hand; Jews and gentiles; MANY "Christians" contrary to Christ; Are you deceived?; Israel fallen; Error of Baalam and Nicolaitans; Bondage of Egypt; Imposing "fair share"?; Octavius; Hating Romans?; Romans were invited to Judea; Weakening/degenerating society; Real history?; Amos the shepherd/farmer/poet/prophet; Burning Bush Festival; Seeking the kingdom of God; The "way"; Government of, for and by the people; Pure Religion; Review of Amos 1-4; Communist manifesto; Holy Spirit is not emotion; Brotherly covenant; Church = "called out"; Baptism; Charity vs force; Consequences of transgression; Covetous practices; Horns of the altar; Today's watchmen; Being heard by God; Amos 5; Christ appointed the Church - 1000 years; Constantine's counterfeit church; Symbolic meaning of words; Moses' beginnings; Assisting neighbors; Standing together as a free people; Seek the Lord!; "House of God"; Power seekers; Power of choice; Believing you're not free; "Affinity spaces"; "inclusion" is actually "exclusion"; National adultery; Escaping responsibility; Turning judgement to "wormwood" - lamad-ayin-nun-heh - bitterness; Your right to judge; Despising dominion; Law of nature; Committing to righteousness; Can you see covetousness in the systems of the world?; Biting each other; Righteousness flows through the people individually; Hearing your neighbor's cries; Hewn houses; Robbing widows and orphans; Treading upon the poor; Denying your own reality; Hating (fear of) rebuke; Question everything!; Your choices create your government; "Saved" in your imagination only; Follow Christ!; Jesus came that you MIGHT be saved; Traitorous translators; Do you want to know?; Are you doing the will of the Father?; Returning to a free society; Admitting your error; The noise of your songs; Card-carrying bondservants; Righteousness, not covetousness; Sacrifice, not greed.

    6/26/21: Discussing "Keys" Document

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    Amos, Micah and Joel saying the same things; Choosing to live apart from God; Subjecting yourself to man's government; Neighbors biting neighbors; Human resources; Repeating history; The Christian difference; Pope Peter?; Celibacy?; Vestal virgins; Amos's fat cows; Peter and the keys of the kingdom; Divine revelation; Binding/Loosening on earth and in heaven; Mt 13:20; Discussing "Keys" document; Matt 16:13; Identity of Jesus; "Christ" = Anointed; Which misunderstanding to address first?; 1000 years; Where are we at in prophecy?; Clergy = clerks; "Church" defined; Separate (holy) ministers; Built on liberty; God's opinion is the truth; Levites; Heb 10:4; Sin and separation from God; Simple bible, simple commandments; Keeping them; John 8:43; Having ears to hear; Getting the truth; The "rock" of your knowing.

    6/26/21: Amos 4 - MUST HEAR Episode!

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    "Minor" Prophets?; Need Holy Spirit guidance to understand; How to seek it; The keys; Loving God and neighbor; Why covenant with the gods many?; "Religion"; Bondage of Egypt; Modern "churches" are of the world; Binding and loosing; Do what He says; "Nudging" bible verses; Playing Church; "Ekklesia" = called out; Seeking His Kingdom; Are you being misled? Amos 4:1; Poetry; Different bible versions; Blame game again; Symbolic "woman"; Caregiver?; "Husband" Authority/Father; Patri/Patronous; Holding you to your agreements; "Bashan" (biet-shen-vav) = fruitfulness/faith; Repent!; Christ took kingdom away from Pharisees; It was already "at hand"; Conforming to Christ or the world?; Your choice; More drink?; Following Christ; Defining "Church"; Ordinances of Christ; "Corpus" (body); Who are called out?; What for?; Deciding good/evil for you; Church is a government; Sharing parables; Walking the "Way"; Consequences of "world" government; Breakdown of families; Skills of freedom; Rituals and ceremonies; Amos 4 - oppressing the poor; Public religion; Modern watchmen; Saving yourself; Repent!; Fat "cows" (kine); Genesis (41:2) cow dream interpretation; gimel-resh-vav-tav; (vav-tav) connects to faith; Moses' faith teachings; Samaria metaphor - ref Micah 1; Sharing truth; Amos 4:5; Free offerings?; Living by faith or force?; "Paid in full"; Covetous practices; Clean teeth; Christ's commands; Withholding rain and empty reservoirs; Righteousness is your salvation; "Palmworm" (chewing locust) ref Joel and Declaration of Independence; Becoming merchandise; Returning to the "Way"; Repent!; Idols and snares; Evidence of repentance; Recognizing idolatry; Goodnewsmen; Sin of Sodom; "Community"; Dividing the flock; Cause and effect; Socialism has existed here for 100+ years; Forming a living network; Fat leaders - palmworms; Consequence/effect built into creation; Henry's Concise Commentary; Worship; Flow of charity in the kingdom; Organized networking; Information resources; Soul-searching self; Letting God write upon your heart and mind; Sloth brings tyranny; Keeping rights secure; "MY" people; Drawing near to God; No time to waste; Repent!

    6/19/21: Ten Commandments

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    Myocarditis; Blindly following orders; Advisors having your interest at heart; Cancelled documentary; Are you "already saved"?; Testing your salvation; The formula for righteousness; Happy Days; Selfishism; Sexual revolution; Disrespect of parents; Whole truth?; Redefining religion; FDR's new deal; Fake heroes; One-world rule; "Different" is not necessarily "better"; Ten commandments; Guideposts to understand self; God's pattern in creation; Egyptian bondage; Deciding good/evil for you; Graven images; Serving other gods; Taking the Lord's name in vain; Sabbath?; Is God writing upon your heart and mind?; Honoring father and mother; Successful societies; Bringing community together; Killing and adultery; Overeating?; Forcing your neighbor; Bearing false witness; Covetousness; Strengthening neighboring families; Undermining your future; Learning forgiveness; Bipolar; Communion; Successful marriages; Speaking up for truth; Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

    6/19/21: Amos 3

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    Amos poetic prophet; Nature of God is incorporated into creation; Built in rules; Follow or societal degeneration; Breakdown of family; "Tribal"; Families helping families; Appeals courts; Militia; Binding without force; Networked families are the biggest threat to totalitarianism; Turn around to the narrow way; Repent; Amos 2 transgressions; Watchmen sharing warnings; Doing with Christ commanded; You MIGHT be saved; Church (called out) in the wilderness; "ekklesia"; Golden calf; One Purse; HJR 192; "Cash"; Redacting history; Slaves in Africa; Judging by content of individual character; Christ's weightier matters; Cloward and Piven; State Welfare; Cursing children; Who are your watchmen?; "Clergy"; Wealth redistribution; Amos the watchman; Amos 3; Words the Lord has spoken against YOU; Micah 3:1-5; Cauldrons and fleshpots; Regulating rulers; Bondage of Egypt; Amos 3 families; shin-pi-heh; Going back to Egypt; Or walking with God (the garden); Loving God and Neighbor; Socialism violations all God's commandments; Lion roar - made a kill; Snaring birds; Analogous to iniquities happening; 3:7 - God revealing to prophets; Freedom of choice; US Constitution non-biblical; Temple den of thieves; Your covetous practices have made you merchandise; Making the state your father; Following trails; 13: Altars of Bethel; Spiritual revelation; Quest for righteousness; Seeing nature of God; Sitting in Tens and practicing righteousness of God; Metaphor of Samaria; Forcing sacrifice; Levites called out - belonged to God; Early Church assume role of Levites; Bible's repeated message; "Already saved" article; Fake Christians; Wrong ministers; Listen to Holy Spirit - comfort with truth; What have you already done?; Public vs Pure Religion; Festival practical purposes; Living Network; Saving society; Stop procrastinating; Avoid the wages of unrighteousness.

    6/12/21: Guru Theories

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    HHC Regional groups have one purpose; "Elder" is not what you think; Releasing preconceived notions; "Religion", "World"; Pitching in for neighbors; Becoming human resources; The poem of Amos; Wanting Egypt; Replicating lies; Satanic salvation; What is the kingdom?; Dogs in cages; Why God hardened Pharaoh's heart; One Child contract; Not needing benefits; Why God sent plagues; Minister responsibilities; Cause/effect universe; Antonomasia; Christ's actual instructions; Degeneration of society; Biblical advice to slaves; Christian names?; Righteous name changes; Spiritual suicide?; Identifying intent; Invisible enemies; Things we "must" do; Republic usurped? Or abandoned?; Abraham's army; Knowing by fruit; Who shows up?; Supply and demand; Getting Egypt out of you; The only solution; Specific gurus; Where "the contract" is; Jesus Christ's redemption; Know the comforter; Finding the "good guys"; Sanhedrins; How the kingdom works.

    6/12/21: Amos 2

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    Amos prophet/shepherd/tender of trees/poet; English translation; Song of Moses; Deut 32?; Moses and Jesus in agreement; Poetic connections; Truth free of charge but costs you your delusions; Offices of power; Saving yourself?; Knowing by fruit; Amos' warnings; Coming out of hell; Wrath of God is built into the system; Risking self for others; Strengthening the poor; One purse; Ps 50:1; Seeing in faith; Amos 1: Introduction; Repeated transgressions of the people represented by place names; Misrepresenting Moses; Unmooring metaphors; "Brotherly covenant"; Ten-family congregations; Holy Levites; Love vs force; Seeking God's righteousness; Amos 2; Have you rejected God?; Will you repent?; The story of the wayward lamb; Unrighteous mammon - be friends with it; FDR's welfare and LBJ's war on poverty; Wilson's golden calf; Transgressions of Moab/Judah/Israel; Amos 2:6; Egypt = bondage Free souls under God; Community: Actively caring for neighbor; Police?; "Princes" of Israel; Pledging; Inheriting the Earth; Treachery with your neighbor; Selling your birthright(eousness); The first commandment; Amos full of extra (Hebrew) letters; yod-mem; biet = families at stake; Tricking you out of your inheritance; Command to gather in Tens; Rejecting commandments; Avoiding sloth; "National Adultery"; Nazarites - who are they?; Wanting ears tickled; Letting go of treachery; What is Amos sharing?; Abraham's army; Militia; Remaining at liberty; Amos 2:16 - courage; Living by the sword?; Weaker by socialism; Unrighteous communities; Forming free assemblies using the brotherly covenant; Loaves and fishes event; Burning Bush Festival; Cannot escape built-in consequences of creation; Dogs in cages; Knowing yourself - in spirit and truth; You can't think yourself into salvation.

    6/5/21: Usurpation? Or Sloth?

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    Networking without Internet; New CDC reporting numbers; Deception; Abandonment of "the republic"; "We the People"; US Constitution; Nonsensical arguments; Mission for Christ's ambassadors; Covetous practices; Thinking like Christ; Fraud?; Legal title; Real bondage/merchandise; Daily ministration; Following the Holy Spirit; Are you owned?; Christ = king/anointed; Canaan invaded?; Kingdom-seeking work; Family is key; Reversing covetous practices; Meditation; "United States"; "Act of 1871"; Where you are at today?; Your cleverness is not the answer; Repentance; Right to choose; Seeing the big picture; Christ's solution; "Tens"; Living Stones; Golden Calf; Abraham history; "Many souls"; Who to follow; Pursuing righteousness; Admitting you've been wrong; Establish relationships; Invest in others; Called out; Finding truth; Christ won - conform to Him; Research these topics on and

    6/5/21: Amos 1

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    Amos, minor prophet and shepherd; Levites often shepherds; Network of ten-family synagogues; Ministers were communicators of information; Freewill support; Consequences of choosing rulers; Amos' poetic nature; Modern Christian 40,000 denominations; Amos explaining situation; History repeating itself; Avoiding confusion; "Christian" nature; Knowing Christ; Stimulus checks cursing children; Tav-kuf-vav-ayin - Tekoa (stockade?); Town or character? "Day of the Lord"; Satan "believes"; World in decline, watchmen not warning; Amos, contemporary of Joel; Amos 1; "Carmel"; earthquakes; Who are your shepherds?; Following science? Or media?; Omitting Christ's instructions; Covetous practices; "Insurrection?"; Jan 6th Temple defiled; Your daily bread; What captivity?; Your first choice; Where your rights are going; Study: Interfering with natural processes; "Gimel" = cause/effect; Inspiration of authors; Drawing near the solution; "3, even 4"; "brotherly covenant"; Repetition/sequence of transgressions; Levites taking bribes; Bottom-up networking; Early Israel = Republic; Alexander the Great; Sloth begets tribute; Why bribes?; Jethro's advice; Levitical charity; Red heifer confusion; Burning sheep doesn't bring people together; Sharing reality; Returning to righteousness; Overpopulation?; Retaining responsibilities; Cities of refuge; Transgressions today; Today's "Israel"; Consequences to not following instructions; Contrary to God's ways; Repentance; Blood in your teeth; Amos 1:15; King's captivity = exile?; US Constitution; World in bondage; Christ's daily solution; "Telkoa" warning watchman?; "Carmel" - also in Micah 7:14 = be fruitful; Top of Carmel = first fruits; Instruments of Iron = force; Believing lies; Pure Religion; Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; Household of faith?; Archibald MacLeish quote; Taken away right to choose; Division is destructive; Gather as Christ commanded; Coveting is not OK; "Altar calls"; Who's your salvation?; Show up!; Avoiding delusion; Humility is key; Join us.

    5/22/21: Becoming Willing Christs

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    Kingdom in the moment; "I AM"; Deciding good and evil; Inventing God; Atheists; "god"; Patterns in nature; Degrees of knowledge; Forestry; Fauna; Cultivation; Nature's way; Global warming?; Media agenda; Overpopulation?; Deathly fear; Desiring the whole truth; Mister Scientist; Selfish pride; Letting go of knowledge; Souring by bitterness and unforgiveness; God's way requires His Holy spirit; Who decides for you?; Lessons for Joseph?; Processes built into creation; Wars and rumors of wars; Israel and Moses's rulebook; Making God happy; The love *of* Christ; The called out Church; Stone temples; Becoming Christians or perfect savages; Anti-christ ministers; Recognizing lies; Loving mercy; Becoming willing Christs; Catholic guilt; Picturing words; Giving freely; Knowledge sources; Spirit of life; Delusions of salvation; Force is not fair; The selfishness of socialism; Strangled meat; Laying down your life.

    5/22/21: Micah 7

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    News today relating to Micah; Ministers a news source; Mark of the beast; Daily bread from the world; Making you merchandise; Paying the piper; Population decimation; Christ's commands; Networking congregations; Freedom or not?; Your church or His church?; Believing in Jesus; The whole Jesus; Gad; Fortune; Stories of gods; Fake faith; Socialism divides yet binds; God's money; Micah review; Poor watchmen; Believing lies; Devising iniquity; Living Christ's way; Burning sheep?; Living in darkness; Honoring parents; Being part of the remnant; Dead faith; Biting your neighbor; Saying "Lord, lord"; Altars of clay and stone; Remnant of Jacob; Laboring without pay; Failing to practice pure religion; Steps to seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Empty churches; Products of socialism; Perfect savages; Micah 7 - Woe is me; Tax collectors; Lack of good men; "Blood"; Proverbs 23; Proverbs metaphoric women; Running to evil; Trapped by socialism; Robbing neighbors; Hebrew's meaningful letters; Strong delusion; Living network; Bribing judges; Following the money; Teaching for love; Doing righteousness with both hands; Freewill offerings; The Higher Liberty; Honoring your parents; Your badge of servitude; Be willing to look at the light; Repentance; Waiting upon the Lord; Finding good watchmen; Micah 7:9; Love vs force; Legal consent; Humility is key; Who is your enemy?; Mammon; Seeking salvation; Building walls; Assyria; Staying out of debt; Bearing fruit; Covetous practices; Stop procrastinating; The rod; When you're good, your great; Interdependence; Love = charity; Abraham's faith; Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Outlawing private religion; Facing death; Join the network; Fear not.

    5/8/21: Micah 6

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    Man: Same problems then and now; Failed watchmen; Adamah; Gatherings of gatherings; Heated clay becomes stone; Hebrew code; Is God your ruler?; God's opinion; Laws of creation; Reviewing earlier Micah; Sparing the "rod"; Cities lack nature; Faith or force; Do you have good watchmen?; Media control; Be not afraid; What Christ commanded and forbid; Walking with the spirit; Conjuring the Holy Spirit; Emotional Christianity; Repenting or daydreaming?; Deceiving yourself; Isolation is anti-kingdom; Reviewing Micah; Troops; The way of Christ vs the world; No exercising authority over your neighbor; Two witnesses; Ez 22:23; Shutdown consequences; Vexing the poor; Conspiracy; Bringing light to your darkness; Micah 6:1; Controversy and quarrel with God?; Bondage of Egypt continues; FDR creations; Ex 13:3; De 5:6; The house of bondage; Policies of God; Saul's foolish thing; Encouraging violence; Conspiracy; Christian conflict; Justin the martyr writing to Caesar; Winning WWII?; Living Christ's mission; Balaam and Nicolaitans: same error; Wages of unrighteousness; Cursing YOUR children; Burnt offerings; Levite's share = kidney?; Buying comfort; Changing ministers; Loving mercy; Choosing bondage; Abandoning God's ways; Example of Holy Spirit working; Understanding mission of God's ministers; "Elder"; Just weights and measures; Witchcraft; Taking away your dominion; Oil and sweet wine; Micah 6:16; Sabbath; Empowering covetousness; Christ's debt payment; Pharaoh casting out Israel; House of Ohmery; Learning from the Holy Spirit; Facts you should already know; Je 10:21; Brutish pastors; Public religion; Sinning with impunity; John 3:20; Humbly seeing truth about yourself; Rev 2:6; Sinful institutions you have created; Loaves and fishes; Lying in wait for blood?; Striving for righteousness; Getting into God's system; The skill of liberty; No entitlement, but grace; How to support the kingdom; Ministering to your minister; Circumcision; Serve one another.

    5/1/21: Money Questions

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    Practical service; Email questions; Perfect monetary system?; Present value; Not debt notes; Interest?; Labor; Where's the trust?; Sabbath keeping; Why did Paul appeal to Caesar?; Religion/threskia; Germans vs Romans; Emperors; Groomed for despotism; Failed watchmen; Mister Biden's schooling plan; Drugging tomorrow's seers; Living stones; The purposes of Christ; Gregory history; Cancelling title; Robbing widows and orphans; Reuniting people with their property; Substance representing labor; Just weights and measures; Storming Masada; Roman business; Roman mission in Judea; Apostles in the temple; Denarii inflation; How to repent; Love = Charity; Networking with neighbors for Christ; Cutting wood on Sabbath?

    5/1/21: Micah 5

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    Issues similar to our times; Christ: priest and king; Israel = earliest form of republic; Altars = gathering center; Are you sitting in darkness?; Inability to understand - don't want to see; Denying the spirit; Willfully ignorant; Emotional clouding; Spiritual comprehension; Consequences built into creation; Your spiritual existence; Be still and know; Humility; Micah review; Who do you serve?; Believing lies; Devising iniquity; Legal title; Finding refuge; Becoming benefit to your neighbor; Leaving judgment to God; Consequences of devouring one another; Recognizing good news; Last days; Be the remnant; Basra - fort of righteousness; Micah 5; Troops?; Bethlehem Ephratah; Kidneys and control; Meaning of words; Being happy with nothing; Listening to the Shepherd; Joining the Living Network; gimel-dalet-dalet (cut); IBT; Walking in God's spirit; Juries; Cutting muster; With whom you gather; Accepting responsibility; Double-tav = spirit and truth; God fighting battles; Filtering water; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Troops of troops; Solution for coming disaster; Choice is in your hands; Smiting Christ; Mt 2:6; Is Christ ruling your life?; Jn 7:42; The seed of David; Strange women; Fake spirit through emotion; 7, even 8 men; Ministers in service; Assyrians; Asshur?; You are in bondage; Remnant of Jacob; Religiously gathering to care for each other; One accord; Keeping Sabbath; Banking systems; Profiting from others; Young lions; Deut 17:16; Taxation; Cities = civitas = terror; Preparing you for God's way; Soothsayers; Witchcraft; Je 47:5; Getting an edge from prophecy; Unemotional spirituality; Seeing the kingdom; Home Schooling; Unemployment; Free money entitlement?; Witchcraft (kupf-shin-pi); Micah 5:12 Additional letters (yod-mem); yod = divine spark; Who else is in your room?; Mere images of Christ; mem = flow; Spiritual awakening; Being naked of authority; Adam and Eve's greatest sin; Kingdom journey within you; ayin-nun-nun + more letters; Soothsayers have sway because of lacking watchmen; Seducing you to take and take and take; par-taking in their sin; Don't need details of inner workings to work; Meditation = Awareness of moment; God makes little things great; Learn righteousness; Learn Christ; Keeping commandments.

    4/24/21: Freewill Offerings

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    Micah's time - followed a different way; Charity/Love vs force; Bondage of Egypt; Lev 19:18; Serving the tents of the congregation; Altars of stone and clay; Bible's bondage warnings; Really simple gospel; Being guided by the Holy Spirit; Free souls under God; Transgression of Jacob; Social Security; Biting one another; Increasing inheritance tax; Why you're in bondage; Biblical constitutions; Oaths of office; No exercising authority; Repentance; Jesus' way; Denying Christ; Q: Cities of refuge?; Free assemblies; Apathetic citizens re-electing criminals; Licensing ministers; Government of, for and by the people; Civitas of ordained ministers; The mission of Christ; Ten-family congregations; Holy Spirit is your comforter, not men; Polybius; Translators are traitors!; Israel the republic; Limiting rulers; Limiting criminals; Contractual agreements; Church-provided arbitration; Sharing with brothers; Congregate now!

    4/24/21: Micah 4

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    Prophecy - people want an edge; Micah's obscure message; Secret bible; Septuagint; Revealing the message; Censorship; KJV translation; Guided interpretation; Revelation = dangerous business; Why the oppression?; Micah review so far; Failed "Watchmen"; Ignoring Apostolic warnings; Saul's folly; Devising iniquity; Exercising authority; Covetous practices; Just keep singing…; Making excuses; Crucifying truth-tellers; Not those who "say"; Instructions for God's plan; Finding the remnant; Consequences of biting one another; Micah 4:1; Metaphoric mountains; "The last days"; vav-hey-yod-hey; Worship; Eating of trees; = "it shall come to pass"; Living by faith; Strengthening the poor; Lev 19:18; Charity in the Old Testament; Brutish pastors; Blindness by choice; Speaking Christ's truth; Your house of faith; Is 2:2; Repentance process; Force vs faith; "Jerusalem" = faith + deeds; Christ's reign of peace; Free society; Wars for rulers; Snares; Bondage of Egypt; Bribing Abraham; Golden Calf; Temple banks; The Christian threat; Religion; Learning war; Fear not!; Groomed for tyranny; "Modern" Christians; yod-hey-vav-hey; Getting connected to God; Taxing housewives?; "her that Halteth" hey+tzedek-lamad-ayin+hey; tzedek = faith in action; Hierarchy in Hell; Cultures of fear; Seeing your own shortcomings; Blind man story; Making the word of God of none effect; Keeping the commandments; Seeking His kingdom; Overcoming blindness; Micah 4:10; Dangers of the cities (Civil societies); God's remnant; Results of shutdown; Following the money; Ekklesia; Getting groomed for liberty; What ARE you doing?; Rev 14:8; The wine of the wrath; Rev 16:19; Mother of harlots; Imagining you follow Christ; Rev 18:2; "Hooves of brass"?; Organizing families for Church; Beasts of the fields/wilderness; Temples of lively stones; Oaths; Altars of stone/earth; mem+gimel-biet-ayin+tav; Is 39:6; Hebrew built on concepts; You're in Babylon, repent!

    4/17/21: Discussing Micah

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    Show hosting; Call-ins?; Newsletters; Micah - watchmen failing to warn the people of unrighteous welfare schemes; Have believed a lie; Link to Peter's making merchandise of you; Ten-family synagogues; Modern church iniquities; Sureties for debt; National socialists; Migration of democratic party to socialism/Marxism; Jesus was extremely political; Parties at Christ's time; Joseph Goebbels quotes; Nazi religion; SSN link; Babylon burning; How Christians got into trouble; Leaving Egypt; Caller: Enjoying Micah study; "Twelve Tribes"; Anti-Paul sentiment; Pharisee missteps; One purse benefactors; Graven images; Sharing; People sitting in darkness; Owe no man; Keeping Sabbath; Luring with benefits; Cursed children; Wages of unrighteousness; Christ's weightier matters; Unfaced trauma; Consequences of commandments broken; mRNA injection disaster; Having a plan; Providing answers; Today's failing watchmen you trust; Guiding toward Holy Spirit; Seeing kingdom in others; God's love conquers all; Practicing Christ's love.

    4/17/21: Micah 3

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    Talking about truth requires mentioning the lie; How to decide? Public School support; WWI Ambulances; Accepting covetousness; Not to be that way with you; Church vs congregation; Believing the lie; It's not settled!; Saved by whose blood?; Micah; Brutish pastors; Lie = not whole truth; George Floyd death; Police enforcement; Ethics?; Deciding good and evil; Admitting we've been lied to; Media purposefully lying; The big lie; Expert liars; Mein Kampf; Ferguson and COVID prediction; Appeal to emotion; Propaganda; Pre-judging; Innocence first?; Journalistic propagandists; Moral integrity; Today's pope; Clouded by emotion; Court corruption; Joseph Goebbels quotes; Blaming others; "Visiting" sick = caring for; "Religion" = performance of duty; Religion of socialism; Works = evidence of faith; Micah keywords; Place names or concepts?; Doing the Father's will; Buying approval from pastors; What Christians do; Corban = sacrifice; The word of God; Missing metaphors; Micah 1:14 seized by deceit; Stealing birthright; Graven images; Constitutions; Micah 2; Charity vs force; Enemies of truth (deniers); Micah 3; Rich verses; Hearing God for judgment; Bowing to the Holy Spirit; Fleshpots and cauldrons; Ex 16:3; Loaves and fishes; Ez 11:3; "Israel"; Sin of Sodom; Breaking families; Repentance required; Pretend love; See, speak, love the truth; Eating at His table; Social Security never solvent; Errant pastors as blind guides; Sitting in darkness; Ps 107:10; Is 42:7; Lk 1:79; Mt 23:16; Keep the commandments; Lk 6:39; Shutdowns causing suicide; Watchmen; Truth must be whole; Robbing widows; Transgressors of Jacob; Sin of Esau; Nicolaitans; Jude 1:16; One purse; Entangling in elements of the world; Seek the kingdom; Paul's audience; Christian conflict; Instrumentalities of tyranny; Making room for the real Christ; Transgression of Israel; Wages of unrighteousness; Mt 7:22; Babylon is not a mystery; Jn 14:15; 1 Jn 2:3; Keeping commandments; Believe in the real Jesus; Falling away - why?; Heed the watchmen; The whole gospel; Dry bones; Ezekiel the prophet; Beware altered history.

    4/10/21: Micah 2

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    Micah 1 review: The sin of Jacob; Message for all; 2 "Lords"; Jerusalem and Samaria; Baldness; Prostitutes and strange wives; Built-in consequences; Micah 2; God-power; Planning iniquity; Seizing from neighbors; Far from the way; Corban - freewill offering drawing you near to God; Nicolaitans and Balaam = conquered people; House of Jacob = house of FDR; Reliance on Holy Spirit; Enemies of God; Evil instrumentalities; Dividing families; Goal of Christ; Family is key!; Men vs Women?; Civil war slavery realities; Becoming ambassadors for God; The sheep of the fortress; The Living Network; By Christ's command; Where will you go?; Repent! Seek righteousness; Removing the woman's blessings; Serving others in Christ's name; Micah 3; Civic fleshpots; Ez 11:1; Devising mischief; Borders of Israel?; Repeating history; Ex 16:3; Pure religion; Christ's way - His flesh and His blood; Be saved by His blood, not your neighbor's; "We the People"; God won't hear you; Waiving rights/responsibilities in exchange for benefits; Fake faith; Understanding "Believe".

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