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Everything you know about History, Religion, Money, Government, and even Reality could be a carefully crafted lie designed to keep the powers that be in power and you in line. Red Pill Revolution opens your eyes to a renewed perspective on all of it! Che

Austin Adams

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    Hidden Agendas: Musk's Shocking Israeli Pact, Biden's Health Crisis Exposed, OpenAI's Secret Program

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2023 64:58

    Get ready for an explosive episode of Adam's Archive, where host Austin Adams tackles some of the most jaw-dropping and contentious global stories of our time. The episode blasts off with Elon Musk's unexpected venture into Israeli politics and his intriguing pact with Netanyahu. The plot thickens with President Biden's contentious Hamas apology, stirring up a political storm. In a shocking health expose, a former White House doctor spills alarming details about Joe Biden's well-being. Austin then dives into the Orwellian world of the Department of Justice's massive data collection from Trump-related Twitter activities. Brace yourself as the episode unveils a mysterious and potentially catastrophic new illness sweeping through China, triggering flashbacks of the pandemic's early days. The climax hits with the dramatic OpenAI saga, revealing Sam Altman's surprising reinstatement and Elon Musk's cryptic warnings about a secret AI program. Don't miss out on this episode of Adam's Archive, packed with Austin's unfiltered analysis and bold perspectives.   All the links: Substack: ----more---- Full Transcription Hello, you beautiful people, and welcome to the Adam's Archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we are going to be jumping into several current events, including Elon Musk visiting Israel. Not only that, but having a discussion with Netanyahu, personally walking through some of the areas of the war and destruction that happened there, as well as coming to a Somewhat surprising agreement with him, which we will discuss first, then we will walk through the next discussion, which also has to do with Israel and Hamas, which is that Biden is apologizing for something that he said more recently  about questioning Hamas. So we'll talk about.  After that, we'll jump into a former White House doctor, one that served under Bush, Trump, as well as Barack Obama, coming out with some pretty serious warnings about Joe Biden's health.  Then we will jump into the Department of Justice collecting some really serious information about basically every single person who interacted with anything about Joe Biden. With about Trump on Twitter,  following that into a discussion around a new, a new sickness,  or at least. A serious sickness that's  causing waves in China right now. And if that sounds familiar and alarms you, it probably should,  but the U S is now sounding the alarm after a new Chinese pneumonia outbreak raises serious health concerns,  PTSD, anybody.  And then we will talk about an update. So last week, uh, the last episode, I talked about the situation with Chachaputi, OpenAI, Sam Altman, um, and all of the employees there and this crazy wild story  that finally came ahead and one hour after, just one hour, one hour after my podcast, it was like two in the morning when they reinstated Sam Altman, completely got rid of the entire board. But that raised some even weirder questions, something I raised originally, but I'm starting to get the full picture now. And Elon Musk posted something that was said Q Anon with a star between Q and Anon,  but it was actually about open AI and potentially AGI or artificial general intelligence and his concerns around a secret program. Within OpenAI,  all of that and more. But first I need you to hit that subscribe, but  button, I need you to leave a five star review. Go hit that five star button on Apple Podcasts, subscribe on YouTube. You can watch all of the episodes directly on YouTube. I'll now be posting all of the topic clips individually there as well. Um, so make sure you follow on YouTube, the Adams. archive, you can find me there and watch along, you can see my beautiful face, uh, see the articles that we're talking through together. Uh, so make sure you head over there, do that, follow, subscribe, leave a five star review. That's honestly the best thing that you can do at this point to help out is just leave a five star review on Apple podcasts. Okay. It takes two minutes out of your day. It gives you some of that good belly feelings in your gut  just for helping out. All right. I appreciate you guys. Thank you so much for listening. Let's. Jump into it,  the Adams archive.  All right. The very first thing that we are going to discuss today is going to be that Elon Musk met with Netanyahu.  In Israel, not only that, but he also walked around Israel looking at all of the, uh, after effects of some of the war that happened there in this article says Israel tells Elon Musk Starlink can only operate in Gaza with a It's approval.  So now Elon Musk, after putting up Starlink in Ukraine, after putting up Starlink over Gaza, after being the savior to all of these, um, citizens, when there's a war breaking out and the commanding force shuts off their access to the internet to do God knows what  now he's given in. So Netanyahu is going to be telling Elon Musk, whether he can or cannot. Activate their internet with Starlink.  So this article says Israel tells Elon Musk, Starlink can only operate in Gaza with its approval says entrepreneur meets country's leaders amid fervor over alleged antisemitism on his social platinum or platform X. I'm not sure that's what it was exactly about, but it says Israel has told Starlink satellite network will only be allowed to operate in Gaza with its approval as the entrepreneur met with country's leaders amid a furor, furor, f u r o r e over alleged antisemitism on his social platform X. The world's richest man declared that last month that his satellite internet service Starlink would support connectivity to internationally recognized. Aid organizations in Gaza seems like a good thing to do, right? If there's a massive war going on and one of the sides decides to shut off all access to the internet, you know, not only does it do that, but it cuts off their messaging between people. Uh, in families locally, it cuts off their access to the outside world, so they can't post videos of things that are going on there, I don't know, by maybe some organization that's dropping bombs on them or doing terrible things to them, or, I don't know, just everyday things, right? Phone connectivity, internet, work, all of that stops. When you can't access the internet. So originally what happened is Elon Musk came in just like he did in Ukraine and said, okay,  you guys can battle this out, but you're not going to eliminate one person's access to the world. So he has Starlink. And if you don't know anything about Starlink, it's basically satellites. I'm pretty sure Elon Musk has more satellites than any.  Now, something like that, but a Starlink,  uh, is a way that he can turn on and turn off access to wifi and the internet for anybody in the world, basically at any given time, just by utilizing his satellites. And so it says the world's richest man declared late last night that his satellite internet service Starlink would support connectivity to internationally recognized aid organizations in Gaza, which has suffered lengthy blackouts under. Israel's bombardment. But on Monday, Israeli communication minister, Shlomo Kari posted on X that the entrepreneur had reached a principal understanding with the ministry and has said now that Starlink units can only be operated. In Israel with the approval of the Israeli minister or ministry of communication, including the Gaza strip. Now, what that saying is that you have to listen to the words carefully and read between the lines here. It says Starlink satellite units can only operate, be operated in Israel, in Israel. Okay. With the approval of the Israeli ministry of communications, including.  Which means that within this tweet itself, they were already claiming ownership to Gaza. Already saying that that is our territory. Already saying that that is a part of Israel.  And we'll go ahead and we'll watch some videos here shortly. Uh, where there's some pretty interesting conversations by one of my fans. favorite political commentators, uh, and, um, he, he kind of discussed the background of Israel, the background of the Ottoman empire and Palestine and, uh, all of the, the things that kind of led up to this disputed territory, which I found to be really interesting. So we'll pull that up in just a minute and listen to that. Um, but it goes on to say that Musk has not yet publicly confirmed any deal.  The SpaceX and Tesla chief executive is visiting the Jewish state for the first time since Hamas October 7th assault on southern Israel, which killed 1, 200 people and triggered a war between Israel and the militant group, this says.  Israel's ferocious retaliatory bombardment and siege of the Strip has continued or created a humanitarian crisis, killing more than 13, 300 people and led to prolonged blackouts.  These have obstructed rescue efforts, notably  by preventing ambulances from reaching, or from locating wounded people. Now the interesting thing about that is like, they want to say that it's not controlled by Israel, but then they can cut off their water, they can cut off their electricity, they can cut off their access to internet. What about that says that you're not controlled by somebody? Because it seems to me that if somebody has access to, you know... You're to shut off your water. If somebody can shut off your electricity, if somebody can shut off your ability to drive on roads, if somebody can shut off your ability to access the internet or the world, it seems like that's pretty much control, right? And they want to say that it's not  controlled by Israel already. Uh, but it doesn't exactly seem to be the case. It seems pretty well controlled. After appearing to endorse an anti Semitic conspiracy theory in which a white house Spokesperson said was abhorrent Musk has been forced to defend himself from changes or from charges of discrimination. Wow, I can't read today. Nothing could be further from the truth. He said, an acts I wish only for the best for humanity. I wonder what this conspiracy theory could have been.  A video released by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office showed Musk wearing a flag jacket as he toured burnt out homes.  Uh, a far Aussie, a kibbutz devastated by the militant group's assault, taking pictures on his mobile phone. Actions speak louder than words, Musk posted cryptically on X after the visit. Musk's initial commitment to enable Starlink in Gaza was followed by telecommunications blackouts in the enclave sparked. Uh, which sparked a spat by the Israeli government, which argued with the connectivity would be used by Hamas for terrorist activities. Yeah, just like basically everything and anything they ever want to stop as a government, they can just say is, oh, used for terrorist activities, right? Like,  anybody who, as we'll find out later, followed Donald Trump is now on a list somewhere.  Liked any of his tweets, retweeted any of his tweets, any single person who did that on Twitter is now on a list from the Department of Justice.  Anybody who was there on January 6th? protesting,  whether they walked into the Capitol and got a museum tour by the local police or not is now on some terrorist watch list, right? They can say whatever they want. That's the hard thing with like language and the way that what language can be weaponized, right? Go Back in read 1984, right? When, when you can take a singular word like terrorist and start to apply it to anything and anything that doesn't agree with the government's narrative, that becomes a huge issue, right? Just like when, when all the liberals were calling everybody Nazis.  It just loses its venom after so long. So like when, yeah, I agree. Hamas, what they did was an act of terrorism, obviously terrible. Don't do that. But when you start saying that the people that were walking through the Capitol on January 6th were also domestic terrorists.  It's just factually incorrect,  right? You can't, you can't,  every time you use that word in a way that it's not meant to be used or a way that is not legitimate, it loses its sting, right? So, so when you say that, Oh,  you know, we're, we're putting up all these cameras on highways to To stop terrorism. We're doing it to stop mass shooters. We're doing it to stop violent criminals, right? Well, we talked about in our last episode, you know, all the cameras that are going up on every single highway in America, you know, we're doing it for your safety. Like, don't worry about us. We would never spy on you. We would never follow and track you and see where you're going. We would never do that. It's just for those bad guys over there that, you know, you don't, don't agree with our opinions on politics.  It's, you know, all of the, the terrorism talk that's happened domestically has just really,  really, uh, caused the venom of that word to, to, to be questioned. Right, so it says Starlink, part of Musk's rockets, uh, Starlink, part of Musk's rockets and satellite company SpaceX, uses a constellation of Earth orbiting satellites to beam internet connectivity into places where traditional access to the web is denied. difficult. Musk has provided Starlink equipment to Ukraine's frontline with Russia. The Starlink signal is received through small satellite dishes called terminals. But Musk said in October that no terminals have actually attempted to connect from the besieged Gaza.  And so I was on board with that. I'm on board with that. 100%. I don't think that I think that in today's age, when we can give access to these things, I believe that it's absolutely something that everybody should have access to. If you have the ability to beam it onto the earth, which apparently we do, why wouldn't we want  Anybody and everybody in the country to or in the world to have access to that, right? You should it gives you access to the  ability to Conduct work it gives you access to the ability to communicate worldwide to be in the know of what's happening Right to know literally everything it should be basically a right that you have internet today now maybe you should pay for it if you're in a place that you know like the United States where you can Have a job and be a functioning member of society, but maybe eventually not like, but why should we have to pay for internet? Why isn't it just considered a, you know, utility bill at some point?  But anyways, I digress. Here we go. Um, the article continues on and says,  let's see if we can get this to be Full screen here, and says  that, uh, Musk's visit to Israel coincides with the last day of the four day pause in hostilities and comes as advertisers pile pressure on X over a rise in anti Semitism on the platform after appearing to endorse an anti Semitic conspiracy theory, which a White House spokesperson said. Let's see if we can find that out. Uh,  let's see. Musk tweet anti Semitic. That should be easy enough.  Conspiracy tweet. Let's see what comes up for that. It says, This  comes from CNN. com, so it should be a good one.  Uh, here we go.  It says Elon Musk has publicly endorsed an anti Semitic conspiracy theory, popular among white supremacists, this says on CNN, that Jewish communities push hatred against whites. That kind of overt thumbs up to an anti Semitic post shocked even some of Musk's critics, who have long called him out for using racist and otherwise bigoted dog whistles on Twitter, known as X.  It was the multi billionaire's most explicit public statement yet endorsing anti Jewish views.  Let's see, uh,  it says that Jewish communities, Musk has, was responding to a post Wednesday that said Jewish communities have been pushing the exact kind of dialectic, dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them. The post has also referenced hordes of minorities flooding Western countries, a popular anti Semitic conspiracy theory.  What is anti semitic about hordes  of minorities flooding western countries?  Seems to be factual when you're talking about the southern border.  I just wanted to see if I could see the tweet, but apparently they're not going to link it here because they're afraid you'll actually read into it  and see if this is it.  Nope.  Hmm.  So, doesn't sound exact The way that they can twist somebody's words and say, oh, they're they push hatred against white people, which you know, you follow the money in a lot of these places may be factually true. But anyways, um, it says nothing could be further from the truth, he said on Next. A video released by Prime Minister Netanyahu's office showed Musk wearing a flak jacket. Just discuss that. Actions speak louder than words. Discuss that. Discuss what Starlink is. The Starlink signal is received through small satellite dishes called terminals. But Musk said in October that no terminals had actually been attempted to connect from besieged Gaza. And Israel controls the movement of goods into the coastal enclave. During the seven week war, Israel has, at times, reportedly cut communications to the Strip.  I wonder why they would do that. Hmm.  And I think that ceasefire is gone now, isn't it?  All right, moving on,  Biden reportedly offers an apology to Muslim American leaders for questioning the Hamas death toll. We talked about this last time where  Biden was saying that he did not agree with the death toll coming from Palestinian health organizations. And now he's walking back those statements because obviously there's been a tremendous amount of death, a tremendous amount of, uh, question or, um, of. Bombs that have been dropped in Palestine, a tremendous amount of men, women, and children that have died as a result of the actions of Israel.  Factual. Go,  I don't know, fly a drone over there. Like, look at the, look at the, the, the destruction that has happened in the videos. And, and, who's to say whether that's completely accurate or not, but It's absolutely true that there has been a massive amount of death for men, women, and children in Palestine. So Biden is now recognizing that apologizing saying he's  quote unquote, I believe, let's see what this. Let's see if we can get the full article.  Oh, we gotta, we gotta subscribe folks.  Let's find a different one.  Now. My favorite News connector is ground news  and we can go here and let's go Biden  Offers apology now if you go to ground news what it does for you And okay, I would highly recommend educating yourself on this platform because I absolutely love it So I'll just give you a breakdown what this looks like. It's ground  And they give you the headline, they give you the top three points, and then they tell you the bias of the news distribution. So what percentage has been reporting on this, um, 41 percent of the sources that are reporting on this lean right. Right. Of those, um, there's two that are center, 61 percent biased, I'm sorry, 61%. I'm just blind.  And then they give you all of the articles. So then you can sort and sift through those articles. You can say you can look at all of them. You can look at the left leaning articles. You can look at the right leaning articles. You can look at the center articles. Then it gives you the factuality of each one of those and who owns those media companies. So it's like, very basically anything and everything that you would want out of the actual reporting. Um, so it gives factuality scores, ownership scores, like  whoever is responsible for this just does an absolute tremendous job. It's incredible.   All right, so here it is. It says this is coming from the Daily Post and it says Israel Palestinian war. I'm disappointed in myself, Biden says as he apologizes over comments on Gaza. Now, obviously, like we talked about, it's not Gaza in general, what a terrible headline.  But here's what it says. It says, United States President Biden Joe Biden has apologized to some prominent Muslim American leaders over his public questioning of the Palestinian death number reported by the Hamas controlled Gaza Ministry of Health, right? And again, it's like you would just have to watch out for the framing on this because do we, is it, I don't know. I don't, I've never done research on the. Gaza Ministry of Health, but they just like frivolously throw that out there to delegitimize the numbers. And now he's apologizing for it, right? So they, they tried to shoo it away as saying, Oh, that's what the terrorists said. We don't believe the terrorists. You're not a terrorist. Are you? You're a  flag loving American. Right? Maybe not flag loving because then nowadays that makes you a terrorist anyways. But  you see what I'm saying, right? Like, just, just listen to the framing Biden, according to the New York post, made the apology at a meeting with the five Muslim American leaders  the day after his October 25th comments on reported Gaza deaths.  Vowing to do better. Biden told the group, I'm sorry, I'm so disappointed in myself, Biden said, when he heard the leaders describe individuals they knew who were personally affected by the conflict. Before the press conference, Biden had openly questioned the accuracy of the  casualty figures from Gaza, given Hamas terror track, Hamas terror track record.  The president was smeared with criticism at home as he made great efforts to pressure Israel to minimize civilian casualties.  He said, I have no notion that the Palestinians are telling the truth about how many people are killed. I'm sure innocents have been killed and it's the price of waging war, he said. Wow. Is that the price of waging wars? You kill innocent people? According to data from the Hamas controlled Ministry of Health, more than 14, 000 Palestinians in Gaza, including many women and children, have been killed in the conflict. Meanwhile, Israel has suffered more than 1, 200 fatalities, almost a tenth, less than a tenth. Mostly civilians who were killed when the terror group launched a massive attack on Israel in October.  The Muslim American leaders who have met with Joe Biden pleaded with him to show more empathy for the Palestinians. So here's, here's something that I see to, you know, I find this to be pretty interesting. You go to almost any major,  uh, account right now. Now there's a few, there's a few people who are...  actually honest and truthful, but you see a lot of mainstream media accounts, a lot of mainstream influencers, a lot of conservative voices, just giving the most egregious points on, on the Palestinian conflict. Like you go to Prager U right now, you go to, you know, go listen to Ben Shapiro. You hear them literally saying word for word.  That the reason, or that the blood of Palestinian children and women is on the hands of Hamas. Not on the hands of Israel, who actually bombed them. You know, but it's on the hands of Hamas, because, you know, they did this to us first, so they deserved it. Right? Like, that's, that's, we're almost word for word, verbatim, what both Dennis Prager and, um, and, uh, uh, Ben Shapiro had said about this almost verbatim, like literally go find it, then they'll say, oh, you know, Hiroshima was was something that just had to be done. We had to murder an entire city and block of a mile of people in order to stop this war. It's, it's like, no. Well, what should we do? Well, maybe send special forces in there and take them out. Like,  don't just bomb the children. Uh, and that's what's so funny about this argument that like, oh, Hamas is shielding themselves with women and children. And instead of, you know,  trying to wait for a sniper to have a good I am the target so that they can kill just the terrorists behind them, right, like their their point is that, oh, they use women and children as human shields. They use human shields. How egregious how much of a terrorist are they for using human shields? And it's like, okay, you don't use human shields, you just bomb the women and children, regardless without any thought to it. It's like, which one's worse, just endlessly bombing women and children without any say or reason why really and or using somebody as a human shield. They're equally bad because in both scenarios, somebody dies who was innocent, equally bad,  right? But they've they've probably done government think tanks and had massive surveys where they found out that if you say the human shield buzzword that that now all of a sudden people are on your side, right? It's like, You definitely can't use human shields. Just bomb them all.  Anyway. So there's your update on that. And, uh, from that, speaking about Joe Biden, the next thing that we'll discuss is that a former white house doctor has come out and raised some concerns surrounding the health of Joe Biden. So, you know, not that any of us thought that he was in great health or anything.  Uh, but.  It seems to be deteriorating just quicker than anybody would have even thought. Um, so let's read this article together. And it says,  Former White House doctor warns that Biden won't last another five years in office. They're saying that he has completely degenerated just during the time in his office. And this is somebody, this is a doctor who served under George Bush, who served under Donald Trump, who served under Barack Obama. So this isn't some run of the mill, you know, was in there for six months and now all of a sudden he has a political opinion that this man was unfit for duty. No, this is somebody who was trusted by the White House to give their unbiased opinion about the health of our presidents.  And he's come out and said that he does not believe Joe Biden is in any shape or form able to act the duties. Now, I agree completely, like Anybody who's,  the only thing that they could have done that's worse than this is what they did to Feinstein, right, where they wheeled her out there the day before she croaked, the day before she died and had her vote on the floor,  while some guy was whispering in her ear telling her to shut up and say yes.  Here we go. Uh, the article says, uh,  Ronnie Jackson, a Republican from Texas, a former White House physician, warned this week that President Joe Biden won't make it another five years if he's reelected in 2024. The decline is happening quickly, Jackson said, who served as a physician under former Presidents George Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, as he told Fox News on Sunday. Jackson argued that Biden's cognitive acuity has declined rapidly, even since 2020, when he was first elected.  It's just unbelievable how much he's degenerated through his time in office. We cannot afford to have this man in office for the remainder of his term, and then for another four years after that. He's already putting us at great risk, right? Now, he says, citing his experience with the white house, Jackson said, he knows firsthand what it takes to be the commander in chief and the head of state. It's a grueling job, both mentally and physically, the man can't do the job he's proven to us over the single or every single day that he can't do the job, but this is just getting worse.  Fair enough.  Right. And I had this conversation with somebody the other day, to me, it's like, what is the, the,  even more so than his, like,  Then his politics, right? Because you probably can't even point to Joe Biden's politics at this point or his position on things. But what you can point to is, is the absolute embarrassment, the absolute embarrassment to our country. That is Joe Biden representing us on a world stage.  The man can't string a sentence together. The man can't walk up a flight of stairs. The man can't.  shake the hand of any other person knowing fully well who they are at any given time. Like, how are you going to trust that man to make some of the most complex decisions of any position with the biggest impact of any position in the world? How do you expect that? You don't. You want to know why? Because, you know, and I would almost rather have, that's what you have to understand about the president is that the president is. Essentially just a figurehead. They should exude power. They should exude intelligence. They should be charismatic. They should be able to calm a crowd in times of war and, and Excite them in times of peace to do great things and Joe Biden does absolutely not a single one of those things,  right? So I would, I would almost rather have somebody whose politics are just absolutely atrocious, but at least represent our country well, then Joe Biden, and that's what you have to know by now is that Joe Biden is absolutely 100 percent only in this position because he has nothing to say at all when it comes to politics. He is essentially a puppet with a literal hand up his ass telling him exactly what to say and when to say it. He has no opinions of his own. He is absolutely bought and paid for in every position that he holds.  And that's why he's in this position. And that's why they would probably hope to keep him in there another four years.  They being the people who really lobbied to get him there.  The Black Rocks, the Vanguards, all of those people, right? So it's like,  he is... Only in the position that he is in because he holds no position  and that's what you saw in the Osama bin Laden letter  And I called it was I said Saddam Hussein. It was actually Osama bin Laden's letter I think I was reading it wrong or no, that was just in a clip that I posted on Instagram.  I Posted a clip on Instagram and I had to edit it out because I was I kept saying  Saddam Hussein instead of Osama bin Laden  Silly me, mixing up my terrorists.  Alright,  so, pretty wild stuff, not that wild, because we all knew the guy could, is, is  about to die at any single moment. And then that's like probably the most, the most exciting thing about Joe Biden's presidency, is that the man could literally be in the middle of a speech, or walking up a flight of stairs, and just die. In front of anybody, everybody with all these cameras on him at any given moment. It's like, we should have a  death. What is it? The dead pool, a death pool, uh, for Joe Biden and have over unders on whether or not he would make a second term.  All right. Now, speaking of that,  uh, the next thing we're going to discuss is that the Department of Justice collected every single name of every single Twitter account that liked, followed, or even retweeted anything regarding Trump, right? Anything from Trump that he ever said. If you liked him, if you followed him, or if you retweeted him, you're on a list somewhere. The Department of Justice has collected every single name of every single Twitter account that he ever  And this comes from HeadlineUSA. Not sure what that is.  Twitter is, I got it from, uh, The Ground News, so. It said mixed factuality, so.  Most of them do, to be fair. Um, Twitter is required to disclose following information.  All lists of Twitter users who have favorited or retweeted posts, tweets, uh, tweets posted by Trump, as well as all tweets that include the username associated with the account. So any mentions or even replies with Trump's name.  It says that Ken Silva,  Uh, stated that the Justice Department attorneys have released record records related to their search warrant for Donald Trump's Twitter account, revealing that prosecutors obtained a vast trove of data about the former president's social media activity, including info on every single account to like, follow. And retweet him.  The heavily redacted search warrant was released Monday, pursuant to a November 17th judge's order, which was made after a coalition of media groups filed an application in August for the warrant and other records to be made public. From the looks of it, Twitter forked over massive amounts of information to the Department of Justice. Um, indeed, Special Counsel Jack Smith sought and apparently ultimately received all users Trump followed, unfollowed, muted. Un unmuted, blocked, or unblocked, as well as all the users who have followed, unfollowed, muted, un unmuted, blocked, or unblocked Trump. Additionally, Smith demanded da, uh, Twitter data on all the lists of Twitter users who have been favored their retweeted tweets posted by Trump, as well as all the tweets that included the username associated with the account.  Wow.  In some we that the district court's ruling in all aspects, the, uh, the district court's properly rejected.  Uh, let's see here.  It's gonna be a jerk to me again. Need to figure this out.  My, uh, I, I have my iPad as the secondary monitor here and it keeps like going out on me. So sorry If we have any lulls in the action for you. It says, in some, we affirm, we affirm that the district court's ruling in all aspects are all respects the district court properly rejected. Twitter's first amendment challenged to the, the non-disclosure order, the appeals court said in the decision unsealed in August. Moreover, the district court acted within the bounds of its own, of its discretion to manage its docket when it declined to. day to stay its enforcement of the warrant while the First Amendment claim was litigated.  So any single person, any single person who liked, followed, tweeted, untweeted, retweeted, no tweeted,  anything at all to do with Donald Trump is now on a list that the Department of Justice has. For what reason? What would you want that for? What would you want that for, right? You want, you want to start surveilling those people, right? Especially the high profile people. If anybody actually has a following and, and you are somebody who voted Trump is, follows Trump tweets, Trump likes his posts, anything at all, you know, because very easily you could just take an Excel spreadsheet, which I'm sure somebody did over at the department of justice and filtered it based on follower count. So they could find out who are the people of influence that are a part of Donald Trump's network. Okay. Right. Not even network, but just support group.  There's nine comments here. Let's see if any of them are any good. Uh, what was the name of the Beatles song? Oh yeah. Back in the USSR.  Yeah. I mean, pretty fricking wild. Uh, do not fund the justice department. Yeah. Nothing, nothing too good. Not enough. All right. Cool. Um, so to me, that's egregious. To me, that shows an absolute surveillance state. To me, that shows that the, the collusion between Twitter and Department of Justice now has been fossilized in, in Excel spreadsheets somewhere at a, uh, Government facility to say whether or not you could potentially be a domestic terrorist because you  followed Donald Trump, the president of the United States, one of the most followed, liked, retweeted people of all time on Twitter.  Hmm. But now you'll find yourself on a list somewhere.  Alright, after that, this one's.  A little bit, even more concerning, but before we talk about that, the first thing I need you to do  is I think you know what I'm going to say, which is that you should subscribe. You should leave a five star review if you haven't already. And if you're driving, it's okay. I forgive you. But when you get where you're going, stop what you're doing, pull out your phone and it takes 10 seconds, 10 seconds is all it takes. All you got to do is scroll a little bit down on the Apple podcast.  Hit that five star review. You can give a five star on Spotify. It just doesn't let you write anything, but an Apple podcast, it really helps. Uh, go follow me on Instagram at the Austin J Adams. Uh, go follow me on Twitter at the Austin J Adams on, you know, all the things.  Uh, Truth Social, I'm even on there. I don't really use it ever, but that's gonna change. I'm starting to get some help over here, so uh, looking forward to being more consistent with you guys on content that I'm putting out. Getting back to the sub stack, which you can follow at austinadams. substack. com. Um, and that's what I got.  Adams Archive.  There it is. Let's jump into it. Um, the article says,  The U. S. sounds an alarm after new Chinese pneumonia outbreak raises serious questions and concerns.  And the article says that U. S. officials began expressing concerns this week about a new outbreak in respiratory illnesses in China that have sent a surge of Children to the hospital. NBC News reported that the outbreak in northern China has caused hospitals to become overwhelmed with sick Children. According to pro med, a publicly available reporting system for emerging disease or diseases and outbreaks. The news comes after COVID 19 began spreading in Wuhan, China in late 2019. And in the span of a couple months through the entire world into a global pandemic that killed millions and was used by governments to implement draconian measures. Yep.  Now, as far as the killed millions thing, I would like to revisit that and tell you that all of the PCR tests, you know, the with kid who died with COVID or died of COVID are serious things that we need to revisit and stop saying there's millions of people who died as a result of COVID when you have to understand that there was actually somebody who got bit by a shark  and died as a result of being eaten by a shark  and COVID 19. Was considered a COVID death because they had tested positive for COVID at the time And then you have to take that a step further and understand that not only were they marking people dead with COVID  So that they could make their money because they were incentivized off of this because this is all stuff We can't let seep through our memory people We have to understand the lengths that they went to for this propaganda campaign one being that it wasn't Died of COVID. What was important was died with COVID that they would mark as of COVID.  The second thing is even when they ran those tests and said that they died with COVID. They ran the tests with PCR testing at cycles that were way higher than what was supposed to be allowable for PCR tests to be accurate whatsoever. And then as things wound down, guess what they did. They lowered the cycles on the PCR tests. So there wasn't as many false positives.  So when you're talking about millions of people dying, you have to understand  The real number of people that died of COVID is far, far, far less than what was reported originally. Because first of all, as we just talked about, they marked people dead. Uh, with COVID as of COVID,  they marked people with COVID incorrectly because the amount of cycles they were doing on PCR tests, which was far above the allowed, allowable, uh, at least justifiable amount of cycles. It's like anything above 19 cycles is a very high rate of, of, uh, false positives, right? You go back to the podcast I've done about Carrie Mullisk, you go read the, who actually came up with PCR testing, Nobel prize, uh, winning laureate, uh, scientists, uh, who who designed the PCR test. And it's really interesting if you go back and listen to some of those episodes, even episode one, right? I'll mention that a couple of times is, uh, assassinations, coverups, and the cult of science that I did. Uh, I highly recommend you, you listen into that podcast. It may not, I haven't gone back and listened to it myself in a while, but, uh, it's the very first one I ever did. So cut me some slack. Uh, but I think there was a lot of value in there. And I went through that book that I discussed last week. Uh, code blue about the military or the medical industrial complex. So a pretty good one, but a highly, you know, when, when we're talking about millions of people that you have to remember the context, you cannot forget that when we talk about that. All right. So it says China's recent pneumonia outbreak raises serious questions in the world health organization is asking them said us ambassador of, uh, to Japan, Ram Manuel.  It's time to abandon COVID deception and delays as transparent and timely information saves lives, he said. Full cooperation with the international community is not an option. It's a public health imperative. Will Beijing step up?  China's, and this is, uh, the ambassador that actually tweeted that, so.  There's the exact tweet. Um, NBC News says that it witnessed long lines and crowded waiting rooms at Beijing's Children's Hospital. And this is, again, when you see the word children, right? Why would something be specifically affecting children?  Children generally have much better immune systems than you and I. Uh, or even older individuals, right? The reason for that is, well, they're young, they're healthy, their antibodies are much more aggressive in dealing with these things. Their hearts are healthier than ours, their lungs are healthier than ours. Um, Lots of reasons, but  says the who said in the statement that today who held a teleconference with Chinese health authorities in which they provided requested data on respiratory illnesses among children in northern China.  The data indicates an increase in outpatient consultations and hospital admissions of children due to Mycoplasma  pneumonia since May and RSV adenovirus and influenza virus since October.  You mean we're going into  December and we have a rise in flu cases.  What will we do? It's almost like this has happened every year since humanities existed.  Um, the who continued some of these increases are earlier in the season that historically experienced, but not an unexpected given the lifting of COVID 19 restrictions as similarly experienced in other countries. Yeah. Okay.  They've already cried wolf and like, nobody will literally believe them. If there was a flesh eating zombie disease at this point.  I think you would still have a large portion of the country in complete disbelief, right? The boy, let's go back to the boy who cried wolf, right? Or the government who cried pandemic is probably a more accurate one.  It goes on to say  the COVID 19 pandemic was marked by lying and deception from communist China about the origins of the coronavirus as well as attempts to cover it up.  The World Health Organization was also accused of not being forthcoming with what it knew about the coronavirus and of trying to cover for China.  Yes, we know. All of this. All right.  Cool. So there's your article on  that. So to me, you know, they, they've come out now and said that this is not a novel virus, that it's not something that they have not seen before. Um, so they, they, they've said, you know, it's, it's nothing to be concerned of, uh, until, you know, it's not like last time. Right? Until it is something to be concerned about. Um, But, I guess, Time will tell, And we'll have to wait and see if that's the case. And, Uh, When it is, Make sure you just, Buy enough toilet paper, I guess.  Or a bidet. Cause, Bidets are awesome. And, You get to limit your toilet paper use.  I never went on a bidet rant here. But I could. Bidets are amazing.  If you've never used one, High, Highly recommend.  All right, the very  next article that we're going to discuss here is going to be  one of our last ones, which is about open AI. So we talked about this  last week, there was this whole wild escapade, this whole story, this crazy situation happened, where the Altman for not being completely candid in their letter, um, and then said that even if open AI went under. That it would be  aligned with OpenAI's mission that OpenAI went under. Now, I mentioned that last time in reading that. Um, we can go back and listen to that if you want to. But, um, I mentioned that. That that wording was weird to me. That if OpenAI went under, they said that it would be aligned with OpenAI's mission.  And OpenAI's mission is for safe and aligned AGI, right? And if you don't understand AI much or what AGI is, we'll talk about it.  Um, but AGI is artificial general intelligence, meaning that something that is basically sentient and conscious, right? We don't believe today that the AI that we have is considered AGI.  Right, it's AI, but general intelligence, meaning that it  essentially has its own consciousness, that it can think for itself, that it's not just an input and output of, of a, A,  Bs, or X, Ys, or, you know, whatever,  the matrix essentially, right? So it's not binary coding that's deciding its next output, it actually can actively think and Um, you know, have conversations in a way where it has its own emotions and, and things like that. Right. So that's what AGI is. And that's what terrifies people is once we get to that point where it can start to detach itself from the infrastructure that we have, and it's sentient in and of itself, that it could escape the small black box that it's within metaphorically and take over the world and eliminate all of humanity. And  maybe  that's why the board was trying to kick out Sam Altman, because he wasn't candid about this program that is called QSTAR,  which is a  allegedly, uh, true AI potential path towards AGI that Sam Altman didn't discuss. Um, so this article says, and we'll, let's give this a better introduction, is the fact that Sam Altman getting fired could have been the best thing for humanity.  If Q star, which is potentially the  black secretive program within open AI that could lead to AGI, or maybe already is AGI  or sentient, a sentient, uh, a life form of AI  very well could mean the end of humanity to very many people that project these things, you know, almost even I think Sam Altman there, or even the Twitch CEO that was put into position said, yeah, it's a 50, 50 shot. If we reach AGI, whether or not. Completely kills off all of humanity and a lot of people think to agree with that. I think Elon Musk said the same thing. It's about 50, 50, right? So, so when we're talking about Sam Altman, not being candid with the board and the board saying that if open AI goes under, it might be aligned with our mission to begin with.  And then we find out about Q star and Elon Musk, funnily enough, posted something that said Q star Anon, right? And then. Posted this article, um, not the one that we're looking at, but one about the similar topic, but this says from Forbes about that mysterious AI breakthrough known as Q star by open AI that allegedly attains true AI or is on the path towards. artificial general intelligence. It says in today's column, I'm going to walk you through a prominent AI mystery that has caused quite the stir leading to an incessant buzz across much of social media and garnering outside headlines in the mass media. This is going to shock, or this is, this is going to be quite a Sherlock Holmes adventure and a sleuth of detective exemplifying journey that I will be taking you on. Now let's close the, let's close the loop here. Um,  In the fact that Sam Altman was reinstated an hour after my podcast at two in the morning as the CEO and they fired the complete board after 757 people signed that letter saying they were going to move over to Microsoft to the 777 employees  gave in  fired the entire board and rehired Sam Altman.  Wild story, definitely going to be a Netflix documentary in like the next two years, um, if we make it that long after QSTAR. Uh, but this says, please put on your thinking cap and get yourself a soothing glass of wine. I wish I had one. The roots of the circumstance involving the recent organizational gyrations. In notable business crises, drama associated with the AI maker OpenAI, including the off and on again firing and rehiring of CEO Sam Ullman, along with a plethora of related carry ons, my focus will not particularly be on the comings and goings of the parties involved. I insist, or I instead seek to leverage those reported facts primarily as telltale clues associated with the AI mystery that some believe sits at the core of the organizational earthquake. We shall start to do it. Uh, we shall start with the vaunted goal of arriving at the topmost AI.  The background of the AI mystery. Let's see how long this is. Holy shit. This is a long article.  Wow. They did do some detective work. Oh man. Um,  wow. So go to Forbes yourself and read through some of this. Uh,  cause yeah, it's, it, this is a extremely thorough write up on this. Um, the title of the article is the one that I gave you earlier. Which is, um, I don't know if I'm going to be able to get through all of this tonight with you, but... Or this morning, depending on when you're listening to this, uh, about that mysterious AI breakthrough, look that up on Google with Forbes, and you'll you'll find this article and you can go through the full thing, but I'll see if I can skim it effectively with you.  Uh, it says the background of the AI mystery. So here's the deal. Some suggest that open AI has handed up or landed upon a new approach to AI that either has attained true AI, which is nowadays said to be artificial general intelligence, or that demonstrably resides on, or at least shows the path towards AGI as a fast background for you. Today's AI is, is considered not yet a, the realm. Of being on par with human intelligence. The aspirational goal for much of the AI field is to arrive at something that fully exhibits human intelligence, which would broadly then be considered an AGI or possibly going even further in a super intelligence,  nobody has yet been able to find out and report specifically out. Um, on what this mysterious AI breakthrough consists of, the situation could be like one of those circumstances where the actual occurrence is a far cry from the rumors that have been reverberated in the media. Maybe the reality is something of a modest AI advancement was discovered, but it doesn't deserve the hoopla that was ensued. Right now, the rumor mill is filled with tall tales that this is the real deal, and supposedly will open the door to reaching AGI.  Time will tell. Uh, on the matter of whether the AI has already achieved AGI per se, let's, uh, noodle on the prostulation. Let's not, because I already kind of clued you into that. It's not AGI already. At least, at least not what we have access to. Um, it has a hard enough time on some of the things, and it's probably from my use, and I use it basically daily in my, uh, career,  uh, company. Um,  It's, it seems to me like it's almost gotten worse over the last few months or so, but  anyways,  uh, you see, this is the way that those ad ho hunches frequently go, you think that you've landed on the right trail, but you are actually once again back at the woods,  or you are on the correct trail, but at the top of the mountain is still miles upon miles in the distance, right? So basically, it's just saying, we don't know what AGI could even look like, right? We have no idea whether what we're looking at is just a highly advanced football Uh, you know, Texas Instruments calculator that is just compiling all the information and spitting out, uh, based on connections of data and quick reading of, of information  or whether it's actually having some sort of, uh, development, uh, thought processes that are outside of, um, you know, normal variables. So so now that you know the overarching context of the AR mystery, let's see if we want to read any of this here.  Potentially or inadvertently is getting this to the immediate doorstep of AGI.  So, so yeah, the idea is that it seems like it's pretty far away. Now that you know the overarching context of the AI mystery, we're ready to dive into the hints or clues so far that have been reported on the matter.  Let's skip the caveats. Um, I'm going to draw upon these relatively unsubstantiated foremost three clues.  Uh, the name of the AI has been Ben said to be supposedly q star, the AI has supposedly been able to solve grade school level math problems quite well. And the AI has possibly leveraged an AI technique known as test time computations.  Interesting, which should be interesting because Chachi Bouti, as we know it today, has far more capabilities than solving grade school level math problems, but it's not the idea that it's doing it in the way that a calculator would do it when it comes to AGI. Right, it would be that it's thinking and learning those things on its own.  Uh, you can find lots of rampant speculations out, uh, online that uses only the first of those above clues, namely, uh, the name. Q Star. Some believe that the mystery can be unraveled on that one clue alone. They might not know about the other two above clues, or they might not believe that the other two clues are pertinent. The first clue is allegedly the name of the AI. So let's walk through these. It says it has been reported widely that the AI maker has allegedly opted to name the AI software as being referred to by the... Uh, notation of a capital letter Q that is followed by an asterisk.  The name or notation is this Q star. Believe it or not by this claim alone, you can get into a far reaching abyss of speculation about what the AI is. I will gladly do so. I suppose it is somewhat akin to the words Rosebud and the famous classic citizen Kane. I won't spoil the movie for you of the emphasize that the entire film is about trying to make sense of the seemingly innocuous word of Rosebud. If you have time to do so, I highly recommend watching the movie since it is considered one of the best time. Uh, films of all time, there isn't any AI in it. So realize you would be watching the movie for it's incredible plots, blended acting. Okay. Um, back to our mystery at hand. What can we divine from the Q star name?  That's a good question. I'm glad you asked, but my iPad froze. So. Again, give me one second. And this is like some horseshit because I have a very nice setup here and For some reason just this last like week or two I've never run into this issue and it's uh,  just being finicky with me for some reason  all right, so  Let's do this. Let's do that. So so yeah, so to me it's like  This seems like the most likely reason that OpenAI went through everything that it did. It seems by far from the clues that I read and I basically called it out just from the letter, right? You, you go back and listen to that episode. That's what I said is why would they say that it would be aligned? Well, it would only be aligned if they believed that the way that Sam Altman was Being non candid to them would lead to unaligned AGI, right? Which, which means essentially they're concerned about the direction the company is going because you have to understand, too, that the board of OpenAI is not a for profit board. Um, they're, I believe that all of the board members, like, essentially don't have any stake in the game financially when it comes to OpenAI,  and they're literally just there to, like, oversee the operations to make sure that it's aligned with its mission. Um. So this says, what can we divine from the q star name? Those of you that are fairly familiar with everyday mathematical equations are likely to realize the asterisk is typically said to represent a so called star symbol, thus the seemingly q asterisk name would be conventionally be pronounced aloud as q star. Okay, who cares? Um, overall, the use of the specification of the letter q innately coupled with the star present, um, representation does not notably denote anything already popularized.  Um, I am saying that the q star doesn't jump out as, Meaning this in particular,  so let's see what it does say for us,    It says the capital letter Q does have significance in the AI field. Furthermore, the use of an asterisk as a star does have significance in the mathematics and computer science arena. Hmm, so he's going to talk about those, which is that one of the most historically well known uses of the asterisk is potentially similar to  context was used in the mathematician Stephen Kleen when he defined something known as V star.  You might cleverly observe that this notation consists of the capital letter V is followed by the asterisk. Wow. Thank you so much.  In his letter in 1950s, he described that, uh, suppose you had a set of items that were named by the letter of V. And then you decided to make a different set that consists of various combinations associated with it that are in the set, in the set V. This now, uh, new set would. By definition contain all the elements of set V so basically saying that there's subsets of that V variation, right, that all house within V. But with V star, it's saying that it could be V, A, V, A, B, V, A, B, A, B, V, A. So it's just saying that it could an unlimited amount of combinations within the subset of the primary V. So You are said to be maximizing the letter to the nth degree,  right? Um, okay. Makes sense. The use of the asterisks or stars in the case of a capital a, you're going to love the next bit of detective work. I brought you up to speed about the, okay, come on, dude, get to the point. As an aside,  the, the classic paper was formulated a star and is entitled heuristic determination of minimum cost paths. Okay.  Imagine a set of cities with roads connecting certain parts of them. Suppose we desire a technique for discovering a sequence of cities on the shortest route from a specific start to a specific goal city. Our algorithm prescribed, uh, prescribes how to use special knowledge. The knowledge that the shortest route between any pair of cities cannot be less than the airline distance between them in order to reduce the total number of cities that need to be considered.   So I'll give you the TLDR of some of this, and when it's talking about Q star, what it's referencing is that the letter Q within AI or encoding is traditionally discussing the idea of reinforced learning, right? Reinforced learning being that, um, and traditionally when you're doing something like AI, it's reinforced learning through human feedback or RLHF.  And what that means is essentially you're giving it feedback every single time it gives an output.  A thumbs up or a thumbs down, right? When you answer this, it's good. When you answer this, it's bad. And now it takes that information and it learns off of it and enforces better. outputs,  right? Just as if a dog is doing a trick, um, and you want to teach it to roll over when it starts to make the movement, you give it a treat. And then the next time it goes a little bit further, you give it a treat. And eventually it's doing it on command to the word that you say before you made it do the rollover, um, through reinforced learning, right? Lean forced, just give it a treat. Um, now the star being, which we got into a little bit,  but the star being the idea that it's the infinite possibility behind what is that.  Initial framework, right? In this case, the infinite, right? If you use something, let's use the dog example. Again, you, you think of the word dog and you put an asterisk or behind it in the world of coding, that would mean dog could now be dogmatic. It could be doggy. It could be. Doggy style. I couldn't leave that one alone. Um, but the idea is that reinforced learning and the star being the exponential possibility behind that. And so what the idea is that the asterisk might suggest, is what this says, that this is the highest or most far out capability of Q learning. Reinforce learning that anybody has ever seen or envisioned.  This would simply imply that the use of reinforcement learning as an AI approach and that the model free and off policy can leap tall buildings  and go faster than a speeding train, metaphorically, to be able to push. AI closer to being AGI. If you place this into the context of general generative AI, such as ChatGBT or OpenAI of OpenAI, perhaps those generative AI apps could be much more fluent and seem to convey reasoning if they had this Q star included in them,  or GBT 5, essentially.  Right?  Um, And that could give a huge edge over the competition is what it says. It says, take a moment to deliberate on the razor sharp question. Should AI companies be required to disclose their AI breakthroughs? If they do so, would this inadvertently allow evildoers to use those breakthroughs for evil purposes? Is it fair for a company that spent, that spent its resources to devise AI breakthrough that cannot profit from it and must Just handed over to the public at large, who should own and control AI breakthroughs that get us to the realm of AGI. And do we need newer, additional AI related laws that will serve to regulate and govern what is happening in AI?  Um, now in that theme, I'm on the boat that where there should be some framework of, of, uh,  Oversight and governing bodies by individuals who actually know what they're talking about because this is a highly scary, terrifying industry, um, if it goes to the nth degree, right? If AGI occurs and it's not aligned with humanity and it identifies humanity as a threat to, I don't know, the world or,  uh, you know, doesn't weigh our lives over that of the animals that we slaughter on a daily basis. Um, lots of reasons that it could think that we're bad because, you know, some of us are.  Uh. Very interesting questions, but I do think that there should be some, you know, we could dive deep into that, but I absolutely believe that. Um, it says... Uh, now this talks about the solving of grade school level math,  um, don't want to get too far into that. That one's interesting to me because it just doesn't make sense why that would be such a huge deal. Uh, but I guess, um, no direct calculations or formulas were involved. You might suggest that this is a monkey see monkey do kind of answer by the generative AI. The similarity between the two math problems greatly overlapped in terms of its wording just to add the wording. Hmm.  Wow. This guy uses the word noodle.  Let's see if he gives a Okay. So let's  see. So it says, whenever they say this, the database converse will decry things that will go backwards in the older and disdained ways of rules. Okay. Anyways, there's the idea. The Q star situation is one that could mean that.  Sam Altman was hiding this from the board. Sam Altman was putting the humanity into jeopardy, and all these 770  or 57 employees could now have been the reason that the Terminator happens, and Arnold Schwarzenegger comes here from the future, and we all potentially die.  Or maybe not, and they were just dicks, and didn't know what they were doing, and let down all their investors. Um, but, I guess. We'll never  know,  but that's what I got for you guys today. Thank you so much for listening. I appreciate it from the bottom of your heart. If you want to go read that article, I gave you the name of it earlier. It's from Forbes. Um, really interesting read. I'll, I'll read the whole thing at some point, but just don't want to, it's, it's a very long article. So you're better off reading it on your own time than sitting here and me talk about it, but an interesting thing. Nonetheless, I absolutely am.  Very as confident as I could be that I believe that that's what happened is that Sam Altman was not being forthcoming now What I think is an interesting theory about this  That I noted is that Sam Altman was on Joe Rogan and on Lex Friedman Not two weeks before this huge publicity happened and what are the odds of that  a question to ponder?  Probably not very high.  Do with that information what you will. But I appreciate you guys. Thank you so much for listening from the bottom of my heart. You are awesome. I hope you have a wonderful day and see you next time. Thank you.     

    Critical Confrontations: Bin Laden's Letter, Israel-Hamas Ceasefire & Sam Altman & OpenAI Controversy

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2023 96:06

    In this riveting episode of the Adams Archive, host Austin Adams takes you on an exploratory journey through a series of compelling and thought-provoking topics. From the storm brewing on TikTok over Osama Bin Laden's controversial 2002 letter to America, Austin doesn't shy away from delving into the complex narratives that are often avoided. He challenges the mainstream outrage and seeks to understand the underlying truths in these contentious dialogues. Following this, the episode shifts to an examination of the recent Israel-Hamas ceasefire. Austin will dissect the nuances of this agreement and its potential longevity, providing insights into the geopolitical implications. The conversation then takes a technological turn, delving into Michigan's capital gun ban enforcement through AI. Austin scrutinizes ZeroEyes' AI technology, raising critical questions about its impact on Second Amendment rights and the future of surveillance. The episode also covers the U.S. Army's reversal of its COVID-19 vaccine mandate decision. Hear the Army's call for the return of the troops who left over the mandate and Austin's take on this dramatic policy shift. Then, gear up for a deep dive into the OpenAI saga, a whirlwind of decisions and employee backlashes that could potentially reshape the AI industry's future. This segment promises to unravel one of the most astonishing episodes in modern business history. Finally, Austin introduces you to the newly elected Libertarian President of Argentina, a figure attracting global attention for his unorthodox approach and bold declarations against the deep state and government overspending. With a fresh crew cut and his signature engaging style, Austin is all set to guide you through these fascinating topics. Don't forget to hit subscribe, leave a five-star review, and get ready for an episode packed with insights, analyses, and a touch of the unexpected.   All the links: Substack:   ----more---- Full Transcription    Adam's Archive.  Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adam's Archive. My name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we are going to be jumping into first, what happened recently with Tick tock and all these conservative influencers calling out all you young tick tockers out there for talking about even considering speaking about this document that must not be named. But I am me and I will name it and we will read it. And that is Osama bin Laden's letter. From 2002, a letter to America. Now there was a ton of controversy that came out on tick talk about this, a ton of conservative channels that are crying out saying, you should, you should be ashamed of yourself for even considering agreeing with any of his points. And I understand the sentiment, right? We have, um, some wounds from that man as a great country, however.  I think that kind of takes away from the point, right? If you're afraid to look at something in the eye,  uh, then maybe that's more of a reason to address it head on. So we will read that together. And I believe personally, there is actually some valid points and hold your thoughts until I read it. Cause I think. You might agree to. Alright. Once we walk through that, we are going to then move on into what has been called a agreement on a ceasefire between Israel and Temas. We'll see how long that, uh, lasts for and what the actual, uh, the actual breakdown of the deal was. But we'll go into that together. After that, we will go into the Michigan capital enforcing its gun ban with artificial intelligence. We'll actually look at the name of this company, which is zero I, and we will watch some of their advertisements. We will see what this technology actually does and talk about what the implications of that could be on your second amendment rights in the future where big brother knows exactly who's carrying and when  following up on that. We will go into. The situation with the U S army who has asked their troops who left because of the COVID mandate. Come back, come back. We need you. Oh, that's silly. That's the only thing we did where we kicked you out because we wanted to mandate a, a experimental drug on your body and then not pay for the effects of it later. Oh, that thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Don't worry about that. Um, just, just come back, come back. So we'll actually read that letter together from the army that they issued. And then we'll talk all about the open AI drama that has been going down. If you haven't heard about this, it is crazy. This shit's definitely going to be a documentary in like 10 years from now, five years from now, who knows, three years from now, if AI can put it together fast enough. Um, this was one of the wildest sagas that you've seen in modern business history. Okay, so we will talk about that. We'll walk through what the situation is. I am pretty... Astounded by the way that this went down. They essentially could have just dismantled a  multi billion dollar, probably the single most powerful entity in the prospect of the future of humanity as standing today.  over a weekend and over a split second decision, which was not very well thought through, which ended in 200 or some, sorry, 95 percent of their employees threatening to leave and go to a different company. So we will actually read that letter today together too. Wow. We're reading a lot of letters. I didn't realize that.  And then, uh, last but not least, we will talk about  the, uh, president. of  the Libertarian President  of Argentina, um, that was recently elected and he has some wild moments, but I also have some, some agreements with him. And I, they're calling him this far, right? Crazy guy, because he's talking about the deep state and saying he wants to dismantle the over bloated government. And, uh, so lots of interesting stuff. And then he went through. The parade with a chainsaw  saying he's going to cut down government spending so wild dude, but I'm all for it. Alright guys, that's what I got. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button. Leave a five star review. If you are watching this and not just listening, you'll notice that  Cut some hair on top of my head. So, uh, essentially, uh, got, uh, a, uh, crew cut now. So, you know, if you see me on Instagram, I might look a little bit different than, than you saw me before. All right. That's what I got for you guys. Subscribe, leave a five star review and  yeah, let's jump into it.  The Adams archive.  All right, all right, the very first topic that we are going to discuss today was the recent document from Osama bin Laden, which went viral. On TikTok, now there was over 9 million views mentioned, but TikTok tried to diminish it in a recent, uh, recent note. I believe it was on Twitter even, or X, now as the kids call it. Uh, but,  I digress. Let's jump into it. This is a letter that was written by Osama Bin Laden in 2002, which was a letter to America. Now in the way he, that he breaks down this letter, it's, it's hard to argue with some of the...  Thoughts that he, the way that he portrays the United States. And so, we'll read that full letter together. But first, let's read this, which breaks down how this all went down and why this even came to fruition. Because I never read this document until I heard about this. And the way that I heard about it was all these conservative influencers that were coming out and saying, How dare you, these young kids coming out here siding with the terrorists. How dare you read this letter. How dare you say that you agree with any of his points. That he had valid opinions. How dare you? And we go back to this, this idea of,  of  the good guy and the bad guy,  right? And this has been a theme more recently in the Israel and Palestine and Hamas conflict for me, which has been reconciling with the fact that We've almost always been told, whether it be through Hollywood, whether it be through music, whether it be through plays and books and everything that we've ever been told is that there's a good guy and that there's a bad guy. And that philosophy, as I've come to know it now, today, is generally flawed.  And the reason that I say that is it's... It's far more complicated than we're giving it credit, right? There's generally not just a good guy and not just a bad guy, right? There's absolutely people who do acts of malevolence and horrific, atrocious acts in the name of being a terrible person and just inflicting pain on people. That is true. That is factual. But majority of the time that you see these national and world stage conflicts,  it's generally not. The case,  most of the time, what you'll find is both sides think that they're the good guy, right? And not just both sides is this radical extreme side of things on the far, far terrorist organizations. It's not just them. It's the people behind them, the general population, they have some.  with these people that there's a good guy and there's a bad guy. And, and so I think the only way that we reconcile and we start to  actually pull the curtains behind the military industrial complex is by,  by recognizing that. It's not that simple.  There's not generally a good guy and a bad guy. This isn't, and even when you look at the old western, you know, westerns, where they try to portray it, you know, there's cowboys and there's Indians, and those are the savages, and we're the upstanding. You know, uh, enforcers of the law, right? It's again, it's just generally not that simple. And you, and as you start to take this framework and start to untangle the programming that you've been given, which is that there's again, a  good guy and a bad guy, as you start to untangle that, you can almost go back through. Almost any conflict in history, I say almost, almost for a reason, but you can almost go back and look at any framework, any, any conflict, any large scale war, any,  and you start to pull on some of the threads, like, okay,  there's a, there's an idea in debate and then, uh,  I guess, I don't know what, what to classify it as, but there's the idea of steel manning within an argument which is essentially if I was taking the, the opposing individual or opposing forces position and trying to be as generous as possible and trying to make the most compelling argument for it. Their side of the argument for them being the good guy and me being the bad guy in this instance How would I do? So how would I?  Take critical thinking and how would I?  Critique my own position and and if you can do that right if you can actually steel man the argument and and look and at the the conflict or the Situation or the debate point that you're arguing and say, okay  if I had to take their position  If I had to steel man the case that X, Y, and Z was the good guy, and now I'm the bad guy, how would I do that? And if you take that  into the equation, you start to see that, okay, maybe there are some compelling opinions on maybe why we shouldn't be in this conflict to begin with,  right? And  maybe it's a sign of peace rather than a return of fire in some instances. Now again, that's not to say there's not... There's not reasons for war at certain points and for certain reasons and if we are gonna say that you know in the instance of Israel vs. Palestine, I would much rather them come out and just say hey We're taking our land back almost the same way, you know that they tried to frame that as what it was for Russia Right Russia not wanting Ukraine and NATO to infringe on their territory or at least within the immediate vicinity of it They even tried to go. Oh, they're colonizing Ukraine. It's It's like, okay, that's not really what's happening here. So even if we were to be generous within the Israel and Palestine, uh,  conflict and say, okay, they're doing this as a response and not just to colonize the area, which it seems more and more likely that they're just trying to take that area over.  However, we'll get into that ceasefire a little bit later in here, but, but my point in this is that when you go back and you start to do those on that unwinding and start to take that steel man argument and look at some of the things that have happened in history, whether it be to the United States or by the United States against other countries or individuals or,  uh,  organizations, you can start to, at the very least, steel man your argument. If you want to say that the United States is the good guy and every other country we've ever been in conflict with is the bad guy, and you want to die on that hill, you better, you better be able to steel man that argument. And if you're not, you're just blindly following a religion. Right? You're not, you're not even reading the textbooks, right? You're just blindly having faith that, oh, daddy has my back, right? Daddy government knows all and is,  is essentially, you know, giving blind faith into that institution, which we already know is corrupt.  So whether you're right or you're left, you should think critically about these things and go back and start to pull on those threads. And that's what we'll do here today. So on that note, this comes from Time Magazine.  And the article title is Why Osama Bin Laden's Letter Went Viral. Now within this letter,  he mentions Palestine several times. Okay, and I'll share this with you. So if you're on YouTube, you'll actually be able to see what we are looking at here together. If you're not on YouTube, you can always join us over there. And it's just the Adams archive. So if you type that into YouTube at the very top, you'll be able to see what we're looking at. However, let's move on. It says two decades ago, Osama bin Laden, the Al Qaeda leader behind 9 11, it says, probably also next to the  three letter organizations, laid out his attempt. His attempt at justification for the attack against the U. S. that killed nearly 3, 000 people in his letter to America.  This week, that same letter went viral on TikTok among a new generation, many of whom are debating the Israel Hamas war and the role played by the U. S. for some, a big part of Bin Laden's justification.  American support for Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories and what the U. N. deems a violation of international law resonates with what's going on now in the Middle East, leading them to renew calls. For a Gaza ceasefire in one video, which was live on the app of Thursday afternoon with more than 900, 000 views, a tick tocker made the claim that everything we learned about the Middle East 9 11 and terrorism was a lie. Others on social media have criticized the video sympathizing with terrorists and legitimizing violence. In a statement posted on the next on Thursday, TikTok said content promoting this letter clearly violates our rule in supporting any form of terrorism. We are proactively and aggressively removing the content and investigating how to get it on how it got onto our platform. So let's watch this video. Let's see if it's actually still there. It might not be anymore.  If they were removing all of it. Yeah, and there it is. It's gone.  Who knew censorship for the  Not when, uh, in a statement posted on X on Thursday, TikTok said, Nope, we just read that the company also says that the content did not reflect a widespread trend, but rather just a few posts on the platform. Number of videos on TikTok is small and reports of a trending on their platform are inaccurate. This is not unique to TikTok and has appeared across multiple platforms. And the media views on video shared by the hashtag letter to America had over 14 million views on Thursday, CNN reported. But as of Thursday afternoon, the phrase could not be searched on the app due to guideline violations. This isn't the first time that Tik TOK has faced controversy for what's been shared on the app. The company has responded to Republican criticisms on the platform being biased towards pro Palestinian content by pointing to polling that shows younger people are more sympathetic to Palestinians.  While tens of thousands of people recently publicly showed their support for Israel and the U. S. condemned anti semitism in France, hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets in pro Palestinian protests around the world calling the ceasefire to protect civilians in Gaza since the start of the war on October 7th.  Okay, now we have  context. Now where I originally went to search for this was the Guardian. And if we go look at the Guardian's website, which we can do right now,  the document was originally set here on, uh, November 15th of  2023, it was removed. It was originally placed on this by on Sunday, November 24th of 2002.  So 21 years later, they decided that, oh, now this is dangerous for people to read because They're actually reading it. So you can actually find this document and I will keep it in the, uh, I'll actually send this out. So if you're on my Instagram, go to at the Austin J Adams. So the Austin J Adams on Instagram. And if you comment on my most recent video and some of my other videos that will be about this, after I get some of this content out, I will send this letter to you. Okay, so  let's go ahead and read the letter,  the letter that must not be named according to TikTok and the guardian.  Here it is. All right.  It says page one  in the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful to the American people,  peace be upon those who follow the righteous track hereafter. The subject of my talk to you is in the overwhelming control of capital. And it's a fact on the ongoing war between us.  I direct my talk specifically those who support real change, especially the youth.  I say from the onset, your former president warned you previously about the devastation  or the devastating Jewish control of capital and about a day that would come when it would enslave you. It has happened. Your current president warns you now about the. enormity of capital control and it has a cycle whereby it devours humanity when it is devoid of the percepts or the precepts of God's law  and says in parentheses sharia  the tyranny of control of capital by large companies has harmed your economy as it did ours  And that was my motivation for this talk. Tens of millions of you are below the poverty line. Millions have lost their homes, and millions have lost their jobs to mark the highest average unemployment in 60 years.  Your financial system in its totality was about to collapse within 48 hours had the administration not reverted to using taxpayer monies to rescue the vultures by using the assets of the victims.  As for us, our Iraq was invaded in response to pressure from capitalists with greed. from black gold and you continue to support the oppressive Israelis in their occupation of our Palestine in response to pressures on your administration by a Jewish lobby backed by enormous financial capabilities.  Hmm. Okay. So let's break that down a little bit. We start from the very beginning. And he talks about the Jewish control of capital, right? Your former president warned you previously about the devastating Jewish control of capital. This has been a pretty consistent conversation, right? Surrounding the control of media within media about the control within Hollywood and news corporations and.  So  this is in line with some very recent conversations that people are having and that probably leads to why this had some effect of ringing true, especially when you bring in something like Palestine and the conflict and him referencing that occupation all the way back 21 years.  So now what he says is the tyranny of control of capital by large companies has harmed your economy as it did ours. And that was my motivation for this talk. Tens of millions of you are below the poverty line. So now he's calling out the, the lack of. care from our government surrounding people of low income surrounding people who are homeless surrounding, you know, talking about the financial system and its totality was about to collapse within 48 hours had the administration reverted to had not the administration reverted to using taxpayers money to rescue the vultures by using the assets of the victims. Essentially saying that the banking. Corporations, the banks,  all lever, when they went bankrupt, they essentially  took taxpayer money and then utilized that to  bail the banks out when the people who suffered the most from that was not the organizations,  it was the individuals who banked with them,  right? So he's saying.  Your own government used your money  to help the people who oppressed you to begin with.  As for us, our Iraq was invaded in response to the pressure of capitalists, then talks about their greed for black gold, meaning oil.  And you can continue to support the oppressive Israelis and their occupation of our Palestine in response to pressures on your administration by a Jewish lobby backed by an enormous Financial capabilities now what we look at there is is the discussion surrounding  The the fact that the  and you continue to support the oppressive Israelis in their occupation of Palestine in response to pressures by your administration Okay, so What, what we can get into from that is, is realizing that this has been a longstanding issue that has been bubbling below the surface for a very long time, right? This discussion around the powers that be the, the individuals that we know that the, you know, however many families that, you know, control a massive amount of wealth, right? You want to get more into that? But go back to the episode that I did on.  Uh, the creature in Jekyll Island, which is a great book that was written surrounding the end of the gold standard and the rise of the Federal Reserve. Now go back and look at who the people were that were involved in that conversation. I  believe it was 13 families that were on a private train together  and essentially on Jekyll Island, which is a small island, came up with the idea of the Federal Reserve and then implemented it. Perfectly. And they now control all of the world as a result of controlling  the largest corporation or the largest country's capital, being able to essentially print money at will with no repercussions to themselves.  And just to the American people, right? In walks  inflation.  So now it goes on to say that an observer of the policies of the new administration relieves or realizes that the change is tactical and not strategy or strategic. It does not at all agree with this, the change you seek. There are very many indicators of this, especially concerning important matters related to your own security and economy, particularly the ongoing war between us. The previous administration was successful in implicating you in the wars against us under the premise that they are necessary for your security according to the promise that it would be short and would finish in six days or six weeks. Six years has passed, and that administration is gone without realizing the victory. The man calling for change promised you victory in Afghanistan and set a time for withdrawal.  Before the end of the set time,  Patriots from the previous administration came and asked for an extension of six more months  if it was  The six day war that started by President Bush and six years have not enough to has not been enough to finish it Then the wise men should question How long would a six month war? take and whether you would be able to fund a war that requires a large amount of money that weakens your economy and Your dollar  interesting.  Okay. So what he's saying there is essentially that they said this would take six days. Now they said it was six weeks. Now they're saying it's six years,  right? And how much are you willing to sacrifice as a country of your financial stability as a nation,  by simply coming over here and looking to go after our oil, which, you know, we go back to the weapons of mass destruction conversation, which  were never found.  So,  moving on here,  uh, so, so that's interesting to me. It's like the amount of people that are now realizing that there's  some.  Some  cracks in the armor, right, that, that, the great nation that we were told that we were brought up as patriots for that, you know, I myself joined the military  to defend,  right,  maybe there's some questions that should be asked about  whether or not we should be in these wars, and you guys know. If you listen to me enough that I'm at this point, there's very little you could do to convince me that we should be at war with essentially anybody unless we're specifically defending our home territory, which nobody's encroached upon the United States in Lord since the British.  So moving on.  This says for Obama to leave one third of its soldiers in Iraq and the statements from his administration about this, especially from Aderno about the possibility for Obama's ordering the return of the forces he took out of Iraq, it would have been better for him had he disagreed with the ethics of the previous administration and adopted the truth as a friend and told you that he would not withdraw from Iraq, which may not serve the U S interests, but it is in the interest of the large corporations,  right? So he's talking about the war machine. Right? He's talking about the Military Industrial Complex.  It serves... Doesn't serve the U S, but it serves the large corporations, meaning the same corporations that we know own all the other corporations, the same corporations who own all of the politicians, the same corporations who own all of the military companies like Raytheon, or at least have the largest share percentage within those companies.  It says the course of these policies of the president administration in several areas clearly reveals that whatever, whoever enters the white house, even with good intentions to safeguard the people's interests is no more than a train operator.  His only task is to keep the train on the tracks that are laid down by the lobbyists in New York and Washington to serve their interests first, even if it's counter to your security and economy.  Any president who tries to move the train from the lobbyist tracks to a track for the American people's interests will confront very strong opposition and pressures from the lobbyists.  Your president described the decisions by the court in favor of corporations to intervene in the political arena as a victory. But it is not for the American people, except for the big corporations.  Okay, so now what he's saying is that your president...  is controlled.  No matter how many, how, how good of intentions he has, if he goes to fight the machine, if he goes to do what's in the best interest of the American people, he will be met by the corporations, right? So that's why when people are saying, Oh, there's merit to this. Yes, there's absolutely some merit to this. Our government has been  commandeered by large corporate entities that have the only best interest of their entities making more profits. And generally, the best way to do that is by siphoning it from the people,  not by serving the people's best interests.  And we've talked about this, our system is fundamentally flawed, almost everybody who goes in with a good intentions gets spit out,  or ends up 13 indictments before they go for re election.  We exactly saw that play out with Donald Trump. The entire machine. All the news companies.  All the, the, the, entire, entirety of Hollywood. All of the, the journalists that, that were a part of any actual legitimate organization.  All of them conspired. Even the FBI and the CIA did the same thing with the letters that they signed about the Hunter Biden laptop. Right?  It says. The course of the, the course of the policies of the President Administration in several areas clearly reveals that whoever enters the White House, even with good intentions, to safe, to safeguard the people's interests, is no more than a train operator. His only task is to keep the train on the tracks that are laid down by the lobbyists,  even if it's counter to your security and economy.  Now tell me you disagree with that,  because I, I will argue that point with you all day.  There is no doubt about it, that it is right, and... That it is also a right for the administration to support the oppressive Israelis for the continued, let's, let's get context. I think I maybe skipped something. Um, it says, There is no doubt about it that it is a right, and it is also a right for the administration to support the oppressive Israelis for the continued occupation of our land and the killing of our brothers, marking a victory for the Jewish lobby. The president was not able to defend you against the security and economic loss. The way for change and freeing yourselves from the pressure of lobbyists is not through the Republican or the Democratic parties, but through undertaking a great revolution for freedom.  Not to free Iraq from Saddam Hussein, but to free the White House, and to free Barack Hussein so he can implement the change you seek. It is not, it does not only include improvement of your economic situation and ensure your security, but more importantly, help him, helps him in making a rational decision to save humanity from the harmful gases that threaten its destiny.  Let's read that again. So what, what he's saying there again. The way for change and freeing yourselves from the pressure of lobbyists is not through Republican or Democratic parties, but through undertaking a great revolution for freedom, not to free Iraq from Saddam Hussein, but to free the White House and to free the president  so they can implement the change you seek. Free them from who? Free them from the lobbyists. Free them from what lobbyists? Well, and what he's referencing here, he says the Jewish lobbyists,  the individuals who own those large corporate entities.  Who control a portion, a large portion of Hollywood. And the news entities, right? So again,  and this is far different than when everybody wants to ring the anti Semitic bell. It's like nobody's saying anything about the religion and nobody's saying anything about the people who are in those areas who hold the title of being Jewish. No, it just so happens that the people that we're discussing here have a Jewish background, have Jewish blood running through their veins, and are from  That origin.  It does not mean anything against the peoples themselves. It means that there is a large portion of people who also hold these characteristics that is what they push their agenda through.  Okay, so it's like, it's very important to make that distinction. No, it is not all Jewish people that are running Hollywood. It is not all Jewish people that are controlling the White House. It is not all, no, it has nothing to do with the fact that they are Jewish or their beliefs in their religion or where their origin is from. It has to do with that. There is a small, very small, like, handful  of people and families in power that all have similar characteristic that unites them, which so happens to be that cultural background.  So everybody crying anti semitic when you say, oh, don't bomb  or don't agree with the fact that, you know, there is a strong Jewish lobby. It's like, you're missing the point.  Love Jewish people.  Love all my people. I have nothing against really any class or group or culture or background or ethnicity or race or religion. It's like that to me is such a low frequency beta.  Uh, uninteresting perspective to have that has just no value. There, there is no reason to have any distinction between people and, and, and say, this group is this thing. No.  But there is a way to categorize people based on that. And when a small group of people who hold Those powerful positions hold that uniting culture, then it's going to be referenced, which is important to make a distinction of. Okay,  moving on.  The British military governor in the United States used to have the right to appoint judges and mayors. Similarly, the corruption is deep and rooted now in all the higher authorities, thus giving authorities over to these officials or these offices to corporations.  Hmm.  Subsequently, the higher court adjudicated their support of political financing by corporations under such circumstances.  Now he's talking about the lobbying. Reading the book by the intellectual Thomas Paine helped your fathers in the revolution against the oppressors. It is useful for you to read it under the current similar circumstances. You are in need of people like Thomas Paine to publish books pointing out the similarities between the two phases, and that will have a similar effect. You are also in need of men with courage and initiative like those of your forefathers at that time when they refused to allow one company to harm the interests of the United States, a company that had a monopoly on tea and its prices.  Talking about the Boston Tea Party. Right? Talking about the, um, the, what is it? The, the Indian tea company or whatever it's called.  I'm going to have to look that one up. Um, forget the, the, uh, God, what's the name of it? Um, that's so stupid that I can't remember that.  Let's see.  The East India Trade Company, is that what it is?  Pretty sure that's what it is. East India Trade Company.  Um,  Yeah, the East India Company. That's what it was. Thank you. At least I got it right. I got there eventually, guys. Before even Google told me, and you can reference the YouTube video to see it.  Um, alright. So,  it says, uh, yeah, there are now many companies that endanger the United States economy, which continues to be vulnerable to collapse, and they also formulate the policies for the White House. They threw hundreds of thousands of soldiers against us and have formed an alliance with the Israelis to oppress us and occupy our land. That was the reason for our response on the 11th.  Palestine has been under occupation for decades. Now what he's referencing there is obviously September 11th. Now, obviously that's  obviously not a justification to commit acts of terrorism against random civilians, which has been the theme this whole year with the Israel and Palestine conflict. So again, Don't agree with that. It's a horrific way to respond to this. The way that you respond to this is what this letter was attempting to do. Just do it more effectively. Cause the fact that nobody read this, now all of a sudden people are reading this and now there's value to it.  Anyways, it says, uh, Palestine had been under occupation for decades and none of your presidents could talk, talked about it until after September 11th, when Bush realized that your oppression and the tyranny against us were part of the reason for the attack. Then he talked about it, the necessity for two States. Obama is trying to address the issue with the same solutions, suggesting by his predecessors they are quilting fruitless solutions not of concern to us. If you want a real settlement that guarantees your security in your country and safeguards your economy from being depleted in a matter similar to our war of attrition against  the  Soviet Union, then you have to implement a roadmap that returns the Palestine land to us. All of it from the sever or the sea to the river. It is an Islamic land, not subject to being traded or granted to any party.  In conclusion, be assured that we do not fight for mere killing, but to stop the killing of our people. It is a sin to kill a person without proper justifiable cause, but terminating his killer is a right.  You should be aware that justice is the strongest army and security offers the best livelihood. You lost it by your own making when you supported the Israelis in occupying our land and killing our brothers in Palestine. The road to safety starts with the stopping of aggression. And again,  the way to combat aggression is not  more aggression. And the way to stop people from killing your people is not by killing their people.  Fundamentally disagree with him on that. Palestine should not be seen, and even in his own argument there, he says that it is a sin to kill a person without proper justifiable cause. Okay, 3,  000 people on 9 11 that you killed without proper justifiable cause, regardless of the country that they lived within.  Palestine should not be seen captive, for we will try to break its shackles.  The United States shall pay for its arrogance with the blood of Christians and their funds. Peace be upon those who follow the righteous track.  All right, so again,  fundamentally disagree with a lot of what he says there, but there is merit to some of the points that he makes surrounding lobbying, surrounding our president not being in control regardless of  good intentions.  Several things that he said there that holds true.  in the awakening that we've seen over the last three to four years. So when you see all these people shouting at, you know, saying that anybody who reads this and agrees with any of the points made that they're a terrorist, it's no, that you're missing the point.  And  We probably, if you hadn't already gotten to this point where you realize these things without reading a letter from  Osama bin Laden, like maybe you should do that first and there's far better ways to probably get to this point from far more intelligent, far less polarizing, far less bloodthirsty people, then Osama Bin Laden, so there's that, like you could definitely get this point across without having to hear it from him.  But, that, that, you see the censorship, you see the people coming out and calling, you know, everybody a terrorist who reshares  this, or says that there's any merit to some of the points that he made about the occupation, and  so. I just wanted to get that out there. I think it's a value to actually read through these things and not just hear the headlines and just assume that everybody who makes any point about this is siding with a terrorist organization. Because again,  I fundamentally, fundamentally disagree with the acts that were committed on behalf of this ideology.  But that doesn't mean that there's no merit to some of the points that he made about  the United States of America being flawed, because It is.  And if you disagree with that,  you're very likely brainwashed at this point.  All right. Alright, so the next thing that we're going to discuss is that Israel and Hamas have agreed to a temporary ceasefire for humanitarian purposes that include a hostage release deal, which has come from Fox News. Let's go ahead and read this article where it says the Israeli government is committed to the return of all hostages home. Tonight, the government approved the outline for the first stage of achieving this goal.  According to which, at least 50 hostages, women and children, will be released for four days, during which there will be a lull in the fighting.  The release of every 10 additional hostages will result in an additional day of respute.  The Israeli government, the IDF, and the security forces will continue the war in order to return all the hostages, to complete the elimination of Hamas, and to ensure that Gaza does not renew any threat to the State of Israel.  The ceasefire was officially announced hours after Israeli and Hamas leaders said Tuesday that negotiations were in their final stages.  Both sides ultimately agreed to their conditions. Qatari... Negotiators helped broker the agreement under the deal. Israeli's government has agreed to temporarily stop its pursuit of Hamas, including its ground invasion of Gaza and its airstrikes for humanitarian purposes. Also, Hamas has agreed to release dozens of hostages in tandem with Israeli government or with Israel agreeing to release Palestinian prisoners on a three to one ratio. Fox news, Trey Yankst reported Hamas leaders would release one hostage for every three Palestinians that Israel releases from its prisons.  Hamas, so  that means that Israel essentially has to have three times the amount of  hostages slash prisoners.  Hamas, which governs Gaza, took about 240 hostages from Israel during its terror attack on October 7th when it invaded Israel and killed approximately 1, 200 people, mostly civilians. The terror group said at the time that it took enough hostages, which included Israelis, Americans, and other foreign nationals, to free all Palestinians in Israel.  Interesting. So you'll see the first hostages come. out over the course of Thursday.  Netanyahu met with his war council Tuesday afternoon, then the security council, and then this full cabinet before the agreement was announced. Ahead of the meetings, he said he hoped there would be good news. Earlier Tuesday, Hamas leader Ismail Hanaya and Mark Rijev, the senior advisor to Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, openly said a deal was closed. The deal being, hey, we'll stop for three or four days and we'll, you know, exchange hostages. You know, for every one that you give us, we'll give you three.  Um, okay, so not exactly what I was thinking. So not a long term, this is not a long term ceasefire. This is just a ceasefire for three or four, potentially five days where they release their hostages together. And then Israel will go back to  leveling the city of Gaza, apparently.  Uh...  Yeah, that's what it seems like. Okay,  not exactly what I was thinking, but as you guys know, when things pop up and we have breaking news, you'll get it while we're here. Um, so again, this was Israel and Hamas agreed to a temporary ceasefire hostage release deal, including freeing three Americans. Now, the original headline of this made it seem like it was more of a longstanding agreement, which obviously it's not.  So  let's  move on to our next topic, which is that the Michigan Capitol is going to enforce gun bans with artificial intelligence.  There's a software that has been created that allows them to using video surveillance footage in real time to identify threats.  And by threats, they mean anybody who's potentially carrying a weapon, whether it be lawful or unlawful.  So let's read this article. It comes from, uh,  bridgemi. com. And the article says, Michigan capital to enforce a gun ban with artificial intelligence. Now, to me, this signifies some dystopian stuff, right? What my concern around this would be is now that this has...  Been created. You can't put it back in the box, right? You've opened the box. Now, there is a software that will allow them to identify people who have weapons on them, whether it be lawfully or unlawfully because it is our right to carry and bear arms.  It is our right to conceal weapons. It is our right to open carry weapons where the laws allow.  So now. You can be punished for that. You can be approached by police and you can have this technology that will be implemented  in God knows what way, right? We don't know how this is going to be used for sure.  How do you make sure that this isn't going to be used to, I don't know, stop people from  defending property or defending life at rallies when they're allowed to open carry right in walks Kyle Rittenhouse  to me, it's like, this isn't the issue that I have is not.  Making sure that we're more safe in our capital buildings. It's is what is the actual use case for this going to be right? when you're talking about Smart cities and things like that and the totalitarian surveillance in Michigan itself just put up 400 400 cameras on one highway alone 400 cameras, Michigan just put up to surveil its own citizens in the name of stopping violent crime. How does 400 cameras on a highway stop violent crime? That's not what it's for. It's to surveil the general public. If you think that that data just stops and they're scrubbing through hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands of millions of cars flying by every single day, To look for one, two, three, four people. No, there's no return on investment there, right? They want to surveil people. They want to know where you're going, how you're getting there. I challenge you to drive down the highway right now, drive five miles in any city without seeing a camera up in the sky watching you drive.  It  infuriates me. It's so frustrating that you can't even drive your car on a road that they built with your tax dollars without daddy government Big big brother sitting there watching you tracking your license plate  This says authorities in the michigan state capitol are beginning to use artificial intelligence to detect any Firearms in a bid to increase security amid a growing national wave of political threats and violence Show me a recent violent gum crime at the Capitol and what justifies utilizing this software. In fact, why don't we use this software at school zones? Why don't we put this software outside of every single school in America? Instead of funding Israel's  war, instead of funding Ukraine's war, why don't we take this software and actually use it for some implementation that people want? Because the implementation  that people want is not going to Capitol buildings that already have security. Arm security at that. Why not put it into school zones? Why not put a video camera on outside of every single school that identifies threats that way? I'm cool with that because you shouldn't be open carrying by a school anyways.  Company officials at the Zero Eyes firm announced the deployment Monday, saying Michigan is the first state capital in the nation to use its gun detection technology, which has also been implemented last year at Oxford High School in the wake of the mass shooting. Thank you.  The system, which also analyzes footage from existing video cameras to identify brandished or otherwise drawn firearms, represents the latest in a series of escalating security measures at the Michigan capital following armed protests in 2020.  I'm sure you'll be fine.  The Michigan Capitol Commission earlier this year approved installation of metal detectors inside the building and implemented a full indoor gun ban. Except for lawmakers with a concealed weapons permit. Except for lawmakers with a concealed weapons permit. So the lawmakers get to protect themselves, but not the citizens who are there, right? Interesting.  Um, commissioners last month unanimously approved the, the lease with zero wise, a Pennsylvania based firm, which expected to cost about $3,000 a month. The money will come from existing security funding. First proposed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who is the subject of a kidnapping plot by the FBI,  by the FBI orchestrated by the men who also discussed storming the capitol. You mean the FBI agents?  And also the people, I'm pretty sure they got released because it was entrapment. It's just another layer of protection, Rob Blackshaw said, an executive director of the State Capitol Commission. Our latest goal, as we've said from day one, is to decrease any potential of a mass shooting and increase our level of safety for the people who work here and visit here. The artificial intelligence system will tap into existing surveillance video at the Capitol, including inside the building and outside grounds when openly carried firearms are still allowed. Where openly carried firearms are still allowed. So again...  If a gun is identified, images will be immediately reviewed by trained specialists at Zero Eyes, including military and law enforcement veterans, the company said on Monday. If those specialists confirm a threat, they'll send alerts and other actionable intelligence to Capitol Police in a matter of seconds, according to the firm.  Hmm.  So how do you identify a threat for somebody who's not a threat? Do they wear a red jersey? Do they, you know?  Anyways, here's the video by Zero Eye, so you can see what this technology is all.  About.  And we'll go ahead and watch it  together.  ZeroEyes is a team of former Navy SEALs and military special operations veterans teamed up with elite technologists with a mission to save lives.  We use your existing video cameras coupled with our artificial intelligence gun detection  to prevent threats rather than react to them. There is no better purpose right now and no more difficult problem to solve than mass shootings. We go over the existing security cameras at a building, so on the interior and exterior, at entrances, exits, choke points, bottlenecks, inside the hallways.  So when a shooter walks up and they take out a weapon,  zero eye system will pick that weapon up.  And our military trained operation experts verify every detection before sending out alerts to local staff,  security.  And the local 911 center to get the alert to first responders.  It takes about three seconds from the time a gun enters the frame of a camera to the time an alert is sent.  So now they know what the shooter looks like.  What type of weapon they have. We have an armed subject in the southwest vault.  How many there are. And what was our last known location?  First responders on scene have access to this information before shots are fired.  That will allow them to go directly to the shooter and prevent more violence from occurring.  Drop your weapon now! Drop the gun! Drop the gun! So we can really decrease response times and save lives. Turn around!  So we're going to stop threats at first sight, not first shot. Mass shootings are devastating.  Current alternatives are reactive. We need a proactive solution that mitigates gun violence, provides actionable intelligence, reduces response time, ultimately saving lives, while at the same time respecting our privacy and rights. ZeroEyes is that solution.  Save time,  save lives.  Interesting. So, I don't disagree with the premise of the application when it's in the context of school environments.  But literally probably only school environments. It just doesn't seem to me that there should be any other use case for this other than schools, because when you put it in the context of government and organizations, and what the potential is for this software to be leveraged nationwide when you have  Basically, a surveillance camera on every single corner now within three seconds of anybody ever having a weapon that they are legally hold according to our Second Amendment rights, they can be identified and immediately, immediately have authorities contacted for no other reason than lawfully carrying a firearm.  Right. And like I said, you have  Michigan putting out 400 cameras just on their highways alone with your tax dollars to surveil you. And for 3, 000 a month. They, too, can make sure that you're not actually leveraging your rights as an American citizen.  So, you know, when we talk about a surveillance state, that's a terrifying application. And again, under the context of school shootings and this being leveraged within schools and the perimeter of schools, I don't have any problem with that. I think it's a great idea. I like the idea of proactive identification of threats.  It doesn't end there.  It won't end there.  And that's where I have a problem with it.  All right. So that seems to me like, you know, again, I don't think that there's any way to remedy that the cat's out of the bag. And obviously there's going to be military applications for this and, and government applications for this, but I don't think that we have to allow it, right. We can push back against our tax dollars being used for these things. As long as the application is not being used in a way that is, uh, you know, useful to the people. And useful to the people, to me,  does not mean  the Capitol building. It doesn't, because they already have armed security there. And we as, as the people in the United States of America have a right to carry firearms.  Now, if this was communist China, just imagine the applications of this in communist China.  And that, my friends, is coming to a city near you in the very near future, right? Oh, you, you actually can identify a,  a, uh, concealed weapon, right? Down the road. Maybe they can see people printing on the side of their waistband. Uh, and now all of a sudden it bumps your... Your social credit score, right? Like where where does this end and this is obviously just just the beginning So that that's more so the the terrifying applications of this  All right moving on the next thing that we're going to discuss here is going to be that the u. s army asked the troops who they Fired who they gave dishonorable discharges to just, just come back, right? The people that they got out of the military, right? The U S army kicked people out of the military for not having the vaccine for not getting the vaccine for not agreeing with an experimental drug being injected into their bodies now.  They're telling them to come back, come back. We won't even mandate that to you. And I think there's a bigger play at hand here. I don't think it's just as simple as them saying, Hey, we're missing recruiting numbers. I think it's bigger than that. Um, I actually think the, the app, the reason that they're doing this is to mitigate legal costs more than very likely.  Um,  so let's look at this together. This comes from the post millennial and it says the U. S. Army asked troops who left over COVID mandate to come back as war looms. Now, I don't know if that's the reason why. Um, I, again, I think this might be more of a legal play than anything, but the United States Army is inviting, because if you're in the army, you're not going to be able to sue the army, right? But there could be a large class action lawsuit against the institutions that mandated this as. Especially when it was the federal government,  the United States army is inviting service members to return to the branch who had been separated over the refusal of the COVID 19 vaccine. This comes as the US military struggles to, uh, to achieve targeted recruitment numbers due to years of woke political activism, which has reportedly turned off its primary recruitment base. And you see this, you see the, I think it was the  air force now doing special forces, uh, videos for recruitment where it's all white.  How dare you? How egregious! Could you imagine a military that was mostly occupied by  straight, white men who don't dress up as,  you know, women on their weekends to shake their ass for dollar bills at a gay bar? Like,  imagine the world.  Uh, the United States Army is inviting its service members to return to the branch who had been separated over the refusal of the COVID 19 vaccine. The Army issued a recent letter to former... Service members informing them that they can apply to return to service following the recession of the vaccine requirement.  The Army had enacted four separations for unvaccinated service members early last year and announced in early 2023 that they had rescinded the mandate for current service members and applicants.  The letter uploaded to X reads, Dear former service  member,  and I'll read it here verbatim for you. Dear former service member, we write to notify you of new army guidance surrounding the correction of military records for former members of the army following recession of the COVID 19 vaccination requirement. As a result of the recession of all or the rescission of So let's try that again. We write to notify you of the new army guidance regarding the correction of military records of the former members of the army, following the rescission of the COVID 19 vaccination requirement. As a result of the rescission of all current COVID 19 vaccination requirements, former soldiers who were. involuntary separated for refusal to receive the COVID 19 vaccination may request a correction of their military records from either both or either or both of the Army Discharge Review Board or the Army Board for correction of military records. Individuals may request a correction to military personnel records including records regarding the characterization of a discharge by submitting a request to the ADB or the ADRB or the ABCMR online at  Uh, individuals who desire to apply to return to service should contact their local U. S. Army Reserves or Army Recruiter for more information. Individuals may locate an Army Recruiter by visiting that website. How about no? How about if you want to mandate upon my body a experimental experimental drug that we now know caused harm to me, that you did not have my best interest in mind. You had the best interest in mind of pharmaceutical companies. You had the best interest in mind of saving political face to half of the country who wanted to, you know, call on people to have separation of, of workforce and, and have people lose their jobs and lose their livelihood and not be able to even see their grandma in a hospital if they don't get vaccinated.  Right? Like we went so crazy during COVID  and now you see them walking everything back. Even the army walking back the ability now to join again now that they hit no recruiting numbers that they've had like the lowest recruiting numbers we've seen in a very long time. In one of the most highest tension times in American history.  So no,  you have to, you have to look at this and take a stand and say, this person, this entity, this thing did not, and obviously most people in the military know that the military does not immediately have their best interest in mind. Let's be very clear about that. Um, but,  and in this case, the only thing they had in mind was how do we, how do we  a make profits for the pharmaceutical companies, which is actually where vaccines became popularized to begin with. So we can, we can. touch on that fairly quickly, which is that the reason that vaccines became mandated even in schools was because  the, the, the penicillin manufacturers, which is where vaccines became very prevalent was penicillin shots during world war two penicillin because of world war two was used so often. And so the, the, the people who came up with the penicillin shot, and I believe if you go back and look, it's, it was Pfizer and I have a book back here.  called Code Blue. See if that knocks over my whole thing here. This book, Code Blue, is a tremendous read. It's inside America's medical industrial complex, and it goes back into the history. And I actually did a whole breakdown of this on the very first episode. That I did so go back and listen to the very, very first episode of the red pill revolution podcast, which you can just find in the feed that you're on right now, um, where it talks about this and why the penicillin became such a prevalent drug and why it was mandated in schools was specifically due to the fact that they had built so many industrialized or in so many industrial plants to build penicillin.  That they, I'll put this here for you guys, um, that they essentially needed to continue perpetuating that profitability. So, instead, they, instead of shutting down all their manufacturing plants for penicillin, they actually opened, or they actually started to spend their money on lobbying, uh, Washington to make it mandatory within schools that you now vaccinate your children.  And the reason they were doing this for, for soldiers was because people were coming back with like gangrene and all types of shit in World War II. And I went into the military, when I went into the military, we called it a peanut butter shop. One of the very first things that you get is a big needle shoved in your, your ass so that they can inject you with penicillin. For no reason at all, by the way. None of us were, well, maybe not none of us, but I wasn't sick when I went in. I didn't need penicillin, but they just give it to you because you're cattle. That's all you are to them is cattle. So  when you talk about what, what they, what happened here, you realize that it was far more about. appeasing the pharmaceutical complexes that probably lobbied to make it mandatory within the military than it was about, you know, and, and who that helped at the very top of the military that makes these decisions, right? There's lobbying in that aspect too. Um, so I find it comical. Absolutely not. You showed your hand and we will not be a part of it. No matter how many cool badass Advertisements you put out showing straight white men  you showed your hand and now you just you don't get the support  And that was obviously a mistake. All right, and that leads us to one of our bigger discussion points today, which is a Historical Historical  blunder by one of the most successful companies of all time, which almost overnight collapsed an entire An entire industry essentially  and we'll get to that right after this which is the fact that you haven't subscribed yet You haven't left a review because I see you. I know I look every week to see who did what and I know Maybe  it seems like you didn't leave a review. Not last week. Not this week. Not yet So what I'm asking you right now is stop what you're doing unless you're driving and then you know pull over There's there's somewhere you could there's a gas station right there. There's a McDonald's. Maybe there's a rest stop pull over right now Be safe. Don't do it while you're driving go to Apple podcasts. Go to Spotify hit the Five star review button. If you're on Apple podcasts, go ahead and leave a note. That's actually means way more than it does to just hit the five star review button, leave a review, say something nice, what you like about the podcast. I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. All right,  so let's get into this open AI essentially almost collapsed overnight after the board fired Sam Altman. Now, if you don't know the back back. Story of Sam Altman. Sam Altman is the front face of Silicon Valley. He has been for a very long time. He was the head of Y Combinator, which is a startup incubator in, uh, in Silicon Valley. And  For a very long time. He was not very well known outside of Silicon Valley until more recently with open AI He just he exploded in his celebrity and he was just most recently which makes me have some questions about this More recently is the fact that Sam Altman was on both Joe Rogan And Lex Friedman, not two weeks before this whole thing happened. So he gets one of the biggest celebrity moments and pushes of his face and his name just two weeks before he gets fired by the board. And what is the worst decision making ever by any company literally ever. As shown by the fact that  725 people, the last time I looked, signed a letter saying that if they don't reinstate him and fire the entirety of the board that made this decision,  all 725 employees will go over to the same company that offered Sam Altman a position as the CEO of a new venture with an AI company. Which is Microsoft,  and we'll read about that in just a second.  So, essentially, let's, let's go ahead and let's dive into this article together. And I'll give you the very first thing, which is that OpenAI came out with this letter, directly on their website as a blog post. And it reads,  Not what I wanted. And it reads,  Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati, appointed Interim CEO to lead OpenAI. Sam Altman departs the company. Search process underway to identify permanent success for.  The Board of Directors of OpenAI, that acts as the overall governing body for all OpenAI activities, today announced that Sam Altman will be departed as CEO and leave the Board of Directors. Mira Murati and the company's Chief Technology Officer will receive or will serve as Interim CEO, effective immediately.  A member of OpenAI's leadership team for five years, Mira has played a critical role  in OpenAI's evolution into a greater AI leader. She brings a unique skill set, understanding of the true company values, operations, and business leaders, and already have leads the company's research product and safety functions. Um, okay. Who cares about that? Mr. Altman's departure follows a deliberative review process by the board, which concluded that he has not been consistently  candid with his communications with the board, hindering its ability to exercise its responsibilities. So the reason that they state, which is so obscure and vague, and nobody seems to actually know the reason, and they won't come out with it, even after being threatened by all sorts of people within OpenAI, including the letter, uh, Mr. Altman's departure follows a deliberative Review process by the board, which concluded that he was not consistently candid in his communications with the board. So because he wasn't candid with us, we're going to fire him.  Okay. Probably the worst decision ever. The board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue leading open AI. In a statement, the board of directors said open AI was deliberately structured to advance our mission, to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. The board remains fully committed to serving this mission. We are all grateful for Sam's many contributions to the founding and growth of OpenAI. At the same time, we believe new leadership is necessar

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    Fistfights to Frontlines: Senator Fistfight, Musk's War on ”Woke Mind Virus” & Changing Tides in Israel vs Hamas

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2023 103:59

    Join us on today's riveting episode of 'The Adams Archive,' where host Austin Adams delves into a medley of current, hard-hitting topics. We begin with an extraordinary event in the political arena: Senator MarkWayne Mullins' open challenge to fist fight a Teamster boss during a Senate hearing. Austin provides a unique analysis of this rare display of raw emotion in politics, examining the intricate backstory of these two figures and the implications of their confrontation. Shifting gears, we explore Elon Musk's bold stance against the 'woke mind virus.' Austin breaks down Musk's recent comments and actions, discussing their broader impact on cultural and corporate landscapes. This segment promises to provide an insightful look into the intersection of technology, culture, and free speech. The episode then navigates the complexities of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Austin offers a nuanced perspective on the recent developments in this longstanding geopolitical struggle. Listen in as he dissects the intricacies of this conflict, including the global reactions and the profound consequences on regional stability. In addition to these thought-provoking discussions, Austin will share his personal experience of being confronted and harassed for his views, offering a candid reflection on the current state of public discourse. Don't miss this episode packed with deep dives into politics, technology, and international affairs. Subscribe now, leave a five-star review, and join Austin Adams on this journey through some of today's most pressing issues in 'The Adams Archive.' All the links: Substack: ----more---- Full Transcription  Adam's Archive.   Hello, you beautiful people, and welcome to the Adam's Archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we have a lot to catch up on. There's been some wild stuff that's happened over the last week and a half or two weeks since our previous episode, and I'll catch you up on... All of it, at least all of it that I'm interested in. And the very first thing I'm interested in this week is going to be that there was a Senator, Senator Mark Wayne Mullins, who actually challenged a Teamster boss to a fist fight on a Senate hearing of the Senate floor during a hearing. Um, and personally, I think this should probably happen more often as it did.  A long time ago. Uh, so we'll dive into what actually happened in that exchange. The bad blood between this Senator and the Teamster boss, as well as diving into Markway Mullins previous history. Cause this man was actually a MMA fighter. Uh, so probably not the guy that.  You would want to mess with if you were some fat, bald, uh, bald old dude like this Teamster boss was. Uh, so, my money is on Senator Mullins. That's all I gotta say. So we'll dive into that. We'll actually break down some of his MMA fights, um, and dive deeper into the bad blood because it goes back months and months ago where this exchange originally happened that got brought to The Senate floor just a couple days ago,  after we address that, we will also jump into the next topic, which is going to be that there is a overwhelming well, and I guess, yeah, the next article after that, we'll have a few small quick ones. First of all, apparently some people think that white people that are generated by AI look more real than photographs. Uh, so there was a, basically this, um,  statistical study that showed that if people were generated, like if there was images generated by AI and they were white, according to white people, it was harder to decide who was real and who was AI. Which is interesting. So we'll talk about that and how they tried to spin this into somehow AI is now racist, I guess? Hmm. Anyways,  after that, we will dive into another article, which is all about, uh, the majority of Americans taking notice in the rise of tipflation across industries.  And it's all about when you go to every single place ever now, whether they give you service or not, or you're just. paying for gas. It seems like everybody's asking you for a tip, asking you for a handout. I don't think that's how this works. And it drives me nuts. So we'll talk about that. After that, we will go into the police arresting the ex  arresting the  hockey player. I believe this was in the  ECHL, not the East Coast Hockey League, but the European League, I believe we talked about it in the last podcast, but they actually arrested the guy who ended up having his Gate hit the guy's throat and ended up in the death of Adam Johnson.  So we will discuss that, and I still hold true to my thoughts on that. So, uh, I, I don't believe that that was rightful for them to do So. Uh, there was a California team who was suspended from school for wearing, uh, the black, uh, paint on his face during a football game, which everybody all knows what I'm talking about, right under your eyes.  was suspended from school for wearing that because the principal says he was wearing blackface.  After that, we will dive into some of the conversation that was had between Elon Musk and Lex Friedman, including his thoughts on the Israel and Hamas war, leading us into a conversation about a poll that was done around people's support or lack thereof of what is happening by Israel. Then we'll jump into a discussion of, uh, between Theo Vaughn and Dana White. So all of that and more. And at the very end, I have a little interesting tidbit about, uh, the interstellar movie that I thought was interesting. Let's jump into it. But first, go ahead and hit that subscribe button, leave a five star review. I appreciate you being here from the bottom of my heart. I love, love, love doing this for you guys. And I don't ask for much. I don't even give you advertisements.  I'm making nothing off of this conversation right now other than the joy of knowing that you're about to hit that subscribe button. You're about to leave a five star review. And I'll even tell you a story about how I was chased down, harassed after being noticed by some liberal in a bar recently last night, to be exact.  And we'll talk about that. So,  uh, all of that more hit the five star review button, subscribe. That's all I got. And let's jump into it.  The Adams archive.  All right. So the very first thing that we're going to talk about today is that there was a senator who challenged a teamster boss to a fist fight on the Senate floor, only to be stopped by the one and only Bernie Sanders, who would have thought that that man would be the voice of reason,  but let's go ahead and watch this clip. And then I will give my opinion on what happened because.  You probably know my stance. I think they should have thought it out.  First for you here, here is the article. Let's go ahead or the video actually. Let's go ahead and take a look and watch this. Clip together. Um,  and here we  go. So actually I'll read you a little bit about the article because Bernie Sanders is going off here in the background, but it says that a Congress, a congressional hearing devolved into an angry confrontation between Senator and a witness on Tuesday after Republican Senator Markway Mullen of Oklahoma challenged Sean O'Brien, the president of the international brotherhood of Teamsters, otherwise known as unionized mob boss. Uh, To stand your butt up and settle ongoing differences right there  in the room.  Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, uh, the chairman of the Senate panel that was holding the hearing yielded at Mullen to sit down as he challenged O'Brien to a fight. Mullen had stood up from his seat at the dais and appeared to start taking his ring off.  Might be a good move to leave it on, actually, I'm, you know, cut him up a little bit. This is the time, this is the place, Moen told O'Brien, after reading a series of critical tweets O'Brien had sent out about him in the past. If you want to run your mouth, we can be two consenting adults and we can finish it right here.  And here is...  Video for you.  It's quite different, but after you left here, you got pretty excited about the keyboard. In fact, you  tweeted at me  one, two,  three, four.  Five times. And let me read what the last one said. Um, it said, greedy CEO who pretends like he's self made.  Sir, I wish you was in the truck with me when I was building my plumbing company myself and my wife was running the office because I sure remember working pretty hard and long hours.  Pretends like he's self made. What a clown. Fraud. Always has been, always will be.  Quit the tough guy act and these Senate hearings. You know where to find me. Anyplace, anytime, cowboy.  Sir this is a time, this is a place. If you want to run your mouth, we can be two consenting adults, we can finish it here. Okay, that's fine. Perfect. You want to do it now? I'd love to do it right now. Well, stand your butt up then. You stand your butt up. Oh, hold on. Oh, stop it. Is that your solution every poll? No, no, sit down. You  know, you're a United States Senator. Actively. Okay, sit down, please. All right. Can I respond? Hold it. Hold it.  If we can't, no, I have the mic. I'm sorry. This is what he said. You'll have your time. Okay. Can I respond? Oh, no, you can't.  This is a hearing,  and God knows the American people have enough of contempt for Congress. Let's not make it worse. I don't like thugs and bullies. I don't like you, because you just described yourself.  Hold it.  You have the mic. You have time. Make your statement. And let's do this, because I did challenge you, and I accepted your challenge.  And you went quiet. No, I didn't go quiet. was... No, hold on. You challenged me to a cage match acting like a 12 year old schoolyard bully. Hold it. Hold it. No, excuse me. I will say, I will say exactly what you said. Senator Mullen, I have the mic.  You have questions on any economic issues, anything that's said, go for it. We're not here to talk about physical abuse. You brought him here. We're not talking about... Of course I did. And let me tell you, let me show you his hearing, because I want to, I want to expose this thug. To who he is and you're not pointing me. That's disrespectful. All right. I don't care about respecting you at all. I don't respect you at all So hold it. Hold it. No  You don't want to hold it the most all day. Please act it please. All right  This is a excuse me. Mm hmm. This is a hearing to discuss Economic issues. All right, if you have questions for mr. O'Brien or anybody else on what  He has said, go for it, but we're not here to talk about fights or anything else. I'm quoting exactly what he said and say what you want. This is, this is your, this is your witness. You brought it. Let me, I'm, I'm exposing him. You can talk anything you want. So in 2013,  in 2013, O'Brien was suspended by the Teamsters for intimidating your own members. In 2014,  uh, you were, um. Uh,  part of, what would you say, organizing the harassment and intimidation of the top shelf crew? Chef, not chef.  Oh, top, oh, top, top chef, okay. And then, uh, and I think in the reports it says sexual racist and homophobic slurs and death threats. Fourteen tires were sliced and five teamsters were arrested and you said, well, I had nothing to do with it. But however, in that same statement, you said, but if I get called to test file, plead the fifth. This is, this is what, this is a witness you brought in here.  In 2017, you were removed as lead negotiator by then president Hoffa for UPS for your actions. And then in 22, when this guy was elected, what he said after he got elected was he wanted to bring the mob mentality back to the teamsters. This is your guy. And you're obviously going to give him a chance to respond to your questions. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Because this is my question. Because you called me out. I didn't call you out. You said any time, any place. That's that. Let's get the record straight. Miss, hold it. No, hold on. Senator Mullen. Do you have a question for the witness? Yeah. Okay, let's let's hear it. And there  you go. Absolutely hilarious  that that's what just went on. But honestly, I like it. I think that, I think that we should probably have more fist fights in the Senate. Just like, If you go back 100 years, 150 years ago, senators were literally dueling in the streets, killing each other. Go back and look at Andrew Jackson. How many duels did that man win? How many fistfights did he get in for arguing about politics, which is should be passionate like that, right? So if this mobs boss, this teamster boss wants to run his mouth on Twitter, and then all of a sudden hide behind Bernie Sanders, when this guy actually wants to do something about it face to face,  that's what we call a coward, right? You want to run your mouth until you're face to face with somebody. Maybe just don't run your mouth. Right? If you're not the big, tough guy that you think you are, maybe don't say anything to somebody who you know nothing about because what it turned out is that this man  was actually an ex MMA fighter. And you're really not an ex MMA fighter, you know, to me is like, you still can fight. Maybe you don't actively engage because the guy's probably like 45, 50, maybe, but he's an MMA fighter, right? You see a little bit collier on this end of there. Right? So, I think this is awesome. I think there should be more fistfights in Senate. I think that the reason that it's shaped like a circle is for everybody to watch as two Senators fistfight or a Senator and a Teamster mob boss who are talking shit on Twitter get together face to face and actually do something about it. Because imagine how much shit would be, how much less shit would be talked on Twitter if you had more people Like Senator Mullins out there willing to actually confront people when they're seeing them face to face.  So speaking of, I'll take a little sidetrack here. Speaking of seeing people face to face, I was at last night, I was at a, uh, business, uh, networking event. Um, I, I do have a life outside of this podcast guys. I do have a family and children to feed. So I do, I am in a professional environment and. In that professional environment, I have to go out and speak to people and promote my business and, uh, build the business and have connections with other people. Now I don't talk about my business very much here because I don't see much of a need to yet. But  in this case, I was walking around doing some networking at a nice bar, had a beer in my hand, and all of a sudden I have this guy out of nowhere go, Austin Adams, the far right. Podcaster didn't expect to see you here. Why are you here, Austin? This is a blue state. You don't belong here. You hate gay people. You hate transgenders. You, you don't agree with this and that, and just. heart straight up harassing me loudly belligerently drunk man who could barely string a sentence together, uh, let alone formulate a proper argument to back up his criticisms of my alleged positions, which he seemed to have wrong more than right, but he also seemed to have followed my stuff for a fairly long time, which is really interesting. Um, if you ever see me out and about, come say hi, uh, I'll shake your hand. I'd love to talk to people. I've had several, several, several people come up to me and notice me just walking around, whether it's an event or, you know, I had somebody come up to me and I talked to for a long time at Jordan Peterson. You know, it's, there's, there's some, I love interacting with you guys. So  if you want to get belligerent and you don't like me, that's fine too. Cause Guess what, bitch? Just like Senator Mullins, I ain't scared. Come up and say hi. Tell me what you disagree with. I'd love to have a conversation with you. So anyways, this guy comes up to me belligerently drunk, starts yelling across this bar at a nice, nice bar  at a nice,  well put together networking event. And, uh, And so this guy follows me around the bar because I just go are you here for business or are you here for politics? I'm confused and Just just tried to walk away from the guy and he follows me follows me follows me and start keeps Yelling belligerent shit at me And so finally I set my beer down and I just turn and face him because this guy wasn't going anywhere and I obviously wasn't in any physical danger with this belligerent  out of shape older man  So, I put my beard down, and I faced the guy, and I go, Okay, what do you want to talk about, man? What is it? What is it? What am I, what do you think about my positions, since you know them so well? First of all, he starts off with the fact that I hate gay people, and don't think gay people should get married. I don't agree with gay marriage. Which...  It is not my opinion. I think gay people should be able to do whatever they want. I think they should get married. I think that the marriage that we have today is essentially a tax write off. And they should be able to have just as much of a tax write off depending on their sexual orientation as anybody else. And honestly, the gays are the homies now.  You have the trans agenda that I think everybody, whether you're straight or gay, can agree with is the problem, not sexuality, right? And this is, you know,  you look at the,  uh, you go into animalistic, uh, Parallels, right? Animal kingdoms. And you look at, okay, there's absolutely, uh, homosexual tendencies within the animal kingdom. But I don't think you see anywhere a hippopotamus throwing on a tutu and putting lipstick on its face and calling itself a rhino.  I don't think that's directly comparable. Um, but essentially that's what it's doing, right? Um,  So, you know, to me, the, the, the gay agenda, the gay whatever, I don't care. Do what you want to do. I totally think that you should have every right that straight people have. I don't think there should be any, I don't know, I think basically, literally, everybody agrees with that, unless you're a super evangelical, you know. Very, very right conservative. Hyper old school conservative. I think basically everybody agrees that gay people should be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want, as long as it's not shoving your education about sexual tendencies down my child's throat in school, which you haven't done at all, so nobody's saying shit about that.  Then he goes into about the trans agenda. Right, he starts talking about, oh, you hate trans people, and again, how many times will I say this? I don't hate trans people. I, in fact, think there's probably a certain portion of trans people that I'm empathetic to. I think it's an obvious mental illness that I couldn't imagine dealing with, where you feel stuck in this body that isn't yours. And, and, Again, I think that's maybe a 30, 20 percent of, it probably gets smaller and smaller percentages the day, that actually have legitimate gender dysphoria, where they live in the wrong body according to them. And I can't imagine being stuck in that frame of mind. And I'm sure it's mental torture every day to wake up thinking that you should be this when you're that. I'm empathetic to that.  But I also think that they're being taken advantage of for medical pharmaceutical profits. I also think that, you know, we talk about the 20 percent of actually having gender dysphoria. I think there's about 80, 70, I don't know. I'm throwing fucking numbers out there for you guys. But I do think there's a, there's a larger percentage than not that is doing it for attention. That is doing it because That's the new thing. It makes them important. It gives them a reason to wake up every day and be better than you. That, that makes them feel special on the inside.  And that I have no empathy for you. I, I, I, I don't hate you. I don't have a reason to hate you, but I don't have empathy for you. And I, and then I think there's a smaller subsection of that. That's looking, both looking for attention and then also trying to peddle a pedophilia. Uh, agenda down the throat of children, which is, you know, maybe it's not the majority of that percentage, but who knows, you know, but we see it consistently every day. You see a new thing come out about that. So yeah, those are the people I don't like is the people who think that you should shove the trans agenda, hyper sexualization of children down the throats of, of young children  at a very early age. At really any age, you shouldn't talk to my child about sexual orientation, or gender binary, or this or that, or how to give a blowjob, at all. Because guess what? That makes you a pedophile creep.  And I don't like pedophile creeps. Whether you think you're a boy and you're a girl, or you think that you're a rhinoceros when you're a hippopotamus. I, I just, that's where I stand on the trans agenda, so let's be very clear on that.  And then next he gets into, you know, uh, all these other things that he just assumes my position on and I've said this before, I, I'm much more, more, uh, when it comes to political affiliation, probably more on the side of libertarian than I am on the side of, you know, extreme conservatism. And I think that the government is essentially bad at almost everything that it does. And the more that you give the government, the more that they're going to want to take and that. Most of the government shouldn't exist. That's my position. Um,  but with that comes not intervening in people's lives, including gay people, including, you know,  I just don't think the government should have their hand in things that aren't about  eliminating the golden, or, you know, uh, people from trespassing on other people's body and property. That's essentially where I stand. I, you know, everything else is inflated. There should be some social programs for people who are disabled. There should be some social programs for people who make a lower income, um, who are intellectually incapable of earning a better living. I think there's some of that to be had. Uh, but I don't think that the government is essentially very good at anything that it's ever done, almost ever as a whole. And I think it's comprised of traditionally. And and historically corrupt individuals who are very bad at what they do and only align their positions with where the money That funded them came from  so it's a flawed  system to begin with  so that doesn't really put me on the side of Extreme far right, you know like it's just not where I land and if you think that you'd probably just don't listen enough And you know if you think that are you know? And then this is the thing too because we've seen my opposing opinion several times irk people who think I am And this or I am that  And it's like, I am me. I have my own opinions on basically every topic. I don't align with a political affiliation in the way that I view most things as non political. I don't think trans is a political issue. It doesn't have to do with the government or politics. It's a social issue, and it's, it's a dangerous one, and it's a part of this woke mind virus that we'll listen to Elon Musk talk about in a little bit, and I don't think that's a political affiliation to have a problem with the, the, the mind virus that is Woke ideology, which is permeating across the entire consciousness of American culture, which is killing the once great nation that we were.  That's where I stand on that. So anyways, this guy follows me around and all of a sudden, you know, I'm, I'm, you know, not being hyper aggressive back and I just ask him, are you here for business or are you here for politics? Do you actually know my positions or are you assuming? Because I think... You're wrong on this. I don't think that. I do think this. I, I, you know, something that we talked about abortion and I said, yeah, absolutely. I don't think that the government, I think the government should because he, I said, I'm more libertarian than I am  traditional conservative and he goes, Oh, well, then you must think that, uh, you know, you probably voted this on that about abortion. And, uh, you know, I said, I think that the government should have a place in stopping the ending of human life. And I do believe that a baby in the womb is a baby and is of value and shouldn't be murdered senselessly for your own, statistically speaking, comfort. Or, uh,  lack of maturity.  Again, that's my position. So anyways, that was my, and by the end of this conversation, this drunk man standing next to me, thinking he was gonna come, I don't know what he was thinking he was gonna do, um,  demeaned me personally for having opinions and sharing them and people finding value in them.  Eventually was like, you know what? I actually kind of like you. I'm sorry that I came up to you and did this and that and you seem like a nice guy and you know,  Maybe you'll find that too if you come up to me whether you like me or not But always come up and say hi. I would love to talk to you guys if you ever see me out and about but anyways,  the next part of this topic on Senator  is that,  uh, this feud goes back several months. So let's see if we can find the video here because, um, this feud goes back all the way to, uh, a time where the original contact that they had together. And give me a second. Cause I'm, uh, delaying this because my  connection with my other screen wasn't working properly. Um, there we go. So. The the what essentially happened four months prior to this. There's a there was a video that came out But after this in engagement, so let's watch this one first and then we'll go back to that after this engagement the news crew Caught up to him and had some questions for him in which they asked him about this Engagement and what his thoughts were on it. So let's go ahead and take a look At this,  here's the video.  Well, you should probably ask him that. I mean, he's the one that kept tweeting at us. Uh, we didn't respond until the fifth tweet. And when he said, any place or any time, any place, and you know where to find me, cowboy, I thought, well, this is the time, this is the place, and you don't do that in Oklahoma. You don't run your mouth unless you're gonna answer the call. Well, that might be the question. Was that the place? Was the Senate hearing the right place to challenge someone to a physical confrontation? Well, I'd already challenged him to September 30th. He could have done it then for charity. Um, I said April. They're the, the, um... What's it called? The smoking guns charity for the firefighters and police force. We could have done it then. I've been happy to, but he said, stand up. And so I stood up. Yeah. But what about, I mean, just the idea that fighting as a way to solve a problem, is that  kind of, are you concerned the way the conversation is happening here on Capitol Hill? People's been fighting for a long time. I canings. It was legal to do duels. Um, if you have a difference, you have a difference. I didn't start it. I didn't tweet at him. I didn't go after him. I have no beef with a guy. I mean,  I don't even know the last time I've gotten a street fight. I used to get paid to fight. I'm not, I'm not looking. What do I have? What victory is it for me to beat up O'Brien? That would be a shock, right? Uh, but he said it and I just simply responded. If he wants to call it off and we just go have a cup of coffee, fine. Let's go have a cup of coffee. I have no hard feelings. It's not personal to me. He just challenged me, and I accepted the challenge. Do you regret it? Regret this moment at all? You should probably ask him. I mean, he's the one that said it. I don't regret asking him. You know, he said any time, any place, so. And has leadership talked to you at all about this? No. No, not at all. Have you done any outreach to him at all, or has he reached out to you? O'Brien, meaning, reached out to you afterwards. No, no, no. You know, I ended it and said, if you want to end it here, that's fine. If you want to sit down and have a cup of coffee, I'll sit down and have a cup of coffee. It's not personal, you guys. This is not personal. Nothing personal. It's just he made the challenge, and I accepted it. It's just that simple. What about just the general tension right now on Capitol Hill? Do you feel as though things are, there's more angst than there has been at other times? And is it preventing you from getting things done? I don't, you know, I can only speak for my time here, right? Uh, ever since I've been here, there's always been a little bit of tension. This is a total separate issue. You know, this doesn't have to do with that. This has nothing to do with policy. This doesn't have to do with politics. This had to do with a guy calling me out and I simply responded to it. Uh, that, that's, so I don't think the two are really  comparable. This has nothing to do with me against unions either. I have nothing against unions. I made that very clear at the end of the hearing. I have nothing against unions. A lot of good friends and family are, are union members. This has to do with just his thug mentality. I mean, look at his background, look at his history. The guy has a history of this constantly. Um, I mean, he was the one, after he got, became president, he was the one to bring back the mob mentality. What the heck is a mob mentality? And then you're gonna bring that mob mentality to me? Okay, well... You can't run your mouth against me. I'm just not that guy. If you want to run your mouth, then we can settle it a different way.  Literally, if you were to run your mouth to anybody in politics at all, this was the wrong guy to run your mouth to a former pro MMA fighter and Oklahoma state wrestler. Like. Literally the worst person you could have thrown a dart at the board and probably fought 90 percent of these old hacks sitting in on Capitol Hill, but you picked the absolute wrong Motherfucker to pick the only guy who is an ex professional MMA fighter  So what I want to do next is just watch a little bit of his one of his MMA fights because there actually is a couple of them that is up on, uh, that is up on YouTube that I found. So let's go ahead and I will pull this up for you.  But man, I totally agree. Bring it back. Bring back duels. I don't care if you really want to be tough. I'm pretty sure there would be no Democrats left if there was still duels or fistfights in politics.  They would probably just all be dead.  Um, but let's go ahead and see if we can pull this up again. Um,  And get this MMA fight pulled up for you because, um, I'm sure, uh, if he's from Oklahoma and he wrestled, I'm sure he's, uh, not, not a bad MMA fighter. Um, so here we  go.  Maybe not.  Here it is.  Director Rick.  I now recognize, uh, Mr. Pflueger, the gentleman from Texas and the chair. Is that what we're looking for?  There was an MMA fight posted from one of his...  Here we go from, uh, March, may,  and it's only three  minutes long.  Your fight Psych com trading cards  get noticed with these high quality, full color trading cars.  So let's see if we can get the order your background today and get noticed some of the moments here. These  high quality.  Notice.  Somebody just went for a takedown, bad shot, and immediately to the UTI. Oh my god.  Problems holding against him. He's a little bit too long. He looks like he's about to give up. Um, which is just not a good thing. He's a rapper. He's got a bad side of his shoulder. You know, he's a rapper. He's got a bad wrist. He's a rapper. You know, he can actually create a terrible spine fracture on his shoulders. Um, it gets on top of that. It gets on top of that. Um, Okay, I'm not sure which one's which, I guess it's supposed to be. I'm going to have to go back to the, uh, organization to figure out who. But I would assume the guy on top is probably the one on top. So keep, safe to assume. Uh,  they're up against the cage.  And,  looks like he's about to take his back. Oh no, he's in full mount.  And...  Still looking for what looks like that.  Kimura.  Transitions.  As the guy tries to get up to his back a little bit.  Arms stuck behind his hip. Flattens him out. Has his back. Has his arm trapped. You're pretty much done there. Because you can't even defend with one hand.  And man, that would have just been so refreshing to watch a fist fight in Senate. Where. Uh, you know, a Republican Senator just  demolishes a shit talking mobster, and he's on full mount now, just raining down  haymakers on this dude's face. Guy gives his back up, transitions to the back,  and that's probably all she wrote right there, huh?  We're just dominating. Dominating.  And, that's you.  Has his hooks in.  Yeah, that's it. I'm gonna tap. Took his back. Rear naked choke. Few shots thrown.  Uh, not sure if we can get a verification that this is actually the right guy here, but, uh,  we'll assume so. Um, but it looked like it, you know, looked like his wrestling was, was pretty decent and, uh, has the same exact name, so we'll assume.  Alright, moving on. Outside of this.  Let's talk about some other stuff, which is not nearly as interesting or exciting as watching a senator beat up a mob boss on the Senate floor. Uh, but hey, there's not too much that you can do to,  uh, get that. Um, looks like Markway Mullins is really enjoying this guy's ground game. Uh,  yeah, a lot of people have been seeing that. Um...  Let's see, it looks like Mark Wayne Mullins is really enjoying this guy's groggy. Uh, the big question is, nine months after this fight, who is going to get custody of the baby? What? I'm so confused.  Um,  Interesting. So it was him who, it looks like,  uh,  Yeah, he, he was actually the loser here. So his wrestling didn't look all that good for coming out of Oklahoma. If somebody takes your back so easily and you don't really have much of an answer to it. Um, but anyways, I digress.  Either way, he's still beating the shit out of that teamster boss. Um, all right, the very next article that we're going to discuss here is going to be  that the  If you didn't know, AI is now racist, according to some news articles who claim so after,  uh, white people seem to be able to get more confused by pictures of people who are AI thinking they're real more than they think.  Real white people are real. And where this gets, uh, pretty funny is that this was white on white racism, not even, you know.  They're saying by definition, because white people are confused by other white people, that the language learning models, the, the, the AI algorithms,  are biased because they're being fed more white people photos and they are being fed other races. Um, so let's read this article. It comes from, uh, popular science and it says, as technology evolves,  AI generated images of human faces are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from real photos.  But our ability to separate the real from the artificial may come down to a personal biases, both our own as well as that of AI's underlying algorithms. According to a new study recently published in the Journal of Psychological Science, certain humans may misidentify AI generated white faces as real more often than they can accurately identify actual photos of Caucasians.  More specifically, it's white people who can't distinguish between real and AI generated white faces.  In a series of trials conducted by researchers collaborating across universities in Australia, the Netherlands, and the UK, 124 white adults were tasked with classifying a series of faces as artificial or real,  then rating their confidence for each decision on a 100 point scale. The team decided to match white participants with Caucasian images. examples in an attempt to mitigate potential own racial or race recognition bias, the tendency for racial and cultural populations to more poorly remember unfamiliar faces from different demographics. And then remarkably white AI faces can convincingly pass as more real than human faces and people do not realize they are being fooled. Research is right. In their paper, this is a no slim margin. Either participants mistakenly classified a full 66 percent of AI images as photographed humans versus barely half as many as the real photos. Meanwhile, the same white participants ability to discern real from artificial people of color was roughly 50, 50 in a second experiment, 610 participants. You could also say, it's like, how do you take this and go, Oh, AI is racist. Because you could also say that white people are just bad at distinguishing. What's real and not real, in which case, now you're the racist one.  How's that for the UNO reverse card? Um, in a second experiment, 610 participants rated the same images using 14 attributes, contributing to what made them look human, without knowing some photos were fake.  Of those attributes, the faces proportionality,  familiarity, memorability, and the perception of lifelike eyes ranked highest for test subjects. They have a beautiful little... Graph here  has qualitative. Uh, it says the team dubbed this newly identified or identified tendency to overly misattribute artificially generated faces, specifically white faces as AI hyper realism. The starts to stark statistical differences are believed to stem from well documented algorithmic biases within AI development. AI systems are trained on far more white subjects than POCs. According to who?  Leading to a greater ability to both generate convincing white faces as well as accurately identify them using facial recognition techniques. This disparity ramifications can cripple through countless scientific, social, and psychological situations from identity theft to racial profiling to basic privacy concerns.  Our results explain why AI hyperrealism occurs and shows that not all AI faces appear equally realistic, with implications for proliferating social bias and for public misidentification of AI. The team writes in their paper adding that the AI hyperrealism phenomenon implies there must be some visual differences between AI and human faces, which people misinterpret.  It says, it's worth noting that the new studies test pool was both small and extremely limited. Oh, it's worth noting that everything that we just wrote about really has no scientific basis and extremely limited. And some research is undoubtedly necessary to further understand the extent and effects of such biases.  Hmm.  Interesting. So AI is racist because what? Because it's generating more real white faces according to white people.  Because there's no grading system other than this hundred or sixty whatever people that they just had take this survey But now all of a sudden AI is racist  who would have thought  although when working out is you know when working out is a sign of white nationalism and Eating healthy is now also classified as you being a racist or whatever  I guess it's no surprise.  Now, the next thing that we're going to talk about is that, uh, that's something that, you know, you probably heard about is they all look alike. Um, this comes from a foreign book, four vertical, it's called the other race effect, where, um, people who are white or people who are Indian or people who are black or Hispanic or whatever have a much easier time distinguishing the differentiation between somebody of their own race than other races. Um, so that's actually contradictory to what you would kind of expect here, where you would think that.  And I wonder if they did, how well will white people  rate other colors, other races, right? Um, and vice versa, right? Did they only do white with white people and black with black people and Hispanics with Hispanic people and Mexicans with Mexicans and Indians with, I don't know. They really gave us very little information to go off scientifically. Um, but I die. Grass.  All right. The very next article that we're going to discuss here is going to be about, Oh, you know what? Let's hold that thought right there because I appreciate you because I know earlier when I asked you that you hit that subscribe button. I also know that you probably left a five star review, but I also know that maybe there's one of you out there, one of you that unlike all of the other people who are listening to this, maybe didn't. Leave a five star review. Maybe you're the one person. Maybe you think I'm talking to you right now because I am. I'm talking directly at you because you still haven't left a five star review and it takes five seconds and all you have to do is click the button, press the five stars. If you're on Apple Podcasts, all you do is scroll down just a little bit.  Hit the fifth star and then type something nice. I don't know. Maybe act like that blurs and guide the bar and tell me what you hate about me, but just leave you as long as it's a five star review. It's cool. Right.  Anyways, um, go ahead, leave a five star review. Tell me what you liked about the episode. What you like about the podcast in general. Um, love feedback. So anything that I can do for you guys to improve, I would be happy to. All right. And.  Back to the thing. The next thing we're going to talk about is that majority of Americans are now taking notice to the rise of tipflation is what this is being coined across industries. It says around seven and 10 us adults say tipping is expected in more places today than it was five years ago. And I. Completely agree. If you are in a regular business establishment, if you are not actively serving me, nothing drives me crazier is when you flip around your little card reader and you go, Hey, could you just.  You know, just, just tap one of those buttons right there and it says, Hey, do I want to give you seven dollars for me? Swiping my own debit card and you doing your job and nothing more or nothing less, right? There's very little that you could do to make me want to tip some person that works at 7 eleven  I don't know the last time I was in a 7 Eleven, but, uh, I, it's just so wild to me  how confident people in restaurant industries, and this, it's really comes down to the point of sales. And you have to understand that the psychology around this is it's just a, it's just a sales technique. You know, it's like 90 percent of people, uh, don't even ask for the sale when it comes to sales. And that's why most people suck at selling stuff, but they just integrated into the point of sale systems, a way to say, Hey, do you want to give me more money? Then what, you know, inflation has already caused us to increase our prices for, right? Because who knows where this money is actually going? Is it actually being distributed amongst the, the, the staff at  a coffee place? Like when all they did was make the coffee when they're getting paid to. Make the coffee, right? Like I get if you're a bartender, I get if you're waiting on somebody, I get a few, you know, like I have a rule,  everybody basically gets 2025 percent unless you do something terrible or you never check in on me or my drinks completely empty the whole time and you get 40 percent or more. If you, wiping the table in front of me, getting the crumbs off the table, like taking it that extra step that you would expect when you go to a really nice restaurant, um, so it's like if you are going above and beyond, you deserve a tip if you're in a service industry and your wage depends on it, but you do not deserve a tip for literally Um, almost any industry you're getting paid for a service,  right? There's no reason that I should have to pay you above and beyond what that amount is. And even in the service industry, tipping should go away overnight and the restaurants should just start paying fair wages to their employees. Not working through this loophole to where you have to beg people to work. And again, I'm for commission. I'm for incentivizing people to do their job well. When you're selling and there's a transaction and I guess maybe that's kind of what it is. That'd be a counter argument or a devil's advocate to my position, which is that  you want to incentivize your weight staff to work. And be better at servicing people that are at your restaurant and the way to do that is to allow a capitalistic form of that, which is if you give good service, then you get more money.  But this probably doesn't work generally out that way. I just think that the restaurant should pay the people like everybody else in the entire world and just pay them what they should get paid for doing their job.  Would make more sense to me.  Anyways, nothing drives me crazier than going through a drive thru and then having them  turn around. their point of sale system and then look me dead in the eye like their puppy just died, hoping that I give them 3 off of, or for as a tip for my 3 coffee. Like, no, thank you. But this article says, and I'll just skim it for you. Cause we just talked about it for Probably too long as it is. Americans are realizing the tips for servers aren't just for restaurants and bars anymore. Pew Research surveyed 12, 000 adults almost in August 2023 using the center's nationally represented American Trends. Don't care. Um, they feel about the practice across a variety of different services from takeout to haircuts. That's another one. If you're giving me food, you charge me for the food, not for making it. That's inherently built into the price. A broad majority of Americans say they're being asked to tip service workers more frequently than in the past around seven and 10 us. Adults say tipping is expected in more places today than it was five years ago. Finding that tracks with anecdotal reporting has never been dubbed deflation and I guess. All that you're realizing is that the new point of sale systems have integrated this completely because why wouldn't you just ask for more money?  This appears to be true  across demographics and is partially due to changing technology as the adaptation of the point of sale tablets, apps, and digital kiosks have made it easier for businesses to provide customers with tip prompts and suggestions. Yeah,  exactly what I said. The report noted that even as Americans are increasingly asked for paid tips, relatively few have a great deal of confidence about what and how or when and how to do so. Only about a third say it's extremely or very easy to know whether or To know whether or how much to tip for different types of services. How about zero for all of them? Unless you're waiting on me and bringing me beer consistently. There's also not a consensus on whether tipping is a voluntary choice or an expected obligation. Around two in 10 Americans say it's more of a choice. While 30 percent say it's more of an obligation. Ew. The largest share of 50 percent says it depends on the situation, underscoring the lack of a single set of rules of expectations.  Okay. More Americans oppose than favor businesses suggesting tip amounts to their customers. For example, on the bill or on a checkout screen, another 32 percent neither favor nor oppose the practice.  Interesting. Who cares? Let's move on.  Anyways. Hmm.  It has some percentages as to which, you know, what people think about certain industries asking, which, you know,  who cares? Anyways, uh, the next thing that we're going to talk about here is going to be that what is this one? Um, yeah, so  we talked about this last week, but, um, the individual. Let me see if I can pull his name back up.  Police in England have arrested a suspect in connection with the death of former NHL player Adam Johnson, who tragically died last month when his neck was slashed by the skate of an opposing player. The South Yorkshire Police released a statement Tuesday confirming an arrest in their investigation into the death of 29 year old Johnson. The suspect, who was not identified by law enforcement, was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.  Police said the suspect remains in custody. Teammate of ex player... NHL player calls tragic deaths the most traumatizing thing that I've seen in my entire life. Yeah, definitely. The former Pittsburgh Penguin forward was playing in the challenging or a challenge cup between the Nottingham Panthers and Sheffield Steelers on October 28th when, during the second period, he suffered a fatal neck wound. Matt Peckgrave  collided with another player causing a skate to go up in the air. Um, so basically they  Uh, the police said on Thursday that an autopsy revealed his official cause of death was the result of a fatal neck injury. Yeah, he bled to death on the ice, guys. That's, you're not finding anything new. And it's exactly what these like, witch hunt that we saw with all these conservative voices, including the people that I mentioned last time.  You know, the DC draino, the, uh, libs of TikTok, the, all of these, you know, gross attempts at trying to act like you actually know what was going on in the ice. But what you find is when you look at that footage a little bit slower, you'll see that the skate basically traveled up the, the stick of another player as this guy was in a weird, like, hip check position and his leg went up the, the skate or the stick and hit the guy's neck, which is like, again.  It's just, it's tragic what happened. But should this guy get, go to jail? No, he shouldn't go to jail. Like, if a cleat hit a guy's throat on accident, and again, I absolutely believe this was an accident. I don't think it was a... You know, in Dominic and Sue's situation where he jabbed his cleat into the guy's throat purposefully to try and hurt him. And then yeah, if that's the case, but there's just nothing that indicates intent here. There's nothing that indicates that this guy should go to jail for anything other than playing the sport that he loved and having inherent risks. Because where does this stop now? Because guys literally fist fight each other on the ice. Right? And granted, that doesn't generally end in death. I don't think there's been a single case of that that I can recall. Um...  Besides maybe one where the guy fell on his head in the ice like a long long time ago  But  to me, there's just there's there's no true reason that this guy should be arrested. I Completely disagree with this. I Absolutely believe that this was an accident But I just wanted to tie that loose end for you guys that that guy was arrested and is currently incarcerated for suspicion of manslaughter. Now, it'll be interesting to see this case go to trial and to actually listen and then see what's being said and what the argument is, because I just do not see an argument for this man going to jail for playing a sport that is inherently dangerous and having something happen. Like what happened, which again is tragic. Um,  just wanted to tie that loose end for you guys.  Now that leads us to the next sporting event, which is that there was a California teen who was suspended following a blackface allegation on the football field for literally wearing eye black.  You know, the thing that you've seen every football player almost ever have on their face  was suspended from school and told that he cannot return to his sport because he was wearing blackface.  This article coming from Toronto Sun says that an 8th grade student of Loyola  California has reportedly been suspended for allegedly wearing blackface to a local football game.  However, a national civil rights group called the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression claims the boy identified as J. A. was wearing black eye paint to reflect any glare as many football players do.  You should. According to the New York Post, the student was photographed on October 13th attending a high school football game between the Lowell High School and Morse High School, with dark face paint covering his cheeks and chin. We had a fun, great night without any trouble. This is literally a, what, a 13  year old  that wore eye black on his face to a football game?  And probably put a little bit too, it's not, it's so silly, I guess, kind of need to see a picture of it to make a real distinction, but it can't be worse than what Justin Trudeau did, you know, literally wearing the turban on his head and wore blackface acting like a, I don't know, a snake charmer or something, the most racist thing that you'll ever see if you want to talk about blackface, right? Go look at Justin Trudeau, not some 13 year old going to a football game wearing paint under his eyes.  Like, this is where we've gotten to where AI is racist and wearing eye black under your 13 year old's eyes is now blackface. Like, let's find real demons to slay here. I think that's where we've gone as a society now is like,  there's always been,  there's always been eyes in the bushes. Right? And our amygdala is constantly surveying our surroundings, looking for something to jump out and attack us. And obviously that's not the case with what we're talking about here. But I think that we've been so conditioned to find... Uh, to find problems with our surroundings that now there's, we're in such a cushy, soft environment where very little violence actually occurs, you know, unless you're on the Senate floor next to Bernie Sanders,  um, but  very little violence occurs, very little real confrontation occurs, and, and In a world where that happens, we seek it because we are biologically wired to engage in confrontation, to have real demons, the, the, the, the monsters that have been around for years and years and thousands of years, as we know it, the raping, the pillaging, the war, the, this, the, that, and obviously war is still going on, and we'll talk about that in our next subject, but in the day to day life, people are so removed from real violence. People are so removed from, from what it meant to be a human a hundred years ago.  Right? And so you have a principal going off of a social media picture, suspending a student for literally wearing  sport eye black under his eyes.  looking for to make a monster out of a child who literally just went to a football game.  This is the first amendment projects J. A. 's non disruptive expression of team spirit via style commonly used by athletes and fans notwithstanding your inaccurate description of it as blackface. Fire calls upon the school to remove the infraction from J. A. 's disciplinary record and lift the ban on his attendance at future athletic events.  Tear said J. A. 's appearance emulated the style of iBlackWarm by many athletes.  Noting that such use of eye black began as a way to reduce glare during games, which is different from blackface, as is dark makeup worn to mimic the appearance of a black person and especially to mock or ridicule black people.  Yeah, there's some horrific actual instances of that. Go look at Howard Stern's, uh, old, um, I don't know what you call it, bit. Where he did, uh, blackface,  pretending to be talking to Whoopi Goldberg, I think it was. And he said the actual N word, like, seven times, thinking he was being funny. And then,  what is it? The Prime Minister of Canada! Wearing blackface. I'm pretty sure like multiple times for Halloween. Um, all right now, speaking of war, let's go into this transition. Elon Musk was on Lex Friedman's podcast and during this conversation together,  uh, Elon Musk, um,  had a really interesting and similar opinion to what I have when it comes to the Israel Hamas situation, which is it. What I will play for here you hear in just a second But I would say something that I've noticed more recently is that Lex Friedman his podcast if you don't listen to this podcast It's it's it's one of my favorites. I definitely think there's  Is probably the best most tactful well done podcast that is out there today Above even Joe Rogan. You go listen to the podcast with Joe Rogan and Elon Musk. It's not half of as insightful and empathetic and interesting as the conversation that was had with Lex Friedman. Um, so just a side note, but let's listen to this conversation and see what he had to say about the Israel and Hamas war.  All right. And here it is. He wants to do that. So like I said, somehow controversial. You've been a proponent of peace. A little bit of technical difficulties here. I'm having a problem with my other screen is freezing every single time I go  to use the screen. So just give me one second here. But while that happens, I'll kind of give you the.  TLDR of what Elon Musk says, which is essentially that if he had to give advice to Israel in his position today, what would he say to the leadership there? How do you get out of this and have it,  uh, is there a winning side? Is there a possibility to even win this war? And  what, what would you say to Israel in order to  to, to  come out of this better than you went into it, right? Because they're quickly, as we'll find in the next, the next situation, they're quickly losing favor by the American people. Um, so when, when that's happening and you're, you're seeing it in real time, them start to have, you know,  coming out with propaganda campaigns just today saying that, Oh, look, we found these weapon caches and in this hospital that we just bombed and raided. It's like, uh, okay.  Because you could have just as easily planted those weapons to justify your war, which would be one of the least  bad things that has ever happened in war as a false flag. But anyways, I digress. Here is this clip, Lex Friedman and  Elon Musk.  Or maybe it's not, because my computer is freezing again. Um, so let's see, one last time here, and then  we'll move on to the next one if we can't get it here.  Uh, so  we will jump out. We will jump  back in and share that screen one last time.  The  path to peace could be, how do you hope the current war in Israel and Gaza comes to an end? Uh, what path do you see that can minimize human suffering in the longterm in that part of the world?  Well, I think that part of the world is definitely, like, if you look up the, there is no easy answer in the dictionary, it'll be that, like, the picture of, uh, the Middle East, um, and Israel especially. So there is no easy answer.  Um,  what my,  this is strictly my opinion of, uh, you know, uh, is that, uh,  the, the goal of Hamas was to provoke an overreaction from Israel.  Um, they obviously did not expect to, uh, you know, have a military victory. Um, but they, they expect, they really wanted to  commit the worst atrocities that they could in order to provoke the,  the most aggressive response possible from Israel. Um, and then leverage that, uh, aggressive response to Um, rally Muslims worldwide, uh, for the cause of, uh, Gaza and Palestine, which they have succeeded in doing.  Um, so the, the, the  counterintuitive thing here, I think that the, the thing that I think should be done, even though it is very difficult, uh, is that, um, I, I would recommend that Israel engage in the most conspicuous acts of kindness possible, every part, everything.  That is the actual thing that would towards the goal of the mosque.  So in some sense, the degree that makes sense in geopolitics, turn the other cheek, implemented. It's not exactly turn the other cheek, um, because I do think that there's, um,  you know, I think it is appropriate for Israel to  find the Hamas members and, you know, um,  either, either kill them or incarcerate them. Um, like that's something that's something has to be done because they're just going to keep, keep, keep coming otherwise. Um, but.  In addition to that, they need to. Do whatever they can. Um, there's some talk of...  So I do like what he said there. Conspicuous acts of kindness. Right? And then he gets into the philosophical reason as to why he believes that, you know, those conspicuous, you know, obvious acts of kindness that everybody sees should be happening as a way to  gain public, uh, uh, gain public,  I don't know if, um... What the right word would be there to gain public popularity, and I don't even know if it's popularity, but acceptance of this war and the acts that they're committing, right? And he's saying that because the way that people are viewing this right now, we're going to find, find out that almost 70 percent of people in the US today believe that Israel is going overboard in its reaction against Palestine in Hamas,  right? Bombing the, the Um, safe zones, like hitting ambulances with rockets and all of these things are, are war crimes. That's exactly what they are. They're war crimes. And as a established nation state that is, uh, uh, uh, a,  a agreed upon nation.  By all the other countries in the world, you don't get to commit acts of terrorism. And I see constantly, constantly people are arguing me saying that Israel is justified in committing acts of terrorism because they're dealing with terrorists. Well, guess what? You know what that makes you? A terrorist, regardless of your reasoning, because if you look to Hamas, they have their reasons too. But the way that they act is not within the confines of what's allowable in order for them to be an agreed upon nation, to be a part of the Geneva Convention, to be, uh, to be somebody that is recognized on a world stage, right? That makes you a terrorist organization, right? And so when everybody says, Oh, well, how are you supposed to deal with this? You deal with it with a scalpel. Not with Roman candles,  right? You didn't see the United States bombing hospitals. You didn't see them bombing ambulances. You didn't see them killing unbelievable amounts of women and children, which to be fair is not completely true. There was lots of women and children killed by the United States command during our war in Afghanistan and Iraq, which are, again, I totally disagree with, you know, and I have other people going, well, you know,  casualties have to be made in war. It's like, to what extent? Or are you just perpetuating sickness and, and, and, and murder and, and hate that is going to be generational now, because even if I knew that my grandparent was killed by Israel or whoever, fill in the blank, because they hated them or to, to, in response or revenge for whatever silly act, it's never about the reasoning. It's just about who did what to who, when, and if you're related to me and. or if you kill somebody who's related to me, I will spend my life coming after you,  right? I absolutely will dedicate my life to hunting you down  as any sane man in protector should.  So you mitigate that by  inconspicuous acts of kindness, which I like the way that he phrased that by, by showing compassion and showing empathy and showing love. For, for this, the civilians that are on the other side of this, that are truly the victims of both sides, whether it's Hamas or Palestine or Israel, the, the Palestinian civilians are, are literally the, the, the worst off of anybody,  right? Cause they're getting it from Hamas. They're getting it from Israel, and they have nothing to do with either side of it. They're just stuck in the middle.  And so,  he goes on to explain the philosophical reasons why, and I won't ruin it, because he will probably explain it maybe the high level better than me, and I might have a little bit to add to it. So establishing, for example, a mobile hospital. I'd recommend doing that, um,  just making sure that, uh, you know, there's food, water, uh, medical necessities,  um,  and, and just be over the top about it and be very transparent. So it's, it's, so that it can't, people can't claim it's a trick. Like just put a webcam on the thing,  you know, all 24 7.  Deploy acts of kindness.  Yeah, conspicuous acts of kindness  that, that with, that are unequivocal, meaning that can't be.  Somehow, because Hamas will then, their response will be, oh, it's a trick, therefore you have to counter how, how it's not a trick.  This ultimately fights the broader force of hatred in the, in the region. Yes, and I'm not sure who said it, it's an apocryphal saying, but an eye for an eye makes everyone blind.  Now that next to the words, they really  believe in the whole eye for an eye thing. Um,  but.  I mean, you really have,  if you're not going to just outright  commit genocide, like it against an entire people, which obviously would not be acceptable to, to, to really shouldn't be acceptable to anyone, um, then you're, you're going to leave basically a lot of people alive who subsequently, you know, hate Israel. So really the question is like,  how,  for every Hamas member that you kill, how many did you create?  And if you. Create more than you killed. You've not succeeded. That's the you know, the real situation there  and it's safe to say that if  you know  If you know if you kill somebody's child in Gaza  If you've made at least a few  Hamas members  who will die  just, just to kill an Israeli.  That's the situation. So,  but, but I mean, this is one of the most contentious subjects one could possibly discuss, but, but I think if, if the, if the goal ultimate is some sort of long term peace, one has to be, look at this from standpoint of over time, are there more or fewer, um, terrorists being created?  Which is the pe

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    Grappling with Truth: Matthew Perry's Death Conspiracy, Jiu-Jitsu Says No to Trans Athletes & Israel's Netanyahu Addresses the World

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2023 97:57

    Welcome back to another riveting episode of ‘The Adams Archive,' where your host, Austin Adams, takes you on an enthralling journey through today's most pressing and controversial topics. Today's episode is a rollercoaster of emotions, insights, and expert commentary that you won't want to miss! First on our agenda is a jaw-dropping scandal from the world of competitive Jiu Jitsu, involving a male competitor disguising himself to compete in a women's grappling event. As a seasoned purple belt, Austin dissects the situation with precision, applauding NAGA's swift response and commitment to ensuring fairness and integrity in the sport. Next, we transition to the ice, delving into a tragic incident in the European hockey league that has sparked widespread debate and misinformation. With 18 years of hockey experience under his belt, Austin provides a rare and necessary expert perspective, debunking myths and bringing clarity to the horrific event. In a somber turn, Austin reflects on the sudden passing of Matthew Perry, beloved actor from the hit TV show 'Friends'. Navigate through the web of conspiracy and pay respects to a star gone too soon, as Austin provides a balanced and respectful commentary on this sad affair. Lastly, we plunge into the complex and ever-evolving Israel-Palestine conflict, analyzing recent statements from Netanyahu and the controversial actions of various world powers. Austin leaves no stone unturned, offering a comprehensive and critical examination of the events and their potential implications. But it's not all heavy topics on 'The Adams Archive.' Austin ensures to sprinkle in positivity, humor, and his signature charismatic commentary throughout the episode, keeping you engaged and enlightened from start to finish. So, hit that subscribe button, leave a glowing five-star review, and join Austin in this intellectual adventure. Whether you're a long-time listener or new to the show, your support means the world, and it's listeners like you that make ‘The Adams Archive' a thriving community of curious minds and critical thinkers. Let's dive in and unravel the mysteries of today's most captivating stories together!     All the Links: Substack: Https:// ----more---- Full Transcription  Adams Archive. Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adams Archive. My name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we are going to discuss some pretty crazy current events, starting with the North American Grappling Association, also known as NAGA, which is a very well known jiu jitsu Competitive platform for people like myself who basically are, uh, What they're under fire for was the fact that there was a woman Not a woman, a man pretending to be a woman wearing woman face who went and competed against actual women in a grappling competition, a martial arts, a, uh, you know, a literal fight and one, obviously, because It's a man, spoiler alert, uh, so I can actually speak to that. I'm a purple belt in jiu jitsu myself, I've been practicing since 2012. So, we will get into that and why it's so crazy. But, positive note, silver lining here, is that Naga came out and made a statement saying this will never happen again. And they outlined the reasons why and how they're going to ensure that that happens. So, I am... proud of you, Naga. Thank you so much for making it so that I don't have to go compete at other organizations and boycott your shit because I would have. Now, the next thing that we're going to talk about is not too often that two of the things I'm most able to speak to come together and intersect into this platform. Like usually, the things I'm talking about, yeah, I've done a lot of research on them. And I try to give my most non biased opinion on them. But When it comes to two of these things, like jiu jitsu and hockey, I actually have... Much more of an expert opinion than most people. So, uh, hockey, there was a situation that happened in the European hockey league, which was a horrific incident. Now this guy, um, Adam Johnson, I believe it was basically was skating across the ice, had a guy, um, who basically ran into another guy, clipped his leg, his leg went up and sliced his neck. And he ended up dying, which is horrific. It's terrible. Um, It's, it's horrific to see, uh, so we'll get into that and why there's a lot of people, like, a lot of large conservative influencers coming out acting like they're experts in hockey now who are saying, like, some horrific things about the guy who did this, saying that he did it on purpose, that it was murder and this and that, and so we'll talk about that because I don't think that was the case. I watched the footage. Again, played hockey for 18 years, um, very high level hockey, and, uh, I'll give you a little bit of that background, but we'll jump into that. After that, we will get into the next current event, which is about Matthew Perry from Friends Dying. Which is again, terrible. Not trying to start your day off like this. If you're listening to this in the morning, I'll put some positive spins on it for you. Sprinkle some, uh, some, I don't know, some, some, some, some positivity into your day throughout this But there's some weird little conspiracy things that people have pointed out about this that we will talk about as well now, obviously respected guys death and all of that. But there's some shady shit. And we'll get into it. After that, we're going to jump Back into the Israel and Palestine conflict with some stuff coming out of there, including a conversation by Netanyahu, where he says, this is everybody's war. This isn't just my war. This is all of you, because if you don't stop this now and give me your tax money, it's going to come to your doorstep. Tomorrow. So we'll look at that as well as his son skating the essential kind of the draft that's going on over there Where they called all these reservists we'll also discuss the un general assembly Asking for a gaza resolution calling for an immediate and sustained humanitarian truce in which there was only 14 countries who denied it out of almost 140 120 Who agreed with it and 45 who abstained? But guess who was in those 14 countries? Hmm. The United States of America. So we'll look at why that might've been. And then we'll talk about the information blackout, the cutting off of the internet in Gaza and why that might be as well as Mr. Elon Musk coming in with Starlink to save the day and Israel saying there might blow up his satellites or some shit like that. So all of that more. But first I need you to hit that subscribe button, leave a five star review. If this is your first time here today, I appreciate you. You were awesome. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I love doing this for you. Every single week we have conversations like this, sometimes multiple times a week, depending on my schedule. And, uh, I give you my takes on everything that's going on throughout the world, whether it be politics, religion, history, conspiracies, philosophy. All that shit. So make sure you subscribe, stick with me here, leave a five star review. If you've been here with me, it's about the only thing that you can do in your day today to get some good karma. So leave that five star review. Again, I would appreciate it. You're my buddy. You're my pal hanging out with me here every single week. So do something for me. It takes five seconds, hit that five star review, whether you're on Spotify, Apple podcasts, or whatever obscure ass podcast, Software, you're listening to this on go ahead and leave a five star review and then write something nice. I don't care what it is. Tell me your favorite recipe for Thanksgiving. Who cares? Just write something nice. All right, and without further ado, let's jump into it. The Addams Archive All right, let's jump into it on the very first article that we're going to talk about today is going to be the North American Grappling Association had a transgender man, woman. Man, man, woman, who a man who thought they were a woman who competed in the women's bracket in jiu jitsu now This is horrible out of all the sports that we've talked about whether it be Leah Thomas with swimming or the dudes that were dominating women's Sprints to I don't know all of the crazy things that were going on even chess tournaments like guys were getting in the number insert crazy, ridiculously high ranked person here. And then they went into chess and just obliterated women in chess. It's like, just let the women do their thing, dude, what's wrong with you? Anyways, this is probably one of the worst of them outside of MMA, right? There was a guy who was sitting there gloating on social media, like I need to pull up the posts of this. Because this guy When in, as a biological man dominated these women, I would actually really be interested to see some of the footage because they would have been just amazing if one of these women almost had was able to, because there's some, uh, like I said, so let me give you my background. I've, I've practiced jujitsu since 2012 when I was in the military, there was a sergeant who posted a poster on the wall. And it was a competition that was happening on base at my air traffic control, uh, tech training that I was doing in the air force. And so when I saw that I was like, super interested at the time I had watched, you know, I watched a little bit of Joe Rogan and was really interested in Eddie Bravo and watch some jujitsu at the time, liked the MMA culture. Wrestled a little bit in high school, but like wasn't super good or anything, gotten a lot of fights in hockey. And so I thought I was tough. And so I went to this jujitsu competition with a couple of my friends that was, uh, at the base gym in like a back room where they had all these mats laid out. And I go up to the guy who was staff Sergeant Hawk, shout out to staff Sergeant Hawk. And he's like. You know, I was pretty good shape at the time. I was lifting a lot. All I had to do was lift in the outside of tech training. And so I went up to Sergeant Hawk to sign up and he's like, Hey, man, how you doing? And shook my hand is super nice guy. Love staff Sergeant Hawk. And he basically like looked me up and down. I was like, so you have any training you ever done any wrestling, anything like that. And I told him I did a little bit in high school, maybe two or three years. I wasn't really good or anything, but you know, so he ended up putting me in the advanced bracket. There was a beginner's bracket and an advanced bracket, and maybe there was six, seven guys in each bracket. And just because I had watched some Jiu Jitsu YouTube footage and knew a little bit about every Eddie Bravo and did a little bit of wrestling, I ended up actually winning the advanced bracket. That I had no business being in, uh, but really, to be fair, in 2012, like nobody really knew about Jiu Jitsu. So, um, I ended up winning the bracket, won the tournament, got my very first gi from that tournament. And from then on, I started training, uh, under Staff Sergeant Hawk and out of Dixon's dungeon, which was under the John Dixon in Biloxi, Mississippi, who was fought in the very first pride fights. I actually used to run like a mile and a half, two miles every single day. from base to Dixon's Dungeon right outside of Biloxi, Mississippi. And so, I know a little bit about Jiu Jitsu. I still currently train. I did a tournament, uh, a competition like three months ago. And, uh, it wasn't a Naga tournament. It was a Grappling Industries tournament. Um, but I'm active. I train several times a week. I compete jiu jitsu is like, that's my hobby. That's what I do. That's my thing. So I know a little bit about this shit, right? So when it comes to like a man doing jiu jitsu with a woman, there's a certain level of like, respect that you go into and being you know, in any gym, you're going to roll with women. decently consistently, right? And there's such an obvious disparity in strength. Now, that's not to say that there's not some women out there that will just kick the shit out of most men. And by most men, I even mean men who train jujitsu. Like there's a there's real high level Jiu Jitsu black belt females who will just fuck up a guy even if they train consistently like I've gone with some girls who are just like, you know, would definitely like black belt females that are high level competitors will definitely, I've definitely gone with some women who could Like, very likely beat me in jujitsu, maybe not like, you know, a hundred percent, but like, there's, this is nothing against women's jujitsu. There's some bad ass females out there right now who would just trash me. Um, so when we talk about this, it's like, The way the jiu jitsu tournaments work is there's, you know, there's, especially if you're talking no gi, which is what this would look like, there's like gi, which is where you wear the kimono kind of looking thing, and then there's no gi. No gi is where you kind of just wear shorts and a t shirt, it looks a lot more like wrestling, that kind of deal, so it's just straight grappling. This was no gi. And so when you talk about no gi, usually it's not specifically belt based, where there's like white belt, blue belt, purple belt, brown belt, black belt. In no gi, it's beginner bracket. Intermediate bracket and advanced and beginner is like, you've been doing it for one to two years. Intermediate is you've been doing it for like two to five years, six years, seven years and advanced bracket is like you're a black belt or a brown belt. Um, so I'm somewhere in between there. I'm in the intermediate bracket. As a purple belt, you know, like I said, I started training in 2012 fell off for a little bit, started training back about five, six years ago, been training consistently ever since. Um, but when we're talking about male against female, there's such a, it's astounding how much of a difference when it comes to size, strength, um, agility, like, and, and there's a reason that there's brackets, right? Like for a, and, and, and so in the area that I live in, there's several prominent gyms. One of the prominent gyms that I don't train at, there is a. There is a transgender, uh, man, woman, guy who, male, who is identifying as a woman who is just the biggest, most jacked person you've ever seen in your life. And that individual, like all respect to them, competes, I'm pretty sure, in the male bracket because it would just be so unbelievably unfair. They are just, just jacked. Like, so, this, this situation to me is just such, so indicative of where we are as a culture that this even was able to slip in under the radar. Now, Naga came out because there was such an immense amount of pushback as a result of this. Naga came out and made a statement. And here is... That statement that I'm going to pull up for you. Just give me one second while I do. And Naga said... Let's see if I can... Drag this over to my screen here. All right. So Naga statement around this was, I am Kip Kolar, president of Naga. And I would like to address the controversial issue of transgender athletes competing in Naga events, decisions that involve conflicting rights and needs between different groups are inherently difficult. That said, maintaining fairness for female athletes in our paramount is our paramount priority due to the legacy effects of being. Born male through puberty in parallel with the policy of FINA, the world governing body for swimming, world rugby, and numerous other global sports organizations, male to female transgender athletes who have gone through male puberty are excluded from competing in the female division at Naga events. This position is of course, even more important given the heightened. Potential for injury when grappling. All right. Now, let me read the rest of that for you that I'll pull up from my phone here. So we don't have to mess with this. And it says, cause I reposted this on my story and Naga actually liked it. So again, shout out to Naga. It says, Implementing this policy poses challenges. The registration system used by most grappling events, including Naga, SmoothComp, unfortunately only allows users to choose between male and female genders when registering. It does not provide an option to register as transgender. Ideally, there should be an option in the registration process to declare yourself as transgender. Transgender. We have requested that this change be made in short order. We are a dish. We are adding additional text to the event and rules page of our website, which I'll show you in a second here because they've already done so. And our smooth comp event pages to help inform transgender females which division they need to enter. We feel these additional steps will help to make sure all competitors are in their correct division. If a competitor is discovered to be in an incorrect division, they will be contacted and provided with the option to move to the correct division Or receive a refund just as we do. If there, we were notified that a D one wrestler was in the beginner division. Yeah, because that D one register, uh, D one athlete, uh, wrestler would just smash every single white belt in the division. Now this says moving forward, we will be guided by the science around male advantage and physical performance. Good on them for using the word science. Which will inevitably develop the coming over the coming years as further evidence becomes available. We will review our position, but we believe the integrity of the female category and athletics is one of the most as is the most of the most profound importance. Thank you. Kip Kohler, President, North American Grappling Association. On Naga for making sure that women don't just get absolutely destroyed now like when we're talking about sports when we're talking about swimming it doesn't it's not a matter of life and death right everybody wants to look at you just do it like there's all the there's this category of people with jujitsu is like oh it's not a fight it's not a fight It's a fight. Like this is not, this is not a regular sport because if there is not a ref intervening, when somebody is choking you unconscious and you're tapping and they decide to just keep that choke, what happens you die that you go to sleep and you don't wake up. What happens when there's no ref to intervene when you are in an arm bar and somebody is ripping your limb apart and they shatter your arm or your knee or your shoulder, like. It is absolutely a fight. Like when we talk about hockey, yes, it's a sport. The end result of hockey is a goal, right? Is a winning position within the overall game. It's a game. This is a sport. When we talk about football, the overall win is based on a scoreboard. Right. But when if there is not a ref to intervene, especially when you talk about like Nogi submission only grappling, the only outcome if there is no ref is essentially death. So it's absolutely a fight, right? Like there's no, there's no logical argument to me that Jiu Jitsu is not fighting. Sure. It's fighting without punches just as much as boxing is fighting without submissions. Right. There's only one, then there's only one category that you can call fighting in this MMA. And even at that case, you can't bite each other. You can't hit them in the balls. You can't do all this. You can't even go from a six to 12 elbow strike. So it's like, oh, is that not a fight now either? It's, it's such a silly argument. So anyways, I digress. The idea is that when you go into a fight, it is absolutely unfair for a man to fight a woman based on. biology. We all know that by now, right? When we go even like, even in sports like swimming and running, we've decided that it's unfair. So when you talk about a actual combat sport, where the there is actual consequences where you are going to be choked, unconscious. Or have your knee ripped apart, or your shoulder, or your arms, or your, like, ankle. Like, there's so much that can go wrong here. There's a reason there's weight categories. There's a reason there's male and female categories. There's a reason there's belt categories. You have to maintain the safety of this. And to not do so is absolutely, like, it would be horrific. To not make this an egregious act that is completely condemned by NAGA. It would set such a precedence in the grappling world. And so I am so happy that NAGA spoke out about this. You know you'd never see this in like the larger organizations like ADCC or WNO or like who's number one or anything on flow grappling that you would see. So, to know that There's, there's, there's barely, there's only a few safe communities and it happens to be like the martial arts community is absolutely one of those communities that would just never let this happen. So good on Naga, happy to be a part of a industry, a sport, a hobby, a, a passion that would not allow women to just get absolutely trampled by men because they feel a little. Demasculated today. Alright, so, there's that. Pretty crazy. Glad Naga spoke out about it. Next up is going to be that... So, there was a situation. It was a guy named Adam Johnson. Who recently passed away just over the weekend now. He was a 29 year old hockey player for the Nottingham Panthers. He originally played in the NHL. Um, I've actually been familiar with his name and I, you know, I was looking at his, um, prospect I forget the name of it, but it's like hockey prospects is where you can look up a lot of guys who played where, you know, like growing up. So let's, let's talk, just talk real quickly about my background with hockey. So I grew up playing hockey since I was three years old. I am in an area, a state that is a very prominent hockey state. I played at a very high level up until I was 18 years old, right before I went in the military, um, I went to play, uh, a, in a junior's league, and the day before I was flying out to, uh, a team in Texas, uh, I shattered or destroyed my ACL on a stupid little, uh, basketball game. So, um. Retour my ACL and or in meniscus the day before I was supposed to fly to Texas to go to the main camp for the team that I was going to play for. Um, so again, I played triple A hockey in Michigan, um, all, you know, growing up, played since I was three years old, have a very long standing background playing hockey three, five, six, seven times a week. I was out. Whether it was at the rink, whether it was behind my house on the canal, um, during the winter in Michigan grew up from the time that I was little. The only thing I ever wanted to do was play in the NHL. All right. And I was pretty fucking good. All right. I played for a very, very well known triple a team here in Michigan. You know, one of the best teams in the world. Um, I'm well versed, I'm way better at hockey than I was at jiu jitsu, starting off, so if that tells you anything, right? Even especially if you wanted to like list out the priority of people in the world. So, my opinion on hockey actually has some merit, right? Now, we had all of these conservative influencers, whether it was DC Drano, whether it was, uh, the, the, um, Tick tocks of, or liberals of tick tock, whether it was end wokeness, whether it was, uh, Robert star bucks or whatever his name is, all of these conservative influencers seem to have a very vehement, very serious opinion about this situation that happened in the ECHL, which is the European hockey league. And so this guy, Adam Johnson, again, played in the NHL, played for the Pittsburgh Penguins. For some time in the EIHL, I'm sorry, not the ECHL, the EIHL for the Nottingham Panthers, and let's read this article. It says Adam Johnson, a 29 year old hockey player for the Nottingham Panthers, died in a tragic freak accident on the ice rink while playing against the Sheffield Steelers on Saturday in the UK. Johnson, who played for the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins before transferring to the elite ice hockey league in August, suffering, suffered a fatal neck injury when he collided with a player from the opposing team midway through the second period. The BBC reports that the injury was reportedly caused by a split or escape blade to the neck. Now, one thing I'd like to point out about this is that the people who were posting this, whether it was, uh, the TikToks or liberals of TikTok, or whether it was, um, DC underscore Drano, just never We're so tone deaf to the situation where it was so disgusting and so gross the way that DC Underscore Drano and liberals of tick tock posted about this guy Dying like they literally slapped the video DC Drano did slapped the video at the very beginning of his Uh, his reels or his, his post and like, it was like, Oh, graphic warning. It's like, yeah, dude, don't post the guy fucking bleeding out on the ice, spilling blood all over the ice. If you respect them, you don't respect them. This dude was just looking for clicks. Drano went about this post. So. They go on there, and, and, and, there's, here's the video here, and I'll, I'll, I, I don't even like watching this shit personally, like, it doesn't, I just don't. Um, but to me, you know, I'll break it down for you, I'm not gonna go very much past it, where you, you literally see him, like, holding his neck as blood is just pouring out of it onto the white ice. I, I, it's just not my thing, dude, like, I'll watch the beginning of it with you and break it down for you. So. Nope, that wasn't it. So they're probably not even going to show it on this post here, but DC Drano did and so I'll kind of walk you through it as I pull it up on my phone. And so DC Drano posted this along with like six or seven other posts that were related to this from other conservative type of influencers. So the guy goes across the ice. There's a two on two going down past the red line right past the blue line and right as he goes down the ice. Uh. The one guy clips legs with one of the other players that are next to him as he goes to to hit him. So there's, um, he misses the, the, like close to the first guy. And sorry, I keep kind of messing this up here on this. I'm watching it. Um, so two guys going on a two on two, the first guy crosses starting to cross at the blue line. And the defenseman goes over and crosses paths with one guy to hit the guy with the park, right as they cross the blue line, which was it. It looked to me like offsides to begin with. Not sure why that wasn't offsides and the ref calls it off. But the, the defenseman, the offside defenseman, um, crosses right across the blue line past the guy that he's next to on the two on two. And let me see if I can, I'm going to actually even just like record this and watch it. Let's see if I can break it down to a little bit of a slower pace. Okay. So I just recorded that. I'm going to pull it over and watch it from there. Cause then I can go frame by frame. So, two on two, two guys in red, they just cross over the red line, not sure why that wasn't off sides, because the guy in white in front of the guy with the puck crosses over the blue line, it looks like, before him, um, he goes to try and, uh, like skate down the blue line as the defenseman comes over and crosses. And he runs what looks like into, let me see if I can zoom in. He actually doesn't make much contact with him, but cross pass with him connects with the first forward. There's not a ton of contact, but the guy's leg comes straight up and gets the forward right in the neck. And when he does this, the guy goes straight to the ice, grabs his neck. And that's where I'm going to stop it. So all of these conservative influencers making these claims that this was intentional, that it was murder, that it was manslaughter, that it was whatever, you have to understand how fast a hockey game is actually Right. So when DC Drano gets on here and he says Adam Johnson was an NHL player who was killed while playing in England at the age of 29, another player's blade hit his neck, slicing an artery media called the incident, a freak accident, but replays show Matt Peck grave intentionally. So I just cannot see an angle here, right? And I don't think there was a ton of contact. Like originally when I looked at this, it was pretty far away. So when I break it down and go slower and zoom in on that, there's not a ton of contact even despite that. I just don't see any single scenario. If you're a player, he could have easily hip checked him. He could have easily just laid his hips out and stopped him like that. He's not gonna fucking karate kick him in the throat with his skate. I wish I could show you guys what I'm looking at here and maybe let me see if I can send this but anyways, there's just no way this was an intentional kick to the throat. I just don't see it. There's not nearly as much contact as I would have thought there was originally, and I'm going back and forth watching this kick. I just don't see it. I don't see how any situation would have caused this to be intentional. So what you're seeing is a bunch of people who don't play hockey, who don't understand how fast the game moves, who don't realize that these split microsecond decisions are the difference between your leg being Three inches lower or three inches higher or you clipping this guy's hip ends up with your it just the game moves so fast. It's the fastest game there is there's no other sport that moves faster than hockey. So you get all these people who don't know how the actual sport works. Or, or even understand the logistics of the game coming out, saying that this is murder, right? Coming out saying that this is manslaughter. And it's it to me, frankly, that wasn't even the grossest part. The grossest part was you have all these people. And when you look at like the libs of tick tock post on this, and now this I will, I will share because this was just like the most egregious thing was libs of tick tock posted this, uh, This meme that they created that said where is it? They must have taken it down. They must have taken it down. Yeah libs of tick tock took that posted down because it was so Disgusting they posted the meme of Petgrave with his leg up saying that what was it was something around along the lines of like Um, that kick wasn't dirty, the kick, and then it had him with his leg straight out and his blade sticking straight up. So they actually deleted it because it was so disgusting. Now I posted on that and said, just talked about my experience in hockey and said that like, this is just disgusting how, you know, it's absolutely not intentional. And like, let's see if that one even went away. Yeah. Wow. Dang. Who'd have thought that lives of tick tock would, would have taken that down because they realized how disgusting they were for posting that gross meme about this dude who just got his throat slit that you saw bleed out in front of the world on the ice. And you're posting a meme with his leg up saying the kick like, Oh, really? He is that. Is that. That's entertainment to you. That's what the people that you, your, your target audience want to see. Wow. At least they took it. At least they had the decency to take it down. Because that to me was probably the most disgusting was. One was, you know, DC Drano actually posting it was disgusting. But them actually, actually, uh, you know, having a silly, gross meme about it was probably the worst thing. So. I don't think it was intentional. I think things happened at a very, very quick pace in hockey. I think that there's a hundred different reasons that that happened, none of which had to do with premeditated or purposeful manslaughter. Okay, and anybody who tells you differently just doesn't understand the sport of hockey, has never touched ice, never played at a high level, never, never found themselves crossing the ice to try and hit some guy crossing the blue line at that pace, like you just, you just don't get it. Um, so. I digress. Let's move on. That to me was very disgusting. And the more that like I'm finding myself distancing myself more and more from like, as we get post COVID, the straight, strict, conservative influencers, because the things that they're keep doing, whether it's about Israel versus Palestine, whether it's about this here that we're seeing, like, I'm just starting to see some of the clickbait, some of the grossness that is coming out of like the strict. traditional conservative movement that I just don't it just does not vibe with me. And so honestly, I've always said that I've always said I'm not just your average, you know, person leaning left or leaning right, I have my own opinions about Basically everything. It just so happens that a lot of it aligns with a certain side at a certain point. And as we get further and further from COVID, as we get further and further from lockdowns, as we get further and further from even Ukraine and Russia, and we see what the, the, the war machine beating the drum is all the conservatives are calling for war against, uh, Palestine and Hamas and calling for us troops to go intervene there. It's like, nah, not me. So let's move on here. There was a conspiracy that came out. So Matthew Perry, the Friends star, uh, Chandler passed away suddenly and horrifically. And so what you saw about that was that basically he died in his hot tub. They said there was no, he had been pretty well known for recently over the past few years of having some type of like drug addiction. Um, and so there was. There was questions around that and the police came out and said no, no, no, there was no drugs found on the scene. There was no foul play reported, all of that. Now what we're seeing here, and again, my condolences to his family, my condolences to everybody that knew him. It's a horrific, public, tragic incident, just as the last one that we talked about. But in this case, there's actually some more deeper questions to be had. So there was something very strange about meth. Matthew Perry's death. The first one being that for a very long time, he hasn't been posting on social media. So I'm going to pull up his social media here. So I can kind of walk you through the timeline of events, but on his social media, he had been posting until seven days ago, very, very little. Now, seven days ago, he started posting. A post a day, essentially seven posts within just a few days. And every single one of these posts had a strange thing about them being the Batman symbol. Now, when you think of the Batman symbol, when you look in the sky and you see the Batman symbol, or you go watch the movies and you see it being displayed, what do you, what do you think when you see the Batman symbol? Well, normally when you see the Batman symbol, you, when you see the Batman symbol, you normally think. It's a sign of distress. So when Matthew Perry essentially posts the Batman symbol seven times over seven days, it starts to raise some questions for people right now. In one of his last posts, in an eerie, uh, is an eerie hand drop, uh, dropping some of what seems to be cranberries on the table with the caption saying, This is what I've had to eat today. I'm Mat Man. And it also says that it's worth, worth mentioning that the lead of the group of the cranberries died by drowning? That's a weird one. So let's see here. I don't know if I see that post with he's talking about here is me. Yeah, this is some super weird obscure posts. It's also noted that the very last chapter of his book was called. Batman. So maybe he just has some weird obsession with Batman. Maybe you know, maybe he was cast in the next Batman. Maybe that's it. But to make things more interesting, his third to last post has again, the Batman symbol with the caption saying, do you know what I mean? So let's, let's like look at this full timeline. April was the last time he posts before the most more consistent posts. The one after that is October 11th, where he said, why can Elon Musk send a woman to the moon and not be able to invent a silent leaf blower? Okay. Super obscure, weird, probably just a random post. Although most of his posts before that seemed like Somebody else is doing them like they're all not off the cuff weird things like that Anyways, he posts himself what looks like picking up leaves. The next post says here is me and my father John both holding a beverage Okay, super tragic to see his dad knowing what just occurred Anyways, the next one says, no need to worry everybody, I've got the streets tonight. This was October 17th. With the Batman up on three different, Batman, like this Batman background up on three different TVs, like one of the Batman movies. Why do you have three TVs in your room? Um, the next one says, sleep well, everybody. I've got the city tonight, Matt man, and it's a post of the Batman symbol. The next one is. Says WTF with a picture that says Batman plays pickleball. Oh, and here's the cranberry one It's literally just a video of him dropping three cranberries on a table and said this is what I've had to eat today I'm Matt man, huh? Interesting in a week ago. Somebody says is his account hacked something feels off his next post after that being October 22nd was a A batman carved pumpkin, which said, do you know what I mean? And again, if you go into the comments of this, a week ago, said, do you want us to send help? Is this your signal? Somebody else said, so Matt, you do know there are a few of us who are a little concerned about you right now. I am hoping you're just having a little silly fun and you're hinting at a new project. Your fans adore you and want you to be happy and healthy. Please take care of yourself. Thanks. The next person said, what's with the Batman obsession? Is nobody going to talk about Bruce Wayne faking his death to live a peaceful life? Somebody said that two days ago. So after he died, um, somebody else said, he said in his book, the day he needs help, he will send a bat signal and no one was listening. Wow. A week ago, you're trying to tell us something. Hmm. A week ago. I feel like you were trying to tell us something. A week ago. Is this some kind of hint? Wow. A week ago? SOS? Wow. This is super weird. Alright, so somebody posted on that and said, If anybody is confused, here's a little information about the conspiracy theories we have. If you have read his book, you may have remembered that he wrote, If I need help, I'll put a Batman symbol or something similar. His last post, a week before his death, yesterday, were all Batman posts. He even posted a picture on his jacuzzi with a red Batman logo on it. We think that Matthew is signaling for help. He was warning us about what was going to happen. His last posts were on Instagram where a picture of him in his jacuzzi. If you don't know, Matthew allegedly died in his jacuzzi. Investigators believe it was a drowning because he didn't find any intoxication in his body. There is a lot of more investigation going on so we will just have to wait. He was struggling. He needed help. He's in a beautiful place now where he doesn't have to hurt anymore. May his beautiful soul rest in peace. Okay, I'm convinced that this was not just the weird suicide that everybody was talking about after reading all of that. This is crazy. So, Matthew Perry, seemingly, was calling for help a week before his death, before his alleged suicide, with the very same messaging that he said that he would give if he needed help. And maybe that means... I need help because I'm dealing with mental health issues. Maybe that means I need help because, I don't know, some obscure entity is coming after me and wants me dead. Maybe it's, I don't know, and maybe the former seems much more likely than the latter, obviously. What a tragedy, right? And so you go into the last post or last two posts. The second last post says, Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you? I'm A week ago are you okay? Should we send for help? A week ago are you trying to give us a hint or something? A week ago, I hope you are doing well. I've always absolutely adored you and saw you, your struggles, and sometimes your sadness. I love your laughter and I'm always rooting for you. I know you won't see this, but I see you, and hope you are happy and living a beautiful life. Somebody else said, I can see the signs six days ago. Somebody else said, I've listened to your podcast so many times to know that this is a subliminal message. Keep up the good fight, bro. Wow. So there was so much, so much leading up to the death of Matthew Perry that it's Pretty crazy that nobody and a ton of the commenters did say that like we see this like we we know that this is an issue We know that you've said this before We see you and we love you. We're here for you like Somebody said don't relapse. Somebody else said the man was sacrificed by the elite. Although many people think this is a lie, it is reality. He already knew what was going to happen to him. Wow. This is probably one of the craziest conspiracy theories that I've seen play out in real time. Ever. Like, this... Matthew Perry died in like the single most horrific ways and his very last Instagram post he posted from the hot tub that he died in and said, Oh, so warm water swirling all around you makes you feel good. Question mark. I'm Matt, man. Damn. Wow. I'm trying to see if there's any posts here like the other ones, but man That's got to be just one of the Craziest. Oh Man, that's a rough one, right? And so There, it says there are only two options here. Yes, he could have been trying to hint at a new appearance in an upcoming Batman movie, or it was something else, something that may have gone right over the heads of those who needed to interpret it. My theory is that in the last few days, this says Matthew has been calling for help in a subtle way that hopefully his friends and family would have caught on to. Unfortunately, he dies. A week later, it's worth mentioning that in one of the comments the last chapter of his recent book is titled Batman this seems to be adding up all too. Well, wow, so He also commented on one of his posts rest easy. I'm on a tall building Hmm. Somebody else said planned suicide That's fair, right? Um, somebody else is my best guess based off of nothing but pure speculation. In the background in behavioral health, Matthew was going through a manic phase, which led to an increase in social media posts. This mania may have caused him to relapse on substances, which hot water and drugs is a very dangerous. It also says from another person that read to understand the last chapter of Matt's incredibly personal book is called Batman. It had his life photos in it. It's the most essential chapter regarding his life. Batman has repeated multiple times in his book as his pickleball, because he started that sport after he almost died from opiate use. He says something along the lines of when things are bad and you can't find yourself, just ask what would Batman. Do. Batman also is a single man with no children, which Matthew spoke about a lot in a matter that resembles depression type speaking. I think he relapsed and started posting weird from the day he says he's having a drink with his father. As in the book, he also speaks on his father in an incredibly emotional, hmm, very interesting. Somebody else said, who took that last pic of him? He's pretty far from the camera. Hmm, interesting. Wow. Pretty crazy. stuff. Um, it also said, I'm not sure if it was a cry for help. He signs off Matt man as in Batman as in he is the Batman Batman's whole theme is justice over vengeance. He fights crime to ensure no one would suffer like he did. What's that all about? The last picture is all is also pretty much Almost literal foreshadowing of his own death as if it was planned exactly like that. It feels a little bit sacrificial, like he needed to die to protect something. Mmmh, that seems like a stretch. Alright. Terrible, horrible. My heart goes out to the family, the loved ones, the friends. You know, no pun intended, uh, but pretty wild conspiracy theory, cause I don't think I've seen one happen like, see that play out like that in a long time, and again, maybe it's just foreshadowing his own death, and maybe it was a planned suicide, and that probably makes the most sense, but even so, such a, such a tragedy. Alright, we're going to switch gears now, um, and go into some of the Palestine, uh, situation with Israel, but first, What I need you to do go ahead and hit that subscribe button leave a five star review I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I told you already if you didn't leave a review All you gotta do is leave a review, and then when I bring it up in the middle of the episode, you have to go, Oh my gosh, he already mentioned this, and I haven't done it yet, and now you have that little feeling in the stomach that just makes you feel like, Ah, man, I should have done that already. And now I don't feel good. But you can feel good right now! I'm giving you the opportunity, I for give you all you got to do is hit that subscribe button and leave a five star review. All right, then next time we're sitting here talking and you're going to be like, hearing me talk about five star reviews and you're just every time from then on, you're going to get a dopamine hit because you're like, yeah, bitch, I already did that. So go ahead and do it right now. Then you'll feel good. Every single time from here on out, knowing that you left a five star review. All right, that's what I got. Let's jump back into it. The very first thing that we're going to discuss today is some of the remarks that came from Benjamin Netanyahu as he delivered his remarks in Tel Aviv on 10 30, 2023, which is. Today. All right. So here it was his statement, some of which I was highly concerned about. I'm not sure we'll get to all of them, but I'm going to start this, uh, as he speaks in English for some of it and then transfers over. So let's listen to it right now. And if you are on YouTube, You'll be able to follow along as I just pulled up with you and you can watch it along with me. If you are listening on the podcast, great. I appreciate you. But also you can watch it. You can see my beautiful face. You can watch my crazy expressions. You can see it all. Just join the YouTube and subscribe there as well. All right. The Adams archive. Here we go. Here is what enabled us to move. Until recently, many believed. That the promise of progress in the 21st century would enable us to move beyond the barbaric horrors of the past towards a better and brilliant future. Many believe that we could go about our comfortable lives and that evil will simply pass us by. It will not. The horrors that Hamas perpetrated on October 7th remind us that That we will not realize the promise of a better future unless we, the civilized world, are willing to fight the barbarians. Because the barbarians are willing to fight us. And their goal is clear. Shatter that promising future. Destroy all that we cherish. And usher in a world of fear and darkness. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a turning point. A turning point for leaders and nations. It is time for all of us to decide if we are willing to fight for a future of hope and promise. Or surrender to tyranny and terror. Now rest assured, Israel will fight. Since October 7th, Israel has been at war. Israel did not start this war. Israel did not want this war. But Israel will win this war. Hamas launched this war by perpetrating the worst savagery our people have seen since the Holocaust. Hamas murdered children in front of their parents. Murdered parents in front of their children. They burned people alive. They raped women. They beheaded men. They tortured Holocaust survivors. They kidnapped babies. They committed the most horrific crimes imaginable. Now I, one thing I'd like to point out, and this doesn't take away from and detract from anything that he just said that was horrible. Obviously, everything you just talked about was horrible. But something that was the most egregious act that every single person was unbelievably disgusted by in this war was the idea that there was And it hurts just to say the words. But there was the idea that there was 40 or whatever, there was 44 or whatever number they threw out. It was something like that. 44 babies that were beheaded. He specifically just used the word beheaded, but did not say babies. If there was babies that were beheaded, and again, I just like, Oh, it crushes my soul to even have those words around each other. But if that was the case, don't you think he would have just said it? Like, all the propaganda that we're seeing come out about this and like, all the emotional strings that they're trying to pull with this propaganda, like, if that was the case, he absolutely 100 percent would have just stated that, that was a fact. But it didn't. You want to know why? Because it's unfounded claims. Something that they cannot validate. Something without the ability, and he hasn't the whole time because he knew that it wasn't something that was founded in fact. It wasn't something that they could. Come out and say to be true because, and again, from my standpoint and from every, the standpoint of the, you know, the same, um, uh, news organizations who called it wrong on that hospital in Gaza. called it wrong on this, right? If that was the case, they, he would have absolutely 100 percent said it because it's true. And they know, and it's one of the most egregious things that they could point to and say, they did that to our people. And here's why you should support us. But he can't do that because it was not factual. Transcribed by https: otter. ai And again, that's not to support Hamas. It's just saying that that wasn't the truth and that was propaganda. And you need to don't to know when you're looking at anything in this war, that there's such a, such a fog around every single statement that made is like, it's either big enough to make headlines and you find out it wasn't true 48 hours later, or it's not big enough to make the largest of headlines and nobody remembers it the next day. Like that's just. how it generally has played out. Right. But the 7, 000 people, and we'll get to that in a minute, 7, 400 or so people that it, that Palestine has said, including women and children and everything, like all of this is just horrible. Right? So when he's sitting here saying, Oh, we're the good guys. And like, he'll get to that. Biblical conversation here in just a second where he says, we're the good guys and they're the bad guys and there's right and there's wrong. And we're the good ones who get to murder in the name of rightness, righteousness. And, and they're the bad people who murder in the name of, you know, badness. It's like. Anytime somebody tries to sell you the idea of good versus bad without a nuanced conversation between what went wrong between the two groups like, yeah, there's inherently bad people for sure and we know that, but very much more often than not, it's a much more deep conversation to be had and maybe that's not something as a culture that we've been ready to discuss for a very long time. There's always been good guys and there's always been bad guys, right? Right. But in the, in this case, it's like, yeah, you are bombing children and women too. If you go look at some of the footage that is coming out. It's not like, and, and the only reason that I have to say this is because the, the propaganda machine is propping up Israel unbelievably. Right. Like if they were saying, oh, Hamas did it. All right? Hamas is the good guys. Hamas this, Hamas that like support Hamas, like I would be condemning them consistently too. And I do condemn the acts that they've taken. But they're not the ones in the mainstream media that they're propping up with, you know, this type of propaganda campaign. So I, it goes without saying that what they're doing is wrong, right? And what Israel is doing is wrong is being sugar coated as fucking unicorn f Farts. Like, it's like, Oh, I know we did that wrong thing, but everything that we do is in the name of righteousness. It's like, no, it's not. No, it's not. You're bombing children. And actually, like they have called to bomb hospitals at certain points. They're like, Oh, they're hiding their stuff in hospitals. If you don't evacuate, we will bomb you. It's like, Okay, no, that's not how the Geneva Convention works. You don't just get to bomb whoever you want, whenever you want, because there's allegedly weapons or people within there that are persons of interest. You just can't do that. I want you to find any single situation where the U. S. bombed a mosque or bombed a hospital or bombed an elementary school. You can't find it because we followed the Geneva Convention, right? But Israel is not doing that. So let's continue listening to what he has to say. And they're part of the axis of evil that Iran has formed. An axis of terror that works by arming, training, and financing Hamas in Gaza. All right. Now listen to this. I'll go back a minute just so you can hear that from the very beginning, but we talked about this with Iran, right? When, when we bomb, I ran back groups. We're not bombing. I ran back groups. We're sending a message to Iran, right? We didn't bomb Hamas because that would have caused this just crazy domino effect of large superpowers coming in. But what we did do was a strategic message to Iran saying, stop it, right? Even the, the, the message from Kamala Harris to Palestine and Hamas, she literally gets on the camera and goes, don't. They asked her in an interview, and I should pull it up here, but, um, I did, I didn't have it ready to go, but it says they asked, they asked Kamala Harris, what is your message to Hamas and to, or I'm sorry, they asked Kamala Harris, what is your message to Iran? And she said, don't. That was her message because they know the likelihood of them retaliating against us when we. Do offensive attacks against their backed militias is high because they know the message that they just sent to Iran. So they look back at Iran and go, you better not jump in while I beat the shit out of your friend here. You better not jump in because if you do, then we're going to war too. Don't. Right. So Kamala Harris sent a clear message to Iran. This is nothing but a message to Iran. This was not a message to whatever obscure terrorist organization that sent a drone to our, our military, uh, uh, operating bases and, and hurt 24 people and I say hurt because they were at work the next three days after and the only person who really got hurt had a, uh, a heart issue that likely stemmed from some sort of vaccine and not the drone attacks that drone attacks don't cause heart attacks. Right? So it's like I want you to pay attention to his next statement, which is a statement to Iran. Just as the question to Kamala Harris is not, what is your statement to these militias? It was, what is your statement to Iran? Just as we talked about. Here we go. And they're part of the axis of evil that Iran has formed, an axis of terror that works by arming, training and financing Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen and other terror proxies throughout the Middle East and beyond the Middle East. In fighting Hamas and the Iranian Axis of Terror, Israel is fighting the enemies of civilization itself. Victory over these enemies begins with moral clarity. It begins with knowing the difference between good and evil, between right and wrong. There you have it. It means making a moral distinction between the deliberate murder of the innocent And the unintentional casualties that accompany every legitimate war, even the most just war. So there you have it. He just said the intentional deaths of, what did he say? Let's just go listen to his own words. Netanyahu just said the thing out loud that when they kill civilians, they're the bad people. But when we do it, it's just a casualty of war. Don't blame us. Blame them. Company every year of the year. He's making a moral distinction between the deliberate murder of the innocent And the unintentional ca casualties that accompany every legitimate war, even the most just war. It means holding Hamas responsible. They are trying to gaslight us into thinking that civilian casualties, the death of women and children should be normalized in the name of what's right and what's wrong. When they kill, when, when, when they kill. Women and children, they're the bad people. But when we do it, it's just a casualty of war. Don't mind us. Definitely don't condemn us. We're the good guys. Guess what? Good guys don't kill women and children. Good guys don't level entire cities. Good guys don't don't destroy entire Entire cities filled with non violent individuals, right? When they do it, they're the bad guys. But, you know, people make a moral distinction between when they deliberately target civilians and when we deliberately target civilians and also maybe kill some bad guys, quote unquote. Jeez. And the unintentional casual I'm just going to play that for you one more time. Between right and wrong. It means making a moral distinction between the deliberate murder of the innocent and the unintentional casualties that accompany every legitimate war, even the most just war. It means holding Hamas responsible for the double war crime it commits every day by deliberately targeting Israeli civilians while deliberately using Palestinian civilians as human shields. It means making clear The use of human shields is not only an immoral tactic of terror, but also an ineffective one because as long as Hamas' use of Palestinian human shields result in the international community blaming Israel, Hamas will continue to use it as a tool of terror and so will others. So when they use their human shields and we shoot women and children, whether you saw it or didn't see it. Right? It's like, that's something I remember about the Iraq war, and the war in Afghanistan, and ISIS, and like, there was always the human shield element. Right? Like, how many instances were people actually using human shields? We don't know. It's just a narrative. It's just something that's spoken that goes, they're the bad guys, and we're the good guys, and they use human shields, and we don't, and when they target women and children, they're doing it for bad reasons, and when we do it, we're doing it for good reasons. I just, anybody who's on this train of Israel is just so baffling to me, and I'm not on the train of anybody, by the way, I'll keep reiterating that. There's no good train here guys. It's all bad. It's all bad. Now whether or not the acts on October 7th, right, they're trying to make into their 9 11 whether or not that which is the the EDM concert that the the Hamas state or the the terrorists went into and killed all those people whether that that was You know, there's still questions around that because there's people who say that they knew there's questions about people who said that they were informed about this just weeks ahead of time, days ahead of time, consistently over and over again by Egyptian intelligence officers. So it's like, okay, but maybe they were just waiting for a reason, and who's to say they didn't let this happen, and who's to say they didn't make it happen in order to conduct this attack on Gaza and retake over this land for this holy war, quote unquote, that they said they've deserved for thousands of years. Hamas will continue to use the basements in Gaza's hospitals as the command posts of its vast terror tunnel network. It will continue to use mosques as fortified military positions and weapon depots. It will continue to steal fuel and humanitarian assistance from UN facilities. While Israel is doing everything to get Palestinian civilians out of harm's way, Hamas is doing everything to keep Palestinian civilians in harm's way. Israel urges Palestinian civilians to leave the areas of armed conflict. While Hamas prevents those civilians from leaving those areas. Hamas is also preventing foreign nationals from leaving Gaza altogether. And most despicably, Hamas is holding over 200 Israeli hostages, including 33 children. Holding them, terrorizing them, keeping them as hostages. Every civilized nation should stand with Israel in demanding that these hostages be freed immediately and freed unconditionally. I want to make clear Israel's position regarding a ceasefire. Just as the United States would not agree to a ceasefire after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, or after the terrorist attack of 9 11, Israel will not agree to a cessation of hostilities with Hamas after the horrific attacks of October 7th. Calls for a ceasefire are calls for Israel to surrender to Hamas, to surrender to terrorism, to surrender to barbarism. That will not happen. Ladies and gentlemen, the Bible says that there is a time for peace and a time for war. This is a time for war. A war for our common future. Today we draw a line between the forces of civilization and the forces of barbarism. It is a time for everyone to decide where they stand. Israel will stand against the forces of barbarism until victory. I hope and pray that civilized nations everywhere will back this fight. Because Israel's fight is your fight. Because if Hamas and Iran's axis of evil win, you will be their next target. That's why Israel's victory will be your victory. But make no mistake, regardless of who stands with Israel, Israel will fight until this battle is won. And Israel will prevail. May God bless Israel, and may God bless all those who stand with Israel. No, thank you, sir. Let's go back and listen to a couple of those closing statements, which is that our fight is your fight. Regardless of who stands with Israel, Israel will fight until this battle is won. Iran's axis of evil win. You will be their next target. We'll back this fight. Because Israel's fight is your fight. Because if Hamas and Iran's Axis of Evil win, you will be their next target. Excuse me, sir. Israel's fight is not my fight. Israel's fight is not my children's fight. Israel's fight is not my friend's fight. Israel's fight is Israel's fight. Israel is 7, 000 miles away from the United States. Israel is its own nation with its own capable military with the most advanced. Uh, the most advanced, one of the most advanced militaries and intelligence organizations in the world. Why in the hell would you need my money? Or my son's blood? Or my blood? I'm fighting age, still. No thank you, I'm not fighting your war, send your son. Oh, but wait, you won't send your son, your son sitting at a beach in Miami because of the 350, 000 reservists that you just recalled of the men across the globe that are from Israel. You forgot your own son, the coward sitting here in the United States today who won't go and fight your war for you just as much as you don't believe it. And he doesn't believe it. Because if you were going to believe in this war, if you were going to truly believe in this fight, go send your son to do it. You're not going to send mine. You're not going to send me. Especially if you're not going to send your own son. And that's a fact. Let's pull this up here, which is the fact that during the same exact time that he's talking about this here, during the same exact time here, which is an article from the Daily Mail states, where is Netanyahu's son, Israeli soldiers blast Benjamin Netanyahu's son, Yair, 32, for abandoning them by staying in Miami. While 360, 000 reservists are called up to fight against Hamas. But you sell me. You tell my family members. You tell my friends that your war is our war. And that we should go fight it for you. But you won't send your own son. That's disgusting. You believe in your war? Send your son. Send yourself. Don't send mine. Don't spend my tax dollars. Don't spend my son's blood. Don't send, spend my blood on your war. You, you decided to engage in this conflict. You of 140 countries decided that a ceasefire wasn't worth it. So why would I send my son? Why would I sell and send myself? To a war that you're not even willing to sacrifice. You're not even willing to send your own son to fight. Here's what the article says. The son of Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been blasted for staying in Miami while reservists returned home to fight Hamas. Yair Netanyahu, 32 years old, has been in Florida since last April after his father told him to stop making inflammatory posts on social media, which saw him sued for defamation multiple times. Meanwhile, an unprecedented 360, 000 reservists have been called up, many of them dropping everything to fly back to Israel, even abandoning honeymoons. And there's some links on there, but yeah, a year has remained in Miami. To the irritation of many troops, Yair is enjoying his life at Miami Beach while I'm on the front lines, one soldier, a volunteer, serving on Israel's northern front, told the Times. It's us who are leaving our work, our families, our kids, to protect our families back home, in the country, not the people who are responsible for the situation. Our brothers, our fathers, sons are all going to the front line, but Yair is still not here. It does not help build

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    World War III: US Bombs Iranian Backed Militia Setting Stage for War | Mass Shooter in Maine at Large

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2023 55:45

    In today's critical episode of 'The Adams Archive,' Austin Adams takes the mic to dissect immediate breaking news, along with a deep dive into the harrowing events of a recent mass shooting at a bowling alley perpetrated by a military reservist. In a world where patterns begin to form and questions arise, Austin embarks on a journey to uncover the truth, questioning the potential ties to MKUltra-like manipulation and highlighting the unnerving consistency of psychiatric medications linked to these tragic incidents. As the clock struck 11 p.m. Eastern Time, Austin brings to the forefront the breaking news that has just unfolded - the United States launching airstrikes in the Middle East, targeting Iranian-backed military entities. The urgency in Austin's voice reflects the gravity of the situation, as he analyses the initial reports and contemplates the potential repercussions of these military actions. The episode also revisits the ongoing and tumultuous Israel-Palestine conflict, shedding light on the varying and often extreme perspectives that have been shared in the heat of the moment. Austin ensures that no stone is left unturned, no opinion ignored, as he strives to provide a balanced and critical analysis of the situation.   All the links: Substack: ----more---- Full Transcription   Hello, you beautiful people, and welcome to The Adams Archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we have some immediate breaking news, which we will get to in just a moment. We will also be discussing the recent mass shooting that happened at a bowling alley by a military reservist. From that, we will discuss some of the history surrounding some of these actions, where some are suspecting that there's some sort of MKUltra type of tie in. I don't know exactly what I believe, but we'll watch about some of that, but I do know what I believe about this, which is that it seems like a pretty consistent pattern that we're seeing every single time we see one of these mass shootings, which is that one month. Or multiple types of psychiatric medications are included for almost every single one of them. So, we will discuss that, some other people calling about that, and then jumping into what that breaking news is. So, just moments ago, in the last 20 minutes as I am speaking here this evening at approximately 11 p. m. Eastern Time, the United States has officially launched attacks in the Middle East. Bombing. In conducting airstrikes against what they are saying is Iranian backed military organizations. So we'll look at what has come out so far on that and what the potential implications of that is. Because to me, this seems like Everything that we thought and feared about all of the current military engagements and what could come of it are coming true. So, on the back of that, we will jump into some of the discussions around the, you know, continuing updates and some more of this will be just kind of around the The commentary that's happening around the Israel and Palestinian conflict. So we'll discuss some of that. Um, some of the crazy statements people are saying, um, on both sides that I completely disagree with. So all of that and more, but first go ahead and hit that subscribe button. I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. If you are already subscribed to leave a five star review, it's about the only way that we can get up in the rankings is just by listening and leaving the review. So I appreciate it. Um, That's what I got. So without further ado, let's jump into it. The Addams Archive All right. So the very first topic that we're going to get into today is obviously going to be the breaking news that the US has conducted multiple airstrikes against Iranian funded militant organizations, or at least that's what they're saying so far. So let's go ahead and watch this clip or read a couple articles, and then we'll discuss the implications of this because to me, what this means is. Okay. Is the United States is now at war. This means that the U. S. is now engaging in military conflict just, like, almost a year later. Like, we could, I wonder if we had a ticker up on a wall in, in, you know, the White House that said, days since military conflict and death. I wonder how many days like, you know, like one of those tickers from, you know, days, days since an accident in a, uh, old industry warehouse, like days since killing innocent civilians for the United States. I wonder how long, what that number would get up to, because it doesn't Didn't even reach a year since we pulled out of Afghanistan. That we are now finding ourselves back in a sand hellhole, conducting military airstrikes. Seemingly, I don't know. Let's watch this video, then we'll jump into it together. And here we... Well, Jennifer, this sounds like huge news. Sean, we can report based on senior military sources that U. S. warplanes have carried out airstrikes tonight inside Syria against Iranian proxy forces. We don't know the number of strikes. We were told earlier today to expect that perhaps F 15s and F 16s would be involved in the airstrikes. But we don't have confirmation yet how, about how many warplanes, but those strikes have been carried out. I'm told, uh, it is in response to the more than dozen strikes against U. S. bases. Uh, the message is a clear message designed, uh, to Iran and its proxy forces to stop carrying out these, uh, drone and rocket attacks against U. S. Um, but I'm told that the planes have safely left the area and that the airstrikes, uh, are complete at this time. Um, they were, uh, targeting multiple locations inside Syria and Iran, Iranian proxy forces, Sean. So, that right there should terrify you. The United States of America is now at, they have entered the chat, they have now conducted military airstrikes that is going to cause internal, like some of the biggest concerns that people have had is that, does, do these terrorist organizations have sleeper cells within the United States that they're going to enact acts of terrorism on our soil here because the border's just been. Purposefully and literally wide open for three years now, it's, it's unbelievable. So right as, as all of this is breaking out in Palestine, right, as the war drums were being beat by all of the large conservative entities, the, the Ben Shapiro's, the, you know, the, the Dennis Prager's, the, you know, all of the, the, the two largest entities in the conservative side of things have been calling for war. And now. We're getting it. Is this what you wanted? To see your sons and daughters go to war? 900. US military soldiers have been deployed overseas now, in case something happens. Well, guess what? Something's going to happen now. When we conduct airstrikes, when we are killing others, there's going to be retaliations. Now, I understand that I get that there was a drone strike that was conducted that injured 24 military, 24 of our US soldiers. So I get that I didn't see that there was any casualties. I maybe I'm wrong there. And maybe I stand corrected, but but I did not see any casualties, everything that I saw said injuries. So there's 24 injuries. Now does that And listen, I'm not somebody who's not against defending yourself, whether that's in a fist fight on the street because somebody talks shit and pushes you or throws a punch or whatever. Like I get it. A hundred percent. We have every right to defend ourselves. Is defending ourselves conducting F15 airstrikes on some random potential terrorist group that I don't know, like, so the logistics of this, I haven't dove super deep into, let's go ahead and let's read some of these articles because maybe we can educate ourselves about this as we go along. But this is terrifying to me, guys, I absolutely don't want to see as I've said, and what we've seen this whole time is it's been like the the war drum beating conservatives calling for for in the heightened escalations, we're not even going to war. At this very moment, we very well will be very shortly, but we're not going to war at this very moment with Hamas. We're going to war with some random group, but but guess what allowed this to happen. The war drums were being beaten by all the large conservative influencers, which which is so weird to me, right and that that William will get to this in a minute. And I guess it makes sense a little bit, you know, I've always said, you know, I'm not traditional conservative individual, I just find myself Aligning with conservatives at this very moment, but most of my ideologies and belief systems fall much closer to Uh libertarian I would say is like, you know less government less government intervention less taxes if any um Less military conflicts, you know, i'm pretty anti war at this point in my life I just haven't seen a single war historically that has caused something positive And most of or even had an effect whatsoever like In the last, I don't know, 80 years since, since world war two, have we seen an engagement that had a positive outcome? I don't believe so. And all I've seen is, is, is pointless bloodshed for the improved. stock prices of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. That's what I see. I don't see any purpose for war at this point. And that's not to say that there ever hasn't been. That's not to say that there won't ever will be. But to me, it's just every conflict we've been in has been a losing war. Vietnam. Uh, you want to go into the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, what, what, what did we accomplish? What happened? What, you know, the Gulf War, where was there any positive outcome from these, these engagements that we're getting into? And now we're actively seeking them. Right, saying that there's okay, there's a drone strike against a military base, um, that had a few people get hurt. And again, let's let's dive into that because maybe I stand corrected. But that was the last thing that I read. There's 24 individuals. So let's just read this and we'll get into it. US strikes Iran linked strike sites in Syria in retaliation for attacks on US troops. In response to ongoing attacks by Iranian backed militia groups, US military forces conducted self defense. I like how they frame it. immediately. They conducted self defense strikes. Like, was somebody actively about to shoot at us? Like, it's not self defense strikes if they send a drone, a few people get a little hurt, and then all of a sudden you send F 15s two days later. Like, that doesn't seem like self defense strikes to me. It's like some, some guy, you know. throws a smacks you in the face. So two days later, you go kick his door in and beat the shit out of him in his living room. Like it's not exactly a self defense strike. But I digress. The United States prioritizes the safety of its personnel and will not tolerate such attacks, taking necessary measures to protect its people. The strikes were narrowly tailored. Wow, the strikes were narrowly tailored to protect and defend us personnel in Iraq and Syria and do not indicate a shift in approach to the Israel Hamas conflict. No, no, no, no, we know we got you guys all hyped up about this war over here. We're not doing we're not doing that right now. We're not going to fight those guys. But we're going to punch this guy in the face over here in the meantime, and maybe, maybe when we're done with that, or simultaneously, while we're also funding Ukraine and funding Israel and funding all of these other organizations while they're going to war Taiwan, simultaneously, like, let's just go fight three different fronts at the same time. And anyways, so this comes from ground news ground news says that this is primarily only being reported. from left leaning organizations. At this point, it says 83 percent of the sources are leaning left. I really like ground news, by the way, there was one news media that I would pay for right now, it would be ground. It's ground. news. If you go to their website, they basically give you a full breakdown of the is how many new sources have come out? Are they left leaning? Are they right leaning? Are they center? What is the bias distribution? What are the blind spots from the right? Thank you. Reporting media compared to the left media. Like if there's a hundred percent reporting by the right and zero percent reporting by the left, it's pretty much a media blackout. So it will highlight those things for you. Pretty, pretty cool stuff. Probably the most. Uh, Non biased news source that I've seen and the most well done. It's very well put together website, too. So good on them So let's jump into one of these do we want to do Associated Press CBS Las Vegas Sun? Probably the Department of Defense. Let's go there and then Atlas News is another one So I'll just go ahead and read their highlight here, but it does say from Atlas News That the United States aircraft have carried out airstrikes against two facilities in eastern Syria used by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and affiliated groups in response to over 15 drone and rocket attacks against American forces in the region. In a statement, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stated that the president has no higher priority than the safety of the U. S. personnel, and he directed today's actions to make clear the United States will not tolerate such attacks and will defend itself, its personnel, and its interests. Huh. They'll read some of their, um, it says much like Zionists and they're just looking through some of the comments here. Yeah. Probably nothing of value there. Um, but let's go ahead and read the actual statement by the secretary of defense directly from the U S department of defense website title being secretary of defense, Lloyd J. Austin, the third statement on U S military strikes in Eastern Syria. And here you go, says today at President Biden's direction, U. S. military forces conducted self defense strikes on two facilities in eastern Syria used by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. and affiliated groups. These precision self defense, I want you to like, I want to highlight where the propaganda gets just sprinkled in here with these adjectives. The precision self defense strikes are a response to a series of ongoing and mostly unsuccessful attacks against us personnel in Iraq and Syria by Iranian backed militia groups. Again, Iranian backed Militia groups that began on October 17th. As a result of these attacks, one us citizen contractor died from a cardiac incident while sheltering in place. What the one guy who died was a contractor who died from myocarditis. Um, it says 21 us personnel suffered from minor injuries. But they've all since returned to duty. So within a day or two, they're all back. Um, the president has no, so one guy died of a vaccine shot. Uh, because you know, they're all required to get it when in the military. And again, that's hearsay. I don't know if that's true. Um, but while sheltering in place and then 21 other people suffered from minor injuries. So, you know, their ears hurt or something. The president has no higher priority than the safety of us personnel. And he directed today's action to make clear that the United States will not tolerate such attacks and will defend itself as personnel and its interests. The United States does not see conflict and has no intention nor desire to engage in further hostilities, but these Iranian backed attacks against us forces are unacceptable and must. Stop. Iran wants to hide its hand and deny its role in these attacks against our forces. We will not let them. Hmm. If attacks by Iran's proxies against US forces continue, we will not hesitate to take further necessary measures to protect our people. These narrowly tailored, narrowly tailored strikes and self defense were intended solely to protect and defend U. S. personnel in Iraq and Syria. They are separate and distinct from the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas and do not constitute a shift in our approach to the Israel Hamas conflict. We continue to urge all state and non state entities not to take action that would escalate into a broader regional conflict. Conflict. So wait, wait, wait, you guys don't do anything back to us. We're just going to do this thing. And I like how they say, we will not, it said these Iranian back to tax against us forces are unacceptable and must. Are unacceptable and must stop. Iran wants to hide its hand and deny its role in these attacks against our forces, but we will not let them deny their role?  Okay, so there's the Secretary of Defense's claim as to why we are now entering a military conflict, right? Oh, don't don't do anything back to us, they said, right? We really hope nobody feels the need to, you know, what did they say? We continue to urge all state and non state entities not to take action that would escalate into a broader regional conflict. That's what they just said. Oh, you mean like bombing people? as a self defense mechanism when nobody was hurt besides one guy who had a heart attack, probably because you forced him to get a COVID vaccine. Like what we're what are we doing here, guys, besides escalating military conflict, but you get to sit here and urge all state and non state entities not to take action that would escalate into a broader regional conflict. Oh, so you want to engage in military conflict and have no Response back right now. To be clear, Iran is not completely uninvolved in this Israel, Hamas, Palestine conflict, right? They are not. Not a player in the game. They're, they're very much so the opposition when we're talking about there's two sides to this, right? We're talking about Palestine, Iran, uh, China, like all of these, these brick players, all are there. Siding on the opposite end of this, right? So that's why we're going to see very likely in the very near future, China move into Taiwan, just as Russia's moving into Ukraine, just as, uh, Israel's going to be moving into Gaza and into Palestine and, and so don't get it twisted, this is a escalation of military force that. Absolutely has to do with the Israel Hamas conflict. They're going to try and frame it as, as this completely different entity, but really they're not, yeah, they're not bombing Hamas. They're making a statement to Iran. So when they're sitting here going, Oh, well don't, don't respond back to it. It's like, yeah. Okay, well, you just bombed an entire city or what? I guess we'll find out these two locations that they're talking about here. So not an entire city. But the US is now at war, they will they have now entered the conflict, we are now in a state where we should absolutely expect retaliation. You know what other wars started with 900 900 soldiers being deployed? Just 900 guys. We're not, we're not, we're not starting anything. We're just sending 900 people over there. You know what other wars started with that? Vietnam. Vietnam. Same number, same number of people, right? And so It's this is terrifying. This is absolutely giving merit to the idea that this will further escalate right as we see China moving into Taiwan with escalating military tensions there as we had a Chinese fighter jet just fly within 10 feet of a US bomber yesterday or today that they released footage of. So yeah, we are. Absolutely moving towards a large scale, extremely horrifying war. And I guess we should have seen this coming since Russia and Ukraine. And some of us even talked about that. I had several podcasts labeled World War Three, right? And that's not hyperbole. That's not exaggeration. This has been escalating. And escalating and escalating. And as we're going to see China moving to Taiwan at the perfect time because when you have US military aid Your tax dollars being spread between Russia and Ukraine, between Israel and Hamas. Like, come on guys. Like, why do we have to fund Israel? They're, they're billions of trillions of dollars worth more money than Hamas is. And, and how is our tax dollars going to help anything besides escalate tensions? So, again, don't get it twisted. They're trying to frame this as if it has absolutely nothing to do with Israel and Hamas. Yeah, it doesn't have to do with Israel and Hamas. It has to do with who is backing Palestine, which is Iran. Right? You go to the Iranian, uh, Twitter, and you'll see that the, the, they're condemning completely the actions by Israel. Um, in a lot of this. So is Iran absolutely in the United States absolutely escalating tensions together is horrifying. It's not just some one off thing. We're very likely going to see retaliation from this. All right. Don't know what to do with that information. But that's what's happening. All right. Another thing that's happened recently is that there has been a Mass shooting. If you didn't hear about this, I'm sure you did in Maine, where a individual essentially, uh, let's, let's go ahead and read this article that comes from, uh, Atlas news, which says authorities, clear scene in Bowdoin, Maine. So, uh, basically all of these officers were surrounding this man's house. 24 hours after this happened, um, it was like 51 people were, uh, injured. Um, I believe the last count that I saw was like 22 people were dead. Um, but let's see if we can get the official numbers on that. Uh, but. They were surrounding his house. They were, they were completely, uh, they were sitting there trying to negotiate with him to move him out of his house and he was not even there. There was whispers that this guy took his own life and that didn't happen at this very moment. October 26th. He is still at large. He is still out there. Now it says authorities have cleared the scene at Meadow Road in Bowdoin, B O W D O I N, Maine, following the search of several properties in the area, meaning that Lewiston mass shootings suspect Robert Card remains at large. Early this morning, local and federal authorities surrounded a run down home along the road, calling for Card to come out, leading many to believe that he had been located. This is law enforcement vehicles. This is a tweet. This is law enforcement vehicles leaving the scene here on Meadow Road. According to Aaron Katursky, police found nothing inside the residence they searched as of right now. Robert Card is still on the run. Main State Police later later tweeted that law enforcement officials are currently on Meadow Road in Bowdoin to execute several search warrants. The announcement being heard over a loudspeaker are standard search warrant announcements when executing a warrant to ensure the safety of all involved. The statement did include, however, that it is unknown whether Robert Card is in any of the homes law enforcement will search. Law enforcement officials are simply doing their due diligence by tracking down every lead in an effort to locate and apprehend the card. So this was like, a big smoke and mirror show. Trying to show that they're like, potentially have an idea of where this man was. But they forgot that maybe... Within 24 hours, you should probably have been in this house within an hour, two hours. I don't know. It seems like, you know, I could have gotten in my car and drove 15 hours or however long it takes to get to Maine. Uh, to, to, to see if he was there quicker than the police. That seems pretty wild to me. So there starts to come some conversations around this, right? One thing that we see come up constantly, every single time there's a mass shooter, we find out that there's mental health issues, right? Which. To be fair, of course, there's mental health issues in order for you to pick up a weapon and mercilessly slaughter civilians, you have to have something that's going on with inside of you. That's not a normal human behavior. That's not normally within the capacity of humanity to be able to conduct such a horrific act. Right. Now, what makes this worse is this man was a firearms instructor and he had 20 years of military service. I believe in the reserves, so maybe take that with a grain of salt, but the fact that he was a firearms instructor, uh, obviously gives more terrifying merit to, you know, his ability to conduct something as atrocious as this act. Uh, so let's go ahead and listen a little bit to this. This comes from the, Always loved info wars Let's go ahead and see what they have to say because they start to tie it in a little bit to The MK ultra stuff which I'm quite surprised Alex Jones to be honest is treading in any sort of direction on a mass shooting towards questioning literally anything because of his 1 billion dollar lawsuit that A judge just said he cannot declare bankruptcy to get out of like, there's two things that you can't get out of declaring bankruptcy with is student loans and making a statement about a mass shooting, having the potential to be a conspiracy. Ooh, crazy. Here it is. Subject. We don't know that. And you know why? Because the C here we go. I'll start from the beginning. Is this MK ultra? Was he a mind control subject? We don't know that. And you know why? Because the CIA under that program, MK ultra MK, Naomi and others admittedly trained people to be assassins and mass shooters, and we know Sirhan Sirhan was drugged up and was just a decoy shooter that's come out and I'm not saying this was MK ultra, I'm not saying that. I'm saying, because there's a history of that, and Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter, was involved with the CIA, so was his family. That's in mainstream news, look it up. Uh, the Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski, was in the MKUltra program. Source, Washington Post, LA Times. The stories are so old, you just have to go to the search engine and type in Unabombers CIA and then click images and you'll see LA Times, Washington Post. You can even see newscasts from the 90s about it as well. And it goes on and on and on and on. Uh, the shooter at the Aurora movie theater, the Batman shooters. Dad ran the government brain interface program and he was a volunteer in a mind control experiment. I'm not saying that's what happened there. I'm just saying it's weird. This continues to go on. So We need to investigate, we need to look into here, uh, exactly who this individual is, Robert Card of Maine. Yeah, for sure. But I want to get into the tragic events that we have just seen unfold, uh, in Maine. There's a lot of different angles to this and a lot of different takeaways. You have an individual and they're saying they think it's him, even mainstream news is calling him the shooter, but I think we can still say that's alleged. That's how our system works. Maine massacre gunman Robert Card, that's the Daily Mail, was committed to a mental hospital after hearing voices. Firearms instructor, military firearms instructor, spent two weeks in a mental health facility this summer before killing at least 22 people. Now they're saying the number's down to 18. I hope that's correct. More than 60 wounded. More than 60 wounded, and then they talk about the entire state of Maine being on lockdown because he is at large, but now they think he went across the border to Massachusetts. So the answer is armed citizens, not disarmed citizens, and even though mass shootings are statistically up because they didn't really happen until the 1980s, it's still a very rare form of dying, but nonetheless, terrible if you're wounded or killed. So, again. Is this MKUltra? Was he a mind control subject? We don't know that, and you know why? Because the CIA under that program, MKUltra, MKNaomi, and others, admittedly trained people to be assassins and mass shooters. And we know Sirhan Sirhan was drugged up. And we're just a decoy shooter that's come out and I'm all right. So we listened to some of that already All right. So yeah, pretty pretty crazy. Um And not that crazy allegations because you understand everything that he's saying is factual right those shooters that he's talking about Some of that I didn't know but you know, you go back to the mk ultra stuff You know, even charles manson was a part of the mk ultra um brainwashing mind control experiments that were happening, uh, dosing him with LSD. There's, there's a whole, uh, pretty, really well done, um, book called chaos. Uh, that goes into that, um, about the history of Charles Manson and the CIA and MKUltra. So this isn't new right the idea that this man could have been now what we know we don't know that right He says now we can't say that that's true, which is true You can't say that but what you can say is that this man had mental health issues and that he was obviously being given some sort of antipsychotics or some sort of SSRIs or some some sort of psychiatric treatments to assist with his mental health, right? We don't have a gun problem. We have a mental health problem. We have a, a, a pharmaceutical industrial complex problem that that looks at everyday citizens dealing with everyday types of issues and wants to shove down their throat. These pharmaceutical drugs where everything's a side effect, whether it's an intentional or hopeful side effect or an unintentional off label side effect, right? Every single time that you look at a pharmaceutical medication, literally the way that that works is they throw shit at the wall and see what it does. They come up with all these new compounds. And then they look for whether the reactions if I put these things together and I put it into a human body, what's it going to do, what are the effects going to be? And maybe it has multiple effects. And all of them are side effects. Some are hope that they want them to some are positive side effects, like potentially, I don't know, lowering your risk for suicide, but almost it. In every case, it higher, it heightens your risk for suicide, right? You go watch any pharmaceutical drug advertisement right now. It's like, ask your doctor about Prilosec, which will help you lower your instances of, of GERD, right? Of, of having acid reflux. But also, as it starts to talk really, really fast about all the things that it could help you do and that it's going to do to you and you're going to die and maybe it's going to make you bleed internally and turn your toes inside out and make you start seeing from your nose and hearing from your ears. It's like, it's like all of these side effects that come with it are, it's all side effects. There's no, it's just all they did was look at it and go, Oh, this is a side effect that can make us money. And this is one that we have to mitigate by putting all these legal terms around. Right. So. When you have a man like this that is on probably very serious medications going out from an inpatient facility for mental health issues. There's obviously psychiatric treatment, right? And I believe Candace Owens posted something about this. Um, that was pretty well said, and I'll see if I can pull this up here. Um, which is that another mass shooting that big pharma is going to get away with, right? This isn't Daniel defense's problem, right? This isn't glocks problem. This is a problem with Big Pharma. This is a problem with the pharmaceutical medical and industrial complex. This is a problem with the way that we treat mental illness and that we've set up society, right? She said never a discussion about the anti psychotic medications that these shooters all have in common. So we'll do the usual political song and dance while the American drug cartel billionaires count their billions, right? How many times, right? It's it's whether it was a knife. Or a car, right? Which there's all been mass murders with any type of imaginable weapon that you could you can think of. However, what causes somebody to do those things is not to get to the point where you pull that trigger has absolutely nothing to do with the legality around the weapon type that you use, right? They're going to do what's what's important. What's the, the greatest possibility for the worst outcome for humanity, right? No matter what that is, whether it's running people over with a car, you're going to ban cars. No, whether it's stabbing people like we have mass stabbings over in the UK, right? But, but, you know, what's in common, you know, if you want to look at, I guarantee you where there's a causation. If you want to pull up a chart and look at since the amount of times that we've been allowed to advertise pharmaceutical products, I guarantee you the uptick in mass shootings. You want to know why? There's not the same amount of problems with mass shootings in the UK doesn't have to do with the gun laws or mass murders. It has to do with The laws around pharmaceutical companies, the laws around anti psychotics being peddled to children, the laws about, you know, all of the indoctrinations that we're seeing trying to, to ruin the, the family unit. So yeah, we don't have a gun problem. We have a big pharma problem. We have a medical industrial complex problem. We have a pharmaceuticals problem and that should absolutely be addressed. Right, but what Kamala Harris wants to do is to go the Australia route and get rid of every single access that you have to weapons, as she states here in a recent speech. And here's that. Gun violence has terrorized and traumatized so many of our communities in this country. And let us be clear, it does not have to be this way, as our friends in Australia have demonstrated. And what does she mean by that? What she means by that is the hundreds of thousands of weapons that were mandatorily confiscated in Australia, right? We go and we look at the articles based on this that discuss this. Um, let's see if we can find that here. I had one up about that. Let's see if we can find it. Potentially not, but you get the idea here is like. The problem is not access to weapons because you're always going to have weapon, you're always going to have access to pointy objects. The, guess what? The, the, the people that were conducting mass raids and killings back in, in, you know, the 1700s when we were far more, uh, barbaric than we are today. Did it have gunpowder? They didn't have semi automatic weapons. You know what they had, they had knives and tomahawks and fucking bows and arrows. And they killed far more people atrociously than what we're seeing today. The idea that by suddenly, Making guns illegal and confiscating them door to door, like Australia, right, which was by far the most talent totalitarian state during COVID of any of them that we saw, maybe next to China, which is right there with them on gun bans. Yeah, no, thanks, Kamala. You're absolutely not going to do that. So this comes from Colin rug, which has Kamala Harris references, Australia as a country of the United States should model themselves after when it comes to gun control. Starting in 1996, Australia collected about 650, 000 privately owned guns and a mandatory buyback. They also established a gun registry and. Banned pump action shotguns and semi automatic rifles. Australians can only buy a gun if the government deems it to be a genuine reason, which predominantly means for sport or hunting. The Biden regime is saying the quiet part out loud. Despicable. Now somebody else commented on that that says, We learned from other countries what not to do. The sheer number of reference points available against seizing firearms is staggering. There's about one plausible outcome for that. It's called tyranny. Yeah. Now, it's funny. Yeah, then you go and look at that. Guess who was also just indicted on three different gun charges. Hunter Biden, right? The same people that that are, you know, looking at everyday citizens trying to say that you shouldn't have a weapon are also the same ones who got Hunter Biden out of his gun charges. So let's take that with a grain of salt. Anyways, moving on. Let's hope they find that guy soon. He's a piece of trash. My heart goes out to all of the families that were, are affected by this. That's terrible. 21 people, 18 people, whatever it is. Horrible. Um, and the answer is obviously not taking people's guns away. The answer is figuring out why so many people are, are, are engaging in this. Now obviously not as many people as they would lead you to believe because they want to take those guns away from you. But anyways, here we go. There was a post that came out from the White House. Now, uh, this comes from the, let me, let me preempt this. So, so kind of what, what my thought is here is let's, let's get an update on Israel and Hamas, but let's not do it in the way where I'm telling you exactly what you can go find somewhere else. So what I want to discuss here today is. The way that we're seeing the reactions from the United States, from large conservative influencers through, uh, social media and stuff. So, so let's look at this. This is the White House saying that, you know, to me, the idea that, you know, we have all these conservatives calling for war on behalf of Israel, calling for, for the death of civilians. And there's only, there's literally only one side in the Israel Hamas or Israel versus Palestine debate. On the, in the United States side of things, there's only one side that's calling for the death of civilians and saying it's acceptable, right? Like my position is anti war. My position is anti terrorist in both of, in these cases, there's civilians being killed on both sides. There's mass killings. Palestine came out and said that there's been 7, 200 people that have died as a result of Israel's attacks. Now, the White House is saying that they don't believe that number because, oh, oh, oh, we just, we don't believe anything that comes out from, from the mouth of people that disagrees with our narrative. But again, as I'm saying, there's only one side in the United States, like, and, and, you know, there are very small groups of people and there's some, some horrific videos coming out from universities where they're saying like, Israel, Palestine. Something something Jewish genocide like yeah, horrible. That's terrible. Don't say that. And obviously don't do that. That's atrocious. But what I'm saying is on the mainstream narratives here, when we come to talking and discussing about the people with larger platforms who are saying we're pro Israel, we're pro this, like, you'll listen to this clip by Dennis Prager, where he essentially says that the death of civilians that are caused by Israel is the fault of Palestine. Not the fault of Israel for, I dunno, bombing innocent civilians and children. No, no, no, no. It's the fault of the Palestinians and Hamas. Not our fault for bombing you. It's their fault for starting shit with us, so we had to bomb your children. Like, what kind of response is that? Right? Like, oh, we're justified in doing this because of what you did to us. We get to do whatever we want. No, that's the act of a terrorist. Right? Like, and, and here's literally the White House saying that there's going to be civilian bloodshed and the United States government is okay with that. Even if it's children. Here we go. Watch this shit. Cause this should infuriate you. This is war. It is combat. It is bloody. It is ugly. And it's going to be messy. And innocent civilians are going to be hurt going forward. I wish I could tell you something different. I wish that that wasn't going to happen. Uh, but it is, it is going to happen. And, uh, that doesn't make it right. It doesn't make it, uh, dismissible. It doesn't mean that we aren't going to still express concerns about that and, and do everything we can to help the Israelis do everything they can to minimize it. But, uh, but that's, that's unfortunately the nature of conflict. This is war. It is combat. So essentially what the United States government just said is they are perfectly okay with Israel Conducting attacks on civilians and having collateral damage and you know, we'll look into it a little bit But we don't we know war is messy and they're gonna kill civilians and we're perfectly fine with that and you should be too You know what killing innocent civilians is It's an act of terrorism. So the United States government just condones terrorism when it's on their side of things, right? And again, I don't agree with Hamas conducting act of terrorism either. Terrorism either. They're all horrible and everything that both sides is doing is bad. Right, but only one side it claims to be having the moral high ground here of being a large agreed upon Nation state that is getting funding from our tax dollars So yeah, I wouldn't choose to send money to Hamas either But the United States government literally just looked you in the eye and said that it's okay if Israel kills Civilians cuz guess what? That's war Hmm. Is it? Because to me that sounds like acts of terrorism. And they're not the only one, right? The government is not the only one doing this. You're seeing large conservative influencers, Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager's out there, saying that, yeah, it's okay. It's okay and it's definitely not the fault of Israel if there is deaths to children. Right in here. Let's watch this clip here and see just exactly what Dennis Prager says because it's just as wild as that statement. Already, because it means confronting evil and people don't want it. Let me start it from the beginning for you here in just a second because yeah, this is absolutely just as crazy. You'll see the same fucking four clips about the conflict. It's like there's the guy getting pulled out the car. There's the girl getting pulled away. There's like two or three. Two or three clips maybe but here we go. Let's let's here it is every Japanese who died in the nuclear bombs Every single one their blood was on the hands of the japanese regime Including the emperor had they not attacked the pearl harbor had they not attacked korea and china? and the philippines And other countries there would never have been one bomb dropped On Japan or on Germany, the West didn't have to be told that German children are as precious as American or British children. German children who died, died because of Hitler and the Nazis, not because of the West. Moral clarity is everything, but people don't want to have moral clarity because it means confronting evil and people don't want to do that. It's too painful or scary. Same here in the Middle East. Now, every, every Palestinian child killed, the blood is on the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah had they not done what they did, there would never be a war. Did you hear that shit? That's so crazy. That's such a wild statement to say that. The, the, the blood of those children in Japan that were incinerated by atomic bombs by the United States is the fault of the Japanese. Like imagine you come get in a fistfight with me and I'll just keep using this because I think it's good. You got to realize, you know, we're at war, right? Whatever. We're, we're in a fight. If I get in a fight with Gaia in a Gaia school. And he punches me in the face, and I get into a fistfight with him, and then all of a sudden, the next day, I go and kill his family. I could point to him and go, Oh, well, you shouldn't start shit. It's like, sure, but maybe don't go kill somebody's family or, or obliterate entire cities with atomic bombs that nobody has ever used sense because of the mass destruction where there's shadows incinerated onto the ground where people used to stand. And you have him sitting here saying, well, don't start shit. Don't won't won't don't start nothing won't be nothing. Like, okay, but also when you're bound by the Geneva Convention and you follow the, the, the Rules of engagement that allow you to become a, a agreed upon nation state by all the other countries, right? Hamas is not in that group. They are actively considered a terrorist group. So yeah, they're not bound by the Geneva Convention. They're not bound by the rules of engagement. There, there, there, there's no rules that they have to abide by because there's no large judicial system. That they have to adhere to the laws of, but Israel does have to do that. And guess what? It was wrong of the United States to drop a bomb because there's also questions around Pearl Harbor. And if we let that happen, right, there was all, there's tons of skepticism about if, whether or not the United States had Intel on Pearl Harbor happening or whether it should have happened to begin with, or who like. And why and when and like, there's a lot of questions around Pearl Harbor. So then to say, well, don't start shit won't be shit. We're going to drop a fucking nuke on you if you kill some of our military personnel. It's like, yes, absolutely kill American military personnel. But if you kill 500 people, does that warrant a response of killing 500, 000 people simultaneously? And majority, 90%, 95%, 100 percent and obviously Pearl Harbor was enacted on a military base. Pearl Harbor was a military base. Hiroshima, Nagasaki were not military cities. You don't just get to go bomb and level entire civilizations because somebody hit your military base. You go hit back on their military bases, right? That's not moral clarity. That's, that's. Like. Moral, uh, confuscation of, of, of, I don't even know what to call it. It's just gross. That's just a such a gross statement. And then you have the United States government parroting that idea. Like, yeah, it's going to be bloody and Israel is going to kill a ton of civilians and children, but yeah, that's war. Like, no, not supposed to be right. And then, and then you have. Them basically trying to propagandize this war from our front and again, beat the war drum to allow us to get in this engagement, which. Whether you want them to or not, we're going to write. You had Joe Biden essentially give a 15 minute Raytheon commercial, right? Who knew that they could last that long? Trying to convince you and I that this is the right thing to do to go to war just two to three days before they get drone striked where nobody gets hurt. And. Like, how easy would that be? Like, you want to talk about false flags. How easy would it be for them to sit a hundred fucking yards away with some remote control somewhere and explode something not even close to civilian or to people who are actually going to die on the military base and then all of a sudden go conduct airstrikes as a response? Like, that's the literally the easiest false flag you've ever heard of in your life. So like... Why should we now believe that we should go drop bombs if not a single family can point to one of their family members dying as a result of these drone strikes? Excuse me. But now we're immediately justified in entering this engagement. in the Middle East. Terrifying. Right? Terrifying. And you saw Ben Shapiro puppeting the same exact narrative that like, oh, it's okay to kill innocent civilians as long as they're not the people that I support. Right? You're a terrorist organization. If you do that to my people or people that are on my side, but if we do that to you back, that's called moral clarity. Like No, it's not. Alright, let's see if we can move on here. Um, there is, oh, and by the way, let's go back to that statement of like, and we're not going to let them get away with trying to deny this. It's like, oh, so you're just not even going to the negotiations come to the table and saying, hey, did you bomb us? And they go, no, we absolutely did not do that. Oh, okay. Well, we're going to bomb your people anyways. Like, we're absolutely not going to let them get away with denying it. Like. Okay, show us your evidence. Like, why do we believe that that was from these people? How do we know? Right? How do we know any of this? Like if there's 21 people who had minor scuffs, and one guy who died from his COVID vaccine, like why should we as the Americans be immediately calling for a military engagement? It just doesn't add up to me. Especially when you see this level of propaganda, right? Like To me, it's like if everybody in the news media, everybody that's a celebrity, everybody that's, that's even Joe Biden or the military industrial complex, all of them are all all singing the same tune as you. calling for support to Israel, maybe you should start questioning your position. If you're finding yourself on the side of the military industrial complex, Joe Biden and CNN, I'm just saying, maybe look into it a little bit further right now. I'm not the end all be all narrative on this. My point is that. Everybody's wrong. There's no reason that we should be going into this military conflict. There's no reason we should be funding Israel. There's no reason we should be funding Ukraine. There's no reason that we should be finding ourselves in these proxy wars, which is eventually going to lead to us because it's not a proxy war eventually, right? That's what you're going to find. Because when, when Iran funds a military organization that bombs, or does a drone strike against the United States, all the sudden it's it's calls for war against Iran. But when we fund Ukraine, and Ukraine goes and bombs and kills Russia, it has absolutely nothing to do with the United States. It's like you can't How do you justify that position? And I, there's like really interesting clarity of statement. They're talking about clarity, like you, as the United States, you cannot tell me that there is any difference between Iran funding a military militia that ends up drone striking the United States. That's not any different than the United States funding Ukraine to go bomb Russia. Right? Same thing, same exact situation, yet you hold the moral high ground and call for the bloodshed of innocent civilians against, against Palestine, or you immediately get to bomb somebody back as a result, like, and then wag your finger at Iran. Saying you better not do anything back to us or we'll absolutely retaliate like it's the hypocrisy is just astounding All right, guys. Thank you so much for listening. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button. Leave a five star review. I appreciate you. I love you, have a great day, and I'll see you soon. Adam's Archive.